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  2. However, when the Son of Man comes would He find faith on the Earth Special lectures, Bourgas, 23 January 1915г., (Saturday) (unknown hour) Information about the Lecture From the book: "Ask for strength – Have faith" – Special lectures by the Master In the period 1914-1919г.,Sofia 1994, IK "Vsemir" Conversation Luke 18; 8 I will start my lecture with one sentence said by Christ: “ However, when the Son of Man comes would He find faith on the Earth”. The very sentence may appear unrelated to you and you may say: ”And what common does this have to do with us and the epoch we live in ? This is related exactly to the epoch we are living in. The humankind cannot live without faith, the common faith in life is hidden in everyone. We start everything with a faith: Whoever starts building a house, has faith that he will build it and by the way, there are such ventures, we commence them with faith that we will succeed. However, Christ does not understand this faith. He envisages faith that does not exists here on the Earth. The faith Christ is talking about is a sensible faith. The faith in my beliefs is soil.. In nature we sow on soil: for wheat, vineyard, plant, etc. there must be soil in order to be sown. Therefore, we can apply this in the human life. Faith must exist on soil, it cannot live without it. In my view, when I say of this culture that it has a soil, I mean culture and faith on the basis of it. Faith is a law of the reasonable world, and in human life it is expressed in soil. We cannot develop a thought without faith. Reasonable faith is based on certain laws. And Christ rightly determined that if we had as much of this faith as a grain of mustard, we could tell a forest to move, and we would have succeeded. And when we have a soil of faith, it will thrive. And according to this soil, we cultivate faith. Christ means something else. He says: "Son of Man, when did He come ...", implies a new era, during which whether people will have this reasonable faith? The Jews did not have this soil to accept Christ's teaching, so Christ says that when this new age comes, will such faith be found on Earth. If we do not understand His teaching, it acts destructively. If we had accepted His teaching 2,000 years ago, we would have had the exact opposite result to this one. The current war is a lesson for humanity. And it is due to the fact that people do not know how to benefit from the laws that govern humanity. I meet people everywhere who ask, "What is going to happen to us?" and everyone knows what's going to happen. - When you are at sea, the less luggage you carry, the easier it will be for you, you will sail if you are lighter. On hikes, you will travel easier if you are lighter and with a smaller load. In order to be able to sail in the water more easily and not seek to take luggage at the shipwreck, we are grateful that we have time to save ourselves, and then we think about our salvation, not about luggage. The same is with us, the smaller our backpack, the easier it will be to go through these events in life. "Son of Man, when did He come ...." This "Son of Man" is coming. He is expressed in special signs, as we know spring by the fact that we have a rising sun. And summer, autumn, winter also have their positions and we determine them even by the sun. In the same sense, as we await the Son of Man, we have signs to determine His coming. The question is whether His coming will be a subjective phenomenon, or vice versa - an objective one. There will be both processes: subjective and objective. In early spring, in March, when the sun begins to rise, diseases appear: all the microbes that were in the mud, various miasmas rise in the air and poison people, so then there are many sick - some recover, others die. And with a new doctrine, at the beginning of a new era, it is the same. In both cases, weak people can suffer a crisis. With the advent of the doctrine, there is a lifting. So, let us deal with this faith and see what it consists of. One blind faith, one blind love do not yield good results. Only a reasonable faith and a reasonable love can yield good results. If you are asked about the afterlife, whether or not there is an afterlife, what will you answer? - "Either there is or there isn't." However, this is not a scientific answer. An answer without knowledge is not an answer. And a lie in any form is never of benefit. Reasonable knowledge is required. What does this intelligent life that surrounds us rest on? It rests on a reasonable basis. And whoever could follow will see how reasonable it acts and at very little cost. For example, in a factory, in order to extract sugar from beets, how much labour, what machines are needed! And how nature simply works! It takes this little seed of beetroot and forms from it this whole head of beetroot, in which it gathers the sugar without much effort and thus it benefits both itself and others. And if we could master this mode of action of the laws of nature, we would have used nature and our lives would have been different. When Christ has said this sentence, He has meant you and today's people in general, because there is a connection between Him and us. There is a connection between the past and you, as there is a connection between the father and the son, as there is a connection between you and your ancestors. We can prove this with an experiment, and in order to prove that a certain element exists, we must give it conditions to manifest. For example, if we take a rose seed and tell you that it contains a rose, you will say, "It is a question of whether it contains or not, prove that!" - All right! We plant this seed and in a few months you will see that a rose will come out of this seed. The power that a rose can produce from this seed is hidden in the seed. When a person dies, he does not get lost, he just turns to seed. Take a caterpillar in its development. While it is an egg, it lives a limited life, and for some time this caterpillar will have to tuck into a cocoon, from which it turns into a butterfly again. The life of the egg implies the caterpillar, the life of the caterpillar implies the butterfly. The question now is, does this change that is happening to this caterpillar, these three changes have anything to do with the life of the egg from which the caterpillar hatched. From what has followed, the question becomes clear, so they are connected. The human soul follows the same analogy. One might say, "Why does a person sometimes lose consciousness?" This shows that the movement can be changed, or the conditions simply change. If you see a tram, during its movement a rail is captured on the wire, stretched on the tram. However, if this rail is somehow knocked off, the tram stops. Is the energy disappearing? Not. So, there is a disconnection and therefore, the movement stops, but it nevertheless still exists. Whenever we lose our consciousness, there is such a cut off as with the rail on the tram. Life is in us. When we do not feel and think, there is darkness - we have lost consciousness, but when we put together the sun, light, heat, immediately everything is normal, it comes to life. When Christ says this verse, He understands whether there will be this light in people, and when He comes, He will want to give this light. And how will Christ come? - There is an example of a Hindu student who, having studied all sciences, wanted to study the method of love. He went to ask a Hindu Teacher about it who did not answer him, but only remained silent. On the second day he was also silent, he did not answer him again on the third and on the fourth days. It was not until the seventh day that he got up, took his hand, and led him to the Ganges River, where he dipped his head in the water. After holding it like this for 5 minutes, he released and asked him, "How did you feel in the water?" "How will I feel? I had a great need to breathe." –So when you feel the need in your soul for love, then you will understand what love is. We are now in the same position as the student in the river under the water surface in order to make sure air is needed. We ask, "Why does God keep us in this suffering?" "To learn what He can do." What does the caterpillar say? "My world is only the leaf that gives me food. Leaves, give me leaves! That there were flowers, what do I need." Our life is like that of a caterpillar. So people like her say: "Matter, matter, talk to us about it! That there has been an afterlife, another world, what is in our business!" And the caterpillar, having eaten a leaf, says: "This world of mine is over, I need another world." Thus, from leaf to leaf, until it comes to such a position - it forms in itself the fluid needed for the tissue of the cocoon in which it has derived from. After staying there for a while, a butterfly comes out and now says, "Flowers, only flowers do I need! "You are in the position of the caterpillar - the physical world of the caterpillar is the cocoon, and the spiritual world of the caterpillar is a butterfly. If we have no idea about the spiritual world, it will be alien to us. Imagine that a famous first-class violinist came in your city, he can play very well at the concert he will give, but how would you have benefited if you were deaf or if you did not have developed musical feelings? Now, when Christ says, "Son of Man, when He comes, whether he will find faith on Earth," He implies a reasonable faith, and there are only reasonable principles in this reasonable faith. And when it enters man as soil, he will build his own life. In order for the thought to manifest, there must be some form. If we can show form, we can also show will. With this faith man will create his form of will, form of desires, etc. There are no forms in modern people and therefore, they have no will. To kill a man is not a will; to destroy a city is not a will; to set fire to a house is not a will; these things are done by the children too. However, there is a reasonable will in the creation of a city and so on. There is will only in the creation of something supreme. There is reasonable faith in the reasonable will, and there must be consciousness in reasonable love. When a nation is pushed back and forward in their lives, does it have a will? As a nation, we have a relationship with all of humanity and therefore a certain job. The same is with every organ of the human body: the brain, the lungs and the stomach. Everyone should ask themselves, "What should I do?" Because you are a reasonable unit in your place. It is always a man who can fix the world. Anyone can be a focal point around which everyone will be grouped. When we come to this consciousness that we can fix the world, then the world will be fine. Otherwise, if we talk, we are lying. God has made man in His image and likeness, that is, we can do everything. Ask a chemist who has found the laws that govern the elements and works on those laws in his lab but if he accidentally mixes up their relations, he will cause an explosion. Also, when a driver is on the locomotive, he measures with a device what the pressure of the steam in the cauldron is, how many atmospheres its pressure is. Modern people have taken a random path: they walk without looking at this device, and as a consequence, their whole culture brings them closer to catastrophe, because they used their culture to find ways to destroy. That is why today's civilization is negative, with negative ideas. People create only destructive elements: 42-centimeter cannons, torpedoes and more. And when Christ says, "Son of Man, when He comes, will He find faith on earth?" it is understood that when Christ comes among these people of negative science, will He find faith, reasonable love, etc. Now is the time. Don't think that this course of the world war is so arbitrarily? "Universal war, universal war, universal war," it was provoked by the constant talk of it. We created it, we put the fuel. We will now begin to say the opposite. We created it, we will stop it. We set the fire, we will take away this fuel. This reasonable faith will be created by us, the humans. In the modern order, women and men hold the key to the future good life. The latter have this main purpose of building the future individuals of society. When you build a house, you follow certain rules, you choose good, healthy materials. If we have to build the future conditions in which to live, they can be created by good mothers and fathers with good thoughts. As are the thoughts of the mothers and fathers so will the thoughts of the children be. We may have only thoughts of theft, and our children will be thieves. Our thoughts and desires are realised in society. Whatever we think, it's going to happen. Our thoughts and desires will necessarily be realised in 1, 2, 3, 4 generations. Bulgarians need to correct themselves, it depends on us. You can do a lot of things, as long as you connect with those forces that work in nature. There are different degrees of intelligence in nature, and whatever you connect with, you become the same. By all means, according to these laws, we must connect with these reasonable laws in nature. But we say we don't see them. This is because we do not train our vision through constant exercise. Recently, a friend told me how, over time, he has been able to distinguish the smallest butterflies from a distance of 50 meters, which, even if you are next to them, are difficult to see. And when he showed me his collections, I had to use my magnifying glass to look at them. And he said to me, "I wonder how that's possible." The thing is that from the constant strain of his vision, this centre in his brain has expanded. Our coming to Earth is to be free. Love will set us free. Modern people live in restrictive conditions and cannot change them. From a religious point of view, their position is the will of God. Do we know the philosophy of units? - We say: one horse, one house, etc., but with the originally created one, what did the Creator want to designate with it? - The One who created the numbers said that there is one measure in the world that will serve as a definition: only one principle, which we call God. We measure with Him, with the number 1 - the Unit. In the physical world, the number 2 means that life, in order to manifest, must have two fulcrums, two forces are needed to act on each other. That is why the man and the woman come together and from this point of view ten men, a hundred men, a thousand men are again one man. The number 2 shows the process, which nature works through and that the process of dividing into two is a process of evolution. One tree gives branches, but they all come from one place and are connected to each other. In the branching of things, they must be connected to their foundation. All your thoughts and desires must be related to your soul. Why do the branches grow upwards and the roots downwards? This question is pending, but there must be a growth up and down. And we, like plants, have a dual aspiration. Those who are at the roots say that the world is just matter. The atoms that make up matter are units of force. By the word "matter" we mean a mother who gives birth. The visible is a substance, which our mother "matter" has enveloped us with. It is said that there has been a struggle between spirit and matter. The struggle that is between them is only a struggle for growth in the path of evolution, as it is between a man and a woman, only if this can be called a struggle. The flesh was the devil, if we could harness the devil to work, he would be a very good worker. Because modern people can't do that, the devil has created a job for them, he teaches them, and they will be smarter in the future. Initially, man was a master, but when he ruined himself, he ruined everyone else. Wolves, lice, moths and others were not created by God, but by humans. God created only good people, but not murderers, thieves, etc. We created them. However, it is all because there is a deviation in us. Modern society must take a turn, modern people must turn to a different path of movement. We need to know which things are needed. Money is of use, but it is not a necessity. The house too. We need those things that God has created for our upliftment, while useful are those things that God has created and that help us, and that appear in our way of life. Modern people will ask themselves how to live - the idea of the life of the Brotherhood will come to them. Christ says we must work in the path of Brotherhood, Love. It is not a question of being Russophiles and Austrophiles. Now is the time to resolve the issue, every nation to have the right to freedom and brotherhood: young and old to have the right to own land in order to live freely, etc. Every brother in a family must live like this. Great nations, like big brothers, need to be smart and enforce this right, to show that they love their younger brothers. Reciprocity between nations will be established. The current war is in its infancy. It is not over, and when this peoples’ unrest, the consequences of the war, the revolutions in the great countries come, what will we comfort with? When the warriors come and say, "We will not fight!" They will want to live freely. Then the reasonable principle will appear, people will say: "We don't want the old way of warfare!" Let every nation and language have its own. Now are the best times the world is going through and which will bring the bright future to humanity. They will bring purification and resurrection. By "resurrection" I mean a change in the present life. Fathers, mothers and sisters are now praying for their loved ones on the battlefields. And these worshipers will overcome and change life. To pray is to breathe. You now have a disease - a little cold - breathe deeply and you will recover. The request exists everywhere and it is a necessary factor. Only then will the request cease when the needs cease. And the needs will never cease. Wisdom, justice, truth are a necessity. And when the Son of Man comes, people will ask Him, "Why did the Lord give us this evil?" Christ is coming and will tell us, " 2000 years ago I came to prevent this misfortune of yours and I told you: Do not resist evil!” You give space to your evil. If you applied this law, today's war would not have been allowed. Everyone on Earth wants to live a tolerable life. They are all masters, no one wants to be a servant. However, how is this possible, when, if all the earth's wealth was distributed evenly, there would have been 90 BGN per person. How is a tolerable life possible with such a small amount? Where will the shortage come from? The law is: When all people are well, I will be well too. Therefore, we must turn to that reasonable Lord, Who is in us and reminds us of our mistakes. And when He comes to us and we meet and receive Him, there will be no poverty. Because, if we say to Him: "Be silent and stay in heaven", we are not forgiven and we miss the essential. We must have reasonable faith that will give us a foundation for a happy life. This reasonable faith will become the basis for future science and future love. The whole modern world needs radical transformations of its ideas and a ground must be given to the development of these ideas. Christ says, "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am with them; and whatsoever they ask for, they shall have." That is why fathers and mothers come together, and if in the name of this law they want to have a good son, they will have one. And if two or three people come together and ask for good priests, good teachers, good rulers, they will have them. It is up to us to have good conditions in life. However, therefore Christ wants a reasonable faith from us. And then we will know how to understand the language of all the elements. If we can throw a grenade at 10-20 kilometres, then we can send an embodied thought that will give good results. God wants to fix the world, and in order to fix the world, our world, our thoughts and desires must be fixed. One defendant was accused of stealing a sum and his lawyer tried to acquit him; as an argument he presented the circumstance that the accused was satisfied only with this small amount - BGN 25, when ten thousand BGN was at the table. At that moment, the accused cried. The judge thought he was repenting and asked him why he was crying. "Ah," he said, "I am sad that I haven't seen the 10,000 BGN." Bulgarians grieve that Serbs and Greeks took away what was their right last year. But the Serbs will not keep what they have taken. The Greeks will not detain anything too. Theft is a dangerous act. There are some special frogs in the Nile that swim on top of the water (I gave this example last year as well). When a large crocodile swallows one of these frogs, after a while they eat his stomach and he turns with a punctured belly dead, and the frog comes out. Serbs, Greeks, Turks, Romanians - swallowed one such frog. It will eat their bellies. It will eat the bellies of many. There is a Divine right that regulates things in the world. Now the international law has fallen and it is time to study the Divine law. Mankind will describe this law, but it is not like the international law that everyone has broken. However, he who transgresses this law will give and answer. The current war seems to be a misfortune, but it will bring great benefits to humanity. There will be good philosophers, good writers, many professors, scientists and others who will describe it and draw the lessons. There will be for many years to be written on me by the future generation. And therefore, Christ says, "Will there then be reasonable faith?" - Will we be able to benefit from our lives? Happy is he who can derive his happiness from his misfortune. The best things people can expect now, but more importantly, how will we find that foundation of reasonable faith, on which we will build the future life. Now it will be the same as what happens to a pupa - it comes out as a butterfly and lives. The same is with people.There will be a blessing of mankind - to love God with all its heart, with all its mind and with all its soul. All warring states will bring one good - they will weaken and then that necessary consciousness of the right human life will come. Many nations have been lost for failing to deliver on their promises. It is the same with every person. He has undertaken before Heaven and it is written in the book of Heaven - we must fulfil the Divine right. And I would like all Bulgarians to have this reasonable faith, reasonable love and reasonable justice, so that they could serve as the basis of future life, of unification. The Bulgarian people did not live properly. The Bulgarian kingdoms barely reached 50-60 years because they lived apart. Now a reasonable unification between the Bulgarian people is required, let the fuss be forgotten. This lesson, which Bulgarians learned ten months ago and became more reasonable, other countries are now learning it in order to become smarter too. The Bulgarian people will give birth to smart people. In the current war, there will be no losers and no winners. Russia, France, England, Germany, Austria, Italy, will all be defeated. They will only do the will of God, and the winner will be Christ. And now He says that if they did not accept Him 2,000 years ago, they are now experiencing the consequences to redeem what has been done and take another turn. Because if we continued like this, in 2000 years we would have had an uglier catastrophe. But if you accept the teachings of Christ, you must love a very sublime culture. The Earth will be a garden and the governance - in the hands of the smartest. Therefore, it is required to form a cocoon and transform. January 10, 1915, Saturday, 20:30 pm In the drugstore of G. Zurkov Translation, Proletina Dragoeva-Jones
  3. Pure-hearted "Blessed are the pure-hearted, for they shall see God." (Matthew, Chapter 5, Verse 8) Before I start my talk, I will make some small remarks. Many people ask me, "Why should there be a prayer and singing in a talk?" There are three very important elements in the basic teaching of life. These elements have been made by humanity itself, not from now, but from thousands of years ago. For thousands of years, people have been praying and singing, so that in order for any work to be done successfully, there should be singing, whatever it is expressed in. Singing in itself never does evil of whatever nature. For the good man, all songs are good, they all have content. Therefore, I place eating, singing and praying as the three main elements in human life. In order for any physical work to be done, eating is needed followed by resting and consequently, working after that again. When it comes to science and religion, here singing is also needed, it is the nourishment of the soul. We will sing, rest, and start new work again. When we pray, it is singing but modern people have a vague concept about the prayer. When the humankind learns this art of praying, then we will see the kingdom of God on Earth. These remarks I am making are not an innovation, but this is one Divine law we are going through. I would recommend everyone when eating to pray, if your work in the world is not going well, sing and it will go better. Today's talk will be on the topic, "Blessed are the pure-hearted, because they will see God." What did Christ mean by the word "pure-hearted"? Christ showed the nine elements or the nine methods by which human life can be elevated. I will speak about purity, what role it plays in life, and I will treat this matter freely, not as it has been considered before, but will make some deviations. You may disagree with me or you may agree, but you need to have a reason for both opinions, because you need to have a deep understanding of every important issue in your life. Only then will you have a positive science through which you can build your future life, because the present life is an expression of our past life. All happiness and misfortune are due to our past actions, and if we want to change our future life, we must understand these fundamental laws that govern the human will, strength, thought, feelings and consciousness. Our understanding does not have to be such, to think that we know everyone has such knowledge, but we need some positive knowledge to change our lives. If you could understand this deep, central law of the pure-hearted, the future culture will depend on it, the health state of the future families will depend on it, the health state of mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters as well as of the whole society will depend on it. What doctors call “a hygiene of the soul” will depend on this law. What is a hygiene? The law of knowledge of purity. For example, all infectious diseases originate from impurity. Therefore, there are microbes in the spiritual life too as there are microbes of the typhus plague, cholera and other microbes in the physical life. There are around 17,000 species of microbes and some scientists go further by alleging that the corrosion of iron is due to special bacilli, microbes. So, iron is also eaten by bacilli. Because these bacilli are alive, they also want to exist as you and I do. This is what the modern people call a race or a struggle for life, with some even expressing themselves in the following formula: “In the struggle for life, man for man is a wolf.” These statements are 50 % true. Life is not only a struggle but work too for there is a struggle only on the square where wrestlers fight. Life is work too because the humankind gets elevated with it. When we do not understand life, work turns into labour and as we go downwards labour turns into torment. Christ says: "Blessed are the pure-hearted, for they shall see God." Purity is a state of matter, a natural and rectilinear state. When the matter has this state, this force as there is a barrier, a medium between the spiritual and physical planes and in order for this purity, this force to pass from one state to another from one world to another, it has to adjust according to the laws of this world, the energy has to be transformed. This transformation depends on the purity through which this force, this thermal energy will pass. Take, for example, how the sun’s rays are transformed. The strength and beneficence of these rays depend on the purity of the atmosphere. Sometimes you think that the atmosphere is pure but if you look at it through a microscope you will see millions and billions of impurities in it, which need to be washed away by the rain in order for the beneficial effects of the sun rays to work on us. Do you know that when people live a vicious life, particular compounds come out of them that form a layer in the atmosphere with which they stop the development of life that comes from above, and epidemic diseases arise. For example, various illnesses come to life during and after war. People throw the bad thoughts they have into space and thus they create unfavourable environment that affects adversely not only the organism but also the soul of man, creating various mental illnesses. Christ says: „Bless are the pure-hearted because they shall see God!“ What is meant by the words “heart” and “God”? Christ understands by the word “heart” that inner medium in man in the form of a physical ether that is the conduit of the higher forces in the spiritual world. So that when the central part of the human heart is pure, these people will see God. What is understood by the word “God”? Christ means by the word “God” all sensible possibilities, which are hidden in these forces and which as they pass through this medium, man, seeing God, becomes blissful, happy and healthy. When Christ says that a man can see God, He does not envisage seeing God in a given form, but understands a given good that has to come into us and ascend us mentally and spiritually. Each of us has to work out this inner process of purification for himself. The word” purity” implies impurity. We are not responsible for the impurity that can accumulate in us for when a man takes food, a part of it turns into juices and blood while the other part that could not be assimilated comes out. Nature has taken care for this unprocessed food by taking it out in various ways. There are two ways of getting rid of our impurities: a way of dilution and a way of thickening. I will explain to you how this thought is positioned in my mind. For example, you have muddy water but in order to purify it, you have to take it through sandy layers in order to seep and get it filtered. As it goes through these layers, the impurities, the murkiness remain in the sandy layers, while the water is clarified, purified and after passing through these layers, it emerges as a pure spring. Therefore, the sand is a condition for purification. For man, society is a condition for filtration. When you get filtered, you must not stay in these layers but have to go outside. Another way for purification is evaporation. For example, in order for muddy water to get purified, it can be left on the sun’s rays, due to the action of the sun’s rays the water evaporates and elevates in the form of vapours upwards where it gets condensed again and in the form of water droplets it comes again to the earth while the impurities remain on the earth. You have to also pass through these two ways of purification. Sometimes, you will find yourself in the most unfavourable conditions when misfortunes come to you for example. And the misfortunes are a process of filtration. You lose your house, wealth, health, wife, children, friends, it is all a process of filtration, sinking downwards. You cannot understand what the meaning of filtration is, but you have to know that you need to come out pure and transparent in the world. When a tired passenger arrives to a purified spring and satisfies his thirst, then he will understand why one has to get filtered. Every man is a spring in his life be he a man, a woman, a priest, a teacher and others. And we have to drink from these springs. For example, someone says: “People do not love me, this and the other one does not love me. “ I interpret these words in the following way: You would like to drink from my spring, whose water is murky , I have not gone through filtration therefore you will wait a day, two, three and more until I get filtered and when I pass through a mountain, I will then give you all my love.” Everyone will leave the world, evaporate and go to these layers through which they could purify themselves. When a man is dying, this is also a filtration. He elevates to a certain position and following the same law of condensation, he comes again like a newly born child and the mother will drink from his spring. This child may once have been her beloved but when he is purified, he comes as her child. As you listen to me, you will say to yourselves: Could this be? Yes, this is what always happens but only the ignorant people who do not understand this law could not believe it. In this sense, many animals understand life much better than we do. For example, birds wash themselves, smoothen their feathers, clean themselves. You will say “they are playing”. They are studying the first art, they are cleaning their feathers. Watch the cat when it passes through a dirty place, it cleans its legs in order to enter the house of its master. You will say: “well she is a cat”. Yes, but she is smarter than people. When you enter the Divine temple, do you go inside with clean feet? You have to enter like a cat. How many priests, holly men, teachers, judges enter with their unclean feet into their house, into God’s temple and afterwards say: The plague has come to us”. There is no plague but there is filth in this house. Therefore, a hygiene is necessary not only for the healthy condition of our body but also for the soul. All my respect for doctors who pay attention to the hygiene of the body, but they have to go a step further and pay attention to the hygiene of the heart. For example, all women and men go to a public bath, sometimes once a month other twice and others three times and more but how many of them go to a spiritual bath? You will say: is there a spiritual bath? Yes, there is, there is a spiritual bath as well as showers in the spiritual world. Some of you when they go to a bath, act like this: they go into the water, get hot and from there they go to the cold showers. There is no bigger recklessness, no greater error than this. When the iron heats up and then suddenly cools down it hardens. If you want to catch a rheumatism, if you wish your mind, heart and soul to get hardened take such showers. After such disorders, no doctor could help you and various illnesses will start coming to you. Nature says: Never make asperities, gradually go from one state to another. This state of going straight from warm to cold and vice versa is a state of the gods alone, not of men. Only God, who stands on high, can descend from high to low; only the eagle that has learned the art of flying can do that. However, he who has no wings, who has no knowledge, should not engage in such things, because he will break his head. Sometimes, you wish to go on an airplane, but you are not capable of controlling it and will fall. This is like a man who suddenly wants to love the whole world and takes a cold shower but afterwards tries the opposite result of hardening his soul. What would the opposite result be expressed in? Dissatisfaction and meaninglessness in life. You will resemble that rich American whose father left him BGN 100 000. He ate, drunk, tried all the pleasures and at the end he contracted the illness hypochondria. He wanted to commit a suicide but did not have the valour of this Englishman whom he met with in Venice when he was travelling through Italy. This Englishman noticed one night an Italian count who took a revolver, put it in his mouth, took it out and put it again. The Englishman asks him: What do you want to do?”- I was rich but now I am impoverished so I want to commit a suicide. The Englishman took out money and paid his debts and committed a suicide instead of the count. However, this hypochondriac American was not so valiant. When I talk about suicide, I envisage the killing of the bad habits in yourself while many people do not have the courage to get rid of them. You like to steal, drop the bullet on this habit of yours, kill the man of theft in yourself. You love to corrupt, drop this bullet on the man of depravity who lives in you, kill this vice, let it die and you live free from it. What benefit is there from this depraved man in you? A pervert, thief, this is a fleshless corpse, dead ox, dead dog, dead lion, which can spread the infection without bringing any benefit. This ill American began to visit all the doctors to ask for their advice. He spent and spent money but could not find the cure because the modern medicine is not familiar with ways of treating such illnesses. Finally, he goes to New York to a famous doctor and asks for his help. “I will help you, but I will make a condition with you that no matter what methods I use for your treatment, you will not protest." "I am ready to abide by this contract," replied the patient. “First, you will pay BGN 25,000 for the first examination. He gives the money. The doctor took him for treatment and said to his assistants: "Perform surgery on this patient by cutting off his right leg below the knee." They cut off his leg and when he wakes up, he sees himself without a leg. With this, his hypochondria disappears and he starts thinking: How happy I was before, I could go to balls, ride a horse, etc” He could hardly wait for the doctor to arrive and meets him by pouring out all the epithets, which the modern culture provides. The doctor tells him: “You are now very nervous, calm down while after two weeks I will come to see you”. In the meantime, the ill man starts crying and asks to either be cured or killed as this is not life. The doctor tells him: “I will make you a very nice leg that you will live with very well in the future and which you will pay BGN 25,000 more for”. After that, this American calmed down, all hypochondria disappeared, and he lived happily ever after. He learnt with this to know what purity is. And now in the battlefields, God cuts legs, hands, takes the eyes out, cuts noses in order to create a culture in the future, a culture of love but not this love which is understood now but love, which will expand our soul, that will make people close to one another and will provide an opportunity to every soul to develop as necessary. God will apply His Divine plan. What is this Divine Plan? We are destined to have such a purity as that of the angels. What is an angel? A being who knows how to fulfil God’s will, a being who you could not be bribed with any goods. This higher spirit, this angel will come to some poor people, s/he will fulfil her/his mission and will return to God again, while are the present people ready to serve God? No, they are not. Why? Because they are not pure in their soul. This is why Christ says: Blessed are the pure-hearted, because they shall see God.” If people are pure, the Divine spirit will pass by them and they will see Him. If we do not see God, how will we recognise Him? Many times, we are very interesting when we want to see God. Everyone can see God if not more then at least three times in their lives, but purity is required for this. Have you lived in purity for at least 10 years in your life? However, you will say: Fine if we live in a society of noble people but when we are with such sinners, what purity could there exist?” If this is true, this means you are sinners too because you are people living amongst sinners and so you are. What is sin? Sin shows that we are poor. You will say: Why did God allow sin?” Because He is strong. If He was a coward like us, he would not have allowed sin. When we are helpless of putting the world in order, God will descend from above and will put it in order in 100 years’ time at the most. This is one Divine day. You will say: “Well, 100 years is so long!” The more or less and the length and shortness, are mental and relative things. The minute could seem very long while the year very short, depending on many circumstances. Imagine that you are convicted of being beheaded in a year time. This year will appear a very short time to you. When you expect a darling one to come, even 5 minutes seem like long hours. Therefore, the concept of time is relative in our consciousness and depends on the intensity of our perceptions. When we talk about the Divine laws, we have only one subjective perception and in order to understand the order of things, we have to enter into living in all people at once. In order to understand what people are, we have to enter both the highest and lowest strata, and only then will we have a knowledge about humankind. Chris says : In order to be able to enter mankind, to have the correct perceptions you have to necessarily be pure because only the pure person when he comes down, will have immunity, he will not be infected by any diseases.“ This is what the occult people say too. When a man is pure in mind and heart, no force can affect him and therefore, the strength of your will, heart and mind will be determined by this inner physical, spiritual and Divine purity that you have. What I am saying to you could be checked, I am not just talking in theory. You will ask: How can it be checked?”–Very easy. For example, the one who will relocate a plant, asks how to do that and learns. He takes a small bud, a twig from a nice tree and places it under the skin of a plain one. However, it must be known replanting does not happen at all times but only when there are juices. These juices are called” sap”. After you put this bud under the skin of this plant, this new branch will acquire new life. This is how, by following the same law, every good thought will live in you. With this re-planting, with this splitting, there will be pain, but you cannot do without it. There are always two types of suffering in the process of purification: Ennoblement takes place in some types of suffering, while in others - resentment and fierceness. The second type is when we go down in life, where we become fierce and rough, when we want to destroy the world and all criminals were born in this way of re-planting, because they do not understand the law, they have stopped themselves in one direction, while they should have gone to the bottom. This is the case with that passenger who travelled at night-time through an abyss and fell down there. He managed to catch a branch and so he stayed attached to the branch for 7 hours, during which time he spent stayed like this on the branch for 7 whole hours during which time he has gone through the most horrifying state. He started to shout, cry and said: My life is over, there is a huge chasm beneath me.” What was his astonishment, however, when in the morning he saw that beneath him the chasm he had imagined was only 15 cm. Therefore, if you have fallen down, if you are a sinner, go down to the bottom. I call the fallen, sinned people those ones who go down- heroes. I call heroes also those ones who go upwards. The former are heroes of falling down, while the others- heroes of ascending. The former are heroes of falling down because when they fall, they have the brevity to ascend, while those ones who ascend are heroes of the ascension because they have the courage to descend. Do you understand this deep philosophy of life? Some say: I don’t want to either ascend or descend.” This is a materialistic perception. When you eat, it is not a question of what you eat but how you eat. You should eat with enjoyableness and pleasure. A man who cannot eat pleasantly cannot be healthy. Some parents, mothers cook meat, eggs and ‘banitza” to their children, and they are still dissatisfied and unhappy. The taste is to blame, there should be purity in the taste. Such a child should be subject to starving. Let his mother leave him starve for 24, 36, 40 ,50 hours and she will see how the child will start loving any food. In such a case, there would be at least 50%improvement in the children. This is a general law in nature and when man starts to lose the meaning of life, illnesses come about. They are necessary for our purification. First of all, we lose our taste and say to ourselves: “How well we used to eat”.5-6 days go by when we begin to rejoice in what we have lost. When it comes to upbringing, I said hold yourselves onto nature, look at what the plants, animals, springs, forest and clouds do in it and leave all English, American and other methods. Observe how the sun rises, which one time you see behind the clouds, black, while another time - clear and nice. This is how I see you often too. You say: „I am not in the mood today”. I said:” There are a few clouds around your sun, there will be a storm, and wind, and your sun will become clear again. Why is this wind? I met a gentleman a prominent Bulgarian merchant and asked him how he thought about this question? He said: „ I will confirm from experience that this is exactly the case. “He started elaborating: In my life, I did not know what a misfortune was, everything was going well for me like honey and butter. I got up one morning and saw that half of my body was paralysed. The doctors told me not to work anything for 3-4 years. After that, I started my work, but the first time I lost BGN 8,000 leva, while the second– BGN 2,000 and after that I finally completely recovered. This lost BGN 10,000 produced a big change in him. He had to give this money to the poor people, doctors or had to be robbed by someone. This money was one impurity in him. It is a boil that has to be healed for which aim the doctor makes an incision and cleans it up. When Christ says: “Blessed are the pure-hearted”, He understands people without boils. Now everyone, look for all your boils. You will say: “We don’t have such”. Until now, I have not met a person without boils, it might be only one boil but one always has some. If someone does not have boils let him come to me, I will give him BGN1,000, BGN2,000, BGN5,000, I will cash it to him immediately. You will say: Where would you find it from”? I will honour my word provided such a person is found. It is a great thing to confess your sin. What is religion? With this process of religion, we have to raise our minds and hearts upwards. What is re-planting? It is such a process by which one sacrifices oneself for another, endures all adversity, deprivation, persecution and one day, all those people whom he has done something for will say: We had a great man, he did a lot for us and our people. He was a spring which our people quenched their thirst from.” „ Now to the question of Christ’s words: Blessed are the pure in heart. “What does Christ mean by the word” “blessed”? He understands first: the aspiration of man to go upwards. Second: This aspiration should be just in time so that there is a corresponding aspiration from top to bottom. The same law also applies in nature. When you sow an apple seed or wheat grain not only does it need to have the strength to grow, not only does it need better soil, but it needs other three essential elements for its growth, namely: light, heat and moisture. The same is valid for man. He must strive but he also needs these three Divine elements: warmth, light and moisture. Moisture this is life, heat is Love, the light- the Truth. I am not going to interpret these for you as if I start interpreting what Love is, I would go very far. I would like you to come with me, to repeat this word a certain number of times and for a certain time of the day and if you do this for only a few months, then you will understand what love is. When you are listening to me, you will say: Mr Dunov says whatever comes to him: the Turkish say about the man who talks what he wants the following: Chock Biljam Chock…”.i.e. “ whoever knows lots, talks lots and suffers lots.” I would like you to check and try my thought now. However, you will say: “What should we strive for?” Sow an apple seed and observe how it will sprout, how it will take shape in a few years’ time, while you study all this. „Therefore, I told you: “Sow in yourself the words ”blessed are the pure in heart”. Do not consider this as an abstract thought, it is related to your body, heart and mind. Blessed is a man who has conditions to climb from bottom to top, but also has conditions to descent from top to bottom and can use these conditions. While the pure-hearted are those ones who understand the process of descending and ascending. A heart means the centre, to know where your life originates from. I travelled once from Sofia to Varna. The Bulgarians have a custom of asking about where you are traveling for and where you are coming from, etc., It is a good habit but when they often ask- it becomes a bore. I am sitting in a compartment and a few Bulgarian lawyers are talking about some important political questions. I am contemplating and observing nature. One of the gentlemen asks me: “Where are you from”? I answered: from the Sun. He said: Then tell me what is there? “– “There are people there but with a higher culture, people there are not afraid, and I have come here on the Earth. “The gentleman answered: Then I am from the Sun too. “Yes, you are but you do not know you have come from the Sun while I know I am from the Sun. Some ask: “Where is Mr Dunov from?”- From the Sun. “ There are 7 elements in life, I am talking about only one element, i.e. more correctly about its state. The old occultists call it the element of the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Do you know what these elements are? Saturn, Moon, Sun are processes of condensation. Saturn means knowing how to condense yourself, to move from one state to another. When you come to the Earth you will start afterwards the reverse process of Jupiter, Venus, Mars and will go back where you came from with which you will make such a circle as comets do. Some ask: “Why do these comets appear? “They have a purpose. Why did the Halley’s Comet appear? All thought that the world will end. It meant this great war, this catastrophe that came. It was saying with its tail: I am coming to cleanse the world. “Whether you accept it or not, it doesn't matter, it was said in passing. Christ says: Blessed are the pure in heart. “The first thing in man is purity. In order to elaborate on my thought, I would provide an example. One famous Italian Artist wanted to paint Christ and looked for the subject who looked a little like Christ for long time. At last, he found a young man in his 20s and 21s and asked him to pose for him and he drew the image of Christ. In 3-4 years, the same Artist desired to draw Judas. He searched for a face to remind him of Judas for long time. At last, he found a young man who looked a little like Judas. The Artist asked him to serve as his model if he wanted. The young man agreed but replied: How come I could now serve you as a model of Judas when 4 years ago you used me to draw Christ? Where is the mistake now that one and the same face is used for drawing Christ and Judas? The mistake lied in the young man. In the course of 4 years, the young man lived such an impure life that his face changed. Therefore, when a man attacks someone like this artist, he is right. This is why, we should endure too. We should have the patience of this artist who when he drew a painting and could not draw the shoes of the figure, asked a shoemaker to make them. When the shoemaker made the shoes, he dared to ask to rectify other things in the painting but the artist told him that the rest was not the shoemaker’s speciality. We need to have humility and know what work is for us and what is not. If a mother comes to me and tells me ways of raising children, I will listen to her very carefully. If a judge comes to me and shows me a good path, why not listen to him? Therefore, Christ says: “Blessed are the pure in heart”. If we are so pure-hearted, we will notice that the law of expediency for our upliftment works throughout our life. Do not rush to resolve all issues. People are interesting when they hurry and worry about solving the problems sooner because there have been too many such ones for solving. And what? There is no need to hurry. If a farmer says: “I have whole barns of wheat, how am I going to eat it? “Let him be happy that he has so many barns of wheat- it will serve him for more years, he will eat as much as he needs. So do you, be happy that you have so many questions to solve, you will have work for more years. Some say: When we go to the heavens, we will drink and eat.” Yes, but there is also work there, even more work than here where there is work and labour. Therefore, Christ says: Come to me all who are burdened and tired” and not “those who are all the time working”. The first secret is to learn to strain yourselves. I am ready to serve this one who is strained and who has learnt this art. Tarasu Bulu has done well when he was sending his two sons off and asked them to box each other and remained very satisfied when one of his sons beat him. Similarly, God is pleased when He sees that we are overcoming the suffering. Some say that I have not used Bulgarian examples. I came across a few Bulgarian songs, which I will present a few characters from. The first song is “Yanka and Petur” Yanka is a woman who is dissatisfied with her wealth and searches for the happiness of her heart. Peter overhears her and offers that they both escape. Then she steals from her husband, loads her fortune on 3 horses and runs through the forest. She falls asleep on Peter’s lap and when she fell asleep, Peter ran away for he was very pure, after which she started crying, shouting: I Song O God, Higher Lord, Forest, part with me, Water, deliver yourself to me, Peter, call me! Neither did the forest divide, Nor did water deliver itself, Neither did Peter call. II Song Balio and Vella Vella felt sleepy, So Vella lied down on Balio’s lap and sweetly fell asleep. As Balio is “ Dekrya[1]” He took sharp scissors out To cut his lap off He stole gold and silver And ran away from Vella III Song Kirushka and Stoyan Do you see that hill A big village lies behind it There, I have a beloved and something else- With a young boy Kirushka was telling him Stoyane, damned Stoyane, How cunningly you deceived me Don’t you have a younger brother So that you can give me to him There should be no such Bulgarians as are described in folk poetry. These people have had the brevity to describe the characters as they are. If these things exist in abundance, we cannot be pure. This is not a judgement- such a thought is far from me, but I am stating only the fact, and everyone needs to know whether they are pure or not. Whatever you may be, an activist of a political party, a judge, priest, teacher ask yourselves the question: “Am I pure or not?” Have I done my job properly or not?”. If you are a man, then are you pure in relation to your wife and vice versa; a daughter and a son are you pure in relation to your parents? While now we say: „This is what Tolstoy has said, Victor Jugo has said so, Zola, etc. ”These people have really said very well, my admirations to them. All is good but you need to apply these things in life, while purity will come only with some great convictions. When will purity come? When a man starts to think that he does not die. Three young men came to me a few days ago: one musician, the other studies to be a doctor , while the 3rd one- with different beliefs. The first one says: “I am fed up with life , I want to commit a suicide.” I ask him: “ Were you the one who created this life, if you were then take it away. You will be a greater hero if you endure everything. The musician says: I'm not doing well, no matter what I do, I can't do it. I told him: You are very dry, you need some moisture” and what does “moisture” mean? You have to love people. The third one says: I always have the opposite of what I want, the opposite comes out.” I told him,“ You suffer from a lot of swamps, you have to channel yourself, to get drier.” The three of you should become a trinity and you will help each other. A lecture held on 29th April 1917 Translated by Proletina Dragoeva-Jones, Petworth, UK, 01.12.2020 [1] Dekryia or “декрия” is a Bulgarian folklore word that cannot be translated
  4. The True Passover and its Harbinger and Initiator - Beinsa Douno, The Universal Master and Herald of the New Epoch Emily Michael The LORD's Passover begins at twilight on the fourteenth day of the first month. (Leviticus 23:5) The Passover of the Lord represents the departure of the Israelites from Egypt. And so far they are still celebrating their departure from Egypt, i.e. liberation from Egyptian slavery. What is new in the world today? What is new is the Light! What is new is Freedom! What is new is Eternal Life3, which is to come among [us], to show [us] that not only the Jews but all people came out of Egypt through the Passover of the Lord.4 Beinsa Douno, the Master Lit candles are an integral part of the traditions of Eastern Orthodoxy and other Christian denominations when celebrating the central festivals of Christendom. In one of his lectures in Berlin, in 1909, Rudolf Steiner inserted into the context of the lecture several words on the role of lit candles during holy festivities and then related the picture of the candle-fires burning and shimmering in the dark to an inner imagination: We allow the lights that burn here before us to manifest in us in all its fullness the impulse that comes to us from the spiritual world, to take the Gospel literally! And we understand these outwardly shining lights as sense images of the fires that are to be ignited in our souls, and that, if ignited by anthroposophical knowledge of Christ, will reignite in the Sixth Cultural Age of the post-Atlantean period.5 Steiner made an important distinction between the Fifth and Sixth cultural epochs and their direct connection to the two most significant macrocosmic Christian Feasts for humankind-Christmas and Passover. He views these from a microcosmic angle, outlining their meaning individually for each person: [A]nd if we celebrate the true Christmas in the Fifth Culture, thanks to this, in the Sixth Culture, we will celebrate the true Passover. Just as the wonderful Christmas song sounds to us on the night before Christmas: "Today is born our Saviour Christ the Lord!" so we, remembering Christ's birth in our soul, will perceive in ourselves the ------------------------------------------ 1 Generally known as the Master Peter Deunov. 2 This article translated by Emily from the Bulgarian in which she originally wrote it, and adapted by the Editor. 3 Eternal Life is knowing Christ. "Now this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only True God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent," (John 17:3) "that everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life. For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:15,16) 4 Deunov, Peter, 1937. "The LORD'S Passover," in The Thief and the Shepherd. Sofia: White Brotherhood Publishing, p.288. Delivered on December 1, 1929 in Sofia (as part of his Sunday Lectures series). 5 Steiner, Rudolf. "The Christmas Mood," in Secrets of Human Development, GA 117. Dornach: Rudolf Steiner Nachsverwaltung, 1986, p.205. Delivered on December 26, 1909 in Berlin. See message of this true higher Self.6 We will remember this and this memory will be reborn in us as Passover; and then we will hear within us the majestic, wonderful sound of the Paschal organ: Christ Risen in us, igniting and enlightening our own Divine individuality!7 Thus, the Sixth cultural epoch, also referred to by Steiner as the Slavic epoch, can be called the "Epoch of the true Passover," during which the higher essence of the individuality of each human being will be immersed in the light of Christ's Self living in it. The World Master Beinsa Douno came among humankind to prepare for this Sixth Cultural Epoch-to prepare for the true Passover feast, from which the seed for the Sixth Root Race will emerge. He brought a broader explanation of Passover and the nature of self-sacrifice8 seen through the prism of Love.9 In one of his talks, he discusses the link between Passover and self-sacrifice: Now I will read you verse 18 on page 378 of the Bible: "No such Passover had been observed in Israel since the days of Samuel the prophet. None of the kings of Israel ever observed a Passover like the one that Josiah observed with the priests, the Levites, all Judah, the Israelites who were present, and the people of Jerusalem." (2 Chronicles 35:18) The Passover is a remembrance of deliverance from the age of slavery. With the Passover, the Israelites commemorated their deliverance from slavery in Egypt. When a person loves, he/she must celebrate the Passover-it is a remembrance of deliverance from slavery. When a person wants to be freed from any kind of bondage, he/she must make the Passover [sacrifice].10 The Passover [sacrifice] can only be made under the Law of Love. If you do not love, you can never make the Passover [sacrifice]. Why? -Because in Love there is always a sacrifice. Who will you sacrifice? -Yourself. Whoever loves will sacrifice him/herself first. If you do not know how to make the Passover [sacrifice] within you, if you do not know how to sacrifice yourself, you have not understood the law of Love; so first, one must know how to celebrate one's own Passover … know how to sacrifice. We all speak about self- sacrifice, but we need to know how to make that self-sacrifice. Sacrifice is a common law for all ... One is sacrificed first, then the second, etc. The law of sacrifice is inevitable. There will be no one left in the world who does not sacrifice him/herself.11 ------------------------------------------ 6 The Higher Self, I, or "ICH" in German. 7 Steiner, "The Christmas Mood," see n.5. 8 Sacrifice here has the sense of sacrificing the lower nature to a higher one, sacrificing the merely human ego and letting it dwell in the higher one, the Christ Ego within. 9 Divine Love. 10 "And the children of Israel encamped in Gilgal, and they made the Passover sacrifice on the fourteenth day of the month at evening in the plains of Jericho." (Joshua 5:10) 11 Deunov, 1930. "Binding and Loosing," in Youth Gathering of the Disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood. Sofia: White Brotherhood Publishing, p.24. Delivered on July 13, 1930. See These words testify that the Passover is synonymous with the Freedom of the human being, and that when one is released through Love, one sacrifices oneself. Returning to Steiner's words, the following interpretation can be formulated: in the Sixth Post-Christian culture, the Christ born in our I (our Higher Ego) will rise again in us as the Feast of Freedom-the true Passover. Then from Love will be born the self-sacrificing action of each human being, and the people of the New Culture will have a new philosophy and a new understanding of Love. Through Beinsa Douno the Master, the Divine Word was delivered to Humankind-the new Teaching of Love. This Teaching should be embraced and applied by all of Slavdom, which is assigned to ignite this Love in all peoples in order that the New Culture of Humanity may come. The Lord Himself, and the Spirit of the new LORD'S Covenant, was manifested through the Master, through an announcement: A Call to My People, delivered on October 8, 1898.12 To the Bulgarian people was given the task of Heaven-to transmit to Russia, to all of Slavdom,13 and to all peoples the New Divine Teaching of Love, the New Michaelic Sun14 Teaching-and to become thus a vehicle of the Sixth Culture on Earth. In the mystical text "Hyo-Eli-Mel(h)i-Messael"15, the title of which is in Aramaic-the language spoken by Christ-one can observe a clear distinction between the individual manifestations of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. This individual manifestation of the members of the Holy Trinity is a new event for humanity and in its essence is an experience intrinsic to the Universal Master, a collective Spirit that includes the Angels, Archangels and others from the Higher Spiritual Hierarchies.16 The brochure "Hyo-Eli-Mel(h)i-Messael" appeared in 1897, the year of the Sun Spirit's inception and interpenetration into Peter Deunov. Thus, the Master shed light on the future Sixth Race and said that people of different races did not have the same concept of love, that the five races have five different concepts of love, but that the Sixth Race, which will come in the future, will have a whole new unitary understanding of Love: When the Sixth Race comes to earth, the situation of Christians will improve. They [the Sixth Race] carry a large supply of energy to create new forms, and some of the people today are called upon to participate in this. These are the people who will create something great in the world. These are the people who will implement the ideas of ------------------------------------------ 12 See and (Translated by Harrie Salman and Mariana Radoulova). 13 Slavdom as a bearer of the Sixth Post-Atlantean Epoch. 14 The Spirit who penetrated and manifested through the Master Peter Deunov originates from the Sun, according to the Master's testimony. His origin is the Central (or Universal) Sun of Christ. This is one of the reasons why the Master Deunov bears the name of the Universal or World Master. [Ed. It is a matter in everything of a Being, or set of Beings, existing one inside the other.] 15 HYO=ELI=MEL(H)I=MESAEL has the meaning YEHOVAH=GOD=KING=GOD-SAVIOUR. I translate this "noun- equation," or appelation, perhaps spoken by Jesus Christ, from an ancient form of Aramaic language that no longer exists. There is an alternative translation: YEHOVAH=MY GOD=MY KING=GOD-SAVIOUR. I suggest that these Words might be the Words of Jesus on the Cross, which are not mentioned by the Bible, but are archived in the Akashic Records, which were an open book for the Universal Master. 16 It is "a collection of different souls that have come out of [the bosom] of God." - "The Holy Spirit will teach you everything." - "By the words Holy Spirit we mean all the luminous, lofty Spirits that make one Spirit with Christ. In this sense, Christ is a collective Being." (The Master) Brotherhood among humans. These are the people who will bring Truth and Freedom to the world. These are the people of Eternal Peace and Order in the world.17 Regarding the next Coming of Christ, the Master also prophesized: Christ will [fully] come to earth only when His wounds disappear/are completely healed. This will happen in the time of the Sixth Race. So until people change their sinful lives, Christ will not [fully] come to earth.18 As Christ [fully and finally] comes to earth, the earth will be set ablaze, illuminated and burned. Fire will come down to earth, to burn away all impurities. All the bad and impure thoughts and feelings of people will burn out and only the idea-full, the beautiful in them will remain. They will begin a new life of Love and Knowledge, and of true Freedom19. This applies to those who will be ready. They will understand Life20 and apply Love. Those who are not ready will wait for new conditions.21 At the fraternal gathering of the Chain22 of Divine Love in Turnovo in 1914, the Master presented a special figuration of the Pentagram23 and he established the motto for the selected present Chain members-future disciples of the White Brotherhood School: "In the fulfilment of the Will of God through Love is the power of the human soul." The same words are inlaid on the marble pentagram placed on the Master's Grave24 in Sofia. The Master underlined the importance of understanding God's Will: "The great question that sits on the agenda of all humanity today is the question of the Will of God."25 Love is the Key to the fulfilment of the Will of God, and this Key will be acquired by the people of the Sixth Race. The Master gave an assurance to all of us: "The Sixth Race, namely, will be able to fulfil the Will of God."26 To shed light as an imagination upon the human being of the Sixth race is to bring hope that one day we will be part of this new race: "To think of God and fulfil His Will means to be a spring that constantly gushes and carries its waters far; to be constantly moving air; to be the Sun that illuminates the whole Universe."27 At the Easter festivity, which is called in Bulgaria Bb3KpeceHue XpucmoBo (the Resurrection of Christ feast), from 1922 onwards, the disciples of the School of the White Brotherhood celebrated with songs, prayers, and talks by the Master, through whom the Spirit of Truth spoke.28 On the ------------------------------------------ 17 Deunov, 1940, "As the world gives," in The Works of God, (Power and Life), Volume 3, Thirteenth Series (1929-1930). Sofia: White Brotherhood, p.27. Delivered on March 2, 1930 in Sofia. See 18 Christ will not appear again in His physical body. 19 I.e., they will celebrate the True Passover. 20 They will understand Christ. See n.3. 21 Deunov, 2012, "Genesis and Revelation," in The Key of Life. Sofia: White Brotherhood Publishing, p.537. Delivered on May 22, 1929 in Sofia (as part of the General Occult Class). 22 The Chain was founded in 1899 in Varna. 23 See 24 The most popular of the modern Bulgarian clairvoyant women, Vanga (1911-1996) said that if the grave of the Master were to open now, it would be completely empty, without any remains of Peter Deunov's body. With this statement, she hinted that the Master resurrected in a way that is similar to Christ. 25 Deunov, "Lord's Passover," see n.4. 26 Delivered on August 27, 1929. See 27 Deunov, "Lord's Passover," see n.4. 28 The traditional Easter Greeting in Bulgaria, Russia, and other countries is "Christ Resurrected!" Among other things, the disciples were advised by the Master to do the following exercise: "For, the [feast of the] Resurrection of Christ day after Easter the Master usually led the students on an excursion into Nature, for example, the mountains next to Sofia. At the end of the Easter talk, he would sometimes give them a painted coloured egg, with a Bible verse written on it-a desk verse for each disciple. The Gatherings of the Chain were sanctified by the Spirit of God Himself through a sacred ritual, a re-enactment of the Last Supper. This ritual was called the "LORD's Supper." The Master never spoke before the disciples the words "Holy Grail" or "the stream of the Holy Grail" because he himself directed that stream, and he carried the Love that is the New Grail for Humanity. Besides, upon coming to Earth, the Master was accompanied by a group of souls, a group of individualities who had participated in the Last Supper and witnessed the Mystery of Golgotha. These individualities quietly and humbly came on earth in the flesh as disciples of Beinsa Douno-the Universal Master-who resided in constant communion with Christ and the Holy Trinity. As instructed by the Master, Passover Vessels of pure silver were made. The Chalice, a symbol of the Holy Grail, was made with the image of Christ. In the box made for the Passover Vessels the Master placed a knife, engraved with symbols,29 below, and a Stick at the top, above the Passover Vessels.30 This Stick resembles a Sceptre31, a Royal insignia, i.e. Pastoral Authority. The arrangement of the Passover Vessels in the box is as follows. At the top, the Chalice with the image of Jesus Christ. Beneath it, symmetrically to the left and right, two more Vessels,32 with which the Chalice builds a triangle-symbolizing the Christian Holy Trinity. To the left and right of the Chalice are situated 6 other Vessels, or a total of 12 Vessels, with inlaid pentagrams,33 signs, and Hebrew letters. These 12 Vessels symbolize the cups of the 12 Apostles34 of Christ during the Passover celebrated by them. Under the Chalice is a paten,35 a small bread plate, with three engraved concentric equilateral triangles36 with the outermost triangle inscribed in a Zodiacal Circle (see image ------------------------------------------ that is coming, give up these two words ["Christ Resurrected"], which are smooth on the outside [but] do not carry Peace on the inside, but put the words 'Father' and 'Son' into you." This exercise was intended to facilitate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon them. 29 The sharp part of the knife pointing to the left, a symbol of Power: "This knife is also an emblem representing the Sword of God and therefore we see it in a Cross shape." (B.D.) 30 This Stick was one of the emblems of the Chain. It was made from the juniper tree brought from the Rila Monastery-the place where in the 9th century the highly evolved individuality, known as the hermit from the St. John of Rila, was living. He was not born but rather appeared, penetrated by a lofty Spirit, and he was able to heal in a way similar to Christ. 31 It has a similarity with a flute. 32 Separately from the 12 Vessels. 33 The Pentagram and its symbols were seen by the Master in a vision in heaven on August 20, 1899. 34 Also the 12 Zodiacal Universal Beings, as the paten, the silver bread plate, indicates (see next paragraph). 35 See 36 See below). The triangle is a symbol of the Holy Trinity. The three triangles are the three worlds- Divine, Spiritual, and Physical.37 Under the base of the largest triangle is engraved the verse, Sanctify38 us39 by the Truth;Your Word is Truth. (John 17:17) Beneath the Bible verse the Master's Signature is engraved. During the LORD's Supper, the Passover Vessels were taken out and placed on a table40 towards the East in a U-shape, symbolizing the Chalice41 of the Lord-the Chalice of Salvation (see Image 1 above). The uppermost Vessels in the U-shape (probably) were the symbols for the Father- Jehovah Elohim, and the Holy Spirit-Adonai. Under them were the Vessels of the 12 Apostles. This was the U-shape. The Vessels, besides the Chalice, were 14 in number-representing the 14 days of the first month42-the Passover Time: 14+1=15. The total Vessels were 15, along with 15 envelopes for the Word of God.43 The Eucharist or the Last Supper, which was re-enacted by the Master and the chosen disciples as a priesthood, differs from many other similar rituals in that it has always been led by the Spirit of God. This LORD's Supper was blessed and sanctified by the presence of Christ Himself, indeed by the Holy Trinity. In the Vessels that were shared among the Master and his disciples, symbolically Christ, the Father, the Holy Spirit, and the 12 Apostles of Christ participated in this re-enacted LORD's Supper. Right from the very beginning of the establishment of the Chain,44 which was also called the Synarchy Chain,45 led by the Spirit of Christ, communal lunches and dinners began to be ------------------------------------------ 37 The Master later gave in his lectures also a deeper understanding of the three concentric equilateral triangles: In the innermost [triangle] you will write: Love, Wisdom, Truth; in the second: Soul, Spirit, [Physical] Body; and in the third: Heart, Mind, Will. (B.D.) 38 In the Bulgarian language the word "sanctify" also means "illuminate," i.e. is connected to the Light. 39 The Master changed "them" to "us" in this verse. 40 The table also plays a role in the LORD'S Supper. 41 The U-form symbolizing a cup, i.e. cUp, or Chalice. 42 The Chalice represents the First Month. 43 This explanation of the 14+1 Passover Vessels is my own. 44 In 1897/1899. This reference contains two years because of the name changes: 1897 marked the foundation of the "Society for the Uplifting of the Religious Spirit"; in 1899 the Master used the "Chain" for the Society. The Chain was also called the "Synarchy Chain." 45 Those of you who have understood my words have to form among each other a Divine Chain of Harmony and Unity: unity in thoughts, in feelings, in actions and aspirations in all directions. Some prominent occultists give it the name "Synarchy," and in served, thus repeating the tradition of the first Christians. An important and mysterious element in each Chain Gathering was the Eucharist, which restores and repeats the LORD's Supper from the time of the greatest event of humanity-the Mystery of Golgotha. During the Chain Gatherings, a new impulse came into the LORD's Supper-from the Invisible Presence of Christ, Who, inviting us to the LORD's Supper, blessed humankind with a Third Testament, the Testament of Divine Love, and the New Passover.46 The Master delicately used the word "Friends" to suggest the presence also of high-ranking and sublime Spirits. Another name, which he used on other occasions, is the "Big White Brothers of Humankind"-who include the highly advanced lofty Beings from the Spiritual Hierarchy. The modern human mind can hardly embrace the Cosmic Scale of God's Plan and the great historical and cosmic events that were being enacted during the Gatherings initiated by the Master Deunov. In the official Protocols of the Chain Gathering, the Third, on August 14, 1906 in Varna, in shorthand there is the following: Three Invisible Friends, patrons of the Slavs and in particular the Bulgarian people, were present. These Three Friends also carry the name "All".47 For these Three Heavenly Visitors, Three Chairs were arranged in front of the icons in the room where our meetings took place. As we entered the room, each of us bowed before them and then sat in our chair in a row. "All" means Immanuel, i.e. "The Lord is with us" and among us Who teaches us-He is the Great Master and Saviour.48 Another of the contemporary Mysteries, connected with the LORD's Supper of the Chain Gathering held on August 15th 1907, is the call and the presence of the Holy Trinity: There was a table set with Passover Vessels and next to it Three Chairs for the Invisible Visitors: Lord Jesus Christ; Jehovah Elohim; and Adonai, the Holy Spirit. The [participants] prayed to the Holy Spirit-Adonai to come and fill them all with Wisdom.49 They made three bows to the Three Invisible Visitors and read from the Bible. They stood before the table and [the Master] broke the bread, and passed the Vessel with the letter50 bearing the name of the one for whom the cup was intended. Master Deunov spoke to them. [...] The next day [August 16th] they formed the Chain in ------------------------------------------ the Gospel it is called the "Kingdom of God." By "Synarchy" [joint rule] we mean [an association of] the most intelligent people in the world who have touched the mysteries of life, who have passed a series of exams, have completed their evolution, and can really be called [the true]"people" [of God]. (B.D.) 46 After the Old and New Testaments a New one follows: "The New Covenant with God will be 'The Testament of God's Love.' This Love will unite all people into one common Brotherhood." (B.D) 47 "All" as in "Pan-"and "Eu-." 48 Peter Deunov, D.G.P.G., "Annual Gatherings," in The Chain of Divine Love. Sofia: White Brotherhood Publishing & Zahari Stoyanov Publishing, 2017. See 49 Cf. Rudolf Steiner: Love is the result of new-born Wisdom in the Self (I, Ego). What has been prepared as Wisdom through Saturn, the Sun and the Moon, works in the physical, etheric and astral bodies of man; it appears as the 'Cosmic (Universal) Wisdom'; however, in the Self (I, Ego), it becomes an inner essence. And when that is already a fact, the inner wisdom becomes the germ of Love. Wisdom is the prerequisite of Love; Love comes as a result of new-born Wisdom in the Self. 50 Hebrew letter. the Astral World.51 The Master's words were: "Today we will form the Chain in the Astral World."52 The following were the Master's words, and he again points to the presence of the Three Friends: "Look out to the Three Friends who have been appointed to you as Teachers." That same year the Master made an extremely important statement: This year we are going to proceed in this way: if anyone is in need, you should send a letter to [inform] me, then I will set a time for you to pray [for the one in need]. There will be a specific form53 of these letters, so that when you receive [this form], you will know who to pray for. In these cases, you should always call upon the Three Friends and pronounce their names. Call on the Friends with the words: "Lord Jesus Christ! Jehovah - Elohim! Comforter, Holy Spirit-Adonai!"54 Today we can hardly comprehend the scale of such a presence-the presence of the Holy Trinity! With open senses for the entire Universe and for everything visible and invisible, the Master announced at the end of the Gathering, on August 19th: The Friends have left. On their departure, the Friends told us: "May My Blessing be on you all year long."55 During the Gathering the following year, in 1908, the Master said that only one of the Friends-Christ, was present and would lead the meetings: Holy Trinity Icon by Andrey Rublev. See This year, only the Lord Christ, who is the Leader of the Chain, will be present. One of our Friends who attended last year is now present in Russia and England, the second in Turkey, and the third, Christ, Who is also the Leader of the Chain, is here.56 The Master Deunov reassured the brothers and sisters: This year, Christ, the Head of the Chain, will be with it all year and will not leave it.57 Not, of course, that Christ was bound only to the Chain. On the last Gathering day, the Master explained something more regarding the Three Friends: ------------------------------------------ 51 Krastev, V., 1999. I.02.16. "Master Peter Deunov and the Passover of the Third Testament," in Izgrev, vol.11, Sofia, p.66. 52 See n.51. 53 Template. 54 See n.48. 55 See n.48. 56 See n.48. 57 See n.48. By the time the Gathering is over and you leave and go, those three Spirits Who were [present] in the Chain will already be engaged to work and no longer be among you.58 The next year, in 1909, the LORD's Supper was held at the Chain Gathering in Varna, at which Christ was again invisibly present. There were fruits and bread on the table. Just as at the LORD's Supper, Jesus Christ broke bread and gave his disciples wine, commanding them to do so when they commemorated him, so the Master broke bread and gave a cup of wine to each of the called ones. Then three people stood before the Throne,59 taking the three ribbons in different colours and putting them on their heads, after which the Master placed his right hand on their heads, pronouncing "Peace be with you!" The town of Veliko Tarnovo hosted the next meeting of the Chain in 1910: At this Gathering were given the three laws of the Synarchy Chain, the Testimonies of the Chain, the Promise of God. At the LORD's Supper, the Lord manifested to those in attendance. [The Master said:] "Today, our Friends are present. They are here. And they are the ones who help the Chain." When breaking the bread, those present heard the words of Christ Himself, who spoke through the Master Deunov: "I am the One who led you in the past. I am the One who leads you in the future ... Be blessed by My Father. This bread is a symbol of My Love, and this is how I want your life to stand for our brethren."60 When passing the wine, the meeting attendees in the room heard the following words spoken through the Master: "This is the Chalice of Salvation, this Chalice is the Eternal Love and My Spirit61 Who works in you, and Who raises you; and Who enlightens your minds; and sanctifies your hearts. Drink from it, and be blessed!" And as he gave bread, there sounded out of the Master's mouth: "This is Divine Love for your Salvation. God bless all the suffering who need this bread!" Three days later, the Master encouraged the members of the Gathering: "Turn to the Lord called Immanuel!" The next day, participants were invited to remember something extremely important that will guide them in their spiritual journey: "And remember that what you read from the books will be understood in one way, and what is given to you by the [Holy] Spirit will be understood in another way." At the LORD's Supper in Veliko Tarnovo in 1911, the Master Deunov read Bible verses, which were prepared by the Holy Spirit, and he passed bread and wine to each one with the words: ------------------------------------------ 58 See n.48. 59 The description of The Throne is missing in the text of the protocols. Most probably the three chairs, prepared for the Three Friends constituted symbolically the Throne, i.e. the Throne of God. 60 See n.51. 61 The Holy Spirit. This is the body of Christ given to you and for your Salvation [when passing the bread]. This is the Chalice that is drunk for your Salvation [when passing the wine]. At the close of the Gathering, the Spirit of Christ spoke through the Master: "If you love me, you will keep the law, and I will ask the Father to give you the Comforter." This is Christ's Promise, to send upon us the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, who will descend on everyone who is able to love, just as Christ loves us. In 1912 the town of Veliko Tarnovo again welcomed the Chain. Wine, bread, and fruits were on the table for the LORD's Supper: Bread means the Life that the Lord sends-Christ had to come to establish the Living Bread. Wine, this is the Divine Spirit-it is receiving a gift from the Spirit, and when you receive it in your hearts, you will receive the Fruits of the Spirit.62 The Master again said: This is the Living Bread of Life, which came down from Heaven for the Salvation of your soul. This is the Chalice of the Lord, the [Holy] Spirit of the Lord, which is given for your Salvation. At the end of the Gathering, the Master Deunov conveyed the Words of the Lord-the Words of Christ: The Words of the Lord that I speak to you are these: "Believe in My Words! I will be with each of you. My Peace I give you! My Peace I leave to you. Work in the harvest in which you are placed63, and My Father will affirm you in every good work! Walk in the Path of Truth and Life in which I abide! My Father will do everything for your souls. He will give you according to the abundance of His generosity. The obstacles in your life I will smooth out and turn everything around into good. Believe in Me and you will be given everything!" In 1913, again in the town of Veliko Tarnovo, before the LORD's Supper, the Master washed the feet of 12 people in a basin. They read different Bible verses. Bread and wine were passed by the Master, and He gave an extremely important explanation regarding the Passover: This custom of the Supper is the custom of the White Brotherhood and has existed for 10,000 years. Bread represents Virtue, and wine represents Righteousness. Washing the feet is also an old custom. The left foot, as you know, represents also Virtue, and your right foot-Righteousness.64 The Master Deunov also gave advice: ------------------------------------------ 62 The Fruits of the Spirit are all of Christ's Virtues. 63 "Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest." (Matthew 9:38) 64 See the Pentagram explanation given by the Master. Therefore, stick to the Law of Love, because for whoever does not want to forgive people Moses and the Law of Karma come. The Lord is among us! He listens to us, has joy with us, and loves us. Christ this year will testify in your soul and give you as much evidence as you want, just open your eyes and ears. People who serve God, they are luminous, and people who do not serve are dark.65 According to the Brotherhood Archive, there is a statement that after the year 1912, after bringing forth The Testament of the Color Rays of Light under the instructions of Christ Himself, for a second time a mighty Being overlighted the Master66 and he became Universal (World) Master. In the language of spiritual science this Being mediates a Collective Spirit of All Hierarchies and the Holy Spirit of Christ. A majestic event in the Cosmos! Two years after that, in Veliko Tarnovo, the LORD's Supper was preceded by a night vigil, from 12 o'clock at night until 12 o'clock noon, and began at 7 p.m. The Master said: Bread means the Teaching of Christ, and wine is His Love, through which we rise and become one with Him. The grain of wheat, this is Christ. The grain of wheat is the emblem of Christ. The grain of wheat is His body. The Master broke the bread, and passed to each one the bread and the wine: May the Lord my God bless you, and your mind, your heart and your soul become luminous. For your obedience, may the Lord bless you! and the invisible presence of Christ in the Chain was again announced by him. 1914 is the year in which, during the Gathering, the Master also proclaimed the "New Age": I greet you and welcome you on behalf of all our Friends. I salute you on behalf of the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the first meeting of its kind in the New Age. You are in the New Testament, in the New Age. You should know that you make the first step, because this year is the first year of the coming New Age in the development of mankind. And if you are able to adapt to the Knowledge that Heaven gives you, then you will benefit [from this coming]. Inwardly, you need to unite with Christ, and your purpose is to find out how.67 The Master witnessed the turning point in the Spiritual World and heralded this new phase in which Humanity was entering a spiritual plane marked by the presence of Christ: The majority do not understand the importance of today, but for some it will remain memorable because today is the end of one epoch, and another begins-a new one. This is the Salvation that the Spirit of God accomplishes in the souls of all people-a Salvation leading to creative uplift and mindful exchange with the forces of Living ------------------------------------------ 65 See n.51. 66 The Individuality of the Bodhisattva, who had formerly penetrated Peter Deunov during his 33rd year. 67 Deunov, P. "Greetings to the New Year to all," in 1914 - Proclaiming the New Age. Sofia: White Brotherhood Publishing, 2014. Delivered January 6, 1914. See Nature, for it is today that a new era in the Spiritual World is beginning. The great sign of the New Epoch is Freedom.68 Also the Master clarified that Christ would not appear in a physical body: Christ's Coming has come, Christ has come. He has come, but He did not appear as the Church expects Him, but in a completely different way.69 When Christ was among the Israelites they did not recognize Him. We think sometimes that the karma of any particular country of the past or the future does not or will not affect us, but in reality we all are connected and interdependent. Paying for the Jewish Karma had a core importance for all of us. The Master hinted at the link: The Coming of Christ will date from 1914. In 1914 the Karma of the Jews was already at an end, and from then on a small revival will begin. The present [old] order must be dissipated and the forces that act must be decomposed. Christ's order must be regained for good people to come, for them to develop.70 Opening the hearts of humans and receiving Christ is what His Coming to Earth means. If they do not accept Him in this way, storms, earthquakes, cyclones, poverty, famine, disease, crises, etc. will come. How long will these continue?-Until people leave the old life-the life of external beliefs.71 The Gospel Angel72 is the One who bears the New Teaching. From 1914 the trial of the world began and will continue until 1999. Throughout the 20th century will be the judgment of the world. In the 21st century-[there will be] a return [of Humankind] to its Father, as in the [story of the] prodigal son.73 It is the age of establishing a new order in the world (according to the requirements of the LORD's Kingdom) and a strong spiritual uplift. In the 21st century, the Kingdom of Christ will be restored to Earth. All the occult movements of the East and the West74 will draw together. All occult movements today lack something-application. All previous teachings, such as Christianity, Buddhism, Mohammedanism, Theosophy, etc., in their form and external side, have already done their part. Now the New Teaching of Christ will come and will resurrect you. God, who will straighten the world, will emit such Light that within you not a single dark place will remain unlit.75 It is God Who manifested Himself in the past through the Light of the Holy Sepulchre, and He is the same God who will sanctify everything in us in the future. The core of the Master's Teaching was Christ: ------------------------------------------ 68 Deunov, P. "Talk about the Spring Festivity," in Seek strength - have faith. Sofia: White Brotherhood Publishing, 1994, p.9. See 69 Deunov, P. "Notes from a Notebook by D. Golov," in Walk in the Light. Sofia: White Brotherhood, 1994, p.23. 70 See n.67. 71 Deunov, P. "To give them Life," in The Royal Path of the Soul. Sofia: White Brotherhood, 2009. 72 The Angel of the Good News. 73 See Luke 15:11-32. 74 Spiritual Movements. 75 Association "The Higher Self of the Bulgarians - DAY," 2009. "Coming of Christ and regaining the Kingdom of God," in The Master - The Healer - The Prophet, Volume 3. Stara Zagora: s.n. See Christ, but as a Spirit, will abide on Earth always, to the very end of this age-during the times of violence [and] the evil that we see in the world today, that is, until the end of the age. Then will come a New Epoch, a time of a New Earth and a New Heaven.76 Christ gave the Great Teaching 2000 years ago, but evolution is taking its course, and He has prepared a New Teaching whereby Humankind will have its New Passover in the future. This Teaching of Christ was brought from the Divine World through the Master Beinsa Douno: What was given two thousand years ago by Christ was a preface to the New. "Revelations," for example, talks about what will happen in thousands of years. There is one Revelation in which God reveals His Spirit. It sends great people into the world, bearers of the New, of the True Culture. You will witness these times: you will depart from the Earth, you will come again, but in the end you will be convinced of what I am saying today. The New Culture requires people with a deep, inner understanding. They must lay Love as the foundation of their lives.77 Becoming the Divine Conductor of the New that is coming to all Humankind, carrying the Divine Teaching of the Third LORD's Testament, setting His Love at the basis of every human's Life, the World Master Beinsa Douno came to prepare the New Passover and the Sixth Post- Atlantean Epoch. This is a Great Mystery and a grandiose Divine Act of Heaven, which will be explored and better understood in the future. For us all this is a spiritual task that will/must be thoroughly assumed. Are we ready for the New Passover, dear friends? May God's Kingdom of Love come, may the feelings in our souls unfold, and may the Truth shine!78 Amen. The Washing of the Feet Aquarelle by Leszek Forczek ------------------------------------------ 76 See n.75. 77 See n.4. 78 A verbal formula given by the Master Deunov to be pronounced by each person at the beginning of each of the 12 months of the year.
  5. Version


    In the temple of the Mster
  6. To Become One with Christ Within “Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ” (Philippians 3:8, New King James Version, (NKJV). I will focus only on the last phrase: "… and count them as rubbish that I may gain Christ." The word “gain” in the sense of acquiring something is familiar to all young and old people, to scholars and to simpletons, to good and bad folks, to the very intelligent and to the unwise beings – as a rule of a thumb, everyone is willing to acquire and gain something. There is no being that does not seek to acquire something, no matter how small and undeveloped this being may be. It is a completely different matter, though, whether such aspirations correspond to the actual evolutionary needs hidden in the essence of Life’s deep root causes. Truly important is the pursuit of such acquisitions, which provide for the real growth and development of human beings, but it is important to remember that the body, the heart, the mind and the Spirit have their own, different goals. When we talk about “gaining” Christ within, we need to understand what such a statement involves. I know that you may have different opinions and that all of you want to become one with Christ. You could buy an ox and place it in a barn, you can buy a horse and restrain it within a bridle, you may buy a hen and place it on a roost, you can get a nice dress and put it in the closet, you may acquire a new hat as well as many other things … You could become parent to a child, but you will not place the child in the hen-house or barn, or in the closet, but you will hold the child with your hands and keep it close to your chest. Therefore, a fundamental difference should be drawn among all things, which are of different value, capacity and meaning, as we need to possess the quality of discerning the true nature of all manifestations. Anyone who has set out on Life’s upright path, the so-called “true path of mankind”, or in the supreme sense - anyone who intends to undertake the true Divine Journey – any such person should distinguish between the essential polarities in Life and be able to differentiate between good and evil, truth and untruth, justice and injustice, love and hatred, wisdom and foolishness. Such a capacity is a must as it is the essence of Life. You believe that you understand well the essence of all things; you may think that some things are positive in their nature, but in fact they may turn out to be evil. When we talk about good or evil, we understand the perception of the divinely intelligent human soul towards all that is, has already been and will ever be. So what are the aspirations of the soul? Someone may say that they are hungry and may believe this is a personal need of great importance. Your soul, however, does not care about food, since it does not need any physical food substances. One may think that eating is everything life is all about, but that shows that such people do not understand things correctly. You may ask yourself for example: "Well, when I die, will I eat and drink in the outer world?" And if you cannot find an answer to this question, you could begin to think how the outer world may look like. Rest assured that in the Kingdom of God people do not eat and drink - these are things required by the body in the material world only. But the body and your true self are two completely different things and when the body acquires food and drink, please do not assume that your soul acquires or needs them as well - that is an illusion. Then, you may experience hate, jealousy, lust for revenge and other similar emotions and you may assume that such sentiments are part of the soul's pursuit for Divine Truth. These are but the aspirations of your heart, because anger and jealousy can be indulged in by the heart only and not by the soul. Occultists would say that such emotions are aspirations inherent to the astral body. For example, someone may have several houses and you would envy them; you may envy someone for their good looks or for their knowledge; you may also become disenchanted with somebody who hires and “steals” your servant away from you and then you become angry and so on … Afterwards you may say to yourself: "I was angry, I did experience all these negative emotions." – no, that is a lie, as all those perturbations are the desires of your heart. Next, someone may begin to think that they know much and then he becomes full of pride as a result. Such people think that they are very scientific, very powerful, that they know more than the others. Such people start to think they are the center of the Universe, that they are truly elevated beings, that they have acquired something of great value. Such people are so proud of themselves because they believe they have a lot of indispensable knowledge which allows them to teach others and to preach to them – such people believe they know it all. All such and similar dispositions are a manifestation of the mind - this is an expression of your thoughts, not of your true self and one should be able to separate the games of their own mind and behavior from their true self. So, where could we ultimately find the Christ? We shall find Him neither in the body, nor in the heart, nor within the mind. Where then shall we find Him? I will tell you. Some of you would understand me and some will not understand me. In the past, I have given some very clear examples in order to show you how to reason properly, but some of you have still not learnt how to think. Let’s take for example a traveler who, whilst tripping and falling into an abyss, caught himself on a tree branch and held onto it for 4,5 hours. After the traveler became exhausted and let go of the branch, what was then their astonishment to find out that the abyss beneath them was only fifteen centimeters deep! Some people may now ask me how to let go of such a similar “branch” in their lives. The answer is simple – if you have a desire that bothers you, just release yourself from it by setting it free and do not assume that the interests of your heart are your own true interests – let such artificial interests go their own way. Many of you are in the position of that Turkish tough guy who caught a robber and then both of them became so much embroiled into their struggle that they could not let go of each other. The tough guy said to his father: "Dad, I caught a robber." - "Let the robber go." - replied the father. In this example, it is a certain desire which wants to rob you and neither can you release it, nor is the desire able to leave you alone. You may ask how to possibly get rid of such a desire, but such a question only demonstrates the illusions of your mind, since as long as you really want to get rid of it, you'll inevitably learn how to leave such desires behind. If you go to a chemist and ask them to execute the simplest of trials, and namely, to break water down into hydrogen and oxygen, then do ask the chemist about the properties of both the element and ask him to also show you how to separate the elements from one another. Start thinking properly and you will learn how to conduct similar trials effectively. Inside yourself you also have a similar compound element which has been created by the merger of the body and the heart. Within yourselves, you may have a compound element consisting of three different substances – such are the acids for example – they also consist of three elements. Therefore, from the union of your body, heart and mind, you would have alchemically created an acid and all chemists say that acids are dangerous to life. Sometimes acids are used to cure, but should be given in a small dosage as otherwise when used in larger quantities, they may cause poisoning. Now, when I am giving such examples, I do not mean that you do not need a heart, a mind and a body, but I claim that your body has its own interests and it is in its full right to do so; your heart has its own aspirations and it is in its own full right to do so and finally, your mind has its own desires and it is also in its full right to do so. However, the human soul has its own striving as well, and in particular, that is to manifest Mercy, Faith, Hope, Higher Consciousness and Love of God. These are the most exalted feelings of the soul and we live in them and they live within us. The human soul itself is our true life and vehicle. Therefore, if we want to understand the way humans were created, if we want to find Christ and if we want to build upon a body of strength and vigor, we should then live within the sublime atmosphere of the human soul. If you serve your body only, you would merely be a servant and it will be your master. One day you would eventually grow tired of serving it the very same way young women become disappointed with young men, as they make the mistake of searching for young men with their hearts and not with their soul’s essence which is the only right way of doing so. In such circumstances, people tend to say about such young women that they had lost or had their hearts broken, but these young women would rediscover and mend their hearts because the heart could be “stolen” and then also rediscovered again in the very same way someone may steal money and that money can later be redeemed. Your mind and your thoughts can also be hijacked because the mind is not what matters most – such a “hijack” shows that one is not able to master and control their mind. When the heart is forsaken, then a person tends to become more crude and people say that such a person has become cruel. The body, the heart and the mind have been fully studied already - do not seek to elaborate more on how they function. Whoever wants to become One with Christ within, must go beyond these three worlds of the body, heart and mind and enter the fourth kingdom of the soul. I would describe it to you as a magnificent and grand world inhabited by enlightened and noble beings. Perhaps after some time, when people develop their consciousness and perception organs further, they would become able to see and speak about this world. Nonetheless, even now we can talk about it when we share our thoughts on righteousness, peace and Love. This world of the soul has two layers – the first one is called Universal Consciousness, while the second one is represented by the process of internally merging with God. “Eden’s paradise” is what Christians call this world of the soul. So, in order to find Christ, you should enter into your soul, raise yourself to a new level and acquire the first necessary quality - unselfishness. Talking about unselfishness, we do not mean the negative connotation of abstaining from all things and then subsequently pining away, but to understand what the essential things in life are and also what you need to acquire and what to avoid by all means. Self-centeredness, for example, can be witnessed when you wish to indulge in things that are despised by your Higher Self, such as pride for example – in this case when acting out of mere self-interest, you desire everyone to extol and love you. When you learn to think correctly, i.e. only when you find the Divine Door in yourself and arrive at it, would you be able to knock on it, so that Christ, who resides within, may open up the gates. How can one become One with the Christ within? The body wants to absorb food and it intakes the food by first placing it into the mouth. The mouth is the journey’s departure point, where the thirty-two “tooth-servants” are located, each of which is chewing on the substances and stripping them of their outer shell. At the entrance of the mouth stands the tongue as a chief inspector who monitors the inbound food, orders the teeth to work together with the saliva, to chew the food up and to then send it to the “reception room” represented by the stomach. The food then passes through the “corridor” of the intestines to where all other food substances have taken their place and after four hours have passed, then there would be no sign of the food that had entered before, as everything would be completely transformed by then. What’s left of the food would thereafter leave through the “back door” in a different form altogether and not in its original state. When the food then reappears in the open world, it would definitely be a leftover. Such is the desire of the body - it accepts food through the front parade entrance of the mouth, but then sends it out through the “back door”, i.e. it takes all the food in, bit gives nothing of any significant value back. Do not blame the body, such is the way it works. The actual trouble is that many of you are willing to accept Christ within themselves in the very same way, but in this way one would achieve absolutely nothing. When it comes to the heart, the same thing happens as with the food and the body - you may be attracted to someone and say: "I love you very much.", but when you start abhorring this person, you shove them out through the back door. And then the man or woman complains that they have had their hearts broken. I assure you that such men and women have never had a heart - they all had no heart, as they were not in true possession of it. The same is true for the mind as well - before the mind absorbs and consumes you fully, it may compliment you first, but one day it will also send you out through the back door. That is why we say that our relationships are unstable as our mental goals tend to fluctuate. These are, however, only various developmental stages. The body, the heart and the mind are forces given to the human soul which it must conquer in order to thrive through them. The body should never become your master, but must be only a servant instead; your heart should also never be allowed to become your master and the same applies to the mind as well. Someone may say: "I do love with my heart". Whoever loves with their heart only, will love you today and today only and tomorrow they will detest you. That's why people say that living without hatred is not possible. The world of the heart is polarized and I cannot be fooled by its behavior. All those, who want to create a noble and good home for their soul through the polarity of the heart in order to live in peace and harmony, have not grasped the real meaning of Life. If you live a physical, emotional or mental life, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Modern chemistry signifies the states of the bodies as solids, liquids and gases. The physical body resembles the solids, the heart is associated with the fluid and the mind represents the air. Therefore, you can choose to utilize and work with these three states of matter – those are three powers, three mighty elements. Saint Paul says: “Yet indeed I also count all things loss." The knowledge of Christ operates under completely different laws. To understand the laws of the body, you need to study anatomy and physiology. Modern people should not be ignorant, but should study the changes within their bodies, know how many times a minute their hearts beat in the morning, at lunch and in the evening and feel their heart’s disposition both during the day and at night. Then, they should also comprehend the state of their mind – at what times and when they think more clearly and when they are less prone to reason well. People need to have a clear picture on what goes on within themselves and to distinguish among these three separate areas of life – body, heart and mind. When you begin to distinguish your body's wishes (for example, it sometimes wants to walk and sometimes needs to rest), then you can jump on top of your “horse”, i.e. step in charge of your body and take care of it, but you would simultaneously with that know that a walk, for example, is not for your own true self, but for the sake of your body. And when you rest, always know that it is not your real you who is resting, but it is your body having a break instead. If you despise someone, on the other hand, do say that in this way you are exercising your heart. If you love someone, again, be aware that you would be still exercising your heart because it is the heart that thrives in the atmosphere of hatred and love. Know that you can use hatred and envy as a workout for your heart only, but not for your soul. For example, when you wish to acquire many houses or anything of that sort - take your heart out for a walk, show it quite a few houses, say to your heart that it will have them, say to it that it will have everything it wants. The next day, you shall place the “saddle” on your mind instead and you would take it out for a walk just like you did with your heart previously. - The mind would want to know the mystery of God, it may become agitated and you would tell your mind that you already know everything, that you have all the earthly glory and that you have written all the books which exist in the world – the mind would then certainly be glad to hear such news. And so, in this way you will know that your body, heart and mind are being active and are still being kept satisfied in a positive way. Next, you shall “take your soul for a walk” - for example, you may encounter an unhappy person and help them as much as you can by giving them more faith and hope. The natural inclination of the soul is to give and share with those around you. Then you will say to your body: "Please wait a little bit for me until I give this person something." Following, you would spread love, faith and hope and when you return to your home, you shall find Christ to have appeared within you. You would then say: "How easy it was; it was not hard work at all!" It's very easy to become One with Christ. All you have to do is to take your body, heart, mind and soul for a walk and you may then come back within yourself to find the miracle of finding Christ to have already happened. Through the expression "Yet indeed I also count all things loss“, Paul understands that the knowledge we can have about the body, the heart and the mind, cannot be compared to what Christ can give us in resonance with our soul when we learn to give and share with those around us. When the plants begin to bloom, note that each blossom turns its face to the Sun. Place a plant, such as an apple tree, into a dark, confined space and watch what happens to it - the plants live in open places where there is plenty of sunlight. Therefore, to find Christ, you must illuminate your heart, mind and soul. Your soul must not be disturbed by anything. For example, if you feel like eating a chicken or if you say: "How dare they criticize me!", or alternatively state that you wish to be intelligent and scholarly, you would then never be able to find Christ and you will not find Him because you have chosen to stay in the dark confined space and not in the realm of the Divine Light. Alternatively, you may go to a church to find Christ in there, but He is not to be found in there either. Someone may say: "I belong to this or that church." When it assumes that there are many churches, the modern Christianity is effectively advocating polygamy. How many churches are there in the world? I say there is only one Church as a symbol of the Feminine principle. About this Church, Christ says that it is a reasonable and wise principle. Initially, God created one man and one woman only and that is the accurate picture we should have in our mind. And if someone asks me who I am or what I stand for, that means that they are asking me, if I tend to associate myself with my body, my heart or my mind. The Church that I know has always been only One and throughout all ages there will be one such church only. Anyone who wants to find Christ should have the right understanding and the right concepts of these things. Some may preach to you for thousands of years, but they will not tell you the Truth. A priest who tells you that this or that church is the best one, does not tell you the Truth. If, by their own church, the priest understands the Divine Church, which acts as a spring which shares its water for free, thus pouring out its blessing into the world, then I would agree. But if a church takes advantage of people to just use and abuse them, then such church is not the real Church of God. Christ came among the Jews who were the chosen people, but their church was a church of robbery. If the Jews are scattered around the world nowadays, it is because they were greedy and the Lord cursed them and punished them. The Lord did not actually curse them in the literal sense of the word, but they have brought this suffering upon themselves completely on their own. Some people hate the Jews; the Jews should not be hated, but accepted as an example. I believe that if the Jews one day receive Christ within themselves properly and come into the realm of the soul, they would say: "In Jesus Christ, there are neither Greeks, nor Jews." Christ unites all beings in Himself! These things are not contradictory, but the trouble is that you are unable to differentiate between the interests of the body and the mind and that is why your inner peace and harmony tend to disappear. For example, you are born a woman and you are unhappy because of your gender. What is represented by the woman? The woman lives in the heart, i.e. the heart is a house, in which the human Spirit has entered in order to live in there. You rented this house and you should know that in this heart you are a “tenant” and this heart should be a good friend and companion of yours. The man, however, lives on the “third floor”[1], i.e. the woman lives on the “second floor” of the heart figuratively speaking, while the man lives on the third floor, but both the man and the woman are just “renting”. Someone may say that being a man or a woman is in accordance with the law the Lord has placed. The fact of matter is that the woman should reside on the second floor, while the man should inhabit the third floor. If the man falls down from the third floor, he would hurt himself more than if the woman falls down from the second floor. Therefore, in order to find Christ, you must cease to think of yourself in terms of being a man or a woman and you have to go out in the open, to go out into the realm of the soul. Then, when you turn yourselves to God and send your true and natural desires to Him, you will blossom. Only then would the Divine energy and Divine Light descend upon your blossom and the Divine in you shall be conceived. When you leave your heart, your mind and your body behind, only then could those blossoms of the soul be pollinated and you would then enjoy the real fruits of Life. Try doing so in order to rediscover your true selves in the next one year! Paul says that if you sacrifice your riches and your body, you will never find Christ and that in this case you are on the correct path, but are not yet walking on it yet. When you enter the realm of your soul and then arrive at the next realm of Love - to love Christ and to hold Him as everything for you, then you would have found Him. When you stop thinking about yourself, your body, your heart, your mind and your soul, when you stop thinking on how to save your own self only, then you will find Christ. When you have gone beyond these four areas of the body, heart, mind and soul, you will understand the great meaning of Love and you would understand it through a single experience only. Only when you are nailed down to the cross in this state of Divine Love, as Christ Himself was nailed, then you would say: "Forgive them because they know nothing." Now, I happen to know many men and women who say: "I will find Christ." The woman then starts praying and the man listens to her and says: "I will take four nails and I will crucify her.", but she starts crying and complaining becomes angry and the man says, "You are a true liar, don’t you know that I live on the third floor and you live one story lower?" Another time the man is praying and the woman listens to him, takes four nails and wants to crucify him, but he then gets angry, shouts and then she tells him: "Oh what a true liar you are!" In this way, the two of them try to find Christ every day. For eight thousand years there have been plenty of partially crucified people and I do see how they shout at each other. Now, people ask why Christianity had not advanced much over the centuries. Any person, who wants to evolve, should understand the deep inner meaning of progress itself and free themselves from their bodies. You can live without a body as it is a mere collection of many cells, which can manage on their own just fine without your help anyway - they are your servants and one day, when your earthly life comes to an end, they will leave you. The same will happen with your heart and with your mind one day and they will tell you: "Come out of your body, so that its true master may enter." To elaborate on the joint work of the body, the heart and the mind, I will share an analogy that somewhat explains these notions. Imagine that we have a horse-wagon which represents the human body and also a horse which represents the human heart and the true human being is to be found inside the horse-wagon. If the wagon breaks, you’d get on the horseback; if you go uphill, you will leave the horse behind and you shall walk on foot. Therefore, you should leave these three areas for good and reach out beyond them. And when Christ says: “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself” (Matthew, 16:24, NKJV).” This phrase calls for the denying the domination of the body, the heart and the mind and accepting your soul as your best companion instead. Because the soul is an “righteous dame”, its interests are in common with the interests of the Spirit and it would give everything away for the sake of the Divine. That is why Christ says: "For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul (Matthew, 16:26, NKJV)?” If you are a soulless person and do not seek the companionship of your soul, then your body, your heart and your mind will one day leave you and you will lose everything. So Paul says: “Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord." Now, I want this thought to become clear to you. I do not want to use empty words because the thought I am expressing is precisely defined in my mind. I do not want you to lie to me either. For example, I recognize the facts when some of you come here once, twice, three times and so on. This example is a scientific one indeed because I am able to find how exactly long it will take before someone comes back again. There is a fairy tale about a wolf which ate a donkey in springtime and after nine months the wolf thought: "Let me go back to the same place to see if there is another donkey in there." If it is spring- or summertime, the donkey might potentially be found in the same place, but if it is winter, the donkey would be somewhere safe and warm. So the third time the wolf would come back to the same place, it should be during spring or summer and may only then find another donkey in this very same place indeed ... This is a fairy tale that has a very great meaning and significance. Someone may say: "Something terrible happened to me" and I say to him: "In future, something good will happen to you." If someone is very happy and pleased, then I say to them: "When time passes, some misfortune will happen to you." Ask yourselves why is this so because these relationships need to be examined. Whoever wants to find Christ should understand these profound concepts. For me, these concepts have a dual meaning: for example, music has a purely instrumental and also a purely psychic side. If you want to play a musical instrument in order to acquire the necessary skills, you need to have a teacher. If you want to listen to quality music performed by a great musician, then you will have to pay ten leva for a ticket. During the second case scenario while just listening to the music, you’ll be benefiting from the music at a far lower cost. Now, if you want to listen to me playing the violin, I will tell you that my tickets cost ten Leva (for the poor it is free of charge), but if you want to learn how to play, then you will have to “pay” me more. For example, if you want to study a violin, you will have to pay your teacher every single time and every day you will use a few hours to exercise yourself. There are four strings in the violin and you will have to play the first one first, then the second one, then the third and finally the fourth one. Your mother may become tired of all your screeching, but when you finally learn how to play the last fourth string, you would say: "I have already completed my violin course." In order to find Christ, you should know very well how to play your violin - only then shall Christ become your Master. The modern educational system is very well-established: first you need to pass through pre-school, then through high school, then through college and university and only afterwards can a great master come into your life. Someone says: "I will come to Christ", but Christ has no time to deal with you. He can only offer you one concert to listen to, but if you want to learn the art of Life, you have to live as violin players do. The great violin player Paganini had been playing the violin twelve hours a day and what he has done in the past cannot be repeated by anyone today. Now you say: "I have gained Christ." When you become one with Christ, then you will understand the meaning of Life and there will be nothing impossible for you in this world. Then you would be like the Indian prince, who visited a Hindu saint, who had a very fine cow. The prince liked the cow very much and offered the saint a large sum of money, but the saint refused the deal. The prince threatened to take the cow by force, but the saint replied: "Just try it." The prince then sent a whole army of soldiers, but the saint laid the entire army on the ground by just throwing a glance at it. After this, the prince decided to examine the life of the saint and after studying the life of the saint for one thousand years, the prince gained some strength and knowledge and went back with his armed men to take the cow, but the same thing happened again. Then, for another one thousand years, the prince again studied the life of the saint, acquired more new powers and knowledge and reattempted to take the cow by force, but again he did not succeed. The prince nevertheless persisted in studying the life of the saint, gained extra new knowledge and became so strong and virtuous that even all the gods bowed to him. Finally, after all these three thousand years of learning, the prince went to the saint and told him: "I no longer need your cow." This means that when the prince went beyond his body, his heart and his mind, the cow was no longer of any value to him. How many times does the body complain because of the way the heart acts; thus causing the body some suffering. Sometimes the mind is acting poorly and then the heart suffers - such is the law. Be aware that all sins start from the mind. All diseases originate from within the mind, the heart or the body, so the diseases can be categorized as mental, emotional or somatic. Cast away all your negative thoughts and all somatic diseases shall disappear. Bring these new soul juices into your life and your body will thrive. This strategy is also practiced by the modern medicine - when someone's blood is very impure, doctors open one of their veins, transfuse blood from a healthy person into the patient's body and the patient then heals. The juices of the soul must pass through your mind, heart and body and then you will become the master of all three of them. In order to acquire Christ, His Spirit must unite with your spirit and once both of them unite, you will feel completeness, you will feel that the whole universe is in peace and that all things, whether good or evil, are in perfect harmony. Good and evil things only happen in relation to you because you perceive them this way, but God, who has been generous enough to place His Spirit in everything that surrounds us, has a reason to allow for Good and evil to exist. He knows, for example, why he sent the wolf to this world and you are not the one who could judge Him. God said: "I have made you a man; therefore don’t act as a wolf, as a bear or as a snake, but act as a rational being instead." So if you hate, you do live within your heart; if you enjoy eating, you identify yourself with your body; and when you are disproportionately proud of yourself, you are living within your mind then. In all those cases, you are not One with Christ yet. Humans need to learn what is essential for them and should realize that their true food is different to what they are used to in their normal everyday lives. Truth, Love, Wisdom, Righteousness and Virtuousness - this is the “food”, through which you will unite with Christ. When you indulge in this type of “food”, Christ shall join forces with you because there will be something of value that you can offer to Him. As soon as all of you begin to live with this food for the soul, you will be all fine and will look in a different way. You would be good-looking, will have a correct posture and your body will then say: "Thank God that my master became prudent, otherwise he would have dug himself even deeper into me, without setting himself free." The purpose of all humans is to free their minds, hearts and bodies from all evils and diseases. Now, you can say that I express myself as a professional public speaker just for the sake of producing a certain effect within my audience. I could possibly talk to you about these things in a lower voice, but when I raise my voice, I want to insert a “nail” deeper into you, so that you may grasp the ideas better. When you are hungry, say to yourself: "This is not me"; when you are afraid, say to yourself: "This is not me"; and when you are overflowing with pride, do say: "This is not me." Then you should ask yourself: "Then who am I?" and your soul will come down to you, so that you may show your mercy and maybe help someone with a little bit of money for example. Giving money to someone does not, of course, mean that you love someone because if you give away some money, the beneficiaries may be able to use them wisely, only if they are intelligent. The most serious crimes nowadays happen because of money. If you look back into history, you shall see that money has wrecked our world due to the heart’s desire to acquire more and more. Courts and galleys have been erected, but those who are being sentenced to death because of their transgressions, upon entering the outer world, become even more dangerous. That is why I believe that criminals should be placed in jail to be able re-educate and transform themselves. This has to be done in future, as those sentenced to death are far more dangerous to humanity than the ones who go to prison. To illustrate - if you pour a poison into ten liters of water, it will infect more people than if you infused it into a few milliliters of liquid only. And so, in order for you to get to know Christ, you need to acquire the essential knowledge that is necessary for our life as individuals. If you’re feeling afraid or hungry, just say: "I have not found Christ yet". If you love glory, say the same. If someone boasts that they are going to church – this means they enjoy their bodies more than what is necessary, but I do not criticize such people because I also eat. Eating, however, should not be one’s purpose in life. Sometimes they ask me what I would like to eat - I say: "Give my “horse[2]” whatever is there for the taking, give my “horse” some beans, some salt." Sometimes when people invite me to a meal and prepare many dishes, I do say to myself: “Well, what a great honor they bestow upon my ‘horse’!" All this means that they have not found the Christ yet and it is better to give food to the poor and those who suffer instead. Food is necessary for the body, for the mind and for the heart, but the soul should also eat its own correct type of food. Saying the word “food” I bring in a connotation, which includes, for example, feeding a person who has been traumatized or has decided to commit a suicide. And now you only think of how to save yourselves and say, "Let's go to Mr. Deunoff in order for him to tell us something; he knows a lot, he is a great scholar." Why do I preach? If the water spring does not flow down the slopes of the mountain, it will implode on itself because the water within it needs to make its way through. That is why I preach – in order for you to receive a blessing. Somebody may say: "I want to be loved", but who can possibly drink from a dry water fountain and possibly love it for its dryness? Let your living waters run freely and observe how everyone shall love you and kiss you afterwards. For people to kiss you, you have to give them something. Someone stops in front of a water fountain and says: "How beautiful is the stone of this water fountain!", but it is not the water fountain’s stone that is important, but the Living Water – the new Word, the new creed and the new teaching that comes into the world. One day when I see you all happy from within up above in the invisible world, I will rejoice and say: "I am glad they have found the Lord!" You have to be happy and to act joyfully because when the heart is joyful, you pray and when the mind thinks, you pray again. Rejoice in the body when it eats; rejoice in the heart when it feels; rejoice in the mind when it thinks – those are all devices that will guide you throughout your life’s journey. When you are traveling through the physical world, your body shall be both useful and necessary to you. The heart is required in the astral world and the mind is needed in the mental realm, while in the spiritual planes, the soul is the one which is indeed needed. That is why Paul says: “… that I may gain Christ.” Christ is a great master and in whatever form or shape He may appear in front of you, whether He is a woman, a man, a child or a servant, He can always show you the path leading to the Truth. Let the thought that God is One and Only remain in your mind. The Word can enter into you through various places, but its source is only one - there may be many rivers in the world, but the spring of the Fountain of Life remains irrevocably one. When Christ becomes one with you, He will teach you the right way of understanding things and you will learn which of your deeds are good and which are bad. You do not have to say: "I have now improved a little bit as a person; I’ve become a little bit wiser." That is not sufficient and you should complete fully all the tasks you’ve been given. When a teacher shows a student a particular object to paint, the student should paint the object well. The body is a teacher, the heart is a teacher too and the mind is also a teacher. And when you enter your soul, afterwards you will find the Christ and then your body, your heart and your mind will resurrect and you will become masters and no longer be servants of your bodies - all of you shall become an eternal Oneness and you will be strong in your manifestations in the world. In future, your children will not look like today’s children. Now you are surrounded by strangers who pretend to be your children. What is represented by the body? - it is a “house” that is inhabited by human beings. Someone says: "My child doesn’t know me". – In order to understand why, try to identify your child's most prominent character trait. In order for you to recognize and know your children, with whom you have come to Earth many times before, there must be a union between you and them - the mother should sacrifice for her child and vice versa. If a son or a daughter is unwilling to sacrifice for their parents, then they are not their true children. I would like all the sons to sacrifice for their fathers, the daughters for their mothers, the servants for their masters and the disciples for their spiritual teachers. When Christ comes to Earth, then true order will be implemented and this will be a completely different status quo. This is the teaching that can reform the world – the teaching of unity within the Christ. I told you in my last lecture that Christ is now descending from up above as Light upon us and all of you, who are willing to blossom, will eventually blossom. Those of you, who are unprepared to blossom, will fall behind until the next suitable era arrives, when you will again have the conditions to flourish. If you are not ready to sacrifice, do not worry because the world has never been as good as it is now. You may say that there is a Great War going on – don’t worry about it and fear not, as this war is cleansing the world and its people. It reminds me of a woman who gets up early in the morning and starts sweeping around. She thinks she had cleaned the house quite well already, but after four or five hours, the dust settles down again. I see that everyone who got killed in war has fallen off their “horse”, but such people are better off now, as they are no longer thinking on only how to fill their stomachs. Someone may ask what the soldiers’ fate in the invisible world is. The fallen soldiers are better off than you are right now and will most certainly live. You will live with them and with the Christ, Who is now coming and has come many times before on Earth. Somebody may say that Christ has come only once to Earth. Yes, but He is coming again – and is coming to see how His teaching is being applied, to see how the judges preside over courts, how men and women live together, to see how the soldiers live, to observe how things are done. Everyone has to be in the right place because the world has been created by God Himself. And if harmony comes to dwell in us, we shall know that we are already serving God. Do not envy the kings and don’t sympathize with the poor – you don’t help them out in this way. Love them and tell them: "Brother, you are doing well at learning your lesson, I am glad for you." – That is how I talk to those who suffer. And you say: "Poor fella, look how they are trembling!" - If anyone trembles, help them out, give them something to eat, offer them a warm shelter! Do love the beggar and don’t think about their past sins. Some people have become sinners because they have lived in such conditions. But whoever has not passed their exam and has had no chance to sin, should better keep silent, for not having sinned yet does not indicate that one is righteous. Be alert in your thinking and remember that you are not the physical body, that you are not the heart and that you are not the mind either. Only when you connect to your soul and rise up to a new level, only then you will become a powerful force in its own right. I would like all Bulgarians to understand things in this very same way and if we live in that way, we shall be great beings because God is our teacher and we are all His children. Sunday Talks, November 5, 1916, Sofia, Bulgaria. [1]The third floor represents the mind, while the lower second floor represents the heart. [2]“Horse” denotes the human body in this case. Translated by: Pavel Iordanov
  7. The Cross And the disciples came and said to Him: “Why do You speak to them in parables?” He answered and said to them: “Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but to them it has not been given (Matthew 13:10-11, New King James Version (NKJV). Let me clarify the words "Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.“ Knowing the secret of the Kingdom of God is the principle object of the human contemplation, as this is what the human spirit seeks to achieve. When light is cast upon your minds regarding the inner content of this profound notion (hereby, upon this notion I mean the original Divine image of an unchanging Essence which everlastingly grows in its dimensions not as a dead object, but as a living and sensible entity), you will understand that the secret of the Kingdom of God contains all the conditions for human development on Earth. Christ says: "It has been given to you." - To whom has it been given? Now, you may draw a negative inference from this verse because it is said: "It has been given to you, but to them it has not been given." You may think that perhaps the apostles were granted the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but that those secrets remain unattainable for yourselves. On the contrary, no matter who you are, it is still everything, which is being offered to all people by the Lord. Never personally interpret such words in a negative sense because such conclusions defame God. Whether the mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven has been revealed to you or not, depends on yourself and yourself only. God sheds light on the matter, only when you have the correct disposition to understand Him; sometimes He does not allow you to grasp His secret because you are not in the right state of consciousness. Therefore, it is down to the individual comprehension of your hearing, your mind, your heart and your will whether you understand God or not. There is a significant similarity between our 20th century contemporaries and those who lived during the times when Christ descended upon Earth. In the above gospel verses, Christ states nothing else, but the fact that to you – to the people of the future, it is given to understand the Kingdom of God, but to the people of the past such a possibility remains inaccessible. In other words, to those of you, living with the thought of the realization of God’s plan in future, comprehension shall be granted, but to those of you, who are still living in the past, no understanding would be bestowed upon. You may of course choose to verify this statement in real life yourselves. To illustrate what it means to live in the past, let’s take for example a merchant, who has gone bankrupt and picks up their account books to single out their borrowers for debt collection purposes. As a result of the desire to recover what is owed to him, the merchant can no longer progress any further. Such a person would only worry that, for example, Ivan or Dragan, have borrowed a certain amount of money from them. The next day this merchant begins to revisit his account books again, the thought of the debtors becomes alive in his mind, and the merchant starts telling everyone: "Do you know Ivan and Dragan? – They owe me money!" To such merchants and lenders no access to the secrets of the Kingdom of God can be granted, as they are in a self-delusional state - Ivan and Dragan do not owe their lender anything - they are his brothers. Your Father has given in equal amounts to all of you, but you yourselves have brought your brothers into debт by creating the “I owe you” bills, pressuring your debtors and saying that they’ve robbed you. All those, who say that they need to take back from their brothers on Earth something which is owed to them, and treat their brothers as debtors, cannot understand the secrets of the Kingdom of God. Those who seek nothing from their brethren, but on the contrary, do freely share with them and help them with their mental, spiritual and moral elevation, would indeed understand these much coveted secrets. What secrets? – The secrets of the Universe and of God's creation. To me these verses represent a grand and a spectacular picture, which is great in its conception and so beautifully crafted and decorated by the hand of God Himself! One day when your eyes open (of course, for the time being, in the first stage of your development, they are already partially open), and when you finally throw away your old account books and never look back at them again, you would see the magnificence of this picture for yourselves as well. For your own well-being, do utilize the true meaning and significance of the cross because it is the cross which saves the human soul. Crosses are placed on top of graves to signify the fact that noting more would be taken back from the person who passed away. When the lender hears that one of their debtors has died, he or she says: "God bless them", which means "I forgive them." That is the true meaning of the cross - that is its deep significance and intent. Nowadays, the cross is to be found everywhere within the churches, the priests wear it on top of their attire, the church goers cross themselves inside the houses of worship, those soldiers, who distinguished themselves on the battlefield do receive it as a medal of honor, everyone everywhere talks about it, but do you know what the elements of the True Cross are? - I will now speak about the True Cross, which saves and opens the door to the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross. The vertical line of the cross, which descends from top to bottom, represents the plant kingdom delving its way down into the physical matter, or in other words, this line depicts all those beings who have descended from God, and upon their fall, have remained with their feet and not their face against Him – this stature represents the ultimate contradiction with God. Consequently, the horizontal line of the cross represents the animal kingdom, where the animals are turned not with their feet, but with their back against the Lord, and when He speaks to them, they do not listen to Him. Therefore, both the plant and animal kingdoms cannot understand the Kingdom of God. To illustrate, there are people who have committed their minds to digging into material endeavors only, and they have buried themselves face down inside the earth, just like the plants, and have for this reason turned their feet against God. As a result, such people do not think about God. They wish to find their riches inside the Earth’s layers - coal, gold, silver, precious stones - and believe that the more they have, the happier they would be. On the other side, there are the other human beings who are following the movement of the horizontal cross line just like the animals do and have turned their backs against the Lord by means of saying: "The Lord does not listen to us." How would He listen to them when such people have their backs turned against Him? When a child turns its back on its mother, showing clearly its anger in this way, would the mother take such a child back into her embrace? No, she would not, because such a child behaves for the time being as nothing else, but a four-legged animal. Such an animal cannot understand the secrets of the Kingdom of God. Do you now comprehend the philosophy of the True Cross? Has this philosophy positively influenced our thoughts and our relationship with the Lord? To be able to be in touch with the Lord, you need to utilize this philosophy correctly. The third element of the cross is Jesus Christ - nailed onto the cross, but facing God with his head up. The Christ represents the real Man. Therefore, there are three types of crosses - a plant cross, an animal cross and a cross that saves. The true salvation is offered by the Cross of the Christ. His arms and legs were nailed, that is to say, they were pinned onto three different points. The feet were pinned onto the down-facing heads of the plants, by means of which Christ wished to turn the plants back towards Himself. In other words, He had descended and was stretching down to get hold of those who have sunk into the mud of matter, so that they can face God again. The nailing of the Christ’s feet at this precise place also symbolizes the hard soil, which indicates that the cross is placed on solid foundations. This means that Christ at first saves those who sink down into matter similarly to the plants, grabs them and says: “Enough with this earthly descent of yours, your salvation is not there." And to the animals that roam constantly and freely with their back against God, He says: "Your salvation is not in this direction either." Christ wants to grab them by the hand, to turn them face to face with God and to tell them: "Here is your salvation." These are the two categories certain people fall into: some of you have been like the plants with your feet up, while others have been like the animals with their backs up against God, while Christ is now turning your heads up, so that you could face God. And when Christ says: "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" - do you know what these words mean? He wants to say: "Why have you let your children roam about? Please listen to my request - turn them around, so that they can face you, and draw them back to Yourself.” Many interpret the Christ words in the sense that God has forsaken Him, but they actually mean: "Why have you forgotten my brethren?" Christ brings his hands down, turns them with their palms facing up and says: "Here is your salvation." And each one of you needs to bring your hands down, that is figuratively speaking, to direct one’s desires and one’s heart towards God and towards the secrets of the Kingdom of God because within the direction opposite to God there are only darkness and suffering. I am therefore posing the following question: “Would you still keep the Christ hanging on your cross?” Today, I am asking you to give a serious answer to this question because Christ is coming. How would He find you? - Some would be continuing delving further down deeper into matter, while others would be still moving in horizontal direction with their backs against God. Many people ask me why they cannot evolve any further. It is simply because their minds and hearts do not assume the right direction in terms of understanding the secrets of the Kingdom of God. For example, if the eagle or the dove would place backpacks on their bodies with a few pounds of supplies, could they possibly fly? Birds serve as a good illustration because before setting off to fly, one should be free from all the unnecessary luggage. The wing feathers, the tail feathers and head feathers are the only luggage required by the birds before they fly out, and the same applies to humans. In any case, rest assured that God will provide all the necessary food for all the birds and people, no matter what flight direction they take. A few days ago, I went to a house and heard a conversation between two ladies. One of them had chosen the spiritual path, strives to live according to the Word of God and that is why she said to her own self: "It is high time for me to start serving the Lord from now on." Consequently, it happened that she sold the house for a certain amount of money. Expensively or cheaply, she had sold the house anyway, but the other lady, who is deemed to be more spiritual than the lady who sold her house, what do you think she said? - "You did not do well, you sold it way too cheap, you could have kept the house for a while, and you would have acquired more money for it." Here is, I said to myself, a woman who has not yet understood the way the world functions. The lady who sold the house answered though: "It is so much of a hassle, I'm glad I got rid of it." Our hearts and minds should be free from all unnecessary burdens and once and for all we need to acquire the belief that God's Providence works for our own benefit. If the 4-5-year-olds would start providing for their own food at such an early age, they would not grow up and would quickly age instead. Therefore, their fathers have to take care of them until they become 21 years old, so that the grown up children are strong enough to provide for their own sustenance. The digit 21 represents 2+1, which is the total sum of 3 – the Trinity itself or Completeness in other words. Before the face of God, we are not yet 21 years old, but 10-12 years of age only, and He and all His angels are still performing some work within us, so that we can become accomplished. The punishments we are given are because God invites us to go to school and instructs us to learn, but we nevertheless resist and run away from the classroom. He is now wielding his stick, thus punishing the world collectively, and is saying to us: "You shall go to school, so that you learn and gain experience." Every retreat and digression from His commandments has its own criminal consequences. Such omissions cannot be compensated for in any other way, but with suffering. As a result of the incurred suffering, the human feelings become more sensible and stronger. Now, let's go back to the original question about the cross. The cross that saves and which you have to wear should consist of two necessary elements. It should be neither made out of wood, nor should it be turned upside down the way the plain cross is. Further, it should not contain any imprudent elements and it should not be whimsical. As soon as you experience some suffering, you say: "Why is this suffering given to me, when there are other people who are more sinful than I am? The Lord should have given this suffering to them and He could have been more lenient with me!" Such a way of thinking is already a display of discontent and disobedience. In this particular case, people assume either the position of an animal turning its back to God or the position of a plant, which is turned upside down. The human race has been carrying the two animal and plant crosses for the last two thousand years and has not been saved yet. I have not seen a household without such crosses and when I walk on the streets, I prefer to avoid these two crosses, as I am tired of seeing their nonsense. The Christ was not nailed to such a mindless cross. You suffer and you do not understand why this is happening to you. The woman says: "I will have my revenge on this man", while the man likewise says: "I will have my revenge on this woman." The judge revenges against the defendant, the teacher against the student, the merchant against the buyer and everybody in general is always threatening to have their own revenge. Let me tell you that wearing such crosses does not save one’s soul. A cross that truly saves is made out of Wisdom and Love. Next, I shall stop by the cross, which is upside down, I would lay the Divine Love on it, then turn its head up, so that it follows the same direction as the head of the Christ, and eventually say: "Lord, whatever may happen on Earth, and even if the world turns upside down and is eventually destroyed, I will still fulfill Your will! There is no creature in the world to prevent me from doing so, and I will do it!" This is what the Law of Love demands and so does the Divine Wisdom, which similarly says: "Lord, through all the suffering you give me, I shall learn the deep meaning of my life on Earth and shall work for Your glory." When the Lord is punishing me, I would say: "The beating on my back is a blessing, thank you!" - This is how the salvation cross of Love and Wisdom thinks and acts. So, it turns out that you, who are now suffering, have these two outdated cross elements within yourselves. Therefore you need to add the third cross element of the Christ. Do not try to reject the former two cross elements because even Christ did not attempt to reject them. He had to be nailed on the cross, and through this courageous accomplishment, He did the greatest work in this world. Such is the magnitude of Christ’s sacrifice that mankind cannot even recollect from its existence so far any similar event of the same scale. Even after He was placed in the grave, He was still “crucified” because He descended into hell, opened its gates, brought out the sinners and said to them: "I have come down here because of you." You all want to go to Paradise. Should you not go down as Christ did in order to find and bring out your brothers and sisters from hell? To be able to return to His Father, Christ had to spend three days down in hell with his brothers and sisters and then release them from their enslaved state of consciousness. This is the exact interpretation of how Christ understood the words: "Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but to them it has not been given." And in your life, when people do not understand you, you should speak to them in parables like Christ did. Everyone needs to be nailed to the True Cross - this is a responsibility, which needs to be fulfilled. Christ saved you and you would have to save your brethren too. When I go to a sick person, cure them or prescribe them the correct treatment, this very same person, in turn, should willingly and freely help heal a different human being in need. The person I helped has no right to come back to me again and say: "Please come and help this other person, find a cure." This sort of personal transformation should enter into our lives, our thoughts and our deeds. Now, some people may think or, perhaps, affirm that for a person to save his or her soul, it is necessary to break away from this world. No, on the contrary, you have to enter the world and help organizing it, but before that you need to organize your own inner world. In this era, Christ is descending upon the Earth every two thousand years. In the past, he had been coming down every thirty-three thousand years. At present, sometimes He stays with us for a longer period of time, and sometimes - for a shorter time span, but from now on Christ shall live on Earth for longer periods, and in future you will have the opportunity to see Him and speak to Him. You may ask as to when this will happen, and the answer is that it will happen only when you have the three above-mentioned elements as parts of your own cross. It is said in the Scriptures that some shall see Christ under the clouds, others over the clouds, while to some others He would appear completely transformed. What use is it to those who are deaf if they enter a hall, where excellent concerts are being held? - None. What is the benefit to the ones whose stomachs are upset, if you serve them the most delicious meals? – None. Therefore, in order for people to understand things correctly, they should be in possession of the right elements. - In this respect, they should be on the very right track. Humans without steadfast belief systems are like a road which is trampled over by everyone – whatever is being said to them, they listen to and then agree to it without any thought whatsoever. If today someone tells them that the Lord exists, they would nod in agreement and if tomorrow they are told that God is fiction, they would acquiesce again. Such people have the fate of the furnace, which was made by the popular parable character Nasreddin Khoja. A friend came to him and said: "Because the wind blows in this specific direction, the door of the furnace should be on the other side." Nasreddin Khoja knocked down the furnace and rebuilt it the way his friend suggested. A second friend came over and recommended to place the furnace door elsewhere. Again, Nasreddin Kjoja knocked down the furnace and erected it according to his friend’s advice, but then a third friend joined in and put forward a new suggestion about the location of the furnace door. Finally, Nasreddin Khoja took the decision to build the furnace on top of a horse cart and was then turning it to whichever side his friends chose in order to satisfy them. In the physical world, this solution may have been clever indeed, but with regards to the spiritual world, we need to move in a single direction only – forward and upward towards God. That's the right direction. You may now ask if those are the only two directions towards God that we may take and the answer is that to reach out to God, it means to reach out in all directions. If you have no established belief-system in this respect, you would be, as I have already said, like a road, which is trampled over by everyone. Place a hedge as a barrier or just dig a large hole across the “road” of your own belief system and say: "From now on, none shall pass." In addition to the people at the lowest level of knowledge and understanding, there is a second category represented by the modern people with all their multiple theories. Throughout the 19th century, around one hundred geology theories regarding the Earth's structure were presented before the French Academy. All scholars of this kind argue, prove and disprove, and maintain a certain idea, but after five or ten years here comes another new notion, according to which the Earth is built otherwise, and this new hypothesis breaks its way through to discredit the previous theories to only lose its superiority to another newer theory, after eventually some time has elapsed. But how can we then trust them when such theories do not rest on solid ground? The scientists and the rich people, who are in a constant search of worldly glory, pleasures and happiness, do live surrounded by thorns it turns out, as indeed there are no conditions for happiness on Earth. Happiness is an inner process in the spiritual world represented by the rational attitude, which is adopted by the human souls in regards to each other. If you love, you will be loved. If you are acting with virtue, others would treat you virtuously as well. If you are righteous, justice shall come your way. If you love the truth, so others will treat you truthfully. The Lord answers the same way we treat Him. He speaks softly and gently to those who are wise, but to those who are stubborn, He sends suffering. Next, there is another cross element that I need to explain. There were two outlaws on either side of the Christ. He was nailed, while they were both only tied to their crosses. Why did the soldiers break the robbers’ tibias, but did not do the same with Christ and pierced His heart instead? Since Christ is now descending upon us, I will clarify this question. The two robbers were the first human beings created by God and those were the humans who sinned first - Adam and Eve. Do not take my words literally; I only mean this figuratively. The two of them ate from the forbidden tree and that is why their shins were broken for it is said: "Cursed is the one that walketh to do evil with his feet." The act of breaking of the robbers’ legs denotes all people who have lost their virtues. But then again, why did the soldiers pierce Christ into his heart and did not break his legs instead? It is because one should be free from the desire to taste the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. Christ said: "Since I am willing to take you back to Paradise, my heart has to be impaled and your legs would have to be broken because you have taken from the forbidden fruit.“ Now ponder over the following thought: “Whoever is willing to go back to Eden, will have his heart “pierced”, and whoever has committed a crime shall have their legs broken.” As I said, those crucified on either side of the Christ, were Adam and Eve. Both of them were saved in principle. The one on the left said to Christ: "You have saved so many thousands, save us, save us without any suffering." This robber on the left side of the Christ represents the female principle to which Christ replied: "I will save you." However, to the robber who was on His right side and represents the male principle, He said: "You will be in Paradise with me today." and the Christ fulfilled His word - He took the man on His right side all the way up into Heaven and kept the woman on His left side down onto Earth. Even now, Christ pierces the men's hearts on the battlefields and says to them: "Come with Me." And to the women He says: "I will save you in future, but for the time being I shall leave you on Earth to further do your work." Well then, dear women of today, how would you meet the Christ when the time comes? I pose this question to the Bulgarian, German, Russian, Austrian, French, English etc. women. I have presented to you the philosophical meaning of the cross and I am inviting you to apply it in your lives. I am glad because this meaning of the cross is in itself deep, great and Divine. I have interpreted for you the words of the great Master of Peace. I have heard His voice and now I am translating the meaning of His words. - You women shall be saved by the cross which has the three elements. The legs of those who do evil shall be broken and the hearts of those who desire evil shall be pierced. Only then will the evil be destroyed. I share to you what the Lord spoke centuries ago on the 9th of March when he introduced the Man to Heaven. Back then, this day fell on a Friday, but today it falls on a Thursday. Be aware that 9th of March applies to all the days of the week, so when we place you in Paradise again, would you again eat from the forbidden fruit? I am here teaching you about the meaning of Life, I speak to you about the Christ, Who is now coming and already performing His duties. Ahead in time wonderful and great things will happen in the world. Do not deceive yourselves; they would happen in an ordinary and natural way. Do not assume that the changes shall fall upon us as a sudden burst of flame. They would arrive very gradually. I can see that some of you are afraid. Don’t be afraid, as those who are cowardly will not enter the Kingdom of God. Act as heroes instead! Now, we will go further down the Earth and down below we shall study the small mysteries. In the depths of the Earth we would descend and learn how life functions in there. From that level there is a door leading to the Kingdom of God. Through this door we will find the Christ. When we descend, we shall meet Him and when we exit and go back up, we would see Him again. Christ says: „Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but to them it has not been given." - You should study well the modern sciences to understand the secrets of the physical world and the secrets of the Kingdom of God. You should know about astronomy in order to understand the meaning of the secret world as well as you should learn physiology and anatomy. What do you know about the structure of your body, heart, blood, lungs, stomach, ear and eyes at present? For example, how does the light, which is coming from above, become an impression to your eyes and brain? What do you know about the relationship of the elements that make up your body, thoughts and desires? Imagine the kind of awe you would find yourself in when you begin to see the forms of your feelings and desires, imagine the greatness of the world which would be revealed before your eyes. And next, what do you know, for example, about the modern political movements? What is the reason behind the prevailing aggravation of the humankind nowadays and what is the reason behind the wars among nations? Can the mankind not develop in a different way? These are the type of questions that need to occupy your mind. Therefore, in order to be able to understand these events, you should recognize that the main reason why all this is happening is because your heart is filled with discontent. When you wake up and get up in the morning, you are not in a peaceful state of mind, as you think that all people all over the world are abnormal and bad. When we perceive people as abnormal, then we become abnormal as well, and vice versa - when we see the people around us as normal, then we also tune into normal mode. In general, those who are drunk tend to be happy during their temporary euphoria, while those who are sober are often suffering. When you go to a pub, you may see someone being drunk, laughing and cheering, but when this person comes back home, no one could even possibly talk to him. "I am happy," the drunken person says, but the next day when he sobers up, his head hurts and he begins to wonder whether he should have drunken the day before or not. Afterwards, such people go back to their normal state, where all the merrymaking has gone out of the window, and the suffering has arrived in order to replace it. Modern people say: "We suffer much" and I answer: "You are now sober." In the last 19th century, all people were more or less intoxicated and were saying: "God does not exist! Ha, ha – give us concerts, balls, merrymaking ..." Now, in this 20th century, people have sobered up and are asking: "What are we going to do now?” An officer on the battlefield told me once: "We all pray out there, our thoughts have changed", while a socialist was asking himself: "What is happening to me? So far I have been so dumb, but now I know that the Lord exists; now I know why I have come to Earth." It seems that all those people are recovering from their hangover. And if you face the English and the French troops on the battlefield and experience the intensity of the exploding shells and mortars, how would this turmoil affect your faith? I believe that people having that sort of experience are now holding their graduation exams on what we nowadays call “initiation”. For some, the first initiation exam has already been completed. The women, who are here, will suffer, their initiation will pass, and they will sober up. Being sober is the best - it means that one is able to function in a normal state of existence. There is a joyful state in us which can be reached, so that we can acquire balance. I would show you what it is, but for the time being I will leave this topic out, since I will talk about it this coming Sunday. Afterwards, you will then be able to communicate with all the good people all over the Earth. For example, if you have a friend in America, let’s say, you would direct your mind towards them, forward your thoughts to them, and your friend will reply back to you with their own thoughts. In this way one could travel the entire Earth, and you could go, if you wish, into the invisible world as well and talk to both all the good people on Earth and to those whose physical bodies have already left the material realm. Some people say that the dead should not be disturbed, but there is nothing to worry about in this particular case. Take, for example, someone who is locked up and restricted - you may reach out to them and ask how they feel and give them some useful advice. For instance, such are the departed souls which are still roaming the Earth - you can talk to them too, but deeds of this caliber are reserved for strong people only. Some may say: "The spirits are dangerous and whoever preaches about them is a heretic." Do not be afraid, the existence of spirits signifies the existence of real life. To illustrate the above statement, here is the following verse: “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul (Genesis 2:7, NKJV).” The first zodiac sign corresponds to the Spirit - the Spirit has descended and has chosen, as a result, its first “piece of clothing”. The original first month of March represents the idea of the human spirit. When March arrives, do ponder over the power of the humankind to be the master of еarth, master of water, master of air and master of fire. A person who is not a master of the earth, water, air and the fire elements has not acquired the human spirit within themselves yet. The most important thing is to be masters of your dark side and to say: "My spirit is the master within me." and if you are in a bad mood, do say to yourselves: "My spirit is the master within me" and you will see how your mood would change. Instead, however, you are saying: "I'm overwhelmed and I cannot fight on", but the Lord does not like soldiers who run away from the battlefield - you have witnessed how such soldiers are shot down by machine guns, so that in future they would abstain from fleeing the battlefield. Now, how would you meet the Christ? Would you show Him your back or would you face up to Him? Go and ask the priests, teachers, and judges how Christ would find them. Have they gracefully brought their hands down and turned their faces towards God by means of helping their compatriots and humanity? This is the path of obtaining Christ’s blessing if you wish Him to bless your children and your friends. Try this cross which is called the Power of Salvation. If someone else gives you a different cross, throw it away, this is not the True Cross. I will now ask what your desires are and what they are directed at – are they directed towards the earth, are you willing to indulge in the animal flesh? - For thousands of years humans have been eating animals and plants, but this is not the source of their salvation. What would be your situation if you have eaten a very well cooked lamb and someone turns you upside down, so you’d face the ground? In this case, what would cost you this excellent meal? Remember, this is the state of the devil. As soon as you say: "Let’s just eat, drink and enjoy life." the devil will turn you upside down, and anyone, who has their head facing down towards the ground and their back against the Lord, would not know how to think and feel correctly. Now, as soon as you return to your homes, try your hearts out. I would like, when I go into a house, to see the lady shining like a candle and I would like people to talk to me without speaking a single word. When I enter such a house, I know that its inhabitants love me without the need of saying anything, but visiting a different house, where people speak out to tell me that they love me, I know for certain that they are lying to me. Speak first with your heart, then with the mind and finally with your mouth. Never say a word with your mouth before your heart and mind have spoken first. When the famous Egyptian sage Hermes was once asked a great question he had not previously mulled over, he merely pursed his lips. This meant: "I have not thought about this question yet, so that is why I need to keep quiet", while on the other hand, his disciples were astonished by the fact that he did not answer the question. Many of you say: “Why don’t you tell us?" And how am I supposed to tell you?!? - I have told you a great secret already, but you would say that everyone knows the secret about the wooden cross with the Christ and the two robbers besides Him with their legs broken. I am telling you, this is not the True Cross. When the True Cross enters your being, light will illuminate your mind, while simultaneously your heart and your spirit will begin to work with vigor, and then you would become lords of the whole world. Some people say that a certain person has a mighty Spirit. Only the True Cross has a mighty spirit. The One Who is calmly carrying this True Cross is now looking upon us ... The legend tells us that the Roman legions of up to six thousand men had administered eighty thousand blows to Christ whilst torturing Him, but He nevertheless remained silent. How did Christ manage to withstand all the suffering? He simply said: "Hit me, those blows are a blessing - let the others be blessed through the suffering of my back. I am doing this for my disciples for whom I am ready to endure everything.” This is what I call magnetization. Where were you then? Of course, you were not within the Roman legions, but you stood somewhere among the street crowd and your thoughts were that the Christ was dying without attaining the real purpose in life, despite being a young and a clever man. You thought that His deeds at the time were foolish. Such was your philosophy then and such was the philosophy of all the priests, pharisees and sadducees – just eat, drink, lie, steal more money from your fellow human beings - that is how the meaning of life was interpreted back then. Nonetheless, there is nothing more virtuous than Faith, Hope and Love. When people ask me what I eat, I say: "I feast on Faith, Hope and Love." These are the fruits of the Spirit – this is what I eat. Now, let us abstain from criticizing anyone any further. When someone eats more than I do, I am glad that their stomach is strong and healthy. I'm happy when those around me are happy and I share the sorrow of those who grieve and I say to them: "You were full of joy before and can become full of joy again." A few years ago, sometime between May and June, both I and a former teacher were passing near a tavern in the city of Varna. The tavern was inside a hotel with a garden, the tables were laid out, deliciously smelling steaks were being served and wine was also being handed out among the guests. As we passed by, this former teacher groaned and I asked him why he groaned. He then said that in the past he used to be one of those lucky people who indulged in all those fine meals and that he is now suffering, as it is no longer possible for him to join such occasions. Consequently, I shared with him that for me it would be a great misfortune to enter this tavern and that he should be grateful to God for teaching him how to live modestly, as a little bit of bread and salt is enough for one’s sustenance. I also told him that he has already sampled all this type of feasting, and that even the devouring of one thousand more steaks would not improve his life anyway. The Lord says: "Because now you are not living a better life, I am excluding you from life, so that you can learn the true meaning of the Cross of the Christ, which is really the meaning of Life itself." Yes, these are the great mysteries of the Christ, Who is now coming. Be faithful to this great master. He is now arriving with all the angels and the saints, with all your forefathers and ancestors, but not the way the church and the Sabbaths envision His descent. You will see how much confused the modern day people are with regards to Christ’s arrival and you will subsequently admit how great the Lord is and you would show gratitude that you have gone through all these tribulations and suffering. Nowadays, Christ is handing over His wreath of thorns to all women. We all know that when the wedding ceremony is conducted, a wreath is placed on the bride’s head. In the tradition of mysticism and the occult science, this wreath is shaped as a circle with a cross on the inside. Whoever has come to Earth has to acquire the Divine Wisdom. Whoever is in Heaven and wants to become very wise, obtains a ticket for the Earth because it is a school intended for gathering wisdom. Christ will come down to inspect this school and He would not scold you, but may ask you different algebra questions. He may ask how much is one plus two, and you may say that this is a very simple question. Others would be asked how much is two minus one. Some could be asked about the triple rule, others may have a chemistry test, while the rest would have a physiology test - for example, to elaborate on digestion or on the topic of blood circulation. Some would be questioned on magnetism and electricity and some would be asked to explain how the human thought is formed, while others could state what they know about marriage. Women, for example, would have to develop the subject on how they understand marriage. Because in future there would be fewer men on Earth, women will have more exams on the education of their children. Next, the Lord shall ask the judges how they have judged and applied the Divine Righteousness, then ask the lawyers how they have defended their clients, the teachers - how they have taught their students, the doctors - how they have treated their patients, the priests - how they have preached the Word of God. The Lord will revise everyone’s deeds. He will remove the crowns from the bishops’ heads and tell them: "I did not wear a crown, but a wreath of thorns. A bishop, who has not worn a crown of thorns, is not allowed to wear a golden crown." - Be aware that all of you are blessed to have been born on Earth at this particular point in time. And now, let this essential thought of the cross remain sealed within you. - Turn your head and face towards God and when you ask God why you’ve been forsaken, He shall reply by saying: "Here I am, I have not forsaken you, I will explain to you the deep inner meaning of this cross." To all of you I wish: “May the Lord grant you the blessing to go hand in hand with Him” (people from the audience said “Amen”). Do not be discouraged, do not moan, but do rejoice even when you are weeping. Offer each other a helping hand. From now on, all churches and faiths should be reconciled - our Father is alive and He is the only God for all the existing religions. He will attract you towards Himself, just like the magnet attracts metallic shards. One day, you'll find yourselves magnetized and suddenly changed. Afterwards, just carry the True Cross and Christ will begin His work within you. From now on there is no force whatsoever to stop the Christ from doing his work. He will enlighten you and give you every wisdom, but you need to be true to your Father. We all already live in Heaven anyway, so do say: "Father, from now on, we shall walk Your path, we will cultivate this Paradise, we’ll eat only from the allowed fruits and we shall act in harmony with Your eternal law." Then God would reply: "Come all of you who are blessed. - For you is My Kingdom". Then he shall send you back to Earth again to work and the Earth will become part of the Kingdom of God. Some of you will be governors; others will be judges, lawyers, teachers – everyone shall do something according to their best talents. There are so many different job vacancies that there are hardly enough people to occupy all of them. There are enough jobs for both men and women, but with regards to women, these jobs are for real women only. Socrates said: "There are women and women." - That is to say there are two types of women. When you meet a woman, this woman needs to positively change you, and not pervert your mind. When you visit a real woman with a foul thought in your mind, she should help you transform your state of mind, and then you would say: "I will not do such a bad thing." This is what I call a real woman. If, however, one’s mind is perverted in a bad direction, then this is not done by a real woman, and you should know that her head is turned upside down just as it is with the kingdom of plants. We need real women to turn around the minds of these obstinate Bulgarians. You, women, have the key to do this. Do not be offended, as I am here telling you to help your stubborn children change their minds, and to transform your own hearts and your own entire spirituality. This change, of course, will not happen within one, five or ten years, it is a matter of centuries. Our contemporary times, our day today … is a day for work. The Lord is coming to offer work and service to all women and to also offer them equal rights with men. When the man and the woman are not yet married, they are very fond of each other from a distance, but when they get together under one roof, they start to hurt each other. At present, the Lord has placed the men up in the area of the mind and the women down in the area of the heart. Sometimes, women may lament that their honorable husbands have passed away, but instead these wives should thank their husbands for helping them change their own minds. On the other hand, the man, when he looks at his wife, would say how good she is and how well she talks. Some women say: "The Lord took away my husband." No, the Lord did not take your husband away; He just placed him further away, so that you both can contemplate one another in order to again become fond of each other. In the evening, the woman will let the man into her well cultivated garden of the heart, while the next day the man will invite his wife to his own well cultivated garden of the mind. So, please consider if it is possible for you to live without a well cultivated garden? To you women, I recommend to plant your gardens well, so that men would come down and walk in them. And to you men I suggest to work on your gardens well, so that women could stroll in them with joy. This is the meaning of the words: "Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven …“ Such are indeed some of those secrets. Sunday Talks, 22 March 1917, Thursday, Sofia Translated by: Pavel Iordanov
  8. Those Who are Called Upon “But they all with one accord began to make excuses” (Luke 14:18-20, New King James Version – NKJV)”. As you read the 14th chapter of the Gospel of Luke, there you would only find parts from a very long lecture, in which Christ had elaborated on common principles that are applicable to the whole of humanity. The parable underlines the fact that a person arranged for a grand dinner and invited many people and the ones who were invited to the dinner are also being described in those verses. The words “invitation” and “culture” have something in common. On one hand, the word “culture” represents the material and spiritual achievements of a nation. On the other hand, every newly-introduced idea or manifestation is also a representation of a new type of a culture. Moreover, every transformation from one state of mind to another state of mind represents a brand new type of a culture as well. The word “invitation” implies a personal journey from one state of common understanding and interpretation of life to a new, advanced state of consciousness. And indeed, in order to be invited to the grand dinner, we have to leave our everyday life behind and enter a new festive disposition. One may ask what is the relationship between the three people who refused to join the dinner. The first one refused under the pretext that they needed to take care of their land; the second one refused under the pretext that the five pairs of oxen they bought need their attention while the third one mentioned their spouse as an excuse. Those three archetypes of people, who rejected the dinner invitation, are three categories of human beings who are unwilling to accept the New Culture. The first category of people gives up because they need to take care of their land; the second category refuses because they wish to work with their oxen, while the third category rejects the invitation because they have already married. Those three categories of people who have denied the Christ culture can be likened to the seed that has fallen onto barren ground. The first category of people are the seed that fell on the road; the second category depicts the seed, which fell between the thorns and the third - the seed that fell on a stone. Christ offered a new path and a new culture to many people, thereby inviting them to a new way of life, but they all refused to join forces with Him. They preferred to work on their land, to conquer more land and to expand their borders. The Jews were that first category of people who refused the invitation under the pretense of the need to cultivate their fields. They said to Christ: "We disagree with your heretical doctrine." Next, they crucified Him. Christ demonstrated the new approach to life to the Latin race as well, but it nevertheless chose to deal with “the five pairs of oxen” instead and also declined to join the new culture. After all, the Latin race created the so-called Holy Inquisition, supposedly in the name of Christ! History bears witness to the fact that around fifty million people have been tortured by the very same inquisition. The third category of people are the modern day ones, who marry and completely give up on the acceptance of the new culture and the new way of life. They reason as follows: "Why do we need a new culture, a new life? As long as there is something for us to eat and drink, we shall eat, drink and rejoice with our spouses and our children", but this is by no means a sound philosophy. That is what king Solomon, who had three hundred women and six hundred concubines, was affirming as well. Having tried all the earthly pleasures, Solomon concluded: "… and indeed, all is vanity and grasping for the wind.” (Ecclesiastes 1:14, NKJV). Today both the believers and the non-believers quote the thought once expressed by king Solomon, thus having in mind both the physical and spiritual life, but this assumption is a misconception. Solomon drew his conclusions after he had tried all the transient earthly pleasures. If you draw the same conclusions, could you possibly confirm that you have also, just like Solomon, personally experienced the vanity of all earthly pleasures? If you have not experienced them, you then have no right to speak like Solomon did and if you draw your own life’s conclusions from your personal life’s misdemeanors, then your understanding of the ubiquitous Life is without any solid grounds. What is symbolized by the “fields” and “land” that are being cultivated by the first category of people? The answer is - the human body. The young woman marvels at her own beauty in the mirror several times a day and being happy with her own self, she doesn’t want to marry. Why? She does not desire to become a mother, to give birth to children – she prefers to marvel at her own beauty instead. The young man, on the other hand, roams freely in the streets with his fashionable walking stick and also doesn’t want to marry and become a father, because that would limit his freedom. That is the type of choice, which is made by those who choose to “cultivate their own fields” only, regardless of whether they are young or old, but then again, the old grandma nevertheless says that the young people are just acting foolishly. It's not foolish what young people do - not all young people are reckless and not all elderly people are wise. Are the small streams murky when they have just left the spring? Initially, all the small streams are clean, but as they move ahead and pass through the earthly layers, they collect sludge that makes them impure. Therefore, all young people, just like the rivers, are clear and clean at the beginning of their lives. As people move on with their lives, they gather different impurities and get old. Old age is not a bad thing – it implies a progressive forward movement. However, what could be possibly expected from those young people who dress and undress themselves several times a day and put their shoes on to only take them off immediately in order to try on any newer and more modern shoes? – The answer is that nothing can be expected from such people. They are standing in front of a mirror, just looking at themselves and if they are to be invited to Christ’s dinner, they would certainly refuse. Why would they refuse? – because they are working on their own “land”; they are “cultivating their own fields”. Then, these people would pass themselves for nationalists, patriots and servants to their respective countries. Do not trust such people, as they only think about their own new clothes and shoes, houses and properties. Such fake patriots are to be seen today in all countries all over the world. They speak about the splendor of their homeland, but, in fact, they work to their own personal benefit only. The second category of people are those who refused the dinner in order to enjoy “the five pairs of oxen”. The five pairs of oxen symbolize the five human senses. This second category of people represents those who enjoy the earthly pleasures. Life is a give and take for them and they would inevitably choose money as their highest priority. Their main life goal is money. And they say, as the Bulgarian writer Slaveykov put it in one of his poems: "Oh money, money, my all-powerful queen; Without you I’m in hell and with you in my pocket I reside in paradise." This second category of people acts as they please and wherever you may go - in a tavern, in a theater or to a concert, such people are invariably in the very first row. Where there are bountiful pleasures and fun, they are always prominently seated. The desire to fully utilize those “five pairs of oxen” – that is all they can perceive through their five senses. If you tell them something about Christ's doctrine, about the new, upcoming culture, they will answer: "This is unimportant now – in today’s world the “five pairs of oxen” are important." In their opinion, the one who goes beyond the five senses and appreciates life in a different way, is a stupid, loony and uncultured man. You see this type of people in all the cafes and beer gardens, with full glasses in front of them, their legs crossed and telling each other stories about the meaning of life. Where is the meaning of life to be found - in “the cultivation of the fields” or in the work with “the five pairs of oxen”? You can try these belief-systems - I do not mind those who work on “the land” or trade with their “five pairs of oxen”, but I say that whoever sacrifices their higher consciousness for the sake of their lower instincts, does not understand the meaning of real life. Everyone needs to ask themselves what their life purpose is. As the child grows, it becomes interested in its own physical growth. It constantly measures its height, compares it to that of other children in order to see how much it has developed. The little girl, for example, wants to be as mature as her mother, to have her mother’s black, long hair and her mother’s eyebrows, which are black and curved like a rainbow and also to have her mother’s red and slightly plump lips. All those desires are achievable and the young girl would eventually become a beautiful slender lady, who would enjoy her own beauty and the others around her would enjoy her good looks as well. Typically, the young boy would want to become like his father, to have the same mustache and beard and to become strong and powerful. As the boy grows up, he eventually becomes a handsome young man who starts paying attention to the young ladies around him. However, the day comes when both the young man and the young woman lose their youth, their hairs turn grey until finally the old age settles in and then their backs become hunched and so they say to the young people: "Dear children, our life is over. Vanity… everything is vanity." These are the people who have tried their “five pairs of oxen”. They are the ones who revolve around their five senses only. And then I ask these people: “Did you try to plow the soil with the five pairs of oxen?” – and they answer: "Yes, we tried, we plowed along with them", to which I respond: "As long as you've done it already, you should know that there is a life’s purpose higher than just plowing along and you should strive to attain it. Next, I am now moving on to the third category of people, to those who think only of themselves and want to be in possession of a high social standing. If you tell them about the doctrine of Christ, they would immediately ask you what this doctrine has to do with their social status. They are already “married” to their social and professional ranks and would just say: “What do the teachings of the Christ have in common with our family? Just leave us alone!" For two thousand years, Christ has been inviting all people and all nations to the grand dinner in order to explain to them the principles of the Great Divine Life, but they still keep on rejecting His invitation. What could they expect from their own refusal? What happened with the Jews? Where did the great Roman Empire go? Likewise, the modern society of nowadays is going through a major crisis as well. As of recently, has it become evident that the salvation of humanity lies in the unification of all people who need to live as brothers among themselves. Only now, does it begin to dawn upon people that the humankind does not live on the Earth only and humans start to perceive their lives in the same way they perceive plant life for example – there is the life of the roots, which is the low, material life and there is also the life of the branches, which has a higher spiritual purpose. Earthly life gravitates towards the center of the Earth, while the spiritual life aims towards the center of the Sun. The Earth inhabitants, who live in the “roots of life”, have one type of life interpretation, while the inhabitants of the spiritual world, who live in “the branches” of the Tree of Life, have totally different notions. However, life in itself is not limited to the roots or branches only. There is more types of life – the life of the blossoms and the life of the fruits, for example. When you come to understand and live the life of the fruits, then the process of maturing would have already started for you. Christ spoke to his disciples in parables to explain to them the reasons why people could not yet enter the Kingdom of God. The reasons lie in the fact that people's attention is attracted to “their fields”, “their oxen” and to the high-flying positions they occupy in society. Let the “fields”, the “oxen” and the societal positions all exist and thrive, but the human beings still fail to envisage how they may enter the Kingdom of God, while they are willing to do so only in the presence of their “land”, their “oxen” and their occupations. How would one visit a friend who lives a few miles away? One would harness the horse-wagon and would make their way. Then, when they get to their friend's house, they'll stop the horse-wagon and will be greeted by their friends. Next, the visitors would bring the car into the yard, send the horses into the barn, then they would enter the house, shall remove their coats and only afterwards would they enter the guest room. The traveler’s horse, wagon and luggage in this example represent both the “land” and the “oxen” that prevent one from entering into the Kingdom of God. The coat worn by the visitor represents the temporary professional and social responsibilities one has momentarily assumed during their life on Earth. One should leave their social and professional occupations behind and would only then enter the “guest room”, i.e. enter the Kingdom of God. Don’t the court judges also do the same? When the judges preside over the court, they put on an official robe. After reading the verdict, the judges take off their official robes and remain with their ordinary garments to live and interact as any other ordinary people. For example, while on the battlefield, soldiers instill fear into their enemies, but once they lay down their rifles and bayonets, they become ordinary people. Do you think that this way of living could be described as a culture of a higher rank and purpose? When people pass away, they leave their “fields”, “oxen”, wives and children behind and go on to live in the invisible world on their own only. What happens to their earthly culture? - Everything that has made them cultured, civilized and extraordinary on Earth remains buried in the ground and one leaves the Earth the very same way they entered it. What remained of the Jewish culture when they lost their land and became Egyptian slaves? One may say that the Egyptians were cruel and were killing the Jewish babies. Don’t people do the same today? Doesn’t everyone do the same thing? One kills the noble and Divine within oneself and then pretends to be a cultured, civilized person. To kill the Divine within oneself means to be killing the children of God. How about those who refuse Christ’s invitation? Are they ready for the new culture? - No, they are not. “Then the master of the house, being angry, said to his servant, ‘Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city and bring in here the poor and the maimed and the lame and the blind” (Luke 14:21, NKJV). These newly-summoned people did actually accept the invitation and therefore they have become the bearers of the future, new culture. What are the character traits of those represented by the so-called “maimed” guests - those are the ones who do not steal and do not abuse that which belongs to others. Which are the ones who are “halt”? – those who do not commit crimes. Who are “blind”? – those who have no greed. Every greedy person eagerly strives for money and considers them a necessary unit of exchange, but fails to appreciate the Kingdom of God, which brings the only true wealth. Money and coal, for example, have exactly the same value and meaning in the Kingdom of God. Indeed, money are only of value in the Kingdom of God when they serve a noble cause. On the other hand, the one whose hands are tied against committing any evil crime, has a heart, which is free and open to Love. Such a person is denoted by the term “mailmed” in the above verses. Furthermore, whoever has no envy and does no evil, is depicted as the “halt”. “Then the master told his servant: ‘Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full. 24 I tell you, not one of those who were invited will get a taste of my banquet” (Luke 14:23-24, NKJV). Who are the ones who were called upon – those are the poor and the maimed, the halt and the blind. They are the ones who accepted the invitation. Outwardly, they may look ugly and unrefined, but a day will come when they too will show their beauty and strength in terms of good deeds and great feats. People would love them for their deeds the way they nowadays love the rich for their money. It is better to be loved for one’s deeds rather than only for one’s money and outer beauty. Which is better? - to be outwardly beautiful as the sunlight, which illuminates everything during the day and disappears at night or to be inwardly beautiful and illuminated by the Divine Light? The first type of beauty is what we call physical beauty and the second type of beauty we call beauty of the human soul. The first type of beauty is manifested during the day, when even without it, it is anyway bright everywhere around us; the second type of beauty shows its face in the evening and illuminates the path of those who suffer and are tormented; it shows the path to the oppressed and those who have lost their way. So that is why it is said that the beautiful things grow in darkness. The biblical king David said: "Hide me under your wings (Psalm 91 Prayer)." The Bulgarians who believe in witchcraft do not allow the young and beautiful girls to go out during the day in order to protect them against any possible evil spells being cast upon them. What are those evil spells? – those are the unsavory human thoughts and desires. Such thoughts and desires contain an evil force of great magnitude. In some cases, such thoughts and desires are more terrifying than the weapons of war, as, for example, a book of a writer, full of distorted thoughts and feelings brings poison into the minds and hearts of many generations, since the war cannons are temporarily dangerous only, while the war is still ongoing. Christianity comes to save mankind from the bad and distorted thoughts and desires that have been in the minds of men for thousands of years. One may say that Christianity is a new teaching, which is only two thousand years old. This is definitely not a new teaching. It has been around through three different eras: the first era dates back to the creation of the First Man in the image and likeness of God. This Man is still living in paradise today. The second epoch stretches from the time of the second man, who was made of earth and was cast away from Paradise for his disobedience. The third era is the time of the present humankind, when man left paradise at one’s own accord and was dressed in leather. This is the modern day man who affirms to believe in Christianity. The contemporary people have a very limited understanding of Christianity. The attitude of some believers to Christianity is the same as the attitude of the illiterate towards an expensive, well-bound book. The illiterate examines the book and its binding, checks what kind of cover it has, where it is made, what the name of the publisher is and so on. After doing the research, the illiterate tells their acquaintances that this is a good and well-bound book. Such observations are important, but above all, one should be able to read and understand the book’s content and make use of it. Christianity is a valuable and useful book that a person may benefit from, only when it is opened and read. In this “book of Christianity” everyone would find the methods and laws to live by for the sake of harmony and peace. If this book remains closed though, then it does not make any sense. It is the same as if the doctor has a valuable medicine that gives life to people without dispensing it to those who need it. Another example would be to examine the bottle containing the medicine from outside only, to turn it up and down, but not to open it. Alternatively, if the bottle is broken, then the medicine would be lost. What is the benefit of the book and the bottle when they cannot be utilized? No matter how good they might be looking on the outside, they would not contribute anything whatsoever to one’s improvement. There is another book more valuable than the ones that a person could visually inspect and this “book” is the human soul, as it contains all the secrets concerning the Divine Life, from the moment this world was created to the moment humans shall reunite with God. When something is mentioned about the human soul, many people are asking themselves, if the soul really exists or not, while very few people tend to open and read the "book“ of the soul. A famous Greek philosopher once said: "Know thyself." This thought reflects the doctrine of the soul and for human beings to be able to recognize their own Divinity, they need to open the books of their souls and read from them in order to discover Life’s secrets. The Holy Bible contains less mysteries than what God has imprinted within the human soul. One needs to examine the contents of the soul to find out how all living beings and all angels have lived before us. That is the only way all the existential questions would be given a satisfactory and truthful answer. Is it possible for the humans to get in touch with the angelic hierarchies? It is possible indeed, since I do it everyday. You may say it's impossible, but if you try it yourself, you will discover that it is all quite achievable and possible. Quite many angels are knocking on the door of our hearts at present, but people prefer not to let them in and say: “Leave me alone!”. Some people refuse to accept the angels’ bliss under the pretense of “cultivating their fields”, others are trying their “five pairs of oxen” and the third group are the ones who are going to “marry” to society’s norms. King Solomon, for example, had offered shelter and convenient life to around 900 hundred women in his palace, but this fact, despite the sheer numbers, cannot represent a true marriage in the name of the Holy Spirit. The modern day man leaves his wife and then marries a divorced woman and the same is what women tend to do as well. And after all this, such people are categorized as civilized and cultured?!? What is the culture in the lives of the divorced men and women? - to divorce yourself from the spouse with whom God has united you and to connect oneself with a complete stranger speaks of no true culture. When people encounter difficulties, they say life is a struggle, so they need to fight on in order to survive. It makes sense for the lamb to resist the wolf, but what is the point of two sisters or two brothers fighting each other in the home of their Father? The fighting among people who are serving different deities may make sense, but should they fight when they serve the one and only God? The master of the house, about whom the Christ speaks, invited many people to a dinner, but they all rejected the invitation. This means that these people are not yet ready for the arrival of the new culture. They deal with transient things that divert their attention from the real purpose of Life. To illustrate, the larva is allowed to deal with its body for forty days only. It then gives up such activities and assumes the shape and form of a cocoon. Next, it gives up the cocoon’s way of life and ultimately turns into a butterfly. The body to which people pay such great deal of superficial attention is not the most essential or the most sublime thing in life and the body should be transformed and perfected instead. Saint Paul said: “It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body (1 Corinthians 15:44, NKJV)". The natural body is what does not withstand the diseases and it is called a physical body and the Spanish flu clearly showed how strong the physical body can be. When the Spanish flue enters the body, the body either makes it through or not when it is medically treated, but in such cases it is best to be consciously aware and to succumb to the microbes, only as far as they are permitted to eat only what’s unnecessary inside the body and to afterwards stop their actions with the power of one’s thought and will. There is, however, something far more dangerous than the disease-causing microbes and it is the human malice. Christ is inviting all people today to a stately dinner. This is the New Life you are called upon to embrace. Try it and see what good it brings to the human soul. Whoever accepts the invitation and acts righteously, would have their eyes open and shall see the Truth. Then, one would see the angels descending and ascending, would be able to communicate with them and shall begin to obtain the Word of the Living Water. In that case, whatever a person may learn, shall be passed onto their younger brothers and sisters. This is what true knowledge stands for. Whoever acquires such knowledge, would be helpful and useful to both oneself and one’s brethren. Such a person shall retain their knowledge always and forever under all conditions of life and such knowledge would become their true flesh and blood. What knowledge may a donkey or a horse possibly have, if they have their backs loaded with the sacred books of the entire mankind? Would such a donkey or a horse have any real knowledge? The donkey may bray back and forth, but still it wouldn’t know anything about the valuable books it carries on its back. Therefore, people should seek the knowledge that can be taken along into the spiritual world by their soul when one leaves the earth and not the artificial knowledge, which may break one’s back. The third category of people who refused to attend Christ’s dinner are those who prefer to get “married”. They are similar to the patriots who love their homeland, but seek to take an advantage at any given moment in order to progress their own agenda. On the contrary, real patriots are those who sacrifice everything for the sake of their country. Such people should be role models and worthy examples to their countrymen. Whoever sacrifices for their brethren, country and for a noble idea, shall not pass away into oblivion. In the souls of such patriots, all people and nations are resurrected and reborn and such heroes act as the souls of nations. One day all nations would be resurrected and along with them and the white race will rise up as well. Then Christ shall come. Therefore, the Christ’s descent upon Earth would be signified by all nations gaining their freedom. Every nation which is trying to dominate other nations by taking away their freedom, shall be deprived of God's blessing. Do not assume that you are something, which is separate from the Whole. If you deny Christ’s invitation and say that you are going to work on your “land”, try your “oxen” or get “married”, then that would not excuse you. Such beliefs would not relieve you of the obligation to serve the Whole. Each person's life should contribute to the Life of the Whole and so together build a better new world. I wish that all Bulgarians were from the “blind”, who were invited to Christ’s dinner. What virtue is represented by the so-called „blind“ person? – it is the virtue of having one’s eyes closed for all evil, but open for all good and noble instead. Bulgarians typically love their corn fields, but every person has as much land as necessary, neither more nor less and taking more than what has been already bestowed upon us by the Lord, shall be easily lost. Everyone has the right to cultivate the land, but not to occupy it; that is what God requires from us and that is what Love requires from us as well. What is Love? Some use the word “affection” instead of the word Love and vice versa, but those two words differ in their meanings. Love is a creative force that gives life, while affection builds on what Love gives away freely and happily. In general, true Love gives, while affection always takes. Once, a disciple went to a Hindu teacher and asked him what Love is. The master kept silent and answered nothing. The student visited the master for five days in a row, continuously asking him the very same question, but the guru was still remaining completely silent. On the sixth day, the disciple insisted on the teacher revealing some wisdom on what Love really is, but instead of giving an answer, the teacher grabbed the disciple by the hand and the student was led away into the Ganges River. The master then sank the disciple into the water and held the poor soul under water for five minutes. The student kicked about and resisted in order to escape the teacher's strong hold, but could not manage to escape. Finally, the teacher drew the disciple out of the water and asked: "What did you feel when you were in the water?" - “Great inner tension and desperate need for air.” The master then replied: "When you feel such an inner need for Love, then you will understand what it is. The same way you breath when you open your mouth is equivalent to the way you will truly experience Love, once you open your soul to it.” The real, living Christian culture, just like the above-mentioned Hindu teacher, has now constrained the European nations and keeps them under water. “Five minutes on”, since these nations have been trying to set themselves free, while Christ is asking them at the same time: "What do you feel and how do you feel?" - "We need freedom" is what they answer. All nations shall be free when they return to God and when they begin to love each other. Love makes you free. Refrain from selfishness, from the thought of fretting for your own personal survival. Do the will of God who lives inside of you. Christ says: “I do not receive honor from men” (John 5:41, NKJV). Instead, Christ seeks the glory of God. Man is part of the Divine Oneness. If the whole Divine Oneness is in a healthy state, then all its parts shall be safe and sound as well. One may ask: “And what will happen with Bulgaria?” - it all depends on your behavior, whether is virtuous or not. When all Bulgarians live in harmony with the Whole, then their lives will be peaceful. Ever since the creation of the world, God has set the Bulgarian territorial boundaries and established the correct form of government that needs to be applied. One day that plan shall be fulfilled one way or the other. Everything has been envisaged and foreseen not only for Bulgaria, but for all other nations and for all individual people as well. Now when you return to your homes after this lecture, each of you should enter their own personal private spiritual abode, open the pages of the book of their soul and make note of what is written in there about you and what your life’s purpose is. What’s bad is already left behind. Now the blessed days of resurrection and rejuvenation are already knocking the door. You would all be young and at the age of “thirty-three”. You shall live on Earth as long as you wish and would leave it when you finish the job you have come here for. You would be able to gather your relatives and friends before you start off your return journey into the spiritual world and tell them you are going back to the Source. You would be able to say goodbye to them and let them know you are departing for your true homeland. As you are leaving, they shall not cry because they would know and understand where exactly you will be going. In order for you to be able to come to the Earth freely and leave it freely, you have to give up hatred, jealousy, envy and all other useless dispositions. The fact that somebody may have hurt you, should not disturb you. What’s truly yours, remains always yours and nobody could possibly take it away from you, but if still something truly yours is somehow taken away from you, then it will be soon or late inevitably returned to you. I wish to all of you to become personally acquainted with the Christ. How Christ will descend upon Earth and where you may meet Him is not important. – think of it as you may please. Expect His arrival the way your understanding permits you to do so. If you are a Christian orthodox, you may expect Him to descend from Heaven, accompanied by angels, who shall make known to the whole world that the Christ is returning. If you are a Theosophy follower, you would probably wait for Christ to be born somewhere and then grow and mature, as He walks among the different nations to preach to them. If you are an occultist, you might believe that Christ would appear at different times and in places among all people. Christ’s arrival shall be known by the great perturbations that will occur all over the world. Christ is now knocking on every door and is inviting people to unite forces with Him. Whose door is Christ knocking on? He is knocking on the door of the ones who have the will and yearning to accept His invitation. Rejoice yourself, all of you who are called upon! Do not doubt the Truth. Wherever it may be coming from, it is always the same and does not vary. In order to perceive it, you need to get rid of your materialistic approach and perceptions. The material world relates to the form of things, while the Spiritual and Divine worlds respectively relate to the content and the meaning of those forms. Therefore, do not just ponder over the physical forms, but move on to their content and meaning. What did the devil say to Christ whilst taking Him onto the mountain? - "All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me” (Mathew 4:9, NKJV). Jesus answered: "Away with you, Satan! For it is written: ‘You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only you shall serve” (Matthew 4:10, NKJV). Christ does not make deals with the devil, as He knows that all the devil’s contracts and promises would not last. Humans have come to the Earth not to become kings and queens, but to serve God with love. Every person should be pleased with their state of affairs and not seek wealth and glory that will inevitably fail them. If someone meets you and asks you, if are you are a Christian orthodox, evangelist or a catholic, then such questions should not concern you. In such cases, everyone should whisper to themselves: "I know one God, who loves all, heals all and gives life, food and water to all." God is everywhere - everywhere we do hear His voice. Some hear His voice and trust Him, while others hear Him and doubt Him. This is the difference between believers and agnostics. You may say that some people are claiming to be the real Christ. If such people abide by the laws of Love, Wisdom, Righteousness, Virtue and Truth, then they are the living Christ. Therefore, all humans could be just like the Christ Himself. Do you think this is impossible? Christ said to himself: "I and my Father are one (John, 10:30)." Whoever follows the God’s law, is one with God. In the very same way, it is possible for the Spirit of Christ to live in all people, since the Christ shall reside inside all humans and all people shall in their turn live within Christ. You may say there are hidden things that are kept as a secret with regards to the human existence. There are certain secrets in life, but that does not mean they are impure. Both life in Heaven and life below Heaven are full of secrets and Nature is also full of secrets. The human beings themselves and their bodies represent a great secret. Those who love God and their brethren, who learn and work, are gradually uncovering the secrets of Nature and the secrets of their bodies. In this context, one should know that the human body is a divine, holy creation. Treat it with reverence and devotion. The forces necessary for the development of any human being are hidden within the inner self and the conditions for their manifestation are to be found in the outer world. In water and moisture lives the Divine life, in heat – the divine Love and in light – the divine Truth. Use these conditions to grow and progress. You may say: "We want to be happy and full of joy" and that is indeed possible. How? - By opening your hearts to the light and warmth of God's Love. Once upon a time, an Indian fakir spent thirty years of his life in a state of motionlessness, being willing to discover the meaning of Life. For days he sat motionless like a tree and birds even made their nests on his head. One day an impoverished widow came close by and affixed a cradle on the nearby tree, where she left her child. The mother went to work thinking that she could rest assured for the safety of her child, since the child was under the watchful eye of the nearby-sitting fakir. After a while, a cobra approached the cradle and was about to attack the child. The fakir asked himself the question, whether to help the child or to leave it in God’s hands. He thought: "God created both the child and the cobra, He can foresee everything and I do not know what to do in order to fulfill God’s will." While he was reasoning, he did not move and instead let God alone solve the matter. The cobra bit the child and it died. The fakir then said: "Such was the Will of God". Ultimately, it turned out that he had spent in vain thirty years of his life in meditation, since he had not grasped the real meaning of Life. As he departed from Earth, God summoned him to inquire, as to why the fakir had not saved the widow's child. "I did not know what Your will is - to save the child by killing the cobra or to leave the cobra alive and to leave the child in Your hands”, said the fakir. God replied: "My will was to keep the child alive, so you should have made a move to kill the cobra. Why were you meditating so many years, if you could not resolve this dilemma successfully? For punishment, I will send you back to Earth to spend another one thousand years in tribulations in order to learn what My will is and how to fulfill it”. Many people nowadays are sitting still like this Indian fakir, motionless and meditating on the purpose and meaning of Life, but have not drawn the relevant conclusions. Their friends who are coming nearby being pursued by cobras and are asking for help, but the modern day fakirs tend not to make a move and do not want to raise their hands to kill the snakes. They say: "God has created the humans and the cobras and if He wishes, he would save my friends on His Own". The cobra represents the deceitful human life as the result of a distorted mind and a distorted heart. The cobra suffocates both the human mind and the human heart. One may say that the world has been created in such a way. This is not how the world was created. On the contrary, the world has been created according to rational principles and is based on order and intrinsic harmony. To see what in fact the world is, one should obtain a free ticket to tour it. Only then, would one have a clear idea on the way the world was pre-designed and created. But only those, who are willing to learn and work with Love, could deserve such a free ticket. The world needs great people, it needs heroes who are wounded not in the back whilst being in retreat, but heroes wounded in the chest whilst attacking and moving forward. The Spirit of God is descending upon this world to work and to encourage all people to work as well. The times of peaceful resignation have already ended. Today everyone needs to do their job and we see that all people are under pressure from the Divine world to do so. Thinking of sleep and rest only is sheer laziness, a result of an inner inertia. One person was very lazy and did not know how to cure himself. He visited an experienced American doctor and asked for help. The doctor took him to his lab, placed electrodes on his body and started the electric current. The sick man started shouting, stomping with his feet and waiving his hands. "There's nothing dangerous" - the doctor said calmly - "These are gymnastic exercises that will help you heal". Human life needs to re-embrace the sound foundation that God has originally set up. Apply the science of Truth and Love in your lives. If you see that your brothers and sisters are impure and unwell, do not criticize them, but help them recover; if they are hungry, offer them a meal; if they are sick, treat their disease. Why do you at all criticize the people who do not go to church? - Do not blame them for that. I find that some of you spend more time in church than they should. The term “church” symbolizes the self-centered human existence. Everyone has one such church within themselves. Exit your church of selfishness and enter the Divine Church of Love, Righteousness, Truth, Virtue and Wisdom. In other words, stop thinking about yourselves only and think of your brothers and sisters as well. Only in this way will the situation of families, societies and nations be improved. Only in this way will Bulgaria's political situation improve. All people - priests, teachers, judges, government officials, mothers and fathers - should pray for victory over the evil. "Which side should we support?" - Only the side of God and the side of Christ. I'm already at the battlefield. I have drawn my sword and I am fighting. If all men fight against evil, first within themselves and then in the outside world, the planet would easily be saved. Rest assured, great is the future of mankind. - "And what about Bulgaria?" – Don’t worry about Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s destiny is sealed, but your personal destinies remain undecided. I wish for all your work to be successfully accomplished by means of abiding by the Divine principles. I wish everyone to be healthy, cheerful, active and wherever you may meet each other, to treat each other like brothers and sisters. There is no greater feat than recognizing and treating each other like brothers and sisters - this is what is preached by the living Christ. I wish to all of you to be the “poor”, the “maimed”, the “halt” and the “blind”, so that you are called upon by the Christ Himself. Christ will send His servants to invite you to join forces with Him. God bless you and may the Lord be with you now and forever and throughout all ages! Sunday Talks; Sunday, 3 November, 1918; Sofia, Bulgaria Translated by: Pavel Iordanov
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