The grain of wheat

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The grain of wheat
Beinsa Douno

Chapter 1

  • Portrate of the Master
  • This book is for everyone
  • Where is this Blessed land?
  • Where did the Master Beinsa Duno come from?
  • The Revelation in 1898
  • The Bogomils

Chapter 2

  • Introduction to the first series of Talks by the Master Beinsa Duno "Power and Life"
  • The Grain of Wheat
  • "Behold the Man"
  • The Importance of the Little Things
  • The Talents
  • The Love

Chapter 3

  • The good prayer
  • "Prayer is a Hidden Interior Arts"
  • The Master's prayer's are above all beautiful!

Chapter 4

  • The Path of the Disciple
  • The song Maihar Benu Aba - The Prayer of the disciple
  • Pearls of love - The Master about Happiness

Chapter 5

  • A sinsible way of Life
  • The Hygiene of Life
  • To give them Life
  • The salvation

Chapter 6

  • The Talk on Mount Rila
  • Pearls of wisdom from the book of the great Life

Chapter 7

  • The Sunrise Izgreva
  • "Master, why do you take such pains to come down to our level?"
  • The song Vehadi
  • Here there should not be hungry people!
  • "Correct Breathing depends on Love"

Chapter 8

  • Yes, he could halt a storm!
  • Anger and fear - Lectures on 1923
  • Everyday Rules for living
  • The Inspiration
  • The song Vdahnovenie (Inspiration)

Chapter 9

  • Paneyrhythmia - A higher cosmic Rhythm
  • Solar Rays
  • "In the fulfilment of the Will of God is the strength of the human soul"
  • Three songs - exercises from Paneyrhythmia

Chapter 10

  • "Music as an Art of the Angels" - the Master on the Music
  • The tone "Do"
  • The song "Dookhut Bozzee" - Spirit of God
  • Two Master's songs in Vatan "Neva Sanzu", "Kiamet Zenu"

Chapter 11

  • The Salt - Solta
  • The Light - Videlinata
  • To unify manking through the light that it may become the salt of the earth
  • The Master on the soul, the spirit, the cosmic awareness

Chapter 12

  • Whom God Hath Joined
  • The Hymn the great Soul (Himn na velikata dusha)


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