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  1. From the book, “To fall in love with God”, Sunday’s lectures (1916-1920), First issue, IK “Janua”98, Sofia, 2009 The book to be downloaded – PDF Content of the book Five discreet and five foolish virgins Then the Kingdom of the heavens will become like ten virgins that took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. And five of them were discreet, and five were foolish. (Gospel of Matthew 25:1-2) This is a piece (quotation) that Jesus Christ had taken from a great Divine book and the ten virgins are characters from this Divine book. Of course, you haven't read this book, and few have read it. I will do my best to explain the deep inner sense of this section, but are you going to find out what is useful for you? Why does Jesus Christ take the ten virgins and not five? Then, He makes the difference between them-the five were sensible, and the five- foolish. Why were not two of them sensible and eight foolish? There is an association between things. Many are asking the question, who are these virgins? These virgins-this is the whole mankind. So half of the people are sensible, and half are foolish. In this respect, we can split the people into blacks and whites. There have been so far four races in the world: red, black, yellow and white. White is the youngest race. It was a time when the black race was on the pick of their development. Black people were not as unintelligent as they are today, in contrary, they used to be the most intelligent people. From this race the sin starts, and those five foolish virgins represent the black race, and the five smart represent the white race, which is now working to restore the Kingdom on Earth. Perception is incorrect when you say that some people are good and others bad. A person cannot be both good and bad. A person can be either good or bad. Gold cannot be at the same time valuable, and worthless. The valuable stone cannot be at the same time priceless and worthless. The thing that is precious is valuable, and the thing that is of no value is worthless. One of the qualities of these five virgins was sensibility, they were sensible. The word "sensible" is used by Jesus Christ with deep meaning. The word "einsof" had been used rather than the word "intellect", which means everlasting Divine beginnings, which occurs often in a man. These five Virgins had Divine beginning within themselves. Now, you need to keep one thing in mind: the difference between the sensible and the foolish, the good and the bad is that the bad guys have their blowholes, pores in themselves, very quickly they lose their temper, and good people have no pores in themselves, they do not lose their temper. I don't use the word "pore" to associate with channels in people’s body, but I use the word in the chemical sense. Just as there are unstable compounds, such as compounds of nitrogen, and when a person dies, his flesh starts smelling-then all nitrogen compounds decompose, every element is released and goes to its place. So at this time, when the master passes away, each element goes to the place from where it had come. This is called decay, smell. Make a note of the fact that heaven is a place of purity, of sense. Now when I speak about it, many people can understand it incorrectly. That twisted understanding lies in the fact that often people do not think. And when you speak to them, when the truth is given to them, this truth causes bad smell to them, because people, who have bad eyes, they often smell badly. Abdominal pain is accompanied with such bad smell. In blood circulation there are also such reactions. So, a good person, a sensible person is able to manage these elements and turns the wickedness into good. You say: "This is a very interesting thing when a person can handle the wickedness and turn it into good.” And in today's chemistry and Alchemy there was striving to convert no precious metals into precious ones, into jewels. We might say that religion is a science, with which we can make the basic elements into more valuable, to convert simple thoughts into valuable ones. This is the deep science; it is the pursuit of religion. All religions that exist in the world have different methods that teach how to turn bad into good, how people can get on during their lifetime. Therefore, from this perspective you can have any religion, as long as it gives you a method to grow closer to life. This issue practically is very easy to solve. For example, you go to a town, stay there for a while and visit a restaurant. If the food is not good in that restaurant, you leave it and go to another restaurant, which is better and more expensive. If the second restaurant is good, you will continue going there. If someone asks you why you go to that restaurant, you will say: “It is really more expensive there, but the restaurant- keeper serves good food”. Therefore, the point is not in the cheap. Anyone who sells cheap, he bears no truth in themselves. When I want to sell, either I will take a lot, or I will not give anything. We have to value the Devine material. Someone might say: “God gives without money, as a gift”. It is true, but how do you understand – “gives gifts”? When a Bulgarian bride is getting married she gives away presents to her guests: to one she will give a shirt, to another a belt and etc. But, don’t you think, that when she gives them these presents she does not expect from them something else in return? It might be e baking tray or a pot or something else. Nowadays, people expect God to give them presents and they do not want to give anything in return. There is no such a law in the world. When God gives, He manifests His responsibility, but we also must give- not because God expects our gift, but because this way we become more graceful. When we give something to a beggar, we dignify our feelings. When we see a beggar, he reminds us about the law of giving. These beggars are like restaurant- keepers, who feed us. If someone asks why beggars exist - the answer is- they will exist until people reach the time of their development. Jesus Christ says that five virgins are sensible and five are foolish. This law is valid for every person as well. In every person there are two individuals –sensible and foolish, who are in constant fight inside him. When the foolish person comes and tells you: “Give me from your butter”, you should tell him the same way: “I cannot give you from my butter, because it will not be enough neither for you, nor for me. This is why you should buy it for yourself.” Now you understand why a person should buy butter for himself. According to the parable, the five virgins returned, and the door was shut. And the Lord told them he did not know them. Why doesn’t The Lord know them? Each Lamp, which they were carrying, represented the human body, the oil inside was the heart, and the need of it to burn-this is the human mind. So we need to love, to think and to have a body. The Lord says: “I do not need people, who don’t have a body, a heart and a mind. Their minds do not glow. Go to the appropriate places for you.” But you will object it: “Why would not He accept them?” To give you an example I will use the following analogy. You have ten servants; you want to send them to work in a mine. And if five of your servants’ lamps do not work, they are damaged, will you send them in that mine? No, you will not. This means, that the light is necessary for them. The person, who enters the Kingdom of God, he will still be on the same land. I do not mean that it is the land that you know. I'm going to ask you: do you know what was the earth ten thousand, twenty thousand, one million years ago, etc. Some of you will say it was steam, but it is not the Earth. The steam was a process in the past development of the Earth. This steam was necessary for the development of the Earth. There was fire which also was necessary for the development of the Earth. But the steam and the fire are not the Earth, this is an inner process necessary for its development, the same way we have similar processes for our development. We have blood, warmth, moisture, but all this is not the human soul. Human soul and Earth are synonyms in relation to the Devine life. So these five Virgins are inside you. You have five feelings, but from a purely phrenology perspective every person has two halves, and in each half- there are five centres, so all together there are ten feelings. Five of the feelings stand in a passive state, in stock. When all these ten feelings begin to work inside the man, then the person is good. You do not know how many wedding guests were there. Jesus Christ didn't say anything. You think there were just the bride and the groom. They had been ten, so we have the number 20. But then ten and twenty, that is a sum of all creatures taken together. Under the number 7 we understand God, and number 2 represents the material, which means a combination of all the small particles that are alive, all of them work. There might be that half of them are sensible and half of them are foolish, this is a different matter. The example which Jesus Christ gives is that every person wants to reap the fruit of their work. Your mind will serve only to you and therefore we must never rely on others. For example, someone leaves - leaves this world. You do not rely on him to solve your problems from there; you have to rely on yourself. A teacher can convey good lessons, but if you are dull, he can't do anything for you. A doctor can be very good, very knowledgeable but if you have more negative elements inside yourself, he would not be able to restore your health. And that is why Jesus Christ said: "you will be receiving according to your faith." in this sense, faith is a quality of the sensible person. Faith and hope are the two wings in birds, and love is as head of the bird. These three things suggest one more thing, the fourth one. "Why do I need faith and hope?"To fly, and if you go down to the ground, these two wings are turning into legs. Hope and faith are similar for this, and for that world. Under the senseless" Jesus Christ understood that they did not have faith, they think that it is possible to live without oil. They think: When he comes, because He is Generous, He is merciful, He will give. He will give, but there are some terms and conditions. Why is it like this, why did God not give? He gives, the Earth has a lot of natural recourses, but you need to have a grain to plant it. This grain will collect vital juices out of the ground and will give you what you need. This grain must be your mind, you need to have understanding. You need to take out the extract in order to use it. When somebody says, '”Isn’t it possible to be not like this? “This shows that he knows more than the Lord. I've never asked: "why did God do that?", and I study the root causes. If you ask the question: "Why is it like this?" you will never be answered. Somebody asked Hermes a very important question - “Who was greatest teacher in Egypt”, Instead of answer, he just shrinked his mouth, without saying a word. And if you ask me, I will answer that you do not have to question such things. You ask: "Why one saint is further away, and the other is closer to God?" Have you ever been in heaven, to know that one is closer, another-further away? I see all the Saints are in the world and work hard, one is in the lab, another is in another place, etc. they are on Earth. And people are right thinking this way, and I am right as well. I speak what I know. There is nothing to argue, the experience will prove it. When Jesus Christ says above parable, He determines the reason why these five Virgins were stupid. They have not done four things: they did not feed the hungry people; they did not give water to thirsty people; they did not take care of ill people and they did not comfort the ones who were in prison. Good virgins have done it, but foolish virgins have not. Jesus Christ determines what is frenzy, using as an example the three servants and the master in the same parable. Two of them acted as wise servants and one of them was stupid. Two of them have doubled their benefits from what the master has given them, and one of them buried the money and told his master: “I knew that you are cruel and want to harvest what you have not planted. This is why I was afraid of you and hid the money. This is in my opinion what you should receive”. When we are cruel, stupid, when we lie, we think that all people are like that. Everything in the world is a reflection of our inner world. These five sensible virgins are a big power in a man, which we can use accordingly. This is not only for an individual person, not only for us. When Jesus Christ comes again, He will not separate one nation from another. Why is in the Gospel written, that He will separate sheep from goats, the same way like the Sheppard does it? I know that goat milk is healthier than the sheep milk; it is better and safer for children than the milk from the sheep. But in the book, from where Jesus Christ takes this parable – goats and sheep are symbols. “Sheep” refers to a sensible and noble person, while a “goat” refers to Crotchety and unreasonable man. A goat goes to places where nobody goes – on mountains, picks. It is as an acrobat. Sheep like plane land. This is the essential difference between these two animals. Therefore, the stupid people love adventure. And in history there is one such example. One Greek King, who wanted glory, issued an order to burn the Temple of the goddess Diana. This is how he became well-known. So, these are the consequences in life. -everything we think and wish hard, will happen. With a little story I would explain that. This is a story that was created perhaps ten or twenty centuries before the Christian era. One Persian King had the habit to look at the way the people in his town live. One night, having passed a very poor House, listening, three sisters to talk to each other and he along with his assistant listens to their conversation. One of the sisters said: "I would like to marry the Baker of the King, so I can eat white bread all the time." The second sister said: “I would like to marry the butcher of the King”. The third sister said: “I would like to marry the king’s son. I will bear him the smartest and well-behaved child”. This was what they were talking about. The King’s son wanted to fulfil their wishes and the next morning he invited them and fulfilled their wishes. A man receives what he wishes. The King’s son married the third sister, but the other two sisters became very envious. They were not happy and they were very jealous because of the difference in their social status. This was what they wanted, but when they received it, the two sisters were not satisfied. I will stop this story here – this is one part of it. There are some people in the world who think only for bread, the Lord gives it to them. Others think only about meat, it's a rich food; the Lord gives it to them. What is meat? It is the meat of the animals; it is the meat of the gold and silver items. And the one who wanted to marry the King refers to people who exist in the divine life, they want to bear something. And those who want to eat only, they are a watermill, the flour is digested, washed the stone again lay the wheat etc these people are dissatisfied with life; they say that life has no meaning. How to make no sense? If they wanted this thing, there is meaning in life. If you want your life to make sense, ask to marry the King's son, to have a smart and a good kid. Our soul must have that target-to get in contact with God, to deliver something. When we give birth (deliver), we will forget about our personality. Personality is an external mask. An Individual matter- it is a higher status in man, where we have to focus. It is not important what are my relationship with people but what can be my relationship with the angels, the most high-ranking people. If I participate in an orchestra, people are not going to look at my pretty face or soft hands. They will see my good playing, whether I am in tune with others. To feel, to think properly that means you know how to play nice. If you feel well, your face would be nice. Everyone can make his face beautiful, as long as he feels the thinnest vibration of love, and then your face would be nice. Why should we think well? To be healthy, and then in our body we will have this jitter that will bring us joy and fun. Our misfortunes come from the fact that we, like these girls, want to get married to a Baker, butcher, and fulfilling our ideals, we will say: “it was not worth it to marry this man". Yes, I agree, it is not worth it. And I for Baker and butcher wouldn't be married. On one side we will put the Baker and on the other side the Butcher. The one who created this story, he was a great thinker. He said that in the physical life there is always a division, but in the spiritual world there is no separation. When the divine element, the divine sense is born in us, IT's going to teach us how to collect the oil, how to use it, how to lit it. And when Jesus Christ comes, He will recognize us for sensibleness because oil, the candle –they represent the wisdom within us. You can't have butter, oil, unless you are sensible. Exploring the deep meaning of life, you will see that the first manifestation of God was the logos, sensibleness, the word, and after that it appears to be the light. The light is one of the results of this divine element, like a virgin, who says: "I want to give birth." and then you're not going to be a servant, but a master. Jesus Christ said to the five foolish Virgins: "I don't know you." Do you know why Jesus Christ says: "I don't know you." When friends come over and you say: “I know this person, I know that one." What is the relationship? Both are human beings. Someone you know in some point in your life made you some service, some good, and the one you don't know- you don't know him because he has never done any good to you. The person who saved your life, you owe him something, and the one who has done nothing for you, he has not lost even a single hair from his beard for you, the one who has not given you anything, you do not owe him anything. And Jesus Christ says: "Since you've fed me, you have taken care of me, I be obliged to you and you will be with me in the Kingdom of God. And those who have not done anything for Me, you'll stay out, I will send you to work in another era and, in future time, maybe something can be done for you. “Some say, ' I want to be in heaven with Jesus Christ." You can be, but I would like to ask you, have you ever sacrificed your live for Jesus Christ? If you have sacrificed it, you will be with Christ, if you have not, you're going to stay out. You can believe in one or the other, one may be true or not, but there is no a middle way. The right thing can be verified, to be demonstrated. There is a hidden power in your brain and in your body which has to be developed. Some people say: “Mr. Danov does not want to reveal this power.” I am not a magician. Everyone can reveal it. Spend one hour a day to think about great things and you will see that on the day when you get married to the King you will see the thing differently. Now, I will continue with the second part of the story. The third sister, who married the king, gave birth to a child. However, her two sisters stole the child and gave it to people to take it away from the parents, and they gave a crippled child to the queen. And the father became furious because his wife did not keep her promise, but gave birth to a child idiot; this is why he ordered to put her in a jail. The king’s son ended in a family of a gardener, who worked in King’s yard. The king’s son grew up as a very handsome young man. In the same area where he grew up there was a very beautiful girl, called Halyal – Kazya, and lots of kings sons who wanted to marry her, went there and to all of them after she was pronouncing the words - “Became a stone!” they turned into stones. As a result of this, all that area was covered with stones. The King’s son also decided to try his happiness. He went up to this place and shouted twice: “Halyal- Kazya!” and his legs turned into a stone till his knees. He told his horse, that when he called her name for the third time the horse must start neighing very loudly. After he shouted her name for the third time, the horse neighed very loudly which surprised the beauty and she did not said the words to turn him into a stone. The king’s son then asked her to wash him and to turn him into a human being again. After that he rode his horse and shouted – “Raise all you heroes from the past centuries, follow me!” He took Halyal – Kazya with him and told the story of two sisters. This Halyal- Kazya is a human soul and all you are the stones. Some people say that all the people are alive. There are two types of people – some of them who have died when still alive, and the other type- who lives even they have died. I would like everyone to be alive. When the human mind manifest the divine light, each maid would say: "He is the one, I am looking for." Everyone on the earth is looking for God. I don't want people to look for me but to seek the Lord. Christ said: "this word, which you hold, this is God, not Me." Which one of you has devoted a year to find out these Virgins? Read this parable. But after you read it, stop, pray to God for one - two or several days and little by little you will be given some kind of revelation. You will understand these Virgins now after you heard this thing. You have four Virgins, and you are one, this is how you become five of them. The four Virgins-will all become one in you. These five Virgins, I work out that are: the body, the heart, the mind, the human intelligence and the human soul. They all have to come together with Christ. Until you reach to the heights of your mind and enter the field of your soul, you will not be able to find Christ. It is not because the fault is in you, it is not because you do not have the desire, but you need to climb high, because if the horizon on which you stand, is a Valley, hence you won't see anything. And if you get high, you'll see that the Earth was a bright woman and from her belly button a great light goes out. They say the Earth was sinful. It is not sinful-it is a woman from whom the light comes out; It only sometimes becomes angry, shakes around and say: "Children, please behave." I would like you all to be patient as the earth-it was burrowing, threshing, reaping, etc. All you get from it, but only ever the earth steams and dissolves all the entrances. Let's all be patient – not as The God, but as the Earth. Some say: "when will I be free of Earth?" the Earth is a paradise, a place where Saints live. And there, where you live, there's a terrible place. Although in Scripture they say that the Earth is deplorable place. You are deceiving yourselves; the Earth is an excellent mother. You say: "It's got us." But you never know who's got her-you got it, or it got you So, we are blind to this mother, who has fed us for so many years, prepares us to meet Christ. Some say: "I would like to live on another planet." wherever you go, there is a land. No one planet will accept people who don't respect their mother. If you go, for example, of Venus, you'll need a passport. Some say: "I will go to heaven." Where is the heaven? On the Sun, on the planets, or elsewhere? You will be on the Earth, because you have not paid the tax on the land of his mother. So says the Lord: "by not listening to, send him to his mother." and as she accept it, they bury him. The Earth says: "don't worry; I'll make you another nice outfit." As it sends you back to the Earth, it will send you those ten Virgins again, but did you know that in some cases the Royal sons spoil the servants? These ten Virgins are you. Modern philosophers imagine the life in the following way. For example, a Wolf met a lamb and asks him: "Why did you swear at me last year?" The Lamb responded: “But I wasn’t born last year, how is it possible to swear at you? "Why are you muddying the water?" asked the Wolf. "I do not muddy it"-Lamb said. The Wolf leans and ate it. We in life behave in the same way. The Wolf can eat a lamb, but it does not matter how many he will eat, he will still remain a Wolf. Someone has done a bad thing to you and you say: "I will take revenge on him." Today you will take revenge on somebody, tomorrow, and finally you will have wrinkles on the face. And when Cain killed his brother, the Lord put wrinkles on his face, so people can recognize him and do not kill him. Let him live, because otherwise he would be more damaging. Your bad desires, your thoughts- the devil, engage them in work. Induce people say- “ Kill all your desires”. However I say: “Force every desire in hard work, do not kill it”. Jesus Christ said: “Reject yourself”, I say “Love yourself” How you can understand me? You can say that it is a contradiction – why do you have to reject yourself? Now it's time for you to get in love with yourself. The one, who cannot love himself, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. In a different place Christ says: "who does not love himself, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.", when you fall in love with yourself, you're going to be one of the smartest and most noble people in the world. When you fall in love with the Lord or yourself, or have an ideal, you will become a better, noble person. I don't want to leave in your mind now the consideration, among which of these two types of people you will be, because this will scare you and you will start thinking where are you? Are you among smart ones or fools? I suggest you to think that you are among the smart ones, because of the fact that you have come to listen to me. Therefore you do not need to think whether you will be the ones, who have been chosen. If you think that you have to be chosen now, it is wrong, you should have been chosen long time ago. It is better not to know whether you have been chosen or not. The urge to become richer, without knowing that you're already rich, is better. Firstly, these five Virgins have relation to the human mind. It has three sections: first, objective or deliberate mind, second, higher intelligence, and third, the mind of remembrance or the memory. Then, there are special, high feelings in a man-his moral feelings and love he has towards his closed ones. These all are the five Virgins. One Virgin is in the rear of the head, the other is on top, and the remaining three are in the front of the forehead. All form a triangle. Those Virgins are inside us, they are, that make us think they are that make us sublime and noble. They say that a man has two angels. And I say that he has five such angels, who are smart, and five that are not smart, so all-ten. When you are visited from the five foolish, you go out of the way, and when you are visited by the five smart ones, you work; your job is successful, going forward. When the foolish ones come to you, they strip you and when the others come, they bring to you all the blessings. So, when you have these blessings, which follows all periods of your life, you're not lost, you are in balance. Every person in their life needs to have the right balance-it does not matter how many times he is dangling, he should go toward the direction which they know. I will make a comparison: this life can be compared with a modern ship - very well built, equipped with good machines and with its sailors, passengers. This ship goes on a long journey in the great ocean. You can have the confidence in the Capitan and question him whether your life is secure and safe. Or you can have a look at the equipment - how the machines are built, whether coal is enough, etc. In any storm you will be scared, but it's not going to help you, because if the ship is not strong enough, you are powerless. If it is strong, there's no reason to be afraid of. The Earth is a ship that carries us, it is the most beautiful, the most firmly made and all the forces inside of it are in place, and after some time it will bring us in the divine world. Earth will never be destroyed. It can grow old and will rejuvenate again. Again the mature age will come, again it will become old, but there is no demolition. In the world there are only four periods during which a person passes: youth, adolescence, adulthood and old age. This is the Earth. When the Lord comes, says the Scripture, sinners will not rise. When the ship is passing a harbour, all passengers get off it, and their passports are checked, and if you don't have one, you will be returned back to the ship. And those who have a passport, they will go down to the city. Those who reach the port and return to the ship will say: "We reached the sky." and those who come into town, they say: "We have seen the sky." This is what happens with all the people in the world. They will return again to the mother Earth. It will only take care of your better behaviour in order for you to improve and you will all become good people. There is no other way, just some will come earlier in the Divine world, and others later. The five Virgins came earlier, and the other five were left out. You might say: "Why do we have to live such a stupid life, to create the conditions, to live so many years and still suffer?" But we have to realise, that we are the ones that create sufferings. Now I will preach you to listen to your mother, the Earth. And when you eat a fruit, say: "Mom, thank you for this PEAR, and from now on I will try to be better person." when you get a loaf of bread, say: "Thanks for this bread." But what you say now: "How bad this bread is.” But the Lord is very strict. He will ask you: "Why don’t you respect your mother?" This is why when you return home, you must learn to respect your mother, the Earth. This land is not lamentable icon, It is very good. God has created this Earth. Earth and Heaven is a whole large thing. The one, who lives well on Earth, will also live well in heaven; and the one who lives well in heaven will live well on the Earth too. If you learn to live here, you will go through the entire situations on the Earth; you'll learn all the rules and orders in life. There is something good in any animal in the world. For example, an Ant has hardworking skills; a spider- has a good skill to interlace. And a caterpillar is a good Weaver, too. All the things that have been created in the world are good and pleasant. Sometimes you condemn the louse, but it has its sense, it makes you good. It is the same with fleas. They are doing you a favour. People, who do not want to have lice and fleas, they need to have a comb. If you don't wash, the lice will come to give you an experience, in order not to follow a bigger evil. And now they all say: "Everything is worthless in this world." We are the only one important. A gentleman in America meets with an editor of a newspaper in New York City and asked him: "Where have you been?" "I went to see a gentleman and find out how he trained fleas." "Do not mess with me!"-said the first gentleman. "It is true” - the editor replied. “ I saw fleas lined up on two squads, battalions, regiments, and I saw how they have been commanded.” The gentleman became interested in this matter and decided to check the truth of the words of the editor. He went to check everything himself and saw that it was true, indeed. He saw that the fleas were well trained in military art. If the fleas are able to learn the military art, are you not able to learn the Divine art? They asked the gentlemen how he had managed to achieve this success. "The biggest difficulty I met in this was to get out of their habit to jump-he replied. I achieved this, by putting them between two pieces of glass. And so they stood there until they got out of the habit to jump, and after that I started training them. "Sometimes Lord put us between two pieces of glass in order to quit jumping. This is an exercise for your heart, your brain. And in this way of thinking you can realize who the five sensible are and who the five foolish virgins’ ones are. Prudential people say that everything in the world makes sense, and foolish people say that everything is meaningless. Now, I want you not to marry bakers and butchers, but the king’s son. And I advise you to give birth. Then go and find the King's daughter Halâl-Kazâ, let’s make your horse winning before you start talking. Think about this matter, and a new light will come into your mind. I am giving you the framework, and you need to fill in the rest. When you fill in the rest, it will be a blessing to you. 16 November, 1916, Sunday, 10:00. Sofia translated: Maria Ivanova
  2. The Solid Food "But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both Good and evil” (Hebrews 5:14, New King James Version (NKJV). One of the most important human abilities is to distinguish Good from evil. The sorrows of mankind are the direct consequence of evil, and mankind’s joys are the direct consequence of Good – so it stands in principle terms. From a Divine point of view, however, the woes of mankind happen for the sake of people’s own benefit. In His Infinite Wisdom, God transforms the miseries of all nations, societies, people and souls into a greater Good. This is in the interest of God's Kingdom, as God does not tolerate any disharmony. Therefore, when it comes to recognizing Good from evil, it implies studying the essence of Divine Life. When a certain person begins to investigate the aspects of Divine Life, they cannot and should not afford to compromise their good actions for the sake of evil ones. If such a person does something wrong, nothing could justify it. The Good is always Good, and the evil remains always evil. Within the Divine Life itself, both Good and evil are strictly differentiated. Whoever asks for a definition of what is Good and what is evil may choose to read a certain number of philosophical essays on this topic. However, we do not deem it necessary to explain what is Good and what is evil. We know that the Good represents the plus (+) sign, which stands for a positive value, while the evil at the same time is represented by the minus (-) sign, which denotes a negative value. In this respect, both Good and evil, by being depicted as values, may be utilized in mathematical terms, as it is also in the case of all other mathematical notions. When Good and evil are used as mathematical notions, at their correct place and at the right time, they become useful indeed. However, if they are not used at the right place and time, they tend to cause great trouble and harm to humanity. For example, in winter it is fine to sit nearby the fire, but it is scary to sit as close to it as to have one’s hair set aflame. Moreover, it is uncomfortable to carry a whole bunch of apples on top of one’s head, but it is quite nice to have some of these apples in one’s stomach. Whilst sitting at a sufficient distance away from the fire, it is all good, but sitting too close to it is dangerous. In this sense, no matter how much coveted the Good is, once it is given to the human beings in a quantity greater than what’s necessary, it then becomes intolerable. So therefore, no matter whether we speak about Good or evil, when those two mathematical dimensions are in disproportionate amounts, and are not offered at their right place and time, they cannot benefit any human being. Knowledge, for example, is food for the human mind, but too much knowledge may become cumbersome, and even more so, if it is not duly integrated within oneself as part of our own nature. From a Divine point of view, the mind is the physical body of the human spirit. The spirit uses the mind as a garment in order to appear before God Himself. The mind does not yet represent the real human being, but it is an excellent servant, which solves all life’s questions. Within the physical world, the human mind is one of the major life factors, and in addition to it there are two other major factors - the heart and the physical body. Therefore, there are different worlds related to the life of the physical body, the heart and the mind, and each one of those three worlds is divided into another three sublevels. No matter how much is spoken about these worlds, such information would offer unnecessary knowledge to certain individuals. If some people fail to benefit from it, a substantial load may accumulate in their minds. Indeed, if the causes of human suffering are to be traced back to their origins, it would be evidenced that one of the reasons is due to the accumulation of excessive energy in the physical, mental and the so-called star (astral) body, which is also called spiritual body. The accumulation of these unnecessary substances within these three different subcategories of the human body would produce an anomaly in one’s life. For example, all negative feelings, such as hatred, envy, anger, etc. are due to redundant substances in one’s astral body. Pride, limited self-consciousness, ambition, and many more negative manifestations are due to excessive substances inside one’s mental body. As a result of these surpluses, one may fall into an unnatural state, either physically, mentally or emotionally. So when it comes to self-education, it is hereby implied to educate one’s body, heart and mind. The body, the heart and the mind are the three major factors that play an important role in the development of the human spirit and the human soul. In the Bible chapter we’ve just read, it says that women are forbidden to speak inside any church, and I am here asking you to state whether this is a principle written in stone or not. Indeed, while someone is ill, such a person should not talk, but once they heal, then they shall speak. The ill patient should not eat any food, but when one heals, he or she could eat whatever food they please. So, in the time of Apostle Paul, it was forbidden for women to speak inside any church because they did not know what to say. Only the ones who know what to talk about, and who have also long studied, can later on speak freely. One should have completed at least one university degree, but not at universities like the ones we see nowadays. One should have studied at the Cosmic University, so that when they come out to speak, they would know when, what, and how to speak. The speaker should not be like the pretzel vendors in the streets who buy their goods from the bakeries and then just resell someone else’s products. It is acceptable to trade, but to trade only both as a producer and as a vendor, not just as a vendor. As the trade goes on, one gets to know people, but sometimes one may not get along with them quite so well. The same thing can be said about agriculture and science. Until people do not know yet, how and what to talk about, they would meet each other and would then tend to quarrel. Therefore, they have to reach to such a position in life, whereby they act in such a way that everyone around them becomes pleased with them. "But solid food belongs to those who are of full age … " - Life represents the solid food in this quote, but if one does not understand where life comes from, should they then give up on it? If somebody is unable to complete a university degree, should he or she give up completely on acquiring knowledge? If nobody loves you, should you give up on Love? If no one has done you any Good, should you therefore give up on doing Good to others? Some of you say: “Because nobody has done me any Good, I refuse to do any Good to people as well.” Or alternatively, because one has not obtained a university degree, they do not wish to learn at all. So how many years do you need to complete a university course? - It takes four years to complete a university course on Earth, but to receive education in the angelic world, 777 reincarnations are indeed needed. What do you think about that? This is a mathematical probability, but whoever has completed the angelic university, knows a great deal, and does become a real scientist indeed. It is enough for such a scientist to breathe out some air towards a stalk of wheat, and its grains will ripen immediately. This type of knowledge would become available, but to whom would it become available? – Only to the ones who are perfect! You may say: “What's life’s real purpose?” - You could understand the meaning of life only after you have been reborn 777 times on Earth, and these rebirths actually represent 777 fundamental transformations in which you would have done something great and outstanding. Could you possibly imagine then how many fundamental and also how many other completely ordinary incarnations in total should a person experience on Earth?!? – When the Turks, for example, are unable to answer some difficult question, they tend to say: "Seven layers on top and seven at the bottom.” – In other words, there is no need to further mull over such a difficult question. It is said in the Scriptures: "Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies” (1 Corinthians 8:1, NKJV). What does this verse mean? – It means that knowledge without Love makes one arrogant, but knowledge combined with Love instills peace. Many think that knowledge does not need Love. You should know that it is Love precisely that brings knowledge with itself. Apostle Paul himself said that knowledge should not be separated from Love. Knowledge without Love makes one arrogant. In this respect, Wisdom represents the most painful route in life, since a more difficult path than the path of the Wisdom does not actually exist. There is no easier science in life than Love, so Love is intended for the “children”, while Wisdom is meant for the “elderly” – i.e. for those who are perfect. There is no contradiction in this way, as both the “children” and the “elderly” would enter the path which is intended for them. As a “child”, one walks in the path of Love; as a “grown-up” one enters the path of Wisdom. I therefore affirm that in the spiritually-aspiring people a strong desire for learning should be manifested. Even if someone has not much knowledge, he or she needs to have mastered it so well that it could be successfully put to the test. All the trials, all the good and bad thoughts that pass through one’s mind are not random; they are numbers and dimensions which are precisely defined. The human spirit and the human soul do indeed always travel and move about without any interruption in the open space, and in this way they learn. The spirit and the soul as well as the mind and the heart are in eternal motion. Everything in the world is moving. As you move, you see different trees, flowers, birds, stars, the sunrise and the sunset, and so on. You may ask if the trees and the rivers have any relation to us. - They have, of course, but you do not know what their attitude towards you is. You know, for example, that one river flows to the east, another - westwards, a third one - northwards and the fourth one - southwards, but you know nothing else about them. What the river’s attitude towards you is, what its purpose in nature is – those things you don’t know. Nothing in the world has been accidentally created. Everything has its own strict purpose and relation to other things. Someone may say: “What do I care about the size of the Great or the Pacific Ocean?” - So, why are you then interested how much money your father has left behind in the National Bank after he passed away?" The way you are interested in the question of your father’s written will, the same way you should be interested in the topic regarding the size of the Pacific Ocean because according to a previous research conducted by some scientists, it is assumed that within this ocean, as well as within some other oceans and seas, about ten million tons of dissolved gold may be present. Ten million tons of gold! – This is a significant wealth. It would have been nice if the Bulgarians could get hold of this gold, don’t you think so? You should be interested in the oceans because they present opportunities, which are conditions for your own development. They represent a virgin soil that is being prepared for the future upcoming culture. The waters of the Great Ocean would, for example, flood some of the present day continents, and many of the people on Earth would have to migrate to new lands. You may ask if it is possible for the Lord to take us outside of Europe and place us on new soil within the Great Ocean under completely new conditions. - There is nothing wrong with that. As you have left the Heavens and have landed down on Earth, so you would also leave Europe in the very same way. This is nothing but a resettlement. At one time you were in the Heavens, you rejoiced with the Sons of God, but then you left the Heavens and went travelling. In the past, the human race used to live in the Promised Land, but then they left it, and for thousands of years they have been constantly roaming. Therefore, the humans have left a vast space in the Heavens and came to Earth to work and to learn, as it is indeed verified by the Bible’s “Proverbs” chapter, which mentions that the people rejoiced in the Promised Land. Modern scientists claim that the Central Cosmic Sun is 75 million times larger and brighter than our sun. Based on this, I can make the following comparison: In space there is also a land that you have once left in order to come to our little Earth. This land is also 75 million times bigger than our Earth. Do you remember that you have lived in this land in the past? Do you remember some of its landscapes? - You would say that you do not remember anything. I am then asking you: “How do you explain your strange dreams then?” - You dream, for example, that you are somewhere, but neither on Earth nor up above it in the spiritual world. Since you cannot explain those dreams with the help of your earthly knowledge, you treat them with disdain and claim that this is all fantasy. No, a series of impressions are stored in your subconsciousness. – Those are series of memories that speak of your life in the distant past. The Cosmic land I'm talking about is still inhabited by real and perfect beings which have completed their personal evolution. Many call this land "Paradise", and some call it "The Kingdom of God." This land has its outer and inner layers. For someone to arrive at these facts, he or she must participate in the work of God. – This means to connect with Him. If you do not feel God's Love, God's power and thought, then where is your real human nature? If you do not have a righteous relationship with the First Reason, you would live under constant fear, and you would flee from God as the animals flee from the human beings. Why do animals flee from the humans? - Because humans have weapons with which they kill, massacre and destroy. The soil is also afraid of humans. Why? - Because people grab the plough and start ripping the soil apart in order to cultivate it. The modern-day so-called “cultured” people are similar to the plough that rips the soil apart. And then they say: "We are plowing." - If you are plowing in the correct way, it makes sense for you to do so, but if you do not do things correctly, you would do more damage than any Good. If you want to know what is required from you, ask the trees, the rocks and the mountains. Ask them also what they would say about you. The modern day humans cut down forests and drill tunnels, but they cause havoc and destruction along with all these actions. Advanced creatures have created the mountains and the forests, but the people destroy them. For example, what should be considered a greater artistry: to prepare a garment without passing a needle through it or to produce a garment by means of putting it together from various cut out pieces that are afterwards stitched by a sewing machine? The first method is superior and more difficult than the second method. The invisible world works in the first way, while people, on the other hand, adopt the second way. They destroy what has been completed already and go over it with machines, re-cultivating it and are indeed saying: “The modern day culture requires this.” When a “dressmaker”[1] produces a piece of clothing, many would admire him or her and say: "This dressmaker has got some great skill! They have acquired their expertise in Paris!”. I have to say that as long as the “iron needles and the sewing machines” pass through the clothes of modern people, nothing new can be expected from mankind. Such “sewing” of clothes cannot have a positive impact on mankind’s progress. Only the shirts of the sick can be “sewn” with iron needles in order to make them healthier and stronger. On the other hand, the shirts of the healthy people should be “knit or sewn” with golden hooks and golden needles. The iron needles bring something disharmonious into the nature of healthy people. Modern people often use iron needles and iron awls. For example, a woman may be living well with her husband, but her neighboring “dressmaker” would come up to her one day and may start saying: “As I see, you live well with your husband. - Yes, we get on well with each other. - That's good, but one thing I'll say to you, and namely, that I see your husband is a little bit playful; he loves to look back and forth! Be careful, watch him closely, see what he does. He is a man after all; he doesn’t have to be fully trusted.” So afterwards, this neighbor sits around for a while, talks a bit and then goes away. The young wife remains alone and begins to think. What is she thinking about? An “iron awl” is already drilling into her heart. When her husband returns from work, she starts scanning for any changes in him. The man wonders why his wife is looking at him so earnestly. "What is it, milady?”, he asks. – “Nothing.”, she replies, but there is something going on nonetheless. - The neighbor has previously come in to visit and then also raised a suspicion within the wife. What does suspicion represent? - Suspicion is a certain impurity that enters the astral, i.e. the human stellar body, and one would experience envy, hate, doubt, and may say: “I do not know what's going on with me, but I've lost my peace. What should I do now?” The answer is not to welcome at home “dressmakers” who work with “iron needles” that are intended for the sick people only. And if you go to the house of your neighboring “dressmaker”, who has acquired their trade in Paris, you should tell them: “I have a sick neighbor, for whom I would ask you to “sew” a shirt.” If your neighboring dressmaker agrees, you will take them to the ill “patient”, so that they can obtain the actual measurements of the patient’s shirt – in this way you would not be letting the “dressmaker” enter your own house to spread rumors and gossip, but would direct them to the people in need instead. And indeed, it is said in the Bible that those who are ill should be comforted. I advise you to ponder over the “iron needles and the iron awls” and to apply this analogy in your life in order to make full use of it. You are now asking: “What is life’s purpose?” - Life has a threefold purpose. First, the meaning of life refers to the necessity of creating a strong and well-organized physical body, in which the spirit and soul shall live, so that both of them could to do their work on Earth. Second, the meaning of life encompasses the need of improving the astral body (star body) by means of elevating one’s feelings and desires to such a level, as to balance the heart’s full potential. Once the heart is organized, Love would penetrate it with both its energy and force and shall bring life into it. Otherwise, the human body would be full of negative feelings and inferior desires, which would soon or late inevitably cause one’s death. And finally, the meaning of life also refers to the purpose of creating a healthy brain, so that the mental body could perceive only those thoughts that are necessary for the development of the human spirit. Once a person understands the meaning of life in this particular way, he or she would be already at the gates of the Divine world, facing the life of the human soul where the laws of complete harmony exist – these are the laws of everlasting beauty and unity. The human beings of our times are confronted by a number of contradictions due to the conditions they are living in, as well as due to their own belief systems. In order to resolve these contradictions correctly, people need to know whether these contradictions stem from their physical, astral or mental bodies. Humans should know where exactly within their own selves the Good and the evil are born. Good and evil are two forces, which work not only in nature, but also in all aspects of the human body. These forces are transmitted from one person to another by means of influencing each other and act in the same way as diseases, which spread around in the environment. When an “infected dressmaker” comes to your home and brings along a contagious disease, this “dressmaker” shall also leave something from their sickness inside the “piece of clothing” they would “sew” for you. Could an “infected dressmaker” have created your garment in a sound way? - The outer garment may have been sewn well, but inside this newly made piece of clothing there would be something hidden that is not good in itself. In the same way the diseases are transmitted, so can Love be also spread in the world, but how should proper “dressmaking” be conducted in future? - In future, clothes would not be “sewn”. - If you understand this thought literally, you may find yourself in a contradiction and may ask how it is possible not to sew when garments are being made, but by saying that there will be no sewing in future, I am hinting that the human thought shall act in such a way that it would flow seamlessly and without interruption. The thought of modern people represents a compilation of individual, separate facts. Facts are limits, which could only confirm certain truths, but they do not represent the whole Truth in its completeness. One fact may show signs of life, but this manifestation may not yet be the real Life itself. Facts only testify that life is being manifested in a certain place. Therefore, Life is truly manifested only when it flows seamlessly and without any interruption. - This is what it means to make your clothes in a new way, “without stitching and without cutting out various pieces”, which represent the different parts of the one and complete reality. Whoever wants to make a garment in this newly-suggested fashion should keep their physical, astral and mental bodies clean and should also maintain a steady interconnection among all three of them. - This is the method on how to correctly understand the essence of life. The heart is the center of the star (astral) body, and the brain is the center of the mental body. Whoever cannot master their physical, astral and mental bodies would always be exposed to suffering, contradictions and misfortunes in life. Personal failures typically occur due to some certain fluctuations and hesitations in one’s mind. Our minds should not hesitate. Personal failures also happen due to people postponing or delaying the execution of their tasks. – If there is a nice thought in your mind, or some noble feeling in your heart, do not postpone their realization! Let’s say that a poor person comes to your home and whispers into your ear that they wish to come in, but because you are stingy, you refuse to invite them and defend yourself by saying that you do not have the possibility of doing so today. You say to yourself that you couldn’t welcome this poor person today, but that on some other day this would certainly happen since the same poor person would again visit your home at a different time. Yes indeed, Nature may choose to postpone the counteraction to your personal deeds, but it doesn’t ever forget any of our particular omissions. A day would come when the situation of this poor person shall change, and then you may have to ask this previously poor person for help. That is why every intelligent person should display the wisdom of a sage by being able to foresee things and to perceive every human as a soul which has descended from God in order to complete their work on Earth. Many ask if the human soul suffers. - No matter how sublime, the soul always suffers, as it has its own difficulties and predicaments. The human mind and heart often fall into disturbances and hesitation. No matter how noble and strong the human spirit may be, when it comes to Earth, it also carries some burden with itself. God has foreseen all circumstances, and consequently places every person under the right conditions which are necessary for their growth and uplifting. God has decided to save mankind, so he sent his Son among the people. But then again, people are ungrateful and say: “Why do we need the mind, if we suffer so much?" - This mind would save you, but you should use it wisely! "Why do we need the heart, if we suffer so much?" - This heart, in particular, shall save you, but you need to use its powers accordingly! The only thing that will save humanity is suffering. God speaks to mankind through suffering, and angels speak to humans through joy. The Lord asks mankind: “Do you know why you suffer? - We don’t know, dear Lord. - You suffer because you have left your father's house, forgotten your mother, father, brothers and sisters and roam around the world like strangers. Come back to your home where everyone is awaiting your return! It is cold outside - 36 degrees Celsius below the zero - and you're walking barefoot in your ragged clothes. Come back to your home, where a warm room and loving creatures are waiting for you!” Once the individual realizes their aberration from the normal evolutionary path, they enter their home in the Heavens and end up by being surrounded by creatures that are full of love. If you encounter any of these sublime beings who live in the Heavens, you may initially become afraid of them, but then you would immediately calm down and understand that you are facing a being which possesses no negative thoughts and feelings. When Christ appeared to His disciples after His Resurrection, they were first afraid of Him, but when He told them: "Peace be with you.", they then calmed down. The conversation that Christ had with His disciples at the time is not mentioned in the Gospels, but it is one of the most beautiful conversations the Christ disciples had ever conducted with their Master. Apostle Paul says that until the new knowledge is fully integrated, the old wisdom should not be completely discarded. Why? - Because humans are now passing from one transient state to another different and more permanent state, but until one enters the new state, the firm soil of the old understanding needs to remain beneath their feet. If someone destroys the old foundations before people have built a new solid framework, they would be helplessly “dangling in the air”. In the past, God descended upon the human mind in order to uplift it, but back then the human consciousness was mainly concentrated in the area of the heart. Today, God is descending upon Earth in order to inspire the human soul, and at the same time, He would uplift the female principle, which is the principle of the Virgin. - Future people will lead a virgin life. Some want to know whether they should marry or not. It is not a question of marriage, but people should live in absolute purity in their thoughts, feelings and deeds. When a man encounters a “virgin” woman, a bright and a beautiful thought would be awakened in his mind, and in his heart a lofty feeling shall also appear, and he would be ready to assist such a “virgin” with total unselfishness. All this means that such a “virgin” has offered something Divine to the man which has transformed him. You are saying that such transformation may happen, but not in the world of crimes where we live. I am asking you: “Could crimes be committed at a temperature of 10,000 or five million degrees Celsius?” - So therefore, crimes are being committed nowadays because the temperature of this world is too low. How would you live in a world where the atmosphere particles move faster than the light itself? Would you be then able to again commit any crimes whatsoever? – No, there would be no criminals in such a world. If a criminal enters such a world, they would forget why they have arrived into this world. The criminal would see different valuable items lying around, but no thought to steal something would occur to their mind. However, when such a person comes back to Earth, they would wake up from the deep sleep they were in and would feel sorry they didn’t steal some of the treasures that were surrounding them. The same thing happens with people on Earth. While they are young, they have high ideals and purity, but when they grow older, they regret that they hadn’t stolen anything from their master's wealth since their morality was different at this younger age, and because of it they couldn’t act as thieves. The actual reason for such purity, however, is not one’s personal decency, but the “conjoint life with a saint”, whereby this saint thrived in a world full of illustrious light and high temperature, in which all unclean thoughts and desires were immediately burnt. Whoever may enter such a world of pure and holy beings only once cannot come out of it as a poor person. Those noble beings would give their visitor a “bag of full of gold”, so that any further possible temptations are eliminated. Modern people, regardless of whether they are religious or secular, are unhappy about life in general and reason that the surrounding world is still imperfect. People should know one thing, and namely, that the world is conceived and designed in its most perfect form, but because people are not yet ready to perceive it in its original form, the world is revealed before their eyes to an extent that corresponds to their level of consciousness. In this particular sense, God has not yet revealed and manifested Himself fully. By studying contemporary scholars, writers, poets, artists and musicians, I perceive them as the torch-bearers of the Divine. God wants to manifest Himself through them, but because they are not well-organized yet, they cannot properly convey the Divine ideas. This is not meant to be a reproach against them. A day would come when they shall be able to correctly communicate the Divine ideas and feelings. Therefore, all scientists, all musicians and artists are the bearers of the Divine, regardless of whether they are aware of it or not. The Divine ideas in humanity are gradually growing and producing positive results. They develop slowly, but steadily. To illustrate it with an example, on your way you may meet two enemy armies, both of which are well-equipped with the most modern weapons, cannons, supplies, telegraphs, telephones, radio sets, and so on. When they pass by, they cause fear and trembling amongst the population, as everyone is asking themselves which of the two opposing armies would win. You then continue with your journey and meet a poor and simple horse-wagon driver who is on his way as well. Afterwards, you ask the driver about his destination, and the driver states that he is bringing a grain of wheat to his master, so that the grain can be planted. You would laugh and conclude that this is an insignificant matter. What do you think, what would be the result of the fighting between the two enemy armies, and what would be the result of the wheat grain growth? - You shall soon find out that there is nothing left from the two enemy armies other than the bad consequences of destruction, despite the armies being so grand and impressive before the fighting had commenced. Death, poverty and weeping is what you witness. Mothers cry for their lost men and sons, fathers - for their sons, sisters - for their fathers and brothers, but in the case of the wheat grain that was planted you see something that is exactly the opposite. The grain’s original form is tiny and goes unnoticed, but its final result is truly grand and impressive. In 15 years, this single grain of wheat will increase to such numbers, that it would give a great yield, which shall drain the tears of all those who suffer on the face of the Earth. What is preferable in this case then? - To meet a grand army or a simple person instead who brings in his horse-wagon a grain of wheat to his master? Now, please transfer these two figurative images to your personal life, to the public life and to the life of the human soul. Through its battles, the army can only temporarily save its homeland, but it cannot offer food to the people. Armies kill, destroy, and impoverish the mankind, while the wheat grains bring life, harmony, and bliss to humanity. Where one finds wheat and bread, in there they would also hear songs and witness joy. Therefore, when the Heavens send to you an ordinary person with a grain of wheat in their horse-wagon, do not turn such a person away, but thank God for the health and joy that is offered to you by accepting this grain. Take the grain, plant it in the ground, and when it bears fruit, chew it and use the hidden power it carries in itself. Once you understand the power that lies in the grain of wheat, you would perceive what’s placed inside the soul of every person, and you would find out why they were born. The grain of wheat is the hard food that one has to chew and eat. There is something great in it, which in time will yield good results. Once upon a time, to one of the prophets of Israel, named Elisha (TN: Prophet Elijah's successor), came one of the Syrian king messengers by the name of Hazael to ask him about the health of his king. Elisha adopted a stern facial expression without the blink of an eye until Hazael became ashamed, and then Elisha, the man of God, wept. Hazael asked Elisha why he was crying, and Elisha answered that he is weeping because he knew how much evil would be inflicted upon the sons of Israel by Hazael. Hazael was surprised to hear this, but Elisha clarified his words by saying that Syria’s crown will be placed onto Hazael’s head. So why did the prophet cry? - He wept because he saw the “solid food” that was being offered by God to his people. The people of Israel, to whom God was very gracious, could not understand God though. Why? – Because there were some unfavorable conditions at that time. Moses also worked among the same people, but finally he also concluded that they have not understood God's laws. And here we stand nowadays when modern people are also ungrateful to God, Who wants to free and help them by refining their bodies, hearts and minds, and later on to also improve their souls and spirits. This can be achieved only through acquiring knowledge. No glory can be achieved without knowledge. There is knowledge of the mind, knowledge of the soul and knowledge of the spirit. One needs to achieve the knowledge of the spirit, as no uncertainty whatsoever is present in this type of knowledge, since this is the Divine Wisdom itself. When we speak about the various types of sciences, we could draw the same conclusions for religion as well. Religions have existed since the most ancient times, and they still exist today. The best religion existed at the time of the very first human being, as did exist back then also a very special type of a science. This very first human being is still talking about the skies and about the stars. In the past, various calculations were made and are still being made in order to reflect on the changes in the skies, which signify the various transitions from one culture to another and from one level of consciousness to another. The first human being possessed the knowledge of this great science that was later on forgotten and ultimately disappeared. Modern-day people are utilizing the present science and religion to acquire the knowledge they have lost in the past. These efforts and strivings are indeed well intended. That is why Christ said: "What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he loses one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness, and go after the one which is lost until he finds it? And when he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders, rejoicing” (Luke 15:4-5, NKJV). Contemporary people live in the culture of this very same “shepherd” who has lost a single sheep, and they say: “This culture is excellent.” Yes, the culture of the single lost sheep may seem excellent, but there is tragedy today in the modern world, tragedy exists in the human souls, tragedy is also present in the human belief systems. Today, there are about 500 million Christ followers who know by heart the commandment "Do not kill.", but still cannot be uplifted at least to a level not to kill their own brothers. Can this type of a culture be possibly called a real culture? Let me tell you that every person for themselves represents this “lost sheep”, as a result of which the manifestations of this contemporary culture are more or less negative. That is the objective truth. When people are told the truth, they tend to become offended, and this is normal. Nevertheless, one has to know what tomorrow brings for them. The future of your life would be determined by the solidity of the foundation you are laying down today. Living a wicked life means building a bridge out of hay, on top of which heavy artillery would be later on transported. What could possibly be the fate of such a bridge?! Great science and great knowledge is needed by today’s mankind. Apostle Paul said: "But solid food belongs to those who are of full age …" Knowing this, the ancient scientists denoted the Aries zodiac sign as a symbol for self-sacrifice. Today everyone knows that there is an equinox in March. The second equinox is in September. The spring equinox or the sign of the Aries represents the Divine principle of self-sacrifice. The passage of the sun through the North Pole, which in symbolizes the “Pole of Truth”, implies the law of self-sacrifice. To obtain the Truth, the Divine needs to descend into the material world through these souls who are already on Earth. When we say that there is a drama and a tragedy for the human souls, we mean the blind entanglement of these souls inside the physical matter, and I assure you that these souls have to be freed because they are oppressed by the weight of a “great building” on their shoulders, as represented by the material world itself. No one, however, suspects this. No one knows where they have come from, why they have come here and where they would go, once they pass away. The modern-day people have lost the history of their past, they have lost their ontology, and by reverting back to the law of self-sacrifice, they will come back to the idea of their genesis. After the first equinox, in April, the sign of the Taurus (the so-called Bull) moves in, which denotes the principle of the mother and the principle of the force which connects all things. Next comes the "Gemini" sign, which represents the principle of the Cosmic consciousness. - This is, so to speak, the principle of the Divine mind that unites all creatures into Oneness. These three signs in the zodiac represent a triad that is repeated four times a year. The four fields through which the human beings have come down to Earth are as follows: 1. Humans went down from the causal world into the mental world. 2. From the mental world they went into the astral world. 3. From the astral world they entered the physical plane where they finally stopped. You are now saying that those are simply the three months of the year - March, April and May, which we all know very well indeed, but do you actually understand the importance of the month of March? If you understood the meaning of this month, you could resolve all your troubles. How? - By restoring your relationship with God! In April, you would be able to amend your relationship with your brethren, while in May you could connect to your own self. So, it is enough for a person to get in the right relationship with the forces that influence these months, so that in a single month one can only further improve their life. How would you achieve that? - By hard work, by perseverance and not in the way a drunkard by the name of Zdravko has done before in the below fable. Zdravko had been continuously intoxicating himself for twenty years. At one point, he found several books on how to resolve one’s drinking problems. He read these books and said to himself: "Zdravko, you should not drink any longer! Let the tavern owner know that you have decided to start abstaining from alcohol.” The next day he passed by the pub, but did not come in and said to himself: "Well done Zdravko, you resisted the temptation successfully! Let’s now go into it and celebrate the occasion!” He then went into the pub and got drunk. - This example highlights the division in the human consciousness. So many modern people behave in the same manner by saying that they won’t be angry and will not by envious. The following day they pass by the “pub”, whilst managing to initially abstain from any inner violence, and they do not immediately become angry or envious, but only a few steps further down the road they congratulate themselves for the self-control and decide to go back to the “pub” to get “drunk” again, and so anger and envy yet again find their way into them. Nobody can get rid of these negative manifestations unless their original source is found. These behaviors are to be found in the astral body, so that is why people should work on it. For example, people may say about somebody that a certain person is conceited. The center of conceit is located somewhere in the brain. If this center is cut off, one may nevertheless still show their pride. This shows that conceit has laid its deep roots within the entire human brain! There are occasions when even mad people have become conceited, since they thought to be beings of such high stature, as to be able to give orders to everyone else. In Sofia there was a Macedonian lady by the name of Sultana, who was a little bit out of her own mind. She often said: “I carry the whole world on my palm - the Earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, as well as all the people. Whatever I say does in fact always happen.” - Yes, what she was saying was indeed happening, but it was happening to her only, not to the others. Her prophecies were similar to those given by a once famous astrologist as described below. One of the French kings summoned this astrologist and said, "I think I want to start a war with Austria, but I want you to make the necessary calculations to confirm if this war would be successful." The astrologist made his calculations and told the king that according to the planets, war could be declared on Austria, since the conditions were favorable. The French king started the war, but France suffered a huge defeat. Because of the wrong prediction, the king decided to kill the astrologist. He summoned the astrologist to himself again and asked him: "Do you know when I’m going to pass away?" The astrologer was a clever person and immediately realized that the king had devised something against him, and then told the King: “You will die 24 hours after my death.” The king immediately thought to himself: "If that is the case, I'd better spare his life in order to preserve my own.” This shows that the king was a clever man as well. He believed in the words of the astrologist and said: "If my death would occur after his own death, let me spare his life, so that I can save my own life.” - The king knew the law which stipulates that what comes around goes around. All in all, you should find a sound foundation for your life and not blame your destiny for your misfortunes and failures. Every person is the creator of their own destiny. People “drink”, and the “pub owner” assumes the role of the destiny, by means of writing down how much is owed by the pub visitors for the “drinks” they order. As soon as the pub visitors try to get help from the “state’s legislature” to avoid paying their “bills”, the state automatically defends the “pub owner” and says to those who drank: "You will pay! The state has allowed the pub owners to require from their visitors to pay for what was consumed on premise.” And the pub owner also says: “This account of mine for what you have drunk so far entitles me to claim the money you owe me.” Similarly, you may go to a merchant, and today you may take a credit, you would also take a credit tomorrow, until one day you would be indebted by thousands of leva (TN: that is the name of the Bulgarian state national currency) and say: “For God's sake! Please don’t be in a rush, wait a minute, I'll pay you back." However, the reply the borrower hears is: “I cannot wait for the sake of God. I need the money, and you will pay me back – that is all!” The law defends the lender, not the borrower. If this merchant is a benign, good-natured person, a resolution to the issue may be found. However, if the merchant is a cruel and a crude person, he or she would abuse you verbally and hurt your feelings, so that you could always remember well what happens when you do not meet your debt obligations. Who is to blame for all this? Those who are clever have no debts. You may say: “What shall we do now, as we have incurred so much debt?” That is what the invisible world now wants to help you with – to free you from your debts. The invisible world is willing to show you how to get rid of your debts in the easiest way possible. It is said in the Bible that “…the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one” (1 John 5:19, NKJV). This means that the world is bogged down in debts that need to be repaid. By coming to the Earth and remaining on it, Christ has shown people a way in which they can repay their debts. Modern people say that Christ sacrificed Himself for the sake of mankind, i.e. He has repaid all human debts. Indeed, Christ did repay the debts of mankind, but only those debts, which were accrued in the Divine world. All people have to pay back to Christ the very significant amounts they owe, and they would have to certainly pay back soon or late. Christ shall summon those who owe Him to repay their debts, but if they ask Him for an option to delay the repayment because they have no opportunity to do so, He would forgive them. If the ones, to whom Christ has forgiven their debts, afterwards go to bother and torture their own debtors for a petty sum of money, Christ will tell His servants: "Bring these people back to me to have them repay their debt!" The servants will bring such debtors back to Christ who shall then ask: "Are you ready to write off your brethren's small debt the same way I have already forgiven you your own large personal debts to me? If you are willing to set aside the debt of your brother, then I will not claim back what you owe me.” So, I am here asking you which one of you is ready to write off the debt of your brothers and sisters? If you forget about the debts of your brothers and sisters who owe you, there would be no more complaints, no court applications shall be filled in, and no litigations would take place. However, you forget the law that “For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you” (Matthew 7:2, NKJV), and still you continue to act according to your own personal preferences only. What could be more dignified than a friend asking you for a loan of 100 leva, provided that in ten days, he or she promises to repay the money, and you later on witness that in exactly ten days your friend returns the loan, which would in itself demonstrate the famous English type of punctuality. If your friend cannot repay their debt on time, he or she needs to come back to you to apologize for the delay and ask to run an errand for you, so that they can repay their debt. The Englishmen take money on a loan and return it exactly at the specified time, but the Bulgarians take a loan, then they do not return it easily. They also act in the same way when they borrow a book. Bulgarians take the book and finish reading it, but do not think about returning the book to its rightful owner. In general, Bulgarians are unreliable. In addition, their punctuality is quite poor. For example, you may meet a Bulgarian peasant and ask them how long it takes to reach a certain village. The peasant would describe the exact route and tell you that you would need an hour to reach your intended destination, but you would be continuously going for an hour, then for two hours, then for three hours, and still there would be no sight of the village. This indicates that the respective brain phrenological time center is not well-developed within this peasant or that perhaps the peasant is guided by a different sort of mathematics. For instance, someone promises somebody else that they would turn up in half an hour, but actually arrive after several hours. I have done some calculations and found out that the Bulgarian version of “half an hour” equates to six European hours. Therefore, if a Bulgarian says that they would show up in an hour, you’d have to wait for about twelve European hours before he or she appears. Consequently, we can conclude that the Bulgarians are guided by different time interval estimates, which are in reality much higher than the worldwide standard. Because the Bulgarians are democrats by default, the Divine has engraved one more character trait into them, which demonstrates that before they have taken something from somebody else, they say that everything a person has earned or made on their own belongs to that very same person only. However, as soon as Bulgarians succeed in acquiring what they desire from somebody else, then they affirm that everything belongs to God! – That is in fact true because such is the law of Christ. However, if this law is applied in their own life, they would immediately call this law pure anarchy. - No, everyone needs to be consistent, since if such a law is interpreted as “anarchy” by one person, then this law should be interpreted and applied in the same way by the entire society, and not selectively for solely one’s own benefit when possible. Contrary to the Bulgarians, the Turks say: “I am not looking to redeem what I have already given, but then what I take, I do not return." When the Bulgarians fail to pay off their debts on time, they apologize with a number of reasons such as having had a lot of work or that they had guests who prevented them from coming on time etc. Bulgarians typically say that it is completely natural and human to make an omission like this because there is always some predicament in one’s way, but that everything would be repaid with all the corresponding interest on top of it. If the lender goes to the debtor’s house to remind them that the deadline is approaching, the Bulgarian debtor would warmly welcome their benefactor, shall afterwards offer them a home meal and would apologize again. Bulgarians are normally willing to do what needs to be done with respect to their own business, but if you compare them to the Englishmen, they would fall short of the golden standard. This type of behavior is typical not only for the Bulgarians, but for all the Slavs in general. If, for an instance, you order a book from abroad, it would not take long before the book arrives to you in due course. If, however, you order a book from Russia, you’d wait for a long time before it reaches you because the typical Russian would say: "Hmmm, well, let's see if this book is here or not." All of you should know one thing. - Nature does not like the act of postponing. From the standpoint of the Spirit, postponing the execution of one’s actions represents a poor quality in human nature. Excessively rushing to accomplish things is a bad attribute as well, but postponement is no better. One has to do everything exactly at the right time – not earlier and not later. As I observe the development of modern science, I see that it prepares humanity for a great future. The science is nothing else but a preparation for this grand future. Great beings, who guide the fate of humanity, take part in this preparation. These beings bear different names. - Christians call them angels of the winds, forests, waters, seas, grains, societies, nations, and so on. Hindus call them Gods. In relation to these angels, the various nations have created a series of traditions as part of their lives, and these traditions, however, are not mere superstitions. Such traditions show that there is a design of specific order that governs this world of ours. Therefore, where there is an intelligent design and order, there is legitimacy as well as wisdom. A rational being is beneath the surface of every law. The law is a sign of supreme intelligence, and the laws exclude even the tiniest injustice. And when to you it seems that the world is lawless, in fact, it only superficially seems so. There is an absolute righteousness in the world, which judges everyone according to what they deserve. This does not yet mean that this righteousness immediately punishes people; it only shows them the law, which is necessary for the fulfillment of God’s Will. Whoever fails to follow this particular law would be held accountable as a result of their own personal choice. There is a Divine plan for all things in the world. No matter how much people are deviating from this plan, they shall eventually fulfill it, but they would go through great suffering. Beautiful is the Divine plan indeed! Do you know what is required from people, so that they can understand the Divine plan and execute it well afterwards? One should bring harmony in the relationship between their soul and their astral and mental bodies on one hand, and on the other hand, to harmonize the soul with their spirit. Only in this way would humans be able to manifest the dormant possibilities that are hidden within them. If people follow this plan, they would rejuvenate. This is the way all people, who are today for example at the age of eighty, could rejuvenate themselves. Why do people age today? - Because they live in the Law of Limitations which invariably causes death. Death itself is like a “tax collector” who serves the Karmic spirits. These spirits are also called “debt-collectors” or “watchmen”. They are present when everybody dies and compete for their souls. The Revelation says that Archangel Michael argued with Satan over Moses' body. Once there was a dispute over Moses' body, it shows that Moses owed something. Who is Satan? - He is the ruler of the Earth or the so-called "prince of this world." He enforces law and order in the world, and for those who do not obey his law and order, there are gallows, bullets, knives, swords, etc. The prince of this world says: "I rule in here, so you have to obey me, and it is my responsibility to afterwards answer to God. What you think of me, I do not care one whit.” There are Christians who do not know anything about this so-called “prince”, and consequently fall into a contradiction. The Scripture says not to ever criticize or defame other people, i.e. not to talk bad things about anyone. Therefore, despite the fact that many call the Satan a “fallen spirit”, do not talk badly about him either. I will now share a story showing that the ones who allow themselves to talk badly about the prince of this world, whom some call Lucifer, do suffer quite badly from their own misguided actions. Once upon a time, a poverty-stricken man spoke badly about Lucifer, who one day stopped him on the road and said to him: “Listen, stop talking about me! What I do on Earth is my own business. You are a penniless person and you should keep your mouth shut. I can cause you so much trouble that you would remember me forever and shall understand what real deference and respect mean. – “I don’t want to know”, said the poor man. - “Okay - replied the prince of this world – You’ll see what I can do to you.” So, one day Lucifer converted one of his servants into a donkey and told him: "I will send you to Earth where your human owner will bring you to a market and sell you cheaply, so that the poor man I have in mind could buy you. You know what to do next.” And indeed, the servant descended upon Earth in the image of a donkey and was brought to the local market by his owner. When the poor man, who was fond of criticizing Lucifer, saw this donkey, he immediately wanted to buy it and asked how much it cost. "I’ll sell it cheaply", the donkey’s owner said. "That's what I'm looking for; I'm poor, I do not have a lot of money”, retorted the destitute person. The deal for the donkey went ahead easily. After buying the donkey, the poor man headed home and was fully satisfied that he got such a good deal. He put a lead on the donkey and took it to a water fountain in order for it to drink some water. As it leaned to drink, the donkey went inside the water fountain spout, and it reached such a depth that only its ears were visible. The poor man sat in front of the water fountain and was keen to get the donkey out of the spout, but he could not manage to do so as the donkey itself would not come out. At one time, another man came over to drink some water and asked the poor person if the water is any good. The poor man said that the water is fine, but that there's a donkey inside the water fountain spout. The other man looked inside the spout, but saw nothing and before leaving, he gave the poor person a good beating because he thought that the story was a lie. The poor man remained in front of the water fountain, wondering what to do. Next, a second person came over to drink some water. The poor man told him as well that a donkey was hidden inside the water fountain spout, but the second stranger saw nothing as well, he got aggravated by the seemingly ludicrous story, beat up the poor man and went away. A third person came over, and he also punished the poor man for what seemed like a straightforward lie. So, the poor person just stood there and said: “What should I do? I see the donkey's ears, but I am fearful to tell people that a donkey is hiding in the water fountain spout. I can no longer bear the brunt of the punches; I don’t want to be beaten up. I'm now afraid to tell people about my donkey.” So, therefore I say: “Do not talk badly about anyone!” There is nothing more beautiful for any human being than being able to discern what to talk about and when to talk about it. Everything should be said at the right point in time. As for the mistakes of the people - do not dwell on them! There is One who deals with the people's mistakes. First, everyone should study their own mistakes, and then a whole myriad of beings will study these mistakes by making a series of mathematical calculations. To deal with people's mistakes is a poison. What one thinks about, and what one does – that is what actually happens in one’s life. That is why every human being should relate to everything, which is positive, not only within their own selves, but to also connect with the positive side of those around them as well. When you meet a person, just look for what’s good and beautiful in them, and with regards to what’s evil in them, wish God to help them out and to return them on the right path. Only a perfectly accomplished person has the right to deal with the mistakes of other people because such a perfectly accomplished person is in a position to rectify these weaknesses. Sometimes God sends a prophet to a sinner to tell the sinner to restore his or her relationship to God, their brethren and their own selves. If the sinner does not do so, God would lift His protection from them and let them bear the consequences of their poor life. So, as disciples of the New Doctrine, you should strive to gain access to the Divine Science and to the Perfect Life, for both of which everyone has innate growth conditions within themselves. However, in order to achieve these you should apply the knowledge that you already possess. Some of you, for example, are worried that they have become too sensitive. - There is nothing bad about this, since for a person to be able to study, they would inevitably need to develop their own sensitivity. A friend of ours had previously become somewhat ill, and as a result, his feelings had become more refined. Afterwards, he began to see things from the invisible world that he had not seen before, and being left alone in his room, he talked to beings from the invisible world. When his wife didn’t know the reason for what was happening, she began to worry that something bad may have occurred to her husband. Scared and worried, she came over to me and told me the whole story. I told her not to fret over it, and that there's nothing wrong with her husband’s experience. Her husband had become quite sensitive, as a result of which, he was communicating on his own “radio” with the inhabitants of the invisible world in the same way people on Earth are communicating on radio with all those different cities and countries all over the planet. Every person has an in-built “antenna” that allows them to communicate with all the other people on Earth. One day, for example, a person may catch a message in the air, which is inviting them to board an airplane, but may choose to refuse the invitation, and in fact, they may have unintentionally overheard a conversation involving some other people. As people become ill, many of them start to unconsciously rave. What is the reason for this phenomenon? Unconscious raving is nothing more than a message exchange with the invisible world, but because the person is ill, they cannot properly perceive and transmit such messages. One has to be so sensitive, as to be able to perceive and grasp the things that would happen after decades, and to also sometimes understand matters that would eventually materialize after centuries. The more sensitive a person is, however, the greater their suffering is. Nonetheless, this should not scare anyone. Suffering is good for the human beings because it protects them from certain temptations. Once upon a time, a beautiful lady visited a Russian saint of noble aristocratic origin with the sole intention of seducing him. When he saw her, he put his finger into the flame of a burning candle and began to talk to her. During all that time his finger was burning. He consciously caused this pain to himself to divert his mind from the thoughts of his visitor. He said to himself: "It is better for my finger to burn than for my heart to suffer." And indeed, it is better to burn one's finger because the finger is a small body part rather than to burn one’s heart that makes up almost the entire human being. Having seen all this, the woman was suddenly disturbed by her own behavior and told the saint: "Please excuse me! I entered your retreat with a bad intention, but I'm now sorry and I'm ready to change the way I live. Take your finger out of the flame! This act of yours has awakened in me a desire to lead a pure life, to serve God, my brethren and my own self in exactly the same way you already do. Someone may suffer, groan, fall in despair and say: "There is no life for me any longer", to which I say: “Don’t be so unfaithful! Follow the path that takes you to God and do not be frightened! Your suffering is not great. God has placed your finger inside the candle flame, but if your finger can save one of your sisters or brothers, your suffering is then justified. You can freely and willingly place your finger inside the candle flame and thrive in the pain you would experience.” The small pains of one person may save many other suffering souls. In this sense, suffering is nothing more than a redemption and a salvation for many souls, who are also suffering themselves. You may choose to interpret my words either literally or as a metaphor, but while you are thinking about them, you should know that suffering can be substantial, only when it is imposed by Life itself, and that it may also be quite insignificant, but only when it is caused purely by the people themselves. The same could be said about the joys. - There are necessary joys brought forward by Life itself, and there are insignificant joys born by your own personalities. As a result, and contrary to the common logic, some joys may cause evil to humanity, while, on the other hand, some sufferings tend to act to the benefit of mankind. So first, one has to study and develop their physical body, then their astral or so-called star body, and finally they should study and work with their mental body. So, when you experience a feeling of hatred or envy in your heart, do carefully grab it with “a set of pliers” and examine it scientifically, as the followers of natural science do with the various butterflies, insects and animals in order to able to give their conclusions at the end of the surveys they have conducted. Someone says: “I was very angry.” - This is not you. The state of anger is not intrinsic to the human beings. It is funny to say, for example, when someone from outside sprays onto you some rose water, a perfume or a foul odor, that the pleasant or unpleasant smell comes directly out of you. The reason for the pleasant or the unpleasant smell is not directly related to you, since someone from outside has spread this odor around you. Therefore, temporarily you may exude some fragrance, but this is not you yet. Temporary changes, which occur in the human heart and in the human mind, do not influence the human soul in reality. All temporary changes and temporary states are transient and exist due to the nature of the life which is led by the mankind today. You are not the only one responsible for them. - There are many factors, which need to be taken into consideration. You are not responsible for all the “mud” that people may throw upon you. When you return home, your parents may start a quarrel because of your “dirty clothes”, since they may be stained and ripped into pieces, but that is not purely your fault. When your parents would be scolding you because of your “torn and stained clothes”, do tell them: “Come into my shoes under the same conditions, and you shall find out how you would return back home.” There is a possibility to avoid these attacks by the people, but the conditions have to change. – You would have to take a car or an airplane, and fly over your attackers with a speed of a bird, so that none of their weapons could reach you. Otherwise, under the conditions in which you are now living, and in the way you now cater for your own food, you would always make mistakes! If you do not re-educate yourselves, you cannot get rid of everything that you have inherited from your parents! “But solid food belongs to those who are of full age…” Since the solid food is for those who are full of age, do separate it from the food you are using every day. When you encounter some suffering, look at it from a close perspective to find out if this suffering is significant or not. If you are crying for one reason or another, pause for a second to find out the root cause behind your tears and do not say you are unhappy, but instead be pleased that you can cry. If someone asks you why you are crying, tell them that you are a water fountain that has to give some of its waters to some sad and sorrowful souls. From the water of such fountains, many thirsty souls are able to quench their thirst, and many sorrowful souls may wash their eyes. – This is how human tears should be seen and interpreted. The tears hide within themselves one of the greater gifts for the human soul. Do you know how many tears you have shed from your childhood years up until now? Have you ever counted how many tears have come out of your eyes in an hour’s time? I have previously told you to wipe your tears with a clean, fine handkerchief, but I am now asking you to collect your tears in small vials and to stick labels on them describing on what day you have cried, for how long and to also specify the exact number of collected tear drops. Now, you tend to let your tears fall onto the ground, but the Heavens do not look with approval at such practices. Many consider crying to be a symbol of one’s personal weakness. Let me ask you: “Which one of you has not wept before?” It is said for the Christ - one of the great Teachers in the world - that He Himself has wept as well. Not only Christ, but also all the Gods who have descended onto Earth have wept too. There is not one creature on Earth, which has not cried at least a single time. Crying is not a bad thing. Crying is a good sign – it shows that there is law and order in the world. Crying shows that one has understood the Divine that speaks inside of them. One may then say: “My Lord, I have the desire to fulfill Your Will and to amend all the mistakes I’ve made. When a person weeps a little bit, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, a master or a servant, a scientist or an illiterate, this act would always make their soul feel lighter. If a person is crying all day long, this is no longer crying, but wailing instead, which shows that this person's emotions are much stirred. It is beautiful when you see two or three tears in the eyes of a grieving person, when these tears roll down their face. Such a person possesses a certain degree of nobleness. However, if someone begins to howl and wail as much as they can, then such behavior does not yet express any deep sorrow. This is an expression of something which is torturing the respective person. This type of emotional expression is determined by the individual nature of every human being. “But solid food belongs to those who are of full age…” The question of solid food bears a great significance. If you begin to try solving this question, another question, which is more pertinent to you, shall spring up, and namely, this new relevant question sounds as: “How would you improve your current state of existence?” - To be able to change your life, you should be able to redefine and recreate it, and this would be achieved only when people start using the favorable conditions offered to them. The world needs intelligent people who know how to use such favorable conditions. One should be familiar with the physical, astral and mental aspects of the human life, to understand where the human virtues and weaknesses lie and to be able to choose the appropriate methods to help mankind. You say that people should love each other. - Therefore, Love is one of the best ways for the mankind to redeem itself! Now, to those of you who wish to become perfect themselves, I recommend using “solid food”, understanding the implications of what is happening in their lives, and not to become more and more aggravated as the time goes by. For this specific reason, you should constantly pray. Prayer does not imply only talking about God and reading written prayers or beautifully-versed words to Him. There is neither need to complain to God nor to boast to Him. The prayers to God should be a natural conversation similar to the way the human souls communicate with each other. Once you begin to talk to God in this way, all your personal affairs would thrive, your character will soften, and you shall see all people as souls who have come out of God. Such would be the bearers of the New Doctrine and servants of the New Creed. This creed does not divide people into nationalities and classes or according to their wealth or knowledge. This new creed sees and treats all souls in the very same way. This means to be full of mercy for each other; this means wishing well to the whole of mankind. For thousands of years, people have prayed for the Kingdom of God to come onto Earth, but in order for this Kingdom to arrive, people should be perfect in every aspect of their lives. Unless we open our souls to God and give Him place to work within us, and we then also begin to work in Him, the Kingdom of God will not descend upon Earth. The main thought of this lecture that should remain in your mind is to always examine your varying personal states of being and to know which ones of them relate to your physical, astral or mental bodies. Afterwards, do take care of the main pursuit of your soul - the pursuit of Love. Do not be thwarted by the fact that someone may be saying something bad about you, but make sure that all your feelings are sincere instead. Aim to manifest more and more Love with the arrival of every new day. Your love needs to expand and to encompass more beings within your hearts and souls. Connect with the good people by studying the positive aspects of their lives, but you should also realize that there is something good in every single person as well. Even during the worst moments in your life, you could still manifest a Divine feeling. The Divine exists in all people, but in some it is more developed, while in others it is less easy to observe. Give place to the Divine feelings in yourselves, in which there is no envy and hatred! Give space to the Divine thoughts in yourselves, where there is no pride! Do not think that whoever makes a concession is a weak person. The human nobleness lies in the conscious choice of making a concession. If a lion or a wolf makes way for you to pass, this does not signify any weakness, but shows nobility of character instead. Only with a single leap, both the lion and the wolf can indeed attack you, but due to their own noble character, they may choose to retreat instead. So, you must all be perfect, or at least strive for perfection and for a proper understanding of life. Unless you understand life, you will not get the favorable conditions you are aiming for. Why? – Because even when these favorable conditions are granted to you, you would not be able to make reasonable use of them. It is said in the Scripture: "Behold, I stand at the door and knock (Revelation 3:20, NKJV)." Who is knocking on the door of the human heart? – It is the Spirit, the Sublime in every single person. "And the solid food” metaphor denotes the fact that the sublime knowledge is only for those who are perfect. All of you can be perfect, and this does not mean that what you have done so far has no bearing or importance. All the human strivings for good deeds have yielded some fruits, but you can achieve even far better things. Do not set limits to your own capabilities! Modern people suffer from the predicament that that they set limitations on everything including knowledge, music, virtues, life, etc. And at the end and after all this, they say: "We are done for." They are right to assume so as far as it pertains to the fact that only certain things can be accomplished at any particular point in time. It may not be possible for the same things to be accomplished in a different aspect and situation, but the pursuit for their completion can be indeed started. There are areas in human life that can be explored only when one has reached maturity. Therefore, attempt to do everything at the right moment in time. Work in accord with your soul to release it from all the limitations and obstacles that you have imposed onto yourselves. This does not mean that you have to leave this world or the surrounding environment, but that you should use your conditions wisely. It is also desirable that while you are still on Earth, you settle all your outstanding debts and obligations, so that one day, upon leaving this world, you would not be obliged to come back to it. All souls shall together leave at the same time for the place they originally came from, so that they can arrive in there as a full group. Thus, the souls would be waiting for each other before they could collectively set off towards their spiritual land. These souls who have already left the Earth would wait in a certain place, then gather together with those souls arriving later on, and would eventually go back to their original abodes in glory and joy. You may say that the prophet Elijah was taken up in the sky by a chariot of fire. He was only temporarily in the sky, but then he was brought back to Earth, just as in the case of John the Baptist. The chariot with which Elijah the prophet was taken up in the sky was fiery and red, but there is another “chariot” with which every man should ascend. Whoever leaves the Earth, as a righteous person, shall be collected by a “friend” who will be dressed in white, luminous clothes, and the two of them would then fly off together towards the invisible world. This is the type of perfection you should be striving for. Achieve this perfection, and peace will come upon you, and therefore, all the worldly conflicts, which are now disturbing you, would be ultimately resolved. Now you are solving these questions in human terms: one goes to power, another one comes down; one becomes rich and another one becomes poor; one is born, while another one dies. Whoever thinks that they can change the order and the setup of this world does not really have a clear understanding. In this respect, we are not preparing to adjust ourselves to the world’s circumstances, but to finish our work in it. Once we have finished our work, we shall leave our own accumulated wealth to the world and bid farewell to it. Some may say that in order to be saved, the world must be first shaken up. - There is nothing more to shake up - the world is already stirred. Once we complete our work, we would get a “ticket” and we shall leave. "“But solid food belongs to those who are of full age …" - The knowledge that I speak about is only for those who are perfect. Christ says: "Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect (Matthew 5:48, NKJV). " This means that we need to understand things in the way God understands them! Be in agreement with God, with your brethren and with your soul! This is the meaning of human life on Earth! A talk by the Master Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunoff), held on December 18, 1927 in the district of Izgrev, Sofia, Bulgaria. Translated by Pavel Yordanov [1] In this case, the term “dressmaker” allegorically denotes someone who is actually disturbing one’s astral and mental bodies by means of spreading unjustified suggestions and allusions, which are then adopted by their victim.
  3. Picture credits All photos reflecting the life of Peter Dunov and the White Brotherhood come from the personal archives of Boris Nikolov, Nikola Nankov and Krali Kralev. The publisher is grateful to the author Milka Kraleva for submitting them, and to all who allowed us to use their archives. The modern photos of the Rila Mountain and of modern performances of the Paneurhythmy is by Danko Ivanov. The pictures of the Peter Dunov Museum in Marchaevo and of the Master's grave is by Alexander Lebedevski. Special thanks to Nadezhda Velinova and her family for the pictures of the Museum in Marchaevo. All illustrations except the portrait by Tsvetana Shtihanova (page 10 and cover), the image of Christ on the Turin shroud and the colour pentagrams (on p. 37 above, right and page 82) are by Hristo Hadjitanev. The last chapter, The Teaching of Peter Dunov around the world, includes portraits by Hristo Hadjitanev and the following photographs: Rudolph Steiner, from Healing of Europe by Harrie Salman (courtesy of the author) Onisaburo Deguchi, from The Great Onisaburo Deguchi by Kiotaro Deguchi (Aiki News, Tokyo) Mara Belcheva - from the Petko and Pencho Slaveikov Museum, Sofia Omraam Mikhael A'ivanhov (three pictures on p. 86 and one on p. 44), from the illustrated volume Omraam Mikhael Alvanhov, courtesy of Prosveta Publishers, Frejus, France. THE MASTER PETER DUNOV His Life and Teaching The book is published in English, French, and Bulgarian Text by Milka Kraleva Introduction by David Lorimer Illustrations by Hristo Hadjitanev Design by Krassimira Despotova Consultant: Konstantin Zlatev Editor: Ivanka Nikolova Assistant editor: Aneta Mecheva Translation from Bulgarian: Janeta Shinkova Editor of the English translation: David Lorimer Coordinator: Teofila Issidorova Proofreader: Milena Hristozova Contemporary photographs by Danko Ivanov and Alexander Lebedevski Computer processing: Lyudmil Tassev Printed in Slovakia KIBEA PUBLISHING COMPANY 1336 Sofia, P.O. Box 70, phone (359 2) 24 10 20, (359 2) 925 01 52, fax (359 2) 925 07 48 Internet site: E-mail: KIBEA BOOKSTORE, KIBEA HEALTH & BOOKS CENTRE 1000 Sofia, 2A G. Valkovich St. Phone (359 2) 988 01 93, (359 2) 988 01 69 E-mail: SALES DEPARTMENT AT THE DIMITAR BLAGOEV PRINTING HOUSE Sofia, 2 Rakitin St., phone (359 2) 943 49 33, e-mail Peter Deunov represents the third major esoteric spiritual impulse in Bulgaria, following on Orphism (which led to Pythagoreanism and Platonism) and the 10-th century Bogomils (literally meaning "dear to God"). All three impulses are historical manifestations of the Fellowship of Light based on the cardinal principles of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Truth. Of these, Love is the fundamental principle which, as one of Peter Dunov's formulas puts it, "brings fullness of life". In the application of these principles, he claims, lies the salvation of the world: "I believe in love and wisdom that have created life. I believe that they have the power to recreate the world." The last hundred years have seen a resurgence of interest in spirituality and mystical experience, even in the midst of the prevailing secular ethos in the West. There is a widespread search for meaning. As people become more discriminating they will recognize true spirituality when they see it and will come to appreciate the greatness of Peter Dunov's contribution to our spiritual heritage. This greatness is based on his articulation and embodiment of the three cardinal principles of his teaching: Love, Wisdom, and Truth. I consider him to be the greatest and most universal spiritual teacher of the last century and indeed what Hegel called a world-historical figure whose significance will only gradually be realized over the coming centuries: eternal principles are timeless and can be appreciated anew in every generation. This beautiful book will help introduce Peter Dunov's teaching to a wider English speaking audience and I can only hope that readers will find it as inspiring as I do. David Lorimer, From the Introduction
  4. The White Brotherhood outside Bulgaria MIHAIL IVANOV (1900 - 1986) was one of Peter Dunov's disciples. His first acquaintance with Deunov was in 1917 while the Master was interned for a year in Varna. They would often walk along the shore in the mornings and discuss spiritual issues. The young Ivanov was captivated by the Master's universal erudition. He took up the occult sciences with enthusiasm and eagerly sought knowledge about the secrets of human nature. Dunov encouraged and helped him. In 1937, Mihail Ivanov left for France to propagate the teaching. The first lecture he gave there on the 29th of January 1938 was based on a quotation from the Gospel of John: "Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God" John 3:5). He discussed the question of the source in it. Over the following years, his activity became a source of knowledge for a wide circle of people interested in this teaching. They formed an ashram-like community to practice daily the way of life Ivanov preached. The teaching spread naturally, attracting more followers. Sevres and Bonfin were the two major centres where lectures, meetings and conventions were held, the Paneurhythmy was practiced, Dunov's songs were sung in Bulgarian, and a unity with nature was sought. Ivanov's activity spread outside France; branches were founded in Switzerland and other countries of Western Europe, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov (Mihail Ivanov). In 1959 - 1960, Ivanov made a trip to India. There, he visited the Ramana Maharshi Ashram in Tiruvannamalai, encountered representatives of ancient Indian wisdom and had a revelation. Before that trip, he was known as "brother Mihail. After his return, he called himself Omraam Michael Aivanhov. The title "Omraam emphasized his relation with the spiritual masters of India. In 1982, he visited that country for the second time and met with Madrasi Baba who had an ashram in Calcutta. The latter called him "the sunny Rishi. Michael Aivanhov traveled a lot. He visited Japan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many countries in America and Africa, paving the way for the New Teaching. Undoubtedly, with his spiritual erudition and excellent knowledge of occult sciences, he made the greatest contribution for the dissemination of the New Teaching around the world. The societies he founded were a model of life in harmony and fraternal relations. Everyone who sincerely sought spiritual development could find his or her place in them, regardless of age, sex, profession or faith. The knowledge he spread was useful and universally applicable, and the results are the ultimate proof of its value. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov among young followers. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov demonstrating exercises in spiritual gymnastics. In May 1939, Professor Alfred Lemony of the University of Toulouse gave a lecture to 20 of his colleagues on the ideas of the Master, describing them as "necessary for the revival of culture and the opening of new horizons to humanity". Several lecture collections were published in Latvia. Cardinal Angelo Roncalli, the ambassador of the Vatican to Bulgaria before World War II, who later became Pope John XXIII, admired the Master as a philosopher. "The greatest philosopher in the world today is Peter Dunov," he said. Pope John XXIII (Cardinal Angela Roncah). The Dutch theosophist Vreede visited the Izgrev centre in 1939 and upon his return to the Netherlands, described the experience in the St. Michael's News magazine. He wrote that the Master was "humble but powerful, concentrated, with a subtle penetrating mind, an inspired expressive face, modest attire, kind, strong, determined, natural and dignified." After 1940, larger groups were formed in Sweden, Romania, and Yugoslavia. They studied the Master's lectures and practiced the Paneurhythmy. In 1943 in France, Jarmila Menclova who had studied the Paneurhythmy with the Master at the Izgrev centre popularized it actively in France. After 1944, Dunov was still discussed and written about abroad but the connection with Bulgaria was severed by the censorship and the ban on "idealistic" publications. However, there were Bulgarians abroad who remained deeply devoted to Dunov's teaching and continued to work for its propagation. The teaching was actively disseminated by Viola Baumann and Ernestina Staleva in the United States, Georgi Kourtev in Argentina, and Dr. M. Hristov in France. However, the most ardent apostle was undoubtedly Mikhael Ai'vanhov in France. He founded over 30 communities in different French towns where Dunov's principles were systematically and thoroughly applied. He continued his apostolic activity in over 30 countries of the world: Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Columbia, Congo, Spain, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, the United States, Russia, Norway... In 1947, Rene Guenon said these memorable words: "The Master is a true messenger of God. He is the greatest magnet ever to descend to earth." The year 1955 saw the death of one of the most brilliant geniuses not only of the 20th century but of human civilization in general, Albert Einstein. The French national radio had a special broadcast in which Einstein's views on many issues were quoted. Here is one of his statements: "The whole world bows down before me; I bow down before the Master Peter Dunov from Bulgaria." Albert Einstein In the 1970s, a group of Englishmen interested in Peter Dunov's personality and teaching visited communist Bulgaria for the first time. They met some of Dunov's disciples and spent some time in the Rila and in the places frequented by the Master. They took home their overwhelming impressions and restored the connection with the outside world. Gradually, the interest to Peter Dunov's ideas abroad was revived. In 1974 in England was published the authoritative Encyclopedia of the Unexplained (Penguin Books), edited by Richard Cavendish, which included the following mention on Master Peter Dunov: "A Bulgarian prophet who claimed to have descended to the earth from Alfeola, the Star of Stars to pave the way for the coming Age of the Slavs; in 1914 he announced the advent of the Aquarian Age." Later on, a great contribution for the dissemination of Peter Dunov's ideas in the English-speaking countries had the three books published by David Lorimer in Britain in the 1990s: Prophet for Our Times, The Circle of Sacred Dance, and Gems of Love. These volumes are dedicated to Peter Dunov and his mission in the world. In June 1996, during his first visit to Bulgaria, the world-famous designer Paco Rabane paid homage to his spiritual master Peter Dunov. "He is one of the greatest philosophers of the Age of the Aquarius. Dunov's teaching will be the foundation of the spiritual culture of the new century," he told the press. Paco Rabane had come across a volume of lectures by the Master in a Paris bookshop. By 1960, he had collected all his books. "Peter Dunov was the first philosopher to write in an understandable language with an exceptional insight," he also said in the interview. From Dunov, Rabane learned that in the matter, nothing is devoid of meaning. The symbolism of his creations is inspired by Dunov's teaching. In 1998, the Dutch philosopher Harrie Salman published his book Healing of Europe in which he wrote: "Anthroposophy is first and foremost a path of knowledge about the expansion of consciousness. In the 20th century, from the sources of esoteric Christianity, other ways for the spiritual development of man were elaborated. One of them is the "White Brotherhood" of the Bulgarian spiritual master Peter Dunov (1864-1944) who is related to the teaching of Bulgarian Bogomils." Today, the free democratic political system in Bulgaria is favourable for those foreigners whose interest in Peter Dunov's ideas naturally attracts them here, to the sources of this original Bulgarian teaching. Of course, they are most attracted by the opportunity to practice the sacred dance - the Paneurhythmy - in the beautiful Rila mountain. Alison Brown in Scotland, Ardela Nathaniel in the US, and Jean-Louis Gobot in France were the first Paneurhythmy instructors who, after their visits to Bulgaria, promoted it abroad. Their activity attracted many people whose spiritual interests were in harmony with the original impulse of Dunov's teaching in Bulgaria. Undoubtedly, these propagators and societies are not the sole driving force for the spread of the New Teaching. The ideas of the Master Peter Dunov are powerful, vital and accessible to every mind that has reached the stage of preparedness for them. Thus, many enlightened minds of the West have arrived at these ideas in the course of their spiritual development. They are an integral part of the global spiritual movement known as the New Age. Did Peter Dunov foresee how his ideas might reach as many people in the world as possible? He was aware of the power of his thoughts; this is why he left this world confident that "a small job" was done well. With these humble but dignified words, a giant of spirit took his leave, having devoted all his life to the spiritual enlightenment of humanity.
  5. The Teaching of Peter Dunov Around the World Peter Dunov's new ideas attracted attention outside Bulgaria after 1925. The teaching spread through foreigners who had visited him here in Bulgaria and had been strongly impressed by him, Bulgarians who traveled abroad and spoke about the Master, and through books, magazines and newspapers published in Bulgaria and distributed abroad. A personality of the Master's rank could not remain unnoticed by the greatest minds of his time. Researchers of the life of Leo Tolstoy say that in 1910 he left for Bulgaria. He never got there because he fell ill and died during the trip, reads the biography by Biryukov. Quite a few researchers believe that Tolstoy's intention had been to meet with Peter Dunov in whom he recognized the Universal Master. Leo Tolstoy. In 1910, one of the Master's future disciples of the name of Boyan Boev studied with Rudolph Steiner. Steiner once told him: "Slavdom has a great mission to fulfill. It, and Bulgaria in particular will make an enormous contribution to the spiritual uplifting of humanity. I have nothing to teach you. Go back to Bulgaria; the Universal Master is already working there." Rudolph Steiner In 1926 in Japan, the religious movement Omoto, known for its progressive spirit of unification, acknowledged the Bulgarian White Brotherhood as ideologically related. "I am just a sage. The Master is in Bulgaria," said the movement's leader Onisaburo Deguchi. Onisaburo Deguchi Peter Dunov's new ideas attracted interest in Czechoslovakia, too. The Die Gloke magazine published his biography, and in his book Das Reich Glottes auf Erden the philosopher Rudolph Burkert described him as "a prophet of the white race".. In 1927 in Italy, Aldo Lavinini published in the Il Messagero della salute magazine an extensive biography of Peter Dunov and admired his work. In 1928, Agnesa Hoffmann of the Catholic Liberal Church in the Netherlands visited Bulgaria, wishing to meet Peter Dunov, credited with being one of the Masters. She said: "I came to meet with the Master Peter Dunov. Humanity has but a few masters." In 1929, the foreign publications on Peter Dunov's teaching and his activity in Bulgaria became more numerous. In Japan, the Omoto magazine wrote: "The movement of the White Brotherhood is something new and original that the Bulgarian nation has contributed to the world. It is an occult movement based on the ideas of real Christianity." In Germany, the Reformblatt newspaper published an article entitled Heralds of the New Culture. It said about the White Brotherhood: "The true value of this movement is not only in its ideas but in its inflexible will to implement them in life." Peter Dunov was described as "a magnificent figure, radiating kindness". Das Wort and Das Neue Licht also wrote of the Master and the White Brotherhood. In Italy, Peter Dunov's ideas quickly gained ground. The Alpha newspaper - publication of the Association of Psycho-Experimental Sciences in Palermo, described him as "a mystical apostle of Christianity in its full power and grandeur". In Locarno, the Yoga Publishing House published nine selected lectures by Peter Dunov in Mara Belcheva's translation, with a foreword by Professor Gino Sordelli. Sordelli wrote that the lectures indicated "the road to the blessing which is the purpose of life and the ideal for every person". An Italian Academy of Science, Literature, and Art was opened in Venice on the 24th of October 1929. In his address at the inauguration ceremony, the Academy's Director, Professor Luigi Bellotti proclaimed Peter Dunov its supreme patron. In Romania, the pacifist writer Reljis launched an international discussion on the subject of global peace. He addressed outstanding public and religious figures of his time such as Romain Rolland, Rabindranath Tagore, and Albert Einstein. He also wrote to Peter Dunov, who wrote back: "Love is a fundamental law in the divine world, and the peoples are the organs of its manifestation on earth. The organs of an organism have no right to fight between themselves. Thus, a nation fighting with another nation excludes itself from the whole organism. War is an anachronism, an abnormal state." In Argentina, the Bulgarian emigrant Rasho Todorov founded a branch of the White Brotherhood. They studied Dunov's lectures and sang his songs in Bulgarian. Magdalena de Pita also spread the teaching through articles in various newspapers and a volume of Dunov's aphorisms. She wrote: "The teaching of Peter Dunov is based on love; it is about a new life." Dunov's lectures were translated into Spanish, and from Argentina, they spread in other countries of South America: Chile, Paraguay, Mexico, and Peru. In 1930, along with the countries mentioned above, the teaching spread in the United States, England, and Hungary. In the United States, 19 lectures were published in an English translation, and they were acclaimed by the press. The Rosicrucian society in Oceanside, California, was impressed by the lecture entitled The Great Law: "The author of these magnificent and lofty thoughts has a deep knowledge of the secrets of life." In the Hungarian newspaper Gyori Hirlap, a journalist who had visited the Master at the Izgrev centre wrote: "Peter Dunov is a very modest person. He leads people in the most natural way, himself being their model. His life illuminates the path of humankind to a spiritual life that would bring it health, strength, and vitality. He wishes to liberate humans before they are convicted. The basics of his teaching are rooted in the teaching of Christ." The Bulgarian Petar Pamporov, a renowned Esperanto expert, made a trip to Europe with the aim of popularizing the international language and the New Teaching of Peter Dunov. During his stay in Britain, he gave lectures on the Master's ideas in Oxford, London, and Manchester. Paneurhythmy in England. The Manchester Guardian carried an extensive article on his activity. Petar Pamporov delivered lectures in France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Latvia as well. In 1931, many of Peter Dunov's lectures were translated and published abroad. The number of the groups where these were regularly studied increased. In Canada, The Torch - the publication of the Canadian Astrological Society - wrote about the lecture The Great Law. "This brochure is unequaled in the entire American literature. The author has penetrated the mechanisms of the spiritual alchemy of the universe, and shows how each virtue helps build the individual and the collective good of humankind." In Latvia, three lectures by the Master were published in a volume entitled The Three Basics of Life. In Yugoslavia, Zivoin Kostic published a book in support of vegetarianism, paying particular attention to the Brotherhood movement in Bulgaria as followers of this philosophy. In Japan, the Omoto movement organized an exhibition of the spiritual movements in the world. The Bulgarian White Brotherhood was given a central place. In Italy, Udine was the next town where Dunov's activity became popular. A group called Sons of the Light was formed there. They drew inspiration from the Master Peter Dunov and described him as "the movement's soul, the supreme moral essence" of their every initiative. In Brazil, the Reformation magazine, publication of the Brazilian Spiritualist Society in Rio de Janeiro, carried an article by Gabriel Gobron on the White Brotherhood's activity in Bulgaria. In 1932, at a Theosophical Convention in the Netherlands, Jiddu Krishnamurti rejected the idea to be proclaimed as the World Teacher and confessed to participants at the convention: "The World Teacher is in Bulgaria." Jiddu Krishnamurti In the same year in Germany, the Mcnschhcitspartei movement also declared their closeness with the Bulgarian White Brotherhood and their deep respect for its creator Peter Dunov. In Italy, many of Dunov's lectures were published in Italian in the translation of the prominent Bulgarian poet Mara Belcheva. Mara Belcheva. In Argentina, the lecture The New Eve came out in a translation by Magdalena de Pita. In France, the Mercury universal magazine carried an article entitled Bulgarian Alchemy about the life of Peter Dunov. From 1933 to 1943, Peter Dunov's New Teaching continually spread and expanded. An increasing number of movements acknowledged the White Brotherhood as the supreme embodiment of ideas they had been looking for years. Sweden, Switzerland, and Estonia joined the list of countries where there was interest to Peter Dunov. In Yugoslavia, S. Paunovic who had visited the Izgrev centre personally described Dunov as "professor", and his school at Izgrev as "the free university of the Universal White Brotherhood". A number of editorials from the Zhitno Zurno (Grain of Wheat) magazine published by Deunov's disciples were translated and published around the world. In Poland, Angi Pilszova wrote in the Hejnal magazine: "There are many occult schools in the world, but the one in Bulgaria is special, it tries to influence society beneficially by serving as a positive model." In Switzerland, the press wrote about the volume Speeches of the Master: "Never before have we seen so many truths, so condensed, so vividly and beautifully presented!" Paramahansa Yogananda visited Greece in 1936 in connection with the foundation of ashrams for his followers. When they were close to the Bulgarian border, a disciple asked him: "Wouldn't you establish an ashram in Bulgaria? It has a beautiful nature, high mountains..." "I have nothing to do there," Yogananda replied. "The Spirit of Truth is working there." Paramahansa Yogananda. In France, Peter Dunov's disciple Mihail Ivanov, an ardent follower, and propagator of the teaching, was very active. Gradually, he formed the largest branch of the White Brotherhood outside Bulgaria.
  6. The Life of Peter Dunov. Dates and Events July 11, 1864. Dunov was born in the village of Hadarcha, (today Nikolaevka), near Varna, to the family of the Rev. Konstantin Dunovski. 1878 - 1883. Dunov completed high-school in Varna. He started playing the violin. 1883. Dunov enrolled in the Theology Department of the American school in Svishtov. June 24, 1887. Dunov completed the fifth-year course in Svishtov. 1887 - 1888. Dunov was a teacher in the village of Hotantsa near Rousse. He wrote his first song. August 1888. Dunov left for the United States and enrolled in the five-year preparatory course in theology at Drew Seminary, Madison, New Jersey. 1890 - 1893. Dunov studied at the Theology School of Boston University. Graduated on June 7, 1893. 1893 - 1895. Dunov returned to Bulgaria. 1896. Dunov published his first book, Science, and Education 1895 - 1900. Years spent in solitude, reflection and contemplation, prayer and spiritual pursuits. 1898. First disciples: P. Kirov, T. Stoimenov, and G. Mirkovich. 1901. Dunov started traveling around the country, giving lectures, engaging in phrenological research and studying the Bulgarian national character. He did that for 11 years. July 1900. First convention in Varna with the first three disciples. Over the years, these conventions were held annually, in August. The participants were invited personally by Dunov. 1904. Dunov settled in Sofia, in 66, Opalchenska St., where gradually a circle of followers was created. 1914. Dunov started giving Sunday lectures, published later in the volume "Sila i Zhivot" (Power and Life). 1917 - 1918. Dunov was interned in Varna for his criticism of Tsar Ferdinand's policies. 1922. The School opened with lectures to a Youth Class and a General Occult Class. Deunov started greeting the sunrise outside Sofia, on "Bourchier's Glade", later known as "Izgrev." 1923 - 1924. Dunov created most of his original songs. He called them "musical exercises" whose energy developed one's spiritual senses. 1928. The disciples built the lecture hall at Izgrev and a small home for the Master. The place became a thriving centre of spiritual life. 1929. First summer camp by the seven lakes in the Rila mountain. The camps became a tradition of the small community called the "White Brotherhood". 1930. Dunov introduced a new type of lectures known as "morning talks". They were delivered on Sunday morning, before dawn. 1932. Dunov taught the first Paneurhythmy exercises. He gradually developed a programme of 28 exercises accompanied by music composed by himself. The exercises were intended to harmonize the energies in the human body and connect it with the eternal rhythm of nature. 1942. Dunov completed the Paneurhythmy programme with the exercises known as "Sun Rays" and "Pentagram". 1944. The worst months of the war Dunov spent in the village of Marchaevo with a group of disciples. December 27, 1944. The Master departed, leaving behind an invaluable spiritual heritage to Bulgarians and the world.
  7. The New Culture THE TEACHING OF THE MASTER lays the foundation of a New Culture, with no violence or limitations on the free creative human mind. Its currency is called Love. Today, it is felt intuitively by the spiritual communities in the world that live by its unwritten laws: honesty, trust, love, and peace. "The Solar System is now on the ascent, passing through new spaces where sublime spiritual powers reign. The entire Solar System is entering a new domain of the Spirit. Slavdom will become the forge of a New Culture. The powers are already working there. The material is being accumulated for the creation of this culture. But it takes time to transform human minds so that they may understand the great divine plan. The road taken by humanity is good but one more step needs to be made. A step towards Love. In the New Culture, Love will come from everywhere. It will come from the animals, from the rocks, from the light, from the air and the water. There will not be a single thing that will not radiate love and speak to people. A New Knowledge is coming, a New Culture is coming into the world. It will teach people how to live. The idea of brotherhood will materialize. People will change imperceptibly. One day they will wake up to find themselves in a new situation, like the caterpillar in its cocoon turns into a butterfly. The new generation that will be born will renew the world. The whole world is now awakening. Everything moves in a new direction. Human consciousness is expanding. God has something great in stock for humanity. But men should not wait for the world to get right; they should enter the new life now. The only way to that new life is Love. He who has Love has entered the New Culture. Advanced beings are coming from the invisible world: people of the new love, the so-called ancestors of humanity. They are the workers coming from above. When they find souls who are ready to work, they will be incarnated in them and work through them. The new ideas are coming into the world. They collide with the old ideas and will transform the world. The old systems will be replaced by new ones. Those who adopt the new ideas will change. Their faces will radiate and acquire a new expression. This is an age of transition. In the New Epoch, people will live in a new way. The old ways are now outdated. The old way of life no longer has material to work with. The time has come for people to take a step in uplifting their consciousness and make way for the Divine Energies." The Testament of the Master It is my task to impart the Divine Teaching to you, my disciples, with my life and work. If I fail to, God will hold me responsible! It is your task as disciples to impart the Divine Teaching with your lives and work to the Bulgarian people. If you fail to, God will hold you responsible! It is the task of the Bulgarian people to impart the Divine Teaching with their life and work to other nations. If they fail to, God will hold them responsible!
  8. The Last Days One day, a visibly anxious stranger arrived at Izgrev. "Where is Mr. Dunov," he asked. In the reception room, they found the Master lying in bed. They asked him what to tell the visitor. "Tell him the concert is over," Dunov answered. Boyan Boev, Boris Nikolov, Maria Todorova, stenographers and a few devoted disciples were always around him. One of the last nights, Boris Nikolov was staying awake at the sick Master's bedside. Suddenly, the master stood up resolutely, awesome, with a special look on his face, full of energy. "The most important thing is: love God, love God, love God!" he said. The Master's last message to his disciples was: "Love everything that I love and find joy in. Serve everything I serve. Love everything I love. Rejoice for me. Do not install other forms than the ones I gave you. Time is short, be aware and never despair. My mission does not end here; it will continue up there. Be faithful to your calling. Peace be with you, accept it." On the 24th of December, he gave his last formula, the final link of the chain between his disciples and the noetic world. That was the key to the Master's relation with the Spirit: "May God be glorified in the White Brotherhood, and may the White Brothers be glorified in the Love of God." At 11:30 p.m. on the 25th of December, the Master whispered his last words: "A small job has been done..." The great can only leave this world quietly and humbly. On Wednesday, the 27th of December, at 5 o'clock in the morning, the disciples gathered in the lecture hall for the usual lecture. They read a text and left. Passing by the reception room, they bid their Master farewell. Minutes later he departed from this world. The life of Peter Dunov is a landmark in our history. His personality transcends any human dimensions. Whatever is said about him will never be enough. Many years will pass before he is fully understood. Today, the only key to him is his Word. The grave of Peter Dunov at Izgrev.
  9. Return to Sofia. Last Lectures With the establishment of the new government, life in Sofia gradually resumed its normal course. In October 1944, the Master returned to Izgrev. He lived in his small room upstairs and seldom went out. Only when he had appointments, he would go down to the cozier reception room. He was always neatly dressed. Even when he just descended to the reception room, he would put on his cloak, a white scarf, and a white hat. In that reception room, he gave countless instructions, suggestions, and recommendations for a good life. To the end of his days, he had long conversations with his disciples. Every one of his works was forever engraved in their minds: "I was the happiest man on earth because in the material world I was always satisfied with the least, I only aspired for the least, and I only kept the least for myself." After the change in the political system, the Master continued his lectures unobstructed. He sometimes discussed the new public order, presenting it in the context of a broader, more universal philosophy. He drew his own image of the new Bulgaria: "What is the new in the world? You would say the Popular Front. There is but a single popular front in the world. We are the popular front. The entire nature is the popular front. It has been there for a long time. I am glad it came to Bulgaria. All Bulgarians around the world should serve the popular front! It can only be served with love." This commentary in the Sunday lecture on the 22nd of October made the natural connection between the idealism of the new government and the New Teaching. The lectures delivered in Marchaevo and those from the last months of 1944 were collected in three volumes entitled The Testament of Love. Love was the main subject of the Master's last talks. It was his testament to the souls. Only Love could help them overcome contradictions. It was the only factor that could unite people. "Today all people want peace. Peace is based on the law of Love. Only such a peace can be just and permanent!" Over the following months, the Master gradually grew weaker. He often had heart problems. He ate less and less. His system was entirely exhausted. His spirit was strong but the action of some laws simply cannot be avoided. It was not easy to live with the distressing atmosphere and the tragic events of those months. The "people's court" was already in operation, and there was much anxiety about the fate of well-known public figures. As before, those who could not answer the questions they faced looked for the Master. The Master, however, was busy with problems the disciples were not yet aware of. "They come here and ask: where's the Master? Where is the Master, indeed? I am looking for the way myself!" The coming into power through violence is a sufficient reason for the Spirit of Truth to withdraw its support. Freedom and violence are incompatible. The violence was there. The Spirit of Freedom, the Spirit of Truth gradually retreated. But not without reminding first: "Things will get better when you find the Truth!" The Master said that in his last lecture on the 20th of December, a week before he departed. The medical treatment failed to improve Dunov's condition. He had pneumonia with complications related to the heart function. Painful days followed. The disciples who were closest to the Master never left his bedside. They were all struck by grief. They realized they would soon have to part with their Master. Consider the first day - the day of your spirit -the day when light manifested. Consider the second day - the day of your soul -the day when Love manifested. Consider the third day - the day of your mind -the day when knowledge manifested. Consider the fourth day - the day of your heart -the day when intelligent life manifested. Consider the sixth day - the day of the Eternal Word that illuminated you and installed a master of your fate. Consider the seventh day - the day of God, the Eternal Source of all things - the day of nature from which everything is to be learned - your day of rest when you will serve all virtues. Remember that you are born a noetic being. Sunday, the 5th of November, 1944, 10 a.m.,
  10. Marchaevo The village of Marchaevo is 24 km from Sofia. A small group of the Master's followers lived there. A few days after the disastrous bombing of the capital city, the Master arrived in the village, accompanied by a few disciples, and stayed in Temelko's house. "The home was alive. Everyone was busy preparing a room for the Master. In the evening, an oil lamp lit a large living room, full of brothers and sisters, sitting at a long table having dinner, their gaze fixed on the Master. They all felt as if after a shipwreck they had reached a shore." As usual, the Master was explaining: "It is not the bombs in the outer world that are the most dangerous, but the bombs inside you. They inflict dangerous damage. You need to find the safe place in life, and that safe place is the Love of God. Now you will understand the power of prayer and faith." Peter Dunov spent nine months in Marchaevo. Their meaning was indicated by some symbolic events. The winter days passed without much commotion. Visitors often came from the capital as well as from the country. Everyone who could be of help or service was eager to do his share. The small group's life was part of an invisible activity that had a special influence on the events in the outside world. The Master was the driving force, and the disciples were the implementers. Temelko's home in Marchaevo, now a museum of the Master. Inside the museum. When the Spring came, a source was discovered in Temelko's yard. The water was piped under the Master's directions. A source is a multitude of pure little drops in one, and their attack overpowers even the hardest rock when they try to come out under the rays of the sun. This is the victory of the Spirit over matter." "The Master was continuing the mission of the Word, 'building invisibly a new world. Vlado and Temelko were the lost eager workers. The Master himself oversaw the activities. They had a symbolic meaning; awakening energies were built into the fountain. The Master named it "The Fountain of Good". On the 22nd of March, the first electric lamp was lit in Marchaevo. This was an important event for its inhabitants. Vith his usual symbolic thinking, the Master remarked: "Today we will rename Marchaevo; from now on it will be called Svetlyaevo. The light has arrived. This is the victory of light over darkness!" However, light must be in human deeds, too. On the 22nd of March, the Master delivered a morning lecture in which he told his disciples: "This world needs people who bear God everywhere they go. It has been said: "But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God". Without love, without a knowledge and without freedom, the deeds cannot be made manifest." Life was not easy for the small group in Marchaevo. The Master could feel the tension. He disapproved of the disciples' claims. He taught them not to resent the hardships. "You are now in Marchaevo and you often complain that you lack comfort and that you don't have enough space. There is a large hill in front of me; it shuts out the sun but I am not worried. It is telling me: Don't stay inside, get out. The east wind is cold, get out into the sun". Peter Dunov, August 1944. During the spring and the summer, the disciples often made excursions to the nearby Vitosha. They walked, talked and observed nature. The Master was always with them. They occasionally met other hikers who, like them, longed for some fresh air. "People pass down the road all the time; some are young, others are old. Occasionally, there is someone who shouts: Why do you sit there? Come preach to us. We've turned drunkards. Come speak to us. I answer, There is a lot of work to do in the world. We are here to take some rest, on vacation. Soon the vacation will be over and another school year will start. We will go back to our school to learn. We need to be armed with new energy and motivation." The Spirit's mission was to work, never stay idle. Regardless of the hardships, the only direction could be forward, towards the new. On the 6th of August, in the afternoon, the Master went into the room with his violin in his hand. He was dressed in a light-coloured suit. He started playing inspiredly the songs that had been keeping the morale of the Brotherhood for years. All disciples sang enthusiastically with him. A special atmosphere of harmony was created. In the end, the Master played a new melody, his latest song. The words echoed the way each of them felt at that moment: "I bear my sorrow in life with joy..." That was the lesson of the day, the formula for the disciples' future life. At the end of August, the group made an excursion to a place in the mountain called Ostrets. The last mountain camp was held there from the 25th to the 28th of August. Despite the hard times, disciples came from the country as well. Every day the Master delivered a lecture, usually in the morning. In the first one, he spoke in more detail about Love. He offered definitions, rules, and advice. "Today I present to you the issue of Love in a material form so that you may understand it better. All difficulties that may arise in your lives in the future will be resolved through the law of love. Love is the only thing that resolves all difficulties." The weather was fairly cold, so the next day they stayed at the Ostrets Hut. The lectures there were short. Then the group spent a couple of days by the Edelvais Hut. Only on the fourth day, the weather started to improve. "What does this clear day show? It shows that people's situation has started to improve. The noetic world has designed a new project that will soon bring something good. New light is illuminating people's minds." "There is a concert today. The world is coming right. We are in harmony with heaven. The only thing we can do is show love to our Lord, love to our neighbour, love to all brothers and sisters, and love to our mothers and fathers." The concert was coming to an end. It had been going on for 80 years, and the music flowed from Peter Dunov's life. It was recorded in space. Today its music sounds in every awakened human mind. The Master's desk in his room in Temelko's home.
  11. Farewell to the Mountains During the war, the excursions to the mountains became less frequent. A special permission was required to go out of town. The large groups that accompanied the Master looked suspicious to the authorities. He was unwilling to risk the disciples' safety and put up with the restrictions. In 1943, they made their last excursion to the Seven Lakes. A small group accompanied the Master. They walked the familiar places. That life was a thing of the past. The Master was sad. He gave his last lecture in the Rila on the Prayer Mount. It was the shortest of them all. "When good invites you to work for it, say 'yes'. When evil asks you to do something for it, say 'no'." The painful parting with the mountain continued several days. The excursions to the Vitosha remained their only solace. At the end of 1943, the Master went up to the Aleko hut with a small group of disciples. He spoke about that trip in his next lecture at Izgrev. "A few days ago, we went with some brothers and sisters to the Aleko hut. We walked all the way up. The brothers offered to take a car but I refused. I never consider using vehicles. I rely on the two wheels that nature has given me. We left at half past six in the morning and reached the hut at half past three in the afternoon. When we were about to leave, it started raining. I told them: 'It won't rain; out excursion has been envisaged.' Indeed, the rain soon stopped and we climbed to an altitude of 1800 m. The hike took about nine hours. When we got there, we were given a room without heating. We found an axe, chopped some wood, lit the stove and were warm. We shared the food but we ran out of bread. Then I blessed the grain of wheat and the bread arrived. A brother came down from Cherni Vrah and brought a big loaf. Soon after him, a sister came with another loaf. We had a very good time the first night at the hut. They all sang beautifully, and their voices sounded like one. The brother who had brought the loaf of bread was very happy. With him, there were ten of us. Remove the zero and what remains is the figure one - God who was with us. We sang and talked till midnight. In the morning, we went out to see the sunrise, and the weather was fine, without any clouds or fog." The sister who arrived from Sofia was Vessela Nestorova. She was profoundly impressed the Master's deep voice singing a song by his father the Rev. Konstantin Dunovski, the first night. She later wrote in her memoirs: "It seems the Master was secretly bidding us adieu, for after we returned to Sofia we never had an opportunity for another meeting on the mountain." Original colour photos, 1941. "Let's Get Out!" On the 17th of December 1941, the Bulgarian government declared war to the United States and Britain. This had disastrous consequences for Sofia. The city was repeatedly bombed. Every morning, the Master went up to the Vitosha. In a clearing by Simeonovo, there was a wooden shed. He would spend the day there in seclusion. In a later lecture, he said: "Many people ask why I go to the mountains. I go there to teach those who come to bomb Sofia. I tell them not to disturb people." "Millions of people are killed today. This poisons the atmosphere. Everyone is looking for a way out, away from this poison." "When I look at Sofia from the mountain, I can feel the inferno in which people live. They shudder, they run as run can... Horror everywhere! I talk with God. He asks: Where have you been so far? Why didn't you listen to Me? Why didn't you do My will? For years I have been talking to you but you turned a deaf ear, you didn't care. Now I'm asking you, what will you answer to your Lord?" "Yesterday, while we were climbing up into the mountain, two dogs followed us, the one a shepherd dog and the other a fowler. At first, one of the dogs went fine but then he suddenly started to limp and fall behind. Why? Snow had got in his paws, sticking to the hair, and he could no longer walk. A brother stopped, cleared the snow from his paw, and the dog could walk normally. He thanked for the understanding. Where there is purity, movement is free." At the end of 1943, on the 29th of December, the Master spoke about his relationship with the mountains: "I have been going up to the Vitosha for 35 days. I walk between 18 and 20 kilometres every day. You ask me why I do it. I am strengthening my will. It is not easy to walk between 18 and 20 kilometres, get home exhausted and do it again the next day. Thus, I give people an example, and I tell them: If you don't walkl8 kilometres to God and back every day, you cannot become humans. You will be walking to God and back until all your questions are answered." Soon after that lecture, the Master left the capital city. The heaviest bombing on Sofia was the night of the 10th of January 1944. The whole city was on fire. At that time, the Master lived in Boris Nikolov's home, at the foot of the Vitosha. During the day, he spent a long time watching the city. Then he and Boris went to Izgrev, the Master stood in the middle of the glade and gazed at the grim picture that Sofia presented: a dark cloud of smoke, occasional flames and no sign of life. After a long silence, he uttered quietly: "Here there are no longer conditions to maintain our contact with God. Let's get out!" They went back home. The same day an invitation arrived from the village of Marchaevo: Temelko Stefanov offered to the Master the hospitality of his home.
  12. The Pre-war Years As the war drew closer, Peter Dunov more and more often spoke optimistically and enthusiastically of the New. He would outline the advance of humankind to a new and more perfect culture. "Good times are coming. They are very close. Just a step away. New minds and new hearts are being created. The new culture that is coming requires people with new beliefs. The New Epoch is coming and you have to accept the great wealth of life, knowledge, light, and freedom. The ideal of brotherhood is coming!" These were the Master's spiritual prophecies. They were about the distant future whose foundations were being built in his time. He often said that only suffering could elevate the human spirit. "We must cherish no illusions. All trials in one's personal life are exercises for the future. All of you who wish to pass into the new epoch will be sifted nine times." To the Master, the trials to which everyone without exception would be subjected would be the beginning of spiritual progress, of a transformation of the minds. "This world is destined to be transformed. The new awareness, the new understanding bring fundamental changes in the entire order of life. The future ahead is full of light. The new epoch which is coming we can call the Epoch of Resurrection. In the future, all nations will fraternize and form the luminous race of Love. Today's suffering is the throes of the creation of the New Man. The New advances with quiet steps, like the dawn announcing the arrival of the New Day to the world." Thus the Master concluded his lecture "The new day" on the 17th of January 1940. On the 7th of December 1941, the Master started working with singer Liliana Tabakova on a cycle of seven songs entitled "The New Being". Each of the songs corresponded to a day of the Creation, and they started with consecutive notes of the scale. Their deep symbolic meaning has since been interpreted by generations of musicians. Their text outlined new images, corresponding to the higher awareness that was being created in man. "The New Being" presented the new Adam. "A man is a miniature of humanity." Created in accordance with the perfect laws of Being, the New Man has a mission which is similar to a seed's: to grow, come into leaf, blossom, and bear fruit. This idea is reflected in the music as well. The Master worked on this cycle slowly in the course of two years. He would play and sing, and Liliana would memorize the music and the lyrics. Later, she would put down the notation by memory. "The New Being" was the music of the future. Defending the Jews The 1st of September 1939 saw the beginning of the Second World War. At Izgrev, however, the tranquil atmosphere remained undisturbed. The inhabitants of that place were under a special protection. They felt as if they were beyond space and time. This was not the case with the Master, though. He suffered the anguish and anxiety of his time. Seeing the approach of days of sorrow for humanity, he said: "This war will go on for years, for many years..." Peter Dunov. As the war raged on, the news of the persecution of the Jews threw Europe into alarm. All states who had joined the Tripartite Pact had to obey Hitler. In Bulgaria, the extradition could no longer be delayed. The trains full of Jews who were to perish in the camps were about to cross the border. Minister Gabrovski called one of his subordinates, handed him an order signed by Tsar Boris III, and told him to accompany the Jews to Poland. The subordinate in question was Metodi Konstantinov, a devoted follower of Dunov's teaching. He rushed to the Izgrev centre. They were desperately short of time. The Master sent for Lyubomir Loulchev, an adviser to the Tsar, who had been living in a cabin at Izgrev for years. "You will find the Tsar and tell him that if he lets Bulgarian Jews be sent to Poland, that will be the end of his dynasty," he ordered. The Tsar, however, was not to be found at the palace; he had wisely withdrawn from public view. Loulchev tried the residences in Vranya and Cham Koria, to no avail. He went back to the Master. They were running out of time and the situation was becoming critical. At that point, the Master retired to his room. A few minutes later he opened the door and said a single word: "Krichim." Loulchev left for Krichim immediately. The Tsar was very surprised when he was found there: "Who told you I was here," he asked. Loulchev's mission was successful. Having received the same piece of advice from others as well - from important public figures and ecclesiastics - and, most of all, listening to the voice of his own conscience, the Tsar went back to Sofia with Loulchev, demanded the order back from Gabrovski and canceled it. The only Jews in Europe to escape in such a miraculous way went back to their homes.
  13. Peter Dunov's Answers In his lectures, Peter Dunov spoke of a new social order, of new relations, education forms and directions of thinking. Understandably, the authorities regarded him with distrust. His views of the future development of humankind were perceived as a threat. Challenged by the unconditional tone of his lectures, on the 2nd of October 1937 they demanded formally written answers to the following questions: 1. About the official religion of the state and the Church. 2. About the state, the organization, the authorities and the laws. 3. About jurisdiction and the courts. 4. About the social order in Bulgaria. 5. About the national army. 6. About marriage, the family and morality. Peter Dunov's answers were explicit. He was a good citizen, loyal to the institutions of the state. "In nature, there are three orders: ideal, real and material. The first one includes God, nature, and man. The second one comprises the people, the state, and the personality. The third one refers to the brain, the sympathetic nervous system, the respiratory system and the digestive system. Religion is an institution whose purpose is to educate people, their feelings, and actions, and to keep them in touch with the Divine. A person must love God, his neighbour, and his people, and must respect everything that the Lord has created. To this Bulgarian religion and Church, serving and elevating the people, I feel deep love. The Bulgarian state is the external expression of the Bulgarian people. It includes all its possible manifestations. The state is an excellent institution, helping the nation to improve its relations with all other nations. The Bulgarian state is good for the people. All those who serve it, installing law and order, fighting for the freedom of their people, have a salutary job. We do not support the revolution. We are for evolution, for the Divine process that gradually elevates humanity and improves its life. As to the judiciary and the administration of justice, we respect them, for such an institution exists in both nature and man, in the form of conscience. All examples that we have cited in our lectures were intended to show what a person should be, what our listeners should be. We have cited many admirable examples of conscience in members of the judiciary. We have never in our speeches intended to offend all that is good, wise, honest and just in their college. As regards the social order in our country, we have always desired its improvement, without useless perturbations but achieved in a reasonable way. Regarding the Bulgarian national army, it is an institution of law enforcement and public order. What we have already said about the state applies to the army, too. We have cited many positive examples from the army. Concerning marriage, this is the most ancient institution in nature. We are for monogamy and virtuousness in the family. We also maintain that in every family there should be two children, a boy, and a girl. The family is a model of the state, the religion, and the nation. In it, the father is the ruler, and the mother is the one who nurtures and educates. The father and the mother are the images of those who will govern in the future. This is why we have always paid much attention to the good mothers and fathers who are the foundation and the builders of the future. We have never incited anyone to hatred. We have always preached love and mutual respect." October 4, 1937. Deunov.
  14. The Assault An ignominious act was committed at Izgrev on the 4th of May 1936. All day, Peter Dunov was grim and concentrated. After lunch, he sent home the sisters who took care of the cooking. A musician disciple came for a brief talk. They went into the lecture hall. Meanwhile, a stranger crossed the glade, approached the reception room and smashed the window with his fist. Having seen that there was no one inside, he went to the lecture hall. His hand was bloody from the broken glass. As soon as he saw the Master, he assaulted him and beat him up atrociously. Strangely, there was no one around to come to the Master's help. Probably that was what the Master had wanted, having come to this world to protect and not to be protected. The attacker was later arrested and a police officer took him to Izgrev. They asked Dunov how to punish him. "I forgive him," he answered. However, after the attacker had apologized, he addressed him with the words: "I forgive you but pray that God may forgive you." The consequences of this shameful episode were only to be observed much later. On the 27th of May the same year, the Master played for the first time the March of the Forces of Light on his violin. Despite its rhythm, it was not about the glorious march of the noetic beings but rather about the hardships they had to suffer in overcoming the darkness of matter. About a month after the assault, the first signs of paralysis were noticed: first in the right arm, then in the right leg and finally in the speech. On the 10th of July, with an enormous effort of the will, the Master took his disciples to the Seven Lakes. It was a strenuous climb, and the whole camp shared his suffering for days. The Master's condition was the sole subject of discussion in every tent. He remained silent, enduring his suffering with patience. From the 7th of August, the Master's condition gradually began to improve. He started leaving his tent and joining the disciples round the evening fire. The camp was hilarious. The usual vigorous routine was quickly re-established. On the 14th of August, the group returned from the camp. The disciples never forgot the Master's example in bearing hardships without a word of complaint.
  15. The Camp by the Seven Lakes The year was 1929. After the usual excursion to Moussala, the Master took his disciples to other places in the Rila Mountain. The peak was too harsh for some of those who accompanied him in the mountains. That year, the group found a better camping site - the Cirque of the Seven Rila Lakes. On the 21st of August, the Master delivered there his lecture "Absolute purity". The group was sitting by the Fifth Lake. In the magnificent temple of nature, there could be no more appropriate subject than the Creator of that admirable scenery. The Master told them: "If you wish to know God, you must be pure. Each of you must be pure in every way: physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is up to you to retain absolute purity all your life. Life itself, however, is in God's hands. Thank God for everything you have: light, air, water, and bread. What more do you need? To learn!" "You have come to the mountain to learn something. You will study the plants as a botanist does. You will study them as a doctor does so that you may find out their medicinal properties. You will study the minerals as a mineralogist does. If you cannot get to know the outside world, how can you get to know the inner one?" The next summer, the Rila camp was much more crowded. Tents were pitched by the Second Lake, too. There, the Master opened his Mountain School and delivered many lectures in the open. In the morning, the whole group greeted the rising sun from the Prayer Mount. The songs had a special ring there, and every prayer was an intimate conversation with God. The Master's words were a revelation, they took them to the world of the Spirit. "We have come to this high place in the mountain where the air is pure to absorb its sacred thoughts. Anyone can absorb them but he must have an open soul. We have come here, to an altitude of 2230 m, to cast off our ordinary thoughts. You must benefit from the clean air, assimilate from it pure Divine thoughts. The air carries the Divine thoughts." Peter Dunov by the second lake. This was what the Master told his disciples on the 19th of August 1930 by the fountain near the Second Lake. They had all taken part in the building of that fountain. The water issued from below the rock and flew out of two marble hands. The disciples built for it a white stone trough and called the marble hands "the hands that give" - a symbol of the New that became deeply engraved in the memory of anyone who passed there. The Master's words were carved in the rock: "Brothers and sisters, mothers and father, teachers and disciples, and all of you servants of life, open your hearts for kindness and be like this fountain." There was a large boulder next to it. The Master liked swaying it with his finger, although the boulder weighed more than a ton. How he did it remained a mystery. The disciples witnessed other inexplicable incidents, too. The Master, however, never discussed the powers he commanded. Here on earth, he was "brother of the small". The disciples built a small hut by the Second Lake where the kitchen was installed. They ate communal meals, sitting in a circle in the large clearing by the lake. For the Master, there was a small wooden table that was always covered with a white tablecloth. The musicians often gave concerts there. They enjoyed playing the Master's works in an arrangement for more instruments. The Master approved of that; he was glad that the disciples were developing their talents. The music had a special ring in the magnificent concert hall of nature. The camp needed cleaning and tidying. Firewood was gathered from the dwarf pine-covered valley of the First Lake. Communal work was a joy for the disciples. The Master did his share of the chores, too. This work was part of the learning, a practical side of the School. After the daily routine, the evenings were the most pleasant part of the experience. They passed by the fire where parables were told and discussions took place. The camp by the second lake. The fountain "The hands that give". The inscription by the source. Often the Master and the disciples walked to the other lakes, stopping by each and talking. The Master particularly enjoyed finding small springs of water which abounded in that area and cleaning them up. He also taught the disciples to do so. This symbolic act was something they remembered for the rest of their lives. The Master took every opportunity to build a connection between them and nature with its driving forces. The Master gave new names to the lakes. He used names from the ancient "Vatan" language spoken by the earliest humans. "You will call the first lake 'Maharzi', meaning 'the big repose'. That is physical life. The second lake you will call 'Elbour', meaning 'the Lord has the power'. The third lake you will call 'Balder-Daru'; this means 'He Who brings all good'. The name of the fourth lake is 'Twins'. The fifth lake's name is 'Mahabour', i.e. 'the great and the powerful'. The sixth lake is 'the Heart'. The seventh lake you will call 'the Head' or 'Shemhaa'. That is the name of Wisdom." The Master gave names to two more lakes: the Lake of Purity and the Lake of Contemplation. One day, by the Lake of Purity, he demanded the disciples to do the following exercise: "Today we will wash ourselves in the name of the great laws that govern life. Wash your hands, head, and feet in the lake, saying the words: 'In the name of Divine Love, I wash my hands, head, and feet. In the name of Divine Truth, I wash my hands, head, and feet." Hikers occasionally passed through the camp. Intrigued by the 200 tents by the lake, they often stopped for a talk, and sometimes stayed for days. They sought to talk with the Master. Their questions were often related to the mystical atmosphere of that place: "Are there intelligent beings beyond visible nature? Yes, there are. Those are the noetic beings. Have you ever seen the noetic beings? Yes, I can see them all the time. What do they look like? They are clad in light and shine brightly." Rila - the Sphinx peak. The Master's tent was pitched high above the lake. From there, he had a beautiful view to the valley and the surrounding peaks. Seventy-two stone steps led from the lake to the tent. It was in the clearing by the tent that the Master usually gave his Sunday talks - usually but not always; lectures were held in many places in the Rila; any beautiful and convenient place could do as a 'lecture hall'. In 1939, a large group of foreign followers of the New Teaching arrived in the camp. There were French, Finnish, Estonians and Latvians among them. They shared the communal life and eagerly studied Bulgarian. Before leaving, they told the Master: "Since we came to Bulgaria, first to Izgrev and then here to the Rila Mountains, we've been feeling as if we were already in heaven. Here we found out true motherland: the country of love, light and true joy. Master, thank you for this bliss!" Professor Lemonier of the University of Toulouse added his impressions of Rila: "The important lesson that we learned here was the key role of music, songs, and the Paneurhythmy. In the anxiety of our industrial countries, in our artificial and gloomy towns music and the Paneurhythmy are the best means to strengthen the spirit and unite the souls." The same year, the Rila camp was visited by Pastor Metodi Markov. He was deeply impressed by his meeting with Peter Dunov. "If today we could speak of saintliness, Dunov is a saint. He is also a Magi, in the sense this word has been used in the East, a truly wise man and a profound mystic!" The highly educated Methodist pastor foresaw the future: "Dunov is yet to be appreciated as a preacher, a pastor, and a priest, as a hiker and as a Bulgarian, as a speaker, a teacher, a theologian and a sociologist; as a psychologist, an ethicist and a philosopher; as a prophet, an organiser, a vegetarian, a teetotaller, a healer, an economist, a financier, a scientist, a believer, a musicologist and a patron of arts. He has been involved in all these activities and has brought them to fruition." Rila: the Dry Lake and the peaks Irechek and Moussala. The lake Aleko and the Moussala summit. The third lake "Balder Dam" - "He, who gives the good things" -with the Haramiata peak. Rila: the lake Strashnoto. The summer camps in the Rila Mountains were held till 1942. The Master's Word poured forward in a beautiful language whose images were permanently imprinted on human minds, creating in them favourable conditions for the new and progressive thought of the Age of the Aquarius. The lectures "The beauty of life", "The new culture", "The ascending path", "Eternal renewal" and "ABC of understanding" were engraved in the memory of the mountain. In the words that were said there, the future generations will discover the key to the temple of Living Nature. Paneurhythmy. The second lake "Elbour" - "the Lord has the power" -with the camp and the prayer hill. The "Contemplation lake.
  16. El Shadai Every Thursday, the Master took his disciples to the Vitosha Mountain. They would leave Izgrev at 2 a.m. in order to meet the sunrise above Simeonovo. There were no buses and they would walk all the way in the silence of the night, each absorbed in thought. The Master would lead the group, surrounded by a few disciples. The others would follow them. Sometimes they would take a short break. They would exchange quietly a few words, wait for the rest of the group and continue on their way. At dawn, the Master would stop and the disciples would surround him. They would watch the sun rise and then walk further up into the mountain. There was a wide clearing near Prisoite where they would set up their camp. The Master named it El Shadai, meaning "a place where the soul is nurtured by the Mother Nature". A fire would be made and a communal meal would be eaten. The Master often gave talks at El Shadai, shorter or longer, depending on the conditions and the state of the group. The disciples' interest was very important to what he was planning to say. "Ask, and it shall be given you": this was the rule he applied. It was at El Shadai that the disciples first heard "I am a stranger in this world..." - the Master's most insightful song. It was created apparently spontaneously. On the 16th of June 1941, a disciple addressed Dunov: "Master, tell us something you have never told us before." The Master was silent for a second and then sang softly: "I am a stranger in this world. I know no one beside Thee. Thou, my Lord, and my God has created all things for me. I offer my gratitude unto Thee. Upon Thee, Lord, have I placed my confidence. May my prayer rise to Thee." Such a deeply felt confession could only be made high in the mountains, in a high and clean place.
  17. Mountain Revelations IN 1929, PETER DUNOV took his disciples for the first time to a summer camp in the Rila Mountains. This naturally created conditions for the appearance of the Word in yet another form. In the Rila, The Master clad the Knowledge of Life in new garments. The mountain talks were poetic spiritual revelations. They had a touch of mysticism, of the special intuitive power that can be felt in the high mountains. Sometimes Dunov was sparing of words, putting his thoughts is short symbolic formulas: "Take when a good man gives you. Give when a wise man asks you." Those concise maxims he called occult rules. They contained the essence of his teaching. In the mountain talks, Peter Dunov often offered his disciples phrases for contemplation or advice in the form of symbols: "Go where the light goes. Descend where water descends. Work where the Spirit works." He never strayed from his original mission: to lead the souls to perfection. "In life, there is an internal process called growth. The result of this process is the perfection of the human spirit." The Rila. A lecture to the disciples. The Rila. The second lake. Lunch by the second lake.
  18. First Encounters with the Mountain The connection with nature is essential for modern man. The confused rhythm of life in large cities, the noise, and the polluted air prevent us from leading a healthy life. Excursions in the mountains charge us with vital energy. It can best be felt high in the mountains where the influence of human civilization is the smallest. Being part of nature, man needs a continuous connection with it to preserve his vital balance. Peter Dunov took every opportunity to go to the mountains, alone or with his disciples. In the early years of his work, while traveling the country, he would visit certain places: from Varna, he would go to Tashli Tepe, from Bourgas to Biaz Bair, from Aitos to Paspalata, and from Sliven to Koush Bounar. He was usually accompanied by a group of disciples. After the sunrise, they would do exercises together. These were the Master's small lessons. They were later re-taught in other forms, and the small excursions developed into mountain camps. Excursions to the Summit of Moussala With the opening of the School, Peter Dunov put his disciples to more serious trials. In the second half of July 1922, he led a large group to the summit of Moussala. His purpose was instructive: "If one can conquer Moussala, he will be able to overcome many other difficulties as well," he said. After the excursion, his recapitulation was: "We climbed Moussala, 104 men and women, aged 15 to 70. We went up the southern side and came down the northern side. We made the first attempt at the New Teaching, trying to see what it could give the human soul." For the summer excursions to the Moussala, the group usually traveled to Cham Koria with a truck. From there, they climbed up through pines and scrubs and streams and flowers. The Master would go slowly, talking with the disciples, telling them about the rocks and the trees - giving, if fact, lectures on everything they saw on their way. A distance any hiker would cover in a couple of hours, they walked a whole day, sometimes even two days. They spent the night in the open. The Master's purpose was not to climb the peak and return. He wanted the disciples to spend more time on the mountain, fill themselves with energy and have the magnificence of Nature imprinted on their memory. They went up so as to be able to greet the sunrise on the summit. The rising sun presented a majestic picture. It was the reward for their efforts and ennobled their hearts. After the opening of the School, it became a tradition to make an excursion to Moussala in July, before the August convention. They set up a camp at the foot of the peak and climbed it early in the morning to greet the rising sun from the mountaintop. The weather conditions were not always favourable. On the 12th of July 1925, after a strenuous climb in a rainy and foggy weather, the disciples stopped for the night by the first lake. That night they all sat awake by the fire, just below the peak. "You thought this year we would have a fine weather as usual. You were so sure of it that you took no coats. I told you to get sweaters," the Master said. Some of the disciples were discouraged by the bad weather and doubted whether they would be able to climb the peak the following morning. "Say T can do it'," the Master advised them. "When you concentrate, it is as if you wrap up your body and you keep warmer." The next morning the whole group climbed the peak.
  19. Essence To a non-initiated observer, Paneurhythmy looks like this: pairs standing in a circle and doing rhythmic movements to the accompaniment of music played by musicians standing in the circle's centre. An observer with a taste for music would find it pleasantly melodious. An observer with some knowledge of astrology would see in that living circle with its centre a symbol of the sun. An ordinary observer would only see in it another circle dance. Paneurhythmy is very different to observers and participants. To those who perform it, it is the most soothing and harmonizing experience for soul and body. The movements of each of the 28 exercises of the living circle symbolize the creative powers of nature. Anyone who stands in the circle of Paneurhythmy moves in the rhythm of a life of joy, inspiration, and creativity. That is the life of the Intelligent Nature, the life of Reality. That life is also expressed in another set of exercises known as "Sun rays." The participants stand in 12 lines of six couples each (symbolizing the rays of the sun), facing the centre. The movements are accompanied by vital music to the rhythm of the Bulgarian dance rachenitsa which, according to Dunov, originated from ancient sanctuaries. Step by step, the participants form a living Pentagram in which the five principles of truth, equity, love, wisdom, and virtue intertwine and symbolically exchange energies. They help the souls find the way to their true home, the sun. Performing the Paneurhythmy In order to benefit from the exercises of Paneurhythmy, to achieve a real contact between the mental, the spiritual and the physical world, each participant should concentrate on the sacred act of its performing. Any distraction or distortion of the movements may have negative consequences. Paneurhythmy is not just a dance of joy and good humour. Indeed, these emotions are the result of its performing but this result is not easy to achieve. Anyone who joins the living circle should know that he takes a responsibility. He becomes a part of the whole and undertakes to observe lovingly and conscientiously the rules of that sacred game. The power of Paneurhythmy lies in its correct performing. It is beneficial only to those who realize that it is a conscious effort to elevate all humans, and who do it attentively and lovingly. Effect The effect of Paneurhythmy is that it charges you with positive natural energy. It harmonizes the functions of the separate organs in the physical body. Through it, the excess energy is released, while the exercises restore the missing prana. Through the contact with vital natural energies by means of the Paneurhythmy, healing processes are initiated in the human body. The various movements of Paneurhythmy rhythmically put in tune all bodily systems and have a beneficial effect on them. A general revival of the cells begins, all glands are activated and one feels alert, vigorous and young. Paneurhythmy takes one to a zone of vital activity from which energy can be drawn for a better life.
  20. Paneurhythmy The non-traditional methods the Master applied in his work with the disciples culminated in his most original creation: the Paneurhythmy. It is a sacred dance, a combination of movement, music, and words. It is performed in a circle, in couples, at specially composed music. The meaning of this dance can be traced to the etymology of the word Paneurhythmy: "a sublime cosmic rhythm". It consists of three parts: the actual "Paneurhythmy" including 28 exercises, "Sunrays" and "Pentagram". The Paneurhythmy can be performed by an indefinite number of people. The music can be played on a variety of instruments, in line with the law of freedom. The violin, however, dominates: it is the instrument that most resembles the human voice. The Paneurhythmy is performed early in the morning, in the open, so that pure air and light may penetrate freely the human body and renovate it. From the early days of spring to the end of the summer positive energies are in action in nature. During that time, the performing of Paneurhythmy creates conditions to utilize those energies. "Each exercise is a psycho-physiological act. Every thought, every energy needs to be embodied in order to find expression." The Master also said: "The universal harmonic movement of all Being is Paneurhythmy. When one performs these movements, he is in harmony with all Being." "The movements in Paneurhythmy are full of meaning. They have magical powers and an effect on the whole world, not only on us. These movements are borrowed from nature, from the entire Universe, and are in harmony with the cosmic rhythm." The Paneurhythmy was created gradually. The Master taught the disciples the first exercises in 1932. They were all studied at Izgrev, and rapidly became a morning routine for all its inhabitants. As a connection with the energies of nature, the Paneurhythmy was most effective when performed high in the mountains. It's practicing during the summer camps in the Rila Mountains became a healing ritual for all who performed it consciously. Putting up your hand means calling for the help of the intelligent forces. Opening your hand while your arm up means that wisdom opens up to radiate light. Your arm should be raised at an angle of 45°. When you move it back, it should be also at an angle of 45°. This is how the electromagnetic energies can flow properly and you attain harmony. Clapping your hands means that human love and wisdom combine to create something that is good. Every exercise is a psycho¬physiological act. Every energy, every thought need to materialize in order to be expressed Raising one of your hands means accepting something. Moving it down means giving. One hand helps the mind, the other the heart. Stepping on either leg stimulates the chakras, and positive and negative, creative and constructive flows are exchanged The movements of Paneurhythmy are intelligent. They have a magical power and influence the entire world, not only those who perform them, because they are borrowed from nature, from the universe, and are in harmony with the cosmic rhythm. Putting both hands up symbolizes that you are ready for work. The arms should be straight. This is how you get in touch with the forces of nature. Moving your arms upwards means evolution, heading from the physical to the divine world. Moving them downwards means involution, from God to earth. When we go to God, we need to take something to Him. Moving down means bringing down the good things God gave us to take to earth, a blessing for ourselves and others. The front part of the hand symbolizes the divine world, the central part - the spiritual world, and the back part - the physical world. When you move your hand, project your mind into it. Keep your fingers together, do not spread them out Cover of the first publication of Paneurhythmy, 1938. The meaning of the Paneurhythmy exercise is to harmonize, regulate and transform the energies that function in the human organism. Each movement is a projection of divine thought. The head'should be exactly between the Sun and the Earth, i.e. strictly perpendicular to the Earth. The exercises should be performed with concentration, with the limbs outstretched. This state symbolizes blessing! Mali is the centre and the transformer of the energies of the sun and the earth. This transformation requires exercises based on a profound knowledge of man and the cosmos and their relationship. If you move your arms correctly, you will deal intelligently with the world of humans. If you move your legs correctly, you will deal well with the animal world. If you have the right position of the spine and the connected muscles, you will know how to deal with the plant world and how to draw on its fluids.
  21. Morning Talks In the fall of 1930, Peter Dunov started a cycle of talks at dawn. These became known as "morning talks". The first one took place on the 21st of September at 5 a.m., and was entitled "Absolute truth". Together with the rising sun, it filled the audience in the hall with new energy. The energy that was radiated by the Master's Word was immensely powerful. The listeners could feel the vibrations of an invisible Presence, manifested in Peter Dunov's words: "I am different from you in my notion of God. By "I" I mean all intelligent beings, not me sitting here on this chair." That was not Peter Dunov speaking; that was the Master who carried the Knowledge needed for the coming Age of Free Human Thought. The first of the morning talks was a praise of Truth. "As disciples, you must speak the Truth. A disciple is not allowed to lie. A lie is twice a sin." "I abhor lies. Anything can be forgiven but a lie never. Where there is a lie, nothing works right. The lie is followed by death. He who lies, himself breaks the coherence of his life." "You would say, you can't do without lies. You can. You will do without lies from now on. The lie is not an inherent quality of man. It has been adopted from another culture. You cannot love it. It is of animal origin." "Absolute truth: this is the ideal of the new teaching. Absolute truth: this is the ideal of the new humankind. Keep this ideal in our souls." The morning talks were given every Sunday from 5 a.m. in the lecture hall at Izgrev. They were open to all. At that time of the day every person - no matter his age, level of awareness or education - is capable of understanding the truth. The knowledge that was to remain engraved in the world's spiritual heritage ought to be accessible to all, regardless of any external factors or human arbitrariness. Everyone had free access to the energy of the Word that came with the dawn. The morning talks combined science, education, poetry and a thorough interpretation of life problems. They were a synthesis of all methods that the Master applied in his work with the disciples. In the last period of his life, he addressed the most subtle aspects of the human soul: "What I am saying applies only to the mystics who wish to understand not only the external but also the inner aspect of Christianity." Human perfection remained invariably the main subject of all talks and lectures delivered by the Master. Indefatigable in his aspiration to awaken the desire for it in his disciples, in his morning talks he resorted to the language of science, religion, and symbols alike. If the disciples' attention strayed, he would tell them anecdotes, share his own experience or quote great thinkers. All his efforts were focused on imparting to them the main principles of life: "Seek to achieve broader views and variety in life. Be independent in your thinking. Look for the knowledge that furthers your growth."
  22. Interest in the cultural life in Sofia Peter Dunov was well informed about the city's cultural life. Musicians often visited him to invite him to their concerts. Others held performances at Izgrev before they made their stage appearance in the town. Art is a creative act of the Spirit. It conveys lofty ideas and assists spiritual development. The Master sometimes told his disciples: "I often go to concerts. I listen to prominent musicians playing Bach or Beethoven. Their interpretations are different." "The musicians were sent here as servants of God." On the concerts, the Master heard and understood what very few were capable of understanding: "Not the whole of a person is in his body. A great part of it is outside. When a good violinist plays and inspires his audience, this is due to the Divine Energy he draws upon through the powers of his non-material self." "I listened to Marteau playing a classical piece but it did not turn out too well. He was playing it accurately but something was missing. In some pieces, when played, there are special vibrations, like a tide. Einstein calls that 'infusion'. That was missing in Marteau's playing. He was unable to infuse his soul. The second piece, he played it well, the infusion was rapid. The third one was also played well. Marteau is a good performer but when they pay him he loses half of his power." "Last night (the 12th of October 1938) I went to a concert. A young Bulgarian played, a 12-year-old, quite talented. He got a lot of applause. He plays well; he touches the strings in such a way that every note comes out properly. All great musicians who listened to him said: 'He plays better than us! He is gifted.' I say: 'He developed the gift that God bestowed upon him." "Whatever our contemporary violinists, thanks to them humanity becomes nobler." "A good musician evokes good and noble thoughts in his audience. He is a bearer of art and transforms people. Musicians and all artists are sent here as servants of God! What they gain will be left to the world but that does not mean they belong in this world!"
  23. The Supporting Pillars of the White Brotherhood Usually, after the annual conventions in August, Peter Dunov invited the leaders of the brotherhood's study circles from all over the country to a meeting. Thus, he was informed about the brotherhood's life, its problems and the ways in which the new principles were adopted and applied. He relied on these leaders, for they had an important function. They were the connection between him and all brothers. Their life had to be exemplary, they were the servants and supporting pillars of society, solving the problems as they arose with enlightenment and wisdom. Each of them was expected to possess qualities such as intelligence and nobility. In 1927, the meeting of the leaders took place in Sofia at an unusual time, from the 22nd to the 26th of April, coinciding with the celebration of Easter. The invitation came from the Master. Fourteen persons gathered in his home at 66 Opalchenska St. on Thursday, the 21st of April. The discussions began the same evening. It was reported that in the village of Kayali near Bourgas the mayor had banned the brotherhood's gatherings. The Master's comment was; "These things happen in our work. They have the power; let them brandish it." Apprehensions were expressed that the Church would unite against the Brotherhood. Replied the Master: "There cannot be unity in the Church. It operates on the same principles as the political parties, and they only care about their interests. What new can the clergy contribute in its present state? They have no methods, no people, theirs is not education but taming. Don't bother about the clergy and resist with your thought." Peter Dunov after one of his lectures. Someone spoke critically about the situation in the Brotherhood. The Master did not deny: "Many have joined our brotherhood out of interest, playing a role and serving two gods; beware and learn to recognize who serves whom. You need to develop your intuition so that you may find out what sort of people you face." The Master's advice to the leaders was: "When you struggle with your opponents, always be kind and have kind thoughts. Always be connected with God and be faithful. You have work to do. You need to be united, courageous, selfless and full of faith. The internal courage you will need, not external, for internal is your struggle. You need living faith. You will learn to sing 'Faith bright, faith strong'." The next day the Master spoke longer. His words showed concern about the leaders' mission: "You are the bearers of our teaching which is now coming into the world; you have to overcome! How? With love! You are leaders and sometimes you have differences with those you lead. The first quality you need is a thorough understanding of life. You have now come to a point of a standstill. I have been watching you. How many of you have the respect of their children? You will apply the new teaching in practice! The vineyard is now bearing fruit and there is no one to harvest it... The teaching of Christ must be applied!"
  24. The Reception Room The small cabin where Peter Dunov had lived before the hall's construction was transformed into a reception room. From 1927, he lived in a small room over the hall, the small external staircase to which was between the entrances to the hall and the reception room. The room was referred to as 'the upstairs room', a reminiscence of the summer house in Tarnovo. It was furnished with a bed, a cupboard, a table, a desk, and a small book-case. That was Peter Dunov's abode. Strikingly modest and ascetic. He never complained of that. He was always happy with the little he had. Over the 'upstarts room' was a small sunny veranda where he would spend hours when the weather was good. In his lectures, he spoke extensively of the beneficial effect of sunlight. The veranda was a place where he was always alone. The Izgrev centre was becoming more and more lively and colourful. A small glade was the centre of its life, and whoever came from the town, went there first. Many of the visitors were curious; they went there to see what the White Brotherhood was like. Others were ill and in need of consolation. People of all ranks, trades, age, and religion went to Peter Dunov to ask for advice or simply to talk with him. He met them in the reception room. Above the entrance, they saw an emblem: an anchor with the words "Truth is the Head of Your Word" inscribed in a circle. The emblem was made by Bertoli after the Master's instruction. That was the formula that Dunov placed between himself and his visitors. They went to him in search of the Truth, and if they understood the truth, their visit had not been in vain. Mrs. Dora Meteva, the wife of one of the richest men in Sofia, used to drive around in a large Buick. Once a child threw himself suddenly in front of the car, turning a deft somersault on the hood. This was a trick the child often played on rich ladies, demanding money afterwards. He was not hurt but Mrs. Meteva suffered a bad shock and could not restore her peace of mind. A friend sent her to Izgrev to see the Master. She was very surprised when, just as she had got there, the Master met her with the words: "You did not kill him, did you?" His kind eyes dispelled her fear and anxiety. She could never explain how he had guessed the purpose of her visit. The great in service to the small: this is what happened in the Master's reception room. Sometimes he told his disciples about his visitors. "A man comes to me and asks: 'How can I become a disciple, how can I learn the secrets of nature, how can my eyes open?' I look at him and say: 'It's too early for you. You need more time, come later!' If I tell him to give away all his money, he will answer; T need to think about it'. I can see he is not ready, so I save time and tell him; 'This is not the right thing for you.'" "Once a gentleman came to ask me if I was an honest person. I told him: 'My friend, tell me, are you honest? You must be a saint to ask about my sins, but you are full of faults. A sinner putting a sinner to the test!' They have no reason to test us. We belong to eternal life. Our purpose on earth is eternal life, we have come here to find conditions in which we may study Love and Wisdom. This is our purpose." "Another gentleman came to see me and discuss some important issues. I told him I was busy, asked him to put off the conversation. I can't come again, just five minutes, he begged. I agreed to receive him for a few minutes. He came into my room and talked for three hours without stopping. He kept talking, and I listened. When he was done and rose to go I offered him to come along for a walk. That day I passed an examination in patience!" "This has happened more than once. Someone comes and starts telling me the story of his illness. Ten minutes pass, a quarter of an hour passes, an hour passes and he keeps talking about his illness. I give him advice and he leaves. Another one comes and starts giving me his story. I have to spend another hour listening to him. Then a third one comes, and a fourth one... Do I have to tell them: 'Don't speak now?' Thus, I have tested my endurance." Dunov was also visited by ambitious persons who expect him to appease their selfishness. He had the patience for them, too. "A year ago a sister came, she said the spirits were speaking to her. She was writing poetry. She told me she wanted my opinion'. While she was reading I realized anyone could write such poems but she thought they had been inspired by some magnificent spirit! Great Masters speak to their disciples only when the disciples are ready to understand their teaching." Still other visitors were sent there by the authorities and were convinced their mission would not be exposed. Dunov, however, reacted sharply: "It is shameful to lie. They look me in the eye and lie to me, and say disgusting things. I have never heard such despicable lies. A would-be politician came here, a learned man, to test me. I told him: There, mister, tell us the truth openly, there's no point to testing me. Talking of testing, I know about your past and I know what you are after, and I know who sent you, and I know what they think. I want the truth said openly. If you think there's anything wrong about me, if you believe that what I have got in my room is too much for me, you can have half of it. Indeed, you can have all of it. We must speak the truth, don't you understand that?" This was why the anchor emblem was over the entrance of the reception hall. One had to pay a high price to be received by Peter Dunov: the Truth! The emblem of the Brotherhood
  25. The Lecture Hall After the lectures in 1926 were delivered in the open, the decision was finally taken to start the construction of a lecture hall at Izgrev. It was to be completed by the next convention the following summer. The project development and the preparation were entrusted to Alfieri Bertoli, an Italian-born member of the Brotherhood. The Master suggested large French windows that would not obstruct the flow of light. After August 1926, Peter Dunov would often stay at Izgrev for the night. He lived in the small cabin that was used for storing food during the conventions. This is where he spent the winter. For the lectures, he would go to 14 Oborishte St. with his young listeners, or back to his first home in Opalchenska St. In July 1927, shortly before the convention in August, a dozen of carpenters from a village near Aitos, also members of the Brotherhood, arrived in Izgrev and erected the building in just two weeks. The presence of the Master gave them great joy and inspiration. He participated in the construction, once again affirming the idea of brotherhood and putting it into practice. After a Sunday lecture at Izgrev. The 1927 convention was held in the new hall which still had no window panes. There, on the 19th of August, the Master gave his lecture "The path of the disciple". His advice to the disciples was that they ought to find their path: "Those of you who wish to take the path of the disciples need to have a lofty ideal. I will instruct you on the path of the disciple. It must be a path of Love, a path of Light, a path of Peace, a path of Joy. Can you take this path, not sometime in the future but now, at this moment?" The hall gradually became the most attractive place where the Word could be heard almost daily. The Master spoke sitting at a small desk on a platform. Next to him, on a small table, were the Bible, The Testament of the Colour Rays, and a volume of lectures. On the walls were symbolic pictures. The image of Christ was invariably among them. This hall saw the most important part of Peter Dunov's activity. Everyone was welcome; the access was unrestricted. For years, the hall was the site of lectures, concerts, and talks - the only classroom where the Science of Life was taught. The Failed Incendiary Attempt In 1927, an organization calling itself Defence of the Homeland vowed to fight with Bulgaria's 'enemies': communists, anarchists, socialists, and Dunovists. As it failed to crush the first three 'enemy forces', it decided to destroy the Dunovists by setting fire to their centre. One night a group of the organization's activists stole into Izgrev, carrying cans of gas, hoping to set the wooden cabins on fire and get away in the dark. The Master, however, caught them by surprise. At exactly 10 p.m. he put on the lights in the hall, then all lights outside in the glade. His method of warding off the attack was not quite traditional, quiet but efficient. The lights were on all night and the fire was prevented.