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  1. Note 6 Blessings in small things Today we are going to think about the following statement: “The name of God lives forever.” Now I am going to read from the fourth chapter of John the Apostle. I am saying, every man needs five things in his life, and they are strong legs and arms, good ears, good eyes and a well-developed brain to facilitate right thinking. If one is good, then one’s legs will be strong-without Goodness legs cannot be healthy; if one is fair, then his arms will be healthy - without Justice one’s arms cannot be healthy; if one is sensible then the ears will be healthy - ears cannot be healthy without sensibility; if one loves Truth, then one’s eyes will be strong - without loving the Truth, nobody can have healthy eyes; If one loves God then one’s mind will be very well developed - without loving God, man’s mind cannot be developed in the right direction, and consequently will be incapable of correct thinking. Some people will say, “The most difficult thing is for a man to be a good man.” However, this is not so. Believe me, the easiest thing for a man is to be a good man, there really is nothing simpler. And if one does not start from this, the easiest job, then it does not matter what tasks one undertakes, they will remain unfinished. People should always start from the easiest job and finish with the most difficult. A man, who starts with the most difficult job, will invariably go back to an easier one. Sometimes the smallest good thing that one does can be even more precious than the largest thing imaginable. For example, if you are in a widow’s house along with her several small children and it is a cold winter day, and wood has been placed in the stove, but there is nothing to light it with, you can do a very small thing by providing a match. Then the cold room becomes cheerful with light and warmth – the children are happy and so is mama. Your very small gift – a match did it. This little match, this very small gift could be considered even more significant than creating a town or saving a whole nation. Why? Because, once lit, it is conceivable that this fire could burn forever. If you save the life of a man who is drowning, he could slip and fall into the water again. If you prevent an entire nation from committing a great wickedness, it could revert to that same plan again. Blessings in small things are limitless in the broad panorama of real life and especially if the body: legs, arms, eyes, ears and brain, are healthy and well cared for. In general, one cannot preserve one’s life if one’s legs, arms, ears, eyes, and brain are not healthy. One can be saved from drowning merely by praying. If one loves God when one prays, then God will send somebody to fulfil His Will and save that life. When one prays, he is demonstrating evidence of a healthy attitude, and God immediately sends someone to help him, saying: “Go and help this man, because he wants My help!” The man, who goes to save the other, must realize that he is simply fulfilling God’s will; he is a witness to the Goodness of God. When you love somebody, you are a conductor, a witness to the Love, which God sends via you - this is the way to think of it, this is the right way to think. If a man starts thinking how to do Good for someone, about how to love God, and how to help people, he will come to understand that alone, without God, he can do nothing. Well, in the sensible world everything must be placed in its rightful place. Therefore, I am asking, what exactly is burning - the wood or the fire? The wood cannot burn without fire, or can a fire burn by itself, fire burns only in the place where the burning is in progress. The heart beats, give rise to a pulse and sends blood to the whole body, thereby bringing warmth to the body. Thus, there is fire in the heart. Where life exists there is burning, and the opposite, where burning is in progress there is life. When you want to light a fire, you need wood. The wood is cut and carried and then the fire is lit. Those who do not take part in this job think that it is easy to light a fire; it is better for everybody to take part in cutting and carrying the wood; then, when you warm yourself by the fire, you will feel much more pleasure from it, because you joined in a communal task. Now I would like to make the following suggestion, let each of you get a notebook and make some notes about the desires you have. You should record how many times during the day you want to receive something from someone, and how many times per day, you want to give something to others. It is interesting to work out later how many impulses you had to get something from somebody and how many to give something to others. Start collecting this data today and discover which desires predominate. Consider, for example, that you are starting to collect money from people to put in your bag. It is natural for a man to receive, but also it is natural to give to others. Now you have a right to receive, but afterwards, we will see if you give from your collection to others, or if you put it all into your bank. A beggar works all day begging from people, collecting things, placing them in his bag and saying to everyone, “God has sent me to you to give me something.” In fact, he is lying. God sent him not to all the houses, but just to one place to beg. I am saying that mendicancy is a negative characteristic, which also exists in the Spiritual sphere. For example, someone might have a small joy, but he is not satisfied with it and he wants more joys to store and fill it up. If you have a small joy, be happy with it. Thank God for it, and do not ask for more for that day. You should learn the law, which regulates the joys and the sorrows of Life. Imagine that your clothes, your hat, and your shoes are ragged, and you are wondering what to do, how you will go out to meet other people. Then a friend comes to you and gives you a pair of brand new shoes. Do you have to think about not having new clothes or a hat? No, you do not. You should go to a quiet place and express your gratitude to God for that gift. If you thank God for that, then other things will follow. Give thanks for the shoes and do not think about other things. If you brood about not having new clothes and a hat, then the shoes will disappear. Gratitude gives you the power to cope with all the miseries of Life, no matter how great they are. When you are grateful the misery and the problems are overshadowed by the gratitude, and you can bear them more easily - this is the Spiritual law. When you are grateful for a small blessing and cherish it, additional blessings will follow to help you; this is the reward for everyone who values small blessings and shows gratitude for them. If you separate a small blessing from the rest, this small blessing will not be able to stand alone and there will be a gap in your consciousness. When a man has a new pair of shoes, but thinks about the old clothes and hat, he is in the same situation with God. For example, God says that he had forgiven us all our sins, but we have doubts and we say, “Is it not possible that he has forgotten one of them?” In other words, when we have new shoes, how long will we have to remain without new clothes and a hat? On the other hand, do we have to stick with the old ones? The first thing that you have to achieve as a disciple is to be firm and to have unshakable Faith. Your Faith should not be like that of the beggar, who on meeting a rich man, begged him for help. The millionaire gave him 50 stotinki1 and said to him, “Come tonight to my house and I will treat you handsomely.” The beggar was unhappy with the money and thought, “What can I do with this money? I cannot even buy a packet of cigarettes! This millionaire was not prepared to give me more money and I am expected to go to his house in the hope of something more. I do not believe that!” It is the same as you. You meet God and ask him for help. He gives you 50 stotinki and asks you to go later to his house for more money and fine treatment. However, because you do not know God, you do not believe Him and you say, “This man gave me barely half a pound. How can I trust him to give me more and to treat me well tonight? I do not believe that! He is a miser. First of all, what shall I spend this money on? On shoes, clothes, or a hat? Who would wait until tonight?" No, you should wait for a moment, you should go to that rich house, as he said to you, and you would have everything - shoes, clothes, a hat and what is more you will be given food to eat well. I am asking you, if we are not used to trusting small blessings and to be grateful for them, how we can trust bigger blessings. People nowadays always expect something big and they do not see the small valuable things. A young man says, “If I had rich father to graduate from a university in a foreign country, after that I could become a professor or a minister.” A young girl says: “I would like to get married to a young prince, and then I could do whatever I want. “ All people expect something good to come into their life from outside. Even if you become a professor, a prince, a princess or a minister - life cannot be changed from the outside. When somebody says, ”If I was married and had a child it would be better.” I am asking you, what you would do if you had a child. The child means the smallest goodness that someone has in their soul. If someone does not have this goodness in their soul, if he does not develop it, and does not cherish it then it does not matter how many children he will have he will stay childless - this is the great Truth in Life. Some people say, ”When I get married everything will start going in the right direction in my life.” No, until love comes into your soul, you will stay single; even if you had a relationship with a girl and you thought that you were married; this is not the real marriage. When the man falls in Love, then he is married. Love comes just once in our life, and we can be married just once. When Love comes the man does not looks for anything else, he does not thinks about anything. Today everybody is looking for love - married and unmarried, well educated and not so well educated, childless and people with children, young and adults - everybody. When Love comes they achieve everything, and their life becomes meaningful, they live in peace and obey God’s laws. I say that everything people do on the earth is considered as symbols of the Spiritual world - this way the Spiritual world will lead you to real life. The physical world without the spiritual world is a world of illusions. People get married and they stay single at the same time - they have children, but they are lost, they melt and disappear as ice. When a man of Love has a child, this child follows him in immorality as well - this child follows his father all the time and addresses him as father; these words he wants to say, “Father, you are the source of Love.” The same happens on the Earth, when the child grows up, he follows his father and calls him father; this means, you, who have come from Love, start all your work with Goodness and Love. Goodness is a witness of the great Love. So, when a man is given new shoes he begins to see more clearly. Why can he not see properly, wearing the old torn ones? Because his legs are cold, he is looking constantly towards them, and cannot think clearly. When people are cold, they cannot think properly, they close their eyes and see nothing. When they warm up, they open their eyes. Therefore, one should always wear good shoes. You can say, ”Where is the connection between the shoes and the ability to think?” When a man put on his shoes, i.e. when Good comes to his legs, they become healthy, and he walks pleased and happy with open eyes and can see everything - this is a law, that refers to man’s conscience. Needs and weaknesses charge him with useless ballast, which deviate him from the real aim in his Life. For example, somebody lives a religious live for 5-6 years, but one day that man says, “Why Should I pray God, what I have acquired, I do not need these prayers anymore, I do not need the Gospel anymore, I can live without them.” I can say, that this man cannot live a religious life, because his legs are naked, because his legs are not healthy; if he was wearing his shoes, if his legs, arms, eyes, ears and brain were healthy, he would go to the mountain and would pray to God, he would give his gift to God and would consider it a privilege to serve God. In the old scriptures of the Bible, people offered a sacrifice to God, and people now go to God without anything, with empty hands. What does the sacrifice mean for the people before Jesus Christ? Today, people go to a lawyer, but if their hands are not full, he does not accept them - it does not matter how good this lawyer is, after telling him what one wants, he will say, “You have to pay for these service 5000 leva.” Hearing that you have to prepare 5000 leva for his services your eyes open wide. - Why? One has to prepare money for him, because he does not work for nothing. One says, “It depends on winning the case?” However, the lawyer says, “It does not matter whether I win or lose the case, I must earn money." When a lawyer asks money from people, he does not open his eyes; when he hears the sound of the golden coins only then does he open his eyes. Today, whatever people do, they expect to receive something for their work. There is nothing wrong for a man to receive compensation for their work, for their efforts - this is normal, but when I say that a man should work for nothing, I mean the following idea; the law of Love, should do every work without connecting it with money, which you might receive for it. It is not possible to be paid with money for each work done with true Love. For each work that is done without Love, people pay money. A lawyer says, “I want the certain amount of money for that case,” - this man works without Love. You go to another lawyer, who does not speak about money, takes the case, investigates it, defends it and wins the case; his client says, “I will not give you 5.000, but 10.000 leva, because I am happy with the results of your work; I cannot pay for your efforts, but I would like to give you a small reward.” This kind of relations exists just among sensible people. When you go to a grocery and ask for a kilo of sugar, and the grocer measures the sugar, gives it to you and he neither ask for money or says how much it costs; you get sugar and you give him what you think is valuable for it. These are the relations between people who have Love for each other and for God. However, according to the attitude nowadays between people, a grocer says, “You must pay for the sugar 25 leva,” - the buyer pays 25 leva for the sugar. In accordance to the law of Love, the tradesman would say nothing, but the buyer would get a note of 50 leva and would say, “I am happy, that I have found some sugar in your grocery, and about the price I am ready to give you 1000.” What a wonderful world we could have if the relations among people were like this? I say, you cannot force people to Love each other because Love does not accept force, but God gives good lessons to people. For example, when people do not give anything to God, He sends thieves to their houses and says, “Because these rich people do not give anything to others." For my sake, even they are very rich let them give to you. Then these thieves break into somebody’s rich house with guns in their hands, steal what they want and leave the house. When they leave those rich, people will say, “These thieves have stolen a lot of goods from us, but thank God we are still alive.” This example is given to make the idea clear. We should understand that everything we have does not belong to us, is not ours, it belongs to God. How can somebody talk that he has deposited or withdrawn some money from the bank - nobody deposits any money into the bank, money exists anyway, without him. Other people stroke coins, and think they are the owner of that money; nobody owns the money. Man can say, “I have worked very hard for this money, how you can say that I do not own it?” The efforts and work are from Life, they are not yours. If somebody named himself as a master of the Life, he must be a man of deathlessness. Deathlessness will come when all people follow the law of Love. Now they are studying the law of deathlessness; when they learn this law, they will know how to love each other. People do not live in accordance with the law of Love if they are still dying. Jesus says, “This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God,” when you achieve the true knowledge of God, He will give people as a present Everlasting life - the life of deathlessness. You can ask, “When is it going to be, after how many rebirths?” This will be in the future, in the very far future; the eternity is an area of Truth. So, when somebody speaks about eternity I get the idea of Truth - eternity is an image of Truth and Truth is unlimited. Consequently, everything can become reality in the area of Truth. Whether an idea becomes a reality in a year or two, one hundred, a thousand or more, all these are the borders of the Truth - a minute or a century, a year or one million years, these all are borders of the Truth. It means that a man can achieve something in a minute or in million years - what is the difference? If one can get the things he wants in one million years, he will experience many difficulties, and uneasiness of things, if one achieves his desires in one minute, he will hardly have any problems. For example, somebody says, “Do you know how many problems I had until I achieved this wealth, which I am enjoying now?” However, all these things, he has achieved are external, and they are not the subject of the Truth, nor the subject of Life. I met an acquaintance once, who is a priest, and he told me something concerning his life. He said, “I do not know what to do. I have a house, children, and concerns about them, but God took my wife, and left me alone to cope with all these problems. When she was alive, I was poor, our children were small, and our life was difficult. Then they grew up, life got better, but she passed away. Today, even if I want to get married again, I am not allowed, because I am a priest. However, I am tired of these problems, how can I struggle away from djubeto? I miss my wife.” He is right. What is life without his wife? It means one can not live without experiencing Love. Life without Love is similar to the priest’s life without his wife. Nowadays, everyone complains that there is no love in their life. This means that the signification of life exists just in Love. It does not matter how rich a man is, if he does not experience love in his life. One’s life is meaningless without Love. Then I said to that priest: Your wife can come back, she can resurrect again, because Love never dies. Your wife can resurrect and she can come to you tonight. - How? - If you fall in love with God? - How do I find God, and how I can fall in love with Him? I said: - If you have preached to God for a long time, you have spoken about Him, but you, yourself do not know where and how to find Him, why have you then misled people by speaking and preaching about God? - I will ask God to forgive me, because I have been confused. It would be better if you could give me advice on how to move away from all these problems, and how to find a new wife. Moreover, he is right. I will translate, djube means the people’s sins that alienate them away from Truth. When a man takes off this cloth called djube, when a man turns away from sins, and when Truth enlivens within him, then he will find his wife2. And I said to that priest: - Take off your djube and come with me. - I would like to think about your offer for a while. And he has been thinking since then. Now I am telling you to get rid of your djubes because your love is everywhere. Do not put hope into your life for everything. Build your life based on the three most important things - God’s Love, Wisdom, and Truth. Do not make a differentiation in any kind of work. If any work, even the smallest one, is done for the sake of God’s Love, Wisdom, and Truth, then it is good. If work is done for the sake of God’s Love, Wisdom, and Truth, it becomes very valuable. One can ask, ”How to experience Love or how to achieve God’s Love, Wisdom, and Truth?” I will answer you the way I have answered the priest. You have written love letters for so many years and you say that you do not know how to experience Love - this is a contradiction. The priest fell into the same contradiction. He serves God, preaches to people for Love, and when he was told that there exists a new way of serving God, and in this way, he can resurrect his love, he does not believe and accepts just the old way. However, if he just follows the new way, he will find God, and God’s Love. To achieve this Love one should make just a step forward, and this step is when one decides to give something from himself, to sacrifice for the Beginning of everything, for God - when he makes this step then his problems will be solved. Therefore, I would like you to remember the main meaning of this lecture. All useless things should be thrown away and the main thought should be kept - it will be the basic thought. Someone will ask, “How can we understand what is useful, and what thought is useless?” Imagine you have received a precious ring placed in a small box wrapped in lots of papers. The ring itself is 25 grams, but with all papers wrapped around it, it weights more than a kilo. What will you do in this case? You will take the ring out of the box, and will put it on your finger, and all the other paper you will throw away. Do you need to wear all the paper as well? After getting the Good opportunities in Life - they are a guarantee, a referee who signs under the reference letter to the bank in order to receive a loan from the bank. Everybody should have this kind of reference letter. Consequently, the reference letter is a Faith. You can go nowhere without faith. Faith is a rope on which the acrobat is performing; will is the stick that the acrobat holds in his hands in order to keep equilibrium. If the equilibrium is lost, he still can keep his body on the rope, but if the rope tears, he is hopeless - he needs a new rope. This is to say that without faith you cannot go from one side to the other side of the rope. If you want to go from one end to the other end of the rope, you need to tighten it first, to hold the stick in your hands and to cross it. When you get to the other side, you will be paid. The violinist is paid after playing. Whoever goes to dig the vineyards he is paid after the job is done - the worker is paid after the job is done. The lawyers make an exception to this rule. When a lawyer is given some case to defend, he says, ”I will take this case, but I want to receive in advance at least the half of the price for it.” They have lost the reliability of people and say. "We have worked for too many people, who did not pay for our efforts and we want to insure ourselves in advance." In the spiritual world, the law is the same as in the physical one - you are paid after the job is completed. Now the essential matter you have to consider is for the things you need and for the things you do not need. The things you need are like the ring in wrapped papers; what does the ring mean? The ring means healthy legs, arms, eyes, ears and mind - this implies a warm heart, bright mind, strong will, broad soul, and powerful spirit. When I am listening to what everybody should have, this sometimes means that people restrict themselves in its meaning. When I say that one should have faith, this does not mean that one does not have faith. Everybody has faith, but not the faith that he should have. You cannot impose the faith mechanically. Because of that, I am saying, you will go without faith; how can it be understood? Unless somebody becomes faithless, he cannot get real faith; in other words, nobody can find the right way or the Truth unless he stops believing in false things, in temporary things. For example, you follow some direction for years, while one day you will say, “I have not achieved anything following this direction!” When a man stops believing in unattainable things, and gains Truth, then he passes into the faith; sometimes the opposite can happen – some people goes from faith into the faithless. Some people go from Love towards the loveless, whereas others go from loveless to Love - these are the ways that people go. When I speak about Love and loveless it does not mean you do not have any love. It means that many people now understand love the wrong way - they always connect it with the face of young men, and women. In addition, they know that when the love comes they have to give a gift. A young pretty girl goes to an American millionaire and asks, “Do you want anybody to love you?” He looks at her, bends down his head, and is thinking about the answer - he knows that, if somebody loves him, many dollars will go out of his wallet; he knows that the pretty girl will cost him too much money. After thinking for a long time, he replies, “This question is very difficult, come in a few days and I will give you the answer.” He finds himself in a struggle between the love of his money and for a pretty woman, whom he must love. If he falls in love with a pretty girl, his money will run out. Contemporary people want to love, they know how to love, but they think about the big sacrifice that Love requires. When we say to somebody that he should love God he says, “I want to live without any special arrangements.” That man is not ready to offer a big sacrifice, he is a banker who loves money and says, “I will think about it and after that I will give the answer.” Thus, a new understanding for Life is required from everybody. For that reason one should think about the way one goes - everybody should see his own weaknesses. When somebody for example says, ”We should love each other!” Then my reply is, without God’s love people themselves cannot bring anything good to anybody. That love is similar to a wheat bean, which is sown in a rocky place, or it is similar to an empty wheat spike. Have you ever seen how erected the empty spikes are? When a farmer looks at them, he takes a deep sigh and says, ”These strikes are empty, I cannot rely on them.” After that he looks at full strikes and says,” How nice this wheat is!” I say, there is nothing better than full strikes in our life - full strikes present God’s Love to people. When Love comes to us it fecundates everything, it develops one’s activity, rationalizes our thoughts, feelings, and actions. When Love comes to us, we become strong, cheerful and happy. When we love somebody or something, we look like a sunny day with a bright sky, when the Sun shines and the weather is warm and serene. 1 Bulgarian currency - a coin equivalent to 50 pence 2 Here in the meaning of love Source
  2. The Book - The Spirit and The Flesh. Beinsa Douno Translation from Bulgarian - Vessela Nestorova GROW IN GRACE ! But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?32 Growth is a process of development. What must grow? People often say, "An apple must grow, a tree, branches, leaves, blossoms—these things must grow and develop." But in the quoted verse, we understand that the human soul must grow. The human soul should grow, and the human spirit should attain the knowledge of grace. Which grace? God's. The word grace is broad, it implies the conditions under which a person must live up in heaven and down on earth. The Earth, which is so often mentioned in the sacred books, is so enormous that an innumerable number of people can live on it. In the Scriptures it is called The Promised Land. You are aspiring for this earth which God created originally. The Earth on which you live is so small, it is of microscopic size; compared in size it is not even as large as a small island like Cyprus. Paul and Peter say that heaven will be enflamed and the Earth will pass through fire. Many interpret fire as a destructive element. In fact it is destructive, but it also constructs. For the fire which came down from the Sun has constructed our earth, it has also built our bodies and created thoughts and feelings in us. Everything freezes without fire. Therefore, the word growth implies fire as well. The fire which destroys is the coarse fire. Present day science has made the following experiments: if someone is placed under 2-3,000 volts of electricity, they die and in some countries criminals are electrocuted by such a current. However, if 10-50,000 volts of electricity run through the human body, all illnesses will disappear, the face will become youthful and bright; in a word, one will be fully rejuvenated. According to the present ideas of logic, one should burn up by such a fire. The fire which destroys people is their passions. They destroy the body and the soul simultaneously. Being free of these passions means not warming oneself on destructive fire. When Paul says grow, he means a function under the influence of the Divine fire, or of these 10-50,000 volts that will purify and renew the people they pass through. The word knowledge implies an understanding of the Laws by which this growing may be effected. Growing is twofold: upward and downward. When you are looking yourself in the mirror, you have a reflection. If anyone asks you by what Laws this reflection is effected, you will answer readily, "There is a reflection." But I would like to know the basic Law by which this reflection is effected. The physicists explain the mechanical aspect of an object the way the astronomers explain the mechanical aspect of the universe, as for instance what the Sun is like, its elements, its temperature, but what the Sun actually is remains a secret. From the Earth we can suppose this and that, but when a person becomes spiritual, they will be able to test the truth about the growing Paul speaks about. If you want to know whether there is life on the moon or not, you will take your bag, buy a ticket and in a few hours you will verify this truth. The same way one can go to the Sun and test what it is like. Now we study things only by way of reflection, but the reflections are not always true. Every reflection has an inner and outer side; you access only the outer side, while the inner side remains concealed. You say, "I know this man." But you know only his shadow. "His eyes are black." This is, however, his shadow. "His beard is white." This is his shadow. "He is handsome." All this is a shadow. This man, who looks handsome to you in the daytime, is black at night. If the inner lamp changes its position, the inner Light of a person will change too. This is growth of the shadows, because the shadows can grow too—they can become smaller or bigger. For instance, when the Sun rises in the morning, the shadows are bigger; around noon they grow quite small and after sunset, they disappear. I am making this analogy, because you are people of the shadows—you study the creation of the cinematographer. If I speak differently, you will say, "Prove this!" In order to prove it, I must get you a ticket so you can come along with me to the Sun and then to the moon. You are people of the shadows, i.e. fictitious, not real beings. After fifty years, you will see yourself that you are fictitious. Where will you be then? In order not to be shadows, you must pass from the temporary to the eternal, to seek God, meaning to seek His Light and heat. This Light will introduce in you that ideal which you are longing for. A person is born as a small baby, gradually grows big, but is discontented all the time. He wants to marry and tries to find a beautiful girl and thinks until he finds her, but as soon as he finds her, he is discontented again—calls her evil as a snake. Then the two of them want children and have them, but find the children bad too. Then they hope when their children will marry to be materially well off, but nothing comes out of that. Thus, the life of people today consists only of shadows, but there is no reality whatsoever in these shadows. This is a pleasant life, but there is no growth in it, no Divine process. Therefore, by the word growing I understand that only the spirit can grow and develop; only the real, the changeless grows. This substance which is deposited in us can undergo millions of eternal changes; this is a great Divine Law. At times a bad thought attacks you—that is a shadow. You say, "I hate that person." How can you hate her when you do not know her? Or, how can you ask a person for money, if you have never given her any money? In the world the shadows exist by necessity in order that the genesis of things may stand out. The more shadows there are in the world, the more our mind will stand out and will be the basis of knowing things, because knowledge cannot exist without shadows. You say you are suffering—that is a shadow, in order that you may learn the conditions of the new life. Therefore, growth is the cause of all changes which take place inwardly and outwardly. If you understand life this way, you will come to reality itself, i.e. to the testing of things. When a teaching is in accord with the reality of genesis, or with the Laws God has created in the world, it can always be put to a test. A doctor comes and says, "I have a medicine which cures this illness." If this medicine is real, it must cure the patient as soon as he takes it; but if this does not happen, the medicine is not real and the doctor only deludes people. A man comes and says, "I bring you a teaching, if you accept it, you will raise yourself." If this teaching raises you, it is real. Thus, growth is a process necessary for the building of your spiritual body. The physical body is necessary as a scaffolding on the outside; if it is not raised, the spiritual body cannot be raised either. First of all, the physical world was created as scaffolding, while the spiritual world is constantly being constructed and organized to this day. In the Scriptures, there are verses which say that first heaven—the Divine World—was created and then the Earth—the physical world. The Earth is not organized yet, God is still organizing it. He created the world in six days: the sixth day He created human beings and on the seventh He rested. Now He is at work again. Moses says, "God rested." Christ says, "My Father is working." At the present time He is still working. God's rest implies His going out of His genesis and from there scrutinizing everything. He has created and then returned again to continue His work. His present work brings fire. He says, "This world lacks fire." When this fire comes, it will bring growth and knowledge of grace. When I speak of the world, I always mean human beings. The world is known to you to the extent you have a relation to it. All elements of the external world, of external Nature are connected with your body and with your mind, as a result of which all the changes taking place in you, the indisposition of your spirit, depend on the changes in Nature. If a wolf has been hungry for three or four days, or a week, he will pray to God for food. You respond to his thought and suffer along with him. All things in life are connected; that is why you experience equally both joys and sorrows. Someone says, "I cannot tolerate this man." Tolerate him, because he is part of you. If you ruin him, you will ruin yourself. Therefore, by growth, I understand the growth of our spiritual body which represents a unit of the Divine harmony. You say, "The world is not organized yet." It is not organized but work is necessary in order to organize it. We are the plants which must work; we receive and process the materials, then we give them to God. You eat a hen, a sheep, a lamb—that becomes a part of you which goes to the building of the world. From this point of view all sufferings will be justified. We have all suffered in the world that is why we shall live all together. Some day you will realize that the bugs are your brothers too. When a bug is biting you, or sucking blood from you, it is saying, "I must do this in order to build my house." In all beings conscious and unconscious processes are taking place. The conscious process is effected so powerfully that you must grow up in a short period, as wheat grows in May; and you must bear fruit in a short period of time, because growing has in view blossoming and blossoming—fruit bearing. Growing is a life in which blossoming, setting and ripening of the fruit take place. There is no setting and ripening without blossoming. Are you blossoming? "No." Then you will not manifest yourself. People, like the flowers, find their expression only when they blossom and bear fruit. Love is manifested only when plants are blossoming; it is the same with people. When there is blossoming in the physical world, the physical ripening comes, the physical love; when this process is over, a spiritual blossoming and ripening takes place in a person. One must blossom at least seven times, i.e. set seven fruit at least. We must blossom up at the same time in seven worlds, but this blossoming up is achieved consecutively. Therefore, when blossoming in the physical world loses its sense for you, this blossoming should be taken up above. Why do you die? Dying is nothing other than going to a higher world for growth. When you do not have conditions for growing in the physical world, you die; when you have conditions—you are born. Therefore, those who are not acquainted with the deep sense of life find that in the blossoming of the branches and growing of the roots there is a certain contraction. When water comes out of a spring, would it not flow in all directions? If you open a jar full of steam, would not these vapors spread in all directions at the same time? Thus, the life which has sprung up from a center sends its roots downward. And conversely, at night, when the Earth has turned, we are with our feet up. The same is true of a tree: in the course of 24 hours, first the branches are turned up, and then the roots are up. You will say that people are with their heads up. Human beings are double trees: they have roots up, which means the Divine World; also they have roots down in the stomach, which means the physical world. When the Earth turns, you also turn with your feet toward God, and then the roots of your stomach are turned to Him. So every 24 hours both the feet and the head turn toward God. Before God, the feet and the head have an equal meaning. Why? Because in the spiritual world, the feet are the ground on which you build your house. They are the soil on which your life may grow. Now in the process of growing, you should love all people, alive or dead, who have a reflection and live in you. You have a John inside and a John outside; you have an angel inside and one outside; you have a devil inside and one outside. Heaven and earth live at the same time in your soul. There are good and bad spirits in you who get along well. Some people who hate the evil spirits say that there is disputing between them and the angels, so they think they are quarrelling. There arises a dispute only when we meddle in their work. Otherwise a complete balance exists between them. As soon as we meddle in their work, a struggle begins. When there is a dispute between two spirits, you should only listen. The dispute is a conversation between them. The students are not allowed to meddle with the business of the teacher. The bad and good spirits are great teachers. You have no right to pass judgment, but only to listen; such is the Law. If you interfere in their work, they will beat you and say, "Listen, you are a small baby; you should not interfere, but listen." Often people complain of attacks by the evil spirits. I tell them that the evil spirits do not care at all about you; they are not interested in your existence. They have only stopped under the shadow of your tree to talk, but you have overheard them. People are babies not born yet. "The evil spirits tell me to do this or that," some say. They do not say this to you, but to themselves and you say, "Wait, let me do this!" The Apostle Paul says, "Grow in the grace of Christ, in order to know the spirits." Up till now the world has always used charms and conjurations against the evil spirits. In the church the Vassil Prayers are all conjurations against them, but evil spirits still exist. That is why Christ says, "Resist not evil." The evil spirits have their own work and when they are doing it, let them be free, do not interfere. I have heard how some Christians quarrel among themselves, "You are ignorant, but I have graduated university and have learned something." If you have graduated and have knowledge, you will keep silent, because there is conversation in silence, which brings power and growth. Those who do not know how to keep silent have no knowledge; they know only the rod. Silence is actually growth— this is how plants grow. They are silent, only at night a faint cracking can be heard—they are whispering to each other. They are not like people, who want the whole world to hear, if they have done some good. The hen acts the same way after laying an egg, she cackles so that everybody should hear her. What of it that she has laid an egg? That is her duty. It is a question whether she laid it, or it was laid for her. When an ass carries a burden of precious things, he says, "I carried the precious things." We must know that having come to earth, we are servants of God. Someone says, "Humans have free will." But I say that those who live in this essential, unchanging world where God lives and serve God, understand His Laws and orders, only they are free and only they can have a free will. We must find time to accelerate this growth of which I am speaking, i.e. the building of your body. Often your saying that you have no time for this, no time for that provides the occasions for disobedience. An English preacher once visited a poor boy—a sweeper—and asked him, "Does anyone come to see you?" "Yes, Mr. Gladstone."33 Who?" "The English statesman." How strange that in spite of his great tasks, he found time to visit a poor sweeper! Why? Who lives in this sweeper? Gladstone realizes that one of his brothers lives in him and says, "I must visit him!" When someone rises in life today, they do not recognize even their father and mother, thinking this will infringe on their greatness and high position. There is nothing greater than knowing our obligations. The greatest trait of God is that in spite of His numberless great tasks, He always finds time to visit some sinful soul, the way Gladstone acted. God always finds a few minutes free to visit someone, to leave a good thought, or render His help. And when everyone attacks you like swarms of mosquitoes, God appears and says, "Fear not! I am here; I am with you to help you." When God does this, say to Him, "Give us strength to grow and become free from transitory things, to know Your Will." Do not say, "They attacked me, but they will see who I am!" We often say in the Lord's Prayer, "Thy Will be done!" You do not know the Name of God, the Kingdom of God, and you want to fulfill the Will of God. You will be like that mother who sews skirts and pants for her child which has not been born yet. In the process of seeking the Name of God, the Kingdom of God and the Will of God, will come the Kingdom of Heaven. You must have the valor of that Russian king of whom Tolstoy tells a legend. The murder of King Peter I, in which Alexander I was also involved, cased great pangs of conscience in the latter and darkened his soul to the extent that nowhere could he find rest. The glamour of the throne and the vain pleasures had not the power to distract and calm him. He withdrew into himself more and more until finally he decided to abdicate and start living in Taganrog34 as an ordinary citizen. One day while walking in the environs of the city, he noticed that crowds were gathered round two rows of soldiers unarmed, but each holding a rod. An old soldier was brought with arms tied to a gun. They took off his shirt and while the drum was beating, he was subject to a horrid punishment, "passing under the rods." Alexander looked the soldier in the face and was amazed at the great likeness between them. He asked about the crime of the unhappy soldier. They told him that when the soldier heard his father was on the death-bed, he asked permission to go and part with him. After being denied that, the soldier tried to run away, but was caught. He tried to escape a second time but was caught once more and this time was severely punished to pass between the two rows of soldiers under the blows of 8,000 rods. This penalty meant certain death. Hearing the sounds of the blows and the groans of the dying man, who soon stopped groaning, Alexander was horrified. "My God," he thought, "all this only for a reason that he wanted to kiss his father's hand as a farewell and receive his blessing! That poor man is tortured so cruelly, in my name too!" He compared his attitude to his father with that of the soldier and seeing how much lower he stood than him, Alexander started weeping bitterly. After being informed by the doctors that the soldier would not live after the 4,000 blows, he made arrangements the soldier to be clothed secretly in his outfit and to be carried in Alexander's room. He, on his part, dressed in the soldier's uniform, submitted himself to the remaining 4,000 blows. These he bore to the end and survived because the soldiers, taking pity on the exhausted soldier, did not hit him hard anymore. The soldier, disguised in the Emperor's clothes, was carried to the palace, where he died. The great similarity between the two served for an official announcement that the emperor had died. In reality, the emperor wandered away, giving himself over to kindly deeds the rest of his life. Tolstoy ends the story with the death of Alexander in the following words, "What a moment of triumph must have been his death! What liberation of the soul!" I ask, how many of my listeners will be ready to bear at least ten blows for their brother? And after all this people are pretenders, preparing themselves for heaven! I say, the inner sense of growth is in learning to discriminate the shadows from the real things, to liberate one's soul by bearing all sufferings. When a pear and an apple are growing, that is done for the sole purpose to give fruit which will bear a new being. Some want to marry and have children. Why? They want to marry, because they are already tired and cannot do anything else. As soon as they marry and have a son or a daughter, they will finish their parents' work. Someone says, "I do not want to be married." That means you are strong. If you cannot finish your work yourself, you must get married. By the word development I understand that either we must finish the work God has assigned for us, or give our place to others to finish it. That is why people are born and reincarnate—descend and ascend—on this earth. Some day when you say you are tired, God will ask you, "Do you want to give your place to your brother who will finish your work?" The knowledge I give you now is elementary. In the future, you will learn something more. God has already started the reorganization of the world. In this epoch of growth, we are under the most favorable conditions, under the effect of the Divine fire. In this fire, the hard things will melt, matter will be refined and God will form out of it a world of a different order. Those who will not finish their development will be sent by God to another place. There is no perishing in the world, one is only deprived of the duty, or work, one is not doing. In our schools, they keep you two or three years in the same class until you can pass it. The same refers to life itself. Now it is desirable that this thought should become central in your mind. It is not important what work you are doing, whether you are a mathematician, or a doctor—these are shadows, forms in life. The essential thing is to sanctify the name of God and to implant the Will of God in your soul. Those who want to be strong must give first place to the following: the name of God, which is the supreme good; the Kingdom of God—in relation to the Earthly life. The spiritual world is connected with the physical world—humans are at the same time spiritual and physical beings. These two elements exist in us simultaneously: there is a bond between the two beings, which keeps them together and directs them. This bond is the soul which is semi-spiritual and semi-material. You can never change this state of things. By the words physical matter I understand the world of forms necessary for the manifestation and genesis of things; by the words Spiritual World I understand those forces which work for the creation of these forms; Soul, on the other hand, implies the conditions that prepare the construction of these forms. Therefore, life cannot be manifested without forms. Every Soul must have a body in the world in order to be manifested as an individual unit. She must have a body so that God can visit her. Can you invite guests, if you have no house? When a man wants to marry, he first has his house made, as the birds who want to lay their eggs first make their nests. Do not take my words in their literal meaning. Every person must have house, but where must it be built? In the spiritual world. They will not receive you in heaven, if you have no house; there you must have a house by all means. Growing implies the idea of having a garden around your house with flowers and fruit-trees to decorate it. In order to grow, you should forget your shadows, your misunderstandings. All things existing in the world today are shadows; when you fall asleep for a long time, everything will disappear: France, England, Germany will disappear in your mind; there will be no wars; you will forget all about sugar, rice, your debts, you will forget everything. Why? Because all these things are shadows. To know a person in the real sense of the word, you should love them. Only those who love know people. Someone may say, "I love, but I suffer and fear." Since you fear, you have no love. Love does not tolerate any fear. All contradictions, of one kind of another, cause unpleasant troubles for people. However, the human spirit cannot develop without hardships. This teaching should be preached to open-minded people today. Only then will your home be freed from the sufferings which are essentially fictitious. There are magnetizers who hypnotizing a person draw a line before them and tell them they can go only that far and meet a wall on their way and the hypnotized person actually cannot pass that line where the other people do not see any wall there. When the magnetizer blows, the wall disappears. Now the devil has raised such a wall in the minds of people. He has drawn a line and they see many obstacles and hardships which are in fact shadows, not reality. Everything in the world is possible. How is everything possible? For instance, if you have been hungry for several days and pray to God for a piece of bread, He will give it to you, but if you want from Him 7-8 loaves, He will not give them to you. These are true facts which you can test yourselves. People should give up their greed and not desire more than what is necessary to them. If you have one kilo of sugar, be content with that, do not want more. Can all people be millionaires at one and the same time? As the growth of a tree has its limits, so people have a limit of growth on the physical plane: when they come to the age of 21, they reach a height after which their body stops growing, but the mind, soul and spirit continue their development. These are great things which you will understand when your eyes are opened. You must pray to God to open your eyes as Elisha, one of Israel's prophets, did. One night the Syrian king sent a great army against Elisha to take him and bring him to the king. When Elisha's servant saw the great number of the enemy's army, he was scared and said, "What shall we do now, my master?" "Fear not for those who are with us are more than those who are against us." Elisha prayed that God might open the servant's eyes to see all. Then the servant saw the forest around Elisha full of horses and carriages. When the Syrians approached him, Elisha prayed to God, saying, "Smite these men with blindness." Then Elisha led them to Samaria and said, "God, open the eyes of these men that they may see." God opened their eyes and they saw they were in Samaria by the king of Israel. When Israel's king saw them, he asked Elisha, "My father, shall I smite them?" But he said, "Do not smite them but set bread and water before them and after they are fed, send them to their master." People today ask, "What will become of us?" Those who are with us are more than those who are against us. Who are against us? Our thoughts and feelings—our shadows which we have been creating for years! Say to yourself, "I have created these thoughts—these wolves and bears—and I am not afraid of them." Some say they have strong faith. They can test the power of their faith, if they were placed among wolves and bears in a menagerie. If you fear, if you are tempted and yield, if you hate—God is not with you. The Christians must be heroes. Heroes are necessary for this world. You must bear up all misfortunes and say, "May the name of God be sanctified and may God's grace come!" You will say that so many people have died. In my view they have not died, but have been raised up. I would wish to go with them. It is a glorious thing to go to Heaven! Some people are afraid of death. They love God, but when death comes they call the doctors. God is not with them. When death comes, say, "I am coming, Lord, prepare new work for me there." I do not want anyone listening to me today to fear. Enter the place of your lions, tigers, snakes and pat them. Until you learn to pat the snakes and the crocodiles, God cannot be with you. Take as an example Daniel who did not suffer among the lions, but said, "God, Who is with me, will tame the lions." When you are among your lions, I wish you would call to God to shut their mouths. Be resolute and not faint-hearted! Now equality and brotherhood should be preached everywhere, not only seemingly, but in practice. Scientists and great people must set an example of how we should live. You may be a chemist, an astronomer, a judge, a priest—harness all your forces for the good of humanity. We are not far from this—the fire is coming, there will be a great heating, but be unafraid: those who are with us are more than those who are against us. Let all people know that God is coming into the world to restore order, Lawfulness and justice. And you men and women who are given these lovely names by God, will submit to the new order. There is not better name in the world than man and woman. But now both men and women complain of their state. The men say, "Woe unto us who were born as men to go to war!" The women say, "Woe unto us who were born women that we should bear children!" It is not woe unto anyone; on the contrary, it is a great blessing that you were born such as you are, destined for so great a work! Reconcile yourselves inwardly. "How can we do that?" Do not say anything about anybody! Be reconciled in your soul with all your brothers, with all the subjects you have! Call to God that His name may be sanctified and His Spirit glorified in you and that you may grow up to fulfill what God has assigned to you! You will not die; from now on good conditions for gaining knowledge are coming, you will study astronomy, mathematics, and so on. Some say that mathematics is a very easy science; everything is implied in the numbers up to 10. But how many million relations there are among these ten numbers! Some say: "We should be good," that is 1; "we should be just," that is 2; "we should be loving," that is 3; "we should be wise," that is 4; "we should be truthful," that is 5. We have come to five. "Let us be good and just," it is 1 and 2; "let us be good, just and loving," it is 1 and 2 and 3; "in addition, let us be wise," it is 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. No, this is not any science. In the number 1 we must understand the Law of one, the soil, the elements; we must make use of chemistry and see what grows in the one and then say: there grow apples, cherries, grapes, wheat, rice, cabbage, carrots and so on. This one will determine what elements are needed for the apples, for the pears. In our mind we say, "Let us be good." To be good, we should work. We can be just too, but we must work. Good, Justice, Wisdom—everything comes from above. You say, "We want to be good." Come to me and I shall teach you how to be good. I shall take a nail and when I heat it up, it will become good. Where is the hearth? It is in your heart. Take the bellows and coal, start a fire and put the nail in it—your thoughts—and heat them up. This is the process by which we must work within ourselves. In this sense, Christianity is an alchemical science. You listen to me and say, "My heart is heavy, I am sad." Why? Because you have closed your windows and do not allow the Divine Light to pass through them. God can live in you, but you have not opened your windows to let Him in. If sometime He slaps you, say, "God, I thank You for visiting me." Interpret your husband's slap the same way. Why do you thrash the walnut tree? That the nuts may fall from it. So God comes to you and asks you, "Have you any fruit to give me?" If a brother slaps you, invite him to your house and set for him food and drink. What food? The food of the new spiritual teaching. If you teach him the new teaching, he will pick the walnuts by his hand; otherwise he will bring them down by throwing stones at them. It is like this everywhere today: men, women, teachers, students, priests, preachers—all are throwing stones at each other. The present sufferings are a great blessing for people. I thank God for many things: I thank Him for being the King, so I can be a servant. Since He is King, that is the greatest blessing for me and for others. Now you are servants, but if you want to be real kings and queens in the future, apply the Divine teaching. Every morning when you get up say, "God, I thank You that I am alive, so I can serve You today." How do you get up in the morning? Some get up with their face up, others with their back up. Take care of the children, how they get up in the morning. Never get up with your back up. What must be your first thought after rising? Say, "God, bless my soul. I thank Thee for waking me up today to finish my work the way I should, wherever I may be, and to be able to grow as much as it is necessary." This is the first basic teaching. But what do we do? If someone is a teacher, they say, "Oh, today I have to correct 40-50 notebooks!" If they are a judge, they say, "Today I have so many Law-suits!" If they are a preacher, they say, "I must hold a sermon today, but have not prepared anything yet." If one is a mother, she says, "Why are all these children crying now?" In such a case, God is not with them and their work does not go well the whole day. Blow and say, "Hwuu-u-u! God, purify me of all evil thoughts and bless my soul!" Try this. Some say, "God was so merciful that He shed His blood for us and was nailed to the cross." How was Christ nailed? With His head up. That is why when you get up in the morning, you must rise with your head up, not down. And when you go out, show your head to God, not your feet. Go out with your head first and thank God in your soul. If you observe these rules, all Spirits of Light will be around you, you will acquire power, Wisdom and grow. God makes things grow. Now, do you know why I am telling you all this? You must know that God does His work through people. And when I speak to you, you say, "Mr. Dounov says so." What I am saying to you has been said above, the whole heaven says it. I repeat that God is coming to purify the Earth by fire, to take off people's old rags and give them new bodies with love in their hearts, to uplift their minds and take away from them all malice and hatred. This is what the Divine teaching proclaims in the new epoch. When you rise in the morning, make an experiment, say, "I thank you, God, for the great grace You have for us. We know You as all-merciful, all-truthful, all-wise." Repeat this every morning for one month, then come to me and tell me what the temperature of your soul is. This is the whole secret. If you repeat this for ten months, it will be still better. This is the A—the beginning. In the past, when I was at your age and was learning this science, after rising in the morning, I started thus: "I thank You, God, for everything You have given me and taught me." You start the same way. This is a great teaching. If you do not start with it, you will be in eternal darkness, an eternal gloom around you. If you apply it, God, the angels and the saints—all will smile at you and help you to become Children of God. You will be ready to endure 4,000 blows on your back for your brother, so when Christ comes you will say, "Let Him take my place, I shall bear the rest myself." I understand this in a figurative sense and thus I speak. Spread this teaching among the nations! Only this way will every nation be able to ascend. Those who want to try, let them apply this teaching and see its results. It is a positive science. Every nation, every society, every home what works this way will be blessed. These are the good tidings Christ brought for the regeneration of humanity two thousand years ago. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear. Sermon held on January 7, 1917, in Sofia. ______________ 32. II Peter 3:18. 33. William Gladstone (1809-1898), an English politician Chair of the Labor Party. He supported the independence movement in Italy and took a rigorous stand against the 1876 Turkish massacres in the then dominated Bulgarian territories (ed. note). 34. A south-Russian city at the Azov Sea coast (ed. note).
  3. The Book - The Spirit and The Flesh. Beinsa Douno Translation from Bulgarian - Vessela Nestorova THE TRUTH The truth shall make you free29. Pilate put a question to Christ, "What is Truth?" This is a profound philosophical question. It is easy to ask this question, but difficult to answer it. The Truth in itself is something concrete, real, unchanging. It is eternal Light, eternal Wisdom, eternal Love, eternal Righteousness, and eternal Life. However, this definition requires a more concrete determination of what Truth is. I shall stop on the thought, "The Truth gives freedom." Freedom is an aspiration of the human mind, heart, soul, spirit; freedom is life and life is destined to our seeking the Truth and to seek it not as Tolstoy speaks in his book, My Conversion. There he speaks of one of his dreams, which clearly describes his psychic state before his conversion. I shall tell you briefly his story. "In my dream I find myself," says Tolstoy, "lying in a bed, but I feel neither comfortable, nor in a pleasant state; I start moving to find out what kind of a bed it is, what it is made of— iron or wood. At once I noticed that the bars of my bed started to fall one by one, starting at my head-side until only one bar remained just below my waist. At this moment I heard a voice crying, "Do not move either your head or your feet anymore! Keep balance!" I saw below me a large post and a bottomless chasm." I say, there are such philosophers who are lying on their back, investigating the Divine World, but only one bar remains under their waist and God says to them, "Keep the balance!" So as soon as you pronounce the word balance, the catastrophe is avoided. When you investigate the Truth, you should stand up straight on your feet, not lie on your back. I take the word dead in a figurative sense—a limited person who does not think. You must be turned to the East so when Christ appears, you should meet Him. Many act as Tolstoy did, but Christ says to them, "Balance!" "The Truth shall make you free." The Truth is real, it is real life. Do not think the Truth is something imaginary. No. It is a world which has its beauty, its colors, tones, music—a world which has always existed and will always exist. Christ says, "Those who understand this world, these Laws and forces, will be free." In another place He says, "To this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world, that I would bear witness unto the truth." Then Pilate asked Him, "What is Truth?" People today have strange ideas of God. God is the Truth. When you feel joyful and happy and start singing, the Truth— the living God—is in you. Think well, do a good deed—God is in you. The Truth is movement, impulse. And when Christ says, "I am the Way," He means a person must move and not stay in one place like a tied animal. In this world all things are strictly mathematically determined; there is nothing unforeseen, accidental. Your life, your sufferings, tortures and anguish—all is foreseen. These things are plus and minus. Within the Truth enter the four rules of arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Those who have much—they add, those who have little—they also add, but the addition in both cases is different. For instance, you have two thousand leva but with a minus or a plus—that is, you either have to give or to take. If you say, "I have two thousand years" and put a minus; this means that in the past you have lived two thousand years of vicious life. If you say "Two thousand years plus"—that means you have lived two thousand years of excellent life; therefore, you are truly a rich person. Christ says, "The Truth shall make you free." Freedom is a necessity for the man as well as for the woman. The whole social structure rests on the Truth. Everyone is striving for freedom. Actually, everyone has the right to live in freedom, but this freedom will be given to us to the extent that we can benefit by the blessings of the Truth. Sufferings are necessary for every nation, as well as for each individual. Torment and torture are human contrivances. Let us say a man gets a monthly salary of 50 leva which is barely enough for a month. The wife says, "Easter is coming! There is no money for Easter bread, the sugar and eggs are expensive; there is no money for shoes and a hat. Only a hat costs 50—70 leva. Why don't we have now 150—200 leva?" I say, in order that there may be peace, leave the Easter bread for next year. Easter is not only once in a lifetime! "No, now or never!" If God has allowed you only 50 leva, be satisfied with what you have and do not spoil your Easter! In this case the wife must give freedom to the husband and he—to his wife. Down with the Easter bread! This is freedom! This is the Truth! That is why the Scriptures say, "Be thankful for everything!" Do not think that God has not given you riches. You are all rich, but you must discover this wealth. In the perception of the Divine orders, you must have inner freedom and not be biased. The Truth is independent of your and my conceptions: whether you think one way or another, whether you approach it or draw away from it, will not change its relations. In this world, which is wisely created, the Truth always exists such as it is. The illumination one has proceeds from the Light of the Truth. Love comes from above—from the Truth. And when the Truth conquers the world, it will make you free. Love always aspires for the Truth—what beauty is in relation to a person such is Truth in relation to the Divine World. It is the one face of this world which is a world of harmony and beauty. And when you ask why you are unhappy, the Truth answers, "You are unhappy because you are ignorant, because you violate God's Law." In Varna in the past days Gagaouz women would fall in love with Bulgarian men and would marry them. They thought the Greeks were drunkards while Bulgarian men were as gentle and nice as little donkeys. No, this is not a conception of the Truth. The Truth is a science of the mutual, sensible relations of people. Before a person has achieved balance in their mind, their heart and their will in accord with the Truth, they cannot be free. As soon as they attain this, they will make contact with the Divine World. Many ask, "Can we live without suffering?" You can. "Without torment and torture?" You can; why not? But sufferings are necessary for the evolution of humankind. A person wants to learn about the world; that is why they must suffer by all means. The Earth is a place of suffering. You say, "How should we know?" Why did you not ask the rational beings what the Earth is like before coming down? One time a little angel who had heard much about people said to a bid angel, "I want to see the people very much. Why don't you take me to the Earth so I can see them?" The angel brought him to the Earth. Then the little angel said, "I wanted you to take me to the people, but you took me to hell." "Hell—that is people on this earth," answered the big angel. Indeed, hell—that is us. By the word hell, people in our country understand something boiling from underneath, bubbling up, people taking each other by the throat, brother fighting with brother because one has taken a larger part of the inheritance, and so on. Today everybody says, "Equality is necessary!" I ask you, what is wrong in taking a larger part? One of the brothers is older, let him take more. Thus, people on the Earth have just such relations as God has ordered and of which His Laws witness. If you apply them according to the Truth, their result will be freedom. Those who want to study the Truth must study the quality of freedom. If you ask me what is music in reality, I cannot define it, but I can describe what music gives expression to. The result is harmony—relations between the tones. Sit at a piano, or play any other instrument, and you will see what music is. Three things are necessary for the expression of music: first, an idea in your mind of a song; second, an instrument and third—an artist. Therefore, a musical ability of the mind is necessary, a sensitive ear and an artist who can play. If you ask me what a teacher is, I can tell you only what a teacher produces. A teacher gives knowledge. When you learn what knowledge is, you will be near the teacher. You ask, "What is Virtue?" Better ask what it gives birth to. Before going into a study of the essence of things, study their results. What is the distinguishing feature of freedom? It gives a large scope to action. In necessity you have only one way; you are harnessed. Your reigns may be golden, but you must go only one way—forward; in case you stop, the whip will lash your back. In freedom it is just the opposite—you have a choice. You have a choice to climb a mountain top from any side, but when you are rolling downwards, you have only one direction. "But why does a person think that way?" They are free to think. "But he is an atheist." This is a temporary delusion. "She is a bad person." Her consciousness for good is not developed in her yet. "He makes mistakes." His will is not regulated yet. "A woman has an unlawful child." Settle the relationships between the sexes. I consider humans free. Only the fearful are not free and it is they who commit crimes, they have not the heroism to assume responsibility. Which people are strong? Those who are free and who can bear hardships, sufferings, getting spitted on, being dishonored. These are trials for people and those who can bear them are considered heroes. Sufferings are given to people to test them—who are heroes and who are cowards. Those who do not want to suffer, but want to be served by others, are enlisted in the catalogue of the cowards. If you suffer, you are a hero. Whom does the Bulgarian nation glorify: the cowards who betrayed the country during Turkish times, or those who suffered for the liberation of this country? How much will those who suffer for the Truth be glorified? The principle is one and the same. That is why the science of the Truth is a science of social life. The Truth always makes people free. Those who die for others make them free. If the martyr Stephen had not died, Paul would not have been born. When Stephen died, his spirit entered Paul. Then both started working together for God. Stephen taught Paul to suffer and to bear three times thirty nine blows with the whip. Paul became famous namely for this patience. Do you know why they lashed Paul thirty nine times? The numbers 3+9 equal 12. The number 12 is the Law of rounding up the evolution of all the days of human life. And whoever undergoes so many blows with a whip on the Earth will not be beaten any more in the next life. If you ask why Christ was beaten, He will answer you "I suffered that you might be made free." When people beat you on the Earth, it shows you that a cord that holds you tight to your evil fate is torn. That is why Christ says, "If they hit you on the one side, give the other one also." Only the strong one can beat and when the strong one beats you, it is a blessing. What do the peasants do? When they want the field to yield more produce, they let the sheep thread on it. They know this Law about the fields, but do not know it about themselves. Let the sheep of the world thread on you a little. Christ says, "For this cause I was born." The birth that Christ speaks about is not an external, but an inner process. It takes place in every heart and mind, in order that this Truth may be witnessed. When the Truth is born in you, you will feel freedom. When a woman marries, she wants to have children, because she is aware of the Truth that this is the only way the Law can be observed—that she may have an inheritance. It is the same in the spiritual world: if you have not the Truth in yourself, you cannot inherit the Divine riches. Therefore, the Truth must be born in you. Then you will have riches and spend your life more easily. A legend tells the story of Moses. When he was going up the Sinai mountain, he saw a shepherd who was very happy, and he asked him, "Why are you so happy?" "I am happy because today the Lord will come down to visit me, so I killed a lamb to give Him a feast." "The Lord does not eat lambs, you are deceiving your mind!" answered Moses and went away. However, the shepherd was saddened and lost his joy. When Moses reached the Sinai Mountain, he noticed that God is displeased with him for having made such a big mistake. He returned to the shepherd to tell him that God would visit him and eat of his lamb. After telling this the shepherd, he hid in a nearby bush to see what would happen. At one time he noticed that the shepherd fell asleep and fire came from heaven burning up the lamb. When the shepherd woke up, he said, "I am very happy that the Lord came down and ate up the lamb!" So, when the Truth enters us, its fire—Love—will make a sacrifice pleasing to God. This is the real world of the Truth. For some people it is not real, but a great number of people—thousands on this earth know this world—the world of Truth. I say, much time will pass before the Truth is planted and understood by all. See how beautiful the flowers are! They are yellow, red, and blue. You pick them, but have you understood their meaning? You say, "This flower smells very sweetly," but what does this fragrance mean? It shows the great sorrow of the flower. Out of its grief is formed a nectar necessary for your life. There are people who, in the midst of their wealth, say, "There is no God!" As soon as they lose their wealth, health, or social position, and God takes them in hand, they begin to emit fragrance, "There is a God." The wealth would have stunted their mind if God had not taken it away from them. Thanks to that, they began to take a right view of things. What takes place on the Earth is something transitory, not a reality. You see beautiful, little girls, but as soon as they come of age, their faces begin to wrinkle and in time they become old women. I ask: where are those little girls gone whom you admired so much at one time? The same thing happens to the boys. You do not know yourselves yet. When you learn the Law of the Truth, it will give you power over matter that you may understand its inner combinations and perfect your life. This is the Law of motion—that a person should constantly undergo a change and pass from the temporary to the eternal, in order to understand the unchanging essence of the Truth. People say that Christ was born to preach the Truth. What is this Truth? Christ wants to invigorate your mind and give you an impulse for right thinking that you may make contact with the Divine World. You are eternally bound to God. In the world you have many friends; however, if at times these friends are insensitive to you, it is due to your relations which spring from ignorance. Paul says, "God despises human ignorance and has let people follow their way, but now He is calling them that the Law may be fulfilled." What should a mother who is called upon to fulfill the same Law do? First of all, she should bear good and sensible children. This is her first task. Some women complain of their state and say, "Why are we women?" I ask—who should have been in their place? The man should prepare material for thought, will and character. He should pass all this on, but the woman should give birth. People today are looking for comforts in the world, but they must understand that essential Law, also expressed in the music—in the minor and major scales. God has placed some people in the minor scale, in the flats—sorrow, grief, depth of the feelings; He has placed others in the major scale, in the sharps, on the surface of life, since they have no depth of feelings. In a dance, or a march, what can one see? Dancing, marching and finally—fatigue. In a sad song you cannot move—there you will keep still and reason. God has placed you under a minor tone that you may think of the other world, while in a major tone you will think of this world. At times you want to play another's part and say, "Can religious people dance?" They can, but what kind of dance? When David was carrying the tabernacle, he was jumping and dancing but his wife rebuked him saying, "Look how you are contorting your body in the presence of the whole nation of Israel!" "Why should I not hop before the Lord?" he objected. God does not limit us, He gives us great freedom to do good and evil, but in certain cases good may be evil. You will say, "How can this be?" Here is an example. A man and wife are leading a good life. Christ says, "Give away your goods." In his desire to fulfill the teaching of the Savior, the man wants to give his property away, but his wife says, "Are you crazy? You want to make your wife and children unhappy?" "No, I want to fulfill God's Law." "But I do not need this Law." I say to the man, "You have no right to give away the property of your wife and children, for it is theirs! If you have 100,000 leva divide them as a brother among your wife, children and yourself equally, and you have right to give away your share. You have no right to serve God with another person's money. This is Christ's Law. "But I have the right to do this." "You have not! Who gave you this right? Where did you take this woman from? God did not make woman your mate out of your feet, but out of your rib and you have no right to torture her!" Now this appeals to the women and they say, "That's right, let the men know this!" No. You should never consider a question from your own point of view. In the universal life there are many possibilities: in this life you are a man, but in another life they may make you a woman. And the opposite is true. If in this life you write, "I give no freedom to woman!" in the other life when you are made a woman, you will taste the benefits of this provision of the Law. Then you will say, "This is not a good Law," but it was you who wrote it in the past. Men, make good Laws, because when you come a second time on earth as women, you will be placed under their power of course, not only men, but women also write Laws and as a result they create limitations of each other. Many women have written bad Laws in their sons and daughters; for instance they have written that they should hate their father. They say, "Your father is a good-for-nothing, a vagabond." Do not write such Laws, because one is your Father. This man or this woman whom you call father and mother have become an instrument of the Divine Spirit in order that an idea should be clothed in form. And when you complain of your state, you murmur against God. You must not change the basic features of the incarnated idea in a form. You can make some changes in the shades—to make them lighter or darker—but the main substance, which personifies the Divine idea, must be preserved. Sermon held on April 24, 1916, in Sofia. _________________ 29. John 8:32
  4. The Book - The Spirit and The Flesh. Beinsa Douno Translation from Bulgarian - Vessela Nestorova LIBERTY OF THE SPIRIT Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.21 The condition of liberty is the Spirit. By the word liberty we understand a free life, i.e. the inner meaning of things and their relations—the relations of the thoughts, feelings and incentives of the will power which are manifested in the world. Where there is a living soul, there is motion which is the result of the will. This motion may have a definitive direction, or take different directions. The New Testament says, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." Another place states, "The Son of God will set you free." The Son and the Spirit are one and the same thing. The Son is the expression of the Father and the Mother. The intelligence of the Son is an expression of the intelligence of the Father and the Mother, as the Sunlight is the expression of the inner state of the Sun. How can we know a person? By the Light of their thoughts, desires and acts. Now I am speaking about the liberty of the Spirit, because the religious people are exposed to the great danger of becoming worse than the worldly people. In this sense a person cannot be happy by becoming religious. By the word religious I understand a person tied to something, the way a horse, a cow, or some other animals are tied with a rope. To be tied to a house is religion; to be tied to some political party, or some philosophical teaching is religion too. What kind of religion is it? A religion that ties or limits the liberty of person, or of society. If you are tied to a teaching which debases you, or deprives you of your liberty, this is an obsolete religion, an old skin. All people who seek the liberty which gives sense to life and which philosophers today call higher consciousness, but political people—citizenship, are sensible people. How would you know you have the Spirit in yourself? If you are sensible, if your thoughts, feelings and acts are free and wherever you go, you leave a blessing, the Spirit is present in you. In life today the word liberty may be understood as Light. If you travel at night, you are not free as in the daylight for the simple reason that the path is not clear. In the same way when the religious and worldly people delude themselves, they also have something hazy in their notions. People today do not know God, they do not know what the Lord is, but they know their kings and rulers. They say, "As the kings and rulers punish us, so God punishes us also." Because of these wrong ideas of God, life is full of contradictions springing from such false views. We can all see the results of these contradictions. However, you must be set free from this inner slavery. How can you be freed? A basic change must happen in your brain, or a thorough transformation. What is the structure of your brain and what changes should take place is not clear to you. Every morning you pray, you seek the Lord calling to Him, and He does not listen to you. God hears only those people whose ears are open. He does not hear the deaf22 and does not speak to them. If you want the Lord to hear and answer you, your ear must be delicate and perceptive so that little would be necessary for it to understand much. The Lord likes to watch and hear those people who work and do not busy themselves with vain and foolish things. If you consider the religions of today, you will see on what level of development they are. In every religion there are certain delusions. One of the reasons for these delusions is due to the fact that when a person wants to understand a religion, they enter one or another society and in this way get more confused. A young man wanted to join a village dance, but had no strong boots. He borrowed a pair of boots and started to dance. The one who had given him the boots seeing him stamping his feet vigorously, said to him when he got near enough to hear him, "Listen, do not stamp your feet so hard, I have not given you my boots that you should stamp your feet so!" A friend of his, after hearing these words, said to him, "Since this fellow put you to shame, I shall give you my boots." The young man put on his friend's boots and continued dancing. When he was passing by the second man who gave him his boots, the latter cried to him, "Stamp your feet, my friend, do not worry if you tear the boots; if you tear them, I shall give you a new pair!" I say, it does not matter whether you say to a person "Stamp" or "Don't stamp" your feet, it is all the same, for he is not free already. It does not matter whether you have stamped you feet much or little. Why? Because you are already deprived of your freedom. Therefore, our mind should be elucidated as to the question of real liberty. Christ has given a definition of liberty. He says, "Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you." Everyone must accept this rule as an inner Law. One must speak and do that which gives liberty to others also. Someone says, "I wonder at people today how they gossip. You see them in the church praying so nicely, but as soon as they stop praying, they start gossiping about each other: this man does not live right, that woman does not speak the truth, and so on." Those who gossip do not have liberty and do not give liberty to others. I say, if you are not tolerant to people and do not give them freedom, you do not understand Christ's teaching. And in reality, most people today have a perverted idea of the teaching of Christ. They must throw out of their minds these caricatures and think of God and Christ in an entirely different way. And so what is religion? Religion is a science of the forms as well as of the Divine Love. If you study only the external form of religion and not its inner content, you will find yourself in a delusion and begin to change religions as a lady often changes her clothes. If she lives fifty or sixty years, she can change many suits of different cuts and colors, but these suits do not represent the lady. Therefore, the form is not yet religion. Actually the forms are necessary to religion, as the suits for the lady, but they do not represent the body of the lady. When people die, their kinfolks say, "We shall wear only black, not white clothes." No, you may wear white, black, red and blue clothes—any clothes you wish. The sin is not in the colored clothes, but you should have in mind the following—when you go to a dead person, do not dress in white, as when a street is muddy, you will not wear white shoes. Thus, everything requires its time, its season. In this respect, the worldly people are wiser than the religious ones. They stand ten times higher than the religious people. God has decided to set the world right by the worldly people. The politicians and the socialists will rectify the world because they want freedom. You will say, "How is that? These people destroy, they do not build." I ask, when you build a new house on the place of the old, do you not first destroy the old house and then build the new one? If you do not throw out of your mind an old idea, a new thought cannot be born. Many want to teach people how to think, so they say to them, "seven stories up, seven stories down," or "keep silent and do not reason," this is their true science. Everything else is of the devil. What was written in the times of Moses, in the Old Testament? "This is of God; the rest is of the devil." And today, many are preaching that their ideas are of God and those of other people—of the devil. This is what it means to be strong with your posterior brain. This is not right. Every teaching should be judged by its results. If a given teaching can be applied in the private life of people and give good results, it is good; if it cannot be applied, it is not good. One thing is important for a person—to apply the liberty of the Spirit. Everyone must ask themselves, "Am I free? Do I have this Spirit in me?" When the Spirit comes, He will produce Light in the mind and heat in the heart. This is the sign by which you will know the appearance of the Spirit. If you begin to limit the human spirit, forcing a person to think, feel and act the way you do, the Spirit will withdraw from you immediately, as a teacher leaves the class when the students are making noise and obstruct the teaching of the lesson. When the students do not obey their teacher, their parents and guardians will come and punish them. In this sense, Moses was the guardian of the Jews. He came to them to tell them that they should obey their Teacher and when they were disobedient, he punished them. And if you ask now why so many misfortunes assailed you, I say, "The misfortunes and sufferings came to you because you did not obey the Spirit. You should have obeyed the Spirit as your Teacher." Now I shall explain the meaning of liberty and how it manifests itself. Suppose you meet a person with bound hands and feet and you begin to comfort him that the Lord is good and if he has patience, He will untie him, and so on. I ask, if you yourself can untie this man, do you manifest liberty? No. You must take out your knife, cut the cords binding the man's hands and feet and set him free. What does your comforting do to him? You tie him faster so he cannot run away. People must untie one another; they must set one another free. Christ says, "Go and preach among people!" By these words, He means exactly this untying, this liberating. This liberty should be inner and not external. All misunderstandings among people are due to the lack of freedom. If it is a question of anxiety and worries, how much more should God worry for He has created this world and sees what is happening? It is good when the Lord is angry, but of what use is human anger? There is no profit in human anger. But God also does not get angry. The Old Testament says, "The wrath of the Lord," but these words must be understood in their inner sense. The words of Christ: "Why do you call me good Master? Only God is good," confirm the idea that God cannot be angry. Therefore, the good and the kind people cannot get angry. Some prophets have spoken of the wrath of God, but I object to this. Has God said anywhere about Himself being angry? In one place Jeremiah says, "Lord, you deceived me, I was deceived." How can you explain this contradiction? This is a delusion. You should not have any delusions about God. Everyone must admit that these are their own delusions. The right thought lies in this—we should say, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." This is what God said. Love cannot be manifested without liberty. I say, while a person is blind, no one can love them. A person who tortures others cannot be loved. What brings destruction cannot bring freedom. Several people pray together to God, but if one of them makes a mistake, another one nudges them for the small mistake. This is no prayer; this is no freedom, but acting. To nudge one another when you are standing before God is not praying. Down with these masks! When one is praying, they must forget about what is around them and be alone, then enter their secret chamber—their soul—and not be disturbed by anything outside of themselves. All of you who are listening to me are not free. Some of you are tied to one post, others to two, still others to three, to four, to five, to ten posts. I can prove this to you not only theoretically, but practically as well. Now since all of you are preparing yourselves for the Kingdom of God, for the Kingdom of Christ, which is a world of liberty, you must know that with these old forms, with these old skins, you cannot enter It. With these old forms you will barely come to the gate of the Kingdom of God, but you cannot enter it by any means. By this I do not judge you and say you are deluded, but I am showing you the way. You are seeking freedom. The cause of human slavery is neither the man nor the woman. Slavery, sin came into the world after the first people ate of the forbidden apple which had in itself corruption, death. Therefore, if you want to understand Christ, your spirit must be free. In the Hebrew language there are two words for the notion of liberty. One of them is ruha which signifies the higher manifestation of God. The other word is nefesh which signifies the inferior manifestation of the soul. The small child, for instance, manifests the inferior state of his or her soul. While we are babies, we cry, make faces and in this way impose our will and want to submit our mother. Finally the mother gives her breast for the baby to suck and it thinks, "This is what I want, and you should always obey me!" And the mother is constantly fulfilling the child's wishes. I ask, why was this child sent to earth—should it make its mother submit, or the mother should submit it to her will? Whoever is free and has the Spirit, they will learn the relations of things and know whom they should submit themselves to and whom they should serve. You will ask how you can acquire inner freedom. When people have common prayer that also has two sides—a good and a bad one. Why? Because people are not on the same level of development, so that a regular interchange of their magnetic forces may take place. Since the spirit of freedom is predominant in all people, but their views are different, as a result of this arise many disputes and misunderstandings. That is why before going to God, Christianity recommends purification. One of the purifying processes is that of deposition.23 How can this deposition be effected? Before praying with others, one should pray alone and prepare themselves. First, you should pray alone, then with one other person, then with two more people and so on. In this way you will learn to contemplate. Only then the Spirit will come and teach you certain lessons. When the Divine Spirit comes between two souls, He will immediately restore peace and mutual understanding between them. When the one is speaking, the other will be listening with great attention and feel pleasure in what their friend is telling them. If these two people are not at peace mutually, they will get bored with each other, "Are you the one to teach me now, I have no time to listen to your nonsense." This shows that the Spirit is not between them. The making of common prayers is not done by order, but by a disposition of the spirit; if the spirit wants you will pray, if not—you will not pray, but keep quiet. The first thing required of all is to give one another this freedom and have the patience of listening to one another. When someone is speaking, we should think that God is speaking. If you enter a religious society and become more nervous than you had been before, you have not gained anything. You have sooner lost than gained. Many doctors, many specialists know human physiology, they know which foods are useful and which are harmful, but in spite of that, they live the old way. They say it is harmful to smoke, but they smoke themselves. They say that drinking of alcoholic beverages is harmful, yet they drink; that eating meat is harmful, yet they eat meat. They have knowledge, but when it comes to applying it to build, they do not do what they say and preach to others. I ask—where is their liberty of spirit? Christ wants this freedom for all people. Many people today want liberty only for themselves, thinking that the other people should be submitted to them. Many people will submit themselves, but they will do it out of fear, not out of love. I shall cite the following anecdote for clarification of this thought. Once, a Bulgarian tailor was invited by a rich family to sow a pair of full-bottomed tight-legged breeches and a doublet for the bridegroom. The tailor took along his instruments—scissors, a thimble, called his servant and both went to the house. They arrived about noon, so they were invited to a lunch. A roast chicken was served and the tailor, wishing to eat the whole chicken alone, told the housewife that his servant does not eat chicken, he preferred beans. When the servant heard this, he started thinking of some way to revenge his master. After lunch, he told the hosts secretly that if they saw his master turning this way and that, they should know something was happening to him, because at times he went out of his mind. In order to succeed with the revenge, the servant hid his master's thimble. When the tailor started working, he began turning this way and that, looking for his thimble. When the hosts noticed this, they immediately caught him and bound him. On going back, the servant said to his master, "Your servant does not eat roast chicken, only beans. Is that so?" You also should not say your servant does not eat roast chicken, because some day, when you start looking for your thimble, he will become the cause of your being bound. The first thing required of our relations is mutual respect. In my observations during a number of years, I have noticed that some people have a strong desire to study, that is why at first they begin with a feeling of veneration and reverence, but later they slack it and say, "We know all this!" In this respect, they are like some young brides who are very gentle and shy before everybody at first. However, in a few months time, they get over their shyness, open their mouth and spoil the home. While they are in church as brides they are calm and quiet, as soon as they are married, it is as if they receive civil rights and begin to show their naughtiness. They will want to marry a second time, but the man who has married them once will not even think of marrying a second time. No. A person must not grieve God by violating His Spirit of freedom, even when they are provoked at times. Whole books have been scratched full of the scribble of human thoughts like the dashes of telegrams. A whole pile of such telegrams are written by your thoughts. By these telegrams one can see how free you are. Some day when you can go to the other world all these telegrams will be presented before God. There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed. Everything in the world is apparent. Nothing can be hid from the Eye of God. This should not frighten you, but you must know that in His genesis God is a Spirit Who always wants to teach and correct people and not to punish and revenge. The sufferings and punishments in the world have a relation only to the forms. And if in this sense we say that God punishes us, this shows that He wants to liberate us from our slavery. If you set out to free a sheep out of a wolf s mouth, would she not be hurt by the time she is pulled out? Therefore, God wants our freedom, our inner peace, which will bring us calmness, joy and happiness and raise our spirit high. Now I shall refer again to religion. What does religion, by which we want to serve God, consist in? Christ says, "For I was a hungered, and ye gave me no meat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink; I was stranger and ye took me not in; naked, and ye clothed me not; sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not" (Matt. 25:42,43). Here is the reason why God will judge the world. If you do not fulfill what Christ is talking about, if you pray ten times a day, like the Pharisees in the streets, you will not attain anything. You will be like that housewife who prayed all morning and her cooking all burned up. What did she attain by her long prayer? Nothing. Such a prayer is like drunkenness. There is physical drunkenness, but psychical as well. Do you know what psychic drunkenness is like? It is not religion. When a young maiden likes to meet young men, she does not acquire anything by that, but only some pleasant feelings. This pleasure, however, does not show that the maiden has a Divine disposition. At these meetings she wastes her energy in vain. However, when God approaches us, we feel His effect not only for a moment, but for a long time. The pleasant state we are in when God is drawing near us and unnoticeably penetrates deeply in our soul. When some people are quarreling, I do not tell them to keep silent, or preach moral to them, but I turn my gaze to God and pray for them. In order that they should keep silent, I must keep silent first. This means that first, I must pray for them that God may bring them to their senses. Years ago, there was a priest called Gancho in Varna whom people called orman papaz24. He often blamed those who made him a priest. One day he saw a Gagaouz25 beat his wife. In order to save the woman from her husband's hands, he took a whip and started lashing the man, but immediately the wife and her husband jumped at him. The woman said, "What right do you have to beat my husband? We shall settle our affairs alone." Now I say to you, who are like this priest: do not meddle in other people's affairs, trying to settle their accounts. You can do this only if the husband and wife call you to help them. As soon as you are called, show them a way how to determine their relations according to the Law of freedom. And so religion should bring liberty to people, peace and joy. If a persecution rises against a religion, or against some teaching as in old times, that will not set the world right. How many doubts may be raised against some forms of a religion! Some will say, "This teaching is Satan's." But of whom is your teaching? Those who preach a Devine Teaching should serve humanity selflessly, out of love for people and be ready for all sacrifices. Those who want a reward, or the first place, or want to set the world right, they do not fulfill the Law of liberty and the Spirit is not in them. You must be the last in the world, if you want to be the first before God. Instead of wishing human glory, it is preferable for God to think well of you. This is what I know and wish for myself. When I preach this, many people say, "This does not concern me, I am not such a person, these words are about so- and-so, she is such a person." No, this is wrong reasoning. Everyone should forget what the others are like and consider themselves more sinful than these others, and start correcting themselves. If you are in the state of sinful people, I do not judge you, but want you to come out of that state by showing you a way out. Follow the spirit in yourselves! You want freedom for yourself—give freedom to others as well. It is Law that like attracts the like. If you like people sincerely and open- heartedly, they will like you too. The Bulgarian proverb says, "What you call, the same will be echoed back to you." If you are beautiful and look yourself in the mirror, the image in the mirror will be beautiful too. When you meet a person you love, do not tell them you love them; do not speak to them about love. Why? Because as soon as you tell a person you love them, Love vanishes. Those that speak most about Love have the least Love in themselves. Those who speak most about freedom of the spirit, they give it least to others. If my relations to you are not such as they should be, no matter how pleasing and musical my sermon may be it cannot change this. Only the music which creates noble incentives in you is profitable to you. Every other kind of music, which evokes only pleasant feelings and moods in you without ennobling you, is of no benefit to you. Now, put an end to all friction and separation into left- wing and right-wing socialists, i.e. those who have the Spirit and those who don't have the Spirit. Those who bear the spirit of liberty in themselves will be given a white stone on which I shall write my name so that when the Lord comes, He will see the inscription. When I see the eyes of a person, I already know whether they have the spirit or not. When the spirit is present in a person, their eyes are neither very dark nor very bright. If a person's eyes glisten as those of a snake, this bespeaks their desire to swallow up, to eat up somebody. You have noticed how a cat's eyes glisten at night. Why do they glisten? The cat is looking for mice. However, there is a big difference between one kind of light and another. There is a light which robs and kills, but there is a Light which invigorates and brings one to life. The Spirit is sensitive, responsive to the human weaknesses, as a result of which He enters those who want to walk in the Way. I say, when you get together for a prayer meeting next time, by your telegrams it will be evident whether you have been nudging among yourselves or not. If there have been nudgings, you must know that the Lord does not want such meetings. In order that your prayers may be accepted by God, I shall give you the following method: when you meet a sorrowful, burdened soul, pray together with her to God; when you meet a poor person, help them as much and with whatever you can. God does not want rich people to get together only with the rich and learned only with the learned, but the rich must get together with the poor and the learned with the ignorant. Prayer does not consist only in saying prayers, singing and playing at concerts. If it were a question of music, one may go and listen to a worldly concert. That, too, will be of benefit to them and give them some satisfaction. By this I want to say that as the religions of the church do not pray correctly, so those who want to pass for spiritual people do not pray as they should. Get none of the old things! Chase the old devil away! Pray secretly in your soul and do not gossip about other people! Have reverence and respect for others as for yourselves. What do women of today do? When two or three women get together, they at once start talking about this and that man or this and that woman. What profit do you have in gossiping? Those who gossip hinder their right development and put psychic obstacles on their own way. Therefore, those that have such a weakness should give it up. If a thought enters your mind to speak evil of someone, stop for a moment, concentrate your attention and do not give way to the evil in you, do not become its town-crier. Shut your "telephone" and do not do service to evil. The evil in the world, as a living being, likes to attack people, to entice them to get its work done, after which it deserts them. Much time has not elapsed before the sufferings come. Then God says to people, "Be careful not to yield a second time to evil." Therefore, anger, jealousy, hatred, suspicion, lying—all these negative things are peculiar to the devil, to evil. Cast this old father out and you will be free, you will be with the Lord Who is all wise, good, just, condescending and loving; Who forgives and helps the suffering and the poor. If you do wrong a hundred times a day and turn to Him, He will again forgive you. He punishes only those who break His Laws. He has created a big fire for them. Those who don't want to make contact with these evil beings must be merciful, considerate, quick-witted and careful with God's orders and Laws. And now, begin to apply this teaching of Christ without demonstrating before the world that you are religious people. Let your piety be concealed even from you, but before the world, you can be like the beautiful ladies who shade their faces to protect them against getting sun-burnt or against the dust the in streets. Hide your beauty deep in yourselves; do not parade with it externally. If you do not want to become a laughingstock to people, do not speak about yourself that you are good, magnanimous, religious, and ready for giving alms, and so on. Christ says, "Be wise as the serpents and gentle as the doves." The worldly people are not foolish. They are not wise in regard to the higher spiritual life, but in regard to the mind, they stand higher than many religious people. Give an example of a good deed to the worldly people that they may give you a piece of their mind. Some say we must be straightforward, others say we must not be very generous. I ask you, how will the world be set right then? So if someone looks askance at you, or tells you an offensive word, you should get angry? Have you ever given yourself an account of how often you have looked at people askance? No, God has not given us eyes to look askance at others. The true religious life is namely in having freedom and giving freedom to people and forgiving their mistakes, as well as in looking for every possibility to unite with them in spirit. Now, desire deeply to apply Christ's teaching to yourself as well as for the sake of others. From now on no gossiping! Give yourself word not to gossip a whole year. Keep a small notebook and every night before going to bed write down how well you have kept your promise. If you have not said a bad word about anybody, write down the mark seven and the words: "Thank you, God, today I did not say any bad word about anyone." If you have said something bad, write down one. Then at the end of the year make an account how many ones you have written and to what extent you have succeeded to abstain from gossip. When several people get together, everyone gets excited and wants to say something and show what they know. One begins to speak, then a second, a third one and unnoticeably someone becomes the object of gossip. On the next day the same story is repeated. When a young man wants to get married, all the girls praise him and each one tries to surpass the others in eulogies. They praise his qualities, his noble family, and so on. As soon as he selects a bride, all those who had praised him begin to say, "He is a wild cat, a simpleton," and so on. In reality, these young maidens should say: "We are glad this young man picked his wife from our company." Do you know what this can be compared to? In a big European town a prince was to arrive, so twelve beautiful women were chosen as a committee for the welcoming. When they were asked to vote which one of them should give a bouquet to the prince, each of the twelve voted for herself. Now you, although not quite prepared yet, are trying to see which one of you will come out and offer a bouquet to Christ. Everyone says, "I, I!" Do not vote for yourself. Without your voting, Christ knows who the worthy ones are. Christ's teaching requires of us to be considerate and not speak about others what we know, or what we do not know. The occultists say—if you want to be strong, do not talk about people. The moment you start talking badly about someone, you get in contact with their spirit and are affected by bad thoughts. In this sense, in order not to harm yourself, it is better to think good of people than to entertain evil thoughts of them. When you gossip about someone, this person benefits psychologically. When you speak well about a person, God asks them, "How much did you gain?" "Twenty." "Give then half of it to them who think well of you." This means that the rich person should give half of their riches to those who have nothing. When we speak well of people, we gain, but when we speak badly, they gain. Such is the Law. If you speak badly of people on purpose so that they should profit by it, I shall be glad for your self-denial. But then you must not complain. If one of your sisters has a defect, pray ten times a day for her to be freed from this defect. When you pray for her you can tell her in a kindly and sisterly manner, "Sister, you have a small defect and you should work to get free from it. Do not get angry with me for telling you this truth." Now all of you try to get rid of this defect—gossiping. This year God has decided to bind evil. Those who get bound should not get angry. God will bind them and put them to work. Either you or evil will be harnessed. In order to harness evil to work, the Spirit must be in you that you may be strong and powerful. Today I spoke about liberty, but I shall speak another time about it again. Some day I shall make an experiment to find out how well you have understood and applied today's sermon. Religious liberty should be absolute. God is a God of Love, of liberty. Those who live in this liberty will find their place, whether they plough or dig, or whatever work they do, they will do everything with thankfulness. Such must be the life on earth according to the liberty of the Spirit, according to the liberty by which many great people were distinguished, as Socrates had been. Socrates was among the "last" people, but many of the "first," many kings, were forgotten; yet his name remained. A person may take a high post and not be noble. The Spirit requires of us as kings and as the "last" people on earth to be equally free. This is the teaching of Christ which I am preaching—to have and to give liberty; to have and to give liberty and again to have and to give liberty: of the mind, of the heart, of the home, religious and civil freedom. Freedom everywhere! Sermon held on August 23, 1915, in Sofia. ______________________ 21. II Cor. 3:17 22. deaf in the figurative sense (ed. note). 23. Deposition in the sense of leaving a layer of something, e.g. mud (ed. note). 24. Orman Papaz—(old Turkish) A rebellious priest, often referring to Bulgarian nationalist priests (ed. note). 25. A member of a Bulgarian minority group, living in the Varna district, who speaks Turkish, yet is Eastern Orthodox Christian (ed. note).
  5. The Book - The Spirit and The Flesh. Beinsa Douno Translation from Bulgarian - Vessela Nestorova THE OLD AND NEW WINE-SKINS And no man putteth new wine into old wine-skins; else the new wine will hurst the skins, and itself will he spiffed […] But new wine must he put into fresh wineskins.18 This small parable is classical in form and substance. Christ makes a great generalization of the ideas. He says that no one must put new wine into old wine-skins; else the wine will burst the skins. Should these words be taken in their literal sense? They are true only in the figurative sense. Here is an analogy made of the new teaching with the new wine and of the old people with the old wine-skins. When the wine has ceased fermenting, it can stay in an old wine-skin, but if it is poured into an old skin before that, it will burst it. This parable contains a hidden thought, a great Law, namely that the Divine ideas, coming down into this world, need new skins, more elastic ones, which will hold out against the pressure of the fermentation, i.e. they need people whose minds and hearts are receptive of the new truth. When the mind is preoccupied with old ideas, thoughts and feelings, the new cannot penetrate it. Or on other words—the old forms hinder the manifestation of power for some great heroic deed. It is true that you must ask at least 90 times a ninety-year old person, if you want anything from them, until you receive it. Why do they not give readily? Because they have an inborn fear of remaining alone and helpless, or without means of existence; they feel too feeble and weak to dispose of their strength and means as the young people. In this respect the young are generous. That is why Christ says that the new wine must be put in new wineskins. When the new teaching is introduced in the world, reaction is born in the old people. They think that the new teaching is not good and it will spoil the world. In spite of this, no father in the world wants his son to be born with old ideas. Thus, wine itself represents power. Therefore, power is necessary as an impulse to human evolution. This power is no other than the human spirit, considered in a broad sense as a rational force which works and builds correspondingly to the Divine Laws. God's purpose is to make all things grow and develop. God does not like the old wine-skins. He puts them down the cellar as the wine-makers do. There will be people who would drink of the old wine. If you accept the new teaching and think it will not ferment in you, you are wrong. It is impossible for one to accept the new teaching and not change under its influence. As it is impossible for a sculptor to work with a hammer on a piece of marble without breaking a piece off it, so it is impossible for the new teaching not to change a person. Many pieces will fly right and left, but if old people are afraid that a piece might hit their head, they better stay a little farther away. The sculptor is not to blame, but the old people who do not draw away in time. The sculptor says, "I am molding a statue for the future generation, those who pass by me should protect themselves." An artist may work with a brush, with a violin bow, or with a hammer—it depends on what they are doing and what manner they are working. Yet, it is important that they work in accord with the Divine order of things. When some discord arises during some work, we should not complain and say it gives us a headache. Eternal calm exists only in the graveyard. Those who want to go forward, who aspire for God and want to grow in the Divine World, must struggle and work. It is in this endeavor wherein lies the good of the individual, the good of society and the good of the whole of humanity. Those who want to rest must remain with their old views on life. They cannot understand the active life of the new ideas, expressed by the parable of the new wine. Do you know how long it has taken a wine branch to gather all this sap in itself? Do you know the power of this sap? At first the wine juice is sweet, then it becomes so powerfully intoxicating that if you drink a larger quantity of it than you should, you lose your normal condition. Thus, whoever wants to accept the new teaching must get rid of the old wine-skins. If you do not have new wine-skins, better stay away. New people will come and the new teaching will be poured into them. The new teaching may be poured into you as well, but first you must sell the old wine-skins, i.e. to get rid of all desires and vices which prevent you from accepting the new teaching. In India there are famous snake-tamers who tame all kinds of snakes and send them to Europe. They keep these snakes of all sizes in big barrels where they tame them. One night one of these tamers did not notice that he had not shut the barrel well and went to bed. During the night all the snakes crept out of the barrel and wound themselves around the sleeping man. Upon waking up he saw his terrible condition and did not move at all retaining his presence of mind. The slightest movement might cost him his life. His servant began to worry why his master did not come out of his room at such a late hour in the morning. He carefully approached his room and opened the door, but what did he see? All the snakes wound around his master who kept still. The servant was very quick-witted and at once filled a big kettle to boil milk and put it in the middle of the room. The smell of milk attracted the snakes that, leaving the man, crept to the kettle. The Hindu man got out of bed and carefully shut the snakes in the barrel again, saying to himself, "I should shut this barrel well, so the same incident would not happen a second time. I am grateful that this time I escaped death so successfully." Sometime you may find yourself in this man's condition and you must keep your presence of mind and have milk. Milk represents rational life. Christ says, "No man must put new wine in old wineskins." Why? Because it will burst the old wine-skins. If a religious person gets upset, it shows they are an old skin that cannot endure the new wine, i.e. cannot accept the new teaching. Two ideas colliding cannot be reconciled. The Law of Moses says, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." Christ's Law is just the opposite: "If they hit you on the one side, turn the other side also." This teaching requires us to love our enemies as well. I ask you, "How can these two teachings be reconciled?" The Law of Moses is for an old skin. Since the old people cannot fight against the new, they want to catch their adversary and according to the Law of Moses, take their eyes out so they cannot see and find them. Christ teaches exactly the opposite, "You can make your enemies your friends; you can disarm them and make them even serve you." Now let us consider the inner psychological sense of Christ's words. Do not think that you have understood the truth completely and there is nothing more to study in your life! If you think you know everything, you are old skins that have stopped their development on the Earth. You say, "We are learned people." What does your knowledge consist in? "We have read the books of many writers." What of that? You must be imbued with that philosophy which can rectify your life and give you the happiness you are seeking. What is the meaning of the word "happiness"? The word "штастие"19 is made up of several letters, each of which has its own sense and meaning. The letter "Ш" is made of three vertical lines connected by a horizontal line, which represents the human hand working. The letter "Т" shows the power which gives an impulse to the work. The letter "А" signifies the human nose. It is not enough for a person only to work, they should have a mind which knows how to work. The letter "C" represents the human heart. When it is turned with the concave side up, it turns into a boat which shows that all we gain must be stored up. The letter "И" is descending and ascending—it outlines a downward and an upward movement. These movements outline two angles that, placed next to each other, represent the diameters of the circle, i.e. the wheel which moves the carriage forward. And finally, the letter "e" shows the center you must hold on to. Therefore, you need a hand, power, a mind, a heart and a purpose to stimulate you upward. I shall cite an anecdote out of Bulgarian life about the fever. Bulgarians have a myth that the fever is alive. A shepherd once stopped on a bridge to rest and overheard the conversation of two fevers. One of the two said, "Do you know where I am bound for? Up the mountain there is a shepherd I want to catch." "How can you catch him?" "I shall enter the first spoonful of milk which he will drink in the spring." When he heard that they were speaking of him, the shepherd decided to take precautions against the fever. It happened that on that day one of his sheep died. He took off its skin and made a water- skin out of it. When the set time came for the fever to catch him, he poured the first spoonful of milk into the skin. Once it hid there, the shepherd fastened the water-skin well. The skin swelled up and shivered everyday at noon as the fever shook it. In the fall the shepherd untied the skin and let the fever out. Under the same bridge, the two sisters got together again to talk things over: "What did you do with that shepherd?" "It was sheer bad luck; I got into the empty water skin instead of into the shepherd." I say, if you want to use the old skins, you will be like this fever and when they let you out, you will say, "We learned to shake the empty skins." I meet such people everywhere and when they are let out in life, they say, "We learned to shake the skins." Such are the dogmatists of today who only shake skins. They say, "We are squeezed for room." There is plenty of room for them, but there is no food near them. According to their beliefs, a nation has a whole philosophy which it applies in all situations in life. For instance, people say, "The cadi20 must be brought to his senses, for he does not decide the fate of people rightly." As soon as he is brought to his senses, a new fate will be allotted to the world. On the same grounds we say that the new wine should be deposited in our children for it is the power for their growth. The mothers who want to have good children should be imbued with new ideas. If they hold the old ideas, it is better for them not to bear children. What kind of people will such mothers bear? People unfit for life as we see thousands in the world. It says in the Scripture, "Bear and multiply," but it does not say that half-baked people should be born but such as are in the image and likeness of God. This is the new teaching of Christ and it is understood and applied, the world will be rectified. Both the vine and the juice are in us. Some day, when our vine bears grapes, the juice of these grapes will start to ferment. This is an implacable and inevitable Law in the world. Those who think they can live without fermenting do not understand life. Christ says, "He who wants to acquire Eternal Life must take up his cross and follow me." The cross is the new wine. The cross holds power for those who understand. There are different crosses in the world, but people complain of them all the time. Here is what Paul says about the cross: "I shall glory in the cross of Christ." Many complain of their sufferings and say they are extraordinary and unbearable. In this respect they are like that man who always complained of the burden of his cross until one day God said, "Take the cross from this man and let him choose one himself." He was led into a room where all kinds of crosses were found: big and small, golden, silver, iron and stone crosses and he was told to choose anyone he wanted. He looked them over and finally picked out a small cross saying, "This is the cross I want." God said to him, "This is the cross you have been bearing till now. This is your cross." You often exaggerate your sufferings and want to change your fate, but cannot. You cannot cast off the burden you are carrying. You say, "When we rise in life, my wife, my children and I will start on the spiritual path. Then the new wine will also ferment in us." I say, "If you wait first to rise in life and then start on the spiritual path of Christ, you are deceiving yourselves. Good upbringing is something which should be effected at the same time for the father, the mother and the children. When the father and mother are well bred, the children will be well bred also. I shall cite the following example as a clarification of my thought. One day while the American preacher Moody was speaking, a child who was listening to him noticed that the whole congregation was singing except his father. He asked his father, "Daddy, why aren't you singing?" "I am already confirmed in the faith. Singing is for you, young people. We, elder people, have sung enough, now it's your turn." One day the father harnessed his horse in his small cab, took his child and went for a drive. When the horse started going up the hill, he stopped and did not want to go any further up. The child said, "Daddy, the horse is confirmed." Therefore, as soon as you stop, you are confirmed, i.e. you are old skins in which new wine cannot be poured, in order not to ferment and burst them. And after all this you are preparing yourselves for heaven, thinking you will enter paradise and live like the angels with an understanding of God's truths! How can you understand God's truths when you live in dark and cold cellars?! That is why Christ says, "New skins are needed!" The old people are old skins, the young are new skins. The old people are quite undisturbed and nothing can move them. The young say to them, "Let us put new wine in you too." No. New wine should not be given to the old. They have completed their evolution. The new wine must be poured in the arteries and veins of the new people. People today come against many contradictions, as a result of which they struggle, suffer, complain of their sufferings, fall, rise and so on. Why does all of this happen? Because the old and the new wine are in conflict fighting with each other. That is namely why Christ says, "Do not put new wine in old skins," i.e. do not put the new wine in yourself until you are prepared. How will you prepare yourselves? By purifying yourselves. Every teaching, every philosophy can be useful to us only when we are pure. The new teaching requires plasticity in the progress and spiritual upsurge in the life of all humanity. If we look at the old and the young from an esoteric standpoint, we shall see in the consciousness of the old a barely flickering candle, while in the consciousness of the young, we shall see a candle burning brightly and its light constantly increasing. We can compare the old person with the Earth lighted by the moon and the young—with the Earth lit by the Sun. However, the spiritual development of both old and young has need of the new wine. I am asking, "Have they this wine?" Those who seek it sincerely and earnestly, will find it. Those who have drunk only old wine and have not tasted the new, say that the old is better than the new wine. When the new, the sweet wine ferments, it becomes settled old wine and cannot ferment any more. The old wine can only intoxicate people and make them merry, but it cannot make them work and progress. If people are unhappy and suffer, the reason is that their old life ferments, it is not preserved as it should; the alcohol in the old wine turns into vinegar and it becomes sour, tart and looses its stability. I have often watched what the Bulgarians do when they leave church on Sunday. This is especially true in the villages. They get together two by two, drop in at some public house and say to the tavern keeper, "Bring a pint of the old wine! Cheers!" Then they sit by three and four at the tables, order one or two more glasses of wine, cling them, drink to their health and the conversation becomes more animated. By and by the whole tavern becomes very noisy, every body is talking. All of a sudden a great uproar is raised, they start beating someone. Why are they beating him? He has not placed a hedge around his field. This sort of thing does not happen only in the public houses. Visit the stock exchange where commercial transactions are carried on and you will think you are at a mental asylum. A woman once asked her husband to take her to the stock exchange to see what that institution looks like. One day her husband took her straight to the place, not telling her he was taking her there. When she entered the hall, she exclaimed, "Why did you take me to this asylum! I wanted you to take me to the stock exchange, to the noble people." Her husband answered her, "This is the stock exchange." When the husband, the wife and the children in a family begin to quarrel and separate from each other, it is a sign that the wine in them has begun to ferment. As they cannot create anything new, they want to lay hand on what belongs to another. They act the same way as a woman who cannot bear children and adopts another woman's child. Therefore, new skins are necessary for the new wine. It will give you a new life which will teach you how to live and work and how to form right relations among yourselves. This is Christ's teaching which people consider inapplicable. No. Christ's teaching is applicable. If you want to apply it and see its results, read this parable and meditate on the idea of the new wine at least five minutes every day. Spare five minutes every day to meditate on God, on the good people on earth who are working tirelessly; on the good mothers who raise their children patiently; on the good fathers who take care of their families and you will see what a process the new wine will effect in you. A wife says, "I married but my husband is no good." Who made you marry an old skin? Do you know that in such a case you are like a man who stole a donkey during Turkish times and said to the judge, "I was on the pear tree, and by chance fell on the donkey which carried me away." No, you must say, "I need new wine in my ideas as well as in my actions." A man of seventy or eighty years of age wants to marry and have children! I understand this too, there are exceptions in life, as Abraham who had sons at an advanced age, but he was a man of new ideas and had not grown old. People today get old at the age of forty. They say, "May our children be alive, it is finished with us." Such a person is an old skin and must be put in the cellar. They are sluggards who do not want to understand the will of God. They should say, "God, now I understand you and want to work for you like a young person." I say, "Down with your old age!" Put your old skins away now! People with old skins and old wine are not fit for the kingdom of God. I do not want them to pour out their old wine, but I want them to put the new wine in new skins. When this Divine capital thought is comprehended, it will raise them with its power. Today, everybody is wondering how to educate people. The method is very easy. When a hole appears on a boat at sea, it is plugged up by a peg. If a peg is not plugged in the hole, the boat will sink. See that your boat is not leaking, in case it is, plug it up and be in safety. Someday you are discontented—you have a hole in your boat, your skin is split. In this case nothing good expects you if you do not plug up the hole. There are moments when people must be absolutely obedient, as the child of an engine driver whose house was by a railroad: the child was playing when the express train drew near him and his father called to him, "Lie down!" The child immediately lay down and was saved. Sometimes they call to you, "Lie down!" "Why?" you ask. Lie down and do not ask why. When the express passes, you will know why you had to lie down. There are dangerous moments in life when we must kneel and when the danger has passed, we should thank God we are saved. Someone says, "I do not want to adapt myself to the existing conditions, I do not want to be flexible." You must adapt yourself. The rain will not take into consideration whether you have a coat on or not; the Sun also does not want to know whether you can bear its light: you must adapt yourself to all changes and be able to bear them. The rain and sun are doing their work very well. Let the Sun shine, let the sea be rough, let the old skins burst—this should not disturb you. Why? Because God has decided to burst the old skins and to put the new wine in new skins. If people of old ideas and feelings want to live under the new conditions, they sadly deceive themselves. Such is fate, such is the Divine Law. God wants you to be rejuvenated and to be born again. How can we be born again? You will be reborn by forming new forms in which to deposit your life. These forms will be real, not fictitious ones. If you understood the Law under which you are living now, you would be rejuvenated. "When will this be?" When you learn the Law of inner renovation—in your soul. When we speak of the resurrection, we have in view those forms with which God is working within you. For this purpose you should prepare the new skins. Then God will say, "Bring the new skins into which we shall put the new wine!" Some ask, "What is God doing to the world?" "He is preparing new skins and making new wine." That is why Christ says, "My Father is working and I am working for you." You, too, should be ready and not spoil these skins, for it is easy to spoil the minds and hearts of people, but difficult to repair them. Let God see that you have made something. You are asking yourselves, "Why is life such as it is?" I see in the eyes of many that you are intoxicated by the old wine, you are out of sorts, dopey, you have over-drunk. You should all become sober and joy should fill your hearts because this world was created for you with all good conditions for your development. "But wars come, misfortunes assail us." Never mind—"nitchevo", as the Russians say. "But so many people are dying!" "Nitchevo!- nothing can be lost." Perhaps thousands of houses will be torn down, thousands of skins will burst, but new ones will be created. Now God is putting new wine into new skins. Today only the intoxicated are fighting. If men and women fight, they are intoxicated. Where there is new wine, there is music, singing, harmony. This is Christ's teaching. For five minutes every day think about Eternal Life, about God, the good people, about the good mothers and fathers, the good friends—think about noble things that will uplift you. And in this way you will understand the deeper things in life. You have great things to learn! But before that you should prepare yourselves for this understanding. You say, "What will the future life be?" "Excellent—such as you have neither seen, nor heard of, nor dreamt of." How can people see the beautiful things in life when they are sleeping? Your sleeping souls must awake! You must put the kettle with milk in your room to stow away all evils. Be bearers of the new wine, of the new teaching! Preach joy and gladness to the world! And when you suffer, say that you are suffering because you have not fulfilled God's Law. You often say that conditions create life. Yes, but people also create the conditions. I have told you the story of the English lord, who started on a journey with his daughter and servant and they suffered shipwreck. In the same way you can be master and servant in your life. If you know how to apply the Divine Laws, you are a master; if you do not know how to apply them, you are a servant. Those who want to be masters should be imbued with the new teaching which solves the riddles of life. If the lord had not been cast on the desert island, he would not have learned how to cultivate life—there he learned this art. We, too, may find ourselves in unfortunate conditions and another person may be our master. When we learn to serve, God will lead us out of the desert island to learn how to cultivate wheat, i.e. life. So far you have not learned how to cultivate your heart and your mind, as a result of which there is hunger and discontentment in you. You eat four or five times a day, and grow fat and groan, you are not satisfied. Such fattening takes place in your mind as well. This fat must be turned into energy! Have you noticed that people, who work hard with their mind, or do spiritual work, never grow fat? Therefore, if you store up in yourselves more fat than necessary, put it in the engine of your spiritual life and proceed with the realization of your noble dreams and desires. Therein is your profit. Sermon held on July 12, 1915, in Sofia. _________________________ 18. Luke 5: 37-38. 19. happiness—щастие [´shtastie] in Bulgarian (tr. note). 20. Cadi, also spelled kadi, in Moslem communities denotes a chief judge or magistrate, whose decisions are based on Moslem Law (ed. note).
  6. The Book - The Spirit and The Flesh. Beinsa Douno Translation from Bulgarian - Vessela Nestorova THE MILK OF THE WORD As newborn babies, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby.15 One of the commandments of the Law of Moses says, "Thou shalt not desire!" But it says in Peter's first epistle, "Desire!" Which of them is right? From their point of view both are right. However, if Moses were in the place of Peter, he would be wrong. And if Peter were in the place of Moses, he too would be wrong. Moses says you must not desire. What is not to be desired? Power, riches, and women. Peter says, "Desire!" What? The Milk of the Word. Why? Because it is necessary for a person's spiritual growth. The first thing a child seeks after birth is the mother's breast to suck milk for in that way it grows and develops. Peter says the same thing, "We must find the breast which will feed us spiritually. If we do not find it, by the same Law, like the child, we cannot live." In three or four years when the child has grown up a little and its teeth begin to grow, it shows that its organism is adapting itself to hard food. The same Law applies to a person's spiritual life—we should not receive hard food which can cause our death before we have grown up a little. I ask, "Have all people who live on the Earth sucked of the Milk of the Word?" No, all people have not sucked of the Milk of the Word in result of which they are exposed to death. It is not enough for a mother to bear a child and give it milk, this milk must be unpolluted. How many mothers have poisoned their children by polluted milk! If a mother gets angry several times a day, after some time she will poison the child with her milk. And the priests, who are mothers to their parishioners, can poison them when they are angry while preaching. The same way, if teachers worry and feel disturbed while teaching, they may poison their pupils. Contemporary people suffer from great ignorance. They know many things about geometry, arithmetic, botany, physics, chemistry, but they lack the essential knowledge—the necessary Milk of the Word. They know about the motion of heavenly bodies, of how people were created and developed, but when the question comes to the Milk of the Word—they keep silent. Do you know what people today are like? They can be compared to a Turkish sage who said he knew everything taking place in heaven. An anecdote describes that this Turkish sage boasted everywhere of knowing when God got up, what He did during the day, what the angels were doing and so on. When he was telling all this to the Sultan, the latter wishing to reprove him and to show him he did not know everything, invited him one day to his palace with another philosopher and said to them, "I wish to take you for a ride in my boat, so we can have a friendly talk together." They got on the boat and sailed away. After a while a servant brought bread and milk on a tray for them. The Sultan invited the two to break the bread into small pieces and drop these in the milk. After they were ready, he stirred the bread-pieces in the dish and said, "Now, let each one of us eat the exact pieces they have put in the milk."16 "How can we know which pieces belong to each one of us?" objected the philosophers. "If you cannot tell your own pieces of bread in the bowl, how can you know what is going on in heaven?" In the same chapter further on Peter speaks to his listeners about the living stone. We know only of dead stones of which houses are built, but as you see, there are living stones as well. If you can interpret the word stone in a spiritual sense, you will see that it has another meaning too. The word stone in a spiritual sense means a completed character, in which all forces are balanced, the process of development is harmonious, the nervous system as well as the inner organs—stomach, lungs and brain—are in perfect order and function as well. That is why Christ says, "Be stones which can grow and develop." In another place He says, "You must build in yourselves a Divine house." He means the building of a house out of such living stones. Now I shall return to the words the Milk of the Word. Some say they want to be spiritual. What do they understand by the word spiritual? Does being spiritual mean that a person must shut themselves within their own self and only think, meditate and keep calm? No, that cannot make a person spiritual. To be spiritual is to be in contact with your surroundings, with your environment and the soil on which you live and at the same time to be able to react correctly to this environment and conditions as elements which create life. The highest position a person can take on earth is when her mind, her heart and soul—all these forces are at their height, at their maximum development. In its natural state, a stone cannot absorb any liquid; however, if we take a limestone and bake it in a furnace, it turns into lime, fit for whitewashing. In the same way, when God wants to whitewash His house, He takes such a stone, bakes it, pours water on it and when a chemical process in it has taken place, He whitewashes His house with this white stuff called in a spiritual sense purity and goodness in life. Therefore, when sufferings come to you, it means you are in the furnace to be baked and to turn into the necessary spiritual lime. There are stones of such hard texture that, after having been put in the furnace, they cannot be baked. Such stones are considered useless and absolutely not fit for the purpose, because of which they are thrown away. Thus, when Peter says, "Desire," he wants to express that inner process of baking which takes place inside a person. By this baking process, superior forms will be created in your mind which will be able to pass from one world into another. The process of rarifying will help in this case. So if you have two thoughts in your mind which disturb you, do not abstain from putting one of them in the furnace, start a fire and bake it. If you do this with the thousands of disturbing thoughts passing through your mind, it is as though you have baked thousands of pounds of limestone and have sold the lime. In this way you will not only be liberated from your useless luggage, but you will have great gain. What takes place in the physical world, by analogy, takes place at the same time in heaven. And inversely, every process taking place in heaven, takes place on the Earth as well. When you understand this Law rightly, you will know that when you suffer on the Earth, the angels in heaven rejoice. When you are being baked in the furnace—that is suffering. Since you do not understand the deep causes of this suffering, you say, "We have burned up! Our life is finished!" But in heaven they say, "How glad we are that this stone will be turned into lime!" When you think that the angels have not compassion toward you; they answer you, "We have great compassion for you, but we are happy that you will become clean and white like us." Therefore, you should not desire those things which thicken and harden your mind, heart, soul, forces and abilities, but you should desire only that which has the power to expand and liberate them from all limitations. Many people ask, "How can we apply this teaching to practical life? The teacher says, "I have naughty and disobedient students, how can I influence them?" The preacher says, "Many of my parish are not devout and believing people, they do not understand the philosophy of life. How can I influence them?" The merchant says, "My clients and partners want to rob me. How can I make them act differently?" All people complain. Why? Because their rope17 is thin and weak. They want to raise with it a load of one hundred pounds, but it cannot bear such a weight. Naturally, in such a case the rope will break and the load will fall on the ground. I ask you, "How can one live in the Old Testament and apply Peter's teaching?" You are friends of Moses, but at the same time you want to be friends of Christ too. Those who are friends of Moses are not friends of Christ. Moses says, "Do not desire," but he does say what you should do further on. He says you should love God, but how can you love Him when you have not seen Him? Another time he says you should love your nation, but speaks quite differently about the other nations. I consider the Law of Moses in a broad sense. It is true that when Moses was issuing this Law, conditions where quite different from those during which Christ's Law was created. Moses' teaching was a preparation of humanity for the teaching of Christ. The Law of Moses is the one hemisphere of the Earth, but Christ's is the other hemisphere. You can live in the hemisphere of Moses only when it is illuminated by the Sun's rays. As soon as it goes out of the Sun's rays, you cannot live in it anymore. The desires of people today spring namely from the application of Moses' Law in life. All people want to be rich, learned, but when they accept this Law, they cannot attain their desires, as a result of which all kinds of conflicts and great struggles take place among them. In the physical world there are no conditions for all people to be rich and learned, but there are conditions for all people to be good. Desire virtue, which does not belong to the physical world! There are people in India who understand and apply this Law even to the animals. If you can make a contact with an animal, no matter how fierce it may be, it will love you and become a devoted friend to you. Every desire to harm you will vanish from it and it will be ready to fulfill any order you give it. When Christ said we should love our enemies, He had in mind precisely this Law. The first thing Christianity recommends for a person's purification is suffering. The hard stones must pass through the furnace, in order to be able to whitewash; raw bread must be baked, in order to become fit for eating. The same thing applies to a person. You can enter heaven only as baked bread. Only then will you be put on a table and broken up. Why has God given person a mind, heart, eyes, nose, ears, and tongue? You must meditate about the purpose of these organs. I am briefly putting these questions that you may meditate on them. You say, "I want to serve God." You do not understand how you must serve. There are people who pretend to understand the esoteric Laws but who cannot serve God. Since they know the Laws, they should be able to apply them, at least for their own development. Some want me to tell them many philosophical and esoteric things. I can tell you many things, but first you must put a firm foundation on which to build and every stone you place on it should be well hewn and placed in the right place—the corner. A great problem is ahead of us—the rectification of this world. The building, on which our present life rests, is being torn down and one day God will call you to start building anew. The question is—will you know how to build when God calls you? In order to be ready, you should start nourishing yourselves with the milk I spoke to you about. You must be ready in such a way that some day, when God would give you a new garment, you should not spot it. Several little crows once asked their mother to move them to another nest, but the mother asked them back, "Will you take along your dirty bottoms?" "We shall take them along with us." "Then I cannot move you to another nest for you will dirty it too." Some insensible women exclaim, "Why did God make me a woman?!" As women you will study an art which you would not be able to study as men, namely, the art of preparing milk by which you will nourish your children. You are God's nurses taking care of His children. If you do not fulfill your mother's duty, God will ask you, "Why did I give you this important post? You should not have given such milk to your children." "We have already given it." "You should not give them such milk another time. If you do, I shall dismiss you." "But I want to become a man." "You will not become a man; if you continue asking for things you do not deserve, and keep on being obstinate, you will be lower than man the second time." The philosophy of contemporary Christians does not rest on a firm foundation. Every sectarian states that what they preach is the real Christian teaching and not what others are preaching. However, no one can say definitely what the real Christian teaching is. We say we are the wreath of creation in the world. No, we should deceive neither ourselves nor God. We are not a wreath, but only those who have completed their development are a wreath. We who are still quacking in the pond are nothing more than frogs—we who want money and houses and are ready even to sell God for them, are not a wreath of creation. We are a wreath of failure, a wreath of hell. Now you are facing a dilemma. You should ask yourselves whether you can continue on this path any a longer or not. "We cannot budge farther." Present day humanity has already reached the utmost limit. If they take one more step in that direction, all will be lost. Therefore, we must take a step in the opposite direction—a step forward, a step upward—in order to see that a great future is ahead. You must stop and consider where are you going and give up the transitory which leads to degradation. Christ says, "He who loves his father and mother more than me, is not worthy of me. You must deny your father and mother and follow me." Every person must say, "I do not want any more the milk I've drunk until now, it is better for me to die without milk! Death without milk is better than life with polluted milk." You must deny all those deceitful things which pollute your thoughts and wishes, which poison your organism and your life and start seeking the Divine Truth. My purpose is not to frighten you, but to make you start thinking about yourselves. See yourself in a mirror to know how your face looks, what is the color of your complexion: if it is very red, it shows a state of over-stimulation—the body is not healthy; if it is too pale, you have apathy for life. Both states are incorrect. If you take Christ's food of which the apostle Paul speaks, you will be in good spirits, happy and satisfied, you will be brave and resolute in the struggle of life; if you are nourished by the living milk, no microbes can find room in you. You have certain aspirations, you want to be good and to love, but you can not. Why? Because you do not know how to act. A doctor was called to see a rich young woman who was suffering of boredom. The first thing he prescribed to her was to exercise. "But how can I exercise?" "If you do not do it, you are doomed to die." "All right then, give me your instructions, please." He instructed her and she started to exercise. Soon after that she was cured of her boredom. You often sit with crossed hands, or roll your thumbs one way or another, but you must stop all these practices and start exercising, or working. Only then will God give you His blessings. In this respect women should work because God gave them the key to paradise. They keep the key to the Kingdom of God. Peter is a female name. The bad side of the problem is that women are of a weaker character and soon give up their post. A woman loves a man, but when she sees another, more handsome one, she says, "I shall marry this man. If I do not marry him there is no life for me." She marries him and after two or three years she gives him up and is ready to marry another man. God is now saying to women, "If you, who keep the key to the Kingdom of God, do not obey my orders, I shall turn you out of paradise to weep and repent of your sins." When you do not follow Christ's orders you deviate from Him, deny Him, think evil of Him and constantly deliver Him to Pilate, to sufferings—to a daily nailing on the cross. And after all this you ask why the world does not get better. How can the world be set right, when you daily torture your Lord?! It is high time you stopped driving nails through His body! The nails that you drive in Christ by way of reflection affect you too. Do you know the story of that fisherman who found once a very rare and precious fish and wished to make it a gift to the king? The gate-keeper did not want to let him in, but in order to get to the king, the fisherman promised him half of his gain. When he went in, the king asked him what reward he wanted. He answered, "I want fifty blows on the back with a staff." "How is this possible?" "Yes, this is the reward I want." The king ordered his man to thrash him fifty times but when they blew the twenty-fifth, he said, "Now stop and deliver the remaining twenty-five blows to my partner—your gate-keeper." Today when people are driving nails in Christ's body, He says, "Stop, twenty-five blows are enough for me. Call my partner and deliver the rest to him." What is happening to people daily is nothing but the rest of the blows—half the reward which they themselves wanted. Someone says, "I have so many sufferings my soul will burst with torture." Yes, your soul will burst because you have driven many nails in Christ's body. If one of you falls ill, you immediately send for the doctor. I say, as long as you drive nails in Christ's body, the real doctor, on whom you depend to cure you, will not enter your house. The teaching I am preaching now is completely practical and all of you can apply it in your lives. When a bad, negative thought attacks you, or when you wish something bad, you are coming upon hard stones. Put this hard stone in the furnace, heat it up that it turns into lime with which you can whitewash your soul and make it white and shining. If you practice this, you will see how your soul will be illuminated. This is the teaching which the apostle Peter preached. Many people consider Peter a simple fisherman, but in reality he was not a simple man. He always roasted the fish and never ate raw fish. Where must you roast your fish? On the Divine fire— the fire of Love; and when you have roasted it on this fire, you will say, "What excellent fish we have!" Therefore, if you, like the apostle Peter, do not become co-workers to those who live in heaven, what place will you have in the other world? When Christ says we should deny ourselves and lose our life, He means we must do this for the beings who are superior, on a higher level than we. Only in this way shall we gain something. You may say that this Law is not in accord with the Laws of Nature. No, it is fully in accord with Nature's Laws. Those who will suck the saps of the tree, will sow new seeds out of which new tree will sprout and bear new fruit. That means that we must enter the way of development, if we would grow up. Then the angels will take part in our work. In order to participate in our work, we should pay them something. In order to be sown by them on the Earth again, under better conditions of life, we should prepare their reward while we are still on the Earth. If we are nourished by the Milk of the Word, we shall approach them and then we shall get close to Christ. Thus, whoever would work and follow Christ's path, should fear nothing. All fear must vanish from you. Everyone must roast their conscience on the Divine fire, as you roast the fish you catch. In order to be preserved, the fish must be either roasted or salted—one of the two. The same thing applies to a person—there is no middle way. If a person is not roasted, or salted, she will begin to smell. Christ says, "If the salt has lost its savor, it is thrown out." Therefore, if you become unseasoned, you will be thrown out as useless things. If you have not lost your salt, you will be put in the barrel. However, it is preferable for you to be roasted than salted. Salt is for the world, but fire is for you. The process of fire is preferable, because in it there is growth and life. Salting is a process of preservation, to keep a thing from rotting and bad smell. Therefore, you can be in two states: either in a process of growing in the Divine garden, or as a germ in the Divine granary. Make an experiment with yourselves applying the verse I read you. It has a deep meaning and sense. A number of questions are contained in this verse: the upbuilding and order of society and the family, the education of children, bettering the conditions of life, and so on. That is why this verse must be sown somewhere deeply. Where must it be sown? In the human mind. Boil this verse in the Divine water, roast it on the Divine fire and you will see that this verse, apparently a hard nut, will turn into nourishing food which you can easily take. If you feed on the Milk of the Word, which the apostle Peter speaks about, your face will change and your social position will become better. Now I want you to adopt the Divine method for work and prepare yourselves for the new life—the life of heaven. Up till now you have not desired the Milk of the Word, but I want you to desire it from now on and to enter the positive side of life. If you desire the Milk of the Word, you will be given whatever else you may desire. Sermon held on November 16, 1914, in Sofia _______________________ 15. I Peter 2:2-4. 16. A clever reworking of the Bulgarian saying "What you have put in your bowl, that you must eat," equivalent of the English "As you brew, so must you drink." (ed. note). 17. The rope as a metaphor used by the Master represents a person’s faith and their connection with God (ed. note).
  7. The Book - The Spirit and The Flesh. Beinsa Douno Translation from Bulgarian - Vessela Nestorova THE MASTERS But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.11 Christ views these words somewhat differently than society. From a purely organic view, there are several institutions in the world which are Divine. One of them consists of the father and the mother—it is the home. This is the first institution on earth. There is no nobler and brighter institution than the home, as there is no higher rank than that of father and mother. Actually there are many fathers and mothers on earth, but in reality they behave as step-mothers and step­fathers. The father and mother play an important role in the organic world, for through their blood they impart the qualities of their souls to their children. The education of the children is conditioned by the qualities the mother imparts to the child at his or her earlier age. By the word blood I do not mean the ordinary blood, but that which remains changeless under all conditions of life. Now I shall not stop to explain the difference between these two kinds of blood, but I can tell you only that this blood is not of a temporary, changeful type; it is like the attar of roses which comes to the surface of rose water and which has real value. The noble germs which the mother deposits in the blood of the child, are a valuable essence which further on spreads and emits fragrance among those around. If this essence is not deposited on time, nothing can be sown in the child later. What people today call upbringing,, is nothing but training, or taming. In the real upbringing achieved by the mother, the process is effected in the root, where the mind and the heart are transformed and undergo different changes for the better. The taming leaves only an external polish. You may train a monkey or a pigeon, but the moment you put them in their natural conditions, they will start living their previous life. In the United States of America the government has made the following experiment: large sums of money were granted for the education of Native Indians, some of whom graduated from different colleges and universities. However, as soon as they returned to their tribe, they forgot what they had learned and became pagan as before. Only if any of them were converted to Christianity and adopted it, a certain change took place. In the spiritual life of a person, the Master's task resembles that of the mother. To be a Master is to give birth to a person. Christ does not say, "Do not teach," but He says, "Do not take the post of a Master, if you are not ready for it," which means not to become a mother who is sick, because such a mother will give birth to a sickly child. If a mother has certain organic, mental or psychic weaknesses; the child will not make an exception, she or he will be like her. Can teachers today teach their students how to combine, for instance oxygen and hydrogen, if they themselves do not know the properties of these elements? Such teachers can make a number of experiments; however, if they do not know the properties of a chemical element, it will not obey them, since they are not its master. Others may know many things about the rotation of the celestial bodies in space, but if you should ask them to calculate this movement mathematically with the exactness of one meter, not with thousands of meters and kilometers, they will not be able to do it. Everyone can make such calculations, but they will not be exact. If the difference is only some centimeters, I can understand that, but when it is kilometers, it is out of the question. These are hypotheses and suppositions only. You often say, "Why did not things happen as we thought?" Who is to blame that you make wrong calculations? All people make mistakes. You want to build a house for which reason you call an architect to draw a plan and to calculate how much and what materials are necessary. Then you buy these materials—stones, beams, iron bars, nails, sand, lime and so on—but if you do not make exact combinations of them, your house will be torn down and you will remain under its ruins. Now I shall explain my thought with an anecdote out of Bulgarian life. This happened a long time ago, around the beginning of the liberation from the Turkish yoke. A young Bulgarian man from the southern parts of the Balkan Peninsula, around the town of Salonika, went with his father to learn gardening. He became 20 years of age, but still he could not make any money out of his job. Finally he decided to take some handicraft which would suit him. He went as an apprentice to a tailor and thought he would only sit there and tack—an easy thing to do. After a week a Turkish bey12 came to the shop and invited the tailor to sew for him a pair of full-bottomed trousers at his home. However, the tailor was not quite well, so he decided to send his apprentice who had already worked for a week at his shop, saying to him, "You go now and I shall come after you." The apprentice went with the bey and waited for an hour or two for his master to come, but he did not turn up. Then the bey turned to the apprentice, saying, "As I see you are a grown-up man, you must surely know this handicraft. Can you cut out a pair of trousers for me?" "I can." The bey brought a big bale of broad cloth and said, "I want you to cut out for me a pair of large full-bottomed pants." The apprentice started turning the cloth this way and that, cutting out what he thought might look like pants, but nothing came out of it. The bey, seeing that what the apprentice was cutting out did not look like such trousers, said to him, "This will not do for trousers, but cut out a doublet for me." The apprentice started to take measures and cut out a doublet, but again nothing came out of it. When the Turkish bey saw that he cannot cut a doublet, he said, "Well then, cut out at least a tobacco purse, if you cannot do that, I shall thrash you." The same way many of you, after staying with a master for a week, take the scissors and the measuring tape and, like this young Bulgarian man start cutting out—they become teachers. Christ says, "Do not become such teachers." In order to be a teacher, one should have positive knowledge and a way of understanding things without any exceptions. To heal and at the same time to kill by a certain means does not imply the possession of positive knowledge. If you make an operation with a knife to cut out the sick part of a person and cut a person's throat with the same knife, you cannot say that you have made proper use of that knife. In the second case you are committing a crime. Some will say, "We have not done such a thing." I know many teachers who have cut the throats of their students. They have cut the legs, the arms, the ears of quite a number of them. I understand cutting in the moral sense of the word. God has not appointed those teachers, they are self- proclaimed. In every church there are such teachers, who have stayed like that Bulgarian man only one week in school and have gone out to preach. Now, what must we understand by the word master? This word has a relation to the spiritual world. Teaching does not consist in telling people how to build churches, sow flowers, vegetables and so on. Teaching in the right sense of the word, is an act of supreme self-consciousness, a purely spiritual process; the teacher and the student must be fully conscious of the task they have to fulfill; a complete interchange must be effected between them such as exists between a mother and her child; the teacher should impart certain truths to the student who must apply them properly. To explain my thoughts I shall give you an example. An Englishman often went to India on hunting trips. One day as he was walking along a path, he felt a strong blow on his left arm by a tigress. She had aimed only at breaking his left arm so that he could not shoot with the gun hanging over his right arm. She carried him to the den to her little ones, then putting him on the ground and pressing down his head, she said, "Now you must lie still, because I shall teach my little ones." She tried to make her cubs choke him, but they jumped around him and were afraid to get very close to him. At one time the hunter tried to raise his head and see what was going on around him. But the tigress pressed his head again repeating, "I told you to lie still, for I am teaching my little ones." As you see the tigress was a teacher. The hunter was saved one way or another, but he said he felt worse when the tigress pressed his head so her cubs could choke him. I say, everybody can tear down, but teaching requires a person who can teach people to build in their mind and heart and who understands the deep sense of the elements which renew and build a new abode, a spiritual body by means of which, according to the Scripture, they will rise. God is waiting for this body to be built. How are children born? They must be born the ninth month in order to live. In certain cases they might be born the seventh month, but by no means any month the mother wants. Such is the Law—the nine-month period must be fulfilled for the formation of the body. How does this formation begin? First, the extremities are shaped—the legs and the arms, then the brain, the stomach and finally the lungs. As soon as the lungs are formed, breathing begins and if the child is not born right after that, it may die. Thus, Nature creates first the limbs—the legs and arms, then the lungs. In the same way the higher organs are formed in you. The human spirit studies also in the womb of the mother, it is not in a dormant state, but works with the spirit of the mother, so both work for the creation of the body. By the same Law the master and the disciple must work simultaneously but with the help of the Spirit. That is why Christ says, "One is your Master." Why do people love Christ? Because He has given something to the world. "I gave abundant life to those who did not have it." Many want to become teachers. I ask, what are you ready to give to that person you want to teach? If you have taught some who have become worse, I understand that you have not taught them anything. In the churches among the Christians today there is a big weakness to teach others. This aspiration is not bad, but one should know the Laws of teaching. The state Laws require of people to pass certain examinations before a committee, before they are appointed teachers officially. In the spiritual world it is the same. You should wait for the visitation of the Divine Spirit, Who will direct you. Those who have not had the visitation of God's Spirit have no right to be a master, because they will violate the Divine Law. When we perceive the deep sense of these words of Christ which have an inner and external expression (now I am speaking of inner Christianity which can connect us with all regions of the invisible world) then we shall understand the sense of teaching. If you want to be a teacher you will be asked the first thing, "Where have you studied? Which school have you graduated from?" "But I have read the Bible." "That is not enough." "I know the Christian faith." "That is not enough." "I belong to this or that church." "Have you studied in heaven in that high institution where the angels study? Do you understand the inner Laws of Nature, how a person is organized, their mind, heart, or what the relation of the soul is to their spirit? "I have read these things." What have you understood? That the soul is an abstract idea, an idea of combination. "A combination of what?" The human mind is a combination of abilities. How are these things combined? This person thinks that they know something. No, the soul is not the kind of combination as you think, my friend. It is actually a combination but not of separate parts. Because of the darkness in you, you speak so incoherently of the mind and the heart, not knowing the place of the heart and of the mind. The heart has three places—one is physical and you know that place. But where is the heart of your feelings and of your mind? You meet somebody and say that person is bad. Why are they bad? Years ago in the USA a buffalo went mad and frightened all the people around. Some wanted to kill it, but a boy who could read the thoughts of the animals was found. When they called him, the boy put his hand on the head of the buffalo and asked it, "What is the matter?" "A thorn is stuck in my back foot and tortures me." The people pulled the thorn out and the buffalo became calm. In the same way a person sometimes becomes mad and people begin to pour cold water on him or her. I say, in the back of your foot there is a thorn, pull the thorn out and the matter will be settled, there is no need of cold water. How funny the learned people are—professors, doctors—when they speak how the human brain is harmed and make the diagnosis: this person has such and such illness and must have an operation. I do not see anything else but some heating of the brain. About four or five months ago people came to tell me that a doctor's son had a running nose which later gave him complications as puss in the brain and had to be operated on. I told them not to allow him to be operated by any means. If they made a brain operation the certainty of the child's death was 99 %, otherwise he would be healed. They made the operation and the son died. Of course for the doctors the operation was "successful." I say, people make operations in regard to the spiritual as well—they cut certain parts to be healed, but this is no healing. People say that to correct a person, you must call them all kinds of bad names—thief, scoundrel. No, this must not be done. People should not be beaten as they were in the past. Do you think that when these harsh sounds enter a person's ear, you will change him or her? Not in the least. The Law is different. In order to educate a person, you must first educate yourself. If you are bad, all those around you are bad. When a mother conceives a child and starts to get nervous and gossip, I can foretell the kind of child she will bear, I can describe exactly the character and fate of this child. A mother who frets nervously should not think that the child she will bear will be a saint and look after her in her old age. One day this child will have revenge on the mother and say to her it were better she had not born him or her. The same way the disciples will say to their teacher, "It would have been better if you had not taught me." The teacher, in the full sense of the word, should be pure as crystal water, she should be a model in everything; there must not be even any shadow of wavering, double-mindedness or lack of faith. By giving these instructions Christ wants to point out to people the great danger they are exposed to and the great responsibility they assume before Him, if they cripple any souls. Every mother, every teacher who do not know how to bring up children and educate, will be punished. Contemporary people have vague and wrong ideas of God's Laws, of heaven and of the angels. In fact they have no conception of these Laws and of heaven. In the first place, heaven is wisely organized and knows what to do. Between the angels and people there are such interrelations as exist between people, plants and animals. Since you do not know how to teach, you goad the animal that ploughs your field 40-50 times and, by doing that, you think you are fulfilling your duty. God says, "Some day I shall teach you how oxen are driven and how a field is ploughed." Some think that God cannot degrade them, cannot turn them back. I say, if He has turned some angels into snakes and horned animals, He can also put people in a condition of having horns and hoofs. He can turn them into angels, or into devils. He can change the human form. Since forms are of great importance in the world—they regulate our life—we must pay special attention to them. If someone should build you an unsanitary house, without any window to the south, but only to the north, and build it deep in the Earth, do you know how you will feel after living in it for six or seven years? A host of doctors will have to visit your house. The same applies for those teachers who say that you must not have windows in the spiritual world. These teachers are first class liars. In a spiritual sense the Sun is the origin of life. I would even say that your roofs should be made of glass so that the Sunlight should enter from above. If your houses were sun­lit, your forms would change and you would become very beautiful. I can put to an experiment what I am preaching to you, but you also can make an experiment and see what the results will be in four or five years. I am not teaching you to run away from life. The world is very good and people are good, but according to my opinion, I find that people have a thorn in their heels. Even the Apostle Paul says that this is so and prays to God to pull his thorn out. This thorn may be in another place, but it is usually found in the heel, because we are grounded on this earth by our feet. You must try to take this thorn out scientifically because Christianity in my view is a deep science. A young woman wants to marry. She chooses a young man of a nice appearance—a handsome man. She asks, "Can he feed me?" Yes, he can for he has a monthly salary of four or five hundred leva. "What has he studied?" Such and such science. "Well then." Yes, but these things are not essential, this man may be dismissed on the morrow and his money will vanish. If the woman understands this, she must get informed and observe like clairvoyant this heart and mind, to enter his house and see the rooms, his library, see how his books are arranged, then she should see his kitchen and visit the garden of his love, of his compassion, of his justice, see what flowers he has planted and if all this is in order, only then can she say, "Well, I shall marry this man." This is real marriage. The man must do the same. Men and women of today want to exchange their state and discuss the problem who should be man and who a woman; why God has made woman this way, but man a different way. What is wrong with this? In the far past both men and women could bear, but in consequence man lost the ability to bear and this was left only to woman to do. The Bible says, "Abraham bore Isaac." It does not say there that Sarah gave birth. When man gave birth, the world was in an excellent state, but when he stopped bearing, the world went bad. Man must bear and be a good teacher. The mother may bear a child and deposit all the best and noblest qualities in his or her soul, but if the teacher does not cultivate these noble qualities, nothing good can come out of that. Therefore it is necessary for the teacher to give birth. The teacher must not be like that priest who baptized children and they all died. Why? He baptized them when he was not in a fully normal state. He would put the child in the water of the basin and would keep it there longer than necessary, then the child would die. He would say, "Give me another child, this one cannot be baptized." When you baptize as teachers, your mind should be in its place. Baptizing implies depositing the Divine Spirit in the child you are teaching. As a teacher the priest should know the Divine Laws. "But this is what the church says." To baptize a child in water is not baptism yet. Contemporary priests, teachers and judges are professionals working for money, for a pay. According to the true Teaching of Christ, these people are not servants of God, but ordinary workers. The first thing a spiritual teacher should do is to reveal to the student the invisible world, as a mother who conceives must say to the child, "Wait for nine months, if you want me to lead you into a new world, and show you its wonders. By that time you must not move and jump". After nine months when she bears the child, she becomes its first teacher. Later on other teachers will take up the education of that child. They will start from the point which the mother has reached. She leaves her work because the child enters a new region where she or he must have a new teacher. This is what the Scripture means by "a man must be born again." By this sermon I want to make you think about yourselves and not to aspire to be teachers. Why? Because a person suffers of great ignorance. Sit like the merchants to see what funds your inner cash-box disposes of, whether you have an acquaintance in heaven, or if you have sent someone there a letter. You say, "We believe in Christ." Do you know Him? Do you know Paul? Do you know Peter? The church says that we can have no communication with the other world, that it is a sinful thing to do. This is great ignorance. To have communication with the spirits of hell is permissible, but it is sinful to do that with heaven! What an idea! To be in communication with the devil is right, but to be in communication with the saints and talk with them is wrong for it disturbs them! Then why do you disturb the devil? What kind of logic is this? This is a teaching which does not rest on any Laws. As far as I know the first Christians had direct contact with heaven. They had talked with God and the saints that is why they died with such readiness and self-sacrificing spirit. They were not like the present people who say, "Let me die then I shall see it all." When you die you will not see anything. What will you see when a house is torn down and you are buried under it? You will not see anything, but you will wait for people to dig you out of the debris. Christ describes to his disciples the false teachers. Dressed in long robes and wide sleeves, these preached to people, but in reality they had deceived them for which He blamed them. The same thing applies to our times. If Christ should come today, He would say the same thing. He has not changed His mind. Christ is silent, but when He begins to speak and says the Truth, you will be touched so deeply that it will hurt. He will raise the curtain and you will see all delusions. I shall give you two examples out of Greek history. Two sculptors started a competition to prove which one of them was better. One of them made a bunch of grapes which looked just like natural grapes and the birds flew down to peck them. The other sculptured the statue of a beautiful woman and threw a stone veil over her so artistically that the first artist said, "Raise the veil, so I can see the statue!" Thus, the first sculptor deceived the birds, but the second one—a man. I ask you, whom do you want to imitate—the first, or the second? I would prefer the second. You want to appropriate the whole world, but how can you appropriate it without the necessary knowledge for doing that? Knowledge must rest on a spiritual basis. In the spiritual world knowledge is like the steam in a kettle. It has great power. In the spiritual world knowledge is in the same relation to a person as the physical forces. You walk along the streets on Sofia and you see trams, moving here and there, but how is that done? By the help of a rod—an electric current collector. If it drops from the electric wire—the transmitter of electricity—the tram stops at once. Therefore, there must be a certain contact by means of which the tram moves. Have your teachers put the trolley on the wire, have they connected you with the electricity? The mechanism of the human tram may be excellent, but if it is not in contact with the energy, there is no motion in it. In order that your thoughts may act as a moving power, you must contact the spiritual world. Certain abilities are required for this. By the word ability, I understand the form in which certain spiritual power is limited. When the form is spoiled or disjointed, the power may not be manifested anymore. In the central part of the human brain there are regions in which certain abilities are deposited. These abilities are connected with the powers of the spiritual world and are operating. If your trolley is out of place, these forces do not operate. Besides, certain other conditions are required—rails and a tram-driver who understands his or her work. Therefore, many combinations are necessary. And you, as masters, must often make the rounds in your state13 to see if all the workers are in their place and how they are doing their work. You often find fault with the governing body that they are not ruling well. I ask, how is your own government? You call this or that person unwise, but what are you inside? Your judgements on life will be true to the extent you are inwardly right. We say about a person that they are good. In what does their goodness lie? They are polite with you and good to you. No, this does not mean goodness in the least. The day that person is impolite with you, you will call them bad. The good person is always good and the bad person is always bad. Such a one cannot be a saint one day and a rascal on the other. This is unthinkable! You say that the bad person can repent, but do you know how many thousands of years are necessary for that? Does a new-born child become a professor at once? The baby must study at least twelve years before his or her consciousness gradually starts to develop. When the inner spiritual world is well-investigated, then the Laws of Christianity will be understood. Its purpose is to set families right, to create harmony between man and woman, brother and sister, master and servant. People of today do not suffer from the fact that at times they must be a servant, but from the fact that they don't know how to be masters. Dr Mirkovitch, a friend of ours, used to say, "A second time I do not wish to be rich, but to be a servant of some good master." You want to be masters, to have millions, but then you will be the most unhappy people—prisoners in the confines of your money. A million leva on your back is a big burden. You call the rich people lucky and want to deprive them of their burden by putting it on your back. This is a wrong teaching. Would you be compared to that ass carrying icons on its back? When everybody bowed to the icons, it began to kick thinking people were bowing to it. Therefore, if people respect and admire you, that is for the crosses and icons you are carrying. What are these crosses? The virtues. Thank God for putting them on your back. Christ addresses His disciples with the words, "Be not ye called Rabbi." You will say about someone, "I turned her to God." You have done well. If you have taught that person to do good, God will bless you, but if you have crippled her, if you have distorted her mind and heart, what will God say? There will be judgement in heaven—you will be held responsible. How many people have you crippled in this world! Your flock will appear in the other world—some lame, some with sprained arms—they will all tell God what teachers you have been. That will be the actual state of things. Then God will say, "I will fine this teacher ten thousand talents; shut him in prison until he pays the fine." God means what He says. He is kind, good, just, but also serious and strict. He will take hold of the self- appointed teachers, fine them ten thousand talents and add, "Shut them in prison, so they will learn how to teach." And when they have paid their debt, they will become learned and good teachers. Do you know how many years will have passed by that time? This is the way the fallen angels and people are studying now. Now we say that the church does not go well, we want to give it a good example. If this is so, I want you to have the power to change things. Moses took the rod and it turned into a snake. When he took the snake by the tail, it turned into a rod again. You will say, "Well, but that was Moses!" So what? Moses studied with the greatest teachers in Egypt. He was not an unwise man, because God never chooses foolish people as leaders of humanity, or of a nation. Moses had studied for a long time and had passed certain schooling. See how many wonders he performed in front of the Pharaoh! Moses had two wishes: to become a teacher and a savior of the Jewish people. At first he thought that this work was not for him and went into the wilderness where he spent 4o years feeding sheep, in order to expiate for the sin of killing the Egyptian. Do you know what he did in the wilderness? He devoted himself to deep meditations, since he was initiated in all the mysteries of Egypt. For one crime of killing a man, he had to study whole forty years. And during this time he passed a second initiation. I ask, how many years have you fed sheep? Being a shepherd is a great thing. It means being a teacher. Have you come to know your Master? Two thousand years ago your mother, father and grandfather were Christians, but did they know Christ? If you know Him, give the password He has given you. The military people do the same. To admit someone, they should know the password. What is your password, your slogan? The learned people must have some slogan; what is your slogan? "To serve Christ." How do you serve Him? By studying. How will you study? Are you friends of the school? To walk around the school on the outside is one thing, but to be inside the school is quite another thing. Where are your school notebooks, your school certificates? You have no certificates, but you want to be teachers! The same applies to some priests and bishops—they have no certificates either. By living in such delusions you want the Kingdom of God to come to earth! The Kingdom of God is coming now and reveals all the muddy things of humanity! Contemporary nations want to defend their cause by war. Defend the Justice of God's Kingdom! Every nation must have as much land as it deserves. The same thing applies to every person. Now ask yourselves earnestly: Do you know Christ? I do not want your answer now, if you can give it up to one year, it will be a blessing for you. You may say, "We saw Christ." Paul saw Him and heard His voice, "Saul, Saul why do you persecute me?" He said, "Who are you, Lord?" Have you heard your Master? When you raise a dispute or a scandal in the temple of God, do you not persecute Christ like Saul? Then Christ will say to you, as He did to Paul, "Saul, Saul why do you persecute me? It is not easy to kick against the pricks." Paul realized his mistake and God said to him, since you did this in your ignorance, I shall send you to the pagans to learn your lesson." There he received three times 39 blows on his back. This is the way God beats only those who are of mature age. He never beats the children, only those who are thirty-three years old—the age of Christ. After you receive thirty-nine blows, you will rise. You must endure these blows. When a blacksmith wants to make a knife, or some other instrument, he also uses blows. You are on the anvil and God is forging you. In reality, He does not beat you, but says, "I want to make a knife out of this material, or a plough or a pen." If you are a bad person, He will make a knife out of you to kill the bad people, but if you are good, He will make a pen out of you that some writer may hold you in their hand. The pen a writer is writing with has greater intelligence than the plough by which people plough the Earth. You will say that there is no intelligence in iron. Yes, but it also gets tired. Take a shaving knife, for instance after it is sharpened, it works, but after some work, it also gets tired, i.e. it gets blunt. Everything gets tired. An Englishman, after some observation, noticed that the machines also get tired— everything in the world gets tired. When a machine gets exhausted, it begins to emit a special sound and the machine operator says, "The machine must rest!" In people also, according to the same Law, the same reaction takes place—they get weary and want to rest for at least a week, after which they can start work again. Everything requires its time for work and for rest. Notice how plants develop, how caterpillars are hatched and you will understand the Law. Your thought may have the form of a caterpillar or of a butterfly. In order to succeed in life a person should only have one idea. This is partly true and partly untrue. One may have more ideas as well, but these ideas must be noble. People put blinkers on the side of the horses' eyes that they should look only forward and not be frightened by side influences. In this sense it is good for one to have such blinkers, i.e. to be looking forward to a single idea, but to a noble one. If you cannot have many noble ideas, have at least one and let it be your target, which can uplift and save you. You say, "Christ saved us." He did not only save us, but what is more, He atoned for our sins. Atonement has its bad side, however. Why? Because when an evil person wants to take advantage of the benefits given them, they can always draw a wrong conclusion about things. This is why knowledge should not be entrusted into the hands of ignorant people. When I say this, I have reincarnation in view. It contains a great danger for those who interpret it in the wrong way. For instance, a caterpillar, which has about a hundred legs and creeps on the trees, may say, "I do not need a philosophy and a green leaf is enough for me." However, one day it makes a cocoon and hides in it; after some time it comes out as a butterfly and says, "Now I do not need any leaves, I need flowers to suck their nectar and fragrance." Therefore, in order to enter the spiritual world, you should take off the skin you are covered by like caterpillars. In case you do not take it off, in the spiritual world you will occupy the space of a single leaf and you will understand that world as much as a caterpillar does. I want you to enter the spiritual world, but I ask you, "Are you hatched?" When you enter the spiritual world, you will understand the meaning of the ox, the ass, the wolf, the dove, the fox, and so on. A great idea is deposited in every form, existing in the physical world, and those who make out this idea will understand the meaning of things in the world. You wonder why the wolf has sharp teeth, but that does not mean anything— they are in place. The porcupine has prickles, but they were created only for strategic purposes—so it defends itself from the snake, or from some other creature that wants to harm it. It takes the snake by the tail and starts eating it slowly, until it is all swallowed up during which time it protects itself by its prickles. After some time the porcupine will change too. You may ask how it will be changed. Do you know your form in the spiritual world? In the Bible there is a verse in which God calls Jacob a worm. You will say it is used in a figurative sense. Christ on His part calls his followers sheep. Do you know what the word sheep means? The sheep represent all those souls in whom the spirits live and as the sheep in this world provide us with milk and wool, by the same Law, the souls provide a person with the necessary milk and wool. Try this Teaching! Why are you in this world? Put your mind to action. The first thing you must learn is to cast out all doubt from your mind so that you can make contact with the spiritual world. If you can project your mind, your friends will come to your aid immediately. What is your heart? If you make it very hot, you will be able to bake on it any thought you want. If your heart does not have the necessary beat, it will fail of itself. It depends on the heart how you can send your petition, or your prayer. Someone says, "I prayed." Yes, but I see that your prayer has remained some forty centimeters above your head. You will pray five, ten, or a hundred times from the depth of your heart, until you succeed in sending your petition to God. And when it comes into His ears, He will answer you. How can He answer a petition which has not reached Him? When you pray, you must be so concentrated that you should forget everything around yourself; you must rise in your thought so high that nothing should engage it except your prayer. I ask you, is the hearth of your heart and your mind so hot that they may send the prayers up high? "But there are naughty children around me." That does not matter—God has sent them to the Earth to be taught good behavior, since they had not lived peacefully in heaven, they were degraded.14 God does not want people to make noise in heaven. On the Earth they will learn to plough, to dig to make shoes and after a time, when they learn their lesson, they may become even royal sons and daughters. Before you enter heaven, you will pass before an examining committee which will ask you what your feelings and ideas are, what is your compassion, your love for your fellows, for God and a number of other questions. Christ is already coming to earth. The books of life will be opened and people will be judged. The verdict will determine whether they deserve to pass to an upper class, i.e. to enter heaven. Everyone will be given what they are worthy of. Christ turns to you also and says, "One is your Master." Who is He? Christ. I want all of you to remember this Master, Who came two thousand years ago to redeem you from your sins. And you are still looking for Him! Has Christ written down His name in your soul, in your heart at least once? If He has, you are blessed; but if He has not, try to meet Him and ask Him to write down His name. And when He writes it down, do not blow a trumpet and boast about it saying, "Christ signed His name in our notebook." No, this is not necessary for the Earth, but for heaven. When you go there, the angels will stop you and say, "Take out your notebook!" If the Lord has put His signature in it, they will say, "You are free to enter." Then Christ, the saints and your older and younger siblings will meet you with palm branches. Great will be their joy that you have gone to them. In the Pythagorean school there was a rule that every new disciple should pass through the test of mockery the first year and those who endured the mockery were admitted as disciples. Christ also has sent people to earth to mock you, saying, "This person wants to become a saint—they are off their mind; they are somewhat crazy," and so on. This is the system of Pythagoras for admitting disciples. If you can endure these mockeries, know that you have passed the test. Only in this way will you be accepted as disciple. However, if the attacks make you flare up and say, "Are you going to mock me? I shall show you who I am!"—that is the end of you! "My husband is bad." How do you know that he is not placed there by the commission on purpose, to test you? Endure a year, pass the test and then God will say to your husband, "You must no longer mock and obstruct your wife." Much time will not pass until he becomes soft as a lamb. When? When you have endured all. I am speaking about the outer side of Christ's Teaching. I am giving you these thoughts to help you distinguish the false things from the noble ones. When the Teaching of Christ enters you, it will raise you and you will begin to know people and see their souls. Two people meet and start talking, "I am a Christian. Do you believe in Christ?" If you are Christians, you need not ask each other about it. The mere asking of this question shows that there is not any Christianity in this person. I need not ask what a flower is; if I smell it I shall know whether it is a rose or a carnation. My nose is in its place. If your sense of smell is dull or paralyzed, or if you are blind and you cannot see, you may ask then. But if all you senses are sound, it is enough for you to smell or to see a flower and tell what it is. The same way every soul expresses itself outwardly by its acts. I see many of you as carnations that are in bud yet. These buds promise a blossoming in the future. I do not want you only to blossom, but to go to seed and to ripen as well. The angels will come to you as bees and fructify the blossoms in your soul. If you blossomed up, you will be in contact with them. This is a deep science and how many more things you have to study! Not a single, but ten lectures at least are necessary for me to tell you all about these things. They are very tiring and you will say in the end that they are not interesting and will fall asleep. You are right, for you are not yet ready for this knowledge. A time will come when you will be ready. If you eat too much honey and overeat, you will be fed up with it. Why? Because you will be satiated with it. You are friends with a good person, constantly drawing (knowledge and inspiration) from them, but all of a sudden you say, "Away with this person, I cannot bear to see them any longer!" Why? You have overeaten. You should have been given less honey and stayed friends with this person such a long time as would be pleasant to you. The same way you should not give a dish-full of honey to a person, but a spoonful so that they will not overeat. A Bulgarian proverb says, "It is too much of a good thing" or "being too saintly is not pleasant to God either." You read the same book until you get tired of it. Read a single verse instead and stop on it in meditation. You read, "God is Love"—start thinking in what way God is Love and try to feel this Love in yourself. It must not be as when we eat an apple, or the cat eats up a mouse. For me, to love you means to enter you and for you to love me is to enter me. What do you do with your loved friend? You take their picture and put it at a prominent place. I say, a person's heart represents the astral world, their mind—the spiritual world. If you raise your mind to a certain height—that is the spiritual world. What takes place in the brain is a reflection of the spiritual world. Every noble thought is a form in the spiritual world. Thoughts differ in form and content. When a noble thought visits you, it creates joy and happiness. And when you raise your mind and heart to Christ, He will take you by the hand and lead you into the Divine garden to the spring of Love that you may taste of it. This will be the happiest moment in your life. When you enter there, you should not say, "Let my husband come along with me." No, everyone must enter that place alone and not intercede for anyone else. Everyone must have a deep desire to enter alone into this garden. The capable will be assisted to enter, but those who are incapable, crippled, should stay out of it until they are healed. This world is for the people of infirmities, but those who will enter the school must be pure—purity in thinking and feeling is necessary, also complete selflessness, self-denial is essential. This is the highest state one can reach which means you have passed the test. Now, the first thing required of you is purity in thoughts and desires and unwavering faith that what God has said will be. When you put God in front of everything you do, you should not ask if you would succeed. You may be a teacher, a judge, a priest or a farmer, but if you are fulfilling your duty, there is no power in the world that can obstruct you. You will have many hindrances, many troubles and trials, but they are necessary for your growth. The sufferings sent to you are a blessing for you. Now, I want the thought of knowing your Master, Christ, to remain with you. When you come to know your real Father, then the angels and the world will be your siblings—not one or two, but thousands. For thousands of years they will take you around their abodes in heaven. There are pleasant things, long walks, model schools, new suns, new beings. And how many more things there are in heaven! Then you will say, "Now we understand the deep sense of life, why we must live." This will happen when you have only one Master, in case you have many teachers, you will not learn anything. A child cannot have two mothers. The same way, a person cannot have more than one real Master. If you should say you have two masters, I shall think that you are deceiving both me and God. In the physical world there is one mother, in the spiritual world—one Master, in the Divine—one Father, Who is the Lord. Therefore, you have three in all. On the Earth—the Mother, among angels—the Master and among gods—God. When you pass through these three, only then each one of you will understand the deep sense of life, i.e. the inner side of present life, and you will bear with joy and singing all sufferings; there will be no troubles in life for you and all matters between men and women, between parents and children, between all nations will be set right. Then you will not ask one another, "What will happen with the Bulgarian nation?" If all Bulgarians turn to God, I can guarantee that everything will be in complete order. But if they still have their present heads, they will receive thirty-nine whips with the rod. The same is true for Germany, France, and England—for all nations. God beats all in turn without exception. All people, societies and nations on earth must fulfill the will of our Master, of our Father! I believe that you will all desire to fulfill it and have started on a clean slate, saying like the prodigal son, "Father, forgive us for eating and drinking up all you gave us, but from now on we shall not do this, receive us as servants in your house." Be sure that your Father will cross out everything, clothe you in a new garb and kill the fatted calf for the feast at His home, because His prodigal child has returned. He will put a new ring on your hand, bless you and say, "Come one, my child, go to school and start studying anew!" Sermon held on December 7, 1914 in Sofia. ____________________________ 11 Matt. 23:8 12. (hist.) a title of high military and civic rank in the Ottoman Empire (ed. note). 13. Metaphorical reference to our mastery over the cells and organs in our body as well as over our thoughts and feelings (ed. note). 14. Degraded in the meaning of reduced in rank (ed. note).
  8. The Book - The Spirit and The Flesh. Beinsa Douno Translation from Bulgarian - Vessela Nestorova EASTER Go ye therefore, and teach aff nations, Baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Hofy Spirit 9 In the whole Christian world today the preachers are speaking on the text of Christ's resurrection. Only in the USA there are 80,000--100,000 preachers and in Bulgaria about 3,300 priests preaching today about the Resurrection— they are speaking about it everywhere. Since so many people are speaking about the resurrection, I shall make a slight digression. Many people consider this question from a historical or philosophical point of view—is the resurrection possible? There is a disputation on this question from a purely physiological standpoint—is it possible for a person to resurrect? Theoreticians and theologians write and try to prove the possibility of resurrection, but they also cannot prove it. I shall stop on the words "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit." Deep is the Teaching of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. What is this Teaching? You often repeat the words Father, Son and Holy Spirit but what sense do they have for you? They have sense only when they can produce a certain effect on you. If you hold a match in you hand, you cannot test its force until you light it; as soon as you light it, you will realize its force. And the resurrection will be an unknown object for you up to the time when you will light this word like a match that it may produce light in your mind and heat in your heart, or until you sow it as a seed in the Earth to grow and see its fruit. It is enough for people during their life to have only one such word, which they would understand as they should, so that they will become geniuses; if they understood two such words, they would become saints; but if they should understand three—they will become one with Christ. Therefore, in every human language there are words which if we understand will acquire magic powers for us. When Moses raised his scepter by the Red Sea, he pronounced a word and the sea parted in two. When Christ was at the tomb of Lazarus, He raised His eyes to heaven and said only one word, "Lazarus, come forth!" and Lazarus rose. God pronounced only one word at the beginning of creation and the world was formed. You speak and write grammatically correctly using points and commas, question marks and exclamation marks; you discuss important philosophical matters, but you do not know how to arrange your life. You are like that philosopher who went rowing a boat with a boatman in the sea and started a conversation with the boatman. "Have you studied? Do you know anything about astronomy?" he asked. "Nothing at all," was the answer. "You have lost a quarter of your life. Do you know anything about geology?" "I do not know anything." "You have lost two quarters of your life. Do you know anything about mathematics?" "I do not." "You have lost three quarters of your life." At once a terrible storm started to rage and threatened to capsize the boat. On his part the boatman asked the philosopher, "Do you know how to swim?" "I do not know and have never learned to." "You can lose four fourths of your life," i.e. all your life. Now you sit like this philosopher discussing the question how Christ was born and came to earth, but as soon as a storm comes to your life, or you meet some obstacle or suffering, you do not know how to swim and begin to sink in the water. Where is your philosophy of life? Where did your mathematics, geology and astronomy remain? What is the purpose of these sciences if they cannot help you in such critical moments? Mathematics should be a science to teach people how to construct their life correctly. Biology is a science which must teach people how to put Law and order in their cells. Geology must teach people right relations to the Earth. In the life of Christ there are three main phases: birth, death and resurrection. These phases must be intrinsic to every ordinary person. When Christ was born, angels in heaven proclaimed peace to people. Therefore, the birth of Christ was triumphant, but this same Christ became subject to a disgraceful death. People ask to this day why Christ had to die this way. There are a number of reasons for this. Christ was exposed to a disgraceful death, but in the end he rose from the dead. People today die too, but so far no one has risen. There are reasons for this too. Now I shall make a comparison between life and death. When Adam was in paradise, God presented life to him in the form of two fruit-trees one of which He called The Tree of Life and the other The Tree of Knowing Good and Evil. In the occult sense The Tree of Life implies the aspiration of all living beings in Nature toward the Divine. This aspiration has an upward movement. It is a high tide in Nature, which gradually increases, grows. By The Tree of Knowing Good and Evil is implied the endeavor of the beings to go out of the center of life and move towards the periphery. This endeavor has a downward movement and represents a low tide in Nature. Since these two currents exist in Nature, it is easy enough to explain the origin of death. If two trains start moving from two opposite points toward one and the same point what will happen to them? A catastrophe is inevitable. Adam found himself between two such trains and, not being able to avoid the catastrophe, he died. Those who eat of the fruit of the forbidden tree will end their life like Adam. This means that the day a person eats of the fruit of the forbidden tree, they enter the low tide of life, i.e. the tide which has a downward movement toward the center of the Earth. God alone is able to save people from this low tide. Christ came to earth namely to take people out of this tide and place them in the opposite tide, in the high tide of life, which we call resurrection. In order for you to receive the life which leads to the resurrection, you should understand the Teaching of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. What is meant by the Father? The Teaching of Divine Wisdom. By the Son? The Teaching of Divine Love. By the Holy Spirit? The Teaching of raising and evolution of people. It says in the Scripture, "He who believes in this Teaching will be saved." Everyone should understand the Laws of this Teaching. What is required of you? Many of you are fathers, but do you understand your calling as a father? Many of you have been sons, but do you understand what should be the relations of the son to the father? You have not yet been in the state of the Spirit, but you will be. Now you are preparing yourselves to pass through the Spirit, Who raises people, raises Christ in them. In order to understand Christ's Teaching correctly, you must be freed from some ties with the world. This does not mean that you must deny the world. No, this is a wrong view. The world has two faces—one is an inner face, pure and bright, a Divine face; the other is an external face, subject to constant changes. So that when we speak of denying the world, you must understand a denial of its external face, of those elements which have a transitory and deceitful character. These elements do not give any essential thing to the life of a person. However, everything else which serves your uplifting should be preserved, for it is said, "God so Loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believeth in Him should not perish." The Apostle Paul said, "The face of this world passes," which confirms the idea that the world has two faces. Therefore, the one face of the world which changes, passes away. The face which does not change, remains. People are born, grow and think that they can set the world right and conquer it, but when they become 45-50 years of age, they notice a certain weakening of strength and give up this idea. They become kind, careful and make the young work for them. They begin to think only of their old age and that they might become ill and die. I am asking you: why do old people always direct their look to the center of the Earth? Why do not they keep in their mind thoughts full of Light, which refresh their spirit, renew them and lead to resurrection? People today are infected by the thought that we cannot resurrect, come to life and be born again. This is the greatest delusion in the world. People can rise just as they can die. Death and life are two relative things. If you come into contradiction with the Laws and forces functioning in rational Nature, you will be smashed and ruined. But if you are in accord with the Laws and forces of rational Nature, you will be raised and rise from the grave. In order to come to the resurrection you must free yourself from certain obstacles and drawbacks, which your souls have inherited from your ancestors. I shall cite an example to explain a great Law which regulates life. Several English sailors left one day the ship where they worked to visit a European city. They walked around the city visiting different drinking houses until they got drunk. In the evening they returned to the port, got into their boats and started rowing, forgetting to untie the boats from the posts. They rowed all night thinking they have neared the ship, but what was their surprise in the morning when they saw they were still on shore! Why did they not reach the ship? They saw their mistake that their boats were still tied. The rope by which their boats were tied to the posts prevented them from leaving the place in spite of their night efforts. That rope was their obstacle. And if people today cannot rise, the reason is the same—they are tied by a small rope to some post. Small children do the same thing. A child catches a bird and ties one of its legs to a string and then lets it fly. The bird flies up to a place and then falls on the ground. Why? Because it is tied by a string. In the same way people today are tied. They must have a high ideal! What kind? Such as would pull them up to heaven. Someone says, "I tried to fly, but soon I fell down to earth. Why? "I myself don't know." But I say, "You were tied. You have had some doubts in your mind, or have wanted to solve some important questions, but have not succeeded." "What shall I do then?" "Untie your boat from the post, row with your oars and start forward and upward to your purpose." No matter what a person does, they cannot escape the consequences of their life. Do not think that your thoughts and feelings do not exert an influence on you. Every thought and every feeling, however small they may be, exert an influence not only on you but also on those around you as well. Moses, I think, says in the Deuteronomy that God recompenses people for every crime down to the fourth generation. It follows from this that in one hundred years at the most every crime must be liquidated with. Those who know this Law have noticed the following: if a woman of the black race has intercourse with a man of the white race, in the first generation the child may be white. However, in the second, third and fourth generation a black child will be born by all means. If in the first generation a black child is born, that ends the karma. However, this Law has a contrary effect as well. If a woman of the white race has intercourse with a man on the black race, in one of the four generations a black child will be born by all means. If a black child is born to a husband and wife of the white race, they will wonder where this child came from. They even do not suspect that one of their grandmothers has had intercourse with a black man some hundred years ago. Do not take this illustration in a literal sense; it is highly metaphorical! I say, the same Law functions in the feelings and thoughts of a person. Someone sits calmly and all of a sudden a bad thought enters his or her mind. Where did this bad thought come from? One hundred years ago your soul has had relations with a negative thought, a "dark one." The "dark one" represents the temptation in the world. Every bad thought or every bad feeling is a child of the person that nurtures them. This is done according to the Law of karma. The karmic Law is strict. You must keep yourselves from it, because you cannot avoid its consequences. Do not give place of bad thoughts in your mind. If you admit them in your mind, they will create their own forms, which will handicap you in the future. It is not a question of whether you are born of a father or mother of the white race, the important thing is that the vibrations of the people of the black race are considerably different from those of the white race, as a result of which much work and effort is necessary in order to reconcile those vibrations. The aspirations of the black race are towards the Earth, not toward heaven. They are the people of that tree from which Eve, the first mother of humanity ate. The aspiration of the people of the white race is toward heaven. This aspiration is very strongly expressed at the present time. They want to be people of the Tree of Life and eat its fruit. Therefore, we become one or another kind of people according to the tree we eat of. The Tree of Life is Christ. When this great thought penetrates your mind, salvation will come. You should not dwell on the abstract thought that Christ is sitting on the right sight of God, but rather consider Christ as a power penetrating the whole earth. When this power passes through all beings from the smallest to the greatest, then the liberation of the whole humanity will be realized. When they crucified Christ, i.e. when they interrupted the course of this power, of this current, darkness overwhelmed the Earth. All people felt this darkness. The Scripture says that after that Christ descended to hell to preach his Teaching there. All who obeyed him left hell and went to live on the Earth. Were you not also there when Christ preached? You were, but you have forgotten this. What did Christ say when He went down to hell to bring you out of the darkness there? "Go and sin no more!" Now I also say to you that if you sin, you will bear "dark children" and sufferings will come one after the other. Since Christ is already on the Earth, He has decided to save humanity and will save it. There is no power on earth, however strong it might be, that can counteract the power of Christ. Christ says, "No one can take from my hands the sheep God has given Me, for there is no greater than Him." And if ever any doubt should possess your soul, know that this is your "dark father." Break your ties with him! The pure should not tie themselves to the impure. When a mother sees her children soiled, does she embrace them immediately? No, first she will punish them a little, then she will bathe them and put clean clothes on them and after that she will embrace and kiss them. This is the simplest philosophy of life. Someone says, "Nobody loves me." "Your clothes are muddy, my friend." If you want people to love you, go and bathe yourself and clean your body as you should. After that, clean your heart and your mind and see then if people will love you or not. Thus cleansed and bathed, a person is ready for resurrection. Christ rose, but before he came to the resurrection, He passed through the crucifixion. What is the meaning of the cross? It is the net of squares after a cube has been spread out—the cube on one plane. At the same time the cube represents a person's house. Christ was crucified on the cross— on this open (spread out) cube by which God wanted to tell people to open the doors and windows of their houses, wash them and thoroughly clean them, thus preparing them for the day of the resurrection. Someone hands a cross to a person and says, "Kiss this cross!" But I say that before you kiss the cross it must be cleaned. The cross is in a person's mind and heart. Therefore, you cannot kiss this human cross until it is absolutely purified, i.e. until the person's mind and heart are not perfectly pure. All people are living crosses that must be raised. As soon as this is done a circle, which signifies eternity, will be formed around the cross. Thus, the cross will be turned into a wheel which will be in constant motion. By His Teaching Christ wants to reveal to people the basic Laws by which they can change the human order of things. To change this order, people should first have an idea, which they should put as a foundation of their lives, and after that they should try to attain this idea. People today cannot attain this idea for the simple reason that they are victims of their implacable egoism. Everyone thinks only of him or herself alone wishing to have the first place. In one of his pictures an artist presented human egoism very well. He painted a high mountain peak on which an idol stood tall. Millions of people had their eyes fixed on this peak, everyone trying to reach it and bow to the idol. Yet, whoever would start first for the peak was immediately held back by the others for fear he would reach the peak before them. In this way they handicapped one another, in result of which no one has reached the peak yet. What do we see in life? Until this day people continue to struggle and pull each other back lest anyone should reach the peak and receive the wreath of merit. In ancient Greece during the races of the Olympic Games whoever reached the goal first received the wreath. However, in our efforts for Christ's exploit, everyone who fulfils His Teaching can receive a wreath. Thus, there are three important things, three important words in Christ's Teaching: the Father,; the Son and the Holy Spirit. If you can pronounce these words in their profound sense and in their fullness, you have already entered the Teaching of Christ. When you pronounce the word Father, you should feel the pulse of your Father, Who moves the world. You should feel it the way a mother feels the pulse of her child. To feel God's thought implies to understand it and to know it. If you have acquired all this, you will understand the verse which says, "Before you have asked for something of the Father, He will fulfill your desires." You must all have filial relations to God and fulfill your duties to Him as to your own father. He did not come down to earth, but sent His Son as a sacrifice that no one who believes in Him should perish. On the same basis once we have come to earth, we too should sacrifice ourselves. Many are afraid of sacrifice, saying that there is no life in it. They cannot make out the words, "If you do not eat My flesh and drink My blood, you have no life in you." We eat daily in order to live. Do not the grains of the wheat and the fruit we eat die and sacrifice themselves for us? We must justify their sacrifice! They say, "We are ready to die and be sacrificed for you, if only you become more humane." Billions of creatures serve people, but what do we do in exchange for this? We are engaged in scholastic problems as the theologians of the Middle Ages who philosophized how many devils can dance at the point of the knife. I say, Christ's Teaching contains the sense of life. There is always a lowland between two great epochs. If we observe the human brain, we shall see that it, too, has grooves and elevations. The human thought can function due to these grooves and elevations in the brain. The Earth, too, has grooves and elevations thanks to which we live. Someone says, "I do not want to live in a valley." Where do you want to live? "On a high mountain peak." I ask you, how many people can live on a high mountain peak? All people cannot live on the peaks. Some will live in the valleys, others—on the summits. Everyone lives on their own land—once they will be in the valley, another time—on the summit; a third time they will go down the valley again; a fourth time they will climb the peak. This way they will constantly ascend and descend until they finally learn that the evolutionary Law is movement along a broken line in which there are lowlands and heights. When people learn the Teaching of Christ, which is related to the circular motion of eternity, they will enter another kind of evolution in which there are no ups and downs but only circular movement. "Baptize them in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit." The Teaching of the Spirit is a real Teaching which people today deny. The Father is the Creator of things. The Spirit implies the unity; it implies the multiplicity of things as well. Christ, the Son, represents the sap constantly flowing in The Tree of Life. The Spirit represents also the conditions in which we live. Astrologers today state that a person is in communications with the whole universe, i.e. all beings are in a certain relation among themselves. The heart, the brain, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth, as organs through which forces pass, correspond to certain beings in space. When a conflict arises among some of them, a person feels some change in the corresponding part of their body. And in fact they begin to complain of pains in their arm, leg or some other part of the body. This is due to some external influence which, according to the erudite, comes either from Jupiter, from Saturn, Mars or some other planet. Some may object, "How is it possible for Mars to influence people?" But I ask you, if a nation can exert an influence by its thoughts on another nation, why should not a planet be able to do the same? We see that England, France, Germany, Russia and the other nations mutually influence each other, on the same grounds the beings living on Mars by their thoughts exert a certain influence on people. Their thoughts pass across space forming a current. Those who fall under the influence of this current become belligerent. People today are under the influence of Mars as a result of which they are fighting and are at war until this current or influence attains its purpose. You will say that Christ's Teaching is about peace, however, when this peace, or this balance of Nature, is disturbed, war will inevitably come. The present views of people impose a restoration of the disturbed balance only by means of war. We see this Law in practical life as well. When a housekeeper wants to take the butter out of the milk, she puts the milk in the churn- tub and churns it. Therefore, the war in the world will end only when people derive butter. Christ says, "I want people to have butter which, when applied, will make them softer and more delicate." Present-day people are hard and callous to a greater extent than is necessary. That they are in need of oil is obvious in the parable of the five foolish virgins who forgot to take oil for their vessels and remained outside. Those who want to enter the Kingdom of God must by all means have oil for their vessels. This is the Teaching of the Spirit. Now I am speaking allegorically, but if you think deeply about this question, you will see that there are forces which exert a softening influence on people and you will understand their relations to you. You ask, "Why did God create the world?" That you may study. The spirits which were created first became crystals. After them the Earth had to be created with new cells in a circular not a geometrical form. In order to develop and turn in to a plant, the crystal must become a living cell. By the force of this Law, the noblest of plants must turn its "wooden" immovable cells into muscles and nerves, in order to be able, like the animals, to feel and to be able to move from one place to another. In the same way we also must pay up everything, in order to form in ourselves that cell which creates the saints. People are dead at present and in heaven they are planted with their heads down. We must sacrifice ourselves and become a sensible cell one with Christ and after passing through His body, through His mind and through His heart, become tuned up to understand the deep sense of things. Now I shall not explain these abstract truths, lest I deviate from the main subject. The first thing in life is obedience. In antiquity a Greek disciple wanted to study the secret sciences and for that reason he went to Egypt, to the so called school of the Brotherhood of Light. The high priest in the temple of Isis took him to many places and finally to a statue and said to him, "This is the Truth." "Why did you not first take me to the Truth, but to all these other places? You should have lead me to this statue at the very first," objected the disciple. "This cannot be for such is the path of the Truth. Be careful not to raise the veil of this statue and not to touch it. Study it only on the outside." The disciple burned with a desire to see what is beneath this veil. He thought he would find the Truth if he lifted the veil and after returning to Greece he would possess great power. One night he quietly walked out, entered the temple and raised the veil. However, they found him dead in front of the statue the next morning. What did he learn? Nothing. Someone says, "Raise the curtain; I want to see the Truth!" It is dangerous to raise the veil of the Truth prematurely. A person must be ready for this moment. Christ has come to earth to prepare us to meet this moment without fear. First of all we must understand which life leads to salvation. After that you must pass through another process of which it is said, "If you are not born again, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God." And Nicodemus was told that if he were not born of water and of the spirit, he would not enter the Kingdom of God. Therefore, there are two births, but not reincarnations, for reincarnation implies a process of cutting life short, of interruption. Reincarnation is a process of disharmony. To be reincarnated is to begin anew the work which you have left. You are caught and imprisoned and after staying in prison for 10 years, 15 more years remain; one day you escape from the prison, but they catch you again and imprison you for 10 more years, which makes again 25 years. After five years you escape again. They catch you and imprison you for the third time, imposing a greater punishment on you. Thus, the person who does not want to serve their sentence is reincarnated. Or in another sense—the person who is sent to earth, but does not want to live according to the order of God, passes through reincarnation. Such people want to live an easy life, to escape from prison, then they will be caught, put in prison again and if they always escape, this prison will never end. The Law of the new birth implies the fulfillment of the Will of God. It is not difficult for a person to fulfill the Will of God. The difficulty lies in our misunderstanding of life. People today have the tendency to criticize. Everyone sees the mistakes of others, "So and so does not live as they should." But do you live as you should? "They are not a good person." But are you good? A person should first know themselves. They should study their constitution. Do you know why God has given you one nose, two eyes and two ears? Do you know why some eyes are black, others blue or green and what are the eyebrows for? The eyes form the symbol of the number eight. What does the number eight mean? It is the number of work. The nose is the plough of a person. When you lay a person horizontally, it shows that they should plough. Thus, God's grace will descend on us and cause everything we have sown to grow. I ask you, what does thinking lie in? What process is thinking? Someone may say that thinking is a process of concentration. What is concentration? Years ago in Varna I met a Bulgarian man who told me he earned eight thousand leva which he lent a merchant to help him, but the merchant went bankrupt and the man lost his money too. He said, "I lost too, but God is good, I shall earn money again." I say, here is a man who has understood the Law. He is not an occultist, but knows a Law that will teach him what to do in order to earn money again. He says, "God gives, God takes away." Riches, knowledge and power are transitory things in the life of a person. God tests us by them, as a mother tests her children. Often the mothers call their children angels. A mother calls her child "my little angel!" I say, test them and see if they become an angel. Give the child an apple and then ask it back again. If the child gives you back the apple without getting angry, they will become an angel. If they do not give it back, they will not become an angel. In the same way, God gives you a blessing and says, "Give your blessing to others!" "I shall not do it." Here is an unknown quantity you have not solved. "But I do not believe in life!" This is a second unknown quantity you have not solved. "I shall escape from life"—a third unknown quantity. You often solve problems with solving unknown quantities, you find what they are equal to, but when you come to life, you cannot solve them. Every unknown quantity has its value which can be solved only when a person works. Therefore, in order to define what every unknown quantity is equal to, you must put to work your thoughts and feelings. When people cannot solve the unknown quantities in their lives, they weep and feel unhappy. The world is a school in which only those who want to study can be enrolled. If you do not want to study and to concentrate, who has forced you to enter this school? If you do not want to study, you better enter a plant or a mineral. Only by hard concentration you can understand the Teaching of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and begin to love God. Many people say that only a foolish person can love. No. Love is an unknown quantity which must be calculated in order to determine its real value. The problem of love can be solved only from the standpoint of the Teaching of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Teacher of this Teaching visits you every morning and sows a thought in your souls, but in spite of that you grow poor. Why do you become poor? Because you cannot evaluate the thought which Christ gives you. Someone says, "I want glory, wealth, knowledge." The blessings Christ gives you are more essential than the ones you want. The glory of God is far more valuable than the glory of people. Christ wants to make you all powerful, masters of life and death. Do you know who creates death? Those billions of spirits who are constantly doing destructive work. Every day you are filled with doubt, envy, and you want to be people of progress at that! There are even such people who speak of occultism, but their thought is not free— they do not understand life. Christ rose from the dead and showed the spiritual path we must pass—by the process of birth. What is birth? Tolstoy speaks of one of his dreams. One night he dreamt he was pregnant trying to bear a child and feeling awful pains. On wakening in the morning he asked, "Are the pains women feel at birth very strong?" When he received an affirmative answer, he said, "It is no easy matter to be a woman!" Your mind conceives a thought, but what sufferings it will cause you until you give it birth! Do not think that sufferings are a bad sign. As a mother gives something of herself, in the same way you must give something to your child. You must give life and power to a noble thought in your mind. Finally, you must have the courage to roll the stone off your tomb and not sit like present-day philosophers reasoning if Christ has risen or not. There are people who have been present when Christ rose. You will say, "Prove it!" I can prove that to you, but you must assume the same relations, an important Law must be observed. What is proving? You will lead a person a certain path and show them the way by which they must test the truth themselves. The last hour has come and we must all rise. We must and we will rise from the dead! When we have come to the question of the resurrection, you must not ask whether Christ has risen, but whether the time for your resurrection is near. Many ask to this day the question, "Did Christ lie for three days in the tomb?" Leave this question aside. For eight thousand years you have been lying in this tomb. Is not this time enough? It is. The angel, coming down to roll the stone off the tomb, is Christ's call, announcing the coming of the Last Judgement. How will Christ find you? If the stone is not rolled off your tomb, can Christ say, "Lazarus, come forth!"? Your relatives and friends must at least do you the favor of rolling the stone off your tombs. Then Christ will say, "Rise!" And you will rise from the dead. To all of you who are listening to me this morning, I roll off your tomb-stones and say, "Christ is coming!" He will stand before your open tombs and say, "Come out!" Sermon of the Master held on March 22, 1915, in Sofia. ___________________ 9 Matt 29:19.
  9. The Book - The Spirit and The Flesh. Beinsa Douno Translation from Bulgarian - Vessela Nestorova THE HIGH AND LOW TIDES IN LIFE For the ffesh fusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the ffesh; and these are contrary the one to the other. 1 In general, people have very vague ideas of those deep Laws upon which life rests. The world we live in is ruled by Laws and regulations which God has put into the Universe when He was creating it. And when He led the first man into it— here the Scriptures are silent—the Lord taught him for a very long time, instructing him in the heavenly arcane. He acquainted him with all the basic Laws of this great building in which He placed him to live; He showed him the properties of all herbs; revealed to him the properties of the elements and their action, and making man a master over everything, He told him, "If you observe My Laws, you will always be happy, joyful and in a state of bliss and you will succeed in everything you undertake to do, but the day you violate my order everything will rise against you." The two trees spoken of in the Scriptures, the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, are witnesses to this fact. If I should start explaining what these trees are, I shall digress too much, so I shall leave this for another sermon. These two trees in Paradise were living, intelligent, possessing certain powers and qualities. And the Lord said to the first man, "There is a great danger for you in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and the day you will lay hand on it, you will lose everything. The elements hidden in that tree are not for you yet, for you are not sufficiently strong yet to master them. You can learn that in the future, but in the present you can make use of all other trees, of everything in life, but not of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil." I shall not stop to discuss the deep reasons which induced Adam to violate the Divine command. Some people preach that we must have faith. In fact, faith is necessary, be it positive or negative, it is the foundation of life and life cannot exist without it. All beings, from the microscopic to the greatest, have faith. But what is their faith? The unbelievers say that they do not believe in God, but their statement affirms in the same time that they believe in something—that there is no God. Therefore, they have some kind of faith. I would like to see how a person can remain without faith, not even in themselves. If people believe in themselves, they have faith—the only difference is that they believe in their mind. We are not right in saying some are unbelievers—this is half-right, for they have given up their faith in God, but they believe in themselves. Therefore, faith can be positive and negative. Adam and Eve expressed the principle of disbelief in God because Lucifer entered the garden of Paradise and they believed in him, leaving God. As a result of this came the fall of man. And the Apostle Paul says to the Romans, "Whom you obey, his servant you become." This morning my sermon will be about two great Laws, which I formulate thus: the Law of opposites and the Law of similarity. These are Laws which we can test every day. They are not an abstract philosophy like reincarnation or the transmigration of souls, but things which we can test daily within ourselves. From the point of view of these Laws, the dark aspects of life may become somewhat clearer to you. For instance, you are at the seashore and the sea is calm and quiet, but suddenly you notice that it begins to get turbulent, rising toward the shore like a flood— what the scientists call high tide. In some places the sea rises as high as sixty feet. At such times, you must run away as soon as you can, or you will be swallowed up by the waves. This high tide lasts twelve hours, after which the sea begins to subside and the waves draw back into their previous place. You can watch this often, sometimes daily—in twenty-four hours the water moving once forward and once backward. Such high and low tides take place in you as well. Where? Naturally, neither on the high mountain peaks, nor on the high places of life, but in the low places. It often happens that you go down to the calm sea singing some sweet melody and suddenly a big wave dashes at you, washing you away with your sweet melody or wetting you all over. Or rowing in a calm sea, a storm comes up and turns the boat over and you find yourself in the stormy waves. This is not an exaggeration, but true to life facts. How many times people disappear without trace in the sea of life with their songs, dreams and ideals! You say, "A misfortune!" and, not knowing the Laws of Nature, seek the cause. When the ancient philosophers said, "Know yourself," they meant that a person should know these two Laws of regular motion—high tide and low tide. These two words are hazy in your mind, so I shall try to explain them. This phenomenon is called the Law of rhythmic motion in present-day science. In all things there is a movement from the center to the periphery and from the periphery to the center; in all things there is high and low tide, rising and falling, conception and deterioration. In chemistry there is action and reaction—action is high tide after which is formed a reaction or low tide. If you notice your watch ticks quite noisily and then the ticking gradually fades away and then its sound again begins to increase—the same thing is true of your heart. If you put your hand on your heart, you will notice that at times it starts beating faster and you get frightened. The doctor says, "This person has palpitation." It is high tide in your organism reflected in the heart. This Law functions everywhere. And when the doctors say about some that they have a valvular disease, I say that these people have high tide in their mind, in their heart and in their soul and after 12 hours this tide will subside and the palpitation will pass. These 12 hours may be 12 seconds, 12 minutes, 12 hours, 12 days, 12 weeks, 12 months, 12 years, 12 centuries, 12 thousand years, 12 million years, and so on—it is all the same since the relation of things remains all the same. This is how this Law works. In the above quoted chapter, the Apostle Paul speaks of the Law of the flesh, which is the Law of the low tide, and of the Law of the spirit, which is the Law of the high tide. The Law of the opposites includes the Law of the low tide, whereas the Law of similarity—the Law of the high tide. In some places of stagnant water, the evaporations spread microbes and near such places appear different diseases. This Law works in our brain, in our heart and in our soul. In the organism there are often sediments, which cause the diseases and what we call rheumatism in the legs, in the joints, or in the head when we feel pains and begin to complain. If we are sensible and understand the Law, we can put a strong barrier, a big wall where there is a high tide. If we are foolish, we shall gape in the shore by the stormy sea. People consistently repeat, "The world is bad." In what way is it bad? Now this World War! It is a high tide of the forces and in this tide there is collision and all are running and crying that the sea is raging. And they call war this rush of people and ask, "What will become of the world?" I say, in twelve hours, twelve weeks, or twelve years everything will be calm, the places where blood was shed will be dry and people will ask, "What was all this about? What was the cause, why did the sea rage against us?" The sea is not raging but breathing, and when it makes an effort to breathe, its breast rises 60 feet—however, when the sea is taking its breath, you must be 60 miles away from its shore on some high peak. When it is breathing out, you may go on the shore and enjoy it; but as soon as you see it inhaling, run away from there to the high place. If we can understand these two Laws, of the opposites and the similarity, we shall know two great things in the world. The Law of similarity is the Law of heaven, the other Law—of the opposites—is the Law of the Earth, of the organic world, of the flesh. You get up some morning in a bad disposition, the whole world is wrong, you have no desire to work; your mind is confused. You say: "God has not made the world as it should be." All the devils are in your mind and you are ready to quarrel with everybody, you have let loose your girdle waiting for someone to step on it and for you to burst out—this is the Law of the opposites. On such a day when the wife notices the loose girdle of her husband, if she understands the Law, she must run 2 kilometers away from him and say to herself: "Today my husband has low tide of the spirit and high tide of the flesh." You should not laugh because on the next day the wife will loosen her girdle. This is a Law. All do not loosen their girdles at the same time. Ten years ago I lived with a family of seven members—father, mother, a son and four daughters. I was making small observations, testing how this Law worked—it worked like a clock! Each member took their turn during the week. On Monday the father was indisposed, his girdle loose. The others whispered, "Father is indisposed, scowling, yelling." They all keep quiet, looking for the cause. On Tuesday the father is happy, but the mother is scowling, her girdle is loose. The father giggles and says, "Your mother is on duty today." It is interesting that on Wednesday the big son lets loose his girdle. They all laugh, yet each one takes their turn during the week. I knew who was on duty each day and the program was fulfilled with no mistake. It is easy, and pleasant to a certain extent, when one at a time lets loose the girdle, but when two do it at the same time, or, scientifically said, when two are at low tide, then the situation is bad. In this chapter Apostle Paul says that the flesh is opposite to the spirit and the spirit is contrary to the flesh. It is unthinkable to reconcile these two Laws, because they have a diametrically opposite direction—the one moves forward and the other— backward. The Law of the opposites destroys, it demolishes harmony and happiness. As soon as it comes to you, it carries away all your furniture. When you fall under the power of the Law of the opposites, it can influence your mind for a long time: 12 minutes, 12 hours, 12 years. There are certain periods in life which influence the character of a person from the very beginning. If children are conceived during the period of the opposites, they will become criminals by all means, unable to avoid the consequences of the elements which incite their life in a deviant direction. If the father and mother are under the influence of the Law of similarities, a noble son or daughter with a good and well-developed mind will be born of them. This is how these great Laws work. The first people, before the fall of man, had known them; but after the fall they have forgotten them. People want their priest to preach to them after the service, but he is under the Law of the opposites and his vibrations, disposition and speech on that day cannot bring a blessing to them. He may serve reluctantly, out of duty or necessity. Yet if he were free, he would have put his hat on and gone somewhere else. However, people want him to preach to them. What can he preach? He will condemn them, call them bad people, sinners and send them to hell. That day he has said a lie: he has spoken of himself and people have been only a mirror in which he could see himself when he is under the influence of the Law of the opposites. People speak of an eminent American preacher in New York who moralized for a long time under the Law of the opposites and told his parishioners such terrible things that he frightened them all. The influence of the Law of the opposites often leaves in the stomach sediments obstructing digestion and doing harm to the whole organism. Because of that one day the parishioners took their preacher to hospital to cleanse his stomach of these sediments. A tube was placed in his mouth, then 4-5 kilograms of warm water was poured in, his stomach was washed two or three times and when the sediments were rinsed out he appeared in church and started preaching about the Kingdom of God, the coming of Christ, about Love, etc. People said, "Look, our preacher is transformed!" So I say when an orator wants to speak to people in church, in the chamber or anywhere else, he must cleanse his stomach, his heart and his mind of all sediments and then speak to people. Let us suppose you get up some morning somewhat indisposed and you cannot explain the cause. A few minutes pass and your mind begins to clear up and you say, "Thank God, I am relieved now." But after some time bad thoughts overcome you again. You ask, "Where did this devil come from?" People cannot understand that there is a Law that periodically and systematically works in the world. No devil with a trap has come to catch them, but it is the Divine Law. The Lord says, "I gave you a mind to reason about the order in the world. I told you about this Law long ago, but you forgot it and now the Law itself will teach you." When contemporary societies become able to understand the deep sense of the two Laws, the world will be fundamentally set right. Some people ask, "How can the world be set right?" When we begin to act according to this Law, the world will be restored to its original state as God ordered it. Like causes produce like effects; contrary causes produce contrary effects. The Hindus, who know these two Laws, explain them by the word karma—the Law of cause and effect. The karma may be good and bad or karma of the high tide and karma of the low tide. The commercial language expresses it as give and take. If you give, this is low tide, if you take, this is high tide. The one to whom you owe will come on the exact date of payment and invite you to pay your debt. Date of payment means a Law which regulates things. This Law is conditioned by the debtor as well as by the lender. Therefore, when God sent us into the world, He laid down certain terms. We have signed that we are obliged to do this or that, but now we say to Him, "We do not owe You anything." "Is that so? Then I shall apply the Law on you, the Law of the opposites. You beat someone, but he will beat you in turn, what you do will be done to you in return." These two Laws dominate and work on the Earth. The like always repulses the like. A cock perches on the dunghill, but a stronger cock comes and chases it away. Why do not both of them crow on the dunghill? The Law says—only one cock can crow on a dunghill. Therefore, in the world there can be either good or evil. Two evils cannot reside in one place and the same refers to the good. A saint cannot tolerate another saint and a learned person—another learned person. These two Laws work on the Earth—the Law of the opposites and the Law of similarity. The good strives after the evil and the evil after the good. That is why those who want to live on the Earth must have bad people as friends by all means, while the bad people must be friends with good ones. However, in heaven there is a different Law. Here the good person who wants to have only good people as friends will always be unhappy. Why is that so? Because there must be an exchange between the good and the bad people. If a merchant has textile goods for millions and his neighbor has the same, whom will they sell them to? Their interests do not coincide. One of them will say to the other, "Go away from here. Find another place on the other end of the Earth to sell your goods; I shall sell mine here." The Law of opposites is at work in this case. Christ, who knew this Law, spoke about self-denial. When people deny themselves, they become servants and then the Lord says to them, "I love you." If some say that they want to be masters, God will answer them that two persons cannot be masters at the same time, one must be a master and the other a servant. Evil is born when two people want to be masters. If they insist on being masters, God says, "Two masters cannot be with me. If they insist on that, I shall send them to the other end of the world." Which is the other end of the world? The Earth is. That is why God has sent people to the Earth. The Law of contrasts works in all of you, who want to understand the Law of similarity—that is why you are unhappy. You must come out of the Law of the opposites and enter the Law of similarity, which is self-denial. Self-denial does not mean losing your life, but only changing one occupation for another. Suppose two men are candidates for Headmasters of a High School. If one acts according to the Law of similarity, he will say to the other, "You become a Headmaster and I shall become a teacher." But if both of them should insist on taking that post, there will be intrigues with the minister and each of them will say to him, "I am more capable than the other man." Under which rule are they? Under the Law of contrasts. But the Teaching of Christ is under the Law of similarity. He says, "I came not be a master over you, but to teach you how to be happy; if you love me and fulfill my Law, you will live in bliss." If you are indisposed, if you hate or blackmail; you are unhappy for you are in the Law of the opposites. You must leave it, or in scientific terms—come out of the Law of contrasts and enter the Law of similarity. In other words, you must change the conditions and the environment. Begin to love. Actually, you cannot love until you go to the place of Love. It would be the same if you were shut in a dark room and were asked to see something, but you cannot see anything in the dark. The dark room is not the place of similarity. You must go out of it. If you have a candle, you may strike a match and light it. Therefore, when Christ says that we must deny ourselves, he means that we must leave the dark room of our egoism and enter the Law of similarity, of Love. See how sensible this is! Go out and find those places where you can draw elements necessary for your happiness, for your heart. You cannot do this under the Law of the opposites. In such a case, many will fight for one post, or for one professor's cathedra. Once there was a competition in France for a post in a Department and 15 thousand people applied for it. Only one candidate could take the post. In contemporary societies such desires are often born. Why? Because everyone wants this position. You hate someone and try to get him out of your way. Why do you hate this person? Because either they or you want this post. The Law of the opposites in life is implacable. This Law works also in our thoughts, in our feelings and in our will. The billions of cells constituting our bones, our nervous system, the stomach, the lungs, the heart and the brain during certain periods of time are under the influence of the two Laws—that of the opposites and that of the similarity—as a result of which high and low tides take place in them. We are angry, indisposed—there is a low tide in us. After that, a high tide must necessarily take place in us. How? We should concentrate, turn our mind to God, climb the high mountain where God can be found and have a conversation with Him and when the low tide is over, we will return to earth. By the word high tide I do not understand only that of the sea, but also that of the plants which takes place whenever there is moisture in the air. As soon as the fruit is ripe, it begins to wither. This is the Law of contrasts, which prepares soil for the next year. The Law of contrasts takes off the old clothes, but the Law of similarity supplies new clothes. You undress—this is the Law of contrasts; you put on clothes—this is the Law of similarity. Your body gets soiled—you are in the Law of contrasts; you bathe—you are in the Law of similarity. You wash your face every morning after getting up. Why? By way of habit. Today you must go to God, because there is low tide in you. You wash your face and say, "I shall take the burden off my heart, I shall wash the sediments off my brain and then I shall stand before God." This is what the washing of the face means. But since you cannot interpret this act, you wash it and the whole day after that you meddle with the mud. And your work does not go well. How can it go well, when the mud is in you! In order not to dirty yourself, you must be at a high place. According to the Apostle Paul, the Law of similarity has application in the verse, "The fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, Temperance." Love is the father; Joy is the mother; Peace is their child. That is, they form a triangle which belongs to the Divine World. Those who want to be blissful must possess these qualities. Then they are in heaven. Then comes the second category of virtues which belong to the angelic world: Longsuffering—the father; Gentleness—the mother; Goodness—their child. Acquire them, and you will be among the angels. The third category is: faith—the father; meekness—the mother; Temperance—their child. Therefore, I say that according to the Law of similarity first you must have a father. Who is your father? Faith is. "But I have no faith." "Friend, I have a bad opinion about you. If you have no father, you are an unlawful child—your mother has not born you in the Divine way." This is what I understand when people say they have no faith. When people say they have faith, I say, "I congratulate you for having a father of noble birth, of a royal family." "But I do not believe in this father." "You are the last scoundrel." Let us consider the word gentleness. We said that gentleness is the mother—it is of royal birth. If you believe in gentleness, you have a mother. "But I do not want to be gentle." "Then you are without a mother." Therefore, every Christian must have a father and mother—faith and gentleness—but the person him/herself is temperance. When we say temperance, we must understand ourselves—the children of our father, faith, and our mother, gentleness. Someone says, "I want to go to the angels." You can go but you must be born of a father, longsuffering, and a mother, gentleness; she should carry you in her womb. And when you are born what will you be? Goodness—an angel, a saint. If you are good, you are an angel having a father longsuffering, and a mother, gentleness, who are among the angels. This is the Law regulating human life. It is the foundation of a philosophy which is tested daily. Do not deceive yourselves, nor try to deceive others. Only those who live under the Law of contrasts can deceive themselves. I exclude from myself the Law of contrasts. If I am at a low tide, I go to God; if I am at a high tide, I come to earth to work. If I am with God, who can deceive me? That is why I said in a previous sermon: where God is, the devil has no access; where God is not, there the devil is. When people say that the devil is crushing them, I understand what they mean. If God is in your heart, the devil cannot crush you. According to the Law of similarity, evil cannot be turned into good, nor can good into evil. A saint who has spent twenty years in a desert was visited once by a white-bearded old man who said to him, "I am a big sinner, so I ask you to pray to God to forgive my sins." When the old man went away, the saint began to pray to God for him. An angel appeared and said, "Your prayer is not accepted by God, because this old man is the devil. In order to find out whether he tells you the Truth, tell him so, 'I shall pray for you, but you must confess your sins. Climb a high rock and say: God be merciful to me for I am a great sinner. Repeat these words for a whole year.'" After sometime the old man visited the hermit again and the latter told him what the angel had said. "What!" cried the devil, "I cannot do this! I, who rule the world and command, do not want to pray, you pray." Then the hermit said to him, "The old malice cannot be a new virtue." Those who preach the Scriptures must know that they can never turn the Law of the opposites into a Law of similarity, i.e. they cannot turn to God someone who always lives under the Law of the contrasts. They cannot make them happy, as they cannot turn the woman into a man. The wife wants her husband to make her happy. How can he make her happy when she does not love him? He buys her a suit—she is not pleased; he brings meat—it is bad meat; the house is not built as it should; this is wrong, that is bad... How can he satisfy her when she is in the realm of opposites in her mind and when anything the husband does will not change her nature. Neither can the wife satisfy her husband, if such is his nature. She may cook and keep house, but he will always be dissatisfied, because he lives under the Law of opposites. Someone says, "I do not know what to do: my husband has become wrong- headed." I reason calmly and say, "He is unfortunately under the Law of contrasts, at a low tide; put him in your carriage, harness the horse and take him to a high place where he can take his breath— that is what your husband wants." When a woman wants to take her husband to church, she takes a phaeton and says, "We shall go to God; such and such a man will preach today and we shall learn something new." Now we say, "We want the world to be set right." How can it be set right? After grunting for million years under the tree, the swine, when she has eaten up all the pears, starts digging the roots to look for pears there. Now I ask you, how can the tree bear new pears when the swine spoils the whole tree? In the same way, when you do not find pears in the tree, you start digging the roots and say, "The money we seek is buried in the Earth." Thus, you become gold-seekers. But I say, you are under the Law of contrasts. There are no pears in the roots, no treasure either. You should not dig at the same place, but take your bag and staff and go to another place. Why? Because when the master comes and finds you digging, he will give you a good beating. Now this is what God is doing on the Earth. You are digging, looking for pears, but God says, "Give every person 25 cudgels on the back." Therefore, apply this Law to your life. The wife should not dig around the root of her husband if there are no pears, but wait. The husband, too, should not dig around the roots of his wife; the priests—around the roots of their parishioners; the students— around the roots of their teachers. All must apply the Law and you will understand life as God created it. This is a philosophy which you can apply in this world. It is so simple that everyone can understand it. If you say you cannot do this, I shall consider you as being in the mud, in the bog of the opposites. If you say, I can, you are under the Law of similarity. Take a step forward and you will be on the way to salvation. Some say, "We cannot love." "I am sorry, but I cannot help you, since you are in the region of contrasts, where you are amassing sediments and mud." "I can love." You are under the Law of similarity and God is with you. You get up some morning ill-disposed, say to yourself, "Today I am at a low tide, I shall harness my horse in the carriage and go on a journey." Do not go to a tree to pick pears when it is not time for that. You will find the pears at another place. Get up and pray, if you know how to pray. You will grow strong by prayer. Praying is the highest and noblest work one can do in this world. Only in this way can the human heart be raised and ennobled. I am not speaking about the external side of prayer in which only the tongue takes part, but of the prayer expressing the conscious aspiration of the soul towards God—the Supreme Love. But all people do not have such a view. Some say, "I cannot pray." Another one laughs and says it is self- deception to pray: how can a scientist, a university graduate, pray to God! The learned people are inconsistent. When they want a post, they write a petition saying, "Since I am a university graduate, I ask you most politely to employ me, promising to fulfill sufficiently my duty." Is it not a prayer? Yes, it is quite a characteristic prayer, but it is a shameful thing to pray to God! As long as there are people who pray only to their fellow beings and not to God—the Supreme Good—the world will go on just as it is. These people live under the Law of contrasts. I ask how we can be good when falsehood follows at our heels? We deceive ourselves, our fellow beings and God. We have unconsciously given citizenship to falsehood. We act under fear. Let us become free of fear and make the slogan of our life— speaking the Truth at least before God. Let us say, "Today I shall not speak falsehood before the face of God." If you make a mistake, say, "God, forgive me, I made a mistake." Do not say that so-and-so was the cause of your mistake and you are higher than them. Do not be like a Pharisee, with a high opinion of yourself. If you act this way, you are in the region under the Law of contrasts, in darkness. Speak rightly, "I made this mistake." By confessing your mistakes you will correct yourself. Read the confession of Tolstoy, which is a good example of this. Tolstoy became great after his confessions. There are only a few such examples in history. Can you also make such a confession? If you want to become a noble person, an angel or a saint, this is the easiest thing to do. You can become an angel or a devil ten times a day. Many do not believe in reincarnation, yet they can be reincarnated ten times a day. If you want to kill a person, you are a reincarnated devil—you are in the region of the opposites and are in a state to do any kind of evil. If you are under the Law of similarity, you are an angel. If you are ready to sacrifice yourself, or to do a noble deed, you are a saint. The only sad thing is that you cannot remain in this state for a longer period of time. It is said that people were made in the image and likeness of God. Here is what I understand by the words the image and likeness of God. When they say that a man is employed as general or minister, I ask, "Has not this man existed before?" He has existed before as an ordinary citizen. And when God said, "Let us make man in the image and likeness of God," he wanted to promote him to a higher post, to make him a general, to clothe him in a general's uniform and epaulets of a general. However, man did not fulfill the will and the command of God and He deprived him of that post and had his coat and epaulets taken off. This is the fall of man. "Take his coat off," said God, "because he does not fulfill his general's duty as he should." As soon as you turn to God, He says, "Today you are in the image and likeness of a general. Enter paradise!" If after five or ten minutes you do not fulfill the Law, He says, "Take off the coat of this general!" If you are angry or in bad disposition, you are out of paradise. A year or two pass, you begin to repent and God says, "Bring him to me, I shall promote him general again." Many times in the past, God has promoted you general and brought you down or discharged you. Today you are well, you are an angel in heaven; on the next day you are badly off, you come down to earth. If you do not pray and observe God's Law, you will serve evil. The two Laws of the opposites and of similarity regulate the world. The spirits who live under the Law of opposites have no disposition to return to the Law of similarity; that is why God cannot transfer them from one region to another. The first thing we encounter in Christianity is the boundary that exists between these two Laws. When you come to this boundary, you must leave all your luggage of thoughts and desires which are under the Law of contrasts and enter the Law of similarity free and pure. Then God will clothe you in a new coat and promote you generals. Man became naked when he disobeyed God's command not to eat of the forbidden fruit. God took off his general's coat and man was forced to make himself clothes out of leaves. God says, "Make him a coat of skin at once!" That is why today you wear a coat of skin which you call flesh. How and when can you become free from this skin? When you enter the Law of similarity. This skin will fall from you and God will give you a general's coat an epaulets. Such is the Christian philosophy, which you can apply to your life. It is not a philosophy of the past, but of the present. You are daily reincarnated by serving good and evil in turn. It is what reincarnation means. Contemporary people say, "Those who believe in reincarnation must be thrown out of the church." Why will you throw me out? Is it because I believe in the Laws of contrasts and similarity and live accordingly? When I live according to God's Law, whether you throw me out of the church or keep me in it, does not affect my soul. When I live with God, do not hate anyone, and try to love everybody, can anyone throw me out? Only God can do that. This is the Teaching I am preaching. I say, "The day you sin, you are turned out of the Divine church, or paradise." What are the contemporary churches? They are a distant echo of the greatness of the past. Do you know what secrets are concealed in these churches? If I start interpreting the meaning of the church, the stones of which the churches are built, the meaning of the priest's vestment, of the candles; you will understand—there is a deep philosophy in all this. The Laws of God are inscribed on the priests' vestments. The priests put them on daily, but cannot read what is written on them. Do you know the meaning of the vestments, the crown and the scepter of the bishop? What about the censer and the incense? We have closed the sacred book of life, saying, "This book is sacred, do not touch it!" But God says, "See that you do not soil it on the outside, keep it clean; open it carefully and read a little every day taking down the valuable thoughts in it." The church, the vestments, the icons, the candles, the censer and the books are all in their places. You must observe the contents of this sacred book. From it you will learn the Laws of the opposites and of similarity. When you learn them, you will put Christ's cross on your back and be ready to be nailed. Then God will say, "This man will be with Me in paradise," and you will be saved. This is done momentarily. I can be in heaven this very minute, but the moment I waver about God and think evil of Him, I am already at the bottom of hell. The moment I love God in my soul and say, "God, forgive me!" I am with Him. He stretches His hand and takes me to Him. Now I shall conclude my sermon with an illustration. A man died and was taken to hell. He spent ages of suffering there, praying God to forgive him. At last God said, "Open the book of life and see if he has done at least one good thing in his life." When they opened the book, they found that he had given once a carrot to a poor man. Then God said, "This man can be saved" and ordered an angel to hold the carrot, which he can get hold of, and thus be pulled out of hell. However, along with him many other sinners caught each other's feet and the angel carried them to paradise. But the owner of the carrot said to the others, "This carrot is mine!" and as soon as he said these words, the chain broke and all fell down in hell. Let your carrot help save other people as well as to rise to heaven, otherwise if you say, "This carrot is mine!" you will fall down again. Let them get hold of your clothes, of your feet, you keep quiet, do not say anything. When you say, "This carrot is mine!" you are far from God. Selflessness always lives under the Law of similarity. Sacrifice and self-denial—this is Christianity. Sermon held on November 2, 1914, Sofia ___________ 1 Galatians 5:17,22.
  10. The Book - The Spirit and The Flesh. Beinsa Douno Translation from Bulgarian - Vessela Nestorova MARTHA AND MARY But Martha was cumbered about much serving, and came to him and said, Lord, dost thou not care that my sister hath left me to serve alone? Bid her therefore that she help me. 41. And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha thou art careful and troubled about many things: 42. But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.30 Much has been spoken about Martha and Mary. They represent two principles in the human soul— the active and the passive. In the person of Martha and Mary are presented two women, two opposite characters, two states of the human heart: the one state is calm and silent with a mind directed to an eternal principle, resting on an eternal foundation; the other state is like that of the waves in the sea, like the small branches in a tree—constant bubbling, constant swaying. Christ, however, points out to Martha what is essential by saying to her, "You are cumbered about many things which are not essential, which are outside of reality, but Mary chose something more essential." Many of you belong to these two characters—some are Martha and some—Mary. The Maries are generally noble women. They are good, of an excellent stature, beautiful face, soft look in the eyes, symmetrical forehead, regular nose; in the heart they are soft, delicate, responsive to others' sufferings and ready to help. In Jewish, Mary means salty water. Mary always salts the world and, thanks to her, it does not get spoiled, does not sour up or decay. When you have the principle of Mary in yourself, your heart is not decomposed. Martha comes from Mara, meaning bitter, sour, and turbulent. Therefore, the bitter principle in you is constantly embittered, angered, discontented. It does not do this out of an evil intention, or bad will, but because it is a very active principle which in its motion wants its path to be clear, open. When Martha gets up in the morning, all the servants are up and about, there is much bustling and noisy chatter. However, as soon as she takes the broom, everybody runs as far away from her as they can. She says, "Everything here must be in order." You will meet Martha in churches, in schools, in courts—everywhere. She is just as necessary as Mary is, but you should not give predominance to the one or the other—to the one or the other principle. I shall connect these two principles with two others which I shall formulate as: Principle of the Superior and Principle of the Inferior. The principle in the person of Mary expresses the superior showing us how to serve God and how to be in harmony with the higher beings—the saints and the angels— who know more than us: they know how to humble themselves and submit. We shall sit quietly and calmly at the feet of the Master to receive enlightenment. You will ask, "How many are the Masters?" There is One Master that I know of—the Master is One. He may have 250,000 hairs on His head, but it does not mean that they are 250,000 Masters. A tree may have many branches, but they are not trees. However, one and the same life flows in the tree and in its branches. This is the way you should conceive of unity. And when the Master comes, that is the Spirit, Who is in you, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, you must listen deeply in yourself to the soft and tender voices of love. Love is not sour, it is a soft, tender power. What do you like in life? Imagine everything in the world in the likeness of Martha—all taking brooms, raising dust and noise. What music would that be? I believe that houses would be in perfect order, there would be fine furniture, fine clothes, we would have wonderful farms, but there would be no life. And conversely, if everything was in the likeness of Mary, all would be salt. But if there were no Marthas what would be salted? Mary has a relation to something else, to another principle, a different foundation. The Superior Principle, Mary, shows the way we should serve God individually. In this service we shall find the sense of our life. To the extent to which we understand the inner sense of our soul, to that extent shall we understand the other beings who live around us. As soon as we have learned the first—the Superior Principle—to submit to God, we shall learn the second principle—to submit all inferior elements, to conquer the Inferior Principle in people. And when contemporary science speaks of conquering Nature, I understand that it wants to conquer Martha who makes much noise. We must learn to be good Masters. Those who have not learned to submit to God and serve Him, cannot be masters. Those who want to be masters must first learn to be servants— to be servants of God and to be submitted to Him. They must learn the higher Law—to sit like Mary at the feet of Christ. Christ says, "That good part Mary chose shall not be taken away from her." I shall give you as an example of this idea a legend. It speaks about the great violinist Paganini. One day during his concert tour in Europe, Paganini came upon an old, around 60 years of age, violinist with shaking hands, blurred eyesight and a small dish beside him, his violin on the ground, since he could play no more. Paganini stopped before the old violinist, picked up his violin and started playing. In a short time a big crowd gathered around him, each one putting a gold or silver coin in the beggar's dish. He played until the dish was full. This is how Paganini paid his tribute to the poor old man. This old man sat at the feet of Paganini as Mary set at the feet of Christ, but he did not say, "Let us see what will come out of all this." He listened to his master's playing. "Yes," he said, "I see now my great Master—the Master of life." The dish is the vessel into which great and good thoughts are poured. When this great Master starts playing in you, your vessel will be filled with noble thoughts and desires and you will be weak and crippled no more, but become young, vigorous, good and strong. I would wish that in a given case you would do the same. This does not mean that you should devote all your life to serving, for when Christ commended Mary, He only wanted to say, "I do not want you to give me all your time in service, but only your spare time, no matter how little it may be. The rest of the time you are free to do your duties in life." The great teaching does not want in the least our neglecting the duties in life. Only that hour, set aside for Mary, must be given her. Paganini does not always stop, this is a rare moment. He takes the violin, plays for a while and passes on. In the same way, Christ will stop some day before you when you are burdened, tired of life, thinking your life has no sense, that you are of no use to anyone, that the art you are studying is of no value. Then He will stop before you and start playing on your violin. Therein is happiness—to hear how a great Master plays or paints, or to see a great artist. This is the teaching we should study, the teaching of revering God and submitting ourselves to Him; only by this submission we shall learn great Virtues. What does present day friction, or conflict, among people spring from? From the fact that people are sour, not soft and tender. If all people were soft and tender, life would be happy both outwardly and inwardly. If people would have mutual respect for one another and were pliant, there would be great harmony in life. I do not commend people who quarrel daily, they murmur every day against God. We hear murmuring everywhere—scientists, doctors, professors, priests, and preachers—all are murmuring. If someone is a shepherd, he will say that his sheepfold is small, he would want a bigger one—this is murmuring too. The learned person murmurs that few abilities have been given to them. Who is to blame? Always God is blamed. I am not speaking about you, who are here, but about those who are in the world—everybody is murmuring. The Law of the superior life requires of you that gratefulness and love of God should always spring from your heart. Some people ask, "Where is God? How can we find Him?" Even little children can find God. Already 2,000 years have passed since the philosophers have begun to prove by argumentation where God is—in the sky, on the stars, on the Earth or in the human heart. They are still looking for Him, but no one has found Him. The preachers say He is in the human heart; the astronomers say he is in the Universe as the Law of gravitation. Some say He exists, others deny His existence. I shall use a figure to show you on what these philosophers base themselves. Imagine that God, like the Sun, rises and sets every 24 hours from east to west. Moreover, imagine that when God rises, you fall asleep and sleep until He has set and after He has set, you wake up and look for Him all night. When you do not find Him, you fall asleep again when dawn breaks and after He has set again, you look for Him all night. A day, two days, a month, a year, ten or more years pass and you are seeking Him all the time and do not find Him anywhere. I say: only change the relation of things and you will find God—sleep at night and be awake in the morning when the Sun rises. I see Him every day: I sleep at night, but in the morning, when dawn breaks, I get up and meet Him. This is the philosophy of life. God rises as the Sun. What do people do at night at present? They go to concerts, balls, to theaters and when God rises, they are sleeping. They are aristocrats, of noble birth. All people who sleep in the morning and in the daytime are of the culture of the owls. That is why they suffer. But this night culture must be substituted by the culture of the day. As soon as day breaks, you will get up and stand waiting at least haft an hour, then God will appear before your face and you will draw from Him strength, energy and health and the whole day you will be bright and cheerful, working with vigor. Some philosophers say, "God is an aristocrat, He does not accept everybody, so we must appear dressed up before Him." Now, I shall use another figure as an objection. When the Sun rises, all animals—good and bad, beautiful and ugly— come our in their clothing such as it is. God shines upon everyone—the snakes and the lizards, the mosquitoes and the loathsome creatures who do so much harm. He does not say to them, "You must hide in your hole!" In the same way you can appear before God and bask in His Light and heat. This is the sense of life. We do not suffer from the fact that there are many snakes on the Earth; their number is determined, they are in their place, but when they become twice as many as they are, the extra number must be destroyed by all means. When the number of the wolves is within the determined bounds, they are in their place, but when they multiply too much, again the extra number must be destroyed. Thus, if you do not put to work every thought and every desire you have, i.e., if you have not learned to serve God, this thought and this desire will command you. And then by the same Law, as you oppose God, your desires and thoughts will oppose you. If you can apply in your life what I am telling you, you will see how efficient it is and what results you will have. Some say, "Let us educate the world, discipline the people!" In this sense, I do not believe in disciplining, because all people are individual cells of the Divine organism, of the Divine body and each one must discipline itself individually. I cannot command anyone. To command a person is sacrilege, lying to God. I do not want to command. Why? Because all people are God's and I have no right to command and misuse another's possessions, I have the right to be master only of my thoughts and desires—I can command them. However, I must be a servant to everything outside of me. You must do the same. Now we shall come down to the inferior elements—the irrational. What is said in the first chapter of Genesis? "God created heaven, the first day and then—the Earth." Heaven implies Mary, and earth—Martha. The Earth was not organized, or was sour. The people of learning say that when Martha appeared, there was storm, a hurricane, fire, steam rising and then God said, "Martha, Martha, you are making big noise, but progress does not lie in that. Mary chose the good part. Look up!" The Earth, Martha, looked up and started turning round itself and round the Sun. That way life appeared on it, many creatures were created and finally—humans. When God finished His work, He said, "Everything about Martha is good." And that was the first day, then came the second, to the seventh day. Now some of you are Martha—making a noise and flames coming out of their hearts and minds. Martha has no lakes or rivers, but the great Master says, "Martha, Martha, be not worried! Only one thing is necessary—heaven, the rational, the great thing in the world. Look up to heaven, it will give sense to your life." When you look up your spirit will immediately start moving regularly round its center and you will find the sense of your life. To find sense in life means to have a center around which to move and which center will daily supply what is necessary for your needs. Thus, God has created in us simultaneously both Martha and Mary—the two poles of the human soul. I could explain the inner meaning of these two principles active in the world, but when much knowledge is accumulated and is not applied, certain sediments are formed and people become confused, not knowing what to do. A student from an Evangelical school, who wanted to excuse himself for not knowing his lesson in Bulgarian grammar, said to his teacher, "There are many grammar textbooks in Bulgarian by Ikonomov, Grigorov and others, which one should I study from?" He excused himself this way once, twice, but finally the teacher said to him, "Listen, friend, I do not want to know what the grammar books of Ikonomov and Grigorov say, I want you to study my grammar!" When God comes to you, you say, "There are philosophers like Kant, Schopenhauer, Tolstoy who say so and so, but there is contradiction among them, who shall we follow?" God will say, "You will follow what I tell you." When you want to follow the Divine Truth, you must go deep into your soul, only then will you understand life in its deep sense. Different abilities will come to birth within you and you will see other, greater beings than you and then you will say, "How blind we have been!" I ask, if you were in the state of an ant and some philosopher would step on you and smash you, what would you think of his feet? You would say that a big rock fell on you and smashed you. But this rock is only a small part of this giant. Some day you say, "Fate is against me, it persecutes me." Fate is nothing other than the foot of some great philosopher who has stepped upon you. Do not stand in the path of the philosophers, of the learned people, they will not stop because of you, they march on their way and if you interfere, the foot of the philosopher will smash you. When you complain, I shall say, "Your place is not on this philosophical path, you are ants and must choose other paths." This is a philosophy of life. When I see the misfortune of a person, I look up and notice a giant who has stepped on them and smashed them. God has made the world and all other worlds. In the Milky Way, there are 18,000,000 suns and each one of them is moving along its definite orbit. There is a distance of 25 billion kilometers from one sun to another, so that collision should be avoided. God has drawn these orbits. He has drawn an orbit for your life as well, has given you a certain space and has said, "Never pass beyond the boundaries of your kingdom." You want to make a contract with some other kingdoms; the men and the women of two kingdoms made a contract to form one kingdom and quarreled in the end. Why should they quarrel? Let everyone reign in their kingdom. Someone says, "Come, let us put our money together in the same place to preserve it." Let everyone keep their money in their own purse! Do not entrust your money to anyone. On earth, no matter whom you may entrust it, it will be taken away anyhow. That is why Christ says, "Lay your treasures up above—this is the true sense of life." So we are wrong in that we want to distort the life God has ordered. I know of people who hate someone and carry them everywhere in their minds. Leave that person alone and hold only onto God! He lights up everything, allow Him in your holy of holies. People today are polytheists; they have Gods of labor, of glory, of power and burn incense to all of them. Take your hammer, throw all these idols out, or break them up, then sit at the feet of your Master and you will understand the deep sense of your life. This is what Christ means by the words, "The good part Mary has chosen shall not be taken away from her." You worry about many things, taking care of this and that thing, yet you are master of these things; so take them and throw them out. I have noticed how some masters sit in their chairs, like me now, and give orders. They want to be given something which they themselves can take, but they ring the bell once, twice and finally they go out and start scolding the servant. Their calmness and peace are of more value, however, than the fact that the servant has not brought their chosen shoes at once. Do not wait for others to do the things you can do yourself. Go and take your shoes and then moralize the servant to do their duties properly. This is what God wants of you, because this servant is not yours, but someone else's. When I say I am a servant, I do not have in mind you, the people; I am a servant of God. In London a Baptist preacher once went to see another preacher by the name of Spurgeon and to give himself more importance, he wrote on the visiting card, "One of your brothers in Christ is waiting outside, wishing to see you." Spurgeon wrote on the other side of the card, "Now, I have work with our Master." If anyone comes from outside and says a brother of yours in Christ is waiting for you, tell them you are speaking with their Master. Therefore, the servant you are calling from outside to bring you your shoes, has work with their Master and if you break their peace, their Master will take you by the ear. This is the greatest philosophy people today must learn. We must be servants of God. When we learn this great Law, our relations will be normalized. I see how this Law works: when you are in a good mood, all people seem pleasant, but if you are indisposed and have gotten up on the wrong side of bed, the whole day people will seem in the wrong and annoy you. This state may last a week, or a month, we call it a new philosophy— pessimism—and such people—pessimists. In order to justify the weakness of some person, you say they are pessimists. This is according to the words of Schopenhauer. In this sense, you are all philosophers. Bulgarians stand even higher than Schopenhauer, all have this pessimistic trait—the Bulgarian is easily discouraged and falls into despair and then comes Schopenhauer's philosophy, Martha comes. I say—you are obliged to submit to God! Since you do not serve God, all these misfortunes come to you. There is no other fate in the world! The day you submit to God, to your fate, all others submit to you. This is the teaching of Martha and Mary. Mary—this is heaven, Martha—the Earth. Mary this is the higher state of the heart, Martha—the lower state of the heart, Mary—this is the higher state of the mind, the Theosophists call it manas31 superior, Martha is the inferior manas. When you go to your homes, which I see as beautiful and splendid, say to yourself, "Come, Martha, come, Mary, you are two good sisters." Christ is the superior Spirit, the superior principle. If Mary would have answered Martha, she would have said, "Wait for a while, I want to listen and after that I shall help you." Christ was speaking, that is why Mary was not working. When you return home, if you get angry and start talking loudly, say to yourself, "Martha, do you know what the Master says? You must submit!" Mary should be noble, delicate, and speak kindly to her, saying, "Sister, wait a while, I shall be of service to you a little later," and when her sister speaks petulantly, she should say, "How nicely, how pleasantly you are speaking!" There is a certain harmony between the noble and the ignoble, as there is a relation between Love and hate. I know both sisters. Whoever comes between them, they stifle them out of love and when the person dies, they say, "What have we done?" Love says, "Come, let us raise them!" Hate says, "I shall bury them." "All right," says Love. They put some earth on the person, but then comes Love and after heating them up from above, she raises them up. Hate and Love work together in the world, but you have such a bad opinion of hate, of envy. They are really snakes and lizards, but in some cases they are pleasant. What would the world be like without snakes, lizards, flies, and so on? Point out such a world! How is your world better than this? No, the way this world is made is great in its intentions, in its expressions and manifestations. What you are constantly complaining of is the disharmony within you, it is Martha—the unorganized earth. The noise which is constantly taking place in you is namely what disturbs this harmony. God's Spirit must descend and say His word. And so the Spirit has come down, giving orders. He is working. You must have an indomitable faith in the principle, living in Mary. Have faith also in the principle, living in Martha. Have faith in Christ, for Christ, Who is above them, joins them. You also should join these three—your spirit, your Mary and your Martha—and should start the New Year with this act. I will not complete what I have said, but will leave a great interval, a gap, to see how you will solve the puzzle. I am a clairvoyant and when I look at your future, I see how some rise, others fall, some follow the spiritual path, while others twist and turn. In the end, all will be well, only that there will be swaying and loitering. When people get on a big ocean liner, some people throw up because of the constant swaying of the ship, but others do not. How interesting these aristocrats are on the ocean! The first day, they are in high spirits, well-dressed, decked with rings, and necklaces, all happy and content. When the ship starts swaying, everybody begins to look thoughtful like philosophers, listening to an important lecture. The second day, they begin to feel sick to the stomach, start eating lemons, laying on the floors and vomiting. When they land and are asked how they crossed the ocean, they say, "We arrived safe and sound." Yes, but when you cross this ocean from earth to heaven, how many times will you vomit! You will say, "Passing this ocean is serious business!" As soon as you reach the land, you will have good appetites, because you will be well cleaned up. This Martha in the ocean raises much noise around herself, shakes ships, creates weeping and wailing, but as soon as you step on the shore, and Mary comes, you say, "Thank God, we are safe and sound!" Fear not! Be always with your great Master that you may solve the problem of life. You have many complex problems in life: bringing up children, relations between men and women, relations to society and humanity. You have many obligations. How will you finish them? Some think that when they become Christians, they have no obligations. No, just the opposite—a Christian has more obligations and must fulfill them very well. When a day ends, they must feel a great inner calm that they have done what they should have done and if anything had been omitted, to put it in their program for the next day. One day you will be Martha, another day—Mary, but when you are at the feet of your Master, then let both Martha and Mary calm down, for an hour let all and everything calm down. This is the teaching and the thought Christ sets forth. Learn to serve the Superior that you may be masters of the inferior! Sermon held on January 14, 1917, in Sofia _____________________ 30. Luke 10:40-42. 31. Manas—(Sanskrit) the mind, all mental expression of the human psychological faculties (ed. note).
  11. Беседата на български Note 5 The Distinctive Features of Life Year 2, Lecture 4 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) given by the Master Beinsa Douno on October 25, 1922 Wednesday, Sofia Fir-fur-fen Tau-bi-aumen Secret prayer The disciples' essays on the topic “The Distinctive Features of Life” were read. Contemporary people say that Life is motion. Do you agree with this? How do you understand Life? The following verse was read: “A kind word on the tongue is the key to people's hearts.” What is the most important phrase in the above verse? – “A kind word”. Where does the kind word originate from, and where does Love originate from? Can we say that Love originates from Life? Can the cause originate from the effect? You might say that Love creates Life. No, Love cannot create Life. Why? Because Life itself cannot be created. The process of creation is a mechanical process. You can create, you can build a house, but you cannot create Life in that sense. Then you might say that Life doesn’t exist. Life is without beginning and without end. Can you say that something that doesn’t have a beginning and an end exists? In its original sense the word exists was in an ascending state, but gradually it started to descend and today in the Bulgarian language we see it in a descending state. The word exists stems from the root “са” (Bulgarian for "are"), which means manifestation, expression. That is, Life manifests itself. I’ll ask you several more questions. Can something that manifests run off? If your answer to me is that each thing that manifests runs off then I’ll ask you, where does Life remain? What do you make out of the word life? When you read your essays, I notice that you strive to write something beautiful, using beautiful phrases for this purpose, however, you aren't concerned as to whether these essays contain the Truth. In this respect you resemble those fashionable ladies who wear beautiful and expensive clothes to present themselves before the world, without paying attention to whether their clothes are warm or comfortable. However what is allowed to a worldly man isn't allowed to an occult disciple. When a worldly man is hungry, when he has travelled for several days without bread and has no relatives whom he can address, he will beg from this or that person. He will appeal to their nobility, to their benevolence that they might give him something to eat. But if an occult disciple finds himself in such a situation, he isn't allowed to speak as words are unnecessary. He should only say, “I am hungry!” – Nothing more. A third word would be irrelevant. Whoever hears him, will say, “The man is hungry; let’s give him something to eat.” Everyone knows what hunger is. If the hungry man starts to explain why he is hungry, how long he has been starving for, everyone who passes him by will say, “Never mind, don’t listen to him, this man isn't hungry.” Hunger is something powerful by itself. Each explanation would make it powerless. Let’s come back to the question of Life. What is your opinion – is it possible to define what Life is? Some people say that Life is consciousness, i.e., that outside consciousness Life doesn’t exist. The word consciousness is composed of a prefix meaning "with" and a word meaning "knowledge" – it means something accompanied by knowledge. Our Life doesn't include the whole of Life in existence, consequently Life cannot originate from consciousness. Consciousness cannot embrace our life even, let alone the entire life in existence. If we assume that Life is motion, the very motion itself is embraced by consciousness. This means that it is even less appropriate to view Life as motion. Now let’s trace out this thought further. What do you think – is consciousness something permanent? No, it isn't permanent. Is it possible then to measure Life by such an impermanent measure? If consciousness is something permanent, let’s subject it to a ten-day fast and see if it preserves its form or changes it. In this situation we will notice that consciousness, which initially was bright, gradually starts to darken. While your consciousness is bright, you are quiet, calm, and content. As soon as it starts to darken, you become nervous, discontented, and not able to control yourself. Consequently, if consciousness is a permanent, constant measure, it can be said that Life is consciousness. But it is impossible to compare Life with such an impermanent, changing value as consciousness. An artist draws a beautiful picture and he is glad at the sight of it; what is his joy due to? Is it due to the picture itself, or to something else? Can someone be delighted with an object in which there isn’t any Life at all? Can he feel delighted at the sight of a precious stone? Man cannot feel delighted with a picture, or some precious stone. The Delight is a result of something else. A young man loves a young lady; if this young man finds a precious stone and gives it to his beloved as a present, he will be glad. Yet his joy wouldn't be due to the precious stone but to the fact that he has given it to his beloved. If she didn’t exist the precious stone wouldn’t have any value to him. So, let everyone answer to himself what his Life consists of. Reflect on this topic. Consider especially the word life and watch closely how you will feel it deep inside you and how this word is connected with you. Don’t look into what philosophers or scientists have said about life. The important thing is what this word means to you. Pronounce the word life in syllables, pronounce it in a drawling voice, as a song, while observing the impression it will make on you. At first sight this word seems simple, but it contains one of the greatest truths of Nature. You haven’t asked yourself the question whether you are alive in order to feel how interesting Life is. Now you pass for disciples from a special class. But suppose that you take all your essays about Life and read them to a seriously ill person. Do you think that your essays would be able to awaken the Life in him? What are your essays like? Let’s say that you go to bed in the evening and in the morning you start telling others that you went somewhere and you met a lot of people. Would this be true? Your body was in bed, your legs and your arms didn't move from their places – how did you walk then? Were you awake, or were you asleep? You were asleep. If you had been awake you would have remembered where you went. Such is your state in your everyday life too – you think that you are awake. No, you aren't awake. You are still sleeping, but it is time to wake up. I am not the only one who says you are sleeping – you say it yourselves too. When some new idea enters your mind, you say, “I woke up! I wonder why I have been sleeping until now?” As soon as you find yourselves in greater light, you say, “Now I can see, I feel like I am awakening from a deep sleep.” That you are in a sleeping state can be seen from the fact that all the objects around you and all your notions are scattered and disconnected in your mind. When I am saying that you are in a dreaming state I don’t mean to criticise you, but I do want to give a new direction to your thoughts. What does the word "sleeping" mean? Imagine that you go to a music teacher and you want him to give you lessons. The teacher shows you the violin, the bow, he opens the sheet music and he watches closely what you do. You see a violin, a bow, some dots, some lines – some of them going up, others going down – and you leave. This is not music yet. You are intelligent and capable, you have the desire to learn music. The next day you still want to study music so you visit your music teacher again. He shows you the same things, but he also gives you a sheet of paper and a pencil and watches closely what you do. You take the pencil and you start describing the function of the violin, the bow and the notes etc. Again this isn't music yet. On the third day you go to your music teacher, you take the violin in your hands and you start practicing. He shows you how to hold the violin and the bow; he shows you how to play. Day after day you continue in this way until one day you are finally able to play on your own. All the notes need to enter your mind, your consciousness and then you can say you know what music is. Life is something similar. While you didn't know how to play you were asleep as far as music is concerned; as soon as you learn how to play, you become awake for music. Have you tasted Life? You say that Life is joy. Have you tasted joy? There is a lot of grief in life. Have you tasted this grief? Human beings haven't tasted real grief yet. Is the grief of the sheep that loses its life and that of the man who loses his hat one and the same? What kind of grief is that of the man who has lost his hat? This isn't grief at all – it is pure illusion. There is one single kind of grief that I know and it is the grief upon the loss of Love. There is no greater suffering for a human being than to taste Love and then lose it. This grief is true; it is real. Consequently, it is possible to grieve only for the Real and not for the illusions in Life. When does a man rejoice? When he finds what he has lost. There are two important things which Life requires: food and water. This means that hunger and thirst are two strong factors which can deprive all beings of Life. When a human being is hungry, the Life in him manifests and demands food. Unless he eats some food, he feels anguish, unrest and suffering; the minute he eats the food, peace and contentment fill him. This is the way simple, uneducated people understand Life. You might ask, “Are only food and water necessary for Life?” Life requires a lot of elements. I’ll give you the following example: imagine that they lock one person in a room and from time to time they bring him bread and water. He stays in this room for a year or two and everybody knows as he himself knows that he is alive and he is living in this room. After a time they take this person out of the room and place him in a beautiful garden. In this garden he is able to walk freely, breathe fresh air and enjoy the light. He says, “Now I am alive.” Shortly after they take this person to a rich library and let him read whatever he likes there according to his preference. He starts feeling satisfied and happy and says, “Now I live much better, I am beginning to understand the meaning of Life.” As you can see, in the first example this person is alive, but he lives as a prisoner. In the second example he is also alive, but he lives like a free man. In the third example he lives with all his inner and outer needs met. Life should be understood in all its most subtle manifestations, in all its most subtle requirements. A person who experiences Life in its most subtle and meaningful manifestations is always satisfied, because the sphere of his activity is widening. He experiences the pleasant feeling of growth, the feeling of life in his mind, heart, and soul. I am using the word "soul", but this is something obscure to you. The soul is outside of time and space. What are time and space in reality? They are two temporary measures which are used to define things in the material world. Life causes a warm and pleasant feeling in man. Once someone has experienced this feeling, he can never forget it. Imagine that you are climbing a slippery cliff; you go slowly, carefully, but accidentally you slip. At that moment a friend of yours grabs your hand and prevents you from falling. This change in your feelings, the horror that you experienced and the support that you received awakens a tender, warm feeling in you – a feeling which is a manifestation of Life. No matter what trials you undergo in life, you will never forget this feeling. The stronger your friend's love was, the stronger this feeling is in you. He supported you at the risk of losing his own life. Analyse this feeling inside you in order to understand at least the external side of Life. What characteristics do people attribute to Life today? Some people say that Life brings joy, grief, and motion. Others say that Life is a state of the soul in which the soul becomes aware of itself, i.e. a state in which the soul is aware that it lives, that it is in harmony with itself and with the great law of Nature. Being in harmony with yourself means that everything inside you should be in complete order. Imagine that you have a nice and well-arranged garden; imagine that all its pathways are covered with sand and you are walking along the pathways, satisfied and happy. Inadvertently, though, you forget all the things you carried with you on the pathway – a jar here, a small chair there, scattered stones somewhere else. In the evening you go home satisfied that everything is organised and in complete order. It happens that the very same evening while you are deep in your philosophical contemplations, you decide to go out to have a walk in the garden and get some fresh air. While walking on the pathways, you stumble over the jar and you wonder who has left this jar in your way. Then you stumble over the small chair or a stone and you wonder who has left these things in your way. You have forgotten that you yourself have left these objects on the pathways of your garden. After stumbling over one object after another you finally say, “It is really strange how the world has turned upside down!” Who has turned the world upside down? You yourself have turned your world upside down, you yourself have put these stumbling blocks in the way of your life and now you wonder who has put them there. You stumble over some object and you start grieving. Do you really have to grieve because some small chair has been overturned? Should you feel sorrow because you stumbled and fell on the ground? You should feel sorrow if you learn that some enemy of yours has put this stumbling block in your way. But if you know that you are the only reason for this, then there is no need for sorrow. And then nothing else remains other than to reach down, pick up the obstacle and put it aside. Therefore, when studying Life, start with its most essential and simplest manifestations. As regards the essence of Life, this is an issue that you will never solve. Understanding the essence of Life means understanding what God is – in His fullness. It is impossible to understand God in His complete fullness. You cannot even understand the brightness of His consciousness. He is constantly alert, His consciousness embraces everything, and He is sovereign - unlimited and powerful in his ability do whatever He wants to. To you this is incomprehensible. Within yourself you become aware that you cannot do whatever you like, and so you feel unhappy. There is no need to suffer because your growth lies namely in your helplessness. Today you are filled with joy, you are jumping, singing, you think you can achieve everything; tomorrow you see that you cannot achieve anything. Today you are ascending, tomorrow you will descend, but you don’t know why you ascend or descend. It is exactly in these contrasting states that you grow. If someone asks you why you have come to this world you will not be able to answer. If someone asks you where you have come from – again you know nothing. Some philosophers, some scientists say that you have come from the outer world, but you don’t remember this. Do you have some memories from the outer world? Not only you don't have such memories, but you don’t even remember anything from the first year of your life. Do you remember anything from the first year of your childhood? You don’t. You don’t remember anything from your second or your third year even. Perhaps only in the fourth year of your childhood did your consciousness gradually start to awaken and as a result of this you have preserved some memories from that time. When you reason and analyse things in this way, you will see that there are some issues which are difficult to solve and which you'd better set aside. For instance, what would you write on the topic: “What is God?” Some would write that God is the Primary great force, which has created the world, which pervades the atoms and the molecules and which sets them into motion – this force has created the whole Cosmos, all the worlds, all the oceans, all the seas, etc. This isn't God. Others would write that God is Love. What does this Love consist of? When God, that is God’s Love, penetrates in man, he feels inside a warm, expanding feeling towards everything that is alive in the world. Such a person isn't narrow-minded, he sees things properly. Nothing is able to disturb his balance. They might rob him of his millions, they might deprive him of his houses – he wouldn’t wince. He knows that the warm and great feeling he has inside is worth more than any wealth in the world. When they rob him, he penetrates those who have robbed him and becomes a master again. When a certain form disintegrates, Life takes on another form, but this feeling remains. There is no form in the world that could limit this feeling. The problem is not that the form might disintegrate, but that the person may lose this feeling, that Love may abandon him. Anyone who has this feeling in him will remain quiet and calm even if he meets a bear on his way. Why? Because he would penetrate the bear with his consciousness, and the bear will surely step back. A person who has Love knows that the One lives within all beings. As long as you look at all people and all living beings as something separate from you, as something separate from your consciousness, you will always suffer. Then bears will attack you and people will cause you harm. You should look at all living beings as consciousness through which one and the same Life flows. There is one Life; one consciousness penetrates all living beings. Now I will give you one task, one experiment to do: to transform one of your sorrowful states into a joyful one. Imagine that you get up early in the morning and deep within yourself you feel a great sorrow. You feel like working – you don’t feel like working, you feel like talking with someone – you don’t feel like talking, you cannot stand anyone, you don’t love anyone. Your grief continues to increase and you reach a state of great despair. What should you do in this situation, how can you help yourself? Here is what you can do: for a moment remain quiet and calm within yourself and go over your sorrowful state in your consciousness. After that, try to transform this state of yours using the laws of harmony. If you succeed in achieving this, you will notice that a small amount of Joy penetrates your consciousness and your grief gradually weakens until it disappears completely. It means that Joy penetrates grief, so it disappears completely. Then you find out that there is no need for sorrow. If the opposite happens, then grief penetrates Joy and drives it away. Everyone has experienced this: today he wins one hundred leva and he is delighted, tomorrow he loses one hundred leva and feels sad. These weals and woes are temporary and transient but with their help people grow and evolve. These are experiences that each of you has passed through and continues to pass through every day. For example, you are a disciple in an occult School and you have thought of something nice and you are glad, you are satisfied with yourself. Then your Master comes to you and tells you that you don’t know a B from a bull’s foot, that you know nothing; immediately you believe him and you become disheartened, your mood changes. I am asking you – should the disciple get discouraged at once? If he has knowledge, can this knowledge disintegrate because of one word coming from his Master? Imagine that on your back you carry a rucksack with forty kilograms of gold; suppose that you meet an acquaintance of yours and he asks you: “What do you carry in your rucksack?” – “I carry forty kilograms of gold.” “You are mistaken, you haven’t got any gold in your rucksack.” – “Don’t I? I’ll prove it to you right now.” So you take your rucksack off your back and you start counting the gold. I say: this is what true Knowledge is. The one that has Knowledge cannot have doubts in it. So when they tell you that you know nothing, you should get your rucksack off your back and start examining your knowledge. The task of the occult School is to free disciples from the outdated views which have deposited in their consciousness from the past. The value of contemporary people’s views is similar to the value of paper money, of the banknotes that they use. For instance, at present gold is hidden and people use primarily paper money whose value decreases every day. So there is some uncertainty in the lives of people – some uncertainty which they should free themselves from. The same holds true about knowledge too. Some thoughts and ideas are stored in human subconsciousness which aren't real and which don't have positive value. For this purpose your consciousness should be stirred into action, so you can free yourself from your unreal knowledge and keep with you only the knowledge that comes from life experience. If you cannot help yourselves, then ask some friend of yours to help you. If he understands the laws, your friend will change your state and you will see that this knowledge which you used to attach great importance to before, is worth nothing today. We call these changes in your states occult massages. Contemporary medicine recommends massages. Occultism also recommends them, but under the condition that the disciple’s mind is focused and concentrated. Whatever experiments you do you should know that not all of them will be successful. If ten experiments out of one hundred are successful, they are enough to add something to your belief in the laws of Intelligent Nature. Let’s come back to our main idea - Life. Many people say that Life is motion. There is motion only where this pleasant inner feeling is at work – the feeling of Love towards all living beings. Wherever this feeling is at work, there is Life. When you get up in the morning you should experience this feeling inside you, so you can be positive, active, and have an impulse for work. This is what it means to feel the impulse of each living being, irrespective of whether it is higher or lower than you. The first law of Life is the law of polarities. This signifies that the circle, which represents the entirety of Life, is geometrically divided into two equal halves. The letter "ж", with which the word “живот” (Bulgarian for "life") begins, is composed of the two halves of this circle, which have been turned with their back sides towards each other and joined by the diameter of the circle. This movement continues to infinity. These curved lines are called parabolas. If a body moves along such a curved line, it will go to infinity. When a body starts from the right thumb and moves upwards along the forefinger, one year, ten years, one hundred, one thousand or more years later, it will come back through the left hand, descend along the forefinger and reach the thumb of the same hand. If you join the tips of both thumbs and both forefingers, they will form the shape of the human being. These two semicircles which form upon the opening of the thumbs and the forefingers of both hands represent the polarization of human life. Consequently, man has originated from the movement of these two circles. The circle itself represents the Divine consciousness in which the human being moves. This consciousness is a common centre for all movements. The second law through which Life unfolds is the law of descending and ascending. During descent a reduction takes place, whereas during ascent widening and increasing take place. At these two points the warm and tender feeling in a person diminishes at one moment and at another moment manifests itself again, i.e. at times it decreases, at other times it increases. This pleasant feeling lasts for one moment only, but when it is lost, a certain gap remains in human consciousness. Even the smallest reason is capable of bringing a person to a position where he loses this pleasant and beautiful feeling. However you can gain this feeling in the same way that you have lost it. Consequently you should conceive Life as a moment – it manifests itself within the realms of time and space, but it is beyond time and space. Therefore Life cannot be embraced - it can only be felt. That is why a person can only note that a certain feeling has appeared, or another one has disappeared, but he cannot define when exactly it happened. The moment in which Life manifests itself is beyond time and space. If you draw a straight line over the middle of a human face, the letter "ж" will be formed. This shows that the human face gets polarized, that it can be divided into two halves. In one of them feelings occupy the first place and thoughts are second. In the other part of the face it is exactly the opposite – thoughts are in the first place and feelings are second. When we talk about the human who is made of flesh, i.e. the human who descends, we mean that his feelings have gained mastery over reason. When we talk about the spiritual human, we mean that intelligent Life has supremacy over his feelings. This can be seen from the very face of a human. When someone's lower feelings take over his thoughts, the lower part of his face gets harder and broadens; if noble thoughts and feelings prevail in him, then the upper part of his face narrows and gets more delicate. This can be used as a diagnostic tool to determine the direction in which somebody's inner life moves. For one week you should make the following observation on yourself: when you wake up in the morning, observe carefully if this pleasant feeling is present inside you. It is a constant feeling and it is present in everyone, but you have to watch yourself, perceive it properly and distinguish it from other feelings. As long as you focus on yourselves, try to feel this pleasant feeling of Life, observe it without criticizing. Some of you will notice that this feeling manifests in your mind, others – that it manifests in your heart, while others still will notice it manifesting in their consciousness. If it is in their consciousness, they will perceive it as a small, tender, pleasant light. It comes out from the centre of their consciousness as an intelligent force. Even the lightest touch of this light, of this intelligence is enough to transform a person and make him perceive things with greater wisdom. This is what awakening of consciousness and wise living mean. When you fall into a gloomy state, this light centre gradually starts to darken and small black dots which are in constant movement begin to form around it. While they are moving, they cast a shadow over the bright beams of this centre. Now I wish for you as disciples of the occult school to live and to make use of your own experiences – not the experiences of other people. As long as you use your own life experience, you will sit on the Eternal cliff where no dangers or surprises are possible. If you don’t have your own experience, then everyone will be able to deceive and fool you. You might say for some things that they are real, and for others that they aren't real. I am asking: are you alive? If you are alive, if you are on the eternal cliff, everything is real there. This can be proven easily. How? Take the candle of your life and see if you can read with its light. – “I can't read.” Since you can't read, then you aren't inside Reality. Come to me now and see if you can read with the candle of my life. – “I can read.” Since you can read then both of us are in Reality. This Reality never changes. Martyrs, who have a well-developed sense of Life, never change. Tortures, persecutions and suffering aren't able to shatter them or make them hesitate – they always preserve their feeling of Joy. Therefore, when it comes to Life, you shouldn't look for it anywhere on the outside – neither in Space, nor in the Sun. Where is Life? It is inside you. If you want to find Life you need to concentrate on yourself. This feeling of Life that occultists call Divine consciousness moves with a very high speed. It moves with such a high speed that in a single moment you can go wherever you want to – the Sun, Sirius, Venus etc. Because this movement is absolute, it seems that it absorbs all remaining movements while its own movement remains unnoticed. Those of you who haven't had such an experience would say, “It might be so, but it might also not be so.” Some day, however, when you find this feeling inside you, then you will see how high the speed of its movement is. Then you will feel that the whole Universe, all living beings – from the smallest to the largest, from the tiny flies to the Angels are within you. This movement manifests everywhere – it is Life itself. I wish that this feeling manifests within you and that all of you recognize the Life inside you. Do the following experiment: watch yourself for a whole week and see if you can discern this feeling within yourself. You will surely find something. All the ancient schools have taught us that man cannot know the lives of other people unless he gets to know his own. You shouldn't think that your present life is bad. No, it is the best life that you can have now. For the time being you cannot be given a better life than your present one. Next time I will subject one of you to a test to see what he has learnt from the lecture. The disciples will use words to offend him, and we will see if he is able to transform these words. It is not easy to pass such a test. Of course, those who will be subjected to this test should have a strong back and be able to endure. Don’t think that you will do without such tests. All of you will pass through a sieve. This test is scary! It is a whole operation which requires great composure. When they want to put somebody to the test they place him in a retort and there the tests begin. Once they see themselves in a retort, or lying on the operating table, many of you will say, "We never thought that these people who are so noble could treat us with such cruelty.” You should know that in the occult School the following morale is applied: they start badly and they finish things well. As long as the end result is positive, then the actions are considered moral. For us it is the end results which are important. You shouldn't think that we want you to give up your life. Not at all - we just want to show you the shortest route; we want to set in motion everything that has been deposited into your souls and remained there as potential for ages; we want all the seeds and forces within you to be developed and cultivated. If this is not achieved, then given the way you are living now, at some point you will stumble and come to a halt in your development. This is the reason why the occult schools have been kept hidden from people. Why? Because without understanding the laws, due to their curiosity people have caused them great mischief. They have done what some people still do to blossoming trees today: some person passes by a tree in bloom and without thinking much reaches out and breaks off a branch. After ten people break off a branch each, the tree becomes crippled. When a person does experiments there is a danger that after several people pass him by, each of them might break off a branch and cause him some harm. That is why Christ was telling His disciples that they should beware of swine. When the trees are blossoming, enjoy their scent from a distance, but don't touch their blossoms. Such is the great law of Nature. Now here is an analogy: when a school or university student is interested in the subject his teacher or professor is teaching, then the latter behaves especially well; if the student is careless about his lessons, then the professor is careless towards him, too. In the same way, as soon as we show an interest in this important psychological moment in Life, the Beings who are superior to us and who have completed their evolution, begin to show interest in us and to help us. An inner connection is established between their consciousness and ours. These Beings are close to you, but in order to feel them your consciousness needs to awaken and the tender feeling of Life to manifest inside you. Then you will feel that there is Life where you haven’t even imagined; you will feel that this Life is intelligent – something you haven’t thought of so far. Intelligent forces will then begin to flow in from places you haven't expected. This will be the result of your first experiment. In that case if you have decided to go, let’s say, to Musala, one of these intelligent Beings will start talking to you and determine the programme of your trip. It will tell you what time you should start, what paths to take, it will even tell you where you will meet a bear, so that you don’t get scared, etc. You start for Musala and everything happens as you were told. After that you will be told that you will meet an old man who will stop you and start a conversation with you; further on you will meet a beautiful young woman who will only smile at you. So you keep walking and indeed everything happens as predicted. When you get back home you remember all this and say, “Does anyone really talk to me?” Yes, of course someone talks to you. This Being makes a second attempt, then a third attempt with you; it says, “You will go to such and such a place, you will dig there and you will find a treasure. After that you will go further into the forest and after walking for ten kilometres you will dig in the soil at this particular place and you will find a valuable manuscript. You will find out the key to this manuscript and read it." I am asking now, is this an illusion or reality? – Whatever it says to you always comes true. When the spirits talk to you, however, nothing happens as they say – nothing comes true. When the intelligent higher Beings talk to you then everything turns out to be absolutely true without any exceptions. Finally, after you have done these experiments, your friend will tell you; “Be careful in your life because we see everything. Be careful in your thoughts, wishes and actions, because we know everything.” Then you will believe in this feeling inside you and will have gained valuable experience. And again you will hear the voice of your friend: “Always be cautious!” Secret prayer Source
  12. Беседата на български Note 5 Psychic Observation Year 2, Lecture 3 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) given by the Master Beinsa Douno on October 18, 1922, Wednesday 19.00h, Sofia Secret prayer The disciples' essays on the topic “The Distinguishing Characteristics of Life” were read. I will now give you a psychic exercise. You will all take out your notebooks or notepads and write down the title of the exercise: ”Psychic Observation”. The exercise is not difficult, but it isn't easy either. You need to do the exercise on an empty stomach. Exercise: hold your left hand up, with your fingers spread and bring your palm against your face. Place the index finger of your right hand on the index finger of your left hand (their tips should be touching). Observe the thought which passes through your mind at that moment, and note it down concisely, using two or three words only. It is possible that no thought passes through your mind – this shouldn't bother you. Observe whether your thought is pleasant or not, whether it is negative or positive. If it is negative, mark it with a black dot; if it is positive – with a light-coloured dot. You should be sincere in your observations, noting things as they are in reality without feeling embarrassed about it. For instance, you travel from Sofia to the village of Dragalevtzi. You see all kinds of things on both sides of the road, left and right. If you want to give an accurate description of the road, you will note everything as you saw it, without embarrassment. Do not think that if you state a given fact as it is in reality, you will look bad. This fact doesn't represent yourself; it is something separate from you. As you put your index fingers together so that their tips are touching, you should concentrate your thought for a minute. After that you will place your index finger on the middle finger of your left hand and you will again concentrate for a minute; you will observe what thought passes through your mind. Then you will place your index finger on the fourth finger of your left hand, then on the little finger, and finally - on the thumb. You will hold your index finger on each finger for a minute, observing your thoughts as before, and noting them in your notebook. As you do this exercise, you will notice that there is specific cosmic energy coming out of each finger. Each finger is a channel for a particular type of energy, a specific current. When the index finger goes through all the fingers of the left hand, you will put your hands together so that only the tips of your fingers are touching. When your hands are in this position, you will think positive thoughts. Do this exercise twice a day – in the morning and in the evening at no predetermined hour, but mostly after you have finished the work you had planned. This is the first part of the exercise. The second part of the exercise differs slightly from the first one in the following way: you hold the right hand up, fingers spread, palm against the face. The index finger of the left hand supports the index finger of the right hand, but this time at the middle point of the finger, not at the tip. When your fingers are in this position, you will concentrate your mind for about ten to twenty seconds. After that, the middle finger of the left hand will support the middle finger of the right hand and you will once again concentrate your mind. Then the fourth finger of the left hand will support the fourth finger of the right hand and so on. You will concentrate your mind for ten to twenty seconds when supporting each finger. While holding all your fingers in this position, you will raise your hands above your head, concentrate your mind for some time, and then bring your hands down. You will do that three times, then bring your hands down, but the last time they will separated from each other. You will do this exercise for a week – this means a total of fourteen times. When you do this exercise, you will observe the manifestations of your consciousness and the extent to which it is awake and expanded. Take this exercise seriously. Do it when you are by yourself, not in front of people, so that they don't spoil it. If somebody sees that you are holding one of your fingers up, he or she will say, “This person is calculating something.” When they see that you are holding two fingers up, they will wonder what it is that you are doing. The two arms of man were formed under different conditions: the right arm – during the involution* of man, whereas the left one – during his evolution. So when humans were coming down from the Invisible world, most of the energy was passing through their right arm. However, this energy had first passed through the left half of the brain, then – through the heart, and lastly – through the mind. You will be very careful when you do this exercise, and you will observe what changes take place in your consciousness. It is possible that no changes happen – this shouldn't discourage you. The exercise is interesting in itself even if you don't expect much from it. Such movement of the fingers is nothing other than music. In the future it will be possible to create such an esoteric instrument that could be played. This exercise has a practical application. When you are feeling down and risk losing your balance, do this exercise a few times until you restore your normal state. You should reflect on your thoughts while touching each finger. When you touch your index finger, you will say to yourself, “I must be noble in all my deeds!” When you touch your middle finger, you will say to yourself, “I must be just, to reason correctly about all things in Life!” When touching the fourth finger, you will say to yourself, “I must love science and art!” When touching the little finger, you will say to yourself, “I must be equitable in all my business deals, to comply with all the laws of the material world!” Therefore you will make yourself the master of your objective mind and you will say to it, “Listen, I want you to be a noble, just, reasonable servant, do not lie to me or steal from me, and finalize your deals properly. If you don't follow these instructions, I will fire you.” This is how you will converse with yourself, with your objective mind. When it realizes that it has a good, reasonable master, the objective mind is always ready to listen. There are two minds manifest in a person, but the Higher mind should rule over the objective mind. It is the objective mind that dominates in animals, which is why they are cruel. It is the subjective mind that dominates in herbivorous animals. The Bible calls these two minds “the two men” – the man of Flesh and the man of Spirit, who always live together. When you do the exercise you should also think about the planets that correspond to each of the fingers. The thumb, for example, is influenced by Venus, the index finger – by Jupiter, the middle finger – by Saturn, the fourth finger – by the Sun, and the little finger – by Mercury. Once you complete both parts of the exercise, you will do the following movement of the fingers: you will place the right index finger on the tip of the left little finger and you will slide the index finger down the hand, all the way to the wrist; from there you will slide it up to the tip of the fourth finger; from there again down to the wrist and up to the tip of the middle finger; from the tip of that finger, the index finger slides down to the wrist and then up to the tip of the left index finger; from there down and up to the tip of the thumb. In this way the right index finger will go to all the planets, passing through Mars – the planet of war, and the Moon – the planet of the imagination. The fingers of the hand should be spread apart. When you do the exercise, it is good to note the exact hour, minute and second you started it. This exercise requires great precision because it is connected with time and space. It is preferable that you do that according to the sun clock. Those who are sensitive may do the exercise the moment the first sun rays appear on the horizon. It is then that you will have excellent results. Whoever is sensitive can turn their backs to the east and feel when the first sun rays appear. Exactly at that moment, they will feel slight pleasant warmth in the Solar plexus. The spine is capable of perceiving the warmth of the first sun rays since it is connected to the sympathetic nerve system. Someday we could do the following experiment: in the morning before sunrise, the whole class will go out in the open, turn their backs to the east and concentrate. Everyone needs to be blindfolded at the time in order not to be able to see. I will be on the watch to see when the first sun rays appear. I will be asking you from time to time if the Sun has risen. Those, who are sensitive and have sensed that slight warmth in the Solar plexus, will immediately say, “The Sun has risen!” Everyone can do these experiments on their own and test their sensitivity. Sometimes you sense that warmth, but you doubt whether the Sun has risen or not. Every doubt causes a split of consciousness. As soon as your consciousness splits, you lose your inner impressions. * Involution is a term used by the Master Beinsa Douno which means the opposite of evolution. Source
  13. Беседата на български Note 2 Points of Contact in Nature Year 2, Lecture 1 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) given by the Master Beinsa Douno on October 4, 1922, Sofia Greeting: Without fear! Without darkness! Secret prayer All people ask themselves what good and evil in life are. Evil is useful in life as well as in nature, but it is not a necessity. When connected with the negative forces in nature, evil becomes a necessity. It represents the lowest vibrational frequency of Good. In life Bad, i.e. evil people, act as drains that impurities pass through. It has been written in the Scriptures that there exist impure and pure vessels. The impure vessels are bad people, while the pure ones are good people. Once they realize what kind of service they perform, evil people begin to suffer, gradually improve, and change their way of life. While they are not yet able to improve, they are dissatisfied with good people and say that they suffer because of them. This is the reason why evil people don't have a good disposition towards good people. Now that you know this, you should show understanding towards evil people. This is the occult view of evil. This explanation, however, isn't meant to encourage evil, but rather to help you understand its deep meaning as a law in nature, as a temporary necessity. As long as there are impurities in the world, there must also exist drains, vessels that these impurities can flow through. In the world, good and evil represent two schools with completely different programs and methods. The student of the first school should not pass into the second one, because he will lose the place which nature has determined for him. As long as he is in the first school, i.e. the School of the White Brothers, he will work with his head and his chest. Once he enters the second school, that of the dark brothers, he will work with the stomach and the liver where inevitably he will ferment. Therefore a man can live either in his head and lungs or in his stomach and liver. Then he will work according to the laws of either the White Brotherhood or the Dark Brotherhood. These two laws manifest everywhere in life. When someone raises only one finger, the index finger, for example, he wants to indicate with this gesture that he serves the White Brotherhood. The index finger is the flag of the White Brotherhood. When someone lifts two fingers - the index and the middle fingers, this indicates: "I serve both brotherhoods", or: "I give blessings on behalf of both brotherhoods, i.e. I will speak the truth when needed, when not - I will hide it." The two fingers are a sign of contradiction. This is dual morality: when the question is about God, I will work according to the first morals; when the question is about evil, I will work with both morals. In the first case I will work with the head and the chest, in the second one - with the stomach or the liver. It is up to you which rights a man should use - the rights of the white brothers or those of the dark brothers. When you raise both fingers and look at them this indicates that your subconsciousness is warning you to be careful in your actions and in your choice of method. By choosing the first method you will gradually learn to think correctly, you will learn that evil is not a punishment, nor is it something superfluous that you can change. One thing is expected of you: to be careful not to disturb the balance that exists between good and evil. The ratio between good and evil is determined by nature: for every one hundred good people there are ten bad people; and the other way round: for every one hundred evil people there are ten good ones. This is the first ratio, which is also the best one. There exist other ratios too: for every hundred good people - fifty evil ones, and the other way round, for every one hundred evil people - fifty good ones. The third ratio is as follows: for every one hundred good people - seventy-five evil ones, or for every one hundred evil people - seventy-five good ones. If for a given time period of 100 years the first ratio is in place - ten evil people for every one hundred good ones, a positive energy influx covering all aspects of life will be felt in the world; if it should happen that among one hundred evil people ten would be good, there would be a receding tide. For example, when a spiritual or religious wave comes into the world, then according to the first ratio, for every one hundred people ten people are non-religious; in the reverse case, for every one hundred non-religious people ten are religious, spiritual, good people. In no case can the number of good people fall below ten percent. There will never be a time when good people disappear from the world. The numbers one and ten are equally strong numbers. The number one represents the power of good people. Thus you should know that the positive and negative powers, i.e. good and evil are necessary for you but you should deal with them most wisely. This means that you shouldn't criticize each other and look for your negative traits, because you will get infected by them. When a student makes a mistake and strays from his path, the others should carefully look for the reason for his mistake, because they too can undergo the same trial. You cannot be judgmental about people's mistakes before you come to know Truth. How many ways are there to say the truth? There is only one way. If you use another way it will not contain the truth. For example, you visit a poor family. You stay there for an hour or two, it becomes dark and the host lights up a candle so that you can see each other better and continue your conversation in a lit up room. After an hour passes the host extinguishes the candle. "Why did you blow out the candle?" - "Sir, I am a poor man, my earnings are limited. If I let the candle burn out I won't have the money to get another one. Therefore if I light it up for a short time only it will last longer." This man speaks the truth. You visit another poor family, here too the host extinguishes the candle. "Why did you blow out the candle?" "Because, as you can see, we have a window looking out at the street and everybody can look into the room through the window." This man doesn't speak the truth. He points to the window as an excuse for blowing out the candle. In reality the reason is poverty. When you are asked something, you also answer either in the first or in the second way. Some of you say: I extinguished the candle because I can't afford to purchase a second one. The rest of you say: I extinguished the candle because people from outside look through the window to see what is going on inside. In other words, when one of the students makes a mistake he is ready to say the truth as it is in reality. He says: "I committed the crime, I am guilty because I don' t have enough moral strength to endure the trial." The disciple whom I compare to the second host says: "It is true that I have made a mistake but the fault lies with my friend who led me astray." I am asking, what kind of a disciple is he who follows his friend's lead? The disciple can follow only the lead of his Master. In order for you to come to know your Master I will describe to you the distinctive qualities of the Master of the White Brotherhood, as well as those of the one from the Dark Brotherhood. How does the good teacher differ from the evil teacher? The master of the Dark Brotherhood doesn't know truth and for this reason he pays great attention to the exterior: he dresses well in the best and most fashionable clothes, wears expensive jewellery, has rings with different precious stones. He says to his students: "Remember that you can find truth only with me." The Master of the White Brotherhood dresses in a modest yet always clean and neat way, and without any rings or other decorations. He says to his students: "Don't expect too much of me!" Therefore in order not to fall in error the disciple should know his Master not externally but internally. When a disciple of the School of the White Brotherhood visits his Master and starts to recount about some teacher who is very advanced and knowledgeable, the Master will not start attacking this teacher and calling him names, but will say: "You are right, this teacher knows much more than I do. He can accomplish certain things that I wouldn't dare to attempt. In this respect he is above me." "In such case I could go to him." "Go to him, you can learn something." He doesn't restrict his disciples but gives them full freedom instead. By going to the new teacher the disciple changes his place immediately: from the head he goes down to the stomach and the intestines where the impurities are, after which he ends up in the liver. When he sinks in these dark factories he starts to understand his first teacher and says: "I no longer wish to remain here. I would like to leave this prison as soon as possible. By not wearing any external decorations such as rings and other adornments, the Master of the White Brotherhood wants his disciple to find the inner wealth and purity of his teacher, his inner and not his external radiance. Realizing his inner poverty and dryness, the teacher of the Dark Brotherhood says: I will dress in rich clothes with fine adornments to be able to show my students what great wealth is in my possession." These are things of external value. Whoever has the desire to exhibit external wealth is poor on the inside. Whoever seems to be externally poor is internally rich. Beware of external delusions and remember that whenever a lot of promises are made, little is given; whenever little is promised, giving is generous. In the first situation you will run into beings of different levels of mental and emotional development and if you attempt to criticize them you will come under their influence. This is what fighting evil means. Whoever has tried to fight evil has always been defeated. All initiates and masters who have tried to fight evil have failed. Evil never succumbs, it is never defeated nor can it be brought under control. As an initiate, Apostle Paul said: "Defeat evil through Good." Thus Good can only partially restrain evil, so that these two powers can be balanced. Besides these two kinds of teachers there exists also a third one. These teachers make use of the methods of both brotherhoods but belong to none of them. Many of the teachers of the Dark Brotherhood have completed the school of the White Brotherhood, know all the methods and use them for the Dark Brotherhood. After finishing the school of the White Brotherhood some of the Masters of that school have also attended the school of the Dark Brotherhood so that they too know the methods of both brotherhoods. They use the methods of one or the other school according to the occasion. They take the liberty to do so because they are of a higher hierarchy than the others. The Masters of the White Brotherhood use the methods of their own school. The teachers of the Dark Brotherhood, who know the methods of both schools, often use the methods of the White Brotherhood for the benefit of their school. You need to know this because when you study the occult you may run into great difficulties and conflict. As disciples of a school of the occult you need to know your powers, because at the present stage of your development, with your present knowledge and moral strength, it is impossible for you to handle certain powers of nature. Why? - Because you can't withstand their inner pressure. I am talking to you now about these things in order for you to learn to differentiate between someone who speaks the truth and someone who doesn't. The Master of the White Brotherhood, the Master of truth brings three things with himself: freedom for the soul, light for the mind, and purity for the heart. The teacher of the Dark Brotherhood brings with himself enslavement for the soul, darkness for the mind, and impurity, defilement of the heart. These are the distinctive qualities of the schools of Light and of darkness, which every one has experienced. If you come across the school of darkness, immediately you will be prescribed a number of laws and rules which you simply must obey. As soon as you start obeying them you will notice that you fall into slavery and confinement. A long time may pass before you can be freed. It is difficult to escape from the iron hoops of slavery. Who can free you? - Truth. What will bring enlightenment to your mind? - Wisdom. What will purify your heart? - Love. What is Love? - Love is the most dangerous power in the world. Wherever it goes, it takes everything away: it opens and empties the purses of the rich, it carries away the full granaries of the farmers, it takes away the masters' servants. How does Love do it? By removing the servants' head-stalls. For a while it seems as if the connection between the master and the servant is severed, but later without the head-stall the servant goes to help his master free willingly. When this occurs you need to either accept love, or if you think that love has come prematurely, refuse it. - No, everyone needs to open their arms widely to accept love: the rich will empty their purses, the farmers - their granaries; the masters will free their servants. What should the state, the government give to love? One of the first forms of governing was monarchism, conservatism, i.e. repression. I am using this form of governing as a symbol, for clarification. I call these explanations first degree explanations. This means looking at the symbol as it is reflected in the nation. After that I will use another symbol figuratively, i. e. as a second-degree explanation. Such a symbol is the extinguishing of the flame of a candle. In this case the candle symbolizes life. Therefore every symbol should be examined first in its closest, most recognizable form, the way people use it, and later in its figurative sense. I wish that this year real, mindful harmony be created among you, but free willingly, not by force. This doesn't mean that you should tolerate everybody, but, knowing the law, at least not criticize each other. It is not a question of remaining blind to evil but rather of knowing that it is needed in this world. As soon as you see it you can distance yourselves from it. Once it becomes needed, evil has the right to exist. If it wasn't needed, it wouldn't exist. You are sitting somewhere entranced and suddenly an evil thought enters your mind. Why did this evil thought come? It came in order to take you out of this stupor. You need to be alert and not to get carried away. Therefore good and evil, positive and negative powers in nature, are as necessary as the floods and tides of the ocean. For example, you are sitting on a rock contemplating about God's Love, not realizing that the conditions where you are sitting do not comply with this Love. A child with a stone in its hand comes by, throws it at you and injures your head. This is a rising tide of evil which was aimed at you. Immediately you jump from the rock and start chasing the child. This way you were saved. Since you got carried away while sitting on the rock, if you hadn't run after the child you would have fallen into the precipice and lost your life. Without realizing it the child helped you escape this situation. There are hidden intelligent beings behind it who directed it to throw the stone at you. In this case you say: " Come evil, as it is worse without you". Therefore when someone injures your head and causes you sorrow, remember that rational beings did this through the child, thus wishing to tell you that you haven't come to this world to live blissfully. It is not a world of bliss. Therefore as long as you are in this world you shouldn't get carried away. Once you go to heaven you can get entranced, sing and jump as much as you like. In addition to high tides of evil there are also influxes of Good. Again you are sitting on the rock, but this time you are desperate, discouraged, ready to commit suicide. The same child passes by, throws the stone and fractures your skull. You drop the gun, put your hands on your head and forget about committing suicide. Good people come to your aid in this moment. They bandage your head and say some encouraging words. You relax, start thinking reasonably and say to yourself: "I am thankful to the child who injured my head, because if this hadn't happened I would have lost my life." Many such cases happen in life to good as well as to bad people in order to free them from evil. When an evil thought comes to your mind its purpose is to remind you that the world you live in is not yet the Kingdom of God, that you need to be alert. When a good thought comes to your mind its purpose is to advise you about which good deed to perform. These are thoughts you need to keep in mind as disciples of the occult. You may have many other philosophical thoughts, this is good too. This way you will be able to determine the degree to which the rules given to you are plausible. By evil and good, by negative and positive powers I mean powers that work in two opposite directions: evil operates in the roots, good - in the branches, in the blossoms. However both evil and good are necessary for life's development. Their services are strictly allocated. One day when you complete your evolution the Great Brothers who guide both schools as well as all of humanity will arrange a new way of living which is completely different to the present one. In the present conditions of life the plant lives like a plant with its head stuck in the ground; the animal lives like an animal; man - like a man, Irrespective of how much effort man makes, he cannot yet live like an angel. In the future man will pass through the favorable conditions of the angels, this however is not possible today. All of you are aiming towards the pre-determined peak but you need to remember that there is only one way that leads to this peak. The Master who is leading you is standing on that peak and saying: "There is only one way but there are turns that go down or sideways. Whatever diversion you may take, at the end of all ends you will see that the path is only one, the peak is only one." When you complete your evolution, i.e. when you reach the peak, you will meet your Master, who will show you a wide open field and say: "Now you can go wherever you wish, you are free." Until you reach the peak you will follow one path towards your Master. As soon as you reach him, many other ways open up and you can freely make a choice. As long as you are on the earthly plane there exists no freedom. Freedom exists high above, on the peak. Gaining freedom implies completion of one for of evolution and entering another one, a completely new one. In your present state you need to guard yourselves against delusions and thinking that another way besides the one pointed out to you, other easier methods for work may exist. The way is one and the methods are many, but remember that there are no easy methods in the world. Don't delude yourselves into thinking that because you are young you have the power to change the world. While they are students, young people think that they will write a book with which they will improve the world or that they will give a talk which will cause a radical change in people's way of thinking. Many of the prophets and teachers also have the same idea, but the Great Teachers who rule the cosmos know that everything will happen according to a completely new plan. When? After the end of this era. Now that you know this you should avoid criticism and not occupy yourselves with your negative qualities. This is a requirement of the science of the occult. When you stumble into one of your negative qualities immediately replace it with a good one. Do the same with your friends and brothers as well. Pay attention to what is good in yourselves an in your next of kin. Try as much as possible to avoid thinking about your shortcomings. You do just the opposite as if you have made it your conscious aim to occupy yourselves with your shortcomings. What happens in this case? Unknowingly you find yourselves in the Dark Brotherhood. The opposite happens too: if a student of the Dark Brotherhood is occupied with the positive qualities of his character he becomes a student of the White Brotherhood. Therefore I recommend that you work with your positive qualities. Regard your negative qualities as remnants of the past. I am not interested in the negative qualities of a disciple. I care to hear the truth from him. A doctor for example questions the sick person about his condition not because he is interested in his stomach or heart, but because he wants to know where the sickness is located. By pointing out your faults my intention is to help you free yourselves from them. In order to achieve this you need to know which virtue corresponds to the given fault. In this way you will influence yourselves. Good will chase out evil. I am not looking for the evil in you in order to reprimand you but rather to show you methods which cultivate the good instead of the bad. As disciples of an occult school you ought to act judiciously. I will not be telling you to be good and judicious. I am giving you methods instead which will help you act in the right way, judiciously. The mind needs to be fed food that conforms with reason. You may say that one needs to read books to feed his mind. - Do you know, however, what books you need to read? Do you know how you need to read? I would recommend to you the works of Shakespeare, Goethe, Kant or to read about the lives and deeds of the prophets and apostles. Many of the disciples read indiscriminately any book that finds its way into their hands and as a result their mind becomes cluttered. They spoil their taste for the truly beautiful and consider this or that not worthy. They become great critics with a high opinion of themselves. Once they notice that you are very knowledgeable, the White or the Dark Brotherhood will invite you to do some service. These schools need knowledgeable, educated people. If you are invited by the White Brotherhood, you will be sent as a preacher to a large church in America. After ten years you will be evaluated as to what category of preachers you fall into and how good your sermons are. If the Dark Brotherhood invites you, you will be made the prime minister of Bulgaria and will be instructed that these people cannot be governed with goodness and morality, but with an iron fist, with prisons. Thus you start sentencing one after the other until you make many enemies and accumulate a heavy karmic debt. All those you have jailed will create a number of misfortunes for you. This is what happens when someone is very knowledgeable. If someone knows a lot both schools will put him to work for their own benefit. For this reason disciples are advised to have positive knowledge and science. It is advisable for a disciple to be humble. The disciple must know every moment with certainty the source of every feeling, every action, every impulse - whether it comes from the right or from the left side. Every thought can have only two results, either good or bad. A thought may have good consequences in the beginning and bad ones in the end. And the other way round - it may have bad consequences in the beginning and good ones in the end. The same can be said about feelings and actions. And so all thoughts which cause constriction to the mind and deprive it of purity come from the left side and should be eliminated without fail. You have nothing to do with them. On the other hand, all thoughts which bring purity, light, and freedom come from the right side. Welcome these thoughts in yourselves and allow them to grow. When I speak of purity I mean living purity. Purity is mobile as are the colours of the spectrum. If you place a glass prism over a white cloth it will be colored according to the colours of the spectrum but only as long as the prism is exposed to sunlight. As soon as the rays of the sun stop passing through the prism, the cloth turns white again as it was before. Truth acts in the same way: it colours, beautifies things without staining them. As long as the prism of truth acts upon a certain object it colours it red, blue, green or any other colour; as soon as the prism is removed, the object turns back to its original state. You complain that someone has tainted you. This is an easy problem to solve. It is enough to remove the prism of truth from you in order for you to become pure again. In the White Brotherhood you can be tainted and you can become pure again. However in the Dark Brotherhood once you are tainted you cannot return to your original state of purity. Their colouring cannot be removed. The people of darkness are tainted with the colour from the Dark Brotherhood. Thousands of years must pass before they can remove this stain. Therefore in the White Brotherhood as well as in the Dark Brotherhood a cloth gets tainted but with the difference that a cloth tainted with the prism of the White Brotherhood can instantly become pure again, whereas in the Dark Brotherhood this is impossible. Living purity is connected with the law of Love and with the law of Wisdom. As long as you abide by these two laws you are pure. As soon as you make the slightest deviation you loose your purity. Living purity is not a constant quality of man. It is mainly a quality of love. This means that as long as love is present in a person's heart he or she is pure. Purity is a quality simultaneously of the mind and of the heart. Light is a quality only of the mind. As soon as light disappears from the mind, darkness and gloom set in. This is the diagnosis which defines the state of your mind and of your heart. These conditions further determine what path you will take. I wish for you to have this living purity. When it is present in your mind and heart you are joyous and cheerful. Man is not born pure, he becomes so later in life. Light appears instantly. It takes a long time for it to get ready, it manifests itself in an instant and disappears instantly as well. Thus living purity is a quality of mindful love. He who wishes to have this purity needs to be connected with love. Love excludes impurity, suffering, envy, hatred. It excludes all negative manifestation of life. Wherever love is absent all negative qualities exist. Wherever love enters there is peace, joy, gladness, growth, and freedom. When someone says that he suffers because of love he doesn't understand the law of love. We completely disagree with such a statement. One cannot suffer because of love. One suffers only when he loses love. This is a completely different matter. For as long as love abides in a person and illumines him, he is joyous and glad. When love abandons him he starts suffering. Why? There is no one to lighten him up. Therefore suffering and sorrow indicate that you have lost your love, that your candle has been extinguished, and that the object of your love has moved away from you. This may come contrary to your ideas about love but you can accept it as a new attitude. In the future when you write new literary works you will need to use a new language. At present you write: "This person is weeping for his lost love". Then you will write: "This man is weeping because his candle has gone out". Or "He or she is suffering because of the extinguished love, the extinguished truth." Sometimes you say that when someone is in love he or she becomes absent minded. In reality one becomes absent minded because of fear of losing his love or because he has lost it. He resembles a man who has lost his money. Love awakens in man the most sublime feelings and thoughts. If someone is weak, cowardly, hesitant and lacks intelligence, he lives without love. He who wishes to be intelligent, talented needs to acquire love and live with it. I am not speaking about that which people call love. These are feelings, passions which make a person unhappy. The disciple works with the common, human love and the Master - with the sublime love. When the Master speaks he uses every word appropriately. He knows why he uses a certain word, he knows what an effect it will produce. When a student speaks he doesn't know why he uses one word or the other. The Master's Love has been tried, it cannot be tested. The love of the disciple has not been tried, it needs to be tested. The knowledge of the Master has been tried, it need not be further tested. The knowledge of the disciple has not yet been tried and needs to be tested. The purity of the Master has been tried. He has passed through this test. The purity of the disciple has not been tried, it needs to be tested. Therefore the love, knowledge, purity, compassion of the disciple need to be tested. This is necessary and appropriate. Do not think that you can go a different way. This is the path that all your teachers have passed through, this is the path which you will also pass through. If you are tempted to criticize, you will delay your evolution. Boundless Love! Ceaseless Wisdom! Constant Truth! Write these thoughts down and work on them throughout the whole year. Contemplation. Without fear in boundless Love! Source
  14. Беседата на български Functioning Of The Heart Year 1, Lecture 21 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) given by the Master Beinsa Douno on August 2, 1922, Wednesday 19.30h, Sofia Secret prayer There was a presentation of the disciples’ essays on the topic: “The purpose of the human heart.” For next time please write on the following topic: “The significance of the human eye.” When you were writing about the purpose of the human heart, did you stop and reflect on the centre of your heart? When the heart ceases to beat, physical life also ceases. When the heart ceases to feel, astral life ceases. Now I will give you the following weekly task: every day - in the morning, before lunch and before dinner - say the following words: “God, please create a pure and sacred heart in me!” After you have said these words you should reflect on the heart for five minutes. Some people say that the heart is a temple, others say that it is an altar of God. What is the heart for poets, a temple or an altar? Such sentiments indicate that people place a high value on the heart. What is the role of the heart in the human organism? It is very simple – it stimulates blood circulation. In that sense the heart plays the role of a conductor. It has a precise, mathematically determined size, according to which its function is also determined. There is a certain relationship between the physical and the spiritual functioning of the heart. Although as a physical organ it is small in size, from a spiritual perspective the heart is considered very important. As a result the heart becomes a master, which it doesn't have the right to be. This is an incorrect assumption. Only the human Spirit can be the master of everything. I am going to ask you the following question: “Does the heart or the Spirit feel?” How do contemporary psychologists explain the function of the heart in the Spiritual world? – As mere nervous impulses, as functions of the nervous system. As far as the psychic or inner-life aspects of the heart are concerned, people pay no attention. They walk by the heart like tourists without entering deeper into its inner life. Many modern tourists climb mountains, pick and eat blackberries, but never think about collecting some berries for the winter. You would say, "When winter comes, we'll buy blackberries from the store." Yes, but you will not find blackberries then. The heart needs to have reserves the same way a good housekeeper stores various fruits for the winter. It has been said that the heart is a temple of God. However, every temple needs an altar. The altar is the fireplace of the temple. The human body is likewise said to be a temple of God. The heart is the fireplace of this temple, and the fire burns always within it. What is the fire needed for? People warm themselves, cook, boil water on the fire and so on. If you bear in mind the role of fire in a fireplace, you will understand the functioning of the heart as a fireplace in the Divine temple. When it is warm outside, the fire is extinguished, but the fireplace remains. So in summertime people keep warm without a fire. We said earlier that when the physical heart ceases to beat, physical life also ceases. When sensations and feelings cease in the human being, the astral life comes to an end. When the astral life ceases, one falls into a sleepy state that resembles the application of anaesthesia. In the same way one can be intoxicated by smoke, ether or other gases. When the chimney of someone’s house doesn't work well, the house will be filled with smoke, so it should be ventilated through the windows. It will be impossible to stay inside and breathe the smoke. Similarly, each negative state indicates that the human heart is full of smoke. Why? Because the chimney of your heart, the chimney of your fireplace is stuffed. People say that everything is due to the heart, yet when they pass through difficult inner experiences, they look for the reasons elsewhere. I enter their house and see that it is full of smoke. I say, "Clean your chimneys, or fix them if they are broken!" The same is true for the heart. When you have emotional problems, I say, "Clean the chimney of your heart!" What is the chimney of the heart and where is it located? Reflect on this question for a while in solitude and find your own answer. You will be able to answer this question when you begin to study the Physical, Astral, Mental and Causal bodies of the human being. In the same way that the Physical body has its physiology and anatomy, the Astral, Mental and Causal bodies have theirs. The physiology and anatomy of the higher bodies are similar to those of the physical body. When certain analogies are made, however, they should be true. If analogies are true in their comparisons, one will intuitively feel inner harmony and satisfaction with them. For example, someone has written a poem. He has read it several times, but he doesn't like it. He corrects it, reads it again and then leaves it for a while. He then reads it again and realizes that it's now better than before, so this time he likes it. This proves the existence of an intuitive sense within a person, a sense that indicates to him which choices are right and which ones are wrong. In this respect, as disciples, you should develop your intuition so that you become able to distinguish between right and wrong choices. If your intuition is well developed, after you have written something on a certain topic - as you have written about the heart today - and after you have read it two or three times, you will be able to determine immediately whether your work is true or not. If your text is good, both you and your listeners will be satisfied. If you are not satisfied with your text, in no way can you expect others to appreciate it. While you were preparing your essays about the heart, you should have asked yourselves if your heart was healthy, if it sensed in a correct way. Then you should have considered the number of its valves from an anatomic point of view. Lastly, you should have perceived the astral or the spiritual heart, and reflected on it for some time before finally writing the essay. This is the right way of thinking. Contemporary people don't think in depth. Imagine that someone tells you that you are a bad person. Is that true? If you don't think deeply on the matter, you will take these words to be absolute truth and you will feel insulted. However, if you are a servant and your master has ordered you to go out to the field and dig, and you have refused to obey the order, I would say: you are a bad person in relation to your job, but not in relation to your life. If the servant hasn't gone out to plough and sow the field, one of his basic obligations is unfulfilled. I am asking, is there any difference between a servant sowing the entire field or just a single grain of wheat? Whoever is ready to sow a single grain of wheat will be ready to sow the whole field as well. Whoever cannot sow a single grain of wheat cannot sow the whole field either. Therefore, when we say that someone is a bad person, we mean that he is bad only at a certain moment, but not in other past or future moments. He is bad for as long as his bad behavior lasts. In a future moment, when he thinks or does something good and noble, he will be a good person. Similarly, when we speak about the occult meaning of good and evil, we understand only a specific moment. This may last a few minutes, a few hours or an entire year, but then it will change. One cannot be only bad or only good for an entire lifetime. Even the wolf, who is considered cruel, may display nobility on some occasions, such as when it enters a flock of sheep, touches this or that sheep with its muzzle, then goes away, causing no harm. In such cases shepherds say that something unusual has happened, that the muzzle of the wolf was blocked so that it couldn't kill any sheep. No, this wolf has shown some nobility. After pushing a sheep, he thinks for a while and says, "All right, have it your way!" When a wolf enters a flock, he may act in three different ways: either choke the sheep; scratch them with his nails, thus frightening them and then run away; or push them a little without choking them and then go away without causing any harm. The same is also true of humans. When one behaves badly, he either chokes others, scratches and frightens them, or pushes and knocks them over and runs away. Therefore, when you say that someone is bad, you should know exactly which of the three situations has occurred. This is the reason why good and evil are relative. Relativity is determined by the period of time in which the energy is active and whether or not the activity has changed anything. When it is said that someone is unable to do evil, this means that evil action is determined astrologically, through the influence of certain planets over human beings. In simple terms, the right conditions must exist in order for someone to do evil. When someone acts outside of these conditions, the door for committing evil is closed to him or her. Outside of this closed door, the individual energetically knocks and hits upon it, but since it doesn't open, the direction is changed and the individual begins to manifest good deeds. The same law is valid for Good, too. Therefore, one doesn't always have suitable conditions for doing good, neither does he always have suitable conditions for doing evil. When writing your essays about the human eyes, think seriously about the good that can be attained through them. Reflect also on the good that comes through your heart. Make scientific observations on yourself in order to differentiate the experiences you have, as well as their effect upon you. For example, measure your pulse when you are in high spirits, then count the number of heartbeats that you have when you experience great joy or grief. It is interesting to observe the variations of your pulse as your inner states change. Also, you will receive certain mathematical data that you can use in your work on yourself. Notice whether the rhythm of your heart is steady or not, if it is long or short. You can determine your condition by the rhythm of the heart. Only in these ways can you receive concrete data to apply to your life. Otherwise you will accumulate capital, put it in the bank and count it without knowing how it was acquired. If you don't become bankers, you will dig, plough and sow the field in order to learn how wealth gets accumulated. Whoever hasn't acquired his wealth through effort and labour can only boast of having thousands, but such wealth is dangerous. As disciples of the occult who are given a great deal of knowledge, you run the risk of becoming too full or absent-minded. When you study many subjects, you may become disoriented, and as a result there will be many things that you won't hear, comprehend or perceive. You will hear physically, but you won't perceive inwardly. In that case no matter how much you speak to a person, he won't be able to understand anything. Such a person is like a young man awaiting the date with his beloved who can think of nothing else. No matter what you speak to him about, he will only think about his date. A hungry person is in a similar situation. You tell him this or that but he only thinks about food. Therefore, when an individual's consciousness is occupied with a certain thought, there are many things he won't grasp and will simply miss them. Sometimes your consciousness is also busy with external thoughts, not allowing you to perceive things properly. You read a poet, you admire him, yet you wonder what he intended to say in the poem. What did he want to say? He experienced despair and he masked it, so you think that his ideas are very deep. Some other time he was uplifted and fascinated, yet you're puzzled about his ideas. He has expressed his fascination, nothing else. These are external thoughts which are unrelated to the main subject. When describing his disappointments, the poet has gone through painful experiences. When describing his fascinations, he has been healed, especially after receiving financial support in the thousands, enabling him to travel overseas. However, a real poet views things from a Divine perspective and applies this in his life. A real poet describes things in their reality and is not guided by personal feelings. The same is also true for music and art. Now, when you reflect on things, I would like you too to expect nothing from anyone else, and nothing should be expected of you. When I refrain from speaking to you in a more concrete way, it's because I haven't yet met a person whose consciousness is as clear as the Sun – without a stain. Only those with clear consciousness can perceive things as they exist in the Divine world or in Mindful Nature. Therefore, as disciples of an occult school, you should purify your consciousness in such a way that everything you perceive can be understood and imprinted on you. You should break your telephone connection with the external world by saying, "We receive only from within, not from the outside world." When you come to class now, you are busy the whole time answering calls: “rrring” from here, “rrring” from there. You stand up, go away, come back, and fail to comprehend the subject you are being taught. How can you comprehend when you only busy yourself with these calls? The first task of an occult disciple is to learn to close his telephone lines. If someone wants to call you, you will say, "Excuse me, but my wires with the external world are disconnected." – "Why, how?"– "They're disconnected because of my occult studies at School. When I finish my lesson, I can receive and send messages again. Please don't bother me while I'm in class. Wait until the end of my lesson - then you may tell me what you need. Until then, wait for me outside." Source
  15. Беседата на български Possibilities Year 1, Lecture 20 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) given by the Master Beinsa Douno on July 26, 1922, Wednesday 11.40h, Cham-Koria Secret prayer There was a presentation of the disciples' essays on the topic: “Tall and short people and their distinctive features." What is the difference between possibility and necessity? Possibility is related to human processes, to human beings. Necessity is related to Divine processes that are imposed through the power of something higher than the human order. When we speak of possibilities, we consider what one should do in a given situation in order to utilize the favourable conditions provided by necessity. Now I will give you an example which illustrates the relationship between the high and the low principle in human nature. If a master has a good horse which he loves, a friendly relationship is established between them. The master rides the horse, the horse carries him on its back, and together they go threshing. The master dismounts the horse and harnesses it, and they begin to thresh. In the evening the master releases the horse from its work, mounts it and returns home. He goes into his house and the horse enters its stable. I am asking, where do the possibilities lie – in the master or in the horse? - In the master. Only the master has the power to change the circumstances of the horse – to improve or worsen its living conditions. The horse in its turn is able to make the circumstances of its master easier. Therefore, the lower principle in humans makes things easier, whереас the higher principle improves their circumstances. The relationship between a Master and a disciple is the same as the relationship between the master and the horse. The Master improves the situation of the disciple and the disciple makes the position of the Master easier. After the Master has improved the conditions of the disciple, the disciple should use them wisely. Therefore, possibilities represent for a human being nothing other than the rational principles contained within them. Every possibility should be utilized in order to improve the condition of the horse, which in its turn will bring ease to its master. How can the position of the horse be improved? Its stables, food and water can be improved. When the horse's situation is improved, it becomes stronger and healthier, it is better able to serve its master. Therefore if the master of your body doesn't improve the rational powers and abilities of his brain, the feelings of his heart, and finally the acts of his will, he cannot expect his life to be made any easier. As disciples of this School, you are about to learn how to transform your discontent which will be an obstacle for you for years to come. What is a disciple discontented with? A disciple may be discontented with himself – with his mind, heart and will. A disciple may also be dissatisfied with the surrounding environment. Whatever form discontent takes, whatever cause it might have, it is an energy, a force which should be used as an incentive for work. Discontent is due to a lack of something essential for human happiness. I am asking, where are you going to find that which you are lacking? If you lack Heat, where can you find it? In the Sun. If you lack Light, where can you find it? In the Sun. You will say that any burning or heating body gives off light. We also have, for example, heat coming from a lit oil-lamp, from a candle or a burning piece of wood. Yes, but this heat is secondary. Candles, wood and other combustible bodies have solar energy stored inside them which can be turned into light or heat according to necessity. However, the most pleasant warmth and the purest light come from the Sun. Primary Warmth and Light come directly from the Sun. Therefore, you should look for heat and light in the Sun. Where should you look for Love, Wisdom and Truth? In God. Therefore, the external side of God, i.e. His disk, is Wisdom, the content of the disk is Love, and its meaning is Truth. In other words, Wisdom represents the real, external, visible form of things, Love is the content of these forms and Truth represents their meaning. If you want to search for Love, Wisdom and Truth in a person, these qualities are there as a secondary manifestation. When you search for Love in God, you are in a safe place. Why? Because the Love of God is inexhaustible. It is a source that springs continuously, a fire that burns incessantly. You should pour your water into this source and add your oil to this fire. If you don't pour your water into the Eternal source, it will cease to spring. If you don't add your oil to the Divine fire, it will cease to burn, just as oil-lamps cannot give офф light without oil, or electric lamps without electricity. Oil, fuel and electricity are the conditions for burning. People find that many of these conditions bring contradictions to life. When the conditions are finite and limited, they bring contradictions, but when they are infinite and unlimited, they exclude all contradiction. As disciples of the Great School, try to understand the Boundless and the Infinite which is revealed in limited, finite, but intelligent forms. Then you will recognize the origin of discontent. The Infinite makes humans discontented. What can you do to relieve this? You can expand yourself. If you become like a big, wide tube, through which the water of the Divine Source can freely flow without tension or pressure, you will expand yourself and your discontent will vanish. Your discontent is due to the fact that you haven't used the favourable conditions for your development in a timely and mindful way. When do people get discontented? When they get old. All old people are dissatisfied with themselves. They realize they should have studied and acquired knowledge and experience in their youth, whereas they have wasted their time instead and are now unable to go back in time. All old people, with a few exceptions only, are extremely dissatisfied with themselves. Young people on the other hand are dissatisfied with the limitations that impede them and hamper the implementation of their wishes. Each obstacle or difficulty on their path causes them discontent. One should be satisfied with the conditions one is placed in and should try to use them in the best possible way. If an individual is dissatisfied with his position in life, he will be like the frog in the fable “The Stork and the Frog.” This is an occult fable with a deep inner meaning. One day a young stork, which represents a beautiful young man, passed by a swamp where many frogs lived. The stork looked at the swamp and saw the head of a frog popping from the water. In this case the frog represents a young woman. The stork stopped in front of the frog and began telling her about the world he lived in. "Do you know what heights we can reach, what kinds of spaces and skies we can see? I wonder how you can live in this dirty swamp!" – "What can I do, I have no wings to fly away." – “It's very easy, climb onto my back and I'll carry you up to the wide spaces - you'll see a new world and new heights." The frog got on his back and thus flew into the skies. But since she couldn't endure the new conditions, she exploded and fell on the ground. What lesson can be learned from this fable? – Each person should live in the conditions he or she has been placed in. If they leave the position where Providence has placed them, they will inevitably fall and get killed. The stork told the frog about the high, beautiful places too soon, and the frog came out of its swamp too early. Now, you should know that in occultism too there are dangerous and tempting places which can cause you suffering. Don't get on the wings of the stork too soon! What is dangerous for the frog is safe for the stork and the other way round – what is dangerous for the stork is safe for the frog. If the frog had succeeded in making the stork enter the swamp, the stork also would have suffered. The world the stork lives in doesn't offer opportunities for the development of the frog; neither does the world of the frog offer the stork opportunities for its development. Possibilities provide conditions for the development of one’s mind, heart and will. Human thoughts and feelings should be endowed with the qualities of width and depth, and intensity should be introduced into the human will. Now, do the following experiment in order to find out how wide and deep your thoughts and feelings are, and how intense your will is. When a friend of yours uses a bad word, observe whether and how quickly this word can be transformed in a positive way. The sooner you manage to transform the bad word, the greater the width and depth of your mind and heart are. Turning what is offensive into music is a form of art. If your aim is to say a bad word to your friend, be careful not to use too heavy and insulting a word, for it will produce a large, deep incision in him. Whoever has such an incision should observe the time required for its recovery. The Hindu heal their wounds in an easy way. They use a method of taking prana from Nature and directing it mentally to the sick area, so the recovery occurs in no more than twenty minutes. Therefore, an offense is nothing more than a small incision made in one’s mind, heart or will. Those who have a sufficient supply of natural prana should just concentrate on the wound and put their hand on it, and it will recover by itself in a few minutes. This is what strong and intense will means. Without this experiment you will be like some trader who thinks he is rich, but who has no money in his cash-box. So do this experiment consciously. When you see that a friend of yours is in a bad mood, go to her and say something that will challenge her. Then she will say an insulting word in response. Thank her, explaining that you have carried out a small experiment with her and that is why you have teased her. You are to choose a person for this experiment whose use of bad words you will actually expect. Then, turn to yourself and observe the time you need for polarization. Such experiments could arise in a natural way, with no need to create them artificially. It would be better for you if the experiments were natural. So, you will arrange your own experiments only if they haven't been arranged for you through natural means. All experiments and tests you are given in the School represent possibilities for attaining energy. Those who succeed in their efforts and pass their tests will gain energy. Those who don't solve their tasks will lose energy. You should know that contradictions on the path of disciples are needed for their physical, mental and spiritual development. Contradictions are a necessary law for the development of the disciple. When we speak about the laws and forces in Nature, we must take into consideration the Primary Law, according to which things are precisely determined. There is only one exception to this law that exists as a possibility, as a door to something new. According to this exception, nothing is impossible for God. He can do anything, either instantly or gradually. When it is cold outside, you are dissatisfied; when it gets warm, you are happier. When it is dark outside, you stumble and fall and get discontented; when it is dawn and Light comes, you are happier. As you can see, cold and warmth, dark and light are forces that either spoil or improve conditions. The mental states of humans change in the same way. As long as their consciousness is in darkness people believe they cannot attain their wishes. When the Sun rises in their consciousness, their wishes become attainable. Therefore you should study the possibilities in your present life so that you know what you need to improve and what you need to make easier - i.e. you need to know what possibilities you have for improvement and for making things easier. The lower should make things easier and the higher should improve conditions. Sheep, for example, serve people by providing them with milk and wool; people improve the living conditions of sheep. Improve the state of your mind so that it can make things easier for you; improve the state of your heart so that it can make things easier for you; improve the state of your will so that, by becoming intensive, strong and powerful, it can make things easier for you. Today I spoke of the possibilities that exist in Life. Good and evil are possibilities that exist in the Universe. Discontent and contentment, grief and joy are also possibilities. Each disharmonious thought, feeling or action produces grief in a person; each harmonious state produces joy. Grief represents the ploughing of a field, joy represents its harvesting. When people plough, the Earth is joyful; when they reap, the wheat is joyful that it has gone through a lot of suffering and has now freed itself. Secret prayer Source
  16. Беседата на български Positive And Negative Forces Year 1, Lecture 19 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) given by the Master Beinsa Douno on July 5, 1922, Wednesday Cham-Koria * Secret Prayer The disciples' essays on the topic: “The most distinct feature of Light" were read. Next please write on the topic: “The Purpose of the Human Heart.” When you write about Light, unconsciously you think about darkness, too - it comes to your minds as the contrast of Light. Actually, if there was no darkness, could we talk about the growth of bodies in the physical world? Light and darkness in the physical world are the two states through which the soul ежпрессеs itself. The soul begins to know itself in the darkness by limiting itself. Darkness is a process of limitation and Light is a process of knowing God, or knowing Love. Love cannot be known without Light. So the most powerful feature of Light is knowledge of God, knowledge of Love. Introduce this idea into the summary that you will make of the essays about Light. Light represents a process related to the Mental world. When the Mental world is revealed before the human eyes, forms are simultaneously revealed, together with their content and meaning. In this way humans come to the Primal Cause – Love. Whoever wants to grow and develop in the right way should psychologically connect Light with the process of knowing Love. Therefore, all states that cause disharmony in the human soul pertain to the sphere of darkness аnd darkness places limits on human beings. All states that produce harmony in one’s soul belong to the sphere of Light. When you enter the sphere of metaphysics, the issue of Light and darkness is treated in a different way there; the statements that metaphysics makes will create great contradictions within you. Metaphysicians, as well as extreme occultists, maintain the idea that Absolute light is Absolute darkness. And when God said "Let there be Light!" He created the first limitation. This means that when Absolute darkness limits itself, it produces Light which cannot be overtaken by the darkness. I am asking, what is the first limitation of human beings? Sacrifice is the first limitation. Therefore, when an individual decides to sacrifice something he produces Light within himself. This is why sacrifices are needed. When you sacrifice something, the first day of Light comes to your soul. God said: “Let there be Light!” and there came Light. When Light comes to someone and he can differentiate between Light and darkness, it is a sign that he has made a sacrifice in the right way. If neither light nor darkness emerge in someone, he has not made the sacrifice at all or he has not made it properly. When Christ said about Himself, "I am the Light of the world" - this Light, this Daylight was produced as a result of His self-sacrifice. So, if one wants to produce Light, one needs to sacrifice himself. Thus, Light is related to the act of sacrifice. In the present evolution, Light has four different directions in the physical world, which are determined by four types of waves that have different frequencies. Those waves that have greater density form the back part of the human brain. The weight of the brain in animals - in other words, the greatest density of their brain - is behind the ears, and as a consequence they are compelled to walk on four legs. The weight in plants is down in their roots, so they are forced to keep their heads under the ground in order to maintain balance. The weight of the human brain is in front of the ears, therefore humans have to stand on two legs. That is the only way for them to maintain their balance. Thus, presently the three directions or courses of Light have created three different currents in the brains of living beings. These in their turn have produced three different positions necessary for maintaining balance: plants are upside down, animals stand on four legs, and human beings stand erect on their two legs. Now the fourth direction of Light is coming in order to form the current of forces required for the formation of the Spiritual body of human beings. This body is related to the Higher or supersensible world. Therefore, when Light acts upon human beings in four different directions – from behind, from ahead, inward and upward - a cross is formed. Now, you can draw this cross in order to find out in which of the four directions Light is strongest. The power of Light is evaluated on the basis of the length of the four lines forming the cross. If the west side of the horizontal line is longer or more developed, this is an indication that the animal essence in human beings predominates over the other forces; if the lower vertical line of the cross is longer, this is an indication that the vegetative forces in human beings are more dominant; if the east side of the horizontal line is longer, this shows that the ability to feel are more developed. Finally, if the upper part of the cross is the longest, this shows that the Divine prevails in that person. If you project a vertical plane down through the center of a person, parallel to his face, he will be divided into two parts. The back part represents the left path of his development, while the front part of the plane parallel to his face represents the right path of his development. If you project another plane through the person – from west to east – you will get another division in which the right part of the brain represents the narrow path and the left part of the brain the broad path. In principle, the left path indicates the aspirations of the human soul and the right path - the deeds of the individual. And indeed, only an active individual will follow the right path, while the one who has aspirations but has not yet begun to act will follow the left or the broad path. These are the two paths that contemporary people follow. When we speak of the influence and predominance of the vegetative or animal forces, or of the aspirations of a human being, we mean the first manifestations of human consciousness and subconsciousness. Under “animal influence” we understand the first manifestations of human consciousness. Under “vegetative influence” we understand the first manifestations of human subconsciousness. When more energy accumulates in the human brain or in the entire organism than what is necessary, a number of disharmonious conditions are created. For example, when the temples are well developed, their development corresponds to that of the lips. Therefore, there is a certain relationship between the temples and the lips. The stronger the temples, the thicker the lips. Thicker lips have been noticed primarily in people whose noses are close to their mouths. The nose is an organ of olfaction, so each smelling of a good dish makes blood flow into the lips through the nose, as a result of which the mouth becomes thicker. In general, all parts and centres of the brain exert an influence on specific organs of the human being, thus leaving certain imprints on them. For example, when the brain centre of Hope is well developed, this influences two specific facial muscles. In this case the edges of the mouth are curved upwards and not downwards. Therefore, the brain centres exert their influence in two ways – they create either straight or curved lines. Sometimes they also create concave angles. In general, lines go in two directions: up and down. When someone is sad, the angles of his mouth go down, and this means that the currents within him are either vegetative or animal. If these angles are pointed up, one is happy – then the human and the Divine states prevail in him. This is why as disciples of the occult you should do several experiments; you should research and study the various states that you go through, both positive and negative. When you are in low spirits, try to make this mood leave your consciousness. Observe it objectively, as something that has nothing to do with you. Subject this mood to criticism in order to understand its causes and consequences. If you haven't made a few attempts in this direction, you will think that each mood is your own, that it is related to your consciousness, that there is no way you can take it out of you. So you think you should bear its torment. No, you can separate it from your consciousness in the same way that you can take the devil’s nail out of you. Never mind that it will cause you some pain – take it out of your foot! When someone is fearful, or is ambitious but has weak hope, this person is a pessimist. Fear creates images of obstacles and difficulties in his consciousness that he cannot overcome. Together with his fear comes the feeling that he cannot succeed and that he will remain behind the others. At the same time his weak hope discourages him, so he falls into despair and pessimism. Pessimism in its turn generates a number of negative traits in him, such as slyness, wile, envy and hatred. You may ask why fear has appeared in the world. In the animal world it is in the right place, and is one of the great laws that has reached perfection there. When an animal is fearful, it shows that right is not on its side and that it needs to rely on its legs. Weak animals in the animal world are told, "You're not under the protection of the law and the law cannot save you, so you should develop your legs – may they be long, so that you can rely on them." Fear in animals is equal to conscience in humans. So fear in humans is substituted with conscience. When fear is experienced, all negative traits from the past are awakened, which causes unhappiness. For this reason, when fear comes to you, you should replace it immediately with conscience. When you transform fear into conscience, sense and reasoning will immediately return to you. Then it will be possible to talk about what is right. Therefore everyone should work consciously upon themselves and distinguish between their mental states in order to study them. If grief comes to you and you don't want to live, isolate it from your consciousness and observe it objectively: why has it come to you, how long will it last, etc. When you isolate it from yourself, you will see that it is not yours. This indisposition is of external origin. People are easily obsessed by external thoughts, they easily receive these external feelings, and because they don't know the laws, they suffer and torment themselves. Through suggestion and hypnosis some people can accept the thoughts of a hypnotist, and they can fulfill them later as their own. Having fulfilled the ideas suggested by the hypnotist, only then can they understand that they have acted under external influence. Many murders and acts of suicide in the world can be explained by hypnotism. It may also happen that a person who was in an occult school in the past received a certain thought from his master through suggestion - a good or a bad one - and he puts it into realization in the present. In such case, he himself wonders how he could have changed so much. You meet a good and honest man, you know him well and rely on him, but all of a sudden he changes. He begins to rob and blackmail people. You wonder what has happened to this person that has caused him to change so much. Then you meet him two or three years later, and he lives honestly and righteously – he has changed his behaviour again, he has returned to his original self. What are these abrupt changes that have happened to him? As disciples of the Great School, you should all work to correct these inner states that you have, in other words, free yourselves from them. So you have enormous corrective work to do. The School aims to give you the knowledge that will enable you to correct the errors of your past in a reasonable way. When you come into a hypnotic state from your past, you will go back and correct it with a reverse method. You will do the opposite motions of those you were hypnotized to do. The hypnotists of the Dark lodge usually make their passes starting from above and going downwards. Today many people wash their faces and bodies in the same way – starting from above and going downwards, and closing their eyes as if to say, "It's not good to have your eyes open." Yes, when you enter the material world it is good to close your eyes, but when you come to the School to study, it is better to have your eyes open. As disciples you should do motions that are the opposite to the passes of the Dark lodge. When you wash your hair, do upward motions, not the opposite. All the movements that you do have deep meanings and they exert an influence on you. Observe your movements and their influence on you, as well as the effects they produce within you. Some of them make you happy, others are unpleasant. Observe your movements and study them, but don't go to the other extreme – being doubtful about whether to do a movement or not. When you want to tune your mind, do an upward mental motion – following the evolutionary way. First think of plants, then of animals, then think of humans, and finally – of God and of the Beings from the Divine world. Thus you will feel spiritually uplifted and in an ascending mood. If you perform the motion in the opposite direction, starting from the Divine world and gradually going down to the human, animal and plant worlds, you will fall under the law of involution and you will experience a spiritual descent or a lowering. In applying the first exercise, you will be able to release many negative feelings. If you study botany, zoology and anthropology, if you read Divine books, you can do this exercise more successfully. People go down into the lower worlds and then come up again on a daily basis. Each experience of grief is a sign that one has linked with the plants. Thus people help the plants and the plants help them. When people are not feeling well, when they are angry or have other negative feelings, they link with the animals and help them in this way. When someone arrives at a state that is mindful and pleasant, they have entered the human world. And finally humans come to the High and the noble, i.e. they enter the Divine world where absolute harmony abides. These are the four worlds or the four states that human beings need to study. When someone is not feeling well, when he is confused or impatient, he can imagine that he is in a forest of pine and oak trees. In a short time his mood will change and he will acquire the mental state of the plants. If someone falls into laziness, he should think about the animals that are usually quick and mobile. Their need for food causes them to move all day long so that they can satisfy their hunger. When you think about animals, you make a connection with them and they stimulate you with their energy. Having satisfied their hunger, animals also become lazy, but once they are hungry again, they go out looking for food. After you have acquired the patience of plants and the mobility of animals, you will move on to the human state in order to develop reasoning and thinking. After that you will go to the Divine world, where all your thoughts will be openly displayed. The Elevated Beings of this world will make note of all the thoughts that you present. Wise people make such a presentation every day, ordinary people once a week, and foolish people once a year. When we say that someone will be subjected to critique, this refers to his presentation of thoughts in the Divine world, where Intelligent Beings will evaluate them and where he himself will monitor and observe everything, thus seeing the errors in all that he has ever created. Until people arrive at this position, they should consistently discipline their minds. You haven't yet gone through such discipline, so you are not prepared for the Divine world. If you go into this world too early for you, you will fall asleep, you will be disordered, unable to endure its high vibrations. However, those who have organized their minds will come back fresh and elevated from having visited the Divine world, bringing new Light and Knowledge with them. Absolute silence and complete harmony, undisturbed by any noise or worry, is required for your passage into the other world. Such an attempt to enter into the Divine world demands a clear surrounding aura, absolute harmony and silence. This atmosphere should be maintained for one or two hours at least, which is impossible to do in cities. This attempt is impossible even here, in Cham-Koria, where we are now. It will be possible only at some high and isolated mountain location. If such an experiment was made in Sofia, for example, a special room, surrounded by a solid, pure and harmonious aura, would be necessary. No one else should enter this room, no one should even suspect its existence. However this is impossible under the present conditions, as there are no people who are ready for that. Whoever is not ready for this experiment will not want to go into this room. Disciples, however, will strive to enter this room the way bees strive towards aromatic flowers. Disciples needs to work at creating a harmonious aura in their rooms, so that their efforts will be successful. Work hard upon yourself so that you can overcome all hardships. In this way you will develop your will as a tool for overcoming everything. What kind of will should you develop? Neither iron nor granite, but a diamond will. A will that is of iron or granite could easily capitulate, but a diamond will can overcome all obstacles. You will need broad views and great selflessness to clear away the delusions on your path. You can do this only with the Light of your consciousness. It is a special type of Light. If it doesn't enter your consciousness, you will stay at your present level of understanding, which cannot help you get the results you expect. When I am saying that a special type of Light needs to enter your consciousness, you shouldn't worry. This Light will come of itself, you only need to climb a high mountain peak and wait there. You know that the Sun first illuminates the mountain peaks, then the valleys, don't you? In the same way this Light will illuminate first the peaks of your consciousness, then its valleys. You are required to make efforts to climb the high Divine peak, where Light comes at the earliest time. Later it goes to the valleys and to the plains. Therefore, when you ask yourself what the advantages of the Esoteric school are, you should know that it shows its disciples the Right path for climbing the high Divine peaks which are the first to be illuminated by the Divine rays of the rising Sun. * (The old name of the Rila mountain resort Borovets) Source
  17. Беседата на български Precious Stones Year 1, Lecture 17 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) Given by the Master Beinsa Douno On June 21, 1922, Wednesday Sofia The disciples' essays on the subject 'Precious Stones' were read. When writing on this subject, you have focused on the external characteristics of precious stones. Discussing only the external characteristics of a subject is equivalent to taking some food without feeling drawn to it or without feeling any hunger. Therefore the main impulse, the main stimulus connected to eating is the pleasant feeling one experiences while chewing and when the food is taken in by the stomach. If no pleasant feelings or attraction to certain food are evoked, one has no desire of eating it. If one eats without affinity to the food, there can be no positive results from eating. When we talk about precious stones we mean the human mind, because only an intelligent person can speak about them. Only highly intelligent, noble and virtuous people can speak about precious stones and distinguish one from the other. I would like you to focus on the 12 main precious stones and do a tiny experiment with them. The experiment is as follows. When you have an issue of physical, emotional or mental nature, start to imagine the 12 precious stones in your mind. Start with the most common one and gradually move to the best and most expensive one while at the same time observing which stone will make your unpleasant feeling disappear. As you move these stones through your mind, make a connection between the stone and the virtue that it is associated with. In this way every stone can exert a positive influence on humans and improve their mental state. Virtue is not expressed by a colour. If a maid is rosy and has red cheeks, it is not yet an indication that she feels love. If the maid puts lipstick on or a pink dress, this still doesn't indicate love. If someone likes blue, this doesn't mean that he or she bears the Truth. If you think that someone's fondness of a certain colour indicates that he or she bears the virtue associated with this colour, you will make a big mistake. A colour is only a passive expression of a virtue, but it must pass through the centres or focuses of the mind prior to becoming an active virtue. A transformation of the virtue is required. Each colour gains certain value and worth only after passing through the mind and being focused on a certain centre. In order to understand the content and meaning of precious stones, you must study them. Nothing is achieved easily. Work, effort, and serious labour are required of everyone. Imagine that some day you fall into apathy and laziness, that you don't want to study, that you are ready to give up your beliefs and decide to hit the road; or some other day, you ask yourself if you are on the right path or not; or another day, you experience a number of negative emotions such as envy, hatred, inner fear etc., and you start looking for the cause of this state but fail to find it. Instead of searching for the cause of these conditions, bring the precious stones to mind and then see the kind of result you will get. Sometimes your experiment will be successful, sometimes it will fail, but this shouldn't discourage you. Carry on with this experiment and eventually you will obtain results. Once you have obtained a result I can talk to you about the laws that act through the precious stones. In the past, precious stones were simple, ordinary stones. At some point they underwent a transformation and acquired their present state. For example, a diamond was once ordinary coal but by a series of processes across ages it got transformed into its higher state; it changed from a lower to a higher form. It was black when it was coal, and became colourless as a diamond with the ability to refract the sun beams. The occult science which you are studying now uses precious stones as a method of transforming the troubles you may get into. Precious stones can help you as a mainstay in the life you live in the material world. The experiments I described to you shouldn't take all of your time but only that part of it which you don't know how to use. A small experiment is like planting a small seed in the earth. My assignments are small but aim at investing your leisure time in a useful purpose. Being small, they will be fun and will incite a series of positive thoughts and feelings with regards to the material world which you live in and which you need to know well. Source
  18. Беседата на български Thought, Feeling And Action Year 1, Lecture 15 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) given by the Master Beinsa Douno June 7, 1922, Wednesday Sofia Secret prayer Each right thought is an image of a Divine idea. Human life begins with thinking. When a person thinks, he realizes that he is alive. In order to be alive, a thought needs to be combined with a feeling - this means that the thought comes down to the real world, to the world of form. In order for the feeling to be positive, it needs to be combined with an act of will. And by the word “act” we understand the final limit that Spirit reaches in each manifestation. Therefore, thoughts, feelings and actions represent the stations or stops of the Spirit. Thoughts are the first station of the Spirit, feelings are the second, and actions are the third station. The Path of Spirit is harmonious but only under the condition that no external influences interfere either in the thoughts, or in the feelings or the actions. How does a clairvoyant see thoughts, feelings and actions? In certain forms and colours. Often people get sick, they lose consciousness, etc. This seems abnormal to you. Indeed, these things are abnormal, but they happen due to disharmonious thoughts, feelings and actions. The lives of contemporary people are full of such abnormalities. Someone is sitting in reflection. His thoughts are clear, his feelings are calm and peaceful, so he says to himself that he is in full harmony. All of a sudden he thinks or feels something that is not compatible with his first thought and feeling, and great disharmony is born inside him. He loses his previous balance and begins to suffer. When higher beings from the Invisible world see him, what will they say about him? Therefore, when two opposite ideas or principles enter someone’s mind, they cause discordance in his consciousness, and each state of discordance deprives a human being of his Freedom. Everyone should know this: a human being's mind should never be penetrated by two opposing thoughts. Do the following experiment in order to test the accuracy of what I am saying. Each morning over the course of a month, send a positive bright thought to the same person, and then observe the result of this experiment. At the same time give a one-lev coin to a poor man every morning, also over the course of a month. At the end of the month compare the results of the two experiments. You will have better results in the first experiment than in the second one. Why? Because in the first experiment you've directed your positive pure thoughts to someone; they've come directly from you. In the second case, however, the coin you gave to the poor man has passed through many people, many hands before reaching his hand, and everyone has left an imprint of his thoughts on it. These thoughts are not all harmonious, so they create contradiction and discord in the consciousness of the man. Many coins from past centuries bear traces of the thoughts and feelings of the people of those ages. So when I say that many old ideas and thoughts should be replaced by new ones, I have in mind the forms of those thoughts coming from the Astral and the Mental world which have been engraved on the coins, i.e. engraved into human consciousness, as if on stereotyped blocks. These forms are impure and distorted. Money itself is not impure, but carries upon it the engravings of the past. Otherwise, as a symbol money represents the life of the conscious human being who thinks. When we say that we can live without money, we mean that those thoughts from the past of humanity that have created money should nowadays be transformed. Money today is the result of the human thoughts that created it. Having passed down through the centuries, such thoughts are now so debased that they have a negative influence on human life. Nevertheless, money is on everyone’s mind today. I am asking, why can't you live without money? Disciples should get rid of the thought that living without money is impossible. Money plays an important role in human life today, people consider it almost a primary factor in their lives. But if someone wants to travel around the world, he should put every thought of money out of his mind. He can go around the world without a coin in his pocket, this is what I call a disciple of the occult. Your pockets can be full of gold, but your mind and your thoughts should be absolutely free of money. And the opposite is true: you may not have a penny in your pocket, but your mind may be preoccupied with the thought of money. This is the idea I have in mind when I say that it is possible to live without money. Occult disciples of various schools have made numerous attempts to live without money for a certain period of time. You are still candidates, you haven't become disciples yet. First you should become believers and then you will become disciples. In order to become believers, you should do an experiment to see how long you will endure. However, it is only for those of you who are ready to do it consciously. The experiment is the following: try to live without money for a month. Those who are employees and receive salaries, as well as those who have other incomes, should consciously renounce their incomes and give them to the poor or to whatever cause they find appropriate, so that they will remain without any means. During this time you will work without thinking of money. Your mind will be concentrated on the Divine world and you will allow no fear about how you will spend the day. With the help of this experiment you will be able to observe the way Spirit works. Those who are ready to undertake this experiment should know that the deadline is twelve months from now. You should complete the experiment within this deadline. Doing it in a year from now will be useless. During this experiment, imagine that you are the poorest person on earth, that you have absolutely nothing and that there is no one to help you. Those who undertake this experiment should not share it with anyone, but keep it a secret. They should tell no one until they achieve some result. Some think the experiment will be easy, because they will eat at home and won't need money for food. No, that is no solution to the problem. In order to find the right solution, you should place yourself in the position of a person without money in an unknown, foreign city, such as New York or London. This person doesn't know the language and doesn't know anyone there. What will he do in this situation? He has no other choice but to go to work at the port as a stevedore, or to find some other job to earn his living. If you are a student and you eat in an inn, you can do the experiment in the following way: give all your money to others. When it is time for lunch, you will go to the same inn or to another one and ask the innkeeper to allow you to serve the guests at the inn, and for this you will receive lunch only. After lunch, do not think of having supper. Lunch is enough for you. Do not think of tomorrow either. Every day will bring you income, but you should rely mainly on your hands. Your work will provide you with lunch. If you cannot be a servant at the inn, then go to an entrepreneur and ask him for some work on a construction site – you can carry bricks or mix water with lime, etc. It is enough for you to earn your daily food. This is the only way to test how Divine law works. At the same time you will realize that besides physical life there is another one, a higher one, where everything is foreseen and thoughtfully distributed. From the very moment of birth everyone receives a predetermined credit that he can rely on. Outside of the physical world there are other laws that regulate our lives. Humans do not know these laws, so they think that everything is arranged according to the laws of the physical world. Due to this misunderstanding of modern man, evil has emerged. Humans strive for insurance because they think that everyone should take care of themselves, that no one knows what will happen tomorrow. Everyone wants to be insured, and that is why they save money, buy and sell land, but as a result thousands of kilograms of food decay and spoil, while at the same time in the cities hundreds and thousands of people die of hunger. I will tell you something else about this experiment: for those who are afraid of going hungry, it's better not to undertake it. However, if they do start the experiment and then find themselves in a difficult situation, they should come to me and I will help them out in one way or another. I will not allow anyone to fail. And if you think that a month is too long a period, then do the experiment for a week only. Those who live with their parents can also undertake the experiment by earning their bread, mainly through physical labour. Everyone can help their parents at home in order to deserve their bread. This experiment aims to free you from your fear of tomorrow. You should rely on that Great Law in the Universe that regulates all things. When disciples are given such experiments to do, they should interpret them not just literally, but according to their meaning and purpose as well. Someone who starts the experiment but cannot earn his daily bread might say: “It is all right, I will fast today.” No, this experiment excludes fasting. You should work at least one or two hours daily, expending that portion of your energy that can later be recovered with your food. Only in this way will you learn to rely on the Great Law that drives Life. This experiment is not so difficult – you can apply it for a week. The further you go into the Teaching the harder the exams become. You will be given tasks that will make you sweat several times daily. This is the Path of the disciple. The privilege of the disciple is that he or she will go through all of the difficulties and all the suffering consciously, in full knowledge of the reasons for the hardships. If you are not in the School, you will go through the same trials and tribulations, but you will not know the reasons for them. The privilege of the disciple is in the Light which he or she has. Consciously or unconsciously, one must go through the trials and difficulties of Life – they cannot be avoided. If you go through them unconsciously, you will encounter a number of contradictions; if you go through them consciously, you will receive the Divine blessing and you will know their purpose. If you endure suffering in this way, afterwards you will attain Joy and Peace in your soul. Now, as disciples of the Great School you should have a conscious and positive attitude to Life. In addition, our purpose is not to deprive you of suffering, but to teach you how to utilize it. Suffering is the greatest good you can be given in Life at present. Each experience of suffering is in its proper place and has its deep meaning. Why do humans suffer? – This is one of the mysteries of existence. When trials come, everyone should endure them without asking why they have come. When they go away, then everyone will understand them. Christ, the Great Teacher of humanity, subjected Himself to the greatest suffering that has ever existed in the world, without receiving an answer as to why He was suffering. Instead of an answer, He was crucified, He was pierced through His chest, so that blood and liquid dropped from it, and He was left to ask about the reason for this suffering. As He did not receive an answer, He said: “Let it be Your will, Lord!” Therefore, Christ too had to go through suffering, without receiving any explanation for it. He had to pass this exam. Now, after having suffered, you want to receive an explanation immediately. No, the understanding of suffering comes after you have overcome it, after you have passed the exam. Until that time you will think about it. When you come to a certain experience of suffering, say deeply within yourself: “This is the thoughtful Will of God! This is the Great Will of God! This is the Will of the Infinite Cosmos!” Any other understanding will plunge you into sin and crime. If, during the moment of suffering, someone comes to you and explains the reasons for it, he will cause you the greatest evil. Therefore, do not regret the suffering you are given. If you regret suffering, you should also regret the Love you are given. It is a Law: Joy and Love will follow each suffering. This law can be experienced. The greater the suffering, the greater the Love; if suffering is reduced, Love is reduced as well. Therefore, suffering is a measure of Love. Love gets increased mindfully; it comes gradually. Thus, suffering and Love move parallel to each other and play an equal part in the building up of the human soul. Secret prayer Go forward in Boundless Love! Source
  19. Беседата на български Methods Of Purification Year 1, Lecture 12 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) Given by the Master Beinsa Douno May 17, 1922, Wednesday Sofia Secret Prayer There was a presentation of the remainder of the essays on the topic "Applications of Karma in Life” Now I will use another example to explain to you what karma is. A young person went out with his friends. They stopped at an inn and went in to have a drink. This young man drank for the first time in his life and very soon got so drunk that he could hardly control his body or stand on his legs. After his friends also got drunk, they all left the inn together. The streets were muddy because it was rainy. The young man began to stagger in the streets, falling here and there and getting all covered in mud. By the time he got home he sobered up but the mud remained - the mud is his life's karma which he will have to clean up. I will not discuss the reasons for this situation, why the young man got drunk and how he became covered in mud. You mаy say that he did not want to drink, that his friends led him astray and so on but what really matters is how this young person can cleanse himself of the mud; how he can purify his heart from the wish to drink to the extent that he loses his senses. I will now give you three methods for purification: precipitation, filtration/percolation and distillation/evaporation. How will you know when to use the first, the second or the third method of purification? If water is turbid, i.e. mixed with solid insoluble substances, it could be purified by one of the first two methods – by precipitation or by filtration/percolation. When Nature wants to clean some water, She takes it to be filtered through the geological layers. In this case the geological layers play the role of filters that clean the water. If water was conscious it would feel grief and suffering during its sinking through the layers, losing its light and falling into darkness. When it sinks down, it goes deeply into the ground, passing through several layers until it meets a layer of stone or clay that will stop it, not allowing it to go further. Thus, unable to sink further, it will find an exit and resurface on the ground. When it comes out onto the surface, it will be glad to see the Light again. Therefore, grief appears at the beginning of the filtration process, while joy comes at its end. Liquidation of one’s karma represents a similar filtration process, consisting of a descent into matter, a process of cleansing and an exit to the Light again. Precipitation is a similar process, but one accomplishes it with less suffering and grief. The greater the suffering and grief, the greater the result of purification. Evaporation or distillation is another important method of purification. Joy emerges at the beginning of evaporation, while grief comes at the end. Why is this process the reverse of filtration? When water is heated, evaporation takes place; the water vaporizes and goes up into the air, i.e. it goes up to God. Water drops are joyful, because they are freed from their sins and suffering. So they spread wings and fly upwards but when they encounter a cold front, they immediately cool down and become dense, and eventually fall down again. As they fall down to the ground as rain, they become muddy and suffer greatly but they are unaware of the benefit they have brought with their fall. Just like water, you are also subjected to a purification process which is carried out in two ways. When you are under filtration, first you are sad and later you are joyful. When you are under evaporation, first you are happy and later you fall into grief. Therefore, if you are sad due to filtration, do not oppose your fate, but go further so as to reach the deepest layers within yourself, in order to be purified more thoroughly. And then you will emerge into the Light again; you will emerge on the surface of the ground and experience the joy and happiness you deserve. As a result of connecting the two ends of suffering and joy, you form a circle through which Life can run smoothly. Those who do not understand this law will notice the constant alternation between grief and joy in their lives, but will not know what its reason is. I am asking you, which of the two methods will you personally choose? Filtration is a method applicable to the human heart, while evaporation is a method for the mind. From time to time, however, these two methods will swap places - filtration will be used for the purification of the mind, and evaporation for the purification of the heart. Generally speaking, however, the mind is purified through evaporation, which is why people say that certain thoughts should evaporate and get out of their heads so that a continuous circle of motion between feelings and thoughts can be formed. When someone starts applying one of those methods, he begins to be able to see. However, it is dangerous if you come to a deadlock, if no filtration or evaporation occurs within you. Society calls this state indifference or alienation. When someone says that he is indifferent, he doesn't want to know what will happen to him. No, one should be interested in everything that is happening within and around him; one should even foresee or know what may happen to him in the future. When I speak of karma, there are several things that you should know. For example, there is karmic suffering which comes as a consequence of the past, but there is also suffering which is due to lack of foresight in some situations in the present. Imagine that you put an empty bottle of water into your pocket and go for a walk. You go to the outskirts of town, stop near a fountain and sit down to rest in the shade. You rest and ponder on different philosophic questions – about the origin of the world, the age of the stars and the Sun, the solution to some social problems and so on. Thus, engulfed in your thoughts, you forget to fill the bottle with water from the fountain and go back home with an empty bottle. The summer day is very hot and you get thirsty. You take out the bottle and see that you haven't filled it. So, in this case your suffering is due to the fact that you were absent-minded because you were carried away by your thoughts and forgot to fill your bottle. Another example concerning karma: you take a big basket and put seventy or eighty kilograms of bread in it. But you have to carry it on your back for forty or fifty kilometres. You have decided to carry this load alone in order to make more money and not have to pay anyone to help you. You meet some children on the road. If you want to make your load lighter, by all means you will need to give them some bread. Otherwise you will injure your back. So in this case you will empty your basket in order to avoid suffering. And when you reach the fountain, you should fill your bottles with water in order to avoid getting thirsty. For as long as you are rich and carry a full basket of bread on your back, you should share it freely with everyone and keep only one loaf for yourself. That is the only way to stay happy and satisfied. Consequently there are two causes of human suffering and misfortune: the first one is that when they get to the fountain they forget to fill their bottles with water. The second one is that when they were carrying a full basket of bread on their backs, they didn't share it with anyone. So when you suffer, it is not enough to argue and philosophize about the possible causes of your suffering. As disciples, question yourselves directly whether you didn't fill your bottles or didn't share some of your bread with the poor. One’s karma would not surface if there were no current reasons for its activation. You would ask: “What is the reason for the activation of karma in one’s life?” When one loses Love, karma comes to replace it. When one loses joy, grief comes to replace it. When one loses justice, lawlessness comes to replace it. When one loses mercy, fear and violence come to replace it. Therefore, your shortcomings show what you are lacking, i.e., what you have lost in Life. If an individual then resorts to injustice, violence or brutality, his karma appears immediately. It has been observed that some individuals who lose love try to seize it back violently. However a law exists to the effect that if they attempt to seize Love back or violate another person's soul, the same violence will be inflicted upon them. Why? Because violence and limitations imposed upon others are like prisons where those who have inflicted this violence will also go some day. I will tell you an occult story to clarify this idea to you. In ancient times there was an adept who hated mice. One day, he set up a trap in front of their hole to get rid of them. In accordance with karmic law, this adept, in one of his next incarnations, returned to Earth in the form of a mouse so that he could experience the consequences of his invention. He lived in the same hole at whose entrance he had placed the mousetrap. Once as he was coming out of the hole, he encountered the trap and there was a piece of salami in it. He stopped and began to investigate. He decided to go into the trap so that he can taste the salami, but what a surprise: the door of the trap banged shut and he was imprisoned there. What is the conclusion? The same person who had invented the trap in the past was put into the same jail in order to experience in his turn the loss of freedom and the limitations resulting from his invention. I am saying, do not lay any traps for the minds and hearts of others, because you will go into them yourself. You will not escape any trap you have set up in the past, not even over the course of thousands of years. It may wait for you for centuries and millennia, but it will find you somewhere in time. Irrespective of how high you may have reached, the moment will come for you to return in the form of a fly, a mouse, even a microbe in order to experience your own trap. You will be imprisoned there until you learn your lesson. You think that there is no going back in evolution. Do not harbour illusions, do not deceive yourself into thinking you will escape from the karmic law. Whatever position you may have reached, whatever height you may have attained, you will be brought back to pay your debts; then you may go further. Whatever thoughts and feelings you have created and emitted in space you will experience someday for yourself. They will come back to you and you will experience their positive or negative consequences. This is the meaning of the Bulgarian proverb: “You reap what you sow.” Everyone will reap what they have once sown. Therefore, do not think that there is no going back in evolution, no degradation. If Angels, who are much more elevated than humans, fell and lost their light when they made a mistake in the past, what to say about humans? The law of karma encompasses all living beings – from the smallest to the largest. There are no exceptions to it. Therefore if you want to eliminate your karmic debts, observe the Divine law, the law of Divine Love. Don't fight your karma, nor think about it so as not to challenge it. Think about Love and apply it as a sole device, a sole possibility for eliminating your negative karma. Someone may say that he alone is able to eliminate his karmic burden. Everyone can do this by applying Love in his life. For this reason you should ask yourself if you love all creatures in the same way. This can be achieved only if you view people as beings who can manifest the Divine. For example, let’s say that you meet a criminal who has committed many crimes and society is entirely against him. At this moment a woman appears who believes that he is a good person and speaks well of him. Why does the woman have a good opinion of the criminal? Because once he saved her from certain death. One day when she was passing through a forest she encountered a bear that was about to attack her and tear her to pieces. At that moment the robber rushed to the woman and saved her. So, at that very moment the Divine was activated in the robber. This is why the woman believes that he is a good person. Therefore, love all human beings for the Divine in them. When the Divine is present, even the worst person, even the criminal is able do some good, some great deed. When the Divine is absent, even the best person can commit a crime. Should this person be considered bad in this case? A single action which a person did at a given moment does not make him good or bad. I am asking you, what have you understood from these two examples – the empty bottle of water and the full basket of bread? What is better: to give or to take, to teach others or to be taught, to love or to be loved? Someone who loves experiences a pleasant feeling, but is the beloved one pleased? What will happen if the beloved one also wants to love? Both of them will give love but in the end they will come to an argument. If both people want to be loved, this means that both want to receive. What will happen then? Once again they will become cross with each other. Think of the question: what does it mean to love and to be loved? Or what does it mean to give and to receive? Next time you will answer this question in class orally, but do not write the answer down. Thus you should clarify to yourselves what giving and receiving mean from an occult point of view. Each thought and feeling that you have should be strictly defined. When you love, you should do so without any compulsion. The one who is loved does a favour to the person who loves him. The one who loves needs to release his burden in order to feel better. In other words, whoever loves wants to give part of his burden to the beloved. He says: “I see that you are strong, so I want to put part of my burden on your back.” To love and to be loved – in occult terms this means the right distribution of the burden between two people. Their mutual interaction is like the examples of the empty bottle and the full basket. If your bottle is empty, let another one fill it with water; if your basket is full of bread, give to others who have nothing. You should observe these two principles in order to create relationships among you based upon mutual respect and esteem. Many people have no respect or esteem, either for themselves or for others. First, one should maintain self-respect, respect for one’s higher consciousness, for the soul, and then – for others, for those around us. If you have a cat at home, how do you treat it? You touch its ears and tail, you caress its hair, so that at times the cat is angry with you and ready to scratch you but generally it endures everything. However, if you treat a person like a cat you'll insult them. That is why when you visit someone you should not express your love for that person as you would for a cat. One's love for a cat differs from one's love for a human being. Love for a human being is based on strictly defined mathematical ratios. If two individuals who are in love observe these ratios, there will be harmony between them. Nowadays when two people meet, one of them will think to himself: “I am more educated," “I am taller," “I am richer” and so on. In response the other will think to herself: “However I am cleverer," “I am better," “I am heavier," etc. As a result of these comparisons an inner fight, an internal competition between them will commence and it will spoil their relationship. I am asking, what is the reason for disharmony in the relationships between contemporary people? Such disharmony is due to the fact that human beings base their love upon knowledge, upon wealth, etc. You should consider one thing: Love is a strictly determined law that does not depend on any social situation or relationship. This law can be tested and tried. Neither knowledge nor power nor wealth can keep Love. You see this all the time in Life. Show me someone who is happy because he is powerful, learned or rich. When they enter life, many people think that love will make an exception for them. No, Love doesn't make exceptions for anyone. Every human being in life is an ordinary comma which has been put in its proper place. The comma signifies a short rest, but a comma can often be placed where there is no need for a rest. The smallest Love in the physical world represents the smallest rest, so that one can catch his breath after he has become tired. To put it differently, the smallest impression that one can receive in the physical world represents the smallest Love. When I speak to you of these new ways of looking at Life, I do not intend in the least to do away with or destroy what is old immediately. The old remains as compost in which you can plant the new. You will graft new branches onto the old tree because you need to learn how to plant the new seeds and how to grow seedlings. If you decide to destroy what is old in one go, you will hinder your evolution. How could you act so negligently towards the old, which is the result of the activities of so many great people, even geniuses? Great people are a manifestation of the activity of humankind in its entirety. In order for one great person to be born on Earth, a multitude of entities from the Spiritual World need to gather in one place and direct their whole activity and power towards him. Just like a tree sends an ambassador to another tree through its fruit, in the same way a countless number of higher entities or souls acting collectively send, i.e. concentrate their intelligence in one person or one Master on Earth and he becomes great. In that sense each person - irrespective of how ordinary he or she may be - represents a collective body of souls. Now that you know this, you should work consciously on yourselves, because everyone’s turn will come to enter into this wheel. Everyone's time will come to be set alight and for that purpose everyone needs to prepare the necessary quantity of fire within himself. The fuel for this fire are the experiences that one gathers throughout his lifetime and nothing can be achieved without them. What do you do when you see a lit candle? You want to be set alight too. Do not be in a hurry. The wheel keeps turning and one day your turn will come too, but until then one must undergo great trials and tribulations. Has there ever been a minister in Bulgaria or any other country who has not received a cross instead of a garland? In that sense everyone is heading towards a prison, either within or outside of himself. Didn't the Romans and the Jews erect a cross for Christ? Contemporary Christian nations have erected many churches in the name of Christ, but He is not inside them. A long time needs to pass before humans give place to the Divine, to the Great within themselves. During this time humans should work upon themselves, in order to create proper and pure relationships with each other, based not on violence but on the Law of Freedom. Tie yourself without getting tied; place limitations on yourself without becoming limited. In other words, when you build a trap for others or for yourselves, leave two doors open in it, so that when you enter through the first door, you can go out through the second one. In this case, a mouse, after it has come into the trap from the first door to eat the meat, can also find the second door open and go out. And when you see that the meat has been eaten, be content that the mouse has acted reasonably. Now, as I am speaking about Love, I need to tell you that Love brings limitations. Both the one who loves and the beloved impose limitations upon each other. For example, a merchant loves money and so he keeps going around in search of better and cheaper goods thus wasting a great deal of his time. The beloved also expects to receive something and thus wastes his time. So both of them incur a loss and if they don't find a way to compensate for it, karma will take its place. Therefore, karma comes as a result of a disharmonious manifestation of Love between human beings. For as long as the love between people lacks harmony, their mutual karma will keep growing and getting heavier. If the beloved does not arrive on time, he gets asked immediately: “Why weren't you punctual?” Therefore, given the current level of development of human beings and their understanding of love, both those who love and the ones who are loved limit each other. Contemporary people want to be free of these limitations, but this requires a new philosophy of Life, new solutions to the existing social problems. If you do not acquire this new philosophy, many more halters and goads will appear. What new ideas can you acquire, if your master puts a hundred halters and goads on you daily? You will certainly learn something. Halters and goads represent the trials and tribulations one must pass through in order to reach a higher level of consciousness. The present situation of humanity is temporary, transitory, but in order to go through this period successfully, one needs to make efforts to transform the forces of his consciousness and overcome the present boundaries and limitations. If you think you can solve your problems without such effort you deceive yourself. You can solve them temporarily, but later you will make double the amount of mistakes you did before. If you work consciously on yourself, you will solve Life's issues directly, without any detours and thus gain Light and a new understanding of Life. If I shared with you some occult laws and rules, given your current level of awareness you wouldn't be able to cope with them. You would say that you promise to apply them and will be very precise in doing so. No, new knowledge requires new containers, otherwise many of your containers will start cracking here and there and you will start complaining of headaches or stomachaches and so on. When the higher energy of these spiritual truths penetrates your nervous systems, it will cause total perturbation and if you have no connection to the great Divine law so that it can help you, you could simply melt. That is why disciples of the occult need a long period of preparation before they can become independent. This preparatory period has the aim of increasing their vibrations so that they can become stronger. That is the reason why occult knowledge, occult Light are not given to disciples before they have been well-tempered - this knowledge is power capable of destroying the organism of someone who is not prepared for it. The disciple needs to start with minor experiences in order to temper his nervous system. For this purpose he is first placed on a grate at an average temperature of about three hundred degrees which is gradually increased until it reaches four or five thousand degrees. Each disciple will test the level of his tenacity. Someone who can endure up to four hundred degrees can be compared to lead, because lead melts at approximately that temperature. Someone who melts at about a thousand degrees is like iron and if someone melts at one thousand seven hundred and fifty or one thousand eight hundred degrees, he is like platinum. The more you can endure the more you will learn. Do you know how many degrees you can personally endure? Have you tested at which temperature you would melt without burning? In this case alchemy aims to melt what is hard and stubborn in the human being, without burning it. If we could melt carbon in some way, we would change its state and transform it into something new, but if we burnt it, we would have an entirely different process. When I speak about the power of Occult Science, I do not want to frighten you, I want you to be brave. All higher beings have trod this path and you have to do it too. It is the easiest path. Its methods are complicated, but the path itself is straight and easy, therefore, you need to work and you need to think. Think mainly about the two sides of Love – to love and to be loved. Ask yourself the question: when and how has the wish to love and be loved emerged in human beings? What do you think: when have these two states appeared in human consciousness, in your understanding? Do the following experiment to answer this question: when after a good meal you are satisfied, take a beautiful cherry and look at it for a while. You will admire the beautiful cherry for as long as you do not feel any hunger, but when you become hungry, the wish to eat your favourite cherry will enter your mind. While you do this experiment, observe the changes which will occur in your consciousness. There are a lot of cherries this season, so all of you can do this experiment. When you are full, take four or five cherries and put them in front of you. At this time you'll love them. But when you get hungry, you look at the cherries in a different way, you want to eat them. At this moment, the wish enters your consciousness for the cherries to love you. It is interesting to observe these fine changes occurring in your consciousness. This means that the one who loves will become engulfed. In this example, the cherry loves the person, and that is why the latter swallows it up. That is the law. It shows that the power lies in small things, not in big things. When you do this experiment, you will come to interesting conclusions, you will observe how different processes in your mind develop. However in order to reach the right conclusions, you need to be completely calm. Therefore, work in a state of calmness and do not be disturbed if some issues inside you or in your interaction with others have not been solved yet. A number of methods for solving issues exist. When an artist makes a mistake he takes the brush and covers it up. When a clerk makes a mistake he takes the rubber and erases it. Covering up and erasing mistakes are external methods, but when we come to the correction of errors in human consciousness, then we have to use very different methods. Each external error is first of all an error of someone’s consciousness. Those who understand the laws will correct their mistakes through transformation of their consciousness. It is one of the most difficult methods to apply. Everything is hidden in one’s consciousness; that is why your work on yourself should definitely start from there. Purification of consciousness – that is the disciples' task. Two main methods can be applied towards this aim: filtration and distillation. Purification of consciousness means transforming your consciousness so that it can make a transition from a lower to a higher level. Secret Prayer Source
  20. Беседата на български The Law Of Energies Year 1, Lecture 11 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) Given by the Master Beinsa Douno May 10, 1922, Wednesday 19.00h, Sofia Secret Prayer The disciple's essays were read on the topic: “Applications of karma in Life” Your essays deal with the theoretical side of the question of karma. Physical life and the physical body of the human being are often talked about. What does the physical body represent? It represents a conductor, a great installation for the forces of Nature. Two types of natural forces pass through this installation: positive and negative electricity as well as positive and negative magnetism. At present, your bodies are not physically tuned. Some are positive, others are negative; some have more positive electricity in them, others have more negative electricity. If two individuals with a positive electric charge come together, they will surely repel one another. If they begin a conversation, directly after their parting they will feel aversion and dissatisfaction. If neither can transform the other's positive electricity into negative one, it is better for them to part consciously, at least for a while, and look for a friend with the opposite electric charge. Otherwise, they will develop a hostile attitude towards each other and will act out of their hostility. Rude behavior will result as a consequence. Irrespective of whether the person is male or female, they will display rudeness because electricity moves in short waves and so does rudeness. If two negatively charged individuals come together, they will also repel one another. A certain discontent, doubt or fear will become apparent; they will be afraid of each other. Therefore, when two positively charged people meet, they will become active and will fight or duel one another, and when two people of negative electric charge meet, they will not fight for reasons of safety, but hypocrisy and deceit will enter into their relationship. One of them will find an indirect way to deceive the other one and tie him up so as to get a revenge. So if you want to duel with someone, you should know that both of you have a positive electric charge. If you feel fear, doubt or hypocrisy when you meet someone, you should know that both of you have a negative electric charge. If you meet someone whose electricity is the opposite of yours, you will love one another. The relationship of two people with the same electric charge in their organisms is the same as the relationship one has to one's own self, when both hemispheres of the brain are charged with the same or the opposite type of electricity. In order for a person to have a harmonious state of mind, each hemisphere of his brain needs to be charged with the opposite type of electricity. In the same way when two people meet who have heterogeneous or homogeneous electric charges, harmonic or disharmonic relationships emerge. For example, if the electricity in the right hemisphere is positive in both individuals, they will be rude to each other; if they both have an accumulation of negative electricity in the left hemisphere, they will be suspicious of one another. Many are worried about what to do with their negative electricity if they cannot put it to work. I will give an example from real life, so that you can see how to apply the law of assimilation to your excess energy. Suppose that one of the women in class, who is stronger in character, attracts two other women. However she likes one of them more than the other, and has a close friendship with her. She often talks to her, while the third woman remains to the side. These two friends who love one another assimilate each other's electric charges but the third woman, who is not loved as much, has surplus energy which has accumulated either in the right or the left side of her body. If the energy remains in the right side of her body, the woman will become rude; if it remains in the left side, she will be dissatisfied and suspicious, both towards herself and towards her kin. What should she do to come out of this situation? She should find another friend who will love her. That is the only way for her surplus energy to be assimilated. Now that you are aware of this law, you should be very careful not to misuse it. Whoever misuses this law will be strictly punished, as he has never been punished before in his life. Once you know this law, you are expected to use it only for good. Everyone should remind themselves not to misuse this law under any circumstances. What does it mean to misuse this law? One misuses this law if he consciously directs his positive electricity towards another person. Thus he will increase the amount of positive electricity in the other person, he will increase his rudeness and lead him to aggression and rancour. When an individual's right side is positively charged he should find a friend whose right side has the opposite electricity, so that the two opposite types of electricity can be neutralized. How can this neutralization occur? One of them can put his left hand on the right side of his friend’s head, and the friend can put his right hand on the left side of the other person's head. Thus, little by little, they will begin to feel better. Neutralization can also be achieved by simply holding hands. The aim is to transform the energies in both individuals. You can do this experiment in order to see the above law in action. It is best to do it when you are not feeling well. You should also do the experiment always in pairs – two female friends or sisters and two male friends or two brothers together. When I say that you should hold hands, sisters with sisters and brothers with brothers, I have in mind the different principles operating in Nature: Love with Love and Wisdom with Wisdom. Looking at the way you are sitting next to each other in class, I find that you have not taken this law into consideration. Students at school should take seats in an order that will promote perfect harmony between them. Because you are disciples of a spiritual school, you need to know the law of energy transformation and apply it properly. If you meet someone who violates your inner peace with his opposing energies, stay away from him. If you cannot distance yourself from him physically, do it mentally. How can this be done? Imagine that a certain distance exists between you. Therefore, when you take a seat or when you meet others to talk and communicate, always observe the law of liking. If two people like each other, there will be full harmony between them; whenever one of them thinks, the other one will think as well. However if they are not fond of each other, whenever one of them thinks, the other one will feel. Such disagreement of forces will create a number of disharmonious situations between them. Two people should think, feel and act simultaneously in order to maintain harmony with each other. Moreover, if one of them thinks, feels or acts positively, the energies of the other one should be negative. So do this experiment for the purpose of regulating the forces in your body. If you achieve positive results, I will give you other experiments to do. What indicates the presence of surplus electricity in the left side or in the right side of the brain? – When a person has a tendency to quarrel with everyone he meets on his path, it shows a surplus of electricity in the right side of his brain. When a person is in bad spirits, when he is pessimistic or unhappy, it shows a surplus of electricity in the left side of his brain. This refers to the energies of the physical body. The same can also be said about the energies existing in the Astral and the Spiritual worlds. You should make efforts to control these energies, and then monitor the results. However, you should not expect success with the first attempt. You may undergo a hundred trials, yet barely achieve one microscopic result. These experiments aim at the development of your awareness and of your will. When I say that electricity has accumulated in the right or in the left hemisphere of the brain, I mean the brain's general state. Otherwise electricity could accumulate in specific centres of the brain, but again either in the left or in the right hemisphere.When you are not feeling well, you should realize that you have surplus electricity and you need to put it to work. How are you going to do this? You will find a friend from the class or from anywhere else who is of about the same level of personal development and do the experiment with her. When you do the experiment together you will gain double. On the one hand you will get rid of your excess electricity, and on the other hand you will help your friend move onto the right path, the path that you are following. However, if you conduct this experiment with a person who is moving in a direction opposite to yours, you will link yourself with this person and will experience a contradiction. Now, as disciples you will need to do this experiment frequently. Since you do not yet abide by the laws properly, you will accumulate surplus electricity in your brains which you must manage in a reasonable way. This excess of energy is a form of surplus baggage from the past. Similarly, rich people leave a surplus when they cook a lot of food but eat only part of it. If a meal remains uneaten, after some time it begins to spoil and the servants are forced to throw it away. The same process takes place in the entire human organism because of surplus electricity accumulating in the brain. Here and there in the organism processes of souring and decay develop, leading always to destruction. However, whenever you feel an accumulation of electricity in one hemisphere of your brain or the other, you can help yourself. For example, if the accumulation of electricity is in the right hemisphere, you can stroke the right part of your head with your left hand - not with your right hand, because then you will increase the accumulated electricity. And the other way round, if the surplus energy is in the left side of your head, you can stroke it with your right hand. After you do this you will become calm and your mood will improve. In the summertime, when the Sun shines strongly over your head, you can stroke your hair with both hands. With the help of your hands you will remove excess electricity from your brain and thereby avoid a sun stroke. Apply this procedure even when the slightest agitation occurs and you will be able to observe positive results. There are many schools in the world that use these rules and methods for magnetizing and tuning, but due to improper application of the laws of Intelligent Nature, they cause great harm to their disciples. Disciples should not allow themselves to be hypnotized. Those who want to give you money should not demand a promissory note from you. If they want to do you a favour they should give you the money on trust. If they want a promissory note, accept no money from them. It is better to stay hungry than to sign anything like that. The Spiritual school recommends the following to its disciples: if someone gives you a loan without a draft or a bill, then accept this money, use it and pay it off on time. Now, I would like you to be sincere to yourself, be honest to your soul. For a period of two weeks, right after you get up each morning, ask yourself: “Am I sincere to my soul? Am I ready to do what my soul whispers to me, what my soul prompts me to do all day long? And if I fail in something, am I ready - without justifying myself, without asking my soul for an excuse - to tell the Truth as it is in reality?” Therefore, when you make a mistake, do not diminish or exaggerate it, but state it before your soul as it is, as Nature has also stated it. Honesty to the soul is a prerequisite for the development and awakening of your awareness, so that you can perceive things correctly, without things getting exaggerated or diminished. What I understand by the word “soul” is the Divine source in the human being, its highest manifestation in the physical world. As I am giving you a number of experiments, I am bringing your attention to honesty so that there will be no misuse. Why should you not misuse the experiments? Because all experiments in the School should be done consciously and free willingly. For example, when you put your hand on someone’s head, you should be aware whether you are giving or receiving something from him. If you receive, you should know if you can use what you receive. If you give, you should know whether the receiver has benefited from it. If what you give does not benefit the other and what you receive does not benefit yourself, both processes of taking and receiving are useless. In order for giving and receiving to be made conscious and to be used well, one needs to be thankful. The energy that flows through the person who gives and the person who receives is Divine. Full accounts of it is kept, it cannot and should not be spent in vain. Nature has at Her disposal precise instruments for measuring and reading how much energy is used and who it is used for. Moreover, Nature monitors the amount of energy going out of one’s brain, out of one’s hands, etc. Nature represents a great installation of energies and She renders a precise account of all that is spent. She monitors the results also which are obtained after the expenditure of this energy. This is of special importance because these results give this energy the opportunity to echo in universal existence. Therefore, it is enough for you to put your hand on somebody's head and they will already know the exact result of your activity and will hold you responsible for it. I am not saying this to frighten you, but to warn you that an account is kept of any work that you do, so you should be careful. You should work consciously, оn principal and not out of fear. The impulse of your soul should be in tune and harmony with God, with the Great in the world. This is what conscious work means. Some issues may be have remained unclear to you now, but you should know that through the experiments you will achieve clarity. If the explanations of the experiments are too long, this can also be a burden for you. What is obscure for you today will become bright and clear tomorrow, when the Sun rises. Without fear in the Boundless Love! So, when an issue is unclear to you, ask for an explanation. If you do not ask, you may delude yourself, because you will be visited simultaneously by the disciples of both Brotherhoods: of Light and of darkness. Whatever may happen to you, whoever may visit you, do not be afraid, do not be afraid of the darkness. It has its own laws and you will study them in a reverse way, by going from Light to darkness and from darkness to Light. Secret Prayer Source
  21. Беседата на български Analysis Of Words Year 1, Lecture 8 to the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) given by the Master Beinsa Douno April 19, 1922 – Wednesday 19.00h, Sofia Now I would like each of you to write one sentence in your notebooks which includes the first of the proposed words from last Wednesday - that is the verb “Come!” Your sentence structure should be simple, with one conjunction only, without attributes or direct/indirect objects. Now let's read the sentences you have written. Here are some of them: “Come to God!” “Come to Truth!” “Come onto the Path!” “Come into the steps of your Master!” I am asking you, can one really come to God or to Truth? Motion is a spatial process, while Truth is not spatial. In this case, can one really come to God or to Truth in time and space? Being disciples of the Spiritual school, you should learn to think and speak precisely, using strictly defined words in the same way that mathematicians are strict and precise in their work with numbers and formulas. Each word that is used should express its exact meaning. Now write some new sentences using the verb “Come!" The motion expressed in them should refer to strictly defined time and space. What is the definition of verbs? Verbs express actions and states and all actions are related to time and space. Which world includes time and space? Time and space are related to the material world. As a matter of fact, only physical bodies require space and a certain place. Therefore, volume and space are characteristics of the physical or the spatial world, for example, the world of forms. I am asking you now about the meaning of the word "Love." Is Love spatial? Love is not spatial. Love knows neither time nor space. Love has neither beginning nor end. In that case how can you know something that is without beginning or end? How can you know something that does not require time and space? It remains unknown. But if you begin to feel Love, this is the first moment that defines a state of Love. Is there a relation between states and space? When you say about someone that he is a person of substance, it means that inwardly he has much at his disposal. What was the second word that was written? It was “harmony" followed by “symphony”. What is the difference between “harmony” and “symphony?” A symphony comes as a result of harmony. These words are outside of spiritual science because they have meanings which are different from their literal meanings. When you examine a certain word, you have to pay attention to its root and origin. You must also consider its conceptual meaning, in other words, you should know the idea that is expressed by the word. In this sense, "symphony” is not a precise word. We say “symphony” and “symphonic orchestra." Which of the two words is more precise, "symphony” or “harmony” ? Harmony can exist between two tones, whereas symphony cannot. Which are the most important words out of those you have read? The words “persistence” and “perfection" express the result of something. “God” is a very indeterminate word. “Love” is a good word. Humans are able to love, but whom? Are they able to love one another? First they should love God. Before you utter the word “God,” you must say the word “Love.” To say the word “God” without love is like reading a book without light. To pronounce a name, or to go somewhere, you should first have the impulse in your consciousness. You cannot enter onto the spiritual path if you do not have the impulse to do so. This motivating force can be conscious as it is in animals, self-conscious as it is in humans, and subconscious or superconscious as it is in Higher Beings. Any movement in a certain direction is caused by an inner impulse that aims at some fulfillment. If the word “mother” is pronounced without love, it loses its meaning and content, as a result of which it will produce a certain disharmony in human thoughts and feelings. In that sense Love is a key to Life, like a musical key for the tuning of instruments. Therefore, the word “God” becomes meaningful only when it is pronounced with love and tenderness. Love is the key for the notes of Life. First you should use the key of Love and only then you can pronounce the word “God,” for only in this way will this word be filled with meaning and content. And when the word “God” is full of meaning, it will also give meaning to the other words: “come,” “harmony,” “symphony,” etc. So, you know now that in the flow of speech words are ordered in the same way that tones are ordered in musical works. The poets among you who have not realized that words play the roles of keys in human speech should learn to regard them in this way, in order to know how to use them and where to place them. What inspires poets to write poems? Love for their native land, for their mothers and friends. Therefore love and affection represent a path leading to a particular destination. You cannot begin a journey every time, but when you do begin it, you should have a defined direction and destination. What is the destination of an apple seed when it is placed into the soil? It moves in two directions – upwards, to the centre of the Sun, and downwards, to the centre of the Earth. In your opinion, what is the destination of human beings? – The Sun. No, a human being first strikes roots inside itself and then thinks about how to come to others. To come to yourself in your language means to come into yourself. Two other verbs originate from the verb “to come”: “come in” and “come out.” First you have to begin, so as to come in and then come out of a particular place. Once you have decided to come into a place, this means that you have already started on your way. If at any moment you want to come out, it means the same. Therefore, whatever you do, thinking or feeling, it has a starting point. So the word “to come” is like the placing of a key. Keys are needed everywhere and in everything. When you say that we should come to God, you are not precise in one aspect, namely that we should know the direction and the destination of our movement. If someone wants to go to the town of Russe, Varna, etc., the name of this town determines the destination of one’s journey. Therefore, when you say that you should come to God, you must know the direction and the destination of your path. Which path leads to God? – The inner path, the path that is lodged within ourselves. Do you have any experience in this matter? – We have not experienced such things yet. How can you then talk about the experience, when you have not yet gone through it? You should learn to think correctly. Everything you speak about should be experienced and tested by yourself personally. It is not good to think without having a thought. What does it mean “to think without a thought?" Thoughts consist of two components simultaneously: feelings and actions. Without these two components thoughts are not proper. It is akin to saying that you love without Love. If it lacks an impulse and a method, it's not love. Love says to you in a symbolic language: “Come!” In other words: “Put the seed in the soil! Sow a feeling in your heart! Sow a thought in your mind!” Therefore, we treat each feeling as a separate seed to be placed in the heart, so as to bear fruit in the future. We will judge the quality of each seed by its fruit. The words “Love,” “to love,” and “I love” have two significant elements: the first element is growth, and the second one is the “ripening” or the result. The letter “ч” ("ch") in the Bulgarian word "обич" (“obich”, Bulgarian for "love") shows that the seed should be put into the soil, so that it may grow and develop. But that's not enough, for the seed should also blossom, set and bear fruit, and its fruit should ripen. This means that the seed has to overcome all difficulties: winds, storms, snows, frosts, droughts, etc. The letter “a” in the Bulgarian word “obicham” (I love) shows that the seed will produce good results. Once we have the results, we can test what Love really is. Any results by which we can judge the reality of things, without falling into contradictions, indicate that we are on the Path of Love. Thus, the first word “come” means that you will begin to seek Truth. When you find Truth, you will begin to love it. When you love Truth, it will free you from fear and falsehood. At present you are not able to tell the Truth. Suppose that a teacher gives an easy problem to a student to solve, but the latter cannot do it. The teacher asks him: “Why did you not solve the problem?” Since the student does not have the courage to reveal the real reason, he finds a number of other excuses to present to the teacher. Thus he resorts to falsehood. This student's self-conceit does not allow him to tell the Truth, because it will discredit him before his classmates and he'll lose their esteem. He will lose nothing in respect to his classmates, but he will lose in respect to the Truth. As I am giving you these exercises, I can read your thoughts and see your ambitions to display your knowledge. But this is already a lie. When you write on a topic, you think you have said a lot. One can say a lot in theory, but the theory will fail in the first clash with Life. This indicates the existence of a great difference between theory and practice. Someone says that evil does not exist in the world, but when he is robbed he changes his stance at once. After that he becomes firmly of the opinion that evil exists in Life. If theory and practice were in unison in this person, then even after he had been robbed, he would not have thought of evil, or admitted to it. He would not have cared whether his money had been in his or in someone else’s pocket. This indicates that people say one thing in theory and achieve something different in practice – there is a dissonance. You would say: “How dare they take my money! Didn't they know that I needed it?” So what? They took your money because they needed it as well. “But this is not right!” What is right is one and the same for you and for them. Whether you get the money or they do, it's the same thing. That is just how it is - if you think as philosophers. However, in practice it is different. This is where evil is hidden. If a hungry person sees that someone has more than he can eat, he has the right to take the surplus food and satisfy his hunger, but if someone who is not hungry takes the food, he will commit a crime because he does not need it. Therefore, only those who are hungry have the right to take bread from someone else’s bag in order to satisfy their needs. Those who do not have such needs do not have the right to steal. Please observe the rules that I am giving you. They are maxims that should be used in Life. You would ask: “Who has the right to eat?” Those who have starved for three days and have prayed to God for bread have the right to sit at the table first. Those who have starved for two days have the right to take the second seat. Those who have starved for one day may take the third seat, etc. Therefore, an individual's right to take this or that place is determined by the extent of his need. In that sense we consider hunger to be a deep inner experience. Only those who are hungry deserve this experience. I am asking, why do people not tell the Truth? Someone goes to buy a cloth. He trusts the merchant and buys a pure woolen cloth on trust. Once he is home, however, he realizes that the cloth is not made out of wool but out of cotton instead. This individual then meets a friend of his and shows him the cloth, telling him that it's wool. His friend likes it and buys it, but later on he also realizes that he has been cheated. He resells the cloth to another friend and so on. In this way everyone gets cheated. I say, check the quality of things before you buy them! Those who are not experts in certain fields should not go shopping alone. Thus people will learn to tell the Truth. Only those who know and understand the quality of certain goods should become traders. Otherwise, they will forever justify themselves, they will cheat others in the same way that they've been cheated. Only those who know and understand the subject of farming should become farmers. The ignorant should stay away. Only good disciples should attend school in order to study. School is a place for talented and gifted students. It has been written in the Scriptures: “Freely you have received; freely give.”1 Only talented disciples receive free schooling. A teacher in music will take up a student and teach him for free, but only if the student is gifted. Why? Because the student’s heart will be burning with love for music. Mediocre students usually wait impatiently for the end of the lessons so they can get away, while talented students are very single-minded. They think mainly of one thing: their work. Mediocre students are double-minded, thinking of at least two things simultaneously. Therefore, talented individuals and those of genius are distinguished mainly by their thinking – at a certain moment they have only one thing on their minds, the one thing that is most important. If you go to God with your gifts, burning with an aspiration to study and grow, He will take you as His disciple and teach you for free. Now, since we are speaking of Truth, the Invisible world will put you unexpectedly to a test so that you can see for yourselves the extent to which you can tell the Truth. It will be a great surprise for you, but you want to know Truth, don’t you? It is not easy to know Truth. It is even more difficult to realize when and how to reveal Truth. I will give you an example of this. A young person had three good and faithful friends who had sworn their friendship and loyalty to him. One day he decided to put their friendship to a test. So he killed a calf and put it in a sack, then went to the first friend and told him: “A creditor of mine came yesterday to get his money back. As I did not have the money, I killed him and I have hidden his corpse in this sack. What will you advise me to do now? Give me a piece of advice, please!" – "Get this sack out of my house right now! Hurry up, because we will both be blamed if someone finds it here!” Then the young man went to the second friend, told him the same story and asked: “What is your opinion?” – “I do not want to interfere in this. Treat the dead body as you wish.” Finally he went to the third friend with the same story. “What shall I do now?” – “Listen, my friend, I am going to help you. I have a secret place in my garden that no one knows about. We will bury the corpse there, and no one will know what you have done; your crime will not be discovered.” I am asking you, whose love was the greatest? The third friend demonstrated his readiness to sacrifice himself for his friend, which means that his love was real. He took part in concealing the crime and was prepared to share the penalty. The first one will be the main criminal, the killer, and the other one will be the concealer and accessory after the fact. In such case, he will share the penalty with his friend. Through this example I wanted to draw direct attention towards extraordinary Truth, not to ordinary Truth. Real Truth will free you; ordinary Truth will limit you. The Master may also come to class with a dead calf in a sack in order to test his disciples whether they would reveal the Truth or not. He may say to one of them: “Listen, I killed a person and put his body in this sack. Tell me where to hide it and keep it a secret.” He may tell the same story to another disciple, yet ask him to share the information with everyone in the street. When both disciples are called into court to reveal what they know, the first one will say that he knows nothing. The second one will say that he knows about the crime of his Master. Finally the two disciples will fall into contradiction. I regard the next two cases as symbolic in Life. The Master gives a full bottle of water to one of his disciples with the assignment: “Do not tell anyone about the contents of this bottle, keep it a secret.” Then he gives a full bottle of water to another disciple with the assignment: “Tell everyone that the contents of this bottle is water.” Therefore, when someone keeps silence, he will receive the maximum amount; when someone speaks, he will become empty. When people do not reveal the Truth, they fill themselves; when they do reveal the Truth, they become empty. It is a Law. This is the deep meaning of the words: “Tell the Truth!” or “Do not tell the Truth!” Keep quiet and do not utter a word when you are empty, and when the Truth is not in you – then your bottle will be filled. When the Truth comes to fill you, then speak, tell the truth to everyone; thus you will empty your bottle and it will begin to refill. We will stop here. I spoke to you mostly about the first word, “come.” I also spoke of some other words. Today we spoke of seven words altogether. We will discuss the remaining words throughout the year. They will provide us with material for many lectures. Be ready, for the Master may come to you with a sack and order you to hide a dead person. Consider well what you should do, because you could go to prison for more than ten years. It is not easy to tell the Truth! You may see all of this in a dream, realize you've concealed a crime, and go to prison. When you wake up, you will say: “Thank God, it was just a dream, not reality.” Many events and situations in Life are like this, as though happening in a dream. Those who awake from the dream and are aware of reality are on the right path; those who are not awake live unconsciously and feel fear and horror. They ask themselves: “What will happen to us?” I wish you to awaken from the deep sleep into which you have fallen, and to realize that much of your experience is not real, but fictitious. Secret Prayer 1 Matthew 10:8 Source
  22. Беседата на български Note 6 Old and New Life Year 1, Lecture 5 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) Given by the Master Beinsa Douno On March 29, 1922, Wednesday 19.00h, Sofia Secret Prayer Now you want to know what to pray for. This question is similar to asking about the typical characteristics of believers, listeners and disciples. Faith is a characteristic of believers, listening – of listeners and studying – of disciples. Therefore, disciples will pray for their studies. The disciples’ essays we read on the topic of 'Will' and 'The Colour White'. Next time please write on the topic: “The Distinctive Characteristics of Good and Evil.” You should note down the most essential characteristics of Good and Evil, as you understand them. How did you complete the exercise I gave you last week? Did you manage to get up on time, all of you? Everyone should have suggested to himself that he needs to get up on time. All the tasks and exercises given in the Spiritual school should be performed consciously and not mechanically. These tasks and exercises aim at raising the disciples’ level of consciousness; moreover, they should be completed with Love. A disciple will achieve nothing if he does not work in compliance with the Law of Love. He will only make ordinary experiences and achieve ordinary results, which can be achieved in ordinary schools. If Love is in your soul, you will be able to get up on time and you will feel a great joy within. If Love is not in your soul, you will hesitate whether to get up or not, you will think what the weather will be like, etc. Meanwhile, temptations will come and you will need much more time to overcome them. Temptations, doubts and hesitations are weeds in the Astral world. Therefore, when exercises and tasks are given in the Spiritual school, weeds are also awakened together with Life, and these weeds begin to grow and develop. In this sense, weeds are in fact very dangerous for the development of values and virtues in the disciple’s soul. I will use the following analogy to clarify this thought. Imagine that you have planted a little flower close to the roots of a big oak. What do you think, will the flower grow well? It will not. Why? Soon it will wither, because the oak will take all the nourishing juices from the soil together with the sunlight, leaving almost nothing for the little flower. Therefore, keep in mind the fact that the old man who lives inside you together with all your old convictions and views of science and Life represents a big tree inside you similar to the oak. And if you do not move away from the roots of this tree, you will not succeed in any task you take up. Why? The big tree will suck the juices out of your Life. Occultists called this tree “The Tree of Knowing Good and Evil.” Consequently, you should stay away from this Tree, so that you can grow freely and properly. This is what is meant by doing away with one’s karma. Karma is like a tree that has its own demands and wishes, so that it may grow and develop. The tree representing your past life must be uprooted and replaced by a new one. Whoever has tried to uproot this tree knows the meaning of the expression “taking the devil’s nail out of you”. If you try to do it, it will cause you great pain. When you see that it is painful, you will start cutting it. No, whether it is painful or not, you must get rid of this nail, you must take it out of you together with the roots. And it will be your salvation as a human being. If you begin pulling the nail out but then you leave it because of the severe pain, this will cause you even greater pain. Whoever wants to become a disciple should do away with the devil’s nail in one go. I am saying: If you cannot uproot the old tree in your life, at least move away from it. And then plant the New life, the new ideas and thoughts far away from the old ones. Thus, without wanting it, you will have a double standard of living. In this situation you will notice that in the days when you are in high spirits and have noble feelings you are ready to manifest the Great and the Beautiful in you and to tell the Truth; and the other way round - in the days of indisposition you may not even understand how you have said and done unwanted things. And when you remain alone, you are discontent with yourself and wonder how you have succumbed to the temptations. It may happen to both young and old people – it happens to all humans due to the old life in them. When people hear about Truth, they say: “Truth is inapplicable to Life.” This indicates that the Divine life requires advanced souls. Contemporary people cannot serve the Truth of God, because they lag behind in their development. The Lodge of darkness contributed much to this by creating a number of religious systems that delayed the development of human souls but in my view, it is easier to live for Truth than for the world; it is easier to serve God than to serve the world. Many people think that it is easier to live for the world than for God. Why do they think so? Because the world demands its right by force and imposes it by violence, while Divine Truth demands its right by Love and in a voluntary way. As you can see, violence has a much stronger power over humans. They do both good and evil by means of violence. However the method of violence is temporary; its results are fruitless, yet it has brought enormous suffering and misfortune to human beings. As you have not learned to work out of Love, out of free will, you will see that many disciples will leave the Spiritual school in a few years with the excuse that Spiritual science is not for them. A Hindu master went to France to establish a spiritual school. In the beginning five hundred people, who were noble French people, joined the school. But when they heard the rules of the school, they left one by one. Only five disciples remained by the end of the year, one for each one hundred. Why did so many disciples leave the Hindu school? – Because it demanded from them persistence, effort and hard work. Nowadays many people are attracted by the systems of the East and by Hindu teachings. But you should know that many of the Hindu rules and methods do not comply with Living Nature. For example, if Hindu breathing techniques were applied in the West, they would bring negative results. Why? – Because these systems were created during the descent of humanity into the material world, i.e. they are in compliance with the law of involution. And because the Fifth human race began its development according to the law of evolution, i.e. on the Path of ascent, these systems need some transformation in order to be of use today. To clarify this I will give you an example from Hindu philosophy. The Hindus say: “You cannot do without a Master”, i.e. you cannot develop spiritually without a Master. In our view, the Master is a being who thinks. Therefore, we present the same idea in the following way: you cannot do or you cannot develop without bright thoughts. So, if someone wants to study, he or she definitely needs to have bright thoughts in order to be able to аcquire knowledge аnd then the Truth will be the same for both the Master and the disciples. In that sense a talented disciple needs a good Master in the same way that a good Master needs a talented disciple. This law should be applied everywhere in Life. The disciple needs a number of protection rules before joining a spiritual school. For example, on entering the school many disciples begin to complain that they are still young and lack their natural way of living, so one day they leave. This shows a lack of understanding. The Spiritual school aims exactly at teaching young people how to live. Therefore, the Spiritual science has the task of both correcting old people's way of life and teaching young people how to live. It is a law: the old should be rectified, the young should be taught. If the old religious beliefs and the old views of Life emerge in young people, they will hamper them. For this reason young people should be taught how to live properly before they come to such a situation. Many contradictions will appear in both old and young people, but they could easily overcome such contradictions if they knew their origin. The New life and Truth coming to the world will remove all these ailments and contradictions. That is why, when these contradictions emerge in you, you should not be tempted, thinking that the new life and its new ideas are not for you. If you say so, you will pass judgement on yourself. According to the laws of the Spiritual school, the disciple creates one’s fortune or misfortune alone. I will give you a brief explanation of the relative truths in Life. Take the Sun as a point in space. We will direct a lever to it in order to show that the planets of the Solar system are located in a straight line. Imagine that this lever can go around, what will you notice during its rotation? The planets that are more remote from the Sun will go faster; if the lever turns faster, the planets which are closer to the Sun will go slower. According to this law, the faster the motion of a body, the bigger its distance from the centre, and the other way round – the slower the motion of a body, the closer it is located to the centre. But it is just the opposite in our Solar system at present. According to the evolutionary law, all bodies that are close to the centre move faster and those bodies that are remote from the centre, move slower. If you apply this law to religious and worldly people, you will see that it is true. You will notice that worldly people, who do not think of God and do not pray, are more lively, energetic and diligent than religious people. They begin their work right after they get up in the morning. While religious people on getting up in the morning start praying, reflecting, meditating and walking, but they do not start working. Worldly people think that religious people are lazy and unwilling to work. When someone becomes spiritual, actually this person does not want to work or works little. Why? – Because he used to work a lot when he was a worldly man. And today he says: “I have worked enough by now, so this time I can take respite from the toil.” That is why religious people talk about relaxation all the time . I say, humans will come to the state of relaxation one day, but they should not be in haste. Many occultists make a similar mistake when they want to ignore science. They prefer to reject official science completely and to use only their spiritual knowledge. But by rejecting this and that they see that nothing remains in the end. If they think that they have come to the centre of their knowledge, they deceive themselves. Each centre represents a planet on another lever, which is connected to many other systems where movement happens according to completely different laws. One thing is required of the disciples: to be aware of each of their actions in order to put them in the right place. I would like you to be like artists in this respect. There are masters of painting who can make use of any line or trace on the canvas, no matter how crooked it is – they use it as part of some complex figure or take it as a model for an object. You may also try to give some meaning to your thoughts, feelings and actions, using them in the same way that a master uses every dot and line in his work. Therefore, instead of fighting your past, it is better for you to use the experience it has brought to you as a foundation for your future. The second experiment that you will do as part of your given task will be tonight (on Wednesday) and tomorrow evening (on Thursday). Do not go to bed before 12 o’clock at night in order to do the exercise. Set your clocks to show the correct time in order to observe the determined hour. You will start the exercise at 11.30 p.m. and it will last half an hour until 12.00 p.m. The time for the exercise will certainly not correspond exactly to physical time. There will be a slight difference. Try to guess if the time is around 12.00 p.m. or not by following your inner sense. If the time is exactly 12.00, you will feel a small inner joy. If the time does not coincide with your guess, you will feel an inner discomfort. When you start the exercise, first you have to pronounce silently the names of your classmates. Then you should send to each of them in order the following two formulas: “Without Fear and without Darkness!” and “Without Fear in Boundless Love!” In the first experiment you sent good thoughts to each one of your classmates but with some exceptions – several disciples were not precise. When you pray, if you feel inner joy, this means that you have turned to God. Man's turning towards God is similar to the way flowers turn to the Sun. It is enough just to think of God and He will radiate a ray to you which will penetrate into your soul. The rays which emanate from God are essential for the development of human souls in the same way that solar rays are essential for the development of flowers. Disciples of Spiritual schools receive a very different kind of knowledge and understanding of God compared to that acquired by ordinary people. Humans always need to give God some shape or form. But I am asking you, what form can you give to Light? Light itself creates forms. How does it create forms? When Light encounters some obstacle, it creates a certain form. Therefore, if you want Light to create some form, place an obstacle in its path. If you make the media of your thoughts thinner or denser, these thoughts will be immediately refracted. It is important for disciples to understand their relationship to all of Life, their participation in the Great Divine life, their destination and their tasks as humans and as beings who have come to Earth to live. When a disciple becomes aware of all this, he or she will be able to fulfill his or her own destiny. The conditions and possibilities available in your present life give you only one path of proper development. Future conditions, life in the future will bring human beings more ways to develop properly. Divine Love is the only proper way in which human beings can develop. It gives them the possibility to grasp the highest and the noblest in Life and to love one another in its name. People today love one another in an external way, but that is not love. Loving people means loving what is noble and Divine in them. Until you find that Divine element inside you and start loving it, you cannot love other people either. All suffering and all contradictions in the world are due to the fact that you seek Truth and Love outside of yourselves. First you will discover them inside you, afterwards in others, and finally you will find them in the external environment as well. When two beings become aware that they have a common Divine source within themselves, they already know each other, they have two, three, four or more points of contact, and they form planet systems. That is why, if you look for the Divine inside you and inside others, you will not need to dwell on the trivialities of ordinary life. I will draw a picture now that illustrates your inner state. Imagine a magnificent feast in a big, rich palace where many guests are eating, drinking, singing and rejoicing. The main entrance of the palace is closed because all the guests who have been invited to the party have arrived. However the palace also has a back door which is only used for the closest friends of the host. The host has promised to one of his friends to converse with him. What should he do in this case? He should leave the guests in the palace to have a jolly time and go out from the back door in order to talk with his friend, undisturbed by anyone. This means the following: when the beings in you are feasting, drinking and enjoying themselves, do not pay attention to them, but rather leave them alone and go out from the back door where no one will see you, so that you may converse with your good Friend. The feast and the entertainment of your guests should not bother you. You should not worry that they may learn about your conversation with your Friend. They will not even notice that you are not with them. If you want to go out unnoticed, offer them more food and more drinks and they will forget themselves. If you wish to get rich, this means that you want to send all your guests away, you want to be alone, so that you may freely go in and out from the back door to converse with your Friend in secret. Some disciples delude themselves in their wish to get rich at once. That is why they say to their guests: “Today I have an appointment with a friend, come next time.” When they say this, the obstructions follow one after the other. Leave your guests to feast and drink, do not turn them back. So what if they feast and drink? In this way they will keep busy and will not disturb you. Otherwise, requiring this and that of you all the time, they will not leave you in peace. These guests represent the world in the human being. Irrespective of how connected you are with the world and what may happen to it, this should not concern you in the least. The world should not hinder you. You have a back door and you can always go out from there. The main entrance is usually closed, but the back door is always open. You may go in and out from this exit whenever you wish to. I am asking you the following question: “What is your purpose in life?” This will be a topic for reflection until our next lecture. Since you are young people, I would also like you to get rid of your pessimism. Absolutely no pessimism shall remain in you! Be lively, bold, determined and have a serious attitude to Life! When dark, obscure thoughts and wishes attack you, say to yourself: “This state is not mine. It is due to the guests in me who are discontented, because they have nothing to eat and drink.” You will always be discontented if you live with old ideas and views, if you maintain the ideas of your grandparents. Each time an old man asks for something and does not receive it, he gets offended. He says: “What is this, I am an old person, I want something, yet my wish is not fulfilled!” In this respect young people do not need external help. They are able to plough, dig and carry water – they can do everything alone. Since they can do everything for themselves do they need to worry and be troubled by trifles? However old people who cannot do anything alone are usually cross with those who do not help them at a given moment. Therefore, if you want to avoid the state of being cross and offended, think that you can do everything alone. When I say that you can do things alone, I have in mind the Law of Love. Everything is possible in Love. Those who live in the Law of Love can do everything and will always be young. When they lose Love by leaving Its law, they get old and need external help. Make an attempt to apply this law, in order to see that it is true without exception. Have a reflection on the arrangement of the world in the Great Law of Love. Once upon a time, the prophet Elias slaughtered four hundred prophets, believing that he could liberate Israel, but he did not succeed. He was not frightened by his deed but by a woman and so he escaped. Then he had to go to the desert to complete a forty-day fast and after that he was shown the way in which the world had been organized. He spent some time in the mountain among the rocks where a big storm began and then a fire emerged, but God was neither in the storm, nor in the fire. Finally he heard a quiet voice, i.e. the voice of Love, the voice of God. Just then the prophet understood that human beings could be perfected only by the quiet voice. The storm represents the method used by contemporary people. The storm represents the modern life of people. The fire represents the suffering experienced by human beings. However the world cannot be arranged properly by means of storm or fire. The storm can destroy rocks and uproot trees, but in no way can it organize the world. When Elias heard the quiet voice, he closed his eyes and understood the deep meaning of this voice. Now I am also directing your attention as disciples to the quiet voice – to see what it can do. Until today you wished to be strong like the storm and the wind, so that you may show others who you are and what you can do, but we want to teach you how to speak quietly and to see what you can do in a quiet way. You should keep in mind the following: do not tell others anything until you have studied and tested it well for yourself! Do not offer anyone from the fruits of your tree until they have ripened. Until then you do not know anything for certain either. After the disciple has sowed the seed and the fruit has ripened, he should bring the fruit first to his Master and only then - wherever else he wants to. The disciples should bring their first fruits to the Master. They could bring the rest to any other place and in whatever quantity they want to. However if you hasten to bring others unripe fruits, tasted and examined by no one, you will be confronted with a number of contradictions. So, do not hurry to tell others about things you haven't experienced or tested for yourself! They will probably listen to you without making a comment, but they will secretly judge you anyway. They will say: “How strange! What kind of meaningless things people occupy themselves with!” Thus they will introduce a conflicting thought into your consciousness. You have been experiencing such situations for thousands of years, since you have started living on Earth. Is it reasonable to experience them again? The aim of this School is to give you methods and rules of transforming your old life into a new one – something that alchemists teach as well. They also taught people how to become young. For this purpose they made a series of experiments with them, applying many different methods. For example, they would close an old person hermetically and subject him to different chemical reactions. As a result of these reactions that old person would become young and regain power and energy for work. You will also be closed hermetically in order to become young but it will happen in the future, not in the present. Go home now without fear and without darkness! What thought will you send to yourselves tonight? Make a wish deep in your heart that true knowledge would penetrate into your mind and consciousness. Perform these exercises in the best way possible because your power lies in the exercises you complete. Without exercises, all your efforts will be fruitless. Someone may ask why he should do the exercise at 12.00 o’clock at night and not at 1.00 a.m. You should not concern yourselves with this. You should get up at the stipulated time, reflect for half an hour and write down precisely the thought you have sent to your classmates. For this purpose you should have a notebook or a pocket book handy to note the progress and the results of the exercises. Suppose that one of you is sent somewhere in Bulgaria to start an occult class. What will he do? If he does not know a lot, he will search for some methods and rules in books. He will open for example the book “Light on the Path” and start reading: “Eliminate all your wishes!” I am asking you, what will remain of you if you eliminate all your wishes? It is the wrong translation of an occult truth; occult truths cannot be translated literally. The elimination of your wishes is not a physical act of murder but actually means you turning to God. If a thought, a feeling or a wish of yours goes down to the Earth, make it go the other way – upwards. When someone wants to get his money back from a person who owes him money, if that person does not want to pay, he goes to him and starts threatening him with court or with death. This is violence! What would he win if he sued his debtor or killed him? As he is walking and thinking his thought suddenly takes a different direction and he says: “I am not going to sue or kill this person but talk to him in a friendly way.” As soon as he sends his thought upwards, he achieves his aim and get his money back. In the same book “Light on the Path” we read the following: “Only the person whose tears have ceased to flow from his eyes will find the Truth.” I am asking, what will happen to the Earth if all springs dry up? Therefore this thought hasn't been translated properly either. That is why when you study spiritual science you should look for the hidden inner meaning of each truth. Others say: “You can only find the Truth if your tears cease to flow from your eyes and your feet get washed in blood.” People who read these sentences think that they have understood a lot but these symbols need a deep inner translation. Only such deep inner understanding can bring benefit to a person. That is why this book should be translated thoroughly; all the rules in it should be carefully filtered and carded. This book is like uncleaned wool that should be carded and picked thread by thread, so that you may separate what is clean from what is unclean, shake the dust off and then offer pure and high quality food to your mind. It contains expressions and formulas from both the Astral and the Mental worlds, but when these are brought down and put in the language of the physical world, they create a confusing mixture - something like onion stew from the point of view of modern culinary art. People often receive information about different diets and foods in an intuitive way. For example, some mediums recommend that you should drink wheat juice but they themselves do not know what is hidden in wheat and whom to recommend it to. Only people with a disposition that resonates with the energy of wheat should drink that juice. Take anything – oats, leeks or anything else – it is good to be attuned to the energies of the respective food. That is the inner meaning of nourishment in general terms. You should know this and apply it in your life. Without knowledge you will always come to a number of disappointments and wrong interpretations. For example disciples often encounter the following delusion: people claim that spiritual science is not appropriate for young people. This is not true. In my view exactly the opposite is true. Why? Young people have stronger personalities than the old. In this respect poor, ordinary people are stronger than rich, learned and religious people. These people are poor and ordinary just in their appearance, but inwardly they are like rich fields of well-ploughed and processed land. That is why in this age beings from the Higher realms incarnate mainly in poor, ordinary persons. This is not an absolute rule, but it is observed in most cases because in such way the Invisible world intends to elevate weak, poor and ordinary people in the world. Therefore, High beings incarnate mostly in poor and ordinary people, while lower beings incarnate mostly in rich and learned people. Consequently, the stronger spirits dwell in young people today and they are the ones that should study spirituality. That is why they stay away from churches. They are brave, determined and break away easily from the old forms. Old people are discontented with the young, they scold them and stand in their way. However young people should be really very careful, because the Lodge of darkness has prepared many traps for them. Its aim is to catch them and keep them in slavery which is hard to escape. Many old people show that they do not understand Life properly when they say to the young: “We were young like you before, but we got old. You will also get old one day and you will also put up with the conditions of Life.” Which life do they have in mind? - A life that is full of mud, alcoholism, robberies and murders. When you encounter it, say to yourselves: “We know this way of living, we have experienced it before, it is not new for us. Now we want to study the New life, which we do not know.” Those who think in this way are young; those who don't are old. Young and old age are determined not by the number of years, but by a person's way of thinking. I say, the most important thing for you is to help one another. The New teaching expresses itself in mutual aid. When someone is indisposed, you should support him with your good thoughts and wishes. How do modern people behave in such cases? When they see a young person who is discouraged and disheartened, they try to convince him to go and get some entertainment in order to feel better. This is a delusion. You should know that the world is not just a place for entertainment. Life does not have only one expression. Each soul carries its own happiness lodged inside it. If you live according to the Great Law of Love, when you enter the world that is not prepared for this law, you will provoke conditions for the manifestation of egoism, i.e. of the human ego in the strong individuals around you. But in other conditions, among advanced souls, Love will create a beautiful world, a world of elevated and pure relationships. Nowadays, contemporary people have little inner light in them, so they are forced to protect and lock themselves, considering that their position in the world is dangerous. Indeed all human beings today are locked up inside. Many spiritual disciples think that they are weaker than others. It is not true. Power is not an external feature. You should be brave and determined. And always keep in mind this sentence: “The soul is all powerful, but the flesh, the animal nature in humans is weak.” The Divine in the human being is always strong, but its animal nature is exposed to temptations, weaknesses and failures. Christ said: “Work and pray not to fall into temptation!” You say: “We are young now, how will our life continue?” If you follow the Divine path, your life will evolve in a beautiful way. If you deviate from this path, you’d better go to the graveyards, hospitals, coffee bars, war fields and among the bankrupt traders to see what would happen to you. However, as long as you follow the Path of the Brotherhood of Light, you will be protected from any evil. If sometimes the White Brothers do not assist you, it is because you cannot always use rationally what they give to you. Here is an example of this. Suppose that you have a friend who is a drunkard. From time to time you get some money from the Brothers. But when you receive it, you bring it to your friend. How will he spend it? He will go to an inn to have a drink. In this case, both you and your friend will not win anything. What will the benefit of your help be then? That is why the Brothers of Light will cut your budget and you will suffer. Why will you suffer? Your friend should not drink. The person who wants something from you in order to satisfy some of his vices is not your friend. Only the one who is ready to make a sacrifice for your elevation is your friend. The New teaching demands sacrifice not through extortion or violence, but in a voluntary way. Only sacrifice out of Love and Good will is appreciated in the Brotherhood of Light. You ask: “When are our Brothers ready to help us and to make a sacrifice for us?” When someone has a strong aspiration in his soul to become a disciple of the Great School, then the Brothers of Light are ready to make a sacrifice for him, to help and to guide him. If you ask your helper: “Are you ready to sacrifice yourself for me?” – He will immediately drop a curtain before you and stop his aid. Therefore, everything depends on your attitude – the attitude of the Brothers of Light to you is the same as your attitude is to them. Knowing this, you should lay your relationships with them on good ground if you want to receive their aid and guidance. Whatever you build each day will be examined stone by stone and if it is solid and clean, it will be used as a building material for the Divine edifice, which you are also called into as collaborators. Secret Prayer Source
  23. Беседата на български Note 3 Qualities and Manifestations of the Will Year 1, Lecture 4 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) Given by the Master Beinsa Douno On March 15, 1922, Wednesday 19.00h, Sofia Silent Prayer Essays were read on the topic: "The Place of the Will". For next time, write a summary of this topic. On my part I will speak scientifically about what the will represents from a phrenological point of view. In your essays you dealt with the question about the will from a psychological point of view. For next time, I would like three people among you to write something about the origin of the color white. Examine this question from a naturalistic point of view, as it appears in nature. I will suggest to you an idea of what the color white represents. Imagine that on a white canvas you make a hole. What do you see from a distance? From a distance, the hole looks like a black spot. This means that everything which is not illuminated appears black, dark. And vice versa - if on a black canvas one made a hole and illuminated it, it would look like a white, bright spot. What can a white surface be compared to? Тhе оld scholastics compared the human brain to white paper that you can write on. Now we will examine the qualities and manifestations of the will. The will manifests itself in three worlds: the mental world, the world of the heart (i.e. the world of feelings and desires, or the astral world) and the physical world. The term 'will' implies a process of limitation. Imagine that you are a wealthy, prodigal man and you spend a lot - 50,000 or 60,000 or 100,000 leva. You run out of money so you turn to friends here and there asking for money, but they all refuse to lend you any, so finally you decide to reduce your expenses. You will turn inward and try to find the source and the means inside yourself - you will start having less food and drink, dressing more modestly, etc. You can achieve this only by applying your will. Therefore with the help of your will you can get smaller and larger, i.e., contract and expand. The first process that the will starts with is restriction. Without restriction, the will cannot manifest. Above all, the will represents strictly defined movement in consciousness, i.e. inclination in consciousness. Therefore, as long as things are not restricted, no inclining or movement could happen. As soon as things are restricted in a narrow space, movement itself will follow. Yet from a purely phrenological point of view, not all people have an equally well-developed will. Therefore, one needs to be familiar with the qualities of the will in order to know which will is strong and which one is weak. Besides, one has to know which will is cultivated, i.e. educated, elaborate, and which one is simple, i.e. natural. Now, as students of an occult school, you have to be acquainted with the indications of the will. As with everything else, the will also has its indications in the body. For example, can you expect any philosophical thinking from a man whose forehead is only two centimeters wide? A man's forehead needs to be at least four centimeters wide in order for him to be able to think. Knowing this, many of your illusions in life will disappear. If you live with illusions, with misconceptions, and yet occupy yourselves with the occult sciences, you will run into a lot of jeopardy. Why? If someone thinks of himself as a man of genius, the occult will make him understand that he is not and he will become discouraged. The disciple has to know that genius is in him in the state of an embryo, like the germ inside the seed, and that time has to pass until it germinates, develops, and manifests itself. Consequently, there are men of genius who are in the process of growing, and there are also those who are already fully grown. And so, if you say about a man that he demonstrates genius, this means that he has completed his growth and is manifesting already. In simple, uneducated people, genius is in an embryo state. A long time needs to pass before the genius in them manifests. In general, every one hundred years, a man of genius is born in the world. Every one thousand years a saint is born. Every two thousand years a great master is born. Every year a talented man is born. Every day a common man is born. Every hour a foolish man is born. Therefore, he who hurries, who wishes to attain things with the speed of the hours, falls in the category of the foolish people. He who counts the hours when he studies about God, is foolish. He who counts the days, falls in the category of the common people. Therefore common people are born under common conditions. In general, people need to work in order to develop their will. For this purpose they have to have certain methods, certain rules. According to human understanding, only he who has a strong will is physically strong and can cope with the difficulties of life. When you meet such a person, he immediately draws his sword. Thus he tries to show that he is a man with a strong will who copes easily with life's difficulties. When the writer takes the pen in his hand, he manifest his will. This indicates that he can work. Unlocking his cash register, the shopkeeper displays his will. Money represents a stimulus in people's lives. Reaching for bread in his sack, the poor man also displays his will. When opening the book and starting to read, the learned man manifests his will. Upon entering the laboratory, the chemist manifests his will. Therefore there are many different incentives in life that make will manifest itself. That is why when looking at his head, one should be filled with faith, not discouragement, knowing that he has something he can rely on. One should feel brave and resolute like the soldier who, upon touching his sword, relies on its sturdiness, knowing that he can work with it. First of all, you ought to have faith in yourselves, in your mind, knowing that you can work with it. Secondly, you have to have faith in your heart as an emblem of your feelings, believing that it can withstand all difficulties and suffering. Finally, you have to have faith in your stomach, knowing that it can process the food which it has been given, and send the necessary nutrients to the whole organism. You have to have faith also in your hands and your feet, knowing that you will be able to work with them and go wherever you desire. The head, heart, stomach, hands and feet represent a talisman in a person's life that he can rely on. The head can solve all problems. For this reason, one has to protect one's brain so that it does not become demagnetized. In times of great disturbances, the brain can lose its power. The reasons for such a shock to the brain can be of emotional, intellectual, or physical nature. We have such an example with a certain Russian violinist who, upon hearing a famous violinist play, instead of becoming inspired, became discouraged. This means that high mountain peaks need to stand at a distance away from big cities and not cast shadows on them. In other words big authorities, great men should keep away from common people in order not to cast their shadow upon them, not to impede their progress. A person can rely on a man with authority to become inspired; the latter should awaken the former's mind without limiting him at the same time. If in the presence of a learned man you cannot think freely, this learned man cannot be an authority for you. Only God can be the true authority for people. In spite of that, He has hidden Himself so that He cannot be found - from time immemorial people keep searching for Him and still cannot find Him. If you were asked now where in the body the will was located, what would you answer? Just like you know that the brain is in the head and is the place of thought, the lungs and the heart - the place of feelings, in the same way you should know where in the body the will is located. The more a person feels, the more he expands. It has been noticed that when a person is sad, he sighs deeply. Therefore a person's sensitivity is hidden in the lungs. That is why in order for sorrow to be balanced out, one has to breathe deeply. Reactions and obstacles happen in the stomach. A person's will is expressed in his hands, feet, tongue, eyes, ears. Generally, the senses are places of the will. The will acts and manifests through them. In a painter the will expresses itself through the brush. In a public speaker the will expresses itself first through thought and then through the tongue. Therefore the will can enter any part of a human and guide him from there. In that sense the will is the external, i.e. manifested, objective aspect of Creation. And so every external body part is related to services or functions which are executed internally. For example the forehead is the expression of thought, the nose - of the feelings, the chin - of the will. The same distribution of functions is marked also on the fingers of the human hand: the first phalange of the thumb is the expression of the will, the second one - of the human mind, and the third one - of the feelings. It has been noticed that when the will starts to weaken, one folds his hand in a fist, i.e. he hides his thumb with the other fingers. When someone starts to lose weight, he clenches his fist, i.e. hides the thumb between the other fingers. When one goes insane, he holds the fingers of his hand open. A person who keeps his thumb always on top, over his fist, is someone with a strong will. The human fist is like a hammer that you can work with. That is why you should consciously avoid hiding your thumb between you other fingers. Once you start hiding your thumb, you become demagnetized. Therefore, keep your thumb always over the fist, over the other fingers. Only then do the centers in the head connected to the thumb awaken. The thumb is the most important finger in the human hand. It stands out everywhere. Without the thumb, the other fingers have no meaning either. In the presence of the thumb all other fingers gain meaning. You need to work on the shape of your thumb. When the shape of the thumb is beautiful, you will be able to influence your will in a positive way. When you study the pathological actions of the human will, you will notice that the first phalange of the thumb in criminals is small and rounded. Such people may not be criminals today, but carry the traces of their crimes from previous lives. When one's will develops properly, the first phalange of the thumb grows; when the mind develops well, the second phalange grows. In this respect, a person's thumb is a barometer by which one can judge the development of his will. You would ask: Is it possible for a person's thumb to grow in the space of a single lifetime? Of course it is possible. If in the space of a lifetime someone's thumb grows by half a millimeter, that person has made great progress. If you work consciously, within a few years only you can notice that your nose or your thumb has become prolonged. If the first phalange of the thumb is very long, such a person is self-willed. The second phalange should normally be longer than the first one. This indicates that the mind has dominance over the will. Also the third phalange, the area of feelings, needs to be broad. The will represents the physical aspect of a human being. If the will predominates, such a person is considered stubborn, self-willed. Once he decides upon something, right or wrong, he does not give up, by all means he will do it. Pride is a prevailing characteristic of such a person. He thinks that he cannot make mistakes. Whatever he says is right. It is usually the intelligent and educated people who are flexible, while the ordinary, uneducated ones are self-willed. One can try and train one's will in small things. For example, say to yourself that you want to get up exactly at four o'clock in the morning and see if you will succeed. If you say that you will get up at four in the morning, temptation will come immediately and you will say to yourself: "Who gets up so early in such cold weather? It is very cold outside and I may catch a cold." No, once you say that you will get up at four o'clock in the morning, you will get up, get dressed quickly and walk around the room. If you do that there will be no danger of catching a cold. Many students of the occult do not succeed because they cannot concentrate. While a disciple is concentrating, his thought must pass unobstructed from one state to another. A person who cannot concentrate falls asleep and his consciousness descends into a lower field. In this descent the pictures which one could see get interrupted. This kind of falling asleep happens due to beings who try to induce a state of sleep in people, in order to prevent them from seeing more. Knowing this, people should consciously try not to fall asleep. As soon as they start to concentrate, most people fall asleep because they have many enemies who deliberately hinder them, causing their consciousness to descend to a lower level than the one it was at. As these beings start suggesting certain thoughts to people, the latter start falling asleep and fall in their adversaries' hands. Therefore, no falling asleep is allowed to those who wish to concentrate. They have to be silent and calm, and not think about the outcome. Nature Loves perseverance, consistency, and not capriciousness. Do not think that you can subordinate Nature to yourselves. This is impossible. If people harmonize with Nature and approach her with sincerity and consistency, she gives them exactly what they need. Be like the student who persists before his teacher, who studies and is always prepared to do any sacrifice. When the student perseveres, the teacher is also ready to give. Nature acts in the same way. Once it sees that people are prepared to sacrifice everything, she too is well disposed to give. If people are self-willed, she also deprives them of whatever they want from her. Therefore, if a person receives 99 refusals to the fulfillment of a good wish and still continues persisting, only then can he be said to possess a strong will. And finally, after the hundredth attempt, he will prevail. Now, in this life, you have a number of karmic obstacles which you have to overcome. Some of you have greater obstacles, others - smaller ones, but with the help of your willpower you will be able to overcome them more or less easily. When they arrive at certain situations, some people get discouraged and give up working. They justify themselves with the fact that they are still young and need to live it up. One day when they are old, they will think about this matter. If they still do not succeed, they will postpone everything for another lifetime. No, start working now without any postponement. If you put things off for the future, you will run into the same law. Start working consciously, with self-restraint and not self-torment. Free yourselves of all that hinders you in life. Work for the attainment of that which you are lacking. And so, when you work on your will, you will first learn how to manage your physical selves, the body; then you will learn how to control your feelings, and finally - your thoughts. You have to direct your will purposefully in that direction. Only in this way will you manage to recreate your body and bring the necessary elements to it to make it stronger and more conscious; only in this way will you increase the endurance of you feelings and the power of your thoughts. All of you who choose to enroll in this class should set aside two positive hours for work out of the twenty-four-hour period of the day. It could be one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. During these two hours, send yourselves one positive wish for the reinforcement of your will. For the time being, it will be sufficient to set aside two hours one day of the week only; it could be any day you like. And then, when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed, turn to your inner selves silently and calmly, making sure you are in a harmonious state of mind, and make a positive wish for yourself. After that, send a positive thought to everyone in the class. Your success in this work will depend on the good disposition of your heart and mind. Nothing can be achieved without the right mindset. So let's do a small experiment - keep sending positive thoughts to everyone in your class during these two hours. You will start with small experiments and gradually proceed to bigger ones. If a student cannot write the first letter of the alphabet and later on the second, third etc. so that he can combine them in syllables and words, he will never learn how to write a whole sentence. You will do the same with your classmates. Imagine everyone personally, place their image on the screen of your inner mind and get in touch with them through your positive thought. Rest your thought on each person for some time in the same way that you water your plants each morning and evening. When you water your garden, you take a watering can and walk from plant to plant in a successive fashion. In esoteric science, however, one is not allowed to water plants with a hose. It is easier to water flowers with a hose but the results are not good. Walking from plant to plant with a watering can is slow, you lose more time, but the results are excellent. Therefore you should use 10 seconds for each student, half a minute at most. Should you use a whole minute for each student, you will get tired. The experiment should be done in good spirits with no fatigue. Whatever positive wish you send to yourselves you should also send to the others. This will polarize your will. Once you have trained yourself sufficiently in concentration, you can do this experiment for longer periods of time as well - you could spend two, three, up to five minutes on each person - according to your ability. It is important to avoid any impatience, any desire to finish with the experiment sooner; in that case spend no more than ten seconds on each person. Now, which day of the week would you like to choose for the exercise? (-Thursday). This means that tomorrow morning between five and six o'clock, and in the evening between eleven and twelve o'clock you will do the exercise. Do not go to bed before you have finished the exercise. You need to be alert in order to perform it well. For now, promise that you will do the exercise this week only. After that, you will promise to continue with it for the next four weeks and later - for a whole year. It is good to begin on a small scale and gradually increase it. Some people promise to continue doing something for a lifetime but end up doing none of it. Q:(What thought should we send?) Whatever you wish for yourselves. When you become still and peaceful during concentration, the thought will come by itself. Whatever thought comes to your mind, write it down. The thought will be short and clear. You may not manage to express the thought very well, but it doesn't matter. The right intention is what matters. When a child has the desire to draw, his desire is proper but it hasn't found the right expression yet. One day it will. When you project your thought, say the following sentence: "Without fear in boundless Love." This sentence will serve you as a method of self-protection. Silent prayer. Source
  24. Беседата на български from The Blossoming of the Human Soul THE TWO PATHS Year 1, Lecture 1 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Clas) Given by the Master Beinsa Douno on February 24, 1922, Sofia What is the main intent of the students entering school? They want to become a learned scientist, to attain knowledge, cultivate what is invested in their souls, minds, and hearts. And after they attain knowledge and develop their talents and abilities, they should also preserve them. For this purpose, good soil is needed for every thought falling in it, so that it may bear fruit. Therefore, as disciples, you also want to study and engage with science. What is to be understood by the word “science”? If we consider the meaning of the letters used to write this word in Latin and some Slavic languages, we see two different concepts hidden behind it. From the combination of the Cyrillic letters in the word “science” it can be seen that the Slavic people search in science for some method of reconciliation of the contradictions in life. Yet, the spelling of the Latin word scientia used by the Anglo-Saxon nations for the notion of knowledge and science, shows that they focus on studying the relationships between the various material forms and the eternal changes occurring in Living Nature. The first letter “s” in the word scientia means “infinity.” Therefore, from an esoteric point of view, science can be studied either in order discover a method of reconciling the contradictions in life, or in order to find out a way of using the forces of Nature. However, someone who studies science only for the purpose of manipulating natural forces may encounter a big danger hidden in the possibility of a spiritual ego appearing in that person. If they begin to see themselves as superior to others and acquire an inflated image of themselves, they say, “I am in command of powers, which I can use at my will.” Therefore, there are two categories of people. In the first one, people have a sense of superiority and the belief that they can achieve anything, that they possess considerable knowledge, and so on. Others, like the Slavs for example, search methods for resolv- ing the conflicts in life, meanwhile healing the pain in their hearts. In this respect, the Slavs are closer to Truth. So, if you wish to study esoteric science, you should, first of all, come to know yourselves. Socrates said, “Know yourself!” What is the meaning of these words? What should you know about yourselves? Do you need to know the Sublime or the basic? “To know yourself” implies coming to know the Sublime or the Divine within you; in other words, coming to know God in your inner self. When you come to know God from within, you will be able to recognize the conditions which can contribute to your spiritual growth and development and you will make the right choices. These choices give direction to your growth and development on the one hand, and on the other hand bring balance to the forces acting and operating in you. Imagine an evolving person with a well-developed mind and heart - all expect him to realize his potential. But one day something unexpected happens to him and his physical form is destroyed; nothing remains of it. What is the cause of this misfortune? The cause is the Creator who has made this form. Many people would say it was his destiny. When a potter makes a warped or a poorly-fired pot, whose fault is it? The potter himself is at fault. What does he do with such a pot? He breaks it apart, mixes it into slurry and makes a new pot - better fired this time, more beautiful and solid. Therefore, the Sublime always shatters the form of what is lowly and remakes it, sculpting it so that a more beautiful and perfect form is made. What else could be done with the failure pots, but to shatter them in order to remake and transform them into new ones - more durable and perfected? Often the young think of themselves as being smarter than the old people and say, “The old folks have outlived their time. We will show them how they should live.” And yet, these old people said exactly the same at one time. After them, come the young who do not approve of their lifestyle and think that they can set it right. They, too, will grow old without having set their own lives right. And so, one after the other, the young generations who desire to show the old people how to live, take their turn but do not succeed. Why? It is because they too, like the old people, use the same old methods. I say: Old methods cannot resolve the fundamental issues of Life. The young need to guard themselves against repeating the weaknesses of the old. May they learn from their experience and see what they missed so that their life has become unsuccessful. There are many serious reasons for the failure of the older generation. They represent an entire history that needs to be studied. Now, I am going to give you a topic which all should think about. It is about the best method for work. I would like everyone to make a decision about what the most mindful method for work is. Esoteric science is based upon experience and for this reason, knowledge is valuable only when it can be applied in Life. It is exactly what determines your place as disciples. When a student wants to enter a school of music to study playing the violin, he is given an instrument to play and from the way he performs, it is determined which class to join. If the student proves to be mediocre, the professor advises him to apply to another school and not waste his time. In one of my next lectures, I am going to speak about the conscious relationships between human beings and Living Nature. But first, you should make a presentation on the following topic: “The most efficient and mindful method of spiritual work.” It is a privilege for people to express opinion on a given topic: it is an extraordinary occasion. From an esoteric point of view, the best method is the one which can be applied in real life. If a given method is not applicable, it leads astray and diverts from the purpose of one’s work, not bringing any effective results. You are not all at the same level of development, so every one of you will propose their individual specific methods for work which are applicable to their life. Some of you are materialistic idealists, giving preference to material achievements in life; while others are idealistic materialists, giving preference to ideas. This is the main difference between all people. Idealists state that ideas create everything. Which ideas do they mean? They are not speaking about their own ideas, of course. There are ideas higher than the human ones. These are the ideas coming from the Great Divine Source. And so, in this School, you will learn how to use the methods applied by Nature. As flowers utilize the rays of the Sun, you too need to utilize the forces of Living Nature. Then you will be able to fulfill whatever purpose you were born for. This Law has an application in the human body as well. Each organ of the human organism has a specific service. For example: legs walk and also carry the whole body weight; arms work: they grip, lift, and move various loads; eyes see, ears hear, and so on. Therefore, every organ in the human body has a specific function. In this respect, every human being represents a special part of Nature’s all-inclusive organism and, as such, it needs to fulfill its function. Those who find their proper place in Nature and understand their purpose in life, will be able to perform their mission as part of the Great Divine Organ. Now, as students in this School, you can raise some questions which are of interest for you. But you can also raise questions which are related to your needs. For example, what is the main concern of a hungry person? Bread! A hungry person wants to know what kind of bread will be given to him: warm or cold, fresh or moldy. If you are determined to create something of enduring value within yourselves, you must apply the same Law with respect to knowledge. As young people, you should not re-peat the mistakes of that gypsy who ate some grape leaves as a first meal followed by some bread and cheese. He went to the vineyard to work and took with him a bag with some bread and cheese for breakfast. After working for a while, he felt great hunger. He looked at the bread and cheese and concluded that it would not be sufficient to satisfy his hunger. So he picked some grape leaves and started eating them. Finally he ate the bread and cheese and told himself, “This was an excellent lunch.” No, I do not advise you to gulp first some grape leaves and then to nibble a little on esoteric knowledge. Beware of this mistake! No mistakes are permitted in spiritual work. If you make a mistake - correct it. The crime lies not in you making a mistake, but in leaving your mistake uncorrected. As soon as you become aware of it, correct it. If a negative thought comes to your mind, there is nothing bad about it. Yet, this negative thought needs to be transformed. The striving of your mind, heart, and will should be directed toward the correction of your mistakes. In this way only you will build up a character that you can always rely on. Now, you should keep in mind the following: when students enter school, the teacher is friendly and attentive to them at the beginning. The further they progress in their studies and the more difficult the material becomes, the more demanding the teacher becomes, especially toward those who do not study well. It means that the teacher changes his attitude toward the students who do not make efforts to study. The first thing that is required of a student is to be capable of studying. Therefore, you too need to learn and study very seriously indeed. Each science has its principles, which must be learnt and observed. Self-control is required of the young: not superficial, external, but real self-control. There are two kinds of self-control. The first one is external and superficial - whereby one’s inner balance is always disrupted. The other one is inner and deep - whereby one’s inner balance is always preserved. I will give you an example of external self-control. A young man became engaged to a beautiful young woman who seemed to have a good heart and a good deal of self-control in her actions. Often he boasted about his fiancée to friends. One day he brought a friend on a visit to his fiancée’s home and introduced her to him. They sat and conversed for a while. Then the fiancée brought a tray with glasses of water and jam as a treat. The young man purposely tripped his fiancée to see her reaction in this situation: she dropped the tray, everything fell down - the jam and the water spilled onto the floor. The fiancée kept total self-control and presence of mind saying, “It is okay.” Calmly, she bent down and collected the glasses, wiped up the water and went out of the room. The young man turned to his friend and said, “She is an example of self-control and a noble character. She is the ideal young woman.” Yet, after the marriage, things did not go as he had expected. Once he asked her, “Where has your self-control gone?” She replied, “You should have gone to the other room to see what was going on in there. Only the timber of the furniture could tell you how angry I was!” I say: This is not true self-control. Someone wants to open the window. He pushes it, but it does not budge. He pushes it for a second and third time, but it still does not open. He begins to get agitated and angry, so he pushes it even harder, as if it is the window’s fault. First of all, the window is not conscious and cannot understand that someone is irritated with it. You can say the same about esoteric forces. Some of them are forces of awareness, of reason, and others are only partly so. Saying that certain forces are forces of awareness means that they move in the same direction as us. By contrast, forces lacking awareness move in a direction opposite to ours. Therefore, everyone needs to know if a given force is in accordance with their individual development. In the same way, you should observe whether your thoughts, feelings, and actions keep in accordance with your development. Whenever you are aware of a certain thought or feeling, immediately check it and decide where to place it: left or right. Disciples need to learn how to sort things out by knowing the exact place of each of their thoughts, feelings, and actions. In this respect, some will succeed 25, 50, 75 percent of the time, but the most successful will do it all the time. The spiritual student should work to gradually increase this percentage and not to fall into error and delusion. And so, after each lesson, we will proceed with the experiments; that is to say, after each lesson you will be tested - not only theoretically but practically as well. All theoretical knowledge needs to be applied in life where it will be further developed and tested. Those who want to study esoteric sciences should know that they will be subjected to certain tests and trials, which they should pass well. You would say, “We have difficulties anyway.” Yes, but now you will understand their meaning and purpose. When you understand their meaning, you will be able to use them as methods of healing. For example, someone complains of pains in different parts of his body: his hands and feet hurt, his head and back hurt, his stomach is upset too. So, the Invisible World will create from all these smaller aches one bigger pain in order to direct his mind to it and make him start the healing process. Thus he will forget about the small pains and begin working intensely in one direction. This means that the greater hardship directs one’s energy toward one center. Otherwise, a dissipation or scattering of one’s energy and concentration occurs. Nature acts in the same way. She creates a great pain for someone, within which all is healed. But you have not yet come to the “great pains.” When you reflect upon the topic that I have assigned to you, write as little as possible, only about the essence of the idea. Each one of you will decide for himself what the best method for work is. It is of no importance for you what scientists have said on this subject. Sometimes it will correspond to your understanding, to your nature; but other times it won't. It is important to align your work not with the methods of ordinary scientists, but with the methods of Living Nature. Only in this manner will you work your way toward the essential principles of Life. Each one should apply these principles, each one should work with an individualized method. It depends on your conscientiousness, dedication to work, and your deep desire to achieve something valuable. Many will say that they lack the favorable conditions for work. In this respect, the Americans set an example. In America, there are college and university students, who engage to work in kitchens, in various offices as servants in order to finish their college or university studies. It is good to have favorable conditions in life, but any conditions should be utilized mindfully. Even in the most difficult conditions, one can spend at least 10–15 minutes reading and studying. What hinders a housewife from focusing her mind on the Divine while she is chopping onions or cooking a meal? Both bad and good situations are set up for the purpose of placing the spiritual students in the position to cope with various difficulties. Only in this way they can grow and develop rightly.
  25. From The beauty of life For The Glory of God Sunday lecture given by Beinsa Douno, July 11, 1926, Mount Musala, Rila Mountain In summary I will discuss one basic thought, i.e. what is the true manifestation of Life. How can the words the Glory of God be interpreted? Glory can be explained only through the law of Wisdom or knowledge. Science reveals the Glory of God but when people acquire knowledge, they do not use it for the Glory of God. They use knowledge for their own glory and as a consequence disharmony appears. I examine people as separate units. For each unit there are two possibilities in life: to take the right way or to make a swerve from that way. So, every soul as a separate unit has the possibility to expand and to contract. The esoteric science explains this phenomenon in several ways. The Western occultists explain it with the so-called thermal ether. Ether means that from which things are born and fostered. The particle "et" is the primary beginning from which things are born. "Ther" is what fosters things on Earth. Ether is not a thick matter. Thermal ether, i.e. the primary energy, which started acting, has a connection with Love. Consequently, Love reveals itself in the primary manifestation of Life. That is when the thermal ether became effective in the matter. Hence Life manifests itself through warmth. When warmth appeared, the flow of life started its descent to the Earth to organize it. It is said in the Bible: "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth." (Genesis1:1-3) This flow is the Divine Spirit Who comes down to organize things. At your present state of development you have to understand the law of the thermal ether. It is a movement from the outside to the inside. When we say that we have to love other people, we get the idea of the thermal ether coming from the outside. People demand our love. Someone wants to love you and to be loved by you. Why? – This is a kind of energy in Nature that strives to manifest itself. When you do not understand the law, you distort things. When a spring wants to reveal itself what should it do? – It should spring out. When water springs from it, the spring reveals itself. This happens with people too. When an angel loves a person, you will see an emanation coming from this angel. What the angel emits is liquid, while your love is denser. When you love someone, you also emit something. If at this moment an angel, returning from a long journey sees you, he will say, "I will rest at this spring". The angel will fill his cup with some of your water and will be able to determine correctly whether your spring is good or not. When people love each other in the physical world, there are purely physical displays among them. It is not like that in the Invisible world. There, Love is a spring. These are abstract concepts for you. You simply say, these people love each other. Yes, that is right. You should know however, that Life corresponds to the thermal ether and if you cannot receive this stimulus from outside, then Life cannot manifest itself in you. Life, which comes from within, is a display of the thermal ether. When Life manifests itself, your life-giving ether will be in the center of the Earth. The life-giving ether is what creates. To reveal this life first a wave has to come from outside. When I talk of the Earth you resemble it. That is why this thermal ether has to come to you by all means as an external stimulus to arouse your heart to action. Sometimes you want to love. Thus, when you adopt one external stimulus within yourselves, another impetus should spring out from the center of your heart for life to manifest itself. Consequently, everyone who wants to live will interact with the solid matter. Everyone who wants to love will interact with the solid matter. People who cannot work with the solid matter cannot live. In this respect, from the point of view of Life, instances of suffering are stones through which you will build your future. After that Light, which is equally necessary to Life, comes. It is also a flow that is called light ether. All these external manifestations of Life have their own form. Warmth creates certain forms in people. Light also creates certain forms. Life has certain forms as well. Every flow creates its own particular forms. The warmth and light of the Sun have a big impact first on the religious state of people as well as on science. You shall strive to preserve this warmth and light within yourselves. You shall never lose the small warmth that you have in the solar plexus! This warmth should always exist in you. It is necessary to you. If you have this warmth you are invulnerable. No one can harm you. However, if you lose this warmth the biggest misfortunes may come upon you: storms, catastrophes. They can destroy you entirely, so that nothing will remain from you. If you keep this warmth in you, Light will eventually come. When Light comes it bestows knowledge on people. Thus the light ether has an impact on the brain. The thermal ether has an impact on the heart. A number of chemical processes take place in the human heart directed from the inside to the outside. They determine in which way a person will manifest oneself. Do not be held back by the different manifestations of human life! The outside world may be held back but not you. You should know that regardless of the way in which people manifest themselves, it is all for the Glory of God. Your mistakes and omissions represent opportunities for the elevation of beings that are more advanced than you. When you make a certain error, these beings that are invisible for you will use this error for the formation of a great virtue. Everything in the world is created in such a way that these conscious beings will use every error of yours to create a new virtue. Now, be aware of saying: if everything is for good, let us make mistakes! No, that is not right. When you have unconsciously made a mistake or an omission, then I say that you should not be sorry for it. This mistake of yours will be used by another being for something good. You should know that as long as you are on Earth you will make mistakes. They are inevitable. However, mistakes should not be made on purpose. The only danger coming from the Brotherhood of darkness is that they have the task to implant a fault-finding spirit in each person: a spirit that makes one think that he or she does do not live well. We know that a person cannot become a saint in one day. To be saints we must know all laws of Nature, even our own future. When someone comes to me saying, "I am a holy person" I answer, "If so, tell me about my future". If this person cannot tell anything about my future, I say, "You are not a saint". A saint can predict people's future. An advanced person has to have a certain inner knowledge – a presentiment for future developments. For the time being all of you have the opportunity to be influenced by the external world. You are reflectors of the external world, but you must know that the light of others is their own light while yours is your own light. However, if you only reflect their light, the moment it stops you will lose it too; but if the Light is in you, you will keep it forever. Only the Light within you is real. If the Light comes to your reflector from outside, you should be even happier as it will intensify your own light. In this case and always you should keep your own light and warmth. Now we have climbed the Musala[1] peak. Here all of you are in a good state of mind, but down in Sofia you are not like that. There you have bad, hostile feelings towards each other. A sister comes to you, you cannot stand her and you want her to go away. What are the reasons for these feelings? – These are small, ordinary problems, but they do not resolve the issues. You do not love a sister; you want to free yourself from her. Why? Now I do not want to resolve these issues among you, but I say that these situations exist all over the world. You do not love a certain person, but another person does not love you. At the same time you love someone else a lot. Sometimes you cannot stand someone; however, this person comes to you all the time. We also observe the opposite: you love someone, you want this person to come to you, but they avoid you. Why does this happen? This is due to the flows in space (i.e. the thermal ether and the light ether). The law of Love is the following: when a feeling of Love descends upon me it always comes from above, from Heaven and in turn I have to give something by all means. If I do not give something, I cannot manifest Love. When God Who loves us, manifests Himself He gives us something. Similarly, whenever we want to love God we must also give something from ourselves. We have to sacrifice something. We have to give out our fruit as God also wants something from us. We read in the Holy Scriptures that the Jews offered sacrifices to God. What will we offer? What should we give – sweet fruit from our garden? – No, we will offer fruit from the garden of our heart and bring it on a special tablet, made of gold and diamonds. Up there, at God's place an angel will meet us and will receive the fruit from us. You will say all of this is phantasmagoria. Yes, these things are elevated and difficult to comprehend. Now, let us consider the facts the way they manifest themselves on Earth. When you love someone, how do you behave? A mother will first give socks to her child, she will saw a dress, a hat, a shirt and thus she will continue until her child reaches an old age. She will manifest her love at all times. When Love appears in a son or a daughter, the same law will hold. To realize this law in us, we should always be in contact with the Invisible world through our consciousness. To be in contact with the Invisible world we have to know someone from that world by name. How do you communicate with the Invisible world? – While you are sleeping, you should pray and think. What are your translators like? When I return to the distant past I see that on many occasions you did not use the opportunities which you had to develop yourselves. You made such errors that you raised huge barricades in front of you. You alone erected whole mountains in your life. Now you come across these errors. Currently you must deal with what you once did to others. That is why today you are given favorable conditions to improve your life journey. Your present life journey is an opportunity to liquidate all contradictions that exist. You can liquidate them now. These contradictions are not big. Now when we look into that matter, each of you has to place oneself in a circle. Each of you has a definite circle in which you can act. Every thought has its planned periphery and it cannot manifest itself outside this periphery. For example, would you like to sing so that all of Bulgaria listens to you? The time will come when all of Bulgaria will listen to you as though you were singing over the radio. There will be a special instrument for everything. If people listen to you via the air, what a roar, what a scream they will hear! How strong does this sound have to be to be heard all over Bulgaria? In the present conditions to transmit the sound to a distant place it has to be produced very strongly, because when it passes via the air it loses its strength. In the future people will develop their inner abilities and when one talks and sings somewhere the sound will be transmitted through the ether to remote destinations and others will perceive it. The sound will go through the air without obstacles. For example, if you sing in Varna[2] your voice will be heard everywhere. Therefore, you shall study the thermal ether, which has a connection with Love. You shall study Light or the light ether, which has a connection with faith and Wisdom. You shall work with the chemical ether or with the volitional manifestations of the human soul – with water. The ancient alchemists and occultists made the following classifications: earth is the life; water is the chemical processes; light is the air and heat is the fire. People should master these elements: earth, water, air, fire, light and heat. People should be able to make their own fire. If your heart is cold, you should be able to warm it up yourself inwardly. You should not wait for someone to warm it up from outside. You will say, "Let God do it! It is God Who acts from within." God can do everything Himself, but He wants to make us master our own selves alone. God wants us to love. In this way you are learning a great art. If you have fire and can master it you may even descend to hell. A person, who cannot master water; who cannot master air; who cannot master light and who cannot master warmth – such a person is suitable for nothing. These are all opportunities when it comes to humans. If people do not use these opportunities, they will accomplish as much as the fish – it lives in water, but it does not master it. They will accomplish as much as the mole – it lives in earth, but does not master it. What have birds accomplished? They live in the air, but they do not master it and so far they have accomplished nothing. They have no culture. When we come to those who deal with fire we see that they do not master it either. They make big fires: they set a house on fire; they explode a bomb, which produces a big earthquake, and then they leave. Our houses are destroyed and we suffer, while they celebrate. Hence we are required to study these forces. However, there is one danger in revealing secrets to you – you may not be able to use them reasonably. Thus I say, when you see a person you shall not pay attention to the weaknesses, but to the virtues of this person. You often say, "I thought that you were a friend of mine, but you have such and such weakness." No, to understand someone we have to look at virtues because what is bad in a good person is only a shadow in their life. Only an extremely good person can have shadows in their life. Only such a person can provoke evil to be manifested. Do wolves go to a shepherd who does not have sheep? Wherever you see sheep you will also find wolves and bears. Do lice spread on a dead person? If you see someone with lice and flea, you should know that this person is alive. Where do lice go? – They go to the living. I say, a noble character should be formed in each of you. Your souls should be widely open, so that whoever meets you may feel that you are a breath of freshness and life. Inner fullness and goodness should exist in you without any effort. You should manifest yourselves naturally in a Divine way. You should be good in your very being without wanting to be such. You should be good in such a way that even when sometimes you do not want to be good you will still be; and if you do not want to do good, you will still be unable not to do it. I call such people good. The most important thing for you now is to retain something from this excursion to Musala. What will you retain from this day? Will you remember anything from it one day when you become 60-70 years old? You may say, "Leave our white hair alone, these matters have nothing to do with it!" Where is your faith then? Not only you must not grow old, but you have to rejuvenate each and every day. Not only you do not have to die, but you have to come back to life every day. You have to live in joy constantly! And when you go to the Other world you will climb Musala again. However, you will see it in a different form there. It is essential that we are making this excursion, because we have certain matters on Earth that we have to resolve. Every ascent to Musala gives us an impulse. Here we are at the summit and no one can stop us. Our elan is so great that we can take over the summit from anywhere. We are at a height, where the Lodge of black darkness is powerless. It can do nothing as we will break through everywhere. However, if we had returned without climbing Musala, we would have retreated from this position as Kuropatkin[3] and as the Germans in the siege at Verdun[4]. An elan has to be present in every person, in all of us! The mistake that all of you make is that you do not have elan. You must have an ideal! If you stop at the smallest difficulty, there is not an elan in you. If you have elan, you will be like birds – you will come by and fly away. If you have an elan, if you have an ideal, no devil can stop you. So the high ideal – striving towards God – brings warmth. You see even here at Mount Musala, at this height we have a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. What does it show physically? When we add up two plus two, we get the number four – the strongest number at the highest place. The fire of these energies, of these forces acts in one square. Whatever ends up there gets destroyed. So here we have the square of Life. At 22 degrees Celsius Life can destroy all obstacles that may come across one's way. Here Nature demonstrates this principle. Everything is destroyed at Musala. It means that the number 22 corresponds to Musala. There are also 22 letters in the Jewish alphabet. The Jews interpret their entire philosophy in line with the Cabala. Therefore, all separate units live for the common unit. The common unit is God with Whom we are connected. And all our ideas are corrected in line with this common unit. We constantly think of God, but we do not realize it and there is no need to do so. However, a sacred idea is lodged in us. When we come to a certain place we always correct our mistakes exactly according to this idea. God is the One Who corrects our errors. God says, "Do not do this!" and you happily accept it. There is no person on Earth who is not corrected by God. Sometimes you cry until God comes, looks at you, holds your hand and you are release from all hardships of life. Now we will not talk about your hardships. They are a blessing for you and you will carry them. You should know this. We will not free you from the hardships. To release you from the hardships means to do the biggest evil to you. We give you knowledge and opportunities to use them for good. Your entire wealth is hidden in these hardships. Someone says, "I wish God could take away that hardship from me." You should not say this, instead say, "God, give me knowledge to overcome all hardships in my life!" You have special hardships in your life that you cannot be share with anyone. A doctor is needed! If you are a bankrupt trader and share your misfortune with another trader, who is your adversary, nothing will remain from you. However, if you share it with a friend who loves you and can understand you, this friend will give you an advice through which you will overcome your difficult situation. It is said in the Bible: "Entrust your load only to the Lord." You can entrust your load only to the One Who loves you and Whom you love. If you connect to a person you love, he or she will take your load. But if this person does not love you and is not loved by you, he or she will not take your load. Now, the fog that surrounds us shows that this year the world will go through big hardships. The worldly people will be surrounded by very thick fog, which they have to overcome. It will be like this throughout the entire year. However, at the highest place there will be a lot of warmth and many forces. There are forces in the fog. Whatever may come, do not be afraid! You shall be courageous and decisive as you bear a sacred idea. Even if they throw you ten times in fire, you shall not worry, you will not burn. You will be like Daniel who was put in the dyke with the lions. Did the lions eat him up? You will be like the three youths in the fire furnace. Did they burn up? You will be like Christ on the cross. Did He die? Did He stay in the grave? Many saints were buried in earth, but after that they were not found there. Neither earth holds them, nor prison. An Englishman knew about the Universal Brotherhood of Light, he had expertise of the Indian yoga but was not liked by the English government. That is why they closed him in India and put guards in front of his cell. When they went in the morning to the prison they saw that he was not there. They caught him for a second time, put ten people to guard him, but he disappeared again. Finally he wrote them a letter, "You cannot keep me in confinement. Leave me and walk your way! I am not against the laws, but I also have certain rights, for which you have to leave me to go my way! Do not think that you can imprison me." The power of this man lies in his faith. You can have the same experience, but faith is required. They may lock you as much as they want, but God will set you free. That is the Beauty of the world! If anyone of you had had this understanding, then despite being locked up with ten guards, you would have gone out and would have felt free being a master of your state. You have faith as well, but much more is needed for it to grow in strength! You have knowledge, but a lot more has to be acquired! You have virtues, but these virtues have to be developed further. Your wisdom, righteousness and mercy – all these virtues within us must be and can be strengthened. You have all the opportunities to strengthen these virtues. Thus, I will not talk over a certain philosophy to those of you who are listening to me now, because no philosophy can be discussed at Musala. Instead I will give you some practical points for application. Musala is solely a place for experiments. Now I must leave you here at the peak for at least one hour to lie down. During this time you will learn three times more than if I hold a lecture. When you go down the first thing that you should do is to make the following experiment: concentrate your mind up towards God and say, "God, as we walk Your way; as we want to serve You, let this small warmth come, so that we can feel it! I am ready to carry my suffering, but give me this warmth, let me feel it!" Do not ask God for big things! You always want big things from God and that is why you lose the small ones. You should ask for the small ones! When this small warmth comes, it will bring the new age into your life. This is the first experiment, the first condition. After you sense this small warmth, you will say, "God, give me the small light to feel it!" When you say so a small light will flash in your mind. You will notice this whitish light in the center of your brain. This light will be as small as a pin. Thus you will have two opportunities: warmth and light. Then you will already commence with life. Warmth reacts on life, light – on chemistry and religion. You must become courageous and decisive. So when you wake up in the morning there are two things you should ask God for. Now, you will apply one, two, three methods and finally when you find yourselves going through hard times you will say: "God, give me the small warmth and the small light!" When you feel them you will say, "God, let it all be for Your Glory!" When suffering and hardships come, you will say again, "God, let it be again for Your Glory!" You will say about everything that happens in your life, "For the Glory of God!" This will be your profit from Musala. If they ask you what you were told at Musala, you shall say, "May all be for the Glory of God!" This is the summary of everything I spoke to you at Musala: Let everything be for the Glory of God! Currently, we are learning about the smallest warmth, which can exist in us as well as about the smallest light that can manifest itself within us – Warmth and Light! Now you must know for the entire year: everything happens for the Glory of God! Next year when we come here I will tell you: show me your small warmth and light! Now, we will make an exercise. You will spread out at a considerable distance, at least a meter away from each other. You will turn south and will pronounce the formula: Let Virtue be enthroned and all bad thoughts in the world scatter! You will turn east and will pronounce the formula: Let God's Righteousness be enthroned in the world and all wrongs disappear from our life! You will turn north and you will say: Let God's Truth be enthroned in our life and all slavery disappear from our soul! You will turn west and you will pronounce the formula: Let God's Wisdom be enthroned in all manifestations of our life and evil disappear from our way! You will turn east again and you will pronounce the formula: Let God reign and be glorified in all His Love, Wisdom and Truth! Let God be enthroned in His Love, Wisdom and Truth! Let us accomplish everything for the Glory of God on Earth! Amen. [1]Musala – the highest peak in the Balkans, 2925 m, located in southwestern Bulgaria, Rila Mountain. The name is derived from Mus Allah, "the mountain of Allah", being so named during the period when Bulgaria was part of the Islamic Ottoman Empire. According to the Master Beinsa Douno the oldest esoteric school on Earth was situated in Rila. [2]Varna – the third largest city and a major sea port in Bulgaria, economic and cultural center. [3]Alexei Nikolaevich Kuropatkin (1848-1925) was brought back from effective retirement in 1915 to serve as an entirely unsuccessful field commander in the Russian army. Kuropatkin was chief of staff during the Russo-Turkish War, commander in chief in Caucasia in 1897, and minister of war (1898-1904). In the Russo-Japanese War he commanded the Russian troops in Manchuria; he resigned after the Russian defeat in the Mukden Incident. [4]Verdun – the longest and one of the bloodiest battles of World War I. Translated by Martina Iovcheva and Jana Rupchina