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  1. My Yoke „Take my yoke upon you and learn from me.“ (Matthew 11:29, 30) „Take My Yoke." This is a positive command. "Why should we take Christ's yoke?" - Because it's good and light. What will be gained from this? - We will learn to be meek and humble. You will say that these are prosaic words. The yoke is a symbol of slavery - a negative side of life. All living creatures, from the smallest to the biggest, carry one yoke. There is no being in the world, which is absolutely free from yoke. Therefore, when Christ offers people His yoke, He compares it to the yoke they alone impose on themselves. He says: „Take my yoke because it is good and light’. Indeed, every human yoke is heavy and bitter. What does the word ‚yoke’ mean? In Turkish, ‚Yok’ means ‚there is none’, in English ‚yok’ means yoke; in Hindu, ‚Yog’ means a Teacher. Therefore, Christ speaks about His Yoke in the sense of a teacher. He says: ‚Take my yoke’, i.e. accept Him as a teacher in yourselves and learn from Him. In the broad sense of the word, ‚under Yoke’ the Turk understands absence of freedom; the Englishman advises the man to put a yoke and go forward; the Hindu sees in the yoke a teacher that teaches a man to good; The Bulgarian considers the yoke as slavery. He knows this by himself. When he gets up in the morning, he puts his oxbow on his buffalo, goes after them with his groin and says, Dee! The buffalo turns back and asks their master: Why are they beating us? "Because there is no freedom in this world. Is the yoke necessary in life? In the nowadays circumstances of life, the yoke is necessary. It leads the man to suffering, labour and work. As the contemporary man has sunk deep into the matter and has connected with it, he suffers until he breaks these bonds. After that he starts to work, and his life becomes meaningful. If he realises his life, a man works. So does the chicken struggle while in the eggshell. As soon as the time for hatching approaches, it starts knocking on the shell until it breaks through and goes out into freedom. There is yoke in the free life too, however the chicken is already working to secure its livelihood. All people are enclosed in a shell, which they need to come out from. While he doesn’t feel it, a man stays in his shell quietly and calmly. As soon as he gets fed up, he suffers, makes attempts to break through and come out of it. It is important he acts in accordance with the moment of its (the shell) being broken through. If he breaks it through prematurely he will either die or he will come out but weakly and incapable of living independently. Be careful to break your shell in time. This moment in life we call the acquisition of freedom, entering into the new life. The alchemists call it the acquisition of the philosophical stone, and the Gospel speaks of it as the entry of man into the Kingdom of God. Whoever has acquired the Kingdom of God, he does not speak of it. If you hear someone constantly speaking of the Kingdom of God, you will know that he is far from it. The more a man speaks of righteousness, truth, love, morality, and wealth, the further he stands from them. As a whole, people talk about things they don’t have. The hungry man talks about the bread until he has eaten. As soon as he has eaten, he doesn’t think about the bread anymore. When he gets hungry, he starts again thinking about the bread, his imagination is working, he imagines an oven full of warm and redden breads. „For I am meek and humble of heart “. With this verse, Christ opens a new epoch for the humankind. What is the impressive in this epoch? — "The axe disappears, the servants become one with the masters, the woman and the man go together in life. Whoever has entered this age, says: I am now throwing the axe away, I release my oxen into freedom, I associate my servant with friendship, and finally I go into the kitchen and start cooking together with my wife, I go shoulder to shoulder with her in my life. Christ says: „Take my yoke upon you. “You will immediately ask yourselves: Can this yoke be taken? Is it already time? What will the results be? For two thousand years, people have been asking each other the same questions but no one asks them anymore whether they are ready or not. When they meet a man with a heavy bag, they do not ask him whether he is ready to be relieved but they take his bag and say: We have the right to take your bag. Another is the question if you can carry it; If you cannot, we come to help. If they meet a man who has harnessed oxen in his car and walks after them with a goad, they will stop the car and will tell him: My friend, unload your car and release your oxen. I will harness myself and will work instead of them. It is time that the strong, big ones start to work and replace the small and weak ones. Modern people need to get free of the double yoke - physical and spiritual, which they have encountered. In the early days of Christianity, one holly man met a big rich man, who searched for a slave to serve him. The holly man offered to the rich one to become his slave. The rich man agreed but first asked him: How much do you want me to pay you? — I am selling myself for 1000 ducats. — I agree, from today, you will be my slave and servant. The holly man performed well his work and remained two years in the rich man’s home. During this time, he managed to turn his master’s two daughters to God. In this way, he freed them from the chains of the human misconceptions. When he finished his work he told his master that he needed to leave his home. The master agreed and offered him 1000 ducats, which he owed him. However, the saint, refused to take any sum and added: Master, everything has been paid to me. I have been paid 500 ducats for each of your daughters who I turned to God. This is an allegory, which people need to learn from. The saint has not received any sum for the daughters of the rich man, but he knows that the happiness in the Heavens is great when one soul turns to God. Many talk about the Christ’s blood, the sacrifice Christ made for the humankind, about the love, the justice but when they enter their homes, their relationships with their close ones are different. The wife of one such a Christian has said: I don’t want to enter this paradise you are talking to me about. So have been saying the Chinese about the Catholics whom they have been listening talking in one way but acting in another. They often asked: Are there Catholics in the other world? — There are. — Then we don’t want to enter this paradise, which they are talking about. Therefore, there shouldn’t be a contradiction between the deeds and words of a man. Besides, when we promise something, we need to use the present tense of the verbs and not the future one. God talks always in present tense and not in future. The present belongs to God, while the future to the man. Say: I am taking the Christ’s yoke upon myself. If you say: ‚I will take the Christ’s yoke’, you lie at yourself and your neighbour. Whoever takes the Christ’s yoke, he acquires the requisite freedom. Free is this one who has learnt the laws of the meekness and humility. The salt is meek and humble. If you put it in water, it dissolves without making a noise, murmur or protest. Therefore, if you get angry with your wife that she hasn’t cooked well you are not meek and humble. — I am a good man but I am a little bit nervous.- Which man is not nervous? Whose nerves are not active? — I am neurasthenic.— There is nothing bad in the neurasthenia. The neurasthenic is this one who has winded round in the labyrinth of his thoughts and feelings, has lost his Path and cannot go out in freedom. This is the situation of a man who has to pay two - three bills in one day but doesn’t have enough money and wonders how to come out of this situation.— What is the cure of this neurasthenia? — To go to your creditor and ask him to continue the term of your bill. — My ambitiousness does not allow me to ask this and that one.— How does your ambitiousness allow you to sign so many bills? If you have signed a few bills without being in a position to pay them you have already violated your ambitiousness. Now you have nothing left apart from praying for and recovering your ambition and dignity. One Turkish cadia considered the case of a rich Turk. Before he pronounced and issued the sentence, the Turk visited the cadia and made the following request: Mr. Cadia, I will give you a hundred pounds and a pot of pure, good oil if you judge the case properly. The cadia issued the verdict in favour of the Turk. To express his gratitude, the Turk brought him the promised hundred pounds and a pot of oil. The cadia thanked, and after his farewell to the Turk, he decided to try the oil, whether it was good. As he reached forward with his hand in the pot, he was utterly surprised. Only the upper layer was butter, and in the middle of the pot there were bovine impurities. Being very angry, he sent the servant to call the Turk. The latter stood calmly before the cadia and asked him: What do you want from me? — How didn’t you have any shame to fill the pot with impurities? When I put my hands inside, I made them dirty. You made them dirty long time ago. While you were announcing your judgment, you put your hands in the pot and made your fingers dirty. So, remember that the devil's pot, which you often reach forward to is full of impurities. "Are there devils among people?" -"There are, they are spirits embodied in a human form. They are well dressed, they occupy different services in society. " — How can you recognise the devil? — Very easy. It's enough to get into his pot to find out who you're dealing with. On top, there's something sweet in the pot, but it's full of dirt. This is the diagnosis, by which you recognise the presence of the devil. One of the greatest sciences in life is about the proper nutrition. Both in the past and today, the man has eaten and eats impure food. — Is this possible? — It is possible. Every cell has a stomach and intestines like the whole animal. If so, it emits impurities. As the man eats plants and animals, therefore he receives the impurities of the very cells too. The thoughts, feelings and deeds of people are also pure and impure. In order to get convinced in that it is enough to reach forward with only two fingers in their pots. As soon as we take our fingers outside, we will find out what they bring for the whole humankind.— Can a man get rid of the impurities of the physical and spiritual world? — He can but he needs to transform himself, to become meek and humble. Christ says: „Take my yoke upon you to learn how to become meek and humble“. Christ is meek and humble; he does not ferment, complain or get angry. The meekness is a necessary condition for the life of the great man. Noone can force the meek neither can they do any wrong to him. According to some the meek is recognised by that he is peaceful, stays still and does not move much. This is not meekness. Meekness is the inner state of the soul whereby the thoughts and feelings of a man are directed to one centre with the sole purpose of building. And the water is meek. It penetrates everywhere, waters the plants and animals, it satisfies the thirst of the passengers, it does useful job. Sometimes, it becomes turbulent, causes lots of damages but this is because of the people who change its nature. They want to harness its meekness, to use it for their personal benefits. The water has the characteristic of purifying various substances. If unclean salt dissolves in it, sludge falls to the bottom. After evaporation of the water, the salt is again separated, but already clean and in the form of crystals. So, for the purification of the salt, the sludge remains, i. e. the meekness separates from its sludge. He who presents himself as meek without being such carries only the sludge of meekness. — Which person is meek? — He who carries the Christ’s yoke upon himself. — Who is not meek? — Whoever does not carry Christ’s yoke. The Christ’s yoke is related to the law of meekness. Whoever carries this yoke, he studies this law. Now, when it is talked about meekness, people will be separated into categories: The first category will accept the idea of meekness from fear; the second category will accept it from a material interest in order to gain something; the third one — from love towards the science to learn something, to try the power of meekness; The forth one – from love towards God, to apply His Word and be useful to their neighbour. It is not bad that so many categories of people exist; It is important at the end all to accept the yoke of Christ, to become meek and humble. This is not achieved all of a sudden but gradually. We cannot teach the caterpillars to fly neither the butterflies to crawl. What do some people do? They meet caterpillars and start preaching them how to fly. It is dangerous for the caterpillar to fly. It has to creep and feed with leaves. Its time to fly and feed with the sweet nectar of the flowers has not come yet. The only thing that can be done for the caterpillar is when you see it on the ground, to place it on a leaf to gnaw calmly, undisturbed by anyone. It is dangerous to teach the butterfly to crawl. It has to move in a garden with lots of flowers, to suck their sweet nectar and rejoice in the Divine world. Everyone talks about the self-knowledge but when he comes across a certain test, he sees that he doesn’t know himself. Therefore, often does the man ask himself whether he is a butterfly or a caterpillar. In order to know yourself observe yourself to see whether you fly or crawl; whether your pot is full with pure oil or there are impurities in it. If you are angry, reach forward with your hand in the pot and see whether your finger is clean or not. If it is clean, continue your work; if it is unclean get rid of the poison of anger and then work. If an idea comes to your mind before you realise it, check whether you are flying or crawling. When flying, you will realise it in one way; when crawling you will realise it in another way. Someone deals with a lot of things but when he cannot do them by himself he reaches out to outsider’s help. This person is crawling. Whoever does not search for others’ help, he is flying.— Why? — Because he trusts in God and when he flies, he finds the requisite nectars everywhere. Whoever does not trust in God and is not connected with Him and suffers regardless of whether he is a butterfly or a caterpillar, whether he is flying or crawling. Some people are in a caterpillar state, while others - in a butterfly one, despite that both types suffer.— Why? — Because often does the caterpillar fall between flowers without leaves. From here and there it goes around, there are no food and conditions for its development. While the butterfly falls between the leaves of trees and plants without flowers. It also deprives itself of food and conditions for development. Therefore, if the caterpillar is complaining that it suffers, I say it is placed between flowers without leaves. If the butterfly also complains that it is suffering it is located between leaves. „Take my yoke upon you for I am meek and humble.“ To be meek and humble means entering into good conditions for your development, not fermenting and being quiet and calm and waiting for the time for studying the secrets of life. Someone wants to know what does the other world present, what the astral and mental worlds are. These are worlds, which can be defined with one word. For example, the astral world is the world of the desires, the mental one – of the thought while the causal one - of the causes and consequences of things. What knowledge is this one that can be defined with only one word? If you compare the matter of the three worlds – physical, astral and mental you will see that the matter of the physical world is the densest, while that of the astral world is thinner and the one of the mental world - the thinnest. It is up to a man to change the properties of the physical matter, i.e. to make it more versatile, more elastic and finer. Do you have to allow negative thoughts in your mind, which thicken the atmosphere around it? You have heard how someone is blatant to an acquaintance of theirs because the latter one has told them an offensive word. He will answer with ten offensive words and does not think that with that he has already reached into the unclean pot and has made himself dirty. In this way, he exposes himself much more than the insulting word is exposing him. Keep in your mind high and pure thoughts, which connect you with the mental world where saints and reasonable beings have lived in. If an impure thought comes to your mind, immediately put it in the fire of the Divine love to burn and turn into an ash. Now, I don’t talk to you but to the cadia and his accused - the Turk. Should the cadia be crossed with the Turk, that he has told him the truth? Be grateful to everyone who tells you the truth; Who from you all has fulfilled the Divine will as they should? Let everyone answer themselves what they have done for God.— Am I the biggest sinner? – it is not a question whether you are a sinner or not; It is important everyone to fulfil the will of That One who has sent him here on the Earth. The good of the human soul as well as the good of the whole humankind is hidden in the fulfilment of this great will. You will say that it is easy to talk but the world is not corrected with words only. I do not think that I can rectify the world but re - do my affairs. This is how every artist does. When he draws a painting he leaves it aside for some time, he doesn’t deal with it. After a while, he looks at it again to find a shortcoming. As soon as he sees such one he immediately rectifies it. When he watches it for a long time he doesn’t see anything bad – he puts it aside again. This is how he rectifies his mistakes until one day he doesn’t see anything bad in it and considers the painting as finished. When I meet one person I consider him as one of my unfinished paintings and immediately take my brush to rectify one of his imperfections. Do you know what paints I use? Usually, I use all colours of the spectrum. However, I never use a black paint. The black colour means a rest, absence of life. It is a negative colour. „Because I am meek and humble of heart.“ The meekness and humility are as necessary in life as the salt. These are internal qualities that give an opportunity to a man to develop correctly. In this way, he comes not only to the external but also to the inner knowledge. The meek one manifests himself only then when he enters into communication with people. He brings peace among the people with his presence. The meekness harmonises people because of which they unite and form big societies. This is how God acts too with His presence. — Is it possible different people with different characters to unite in one whole? Look what the musicians do in one orchestra. Every musician plays their part and at the end the tones of the different instruments merge in chords and form something harmonious and pleasant for listening. Here acts the law of merging. Therefore, every musical piece, which is founded on this law is meek and harmonious. If you want to create beautiful and supernal music put the meekness into an action; if you want to create a new religion, which rests upon love, lay meekness as a foundation; if you want to transform your life on Earth, to clean your relationships, put meekness as a foundation of your actions. Meekness increases the vibrations of a man and leads him to pure and Divine life. Every thought, feeling and action that are deprived of the meekness are a manifestation of lack of love. Purity and Genuineness are required from a man. How the pure man is recognised? — When you reach out with your two fingers in his pot and your fingers remain clean, he is pure. In this way, your purity will be recognised. A woman, digs into the ground with her two fingers in order to plant something. The human religion, consciousness, will and righteousness are hidden in these fingers. This is why when you say that a man needs to know himself this means he needs to reach out with his two fingers in his pot and see whether his fingers are clean or dirty. Meekness and humility are qualities, which go together. The humble one never talks about himself. He performs his obligations quietly and in good faith and thus he manifests himself. Christ came on the Earth exactly because of this to show people how to live. There is no peace without meekness and humility. The sea is turbulent , i.e. the human heart but one is the way for its quietening — the path to the meekness and humility. Why should your heart be worried? The writer is worried about his work, whether the critics will pronounce very harshly about it. The scientist is worried about his invention. If your composition rests upon the truth there is no reason to be worried. There are strict critics but if they are genuine they are not dangerous. It is important for a man to be genuine towards himself and his neighbours and not to fall into hypocrisy. Someone’s face has been distorted from suffering while he represents himself for being calm. The face of the calm one is a reflection of his soul. Even if he suffers he endures everything with consciousness and love, he knows that he is himself guilty of his suffering and does not cast his responsibility on other people.— The burden is not easy to carry. — It depends on the man. And the pregnant woman carries a yoke but she is happy that a man would be born to the world. The pregnant woman should carry her child with meekness and humility in order to pass these qualities to it too. Only in this way can the future generation improve. Therefore, no matter where you carry your yoke – on your neck, back, in your womb, mind, heart – carry it with joy, meekness and humility. „Take my yoke upon you, for I am meek and humble of heart.“ Here is a verse that deserves to be applied in life; everyone has to write it in his mind and heart. The pregnant woman should repeat this verse throughout her whole pregnancy. Does she do so? Sometimes she remembers this verse but after she births the child and then it is already late. Christ’s yoke is necessary for the mental and spiritual life of a man. Without it, he exaggerates his thoughts, desires and deeds. What does a man to live with exaggerated thoughts and desires mean? — This presupposes a tree with bad, rotten fruits. The thoughts are the fruits of the mind, while the feelings- of the heart. Two elements are needed in order to create one thought: а) — the higher manas and в) — the lower manas. Both elements form c) together the very thought. And in the spiritual world, the feelings are formed from two elements: a request and desire. And so the letter a) is the mind, b) - the heart, c)- the will. Therefore, а+в=с. The will is a child of the mind and heart. Therefore, when you say about someone that his will is not being disciplined, this means that his mind and heart are not disciplined. If they are uneducated, so will the child born from them be. Someone wants to educate their mind and heart with the will. This is also possible but your son will play the role of your will. He will get married and together with his wife will educate you. The son will be a), while his wife - b), and you - c), i. e. his children. What will a-b be equal to? I leave this question open for you to resolve it. Meekness and humility — two great qualities of the astral world, which create the true desires and aims of the heart. Whoever wants to come into a communication with the higher inhabitants of the astral world has to be meek and humble. Without these qualities you will again go to the astral world and will come back without having acquired anything. The meekness and humility prepare the man for his conscious entering into the astral world. They soothe the soul, which strengthens the body and makes it healthy and cheerful. The healing of a man is impossible without meekness and humility. No idea can be applied without meekness and humility. The meek one behaves well with both the people and animals. He knows the strength of the rough relationships, bad words and associates them with poisonous and bad drinks. Therefore, I say: Do not give each other bad words and rough relationships. Every word is precious when it is used in its place. Today, all people are given conditions to be meek and humble of heart. „Take my yoke.“ The yoke, these are the man’s both eyes. Whoever does not apply the law of meekness and humility carries yoke on their back. The human spirit is harnessed to work. Its seat is the eyes, which it sees everything through and goes forward. Simultaneously, the eyes are also the yoke of a man. Whatever he sees through them he wishes it for. If he cannot achieve it, he comes back home unhappy and disappointed. He sees fields, houses, cattle - he wants everything. You hear him say at last: I want wine, a pig, to drink and eat and to understand the meaning of life. And if he cannot satisfy his wishes, he says he is carrying a yoke. The yoke is not in this that he hasn’t achieved his temporary desires but in that he hasn’t used his eyes in place - he has wished for things, which are unnecessary. Whoever is not happy with his life, will carry the yoke on his neck; if he is still unhappy, the yoke will move onto his back. And at last, the yoke will enter his womb and will give birth to a child. In this way, the yoke will shift until the man realises the meaning of life and becomes perfect, i. e. meek and humble. Therefore, the yoke is first on the eyes, then on the neck, back and at the end on the abdomen. To deal with this yoke presupposes studying alchemy. Therefore, do not talk about your desires and do not suffer for this which you have not achieved; use the knowledge that comes through your eyes and think what you need to do every day. Say to yourselves: Today, I need to be meek and humble because of That One Who has given me life. If you are not ready to be meek and humble because of God and you disturb Him, your angel will abandon you. If the mother and father worry about anything and nothing, their close ones will leave the Earth one after another. It is frightening for a man to remain on his own on the Earth, without relatives and friends like a dry tree without leaves, branches and blossoms. The more he worries, the lower he descends and loses everything, which has been given to him. In order for this not happen, accept Christ’s yoke, which leads to meekness and humility. Only in this way, will you raise and enrich yourselves. To take Christ’s yoke, means to accept the knowledge of your Teacher in yourselves. Whoever is not meek and humble cannot acquire love. The most difficult art is to love. Where love is, there is the Spirit. Learn to love not only the people but the small flies and bugs too. Conditions for their future development are also hidden in them. When they become meek and humble, people will deal well with the animals and plants and will not cut the forests chaotically. I see a wonderful palace on the tree for the creatures that live in it. In the crystal, I also see a palace for the creature that lives in it. Therefore, you have no right to take the life of a tree without a permission. For everything we need to ask the master of the house. What do the modern people do? They have the life of the lower creatures as their property but at the end of the day they also pay. Whether they confess this is not important. You will oppose by saying that God has created everything for the man. What does the man represent? Part of the whole humankind. Therefore, as a part, he is obliged to ask for a permission for everything he needs from That One Who is a Master of the whole. The Christ Teaching requires this. This is required by the new religion— the religion of the work, life and love. Today, I meet young girls, boys, children and adults who pick the flowers relentlessly and then throw them as useless. This is not allowed. We have a bad opinion for a man who picks flowers and throws them. The way he picks up the heads of the flowers so he could do with the head of a man. Someone picks the flowers and gives them to his close ones. This is not allowed too. For such cases the Bulgarians say: „With a stranger’s bread, a memorial cannot be made“. How many flowers I have been given but I have paid for all of them. As soon as I receive a flower I turn to its Master and say: Please forgive this child. It does not understand the law. When it grows up, it will understand its mistake and will rectify it. The new education requires respect for the flowers and trees as well as for the people. I am laying a new law: „Love every tree, flower, animal as you love yourself“. You will say: Who are you, what right do you have to lay a new law? — I translate the old laws into a new language in order to be understood and realised by all. Every life being – a grass, a tree, an animal is an expression of an idea that is hidden in it. And the man is an expression of a Divine idea. When he comes to the Earth, God will first search for the man to see to what extent he has realised the idea, which has been invested in him. He will be surprised when He sees how much the man has distorted himself, how much he has distorted the Divine idea, placed in his soul. God will tell the man: You don’t have the right to bet your body and soul. They are not your ownership. Your body is a Divine temple and you don’t have the right to stain it. How many men and women are thrown out today to the garbage, like the remains of lambs and piglets, and on top of them they put a cross and write: God forgive them! To repent them in His Kingdom! God will pardon the deceased, but he will also pardon the one who has caused the destruction of his house, his body. I will say, Lord, repent in your Kingdom all men and women, elders and children, preachers, teachers and disciples, merchants and craftsmen, and teach them to live properly, not to destroy the houses of their neighbours, not to take away the life of all living things on the face of the Earth. That is to take the Christ’s yoke upon you and become meek and humble. * 7. Lecture from the Master, held on 9 Mach, 1919 Sofia.
  2. If I Had Not Come "If I had not come and spoken to them, they would have no sin." (John 15:22) „They would have no sin “. We look upon sin from a particular opinion and not in the way the modern people understand it. They consider for sin this which is not and what the true sin represents, they don't know. –Why?- Because they divide things into good and bad according to how they affect them, how they feel about them. A man considers every pleasant thing for good and every unpleasant thing for bad. He who lends him money passes for a good person; the one who doesn’t- passes for a bad one. This is a wrong conclusion. Someone may lend you money but he is a bad person; someone else does not lend you money but he is in fact a good man. Therefore, we consider the sin in principle regardless of the human personality and perceptions. Today, all people talk about the sin without being able to solve it. Whichever newspaper you open, every page contains description of the sins and crimes of people. If an apache steals from someone, they immediately starts chasing him because they consider the lie and theft as big crimes. If someone takes your money you sue him, a whole Eastern question is raised until they return it (the money). Everyone considers money as a great good. Money is only a condition, which people have exaggerated so much that they consider it as a goal in life. They say: It is impossible without money as well as without a sin. It is not like this. It could be lived without money and without a sin. Christ says: If I had not come and spoken to them, they wouldn’t have a sin. He connects the responsibility for the sin with His coming. - When does a man sin?- When he doesn’t listen to the words and advice of love. When a man sins, he first shows disobedience, then failure to do what he is told. It is said in the Scripture: "The payment of sin is death." This means: sin deprives man of the greatest good - life. If anyone asks why he should not sin, he will know that sin will deprive him of the greatest good he is given. "Why does God deprive me of life? The answer is in the verse: "If I had not come and had not spoken to them, they would not have a sin." In the first chapter of the Genesis. God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat from the fruits of the tree for knowing good and bad. As they did not obey HIM and did not fulfill His command, they did wrong. In this way, they brought the sin in the human life, which people cannot get free of even today.– What were these fruits?– This is not important. One thing needs to be known: As the rust corrodes the iron so does sin undermines the foundations of human life. The sin is fire that corrodes, stains and corrupts the human soul by depriving it from its body.–Can the soul not manifest without a body? – It cannot. As the salt cannot manifest without an acid and foundation, so cannot the human soul manifest without a body. Such is the law of the physical world. Therefore, in order for a chemical reaction to be carried out, two bodies that interact with one another are needed and a third body is formed. Fire is needed for this aim. It melts and oxidizes the bodies. Precious substances are melted by the fire, for example, gold, platinum, silver while the non precious ones are oxidized and decomposed. From the perspective of the Divine law, i.e. from the perspective of the alchemical law, which are the two bodies that interact? These are the Heaven and the Earth, comprised of the four main elements: air, water, fire and earth, i.e. from solid, liquid, airy and light or radiant matter. As a result of this interaction, man appeared, the fifth element called the "Little World". If the Earth and Heaven in man do not come together, how will the real, inner man be born? From the point of view of alchemy, the Earth is a foundation, the Heaven is an acid, and the man is salt. That is why, Christ says, "You are the salt of the Earth." Under "Acid", a Divine power that penetrates everywhere and makes, creates new worlds is understood. Under "foundation’, a set of forces that help the Divine power to gather the necessary elements for the creation of the man - the small world is understood. When it is talked about the Heaven, I do not envisage the paradise because this is a state and not a place of bliss. By talking to His disciples of bliss, Christ again understands states that a man goes through. He says: ‚Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.“ Under ‚poor in spirit’, a man who is easily melted and decomposed is understood. These are qualities of the salt. The good man must melt like the salt. As soon as you put a salt in the water it immediately decomposes without a protest, therefore the Kingdom of Heaven is its. The water is a foundation, a bearer of life, while life - one of the conditions for acquiring the Kingdom of God. So once he melts like the salt, a man is already entering the Kingdom of God. As it falls on the ground, the snow melts and in this way, it brings its blessing to life. As long as people smoulder and suffer and do not melt, the evil will spread and rule the world. Why do people suffer?– Because they are hard, they do not melt. It is said in the Scripture: „The heart of this people hardened’. ‚Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted’. When the cooking salt stays in the air, it absorbs the water and becomes moisturized, i.e. it starts dewing. In this way, it salts the bodies. Therefore, the one who mourns attracts the moisture, i.e. the life and in this way, he salts the environment, which he lives in. If you do not do the same you cannot get comforted. „Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the Earth. And the salt in the broad sense of the word is quiet and meek. When it dissolves in the water, it does not ferment, it does not make noise around itself. And in a dissolved state, the salt calmly awaits its time for the warmth to come from outside, to evaporate the water and re-appear again in its initial form - like a pure , crystalline salt. It knows that now it ill be purer than it was before. Therefore, the meek people are salt that moisturizes the air and starts dewing, it dissolves in the water and this state spreads all over the Earth, until it crystallizes again in beautiful, pure crystals. „Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled’. – When does a man feel thirst?- When he has eaten salty food. Then he needs more water. Only a man experiences thirst in different directions: thirst for water, knowledge, light, freedom, and others. It is however said: „they who have thirst and hunger for righteousness will be filled’. ‚ The meek one who resembles the salt needs to feel hunger for righteousness. Christ says to his disciples, "You are the salt of the Earth." He says about Himself, "I AM the light of the world." Salt plays an important role on Earth. Even the light cannot appear without salt. Indeed, the disciples of Christ were an environment through, which He was manifested. Salts consist of two things: metal and metalloid, or metal and a residue of acids. But the salts are not found either in the acids or in the bases. To explain how salt is formed, sow a wheat grain and watch how it grows and develops. Planting is a process of spirit and not due to either the Earth or the sun only. The Earth and the Heaven, united in one, provide conditions for the Spirit to manifest Itself. In the evangelical language, under "spirit" we mean salt. Where the spirit is, i.e. the salt, there is a consonant; where the spirit is absent, there exist contradictions. That is how the old people understood the spirit and so did they work with it. Old scientists have recognized the existence of four elements in nature: earth, water, air and fire. Modern scientists have considered this Teaching for wrong but the newest scientists agree with it and from this perspective, they maintain the existence of four states of the matter that correspond to the four great worlds. The Earth contains a lot of forces some of which people will study about in the future. The Earth is studied more from the outside and less from the inside. However, the outside view of the Earth and its inner contents are two different things. The occultists call the acid (which chemistry talks about) Heaven, while the base - Earth. The Earth in man constantly creates, acts, desires. This is the reason for a man to be constantly unsatisfied, always wanting something new. The Earth called a base, flesh - feeds the desires, shapes them and forms the human body from them. Therefore, there is a Heaven and Earth outside and inside man. He needs to know their service and to assist them. The desires and ideas come from the Heaven, and are realized on the Earth. She is the mother of the manifested man , while the Heaven – his father; the Earth is the soul, while the Heaven - the spirit of a man. They have worked in order to create him, they are still working in order to perfect him. Christ says: If I had not come and had not spoken to them, they wouldn’t have a sin." If there is no sin, there will be no death too. . If the acid and base did not interact, they would have manifested as destructive forces. Because they interact and form the salt - the bearer of life, the destructive forces do not manifest themselves. Life also exists in the acid and the base, but it differs radically from the life of the salt. Today's people understand the life of salt more than the life of the acid and the base. „If I had not come.“ Christ came to the Earth to deliver the people from sin, and thereby to free the human soul from the matter, with which it was entangled. "How will He release it?" - Through the acid He carries in the world. Only the acid is able to tear the bonds of matter. Only a man is able to release the closed bird from the cage. However, if it returns back to the cage, the bird dies. So, freedom is its life. Many of today's people are sentenced to live in a cage, that is, sentenced to premature death. When they do not realize this, they say: Here is the real life. As much as they are offered to leave the cage, they refuse under the premise that freedom is an empty work. When they come out of the cage, they already understand the meaning of life and freedom. A beautiful, black-haired, pink-faced and cheerful girl, marries a Don Juan who immediately closes her in a cage and deceives her with a little millet. She jumps in the cage up and down, rotates but stops singing. When he is satisfied, he throws her away and replaces her with another bird. Many women today are thrown out of the cages and are suffering. and mourning their days. "Why are they thrown out?" "For God has told them not to enter the cage, but they have not listened to Him. Today they bear the consequences of their disobedience. Whether you believe or not in my words is not important - you will try them. A day will come when your beloved will throw you out of the cage and you will believe my words. People divide themselves into men and women but are not true men and women. They play the role of such ones. The woman symbolizes love, while the man - Wisdom. Which of the modern women manifests love? Which of the modern men expresses the Wisdom? The woman will say that her heart has been burning from love. The burning of the heart is not love. The wood also burns but does not love. There is a huge difference between the burning of the heart and love. The love of modern people is transient, like that of the brood, who breeds songbirds in a cage. As the bird grows, he sells it and starts to breed another. One of David’s sons tried this love. He fell in love with his sister and pretended to be sick in order for his father to send her to look after him. When he experienced the human love, he despised his sister and drove her away. Today this love dominates the world. Today you love, the next day you hate. This is not love. A young man is burning from love towards a girl but when he cooks his meal on her fire, eats and then he says: I don’t need this pot. Sometimes, the girl cooks on her fire, sometimes the young man. This is how all people act. When they cook a meal on their fire, they throw the pot and say: Our life is nomadic.Why should we carry pots with us to weigh us. There are many pots in the world, both male and female. Where we stop, there we will look for a pot. However, this love leads to death. Knowing this, do not ask why people die. Quite simple. A man dies because his master has cooked a meal in his pot, has eaten well and has thrown the pot. When the pot is broken, his relatives gather around him, weep, read prayers for the comfort of his soul. Why are these memorial services? You say God so ordained. In response to their understanding, Christ says, "If I had not come and talked to them, they would not have had a sin; now, however, they have no excuse for their sins. " When the truth is being spoken, people say they are tempted. What temptation can a pot that is full of dirt talk about? It is another question, if it is righteous, i.e.pure. However, righteous people do not exist on the Earth. Every pot is covered with dirt either externally or internally, it carries dirt. One pot will say it is righteous and holly. I am not mistaken, I can smell the odor of dirt from a far. You cannot mislead neither Christ nor God in this way. In order to acquire purity and holiness, the pot has to be washed from outside and within. People wash the pot only from the outside and pass for devout. When the boy falls in love with a girl, he represents as gentle, kind, ready for all sacrifices. He says to the girl that he is ready to die for her. How would he die when he is not yet alive? Many of the nowadays people are more dead than alive. How is it then possible for the dead to die? It makes sense for the alive one to self-sacrifice for his beloved but in no way could the dead one self-sacrifice and die for other people. Therefore, do not trust a person who has long since died. It makes sense for a man to self-sacrifice, but not to die. Death is the work of sin. God says, "My soul is not delighted in the death of the sinner." Should someone say he dies of love, he does not speak the truth. He will not die, but he will eat his victim. He does not love the soul of man, but his wealth. You go to a beehive with bees, you burn incense on them in order to take their honey, and say you love the hive. You do not love the hive, but its honey. So does the devil do. When he comes to you he says, "How much do I love you! As you turn around, he cuts the fruit out of your tree and says, "Good bye! Next Year when you have fruit, I will visit you again. When someone dies, his relatives gather around him, weep and say, "He was a good man. - Why are they crying? - That the pot has left for somewhere. They say the pot broke, and we say it has got alive and has got free of the bonds of death. All people talk about love but no-one has seen it. If someone says they have seen love, this is the love of the ashes. Human love can only be seen in the fireplace, where it burns, incinerates and turns into ashes. Which woman and man are satisfied with their life as married? Everyone dreams of marrying but in the end they say it is not worth for a man to get married. Few people have married right and are happy with their life. Whoever is unhappy with love, he has come to the magnetic, unstable and transient love. It is the result of excitation of the small brain in man. Thanks to this, the young ones fall in love, attract each-other and when they separate one from another they fall out of love. Attraction, which is a result of the magnetism is not love. In order to magnetize, the young ones hold hands and kiss each-other. The true love does not manifest neither by holding hands nor through kissing. The magnetic love is the beginning of love, a condition for the manifestation of the acids and bases. That is the reason that the ones that have fallen in love become sour, nervous and unrestful. When she falls in love, the girl, gets annoyed, crossed, she cannot put up with anyone. Her mother thinks that she is ill and calls for a doctor to check on her. The girl is not ill but has a fire burning in her fireplace, the pot of food is cooking on the fire. As the girl is not accustomed to this fire, she is excruciated and suffering. When she cannot withstand the fire, she gets in despair and wants to commit a suicide. The same happens with the boy. They say that someone has committed a suicide from love. This is not true. Love resurrects, enlivens, rejuvenates man. What makes him commit a suicide is the result of unsustainable human feelings. In order not to fall under their influence, one has to listen to the voice of his Divine Soul, which protects him from the unclean pot. "I want to cook in it. "The pot is unclean, you do not need such a meal. Many modern people are nervous and ill and all is from love. You do not need love that shakes the basics of health, exhausts the nerves and leads to despair and suicide. And so, the first manifestation of love is this of the attraction, i.e. the magnetic love. The second manifestation of love is the friendship. It is a higher degree of love than the magnetic one. Every man wants to have a friend whom to share his thoughts and feelings with. However, the friendship is unsustainable too, it can easily be destroyed.- When does the friendship between two people not resist. – when it does not rest on a good foundation - in order to resist, it has to have three tangible points: to the physical, spiritual and Divine worlds. Two people become friends and start common work. Their relationship is mainly on the physical world. They become allies but it does not pass long, their friendship is spoiled, it cannot resist to only one connection. The third manifestation of love rests on the similarity between souls. When two people have similar thoughts, feelings and deeds they do not attract each-other, neither do they become friends but they connect in the name of the Divine in them. Their connection is inseparable. Nothing is capable of separating them. Only soulmates can connect in this way. „If i had not come and had not talked to them.“ – What has Christ talked to them about?– About the third manifestation of love. If people had accepted the Christ teaching, they wouldn’t have had a sin and would have become immortal. Now, because they live more in the magnetic love, they have sins and death watches them. People do not yet know the similarity as a manifestation of love, hence they are ill, suffer and die. Similarity between souls implies oneness in their manifestations, oneness in their views and understanding of the great virtues : love, wisdom, truth, righteousness and good. This does not mean that they are the same in the letter. They understand each-other in spirit, and not just in external manifestations. It is a great thing to be connected with a soul of inner kinship. What we mean by "truth" is fundamentally different from the common man's understanding. His truth means "cooling". Truth is the leaven of Divine life. This truth has been sought by the alchemists; this truth is looked for by the modern scientists too. Everybody is looking for the truth, but they do not find it, because they are looking for it in a wrong way, there where it is not. Instead of the truth, they come across a bird-man who puts them in his cage, with other birds. When he is satisfied with them, he throws them out. When people are talked about the magnetic love, they are scared not to loose the preciousness in themselves. What happens with the iron sawdust when it gets magnetized? It temporarily gets magnetized and soon it looses the quality of attracting light small bodies. However, the properties of the iron do not get lost. For the same reason, a man who lends himself to the magnetic love is temporarily attracted by it and changes only externally. However, he retains his inner qualities. As soon as he gets free from the influence of this love he remains externally and internally in the same way nature has created him. No force in the world is able to change the inner qualities of a man. In other words: no force in the world is able to change the Divine in man. What should your beloved ones be? – They have to be nude in spirit, to be able to melt; they have to be mournful in order to be comforted; they have to be meek in order to inherit the Earth; they have to be hungry and thirsty for righteousness in order to be satisfied. Hunger and thirst imply self-sacrifice.- Who does a man self-sacrifice for?– for his neighbour with an aim to elevate him. Christ says: „I came to the world to lay my soul down for my neighbour. I have a power to lay it down, I have a power to also take it away.“ You will say that everything you are talked about is good but you cannot agree with the thought that your love leads to death. It is not necessary to agree with my words. It is important to study your love and see what results it produces. We are not interested in the pots that are cooking in your fireplaces and God is not interested in them either. Look at how many of your pots have remained healthy, after they have cooked on your fire. Look at how many people have remained healthy after having eaten the food that has been cooked in your pots. Who from nowadays people have not died of love? Follow the love of your close ones and you will see that whoever has died, the reason for his death is either the magnetic love or the friendly love, which he has succumbed to. Modern people need cleaning but not in the way they clean themsleves in the bathroom. Someone goes in the bathroom and asks for a man to rub him until the dirt comes out of his body. This is not cleaning. In this way, you do not acquire purity and holiness, which you can enter God’s Kingdom with. Whoever seeks purity and holiness, has to alone get melted and enter the bathroom of the Divine life. In this way exactly will he become more white and cleaner than he has been earlier. „Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted’. The word ‚mournful’ implies growth in the virtues. You cannot grow in virtues if you do not mourn. If you are mournful for your mother, either you have to go to her or she needs to come to you. If you mourn for the light, you need to go to it. Only in this way, will you grow in the virtues. Therefore, if you want to grow and develop in virtues, first you need to go to God. This means, to give up all temporary connections on the Earth that impede your development. „Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the Earth’. The meek one is the salt on the Earth.- How does salt occur in nature? – In dissolved condition, in the sea water and as a mineral - rock salt. It needs to separate from the sea water and rock salt in order to get purified. If it is in a pure state, it represents the Divine life, which everyone aspires to. This life is a combination of the love and wisdom: love acts on the Earth while wisdom - in the Heaven. In order to understand what love and wisdom are, a man has to above all know whether he can get dissolved or not. – How would we guess? – Very simply, you will find a secret door to God’s Kingdom and there you will find out whether you can melt. In this way, you will understand the verse: „Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the Earth.“ Work and effort are needed for this, to sweat 99 times a day and everything in you to get dissolved for the Divine life. Only in this way will you understand the meaning of labour and work, of joys and sufferings. When you melt, you will rise up into the Divine world and everything earthy will remain on the Earth. When it is talked about the high world, some say they have seen it in their dream. The dream is not a real vision. To only see the outer form of things this is not yet knowing and understanding. This is like saying that a person is pure only because he is clean from the outside. Do you know what purity is? When a pure person enters your home, if you are ready for the Divine life, he will bring you the biggest blessing. If you are not ready, you will go through big suffering. He does not want you to suffer but your misunderstanding brings you darkness and obscurity. And Christ came among the Hebrews, he brought light to them through which he was showing the right path, but they did not accept Him and crucified Him. They gave up His light and accepted the darkness. While darkness and death are synonymous. This is what happens to everyone who gives up life. As soon as you give up life, death comes. Christ is the Path, Truth and Life. Therefore, whoever renounces Christ, enters hell, the place of darkness, the decomposition, the interruption of ties with all living beings. This means helping to destroy your own life as well as that of your neighbour. If you realise this, will you not suffer? Many are afraid of suffering. Fear is in place if it precedes sin. However, if you are afraid after sinning, your situation is bad. Therefore it is said: ‚The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’. If you mourn before you sin, it is good; if you mourn after sinning, it is bad. He who mourns before he has sinned can improve his life; he who grieves after the sin, comes across unbearable suffering. It is said that the anger of God is poured out on the children of disobedience. It is so for the present epoch but the future one brings a blessing to the righteous ones. It will be extremely demanding to the sinners.- Who am I from? – If you want to know who you are from, ask and answer yourself whether you melt, i.e.are you meek, do you starve and strive for the righteousness? – Do you get dissolved like the salt? I don’t dissolve.– You lose the first dice. Do you mourn? No. – You lose the second dice.– Do you have hunger and thirst for the righteousness?– No. – You lose the third dice. After that whatever the priests talk about, regardless of how the people calm you down. you will know that you are not saved. One of the qualities of Christ’s blood is the dissolution and melting. Therefore, he who drinks from Christ’s blood he will be saved. Therefore, Christ saves the man. Despite that the young girl thinks she is saving the young man, while the young man thinks that he is saving the girl. Both are on a wrong path. What salvation is this which makes them nervous, in despair and unsatisfied? The boy places his tentacles on the girl, like an octopus, and sucks her. And the girl does the same. This is the devil of the sea who manifests through them. In the new upbringing, the mother needs to tell the truth to her daughter, while the father - to his son. If the daughter has fallen in love and suffers, her mother needs to tell her: daughter, this is not love. Your pot and the pot of your beloved are not yet clean, you cannot cook in them. Assign your hope to God and He will show you, where your beloved is and how you will find him. I believe in only one God, Who has the power to teach us the great law of love. Everyone who has come with the thought of matchmaking, he necessarily hides a bad thought of some sort in himself The matchmakers want to gather two young people so that they can help each-other. In fact, it turns out differently. Instead of helping each-other, they start to fight who should take the first place. Here you are, the Bulgarians also fought for Bulgaria to become a great country. Did it become great? Not only that it didn’t but today they are also scared of the decision of the Alliance. What do the people from the Alliance think. What God thinks for Bulgaria. God has decided to take Bulgaria through fire in order to clean its pot. He says: I do not need Bulgarians who do not melt , who are not meek and mournful, who do not have hunger and thirst for the righteousness and truth. The same is valid for all peoples. „If I had not come and talked to them, they wouldn’t have a sin.’ Today, in all churches they pray for Bulgaria, let there be no sufferings on it, that is, its pot not to go through fire. The Bulgarians are afraid of the neighbouring countries taking more land and becoming more powerful. To take more land means to cook more bones in their pots. What would these bones bring to them? You will know: a man or nation that does not melt will be thrown out. This is valid for all people and nations without an exception. All people and nations can get melted but they don’t want because they are in the arms of their beloved who gives them different promises. He tells them that he will decorate them with diamonds, to shine from afar. Diamonds are not given for the octopuses. Everyone can work such diamonds out and carry them in himself. Only in this way can a man be brave, strong and ready for all sacrifices. If anyone asks what future they are expected to have, I will answer them: Your future is enviable if you melt, if you are meek and mournful, if you have hunger and thirst for the righteousness.– This is hardly achieved. Yet, it can be achieved. „If I had not come.“Because the truth has come, a man would either love or die - one or the other. When it dissolves, the salt does not disappear, but it becomes cleaner. Regardless of how many times you dissolve it in water, it does not get tired. However, if you put the tree only once in the fire, it disappears and turns into ash. If you resemble the salt, after your dissolution, you will crystalise again, i. e you will resurrect; if you resemble the tree, you will burn and will turn into an ash and will be thrown away on the heap. It is said in the Scripture that if the salt desalts it will be thrown out. And so, the blessings Christ talks about to his disciples are related to the salt. If a friend comes to you, ask him whether he wants to dissolve and melt like the salt: whether he wants to be meek and mournful, to have hunger and thirst for the righteousness. If he answers in the affirmative to all questions, he is a good man: if he answers in the affirmative to only one question without providing an answer to the other questions , keep away from him. This is what Christ has spoken to the people at that time. This is how it should be spoken to the current scholars, preachers, public figures and others. This is how the Christ teaching should be understood so that you don’t say one day: We splashed in water and were thirsty. It is a pleasant and easy job for a man to get melted. When bathing, he can check whether he dissolves or not. Children love bathing but so do the adults. Attention is required from them to test each-other whether they can dissolve and melt. This will lead them to self-knowledge. – How can I know whether I melt?– If someone steals a big sum from you and you do not get upset, you are able to melt. If you get upset, you cannot melt. If you go in the shoes of someone who suffers you are capable of melting. It is pleasant to meet such a person. He is good and has beneficial influence on the surrounding people. It is worth going down to the bottom of hell for one good person. The Heaven opens to him and your soul becomes joyful and light. It is pleasant to listen to musicians who do not only play but also feel and live in that which they perform. Many talk about love without feeling, penetrating and applying it. This means one thing is spoken while another is fulfilled. When you see a lambkin you say you love it. It responds bee-e. This means: isn’t there a person who actually loves me? You love the lambkin but think when it is killed you will have some meat from it. This is not love. Most people love each-other in this way: this is how many young men and women love each-other – In the end, one of them will always become a victim as the lambkin of his master’s butcher’s knife. The modern life is full of butchers. How many lambkins go as a sacrifice! I am astonished by the greatness of God, His mercy and love, His patience. He sees all people’s crimes and is patient. You feel doubt and suspicion everywhere. While someone is feeding you, you are with him. As soon as the abundance stops everyone leaves him. This is not Christianity, not a moral. I do not blame you but am pointing your weak sides, to look into yourselves and learn how to melt right. The world is overwhelmed by explanations in love. If you sacrifice, sacrifice for God, not for man. I do not want you to sacrifice or die for me. This is the greatest misfortune for a man. It is wanted from everyone to give up sin, transgression and disobedience. Get rid of the jealousy that ruins your souls. Clean your houses and then anticipate Christ to visit you. Put more love into your life. When making bread, when cooking, apply your love. And then whoever eats from your bread will be blessed. Bread, made without love, brings poison to man. Do not poison yourself, neither your relatives. No one has the right to cause the suffering and death of his neighbour. A pure and holy life is required of all. Everyone has to melt, become meek and mournful, to have hunger and thirst for righteousness. Christ says, "I am the light of the world." Therefore, whoever seeks this light will enlighten; whoever does not seek it, will walk in gloominess and darkness. You will say that the light is manifested through each lamp. Every light, whatever it may be, reflects the Divine Light, but the reflection disappears if it is not connected with the main source. The true light is in the human brain, not out of it. The light comes only from above. Whoever perceives the Divine life within himself, he begins to shine like the sun. And then the verse "You are the light of the world" is meaningful. So, while you are in the world, among people, work consciously, do not go into despair in order not to obstruct each-other. As you pass for cultural people, show your culture. Do not cause a reason for expelling the good people among you. They have come to help you. If you do not open your hearts for them, they will leave you. If they are to try the sting of a man, they can go among the beetles and bugs. They will be stung there too but at least they will protect themselves. The bug carries its sting in front, on its proboscis so that it can be seen. While the man carries his sting at the back. The human tongue is a sting hat breaks bones too. Whoever can take the poison out of his tongue he passes for a scientific and great person. „If I had not come and had not spoken to them “. Christ came among the people in order to show them how to live, how to fulfill the Divine Will, to work for the arrival of the Divine Kingdom on the Earth and for installing God’s glory. This is the positive side of the verse: If I had not come and had not spoken to them, they would not have a sin’. Sunday Lectures 02.03.1919 10:00 Sunday, Sofia Translated by Proletina Dragoeva-Jones