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  1. Беседата на български Translated by Victoria Koleva SUFFERING, PATIENCE, EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE Year 5, Lecture 16 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) Given by the Master Beinsa Douno On February 28, 1926, Sunday 19.00h, Sofia - Izgrev Always be loyal, truthful, pure and benign! Contemplation A summary on the freely chosen topic was read. An essay on the topic “Method of right thinking” was read. For next time I would like each of you to write a word – a noun, an adjective, a verb, whatever you like, and to put a number in front of it. Then we will order the words according to the numbers in front of them, starting from the number one, and we’ll see what we can make out of these words and numbers. What is the most important question for you now? What time is it? Answer: Eight o’clock. Which planet’s influence can be felt after eight o’clock? What do you make out of the signs you see on the blackboard? What does the angle mean? Answer: Each angle represents the space between two rays which come out from a common point. How many degrees is this angle? Answer: Approximately 30 degrees. Where does this angle come out from? Answer: From the centre of the circle. Each angle should be seen as a central angle which is in the process of self-determination. As it has been placed now, this angle represents the letter “Л”, which the word love (Bulgarian: „любов”) begins with. As a force Love takes up a certain amount of space and affects bodies as heat producing energy. The line above the circle represents the soil in which the Self is planted. The circle itself is the planted Self. The sign “б“ represents the direction in which the seed needs to grow. The last sign represents the cracking of the Self open. Therefore the signs shown in Figure 1 are nothing but the letters comprising the word “love”. The letters of this word represent symbolically the whole process of Love. A person can feel the power of Love only when this process takes place in his soul. When the seeds of Life are planted in the soil of the soul and absorb the heat and light producing energies that come from Love, they start cracking open, sprouting, growing, blossoming and bearing fruit. Seeds can develop properly only through Love’s impulse. Once a person goes through these processes, he starts thinking, contemplating. So, the cross symbolizes suffering, the anchor symbolizes thought, and Love symbolizes the rays of heat and light coming down from the Sun. Until one breaks up the word “Love” and understands the forces that lie hidden in it, he cannot understand its deep meaning and cannot apply it in his life. Love contains light, warmth, thought, conditions for growth, blossoming and bearing fruit. If someone understands Love’s elements and applies them, he understands Life properly as well. If he understands Life properly, he is free from suffering. A person who doesn’t understand Life is inevitably followed by suffering. If you can pronounce the word “Love” properly and feel its meaning, you will be able to apply it too. Each word holds certain power which needs to be used. If you can make use of the powers, the juices that words hold inside them, you have understood their meaning. If a certain word has started lacking salt, replace it with another one. Nowadays the word “love” has lost so much of its salt that instead of elevating people, it makes them feel ashamed. If that is the case, let them replace it with another one which hasn’t lost its salt yet. For example, you could replace the word “love” with the words “kindness” or “affection”. Write down the words “affection, life, knowledge”. Pronounce them a few times and see what influence they will have on you. When someone studies music or a science but it isn’t going well, he should write down the words “patience, mindfulness, thought, rightfulness, work, labour, persistence” and after pronouncing them a few times he can see which of these words will give him an impulse for work and help him overcome his hardships. What kind of powers does the word “persistence” hold? Fig.2 represents the elements that make up the word “persistence”. The glass shows that a person who persists is either hungry or thirsty. The glass symbolizes a mouth. When a child sees fruit in some garden, it enters without the permission of the guard and picks some fruit. If the guard chases him out of the garden, it will go around, look around to make sure no one sees him and will pick some fruit again. The child shows great persistence in this case. Animals are also persistent when they want to satisfy some desire of theirs, especially when they are hungry or thirsty. The circle after the glass symbolizes the throat which the food passes through after having been chewed in the mouth. After the circle comes the plate on which the chewed food is placed. This is the stomach which processes and digests the food. The sign “T” represents a key which opens the way for the food, i.e. it takes it to another closed circle – in the area of the intestines where its final processing takes place. From here nourishing juices spread throughout the body. This has been expressed with the sign “E”, the letter “E”, which is a sign of multiplication. Therefore, only those who persist make gains and reap fruit. So, no matter how devoid of meaning a certain word is, it still contains certain elements which can form a complex body. What does the dot represent? – Nothing. However, if it moves it will form a line. If the line moves it will form a surface. If the surface moves it will form a body – a cube. What conclusion can we draw from this? That the conscious movement of small values in life creates big, conscious values. Each word represents the result of something. Initially words were short, made up of one syllable only. With time, as the human organs and brain centers developed, words became longer and longer – with two syllables, three syllables, etc. Primitive man used only sounds. The more he developed mentally, the richer his speech became. When a person’s brain becomes ill, he loses first his ability to pronounce nouns, then – verbs and adjectives, and finally – conjunctions. When he starts to become well, his abilities are restored in the same order – he starts using conjunctions first, then – adjectives, verbs and finally – nouns. This shows that conjunctions are of oldest origin and nouns are youngest. In order to develop their speech humans have worked on themselves for thousands of years, they have persisted and made a number of efforts. Many people use the word persistence without understanding its deep meaning. Who can be called a persistent person? – A persistent person is someone who goes through obstacles, contradictions and hardships when working to realize a certain idea, yet always goes forward, never goes back. If you scold him 99 times about something that he is convinced he is right about, he will come for a hundredth time to talk to you about the same. Persisting one or two times in order to achieve something and then giving it up – that is no persistence at all. It is just an attempt to develop persistence. Persisting in something means achieving it. When a person develops his persistence, he needs to be able to distinguish it from haughtiness. A persistent person is smart; a haughty person, however, is stupid. Reason is part of persistence but is absent from haughtiness. Persistence makes a person conscientious, it forces him to consider each of his actions well and not be in a hurry. A haughty person isn’t conscientious, he is quick and wants to achieve everything in one go. In order to develop people’s persistence, the Invisible world subjects them to hardships and suffering. When one suffers and struggles, he starts thinking and developing persistence. When one hasn’t yet suffered and experienced struggle, he is impatient and inconsistent. The smallest pain scares him. If he gets a stomachache or a headache, he starts moving around the room, lying down and getting up from bed. If his pain doesn’t go away soon, he calls up doctors and his friends and starts complaining. If you haven’t gotten sick, do not be in a hurry to call up a doctor. Apply some method or another first, concentrate your thought on your pain and say to yourself a few times: “I will get well.” Sometimes you may say to yourself only ten times that you will get well and it will happen, other times you need to say it a thousand times to yourself. No matter how many times you say these words, do not get discouraged. Persist and you will achieve good results. Thus you can heal both yourselves and your friends. As disciples you should keep the following thought in your mind: illnesses play an educational role for humans. They temper the human organism and extend its lifespan. It has been noticed that people who have experienced sickness in childhood have tempered their organisms and made it more resistant to illness and suffering. If someone hasn’t been sick or hasn’t suffered in childhood, he will fall to the ground at the first occasion of illness or suffering – he can’t take it. In that sense suffering is a form of exercise for tempering the organism both physically and mentally. On the one hand suffering physically purifies the organism, on the other hand – it refreshes the person’s thought. Great thoughts are born and ripen only at the experience of suffering. The best and greatest works of scientists, philosophers, poets and writers were created during suffering. They worked during the most unfavourable conditions but overcame everything by persisting, working and thinking. Things of beauty and greatness are created during hardships in life. Such is the law. The bigger your hardships, the more Good they have in store for you. This doesn’t mean that one should create his own hardships. People often create their own hardships and suffering. – No, such suffering is unnecessary and should be avoided. What is patience and how does one acquire it? Patience is born out of suffering. Patience, on the other hand, creates conditions for life experience. Life experience brings knowledge. Therefore suffering, patience, experience and knowledge represent an uninterrupted chain. Someone says: “I am suffering a lot.” – Have you acquired patience?” – I haven’t acquired any.” – If you haven’t acquired patience you haven’t experienced suffering yet. What you call suffering is just temporary states of suffering. When a person faints, he loses consciousness. We call this interruption of consciousness. Each interruption of consciousness puts a person in abnormal states. Temporary suffering is something similar. In order for his consciousness not to get interrupted, one needs to study and work on himself. The experience of fear, of getting scared of something, often becomes a reason for interruption of consciousness. Such an interruption happens every time the twin leaves the body. In order for the twin to return to the body, a number of passes on the person’s spine need to be done. Falling asleep is another form of interruption of consciousness which happens due to a different reason – the pyramidal cells in the brain. When a person is fresh and rested the pyramidal cells in the brain are in a normal state: one next to the other, their tentacles touching. When too much lactic acid gathers in the brain, the pyramidal cells lose their initial state, as a result of which one feels tired and drowsy and falls asleep. In order not to fall into such a state, one needs to keep his consciousness awake and thus control the brain cells. If one cannot control the cells of his whole body, he gets sick and becomes sluggish and headstrong. Many illnesses are due namely to the individualization of some of the cells of the human organism. Therefore, when the cells of the human organism decide to live independently, away from the life of the whole, they group themselves in some areas of the organism where they form a body of their own. These shoots in the human organism are called tumours by scientists. They live at the expense of the whole organism and feed on its juices. If these newly created cells can be convinced through the power of thought that their place isn’t in the human organism, they will gradually start decreasing in number until they disappear completely. Use your thought in healing. Heal yourself, heal your fellow men. Thought is power which needs to be put to work. Whether it will be easier or harder for a person to heal someone depends on his thought. It doesn’t matter if it is easy or hard. What is important is that everyone has the conditions to apply his thought and work with it. Two people of faith and conviction went to a friend who suffered from a strong headache in order to heal him. They wanted to put their thought to work and thus help him. What happened in the end? Both came back sick: one of them had pain in the neck, the other one had back pain. This shows that the sick person’s thought was stronger than theirs and he influenced both of them. They took in his sickness and came back home ill. Therefore, when a person is healing somebody, he needs to keep his consciousness awake, to have a positive thought and not be afraid that he can get ill and take in the sick person’s condition. When a person heals someone he will inevitably feel the condition of the sick person but this is just a reflection of his illness, not a real one. There are organic illnesses in life but many human illnesses have come through suggestion. When one is aware of that, he should check where his illness has come from and when he finds out that it isn’t his own, he should free himself from it using suggestion again. Not only illnesses come through suggestion, but so do gloomy, negative thoughts and feelings, doubts and discouragement as well. The disciple’s consciousness needs to be awake; he should trace his thoughts and feelings in order to know where they come from, then put the foreign ones to the side and work with his own. Now let’s come back to patience, suffering, experience and knowledge. Suffering creates patience. Patience is a transitional state in the process of acquiring experience. Experiences are conditions for acquiring knowledge and knowledge is necessary for life. Suffering represents a disorganized world. Patience, on the other hand, represents the result of the processing of this disorganized matter and its baking in an oven which has been prepared in advance. When you study life’s and Nature’s phenomena, you notice a certain repetition. If a certain phenomenon happened 22 years ago, 22 two years later the same thing will repeat itself – this is the law of periodicity of phenomena. For example, if a person’s life starts well, it becomes gradually better and better until it reaches its peak – it is at its best. Then a descending commences which begins with suffering – bad, worse, the worst. When the deepest point of suffering is reached, an ascending movement starts again – good, better, the best. A mindful person goes through these periods without concussions, in complete harmony. Thus if 22 years ago someone started a friendship with a good person, 22 years later he will meet and become friends with another good person. If 22 years ago he experienced something very unpleasant, 22 years later he will experience something similar. Scientists call this recurrence of phenomena high and low tides in Nature. I will now give you a small task. I would like each of you to promise and write one letter a month to the brothers and sisters from the Special class in the smaller towns. They are going through difficult mental and emotional states and need your support. When they go through gloomy states they are in the position of poor people in need of help. Help the poor so you can receive help as well. Always be loyal, truthful, pure and benign!
  2. Беседата на български Translated by Victoria Koleva THE EXPRESSIVE FACE Year 5, Lecture 15 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) Given by the Master Beinsa Douno On February 21, 1926, Sunday 19.00h, Sofia - Izgrev Always be loyal, truthful, pure and benign! Contemplation An essay on the topic: “Ten important questions” was read. The disciples’ essays on the topic: “What am I thinking of now?” and on the freely chosen topic were read. Figure 1 represents two trapeziums – one facing up and one which has been turned upside down. In the organic world each line – be it straight or curvy - has its meaning. The upper trapezium represents the head of a Chinese person. Chinese people’s foreheads have the shape of a trapezium. They have a highly developed objective mind. The upper curve represents the forehead of a European, a person belonging to the white race. When the upper base of a trapezium starts to get enlarged and grow upwards, this shows that the organism’s internal conditions are improving. When conditions improve, one gains more power to counteract hardships. The more the cheekbones in a given face stick out and the cheeks sink in, the weaker that person’s digestive system is. When the digestive system is weak, one falls easily into pessimistic moods. This is due to the fact that digestion doesn’t work properly. If the food doesn’t get digested well, the blood can’t get purified properly either. Then semi-organic deposits gather in the organism in the area of the joints. These anomalies in the organism lead to indisposition and one starts thinking the wrong way. In order not to fall into pessimistic moods, you need to use your willpower to improve your digestive system. Observe yourself in the mirror and work with your thought until you bring the muscles of your face to their proper condition. The facial muscles need to be flexible and to express the smallest changes in one’s internal life. If a person’s face doesn’t express the life of his soul, it is similar to a mask. This is an abnormal expression of the face. An expressive face can be calm externally, but at the same time express the person’s internal life. One needs to keep his consciousness awake each and every moment and to control the muscles of his face so they don’t get loose. All muscles have been created by intelligent powers. If one facial muscle only has atrophied, the person already deprives himself of the activity of one intelligent force in his organism. All muscles, nerves and arteries have been created by intelligent beings. Any disturbance or interruption in the functioning of these muscles, nerves and arteries leads to disharmony in life. Harmony in life is based on the proper functioning of each cell and each organ in the human organism. Now that you know this, don’t try to negate the significance of small things in life. Each thing that Intelligent Nature has created is in its proper place and can’t be rejected. There are things we can do without, but there are also those we cannot do without. For example, one shouldn’t have a double chin or a weak stomach and the muscles of his face shouldn’t be sunken. Nature doesn’t like skeletons. It dresses even stones with moss and lichen. Therefore, whatever you are lacking you should try to acquire. Whatever Nature has endowed you with, you should try to keep. One of the tasks of the disciple is to work on his face, to make it expressive. The expressive face has features that never change. However, all muscles around these features are in constant movement. A face that everyone can read represents a well-written book. A gentleman went to a famous phrenologist and asked him to tell him something. The phrenologist touched his head in a few places and said: “I am sorry, sir, but I am unable to tell you anything.” – “Why?” – “The text on your head has very small fonts, it’s unreadable.” The human face and head represent books which Nature has written in with beautiful intelligible handwriting. When a person looks at somebody’s face or head, he should be able to read something that brings him joy, so that after reading it he can say: “I read a page from a great book and I am very pleased.” Rejoice when your face changes and when the muscles express the internal changes that happen in you. Each change in the face is an expression of life. The face is an expression of the human soul. A beautiful, expressive face gives an impulse for work, science, art, poetry, etc. A beautiful face excludes all pessimism. A person’s face can get distorted by suffering but only temporarily. When a person realizes that suffering comes for his own good, he gradually improves his face and brings it to the level of beauty he strives for. The narrower the lower part of the trapezium gets, the more agile the mind becomes. If the trapezium turns into a cone (Fig.2), it loses its balance. It can’t balance on its tip, on one point only. In order to sustain its balance this cone needs to move very fast, i.e. to be in constant movement. As soon as it stops moving, it falls on the ground and turns upside down. When it loses its balance it loses its power as well. So a face with the shape of a cone which is in position A, with its tip pointing down, shows a person with a good, agile mind. When the face comes into position B which is a cone with its tip pointing upwards, this shows an animalistic state. This cone represents nothing other than an animal with horns and hoops. If you want to write a letter to a friend and tell him that you are working and thinking well, you can express this symbolically with a cone whose tip points down. If you want to write to him that you aren’t doing mental work, that your mind is stagnant, you can draw a cone with its tip pointing upwards. Your friend will understand that you have fallen into an animalistic state. Such letters represent the language of Nature which people will use in the future. If contemporary people understood the symbols that Nature uses, they would be able to make detailed predictions based on the earth’s layers, the way they have been folded and layered, and they would be able to understand what kind of forces have worked on these layers – internal or external. The earth’s layers are letters from the earth’s distant past which scientists read and translate. In that sense real scientists are clairvoyants. By concentrating their mind on a given object they get to those absolute truths which an ordinary mind cannot penetrate. Work consciously on your face to make it more beautiful and expressive than what it is today. The smallest achievement in this task will be a reward for your labour, your efforts. This will become a gain that a person will carry with him. Only such gains are real. Any other gain that a person can’t take with him is temporary, unreal. Only what the Spirit and the soul carry with them is real. Can we achieve this? – You can achieve anything you like but not in one go. When you get some free time, work on your face. If temptations come and attack you from the inside or outside, give them some work to do – let them solve the problem with the cones. When you put them to work, they will gradually calm down until they disappear completely. There is a Bulgarian saying which goes like this: “Ask a lazy person to work and he will give you good advice.” I am saying: “Give some work to the devil so he doesn’t tempt you and disturb you.” An Englishman had two goats and a donkey. The goats spent their days in the mountain and came back home in the evenings where the monkey sat waiting to playing with them. The moment it saw them, it started cleaning their hair from the thistles that got stuck in it. When it couldn’t find thistles on their hair, it started jumping on their backs, pulling them by their beards and ears in order to play with them. The goats screamed, pulled back but the monkey continued playing. Finally the master had to come and free the goats from the playful monkey. This is what the devil does to humans. When he can’t find thistles on their skin and there is nothing to clean, he jumps on their backs and starts pulling them and tormenting them. The reason devils torment people, is that they have no work, nothing to busy themselves with. People have a twisted perception of the devil. He isn’t good but he isn’t as bad as they imagine him to be either. Because he has no work, he comes up with a thousand things to tempt people with and make them sin. Now, in order to free yourselves from temptations, from the negative influences in life, alongside your ordinary tasks you need to create special tasks for yourself, to strive towards some high ideal. Whatever conditions you may find yourself in, do not despair. Work on the realization of your internal tasks. Each of you should buy a small mirror to look at yourself often, especially when you are indisposed. If you are indisposed, look at yourself once or twice and see how many minutes it will take you to change your face. When you look at yourself, examine the distinguishing characteristics of dissatisfaction, anger, jealousy, etc. Note down the changes that happen to your eyes, the colour of your face and lips, etc. Sometimes the face becomes pale, other times – red; sometimes the eyes grow dim, the look becomes gloomy, the lips get pale. Each change in the face is an expression of something. Sometime the face becomes long and the cheeks sink in. Why? – There are a number of reasons for this which need to be examined. Each living creature is subject to change. One needs to study these changes, to exercise his brain and keep it in constant movement. If you want to change your face and make it more expressive, you need to ask your brain for help. If you want to know what kind of changes have happened and continue happening in your brain, look at your face. You should study your face the way an astronomer studies the skies. I wish that each of you would be able to create a new type out of himself. Bulgarians need to transform their faces and make them beautiful, expressive, so they can become a model for the new human, the new type. An agile mind creates a flexible, agile face on which ideas leave their mark as if it was sensitive glass. The human face should be able to speak. It should be the master of the house. As the master of the house the face will take care of its wellbeing and will fix the smallest damages or disturbances in due time. The beauty that a person carries inside him should be expressed in his head, face, arms, legs, his whole body, and finally in his speech, which manifests in his thoughts, feelings and actions. Next come his soul and his Spirit as final expressions of the human beauty and greatness. When I speak of human beauty, I have in mind not only the external but the internal beauty as well. Make it your goal to give a specific expression to your face. When you look at each other, you should see in the other person an image of compassion, mindfulness, nobility, erudition. Each of you should start building up some virtue in him which should be expressed in his face. Work hard with your thought in this direction and see what you can achieve. Do this experiment for seven days. Take 10-15 minutes each morning or evening to contemplate on the image you would like to create. Seven days times 15 minutes makes 105 minutes. It is interesting to see what you can achieve in that time. If you want to acquire the expression of a compassionate person, you need to think intensely on compassion. Imagine that you are visiting the home of a poor widow with a few small children. The mother runs around and works all day to earn money for her children’s daily bread. When you imagine the difficult situation that this widow is in, trace the feelings that awaken in you. Then look in the mirror to see the expression of your face. Afterwards imagine that you want to help this widow. You put your hand in your pocket but you find nothing there. You borrow some money and buy bread, cheese, tea, sugar, and you take all this to the poor widow. Observe yourself internally to see what joy and satisfaction you will feel. Look at yourself in the mirror again to see if joy has appeared in your face. After doing this experiment mentally, do it in real life as well. This is the only way to develop compassion. Therefore, as disciples you need to work with your thought, in order to develop all these feelings and abilities which can endow your face with expressiveness and beauty. Always be loyal, truthful, pure and benign!
  3. Беседата на български Translated by Victoria Koleva MICROSCOPIC ACTS OF GOOD WILL Year 5, Lecture 14 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) Given by the Master Beinsa Douno On February 14, 1926, Sunday 19.00h, Sofia - Izgrev Always be loyal, truthful, pure and benign! Contemplation The disciples’ essays on the topic: “What am I thinking of now?” were read. For next time please write on a topic of your choice, as well as on the following topic: “A method of right thinking”. Contemporary people are afraid of suffering and try to avoid it. They don’t realize that a life without suffering and joy is the life of the small stones which make up the rock. What would have people learned if they had been gathered in one place just like the small stones in the rocks? – They wouldn’t have learned anything. They would have had only one thing – peace of mind. However a restful state is temporary – it cannot last long. So when people avoid suffering and only look for joy, they expose themselves to fire free willingly. Living in joy only is akin to being burnt alive. It is the same as exposing yourself to constant sunlight without a drop of water in your mouth. What would your situation be if you had to bask in the sun for years on end? You don’t need to bask in the sun for years in order to feel the need for water and shade. If you expose yourself to sunlight for one or two hours only, you will immediately start looking for water to quench your thirst. Therefore, when you are joyful, do not give up the tiny cloud from which a little rain will fall. In that sense, grief and suffering are nothing but a small cloud which brings moisture amidst the joys of life. This moisture brings refreshment in one’s joy. It is namely suffering that gives meaning to joy. With the absence of clouds in the sky the sun would dry out and melt all living things. If there were only clouds and mist, they could destroy life too. Suffering and joy are two extremes in life which alternate appropriately. In the same way that a hot day gets replaced by a cloudy, rainy one, joy also gets replaced by sorrow. A person who is familiar with the law of transformation of states can easily replace a negative state of mind with a positive one. I will now suggest to you one way you could act when you have fallen into a negative state of mind, i.e. when you have become indisposed. Imagine that you haven’t eaten for three days and you are poor, you have no money to buy bread. You look at your clothes, your shoes, and you wonder where you could find money to buy clothes and shoes which are in a good condition, so you could get rid of yours which are all worn-out. Here is what you should do. Sit down somewhere and start imagining that you are a king, with a mantle and a crown on, and you rule over thousands of people. Your wish is their command. Tens of male and female servants run around you, serve you, bring you luscious, tasty meals. Wherever you look you see houses and gardens and everything is at your disposal. Once you distract yourself from the situation in your daily life and you start thinking about something else, you will come out of your negative state of mind. If you don’t succeed in changing your mental state in one go, you will at least start laughing when you see yourself transition from a totally poor person to a king. The gloomy negative states that you go through are not your own and you need to free yourself from them. When a desperate, disheartened person walks in the streets, he leaves his gloomy thoughts and mental states on the road. If a person happens to pass through the same road he will take these gloomy thoughts in as uninvited guests and will think that they are his own. Just like a strong person can attack a weak person and beat him up, in the same way a strong thought can attack a person, impose itself on him and cause perturbation in him. Therefore, when you come upon gloomy thoughts or mental states, start imagining that you are a king and have all royal rights and privileges. Indeed, each person is a king of his own. At least once in the past he must have been a king, but he has forgotten that. If he hasn’t been a king in real life, at least on the stage as an actor he must have played the role of a king. If one can’t transform his state in this way, he should start praying, reading or working on something. When the Invisible world creates special work for someone, it aims to harness his energy, to divert his attention from the negative states he has come upon and thus help him. As disciples, along with your ordinary tasks and obligations, you are being prepared for some special work. For example, one of you is an office worker, he writes and re-writes the same things for days on end; someone else is a teacher and is busy all day applying educational rules. If a person’s life always follows the same pattern, what will he gain at the end of it? - Nothing special. That is why, in order to justify his coming to earth, each person, and especially the disciple, needs to take in the new ideas and apply them in his ordinary business. That is the only way to find meaning in one’s life and to bring real, pure joy to it. The disciple’s task is to bring the extraordinary, the Divine alongside his daily pursuits. Ordinary thoughts and feelings do not leave deep traces in one’s life. However extraordinary thoughts and feelings leave traces in one’s soul. They elevate a person and lead him to a great higher world. They add to the stability of his character. Now that you know this, do not miss any opportunity to do microscopic acts of good will and to bring small, microscopic Divine impulses to realization. Do not justify yourself with lack of time. Doing a small act of good will becomes an art when you are very busy with work, not when you are free. Once it is done in this way, this act of good will becomes a building stone for the base of one’s future building. I meet a desperate tormented person who is thinking of committing suicide. I approach him and quietly whisper in his ear that he should take a walk to the Vitosha mountain. He looks at me, doesn’t say anything but stands up and starts heading towards the mountain. I meet him in the evening again, but now he is joyful, full of encouragement and renewed life force. What has happened to him? On his way he has seen stones, plants, animals, springs which have led him to some unusual thoughts. These thoughts have brought something new in him: they have taught him a lesson which has freed him from desperation. That is why, if the thought of going to Vitosha comes to your mind, do not contemplate much. Turn inwards to find out where this thought comes from and go. This walk will bring you something new by all means. Hardship and suffering in life come with the only purpose of forcing humans to leave the ordinary conditions of life and enter the extraordinary, to get to know the beauty and greatness of Nature, to understand the meaning of Life. One needs to arm himself against the hardships of life in order to manage them in the best possible way. Who is to blame for the hardships that humans come upon? – No one other than themselves. If someone starts walking on the mountain barefoot and hurts his feet on the sharp stones, is Nature to blame for this or he himself? If that is the case, one needs to arm himself against the sharp stones so as not to get hurt by them. It is in the stones’ nature to inevitably hurt people’s bare feet. Since they knew that they were going to face hardships in life, all animals – fish, birds, marsupials took precautions to guard themselves against those hardships. For example, in order not to hurt his feet, the horse has created hoops for himself. According to the same law, humans also need to develop their abilities in order to help themselves. Expressing oneself doesn’t yet mean revealing one’s negative traits. People’s negative traits represent a downward slope, a descending path. When it comes to the negative side of humans, this isn’t anything new. Animals have negative traits too. If you put an animal under limitation, it will get disheartened too. No great talent is needed in order to get disheartened. No great talent is needed in order to become doubtful or angry either. However, manifesting the Good in oneself requires an effort. If a person faces discouragement, doubt or some other negative feeling, he needs to counteract it with the Good and thus stop his descent down the slope. This requires an effort of the human Spirit. Making an effort doesn’t mean tearing the rope of limitation in one go. No, one needs to tear the rope gradually, thread by thread. The important thing is to be persistent and to exercise one’s will. Under the current conditions one cannot achieve everything at once. With the eyes humans have today they cannot see everything. In order to be able to see everything, one needs a special organ. Then he will be able to see not only what happens in front of him, but what happens behind him also. He will see through fences too. However, only truly cultured and noble people can see in this way because they wouldn’t misuse the information they receive. If ordinary people developed clairvoyance, they would make a number of mistakes and commit a number of crimes. Thus Nature knows what kind of abilities should be given to each person. For as long as a person hasn’t yet developed his higher feelings, Nature cannot endow him with extraordinary gifts and abilities. It has given him a lot of work, a lot of preoccupations, in order for him not to get bored. Once a person has come to Earth, he needs to think and study. He needs to dedicate 10-15 minutes each evening or morning to contemplation and finding answers to questions such as why he has come to Earth, what is the purpose of life, etc. One draws energy from Nature through his thought. Thus he paves his way even through the most impenetrable places and connects with the great and powerful in Nature. If you can’t find an answer to a given question immediately, do not get discouraged. You should persist for a day, two, three or more until you connect with the thought of higher beings who will help you right away. There is a law of cooperation and mutual aid in Nature. According to this law, when a thought reaches a person, the more minds it passes through without its impulse, power and purity getting compromised, the greater and the more rightful it is. This thought is Divine. Only pure and noble souls are able to perceive Divine thoughts without diminishing their purity and power. Only such souls are able to bring such thoughts to realization. The greater the number of such souls on the Earth, the higher the level of people’s culture will be. If ordinary, mediocre people do perceive a Divine thought, they distort it and as a result it loses its natural rhythmus. Thoughts need to be rhythmical. Without rhythm things remain ordinary, flat. This doesn’t mean that an ordinary person can’t become extraordinary. Everyone can develop his gifts and abilities. One needs to make an effort – that is all. Everyone needs to work on himself in order to develop what Nature has endowed him with. A person can become aware of his own power only when he works consciously on himself. Then he comes upon a number of temptations, a number of internal hardships. That is the only way to test the power of one’s character. It is easy when people carry you on their hands, but it is hard to walk on your own. For as long as one is on Earth, he needs to rely on his legs alone, not on any vehicles such as cars, carriages, trains or steam boats. Sometimes vehicles can come to a person’s aid – that is a different matter. However, internally one needs to rely on his legs only. When he decides to go somewhere, he will get up immediately and make his wish come true. If he decides to rely on a train or a steam boat, he needs to wait for the stipulated hour according to their timetable. If he decides to rely on a car or a carriage, he still needs to wait for some time until they put the horses to the cart. Not only this, but a number of times one has had to deal with surprises or accidents. In some places accidents have happened with trains, in others – with steam boats or somewhere else – with cars. So many people have suffered from cars turning upside down or falling into precipices! Therefore, do not look for the easy way. It is especially necessary for a disciple to lead a Spartan way of life and not to fear the hardships in life. When a person ends up in a forest, he shouldn’t look for any conveniences other than those that the forest offers to him. In this case he needs to follow the example of birds. In the same way that birds make their nests out of moss, leaves and twigs, a person can also gather moss, leaves and bushes and make himself a bed for the night. Contemporary people are dissatisfied with the conditions they live in and if they don’t have a soft comfortable bed they complain that they have slept on bare planks. There is nothing wrong with planks. If a person sleeps on a wooden bed it is preferable to have a bed made of pine wood. Pine trees endow people with spirituality. If a disciple makes some mistake, he should sleep for a few nights on a bed made of pine wood. Once he corrects his mistake, he can change his bed. Even if one hasn’t made a mistake, it is good to sleep on pine wood from time to time. Those who look for conveniences in life make eiderdowns and feather mattresses for themselves in order to feel soft and warm. Others make their bed covers and mattresses out of wool. Eider and wool are for those who like to please themselves. The disciple needs to take life seriously. He needs to always keep his consciousness awake and make no mistakes. When he does make a mistake, he needs to apply some method to correct his mistake. In such a case it is good to sleep for a few nights on pine wood without a pillow, to connect with the pine and acquire some of its qualities. When he connects with the pine he will understand its life and the conditions under which it has lived and developed. Pine trees give an impulse to people for growing upwards. At the same time the pine tree softens a person’s character. The pine tree is a great idealist, whereas the oak tree is a materialist. When you sleep on pine wood you get tempered. It is good to be Spartan in some ways and gentle in others. Too much frailness gets punished by Nature. It distorts the human character. Many people confuse frailness with softness. – No, there is a big difference between frailness and softness. Softness is a quality of the human Spirit. Let us now dwell on some of the ten questions you wrote. Why has man separated himself from God? – Because his head has become thick. Uniformity leads to dissatisfaction. People are dissatisfied when they aren’t honoured. Everybody wants to be respected and honoured. This is a natural desire, but it needs to be justified. Each person can and should be honoured for the Divine in him. Therefore in order to be honoured one needs to give expression to the Divine in him. Generally, in order to develop any feeling or ability you need to be in the right environment, among people who have already developed these feelings and abilities. If you want to become compassionate, you should make friends with compassionate people. If you want to develop your brain centre for mathematics, go to some renowned mathematician who can enlighten your mind, so you can get an impulse for work. By working hard and with love on mathematics, you will gradually develop your respective brain centre. What should be done so that people start loving each other? – The world is full of love, but it has sunk deep into people’s hearts and it needs to be taken out with a drill. There is love not only in people’s hearts but everywhere in Nature too. The air is full of love but you need to know how to take it out from there. What is the organ of love in the human body? Answer: The heart. That is what people think but do people really love with the heart? It has been noticed that when a person starts feeling love, his heart gets agitated, his stomach gets upset and his brain refuses to think. The hotter a person’s love is the more his bodily organs get upset and refuse to function properly. It is known at the same time that love brings no harm to people. Which is the organ of love then? You have no right to burden your heart with unnecessary work, unnecessary desires. The heart’s task is not to love and to wish for this or that. Its work lies in blood circulation. If you overburden it with excessive work you will get it upset, and once it gets upset the same will happen to the stomach and the brain as well. This overall disorder in the organism will force all cells to go on a general strike and give up working. Whatever task a person undertakes, it needs to be in agreement with all the cells of his organism. If all cells give their permission for their master to love somebody, only then is he allowed to express his love. Violence of any kind against the cells is not allowed. They are conscious and are able to make a judgment as to which love should be allowed to express itself and which one shouldn’t. What contemporary people call love is nothing but temporary pleasure not unlike drinking alcohol. Today someone gets drunk, tomorrow you see him sober. Real love entails a manifestation of the whole human being who understands the language and laws of Living Nature and communicates with it. The man of Love is a man of conscious sacrifice. He is brave and determined and never gets discouraged. He expands all the time. If you a see a person getting narrower, more limited in his mind or heart, he has no Love. If you see a stooped person who can barely move and doesn’t like walking, this person has no Love either. A loving person is quick, agile, smart, and considerate in all his actions. Love is the right environment for the soul to live in. If it comes to its natural environment – Love, the soul develops properly which leads to the proper development of the mind, heart and will as well. All of humanity’s efforts and aspiration boil down to this namely – finding its natural living environment and working there. Many people have already found their initial natural conditions for development and have started working; others are about to find them and to start working properly. You should know one thing: sooner or later all people will arrive at their natural conditions for development and will start working consciously. As disciples you need to put your attention on your tiny, microscopic acts of self-expression, you should observe yourself, control yourself, see how you act. Great gentleness is required of all of you in all your actions – from the smallest to the biggest ones. You need to look into each other, help each other, participate in each other’s trials. Some people are completely indifferent to the suffering of their fellow men. They pass them by as if they can’t see them. If you aren’t compassionate towards people, compassion towards animals or plants is completely out of the question. Someone passes by some children and sees that they are playing with a bird and tormenting it. He stops in front of them, looks at them, smiles and moves on. He says to himself: “It’s just a bird!” So, if it’s a bird, it can be tormented. – No, an empathetic, compassionate person will stop in front of the children, give them some money for the bird, put it in his pocket and set it free in a short while. Therefore the hardships and suffering that a person goes through are nothing but a prison, a cell in which naughty children have placed him in order to torment him. There is no person in the world who has never fallen into a trap placed in his path by unconscious beings. After he cries and suffers for a long time, conscious higher beings from the Invisible world come down to set him free. Once the person is free, he forgets to give thanks for the freedom that these beings have given back to him. He thinks that he has freed himself. For as long as he is the trap, the person feels disheartened and desperate, he wants to commit suicide but once he is out of the trap he forgets everything and says that it isn’t worth despairing. He shouldn’t forget that some conscious being has paid a price to set him free. People end up in such traps many times until they finally learn their lesson, and when they see such traps in the future, they run from afar. The world is full of conscious beings who help people and free them from the slavery and the limitations they have come upon. They help those who help their fellow men too. Do Good and do not be afraid. Start with the microscopic acts of good will and move towards bigger ones. Do not be afraid of wasting your time. A microscopic act of good will requires less than a minute. By working in this way you will gradually prepare yourself for taking in the New and for acquiring the New Life. The New penetrates science, religion, art, music, poetry and literature – Life in its entirety. Strive towards the New Life which gives meaning to everything. Exercises 1. Hands up, palms facing forward, thumbs wrapped around each other. Then the hands separate and the arms make a wide semicircle backwards, arms fully straight. We bring the arms forward, kneel and make a scooping movement with the arms. We stand up, bring the hands in front of the chest, palms facing down and fingers of both hands against each other. 2. Everyone stands up, arms down. The right leg and right arm open up to the side (first the leg, then the arm).Our thought and attention concentrate first on the leg and move from there to the arm. The same exercise is done with the left leg and left arm. 3. Strong rhythmic movement of the arms in a circle: we raise the arms first, then bring them back (the body straightens fully), arms come down accompanied by kneeling, then scooping and standing up. The same exercise is repeated many times simultaneously by everyone, at a slower or faster tempo but always rhythmically. Always be loyal, truthful, pure and benign!
  4. Беседата на български Translated by Victoria Koleva REAL VALUES Year 5, Lecture 13 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) Given by the Master Beinsa Douno On February 07, 1926, Sunday 19.00h, Sofia - Izgrev Always be loyal, truthful, pure and benign! Contemplation For next time please write on the following topic: “What am I thinking of now?” This “now” is always there: it has no beginning and no end. We are always in the present, it is always “now”. Contemporary people are afraid to share freely their opinion on different topics. Why? – Because they are afraid of making a bad impression. Maybe their thoughts are not in agreement with other people’s opinions or they have rather extreme opinions and ideas. If someone has shared a secret with them, again they are afraid to express an opinion in order not to reveal the secret. The human mind is a station through which letters and telegrams are transmitted from one person to another, from one country to another or even from the Earth to the Heavens and back. Therefore, if the human mind as a station has received some oral or written communication in the form of a letter or a telegram, it has no right to transmit what it has heard, it has no right to reveal other people’s secrets. A person has the right to share only that which relates to himself. Whatever doesn’t relate to him personally is a state secret or a secret of Nature. No one has the right to reveal Nature’s secrets. When somebody breaks this law, Nature hides the keys to its stations for him. What should a person talk about – what he has already done or what he is thinking of doing? There is a point in talking about what he has already done because he has already achieved a result or gained some experience. However there is no point in talking about what he is thinking of doing if he hasn’t done it yet. He doesn’t know if the opportunity will come to actually do what he is thinking of doing. There are three ways to reveal what a person has done: by saying exactly what happened as it happened, by exaggerating or by diminishing things. Each fact needs to be revealed exactly the way it happened. If you want to say something about your friend, you should reveal one of his main traits which distinguishes him from other people. You could talk about one of the main traits of his mind, his heart or his will. What can you say about his mind? If you say that he has a bright mind, this is a common trait. Even if you say that he is a poet, a musician or an artist, this is also general information. You need to reveal the characteristics of his poetry which distinguish him from any other poet. There are many poets, musicians and artists but the art of each of these people has some individual, specific characteristics. In the same way we could ask the question: what is the difference between a human and an animal? Animals have negative characteristics. Because they have lived in unfavourable conditions, animals have developed a number of negative traits: doubt, suspicion, fear, envy, jealousy, etc. These traits are present in all animals – from the smallest ones to humans. Therefore all negative traits in humans are there because of the time they spent in the animal kingdom. They are remnants of the animals. They represent the animal nature in humans. Not all feelings and actions of animals are an expression of weakness. For example fear, which is highly developed in animals, serves even in humans as a protective tool against the dangers in life. Who doesn’t run away when he sees a bear? Who doesn’t hide from Nature’s elements? However brave a person may be, he will surely flinch when faced with an unexpected event, some danger or Nature’s elements. Once upon a time there lived on Earth a man who didn’t know fear. He started a journey in order to discover fear and find out what people are afraid of. He travelled through seas and oceans, he battled the waves but didn’t experience any fear. He climbed mountain peaks and was attacked by wild beasts, but still didn’t experience any fear. He fought against the elements, he fought against illnesses and still didn’t get to know fear. One day he sat in a field to have breakfast. He opened his bag, took out his bread and a mouse jumped out of the bag together with the bread. He shuddered and dropped the bread out of his hand. After that he said: “I realized what fear is.” What does this example show? – That the reason for fear can be very small. A person can become scared of something small. He doesn’t need to encounter some large beast in order to get scared. A small mouse can cause fear in a person. Bulgarians express this idea through the following saying: “The small stone tipped the cart over.” When it comes to human psychological life, the same saying can be translated as follows: “The smallest negative thought is able to change a person’s disposition.” The small stone which tips the cart over could be a negative word, a negative thought or a negative feeling. However in reality the small stone can’t tip the cart over. I will now ask you the following: what is the most important question for today? Why did Mendeleev place gold in the first group of elements in his table? What was the characteristic according to which he placed it in the first group? Answer: According to its valence. What is the valence of gold? Answer: First and third valence. What is the difference between tin and lead? Answer: They belong to the same group but they differ in atomic structure. Tin is lighter than lead. Their difference in atomic weight gives them different physical characteristics. However from a chemical point of view the two metals have something in common which is why they have been placed in the same group of elements. If we compare gold to tin and lead, gold is considered a precious metal, whereas tin and lead are non-precious. Gold has become a precious metal owing to its long period of evolution. Because of the nobility and intelligence of its atoms, it is of a higher evolutionary rank compared to all non-precious metals. However there is a difference between the different atoms of gold as well. For example the gold atoms present in plants differ from those present in animals. The latter, on the other hand, are different from those present in the human organism. Therefore in the same way that different gold atoms have different levels of intelligence, depending on where they are, the atoms of other elements also differ in their levels of intelligence. The higher evolutionary rank a certain form has, the more intelligent are the atoms that it is made of. In order to reach a higher level of development, the atom needs to go through all four kingdoms: the kingdom of minerals, plants, animals and humans. Depending on which atoms of the elements enter the human organism and which kingdom they come from, they induce a number of harmonious or disharmonious states in it. The more stable the atoms of the elements which make up the human organism, the better the qualities that they endow the person’s character with. So each element brings positive and negative traits into the human organism. A conscious person, however, uses the positive traits, the positive influences of elements and closes himself for the negative ones. You will ask yourselves what negative influence gold could possibly have. Gold develops greed in people. If a person strives towards gold simply as a metal of high value, he becomes greedy. The idea enters his mind that one cannot live without money. If he internalizes this idea and makes it his flesh and blood, it will be hard for him to free himself from it. It is better for him to have more organic gold rather than external, material gold. If one doesn’t get addicted to gold, it is good to have at least one gold coin and transfer it from hand to hand in order to absorb some of the gold’s energy. Paper banknotes in whatever amounts cannot have the same effect as that of a gold coin. Paper money is dead. It doesn’t elevate a person, it makes him petty. When analyzing blood chemists have found a certain amount of organically connected metals, but they haven’t found any gold. This doesn’t mean that human blood contains no organic gold. It exists, but they haven’t been able to find it. Why? – Because gold influences the higher manifestations of human character. Therefore it exists in a special etheric, very fine state of matter which is hard to analyze. Gold contains a great amount of stored energy in a condensed form. A person who understands the laws of alchemy can dissolve this energy, thin it out and use the hidden power of the gold in his organism. So it is right for people to love gold but they are unable to use its energies. For now people make use of gold insofar as they need it in their physical, material life. In order to make proper use of the energies of the elements which make up his organism, a person needs to work on himself, on his character. By working consciously on himself, he will change his understanding of things and will start living according to the laws of Living Mindful Nature. In this way he will free himself from the contradictions which the whole of humanity encounters. For as long as you encounter contradictions you cannot solve, you will always have a scraped skin. This shouldn’t frighten you. What is so frightening about somebody getting the skin of his hand scraped? If it gets scraped you will anoint it with some olive oil, bandage it and let it heal. When you let it heal in peace, the wound will get covered with a scab which will fall on its own without you picking at it. New healthy skin will appear under it. Therefore, if you want your wound to heal easily, let Nature work on it. She takes care of all violations of her laws. She is capable of correcting everything herself. For as long as a person keeps picking at his own wounds, i.e. at his shortcomings, he will always complicate matters and create a big ulcer out of his small wound. So if you see a wound in yourself, take a look at it, bandage it and say to yourself: “It will heal.” Don’t fight your shortcomings, but develop your positive qualities instead. Make use of them and set your faith on the powers of Mindful Nature. If you want to correct your shortcomings, give an impulse to the conscious life inside you. Your shortcomings are not only yours. They are shortcomings of the whole of humanity, which it has acquired in the space of thousands and millions of years, since the beginning of life. Since you know this, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your shortcomings but simply work on correcting them. Now I would like you to draw a small circle and follow its course of movement. Let’s mark this circle with the letter A (fig.1). Without getting larger the circle A can move to the right in order to come to point B. From there it can move up towards point C. So in the physical world the circle can move from one place to another and change its direction. The movement of circle A represents a movement of thought. When changing its place, however, thought gets transformed as well. Which thoughts can be transformed: the good ones or the bad ones? Can a bad thought be transformed into a good one? A bad thought can be replaced by a good one, but it cannot be transformed into a good one. The same can be said about human negative feelings. Positive and negative feelings in humans are defined by the external stimuli in him. For example, if they put heated coal on somebody’s hand, he will experience pain which will invoke an unpleasant, painful feeling in him. If, however, they point a soft light beam to his eye, he will experience a pleasant joyful feeling. As you can see, the external stimulus awakens both pleasant and unpleasant feelings in a person but feelings and thoughts themselves can be neither good nor bad. When you remove the stimulus which provokes the unpleasant feelings, they also disappear with it. If a speck of dust enters someone’s eye it will cause him pain which in its turn will arouse an unpleasant, painful feeling in him. What does this show? – It shows that the speck of dust as a stimulus hasn’t ended up in the right place. It shouldn’t enter the human eye but go into space instead, among the water drops, and bring rain. The rain will be beneficial for the plants. One needs to be aware of the fact that the dust doesn’t enter one’s body by accident, he has attracted it himself. In the same way you attract your thoughts from space. You believe that some thoughts are good and others are bad. However thoughts which are bad for you are good and necessary to Nature. If it didn’t need them, it wouldn’t allow them to exist. It allows them to, therefore it believes that they contain elements which are necessary to life in its entirety. Imagine that one of you has a father who is a chemist; he has his own laboratory with different acids and poisonous substances and he has strictly forbidden you to touch any of the bottles containing the acids. One day you enter your father’s laboratory without his permission and start opening one bottle after another and trying their contents. Shortly after, you start complaining of an upset stomach. You go and ask your father why your tongue and mouth have been burnt and why your stomach is upset. You father realizes immediately that you have been to the laboratory and you have touched the acids. He says: “Since you have broken my rules you will bear the consequences of this violation.” When the son wants to enter his father’s laboratory, or to put it in a broader context – the laboratory of Living Nature, he needs to connect with it and together they can start studying its elements and laws. The same applies to human thoughts and feelings. When you come to a certain thought or a feeling, don’t be in a hurry to internalize them before examining first their qualities and the laws they are subjected to. What are the distinguishing characteristics of a good thought? – A good thought needs to move. Moreover its movement needs to be strictly determined – it needs to move around the Sun. In this case the Sun is a centre which the thought constantly moves around. In the same way that the Earth revolves constantly around its axis as well as around the Sun, a good thought also needs to maintain these two centers in its movement. The two centers are two poles which the thought moves between. For as long as a thought doesn’t move between two poles, it is there as potential only. Once it starts moving between two poles, it gets into a kinetic state, i.e. it starts manifesting. It isn’t only thoughts that have two states – a kinetic one and a potential one, but so do humans as well. For as long as he or she is awake, with a conscious mind, a person chronicles everything which is happening around him; once he falls asleep, he can’t chronicle anything. He doesn’t know what is happening around him or on the Earth. There are beings who chronicle everything that happens on Earth. However this requires a continuity of consciousness. A day will come when humans will also remain constantly aware. Then they will know what is being done anywhere anytime. At his current level of development a human is incapable of perceiving everything that happens on the Earth because he wouldn’t be able to handle that. That is why when a person passes through dangerous places, his consciousness darkens; once he crosses over the dangerous zone and comes out in a beautiful place, his consciousness brightens again. There are dark zones for each person’s consciousness which he inevitably has to go through. Everyone goes through a circle of consciousness every day by alternately going down to hell and ascending back to heaven and by alternately scooping something up and filling himself or pouring something out and emptying himself. He scoops up pure water from above and mud and slime from below. That is the only explanation why sometimes a human is as good as an angel, while at other times he is bad, angry, dissatisfied with himself and everybody else. He doesn’t believe anybody, doesn’t believe himself either. A person can be doubtful, he may not believe but only on a given occasion, not throughout his life. Someone doubts that he is able to learn his lesson. However this refers only to a given lesson, not to all lessons. Moreover, if he can’t learn it at a given moment, he will learn it at some other point in time. Everybody talks about real things but if you ask them which human wish is real, they can’t give an answer. Imagine that you are travelling on a hot summer day and you haven’t drunk any water for three days in a row. Your throat is dry, your legs are shaking from the thirst, you can barely move. However you meet someone and ask him if he knows where one can find water. At that moment you aren’t interested in anything but the water. Your thought of water and your need to drink some is the only real thing for you. The person you meet tells you that there is a pure spring half a kilometer away. You get happy immediately, your face lightens up and you start going faster. So only what one needs at a given moment is real from him. Once he gets to the real, a person develops a special opinion about things. There is no special opinion when it comes to real things, however. Once a person achieves the real which he has strived towards, then he starts making choices. If it is a mountain, then he starts choosing between this or that pathway, between sitting on this or that particular place. Therefore a person can have a special opinion only after he has satisfied a major need of his. So what are the most important elements that a person needs? – The most important and necessary elements for humans are water, air, fire and earth. Why do people remain dissatisfied even after having these elements? Remaining satisfied while your wishes haven’t been satisfied is an art. What would be better: to satisfy human wishes or not to satisfy them? How many wishes should be fulfilled out of every one hundred? Have you calculated how many of your wishes have been fulfilled out of every one hundred? For example, a child’s wish to grow up has come true but has it grown as much as it wanted to? Everybody has had the wish to become smart, beautiful, strong, but has their wish been realized the way they dreamed of it? Why can’t a person realize a wish the way he or she wants to? – Because he doesn’t have the appropriate organs for that. How can a person play the violin if he has only one finger on each hand? He can still play something, produce some noise, but not the way he would like to. When a person wants to achieve something great, he needs to have five fingers on each hand, not only one. Can a person who has one finger on each hand compete against somebody who has five? Such a competition is impossible. If a person decides to enter such a competition, he will inevitably fail and then say that he is very unfortunate in life, that Nature hasn’t gifted him the way it should have, etc. It isn’t Nature’s fault but that of the human who hasn’t worked on himself in order to develop all five fingers of the hand. The fingers of the hand represent human conscious powers that have manifested. People have had to work consciously on themselves for thousands and millions of years before for their fingers and toes grew. One of the theories of contemporary scientists claims allegorically that the possibilities for development of the human soul are hidden in the different forms of life which have been displayed in show cases in the spiritual world. Before coming down to the Earth the soul walks around these showcases and chooses its own costume, i.e. a piece of clothing for its life according to its preference. There is an endless number of forms there, starting from the smallest and coming to the biggest ones. Once it puts on one of these forms, the soul immediately begins to feel restricted and starts kicking. It keeps kicking until it frees itself from the form it has put on. After it takes off the form, the soul returns to the invisible world, but now it is rich with experience. So the choice of clothing that the soul puts on determines what kind of person it will become. If he was dissatisfied with his clothing, the next time he comes to Earth the person will carefully think about what clothing he should put on. The same law applies to human thoughts and feelings. Whatever thought a person chooses as a basis for his life, that is what he will become. This thought exerts a certain influence on him. You can’t avoid the influence of your thoughts on you, nor their consequences. Therefore, when a person chooses a form, a piece of clothing to put on, it needs to be beautiful, ideological, because it contains the possibilities for the expression of his spirit and his mind, his soul and his heart. The more beautiful and ideological the human form, the more favourable the conditions for its development. As disciples you are required to live without doubts and hesitation. In order not to doubt, your consciousness needs to be awake and your thought needs to be sober. You will only be able to make use of life under these conditions. Now you aim to achieve something big, to become a well-regarded person, without realizing that Nature has in mind for you something better than what you are striving towards. What more could you wish for than to be able to take walks to the Sun, to Jupiter, Venus or some other planet? Nature has in store for each of you a free ticket for such a walk. When a person falls asleep, he receives a free ticket for a trip somewhere close. He travels through forests and mountains, seas and oceans, he meets people, joins schools, takes exams, etc. When he gets up in the morning he is either pleased or displeased with what he has seen in his sleep. How much more beautiful planetary trips are! Now I will recommend to you the law of Love as a method of working, of applying things. Through this law you can come into contact with all your advanced brothers from the invisible world and use their knowledge and experience. If you can’t do that, you should at least get in touch with your classmates from the country. Each of you should write to them at least two or three letters a month and share the main thoughts from the lectures and talks that you listen to here. For next time I would like everyone to write down ten important questions that occupy his mind at the moment. Always be loyal, truthful, pure and benign!
  5. Беседата на български Translated by Victoria Koleva SIMPLE PROBLEMS IN MATHEMATICS Year 5, Lecture 12 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) Given by the Master Beinsa Douno On January 31, 1926, Sunday 19.00h, Sofia - Izgrev Always be loyal, truthful, pure and benign! Contemplation I will now ask you the following question: is there any correlation between sounds and human ideas? If there is one, what is it exactly? Imagine that the sounds of a violin reach your ears. Can you perceive these sounds without imagining that there is a conscious being behind the violin which produces them? There is no movement in Nature, however small it may be, which doesn’t contain some form of life. The word “живот” (Bulgarian for “life”) starts with the letter “ж”. In this letter the diagonals are the longest lines. The first limitation in life is the circle. It has four important points – the points at which two perpendicular diameters cross the circle. However, when the diameters move, the points also move with them. Therefore all points in a circle become important. The points in a circle are also points of life. Two of them are negative (magnetic), and the other two – positive (electric). This idea can be expressed geometrically with the letter “ж”. If point C in the diagram represents the centre of the Earth, and points A and B are bodies moving towards C, then the movement of these bodies towards C will be most difficult when they are closest to the centre C. It is here that they will be faced with the biggest obstacles, the greatest difficulties. Whatever they do they can’t penetrate the centre of the Earth. One can’t reach the centre of the Earth with his physical body, but it is possible to do it with one’s astral body. The same law applies to human psychological life as well. The closer one gets to the centre of the circle, the bigger the suffering one goes through. When faced with a difficulty, one closes himself in a circle. In order to manage this difficulty, one needs to come to the centre of the circle, to the most difficult conditions, and to start ascending from there. The most difficult part is getting to the centre. Once you reach it, ascending is easy. When going down towards the centre of the Earth, one needs to spread his wings and start descending gently, avoiding any concussions and injuries. You can only achieve this when you are fully conscious, fully self-aware, all the way keeping the connection between God and your soul intact. Only under these conditions can you overcome all difficulties and suffering and come out unharmed in the end. The first Christians knew these laws and maintained their connection with God through constant prayer. Scientists solve their problems in the same way. Instead of a prayer, they keep some higher idea in their minds. Each time they solve a problem, they start with this idea and then come back to it. There are three important principles when solving a problem: you work either with negative values, i.e. under the negative influences of Nature, or with positive values, i.e. under the positive influences of Nature, or by reconciling the positive and negative values, i.e. through equality. Wherever there is equality, intelligent forces work in all directions. When you work with positive and negative values in Mathematics, at some point you have to find a method of subjecting these values to an equation. Therefore solving a problem doesn’t involve only operating with the positive and negative signs in front of the values, but it requires their transformation also. For example, if you do the following addition: (a+b) + (a-b), the result will be 2a. If you do the subtraction (a+b) - (a-b), the result will be 2b. Imagine that “a” is an apple seed and “b” is the soil where you plant the apple seed. When the seed sprouts and grows into a plant, it absorbs some of the elements in the soil and becomes “a2 + b2”. If you add and subtract (a2 + b2) and (a2 - b2), the results will be again 2 a2 and 2 b2. Whatever explanation you give to these operations from the standpoint of physical mathematics, they can’t actually be explained. However psychological or spiritual mathematics can clarify these operations because it works with living forces which move in more than three dimensions. When the apple tree grows, the soil gradually loses its energetic potential. Once the soil’s energetic potential is depleted, the apple stops developing. It stops growing. When a person comes to Earth he needs physical, material conditions for development. Without such conditions his development ceases. I am giving you these examples in order to make you reflect on all arithmetic and algebraic operations, be it from the point of view of elementary or higher mathematics, to translate them properly in your minds and make use of them. If you don’t understand them, you may be faced in life with a problem of higher mathematics and experience a great contradiction. Coming to a contradiction is the same as entering a marsh, stepping on unstable ground. You could find yourself in such a position in science too. For example in mathematics you could come to a place outside of the physical world, where things become invisible and you still have to assume that they exist, i.e. they exist as something real. You say that there is no world other than the physical world. Why? Because you only know the world of three dimensions. In other words, nothing exists outside of these three dimensions for you. However nowadays higher mathematics speaks not only of a fourth dimension, but also of a fifth, a sixth, a seventh one. In order to understand these abstract issues, one needs to assume that there are many other possibilities in Nature that one is unaware of. You are only familiar with a few of these and based on that you draw your conclusions. You only know those manifestations in life which originate from the manifestations of the previous day. However there are many possibilities for the manifestations of human life. Today lays the foundations for what will come tomorrow. Is this possible? – Yes, it is. How can this be proven? - It can be proven mathematically. Let’s assume that “a” represents wheat which was first in the store room, then it was planted in the soil “b”. This will lead to a negative standpoint - an empty store room. After some time the wheat will grow, multiply, take some elements from the soil and turn into “b2”. Now we will have a positive process, i.e. something will be gained and added to the wheat. Can the new wheat which has grown in the field be contained in the same store room? - No, it can’t. It has grown significantly in quantity. Here we have processes of ascending. This shows that we work simultaneously with positive and negative values in life and this happens not only in a straight line, but also in other directions which need to be taken into consideration. There are ascending as well as descending positive and negative values. Therefore if positive values are in the process of descending, matter multiplies, but at the same time becomes impossible to organize. Internal rotting starts to take place. In order to stop the process of rotting, matter needs to be dried up. Increasing and decreasing, i.e. thinning and thickening of matter happen everywhere in Nature. When the soil hardens for example, it becomes very thick and unusable. In order for it to soften, rain definitely needs to come. How can you express sun rays, rain and drought with mathematical values? When doing these calculations, you also need to take the weather into consideration. When you work with these values you need to make them homogeneous and then do a number of algebraic operations with them. When you work with algebra, you need to come to the point of bringing it inside you. Your body is the soil and your ideas are the seeds you plant in this soil. When you are faced with certain difficulties, this shows that the seeds are more than what the soil can accommodate and offer conditions for growth to. A person wishing to realize more ideas than what his conditions allow him to, doesn’t abide by Nature’s laws. According to the laws of Mindful Nature an idea can only develop at a particular time and place. Two ideas can’t develop at the same time. At any given moment you need to keep only one main idea in your mind. Once you have realized this idea, then you can put your attention on another one, but a certain amount of time needs to pass between the realizations of two different ideas. A person who breaks one of the laws of Mindful Nature will find himself facing great difficulties. Contemporary people are happy when things go well in their life. They need to know what they owe their happiness to and make sure that their success isn’t similar to that of wheat grains that have landed on rocky ground, between thistles or on the road. If their success is grounded in a rocky soil, it will soon collapse. If their success has grown between thistles, it will inevitably be strangled. And finally, if it is on the road, birds will devour it. Each idea which has been placed on the road, between thistles or on rocky ground can’t develop properly and can’t bear any fruit. Therefore, when a person comes to Earth he needs to examine the ways in which ideas fail, as well as those which make ideas flourish. The soil on which thistles grow is good, but these thistles need to be removed first before the wheat is planted. Rocky soil is unfavourable for wheat but one can get good building stones from it. A conscious person who understands life will not plant wheat on rocky soil but will use this soil as a quarry and will thus create good conditions for himself. The road, on the other hand, on which people and cars move, is inappropriate for planting wheat. It is a means of communication. Contemporary people listen to talks on different topics and say in the end: “We aren’t interested in this today. This isn’t important for us”. These people are right. There is something which is important for the person in that case, but it is a question of whether this important thing can contribute to his happiness in some way. Maybe what is important for a person today will bring him the biggest unhappiness tomorrow. Therefore one needs to understand the importance of things and to know what he should strive towards. This applies not only to other people, but to you as well. The disciple needs to think properly and understand the importance of both bigger and smaller things. A fisherman took his fishing rod, tied to a cane on the river bank and threw it in the water. Then he left and went home to do some work. At that time, having seen the fishing rod from afar, a curious fish got interested in the swinging object in the water. It approached the rod and saw something unusual. It opened its mouth to try it but felt immediately that its moth has gotten hooked on that unusual thing and couldn’t be released. It jumped up and down a few times but it couldn’t free itself. At the same time a passer-by saw the fish jumping up and down and asked it: “What are you doing here?” – “I am doing a folk dance, but I don’t know how to free myself from it. Please help me!” The passer-by was a famous wise man. He put himself in its shoes and said: “Listen, you have taken up a task which isn’t for you. You want to examine the length of the radii in a circle, but this is a difficult science, it isn’t appropriate for you yet. Come closer now”. The fish approached the bank, the wise man removed the hook from its mouth and said: “Go on, be free now! Go swim in the water again and tell your friends that it isn’t their time yet to study the length of the radii in a circle”. The fish started swimming lightly in the water and thanked the wise man for setting it free. Indeed the fish needs to thank this passer-by because if the fisherman had come earlier it would have found itself in a world it doesn’t belong to. What conclusion can you draw from this example? It shows that there are a number of thoughts and wishes in a person whose time to be realized hasn’t arrived yet. Therefore a person shouldn’t be interested in those thoughts and wishes whose time to be realized hasn’t yet come. If he starts being interested in them, they will inevitably bring him pain and suffering. The fisherman will come and get him hooked on his rod. Then he will jump up and down in his mind in order to find a way of freeing himself from suffering. When a person has the right thoughts, at some point he will definitely meet the wise man who will free him from the rod. In this case the wise man is a person’s intuition which is the only thing that can help him free himself from the limitations of his ordinary thought. Until your intuition comes to your aid, you will be in the position of a scientist examining issues which he isn’t yet ready for. His intuition will ask him: “What are you doing here?” – “I am doing a folk dance, I am moving along the side of a circle in order to study its radii.” His intuition will answer: “You can’t examine this issue today. However one day when you reach a higher level of consciousness and become a master of your circumstances, then you will solve this issue.” This means: leave aside all thoughts and wishes which you aren’t ready for yet. When you become your own master, then you can start studying them. Now let’s come back to the formula: “a+b”. The letter “a” signifies the human mind, and “b” – the human heart. How can we express this formula verbally? We can say that the abilities of the mind and those of the heart are equal to the abilities of the will: a2 + b2 = c2. Therefore the powers of the mind and the heart flow into the will like tributaries. In other words, the powers of water (a) and those of the wind (b) create a result ©: a2 + b2 = c2. Water represents human feelings and air – human thought. The will manifests only under the influence of human thoughts and feelings. Will exists only wherever thoughts and feelings exist. Without thoughts and feelings the will doesn’t act. Each act of will is dictated by those thoughts and feelings which are operating at a given moment. That is why there is a saying: “A person is that which he thinks and feels”. If a person’s feelings are positive and ascending, they will have matching results. A person’s willpower depends on the power of his thoughts and wishes. The stronger the images created by a person’s thoughts and wishes are, the more active his will is. Tell someone that a given person is his enemy and step aside. This image will grow in him and give him power and a stimulus to fight his enemy, to oppose him. A strong image of something is enough to make a person always remain on the alert. Some people are afraid of snakes, others – of mice. Just try pronouncing the word snake or mouse in front of such people and you will find out just how active they are. Their will’s hidden activity will come to the surface and they can start running or hiding. Some excellent brave swimmers are afraid of leeches. When it comes to swimming, they are ready to swim in the water for kilometers in a row, but as soon as they see a leech they withdraw and go back. The sight of a leech terrifies them, even if it is in a bottle. A person needs to study himself in order to know which images paralyze his will and counteract them. He needs to use methods for regaining one’s balance. The snake’s image has a negative impact on some people. How can they release this fear? – By applying something positive in their will. In this case Love will save the day. It has been written in the scriptures:”Love excludes fear. Faith excludes superstition”. Therefore Love drives fear away from people and faith will bring Light to their minds. In order to reach faith, one needs to study the pathways of Light. Nowadays people talk about everything: love, faith, brotherhood, equality, etc. However they haven’t yet paid enough attention to issues which are close to them and which their well-being depends on. For example, how have they solved the issue of nutrition? Do they know what food it is appropriate to eat on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc.? Do they know what kind of food they should eat in the morning, at lunch and at dinner? You would say that these are simple things which a person shouldn’t bother with. For you it is enough for a person to eat something, it doesn’t matter what food he ate and when he did that. Or you would say that the more lavish his food is, the better it is for him. It isn’t so. The issue of nourishment is a mathematical problem which may be simple but it needs to be solved by all means. Until you solve this problem correctly, all your efforts to complete greater and more complicated tasks will remain unsuccessful. Once you solve the problem of nourishment, you will have to solve the problem of sleep. Do you know when you should go to bed and when you should get up? You would say that this depends on the circumstances. – No, external circumstances in life cannot change the laws of Mindful Nature. It has strictly determined for each person when he should go to bed and when he should get up. Therefore each person needs to find the time that was determined for him to do that. The hen, for example, goes to bed before sunset and gets up before sunrise. When a person has solved the problems of nourishment and sleep correctly, this means that he has achieved a certain amount of harmony between his thoughts and his feelings. Once he has achieved this toning, he is ready to solve all other problems correctly as well. He solves them quickly and without making mistakes while other people will need months or years to do that. They will use a lot of energy and achieve only microscopic results. Human thought needs to be fresh and lively. If it isn’t lively and doesn’t have the necessary Light, it cannot manage the contradictions in life. Nature knows no contradictions. It allows no discouragement. “But we are suffering. Doesn’t Nature see our tears, our hardships?” When Nature sees tears in your eyes, Nature says: “My children are clever. They have opened their springs to water their gardens.” When it sees that people’s tears stop flowing, Nature rejoices and says: “My children are clever because they have keys with which they open and close their springs, all according to their needs.” When it sees a person in despair who is planning to jump off a cliff, Nature says: “This child of mine has decided to fly before its time. One day it will learn its lesson.” Therefore you need to study the language of Nature. Come into contact with her and start thinking correctly. – “But we study a lot!” – It is not a question of studying a lot. You need to study little, but consciously. And whatever you learn, you need to apply it in life. Nowadays people study a lot but gain very little. They work a lot but use little. Nowadays people touch things but can’t see them. A person who has developed his clairvoyance works with seeing, not with touching. Thus he will free himself from the unnecessary matter which burdens his nervous system. However, for as long as one lives under unfavourable conditions in life, he needs a lot of things. If he studies a lot but gains little, this shows namely that his living conditions are unfavourable. A person who has toned himself can gain a lot by studying for three hours only but with love. This isn’t the case with everybody. If an ordinary pupil or student studies for three hours a day, he can’t succeed. This applies to conscious students who have come into contact with Living Nature and abide by her laws. Nature gives people time and energy and orders them to save energy and use more time instead. It doesn’t allow for her energy to be wasted. It disposes of energy in abundance, but doesn’t allow anyone to waste it. A person who breaks this law is doomed to suffering. This is the reason why it is recommended that disciples work consciously on themselves in order to harmonize their thoughts and feelings and come to a state of consciously using Nature’s energy. A person who saves energy, gains energy – he doesn’t age prematurely. Today everyone complains of premature ageing. Why? – Because they waste their energy. A conscious person is someone who remains lively and capable of working from youth to old age. A conscious person doesn’t get influenced by external circumstances. There may be storms, winds or rain – he knows that everything is in its place. Storms will come and go. Rains will flow and overflow. These are natural processes which need to fulfill their purpose. The disciple, however, needs to think correctly, feel correctly and act correctly. Always be loyal, truthful, pure and benign!
  6. Беседата на български Translated by Victoria Koleva VOWELS AND CONSONANTS Year 5, Lecture 11 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) Given by the Master Beinsa Douno On January 24, 1926, 19.00h, Sofia Always be loyal, truthful, pure and benign! Contemplation A summary on the topic “The most useful plant” was read. The disciples’ essays on the topic “The strongest vowel and the softest consonant” were read. When you write your essays you need to be free and not feel disturbed by anything. Each essay is an exercise for the mind. In order to write something, one has to think. The letters that languages use are also used in mathematics to signify numbers. Why do the letters “x, y, z” signify unknown numbers? Answer: Mathematicians have decided to use the first letters of the alphabet to signify known numbers and the last ones – to signify unknown numbers. In my opinion “x” signifies an unknown number because it represents a circle which has been divided by its diameter into two equal parts, which for some unknown reason have turned upside down and have thus formed this letter. What is unknown is how exactly these two parts have turned upside down in order to form the letter “x”. We want to find out which force, which reason has divided the circle into two equal parts and in some unknown way has first turned these parts upside down and then united them into the letter “x”. The same reason, the same force works on the grain of wheat which has been planted in the ground and forces it to break open and sprout. When we come to the letter “y” we see a symbol which Egyptians used to signify a human being which has been turned upside down. We can’t explain to ourselves why the human being has turned upside down. In the future this letter needs to be turned back up to signify a human standing straight, with his head up. Plants are also in the position of the letter “y”. Their head still lies buried in the ground. The letter “z” on the other hand represents a circle transversely divided into two parts. Under the impact of some force these two parts have somehow turned and formed the letter “z” – a symbol of multiplication. Therefore each sign, each letter has a hidden idea behind it. In that sense letters represent ideas which have been expressed figuratively. As disciples you have nothing else to do but to study the ideas hidden in letters. Which letters did you define as the strongest vowels and the softest consonants? The letters “а, о, u” were noted as strong vowels and the letters “h, m, l, s” – as soft consonants. If you combine the letters “a, o” with the letter “h”, you will form the particles “ah, oh” which are common for all people - the English, the Germans, the French, the Bulgarians, the Turks, etc. How do you determine the softness of consonants? – By their way of pronunciation. The less resistance you feel when pronouncing a letter, the softer it is. When you combine the letter “m” with some vowels, you can form the following syllables: “ma, mo, mi, mu, am, om, im, um”. Do the vowels soften the “m” or does the “m” soften the vowels? Do vowels give their qualities to consonants or is it the other way round? When you pronounce consonants try to notice which organs take part in the process – the tongue, the palate or the lips. At the same time make note of the amount of pressure you feel when you pronounce the different consonants. When you pronounce the sound “m” you feel your lips being stopped. When you pronounce the sound “ah” you feel a constriction in the larynx, at the root of the tongue. When you pronounce the sound “l” the tongue stops at the palate. The letter “s” on the other hand represents the sound that snakes and geese use. When you hear this sound you become cautious. It is a sound that warns a person to beware of the gap he might fall into. Some animals use the sound “moo”. The cow moos. The letter “m” symbolizes something. It signifies matter as a substance. At the same time it signifies matter as pure potential. Therefore the word “mama” (Bulgarian for “mum”) which has been formed by combining two “ma” syllables represents the matter that humans have been made of. By the word “mama” we understand that which has given us shape and which is manifest in us. The syllable “ma” is repeated two times. The English like abbreviating words, that is why they often use the syllable “ma”. Now when you study the strength of vowels and the softness of consonants you can use them as a method of transforming your mental and emotional states. You can use different letters to transform different kinds of states. Imagine that you are a student who has failed his exam. How will you influence yourself – with vowels or with consonants? You will pronounce different vowels and consonants until your negative disposition is completely gone. Each negative condition, be it physical or mental, can be cured in one of two ways – either with a method which is similar to the reason that caused it or with a method which is contrary to it. For example you can cure frozen hands and feet with cold, not with heat. Burnt organs can be cured using heat. You anoint them with olive oil because it absorbs the heat and thus frees the organism of the excess heat which it took on with the burn. When the organism experiences a cold, it has absorbed a certain type of energy which isn’t in harmony with it. In order to transform this energy one needs external help. Transforming energies and mental states is easier said than done. What is the position of a student who has failed his PhD exam? He has worked, studied, written and at one point he is faced with a failure. When he comes back home he sits on a chair, lets his head sink and starts thinking: “What did the professor do to me? He buried me in the ground the way they bury plants during planting.” That is what a sinking head means. However he isn’t satisfied with this. He stands up from the chair, starts walking around nervously and converses with the professor in his mind: “Why did you fail me? Why did you bury me in the ground? This is unfair.” Then he sits down on the chair again, starts clenching his fists and threatening the professor. After reflecting for some time, he stands up from the chair again, starts walking around and says to himself: “Why am I imagining things? I can’t do anything to him, but I can start studying hard and working hard to correct my PhD thesis and then I will present it to the commission once again”. When he reaches this decision he lifts his head and starts walking around the room calmly. These are psychological states that every human goes through. When a person suffers, he sits down, stands up, moves. Without these movements he wouldn’t be able to handle such great psychological pressure. He sits down, thinks, wonders, threatens: “Hm, I’ll let him pay for that!” Then some bright idea enters his mind, he jumps up from the chair immediately and cries out joyfully: “Yes, this is how I will act in order to show that I am also noble in character!” When a number of internal processes happen in a person’s soul, he needs to express them through some symbols. If you observe such a person you will be able to see the storm happening inside him: it will alternately calm down and re-emerge until the issue is finally solved. It isn’t easy to handle one’s internal experiences. Knowing this, do not judge the person but try to help him in some way. Let’s come back to vowels and consonants as a method of transforming states. If you are indisposed or sad, start influencing yourselves first by using the vowels, then the consonants. If your state doesn’t change after pronouncing all vowels and consonants, start combining them into syllables. When doing this exercise, try to notice which vowels or consonants will lead to a change in your mental state. Do this exercise on yourselves or on some friend of yours and see what conclusion you will reach. Work with the letters ten evenings in a row for half an hour each evening, between 9.00 and 10.00pm. Observe carefully the influence that letters have on your psychological life. This is a science that can be applied in life. Everybody uses it, consciously or unconsciously. Consonants represent a closing of certain energies in humans, whereas vowels represent an opening of the way for these energies to come out and find an expression. Therefore one uses consonants as breaks in order not to let certain energies manifest. As a whole, letters can be used on different occasions in human life. A student starts writing an essay. He sits down, takes the pen in his hand but nothing comes to his mind. Instead of struggling to think, he should start alternately pronouncing vowels and consonants and combining them into syllables. Shortly after, a small bright thought will enter his mind. Thus he will understand that letters and syllables are tools that a skillful master can work with. People often use the syllable “oh”. What does this syllable show? – It shows that one has deviated from the right path that nature has placed him into. He has come out of the natural cycle of his movement. At the same time the syllable “oh” shows the way one can return to the right path. In Mathematics the letter “x” represents the movement of a circle to infinity and back. Therefore, when a person gets lost somewhere in infinity, he doesn’t continue moving forward but goes back instead. This means that when a person makes a mistake, he goes back. In order to correct his mistake, one needs to put it twice through his mind: he needs to confess it to himself and to others also. In order to free himself from the anguish of making a mistake or committing a sin, one needs to confess it to his next of kin. This is what the law says. Any given mistake or pain can be healed when it comes out in the open. For example, somebody gets angry and cuts his finger in his rage. Everyone keeps asking him why his hand is bandaged. He can tell the truth or hide it. If he says the truth, his wound will be healed sooner. He will undergo great trials, but a lot of people will come to his aid too. Some will help him, others will moralize him and ask him why he had been so stupid and hadn’t restrained himself, etc. He will have to endure all this but in the end he will be free. If he doesn’t tell the truth few people will know about his mistake, but it will be difficult for his wound to heal, there will be nobody to help him. When correcting his mistakes one needs to be brave and determined. Correcting one’s mistakes shouldn’t be done for the people, but for the Great Principle that you serve. As disciples you are required to possess moral strength. You have to exhibit moral strength not only in some cases but in all cases. There can be at most ten exceptions to every one hundred occasions in life. The more mistakes a person makes, the less favourable his living conditions are. For example a hungry person has the biggest opportunities to make mistakes because he lives in a dense environment. Because of his wish to quench his hunger he makes a lot of mistakes. A person who is hungry for knowledge and is looking for some means to get hold of a book makes less mistakes because his environment is less dense. A moral person on the other hand makes the least amount of mistakes. The environment he lives in is even less dense. Therefore the denser the environment one lives in, the more the resistance and the counteraction that he experiences. Now you may ask the question: What does a person have to do in order to avoid hunger? - In order to avoid hunger one shouldn’t put a brake on one’s natural desires. It has been noticed that after some illnesses of the body a great hunger is experienced. During an illness a person is subjected to a strict diet by his doctors and his family members. When he starts to heal, hunger begins to manifest in him and he starts striving for food. Therefore the brakes that are placed in human life shouldn’t be too large. They need to be placed gradually, inconspicuously. This depends on a person’s level of awareness. The more conscious a person is, the more he abides by Nature’s laws. As long as he abides by her laws, he will be free from her brakes. However an ordinary person, who doesn’t live according to the laws of Mindful Nature, has ordinary experiences with ordinary results. An ordinary person wins as much as he loses. A conscious person always ends up with abundance. If you want to know how you have spent your day – as an ordinary or as a conscious person, each night before going to bed take ten to fifteen minutes to evaluate in your mind what you have done during that day. Remember where you have been, what you have said and done etc. After this evaluation, if you find that you have made a small gain, this shows that you have spent the day well, as a conscious person. However small the gain may be, it is precious. This is the only way to build a character. This is the only way for Nature to reveal its treasures to a person. She will open her treasure chests for him to take as much as he likes. Nature trusts only people who have moral strength. Whoever tries to penetrate her powers and her secrets incognito, he will experience her whip on his back. If you want to gain Nature’s trust, you need to live differently, not the way you have lived in your past. When you enter the New Life, you will have barely noticeable, microscopic results, but that is exactly what you should be happy about. On earth you could be an ordinary person that nobody knows, and yet be known to everyone in the Heavens. That is why it has been said: “What is impossible for man is possible for God.” An exercise: Everyone stands up, arms to the side. The right arm makes a wide semi-circle at the front of the body, then the hand is placed on the left shoulder. The left arm comes forward and the right hand slides over the left arm starting from the shoulder all the way down to the wrist. During this movement the sound “aaa” is pronounced loudly. The right hand slides back up to the left shoulder. Then it moves horizontally in front of the chest and off to the side, then comes down. The same exercise is repeated with the left hand over the right arm while pronouncing the sound “aaa”. Other sounds can be pronounced in the same way: “a, i, m, l”. When doing this exercise observe the effect it will have on you. Always be loyal, truthful, pure and benign!
  7. Корекции на форматиране, превод на формулата и стандартните фрази.
  8. Беседата на български Translated by Victoria Koleva SUBTRACTION Year 5, Lecture 10 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class) Given by the Master Beinsa Douno On January 17, 1926 – Sunday, 19.00h Sofia – Izgrev Always be loyal, truthful, pure and benign! Contemplation A summary on the topic “What birds think about” was read. The disciples’ essays on the topic “The most useful plant” were read. For next time please write on the following topic: “The strongest vowel and the softest consonant in the Bulgarian alphabet”. In order to write this essay you need to carefully consider each letter of the alphabet – without rationalizing it and philosophizing about it. Pronounce the letters calmly one after the other and observe the impact that the letters will have on you. The important thing for you is the impression that you will get from each letter, not what others will say. Now I would like ten people – five brothers and five sisters to come to the blackboard and write two numbers and a letter each. The first one will write an addition of two numbers, the second one – a subtraction, the third one – a multiplication and the fourth one – a division. The following equations comprised of numbers and letters were written: 5 + 3 = a 9 – 4 = O. 2 x 4 = K. 8 : 2 = Д. 9 + 2 = б. 10 – 2 = ж. 7 x 3 = П. 5 : 2 = Н. 4 + 4 = Л. 7 – 2 = В. This is a problem that you need to solve. Which number can be seen most frequently in this problem? - The number two. Next comes the number four and the remaining numbers can be seen only one or two times each. We notice also that the result of all these four equations is the number eight. What words can you make starting with the letters that were written on the blackboard? “Вода, лодка, кола, плава, кожа, болка, вложа, влакно, etc.” (English: “water, boat, car, sails, skin, pain, invest, fiber”). I would like each of you to try and make a sentence comprising words which start with the letters that were written on the blackboard. Have you observed the influence that different numbers have on humans? Each number has a meaning. For example the number 3 represents the law of multiplication. In the following mathematical operation: “5 + 3”, the number 3 is inside, which means that one has to grow and multiply from the inside, not from the outside, and this needs to happen through the process of addition. In the following subtraction: “9 – 4”, we have the number 4 which is a positive number. Therefore, when someone is faced with a karmic issue, he or she needs to act bravely and smartly and solve it immediately. The number 9 is a result. You will take out your money and start paying. You will do the subtraction of “9 – 4”, i.e. you will pay without delay. When multiplying 2 x 4, you have a passive number and a positive one. Both are Divine numbers. The number 8 is the number of infinity, of Eternity. That is why when you work for the Truth, do not expect immediate results. The results of Truth are in Eternity. Truth doesn’t occupy itself with trifles and material issues. The seeker of Truth needs to have a broad mind, he needs to have a lot of patience. Another way of looking at numbers is from an astrological point of view – seeing which planet is related to each number. For example the number four is connected with Jupiter, nine – with the Moon, five – with Mercury. Next look at the blossoms of fruit trees and observe how many leaves each blossom has. The blossoms of cherry, plum, apple and pear trees have five sepals and five petals each. Why do these blossoms have exactly five petals and not six? It is good to study astrology in order to know which planet relates to each fruit tree. Once you know this you will use fruit consciously. If you want to experience the positive influence of a planet, you should use fruit which is connected with that planet. Have you noticed for example what influence cherries have on you? – Cherries bring joy and happiness in humans. One needs to observe the influence that fruit has not only on his physical well-being but on his character as well in order to use it as a method of educating children. You shouldn’t consume the same fruit all the time but eat it only when you consciously want to experience its positive influence. I could give you a number of rules for this but a danger exists which doesn’t allow this to happen yet. The danger lies in your critical mind. The man of the west has a highly critical mind. If some methods and rules are given to him, he starts philosophizing and thus spoils everything. He works with experiments – he needs to do a large number of experiments and reach his own conclusions. Once he passes through dense matter, then he will start crawling from the bottom up, towards the high peak. Once he reaches the peak he will estimate how much energy he has spent and then make a conclusion as to whether it is worth spending so much energy to climb to the top or it is better to save energy and choose the path of least resistance. The man of the east is a master of descent. When it comes to going up, however, he goes into a dreamy state. For example Indians are at the foot of the Himalayas, yet they make no attempts to reach the peak. The English, however, have undertaken a number of expeditions to the Himalayas and continue doing so. Their attempts are justified. They follow the spirit of occult science which says: never express an opinion about something you haven’t tried yet. Once you have tried something, you have the right to philosophize about it. For as long as he has no results yet, one needs to remain silent the way the chicken remains silent inside the egg. Until the day of its hatching arrives, it remains silently tucked inside the egg. Once it comes out of the egg, the chicken has the right to express an opinion about the world. Therefore, for as long as one lives in unfavourable conditions in life, one needs to go inward and keep silent. Once he comes out of these unfavourable conditions, he can talk about what he has learnt. While it lies under the hen for 21 days the egg is not in unfavourable conditions. However if 21 days have passed and it hasn’t hatched yet, the conditions start to limit it. If an egg isn’t used in time, it starts to spoil. We can draw the following conclusion from all this: a specific time, a certain time period is needed for the realization of human thoughts and wishes. If this time period gets shortened or prolonged, the possibility of their realization is lost. That is why an egg shouldn’t be taken from the hen before it has remained with it for 21 days, nor should it remain there for longer than those 21 days. The same law applies to seeds and to fruit as well. This law applies to human inner psychic life as well. Each human thought or wish which is in harmony with Nature always brings a certain broadening, an inner lightness with it. When it isn’t in harmony with Nature, you feel an inner constriction and limitation. Now when you get some free time make observations on your handwriting and that of those around you in order to study human character. Observe the direction in which the letters end – upwards or downwards, to the left or to the right. At the same time you should study the four mathematical operations and their application in life. For example subtraction can be applied when we look for our faults and the faults of those around us. When it comes to your faults, you need to be completely fair and impartial, to weigh them on perfectly accurate scales and neither exaggerate nor diminish them. That is the only way to build a stable character and balance the forces in your organism. An exercise: Arrange in a circle and come close to each other. Straighten the arms and bring them back. Straighten the right leg and bring it forward. Kneel slowly down bringing the arms first forward to a horizontal position, then to the side and back again. Repeat this movement of the arms a few times rhythmically. Stand up, straighten the left leg and bring it forward. Kneel down bringing the arms first forward to a horizontal position, then to the side and back again. Stand up, bring the arms to the side, then place them in front of the chest. Fingers of the hands are against each other, palms face down. Make wide semi-circles bringing the arms forward, to the side and down. Always be loyal, truthful, pure and benign!
  9. Форматиране, граматични и стилистични корекции
  10. Форматиране, граматични и стилистични корекции
  11. Форматиране, граматични и стилистични корекции
  12. Форматиране, граматични и стилистични корекции
  13. Форматиране, стилистични и граматични корекции
  14. Граматични и стилистични корекции
  15. Граматични и стилистични корекции