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  1. Like yourself “ Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy mind, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with thy neighbour as thyself." (Matthew 22:37, 38, 39) Everyone knows the truth that people do not like the old stuff. When the mother and father get old, their son and daughter are dissatisfied with them; they want to be left free as soon as possible. They look upon the old people as an obstacle in their lives. In fact, the old people are in their place. One Bulgarian proverb says: ‚From an old Goat goatling’. At all, the old people carry within themselves all conditions under which a child can be born and brought up. In the original language the word ‚old’ has had quite a different meaning than this, which nowadays is given to it. In order to develop properly, the young person has to serve two great laws: love for God and love for the neighbour. Nothing is born without love. Love drives the human soul to movement and creation. To talk about love does not mean that we envisage the human love that leads to disappointments. We talk about the love of which Apostle Paul says „we know partly, we prophesy in part, but when the perfect comes, what is partly will cease.’ The perfect is love. The Absolute, Divine truth manifests through perfect knowledge, through love. Christ says that love is manifested by two great laws: To love the Lord your God with all your heart, with your entire mind, with all your soul, with all your strength, while your neighbour like yourself.’ When it is talked about love to God, some think that He is out of them, invisible. Therefore, it is said that no one has seen Him. Whoever wants to find God needs to search for Him in his brother, i.e. his neighbour? How would you love God if you do not love your neighbour who you see? Whoever loves, he sees God. That is why, it is said: ‚God is Love ‘This verse expresses the external and internal meaning of the concept God. Love cannot be seen but can be felt, this is why God is accessible for all minds, hearts and souls. It is enough for a man to open himself for love in order to know it. Life without love does not exist. There is no heart, mind and soul that have not experienced love. Where love penetrates there is warmth. Therefore, all beings carry it within themselves to a little or great extent, as a low and high manifestation. It is said, "To love the Lord with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul and with all you might." Where the heart manifests, there are feelings and desires.i.e. a material through which love works. Whoever gives expression of his feelings and desires, without working with them, he soon gets replete with love and says that it doesn’t make sense to love. It makes sense to always love but rightly. The body temperature of a man is between 36-37 degrees. If it increases above 37 he starts to get sick. The higher the temperature is the bigger the complications that take place in the body are. If it reaches 40, 41 degrees, the ill one departs for the other world. Therefore, in the physical world, love can reach the highest temperature up to 41 degrees. The same law is also relevant to the public life. While the public man has a temperature between 36-37 degrees, everyone considers him as a normal person. If his temperature is raised, he starts to ramble, talk unconnected things and is immediately taken to the madhouse.-Why?-Because he has had such manifestations that are out of the physical world. In fact, it is difficult to draw a line as to where the normal and abnormal life reach. When you feed the pig you consider this as normal. You say that the pig needs to be fed in order to have more fat. Let the same pig free in the forest in natural conditions, and see what will happen with its fat. It will melt and the pig will come to its normal self. Therefore, the terms normal and abnormal are relative. What was the man of the past, what is he today and what should he be in the future are three different things, three realities. True Real life is this one that includes the past, present and future. Whoever carries within himself the three lives together, we call a man of love. He is guided by three great laws: the law of necessity, the law of freedom, and the law of nature. The law of necessity solves 25 percent of human misery, the law of freedom resolves also 25 percent of the difficulties, while the law of nature - 50 percent. The three laws together solve 100 percent the life difficulties. If the sick one applies the three laws 100 percent he will get better soon. According to the first law he is his own doctor, therefore he will help himself 25 percent; according to the second law he will recourse to a doctor who will help him another 25 percent. At last, when he leaves himself to nature, it will cure him 50/100.In this way, he will completely heal. If the ill one leaves it to himself or only to the doctor, he will heal in part. However, both the ill one and the doctor need to also call nature for help; then the healing is 100 % rational. The same law is relevant to the family, social and general human life. When the two young people get married, the young man needs to participate for a good life with 25% from his strength and abilities, the girl also 25 percent. After that, they both need to turn to God, to ask for His participation in their life. He will help them with 50 percent from His power and their life will be a 100 percent normal. The contemporary families do not rest on a solid foundation because one of the young ones gives 25 percent from himself, while he expects 75 percent from the other. Every human being can give 25 percent from themselves. The rest to one hundred they need to expect from their neighbour and God. If neither the family nor the social life is based on this principle, there will always be a lack of something because of which people will get disappointed with one another. Apply the three laws in order to try their power. If you only use either the one or only both, you will always be dissatisfied. The cause of mortality in homes, sickness, and childlessness is due to the application of the law of necessity and freedom, but to the denial of the participation of the Divine principle in life or of the reasonable nature. „Love God with all your soul“. Under „soul “Christ understands a path, condition for the movement of love. There is a movement in the whole nature. All lakes, rivers, sees move. Where there is a growth everything is moving. It is a condition for the development of the soul. Therefore, we say that the movement is necessary in the human, angelic and in the Divine love. If the movement stops, then life stops to exist and from there love too. Because there is a movement in love, a man should love all life beings that cross his path. Only in this way does he provide the opportunity to God in himself to manifest. This means to feel the pulse of life. This means to feel the greatness and beauty of nature as well as the greatness of the Creator. Only in this way, can a man understand and apply the verse in which Christ says how we should love God. Without an aim for the beauty, love cannot manifest. „Love the Lord with all your might.“ The might presupposes intensity. This means to love the Lord in this way so that to be ready to overcome all difficulties and obstacles. Love, which gives way to the obstacles is not a true love; the self-interest driven love is not true. Love requires great sacrifices. All great people have given a sacrifice first for love. Many doubt whether, indeed, there existed or there still exist people ready for full self-sacrifice for love. They can be in doubt but doubt does not answer the questions. One thing you will deny, another your will maintain and prove. How would you deny light? How would you deny life? Life is proved through death; while death - with life. If there is a life, there is a death; if there is a death, there is a life. It is said in the Scripture that we live and move in God. Therefore, while you are connected with God, you will always live regardless you are in this or the other world. The departure of the human soul for the other world is called death; however in the absolute sense of the word, death does not exist. That a man dies and disappears, this is a wrong view that has remained from predecessors and pre-predecessors - In fact, death is a shadow of life. In the hot summer days, a man hides in the shade of the trees. Has he died? No, he has only hidden in a shade. It is said in the holy books that death is a rest. Therefore, whoever has worked and is still working has the right to sit down under the shade of a tree and rest. If it is said that someone has died this implies that he has hidden in the shade in order to rest. According to many, death is a convulsion, writhe, agony, torture, etc. These are fictitious things. The physical garment of a man is separated from the spiritual one but this is not death. You can suggest to a man that he is dying and he will experience all manifestations of agonisation without dying in reality. When he frees himself from the others’ thought, he will alone convince himself that he is alive and healthy. After that, can it be thought that he has ascended? This shows that death is a process of the human thought. When he came to Earth and realised that everything that surrounded him is a Divine creature, the man desired to do something and in conclusion, he worked for the creation of death that is of the rest. The contemporary man fears death without thinking about it as his invention. How can a man fear his own invention? He says that suffering, fire and eternal torture come after death. Who has gone to the other world and come back from there in order to describe what is there and what one is expected. Let the scientists and philosophers who talk about the other world come in order to understand between each other and see what language they write in and explain the truth. In the distant past, in India somewhere, a prominent philosopher who lived in the house of the then shah studied the secrets of nature. Through the great philosophical knowledge, he learned the art of talking with hand movements. The Shah was interested in this art and in order to see how people could only understand each other with the movements of the hands, had told the philosopher to find a connoisseur of this art to talk to. The philosopher did not know such a person, so the shah commissioned this task to one of his Brahmin scientists, by telling him: "I want you to find a man who can talk with a handshake as the philosopher. If you do not, you will leave my palace.’ The Brahmin was startled by the command of the shah. He sought such a man, but he did not find him. Thoughtful and sad, he left the palace and fell into himself. One day he met his barber who asked him: Why are you so conceited? I cannot tell you. You cannot help me. "Tell me, what's the trouble, I'll find some solution to your sorrow. – The shah gave me the task to find a man who can talk through hand movements but I could not find anywhere such a person. As I could not satisfy his desire, I left his castle. Don’t worry, I know this art. I will talk to the philosopher in the presence of the shah in order to also demonstrate my art. The shah fixed the date of the session and the conversation began. The philosopher raised one of his hands and fingers, while the barber both hands and two fingers; the philosopher lowered one hand from above, with his fingers open, while the barber held out his hand, with his fingers open pointing upwards. The shah asked the philosopher what conversation he had with the barber, and he replied: With the raising of my hand and one finger, I said that only one being rules the world - God. The barber raised two hands and two fingers, telling me that two beings were ruling the world - God and King. By taking my hand down, with my fingers open, I wanted to say that it would rain soon. The barber opposed my hand with his hand in the same way, which meant that after this rain would come a great fertility. Afterwards, the shah asked the barber what he had learned from his conversation with the philosopher. The barber replied: When the philosopher lifted one finger up, he wanted to say he would take one of my eyes out. I lifted my two fingers to prove to him that I was stronger; I would pull out both his eyes. When he stretched his hand in the air, he wanted to say that he would come up against me with five people to punish me. And I stretched out my hand in the air to prove that he would be opposed by five people stronger than his. The Shah smiled and said, "That is called understanding!" This is how many modern religious and secular people understand eachother. That is how people in families and societies understand each other due to which the misfortunes and sufferings come. Christ talked about the eternal life. By this, He excludes death. The eternal life implies knowledge of God and Christ. The knowledge is founded upon a true, inner understanding. Whoever loves God with all his heart, mind, soul and might, while his neighbour as himself, he has acquired the eternal life and is not afraid of death. For many, the term‚ eternal life’ is abducted. Many things, many terms are abducted. The word ‚abducted’ has a double meaning: external and internal. It is said that something is abducted, i.e. lifted. Young people often complain that their love has been abducted, taken away. The lad weeps, suffers that someone has kidnapped, i.e. taken away his beloved. While she was with him, he was happy. As soon as they take her away, he becomes unhappy. This is a misunderstanding. No one can take the love of a man apart from him alone. As soon as he doubts his love, it leaves him. Therefore, the doubt, suspicion in man becomes the reason for his beautiful and higher ideas, his love to be taken away. He loses his inner peace and searches for the reason of his unhappiness outside him. The reason for everything is him alone. A man determines his life as well as the life of the family and society. Whatever the state of the individual is so is the state of the whole society. Individuals form societies; societies form nations, and nations - all mankind. The humankind on the other hand, has a connection with the angelic world. Therefore, everything depends on the individual. He builds the humankind and not vice versa. By ‚an individual’ I understand the Divine beginning in a man - his soul. For many, it is a contradiction to talk about an individual and a soul as identical terms. It is a contradiction to say that 10 equal 1. However, you buy one kilogramme of apples, you count them and you establish that they are 10 in total. In this case, 1 equals 10, or 10 equals 1. In this sense, the individual, whom the soul lives in is one- all conditions and opportunities for the creation of the whole humankind are hidden in it. The wheat grain hides in itself the conditions for the creation of one hundred wheat grains. This is a philosophical understanding of things. This is how people should understand each other and not like the philosopher and the barber. The thought of the one who considers himself as nothing, as a sinner and who searches for the reason in his mother and father is not right. The master who has built your house may not have known the laws of construction and instead of a big and healthy house, he has built you a small one but you need to know that the little house and you are two different things. Your contemporary house may be small, unhygienic but despite that you can manifest yourself; you can let the light shine in your small house and manifest your love. My love is small. Though little, manifest it, do not close your heart for God and your neighbour. Pave way to your love in order to expand. Do not be afraid of the changes in life. Life and death are two states, which a man goes through inevitably. They are changes that lead to the reality. You will live and build, and will expand your house in order to express the love of This One who has created you. You will die and carry with you that which doesn’t rot and die. In this way, you will grow and develop until you reach to the perfection, which Christ says for: ‚I and my Father are one’. „Love your neighbour as yourself." That is, to love every soul outside of yourself. Your neighbour was in you, and has come out of you. If in this case, you can love him as yourself, then you have fulfilled the second great law of love. You will argue that you do not remember your neighbour being in you and coming out. That does not mean anything. And the wheat grain does not know that all grains of the class have come out of it. Therefore, you must love your neighbour like a child of yours that has lived and is still living in you. As God lives in a man so does his (the man’s) neighbour live in him (the man). The neighbour who lives like a soul in every man has not manifested yet because he hasn’t been given any conditions. Give him conditions and he will manifest. No matter how small, something beautiful will come out of him. Everyone strives for the beautiful and perfect. This is a natural law. The people of today cannot yet show off with that beauty and freedom that they strive for. The free man endures all trials. It is talked about freedom, about love but if you are subject to hunger for a few days you will immediately give up the idea you are following. With such love and freedom, immortality cannot be achieved. Only he can talk about freedom that has broken the chains of death. Until he is her slave, neither his freedom is freedom nor is his love-love. The contemporary, religious and secular people talk about love but apply hatred and envy more. How can the hatred between a mother and a daughter, father and a son, between friends can be explained? It is not enough to provide a scientific explanation to the question. Every doctor knows how to treat the different illnesses but cannot cure all people. Therefore, the true explanation of the hatred is that which can turn it into love. Hatred is the leprosy of the human heart. If today you can cure this leprosy at least 25 percent, you have achieved a lot. That is, to bring peace and joy to the homes. However, work is expected by a man - an inner, conscious work. So we say: Do not wait for the help to come from the outside! Harness all work! All people, families, societies and nations expect outside help from above to help them. Power and prosperity is in the individual. If the parts of a whole are in good working order, and the whole will work fine. The parts have to rely on those goods that nature provides, and not on transient, temporary things. What culture will come if it is not raining and the sun is not shining? – What is common between the rain, sun and the human culture? – There is something in common, which the inhabitants of the sun know about. It is enough for you to reach the sun for a moment and go to the sun inhabitants to see how much they are interested in the Earth. It will be opposed that the Earth is dead. Earth is live. It loves people - its children and is constantly looking after them. The Earth sends its love to the people every moment but the love of the sun is even bigger. If the sun takes its love away from the people only for a moment, they will immediately understand where life, development and culture come from. Christ talks about the two great laws of love as something real. The love manifests in the smallest particles too as energy or an impulse. The scientists call this energy ‘attraction, magnetism, draws’. Regardless of how they call it, it is one and the same - love of the particles and love of the whole. There is no atom, ion, molecule that do not comprise the energy of love. The atom is small but it conceals the whole universe in a miniature. Whoever knows the qualities and composition of the atom, he knows the whole universe. It is therefore said in the spiritual mathematics that the part is equal to the whole. This is the law of evolution according to which the little one aspires to the great. However, according to the Divine law, the great one strives for the little one. Therefore, two laws act in nature: The law of expansion and the law of diminishment. In the diminishment, the human soul penetrates into the deepest secrets of nature. The humbled and meek and not the proud one diminish. Therefore, Christ says: ‘It is easy for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.’ This verse is related to the sacrifice. Only that one can enter the Divine Kingdom who is ready to deny himself and self-sacrifice himself. To love God that is to humble yourself; to love your neighbour that is to expand. It follows that a man needs to simultaneously diminish and expand himself, that is to become small like the atom and big like the universe. Whoever loves, he becomes great; whoever does not love he suffers. When you know this does not ask why you are ill. The illnesses are signs of lack of love or of small love in the human heart. If you want to be healthy, put love into your mind, heart, soul and in the whole body. Where there is love there are no misunderstandings, hatred, jealousy, diseases and suffering. Without love in your heart, you will resemble a man who walks in water, is thirsty; carries bread but is hungry. Love wants deeds and not words. Too much talking leads to suffering. In general, strive for the small quantities, but well understood and applied. Today, a lot is being talked about love but despite that, the results are still weak. –Why? - Because it is not spoken in a corresponding language. You will talk to people in three ways: either in the language of air, or in the language of water or in the language of the sun. The language of the air is related to the breathing, i.e. the purification of blood. You will talk in this language and will be thinking of the pure air, the oxygen, of the whole respiratory system. When one talks in the language of the air, he should think right, to reconcile his thought with the Divine one. If he doesn’t synchronise his thought with the Divine one he will imminently suffer. When he thinks right a man transforms his mental energy into an electric and magnetic one and in this way he creates conditions within himself for a healthy, normal life. To talk in the language of water means to manifest its qualities, i.e. to be agile, energetic, and pure like it - whichever place you go through, to water and irrigate everything, while at the same time, to dissolve and forward the hard substances as food juices for all life beings. The language of water is correlated to the digestive system. To talk in the language of the sunrise. The language of the light means to transform the lower energy into a higher one and to send it straight to the brain like a dynamic, creative energy. The more light penetrates the human mind, the cleaner and lighter the life of a man is and the purer and higher his deeds are. The language of the light is related to the arterial blood, which is spread through man’s whole body and feeds him. The love towards God is related to the venous blood, while the love to the neighbour - to the arterial one. Therefore, if you get bored of your life and your blood becomes impure, search for your neighbour. As soon as you love him, you expand and your blood becomes purified. The stronger your faith is the stronger your love and hope are. What are love, faith and hope? Love is God, faith - the angels, while hope - the whole humankind. Dress in the garments of love, faith and hope. Only in this way will you put your lives to right. How would society be better? – By not infringing the Divine plan. If you would like to heal the wound of your hand, clean it, bandage it and do not touch it anymore. The more you are picking it up the slower it will heal. Do not interfere with the Divine affairs. As all conditions of healing are hidden in the body, so are all conditions for putting the whole humankind to right envisaged in the Divine plan. Everything that takes place in life is envisaged, there is nothing accidental. Steps have been taken to remedy the messy things. After 1945, the affairs of whole Europe will get better but until then, the passengers will be vomiting like those ones that cross the Atlantic Ocean by a steamer. Have you seen how the passengers who will cruise on sea embark on travelling and how they descend from the ports? Their close ones send them off and give them bouquets, all are happy. Once they board the ship and enter the sea, their location is lost. They become pale and start vomiting and one after another lie down on the beds. On the secod day, their condition deteriorates; they don’t feel like eating or talking. On the thrid day, their situation is even worse, but their hope for improvement is amplified as they approach a port. As soon as they are on land, all smile, become cheerful and in good mood and start talking as though they have not gone through anything. Everyone asks them how they have passed through sea and they respond about their sea sickness with cheerful faces. . And so, whatever the passengers go through in the sea so do people on Earth. While a man is young, he is cheerful and happy, he loves everyone. He boards the ship and his close ones send him off. The more he enters life, I. e. in the sea, the more serious and thoughtful he becomes. When he gets married, he becomes even more thoughtful - the ship goes deeper in the sea waters. Children are born that do not respect him and he gets completely confused, he cannot play his role anymore. His son and daughter are unsatisfied by him, they find him fallen behind, he cannot comprehend the new. When he sees himself in this situation, he comes down the stage and gives the way to the new actors. The audience gives him a bouquet and asks him whether he is happy with his situation. „To love God and your neighbour’. This means a man to pass safely through the ocean and sea. Whoever has love in himself, he will choose such time for travelling when the sea or ocean are quiet and calm. There is no success without love. You must love at least one person. Modern people suffer from love accompanied by jealousy. You meet a good, scientist girl but her face is disfigured. – Why? - Someone has loved her and has poured vitriol on her face from jealousy. This is not love. You will say that both the girl and the boy should not cheat on their love. This is another question. I blame neither the young nor the old people, but the people need to go back, to rectify their mistakes and to rejuvenate. The contemporary people have become prematurely old. They talk about old age without understanding what the old age represents. Only God is old. Old age without wisdom is not an old age. Millions of years will still go by until the old man appears on the Earth. In the Revelation, it is talked about 24 old men that are sitting around God’s throne. The Theosophists provide different explanations about these old men. In fact, they symbolise the time, i.e. the epochs, which the humankind has gone through. Time is within God who carries the beginning and end of things. When Christ says that you need to become like the children, He means that the old one cannot enter the Divine Kingdom. It is time for a man to give up the wrong idea about old age and to rejuvenate. Otherwise, he will always excuse himself that he is old, he cannot work, study, love, etc. In Sanskrit language, under the word ‚old’ it is understood a being that has manifested itself, has studied the laws of nature and immortality. Only now do the modern people study these laws. You will say that the old one can be recognised by his white hair. – This is not a sign for an old age. See how the actors disguise on the stage. There the young one becomes old, while the old one - young without being so in reality. It is enough for you to turn to the pages of your past life in order to see how many times you have got on and off the stage and what roles you have played. You have been in a situation of a king and slave, a stupid man and scientist, a poor and rich. When you complete your role you get off the stage, you remain with the unchangeable in yourselves. Everything in life changes, but for the Divine in the human being that remains unchangeable and eternal. Whoever doesn’t know the law of reincarnation he wonders why someone hates him. Very simple - you have caused some harm to him in the past. Turn one of the pages of your past life and you will see that you have taken unfairly the house of this person. Now you will rectify your mistake. In order for him to love and forgive you, you must not only return his house to him but you should even furnish it. This means to live according to the law of love. The modern people live in two ways: some of them talk about God but act in a human way, while others do not talk about God but act in a divine way. It is preferable that a man lives in the second way. To live like that means to constantly be joyful and cheerful. Love rejuvenates, refreshes the man and gives him strength to put up with the misfortunes and contradictions in life. Love rectifies all misunderstandings. Love sees in all human beings its neighbour whom it has something in common with, in eating, breathing and living. Exactly here all people resemble. All live, breathe and eat. The difference is in that how they live, what air they breathe and what food they satisfy themselves with. One thing is important: All people need to live reasonably, to breathe clear air and to eat clean and healthy food. Only in this way will a person complete the job he has come to the Earth for. Every living creature moves and works. There are ten million cells in the human stomach that work for the purification of the blood. There is a certain harmony between all cells and therefore they do their job so well. What would happen to the man if the cells refuse to do their job? A man ceases to exist. The disharmony leads to destruction and death. Many do not succeed in their lives because they live with their past greatness. Instead of looking realistically upon the present they say: Do you know what I was in the past? - The past is not important; it is important what you are now. The past and future are only conditions, while the reality is in the present. When he passes through the past and present, a man comes to the law of necessity and freedom that lead to love. It (love) is a path to good and reasonableness. Where there is love there is right thought and reasoning. Not loving leads to pervert views and reasoning. One day the fox was talking to herself. People chase me unfairly. They blame me that I attack the chickens and hence they kill me. There is something right in this but they forget that I deal with the chickens better than a cat with mice. At least, I undress the garment of the chicken while the cat eats the mouse with its garment together. Here is one pervert reasoning. It is pervert because it is devoid of love. The situation of the chicken and mouse is the same. As soon as they go in the mouth of the enemy, they do not care whether their garment is kept or not. It is important that in either case the life of the chicken and the mouse is taken. A day will come when the fox will realise its mistake and will rectify its life. There are many plucked chickens today whose life will be restored in the future. The plucked chickens are the poor people whose situation will improve. Remember: nature uses symbols that have to be studied. The rivers, flowers, trees, fish, mammals, people are symbols, which nature expresses its secrets with. Whoever understands the language of nature will read the past, present and future history of humankind in its book. And when the doctor puts his hand on the pulse of the ill one he immediately defines his condition. Therefore, the pulse of a man is the language by which the doctor identifies the health condition of the ill person. Then he opens the eyes and mouth of the ill person in order to see what condition his/ her stomach and liver are in. You see that someone is silent and you say he is thinking. Things from the outside determine the inner disposition of a man. What is the thinking expressed in? A man thinks while the ox ruminates. Therefore, the way the ox needs food in order to ruminate, so does a man need thoughts in order to think. What does a man think about? - How to preserve his wife’s love. And the woman thinks how to preserve her husband’s love. This is a difficult tusk but there is a solution. You will say that it can be solved in the Heavens. Where is the Heavens? The Heavens is on the Earth. It depends on you to live simultaneously on both the Heavens and the Earth. - Is this possible? It is possible. How do the caterpillar and butterfly live together on the Earth? The butterfly feeds with the nectar of the flowers, i. e. with good thoughts and desires, and the caterpillar - with leaves, i.e. with lower thoughts and desires. When is a man like a butterfly? - When he gives place to the Spirit, i.e. the Master in himself. He is called the "servant of love”. What is required from a man in order to serve love? – Complete self-denial. In the distant past, a big crime has been committed in a Russian village but the offender could not be found. They blamed a poor widow with four children instead of him. The Court decided to send her to Siberia in exile. The verdict had to be executed within 24 hours. A young man from the same village heard of the widow’s verdict and got horrified by the thought of whom the four little children would be left with. He told himself: I have no mother and father, I pass for a waster and noone needs me. I will go to the court and say that I have committed the crime.’ The same day, he appeared before the court and told the prosecutor and judge that the crime was his deed and not the widow’s. In this way, he released the unfortunate mother from prison and took her destiny on himself. Ten years later, a priest gave confession to a dying man. The latter revealed the secret that he had carried on his consciousness for ten years: he confessed that he was the real offender of the crime he had committed before ten years. Immediately, the authorities ordered that the young man was released from prison but it appeared that he had already died. So, this young man has lived in a human way but acted in Divine way. From the outside, this young man carried the garment of a waster, of apache but internally he worked on himself, ennobled his soul. It is worthwhile to admire such heroes who are willing to sacrifice. They are bold, determined, with the pursuit of great and sublime. with the pursuit of great and sublime. To love God and your neighbour, these are two great laws through applying which a man can free himself from the difficulties and contradictions in life. You will say that when Christ comes to the Earth for a second time, life on Earth would improve all of a sudden- There is no need for you to wait for this time. Christ may come after 2000 years. Don’t you have to work during that time? Even if Christ comes on the Earth, he cannot go around all towns and villages to hold a lecture everywhere. Therefore, only those ones, who hear it, will benefit from His lectures. What would the rest do? You expect impossible things and waste your time. Know that Christ is in the light that you receive; in the air that you breathe; in the food you eat. Christ is also in your thoughts, feelings and deeds - you will meet Him everywhere. Use these gifts in a considerate way and do not delay things. Be good payees. As soon as the time for paying your debt approaches, pay immediately. If you postpone, the interests increase. The meaning of life is in love - to do everything with love. While he is young, a man lives with faith and love, ready for all sacrifices. As soon as he loses his faith and love, he says: ‚The good time has passed’. Today most people suffer for their lost love. They are right. Love is a force that elevates a man. As a crime can vitiates the life of a man, so can love purify and elevate him in a given moment. As death at one point can mow thousands of heads, so life at one point can restore the fallen heads. Life is stronger than death, and love is stronger than hate. Knowing this, keep the side of life and love. Only he has the right to sometimes lie under the shadow of death and hatred who is strong. Outwardly, hate is ugly, terrible like a wolf, and inside there is something noble, soft. Whoever hates, he can also love. Whoever does not hate he cannot love. Hatred is still love dressed in a foreign garment with an aim to test what is hidden in the human heart. The beggar knocks on people’s doors in order to test their mercy. Outwardly, he is torn, dusty but inside he is dressed with a clean and beautiful garment. If you see a very well dressed and well-groomed person you will know that he is not the One your soul is searching for. The true man you will find in the torn, poor and suffering man. The truth and love dress in old, torn clothes. Whoever genuinely searches for them will learn to distinguish the good from evil and will not be deceived by the external things, i.e. by their packaging. Apply the Christ teaching in order to understand why you have to love and why to hate. If you want to love, you have to know to hate. You cannot love if you have never hated. Love and hatred are two forces that work simultaneously in nature. Love is magnetism, while hatred-electricity. Nowadays’ hatred is future love, while the nowadays love is future hatred. This is a law of polarisation. In order to avoid this law, one has to deny himself. As soon as you feel that the hatred penetrates your heart, deny yourself. That’s why Christ says: „"He who does not deny himself cannot be my disciple." Apply self-denial, to see what your life will be. One father died and left a huge inheritance to be distributed between his four sons. They started to quarrel about who should take more. The youngest son realised the situation and in order to avoid the dispute he disclaimed his share and said to his brother: Take my share and divide it among yourselves. I prefer to have your love than fight.’ Not much time had gone by when the other brothers reconciled and the division took place in a loved and peaceful manner. It is established that when the love between two people is active, they both become positive and retreat. If they are a man and a woman they remain without children. This is a law in the physical world. When the man and woman become negative, they have children but cannot live for long. Therefore, in the love between two people one needs to be positive, while the other-negative; one to create whiles the other to build. If they both create, they cannot give birth. This law is also related to the society and country. When two candidates come about for the same ministerial post, the state's affairs are not going well. If the state wants to succeed, half of its subjects must be positive and the other half - negative, i.e. some to create while others to build, some to serve, while the others to master. It is not good for a man to spoil. It's not a science. Whoever only destructs has not learned the law of creation and building. One of the greatest laws of Genesis requires man to build or create. This is the way one can pave the way to the Divine Beginning within himself and fulfil the purpose that nature has assigned to him. A person may have a lot of beliefs, but let him experience the Christianity teaching that transforms things. For many, Christ's teaching is old, out of date. It is not. Christ's teaching is as old as is new. If you think it is old, rejoice because the old mother gives birth to good, sensible children. If it is new, rejoice again. The young mother gives birth to children with loving hearts. Accept the doctrine of Christ with love, apply it and be joyful and happy. Christ says, "Love the Lord and your neighbour." This means: modern people need more light, more air, more moisture, and more food. This shows today's sun too. Take care of your brain, your lungs and your stomach. Listen to the voice of the wise nature, connect with God, and the bright future will be on your side. Sunday Talks 02.02.1919 Sunday, Sofia translated: Proletina Dragoeva-Jones
  2. Right and Left Path Right and Left Path The Choir of the Brotherhood in Sliven sang Pesen na zorata (Song of the Dawn). The theme I am going to address now is of great importance. I use the terms “left path” and “right path” as principles, because there are no other ways of development but these two. Descent is on the left path and ascent is on the right path. The right path is the way, the direction of moving up. Everything in the world is created by the human spirit. However, humankind is at the beginning of its development. To be able to perceive the ideas flowing into the world [from the higher realms][1], we need to get rid of all idle-thoughts [and trifles]. Creating the world; God put Power, Wisdom, Glory and Repose in one cauldron. In this way, violence derived from Power and knowledge from Wisdom. All that sprung from Glory began to strive in different directions. Repose remained at the bottom of the cauldron and God kept it for Himself. Therefore, no rest exists in the world. To take a rest, one should return to God. The Master gave an example with two Russian bankers who had a bet of three million rubles that one of them will spend fourteen years in solitary confinement. The banker who stayed isolated in a room read many books and finally began reading the Bible. After finishing it, he said to himself, "I have found the meaning of life. It is in freedom and free development.” There was only one day remaining to conclude the fourteen year period, but he ran out of the window. He had left a written note about leaving the room twenty four hours early and renouncing to receive the reward of three million rubles, because he became aware that happiness was not in [the mere possession of] money. Meanwhile, the other banker who did not want to lose three million rubles decided to kill the confined one, so as to save his millions. He entered the room at night, but found only the note. For 8,000 years, there have been continuous struggles in the world even among the smallest beings [of creation]. Modern people say that life is a struggle. Life manifests through struggles as they are necessary driving forces. Descent into the heart was conducted by the left path. But it was possessed by some negative forces that did not observe an awakened mind. Great Teachers came to Earth to set the right course of life. Jesus Christ was one of them. Modern Christians have not ceased to follow the Teaching of Christ. People believe in coming from God and returning to God. Where do we come from, why do we come [to Earth] and where do we go—that is an important quest for everyone. The Earth is a school where we study the existing Laws [of Nature]. There are four states of consciousness in the world: sub-consciousness, consciousness, self-consciousness and higher-consciousness. There are certain Laws of Nature that can remove any obstacles from our lives. Even one magical word can release the suffering of an entire nation. Nature in its wholeness is a living entity. The spiritual world is a world where Intelligent Beings rule over all Laws of Creation and they are masters of death. Death is just a transition from one stage of being into another; from one simpler form of existence into another more complex and elevated one. There is nothing as perfect as the human brain. It is where all thoughts, feelings, and desires develop. Those who do not progress on the left and right paths of life are condemned to suffer. Heroes are born on the right path. To become a hero, one should first descend on the left path and then ascend on the right path. The more heroes who are ready to sacrifice themselves and serve their nation, the greater bounties that nation may enjoy. No one can restrict our thoughts, but we cannot avoid the effects of them, either. The Master gave an example with the destiny of Titanic steamer, which had sunk due to the improvidence of the constructing engineers on the power needed for combating the sea obstacles. Even little children can give ideas. The left path is related to the development of our heart - all noble feelings originate from the heart. Moses told the Jews when going to the Promised Land, not to bother the people living there. But the Jews did not obey God’s command delivered to them through Moses, so they came to grief. Women present the left path; men the right path. Women are the bearers of potential energy; men—of kinetic energy. Women should study the Law of the left path; men—that of the right path. The two paths, by crossing themselves, result in the willpower - the children. They are an impetus for all exalted motives in life. Fathers and mothers have hope for their children. That is why Christ said: “Let the little children come to me”.[2] By "little children" Christ meant the Divine Way requiring some special qualities: The first of them is discernment: to recognize good from evil, to tell which motives [of action] are right and which are wrong. Self-control and positive thinking are needed for attaining that measure of discernment. We should always think in a positive way and keep positive thoughts. Another necessary quality is endurance: to be strong and unchanging. Those who are not strong enough will become losers. On the other side, resilient people are victorious in life. Such nation is England. Faith: is another needed quality related to human mind. In this respect, doubt is like a worm for the human mind. Faith also implies the experience from testing whether someone is ready to sacrifice themselves for us. The Master told as an example the story of two friends who met a bear in the forest. They went for a walk in the woods. One of them boasted to the other that he was ready to do anything in the name of their friendship, even to give his life. At that moment a bear appeared before them. The braggart who had just praised about his readiness for self-sacrifice quickly ran and climbed a tree. The second one laid on the ground. The bear came to him, moved around, smelled him, bowed to his ear and went away. His friend came down from the tree and asked him what the bear had told him. He answered, "Next time, do not go on a journey with a friend like that". The right and left paths present the two necessary principles, the two conditions of life. Nowadays, the Bulgarians are on a crossroad, thus what they need is endurance and faith. Natural Laws are relentless. The sufferings of the Bulgarian people have not been completed yet, but that should not disturb you. A mother, for example, carries the baby in her womb for nine months, making any sacrifices for her infant, because she believes the child to be a bearer of Love, that is followed by Wisdom. Love cannot go without Wisdom and Wisdom without Love. Children in fact, are the bearers of Truth. The same Laws that govern Nature and all living beings are also related to people. From now on people are expected to join the blossoming of Nature. There is a new element in our Solar system now—that is Exaltation. All inner life is depicted in one’s features. For example, the nose is a symbol of willpower, intelligence, and wisdom. That is evidenced by its shape, lines, and size. People need to work with Love on the left path, with Wisdom—on the right path, and with Truth or willpower—on the straight path. Considering the conditions of life, every individual is a condition for the development of their nation, and in turn, the nation is a condition for the individuals; its people. Thought itself comes as a reflection of the Great principles of life. Everyone should comprehend the Laws of Creation and only then can we together create a life of prosperity and abundance. We are just servants of Living Nature. She is generously rewarding, but also relentlessly demanding of us. Love is a Great power that cannot be resisted. Everything is subject to its power. Evil cannot enter where Love is present, and where there is no Love, evil stays. In the same way, a doctor does not go where Light is present but where Light is absent. Eating a lot, we think that we will be fine, but what if there is poison in the food? The Master told a story of an eagle in the region of Deliorman[3] who ate from a poisoned sheep placed on purpose there to kill the wolves. As soon as the eagle had felt the poison, he rolled over on the ground, regurgitated the poisonous meat and flew away to his nest. There are thoughts, feelings, and actions that can poison us. The toxic food [we have taken] should be vomited in the same way as the food, eaten by the eagle. We cannot encourage ourselves with cowardice, but only with heroism. Diseases are from the food we take. We do not understand the conditions of life that Nature has defined for us. The same Law is applicable to the mind, heart, and soul. Yogis have rules for life. For example, they drink water slowly, in small sips, to strengthen the cardiovascular system and expose themselves to the sunshine to strengthen the nervous system. For our development, faith is a requisite. Faith is helpful for every person and for all professions. Everyone should have inner confidence that what they say is true. Do not keep in your mind a thought that is not verified; do not receive in your soul anything that is not tested. It is easy to mess, but hard to be cleansed. The Master gave an example with an old story. Once upon a time there were two neighboring kingdoms of the Esperzits and of the Menzitis. They were in constant animosity because of the poor relationships between their kings. The king of Menzitis was warned by wise men that his son’s life would be endangered at the age of 21. As a precaution the king sent him away from the palace to live with a shepherd in the kingdom of the Esperzits. The prince, in his 21st year, was once grazing the sheep at a mountainous place, when he saw a young lady riding a horse in the distance accompanied by two guards. She stopped to pick some flowers enjoying the beauty around. Obviously, she was a nature lover. At that moment, he noticed that she was bitten by a snake on her left side. He immediately resolved to help her. When he came closer to her he threw himself over her and began sucking out the venom from the snakebite. The guards thinking that he had attacked the princess shot a bow with a poisonous arrow at him hitting his right shoulder. Seeing that, the princess in turn, began sucking out the venom from his wound. In this way, they saved each other and became aware that they could not live without each other. So, they married and lived happily ever after. Those are the two ways: Love and Wisdom, the left and right side, the left and right path. Women need to treat and heal the infection that has corroded everything in the society. Some do fight. Be heroes because the Kingdom of Heaven is not given to cowards. Heroes are honored by monuments for their good thoughts, feelings, and deeds. What about the situation in the past and that in the future? Where have we been before and where are we going to be? That can be determined. All great men have defined the situation of their nations foreseeing everything [in the future] like clairvoyants. One nation needs preachers, priests, teachers, politicians, etc., but they all must be pure in deeds, thoughts, and desires. What is the application of the Pythagorean Theorem in life? The sum of the squares of mind and heart gives the square of human willpower—a2 + b2 = c2—the sum of the squares of the two catheters gives the square of the hypotenuse. Therefore, mind and heart should go together. Willpower can do and achieve anything. Its function can be defined briefly as follows: willpower can control mind and heart. Everything in nature is closely interrelated. It is possible to say about animals as well as about people what they are worth. For example, cattle and horse dealers can define very precisely an animal’s price by viewing, touching, feeling, and inspecting their teeth and other outer features. The left path is the path of Love; the right path is the path of Wisdom. Uniting them, we will receive the third path—the path of willpower. The left path is designated by the line at the back of human head; the right path—by the line in front of the forehead. To conclude my talk, I will give you an example that I have already used before. A young Bulgarian agreed to work as an apprentice for an old potter to learn the pottery craft. He has been serving his apprenticeship for three years. Then he left his master to work on his own and become independent. However, when he began his own business all his pots cracked. He returned to his master and asked him for the reason of his failure. He began to work again with him, and then he noticed that the master, when taking the pots out of the furnace, blew into them saying “Hu”, and thus they did not crack. All mastery and power for non-cracked pots came from that “Hu”. The pots symbolize our body. The troubles and sufferings that everyone encounters to be tempered and get stronger are symbolized by the furnace. Because without difficulties and pain, there is no ascension, there is no gain. The pots get cracked because we do not blow into them, in other words, we are not in harmony with the Divine Spirit. Mother blows into her hand or the hand of her child and that blow gives strength. If a pregnant woman says confidently to the baby in her womb, "You, daughter, will become a mother who is smart, diligent, and modest" or "You, son, will become a father who is smart, good-hearted, honest, and just", it will be fulfilled. And now I can tell you that my lecture will receive recognition in five years. Do not despair. Be brave. The student should not get discouraged by the teacher's corrections on the weak calculation. Saying “I can correct myself” the student will do it. The Master gave an example with the American preacher Moody. He was a shoemaker and said to himself, "I will become a good preacher." He had been working on himself, gradually succeeding in achieving his goal, despite the mockery of his employees. Finally, he managed to become a very good preacher. Now, if [at least] 14 of you have received my thought, I think it is worth it. Songs that were performed by the Choir of the Brotherhood in Sliven: Bratstvo, edinstvo (Brotherhood, Unity)—the anthem of the Brotherhood, and Napred da hodim smelo (Let’s Go Forward). Public lecture[4] by Beinsa Duno—Petar Danov held on June 13 (May 31 O.S.), 1920[5], 10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m., Sunday, “Zora” Community Center Hall, Sliven Translated by Evgeni Vasilev Edited by Maria Braikova, Antoaneta Krushevska, Beverly Cotton, and G.V. Eyssen [1][…] Editor’s addition for clarity and preciseness of the text [2]But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”, Matthew 19:14, NKJV [3]Deliorman (Turkish) or Ludogorie (Bulgarian) is a region in northeastern Bulgaria stretching over the plateau of the same name. Part of the Danubian Plain, the region is hilly in the east, but merges with the plains of Dobruja and the Danube to the north. [4] The lecture is taken from stenographic notes, which are probably not full and the examples are retold. [5]O.S. and N.S. dates – Old Style according to the Julian Calendar and New Style uses the Gregorian Calendar, which was introduced officially at different dates in the different countries. In Bulgaria it was introduced on March 31, 1916 and April 1 (O.S.) became April 14, 1916 (N.S.).
  3. Note 1 Grow in grace! “But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (The second Epistle of Peter, 3:18) Growth is a process of development. What needs to grow? It is often said: It is apples, trees, twigs, leaves, and blossoms that need to grow – it is they that have to grow and develop. What, however, is meant in the quotation is the human soul. It is the human soul that has to grow and it is the human spirit that has to attain the knowledge of grace. Which grace in particular? – Lord’s grace. The word grace has many meanings. It is suggestive of the conditions in which one has to live in Heaven and here on Earth. The Earth, often discussed in holy books, is so vast that myriads of people can live on it. It is referred to as The Promised Land in the Epistle. It is this land exactly you all aspire after, the land initially created by God. The Earth you live on is too small and so microscopic that if compared in size, it does not comprise an island as big as Crete. Paul and Peter say that the skies will be ablaze and the Earth will go through fire. Fire is often interpreted as a destructive element but though it truly destroys, it can be constructive as well. It is the fire descending from above, from the Sun, that built our planet and our bodies. It is this fire that imparted thoughts and aspirations in us. Everything gets frozen without fire. So the word growth implies fire. The fire that destroys is the coarse one. Some scientific experiments have been carried out – one dies if a 2/3,000-voltage current is passed through the body. That is why, there are countries where execution is through electrocution. However, if a current of 10,000 to 50,000 V is passed through a person, he or she rejuvenates completely – the face glows with health and youth and all diseases vanish without trace. According to modern logic one has to burn in such a fire. But the fire that really destroys man is his passions. They destroy both the body and the soul. If one has no passions, it means that he is not exposed to the destructive fire. Paul, when saying “grow”, means the effect of the Divine fire – this 10 to 50,000 voltage, which when passing will purify and rejuvenate people. The word knowledge means knowing the laws that have to be observed in the process of growing. Mind that any growth is twofold – upward and downward. When looking at the mirror, you see your reflection. If asked what the physical laws of reflection are, you will give an easy answer – there is reflection. However, I would like to know the basic law that makes the reflection occur. Physicists have an explanation for the mechanic aspect of the object; astronomers have an explanation for the mechanic aspect of the universe, for example, what the Sun was, what its elements were, or what its temperature was, etc. But what exactly the Sun is remains a mystery. Here, on the Earth, we can suppose this or that, but when one becomes truly spiritual, they will be able to see the truth about the growth meant by Paul. You want to know whether there is life or water on the Moon, so you can book a ticket, pack your luggage and within a few hours you will be able to verify the truth. In the same way, you can go to the Sun to check what it is. While, now, we study things only through reflection, and reflections are not always correct. A reflection has an inner and outer aspect. All you can see is only the outer aspect, while the inner side remains hidden. “I know this man.” No, what you know is his shadow. You will say, “His eyes are black”. This is his shadow. “His beard is white” This is a shadow. “He is handsome”. All is a shadow. The person you see as handsome in daylight can be ugly late at night. Changes in the source of light can change the light in man. This is the growth of shadows – a shadow can grow, or diminish and disappear. For example, in the morning, at sunrise, the shade cast is big, at noon it diminishes, and at sunset it vanishes. I am giving this analogy because you are people of shadows – you study things through cinematography. If I put it differently, you will say, “Prove it.” However, to prove it, I will have to book you tickets, and take you with me on a trip to the Moon and to the Sun. You are people of the shadows. You are fictitious creatures, rather unreal. You will see in fifty years that you are fictitious. Where will you be then? To avoid being shadows you will have to transcend from the temporary to the eternal in search of God. I mean that you will seek light and warmth. This light will give you the ideal you are aspiring after. One is born a little infant, grows up and feels discontent all through his growth. One wants to get married and looks for a pretty girl, but when he finds her, he is still displeased because she is as vicious as a snake. Then people want to have children, yet after they have given birth to them, they find them bad. Parents hope that one day their children will get married and settle, but nothing much goes out of this, either. So modern people live in shadows. There is nothing real in shadows. It is a pleasant life, but there is no growth in it, no Divine process. Consequently, what I understand by Growth is that the Spirit has to grow and develop only in what is real and immutable. Thousands of continual changes can occur in the substance within us as it changes by itself. This is a great Divine law. Sometimes a negative thought occurs – this is a shadow. You will say, “I hate him. I hate John.” How can you possibly hate him, when you do not know him? Likewise, how can you borrow money from a person to whom you have never given anything? Shadows in this world exist only because reality has to stand out. The more the shadows in this world are, the more our mind will stand out and become the basis of knowledge. There cannot be any knowledge without shadows. When you say that you suffer, this is just a shadow that makes you study the conditions of a new life. Therefore, growth is the cause of all changes, going on both in the inside and on the outside. So, when we get to know life, we will get to the very reality, i.e. we will be able to test things. When a theory is in accordance with the reality of being or in accordance with the laws God imposed on this world, it can always be tried out. A doctor comes and says, “I have a cure for this disease.” If the remedy is efficacious, it will cure the patient, but if it fails to do so, it is not a true medicine, and the doctor has tried to mislead you. A man comes and says, “I have a teaching which if adopted, will elevate you.” If the teaching elevates you, it means that it is a true teaching. So, growth is a process necessary to build up the spiritual body. The physical body is as necessary as scaffolding – if it cannot be put up, the spiritual body will fail to rise. It is the physical world that was initially built – to serve as scaffolding. The spiritual world is constantly being built and arranged. Some verse in the Scripture says that it was heaven that was originally raised, so it is the Divine world; then Earth was created – the physical world. Earth has not been fully organised, so God is still arranging it. He created the world in six days, made man on the sixth day and had some rest on the seventh day. Now He is at work again. Moses says, “Lord had some rest.” Jesus says, “My Father is at work.” So, He is still working. God’s rest is to get out of His being to examine everything He has created so far and get back to resume His work. His present work carries fire. He says. “This world is deficient in fire.” When this fire comes, the growth and knowledge of grace will also arrive. When speaking about the world, I always mean man. You know the world as far as you refer to it. All elements from the outer natural world are related to your body and mind, and all the changes you undergo and any indisposition of your spirit depend on the changes in Nature. If a wolf fails to find food for three or four days on end, it gets hungry and prays to God for food; you catch its thought, you understand that this wolf is suffering and you sympathise with it. Everything is interrelated – you experience equally intensely both joy and sorrow. Someone will say, “I can’t stand this fellow.” You will have to tolerate him because he is part of you. If you ruin him, you will ruin part of yourself. Anyway, by growth I mean the growth of our spiritual body, by which we comprise Divine harmony. You say, “The world has not been completed yet.” Yes, it is true, but in order to complete it, you will have to work. We are the factories that have to produce things. It is we who have to receive and process the materials and yield them to God. If you eat a hen, a sheep or a lamb, this is part of you and it is all meant to build the world. There will come a day when all sufferings will be justified from this point of view. We will have all suffered, yet we will be all living together. There will come a day when you will understand that the smallest bugs are your brothers. When a bug stings you to suck blood, it says, “I need to make my contribution for the building of this edifice.” All creatures have conscious and unconscious processes. The conscious process is so well-developed, that you will have to grow in a limited time, just as the wheat grows in May, and has to knit, because growth boils down to giving blossom and blossom means fruit. Growing is life, which manifests itself through blossoming, knitting and ripening. There cannot be fruit and ripening without blossom. Are you blooming out? - No. – Then you cannot manifest yourself. People, just like flowers, can manifest themselves only through blossoming out and setting. Love can manifest itself when plants flourish. The same refers to people. When flowering takes place on the physical plane, there is physical maturity, physical love. When this process is over, the spiritual flourishment and maturity occur. One has to flower at least seven times. One has to knit at least seven fruits and come out at least in seven different worlds. This happens at stages. So, as flourishing on the physical plane is already pointless for you, you have to do this on a higher plane. Why do we die? Dying is nothing but moving to an upper plane of growth. When there are no conditions for you to grow, you die. When there are conditions, you come to existence. Those who are not well acquainted with the profound meaning of life find that there is a certain contradiction in the blossoming of branches and in the growth of roots. When water comes out from a spring, will it not disperse in all directions? If you have some gaseous substance or a pot full of vapour, will this vapour not disperse when you take off the lid of the pot? So, Life, stemming from the centre, shoots its roots downward. Science proves that we stand upward during the day, and when the Earth rotates in the evening we stand with our head downward. The same refers to the tree – at midnight the branches are turned upward and then the roots are turned upward. With the Earth’s rotation you take a position with your feet up to God, the roots of your stomach also facing God. The head and the feet are equally significant to God, because when you enter the spiritual world, the feet are the basis of things. Some say, “Why do I need feet?” Why do you need some basis? - To build a house. Therefore, they are the ground on which you lay the foundations of your house and they are also the soil on which your being can grow. Now, in this growth we have to love all the people inside us, both alive and dead, who have affected us and live within us. You have a John inside and outside; an angel inside and outside; a devil inside and outside – both heaven and the Earth coexist in your soul. There are good and evil spirits getting on along within you. Some people who hate evil spirits say that these spirits are at war with the angels. The conflict arises only if we interfere, otherwise there is harmony between them. There is a struggle if we get involved. When there is a contradiction between the two spirits, you only have to listen to them. The argument is a kind of conversation between them. The students are not allowed to interfere with the teacher’s job. The evil and good spirits are great teachers. You are not supposed to adjudicate - you only have to listen to them. Such is the law. If you interfere, they will punish you. They will say, “Listen, you are just a baby! You shouldn’t get involved. You just have to listen!” People often complain about being attacked by evil spirits, but I tell them: These evil spirits are not interested in you, they do not care about your existence. They have just stopped in the shade of your tree and you have happened to overhear their conversation. You are babies; you are not even born yet. “The evil spirits have told me to do this or that.” It is not you to whom they have spoken. They have told this to themselves. You only say, “Let me do it.” That is why Apostle Paul says, “ Grow in the grace of Christ to know the spirits.” Although the world keeps sending conjuration to the evil spirits, and the church also offers prayers to drive them away, they persist. That is why Christ tells us not to defy evil. Evil spirits have their business to do – let them do it. I have often heard Christians quarrel: ”You are ignorant! I know everything because I have a university education!” If you have graduated from university and have some knowledge, you had better remain silent because there is conversation in silence – it is a force, a plant. A person who is not able to remain silent does not have any knowledge – all he knows is to get a hiding. Silence is actually a growth: this is how plants grow – they remain silent, only in the evening some faint cracking can be heard as they are whispering. They are not like people, who after doing some kindness will trumpet it around. The same refers to the hen – when it lays an egg, it will start quacking so that everybody can hear about it. It might have laid an egg, but it is the hen’s duty. It is arguable whether the hen itself laid the egg or had it laid. When a mule is loaded with some precious weight to carry, it boasts, “It was I who carried the load.” What we should know is that in this world we are nothing but God’s servants. Someone might say, “We have free will.” Only one who lives in the essential, immutable world of God, only one who serves God and is able to comprehend His laws and precepts can be free and exert his free will. We need to find the time to foster the growth I am talking about, i.e. the building up of our body. You often find excuses for not obeying the rules by saying, “I can’t find the time for this or that.” An English preacher visited a poor sweeper and asked him, “Has anybody visited you?” “Yes, Gladstone came once.” – “Who?” - “The statesman.” – “How strange!” the preacher said. “How has he found the time to pay you a visit busy as he is?” Why? Who lives within the sweeper? Gladstone is aware that the sweeper is a kind of brother to him, so he says, “I need to see him.” Modern people climbing the social ladder forget about their parents, thinking that their social status will be marred. Greatness is in recognising our obligations. The greatest virtue of God is that despite His numerous duties and tasks, He always finds the time to pay a visit to a sinner. God always finds the time to visit a person, leave a comforting thought and offer His help. It always happens that when everybody is against you attacking you like a swarm of mosquitoes, God always makes an appearance, saying, “Do not fear, I am here, standing by you. I’ll give you a hand.” When God does this, you should tell Him, “Give me the strength to grow and get rid of everything that is transient. Let me know Your will.” Do not ever say, “They came down on me, but we’ll square our accounts!” We often read God’s prayer, “Let it be Lord’s will”. You do not know Lord’s name, nor His kingdom, so how can you know His will? One who does not know Lord’s name cannot fulfil Lord’s will. You will be very much like the mother who started sewing clothes for her unborn children. In the process of searching for Lord’s name, kingdom and will the reign of Heaven will arrive. We need to adopt the chivalry of the Russian tzar about whom Tolstoy tells the following legend: The murder of Peter I, in which Alexander I was involved, caused qualms of conscience and anguish with the latter, who could not find peace of mind. The glory of the throne and worldly pleasures could not distract nor comfort him. He withdrew more and more until, finally, he decided to abdicate and settle in the town of Taganrog as an ordinary citizen. Once, as he was walking round the town, he saw that many onlookers started crowding round two rows of soldiers on the road, who were carrying sticks instead of rifles. At a point an old soldier was brought forward. They tied his hands to the butt of a rifle, stripped off his shirt and then under the beat of the drums he had to suffer the severe punishment of cudgelling. Alexander peered into the poor soldier’s face and was stunned by the striking similarity between them both. He was curious to know the soldier’s fault and was told that the soldier asked for permission to see his dying father and when not allowed to do so, he tried to escape. He was arrested for his attempt, but managed to break free again. On his second capture he was sentenced to undergo the punishment of 8,000 thrashes. This punishment meant sure death. Alexander, who was listening to the faint noise of the thrashes mingling with the soldier’s moans, was appalled. “Good gracious!” he thought, “The poor fellow just wanted to kiss his father’s hand and get his blessing. They are torturing him now so severely and all that in my name!’ Comparing his behaviour to his father with the soldier’s, he realised his inferiority and started weeping. Learning from the doctor that the soldier would not survive another 4,000 thrashes, he arranged for the poor fellow to be dressed in his emperor’s clothes and carried to his home, while he himself dressed in the soldier’s clothes lent his back to the remaining half of the punishment. He managed to survive it because the soldiers took him for the done up soldier and beat him less severely out of pity. The soldier, dressed up in the emperor’s clothes, died in his home and this resemblance to the emperor served to pronounce the emperor dead, who, taking the opportunity, left the city and devoted himself to righteous and charitable deeds. Tolstoy ends the story about the emperor’s death with the following words: ”What a solemn moment his death must have been! What a great liberation of the soul!..” My question is: How many of you are ready to suffer even ten thrashes? Then what claims could you possibly have? How could you expect to be admitted to Heaven? Here is the inherent meaning of growth – one has to distinguish shadows from true essence and to liberate the soul by enduring all sufferings. When the pear and the apple grow, they do it only to give fruit, which, in turn, will give a new life. You have also come here on earth to give life to somebody else. Some want to get married and beget children. Why? I will tell you why. They want to get married because they are already tired and do not want to do any other job. When they get married, they will give birth to a son or a daughter, who will complete their job. You will say, “I don’t want to get married.” It means that you are strong. However, you cannot complete your job, so you have to get married. Do not think that this is an allegory. This is the truth. By development I understand the job God assigned to us, which we have to complete or withdraw and let somebody else take over from us. Here is why people are born and reincarnated – they descend and ascend. Some day, when you say that you have got tired, God will ask you, “Would you like to give up your place to your brother, who will complete your job?” That is it. All this is basic knowledge. You will learn something more in future. God has already started rearranging the world. In this era of growth we experience the most favourable conditions of the effect of the Divine fire. In this Divine fire solid substances will melt. The matter will be purified and refined and God will rearrange it in a different order. God will send those who have not completed their development to a different place. There is no extinction in this world. There is only withdrawal of duties and assignments we fail to carry out. At school a poor student can be kept back a year or two. The same refers to life. It is desirable that you become fully aware of this. It does not matter what job you do – whether you are a mathematician, a chemist, a doctor – these are all shadows, forms of life. What counts is whether you enlighten Lord’s name and accept His will with your soul. One who wants to be strong should hold forth these: Lord’s name, which is the greatest blessing, Lord’s kingdom, which refers to the human soul, and Lord’s will, which refers to life on earth. The spiritual world is interrelated to the physical one: man is both a physical and a spiritual creature. These two elements coexist, as there is a correlation that unites and guides them. This is the soul, which is semi-spiritual and semi-material. This is a condition you will never be able to change. Under physical matter I mean the world of forms necessary for the manifestation and being of things. Under spiritual world I understand the forces working in the direction of creating the forms. Under soul I mean the conditions preparing the building up of these forms. Therefore, life cannot manifest itself without forms. Each soul needs a body to exist as a unit or entity in this world. It needs to possess a body to be visited by God. Can you invite any guests if you do not have a home? When one wants to get married, he first needs to build a home, just like birds, have to nest before laying eggs. Those without houses will say, “Now we are in a nice fix!” Do not take this literally. What I mean is to have a house in the spiritual world. You will not be admitted to Heaven without such a house. By growth I mean having such a house. It would have a garden, trees, and flowers to decorate it. To grow you need to forget about your shadows and misunderstandings. All things that exist in this world are shadows. If you fall asleep for a long time, everything will disappear. France, England, Germany will disappear. There will not be any wars. You will forget about your debts, about sugar and rice – you will forget about everything, because everything is just shadows. To know a person truly you need to love him or her. Only one who loves knows people. Someone will say, “I love, but I suffer and I fear.” There cannot be love if you fear. Love excludes fear. All contradictions give rise to trouble. The human spirit cannot develop without facing difficulties. This is the teaching that has to be preached to cultivated people nowadays. Only then can your homes be free from fears and sufferings, which are fictitious. There are magnetizers which when hypnotising someone, draw a line and tell him that when he gets to it, he will face a wall. So, one who is under hypnosis cannot go through it, while you actually do not see the wall. When the magnetizer disappears, the wall vanishes as well. Now it is the devil that has put up such a wall in human minds. It is just a line, but you see plenty of difficulties, which are nothing but shadows. Nothing is impossible in this world. Anything is possible. Someone will ask, “How can everything be possible?” For example, if I have starved for several days on end and I pray to God for a piece of bread, He will give it to me. But if I ask Him for 7 or 8 loaves of bread, He will give me nothing. What I am telling you is the very truth, which you yourselves can check. You should give up being avaricious. You should not ask for more than you need. For instance, if you have a kilo of sugar, be happy and content to have it and do not ask for two or three kilos. Can all people be millionaires? Just like the growth of a tree has its limits, so one cannot grow further than the age of 21. Then one can grow only in mind, soul and spirit. These are the great things, and when you open your eyes to them you will grasp them. Sometimes it is necessary that someone pray to God to open your eyes. This is what one of the Israeli prophets, Elyseus, did once. The Syrian king sent a powerful army against Elyseus. He wanted him captured and brought to him. Elyseus’s servant, on seeing the army in the morning, got frightened and asked, “What are we going to do now, master?” – “Do not fear! Those who are with us are more than those against us.” Elyseus prayed to God, “ I pray to you, Lord, that you open my servant’s eyes so that he can see what I see.” God opened the servant’s eyes and he was able to see the forest full of chariots and horses surrounding Elyseus. When the Syrians approached, he supplicated, “Oh, Lord, strike these people blind!” Then Elyseus led them to the Land of Samaritans to meet the Israeli king and said, “ Oh, Lord, open their eyes so that they can see!” God opened their eyes and they saw tehmselves facing the king. On seeing them the king asked, “Shall I smite them, my Lord?” So he said, “Do not smite them. Give them some food and send them back to their master!” While we, the modern people say, “ What is in store for us?” Those who are with us are more than those who are against us. What is against us? It is our thoughts, our shadows, which we have been creating for years. You should tell yourselves, “ These thoughts, these bears and wolves, which I have created, should not frighten me.” Some claim that they have a staunch faith. You can test it by placing them amongst bears and wolves. God is not with you if you succumb to fears, temptations and hatred. Christians have to be brave. What this world needs is brave people. We have to bear sufferings and say, “I will praise Your name and Your grace!” You will say, “But so many people died!” I do not see them as dead but as resurrected. I would like to join them – Oh, what glory it is to go to heaven! Some people are afraid of death. They love God, but when the moment of death approaches, they start seeking the help of doctors. God is not with them. When the time comes you should say, “I am coming, my Lord. Give me some other job to do!” I want all of you who are listening to me today to be brave. Go among your lions, tigers and snakes and stroke them. God will not be with you until you learn t constrict snakes and crocodiles. Take Daniel for instance, who was not injured in any way while he was among the lions because he said, “God, who is with me, will tame the lions.” I would like you to call upon God when you are among your lions. Do not be pusillanimous! Have courage! What is more, equality and brotherhood should be preached all along the line and not on the face of it but truly. Great people and people of science have to set an example for you how to live. If you are a chemist, an astronomer, a judge, or a priest – you need to harness all your energy for the sake of humanity. We are not that far – the fire is coming; there will come quite a heat. But you should not lose heart – those who are with us are more than those against us. Let everybody know that God is coming to put the world in order, establishing law and justice. Then you, men and women, endowed by God with these nice names, will have to obey the new order. There is no better name than man or woman in this world. But now both men and women are complaining about their position. Men say, “Woe to us, men, as we were born! It is our duty to join the army and fight in times of war!” Women say, “Woe to us, women, as we were born! We have to give birth to children!” There is no woe about it all. On the contrary, it is a blessing that you were born what you are, destined to do a particular job. All you need to do is give yourselves a hand. Someone will ask, “How can we reconcile?” Do not complain, find some reconciliation with all your brothers, and all the subjects you have got, call upon God to glorify His name and the Spirit within you, and your supplication should be to grow up so that you can fulfil what you are predetermined to do. You are not going to die. From now on more auspicious conditions and sciences are forthcoming; you will be able to study astronomy, mathematics, etc. Some will say, “Mathematics is an easy subject up to the number ten.” But have you considered how many ratios exist between these ten numbers? Some say, “Let us be good.” This is 1. “Let us be just.” This is 2. “Let us be affectionate.” This is 3. “Let us be wise.” This is 4. “Let us be truth-loving.” This is 5. We are up to 5. Let us be both good and just. This is 1 and 2. Let us be good, just and affectionate. This is 1, 2, and 3. Let us be wise – this is 1, 2, 3, and 4. This is no science whatsoever. With 1 we need to understand its laws, the soil and the elements. We need to apply chemistry and see what grows with 1. Then we will say that it is apples, cherries, grapes, wheat, rice, cabbage, carrots, etc. that grow with 1. It will be found out how many elements are necessary for the growth of apples and pears with this 1. So we can say, “Let us be good.” But in order to be good we have to work. We can also be just, but we need to work, too. Goodness, justice and wisdom come from above. You say, “We want to be good.” Come to me, I will teach you and show you how to be good. I will take a nail and heat it. The nail will become good. Where is the furnace? It is within your heart. Take the nail, the bellows, and the coal, put the nail – your thoughts – and heat it. This is the procedure we have to follow when working on ourselves. In this respect Christianity is a kind of alchemy. You are listening to me and perhaps you say, “I feel wretched, I feel miserable.” Why? - Because you have shut the windows and do not let the Divine light penetrate through them. God is alive, but you have not let Him enter. Sometimes if He slaps you in the face, you should say, “Thank you, Lord, for visiting me. You should look upon your husband’s slap in the same way. Why do you thrash a walnut-tree? - To knock the walnuts down. Likewise, God comes and asks, “Do you have any fruit to give me?” If a brother slaps you, you should take him home, offer him food and drinks – nourish him with the new teaching. If you offer him the new teaching, he will start picking the walnuts by hand instead of thrashing them. This is what is going on now everywhere. Men, women, teachers, students, priests and preachers are throwing stones at one another. Sufferings nowadays are the greatest blessing. I am grateful to God for many things. I am grateful to Him that He is the king and I am His servant. Him being a king is the greatest blessing both to me and to the others. Now you are all servants, but if you want to be kings and queens in future, apply the Divine Teaching. In the morning, when getting up, you should say, “Thank you, Lord, that I am alive so that I can serve You.” How do you usually get up? Sometimes you get up with your face up, sometimes with the wrong side up. Keep a watch on how your children get up. You should never get out of bed on the wrong side. What should your first thought be? “Lord, bless my soul! Thank you, for letting me get up today so that I will be able to do my work whatever it is and wherever it is and that I will be able to grow as much as I should.” This is the primary, basic knowledge. However, what is it that you usually do? If any of you is a teacher, he or she will say, “Oh, dear! I have to grade 50 papers!” If he is a judge, he will say, “I have so many cases today!” If he is a preacher, he will say, “I have a sermon to read today, and I have nothing ready yet!’ If she is a mother, she will say, “Why are these kids whimpering?” God is not with these people, so they will not be successful in their work throughout the day. You should blow, and say, “Oh Lord, help me get rid of bad thoughts! Bless my soul!” Try this. Some say, “God was so merciful that he sacrificed himself and was crucified.” How was he crucified? – With his head up. That is why, when you get up in the morning, your head should be up and not down. When stepping out of the house it is your head that should go out first facing God, not your feet. I would go into further detail, but, unfortunately, I am pressed for time. You should go out with your head first, thanking God in your soul. Then all the light spirits will surround you, and you will get the strength and wisdom to grow. It is God who helps things grow. Why am I telling you this? It is God who does things through people. Sometimes, when I am speaking to you, you say, “Mr. Dounov said so.” What I am saying is said from above, it is what all heaven says. I repeat that God is coming to purify the earth through fire, to strip people from their scruffy clothes, give them new bodies, pour love into their hearts, lift their minds and eliminate any hatred or malice. This is what the new teaching heralds in the new epoch. So when you get up in the morning, try to say, “We give thanks to You, O God, for Your grace! We give You thanks for You are good! Your mercy endures for ever!” Keep saying this for a month and then come to me. You will see then what the temperature of your soul will be. That is the whole secret. If you repeated it for ten months, it would be even better. This is the A, the beginning. When I was your age I started studying this practice so on getting up I said, “I thank you, God for everything You gave me and taught me.” You should start with this, too. This is a great teaching. If you do not start with it, you will live in eternal darkness. If you start applying it, God, the angels and all the saints will smile at you and help you become God’s sons. You will be able to bear 4,000 thrashes on you back and when Christ comes he will say, “Let him take my place, and I will bear the rest.” I understand this as a metaphor, and I am trying to put it metaphorically. Disseminate this teaching among the people. This is the only way people can be elevated. Those who are willing should try this teaching and see the results. It is a positive item of knowledge. Each people, society or household that works in this way will be placed. This is the annunciation that Christ brought for the revival of society 2,000 years ago. Let anyone who has ears listen to this. Lecture delivered on 7th January, 1917 Source
  4. Note 4 The Truth ‘The truth shall make you free.’ John 8:32 Pilate asked Christ the question: ‘What is truth?’ Here is one profound philosophical question which is easy to ask, but difficult to answer. Truth in itself is something specific, real, and unchangeable – it is eternal Light, eternal Wisdom, eternal Love, eternal Justice, and eternal Life. But, on the other hand, this very definition requires defining more precisely what Truth is. I am going to dwell on the thought: ‘It is Truth that gives us Freedom’. Freedom is an aspiration of the human mind, heart, Spirit; Freedom is Life; and Life’s purpose is to seek Truth. And seek it in a way different from the one Tolstoy relates in his book ‘My Conversion’. In this book, Tolstoy recounts one of his dreams, which is a clear illustration of his state of the mind before his conversion. ‘I am, says Tolstoy (I am giving a brief account of the story he tells), asleep on a bed. This bed is neither comfortable nor agreeable; I turn over and over to feel what this bed is like, what material it is made of – whether it is made of wood or iron; and I notice, at one point, that the bars of the bed on the sides of my head and feet are starting to fall down, one by one, till finally only one is left under my waist; and at that very moment I hear a voice shouting: ‘Do not dare to move either your head or feet – keep your balance!’, and I see beneath myself a huge pillar and a profound abyss. Very often, you may come upon philosophers who are lying on their backs and from that position are studying the Divine World; however, in the end, only one bar is left under their backs and God says to them: ‘Keep your balance!’ The moment you articulate the word balance, the catastrophe is evaded. When you are studying the Truth, you have to stand upright on your feet instead of lying on your back – only the dead lie in that posture. I use the word dead in its figurative meaning, to describe someone who is narrow-minded, one who doesn’t think. It is better if you turn to the East, so that when Christ approaches, you are able to meet Him upright. Many are those who do as Tolstoy does, but Christ says to them: ‘Balance!’ ‘The Truth shall make you Free’. Truth is real; it is Life itself, do not think it’s something imaginary. It is a world with a beauty of its own; with colours, tones, music of its own; it is a world which has always existed and will always exist. Christ says: ‘Whoever understands this world, these laws and forces, he shall be free’ and also ‘To this end was I born … that I should bear witness unto the truth.’1, and then, Pilate asked him ‘What is truth?’ People of today have strange notions of God. God is Truth; and every time during the day when you feel joy and happiness and start singing, then at this very moment Truth – the living God – is within you; whenever you think Good and do a good deed – God is within you. Truth means progress, an impulse; and when Christ says ‘I am the Way’ He means that a man should make progress and never stand in one place like a tethered animal. In this world, everything is strictly mathematically defined and there is nothing unforeseen or happening by chance; your life, your hardships, pain, tortures – they are all foreseen; and they bear a sign - plus or minus. Truth contains all four mathematical rules: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. One who has plenty can add; one who is in short supply can add, too, but using a different kind of addition. You have, for example, two thousand leva2, but with a sign minus or plus, i.e. borrowed or lent - that’s what will determine the correlation; if you say ‘I have got a two thousand year’, and put in a minus, I understand that in the past you have lived a vicious life for two thousand years; while if you say ‘two thousand years plus’ I understand that you have lived a life virtuous and therefore you are in truth a rich man. Christ says: ‘The truth shall make you free.’ Freedom is a necessity for both man and woman; it is the foundation of the entire social order. Everyone strives for Freedom and has the right to live in Freedom; however a person shall be given this Freedom to the extent they are able to make use of the goods Truth provides. The sufferings a people undergo are as essential to the entity, as they are to each and every individual. Tortures and torments are man’s invention; for example, your husband is paid his salary, it is fifty leva, and the money is hardly enough to see you through the month: ‘Besides’, you say, ‘Easter is coming, how are we to afford Easter cake? Sugar and eggs are expensive, we have no money to buy new shoes, and a new hat will cost fifty to seventy leva. How I wish I had one hundred and fifty or two hundred leva instead.” To make peace, leave the Easter cake for next year; there is not only one Easter in this world, is there? – ‘No, I want the money now!’ - Well, but God had provided only fifty leva, so be content with what you have been given, do not ruin the Easter holiday. In that respect, the wife should grant freedom to her husband and the husband should grant freedom to his wife, and down with Easter bread! That is what Freedom is about; and Truth, too. That is the reason why the Scripture says: “Give thanks for all you have been given!” and do not think that God has not granted you riches, because He has; and you all are rich men; but you have the task to uncover your riches. In our perception of the Divine principles, we have to have inner Freedom, and not to be preconceived. Truth does not depend on either your or my conceptions; no matter whether you think in one way or another; regardless of whether you are approaching or drifting away from it; you will never change its relations; it will always exist, as it is, in this world, which is very rationally created. The Light we have originates from the Light of Truth. Love comes from above; from the Truth; and the moment the Truth triumphs over the world, it shall make you free – as Love unyieldingly aims at Truth. Beauty is another manifestation of Truth; what Beauty is in relation to man, is what Truth is in relation to the Divine World – it is the one and only face of this world, which is a world of harmony and beauty. That is why when you ask: ‘Why are we unhappy?’ Truth answers: ‘Because you are ignorant, because you transgress the law.’ I remember how, once upon a time in Varna3, Gagauz4 girls used to fall in love with Bulgarian young men and wanted to marry Bulgarian men, because, as they said, Greek men were drunkards, while Bulgarian men resembled handsome and good-natured little donkeys. Yet, it is by no means an understanding of the Truth; because Truth is a science teaching what, in truth, should be the reciprocal mindful relations between men. A person cannot be free unless they bring their mind, their heart into balance and in harmony with Truth. Only in this way, will they be able to join the Divine world. Many are those who ask whether we can do without suffering. - Yes, we can. ‘And without pain and tortures?’- Yes, we can, without a doubt, but suffering is indispensable for the evolution of men. Man wants to study the world, and that is why he is bound to suffer, and the Earth is the abode of suffering. ‘But’, man says, ‘how should I have known that?’ -Why haven’t you asked the Mindful Souls above before descending? Once upon a time, a little Angel, after having listened to the stories being told about the people, said to a grown-up Angel: ‘How I wish I could see these people. Please take me to the Earth so I can see them.’ And the grown-up Angel took the little one to the Earth. Then, the little Angel said: ‘I asked you to take me to the people, and you took me to hell.’ ‘But, hell are the people’ – replied the grown-up Angel. And, in truth, we, the people, are the inferno. By saying inferno we mean boiling; bubbling from beneath; seizing by the throat; brothers fighting for their father’s legacy – because the one has taken more than the other; while what is needed is fairness – let the elder brother take more, by the right of seniority. What we have on the Earth are precisely the relations that God has laid down and for which His laws testify; and when we apply these laws according to the Truth, in consequence we obtain Freedom. Therefore, the one who wants to study the Truth will have to study the quality of the Freedom. If you ask me what music is, I will not be able to give a definition; yet what I can define is what music in itself can stir, and it is harmony and relation between the tones. Just sit at the piano or at any other instrument, start playing and you will see what music is like. But, for the manifestation of music we need three things: first, the idea of a song in our mind’s eye; second – an instrument and third – an artist; therefore we need some talent for music in our mind; an insightful ear and subsequently – an artist to play the music. And if you ask me what a teacher is like, I can tell you what a teacher makes: they deliver knowledge and if you learn what Knowledge is, then at that very moment you will find yourself close to the Teacher. You ask what Virtue is; but you should better ask what the fruits of Virtue are; or, in other words, before you venture to study the substance of all things, you should better study their fruits first. How do we know Freedom? We know Freedom by the broad expanse of action it gives. The road of necessity is a one-way road, which you walk in harness. Even if you wear the finest bridle of gold, you still have only one direction to go – ahead; and if you dare to stop, the whip will crack on your shoulders. With Freedom, quite the opposite, you have choice. You have the choice to climb a mountain peak walking the track you choose; and, on the contrary, when you roll downwards, you go in one direction only. ‘But, why should a person think like that?’- Because he is free to think as he chooses. ‘But, he is an atheist!’ - Well, it is only a temporary misconception. ‘He is a wicked person.’ - His sense of Good has not developed yet. ‘He errs.’ - His will has not been fine-tuned. ‘So-and-so has given birth to an illegitimate child.’- Straighten out the relations between the sexes. I consider all men free; only cowards are not free and it’s them who commit crime, as they haven’t got the courage to undertake responsibility. Who are the strong men of the world? Those, who are free and who can endure hardship and suffering, discredit, disgrace – all these are tests, and whoever endures them, is a man of courage, a hero. Suffering is given to put men to the test, to see who is a hero and who is a coward; one who does not want to suffer, one who prefers, without making an effort, letting others do his chores is enlisted into the catalogue of the cowards; if you suffer you are a hero. Tell me; who are the men the Bulgarian people glorify: are they the cowards who in Turkish times5 betrayed the people; or are they those who suffered for their people? And those who suffer for the Truth will be even more glorified – the principle is the same. That is why the science of Truth is a science of social life; Truth always makes people free – those who die for the sake of the others make men free. If Stephan had not died, Pavel would not have been born; when Stephan died, his spirit inspired Pavel and they both started working for God. Stephan taught Pavel to suffer, to endure three times thirty nine sticks; it is for this endurance that Pavel is renowned for. And do you know what the purpose of the thirty nine sticks was? Three plus nine is twelve; the number 12 represents the law of rounding up the evolution of all the days in a man’s life. And the one who has been beaten on the Earth like that; in the other life shall no longer be beaten. If you ask why they beat Christ, He will answer to you: ‘I suffered so that you shall be free.’ Whenever here, on this Earth, someone beats you, a string is broken which ties you to your evil fate; that is why Christ says: ‘And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other.’ (Luke 6:29) Only the strong one can beat; and when the strong one is beating, it is a blessing. What do village people do? When they want a field to yield more crops, they send sheep on this field to graze on it; when it comes to fields, they know the law, but when it comes to their own selves – they do not know it – so, eventually, let the sheep of the world graze on you. Christ says: ‘To this end was I born into the world.’ By saying birth, he means not outer, but inner birth into each and every mind and heart, to testify this Truth. When Truth initiates its birth into you, you will start feeling Freedom. A woman, after getting married, wants to have children, because she is filled with the Truth that this is the only way to observe the law - to inherit property. It is the same in the Spiritual World – if you have not the Truth in you, you cannot inherit the Divine riches. Hence, Truth has to be born into you and then you will have riches and you will live an easier life. There is a legend about Moses – when walking to the Sinai Mountain he met a joyous shepherd and asked him: ‘Why are you so happy?’ The shepherd answered: ‘Because today God was my guest and I slaughtered a lamb to offer Him a treat.’ ‘God does not eat lamb, it was your mind that fell prey to delusion,’ disagreed Moses and left. But sorrow overcame the shepherd, and he became downhearted. When Moses reached the Mountain of Sinai, he noticed that God was angry at him for making a great mistake and returned to the shepherd with the words that God will be his guest and will eat from his lamb. Moses said to the shepherd what God had told him and found a hiding place to see what would happen. At one time, he saw that the shepherd was sleeping peacefully and from Heaven fire fell and burnt the lamb. The shepherd got up and said: ‘I am full of joy, because God came down and ate the lamb.’ And when Truth falls into you, the fire of Truth - Love, will make a sacrifice that is pleasing to God. This is the real world of Truth; for some it is unreal, but there are many (they are neither one or two, nor ten, they are thousands in this world) who know this Truth, and its seeds have to be planted for a long time ahead. You see how beautiful these flowers in front of you are – yellow, red, blue – and you pick these flowers, but are you aware of their meaning? You say: ‘This flower smells very good’, but do you know what this smell means? It shows the deep sorrow of this flower; and this sorrow generates the nectar, intended for your life. There are people, who, when surrounded by their wealth, say: ‘There is no God’, but the moment they lose their wealth or their health, or their social standing; the moment God limits them, they start to smell: ‘There is God.’ Wealth was about to kill their minds, and the moment God takes their wealth away, they start to adopt the correct outlook. What you can see on the Earth is something transitory, it is not real: you see young beautiful girls, but some time passes and their faces become wrinkled; and at some point they become old ladies; and I ask, where did those young girls go, the ones we used to admire so much? The same is with young men – where did their strong build go? You still do not know your own selves; when you study the law of Truth, it will give you power over the matter to understand its inner patterns and to perfect your Life. This is the law of motion, according to which man constantly transforms to pass from the transitory to the eternal; to comprehend the unchangeable nature of the Truth. People say: ‘Christ was born and preaches the Truth” – let us see what this Truth is. Christ wants to introduce a lively spirit into your mind, to give you an impetus to one thought, to let you connect to the Divine World – you are all eternally connected with God. In the world you have friends and if these friends sometimes seem heartless, it is for a reason and the reason is that of your deeds, which are prompted by ignorance. Paul says: ‘God looked down upon men’s ignorance and let men go their own ways, but now He is calling them to abide by the law.’ What has the mother to do, who is called, too, to abide by the law? First of all, she has to give birth to good and intelligent children – this is her task. Some women complain, saying: ‘Why am I a woman?’ – And who should have taken their place, I ask. The man is intended to prepare this material of thought, will, character; to pass it; and the woman is intended to give birth. People look for amenities in this world, but they have to understand that essential law, which is valid for the music, too – the law of the minor and major scales. God has placed some in a minor key; has put them in flat – in the grief, in the sorrow, in the deepness of emotions; while others He has placed in the major key; has put them in sharp, in the shallow waters of Life, as they have no depth of emotions. What can one see in a dance or a march? Dancing, marching, and… exhaustion. With the sad song you will not move about, you will stay peaceful and contemplate; with the minor tone God had created you to think of the other world; with the major – of this world. Sometimes, you want to assume another role: ‘But can religious people play? ‘Yes, they can, but what kind of game? David, when carrying the coffin, was jumping and his wife said: ‘Look, why are you fidgeting before the entire people of Israel!’ ‘Why should I not jump before God? He objected. God has not limited us, He gave us the glorious Freedom to do Good and evil, but the Good can, in certain aspects, be evil, too. You may say: ‘How can that be possible? Look at a man and woman, they live together very well; and when Christ, on His behalf, says: ‘Give away your wealth’; the man in his desire to follow the teaching of the Savior wants to give away his possessions, but the wife says: ‘You must have gone mad; you want your wife and children to be made miserable, don’t you?’ – ‘But I want to follow the law of God.’ – ‘And I do not want this law.’ You have no right to give away the property that belongs to your wife and children, because it is theirs; if you have one hundred thousand leva, divide them equally and fairly between yourself, your wife and children; and only the share that falls to you is the one you can give away; you have no right to do something in the name of God at your family’s expense – this is Christ’s law. – ‘But I am right’ - No, you are not, who gave you this right? Your wife, where did you take her from? Not from your legs, it’s from your ribs that God created her to be your friend and you have no right to torment her. That, of course, suits the women and they say: ‘That’s right! That’s right!’ Never approach the issues solely from your point of view, but from the reciprocal point of view. In the universal Life there are plenty of possibilities: in this life you are a man, but in another life you can be created a woman and vice versa. If, in this life, you write: ‘I give no freedom to the woman’, in your second life, when you will be created a woman, you will feel the sweetness of this provision of the law. ‘It is not’, you will then say, ‘a good law,’ although it was you who wrote it beforehand. Men, set good laws, because the second time, as women, you will come under their rule. Of course, it is not only the man who writes laws, the woman also writes laws and set restrictions to other women. Many women have written bad laws into their daughters and sons – to hate their father: ‘Your father is a scoundrel, vagabond.’ Do not write such laws, because your Father is only one; and this man or this woman, they are a tool of the Divine Spirit wishing to become clothed in a form or idea; and when you are complaining, you are grumbling against God. You should not change the fundamental traits of the idea incarnate in form. Within the shadows you can introduce some changes, make them brighter or darker; but the foremost, the one which embodies the Divine Idea, has to remain unchanged. April 24, 1916 (May 7, 1916, Sofia - Old Style) 1 John 18:37 2 lev – Bulgarian National Currency, pl. leva 3 Varna – a city in Bulgaria, on the Black Sea coast 4 Gagauz –in Bulgaria: an ethnic group, Orthodox Christians, speaking a language related to the Turkish language 5 The Master refers to the period of the Ottoman dominance over the Bulgarian people (1396-1878) and the struggle of the Bulgarian people for Freedom. Source
  5. Note 5 Freedom Of Spirit “And where the Spirit Divine is, there is freedom.” Second epistle to the Corinthians 3:17 And so, a condition for Freedom is the Spirit. By the word Freedom, we understand a free Life; we understand the inner sense of things, their relations – the relations of thoughts, desires, and volitional incitements which are displayed in the world. Where there is a living soul, there is movement, which is a result of the will; but this movement can go in a certain direction, and it can go in various directions. In the New Testament it is said: “Where the Spirit Divine is, there is freedom.”, and in another place: “A Divine Son will liberate you.” The Son and the Spirit are one and the same thing; the Son is a display of the Father and Mother; the intelligence of the Son is an expression of the intelligence of the Father and Mother, like the sunlight is an expression of the inner state of the Sun – we recognize the Sun by it. How can we recognize man? By the light of his thoughts, desires, and actions. I am talking about Freedom of Spirit, because in religious people there is a danger: when someone becomes religious, he becomes twice as bad as the worldly people. Sometimes it does not make me happy that people are religious; by the world religious I understand a man connected with something, like the cow or the horse are tied with a rope; connected to the house – it is a religion too, connected with some political party or with some philosophical teaching – it is also a religion – yes, a religious teaching, but what kind? That which connects the Freedom of man or society. If you are connected with a teaching which degrades you, which deprives you from your Freedom, it is an antiquated religion, an old wine-skin, and all who seek that Freedom (the meaning of Life, as this supreme consciousness is called by contemporary philosophers, or citizenship, as political people call it; you can also call it whatever you like), have this rationality within themselves. How would they know if you have the Spirit? If you are judicious people and if, by your thoughts, desires, and actions, you are distinguished with the power of your Freedom, and anywhere you go, you carry that blessing. The word Freedom in contemporary life infers Light. When you are travelling at dusk, you are not as free as you are when you are travelling during the day, because of the simple reason that your path is not clear; and thus all religious people, when they are mistaken, they have something vague in their conceptions. You do not know what the Lord and God is, but the local kings and governors you know – and like they punish you, so does God punish; those results, which we see in the world, are born out of this comprehension. And from that inner slavery we have to liberate ourselves – how would we liberate ourselves? A fundamental change in the structure of our brain has to happen; you have not learned that structure yet. Each morning, you pray and seek the Lord, you shout and say that sometimes He is not listening to you; God listens only to those people, whose ears are open; he does not listen to the deaf and to them he does not speak. You need to have a very delicate ear, clever, to easily understand what God is saying to you; He likes to watch and listen to people who work hard, who do not occupy themselves with nonsense, because He does not occupy himself with stupid things. Track the contemporary religions and you will notice the stage of development they are in; in every religion there are certain fallacies – I will tell you what they are. When we want to understand a certain religion, we often leave a community and enter another. A lad wished to stamp about a bit in the ring dance, and borrowed the boots of someone else; the guy who lent him the boots, however, told him after the dance: “Listen, stamp more lightly, I did not give them to you to stamp hard.” Another one came by and told him: “Because that guy embarrassed you, I will give you my boots”; and when he started dancing, he started shouting at him: “Stamp, my friend, even if you wear them out, I will give you others!” Whether he would say “stamp” or “do not stamp”, it is all the same – that man is no longer free; whether you have stamped a little or a lot, it is irrelevant – once they embarrass you, your freedom is taken away. Furthermore, our mind has to be enlightened on the real Freedom. Christ has given a definition for Freedom: “Do not do unto others that which you do not want them to do unto you” – that rule has to be an inner law of ours. We have to speak and do that which gives Freedom unto others. A couple of days ago a woman came to me and said: “I am amazed at contemporary people: they stand and pray, their prayers are excellent, but once the prayers stop, they start to gossip about each other – one saw something, the other did not see it well, the thing which one of them saw was not from God, but from the devil, “you are lying” - “no, you are lying”; we see that none of them has and gives the others any freedom. I want to have freedom, to serve God; not their God of course.” I told this woman when she finds herself among them again, to tell them what she told me. Since you have no tolerance towards people, you do not give them Freedom, you do not understand the teaching of Christ, and you have a take-off notion of him. Throw those caricatures away from you; do not imagine God in this way. Now, what kind of thing is religion? Both a science of forms and a science of the Divine Love. If you study an outer form, and not its inner content, you will be misled and you will change it in the same way as the lady who changes her costume every day. When she lives for fifty-sixty years, she could make ten - twenty costumes of various colours, add some nice ribbons and buttons, but these clothes are not the lady – form is still not a religion; these forms are really necessary for religion, like costumes are for the body, but they do not compose the body of the lady. If some relative dies, people start saying: “I have to blacken (blacken означава че потъмнява човек, а не дреха!); I should not wear white clothes”; wear the clothes you like – black, white, red, green, blue, motley, of every sort and kind, it is not a sin. However, when you go to someone who is dead, you will not wear white clothes, like when the street is muddy, you will not put on white shoes, but such as the season requires. Worldly people are very smart; in my eyes they stand ten times higher than the overly religious people – through the worldly people God has decided to fix the world. Would-be politicians and socialists – they will fix the world, because they want freedom. But someone would say: “How come, they destroy” – when you are building a new house, do you not destroy the old one? If you do not throw away an ageing point of view of yours, no new thought will spring up in your mind. Some want to give people a science of how to think: only “seven plies up, seven plies down”, a science of “молчать, не рассуждать” (Literally “keep quiet, do not reason” – a Russian idiom, meaning submissive implementation), of that which is written – things outside of that are of the devil. Others say that theirs is from God, and that is from the devil; this means to be a strong „задным умом” (from Russian again – “Background mind”). We have to judge any given teaching by its results: if it can be applied in social life and give good results, then it is good; if it cannot, it is not good. We have to apply the Freedom of Spirit; ask yourselves that question: are you free, do you have that Spirit within yourselves? When the Spirit comes, He will produce Light both in your mind, and your heart – that is the sign. Once you start to restrict the Spirit of man – how he is supposed to think, feel, and act, he will immediately leave you. Just like when the teacher comes in class and wants to present his lesson: if the students are noisy, he just goes out; then of course their parents and guardians will come and beat them up because they would not listen to the teacher. So was Moses a guardian of the Jews – he came to beat them up and ask them: “Do you listen to your teacher?” And now, when you say: “Why has that punishment befallen us”, I answer you: because you have not listened to the Spirit, you should have listened to him. Let us explain the word “Freedom”: if you find a man with his hands and feet tied, and start comforting him: “God is good, he will untie you”, when you can untie him yourself, are you preaching a teaching of Freedom, I ask? No, take out your knife, cut the ropes loose and rescue him. And what do you do? You tie him even tighter so that he cannot escape. People have to be untied; and when Christ says: “Go and preach”, he infers namely that untying. And this Freedom clearly has to be inward. All irritations and misconceptions between people are due to the lack of freedom; if it is a matter of irritation, how much more would God, who has created this world and sees what the world does, be irritated? If God is angering, that is good, but if I am angering, what is the use – it is of no use. But does God anger? God does not anger; in the Old Testament it is indeed mentioned The Wrath of God, but that has to be comprehended in an inward sense. The fact that God does not anger is seen in the phrase of the Christ: “Why are you calling Me kind Master, kind is only the one God” – he who is kind cannot anger. Prophets, have written that God angers, I impugn that – can someone tell me where God Alone has said that he angers? At one place Jeremiah says: “My God, You have fooled me, I was fooled” – how would you agree with that contradiction? That is a fallacy, we should not accept such fallacies about God into our minds; we can acknowledge that it is our comprehension. And the right thing to say is: “Where the Spirit Divine is, there is freedom” – that is what God has actually said. Love can not be awakened without Freedom. As long as man is blind, he cannot be loved; nobody loves he who torments. That which brings destruction cannot bring Freedom. We pray to God and in the prayer, if one of us would make a mistake, the other would push him; this is not Freedom, this is acting – down with those masks; to poke one another when standing before God, that is not a prayer. Man, when praying, needs to forget the surroundings, needs to seclude himself, to enter his secret room – in his soul, nothing outward must bother him. None of you, who are listening to me here, are free: I can see how you are tied to a stake, others – to two, three, ten stakes; and I can prove it to you ten times, even now – not only theoretically, but practically too. Because you are preparing for a world of Freedom (The Kingdom of Christ and The Kingdom Divine is a Kingdom of Freedom), with these old forms, with old wine-skins you cannot enter it, you would barely be able to go near its gates. I am not suing you for being misguided, but I am showing you the way, because you are seeking Freedom. The reason for your slavery is not woman, neither is it man – we know the reason: slavery came when both of them ate from that corrupted apple. If we want to understand Christ, our Spirit needs to be free. In the Jewish language there are two words: the one is “ruha”, which shows the supreme manifestation of God, and the other is “nefesh”, which shows the lower state of the soul. Take a child that is still not developed: it starts crying and making wry faces, and with its crying works its will on the mother; eventually its mother gives him a breast and it says to her: “That is how you should obey me” – and the mother carries out the will of the child. Why was that child sent to you – for you to obey or it? If you are a free Spirit, you have to learn the relations of things. How can we gain that inner Freedom? Often there is a good and bad side both to prayers, and gatherings. When two people gather, they have to be on the same level, so that an exchange of magnetic powers can happen; otherwise arguments arise, because in every man the Spirit of Freedom prevails, and so they do not share a common view of life. That is also why in Christianity there is the process of cleansing before going to God. The first thing is to settle down within yourselves. How does that happen? Before praying along with other people, pray alone, because when you go among the people, you need to be somewhat ready; first of all you have to pray on your own, then with two, three people, etc. And all of you have to contemplate – the Spirit will come to only give you certain lessons. And when the Divine Spirit comes and enters two souls, he will immediately notice peace and understanding in them – when one speaks, the other will carefully listen and find pleasure in the speech of his interlocutor. And when he does not find that pleasure, he would say to himself: “I will listen to your blether, you will teach me!” – The Spirit is not there anymore, the devil is there. The gathering and praying – it does not happen on command, but on the frame of mind: if the Spirit wants – he will pray; if he does not, he will keep quiet. The first thing is to grant this Freedom and to have patience to listen, when someone speaks it should be as if God spoke. If you enter a religious community and become more nervous, you have not won anything, on the contrary – you have lost. Many doctors and people know how man is built, they know physiology perfectly, they know which food is healthy and which food is unwholesome for people, but they are living life in the old way: they say that smoking is bad, although they smoke themselves; that drinking wine is bad for the health, but they drink themselves; that eating meat is bad for the health, but they eat meat themselves. They have the knowledge, but when it comes to applying it, and building it, they do not practise what they preach – where is the Freedom of their spirit then? And Christ wants that Freedom. Some want the freedom only for themselves, and for others to obey them; some may obey out of fear, but there is no Love there. I will adduce an anecdote for that reason: a Bulgarian tailor was once summoned by a family to cut out and sew breeches and a doublet for the groom; he raised his scissors and thimble, took the servant with him, and went on his way. It was around noon, they baked him a chicken, but the master, in order to get the whole chicken for himself, said that his servant did not eat chicken, but beans instead. The servant, in front of whom the master said that, said that he would take revenge, and after lunch in private he told the hosts: “My master is sometimes crazy – if he starts looking around, know that he has gone mad.” Before his master started work, the servant hid his thimble; at one time his master started turning and looking around for his thimble; the housekeepers, when they saw that, jumped on him and tied him up. On the way out, the servant turned to his master: “Your servant does not eat chicken, he eats beans, huh?” Do not say that your servant does not eat chicken, because one day, when you start looking for your thimble, he will make sure they tie you up. The first thing in your attitude towards others is mutual respect. I have noticed in my observations that some people want to learn, and initially come in awe, but afterwards start saying: “We know more than him”, and then dismiss themselves. Like those young brides, who first stand meek and bashful; hardly a month passes by, and they open a mouth this big, and ruin the house; in the church, as long as they are brides, they stand quietly, but should they get married, it is as if they obtain civil rights and show their real images; they will marry again a second time, but the one who has married them once, will not marry twice. We should not distress God by breaching His Spirit for Freedom when someone provokes us. I can see what thoughts reflect in me and you – a whole notebook of curves have formed, like graphs on a telegram. So many telegrams of yours have been written, a whole sheaf – it is shown there how free you are; one day those telegrams will be presented to God, when you go to the hereafter. Everything in the world is overt, nothing can be hidden before the Eye of God; and I am not saying this in order to frighten you, no – God in His genesis is a Spirit that wants to always teach and correct, not to punish and avenge. That which we perceive in the world as suffering and punishment is only regarding the form. And if God punishes us in this relation, He does it in order to free us from slavery – if you decide to free a sheep from the mouth of the wolf, would it not suffer until you get it out? Freedom, inner Peace will bring forth calm and Joy, and will raise our Spirit high. Now about religion again – that religion, with which we want to serve the Lord, what is it based on? Christ says in one place: “I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not receive me as a guest, naked and you did not clothe me, sick and in prison and you did not visit me”1 – there, that is why God would pass judgement on the world. You can pray ten times a day like the old Pharisees in the streets; you can begin to resemble that mother who started praying because her food was burning – do you know what kind of thing the psychic drunkenness is? It is not a religion; a lass who often likes to meet some lad, not that she earns anything, but feels some kind of pleasantness, although that pleasantness, that tickle, does not show that she is in a Divine mood – she wastes energy. When God comes close to us, we would feel that His action is not a single moment, but a long period of time; and that mood we would feel in our soul, in secret. When people argue, I go to them, but I do not tell them to cease speaking, because I have to cease speaking first (when two people argue, even if I go to them, I will not be able to help them), I do not preach morality to them, but instead I stop and pray to God for them. In Varna2, some thirty-forty years ago, there was a priest named Gantcho, orman-papaz (Turkish expression meaning “a priest of the woods”) they called him; he often reproached those who made him a priest. He once saw a gagaouz (Turkish-speaking Christians of the Varna district) beating his wife, he took a whip and started to beat the man in order to free the woman. But both of them, the man and the woman, immediately jumped on him, and the woman said: “What kind of right do you have to beat my husband, we will work it out on our own.” Then the priest said: “Why did I have to rescue the woman from the man.” You too, like the priest Gantcho, might get involved in settling other people’s business; do not get into that, you can only interfere if both of them, the man and the woman, call you to dispute – show them the law of Freedom, and how to settle their relations. And so, religion has to bring Freedom, Peace, and Joy to people. If old-time persecutions get raised, the world will not be put in order; how many doubts will be raised for the outer forms of religion: people would say: “Your teaching is of the devil.” – “Was not yours from Satan”. He who is not on the side of Satan must serve humanity selflessly, out of Love, and even sacrifice for it. Since you want a prize or first place, or to fix the world and do not carry out the law of Freedom, the Spirit is not in you. You have to be last in the world, in order to be first before God; should you become first in the world, you are already last before God – that is what I know. I do not want human glory, I prefer God to think well about me. As I am preaching this, some of you would not accept it for themselves, and say: “I am not that, it is just him” – that is from the devil; each man deep inside himself has to forget about what the others are, and to think that he is more wrong than the others – that is right. That you are in this condition, I do not sue you, but since I want you to overcome it, I am showing you a way out. Follow the Spirit which is in you: you want Freedom – give it to the others, you want Love and Justice – give them to the others, the similar attracts the similar – that is a law. If you love people sincerely and candidly, they will love you too; just like when you look into your mirror – if you are beautiful, it will show you a beautiful face. And when you meet someone, do not tell him: “I love you”, do not talk about love, because it would disappear – then you actually do not love him. A man, who talks most about Love, has the least of it; he who speaks the most about Freedom of Spirit has the least of it and gives the least of it to others. If my attitude towards you is not what it should be, it is not the sweet sermon, which sounds like sweet music, which will make it such. Music which creates noble impulses, brings benefit; that which leaves only tickles to man, does not bring any benefit. Now those frictions between you about “narrow” and “wide”, “the Spirit is there” and “the Spirit is not there” should cease. To those of us who have the Spirit of Freedom, I would give a white pebble on which I would write my name, and when God comes, He would see what is written. When I look into your eyes, I know your Spirit: when the Spirit enters, your eyes are not very dark, but they are not very bright either. Sometimes your eyes may shine like the eyes of a snake, but it is “nefesh” – the desire to devour, to eat someone. You have seen how the eyes of a cat shine in the evening – she is looking for mice. Light differs from light: there is a light which robs, which kills, and there is a Light which enlivens. The Spirit is sensitive to the weaknesses of people and has the ability to enter into those who are on the Path. When you gather again, the telegrams will show whether there will be any pokes – God does not want such prayer gatherings. In order for all prayers to be accepted by God, I will give you a method: if you come across an uncomforted, weary soul, pray to God for it and with it; if you see a poor man, help him. God does not want the rich to gather with the rich, but the rich with the poor, erudite with ignorant. It is not necessary to only gather and sing in a concert – go to a worldly concert, you would do well. That lady whom I told you about a while ago also told me that when she had been to that prayer gathering, a half an hour later the women started to look round and to whisper: “She saw us”; and she, after noticing she had embarrassed them, went out. I am not saying that it was in Sofia; what we are talking about is that in the church, other people may not pray correctly, but we pray thus ourselves. Oust the old devil, give Freedom and deference to others, and pray in secret within your soul, none of you shall talk and gossip about the others. When a couple of women gather together, they start talking about someone; men, when gossiping about others, cannot psychically develop. He who has this weakness should leave it behind; should talking about someone enter your mind, restrain yourselves, do not let the devil in, do not be his herald – hang up your telephone and do not put his opinions through. The devil never says any good words, he talks about people: “You are a scoundrel, a thief, a fornicator” – he entices you to help him do his work; and when the sufferings come, through them God tells you: “Next time do not listen to the devil.” Anger, envy, hatred, suspicion, lie, all the negative things in the world are characteristic of the devil; throw that old father out and you will be free, you will be with God, who is wise, kind-hearted, equitable, resourceful and affectionate, who forgives and helps the sorrowful and the poor. If you transgress a hundred times and turn to Him, He will forgive you. He only punishes the devils; He has cursed them and has created a great fire for them. So, one who does not want to be related to the devils has to be merciful and resourceful. Let us from now on begin to apply the teaching of Christ; not to show the world that we are religious people (let our piety be hidden within us), and to the world let us be like the beautiful ladies who go out with their faces covered, so that the sun will not burn them or the dust blacken them. Hide your beauty within; do not parade it outside – do not talk about how good you are, or magnanimous, ready for noble deeds, that you pray for three times a day, so that you would not become a laughing-stock to the world. And Christ says: “In the world you should be smart like the snakes, and harmless as the doves.” The worldly people are not foolish, but clever; regarding the superior Life they are worse, but regarding the mind they are smarter – we are foolish. Give them an example of a good deed, so that they would give some of their mind. They now say that we have to be straightforward, and not be generous; well how are we going to put the world in order then? When someone looks askance at us, we anger; well how many times have we looked askance at people, and not taken it into account? God has not created us with our eyes askew, but with our eyes straight; a religious life is namely this – to have and to give Freedom to people, to forgive their mistakes, and to look for every opportunity to unite spiritually. Now, let us say we will apply the teaching, and preach it to the others. No gossiping from now on, let us vow for one whole year not to gossip about anyone; make a notebook and say: “Today, thank God, I have not talked about anyone.” – put a mark seven; if you talk, put a one, take account of this through the whole year, and see how many sevens and ones you are going to write down, how much you have managed to restrain yourselves. I often see – someone’s mouth trembles: “I want to say something too”, “I also have the right to speak”, “I know something too” – starts talking, others also start, and before you know it, someone has become a target of gossip; tomorrow they would begin the same thing. When a lad gets near to a marriageable age, many damsels start falling in love with him, and all of them praise him and compete with each other for attributing the most qualities to him: his father, mother – noble, their family – very noble; should he choose one for a wife, all those who have been praising him so far start: “He is a savage, a fool, a boor”, when they too should say: “It is a good thing he has chosen a damsel among us – we are happy.” Do you know what this looks like? I have adduced this story before, about the welcoming of a prince in a big European city: from the chosen twelve most beautiful women, who were invited to elect the one that would present a bouquet to the prince, each of them voted for herself. Now you too look in that direction (still not entirely prepared) about who should give a bouquet to Christ – everyone says: “Me”. Do not vote for yourselves, even without your votes Christ knows those who deserve. That is the teaching of Christ – to be alert, not to talk about the things we might know about others. Occultists say: “If you want to be strong, do not speak about people, because at the moment you begin to talk you enter a connection with their spirit, and become infected with bad thoughts.” It is better to think good things about people instead of bad, because otherwise you harm yourselves; the one about whom you gossip benefits psychologically. You know that God says: “Since you are rich, give some of yours.” How much earnings do you have? “Ten thousand.” – Give half of it. When we speak good things about a man, God takes him and says: “How much did you earn?” – “Twenty.” – “Give half of that to the one who thinks well about you.” When we speak well about other people, we gain, and when we speak ill about the others, they gain – that is the law. If you consciously did it so that they gain, I would be glad for such self-denial, but then do not complain, you are great spirits, right? If one of your sisters has some sort of an infirmity, pray ten times for her to be free from it, and then go to her and tell her gently: “In you, sister, there is a vice, but do not be cross with me because of what I told you” – then you will be blessed. So now chase that devil – the gossip, away from yourselves. God has decided this year to tie the devils, and let no one get angry when he gets tied – he will be roped into work. Just as the farmer needs an ox to plough, so are the devils needed for work – it is either us who will be roped in, or them. In order to rope them in, the Spirit has to be in you, you have to be strong and powerful. I will talk on the matter of the Freedom of Spirit again. I will now make a little experiment in order to see how much you have utilized from my lecture for today. Religious freedom has to be absolute – God is a God of Love, of Freedom. Then each of us would find his place – when he ploughs, and when he digs, and when he does any kind of work, he will do it with gratitude. Such has to be the life on Earth according to the Freedom of Spirit, according to the Freedom by which even Socrates was distinguished. He was an inferior man, but many kings were forgotten, and his name remained. Whatever office man might hold, he might still not be noble; the Spirit requires from us to be both like kings, and like inferior people, equally free. It is the teaching of Christ that I preach: to have and to give Freedom, to have and to give Freedom, and again to have and to give Freedom – mental, and cordial, and religious, and civil, and domestic – Freedom everywhere. August 23, 1915 (Sofia, September 5, 1915 - Old Style) 1 Matthew 25:42-43 2 town in eastern Bulgaria Source
  6. Note 4 Old And New Wine-Skins 1 “And no one pours new wine into old skins … But the new wine has to be poured into new skins, and both to be protected.” Luke 5: 37-38 This small parable is a classic in terms of expression and content. Christ makes a great generalization of the ideas: he says that nobody should pour new wine into old skins, because the latter would crack. Should we take that in the literal sense? No, it is true in its figurative meaning – an analogy is made between the new teachings and the new wine, and between the old people and the old skins: the old wine, as it has ceased fermenting, can remain in the old skin, however, the new one, since it is fermenting, if it were poured into an old skin, it would burst into pieces. This parable contains a hidden thought, a great law, and that is for the Divine ideas, which are implemented into this world, new skins are needed – more elastic, so that they withstand the pressure of fermentation, i.e. people who have a mind and a heart, receptive to the new truth. When the mind is busy with old ideas, thoughts, and feelings, the new cannot penetrate; in other words, in the old forms a display of strength for feats cannot be found. In this respect young people are generous; you have to ask the ninety-year-olds ninety times to give you a nickel, because they have a natural fear, they feel too weak and feeble to dispose with their own strengths and tools like the young ones do. And that is why Christ says that the new wine has to be poured into new skins. When the New teaching pours into the world, it raises a reaction in the old ones – they think that it is not good and that it will spoil the world. Nevertheless there is no father who would want to have a son born with old ideas – everyone dreams that his son will be contemporary, and apprehend the thoughts and ideas of the century. The wine, on its own, represents Strength; in order for the human evolution to be given an impulse, there has to be strength; strength is nothing but the human Spirit, taken in a broad sense –judicious strength that works according to the Divine laws. In the aims of God, everything grows and develops; God does not like the old skins, He puts them into the lower cellars, like the old wine makers do – a time will come when there will be people who will drink from the old wine as well. When you understand the New teaching, you will be mistaken if you think that it won't ferment in you, that you will remain the same humans – that is impossible, it is the same as when the sculptor works with a hammer on marble, without breaking off some piece. Many pieces will scatter to the left and right, and old people should keep a slight distance, if they fear that some piece could hit them in the head; it is not the sculptor’s fault, but the old people, if they choose not to move away. – “I am sculpturing a statue for the future generation – he says – and everyone should keep their distance.” The artist might be working with a brush, he might be working with a bow, he might be working with a hammer – it depends on the way he works; it is not important, what is important is whether he works according to the Divine order of things. When the work gets rough, we should not say “Our heads exploded” – eternal tranquillity reigns over the graveyards; whoever wants to go forward, whoever aspires to God, whoever wants to grow in the Divine life, needs work and struggle. In this aspiration the good part of the individual resides, the good of the community, the good of all mankind. Those who want to rest, and remain with the old understandings of Life, do not comprehend the active life of the new ideas, expressed by the parable of the new wine. Do you know how much time it took the vine-stock to gather that amount of wine, and furthermore, do you know its strength? Initially it is sweet, after that it becomes sharp, and finally it becomes so strong, if you drink too much of it you lose your normal condition. So he who wants to adopt the New teaching has to free himself from the old skins. If you do not have new skins, stay away; other, new people will come, and into them the new teaching will pour. It could be poured into you, too, but first you have to sell the old skins – to free yourselves from any desire and vice that will hamper you on your way to adopting the New teaching. In India there are famous snake-hunters which tame and send many specimens of snakes to Europe; to do this they use barrels where they put the snakes (from the smallest to the biggest ones, from the least to the most dangerous) and there they tame them. One evening, however, because of incautiousness while closing the barrel, the lid was not closed properly; during the night all of the snakes managed to escape from the barrel and coiled around their hunter; in the morning he woke up and when he saw what had happened, he did not make a move, because a single move could cost him his life – he had the presence of spirit to remain calm. After some time his servant arrived and started wondering why his master had not gone out yet; he opened the door and saw that all kinds of snakes coiled around his master. The servant, however, was very clever – he immediately went and fetched a big cauldron of boiled milk, and placed it in the room; the snakes, getting scent of the milk, uncoiled from his master and went to the milk. The Indian got up and carefully placed the snakes back into the barrel, while saying to himself: “That barrel must be closed well.” You will also find yourselves in the position of that snake-hunter some time, and then you will need presence of spirit, and milk – and that milk is the spirit of the Rational life. Christ says: “You should not pour new wine into an old skin, because it will unsettle you.” If some religious man becomes unsettled, he is an old skin that could not hold the new wine – the New teaching. Two ideas which collide cannot reconcile; the law of Moses states: “An eye for an eye.”, however, according to the teaching of Christ, the law is just the opposite – to love our enemies, and if they hit our cheek, to turn the other. How would you reconcile this new teaching with the old one, while keeping it too? The law of Moses is for an old skin, the teaching of Christ requires a new skin; according to the law of Moses, the old people are not capable of coping with the new, they want to grab their foe and take out his eyes so that he cannot see and find them, and the teaching of Christ says: “You can turn your opponents into friends, you can disarm them, and you can even make them serve you.” Now, let us come to the inner psychological meaning of the words of Christ. We must never think in life that we have completely understood the Truth, and that there is nothing left for us to study – then we would be such old skins that have stopped their development on Earth. – “We are learned.” – Yes, but what is your learning based on? – “We have read a lot of books.” – So what? We have to probe deeply into that philosophy that could straighten our lives and give us the happiness we are looking for. I have explained the word “happiness”2 to you before – which letters does this word contain? The letter ‘ш’3 three pillars, turned upwards – represents the human hand that is working; ‘т’ shows a directive or strength with which the work is thrust; after these two letters comes the ‘а’ – it is the human nose – it does not need only effort, but also wits, to know how to work; when you take the letter ‘с’, it represents the human heart, and when you turn it up, it will become a boat – that which is earned will be stored; in the letter ‘и’ there is a descent and an ascent – from up to down, and contrariwise; these two angles, when put next to each other, form the diameters of the circle – the wheel, which drives the car forward; ‘e’ shows the centre that you have to hold. And therefore you need a hand, strength, wits, heart, and an aim above. I will adduce an anecdote from our Bulgarian life. Here people believe that when fever comes, it is alive. A shepherd stopped by a bridge and started listening to what two fevers were talking about; one of them said that it would go and get that shepherd up on the mountain; the second one asked how the first one was planning to do that, and the first one answered: “I will get into the first spoon of milk he is going to have at the spring.” The shepherd, when he heard that they were talking about him, planned to take some safety precautions; the same day one of his sheep died, he skinned it, and from its pelt he made a skin. When the time for the fever approached, he put the first spoon of milk inside the skin and fastened it. Then the fever inflated the skin and shook it every day. In the autumn the shepherd unfastened the skin and let the fever go. Again the two fevers gathered by the bridge, and the first one said to the other: “I had the misfortune to get into the empty sheep skin!” You too, if you wanted to use the old skins, would look like that fever, and when they let you go, you would say: “We have learned how to shake skins.” I see such people constantly, and when they are let loose in Life, they say: “We have learned how to shake skins.” Such are the contemporary dogmatists, who only shake skins – “It is narrow for us”, they say. No, it is wide, but there is no food next to them. In the folk belief, which I just told you about, there is a whole philosophy: the judge must be brought to reason, because he incorrectly decides fate – for a new fate to come to the world. New wine must be ingested in our children, because it is Strength. Mothers who want to have good children have to be ingested with new ideas; if you have old ideas, I would not suggest child-bearing. Who are you going to give birth to? Scoundrels of life, which run into thousands. The Holy Writ says: “Breed and multiply”4; that does not mean giving birth to abortions, but to people in the image of God. This is the New teaching that Christ preaches and if understood will repair the world. Both the vine and the sap are within us; when one day our vine gives fruit, the sap of the grapes will start fermenting – it is an inexorable law in the world, and he who plans to live without fermenting does not understand Life. Christ also says: “Whoever wants to follow me, let him take his cross.”5; the new wine – that is the cross. The cross represents strength to those who understand. In the world there are various crosses, and people complain about them, but here is what Paul says about the cross: “I would vaunt with the cross of Christ.” You are complaining about your sufferings, and say that they are extraordinary, unbearable, but you look like the one who was complaining about the burden of his cross. Here is what happened to him: God said: - Take it from him. And he led him into a great hall, and told him: - In this hall there are big and small, silver, gold, iron and stone crosses – choose one. The man, when choosing, found a small cross, and said: - I want this little cross. - But that is the cross you have been wearing all along; that is the cross I had given to you – said God. We often overstate our sufferings, and want to alter our fate; we cannot alter it, and throw away the burden that we must bear. You would say: “When I fix those matters up, me and my wife, and even the children, will take the new path, and then the new wine will ferment.” If you are planning on settling your worldly matters, and then follow God, you are in for a big mistake. Upbringing is a process which must go simultaneously for everyone – the father, the mother, and the children; when the father and mother become brought up, their children will be brought up as well. I will adduce another example: they say that the American preacher Moody, once while he was preaching, a child that was listening to him asked his father: - Dad, why are you not singing? - I am solid in my faith, it is you who should be singing; these things are for you, we old folk have listened for all we are worth – he answered. The child then said to himself: “It is a very good thing I have a solid father.” One day the father put a horse to a small cab and went travelling, but somewhere at the top the horse stopped, and then the child said: - Dad, the horse got solid. Once we have stopped, we have become solid – we are an old skin, in which the new wine cannot ferment. And to think we are preparing for the Heavens, we are planning on going to Eden, to start living an angelic life, to understand Divine truth! How can we understand that when we are living in those cellars? That is why Christ turns and says: “New skins are required.” – Old people are old skins, young people are new skins; old people are not bothered by anything, but the young ones tell the old: “Let us pour some of the new wine into you too.” The old ones should not be given new wine – the old ones have finished their evolution, the new wine has to go through the arteries and veins of the new people. There is struggle within us; there is complaint, because the old wine and the new wine are battling. Christ wants to say: “Do not ingest the new wine in yourselves, unless you are ready”, so he says: “Cleanse yourselves first” – of every teaching and every philosophy; we can take advantage when we are clean. Plasticity in progress, upsurge spiritual – that is what the New teaching infers. If we could look inside the consciousness of the old man from an occult point of view, we would see a candle that is glimmering; if we looked at the new man, we would see his candle burning bright. We could compare the old man to the Earth which is lit by the Moon, and the young one – the Earth lit by the Sun. For the spiritual development new wine is necessary – let us ask ourselves if we have it. He who has drunk old wine and not tasted sweet wine says: “The old wine is better”, but the wine, once it ferments and settles, becomes old, and it cannot ferment any further. It can only make people drunk, cheer them up a bit, but make them work and progress – never. If we are woebegone, it is because our life is fermenting, the wine becomes sour or sharp, and it is no longer sweet. I have watched the Bulgarians who come out of the church and go to the tavern to drink, first they gather in pairs: “Give me a mug of the old wine – cheers!” – they drink a round or two; then the group increases to three-four people, they continue drinking and the conversation becomes more lively, the whole tavern starts talking; at some time a racket starts building up and before you know it – they have started beating somebody up. Why are they beating him up? He has not erected a hedge around his field – they have to beat him up in the tavern, so that he erects a hedge. That is not only in the taverns; visit the exchange markets, where there are commercial operations going on – you would say that all of the people there are mad; even a woman who had visited the market told her man: “Why did you bring me to that madhouse, I want you to bring me to noble people, not the market!” Once they have started quarrelling and separating at home, the wine has started to ferment – when they cannot create something new, they want to engross what belongs to another; just like a mother who cannot give birth takes somebody else’s child. Furthermore, for the new wine that will give us New life, which will teach us how to live and work and how to create strong relations between ourselves, new skins are required – that is the Teaching of Christ. They say it was not applicable – it is applicable. Just stop to think about it for five minutes every day; take that parable, read it, and stop to think about the new wine once a day – you will see what results there will be. Stop for five minutes and think about God, about the good people on Earth, who work without end, about the good mothers, who raise their children with patience, about the good fathers, who take care of their families – you will see what process this new wine will produce. The woman says: “I got married, but my husband is worthless.” – Well, who forced you to take an old skin? Do you know that this way you look like the man who, during the time of the Turks6, stole a donkey and told the judge: “I was on the pear-tree and I fell on the donkey, and it carried me away.” Tell yourselves: “What I need is new wine – in the heart, in ideas, and in the world alike.” Become sixty-eighty-year-old, about to get married and have children; I understand, there are exceptions, like Abraham, who gave birth to children in his old age, but he had new ideas, he was not old – today they get old at forty. – “Bless our children, we are done for!” – You are then an old skin, they have to put you in the cellar; you are a sluggard, who does not want to understand the Will of God. You have to say: “My God, I understood You, I now want to work for You, as a stripling does.” Down with your old age, put your old skins aside, take them away – people with old skins and old wine are not for the Divine Kingdom! I do not want them to pour their old wine out, but I want them to pour the new wine into new skins; once they catch that Divine thought, it will lift them up with its strength. They wonder how to train people; the method is very easy: when a boat at sea starts leaking, they put a stopper in the hole – if they do not put a stopper, the boat will sink. Check if your boat is not leaky, plug it up, and then you will be safe. Some days you are unhappy – you have a leak in your boat, your skin is cracked; there is no good in store for you if you do not plug the hole up. There are times when man has to be strictly obedient, like that child of a motorman whose house was near the railroad; the child was playing, and when the train approached, they shouted from afar: “Get down!” – The child obeyed, he ducked, and thus was saved. Sometimes they tell you: “Get down!” – “But why?” Get down, do not ask why – when the train comes, you will see why. There are dangerous moments when we have to kneel, and when the danger passes away, to thank God. But someone says: “I do not want to get used to the conditions, I do not want to be elastic” – You will get used to it; the rain will not take into consideration whether you are dressed or not; the Sun will also not take into consideration whether you can stand its light, it is you who has to get used to all the changes, and be ready to take them. The rain and the Sun do their job very well; let the Sun shine, let the sea undulate, let the old skins crack – this should not bother you, as God has decided to burst the old skins, and pour new wine into the new skins. If the people with old ideas and thoughts want to live under the new conditions, they are bitterly mistaken – such is the fate, such is the Divine law, God wants you to rejuvenate, to be reborn. – “How are we going to be born anew?” - Some will ask; you will be reborn, a new shape will form, in which you will put your Life – a real form, not a dream. If you could understand the law under which you now live, you would have been able to rejuvenate – how can this be? When you learn the law, you will renovate your soul inwardly. When speaking of Resurrection, I understand those forms with which God works inside us. We have to prepare the new skins; then God will say: “Bring them, so that we can pour the new wine into them.” Some would ask: “What is God now doing with the world?” He is preparing the new skins, he is creating new wine– and thus speaks Christ: “Father of Mine works, and I work with you.” And we have to be ready not to impair those skins, because it is a very easy thing to impair the mind and heart of man, and very difficult to repair. Let God see that you have begun to work. You are asking yourselves why this life is such; in the eyes of many I see they are intoxicated with old wine, they are dopey, they are drunk – they have to sober down, joy has to fill their hearts, because this world is created for you, with all conditions for your development. – “But the war, the sorrow.” – Ничего”7, as the Russians say. – “But a world is lost.” – Ничего7, nothing is lost – maybe thousands of houses will be destroyed; old skins, but new ones will be created. Now God is pouring the new wine into new skins. Only the intoxicated fight; men and women, if they are fighting – they are intoxicated. Where there is new wine, there is music, singing, conciliation – that is the Teaching of Christ. Read the Gospel put that teaching in yourselves, think for five minutes a day about the Eternal life, about God, about the good people, about the good mothers and fathers, about the good friends, think about something noble and it will elate you. Then you will understand the deeper things – oh, what things there are for you to study! But first of all you have to prepare for that understanding. – “What is the future life going to be like?” Excellent – that which you have not seen, heard, dreamed of. How will man see the beauty of the world when he is asleep? Your sleeping souls have to awaken – you have to put the cauldron of milk, in order to stow the evil away. Be carriers of the new wine, of the New teaching; preach Joy, Merriment to the world. And when you are suffering, say that you are suffering because you have not carried out the Divine law. We often say that circumstances create Life, but man also creates circumstances. I have already told you about an English lord who went with his daughter and his servant on a journey, and they were shipwrecked. So in the world you can be both master, and servant: if you have knowledge of how to apply the Divine laws – you are a master; if you do not know how to apply them – you are a servant. One who wants to reign has to be ingested with the New teaching – it carries the clue to Life. That shipwrecked lord, if he had not landed on the deserted island, he would not have known how to cultivate Life – he learned that art there. In Life we can lapse into misfortune – when someone becomes our master; let us learn to serve, and God will lead us out of the deserted island. Thank the Providence that you have landed on the island to learn how to cultivate grain, i.e. Life. So far you have not learned how to cultivate your mind and heart, and as a result there is hunger and dissatisfaction in you; you eat four-five times, you fatten, you groan – there is such obesity also in your mind. And that fatness has to be converted into energy; you have noticed that people who work intensely mentally, who are active spiritually, never grow fat. Should you accumulate fat, put it in the car of the spiritual life, and move towards realizing some noble dreams of yours – there lays your welfare. July 12, 1915 (Sofia, July 25, 1915 - Old Style) 1 The word “skin” is used in the meaning of “bag” through the text. 2 “Щастие” in bulgarian. It is pronounced [shtastie]. 3 The bulgarian letter щ [sht] is comprised of two consonants: ш [sh], and т [t]. 4 Again should be a quote from the Bible. 5 Again should be a quote from the Bible 6 The turkish slavery, which lasted 500 years. Although this sounds more like an anecdote than actual event. 7 Russian word which means “Nothing”. Source
  7. Note 2 The Milk of the Words “Ask for new-borns the pure milk of the spoken, to grow with it because you tasted that “God is affectionate”, to whom you come as to a live stone, denied from man and chosen from God and therefore precious.” The First Peter's 2: 2-4 In one of the Ten Commandments of Moses is said: “ Don't want “, but in this epistle of Peter is said: “Want. ” Who of the two is right? Both are right, each one for their own statement. But if Moses were in the place of Peter would be wrong and if Peter were in the place of Moses would be wrong too. Moses says not to want what? - Power, treasures, woman. But Peter says: ”Want” what? - The milk of the words. Why? Because it is needed for the growth of the spirit. The first thing the child wants for when he or she comes out of its mother's womb is the breast for milk because when it breastfeeds, it grows and develops. And Peter says the same – to find the breast, which will spiritually feeds us because if we do not find it, under the same law, as the child, we could not live. After three or four years, when the child grows up a little, the teeth grow too, which would mean that its organism adjusts to solid food. The same is in the spiritual life – one should not acquire solid teachings, which can cause death. It is asked whether all living on the Earth have drunk in this milk of the words. Not everybody, that is why they die. Mother should not only bear the child but to have milk too and this milk should be untainted. How many mothers have poisoned their kid with their bad milk! If the mother gets angry few times a day, after several days she will poison her child with her milk. The same do the priests, who in respect to their congregation are in the place of the mothers, when they preach, and the teachers when they teach, if they embarrass and worry, they poison their congregation and their pupils. Contemporary people suffer one great ignorance: they know many things from geometry, arithmetic, grammar, botany, physics, about the movement of the celestial bodies, how God has created man, how the fore mentioned has developed but the essential learning, the needed milk of the words they do not have. And do you know what do they resemble of? There is one Turkish anecdote for a Turkish wise man that knew all that happens in the Skies: the time God wakes up, what he is doing, what the Angels have been doing. When he was telling one day to the Sultan, the former call for one more philosopher to come to him and since wanted to expose their lack of knowledge of some things, he said to them: “ I want you to go around with my steamship alone and to talk as friends.” They set out. While they were talking milk and bread were served to them. The sultan said to his companions to me the bread into small pieces. When they did so, he mixed the pieces of bread and said to them: “I want you each of you to eat their own pieces of bread.” “How should we know which are ours?” the philosophers objected. “Well, since you can't make out which pieces of bread are yours, how would you then know what happens in Heaven?” Then in the quoted lines, further down, Peter addresses his listeners to the live stone. You know that there are only still stones, from which houses are made, but as we see, there are also live stones. If you can interpret the meaning of the word stone in the spiritual language, you will find yet another meaning. Under the meaning of the word stone in spiritual sense is understood a completely developed character in which all the powers are equalised, the process of development is going harmoniously, the brain, the lungs, the stomach, the nervous system are in order and function well. That's why Jesus says: “Be stone that can grow and develop”, and in another line: “We should construct a house of God”, implied that it should be made of such stone. But let me come again to the phrase the milk of words. Some say often: “We want to be spiritual. ” What do they assume in this, should they shut to the world, to be composed, to think and contemplate? This does not make them spiritual. To be spiritual means that you will be in touch with the surrounding conditions, with the environment, with the soil you live on and in the same time to know how to react correctly to this soil, environment and conditions, elements, which create Life. The highest position, which man can take is when the mind, the heart and the soul – all these forces -because they are forces- are at their height, in maximum development. The stone in its natural condition can not absorb fluid but if its baked in limekiln it serves for lime-wash. And God, when he wants to lime-wash His house, he bakes the bread, he adds some water and when a reaction occurs, he plasters it with whiteness, called also Purity and Goodness in Life. If suffering comes, this means that you have been put into the furnace to turn you into the spiritual lime needed. There are some hard stones, which, after being put into the furnace, do not bake. They are thought to be useless, they take them and throw them on the road. Now, when peter says, “want”, he wants to express this inward process of baking, to form in mind those high forms, which through the process of dilution can pass though one world into another. You have two thoughts in your mind, which worry you, take one, do not lament over it but put it into the lime-wash, put some wood under and bake it. And when you bake each thought from the thousand, which rush upon you, it will be the same as if you have baked some thousand kilograms of lime and sell it. With this, apart that you will get rid of one big luggage, which weighs upon you, you will have also big gain. This, which happens in the physical world, happens in analogy also in the Spiritual world – each process in the physical field is in the same time process in Heaven and vice versa. If you understand this thing correct, you will know that when you suffer on Earth, in Heaven they rejoice. Because when you are baked in the furnace, you, not knowing the deep reasons, say: “Our life burn out!” And in Heaven they say: ”How much we rejoice that this stone turned into lime! ” When you think: ”These Angels high have not any compassion for ourselves!”, they answer: ”Such we have, we have – we see that you become like us, pure and white. ” So we have to warn not those things that thicken and harden but those which embroider our souls, mind, strength and capabilities. But you will ask the question: “How can we apply this in practice, into life? I have mischievous students, naughty children, how can I impact on them?” Or: ”I am a priest, I have people-bred and unbelieving who can not understand the philosophy of Life”, or: “I am a merchant, my partners and clients want to rob me”. All are complaining, why? Because the rope is thin and you want to lift a weight of one hundred kilos, of course then the rope will tear and the weight will fall down. How can one live then with the Old Testament and apply Peter's teaching? You are friends of Moses and you want to be friends of Christ in the same time? Moses says: “Do not want” but then he doesn't say what to be done further. At a place he says: ”Love your God” but how you will love Him when you haven't seen him? At another place he says: “Love your people” and for other people he speaks another. I am talking about the Law of Moses in broader sense. Of course, when Moses ahs set his law, the conditions were different. His law was for preparing the mankind for the teaching of Jesus. The law of Moses is the first hemisphere of the Earth, the teaching of Jesus – the other: you can live in it, when it is lighted by the Sun but when it is out of spectre of the Sun's rays, you can not live. And in the contemporary social life our wishes spring out of the application of this Law of Moses. People want to be rich, to be learned but because, when they have grasped this law, there is no possibility for each one of them to be rich and learned, there is the contradiction. In the physical field there are no conditions all men to be rich and learned but good they all can be. Want goodness, which does not belong to the physical world. In India there are people, who understand and apply this law to the animals. One animal, no matter how ferocious it can be, if you enter into contact with it, it will love you and become a devoted friend to you, the disposition to harm you will disappear and when you order it, it will be ready to fulfil your wish. And when Jesus said: ”Love your enemy”, He understood this law. So the first thing, which Christianity recommends for purifying man, is to suffer. So the hard stones should pass though the lime-wash so that they can be lime-washed, the heavy bread should be baked so that it can be eaten. The same is with man, you can enter in Heaven as baked bread only, only then will they lay you at the table and take pieces from you. Why God has given you brains, heart, why he has given you eye, ears, tongue – you should have think for what you are intended. I just mention these questions and leave you to think over them. You say; “I want to serve God” but you don't understand how to serve him. I know people who seem to understand the occult laws but can not serve God. When they know them, they should know how to apply them at least for their own development. Some want to say many things, philosophical or occult: I can tell them to you but I want to put a healthy foundation and build on it so that each stone we deposit be well hued and put in place, at the corner. We are before one great task – set this world in order. I see that this building on which life is build on is deconstructed and that one day God will summon us to build a new one. But will we know how to build when he summons us this is the question. To be prepared we have to since this moment to feed on this milk I talk you about. To be prepared so when one day Go gives us a new cloth, we do not mess it up. Some small crows wanted their mother to move them to another nest, she asked them: “ But will you take your dirty rears with you too?” “These we will take.” “This can't be. You will stain the other nest too.” Some unrealized women say: ”Why God make me a woman?” That's why: as a woman you study one art, which as a man you will never learn, the art to prepare the milk with which you will feed your kids on. You are simply the governesses to God, who raise His children. If you do not fulfil your duty, god will ask you: ”Why have I put you in this high position? Not this kind of milk you should have given to your kids.” “This have we already given.” “Don't give from it once more or I will fire you.” “But I want to be a man.” “You want become one if you keep on asking for things you don't deserve, if you are as stubborn as that, the second time sheep you'll become.” The philosophy of contemporary Christians does not rest on healthy foundation. Each secant claims and preaches: ”This that I preach is true Christian teaching and that is not” but no one can define what is the true Christian teaching. We say that we are the crown of the creation of the world. Let's not lie to ourselves and God – we are not a crown, crown are only those who have completed their development. We, who still croak in the bog are not else but frogs, we that want money and houses, that are ready to sell even God for them – we are not the crown of creation but a crown to fall, to Hell. We are before one dilemma: we have to ask ourselves whether we can walk on this road for a long time. We can't move further – the contemporary mankind has reached this breaking point that if they make one more step, everything is lost. But one step in the direction back, one up and their future is great. For we should think where we are going and deny the ephemeral, which leads us to fall. Jesus says: “Whoever loves his mother and father should deny them and follow me.” And man should say: ”I don't want the milk the old-time milk, better it would be to die without milk than with such because death without milk is better than one with polluted milk. ” We should deny all the deluding things that corrupt our thoughts and wishes and which poison our life and seek and find the Truth of God. My intention is not to scare you but to bend you towards thinking more of yourself. Take time and look at yourself, look how your face looks like, what colour does it have, if it is too robust, it shows it is exited and your body is not in healthy condition, if it is too pale, it shows apathy towards life. Both are not Christian-like. But if you use the food of Jesus about which Apostle Peter speaks, you will be in good disposition, Joy, Merriment, uplift to your Spirit, brevity and decisiveness in fight. If you are saturated with this live milk, no microbes can creep in you. If I had more free time, I would have given a description what a Christian should be in the full sense of the world. You have certain aspirations, you want to be good, and to love but you can't, why? Because you don't know how to act. A rich woman, who was suffering from tedium, called a doctor; the first thing he recommended her was exercise. “How should I exercise!” “If you do not exercise, you will be lost!” “Then I will exercise. Please give us your directions!” He gave her the directions, she started exercising – and her tedium gone. You sit often with your hands folded and turn your thumbs in one direction, then – into the other. Turning thumbs you yet should stop doing and you should start exercising – working. The God will bless you. In this relation women should work because God has given to them the key from Heaven – they keep the key to the kingdom of God. Peter is a name of a woman. However women are somewhat not so self-determined and so they decline to serve. A woman loves some man but when she sees another she says: ”I will marry thee, if I won't marry him, there is not life for me. ” But when two or three years pass, she gets over him and is ready to marry another. God now tells women: “You who keep the key to the kingdom of God, if you do not follow My orders, I will ban you to cry a little outside, to repent and cast away your sins. ” When we do not follow the orders of Christ, we turn away from Him, we deny Him, we think ill of Him, we constantly betray Him to Pilate – to suffering, to daily crucifixion. And you ask why the world has not gone right. How it will go right since we torment our God every day? Let's stop hammering nails in His body, the nails, which we hammer in Him, in their reflection mirror in us. Do you know the proverb about this fisherman, who has found the precious fish and wanted to give it as gift to the King? The porter didn't want to let him in and in order to take him in the fisherman promised him half of the prize. He entered but when the King asked him what prize he wants, the fisherman answered: “Fifty lashes with a stick.” “What'd you say?” - the King said. “This prize I want.” After they beat him twenty-five, he said: “I have a partner, your doorkeeper. Please the rest twenty-five pay to him.” And Jesus, when you stuck the nails in His body says: ”Please call for my interlocutor and execute the rest of it to them. ”This that happens now every day is not anything but the rest of the lashes – the half of the prize we asked for. “How much do I suffer, my soul aches!” It will ache because of the many nails you have stuck in God! You are ill: ”Call for the doctor! ”The true doctor, who will heal you, won't enter your house while you continue to hammer the nails. This, which I teach you, as you see, is a completely practical teaching, which each of you can apply. When a bad thought comes to your mind, when you wish for something not good, put this hard stone in the furnace, to turn into lime with which to whiten your soul and make it enlightened. So if you thus exercise, you will see how your soul lights up. This is the teaching that Apostle Peter teaches. You think him to be a simple fisherman but he is a fisherman that has baked the fish and hasn’t eaten it raw. In what you have bake it? In the flame of God is Love. And when you bake it, you will say: ”Look, what a fish!” If we don not cooperate to those who live in the Skies, what place will we have in this world? And when God says to us to self-deny ourselves, to lose our life, he understands to lose it not for the pigs but for those that stand on a higher place than we do – only then will we win. You will say that this law is incompatible with the laws of Nature. It is compatible – those that will eat the juices, will plant new seed and a new tree will spring from it, it will grow and give fruit. Therefore, so that we may grow, we should take the road of development. The angels will take part in our work. But for them to take part, we have to pay them something. To plant us one day a new, at better Life-conditions, we should from now on, while we live on the Earth to prepare the prize. If we feed ourselves with the milk of words, you will come near them and in the end – to Christ. In this quest I want any fear to disappear from you. Whoever wants to feat for Christ, shouldn't be worried for this process. Bake your conscience in the God' embers as the fish you catch. One of those two – the fish either should bake or salt – the same is with man – there is no road in the midst or otherwise it will go bad. Jesus says that “if salt is saltless”, of course if we aren't slated enough, you will be thrown out unless they put you in the cask. I will prefer to bake me then to slat me – salt is for the world, and for us is fire. The process of fire is better because it is a process of growing, of Life, baking is process of preservation, embryo to be saved as not to be spoiled. This means you can be in two positions -either in the position of growing in God's garden or as an embryo in God's barn. Make a test on yourself. But a test on this verse I read to you – it has a deeper meaning. Volumes can be written on this how to put Life on a base, how children should be bred, men, women, pupils, society, etc. Everything is in this verse. But it should be well planted. Where? In your brain. Boil this line in God's water; bake it on the God's fire and its hard verse will at once turn into food, whose juices you have to perceive. If you feed yourself on this milk of words, which Peter talks about, your face will change along with your position in society. I want you to perceive this method of God and prepare yourself for another life – in Heaven. This is which I want from you this morning – to wish. Until today you haven’t wished. Now I want you to wish for the milk of words, to enter in the positive side of Life. And what you wish for, God will give you. Nov. 16, 1914 Sofia (Nov. 29, 1914 Sofia - Old Style) Source
  8. Note 1 Teachers “But you, do not be called ‘Rabbi’; for One is your Teacher, the Christ, and you are all brethren.” Mathew 23:8 Christ understands these words a little bit differently than society does. From a purely organic standpoint, the world has a few institutes that are Divine: the father, the mother and the home, for example. These are the first institutes on Earth; there is no establishment that is nobler or brighter than the home and also there is no higher title than that of a father or a mother. True, there are many fathers and mothers on Earth, but, in fact, they are stepfathers and stepmothers. The father and the mother play an important role when it comes to the organic world, for they transmit through their blood the qualities of their own souls to their children. The upbringing of children is determined by the qualities that the mother instills in the child from a very early age. By the word blood I mean not the ordinary blood, but that kind of blood which remains unchanged, the kind of blood that remains the same throughout all of life’s events. At this time I will not dwell on the difference between this twofold blood. All I can say now is that it is not that transient, changeable blood, but the other blood, which is like the rose essential oil that floats above the rose water and which has a real value in itself. The noble seed that the mother introduces into the child’s blood is like a valuable essential oil from which thereon spreads and wafts fragrantly among those who later surround this grown-up child. Nothing can be introduced and sown in man afterwards; what contemporary people call upbringing is nothing but training. When the mother raises her child the process takes place in the roots: it is there, in the roots, where this process changes the form of the mind and the heart. With training, on the other hand, there is nothing but an external polishing. One can train a monkey or a dove but as soon as they are placed in their natural environment, they are sure to revert to their original life. They have done experiments in the United States where the government allots great amounts of money to the education of American Indians; some of these Indians graduate from various colleges and universities but as soon as they go back to their people they forget what they have learned and become wild again. A real change can only take place in one of those Indians if he is converted and embraces Christianity completely. Such is the situation of a Teacher when it comes to the spiritual life: to be a Teacher or a Master means to give birth to someone. Christ does not say, “Do not teach”, but says, “Do not assume the title of a teacher”, or the title of a sick mother, because such a mother is bound to give birth to a scrawny child. If the mother has certain physical, mental or spiritual weaknesses, her child will be the same way, too. Can the contemporary teacher teach his students how oxygen and carbon bond, for example, provided that he, himself, does not understand the properties of these elements? He can conduct experiments, but these elements would not yield to him, because he has not yet become a master of these elements. Another teacher might teach the rotation of celestial bodies up in space, but if you were to ask him to mathematically define the rotation of these bodies around the Sun by using one meter, and not hundreds of thousands of meters or kilometers he would not be able to define it precisely. I, too, can do such calculations but they will not be accurate; I understand if the difference is a matter of a few centimeters or millimeters, but when the difference is a matter of a few kilometers or hundreds of thousands of kilometers, then this I do not understand, for these are all just hypotheses and assumptions. Often times you pause and say, “Why did not certain things happen this way or that way?” Who is to blame if you were the ones doing the wrong calculations? Everybody makes mistakes in life, after all. When you want to build a house, you call an architect to draw the house plan and make an estimate for how much wood, stones, iron, nails, sand, whitewash, etc. you may need and you buy these materials. However, if you do not put these materials together correctly, your building will collapse and you will be injured under its ruins. I am going to use an anecdote taken from Bulgarian life to explain my thought. This story took place some time in the forties or the fifties. A Bulgarian from the Southern part of the Balkan Peninsula, somewhere around Soloun,1 worked as a gardener with his father. As he was twenty years old and was not profiting much from the gardening, he grew tired of hoeing and decided to look for another trade that would suit him better. He took a job with a dressmaker thinking to himself, “Now this is an easy trade; all I have to do is sit here and take my time.” A week later a Turkish bey2 walked into the dress-maker’s shop and asked the owner to bring the yard-stick and the scissors to his home and to tailor him birbuchuklija3 pants from cloth. However, the shop owner was not feeling good and, instead, sent his apprentice of a week and told him, “You go now and I will come later.” The apprentice followed the bey to his house and waited there an hour or two, but as his master did not arrive, the bey turned to the apprentice and told him, “Well, you look old enough to me to know this trade. Can you tailor the pants for me?” The apprentice answered, “Yes, I can.” The bey produced a big roll of cloth and said, “I want you to cut out birbuchuklija pants for me.” The apprentice took to cutting here and there, but the bey noticed that what the apprentice was cutting out did not look like birbuchuklija pants and told him, “This did not turn out to be pants, but can you, at least make me a saltamarka4.” The apprentice took to measuring and cutting here and there, again, but the Turk noticed that this was not shaping up to be a vest either. Finally, he said to the apprentice, “Now, you will make me a tobacco pouch, at least, and if you can’t do that either, I am going to beat you up.” Just like the Bulgarian from the story, many of you have barely been with a master for a week, yet you take the yardstick and the scissors and are ready to tailor and to be teachers. Christ says, “Do not be such teachers.” If one is to be a teacher, he needs to have positive knowledge, i.e. he needs to have only one way of understanding, without exceptions. If you use one means to heal and, at the same time, you use the same means to kill, this does not mean that you have positive knowledge. If you use a knife to perform surgery and cut out the diseased flesh from a man’s body, but then you use the same instrument to cut this man’s throat, you cannot claim that you have used your knife correctly, for this is committing a crime. Some may say, “We haven’t done such a thing.” Oh, I know of many such teachers who have cut their disciples’ throats; they have also cut the legs, arms and ears of a few others- all this is morally speaking. It was not God who appointed these people as Teachers. They are all imposters. In every church there are teachers like these who, like the Bulgarian from the story, have only spent a week at the school but are already preaching. Now, what is it that you should understand by the word Teacher or Master? This word is related to the purely Spiritual world. It is not teaching when you instruct people how to build churches or how to seed flowers and cabbage; no, this is not teaching. Good teaching implies an act of higher self-awareness when a purely spiritual process takes place. With good teaching the Master and the disciple need to focus their entire consciousness fully on the task that they have to accomplish; there needs to exist an exchange similar to the one between a mother and the child she raises, for the Teacher needs to convey certain truths and the student needs to use them correctly. I will use another example to explain this. The story has it that there was an Englishman who went on a hunting trip to India. One day, as he was coming around a turn on the path, he felt a strong blow on his left arm. The blow came from a tigress. All she wanted to do was just break his left arm so that he could not fire his gun that was hanging from his right arm. The tigress then dragged him to her den where her three or four small cubs were waiting. She put him on the ground, pressed down his head and told him, “Now you will be quiet because I am going to teach my little ones.” Then she urged her cubs to try and throttle him. They circled around him but were afraid to approach him. After a while the hunter attempted to lift his head to see what was going on, but the tigress pressed down his head again and repeated, “I told you to be quiet, for I am teaching my little ones.” As you can see, the tigress, too, was a teacher. Somehow the hunter escaped, but later when he would relate the story he would say that the hardest part for him was when the tigress would press down his head so that the cubs could throttle him. Anyone knows how to destroy; however, teaching implies a person who can teach one how to build in one’s mind and heart; a person who understands the deep meaning of the elements that can rejuvenate and build a new spiritual abode: a Spiritual body with which you can come back from the dead, as the Scripture says. God is waiting for this body to be built. How are children born? In order for them to survive, they need to be born in the ninth month or, in some cases, in the seventh month, but this is not random and it is not about what month the parent wants his child to be born. The law is this: the nine-month period needed for the body to be formed should be completed. How does the body begin to form? First the extremities are formed: legs and arms, and then the brain and stomach are formed and, finally, the lungs are formed. As soon as the latter are formed breathing commences and then, if the child is not born right away, it may die. Therefore, what Nature creates first is not the lungs but the extremities: the legs and the arms. The sublime in you is formed the same way: the human Spirit keeps learning in the mother’s womb, as well; it does not hibernate, but works together with the mother’s Spirit to create the body. According to the same law, the student and the Teacher need to work simultaneously together with the help of the Spirit. That is why Christ says, “One is your Teacher.” And why is it that people love Christ? Because He gave something to the world: “I gave Life to those who do not have it so that they can have abundant Life.” You want to become Teachers. Let me ask you this then: what are you willing to give to the one whom you want to teach? If you taught someone and he became a worse person after that, then I say that you have not taught him anything. There is one great weakness that prevails in Christians today as well as in the modern churches and that is the weakness to preach, to instruct. This is not a bad aspiration in itself, but one needs to know the laws of teaching. The common laws require that a person who wants to be a teacher should have certain qualifications. That person then needs to take a test before a committee and only after that can they issue that person an employment paper and an appointment order with which he is officially appointed to the teaching position. Much the same way in the Spiritual world, too, one needs to wait for the Divine Spirit to enlighten and direct him. One who has not been enlightened by God’s Spirit does not have the right to teach and instruct because he will be breaking the Divine law. We will understand the meaning of teaching only when we grasp the deep meaning of these words of Christ’s; these words have an internal as well as external meaning. (I am talking here of internal Christianity, about that Christianity which can connect us to all areas of the Invisible World.) You say you want to be a Teacher, so I then ask you where you have studied and what school you have graduated from. “But I have read the Bible and I know the Gospel”, you say. No, this is not enough. “But I know the Christian faith.” No, this is not enough. “But I belong to this and that church.” All I want to know is this: have you studied in Heaven, in that Institution for Higher Education where the Angels study? Do you understand the internal laws of Nature: how man is built, what his mind and heart are like, and how his soul is related to his Spirit? “I have read about these things.” What have you read? “Now, the soul is this far-fetched concept, this idea of a certain combination.” What is it a combination of? The human mind is supposedly a combination of abilities, but how do these things become combined? So you think that you know something, but I am not talking of a combination of individual parts, my friend, but of a real combination. And it is because of this confusion in us that we speak so obscurely about the mind and the heart, without knowing where the heart is located. The heart resides in three places: one, the physical, is the one that you know of, but where is the heart of your feelings and that of your mind? You meet a person and you say of him that he is bad, but why is he bad? Years ago there was a bull in America who went crazy in appearance and scared all people around him. They decided to kill him but then a boy stepped forward who was able to read the minds of animals. This boy put his hand on the bull’s head and asked him, “What is wrong with you?” “There is a thorn in the back side of my leg and it is bothering me”, the bull told the boy. After they took the thorn out of the bull’s leg the bull calmed down. Likewise, one day you become crazy and people start pouring water over you. But then I say that there is no need for hoses, for there is a thorn in the back side of your leg; you need to pull out this thorn and that will take care of it. But now you have all kinds of learned people- professors and doctors- and they are all so ridiculous when they start talking about what went wrong with a man’s brain and they give a diagnosis. “There is such and such infection”, they say, “Surgery is necessary.” I see nothing but a little overheating of the brain. Some four or five months ago some people came to tell me that a doctor’s son fell ill with a cold and later had complications until, finally, the doctor found that there was an infection in the brain and that the boy needed surgery. I said, “No surgery is necessary, for there is a ninety-nine percent chance that the child will die if you operate on him. He will get better without the operation.” But, what they do is go ahead with the surgery and the child dies. Of course, to the doctors the surgery was “successful”. What I am saying here is that people also perform spiritual surgery in spiritual matters, and what they do is cut out certain parts in order to get better, but this is not healing. Modern people say that in order for someone to right his ways, he needs not to be beaten up like before, but he needs to be scalded like this, “You are a rascal, a thief; you are this and that.” Do you think that when all these sounds of yours enter his ears you will help change him? Not in the least, for the law is different and it goes like this: if you want to discipline someone else properly, first you need to discipline yourself. If you are bad, everyone around you will be bad. If I see a mother, who has conceived, and who takes to being angry and speaking ill of others, I can predict the consequences for her and I can describe fully the character and the fate of her baby; I can tell what will happen to him in the future. If a mother loses her temper easily, she should not think that the baby she gives birth to will be a saint and will take care of her in her old age, for one day this baby will take revenge on her and will say, “I wish I’ve never been born.” The same way, the student will say to his Teacher, “I wish you’ve never taught me.” A Teacher needs to be as pure as crystal water, in the full meaning of the word; he needs to be exemplary and there should be not the slightest trace of hesitation, faltering and disbelief. When Christ gives this instruction, he wants to point out the great danger to which we expose ourselves as well as the great responsibility that we take before Him for the maiming of some souls. Every mother and every teacher who does not know how to discipline and educate will be punished. Now, the views that modern people hold of the Divine laws, of Heaven and of the Angels, are obscure and wrong, for modern people have no idea about these laws and about Heaven. First of all, Heaven is organized in a very smart way and knows its work; and then, between the Angels and people there exist certain relations just like between us and the plants and the animals exist certain relations. And then, since we do not know how to teach an animal, we bestow forty or fifty blows with our pole and our staff onto the animal, which we use to plow the field with and we think that, by doing this, we are fulfilling our role. God says, “I will teach you some day how to manage oxen and how to plow your field.” Some think that God cannot bring them down to a lower level, that God cannot take people back in their development. If God has turned some Angels into snakes and into animals with horns, he can surely make so you grow hooves. He can turn you into Angels as well as into devils; He can change your form as well. And because forms are important in the world- for they regulate our lives- we need to pay them special attention. If I were to build an unhygienic house for you with no windows on the Southern side, but only leave a few on the Northern side, and if I were to build this house deeply into the ground, at that, then do you know how you would feel after you have lived in this house for six or seven years? You will have a number of doctors coming and going into and out of your house much the same way that all those teachers who tell you that you do not need to have windows into the Spiritual world are first-rate liars. That is where the Sun of Life is. I would even say that your roofs should be made of glass so that the Sun can shine on you from above. If you have bright houses that were built like this, your forms will change and you will become very beautiful. I can do an experiment and you, too, can do an experiment on what I am teaching you and you will see what results you will have in four or five years. I am not teaching you that you should escape life, for this world, as I see it, is very good and people are very good; what I see, however, is that people have a thorn in their leg. Apostle Paul says that this is so and begs God to pull out this thorn. The thorn can be stuck in a different spot, too, but most often it is in the heel of the foot because it is with the feet that we are being held down onto this world. We need to learn to pull out this thorn scientifically, because Christianity, in my opinion, is a profound science. When a young woman wants to marry a certain young man, she takes a look at him and observes that he is a good-looking, decent man and she inquires, “Will he be able to feed me?” “He makes four-five hundred leva5 a month.” “Good, he will be able to. What education does he have?” “Such and such.” “Good.” However, all these things are not essential, because this man could be fired tomorrow and his income of four-five hundred leva may disappear. Therefore, if this woman knows better, she should inquire about and observe his heart and his mind; she should be like a clairvoyant who can enter the young man’s house to look around his rooms and his library and see how his books are arranged, to see his kitchen, his garden and visit the garden of his love, his mercy and his justice and see what flowers he has planted there. After she has looked around and seen how everything is arranged and if everything is in good order, then she can say, “See, now I would get married to this man.” Now this is a true marriage. The man should do the same. Many want to change their situation around and so they discuss the question of who should be a man and who should be a woman and why God has made the man one way and the woman, another way. What is wrong with this? There was a time when both women and men used to give birth but since then man has lost his ability to give birth and it was left to the woman to do this. The Bible says, “Abraham gave birth to Isaac” and does not say that Sarah has given birth. Back then, when man used to give birth, the world was in a great state, and when man stopped giving birth, the world went wrong. Man should give birth and be a good Teacher. The mother may birth a child and may instill in its soul all the noble qualities but if the Teacher is not able to cultivate these noble qualities, nothing good will come out of it. Therefore, it is required that the Teacher should give birth, too. The Teacher should not be like that one priest who, not being himself during baptizing, dipped a child in the baptismal font and held it there for a little longer so it died and he said, “Give me another one. This one cannot be baptized.” When you baptize as Teachers, your mind should be in its place; baptizing like this implies that you should introduce the Divine Spirit into the child that you are teaching. The priest should know the Divine Laws like a Teacher. “But this is what the church has prescribed.” Bathing a child in water is not baptizing it. The modern priests, teachers and judges are professionals who work for money; they are paid three or five hundred or a thousand leva. They are paid more in America: three thousand dollars, which is equal to fifteen thousand leva. According to the understanding of the true Christian teaching, these are not servants of God, but common workers. The first thing that a Spiritual teacher needs to do is reveal the Invisible world to his disciple, just like the mother who, upon conceiving, tells her child, “Wait for nine months and I will introduce you to a new world and I will show you its wonders. As for now, you should not fidget and jump around.” After the nine months have elapsed and the baby has been born, the mother becomes its first teacher, and from then on there come other teachers to further his education from where his mother has left off. She leaves her work, because the child enters into a new area where it needs a new teacher, for as the Gospel says, “A man must be born again.” My lecture is meant to urge you to take a better look at yourselves and make sure that there is no desire in you to be Teachers because man suffers from great ignorance. Instead, you should sit down like merchants and take a look at what you have in your inner safe; look to see if you know someone in Heaven and if you have sent a letter to someone there. “We believe in Christ.” Yes, but do you know Him? Do you know Paul or Peter? “But the church says that supposedly we are not able to communicate with the other world and that this is wrong.” This is huge ignorance, for how come you can communicate with the spirits from hell, but it is wrong to be communicating with Heaven? How come it is alright to set up communication with the devil, but when it comes to communicating with the saints and talking with them, then you are not supposed to bother them! Then why do you bother the devil; where is the logic in that? This kind of teaching is not based on any laws. What I know is that the Christians of the old used to have direct communication with Heaven; they used to speak with God and the saints and this is why they would die so readily and with such selflessness. They were not like the Christians of today who say, “Let me die first and then I will see.” You will not see anything; what are you going to see when your house collapses on top of you: you will not see anything, instead, you will have to wait until someone pulls you out of the debris. Christ describes the false teachers to his disciples. Those false teachers, dressed in wide-skirted cloaks, would preach while, in fact, they would be deceiving the proselytes. And so, Christ reproaches them for doing that. The same happens today, too. If Christ were to come now, he would say the same thing; he would not have changed his mind. Christ is quiet, but when he starts speaking and tells the Truth, we will flinch from it, but he will lift off all delusions and we will see them clearly. I would like to draw upon two examples from Greek history. There were two artists, two sculptors, who had a competition to prove which one understands art better and each of them decided to prove that he was a better sculptor than the other one. The first sculptor made a grape cluster with such artistry, so life-like, that he managed to fool even the birds that started pecking at it. The other sculptor, in turn, chiseled out a beautiful woman and covered her with a veil made of stone but he made it so artfully that when the other sculptor came to see his creation, he told him, “Lift up the veil so that I can see the statue underneath.” In other words, the first artist deceived the birds and the second one deceived the master of birds. Now I’m asking you this. Who do you want to be like: the birds or the master? I would prefer to be like the second one. You want to possess the whole world but how could you possess it without the necessary knowledge: all this knowledge needs to have a spiritual basis. Knowledge in the Spiritual world is like a steam engine, full of power. The different kinds of knowledge in the Spiritual world are related to each other much like the physical forces are related. You travel around the streets of Sofia and there are trams moving back and forth, but up on top of their roofs there is a pole, which, as soon as it glides along the electricity-conducting wire, brings the tram to a stop. Therefore, certain contact is necessary which would conduct electricity so as to bring the car to a stop. Have your Teachers put the pole to the wire; have they connected you to electricity? The mechanism of a human car might be working and in an excellent state, but if the pole is off and does not connect the car to the electricity, there will be no moving forward. When movement stops people usually look elsewhere for the reason when all there is to do is pull the rope and fit the pole into its place; then the tram-driver will pull his lever, electricity will run through the wire and the tram-car will start moving again. In order for your thoughts to be active- as thoughts are a moving force- you need to come in contact with the Spiritual world. When I use the word ability I mean the form, which contains a certain force that works in the Spiritual world. When the form is taken apart or is out of order, the force cannot be manifested. In the central part of our brain there are areas that house certain abilities; these abilities are connected to the powers in the Spiritual world that help them work. If your pole is not in its place, then these powers will not work; besides, there exist other conditions: there needs to be tracks and the driver needs to know his job well. There are many things that come into play. You, too, like a master need to walk around your country and check in on your workers to see if they are in their place and how they perform their work. Often you judge your rulers and say that they do not rule well. How well do you rule? You say that this one or that one is not so intelligent; what are you like inside? Your judgments are as true as long as you are righteous in yourself. We say about someone that he is a good man, but where does his goodness lie? “He is good because he treats us politely.” Good manners do not mean goodness at all; if he were to treat us rudely tomorrow, we would call him “bad”. A good man is always good, and a bad one is always bad. Man cannot be a saint one day and a downright rascal the next: this is impossible. You say that it is possible for a bad man to repent. Do you know how many years it takes to do this? When a child is born, he does not become a professor right away, right? He will have to study for at least twelve years and his consciousness will develop gradually during that time. After one has thoroughly studied the inner Spiritual world one will understand the laws of Christianity. Its goal is to bring order into families, to bring harmony between men and women, brothers and sisters, masters and servants. The world today suffers not because it is bad for people to be servants, but because people cannot be good masters. Doctor Mirkovich6 used to say this, “I do not want to be rich again; I’d rather be a servant to some master.” You want to be masters and to have millions of leva. Oh, you would be the unhappiest people then, for you would be prisoners locked behind your money. One million leva on your back make a heavy burden. You wish you were those people and you want to partake in their burden and put it on your back. This is a misunderstood teaching. Do you really want to be like that donkey that was loaded with icons and when everybody would bow to the icons the donkey would start kicking, thinking that everybody was bowing to him? If people respect you and wish they were you, it is because of the crosses and the icons that you carry on your back. What kinds of crosses are these? They are virtues. You should thank God for putting them on your back. Christ addresses His disciples, saying, “Do not be called Rabbi.” Someone might say, “I turned him to God.” Good for you for teaching him, God will bless you for that. But what would God say if you have given birth to a crippled man or if you have broken his mind and heart? You will be judged in Heaven, you will be held responsible. There are so many people in this world who have been maimed by all of you here! When those people go to the other world some will have a crippled leg, others a twisted arm; all of your pupils will get together and will testify to God as to what kind of a teacher you were to them. This is how it will happen in actuality and then God will say, “I fine this teacher ten thousand talents7”. He should be thrown in jail until he can pay off his fine.” God never jokes around with that. He is kind, good, and just, but also strict and stern: he will take such imposter-teachers and will give them a ten-thousand-talent fine and then he will add, “Throw him in jail until he learns the art of teaching.” And when you have paid off your debt, that is, when you have put up with all your sufferings, then you will become very good and learned Teachers in time. And do you know how many thousands of years this will take? This is how fallen Angels and people learn nowadays. We say today that the church, allegedly, does not work well. Let us show a good example, then. I wish for you to have the power that is necessary to change the form of things. Look at Moses: he grabbed the staff and it turned into a snake. He became scared and God told him, “Hold it by the tail” and so, when he grabbed the snake by the tail, it transformed back into a staff. “But”, you may argue, ”This is Moses that we are talking about.” Nevertheless, he too, studied. However, he studied with the greatest Teachers of Egypt. He was not a fool, because God never chooses fools to be the leaders of humankind or of a people. Moses studied for a long time and graduated from a certain school and you see how many miracles he performed before the Pharaoh. Moses had two wishes: he wanted to become a Teacher and a rescuer of the Jews, at the same time. At first he told himself, “This is not for me” and retreated in solitude (he herded sheep for forty years in atonement for the murder). And do you know what he did during that time? He devoted himself to deep contemplation because he was initiated into all of Egypt’s secrets. He had to study for forty years to make up for one murder and during that time he had his second initiation. I am asking you now how many years have you herded sheep? Being shepherds is something great; it is like being Teachers. Have you come to know your Teacher yet? Your father, your mother, and your grandfather have been Christians for two thousand years but have they come to know Christ? If you have, then you should say the password that he gave you, just like soldiers need a password to let you through. What is your password, your secret prayer? Learned people need to have a motto; what should our motto be? To serve Christ. How can we serve Christ? By learning. How can we learn? Are you friends of school? It is one thing to circle around the school and it is a different story to be inside the school. Where are your report cards and certificates? You have no certificate, yet you want to become Teachers. Some priests and bishops are like this, too; they, too, have no certificates. And so, we live with such lies and we want for the Kingdom of Heaven to come. The Kingdom of Heaven is coming now and is revealing all the dirty things of humankind. And now all peoples have taken to defending their cause through wars. You should defend the Divine Kingdom of justice! Every people should have as much as each deserves and so should every person, as well. Now ask yourselves seriously if you know Christ. I do not require an immediate answer, but if you can provide an answer within a year’s time, this will be a blessing for you. You might say, “We have seen Christ.” Paul saw Him, and He asked, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me”, and Paul said, “Who are You, Lord?” So, he heard the Lord. Have you heard your Teacher? When you pick a fight in some religious society or in God’s temple, do you not persecute Christ like Saul did? Then He will tell you what he told him, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me? It is hard for you to kick against the goads.” Paul realized his mistake and God said to him, “Because you have realized what you did and because you did it out of ignorance, I will send you among the heathens so that you can learn your lesson.” And then they beat him three times by thirty-nine blows; it is only adults that God beats up this way; He never beats up children. When you receive thirty-nine blows in the course of thirty-three years- for this was Christ’s age- then you will progress. However, one has to suffer these blows. When a blacksmith wants to make a knife or some other instrument out of iron, he also bestows blows on it. You are on the anvil and God is shaping you with blows. Actually, he does not beat you, but he says, “I want to turn this material into a knife, a plow or a writing pen.” If you are one of the bad people, he will make you into a knife so that you can butcher people; if you are one of the good people, he will turn you into a quill for some writer to hold you in his hand. The quill which the writer uses when he writes has a greater intelligence than the plow that is used for soil cultivation. You might argue that there is no intelligence whatsoever in iron. But iron, too, becomes weary. Look at a razor blade: it is sharp at first but after it has worked for a while, it becomes weary and dull. Everything becomes weary. There was an Englishmen who did an experiment once and proved that everything- even machines- becomes weary. When the machine is tired, it starts making a certain new sound and the engine driver says, “This machine needs a break.” Following the same law, a man undergoes the same reaction: he becomes tired and wants to rest. The Great Teacher says, “In a case like this, let your brain rest for a week and after that it will start working again.” Every thing needs its own time of work and of rest. Look closely at how plants grow and develop and how caterpillars hatch and you will be able to understand the law. Your thought may be in the form of a caterpillar or a butterfly. If one is to succeed in the world, one needs to harbor only one idea. This is both true and not true; one needs to have more ideas than one but all of them should be noble. They put blinders over horses’ eyes so that they can look only ahead and so that they are not scared by their surroundings; it is good for one to have blinders like these, that is, to be focused only on one idea, on a noble idea. If you cannot have many noble ideas, you should have at least one and it is this one that you should hold as an aiming mark, which can uplift you and save you. We say, “Christ will save us”. He did more than that: He atoned for our sins. But atonement has its negative side, too, because a bad person can always make a wrong conclusion about things if he wants to use all the goods that he was given. Knowledge should not be trusted into ignorant hands. I am talking about reincarnation here: what is the danger for those who give it a wrong interpretation? For example, a caterpillar with hundreds of legs which crawls up on trees might say, “I need no philosophy. All I need is a leaf; as soon as I find a leaf I will eat it and this will be it.” However, one day it is wrapped in a cocoon and then it hatches as a butterfly and then it says, “Now one leaf is not enough for me. Now I need flowers so I can stick my tongue in them and I can suck out their nectar and their aroma.” In order for you to enter the Spiritual world, you, like the caterpillar, need to strip this skin in which you are wrapped. Should you not take it off, you will occupy the space of a leaf in the Spiritual world and you will understand the Spiritual world as much as a caterpillar does. I would like for you to enter the Spiritual world, but my question is this: are you hatched yet? When you enter the Spiritual world, you will understand the meaning of an ox, a donkey, a wolf, a dove, a fox and so on. Every form that exists in the physical world contains a great idea and he who correctly interprets this idea will understand the meaning of everything in the world. “But wolves have teeth.” This means nothing, for if the hedgehog has spines they were made for no other reason, but a strategic one: so that it can protect itself from snakes or some other creature which might want to hurt it. The hedgehog catches the snake by the tail and starts eating it little by little until it swallows it all, while protecting itself with the spines in the meantime. In time this hedgehog will change its form. You might ask: how can it change its form? Do you know what your form is in the Spiritual world? There is a verse in the Bible in which God calls Jacob a worm. You might say that He meant that metaphorically. Christ, too, calls his followers sheep, but do you know what that means? Sheep are all those souls in which spirits abide; just like sheep give us milk and wool in this world, according to this same law the souls, too, give man the necessary milk and wool. Put this teaching to the test. Why are you in this world? Put your mind to work. The first thing you must learn is to get rid of all doubt and connect with the Spiritual world and if you can project your thought, your friends will come to your aid right away. What is your fireplace like? If you make it too hot, that is, if you have the same power as a furnace, then you can bake whatever thought you like. If your heart does not have the necessary heat, it will fall, for it depends on the heart how far your request will be sent. “But I prayed.” Yes, you did, but I see that your prayer hovers only two feet above your head. You may need to pray five, ten or a hundred times from the bottom of your heart before you are able to send your request to God. And when your request reaches His ears, He will respond. What would His response be to a request that has not reached Him? When you pray, you must concentrate and forget about everything else around you; you must transport yourself to a state where there is nothing else in your mind but the prayer. I ask you this now: is the fireplace of your heart and mind so warm as to send your prayers up high? So what if there are children running around you; it is God who sent them to Earth so that they can learn to behave because in Heaven, too, they did not live quietly and so he turned them back in their evolution. God does not want people who make a lot of noise in Heaven; they need to learn how to plow, how to dig, how to make shoes and so on and after a while, when they learn their lesson, they may become princes even. Before entering Heaven you will need to pass a test before a committee which will ask you questions like what your feelings and ideas are, what your compassion and Love for your neighbor and for God is; these and many other questions will they ask. It is because Christ is coming now and the books of Life will open, like it is said, and people will be judged to see if they deserve to pass into a higher grade or not and if they can enter Heaven. Everyone will receive according to his merit. This is why Christ addresses you and says, “One is your Teacher: Christ.” I want you all to remember this Teacher who came two thousand years ago to pay off your sins and you are still looking for him to this day! Has Christ signed His name in your soul or your heart at least once? If He has signed it there, lucky you! If he has not, make an effort to meet Him and ask Him to write it there. And when He writes His name, do not go around bragging and telling everybody, “Christ signed His name in our report card.” No, you do not need this for here, but for Heaven, for when you go there, the Angels will stop you and will ask you, “Take out your report card” and if God has signed it, they will tell you, “You are free to enter.” Then Christ and the saints and your big and small brothers will welcome you with twigs and there will be great joy that you have arrived. Once there was the following rule in the Pythagorean school: when they accepted a new student they would subject him to the worst taunts throughout his first year there and if he could bear the taunts, they would accept him. The same way now Christ has sent some people down to Earth to taunt you, saying, “He wants to become a saint, but he is out of his mind, he is a lunatic, a little bit crazy”: all this is but the Pythagorean system of accepting new students. If you can bear these taunts you should know that you have passed the test and then you will be accepted. If, on the other hand, you lose your temper from all the taunts and say, “What! Me? Just you wait”, then you are finished. “My husband is bad”, you complain. How do you know that he was not placed there by the committee on purpose, to test you? Bear this for a year, pass the test and then God will say to your husband, “You are not to taunt and hurt your wife anymore”, and you will see how docile he will become, like a lamb. But this will only happen after you have suffered through everything and when Christ says so. Remember this teaching. I speak of the external side of this teaching; all of this is but thoughts brought to your attention so that you can tell between what is false and what is noble. When the teaching of Christ enters you, it will uplift you and then you will be able to read people and to see their souls. Sometimes two people meet and ask each other, “I am a Christian. Do you believe in Christ?” If you are Christians, there is no need to ask each other this question, for the very asking shows that there is no Christianity in the one who’s asking. I will never ask about a flower what kind it is, for as soon as I smell it I will know if it is a rose or a carnation as my nose serves its purpose. If I have a bad sense of smell and my nose does not work or if I am blind and cannot see, then I might ask, but if all my senses work then I will be able to tell the kind of flower just by looking at it or by smelling it. It is the flower’s external form or smell that will tell me what kind it is. Likewise, every soul expresses itself through its external features, that is through its acts. I see that you are carnations inside, but some of you have not bloomed. However, there are buds on you and some of them promise to develop in the future. I don’t only want you to bloom, but I want you to bear fruit and to ripen as well. Angels come down like bees to fertilize the soul’s blossoms. As soon as you bloom you already are in communion with them. This is such a profound science, and there are so many other things for you to hear that I will have to give ten lectures before you. But if I were to tell you about all these things, some of which can be very tiring, then you will say that it is not interesting and will fall asleep. And you are right, for you are not ready for this as yet. The time will come when you will be ready. For example, when you start eating honey and eat too much, you will be sick of it. Why? Because you have had too much. Or say you are friends with some good person and you draw from him constantly, but at some point you say, “I want him to get away from me. I cannot stand him.” You should have been given only so much honey so as not to get sick of it, that is, you should have been around your friend only so much so as not to get sick of him. The same way you should not give too much of your honey. All your guest needs is a teaspoon, not a whole bowl, because then he will be sick of it. This is why there is a Bulgarian proverb that says that even God does not like too much of a saint. You read and read until you eventually grow old when all you need to do is read only one verse, then take that verse and dwell on it. “God is Love”: think about the ways in which God is Love and feel that Love inside you. It should not be the kind that we feel when we eat an apple or when a cat eats a mouse. When I love you this means that I can be in you and when you love me it means that you are in me. When you have a friend’s image you put it at a special place where it can be seen easily. Our heart represents the Astral world and the mind represents purely the Spiritual world. If your mind can be lifted to a certain height then you have the Spiritual world before you. What happens in the brain is a reflection of the Spiritual world. Every thought, or every noble thought, that is, is a form in the Spiritual world; thoughts differ in form and content. When a noble thought comes to you it produces Joy and Mirth. And when you lift your mind and heart towards Christ, He will take you by the hand and will lead you into the Divine garden; he will take you to the spring of Love so that you can try this Love. You will try things through experience and there will not be a happier moment for you than this. And when you enter you will not say, “Let my husband enter, too.” No, everyone should enter alone; you should not try to put in a good word for someone else. Everyone should have a deep desire to enter himself. If he is talented, you will help him enter, too. However, the incapable ones and cripple ones should remain outside until they are cured. This world is for the crippled people. Those who enter in the school should be pure, for purity of thoughts and desires is a must. Also, utter selflessness is a must; what comes next is self-denial: this is a high degree and this means that you have passed the test. Now the first thing that is required of you is purity of thoughts and desires, as well as unflinching faith that whatever God has said is what will come to be. When you put God first when you take on a new task there will be no need to wonder if you will succeed. You may be a teacher, a judge, a priest or a farmer but if you fulfill your duty there will be no force in the world that can stand in your way. You will have many obstacles, hardships and trials, but these are all necessary for your development; the sufferings that were sent to us are a blessing. Now I am leaving you with this thought: may you come to know your Teacher, Christ. When you come to know your True Father then both the Angels and the world will be your brethren; and not one or two of them, but thousands of them will be your brethren. They will show you around their home in Heaven for thousands of years; there are many pleasant things there, as well as long walks, exemplary schools, new suns, new beings and much more! And then you will say, “Now we understand the deep meaning of Life; why one should live.” This will happen when you have only one Teacher. If you have many of them, you will not learn a thing. Just like a child cannot have two mothers, so a man cannot have more than one true Teacher; if you say that you have two, then I will say to you, “You are lying to both me and God.” There is one mother on the physical plane, one Teacher in the Spiritual world, and there is one Father in the Divine world, and this Father is God. There are three of them in all: one on Earth, the Teacher is among the Angels, and God is among the gods. When you go through these three then each one of you will understand the deep meaning and the internal side of the present life and you will be able to bear all suffering with songs of joy; there will be no difficulty for you in life and the relations between men and women, between parents and children and between all peoples will be mended. Then there will be no question about the fate of the Bulgarian people. I can guarantee that should all Bulgarians turn to God everything will be set right. But should they carry their present heads on their shoulders, they will suffer thirty-nine blows with the staff, for this is what is written in the Divine book. “But Russia is such and such.” Should it follow God’s ways Russia, too, will be blessed; if not, it will suffer the thirty-nine blows with the staff. The same goes for Germany, France, England and all the rest: God beats up everyone one in turn and all for the same reason. All of us who are here on Earth must fulfill our Teacher’s Will, our Father’s Will; I believe that you all have the desire to fulfill this Will. I can see now that you have turned a new leaf and, like the prodigal son, you say, “Forgive us, Father, for we have sinned and we have squandered away what you have given us; we will not do this from now on, so accept us as servants in Your home.” You can be sure that your Father will erase everything, will give you clothes and will butcher the fattest calf to feed you. And then there will be mirth in His home because His prodigal child has returned. He will put a new ring on his son’s finger and then He will give him His blessing, and will say, “Go to school, son. Go and learn anew.” December 7, 1914, Sofia 1 Soloun was the Bulgarian name for Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece 2 Bey is the Turkish word for the governor of a province or region in the Ottoman Empire. 3 Birbuchuklija is an old style of pants that was popular during the late 19th century in the Ottoman Empire. 4 Saltamarka is an old woolen upper garment with long sleeves that extends to the waist; it usually has a lining and is hemmed with leather. 5 Lev, pl. Leva is the basic monetary unit in Bulgaria. 6 Dr. Georgi Mirkovich (1875-1950) was one of the first disciples of Master Beinsa Douno. 7 Talent comes from the Greek word talanton: an old Greek monetary unit. Source
  9. The Book - The Spirit and The Flesh. Beinsa Douno Translation from Bulgarian - Vessela Nestorova THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE … whho whhen found a pearl of great price went and sold all that he had and Bought it.10 This morning I shall speak on the apparently least significant verse in this chapter of Matthew in connection with the other Law—the seventh and the greatest Law of Nature—the Law of genus. Everything has genus, or gender—masculine and feminine. Who does not know what a man or a woman is? There is only a dispute as to who of the two is higher up the scale. It is said that when God first created a human being, He created man. And men, defending their cause from their point of view, prove that because of this they are higher than women. On the other hand, the women, defending their cause, affirm that they stand higher than men. There is a dispute on this question even among the people of learning. For a long time the scientists have measured the brains of men and women to see how much they weigh and determine their qualities by their weight. They say that since man's brain is heavier, man stands higher than woman. However, there is an axiom in Hermetic philosophy according to which every truth is a half-truth and, inversely, every lie is a half-lie, by which it follows that every affirmation is half-true and every negation is again half-true. Therefore, when one affirms anything, if they want to be right, they should diminish their affirmation by 50%. You know the story of a man who was frightened and said to his wife, "Wife, I saw 100 bears in the forest and ran away!" "Come! Come!" answered his wife. "If they were not 100, they certainly must have been 80." "Come! Come!" exclaimed his wife. "They must have been at least 60." "Too many, my husband, how can 60 bears get together to run after you." The man diminished their number to one and then said, "There was a rustling noise in the bush, but I cannot say whether it was a bear or not." In contemporary philosophy there are many exaggerations too. This comes from the fact that people take a subjective, not an objective, view of things. The objective standpoint is that of a man, the subjective is a woman's standpoint. Consciousness is a man's aspect; subconsciousness—a woman's. There are different terms in philosophy. They say that a man has an objective mind and a woman—a subjective mind. Every object must be viewed from these two standpoints and then we shall have a true idea of it. Now you may say, "What relation has the verse you read to man and woman?" It has a relation. See how pearls are made. They say that sometimes a small grain of sand gets into the clam which starts a liquid secretion to envelope it so it would not disturb it. The clam models it like a sculptor. It makes it smooth and turns it into a precious pearl. If the grain of sand does not enter a clam, it remains without any value. Since the grain is rough, it disturbs the clam which starts thinking—it cannot get rid of it without the organs to do that and thus it comes to its mind to make it precious, so it says to the grain of sand, "You are my enemy, but I shall start loving you and make you precious." This is the Teaching of Christ who says, "Love your enemies." You would throw out this grain of sand, but the clam makes a pearl out of it for which you pay much. Not only this, but Christ praises this clam for having done such fine work. I ask you, if Christ came among you, would he find your work as perfect as the work of this clam? Would He find pearls? You say, "We have no conditions." Women say, "When we want to work, men obstruct us, we have no conditions, no houses of our own, we need this and that and so we cannot work." Men on their part say, "We cannot work, because women disturb us, society obstructs us, and we cannot do anything." But the clam does not say it has no conditions: a being with no hands, no feet or human brain, out of a grain of sand it creates a pearl and Christ praises it. I ask you: can you not do as much as this clam? You can do something more than it. Now let us come to the basic Law. The external forms are the result of the inner differences existing between man and woman. Every shade, every feature on the human face is due to an inner deep cause in a person's soul. When you consider this subject, you think there is no difference between man and woman. If I ask you what you want to be, you will all want to be born men. What progress would there be in the world then, if only men were born? God made man first. However, man said, "This will not do, I cannot do all this work alone. How can I cultivate this big garden, paradise, with all the trees in it? The animals cannot understand me." Then God said, "Very well, I shall create a partner for you to help you." And so this great Law, this process which moves the world, came into being on the stage of life. No progress, no development, no ennobling could exist, if this Law had not been created. You see only the external side of things, but there is a much deeper sense in them. The only thing you know in Nature is the female aspect; the male aspect is invisible. The Sun you see is a female sun—the male sun is invisible. The former sun draws energy from the male sun. Contemporary science confirms this fact by saying that energy is always manifested in the negative pole of the electric currents. Some people consider the word negative or passive in a bad sense. By passive we understand a person without character, a weak-willed person. This is a wrong conception, however, so scientists have substituted the word negative with the phrase cathode rays—the pole where all energy is made apparent. I shall explain many things on the basis of this principle. Humans have a brain, but you say sometimes, "There is nothing on my mind." Why is there nothing on your mind? Because you are a barren woman who cannot bear children. Someone says, "I cannot love." That means you are barren. Those who cannot think and feel, be they men or women, they cannot bear fruit. It says in the Scripture that anything that cannot bear fruit is near hell. I wish all of you to bear fruit. The greatest blessing for a person is to know how to create and to take care for their creation. How can a person not bear, not create a good thought, or a good desire in him or herself? Giving birth to something is a creative principle, worthy only of thinking beings. Of course I am not speaking of that creative principle which can create something out of nothing—the Creator—but about the beings of the male and female gender. In Christian philosophy we call this Christ—the God-Man. No one has understood the principle about which Christ says, "The Father lives in Me." Nobody has seen God; no one has seen the Father of the world. We know the Mother because God appears in us as a mother who creates, nourishes and takes care. This way we know Him. It says in the Scripture, "Christ came to earth to manifest the Father to us." According to the same Law humans, who have come down from heaven, were originally like that tiny, formless, insignificant grain of sand, which the Divine Spirit, after a long time of work, made into a pearl. You should thank this Clam— the Clam you have entered—for all you have in yourselves. If you are of value today, you should be thankful to the Divine consciousness that has worked for a very long time over you. According to this conception, the value of things sometimes is in their content, while at other times—in their form. Take a marble stone, sculptured by a skillful sculptor who has deposited in it a great idea, and see where this idea is expressed. This idea is hidden in the delicate lines the artist has chiseled in the stone. If a foolish person destroys these lines, an ordinary stone of no value will remain. What gives you value are the noble thoughts, desires and acts, deposited in you by the Divine Spirit. Only those traits that God has inscribed on your brain, on your heart and on your soul give value to you as a person. The same is stated by science. Contemporary scientists affirm that the number of thoughts your mind can produce depends on the number of convolutions in your brain. What are the convolutions? They are the traits that are visible on it. These fissures canalize your thoughts. Some people want to have a smooth face like a ball, thinking a person is handsome when the face is smooth. No, the face is a mask then. There must be certain marks on the human face that show first that one is good, second—that they are just; third—that they have love, that they are wise, that they are truth-loving. These things must also be expressed externally as well. Therefore, all people are written books in which their qualities can be read. Some people ask me, "Do you hear God, have you ever heard Him?" I answer, "I do not only listen to Him, but I see Him as well; I see Him when He speaks to me and listen to His words." Human words can be heard only, but God's words can be seen as well. God, Who is glory, has become incarnate in Christ and become visible. Each one of you is Divine glory expressed, incarnate, and visible. And after all this you ask me if I have heard or spoken with the Lord! For two thousand years I have been listening to Him. Christ's Teaching is an excellent philosophy—not a philosophy by which we grope in the darkness, but one by which we can see, touch, smell and taste. An anecdote tells about a learned European who studied the esoteric sciences. He wanted to investigate the profound mysteries of Nature and once he happened upon a society of blind people, whose eyes where caved in. When they were speaking with him, they asked him, "In what way do you differ from us?" They touched his eyes and understood that they were bulging, which was the only thing he differed in. Then they said, "Let us make his eyes caved in so he can be like us." Contemporary philosophers are of this kind, for when they find a person with bulging eyes, they press them down and say, "You must reason like us, your ideas of the world, of man and woman should be like ours, you should think like us." Yes, this philosophy is related to life, to a great reality which you must test every day, every hour, every minute, every second, because you must work, build. You often ask, "Why are all the misfortunes?" Do you not have a positive science?! You know how many stars there are in the sky, you are wise people measuring space, the sky, you can make compounds, you know what oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen are, but you do not know how to put order in you home. Thus there are things you do not know. Some say, "There are unattainable things in life." You should know that everything is relatively, not absolutely, unattainable. Everything is attainable, but time is necessary for that. A child understands little at first and gradually begins to understand more and more and when they become a grown up person, their view on the world changes. Now I shall ask you a question, "When you come to earth after a thousand years, what will be your views?" Of course, they will be like the ones you have today with a certain addition. But now, to return to the topic. Why does this difference exist? People must not be alike. The Law is such: people are alike in essence, but different in degree. There must always exist a certain difference among people. This is the Divine Law. And if you want someone to love you, there must be some difference between that person and you which should be harmonious as between the tones in music. The harmony we admire lies in these regular combinations, in this very difference. We should come to that harmony which actually, essentially, exists in both man and woman, and we must apply this Divine principle. Woman is the emblem of Love. Love cannot be manifested in man. I am not speaking of the man with a moustache, because woman can also have a moustache, as some animals, but I have in view certain qualities which distinguish man from woman and these qualities will remain in her forever. Another Divine power lies in man which is called Wisdom. When Love and Wisdom marry, the Truth is born. If you want to acquire the truth, you must find your father—Wisdom—and your mother—Love—and after they give birth, they will tell you what the truth is and how it can be manifested. The Truth takes after the father, it is of the masculine gender—it is the son of Love and Wisdom. The father and mother, i.e. Wisdom and Love, will give birth to Virtue; that is your sister. And Virtue joined to Truth—that is Righteousness. This is how this question stands. If you want to create this pearl, your soul must cultivate it. But what are people engaged in? They often ask me, "Do you preach things in conformity with the church?" I preach things in conformity with the great Divine Law. I do not lie before God. It is all the same to me whether my Teaching is according to your views, or not; it is important to me that my views should be in accord with the great Law, that I should not be like a liar before God, before heaven, before the angels, before the saints. This is the important question for me. If everybody understands the Teaching this way and thinks this way, there is nothing to be afraid of. Some say, "You have a purpose to found a sect." According to me those who found sects are petty people. Everyone can form a sect. How? Take an axe, cut up a tree and you will form a sect; take a hammer, pound up a stone and you will make a sect; go among people, make the quarrel and you will make a sect. Sects are easily made. In an American church there was a dispute on the question whether to raise the cup when the communion is being sanctified or not. Those who maintained that the cup must be raised forgot to do it. You often forget what you preach; you forget that principle that unites you. Our problem is to restore the Kingdom of God on earth. We want to form a sect, but what kind? To become conductors of the Divine Law which should take possession of all minds and hearts that all—men, women and children— should become Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom of God and start living on the Earth as they should. And now when people complain that great misfortunes have assailed them, I say, "I am happy your prisons are being torn down, your old concepts are falling off." Why? If water that has been kept for a long time in a bottle, is not poured out, new water cannot be put in the bottle. When Christ came to earth, the Jews should have cleaned themselves the same way and started a new life, but they said, "We know Moses, we do not know you; you want to form a sect." But He did not form a sect, as you see, although from a Jewish point of view, He was a heretic. Some ask, "Are you a true believer?" I may be a true believer before God, but from the point of view of the church, I may not be such. They were saying about Christ also that He wanted to destroy the Hebrew nation, but we should not reason as the Jews after 2,000 years. I ask you, what did the Jews gain by crucifying Christ? Nothing at all. They were scattered all over the world. There is nothing easier than crucifying a man— only four nails are necessary. I shall take up our subject again. I want you to reason and think deeply about these things. I shall say something more about the principle of man and woman. First, you must love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength; secondly, to love your neighbor as yourself; and thirdly, to love your enemies. I just spoke about your enemies—the small grain of sand. Christ did not come to earth to save the noble and the righteous, but those rough grains of sand—He descended to hell for them to take them out. In order to take the pearls out of the clam, it must be caught and opened. By the same Law, people are caught in heaven, opened up and when the pearl is found in their soul, it is taken out. When someone dies, people say, "The clam died!" They walk behind this clam and weep, "The poor clam is gone!" I say, it has gone to heaven to take the pearl along which it has created and cultivated. If it had not made that pearl, it would not have gone to heaven and would have been of no value. I shall consider some basic features of man and woman. Those who have studied the human constitution say that the external features of a person are due to their inner nature, i.e. what a person is inwardly, is outwardly as well. There are no two opinions on that conviction. They say that the feet of a normally developed man or woman must comprise one sixth of his or her height; the face must comprise one tenth of the height, the chest—one fourth, the length of the hand—one tenth; the neck must be double the circumference of the wrist. Naturally, there will be some differences among different individuals; some people have long, pear-shaped faces; others—round faces. What are these features due to? People with round faces are not very active, they are conciliatory and diplomatic. Round faces are more typical of women, or people who follow the female line. By giving you these descriptions, I want to make you take a new view of Christianity and comprehend it more deeply as a science of life. Christianity is a positive science which must teach us how to live. People differ only in terms of application—there is one type of application in the physical and another in the spiritual world. Men and women cannot be alike; there must be a difference between them. If your husband is active and brisk, you should be happy and do not say, "I want to be a man." In every manifestation there must be activity, if not on the physical plane, on the mental, and if this activity is not in the mind, then it should be in the heart. A person must be active. Activity means work, production in a triple sense—physical, mental and spiritual. All people cannot work at the same time at one and the same place and in one and the same direction. They will work in different fields. The difference existing among people can create either harmony of disharmony, it depends on them. When the husband and wife are quick-tempered, they should make concessions to each other; when one says something, the other should listen to them; when one is "playing the fiddle", the other should be listening. This is the Law in force on the physical plane. If one can keep quiet, the other one will appreciate this feeling of patience and will repay in another way. However, if the wife does not behave like this, her husband will say, "There is no worse woman than my wife; she has a very long tongue. May God liberate me from her or her from me." Do not think you will be liberated! If you have persecuted one another in this world, you will do the same in the other world too. What can change your life is your understanding of the Divine Law and its application to life. You will make thousands of mistakes, God will not judge you for them, He will forgive you, but under the condition that you learn the Divine Law and work. However, if you do not learn any lesson after one hundred mistakes, God will not forgive you. All things in the world must be made use of. If there are thorns on the pear-tree, or on the rose, this is in the order of things; they have not been put haphazardly. Those who climb the pear-tree should not wear clothes which can be torn. I have seen children hanging from pear-trees who had to be brought down by a ladder. Those who do not know the Law say, "This pear-tree has thorns, it must be cut down!" It is thorny, but it bears nice pears. Now, I shall tell you a story about a woman, but it concerns equally both men and women. A wife was a very nervous and stubborn woman who never did what her husband wanted her to do; on the contrary, she always did just the opposite. One day she wanted to sit on a well, but he told her not to, adding, "If you sit there, you will fall in and I shall remain without a wife." "I shall sit on it," answered the wife and she sat, but fell in. He started wailing, "I told you that you would fall, if you had obeyed me, you would not have fallen in the well." After an hour he saw a white-haired devil, coming out of the well. "What is it?" asked the man. "My hair turned white in an hour because of a woman!" The devil said this and ran away. The man began to think how to make use of this incident. Finally he thought out something. When he visited homes in which there were evil spirits and used all kinds of conjurations and prayers to make them go out and they still stayed in, he finally began to say to them, "Run away, for my wife is coming!" At these words all evil spirits ran away. In this way the woman, who fell in the well, did much good to the world. When her husband saw that she frightened the devil in the well, he understood that the devil is afraid only of woman, not of man. It was enough for him to cry out, "Run away for my wife is coming!" and all devils were chased away. Thus, thousands were liberated by the suffering of one single man. That is why women have the keys to the Kingdom of God. And when Christ said to Peter, "I give you the keys to the Kingdom of God," He meant this deep inner Law that there should always exist an essential difference between man and woman. In the difference lies the basis of the love which man has for woman. The day woman changes the position in which God has placed her, man will stop loving her, regardless of the precious diamonds and the silk dresses she may deck herself with; no external power can make man love her in such a case. Man is the Lord for the woman, she must see that God lives in him. To be loved by God, she should deserve His love. How? By doing some work for Him. Since He Himself cannot come down to earth to work, He gives us a mind, a heart and strength to conquer the Earth and put Law and order on it for which work He sends us all the blessings in life. Some people say, "God will come and put order in the world." He puts order in it now, yet not Himself, but through others. On the one hand, the Germans, on the other—the Russians, the French, the English are putting order in the world by their guns. Some ask, "When will people stop fighting?" When the wall they are breaking is broken through. It can be calculated mathematically how many blows a stone can stand. Some stones break after 100 blows, others—after 200 or 500 blows. The same way it can be calculated when the war will end. The war will end when the necessary shells and bombs have exploded and when a new consciousness dawns on people about their destiny on earth. Then, they will say, "We have done an excellent work." When Christ turns to His disciples, He says that the man who sought the pearl—the sense of his soul—when he found it, he went and sold all that he had, in order to buy it again. If you are not ready to sacrifice everything in this world, you will not gain anything. You still have to make some sacrifice, in order to gain some pearl, something sensible. This sacrifice must be sensible. There are people who sacrifice all their property, but do not gain any pearl. Why? Because they sacrifice it for drinking and gambling. If I would find the pearl Christ speaks about in a poor person, I would sell my whole property. In order to do good, it is not enough to give all your property to the poor. Why? When Christ says we should do good, He has in mind that this good should be done sensibly. It would be an insensible thing to give a wolf a lamb every day; they do this in the zoological garden because they keep the wolves there on exhibition, but this Law cannot be applied in any society. We cannot sacrifice the lambs for the wolves, we can sacrifice them for the people—there is sense in that—but not for the wolves. Now I shall tell you briefly a story. In prehistoric times two kingdoms divided by an impassable mountain range existed. In both kingdoms the wise men said that he who could dig a passage through this mountain and connect that way the two kingdoms, would do the greatest good to these two nations. But this should be done under the condition that the one who starts to work should not turn his head back until the passage is dug. Many people appeared and started digging, but each time one would start work someone else would come and ask him what he was doing and he would turn his head to answer him. The moment he turned his head, the place he had dug would get filled up again. Finally a prince appeared and started digging. People who passed by asked him what he was doing, but he kept silent. Once a philosopher, passing his way, wanted to show him an easy way of digging the hole, he turned his head to listen to him and the hole he had dug got filled in with gravel. He promised himself he would not turn again no matter who spoke to him and started digging again. People passing by spoke to him, but he paid no attention to anyone. Finally he dug the passage, connected the two kingdoms and married the princess of the other kingdom. In this way these two nations began to live a happier life. This is not only an allegory, but a great truth. The big mountain, which separates the two kingdoms, is the human sin which separates earth from heaven. If you were clairvoyant you would see this black wall with fortresses, guns and sentinels. Christ came to earth to dig this passage, this hole in the mountain and he did it. And when He says that there is only one path which leads to the Kingdom of Heaven, He implies this hole, this narrow way. For two thousand years this narrow way has been dug, but few are those who walk on it. There are many broad paths, but they do not lead where the narrow path leads to. Many people do not believe and say, "Prove this to us!" It is easy to prove it. How? It is enough for a person to go out of their house, but they say, "I do not want to go out." However, everyone will go to this wall and come back again. That is why knowing that you will pass through this hole only by the Law of the genus between man and woman, you must become related. When we speak of new birth, repentance, we understand that harmony must be achieved between us and God. If God does not love you, who can love you? Someone says, "I have no friends, no one loves me, God does not love me either." This is not true. God loves you but you must learn to love Him too. He is not invisible—you can see Him everywhere. God speaks to you everyday at least ten times, He meets you, advises you and so on. When you think of doing something evil and you meet a friend in the street who tells you not to do it, God speaks to you through them. And now when I am speaking to you, again God is speaking to you. The words are mine, the cover is mine, but the content is of God. You receive a gift. What should you do? Take the cover off and you will see its content. Therefore, men and women must understand each other. You have certain wrappings about yourself: you want to become great, rich, to have houses, knowledge, power, and to be loved by all and, whatever you desire, to achieve it at one scoop. However, this is not done like in the lottery. You must learn the Divine Law and start inwardly. If you take the verse of the pearl and spend only ten days a year, or a month in meditation on it, do you know what secrets you would learn? As a scientist takes a few prisms and puts them in a certain combination, can see below them the most microscopic beings, in the same way, if you combine the prisms existing in your mind, you will see many things which cannot be seen by the ordinary eye. As a scientist sees under the microscope a whole world of life in a drop of water, the same way those who make use of Divine Wisdom will see things others do not see. Sometimes in the morning you get up badly disposed, but you do not know the cause. You do not succeed in some work—there is a cause; you are ill—there is a cause; you are not beautiful—there is a cause. Beauty must be an ideal for man as well as for woman, because all angels, saints, Christ, are beautiful. When a woman says her husband does not love her, I understand that she is ugly. Every soul in which the words Virtue, Righteousness, Love, Wisdom, Truth are inscribed, is a great, beautiful soul and everybody can love it. And if nobody loves you, it means that you have none of these qualities. Go to God and say, "God, let your hammer work more on me so that these virtues may become inscribed." If God does not work with His hammer on someone, they will remain an ordinary stone of no value. Now, let us come to the application. How must the man and the woman work? They want to have children. Children are bearers of Truth. Know that if you want to understand Truth only your children can teach you. If you want to learn humility, only your children can teach you what humility is. A woman who has never given birth to a child can be neither good, nor humble—she will always be proud. The same thing applies to man. Every thought and every desire of his take on life when they are born. These manifested thoughts and desires house a great being; an angel is concealed in them who, at some point, will be your friend. Some time in the past, the children you have now have been only a dream in your mind, which you have clothed now. You have in yourselves the pearl Christ speaks about, only that some of you, instead of making it noble (as the clam does with the grain of sand), want to throw it out of yourselves. You say, "God has not made it well," and you hew it a bit, but it looses its sense. Do not hew the lines God has put in the human soul. I am against these philosophers who say, "Since the world is not made the way it should be made, let us hew it a bit." For instance, a woman wishing to look slimmer puts on a corset. If you do not wish to grow fat, you must fast. Now you eat three times a day, try to eat twice or once a day and see what noble traits will develop in you. You say, "We cannot live without food." Do you know how much food you must eat in a day? There are certain Laws in life which regulate eating. If you have no appetite for several days, do not eat—wait till a natural hunger appears in you. A man says, "My wife must eat or she will look bad." She looks ill now, but will look well if she does not eat. There are animals that do not eat when they are indisposed. I say that you have the pearl of which Christ speaks, only some of you want to cast it out, which is nothing other than abortion. The statistical data show that there were one hundred thousand abortions in the city of New York in 1905. If some want to be Christians, they are not allowed to apply abortion—in the body, in the mind or in the heart. When a good thought comes into your mind, you say, "I shall apply abortion!" You will do that but you will be ill after that. Some say, "I had a bad thought." It is not a sin that you had a bad thought, but it is sinful to apply abortion. All people do this and wonder why there is no order in the world. Why? Because of abortion. The bad thoughts and desires that torment you are those aborted children of yours in the past and now they say, "You are an unworthy mother." They obstruct you in all your initiatives and you are an unhappy person. If you want to be happy, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, it is best that from now on you should not apply abortion and pray to God to forgive you your misuse of all good thoughts and wishes—of all your aborted children whom you have killed and robbed of their riches. That is why in the future you should mature every noble thought, every noble wish, since they shall have an effect on your nose, eyebrows, eyes and you will attain to the Apollo type of head and face. At present many people look horrible and ugly. If they go to heaven on this day and see the beauty of the angels, they will run away from there. Now you must pray to God to help you bleach yourself. This is not hard word. If a clam can make a pearl for which Christ praised it, can you not do the same? When you enter heaven, what will Christ praise you for? Someone will say, "I was first minister in Bulgaria." Christ will ask him, "What good have you done to the Bulgarian people?" "Nothing." "Have you a pearl?" "No." "Then, go out, go and stay on earth until you make a pearl, for I cannot receive you in the Kingdom of God without this pearl." A bishop comes along: "What have you done?" "I taught people to do good, I believed in you." "Did you make a pearl?" "No, I did not." "Out with you!" To those who have made a pearl, Christ will say, "I am happy, my son, that you did not shame me. Come to me; you are a worthy son." The same way when you, men and women, go to heaven, there you will meet some son—your pearl—who will say to you, "Thank you, mother, that when I was a big sinner you took me in your womb and made me a person. In this world I shall serve you with all my soul." This will be your happiness. This is what Christ wants to say in the verses I read of which I chose the least meaningful. You see how much it contains, the others contain much deeper things which you will learn some day, but not on the Earth—when you go to heaven. Then you will have new conceptions, new emotions, and new abilities. Then you will see other pictures which you will be able to understand. At this time you can be given this much. If more is given to you, you will not be able to bear it. This would mean blowing a soap-bubble more than it can expand—then it will burst. That is why, when Christ says, "You women are the emblem of Divine Love, God lives in you," women must listen silently, modestly and show themselves worthy of bearing their share. You say, "You should know, Lord, that the present world is not such as You have made it." There is no need of you Teaching the Lord. When He speaks, we must keep silent. When He stops speaking, we shall begin our lesson and say, "I did this in such a way, that in another way." Then God will tell you where you are right and where you are not right. Therefore, the Teaching of Christ implies our listening to God and applying His Teaching in our life. And when Christ says to woman, "Love your neighbor as yourself," He means she has to love her husband as herself. And when He tells man to love his neighbor, He means that he should love his wife as himself. If you give such examples, then your sons and daughters will follow them. This is what the creation of the pearl means—the alchemic Law, applied in the physical world. Sermon held on April 19, 1915, in Sofia. ____________________ 10 Matt. 13:44.
  10. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] To Editor: why undoing the emphasis? There was emphasis in the Bulgarian sentence, it was translated emphatically in English; it was translated in grammatically correct English – why the change? [2] To Editor: why undoing the emphasis? There was emphasis in the Bulgarian sentence, it was translated emphatically in English; it was translated in grammatically correct English – why the change? [3] To Editor: grammar books state that which and that are interchangeable – same meaning, same function – I see you keep substituting ‘which’ for ‘that’ Could I possible kindly ask you what difference, apart from personal preferences, is there between these two words. [4] To Editor: either ‘you have learnt no lesson’ or ‘you have not learnt any lesson’ – equally good, equally correct – why are you changing one for the other ? [5] Stating the obvious [6] Stating the obvious [7] To Editor: why changing ‘get out’ for ‘leave’? the only difference is that ‘get out’ is more informal = closer to the Master’s style? [8] ‘only’ can be placed either you placed it, or where I placed it – why changing it? [9] Again – why destroying the emphasis? [10] Unclear. Maybe - {to do it in one go} Yes, ‘to do it in one go’ – this is the meaning [11] Usage. Sorry – I fail to express it in any way, but maybe if you suggest a wording it will be OK – the meaning is that the ideas are robbed/deprived of their wealth.
  11. Note 2 Easter “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I will be with you always, to the very end of the age.” From Mathew 28:19 In the sermons of the entire Christian world the text about Christ’s resurrection is read today; Only in America there are eighty, ninety, one hundred thousand preachers, and in Bulgaria – three thousand and three hundred priests, who preach the Resurrection today – everywhere people talk about it. Because so many people talk about it, I would like to take a small detour. Certainly many examine the issue from a historic and philosophic point of view, i.e. whether Resurrection is possible to happen. The dispute is also on a purely physiological level: is it possible for a person to rise from the dead. Ideologists and theologians keep writing and trying to prove that Resurrection is possible, but even they fail to prove it. I would like to dwell upon these words ‘Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.’ The teaching about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is a profound teaching. What is this science about? You often say these words Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, but what do they mean to you? They can be meaningful to you only if they can produce a certain effect. When you hold a match from a box of matches, you will never see its force unless you have the skills to light it; only when you light it can you see its force. Similarly resurrection will be a subject unknown to you, if you do not light this word like the match – to produce Light in your mind and in your heart or if you do not sow it like a seed, so that it can grow, to see its fruit. It is enough if in one’s life there are two or only one such word, which one can understand properly, this person will become a genius; when this person understands two such words, such a person will become a saint; had such a person understood three words, then one will become one with Jesus Christ. So, in each language which we speak, there are words, which when understood, acquire magical meaning. Moses when he raised his staff at the Red Sea spoke one word and it divided into two. And Christ, when standing in front of Lazarus’s grave and cast a glance above, spoke only one word, ‘Lazarus, come out of the grave!’ And in the beginning God spoke only one word and the world was made. We know how to speak and write properly, grammatically correctly – with the commas and full stops, question and exclamation marks; we debate over many philosophical issues, but we not how put our life in order. We resemble that philosopher who went out in the sea and while talking with the boatman, he asked: - Are you educated, do you know anything in astronomy? - And having received an answer, ‘I do not know’, he said: - You have wasted one quarter of your life. - Do you know anything in geology, he asked him then. - No, I do not know. - You have wasted half of your life. How about mathematics, don’t you know mathematics? - No, I do not know. - Three quarters of your life you have wasted. There came a violent storm shortly after and the boat was just about to turn upside down; then the boatman stood up and asked the philosopher, ‘Can you swim?’to which the latter replied, ‘No, I can’t’. Taking his turn the boatman said, ‘Four quarters of you life you have wasted.’ We are now like these philosophers and are asking ourselves how Christ was born and how He came down to Earth, but as soon as a storm starts brewing in our life, as soon as we experience ceratin difficulties and sufferings, we find out that we can’t swim and we start sinking; where then is the your philosophy, your mathematics, what use can they be to you? Mathematics, however, is a science – how to build a meaningful life; biology – how to put our cells in order; geology – what is our attitude to the earth and so on. There are three periods in Christ’s life, which are significant – they are present in everybody’s life – birth, death and Resurrection. Note that when Christ was born, the Angels appeared in the sky and announced Peace among people; so, Christ was born in triumph, but we see that this triumphant Christ had to undergo a most humiliating death. The question is why should he have had such a death? Modern people die and I was often asked why they die – there are reasons. Christ died a shameful death and finally He rose from the dead. I shall now make a short comparison – how did death appear in the world? We know that when Adam was in Paradise, God embodied Life and death in the form of two fruit trees, one of which He called The Tree of Life, and the other one – The Tree of knowing Good and Evil. In a purely esoterric and mystic sense, The Tree of Life stands for all the aspirations of Nature to God – the aspiration, which travels upwards; this is the tide, which keeps growing. The Tree of knowing Good and Evil, however, grows downwards. So now, where did death come from? Following the most natural path, what will happen, if we start trains from two juxtaopposed points to travel towards the same destination? – An accident. Adam found himself between two such trains and not knowing how to evade the accident, he died. And each one of you shall have the same end, if you touch the fruit of the forbidden tree – this will happen to you on the day you touch the tree. But since, when you touch the tree, you will enter this great current flowing downwards – to the Earth, only a Divine power can rescue you from this current. Precisely for this did Christ come down to Earth, to guide people back to the primary current of Life – into the reverse process, which we call Resurrection. In order to be able to understand this teaching, we have to understand the teaching about the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. What should we understand the Father to mean – the teaching about the Divine Wisdom; the Son – the teaching of Divine Love; the Spirit – the teaching about the rising, the evolution of human beings. And the Scripture reads, ‘These who believe in this teaching, shall be saved’ – we have to understand the principles of this teaching. What are we supposed? Each one of you is a father, but do you understand you calling as fathers; each one of you has been in the position of the son, but do you know what the attitude of the son to the father should be? In the position of the Spirit you have not been, but you will be; you are now exactly in the process of the Spirit – this particular Spirit, which rises people and which should now raise Christ in us. In order to be able to properly understand the teaching of Christ, we have to cast down many frivolities in this world; not to deny the world, because this woud be a distorted understang. The world has two faces: one purely Divine and one exteral face of things; and when we are told that we have to deny the world, this should be understood to mean tat we have to deny all these elements, which are of a transient, decieving nature, which do not contribute anything substantial to our life. But all this which facilitates our rising on the Earth, we have to keep, because the Scripture says elsewhere, ‘God loved the world so much, and He gave His Only Son to help it.’ That the world has two sides can be seen from another line from Aposlte Paul, which reads: ‘The image of this world passes, but there is an image which is unchangeable.’ One is born, grows up and believes that one will put the world in order and will conquer it, but at the age of forty to fifty-five and one notices certain weakening, feels that one’s strengths are leaving him/her and then one grows wiser and starts making the young ones to work for him/her; one becomes milder, more polite, because one is weak and because there is a thought developing in him/her that one is getting older and that one might die on the following day. Such thoughts are coming to mind, which may ease resurrection; modern people are altogether contaminated by the view that one cannot rise from the dead, cannot live again – this is exactly the biggest deceit in present life. One can rise from the dead, the way one can die – these are two relative domains. Once you counteract the forces of Nature, your form will disintegrate, if you do not understand the principles, you will be trampled down. We have to free ourselves of these inherited obstacles existing in our souls. I shall give you an example and shall explain one great principle, which regulates Life: several sailors, Englishmen, left the ship to visit a European town. They took a walk around the town, got into various pubs and got drunk. On the way back they got into the boats, but forgot to unfasten them from the poles at the shore to which they were tied, and started rowing; they kept rowing and rowing all night long, thinking that they were coming closer to the ship, but they could see that they were still at the shore. Why did they not reach the ship? This short rope, coiled round the poles, this rope fastened them. People cannot rise due to exactly this reason – they are fastened to a pole. I have often seen little children catching birds and letting the birds fly on a string – the bird tries soaring, but falls back to the ground; are all people tied to a string just like this. People must have an ideal – but what ideal should this be? An ideal to draw them to Heaven. ‘I started flying, but I fell and I do know why’; because you are tied, you have doubts about your mind, there are important questions, which you have not resolved – unfasten your boat, peddle with the rows and follow your destination. We cannot avoid the consequencies of the causes: we think that our thoughts and desires are of no impact, but actually each thought, as weak as it can be, does have an impact. Moses, I think, says in the Deuteronomy, then God administers retribution for crimes up to the fourth knee – one crime should be liquidated for one hundred years. Those who have studied the principles must have noticed the following: if a black woman has a coitus with a white man, a white child may be born in the first generation, and if not in the second or third generations, then inevitably a black child will be born in the fourth generation; if the [black] child is born in the beginning, this is OK – this will put an end to the karma. The principle has a reverse effect too: if a white woman has a coitus with a black man, the black child may be born in the beginning and if it is not born then, then after a hundred years a black child will inevitably be born. And people wonder, ‘Why should God have sent to us this black child?’ A great-great grandmother of yours must have had a coitus with a black man. This principle works also in our feelings and thought: you stay calm for seven days and a bad thought comes to your mind – why? A hundred years ago your soul must have had a coitus with a black man – such a black man is called a devil. A bad desire of yours is also a child of yours; this karma principle is strict – we have to take good care of ourselves, because we cannot get away with the consequencies. We should never make room in our minds for a bad thought, because it will produce its own form and in the future, it does not matter when exactly, we will stumble over it. The issue is not that someone was born from a coloured man; the issue is that there are vibrations of black and white people, and these vibrations are different. Black people have aspirations to the Earth, not to Heaven – these are the people of that Tree from which your primary mother ate; the white people, who are now coming, are people of the Tree of Life. Hence we shall become what we eat. And the Tree of Life is Christ. When this great thought about christ penetrates you (not the abstract thought that Christ is to the right of the Father, but Christ – the power, which has penetrated the entire Earth) and when this stream penetrates all beings, young and old alike, then Salvation will come. When Christ died, it became dark, people felt this emptiness, and the Scripture reads that Christ entered hell and preached this teaching there; and all who listened to him, got out of hell and came to the earth. Weren’t you also there when Christ taught? You were, but you have forgotten. And what did Christ tell you, when he descended there to get you out of darkness? ‘Go out and do not sin any more.’ Because you will have to deliver, as I told you above, black children – you will experience suffering after suffering. And because Christ is on Earth, He had decided to save human beings and He will – there is no power in the world, however mighty it may be, which is in a position to counteract Christs’ strength. He says, ‘The sheep that Father gave Me, nobody can take away from Me, because no one is greater than My Father.’ And if sometimes a doubt enters your soul, this is your black father – sever your bonds with him, no pure soul should mix with an impure one! When a child of any mother gets dirty, does she go hugging the child? No, she gives the child a good smacking first, then she gets the child washed, then she cleans the child, puts clean clothes on the child, and only then will she kiss the child – this is the simple philosophy of Life. Someone may tell you, ‘But you do not love me’; your clothes are muddy, my friend, there is mud all over, my sister; come, I will pay for your bath, clean yourself, wash your body, as well as your heart, the way it has to be done, and only after doing this, only then will you rise from the dead.’ Now, do you know why Christ suffers? The cross stands for the human house – a cube, unfolded, makes a cross, and Christ was resurrected on this cross. And God says now, ‘Clean your house, open the windows, clean everything!’ Some say, ‘Kiss this cross’, but this cross has to be cleansed. The cross is in the mind, in the heart – this is a cross people cannot kiss, until it is cleaned. We are all crosses – living crosses. We have to put up these Divine crosses in our hearts and having done this, we shall draw a circle, standing for eternity, and shall make a wheel or a propeller out of the cross, to get it moving. Therefore Christ with His teaching wants to show us the main principles, which can help us change the order of things. And change the order of things we can. We have to have an idea first, and secondly, to aspire to accoplish it. Modern people cannot accomplish it, due to one simple reason: an inexorable selfishness – everybody wants to be first. An artist made it very clear in a picture: the artist painted a mountain peak, upon which there rests an idol, and millions of people are looking at this peak; and if one tries to climb up and reach the idol, the others clutch at him and do not let him go’ so similarly people are constrantly fighting and nobody can reach the peak. During running contests at the Olympic games in Ancient Greece the one, who first reached the finish, was the one to take the wreathe. In the quest for Christ, however, everybody can take this wreathe, as long as one is diligent and follows Christ’s teaching. So there are these three things in the teaching about the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit, if we can pronounce these three words in their full sense. When we pronounce Father, we should be able to feel the pulse of that being which makes the world moving – to feel it the way a mother can feel the pulse of her child; to feel the Divine thought, actually means to understand it and to be aware of it. ‘Then, as God said, before you have asked for something, I will grant your wishes.’ We all have to have excellent attitude to God, like son to father – to do our duties to our Father. He did not descend to Earth, but He sent His Son, and we have to make sacrifices in this world. Many are apprehensive of sacrifices and say that there is no Life in the sacrifice; and many are bewildered with Christ’s words ‘If you do not eat of My flesh and do not drink of My blood, you shall have no eternal life.’ We eat everyday, in order to live; doesn’t this wheat grain, these herbs, whose juices we swallow, die and sacrifice themselves for us? But they say, ‘We can die, if this makes you people.’ How many mirriads of beings serve us, and what is it that we do on Earth? We tackle scholastic issues, like those old theologicians in the Middle centuries, who kept trying to find out how many devils can there be on a knife’s blade – this is what we are still consumed with. I say that Christ’s teaching contains the meaning of Life in itself. There is always a low land between two great epochs; if we examine our mind, we shall see that there are concave and convex areas in it as well – due to these crevices can human thought circulate. The earth also has similar concave areas, which generate certain currents, due to which we can live. Somebody may say, ‘I do not want to live in a valley’; well, where do you want to live, how many devils can live on a mountain peak? Not all can live there; everybody shall be – in the creavices of one’s life: once – in a valley, another time – on a peak, yet another time – again in a valley, and yet another time – on a peak; there will be climbing up and climbing down, until the principle, that evolution is a movement along a curved line, is grasped. When, however, one learns Christ’s teaching about the circular movement in eternity, one will enter another evolution, which does not follow and up-and-down path, which will move in a circle. On the other hand, the teaching of the spirit is a realistic teaching, which is denied by modern people. When the Divine Spirit works within us, He implies unity, implies multitude too. The Father created things, The Spirit is a multitude from the one pole to the other pole, while Christ represents the juices flowing continually in the Tree of Life. The Spirit represents the conditions in which we live. Modern astrologers say that a person is in communication with all the Universe, which is to say that all beings are to be found in a certain correlation; the heart, the mind, the ears, the eyes correspond to certain beings in space and when there is clash among them, then a person feels, certain impact in the respective body parts, be it in the legs or in the head. It happens sometimes that a hand or any other body part aches – this is an impact coming from outside, an iflunce, as it is called, of Jupiter, of Saturn, of Mars. Somebody may object, ‘How can Mars influence people?’ We say: England has a certain influence, the land or the people of England, who live there, the English people, with their thoughts exercise this inluence; therefore those beings, who live on Mars, influence us too by their thoughts through space, by forming one current and we, coming under this current, become belligerent. All people are under the influence of Mars – they will fight until this influence accomplishes the goal for which it exists in the world. Do not think that Christ’s teaching is a teaching of Peace; it is of Peace, but once the equilibrium is unbalanced, there will be a war, and only a war can restore, in time, the disbalanced equilibrium. And we know this principle from experience: when a woman wants to make butter from milk, she churns it in the bottle. Similarly war in the world will be over when butter is produced. Well, why do people fight? Christ says, ‘I want butter – when you annoint yourselves you will become softer, because you are now rough and coarse.’ Butter is now being churned and when Christ annoints you, you will become tender. That this is so is evident from the fable about those stupid virgins, who forgot to take oil for their lamps and remained outside; in order to enter the Kingdom of God, you must inevitably have oil. This is the teaching of the Spirit. I speak alegorically, but if you give it a thought, you will understand the correlations between these forces, which have the impact of softening. And do you know why God created the modern world? Those spirits who were first created, crystalised; our Earth had to be created afterwards, for new cells to be formed not under any crystal, winding, geometrical form, but in a circular form. A crystal, a diamond has to become a live cell in order to be able to develop – just like a plant; if you reflect deeply upon this thought you will understand that even the noblest of plants has to transform its wooden immovable cells in meat and nerves, in order to be able to feel and to move the way animals feel and move. The same way we have to pay everything in order to generate this particular cell, which makes saints. We are now dead. In Heaven we are planted head downwards. We have to sacrifice ourselves, so that we can become sensible cells, to become one with Christ and by passing through His body, through His mind, through his heart, only then we will be able to tune ourselves, to understand the deep meaning of things. These things are, of course, very abstract and if I go in details to explain them, we shall be distracted from our topic, and this will be of no use to you. The primary issue in Life is humility. A Greek desciple in Ancient times wanted to learn the secret sciences and therefore he went to Egypt, to the school of the so-called Brothers of Light. The principal priest of the Isis Temple, while showing him round, took him to a room and told him, ‘This is the Truth’. ‘Why did not you take me earlier to the Truth, why did you take me to other places; you should have brought me here in the very beginning’, objected the desciple. ‘It is not possible’, said the priest and added, ‘Do not lift the curtain off this statue, do not touch its veil, study it from a distance.’ The desciple was very intrigued to find out what there is underneath the veil; and he thought ‘When I lift this veil, I will find the Truth and when I come back to Greece, I will have a great power.’ One evening he went out quietly, sneaked his way through and got into the temple, lifted the curtain, but, in the morning however,he was found dead before the statue. What did he learn? Some say ‘Lift the curtain, I want to see the Truth.’ It is dangerous, if the veil is lifted – one should be prepared for the moment. Christ came to Earth to prepare us to meet this moment without fear. We should first understand what life leads us to Salvation; afterwards we have to undergo another process, of which He says, ‘If you were not born from above, you will not see the Kingdom of God’ – and Nicodemus was also told that if he was not born from water and Spirit, he wouldn’t be able to enter the Kingdom of God. (John 3:1) So, there are two births, but not re-incarnations. Because reincarnation implies an intermitten process; reincarnation is the principle of disharmony in the world: to be reincarnated means to start anew the work you left – you are captured, imprisoned and after a twenty years of incarseration, when there will be about fifteen more years left to serve, you run away, but you are captured and made to return and you are sentenced to ten more years, so again you are facing twenty-five years of service; in five years you run away again, you are again captured, emprisoned for a third time and you are given a longer sentence. This is what reincarnation is about – one who does not want to serve one’s sentence; or put in other words: when you are sent to the Earth and you do not want to live as God determined, but wants to have an easier escape, then you will be caught, put in prison and if you keep escaping, you will serve in prison for ever. The principle of renovation implies that human beings have to follow God’s will. And it is not difficult to follow, the difficulty lies invarably in the profound reasons related with poor the understanding of the meaning of Life. Modern people are inclined to criticism, everybody has eyes for the mistakes of the other people: ‘Whoever does not live as one should’ – well, do you live like this? – ‘He is not right to think like this’ – well, what about you, are you right to think like this? – ‘He is not good’ – well, are you good? Above all one should know oneself, should study one’s construction. Have you learnt why God gave human beings noses, two eyes each, why some have black eyes, others – blue or green, what are the eye-brows above for – the shape formed resembles the figure eight, what does this figure mean? This shows the figure of work. About the nose – it is a plough; when you place a human being in a horisontal position, this shows that one has to plough and then Divine bliss will descend and what was sown will grow. What does the word thinking mean? To concentrate one’s thoughts. What does concentration mean? I once met in Varna one Bulgarian, a non-believer, of free views, who complained to me, ‘I had won eight thousand leva, lent to the money to a trader who went bankrupt, and this is how I lost it, but God is good, I will win again.’ I say: this person knows the principle; this person is not an esoteric person, but recognises one principle, which will teach him how to win again. God grants, God takes. These are things of transient nature in life – in this way God puts us to test, the way a mother will put her children to test. You may try what your child will be; mother usually say ‘Mine is an angel’, but try the child and find out if the child become an Angel – give the child an apple and ask for the apple back; if the child returns the apple to you, the child will become an Angel – if not, the child will become a devil. God gives a blessing and says to you. ‘Give it to others as well’; ‘I can’t give it’ – here you have one issue which you have not resolved. ‘I do not believe in Life’ – here you have another issue, another x, which you have not resolved; you try to escape Life – you have another x to resolve. We say: x is equal to whatever, but mathematically I can’t find what it is equal to; this x has a meaning, its value can be found when we work – trying to solve this x, we have to employ our thoughts and feelings. It is often the case when one cannot resolve the x’s in one’s life, one starts crying and feels unhappy. The world is a school, who made you come to this school if you are not willing to learn, to concentrate upon issues – then you’d better get into a plant, into a mineral. Through a diligent concentration you will learn the teaching of the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit and you will come to love God. People say, ‘Love is foolish’ – this is another x, which has a ceratin value. I, following this teaching, can also solve the mystery of Love. Now, the Teacher of the teaching comes every morning and spreads a thought in our souls, but we, in spite of this, are becoming poorer – why are we becoming poorer? Because we can’t appreciate this thought, which Christ gives to us. – ‘I want glory, I want this and that.’ The Good, which Christ gives is much more substantial; God’s glory in this case is worth much more than human glory. Christ wants to place all of us in power, to become masters over Life and death. And do you know who creates death? These mirriads of spirits who continualy destroy. Everyday you are full of suspicions, envy and at that you want to be progressive; there are even people who know about esoterric issues, while their thought is not free – they do not understand Life. Christ rose from the dead, He showed us the path, which we have to follow – the birth process. Do you know what birth is? Count Tolstoy once told me of his dream – how he dreamt one night that he was pregnant and was labouring and experienced such pains, that when he got up in the morning, he asked whether women experience the same pains while labouring; when he was given an affirmative answer, he said, ‘It’s difficult to be a woman.’ A thought comes to your mind; until you deliver, how many sufferings will you have to undergo, but don’t you think that suffering is a bad indication. Just like the mother, you have to give something of yourself to your child, you have to give Life and Strength to a noble thought and at last you will have to be brave enough to push away the stone – not to be like modern philosophers asking and reflecting whether Christ can rise from the dead or not. There are people who have been there when Christ rose; someone will say, ‘Prove this to me!’ I can prove it, but you wil have the same attitude – there is a principle which has to be observed. What does proving mean? You will take someone to a path, you will show him the way, he will try and try the Truth. The last hour is ticking – we all have to and will rise from the dead. And while rising we have to ask ourselves not whether Christ rose, but whether it is time for us to rise – this is the question. Some ask whether Christ lay in the grave for three days; you have been lying in this grave for the last eight thousand years, and don’t you think it’s long enough time? It is long enough. And this Angel from above is the call of Christ, that the Last Judgement is coming. How will Christ find you? If the stone on your tomb is closed, how can Christ say, ‘Come out, Lazarus?’ Your relatives and friends should do this favour to you to remove the stone from your grave and then Christ will say, ‘Rise!’ and you will rise. To all of you, who were listening to me this morning, I can say that I will remove your tomb-stones. Christ is coming. He will stand by your open graves and will say, ‘Come out!’ 4 April 1915, Sofia Source
  12. Note 1 THE SPIRIT AND THE FLESH AFFLUX AND REFLUX IN LIFE 17For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature. They are in conflict with each other…. 22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness Galatians 5:17,22 In generally, people have very confused understandings about these deepest laws upon which is grounded [ira1] Life. The World we live in is governed by laws and rules which God has grounded since the day of organizing the Universe. And when He led in the first man (The Scripts keep silence here), God learn him for a long time on heavens knowledge. He introduce him with all basic laws of that great building, where He put him to live, He explain him the characteristics of herbs, He introduce him the qualities and operation of the elements as He put hum to rule over everything saying: “If you keep the laws which I put here, you always be happy, joyful, blissfully and everything what you begin will be successful[ira2] : but in the day when you break My law, everything will be rise against you.” About that attest these two trees about which is talking the Scripture – the Tree of Life and the Tree of knowing Good and Evil. If I shall stop here to explain what are these trees I risk digressing a lot that is why I will leave that subject for another lecture. These two trees in Heaven were alive, intelligent, have some strength, some properties inside. And God said to first man: “Into Tree of knowing Good and Evil is hidden great danger and in the day when you touch it you will lose everything – the elements inside that tree are not good for you, you are not strong enough to manage with them. You can study them in future but now you can use all other trees, from every thing in Life, but not from Tree of knowing Good and Evil.” I will not stop to talk about the deepest reasons which incite Adam to break the Divine Law. Someone preach that we have to have faith. And really we need faith because no matter what it is, positive or negative – it is the foundation of Life, without her Life could not exist. All beings no matter how small they are, as you start from microscopically and reach to highest ones all they have faith[ira3] . But what kind is their faith? [ira4] An unbeliever says: “I don’t believe in God.”, but in the same time his thesis shows that he believes in something anyway – he believes that God did not exist, so he should have to believe. I would like to see how a man can be left without any faith even in him self. If he believes in himself he have faith, but he believes in his mind. When we are saying that someone is unbeliever, that is not right, that is half true – he left the faith in God, but he believes in himself. So faith could be positive or negative. Adam and Eve, expressed that principle of unbelief in God, because Lucifer has came into heaven garden, they believe in last one and left God. In consequence of that happens the original sin. And Apostle Paul says into his message to Romans: “Whom you submit to, you became a servant to him”. This morning my lecture will be about two great laws which I can be formulated like that: the law of opposites/contrasts and the law of likeness/similarity. These laws we may test every day. That is not an abstract philosophy, they are not like rebirth or transmigration of souls – these things we could taste every day upon ourselves. The dark sides of that point of view will become clearer in some ways. For example you are standing on a coast, and you are watching the sea which is calm and quiet, but suddenly you notice that it became to ruffle bit by bit, forming a stream – that what the science calls tide. There are some places where sea is uplift toward coast to 60 legs high; then you have to run as soon as you can, anyway you will be touched and absorbed in waves. And that tide/afflux, that rising of waves continue 12 hours; after 12 hours you will notice that waves become to withdrawal back to the sea. This you could notice often, sometimes everyday – in 24 hours once foreword, once backward of the coast. Such afflux and reflux happens inside you. Where? Of course not in uplands, not in high places of Life, but in low places. May be often happens to you to get down at the coast in quiet time, to start singing a beautiful song and you see at once that a wave came and lift up and you and your beautiful song and least it makes you wet perfectly. Or you went boating in quiet see, here begins a storm and turn over your boat and you find yourself into rough sea. May be someone will think that this is a little bit exaggeration of the facts but it is true in life. How many times people are missing into that sea of life, with their songs, dreams and ideals? You are saying; “Misfortune”.You is looking for reason without knowing the laws of Nature. When old philosophers said: “Know yourself”, they understand to learn man these two laws of rhythmically movements – afflux and reflux. In your mind these two words are dimly but I will try to explain them to you. This manifestation/expression of a modern science is calling the law of rhythmical movement. In every thing have a current from the centre towards periphery and from periphery towards centre; in every thing have an afflux and reflux, rising and falling, nascence and degeneration. In chemistry have action and reaction – action that is an afflux, after that forms a reaction which is reflux. If you look on for some time your watch you will find out that sometime its voice[ira5] once increased begins bit by bit to decrease, to stop tic-tacking even it stops at all for some time [ira6] , then it increase again and decrease again, the same thing happens with your heart. If you put your hand on your heart you will notice that sometime it starts beating faster and you become frightened; the doctor says: “This man have palpitation”. This is an afflux into your organism and this afflux reflex on heart. This law operates everywhere and when sometime the doctors say about someone that he have disease of a valvular. I am saying purely and simply, that he have some afflux in his mind, in his heart, in his soul, and after 12 hours that afflux will decrease and palpitation will pass away. These 12 hours could be 12 seconds, 12 minutes,12 hours, 12 days, 12 weeks, 12 months, 12 years, 12 centuries, 12 thousand years, 12 million years etc. – anyway attitude of thing stays the same. So that laws operates. Apostle Paul, into that chapter I had read off, is talking about the law of flesh – that is the law of reflux; the law of Spirit – that is the law of afflux. At some places may be formed miasmas, effluvium of which could spread microbes and everywhere around begins diseases.[ira7] This law operates into our brain, into our heart and into our soul. Into organism often is leaving of sediments, which lay a foundations of diseases and which we are calling rheumatism into joints, in legs, in head – then we are feeling pain and begin to complaint. If we are clever and do understand the law, there, where is the afflux we can put a strong barrier, big wall. If we are stupid we are gaping around the coast of the stormy sea. People always say: “The world is bad.” But where its badness exists? – “What about that common war” 8 It is the reflux of the power and into that reflux there is a conflict, all they are running away saying that sea is flooding. And that rush is what they are calling war. You are asking what will happen with the world. I am saying: after 12 hours or 12 weeks, or 12 years all that will be hushed, impregnated with blood areas will dry up again and people will ask: “What was that, what was the reason, why that sea become angry against us?” The sea does not get angry; it is breathing and when it makes exertion in breathing, its hollow, its chest rise up on 60 legs. But when the sea is breathing and it is taking an air you have to be positioned 60 km away from the coast - onto some high top. When the sea breathe out, you can go to the coast and to admire it, but just you see that it is taking a breath, run away over there onto top. These two laws are opposites and similar, if we may understand them, they are two great things in the world. One law – of similar – is The Law of Heaven, the other – of the opposites – that is The Law of The Earth, of the organically world, of the flesh. You wake up in the morning felling not quite well despondent, on bad terms with the world, you do not want to work, your mind is confused, you say: “God didn’t make the world as it should have to be”, all devils are into your mind, you are ready to scolding with everybody, you let go the girdle waiting for someone to step on it, ready to flare up – that is the law of the opposites. That day if wife see your man like that if she does understand the law she will run on 2km away and will say: “Today inside my man have a reflux of a Spirit and afflux of the flesh”. You should not have to be laughing, because tomorrow the wife will let go her girdle. This is a law, everybody could not in the same time to let go their girdles. Ten years ago I had lived to a family which has 7 members – father, mother, a son, and four daughters. I had made some observations – it operates as a watch. All members of that family everyday of the week alternate with each other[ira8] : in Monday –father indisposed, his girdles let go, everybody says: “Father is indisposed, gloomy, shouting and yelling.” Everyone are hushing up and looking for the reason. In Tuesday father is jolly, but look – mother has let go her girdle; father gives a faint smile and says: “Today your mother is on duty”. It is interesting because in Thursday the son lets go his girdle, and everyone is laughing because they know him. That way everybody take their turns. I knew who and when is on duty and program follows inviolably. Well it is nice for a little while – if one lets go his girdle, and the other did not it is easy. But if both of them are on duty letting go the girdle – in other words on a scientific language, when both have a reflux, then the things goes wrong. Here what the Apostle Paul is saying into readen chapter – the flesh opposites to Spirit and contrariwise. We could not make these laws reconcilable; it is inconceivability, because they have diametrically opposite movements: one is moving forward and other backward. The law of the opposites is the law which destroys; he destroys harmony, happiness; when he is operating inside you when he goes back he is stilling all your belongings. When you fall into that law of opposites for a long time it may have an influence over your mind 12 minutes, 12 hours, and 12 years. In human life exist some periods which exert an influence over character of a man still from the beginning. If one child get conceived and get borne during the period of opposites it will became surely a criminal, the biggest rascal – he could not run away from consequences, because they gave him those elements which drive on his life into other direction. If father and mother are under operation[ira9] of the law of similarity they will gave a birth to a very noble son or a daughter, with good and well developed mind. So do these great laws operate, [ira10] and first people before the original sin understood them, but after original sin they forgotten them. After churches people want listen to pastors preach, but he is in the law of opposites – his vibrations, his mood, his preach that day can not bring blessing to people. He may serve willy-nilly, it is his duty; if he was free, he will take his hat and to go somewhere, but people want preach from him. What about he will preach them[ira11] ? He will jaw them: “You are such and such, you are bad[ira12] people.” And will send them to hell. That day he told a lie. He spoke about himself, because that what he was talked about reflected inside you, because you were a mirror and he looked at himself, he lived under influence on the law of opposites. People are telling about one famous American pastor in Town of New York, who preached for a long time under the law of opposites and he spoke such a terrible stories, frightened that way all parishioners, seems the end of the world has came. Because under the influence of that law of opposites often onto stomach are formed sediments, who can not digest and secret the gastric juice and do harm to all system, so one they took him and drove him to the hospital, to clear away these little papilla. They putted into his mouth one gut, let trough it for-five kilograms hot water, washed out once or twice his stomach, cleaned out the sediments and on the second week pastor came into church and preached about The Divine Kingdom, about coming of Jesus, about Love and etc. People say: “Take a look our pastor has transformed” So I say: when a pastor or orator begins to preach into church or into chamber, he has to clean away the sediments out of his stomach, out of his heart, out of his mind and then to preach to people. You wake up, for example, in the morning you are little indisposed, but you can not give an account; after 4-5 minutes your mind gets bright and you are saying: “Thanks to God I heave a sigh of relief”. Within some period of time you become oppressed with bad thoughts and you say again: “From where does it appear that devil?”People can not understand that here operates a law, who at regular intervals methodically is acting in the world – no devil has come here to capture them into trap, this is one Divine law. God is saying: “I gave to you a mind to be judicial about arrangement of the world[ira13] , I had told you once upon a time about that law but you have forgotten it and now the Law itself will teach you.” When the present societies reach the understanding of deepest sense/meaning of these two laws, only then the world will be fixed up fundamentally, law courts will be fixed up – everything. Someone’s are asking how can be fixed up the world. It can. When we begin to act in conformity to that law, the world will be settling as the God creates it in the beginning. The equal reasons generates equal consequences, the opposite reasons generates opposite consequences. The Hindu which knew these two laws, explain them it word karma- the law of reasons and consequences. But karma could be a karma of afflux and karma in reflux; it means good karma or bad karma. On trade language it means to give – to take; when you are giving that is a reflux, when you are taking that is an afflux. And that who you are obligated will came on the day of payment to invite you to pay your debt. The payment day means law which regulates the things. This law is dependent on such debtors and on person who have to take. Therefore when God place us into the world He stipulates some conditions. We had undersigned obligatory that we had to do these or that but now we are saying Him: “We didn’t owe you a thing” – “Really, so then I will apply over you the law, I will execute The Law of opposites “. You are beating somebody – he will beat you, if you love him – he will loving you too, that is to say what are you doing to others the same they will doing to you. These two laws rule over and operate on the Earth. Similar always repel similar: one cock lift up on a pile – other stronger than him came here and chase him away. Why bouth should does not crow? The law says so: over one pile one cock should have to crow. So in the world can exist only good or only evil – two evils could not stand each other at same place, therefore two goods could not stay together at same place. One saint with another could not stand each other, scientist and scientist too, take pattern by two doctors – it is the same thing[ira14] . About that one Turkish proverb says that “quilted coat from white dog is not like particular”. Because here on the Earth operates exactly these two laws – of opposites and of similarity: The Good have aspirations for The Evil – and The Evil to The Good. For that reason namely those who want to live on the Earth surely should have to have for a friend’s bad people, and bad people should have to be friends with good people either. In Heaven the law is different, but in the Earth so it is. That who wants to joint good people, people as himself [ira15] always will be unhappy. Why? Because should have to exist an exchange? Let’s take for example two tradesmen of a cloth which costs millions leva and his neighbor who have the same cloths, to whom they will sale these clots? Their interests are in conflict – one will say to another: “Go away from here, go to another place, to the end of the world, I am willing to sell here.” This is the law of opposites. Therefore Jesus who had understood that law says: “To renounce ourselves and to leave other people to live here.” If a man denies himself he becomes a servant and when he becomes a servant God says: “I love you.” But if only someone says: “I want to be a master too.” God give an answer: “Two people could not be masters at the same time – one should have to be a master and other should have to be a servant” Evil get borne when both want to be masters. And when they want to be masters and if they insist on that God says: “Two masters could not live close to me, so go to the other end of the world” And which is the other end of the world? It is The Earth. Therefore God had send people on Earth. Inside all of you, who want to understand the law of similarity operates the law of contrasts and that is why you are unhappy. You have to do out form the law of opposites and to come into the law of similarity, and the law of similarity means renouncing. To renounce yourself do not mean to loose your life, not at all – only you will change one job to another. Let say that two applicants want to work as a director in a school, one of them who is acting accordingly to the law of similarity will say: “Take that place and I will work as a teacher.” But if they both want to become a directors at all cost, they will begin an intrigue in front of minister – each one will declare: “I am better one”. Who rule them in that situation[ira16] ? The law of contrasts does. The teaching of Jesus belongs to the law of similarity. Jesus comes down on Earth to settle the law of similarity. He says: “I don’t want to govern you[ira17] , I just want to teach you how to be happy. And if you love me and execute My law you will be blessed.” You are not in a mood, you feel hate, you gossip about, you are unhappy [ira18] – so you are under the law of contrasts. You have to leave it or putted on scientific shape, you have to go out from the law of contrast and entrance the law of similarity - in other words to change conditions and surroundings. Start to love[ira19] ! – “How shall I love do?” Really it will be impossible to you to start loving if you do not take the place of Love. It is the same thing to be closed into dark room and to said to you: “Watch” What you will see – the dark room does not belong to similarity and you have to go out from there. If you have a light you may strike a match and to kindle it. And Jesus says; “We have to renounce from ourselves” he means that we have to leave out the dark room of our selfishness and to entrance the law of similarity, of Love. You see how reasonable that is. Come out and go to that places where you can obtain elements necessary for your happiness, for your heart. You can not do that if you are under the law of contrasts. Then for one vacant chair, for one professorial department many will contest. Once in France concurs for one professorial department was organized, in that competition took part 15 000 applicants. So how many people can sit on that vacant chair? One applicant can use one chair. Into this world many wishes appears to be[ira20] . Why? Because you feel envy – you want that vacant place. You hate somebody and you are trying to eliminate him from your path; seems to I can give you an answer: I know why you hate him so – even he, or you desires that vacant place. The law of contrasts operates into life implacable, that law acts into our thoughts, into our hearts and into our bodies. The cells, these milliards cells of our body [ira21] - into our bones, into our nervous system, into stomach, into lights, into heart, into brain – all cells of these organs in some periods fall under the rule of these two laws of similarity and contrasts, because into them happens afflux and reflux. A man become angry, or he is out of sort that means that he have a reflux[ira22] . By all means an afflux should have to come in[ira23] . How? He should have to concentrate himself to fix his mind up toward God[ira24] ; he has to go to talk with [ira25] Him, and when the reflux passes out, he will come back on Earth. Saying afflux we do not understand only the tide but when also raise an afflux into plant life, when air is full of humidity.Each thing when grow to maturity begins to wither – we have the law of contrast who is preparing land for next year. So we see that the other law belongs to its place – the law of contrast should have to take off old clothes. You are undressing – this is the law of contrasts, you are dressing – that is the law of similarity. Your body gets dirty - you have a law of contrasts, you give yourselves a bath so you have the law of similarity. Every day we are waking up and washing out our face – why we are doing that? Out of habit? Today you have to face God; because of the reflux inside you, you wash out your face and said:” I will take down from my heart the burden; I will take down the sediments of my mind and after that I will go top to face God.” – That tells washing of a face with pulling of hands from above to down. But as you can not interpret that, you are washing out yourself and all day you thrust your hands into mud, work doesn’t goes well. How it will do when mud is inside you. At this time you should have to be at some high place. We have to exercise that law, as Apostle Paul says, into fruits of The Spirit; and they are: Love, Joy, Peace, long-suffering, kindness/sweetness, compassion, faith, gentleness, forbearance. Love – is a father, Joy –that is the mother, Peace – is their child; so they are one triangle which belongs to Divine world. Who wants to be blissful have to posses these things - then he is on Heaven. After that follows the second category which belongs to the world of Angels: long- suffering – that is the father, kindness – that is the mother, compassion is their offspring. Acquire them and you will be among Angels. The third category: faith is the father, gentleness – mother, forbearance – their child. So I am saying: according the low of similarity first thing you should have to do is to know your father[ira26] . Who is your father? Is he Faith? – “I don’t have any faith.” So my friend I have a low opinion of you; if you did not have a father you are borne from illegally parents – your mother did not gave a birth to you by Divine manner. That is the way I understand someone’s words “have no faith”[ira27] But if you say “I have faith” – I congratulate you – you have father who is very noble, from a high extraction, from a royal family – “But I don’t believe that in father”. You are the latest heel. Let’s talk about word gentleness. We said that gentleness is a mother she belongs to royal family too. If you do believe into gentleness that means that you have a mother. – “But I don’t want to be gentle.” – So you are without mother. Therefore one Christian should have to have a mother and a father and he should have to be forbearance himself. When we are saying forbearance we should have to understand ourselves as child of our father-faith and our mother-gentleness. Someone says: “ I want to go among Angels” You can go but first you should have to receive your birth from a father – long-suffering and to conceive you your mother- kindness she should have to carry you into her womb. And who you will be after you get born? Will you be Compassion – Angel, saint? If you are possessed of compassion – you are saint and above you belong to father-long-suffering and mother – kindness. This is the Law who regulates the human life. It is the grounds of a philosophy, which could be traced every day; the law is not a supposition and could be checked by everyone. I do not lie and I do not like to be lied too[ira28] . To lie it means to be silly, as if somebody lie to me I will be silly too. I expel from myself the law of contrasts[ira29] . If I am into reflux I am going to God; if I am into afflux I came on Earth to do some work. If I am close to God, who will lie to me? For that reason I am talking about in one of my latest lectures: “There where God entrance devil could not.”[ira30] Where God is missing, there is the devil[ira31] . When someone says “devil tread on me” I do understand what he means. If God is into your heart, devil could not tread on you. According the law of similarity we could not transform The Good into evil, even evil into The Good. One saint has lived for 20 years into desert. A grey-bearded old man came to him and said: - I am a very great sinner. Please ask God to forgive my sins. When old man went away, saint begins to pray God for that old man. An Angel come to light and said to saint: - God did not accept that prayer, because that old man is the devil. To testify him is he speaking the truth, tell him: “I will pray for you but you have to confess your sins, to come on the top of a rock and say: “God be merciful to me, such a sinner, abomination of desolation!” You have to repeat these words during the year.” After some time old man has visited the saint again, but litter said what the Angel ask him. - How can I do that – shout the devil – I can’t. I am ruling the world and I am giving orders to Him, I don’t want to pray, you do it! Then he answered: - The old spite can not be a present virtue. These who are preaching the Gospel, should have to know that we are not able each time to transform the law of contrasts into law of similarity, that is to say that we can not turn to face God a man who is living permanently under the act of the law of contrasts, we can not make him happy as we are not able to turn a man into women. A woman wants his husband to make her happy, but how he can do that when she does not love him? He buys her a suit – she is dissatisfied, he brings meat – she don’t like it because it wasn’t good, hose has not been builded well, these and that has not been at its place. How can you make her satisfied when she is in the area of contrast on hers mind and when all things which her husband can do are not be able to transform her nature? Nor wife can not satisfy her husband if he has such temperament – she may cook well, to turn out house – but he always will be displeased with her, because he lives into the law of contrasts. And then someone came to visit me saying: “I don’t know what to do, my husband looks like a wasp”. I debate in my mind coolly and say: “Unfortunately he is into the law of contrast, he is into reflux.” Give him a ride, put a horse to the cart: “Lets today to go on a walk.”And when one woman wants to take the husband to the church she takes a cab and says: “We will visit God; into church a pastor named so-and-so will preach lets learn something new” Today we are sitting and saying: “The world have to be put in order”. But how could that happens? If a pig for a millions years has grunted under the tree and after she eats up the pears from the tree, begins to roots for more into the ground asking: Where these pears have been covered?” how the pear tree can give more pears? She will destroy whole pear tree. You are acting the same manner, when you did not find any pear at tree you start to probe deep below saying:” Money which we are looking for are dig into the ground” – you became a treasure-hunter. I am saying to you that you are living into area of the law of contrasts. There is no pears, no treasure, you do not need to dig up earth on a same place, and you have slung your bag over your shoulder, to pick up your staff and to move on to another place. Because when Master came and sees you that you are dig up earth only in one place He will beat you well. Here it is what God is doing today on Earth: we are rooting for pears into the ground and God is saying: “Give them a good trashing, to everyone 25” So I am saying: exercise that law. A woman do not probe deep over the root of her husband – when there is no peers do not expect any; husband do not have to probe deep over his wife, the priests – over roots of their flock, students – over roots of their teacher. Everybody have to put in practice that law to begin to understand Life, as God has been created it. That is the philosophy which we can exercise into life – it is so simple that everyone can understand it. If you say; “I can’t do that” you are into the swamp, into the slime of opposites. When you say “I can” you are into the law of similarity, you will make a step ahead and will step into the path of Redemption. Someone says:” I can’t do love”, sorry I can not help you, because you are in the area of contrasts where you are collecting slime and sediments. – “I can do love” – you are inside the law of similarity and God will be with you. You are waking up in the morning not feeling well, say to yourselves: “Today I have a reflux let put a horse to the cart, to take its yoke, I will travel.” Do not stay there; do not go around the tree searching pears out of its time – you will find them somewhere far away. Stand up, go and say a prayer, if you know how to do that. Inside the power of prayers you will get strengthen.[ira32] To pray, that is the most highest and noble preoccupation/pursuit which man can perform into that world. Only that way elevates and ennobles human heart. I am not talking about external side of a prayer where only the speech took its part, but I am talking about that prayer which express the consciously desire of a soul toward God – The Highest Love. But not everybody is thinking like that. Some people are saying: “I can’t do prayer”, others is laughing and saying: “It is a delusion to pray – I am a man of science, I had finish praying to God[ira33] ! But our scientists are inconsistence that is why they want a degree and make a petition: “Because of my father who was so-and-so and my mother – like that, because I am in need, I am begging you most politely, if you deign to hire me, as I promise to keep precisely and accurately my duties.” Is that a prayer, isn’t it? Yes it is – quite specific. Bit if it is a prayer about God, it is a shame. Until we have a people who prayers to beings of their sort, but not to God – general good, the world will be as it is today. They are living into the law of contrasts. How can we be good when untruth is our companion? We cheat ourselves, our relatives and God. Unconsciously we gave untruth a citizenship. We are acting under fear. [ira34] Let release ourselves from fear, let put a motto to speak the truth at least in front of God, to say;” Today I will not tell lie in front of God.” If we make a mistake, let’s say “I had sinned”, but not – “someone else did make a mistake, I am sitting higher than him (as a Pharisee), think more about me” Then we are into area of contrasts, of the darkness. Let’s say the truth “I have done that” Because when we confess our sins, we can fix them up. If you read confession of a Tolstoy you will find a good example about that: he became great when he confess his trespass. Only one or two examples of that kind are known by history. Can you do such a confession? If you want to become a noble, an Angel, a saint, it is very easy. You can transform into angel or into devil ten times a day. Some ones do not believe into rebirth, but you can so that ten times a day. You are reborn devil –if you want to kill a man then you are into area of opposites and you are in positions to make any kind of evil. If you are into the law of similarity you are an angel; if you are ready to act selflessly to make something good you are saint. But you can not keep that position permanent. They say that man has been made by image of God; I will interpret how I understand that[ira35] . When some ones say: “Some one has been promoted into general” wasn’t he exist before? Yes he has existed; he was a common citizen. And when Jesus says: “Let’s make the man by image of God”, that means that He wants to promote man into general, to dress him into military coat of a general, to put on his shoulders epaulet. But man does not keep will of God, and God degrade him, putted down the epaulet and clothes – so the original sin is. “Take his full-dress off - he said – because he did not exercise his general’s duties as he had to”. You face toward God – He said: “Today you are by imagine of general, lead him into Heaven!” After 10-15 minutes if did not keep the law, he said: “Degrade him!” If you are angry, if you feel malaise – you are outside Heaven. After year or two you begin to repent your sins – God says: “Bring him to me, I will promote him to the rank of general again”. God many times – every day, every hour – can promote you in the rank of general or to degrade you. If you are good today, you are an Angel in Heaven; tomorrow you are bad – he sends you on Earth. If you do not prayer, if you do not keep the law, you will be a devil. These two laws of similarity and contrasts control the world. These spirits which are living under the low of contrasts are not in a mood to come back to the law of similarity, that is why God can not carry away them from one area to another. First thing in Christianity is the border which exists between these two laws. When we reach the border we should have to leave whole luggage – thoughts and desires, which belongs to the law of contrast and to step into law of similarity being clean. Then God will dress us with His clothes – and will promote us in the rank of general again. Because of disobedience to God’s will – do not touch forbidden fruit - the man become bare, God took off his general’s clothes and man was forced to make himself a clothes from leaves. God said: “Make him soon clothes from skin” – that is why you are dressed into that skin which you have. If you want to throw away your skin when you will do that? You will, when you step into the law of similarity.That skin will fall down from you, and God will dress you up with generals full-dress with epaulettes, which will be very bright. So it is the Christian philosophy – you can exercise it into Life. It is not a philosophy from the past – it is philosophy which you can put in practice. Every day you reborn from angels to devils and contrariwise – so that is the rebirth. Now there is a dispute: “Who believes into rebirth will be expelled from church.” How you will do that to me, when I do believe into law of contrasts and similarity, and I live a life according them? When I live after the law of contrasts and similarity it does not matter for my soul [ira36] will you keep me into the church or will you expel me. When I live close to God, when I did not hate anybody over the Earth, and I am trying to love everybody candidly, can someone to expel me? Only God can do that. That is the study I am teaching you.[ira37] And I am telling you that only in the day when you get sinned you will be expelled out from the Divine church – Heaven. What represents the present churches? They are only distant remembrances of past glory. Do you know what kind of secrets has been hidden into these churches? If I had been there to interpret what is the meaning of the church, what is the meaning of a stones which lay the foundation of a church[ira38] , to tell you about priestly vestments, about a candle which has been lighten up – all that has its deepest philosophy? Upon priest vestments has been written whole Divine’s laws. They dress them up every day but forgot to read what has been written over them. Do you know what the symbolism of clothes which wears the bishop is: tiara, the crutch twirled round with something which look likes as two snakes and etc.? What about the censer and the incense? We had closed book and said: “Oh, this is a holly book, don’t touch it!” But God says: “Take cares do not to graze it outside, keep it clean, but open it carefully, every day read a little from it and take look at these valuable things which ii contains” These things – church, vestments, candles, books – all they are at their place. You have carefully to keep containing of the Holly book – thanks to it you may understand the laws of similarity and contrasts. And when you realize them and when you took over your shoulder the cross of Christ, ready to be nailed, then God will say: “That one will be beside me in Heaven” – you will receive redemption. It happens immediately: at the moment I can be into the Hell, in one moment – when I hesitate in God I find myself on the bottom of Hell. But in the moment when I come to love with God inside my soul and say: “Forgive me God!” I am close to Him, He stretch out His right-hand and taken in me. Now I will show an example and will finis with it: a long time ago a man died and went to Hell. He lived there for very long time, for ages, he suffered, he begged God for forgiveness. At least God said:” Open the Book of life and find out did he made something good during his whole life” When the book was opened they saw that once he gave one carrot to one poor man. Then God said: “Ok, let him out!” He gave order to an angel: “You will give him that carrot, the man will catch it and this way you will pull him out from Hell.” But along with him other sinners join hands around his legs and angel carried along them to Heaven. But first man which had the carrot said to others: “That carrot is mine”. As he said that chain has broken and all together fall down into Hell again. Let you carrot be used for redemption of other people, to lift they toward Heaven. Because, otherwise, if you said: “That carrot is mine” you will fall down again. Perhaps day will catch your clothes or your legs – stay quiet, without saying anything. That day, when you say: “The carrot is mine” you are far away from God. Unselfishness always lives according the law of similarity. Sacrifice and selfless for others – that is the Christianity. The 15th of November, 1914 – Sofia. ------------------------------------------------ [ira1]Rest on / has been grounded [ira2]And all your beginnings will be successful. [ira3]Without exception they have faith [ira4]But of what kind is their faith? /what is kind of their faith/ [ira5]Tic-tac [ira6]and for some time it stop at all [ira7]their effluvium spread microbes and that is the reason of many diseases. [ira8]Take their turns [ira9]Influence of the… [ira10]That is the way of operating of these two great laws [ira11]What will be the object of his preach? /What he will preach them? [ira12]You are good, you are bad people. [ira13]I gave to you a judicial mind to understand the arrangement of the world [ira14]the same is too. [ira15]People such him [ira16]Who operates with them in that situation? / Who does govern them in that situation? [ira17]To rule over you [ira18]If you are seedy, full of hate, gossip about, you are unhappy – so you are under act of the law of contrasts. [ira19]Start to express love! Begin with love! [ira20]Many wishes/desires/ appears to be into this world. / Many desires got borne often into this world. [ira21]From which we has been assembled / these milliard cells which piece together our body [ira22]He is in time of reflux. [ira23]At any costs must come inside him an afflux. [ira24]He should have intently to fix up his mind toward God; [ira25]To make a conversation with Him [ira26]First thing is to have a father / first of all you should have to recognize your father. [ira27]That is how I am understanding when someone says “have no faith” [ira28]Do not like somebody to lie me too. [ira29]I expel the law of contrast. [ira30]Where God entrance in the devil could not. [ira31]Devil took its place. [ira32]From the power of prayers you will receive your strength. [ira33]Me a science who had finished to pray to God!/ am I finished to pray to God? [ira34]We are acting under fear. /… because of fear. [ira35]The way I am understanding that. [ira36]That hardly touches my soul [ira37]That is the doctrine I am presenting to you. [ira38]From which has been constructed church
  13. Note 1 Martha and Mary But Martha was distracted with much serving, and she approached Him and said, “Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Therefore tell her to help me.” 41 And Jesus answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. 42 “But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:40 –42) A lot has been said about Martha and Mary. They represent two principles of the human soul – the passive and the active one. In Martha and Mary we have two women, two opposite characters, two conditions of the human heart: one is calm, quiet, speechless, a mind focused on an eternal principle and grounded on an eternal basis, and the other, like the sea waves or the twigs – constantly swaying and surging. Jesus, however, points out to Martha what is important by saying, “You are worried about many things” – things that are insignificant, beyond reality. Mary, on the other hand, opts for something more significant. Most of you fall into these two categories – some are like Martha, others are like Mary. The “Maries” are generally noble women. They are nice, well built, beautiful in the face, their eyes are gentle, the forehead is symmetrical, the nose is straight; they are kind-hearted, tender, sympathetic and considerate. “Mary” in Hebrew means salty water. A Mary gives salt to the world; thanks to her it does not go bad, rotten or sour. When you bear Mary’s principle at heart, you do not get spoiled. “Martha” derives from “mara”, which means bitter, sour, wild; so this principle in you is always unruly, angry and displeased. All this is not because it is ill willed, but because it is too active; wherever it goes it demands the way open. If she is a Martha, you will see her early in the morning when she gets up raise hue and cry in the house, all the servants on the alert, and when she raises the broom everybody runs away. She says, “I want the place neat and tidy.” You can find her at school, at court – everywhere. She is necessary. Yet you should not give her more credit than the other. Both principles are equally important. Two other principles are related to these ones. I define them as the principle of the inferior and the principle of the superior. The principle represented by Mary stands for the superior, which shows us how we should serve God, live in harmony with the High Creatures, the angels, and the saints that know more than we do. They know how to obey – we have to sit quietly and calmly at the feet of the Master to learn from him. You will ask, “Who are the masters?” - He is one. I know only one Master. He may have 250,000 hairs on His head, but this does not mean that they are masters. A tree may have many branches and twigs, but they are not trees. Yet it is one common life that runs through the tree and its branches. The unity in your mind should stand in the same way. So when the Master comes you should listen to the spirit within you, no matter whether you are men or women. You should listen to the voice of this soft tenderness and Love. Love is not sour. What do you like in life? Let us imagine that the world is full of Marthas – all of them holding brooms, raising dust and shouting – what kind of music can this be? I believe that the houses would be neat and tidy, we would be wearing pretty clothes, everything would be in perfect order, but there would not be any life. On the other hand, if all were Maries, then everything would be salty, but what would have to become salty if there were no Marthas? Mary refers to something else, to a different principle, a different basis. The superior principle, Mary, shows us the way in which we have to serve God individually. This service will make our lives meaningful. As long as we understand the inner sense of our souls, we will be able to understand those round us. Once we have learned the first, superior principle – to submit to God – we will be able to learn the other principle - to obey all the inferior elements, the inferior principle. So when modern science claims that it wants to subdue Nature, I see is as a desire to subdue Martha, who is so unruly. We need to learn to be good masters. One who has not learned to submit to God and serve Him cannot be a good master. Any of us who wants to be a master has to learn how to be a servant to God and obey Him. One has to learn the law and sit just like Mary at Jesus’ feet. And Jesus said, “Mary has chosen that good part which will not be taken away from her.” Let me give an example to illustrate the idea. It can be a legend. Paganini, the great violin player, while touring round Europe, met a sixty-year-old fiddler. The poor man was playing in the street, his hands trembling, his eyes bleared, and an empty pot for coins at his feet. When Paganini took his fiddle and started playing, dozens of on-lookers gathered to listen to him. He played for more than twenty minutes and everybody started throwing coins in the pot. He played until the pot was filled with silver. This is how Paganini helped the poor man. The poor man was sitting at Paganini’s feet, just as Mary sat at Jesus’ feet. He did not say, “Let me see what will come out of this.” He just listened to the master’s music. “Yes, I can see now my great teacher, the master of life.” The pot is a vessel containing all the good thoughts. When the great master comes to play for you, your vessel will be filled with noble thoughts and desires. Then you will not be feeble and weak, but young, agile, and good. I would like you to do the same thing. You should devote your lives to this because when Christ praises Mary, he means, “I do not want you to give me all your time. I need only the time you know how to use, no matter how little it is. You are free to do whatever you want in the time you are busy doing your duties.“ The great teaching does not at all imply that we should leave aside all our other duties. However, the hour devoted to Mary should be sacrificed. Paganini does not always stop to give a hand. This is actually quite rare. He leaves his violin and goes away. In the same away, Christ will stop by you when you are bored or upset, when you feel useless or have lost the point in life. Then he will stop, take your violin and play for you. It is true happiness to see a great master play or draw. This is what we need to learn – standing in awe in front of God and obeying Him. Through submission we will be able to adopt all great virtues. What gives rise to conflicts among people? People are sulky, not mild and gentle. If all people were mild and gentle, life would be happy both inwardly and outwardly. If people lived in mutual respect, making concessions, there would be great harmony in life. I do not find lucky people who are constantly quarrelling, as they actually grumble against God. All I hear is the grumbles of scholars, priests, doctors, professors, and preachers. Priests and doctors are not pleased with their fees as they find them insufficient. When they say that God gave them less than the others, this is already grumbling. The shepherd will say that his pen is too small. The scholar is also displeased with his inadequate skills and abilities. Who is to blame? Always God! This does not apply only to you who are attending this lecture – everybody else grumbles. The law of the superior is that there should always be gratitude and love pouring toward God. Some ask, “Where is God? How can we find Him?” Even small children are able to find God. Philosophers have been trying to prove where God is for 2,000 years – whether He is in the skies, among the stars, on earth, or in the human heart. They are still searching for Him, but nobody has found Him yet. Preachers claim that He is in the human heart; astronomers believe He is in the universe. Some say that he exists, others that He does not. I shall present to you a figure to illustrate the grounds philosophers find. Imagine that God, just like the Sun, rises in the east and sets in the west each 24 hours. Imagine also that when God rises, you fall asleep and you are asleep until He sets, and that when He sets, you wake up and keep looking for Him throughout the night. As you cannot find Him, you fall asleep again at dawn, and when He sets, you continue looking for him during the night. You have been looking for Him for a day or two, for a month or two, for years, but in vain. My advice is to change things – sleep at night, wake up in the morning at sunrise and you will see God, you will find Him. I can see Him every day. I sleep during the night and at the crack of dawn I get up to meet Him. This is the philosophy of life. God rises like a sun. What is it that modern people do? They go to concerts, parties and to the theatre, and when God rises, they are asleep. They are aristocrats of the noble morning! All people who sleep in the morning and during the day belong to the culture of the owls. That is the reason why they suffer. This night culture should be replaced with day culture. When dawn cracks, you will get up and wait for at least half an hour for God to show His face to you so that you can draw energy, strength and health on Him. Then you will feel fit and agile to fight during the whole day. Some philosophers say that God is an aristocrat, He does not accept everybody and we should dress up for Him. I will give you a counter-argument: when the sun rises all animals, no matter good or bad, beautiful or ugly, appear in the attire they have. God shines above everybody – snakes and lizards, mosquitoes and harmful bugs. He never says, “You should hide in your den.” So you can appear in front of God as you are and bask. This is the point in life. We do not suffer because there are too many snakes on earth – their number is definite, they are in their place, but if their number doubles, this surplus will be by all means eliminated. The same refers to wolves. So, if you do not harness any thought and desire you have, if you have not learned how to serve God, thoughts and desires will rule over you. Then, by the same law, just like you defy God, your thoughts and desires will act against you. If you apply this theory in practice, you will experience its effect. Some say, “Let us cultivate the world and the people,” I do not believe in cultivation, because all people are separate cells of the Divine organism, of the Divine body. Every one of them should cultivate itself. I cannot order you, as this would be a sacrilegious act – to lie to God. I do not want to give orders. Why? Because people belong to God and I do not have the right to dispose with what does not belong to me. I have the right to be only the master of my own thoughts and desires. I can order only them and be the servant to everything that is beyond me. You should do the same. Then we shall descend to the inferior elements – to the unreasonable. What does the Bible say in Chapter 1? God created heaven and then the earth. Heaven is Mary, and the earth is Martha to me. The earth was still unorgnised, thus sour. Scholars say that when Martha appeared, there were storms, hurricanes, fire and steam surrounding her, so God told her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried too much. Progress is not there. Mary has chosen that good part – look up.” Then the earth, Martha, looked up and started rotating round its axis and the sun. This is how life formed round it - many creatures and finally man came into being. When God completed His work, He said, "Everything round Martha is well. And then came the second day, followed by others till the seventh day. Some of you are Marthas. They make noise, fire pouring out of their hearts and minds. There are no lakes, nor rivers and the great Master said, “Martha, Martha, you are worried too much. There is only one thing that is necessary. Look up and you will find it there. This is what will give you some sense.” When you raise your eyes, too, your spirit will start moving in the right direction round its centre, and then you will find the point in life. Having a meaningful life means to have a centre round which you can move. This centre will send for you everything that is necessary every day. So, God created both Martha and Mary in us – they are the two poles of the human soul. I might explain to you some day the inherent significance of the two principles, acting in this world. However, when too much is said, the accumulated knowledge cannot be applied and forms accretions embarrassing to people to the extent that they are at a loss. Once a student at the Evangelist School, attending a lesson in Bulgarian grammar, which he failed to comprehend, approached his teacher and asked him, “There are so many grammar books - Grigirov’s, Iconomov’s, etc. - that I don’t know which one to use. Which one would you recommend?” The boy kept asking his teacher, until finally he told him, “Look here, I do not care what Grigorov’s or Iconomov’s grammar teach. You have to follow my explanations," So, when God comes to you, you tell Him, “ There are many philosophers – Kant, Schopenhauer, Tolstoy – their philosophies clash. Whose philosophy are we to follow?” God will tell you, “You will do as I tell you.” So, when you want to follow the Divine truth, you will have to focus on your own soul; then you will see life differently. You will build up different abilities and you will be able to see that you are surrounded by other creatures, far greater and more creative and then you will say, ‘How blind we were!” Now I am asking those of you who are thinking: if you were in the position of an ant and a philosopher stepped on you, what would you think of his feet? You would say, “A huge rock fell upon me and crashed me.” Yet this huge rock is just a small part of the giant. Sometimes you say, “Destiny is chasing me.” This, however, is nothing but the foot of a great philosopher, who has stepped on you. You should never stand in the way of philosophers, as they will never stop because of you. They are following their way and if you step in their path, their feet will crash you. When you come to complain to me, I will tell you to stay out of this philosophers’ path, because you are just ants. You should seek other paths. This is the philosophy of life. When I see someone unhappy, I look up and see a giant who has crashed the poor fellow. So, God created the world as well as all other worlds. There are 18,000,000 suns in The Milky Way, each of them having its own orbit and staying at 25-milliard km away from the other so that they cannot collide. It is God who determined these orbits. Likewise, He traced a certain path and gave you a definite space, bidding you never to cross the lines of your kingdom. You want to negotiate with other kingdoms; the men and women from two kingdoms started negotiating their merge into one kingdom but soon they fell out. Why did they have a row? Let everyone reign in his or her own kingdom. Someone will say, “Let’s keep our money in one place to have it safe.” Everyone should keep their own money in their own purse. Do not trust your money anyone. Whoever you trust here on earth, he will steal it. That is why Jesus told us to bring our wealth up in heaven. Up, Up! This is the true point in life. So, it is not our fault that we want to change the life God destined for us. I know people who hate someone so much that they are haunted by him. Let him go, and hold onto God. It is God who gives you light, so you should let Him in you sacred soul. People nowadays are very religious: they have their gods of labour, of glory, of strength and they burn incense to worship them. Throw away all those idols or take a hammer and smash them. Then sit at your Master’s feet to find out about the inner, deep meaning of your life. This is what Christ wants to tell us – that the good, which Mary bears, cannot be taken away from her. You are worried about many things, saying, “I have this, I have that.” You are the master of these things, so you should throw them away. I have noticed some masters sit in a chair, just like me now, giving orders. The master needs something that he himself is perfectly able to take, but instead he rings the bell. Nobody turns up. He keeps calling and finally he starts yelling at his servants. Well, why don’t you stand up to take what you need? You can do it yourself. Your shoes are only five feet away from you, yet you ring the bell for your maid to come and give them to you. Do not throw tantrums. Pick up what you need yourself, because your calm and peace are worth more than being served. Do it by yourself and scold your maid for not coming on time. This is what God requires of us, because the maid does not serve you; she serves someone else. Sometimes I tell you that I am a servant, but not your servant – I am a servant to God. In London, a Baptist preacher, Spurgeon, to make himself look more important wrote on his visit card: “A Christian Brother is waiting outside for you.” On the other side he wrote, “Tell him that I am busy now.” If someone comes to see you, you can tell him that you are busy with his Master. The maid you called to bring you your shoes did not turn up because she was busy talking to her Master, and if you disturb her, her master will scold you. This is the greatest philosophy, which people nowadays have to learn. We all have to be God’s servants. When we learn this great law, we will establish normal relationships. I observe people – if you are well disposed, you like people, but if you do not feel disposed, if you have got up in the wrong side, then you are cross with everyone. This state of mind can go on for a week or a month; we call it a new philosophy – pessimism, and the people - pessimists. If you want to justify someone who has a certain fault, you say. “He is a pessimist.” You are all philosophers. The Bulgarians are better philosophers than Schopenhauer - they all share this pessimism. A Bulgarian can be easily discouraged and disappointed and then Schopenhauer’s philosophy comes – Martha comes. What I want to tell you is only this: you are obliged to submit to God. If you have not served him, no wonder all this misfortune has befallen you. There is no other destiny for you and the day you obey God and your fate, everybody else will succumb to you. This is the teaching about Martha and Mary. Mary is heaven and Martha is the earth. Mary is everything noble in the heart, while Martha is everything mean in it. Mary is the noble mind, which theosophists refer to as manas, while Martha is the inferior manas. When you go home (and I can see your magnificent homes), you should say, “Come Mary, come Martha, you are two good sisters.” Christ is the superior Spirit, the high Principle. If Mary had spoken to Martha, she should have told her, “Let me listen first for a while and then I will help you.” Jesus was speaking then, that is why Mary was not working. When you go back now, you will start shouting angrily, ‘Martha, do you know what the Master said? You have to obey!” Mary has to be kind and gentle and speak to her like a sister, “Wait, sister, I will help you later.” This is how Mary should speak. And when her sisters answers her back, she should say, “How smoothly you are talking!” because there is a kind of harmony between the noble and the ignoble; there is a kinship between Love and hatred. I know these two sisters quite well. But whoever stands between them, he will be smothered by their love. They will smother him, and when he dies, they will say, “What have we done?” Then Love will say, “Let’s bring him back to life again!” Hatred will say, “I’ll bury him.’ - “Well”, Love will say. So they bury him, but Love comes later, shines on him and here he pops out resurrected. Hatred and Love are at work all the time. You do not think highly of hatred and envy – they are snakes and lizards. However, they can be nice sometimes. Can you imagine the world without snakes and lizards? Show me such a world. Is yours better? No, the world is great the way it is constructed. It is great in its design and expression. What you are constantly complaining about is the disharmony within you – it is Martha, the earth still not arranged, the tumult raging within you and disrupting the harmony. The Holy Spirit has to descend and have the say. So, the Spirit has already descended and is now giving orders. He is working. Have staunch belief in his great principle, living in Mary; have faith in the principle, living in Martha, too. Have faith in Christ, because it is Christ, sitting on top of them, who unites them. You should bring together these three elements: your spirit, your Mary, and your Martha and start the new year with it. I am not going to finish now. I will leave a great gap for you to solve the puzzle. I can foresee your future. I can see some of you rise, others fall. I can see some walking along the right path, while others go astray. In the end, you will all be well despite hesitation and faltering. When you board an ocean liner some of you get seasick others do not. It is curious to observe aristocrats on board of a ship. On the first day they are all dressed up, cheerful and happy, but when the ship starts rocking in the waves, they become dismal and meditative as if they listened to some serious sermon. On the second day they experience indigestion, start eating lemons, lie in the cabins, feeling sick. But when they get off the ship, if asked, “How was the passage?” – “Oh, great!” they will say. Oh, you will lose count of the times when you will feel sick while crossing the vast ocean between heaven and earth! You will say, “It will be a tough job!” But when you get on firm land, you will have a voracious appetite, because you will be purified. The Martha in the ocean raises hue and cry, but as soon as you land and Mary arrives, you will say, “Thank God, it was a safe voyage.” Do not ever be afraid! Stay with your Master so that you will be able to solve the issue in life. You have very serious tasks in life: bringing up children, relationships between men and women, relationships in society, relationships with humanity, etc. You have numerous duties and obligations. How will you accomplish them? Some think that when they become Christians, they will not have any responsibilities. Just the opposite, a Christian has more obligations and is more strongly obliged to fulfil them, so that when the day is over, one should feel content about having accomplished what he was supposed to do. While, if he has not coped with his tasks, he should assign them for his next day’s schedule. One day you will be Martha, another day you will be Mary, and when you are at the feet of your Master, then let both Martha and Mary sit quietly, let peace reign for at least an hour. This is the teaching and the thought that Christ conveys. Learn how to serve the Superior, so that you can master the inferior. 13. A lecture delivered on 14th January, 1917. Source
  14. Photos The Master and the translator Vessela Nestorova,Sofia, Izgrev, 1942. A copy of the translation manuscript.
  15. A LIST OF PARABLES: Alexander I and the Punishment of the Soldier, 169 Elisha and the Syrian Army, 173 Moses and the Shepherd, 146 Mr. Gladstone and the Sweeper, 168 Noah’s daughter, 40 Paganini and the Old Violinist, 152, 153 Spurgeon and His Brother in Christ, 158 The Bag of False Diamonds pieces, 33 The Bet of the Frost, the Wind and the Sun, 196 The Boatman and the Philosopher, 46 The Bored Rich Woman, 103 The Buffalo and the Thorn, 81 The Bull, the Snake and the Mouse, 29 The Clam and the Grain of Sand, 61 The Cleansing of the Preacher, 14 The Confirmed Believer, 113 The Devil and the Hermit, 19 The Disciple who Raised the Veil of Truth, 56 The Eagles Who Tried to Spoil God’s Plan, 138 The Englishman and the tigress who taught her little ones, 80 The Fisherman and the Gate-Keeper, 104 The German Prince and the Prince of Gnomes, 183 The Little Angel Who Wanted to See the Earth, 144
  16. FORMULAE: “God, I thank You that I am alive, so I can serve You today.” (p. 180) “God, bless my soul. I thank Thee for waking me up today to finish my work the way I should, wherever I may be, and to be able to grow as much as it is necessary.” (p. 180) Blow and say, “Hwuu-u-u! God, purify me of all evil thoughts and bless my soul!” (p. 180) “I thank you, God, for the great grace You have for us. We know You as all-merciful, all-truthful, all-wise.” (p. 180) “I thank You, God, for everything You have given me and taught me.” (p. 181)
  17. ABOUT THE TRANSLATOR At 92, when I first met her, Sister Vessela Nestorova was a fragile elderly lady, living in a tiny attic room, almost bed-ridden by a slowly healing broken leg. Yet this is not a story about the troubles of old age. If anything, it speaks of the power of the Spirit, of this Divine Spark that lives in every one of us. It lit her young and beautiful eyes, it came through in her inspired singing, her words and the advice she gave to those who came to her door to seek it. The beauty and power of Sister Vessela's extraordinary Spirit permeated the tiny room and transformed it into a sanctuary, into a sacred space of goodness, peace and deeply felt meaning. The Master, she said, directed us to live in our Souls, in our Spirit, in the Kingdom of Love. … There are no boundaries for the Spirit within physical matter because It exists beyond this material world This life in the Spirit must have intensified all endowments which sister Vessela was generously granted. She met the Master Beinsa Douno quite young, before she was ten. From then on, until her departure from this world in 2002, she worked tirelessly to apply his Spiritual Teaching in her life and spread his words around the world during her travels or through her translations. As a graduate from Elmira College in the state of New York and a responsible disciple, Sister Vessela was entrusted by the Master with translating his talks into English. Upon his personal approval of her translations, the first edition of "Sacred Words of the Master" was published in the United States in the 1940s. In addition to 10 volumes of translations some of which are yet to be brought out, Sister Vessela has left a rich legacy of poetic essays, spiritual songs and hauntingly beautiful oratories. All these have been inspired and engendered in the words of the Master, some of which you have already read or are about to read. Aneliya Dimitrova Sister Vessela Nestorova and Lubomir Haralambiev, who volunteered with great love as her rehabilitator 3 July 2001 Sister Vessela Nestorova in the center. From right to left: Stoyan Petkov, Lubomir Haralambiev, Dora Ivanova and Aneliya Dimitrova, 3 July 2001
  18. THE BLESSED Blessed are they that have been persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.38 I shall take the word blessed in this verse. Christ does not call blessed those who have much money, many houses, those who are very learned or powerful, but says, "Blessed are they that have been persecuted for righteousness' sake." The word persecute, or chase, in Bulgarian has a good and a bad meaning. If a person is not persecuted, they will not progress: there must be movement in the world. When a Bulgarian wants to thrash his wheat, he chases his horses on the thrashing-floor. Why is he chasing them? In order that his sheaves of wheat may be thrashed. All things in life have meaning. Those who understand the inner sense of life need not be hindered by the contradictions which exist in the world. All contradictions are an expression of a great Truth which has two aspects, two faces: sufferings and joys. Sufferings are the dark side of this life; joys are the highest things, the light side of life. All this is in accordance with the Laws of Nature. In the course of 24 hours, the Earth changes its face—the one side is light, the other dark. Therefore, in the course of 24 hours in you life, you also will be dark and light, you will suffer and you will be joyful. This is an unchangeable Law, which, however, has nothing in common with sin. Sometimes sin becomes entangled in suffering, but these two things should not be linked. Suffering is a great Law. There is no person who has not suffered or is not suffering now. Even God suffers together with us. No one suffers more than He. When someone says they are suffering, I say to them, "You have barely started this science." It is not a bad thing to suffer. The feelings by which you experience the most pleasant things in life are the same by which you experience the most unpleasant things as well. When your eye is irritated and is not in harmony with Light, you will feel Light in a most painful and unpleasant way; but when your eye is in order, i.e. in harmony with Light, you will have the most pleasant feelings. Therefore, when a certain disharmony appears in you, it shows that you are out of balance. Only by suffering can balance be restored in you. Those who play the guitar often tune up their guitar to a specific pitch for certain songs; suffering is also a kind of tuning up—the scale must be changed from major to minor or chromatic. In people who are aspiring to what is noble, this aspiration is linked with suffering. Suffering and joy are two opposite poles in life. Those who want to grow and develop will inevitably suffer; suffering is a doorway, a prerequisite for joy. If you avoid suffering, you will never attain joy in life. Joy and sorrow are two daughters of God. Of which God? Of the One manifested in humanity. You ask, "Does God have daughters?" Yes, He does. He has daughters and sons both on earth and in heaven. The words brother and sister are Divine ideas; they are much greater notions than the ones you perceive and understand. Our brotherhood and sisterhood reaches only a span above the Earth. When a brother takes a span of land from someone's field, they quarrel and the brotherhood is spoiled. Take for instance the relations among doctors, merchants, priests, preachers and others; their brotherhood has reached only a span above the Earth. This is the contemporary social development people have attained in their conception of brotherhood. Christ says, "Blessed are you when you are persecuted for righteousness' sake." You will say, "Why should they persecute me?" I ask, "Why should they not persecute you?" It is often said that muddy water is more favorable to the soil than pure water for when the former passes through the soil, it leaves certain sediments which the plants use. In this way, every year the river Nile deposits millions of tons of humus alluvium in which ancient Egypt produced enormous quantities of wheat. Suffering is that divine sediment that comes from the heights and when it is deposited in your fields, it fertilizes them and God says, "Now you must sow!" Out of these sediments—sins, misunderstandings—will come the best bread and you will say, "Thank God, how good all these things have been!" If there is no suffering, there will not be bread. Christ says, "I am the living bread." He is actually living bread because people are nourished by Him daily. "Blessed are you when men shall reproach you, and persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for My sake." If people speak evil of you when you deserve it, it is not praise-worthy; you deserve it, if you are to blame. You must suffer for righteousness, for the rights of God. Now many people suffer for wrongdoing. I ask, if Christ should come today, what teaching would He give to the world? All people want to be happy and blessed, to have good husbands, wives, children, but where will you take these good husbands, wives and children from? If you sow the best wheat in sand, it will grow weak. But if you fertilize this sand, after a time the wheat will grow better. I understand this Law inwardly. What is happening in the world? Everything is going normally there— what is happening there must happen. The apostle Paul says in a letter, "We all live and move in God." If you live and move in God, what are you afraid of? You sit in a boat in the sea, a storm comes up and you are frightened. I ask, where is your faith? "We shall sink!" If you are sinful, you will sink. If you are like gold, silver, iron, you will sink. However, if you are a light feather, you will remain on the surface, but the others who are bearing a heavy load will sink— woe unto them! Therefore, never burden your minds with thoughts that make you heavy! It is not important what people think of you, the important thing is what God is thinking. God is everywhere where rational beings are found. He is neither in the dead nor in the sinful. By the word God I understand the pleasant feelings and thoughts you are experiencing in your consciousness and by means of which you understand Him. God lives in us and He has the power to resurrect us. If God is not in contact with me, if He cannot cause me to live, what need have I of such God? What is the use then of the existence of a God? That is why Christ says, "If my words abide in you and you abide in Me, whatever you ask for will be given you, will come to life." Christ says that He is living Word, "The words I speak to you are in you, they are living." That is why Christ's teaching which is within us has power by itself. "Rejoice and be exceeding glad: for great is you reward in heaven." This means that these people are to have a future life. What does a future life imply? Some think that when they die, they shall go to another world. No, they will not go to another world, but simply pass from one state to another as it is with a cocoon. When a worm is on a leaf nibbling, it thinks this is its world, but after it turns into a butterfly and obtains wings, it begins to visit the flowers and changes its views of the world. So long as we nibble the leaves of material life, we are also caterpillars; but when we pass through the cocoon stage and become souls dressed in beautiful clothes, we shall comprehend life in its higher manifestations. Do not get offended, but many people today are in the state of caterpillars. They say, "We need to save money for rainy days," but this is the life of a caterpillar. "We need houses for rainy days"—this is the way a caterpillar thinks, because it needs the leaf. I ask, if the caterpillar becomes a butterfly of what use these leaves will be to it? When you begin to rise, you will say to your brothers, "I leave these leaves to you as a gift." That is why Christ says, "What you do not need, give it to those who are in your state, let them use it." Truly, the teaching of Christ is for everybody, but all people are not equally prepared to comprehend it and to apply it. Each one can apply it according to their stage of development. This means that you must become conscious of your state. Those who are behind or ahead are not to be judged or envied for somehow you will all pass this way voluntarily or by necessity. If you do not thrash voluntarily, God will come with a whip, rein you as a horse to a thrashing machine and thrash the wheat. When they ask you why you have become horses, you will answer, "To thrash the wheat." A great number of people today thrash on the Divine thrashing-floor. When I see a horse thrashing wheat, I say, he is doing his work well. Then I ask myself if I am doing my work well. If people today want to understand Christ's teaching well, a Divine harmony must be restored among them. Can you sense how blessed you are? You can. People complain all the time and say, "I am unhappy." You are blessed, because Christ says, "Blessed are the unhappy." Someone is ill. What is illness? A sign that the Divine Light is working on you wishing to resurrect you. You have troubles in your development and cannot resolve some problem. The Divine thought wants to raise you and illumine you. "My heart is heavy"—the Divine life is working, wishing to soften your heart. God is working in us. People today are like children who like to raise dust in the classrooms. When the teacher enters and sees dust everywhere, she begins to sneeze. I see sneezing everywhere: teachers, preachers, mothers, fathers—all are sneezing. Why? There is dust. Open the windows, air the rooms, wash the floor and the sneezing will stop. If you do not want to sneeze, see that your room is cleaned. Sneezing means that there is dust, suspicion, doubts. Light is necessary, if you would understand the sense of life. I ask, "How long have you been on earth? Where were you 200 years ago? Where were your ancestors—father, grandfather, grandmother one thousand years ago?" You will say that you need not know this. You need not know it, but when your grandfather leaves you an inheritance, you go around the banks to look for it and to find out everything about it. Why? Because you have something to inherit. But if your grandfather has a debt, you pretend not to know him, because otherwise you will have to pay for him. This is not chivalry. You are not cavalier—that is, you cannot ride a horse, you cannot rule your mind, you are not able to manage your thought, you are not a sensible person. Christ says, "Blessed are those who understand the sense of life this way." Then wealth is hidden in our brain, in our thought, in our heart. A rich young man falls in love with a poor girl. She may be poor, but there is hidden wealth in her. It is expressed in her face. There are thousands of cases when kings or other eminent men have fallen in love with poor girls and have risen by that, but these girls have an inner wealth which Christ has deposited in them. When a person is virtuous and just, possessing the Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth—all these things are vividly inscribed on that person. I have met Virtue and have spoken with it—what blessings spring from it! Do you know what beautiful daughter of God is Virtue? I have also met the Divine Righteousness—she, too, is beautiful, but strict, she does not forgive the mistakes. You may say to her, "I am weak." "Weak or strong you must not violate the command of your Father." Love is very beautiful and delicate, she does not see people's mistakes. No matter what you do before her, she will kiss you, pat you, clean and dress you in nice clothes and take you home. Men and women must love one another! Someone says, "My wife does not love me". You have not found the woman who loves you. Your wife on earth is a shadow of Love. A woman says, "I shall marry him because he is rich, he has a house and an income of 10,000 leva." This woman takes, she does not give, and therefore she cannot make her husband happy. The man says, "I married her because she is rich, although she is quite ugly." This man also cannot make his wife happy, because every teaching which takes but does not give, cannot make people happy. Self-sacrifice is in the basis of the Christian teaching. There are two kinds of sacrifices; either you will sacrifice yourself, or others will sacrifice you. For instance, why do people kill lambs on St George's Day in Bulgaria? First, they put a wreath round their necks and after a dedication ceremony, they kill them. Why do they make this sacrifice? For eating. There are spirits in this world who someday will put a wreath on you too, place you on the sacrificial altar and kill you, so you will die. People will say that a certain person has died. I say, he is not dead; he is alive. One day you will also be on the table of death where you will be eaten up. They will say, "What a nice, well-fed body this is! What muscles, what a heart, what lungs, wonderful!" People die, because they eat meat. When they stop eating meat, there will be no death in the world. The flesh of the sinners is very tender; the same is true for all low quality stuffs. Clothes made of good fibers are tough and lasting; they do not wear out easily. The flesh of the righteous is tough and hard, that is why they do not eat it. There is no death for the righteous39. Therefore, the Divine teaching will create in us sound thoughts, a sound mind and a strong heart. Those who would attempt to destroy a good thought, a Divine desire, will destroy themselves. Such a person will come to the state of the crocodile that swallows small frogs. In the river Niles there are small frogs which the crocodiles often swallow. The crocodile opens his mouth, the small frog jumps into it and he swallows it whole. However, when the frog enters the stomach of the crocodile, it wants to get out and in order to do that, it slowly makes a hole in the stomach and gets out through it, then the crocodile's stomach gets filled with water, he turns on his back and dies. Some people complain and say, "They ate me up!" If God is with you, those who will attempt to eat you up will pay dearly for that. If you have faith, you should fear nothing. The living God is with you. The spirit of God is already coming down as the Light which comes to the Earth. He is coming, bringing great Light, fire and life which will purify the world. Contemporary people will experience these things and be witnesses of the Restoration of the Kingdom of God on earth. By His coming on earth God will unite all people and malice will gradually vanish. All misunderstandings spring from the mistrust and suspicion people have of each other. I shall quote the example of the frost, the wind and the Sun. These wanted to try and see which of them could make a shepherd take off his leader coat. The frost started first. It became bitter cold. The frost said, "Now I shall make him take off his furs," but the shepherd wrapped himself more tightly and walked faster for his home. The frost did not succeed. Then the wind began to howl and rage, tearing down trees and scattering away all things on its way. But the shepherd wrapped himself still more tightly and hurried home. Last spoke the Sun, "You made your attempt; now it is my turn." The Sun smiled kindly and joyfully, sending all its love down. The shepherd began to feel warmer and warmer until he could not bear the heat and took off his coat. Two teachings are preached in the world: of the frost and of the wind. Now, the teaching of Love remains, which will take down the fur-coats. Some ask, "What do you think?" Look me in the eyes and you will see what I think. When I see you, I do not ask what you are thinking for I know your thoughts. You think of a two-story house, more furniture, you think of marrying, of having children and so on. I meet a scientist and what thoughts do I see in him? He is making scientific investigations. I meet another person who intends to steal. Everything a person thinks is written on their face. God has opened the book already and everything written on it can be seen clearly. If Christ should decide to judge the world, He would pass the verdict immediately and say, "According to such and such an item of God's Law this is what you deserve for what you have done." But the mission of Christ is quite different now. He is summoning humanity to a sane life. You should not consider yourselves very saintly—you must know this. A saint must be an excellent person, knowing how to serve, to have a sound body, a sound mind, strong legs and arms, strong muscles, to be with empty hands, i.e. not to be rich, but not to be poor either. However, such a one must be in Tolstoy's state—to distribute his goods to the poor and to help them. Such is a real saint. In heaven God classifies the saints into great and small. Those who have been much spoken of, who have suffered much and have endured everything with dignity, are saints. Why do people revere Christ today? Because He paid all their debts and bore all their sins. If Christ had not suffered, if He had not given anything of Himself to people, He would have been an ordinary person. Everyone must serve God and know they have their place on the Earth. You will say that the apostle Paul was a great man. I say that if you fulfill your role on earth well, you will also be a great person. A woman who has lived for 20 years with her husband carrying his heavy yoke, who has cooked for him and borne everything with patience, while he has maltreated her—such a woman will be a saint. The same thing will be said of a man. If he has endured patiently all unpleasant things caused by his wife, who has maltreated him, he will be a saint. Only such men and women will be saints in heaven. Everyday on earth I see women decked with diamonds, necklaces who live luxuriously, leading a carefree life—such women will be poor in the other world with ragged clothes. Someday you will find yourselves in the state of that rich miser of a woman who had a poor but virtuous servant. Although the servant received only 60 leva a month, he gave all his money to the poor. His mistress often told him that he was foolish giving his money away, because he would need it for "rainy days." One night the lady had a vivid live dream: she saw a beautiful marble palace and asked, "Whose is this palace?" "It is your servant's palace." "How could such a poor man have so much money to build himself such a wonderful palace?" "All that he gained on earth, he sent it to the other world to have a palace built there." A little farther she say a small hut. "And whose is this hut?" "It is yours," was the answer. I say, you may be great personalities in this world, but in the other world God will judge you according to your deeds and give everyone what they deserve. You should not delude yourselves, but you must know the Truth and place a definite boundary between the Divine and the human. You say that you understand the word Love. No, you do not understand it. Not only don't you understand the word Love, but the words Righteousness, Truth and Wisdom are incomprehensible to you as well. When I enter a house and see an angered woman, is this Wisdom? When the word Wisdom is pronounced, a change must take place in one's state! The sense of every word must be understood! If you enter a theater where thousands of people are sitting and cry out, "Fire!"—everybody will rush to the exits for they will be terrified at the thought of impending death. Why is that so? Because all people understand the sense of this word. But if someone should come among them and pronounce the word Love, they will all look at one another jokingly and take that person is out of their mind. They will say, "What does that one mean by this word?" This shows that people do not understand the deep sense of the word Love, for if they did, it would have produced the same effect as the word fire only in an opposite sense. If I meet a sad person and pronounce the word Love, all his suffering and discontentment should disappear; he should become joyful, become bright as an angel and turn from a worm into a butterfly. You often say, "Oh, my God!"—but you do not understand this word either. I seldom pronounce the name of God in my soul; I pronounce it only when I have a heavy burden and then I am relieved of the whole burden. This word contains everything for me. In Bulgarian I substitute this word by the words I can. Never say, "I am weak." Say, "I can do everything through Christ." Put aside everything else! Put Christ in the first place. You will understand Christ, you will understand God only by the words I can. I am not disturbed by darkness; when the Earth revolves in a day and night, this is the order of things. When it is dark in someone's mind, I say that his sun has set so there is darkness in his mind. This person should lie down and rest, not worry, because in twelve hours the Sun will rise again inside them—their Lord will come. Then Love will enter them and they will begin to understand the deep sense of life. This is what Christ taught before; this is what He teaches now. All are waiting for Christ to come from heaven. No, He has come down once already. He will not come down to earth a second time. God came down to earth when He made it, when he created the world. He has been working on the world ever since and will stay here until He puts complete order. After that He will return to heaven with all His children. This God is always with us and He is working together with us. He will gather us and form a tree of life out of us in which we are roots, branches, leaves and fruit: every leaf will be for healing and every fruit— living food. Then we shall be one with God just as every cell, every root, every branch and every leaf are parts of the tree. "Blessed are you when they persecute you." You are blessed, because then you are moving forward, because the work you are doing is for the good of humanity. Since such is the case, your reward in heaven will be great. When someone needs you and tells you, you are a bad person, he has told you what is right—become good! You are ugly; he has said the right thing— become beautiful! You are malicious; he has said the right thing—become kind! People are speaking so much about me that if I pay attention to all that the hairs of my head will have all fallen off. I say, these people are right, I am a dangerous man. Why? Because I am a mirror. When someone meets me, he sees himself in my mirror and says, "You are a vagabond." You are saying the right thing. "You are a dodger!" You are right. See yourself in your mirror and correct yourself! People are like an American preacher who was out of his mind and one day when he looked himself in a mirror, he did not recognize himself and said, "You must repent or God will send you to hell!" I enjoy looking myself in people and when I meet a good person, I want to see myself in them; that is why I look in a mirror. There must be two kinds of mirrors: those in which we can look ourselves and those, our own, in which other people will look themselves. Only in this way can people correct their mistakes. Woe unto those nations, societies and churches that have no mirrors! Doctors today also use mirrors in their daily practice. When they examine your throat, for instance, they use a mirror. Christ's teaching also bears a mirror. In order to understand the deep sense of sufferings, you must keep in mind that they are necessary for the happiness and blessedness of our future life. Sufferings are the greatest good God is sending to people. This is what Christ says, "When someone is suffering and feels very burdened, let him come to me. I shall buy off his sufferings by giving him something else, we shall make an exchange on a purely brotherly basis." And now Christ is coming to earth in glory to take the burden of humanity; that is why He says, "Lay your burden upon the Lord!" You will make an exchange: God will take your sufferings and in exchange He will give you joys. By having come to earth, He wishes to make you happy. In order to be happy, you must be sensible and wise. Pronounce the word Wisdom only when you cannot explain some difficult question. Pronounce the word Wisdom and wait for 10 minutes after which a certain clarification will come to you. You will be like a blind person who begins to see and notices the beauty of the world. This person says, "I see everything in the world and understand how great the Lord is!" And we must thank God for having created this world, for having created the home, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, women, children, and even the misfortunes along with all those other things, we should thank Him for everything. Those who have started on the way of Christ, must thank God for everything. When we thank God, we shall come to an understanding of one another. And when we pronounce the word Love, if we are sad, we shall feel immediately joy, warmth which will fill our body and our frozen limbs will start to move. Then we shall clearly see angels descending from above. This is what to become clairvoyant means. Some people expect to become clairvoyant and see everything after they die. Do not wait for your death, but while you are still alive you should resurrect in the Lord. Do not say, "When I die, I shall understand life." On the contrary, say, "When I change my clothes, when I turn from a worm into a cocoon and from a cocoon into a butterfly then I shall see God and understand life." You say, "I shall die and be buried in the black grave, but what will become of me when the worms attack me?" The worms are your smaller brothers. They will come to you and say, "Let us have a taste of you! Christ is living bread for you, but you will be living food for us." Be not afraid, people are not in the graves, I do not see them in the graveyards. I repeat that there are two kinds of people—the first kind are the living dead whom we meet every day in Sofia, the others are the dead living. Christ says, "Blessed are the dead living who died for the Lord." It is not said anywhere, "Blessed are the living dead." The latter are caterpillars. The dead living are butterflies and they are not dangerous, because they do not eat the leaves of the trees. When a thought which is distractive enters your mind, it is a caterpillar, throw it out! But when a thought which raises you enters your mind, it is a beautiful butterfly, retain it. Therefore, everyday you should throw out the thoughts which eat up the leaves of your life. This is the teaching of Christ. Christ says, "Blessed are you when they persecute you, because great is your reward in heaven." I shall explain the deep sense of these words. When you sow a grain of wheat, it begins to decay and many enemies attack it, microbes, but as soon as it looks up to the Light, the Sun shines on it and its enemies run away. Therefore, you must also be persecuted in order to grow upward. When Christ says, "Blessed are the persecuted," He means that blessed are those who grow up, those who produce roots, leaves, blossoms and fruit. Great is this reward when the Lord comes and finds their fruit ripe. Has this teaching any sense? It has. This is what it means to be persecuted for the sake of Christ. If they persecute me and I have no fruit, I deserve to be persecuted. If, however, I am persecuted to give fruit to God and I have fruit, this persecution makes sense, for it means growth. It will give the necessary impulse, an impetus for work. When we reason this way, we shall begin to think rightly and to understand why we live. That is why we must pray for all people! The Scripture says, "Bless and curse not, say the Truth right in the face as to a brother, or a friend and never speak evil of anyone!" Speaking evil is like vomiting the food you have eaten, but the mouth was not created for vomiting, but for the sweet words of Love. This is the Teaching the saints bring down from above; this is the Teaching that the righteous have been preaching to the world for thousands of years; this is the teaching of the small angels who descend to earth. When Christ comes, He will bring the same Teaching. The white horse on which He is coming is the symbol of His Teaching of Light, "Blessed are those who know the Lord" means those who have grown up and have developed, having roots, branches, leaves and fruit, because God will visit them and reward them. I wish all of you to be in such a state—to be blessed so when God comes He will find fruit in your garden and you would invite Him to visit your home, your heart. Then He will give you the spirit of the new Teaching. "Blessed are you when God visits you, for great is your reward in heaven." Sermon held on February 4, 1917, in Sofia. __________________ 38. Matt. 5:10. 39. Probably reference to the non-decaying bodies of saints. In Bulgaria St John of Rila (≈876–946) is such an example. After the death of his parents, he gave away his modest inheritance to the poor and needy. Until his death, he led a humble and devout life as a hermit in the Rila Mountain, where he subsisted on wild berries and plants. His non-decaying body now rests in the Rila Monastery (ed. note).
  19. THE CHILDREN Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.35 In order to explain who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven, Christ takes as an example an ordinary form known to all—the children—a form existing since the creation of the world. The children bring happiness to the home and to the world. A home without children is a desert without a spring or grass. Why must one become as little child, if they would get to heaven? In Christ's talk the word child has a deeper meaning than we usually attach to it. Christ does not say that you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, if you are a precious stone placed in the crown of some king or if you are a millionaire, but says, "If you do not become as a child, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven." Here He implies the idea of growing small. The child is a symbol of a potential state, or it may be said that children represent potential energy, i.e. energy in a dormant state. This energy is not inactive because it contains all the conditions for its development. It is simultaneously in a potential and a kinetic state. The potential energy turns into kinetic and the kinetic into potential. The kinetic energy has stronger activity, but it has a smaller scope, whereas the scope of potential energy implies limitless development. The difference between the child and the adult is the same: adults are less active in that they have a smaller scope of development than children. The idea of the child contains yet another sense. If a tree does not turn into a small seed to be planted again in the soil, it cannot begin its development. The growth of trees is effected in two ways: some grow by seeds, others by sprouts or grafting. There is a big difference between a plant growing from a sprout and one growing from a seed. The plant growing from a seed contains greater force than that growing from a sprout. Christ says, "If you do not turn into a seed in life, you will not enter the Kingdom of God!" Why? Because only seeds, not plants are planted there. God does not need old people. There are no old ones in the Kingdom of God. The word old is synonymous to a weak person, while the young, the children are the equivalent to the word rich in mind and heart. This is my interpretation. If you have not the mind and the heart, that is—the innocence and purity of a child—you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Why? Because the conditions under which you must grow, require your mind and your heart to contain the Divine life within them. One of the greatest delusions in contemporary spiritual movements lies in considering oneself big or great. Every person, even children five or six years old, cherish the idea of greatness. I have often met children who have the idea that they are very big and have the power to do many things. I have met religious people who also think they are very big. They say, "Do not annoy me, because I can do all things just by raising my finger." If you make these children to raise a sack, they will not be able to. Why can't they raise it? Because they think they are big, but in reality they are not. If they thought they were small, they would be able to lift it. You can test this every day. Put yourself in the position of a child, deposit a thought in your mind and do not worry. If you do not worry, it will be ten times more active than if you torment yourself all the time. When you stand before the switch of an electric lamp, what is required of you? Only to turn this switch on. What do many people do? They stop before the switch and begin to philosophize. No, in this way you will not receive any Light. No philosophy is needed in this case, but a simple motion of the hand and light—the condition for reading—will shine forth. The same Law applies to one's personal life. On waking up in the morning you turn on the switch and say, "I see!" When the soul enters the human body, she also has a switch and when she turns it on, she says, "I see the Sun!" If you forget to turn on your switch36, you will be in darkness, i.e. your mind will be muddled up, incapable of work. Some morning you get up and forget to turn on the switch of your heart and mind; then the whole day your life is in disorder, you do not find any sense in it and so on. I say, you are in the state of a child with big ideas who, thinking of the big things, forgets to do the least—to turn on the small switch from where the Light comes. I constantly meet people whose switch is not turned on, but who have big ideas, who dream of many-storied large houses, yet are blind! No, you need no such houses. First, turn on the switch and afterwards you can make your house. Become a child of obedience! Only then God will speak to you and you will understand the relations existing between Him and yourself. People today have lost their relations to God. They think they are free and have the right to do anything they want to, even to criticize God. I ask such a person, "When you got up this morning did you switch on the Light?" "I did not." "Then return home and switch it on, otherwise the whole day you will be in darkness and low spirits. Up to that moment life will have no sense for you." The same Law applies to human relations: you have turned on the switch and all people love you; you have forgotten to turn it on and everything is in disharmony. You are a big person, a great one, but nobody loves you. Nobody loves people who want much. The Law of heaven is symbolized by the children, by their selflessness. To carry much on you back, but to have little in your stomach are two different things. If you carry 100 kg wheat on your back and ½ kg wheat in your stomach, where will your strength be? Contemporary economists who burden the state with big debts do this because they do not understand the Divine Law. I would rather they gave each person ½ kg of wheat in the stomach than 100 kg on the back. It is preferable to have 100 g of knowledge in the brain than a load of 100 kg on the back. Someone may have 100 volumes of books, but the 50 g of knowledge in the brain as a potential and kinetic energy are of more value than what is outside of it. Thus by the word child Christ means a special inner state—to be in accord, in contact with the spiritual world, with all the powers and all beings. If you start thinking you are a great being, you lose all these contacts. When a great angel in heaven who has lived millions and billions of years and who has an experience greater than that of humanity and whose history is much more superior to that of humankind, decides to come to earth and be incarnated, he will take the form of a little child and humble himself—he will start his development from this point, in order to come to understand the majesty of God. That is why Christ was asked, "Can an old man enter the Kingdom of God?" Be he an angel or a God, he cannot. Those who would enter the Kingdom of God must humble themselves and become like children. Now all of you who are listening to me want to enter the Kingdom of God such as you are. No! This has never been and never will be! If you do not acquire the qualities of a child—plasticity of mind and heart—you will not understand the inner sense of life. But you are already near the Kingdom of God. The inter-space dividing this world from the other world is a hundred-millionth part of the millimeter. How small is the distance between these two worlds! When a person starts on the way of development, they move very slowly. I notice all who start on the spiritual path resemble big people; they are not like children. If someone begins their journey with large strides, they will not attain their purpose. If you leave home running, you will not achieve anything. But if you start slowly and gradually accelerate your step, you are in the state of a child. Christ says, "Do not start your work hurriedly. Move like the small children—walk constantly and quicken your step by one, two, three, four, five, six steps, then you will find sense in your life." While you are in the state of small children, no illness will attack you, but if you are in the state of the old, an illness will come to you. Those who worry are old; also those who have a heavy heart are old, too. Become young! You say, "I have a weight in my soul." You are old. "What shall I do?" Become young! "How?" Do not think of great things in the world. Put only half a kilo of bread in your stomach, 100 g of knowledge in your brain and five grams of feelings in your heart—that is enough for you. When ten or fifteen young men love a girl, they begin to quarrel; she feels puffed up and becomes unhappy. Some years ago a young woman was killed in Sofia by her fiance. Why do you love two people? One is enough. Every thought has its definite place. If you do not love a man, do not deceive him! Tell him the truth and he will find another girl. In regard to religion, people suffer from the same love. You say, "Let us love!" Do you know how love is expressed? Those who desire much commit a sin and when the sin is done, they suffer. The one who sins is a bad person, but the one who sins and does not repent is worse, yet the one who sins and does not repent or pray is still worse. Everyone who prays, yet is unrepentant, is a hypocrite. A hypocrite represents the worst person in the world. There are two kinds of lies, two kinds of sins in the world. When you tell someone you love them, yet you do not, you act like the crocodiles—when they love someone, they wet her with tears to make her smoother and easier to swallow. No, people do not need such love, but the Love of the small children. Give a little, yet let it be from your heart. If men and women would apply this philosophy to their life, all homes and societies will change for the better. Fathers, mothers, children, teachers, priests, judges—all are thinking of great ideas. They all consider themselves great and fool themselves that there are no greater people than them. You ask, "Why is the world suffering?" It is suffering from "great" people and ideas. People call someone an excellent preacher, because he is preaching grand ideas. Yes, we are all suffering from "great" ideas. The Jews also had great ideas— they wanted to become rich and, considering themselves chosen, they became proud. They had 33,000 promises by God; however, Christ showed them that the greatness of a person lies in becoming as small as a child. Only in this case, God will be on one's side. So far I have not seen a mother bearing an old man in her womb, even if she would be given millions. But everyone bears the small child without getting any payment. Why? Because the child holds great benefits inside. As it enters, every Divine idea, no matter how small it may be, brings peace, joy and greatness to the person who accepts it—that is why everyone can bear the small children. Many think that big ideas bring happiness to people. Actually, this is not true. To clarify this thought, I shall tell you a legend. An impoverished German prince wanted to marry a beautiful woman. She told him, however, that she was a woman of great pretensions and she wanted him to build her a beautiful palace and supply anything she wanted of him. Only under such conditions would she marry him. He agreed to everything, thinking he would be happy with her. He married her and started looking for riches. By the powers of occultism he started calling spirits who would help him. Finally, he found a prince of the gnomes and said to him, "I have married a pretentious woman and need much money. Can you help me?" "I can, but under one condition: for every purse of money, you must give me ten hairs of your head." "I have enough hairs and can give you as many as you wish." "I shall need only ten for each bag of gold I give you." The man thought his troubles were settled and his life at home would now be happy. He started visiting the prince of the gnomes week after week, month after month, taking bags of gold and giving his hairs in return. A year, two years, three years passed and he became completely bald. He went again for gold, but had no hairs. "Shall I give you something else?" he asked. "No, I need hairs." Now the man understood that human character lies hidden in these hairs. He had sacrificed the apparently small things for presumably great things. Every hair is a noble thought sacrificed for a trifle. If you have such aspirations for ten years, you will sacrifice all that is noble in you and remain a barren desert. Then you will be turned into a big, old, dry tree which is a symbol of the degenerate human character. Be not offended by the Truth. I know that when the Truth is spoken, many people are offended. God considers an old person everyone who is offended by the Truth. Such is the Law before God for He has never been offended until now. There is no other being to have suffered more desecration than God, but so far He has not even knitted his eyebrows. He calmly and quietly looks at us and says, "These children will understand the Law; now they are piling up sins, that is why they will bear this burden." "Our condition is very heavy: poverty, illness, what shall we do?" You should work. "Is there no other way?" No, there is no other way—you must work. "We are big." You should grow small, become like children. When you return home, try to become like children and see how you will be rejuvenated. You say you are old, but what is the reason? You are carrying the world on your back. When you board a ship which rocks and you begin to fear, what will be the use of fearing? Stay quietly, have the confidence of a child. He who has made the ship will take care of you. The ship will rock and then stop rocking. Even if there is a storm and thunder, you should not be afraid. The birds in the airy space also rock, but they understand this Law better than you. You will excuse me for all this. I say, if you are old, you will get offended; if you are young, I shall congratulate you. When I speak the Truth, let no one be insulted. I shall ask those of you who are walking barefooted over a stony place, to put on sandals, because your feet will be hurt and you will be forced to turn back midway. The sandals will protect you. If a lady is passing through such a place, she would prefer to have her feet hurt than to put on her sandals to please her loved one. Yet, it is dangerous to walk bare-footed. The children are always shod. Look at the butterflies, these small children of God, what excellent clothing they have! If an earthly queen has such clothes, she would feel happy. Although these butterflies have a short life, how well God clothes them! Why does God clothe them so well? Because they are children. But why does God send unhappiness to people? Because they are old. Why does God send blessing to some people? Because they are small children. A mother forgives her children many mistakes, but if her husband makes the mistakes, she says, "I do not want this dotard any longer!" In the same way heaven forgives all the sins of the small children, but it is strict with the old and says, "Out with you!" Then what takes place in you? Dissatisfaction, despair and hatred of life, since you face resistance and unfavorable conditions for your development. The only way to be loved by God and by people is to adopt the Divine idea—be small before God and have a responsive heart and mind. Love has different degrees of power: you stand in front of a stove at a distance of two meters and feel a pleasant heat, but if you should put your hand on it, it will burn you. The old people are hot stoves, that is why they burn you sometimes. Usually they are mercenary. Do not think I am speaking of you; I am referring to those old men mentioned in the Scripture. Those who think they are big and great, they are old men. Beware of such people! Christ preached this when He said, "Become like little children!" When you study Nature, you will find that the most precious things are not big. For instance, the diamond has been an airy substance in the past, occupying great space; long time had to pass before it thickened and grew hard. God has turned it into a hard substance, but at the same time, He has made its volume smaller. It has become of small volume, but of high price. Do you know how much energy, how much matter is pressed into an atom? We should grow small by the same Law, become like children, for only God is great and to be like Him, we have to learn the art of transitory things in creation, the stages of transitory life, and find out why small things pass into big ones. A ripe grain or seed, no matter how small it may be, if it finds favorable soil, it grows into a big tree. However, no matter how big a leaf or a fruit may be, if it falls in the soil, it will rot. This is the sense of the words of Christ. Christ spoke at the time for the people of an enlightened age, for those who are able to understand Him and apply His teaching. When a great musician plays, he plays for those who have an ear to hear him; when a sculptor makes a statue, he offers it to those who understand and value it; when a writer writes a book, it has sense for those who understand it. God has made the world and inscribed His Law for those who understand Him. Those who do not understand Him will bear the burden on their back and be "great men." When God created the world, the spirits who came down to earth wanted to be big, great, that is why they had big bodies. The huge animals were created at that time as well. If the huge animals had remained on earth, they would have devastated it completely eating up everything. God was teaching those incarnated spirits that they must not have huge bodies, because the greatness of a being does not lie in the huge body. An idea is great not when it is big in volume, but when it bears something great which helps the development of all beings. If you sow a walnut, in ten or twelve years it will become a big tree, but after it dies, it assumes its original state again. Now I am telling you to become like the little children and to make an experiment in this respect. I say, let this idea of Christ enter your mind and try to be small before God. Imagine that you are just beginning your life in the Kingdom of God. You may consider yourselves eminent people, but how many great kings, how many eminent people lived in the past, of whom there is no trace today. You deceive yourselves thinking that the people around you are eminent, famous, but you can see how eminent they are when misfortune comes to them. In a Varna village about fifty years ago, there was a very eminent son of a chorbadji37. The whole village was speaking about him. When anyone said, "Petran Chorbadji," everybody knew him. Every week he would slaughter and roast a lamb, gather people for a long and merry feast. But misfortune befell him so that he lost everything and became the last pauper. Everybody deserted him and started mocking him. That "Petran Chorbadji" thought himself an eminent man! What is an eminent person? A dead ox. When he dies, the dogs eat him up. Then they again speak of him, but only until he is all eaten up. After that nothing more is said of him. People speak of a person so long as there is something they can take or receive from them, but as soon as the person dies and nothing remains of them, they stop talking about him. These are the misfortunes of your external life. You are very beautiful on the outside, but the beauty of the heart and the mind is important. That is why you must purify your heart and mind and do not fly at high game. Become small children that you may enter the Kingdom of God and inherit the new life. People on the Earth are dead. They are eaten up by dogs, crows and eagles, because they are "great." When you read "Revelation," you will see that God summons all eagles and says to them, "Come, you little ones, to take your share, of the flesh of kings and heroes—all "great men." What does this mean? When a big oak tree rots and turns into soil, God sends the little seeds and grasses and says to them, "Take your share of this oak, because in the past it obstructed your development." That is why Christ says, "If you do not become small children, you will not enter the Kingdom of God. God will not take your side." Therefore, the new conditions under which you live require a new moral, new religious principles which must be more powerful and effective than the present ones. The principles you have used till now are weak and cannot endure. You have a rope which can raise ten kilograms, but you want it to raise a load of one hundred kilograms, what must you do? You will make it ten times stronger. The rope is the moral you must make ten times stronger than the previous one, in order that it may endure the new conditions. That is exactly why, according to Christ's Law, you must change your outlook. If the worst person were to become a child, you would love them because they would change. There cannot exist a struggle between an oak and grass, but there will always be a struggle between two oaks. Plant them next to each other, you will see the struggle between them—which should grow taller and see the Sunbeams. The one that grows higher will succeed, but the one that remains below will say, "I remained small." Small but with big ideas. It is not that you have remained small, but that you should wait for your turn, then you will say to the big oak, "I shall become your son, an acorn". It will answer, "I, on my part, am your father." "Thank you, father, for your care which you will take of me." One day this acorn will grow big and exchange its role with its father. Christ requires every one of us to become a tree which will bear fruit, a seed upon which the Kingdom of God may be laid. You will say, "These are abstract things." No, they are not. Deposit in your mind the thought, "I want to become a small Divine child. God, help me realize this thought." Think upon this though for twelve months and you will see how your life will change. However, do not blaze forth this idea; I can see that you are small. When a big beech tree comes and says, "I am small" it is not speaking the Truth. When a rich man says he has no money, he is afraid of being robbed. When a poor man says he has money, he does not speak the Truth. Let everyone speak what is right. Have faith in this great Divine Law of this child and God will be with you. If God credits you, He will make you great. But if you make yourself great, you are in the state of a lying merchant who says he has money when he has not. This is the deep sense of the verse, "Become like small children." I do not want you to think, "Are we really nothing?" Leave this thought aside. What you have been until now is not important; the thing that counts is what you will be from now on. It is well known what people have been like until now—let sleeping dogs lie. The future ideal is—be Divine small children. I wish you to be children of God and use all the great blessings the Kingdom of God is giving you. I wish you all to be wise, happy and good. As you see, I am telling you the way you can be such. You will say, "How will we regard the small drop of water?" Be not troubled, it will grow. The rain does not pour down at once, but drop by drop and gradually it rains harder. However, the small drops benefit the world. The small children do not know what fear is, but the grandmas frighten them, "The big, bad goblin will eat you up!" The same way the maid-servants frighten the children with the goblin to make them fall asleep, so that they can go out and have a date with some young man. In order to be free to go to a ball, some mothers also fool and frighten their children with something awful and mysterious. Down with your goblins! Deceive neither the children, nor yourselves! Be sincere with yourselves and others—this is the only way you can be rejuvenated and become beautiful. As soon as the divine idea takes possession of your mind, everything will change—your lips, eyebrows, nose and forehead. In Europe women paint their lips red, because the red color shows wealth and pure blood. Let this be done naturally. To become small children means to stop lying to God. Someone does not believe in God—they may have serious reasons for their disbelief. Another person says, "There is no God." I say, you have not turned on the switch. "Life has no sense." You have not turned on the switch. "People are bad." You have not turned on the switch. The small child's switch is inside of them. There is no more beautiful or greater idea than this. Some want to know who Christ is. The power of life is not in the letter, but in the spirit of things. I am careful in always conforming to the Divine Truth, speaking only what is true. You must not play the role of one of the disciples of Socrates who, desiring to show himself humble, went one day to his master in torn pants. However, his master told him his pride could be seen through his torn pants. You must be careful and you see I am careful with your hearts and have never said what is true. Everything I say to you is a Truth which you can verify. If you have no results, I am ready to start working with you. Only say to yourself, "This year I want to be a small Divine child!" This is the idea I want you to go away with—to be small Divine children. All the European nations to be such children too. Then the real Divine peace will come into the world. Sermon held on February 11, 1917 in Sofia. ______________ 35. Matt. 18:3. 36. The formulae in the previous lecture are one effective method of turning on this switch of our hearts and minds, of revitalizing the connection with our Creator and harmonizing ourselves with the Cosmic rhythms (ed. note). 37. (Turkish) A well-to-do person. The word was also used to refer to Bulgarian wealthy people during the Turkish domination (1396-1878) (ed. note).
  20. GROW IN GRACE ! But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?32 Growth is a process of development. What must grow? People often say, "An apple must grow, a tree, branches, leaves, blossoms—these things must grow and develop." But in the quoted verse, we understand that the human soul must grow. The human soul should grow, and the human spirit should attain the knowledge of grace. Which grace? God's. The word grace is broad, it implies the conditions under which a person must live up in heaven and down on earth. The Earth, which is so often mentioned in the sacred books, is so enormous that an innumerable number of people can live on it. In the Scriptures it is called The Promised Land. You are aspiring for this earth which God created originally. The Earth on which you live is so small, it is of microscopic size; compared in size it is not even as large as a small island like Cyprus. Paul and Peter say that heaven will be enflamed and the Earth will pass through fire. Many interpret fire as a destructive element. In fact it is destructive, but it also constructs. For the fire which came down from the Sun has constructed our earth, it has also built our bodies and created thoughts and feelings in us. Everything freezes without fire. Therefore, the word growth implies fire as well. The fire which destroys is the coarse fire. Present day science has made the following experiments: if someone is placed under 2-3,000 volts of electricity, they die and in some countries criminals are electrocuted by such a current. However, if 10-50,000 volts of electricity run through the human body, all illnesses will disappear, the face will become youthful and bright; in a word, one will be fully rejuvenated. According to the present ideas of logic, one should burn up by such a fire. The fire which destroys people is their passions. They destroy the body and the soul simultaneously. Being free of these passions means not warming oneself on destructive fire. When Paul says grow, he means a function under the influence of the Divine fire, or of these 10-50,000 volts that will purify and renew the people they pass through. The word knowledge implies an understanding of the Laws by which this growing may be effected. Growing is twofold: upward and downward. When you are looking yourself in the mirror, you have a reflection. If anyone asks you by what Laws this reflection is effected, you will answer readily, "There is a reflection." But I would like to know the basic Law by which this reflection is effected. The physicists explain the mechanical aspect of an object the way the astronomers explain the mechanical aspect of the universe, as for instance what the Sun is like, its elements, its temperature, but what the Sun actually is remains a secret. From the Earth we can suppose this and that, but when a person becomes spiritual, they will be able to test the truth about the growing Paul speaks about. If you want to know whether there is life on the moon or not, you will take your bag, buy a ticket and in a few hours you will verify this truth. The same way one can go to the Sun and test what it is like. Now we study things only by way of reflection, but the reflections are not always true. Every reflection has an inner and outer side; you access only the outer side, while the inner side remains concealed. You say, "I know this man." But you know only his shadow. "His eyes are black." This is, however, his shadow. "His beard is white." This is his shadow. "He is handsome." All this is a shadow. This man, who looks handsome to you in the daytime, is black at night. If the inner lamp changes its position, the inner Light of a person will change too. This is growth of the shadows, because the shadows can grow too—they can become smaller or bigger. For instance, when the Sun rises in the morning, the shadows are bigger; around noon they grow quite small and after sunset, they disappear. I am making this analogy, because you are people of the shadows—you study the creation of the cinematographer. If I speak differently, you will say, "Prove this!" In order to prove it, I must get you a ticket so you can come along with me to the Sun and then to the moon. You are people of the shadows, i.e. fictitious, not real beings. After fifty years, you will see yourself that you are fictitious. Where will you be then? In order not to be shadows, you must pass from the temporary to the eternal, to seek God, meaning to seek His Light and heat. This Light will introduce in you that ideal which you are longing for. A person is born as a small baby, gradually grows big, but is discontented all the time. He wants to marry and tries to find a beautiful girl and thinks until he finds her, but as soon as he finds her, he is discontented again—calls her evil as a snake. Then the two of them want children and have them, but find the children bad too. Then they hope when their children will marry to be materially well off, but nothing comes out of that. Thus, the life of people today consists only of shadows, but there is no reality whatsoever in these shadows. This is a pleasant life, but there is no growth in it, no Divine process. Therefore, by the word growing I understand that only the spirit can grow and develop; only the real, the changeless grows. This substance which is deposited in us can undergo millions of eternal changes; this is a great Divine Law. At times a bad thought attacks you—that is a shadow. You say, "I hate that person." How can you hate her when you do not know her? Or, how can you ask a person for money, if you have never given her any money? In the world the shadows exist by necessity in order that the genesis of things may stand out. The more shadows there are in the world, the more our mind will stand out and will be the basis of knowing things, because knowledge cannot exist without shadows. You say you are suffering—that is a shadow, in order that you may learn the conditions of the new life. Therefore, growth is the cause of all changes which take place inwardly and outwardly. If you understand life this way, you will come to reality itself, i.e. to the testing of things. When a teaching is in accord with the reality of genesis, or with the Laws God has created in the world, it can always be put to a test. A doctor comes and says, "I have a medicine which cures this illness." If this medicine is real, it must cure the patient as soon as he takes it; but if this does not happen, the medicine is not real and the doctor only deludes people. A man comes and says, "I bring you a teaching, if you accept it, you will raise yourself." If this teaching raises you, it is real. Thus, growth is a process necessary for the building of your spiritual body. The physical body is necessary as a scaffolding on the outside; if it is not raised, the spiritual body cannot be raised either. First of all, the physical world was created as scaffolding, while the spiritual world is constantly being constructed and organized to this day. In the Scriptures, there are verses which say that first heaven—the Divine World—was created and then the Earth—the physical world. The Earth is not organized yet, God is still organizing it. He created the world in six days: the sixth day He created human beings and on the seventh He rested. Now He is at work again. Moses says, "God rested." Christ says, "My Father is working." At the present time He is still working. God's rest implies His going out of His genesis and from there scrutinizing everything. He has created and then returned again to continue His work. His present work brings fire. He says, "This world lacks fire." When this fire comes, it will bring growth and knowledge of grace. When I speak of the world, I always mean human beings. The world is known to you to the extent you have a relation to it. All elements of the external world, of external Nature are connected with your body and with your mind, as a result of which all the changes taking place in you, the indisposition of your spirit, depend on the changes in Nature. If a wolf has been hungry for three or four days, or a week, he will pray to God for food. You respond to his thought and suffer along with him. All things in life are connected; that is why you experience equally both joys and sorrows. Someone says, "I cannot tolerate this man." Tolerate him, because he is part of you. If you ruin him, you will ruin yourself. Therefore, by growth, I understand the growth of our spiritual body which represents a unit of the Divine harmony. You say, "The world is not organized yet." It is not organized but work is necessary in order to organize it. We are the plants which must work; we receive and process the materials, then we give them to God. You eat a hen, a sheep, a lamb—that becomes a part of you which goes to the building of the world. From this point of view all sufferings will be justified. We have all suffered in the world that is why we shall live all together. Some day you will realize that the bugs are your brothers too. When a bug is biting you, or sucking blood from you, it is saying, "I must do this in order to build my house." In all beings conscious and unconscious processes are taking place. The conscious process is effected so powerfully that you must grow up in a short period, as wheat grows in May; and you must bear fruit in a short period of time, because growing has in view blossoming and blossoming—fruit bearing. Growing is a life in which blossoming, setting and ripening of the fruit take place. There is no setting and ripening without blossoming. Are you blossoming? "No." Then you will not manifest yourself. People, like the flowers, find their expression only when they blossom and bear fruit. Love is manifested only when plants are blossoming; it is the same with people. When there is blossoming in the physical world, the physical ripening comes, the physical love; when this process is over, a spiritual blossoming and ripening takes place in a person. One must blossom at least seven times, i.e. set seven fruit at least. We must blossom up at the same time in seven worlds, but this blossoming up is achieved consecutively. Therefore, when blossoming in the physical world loses its sense for you, this blossoming should be taken up above. Why do you die? Dying is nothing other than going to a higher world for growth. When you do not have conditions for growing in the physical world, you die; when you have conditions—you are born. Therefore, those who are not acquainted with the deep sense of life find that in the blossoming of the branches and growing of the roots there is a certain contraction. When water comes out of a spring, would it not flow in all directions? If you open a jar full of steam, would not these vapors spread in all directions at the same time? Thus, the life which has sprung up from a center sends its roots downward. And conversely, at night, when the Earth has turned, we are with our feet up. The same is true of a tree: in the course of 24 hours, first the branches are turned up, and then the roots are up. You will say that people are with their heads up. Human beings are double trees: they have roots up, which means the Divine World; also they have roots down in the stomach, which means the physical world. When the Earth turns, you also turn with your feet toward God, and then the roots of your stomach are turned to Him. So every 24 hours both the feet and the head turn toward God. Before God, the feet and the head have an equal meaning. Why? Because in the spiritual world, the feet are the ground on which you build your house. They are the soil on which your life may grow. Now in the process of growing, you should love all people, alive or dead, who have a reflection and live in you. You have a John inside and a John outside; you have an angel inside and one outside; you have a devil inside and one outside. Heaven and earth live at the same time in your soul. There are good and bad spirits in you who get along well. Some people who hate the evil spirits say that there is disputing between them and the angels, so they think they are quarrelling. There arises a dispute only when we meddle in their work. Otherwise a complete balance exists between them. As soon as we meddle in their work, a struggle begins. When there is a dispute between two spirits, you should only listen. The dispute is a conversation between them. The students are not allowed to meddle with the business of the teacher. The bad and good spirits are great teachers. You have no right to pass judgment, but only to listen; such is the Law. If you interfere in their work, they will beat you and say, "Listen, you are a small baby; you should not interfere, but listen." Often people complain of attacks by the evil spirits. I tell them that the evil spirits do not care at all about you; they are not interested in your existence. They have only stopped under the shadow of your tree to talk, but you have overheard them. People are babies not born yet. "The evil spirits tell me to do this or that," some say. They do not say this to you, but to themselves and you say, "Wait, let me do this!" The Apostle Paul says, "Grow in the grace of Christ, in order to know the spirits." Up till now the world has always used charms and conjurations against the evil spirits. In the church the Vassil Prayers are all conjurations against them, but evil spirits still exist. That is why Christ says, "Resist not evil." The evil spirits have their own work and when they are doing it, let them be free, do not interfere. I have heard how some Christians quarrel among themselves, "You are ignorant, but I have graduated university and have learned something." If you have graduated and have knowledge, you will keep silent, because there is conversation in silence, which brings power and growth. Those who do not know how to keep silent have no knowledge; they know only the rod. Silence is actually growth— this is how plants grow. They are silent, only at night a faint cracking can be heard—they are whispering to each other. They are not like people, who want the whole world to hear, if they have done some good. The hen acts the same way after laying an egg, she cackles so that everybody should hear her. What of it that she has laid an egg? That is her duty. It is a question whether she laid it, or it was laid for her. When an ass carries a burden of precious things, he says, "I carried the precious things." We must know that having come to earth, we are servants of God. Someone says, "Humans have free will." But I say that those who live in this essential, unchanging world where God lives and serve God, understand His Laws and orders, only they are free and only they can have a free will. We must find time to accelerate this growth of which I am speaking, i.e. the building of your body. Often your saying that you have no time for this, no time for that provides the occasions for disobedience. An English preacher once visited a poor boy—a sweeper—and asked him, "Does anyone come to see you?" "Yes, Mr. Gladstone."33 Who?" "The English statesman." How strange that in spite of his great tasks, he found time to visit a poor sweeper! Why? Who lives in this sweeper? Gladstone realizes that one of his brothers lives in him and says, "I must visit him!" When someone rises in life today, they do not recognize even their father and mother, thinking this will infringe on their greatness and high position. There is nothing greater than knowing our obligations. The greatest trait of God is that in spite of His numberless great tasks, He always finds time to visit some sinful soul, the way Gladstone acted. God always finds a few minutes free to visit someone, to leave a good thought, or render His help. And when everyone attacks you like swarms of mosquitoes, God appears and says, "Fear not! I am here; I am with you to help you." When God does this, say to Him, "Give us strength to grow and become free from transitory things, to know Your Will." Do not say, "They attacked me, but they will see who I am!" We often say in the Lord's Prayer, "Thy Will be done!" You do not know the Name of God, the Kingdom of God, and you want to fulfill the Will of God. You will be like that mother who sews skirts and pants for her child which has not been born yet. In the process of seeking the Name of God, the Kingdom of God and the Will of God, will come the Kingdom of Heaven. You must have the valor of that Russian king of whom Tolstoy tells a legend. The murder of King Peter I, in which Alexander I was also involved, cased great pangs of conscience in the latter and darkened his soul to the extent that nowhere could he find rest. The glamour of the throne and the vain pleasures had not the power to distract and calm him. He withdrew into himself more and more until finally he decided to abdicate and start living in Taganrog34 as an ordinary citizen. One day while walking in the environs of the city, he noticed that crowds were gathered round two rows of soldiers unarmed, but each holding a rod. An old soldier was brought with arms tied to a gun. They took off his shirt and while the drum was beating, he was subject to a horrid punishment, "passing under the rods." Alexander looked the soldier in the face and was amazed at the great likeness between them. He asked about the crime of the unhappy soldier. They told him that when the soldier heard his father was on the death-bed, he asked permission to go and part with him. After being denied that, the soldier tried to run away, but was caught. He tried to escape a second time but was caught once more and this time was severely punished to pass between the two rows of soldiers under the blows of 8,000 rods. This penalty meant certain death. Hearing the sounds of the blows and the groans of the dying man, who soon stopped groaning, Alexander was horrified. "My God," he thought, "all this only for a reason that he wanted to kiss his father's hand as a farewell and receive his blessing! That poor man is tortured so cruelly, in my name too!" He compared his attitude to his father with that of the soldier and seeing how much lower he stood than him, Alexander started weeping bitterly. After being informed by the doctors that the soldier would not live after the 4,000 blows, he made arrangements the soldier to be clothed secretly in his outfit and to be carried in Alexander's room. He, on his part, dressed in the soldier's uniform, submitted himself to the remaining 4,000 blows. These he bore to the end and survived because the soldiers, taking pity on the exhausted soldier, did not hit him hard anymore. The soldier, disguised in the Emperor's clothes, was carried to the palace, where he died. The great similarity between the two served for an official announcement that the emperor had died. In reality, the emperor wandered away, giving himself over to kindly deeds the rest of his life. Tolstoy ends the story with the death of Alexander in the following words, "What a moment of triumph must have been his death! What liberation of the soul!" I ask, how many of my listeners will be ready to bear at least ten blows for their brother? And after all this people are pretenders, preparing themselves for heaven! I say, the inner sense of growth is in learning to discriminate the shadows from the real things, to liberate one's soul by bearing all sufferings. When a pear and an apple are growing, that is done for the sole purpose to give fruit which will bear a new being. Some want to marry and have children. Why? They want to marry, because they are already tired and cannot do anything else. As soon as they marry and have a son or a daughter, they will finish their parents' work. Someone says, "I do not want to be married." That means you are strong. If you cannot finish your work yourself, you must get married. By the word development I understand that either we must finish the work God has assigned for us, or give our place to others to finish it. That is why people are born and reincarnate—descend and ascend—on this earth. Some day when you say you are tired, God will ask you, "Do you want to give your place to your brother who will finish your work?" The knowledge I give you now is elementary. In the future, you will learn something more. God has already started the reorganization of the world. In this epoch of growth, we are under the most favorable conditions, under the effect of the Divine fire. In this fire, the hard things will melt, matter will be refined and God will form out of it a world of a different order. Those who will not finish their development will be sent by God to another place. There is no perishing in the world, one is only deprived of the duty, or work, one is not doing. In our schools, they keep you two or three years in the same class until you can pass it. The same refers to life itself. Now it is desirable that this thought should become central in your mind. It is not important what work you are doing, whether you are a mathematician, or a doctor—these are shadows, forms in life. The essential thing is to sanctify the name of God and to implant the Will of God in your soul. Those who want to be strong must give first place to the following: the name of God, which is the supreme good; the Kingdom of God—in relation to the Earthly life. The spiritual world is connected with the physical world—humans are at the same time spiritual and physical beings. These two elements exist in us simultaneously: there is a bond between the two beings, which keeps them together and directs them. This bond is the soul which is semi-spiritual and semi-material. You can never change this state of things. By the words physical matter I understand the world of forms necessary for the manifestation and genesis of things; by the words Spiritual World I understand those forces which work for the creation of these forms; Soul, on the other hand, implies the conditions that prepare the construction of these forms. Therefore, life cannot be manifested without forms. Every Soul must have a body in the world in order to be manifested as an individual unit. She must have a body so that God can visit her. Can you invite guests, if you have no house? When a man wants to marry, he first has his house made, as the birds who want to lay their eggs first make their nests. Do not take my words in their literal meaning. Every person must have house, but where must it be built? In the spiritual world. They will not receive you in heaven, if you have no house; there you must have a house by all means. Growing implies the idea of having a garden around your house with flowers and fruit-trees to decorate it. In order to grow, you should forget your shadows, your misunderstandings. All things existing in the world today are shadows; when you fall asleep for a long time, everything will disappear: France, England, Germany will disappear in your mind; there will be no wars; you will forget all about sugar, rice, your debts, you will forget everything. Why? Because all these things are shadows. To know a person in the real sense of the word, you should love them. Only those who love know people. Someone may say, "I love, but I suffer and fear." Since you fear, you have no love. Love does not tolerate any fear. All contradictions, of one kind of another, cause unpleasant troubles for people. However, the human spirit cannot develop without hardships. This teaching should be preached to open-minded people today. Only then will your home be freed from the sufferings which are essentially fictitious. There are magnetizers who hypnotizing a person draw a line before them and tell them they can go only that far and meet a wall on their way and the hypnotized person actually cannot pass that line where the other people do not see any wall there. When the magnetizer blows, the wall disappears. Now the devil has raised such a wall in the minds of people. He has drawn a line and they see many obstacles and hardships which are in fact shadows, not reality. Everything in the world is possible. How is everything possible? For instance, if you have been hungry for several days and pray to God for a piece of bread, He will give it to you, but if you want from Him 7-8 loaves, He will not give them to you. These are true facts which you can test yourselves. People should give up their greed and not desire more than what is necessary to them. If you have one kilo of sugar, be content with that, do not want more. Can all people be millionaires at one and the same time? As the growth of a tree has its limits, so people have a limit of growth on the physical plane: when they come to the age of 21, they reach a height after which their body stops growing, but the mind, soul and spirit continue their development. These are great things which you will understand when your eyes are opened. You must pray to God to open your eyes as Elisha, one of Israel's prophets, did. One night the Syrian king sent a great army against Elisha to take him and bring him to the king. When Elisha's servant saw the great number of the enemy's army, he was scared and said, "What shall we do now, my master?" "Fear not for those who are with us are more than those who are against us." Elisha prayed that God might open the servant's eyes to see all. Then the servant saw the forest around Elisha full of horses and carriages. When the Syrians approached him, Elisha prayed to God, saying, "Smite these men with blindness." Then Elisha led them to Samaria and said, "God, open the eyes of these men that they may see." God opened their eyes and they saw they were in Samaria by the king of Israel. When Israel's king saw them, he asked Elisha, "My father, shall I smite them?" But he said, "Do not smite them but set bread and water before them and after they are fed, send them to their master." People today ask, "What will become of us?" Those who are with us are more than those who are against us. Who are against us? Our thoughts and feelings—our shadows which we have been creating for years! Say to yourself, "I have created these thoughts—these wolves and bears—and I am not afraid of them." Some say they have strong faith. They can test the power of their faith, if they were placed among wolves and bears in a menagerie. If you fear, if you are tempted and yield, if you hate—God is not with you. The Christians must be heroes. Heroes are necessary for this world. You must bear up all misfortunes and say, "May the name of God be sanctified and may God's grace come!" You will say that so many people have died. In my view they have not died, but have been raised up. I would wish to go with them. It is a glorious thing to go to Heaven! Some people are afraid of death. They love God, but when death comes they call the doctors. God is not with them. When death comes, say, "I am coming, Lord, prepare new work for me there." I do not want anyone listening to me today to fear. Enter the place of your lions, tigers, snakes and pat them. Until you learn to pat the snakes and the crocodiles, God cannot be with you. Take as an example Daniel who did not suffer among the lions, but said, "God, Who is with me, will tame the lions." When you are among your lions, I wish you would call to God to shut their mouths. Be resolute and not faint-hearted! Now equality and brotherhood should be preached everywhere, not only seemingly, but in practice. Scientists and great people must set an example of how we should live. You may be a chemist, an astronomer, a judge, a priest—harness all your forces for the good of humanity. We are not far from this—the fire is coming, there will be a great heating, but be unafraid: those who are with us are more than those who are against us. Let all people know that God is coming into the world to restore order, Lawfulness and justice. And you men and women who are given these lovely names by God, will submit to the new order. There is not better name in the world than man and woman. But now both men and women complain of their state. The men say, "Woe unto us who were born as men to go to war!" The women say, "Woe unto us who were born women that we should bear children!" It is not woe unto anyone; on the contrary, it is a great blessing that you were born such as you are, destined for so great a work! Reconcile yourselves inwardly. "How can we do that?" Do not say anything about anybody! Be reconciled in your soul with all your brothers, with all the subjects you have! Call to God that His name may be sanctified and His Spirit glorified in you and that you may grow up to fulfill what God has assigned to you! You will not die; from now on good conditions for gaining knowledge are coming, you will study astronomy, mathematics, and so on. Some say that mathematics is a very easy science; everything is implied in the numbers up to 10. But how many million relations there are among these ten numbers! Some say: "We should be good," that is 1; "we should be just," that is 2; "we should be loving," that is 3; "we should be wise," that is 4; "we should be truthful," that is 5. We have come to five. "Let us be good and just," it is 1 and 2; "let us be good, just and loving," it is 1 and 2 and 3; "in addition, let us be wise," it is 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. No, this is not any science. In the number 1 we must understand the Law of one, the soil, the elements; we must make use of chemistry and see what grows in the one and then say: there grow apples, cherries, grapes, wheat, rice, cabbage, carrots and so on. This one will determine what elements are needed for the apples, for the pears. In our mind we say, "Let us be good." To be good, we should work. We can be just too, but we must work. Good, Justice, Wisdom—everything comes from above. You say, "We want to be good." Come to me and I shall teach you how to be good. I shall take a nail and when I heat it up, it will become good. Where is the hearth? It is in your heart. Take the bellows and coal, start a fire and put the nail in it—your thoughts—and heat them up. This is the process by which we must work within ourselves. In this sense, Christianity is an alchemical science. You listen to me and say, "My heart is heavy, I am sad." Why? Because you have closed your windows and do not allow the Divine Light to pass through them. God can live in you, but you have not opened your windows to let Him in. If sometime He slaps you, say, "God, I thank You for visiting me." Interpret your husband's slap the same way. Why do you thrash the walnut tree? That the nuts may fall from it. So God comes to you and asks you, "Have you any fruit to give me?" If a brother slaps you, invite him to your house and set for him food and drink. What food? The food of the new spiritual teaching. If you teach him the new teaching, he will pick the walnuts by his hand; otherwise he will bring them down by throwing stones at them. It is like this everywhere today: men, women, teachers, students, priests, preachers—all are throwing stones at each other. The present sufferings are a great blessing for people. I thank God for many things: I thank Him for being the King, so I can be a servant. Since He is King, that is the greatest blessing for me and for others. Now you are servants, but if you want to be real kings and queens in the future, apply the Divine teaching. Every morning when you get up say, "God, I thank You that I am alive, so I can serve You today." How do you get up in the morning? Some get up with their face up, others with their back up. Take care of the children, how they get up in the morning. Never get up with your back up. What must be your first thought after rising? Say, "God, bless my soul. I thank Thee for waking me up today to finish my work the way I should, wherever I may be, and to be able to grow as much as it is necessary." This is the first basic teaching. But what do we do? If someone is a teacher, they say, "Oh, today I have to correct 40-50 notebooks!" If they are a judge, they say, "Today I have so many Law-suits!" If they are a preacher, they say, "I must hold a sermon today, but have not prepared anything yet." If one is a mother, she says, "Why are all these children crying now?" In such a case, God is not with them and their work does not go well the whole day. Blow and say, "Hwuu-u-u! God, purify me of all evil thoughts and bless my soul!" Try this. Some say, "God was so merciful that He shed His blood for us and was nailed to the cross." How was Christ nailed? With His head up. That is why when you get up in the morning, you must rise with your head up, not down. And when you go out, show your head to God, not your feet. Go out with your head first and thank God in your soul. If you observe these rules, all Spirits of Light will be around you, you will acquire power, Wisdom and grow. God makes things grow. Now, do you know why I am telling you all this? You must know that God does His work through people. And when I speak to you, you say, "Mr. Dounov says so." What I am saying to you has been said above, the whole heaven says it. I repeat that God is coming to purify the Earth by fire, to take off people's old rags and give them new bodies with love in their hearts, to uplift their minds and take away from them all malice and hatred. This is what the Divine teaching proclaims in the new epoch. When you rise in the morning, make an experiment, say, "I thank you, God, for the great grace You have for us. We know You as all-merciful, all-truthful, all-wise." Repeat this every morning for one month, then come to me and tell me what the temperature of your soul is. This is the whole secret. If you repeat this for ten months, it will be still better. This is the A—the beginning. In the past, when I was at your age and was learning this science, after rising in the morning, I started thus: "I thank You, God, for everything You have given me and taught me." You start the same way. This is a great teaching. If you do not start with it, you will be in eternal darkness, an eternal gloom around you. If you apply it, God, the angels and the saints—all will smile at you and help you to become Children of God. You will be ready to endure 4,000 blows on your back for your brother, so when Christ comes you will say, "Let Him take my place, I shall bear the rest myself." I understand this in a figurative sense and thus I speak. Spread this teaching among the nations! Only this way will every nation be able to ascend. Those who want to try, let them apply this teaching and see its results. It is a positive science. Every nation, every society, every home what works this way will be blessed. These are the good tidings Christ brought for the regeneration of humanity two thousand years ago. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear. Sermon held on January 7, 1917, in Sofia. ______________ 32. II Peter 3:18. 33. William Gladstone (1809-1898), an English politician Chair of the Labor Party. He supported the independence movement in Italy and took a rigorous stand against the 1876 Turkish massacres in the then dominated Bulgarian territories (ed. note). 34. A south-Russian city at the Azov Sea coast (ed. note).
  21. MARTHA AND MARY But Martha was cumbered about much serving, and came to him and said, Lord, dost thou not care that my sister hath left me to serve alone? Bid her therefore that she help me. 41. And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha thou art careful and troubled about many things: 42. But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.30 Much has been spoken about Martha and Mary. They represent two principles in the human soul— the active and the passive. In the person of Martha and Mary are presented two women, two opposite characters, two states of the human heart: the one state is calm and silent with a mind directed to an eternal principle, resting on an eternal foundation; the other state is like that of the waves in the sea, like the small branches in a tree—constant bubbling, constant swaying. Christ, however, points out to Martha what is essential by saying to her, "You are cumbered about many things which are not essential, which are outside of reality, but Mary chose something more essential." Many of you belong to these two characters—some are Martha and some—Mary. The Maries are generally noble women. They are good, of an excellent stature, beautiful face, soft look in the eyes, symmetrical forehead, regular nose; in the heart they are soft, delicate, responsive to others' sufferings and ready to help. In Jewish, Mary means salty water. Mary always salts the world and, thanks to her, it does not get spoiled, does not sour up or decay. When you have the principle of Mary in yourself, your heart is not decomposed. Martha comes from Mara, meaning bitter, sour, and turbulent. Therefore, the bitter principle in you is constantly embittered, angered, discontented. It does not do this out of an evil intention, or bad will, but because it is a very active principle which in its motion wants its path to be clear, open. When Martha gets up in the morning, all the servants are up and about, there is much bustling and noisy chatter. However, as soon as she takes the broom, everybody runs as far away from her as they can. She says, "Everything here must be in order." You will meet Martha in churches, in schools, in courts—everywhere. She is just as necessary as Mary is, but you should not give predominance to the one or the other—to the one or the other principle. I shall connect these two principles with two others which I shall formulate as: Principle of the Superior and Principle of the Inferior. The principle in the person of Mary expresses the superior showing us how to serve God and how to be in harmony with the higher beings—the saints and the angels— who know more than us: they know how to humble themselves and submit. We shall sit quietly and calmly at the feet of the Master to receive enlightenment. You will ask, "How many are the Masters?" There is One Master that I know of—the Master is One. He may have 250,000 hairs on His head, but it does not mean that they are 250,000 Masters. A tree may have many branches, but they are not trees. However, one and the same life flows in the tree and in its branches. This is the way you should conceive of unity. And when the Master comes, that is the Spirit, Who is in you, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, you must listen deeply in yourself to the soft and tender voices of love. Love is not sour, it is a soft, tender power. What do you like in life? Imagine everything in the world in the likeness of Martha—all taking brooms, raising dust and noise. What music would that be? I believe that houses would be in perfect order, there would be fine furniture, fine clothes, we would have wonderful farms, but there would be no life. And conversely, if everything was in the likeness of Mary, all would be salt. But if there were no Marthas what would be salted? Mary has a relation to something else, to another principle, a different foundation. The Superior Principle, Mary, shows the way we should serve God individually. In this service we shall find the sense of our life. To the extent to which we understand the inner sense of our soul, to that extent shall we understand the other beings who live around us. As soon as we have learned the first—the Superior Principle—to submit to God, we shall learn the second principle—to submit all inferior elements, to conquer the Inferior Principle in people. And when contemporary science speaks of conquering Nature, I understand that it wants to conquer Martha who makes much noise. We must learn to be good Masters. Those who have not learned to submit to God and serve Him, cannot be masters. Those who want to be masters must first learn to be servants— to be servants of God and to be submitted to Him. They must learn the higher Law—to sit like Mary at the feet of Christ. Christ says, "That good part Mary chose shall not be taken away from her." I shall give you as an example of this idea a legend. It speaks about the great violinist Paganini. One day during his concert tour in Europe, Paganini came upon an old, around 60 years of age, violinist with shaking hands, blurred eyesight and a small dish beside him, his violin on the ground, since he could play no more. Paganini stopped before the old violinist, picked up his violin and started playing. In a short time a big crowd gathered around him, each one putting a gold or silver coin in the beggar's dish. He played until the dish was full. This is how Paganini paid his tribute to the poor old man. This old man sat at the feet of Paganini as Mary set at the feet of Christ, but he did not say, "Let us see what will come out of all this." He listened to his master's playing. "Yes," he said, "I see now my great Master—the Master of life." The dish is the vessel into which great and good thoughts are poured. When this great Master starts playing in you, your vessel will be filled with noble thoughts and desires and you will be weak and crippled no more, but become young, vigorous, good and strong. I would wish that in a given case you would do the same. This does not mean that you should devote all your life to serving, for when Christ commended Mary, He only wanted to say, "I do not want you to give me all your time in service, but only your spare time, no matter how little it may be. The rest of the time you are free to do your duties in life." The great teaching does not want in the least our neglecting the duties in life. Only that hour, set aside for Mary, must be given her. Paganini does not always stop, this is a rare moment. He takes the violin, plays for a while and passes on. In the same way, Christ will stop some day before you when you are burdened, tired of life, thinking your life has no sense, that you are of no use to anyone, that the art you are studying is of no value. Then He will stop before you and start playing on your violin. Therein is happiness—to hear how a great Master plays or paints, or to see a great artist. This is the teaching we should study, the teaching of revering God and submitting ourselves to Him; only by this submission we shall learn great Virtues. What does present day friction, or conflict, among people spring from? From the fact that people are sour, not soft and tender. If all people were soft and tender, life would be happy both outwardly and inwardly. If people would have mutual respect for one another and were pliant, there would be great harmony in life. I do not commend people who quarrel daily, they murmur every day against God. We hear murmuring everywhere—scientists, doctors, professors, priests, and preachers—all are murmuring. If someone is a shepherd, he will say that his sheepfold is small, he would want a bigger one—this is murmuring too. The learned person murmurs that few abilities have been given to them. Who is to blame? Always God is blamed. I am not speaking about you, who are here, but about those who are in the world—everybody is murmuring. The Law of the superior life requires of you that gratefulness and love of God should always spring from your heart. Some people ask, "Where is God? How can we find Him?" Even little children can find God. Already 2,000 years have passed since the philosophers have begun to prove by argumentation where God is—in the sky, on the stars, on the Earth or in the human heart. They are still looking for Him, but no one has found Him. The preachers say He is in the human heart; the astronomers say he is in the Universe as the Law of gravitation. Some say He exists, others deny His existence. I shall use a figure to show you on what these philosophers base themselves. Imagine that God, like the Sun, rises and sets every 24 hours from east to west. Moreover, imagine that when God rises, you fall asleep and sleep until He has set and after He has set, you wake up and look for Him all night. When you do not find Him, you fall asleep again when dawn breaks and after He has set again, you look for Him all night. A day, two days, a month, a year, ten or more years pass and you are seeking Him all the time and do not find Him anywhere. I say: only change the relation of things and you will find God—sleep at night and be awake in the morning when the Sun rises. I see Him every day: I sleep at night, but in the morning, when dawn breaks, I get up and meet Him. This is the philosophy of life. God rises as the Sun. What do people do at night at present? They go to concerts, balls, to theaters and when God rises, they are sleeping. They are aristocrats, of noble birth. All people who sleep in the morning and in the daytime are of the culture of the owls. That is why they suffer. But this night culture must be substituted by the culture of the day. As soon as day breaks, you will get up and stand waiting at least haft an hour, then God will appear before your face and you will draw from Him strength, energy and health and the whole day you will be bright and cheerful, working with vigor. Some philosophers say, "God is an aristocrat, He does not accept everybody, so we must appear dressed up before Him." Now, I shall use another figure as an objection. When the Sun rises, all animals—good and bad, beautiful and ugly— come our in their clothing such as it is. God shines upon everyone—the snakes and the lizards, the mosquitoes and the loathsome creatures who do so much harm. He does not say to them, "You must hide in your hole!" In the same way you can appear before God and bask in His Light and heat. This is the sense of life. We do not suffer from the fact that there are many snakes on the Earth; their number is determined, they are in their place, but when they become twice as many as they are, the extra number must be destroyed by all means. When the number of the wolves is within the determined bounds, they are in their place, but when they multiply too much, again the extra number must be destroyed. Thus, if you do not put to work every thought and every desire you have, i.e., if you have not learned to serve God, this thought and this desire will command you. And then by the same Law, as you oppose God, your desires and thoughts will oppose you. If you can apply in your life what I am telling you, you will see how efficient it is and what results you will have. Some say, "Let us educate the world, discipline the people!" In this sense, I do not believe in disciplining, because all people are individual cells of the Divine organism, of the Divine body and each one must discipline itself individually. I cannot command anyone. To command a person is sacrilege, lying to God. I do not want to command. Why? Because all people are God's and I have no right to command and misuse another's possessions, I have the right to be master only of my thoughts and desires—I can command them. However, I must be a servant to everything outside of me. You must do the same. Now we shall come down to the inferior elements—the irrational. What is said in the first chapter of Genesis? "God created heaven, the first day and then—the Earth." Heaven implies Mary, and earth—Martha. The Earth was not organized, or was sour. The people of learning say that when Martha appeared, there was storm, a hurricane, fire, steam rising and then God said, "Martha, Martha, you are making big noise, but progress does not lie in that. Mary chose the good part. Look up!" The Earth, Martha, looked up and started turning round itself and round the Sun. That way life appeared on it, many creatures were created and finally—humans. When God finished His work, He said, "Everything about Martha is good." And that was the first day, then came the second, to the seventh day. Now some of you are Martha—making a noise and flames coming out of their hearts and minds. Martha has no lakes or rivers, but the great Master says, "Martha, Martha, be not worried! Only one thing is necessary—heaven, the rational, the great thing in the world. Look up to heaven, it will give sense to your life." When you look up your spirit will immediately start moving regularly round its center and you will find the sense of your life. To find sense in life means to have a center around which to move and which center will daily supply what is necessary for your needs. Thus, God has created in us simultaneously both Martha and Mary—the two poles of the human soul. I could explain the inner meaning of these two principles active in the world, but when much knowledge is accumulated and is not applied, certain sediments are formed and people become confused, not knowing what to do. A student from an Evangelical school, who wanted to excuse himself for not knowing his lesson in Bulgarian grammar, said to his teacher, "There are many grammar textbooks in Bulgarian by Ikonomov, Grigorov and others, which one should I study from?" He excused himself this way once, twice, but finally the teacher said to him, "Listen, friend, I do not want to know what the grammar books of Ikonomov and Grigorov say, I want you to study my grammar!" When God comes to you, you say, "There are philosophers like Kant, Schopenhauer, Tolstoy who say so and so, but there is contradiction among them, who shall we follow?" God will say, "You will follow what I tell you." When you want to follow the Divine Truth, you must go deep into your soul, only then will you understand life in its deep sense. Different abilities will come to birth within you and you will see other, greater beings than you and then you will say, "How blind we have been!" I ask, if you were in the state of an ant and some philosopher would step on you and smash you, what would you think of his feet? You would say that a big rock fell on you and smashed you. But this rock is only a small part of this giant. Some day you say, "Fate is against me, it persecutes me." Fate is nothing other than the foot of some great philosopher who has stepped upon you. Do not stand in the path of the philosophers, of the learned people, they will not stop because of you, they march on their way and if you interfere, the foot of the philosopher will smash you. When you complain, I shall say, "Your place is not on this philosophical path, you are ants and must choose other paths." This is a philosophy of life. When I see the misfortune of a person, I look up and notice a giant who has stepped on them and smashed them. God has made the world and all other worlds. In the Milky Way, there are 18,000,000 suns and each one of them is moving along its definite orbit. There is a distance of 25 billion kilometers from one sun to another, so that collision should be avoided. God has drawn these orbits. He has drawn an orbit for your life as well, has given you a certain space and has said, "Never pass beyond the boundaries of your kingdom." You want to make a contract with some other kingdoms; the men and the women of two kingdoms made a contract to form one kingdom and quarreled in the end. Why should they quarrel? Let everyone reign in their kingdom. Someone says, "Come, let us put our money together in the same place to preserve it." Let everyone keep their money in their own purse! Do not entrust your money to anyone. On earth, no matter whom you may entrust it, it will be taken away anyhow. That is why Christ says, "Lay your treasures up above—this is the true sense of life." So we are wrong in that we want to distort the life God has ordered. I know of people who hate someone and carry them everywhere in their minds. Leave that person alone and hold only onto God! He lights up everything, allow Him in your holy of holies. People today are polytheists; they have Gods of labor, of glory, of power and burn incense to all of them. Take your hammer, throw all these idols out, or break them up, then sit at the feet of your Master and you will understand the deep sense of your life. This is what Christ means by the words, "The good part Mary has chosen shall not be taken away from her." You worry about many things, taking care of this and that thing, yet you are master of these things; so take them and throw them out. I have noticed how some masters sit in their chairs, like me now, and give orders. They want to be given something which they themselves can take, but they ring the bell once, twice and finally they go out and start scolding the servant. Their calmness and peace are of more value, however, than the fact that the servant has not brought their chosen shoes at once. Do not wait for others to do the things you can do yourself. Go and take your shoes and then moralize the servant to do their duties properly. This is what God wants of you, because this servant is not yours, but someone else's. When I say I am a servant, I do not have in mind you, the people; I am a servant of God. In London a Baptist preacher once went to see another preacher by the name of Spurgeon and to give himself more importance, he wrote on the visiting card, "One of your brothers in Christ is waiting outside, wishing to see you." Spurgeon wrote on the other side of the card, "Now, I have work with our Master." If anyone comes from outside and says a brother of yours in Christ is waiting for you, tell them you are speaking with their Master. Therefore, the servant you are calling from outside to bring you your shoes, has work with their Master and if you break their peace, their Master will take you by the ear. This is the greatest philosophy people today must learn. We must be servants of God. When we learn this great Law, our relations will be normalized. I see how this Law works: when you are in a good mood, all people seem pleasant, but if you are indisposed and have gotten up on the wrong side of bed, the whole day people will seem in the wrong and annoy you. This state may last a week, or a month, we call it a new philosophy— pessimism—and such people—pessimists. In order to justify the weakness of some person, you say they are pessimists. This is according to the words of Schopenhauer. In this sense, you are all philosophers. Bulgarians stand even higher than Schopenhauer, all have this pessimistic trait—the Bulgarian is easily discouraged and falls into despair and then comes Schopenhauer's philosophy, Martha comes. I say—you are obliged to submit to God! Since you do not serve God, all these misfortunes come to you. There is no other fate in the world! The day you submit to God, to your fate, all others submit to you. This is the teaching of Martha and Mary. Mary—this is heaven, Martha—the Earth. Mary this is the higher state of the heart, Martha—the lower state of the heart, Mary—this is the higher state of the mind, the Theosophists call it manas31 superior, Martha is the inferior manas. When you go to your homes, which I see as beautiful and splendid, say to yourself, "Come, Martha, come, Mary, you are two good sisters." Christ is the superior Spirit, the superior principle. If Mary would have answered Martha, she would have said, "Wait for a while, I want to listen and after that I shall help you." Christ was speaking, that is why Mary was not working. When you return home, if you get angry and start talking loudly, say to yourself, "Martha, do you know what the Master says? You must submit!" Mary should be noble, delicate, and speak kindly to her, saying, "Sister, wait a while, I shall be of service to you a little later," and when her sister speaks petulantly, she should say, "How nicely, how pleasantly you are speaking!" There is a certain harmony between the noble and the ignoble, as there is a relation between Love and hate. I know both sisters. Whoever comes between them, they stifle them out of love and when the person dies, they say, "What have we done?" Love says, "Come, let us raise them!" Hate says, "I shall bury them." "All right," says Love. They put some earth on the person, but then comes Love and after heating them up from above, she raises them up. Hate and Love work together in the world, but you have such a bad opinion of hate, of envy. They are really snakes and lizards, but in some cases they are pleasant. What would the world be like without snakes, lizards, flies, and so on? Point out such a world! How is your world better than this? No, the way this world is made is great in its intentions, in its expressions and manifestations. What you are constantly complaining of is the disharmony within you, it is Martha—the unorganized earth. The noise which is constantly taking place in you is namely what disturbs this harmony. God's Spirit must descend and say His word. And so the Spirit has come down, giving orders. He is working. You must have an indomitable faith in the principle, living in Mary. Have faith also in the principle, living in Martha. Have faith in Christ, for Christ, Who is above them, joins them. You also should join these three—your spirit, your Mary and your Martha—and should start the New Year with this act. I will not complete what I have said, but will leave a great interval, a gap, to see how you will solve the puzzle. I am a clairvoyant and when I look at your future, I see how some rise, others fall, some follow the spiritual path, while others twist and turn. In the end, all will be well, only that there will be swaying and loitering. When people get on a big ocean liner, some people throw up because of the constant swaying of the ship, but others do not. How interesting these aristocrats are on the ocean! The first day, they are in high spirits, well-dressed, decked with rings, and necklaces, all happy and content. When the ship starts swaying, everybody begins to look thoughtful like philosophers, listening to an important lecture. The second day, they begin to feel sick to the stomach, start eating lemons, laying on the floors and vomiting. When they land and are asked how they crossed the ocean, they say, "We arrived safe and sound." Yes, but when you cross this ocean from earth to heaven, how many times will you vomit! You will say, "Passing this ocean is serious business!" As soon as you reach the land, you will have good appetites, because you will be well cleaned up. This Martha in the ocean raises much noise around herself, shakes ships, creates weeping and wailing, but as soon as you step on the shore, and Mary comes, you say, "Thank God, we are safe and sound!" Fear not! Be always with your great Master that you may solve the problem of life. You have many complex problems in life: bringing up children, relations between men and women, relations to society and humanity. You have many obligations. How will you finish them? Some think that when they become Christians, they have no obligations. No, just the opposite—a Christian has more obligations and must fulfill them very well. When a day ends, they must feel a great inner calm that they have done what they should have done and if anything had been omitted, to put it in their program for the next day. One day you will be Martha, another day—Mary, but when you are at the feet of your Master, then let both Martha and Mary calm down, for an hour let all and everything calm down. This is the teaching and the thought Christ sets forth. Learn to serve the Superior that you may be masters of the inferior! Sermon held on January 14, 1917, in Sofia _____________________ 30. Luke 10:40-42. 31. Manas—(Sanskrit) the mind, all mental expression of the human psychological faculties (ed. note).
  22. THE TRUTH The truth shall make you free29. Pilate put a question to Christ, "What is Truth?" This is a profound philosophical question. It is easy to ask this question, but difficult to answer it. The Truth in itself is something concrete, real, unchanging. It is eternal Light, eternal Wisdom, eternal Love, eternal Righteousness, and eternal Life. However, this definition requires a more concrete determination of what Truth is. I shall stop on the thought, "The Truth gives freedom." Freedom is an aspiration of the human mind, heart, soul, spirit; freedom is life and life is destined to our seeking the Truth and to seek it not as Tolstoy speaks in his book, My Conversion. There he speaks of one of his dreams, which clearly describes his psychic state before his conversion. I shall tell you briefly his story. "In my dream I find myself," says Tolstoy, "lying in a bed, but I feel neither comfortable, nor in a pleasant state; I start moving to find out what kind of a bed it is, what it is made of— iron or wood. At once I noticed that the bars of my bed started to fall one by one, starting at my head-side until only one bar remained just below my waist. At this moment I heard a voice crying, "Do not move either your head or your feet anymore! Keep balance!" I saw below me a large post and a bottomless chasm." I say, there are such philosophers who are lying on their back, investigating the Divine World, but only one bar remains under their waist and God says to them, "Keep the balance!" So as soon as you pronounce the word balance, the catastrophe is avoided. When you investigate the Truth, you should stand up straight on your feet, not lie on your back. I take the word dead in a figurative sense—a limited person who does not think. You must be turned to the East so when Christ appears, you should meet Him. Many act as Tolstoy did, but Christ says to them, "Balance!" "The Truth shall make you free." The Truth is real, it is real life. Do not think the Truth is something imaginary. No. It is a world which has its beauty, its colors, tones, music—a world which has always existed and will always exist. Christ says, "Those who understand this world, these Laws and forces, will be free." In another place He says, "To this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world, that I would bear witness unto the truth." Then Pilate asked Him, "What is Truth?" People today have strange ideas of God. God is the Truth. When you feel joyful and happy and start singing, the Truth— the living God—is in you. Think well, do a good deed—God is in you. The Truth is movement, impulse. And when Christ says, "I am the Way," He means a person must move and not stay in one place like a tied animal. In this world all things are strictly mathematically determined; there is nothing unforeseen, accidental. Your life, your sufferings, tortures and anguish—all is foreseen. These things are plus and minus. Within the Truth enter the four rules of arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Those who have much—they add, those who have little—they also add, but the addition in both cases is different. For instance, you have two thousand leva but with a minus or a plus—that is, you either have to give or to take. If you say, "I have two thousand years" and put a minus; this means that in the past you have lived two thousand years of vicious life. If you say "Two thousand years plus"—that means you have lived two thousand years of excellent life; therefore, you are truly a rich person. Christ says, "The Truth shall make you free." Freedom is a necessity for the man as well as for the woman. The whole social structure rests on the Truth. Everyone is striving for freedom. Actually, everyone has the right to live in freedom, but this freedom will be given to us to the extent that we can benefit by the blessings of the Truth. Sufferings are necessary for every nation, as well as for each individual. Torment and torture are human contrivances. Let us say a man gets a monthly salary of 50 leva which is barely enough for a month. The wife says, "Easter is coming! There is no money for Easter bread, the sugar and eggs are expensive; there is no money for shoes and a hat. Only a hat costs 50—70 leva. Why don't we have now 150—200 leva?" I say, in order that there may be peace, leave the Easter bread for next year. Easter is not only once in a lifetime! "No, now or never!" If God has allowed you only 50 leva, be satisfied with what you have and do not spoil your Easter! In this case the wife must give freedom to the husband and he—to his wife. Down with the Easter bread! This is freedom! This is the Truth! That is why the Scriptures say, "Be thankful for everything!" Do not think that God has not given you riches. You are all rich, but you must discover this wealth. In the perception of the Divine orders, you must have inner freedom and not be biased. The Truth is independent of your and my conceptions: whether you think one way or another, whether you approach it or draw away from it, will not change its relations. In this world, which is wisely created, the Truth always exists such as it is. The illumination one has proceeds from the Light of the Truth. Love comes from above—from the Truth. And when the Truth conquers the world, it will make you free. Love always aspires for the Truth—what beauty is in relation to a person such is Truth in relation to the Divine World. It is the one face of this world which is a world of harmony and beauty. And when you ask why you are unhappy, the Truth answers, "You are unhappy because you are ignorant, because you violate God's Law." In Varna in the past days Gagaouz women would fall in love with Bulgarian men and would marry them. They thought the Greeks were drunkards while Bulgarian men were as gentle and nice as little donkeys. No, this is not a conception of the Truth. The Truth is a science of the mutual, sensible relations of people. Before a person has achieved balance in their mind, their heart and their will in accord with the Truth, they cannot be free. As soon as they attain this, they will make contact with the Divine World. Many ask, "Can we live without suffering?" You can. "Without torment and torture?" You can; why not? But sufferings are necessary for the evolution of humankind. A person wants to learn about the world; that is why they must suffer by all means. The Earth is a place of suffering. You say, "How should we know?" Why did you not ask the rational beings what the Earth is like before coming down? One time a little angel who had heard much about people said to a bid angel, "I want to see the people very much. Why don't you take me to the Earth so I can see them?" The angel brought him to the Earth. Then the little angel said, "I wanted you to take me to the people, but you took me to hell." "Hell—that is people on this earth," answered the big angel. Indeed, hell—that is us. By the word hell, people in our country understand something boiling from underneath, bubbling up, people taking each other by the throat, brother fighting with brother because one has taken a larger part of the inheritance, and so on. Today everybody says, "Equality is necessary!" I ask you, what is wrong in taking a larger part? One of the brothers is older, let him take more. Thus, people on the Earth have just such relations as God has ordered and of which His Laws witness. If you apply them according to the Truth, their result will be freedom. Those who want to study the Truth must study the quality of freedom. If you ask me what is music in reality, I cannot define it, but I can describe what music gives expression to. The result is harmony—relations between the tones. Sit at a piano, or play any other instrument, and you will see what music is. Three things are necessary for the expression of music: first, an idea in your mind of a song; second, an instrument and third—an artist. Therefore, a musical ability of the mind is necessary, a sensitive ear and an artist who can play. If you ask me what a teacher is, I can tell you only what a teacher produces. A teacher gives knowledge. When you learn what knowledge is, you will be near the teacher. You ask, "What is Virtue?" Better ask what it gives birth to. Before going into a study of the essence of things, study their results. What is the distinguishing feature of freedom? It gives a large scope to action. In necessity you have only one way; you are harnessed. Your reigns may be golden, but you must go only one way—forward; in case you stop, the whip will lash your back. In freedom it is just the opposite—you have a choice. You have a choice to climb a mountain top from any side, but when you are rolling downwards, you have only one direction. "But why does a person think that way?" They are free to think. "But he is an atheist." This is a temporary delusion. "She is a bad person." Her consciousness for good is not developed in her yet. "He makes mistakes." His will is not regulated yet. "A woman has an unlawful child." Settle the relationships between the sexes. I consider humans free. Only the fearful are not free and it is they who commit crimes, they have not the heroism to assume responsibility. Which people are strong? Those who are free and who can bear hardships, sufferings, getting spitted on, being dishonored. These are trials for people and those who can bear them are considered heroes. Sufferings are given to people to test them—who are heroes and who are cowards. Those who do not want to suffer, but want to be served by others, are enlisted in the catalogue of the cowards. If you suffer, you are a hero. Whom does the Bulgarian nation glorify: the cowards who betrayed the country during Turkish times, or those who suffered for the liberation of this country? How much will those who suffer for the Truth be glorified? The principle is one and the same. That is why the science of the Truth is a science of social life. The Truth always makes people free. Those who die for others make them free. If the martyr Stephen had not died, Paul would not have been born. When Stephen died, his spirit entered Paul. Then both started working together for God. Stephen taught Paul to suffer and to bear three times thirty nine blows with the whip. Paul became famous namely for this patience. Do you know why they lashed Paul thirty nine times? The numbers 3+9 equal 12. The number 12 is the Law of rounding up the evolution of all the days of human life. And whoever undergoes so many blows with a whip on the Earth will not be beaten any more in the next life. If you ask why Christ was beaten, He will answer you "I suffered that you might be made free." When people beat you on the Earth, it shows you that a cord that holds you tight to your evil fate is torn. That is why Christ says, "If they hit you on the one side, give the other one also." Only the strong one can beat and when the strong one beats you, it is a blessing. What do the peasants do? When they want the field to yield more produce, they let the sheep thread on it. They know this Law about the fields, but do not know it about themselves. Let the sheep of the world thread on you a little. Christ says, "For this cause I was born." The birth that Christ speaks about is not an external, but an inner process. It takes place in every heart and mind, in order that this Truth may be witnessed. When the Truth is born in you, you will feel freedom. When a woman marries, she wants to have children, because she is aware of the Truth that this is the only way the Law can be observed—that she may have an inheritance. It is the same in the spiritual world: if you have not the Truth in yourself, you cannot inherit the Divine riches. Therefore, the Truth must be born in you. Then you will have riches and spend your life more easily. A legend tells the story of Moses. When he was going up the Sinai mountain, he saw a shepherd who was very happy, and he asked him, "Why are you so happy?" "I am happy because today the Lord will come down to visit me, so I killed a lamb to give Him a feast." "The Lord does not eat lambs, you are deceiving your mind!" answered Moses and went away. However, the shepherd was saddened and lost his joy. When Moses reached the Sinai Mountain, he noticed that God is displeased with him for having made such a big mistake. He returned to the shepherd to tell him that God would visit him and eat of his lamb. After telling this the shepherd, he hid in a nearby bush to see what would happen. At one time he noticed that the shepherd fell asleep and fire came from heaven burning up the lamb. When the shepherd woke up, he said, "I am very happy that the Lord came down and ate up the lamb!" So, when the Truth enters us, its fire—Love—will make a sacrifice pleasing to God. This is the real world of the Truth. For some people it is not real, but a great number of people—thousands on this earth know this world—the world of Truth. I say, much time will pass before the Truth is planted and understood by all. See how beautiful the flowers are! They are yellow, red, and blue. You pick them, but have you understood their meaning? You say, "This flower smells very sweetly," but what does this fragrance mean? It shows the great sorrow of the flower. Out of its grief is formed a nectar necessary for your life. There are people who, in the midst of their wealth, say, "There is no God!" As soon as they lose their wealth, health, or social position, and God takes them in hand, they begin to emit fragrance, "There is a God." The wealth would have stunted their mind if God had not taken it away from them. Thanks to that, they began to take a right view of things. What takes place on the Earth is something transitory, not a reality. You see beautiful, little girls, but as soon as they come of age, their faces begin to wrinkle and in time they become old women. I ask: where are those little girls gone whom you admired so much at one time? The same thing happens to the boys. You do not know yourselves yet. When you learn the Law of the Truth, it will give you power over matter that you may understand its inner combinations and perfect your life. This is the Law of motion—that a person should constantly undergo a change and pass from the temporary to the eternal, in order to understand the unchanging essence of the Truth. People say that Christ was born to preach the Truth. What is this Truth? Christ wants to invigorate your mind and give you an impulse for right thinking that you may make contact with the Divine World. You are eternally bound to God. In the world you have many friends; however, if at times these friends are insensitive to you, it is due to your relations which spring from ignorance. Paul says, "God despises human ignorance and has let people follow their way, but now He is calling them that the Law may be fulfilled." What should a mother who is called upon to fulfill the same Law do? First of all, she should bear good and sensible children. This is her first task. Some women complain of their state and say, "Why are we women?" I ask—who should have been in their place? The man should prepare material for thought, will and character. He should pass all this on, but the woman should give birth. People today are looking for comforts in the world, but they must understand that essential Law, also expressed in the music—in the minor and major scales. God has placed some people in the minor scale, in the flats—sorrow, grief, depth of the feelings; He has placed others in the major scale, in the sharps, on the surface of life, since they have no depth of feelings. In a dance, or a march, what can one see? Dancing, marching and finally—fatigue. In a sad song you cannot move—there you will keep still and reason. God has placed you under a minor tone that you may think of the other world, while in a major tone you will think of this world. At times you want to play another's part and say, "Can religious people dance?" They can, but what kind of dance? When David was carrying the tabernacle, he was jumping and dancing but his wife rebuked him saying, "Look how you are contorting your body in the presence of the whole nation of Israel!" "Why should I not hop before the Lord?" he objected. God does not limit us, He gives us great freedom to do good and evil, but in certain cases good may be evil. You will say, "How can this be?" Here is an example. A man and wife are leading a good life. Christ says, "Give away your goods." In his desire to fulfill the teaching of the Savior, the man wants to give his property away, but his wife says, "Are you crazy? You want to make your wife and children unhappy?" "No, I want to fulfill God's Law." "But I do not need this Law." I say to the man, "You have no right to give away the property of your wife and children, for it is theirs! If you have 100,000 leva divide them as a brother among your wife, children and yourself equally, and you have right to give away your share. You have no right to serve God with another person's money. This is Christ's Law. "But I have the right to do this." "You have not! Who gave you this right? Where did you take this woman from? God did not make woman your mate out of your feet, but out of your rib and you have no right to torture her!" Now this appeals to the women and they say, "That's right, let the men know this!" No. You should never consider a question from your own point of view. In the universal life there are many possibilities: in this life you are a man, but in another life they may make you a woman. And the opposite is true. If in this life you write, "I give no freedom to woman!" in the other life when you are made a woman, you will taste the benefits of this provision of the Law. Then you will say, "This is not a good Law," but it was you who wrote it in the past. Men, make good Laws, because when you come a second time on earth as women, you will be placed under their power of course, not only men, but women also write Laws and as a result they create limitations of each other. Many women have written bad Laws in their sons and daughters; for instance they have written that they should hate their father. They say, "Your father is a good-for-nothing, a vagabond." Do not write such Laws, because one is your Father. This man or this woman whom you call father and mother have become an instrument of the Divine Spirit in order that an idea should be clothed in form. And when you complain of your state, you murmur against God. You must not change the basic features of the incarnated idea in a form. You can make some changes in the shades—to make them lighter or darker—but the main substance, which personifies the Divine idea, must be preserved. Sermon held on April 24, 1916, in Sofia. _________________ 29. John 8:32
  23. THE DIVINE PROVIDENCE But thhe very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not: ye are of more value than many sparrows.26 People today want many arguments, facts and logical inferences to be convinced that there is a Divine Providence which directs human life by certain Laws. All thoughts, desires and acts are determined by certain Laws. At times some things which happen in life are strange to you and you give them a wrong interpretation, in result of which in the course of many generations you have created the odd philosophy that everything is arbitrary in life, i.e. there is no Law and order, that might is right and only the prudent, the shrewd, succeed, and so on. Is there any need of proving that this is a great delusion? As we observe Christ's life, we see that Christ always paid attention to little things. He said to His disciples, "Fear not, your life is insured," and as an example He points out that out of five sparrows not a single one falls to the ground without the will of the Father. Why did not Christ take one, but five sparrows? Here is a Law and everyone who is under the influence of number five, does not fall without the will of the Father. In the second comparison Christ says, "You are insured, the hairs on your head are all numbered," and there He stops. You may say, "Of what importance is it that the hairs of our head are all numbered? That is namely the important thing. If these hairs are numbered by God and He keeps account of them, they must have some significance by all means. Do you know the number of your hairs? Many have counted them. Some people have 250,000, others have 320,000 hairs. And God keeps an account of all these hairs as a gardener of his fruit-trees by putting a number on every tree. You may pull out a hair and throw it away, but this hair is doing some service on your head. If I start discussing the meaning of the hairs27, I shall digress from my subject, so I shall refer to the comparison of the sparrows, which means that our spiritual life is under the protection of the Divine Providence. The comparison of the hairs of the head implies on its part that our physical life is also under the protection of the Divine Providence. Now it is necessary for you to have faith in this Providence. If you believe in It, you can develop rightly. Every doubt, which enters your minds and hearts that there is no Providence in the world, draws you away from a right understanding of things and makes you create another order and other rules according to your own views. When a man and a woman get married, they think that God has given them a certain authority. The man says, "You have lived freely with your mother, but in my house you will be under a new Law. I am a bit quick-tempered and touchy, you must be careful with me, or I shall apply a strict Law if you offend me." The woman on her part says to her husband, "I am very sensitive, delicate, not used to heavy work. If you violate this Law, things will change immediately." As you see, all people work out their own Laws. What happens in the end? Both begin to quarrel. Why? Because the stand they have taken is false in its very foundation. I say, real marriage was not created on the Earth. There are three kinds of marriages: some are contracted in heaven, others on the Earth; some are contracted by God, others by people, and still others by the devil. Every marriage established by God will bring Love, peace, joy, a bad word will not be heard and the spouses will live a blissful life. Every marriage established by people has the purpose of perfecting the couple: there will be frictions until the relations start running smoothly because two sharp stones do not grind flour. Such a marriage is not a creation of God, but of people and as the mind is, such will be your human deeds. When God creates something, as all- wise, He orders everything perfectly; but when people create something, there will be friction among them. This is necessary for their self-perfection and for polishing their characters. But when the devil marries people, then there is discord and lewdness in a home and all the worst things in life. In a home where there is such life, the marriage has been established by the devil. Thus, you must give a right definition to everything exactly and must not mix the acts of God with the human, or the devil's acts. Therefore, to think rightly, logically, we must understand the source of things. If there is anything rational in the present day sciences, it is the fact that they establish the existence of certain Laws in the world, which regulate the relations of things, and no one can violate these Laws without bearing their consequences in one sense or another. Therefore, there are three kinds of people: some who perceive things in a Divine way; others in a human way, and a third category who perceive things in a devil's way. The first state is when a person perceives things as they were ordered in the beginning by God; the second state is when a person thinks that God does not take part in everything, therefore we must interfere and smooth things up a bit. That is why when God does something you say, "God has not been able to do it as He should, wait till we correct it." The third state is when a person wants to become God themselves. Thousands of years ago, humankind perceived things in a Divine way, but they lost this perception in the process of their decline. You, too, when in a good mood, believe in God and when things go smoothly you say, "Thank God, He takes care of us." But as soon as misfortunes come, you say, "God has forgotten us." I ask you, on what grounds do you maintain that God has forgotten you and He is the cause of all your sufferings? God says, since you forget me, I too shall forget you." If you draw away from Him, He, too, will draw away from you. Some think that God, Who is changeless, in His Love, when they begin to draw away from Him, He must start after them as a mother after her child and cry, "Wait, my son, so not draw away from Me!" No. God keeps His place and when you say He is drawing away from you, I understand that you are drawing away from Him and not vice versa. The path of the movement of some people around God is right with insignificant changes—they draw away a little and approach Him again, as the course of the Earth round the Sun; while others' path is like a wandering comet which at times gets very near the Sun and then for centuries it does not get close to it. So when you draw away from God, you say, "God forgot us," but I say that in 75 years when you get close to Him like Halley's Comet, God will remember you again. This depends on the orbit on which you move around God. When your path gets close to Him, He will be reminded of you again. Now you are all moving a certain way, but you cannot understand me equally. Why? Because you are not moving along the same orbit. But I am not judging you for that, because I look at things objectively, philosophically. You will answer, "Such is our way." It is a question of whether your way is such or you have made it such. I maintain that your way is not such. There is a railroad line between Sofia and Varna which is very often damaged and consumes much money for repairs—has God made this railway? If God has constructed it, it would have been made very wisely, but since people have made it, it is such as it is. If in constructing a railway line you would act according to the Laws of the Divine Providence, no accidents whatever would occur. And yet the technicians have a better conception of what is needed in a construction than Christian believers have of life. They say, "We must make mathematical calculations of the curves and declivities a train would make on its way, in order to regulate the power of the movement; if this is not done, many collisions will occur." The Christians, however, say, "God is good, He provides for us, no matter what slopes we take, it's all the same, He will help us." When the carriage turns over, they say, "Things are not going well." Of course they will not go well, because you act unwisely. Your train turns over because in establishing the Laws of railway lines, you have not taken into consideration the Laws of the Divine Providence. That is why in some cases the spiritual people must use the experience of the worldly people and become their students. There is nothing shameful in being a student. When it comes to spiritual things unknown to the worldly people, then the latter must become students of the spiritual people. One cannot be a teacher in all cases—sometimes one will be a teacher and other times a student. The Divine Providence has determined strictly all things and all phenomena—nothing in the world happens by chance. All events of whatever nature they may be—physical, psychic or social—are determined by a Higher Being, Who watches over their course. As an engine-driver is obliged to drive the train and be responsible for the life of the travelers inside, in the same way the Earth, which moves in space, has its engine-driver who at times puts more fuel in the engine and less at other times. In its movement the Earth makes certain curves by means of which sometimes it approaches a bigger planet which affects it. These are distant things which you will study and understand in the future. Now to clarify the Divine Providence, Which is necessary to you, I shall tell you a story which you may take as a pre-historical legend, since the events it describes are allegorical. Some consider this story from the time of Solomon, but in my opinion the things spoken about refer to a much earlier epoch. The story goes that once upon a time lived a learned and wise king who understood the language of all animals. He summoned them every year to a congress where he taught them and in the end always concluded his speech with the words, "No one can spoil what God has made." At one of the Congresses two big eagles called Roka were present. One of them said, "I can spoil what God has made." The king said, "Very well, prove this by facts," and dismissed the Congress. The same year the daughter of another king was married to a prince. On returning from the temple the couple was happy in each other's company when one of the eagles swooped down, grabbed the bride and carried her off to his nest on top of a big tree on a desert island. The groom, after finding himself alone, in his despair started on a long voyage. This young man got on a ship, which after a few months' travel suffered shipwreck and the waves washed the unfortunate groom ashore the same desert island where his bride was carried. He began to complain to God, "Was not my misfortune of losing my bride enough for me, oh, God, that I should be cast away on this desert island besides that? It were better for me not to have been born!" His wife, who was in the nest of the same tree beneath which the groom was bewailing his fate, heard that a man was weeping, came down of the tree and saw her groom. She then hid him in the nest. When the time for the next Congress came, the two eagles came, took the nest with the bride and carried it off to the Congress. The king made his speech again, ending it with the words, "No one can spoil what God has made." Then the eagle spoke up, "I spoiled one of God's deeds!" "Prove this," said the king. The eagle told the story of the marriage. The king wanted to see the bride. The eagle called the bride to come out of the nest. What was the amazement of the eagle, when along with her came her groom! When he saw he could not spoil what God had made, the eagle burst its sides with rage. By eagle in this story, we must understand the human mind. We say sometimes that we can spoil what God has made, to spoil the form of things, but in the end things remain such as God made them. And then we, as the proud eagle, remain deceived. Teachers today preach all the time, "Mind your step! The world cannot be run by foolishness." I say, thank to the foolish for God keeps the world for their sake. There are not more clever spirits than the devils. Have you ever visited their kingdom to see how they live? You speak of human intelligence, but if you go down to these fallen spirits, you will see that they have knowledge of physics, chemistry, and psychic activities as well. They have much knowledge by which they may deceive you, or do anything, but their knowledge cannot introduce Law and order into the world because it does not rest on those elements which can cement life. Knowledge of all kinds must be cemented by the Divine Love. Therefore, when one speaks of knowledge and facts, I ask, "Have you got cement to cement these things? If you have this cement, you actually have Divine knowledge. However, if you have only bare facts without cement, they cannot be of use to you." I ask if you should collect 200,000 or a million hairs of a sheep and do not know how to consolidate them, of what profit will they be to you? Only when you spin and weave them in a definite way can you make yourself a garment out of them. By the same Law, when you can cement your thoughts and desires by the Divine cement—the Divine Providence—you will be able to make yourself a garment and clothe your inner nakedness. This Providence is necessary to all, so that you may live and develop. That is why Christ says, "Fear not, ye are of more value than many sparrows." You are better than many sparrows. Here you have the number five—five sparrows, five senses, and five fingers. The number five is an emblem symbolizing the human being on earth. This number signifies the sensible, the wise person. It says that this wise person does not fall until they sin. So long as you are wise and do the will of God, you will not fall; however, the day you sin, God will allow one of the sparrows to fall to the ground. As soon as a sparrow falls, the hairs of your head will begin to fall, which means that your life will begin to be destroyed. Thus, always keep in mind that the Divine Providence watches over you so long as you walk steadily by God's Laws. As soon as you draw away from Him, your life begins to disintegrate. Turn to the Sun of this Providence again in order to start growing anew. Sermon held on May 24, 1915, in Sofia. ______________________ 26. Luke 12:7. 27. According to the Master, human hairs serve as antennae through which we receive thoughts from the Spiritual World in the very same way a radio picks up different frequencies. Our task is to learn to distinguish among the sources of the different types of messages we get this way (ed. note).
  24. LIBERTY OF THE SPIRIT Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.21 The condition of liberty is the Spirit. By the word liberty we understand a free life, i.e. the inner meaning of things and their relations—the relations of the thoughts, feelings and incentives of the will power which are manifested in the world. Where there is a living soul, there is motion which is the result of the will. This motion may have a definitive direction, or take different directions. The New Testament says, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." Another place states, "The Son of God will set you free." The Son and the Spirit are one and the same thing. The Son is the expression of the Father and the Mother. The intelligence of the Son is an expression of the intelligence of the Father and the Mother, as the Sunlight is the expression of the inner state of the Sun. How can we know a person? By the Light of their thoughts, desires and acts. Now I am speaking about the liberty of the Spirit, because the religious people are exposed to the great danger of becoming worse than the worldly people. In this sense a person cannot be happy by becoming religious. By the word religious I understand a person tied to something, the way a horse, a cow, or some other animals are tied with a rope. To be tied to a house is religion; to be tied to some political party, or some philosophical teaching is religion too. What kind of religion is it? A religion that ties or limits the liberty of person, or of society. If you are tied to a teaching which debases you, or deprives you of your liberty, this is an obsolete religion, an old skin. All people who seek the liberty which gives sense to life and which philosophers today call higher consciousness, but political people—citizenship, are sensible people. How would you know you have the Spirit in yourself? If you are sensible, if your thoughts, feelings and acts are free and wherever you go, you leave a blessing, the Spirit is present in you. In life today the word liberty may be understood as Light. If you travel at night, you are not free as in the daylight for the simple reason that the path is not clear. In the same way when the religious and worldly people delude themselves, they also have something hazy in their notions. People today do not know God, they do not know what the Lord is, but they know their kings and rulers. They say, "As the kings and rulers punish us, so God punishes us also." Because of these wrong ideas of God, life is full of contradictions springing from such false views. We can all see the results of these contradictions. However, you must be set free from this inner slavery. How can you be freed? A basic change must happen in your brain, or a thorough transformation. What is the structure of your brain and what changes should take place is not clear to you. Every morning you pray, you seek the Lord calling to Him, and He does not listen to you. God hears only those people whose ears are open. He does not hear the deaf22 and does not speak to them. If you want the Lord to hear and answer you, your ear must be delicate and perceptive so that little would be necessary for it to understand much. The Lord likes to watch and hear those people who work and do not busy themselves with vain and foolish things. If you consider the religions of today, you will see on what level of development they are. In every religion there are certain delusions. One of the reasons for these delusions is due to the fact that when a person wants to understand a religion, they enter one or another society and in this way get more confused. A young man wanted to join a village dance, but had no strong boots. He borrowed a pair of boots and started to dance. The one who had given him the boots seeing him stamping his feet vigorously, said to him when he got near enough to hear him, "Listen, do not stamp your feet so hard, I have not given you my boots that you should stamp your feet so!" A friend of his, after hearing these words, said to him, "Since this fellow put you to shame, I shall give you my boots." The young man put on his friend's boots and continued dancing. When he was passing by the second man who gave him his boots, the latter cried to him, "Stamp your feet, my friend, do not worry if you tear the boots; if you tear them, I shall give you a new pair!" I say, it does not matter whether you say to a person "Stamp" or "Don't stamp" your feet, it is all the same, for he is not free already. It does not matter whether you have stamped you feet much or little. Why? Because you are already deprived of your freedom. Therefore, our mind should be elucidated as to the question of real liberty. Christ has given a definition of liberty. He says, "Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you." Everyone must accept this rule as an inner Law. One must speak and do that which gives liberty to others also. Someone says, "I wonder at people today how they gossip. You see them in the church praying so nicely, but as soon as they stop praying, they start gossiping about each other: this man does not live right, that woman does not speak the truth, and so on." Those who gossip do not have liberty and do not give liberty to others. I say, if you are not tolerant to people and do not give them freedom, you do not understand Christ's teaching. And in reality, most people today have a perverted idea of the teaching of Christ. They must throw out of their minds these caricatures and think of God and Christ in an entirely different way. And so what is religion? Religion is a science of the forms as well as of the Divine Love. If you study only the external form of religion and not its inner content, you will find yourself in a delusion and begin to change religions as a lady often changes her clothes. If she lives fifty or sixty years, she can change many suits of different cuts and colors, but these suits do not represent the lady. Therefore, the form is not yet religion. Actually the forms are necessary to religion, as the suits for the lady, but they do not represent the body of the lady. When people die, their kinfolks say, "We shall wear only black, not white clothes." No, you may wear white, black, red and blue clothes—any clothes you wish. The sin is not in the colored clothes, but you should have in mind the following—when you go to a dead person, do not dress in white, as when a street is muddy, you will not wear white shoes. Thus, everything requires its time, its season. In this respect, the worldly people are wiser than the religious ones. They stand ten times higher than the religious people. God has decided to set the world right by the worldly people. The politicians and the socialists will rectify the world because they want freedom. You will say, "How is that? These people destroy, they do not build." I ask, when you build a new house on the place of the old, do you not first destroy the old house and then build the new one? If you do not throw out of your mind an old idea, a new thought cannot be born. Many want to teach people how to think, so they say to them, "seven stories up, seven stories down," or "keep silent and do not reason," this is their true science. Everything else is of the devil. What was written in the times of Moses, in the Old Testament? "This is of God; the rest is of the devil." And today, many are preaching that their ideas are of God and those of other people—of the devil. This is what it means to be strong with your posterior brain. This is not right. Every teaching should be judged by its results. If a given teaching can be applied in the private life of people and give good results, it is good; if it cannot be applied, it is not good. One thing is important for a person—to apply the liberty of the Spirit. Everyone must ask themselves, "Am I free? Do I have this Spirit in me?" When the Spirit comes, He will produce Light in the mind and heat in the heart. This is the sign by which you will know the appearance of the Spirit. If you begin to limit the human spirit, forcing a person to think, feel and act the way you do, the Spirit will withdraw from you immediately, as a teacher leaves the class when the students are making noise and obstruct the teaching of the lesson. When the students do not obey their teacher, their parents and guardians will come and punish them. In this sense, Moses was the guardian of the Jews. He came to them to tell them that they should obey their Teacher and when they were disobedient, he punished them. And if you ask now why so many misfortunes assailed you, I say, "The misfortunes and sufferings came to you because you did not obey the Spirit. You should have obeyed the Spirit as your Teacher." Now I shall explain the meaning of liberty and how it manifests itself. Suppose you meet a person with bound hands and feet and you begin to comfort him that the Lord is good and if he has patience, He will untie him, and so on. I ask, if you yourself can untie this man, do you manifest liberty? No. You must take out your knife, cut the cords binding the man's hands and feet and set him free. What does your comforting do to him? You tie him faster so he cannot run away. People must untie one another; they must set one another free. Christ says, "Go and preach among people!" By these words, He means exactly this untying, this liberating. This liberty should be inner and not external. All misunderstandings among people are due to the lack of freedom. If it is a question of anxiety and worries, how much more should God worry for He has created this world and sees what is happening? It is good when the Lord is angry, but of what use is human anger? There is no profit in human anger. But God also does not get angry. The Old Testament says, "The wrath of the Lord," but these words must be understood in their inner sense. The words of Christ: "Why do you call me good Master? Only God is good," confirm the idea that God cannot be angry. Therefore, the good and the kind people cannot get angry. Some prophets have spoken of the wrath of God, but I object to this. Has God said anywhere about Himself being angry? In one place Jeremiah says, "Lord, you deceived me, I was deceived." How can you explain this contradiction? This is a delusion. You should not have any delusions about God. Everyone must admit that these are their own delusions. The right thought lies in this—we should say, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." This is what God said. Love cannot be manifested without liberty. I say, while a person is blind, no one can love them. A person who tortures others cannot be loved. What brings destruction cannot bring freedom. Several people pray together to God, but if one of them makes a mistake, another one nudges them for the small mistake. This is no prayer; this is no freedom, but acting. To nudge one another when you are standing before God is not praying. Down with these masks! When one is praying, they must forget about what is around them and be alone, then enter their secret chamber—their soul—and not be disturbed by anything outside of themselves. All of you who are listening to me are not free. Some of you are tied to one post, others to two, still others to three, to four, to five, to ten posts. I can prove this to you not only theoretically, but practically as well. Now since all of you are preparing yourselves for the Kingdom of God, for the Kingdom of Christ, which is a world of liberty, you must know that with these old forms, with these old skins, you cannot enter It. With these old forms you will barely come to the gate of the Kingdom of God, but you cannot enter it by any means. By this I do not judge you and say you are deluded, but I am showing you the way. You are seeking freedom. The cause of human slavery is neither the man nor the woman. Slavery, sin came into the world after the first people ate of the forbidden apple which had in itself corruption, death. Therefore, if you want to understand Christ, your spirit must be free. In the Hebrew language there are two words for the notion of liberty. One of them is ruha which signifies the higher manifestation of God. The other word is nefesh which signifies the inferior manifestation of the soul. The small child, for instance, manifests the inferior state of his or her soul. While we are babies, we cry, make faces and in this way impose our will and want to submit our mother. Finally the mother gives her breast for the baby to suck and it thinks, "This is what I want, and you should always obey me!" And the mother is constantly fulfilling the child's wishes. I ask, why was this child sent to earth—should it make its mother submit, or the mother should submit it to her will? Whoever is free and has the Spirit, they will learn the relations of things and know whom they should submit themselves to and whom they should serve. You will ask how you can acquire inner freedom. When people have common prayer that also has two sides—a good and a bad one. Why? Because people are not on the same level of development, so that a regular interchange of their magnetic forces may take place. Since the spirit of freedom is predominant in all people, but their views are different, as a result of this arise many disputes and misunderstandings. That is why before going to God, Christianity recommends purification. One of the purifying processes is that of deposition.23 How can this deposition be effected? Before praying with others, one should pray alone and prepare themselves. First, you should pray alone, then with one other person, then with two more people and so on. In this way you will learn to contemplate. Only then the Spirit will come and teach you certain lessons. When the Divine Spirit comes between two souls, He will immediately restore peace and mutual understanding between them. When the one is speaking, the other will be listening with great attention and feel pleasure in what their friend is telling them. If these two people are not at peace mutually, they will get bored with each other, "Are you the one to teach me now, I have no time to listen to your nonsense." This shows that the Spirit is not between them. The making of common prayers is not done by order, but by a disposition of the spirit; if the spirit wants you will pray, if not—you will not pray, but keep quiet. The first thing required of all is to give one another this freedom and have the patience of listening to one another. When someone is speaking, we should think that God is speaking. If you enter a religious society and become more nervous than you had been before, you have not gained anything. You have sooner lost than gained. Many doctors, many specialists know human physiology, they know which foods are useful and which are harmful, but in spite of that, they live the old way. They say it is harmful to smoke, but they smoke themselves. They say that drinking of alcoholic beverages is harmful, yet they drink; that eating meat is harmful, yet they eat meat. They have knowledge, but when it comes to applying it to build, they do not do what they say and preach to others. I ask—where is their liberty of spirit? Christ wants this freedom for all people. Many people today want liberty only for themselves, thinking that the other people should be submitted to them. Many people will submit themselves, but they will do it out of fear, not out of love. I shall cite the following anecdote for clarification of this thought. Once, a Bulgarian tailor was invited by a rich family to sow a pair of full-bottomed tight-legged breeches and a doublet for the bridegroom. The tailor took along his instruments—scissors, a thimble, called his servant and both went to the house. They arrived about noon, so they were invited to a lunch. A roast chicken was served and the tailor, wishing to eat the whole chicken alone, told the housewife that his servant does not eat chicken, he preferred beans. When the servant heard this, he started thinking of some way to revenge his master. After lunch, he told the hosts secretly that if they saw his master turning this way and that, they should know something was happening to him, because at times he went out of his mind. In order to succeed with the revenge, the servant hid his master's thimble. When the tailor started working, he began turning this way and that, looking for his thimble. When the hosts noticed this, they immediately caught him and bound him. On going back, the servant said to his master, "Your servant does not eat roast chicken, only beans. Is that so?" You also should not say your servant does not eat roast chicken, because some day, when you start looking for your thimble, he will become the cause of your being bound. The first thing required of our relations is mutual respect. In my observations during a number of years, I have noticed that some people have a strong desire to study, that is why at first they begin with a feeling of veneration and reverence, but later they slack it and say, "We know all this!" In this respect, they are like some young brides who are very gentle and shy before everybody at first. However, in a few months time, they get over their shyness, open their mouth and spoil the home. While they are in church as brides they are calm and quiet, as soon as they are married, it is as if they receive civil rights and begin to show their naughtiness. They will want to marry a second time, but the man who has married them once will not even think of marrying a second time. No. A person must not grieve God by violating His Spirit of freedom, even when they are provoked at times. Whole books have been scratched full of the scribble of human thoughts like the dashes of telegrams. A whole pile of such telegrams are written by your thoughts. By these telegrams one can see how free you are. Some day when you can go to the other world all these telegrams will be presented before God. There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed. Everything in the world is apparent. Nothing can be hid from the Eye of God. This should not frighten you, but you must know that in His genesis God is a Spirit Who always wants to teach and correct people and not to punish and revenge. The sufferings and punishments in the world have a relation only to the forms. And if in this sense we say that God punishes us, this shows that He wants to liberate us from our slavery. If you set out to free a sheep out of a wolf s mouth, would she not be hurt by the time she is pulled out? Therefore, God wants our freedom, our inner peace, which will bring us calmness, joy and happiness and raise our spirit high. Now I shall refer again to religion. What does religion, by which we want to serve God, consist in? Christ says, "For I was a hungered, and ye gave me no meat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink; I was stranger and ye took me not in; naked, and ye clothed me not; sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not" (Matt. 25:42,43). Here is the reason why God will judge the world. If you do not fulfill what Christ is talking about, if you pray ten times a day, like the Pharisees in the streets, you will not attain anything. You will be like that housewife who prayed all morning and her cooking all burned up. What did she attain by her long prayer? Nothing. Such a prayer is like drunkenness. There is physical drunkenness, but psychical as well. Do you know what psychic drunkenness is like? It is not religion. When a young maiden likes to meet young men, she does not acquire anything by that, but only some pleasant feelings. This pleasure, however, does not show that the maiden has a Divine disposition. At these meetings she wastes her energy in vain. However, when God approaches us, we feel His effect not only for a moment, but for a long time. The pleasant state we are in when God is drawing near us and unnoticeably penetrates deeply in our soul. When some people are quarreling, I do not tell them to keep silent, or preach moral to them, but I turn my gaze to God and pray for them. In order that they should keep silent, I must keep silent first. This means that first, I must pray for them that God may bring them to their senses. Years ago, there was a priest called Gancho in Varna whom people called orman papaz24. He often blamed those who made him a priest. One day he saw a Gagaouz25 beat his wife. In order to save the woman from her husband's hands, he took a whip and started lashing the man, but immediately the wife and her husband jumped at him. The woman said, "What right do you have to beat my husband? We shall settle our affairs alone." Now I say to you, who are like this priest: do not meddle in other people's affairs, trying to settle their accounts. You can do this only if the husband and wife call you to help them. As soon as you are called, show them a way how to determine their relations according to the Law of freedom. And so religion should bring liberty to people, peace and joy. If a persecution rises against a religion, or against some teaching as in old times, that will not set the world right. How many doubts may be raised against some forms of a religion! Some will say, "This teaching is Satan's." But of whom is your teaching? Those who preach a Devine Teaching should serve humanity selflessly, out of love for people and be ready for all sacrifices. Those who want a reward, or the first place, or want to set the world right, they do not fulfill the Law of liberty and the Spirit is not in them. You must be the last in the world, if you want to be the first before God. Instead of wishing human glory, it is preferable for God to think well of you. This is what I know and wish for myself. When I preach this, many people say, "This does not concern me, I am not such a person, these words are about so- and-so, she is such a person." No, this is wrong reasoning. Everyone should forget what the others are like and consider themselves more sinful than these others, and start correcting themselves. If you are in the state of sinful people, I do not judge you, but want you to come out of that state by showing you a way out. Follow the spirit in yourselves! You want freedom for yourself—give freedom to others as well. It is Law that like attracts the like. If you like people sincerely and open- heartedly, they will like you too. The Bulgarian proverb says, "What you call, the same will be echoed back to you." If you are beautiful and look yourself in the mirror, the image in the mirror will be beautiful too. When you meet a person you love, do not tell them you love them; do not speak to them about love. Why? Because as soon as you tell a person you love them, Love vanishes. Those that speak most about Love have the least Love in themselves. Those who speak most about freedom of the spirit, they give it least to others. If my relations to you are not such as they should be, no matter how pleasing and musical my sermon may be it cannot change this. Only the music which creates noble incentives in you is profitable to you. Every other kind of music, which evokes only pleasant feelings and moods in you without ennobling you, is of no benefit to you. Now, put an end to all friction and separation into left- wing and right-wing socialists, i.e. those who have the Spirit and those who don't have the Spirit. Those who bear the spirit of liberty in themselves will be given a white stone on which I shall write my name so that when the Lord comes, He will see the inscription. When I see the eyes of a person, I already know whether they have the spirit or not. When the spirit is present in a person, their eyes are neither very dark nor very bright. If a person's eyes glisten as those of a snake, this bespeaks their desire to swallow up, to eat up somebody. You have noticed how a cat's eyes glisten at night. Why do they glisten? The cat is looking for mice. However, there is a big difference between one kind of light and another. There is a light which robs and kills, but there is a Light which invigorates and brings one to life. The Spirit is sensitive, responsive to the human weaknesses, as a result of which He enters those who want to walk in the Way. I say, when you get together for a prayer meeting next time, by your telegrams it will be evident whether you have been nudging among yourselves or not. If there have been nudgings, you must know that the Lord does not want such meetings. In order that your prayers may be accepted by God, I shall give you the following method: when you meet a sorrowful, burdened soul, pray together with her to God; when you meet a poor person, help them as much and with whatever you can. God does not want rich people to get together only with the rich and learned only with the learned, but the rich must get together with the poor and the learned with the ignorant. Prayer does not consist only in saying prayers, singing and playing at concerts. If it were a question of music, one may go and listen to a worldly concert. That, too, will be of benefit to them and give them some satisfaction. By this I want to say that as the religions of the church do not pray correctly, so those who want to pass for spiritual people do not pray as they should. Get none of the old things! Chase the old devil away! Pray secretly in your soul and do not gossip about other people! Have reverence and respect for others as for yourselves. What do women of today do? When two or three women get together, they at once start talking about this and that man or this and that woman. What profit do you have in gossiping? Those who gossip hinder their right development and put psychic obstacles on their own way. Therefore, those that have such a weakness should give it up. If a thought enters your mind to speak evil of someone, stop for a moment, concentrate your attention and do not give way to the evil in you, do not become its town-crier. Shut your "telephone" and do not do service to evil. The evil in the world, as a living being, likes to attack people, to entice them to get its work done, after which it deserts them. Much time has not elapsed before the sufferings come. Then God says to people, "Be careful not to yield a second time to evil." Therefore, anger, jealousy, hatred, suspicion, lying—all these negative things are peculiar to the devil, to evil. Cast this old father out and you will be free, you will be with the Lord Who is all wise, good, just, condescending and loving; Who forgives and helps the suffering and the poor. If you do wrong a hundred times a day and turn to Him, He will again forgive you. He punishes only those who break His Laws. He has created a big fire for them. Those who don't want to make contact with these evil beings must be merciful, considerate, quick-witted and careful with God's orders and Laws. And now, begin to apply this teaching of Christ without demonstrating before the world that you are religious people. Let your piety be concealed even from you, but before the world, you can be like the beautiful ladies who shade their faces to protect them against getting sun-burnt or against the dust the in streets. Hide your beauty deep in yourselves; do not parade with it externally. If you do not want to become a laughingstock to people, do not speak about yourself that you are good, magnanimous, religious, and ready for giving alms, and so on. Christ says, "Be wise as the serpents and gentle as the doves." The worldly people are not foolish. They are not wise in regard to the higher spiritual life, but in regard to the mind, they stand higher than many religious people. Give an example of a good deed to the worldly people that they may give you a piece of their mind. Some say we must be straightforward, others say we must not be very generous. I ask you, how will the world be set right then? So if someone looks askance at you, or tells you an offensive word, you should get angry? Have you ever given yourself an account of how often you have looked at people askance? No, God has not given us eyes to look askance at others. The true religious life is namely in having freedom and giving freedom to people and forgiving their mistakes, as well as in looking for every possibility to unite with them in spirit. Now, desire deeply to apply Christ's teaching to yourself as well as for the sake of others. From now on no gossiping! Give yourself word not to gossip a whole year. Keep a small notebook and every night before going to bed write down how well you have kept your promise. If you have not said a bad word about anybody, write down the mark seven and the words: "Thank you, God, today I did not say any bad word about anyone." If you have said something bad, write down one. Then at the end of the year make an account how many ones you have written and to what extent you have succeeded to abstain from gossip. When several people get together, everyone gets excited and wants to say something and show what they know. One begins to speak, then a second, a third one and unnoticeably someone becomes the object of gossip. On the next day the same story is repeated. When a young man wants to get married, all the girls praise him and each one tries to surpass the others in eulogies. They praise his qualities, his noble family, and so on. As soon as he selects a bride, all those who had praised him begin to say, "He is a wild cat, a simpleton," and so on. In reality, these young maidens should say: "We are glad this young man picked his wife from our company." Do you know what this can be compared to? In a big European town a prince was to arrive, so twelve beautiful women were chosen as a committee for the welcoming. When they were asked to vote which one of them should give a bouquet to the prince, each of the twelve voted for herself. Now you, although not quite prepared yet, are trying to see which one of you will come out and offer a bouquet to Christ. Everyone says, "I, I!" Do not vote for yourself. Without your voting, Christ knows who the worthy ones are. Christ's teaching requires of us to be considerate and not speak about others what we know, or what we do not know. The occultists say—if you want to be strong, do not talk about people. The moment you start talking badly about someone, you get in contact with their spirit and are affected by bad thoughts. In this sense, in order not to harm yourself, it is better to think good of people than to entertain evil thoughts of them. When you gossip about someone, this person benefits psychologically. When you speak well about a person, God asks them, "How much did you gain?" "Twenty." "Give then half of it to them who think well of you." This means that the rich person should give half of their riches to those who have nothing. When we speak well of people, we gain, but when we speak badly, they gain. Such is the Law. If you speak badly of people on purpose so that they should profit by it, I shall be glad for your self-denial. But then you must not complain. If one of your sisters has a defect, pray ten times a day for her to be freed from this defect. When you pray for her you can tell her in a kindly and sisterly manner, "Sister, you have a small defect and you should work to get free from it. Do not get angry with me for telling you this truth." Now all of you try to get rid of this defect—gossiping. This year God has decided to bind evil. Those who get bound should not get angry. God will bind them and put them to work. Either you or evil will be harnessed. In order to harness evil to work, the Spirit must be in you that you may be strong and powerful. Today I spoke about liberty, but I shall speak another time about it again. Some day I shall make an experiment to find out how well you have understood and applied today's sermon. Religious liberty should be absolute. God is a God of Love, of liberty. Those who live in this liberty will find their place, whether they plough or dig, or whatever work they do, they will do everything with thankfulness. Such must be the life on earth according to the liberty of the Spirit, according to the liberty by which many great people were distinguished, as Socrates had been. Socrates was among the "last" people, but many of the "first," many kings, were forgotten; yet his name remained. A person may take a high post and not be noble. The Spirit requires of us as kings and as the "last" people on earth to be equally free. This is the teaching of Christ which I am preaching—to have and to give liberty; to have and to give liberty and again to have and to give liberty: of the mind, of the heart, of the home, religious and civil freedom. Freedom everywhere! Sermon held on August 23, 1915, in Sofia. ______________________ 21. II Cor. 3:17 22. deaf in the figurative sense (ed. note). 23. Deposition in the sense of leaving a layer of something, e.g. mud (ed. note). 24. Orman Papaz—(old Turkish) A rebellious priest, often referring to Bulgarian nationalist priests (ed. note). 25. A member of a Bulgarian minority group, living in the Varna district, who speaks Turkish, yet is Eastern Orthodox Christian (ed. note).