Prayers, Formulas, Devotional Songs

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Master Beinsa Douno






A selection of prayers, formulas and devotional songs

by Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) translated in English.




“Prayer is a Divine Ray which radiates from the soul of every person. It is the breathing of the soul.”

The Master Beinsa Douno.




This book contains excerpts from lectures, prayers, devotional songs and invocations by the great spiritual Teacher Beinsa Douno (1864 – 1944). During the course of half a century he gave the knowledge of the coming of the new culture based upon three Principles: Love that bears Life, Wisdom that bears Light and Truth that bears Freedom. Beinsa Douno brought a spiritual renaissance for the human soul. All fields of human life – science, religion, art, the individual, family and social life, spirit and matter, the human and the transcendental – have been illuminated by the Divine Light brought by the Master.



In memory of Ernestina Staleva

(October 23, 1914 – August 9, 2005)

Compilation, translation and presentation are

by Ernestina Staleva and Antoaneta Krushevska

with English consultant Anita Maritz.

Computer design and typesetting Ivan Djedjev

First Edition

Byalo Bratstvo Publishers

Sofia, Gen. Shteryu Atanasov Str. 6

tel. +359 2 9634 313

+359 2 8668955

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