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  2. If you love me, you will keep my commandments The most used words in the talk: God, Christ, Came, Life, place, commandments, first, flow, says, search, gradually, has, grace, world, love, suffering, years, heart, John Extraordinary Talks, Bourgas 11th January 1915, (Sunday) (unknown hour) Information about the Talk Audio– read by Kiril Kirilov If you love me, you will keep my commandments (The Talk for being read in its old spelling is worked on by programme 2015) From the book "Strength and Life", The Beginnings of the New Doctrine of the World White Brotherhood, vol.I Zahariy Stoyanov Publishing House, Byalo Bratstvo Publishing House, Sofia, 2006 Download book - PDF Contents of the volume From the book "Examine the lilies in the field as they grow." Extraordinary talks (1915-1917) First edition of VSEMIR Publishing House, Sofia, 1997 The PDF download book Contents of the volume 11 January 1915 Christ's Teaching is for this world, not for next world, as most people claim. There is a relationship between the invisible and the visible world, as between the roots and branches of plants. When we walk in the paths of Christ, the holy and bright beings rejoice that we are in touch with them and they feed us. The tree feeds on the roots and branches - below and above. If we keep the commandments of Christ, He will give us everything we ask for in His name. If they don't give us what we want, it's because we made a mistake. The Earth is not a place for suffering - it is a school. We cannot rise without it. We have made the Earth weep more than once, and when it gets angry with us, it shows us her attitude with her shakes - her fur is bristled by our bad deeds. As we listen to His commandments, He will appear to us in bright thoughts, desires. We need Divine Love, which is manifested in grace. What is grace? Example: in the River Thames there are small ships, around 20-30 thousand, which catch fish and provide a living for the whole of London. At low tide, these ships remain dry, in the mud. There comes a tide - this is grace - they rise and sail across the sea, go fishing. There is a tide in grace. We must look for these moments of the Divine Spirit in the tide. If we lose this moment, we will lose grace and we will have to wait for 12 hours, which is 12 weeks, 12 months, 12 years, 12 centuries, and so on. First of all, let us apply the Divine Love. It works in the heart. It is the most important organ. The heart measures the pulse, and when the Divine heart pulsates, we come to life. We are accumulating an inflow. On the day we do not keep the Divine commandments, disharmony appears in us and we are not Christians. We will look for Christianity in us, but we will not be Christians. We often wonder if we have lost our goods or gained more in this world. We can make mistakes, but Christ will judge us if we do not correct them. We should not repeat the mistakes anymore but correct them. We have to learn from our mistakes, i.e. we have to get rid of our bad thoughts, and that is not to talk with the devil, otherwise he will gradually settle down all over us and tell us: "If you are not in the mood, go out. I'm fine here. " Such is the example of the camel and the water-miller, in whose water-mill it asked and received permission to warm only its snout and head but instead, the camel gradually settled its entire self in and told the miller to go outside, if he felt there was not enough space in its presence- the came felt comfortable. People "go out of themselves every day" because they have given place to the devil inside themselves. We must first cleanse our heart. Secondly - our mind. The spring, if we do not make it muddy, will purify our hearts on its own. "I will give you a spring of living water." Therefore, we should oppose every evil thought with a good thought, and in time we will be cleansed. Love consists in keeping the commandments of Christ. That is why we have to study them, and gradually the Teacher will show us the way, the sequence of learning. Love is not just a feeling, but a reasonable act. It means a sacrifice - it is a backpack and is carried around the world. Everyone should carry this backpack, even if it is heavy, but we will rise up with it and learn the commandments of Christ. When we experience suffering, it is that the Lord tests our love, and if we go through it without complaint, it shows that we have the Divine Love. Example - a rich man in Paris tested his relatives as to whether they will support him by pretending to be very poor. He made heirs to his wealth those ones who looked after him while he deprived the others even if they were angry with him - such was their reward. Christ says that if you love Him, you will keep His commandments, which are also relevant to our brothers, sisters, teachers, societies, and so on, and we have to preserve these relations towards all. We must avoid shootings inside life, and there are such shootings in all Christian sects. They preach Christianity but do not do it. A Christian will show her strength in the fight against the devil, who is a very great coward; as soon as she shows him her net, he runs away. He is the father of lying and therefore he runs away from the truth, from the light. In one city he also made a bathroom. For 8 years there was a dispute between the citizens whether the planks should be planed or unplaned and the bathroom stood unfinished because no agreement was reached. Both sides gave their motives for the conveniences and inconveniences and the practicality or impracticality of the smooth and non-smooth boards and vice versa. They took the dispute to a great architect for solution and he ordered them as follows: one planed board and one unplaned, so that both sides are satisfied. The same should be done with the Christians, who are dogmatists, supporters of the outer side. Every morning we should read a chapter of the Gospel, look for a commandment in that chapter and apply it during the day in our lives, and then Christ will come to us - He will make a dwelling in us and thus we will understand the deep Divine works. . Life is eternal and many great things will be revealed to us by Christ, but gradually - now we are not ready for these great secrets. For example, a man wanted God to reveal to him at least one of His secrets. And the Lord sent an angel, who carried him up, leaving his body, and taking his spirit with the human heart. When he saw a line of greatness, he began to pray that he would be taken away, because he could not endure when he was taken to the high places in heaven. Therefore, by keeping the commandments, we will prepare this path and we will not want to go backwards. We want first health of the mind and health of the heart. Every morning we have to make experiments :if we have fear, it is a spiritual cold. Therefore, let us breathe deeply, and with this we will come into contact with the angels, with the heavenly forces. People get sour easily every day, but this is not the rule in life. People need to turn from sour to sweet, just like the fruit - from a flower it first turns into a green fruit and they ripen and become sweet. The Lord says: "Everything will turn for the better / The older we are, the greater our difficulties will be. This is the case with children, men, saints, etc. Christ says," How long shall I bear with you? "We seek Him, we find Him and when He comes within us, we crucify Him. He will get resurrected and will go away, but when will He come again? "" After 10-100-1000 and so on. Christianity is not difficult. It is easy. The ones who have died for Christ have died with joy, but their names are written above. It is better to die as tortured Christians than as robbers. For such, Moses will come, Elijah will come, the prophet John will come, and they will all be corrected with a whip. That is why Christ says, "My burden is light." The Lord who speaks to us will guide and govern us. The greater the suffering, the closer Christ is to us. If we do not suffer, God is far from us, and that is bad. Therefore, everyone should fulfil the teachings of Christ in their place - as a leader and as a teacher, as a professor, etc. This is a commandment of Christ’s. By fulfilling it, God will help us and from small people God will raise us and make us great people. Since John Kronstadtsky has promised and dedicated his life to God, he became John Kronstadtsky, while earlier he used to be foolish. To dedicate our life and not to go to the forest but to fulfil His commandments in our life, to enlighten our minds, warm our hearts up, revive our souls, make our spirit alive and cheer ourselves up. 11 January 1915 Sunday Bourgas, in brother K.P. Stoichev’s house
  3. Ennoblement of the heart - Be always devoted, truthful, pure and kind! Reflection The topic today: “The role of the poetry, music and religion.” Now I would ask you a question and everyone finds the answer for himself: Why could some bodies be on fire and then burn out, but some – are on fire without being burnt out? Or why the long way isn’t easy to be walked by some people? Why some people are large and others – small? What speed the large bodies use and what the small ones? The larger the body, the shower moving. The small bodies move with great speed. Despite the Earth is large, it moves with great speed. The Earth spins around itself, rotates around its axis, and moves around and the Sun. What does the mill-wheel as it moves? – Mills flour. What does the lad as he goes around some house? – He looks for a beautiful maid. When the student goes around the university without entering inside, this shows he doesn’t like to study, doesn’t like to listen the lectures of his professors. To come back to the question, why are some bodies in fire and others – are in fire but not burnt? If there is gas for lighting in a lamp and you lit the wick, the gas would burn till it is over. As soon as the gas is over, the lamp would not produce light. However, if the lamp is made in such a style that it is possible to add up gas inside, it would produce light all the time. Consequently, bodies with a constant inflow of energy, they are in fire all the time. Bodies, where is present an outflow of their energy, they are in fire and burn out. If there is no flow or outflow, they are not capable to be in fire. On the base of the same law, we say: A man gets older because there is no inflow of energy in his organism. There is a constant energy inflow by the nature in the organism of the young one. Whoever is able to harmonize, to coordinate the energies of inflow and outflow inside of himself, he could get younger, could acquire the Eternal life. In this situation, the more inflow, the more outflow. Why does the lamp go out by blowing, but the fire kindles? Flame or light easily going out, it is temporal. Whenever there is a constant combustion, no blowing could help to put it out. There the combustion is eternal. The same could be applicable for the ideas: there are ideas which could be blown by the slightest blow. For instance, somebody believes in God. One day he takes a book by a prominent person, finishes reading it, but later on he fills his whole being with doubt. As soon as a certain time passes, the idea for God stops to be his driving force. This idea is not his inner light anymore. Each extinction of the planets and the suns, is a sign that they are weak as ideas. Bodies, where there is no inflow or outflow, they are dead. It is present only a process of decomposition of the material inside of the bodies mentioned above. Alive bodies are those where there is a constant inflow and outflow of energy. As pupils you have to work over yourselves, to overcome all inner and outer struggles and obstacles. For instance, the fear is a huge hindrance in pupil’s life and consequently he should overcome it. Imagine, you are on your field, you are working, but meantime a friend of yours has come in your home and he has to leave exactly at 9 p.m. You are going home on time, but a bear has come by the closest forest and it is in front of your door. What should you do with the bear? If you get scared, you would stay outside, but your friend is afraid to come out of the room. In this particular example the bear is a symbol of the fear in a man. If a man is scared of something, it is the same as if he has encountered a bear on his path. What should a man do when he gets scared? – To think. A young Bulgarian lad went to Thessaloniki in order to gain handicraft skills. On his way he caught up with few gypsies having a bear with them in order to make her dance. A deep forest came out on their way and the lad joined the gypsies in order to cross the it together. At one moment something began to rustle in the forest. The gypsies got scared and started running. One of them, that one carrying the drum, he dropped it and ran after hid fellows. The Bulgarian lad took the drum and continued his way alone. Close by somewhere he saw a mill and he dropped in to stay overnight there, but because he was afraid he went up on the beams, there he would spend the night. Barely had he dropped off to sleep, he woke up by noise of some heavy steps. This was a bear. In order to chase it away, he started to beat the drum left by the gypsies. It was s huge surprise when he saw the bear started dancing. He got calmer and thought: I would tie the bear and would go with it to make my living. It was already dawning when steps of caravan of camels were heard around the mill. When the bear heard the steps of the camels, it got scared and ran away. The camels got scared of the bear’s presence and rushed off to run, but broke many of the potteries, placed inside of the caravans. The cameleers got furious, entered inside the mill to find out whose this bear was and to ask for a compensation for the great losses. They found the young man on the beams above, put him down and took him on the way the town to put him on a trial. The judge questioned him is it true the accusation made against him. – It is true, Mr. Judge. My occupation which makes my living is to make a bear dance. When the caravan was passing by the mill, I was beating the drum, I was training my bear. She got scared of the camels and ran away in the forest. And the camels got scared by the bear and crashed many potteries. Indeed, the cameleers faced damages but I also faced damages. The bear which made my living ran away. If they could bring my bear back, I would be obligate to pay the broken potteries. Otherwise I also do not take any obligation. Thus, if a man gets scared, let’s beat with his drum. The drum represents the human mind. So, in the moment when a man thinks he is always able to deal with the fear. If he stops to think, the fear would conquer him. The inner fear in a man is one of the biggest hindrances in his life. For instance, someone starts a good deed, but immediately he comes upon the inner hidden fear, telling him he wouldn’t succeed and he postpones the deed. He has just planned to go somewhere, immediately he gives up. The fear brings discouragement, despair, doubt and etc. in a man. A hero is this one who is able to overcome these inner limitations. If he overcomes them, he becomes great. Even though in a state of despair, if a man is able to overcome himself, his state, he could lift up, become a great. If he is not able to cope with his fear, despair, even the most skillful one could fail. There are some cases in the human life when a man would fail again despite all the talents and abilities given by the nature. There are examples such as an ordinary man intensely makes every endeavor to cope with fear and struggles created by the life and then he becomes great. Oftentimes people make plans how to obtain one or another wish of theirs. If they do not succeed, they feel discouraged. People should not feel discouraged but they should know that there is a great, Divine law determining how things have to happen. Consequently a man is not obligated to anything else, except this, to obey to this law and connect with the Divine consciousness. The modern people have not come yet to that high consciousness and to understand and obey to the great Divine laws. We see rows of cultures in the evolution of the different forms of life. For instance, plants have strived for height during their evolution, in order to receive freely the sun light. This is why the plants have brought the idea for height in the world. The animals have strived to improve their strength, because the strong one has the supreme right in the animal world. The birds have strived for beauty. They have taken care for their clothing, believing the clothing would make them beautiful. When a man has come, he started to think of the beauty of his face. Consequently, the plants have brought the idea for height, the animals – the idea for the strength, the birds – the idea for the outer beauty, mainly for the good look of their clothing, and a man – the idea for the beautiful face. However, the modern man continues to expand himself over the idea for the beauty and he don’t cease only over his face, but also over the forehead. He has already divided the forehead out of the face and works over the improvement of all abilities, put in the front part of the brain. But a man does not stop even here. Having tried the high height, the strength of his muscles, the outer beauty, the beauty of his face and forehead, precisely his mind, and now he is ready to send his energies towards his heart, to cultivate a beautiful, noble heart inside of himself. Now, I am also saying to you as pupils: Send all energies of yours, all efforts towards your heart in order to work for its ennoblement. The conscious, noble heart hides new ways of living and work inside of itself. When the mind of a man is well developed, we say this man is intelligent. His intelligence is shown by the eyes, in his eyesight. His eyesight is bright, pure. And the gentle heart is expressed in the face of a man. The face of such man shines. Something bright, magnetic, pleasant comes of such face. It is pleasant to look at face of a man having a gentle heart. It is not possible not to love such man. Everyone loves the man having a streaming heart with nobility. A man is vitalized by the nobility. The vitality, streaming from a man is due to his gentle heart. Consequently, when you wake up every morning, remember that you have gone through the culture of the plants and you have developed certain height; gone through the culture of the animals and have developed strength; gone through the culture of the birds and have developed outer beauty; gone through the culture of the mankind and have developed your mind, which has given an expression and beauty of your eyes. Now, you are already going through another phase of the culture requiring of you to develop a gentle heart which would give you an expression and beauty of the whole face. The beauty face consists of the acquisitions of the past cultures. The man is represented by his face. The new culture is a culture of the heart leading the people into fraternization, into a fraternal life. The love would be expressed by the heart. In the old life, the love had started with joy, but ended with grief. However, in the new life, the love starts with grief, but ends with joy. Adam and Eve started with joy, but ended with grief, with tears. Hence the tears have originated by the Eden. Eve committed a sin because she ate a fruit of the forbidden tree where the snake had been wrapped up. This means Eve connected with the culture of the tree and wished to become taller, precisely noble. At the same time, she also connected with the snake and wished to become strong. She turned towards old cultures and made a mistake. After this Adam and Eve had been expelled from the Eden in order to try what they could do with the long ploughs and the strong oxen. God told them: Go out of the Eden because you wished the culture of the plants and animals and now be on their place. You have freely chosen the tree and the animal for an ideal in your life, now you would face the consequences of this ideal. A Bulgarian saying says:” The hoe and the plough feed the whole world.” This saying is only partly right, but not in an absolute meaning. The hoe buries people and the plough tears them apart, precisely disunite them. From the moment the plough and the hoe have been brought into use, people have started to kill and destroy. An exercise. During the whole week, observe the Moon as you write down the first thought of yours which comes in your mind. You would observe the Moon all week but every week day you would place your attention to that planet related to a relevant day. For instance, on Tuesday you would observe the Mars, on Wednesday – the Mercury, on Thursday – the Jupiter, on Friday – the Venus, on Saturday – the Saturn, on Sunday – the Sun when rising. When you observe these planets meanwhile you would jot down the first thought has come in your mind at this time. You would also register the weather, whether it has been windy, cloudy or clear. When you perform these observations, at least you would gain something new, would expand your knowledge. - Be always devoted, truthful, pure and kind! A lecture by the Master, taken on October 3rd 1926, in Sofia Преводач - Thea Teodora
  4. A direction for growth - Be always loyal, truthful, pure and kind! Reflection Write over the themes: “The role of the poetry, music and religion in life. The most important work after the food. The minor impulse in life.” Now, I wish you to express more creativity this year at least in a specific field, but not to change the world. Imagine, a certain idea has come inside of you, to create something, but you face a lot hardship on your path. How would you handle that hardship? Take an example of the seed. How the wheat grain handles this hardship? As soon as you plant it in the soil after a certain period of time it grows and starts to develop. Throughout its way of growth, the wheat grain sets its direction of development higher, to the sun. It finds that this is the path of its salvation. When it finds itself in the middle of difficult conditions, the wheat grain says: I have already been in the soil, in the deep substance, I could shout as loud as I could nobody would hear me, the more I rebel the more it would be useless; the more I put doubts over myself, it would be pointless. Now, there is no other option than to choose one of the two directions: up or down. If I go down, I would go deeper. I would start to work; I would make efforts to break through the earth, to get on its surface, to see the sunshine, the source of life. Often the pupils come across discrepancies and then they say: We don’t know what to do, how to solve the difficult tasks in your lives. – Strange work! The plants have the knowledge, how to act, but a man don’t know how to act and what to do. If you ask the plants what you have to do, they would reply: There are two directions for work – up or down. The plants are not capable to do something different than this, because they move in two dimensions. Related to the stated above, a man is similar to a plant, planted in the soil. Where you came from and where you would go, you don’t know. What do you have to do under these conditions? As soon you have been planted in the soil, there is no other option than to work under the given conditions, to gain a way to the sun and get a direction up. Should wheat grain to abandon the place where it has been planted and to follow the offer of some beetle to hide in its hollow? What do the people nowadays do? When they are in the middle of some difficult situations, they start to search hollows to hide from the unpleasant conditions. – No, the place you have end up, there you should solve your problems. As pupils, you are planted in the soil, to study. The pupil’s growth is hidden in the conscious study. When the plant realizes it has been planted in the soil, it never asks the question who has planted it and why, but starts to work, to overcome the conditions, to come upon the surface of the earth, to see the sun, to use the sunlight and heat energy and starts to grow. In the process of growth, the seed examines the elements, present in the soil, uses them and absorbs those needed elements. The seed is set far away of the human philosophy, who has planted it and why it has been planted. Should a child which goes to school, question who has sent him, why has been sent and what he should do? Do not care of the answer of the question, what were your father’s intentions sending you to school. As soon as you are sent to school, you are obliged to study – nothing more. Many philosophers have discussions over the matter why a man has come to earth, but no one has solved it so far and shall not find the right answer. Thousands of years would pass but this matter would remain unanswerable. This matter would be solved when people finish their growth on the earth. When the fish is in the water, the fish doesn’t realize its situation. As soon as gets out of the water, it has already known, she was a fish. Consequently, while a man is in his physical form, a man goes through the state of an animal. One day when he leaves his physical form, he would admit his position as a human being. He would change his moral and habitual ways of acting and would go in a higher form of life. As pupils, you should come to a position of changing your unpleasant living conditions. They are situated mainly in your mind, in your consciousness. Many people put in their minds such thoughts driving them to maniacs. From early morning till dawn, they are on an alert; they think they are chased to be killed. In order to grow right, a man should throw all limited thoughts of his mind. Keep in mind this thought that nothing could be an obstacle. Could a rope be an obstacle of the tree? If you bind a tree with a rope, it wouldn’t take so long for the rope to rip off. The tree has strength to overcome all obstacles, all unpleasant conditions in its present situation. A man has much more strength to overcome the unpleasant conditions in his life. The tree, plants have knowledge over chemistry and they apply it in their lives. If you wrap a metal barbed wire around a tree, it would produce such juices of its own which would fret the metal and the tree would be free of the metal wire in a certain period of time. There are some given abilities in a man also, helping him to overcome the obstacles on his path. However, in order to precede this, certain knowledge is required. The same as plants recognize the elements of the soil, the law of light and heat and use them properly, the same way people could apply their knowledge, too. The plants also know the right direction to be followed and consequently they place their roots deeper down – to the centre of the earth, and the leaves higher up – to the centre of the sun. Applying their knowledge, the plants grow and develop. Apply your knowledge, too, to grow, to develop right. This doesn’t come immediately. A man would craw, would walk step by step, till he reaches the peak where he is heading for. This is the true meaning of heroism. Hardship, obstacles in the human life are nothing else than layers, stored in his consciousness, so he should clean them out. It is the same as the plants are covered with soil; there are so many layers from the past in a human consciousness which he should clear out. A strong man is this man who is capable to overcome his struggles. This one who is not capable to overcome his struggles, he is a weak man. He easy feels helpless and looks for a way to commit a suicide. A young student felt desperate by his failures and thought of drown himself. To do so, he went to a river, stopped on the shore and started to think how to jump in the water. He started to look on right side, and then on left, hoping someone might see him and make his mind not to jump, show him a some way to handle his situation. If such a man was present, the young lad would immediately have been ready to deny his intention to drown himself. He would find the meaning of his life; he would gain strength to handle his discrepancies. Now, you have to work consciously, to apply everything what you have learnt. Take a critical look to what you are reading, because every poet, novelist, philosopher, scientist implies in his works either the positive or the negative of what is hiding inside of him. For instance, the pessimistic theory of Schopenhauer is something ancient. To support the philosophy that life has no meaning, this is related to the old in life. The old the same as a dry tree, should be uprooted and a something new should be planted on its place. The modern young people read indiscriminately. They don’t make a right choice of the books they are reading, and consequently their feelings develop immensely. Related to this, some Romanists have a certain harmful effect over the young people. They bring certain confusion in youth’s feelings with their writings. Under the influence of this literature, the young people fall in a specific area of the feelings, called “the astral mixture”. First of all, the male and female characters created by the author, they are not real characters. Could we call a hero this one who kills a man in the name of love to his beloved? Heroism stimulated by jealousy, by envy towards somebody, is not heroism. Heroism is showing respect to a man, without killing him, without striking at him. A real hero is this one who crossing by a forest, full with bush – rangers, is able to put them to sleep, to take their weapons and go away. When the bush – rangers wake up, they realize they have no weapons any more, but they are pleased that at least their lives were spared. Now, you are obligated to work, to create something new in yourself. Many of you are studying astrology, foresee the destiny of the people, but they don’t foresee their own. Such fortune-tellers are many on the Earth. Even before the Liberation, in Varna area, there was a gypsy woman – fortune-teller; she was using a snail as a tool to predict many things to the people. Hundreds of people were visiting her to foresee. Once she had been invited somewhere, out of her native place, to foresee. The road lied across a forest. She was attacked by robbers; they committed a robbery. She foresaw many events of people, but she couldn’t foresee this event of her own future – she had no clue that she would be attacked and robbed. This is everywhere in life. We meet professors, having a nig mindset, but they don’t know only one thing, when the biggest thief – the death would come to them and steal of them. Could we call such a person a smart one? - When we go to the other world, then we would find out about everything which is unknown to us now. – How you know that you would have better conditions in the other world than these on the Earth now? Whoever is not able to use the conditions on the earth, he is also not able to use the conditions of the other world. While a man is still on the earth, he should study, gain knowledge, using it as a protection shield against the death. One of human tasks is achieving immortality. If the death swallows a man, he should oppose it in such manner in order to not be digested in death’s stomach. If the death is not capable to digest him properly, there is no other way than to throw the man out. Do you think, if I man prays diligently, he might stay in the grave? – No, the grave would crack, but the believer and also this one who loves God, wouldn’t stay deeper down in the earth. He would come out of the grave and would go to work. As pupils, all of you should work, not to wait to be pushed with a goad. It is required for all of you to create a plan for a beneficial work for this year. It is good to have at least minor achievements at the end of the year. As pupils, you should live in harmony. In order to keep the harmony in the nature, every one of you should find his place. When you come to class, every one of you should sit next to such a classmate which harmonizes him. This harmony is defined by the planets ‘combination. Some of you are under the influence of the Earth, some other – under the influence of the Sun; third one – under the influence of the Jupiter and so on. Related to these influences, certain talents and skills are given to each person and he is obligated to improve them. Not only in the occult school, but also in the normal school, the students should situate themselves in such a way to sit next to a classmate who harmonizes him. Many people are afraid of influences and thus they avoid being friends with some people. Nobody is able to influence anyone. If there is some influence, it is not dangerous; it couldn’t step over a man. People might be in counteraction to each one, but it isn’t possible to step over. In order not to be in counteraction, they should use of the good influence of the powers, inside of them. Someone says: This – that person influences my thoughts. – This means if he influences you, you are able to influence him also. All living people are able to influence each ones. If some person in this life influences you, be also present to influence him. If some person is an earth type, is he able to influence the Moon or The Sun? However, the Sun influences the Earth by sending light and heat. Although the influence of the Earth is insignificant, it also influences the other planets. The influence is a great law. This is the reason why, please be careful of counteraction but not of influence. The more you are careful of influence, the more you couldn’t avoid it. How would you avoid the influence of the Sun? How would you avoid the influence of the Earth, on the hard surface? In order to get stronger, the tree should place its roots deeper down in the soil, to connect with the soil, to be influenced by earth powers. How would a man develop his body, if there is no influence of the earth? The modern people should study the dynamics of the human body in connection with the planets’ influences. This way would reveal that certain cells of the human body are under the influence of the Earth, some other – under the influence of the Sirius, third ones – under the influence of the Jupiter and so on. As a rule, the more highly spiritual creatures a man is connected, the more subtle and improved is the sunstance of his body. The more improved is the substance of the human body, the more noble is a man’s life. The level of the human development is defined by the substance of his organism. The human life is expressed by the substance. The more the human consciousness is improving, the more he is connected with the stars and planets. As he uses the influence of all suns in the Universe, a man goes close to perfection. As you have come to the Earth, you should study about the planets and stars in the Solar system; to know what influence they make over you. For instance, some people notice that the Saturn places a bad influence over people. However, they haven’t been examined in what cases exactly the Saturn influences badly. When a man fights with the Saturn, precisely with his destiny, this one steps over the man. Till the man continuously thinking, that he is capable to build his destiny, a man would always feel its strikes. The counteraction of the Saturn would always be present. The Jupiter points that a man should be noble, open-hearted, courageous, generous, without using any violence. – Doesn’t matter what advice the Saturn would give to the man, this, the last one says: This is none of your business. I know how to create my life. – Good, you would try. But know, if you start a war, you would withstand. If you don’t do so, you would face the consequences of your unreasonable deeds. It is said so: “Never contradicts to the evil!” What is the evil? – The evil is a collection of the deeds of some creatures not following the God’s laws. “Never contradicts to the evil”, this means do not contradict, nor judge these creatures not following the laws. Whatever you do, these creatures are merciless in their deeds. They crash stones and rocks in the mountain with dynamite. If you see this, you should avoid them from a distance. Don’t walk by them. But if you have to walk by their stone-pit, pass by and go away without saying a world. Someone complains of his destiny. – No, if you have come to your destiny, distance yourself a bit and there you examine its laws. Even though you are young, you would examine many things of your destiny. While you are still young, you should find answers to many matters. – Is it possible to find answers to these matters in maturity age? – There are many matters supposed to be answered now, while a man is young. The young one should work, study but the old one whoever missed this time, should repent of not doing so. If the young one starts to repent, he has gotten older prematurely. When he makes mistakes, the young one should correct his mistakes. If he faces struggles, he should overcome it. It is not allowed to the young one to lose faith. As soon as he faces some struggle, the young one should say to himself: I would work; I would make efforts till I solve my problem. No obstacles would stop me on my way. I would have courage to cope with everything. As pupils, you should know theta you are endlessly influenced by the Jupiter, the Saturn, the Mars, the Venus; they represent a group of creatures which have already finished their development. They are familiar with the laws of human development thus they could give you good advices and directions all the time. If someone wishes to improve his nobility, the creatures of the Jupiter would show him a way to work over. The nobility in a man represents the gold in his blood. Generally, all planets and suns in the Universe are banks which a man could take out this fortune when in a certain case are needed. What fortune would be delivered and how would be used depends of the type of the human personality. As soon as you have come to the Earth, you have to study, to examine the planets and their influence over you. Don’t ask what your destiny would be; nor fret against it, but learn. What would be the destiny of that man crossing by the desert? If his pitcher is stout and fill with water, his destiny would be good. As soon as he gets thirsty, he would lift up the pitcher and quenched his thirst. In this situation, his throat would never be dry. If the pitcher has been broken somewhere, a man is supposed to suffer, to feel an enormous thirst. The broken pitcher is a sign of losing faith. When a man loses faith in God, his hair would become gray and he would become bald-headed by suffering, and at the end nothing would be left from this man. And so, as soon as a man has come to the Earth, he should believe in the Primary Cause, also in the Eternal Beginning of the life as a source of all goodness for growth and improvement. The faith represents the zenith of life, where growth, lifting-up and improvement are present. Losing faith is a sign of a dawn of life, where every culture disappears. If a man looses faith, he loses any aspiration for himself. He looks like as a barren wilderness where no flowers bloom, no birds sing, no rivers flow. However, the believer carries the God’s light in his mind and God’s warmth in his heart and he improved by their influence. This year you should improve the inner creativity. Let’s everyone starts to think about an area he wishes to create and how to do it. If you have thought of something good, do it. As you apply the things you would improve your creativity. Someone says: I would make something up, but others would launch it. – No, whatever you have thought of, you have to be the first one applying it. If your idea is good then many other people would apply it after you. If you wish people to honor your ideas, you have to honor them on the first place. Consequently whoever honors his own ideas; he honors the ideas of the other people. Whoever honors his own ideas, the other people would honor them also. All good, great ideas have one and the same origin. An exercise. Place the left hand on your left shoulder (only the fingertips touch the shoulder). The right hand is put over the head, without touching. Move your right hand aside, horizontally and the head is back. Do this three times. After this, place the right hand on the right shoulder and the left hand – over the head. The same movement is made with the left hand and also with the right. The two hands go first aside, then – in front of the chest, with the fingertips touching the fingers opposed to each one. We concentrate your thoughts in this position, and then place your hands in front of the chest. Movement of the hands aside and in front of the chest – three times. A light blowing – three times. People make different movements, without any clue over their meaning. Many movements are made subconsciously, due to a surplus energy in the body. As people make movements either with the left, or with the right, they move the energies inside of their organism and this is the way to balance them. Some movements are harmonious, but others – disharmonic. For instance, the violinist should play for a long time, till he learns how to move his fiddlestick harmonically. The artist should make endless trials with his brush till he learns how to move harmonically. When a man thinks, his brain makes many movements up and down. The more intensive is the human thought, the faster are the movements of the brain. Nature has put the brain in the cranium in order to keep the brain inside while thinking. Generally, there are movements everywhere in the nature. Wherever life there is is a movement. Not all movements are harmonious but this should not bother you. For instance, fear produces disharmonious movements. From the moment a man feels fear, a man should use his faith in order to transform the disharmonious movements to harmonious ones. Thankfully to harmonious and disharmonious movements of the muscles, the human face represents a field where are printed all cultures a man has been through. Fear, desperation, discouragement are problems which the modern people should cope with. A man should overcome even the death, to become immortal. Now, mix this, whatever you have understood altogether with the unclear stuff, pour over water and make dough and bake bread. This is the true meaning of creativity. A real creator is that one who is able to make something valuable by each mess in order to please his relatives and himself. The real creator knows what he is able to do with each mess. If there is a cement paste on his disposal, he would not put his feet inside of the paste in order to try it out; he would put in casts, to make different items later on. Do imprints only of dead people, but never of alive ones. Be always loyal, truthful, pure and kind! A lecture of the Master, taken on September 26th, 1926, in Sofia Преводач - Thea Teodora
  5. New types “Be always loyal (devoted), truthful and pure!” Reflection I would like all of you to draw (conclude) the basic principles or states which have been discussed all year round. This is going to be your homework in the vocation – the basic thought of these principles discussed earlier and if there is something which is applicable. You are going to draw some conclusions. Now temporally we are going to postpone the lectures in order to start applying what has been discussed here. To clear out, let’s say there is a small river and a very small conscious (smart) fish, what would be its views? Let’s say there are hundred meters width between the parallel lines B and C, what knowledge (view) would this fish have about the external world? It would swim from the one riverbank to the other and then back. Now you are able to go into the occult science, everything what I has been talking, the same as this small fish between these two riverbanks. Somebody would say: “Let’s deny ourselves.” To deny oneself means one gets out of the water. As soon as it is out of the water, if it hasn’t learned the basic law of life, what is going to happen? Suffering. Suffering is an impulse provoking and waking up the consciousness. Suffering is the God’s goad waking up all the sleeping creatures. If you understand me right your conscious is full with such vast images (visions) making it tight. For example, you are sitting, scratch your head and then say: “Let’s graduate school, then graduate university”, then “May I be a minister”, then “Let’s have a car.” Well everything happens, you become a minister, you have a car, these are good things, but what is the conclusion here? You plant a seed, grows a plant, you see the plant – blooming but there is no fruit. The human life has a fruit. Which is the first fruit of the human life? (A virtue.) Which is the first virtue? (Novitiate!) Well novitiate comes later. Somebody of you would say: “I am not capable.” What he/she means? (What he/she wishes to point out?) Is the woof capable? I call the woof a scoundrel – it strangles a sheep. Well you say – the sheep is meek, the woof will press her violently. No sheep would come unwillingly and say – cut my wool or give my milk. It is all taken violently. What is the main virtue (goodness) of the sheep? Besides what is the most precious – the fleece, the wool of the sheep becomes a wire of the magnetic forces. What uses people is not the wool, is what comes out of the wool. A needed mighty force comes out of the wool. Consequently you have the might of the woof without being a woof and have the goodness (meek) of the sheep without being a sheep. In order to clarify, let’s suppose you have spermaceti candle. What this candle would give you by itself? Is it possible to build a house? Whom are you able to satisfy? What could you do with a beautiful white candle without lighting it? However if you light it, the light which comes out of the candle could use you. Where this light comes from? In this case spermaceti is just a condition of the light to come out. The light of the spermaceti is this important one which enables us to read in a dark night, might show us the road to take and save us by huge unfavorable situations and mischief. And I say your brain should be set on fire and burn. You must have the energy of your own brain. However you sometimes put out the fire. Fear blows the candle out. (Non- trusting God blows the candle out.) Now all these works should be taken objectively, they are not only yours. You have inherited common traits of the whole humanity and it is going to be a fight to examine yourself consciously. You are full with material of examination. You haven’t been studying still what is actually your heart. You haven’t been studying still your life, what a rich material – to bring you back – 5-10 thousand years in order to reveal how your life was and how you lived it. Now all this is covered by dust and darkness. Now you say: “I live”. As the same way a small fish lives between the two riverbanks. The first thing you would face in the future or whenever this would happen, are your rebirths. And after you examine your rebirths, you would notice these evolutional and in volitional laws, you would realize. You would realize how some of your rebirths had been connected; you would realize why some things (situations) had been constructed in one way or another. You would realize when and how some of your skills (talents) and feelings had been developing. Actually this is a science! Now you are sitting and saying: “I don’t know!” Wait! You have bought a lottery ticket and wait. You don’t want to touch the hoe. It would bring you a huge fortune. A lad (young man) comes to me and he wishes service to God. “I have been searching for money for twenty years, I digged a kilometer long ditch last year.” He has been working for twenty years, digging the land. I ask him: “How much money have you found!” “Two thousand rubles.” – “ Well, I reply, if you would have plant a vineyard in these twenty years time with the size of sixty decares, your fortune would be not less than 5 – 6000 golden leva. He says: “Tell me now where I could find it.” I say:” Even if I know you wouldn’t tell you.” He told me a dream of his. When he was thinking all the time for a fortune, he prayed, prayed and an imam came to him and said:” You have been praying for so long, I would show you a place where there is lot money, follow me. So pity when they arrived at the place and the imam would show him the money comes a neighbor of his whom had to pay a debt of 2000 leva and he insisted to get his money back and while they were arguing, he woke up. And it is the same in life. A great idea comes to lead you to a great direction – become a great person, then a small obstacle comes in the present, it tights you (holds you back). The small obstacles in life become the reason why you could lose your fortune. You could pray but this neighbor would come again to ask his money back. You have to pay the debt earlier – so the imam would show you the money, this is true. Why does his neighbor come out in this moment – it is a mystery. Then I ask could a man has a hardship without suffering? Could he feel happy without something happy? (He couldn’t.) So there is a hardship in life then why it isn’t possible to suffer? This is a modern education. The modern people have a false concept of life, of goodness. They suffer when the things happen not the way they have expected. It is a great law always: every suffering provokes the human conscious. And there is a small upbringing in the suffering. The upbringing and the progress of human conscious now is due to the suffering. It is a natural law. A path which a man walks. I don’t talk for occasional suffering but the ideological one. It is useless to suffer without purpose. A martyr, a scientist, a father, a mother, a friend could feel pain. Suffering without meaning is not a true suffering. When I point out we have to feel the pain I refer to this suffering with a meaning. And it is your responsibility for those without meaning. Somebody says: “I suffered a lot!” – Is it was about a value (virtue)? – “No, I acted foolish.” – You will pay to the pub owner. The same story as this with the imam. You will pay your debt. Firstly, all lectures – how may do you have this year? (thirty-two) – You are going to write down what everyone has learned. You have notes. Only the main conclusions of each lecture. Two or three conclusions of a lecture. They are important. I have recommended many methods, how many have you been implemented. For instance if you don’t feel good someday, it is good to put your back on a huge tree. How many of you have tried it – on some huge tree? Which trees interact in the best way? (Pine). The elm disposes the spirit in the best way. This light coming through its leaves is inevitable. When some of you is lacking a spiritual strength, falls down so much, let’s have a walk ten times on this alley (the elm one), the one would recover (feel better). The light of the elm is a good cure. And its leaves are fine-shaped, they are sharp, but those of the pine look like an awl. The only one thing coming out of the elm is its nectar. No grass grows around the elm. We have to be in awaken state when we are under the elm. It is a known vital energy coming out of the nectar, this is useful. It is essential to have the same disposition as the elm. To clarify, if you have uplifted divine concepts, the elm would help you. But you lack of uplifted divine concepts, the elm would not help you. The materialistic people don’t like to go higher to elm forest. I am asking, do the bears live in the elm forests? Haven’t you examined in what places do the bear make its habitation? (Around elm trees. Around dwarf-pine.) How could a person examine his states? First of all should sit in such a peaceful way. Have you seen how the scientists make their research? When some geology professor comes, how he starts its research? What methods he uses to come to those significant events of the earth, what points them? He finds some dead shells, edge-hogs, fossilized trees, but is this fossilized tree a solid base for the professor to conclude this was an era, there is no vital energy. However it is much better way to get further in the geology, through examination of the present plants rather than on fossilized ones. This is a futuristic method. For now the present one is fine. It is the same as if a geologist has thought for a long time and has come to certain conclusions about the past, the same way you would think, think, till a great though comes out. But it isn’t possible for a person to be focused only on a particular subject in order to reflect these thoughts. Let’s suppose, probably you have not tried this when you have a spare time, you wonder what to do and you probably waste your time. Sometimes when you feel bored, you don’t want to do anything, take you index finger with your right hand and observe what a little change would happen in your mind. It is a scientific method, then – middle one, then the fourth one….then switch to the right hand. Then let’s do this, take with the index finger and middle of the left hand – take, drop, take, and drop. (All fingers are counted.) When all the nails start to shrink (get smaller), this is a sign of a nervosity. A person becomes nervous, not patient. All people having short nails are irritable, when people having long, good-shaped nails it is a sign of intelligence. The wide nails reveal stability, bravery, courage. But the narrow nails show a person who refuses to face the outer challenges (obstacles). Human personality is revealed by the nails. You could find how brave and courageous a person is after you have seen his nails. I see a person, his nails are small, he says: “I will be patient.” – You would be patient but your nails reveal you don’t have patience. Somebody say: “I will go to Vitosha mountain.” But I see he is doubtful. His nails reveal, he wouldn’t go – when the skin around the nails is not so flat, the outline is not so clear. (The nails of the moral people are very good shaped.) But you always scratch them. This is not a way to improve the work. You should scratch inside not outside. You would change your personality from inside but the way your nails look like now reveals your thoughts are messy. The moral people have good- shaped nails. When a person becomes rough, his thumb gets smaller and rounder. But when human will is encouraged, the first phalanx develops right. Not only this, if a person lives a long time, this powerful life, even before he has come yet, the whole environment would be harmonic, compatible with his nature and he would not face a opposition. A person should have been working with thousands of years, the whole environment supports him. But you all have come, neither had you ploughed nor hoed, you say:”Our conditions are bad. I say you pull yourself together and work. Now If I share with you what you were doing in your past life, were you teachers, were you fanners, you would say: “I don’t know. So now what I should be?” Somebody was a teacher but wished to be a fanner. Who is higher, the teacher or the fanner? The agriculture is a hard work and takes the most of the vital energy of the body. His mind is not able to be so independent. But the teacher who is not working he collects so much energy, thus forms of myalgia come out, he gets pulmonary consumption. The teacher is afraid of the dust which the students make. Me, when I become a teacher, I would open all windows from end to end in order to have a good air flow and I would make a tea-urn(kettle); I would have twenty young kids, pupils in the class and give them a cup of warm water, there would be air flow but nobody would get cold. Moreover I would be free. This would not happen now, they are not able to imagine it, but it is quite possible. It would take a lot time to discuss to the inspectors the healthy reasons hidden behind this cup of warm water. Have you tried this to sleep on strong air current without getting cold? Now you would begin by the physical side, which is connected to the mindful life and you would have a certain measure. In some case your body could accumulate more energy than needed, in some case you spend more than you should – these are two opposites. You should take just how much you need and should not give than needed. Many of you open, bloom but don’t give fruit. Nature loves order and discipline. You should take just how much you need and should not give than needed. According to this law the most difficult challenge could a man perform in order to create his personality, is the following: somebody offended you, you might say: “He have to talk to me reasonably, he has to stop offending me. Somebody offend you and then he goes to America, you could not find him. What method would you choose? Punishment doesn’t work, then? You would find a person and you treat him the same way he would treat you. It would go away. You are offended. Go and treat others the same way you wish to be treated. You would ask him: “Are you pleased with me? My behavior, are you pleased with me?” But who of you could do it. And then you could bring the one in America back. The toughest lesson in the world (life) is to create an example when you are irritated (angry). When someone comes to you, don’t say: “Go away!”, but to reply: “Please I am at you disposition.” Somebody has offended you, you meet a person carrying a big basket, take his basket, help him. Say:”I am happy I can help you.” But you would say:” But no, he has offended me and to carry his basket!?” You would come back and say: “Suffering is always part of human life in the world and I have been suffering and I bear them even now, but it would change.” He would look at you, leave the basket to him and say:” Some other time I am at your disposition.” Immediately that moral principle would come inside in this person. You might never see him again, but you would receive a lesson no one else could teach you. But when you do it is. You would say, he, the Teacher says this, but he could not do it. If I act like this, I would be useful to myself, what gain would you have? If I eat it is because of me. But you also have to eat. That what you could apply in your life, it is for you, but not that fake (mechanical) application, but that ideological application. Sometimes try it. When you grief a lot, you don’t know what to do, do a favor to someone, but your mind has to be awaken. Do it as I said now, you could do it in the daytime or the nighttime not people to see, could be on lunchtime, whenever, whenever, do it. Imagine you are a student who has just graduated and your professor meets you while you are carrying a beggar’s basket. What would the professor say? “That one has gone crazy, carrying a gypsy’s basket. “ That’s why you would choose a dark night and you change clothes a bit, so none could recognize you. When you try this, let be unrecognizable by people. I wish all of you to develop those specific traits, which are hidden. Be active but become conscious, without strangling the sheep, but be also a sheep – but a conscious sheep which solely gives you the milk and solely milk it. Could a sheep solely milk itself in a literal meaning? No, it couldn’t do it, but it is possible in a metaphorical meaning. The occult knowledge should be only a plus to the worldwide knowledge. The next time you would have a silence meeting taking an half hour time, you could read a selected good book or something good, you would sit in silence here half hour, no worlds. You come in, sit on your place, silence half hour, whoever finishes, would go out, would leave, would not say anything, even a word, you might just greet each one and would not talk after you go out, would leave and then again no words. You could talk in the day how much you like but when it comes 7.30 – 8 on Sunday, no talks anymore. A person has solved everything in this world and sees that great existing harmony in the world. I sit around a sick person, he cries, saying: “Don’t you feel sorry for me?” I look at him. He says: “You don’t feel sorry for me.” I sit peacefully, reflect, as I blow 3 times, would come true, the sickness (illness) would be gone. When a beggar comes, I reflect, as I blow 3 times – somebody comes put it in his hands. But let it be invisible to others. I blow inside. May it be what I said? There, inside of the silence is that positive side, awaken consciousness, a person is satisfied. A good trial could be performed. Now you would do these trials because you would face hardship. Let’s say someone of you has a subscription to some newspaper – there are people who haven’t paid their subscription. You would stop; you blow one, two, three times, he takes, gives the money. He is a banker but he doesn’t give. This is an art, perform it. The beauty in life, these are the hardship, these are conscious obstacles to test your intelligence. The more obstacles on your path show more you are surrounded by a conscious environment. Suppose, years ago you pied on some field, there was no single obstacle. Now, after twenty years, everywhere – here you face, there you face to many obstacles. It means here are conscious creatures, you would go round, and there are some ways. The obstacles show we have come upon conscious environment, to conscious conditions. You should not stamp as a horse; you would act according to this environment. When you are in such conscious environment, there are some conditions of favor you to show yourself, there are some conditions to gain something. If you come in some inhabited village, would you die hungry? It is not possible, but in a desert – there are no conditions, you could go elsewhere but it is possible to die hungry. Thus no one could die when there is hardship. Now I talk about this, consciousness. I put on the spot the hardship made by God, they are a goodness. When God loves someone he puts obstacles on the path. Well this is so natural. Could you create a ship and don’t stock it? Could you make some carriage and don’t put something in it? Could have a bag and don’t put something in it? Having a purse and don’t put something in it? Could you have an instrument and don’t play? Do you know what a suffering is this, the rubbing of the fiddlestick over the strings? “What it wants from us?” This is the reason why you have to be conscious, you should work. If you, humans, sing and play, you would have less hardship. There are some creatures in higher spiritual state; you are a string of God’s instrument. The moment the angel above starts with the fiddlestick, you say: “My heart is shaking, it hurts me.” He plays and you would sing, that’s how you would be filled up with enthusiasm. The time the concert stops, it would come some peace. In the heaven only suffering people are discussed and those are joyful, no one even mention them. The Holy Scripture says: “Those one has already accepted their joy on the earth, but those, the grieving ones, those have accepted the hardship down, and they are thought above, to gain some goodness.” This is a positive philosophy. You could do small steps to harden your personality but not to be indifferent. I wish of you to become new types (people). This evening I met a miss, a student, I guess in the forth semester, with a red hat, the way she walks smartness fully, with a pride on the hat and a peak, stamping with feet, says: “I live for Bulgaria.” The red hat over her head energizes her. She just points a simple idea out. She got my admirations. She makes an impression, walks with an idea, so gracious, she has an idea. Now you probably put your cap. You would say: “I have an idea.” You would be ideological, so that when you are out, people recognize you having an idea. Whenever you meet an ideological person, you feel there is some fullness in him. But when you meet him without an idea, you just feel a snail shell. Do you want to be full? And every one of you could be full. But not only is to talk, everything possible. I wish to be new personalities. New personalities! Nothing else! These types (people) are possible to be created. “Be always loyal (devoted), truthful and pure!” Thirty – two lecture of Youth Occult class, June 27th, 1926, Sunday, 19.00, Sofia - Izgrev Note – the lecture on June 20th 1926 has not been read. Beginning: 19.00 Преводач - Теодора Милинкова
  6. The Relationship Between the Two Laws Jesus said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Matthew 22:37, 39 I consider these two Laws as measures which have a certain relationship to one another. The English have a special expression for the second Commandment which I do not want to translate into Bulgarian. Why? When certain things are not translated, they are better perceived. For instance, at times the weather does not look as if it is turning bad, but by certain elements in it you perceive this fact and prepare yourself for it. Outside all seems well¾it is warm¾ but you know that it is going to turn bad. Therefore, without being warned that the weather will get worse or will improve, you know what it is going to be. How do you know this? There are always certain external signs which suggest the trend of events. You can tell what the weather will be by the sunrise or the sunset, by the winds, the clouds, etc. By means of certain signs, some animals know what the weather will be as well, though they stand on a much lower level of development than man does. This is why I say that man should think of himself as knowing nothing. Man knows a lot. When we say that man knows many or few things¾this is in relation to the other beings. Man knows more in relation to the inferior beings, but he knows less in relation to the superior ones. Therefore, if he compares himself to beings inferior to himself, he knows much; but if he compares himself to beings superior to himself, he knows little. For instance, the earth is smaller in relation to the sun, but larger in relation to the moon. The same can be said in relation to the other planets: to some the earth is smaller, and to some¾larger. Many people think that the earth was made for them and say, “The earth was created for man, Heaven was created for the other Beings. This may or may not be true. Whether this is true is a question of philosophy which has not yet been resolved. What arguments can be given as proof of the first assertion? There exists yet another assertion according to which both the earth and Heaven were created for man. This assertion needs proving as well. However, all the arguments and proofs which people give for both of these assertions are human, and human proofs are of no value to the more advanced Beings. They even have no value for man as a whole, but for just a certain category of human beings. It is said in the Scriptures, “And God created Heaven and earth.” For whom? For people. However, in life we see that people are more interested in the earth than in Heaven. This only shows that the earth was created for them. And so, when they come across some great contradiction, they begin to think about Heaven. As soon as one finds himself in a difficult situation or contradiction, he begins to think rightly. I shall tell you an anecdote from school life. An inspector once started on a tour of Bulgaria to appraise the teachers in some of his districts. He entered an elementary school and said to one of the students, “Stoyan, write a number with two digits.” Stoyan thought for a minute and then wrote the number “75”. The inspector said to him, “You could have written the number “57” and still you would have a number with two digits.” Stoyan wondered why the inspector changed his number and what he meant by that. “Now, write another number.” Stoyan thought for a while and wrote the number “73”. The inspector said to him, “You could have written “37” and again you would have a number of two digits.” Stoyan looked at the numbers, thinking and wondering why this inspector was changing his numbers and what he meant by that. “Write one more two-digit number,” said the inspector to Stoyan. This time the boy thought for a moment and wrote the number “66”. The inspector looked at him and smiled, but did not say anything to him. In this case, both the inspector and Stoyan were thinking the same thing: whichever way you might turn the number “66”, it remains the same. After thinking for a while, Stoyan mustered his courage and said to the inspector, “Sir, I noticed a law here.” “What is this law?” “When the numbers end with a small number, inversely written, the number is smaller than the one originally given. For instance, the number “75” taken inversely, becomes “57”. However, when a number ends with a larger number, the opposite is true. For instance, the number “27” becomes “72”. Yet, there are certain numbers, which no matter how we turn them, do not change, but remain the same. Such are the numbers: 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99, etc.” Stoyan returned to his place, but he was content because he had learned something new. I say that there are cases in life in which people think differently about the same thing. There are also cases in which they think alike, no matter how much they may wish to think differently. For instance, people can not think the same way about the number “57”. Why? Because this number can be turned into “75”. When we come to the practical side of the question, 75 leva is more than 57, even though the two numbers contain the same digits This difference in the value of numbers causes a difference in thought to arise in people. However, if the numbers 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, etc. are considered, people begin to think in the same way. No matter how you might turn these numbers, they remain the same. Similarly, there are situations in life which show how one should stop before them in order to explain them to himself. Why do people think differently about questions upon which there should be a unity of thought? The difference of opinions in such cases shows that men are in contradiction with Nature, in contradiction with the Primary Principle. However, there are situations in life in which people cannot be in contradiction with Nature, with the Primary Principle. No matter how they might turn and consider a question, they all will think in the same way. It is sayd in the Scriptures, “Love your enemies.” Today all are asking whether it is possible to love your enemies: that is to say, people who have done you much harm and caused you a great deal of suffering. Reasoning in this way, we see how people kill one another, steal, use violence against other people, and excuse themselves, saying that they do this to them because they are their enemies, and since they are their enemies, there is no other way to act. I say: imagine that you and your enemy are balancing on the two ends of a beam supported only in its center and you must maintain equilibrium, because beneath you there is a great chasm. What would you do in this case? If one of you should say that he does not want to sit with his enemy and gets off the beam, both will fall into the chasm. What should they do then? They should become reconciled. The happiness¾the balance¾of the one depends upon the prudence of the other. Both must keep their places at the ends of the beam to maintain the balance until the conditions of life change. As soon as people realize that they are necessary to one another, the conditions of their life will improve and they will be enemies no longer. This is the reason which impelled Christ to say: Love your enemies. Thus, loving one’s enemy is an absolute Law which every one must apply absolutely in his life. You are on the same beam with your enemy, and your life depends upon him. Should he get off of the beam, you will go down with him as well. Then you will say, "Let him sit on one end and I on the other, and we shall spend our time well. I do not want either of us to move from his place, because I value my life.” You may say, “Can not some one else take the place of my enemy?” That cannot be. The least motion that either of you makes will be fatal to both of you: to move will worsen the situation. Thus when you have dealings with a man you do not love, you must think about why Providence has put you in contact with that (person. There are profound reasons for this. Whether you know them or not is a different question. If you can comprehend rightly the reason, you will uplift yourself, but if you cannot comprehend the reason, your condition will grow more and more complicated, and as a result, you will become embittered which will poison and destroy your organism. Since Providence has put you in contact with a person whom you do not like, it has in mind a certain gain for you. You must endure this condition all the more, since you know that in this world nothing is forever. In addition to this, though a person is unpleasant to you he might be pleasant to others, but one’s personal love or hatred is not a general law for all beings. You do not like someone, but God loves him. What should you do then? Suppose that you meet a person who leads a pure, saintly life and prays several times a day, but in spite of all this he suffers, becomes ill and no one gives him anything. You meet a sinner, on the other hand, who gets on well in life: his wife and children are healthy; he has a house, money, fields, vineyards. Apparently, the former seems deserted by Providence, while the latter is favored by it. What would you say to that? You might say that this is not just, that there is no justice in the world etc. Whatever you might say would merely be your own assertion, but whether it is true is another question. However, it is a fact that in this case Providence is being benevolent towards the sinner. Why and for what reason¾you do not know. Once a man come to me and said, “You are an intelligent, spiritually advanced man, but why do you waste your time lecturing to these people? You could be a rich man with the knowledge you have. Do you want to become rich?” “If my wealth will (would) draw me away from God, I do not want to become rich.” “Do you want to become poor?” “If poverty draws me away from God, I do not want to become poor as well.” “Then what do you want?” “I want such a wealth, or such a poverty which will not draw me away from God, but which will rather give me a full possibility (opportunity) to serve Him. If wealth or poverty makes life lose its sense for me, I do not want (either of) them. However, if they draw me nearer to God and make my life meaningful, they are welcome.” You say: but how shall we solve this problem, shall we be rich or poor? I say: you will be both rich and poor at the same time. How is this possible? - You are satiated - that is being rich; you are hungry - that is being poor. This is one of the interpretations of wealth and poverty. Thus the poor man can become (feels) rich when he satisfies his hunger, and the rich (man) can become (feels) poor when he is hungry. This change in the states of man is necessary in the process of his development. Only in this way can man be perfected. Some say it is good to live, but not (good) to grow old. Old age frightens us. What do you want to be: young or old? - Young, of course. This depends upon you. I shall illustrate the young and the old (man) in life. The young man does not carry anything on his back. He goes out of his house happy, lighthearted, tilts his cap and does not care about anything. The old man, on the other hand, put a whole market on his back; tired, sweating, humped, he is at the verge of his strength and murmurs, “My bones all broken!” I say: all men today are prematurely old because of the great, unbearable load they are carrying on their back. They sit and think what will become of them, of their wives and children; what will become of their lands and houses; how (will) they make both ends meet etc (and so on). This is a great load and (the time comes when) they can not bear it any longer. They must take part of it off their back. You see an old man pressing his white beard with a worried look in his eyes saying: My work is finished beard, he recognizes that he got old, grayer and things that everything is over). I do not know what to do anymore. I say: Throw the load off your back and become young! By becoming young, I mean that a man should take off his back all the unnecessary load and keep only that which is most necessary and indispensable. How much is necessary for man? When someone comes to me, he takes all he needs, but he wants to put something in his bag as well to keep in store. No, whoever comes to me can take as much as he can eat at one time, but I do not give anything for his bag. As soon as you are satisfied, and something remains which you can not eat, it is better to throw it away than to put it in your bag and carry a load. (Today) Contemporary people require (demand) much (have great expectations). They expect of nature (Nature) not only to feed them, to give them a feast, but also to fill up their barns. However, nature never does that. In what barn can she store up the air, the light and heat (warmth)? She gives everything freely and says: Take as much as you need. You say: If we do not store up the bounties of Nature, everything will be spoiled and wasted. Do not worry, nothing will be spoiled or wasted. Nature takes good care of her wealth. She has at her disposal barns where she stores up the superfluity of her riches. Whoever needs something should go to her barns and take whatever he needs and as much as he needs. Nature has solved the problem of food, but men have not solved it (as) yet. The whole life of man, from his birth to the grave (his departure from the world), is centered around the question of food - what to eat and how to obtain a larger quantity of food. This is the most important (of all) economic problems offered for a solution in the Chambers of Commerce (and) in the diplomatic and commercial societies as well. Today every nation thinks only about bread, i.e. (or) about the land which yields bread. Human relations are formed and broken up always because (over) of the question of bread, of wealth and material superiority. This is due to a lack of comprehension of the deep meaning of life. Today there is so much bread in the world that all the people on this globe could spend four or five years in a jubilee, without working, but simply eating and drinking as much as they want (to); clothing themselves and organizing their life without doing any work. After these years are over and this abundance begins to diminish, they can (could) begin to work again. The Invisible World makes (determines) each year a budget for the (all) people, as well as for all (other) living beings on the earth. Someone says: we support (owe) our life because (to the work) of the farmers. Another man says: You will have (get) bread, because I plowed the earth. But neither one is saying the truth (what is true). It is true that we must value the collective work of people, but let us not forget a number of other factors as well, which have taken (their) part in this work. Thank those two comrades - the oxen, which have participated in the work along with man; thank the thousands of worms which constantly ploy the earth and thus contribute to the collective work; and finally, do not forget the air, the moisture, the light and heat (warmth) which are some of the main factors for (contributing to) the welfare of man. Many forget the participation of these factors in their work and say: I did this thing, hence it is my private property, my personal possession. It is said, “Freely ye receive, freely give!” In the (his) book “The Way of Life”, Tolstoy has collected great thoughts of different authors and at the end of each thought he has given the name of the author. After (Under) his own thoughts he has signed his own name. This shows that he respects and acknowledges the collective work. Some authors, however, use the thoughts of others as their own. (Yet) However, it is important for people to utilize the good thoughts (of them) and to apply them to life. You say: But that is plagiarism. I say: If I am a rich man and people rob me and store up my wealth in their own store-houses to keep for themselves, I shall say: these are people who neither think nor act right. There is a law in nature which allows us to take as much of its wealth as we need. The superfluity must only pass through us as through a passage and be passed on to others, but we should not retain anything for ourselves (without being retained). If we act according to this law, Nature says: these children are prudent. But if we make barns (only) for ourselves (alone) and fill them up with (the) bounties of Nature, She says: These children are foolish. Thus, man must solve two important problems in his life, which represent the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega of his (existence) life. First of all, man must have a definite attitude towards the Primary Principle, which idea is expressed in the first commandment, “Love thy God!” After that he must define his attitude toward his neighbor, as expressed in the commandment, “Love thy neighbor as thyself!” These two commandments are the beginning and the and of life. Joys and sorrows in life spring (originate) from the regard or disregard of these two laws. Sufferings in life are necessary, because they moisten the ground. All the blessings in life (all the bounties on earth) come because of the fact that men suffer. Sufferings are the moisture of the earth. If there were no sufferings, there would be no material blessings (bounties), or (and as a result) there would be no moisture. Thus, without suffering there would be no moisture, there will be no water on the earth. Joys are just as necessary as sufferings. If there were no joys, there would be no light and warmth. As I explain the inner sense of sufferings and joys in life, I want you to understand me correctly. These are not my own affirmations, but they represent a great law which is equally valid for all beings - from the smallest to the greatest. There is no being on the earth, however small or great, which does not feel joys and sorrows. At the present development of all beings, this law is inevitable. It is said in the Scriptures that God is long-suffering (long-patient). Long-suffering has no sense, if there is no sorrow. In every soul (there) are deposited riches, great wealth (capital), which it (one) must cultivate. Man is also given liberty to work as he thinks best (according to his understanding). God has the patience to wait for the souls (who) came out of (left) Him until they (to) return to Him (again) with developed gifts and talents (properly used capital). He sees the great contradictions in the life of people. He sees their disregard and disobedience of the great laws of life, but He studies them and seeks a natural way to bring them to the consciousness of what they should do. If it is a question of violence, the Great Nature can easily reconstruct (make) the world better. If the sun stops shining, the temperature of the earth will drop very low, to 200-250o below zero, and even lower - to the absolute point of freezing. Under these conditions, all the contradictions among people would disappear. No culture, no life could exist in such (a) temperature. Everyone will (would) remain where he is (has been) with all his riches, estates (wealth, possessions, houses) etc. If you enter such a world you will find everyone in the place where he had been before (the catastrophe), men, women, and children (frozen) all stiff from the cold, sitting and contemplating (on) what God wants to tell them. However, the moment the temperature rises again) and the weather becomes warmer, (they) all begin to move and say: - God thinks differently from us, but we also differ from Him. And then all begin to live (resume life) according to their old convictions (conceptions). This shows that the world can not be set right by means of violence. Christ taught that he who has two shirts should give the one to him who has none. I ask you: what percentage of contemporary Christians have applied Christ’s Teaching? Many charitable societies and organization are trying to apply Christ’s Teaching, but they work according to the letter of the law and not according to the Spirit. For instance, someone reads the New Testament and makes up his mind (decides) to apply some of its teachings (it). He takes one of his old shirts and gives it to a beggar. The beggar looks at it, throws it away and says, “ If you want to fulfil Christ’s Teaching, give me a new shirt. I do not want your old shirt, keep it for yourself.” “But I have no other.” “Then (it is) better not (to) give me any. Do you know who I am?” You say, “How must one act when he does not have enough for himself?” One must give that which is superfluous. If he has two new shirts, he must retain the one and give the other to his poor brother. The superfluity belongs to Nature, which (and She) disposes of it. Or in other words: the superfluous belongs to God. That is the reason why when a person asks you for something he says, “Give me, for God’s sake.” Therefore, the cause for wealth and poverty in life is the regard or disregard of the law of giving. He who gives becomes rich; he who does not give, becomes poor. Many statistics made by people for (compiled by scientists on) the number of the rich and poor and the causes why some are rich and others poor, confirm this law. When a man denies the law of giving and does not give anyone anything, all become inimically disposed toward him (everything goes against him). When a man violates this law, all people to whom he could give something, form together an opposing force, which hinders his progress in his work (in his enterprises) and he (himself) gradually becomes poor. In the Divine language the words, “I cannot, I do not give”, do not exist. There exist only the words, “I can, I give”. The Divine ceaselessly gives, but the human does not give. The words “I cannot, I do not give” (you hear only) in the human language. Thus, the first commandment is to love God (the lord, your God), then you fulfil this commandment (and) you will learn the beginning of all things. This Law functions in (at, from) the creation of man. The second commandment is to love your neighbor. According to these laws, in the distribution of labor, the man studies the law of creation, while the woman studies the law of preserving that which is created. One must love God, because without Him he cannot learn the law of creation. At the same time he must love his neighbor, because the latter is warmth and light for him. If you do good to your neighbor, sometime in the future, he will play in your life the role of light and heat (warmth), without which your growth is unthinkable. You say: How can we know that? Man knows everything, but he does not fulfil that which he knows. For instance, someone says, “I do not know how to act (how to interact) with this man.” How strange! He does not know how to treat a person (others), but he knows very well how the others must (they should) treat him. As soon as he sees that someone is not acting with (toward) him as he should, he immediately begins to instruct him (as to) what is moral and what is not moral (tell him what is correct and what is not). The relations (relationships) among people are the same as the relations (relationship) among the numbers and quantities in mathematics and geometry. For instance, if a term in (a ratio) (an equation) is unknown it can be found out by means of the given terms. Otherwise the given (known) terms in the ratio (equation) would be of no significance. The same thing applies to music. In regard to music I say: life can be harmonious, musical, but at the same time (again) it can be inharmonious and not musical. Men’s (In this case, it is the) problem (task of man) is to turn (transform) the inharmonious life into a harmonious, musical one. Some may say that this depends upon the nation, the church, society, the (moral) morality of the times (contemporary moral norms) etc. Let us live aside all this things. The nation, religion, society, morals, are all external conditions for man. Man has existed before the nation, before religion and society and before all morals. Human consciousness has existed before the creation of all these things. Man was not created for them, but they were created for his development and self-perfection (progress). Therefore, since (the) nations, religion, society and (the) morality (morals) came into existence as (a) condition(s) (for) necessary to the development of man, he must respect (guard) them. There are people who can rule (is someone who can bring) the nation into order) the nation, who can ameliorate (improve) religion, educate society and sustain morality. The problem of man is to work toward his perfection. By working for his self-perfection, he works for all (the) other people, also. This does not mean that man should be indifferent towards everything around him, but first of all, he must determine his relation to God and his neighbor. Now when I speak about the nation, I have in view a better and more organized nation then those in existence. Such a nation exists only in the Living Nature. All nations present and future (of today and in the future) must copy their laws and order from this great and unique nation. This (Living Nature) is the real, rightly governed nation. He who wants to develop in the right way must support in his mind the idea that there is one right nation (nation of justice and law)- the nation of the great, wise (Intelligent) Nature. This idea should be an axiom for him. If one lives according to the laws of this (ideal) nation, he will attain and realize all his desires. Therefore, one nation, one religion, one moral(ity) exists in the world, common to all living beings - from the smallest (least) to the greatest. According to the law of this Nation, the life of the ant is as valuable as that of man. You will make way for it to pass just as you would do for a man. If you treat (step) upon an ant, stronger beings than you will treat upon you. If you break a branch passing by a tree, no one may see you and the tree itself may not complain, but tomorrow stronger man will come and injure you (brake something from you). If you pass by a pure wellspring do not muddle (muddy) its water, consider it is a living being. You may say: but is it possible for the wellspring to be alive? I ask you: when you enter a lighted house and find the hearth (stove) burning and a kettle boiling over it, what does that show? It shows that a living being inhabits this house who has lighted the lamps, started the fire and cleaned everything. If you put out the light and the fire in this house and do some other mischief, (in this way) you do harm to the intelligent being living there. (Similarly) Thus, all living beings which (whom) we see around us (surrounding us) have a relation to the great wisdom (Great intelligence) in life. At the same time they have a relation to all men. For example, the statistics show that the welfare of a country depends upon the condition of its forests. The more protected the forests, the greater the welfare of that country. (Therefore) So the forests and the fruit-trees must be guarded well and not cut. If they are cut at random, that will have a negative effect upon the people. Therefore man must acquire a right relation to all living beings: plants, animals, and people. You (may) meet a person who is unpleasant to you; yet in spite of that, you must say: the Divine breath is also in that man. If you meet a bear you can converse with it as with a man. This may seem funny to you, but many people who have had encounters with animals have come to the conclusion that the animals manifest a certain intelligence, that they are grateful in a way for the good done to them. A good example from the time of the Roman Empire confirms the fact that animals are grateful. In those days, a Christian man who was persecuted for being a Christian escaped to Africa and hid himself in a cave. One day he heard a roar nearby and looking out he saw a lion roaring with a paw raised in the air. (He approached) Upon a closer scrutiny of the paw, the man saw a big thorn stuck into it. (He approached) Touching the lion paw in his hands (and) he carefully pulled out the thorn and after that put some oil on the wounded place in the paw. After the small operation was finished, the lion looked at the Christian man and went away. In time the man returned to Rome where he was captured and sentenced to death - to be devoured by the fiercest lions. It happened at the same time that the lion he had healed was caught and taken to Rome. The day, upon which the Christian man should be devoured, the same lion was ushered into the arena. When he saw his savior, the lion sat by (crouched at) his feet and started (began) to lick his hands. In this way he wanted to express his gratitude to the Christian man. All the people who were present were amazed at that sight on the arena. I say: if there is gratitude in a lion, how much more gratitude must a man feel! Someone says, “What of it that I have done a good deed?” It is a great thing to do a good deed in the right way. The good deed is the capital which a man deposits in the Divine Bank. God remembers for twenty five thousands years the good a man has done. Wherever He meets that man, He says: This man is good; he deserves the bounties of life and success in his work. God remembers the evil that a man does only for a hundred years. During these hundred years the man who has done evil feels the weight of its burden. Therefore, if you want to receive God’s Blessing, do good. You may doubt whether this is true or not - that is your own business. This, however, is an axiom for me. If I had more time at my disposal, I might prove my statement. I have arguments that will make every one agree with me. I ask a student, "Can you lift a pound (kilogram) of weight off the earth?" "Of course, I can." How much is a pound (kilogram)? Even the children can lift it. - But if this pound (kilogram) is heated up to 2000 degree Celsius? (Then) There will be around it a circle near which you will not be able to come. (Therefore) There are thoughts in the world which represent (just) such a center of heat which you can never approach. Such thoughts have (an influence) a more destructive than beneficial (influence). That is why one must hold in his mind constructive thoughts. All right thoughts are of this kind (constructive). For instance, it is a right thought that you must determine your relation to God and then toward your neighbor. That is why it says in the Scripture: Love the Lord thy God! And then it says: Love thy neighbor as thyself! Today these two commandments must be scientifically explained. They must not be examined, as we do today, in the consciousness of people, because in the consciousness of all men today is an darkness (They should not be considered the way they are in the human consciousness of today because the consciousness of the contemporary people contains some internal darkness). You ask why there is suffering in the world. In order to clarify (answer this question) this idea, I shall use an illustration (I will use the following example). Once a nice white hen, which had managed to escape from its rich master, came to the house of a saint. When (he saw it) the saint saw the white hen, he decided to keep it, not willing (wanting) to sell it, because (then) it would be killed. However, in order to conceal it from its master, the saint dyed its feathers. As soon as the hen saw its colored feathers, it began to weep and said to the saint, "Why did you stain my lovely white dress?" The saint answered it, "There is nothing wrong in that. The color of you dress has a relation to the external side of your life (to do only with the outside of you). I dyed you out of necessity, for someone would have caught you and kill you with your nice white dress." I say: If suffering can dye you and in this way liberate (save) you from death, are they not in their right place? As soon as death passes away, you will throw off your dyed feathers and remain (be) again with (in) your white dress. Today all men complain of being stained. I ask: which worker does not get stained? The question is not in that a man is stained, but whether there is prudence (wisdom) in that staining. It is a blessing to become stained consciously and intelligently, otherwise, it is a misfortune. Becoming stained is (an) inevitable (under the) law. Since you know this, do not look for a life that you can not find. Someone says, "I want to be rich." You can be rich. "I want to be learned." You can be learned. "I want to be healthy." You can be healthy. "I want to be wise." You can be wise. How can I obtain these things? That is the difficult (essential) question! All men cannot be rich. All men cannot possess great capital (wealth). Is it just that Providence should take care only of your budget? If everyone thinks only of himself, then what is the problem (task, role) of the believing men, of the religious men? They preach that man must be saved in order to enter the Kingdom of God. However, the salvation of man is not the main purpose of his life. The purpose of man's life is self-perfection (advancement). When man works for his self-perfection, he becomes a servant (ready to serve). How many servants are there in the world? The earth must be full of such a men. If there were 144,000 men in Bulgaria who have completed their development it would be one of the leading countries in the world. How many such Bulgarians are there today? And if there were such Bulgarians, how could they become known (they be recognized)? It says in the Scripture: By their fruit ye shall know them. There are a few millionaires in Bulgaria, but there are no milliarders. In America, however, there are milliarders who can help others. Since there are no great capitals (fortunes) in Bulgaria, where must it direct its forces? When we speak about the wealth of a nation, we must have in view the direction of the forces functioning within it. If these forces are directed toward the Divine Organism, this nation will be rich and will develop normally. No matter how small a nation may be, it represents an organ in the Divine organism. Its significance depends upon the functions which it performs within this organism. Then, if a nation fulfils its service rightly, it must fear nothing. If the nations were conscious (recognized this fact) of this fact, they would be working according to the laws of Creation, while Creation would be working for them. However, all contemporary nations denied the laws of Creation, as a result of which they lost its protection. The Jews, for example, had 33,000 promises by God, but they understood them wrongly. They wanted to be first in the world. They could have been first, but in what? - First in Love, in Knowledge and Wisdom, first in Truth, first in liberty (Freedom). In reality, the Jews were none of these things. Only the free man is strong; only the man who does not die is strong. If you die, you are not strong, i.e. your strength is relative. A strong man is only he who has conquered his last enemy - death. Someone says, "One cannot but submit to that which is powerful (One cannot do anything but succumb before force)." A proverb says: The sword does not cut a bent neck. In spite of this reasoning, I see the same man who believed it, lying beheaded in the cemetery. And then people come to console that man. The real consolation lies in this - not to be trodden upon by death. The real consolation lies in that - to be a friend of life, a friend of knowledge, a friend of truth and freedom, a friend of all (the) virtues, and a friend of all the good and wise people. How can men console me when death has deprived me of my brain and eyes? How can men console me when death has amputated my hands and feet? After all that, you will say that God has ordered this, that it is His Will and so on. Do not speak this way. (It is we who) We have created this order, not God. If all this is His deed, why has He given Moses the commandment: Do not kill! The successors of Moses changed this law. They ordered that everyone who breaks the law of the Sabbath should be killed. Where is the unity of the law? God tells us not to kill, but the civil law says that everyone who breaks the law of the Sabbath must be killed. Some man has gathered a few dry sticks on the Sabbath and immediately he is punished for breaking the law of the Sabbath. This is an application of the letter of the law (of the law by letter). The dry sticks, according to the spirit (in essence), mean something entirely different. They are an expression of the evil in man. That is why it says in the Law of Moses: Do not commit evil on the Sabbath day! Now let us put this question aside. When the superconsciousness (higher consciousness) in people awakens, they will understand why they have been killed for gathering sticks on the Sabbath day. When does man die? When the plants in his organism wither; when the wheat in him withers; man dies when the wellsprings in him dry up and when all his moisture evaporates (disappears). Thus, the dry sticks are within man and not outside of him. When all the virtues, all the light (sublime, noble) thoughts, all the light feelings and sublime actions wither up, he comes under the law of karma, i.e. the law of cause and effect and he is already destined for the place where the crucifixion is expecting (awaiting) him. There he will be executed, but he will be all alone. He will look right and left for those who defended him, but none of them will be there. Why? - Because he denied those who sustained his life. Then death will impose itself upon him. This is what Moses had wanted to say by (in) the words: Do not gather dry sticks on the Sabbath day when God is resting. Do you know what the Rest of God means? Today people believe more in falsehood than in the truth. For thousands of years people have used falsehood and still believe in it. Some years ago there was a Bulgarian man, from one of the villages of Varna, by the name of Noytcho, who was a good man, but had a strong imagination. Because of that, he often gathered people together in the taverns and spoke (told) to them how to buy farms, fields, vineyards, sheep and cattle and become rich like Job. One Sunday many peasants were gathered together in the tavern and he told them that he knew where great pots of gold lay buried, since the times of the Roman Empire. "Is that so?," asked the men (villagers). "Can you show us the place of that gold?" "Of course, I can. "And he described to them exactly the place of the buried gold. Noytcho, in reality, did not know where they could discover any gold, (so) he (thus) lied to them. In the morning all the peasants (villagers) started with different tools for the place described and the priest went along with them, all thinking that they would find a thousand pounds (kilograms) of gold. When Noytcho saw the preparation for the expedition, he said, "And what if they really find buried gold there? Let me start with them also." Thus he believed in his own lie. This is true - when one speaks to people about gaining money, although as a lie, they believe him. I shall give you one more example by which you can see the credulity (gullibility) of people. A man comes to you and says, "You believe in God and say that He cares for people and foresees all their needs. How can His care find a concrete expression?" "Go and by a lottery ticket, you may gain something. A certain man has bought a ticket and got a million marks." "Is that so? Then I also shall buy a ticket. I may get something also." A million marks is thirty million leva - this is not a small sum (amount of money). Here we see the imagination at work. However, tell the same man that he can inherit the Kingdom of God and he will consider that as something unattainable. (If) When he gains a million marks, he can buy bread, clothes and shoes - all that he wishes (desires). He considers it impossible that if he believed in God, he would gain more than by any lottery. That is why many people say (declare) that they have become dull because of the many prayers they say (repeat). They says, "We pray for so many years, but as a result of that we become poorer and duller from day to day, while other people work and gain money, piling up wealth." The first law - Love of (toward) God - is the beginning of life. Man must begin his life with inner experiences. He must apply every new thought, in order to test and understand it. You say, "We know this." You know many things, but you have not attained immortality yet. You pray, but (and) your prayer is heard sometimes, not always (and not heard another time), until a day comes when you look in the mirror and find yourself old. Then comes death, takes all that you have and goes away. You remain with only a naked consciousness and (you) regret that you have not solved the most important question - the question of immortality. This question must be solved while you are still on earth. You say, "When Christ comes then we shall (will) solve it." Christ has already come and is asking you: what are you still thinking? I say: you must solve the question as Christ has solved it - that is all. The solution of this question is in the New Testament. Christ said to the Jews, “Destroy this temple and I shall build it (up) in three days!” They began to dispute upon these words and said, "Solomon built this temple in so many years, but you say you can build it in three days. Who do you think you are?” The Jews consciously perverted the words of Christ. Christ was speaking about His body as the temple of God. At last they accused Christ for (of) calling Himself the Son of God and condemned Him to be crucified. I ask you: Who is a Son of God? He who wants to become a king or a prime minister is not a Son of God. The Son of God does not hold any office. He does not become king, minister, professor, teacher, mother or father. Then what will the Son of God do? He shall (will) come on earth to help humanity by manifesting (, to help manifest) the Divine Love. Whatever wealth he has, He will give it to the people and return where he came from. Christ told the people of that (his) time to keep themselves from covetousness. Now I tell you also to keep yourselves from covetousness, but you will learn the importance of this (for) yourselves (but even without me telling you, you will learn by yourselves). The best method (used by) the teacher of the old Bulgarian schools (used) in the education of children was the stick - whipping of the legs. However, the Bulgarian man is practical. When the teacher saw that this method did not produce any good results, he said: We shall sooner cripple the children this way than educate them. He sought for another method. When a student did not study, or was naughty, he applied the following penalty: a student would put the lazy or naughty boy on his back and hold him by the legs, while the teacher spanked him with the stick. Afterward (Soon) the teachers were convinced that this also was an impractical method (did not work). After the whipping, the punished student was unable to sit, but he was still not educated. After that method, was applied (So then they tried) the method of slapping (on) the face. The naughty or lazy student was slapped on each side of the face, however (but) this method also did not give any positive results. The more education developed, the more the teachers realized that whipping cannot educate children and for that reason they gave it up as an educational method. In consequence (Next) when a student did not study or was naughty, he was made to kneel, and sand or corn was placed under his knees. But later the teachers gave up that practice also. How far the present-day teachers have advanced in the education of children is not known to me, but it seems that the latest method they apply (used) in the schools is that of expelling the students with (for) bad conduct. Now all men are seeking the easy way in life. However we must (have to) know that all people have to (everyone must) study the great Science of Life by means of which we can come to the causes of things. For instance, if someone suffers (naturally) from pains in the legs, he must know that the cause of these pains lies in his virtues, which are connected with the legs and feet. Thus, when the teachers whip the legs and hands, or slap the face of the student, they must know that neither the legs and (nor) hands of the student, nor his face, are the cause of his mistakes. How can they (these things) be guilty for (of) the laziness or misbehavior of the student? Why have the teachers acted in this way with their students? That was their understanding at the time. These are materialistic methods which rest upon lovelessness (lack of love). If the teacher loves his student, even if the latter (this student) is the most incapable one, he can by an inner way arouse (awaken) in him an impulse for work. If the teacher is indifferent toward the poor student, that attitude (also) will have a (be) reflection (reflected) upon the student (in him). On the whole, if the teacher loves his students he will arouse (awaken) in them a desire (impulse) for work. The mother supplies the child with physical food, while the teacher nourishes him intellectually. Thus, man must apply in his life the two great laws; love of (toward) God and love of his neighbor. I want to bring down from heaven these two laws that they might (may) be comprehended and applied on earth, (for) every law is true in its application. Consequently, the first law - love of (toward) God - represents the man; the second law - love of the neighbor - represents the woman. The man must work with the first law, (while) the woman with the second. But the real man (human being) must work with both laws. He who has the form of man (will) should apply the first law; he who has the form of woman will apply the second law; he who has the consciousness of the real human being who neither marries nor is given to marriage, he will apply both laws at the same time. Wherein is (lies) the application of this two laws today? Why has the man who deal with the first law and thinks he is almighty and can introduce (bring) order in the world, has not done that yet? Up to this day, the man has applied all his energy in conquering the woman and in convincing her that having come out of him she cannot do anything alone (by herself). I ask you: has the man succeeded in convincing the woman in (of) the truth of this idea? Now I observe the history of human development, I see everywhere a disregard of these two laws. However, there exists an important law which everyone must keep in mind. (According to this law) It states that when a woman loves a man she has the power to raise him higher. However, if she hates a man, he will end his life fatally (tragically (?). A number of statistics in America show that all those ministers who have good wives are known as popular and eminent persons. Why? Because their wives love them and share their views. And inversely: all the wives of ministers who have not loved their husbands and have not shared their ideas have in a way caused their failure. Thus, the woman is in a position to raise her husband or to be the cause of his failure. Not only that, but the second law - love of your neighbor, which has to do with the woman, is the law which creates the institutions and the social order. Therefore, the whole present order of life in all its departments is due to this humiliated woman. Then what must be the goal of contemporary society as well as of all nations? - To raise the woman. Raise the woman to the position she (has) originally been (stood) and you will see that in the course of twenty five years the world will be set right. The salvation of the world lies in the uplifting of the woman. If you do not uplift her and if she does not raise herself, salvation cannot come from any other place (nowhere else). Thus, when we speak about Love as a great powerful force, we believe that it alone is (cap)able to (of) raise (raising) those humiliated, bereaved, sorrowful and fallen, sinful souls who are at the bottom of hell. Hell is full of women. You ask whether this idea should be understood literally or not. Accept it as you wish (will) - both literally and (or) symbolically. The woman today is humiliated and downtrodden (suppressed). By whom? By the powerful. What does it cost (to) the woman of today, as well as to all people, to begin to work for the uplifting of the woman? If the woman be not raised (is not lifted up) all the means and methods used for the rectification of humanity would be in (are) vain. For instance, you are well fed and think (feel as if) you will not need food anymore, but in four or five hours you become (are) hungry again. You drink water and think you will not be thirsty any more, but in a few hours you feel thirsty again. When I speak about raising (uplifting) the woman, I want this idea to permeate life as a whole (the entire life). It must penetrate not only the human, but also the animal, vegetable and mineral life. This great law must also take full possession of the human heart. If man humiliates his heart, salvation cannot come. The salvation of contemporary humanity lies in the uplifting of the heart. If you humiliate yourself, you humiliate your heart. If you raise yourself, you raise your heart. This is a pedagogical rule for (practical) application. If pedagogy does not apply this rule, what science is it? And then men speak about eminent pedagogist (pedagogues). (In) By saying this, I do not mean that there are no eminent people, scientists. There are scientists who are very erudite (but the point is not to stress on the knowledge of people - first we need to give a way to the Great Truth.) But the main question is not to bring learning (learned men) to the forefront; we must, first of all, give way to (for) the great truth which brings salvation to the whole of humanity. I am speaking about Laws which exist in Nature. The purpose of rational (Intelligent) Nature is to arouse 9Awaken) in people the superconsciousness (to arouse the superconsciousness in mankind) by the application of its Laws on (upon) them. It is not sufficient (only) to pray to the saints, but they must come to earth to work for the uplifting of the woman. All the Angels, all the saints, all the advanced Beings have for a purpose (are dedicated to) the uplifting of the woman. Many people today seem to be opposed to this great purpose and say, "Do you know what the woman is like? She is like a snake! Only he who has been bitten by her knows what she really is!" When you say that the woman is evil, I ask you: who is not born of woman? Was not the being that give you birth a woman? (The one who gave birth to you was a woman, was not she?) Was not your mother who bore you in her womb, who embraced you in her arms, who bore (carry) you within her mind and heart, a woman? Do not be hindered (do not dwell on the fact) by the fact that she is humiliated. Whatever she may be today, she is your mother. If you have a (woman) friend consider (look upon) her as if she were your mother. (Look upon) Consider your mother as if God is in her. Humanity must radically change its views concerning the woman, otherwise, the salvation of the world cannot be effected (will not come). Therefore, man must come to the first Law - to his attitude (relation) toward God, and then - to the second Law - to his attitude toward his neighbor, toward his heart. One must not burden his heart with unnecessary burdens and weep over nothing. It is good for man to weep sometimes, but on time (at the right time). It is good for man to rejoice, but again - on time (at the right time). Both sorrow and joy are blessings (a blessing). It is good to love on time (at the right time), to give your knowledge on time and to set men free on time. I wish when I meet you again to see your hair darkened or if it is white, let it have a pure white color, but you should still be young. Let your faces be like those of the young people - without any wrinkles. If you have wrinkles, it shows that your heart is burdened. Be beautiful and young, with new ideas. Each morning as you get up, write in your mind the two great laws - Love of God and your neighbor. The application of these two great Laws in your life is the solution of many difficult problems. Those disciples of Christ who applied these Laws performed great miracles. Whoever among you applies these laws will see the results. However, before he has seen (any) results he should not say anything about his work. One must not speak about the great things in life. If you love God do not say that to anyone, because that is great. If you love your neighbor, if you love your heart, do not speak to anybody about it, because this is great. Solomon has (once) said that the heart of man is perverted. He is relatively right, but not absolutely. The heart, i.e. (thus is) the woman is perverted, because she is humiliated, but this is a temporary condition. It is a different question why this is so. I consider the woman as a pole (polarity). When God originally created the woman, she was entirely different from present-day woman. There is a woman on (the) earth (The woman on earth today) who is like neither the one in heaven, nor (like) the one in paradise; but rather an echo, a reflection of the lofty (sublime) and noble woman. In this respect, love also is an external reflection of this noble woman. However, love is manifested only where the woman is. If the woman is absent in man (human life), love is absent also. If men (people) know what the woman is and give her the place (and place her where she should be) she ought to have, the world would immediately will be uplifted. Today, the woman is regarded as a being who needs a man to take care of. I say: this is not a woman; this is rather an invalid in a hospital. According to me, a woman is that, that saves the world; a woman is one who holds the keys of life; a woman is one through whom is manifested the great power of love which bears life. Therefore, the salvation of the world will come through the woman, not through the man. Now I wish you all to become women! This thought interpreted means that I wish the souls of all people to be filled with love; I wish all people to shine, to be lighted candles, happy and joyful, ready for all services. This is what it means to be a mother. In this sense, I wish all of you to be mothers. Today by the word "mother" is understood a woman who gives birth. A mother is only a woman whose children do not die. If the children of a woman die, she is not a mother. Mother is only the pure woman, the deva-virgin, who after giving birth remains virgin; this mother is that woman (deva) whose children do not die. Therefore, all people must be virgins (deva), absolutely pure, if they want to keep alive that to which they give birth. This is the meaning of the inner philosophy of life. If you can understand this philosophy, your life will become pleasant. Thus, the first great law (commandment) is - to love God with the fullness of your heart, of your mind and of your strength. - The second Law is - to love your neighbor - in other words your deva, your heart, which you must strive to uplift. Be, therefore, workers for the uplifting of the woman, thence - workers for the future of the entire humanity. Sunday lecture given by Beinsa Douno on October 18, 1931, in Izgrev, near Sofia, Bulgaria
  7. However, when the Son of Man comes would He find faith on the Earth Special lectures, Bourgas, 23 January 1915г., (Saturday) (unknown hour) Information about the Lecture From the book: "Ask for strength – Have faith" – Special lectures by the Master In the period 1914-1919г.,Sofia 1994, IK "Vsemir" Conversation Luke 18; 8 I will start my lecture with one sentence said by Christ: “ However, when the Son of Man comes would He find faith on the Earth”. The very sentence may appear unrelated to you and you may say: ”And what common does this have to do with us and the epoch we live in ? This is related exactly to the epoch we are living in. The humankind cannot live without faith, the common faith in life is hidden in everyone. We start everything with a faith: Whoever starts building a house, has faith that he will build it and by the way, there are such ventures, we commence them with faith that we will succeed. However, Christ does not understand this faith. He envisages faith that does not exists here on the Earth. The faith Christ is talking about is a sensible faith. The faith in my beliefs is soil.. In nature we sow on soil: for wheat, vineyard, plant, etc. there must be soil in order to be sown. Therefore, we can apply this in the human life. Faith must exist on soil, it cannot live without it. In my view, when I say of this culture that it has a soil, I mean culture and faith on the basis of it. Faith is a law of the reasonable world, and in human life it is expressed in soil. We cannot develop a thought without faith. Reasonable faith is based on certain laws. And Christ rightly determined that if we had as much of this faith as a grain of mustard, we could tell a forest to move, and we would have succeeded. And when we have a soil of faith, it will thrive. And according to this soil, we cultivate faith. Christ means something else. He says: "Son of Man, when did He come ...", implies a new era, during which whether people will have this reasonable faith? The Jews did not have this soil to accept Christ's teaching, so Christ says that when this new age comes, will such faith be found on Earth. If we do not understand His teaching, it acts destructively. If we had accepted His teaching 2,000 years ago, we would have had the exact opposite result to this one. The current war is a lesson for humanity. And it is due to the fact that people do not know how to benefit from the laws that govern humanity. I meet people everywhere who ask, "What is going to happen to us?" and everyone knows what's going to happen. - When you are at sea, the less luggage you carry, the easier it will be for you, you will sail if you are lighter. On hikes, you will travel easier if you are lighter and with a smaller load. In order to be able to sail in the water more easily and not seek to take luggage at the shipwreck, we are grateful that we have time to save ourselves, and then we think about our salvation, not about luggage. The same is with us, the smaller our backpack, the easier it will be to go through these events in life. "Son of Man, when did He come ...." This "Son of Man" is coming. He is expressed in special signs, as we know spring by the fact that we have a rising sun. And summer, autumn, winter also have their positions and we determine them even by the sun. In the same sense, as we await the Son of Man, we have signs to determine His coming. The question is whether His coming will be a subjective phenomenon, or vice versa - an objective one. There will be both processes: subjective and objective. In early spring, in March, when the sun begins to rise, diseases appear: all the microbes that were in the mud, various miasmas rise in the air and poison people, so then there are many sick - some recover, others die. And with a new doctrine, at the beginning of a new era, it is the same. In both cases, weak people can suffer a crisis. With the advent of the doctrine, there is a lifting. So, let us deal with this faith and see what it consists of. One blind faith, one blind love do not yield good results. Only a reasonable faith and a reasonable love can yield good results. If you are asked about the afterlife, whether or not there is an afterlife, what will you answer? - "Either there is or there isn't." However, this is not a scientific answer. An answer without knowledge is not an answer. And a lie in any form is never of benefit. Reasonable knowledge is required. What does this intelligent life that surrounds us rest on? It rests on a reasonable basis. And whoever could follow will see how reasonable it acts and at very little cost. For example, in a factory, in order to extract sugar from beets, how much labour, what machines are needed! And how nature simply works! It takes this little seed of beetroot and forms from it this whole head of beetroot, in which it gathers the sugar without much effort and thus it benefits both itself and others. And if we could master this mode of action of the laws of nature, we would have used nature and our lives would have been different. When Christ has said this sentence, He has meant you and today's people in general, because there is a connection between Him and us. There is a connection between the past and you, as there is a connection between the father and the son, as there is a connection between you and your ancestors. We can prove this with an experiment, and in order to prove that a certain element exists, we must give it conditions to manifest. For example, if we take a rose seed and tell you that it contains a rose, you will say, "It is a question of whether it contains or not, prove that!" - All right! We plant this seed and in a few months you will see that a rose will come out of this seed. The power that a rose can produce from this seed is hidden in the seed. When a person dies, he does not get lost, he just turns to seed. Take a caterpillar in its development. While it is an egg, it lives a limited life, and for some time this caterpillar will have to tuck into a cocoon, from which it turns into a butterfly again. The life of the egg implies the caterpillar, the life of the caterpillar implies the butterfly. The question now is, does this change that is happening to this caterpillar, these three changes have anything to do with the life of the egg from which the caterpillar hatched. From what has followed, the question becomes clear, so they are connected. The human soul follows the same analogy. One might say, "Why does a person sometimes lose consciousness?" This shows that the movement can be changed, or the conditions simply change. If you see a tram, during its movement a rail is captured on the wire, stretched on the tram. However, if this rail is somehow knocked off, the tram stops. Is the energy disappearing? Not. So, there is a disconnection and therefore, the movement stops, but it nevertheless still exists. Whenever we lose our consciousness, there is such a cut off as with the rail on the tram. Life is in us. When we do not feel and think, there is darkness - we have lost consciousness, but when we put together the sun, light, heat, immediately everything is normal, it comes to life. When Christ says this verse, He understands whether there will be this light in people, and when He comes, He will want to give this light. And how will Christ come? - There is an example of a Hindu student who, having studied all sciences, wanted to study the method of love. He went to ask a Hindu Teacher about it who did not answer him, but only remained silent. On the second day he was also silent, he did not answer him again on the third and on the fourth days. It was not until the seventh day that he got up, took his hand, and led him to the Ganges River, where he dipped his head in the water. After holding it like this for 5 minutes, he released and asked him, "How did you feel in the water?" "How will I feel? I had a great need to breathe." –So when you feel the need in your soul for love, then you will understand what love is. We are now in the same position as the student in the river under the water surface in order to make sure air is needed. We ask, "Why does God keep us in this suffering?" "To learn what He can do." What does the caterpillar say? "My world is only the leaf that gives me food. Leaves, give me leaves! That there were flowers, what do I need." Our life is like that of a caterpillar. So people like her say: "Matter, matter, talk to us about it! That there has been an afterlife, another world, what is in our business!" And the caterpillar, having eaten a leaf, says: "This world of mine is over, I need another world." Thus, from leaf to leaf, until it comes to such a position - it forms in itself the fluid needed for the tissue of the cocoon in which it has derived from. After staying there for a while, a butterfly comes out and now says, "Flowers, only flowers do I need! "You are in the position of the caterpillar - the physical world of the caterpillar is the cocoon, and the spiritual world of the caterpillar is a butterfly. If we have no idea about the spiritual world, it will be alien to us. Imagine that a famous first-class violinist came in your city, he can play very well at the concert he will give, but how would you have benefited if you were deaf or if you did not have developed musical feelings? Now, when Christ says, "Son of Man, when He comes, whether he will find faith on Earth," He implies a reasonable faith, and there are only reasonable principles in this reasonable faith. And when it enters man as soil, he will build his own life. In order for the thought to manifest, there must be some form. If we can show form, we can also show will. With this faith man will create his form of will, form of desires, etc. There are no forms in modern people and therefore, they have no will. To kill a man is not a will; to destroy a city is not a will; to set fire to a house is not a will; these things are done by the children too. However, there is a reasonable will in the creation of a city and so on. There is will only in the creation of something supreme. There is reasonable faith in the reasonable will, and there must be consciousness in reasonable love. When a nation is pushed back and forward in their lives, does it have a will? As a nation, we have a relationship with all of humanity and therefore a certain job. The same is with every organ of the human body: the brain, the lungs and the stomach. Everyone should ask themselves, "What should I do?" Because you are a reasonable unit in your place. It is always a man who can fix the world. Anyone can be a focal point around which everyone will be grouped. When we come to this consciousness that we can fix the world, then the world will be fine. Otherwise, if we talk, we are lying. God has made man in His image and likeness, that is, we can do everything. Ask a chemist who has found the laws that govern the elements and works on those laws in his lab but if he accidentally mixes up their relations, he will cause an explosion. Also, when a driver is on the locomotive, he measures with a device what the pressure of the steam in the cauldron is, how many atmospheres its pressure is. Modern people have taken a random path: they walk without looking at this device, and as a consequence, their whole culture brings them closer to catastrophe, because they used their culture to find ways to destroy. That is why today's civilization is negative, with negative ideas. People create only destructive elements: 42-centimeter cannons, torpedoes and more. And when Christ says, "Son of Man, when He comes, will He find faith on earth?" it is understood that when Christ comes among these people of negative science, will He find faith, reasonable love, etc. Now is the time. Don't think that this course of the world war is so arbitrarily? "Universal war, universal war, universal war," it was provoked by the constant talk of it. We created it, we put the fuel. We will now begin to say the opposite. We created it, we will stop it. We set the fire, we will take away this fuel. This reasonable faith will be created by us, the humans. In the modern order, women and men hold the key to the future good life. The latter have this main purpose of building the future individuals of society. When you build a house, you follow certain rules, you choose good, healthy materials. If we have to build the future conditions in which to live, they can be created by good mothers and fathers with good thoughts. As are the thoughts of the mothers and fathers so will the thoughts of the children be. We may have only thoughts of theft, and our children will be thieves. Our thoughts and desires are realised in society. Whatever we think, it's going to happen. Our thoughts and desires will necessarily be realised in 1, 2, 3, 4 generations. Bulgarians need to correct themselves, it depends on us. You can do a lot of things, as long as you connect with those forces that work in nature. There are different degrees of intelligence in nature, and whatever you connect with, you become the same. By all means, according to these laws, we must connect with these reasonable laws in nature. But we say we don't see them. This is because we do not train our vision through constant exercise. Recently, a friend told me how, over time, he has been able to distinguish the smallest butterflies from a distance of 50 meters, which, even if you are next to them, are difficult to see. And when he showed me his collections, I had to use my magnifying glass to look at them. And he said to me, "I wonder how that's possible." The thing is that from the constant strain of his vision, this centre in his brain has expanded. Our coming to Earth is to be free. Love will set us free. Modern people live in restrictive conditions and cannot change them. From a religious point of view, their position is the will of God. Do we know the philosophy of units? - We say: one horse, one house, etc., but with the originally created one, what did the Creator want to designate with it? - The One who created the numbers said that there is one measure in the world that will serve as a definition: only one principle, which we call God. We measure with Him, with the number 1 - the Unit. In the physical world, the number 2 means that life, in order to manifest, must have two fulcrums, two forces are needed to act on each other. That is why the man and the woman come together and from this point of view ten men, a hundred men, a thousand men are again one man. The number 2 shows the process, which nature works through and that the process of dividing into two is a process of evolution. One tree gives branches, but they all come from one place and are connected to each other. In the branching of things, they must be connected to their foundation. All your thoughts and desires must be related to your soul. Why do the branches grow upwards and the roots downwards? This question is pending, but there must be a growth up and down. And we, like plants, have a dual aspiration. Those who are at the roots say that the world is just matter. The atoms that make up matter are units of force. By the word "matter" we mean a mother who gives birth. The visible is a substance, which our mother "matter" has enveloped us with. It is said that there has been a struggle between spirit and matter. The struggle that is between them is only a struggle for growth in the path of evolution, as it is between a man and a woman, only if this can be called a struggle. The flesh was the devil, if we could harness the devil to work, he would be a very good worker. Because modern people can't do that, the devil has created a job for them, he teaches them, and they will be smarter in the future. Initially, man was a master, but when he ruined himself, he ruined everyone else. Wolves, lice, moths and others were not created by God, but by humans. God created only good people, but not murderers, thieves, etc. We created them. However, it is all because there is a deviation in us. Modern society must take a turn, modern people must turn to a different path of movement. We need to know which things are needed. Money is of use, but it is not a necessity. The house too. We need those things that God has created for our upliftment, while useful are those things that God has created and that help us, and that appear in our way of life. Modern people will ask themselves how to live - the idea of the life of the Brotherhood will come to them. Christ says we must work in the path of Brotherhood, Love. It is not a question of being Russophiles and Austrophiles. Now is the time to resolve the issue, every nation to have the right to freedom and brotherhood: young and old to have the right to own land in order to live freely, etc. Every brother in a family must live like this. Great nations, like big brothers, need to be smart and enforce this right, to show that they love their younger brothers. Reciprocity between nations will be established. The current war is in its infancy. It is not over, and when this peoples’ unrest, the consequences of the war, the revolutions in the great countries come, what will we comfort with? When the warriors come and say, "We will not fight!" They will want to live freely. Then the reasonable principle will appear, people will say: "We don't want the old way of warfare!" Let every nation and language have its own. Now are the best times the world is going through and which will bring the bright future to humanity. They will bring purification and resurrection. By "resurrection" I mean a change in the present life. Fathers, mothers and sisters are now praying for their loved ones on the battlefields. And these worshipers will overcome and change life. To pray is to breathe. You now have a disease - a little cold - breathe deeply and you will recover. The request exists everywhere and it is a necessary factor. Only then will the request cease when the needs cease. And the needs will never cease. Wisdom, justice, truth are a necessity. And when the Son of Man comes, people will ask Him, "Why did the Lord give us this evil?" Christ is coming and will tell us, " 2000 years ago I came to prevent this misfortune of yours and I told you: Do not resist evil!” You give space to your evil. If you applied this law, today's war would not have been allowed. Everyone on Earth wants to live a tolerable life. They are all masters, no one wants to be a servant. However, how is this possible, when, if all the earth's wealth was distributed evenly, there would have been 90 BGN per person. How is a tolerable life possible with such a small amount? Where will the shortage come from? The law is: When all people are well, I will be well too. Therefore, we must turn to that reasonable Lord, Who is in us and reminds us of our mistakes. And when He comes to us and we meet and receive Him, there will be no poverty. Because, if we say to Him: "Be silent and stay in heaven", we are not forgiven and we miss the essential. We must have reasonable faith that will give us a foundation for a happy life. This reasonable faith will become the basis for future science and future love. The whole modern world needs radical transformations of its ideas and a ground must be given to the development of these ideas. Christ says, "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am with them; and whatsoever they ask for, they shall have." That is why fathers and mothers come together, and if in the name of this law they want to have a good son, they will have one. And if two or three people come together and ask for good priests, good teachers, good rulers, they will have them. It is up to us to have good conditions in life. However, therefore Christ wants a reasonable faith from us. And then we will know how to understand the language of all the elements. If we can throw a grenade at 10-20 kilometres, then we can send an embodied thought that will give good results. God wants to fix the world, and in order to fix the world, our world, our thoughts and desires must be fixed. One defendant was accused of stealing a sum and his lawyer tried to acquit him; as an argument he presented the circumstance that the accused was satisfied only with this small amount - BGN 25, when ten thousand BGN was at the table. At that moment, the accused cried. The judge thought he was repenting and asked him why he was crying. "Ah," he said, "I am sad that I haven't seen the 10,000 BGN." Bulgarians grieve that Serbs and Greeks took away what was their right last year. But the Serbs will not keep what they have taken. The Greeks will not detain anything too. Theft is a dangerous act. There are some special frogs in the Nile that swim on top of the water (I gave this example last year as well). When a large crocodile swallows one of these frogs, after a while they eat his stomach and he turns with a punctured belly dead, and the frog comes out. Serbs, Greeks, Turks, Romanians - swallowed one such frog. It will eat their bellies. It will eat the bellies of many. There is a Divine right that regulates things in the world. Now the international law has fallen and it is time to study the Divine law. Mankind will describe this law, but it is not like the international law that everyone has broken. However, he who transgresses this law will give and answer. The current war seems to be a misfortune, but it will bring great benefits to humanity. There will be good philosophers, good writers, many professors, scientists and others who will describe it and draw the lessons. There will be for many years to be written on me by the future generation. And therefore, Christ says, "Will there then be reasonable faith?" - Will we be able to benefit from our lives? Happy is he who can derive his happiness from his misfortune. The best things people can expect now, but more importantly, how will we find that foundation of reasonable faith, on which we will build the future life. Now it will be the same as what happens to a pupa - it comes out as a butterfly and lives. The same is with people.There will be a blessing of mankind - to love God with all its heart, with all its mind and with all its soul. All warring states will bring one good - they will weaken and then that necessary consciousness of the right human life will come. Many nations have been lost for failing to deliver on their promises. It is the same with every person. He has undertaken before Heaven and it is written in the book of Heaven - we must fulfil the Divine right. And I would like all Bulgarians to have this reasonable faith, reasonable love and reasonable justice, so that they could serve as the basis of future life, of unification. The Bulgarian people did not live properly. The Bulgarian kingdoms barely reached 50-60 years because they lived apart. Now a reasonable unification between the Bulgarian people is required, let the fuss be forgotten. This lesson, which Bulgarians learned ten months ago and became more reasonable, other countries are now learning it in order to become smarter too. The Bulgarian people will give birth to smart people. In the current war, there will be no losers and no winners. Russia, France, England, Germany, Austria, Italy, will all be defeated. They will only do the will of God, and the winner will be Christ. And now He says that if they did not accept Him 2,000 years ago, they are now experiencing the consequences to redeem what has been done and take another turn. Because if we continued like this, in 2000 years we would have had an uglier catastrophe. But if you accept the teachings of Christ, you must love a very sublime culture. The Earth will be a garden and the governance - in the hands of the smartest. Therefore, it is required to form a cocoon and transform. January 10, 1915, Saturday, 20:30 pm In the drugstore of G. Zurkov Translation, Proletina Dragoeva-Jones
  8. Pure-hearted "Blessed are the pure-hearted, for they shall see God." (Matthew, Chapter 5, Verse 8) Before I start my talk, I will make some small remarks. Many people ask me, "Why should there be a prayer and singing in a talk?" There are three very important elements in the basic teaching of life. These elements have been made by humanity itself, not from now, but from thousands of years ago. For thousands of years, people have been praying and singing, so that in order for any work to be done successfully, there should be singing, whatever it is expressed in. Singing in itself never does evil of whatever nature. For the good man, all songs are good, they all have content. Therefore, I place eating, singing and praying as the three main elements in human life. In order for any physical work to be done, eating is needed followed by resting and consequently, working after that again. When it comes to science and religion, here singing is also needed, it is the nourishment of the soul. We will sing, rest, and start new work again. When we pray, it is singing but modern people have a vague concept about the prayer. When the humankind learns this art of praying, then we will see the kingdom of God on Earth. These remarks I am making are not an innovation, but this is one Divine law we are going through. I would recommend everyone when eating to pray, if your work in the world is not going well, sing and it will go better. Today's talk will be on the topic, "Blessed are the pure-hearted, because they will see God." What did Christ mean by the word "pure-hearted"? Christ showed the nine elements or the nine methods by which human life can be elevated. I will speak about purity, what role it plays in life, and I will treat this matter freely, not as it has been considered before, but will make some deviations. You may disagree with me or you may agree, but you need to have a reason for both opinions, because you need to have a deep understanding of every important issue in your life. Only then will you have a positive science through which you can build your future life, because the present life is an expression of our past life. All happiness and misfortune are due to our past actions, and if we want to change our future life, we must understand these fundamental laws that govern the human will, strength, thought, feelings and consciousness. Our understanding does not have to be such, to think that we know everyone has such knowledge, but we need some positive knowledge to change our lives. If you could understand this deep, central law of the pure-hearted, the future culture will depend on it, the health state of the future families will depend on it, the health state of mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters as well as of the whole society will depend on it. What doctors call “a hygiene of the soul” will depend on this law. What is a hygiene? The law of knowledge of purity. For example, all infectious diseases originate from impurity. Therefore, there are microbes in the spiritual life too as there are microbes of the typhus plague, cholera and other microbes in the physical life. There are around 17,000 species of microbes and some scientists go further by alleging that the corrosion of iron is due to special bacilli, microbes. So, iron is also eaten by bacilli. Because these bacilli are alive, they also want to exist as you and I do. This is what the modern people call a race or a struggle for life, with some even expressing themselves in the following formula: “In the struggle for life, man for man is a wolf.” These statements are 50 % true. Life is not only a struggle but work too for there is a struggle only on the square where wrestlers fight. Life is work too because the humankind gets elevated with it. When we do not understand life, work turns into labour and as we go downwards labour turns into torment. Christ says: "Blessed are the pure-hearted, for they shall see God." Purity is a state of matter, a natural and rectilinear state. When the matter has this state, this force as there is a barrier, a medium between the spiritual and physical planes and in order for this purity, this force to pass from one state to another from one world to another, it has to adjust according to the laws of this world, the energy has to be transformed. This transformation depends on the purity through which this force, this thermal energy will pass. Take, for example, how the sun’s rays are transformed. The strength and beneficence of these rays depend on the purity of the atmosphere. Sometimes you think that the atmosphere is pure but if you look at it through a microscope you will see millions and billions of impurities in it, which need to be washed away by the rain in order for the beneficial effects of the sun rays to work on us. Do you know that when people live a vicious life, particular compounds come out of them that form a layer in the atmosphere with which they stop the development of life that comes from above, and epidemic diseases arise. For example, various illnesses come to life during and after war. People throw the bad thoughts they have into space and thus they create unfavourable environment that affects adversely not only the organism but also the soul of man, creating various mental illnesses. Christ says: „Bless are the pure-hearted because they shall see God!“ What is meant by the words “heart” and “God”? Christ understands by the word “heart” that inner medium in man in the form of a physical ether that is the conduit of the higher forces in the spiritual world. So that when the central part of the human heart is pure, these people will see God. What is understood by the word “God”? Christ means by the word “God” all sensible possibilities, which are hidden in these forces and which as they pass through this medium, man, seeing God, becomes blissful, happy and healthy. When Christ says that a man can see God, He does not envisage seeing God in a given form, but understands a given good that has to come into us and ascend us mentally and spiritually. Each of us has to work out this inner process of purification for himself. The word” purity” implies impurity. We are not responsible for the impurity that can accumulate in us for when a man takes food, a part of it turns into juices and blood while the other part that could not be assimilated comes out. Nature has taken care for this unprocessed food by taking it out in various ways. There are two ways of getting rid of our impurities: a way of dilution and a way of thickening. I will explain to you how this thought is positioned in my mind. For example, you have muddy water but in order to purify it, you have to take it through sandy layers in order to seep and get it filtered. As it goes through these layers, the impurities, the murkiness remain in the sandy layers, while the water is clarified, purified and after passing through these layers, it emerges as a pure spring. Therefore, the sand is a condition for purification. For man, society is a condition for filtration. When you get filtered, you must not stay in these layers but have to go outside. Another way for purification is evaporation. For example, in order for muddy water to get purified, it can be left on the sun’s rays, due to the action of the sun’s rays the water evaporates and elevates in the form of vapours upwards where it gets condensed again and in the form of water droplets it comes again to the earth while the impurities remain on the earth. You have to also pass through these two ways of purification. Sometimes, you will find yourself in the most unfavourable conditions when misfortunes come to you for example. And the misfortunes are a process of filtration. You lose your house, wealth, health, wife, children, friends, it is all a process of filtration, sinking downwards. You cannot understand what the meaning of filtration is, but you have to know that you need to come out pure and transparent in the world. When a tired passenger arrives to a purified spring and satisfies his thirst, then he will understand why one has to get filtered. Every man is a spring in his life be he a man, a woman, a priest, a teacher and others. And we have to drink from these springs. For example, someone says: “People do not love me, this and the other one does not love me. “ I interpret these words in the following way: You would like to drink from my spring, whose water is murky , I have not gone through filtration therefore you will wait a day, two, three and more until I get filtered and when I pass through a mountain, I will then give you all my love.” Everyone will leave the world, evaporate and go to these layers through which they could purify themselves. When a man is dying, this is also a filtration. He elevates to a certain position and following the same law of condensation, he comes again like a newly born child and the mother will drink from his spring. This child may once have been her beloved but when he is purified, he comes as her child. As you listen to me, you will say to yourselves: Could this be? Yes, this is what always happens but only the ignorant people who do not understand this law could not believe it. In this sense, many animals understand life much better than we do. For example, birds wash themselves, smoothen their feathers, clean themselves. You will say “they are playing”. They are studying the first art, they are cleaning their feathers. Watch the cat when it passes through a dirty place, it cleans its legs in order to enter the house of its master. You will say: “well she is a cat”. Yes, but she is smarter than people. When you enter the Divine temple, do you go inside with clean feet? You have to enter like a cat. How many priests, holly men, teachers, judges enter with their unclean feet into their house, into God’s temple and afterwards say: The plague has come to us”. There is no plague but there is filth in this house. Therefore, a hygiene is necessary not only for the healthy condition of our body but also for the soul. All my respect for doctors who pay attention to the hygiene of the body, but they have to go a step further and pay attention to the hygiene of the heart. For example, all women and men go to a public bath, sometimes once a month other twice and others three times and more but how many of them go to a spiritual bath? You will say: is there a spiritual bath? Yes, there is, there is a spiritual bath as well as showers in the spiritual world. Some of you when they go to a bath, act like this: they go into the water, get hot and from there they go to the cold showers. There is no bigger recklessness, no greater error than this. When the iron heats up and then suddenly cools down it hardens. If you want to catch a rheumatism, if you wish your mind, heart and soul to get hardened take such showers. After such disorders, no doctor could help you and various illnesses will start coming to you. Nature says: Never make asperities, gradually go from one state to another. This state of going straight from warm to cold and vice versa is a state of the gods alone, not of men. Only God, who stands on high, can descend from high to low; only the eagle that has learned the art of flying can do that. However, he who has no wings, who has no knowledge, should not engage in such things, because he will break his head. Sometimes, you wish to go on an airplane, but you are not capable of controlling it and will fall. This is like a man who suddenly wants to love the whole world and takes a cold shower but afterwards tries the opposite result of hardening his soul. What would the opposite result be expressed in? Dissatisfaction and meaninglessness in life. You will resemble that rich American whose father left him BGN 100 000. He ate, drunk, tried all the pleasures and at the end he contracted the illness hypochondria. He wanted to commit a suicide but did not have the valour of this Englishman whom he met with in Venice when he was travelling through Italy. This Englishman noticed one night an Italian count who took a revolver, put it in his mouth, took it out and put it again. The Englishman asks him: What do you want to do?”- I was rich but now I am impoverished so I want to commit a suicide. The Englishman took out money and paid his debts and committed a suicide instead of the count. However, this hypochondriac American was not so valiant. When I talk about suicide, I envisage the killing of the bad habits in yourself while many people do not have the courage to get rid of them. You like to steal, drop the bullet on this habit of yours, kill the man of theft in yourself. You love to corrupt, drop this bullet on the man of depravity who lives in you, kill this vice, let it die and you live free from it. What benefit is there from this depraved man in you? A pervert, thief, this is a fleshless corpse, dead ox, dead dog, dead lion, which can spread the infection without bringing any benefit. This ill American began to visit all the doctors to ask for their advice. He spent and spent money but could not find the cure because the modern medicine is not familiar with ways of treating such illnesses. Finally, he goes to New York to a famous doctor and asks for his help. “I will help you, but I will make a condition with you that no matter what methods I use for your treatment, you will not protest." "I am ready to abide by this contract," replied the patient. “First, you will pay BGN 25,000 for the first examination. He gives the money. The doctor took him for treatment and said to his assistants: "Perform surgery on this patient by cutting off his right leg below the knee." They cut off his leg and when he wakes up, he sees himself without a leg. With this, his hypochondria disappears and he starts thinking: How happy I was before, I could go to balls, ride a horse, etc” He could hardly wait for the doctor to arrive and meets him by pouring out all the epithets, which the modern culture provides. The doctor tells him: “You are now very nervous, calm down while after two weeks I will come to see you”. In the meantime, the ill man starts crying and asks to either be cured or killed as this is not life. The doctor tells him: “I will make you a very nice leg that you will live with very well in the future and which you will pay BGN 25,000 more for”. After that, this American calmed down, all hypochondria disappeared, and he lived happily ever after. He learnt with this to know what purity is. And now in the battlefields, God cuts legs, hands, takes the eyes out, cuts noses in order to create a culture in the future, a culture of love but not this love which is understood now but love, which will expand our soul, that will make people close to one another and will provide an opportunity to every soul to develop as necessary. God will apply His Divine plan. What is this Divine Plan? We are destined to have such a purity as that of the angels. What is an angel? A being who knows how to fulfil God’s will, a being who you could not be bribed with any goods. This higher spirit, this angel will come to some poor people, s/he will fulfil her/his mission and will return to God again, while are the present people ready to serve God? No, they are not. Why? Because they are not pure in their soul. This is why Christ says: Blessed are the pure-hearted, because they shall see God.” If people are pure, the Divine spirit will pass by them and they will see Him. If we do not see God, how will we recognise Him? Many times, we are very interesting when we want to see God. Everyone can see God if not more then at least three times in their lives, but purity is required for this. Have you lived in purity for at least 10 years in your life? However, you will say: Fine if we live in a society of noble people but when we are with such sinners, what purity could there exist?” If this is true, this means you are sinners too because you are people living amongst sinners and so you are. What is sin? Sin shows that we are poor. You will say: Why did God allow sin?” Because He is strong. If He was a coward like us, he would not have allowed sin. When we are helpless of putting the world in order, God will descend from above and will put it in order in 100 years’ time at the most. This is one Divine day. You will say: “Well, 100 years is so long!” The more or less and the length and shortness, are mental and relative things. The minute could seem very long while the year very short, depending on many circumstances. Imagine that you are convicted of being beheaded in a year time. This year will appear a very short time to you. When you expect a darling one to come, even 5 minutes seem like long hours. Therefore, the concept of time is relative in our consciousness and depends on the intensity of our perceptions. When we talk about the Divine laws, we have only one subjective perception and in order to understand the order of things, we have to enter into living in all people at once. In order to understand what people are, we have to enter both the highest and lowest strata, and only then will we have a knowledge about humankind. Chris says : In order to be able to enter mankind, to have the correct perceptions you have to necessarily be pure because only the pure person when he comes down, will have immunity, he will not be infected by any diseases.“ This is what the occult people say too. When a man is pure in mind and heart, no force can affect him and therefore, the strength of your will, heart and mind will be determined by this inner physical, spiritual and Divine purity that you have. What I am saying to you could be checked, I am not just talking in theory. You will ask: How can it be checked?”–Very easy. For example, the one who will relocate a plant, asks how to do that and learns. He takes a small bud, a twig from a nice tree and places it under the skin of a plain one. However, it must be known replanting does not happen at all times but only when there are juices. These juices are called” sap”. After you put this bud under the skin of this plant, this new branch will acquire new life. This is how, by following the same law, every good thought will live in you. With this re-planting, with this splitting, there will be pain, but you cannot do without it. There are always two types of suffering in the process of purification: Ennoblement takes place in some types of suffering, while in others - resentment and fierceness. The second type is when we go down in life, where we become fierce and rough, when we want to destroy the world and all criminals were born in this way of re-planting, because they do not understand the law, they have stopped themselves in one direction, while they should have gone to the bottom. This is the case with that passenger who travelled at night-time through an abyss and fell down there. He managed to catch a branch and so he stayed attached to the branch for 7 hours, during which time he spent stayed like this on the branch for 7 whole hours during which time he has gone through the most horrifying state. He started to shout, cry and said: My life is over, there is a huge chasm beneath me.” What was his astonishment, however, when in the morning he saw that beneath him the chasm he had imagined was only 15 cm. Therefore, if you have fallen down, if you are a sinner, go down to the bottom. I call the fallen, sinned people those ones who go down- heroes. I call heroes also those ones who go upwards. The former are heroes of falling down, while the others- heroes of ascending. The former are heroes of falling down because when they fall, they have the brevity to ascend, while those ones who ascend are heroes of the ascension because they have the courage to descend. Do you understand this deep philosophy of life? Some say: I don’t want to either ascend or descend.” This is a materialistic perception. When you eat, it is not a question of what you eat but how you eat. You should eat with enjoyableness and pleasure. A man who cannot eat pleasantly cannot be healthy. Some parents, mothers cook meat, eggs and ‘banitza” to their children, and they are still dissatisfied and unhappy. The taste is to blame, there should be purity in the taste. Such a child should be subject to starving. Let his mother leave him starve for 24, 36, 40 ,50 hours and she will see how the child will start loving any food. In such a case, there would be at least 50%improvement in the children. This is a general law in nature and when man starts to lose the meaning of life, illnesses come about. They are necessary for our purification. First of all, we lose our taste and say to ourselves: “How well we used to eat”.5-6 days go by when we begin to rejoice in what we have lost. When it comes to upbringing, I said hold yourselves onto nature, look at what the plants, animals, springs, forest and clouds do in it and leave all English, American and other methods. Observe how the sun rises, which one time you see behind the clouds, black, while another time - clear and nice. This is how I see you often too. You say: „I am not in the mood today”. I said:” There are a few clouds around your sun, there will be a storm, and wind, and your sun will become clear again. Why is this wind? I met a gentleman a prominent Bulgarian merchant and asked him how he thought about this question? He said: „ I will confirm from experience that this is exactly the case. “He started elaborating: In my life, I did not know what a misfortune was, everything was going well for me like honey and butter. I got up one morning and saw that half of my body was paralysed. The doctors told me not to work anything for 3-4 years. After that, I started my work, but the first time I lost BGN 8,000 leva, while the second– BGN 2,000 and after that I finally completely recovered. This lost BGN 10,000 produced a big change in him. He had to give this money to the poor people, doctors or had to be robbed by someone. This money was one impurity in him. It is a boil that has to be healed for which aim the doctor makes an incision and cleans it up. When Christ says: “Blessed are the pure-hearted”, He understands people without boils. Now everyone, look for all your boils. You will say: “We don’t have such”. Until now, I have not met a person without boils, it might be only one boil but one always has some. If someone does not have boils let him come to me, I will give him BGN1,000, BGN2,000, BGN5,000, I will cash it to him immediately. You will say: Where would you find it from”? I will honour my word provided such a person is found. It is a great thing to confess your sin. What is religion? With this process of religion, we have to raise our minds and hearts upwards. What is re-planting? It is such a process by which one sacrifices oneself for another, endures all adversity, deprivation, persecution and one day, all those people whom he has done something for will say: We had a great man, he did a lot for us and our people. He was a spring which our people quenched their thirst from.” „ Now to the question of Christ’s words: Blessed are the pure in heart. “What does Christ mean by the word” “blessed”? He understands first: the aspiration of man to go upwards. Second: This aspiration should be just in time so that there is a corresponding aspiration from top to bottom. The same law also applies in nature. When you sow an apple seed or wheat grain not only does it need to have the strength to grow, not only does it need better soil, but it needs other three essential elements for its growth, namely: light, heat and moisture. The same is valid for man. He must strive but he also needs these three Divine elements: warmth, light and moisture. Moisture this is life, heat is Love, the light- the Truth. I am not going to interpret these for you as if I start interpreting what Love is, I would go very far. I would like you to come with me, to repeat this word a certain number of times and for a certain time of the day and if you do this for only a few months, then you will understand what love is. When you are listening to me, you will say: Mr Dunov says whatever comes to him: the Turkish say about the man who talks what he wants the following: Chock Biljam Chock…”.i.e. “ whoever knows lots, talks lots and suffers lots.” I would like you to check and try my thought now. However, you will say: “What should we strive for?” Sow an apple seed and observe how it will sprout, how it will take shape in a few years’ time, while you study all this. „Therefore, I told you: “Sow in yourself the words ”blessed are the pure in heart”. Do not consider this as an abstract thought, it is related to your body, heart and mind. Blessed is a man who has conditions to climb from bottom to top, but also has conditions to descent from top to bottom and can use these conditions. While the pure-hearted are those ones who understand the process of descending and ascending. A heart means the centre, to know where your life originates from. I travelled once from Sofia to Varna. The Bulgarians have a custom of asking about where you are traveling for and where you are coming from, etc., It is a good habit but when they often ask- it becomes a bore. I am sitting in a compartment and a few Bulgarian lawyers are talking about some important political questions. I am contemplating and observing nature. One of the gentlemen asks me: “Where are you from”? I answered: from the Sun. He said: Then tell me what is there? “– “There are people there but with a higher culture, people there are not afraid, and I have come here on the Earth. “The gentleman answered: Then I am from the Sun too. “Yes, you are but you do not know you have come from the Sun while I know I am from the Sun. Some ask: “Where is Mr Dunov from?”- From the Sun. “ There are 7 elements in life, I am talking about only one element, i.e. more correctly about its state. The old occultists call it the element of the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Do you know what these elements are? Saturn, Moon, Sun are processes of condensation. Saturn means knowing how to condense yourself, to move from one state to another. When you come to the Earth you will start afterwards the reverse process of Jupiter, Venus, Mars and will go back where you came from with which you will make such a circle as comets do. Some ask: “Why do these comets appear? “They have a purpose. Why did the Halley’s Comet appear? All thought that the world will end. It meant this great war, this catastrophe that came. It was saying with its tail: I am coming to cleanse the world. “Whether you accept it or not, it doesn't matter, it was said in passing. Christ says: Blessed are the pure in heart. “The first thing in man is purity. In order to elaborate on my thought, I would provide an example. One famous Italian Artist wanted to paint Christ and looked for the subject who looked a little like Christ for long time. At last, he found a young man in his 20s and 21s and asked him to pose for him and he drew the image of Christ. In 3-4 years, the same Artist desired to draw Judas. He searched for a face to remind him of Judas for long time. At last, he found a young man who looked a little like Judas. The Artist asked him to serve as his model if he wanted. The young man agreed but replied: How come I could now serve you as a model of Judas when 4 years ago you used me to draw Christ? Where is the mistake now that one and the same face is used for drawing Christ and Judas? The mistake lied in the young man. In the course of 4 years, the young man lived such an impure life that his face changed. Therefore, when a man attacks someone like this artist, he is right. This is why, we should endure too. We should have the patience of this artist who when he drew a painting and could not draw the shoes of the figure, asked a shoemaker to make them. When the shoemaker made the shoes, he dared to ask to rectify other things in the painting but the artist told him that the rest was not the shoemaker’s speciality. We need to have humility and know what work is for us and what is not. If a mother comes to me and tells me ways of raising children, I will listen to her very carefully. If a judge comes to me and shows me a good path, why not listen to him? Therefore, Christ says: “Blessed are the pure in heart”. If we are so pure-hearted, we will notice that the law of expediency for our upliftment works throughout our life. Do not rush to resolve all issues. People are interesting when they hurry and worry about solving the problems sooner because there have been too many such ones for solving. And what? There is no need to hurry. If a farmer says: “I have whole barns of wheat, how am I going to eat it? “Let him be happy that he has so many barns of wheat- it will serve him for more years, he will eat as much as he needs. So do you, be happy that you have so many questions to solve, you will have work for more years. Some say: When we go to the heavens, we will drink and eat.” Yes, but there is also work there, even more work than here where there is work and labour. Therefore, Christ says: Come to me all who are burdened and tired” and not “those who are all the time working”. The first secret is to learn to strain yourselves. I am ready to serve this one who is strained and who has learnt this art. Tarasu Bulu has done well when he was sending his two sons off and asked them to box each other and remained very satisfied when one of his sons beat him. Similarly, God is pleased when He sees that we are overcoming the suffering. Some say that I have not used Bulgarian examples. I came across a few Bulgarian songs, which I will present a few characters from. The first song is “Yanka and Petur” Yanka is a woman who is dissatisfied with her wealth and searches for the happiness of her heart. Peter overhears her and offers that they both escape. Then she steals from her husband, loads her fortune on 3 horses and runs through the forest. She falls asleep on Peter’s lap and when she fell asleep, Peter ran away for he was very pure, after which she started crying, shouting: I Song O God, Higher Lord, Forest, part with me, Water, deliver yourself to me, Peter, call me! Neither did the forest divide, Nor did water deliver itself, Neither did Peter call. II Song Balio and Vella Vella felt sleepy, So Vella lied down on Balio’s lap and sweetly fell asleep. As Balio is “ Dekrya[1]” He took sharp scissors out To cut his lap off He stole gold and silver And ran away from Vella III Song Kirushka and Stoyan Do you see that hill A big village lies behind it There, I have a beloved and something else- With a young boy Kirushka was telling him Stoyane, damned Stoyane, How cunningly you deceived me Don’t you have a younger brother So that you can give me to him There should be no such Bulgarians as are described in folk poetry. These people have had the brevity to describe the characters as they are. If these things exist in abundance, we cannot be pure. This is not a judgement- such a thought is far from me, but I am stating only the fact, and everyone needs to know whether they are pure or not. Whatever you may be, an activist of a political party, a judge, priest, teacher ask yourselves the question: “Am I pure or not?” Have I done my job properly or not?”. If you are a man, then are you pure in relation to your wife and vice versa; a daughter and a son are you pure in relation to your parents? While now we say: „This is what Tolstoy has said, Victor Jugo has said so, Zola, etc. ”These people have really said very well, my admirations to them. All is good but you need to apply these things in life, while purity will come only with some great convictions. When will purity come? When a man starts to think that he does not die. Three young men came to me a few days ago: one musician, the other studies to be a doctor , while the 3rd one- with different beliefs. The first one says: “I am fed up with life , I want to commit a suicide.” I ask him: “ Were you the one who created this life, if you were then take it away. You will be a greater hero if you endure everything. The musician says: I'm not doing well, no matter what I do, I can't do it. I told him: You are very dry, you need some moisture” and what does “moisture” mean? You have to love people. The third one says: I always have the opposite of what I want, the opposite comes out.” I told him,“ You suffer from a lot of swamps, you have to channel yourself, to get drier.” The three of you should become a trinity and you will help each other. A lecture held on 29th April 1917 Translated by Proletina Dragoeva-Jones, Petworth, UK, 01.12.2020 [1] Dekryia or “декрия” is a Bulgarian folklore word that cannot be translated
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