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  1. Documentary Film, Bulgaria, 2005.
  2. Beinsa Duno
  3. FOR THE GLORY OF GOD After he had said this, he went on to tell them, “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I am going there to wake him up.”[1] “I am going there to wake him up.” Contemporary people would say, Lazarus has died, i.e. went to the end of his life, not fallen asleep. The word “end” is understood in different ways. The end shows what the beginning has been. The beginning of things is judged by the end, which is to show that between beginning and end certain connection exists. Christ said: “I am going there to wake him up.” Why and when does one fall asleep? – when he is tired. Hence, every time when tired, one looks for a way to rest. In this respect sleep represents a rest. When hearing about Lazarus' resurrection many people ask themselves what Lazarus' sleep two thousand years ago has to do with them. What it has to do with them, is that in every man there is a sleeping Lazarus waiting for Christ to come and wake him. Moreover, every man carries in himself two sisters – Martha and Mary. The Gospel says that Jesus loved Martha and her sister Mary and Lazarus. Martha scurried around and worried about insignificant things and complained about her sister's not helping her. But Christ told her that her bustling was vain, and Mary had chosen what is better. Hence, Martha represents the physical, material part of the man, and Mary – the spiritual part. Thus, there are three minds in a man, i.e. three sides of the mind: the first is interested in the physical, material side of life. The second one is interested in the spiritual side of life, and the third is represented by the sleeping man not interested in anything. He is waiting for Jesus to come to him, to wake him and for his true life to emerge afterwards. For the grown-up those things are important, in which he lives in. For a child it is important how much he will grow up. Some children measure their stature every day. After waking up in the morning they lean against the wall straight away, stretch in full length and put a stroke on the wall as high as their head reaches. The next day they measure themselves again and put again a stroke on the wall. Thus they measure themselves day after day and are happy when noting to have grown up somewhat. What connection is there between a man's stature and his inner striving? There is certain link between a man's stature and his inner striving. It is not all the same if a man grows up or remains a little child. A man has to have certain stature to grow upwards from it. Life has its inner side, which has to be studied. Contemporary people dwell on unimportant things in life, and the important things they neglect. By the unimportant things they are hampered, but are occupied with them nevertheless. E.g., some scientists study the speed with which atoms, ions are moving without seeing any application of this knowledge in the practical life of man. Everything is important for a man insofar as it pertains to his life. E.g., suppose you are interested in some good man and in some evil man. They are of interest to you insofar as they have some bearing on you. Hence, when speaking good or bad things about some man, you feed evil and good both in this man himself and in yourself. At the same time, this shows that you love both the good and the bad man. Otherwise, you would not talk about them. Thus, knowing this, you ought not to speak about evil in order not to feed it. And when you do good deeds or speak good about people, you feed the good in yourself. You must know that you live in a world where both good and evil beings exist and influence you. They know the good, as well as the evil sides of man. They know his virtues, but know his faults too, his weak sides. In order to let a man learn about his good and evil sides the invisible world puts him on trial. When coming to this earth, people find themselves before on trial: they must get to know themselves, to learn what virtues and what faults they have. No one can avoid the trials in life. The saint is put on trials as well. When Christ descended on the earth, He did not avoid trials either. “I am going there to wake him up.” Sometimes it is good to wake up a man, sometimes it is good to let him sleep. When Jesus heard about Lazarus, he said: “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.” Hence, when somebody complains to go through ordeals, to be sick, I say: All that happens is for the glory of God. An eye hurts – it is for the glory of God. An ear hurts – for the glory of God. A leg hurts – for the glory of God. A head hurts –it is for the glory of God. What is meant by the words that all that happens is for the glory of God? How so: a man is ill and his illness is for the glory of God? Following each illness, following each suffering one gathers certain experience, which raises him. The heavier the illness one has gone through, the stronger he has been made. The greater his trials and sufferings have been, the greater strength he has acquired. Great trials bring great acquisitions, small trials bring small acquisitions. Hence, all illnesses, all hardships, trials and sufferings one experiences without losing one's life are for the glory of God, because they bring with themselves great lessons, great goods and acquisitions. This law is confirmed everywhere in nature. The oak, e.g., has become a big, strong tree, because it has gone through great storms and winds, through great calamities. The small plants and grasses are weak, because they have not gone through great trials. Nature puts them by and by on stronger and stronger trials to toughen, to steel them, to make them big and strong. Knowing this law, you understand that you cannot be strong, happy, until you have gone through great trials. Moreover, a man cannot be happy until all man have become happy. Happiness is possession of all man, of all living beings. How could you be happy, when seeing a crushed blade, a smashed animal in your way? When striving for happiness one has at the same time to pray for the happiness of his fellow men. This is to love your fellow men. When wishing for your happiness, as well as for the happiness and well-being of people, you manifest your love to them. Unless you love people, you cannot be good, you cannot be happy. Today's people love mainly those next to them: husband, wife, children. Thereupon their partial happiness depends. The smaller number of people you love, the less happiness you will have. People’s happiness depends on their love. If you love many people, you will reach great happiness. The same law applies to hate. If you do not hate much, not many misfortunes will befall you. If you hate much, many misfortunes will befall you. Love feeds the good in a man, and hate the evil. Love each other in order to enjoy the fruits of good. Beware of hate in order not to taste the bitter fruits of evil. When hating you pay and others eat and drink. When stumbling on the evil in this world, people call it their karma ‒ their evil fate they cannot avoid. What is the karma of a man? The karma is a bomb buried in the soil. One digs it out and starts exploring it. If one touches it awkwardly or drops it on the ground it will explode at once. If you come upon a bomb, you must be careful, you must not approach it, you mustn't touch it. Many bombs does a man carry in himself, and he must not touch upon them. Until he does not he will be well. Once he touches them, the karma comes to the fore. Both the sinner and the pious carry their bombs in themselves. The difference between them is that the sinner touches them all the time, while the pious avoids approaching them. Now, in order to get the better of your karma you must wish the good, the happiness of all people. Thus, you raise yourself and at the same time help those next to you, as well as all mankind. This is to fulfil God's will. Hence, when somebody does good to his fellow man, he intends to fulfil God's will. Having fulfilled God's will, he rejoices, and his fellow man rejoices too. When one fulfils God's will he is joyous and pleased with himself. When one ceases from fulfilling God's will his joy is lost. Thus, should you say something to a man, say what is in connection with God's will. Whether you speak well or poorly, if what you say is in accordance with God's will, it will be in place. The will of God is contained in everything that gives an urge to a man, that raises his life and confers meaning to it. If you want to progress, fulfil God's will, not your own will. He who thinks only about himself cannot progress. The true progress of a man is determined by his love to all people, to all living beings. A man's love for himself is the least love. A man's love to God is the greatest love, which confers meaning to life. Man is carried between those two poles of love. He starts with himself, moves to his fellow man, until one day he gets to God. Whoever wants to be strong, happy, he should love God. Whoever wants to get rid of misfortunes, he should love himself. Only he loves himself, who is distinguished by great reason. Being not aware of the sense of life, some people say they love only themselves – no one else concerns them and they do not want to know about anybody else. To speak thus is not to acknowledge what loneliness is. A horrible thing is loneliness! It is a prison where not one ray of light could penetrate. There is no greater evil for a man than loneliness: to live alone, with no living being around, without any fellow man to hear a word from, to exchange a word with. Secluded, retired, distanced from people – this is a false idea of loneliness. To retire, to distance oneself from people is to give up the evil in them and to live with the good, with their love. This is to connect with God. But entirely to move away from people means to be left with one's naked mind. What poverty could be greater than this? There is no sublimity in loneliness. In connecting with God is the sense of life. In fulfilling God's will is the strength of man. Therefore avoid loneliness for yourselves, shun lonely people too. A lonely man is one condemned to death. There is no growth in him, no progress. Figuratively said, a lonely human being is an old woman or old man who think solely about themselves. But if they have a lovely daughter or a strapping, young son, they are not lonely. Everybody visits them, everybody wants their friendship. This confers to them value – in their own eyes, as well as in those of their fellow men. Why do people marry? In order to have handsome daughters and sons, to be respected and honoured by them. Hence, old people have to marry, and young people to help them. While young one has not to marry, but to work and help the old. Once grown old, one has to marry. In other words: As long as one is sated, one must not eat in order not to overeat. Then he is young and can work. When he gets hungry he is old and must eat again to get sated, to rejuvenate. The young is sated, he must work. The old is hungry; he must eat, but not overeat and be glad about his food. “I am going there to wake him up.” Christ must come to the earth and wake the sleeping Lazarus in men. They are sleeping now and say that the wold is evil. The world is not evil, but it must fall asleep and wait for our Lord to wake it up. When Lord wakes it up, He will tell it: Come now, go home. The new waking of the world means the new education. Say, you have a wish you cannot fulfil. Thank to God that you did not fulfil it. You married – thank for this. You cannot marry – thank nevertheless. You are impoverished – thank God. You got rich – thank for that too. Thank for all that is going on around you and with you. This is what the new education consists in. Thank both for good and evil. When you thank for evil God will turn it into good. When you thank for the good you will taste from its fruits. When shunning evil you are on a false way and create your misfortunes yourself. If you want to get the better of evil, don't run away from it, but thank God, it called on. Once you thank for evil God will turn it immediately into good. Thank for everything, but inwardly, not outwardly. When a man has risen to a state, in which he thanks for everything he lives through, he has been waked. Every gratitude addressed to God connects us to Him. Once you connect to God He instantly comes to your help. If some evil has befallen you He turns it into good. Without gratitude to God you cannot perceive Him, you cannot acquire anything. “I am going there to wake him up.” – Why did Lazarus fall asleep? – For the Glory of God. A human being is born – this is for the Glory of God. A human being has died – for the Glory of God again. Everything has happened and does happen for the glory of God, however not to the letter, but in spirit. People are born and die for the glory of God. Death is transition from one state to another, from one world to another. Some people pass from death to life, others from life to death. Those who die and those who live, all do for the glory of God. If you reason in this way you will easily solve your contradictions, you will easily overcome your hardships and sufferings. If you do not reason in this way, you will never get rid of the hardships and sufferings. Hardships can be abolished only by converting them into good. Sufferings can be diminished and can vanish only when they have brought their good fruits. You should be polite, attentive to your sufferings. If you fall ill, start a polite conversation with your illness, thank it to have visited you. If you treat it politely, it will leave you. Maladies are nothing but living beings, which torture people. Through maladies, people get education. When one turns to God with a plea to free him from those beings, he will get an answer to his plea. The answer to prayer is his recovery. Only God has power to command both good and evil beings. Through them people are put on trial and educated. Say, you meet a young maiden beloved by mother and father, but you note she is discontented by her position, she wants to marry. Shortly after she finds a sweetheart and marries him. She marries prematurely. What then? Her sweetheart turns out to be a jealous man and starts to beat her because of his suspicions. She is discontent, she complains. Why does he beat her? – Because she married prematurely. God disapproves of premature marriages. Because he disapproves them, he lets the evil spirits torture people. When people acknowledge their faults, when they wake up to all they did prematurely, they turn to God, restore their connection to Him. This is release, putting an end to the karma. To put an end to the karma means to fulfil the will of God. “I am going there to wake him up.” You must wish Jesus to come to you too and wake your sleeping Lazarus. When doing good to somebody you wake this man. Then somebody will come to you and tell, as Mary told Jesus: “There is a bad odour, for he has been there four days.” Let him have been there four days, lift the stone of his tomb and shout loudly: “Lazarus, come out!” When Lazarus comes out of his tomb, tell him to go home. Do good to your fellow-men, wake them up and do not hesitate. Make use reasonably of the life you are given. – For whom? – Use it for yourself, for your fellow men and for God. Fulfil the will of God as you understand it with your reason, your heart, with your strength and soul. Then, whatever happens to you say to yourselves: – Everything is for the Glory of God. As long as you are aware that everything which happens is for the glory of God, your matters will go well. This is the true education. This is to awake what is great, what is beautiful in yourselves and to advance. It happens that a woman comes to complain of her husband. – This is for the Glory of God. A man complains of his wife. – This is for the Glory of God as well. Someone is ailing – for the Glory of God. Someone has lost his job – for the Glory of God. All that happens in the world is for the Glory of God. This is the right way to reason. Now I repeat again: If you suffer, you will know that you suffer for the Glory of God. You are discontent – for the Glory of God. You have quarrels – for the Glory of God. You do good to somebody – for the Glory of God. – Everything happens for the Glory of God. Think thus, in order to improve your matters. This is the right way to educate man. Anything outside it is silvering or gilding. A silvered or gilded object wears off easily. One has to be aware that everything is for the Glory of God. Once he realizes that, the Divine principle awakes in him. He comes out of the tomb and returns to his home. Be awake and know that everything is for the glory of God. “I am going there to wake him up.” Listen to me: Leave yourselves in the hands of God, let Him come to you in whatever way; let Him wake your sleeping Lazarus. How the awakening will be accomplished is His business. Do not give God advise how He should wake you. In whatever way He may wake you, thank Him and say as Christ said: “Father, I thank you that you have heard me.” Whatever may befall you, Good or evil, know that it is for the Glory of God and thank God for having listened to you. For the Glory of God! All that happens in the world is for the Glory of God. Meditation 9th Sermon held on 20 September 1936, 5 o’clock a.m. Sofia. On sunrise. [1] John 11:11. Translated by Galina Georgieva
  4. The Vine and the Branches „I am the vine; you are the branches.” (John 15:5) The 15th Chapter that was read from John represents an intimate conversation between Christ and His Disciples. The deep meaning of that conversation is only understood by the disciple who knows the Divine laws. If you come to the Christians, few of them understand this chapter. It is available only to the mystic. Outwardly, this Chapter looks simple, accessible to every human mind but in fact it is not so. During some nights, the sky is clear, dotted with multiple stars but the clarity is not yet a sign that all people understand the secrets that the sky hides. The clarity is only a condition that is necessary for the disciple to direct his thought to the Divine. Therefore, clarity does not imply yet that the human understands everything. You listen to an orator, you are happy with him and say that he speaks clearly. He speaks clearly but not understandingly. Not all minds are set to understand this which they are talked to. You see clearly one man but you do not understand him. This does not mean you are stupid. Even the stupid one should not be judged. One thing is asked from the man: to develop the package of the idea that he is carrying within himself. This will only make you aware that you have the knowledge you can use. Someone is told: Don’t be a fool! This means: be smart, do not get misled from the external side of life, from the package of things. Direct your attention to the internal side of life, where the true content and meaning of things are hidden. „I am the vine, you - the branches.“ Through this verse, Christ defines what the relationships between the disciple and his Teacher should be. The Teacher is the vine, the disciples - the branches. It is further said: "He that abideth in me, and I in him, carries much fruit.“ The stick remains on the hump of the vine but it still lacks something in order to live independently - it has no root. The vine however, has its own roots, it leads an independent life and transmits its life to the branches. Therefore, until the branch learns the great law of polarisation, i.e. until it develops its roots and goes deep in the matter in order to live independently, as the teacher, it has to remain on the hump of the vine - ‚It carries much fruit.’ Indeed, there is no life without fruit. The fruit brings life. The branch may grow high, get formed, give beautiful leaves but without blossoming without tangling fruit. In this state the branch presents an external manifestation of life that will develop in the future not only as an external, i.e material, but also as an inner, spiritual life. „If the branch does not carry fruit, it is cut off and thrown into the fire.’ – Why? – Because this life is needed by the other branches. The same can be said for every disciple who accepts the teaching of his teacher and holds it only for himself, without applying it. Such a disciple is driven out. Now everyone can ask themselves: Am I worthy of accepting the teaching of my teacher? It is not a question about the dignity or unworthiness of the man and disciple. It is important that the disciple is disciplined. He may be a son of a royalty or prince but if he does not study, the teacher cannot force his teaching into his head. He does not want to waste his time with him. The Great Teacher does not deal with unresponsive disciples. The Teacher must abide in his disciple and his disciple - in his teacher. If the branch remains in the vine its juices will rise upwards and will feed the branch. Therefore, the material life of the roots ascends upwards to the branches and turns into a spiritual life. When the branches give blossom and fruit, the spiritual life turns into a Divine one. This life implies the seed of the fruit, which gives again the branches and multiplies. The roots represent the foundation of life. Every plant, which roots are healthy, stays in one place where it works and rests. A plant that does not have healthy roots, is constantly moving where every wind takes it in space. The disciples are also like the plants: stable and unstable. The stable disciple has a belief, which he does not change. The unstable one changes his belief; he is ready at any moment to accept the other’s opinion, to give up his belief. He thinks that he can learn from everything but in fact, he never comes to knowing the truth. There are many such disciples in life. They resemble those people who expect to profit only from the lottery. Today they buy a lottery ticket, tomorrow - another one, in the hope to win something but they win nothing. However, the hope does not leave them. Some religious people act similarly. They say to themselves: Let’s learn a few occult laws so that people can see what we can do. A day after day, month after a month, a year after a year goes by but they neither learn nor achieve something. The Creator of the world who is wise and great knows the man’s good and bad traits because of which he does not allow either the people or the angels to abuse His blessing and power. Whoever has dared to infringe the Divine law has paid dearly. Whoever has defined himself as a Christ’s disciple has gone through great pain. It is not easy to go through the fire. You need to go through the fire seven times in order to some extent to understand the meaning of life in which there are different types of fire; It is important what type of fire you will go through in order to understand your life. There is a fire of minerals, plants, animals, people, and so on. Everyone has to ask, what kind of fire he is basking at and what light he is learning at. Many people nowadays bask at fire from woods and say: This warmth is pleasant! What does the ordinary man see in the fire and what the clairvoyant? There are few clairvoyants in the world. In my view, they are only three: two women and a man. Many think that they are clairvoyants but they themselves are mistaken. They are clairvoyants who with their clairvoyance come across big contradictions. To see and understand clearly - this is a great achievement. What sense does it make for a man to see clearly but not to understand this, which he sees? This means to make mistakes without knowing how to rectify them. What is the meaning of listening to the Divine Word without understanding and applying it? In order to rectify his relationships with God, a man has to listen, understand and apply the Word of This God Who is not painted ether on book or on board. He lives in the spirit and soul of man. He speaks to people from within, not from outside. Some imagine God as an old man, with a white beard, a stick in his hand, and so on. This is not God. Since the creation of the world so far no ordinary man has seen God or heard His voice. Even the most senior angels barely look at Him. As for the energy and life of God, this is another matter. It penetrates everywhere and in everything, as energy as life and light. „Whoever abides in me and I in him, he contributes much fruit”. Therefore, in order to contribute much fruit, man needs to know God. This can be achieved when he abides in Christ and Christ in him. If it does not remain on the vine, the stick will not benefit from the sun light and warmth, therefore, it will not bring any fruit. Only this stick brings forth fruit that remains on the vine. Surviving is an internal process and not an external one. The external processes are mechanical while we are talking about processes that have content and meaning. Many fix themselves only on the external side of life and think that everything is there. The external life is more mechanical; It has a meaning when it connects with the internal one as its layer. People’s external relations are filled with delusions and illusions. This is the reason why some think they are close to someone but after some time they get dispapointed. Externally, they may be close but internally they are far from each other. In this case, every physical closeness disappears. Internally people are at such a distance from one another as are the comets and planets; Despite that they still talk about closeness. What closeness is this? There are comets which tail is at kilometres distance from the Earth, what about its head? Can it be said that the comet is close to the Earth? Such closeness often exists between people. And the dog touches its tail to his Master, but it does not know him. The distance and closeness between the dog and its master are enormous. People do not know eachother but a man does not know himslef either. After all this he talks about the superhuman. What does the superhuman represent? He is distinguished with extraordinary power and abilities. He can do whatever he wishes. He understands the laws of life, knows the causes and consequences of things, understands the internal meaning of good and bad. The superhuman is meek, humbled and pure-hearted. It is said about him that he will inherit the Earth. He does not speak anything about himself, does not show off or reccomend himself and works quietly, noone sees him, everywhere he goes by is unnoticed. Whoever wants to enter the God’s Kingdom, he must humble. This means to become a superhuman. According to the modern people, the superhuman is expanding, occupying a big volume. From the spiritual point of view, the superhuman is diminishing. However, the meaning of the human life lies externally in material diminution, while internally – in spiritual expanding. There is a close connection between the diminution and expansion. You cannot expand something if it hasn’t been compressed beforehand. So, the superhuman is that one who knows the laws of the compression and expansion, i.e. the laws of the humility and ascension. When he wants to come close to God, the superhuman leaves all his luggage on Earth, gives up his material wealth and starts to gradually expand until he reaches the end goal of his life - the Merging with God. He can in this way say like Christ: ‚Lord and I are one.’ Christ has also talked to his disciples about the law of diminishing. A superhuman and Christ’s disciple are synonyms. When the disciple acquires the ability to diminish and expand at his will, he merges with his Teacher and becomes one with Him. He develops under particular laws and gets rid of the limiting conditions of life. The seed goes through these processes too: first it is planted in the earth – in the limiting cnditions of life, then it germinates, grows, develops, gives fruit and frees itself from the limitations. Whatever processes the seed passes through the human soul goes through the same too. Therefore, Paul says: ‚We live and move in God’. While the man lives and moves in God, he grows and develops right. As soon as he goes outside of God, he distorts his life. Therefore, Christ says: ‚Every branch that does not remain on the vine is cut off and thrown into the fire.’ The same verse is related also to the child who is in his mother’s womb. If he is not connected with his mother and does not eat from her, the mother will miscarry. She miscarried the child because he is not capable of using the life. If the mother wants to undergo abortion of her child,this indicates that she understands him, is aware of hi inability to live. Consequently, every conceived child whom the mother is disatisfied with cannot become a great man. The great man is conceived in a moment when the mother is filled with love, light thoughts and noble feelings. During the time of her pregnancy, she has kept her child as the pupil of her eye. During that time, the father has also been filled with love and light. Born in this way,the child can be compared to the vine branch that produces a lot of fruit. This is the question Christ has discussed with his disciples. Besides, here only the external side of the question is being considered. A man needs to study a lot until he reaches to the internal understanding of things. Whoever does not understand the external side, he asks himself what the relation between the teacher and disciple and the mother and child is. These are relations of magnitudes, of known forces that are intertwined in a human life. When people learn to transform their energies only then can it be talked about a harmonious and correct life. Only then will they understand each other, will they be able to transform their lower energies into higher ones. Many people get bored of their lives, the poverty; they want to become rich but they don’t know how and suffer. They want to acquire the art of compressing and expanding at their will but they cannot and become discouraged. Both the religious and secular people suffer without being able to help themselves. The religious ones want to descend from the height, which they are standing on, the secular ones want to climb high but both the ones and the others avoid each other. They don’t know that they can help each other. One thing is needed: to change their places and services. One of the great laws of nature is the law of exchange. This law is manifested in nature as well. Therefore, when one person falls, anther stands up, when one descends another ascends. Christ says that every stick that does not bear fruit is cut off and another one comes in its place. This shows that in nature there are no empty spaces. This explains the law of grafting: one branch is cut off and another is placed in its place. The fearful one will say like Paul: Whether I, the one who aspires to God would be rejected?“ God can reject man from himself only when the latter one has hurt the Spirit. Imagine that a girl gets married to a rich scientist, good, noble man who is attentive to her, creates every comfort for her, and satisfies her needs, while she is constantly dissatisfied with him. What should this man do? – He is left with nothing else but to give freedom to his wife, to let her go in the world, there she could find her happiness and learn her lesson. While she lives with her husband, while he satisfies all her needs and desires, she will not understand him. There are no tangent points between them, their aspirations are different because of which they do not interact properly. When she looses her husband and comes across the harsh conditions of life, she will start thinking and will understand him. Such is the position of the student who listens to his Teacher’s lessons but he doesn’t study and he doesn’t benefit from them. The Teacher is dissatisfied with his disciple and says: I will cut this disciple out of the vine, which he has fed from until now. After that the teacher will find another disciple who will substitute the first one. Similarly, the dissatisfied one should be dealt with. The first desire in all people is the same. Everyone is aiming at the sublime and noble but few resist their desire. This is due to the fact that the desires and understanding of people are not the same. Few people keep their relationship towards the Great One as well as their soul. Whoever is connected to God, he is satisfied with everything, and he resists his inner desires and understanding. „Whoever abides in me and I in him, he contributes much fruit“. The fruit is necessary for very stick. Therefore, under ‘fruit’ Christ understands the conditions in which a man lives and develops. Why does Christ compare the human life to a vine branch? A man is attached to the great tree of life like the vine branch to the vine. As the vine branch sucks the juices of the vine, grows up, develops and brings fruit, so does the man sucks the juices of the great tree of life, processes them and sends them to the heart for purification as blood. In this way, he passes to the spiritual life from the physical one and from there to the mental life. The purified blood enters the brain where it transforms into a mental energy, which we call the fruit of life. As the stomach, lungs, the heart and brain of a man work together and each of them brings their fruit, so do the three types of life-physical, heart and mental ones - manifest simultaneously, bring their fruit and feed the vine branch, attached to the vine that draws its juices from the Divine Life. If the least breach occurs in one of the three types of life, the vine stick begins to wither, for which the master of the vine cuts it and throws it into the fire. The modern people are in the first stage of life – in the physical life of the vine. This is why it is said that today, most of the people live in their stomachs. The new time is already coming, when a man enters his lungs, purifies his thoughts and feelings in order to send to his brain pure red blood through which to connect with the higher creatures and from there – with God. Only then will one understand the relationship between his thoughts, feelings and actions. This is how he will udnerstand the connection between the physical, spiritual and Divine life. You see a beautiful red apple and you enjoy its red colour and shape, but in a few days time, it rottens and goes off. What did the beautiful apple give to you? It connected you with its content. Therefore, the outer shape and beauty of things is an impetus to their inner content. You eat the apple, use its juice and send it to your brain as a processed and purified blood, which brings in energy for the work of thought. You begin to think about the relationship of things. Therefore, when it is talked about the life of the vine and the vine branch, we understand all the situations, which a human soul passes through. In this way, it (the soul) understands the Divine paths and laws. When it is talked about different matters, many say that instead of understanding things, they get more confused. It is talked about an evolution, for the transformation of the energies, for the compression and expansion of matter, but it is like throwing a stone into the water. As the thrown in the water stone forms bigger circles around itself so does the misunderstanding about them grow more. One is required from a man: Christ to abide in him - This means: Christ to live in the man and manifest as a light, warmth and strength. Just as animals are guided by the Divine mind by instinct, so every Christian must be led by Christ's light. Until he accepts God's thought within himself, one will always suffer. Everyone says that they have their own understanding and views about life, they don’t want to listen to anyone, but ultimately, people’s life loses its meaning and their affairs go behind every day. You will say that the animals guide themselves by their instincts. However, despite that the animal feels the forthcoming storm or earthquake and takes steps to protect it, while a man with his high mind and a particular opinion becomes a victim. The Divine Spirit that is hidden in the animals’ instinct guides them. Migratory birds grasp instinctively the time for migrating to and leaving the warm countries and never get mislead. The man, however, often gets mislead with his thinking. When he sees that the day is clear and warm, he rejoices, goes out for a walk without suspecting that a storm, wind and volley will come in two-three hours and he goes back home soaked all over. Sometimes, the stormy day is preferred to the clear one. Good weather comes after a storm, while often after a clear day; the weather gets spoiled and takes the man by surprise. The silent and quiet person is more dangerous than the one that shouts and talks a lot. The quiet waterfall is more dangerous than the noisy one. Therefore, it is said that the silent water causes big damages. The wetlands take the man by surprise. As he walks thoughtful he may come across a wetland and sink in it. When they don’t foresee the surprises in their lives, people are dissatisfied and search for the reason of their misfortunes outside of themselves. While he thinks that he is a vine while the ones that surround him´sticks', a man will always be surprised and will always suffer. Some religious ones think of themselves as vines while the secular people- as sticks. And vice versa: the secular people consider themselves as vines, while the religious ones as sticks. Both the ones and the others are on a wrong path. One is the vine, many are the sticks. Therefore, Christ is the vine, while people- the sticks. Whoever thinks that they are a vine; he either does not understand the truth or is misled. He is also a stick as all people. One is the Divine vine and Christ says about it that it has spread all over the world and is feeding him. To think that you are a vine means to think that you are a Master of the world. – I think on my feet, freely and independently. – You do not know yet what the thought and freedom represent. To think freely and rightly this is a great art. Few people understand and master this art. In some, the intuition is strong and they understand things correctly, in others, the thought is strong but sometimes, both the ones and the others are left mislead. You say about a man that he is good but you only see the external, festive clothing, you don’t know what his every day clothes are. Many cite the thought „to be or not to be“, said by Shakespeare without understanding its inner meaning. This thought implies: To stay on the vine or to leave, to study or leave the school, to work only for myself or for the others too. You will say that this is a free interpretation of the thought. This is an interpretation, which Shakespeare can give too. One Spanish writer has written a book which many read. One of the readers could not understand the meaning of some of the sentences and took off to the writer in order to explain them to him. He took a look at the reader, laughed and responded: I myself don’t know what I wanted to say with these thoughts. The right thought is understood by everyone. Besides, there should be a certain ratio, a given connection between the written and oral speech. You cannot write one thing and talk and understand another. It is not one and the same thing whether you love or be in love with someone. Love is a law for creation, while to be in love with - for destruction. The love builds the destructed, while to be in love with both destructs and builds. Love destroys first the old, the rotten and unfit, while after wards it builds something new, healthy, and useful for everyone. Rejoice when you are loved; rejoice when someone is in love with you. The misfortunes, suffering and unhappiness are the first degree of love. When a man suffers, he starts to think and build. He accepts Christ in himself and guides himself from His though. And so keep a connection with Christ in order not to destroy your relationships with people. Whoever has separated from the vine, he lives constantly in argument and problems with people. Whoever and whatever he is told he is ready to argue with them. If someone destroys the fence of his house he takes him immediately to court. This is also a solution to the problem but there is another, a righteous solution – to build your fence by yourself. Instead of having a court case for years, to create problems to yourself, it is best alone to help yourself. If you sue your close one, they will cut you off the vine and will throw you in the fire where you will evaporate. This means a man to lose the meaning of his life. You will realise your mistake after some years and will understand that no one has the right to sue their close one. Whoever applies the Divine law in their life, they win more than losing. Work with love without any self-interest. Why would you suffer in attracting the scientist man in your home if he does not want to visit you voluntarily? Whatever you do, nothing in this life is achieved by force. Through force neither the rich one opens his purse nor does the scientist open his mind and heart. It makes sense that a scientist comes to your home but to be ready to sketch a few from his stones with which you could build. This is love. This is how Christ acts. When He sees that the vine branch does not benefit from the juices of the vine and it does not give fruit, He cuts it off and throws in the fire. „Whoever abides in me and I in him, he contributes much fruit“. Every vine branch that does not bear fruit is cut off and thrown in the fire. “The language, which Christ uses, is symbolic. In this way, he presented the truth to people without insulting them. It is not easy to talk to people. The symbolic language is simultaneously scientific. The aim of the speaker is to elevate his listeners and not to insult or blame. The language of truth is powerful, but for those who understand it. Whoever does not understand this language says that the truth is bitter. The contemporary people need new understanding and perceptions, new moral. Only in this way will every nation get elevated, revived and strengthened. All peoples need to unite, to live between themselves as brothers. You will say that God has created both the good and the evil. One thing you must know: God has His own plan that has to be fulfilled. Every soul has her path defined on which she needs to move. Whoever deviates from his path, suffers. A man can move in a straight or curved line. Every movement has its results. From the results, it transpires whether the path a man moves on is straight or curved. People must unite and become one whole. The power is in the wholeness and not in the part. One great scientist has said that if people do not understand each other they will be confounded. The same law is valid for the animals. While they are in a flock, they are brave, decisive and are able to defend themselves. As soon as they separate, their strength diminishes and easily falls in the mouth of the enemy. Christ says to his disciples that their power is hidden in their unification. While they are sticks of a vine they are strong, develop well and bear a lot of fruit. Therefore, while the mind, the heart and the soul are united a man can always be well to develop rightly. You will say that a man has to first live for his motherland and then for his soul. It is correct that there is one motherland that it must be lived for. There is one Kingdom that is on the first place. A man has come to the Earth in order to become a citizen of the Divine Kingdom from which all kingdoms and countries are just little sticks. The separate countries are letters from the alphabet, while the World uses all letters. It unites them and creates the speech. Whatever the relations between the different countries are so are the relationships between people. This is the reason why sometimes, two people cannot understand each other. They connect with each other in the name of love but soon after that they get fed up with each other and wish to separate. They can separate if they know the actions of subtracting and dividing. A woman wants to leave her husband. This is possible only if she knows all rules of mathematics. The same is required from every Christian. If you want to take out a bad thought from your mind you need to know the total sum of your thoughts which you have beforehand distributed to good and bad and then your will take out the bad thought from the bad thoughts while you will leave the good thoughts aside. If you have deprived someone of 1000 leva, you will open your purse and will take 1000 leva, and will return it to him. Thus, the dispute will be settled. The Divine law does not allow any disharmony and skipping. There, the processes take place correctly and systematically. It is said in the Scripture: „Listen to the quiet voice of This One, Who is constantly talking to you in both joys and sorrows.’ And today when I am talking to you, I don’t do anything else except for watering the roots of life in you. In this tree is That One who is constantly talking to you. At the same time, I am opening the windows of your mind so that it can be penetrated by more light in order to understand things. Only in this way does the soul of a man fill with good feelings and wishes, while the mind with light and higher thoughts. Only in this way can people understand each other and become brothers. „Whoever abides in me and I in him he bears lots of fruit.’ Whoever abides on the vine, he can understand the deep meaning of love. When the vine is being talked about, some identify it with their people, motherland, or their home and are ready to self - sacrifice themselves. One is the true sacrifice –for love. It is said that God is Love. Therefore, if you self - sacrifice your will self - sacrifice for God. If you listen to God’s quiet voice from within, you are healthy, fresh, free, and ready for every reasonable sacrifice. Whoever loses their connection with the Divine, acquires dark red colour on their face, becomes unhappy, gloomy and rough. Turn to God with a prayer in order to recover your inner piece, to acquire your lost love. Keep your good relationships with your close ones in order to enjoy health and inner piece. The relationships between people should be like those of the mother and father towards their children, like those of the brothers towards their sisters and of the sisters towards their brothers. These relationships are a measure, which the right connections are defined with. Someone will say that he knows these things and that everything is clear to him. How has he learned them? Some think that their dreams are revelations but they mislead themselves. The revelation comes from a Higher world, while many of the dreams are a result of impressions and things that have happened. Only a few dreams come from a higher world, they similarly to the revelations cause a change in a man. One woman has seriously got ill almost reaching death, but luckily healed. When she started to improve she had had a revelation, which had caused a big change in her. From this day, she changed radically her life. From the invisible world, they had warned her that she would die in a month. She didn’t get scared but with acceptance had started to prepare for the other world. And indeed, she died in a month. The son had been very sad for his mother. Once, she appeared in his dream and told him: Stop crying. I am well. Your attachment to me is a particular sort of partisanship. It is not allowed any partisanship here. Today, Christ also says to the modern people to get rid of any partisanship and to understand that the knife is acting on the vine. Every stick that does not bear fruit is being cut and thrown in the fire. It is already time that the Christians define themselves and be either with Christ or outside Him. Whoever solves this question in a positive way, will elevate himself and will give sweet and abundant fruit. – What will happen with Bulgaria? Leave this question aside. There is one who will deal with Bulgaria. The great artist who knows how to draw does not need their child’s help. God is great, almighty and forbearing. He has thought for everyone. He takes into account all living creatures, all peoples without any distinction between nations. Therefore, Christ says to his disciples not to support any parties. Paul expresses the same idea through the verse: „ In Christ there are neither Greeks, nor Jews nor Scythians. Therefore, whoever believes in Christ, he will be blessed. In the Gospel, there is no mention about the individual countries. Every country is one firm. Whoever abuses this firm will be punished and deprived of the rights the firm gives to its members. If all members abuse, the firm ceases to exist. It is said, however, in the Scripture: „If a nation does not serve God, it will be erased from His book. “. This law is relevant not only to the peoples but also in relation to the separate individuals. Now, the whole humankind is entering a New Age. Today, Christ puts every man on the scales and weighs him to see how much he weighs. He judges according to his weight who has obedience and who has not got such one. Whoever listens and fulfils the Divine law, will benefit from His blessing. Whoever does not listen to Him will be put to great tests. The biggest service God can give to a man is to send him to the home of a poor and miserable widow, to console her and look after her orphans. To console a widow is a greater thing than leading the destiny of a whole people. – Why? – Because whoever cannot pay attention to a soul, i.e. God within himself he cannot do anything. The love of a man is defined by how much he respects his soul. If you do not respect Christ and God, how will you respect your close ones? You will say that the Jews crucified Christ. What will you say about the contemporary people who every day crucify That One who talks to them with His quiet, humble voice? Today, most people cry, suffer and say that God does not love them and has forgotten them. In fact, they do not love Him, they have forgotten about him. All go home and say: God, we want to connect with You. After that gather all stones, tiles and start building. The cry does not save. Many disciples receive poor marks and cry but the cry does not bring good marks. Even if they have good marks, if they don’t have knowledge they will still not get saved. Life is a great school, in which no cry is allowed. The teaching is necessary for everyone. It is said that the roots of knowledge are bitter while the fruits sweet. It is forbidden to the disciple to cry. Any partisanship is excluded for him. Put the crying and partisanship aside, go to Christ and say: We are already ready to learn and penetrate the greatest secrets of the Being where joy and happiness, piece and freedom reign. The work of the disciple is expressed in studying. In both as married or unmarried, he needs to equally study. Listen to the quiet voice in yourselves that will bring agreement and piece in yourselves, in all people, in the whole world. He will organise all societies and will bring the true religion in the world - The religion of the Spirit. Every other voice outside the quiet one, need to be checked. Only in that way can you correctly resolve the questions of life. Who will help us find a solution to our questions? – There is One who will help you. Behold, I am ready to help you. I will shine light on you while you will follow me. Today, I am with you and in the future I will meet you again. If you learn, if you are ready to rectify your lives, I will support you in front of God to appoint you again as disciples. Therefore, when you go back to your homes open a new page of your book. This means to become again a stick of the vine and the Divine juices to flow in you. Be brave, fresh, and joyful and listen to the quiet voice in yourselves. Do not cry for the dead. Do not be sad for the lost time. Put the past aside and work for the now and future. There is plenty of time before you. Work and rectify your mistakes. As you can make mistakes so can you rectify your mistakes and build. God builds while the Devil destructs. Make connection with this One who builds. The rich farmer takes workers and completes his job in a day. The poor farmer plows alone and uses lots of time until he finishes his work. The first one follows the law of love while the second one - the law of the evolution. Connect with Christ in order to become rich and soon to complete your work. There is no time for procrastination. The harvest is ready; workers are needed on the land in order for the job to be completed sooner. God has harnessed the plow and is plowing his field, the field is the world. Therefore, God mixes the world with His plow, turns the layers to expose them to the new light and warmth, to prepare for the planting of the new seeds. Also, become co-workers of God and say: God, bless our work too! Bring peace and harmony with each other and do not condemn one other. Listen to the quiet voice within yourselves, in order to blossom, tie and give fruit. As I meet you in the future, become happy and say: "No disciple is greater than his Teacher; it is enough that he is like his Teacher.” Be cheerful, fresh and joyful. Dress in the hope, fill with the faith and connect with the love. Sunday Lectures 26.01.1919 Sunday, Sofia Traducteur Proletina
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    “Love is a Wellspring. No one can obstruct the flow of a wellspring. Should you attempt to obstruct it, you will be swept away. Be a wellspring that lets water flow abundantly through and quenches the thirst of human souls without them knowing." Beinsa Douno (1864-1944)“This book is an extraordinary compilation of modern spiritual discourse. It is a vivid testimony to the mission of the Bulgarian spiritual Teacher Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) during the last year of his life. This book includes insightful and original views on wellbeing and health, music and movements (Paneurhythmy), education and children, and the basic laws of human life.” Harrie Salman AUDIO BOOK in MP3 Format/Approx. 16 HoursTranslated into English byAntoaneta Krushevska and Ernestina Staleva Narrated by Rev. Laurie SchadCover art by Veneta Docheva Cover design by Steve EagleProduced by Northfire Recording Studio, Amherst, MA, USASound design: Bozhidar Simov
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    Music- Dance of the soul - Peter Deunov
  7. The Great Faith “Your faith is great.” (Matthew 15:28) One of the important verses in the read chapter is about the faith. Christ turns to a woman who was a Canaanite and says: „Woman, great is your faith!“. The faith Christ is talking about represents a great, immeasurable world. For many, faith is as comprehended as are the words God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit. These words are so familiar to a man as he alone realises the situation, which he is in. Whoever knows what the beginning of things means, he understands the words God the Father. Whoever understands the two opposite beginnings in the world – the spirit and matter, he knows the meaning of the words God - Spirit. Whoever understands the son’s relationship to his father, he knows what the words God the Son mean. When talking about the son’s manifestations to people, we understand the meaning of the words Son of the Humankind. Finally, when we talk about the connection between the manifestations of the Son to the human mind, we understand the notion reasonabe light. „Woman, great is your faith!“ Therefore, there is also a little faith. The big and little faith represent the two poles of the human mind. Both the gtreat and little faith are needed in life-as the case may be. These are contrasts, which it is impossible without. They also exist in nature. You will see big and small mountains, big and small rivers, seas, lakes, big and small towns, countries, etc. everwhere. For Christ to say to the woman that her faith is great, it shows that He has put her to a test.– Why did he have to put her to a test?– In order to understand whether her daughter could be healed. If someone buys a lot of land and starts to cultivate it, the first question, which I will ask him is whether he has water at his disposal and what quantity. A lot of water is needed for a lot of land. If there is a small amount of water, it is better not to start cultivating the land. Faith presents a special kind of energies in the human life. The greater the man’s faith, the more energetic he is and the greater the work he can do. Christ asked the woman a few questions and after she answered wisely to all of them, He said: „It is not good for someone to take the bread out of the children and throw it to the dogs“. While she said: „ Hey, God, however, the dogs also eat of the crumbs that fall from the table of their masters“. Then Christ told her: „Woman, great is your faith. Let it be according to your faith!“ Count on that woman or man who pays attention to the small things. Whoever does not pay attention to the small measures is a spender- nothing good can be expected from him. The small magnitudes lead to the big ones that can be used for the benefit of all people. It is right to go from the small to the big and not to the opposite. This shows that certain order exists in both life and nature. Therefore, it is said that this order exists in the application of the Divine laws. If you are curing someone in a divine way, you will apply such methods that correspond to his body, i.e. there should be certain consistency between the methods you apply and his energy. Besides, you will start from the weak methods and will gradually move towards the strong ones. The principle is one and the same but the methods are different when healing in a divine way. What method will be applied to a given person will depend on the degree of his development. Some treat themselves with medicines, water, powwowing, while others with faith. What is the reason for the illnesses?– the weakening of the life energy in a man, in the process of which it turns into a potential or passive energy. Therefore, the curing of the ill one envisages the transformation of the potential energy into a kinetic one. This is achieved through different medicines or actions that incite the passive energy. Sometimes, the Bulgarians heal the people with fever by pouring cold water over him. In this way they produce a strong reaction in the organism and if the passive energy turns into an active one, the ill person is cured. If this doesn’t happen, he cannot heal. Regardless of how the ill one is being cured, it is important that a certain connection between him and God exists. The Canaanite woman, who was asking Christ to help her ill daughter needed this connection. In Christ’s face she saw the man who made the connection between her saul and God and her daughter was cured at the same time. Sometimes, a man makes this connection himself and sometimes he needs someone’s help. As the surgeon bandages and adjusts the ill man’s broken leg so is Christ the connection between the human soul and God. Whoever cannot make this connection will long walk around the ill one without helping him. Why do people suffer? – Because their bones are dislocated. I am using the words ‚dislocated bones’ in the sense of misplaced thoughts and actions. You can be good, sincere but still to suffer from a misplacement of the thoughts and feelings. – Why?– Because you don’t start your work on time and with the requisite understanding. At the end of the day, when you find yourself in difficulty, you say: God is almighty, He can do everything. – He can do everything but according to His mind and understanding and not according to your one. People are wrong to think that God will teach them how to act, without themselves thinking on their actions. They turn to God only when they are in need without asking themselves whether God is available to answer them. Every thing must be done in its own time. The Canaanite woman understood this moment and used it. When Christ told her that she could not take the bread out of the children and gave to the dogs, it immediately occurred to her how to answer. – Who are the dogs? – The people who only think about eating and drinking. The Canaanite was a humble woman. She came to Christ in order to only take the surplus from the masters’ table without reaching out to their share. She was aware that she had the right to live and benefit from the wealth of life even though it fell from the masters’ table. Christ was astonished by this faith and answered: „Woman, great is your faith!“ From this moment , the life of the Canaanite changed and Christ said: „Let it be accoring to your faith!’ And her daughter was cured from this hour. This transformation in a human’s life is called‚ „acqusition of inner, Divine peace“. When the ill one is cured, his soul is filled with peace and calmity. You will say that you know this state .i.e you understand everything that you are told. This is possible too but there is a difference between the understanding of all living creatures. Evan the smallest animals have their understanding but their perceptions are radically differenet from the ones of the humans, while the human ones from the angels’,etc. To a certain extent one animal has more correct understanding than the human being but in most cases, the perceptions of the human beings are higher and more correct than the ones of the animals. Study the qualities and the manifestations of the animals and copy the good in them. Look how the sheep are obedient to their shepard. Shouldn’t people too have to be obedient to their Father? Look how the silkworm becomes gradually smaller until it wraps up in cacoons and spends some time in sleep until it turns into a butterfly and flies away in the broad world. Shouldn’t the human being also learn the art of diminishing and increasing when the conditions dictate to him the one or the other situation. By listening to this, many will object that they are a free and thinking creature independent from the conditions. Indeed, the human being is a thinking creature but he is a master of the conditions only when he thinks, feels and acts right. Otherwise, he is a slave and servant of the conditions. The right thought, the right feeling and the right action are related to the Divine beginning. So did the Canaanite woman do. She started with the small and acquired the big. Many of the people of today start with the big desires, they want to shine in the world, everyone to talk about them. You hear someone saying: I will make a feast for my close ones so that they can all remain astonished. Afterwards, I can fast for a whole week but show off at least once. This means to start well and finish badly. So have many people and peoples begun but after all, they all ended up badly and left alone, disappointed. Regardless of how you start well or badly, you will always learn something. Nature uses everything and ultimately turns the evil into good. As all people are not at the same level of development and their actions are different. The mistakes in man’ life come as a natural consequence of his freedom as he is free in his actions. However, one thing is asked from him: rectification of the mistakes. Who rectifies his mistakes? – the humbled one. One of the woman Canaanite’s qualities was the humility. Every human being must acquire humility. Nothing can be achieved without it. Both young and old, all have to humble. Some humble voluntarily, others – by force. The wise man foresees the evil and avoids it, while the stupid one cannot foresee it and encounters it. The wise man humbles voluntarily while the stupid one- not by his will. When he is forced to humble himself, he says: There is nothing that can be done, i have to obey. Isn’t it possible to live wthout humility? – No, it is impossible. You need to humble at least once in your life. The humble one looks for the reason of his failures and misfortunes in himself and not from outside. In this way, he increases his humbleness and becomes internally strong and rich. A real human being is the one who increases his gifts and abilities. He works consciously on himself and is not misled. He does not think that his faith is great. He does not think that his holliness is great. Some parents think that their children are genius and understand everything. A man can understand things without being genius. The genius is an advanced spirit who has completed his development on the Earth. While you live on the Earth, you cannot be genius. You will come close to the genius without being a true genius. This is why it is said in the Scripture that no disciple is superior to his Teacher. It is enough for the disciple to be like his tecaher. Until the disciple reaches his teacher, the latter has already surpassed him. A Christian thinks that he has a great faith, a lot of of knowledge, but as soon as his child gets ill, he goes in despair , cries, suffers - he cannot help her. Didn’t you have faith, knowledge, why do you fall in despair? The strength of the man is recognised in the trials.- My child will die while she has to live.- If she has to live she will live; if she dies prematurely , be glad that she has done some work on the Earth and after a while she will come back amongst you in order to continue her work. – Is this true? – If you are a believer your will check this for yourself; if you don't believe you will suffer without reaching out to the truth. Death does not presuppose the end of life. You are born, which means you are mobilised; you die - you are demobilised; You take off your military clothes and dress those ones which you came to the earth with. The mobilised man is a restricted one, while the demobilised one is free like a butterfly. What does the general represent when he gives orders to his regular soldiers and the mobilised ones?- Teacher. He gives them different lectures in the military art and discipline, while they listen and agree with everything they are told. The general talks while they confirm: That’s right Mr General! Whether their perceptions are always in accordance with the General’s ones is another matter. It is important that the military discipline requires order, orderliness, and a full consensus among the soldiers. This transmission is similar to punching nails in the board. The master beats the nail, and the last one says: That’s right Mr General! When he completes his job, the master says: I completed one good job. – It is good for you but it is not so for the nail and the board. Even the Jewish thought that they were doing a good job by punching nails in Christ’s hands and feet, but the consequences of this whole work did not go well for the Jewish people. In the mind of man, there are negative thoughts that crush the hands and feet of their God. There are thoughts and feelings of temptation and lack of faith that connect with God in the man until they crucify Him. All negative thoughts and feelings in the human life must be eliminated, because no one needs wooden or stone crosses. The world needs thinking creatures, alive crosses without any nails. The contemporary religions are full of crosses, punched with nails. The future religion will be differentiated with alive crosses without any nails. „Woman, great is your faith!“ What is the relation of this woman’s faith to you? It could be seen from this that the strong faith cures. Every man has three ill daughters in himself - the body, mind and heart. The three daughters have three mothers, but only one of them searched for God and found Him, that is why her daughter was cured. She trusted in God and her faith was great. Faith is a great thing. According to some, the faith is a result of good disposition. It is not so. Even animals have good disposition, they play joyfully, and jump but there is no way to speak of faith in them. The better and more reasonable life a human being leads the more his faith increases. The poor and unreasonable life leads to the cause of the weakening of faith. As faith is related to the mind so is the power of faith dependant on the light and purity of the human mind. If it dosen’t have these qualities, the mind becomes the reason for the misleadings of the heart. What is the reason of the Canaanite’s great faith? – Her knowledge of God and Christ. So she felt the inner power of Christ and trusted in it. Inwardly, she recognised Christ as a Son of God and bravely asked from Him this, which she will ask for from God. She has understood the verse where Christ says about himself: ‘My Father and I are one’. It is said in the Scripture: „ For just as the Father has life in himself, so also he gave to his Son the possession of life in himself. As the Father has the power to resurrect so does the Son have the same power.“ What is the reason for this? – Christ’s connection with God. He who loves his neighbour or himself more than God will always cheat his love. A man who loves a woman more than God can always cheat on her. Everyone is searching for something outside of themselves and when they find it, they are not content. Search for God in yourself, connect with Him in order to be always content and truthful to yourself and your neighbour. Therefore, everyone should say to themselves: „I know the alive God, Who is in me and I fulfil His will.“ God who lives in man, lives in all live creatures, in the whole nature. The manifestations of the God we call Son of God. The people of today cannot stand in their relationships; they separate and get disappointed with one another because they do not understand the laws of the inner life. As the external life has its laws and needs so does the internal one have. Ones dressed in flesh, a man cannot deny it. He can become its Master and not satisfy all its desires but does not have a right to destroy it. The flesh is a form in which the soul and spirit are placed to study life. The roots of life are in the flesh, while the branches - in the spirit. As the roots are directed downward, towards the centre of the earth, while the branches - upward, towards the sun, therefore the spirit and flesh move in two opposite directions and oppose one another. Thanks to the counteraction between the flesh and spirit, life is born. Thus, namely, the flesh and the spirit perform great work. Therefore, in order to have a balance in human life, the flesh must go down, and the spirit upwards. Many want to destroy the flesh in order to deny it. It is impossible. While on the Earth, the man needs flesh. He is neither an angel nor a saint, he does not have their knowledge. Only the angels and saints can live without flesh, but when they are in heaven. When they come down to the Earth they too dress in flesh. All animals, all people are dressed in forms that correspond to their development. In this sense, each form performs a certain service. And the smallest creature, who performs its service properly, goes upwards to the branches. Conversely, if a person does not fulfill the will of God, he is in the position of roots that plunge deep into the earth. Therefore, it is not important what service a man performs, but how he performs it. The contemporary people talk about Christ’s love but apply the old methods in their lives. They start well and finish bad. In this respect, they resemble the boys and girls that have fallen in love. While they are not married and their parents work for them, their relationships are fine. They are careful and gentle to one another, write love letters to one another but as soon as they get married everything gets destroyed. – Why? - Because the burdens of life fall upon them. The boy thinks he has misled himself – the girl - too, while after all, the fault is in both of them. They have only been thinking of pleasure and not about a conscious, reasonable work. Whoever wants to have pleasure, pays dearly. Christ has expressed this thought through the verse: „I cannot take the bread from the children and give it to the dogs.“ I translate Christ’s words in the following way: I have not come for people who want to only have pleasures. The Canaanite woman responded to Christ: „And I also want to enter the good path which you show to people.“ Christ said: „Woman, great is your faith! Let it be according to your faith.“ From this hour, the Canaanite’s daughter was healed and received God’s blessing. All people - scientists, philosophers, musicians, artists, writers, have certain aspirations and ideals, which everyone achieves according to the degree of their faith. Someone becomes rich, a scientist, philosopher or a musician because he believed he could become such. It is noted that the great people are believers. They believed in the achievement of their ideals and have become strong and great people. Whoever has a reasonable faith, overcomes all hardships and obstacles in his life. Christ shows people the way in which they can cope with the hardships. The first condition for this is a pure life, filled with love. The true Christian is distinguished with moral resilience. He is humble, loving and pure. Whoever hasn’t acquired these qualities, even if he becomes a Christian, he will manifest himself in the way he has been initially, if he was nervous, he will remain nervous; if he was generous, he will remain such one. A man needs to make big efforts on himself in order to transform the negative qualities into positive ones and to strengthen the positive qualities. The tussore cannot turn into a butterfly in a day. This requires about 40 days. If the tussore which lives for such a short time needs 40 days for its transformation into a butterfly how much more time and work are needed by a man in order to go from the status of a moth into a butterfly. Both animals and humans develop slowly, gradually, by following the laws of evolution. Any form presents a note from the Divine range of life. The note may be a whole, half, quarter, eighth, etc. It has its own tone and a certain amount. People think they know the alphabet of their language as well as the seven musical tones, but as they start to use them, neither their speech is a speech nor their song - a song. Few people speak and sing properly. Someone talks about love but his heart is empty. He talks about the truth without knowing it. He talks about love towards God but is not ready for any sacrifice. Whoever cannot self - sacrifice, he does not love God. After all that, he wonders why people do not understand him and his affairs do not work well. A man needs to understand that the Divine life works in him but to also know that every good is not only given to him but also to his neighbours. Everyone has the right to enjoy the goods of life for his development. The man, woman and children are conditions given to the human being in order to think, work for his development and not only to use one another. How to get rid of suffering? – Do not escape suffering but learn from it. Every suffering is a musical tone that has to be clean, clear and soft. It has to be in hramnoy with the tone of joy. Only in this way will life develop well. As the tones in music have to be in harmony in order to form a correct chord so does the tone of suffering have to gradually rise until it brings harmony in life and transforms into joy. Therefore, suffering is the lowering of the tones of human life while joy - the increasing of the same tones. Christ says: „Woman, great is your faith!“ This means: Woman, you sing correctly, in harmony with your daughter, because of which she will heal. The mother can cure her daughter, while the father - his son if they are in harmony with each other. If the mother sins, the daughter suffers; if the father sins, the son suffers. Parents need to live well in order for their children not to suffer. When the daughter gets ill, the mother needs to fight death like a female tiger in order to save her. Otherwise, both the mother and daughter stop their development. However, there are cases when the death of children brings some blessing to the parents but this is no longer death but migration instead. Terrible is the death that comes prematurely and deprives the man of the opportunity to realise his ideals.– How can a man be saved from death ?- When he lives in full harmony with God. This means to keep his connection with God that has been made from the beginning of his life. Therefore, it is said: Do not sever your connection with God. Do not sever the connection of your neighbour with God. If you cannot increase it then at the very least, do not sever it. When they do not understand the laws of life, people tear each other’s threads of life and then they suffer. They tear their threads because their faith and light are weak. They will many times be born and will reincarnate until they complete their work on the Earth, i.e. until they connect the threads they have severed. 

The contemporary people stumble eachother in life because they compete. Everyone wants to be first. The layman wants to take the first place in society while the religious one – wants to be near God. Neither the first nor the latter are possible. Whatever place you occupy in society there will always be a man who sits above you. As far as being close to God is concerened, this is a relevant concept. God is the sun of life, but it depends on the man as to whether he will be close or far from Him. If you break your connection, you alone go away from Him. There is no place, space and time in the spiritual world. These are values that relate to the material world. You can be close to God in spirit but not in matter. The physical world is limited while the spiritual is unlimited. Therefore, we say: Two people cannot sit in one chair simultaneously, they cannot stir in a pouch or wear one pair of shoes, etc. While he is on the Earth, a man needs to understand the physical laws and comply with them. Initially, people walked without shoes but after the fall, climatic conditions changed, it became colder and the need for shoes appeared. Today, the birds do not fight for shoes like the people do.- Why do people fight and quarrel between themselves? – Because their faith has weakened. Until the man is rich, the woman believes in him; as soon as he looses his fortune, the woman’s faith disappears too. While the man is healthy and occupies a high position, the woman believes in him; as soon as he looses his health and occupation, she becomes faithless. This is not a faith that Christ is talking about. This is why some prefer to devote their lives to exploring and studying of the butterflies and insects rather than dealing with their own kind to whom they often become exposed to disappointments and afflictions. Christ said to the Canaanite: „Woman, great is your faith!“ This woman humbled and wanted to rectify her mistakes which she received the Divine blessing for. Many do not see their mistakes, do not want to recognise them and if someone shows the mistakes to them they search for a way to apologise. This is not divine. One is the Divine law and everyone has to obey it. Not all people obey the law in a similar way because they are not at the same level of development. In some people, the heart takes precedence, in others - the mind, and in others - the will.– Why don’t all people organise themselves in order to develop similarly? – This is impossible. Isn’t it true that there are a number of social organisations ? Are all people at the same level of development? Therefore, the real organisation takes place from within - outwards and from outside- inwards, but from the Spirit. This means the strengthening of the faith. In such an organisation, no one can rape the other. There is mutual help in the human organisations but there is also blackmailing. There is mutual help in the Divine organisations and no blackmailing. Here, the surplus is given without anyone keeping it. Everyone has the right to benefit from the surplus of goods, i,e. from their interests but in no case do they have the right to infringe the main capital or the mother of the given good. The mother remains as a foundation for the future construction. Give from your surplus without the rest knowing about it. You who use your neighbour’s good, thank for the received and do not ask for more than you are given. If you go somewhere as a guest do not stay more than three days without any work. On the fourth day, take part in the common work in order to show that you are a close one in this home. Do not blackmail your close ones neither do you test their patience. Only God and Christ have the right to test people. Christ tests his disciples’ patience through the Canaanite. They wanted from Christ to either help her or make her go - they did not have the patience to wait for the end. „Great is your faith.“ Let everyone ask the question: Is my faith great in order to water my garden? – Which is this garden? – The human heart! Many think that they understand the human heart. They understand it as much as to cause suffering to themselves. The hens also understand each - other but give them food to see how they peck eachother. So do the oxen. When you feed them they poke and envy each other and are scared that lest one has more food than the others. When people expect from you, give food to everyone individually in order that there is no pecking or poking between them. Put food in everyone’s dish individually. If everyone individually fills their plates, define how many spoons they can take. If they take more than it is defined, the last ones will remain without food. In order to get to know a person observe how they eat and how they treat their close ones during eating. Whatever a man is when eating at the table, so he is in society. The Divine life we are called for is not a life of pecking, poking neither a life of tearing strands. Instead of pecking, poking, tearing of the strands, and thereby interrupting the noble impulses of your soul as well as the ones of your neighbour, send your good thoughts and help. Everyone has an excess of energy, which he has to harness to work. If you are ready to give from your surplus, you can help the people around. The excess of energy represents a bandage for the broken leg or hand of your neighbour. When someone wants to help him, this means giving from the surplus of energy. The doctor will put a bandage on the ill one, he will adjust the broken leg but his neighbour must be ready to give from his surplus of energy,i.e. from his materials for bandage. Whoever is ready to give from his surplus of energy he can do miracles. What is meant by the word ‘miracles’? The miracles are not random things. They are based on reasonable laws, which God manifests through. Therefore, when you turn to God for help, do not ask yourselves whether He will help you or not, but give Him only bandages and oil. He will adjust the leg, oil and bandage it. You will see the result in a few days and in this way you will experience God. If all man’s attempts in curing his close ones prove successful, should you be in doubt of Him? This is a science, art that everyone can apply in their lives. If you suffer or are ill apply your faith. The bigger your faith is the better your results will be. If your faith is great you will easily cope with the negative feelings in yourselves, for example – the hatred, jealousy, etc. Huge strength is required from a man in order to cope with the evil in him. I know one way to achieve this: The fulfilment of God’s will. I know one Teacher in the world: God. Whoever follows the Divine path he always fulfils His will. – Whom should we listen to?– You will listen to yourselves because God is there. Many do not succeed in their lives because they listen to many teachers. You will listen to only that teacher who fulfils the Divine will. He works well and his work has results. This is how every man who is connected with God works. And the shoemaker who works with love makes good shoes and satisfies his clients. He may not have taken a high degree but he has love inside. Cherish and respect everyone for the Divine that is hidden in them. It may be a small sparkle but it will increase and become a big fire with time: Everyone can help with the blowing of this sparkle. This means people to help and understand each - other. This is how the musicians understand each - other in an orchestra. The audience sits, listens and applauds. And you as my audience represent musicians of the great life orchestra. You play, the angels listen to you and give their opinion. In order that they don’t strictly judge you, I tell them that you have just now started to play. One day, you will become good musicians and will satisfy them. From the outside you are all good, pious but it is required from all inner piety and goodness. If someone has not yet become good, beautiful and pious let him enjoy these qualities in other people. Enjoy the good that lives in your neighbour in order that it can become the foundation of your life. Today, this is the teaching I am preaching to you about.: The good of one to be a common good and the good of all to be good for one. Where has this teaching been taken from? – From the sensible nature. Use the methods which she gives to you in order to improve your life. Everything is in its place. But you have to understand the ratio between things. When they do not understand these ratios , people are unsatisfied from one another and constantly grumble. In order not to be in this situation let them remember the Bulgarian proverb: ‚I am not a sun that shines upon everyone“. Indeed, only God is a sun that illuminates the entire universe. A day will come when the Divine light will penetrate people’s minds and they will become stronger than they are today. So that if you are strong know that God is working through you. Give way to God in yourselves in order to create a true culture, which everyone will be happy about. If you close the path for the Divine in yourselves, you alone expose yourselves to suffering. Therefore, go from light to light. This is how you will know God, yourselves and your neighbour. What is this teaching that frees you up from one type of chains and throws you to another one? The Divine teaching represents uninterrupted line of light which illuminates things gradually. This is exactly how the connection between the different phenomena can be seen. „ Great is your faith, woman.“ With the example of the Canaanite, Christ drew the attention of his disciples to the humility. This woman said that she is satisfied with the crumbs of the Lord’s table. Humility is a great thing. Few people today get satisfied with the crumbs. Most of them want to sit in the first place. It is said about Christ that he came to the Earth, dressed himself in a slavery image and humbled. If Christ had to humble how much more needed is this for the ordinary people. All have to humble, to come to a point when they are equally happy when executing a high or small service. Until the maiden is free she dresses well, washes herself several times a day; she doesn’t work a lot in order not to make her hands dirty so that she can keep her skin soft and white. When she gets married and becomes a mother, she washes the nappies of her child, washes him, works the whole day – studies the law of humility.– How does she study this law? – Through love. Remember: a man learns about humility through the law of love. Through the same law, he becomes satisfied with the crumbs of the master’s table. The people of today eat the crumbs that fall from the angels’ table. Their surplus is our abundance. The creatures that are below us eat from our surpus. Therefore, all live creatures on the Earth eat only crumbs. I wish you that in the future your faith increases and whoever from you meets Christ to tell Him: „Great is Your faith “. I wish you to learn the law of humility and apply it. I wish you to be satisfied with the crumbs and use them wisely. I wish your daughter to be healed too. These are not only wishes but things that you can achieve. Then you and your daughter will be healthy. 
Sunday Lectures 19.01.1919 Sunday, Sofia Translated by Proletina Dragoeva-Jones
  8. [1] John 5:5-10, NKJV (New King James Version). [2] The word “organisms” in this context represents the material structure of all living beings and encompasses not only the simplest, but also the most advanced forms of life. [3] Knowledge and perception are implied by the usage the figurative word “clothes” in this particular case. [4] The word Nature is capitalized, because it represents not only the physical forms of our environment, but also the inner Intelligence inherent to Divine Life. [5] Here, the word “mud” should be interpreted in a way different to its literal sense. [6] Capitalized, the word “Man” describes the first primordial human as a pure, divine archetype for the whole of humanity, which archetype innately possesses the qualities of His Creator. In the context of the narrative, non-capitalized, the word “man” refers to all human beings without any gender differentiation. [7] “Lev” (also “leva” in plural) is the name of the Bulgarian national currency. [8] Here referance is made to the sacred, living and evolving geometry of the intelligent Nature. [9] This sentence is not a direct quote from the Bible, but an interpretation by the Master Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunoff).
  9. The Great Conditions of Life “As the Father knows me and I also know the Father and I lay my soul for the sheep.” (John 10:15) „As the Father knows me and I know the Father“ – one of the important verses in form, content and meaning. This verse should be placed away from the ordinary human consciousness in order to be understood. Only he can understand the inner meaning of the verse, who knows the language of the sun, the light and the warmth, the air and the water, the dew drop and the wind. The language of the sun is rich, beautiful and meaningful. Whoever knows this language can penetrate the inner meaning of life. Father and son are common words, known not only to humans but also to animals. And the mammal knows his father; And the father knows his son and daughter. Observe the animals and you will become convinced of that. If the horse sees his daughter in a herd of horses, he pushes her out. Indeed, animals do not have the understanding and culture of modern humans, but they also have an inner sense of the Divine Order and obey it. Passing birds know exactly the time of their passage.The spider for example carries the art of spinning. He puts out such a thin and durable thread that the most modern spinners cannot achieve. It will be argued that man is created in the image and likeness of God. This vesre is related to the first man and not the one who has sinned. The man after the fall is said to be in a slavish image. And Christ humbled when he saw himself in this image. It follows that until a man humbles and knows his Father, he cannot think he is bearing the image of God. Why do people suffer? – In order to humble. Why do animals suffer?- For the same reason. When the bull directs his horns towards his master, the latter onе goads him several times and humbles him. Similarly, God directs his goad to the man who wants to punch, kick and bite. Whoever punches and kicks a lot passes as a big philosopher and critic, with particular views about life, who however often comes across the goad. What is the cause for the suffering of the people of today?– The illusions which they live with. Everyone thinks what is not, everyone imagines things as they are not. The mother imagines she is an ideal mother and if she is not recognised as such, she suffers. The Father, sister, brother also think they are better than they actually are and when they are not recognised as such , they suffer. Which are the qualities of the mother and father? Which woman do we call a mother? Which man is a father? The woman is a mather while the man a father not only in shape. The concepts of ‚mother’ and ‚father’ are comprised of great content and meaning in themselves. The mother says the child has come out of her, i.e she has given birth to him and hence she is a mother. What would you then say for the pipe from which the water runs out? Therefore, not everything that comes from or follows from man is born by him. Modern people have lost the inner meaning of language which is why they have confused the concepts about life. However, Christ says: „As the Father knows me and I know the Father“; and I lay my soul for the sheep.“ It is said in the Scripture: Father loves his Son.“ This means- God has put his life in Christ and self-sacrificed through Him. Christ is a reflection of God, and therefore, God knows Him. God is love which manifests through the Son. The Father knows the love that he has embedded in his son. This is why Christ says: “As the Father knows me, I also know Him.“ It is impossible for the son to not know the love that his father has invested in him. It is said in the Scripture: „God has loved the truth in man“. Whoever realises this, he is a beaerer of the truth, he never fails, never lies. The one who loves the truth lives in light. The one who denies the truth lives in shadow, darkness. This is the reason for the mistakes, which we constantly come across. It is impossible for a man to search for things in the darkness and find them. It is impossible to move in the darkness and not to make mistakes. Everything is in its place in the Divine world. In the human world things are mixed up. This is the reason for which people have lost the meaning of their lives. Whoever wants to make sense of their life, needs to put his thoughts and feelings in their designated places. Put your thoughts and feelings in a strictly defined mathematical ratio and your life will be meaningful. Search for the meaning of all phenomena in nature and life in order to make sense of your life. Each phenomena has two sides: a positive or good side and a negative or bad one. The wind for example brings dust but simultaneously it purifies the air and revives the human thought. The wind moves the clouds at places and brings rain, while at other- draught. Water and wind cultivate the soil, but they can not age the sowed seeds themselves. The light and warmth should come in their aid in order that the life sowed in the earth gets ressurected or revived. Light brings striving while the warmth – movement, the light defines the direction and aim ,while the warmth gives power for the realisation of the aim; light directs life upward where it descends from while the heat impulses and expands it. The Word, i.e. the seed in life is Christ, because he says ’I know the One who gives me life and shows me the path. I see the light that shows me the goal, I feel the warmth that expands and moves me to the aim of my life. As I know the light, warmth and life, i also know my Father’. Christ also says: ‚I also lay my soul for the sheep“. So, whatever the attitude of the Christ soul to the human beings is, such is the the attitude of the air, water, light and warmth to the plants. Christ has to water the soil of our life, to fill it with light and warmth in order for the Divine to be revived. Just as Love ressurrected Christ, it will also resurrect the human soul.This is why, knowledge of the Father and Son is necessary. Knowing means understanding and applying the great law of love, which saves and resurrects. Salvation will neither come from the water nor from the air or earth. Salvation comes from the Sun of Life, who is bearer of the light and warmth. Water symbolises hope, while air- the faith. If you have water in yourself, you will also have faith. Hope and faith exist in the world but people have not accepted and applied them. Faith develops the mind, while hope - the heart. Rejoyce in that water flows while air moves and forms winds for they urge people to think and feel. Why do tests and suffering come? – In order to increase the faith, hope and love of people. Whatever the relationship between water, air and light is, such is the relationship between faith, hope and love. Whoever wants to strengthen their faith, hope and love has to consciously work on themselves. Which fighter has acquired strength withought doing excercises and developing his mussels? The hero is a strong person but he has worked on his mussels for years. The philospher is characterised with strong mind and deep thought because he constantly works with his brain. The virtuous man has a good heart because he is constantly excercising it. Water also gets purfied after it passes through a series of processes: precipitation, percolation and evaporation. Nothing is achieved suddenly and completely. To many, efforts are seen as meaningless and stupid but it must be known that the wise and clever things lie in the seemingly stupid, while the stupid - in the seemingly wise and smart ones. When a man thinks he is very smart, he stops working and looses everything he has acquired. When the rich man thinks only about his fortune and relies on it, he gradually becomes impoverished. Such people go in and come out of their home without working and in the end do not acquire anything. They resemble the drones that buzz , come in and out of the hive without bringing a drop of honey. Today, in the Divine Hive, there are a lot of drones, which the bees themselves kill and throw out. Those drones that survive, go around the hive and buzz, they expect better conditions in order to go inside and eat from the ready made honey. Christ says: „As the Father knows me , so do I also know the Father and I lay my soul for the sheep.“ Let everyone says: ‚As the Father knows me so do I also know Him“. The one that knows his Father, takes the plough and hoe and goes to plough and dig. As the child moves in order to find her mother and suckle, so does the man have to lift up and put the hoe in the earth- his suckling mother who feeds him. When the child grows teeth, she begins to chew. The mother is glad that the child chews bread, fruit and crushes them with her teeth withought thinking of the sacrifice which they make for her. After all this, people ask themselves why suffering and unhappiness come. The answer is simple. – People suffer in order to learn the law of the sacrifice. Plants, fruit and animals sacrifice themselves for people, while poeple should sacrifice themselves for the beings that are higher than them. „As the Father knows me “. Knowledge has something to do with the sacrifice. You can only sacrifice yourself for this one who you know. That is why, Christ says: As the Father sacrifices for me from love, so do I manifest His love“. The sacrifice is a Divine law, which has to penetrate into the minds and hearts of people, to make them strong. The sacrifice is related to love. Only the one who loves can sacrifice himself. Where love is absent, life looses its meaning and man relies on the people and not on God. He searches for light, warmth and strength from outside and not from the Divine self within himself. The Divine is recognised according to the sacrifice and love. The power of man lies in love not in words. Whoever talks only about love rather than manifests it is like an empty barrel that makes noise and does not give anything. Words devoid of content and meaning are like commercial adverts that aim at advertising the goods and increase their price. You will say that you love the wheat, fruit and vegetables. Who doesn’t love things they benefit from? You love the apple and pear but you will chew them with your teeth. You like the wheat but you will put it under the millstone. It will be argued that fruit and wheat sacrifice themselves for man. They sacrifice, but forcibly, not voluntarily. The true sacrifice is a voluntary, free act. The ripe fruit falls alone from the tree and sacrifices itself but if you pick it green you apply force on it. Therefore, the sacrifice takes place on time and voluntarily. „As Father knows me“. By speaking of knowing the Father, people want to hear His voice, to speak to them. God can speak to men, but they must know His languge and understand Him. If they do not understand Him, they will always argue whether the Lord has spoken to man or not. The Lord has spoken and is speaking, but not to all people. If the king enters one of his stalls and caresses his best horse, it shows that he has spoken to him. This horse may say he has spoken to the king, but the others either have to believe his words or deny the truth that the king can talk to the horses. So God has spoken in the past, speaks in the present, and will speak in the future, but only to those who have love. Where there is no love, the word of God is not heard. If anyone says that God has spoken to him, I will ask him: Are you ready to sacrifice yourself for God, for mankind, for your people? – ‚I'm not ready yet. " If you're not ready for a sacrifice, and God can not talk to you. It is impossible for God to speak to a man, and the man not to be ready for a sacrifice. It is impossible for the stone to sit all day in the sun and not to warm up. If they are exposed in the sun, both the stone and the tree become warm. God speaks to a man only under certain conditions, in certain relationships when He wishes, not when the man requires it. God alone sets the moment when He has to speak to one soul. Millions of wheat grains are in the barn, but they will not all be sown. Part of them will be thrown into the field, while the rest will become bread. Only the advanced souls will hear the voice of God and will recognise Him. - Who is advanced? – The one who is strong in mind, in heart and in soul; that is who carries within himself the faith, hope, and love. He who perceives and absorbs things, as the absorbent paper swallows water does not have a strong mind. Then it will come out that the photographic plate is strong too. It is enough to bring it to light in order to print the images that fall into its path. In fact, it is due to the light, not to it. Good comes out of light, and man combines the conditions in such way that allows the light to manifest itself. Man looks like his portrait, but the portrait is not a live photograph. The artist has painted your image well, has put the respective colours on the face, and has made you beautiful, but that is not real beauty. Do not be deluded by external things. Many live in delusions which is why they have wrong perceptions about life. One looks at herself complacently in the mirror and says to herself: I am rounded, healthy, beautiful and also rich. – Don’t be misled, these are photgrpahes in your mind that can be replaced with new ones at any moment. Any philosopher or scientist can break your happiness. It is enough to read a pessimistic book to say that life does not make sense and lose your happiness. If love has deeply penetrated the human soul, no force in the world can take away the peace that God has put into it; No power in the world is able to take away the light of the human mind and the warmth of his heart. That is, living in reality. When he comes out of this reality, man loses his peace and seeks help from outside. Faith is necessary to man: faith in God, in neighbor, and in himself. „As Father knows me, so I know Father“. This verse implies son’s attitude. The son does this which the Father does; the father also does this which the son does. In other words said: as Father has put life into me, so can I put life into others. You will say that only Christ talks like this but not a man. If you are a photographic plate it is so, but if the light is within and outside you, you will do that which Christ does. Why should not everyone say like Christ that as Christ knows his Father so does he know Him and lays is soul for His sheep. Don’t think it is brave to compare with Christ. Christ came to the earth to show the man the path on which he has to go through. Due to Christ’s self-sacrifice, there are 500 million christians today whom Christ knows. Why should the Christians then not know their Savier? Which father does not know his son today and which son – his father? Which maid when she falls in love with a man does not love his father. The girl says to her beloved: ‚I am prepared to lay my life for you and follow your path.’ As soon as the ones in love understand and recognise eachother, they also know God. This happens every day in the ordinary life but as soon as a word about the spiritual is mentioned, everyone gets scared of it. There is something scary in life - these are the teeth of death. However, love is a powerful force that brings joy, happiness and activty to man. Love is necessary to the people of today so that when they are filled with it to say: We know Christ as he knows us and we lay our lives for His sheep. This is the new tecahing that makes life meaningful and releases it from hardship and unnecessary suffering. Why do people of today suffer? – Because they live in illsuions and delusions which are destroyed every day. There is no man in the world who is free from illsuions and delusions but this doesn’t mean that he needs to deal with them all day. The little girl plays with her doll, while the little boy- with his horse but this doesn’t mean that they have to give up eating because the doll and horse cannot eat with them. A man should eat, work and develop and the delusions will one by one abondon him. It will be objected that God should take the delusions, hardships and suffering away. If suffering is taken away, every activity and initiative of the human being will be stopped. This is impossible. You will live, make mistakes, suffer and will rectify your mistakes on your own. Concsiously or subconsciously, you can break the leg of your brother, but God will teach you the art of curing broken legs. You will get your brother’s eye out but God will teach you to cure eyes, to put new eyes in the place of the ones that have been pulled out. You will kill someone but you will become a mother in another life, you will collect the requisite material in order to build a new house for the murdered one. He will become your child in order to understand how much a man’s life is worth. This is how you will learn the law of addition and subtraction. – Giving birth is a scary thing. – It is scary but you need to learn to build. The more difficult a woman gives birth the more bills she has to pay. When a woman is giving birth, she needs to turn to God with a request to be taught to fulfill His will. – Why does man suffer?– In order to learn something new, to understand the Divine will and realise it. What do people of today do? – When they are joyous, they are satisfied; when they suffer, they grumble and search for the reason outside of them. There is someone at fault for people’s suffering but who is to blame? This is a task with three unknowns: The fault may be in God, your neighbour or yourselves. The most important is to understand who is the main culprit. In reality, the fault is in teh man who wants his doll or horse to eat with him. The son has made a series of crimes and the mother wants the Divine blessing to come upon him. I tell the mother: Do not expect this which your son cannot benefit from. Call the doctor to lay him in bed and massage him - his leg is dislocated and has to be adjusted before the Divine blessing comes upon him. The hearts of some people are dislocated while others – have dislocated minds. They have to be adjusted. What a bigger blessing one can expect than the adjustment of the dislocated body part in the human organism? This is a necessary phisiological process, which the whole humankind is going through. If your stomach is upset and cannot digest the food, it will be better if you spend a few days in deprivation than burdening it with unncessary material or the food to rot in it and new complications to appear. When will people get better?– When everyone says: „As Christ knows me, so do I know Him and lay my soul for His sheep.’ Many ask themselves how this verse is related to their life. Why is it necssary to know God and Christ? This verse is related to the human life, for every human being is a sheep in God’s flock. God has sacrificed His life because of him. It is enough for you to understand this thought in order to experience the Divine blessing on yourselves. As the sun energy does not reach you directly but passes through the etheral space first, so does the Divine Love reach to people through Christ Who is a mediator. A man is not what he externally manifests. From the outside, he is nothing else but a small poor little house. A day will come when he will leave his small house and will start working consciously on himslef in order to prepare a new, hygenetic one. A day will come when the human being will make a new, healthy body which he will become the master of. However, only this one can become a master, who has been a slave. Christ has been a master in the Heavens, a Divine Son but with his descending to the Earth, He put on the image and accepted the status of a slave. So he showed to people how to serve. Even today, people still serve one another, torture eachother, grumble and do not know how to get rid of this situation. One thing is needed from the people of today: humility and knowledge of God and Christ. When you leave for the other world, the first question you will be asked is: Did you sacrifice your life for Christ’s sheep? Therefore, humility, knowledge and self-sacrifice are the first qualities that the man of today needs. Only in this way, he will make his life better and will head towards the greatest purpose of his existence - the immortality. Why do people fail in their lives? Because they do not aim at pleasing God; they want to please eachother This is impossible. You can be polite, kind and helpful to people but you can never satisfy them. If you meet a hungry person feed him. If you meet a thursty one, give him water. In both cases, however, do not expect from them to be satisfied and grateful to you - there will always be something about which they will be unhappy with you. Even now God is trying to please and satisfy people but He has not achieved any result. It is a great science to satisfy the man. First, God will apply this science and then people. Even to this day, no person has be found who can satisfy people in order that they can be grateful to him. A mother thinks that she has satisfied her child. Let her leave her child hungry for a few hours to see how much she has satisfied him. And the man is happy with his wife when he is fed. As soon as he gets hungry, he becomes unhappy. Only the light remains loyal to people. It cannot change, or manifest as both light and darkness. The Light always remains light. It reveals things as they are. Nothing remains hidden before it. Light is related to the Truth. As the light reveals all hidden things so does the truth touch everyone regardless of where it passes by. The truth reveals man in all his nakedness. You will say that the truth is scary. – Why is it scary?- because it undresses the man. What’s wrong with nudity? Thinking that nudity is a bad thing, shows the tarnished and perverted human thought. The animal essence of the human can be neither cultivated nor ennobled. Regardless of how much he is being cultivated, he will ultimately manifest his nature. An Englishman found a small tiger somewhere in India and took it with him in order to tame it. One day, caught up in his thoughts, he dozed off. His already tamed and grown up tiger who had constantly been leeking his hand out of gratitude was sitting near his feet. However, the skin of his hand got rubbed sore from the sharp tongue of the animal and started to bleed. The smell of the blood awoke the wild instinct of the animal, which was preparing to throw itself over its master. If he does not consciously work on himself, a man always comes across unwanted manifestations of his nature, which destroy the good and beautiful in him. Often when in good spirit, a negative thought that starts to strungle and torture him, appears in man’s mind. If a negative state of mind takes hold of you, turn to Christ in your thought, without talking to Him, and he will transform your state. The Light visits you without you talking to it. It suffice that you open for it in order that it enlightens and shines upon you. It is said in the Scripture that many words lead to a sin. Some religious people think that they can put their affairs to right only through prayers. It is not the case. If you want to put your affairs to right and be healthy, lie down on the heated earth and direct your look upwards where the light comes from. When the earth is cold, turn your back to the sun while you look to the earth. Many men of the world are rich, scientists and healthy because they expose their backs to the sun in order to benefit from its light and warmth. The religious people who think that they are connected with Christ do not expose themselves to the sun and therefore they gradullay become poor. It is a law: if you want to be rich, a scientist and healthy expose your back to the sun. In this way, you will know God and Christ. If you are angry or hate someone expose your back to the sun, direct your sight to the earth and it will take the poison that has penetrated your blood. The sun and earth are people’s best healers and teachers. Someone wants God to talk to him. Before talking to people, He has talked to the earth - their mother. Your mother is beautiful and good but when you don’t know her you find her black and rough. The earth is black and rough because it works for its children. It looks after the small grass, all plants and trees and all living creatures that crawl on it. Doesn’t the mother do the same? She works the whole day for her children in order to feed and bring them up. Her hands are black and rough but she lifts and puts the hoe down while her daughter is sitting in the shade at home with a white face and soft hands, but in the end, the soul of the mother becomes beautiful and noble while the one of the daughter remains rough and crude. Often you meet cultural people, christians with smooth faces and hands, and a noble look but outwardly only, in form. Their deeds are not pious. In cotrast to them, you meet a rough peasant, with a burnt face but a noble soul. He has drunk a little bit more than he has to do, he could hardly walk, but when he sees an honest person, he becomes immediately sobre and says: ‚Apologies brother but I got drunk as a donkey.’ With this he wants to say that he has done something that is not in accordance with the Divine laws. In fact, he hasn’t got drunk as a donkey because the donkey does not drink anything else but pure water . The words ’ got drunk as a donkey’ mean one of the qualities of the donkey - its genuineness. A man becomes genuine and willing to speak the truth only when he gets drunk. When he is sobre, he thinks, beats about the bush, filtrates his words so that he first could swim above the water like butter. „As my Lord knows me, so do I know the Lord, and I lay my soul for the sheep’. A day will come when all people will know their Father, will be ready to speak the truth and sacrifice their lives for His sheep. This means an attitude of a son towards his father and one of the father towards his son. God is great because he has first sacrificed His life for His children; He has looked after them and is constantly doing so without asking for anything in return. One is people’s duty towards their Father - to fulfill His will. If they don’t fulfill it, He does not judge them but searches for the reason about that and helps them. He sees the people’s helplessness and does not judge it but He teaches and helps them. What differentiates the human manifestations from the Divine ones? The former are devoid of truth and love, while the latter are penetrated with truth and love. The Divine manifests light and joy. As soon as this light goes into the man, it manifests as intelligence. Everything in the world moves around the light. It is the end goal of the Genesis. The meaning of life is when a man merges with the light that comes from God. A few acquire such light. Christ carried the Divine light within Himself and manifested it as wisdom and knowledge. He came among people in ordert o show them how to live in order to achieve the idea of their souls. He went through such suffering that to this day noone has ever known of. People have gone through and are still passing through different suffering, big and small but have not yet come to the Christ suffering. That is why, Christ sits above all people. Many times, man will come back to the Earth until he acquires the light which will take him to God. When a man is being born and reincarnated, as well as works consciously on himself, he sculptures his face until he presents himself to God as a completed and perfect picture. A human face is full of many shortcomings and uncultivated features, but the human must work and move forward. Everyone must say to himself: I know God as He knows me; I love Him as He loves me; I will sacrifice myself for him as he sacrifices Himself for me. Tell this to yourselves, begin to work quietly and calmly without discouraging yourselves. Whoever rushes and wants to achieve something soon, he only discourages himself. The rushed things do not lead to good results. A young man has visited a famous German professor in philosphy in order for the latter to recommend a short course to him - to study philosphy in short amount of time. The professor thought for a shortwhile and responded to him: When God wants to create a pumpkin, He uses only six months; when He wants to create an Oak tree, He needs tens of years. Therefore, if you want to lead a Christian life with the requirements of the pumpkin, you will spend little time on working on yourselves. If you live with the requirements of the oak tree, you will work consciously on yourselves for decades; if you want to perfect and purify yourselves like the diamond you will work even more. Lots of work is required from a man in order to harmonise his mind, heart and will. A man’s look and movements need to be harmonious. In this way, he influences his close ones and elevates them. As the harmonious movements affect people and elevate them so do the dishramonious movements affect them and lower their mood. Be careful with yourselves and your close ones. As the sun light comes through the windows of the houses so does the Divine light have to come through a man’s eyes to light up his way. It is enough that one candle illuminates one’s path in order for one to understand where he is going. The Light is a live serman that everyone needs. – Why people should be preached to?– This is a necessity for the one who preaches and for that one who is preached to. – Why the mother has to give birth? – this is a necessity for herself and her close ones. This is so necessary as is necessary for the man to eat, drink, breathe, think, feel and act. To preach to people it means to give an opportunity to God to manifest as light and warmth and in order to light up people’s paths and warm them.– Is it possible without preaching? - No it is not. People are preached in many ways: through talking and silence, through the light, warmth and air. Often nature is silent, quite, but one perceives its vibrations without any contradiction or confusion. A man needs a bright mind in order to perceive love without hate, the truth without lie, the wisdom without stupidity. This is what it means the man to know his Father and say as Christ: ‚As my Father knows me and so do I know Him and I am ready to sacrifice myself for His sheep.“ What are the sheep which Christ is talking about? They are Divine souls who go through a process of development. They are compared with the sheep and not the goats because the first ones are meak and unevil, ready to sacrifice voluntarily. All animals, plants, insects and butterflies are a symbol of something Divine. For example, the butterfly with its beautiful colours and patterns manifests something Divine. God talks throught it too. Nature is alive. God talks through it and preaches to people. Look how and what the butterfly eats. It sucks the sweet nectar of the flowers and shows a way of eating to people that is more pure than the one they follow nowadays. Whoever wants to protect themselves from mistakes and crimes should study the life of butterflies. Study the colours, patterns which they are filled with in order to understand the great philosophy that is hiden in them. The book of life is great and so is its language. Every little grass and insect are a letter of this language. Combine the letters of nature in syllables, and the syllables in words, the words- in whole sentences in order to compose the great thoughts of life. Put love and truth as foundation of the eternal life while the wisdom as decoration! Only in this way will you know your Father and sacrifice your life for His sheep. Only in this way will you understand and apply the Christ teaching which echo is carried away in the whole nature and enlivens it and makes it spiritual. I wish you to know God and Christ and to rejoyce in the light future which is expecting you. Sunday Lectures 12.01.1919 Sunday, Sofia Превод от Пролетина Жонес