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  1. Note 6 Blessings in small things Today we are going to think about the following statement: “The name of God lives forever.” Now I am going to read from the fourth chapter of John the Apostle. I am saying, every man needs five things in his life, and they are strong legs and arms, good ears, good eyes and a well-developed brain to facilitate right thinking. If one is good, then one’s legs will be strong-without Goodness legs cannot be healthy; if one is fair, then his arms will be healthy - without Justice one’s arms cannot be healthy; if one is sensible then the ears will be healthy - ears cannot be healthy without sensibility; if one loves Truth, then one’s eyes will be strong - without loving the Truth, nobody can have healthy eyes; If one loves God then one’s mind will be very well developed - without loving God, man’s mind cannot be developed in the right direction, and consequently will be incapable of correct thinking. Some people will say, “The most difficult thing is for a man to be a good man.” However, this is not so. Believe me, the easiest thing for a man is to be a good man, there really is nothing simpler. And if one does not start from this, the easiest job, then it does not matter what tasks one undertakes, they will remain unfinished. People should always start from the easiest job and finish with the most difficult. A man, who starts with the most difficult job, will invariably go back to an easier one. Sometimes the smallest good thing that one does can be even more precious than the largest thing imaginable. For example, if you are in a widow’s house along with her several small children and it is a cold winter day, and wood has been placed in the stove, but there is nothing to light it with, you can do a very small thing by providing a match. Then the cold room becomes cheerful with light and warmth – the children are happy and so is mama. Your very small gift – a match did it. This little match, this very small gift could be considered even more significant than creating a town or saving a whole nation. Why? Because, once lit, it is conceivable that this fire could burn forever. If you save the life of a man who is drowning, he could slip and fall into the water again. If you prevent an entire nation from committing a great wickedness, it could revert to that same plan again. Blessings in small things are limitless in the broad panorama of real life and especially if the body: legs, arms, eyes, ears and brain, are healthy and well cared for. In general, one cannot preserve one’s life if one’s legs, arms, ears, eyes, and brain are not healthy. One can be saved from drowning merely by praying. If one loves God when one prays, then God will send somebody to fulfil His Will and save that life. When one prays, he is demonstrating evidence of a healthy attitude, and God immediately sends someone to help him, saying: “Go and help this man, because he wants My help!” The man, who goes to save the other, must realize that he is simply fulfilling God’s will; he is a witness to the Goodness of God. When you love somebody, you are a conductor, a witness to the Love, which God sends via you - this is the way to think of it, this is the right way to think. If a man starts thinking how to do Good for someone, about how to love God, and how to help people, he will come to understand that alone, without God, he can do nothing. Well, in the sensible world everything must be placed in its rightful place. Therefore, I am asking, what exactly is burning - the wood or the fire? The wood cannot burn without fire, or can a fire burn by itself, fire burns only in the place where the burning is in progress. The heart beats, give rise to a pulse and sends blood to the whole body, thereby bringing warmth to the body. Thus, there is fire in the heart. Where life exists there is burning, and the opposite, where burning is in progress there is life. When you want to light a fire, you need wood. The wood is cut and carried and then the fire is lit. Those who do not take part in this job think that it is easy to light a fire; it is better for everybody to take part in cutting and carrying the wood; then, when you warm yourself by the fire, you will feel much more pleasure from it, because you joined in a communal task. Now I would like to make the following suggestion, let each of you get a notebook and make some notes about the desires you have. You should record how many times during the day you want to receive something from someone, and how many times per day, you want to give something to others. It is interesting to work out later how many impulses you had to get something from somebody and how many to give something to others. Start collecting this data today and discover which desires predominate. Consider, for example, that you are starting to collect money from people to put in your bag. It is natural for a man to receive, but also it is natural to give to others. Now you have a right to receive, but afterwards, we will see if you give from your collection to others, or if you put it all into your bank. A beggar works all day begging from people, collecting things, placing them in his bag and saying to everyone, “God has sent me to you to give me something.” In fact, he is lying. God sent him not to all the houses, but just to one place to beg. I am saying that mendicancy is a negative characteristic, which also exists in the Spiritual sphere. For example, someone might have a small joy, but he is not satisfied with it and he wants more joys to store and fill it up. If you have a small joy, be happy with it. Thank God for it, and do not ask for more for that day. You should learn the law, which regulates the joys and the sorrows of Life. Imagine that your clothes, your hat, and your shoes are ragged, and you are wondering what to do, how you will go out to meet other people. Then a friend comes to you and gives you a pair of brand new shoes. Do you have to think about not having new clothes or a hat? No, you do not. You should go to a quiet place and express your gratitude to God for that gift. If you thank God for that, then other things will follow. Give thanks for the shoes and do not think about other things. If you brood about not having new clothes and a hat, then the shoes will disappear. Gratitude gives you the power to cope with all the miseries of Life, no matter how great they are. When you are grateful the misery and the problems are overshadowed by the gratitude, and you can bear them more easily - this is the Spiritual law. When you are grateful for a small blessing and cherish it, additional blessings will follow to help you; this is the reward for everyone who values small blessings and shows gratitude for them. If you separate a small blessing from the rest, this small blessing will not be able to stand alone and there will be a gap in your consciousness. When a man has a new pair of shoes, but thinks about the old clothes and hat, he is in the same situation with God. For example, God says that he had forgiven us all our sins, but we have doubts and we say, “Is it not possible that he has forgotten one of them?” In other words, when we have new shoes, how long will we have to remain without new clothes and a hat? On the other hand, do we have to stick with the old ones? The first thing that you have to achieve as a disciple is to be firm and to have unshakable Faith. Your Faith should not be like that of the beggar, who on meeting a rich man, begged him for help. The millionaire gave him 50 stotinki1 and said to him, “Come tonight to my house and I will treat you handsomely.” The beggar was unhappy with the money and thought, “What can I do with this money? I cannot even buy a packet of cigarettes! This millionaire was not prepared to give me more money and I am expected to go to his house in the hope of something more. I do not believe that!” It is the same as you. You meet God and ask him for help. He gives you 50 stotinki and asks you to go later to his house for more money and fine treatment. However, because you do not know God, you do not believe Him and you say, “This man gave me barely half a pound. How can I trust him to give me more and to treat me well tonight? I do not believe that! He is a miser. First of all, what shall I spend this money on? On shoes, clothes, or a hat? Who would wait until tonight?" No, you should wait for a moment, you should go to that rich house, as he said to you, and you would have everything - shoes, clothes, a hat and what is more you will be given food to eat well. I am asking you, if we are not used to trusting small blessings and to be grateful for them, how we can trust bigger blessings. People nowadays always expect something big and they do not see the small valuable things. A young man says, “If I had rich father to graduate from a university in a foreign country, after that I could become a professor or a minister.” A young girl says: “I would like to get married to a young prince, and then I could do whatever I want. “ All people expect something good to come into their life from outside. Even if you become a professor, a prince, a princess or a minister - life cannot be changed from the outside. When somebody says, ”If I was married and had a child it would be better.” I am asking you, what you would do if you had a child. The child means the smallest goodness that someone has in their soul. If someone does not have this goodness in their soul, if he does not develop it, and does not cherish it then it does not matter how many children he will have he will stay childless - this is the great Truth in Life. Some people say, ”When I get married everything will start going in the right direction in my life.” No, until love comes into your soul, you will stay single; even if you had a relationship with a girl and you thought that you were married; this is not the real marriage. When the man falls in Love, then he is married. Love comes just once in our life, and we can be married just once. When Love comes the man does not looks for anything else, he does not thinks about anything. Today everybody is looking for love - married and unmarried, well educated and not so well educated, childless and people with children, young and adults - everybody. When Love comes they achieve everything, and their life becomes meaningful, they live in peace and obey God’s laws. I say that everything people do on the earth is considered as symbols of the Spiritual world - this way the Spiritual world will lead you to real life. The physical world without the spiritual world is a world of illusions. People get married and they stay single at the same time - they have children, but they are lost, they melt and disappear as ice. When a man of Love has a child, this child follows him in immorality as well - this child follows his father all the time and addresses him as father; these words he wants to say, “Father, you are the source of Love.” The same happens on the Earth, when the child grows up, he follows his father and calls him father; this means, you, who have come from Love, start all your work with Goodness and Love. Goodness is a witness of the great Love. So, when a man is given new shoes he begins to see more clearly. Why can he not see properly, wearing the old torn ones? Because his legs are cold, he is looking constantly towards them, and cannot think clearly. When people are cold, they cannot think properly, they close their eyes and see nothing. When they warm up, they open their eyes. Therefore, one should always wear good shoes. You can say, ”Where is the connection between the shoes and the ability to think?” When a man put on his shoes, i.e. when Good comes to his legs, they become healthy, and he walks pleased and happy with open eyes and can see everything - this is a law, that refers to man’s conscience. Needs and weaknesses charge him with useless ballast, which deviate him from the real aim in his Life. For example, somebody lives a religious live for 5-6 years, but one day that man says, “Why Should I pray God, what I have acquired, I do not need these prayers anymore, I do not need the Gospel anymore, I can live without them.” I can say, that this man cannot live a religious life, because his legs are naked, because his legs are not healthy; if he was wearing his shoes, if his legs, arms, eyes, ears and brain were healthy, he would go to the mountain and would pray to God, he would give his gift to God and would consider it a privilege to serve God. In the old scriptures of the Bible, people offered a sacrifice to God, and people now go to God without anything, with empty hands. What does the sacrifice mean for the people before Jesus Christ? Today, people go to a lawyer, but if their hands are not full, he does not accept them - it does not matter how good this lawyer is, after telling him what one wants, he will say, “You have to pay for these service 5000 leva.” Hearing that you have to prepare 5000 leva for his services your eyes open wide. - Why? One has to prepare money for him, because he does not work for nothing. One says, “It depends on winning the case?” However, the lawyer says, “It does not matter whether I win or lose the case, I must earn money." When a lawyer asks money from people, he does not open his eyes; when he hears the sound of the golden coins only then does he open his eyes. Today, whatever people do, they expect to receive something for their work. There is nothing wrong for a man to receive compensation for their work, for their efforts - this is normal, but when I say that a man should work for nothing, I mean the following idea; the law of Love, should do every work without connecting it with money, which you might receive for it. It is not possible to be paid with money for each work done with true Love. For each work that is done without Love, people pay money. A lawyer says, “I want the certain amount of money for that case,” - this man works without Love. You go to another lawyer, who does not speak about money, takes the case, investigates it, defends it and wins the case; his client says, “I will not give you 5.000, but 10.000 leva, because I am happy with the results of your work; I cannot pay for your efforts, but I would like to give you a small reward.” This kind of relations exists just among sensible people. When you go to a grocery and ask for a kilo of sugar, and the grocer measures the sugar, gives it to you and he neither ask for money or says how much it costs; you get sugar and you give him what you think is valuable for it. These are the relations between people who have Love for each other and for God. However, according to the attitude nowadays between people, a grocer says, “You must pay for the sugar 25 leva,” - the buyer pays 25 leva for the sugar. In accordance to the law of Love, the tradesman would say nothing, but the buyer would get a note of 50 leva and would say, “I am happy, that I have found some sugar in your grocery, and about the price I am ready to give you 1000.” What a wonderful world we could have if the relations among people were like this? I say, you cannot force people to Love each other because Love does not accept force, but God gives good lessons to people. For example, when people do not give anything to God, He sends thieves to their houses and says, “Because these rich people do not give anything to others." For my sake, even they are very rich let them give to you. Then these thieves break into somebody’s rich house with guns in their hands, steal what they want and leave the house. When they leave those rich, people will say, “These thieves have stolen a lot of goods from us, but thank God we are still alive.” This example is given to make the idea clear. We should understand that everything we have does not belong to us, is not ours, it belongs to God. How can somebody talk that he has deposited or withdrawn some money from the bank - nobody deposits any money into the bank, money exists anyway, without him. Other people stroke coins, and think they are the owner of that money; nobody owns the money. Man can say, “I have worked very hard for this money, how you can say that I do not own it?” The efforts and work are from Life, they are not yours. If somebody named himself as a master of the Life, he must be a man of deathlessness. Deathlessness will come when all people follow the law of Love. Now they are studying the law of deathlessness; when they learn this law, they will know how to love each other. People do not live in accordance with the law of Love if they are still dying. Jesus says, “This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God,” when you achieve the true knowledge of God, He will give people as a present Everlasting life - the life of deathlessness. You can ask, “When is it going to be, after how many rebirths?” This will be in the future, in the very far future; the eternity is an area of Truth. So, when somebody speaks about eternity I get the idea of Truth - eternity is an image of Truth and Truth is unlimited. Consequently, everything can become reality in the area of Truth. Whether an idea becomes a reality in a year or two, one hundred, a thousand or more, all these are the borders of the Truth - a minute or a century, a year or one million years, these all are borders of the Truth. It means that a man can achieve something in a minute or in million years - what is the difference? If one can get the things he wants in one million years, he will experience many difficulties, and uneasiness of things, if one achieves his desires in one minute, he will hardly have any problems. For example, somebody says, “Do you know how many problems I had until I achieved this wealth, which I am enjoying now?” However, all these things, he has achieved are external, and they are not the subject of the Truth, nor the subject of Life. I met an acquaintance once, who is a priest, and he told me something concerning his life. He said, “I do not know what to do. I have a house, children, and concerns about them, but God took my wife, and left me alone to cope with all these problems. When she was alive, I was poor, our children were small, and our life was difficult. Then they grew up, life got better, but she passed away. Today, even if I want to get married again, I am not allowed, because I am a priest. However, I am tired of these problems, how can I struggle away from djubeto? I miss my wife.” He is right. What is life without his wife? It means one can not live without experiencing Love. Life without Love is similar to the priest’s life without his wife. Nowadays, everyone complains that there is no love in their life. This means that the signification of life exists just in Love. It does not matter how rich a man is, if he does not experience love in his life. One’s life is meaningless without Love. Then I said to that priest: Your wife can come back, she can resurrect again, because Love never dies. Your wife can resurrect and she can come to you tonight. - How? - If you fall in love with God? - How do I find God, and how I can fall in love with Him? I said: - If you have preached to God for a long time, you have spoken about Him, but you, yourself do not know where and how to find Him, why have you then misled people by speaking and preaching about God? - I will ask God to forgive me, because I have been confused. It would be better if you could give me advice on how to move away from all these problems, and how to find a new wife. Moreover, he is right. I will translate, djube means the people’s sins that alienate them away from Truth. When a man takes off this cloth called djube, when a man turns away from sins, and when Truth enlivens within him, then he will find his wife2. And I said to that priest: - Take off your djube and come with me. - I would like to think about your offer for a while. And he has been thinking since then. Now I am telling you to get rid of your djubes because your love is everywhere. Do not put hope into your life for everything. Build your life based on the three most important things - God’s Love, Wisdom, and Truth. Do not make a differentiation in any kind of work. If any work, even the smallest one, is done for the sake of God’s Love, Wisdom, and Truth, then it is good. If work is done for the sake of God’s Love, Wisdom, and Truth, it becomes very valuable. One can ask, ”How to experience Love or how to achieve God’s Love, Wisdom, and Truth?” I will answer you the way I have answered the priest. You have written love letters for so many years and you say that you do not know how to experience Love - this is a contradiction. The priest fell into the same contradiction. He serves God, preaches to people for Love, and when he was told that there exists a new way of serving God, and in this way, he can resurrect his love, he does not believe and accepts just the old way. However, if he just follows the new way, he will find God, and God’s Love. To achieve this Love one should make just a step forward, and this step is when one decides to give something from himself, to sacrifice for the Beginning of everything, for God - when he makes this step then his problems will be solved. Therefore, I would like you to remember the main meaning of this lecture. All useless things should be thrown away and the main thought should be kept - it will be the basic thought. Someone will ask, “How can we understand what is useful, and what thought is useless?” Imagine you have received a precious ring placed in a small box wrapped in lots of papers. The ring itself is 25 grams, but with all papers wrapped around it, it weights more than a kilo. What will you do in this case? You will take the ring out of the box, and will put it on your finger, and all the other paper you will throw away. Do you need to wear all the paper as well? After getting the Good opportunities in Life - they are a guarantee, a referee who signs under the reference letter to the bank in order to receive a loan from the bank. Everybody should have this kind of reference letter. Consequently, the reference letter is a Faith. You can go nowhere without faith. Faith is a rope on which the acrobat is performing; will is the stick that the acrobat holds in his hands in order to keep equilibrium. If the equilibrium is lost, he still can keep his body on the rope, but if the rope tears, he is hopeless - he needs a new rope. This is to say that without faith you cannot go from one side to the other side of the rope. If you want to go from one end to the other end of the rope, you need to tighten it first, to hold the stick in your hands and to cross it. When you get to the other side, you will be paid. The violinist is paid after playing. Whoever goes to dig the vineyards he is paid after the job is done - the worker is paid after the job is done. The lawyers make an exception to this rule. When a lawyer is given some case to defend, he says, ”I will take this case, but I want to receive in advance at least the half of the price for it.” They have lost the reliability of people and say. "We have worked for too many people, who did not pay for our efforts and we want to insure ourselves in advance." In the spiritual world, the law is the same as in the physical one - you are paid after the job is completed. Now the essential matter you have to consider is for the things you need and for the things you do not need. The things you need are like the ring in wrapped papers; what does the ring mean? The ring means healthy legs, arms, eyes, ears and mind - this implies a warm heart, bright mind, strong will, broad soul, and powerful spirit. When I am listening to what everybody should have, this sometimes means that people restrict themselves in its meaning. When I say that one should have faith, this does not mean that one does not have faith. Everybody has faith, but not the faith that he should have. You cannot impose the faith mechanically. Because of that, I am saying, you will go without faith; how can it be understood? Unless somebody becomes faithless, he cannot get real faith; in other words, nobody can find the right way or the Truth unless he stops believing in false things, in temporary things. For example, you follow some direction for years, while one day you will say, “I have not achieved anything following this direction!” When a man stops believing in unattainable things, and gains Truth, then he passes into the faith; sometimes the opposite can happen – some people goes from faith into the faithless. Some people go from Love towards the loveless, whereas others go from loveless to Love - these are the ways that people go. When I speak about Love and loveless it does not mean you do not have any love. It means that many people now understand love the wrong way - they always connect it with the face of young men, and women. In addition, they know that when the love comes they have to give a gift. A young pretty girl goes to an American millionaire and asks, “Do you want anybody to love you?” He looks at her, bends down his head, and is thinking about the answer - he knows that, if somebody loves him, many dollars will go out of his wallet; he knows that the pretty girl will cost him too much money. After thinking for a long time, he replies, “This question is very difficult, come in a few days and I will give you the answer.” He finds himself in a struggle between the love of his money and for a pretty woman, whom he must love. If he falls in love with a pretty girl, his money will run out. Contemporary people want to love, they know how to love, but they think about the big sacrifice that Love requires. When we say to somebody that he should love God he says, “I want to live without any special arrangements.” That man is not ready to offer a big sacrifice, he is a banker who loves money and says, “I will think about it and after that I will give the answer.” Thus, a new understanding for Life is required from everybody. For that reason one should think about the way one goes - everybody should see his own weaknesses. When somebody for example says, ”We should love each other!” Then my reply is, without God’s love people themselves cannot bring anything good to anybody. That love is similar to a wheat bean, which is sown in a rocky place, or it is similar to an empty wheat spike. Have you ever seen how erected the empty spikes are? When a farmer looks at them, he takes a deep sigh and says, ”These strikes are empty, I cannot rely on them.” After that he looks at full strikes and says,” How nice this wheat is!” I say, there is nothing better than full strikes in our life - full strikes present God’s Love to people. When Love comes to us it fecundates everything, it develops one’s activity, rationalizes our thoughts, feelings, and actions. When Love comes to us, we become strong, cheerful and happy. When we love somebody or something, we look like a sunny day with a bright sky, when the Sun shines and the weather is warm and serene. 1 Bulgarian currency - a coin equivalent to 50 pence 2 Here in the meaning of love Source
  2. from The Blossoming of the Human Soul ABSOLUTE PURITY The word “purity”[1] is taken in its wide meaning: as internal and external purity. External purity can be seen and understood by everyone as cleanliness. When we speak about a clean house, we mean that it is lime washed on the outside and inside, the floors in all rooms are swept and tidy, and everything is well-dusted. When we speak about a clean garment, it is shining if white and stainless if black. When we speak about pure butter, it should be fresh, clear, and odorless. It implies that purity is maintained when no extraneous elements have been added or mixed. Therefore, certain elements in Nature can cause impurity. What is impurity? It is the opposite of purity. As long as a person is alive and healthy, he has purity. When an element of impurity penetrates Life, death immediately takes one step forward. The more impurities, the more death has seized Life. Death and impurity have a directly proportional connection. Hence, impurity correlates to death. When this is known, purification of one’s thoughts is the first rule in life. Purifying thoughts regularly, one attains a crystal clear concept of God. God is not a form outside of us; God is the Prime Source of all Life. What better gift do we have than Life? Every impulse, every joy we feel is due to our awareness and inner sense of being alive and evolving. When you get up in the morning, refreshed and revitalized, you look at the rising Sun and rejoice that you have a little idea what to do during the day. This comes as a result of the first offshoots of the Tree of Life. Someone complains, “Life is tough: since early morning we need to think about living, what we are going to eat, how much we earn, and so on.” I say that the concern about food is characteristic of material life on the physical plane. The bodily need for food is not essential to one’s spiritual life. To be spiritual does not suggest eating a lot or eating tasty food. The seasonings added to a meal are extraneous elements. If all Intelligent Beings gather in one place, what would be the food served to them? A highly varied food. Why? It is because every kind will take what is needed for their own development. However, there is something common in the nourishment of all beings and organisms on the planet Earth. For example, all living beings, without exception, need water. Initially, they received their food from the air, after that - from the water, and lastly - from the solid matter. This is how it happened to the human beings as well. At one time, the light was their only nourishment. But they have already lost this way of livelihood. So at present, only the human eyes have retained this art of light nourishing. If they do not receive light for a long period of time, they will suffer atrophy. Consequently, attaining a clear notion of God is the paramount aim in life. One should understand that all beings, from the smallest to the biggest ones, are equal to God and He cares equally for them. There is no one like God Who is the Source of Life - so elevated and good-natured, so loving and compassionate. Life of the entire Universe lies in Him. Not a single being is equal to Him. Thinking of God, even the most sinful and the most ignorant person could feel a stirring somewhere deep within. If the Source of this inner stirring is not understood, one will pass through life without ever grasping the essence of the Great Origin. He will say, “Something stirs in me as if I have encountered a bear.” Yes, it is exciting to encounter a bear, but because the stirring is strong, one is frightened out of his senses. Even the greatest hero is often scared by the glance of a beautiful girl. He would say, “I saw a beautiful girl and my heart quivered.” Why did his heart quiver? For the sole reason that this hero cannot bear the blessing that is contained in this glance. Every blessing conceals a certain danger within itself. For whom? For the one who is not ready for it. People fear everything for which they are not prepared. Many people ask about the essence of fear. Fear shows the boundary, the place where man has separated himself from God. However, if one keeps the right pure thoughts, he could turn fear into a conscious force. When one thinks right, this one becomes fearless. Therefore, unless you have a clear idea of God, you cannot evolve or attain true knowledge. If you cannot accept this specific idea, you will soon lose everything that you have already attained. For example, by a certain point you can advance to become an educated person, learn art, gain wealth, acquire strength, and so on. But when you get older, you will gradually begin to lose your acquisitions. Today you will lose your knowledge, tomorrow - your art, the third day - your wealth and the fourth day - your strength. Eventually, you will find yourself in the position of a person who has lost all his sublime thoughts and inspiration for work and so you will say, “I have only one thought left.” What is this thought? “Once, I was a rich man and now I am an utter pauper.” What could be expected from a person with such a thought? Now someone may say, “If one loses everything, one should not think, feel, or act.” I say that if one’s thoughts and feelings are not true, they will create worries, anxieties, and premature aging as a result. We speak about the intelligent thoughts and pure, noble feelings, which connect the individual to God and give inspiration and free rein to one’s activities. For example, our thoughts are worrisome when we are anxious about our way of living - will we have good health, enough resources, and so on. When the king’s son enrolls in school, I ask if he should think of the financial aspects like: who will support and serve him, how much money he will receive, and so on. He should not dwell on these questions. Once sent to school, he is expected only to study; his father will take care of the rest. If the son is lazy and does not study, he is going to bear the consequences of his laziness in the form of grave misfortunes that will befall on him. I say: You are the King’s son and you have been sent to the Earth for your studies. Give thanks to God for everything you have: light, air, water, and bread. What else do you need? You must study! One day, upon your return from this long journey on Earth, your Father will ask you, “What did you learn up to this point?” Your acquaintances will ask you the same, once they find out about your journey to the Seven Lakes of the Rila Mountains.[2] You will tell them that you have climbed the peaks of Damga[3] and Haramiyata[4] and you have seen the Seven Rila Lakes. However, this is not all that you could have seen and learned. All these peaks and lakes are symbols. It is important to understand what you read in the Book of Nature. How many pages did you learn and what did you grasp from them? What difference does it make to climb a high peak? Why do you do it: to observe from afar those who pass by and what they carry? Is this the meaning of climbing high peaks? You will say that brigands went up to the peak Haramiyata to await the passage of rich travelers, whom they robbed. Outdoor excursions have their profound meaning and, particularly, high peaks hiking! So, when you talk about robbing rich people, you need to know who they are in the symbolic aspect. Rich people represent the rich ideas in the world. Good is like a rich man, whom we need to rob. Evil is like a poor person, whose passage we should not obstruct. What should we take from the poor? The Scriptures say, “Do not resist evil!”[5] Why? It is because the evil is like a poor man whose bills you should pay for. This sentence from the Scriptures represents an important economic formula. Therefore, you should better give him an undisturbed passage. Otherwise, if you obstruct his passage, the poor man will begin begging money, clothes, and shoes of you. So, in this case you will give him everything he asks for. The evil is really like a beggar who relies on the mercy of others. A student who enters the Divine School should let go of begging. I say: if you want to understand God, you need to be pure. It is said in the Scriptures, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”[6] Suffering, hardship, and misfortune will come inevitably. You are in the sea, where big storms rise up. These storms may affect the ship as well. They will rock it to one side, then to the other, but harmony and peace should reign inside the ship. If the ship is flooded and the waves enter even through the smallest of its cracks, it will be destroyed and wrecked. The negative, impure thoughts, from which you should guard yourselves, enter in the same way. When you travel in nature, do you not make a mess? How many servants need to go after you to clean up your mess? Some people consider themselves pure and saintly, but they leave their dirt behind; they eat here and there, leaving garbage all over. While you are carrying your impurity within yourselves, you are neither saintly nor pure yet. If you observe the cleanliness in the physical world, you are also pure in the mental and spiritual world. Some people may brag to me that he is a believer guided by high ideals, but in fact he does not observe even the elementary hygiene in the physical world. No, purity is required from everyone and in all aspects: physical, mental, and spiritual. You say, “Everything is up to us.” Yes, it is up to you to observe the Absolute Purity in every aspect of your life. Life itself, however, depends on God. If you want to be healthy and happy, each of your feelings, thoughts, and actions must be permeated by the idea of Purity. Only in this way you will receive God’s Blessings. Currently, you spoil whatever God has sent you, but in this way, you will be facing sure death. It is time for you to renounce your petty pride. What if someone has said bad things about you or has defamed you? Do not occupy yourselves with negative things; do not allow them into your mind! Even if all people disrespect you, you should work to prove that you are a person of dignity and self-respect. Work incessantly for ten years to develop inner strength and willpower as to prove others that you are a true human being. If you go to a village and lift with your hands a big stone weighing one ton, you will impress the villagers. Seeing your strength, they will say to themselves, “We should better not mess with this person and tease him - he is very strong!” However, you go to a village and cannot actually bring up even the smallest pebble, moreover, you ask the villagers for some elementary favors and on the top of this you want them to respect you. And afterward, you will boast that you can converse with God. The one who is in communion with God is strong enough and is able to move mountains from one place to another. If you cannot move mountains, do not delude yourself - everyone else might have talked to you but not God. When God spoke to Moses, the latter raised his staff, struck the rock and from there, water gushed out. God spoke to Moses and manna descended from Heaven. God spoke to Moses and he had shepherded the Jewish people for 40 long years through the desert. Instead, those who boast cannot earn their living, but still claim that God converses with them. I ask: How will you recognize when God speaks to you? Are you going to learn that from books? No. Every person has a unique inner experience as a means to recognize God’s Voice within. There are many ways to understand Nature, but only one way - to enter the world of Truth. Truth is the purest of the worlds, in which Love manifests itself. Truth is the purest form of Love. What is Love? It is the purest essence of this form. Truth is the highest manifestation of Love! The absolute Freedom is achieved through Truth. The brightest Light is attained through Love. In esoteric sense, Love is substituted by Justice. If you are looking for warmth and heat, seek out Justice. Whenever Justice comes into the world, it raises the temperature. Justice represents the strongest warmth of Love and Love is the essence of Life. When it is a question of Life, you should know that there is nothing higher than Life. Therefore, Love, Wisdom, Truth, and Justice are realms or worlds, through which Life manifests itself. At present, what is meant by the word “Life” is the human consciousness driven by the permanent aspiration for achievement. When we say that we live, we imply that we constantly strive for something, which we desire to achieve. When children are born, their consciousness is instantly awakened and they begin to have desires and wants related to the objective world. When we consider the world of feelings, there we are also searching for a certain object. When we come to the mental world, we are willing to study; however, we are searching for an object there as well. Life also exists in the spiritual and Divine worlds, which implies that it manifests itself in all realms and worlds but in different forms. One thing is important: whatever form Life may take, it cannot function without Absolute Purity. I ask: How could you sustain Purity? By serving God. Whenever speaking about serving, I imply that one can serve only God, only Love. We say, “God is Love.” Therefore, it is only Love that one can serve. In respect to Life, we say, “We will become even servants only if we could attain Life.” Therefore, three things are important in your life: to serve God, to respect yourself, and to love your neighbor. To love your neighbor means to unload the unnecessary burden that is on your back. To respect yourself means to understand the meaning of Life. Only the good, intelligent, wise person has self-respect. A person perceives these traits first in oneself and then in others. If you see goodness, intelligence, and wisdom in yourself, then you are going to see these qualities in others as well. It means that what you see in you is reflected in those around you. You respect people because of the consciousness you have yourself. You love people for the beautiful, sublime, and noble that you see within yourself. If you see all these traits in others, then you already love them. Why does father love his son? It is because of his own self-respect. It is then transformed into love for his son. What is Love? To see yourself in others. What is respect? To realize your dignity as a human being. What does it mean to serve God? To realize that everything comes from God and that there is no one equal to Him. If you say to yourself that everything is possible for God, you will be prepared for everything. You can serve God only conceptually. The word “serving” implies that everything you do in the name of God is possible. Then someone will ask you, “Can you shoulder the Earth?” “I am shouldering it now.” “Then what about the Solar system?” “I have been shouldering it for a long time.” “Well, what about the Universe?” “I am a master of the Universe.” Now, every person with petty ideas will say, “What a statement! How can people dare to claim that they shoulder the Earth and Solar system or that they are masters of the Universe? Is this possible?” To say that you are a master of the Universe means that you have traveled across it from end to end. The wise person can see the entire Universe represented between one’s head and feet. Therefore, when one says to be a master of the entire Universe, it suggests that he knows his body from head to toe. Thus, he holds the Universe in oneself. The time it takes him to stretch his arms from head to toe, is the time needed for passing the Universe from one end to the other. It is sufficient that he only moves his hand to instantly pass the Universe from one end to the other. It is sufficient that he only moves his hand to instantly cross the Universe from the one end to the other. Things are distant only when they are separated from the common organism. When they are together in the organism, they are close. The word “closeness” implies an organization of all intelligent beings in oneness. Disorganization implies an act of separation. When you claim that someone has offended or harmed you, then either the offender is outside the common organism, while you are in, or both of you are outside. There cannot be disharmony among you, when you are both parts of one common body. Could there be any imbalance between the fingers of your hand, for example? It does not matter that some fingers are on the left and others - on the right hand, as they could help each other. I say: Many people of today have reached a certain area in life, where they have stopped. They need to take a step forward, so as to enter the new that is now coming into the world. If you walk in the old path, the same is awaiting you: you will die; there will be a funeral service and speeches over your grave that you graduated from three universities and served greatly your country. Yes, this person served the humankind but not God. We know that he did not serve God because he died. It is written in the Scriptures, “This is an eternal Life for me to come to know You as the One and only God.” I add to this quote: This is an Eternal life - to come to know and serve God. However, there is a certain danger that people in their service might go to extremes like getting bored and abandoning their work. It is true that many reasons might bring them to such situation. Yet, if they have proper understanding of Life, nothing can steer them away from their path; nothing can disturb their balance. I will give you an example from the country life (because it is closer to the Living Nature) and will explain why sometimes people run off the rails of their life. A youthful, very hard-working farmer used to get up early in the morning, before sunrise, yoke his oxen and go to the field to plough. His ox-cart was always in order and his oxen were groomed and brushed with care. He himself, cheerful and smiling, was quietly singing to himself; he was aspiring to Life. All day long, until late in the evening, he worked and did not get tired; he was content with his life. He returned home still cheerful and smiling. He unyoked his oxen, fed them, put his ox-cart away, and awaited the following day to come with delight so that he could continue his work anew. Thus the days slipped unnoticed, until one day when he met a beautiful girl and was captivated by her. He did not feel like working anymore. He departed late in the morning and returned early in the evening. He neglected his ox-cart and oxen. The song was no longer on his lips and the smile - on his face. He roamed in a daze and said, “I suffered enough; I do not feel like working anymore. How did it happen that this slaving lot fell upon me? Up to now, I have been working my whole life. From now on, I want to entertain myself.” He dressed well, put on a hat and a new belt, placed a flower on his coat and off he went around the village, walking along random streets, until he came to the garden of that beautiful girl. Just like a soldier, he patrolled it from one end to the other. Then he stopped for a moment in front of it. He wanted to see the mischievous girl hiding somewhere among the trees. His patience was over. He wanted to enter, but the garden was locked up and the girl was not there. She was sitting inside, smiling, and observing what the young man was doing. What was this mischievous girl like? What does she look like? The young man was interested; he wanted to know everything. It was because of her that he had left his field and oxen. The girl was sitting inside with a flower[7] in her hair and smirking. At that moment, the youth was struck by the idea to take the girl’s flower away. Why did he want to do this? He wanted to rob her, saying, “I worked so hard. I have been ploughing the field by now, but nothing happened through work.” And thus, he began courting the girl. Today, he took a flower from her. Next day, he took another flower. When he took ten flowers from her, he took her as well. That was the magical approach used by the youth. He knows that the girl puts something of herself in the flower she adorns with. That day, he took something from her with her flower. Next day, he took something else, until finally the girl came to ask for her flowers back, but remained with him. Such relationships exist in all manifestations of life. They are symbols to be translated into the human language. The young man will marry the beautiful girl, but how long can they be happy with their current views on Life? For a year or two, but afterward their happiness will disappear. Why? It is because neither the young man nor the girl have the eternal Life in them. As long as the wife has something Divine in herself, her husband can love her. And as long as the husband has something Divine in himself, his wife can love him. Once they lose the Divine in themselves, their love for one another disappears. In other words, as long as one is pure, this one can be loved. If an element of impurity enters someone, love toward this person gradually recedes, until it vanishes entirely. Therefore, the lack of love comes as a natural consequence of the impurity in Life. When people do not love you, you should know that you yourself are the reason for this. Who does not like to bathe in a clean wellspring? However, if you are a puddle or a swamp, who would bathe in you? Everyone wants to wash his face, hands, and feet in a clean wellspring, but no one wants to do it in a swamp. Now, once you grasp the meaning of Purity in its broadest sense, the best you can do is to place it as a foundation of your physical life. Why? It is because health depends on one’s inner and outer purity. Purity of ideas is what is required from the human beings! In this respect, when we say that one should not look into the shortcomings of others, criticizing them, we imply that one should not contaminate the Purity of life and expose oneself to death. To occupy yourself with the shortcomings of people is a contagion that will destroy your body. What will you gain from this? Nothing and moreover you will lose all that is good in yourself. Hence, why should you occupy yourself with the wrongdoings of others? A Turkish proverb states, “Leave the drunkard; do not support him. Let him fall down and learn!” It is easier for the Bulgarian to get drunk than for the Turk. The Turk, in general, is more sober. When he gets drunk, he walks, falls down, gets up, and tells himself, “Come on. Go on, Hassan! Why did you drink so much that your legs are not obeying you now?” He falls down again. “Walk, Hassan! Why do you drink so much?” This is how he talks to himself on his way home. When he enters his home, he begins to apologize to his wife that he got so drunk because according to the Laws of Mohamed, one is not allowed to get drunk. The Bulgarian, however, when he gets drunk, will demonstrate first his art of fighting. Sometimes his wife is strong enough and when she sees that her drunken husband spoils for a fight, she pushes him to fall on the ground. He gets up and starts again. After she pushes him three or four times onto the ground, he asks her, “What do you mean by this?” She replies, “You have drunk too much.” He then says, “Well, it is good for everyone to enjoy life in one way or another.” The Bulgarian accepts wine as a gift of God and thinks that one should drink as much as he pleases. The Turk believes that he has done wrong when he gets drunk. So, early in the morning, he goes to confess to the Imam[8]. I say: Inebriety is impurity. Gluttony is impurity. Gossiping is impurity. Envy and a number of other vices represent impurity. Therefore, entirely from a hygienic point of view, impurity has to be thrown out if we want to be free. If we want to become knowledgeable, in the broad sense of the word, we need to be pure. Scientists filtrate and separate things in their scientific experiments until they purify them completely. When we talk about Purity, it applies to those who are assiduous in their work for self-improvement. It applies to those who have a strong aspiration for Purity. The rest will not understand my words and will comment, “This subject is really tough.” Those who follow the right path need to take one small step forward in order to enter the Realm of Purity. Only then conceptual issues can be discussed with them. One cannot talk to those who live in impurity about conceptual issues because of the risk for them to lose their Purity. There are Realms, where the Absolute Purity reigns: they could not be mentioned nor a human foot could enter there. If this happens, it will contaminate and disturb it all. Neither disarray nor dislocation whatsoever is absolutely allowed there. You do not have the right to move even a single pebble there. If you go to one of the Sacred Wellsprings of the Eternal Life, you should dip a cup into the water and drink it down to the very last drop. Not a single drop of water is allowed to be spilled there. What do you usually do, when you go to the wellsprings in the physical world? You pour a full cup of water, but you drink two or three gulps from it, throwing the rest out. In the Divine World, this is absolutely inappropriate. When contemporary people are told about the sacred, pure things, they laugh. They do not realize their great importance. People of today become serious only in the face of the most difficult and complicated situations in their life. Only then they begin to think of God and the World beyond, only then they acknowledge the existence of something that is beyond their comprehension. For example, when the rope is hung around someone’s neck and the priest comes to read a prayer, he becomes very serious and looks around for some help. If, at that moment, they set him free, he would feel really grateful for the life granted to him. And he would eventually understand the true meaning of Life. The negative thoughts represent the rope with which people are hung. The enemies, the foes of people, are those who are the cause for the rope to be placed around your necks. They offer you bad advice today and more of it - tomorrow, until finally you are hanged. Be careful not to hang on the rope the way it happened to a saint who was cheated by the devil. This saint lived in the desert, where he spent his time in fast, prayer, and deep contemplation. The devil decided to tempt him by making him a king. He tried one trick, then another, until he finally succeeded in achieving his aim. The saint really became a king; however, the circumstances soon enough brought him to the gallows. The devil told him, “Trust me. I will set you free.” When they placed the rope around the neck of the saint, the devil appeared again and told him, “Look out into the distance and you will behold a vision.” The saint looked in the direction, which the devil pointed. ”Do you see anything?” “I see a donkey.” “What else do you see?” ”I see another donkey.” “Anything else?” “I see a third donkey.” “What are they carrying on their backs?” “They are loaded with sandals.” “Well, these are the sandals I tore until I managed to place the rope around your neck.” That one who follows the devil’s advice will come to a bad end: they will put the rope on his neck and afterward - take him down from the gallows. Certain deceitful relationships are observed in life. These are relationships of impurity. To avoid them, one needs to be exact and fulfill whatever promises and good intentions one has declared. In the Divine Life, where Absolute Purity reigns, there is no forgetfulness. Everything there happens precisely on time. Precision is a quality of pure Life. Not living in Purity, you obscure the horizon of your sky as clouds obscure the Sun. That is why you hear some people saying, “I am somewhat sad.” Yes, it is because your sky is cloudy. If you want it to clear up, you should serve God, respect yourself and love your neighbor. The formulas you need to apply to yourself are: serve your spirit that guides you; respect your soul that preserves all valuable things in it; love your body and all those beings that serve you due to the Sublime idea living in you. If you treat yourself accordingly, you will have a clear idea of God and everything will be possible for you. If you do not serve God, all around you will be dead. If you come to know God having a distinct idea of Him, you will be able to move all boulders in Nature, as they will become as light as feathers. In fact, they are heavy and frightening only for those who do not serve God. It is sufficient for them to see that such boulders are moving, for their hair to bristle up with horror. But to the true assistants of God, everything in the world is living and evolving. They can make an experiment to assure themselves that all in Nature is alive and living. We see many objects in a passive state and the sole reason for this is to give us the opportunity to live so that we can be the manifestation of Life today. One day in the future, when people finish their evolution on Earth, all beings that are currently motionless, will abandon this state to manifest life. Many want to know today what will happen with the boulders. This is an easy question to answer. But it is more important what will happen to you. When you attain the Eternal Life, you are going to visit the Earth again and will see all those changes that have occurred on it. If the human consciousness is constantly awake, people will be aware of all changes that are taking place on Earth. Currently because of this interrupted consciousness, people expect from the scientists to explain everything, including the past geological changes on Earth. That is good, but it is time for the human consciousness to awake and for the human thought to become more active. Hence, we recommend Absolute Purity to all contemporary people. For many, this idea is still unacceptable. It depends on the situation in which they find themselves today. Purity is followed by holiness. These are synonyms. Holiness is followed by service. If one is pure and holy, one cannot do anything else but serve. Finally, after serving comes Love. If one does not know how to serve, one cannot love either. If one does not know how to love, one cannot learn either. And if one does not know how to learn, one can never attain freedom. These possibilities are closely interrelated. Whoever begins with Purity has already taken a step forward. This is the natural, normal path in Life. Someone says that he has already aged, but has not lived enough. What is the essence of Life? Suppose that someone lives 100 thousand days on Earth. What will be his needs meanwhile? If he eats 3 times a day, he will need 300 thousand meals. If he drinks water 5 times a day, 250 grams per glass, it means that he will need 125 thousand kilograms of water. And if he tears a suit each day, he will need 100 thousand suits in total. Some scientists claim that the cells of the human body are completely renewed every seven years. Others say that this process occurs every three months. Therefore, according to some scientists, a person changes one’s clothes every seven years, according to other scientists - every three months; and according to me - every single day. A new suit lasts from sunrise to sunset. As you see, someone who has lived 100 thousand days on Earth has done many expenses. How could he justify this expenditure, if he does not serve God, if he does not respect oneself, and love his neighbors? I say to those who are awake: Keep the idea of Purity in your thoughts. May Purity stay as a norm in the minds of all people and be used as a measure in all situations of Life. Purity is a magic wand for every conscious person. When you wake up in the morning, get up with the idea of Purity. May this idea become as beloved for all people as beloved and desired is the beautiful girl as an idea in the youth’s mind. We see how a young man awaits his beloved girl, seeks her, being ready to go to the end of the world for her. May the idea of Purity be like the beloved girl that everyone seeks even at the end of the world. May Absolute Purity be the beloved of everyone! Once you find Purity, stop at a distance before this holy image solely to observe and contemplate it. Once you attain Purity, you will connect to the Sublime World and the Prime Cause of being. Only in the Sublime World, there is constancy and steadfastness. The constant and steadfast things are important to you. What could be better than knowing that there is One Omniscient Being in the world Who loves you at all times, - whenever you are asleep or awake, sick or healthy, learned or ignorant, wealthy or poor? There is nothing better than to realize that the attitude of this Being toward you is never changing. If you serve God, everyone will love you. Someone says, “I want to serve God, so I do not want to get married.” I say: If you try to resolve this issue without God, you will become an unhappy person. On the other hand, if you marry without the approval of God, you will be twice as unhappy. If you do not marry, but you are connected to God, then you will be happy. If you marry with God’s consent and you are both connected to God with your spouse, you will be twice as happy. This idea, expressed in another way, implies that every assignment, every conceived idea of Divine Origin, is pure, sacred, and sublime. Only in Purity can a person be content. What is the purpose of bringing people together? Why do two souls decide to live together? Thus they become two poles through which the Divine Life can manifest Itself. When someone refuses to marry, it suggests that the sphere he moves through is not pure. When a traveler passes by many wellsprings without drinking from them, it shows that they are not pure. And vice versa, if he takes water from them, it is a sign that they are pure. I ask: Will you marry, when you ascend to Heaven? No. Therefore, marriage is a side issue. When we speak about marriage, the first idea to be considered is that one should marry Purity. That is the true marriage. Whoever has not married Purity is a widower. In this sense, when people do not wish to marry Purity, they self-sentence themselves to death. The spiritual sense of marriage is marrying Purity. Whoever marries physically on Earth, will die; whoever stays single, will live. In the Spiritual World the process is reversed - whoever marries Purity will never die. Therefore, the union with Purity is a condition for the continuation of Life. People of today should free their consciousness from all impure images. They need to create pure ideas, pure images of young women and men, of marriage and celibacy, of Love and Eternal Life, of children, and so on. Everyone will be submitted to a thorough inner purification, similar to the traditional full house cleaning done before Easter. Assign beautiful explanations to all happenings and events in Life. When I am told that someone is crying, I do not dwell upon it. I say that it is raining outside so the rain waters the garden of that person and the flowers are happy. When they tell me of someone being happy, I understand that his flowers are blooming with wonderful fragrances lit by the Sun. If I hear that someone beats his wife, I understand that in this home they are threshing wheat to be then stored in the barn. Try to substitute the negative images with pure, vivid ones so that you may preserve the Purity of your consciousness. Now, talking about the Absolute Purity there, it is quite possible that you would pay attention only to one of its facets, only to the external cleanliness. If a young but lazy lad who does not want to do any kind of work strives only for external cleanness, he will ask his father every day for money to buy new clothes, shoes, fragrances, different combs and brushes solely to appeal to the girls. Thus, he will destroy both himself and his father, but he will not be able to achieve his goal. The girls will see him dressed up and clean every day, but they will not like something else about him. They will not see the true human being in him. We cannot go without clothes, but clothes do not make the person. Good clothes attain value only when a wise person wears them. Knowledge and strength adorning the impure person is the same as a bell adorning the swine. I say: Purity is the first condition for attaining the Divine Life. The human souls are longing, praying, and searching for Purity. The Scriptures are full of verses about Purity and Sanctity. Many opportunities arise before pure people. If someone cannot get rid of impurity, the opportunities will remain sealed for this person. Spiritual growth, light, knowledge, strength, and freedom - it all depends on Purity in the physical, and Sanctity - in the Spiritual World. The more Light the spirits have, the more power they have. In the Divine World, everything is determined by Love. When you descend, you will work on the following ideas: service, respect, and affection. Through ascension, you are going to attain Purity, Sanctity, and Love. Today, all of you attended the Feast of Purity, but be careful now not a single crumb of It is to fall on the ground. Gather all bread and give it to those you encounter. Someone says, “May people embrace our ideas and beliefs.” I ask you: What are your ideas? Be pure! What is your creed? Purity! You all should be distinguished by your vigorous aspiration for Purity. Let’s dedicate this day to Purity. You will ask, “Is everything hidden in Purity?” It is the first step on the staircase to the Eternal Life. When you ascend to the second step, you will read again “Purity.” The latter is a broad, inexhaustible world. The Bulgarian word chistota (purity) is not a strong word, but we use it for the lack of a stronger one. That is what every good village lad does when he wants to get married: he searches for the best bride, the most beautiful one, but when he cannot find the wife he fancies, then he takes the best one who lives in the village. They ask him, “Why did you marry this girl? Was there not a better one, a prettier one?” He replies, “This one was the best of all available. As I did not find the one I fancied, I married this girl instead and I am content with her.” Thus, also by necessity, we use this simple, humble Bulgarian word chistota (purity) to express one beautiful, magnificent world. The word chistota (purity) is not very beautiful here on Earth; it is not a strong word. Purity is not a princess. Her father is not rich, but he is a respectable man; her mother is not rich either, but she is a hard-working woman. Therefore, Purity was legally born by good parents. Circumstances need to be favorable for realizing the idea of Purity. At present, Purity is at the stage of a small seed, which should be planted in the soil so that to grow. Let several people take from this seed and form groups of two, three, five, or ten in order to work upon the idea of Purity. Only in this way, the world can be transformed. Many hold the idea that God can do everything, that the Angels assist Him and so on. Since God can do everything, you assume that you do not need to work. This is a false idea - stay away from it! God has His plan of action. He will come to Earth, but will He find people who are ready to work? Everyone should work for self-development and perfection. Do you know what the situation will be for someone who expects a good, happy life, but does not work? I will give you an example to understand this situation. Imagine a young woman, waiting for many years for her beloved to come and create a happy life for her. However, once he arrives, she is bedridden by sickness for the next three years. What can her beloved do? Either depart or wait for her to recover. What would her situation be if her leg was broken while her beloved offered her an automobile ride into town? Her legs need to be healthy so that she can go with him. Every person who lacks virtues is in the position of the girl with the broken legs. The legs of all should be healthy! This will be achieved only when people change their old views and beliefs. Now, when a new idea is revealed to people, they panic. In this respect, they resemble the little children of old times, whose teachers entered the school with canes. Whenever the children saw the teachers bringing in the canes, they knew that a punishment would follow. When one teacher entered the classroom, he saw that the children had raised dust because they were unruly and had messed up the classroom, but in fact he did not know the true culprit. So he began in due order. He hit one on the hand and the other on the head. So, he punished everyone and went out. However, modern teachers do not enter the classroom with canes. Contemporary education does not resemble the old one. There are new methods and ways to educate children nowadays. When I am revealing some new idea, you have fear, due to the old habit of yours. You suppose that I carry a cane in my hand. No, I am without a cane, without a stick. The cane method is not recommendable because it is not economical. When a teacher enters the classroom with a cane, a great deal of his energy goes into it. Teachers should not give their lectures with a cane. Today, the cane is substituted by a pen or pencil. It is like a magic wand that every student should hold in hand during the teacher’s lecture. Therefore, with this magical wand, you are going to write down the idea of Absolute Purity in your consciousness. If someone is interested in what happened at the Fifth Lake, you could answer, “No ear has ever heard and no eye has ever seen what we were told. It was about hygiene, but from the point of view of the Absolute Purity.” Lecture of the Master Beinsa Douno held to the General Esoteric Class at the Fifth Lake of the Rila Mountains, Bulgaria, on August 21, 1929. ------------------------------------------------------ 1. The Bulgarian word chistota is used to signify both the inner purity (as a state of being free from any extraneous elements that could change its essence) and the external purity or cleanliness. 2. Referring to the Seven Lakes region of the Rila Mountains where the Master lectured during the summer months. 3. Damga is the old name of Vazov Summit, 2,669 m, the Seven Rila Lakes Region. 4. Haramiyata is the old name of Haiduta Summit, 2,465 m, the Seven Rila Lakes Region. 5. See also Matthew 5:38–45. 6. See Matthew 5:8. 7. It was a Bulgarian village custom for girls to carry fresh flowers - one or more - behind the ear or in their hair. By taking their flowers the young men court them. 8. The male prayer leader in a mosque.
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    The Way of the Disciple, AlphaDar 1.The Way of the Disciple - 19.8.1927г. - 5 2.The Spirit of the Lord - 19.8.1927г. - 55 3.Brothers in Unity of Thought - 20.8.1927г. - 90 4.It will Turn into Joy - 21.8.1927г. - 133 5.Love of Knowledge - 21.8.1927г. - 186 6.Awakening of the Consciousness of the Disciple - 22.8.1927г. - 211 7.A Voice Came - 23.8.1927г. - 242 8.I spoke Openly - 24.8.1927г. - 284 9.The Sacred Hour - 24.8.1927г. 324 Съборни беседи 1927 г. Духът на Господа, СБ - София, 19.8.1927г. Пътят на ученика, СБ - София, 19.8.1927г. Братя в единомислие, СБ - София, 20.8.1927г. Обич към знанието, СБ - София, 21.8.1927г. Ще се превърне в радост, СБ - София, 21.8.1927г. Пробуждане съзнанието на ученика, СБ - София, 22.8.1927г. Дойде глас, СБ - София, 23.8.1927г. Свещеният час, СБ - София, 24.8.1927г. Явно говорих, СБ - София, 24.8.1927г.
  4. From Methods for Self-improvement HOMEOFTHE HUMAN SOUL Everyone talks about their unattained ideal, yet they continue to strive toward it. The child attends school in order to learn read ing and writing. Passing unnoticeably from one grade to the next, the boy becomes a young man and finishes the university. Then you will hear him saying. "I finally achieved my ideal and graduated from the university." What has he achieved? He has just learned the alphabet and the usage of letters for making syllables, words, and sentences. If a young man has finished a musical academy, he would say, "I have reached my ideal by learning to sing and play an instru ment." What has he learned? The musical notes and their combinations. Ask yourself, everyone of you, "What is the ideal of my life?" If all people have an ideal, why are they unhappy? Someone is not happy with being short, so he strives to become taller and that is his ideal in life Why is he short? It is because he did not eat enough. Can a drop of water make a river? Can a thread make a whole rope? The tall person is not happy with his height as well, so he wants to become shorter. Why has he become tall? It is mostly because his nour ishment was plentiful. Has anyone experiment ed to find out the number of spider web strands needed to form a thick regular rope? Even if one's wish of being the desired height is ful filled, this person will be not satisfied either. Why are people discontent? It is because they have a very monotonous life. Without be ing aware of it, they repeat things until getting quite bored at the end. Nature does not allow any repetition whatsoever. As much as you might repeat a song, you cannot sing it twice in the same manner. Why? The reason is that everything has changed: you, the audience, and the surroundings too. When you are hungry, you sing in one way; when you are full, you sing in another way. When you are young, you sing in one way; when you are grown up, you sing in another way; and when you are old - you sing in a very ditl'erent way. It is good to have diver sity in your life, otherwise you would have died untimely. The monotonous existence does not bring Life, but debases it leading to premature aging. Only the new brings Life. Remember: as long as you live on Earth, you should move in all directions: east, west, north, and south. If you build a house, which side will you place the front doorry The house facing north will be lit by the Sun from above where the Sun is; the house facing south will be lit from be low; if the house is facing east, it will again be lit from above; and lastly if it is facing west, it will be lit from below, too. In houses facing east the Sun is always rising, and in those fac ing west - the Sun is always setting. What do you prefer: the ever rising or the ever setting Sunry If you should get your money back from someone, you would prefer the Sun to shine in order to find your debtor. But in case you owe someone money, you would like the Sun to set so that your creditor could not find you. And so, regarding the four directions of the world, we have in mind the four stages, or in other words, the four key points of conscious ness. The necessity of the moment dictates which point to choose. How will you determine the priority of each bounty: bread, water, air, or light? If you are hungry, you will want bread; if you are thirsty, you will choose water; if you are suffocating, you will strive for air, and if you are in darkness, you will need light Which is the must for a person in a sinking ship? Life vest What does one need in the winter? To go out, one needs warm clothes and shoes. What is the difference between the four di rections of the world - or the four points of con sciousness? East refers to the good conditions of life; the Sun rises in the east to bring Life. West is related to the night, when the Moon is shining. East implies a sunlit - house; west - a moonlit house; north - a house placed on a vis ible place; and south - a house placed on a well traveled road, where many people will stop by, eat, and drink. Some of them will pay, while others will not, which may cause quarrels and misunderstandings. Therefore, the human be ing lives in four houses simultaneously in the houses of one's mind, heart, soul, and spirit. The houses of all people differ from one another lf you are in the physical world, you live in your physical body. Going into the mental world you leave your physical body and enter the mental one. In this manner one moves in four bodies: physical, emotional or astral, mental, and caus al, in other words - one lives in the mind and heart, in the soul and spirit. The four directions of the world represent the four homes in which people live. If you con nect these four points, you form a square. As the square is in constant motion, the four points trace a circle. To move from one home to anoth er is a natural process. You cannot remain at the same point forever; neither can you keep your wealth forever Sometimes you will be rich, sometimes - poor When passing through those varying conditions, you constantly bend down and rise again. If someone says that he does not want to bend down, it shows that he does not understand life. If you are poor and you have been hungry for a few days, when you see a golden coin in front of you, will you not bend down to take it? You will certainly bend down, pick up the coin and then rise. Therefore, reach ing for the coin on the ground means bending. Bending is appropriate, only when one attains something precious. Otherwise, to bend down for a trifle makes no sense. What will happen, if two people see the golden coin at the same time? They will both bend down: the first will grab the one end of the coin and the second one - the other. As long as the coin has not been shared, both will stand close to each other. Dividing the coin, they will immediately move apart: the first will take one direction, the second - another, continuing on their ways. Therefore, people are close to one another until they divide their life provided bounties. After distributing the goods among themselves, they move apart and follow their own paths. How many are the blessings of Life. They are mainly four: bread, water, air, and light Which one will you prefer at any given momentIf you are hungry, you will ask for bread; if you are thirsty, you will ask for water; if you lack air and suffocate, you will ask for air; and if you are in darkness, you will ask for light Which part of the human body is food related toMouth is related to food and it is a symbol of, the word owisdom. Water along with the food or bread passes through the mouth and goes to the stom ach. Thus bread and water go to the same place and act together. Air is in relation with the nose and lungs: it passes through the nose and goes to the lungs. Light, on its turn, is related to the eyes. People often get depressed; they feel indis posed and do not know how to help themselves. They are surrounded by bounties, yet they do not know how to make use of them. For such cases the Bulgarians have a proverb, "He is wading into water and he is walking thirsty." Four elements can change the indisposition and transform it from negative into positive. These are: light, air, water, and bread. When you know the reason for the indisposition, you can apply one of the four elements corresponding to the current situation. The reasons for one's indispo sitions may vary - they could be hidden in the physical, emotional, mental, or causal world. Imagine that you meet an elementary school teacher. You speak to him, but you feel that he is dissatisfied with something. What is the reason for this discontent? He wants to get a higher position and become a high school teacher. What is the difference between an elementary school teacher, high school teacher, and a professor? I think that the position of an elementary school teacher has an advantage in one particular as pect. Which is this aspectry It is the highest level of trust of the students in the first grade. In the middle school the students trust their teachers much less. The trust of students in their teach ers goes down even more in the high school; whereas the university students often criticize their professors and argue with them. What is the criticism like? It is like skin rub bing. When you visit a public bath of Turkish type it is good for you to be "criticized," in oth er words, to have someone who will exfoliate your dead skin and remove the dirt from you. However, after getting a good bath you are clean and you do not need blunt criticism anymore, so if you are still criticized, this will cause you pain. Nature also uses such "massages," but she knows when and how to apply them. When she meets someone who is not clean, she takes out the exfoliating sponge and says, "Come to me, my child, I am going to clean you now - you need this." She massages and cleans him well, and then let him go free. Therefore, criticism is useful only when it is coming from a wise, just, and loving source. People of today are not happy with their life, because they cannot achieve their wish es. Nevertheless, they should still be happy. Why? lt is because they have the opportunity to work more. By working and working, they will eventually have some achievements. ln reality, people become unhappy when the good things in their life are not repeated. However, this is impossible. Nature does not like monotony and repetition. You cannot sing a song in the same way second and third time. If the first time you have sung it well, the second time you will sing it either better or worse as the situation and the moment will differ. For example, you can make bread if you have flour, water, and salt. If you are given flour, cheese, water, and salt next time, you will not make bread again, but you will prepare banilsa[1] instead. This is what you will usually do as you tend to avoid repeti tions. Then, why should you be discontent with Life and Nature, when they do not allow you to repeat the same things over and over? You say that these are ordinary things. You are not suffering because you do not have bread and banitsa, but because you have not fulfilled some great idea or sublime desire of yours. For example, someone might be unhappy, because he has not become knowledgeable. And yet, what is the essence of knowledge? ls someone with a big mental baggage considered to be knowl edgeable? He is telling how the world was cre ated, how the plates of Earth were folded, how life came into existence, and so on. His head is full of theories, but after him comes another scientist who disputes his theories and creates new ones. Who of them is closer to the Truth? Genuine scientist is the one who brings forth the absolute and never - changing knowledge. There were two scientists who often had sci entific discussions. One of them was very self respecting and did not allow to be criticized. One day, he unwittingly put his vest on with the wrong side out He met the second scientist who told him, "Dear colleague, your vest is inside out." As that one did not like remarks, he did not acknowledge the fact as it is, but looked at himself and said, "I did this on purpose. So far I have worn my vest with the face out, but today I turned it with its back out to see how I would look like." His friend was a delicate person and did not want to argue anymore, so he replied, "Yes, this can be a kind of research." In reality, the first scientist put his vest on the wrong side by mistake as he was absent minded. As he did not think about any scientific experiments, his mind was preoccupied with finding some way to pay his pending debt. In one of the American universities there was a very strict professor with whom the students often joked in order to provoke him. One day they rearranged the wheels of his carriage plac ing the front gears on the back and the back gears - on the front. When the professor mount ed his carriage, he noticed that something was wrong, but did not want to look fool before the students and said, "My carriage was for a repair the previous days and obviously the mechanic had made some mistake." He knew that the stu dents had done the prank, but did not want to acknowledge this. Such displacements happen in everyone's life. When they are in the physical world, it is easy to be corrected. However, displacements in the spiritual world are difficult to be put right and comprehended. That is the reason why peo ple suffer, face difficulties, and fail to solve their assignments. Someone may suffer because he is behind in his development and everyone has gone ahead of him. In reality, he does not un derstand the Law. If twenty strong people come to wrestle, who will begin first? The weakest will be first on the stage against another weak. Afterward the stronger wrestlers will show and the strongest will go at the end. It means that the strongest ones, or the heroes, remain behind and they are the last The true hero remains the last, so that his strength could be tested. Nature acts in the same way. She lets the weak wrestlers go first to the stage and keeps the strong ones for the final Nature does not hurry, neither she gives things the moment when someone wants them. The strong person remains last, behind all others. As he comprehends the Law, he awaits patiently his time to come. And so, when you know all this, do not criticize Nature. Whatever she does, it is for the highest good. She does not promote or debase anyone, but places all and each of, the living be ings in their places. The one who comes to un derstand her, waits for his time and enjoys his achievements. The one who does not understand her, suffers and faces a lot of difficulties. Nature looks at him and whispers: wait a bit more, your hour has not come yet. When a mother nourishes her children, which one will she give food first? The youngest because this infant needs only little food. The little one will be satisfied with just little milk or bread. When the older are con cerned, things get more complicated: you need to set a table with glasses, plates, to serve more bread, more food, and so on. The older ones eat more and are more pretentious. Which is better: to have a laid table before you or to eat without a table like an infant or traveler? If, you are in the mountains and you are hungry, will you be looking for a table? You are travelers who visit the Earth for some studies. When you are aware of this, you will not require to have a table in order to eat. Strive not for the first place either. There are no leaders while traveling. Having made just one step and the first position could become the last. What is before you - that is the first position, what you have already passed - that is the last position. Rejoice that you have walked a certain path and have acquired some experience in the process. And do not consider that the place you are at present is not good as this is only for a moment Once you move a step forward a new, better place is waiting for you. The future usually brings something better, brighter, and greater. You need to have the appropriate knowledge to be able to see the good side everywhere in life If you have a long journey ahead, it is prefer able to have with you saccharin instead of sug ar. One kilogram of saccharin is equal to five hundred kilograms of sugar. However, sugar is more nutritious than saccharin. People often strive for some exquisite things and great ideas without realizing that this is sac charin, not sugar. A silk dress is beautiful, but it is not appropriate for the winter. If you wear it in the winter, you will catch cold. A silk dress flows elegantly around the body, but it should be put on in the summer. A dress which cannot preserve the warmth of the body is not good for your health; a dress which cannot preserve the light is not good for your health either, and if it is not clean, it is not hygienic to wear it. A good dress is that one, which has the qualities of all elements: of the solid matter like thickness, as well as the qualities of water, air, and light. For the same reason I say that every thought, ev ery feeling, and every action should have four qualities: the quality of bread - to satisfy hun ger; the quality of water - to quench thirst; the quality of air - to improve breathing and the blood circulation; and the quality of light - to illuminate even the most hidden places of the human body, to open your path, and to liberate you from delusions and contradictions. Every food that does not have the qualities of solid, liquid, air - like, and light - like matter [earth, wa ter, air, and light] is not healthy. Choose healthy foods and strive for healthy thoughts, feelings, and actions. Only the Luminous Path of Wisdom leads to the Truth. The true life is hidden in the Absolute Truth. Lecture given by the Master Beinsa Douno, August 27. 1943, lzgrev. Sotla. ---------------------------------------------------------- [1] A traditional Bulgarian baked pastry prepared by layering a cnunbled feta cheese and other optional ingredients between brushed with butter or vegetable oil filo pastry sheds.
  5. from The Blossoming of the Human Soul THE AWAKENING OF THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS Please, be so kind as to listen to me. I am not going to speak long. It is not necessary to speak at length to a wise person. In such a case, it is enough to speak a little but understandably and sensibly. Since I have great respect and deference for you, I would like to speak to you briefly and understandably as to people of awareness. Life on Earth is like music going in three directions. Expressed in musical terms: sometimes it goes along a major course, as the military would express it; sometimes it follows a minor direction and that is the way, in which sorrow manifests itself and sometimes it moves along a chromatic scale, in which the two previous scales are included. These are three great methods or three Great Laws that regulate our life. When we do not understand the deep intrinsic meaning of Life, we tend to emphasize nonessential things and then we ask ourselves why Life is arranged this and not another way. Keep in mind that I share the positive outlook of a science, which has been applied and ninety-nine times verified in life so there is no doubt in even one hundred millionth part of what we say. Doubt is a sign of ignorance in this world. I do not say that ignorance is something bad; it signifies a process of development. All little children are ignorant at birth so their consciousness needs to be gradually awakened and developed. So, the human consciousness (to express myself in a strictly scientific language) passes through three stages: essential, substantial, and material. The essential part includes the Principles of Life; the substantial one contains the Laws of Life; and the material side consists of the facts of Life. Therefore, a Law is formed by the classification of facts in the world, in other words, when we model the particular small experiences which we attain, we say that the Law is expressed in one or another way. Currently, modern people of science claim that the Law is something mechanical, but actually the Law represents a living essence. The Law can only exist through those beings who have awareness, whose consciousness has passed over the material stage and has gone from the facts to the Laws, from the individual to the collective consciousness, and from the collective to the universal whole. We ask ourselves: what is most important for us after we have manifested ourselves on Earth. In the present conditions, people believe that the most important in the earthly life is material security. Therefore, all nations - both separately and collectively, are striving for their material betterment and security. And so, we have today the so-called economic struggle. The nations’ aspiration for material wealth is an evident trend. It is a sign that the human consciousness passes from the material to the substantial stage, that awakening of the collective consciousness of humankind is taking place now. So far, the humankind has been living in the collective subconsciousness, which is like that in animals. But from now on, the entire humankind is passing from individual to collective consciousness; that is to say, people begin to realize that they need one another. Until now, everyone has been living only for themselves; everyone has been seeking for their own salvation. And yet, now, an inner impulse toward the betterment of the collective conditions appears throughout the entire humankind so that the conditions might be improved not only for one social class but for all. Moreover, it happens in a conscious way and we need to let go of thinking that we can improve our life individually. No, humankind itself ruined its conditions thousands and thousands of years ago. There are reasons for this, but I am not going to explain them now. There was a time when the Earth resembled a paradise. The vegetation was abundant, there were thousands and millions of fruits and people ate only fruits. But then the ice age came on Earth, due to certain physical reasons. The fruit-growing was reduced and as a consequence, people began to eat meat, exterminating not only animals but each other as well, becoming even cannibals. For this reason, the expression, “I will suck your blood out,” exists even to this day among people. Well, I ask: What is the gain of the bloodsucker? What is the gain of someone who destroys the other person? This is a wrong understanding of Life. Not only that people, in general, do not get along with each other, but also the forefront religious and spiritual leaders who believe to have a connection and communion with God and the right to lead, they too, have lost the right understanding of Life. I am telling you the Truth. It is not that others do not want to tell you the truth or intentionally hide it from you, but that is what is natural for them. If someone has a thorn in his foot, he will get agitated. He could calm down only when the thorn is removed. Therefore, if people of today are bad, it is because they all have thorns in their flesh that disturb their peace. Apostle Paul said that he had a thorn making him restless. I have not met at least one person without a thorn pricked here or there. As long as this thorn is with us, we cannot think clearly, nor deliberate properly. Our philosophy is distorted due to this thorn. Remove this thorn and you will have the correct philosophy of Life. An Englishman, who was a merchant, asked an English preacher to tell him the basics of the Bible. The preacher told him this and that. The merchant objected, “No, no. Tell me specifically and in a few words, what this teaching is all about.” He wanted to see the kernel, like that of a nut, and in this way to grasp the teaching. Finally, the preacher told him, “Get yourself a Bible and you will learn many things from it.” The merchant purchased a Bible and read many things in it, but since the time when he acquired it, his affairs had begun to deteriorate and he suffered many losses. “Ever since I purchased this Book, many misfortunes have befallen me,” said the angry merchant to himself. One day, he threw the Bible into the fire. As the Bible was burning, a small shred from one page fell to the side and was salvaged. The merchant took this shred from the page and read it, “God is Love.” Contemporary Christians are asking now: What is Christianity, what kind of religion is it? And they go around saying that Christianity is this and that. No, no. God is Love that will unite all people to live in Love, Peace, and Brotherhood. Their job and social status are of secondary importance, never mind if they are kings, rulers, or in any other high position. All people should live in Love and mutual respect. Everything needs to be distributed in a brotherly way: not in a violent but in a voluntary and conscientious way. As soon as we consider this, other issues will also arise: Is there life after death, which religion is the most appropriate, and so on. I say: Only One Teaching exists in the world that can improve life and this is the Teaching of all-embracing Love. It is not the today’s love of different classes, but the principal Love, including self-sacrifice and comprising the love of mothers, brothers, friends, saints, and the most enlightened people in the world. After this Love comes to live in us, our eyes will open. Many in the world of today do not believe in the sixth sense and clairvoyance. In fact, everyone can have a spiritual sight. When a young man falls in love with an unattractive girl, obviously he sees in her certain things, which no one else can see. He compares her to a precious gem. It is because we see the endowments and gifts of the people we love. Where are they? There is a place where we see these hidden gifts. But when we do not love some people, we impute the worst qualities to them, saying that they are such and such. One Great Law is beginning to act in the world today. Keep in mind that the world is going into a new phase and in no more than ten years this process will be amplified. This Great Law gets to be applied in all humans, acting both in human minds and hearts. One can see that this Law is in action by the fact that all people of today are restless. Why are they restless? If they were poor, you would say they had become restless because of their hard work. I can understand this. But why are the scientists and rich people restless too? They have their worries, religious people have worries too - all are troubled. Why? It is because they have only beliefs but not faith. If a persecution for faith existed today, I am not sure how many would endure. Many people are Christians today because there is no one to persecute them. And yet, it is in times of troubles when a person’s faith is tested and becomes evident. Self-sacrifice is tested in poverty and deprivation, when hard times come. If people sacrifice their life, that is a test to their character. Now, what is the greatest good in the world? Is it the well being of the individual, nation, society, and the entire humankind? It is the same: the individual is a microcosm of the entire humankind. Therefore, a nation in its development represents the humankind but in a smaller form. Consequently, when we speak of an individual, we imply that a person represents a seed. When we speak of a society, we assume that this seed has sprouted. When we speak of a nation, we mean that the seed has begun to develop. And when we speak of the humankind in its integrity, we understand that the seed is branching out, blooming, and bearing fruit. If we understand Life in this way, we become aware that every one of us is an essential member of the humankind. We do not consider the humankind to be divided into halves: as if one half is created to live in paradise and the other half - in hell. I know this: As far as we are aware that God is Love, we all live in paradise, but without such awareness, everything is meaningless. We shall have Love so that we might come to know God. Within Love, every human being and every form is a factor. These forms in which we exist today are not finished. Do you think that you come to Earth for the first time, that you are born for the first time now? No, all of you have a long history of incarnations and if someone can tell you this history, it will be interesting for you to learn who you were in the past and who you will be in the future. This is an important process through which you are passing. For example, an elevated person of noble character will be aware that all should live in Love. No matter what one’s position is - one should use all living conditions so that to contribute to the common good. Only Love gives these beneficial conditions. I am not going to explain to you the causes for strife in the world. In my view, these causes arise naturally. I will illustrate them with the following example. Take two trees planted close to one another. Notwithstanding the multitude of leaves, flowers, and branches they have, they live comfortably, brotherly and speak to each other. But suddenly, when the wind comes up, their branches and leaves intertwine and get entangled in each other. Then the wind grows stronger, a storm erupts and the branches batter one another violently. They begin asking one another, “What are you doing?” My question is: What is the cause for this, is it internal or external? The cause is external. The cause for people’s misunderstandings today is also external; this is the economic situation. This is the “wind,” causing misunderstandings and fights among people. Some people may ask: How long will the storm last? A storm can last 24 or 48 hours, 3 days at most; and after that, all leaves will come to rest. The storm brewing in the world is pushing and sifting us at present. There will be many fractured legs and heads. For this reason, do not be angry; this storm will soon subside. In 45 years, this social storm will pass over, but only if people become wiser. However, if they do not learn a lesson from their experience and improve their living, this storm will last even longer. Should they learn from their experience, the duration of the storm will be less because the Great Law, which governs the world, is wise regardless if one is a believer or not. There is a Great Intelligent Power, a Great Law in the world that compels both believers and non believers to think and act in the same way. I often see people who do not believe in God and do not go to church, but yet, they are going to jump in the water and risk their own life in order to save someone. It is not the existing mechanical law that acts in such individuals, but another one - the Law of Self-sacrifice, which is innate to their nature. Therefore, they bear within themselves something greater than the conventions of religion. Religion appeared in the world at a later time. Some people ask, “Are you religious?” A person can be religious and still be dishonest. Religion is not a label that indicates whether a person is honest or not. To verify this, visit, for example, all merchants who go to church and say they believe in God, then check the status of their accounts and the principles of doing their business. It is a different Law that is governing their world. Love should come to live in their hearts and they need to awake, as to stop cheating their brethren. It will make them regard the interests of other people as their own interests and consequently, they will no longer sell inferior merchandise to their fellowmen. It is only when we regard our affairs this way that we would attain mutual understanding. If we want to take position on the grounds of nationality and begin asking: Are you Bulgarian, are you English, French, German - we would never come to a mutual understanding. We say, “It is not good to be a Bulgarian.” This opinion would represent some individual ideas but not the collective consciousness, so it would not be a manifestation of the Divine Law yet. The Divine Principle has not yet been revealed in nations. In these nations of today, each one is looking out for its own affairs. There is not a chosen nation, which to be preferred over the others; each nation has its own place and role. For example, if I raise my hand and extend one of my fingers and if this finger believes to have supremacy over the others, what will happen? This finger is showing only the direction of things, but one cannot work with it only; work is accomplished by using all fingers, each finger in its own place on the hand. Only when all fingers act together, we can rely on our hand as an emblem of the willpower: then we can fulfill our obligations as the hand is doing its duties. Therefore, a nation can find its place, when it realizes its position as a part of the humankind, as an organ of the whole body, as to fulfill its obligations at the right time. People of today are still supporting the old god. We know who he is. Do not be offended. This old god has brought all wars, violence, and misfortune. On the other hand, there is absolutely no lie in the God of Love. He regards all people, including even the smallest living beings, with the same Love and compassion, always ready to help them all. Whenever a small being whose form has been destroyed comes to Him, God gives it a new form and says, “Do not be afraid. Go forward and continue your work.” Now I am asking: what have we gained by the end of our life after living on Earth for about 50–60 years? Let us assume that mother has given birth to a beautiful daughter, who has become an excellent young woman, she dresses well and many young men are surrounding her, so she is happy. I ask: How long will this last, 5–10–15 years? Gradually, her face will get wrinkled; she will lose her beauty and freshness; she will not be as pretty as before, and the young men will abandon her. Another beauty will appear to replace her and finally, she will be discontented that her life has become meaningless and she is no longer happy. She was contented at first, but afterward her life became meaningless. She is like that European writer who first wrote a book affirming that life is wonderful and humans are most elevated among the living beings on Earth. But after passing through a crisis and reflecting people’s disappointment, the same author wrote another book stating that the world is bad and there is no being on Earth worse than the human being. Therefore, when everything goes well in our lives, we say, “Everything is beautiful. God is very good.” Should a tragedy, some misfortune, or unexpected event befall us, right then we say, “There is no God in the world more unjust than the present One.” The world follows its predetermined course. Some time ago, a well-educated and intelligent woman came to see me. She wanted me to answer her question, to resolve a predicament, namely the following: When the exhibition in Anvers took place, her husband was still a young man and was in Anvers at that time. He heard about a man who lived in the town and who was a sleeping prophet and fortune-teller. Her husband got interested to learn his fortune from him. He went to his home and the sleeping man told him the following, “You will marry very young. You will have four children. One of them will die. Your marriage will be of love and you will have a happy family life for 10 years. After that, a blond woman will visit your home. She will ruin your marriage and you will get to live with her. If you pass this trial, after 10–15 years you will return to your first wife and you will live very well.” “Truly,” said the woman, “one of our children passed away. When the child died, I found among my husband’s papers this slip of paper on which his future was described. This blond woman came into our home and ruined our life.” She asked me what she should do after that. Should she leave her husband? I told her to observe whether the remaining part of the prophecy will come true. She asked me to what extent such things are possible. I answered her: Life is not predetermined fatally, but still there are a number of reasons that predetermine people’s destiny. Our life, the way it is unfolding now, is also predetermined by a number of preceding causes. If we make use of them, we can improve this life; we can stand against the evil in the world and conquer it. The Hindu people call this karma or the Fall of man. We can struggle with this original sin. Those who can fall and sin - they can also rise up and be victorious. However, contemporary religious people go to extremes in their beliefs saying that religion will completely improve our lives. This is half true. Religion cannot improve life completely. Their assertion is only half true because we, ourselves, are also factors for our own destiny up to 50 percent. However, the other 50 percent of factors, which regulate our life, exist as well. I say: Destiny and Nature exert 50 percent influence in our life; we, ourselves - 25 percent; and the society - 25 percent. Therefore, when these three factors begin to work together, in esoteric and moral sense, an upliftment and improvement will come to life. For this to occur, many people should come to work in one direction without fail. When the spring is in, has it come with only one flower? No, it has come with millions of flowers and abundance of blossoms. After that the bees will come and unrest is stirring up everywhere in Nature. Thus the unity has been created. Therefore, from an esoteric point of view we are like little flowers that have just come out; that is to say, our consciousness is at such a stage of development, that we have only now begun to discern good from bad. You say at times, “One is always compelled to tell little lies.” No. Absolutely no lie is permitted in the conscious way of living. As in mathematics, no mistake can be admitted because any error in architecture or mechanics will bring undesirable consequences. When we allow a lie in our life, it will bring the same results to our being as incorrect calculations of an architect would show in a structure. Spiritual people of today observe some rules as musicians do. Give a musical composition to an orchestra and all will keep timing in the performance. Give an image to a few great artists and they all will paint it according to the same standard. Give a problem to several mathematicians and they will solve it complying with the same law. When we come to the spiritual life, however, we say, “We do not need music. We do not need calculations. God will solve everything.” No, friends, strict mathematics is required in the spiritual life; all things are strictly determined there. Whether one person or a whole nation is well or unhappy - it depends upon certain things, which have already happened. And so, this Great Law regulating the life of the contemporary European nations has put them in their deserved places. The present civilization, which is almost at its end, began in Egypt, went through Syria, Persia, Rome, England, Germany, and America - now it is returning again to Russia and the Eastern continent. From there, it will move in a different direction. This Wave coming into the world at this age and motivating the humankind is not mechanical. All of you are destined to participate in it, whether you want it or not. And we should better participate consciously. How is a nation’s dignity defined? Why are the English of noble characters? It is because their collective consciousness has been awakened. They make some mistakes, but then they correct them easily. One can find the greatest number of spiritual practitioners among them. Each nation which collective consciousness has awakened, realizes to a certain degree that it should comply with the common cause. The English have understood this to a certain degree. The collective consciousness is awakening not only in the English but throughout the planet. It makes its way among all poor people, among poor widows and orphans. Do you know the situation, in which you find yourselves today? You are in the position of that American preacher who had the custom of gathering poor children every day at his home to give them a meal. They usually said the prayer “Our Father” before eating. One day he found an orphan child, brought him to his home for a meal, and before they ate, he told him, “Let’s say the Lord’s prayer.’’ They began, “Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be Your name.”[1] But the child stopped and stayed silent. “Why are you silent?” The child replied, “So it says that God is our Father?” “Yes.” “Then, it means that you are my brother!” With these words, the child wanted to say, “You are a preacher; you sleep in a warm bed and have good food. Yet, look at me brother! I shiver from the cold and go to bed hungry.” Thus the preacher got aware of his own situation. Well, now we should do the same. Christ came to save the world. We pray, “Our Father in Heaven...” There should not be poor people in any nation. It is shameful to have poor people today! There should not be poor widows in any nation. It is shameful that today our sisters and brothers must sell their honor for their daily bread! Thousands of our brothers and sisters are selling their honor in the brothels right now. And we preach in the church that there is God, there is Christ in Heaven. It is true. Christ came to Earth for these destitute women and men in order to save them; He did not come for the righteous ones. Therefore, today we must have the courage to correct our past errors. We are to correct them no matter how. We need to embrace our brothers and sisters who have fallen. All people are suffering today because of their misunderstanding of Love. Deprive any flower or plant of sunlight and you will witness the abrupt change that will take place with it. Deprive any person or being of Love and the same Law will apply. So, we should speak of God not as of some distant being of the future, but as a Being, Who is working in our hearts so that we might fulfill His Will and abide by His Law willingly. All of you are invited now to this Great feast of the world. God of Love is calling you to come regardless of your position or creed. He is calling you to advance a step not as Bulgarians, neither as Evangelist, Orthodox, Catholic, or Muslim but as intelligent beings and brothers who have one and the same Father with the same blood flowing in your veins. It is the same blood flowing in the veins of all people. If we can grasp this fact, it is the basis of the New Teaching, it is the way how religion could be reformed. If religion does not comprehend this Great Law, it will pass away within one hundred years in the future. I am telling a Great Truth. The clergy needs to understand this and put a sign on their churches, saying, “God is Love and we will all sacrifice ourselves for this Love.” All bishops, priests, mothers, fathers, teachers, judges should write down this Law. The common principle is Love. And when we all meet, we are going to recognize one another as brothers and sisters. We will have a different kind of knowledge then and a different science; then the barriers existing today between us will disappear. A New Life will begin bringing Peace and Joy: Peace to the mind, Joy to the heart, and Power to the human will. It is the time now when we need to live in this collective consciousness of the humankind, knowing that death does not exist. The human soul and consciousness do not pass away. The human body is transformed; its form is changed, but this is not essential. The human being changes many bodies and many organs, but it is not lost as a developing soul and consciousness in Nature. This is a fact without any exceptions. Verify the Truth and you will see. Verify the Truth invested inside yourself, seek your ideal in you, in your souls. You cannot find these ideals outside yourselves. Truth is in your souls, minds, bodies, just as the life-force is in the seed: the seed is planted in the soil, from which it draws essential substances to create all its organs and grow up. In the same way, all forces, which our bodies have inside, are used by the human spirit to create all organs of the human body in accordance with the same Law. I would dwell on the following question: How many years were needed for the creation of your hands? The joints of your fingers reveal the number of the millions of years of existence of the human being; they speak of the history of humankind, its development and the conditions through which it has passed. If I tell you that the human finger recounts the entire human history, you will say that this is impossible and it is nonsense. True, it is so for those who do not know the Laws of Nature. One day I went for a stroll with some friends in a pine forest. We stopped at one pine tree and I said: The rings of this tree indicate which years were damper and which were drier. This can be observed from the rings and you can verify this fact. Therefore, when a year was very rainy, the distance between the rings is greater and vice versa, when the year was drier, the distance is smaller. So, it is possible to calculate mathematically the humidity in a given year. This is how the moisture is reflected on the trees. In the same way, certain events: individual, social, and national are reflected in our bodies. Are you aware of this? We are bearing the sins of the entire humankind. Do not think that because we live far away from Africa that we do not carry the sins of the African people. Yes, we do. Inner forces connecting people exist and they are interweaving their lives. Therefore, when we become aware of this Great Law, we are going to understand that people need to create good living conditions for all so that today’s misfortunes might be avoided in the future. I said many times: Only mothers are in the position to create. Every mother, who conceives a child should say, “Daughter, son, it is my wish that you would live in the future according to the Law of Love and represent it fully.” If she says this, she will have daughters and sons who are heroes, who will live according to the Law of Love. Every mother should instill this within her children. When young people marry, they should say, “Our sons and daughters will live for Love, for the God of Love Who unites all people.” The new generation will be a bearer of the new ideas of Divine Love. The way it is now, we cannot do anything to re-educate people, if they were born in an unhealthy way. People can be re-educated only in their mother ’s womb, in God’s Love. They cannot do this by themselves. It is only mothers who can recreate and re-educate them. People themselves represent a factor of 50 percent only for their re-education; otherwise they are like a ship without a rudder, which is tossed by the waves. Therefore, conditions for women need to be improved in the future. Women after conceiving should be placed under the best conditions. The conditions for children must be changed as well - not mechanically but according to the Law of Living Nature. And Nature is alive; she is excellent. I read in her book what beautiful methods she has! If the Bulgarians apply the methods of Nature, they would improve their situation. Great wealth is hidden in Nature. The Bulgarians can pay all their debts within ten years, but they shall begin by studying the Living Nature. But what are the Bulgarians currently doing? They are awaiting their salvation to come from somewhere, from a place from which it will never come. Salvation will come from the Living Nature that has invested her forces here. Humans need to put these forces to work; they need to begin working according to the Law of Love, for the good of others. In this way, their blessings will come. And so, this Great Law is calling people of today to brotherhood. Only then, will we have a New Science of brotherhood. But what is our science at present? It is like the story of a little lamb that a child looks after, kissing it, and adorning it with garlands. One day, the mother comes and says, “For my little darling to live, we must slaughter the little lamb.” The child will cry. You say, “This is the way one should live.” How do you think your offspring will be educated? He will ask himself, “How can God Who is so kind allow the lamb to be slaughtered?” You say, “Well, my dear, God has arranged it in this way.” No, it is not God Who has arranged it in this way; we have arranged life in this way. We must free ourselves of this delusion today! May we not believe that God has arranged the world in this way. No, these lambs should not be slaughtered. We now have a culture of killing and maiming the legs of this or that person. Only gunshots can be heard. They say it is for our country. What benefit have wars brought to humanity? Absolutely none. People have become embittered and wars have brought the depravity of today. The future wars will bring nothing better. We can fight, but in what way? We can fight but not kill. The Law of Love is now appealing to people. To undertake this Great Work the most gifted people, the best and greatest persons must come: mothers, fathers, teachers, priests, and free-thinkers. If they do not come on time, others will come in turn. Now I am going to summarize my conclusions as follows: I had not the least intention of compelling you to believe, rather I want you to try. Practice and more practice is needed, nothing else. The inner experience does exist. Every plant needs to find the right soil and the appropriate conditions for its growth; in the same way every person in the world needs to find the favorable conditions to grow and develop. Never think that the conditions of your life are unfavorable. These are merely inner, subjective opinions. In the present stage of development of the collective consciousness, every person is in his exact place. But we delude ourselves when we think, “Why am I not like that person?” Do not look at someone only superficially. Perhaps he is wealthy and able to eat a great variety of food. However, he is not happy: his inner life is in disarray, his heart is ailing and his stomach does not digest well. Although the poor man lacks abundance, he is healthy and enjoys his food. Happiness is determined by one’s state of being - to be contented with the received at a given moment. And when people unite, they need to share the same ideas. All your ideas need to be right. I do not say that they are always right, yet individually, they might appear to be right. Therefore, with respect to the individual, social, and national good we need to correct our beliefs and bring in the new ideas that are coming into the world from Above. In the same way as plants grow and create their form, we shall create the right foundation for our thoughts and feelings. Someone may complain that life is very difficult at present. No, as I said before, we are currently having the most favorable conditions of Life. You are in the position of the Hebrews on their exile from Egypt. You will lack meat and other things in the desert, but you will have water, clean air, and no Pharaoh to give you orders. It is better for you to be free in the “desert,” than to be slaves who eat meat and indulge in all pleasures, while the Pharaoh with his whip beats you, demanding from you to make bricks and adobe. Sometimes we also say, “There is no way out. We must make them.” No, we will no longer make bricks and adobe. The long path through the Desert to the Divine Life is waiting for us ahead. May all young people who can walk take backpacks and set off ahead of the rest. Do you know what you will be like? When you meet someone, you will continue freely on your way. At present, when you see someone, you withdraw out of fear that he might rob you and you hide. You say to yourself, “He might be a thief.” I say: The world of today is full of thieves. Show me at least one person who is not a thief. Who of you have not thrust hands in your father ’s pocket? Who of you have never partaken of a forbidden fruit? Yet in the future, when we enter a garden with ripe fruits, we will ask for permission as per the Law of Love, “Brother, can I pick some fruits from your garden?” or “Will you give me some fruits?” And he will answer, “Of course, brother, come and help yourself.” When I go to visit a friend, I will ask him: Brother, may I stay overnight in your house?” “Yes, you may.” This is how it should be according to the New Teaching. But what would the answer be today? “Sir, there are hotels; go there. We do not have extra rooms; there is a housing shortage; and so on.” And the matter would be closed. When you meet someone now, you begin questioning him, “Are you a Bulgarian? Do you believe in God? Which party do you belong to?” and so on. I do not want to say that these things are bad, but they are not essential. We need to be imbued with that noble feeling of brotherhood so that when we meet a man or a woman we see in their face a brother or a sister. If you can learn this feeling of brotherhood, you will place humankind on a new higher level. Misconceptions will then disappear and the right aspiration will come. This is the Divine Teaching, which is now coming into the world. Share it with the little children and they will manifest it in ten years. In ten years, the “caterpillars” will emerge from their cocoons and will fly away with their wings. The caterpillars will say, “There is no need for cocoons!” This Law is coming into the world now. The facts are being summarized now and New Laws are being established. We are going from the material to the spiritual world and all things are passing from the individual to the collective. In other words, we should not only think of the insurance law, where one is concerned to leave an inheritance of several millions after death - with shares for this or that cause. And all this for the sole reason that people say about the departed one to be a person of noble character. No, in the future people are not going to die and there will be no need for gravestones. And so, experience Love as a striving in your heart, as a feeling in your soul, as a force in your mind and as a principle in your spirit: this will bring salvation to the humankind. Therefore, we shall come to know Love in these three aspects: as a striving in the heart - an irresistible striving to descend [and serve those in need]; as an uplifting feeling in the soul; and as a force that brings expansion to the mind. Thus we become aware of the Intelligent Principle within ourselves allowing us to know why we live, why we have come here and from where, and what our purpose on Earth is. Lecture held by the Master Beinsa Douno at the gathering on August 19, 1921 in Veliko Tarnovo. ----------------------------------- 1. See also Matthew 6:9–13.
  6. From The Way of the Disciple, AlphaDar THE SACRED HOUR "God reigns in heaven. God reigns in life. May His name be blessed!" Meditation The purpose of every occult science which belongs to the great science of life is to enlighten the human mind and to ennoble the human heart. It aims to bring light into the mind and heat into the heart, as necessary conditions for the right development of people. From this point of view, the mind and the heart must come to help people toward the rectification of their lives. If we want to correct our life, we must begin to study. The past generations have studied, the present generation studies and the future generations will study. From whom? From the world which God has created. The laws, which God has created must be studied, because the personal, the mental and the spiritual life of man is being built upon them. In this process of construction in life different subjects are studied during different periods. Everything in nature is in a successive development. The same thing can also be observed in the world. First, we study the nearest objects with which we are in direct contact. After that, we study those subjects, which are related to our feelings, and lastly, those subjects which are related to our mind. One must begin to study, first of all, the hard soil, which will help him to acquire stability in his character. Anyone who wants to acquire stability, must become a stone-cutter. It would be enough for him to cut stones for two or three months in order to acquire these elements of his character. One can acquire stability not only by cutting stones, but also by ploughing the earth, cultivating gardens, vineyards, etc. He develops his muscles and bones by working. You say: "How can we work? What methods should we apply in studying?" I say: Observe nature, see how it works and learn from it! Use the methods it uses for your development. Notice what happens with the water, which falls from the clouds above. It is apparently pure and falls like drops of dew or rain. But until it reaches the earth, it becomes polluted by the particles of dust in the air. At the same time, it dissolves certain gases in the air and absorbs different microbes. In this state, the water is not pure anymore. Its motion, however, does not stop when it reaches the surface of the earth. It penetrates the earth layers, until it comes to sand-layers, where it becomes filtered. Purified, the water comes to certain layers, where it gathers in one place, then it penetrates the upper layers and springs on the surface in the form of a pure fountain. The layers form different obstacles for the water, but it tries to make its way among them and to take a definite direction. By analogy to this, I say: The thought which comes from God is pure, but until it comes into our brain it passes through spaces where it becomes polluted. Consequently, it must descend into the lower layers to be filtered and to reappear and return to its source as pure as when it first came out of God. Which are these layers that purify the human thought? They are the material world, which encounters a number of obstacles. After it has passed through these obstacles, it comes out in the form of a spring. In this respect, every person is a spring. As soon as he starts to think, he represents already a spring. I say: Everyone of you must, first of all, try to be an excellent disciple. He must consecrate a part of his time each day to study and form in himself the habit of study. The disciple must be marked by his love of knowledge - love of science. He must study and discover what it is to be an occult disciple and what the occult science is in order to have a definite idea about this issue. To be an occult disciple does not mean to store up in your head a certain amount of knowledge on different subjects, because other sciences can also do that. For instance, you can obtain from other sciences knowledge of the sun and its nature, different theories about the creation of the world, etc. Contemporary chemistry, for example, can acquaint you with the elements of which the material world is composed, their chemical properties and their functions in the organic and inorganic kingdoms. It will speak, for instance, about the role of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon in these two kingdoms, but not about the role they play in the psychic world (life of nature). In this respect, we are interested not only in the physical forces of the elements, but also in their psychic forces, since these elements are conductors of the psychic forces found in living nature. Contemporary science helps the occult science by introducing us with living nature. The occult science, however, is a preface to the great science of life. From the occult point of view, when a Teacher examines a certain element, he considers the matter of which it is composed, the purity of that matter, as well as the difference between its own matter and that of the same element in the different organisms. For instance, he finds a difference between gold in the inorganic and in the organic kingdoms. By analogy to this, a certain difference can be pointed out in the brain-matter of different individuals. Therefore, there is a difference among people not only in the matter of which their brains are composed, but also by the quality and quantity of the forces, which function within the bounds of the brain. The occult science determines also the causes, which underline the greater or smaller development of certain virtues in different people. It says: "A good person is one who has a greater number of ties with more advanced and highly evolved creatures." Therefore, the large or limited contact with the evolved creatures and the number of touching points with them, determine the degree of one's goodness. When we come to those superior creatures, who have direct contact with God, we say about them, that they have almost finished their development on earth. They already enter the plan of a higher evolution than that of the earth. No matter how I might describe this superior world to you, it is almost inaccessible for people of today, that's why, at present, we shall limit ourselves only with the examination and study of the earthly life. Observe and see what changes you can find in a young man, who has spent several years in a foreign country where he has been in contact with famous professors. You will find a difference in his outside appearance, in his relations with other people, in the way he thinks, etc. What is the cause for this change? The contact with the learned people. You say: "They are wordly people." Do not think so. These people have attained a great concentration of thought, a full contact with living nature, and they possess a well developed spiritual life. Many of them are occult students and study the occult sciences, but they conceal that from the world. Many of the most famous chemists and physicists study the occult sciences and draw their knowledge directly from living nature. I shall not quote the names of these people, but I say that such people have lived in the far past and they are living today as well. Some people may ask: "Of what use is the occult science to us?" You will find in it a number of ways and methods, as how to have conscious control of your actions under different situations in life, how to arrange your life rationally, and how to solve your difficult problems. For instance, we often say that we must have patience, but in what way can we apply it? We say that we must be kind. But how can we achieve this state? We say that we must do good. Which is the wisest way by which we can do good to people? I will give you an example taken from the physical world. Imagine that you want to take a burning coal out of the fire. In how many ways can you take it out? Either with your fingers, or with the tongs. What will be the results in the two cases? In the first case, when you take the coal with your fingers, you quickly throw it down and feel discontented the whole day that you have burned yourself. In the second case, when you use the tongs, you are free and independent, and you carry it any place you want to, without any trouble. Therefore, if you want to do good to someone, you can use one of the two methods - either use your fingers, or the tongs. You will have two different results. I advise you to do good with the tongs. You want to give money to someone, but what must you do? Find a third person to whom you will give the money. Then you will be free. If you give the money yourself to that person who wants it, you will burn your fingers. That man will come a second time to you and say: "You gave me 1000 leva the other day, give me now another 1000 leva!" People have tried this method, that's why there is a saying: "Do not touch the fire with your hand!" You can touch it with your hand, but the results will not be the same as when you touch it with the tongs. People often mistake the words "studiousness" and "curiosity". In the same way, they mistake their desire to improve their material life with the desire to improve their mental or spiritual life. This is not one and the same thing. To improve one's material conditions does not enter into the plan of the occult School and it does not attain its purpose by that. However, to improve one's mental and spiritual life, to enlighten one's mind and ennoble one's heart, enters into the purpose of this School. To improve your material life means to attain knowledge, which can vanish tomorrow from your brain. What achievement is this? None at all. Many of you are high school and university graduates, but I ask you: Where are all those formulas and theories, which you have studied during the years at school? Almost everything has been forgotten and has disappeared from your mind. You say: "Then why was it necessary for us to study?" The study of that material has fulfiled its purpose. At the time, it has been a necessary exercise for the mind. That's why, one must take care to clean and dust his memory - his library - of the dust which often gathers there. The thoughts represent the laboratory of our memory, where all the volumes of our knowledge are stored. Often these volumes become dusty of ignorance during the ages and they get so displaced in the library, that we do not know where we can find them. The dust is caused by the unnecessary troubles and worries of the mind, due to the present day life. The first problem of the disciple is to learn how to free himself of those worries. Disease for example, is a sort of unnecessary worry. You are ill and suffering, say from inflammation of the eyes, or from a sick stomach, or rheumatism, or disorder of the nervous system - get rid of these diseases! You are poor and have troubles in your life - get rid of these troubles! The disciple must surmount all difficulties and obstacles in his life. He who wants to study, must be neither ill, nor poor. These states are allowed to the ordinary disciples, but the occult disciple must be free of all defects. The occult disciple is not allowed to have any defects - in case he does, he must have the patience and perseverance to cure himself, according to all the rules which the occult science recommends. You do not understand the rules of this science and say: "God will heal us." The world says the same thing. If you leave yourself only God to cure you, it is a physical act and not an inner act of your consciousness. When the Teacher gives you a lesson, which you do not study after class, must you say that the Teacher knows the lesson and he will repeat it for you? No! Once the lesson given by the Teacher, you must learn it and apply it. Every lesson, as well as every occult teaching, have their practical application. If they are not applied in your life, you will come to a state of indifference which will bring discouragement to many who will say: This is also an ordinary science! We have studied so many years, but what have we acquired? You would act in this case, as in all other cases, where you leave your Teacher to give you a lesson and then you do not learn it. I have given to many of you methods and rules how to cure yourselves and how to act in case of emergency. As a disciple, each one of you, must know these rules and apply them. How do you cure a headache, or pains in the hips, etc. It is not enough only to diagnose a certain disease. We have a special way to look at diseases. Diseases are given to people to make them acquire humility. Each disease is a particular problem, which the disciple must know how to deal with. He must look at every illness, given to him, as a special privilege. All diseases are due to certain microbes, small beings, which develop in the human organism. That means, that they find in your organism a sufficient quantity of food corresponding to their development. What must you do in this case? Do not give them the food they need and they will go away. What causes headache? Eating food hard to digest, which leaves certain remains in your stomach. The result is that the regular activity of the stomach is blocked, its canalization is damaged in places, as a result of which headaches occur, while both the stomach and the mouth exhale a bad odour. With certain people this odour can be noticed at a distance of 5-6 meters. There are people, who, after fasting 5-6 days, have an unpleasant breath. When the occult disciple fasts, his breath is pleasant. The occult disciple must work toward the purification of his body. Some people think that they must exhaust and weaken their body in order to purify it. This is a wrong idea. You must make a difference between the physical body and the "flesh". If your flesh weakens, your body must not become weak. What do I understand by weakening of the flesh? The diminishing of one's lower desire, i.e. the control and education of desire. The low desires are not hidden in the physical body, but in the flesh. That is the reason why, if you would educate these desires, you must not torment your stomach. At times, it happens that the stomach demands more food, but the cause for that's the desire for eating, which has a center somewhere around the outer sides of the eyes. The odour of some delicious food stimulates this center, as a result of which is born a desire in man to eat more and after the stomach receives all that food, it is over loaded and digestion is impaired. Therefore the strong desire for eating spoils the stomach. This is one extreme, Tut if the stomach receives less food than it should, is the other extreme. When the occult disciple eats, he must be contented with the food, forget everything else around him and give thanks to God. To know how to eat, is a science in itself, it is an entire musical culture, music itself. The Scripture says: "You will eat and thank God for everything He has given you." A second condition in eating is that the occult disciple must avoid a monotonous diet. Someone for instance, lives a whole month on a potato diet. Is it useful to him? Another lives a whole month on cherries, a third one - on grapes. This is not the correct way of eating. When God created the first man, He told him: "You will eat of all the fruits in this garden, except of one - the fruit of the tree of knowing good and evil." Thus, you also should eat of all the fruits except of the fruit of the forbidden tree. If you eat only potatoes, you must eat all the different sorts: today you will eat white potatoes, tomorrow - red potatoes. After you have eaten of all the different sorts there are, you will begin to eat other kinds of food. If you eat only cherries - taste all the different kinds of cherries. If you eat only grapes, do the same thing. There must be a variety in your diet, because each sort of food contains specific energies, necessary for your organism. Man has a particular sense, which, at all times, dictates him what food to eat. Why? Because in a given case only in that food required by the organism can one find those specific elements necessary either for its growing, for the formations of some lofty thought or of some noble feeling. You will say: "Where can we find this appropriate food?" You see an artist, poor as he might be, he finds paints and brushes. Since they are a necessity for his work, he finds them, no matter where. I ask you: What explanation will you give to the words of Christ in the parable of the house-builder, who had been discharged by his master and of whom the master had required an account of his work? That house-builder had said to himself: "What can I do? I can not dig; I can not beg, for I am ashamed of beggary." At last, he said: "I know what I should do." And so he called one of the debtors of his master and asked him:" How much do you owe to my master?" And he answered him: "A hundred pounds of oil." Write 50! Then he asked the second one: "How much do you owe to my master?" A hundred measures of wheat." And he said to him: "Write 80!" As you see, that house-builder did not gain anything, while the others did. However, he made friends. Further on Christ says: "Make friends of the Mammon of unrighteousness, that when you fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations." How can you understand this verse? It represents an inner law, which only the occult disciple can understand. He who does not know this law will take it literary and become perplexed. We have an external type of moral, which is necessary for the world, but not for us. We need a deep inner understanding of things, which must take the place of what the external relations in the world represent. I say: As every man in the world knows his interests, in the same way the occult disciple must understand his own interests and the interests of his friends. Every disciple who goes to school, must understand equally well his own state and the state of the others. In case he does not understand people, as well as he knows and understands himself, he will enter into a great conflict with them. Every student who wants to profit by a knowledge in mathematics must, first of all, know the laws and rules, which govern addition, substraction, multiplication and division. Gradually, he will begin to work out complex problems of the higher mathematics. If he does not know the elementary things, he can not work with mathematics or geometry. Therefore, all people represent for us a soul, which we must study. It is a great art to know in different cases with what people to be friends, with whom to share our thoughts and feelings, or work together spiritually, etc. There is a Bulgarian proverb: "One stone does not make a house." It is true that, if you would build a building, you need many stones. The stones are the people, who will take part in the building. You will share with them your thoughts and feelings, your life, but they should not criticize you. They, also, will share their thoughts and feelings with you. You will study a certain problem together and draw your conclusion. Only in this way, you can obtain good results, which will prove that there is an inner understanding among you. After that, you will separate as friends, with a desire to meet again. Suppose that, as occult disciples, sometimes you should form prayer - groups. What is required of you? Your hearts and minds should be opened, so that you would form a strong inner bond with the invisible world and you should all feel happy and contented. At present, you consider prayer as a duty, and not as a result of a Divine inner urge. After some time, you will feel this impulse and prayer will take on a different meaning for you. And now, as occult disciples, you will study, in the first place, nature which surrounds you and its influence on you, namely, the influence of the weather, the air, the winds, the flowers, the fruit trees, the springs, the water, etc. The occult disciple must know what water he must drink. He must drink the best water, because it gives the best conditions for health, which is necessary for the manifestation of right thought. If the disciple thinks right, he will experience beautiful and pleasant feelings. And here is a rule, which I want to give you, as disciples: The occult science forbids all unnecessary talking. You can speak, at times, more than you ordinarily do, but if you speak a lot all the time, you are not doing the right thing. A lot of speaking is a loss of energy. In America, for example, the ministers speak too much, as a result of which they suffer from an exhaustion of the nervous system. Preaching has reached a high degree of development. For instance, a minister holds a long sermon in the church and wants to produce an effect upon his listeners by his eloquence, but it happens that the public remains indifferent to his sermon. He returns home discontented and troubled with the intention not to hold sermons anymore. He opens up his soul before his people, while speaking, but they act as a cold shower on him. These shocks produce a certain kind of organic injuries in the organism of that minister. Probably, no ministers can be found, who do not suffer to some degree of nervous disorders, or of early falling of the hair. This is due to an inner disturbance which they often experience. They enter an unknown region, they do not understand the people they speak to. A minister comes out and speaks to a public, he does not know. He thinks only of one thing - how to speak and how much to say, not being aware of the fact that he will be an object of such criticism, that he has not even dreamt of. Do you know the American people? When they do not like a minister, they frankly say: "That poor fellow is out of his brains!" People often have a desire consciously or unconsciously, to display before the world their most sacred ideas. But that's not right. Christ has said: "Do not throw your pearls before swine." This rule is overlooked by almost all people, but especially here in Bulgaria. This is why we see these swines throwing our pearls at our own heads. What does nature do in such a case? It conceals deep in the earth all her wealth, all her precious things and does not show them to anyone. The religious people, on the other hand, display in the market place all they have. Why? Because it is not their own wealth, they have not obtained it by hard labour. First of all, as disciples of the occult School, you must know how to guard secretly the sacred knowledge you have and not to display it in the market places. You will reveal it only to that soul, which thinks and reasons like you and has the same aspirations as you. Only with such a soul you can share this sacred bread. With all the other people, you can exchange thoughts on general issues. For instance, someone asks you: "What is your idea about God, what do you believe in, etc.?" You are ready to give him immediately an answer. I say: As disciples, you must control yourselves and not hurry up to show immediately your sacred ideas. In the old times, the occult disciples imposed upon themselves a special sort of self-discripline - to restrain themselves from speaking a lot. In this respect, you must also make experiments, not to hurry up to show your knowledge to the world. Knowledge is a fruit, which ripens. Do not give this fruit to anyone before you have tasted it yourself! I shall give you an example which will help you to see the results of the disregard of this law. Some years ago, the question of clairvoyance was very much discussed in Bulgaria. Many people had the gift of clairvoyance, in certain mountain towns, and they had wonderful visions and connections with the invisible world, fill the time when they began to boast before others about their gift. They started to tell their visions to everyone they happened to meet on their way. Those men who heard their stories, told them to others, but with some exaggerations and additions of their own. Thus, these people who had the gift became to some a laughing-stock and their ability of seeing the other world began to disappear, so they had no more visions. Before that, they often used to tell how St. Peter and St. George had appeared to them, but now, they had nothing more to tell about and were sorry for losing their gift. And this was because all saints took their banners and went away, leaving those men alone, wondering whether St. Peter and St. George had really appeared to them, or not. As disciples, you must know that there are things, which can be shared with other people, but there are also certain things, which you must keep for yourselves alone. The latter must represent something like a small capital, out of which only you can profit. Everyone must have something sacred in himself, which he must guard sacredly from the gaze of other people and from their intrusion into it. I said before that sometimes the disciple develops his curiosity instead of his studiousness. For instance, he sees some people talking together and he is interested to know what they are talking about. I say: It is not for you, and if we should tell you, it would be of no use to you, for you will not become better by knowing it. This is actually how it turns out to be. If I tell him about a certain experience of mine, he starts criticizing me within himself, saying: "Did he tell me the truth, or did he just make it up now?" Some time ago, a young man came to me and told me about one of his visions. If I should tell you about it, many of you will be tempted, you will not believe it, because in this vision, there are really many impossible things which the human mind can not accept. One must have a strong faith in order to acknowledge certain things. You must be very careful with regard to your visions and dreams. If you accept them as true without any consideration, you will find yourself in a dangerous position. Do not think that every dream is sensible. Not everything you see or dream, or speak is of God. You must verify those things, in order to know what percentage of all that takes place within or around you is true. Observe and test your dream-life, as well as your real life. Test and see what percentage of the manifestations of your intuition is true. Test yourselves to see how many of your thoughts and feelings have been realized. Make the following experiment: Suppose one of your friends has promised to visit you on Wednesday, at 5 p. m. Before he comes, ask yourself whether he will come or not. If your answer is "yes" wait patiently for the time he has promised to come, in order to verify your intuition. Write down the exact time you have felt that he will come. If he does not come at the stated time, either you have made a mistake, or he has made up his mind not to come. Then, verify from him the time in which he has changed his intention about coming and ask him why. You want to be clairvoyants, do you not? Then make another experiment. Take out your watch and do not look at the time it is showing. Stand still and calm, not in a hurry and try to guess the time. Then look at your watch and see if your guess is correct, or if it has approximately told you the right time, and what is the difference, if there is any. There is a law, on the basis of which you can definitely tell what time it is. If your first experiment is unsuccessful, repeat it and do not be discouraged, but go on until you are successful and develop this sense. Some of our friends do not have a watch, but they have developed such an intuition that they can tell exactly the time, sometimes with a difference of half an hour, but very often with a difference of only five minutes. There are cases when someone's watch has stopped, but he has not noticed it. On being asked what time it is, he answers: "Eight o'clock." The other person has no watch, but he says: "There must be some mistake: according to me, it is about ten o'clock." - Is that so? That's impossible! They look at another watch and it proves to be ten o'clock. Therefore, the watch of the first person has stopped. Where is the mistake? - With the watch, which has stopped and with the man who has not developed his intuition, but believes and relies only on his watch. So, I say: The occult disciple must have a well developed intuition, he must work for its development. Intuition is important and helpful for the disciple. He who has a good intuition, can avoid many misfortunes and troubles in his life. Let us take the simplest case. You want to visit some friend of yours, then ask yourself, whether he is at home or not. If you feel that he is not at home, do not go out. When you meet him, ask him to see if your intuition has been correct. As disciples, you must develop good qualities and abilities. Your mind must be always pure and bright. Each one of you must have a positive faith, founded upon the great Divine laws - Love, Wisdom and Truth. God is working in the world! Since God is working in the world, do you have to feel doubt? I can understand your doubts in an ignorant man, but to have doubts in a great sage, a great man of learning would be unexplainable to me. The mistakes are an exception in the life of the learned, while the exceptions are rules in the life of the ignorant. The occult disciple must have the forces hidden in his soul at his disposal. He must foresee everything which may happen to him, that's why he must always be alert, i. e. his consciousness must be always awake. If the mind of one is sound, his health is also sound. There is no interruption in the thought life of the sound mind. He is not disturbed by anything that happens, because he knows that God is at work everywhere in the world. If a certain suffering, or trial is admitted in his life, it happens by the law of Divine Providence, that's why it conceals something good. By every suffering, God wants to turn your attention towards something important to your life, i.e. He wants to give you the right direction in life. For instance, someone wants to become rich, but since this desire will hinder his evolution, the invisible world watches, that he is placed under such conditions, that would cause him to lose even what he has. When his desire for wealth is not satisfied, he is led into another direction and starts to study music, art or some science. By these pursuits, he approaches already a more superior world. Therefore all troubles, sufferings and trials in the way of the disciple come with the sole purpose to direct him into the world of harmony - the mental world where he can develop normally. Only in this way can the disciple understand the law: "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord, i.e. everything which happens in the life of the disciple works for his good." It is said about the disciple: "The hairs of his head are numbered and not a hair will fall from his head without the will of God." And so, the talks given to you in the occult School must be studied in a special way. Everyone must take out the most important parts of every talk and apply them in his life. Knowledge means nothing, if it is not applied. Study the Bible in the same way. Someone may be impressed by certain passages in the Old or the New Testament, while another may be impressed by certain other passages and draw a lesson from them in the solution of some difficulty, or be injected toward the accomplishment of some good act. You can read the books of famous authors in the same way. If you do not read the talks, the Bible or any other book, in this way, they will appear to you monotonous and you will begin to seek something to amuse or entertain you, but amusement is not science. All of you must work towards the achievement of the concentration of thought. Each one of you, who wants to be a disciple, must choose for himself a sacred hour for work. This sacred hour can be in the morning, afternoon or evening. Pass this hour in deep meditation, in order to deal effectively with all difficulties which you meet on your way. After such an hour spent in meditation, you must feel encouraged, refreshed, with a purified heart, so that you may spend the rest of the day "renewed in strength." On the next day, you will spend again the sacred hour in meditation and as you deal in this way with your difficulties in life, you will find yourselves in the position of an indebted merchant, who suddenly receives several checks and takes them to the bank to draw out the money and pay his debts. Similarly, you will take one by one the burdens off your back. Why? You are given a credit to balance your mental budget. During this sacred hour, you will hold converse with all occult disciples of the School to which you belong. All occult disciples in the world, as well as those in the spiritual world, are interested in your spiritual progress, no matter how small it may be. They are interested in you only because of this very small progress. And whenever you are in a difficult situation, they come to help you. I say: Observe the sacred hour during the whole year and work toward the restoration of harmony in your relations, toward the overcoming of difficulties and toward your elevation. I give to each one of you this problem: find approximately which time of the day is your sacred hour. Next year, you should come with the acquisition to know which is your sacred hour and what time of the day it corresponds to. Some of you may have already found it, but those who have not, can try different times, until they discover the real sacred hour assigned for them. There is a definite hour for each disciple. When you find out this hour, there will appear a lofty thought and a noble feeling in your mind and heart - in general, you will experience a state of inner illumination. If you make room for that thought and feeling in yourself, you will be elevated, but if you oppose them there will be an obscurity in your consciousness and you will have to wait a long time, until you find your sacred hour again. The sacred hour comes periodically every day, at one and the same time. You will separate this hour from the other hours of the day by the fact, that it is more intensive and comes with a more exalted tone. I wish you would study the examples I have given you in the talks, because there is a great law, a great method hidden in each one of these illustrations, by which man can work toward his perfection. Everything else may vanish, brut the examples will not vanish, because they exist in living nature. As the cocks will always crow, so the examples will also exist forever. When the cock crows before his maser's door, the household knows that a guest is coming. When the cock crows early in the morning, people know that he is foretelling a change in the weather. When the cocks crows several times in succession, the Bulgarians believe, that as soon as they crow the third time, all evil spirits go away. I ask you: How do the Bulgarians understand the language of the cock? This shows that the Bulgarians have been at sometime disciples and they know these things. They understand the meaning of the first, second and third crowing of the cock. These beliefs which exist among the people are true. There is also another belief, that when a spider descends perpendicularly from above, a guest is coming. Actually, half an hour has hardly elapsed before the visitor arrives. I ask you: What relation is there between the guest and the descending of the spider? You say: "That's a coincidence." It may be a coincidence, but since the coincidence is true, the occult disciple must go further and try to find the real cause of these phenomena, try to understand where these beliefs have originated from. These things seem strange to us, but they are facts. As disciples, you must study all these things, observe the plants and the animals and draw positive, scientific data about their life and development. Take, for example, the bee. It is distinguished by well-developed sight and smelling. People may smell the odour of the flowers at 5-6 meters distance, at the most, while the bee senses their odour at a distance of 5-6 kilometers. It recognizes at a great distance the flowers, which smell and finds them by that odour. The bee sees well and clearly from a distance. In this respect, it is clairvoyant. When it leaves the hive, it makes a large circle, sees the flowers from a distance and goes towards them. Then it flies up high again, notices its hive and goes towards it in a straight line. If one should move the hive one centimeter to the side, it can not enter right into the hole, but hits itself against the hive. The bee has a well-developed and true sense of measure. I say: If the bee has developed these senses, how much more should the occult disciples develop their more superior senses! When you read about the discoveries of learned geologists and other scientists, do you think how they have received at that data? - Through their intuition. Otherwise they would not be able, by mere suppositions, to arrive at such positive truth. These people have an inner feeling which tells them that certain layers have been thousands of years ago in one position, others - in another position. Then they explain how certain changes have taken place in them, etc. In every occult School, a general interest towards a practical application of knowledge must be formed. The same thing concerns you, the disciples of the School. You should begin to apply this teaching, in order to acquire an effective real amount of money, with which you could work in life. Many of you suffer from diseases. These diseases are problems for you. The ordinary disciples can heal themselves any way they want to, but the occult disciples can heal themselves fey means of the power of prayer and of their mind. Which is better: to pay to a doctor 100-200 leva, and not be sure whether you can be cured or not, or to direct your mind in the right direction and to turn to God? Often sick people come to me and ask me: "Shall we call a doctor?" I say: If you are afraid, call a doctor, but do it like this: when he comes, say to him: "I am sick. Examine my disease and tell me whether I will be healed or not. If you tell me that I will be healed and that really happens without my taking medicines, I will reward you generously. If you say that I shall not be healed, I will not give you anything." If the doctor says that you will be healed, you will enter in contact with him and wherever you go or whatever you do, repeat within yourself the words: "I shall be healed, I shall be healed." Not long after this you will find yourself well again. If you do not say this to the doctor, he will examine you will find that the disease is serious and will advise you to have an operation made. You will be operated, but after that some complications will appear. Operations are allowed for people in the world, but not for the occult disciple. Operations are unnecessary suffering. He who serves God can not be sick. You say: "We serve God, but we suffer from certain diseases." Each one of you who is attacked by a disease, shows that he has violated a certain law of rational nature. During this conference I gave to all of you certain directions which some of you did not observe as a consequence of which they became sick. For instance, I told you to drink water only from the spring because it is exposed to the sun and is warm. When you drink such water you can not catch colds. Others ate cold melons, drank cold lemonades and sodas, but they spoiled their stomach. It is not allowed for the occult disciple to drink beer, lemonade, wine or any other spirits. I recommend only wine as a healing factor in certain extreme cases, for it warms up the stomach. You say: "Can we drink sweet wine?" Yes, you can. When you eat fruit, you must wash and clean it well. Wash grapes particularly well and cut out the rotten parts of pears, apples and other fruit, if there are any. Then wash them in warm water. You do not think about that and say: "My stomach can stand everything." It stands many things sometimes, but other times it protests. Have this as a rule: "Everything you put in your mouth should be absolutely clean!" Cleanliness is a necessary quality for the occult disciple, that's why you should learn to wash your hands at least three times a day: in the morning, at noon and in the evening. If you wash them ten times a day, that's even better. Similarly, you should wash your feet, face and armpits three times a day. There are sweat glands in the armpits and if they are not kept clean by frequent washing, they cause different diseases. After washing your face, hands, feet and armpits, it is good to leave the skin a little damp, because this dampness is adsorbed by the organism. This absorption of the water refreshes and strengthens the organism. Therefore, when you wash yourself, wipe your skin lightly with the towel. I recommend to all, but especially to the clerks, the following way of washing: after you come home at noon, take off your clothes, take the jug of water, which you have brought home in the morning or the day before, and pour the water over your head down to your feet. After that, wipe yourself lightly. Then put on dry, clean clothes. Thus washed and clothed, send a prayer of thanks to God for the water, which he has given you and then sit down to eat your dinner. In this way, you will feel refreshed and go to work with a light heart. Everyone who observes these methods and advices, will be always healthy and happy. If you apply these methods, you will have at least 75% fine results. Now the first thing I require of you as disciples of the occult School is to start with the physical world and gradually advance toward the spiritual. You may wish to enter at once into the spiritual world, but you must know that health and strength are required for that world. The spiritual world represents a mountain peak, which you must climb. I ask you: How can you climb up there, if you are not healthy and have not strenght? When you mount a horse or a carriage or a train no strenght is required of you. I say: These rules which I give you are to be guarded sacredly by each one for himself. Apply them, see the results and then recommend them to other people. If you recommend them to others before you have tested them yourself, they will lose their effect and power. If you meet some person, who is a disciple of the School but you don't know it, and who is interested in these methods, give them to him. Everyone who is sincerely interested in them and applies them will obtain good results. As disciples of this School, you have much theoretical knowledge, but you must apply it in your daily life. By applying it, you will form in yourselves good habits necessary for the maintanance of a bright and happy spirit. The occult disciple must manifest faith, patience and temperance, even in the greatest trials. No matter what difficulty he may face, he must say: "This work will turn out well. I will study and investigate this problem, even though it may require many years." This is what it means to be a strong disciple. The spirit of the strong disciple never fails. He does not put off the question for the distant future, but he works and studies every question, because he knows that the future is now, today. If you study, if you work, you will be good disciples, both today and in the future. Living nature is always in the service of the good disciple. Be zealous in learning and pass this zeal to others! Some of you ask: "What distinguishes the occult disciple from the ordinary person?" The difference is that the occult disciple overcomes all difficulties in life. The Truth is his ideal, Wisdom - his purpose, Love - realization and fulfilment. "Only the Love of God brings fulness of life."
  7. From The Way of the Disciple, AlphaDar I SPOKE OPENLY "Only the Love of God brings fullness to life." And Christ answered him: "I spoke openly to the world; I ever taugth in the synagogue, and in the temple, wither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing."1 I would call the chapter I read from the Gospel of John a chapter of dramas and tragedies. Such chapters must be seldom read, because they spoil one’s good disposition. All nice and beautiful things in life become spoiled by dramas and tragedies. Christ says: ’’I spoke openly to the world." If you ask any person, be it a mother, or a father, a teacher or a student, a priest, a judge or a servant why he has come to earth and what his predestination is, he will give you some sort of an answer. In spite of that, this question remains unsolved. When they asked Christ why He has come to earth, why He was born, He said: "To this end have I come into the world, to witness the Truth. Everyone who is of the Truth hears my voice." I say: The way of each person, who has come to witness the Truth is tragic and dramatic, it is full of dramas and tragedies. The way of each person who seeks the Truth, is paved by dramas and tragedies. And if you ask me now why you must suffer, why you must be unfortunate or die, I will answer you: This is necessary, in order that you may pave the way of the Truth. You will be the living stones, which will pave the way where the Truth will pass. You will say: "Are we, the people predestined for this work?" This is a fact. One unavoidably faces dramatic and tragic situations in life. Now I will use a simple example to clarify this idea. If you go to some large farm-yard, you will see there a cock walking proudly, surrounded by a number of hens. He crows, gives them lectures like a teacher, turns towards this hen, then towards that one, and says: "You must not do this, you must not do that." He is a professor to all those hens, who are his students. He holds a stitck and when he shows it, everyone obeys and all the hens gather together in one place. What will that professor give them? "From hook to crook." He will give them only one corn-seed and keep the rest for himself. They see him eating and ask him: "What about us?" - "Next time for you -from crook to hook". The situation of this professor in the farmyard is unnatural. All the hens ask: "Why does our master praise this cock so much? He pays him more attention than to anyone else, and every morning he comes out and gives him the best food." After that the professor calls his students and feeds them. However, one day, the farmer is somewhat displeased with the professor and decides to chase him away, i.e. to dismiss him from his duty. One evening, he enters his room, candle in hand, takes the cock by the leg, turns him upside down, takes him out and says to him: "This is not the way to teach students, I will show you how." The professor begins to cry, but the farmer seizes him by the neck with his other hand and says: "You must keep quiet, I am commanding now!" This professor is a first-class singer and a great specialist in meteorology. He forecasts the weather better than any instrument. All year round he knows when the weather will turn bad. He is an educated man, and as such, he always sings. He climbs on the wall and cries: "Co-co-ri-coo!" Do you know what school have I finished? I have an instrument which I have designed for years." Actually, I agree with this professor. One evening I hear him giving a speech from his cathedra. He has climbed it and cries from there: "Tomorrow, at such and such a time, the weather will turn bad." I enter my room to consult my other professor - the barometer with eight drums, which also forecasts the weather and ask him: "What will you tell me about the weather, will it be bad soon or not?" - "I still do not have any data, the telephone has announced nothing yet." I say to him: "That professor in the yard told me already that the weather will turn bad tomorrow at 8 a. m.". Two hours later I see the drums forecasting the same thing. My professor in the room already forecasts the same change in the weather. Therefore, the instrument of the professor in the yard is correct. But he has barely come down from his cathedra when the farmer catches him and sentences him to death, because he has not taught well his students. His punishment is: the farmer cuts off his head with a knife and puts him in a pot with boiling water. This is the way educated professors are punished when they make mistakes. The farmer takes off his beautiful apparel and leaves him entirely naked. Not only that, but the farmer's wife comes with a knife, opens his stomach, takes out all his guts and roasts him. After that, they put him on the table, buy some wine, call the children and all the family sits around him and makes a grand feast. I ask you: What evil has this professor done to have such a destiny. You will answer at once: "That's God's will, such are the laws of nature and this is what our grandparents have taught us, so it must be the right thing. I will draw a parallel now. Here we have one of the best men that has ever visited our planet, who has come to witness the Truth. This man has been absolutely unselfish and pure-hearted, history has not known the equal of. He had wanted to speak to people about the Truth and to show them the way to it. At last, the Jews, those who should have loved Him instead, had captured and delivered Him to Pilate, saying: "This man says that He is sent by God and that He must fulfil some mission on the earth, but we do not believe Him." They took hold of Christ and condemned Him as an ordinary man. When the servant of the high-priest heard Christ speak, he slapped Him several times in the face. I ask: Why did the invisible world admit that one of the best and most powerful men in the world should be beaten, reviled and finally crucified? Why did this good and strong man have to die tragically? The sacred book says, that it had all been foretold and written - nothing more. The deep reasons why all that happened are well known. Some say, that it had to happen, in order that the world might be saved. When they asked Christ why He had come, He did not say that He had come to die, but He said instead: "To this end was I born, that I might bear witness of the Truth. And everyone who serves the Truth will be in my place." When we say that we must suffer, we know that this share is not ours to bear, but these are rather the external, material conditions of the world. You are poor and fail in life, you have sorrows and sufferings, men do not understand you, but this is the external side in the life of Christ. When He was in the garden of Gethsemany, He was praying to God: "Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me." But this cup did not pass from Him - it was admitted by the invisible world, that He should drink it. Why did they crucify Christ? Because Love was not sent to Him for help. Love did not take part in His life and there is always crucifixion where Love is not. Why do people suffer? Because there is no love among them. Why do contradictions exist in the world? Because Love is not there. Why was hell created? Because Love is not there. Why was heaven created? Because Love is there. Someone asks: "Why am I unhappy?" Because you have no Love. This does not show that you do not want Love, but that it simply is not there. Therefore, where Love is not, the greatest contradictions, the greatest dramas and tragedies in the world are found. Some men say that Love causes the dramas and tragedies in life. No, this is not true. Love does not produce tragedies, it is the competition for it that produces them. Love causes: life, light, peace, joy and happiness. Everything of an ordinary character, which people want to name love, is not love. And so, if you want to solve this philosophic problem principally, you must take Love as a basis. Only in this way you can understand that great power in the world about which the Scripture says: "God is Love". We are speaking about the life, which we now have, which we have had at some time in the past and which we shall have in the future. If you want to continue this perverted life, which you now lead, you will experience the most complicated tragedies. Yet, if you want your life to change, you must understand the law of Love. Pilate asked Christ: "Arth Thou a king?" - "I am a king, but my Kingdom is not of this world." Since there is no Love in your kingdom, I can not reign in it. I was born and came to this world, so that I may witness the Truth. I can give all I have and leave this world. Such is the law in this world. If you live in a country and want to leave it and go to another country, you sell out all your possessions and then you leave it. Today all nations act like this. I say: An inner organic process is taking place today in the social life, as well as in the consciousness of the individuals living in the world. Such is the collective understanding of contemporary humanity, which has turned aside from the right life, from the great Divine law, from Love. Why is it like this? Because God gave people the possibility to dispose of their own life. They allowed themselves things, which are not written in the Divine book, or anywhere in the annals of nature. Today every man, every home, every society, every nation can boast of the freedom which is given by God. At the same time, all people today bear the responsibility for their actions. This is what they call fate or Karma. There is something that oppresses every man. So, I say: Lovelessness is the beginning of all the suffering in the world. I consider as senseless all sufferings, which are the result of lovelessness. A man who really suffers is any one who has glimpsed into Love and is suffering for the sake of that Love. There are people in the world who suffer for meaningless things. If you ask them why they suffer, they will not be able to answer you because they do not really know why. If you, who are here, expect to be welcomed by the world with wreaths and be understood, you still have to wait a long time. Often some of you say: "Let newspaper reporters and educated people come to see, that we are not dangerous." But I say: If professors, if newspaper reporters come, they will all act the way they want. They will act like the Jews did with Jesus Christ. Did not Christ speak to them? He said: "I spoke openly to the world." Didn't He say to them that His kingdom is not of this world? They were saying: "This man is dangerous for our country and we must get rid of Him, so that He may not band our nation with some dangerous connectious, which will hinder its future development." This was the understanding of the Jewish society: this was the opinion of their learned rabbis and scribes - men who were studying the kabala. They were men of Moses' law, who could not understand the law of God. TheTe was not a sign of Love in their hearts. There was only one man among all the others - Nicodemus, who said: "Let us leave this man free!" But what is the voice of a single person in the whole?" He is like a drop of water in the ocean. I ask you: Why is it so? If God has created all individuals, all societies and nations, if all people in the world are created by God, why is there such a contradiction in the Divine law? I shall bring to your attention another contradiction. Take for example, a young man and a young woman who love each other and observe how their relations develop. At first, they call each other endearing names and say that they can not live apart. The young man kneels before the young girl but soon after they have married they start telling each other such words and have such relations that the Divine law does not allow. What are the causes for the perversion of the human heart? In one of my talks I compared the first phase of Love with the lemonade in a bottle. He who drinks the lemonade throws the bottle away. I compared the second phase of Love with an apple, which people eat and leave only its seeds for planting. I compared the third phase of Love with a leather-bound book with fine contents. Everyone that takes it reads something in it, smiles, puts it in his pocket, takes it out again to read, meditates and then begins to study. It is not enough only to have love, we must also have an object to love. The greatest delusion in the world lies in the fact, that all people seek for someone to love them. Someone writes a book in order to be loved by people. Another one publishes a paper to be loved by people. Some artist is moulding a statue and tries to make it beautiful. Why? To be loved by people. A statesman writes and creates laws in order to be loved by the nation. The military man takes out his knife and goes to fight the enemy, so that he will be loved by his people. The worker digs all day for the love of his master. The student studies all day for the love of his teacher. The father works all day for the love of his children. The cock crows to be loved by his master. The dog barks and keeps the house to be loved by his master. I ask you: Since all people have such an understanding of things, who will love us? These requirements of contemporary people have put them in the state of that automat of ancient times, created by a great adept. After having learned well all the secrets of nature, an adept had allowed himself to make a live automat, capable of motion, thought and feeling, but had not been able to give to his automat a soul. The automat had started to follow the adept everywhere and to cry after him: "You gave me everything, but you did not give me a soul! I want you to give me a soul!". The adept had found himself in a most disturbing condition, not knowing what to do. He had started to run around the whole world, but the automat had kept following him, crying out constantly: "You gave me everything but a soul! I want you to give me a soul!" The adept had not been able to liberate himself from him for a long time. I call people of today automats. Someone comes and says: "Give me love!" What does this imply? It implies: give me money! Is this love? That man wants to say: "Give me money and you will see how men, women, children, thg nation - everyone will love me." The man is right. He has a specific conception of love. This is the old philosophy of life, those are the dramas and tragedies, repeated again and again during thousands of years. As a consequence of this philosophy, men find themselves in a desperate situation, in a magic circle, which has no solution in life. Christ says about all those who have entered into the inner side of the Divine or Christ is teaching or in the mystical or the spiritual life: "If a man does not deny himself, or deny his external life, he can not be a disciple of the new teaching, he can not be a disciple of Love." Why is it necessary for a man to deny himself of all earthly things? When a man starts for heaven, he can not take anything from this world with himself. The Turks have a certain legend about Christ, that when He has started for heaven, a small needle had gotten pinned on his mantle, and for that reason He had not been able to enter there. Now I say to you: The smallest needle in the world is in a state to deprive you of the Love of God. The pinning on of the needle represents a psychological act. When you enter Love, everything in you becomes new, nothing old can remain with you. You will be already men born in the new, not in the ordinary way. Some think that the Divine Way is difficult. No! According to my conceptions, the Divine Way is only for wise and intelligent people. It is the easiest way to climb. You can not climb this way riding a horse, or in a carriage, a train, an aeroplane - you will climb it by foot. You will not have any hat on your head, nor shoes on your feet. You should travel bare-headed and bare-footed! The clothes you will wear must be very thin and light - almost without weight. They will be made of the light of the sun rays. These clothes will be very beautiful and will keep you so warm, that the idea of cold will absolutely disappear from you. You will feel engulfed by a soft, pleasant heat. You can make as many folds and pleats in these clothes, as you wish - they will be so soft and flexible. You can create out of them thousands and millions of rational forms. However, such a disciple is not allowed to wear shoes made out of animal leather. As long as he is on the earth, he can wear leather-shoes of the rudest kind, if he wishes to. Many of you, listening to me speak about Love, say: "Then we must not live in this world." No! One can have Love and still live in this world. Christ said to His disciples: "I am going to my Father to prepare a place for you. Till then, you will work on the earth. When I prepare a place for you, I will come and take you with me." Christ did not refuse to come a second time on the earth. He saw why people can not live well in this world. That's why He said to his disciples that He will go to prepare a place for them in heaven and will come to earth a second time to take them with him. But when Christ comes a second time on earth, He will set it on fire. Why? So that all traces of His crucifiction on the wooden cross will disappear. The sufferings of mankind today are a proof of that act, and all these sufferings must vanish, so that not even a memory remains. The whole old culture will be burnt up and a new culture with new forms of life will take its place. When these new forms come, there will not remain any sign or trace of the sufferings of Christ and of mankind. It is said: "Not a stone upon another will remain." This is true not only in the literal, but also in the figurative sense of the word. All conceptions of people about life, about the relations between fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, servants and masters, believers and disbelievers, all that history has recorded from ancient times till now, will be blown away by the wind, as the dust in the streets. What sense will have the life of a mother who has born ten sons and all of them have become robbers? Or what sense will have the life of a mother who has born ten sons, but all of them have died one after the other? What will gladden that mother who, after going into the other world, will see her life as on a film? This will be a life full of suffering. Is there any good in such a life? Why should such pictures be produced? They are the result of a loveless life. I call this life - a life of lovelessness. People are born without love and die without love; suffer without love and are happy without love; develop, study, live without love, etc. This is the tragedy in life. You suffer because of that and say: "Why is life made like this? Why has not God made the world different?" I say: There exists such a world as you seek. It has been created a long time ago. God lives in it and reigns it. This world is the world of Love. It is said about it: "Everyone who comes to me, I shall in no wise cast him out, but will open the door for him, he will enter and find a pasture." The 23rd Psalm is speaking about this world. And Christ answered him: "I spoke openly to the world; I ever taugth in the synagogue, and in the temple, wither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing." I say: Since you know this thing, there is no reason to be troubled by what is happening. It has already happened. As soon as one is born, he must know that he will die. As soon as one is born in the world, he must know that he will become rich, but he must also know, that he will become poor and fail. Today someone may be promoted to the post of a judge. He must know that tomorrow he will be discharged. Today someone is promoted as officer, but he must know that tomorrow he will be discharged. All bishops, all ministers and priests will be discharged some day, only the memory of their beautiful garments will remain. Such is the law of the living nature. No matter what position each one of you may have, he must know that one day he will be discharged. Then what will distinguish you one from another? There is something valuable by which people can be distinguished one from another. Contemporary scientists like phrenologists and physiognomists, say that the head of a criminal has marks, which distinguish it from the head of a king. When a phrenologist finds the skull of some person, he can describe his whole past life during thousands of years: how that man has lived and died; what his domestic life has been; what church he has belonged to, what have been his credo, his aspiration his social position, the cause of his death - in general, he can reproduce his whole life. The phrenologist reads on the head of people. Phrenology, as a science, proves that people have everything, but love. The center of Love in the majority of people is not developed. Therefore, people have everything, but one center - the center of love. When that center begins to develop, we call that a process of awakening the consciousness, or the awakening of the human soul, the human spirit, the human mind and heart. This process may be known by different names. There is something, however, which must be awakened in people from now on. Everyone feels an inner need of something. Everyone lacks something. Up to the time you obtain love, you will always feel that there is something missing in your life. I am not speaking about the first phase of Love - the bottle of lemonade. Many people drink 30-40 bottles of lemonade a day. This is love. Others eat 30-40 apples a day, without planting their deeds. This is love also. I ask you: How many people will you find reading the sacred book of Love, if you entered their homes? What distinguishes such a home from the other homes? Peace, joy and happiness reigns in it. The relations between the husband and wife and among all the children, are loving relations; all have an equal share in the work, everywhere music and song can be heard, no contradictions arise among them. Cleanliness and order reign everywhere. There are no flies in the rooms; there are no hens, ducks and pigs in the yard, no cattle in the stall; gas-lamps can not be found there, neither electric lights, yet the whole house shines; they neither sow nor plough, yet the fields bear abundant wheat; they do not carry wheat into their house, but the wheat goes to them; they have no springs, but water seems to spring in their home; they have no teachers, yet they know everything; they have no servants, but everybody serves them; they have no money, yet they lend money to everybody. Tell me, do you know anywhere in Bulgaria, at least one such family as I have just described to you? Such is the image of the family whose members read the book of Love. If such a home can be found, it will be the first wonder in the world, the first lighted candle. When I tell you these things, you may say: "These are only dreams and illusions." But I am not describing even a thousandth part of the reality itself. When apostle Paul had seen that home, that religion, he had said: "Eye hath not seen nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him." That's why he says: "From now on, I do not want to live, but let the One Who bears Love, live in me." So, I say: I do not want you to leave the world, you will pass through this world, but you must be heros. Heaven requires this from you. Put in your mind the thought, that even if you are the greatest coward, you can become brave and resolute. Suppose you have in your pocket only ten leva, but a friend comes to you, you swear in love and he asks you to lend him some money. You open your purse and say to him: "I have only ten leva and I need them for my dinner." No! You should give half of it to your friend and keep the other half for yourself. Such is the law. If the two friends divide the ten leva, this money will appear again in the purse of him who has shared it. You can not understand this law. When I say that your purse must become empty, a contradiction arises in your mind. I shall give you an example in order to clarify my thought. Imagine that you are a fountain, out of which flows pure water. Its water-trough is stuffed up by mud and dirt. You stop up the water for a time and begin to empty the water-trough, in order to clean it up well. Do you think you have caused a misfortune to the trough by emptying it? This is not a misfortune at all. You have cleaned up the trough. When you let the fountain flow again, the water will fill up the trough. This is a law: if you give, it will be given unto you. If you do not believe this, you can not be a man. If you believe that you will become poor, you will become poor. If you think you are a sinner, you will become a sinner. If you believe that the God of Love, Who has sent you to the earth, has the power to fill up your trough, as often as it is emptied during your life, God will always fill it up. He says: "Empty your water-trough for My sake!" You open up your purse and say: "God, I emptied my water-trough." According to your philosophy you say: "But what if the water does not start to flow again?" You just open the faucet and do not fear. I say: Sow the seed in the field and do not think about it! But what if this year there will be drought and the wheat will not grow and ripen? I say: Take your money with you and start on your way! But what if robbers should rob me on the way? He is afraid of being robbed, so he deposits his money in "Girdap" bank. However, until he gets home, he hears the sad news that "Girdap" bank has gone in bankrupcy. I say: Do not deposit your money in the robber's bank "Girdap". There are robbers there and it will go in bankrupcy. People today believe in things which have no basis, but they would not believe in what has a firm foundation and upon which there happiness depends and rests. You say: "How is that, mustn't we be thoughtful and insure our life? How will you insure your life? By starting to work for God. How? As the angels work and as the greatest men work. Then the divine fountain will begin to flow and it will never stop flowing. Believe only in this. Make experiments, but do not speak about them until you are convinced. Be consistent in your experiments, always have the desire to fulfil the will of God just as He wants you to. In the Old Testament, God says: "Try me". How? The first attempt you can make, is to try to walk in life according to the great law. When Christ was on the cross, He said: "This is the will of God. Father, into Thy hands I commit my spirit." Why did Christ suffer? In order to fulfil the will of God. When He was in the garden of Gethsemany, He said: "Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me. If this is not Thy will, I am ready to endure all suffering for the sake of Love." This concerns everybody. When sufferings come, you will say: "Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me!" If it can not pass, you will pray and say: "This is the will of God." If up above it is admitted, the cup will pass from you. You say: "And after that, what?" They will crucify you by driving, at the most, four nails into your body, not more than that. And what will happen then? They will tell you to come down from the cross all alone. Christ came down from the cross all by Himself. How? By coming out of his body and going to Nicodemus. Who asked to take the body of Christ? Joseph of Arimathea. Jesus Christ did not want to leave His body on the earth. It was alive. He Himself went to take out the nails and raised His body. You ask: "Does Christ think about me?" If Christ thought of His body, by taking out the nails, bringing it down from the cross, then laying it in the grave where angels raised it, must you ask what will happen with you? If you walk in the way of God, you will not remain nailed on the cross. They will take you down from it and place you in the grave. You will not remain in the grave, either, for the angels will come and take you out of there. How do you ask: "If we could get rid of this body!" No, do not ask that. You should be a hero in order to complete your evolution. The body is the temple of God. It is the greatest wealth which you have. You will take by the throat those robbers, who want to rob you and will take back everything that belongs to you to the last cents. What did Abraham do with those robbers who robbed Lot and took away his possessions? He reached them on the way and took back from them everything they had robbed. It is said: "The righteous can not remain in poverty. The righteous can not he deprived of the good." The disciple can always be rewarded. The best things in life await him who walks in the ways of God. His present life is also blessed. Christ says. There is no man that hath left mother and father for God s sake, but he shall receive a hundredfold that which he has lost and in the world to come Eternal life." The Eternal life implies to the beautiful and fine in life. Everyone aspires toward that. How can this present life be compared with the benefits of the Eternal life? You say: "This is nonsense! We shall die and that s the end. This is not true. Every person who lives according to the law of Love, no matter where he may go - to America, England, China or Japan, everywhere he will find people who will welcome him in their home in the Christian manner and will find some work for him. He who loves Jesus Christ can find in every place his own brothers and sisters. Do not think that you have brothers and sisters only in Bulgaria. Tell me: Which sinner and robber has brothers and sisters? Everywhere there is a place for the good person, but there exists a great lack of faith among people. Today, you think only about small Bulgaria and say. What will happen with us?" - What happened with Christ: they condemned Him and then they crucified Him. - "And then?" Then He was taken off the cross and placed in the grave. -Then? - An angel came who shook the grave and He rose up. - "What happened after that?" - After 2 000 years 500 million people believed in Him and accepted His Love. It means that 500 million people will love you. I ask you is it worth while to live for the Love of God? Christ says: "Everyone who turns to God and begins to live for Him has his name written in heaven." Therefore, you, who live for God, will be dressed in beautiful clothes and wherever you go, they will welcome you with arcs, with flags and banners, with music and songs and with rich banquets. Is there anything wrong in such a life? How do people welcome someone and entertain you here? When a brother goes to pay someone a visit, after 3-4 days, they remind him that he must go away. When he goes to heaven to pay Love a visit, he can stay there as long as he wants to. Only then you will understand why one must live in Love. Love can not be described, it can only be felt. I say: When you listen to my talks, at times I notice your faces darken. You say: "This is a terribly hard thing! What shall we do? We are simple people and do not know much." -That’s the right thing for you - that you do not know much. Since you do not know, you will study. Studying is work. It is a necessary law in Love. Only by study can Love be made clear and comprehensible. However, do not try to know everything, for that's impossible. I shall explain to you why you must not know everything. Suppose you are invited to a rich banquet. When you sit at the table do you have to eat everything? What sort of a monster would you be, if you could eat everything? You should eat little - one or two apples or pears and some bread. There is no reason for hurrying: if you live 120 years, your whole life will consist of eating. The same thing can be said about knowledge - you should receive a little at a time. Someone says: "I want to know everything." No! You should know little, but know it well. This is the rule. When someone says that he knows much, I know already what his physical condition is. The good people know little, but they know well what they know. Thus, the Divine Teaching has an application to life and must be applied. If you have the Divine Love in yourself, you will find people with whom you will be in harmony and who will cooperate with you. But you must work for God. There are three ways in which one can work. Suppose I write a book. Whom shall I write it for? I can write it for myself, for someone I love, and lastly, for God. If I write this book for God, that would be the right solution to the question. In that case, I shall take the second place, and have an inner contact with God. If I should write the book for someone I love, then I would be the inner tie between God and him. In the last case, I would be the third person. And then the verse: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy mind, with all thy soul, with all thy might and thy neighbour as thyself' - represents two opposite poles in life. If man does not understand these two laws, the Divine Love can not be applied on earth. Who can apply the Divine Love on earth? I, the man who love, can become a tie in the great law of God. And if I could make this tie, I would be an honorable man. Then I will have on my side the angels, the saints, the righteous, the good people and all the disciples. All these people will send me every morning a light, pure thought, which will impart joy and happiness to my soul. I say: You, as disciples of the great School, must distinguish yourselves by your right relations toward God. If you have such relations, you will not seek for men to love you, but you will love. I am not saying, that you must not want people to love you, but that you must not make that the purpose of your life. This is why back in ancient times, it has been said: "Love the Lord Thy God and thy neighbour." That has been said, but it is not applied yet. Who is not applying it? - The world. However, people of faith have applied this law in the past. By the words "people of faith", I mean those men who love God. There are people in the world who have always applied the law of God. If you want to have a place of honour in the world, you must, by all means, enter the way of Truth. In this way, you will study the Bible in the new way, you will study present day literature and science; you will study the rivers, the fire, and the winds. You will study everything from the standpoint of the Divine law. Everything you do and study should be dictated by the sole stimulus - for the sake of the Love of God. If you love anyone, love him for the sake of God. Let the Love of God be the inner stimulus of all your aspirations and actions. If you act like this, noone can ever deprive you of your future happiness and welfare. If you do not walk in this way, everyone can deprive you of your happiness. If you do not love God, they will take your money, your health, your social position, your children and wife, and, at last, they will take you as well. This is the tragedy of life. Now you know all this and you should not live under any illusions. Some people say: "This law can be changed." No! The law of God can not be changed! To think that the law of God is subject to an evolution, is to have a false philosophy of life. Evolution does not change things. Some people say: "Evolution changes the order of things." Everything in the world will change, if you accept the law of the Divine Love. If you live in according to your human law, there would be no evolution. Where human law exists, there is no evolution, only death reigns. Where the Divine law exists, there is evolution and Love reigns there. Christ says: "To this end was I born, to witness of the Truth." The same thing can be said in regard to you. You must ask yourself: "Why was I born?" If you answer that you were born to witness the Truth, you have given the right solution to the question. If you ask your daughter why was she born, she must tell you: "To this end was I born in this home, to witness the Truth." If you ask your wife why was she born, she must answer you, that she was born to witness the Truth. If you ask your husband, he must answer you the same thing. This is the important question. You will say: "Should we not marry?" You should marry. How? According to the law of Truth. But must we serve? You must serve according to the law of Truth. What positions should we occupy? You can occupy all kinds of positions, one after the other, but you must work according to the law of Truth. You will do all things according to the law of Truth. You must not be in a hurry. If I should now give you as a problem the achievement of the great ideal, how would you solve it? You must start with the little things. I ask you: When the small child is born, does he start to walk right away? No! The mother carries him at first. Then he begins to crawl on all four, thinking that's quite an achievement. In the future this small child will be some great philosopher, but noone knows him now. At present, he crawls on the earth, wishing to stand erect, but he can not. When he gets tired, he sits for a while, looks around, srrTiles and says: "My time has not yet come." He is not discouraged and says: "There is no reason for being ashamed." He starts crawling again. When he gets tired, he cries a little, then he says: "This work will not be done by crying." Then he sits again to rest. After several months, you see that child standing by the wall, leaning against it, careful not to fall. And one day, unexpectedly, you see the child all alone upon his feet, walking without anybody's help. The mother gives a great banquet to celebrate the achievement of her little child and says to her friends: our great writer, poet, philosopher has begun to walk. Come, that we may all celebrate this day! So, I say: You also, like the children, should not be ashamed that you are crawling in your moral life. Today you crawl, tomorrow you will become tired and will cry a little. The next day you will become tired and you will cry a little. The next day you will stand straight against the wall, and at last, you will begin to walk. People ask: "Why is such and such a person crying? I say: He has wanted to start to walk, but he has not been able to do it the right away. He has fallen on the ground, and hurting himself, has started to cry. The essential thing is that he has fallen. Some people say he is ill. He is not ill, he has just fallen, but he has not lost anything. He is suffering now, but some day when he would have learned how to walk, he will not cry, but rejoice and be glad. Now, you must be encouraged by the children. If someone among you becomes discouraged, let him take a small child by the hand, walk a while with him and say: "I want to be a hero like you." Observe the children every day! This is the right solution to the problem. There are special methods for the solution of this question, but their time has not come yet. Why must I tell little children how they must dig, how they must plough, or plant vineyards? What can I tell them about the chemical processes? It is too early for them to be told such things. I shall tell them of things which correspond to their phase of life. And you, as children, have a great future ahead. You will begin with the essential, while what lies infront of you is for the far future. I am glad you are children, because there is a lot for you to learn. Let the knowledge, stored up for future times, make you happy. It will come, it is waiting for you. The goods stored are also waiting for you. They will also come. When? When their time comes. Some people ask: "Is there a definite place for us?" Yes, there is. And God is waiting for you there. Christ says to His disciples: "Rejoice not that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice that your names are written in heaven." What is there more beautiful than to be a citizen in the kingdom of those who love you? What is the price you pay now for the right to be a citizen of a modern state? They take you into the "state safety" office and when they meet you at night, they point a gun at you and ask for your card of identification. Today we live in a world of contradictions, but for the Love which we have toward God, Who has sent us to earth, we will stay in this world and fulfil our duties up to the moment when He will give us new orders. You say: "What does the world think?" Let the world think whatever it wants to, we also will think what we want to. As the world is free to do what they will, so are we free to do what we want to. They decide to publish some paper and they do it; they decide to declare war and they do it; they decide to condemn someone and they condemn him; they decide to help someone, and they help him; they decide to enlarge or diminish the budget and they do it. Whatever they decide to do, they do it. The world wants to be free in all its actions, why then shouldn’t we have this same freedom? They say, that our ideas and conceptions are senseless! Allow us then to consider your idea and conceptions as senseless as ours. We know that everything people do has inner causes, so we will not pass any judgement about it. When we reason in this way, we can understand one another. The wordly people have some good traits. I commend their great industriousness and bravery. When a man of the world finds himself in a difficult situation, he does not fall in despair, but takes a gun in his pocket, goes to some dark place in a side-street and waits for some rich man to pass by. Then he points his gun at him and says: "You better weep instead of me! I know that you do not have any belief in God, give me quickly your money!" - "As you please, only do not kill me! How much do you want?" He is told a certain amount. - "Take this money!" - "Thank you, but do not tell anyone about this, otherwise - do you see?" And he shows him his gun. Now let us leave aside the moral of that man. I do not like this sort of moral, but I admire the boldness and courage of that man. He is neither ashamed nor afraid to point his gun at any rich man. But you will say, that he will be caught and condemned. He says to himself: "They will either catch me or not. This is a permutation. If they catch me, what will they say about me? They will try to prove that I am somewhat out of my mind and will condemn me to one or two years imprisonment, and after I come out of prison, the 200 000 leva I have stolen, will be still in my pocket." This is the way that man reasons. It is a particular type of reasoning. What must a man, who is walking in the way of God and finds himself sometime in a difficult situation do? If I were in his place, I would take a gun and go to the home of some rich man. I shall explain to you what sort of a gun I have. If I were a famous painter, I would have taken my gun - a paint-brush and my bullets - the paints, go to the home of some rich man - a man who prays to God, and say to him: "Listen, I want to paint your portrait, as well as the portrait of everyone in your home, so well, that they would please you. If you do not give me as much as I want, I will kill you - and I point out my brush at him." - "Please, how much do you want?" At first, he regards me with mistrust, but after I have made the portraits of his whole family, he sends me away with great respect. I say to him: "Listen, do not tell anyone about this!" He takes off his hat at me and says goodbye. Now, this is all figuratively speaking, but I say: Every man needs a painter. If I am a doctor, I shall go to some village to cure people. If I am not good at any art, I would take the plough and the spade and would go to some field to work, but I would earn my living in an honest way - according to the law of love. Is there anything wrong with that? To be bold and resolute is the most difficult thing in the world. Often, you become discouraged and say: "The time for these new ideas has not come yet, they will not succeed in the world." No, this is not true. The only thing, which will succeed in the world is Love, including knowledge, wisdom, Divine life, justice, conscience, Righteousness, virtues, etc. All that’s high and noble has a great future. Therefore, each one of your acts born of Love will be successful. Every thought, every desire born of Love, no matter how small it may be, will succeed. So, I say: This is the way you should conceive things. Do not be afraid, do not accept everything without reasoning. Someone says: "I shall die." When a man is born, he knows that death awaits him. The question now is to say: "I want to live." It is a fact that you will die, but it is also a fact that you will live. That's why you must say: "After I die, I shall live." If you think that you will become ill, you will say: "It is true that everyone who is born will be sometimes sick, but after the illness has passed, I shall be healthy." But I will suffer. It is true, you will suffer, but after suffering comes joy. Joy is the heir of sorrow. Who is the heir of death? Life is. When contradictions come into your life, do not try to free yourself from them or block their way. If someone tells you that you will be ill, say: "I know this, but after the illness will come health." - "You made a big mistake." - "It is true, I know I made a mistake, but after I become well again, I will correct it and put in its place a virtue." - "You told me an offensive word, which hurt me." - "Yes, that is true, but when you meet me, after some time, my tongue will be so soft, that after I tell you a sweet word, there will not remain even a trace of the first word." - "You are somewhat a rude person."- "That is true, but after some time, I will be so polished, that you will wonder at me." - "You are a simple man." - "Yes, it is true, but after some time, I will be so learned, that you will be happy to see me so well educated." This is the language you must use; this is the way which the occult disciple - the disciple of the Divine teaching, must pass. He must have a broad outlook on all things. Then there will be no falls on the way. If he should stop and start discussing the question why everything is happening this way and not that way, he will not find any solution to this problem. Can't things happen in a different way? No, they can not. Up till now, noone has solved the questions in a different way, neither can you solve them. I have travelled all life, but I have not met till today any great Teacher, or adept, or angel, or archangel, or cherubim, or some other divinity, who has been able to solve the problems in any other way than the way God has preordained. All we can do is study the ways of God. They are unsearchable! Therefore, there is no reason why we should create new ways. We will bear the New, which God has created and we will manifest the Divine within us. The Scriptures call us by the respectable name of co-workers in the great plan of God, in the great idea, which He is now introducing us to; of the great Kingdom, which is coming into the world, in the great Divine home, which He is building today. And by building with Him, we will have a part in the Divine home. This way, each one of us will have a definite place. I will give you an example with that good and righteous man, who had wanted to go up to heaven and see his condition there. He had been taken into the invisible world and had seen that his temple had been very beautiful, almost finished, but only a stone had been lacking. Therefore, if your temple would be perfect, you must put the last stone in its place. As soon as you do that, your temple will be perfect and only then would you be able to understand life. As long as one stone is missing in your building, they can not receive you into the invisible world. Your temple must be built up and fully completed. Christ said to His disciples: "I will go to prepare a place for you, and after I have prepared it, I will come and take you. "Where?" Into the new conditions where we can live with God. The new conditions as I understand them, mean to live according to the law of Love, where an absolute order of all things reigns. What will life be then? There can be no comparison made between what life is today and what it will be then. The present is only a shadow of the future. In the present life all we do is suffer and fight, for today we taste the life of our past existence. Therefore, you must be grateful for anything life offers you today. If you want the great good of life, that is the way of the disciple. There are two ways, or two lives: the life of the world, or the life of God, which we call the way of Christ - "the life of the new teaching", "the way of the disciple". First of all, you should try to get rid of that melancholy, which often takes possession of you, because you think that the world is closed up for you, and you have no conditions for development. Everyone who has a positive credo can create these conditions. As the rich men in the world, as the American millionaires gave rise to great industries, and thereby helped society, so every righteous person must create better conditions. Those rich men do not expect donations, but they make automobiles, they gather people around themselves and develop the industry. The righteous person and the disciple must be like them. They must create great thoughts. There is an inner understanding and mutual compromises among the rich men in the world. It often happens that people whom we consider as uncultured act very correctly in society, while very often we see religious people who use the methods of the world. They aspire toward the new life, but still they go by the methods of the old life. This is more dangerous than to live only in the old life and to apply its methods. That's why Christ has said: "You can not mend an old garment with a new piece of cloth." You can not put a new idea in an old system, for it can not survive there. Christ has expressed this idea in the verse: "You can not put new wine in old bottles." It is like this - you must put the new wine in new bottles and the old - in old bottles. At present, you lead two different kinds of life, as your feelings and thoughts are two different things. With regard to your heart, you feel one thing while with regard to your mind, you think something quite different. Sometimes, there is a disaccordance between the mind and heart, other times there is harmony. Sometimes, the heart does not understand life as the mind does, while other times both the heart and the mind have the right understanding of life. Now, as disciples of the Divine School, you must bear in your mind the idea to be contented with your present life. And in all cases, no matter how small your achievement may be, use it for your self-development, knowing that this life will be a foundation for your future life. Now, if you are old, aspire to be rejuvenated; if you have no knowledge, try to acquire it; if you are ill, try to become well; if you are a coward, try to become a hero - in general, you must strive for that which can make you real men and form in you a real character. Christ speaks about this in the 18th chapter of the Gospel of John. Therefore Christ, knowing all the things that were coming upon Him, went forth and saith unto them: "Whom seek ye?" They answered him: "Jesus of Nazareth." Christ saith unto them: "I am He." Here we have a strong man, a hero, who knew all that was expecting Him and could escape somewhere, but He came out before the servants of the high-priests and Pharisees and said to them: "Whom seek ye?" - "Jesus of Nazareth." - "I am He." Christ says: "I did not come to conquer this world, but I came to give men abundant life." This means: I came to speak to people about Love, Wisdom and Truth. If they accept this teaching, it will be good for them; if they do not accept it, they may condemn me under their laws. Christ answered: "My Kingdom is not of this world; if it were of this world, my servants would have fought, in order that I might not be delivered into the hands of the Jews. But now, my Kingdom is not of the earth." Further on he says: "This is not important to me. I shall prove to you that you can not keep me on the cross, neither can you put me in the grave. I can also prove to you, that I can overcome the world." Actually he proved all that. Therefore, those who lived 2 000 years ago, are here again. And it will be just as Christ has said: "To this end was I born, to witness of the Truth." The future is His, the world belongs to Him, Righteousness is His. He is the bearer of the great Truth. And I say: We must all bear the great Divine Truth. If we conceive the world in this way, we will comprehend it in its fullness and will achieve happiness and joy - we will live according to the Love of God. Then everything in the world will be sanctified. The sun, the stars, everything in the world h..s been created for those who are born to witness of the Truth. From this point of view, the beautiful and fine things are for those who love God. That's why Christ says: "Father, I want that they also, whom Thou hast given me, be with me where I am." Where will He be? - In the Kingdom of Love. I say: After this talk, some of you may feel discouraged and say that all this work is only for the men of learning, that you want to continue to live like your ancestors. I ask you: Have your ancestors really lived? For ages people have not led rational life, but have known only suffering and death. Almost all the water in the lakes, rivers and seas today js polluted by human blood and human crimes. Fire must come from above to burn and clean up all polluted things and to purify this water, so that after everything has been cleaned up and purified, the new culture may begin to take a form in life. A new wave will come soon, which will transform the entire social order and reconstruct the whole earth and the thought of the whole organic kingdom. Life will receive a new direction. As God created the world at sometime in the far past, so will He recreate it now. God will not allow people to revile His Truth! God will not allow the nations to continue to violate His laws! People must bow before the Truth of God and recognize His laws. A day will come when Love will reign in the world; people will live in love together and there will be joy and happiness everywhere. That day is approaching. When I say to you that fire will come into the world, you ask: "What shall we do then?" I say: What do you have to do when you see that the hotel you are living in is burning? You who have awakened first of all and see this fire, take your clothes and run quickly out of the hotel! But what will happen with those who sleep? When they awake, they will also run out of it. We want to see what will happen with the hotel. There is nothing to wait for. Take your clothes as quickly as you can and run out! The hotel is burning, there is no reason to stop to look at it. If you linger, others will awake and then there will be such a panic that you will not be able to find your way out. "Let us remain there to put the fire out!" - No! This is a fire which no water can ever put out. If the water of a whole ocean were poured upon it, it could not be put out. No matter what the scientists say, they can not explain the origin of this fire. This is a law of living nature. Life must be thoroughly purified and an inner transformation must take place in it. I am not speaking about some sort of revolution among people, but there will come about a certain inner change, in which God will transform the whole order of life and liberate people from their pettiness, which prevents them from regarding one another as brothers and sisters. He who can understand this, can verify it and become free of the old life, of all the sediments of the past. See what the papers say about the earthquakes in Japan. Somewhere in that country, a mountain like Vitosha erupts and shakes up the earth, which opens up and swallows whole large cities, as well as 150-200 000 people at a time. Millions of people have been swallowed up by the gaping earth. Why do these things happen? You say: "These are natural laws." But suppose that the earth below us opens up and swallows us, what will become of us then? What will present-day scientists say about the origin of the earth and about all that is happening with it? Something terrible is taking place! Present day mankind are children, playing with explosives, stored up in nature itself. They have not experienced, yet, the anger of living nature. When it is angry, it starts to move - to contract and expand, to swallow up everything in its way - cities, villages, people and animals. Nothing living can remain on its surface. What will you say, if you find yourselves down beneath all these ruins and wrecks? You say:~"This can not be!" Yes, if men lived according to the law of God, the earth would never open its mouth to swallow them, but if they do not live according to the law of God, it will open its mouth to swallow them all. It would still be a privilege for them, if they could be swallowed, but if the earth finds them too sinful, it would say: "I do not want to swallow you within myself", and it would throw them out. Do you know how terrible this is? The earth does not want them in its bowels, neither does space. What must they do? It is best for them, in such a case, to be on a ship, even though the worst ship in the world, and in the lowest cabine, for there would thus be a chance for them to reach the shore. But wouldn't it be better for them to be swallowed up by the sea-waves? In such a case, it would be a privilege to be swallowed by the earth, rather than to be thrown into space, where you would wander without any purpose or direction. There are such cases in life. You will say: "This is mere threatening!" It is no threatening at all, but such are the laws of rational nature. This is a great Truth. And if people lived according to the laws of rational nature all their works would go smoothly and they would live in peace and joy. Threatening is of no profit, but I say: We have a different view of life. For us, the world is a great school and all its outer manifestations are small results, the remains of the world. There is another world in the sight of which your world of reality is only an external manifestation, an outer shadow. Let us put aside these philosophic discussions and come to the important questions of life, which interest us. I ask you: When a man is poor, is he interested in the fact how many millionaires there are in the world? He is not. When a man is hungry, is he interested in the fact how many restaurants there are in the world, or in how many pots of food are being cooked, or how much bread is given to each person? No, these statistics do not interest him. In the given case, he is interested in finding someone, who could give him several golden coins, then go into a restaurant to have a good meal, and if he is a temperate man, to drink a glass of water, but if he is of the more evolved creatures, to drink a glass of water, colored red, and start to sing: "Green, green forest; cold, cold water." And actually, the green forest sings very well. Its leaves rustle, singing a tender song. The important thing for you is to make your life significant and to cast out of it all discontentment, discouragement and apathy. Someone says: "Nothing interests me." How is it possible that nothing can interest you? I do not want to live anymore, I do not want to exist. He who says that he does not want to live, is not speaking the Truth. We understand his language. There is another idea hidden in this expression. When a young girl says that she wants to die, I can discern back of that an idea, which she is trying to hide. This young girl wants to love in the real sense of the word. She says: "Up till now, I was accustomed to be loved by others, but from now on, I want to love, to sacrifice something of myself." Therefore, when people want to die, I understand that they want to live in the new way. Everyone who dies, gives something. When a father dies, he calls his son and daughter and says: "Children, I am going to die and leave this world. I give you the two houses, which you should share between yourselves, while the fields and the other possessions I have, should be divided among my relatives." When you give up everything you have - that is death. In this sense, everyone can die and live again. When, after you die, you come to life again, noone can notice that you have died. When you give up all your possessions, everyone thinks that you have died a long time ago. When people speak about death, they imply that one dies and gives up all he has. However, we call death by its real name and say: He who dies begins to love. I wish this thought to remain in your minds voluntarily, without any compulsion on my part. This is a day of triumph, for we are standing before the face of God and I want each one of you to solve this important problem within himself. If you solve it today, it will be solved for all time. Do not put it off for some other day, but solve it today, while you are before the face of God. God says: "Seek me while I am near you." When a ship reaches a port, what must you do? You must get your ticket before the third bell has rung. If you are late, they will not take you on the boat. There is a regular tariff for every ship. When the hour for his departure strikes, it does not wait for anyone. You say: "If I am late, I can start with the next ship." You can do that but you do not know how this question stands. Your father, mother, brother, sister and all your friends will start with the first ship. If you miss this ship, you will be sorry. That's why you must go there on time! And now anything you do from this day on, do it for the sake of God, for the sake of His Love. This is what the new teaching, the new life requires of us all. We must distinguish ourselves from the rest of the world by the fact, that we have a great principle, a great idea for which we are ready to be burned, hanged or crucified - we can bear everything for it. If they put us over a pyre, we will burn like wood and work by burning, but we will never burn up! If they turn us into water, we will satiate the thirst of people, but we will not drown anyone! If they turn us into a rope, we will serve all purposes, but one - the hanging of people. If they make us into a pen, we will write all that's beautiful, but we shall never sign a death-sentence! Therefore, no matter in what situation you might place the righteous man or the disciple, he will always prove that the Love of God lives within his soul. Is there anything greater than this? Now, as I speak to you like this, you say: "We have heard these things." Yes, you have heard them, but if I set you on fire, you will never be freed from it. Once kindled, even if the whole world should try to put out your fire, it will not be able to do it. The more they try to put out your fire, the stronger it will become and you will burn without burning up. This is what the Scriptures say about it: "The light of my feet is Thy word." I want you all to carry a lighted torch, which God will give you today. When you go out of here, each one of you will see an angel. Ask him to give you a lighted torch and start in the way assigned for you by God. You will say to me: "Master, where is the door of the new life?" There is no need for me to show that door to people like you, who know so much. Is there a need for me to open the New Testament for you? I say to you: Find the 15th chapter of the Gospel of Luke and read. You all know where this angel is. The garden of Paradise is not outside of man, or somewhere in our "Sunrise" quarters - it is found within a person himself. The angel you seek, is in this Divine garden, at whose entrance God placed two cherubims with fiery swords, to see that no sinful men should enter into it. God gives a lighted torch to the righteous people and says: "You can enter Paradise, it is for you." And now, I also say to you: Go into the Divine garden, into Paradise to take a walk, to meet the angel and to speak with him. Christ says: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." That's why He came to the earth. And if you have walked in darkness until now, unconsciously, from now on you will walk in light, consciously and will serve God out of an inner love, in a new way. Thus you will receive the blessing of God. And now, I congratulate you with your lighted torches! Christ says: "To this end was I born, that I should bear witness unto the Truth!"
  8. From The Way of the Disciple, AlphaDar A VOICE CAME "God reigns in heaven. God reigns in life. May His Name be blessed!" "Father, glorify Thy name!" Then came a voice from heaven: "I have glorified and will glorify." Man can make his life significant only by examining it in its richness and in its inner manifestation. Up till now, the insignificance of life and all its contradictions are due to the individual life. Therefore, the anarchy which reigns in all societies is due to the individuals of which it is composed. Similarly, people which form society are responsible for the anarchy in it, and for the anarchy in the world as a whole. It means that the individual as a thinking creature has violated one of the great laws of nature, whereas a disorder in the whole world has arisen. This violation is caused by human desires and egoism. The first commandment, which God gave to man, was not to taste the fruit of the tree of knowing good and evil. This commandment limits, to a certain extent, his freedom. However, man did not want to sacrifice his freedom. He asked himself: "Why did God, Who gave me freedom, wants to limit me at the same time? Why doesn't He leave me absolutely free under all conditions of life? Why doesn't He allow me to be absolute master of all?" You must know that if a man becomes an absolute master in the world, then God must limit Himself. This is the law. When one man is free, another one must be limited. All men can not be free at the same time. Those who do not understand the laws in the rational life, find a contradiction in this fact. Only the whole is free. Thus, whenever we want to give freedom to the parts, the whole becomes limited. The whole can disappear. How? Imagine that you divide an apple into 12 equal parts, which you give to 12 persons. Each one of these persons takes his part and all of them go to 12 different places. I ask you: Where did the whole go? The whole remained in the nucleus, in the seeds of the apples. Therefore, the whole should be planted in the ground where it will be limited and will undergo much suffering before it can reproduce its own species. What happened with the 12 parts, which were disengaged from the whole? Each part says: "When I go to this person, he will keep me for himself", which is to say that every part of the apple marries one of these wise creatures. How do their beloved behave? They eat them. After everyone has eaten his loved one, he says: "How sweet was this piece! It would be nice if I could only get another one like it? " How many days or months will he remember the taste of that sweet piece? Tomorrow, when he finds other pieces to eat, he will forget the first one. He will not only forget it, but will also throw it out of himself. I say: There is a law according to which each servant who goes into his master's house, will be either turned out, or sent to work by him. The gypsy man acts in the same way. When he gets married, he lies on his back and says to his wife: "Please, put the bag on your back and go from house to house to gather some flour and knead for me a nice loaf of bread." The gypsy man has some occupation, like the making of nails and all he does is wait for his wife to bring him some flour or some things to eat. His wife puts the bag on her back, takes a stick and starts begging from house to house. In some places dogs bark after her, in others they pull her dress, but she does not give up. In one house she tells fortune by throwing cards; in another she tells fortune by looking at coffee-cups; still in another she tells fortune by throwing beans in the hope to get some flour for her husband. In spite of that, when she returns home, if she is a little late, her husband will beat her. I take the word "gypsy" not as an external form, which it represents in life, but as an emblem of a specific conception of life. People say about some person: "That person must be beaten, because he has not finished his work on time." You ask: "Why must he be beaten?" Why must the nails be driven in? -To hold something together. If you do not drive in the nail well, it does not hold anything together. You say then that either the nail is soft, or that it is not well pounded in. If the nail is soft, what sort of philosophy is the one you have, which drives in soft nails? If the nail does not hold and you drive it in, you are already to blame. You must realize that you have made a mistake and say to the nail: "Please, be so good and come out of there, you are not for that place!" You say that the nail is to blame, because it does not hold well, and consider yourself right. If you think so, your mind does not hold. Then you take a bigger nail, about 12 centimeters long and you drive it in with the hammer, but that one also does not hold - it curves. You stand and wonder why that nail also gets curved. You say: "It is soft." There are workers who spoil many nails before they drive in one nail well. Similarly, when you can not solve some difficult problem in life, you stop and wonder why things turn out as they do. I say: All problems in life can be solved if people can answer the question "What individual life is?". To be an individualist is to be an extreme materialist in the spiritual life. You can see this extreme materialism everywhere. You can hear the word "I", "I", everywhere. Do you know what "I" can do? Do you know what "I" have done? What have you done? "I" have done this and that. I ask you: When the world was created were you, the "I", present? Since you, the T", are everything in the world, who separated darkness from the light? I do not know these things. In this respect, the "I" is limited and not so boundless and almighty as it thinks. This is the basis of all contradictions in life. The more offended one is, the greater materialist he is. It doesn't matter whether people realize if they have this trait or not, but you must know it and work towards the improvement of your character. There is a remedy for pettiness. If you do not know how you can change your character, what sort of a man are you? Go to some man who is cultivating fruit-trees and ask him how he increases their fruitfulness. He will answer that he fertilizes them or that he grafts them with a better kind of fruit-trees, in order that the trees may give more and better fruit. What is hidden in the "I"? A Divine idea, which shows that man must have Divine dignity. When he seeks glory, by that he wants to say: "I am of a royal origin, my grandfather was a king and my father was a prince." If you think this way, you come to the state of chosen ducks, who have once boasted of their ancestors for having liberated Rome. A peasant was once leading some ducks to the city-market and on the way, they were saying: "Doesn’t this man know that we are of a noble origin? Doesn't he know that our ancestors liberated Rome? Why is he then treating us now so rudely?" Well, your ancestors saved Rome, but what have you done? In the same way, you say that God is kind, that He has made the world, etc. All this is fine, it is the truth, but whatever God has done, it is for Him, for His glory. What have you done? God has sent you into the world and has given you a mind, a heart, a soul and a spirit, but what have you done with your mind, with your heart, with your soul and spirit, for yourself, for your neighbour and for God? You, people of today, deny the soul and the spirit, but at least, you admit the existence of the mind and the heart. I ask you then: What have you done with your mind and with your heart? When God made the world, He manifested Himself, but after that He gave everything He made to man. When God created heaven and earth and all other luminaries in heaven, He placed man in Paradise and said to him: "I made all this for you." This shows that God has thought for man. Similarly, God has thought for the angels when he has said to them "You will become teachers and bring up these children, which I left to live on the earth," This is a circle of life, bound with the manifestation of God. So, I say to you: You, who live on earth, want to manifest yourselves and you are right in wishing that. Your desire for self-manifestation is a Divine principle, an act of creation, but I ask you: To whom will you give whatever you will produce? What God created, He gave to people, charging the angels with their education. Thus, He created work for both people and angels. But you, who say "I", "I", at every step, to whom will you give whatever you will produce? That's why we are led to the law of sacrifice which states: "Every man who retains for himself that which he has produced, can not find the meaning of life. Whatever you have produced, is not for you, you must give it to someone else. I will clarify to you the law of sacrifice by giving you an example. You say: "How is this now, must we give to people all the money, which we have earned? This is an example which partly clarifies the idea. I say: When you make the water run through a fountain, you have some idea for doing that, don't you? What is your idea? That people should draw water from that fountain for their daily needs. You do not want to draw water from it alone, you want people around you to do the same thing. If a desire is born in that fountain to retain all the water running through it for itself alone and no person should draw from it, what would happen? The land around it will be flooded. In order that everyone may see the land again, the fountain must want all people around it to draw from its water. What flows out of the fountain, what it creates is for the Glory of God. People around will come to it for its water. In this sense when the Scriptures speak about the good man, we understand the life which flows in man. To manifest the good, means to give out that flowing life which flows out of you in the same way as God has given out all that He has created. He created the worlds, inhabited them with living creatures and then gave them out. Not only that, but He continues to care for them even to this very day. We pray every day: "God, send us this or that..." And we see that all the time, during the centuries we live He has never stopped to send us His goods and blessings. Have you ever asked yourself the question: How have we made God be so merciful and kind toward us? I have given you many examples about this, but they are superficial and can not make the idea clear enough. Now I shall give you an example, which I will examine in its deepest sense. Suppose that a poor, young man, all in rags and bare-footed, comes to be hired as a servant in the house of a rich and famous family. This young man is industrious, honest and works very well. His master sees his work and says: "This young man pleases me, he works well." The master buys him new clothes and new shoes. You see this servant changed, not looking as he did at the beginning. Well dressed, walking straight, looking stately he seems to have come round. The master has a son and daughters and the young man serves them all. They say: "Come, Stoyan, do this for me!" He has hardly finished one thing and he is asked to do another thing. He runs all day, serves everybody, treats everybody kindly and politely, runs from one room to another, as fast as if he had ten feet. He fulfils all orders well and everyone agrees that Stoyan is a fine servant. Why? He foresees the needs of his master and mistress and of their children, that's why they all love him. Not only that, but whatever he makes outside the house, he brings it to his master - he thinks of him all the time. His master loves him, his mistress loves him, the small children love him, the young mistress loves him, but somehow differently than the others. She exceeds the limits of that love, which the laws and customs of that family permit. The laws of that family allow a young girl to be attached only to a man of a noble origin. It is not allowed for such a woman to marry a man of a humble origin. What is the cause, however, that the young lady loves such a simple man? If the cause is hidden in the fact, that the young man has nice, black eyes, black mustaches, fine eye-bows, or a regular nose, one may find many other handsome young men. But can that girl fall in love with one of these other men, when she loves Stoyan? No, she can not. The cause is hidden somewhere else, not in the black eyes and fine eye-brows, or mustaches. All these things are only an external reflection, a mask of the Truth. The young lady says: "If Stoyan does not remain as a servant in our home during all my life, I can not live." She wants Stoyan to serve her as long as she lives, so that she may always hear his voice. If you consider this example from a purely physical point of view, you will be wrong. I will explain to you the basic idea by using other examples, because the idea is complicated and must be analyzed and considered in its development. If it is not examined in this way, it will not be understood correctly. In clarifying this, there are three important points to be kept in mind. The first one: you take a bottle full of lemonade, drink all the lemonade and throw away the empty bottle. The second one: you are given a big apple weighing about half a pound. You take the apple and go to a nice clear spring where you wash it and sit in a nice place where you eat it, intending to plant its seeds. You hide the seeds, but you forget to plant them. The third one: you are given a nice book. You put it in your bag, go near a nice spring, sit under the shadow of a tree beside it and start reading the book. You read to a certain page and begin to smile. Then you start reading and smiling again. At the end, you close the book, put it in your bag and return home. Wherever you go, the book is with you. You will open it for a while, read in it, smile happily and close it again. Whoever is looking at you will say: "What is this man doing with this book? What does it say?" The young man represents a sacred book for the young woman and she says: "My Teacher told me that I can not go to school without this book and can not study without it." That's fine. At school no student can be registered if he does not have this sacred book! It means: no student can go to school without his Teacher! The Scripture says: "No man can go to the Father without his wife, neither can a wife go to the Father without her husband." Therefore, the sacred book is Love. Love is necessary for your mind and heart, for your soul and spirit. You will remain ignorant and simple without this book. Someone says: "I am sorry I fell in love." What are you in love with? Your love is like the lemonade in the bottle. You drink the lemonade and throw the bottle away. This is the first phase of love, which is called worldly love. The second, nobler love, is represented by the apple which is eaten. The one who eats it intends to plant its seeds, but forgets to do it and they remain useless. The third, the true love is represented by the book. After opening the book, the disciple starts to read, to solve problems, he goes out at night to observe the stars, while in the morning he waits for the rising sun; he studies the different minerals, plants, animals, people, different arts, plays the violin, etc. As soon as he opens the book, he studies and works, when he closes it, he meditates. Everyone who observes the action of the disciple says: "There is something worthwhile in that book." It is the same in life. Everywhere we see the manifestations of Love. This is true not only for people, but also for all plants, animals, flies and even the smallest microbes. The manifestations of Love can be seen in all creatures. The difference is only in the degree of Love - the degree of development which it has attained. It you observe a microbe under a microscope, you will notice in it the same manifestations of love as in a human being. Love gives people the impulse for life and activity. You meet a young girl, somewhat indolent, absent-minded, spending her time in aimless wanderings, not having any desire for work at home with her mother, but as soon as she finds Stoyan, she begins to work, to sew, to help her mother at once and becomes attentive and kind towards people. What is the cause of this change in her? She has found the sacred book - Stoyan, started to open and read it and became softer and nobler. People say: "How gentle our Draganka has become!" Who made her so gentle? The book Stoyan. Christ expressed the second phase of Love in the following verse: "I am the living bread and he that eateth me will have eternal life." Yes, but this bread has seeds which you must plant. People have eaten this bread so many years, but where are the seeds? Do you know that the disciples of the occult School are held responsible for the seeds of all the apples they eat? The seed of the apple they have eaten must be planted! Not only that, but the disciples are responsible, if they do not count the seeds of the apple, which they have eaten, if they do not plant them, if they do not know in what soil to plant them, and finally, if they do not know how to cultivate them. The disciple must know everything! In case he does not know, he loses his place as a disciple. Present day people are supposed to have a definite moral about life, a positive philosophy, but when they see someone reading this sacred book, they say: "This man is still young and green." We know these wild young people! Thus, they consider those who read the book of life wild and green, while those who do not read it are counted among the sages! The Scriptures say: "My son, give me thy heart!" What does the word "give" mean? It implies opening up of the heart. People today are afraid of the word "give". This word implies opening, receiving. First you must unfold yourself and receive something within and then you will give from yourself. First of all, the field opens to receive the seeds within itself, then it closes and after some time it bears fruit. The tree is first planted in the ground where it begins to grow, to receive and then it bears fruit. Therefore, when God says "give", we understand that he has deposited something good within us and we must give what springs from the good - give something of the sacred book of life. The message written in this book has no end. When I speak to you about the living Word and about the living relations, I mean that such a love must be restored among you, that you will understand each other as living Divine books in which God has written the great Wisdom of Creation. Then when you meet some friend, you should be able to read, at least, one leaf of his sacred book. If you do not understand each other in this way, you will say about each other: "This man is educated, that one is simple; this one is rich, that one is poor." This sort of speaking implies a recognition of the cover of the book only and not of the contents. When we say that someone is educated, we understand that his book is leather-bound, with golden letters on the cover. When we say that some man is simple, we understand that his book is poorly bound without a golden inscription on the cover. I say: Both books are equally noble, but not equally clothed. Christ says: "Father, glorify Thy name!" Then came a voice from heaven which said: "I have glorified and will glorify." Thus, if you do not understand the individual life, if you do not have an inner impetus for receiving the new ideas, you will remain such as you are. If Draganka had not met her Stoyan, she would have continued her life in the same way. She would have grown old and finished her life without finding any meaning in it. Knowledge makes life meaningful. From this point of view people in the far past have studied different sciences like astrology, palmistry, the cabala and others. Astrology is considered as a science of the forms of this sacred book of life. What does the planet Venus represent? All the ways and methods by which Love can be manifested in all the worlds are hidden in Venus. In it lie hidden the methods for the expression of Love towards the individual, towards all men and towards God. If a man has this love, he will love both himself and his neighbour. The lowest stage is the Venus type of person who loves only himself. Such people are extreme individualists as all animals which eat food of animal origin. The wolf, for example, is an extreme individualist. He usually lives alone. Can you see a wolf in a group of wolves? He usually does not move in groups, except in winter, when conditions are very difficult. Then out of necessity they form groups of 50-60 wolves and go to look for food. I will ask you: From an evolutionary point of view what distinguishes the wolf from the sheep? The sheep has more intelligence and nobility of character than the wolf. All carnivorous animals have a well-developed center of destruction. The head of the wolf is broader than that of the sheep, which shows that the sheep is not as energetic as the wolf, but more intelligent than him. A magic power lies in the sheep by which it protects itself from its enemies. The wolf can never eat a sheep. The reason why wolves eat sheep lies in the shepherds. If the shepherd is a good, honest man, who does not lie or steal and lead a "clean" life, the wolves will not eat his sheep. If, however, the shepherd is a bad man, who lies, steals, kills and leads an "unclean" life, the wolves will steal and eat his sheep. When a wolf approaches a sheep, the latter stares at him, stamps with its foot and the wolf turns back and goes away. The sheep says to him: "Do you understand the law of God? Go back quickly!" The bad shepherd is Judas Iscariot, who himself delivers his sheep to the wolf. This is a fact. The sheep is by nature very bold. When a dog comes near it, it looks at him, stamps with its foot and suggests to him to go away. They say that the sheep is very cowardly and soft. This is not true. It is soft and cowardly only when it is delivered by someone to the wolf. Otherwise, it is bold and stamps with its foot not only to the wolf and the dog, but also to the lion and the tiger and makes them go away. What is this due to? At a given moment, the vibrations of the sheep's will are more powerful than those of the carnivorous animals and in this way, the sheep has an advantage over them. The wolf eats only those sheep, which are eating grass somewhere absent-mindedly. They are materialists. Such a sheep has no time to defend itrself, and before it can stamp its foot, the wolf approaches it, takes it by the neck and says: "You are not serving God." I say: All sheep who do not serve God are materialists, while all spiritual sheep, as soon as they see the wolf, stamp their foot at him, while he is at a distance, yet. Those sheep have presentiment of the coming of the wolf. If some of you are shepherds, they can notice how these sheep are on their guard several hours before the approach of the wolf - they are waiting for him, ready to stamp their foot at him. The materialistic sheep eats grass calmly and does not suspect any danger, while the spiritualistic sheep keeps the herd. I am giving you this example, so that you may know what to do with the difficulties in life, how to deal with the devil. When the devil comes to you, first you will take a good look at him, and then stamp your foot at him. They say that the devil is big and strong. No! You should not fear him, but stamp your foot at him. If you say you must first finish your work and then deal with him, he will take you by the neck and suffocate you. And what will come after that? The shepherd will send his dogs to chase him. Even if you are saved from the mouth of the wolf, the marks of his teeth will remain on your neck and you will say to everyone: "Do you know that the wolf took me by the neck?" Why? - Because you were eating grass when the wolf came. You must be awake! When the devil is coming, you will not be settling your account with the bank, but you should rather be praying to God. Prayer is your protecting tool in the hands of God by which God will chase away the devil. You will pray to God with a foot raised ready and waiting and when the devil comes, you will stamp with that foot. Prepared like this you are armed with the present day "Manliher" guns. You will aim with this gun and shoot, as the sheep stamps with its foot. Now I see many of the older, as well as younger disciples, saying: "Where did the Master find these physical exercises? Where did He find these problems as washing with water and the others? We have no need of them, let Him give us something else." How strange you are! See what the soldiers do! They put the gun on their shoulder, lie on the ground, shoot, get up - shoot again - they are practicing. Why? To be ready when the wolf comes. See that clerk writing, practicing all the time. Why? To be ready when the wolf comes. When the wolf comes, he wants him to sign a bill. Then he takes his daughter and carries her away to the forest like a thief. The clerk starts chasing the thief. He sends after him his bullets, 20 - 30 000 English pounds in gold. This man has worked so many years for these bullets. He puts them in a bag, makes a bomb out of it and says: "Have this bomb explode against the enemy. The enemy will be frightened and will run away, while you will take my daughter and bring her to me." They ask you: "Why have you learned to write?" One of your friends is discouraged and wants to commit a suicide. You take 20 000 of your dum-dum bullets, put the gun on your shoulder, go to your friend, place before him your gun and your dum-dum bullets and say: "Help yourself, my friend, do not fear!" He looks at you, smiles and thanks you. This is what the bullets dum-dum can do. This is the way to speak in a modern language and in fact it is so. You have to have a good inner disposition. God requires of us all to manifest the Great Divine Love and to fulfil the Divine Will. Several years ago, I gave the disciples an exercise -everyone to go alone at night, after midnight, to the mountain Vitosha. At first, they considered this exercise as impossible and said to themselves: "This exercise is possible for the brothers and for the elder sisters, but not for the young sisters." I told them: Each one will start from his home concentrated in his thought and will not speak to anyone, or greet anybody. All the disciples did this exercise successfully, with the exception of two of them - a brother and a sister. After reaching the village Dragalevtzy, the sister had stopped at a tavern to ask which way to take for the mountain. The tavern-keeper had followed her and frightened her a bit. He was the wolf who came against her. She should not have stopped and talked to anyone, but should have tried to find the way by herself. The brother, on the other hand, while walking, had fallen into deep meditations upon philosophical problems, and had not noticed how a dog had jumped upon him and bitten him. I say: When you go to Vitosha, you will not be distracted by temporary questions, neither meditate upon scientific questions, nor think of yourself. What peo-pie think of you, what they will say about you are secondary questions. If you think a lot about them, some dog will bite you. The questions about money, power, magic, different sciences like astrology, alchemy, and others, are also secondary questions. It is important for you to think of the great question: how to achieve proper relations with God. As individuals, you represent the material and the social worlds. Despite of your relations with God, you must also solve the question what your attitude towards reality must be. This is necessary because the welfare of the individual depends upon the condition of the whole. The physical, mental and spiritual development of every individual in the world is fully determined by the family, or the society in which he lives. If a certain nation is honest, just, benevolent and noble, everyone of its individuals must bear in himself these qualities. The same idea relates to God. If we live for God and love Him, we must include in ourselves the qualities which He has. You say: "Why are we so foolish to pray to God?" The question is not whether you must pray to Him or not, but you must rather make contact with God and acquire those of His qualities which are necessary for your development. Let us admit now, that someone among you has a strong desire to become a poet in the highest sense of the word. This desire is in its place. To be a poet is the highest position which a man can occupy in the world. It is to live in a higher world. However, not everyone can be a poet. The poet must have specific folds in the upper part of his brain, where the center of poetry is found. Also not everyone can be a musician. The musician has specific folds in the forehead, on the sides of the eyebrows. The phrenologists call these places in the head centers, but I call them - specific folds. If you have such folds, you can manifest poetic or musical abilities; if you do not have them, you can not be a poet or a musician. The spiritual, or religious man has specific folds in the upper part of the brain. From these folds fibres originate which spread into all directions of the brain. The spiritual life is nourished by the material life, that's why we must not reject either of them. The spiritual life is the real life. That's why, if you are to be a poet, you must be a spiritual person. The spiritual life creates the poet. Poetry is the mental side of the spiritual life. It creates the forms of this life. The mental life of the poet causes an expansion in him. In this respect, the poet is an artist of the spiritual world. He paints different forms with colours. He draws the paths along which people will pass. The poet can pass by an ordinary flower and imbue it with such a life and significance, as noone can even suspect. I shall give you an example to show you how the poet animates all things, even the smallest flowers. Many people pass by a snow-drop, but no one sees anything special in it. The poet passes by the snow-drop, stops, looks at it for a long time and composes a poem about it. He sees many things in that flower and knows how to praise it through a poem. People ask: "Where did that poet find so much material about a small snow-drop? Jde wrote wonders about it!" But the poet knows well the snowdrop. Once upon a time, it was a certain beautiful Draganka, who had fallen in love with the poet - the handsome Stoyan, and since she had not been able to marry him, she had become discouraged and had committed suicide. God sends her today as a small white snow-drop, while He sends Stoyan as a poet to find Draganka and to describe and praise her life in a poem. He says to her: "Once upon a time I could not marry you and you killed yourself in dispair. I knew then your true love and came to praise you in a poem today." Everybody asks: "Why does this poet praise this small snow-drop?" He praises his Draganka. Is there any sense in praising this snow drop? Of course, there is. The poet keeps silent and does not say anything about himself, but he knows the whole story of the snow-drop. They ask him: "How do you know this story?" I had an inspiration. Yes, inspiration will always come. When people say that Divine inspiration has visited someone, I understand that they are speaking about those rational ties, which exist from the beginning of our life. What inspired you? The rational Divine ties. It will depend on you, whether these ties will be positive or negative: if you are wise, you will draw from them the useful and the good elements; if you are not wise, you will be affected by their evil side. The Scriptures say: "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord." In this sense, every science which you study, must have, first of all, a certain practical application in your own life. Then if you were an educated person in the full sense of the word, you would foresee things. How? You would make use of your knowledge of palmistry. Looking at your palm you would see that, at a certain age, you have to experience a bad crisis. You would notice that there is a dark spot on your life-line, which predicts that crisis. And if you could understand these things, you would take precautions to avoid the crisis. Since you do not understand these things, you call some fortuneteller to tell your future by cards, by beans, or by melted wax. All predictions by these means are relics of a great science in the past, but today humanity is in a different phase of its development. Today people must study the hand and be interested in it, for everything is written down on it. There is no reason of being afraid to read what is written there, but you must learn how to read it. The occult disciple must look at himself in the mirror every day - not to see how good-looking he is, but to study himself. The beauty of the occult disciple lies in the fact that the lines of honesty, justice, goodness, friendliness, loyalty, etc. are written in his face. If he can see these lines in himself, he will be encouraged for work. For instance, someone tells you that you are not just. Do not be discouraged, but rather see whether you have this line on your face. It is written there and can not be erased. And if your past life has spotted your face, aren't you supposed to act as an antiquarian, who is holding old money in his hands? What does he do? He takes some acid, pours it over the piece of money not to dissolve it, but to clean it on the outside. In the same way, you must uncover your face, in order to recognize its essence. The time has come when you should work to free yourselves of all those sediments which the ages have left on your faces and remain only with that which God has written on them. Someone sees a face and says: "This face pleases me, I would gladly look at it every day." What does he like in that face? - The line of justice. On another face the line of honesty is written down; on a third face - the line of goodness; on a fourth face - the line of benevolence. When I look into the face of these people, something fine flows from them, and it inspires me and evokes the same qualities in me. The lines of politeness, agility, perceptiveness, etc. are written down on the faces of other people. Every person has certain virtues and if we knew how to read, they could represent great resources of the good, which we could benefit by. So, I say: All of you must use part of your spare time to study your face, so that you might see what great things God has written there, and not say anymore that there is nothing specific in your face. You will find a teacher, who could acquaint you, at least, with the fundamental lines of your face. First of all, learn to distinguish which foreheads are nice, which noses, eyes, ears and eyebrows are beautiful. For instance, which eyes are beautiful? The beautiful eyes are clear and a deep. The ray of light, which they emit, is not horizontal, but has an upward inclination, thus forming a small angle. A man with such eyes is a balanced person. The depth and contents of a man are revealed by the eyes. They are one's heaven. If that heaven is clear or cloudy, we see what is hidden in the man himself. Christ says: "Father, glorify Thy name!" How can God be glorified in us? If we are all a reflection of that great Wisdom, which God has deposited at the very beginning in us. When God created our eyes, He wanted to express a great idea. The external eye corresponds to an internal organ. In the human brain, there are numerous folds, behind which he certain feelings, forces and abilities. The disciple must understand the forces which he possesses. He must study and understand the changes which take place in him. For instance, why does one speak sometimes softly and pleasantly, and other times rudely. Notice that deaf people usually speak in a high-pitched and rude voice. Every person who speaks in a high tone of voice and rudely is deaf. While a person is young, he speaks softly and tenderly, but as soon as he becomes older; he begins to speak rudely. I say about such a person: Your Dragan is somewhat deaf. People whose hearing is acute and well-developed, ordinarily speak quietly and softly. You must study these things and grow in knowledge, in order to give your souls a chance to be manifested. You should be responsive and feel the sufferings of people. Then, when you see a person, you will know his needs and what his life is. You say: "It is dangerous to know each other." So, according to you, it is dangerous to know a person and safe not to know him! However, the opposite is true: not to know a person is dangerous, while to know him is not dangerous. I will ask you the following question: What distinguishes Jesus Christ from the other people? He sacrificed His life, in order to glorify God in Himself. Christ says: "For this end came I into the world." Even today, He is teaching His disciples on the earth the same law. Now you are ready to go to Christ with empty hands like poor beggars and to leave your possessions to the other people. I ask you: How must the sheep go to its master? Must it have its wool sheared and its milk taken and appear infront of him like this or should it take its wool and milk to him? The sheep must go to its master with its wool and milk and say to him: "Now you can take my wool and milk." This is the sacrifice, the tribute, which the sheep must pay to its master. If it should go to him sheared and milked beforehand, do you know what that may be compared to? To the credo of people today, according to which they say: "The young can not serve God. First, they must spend their youth as they desire and when they become older, they may serve God." This is equal to the devil first milking him and shearing his wool and then letting him go to God. Why? Because the devil has already cast him out as useless. Yes, then God also will cast him out. You say: "During old ages we can serve God. What sort of a philosophy, what sort of a religion is this? It is the philosophy and the religion of the world. It is in the days of youth, that one should serve God! God is not a God to the sinful, but to the wise and beloved children of His, whom He keeps written in His right palm. And since God loves these children of His, it is because of them that He has compassion and forgiveness towards the poor, also. If God is benevolent towards the sinful, it is for the sake of those whom He loves. From this point of view, all contemporary sciences must undergo a thorough transformation. All sciences must have a rational application in life, otherwise their development is doomed to death. Take, for example, phrenology. It suffered a defeat in America. This defeat was caused by the sole fact, that it was not wisely applied in life. Phrenology was used for telling-fortune and for material gain. You go to some phrenologist and want him to tell you something. You pay him beforehand and he puts his hands on your head and starts measuring it. As soon as money came first, phrenology stopped to progress and could not advance as a science. In this way the very foundation of this science was discredited. Not only phrenology, but also all sciences of today came to a place where their further development stopped. Today people expect everything from God and say: "God will teach us." Since you think and believe that God will teach you everything I say: There is a Divine Science in the world, which describes the life of the soul. That's why you must begin to study it. You must begin to understand the life of your soul. For instance, have you ever studied the eye? Can you tell what a beautiful eye looks like? Do you know what eyebrows are beautiful? In my investigations and observations, which I have made for many years, it is very rarely, that I have come across people with beautiful eyes, ears, eyebrows, noses, foreheads and faces. Beautiful faces are those, in which a certain idea is concealed - there is depth in them. Beautiful people are models for the rest of the people. They are living models. They keep still, but others are inspired by them. They inspire the poets and writers. The beautiful mothers and fathers keep still, but their silence inspires their sons and daughters. Their silence means this: take the wealth which we have gathered and manifest it in the world. Today, all ministers invite people to turn to God. If you are sent among ignorant people to preach, what will you begin with? How do you think, will you be successful or not? An English minister had been sent to Ceylon to work and after 20 years of efforts he had not been able to turn even one person to God. He had regretted much the sad fact, and in despair had thrown away all his documents, given to him at the end of his theological studies in the universities. One day deeply grieving, he had turned to God with a prayer to be shown by Him the causes for his failure. After that, he had called all those people with whom he had worked during his 20 year stay, and had said to them: "I have preached to you for such a long time, but as yet, I have not spoken to you about the essence of the Teaching of Christ." He says: "If you have two garments give the one to your neighbour." This means, if you have money and lands, share them with the ones in need. He had told them, at last, how to act with the poor and needy. And what had happened then? Not before long his followers had started, one by one, to visit him at his home and to tell him, that they were pleased with the sermons and with him. In a short time, however, his house was emptied by these visitors and he had remained there with nothing, but his coat and his underwear. The natives had stolen everything there and had stopped to visit him. The minister had turned again to God and asked Him: "God, is there anything more, which I have not fulfiled yet?" He had been ready to do anything God would have asked him to. This exam-pie shows that we can see how to serve God. About a week later his followers changed and said: "This man has lived 20 years among us and we have not done anything good for him. Moreover we have stolen everything from him. Come, let us give him back all that we have taken." Then one by one, they started to take back to him the stolen things. The important question is not whether the stolen things will be brought back or not, but rather, in all of us a strong inner desire to fulfil the will of God must be born and we have to understand it in the depth of our soul, not as it is written in the books. Every science must be for the Glory of God. And then only, by such a science, can we obtain a positive knowledge about life. For instance, a man goes to an astrologer who says to him: "This March, a misfortune will befall you, so you must be cautious." By the position of the planets in certain seasons, the astrologer can make predictions. Thus, he can advise some people not to travel during those days and to postpone their journey. The English writer Stead had been warned not to travel with the Titanic, but he did not pay attention. His disobedience led him to the bottom of the ocean. That's science! The chemist, in his turn, will take a small amount of sweat from someone and analyzing it, will say: "There is a surplus of acids in your organism. You must take care otherwise something dangerous will happen to you. If you do not throw them out of your organism in 4-5 months, you will experience the consequences." After that, the chemist will give you methods for the elimination of the extra acids. When the doctor comes, he will look at your nails, because all unhealthy conditions are written on them. He will tell you what disease you may develop and will tell you how to prevent it. I consider as real that science, which can foresee things and tell you how to prevent them. I say: When a man leads consciously a good life, it is again for the Glory of God. Christ says: "You are a temple of God." I ask you if we are a temple of God, mustn't this temple be well plastered and painted on the outside? The windows -the eyes of this temple, wouldn't they be well painted and clean? The main entrance - the mouth of this temple - mustn't it be well arranged and clean? The telephones and their receivers -the ears - wouldn't they be in order? The curtains - the eyelids of the temple - mustn't they be in order? The tassels - the hairs of this temple - wouldn't they be well smoothed and clean?" Everything must be in its place in this temple! Some people say: "My hair turned white! What do these words mean?" I will not explain to you these things, but I will say: Everything in the world must be for the Glory of God! We must all have an inner impulse, an inner stimulus to push us forward. There is no progress without this impulse. Love is this stimulus. You can not make any progress without Love. If you do not love someone, you can not study. You must study either for your father, for your mother, brother, sister, friend; either for Draganka, for your servant, or for your master - you must study for someone. You must love at least, one rational creature for whom you will study. You must not live only for yourselves, but for others as well. To live for others is to give an impetus to the Divine Love within you. Therefore, if you love God, He will be an inner stimulus for you and you will be able to manifest your soul. If you can not love God, then love your neighbour; if you can not love your neighbour, love Draganka; if you can not love Draganka, love your friend, or your mother, or your father, sister, brother, or the ox, which works in the field, or a small flower in your garden, or at least a stone. There are people who love their ring, or some other jewel. One must always love someone or something. I say: Love is the great stimulus in life. If you begin to love someone, be sure that God will bless you for this Love. If you change your love, you can not elevate yourself. There is no excuse for the person who is not true to love. This means that the invisible world remains indifferent to him. The Scriptures say: "He that denies God and does not love Him, is denied and rejected by God." God rejects you when you reject Him. You say: "What can we do then?" Start loving. This is the Truth. You want God to come and bow to you. No! God is Love, He is the Creator of everything in the world. He cares for everyone and says: "Everyone is in a state to be like Me." You can be as pure as God. There are methods for acquiring this state. I will give you an example, which you have heard before. When water came to the world, it was dressed in a clean, white as the snow dress. The ox saw it and fell in love with it. Later, he spotted its dress, which saddened the water and it started to cry and to complain to God about the ox. God sent the sun to help it. The sun started to shine powerfully, melted the snow and the water, pure and light again, started to ascend toward the sky in the form of steam. Thus, its spotted dress became clean again. Similarly, your dress can be spotted by some ox, but should this stop your love? Love is deaf to all the bad, offensive words. You can not embitter the heart of one who loves, neither can you darken his mind, or disturb his soul. He will smile at all offenses and bitternesses. Love is an unconquerable power. He who has love is strong. You can all ha,ve this power, for it is obtained by grace, without any violence. As far as Wisdom, Truth, knowledge and the rest of the virtues are concerned, you will pay with your blood for them. The only virtue given freely is Love. Why do difficulties come in my life? God knows all about good and bad habits of people and sees that they will not receive Love voluntarily, that's why He makes them pass through difficulties and sufferings. If you ask why God makes you pass through difficulties, you must know that the reason for that is the fact, that you have not accepted Love. All people who do not accept Love, will pass through the narrow way, which is a way without Love. When they pass that way, they will call Love and say to it: "Please, come with us and do not leave us! Do not let us pass this way a second time! We will not go anywhere without you!" I shall tell you of that American, who, in order to become famous, had decided to pass Niagara Falls in a barrel. He closed himself tightly in a tarred barrel. Those who had seen him enter the barrel, had advised him not to make the experiment, but he had said: "I want you to drop me from the top of the waterfall. I am ready for that." They had let him go down with the water, watching what would happen. When he had come down, they had quickly opened the barrel to take him out of it. In what state had they found him? The fast motion of the vessel and the heavy knocks upon it had rendered him unconscious. It had taken them a long time to bring him back to consciousness. When he had become conscious again, he had said: "I would never pass the Niagara Falls in a barrel a second time not even if the whole world was given to me." Just the same way, after you pass through some bitter experience, as a consequence of an unwise act, you say: "I would never again enter a barrel, even if the whole world were given to me." I ask you: Who made you enter that barrel? I say: We, people of the new teaching, must distinguish ourselves not by our religion, neither by our science, nor by our power or goodness, but by our Love. This is the natural way. When we acquire even the smallest part of Love, we shall already have a different culture in which will flow the New Life. We have passed through many different ways, but now we will pass through the New Way - the Way of Love. Once on the way of Love, all doubts will vanish. Even if you were cut into thousands of pieces, you will not feel doubt. Not only that, but while you are being cut, you will sing. You will be like John FIuss, who sang while he was burning. You say: "What will be our credo?" The credo of John Huss - to sing while you burn." What will be our credo?" The credo of the Apostles, who after being beaten, returned rejoicing for having had the honour to be beaten for the sake of the Lord. "What will be our credo?"-The credo of apostle Paul, who after the shipwreck had passed, remained with the passangers on an island where the.y made a fire, and he was encouraging everybody with his sermon. "What will be our credo?" The law of Love. Thus, Love must be an impulse for all of us. Only this way can we receive something better from the Divine world. Only through Love can we impart to our mind, to our heart, soul and spirit greater riches than we are now gathering. As you listen to me talk to you like this, you say: "Is this possible?" I say: For some of you this will be possible after one day, for others - after one week, one month or one year, while for some, it may happen after 60 years. You can live 60 years, which will pass like one day. If a man decides to fulfil the will of God, his life will be prolonged, but if he does not fulfil the will of God, his life will be shortened. The length of one's life depends on his decision to fulfil or not the will of God. One's life, as well as his learning, are subjected to this law which is the standard measure. Now you say: "Is it really like this?" For me, it is and I shall not stop to prove it to you. I have tested and verified everything I say to you. You may believe, if you want to; if you can not believe, examine everything I say. For example, I may give you a ball of yarn and say: There are so many kilometers from here to the sun. If you want to verify it, I shall hold one end of the yarn on earth, while you will take the other end and start for the sun. Once upon a time, my Master showed me how to go to the sun and told me how many kilometers I have to travel and I believed him. I went to the sun and saw that everything there was as He had told me. If you believe, you will shorten the time, if you do not - you may go to the sun alone. You say: "How shall we understand what our Master tells us: literally or figuratively?" I say: To understand things literally does not mean to understand them at all, while understanding them figuratively is more comprehensible. But neither the literal nor the figurative sense can explain the reality of things; they explain it only partially. For instance, if you go to the sun what will you learn? Nothing special. Will you understand anything about the creatures that live on the sun, about the intimate family relations among men and women, among mothers and children? Will you understand anything about their schools, about the organization of their nation, or about their culture in general? You will understand nothing. You will only know something about the outside of the sun - whether it is a burning body, as scientists state, or not. Will you be able to explain what the sun spots are? If I begin to explain to the scientists today what the sun spots are, I shall enter into conflict with them. I shall tell these educated people that I have been on the sun, but I shall tell them the following: in the far past, there had been an educated person, who had known well the optical laws and had constructed a telescope, which had been able to magnify things 900 million times. Today, the greatest secrets of the universe can be uncovered by this telescope. - "Is this true?" - Yes, that telescope is till this day in a cave. A scientific expedition will set out in search of it. Actually, this telescope exists in the world. Whoever can go to the cave will find it, but as soon as he looks at it, he will fall asleep. Christ says: "The Father hath taught me thus." Do you understand the inner meaning of the words? How does God teach people? There is a way by which God teaches them. All those whom God is teaching, must fall asleep. Sleeping is actually transferring people from one world into another, where they can study more than when they are awake. In order to be able to study, we must all be calm. It is so nice to have self-possession in the midst of disturbances and troubles. It is so nice to help your friend in the difficult moments of his life when he is discouraged and in despair. Notice how scientists today help each other. A scientist who has made some scientific discovery, makes it available to another scientist, who has also made a discovery in the same field and who in turn reveals his own discovery to the first scientist. Thus, by mutual assistance, they cooperate in a better way for a final success in their inventions. Similarly, spiritual people must help each other in their discoveries. One of the problems of spiritual people is the study of life. What is life? It is a great science. So, I say to you: You must all begin to work on yourselves to overcome all difficulties and to help each other. Do not be afraid of the world, but rather fight till victory. This means: work on yourselves till you turn out to be victorious over the wolf. As soon as the wolf comes, stamp your foot at him. As soon as a difficulty comes, prepare your foot and wait for it. Someone will ask you: "What is this pose you have taken?" "I am waiting for the wolf to come, so that I can stamp my foot at him. Let the sheep be an example for you. There are problems in life which are difficult to solve, you try to do your best to find the proper solution. Do not leave in your mind unclarified, unexplained questions. Search for the relation which exists among all things. When to your home comes a brother, who has written something nice and wishes to read it to you, be happy about it, listen to him carefully, share your opinion or idea with him and God will bless both of you. You must be correct and careful in everything. In case you find that there is something laking in the work of your brother, you will say: "Brother, add something more to your article to make it more complete." Another brother has printed his works, but no one reads them. Tell him: "Never mind, brother, the time for them will come. Those for whom you have written your works have not come yet." It is the new, the young generation, which will read your works. When Christ wrote His book, how many people read it? Were there as many ready souls at that time as there are today? The souls that are ready will descend from above, but there must be homes ready for them on earth. Have you prepared homes for these souls? If you have done that, you have already solved the important problem. When one of the disciples comes into your home, your life will go on wheels. After Jacob went to Lavane what happened to Lavane? He was blessed. Every place, where the foot of a good man steps, is blessed. When a great thought is born in one's soul, it inevitably brings a great blessing into his life. The same thing can be said about a home, or a nation. Every great thought is alive. It is nothing other than life itself. This great thought has taken a living form and whispers to you: "Do this, do not do that." It is one of your good friends, it is the light in your life, which says to you: "Listen to my words and do not be afraid! Go forward!". Sometimes, it may speak to you from outside, sometimes - from within. If you doubt it, however, and admit that it is not telling you the truth, you shake the foundation of your faith. Your doubt shows that you believe in the devil more than you believe in God. I say to you: Believe in the devil, but even more believe in God. Love the devil, but even more love God. Be afraid of the evil, but even more love the good. Here is a maxim, which you can apply at the begining of your new life. This is what it means to have the name of God glorified within us. You must receive the Divine Love right now and believe in God with all the simplicity of your soul, so that you may acquire knowledge. From this day on everyone must begin to feel his heart and mind expand. This expansion may be very small, microscopic, but small things are blessed. After this talk, get together in groups and read and meditate upon the 14th chapter of the Gospel of Luke. I will give you the following topic for meditation during the year: "Methods for Self-Education of the Individual, Methods for the Education of Society and Methods for the Education of Mankind." I wish all of you to bring this topic worked out and developed at the next Conference. Everyone must work alone and not copy someone else's work. You will consider every question from the stand-point of the four kinds of life. For instance, you will examine the self-education of the individual from the stand-point of the old life; then from the stand-point of the new life; from the stand-point of the life of the righteous and at last, from the stand-point of the life of the disciple. Just the same way you will consider the methods for the education of society and of humanity from the stand-points of these four kinds of life. Thus, you will develop the theme in 12 different ways, which represent the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac. This means that the individual must make a circle and pass through 12 different worlds during his self-education. What is an individual? He represents a relation of the part toward the whole, i.e. a relation of a person toward God. The part must know what its relation toward the whole is and then - what its relation is toward the other parts, i. e. - the part has a relation toward the half, toward the one quarter and toward all the smaller parts of the whole. This is an inner law which determines our conceptions. If you apply the methods which I give you, nature will open wide its doors and will say to you: "Welcome in, I know you!" If you go to her without what I am telling you, you will not hear her voice, for she will not say a word to you. If you fulfil all that I am telling you, then the stones, the springs, the trees and flowers, the animals, the people, everything will speak to you. Why? Because they will know you. This is not a fable, it is a great Truth. I draw this idea from the great Principle, hidden in the life of these small creatures. The Great surrounds us from all sides. You are not aware now of the privileges given to you from above. You look at the beautiful sky, feel happy, laugh and say to each other: "We wish everything to be fine next year, as fine as it is now!" But who created all these conditions? You do not think about that. Your duty was only to take your money and to come by train. Some of you came on foot. Remember that God created these favourable conditions for all of you during this Conference. One of the brothers came on foot all the way from Varna. He travelled two whole months, wanting to see, if he could endure the trip. He decided start not taking any horse, carriage or train. At a moment he felt that his feet could not carry him any longer and said: "Eh, if there was a horse now! But, behold, the temptation came!" At the same time a man on a horse passed and said: "Say, man, why are you walking? Get on my horse!" - "No, I do not wish to ride your horse. Only sick people ride horses." He continued on his way, but after some time, he felt tired again. "If I had a ticket for the train now!" After a while someone offered to pay for his ticket. - "No, only sick people travel by train." And so he continued on his way, and two months later, he arrived in Sofia. He now says: "Really, I overcame many difficulties, but I acquired a very valuable experience." This is a good example, which may be a good lesson for you. On the way, he had been asked by many: "Why are you, an old man, walking all this way? Wasn't there a horse, a carriage, or a train for you?" - "I love Bulgaria and want to see it better by travelling this way." - "Why did you not do this during your youth?" - "I didn't think then the way I think now." There was time when he felt inner temptations and then he would whisper: "Why are you travelling by foot? You are an old man!" - "I am not old", an inner voice would answer. - "But why do you not ride a horse?" - "Sick men ride horses, my feet are strong". I wish all of you to be able to endure and persist in life, as this brother did. One faces many difficulties, which must bear to the end. I want you to try everything I am telling you, otherwise you will have only theoretical knowledge. There are essential things, which must become alive like flesh and blood in you, so that you could say: "This is the Truth itself!" You ask: "How much longer do we have to wait until we acquire this knowledge?" If you think the way I am telling you, you will not be burdened by anything, your souls will be glad and joyful, your hearts and minds will be renewed and the knowledge which you expect, will come from above. The Scriptures say: "All will be taught by God." To whom does God give? - To those whom He loves. Why? Because they also work for God out of love. Those who do not love Him and do not work for Him, need money. I shall illustrate this thought by an example. We wanted to buy a nice telescope, but since telescopes are very expensive abroad, an educated Bulgarian, who had finished his studies in Astronomy, promised to make one for us. When we ordered the telescope, we thought that the price he offered included the mirror, as well as the other parts of the telescope. We waited for some time, but that Bulgarian proved to be a very practical man. He said: "If you want to receive your telescope, you must bring me 6 500 leva more for the mirror. If you bring this money, you will have the telescope, otherwise I will not give it to you." We took that money to him and received our telescope. This is what I call without love. He says: "You want to amuse yourselves, to observe the sky, but I need money, that's why I work." You will say: "This man is somewhat eccentric." You must know one thing: love can not bear any sort of abuse. You can abuse it, and it will not be angry, but those who abuse it, form in themselves bad habits, which lead one towards death. Love is patient, but the bad habit isolates men from Love, it breaks their bond and relation with God. The bad habit is the mud in a person. Then what is the use of it? Your ties with God must always be pure and constant. That's why, upon rising in the morning, deposit in your mind the thought to be in constant connection with God. I had a friend once, an old man, who used to dance the "horo" every time he was in some difficult situation. His wife would ask him: "Why are you dancing?" - "I am dancing to the difficulty." You say: "Work can not be accomplished by dancing." It can be done by dancing also. That man was dancing, but all the time he was thinking and trying to overcome the difficulty. There is an idea in such dancing! You often do your morning physical exercises quickly, looking at them as at a part of a program to be performed. These exercises are significant and very beneficial for you, but you must enter into conscious contact with living nature through them. They are ties, by means of which you will express your respect toward the laws and rules of nature. Someone says: T do not want to perform any exercise, or make any movements." I ask you: When you sit in a chair, don't you move to the right, to the left, up and down? When you are walking outside don't you make different movements? We make thousands of movements, until we reach a certain place. The beauty of life lies in the rational movements. From the moment you were born your life has been nothing but movements. There is no life without movement. Even the Hindus and the Chinese, who can concentrate their thought, make many movements. The face of a Chinese never betrays a thought. A Chinese is sitting in a train calmly, dressed in special Chinese clothes, with braided hair on the back of his head, while an American is sitting just opposite him, thinking: "What great conservatives these Chinese are! They have been for so many years among us, but they have not adopted any American habits!" At the same time the Chinese thinks: "You people are just like us!" I say: We must not be as conservative as the Chinese, who is proud of his long hair. Today, women also bob their hair. By that, they want to say: "We do not want to look like Chinese any more!" I say: If after cutting your hair, your life becomes better, so that you start to think more correctly, or to write better, or to work more earnestly and become more energetic, the cutting of your hair is a proper act." But if after cutting your hair nothing better happens, it means that you have not cut your hair in the right time. Now you will not become angry, or offended - these are external things. But all your acts must be rational. We must all be pure-hearted and magnanimous, because only this way can we receive the blessing of God. That's why we say: "Loyal, true, pure and kind you must always be and the God of Peace will fill your life with blessings. All that your soul longs for, all that you desire will come to you." And then you will say like the Psalmist: "When I see Thy face, when I see that eternal beauty, I shall be fully contented with my life." I wish you to have the experience of the Psalmist, to have the experience of the words: "Loyal, true, pure and kind you must always be!" All of you can have this experience. Christ says: "Father, glorify Thy name!" Since God has decided to glorify His name in the world, we will also glorify Him. This is our task in life.
  9. From The Way of the Disciple, AlphaDar AWAKENING OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE DISCIPLE Only perfect Love can draw us closer to God The theme of my talk today will be one of the most difficult. Practically, it will be almost beyond your minds. As you listen to this talk, you will be in the position of a man passing through a tunnel. You will see the tunnel and pass through it, but you will not perceive its external appearance. However, the tunnel must be passed! Which is more important: to pass through the tunnel, or to see its appearance? People say: "I did not understand this talk. Which is more important, to understand the talk, or to talk about it? If you want to understand the talk, i.e. if you want to have a clear idea about the tunnel, you must not pass through it; if you pass through the tunnel, then you can only speak about the talk without having understood it." Sometimes the uniform, monotonous situations in life create states of over-satiating. Once a person becomes oversatiated, he does not find pleasure in anything. There is oversatiating in the physical, the emotional and the mental life. Or in other words, there is over-satiating in the material, spiritual and Divine worlds. The greatest misfortune for a person, is oversatiation. The world is full of over-satiated persons. Over-satiating is also the cause for all diseases. I will not explain to you scientifically what sort of a state this is, as you know it just as you know what light is; there is no need of further explanation. Simple people know as much about light as the educated ones. Sometimes educated people know much about light, but can not see, while simple people do not know much about it, but can see. An educated person says: T know many things about light." A simple person listens to him and says: "Tell me then what can be found in the mountain Vitosha?" "I can tell you." And the educated person begins to describe Vitosha, what it is made of, what its form is like, etc. I do not want you to tell me what light is, but what it reveals. Therefore, in this aspect, the simple person can be superior to the educated person, but in another aspect, the educated person can be superior to the simple person. If, however, the educated person can see better, then, in a material, as well as in a scientific sence, he is superior to the simple person. I want to save you from over-satiation and hasty conclusions. Someone says: "The things the Master is telling us are familiar to me, I have heard them and I know many things already." I say to you: Do not be hasty! Listening to someone speaking about light, about its origin, is one thing, while achieving a real contact with it, so that it reveals the world to you, is quite a different thing. The title of my talk today is: "The Awakening of the Consciousness of the Disciple." In the process of the awakening of the consciousness of the disciple, he will fall and rise many times! The falling will not be from a great height, as from a great rock, for example, but from the height from which two fighters fall in a match. That's not a fall from a great height. What will the disciple fight with? With certain difficulties in the world. In this respect, the difficulties represent the heights from which he may fall. The Scriptures say: "The Kingdom of God can be taken by force.” Therefore, many of you, who have taken on the way of the new life, have an idea of how one can take the Kingdom of God by force. And then you find yourselves in the state of the group of peasants, who have once tried to capture Constantinople with their shepherd’s crooks. They have wanted to take the Kingdom of God by force. But in order that one may enter into the Kingdom of God, the force depends upon the knowledge and wisdom of man and not upon his love. Some day, one may enter the Kingdom of God by grace. Grace comes from Love, but to enter the Kingdom of God and to be given a respectable place there, does not depend upon the love, but on the wisdom one has. You may understand what I have said as you wish, I will not give you further explanations. You may have thousands of contradictions, this is not my business. Contradictions do exist. For instance, how can you reconcile good with evil? You can not. Reconciliation between them is absolutely impossible. However, you can bring to terms good and evil within yourself, for they have some common points. To reconcile good and evil, means to engage yourself with the solution of an enormous problem - a problem even gods can not solve. How will you answer the question why people are bad? Since you ask this question, you must also ask why people are good! I will ask you: What will the disciple do after his consciousness is awakened? He will work. How? You will turn to the Bible, open on the first chapter of Genesis and begin with that. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was vast and void; and darkness was upon tha face of the deep: and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said: Let there be light! And there was light. And God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day!" This is the work of the disciple on the first day when he enters into the new life. The Scriptures say: "Nothing will remain of the old heaven and of the old earth." This means that everything will vanish from the world of the disciple - from his mind and consciousness, and he will remain as in a desert. Neither sun nor moon, nor even a star will remain from his heaven, he will be as if suspended all alone in the air. There will remain neither man, nor animal, nor plant from his earth, nor will he hear any voice coming to him. He will remain absolutely alone, like a lonely traveller in a desert. When he speaks, he will not even recognize himself and he will find himself in a terrible contradiction in life. This contradiction is called death. All that once has cheered you, all that you have known in life, everything in which you have believed and upon which you have relied, everything by means of which you have solved the great problems of your life, disappears and you find yourself all alone, perplexed, not knowing what to do. I ask you: What will you do when you find yourself in such a state? You will not hear even the voice of God, for He also will hide from you! It is exactly about this hour that the Scripture says: "You will knock and it will not be opened unto you." Then you will find yourself in the same situation as Christ on the cross and like Him, you will cry out from the depth of your soul: "Elli, Elli, Lama sabahtani!" Sometimes, you grieve when you feel abandoned by everyone. This is no abandonment, however, it is only a dramatization. You have not experienced yet what real abandonment means. But every man must be abandoned! When I speak about this kind of abandonment, I understand the awakening of the consciousness of the disciple. Only in this way will the disciple realize the reality of life. Some of you must listen to me without taking any active part in all I say, as if it does not concern you at all. Such men can be compared to those people, who hang around the theatre, where a nice performance is being given and strain their ears to hear something through the windows, wishing to catch some musical tone from the orchestra, or some words from the actors. Those people have no money to go in, they have no ticket for the theatre. Others have barely had enough money to buy a ticket for the gallery. They also strain their ears to hear what is going on, inside. After them come people of the third category, who occupy the second seats. They are calm, for they see and hear better what is going on, on the stage. Last come those who occupy the first seats. They are the disciples, who see and hear all that's being done on the stage. They are calm and quiet. All others are more or less discontented that they do not see and hear everything. Is it not the same in the world? Therefore, it depends upon your money what place you will occupy, whether you will be outside, in the third, the second, or the first seats. Such is the law. Why it is like this, do not ask me, neither will I explain that to you. It would be the same thing, as to ask me why God gave the elephant a trunk. I do not know whether God gave the elephant a trunk, or not, but it has a trunk. If you ask why God gave horns to the ox, I do not know, but the ox has horns. If you ask why God gave the horse hooves, I do not know that either, but the horse has hooves. Many explanations may be given to this question, but they will remain only explanations. For one to know why the horse has hooves is one thing, while to know what these hooves actually are, is another thing. Therefore, when someone tries to explain why the ox has horns, or why the horse has hooves, or the elephant - a trunk, by his physical consiciousness he is like the man who says that the pen is created for the king to sign death-sentences for the criminals. This is one of the explanations but is this actually everything that the pen was created for? It is the same, as if a righteous person, or a saint, or some preacher opens the Scriptures to read the verse which says that the sinners will be doomed to eternal suffering and when he sees me to say: "Since you are one of the sinners on the earth, your verdict is signed, you are doomed to eternal suffering." Is suffering created for everyone? I say: Suffering is not for all, and the pen is also not made only for signing death-sentences. Another person complains that someone has insulted him with bitter words. I ask you: Who has been so righteous and pure that he has never said a bitter-word to someone else? If you do not want to say bitter words, you must be absolutely pure. This is why God says: "Leave all judgement to me!" It means: leave it to me to make you clean, because if you clean yourselves, you will be always unclean; if you judge, you will be always judged. Judgement does not clean people, it gives them methods and shows them the ways by which they may correct their mistakes and improve their lives. This is real judgement! To teach someone is not "to fill" his head with knowledge. This is not the purpose of teaching. Every teacher, at any level of development, or in any world, must give to his disciple ways, methods and elements for work. Healing is not liberating people from their diseases, but giving them methods and ways to prevent the diseases. Otherwise, no matter how advanced a science may be, it can be perverted. So, I say: That terrible, great moment - the moment of absolute isolation will come on the first day, in the consciousness of the disciple, when there will be no light about him and he will send an appeal from the depth of his soul to the unseen, unknown God of eternity, to the Creator of the world. He will call Him with all his soul, with all his spirit, with all his mind and with all his heart and say: "God, I want to taste Thee! Thou art One - the Creator of the world and there is no other besides Thee!" If the disciple can call God in such completeness, somewhere in the distance, there will appear for a second a small, microscopic light and will cause such a great joy within him, that in a moment, he will forget all his sorrows and sufferings. From afar he will hear the voice of God, the voice of his Master: "If you want to know Me, if you want to taste Me, prepare yourself for work now! The first day of your life is at hand. Your earth was desolate and darkness floated upon it." God, Who penetrates all things, He is the unknown God! He is the terrible God, Who creates the forms, Who floats upon the desolate earth, which is beeing reconstructed now. And God said: "Let there be light!" And there was light. The disciple will say: "May the light, which I see far away, illuminate me within!" And if he is of the chosen disciples, when he says: "Let there be light", there will be light within him. "And God saw the light that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day and the darkness He called Night. And there was evening and there was morning - the first day!" Therefore, the day will start with the good, the night -with the evil. This mixed life of light and darkness will be divided: on the one side will appear the light, which bears the good in itself, on the other side will appear the darkness, which bears the evil in itself. In the same way, the disciple will create the first day within him - light. By the word "light", I mean the great aspiration of the soul of the disciple to study. So the disciple must begin with light. He must understand the laws and when he says "Let there be light", light should appear! How do you explain this law to your child? Your child is in a dark room, you give him a box full of matches and you tell him: "My son, take this box and say: "Let there be light!" The child takes the box, lights a candle with a match and the whole room becomes iluminated. This is "opening", this is life, it is the first day of the disciple. This is the living match, which has a great power - the power of the magic wand. By spreading the light of life, you will produce heat and the first day will come. Light bears heat within itself. "And God said: "Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide waters from waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was like this. And God called the firmament Heaven. And there was evening and there was morning, the second day." "And He divided waters from waters", means that God divided the Divine life from the human life. The firmament serves as a boundary line between the Divine and the eartly, the human life. The disciple will form this boundary line within himself and will call what is above the firmament - heaven, and what is below the firmament - earth. And in the hour of sorrow, he will drink of the water which is above. Sometimes, you want to drink from the water of the earth, from the earthly life. If you drink of this water, you will never be able to satiate your thirst. What is born of the flesh, is flesh - it will die; what is born of the Spirit, is spirit, it will live forever. You have two lives: one is the life of the flesh, i.e. the earthly life, which gives birth to an inner discontentment, hate, competition, disputes - there is no calmness in this life. The other life is the heavenly, the Divine life, in which there is Love, Light, Peace and Joy. After you divide these two kinds of life, the water of the earth will come, which will serve your physical needs. At present, you deal only with the water which is of the earth. Notice that all saints who had been recoursed to the Divine world, when healing someone, always used the water above the firmament. In a scientific language, this means that they have healed only when they have been able to attract the solar prana, or to cause the Divine life to act on the sick person, which immediately has a beneficial effect. Sometimes, your life becomes meaningless, you have no stimulus to urge you to go on. How will you make your life more significant? This is one of the great secrets. It is enough for you to obtain only one ten-thousandth part of a milligram of the water of the Divine life and to insert it in your body and it will immediately produce such a positive reaction in you, that you will be completely transformed. If you knew how to insert in your organism only one drop of this water, as by an injection, it would have caused a whole revolution in you. If, before that, you had been an old man of 120 years, after 24 hours only you would have changed so much, that noone would have recognized you. You would have become a young man of 21. Your eyes, your hair, the wrinkles on your face, your voice - everything would have changed. Instead you would be looking at a young man with a soft, pleasant voice standing before you. You will ask him: "Where did the old man go?" - "He went away." - "Where did he go?" - "I do not know." - "Will he come back?" - "He will not come back. He left me as heir of all his wealth, and it is up to me to settle all his affairs." - "May God bless him!" Thus, after the disciple has a definite plan for his life, he will begin to organize it by creating in himself the water, so that the earth upon which he must work should appear. He must form his own earth, his own seas and oceans - he must be a creator. God will watch all his creative work. The disciple should create and when God sees that it is good, He will say His word. I ask you: How many thousands of years do you need to make a sea like the Black Sea, or an ocean like the Pacific, or the Atlantic ocean? In your life there will also be such seas and oceans. How many thousands of years are necessary, for the creation of a continent like Europe, Asia, Africa, America, or Australia? The disciple must create similar continents in his life. Do you see now what great work awaits the disciple? How do you understand the life of the disciple? To stay four years in the grades, three years in the progymnasium, five years in the gymnasium, four years in the university and to say after that: "I have finished all my work." No! You are facing another problem: to create the firmament - the boundary-line between the Divine and the earthly life, and to separate these two lives. You want God to create. God, Who is perfect, has no need to create for Himself. All that He creates is for us. "And God called the firmament - Earth, and the collected waters He called Seas." That means, the collected life which forms earth and water is the new life, the new conditions which you must cultivate. All great seas show conditions under which the disciple must develop his activity, because water bears life. The dry land, the earth, on the other hand, shows the new conditions under which life can be manifested. See how in this life everyone is crying for a piece of good land. Everyone cries for water also. It is necessary for life. And noone can do without a piece of land. Someone says: "I do not need fields!" No! You do not understand the meaning of "fields". You do not understand the significance of "fields" or what a piece of land means. There are physical, spiritual and Divine fields. After we have finished our work, our study in the physical field, we will pass into the spiritual field. After you have finished your work and study in the spiritual field, you will pass into the Divine field. And finally, after you finish your work and study in the Divine field, you will enter the Great life to study great and glorious things. Today, you know only how to plough the earth, but this is no science, yet. And God said: "Let the earth put forth grass, herbs yielding seed, and fruit-trees bearing fruit after their kind, wherein is the seed thereof, upon the earth: and it was so. And God saw that it was good. And there was evening, and there was morning - a third day." As you see, the first forms of life begin with the vegetable kingdom, with the grasses and trees. Thus, we find in the beginning a calm, still life and not a turbulent, wild life. The separation of the light from darkness is a very difficult act, which we pass over hurriedly. Perhaps, some of you have already separated the light from the darkness, but they are very few. How many years, for example, will you need to make a match? How will you be able to make this match out of the earth, i.e. to create it alone, to separate the light from the darkness? Today everyone can buy a box of matches for 2 leva, but think of the enormous activity during the past 8 000 years, until this match was created in the form it has today! It is still easier, today, to turn on the electric button and to have light immediately. In the future, there will be a still easier and perfect way for obtaining light. You will say: "Let there be light!" - and there will be light. There will be no need of matches then, neither of lamps, nor of electric light. Now these things seem to you like stories from the "Arabian Nights". Some people say: "Let us have our matches and we do not care about other kinds of light." Yes, as long as you live the earthly life, this is the light you need. You ask: "What is this magic you are telling us about?" - You have the right to ask. Come with me! I will take you into a room and ask you: Do you see anything? - "I do not see anything." I will give, at once, an order for an electric installation to be made and I will say: "Let there be light!" And the light will appear. You see infront of you a most modern installation, such as you can not even imagine. You see beautiful lamps and lamp-buttons, which are turned on or off without even being touched. When I give an order to have the light turned off, all buttons turn and the light disappears, leaving the room in its original state. This is our mental installation which we do not need continuosly. In the spiritual world, it is not allowed to build up installations. When you say something in the spiritual world, it happens immediately. You say something, it happens and you continue on your way. Installations can be built up only in the physical world. When we say that we can be satisfied with very little, we say this with regard to the Divine and spiritual life. In the physical life it is better to have more, but in the spiritual life the more you have, the worse you feel. Someone asks: "How can I obtain heaven, how can I enter into the spiritual world?" I say: In order to enter into the spiritual life, you must begin to shine - a state which is achieved by giving away everything. Sometimes some superior spirit wishes to come to earth, but he does not know how. There are educated spirits who have created whole solar systems, but who do not know how to descend to earth. Then they go to some spirit which has been at sometime on the earth and ask him: "How did you go down?" He says to them: "You must obtain everything." A contradiction arises in that spirit then. He says: T have not worked till now, but from now on, I will start to work, in order to obtain everything. I will create for myself a solar system and will descend to earth." He comes to earth, but becomes so entangled that he can not disentangle himself in thousands of years. He forgets everything and does not know what to do, in order to free himself. He wants to go back again into the spiritual world, but he does not know how. Then God says to him: "You must deny yourself ." He does not know how to deny himself. Then God sends him an angel to show him how to deny and disentangle himself. I meet someone who tells me that he wants to go to heaven, but that he also wants to take his father with him, because he loves him. I say to him: In this way neither you nor your father can enter into heaven. Noone can lead another man to God. Everyone must go to heaven alone. The same law was applied to Christ when He was going to heaven. Did Christ take His disciples along? No, He did not. He said to them: "I am going to my Father and will prepare a place for you, but in the meantime, you will work on the earth." Each one of you must have a strong desire for work. He that goes to heaven denies himself of all things earthly, while he that descends to earth, denies himself of all things heavenly. Who is an earthly person? The one that has denied himself of all things heavenly. Who is a heavenly person? The one that denied himself of all things earthly. What place is heaven? It is a place inhabited by people who have denied themselves of the earthly life. What place is the earth? It is a place inhabited by people who have denied themselves of the heavenly life. "And God said: Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven to divide the day from the night: and let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years: and let them be for lights in the firmament of heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so. And God made the two great lights: the greater light to rule the day, and the smaller light to rule the night, he made the stars also ... And God saw that is was good. And there was evening and there was morning, the fourth day." On this day God created the installation of the earthy life to illuminate it, namely: the sun, the moon and the stars. Everyone must illuminate his earth and his heaven. Your sun, your moon and your stars must rise! In this way, you will have means and measures by which you will understand things. And in this sense, everyone can say: "God created the sun, the moon and the stars for me, so that I may mark the days, the years and the times in my life. My life is a book on which, with the help of these luminaries, I will describe what this life that God has created is like. The time of my life is a definite act in which there will be a sign whether I have created my small universe as God wants it. The fourth day is the terrible day, the terrible number. On this day the human mind and the human heart have appeared. Some of the forms which God created on that day have been attracted by the mind, and others - by the heart. "And God said: Let the waters swarm with swarms of living creatures and let birds fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven ... And God saw that it was good. And God blessed them saying: Be fruitful and multiply and fill the waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the earth. And there was evening and there was morning - the fifth day." All creatures in the water are the servants, the helpers of the disciple on his way. At the same time, they profit from all the benefits of this world. "And God said: Let us make man in our image, after our likeness ... And God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him: male and female created He them. And God blessed them: And God said unto them: be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the heavens, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth ... And there was evening and there was morning - the sixth day." When we talk about the disciple we mean a life of creation and not a life of grace which is given to him. After the disciple has passed the first three kinds of life, he was given the chance to apply his power on a small scale, in order to see in what aspect the new life differs from the old life. The new life is a life of purification, followed by the true creativeness. Today, everyone says that the poets create, the artists create - everyone wants to create, but only the disciple can achieve this. That's why you will say to yourself. "I want the consciousness of the disciple to awaken in me, so that I may begin to live the new life." If you want this, begin with the first day. Everyone who becomes a disciple, must create within himself six days, i.e. six periods, until he awakes his consciousness. When you start to work, you must have models and know what the new life requires of you and how this life must come. As soon as the new life comes, all that you see now, will stop to interest you. This life must be in accordance with the Divine Love, with the Divine Light, with the Divine Peace and with the Divine Joy. When I speak about the disciples, I see great work ahead of them and they must prepare themselves for it. Someone says: "I shall leave my field." No, you must not leave your field. Another one says: "I shall leave my plough and my spade." I ask you: Have you prepared for yourself a spiritual plough and a spiritual spade? - "But I want to become a poet." - "Have you prepared for yourself a spiritual pen?" - "I want to become a minister." - "Do you know the spiritual language, in which you must talk to people?" From this standpoint, you must understand the words which Christ said to His disciples: "If you do not deny yourself, leave your mother and father and if you do not take up your cross and follow me, you can not be called my disciples." What do you think, if Christ had not denied Himself of His life, of His mother and father, of everything in the world and had not taken up His cross, could He have been a model for us today? "Take the cross on your back and follow me", says Christ. Carrying the cross on one's back is the most terrible thing. It means to carry the good and the evil on your back. Follow whom? - Christ, i.e. Love. When you listen to Christ, you will be such a hero, that you will carry on your back the evil and the good and will be able to bear them. The evil and the good are in a continuous fight, because they can not solve the great problem of life. If you are waiting for the fight to come to an end, you must know that it has no end. You will say to them: "Since your fight will continue for a long time, I will take you and carry you on my back." Down below, people are also fighting, making a great noise. You will say to yourself: "I will not wait for you either, to become quiet and calm." Y ou can not go to Christ, if you do not take up your cross. Because the evil also loves God. It represents rational creatures just like the good, but the difference is, that the creatures of the good walk in the right way, while those of the evil have diverged from the right way. Both the good and the evil love God. When the evil spirits go to God, they fall on their knees, kiss and embrace His feet, pray to Him and He raises his hand, blesses them and sends them into the world to work. Now I am presenting you all this in a human language. When these spirits come to earth with the blessing of God, they begin to live their usual life: they start eating hens, ducks, lambs, kill some people, hang or judge others, etc. They say: "We went to God, kissed His feet, He gave us His blessing and told us to go into the world and do what we want to do. We have already seen God." - "How did you see him? What did he look like?" - "He had a black face, was sitting on a black chair and had a black crutch in His hand." These spirits have a special sort of vision, as if looking through smoked glasses. The good and the evil spirits have a diametrically opposite conception of God. As you listen to the description of God given by the evil spirits, what idea of God and of Creation can you get? Often, you pass in a short period of time through a state of bitterness or desperation. You say: "I do not believe in God anymore and I will live the way all people do." What does this mean? You will live as all those people who eat, drink, steal, lie, in general - as all the bad people. What sort of an understanding is this? Another one says: "I repent and will live as all good people live." What does this imply? You will live like all the good, righteous people, who love God; you will live in harmony and in accordance with God, with people and will help them; you will live in faith and hope. When you go to the good people, you will see happy, smiling faces, ready for any service - they can give the bite out of their mouth to you. When you go to the evil people, you will see gloomy, discontented faces, showing no readiness for any service. I ask you: If a sheep has travelled a long way and stops at the dwelling of a wolf to rest, how would the wolf welcome it? He will embrace and kiss it, then he will put it in a nice bed and will give it water to drink and to wash etc. What will this sheep say? "I do not want to separate from you, I want to live forever here with you." Do you think the wolf loves that sheep? The Scripture says: "Behold, I knock on your door and he that openeth to him will I go." What need has Christ, Who is perfect, Who is the model of Love, to knock on our door, to wait until it opens and to come and have a supper with us? Isn't this a contradiction? What need have the rich people, who have millions of leva at their disposal, to start visiting the poor people from house to house, to knock on their doors, to give them bread, money and other things? Have you ever asked yourself this question? You can have many explanations, but the essence of this question remains still unsolved. On which door does Christ knock? (On the door of the heart). Where is this door? (In people). In which place exactly? (In their consciousness). What is man, actually? (We do not know). You have studied geometry, haven't you? Tell me then, what is a square? (A figure bound by four equal sides, which are two by two parallel to each other). On the basis of what concurrence of forces, or laws, are these four sides equal? To repeat: the square is formed by four lines, which are two by two parallel to each other. Here you have two parallel ways: A,B, and A2B2 (Fig. 1). The way A1B1 marks the man, or the father, while the way A2B2 - the woman, or the mother. The way BA marks the brother and the way CD - the sister. The brother and the sister move in diametrically opposite directions from those of the father and the mother. The interests of the son are not interests of the father and the interests of the daughter are not the interests of the mother. They have only common points. The son has common points with the father in the angle B, and with the mother - in the angle A. The daughter also has two common points with her mother in the point D and with the father in the point C. I ask you: Where are the touching points of the brother and the sister? They have no common points. Then can the sister influence the brother? She can not. Can the brother influence the sister? He can not. They have no common points. The relations which exist in a family, represent a sort of geometry, which can be applied in life. How can the brother and the sister influence each other? Through their mother and father. Notice that when the brother does not treat his sister well, she turns to her mother and says: "Mother, tell my brother not to tease me!" In the same way she turns to her father. If the sister does not treat well her brother, he turns to his father and says: "Father, tell my sister not to treat me like this!" He can tell the same thing to his mother. I ask you: A1B1 and A,B2, i.e. the father and the mother - do they have common points? They have not. Consequently, here we see the law of contradiction: the man can not speak to the woman and the woman can not speak to the man. That's why, it is impossible to form a family in the world only by a woman and a man, since they have no common points. The law of the square shows that, in order that an indirect connection may be created between the man and the woman, there must be two other lines, which by crossing them, will create common points between them. Which are these two lines? The children. They unite the mother and the father. Therefore, it will sound reasonable if we say that a home without children is built without foundations. This is the philosophy of life. So, what is the square? A figure, which shows how family life must be constructed. For this reason, you must study this great law. Therefore, the father and the mother together will arrange the life of their son and daughter, while the son and the daughter together will arrange the life of their mother and father. This is the law. The Scriptures say: "I shall recompense you even unto the fourth generation." That means, the son and the daughter redeem the sins of their mother and father. This is a law, it is geometry, it is a science in which reality. The square represents life in the fourth dimension. That is, it has passed through four phases: phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Fig. 2). According to modern mathematics if an imaginary number, i.e. a number which does not exist, is multiplied four times by itself, or is passed through four different phases, the result is one - a real number with which we can work. What does this mean? We shall apply it with regard to the square. The square remains unintelligible for us, as long as it exists somewhere in the invisible world. However, if we multiply it four times by itself, the result is the real number one - a real home. Based on the same law, when a man multiplies himself four times by himself, the real man is formed. To be multiplied four times by yourself is to pass through the causal world, the mental world, the astral world and at last - through the physical world. So when we read "increase and multiply yourself', we should understand this law of multiplication. If a man knows how to multiply himself by himself, he would realize his reality. We are now coming to those alchemic laws, to that higher mathematics, which we must understand. The angles of the square are related to people, because every angle is a center of certain forces, which act in the direction of the diagonals. How will you reconcile these forces? They are reconciled in the center of the square, i. e. in the point where the two diagonals cross each other (Fig. 3). The center represents the whole. Therefore, these forces are parts of the whole, which group themselves in the common center. All the forces of the square move towards this center. We call this an aspiration toward God. Since all forces gravitate towards God, contradictions do not exist in the world. They exist only as a creational act. Someone says: "I want to be a good man." I say: In order to be a good man, you must, first of all, find your sister with whom you have no common points, then you must find your mother and father. When you find them, you will form with them a triangle, as for example the triangle ABC (Fig. 4). What is a triangle? A law of reconciliation. Here again, you have three common points, which form the Divine combination. In order that there may be a harmonious union between two persons, there must exist, first of all, at least three common points between them. And now, the combination of the triangle with the square forms the pentagon. It represents the home, the house in which five persons must live under the same roof. In this way the home ABCDE is formed (Fig. 5). As you see, things in nature are not arbitrary. We live in the Divine reality of things, but we must understand its laws. Every living line, every living thought, every living feeling, every living act which we manifest, is not arbitrary, but has its definite cause. Therefore, in order to understand the cause of things, you must study all manifestations, all phenomena in life and in nature. When a thought is born in you, you must examine it and see if this thought is yours, or if it is just a visitor: whether it is your sister, brother, mother, father, etc. You must understand the origin of every thought which comes into your mind. Thus, the square is a measure for determining all forces which act in you. You must create a Divine home in yourselves, which will represent your new body necessary for the new life. There is a natural body, but there is also a spiritual body. Someone may say that these things are too deep for him to understand. Whether you acknowledge them or not, whether you want them or not, at the end you will be caught by them. In this respect, you resemble the ostrich, which in times of danger hides its head under its wings and thinks that this is the way to escape from the eye of the enemy. But that does not help, for the hunter sees its whole body. Just the same way the ground squirrel, which wants to escape from people, hides in a hole and thinks that noone can pull it out of the hole. But he deceives himself, for man is wiser than he thinks. He takes 2-3 buckets of water, pours it in the hole and the ground squirrel runs out no matter whether it wants to or not. The same thing happens with the man who says that some things are too deep for him and are not for him yet. Someone wiser than him will come and force him to come out of his hole. Some people say: "Let us just have money! The meaning of life is in it." But money is an invention of the human mind and does not give a solution to the problems of life. If it is a question of wealth and power, it is a different matter. Wealth and power are qualities of the human mind and of the human heart. The dynamo, which gives the direction of the mind and the heart and which utilizes wealth and power, is the human will. If you have a heart and a mind, but have no will to apply wealth and power, what can you achieve? If a small, foolish child starts setting a fire and does not know how, what will happen? - It will burst the boiler. The boiler is the human heart. It must not burst. Someone says: "I have a rich heart." Yes, but you must be wise and know how to manipulate with this boiler so as not to make it burst. The wise man must not overload his machine or increase the fire more than the boiler can stand. All of you must have strong, healthy bodies. Many people ask: "What is the New Teaching?" - The New Teaching represents a harmonious combination of a triangle and a square. This is a scientific explanation of the New Teaching, which has occupied the minds of occult students for thousands of years and is still occupying them. The square, the triangle, represent qualities, forces which exist in nature: in the minerals, in the plants, in the animals and in humans - in their thoughts and feelings. If you do not understand their laws, you will find yourself in a labyrinth. Notice that, sometimes you begin some work which goes on well at the beginning and just when you begin to feel happy, you find that everything has turned into dust and vanishes like smoke. You start wondering how can this happen, why? Such is the action of the forces of nature. You must understand them and do everything in accordance with them. Imagine, you pass through a thick forest without paying attention to the trees, when suddenly a branch hits you in the eyes. You close your eyes immediately and stop, not able to go any further. Your eyes hurt and you can not open them. This is why the Psalmist says: "Lord, when I pass through strange, unknown places, lead me by the hand." Yes, there are unknown places, there are large marshes and chasms on the way of the disciple, which he can not pass without a leader. Someone says: "I can do without a Teacher." You can do without a Teacher, if you are going to the village just outside of Sofia, but if you are going to the peak Mont-Blan, you need a good Teacher, because you can never reach that place alone. There are teachers who can not lead their disciples to that height. When they come to a place they say: "There is no need of climbing higher, this is enough." We do not need much knowledge and study. Now, as disciples, you must have a strong desire to go forward and advance. You will have difficulties in your life, but do not be discouraged. You will face contradictions, but do not lose your faith; you will face hatred, but do not hate; you will carry both the evil and the good on your back without participating in their conversation. You will carry them on your back, while they will be disputing. From time to time, you will turn to see how they dispute, but you will keep quiet and after raising and shrugging your shoulders, you will continue on your way. When you get tired, you will put them on the ground, so that you may rest for a while. They will continue their dispute, but you should not take part in it. This will be an entertainment for you. After you have had a rest, you will take them on your back again and continue on your way. This is a solution of the contradictions, which you meet in your life! Have you ever carried your cross like this? You take the cross on your back, carry it a little and after that you put it down, continually asking how to get rid of it. Do you know what you look like with your cross on? When children catch a bug they tie it with a string about ten meters long. Then they hold one end of the string and let the bug fly. As soon as the bug feels free, it flies off, but when it comes to the height of ten meters, the string pulls it down to earth again. After that, it flies off and falls to earth over and over again, never realizing that it is tied to a string. Just like this bug you are tied to your cross and you have a rope ten meters long. You try to fly, rise to a height of ten meters and then you fall, saying: "How strange it is! At first, I started off well and reached some place, then suddenly something happened and I fell down! An outside cause came and pulled me down, so I fell." No! You can not liberate yourselves from your cross. I ask you: Who will liberate you from your cross? This is the great problem which you must solve as disciples. To raise the cross on your back, to solve the contradiction hidden in it and then to say: "I will not fulfil my will, but Thine!" - this is the most terrible, but at the same time the greatest and most sublime problem which you must solve. Christ says: "Father, I will not fulfil my will, but Thine, I commit my spirit into Thy hands. Thou wilt lead me on!" This implies a return to God; it implies knowledge and application of the laws. This process is now going on in everyone of you, but you do not believe in it. Whether you believe or not, whether you are a wordly or a spiritual person is not important - you will not be saved from the contradictions of life. You say: "I will start in this way." Whether you start or not, you are already entering into life. You read in the newspapers about those two Italians who had been convicted in America. As you see, they are not American citizens, but since they have violated the laws, they are held responsible. Nature acts in a similar way. As soon as you violate one of its laws, it knows that and holds you responsible. You say: "I did not know these laws." You should have known them. They are written in nature itself and you should have understood its language. Today the whole world is protesting about these two Italian people, they want them liberated from the claws of the American laws, but that's impossible - their life hangs by a thread. And the most terrible thing about them is the fact that they have to live for a long time with the thought of what will become of them. This makes them feel more awful than if they were immediately hanged. When we speak about Love, we mean that unique power which can accompany you throughout your difficult way and lead you out of it safely. It is the only comforter of man in the heavy and difficult hours of his life. This is what "being carried in someone's arms" means. Only Love can carry you in its arms. And now, I want you to be active and at work. The disciple has lots of work, there is much for him to do. What does a good son do? He goes to work every day. One day he goes to some garden, another day - to some vineyard where he digs and cleans up things, and after he has gathered enough money, he takes it to his folks at home. Similarly, all that you gain on the earth, you must take up above. How will you go there? Do you think that if you go as a sinner, with empty hands, you will be welcomed with laurel-wreaths? There is only one similar case - the case of the prodigal son. Is it good for all of you to be in the position of the prodigal son? He repented and said to his father: "I am not worthy to be called your son, make me the least of your servants!" When that servant works for his master, will he not bring anything to him? So, I say to you: Since you are returning to God, you must work either as servants, or as sons. Which state do you want to be in? So, the life of the disciple is a great life. As you accept the benefits of this life, you will say: "It is worth living!” The Psalmist says: "When I see the face of God, I shall rejoice." The disciple must say: "When I see the face of my Master, I will understand the meaning of that knowledge, which I have obtained from Him and when I begin to manipulate with all my forces, I will be contented with my life." Then the disciple will go around to knock upon the doors of the neighbours and to help them. Christ knocks on the doors to show people how they can solve the difficulties in their life. Does Jesus Christ knock on all doors? No. He knocks only on the doors of the disciples, and also on the doors of those people whose consciousness is awakened and who have prayed for a long time. Christ will knock, the disciple will open the door and He will give him the first lesson. "Behold, I knock on your door", says Christ. This verse is for the disciples, for the awakened souls. Note. Today read the 10th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew to see how you will understand it in the light which you had this morning.
  10. From The Way of the Disciple, AlphaDar LOVE OF KNOWLEDGE "Only the light way of Wisdom leads to the Truth." Meditation If you are given the theme "which is the most important question for the young people", or "what are the young people most of all interested in", what would you write down? I will facilitate your answer. I shall ask you: What is the new born child most interested in? In the food, in the milk of its mother. The first theme which the child begins to study is its mother's milk. Then which is the most important question which the disciple must start with? Which is the question upon which his future depends? I shall draw a parallel now. Just as the healthy condition of the child, the good condition of its mind, heart, thoughts and feelings depends on the mother's milk, the right development of the disciple depends on his love of knowledge. Consequently, if the mother gives the best milk to her child, then its health, its thoghts and feelings will be normal. We know that such a child is born and brought up according to all the rules of rational nature, that's why it is healthy in every way. We are not speaking about the digressions, which exist in life. In the same way, the disciple must start with the love for knowledge. Knowledge is the object toward which he must aspire, while Love is the food which he must receive. If the disciple has no Love of knowledge, he can not attain anything. If he has love of knowledge, as the child has love of the mother's milk, it will facilitate the way of his soul and help the normal development of its mind. Since all of you pass now into a higher class, love of knowledge is required of you. In the future, if you have no love of knowledge, you will be disciples only in form, but not disciples in the ideal and real sense of the word. Everyone - young or old, can be a disciple, if he loves knowledge. I shall ask you one more question: Which are the signs which indicate the love of knowledge? They are most elementary things in the new philosophy, of the new understanding and conception of things. I make a distinction between the old and the new philosophy of life, which is in accordance with the Great laws of nature. As you observe and study this living, rational nature, it will reveal to you what has been inadmissible to your minds. Suppose you are interested in geology and you study the earth layers. You may only study their composition, but you may also study their physical structure: whether they are formed by folding or by breaking or horizontally. You say: "It is not of interest to us whether or not certain layers are formed by folding or by breaking. The layers themselves may not be of interest and of no importance to you, but you can not be negligent of the quality of the water which springs from them. If these layers are sandy and broken up, they will form subterranean valleys through which the passing water will be purified and thus they will produce the best water. I ask you: If you studied hydrology and knew where the different kinds of water may be found, will you not serve the people in need and show them where to find the best water? You will not only serve them, but they will respect you and you will have the reputation of an educated person. There are similar layers in many people. You say: "This is not good." No, you do not understand the laws. You will often find the best water in folded layers. I ask you: Which is better, your layers to be folded as the layers CD (Fig.l)and to contain water, or to be horizontal and not to contain water? Or which is better: to have a straight character like the horizontal layers and not contain any water, or to have a "folded" character like the layers CD, but to contain water? By the folding and breaking of the earth layers, one can figure out the depth the water has reached in the earth. According to the same law, as you study the human brain, you will see it furrowed, formed by a number of folded and curved layers which have undergone a number of metamorphoses until they have attained their present condition. The cosmic energy of the rational life flows over the folds of the brain, and is utilized by the human soul. Scientists say that the human thought depends on the folds of the brain. This means that the energy of the thought flows over these folds and goes out of them in the same way. These folds conduct the energies of the Space. If these layers are folded, some educated person may drill his boring instrument into them and draw out water, but if they are horizontal, straight, as soon as he drills his instrument into them all the water that is there, will sink below, so that he will not be able to draw any water. So, if anyone wants to make the folded layers straight, what will happen? The water in them will be lost. Thus, we can derive the following law: when we dig too much into some subject, or some philosophic question, at last it loses its meaning. This often happens with the idea of morality. If you dig too much into this idea, at last the moral sinks somewhere deep in the earth and you do not know anymore what is and what is not moral and right. In such a case, your conception about morality becomes thoroughly confused. What must be the relations of the layers toward each other? How can you give them a scientific expression? Let us say that you have a layer which has the position A2BC in relation to the layer M (Fig. 2). What will it be like? This layer will be waterless because it can not keep any water in itself. To what layers in life can we compare the dry layers? All the layers, in which we encounter the contradictions in our life, are waterless. Do you know how many ages, how many thousands of years have been necessary for nature to make the horizontal layers folded? They have gradually assumed that form. If you examine the earth layers in the light of science and draw a parallel between them and the folds of the brain, you may say that this is a strange coincidence, but you may also draw a conclusion, that a rational force has worked in nature. The way you will reason about this question will depend on the degree of your mental development. Thus, we see that an analogy can be made between the manifestations of external nature and our own manifestations; that's why we can benefit by nature. Since we learn from it, we can not expect our life to run smoothly. There is a desire in young people that their life should run smoothly, without any difficulties. You know, however, that every difficulty corresponds to the mental development of the young person concerned. A Bulgarian proverb says: "His mind is like his home." This means that the responsibility which nature imposes on man, is in relation to the degree of his mental development. In nature there is a great law, which allocates to every man the difficulties corresponding to his mental development. The greater difficulties one has, the higher the degree of his mental development, and vice versa, the smaller the difficulties, the lower the degree of his mental development. In this respect, history shows us that the greatest men who have done the most for the elevation of humanity, have met the greatest difficulties and have overcome them. Therefore, everyone can overcome his difficulties in a rational manner. Suppose you are given a heavy rope and you have to break it in two. For this purpose, they give you only a sewing needle. How will you break this rope? Can you do it at once? You can not. You will take the needle and start to unravel it. How much time will this work take you? Much time. That's why, first of all, you will experience a desire to break it at once. The only means you are given to do the unravelling, are the needle and some time. As you unravel the rope thread by thread, you will learn many things. What, for instance, can you learn? The simplest thing you will learn is out of how many cords the rope is made. What else? (Patience, Constancy, Dexterity.) Yes, you will achieve dexterity to be able to break the rope thread by thread, and not by two or three threads together. Nature does not allow one to break two or three threads together at a time, but only one at a time. If you break two threads at a time, you break the laws of nature. If you examine this question according to your understanding, you will say that you can break two, three, four threads at a time, but nature, which gives at your disposal a needle and some time, does not allow you to break even two threads at a time, but only one. It says: "I give you as much time as you want, but you must break the rope thread by thread!" How many hours a day will you break these threads? You will say: "In order to break the rope quickly, I will work all day long. No! Nature does not allow you to break the rope for more than one hour a day! Have you ever tried to see how many threads you can break in an hour? If this rope has 10 000 threads, have you tried to see how many threads you can break in a minute, according to all rules, of course, without being in a hurry? The threads of this rope are so entwined that when you take hold of one, you also pull the other one, but nature says: "You will unravel the threads one by one without breaking them, or tying knots on them." What do you think, how much time will it take to break such a tough, heavy rope? (Five hours). Well then, I will give you a heavy rope and we shall see if you can unravel it in five hours, thread after thread. Great dexterity is necessary! Suppose this rope represents the folded layers P and R (Fig. 3). The water is in the lowest layer R where a boring instrument is inserted. There are a number of horizontal layers below this layer. What will happen after you have torn the last thread of the rope? In every thread there is a certain kind of energy and after you break the thread this energy will flow into you. You must know how to use it. I ask you: Are you ready to use all the energy you will have after you have broken the last thread? You often say: "I will break my relations with this one or that one." After you break your tie with some person, are you ready to stop thinking about this? Are you ready to fill in the vacancy, which is called faith with the tom tie? Are you in a position to deal correctly with the elements formed by this broken tie? Have you ever had the experience of breaking up all ties with some friend? You can not break all the threads, which link you to that friend, but only a number of them. What do you feel then? Pain. There is no person who has not passed through this experience of breaking ties with some friend. What do you do after you have broken the threads? You lie down, get up, walk around, go out, come in - you can not find a place for yourself, you can not find a way to get free of this state without a rest. So, how do you tie the threads afterwards? Do you make knots? Once you tear the thread, nature does not allow you to tie knots. I ask you: Since you have tom the thread, how will you correct your mistake? The thread is broken, the mistake is made, yet knots are not allowed to be made - how will you correct your mistake? What will be the water like after it passes through layers of clay? Dirty. What layers must water pass through, in order to be pure and fine? Sandy layers. Then, by analogy, I will ask you: What layers must your life pass through, in order to be pure and fine? Rough layers, for they correspond to the sandy layers in nature. Where are these rough layers found within us? In the mind. The clay layers are found in the heart. That's why, I talked to you about the pure, right thought. This thought is necessary for you to attain the higher life, which will improve your inner state. Pure life benefits from all good acquisitions, but not from the pleasures in life. What does the word "pleasure" mean? I will give you several examples that you may see how people today understand pleasure. You meet a young student, cigarette in mouth, walking self-contentedly and smoking. Smoking is a pleasure, which does not help the development of the student. Then I see another student drinking a glass of whisky or wine. He says: "I drink whisky, because it stimulates my stomach, and my brain will start to work better." There are many scientists and doctors who recommend the drinking of wine in small quantities. Nature, however, has provided only one drink - water. It says: "If you want your mind to be clear and bright, so that you can work well, you must drink only water. Find the best, the purest water and drink that water only!" If you want to smoke, it says: "You must think!" The Scriptures also speak about smoking - about incense burning. According to the New Testament the prayers of the righteous ascend like smoke as if from incense-burner. So, burning is necessary. In this case, thought ennobles the disciple. The thought of every disciple must burn! The disciple can do all sorts of physical exercises, he can draw, play, study, practice all kinds of arts, if all these activities develop his mind. He must keep himself aside of all unprofitable pleasures, which interfere with the regular development of his mind. Suppose you are a talented, capable disciple and have a great love of knowledge, but at the same time you have neither parents and friends who can help you, nor any means for support and you can not study. I ask you: How will you get everything you need, so that you can begin to study? Suppose you can play an instrument, draw, sew or make shoes, which one of all these arts or crafts will be the most appropriate in your case? Which one will help you to have the means of support you need? If it is making of shoes and clothes, would you prefer shoe-making and sewing to arts? I ask you: Do you think the disciple is allowed to borrow money from his friends? Helping each other is something different, but I am talking about making loans with the promise that you will return the money in a few days, while you are not able to pay it back even after several months. Besides, how much money will you borrow? (As much as we can pay back and just enough for our bread). Yes, that’s true, as much as you need to buy bread with. Now, how much bread can a disciple eat in a day? Is half a loaf enough for him? Now, we are coming to one of the essential questions -the question of satisfaction. A man must begin to study the law of satisfaction early in his youth. The disciple must always have the best bread, but whatever quantity he may have, he has to be always satisfied. He has no right to be dissatisfied with the quantity of his food, because every day brings its own blessing. Today, he may have simple food and just a piece of bread, but tomorrow his table may be richer. But no matter what the disciple has today, he must be fully satisfied and not ask for more. He may have just a piece of bread, but let him look at it smilingly and say: "Thanks for the bread." Now we will study together. Then the bread will smile back at him and say: "We both will learn easily our lesson." (We have not yet talked to the bread). A day will come when you will speak to the bread. Christ says: "I am the living bread", which means: a day will come when you will speak with this living bread. How would you change, if you had the living bread? I will explain this to you by an example. Imagine that you are a master who needs servants and that you go every day to the market place to hire some new servants. You find there a worker, who is waiting for someone to hire him and you take him to your house. Every day that worker comes to your home to work, until one day he receives a great inheritance from his uncle in America - half a million dollars. I ask you: Will you find on the next day the worker in the market place, waiting to be hired for work? You will not find him. From your point of view, is it right after that man has received half a million dollars, to go to the market place and to wait to be hired for work by somebody? What makes the worker to leave his work? The money. It makes his life easy. I ask you: After he has received the money, what work must he begin? (Begin to study). If that worker, after receiving that great wealth, refuses to study, or leaves school, finding that knowledge is of no use to him, since he has means for support, he does not solve his problem rightly. In such a case, poverty is preferable, because it forces him to work, to study, while wealth spoils him. He does not want to work and study anymore. The living bread represents the favourable conditions of life, which every man must profit by. By this I want to lead you to the thought that the favourable conditions in life divert the imprudent person from his right direction, while they sustain and assist the prudent man in the right direction. This is the sole reason why, at the present state of your development, the difficult conditions surpass the favourable conditions. The invisible world, or rational nature, wants to force you to study, as the loving mother wants to make her children study. And when they do not study, she places them under great difficulties, so that they may want to study. They have great need of knowledge. Thus, according to you, which is the most important question which must engage the mind of the disciple? Knowledge. This knowledge must contain in itself the quality of inward humility. As the consciousness of the disciple expands from day to day, his hope of knowledge, of the study of life, must grow. The gathering of knowledge is similar to the gathering of water in the earth layers. Water has been gathering in these layers during thousands of years, without coming to the surface, in the same way as human knowledge has been stored up for ages in the human consciousness, without becoming manifested. The wise disciple can dig through these layers and the water gathered in them will spring up to the surface. Where will this life, this knowledge appear? In the consciousness of people. And now, since you are preparing yourselves for the world, this energy must flow out of you, so that you may bear the new teaching. In a scientific language this means: the educated person must express those springs within him by which he can cultivate his external flora. The flora is a symbol of the inner life of people. The best desires, the finest feelings, which you have, can be realized only by an excellent mind. Therefore, everyone must strive for an excellently developed and organized mind with which he can work effectively. From your point of view, which subject in life, or which branch of science is most important at the present time? In contemporary society, which sciences are considered of top priority? (The natural sciences and mathematics). Do you all agree on this? Which is the most important thing in the first grade? What does the teacher begin with? He begins by revealing the first letters to the children, doesn't he? But what must you begin with? First of all, you must begin to study your face. I recommend to you the study of your forehead - measure it, observe it, see are there any lines on it, or not. Then study your nose - its width and form. After that, study your eyes, your ears, your eye brows, your head, etc. You can not remember all the details of your face, but there are certain lines on your forehead which determine the direction of your mind. Study also the qualities of your mind. The three drawings on Fig. 4 show different lines on the foreheads of people. These are folds, layers similar to the earth layers. Men upon whose foreheads there are straight, horizontal lines, as in Fig. 4,1 are sober, they are people of thought. They do not suffer from emotional floods. They are wise, but not practical and quick. I shall tell you an anecdote, which illustrates well this type of people. They solve problems very slowly. Once upon a time people in a village started to build a public bath. After a certain time all had been finished except the paving of the floors with marble slabs, but since the marble had cost too much, they had finally decided to use boards instead. However, there was a dispute on this - as to whether the boards should be polished or not. Two opinions had been expressed: part of the people wanted polished boards, the other part - unpolished. The dispute had lasted a total of eight years and the bath had remained unfinished. Finally, an inspector had arrived at the place and after a thorough examination he had said: "You will put one polished board, for those who want such boards and one unpolished board, for those who insist on unpolished boards, so that both parties will be satisfied." I ask you: What conclusion will you draw, if you enter a bath with two kinds of boards on the floor? You will realize that two forces had been in action, two opinions had existed. So, I say: One must study the parts of his body, in order to understand all the forces it contains. This develops self-confidence, that one may cultivate all the talents and abilities he possesses. For instance, some people can not speak the Truth. Why? Because they are cowards. Others can not lie. Why? Because they are very conscious. In this respect people are not alike. From a phrenological point of view, the upper part of men's heads is not the same. In some people that part of the head is broad - A, in others, it is somewhat rounded and narrow - B (Fig. 5). If we draw a horizontal line CD, parallel to the mouth, it is easy to determine the width and the form of the upper part of the head, where the center of conscience is. The more bulky the center and the longer the line, the better developed the conscience of this person; and vice versa: the less bulky this center and the shorter the line, the less developed the conscience of a man. Therefore, there is a maxim, which determines the relation of all organs at the following measures of a head: 55 cm around and 15 cm and 18 cm in diameter. In a normally developed head these centers are clearly defined. Everyone who studies the head can read by its lines and can understand which center is well developed and which is not; he knows the place of conscience and of all the other centers. The extent to which our centers and abilities are well or not so well developed, is strictly determined. There is a certain correlation among all the centers. As the conscience, the other centers have also their own corresponding lines on the face and the hand, as well as on the head. Apostle Paul says: "He whose faith is weak should eat cabbage." A man of feeble faith is a coward. The predominating influence of fear in a person is due to a feeble faith. If you start preaching to a coward that there is Divine Providence and that he must believe in God, he will answer you: "Why are you speaking to me about faith? I need good and strong legs, so that I may run fast." Can you preach to a hare that there is Divine Providence and that he must believe in God? No. The hare says: "I believe in my hind legs and know that it is easier for me to run upwards." From his point of view, he is right. If you go to a huge mountain rock, what do you think - is it cowardly? If it had consciousness, it would tell you: "The greatest storm in the world can not make me move from my place!" Why? Because it is a mountain - not hare. From these examples, I will draw a law, which regulates all things in nature, namely: the feeble things are blown by the forces of nature in all directions. A leaf torn from the tree, is blown in all directions, while if it is on the tree, the wind only makes it fold over this way or that way around its center. The fallen leaf moves both in its periphery and its center, while the leaf on the tree moves only in the periphery, while its center remains calm. In this respect, men who possess a moral backbone, endure all storms in life remaining undisturbed. This is why you must have a right understanding of life. Now I shall ask you: Which is the most important characteristic of a young man? Or, what characterizes youth? Up to a certain age, you feel young, but after some time you feel that you have grown older. Up to the moment you feel young, you are really young, but from the moment you start thinking that you are old, a change takes place in your consciousness. What really distinguishes your former state from the latter? What have you actually lost and what new element has entered into you? An example will make your reasoning easier. Imagine that you, as a student, possess a purse full of golden coins. You touch it from time to time in your pocket and it stimulates you. The full purse represents youth. It is hard and heavy, because it is full. When you feel its weight and hardness, you feel proud, more stable and walk erect. Whoever sees you in this erect posture, turns to look at you again. It is a pleasure to see a self-confident, brave man in the world! Imagine that after a certain time, you put your hand in that pocket and feel the purse, but what do you find? It has become soft and much lighter. You fall into a peculiar psychological state and say: "How is it possible for this to happen?" You wonder how your purse has become empty and so light! Some clever, dextrous person has taken out unnoticeably your full purse, and has put in its place an empty one. What do you feel? Sorrow and weakness overtake you. You lose your courage and walk with bent head and in low spirits. The empty purse represents old age. The old person feels that some wealth has been stolen from him. He says: "Gone is my youth!" How? I do not know. He feels his purse, but it is already soft and light and he says: "Once upon a time my feet could carry me, but I do not know what has happened that they do not serve me anymore." You must know one thing: all people who live with their heart, get older faster than those who live with their mind; or in other words: people of the emotions get older faster than people of the sober thought. Each person who thinks soberly and well will always be young. One of the characteristics of the young person is right thinking. Thus, right thought is necessary for all of you. Now you are preparing yourselves for entering the new life. What is necessary for this life? You must work upon the new positions of life, for in man there are double organs, which he must develop. At present, man works with the left half of the brain and with the right hand, while the right half of the brain and the left hand are passive, they do not take part in the work. The left half of the brain represents the woman who works all day at home, while the man goes here and there, cigarette in hand, talks, philosophizes and says: "My wife will take care of everything." There is a certain analogy between the life of the gypsy man and the life which I am describing now. After a gypsy man marries, he does not work anymore. He puts several cigarettes in his pocket, smokes, takes walks, meets this or that friend, talks with other men and does not care about anything -his wife feeds him. The gypsy woman takes a stick in hand and a bag on her back, knocks on every door and begs. There are exceptions, of course. Some gypsy men make good ironmongers and work well. I take the life of the gypsies as an example, only to point out more clearly the relations between the heart and the mind, or between the feelings and the thoughts of people. Often this atavism of the gypsies can be noticed in other people too, for they leave the feelings to solve the most important problems. But the feelings, or the woman in a man, can not solve the most important question. The gypsy man teaches his wife to beg, but beggary does not solve the problem. What if all men of whom she begs were poor and could not give her anything? Beggary is not an art. She must learn to do some other work. I say: The heart in us can not solve the problems, the mind must be set to work. As soon as the mind starts working, the heart must unite with it and become its partner. If you become downhearted and discouraged, know that these are feelings, dispositions, which do not solve the problems of life. The mind regards things positively and says: I was born in the world, God has created conditions for my development and I must work." People who are guided by their mind are wise and solve their problems correctly. Such people reason, put things in their place and say: "If I act this way, for instance, I will correct my life." From this point of view, all people live a double life, but you must acquire a new experience and have a new conception of things. You will become discouraged in the old life, while in the new life, you will be encouraged. Thought predominates in it. You will always draw a parallel between these two lives and thus, you will advance. You can not live only in one of the lives, but you continually will pass from one life into the other. In my talks, I made a parallel among the four lives, which flow within you. The old life represents a sum of inherited characteristics from your ancestors. You will study this life, but you must also learn to distinguish your own self. I can present to you these four lives in scientific terms and forms as well. They represent the four kinds of consciousness in man. Where are the sub conscious and the super-conscious life found in man? They are the two poles of the Divine life. The subconscious life is the life of the angels, while the super-conscious is the life of the Divine world. The conscious and the self-conscious life represent the two poles of the human life. The conscious life is the life of the saints, of the advanced spirits who have passed on before us; the self-conscious life is our own individual life. In the conscious and the subconscious life you must study a region of living nature, which is related to your present life. In the subconsciousness, for instance, are stored up all the possibilities for the realization of things. I ask you: How can you achieve all this? Only if you know the laws. For instance, you want to achieve something good. Put this thought in your subconsciousness with all the faith that it will be realized. Let this thought enter into you without any doubt or fear, and the superior creatures that live in your subconsciousness will help you. You only write your specific petition to them, and leave the rest to them. They do not like much talking. If you want to get up tomorrow exactly at half past three, what must you do? I have told you before: put in your subconsciousness the thought that you want to get up at half past three in the morning. Declare your thought and do not repeat it, for repetition impedes the operation of the law. After you have made your thought known, forget about it and you will see that you will be awakened exactly at half past three in the morning. Some of you have material difficulties. Make the same experiment. Say to yourself: "Next year, on this same day, I will have, say, 1 000 leva at my disposal." Put this thought in your subconsciousness and you will see that the next year, on the same day, you will have 1 000 leva. If you have some doubts, the law will not work. This law works only on the condition that you have complete faith. Suppose that someone among you has a feeble memory. If he wants to strengthen his memory, he can apply this law and benefit by it. Every night, upon going to bed, let him put in his subconsciousness the thought: tomorrow my memory will be stronger. As he puts this positive thought in his subconsciousness, his memory will gradually become stronger. Every man who wants to remove his defects and correct his life, must possess the positive, right thought. Whatever he needs in his life, he must deposit it in his subconsciousness and the superior creatures will come to help. Thus, the right understanding and application of the laws will save you from many unnecessary sufferings in life. Suppose you are a person who likes to live in seclusion and are pessimistic by nature, but you want to acquire a right attitude toward people. Deposit with faith this desire in your subconsciousness, fixing even the date when you want to see the change in yourself, and you will see that up to that day you will have acquired what you have wanted. This energy will start to flow in you just as the water flows through sandy layers and comes out when a hole is bored through them. Everything will come in the right time. However, the law of suggestion requires a specific time and a specific condition of a person. What does this mean? You can not use suggestion under all circumstances. For instance, if you use suggestion when you are not well disposed or irritated, you can not obtain good results. Everyone who wants to deposit in his subconsciousness a great thought, which he wants to realize, must choose for that the moment when he is in the best disposition of his spirit. The more badly disposed one feels, the more slowly and uncertainly the law of suggestion works, and vice versa: the better the disposition the more effective the operation of the law. Therefore, when we speak about Love, Light, Peace and Joy, we mean these Divine conditions under which the abilities of man develop. Without these abilities the mind can not be developed and thought can not be born. Only in this way can a man work and surmount all difficulties on his way. In the first place, you must develop your abilities, your talents. No matter how small your ability might be, try to develop it, because the manifestation of your life depends to a certain degree on it. Living nature can work upon you through that ability. This law works in the same way for all people. The strong and good memory is a wealth. But you must know that the memory depends on the feelings. The more uncontrolled the feelings, the weaker the memory. The weakening of the memory is a sign that the loosening of the feelings is in process. In such a case, one becomes distracted and forgets easily. Great sorrows and sufferings, fears and mental shocks weaken the memory. That's why, if the disciple is to develop normally and lead a normal life, he should live in a harmonious environment. Each one of you can create for himself a harmonious environment for his development. Even if you should happen to be under the most unfavourable conditions, you could create a harmonious environment of them, but great stability and persistency are required for that. As a good example of such persistency is the gardener who lives down by the river near the railway. Several years ago, he bought that place which looked like a desert. He carried soil, fertilized it and thus, he cultivated the place. Today, we see there a beautiful garden with different vegetables and fruits. At the begining, the soil was so poor, that the people who lived nearby, laughed at him for having begun such a fruitless work, and said to him that all his time, labour and money will go in vain. But this man worked constantly and persistently and today he rejoices at the good results. That's a man of an idea! This garden can serve you as an example that when a person has a strong desire, he can realize any idea he has. You can also work in the same way. Even a man of mediocre talents and abilities, can ennoble his heart and enlighten his mind, if in the course of 20 years he works upon himself. Work is required of you all! I gave you the example of the rope and showed you how it must be unravelled. It represents the difficulties in your life, which you must unravel with a needle. Every difficulty is a hoop in your life, which hinders you. Hoops are necessary for barrels but the living trees have no need of them. If you put hoops on a living tree, it can not grow and will get rotten. The hoops must be taken off it. Hoops are necessary for people who live unconscious lives, but for us, who live consciously, no hoops or ropes are necessary! We are living trees, which must grow and develop in absolute freedom. From this point of view, you must study Love and its application to the mind. I am not speaking about the manifestation of Love in the heart, in the feelings, but about the manifestation of Love in the mind and in the thoughts. You must also study Light, but not that light, which hinders you on your way, but the light which illumines your way and encourages you to go on. For instance, you may get lost sometime, at night, in some place. You wander, not knowing where you are, but as soon as the first ray of the sun appears, it throws light on your way and you know what direction to take. You must study also Peace, which gives inner calmness to man. When is a man in peace? The soldier is peaceful when he carries his gun and powder on his shoulder. The gun represents for him the full purse. He touches it and says: "I have peace in my soul!" Why? His purse is full. When his purse is empty, he has not peace. If you have love, you also have peace. If you have bread, you can not be hungry. If you have water, you will not be thirsty. Love bears life; life bears light; light bears peace. Thus, if we have love, we shall be in peace; if we have light, we shall know where we are going. And at last, you must study joy and know that you will attain what you want to. And now, as disciples, you must have a realistic view on life. It is a problem for all disciples to possess not only a theoretical, but also a practical knowledge of life. You should apply everything you learn in the School. Besides, make experiments for yourselves alone. Let the New Teaching, the New Life be incarnated in you. "Only the light way of Wisdom leads to the Truth!"
  11. From The Way of the Disciple, AlphaDar IT WILL TURN INTO JOY "God reins in Heaven; God reigns in life; Let His name be blessed!" I will take as examples two passages, one from the Old Testament, the other from the New Testament, and make a parallel between them. The first one is the 42nd chapter of Isaiah, verses 1 -16, the second is a part of the 16th chapter of John, from the 21st verse on. If anyone wishes to know in what way specifically the reasonable life manifests itself, many definitions can be given. Each one of you can give an explanation himself, but only one of all these explanations can be understood thoroughly. By the word "reason" or "intellect", we mean those kinds of manifestation in which one can see a consistent, unbroken link between all things in nature. Such a person can be called "reasonable", because both in good and in evil, he sees a Divine link in action. I am not speaking about evil, which exists out of us, but about the manifestation of that evil, which is in us. We, people of today, do not recognize the external, Divine world as we should, but we have a subjective conception of this world. We know it to the extent that we are in touch with it, to the extent that we perceive, see, feel and think. Consequently, when we speak about the sun and the stars, we understand them to the extent that we are bound to them and have relations with them. Each one of you must strive to reach the state where he can feel and understand these relations. In my talks I am giving you certain laws and rules by which you must live; I am talking to you about people; what the former human ideals have been and what people must be like in the future. This is a moment which defines the relations between people. For instance, if you are a worker, employed by someone, I ask you: which is the happiest moment in this work? There are two possibilities: the happiest moment for you may be either when you have been employed, or when you have finished your job and you go to your employer. The reasonable man must start thinking at this point. If you do not like your employer, you will feel better when you are going away from him. You will say: "Thank God that I can get away from this man!" This is a particular psychological condition. A son or a daughter, who do not like their parents, feel happy to leave them after they marry. When you say that you do not love anybody, it is a natural condition common to all people. It is neither a sin, nor a crime. This condition is due to an unorganized, distorted life in which the consciousness can not be manifested. It is due to the unorganized life surrounding you. However, if you love your employer, the happiest moment for you will be to go back to him after you have worked for him. So, if anyone asks you which is the best thing in life - to withdraw from someone, or to approach him, you will say: "This depends on whether I love this person or not." These are facts, relations - not maxims and laws. Besides both actions are useful - it is necessary both to withdraw from and to approach a person. When you do not love someone, it is necessary to go away from him, i.e. go to work. If you love someone, it is necessary to approach him, i.e. return from work. When you do not love someone, you have started your work; when you love - you have finished your work. You say: "God, I do not love this person!" God says to you: "Go to the vineyard!" "God, I love this person very much." "Return from work, go home and have a rest!" Therefore, when you do not love someone, you work in God’s field. When you love - you are at home, having a rest. This is the way I think and the facts are drawn from life. Nature is rational and it makes use of all of our conditions. Someone says: "I am not well displosed, I can not love this person." Nature says: "Very well, I have good work for you. Take this small mattock and go to the vineyard to work for a while!" - "But my hands got tired, I am weak!" - you say. "Never mind, all this will pass." - "But I love that person." Nature says: "Now go home to rest." Nature, of course, does not speak like us. It has a beautiful, pleasant voice and a pleasant smile. Its smile is unusual. Once having seen its smile, you can never forget it. When you feel somewhat discontented, nature welcomes you cordially, smiling, and all your discontentment disappears. It knows to whom and how to give. This shows that God knows all our needs and answers them at the right time. The Scripture says: "God knows our nature. He knows our weaknesses, our failings." Even the mightiest spirit, or some great angel, after having descended to earth, cries a little. At times, a few tears can be seen in his eyes, too. While he is up in Heaven among the angels, in the Divine world where no contradictions exist, he lives well, but as soon as he comes to earth and finds himself in that dense matter, among sinners, strong, stubborn people, among their faults and follies, he says: "We do not live this way in Heaven." When people hear him talking like this, they say: "What Heaven are you talking about? Have you had a dream, or are you dreaming now?" Don't we see that you are dressed in ordinary clothes and you look just like us? People are right and the angel finds himself in a complicated situation. He begins to doubt whether he has ever been in Heaven, or whether everything has not been a dream! This condition is psychologically true and real - you have all had it at some time. Sometimes you think you are righteous and you walk with pride, thinking: "I am a stable person, nothing in the world can make me waver." Yes, that’s true when you are among the righteous, but as soon as you are surrounded by sinners, you are influenced to such extent, that you can not even reorganize yourself. Then you ask: "Is this really me, or not?" I know that it is me, but how did it happen that I was influenced like this, I do not know. This influence is an external condition, it came from life. There is an inner law in nature according to which all the faults get piled up on the back of the person who wants to correct other people's faults. And this person would regret a thousand times that he has decided to do this. He says: "Why did I bother with people's faults?" All these faults gather around him and say: "Tell us what we must do!" The faults in life seek only the easy way. When a mistake comes to you, it asks you: "Do you have any money?" No, I do not." - "Since you are so poor and have no money, why did you come to earth?" - "Do you have bread?" - "I do not, but I will teach you how to sow and cultivate the field." -:Since you have no bread why do you call us?" - "Do you have anything ready for eating?" - "I do not, but I will teach you how to cook." - "We do not want to learn now." Now I want to draw a parallel between certain thoughts from the Old and New Testament. You read today what the Prophet Isaiah, who lived more that 2000 years ago, has said. For instance, he says in the 5th verse of the 42nd chapter: "Thus saith God Jehovah, Who has created the heavens and stretched them forth: He that spread abroad the earth and that which comes out of it; He that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein." This thought is not understood yet even by you. If you read it, you will wonder what the prophet means by it. The 5th verse goes like this: "Thus saith God Jehovah." Present-day theologists and philosophers say that God has no body. Since He has no body how does He speak? He has no tongue like us, yet He speaks. He has no eyes, yet He sees. He has no ears like ours, yet He hears. He has no hands like ours, yet He creates anything. He has no feet like ours, but He walks and is everywhere. Therefore, we think that all we possess in this life is the maxim of life. No, this is a temporary state. We do not know the various ways of God, which the Great Divine Wisdom has foreseen and drawn. That we are created as we are today in the consciousness of God, is in the order of things in His great plan. "Thus saith God Jehovah, Who has created the heavens and stretched them forth; He that spread abroad the earth and that which cometh out of it." Which are the products of the earth? - The plants, which are an expression of the inferior life - of that which comes out of the earth. "He that giveth breath unto the people upon it." That's, God gave life and breath to all living things that they might breathe. "And spirit to them that walk therein", that's mankind, the world. People have the spirit, they go to work, they create all things. "I, Jehovah, have called thee in Righteousness, and will hold thy hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles." "I, Jehovah, have called thee in Righteousness." "I, Jehovah, have called them in Righteousness." These are the men God has choosen, He calls them from the world to work. To these men God gives His breath. They are men from the world whose consciousness is awakened. These men who have the spirit, whose consciousness is awakened, will come to us. This is inevitable. They can not remain in the world, just as the egg once put under a hen, can not remain in the basket. Once having been laid under the hen, the question of their life is definitely settled. The eggs will be hatched, small chickens will come out of them and will go to join the other chickens. Nothing can interrupt this process. "I, Jehovah, called them in Righteousness." God calls these men in the first place - in Righteousness. Who is a righteous person? What is Righteousness? Righteousness is determined by an inner law that's within people. "To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the jail and those that stay in darkness." This will be their service and their power. Now I will take the 21st verse from the 16th chapter of the Gospel of John: "A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but when she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for the joy that a man is born into the world." When I talk about the disciple, I take the word "disciple" in the narrow, not in the broad sense of the word. By "disciple" in the narrow sense of the word, I mean the one who studies here on earth, in this limited sphere of life. He studies here until he attains as much as the condition of this life permits him to. When I talk about the disciple in the broad sense of the word, I mean the disciple of high ideals, who studies both here on earth, in this world, and up in heaven, in the other world. He never leaves the school: during the day he studies in the laboratory of the earth, while, at night, he goes up to his Master, Who teaches him theory. On the next day, he comes again to earth to continue his practical work in the laboratory. This disciple studies continuosly: up in heaven, he studies theory, down on earth - practice. When I talk of the ideal disciples, I mean exactly those who study up above and who apply down on earth what they have learned. When I speak about the disciples in the narrow sense of the word, I mean those who study on the earth, but who, upon going to sleep at night, do not study up above. Getting up in the morning, they resume their study. They have no connection with the invisible world and do not know whether they are disciples or not. They say: "As long as we are in school, we are disciples, but when we finish school, we are no more disciples. The ideal disciples, or those I talk about in the broad sense of the word, know that they are always disciples. In the course of one life, of a second, third or fourth existence on earth they know that they have always been and will be disciples. And after many years, when the evolution of our earth, as well as that of the whole solar system, will be completed, they will pass as disciples into a new school, under new conditions. God will give them another name, not the name of "disciples". The word "disciple" is inadequate to express the deep idea involved therein. I want you to understand me correctly and not be discouraged. Whether you will understand me right, or not, is the same to me, i.e. I am not indifferent, but I say that if you understand me correctly, I will be happy, if you do not -1 shall grieve a little, not in the way you grieve, but I will, at least, lose my good disposition. Suppose you have put on your white dress, but a fly makes up its mind to sit upon it and leave its letter, or rather - its visiting-card upon it. The letter which it writes is as follows: " I had the honor to visit your pretty dress and I have left my visiting card, so that you know about my visit. Is this a pleasant visit? - No, it is not. That fly has not found the post-box to leave its letter there. Often you act as the fly; you write a letter and until you take it to the post-office, you pin it on a curtain in your room, so that you will not forget it. When you see these letters on your white dress, you say: "Is this the only place the fly found for its letter?" You are disgusted and you start cleaning your dress. The dress is cleaned, but your attitude does not change. That's why, first of all, a deep and broad understanding of things is required of you all. I know the consequences of an idea that is not understood correctly, that's why I explain things in many different ways and avoid using words which may produce unfavourable results. If you send a man to plough the field, do you think you do good to all people? Yes, it is good for your family, your friends, or those you owe somethings to, but it is the greatest harm for the small worms and bugs in the earth. Yesterday I mentioned in my talk that people of the old life are ploughmen. Many of you thought: the master calls the ploughmen men of the old life, which means that all who plough the earth belong to that life. You must know that agriculture is the highest form of the old life , because there are still more inferior forms as: murder, theft, etc. While the ploughman neither kills nor steals, but yokes his oxen and says: "Come along to work now! I have found you, anyway!" And whether the oxen want to or not, they plough all day long. He says to them: "My wife and children are naked and hungry, we must plough!" What do these oxen have to do with his hungry and naked family? But this is his idea. It plays no role in the consciousness of the oxen who want to be free. In this case I consider the oxen, as conscious creatures. The ploughman continues to talk to them: "You have been created by God to work for me, we, people are above you, that's why you must work all day without being paid and without complaining." After that, he takes a long rod and pricks them to move faster. And what does he give them to eat? A handful of straw. Where do they live? In a most miserable shelter. The oxen complain, but their master does not hear them. He finds their home very nice. This is his own conception, however. I am speaking about the essential things in life, and not specifically about you. I consider the question in a broad sense I and speak about life as a whole, about the way which the entire humanity has to pass through. At present, man as an individual, the family and the whole society suffer. No creature in the world is free from suffering. The old life concerns all people. You should know, for the time being, that the ploughman is the highest and the noblest form, which the old life can produce. Now, if we consider the old and the new life in a narrow sense of the word, Adam and Eve are of the old life. The old life produced the first law which Eve wrote down. She said: "We should not understand everything that God commands, in its ideal form, but rather as it can be applied on the earth. We should look for the inner meaning of things. A different philosophy is concealed in them." Adam and Eve, as disciples in Paradise, interpreted the laws of God in quite a different way when they were reasoning in front of the tree of knowing good and evil. Mosses, on the other hand, set the beginning of the new life. He was on the border-line between the new and old, which can be seen in his personal life. The law was formed during his life. I shall not continue to discuss these questions, because they will divert us from the main thought and raise contradictions and discordance in your minds. This will not help to bring you to a right comprehension, which is necessary for you. Adam and Eve are still on the earth, as disciples, saying: "How foolish we have been not to have understood the laws of God and the Way which He has drawn for us!" Have you ever met Adam and Eve on the earth? When I ask you this question, I mean, it is a law that the great rivers never flow into the small streams, but the small streams always flow into the big rivers. I shall express this thought differently by saying that the small streams flow into the big rivers, but the big rivers pour out into small streams. In this case "pouring out" implies to an inner process -the great, the powerful is poured out into the small. The waters of the Pacific ocean give the beginning of innumerable small streams and springs, which know their original source and want to return to it. Therefore, the "pouring out" is a sort of going out, while the flowing in is returning to the source. Sometimes the Great will be "poured out" into you. Then we can say: "God is pouring Himself out into us, while we will return to the original source when we flow into Him." You ask: "How can we flow into God? Won't we lose our independence?" If God condescends to flow into you and live in you, why shouldn't you flow into Him and live in Him? If you flow into God, you won't be lost. As God, Who has flown into us, has not lost Himself, so also we, by flowing into God, can not be lost. As God always knows Himself in us, just the same way, after we have flown into God, into the Divine, we will know ourselves. After you have flown into God, you will have the most favourable conditions for self-development: for music, for the study of the arts and sciences - whatever you want and ask of God, you will achieve. By saying that we should flow into God, I mean that the best conditions should be given to us for our development, as well as the best life. Better conditions than these can not be given to you. Your souls will be satisfied, but not overfed by that great good; you will be contented and acquire inner joy. I give you these instructions as something definite to keep in your minds and not to fall into a contradiction. Some of you may ask: "Why did the Master say this? Why does He act, under certain circumstances like this and not like that?" You have the right to ask me, as well as God, about many things. For instance, you may ask why God placed the mountain Vitosha in the place it is today. Why did He put the village Boyana in its skirts? Why did He place the monastery a little higher up in the mountain? Will God give you an answer to all these questions? No, He will keep silent. It is interesting for you to know what Vitosha looked like 2000 years ago, but God keeps silent. You ask angels, but they do not answer you either. Why? By keeping silent they tell you that you must read these things yourself. You can study all things in nature, they are written on the rocks, on the earth-layers, on the trees, in the springs. Present-day geologists, who study the earth, give at least 20-30 years to the study of rocks, of earth-layers and after all that work, they publish barely a small book about their discoveries. They understand the language of living nature only to a certain limited extent. God has concealed all things from us, because He wants to make us think. So, I say: We must not interpret the concealment of things by God in the negative sense of the word. If this book was open like a printed book-sheet and admissible to all people, do you know what would happen? Visitors like the big flies would come to leave their visiting cards upon every page of this book and go away. Would we be able to read this book after they have gone away? No, we would not, for they would have left their visiting cards in such a way as to make all reading impossible. Therefore, in order to be free from these flies, the wise have deemed it best to conceal everything and to close this sacred book. When a man, who can guard this book with a sacred feeling, with sacred purity, appears, he will be allowed to open the book, to read and understand what is written on each one of its pages. After reading it through, he will close it again. "A woman in travail has sorrow." It has been considered a dishonor, a punishment for a woman in Israel, not to be able to have children. The whole generation has been regarded as degenerating, or not favoured by God. When it is said about someone that he is born by God, that's considered as the highest state a man can attain. "A woman in travail has sorrow." Why? When a woman feels birth-pains, she is under the most unfavourable conditions, because she does not know how her child will be born. There are birth cases when both the mother and the child die. But after a mother has given birth to a child, she forgets her sorrow and is happy for a man is born in the world. I take the word "birth" in its finest sense. The condition of giving birth to a thought is analogous. A woman becomes incented, acquires self-assurance. I will illustrate the idea of birth with an example. What can a woman, who does not bear children, be compared to? -To an empty purse. This purse may cost 10-20-50-100 leva, at the most 1000 leva, but is it valuable? When does it acquire some value? As soon as it becomes filled with English pounds. How much does it cost then? - Millions. When it is full of money, we take good care of it, carry it with us and call it valuable. Then I say: What ascends the mother, is the child. Therefore, the child creates conditions for manifestation of the mother. That's why every mother wants to have a child. A woman must have a child in order to become a mother. Now we will apply this analogy to life. As long as the super-consciousness of a man is not awakened, he is an empty purse - he can not think. However, from the day of conception when the first thought comes into him, he begins to get filled. The first thought is Divine. Man becomes conscious that he must establish a bond with God. The first thought is the beginning of the real life, which is the most beautiful life. This life represents the first link with God, the first link with Love out of which all things proceed. Once this bond is established, your life starts to flow like water, or like music. This bond achieved, life stops to be a burden and one can pass through all sorrows and sufferings easily. But without this bond, without love in life, even in the midst of the greatest wealth and knowledge, you will complain like Solomon, the wisest man in the world, who has said: "Vanity of vanities, everything is vanity!" When Solomon has pronounced these words, I understand that there has been no love in his heart. There is an appeal, a struggle, a deep sadness of the soul. He says: "I have all things. I have obtained all that I have desired on this earth. As a king, I had wealth, women and slaves; I ate and drank to my heart’s content; I studied nature and its laws; I had knowledge, but the greatest remained concealed! Life has no sense! "Vanity of vanities, all is vanity!" At that, mind you, Solomon was an initiate, an adept. He belonged to the school of the Esseys where he received his knowledge, but he was given a good lesson for his fall! He was an educated man, who knew about the coming of Christ. He says in Ecclesiastes: "Do whatever you want to, but know that one hay you will be held responsible for all your deeds." Solomon says in the 8th chapter of Proverbs: "I was glad and my delight was with the sons of men." He understood Love and when he said: "Vanity of vanities, all is vanity", he was conscious of having ]Qst something, which God had given him. He lost the Sons of God and after that, he started to correct his life. Solomon was a disciple, one of the servants of Christ. When Christ came to earth, Solomon was also there. He was seeking Love. Christ says: "I and My Father are one." The Father is the Great Love. Paul says: "God is Love." Therefore, when we say that Christ is with us, we understand by that - the Love of God is with us. When we complain of life, we are conscious that the Divine Love is not with us. Love is not something physical, which can be lost. When you say that you have lost your love, it implies that your link with Love is broken. This link can be reestablished, restored again, but only by the right thought. When I first talked to you I told you about the way of the disciple. In order that you might better understand this way, I told you about the fourr different kinds of life. What must be the way of the disciple? How many elements does it have? Four elements: Love, Light, Peace and Joy. These four elements are subjects to study. The disciple of the new life must study Love, Light, Peace and Joy [n all their aspects, not as ordinary people study them. That's why I say; An inner bond, an inner philosophy, which must be formed and studied from the new point of view exists in life. You can not live without this philosophy, i.e. you will live an ordinary, not a Divine life. Divine knowledge is acquired and developed only through the law of Love. I want you to enter the new life and start to work with the law of Love. When there is Love, there is Light; when there is Light, there is Peace; when there is Peace, there is also Joy. And vice versa, when there is no Love, there is no Light; when there is no Light, there is no Peace; when there is no Peace, there is no Joy. When someone says that he has lost his Joy, I understand that there are no Love, Light and Peace. You may feel some love, but it can not give you the joy which your soul longs for. Now I will use another analogy. A reasonable person can not be born by an unreasonable one. For instance, a sheep can not give birth to a reasonable man. Such is the law. The child will look like its mother and father. Its intelligence and knowledge represent the total sum of the intelligence and knowledge of its parents. The child is the result. The son and the daughter can not be superior to the mother and the father. In some cases, they are superior to the parents in endurance, in their comprehension of life, in their manifestations, but this is only an external delusion. If a river flows out of its bed and spreads over an area of 10 miles, while another river carrying the same amount of water, becomes so narrow as to spread over an area of only 1 mile, I ask you: Will the first river have more water than the second one? Both rivers have the same amount of water, but the results they will produce would be different. In what respect? The river which has covered an area of 10 miles, after resuming its natural course, will leave much sediment and the places once covered by it will be more fertile. The second river, in which the water flows in a narrow bed, will run faster. Consequently, where the breadth is diminished, the motion is increased, and vice versa, where the breadth is incresed, the motion is slowed down. When motion is faster, life is more intensive. Similarly, if a person begins to live an active life, he must, by all means, limit himself. As soon as the activity of life begins, sorrows, sufferings and contradictions also come into it. The sorrows and sufferings in life are the result of the person's lack of understanding. In such cases people fall into contradictions and begin to ask: "Why has God allowed certain things to happen in life? Why has He created all these various forms of life?" Suppose that the highest human consciousness awakens in an ox, which is working in the field and it becomes aware of the intolerably hard conditions it is under: all day working in the field and in the evening, entering his home to be tied up, deprived of freedom. Do you know how embittered this ox will be? But because of the fact that higher consciousness appears temporarily in the animals and then withdraws, they are easily reconciled and say: "Such is the will of God!" The animals, because of their low level of consciousness, live in a more inferior world than man. Sometimes, people just like the animals, fall into a lower state of consciousness , in which they are not aware of the conditions they are under. Is the condition of those prisoners, who are beaten several times a day, then thrown to sleep on bare stones and given to eat a piece of hard bread and a glass of water, deprived of the opportunity to work, a better condition than that of the animals? I say: We people today, must transmit the thought of God! If we only read the Bible and interpret it from a physical point of view, we will find good things in it, but we will remain ordinary people. If you had all the knowledge Solomon had, you would still be an ordinary person and you would say: "Vanity of vanities, everything is vanity!" Some religious, spiritual people say: "We can enter the Divine world without passing the way of Solomon." This is not true, however, for if you enter the Divine world, you should pass, by all means, the way of Solomon and acquire the knowledge of this world. Then you should put the yeast of the new life into this knowledge. This yeast will be the Divine Love, which will draw from this knowledge all that's essential and necessary for the new life. And then, the essential, which will remain for us, will be for the good of our own soul and for the good of our friends. Thus, you must start with Love! Love must be born in you. In order that it may be born, there must be a material form through which it could be manifested. Those in whom Love is being born, as well as those who nourish it, bear some sort of a physical image. Let us take, for instance, that great sculptor, who has moulded the statue of Diana - the goddess of Love. He presents Love in a material form and then puts it on a high pedestal, so that people can see it. All people respect this statue. Why? Because it represents Love. If people respect this statue, how much more will they respect a human form in which God, Love can be manifested? If a statue is respected, how much more will the human mind, the human heart, the human soul and the human spirit be respected? Therefore, we must respect every person. For whose sake? For the sake of Him, Whom we love. So, the only basis in our life should be Love. But we can not acquire Love until we begin to love God. First of all, we must love God. If we do not love God, we can not love people. When we do not love some person, he appears ordinary, his face seems small, his eyes - hollow, he does not attract us. It is the same thing, as when you find an empty purse - you turn it this way and that way, it looks old and dirty to you and you throw it away. But if I fill this purse with gold, you take it and call it a fine purse. You do not pay attention to its shabby external appearance, for you are interested in its contents. You see some woman who is a mother of ten children and you say: "This woman has become dark, look how hollow her eyes look!" How can she look otherwise? She is the mother of so many children! Yes, but in the soul of this woman a sacred idea is deposited for which her children love her from all their hearts and will reward her some day. They wait for her to return from work in the evening, rejoice at seeing her and call her "mother". When a man has the benevolence of God, he will see His Love in the face of his mother, father, or any other person. But how sad it is when a son has no mother and father! He says: If I could only have a mother! He goes around, sighing and in the place it is today. Why did He put the village Boyana in its skirts? Why did He place the monastery a little higher up in the mountain? Will God give you an answer to all these questions? No, He will keep silent. It is interesting for you to know what Vitosha looked like 2000 years ago, but God keeps silent. You ask angels, but they do not answer you either. Why? By keeping silent they tell you that you must read these things yourself. You can study all things in nature, they are written on the rocks, on the earth-layers, on the trees, in the springs. Present-day geologists, who study the earth, give at least 20-30 years to the study of rocks, of earth-layers and after all that work, they publish barely a small book about their discoveries. They understand the language of living nature only to a certain limited extent. God has concealed all things from us, because He wants to make us think. So, I say: We must not interpret the concealment of things by God in the negative sense of the word. If this book was open like a printed book-sheet and admissible to all people, do you know what would happen? Visitors like the big flies would come to leave their visiting cards upon every page of this book and go away. Would we be able to read this book after they have gone away? No, we would not, for they would have left their visiting cards in such a way as to make all reading impossible. Therefore, in order to be free from these flies, the wise have deemed it best to conceal everything and to close this sacred book. When a man, who can guard this book with a sacred feeling, with sacred purity, appears, he will be allowed to how much more will they respect a human form in which God, Love can be manifested? If a statue is respected, how much more will the human mind, the human heart, the human soul and the human spirit be respected? Therefore, we must respect every person. For whose sake? For the sake of Him, Whom we love. So, the only basis in our life should be Love. But we can not acquire Love until we begin to love God. First of all, we must love God. If we do not love God, we can not love people. When we do not love some person, he appears ordinary, his face seems small, his eyes - hollow, he does not attract us. It is the same thing, as when you find an empty purse - you turn it this way and that way, it looks old and dirty to you and you throw it away. But if I fill this purse with gold, you take it and call it a fine purse. You do not pay attention to its shabby external appearance, for you are interested in its contents. You see some woman who is a mother of ten children and you say: "This woman has become dark, look how hollow her eyes look!" How can she look otherwise? She is the mother of so many children! Yes, but in the soul of this woman a sacred idea is deposited for which her children love her from all their hearts and will reward her some day. They wait for her to return from work in the evening, rejoice at seeing her and call her "mother". When a man has the benevolence of God, he will see His Love in the face of his mother, father, or any other person. But how sad it is when a son has no mother and father! He says: If I could only have a mother! He goes around, sighing and grieving, there is no place to rest for him. He is not like the other men. It is good to have a mother and to call her "mother"! It is good to have a father and to say "father" to him! When you say "father", he opens his purse and sends you to school. When you say "mother", she makes your bed for rest, in the morning she gives you nice and clean clothes, embraces and kisses you and sends you to school with a blessing. The mother sends her children to school and she studies for them. When a young man falls in love with some girl, he loves her because of his mother, he seeks his mother in her. He looks for his mother jn every girl and falls in love with that girl in whom he finds her. The man loves the girl while the mother is there. As soon as the mother is gone, he stops loving the girl. When a girl says that her beloved does not love her, it means that the mother is not in her. If a girl weeps, it is because Love has left her - the mother is not there then. People say there is something "crooked" in this matter. I will give you an example to show you how this "crooked" element spoils everything. Several Bulgarian men, converted into the Mohammedan faith, had set themselves upon building a Turkish mosque. There had been a rule that during the whole time of building the mosque, not one Bulgarian word should be pronounced. While walking through a forest in search of trees for the construction of the mosque, they had exchanged their opinion about different trees, but every time they had come to a tall tree a little bent on the top, and because of the lack of a Turkish word to express the idea, they had used the Bulgarian word "crooked". The hodja, upon hearing the Bulgarian word, cried out: "You disgraced the mosque because you used the Bulgarian word "crooked". They started again looking for tall, straight at the top trees, but all the trees had "crooked" tops, and because of the Bulgarian word "crooked", the mosque remained unfinished. I say: All people start their work well, but towards the top they turn out a little "crooked". Thus, all our works are like the work of those Mohammedan masons, a little crooked at the top. This is the reason why, even today, our mosque is not finished. Why? Because we use the Bulgarian word "crooked". Do not take the word 'crooked’ in its literal sense. I often hear you say about some people that they can not do anything. Do not speak in this way! When are people unable to do anything? When they do not love. When you do not love someone, you say: "I can not do this work, but when you love him, you say:" I can do everything for him. When you do not love someone, you let him into your house through the main entrance, but when you love him, you go even out of the window to meet him and bring him in. Therefore, for Love there are doors everywhere. When I speak to you this way, I do not have in mind any particular person. You may have disputes among yourselves, but avoid making comparisons and criticizing this or that sister, that she does not love anyone. Think principally on the question what your attitude toward God must be. For the time being, this is the most important problem, whose solution depends entirely upon you. Can you solve your problems in life for the sake of God and His Love? If you can, say to yourself that, because of His Love, you can study, become a servant, work without being paid, go hungry, bring up children and fulfil with pleasure all tasks which God has given you. When you return to God, you will see how you have solved all these problems. What problems do you have to solve? For instance, the disputes among you are sometimes small problems. Someone has told you an offensive word; that's a small problem for you - to try to transform its energy. There are no offensive words in the world. An offensive word is the visiting card of that fly. This is the way you must think. You can also think differently and say: "If this fly had my understanding, my consciousness, it would not have left its visiting card on my dress, so thanks God I am not a fly to do the harm it does." Every man who does not think right, who commits crimes, has the consciousness of the fly. When God has deposited His Love and Light in you, when He has dressed you in Peace and Joy, and yet you leave your visiting cards here and there, I ask you: What sort of understanding is this? I will give you an example to show you some of the methods by which people act one against the other. For instance, it happens sometimes that some disciple from School gives a talk to his friends, in which he brings out some of their faults, or incorrect acts. He says, for instance, that certain brothers and sisters are fanatics, that they say their prayers openly, thus making themselves look ridiculous, etc. He brings out all these ideas with a sincere heart; with the purpose to make his friends correct their faults. But what is the result of this method? At the end the mistakes he has brought out are attributed to him. There is a law in nature, that when a person brings out the faults of others, these faults exercise a certain influence upon him, just as some poisonous gas has harmful impact on the person who works with it. The fact that this person has brought out true facts does not change the law - it acts in the same way in both cases. Why? The method which this brother employs is right, but there is something crooked on the top! Sometimes, I myself employ this method when I bring out the faults of some disciple in the presence of others. After that he says to me: "Master, why did you bring out my faults in public? Couldn't you tell to me everything in privacy?" I tell him that I did it, because I had a great respect for his ear. If I had told him about his faults personally, my voice would have sounded so loud, that there would have been a danger of bursting his ear-drum. However, by telling them in public, I lessened their force by taking half of the burden on me. In that case, I prefer to suffer instead of you. It is important to achieve and fulfil the given purpose. Therefore, do not think that when I bring out people’s defects, I do not take a part of the burden. I take upon myself half of it. Great attention is necessary when one brings out the faults of people. The consciousness must be fully awake, otherwise the results may be negative. When other people’s faults are brought out, that must be done with the greatest possible kindness and purity, with the greatest discretion and nobility on behalf of the one who does it. There is something more important in such a case and that's: bring out people’s faults only when God tells you to. If He tells you to do it, turn kindly to your brother and say to him: "Brother, I am bringing out your fault in public, because God told me to do so. I prefer to fulfil the Will of God and to get in conflict with the world, than to keep quiet and to get in conflict with God. When apostle Paul brought out other people’s faults in his own name, he used to say: "You will forgive me, for I speak in my own name, God has not told me to do this." He knew that he would take half of the burden upon himself. That's why every person who is under this law becomes discouraged, his face darkens, if he can not bear the burden and he says: "Why did I ever speak to these people, they did not understand me!" On the other hand the people, who listen to him say: "Why does this man attack us like this? Don't we want to serve God?" I used these examples, to illustrate for you the two methods by which our words may affect people when we bring out their faults with a desire to correct them: we can do that either in privacy or in public. Sometimes the invisible world tells a person to bring out the faults of someone and not to think about the consequences. Therefore, no matter what idea some brothers or sisters may bring out, listen to them carefully, try to penetrate their thought and see what lies concealed in it. You know how the question stands from your point of view, but if you try to see it from the point of view of the one speaking to you, this will throw a new light on your mind and you will benefit by it. I can compare those men who speak to others, to fishermen who throw their nets in the water, while those who listen to them can be compared to buyers of this fish. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that the fishermen who catch the fish earn less than those who sell it. The man who does the catching of the fish throws the net again and again and draws it out in the course of 4-5 hours, gets all wet and at the end, you find that he has caught barely several small fish. And after all that work, men find fault with him for having caught so little fish! "Why did you catch so little fish? This fish is not worth anything!" No, you must not discourage that man! Tell him that the fish is nice and that another time he will catch more. Therefore, I tell you as disciples: Encourage in others the valuable ideas which arise in you. Stimulate each other for knowledge, but do not limit yourselves. Do not say that you have no need of knowledge! Knowledge is necessary for all of you - both for the advanced and for the retarded disciples. The ideas presented and the procedure make this conference unique. We are infront of the eyes of God and have His blessing, as well as the support of the brothers all over the world for this work. We have also the support of the angels. Do not think what you are and who you are. We have the blessing of God and this is what is important. Some people say: "Will our work be successful?" This is not included in our program. We do not raise this question. Do not stop to think of the question whether our work will be successful or not. The future is where God is. You ask: "Who will join us?" Those who must come have already come. If all people come, how can we accommodate them? Imagine that 20 000 people come here. In what kind of hall can we have them all? Then you would not be able to see me. Physically, it is impossible for so many people to be in this small hall. There is another way by which these people can gather together and see each other without thinking about space. This is the world of ideas. When I talk, I understand the ideal sense of things. Sometimes, I have my official clothes on, sometimes - my ordinary clothes. You notice that and say: "Today the Master has his ordinary clothes on. Why?" I say: This is what God wants. God says to me: "Today you must put on your ordinary clothes and go down to talk to these people in their own language." Another day God says to me: "Leave your work now, go out in the street where you will see two oxen yoked in a wagon. They have been praying for a long time. Stop by them, pat them on the back and go away." Now this is out of my intimate life. I go down to the street, find the oxen, pat them on the back and just as I turn around to go away, their master looks at me and says: "What are you doing?" He is surprised at my attitude toward the oxen, which he beats all day long. I take out of my pocket 3 or 4 pieces of gold and say to him: "Please, take good care of these oxen! They do their job well. If you listen to me another time, I will give you more of these coins." Then I go my way. After the oxen return home in the evening, they say: "Today a man passed by us, stroked us on the backs and from that moment on, our master became more kind to us. Up to this day, he pricked us and beat us with a rod, but today he became more considerate of us. We do not know the reason for this change.” I know the reason, however. God told me to leave my professional work, to go and pat these oxen and to give their master 3-4 golden coins. When I went to that man, I did not start explaining to him that God has sent me. I said to him: Listen, my friend, your oxen are of a good breed, you will not find others like them, so feed them well and take good care of them. They do their work very well. After patting the oxen, I said to them: Do not feal, only have patience and pray unceasingly! A year from now your condition will be better. And actually, their master finds a Bible and begins to read it, becomes a vegetarian, throws away the rod, understands that one must not tortune the animals and an year later I saw him ploughing in the field with these same oxen, talking gently: "Come on now, come along, brothers! Let us plough a little!" After ploughing with them for 3-4 hours, he unyokes them and sets them free. Master and oxen begin to understand each other. Everyone has such a master in himself. Now we can make an analogy. I have decided to visit your masters. I will pat you on the back, give your masters several golden coins and say to them: "Be so kind as to take good care of your servants. They work diligently and you will not find others like them." What will you say then? That the external conditions of life have become better; that society has begun to look more favourably on you, etc. Now many of you say: "Master, can we change the negative opinion the public has about us? Can we change their views about us? We suffer of these views and this negative opinion. Something must be done about that! As long as they do not know who we are, they listen to us, but as soon as they find out who we are, they become reserved. I say to you: "There is one way to make people listen to you." Which is this way? If during this year you apply the kind of Love about which I talked to you, if you apply the Light which comes from above and which I manifest to you, if you accept the Peace and the Joy, which come from above, all obstacles will disappear. And then you will begin to talk to people so eloquently, that everybody will listen to you. In order to remove the obstacles in the world, you must have a living contact with the rational forces of nature. These forces are imparted only by contact. When you come into contact with them, they begin to flow into you and melt all the ice and snow. So, I say: All contradictions must vanish from your mind. There must not be any disaccordance in your relations. Someone says: "My heart is cold. I have no definite idea about God." I say to him: God is Love. - "But this idea is also an indefinite idea for me." - "Then begin to love your mother in the new way!" - "I love her, but still there is something missing in me." - "Love your father." - "I love him, but still there is something missing." - "Love your brother!" - "Still that's not enough!" - "Love your sister, your servant, all creatures, love, at last, your enemies!" As soon as he begins to love his enemies, he says: "Master, at last I have understood the meaning of Love!" So, I say to everyone who does not recognize Love: Apply Love in its fulness! While the Divine Joy flows in your soul, descend to the greatest depth and you will realize that the Divine Love is also working there and that you have fulfiled the will of God. Only in this way you will be able to understand the meaning of Love. If you apply Love, the doors of your mind will open and the knowledge of past ages, as well as that of the present and the future, will begin to enter your mind in a natural way. Then you will become acquainted with the problems of the new life. Today there are virtuous, talented people who have come down to work with the sole purpose of acquainting people with these problems. You say: "This is a worldly science!" No worldly science exists, there is only one sacred science in which many consecrated people are at work. They study the Divine in life and they are those, who will open up their treasuries and display the new knowledge and the new understanding. I ask you: What must people whose minds are empty and do not contain anything new do? They will do the same thing as they would with a purse full of old things of no value. Do they throw away their purse? No, instead of that, they take out of it all things that have no value and fill it up with something new and valuable. When I say that you must empty your mind and heart, I mean that you must take out of them all that has lost its value; you must throw away all the old, obsolete ideas, conceptions and opinions about morality and allow the Divine, which will create its own forms to flow into you. Let Love enter your mind, it will show its nature itself! All you will have to do is - listen! When a child is born, does the mother teach him to speak? No, she only gives him the possibility to manifest himself. At first, the child mumbles, produces sounds, but gradually it begins to speak clearly. The mother only corrects him. There are children who speak clearly and with ease. The adepts, while children, do not need many corrections by their mothers. They make very few mistakes until they learn to speak well. Thus, after you deposit the Divine in yourselves, it will renew your life. Christ says: "A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow." Every man who has come into the world, has sorrow and in order to enter the Divine world, he must give birth to something. One can not bear a sinful world, for there exists constant abortion, and as a consequence sorrow is born. The best ideas are aborted in the world. What is realized in the world? Temples are ruined, schools are ruined, mothers are spoilt, children are spoilt, sisters and brothers are spoilt, servants are spoilt - everything becomes spoilt in this world. Things start well there, but afterwards they become spoilt and come to a bad end. I say to you: If you want to acquire, to bear the great, new thought; if you want to acquire the new science, you must by all means enter the Divine world, acquire Love, Light, Peace and Joy. You can enter that world, but you must observe all the rules which exist there. You will put aside the old life with all its habits. Everyone on getting up in the morning, should pray to God saying: "God, give the blessings which You give to me, to my brothers also! I will obey You as You teach me. I will apply Love according to Your will." We, ourselves are often the cause for our misfortunes and troubles in life. How? By pointing out the sins of people. Let us be thankful in our souls for every sorrow which comes to us and say like the Psalmist: "It is good for me to have been grieved." Who had grieved him? His mother. How many mothers cause grief to their daughters! They say to them: "Where did you go today? You must stay at home! Take off your new clothes! Stop going to dances with the young men! Take the jugs and go for water!" Does that mother think badly? Does she have an evil intention for her daughter? Not at all! She desires the best things for her daughter - that the latter might be honest and respectable. The mother is not against her daughter being in love with someone, but she says: "You must love the best and the noblest young man and not the first one you meet in the street." The daughter thinks that her mother wants to restrain her love and says: "Once you have been in love yourself, but now you restrain me." Neither the restraints nor the freedom which you may have, can give a solution to the great law of Love. We must love each other, but how? If a young girl finds a man to marry, who will put her away from him on the very next day, does he love her? No, he does not. But there are some honest men in the world, who before marrying the one they love, say to her: "I love you today, but how long my love will last, I can not tell; I guarantee for one year, at the most. If you are willing to leave your parents for one year and follow me, do it." I shall tell you of a case similar to this. There was in Sliven a good young woman, who fell in love with one of our best brothers there and wanted to marry him. He had made up his mind not to marry. The young woman asked me whether she should marry him, and I answered that they do not match, and that the brother she had chosen was not in a state to marry, he had other work to do. She answered: "I love him and want to marry him, even if I have to leave this world in three years." I told her that they will not live together even for three years. They did not obey me, and got married. About an year later they started to avoid each other. When she met me at that time, she said: "Who could tell that we would come to such an end!" I had told her, but she had wanted to test things by herself. She had not even thought of evil, but the evil came. That brother liked to read and philosophize, he was not a man for family life. She went to work every day to earn something for their living, while he walked around all day long, cigarette in mouth, only giving orders to her what to buy and do for him. So I say: As long as one has not settled the question of his health, or his work with God, he should not get married. One of the maxims of the new teaching is the following: A woman who can not take care of a man, does not love him; a man who can not take care of a woman, does not love her; a friend who can not arrange the affairs of his friend as his own, does not love him; a master who can not take care of his servant as of an intimate friend, does not love him; a servant who can not take care of the works of his master as of his own, does not love him. How must we behave with each other? We must be ready to serve others no matter in what difficult situation we may be, no matter how difficult a problem we may have to solve. There must be something to distinguish us from the rest of the world. At present, you must be thankful to the men of the world. They are a very good school for us. The Scripture says: "Do not love the world." That means: If you love the world in the first place and God in the second place, you will stumble and draw far from Him. Love God first of all and one day, when you come to know Him, He will take you into the world and acquaint you with it. Therefore, today God is telling us what He had told Adam and Eve: "You can eat all fruit but one - of the "tree for knowing good and evil". In other words, God says to the people: "You can love all things, but the world, you must not taste its fruit." Someone says: "Why musn't we love the world?" You can love it, but you will look like Adam and Eve, for you will go barefooted and in shabby clothes. You may study the world, but you should not eat of its fruit. The word "world" implies the Divine life. You must study the Divine life and the Divine knowledge, which can be applied everywhere in the world. Only in this way you can attain all that you want. There are ploughmen among you. If you obey me and live in the new way, when you sow 10 acres of ground, it will bear as much fruit as if you had sown 100 acres. That means: your labor will be reduced and you will have more spare time for reading. The ploughman is the highest expression of the old life. When Christ was born, who came first to worship Him? Were they people of the old life? They were not. Shepherds came first - they are men of the new life. The men of the new life say to their sheep: "We do not want to cause you suffering anymore, so we shall leave you to feed freely." This is what our Master teaches us. We shall guard you from the wolves, but under the conditions, that from time to time, we may take off your wool and milk you. This is the law. We have women and children whom we must feed. We have already reformed our lives and will not tortune you, but you will serve us with your wool and milk. Christ has said: "If you have two coats, give one to your brother." This verse means: give one coat to your Master. And then the sheep say: "As our master speaks like this, you may take our wool to make clothes out of it, and you may have our milk for food." The life of the shepherd is of a higher order than that of the ploughman. What does the life of the righteous represent? It is of a still higher order than the life of the shepherd. I compared the righteous to a cook. He does not invite men to a feast, but he puts on his white apron, cooks the food, sets the dishes on the table and smilingly tells everyone: "Help yourself." Only the rich and wise men will find him. He serves them and recommends himself as a servant of the new teaching, but after all have finished eating, he whispers in their ear: "Listen, I do not want wool, or milk, but I want you to open up your purses, for the gold you have is not for you, I will take it. You will put your gold in my own purse." The cook deals with righteous, wise men. I am giving you these ideas, so that you can better understand your psychic states. You should observe and analyze these different states. You will say to yourself: "Today I am a ploughman, I fulfil the highest occupation of the old life." Another day, you will see yourself as a shepherd, fulfiling the most noble task of the new life, but still taking the wool off the sheep. Then some day, you will be cooks - the highest occupation of the life of the righteous. You have business with wise people, but you collect their gold. You think: we are not free people yet. At last, we come to the new life, to the life of the disciple, who does not want anything. He deals with Love, Light, Peace and Joy. This is the real life. But until you come to this life, you can not be free from the other three kinds of life; you have need a ploughman, a shepherd and a cook. If you want to have happiness in your home, you must have a ploughman, a shepherd and a cook. If you want to have Joy in your home, if you want the blessing of God, you must have, by all means, a disciple. When the ploughman, the shepherd, the cook and the disciple get together at your home, stand before God and say: "God, I thank Thee that Thou hast sent these helpers into my home, so that I may learn something from each one of them. The ploughman taught me something, the shepherd taught me something, the righteous taught me something and now the disciple will teach me the new way of life." I take the word "disciple" in a broad sense of the word. The invisible world will send a disciple into your home, who will go every night up in heaven to study, and on the next day, when he returns, he will tell you what he has learned about Love, Light, Peace and Joy. He will bring you the good things and tell you about them, and you will learn from him. Some people say: "It is good for people to be visited by the Spirit.” But I say: It is good for a person to have at his home a disciple, who will teach him about Love. Sometimes, he will kindly take you into the School, where you may see his Master. You can not go alone to the Master. There must be a disciple to take you to Him. One disciple leads another disciple there. A disciple can never go alone to his Master. In the same way, in order that we may go to God, there must be someone, by all means, to lead us to Him. You say: "There are things in us, which the Spirit is cultivating. That's why He will lead us to our Master, Who will show us the way of salvation." Who is this Spirit? Christ. Who is Christ? The Love which works with eagerness and joy. If I tell you that it is already time for your eyes to be opened - they are already opened. Only a thin veil remains to be taken off, but for many of you this act will cause a great fear. As you enter the spiritual life, the New life as I call it, you will inevitably face a mirror in which you will see both the beautiful and the ugly side of your personality and you will be frightened. This is why it is necessary for one to be prepared, otherwise a sorrow will overcome you at the thought that you are not worthy of this life. You will see all your previous existences in this mirror, that’s why, first, you will be led through a preparatory way where you will find another mirror and after you are prepared, you will face the frightful mirror. Disciples who enter the spiritual life prematurely, face the second mirror, and they can not endure what they see. They fall and rise, until, at last, they find themselves in despair and say: "This business is not for us, we are sinners." Then you see those people taking the wrong path in life. That's why, upon entering the spiritual life, do not hurry, but wait until you are well-prepared and strong. Then upon seeing your face, you will already know what work is required of you. This is a great Truth, which you must know. You are on the threshold of the New life. It may be tomorrow that someone might knock on your door and call you. I am not speaking about a physical entrance into the New life; I do not want you to die and enter in it, but I say: When God knocks on your consciousness you may die and still continue to live on the earth. This is a conscious death. Paul says: "I died and now Christ lives in me." He says that he is dead, but we see him walking and talking. How is it possible for him, who has died, to continue to live? This shows that Paul died as a consciousness, but Christ came to live in him as Love, as a super-consciousness. He heard the voice which was saying: "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?" - "Who art Thou, Lord?" - "I am Christ, rise and go where I tell you to go." Now God is saying to you: "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?" When we do not manifest the Divine Love, don't we persecute God? You say: "The time for this Love has not arrived yet." But I say: Now is the time for it. The world has never felt a greater need for Love than it does today. What sufferings, what degradation, what darkness exists today in the world! Today, there is a need of strong souls, strong disciples, who will not only speak about Love, but will also manifest and apply it in life, so that they may support and ascend these souls. Do you know how many people sigh, weep and suffer in their homes, without having someone to tell them a word of comfort, or encouragement! God says to you: "Find these souls and help them! They go to church, light candles and pray, but they can not be comforted. They study, yet they can not be comforted. They have money, but that does not comfort them either." They say: "God, send us someone, who can give us light and show us the right way in this world!" You say: "But aren't they educated people?" How many educated and famous people are there in Europe, who have written books in sciences and philosophy, but who go to different churches, read the Bible, and in great earnestness seek the Truth. You also must have that eagerness and seek the great Truth. If you are not disposed to listen to me with Love, Light, Peace and Joy, you will not understand the true meaning of my words, but only their ordinary meaning. If you read the Bible, still you will not understand the deep meaning its words carry. Today God is speaking to you. I do not want to put you to a test, as to what you would want from Him, but I say: When God appeared to Solomon, who was an adept at that time, what did he ask of God? Knowledge and wisdom. He made a wrong choice for he chose the difficult way and could not stand it till the end. Therefore, I am telling you: Do not choose the difficult way of Solomon, but rather choose the way of Love. It is a way of sorrow and suffering in the world, but where sorrow and suffering are, there is Love. The second step after Love is the way of Light. As a rule you start with Love, then with Light, after that with Peace and last must come Joy. Then will come the second phase - the difficult way - the way of Wisdom. If you do not pass through this natural way, you may travel all over world, you may study in all the schools of the great Masters in the world, who bring the Divine Word, but all of them will have only one definite Divine idea, they can not change this Divine way. Everywhere they will tell you: "The first step in life is the way to Love." The way of Wisdom is the most difficult way, it is only for the Masters. Solomon chose this way, because he had a high opinion of himself. He thought that he could become a Teacher of Israel. He built a temple, but how many times it had to be ruined! That temple showed that the knowledge which Solomon had about the Divine world did not rest on a solid basis. So, I say: How many times your building may be ruined? This shows that there is Righteousness in the world! A society gets disorganized, but it becomes organized again. Therefore, there is something upon which life, societies rest and without which they can not be built up. Christ says: "I have built this temple upon a rock and the doors of hell can not prevail against it." Which is this rock? Love. If you build up your life upon Love, nothing in the world can shaken it. I am not speaking about the external forms of Love, neither about your external credo, but about all that lives deep within you. "A woman who is in travail has sorrow, but after she is delivered, her sorrow turns into joy for a man is coming to the world." Start giving birth with love. If you do it with love, your child will not die and your sorrow will be turned into joy. If you give birth without love, your child will die. This is the law. Life is determined by Love. In the present state in which you find yourselves, only those people who suffer deeply and consciously are wise. The future is on the side of those who suffer today. There are no two opinions about that. The soul of those who suffer deeply is so shaken up, as if the whole world is being destroyed within them. They do not only feel their own sufferings, but also the sufferings of the whole world and of all creatures. I feel the suffering of all rational and irrational creatures, both big and small. My soul is shaken up, but I know the causes of these sufferings. That's why I am against all artificial sufferings, which people themselves call forth. The world is full of suffering, do not add even a hair - breadth to it! Doubt, suspicion, lack of confidence are artificial sufferings, that's why you must avoid them and not create them yourselves, because they will bring other, greater sufferings. That’s why all great Masters recommend to their disciples different methods for acquiring self-mastery. How difficult is it for one to be a master of himself! And now, since you have become pregnant with the Divine, I am giving you the Teaching of Love. Some of you, when listening to me, think that I deny your efforts. Two sisters were telling each other: "For a number of years, we have been making efforts to become disciples, but it seems we have not obtained any results yet, by the words of the Master!" I see all this - there are results already, but I consider the question in a broad sense -1 am telling you what must be the great ideal of the disciple. This must be the impulse, the aspiration of your life, but the rest assured, no matter how little you may do, God will bless you. Do not think that He will overlook the litle you have done. God says: "If a man give but a cup of water to anyone with love, I will bless him." Thus, everything you do with love is for your own benefit. If you think, feel and act right, it is first of all for your own good, then for the good of your friends and at last, for those around you. Only this way you can bear the Divine life. So I say to you: People will come from the world to tempt you and to want to become your teachers. They will tell you: "Do you know that at the place where you go to be taught and preached to, division of the nation is taught?" No, there does not exist division in the world. In the world there is development, branching out, but no division. In biology it is said, that the cells multiply by division. No, there is no process of division within the cell, but rather a process of ramification, of branching out. The cells grow and multiply just as the roots, the branches, the blossoms and the fruit of a tree. In life there is also no division, but branching out. These are definitely determined laws. Those who do not understand the deep meaning of these laws, speak about division, but we go by the law of branching out. Division produces death, while branching out is a process of the great life, which operates in the world. Thus, a woman when she has delivered her child, is in the law of branching out. This is the way the Divine flows into life. Therefore, you should try to become free of all delusions in life. At times, it seems strange to you why you see one and the same object in different aspects. I will explain this to you in the following way: Someone says that he saw the shadow of a tree to the east. I conclude that that man has observed the tree at sunset. Another man says that the shadow of that tree was to the west. It means that he has observed the tree at sunrise. The first man, who has observed the tree at sunset, has smaller light than the one who has observed the tree at sunrise. The conditions, the setting for their observation are different. After all that, these two men get together and start arguing on which side is the shadow of that tree: to the east or to the west, and they draw their conclusions. Therefore, when a man commits sin, I say that his shadow is to the east. When anyone does good, I say that his shadow is to the west. You ask me: "What is your opinion about that man?" I answer you symbolically: The shadow of that man is to the west. By this you understand that he is a good man and is doing good to someone. I say about another man that his shadow is to the east. You understand that he does evil. If we speak about the man of Righteousness, his shadow can not be to the east, because Righteousness comes from the east, from above, so its shadow will be always downward where west is. There are inner conceptions of the laws of life. When one suffers, his shadow is to the west, when he rejoices, his shadow is to the east. In the past, it often happened that after I would have finished my morning talk, someone would come to my home to ask me where God is. I would say to him: I will answer you gladly where God is, but now it is dinner-time and as we are hungry, let us first eat and we will speak afterwards. I would invite him to dinner, and after he has eaten, I would give him a glass of wine, he would become happy and forget to ask me where God is. He would look at his watch and seeing that it is getting late, would go home. On the next day, he would come again to speak with me. I would invite him again to dinner and he would forget to ask me the question which interests him. You say: "When a man is sad, give him a glass of wine, so that he will forget his sorrow." This is a wrong idea, however. You should give a glass of wine to the one you love. This means, that you would give him something because of your love. This love will elevate him and he will forget his sufferings. What must you fill his glass with? - With that golden wine of words which will make him forget all his grief and suffering. Dress this man, for he is in shabby clothes and naked! The Divine Love implies sacrifices. I ask you: Do you know the art of treating your guests? In Sofia there are, at the present time, many tavern-keepers, I do not know their number. I shall thank the one who can tell me that number. I am glad there are so many tavern-keepers in Sofia, for if one day they learn to treat people in the new way, there will be no better people than those. "A woman who is in travail has sorrow, but after she is delivered, she forgets her sorrow." You are in the last phase of this birth, that's why you need peace and calmness. One can give birth to a great idea only when his spirit is calm. When a great musician creates anything, he says: "Give me favourable conditions!" When a great poet creates, he says: "Give me favourable conditions!" When a woman is delivering a child, she also requires favourable conditions. How much more are these favourable conditions necessary for us who are to give birth to the Great Thought! What is necessary, in order that these favourable conditions may come? - Prayer. Prayer only can bring about such favourable conditions and exercise a beneficial influence upon us. Prayer is a link and Love can come into the world only by means of this link. Many people do not know how to pray. Praying does not consist of external reading, or whispering of prayers, but our whole life must turn into an inner prayer, that we may prepare in us the conditions for the visit of Love. Once Love has visited us, we feel Light, Peace and Joy in our soul. Some people say that the religious people get stiff. How can they change? Such is society, such is its religion. Religion which makes people stiff is a religion without love. Science which makes men stiff, is science without love. When there is stiffening, there is coldness, freezing. When there is love, there is expansion, thought, wealth. Thinking is a sign that Love has come. Love is already visiting you and I want you to be ready. It is knocking on your hearts, do not be afraid. Some people say: "Do those whom we love, deserve our love?" Do not ask such questions. The ones you love always deserve your love. Christ says: "Love God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul and with all your might; love your neighbour as yourself, love your enemies also!" This verse has mystical meaning, but only the mystic can understand what it means to love God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul, with all your might, to love also your neighbour and even your enemy. As disciples, you must understand the deep meaning of this verse. This is a problem for you, which you must solve in the future. If you apply now the law of Love, you will obtain only practical results. Every teaching must have at least practical results, which can prove that the smallest work is also blessed. If you are a musician, your work will be blessed; if you are a painter, your work will be blessed; if you are a ploughman, your work will be blessed; if you are a clerk, your work will be blessed - God blesses every work. You must be contented with your labour. If you have that inner contentment and gratitude for the conditions in which God has placed you, you will hear that inner voice even in time of greatest suffering, which will tell you: "Do not be afraid, everything will end well and your sorrow will turn into joy." But you must study and apply knowledge. Powerful thought is required of you! The disciple must have the right thought! He must choose a positive way in his life, know what subjects he must study and, at last, he must give birth to something great. As soon as he bears, he enters the School where his Master will welcome him. Do not ask yourselves whether you are disciples or not. Also, do not ask yourselves whether you are of the old life, of the new life, of the righteous life, or disciples. These are different trends of life. The old life flows in the stomach of man; the new life flows in the lungs; the life of the righteous flows in the brain, while the life of the disciple flows in the soul. The life of the disciple is the soil upon which you will sow the new. The new culture of the future will rise out of this soil. Everywhere in the world there are conditions for the birth of the new, for the formation of the new people. They will be the people of the sixth race whom I call "disciples of the great Divine School", who bear the new thought and who are servants of the Great God, Creator of everything in the world. These peole are called saints in the religious life. I say: You must all be ready to accept this teaching, so that when one of the disciples comes to you, he may find an environment ready for work. In order that the Divine idea may be realized, a disciple of heaven must, by all means, unite with a disciple on earth and thus form a complete disciple. When Christ came to earth, that other disciple came after Him from above. Who was that disciple? The Spirit. He came and entered Christ. When he came from above, they both started to preach. This is the law on earth. The Scriptures say: "I shall put my Spirit upon Him." Similarly, if you are disciples, God will put His Spirit upon you and you will bring forth that part, which is yours to give. Apparently, that is a small part, but that small part will grow large in your soul and your life will become significant. And now, I want you all, firstly, to be joyful; secondly, to have peace; thirdly, to have light, and fourthly, to have love. Let Love be your rear-guard. This is a natural law, which exists on earth. What does a wise mother do when she goes for a walk with her children? She lets the children walk ahead of her. Thus, Joy must walk first, while Peace, Light and Love must walk behind. The unwise mothers do just the opposite: they let their children walk behind them and cry. When a mother leaves her child to run and cry behind her, she is an imprudent mother. I wish your children would walk first. If they are first, you are disciples of the new teaching. If they are behind, you are men of the old teaching. "A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow." Therefore, you will have a little sorrow. Christ says: "Now you have sorrow, but I will see you again and then your sorrow will be turned to joy." This state shows only a moment of the spiritual awakening of people. When the great thought comes into you, and you awaken, you will have an inner experience, which I wish to remain always with you. I want you to keep, which you will receive, throughout your life. It is not enough to this joy only for one day, for one week, or for one year, but once it comes, you will retain it for ever. Once you accept joy, you will receive also the blessing, which God has deposited in it. Now you all need to penetrate deep into things, so that you can understand them. Some people need to be convinced, but we do not have to convince you. We say to you: Come, see, test! The prophets used to say: "As God has taught us." I say to you: Act the way God teaches you from within. You will act according to the knowledge which you have, according to what you hear and according to the teaching of God’s Spirit within you. Love will teach you how to act. Rest and be sure that everything will have a Divine end. The future belongs to God. Christ says: "Everyone who seeks first of all the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, will get everything else.” That's why you must first seek Joy, then Peace, then Light and at last - Love. Let Love be the rear-guard in your life. Only in this way can you solve all the difficult problems, which you will face. They are not to be solved theoretically. I would wish all of you to solve all problems freely for yourselves, without any external influence. If you see a brother act in a way which you do not approve, do not advise him, or reprove his action, but rather act with him in the way you think is right. I will give you a specific example. A brother comes to ask another brother to lend him money. The one asked acts harshly to that brother and does not give him any money. You see that and do not approve his behavior. It is not necessary for you to go and advise him how to act, but turn kindly toward the one in need and say to him: "Brother, excuse me, but you have been sent to me for money, you have gone to the wrong person and to the wrong address. Here is the money you need, take it!" If you act in this way, you will raise your brother in the eyes of the others. All of you must be noble. You can bring out the faults of people, but in the Divine teaching it is a rule to act nobly and with love. Should we, who are in the great blessing, in the Great ocean, be disturbed by the small misfortunes which come upon us? Should the Great ocean shed tears because the small river may stain its shore? It will smile instead and say: "Everyone who flows into me leaves his deposits and becomes pure." In my waters, all muddy rivers leave their deposits; all philosophic systems leave their deposits; all religious systems leave their deposits, only the great, the Divine remains. People will come to know that only God rules the world and only His laws are eternal. Therefore, we shall stand bravely and say: We are obliged, first of all, to fulfil the law of God and after that we shall fulfil your law. We must be true to our law. If you want us not to violate your law, we must, first of all, prove loyal to our law. Sometimes you become afraid, thinking what the state will say. Which state are you afraid of? You are afraid of the rulers. Which rulers are you afraid of? You are strange people, indeed! A righteous man comes into the world and someone decides to stand against him with his gun I ask you: Have you ever tried to shoot at a man whom God has sent into the world? Can you shoot against light? Can you make a hole in the ocean? As long as I am in a physical body on the earth, I am harmless for the contemporary society, but once deprived of this body and left only with my spiritual and Divine thoughts, everything will be destroyed, nothing will remain on the earth! It is just the same with a poisonous gas closed in a bottle - it is harmless as long as the bottle is closed, but once the bottle is opened and the gas released, everyone will experience its power! This is the philosophy of life. A righteous man can not be eliminated! The Jews crucified Christ, but they bear the consequences of that act to this very day! The Japanese persecuted the ambassador of Iomoto - Onisabro Deguchi, whom God had sent, but as a result they faced great misfortunes. Japan was shaken by terrible earthquakes. It is said from above: "You should not raise your voice against the Ambassadors of God!" Every nation, which has tried to oppose the Ambassadors of God, has seen no good. And now the Bulgarians think that they can rise against me! My words are the words of God; they are the laws of God. If these people try to violate the laws of God, they will be obliterated from the face of the earth by God. They say: "This man is self-elected." No! The Bulgarians must know that whatever their relation and attitude toward me is, such will be the attitude of the entire outside world towards them! If they change their attitude towards me, the outside world will change its attitude towards them. The outside world regards them as dishonest men, as robbers. You will say: "How can this be?" I will tell you. Everyone who declares himself against the messengers of God, declares himself against God, against Love! Love is an eternal law, it has no past, but an eternal present and an eternal future. And Christ says: "All who raise against Me, i.e. against Love, are thieves and robbers." The Bulgarians think that a man can form a certain movement, and deceive people! This is impossible! Christ came and He had about 500 million followers. Did He deceive them? - No! The teaching of Christ is Divine. Therefore, God has called these people. So, Christ Who attracted so many people, has come from God. Buddha, Mohammed have also come from God and are His messengers. However, I must not discuss what people think about me; I must not pay attention to the hatred in this world. I know that in this nation, there are people, who are ready to serve God. I know that in this nation there are people of the old life, of the new life, righteous people, but there are also disciples - there are all categories of people. If I have come into this nation, I have done it only for the disciples, they are of interest to me. There are others who are interested in the other categories of people. You must be brave and resolute, and have faith that God is on our side. When it comes to the question of fulfiling the will of God, we will work without retreating even a hairbreadth. Up till now the disciples have never retreated on their way. They have been subjected to inquisitions, burning, sufferings, but they have always sactifyed themselves with joy. You must know that everyone who rises against God, against Love, is due to the ignorance of the world. I say: The disciples must have a positive, living faith and live with Joy, Peace, Light and Love. The future is in front of you, you will taste it. Thousands of people have suffered and worked for God before you. Today also thousands of people live, suffer and work for God. And in the future thousands of people will live and work for God. Some day you will see the bond which exists among all these people. Then you will understand what the Divine plan has predetermined for His Cause on earth. We rejoice when His Cause succeeds in the world. The men of the old life prepare the way for the men of the new life, who prepare the way for the righteous; the righteous, in their turn, prepare the way for the disciples, while the disciples prepare the way for the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth. Our problem is to prepare this way. The disciples are engaged with this difficult problem. They will encounter many obstacles, but all obstacles will melt like snow and ice. This will not be accomplished in a day or two, neither in a year, or in a hundred years, this is an inner organic process which requires a long time. However, what I am telling you, may be achieved in the life of each one separately much more faster and may bear fruit. What requires ages for a collective group, can be achieved within a short period of time by a single individual, just as an aviator may rise high in the air with the aeroplane and come down to earth again within several minutes. You may do the same thing. We can give you a ticket for the first aeroplane, that you may go up and after you come down to say: "We saw the New which is being built." "When a woman who is in travail hath sorrow, and when she is delivered, she forgets her sorrow." I wish you all to give birth to something great and after you have created it, to forget your sorrow, so that your sorrow may turn into joy - that you may bear the Joy of God with you always! "Only the Love of God brings the fulness to life."
  12. From The Way of the Disciple, AlphaDar BROTHERS IN UNITY OF THOUGHT "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!" Only the Love of God brings fullness of life! I will read several passages from the Bible as examples of human thought. I will take Psalm 133. Everyone who reads this Psalm and accepts it literally, fails to understand it, and this will bring troubles. For example, the second verse of this Psalm says: "Like the precious chrism on the head, that ran down Aaron’s beard." Each of you has a beard, but the word beard does not mean only a bunch of hair, as some people think. Hair naturally grows on the chin, but the hairs do not constitute the beard, they are only its manifestation. The lower jaw which is the lever of man’s will, constitutes actually the beard. Thus, the beard is the lever which serves man's will. Then you can understand that the point of this verse is of the chrism, which runs down the lever of man's will. If you understand that the chrism runs down the hairs of one’s beard, you can be sure that there is not any blessing in this simple act. "How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity!" Who will be pleased, that brothers live in harmony, ourselves or God? Of course, God. How pleasing is it that people live in harmony in the sight of God! You say that you live in harmony. No, today you can not live in harmony, neither do people live in harmony. Why? Because people have different interests. Therefore, you can never reconcile those different interests. For thousands of years people have tried to reconcile their interests, but this has proved to be impossible. No such law exists. Why? The interests of the separate parts can not be reconciled with themselves. They can be reconciled only within the "whole". The "whole" itself represents the great law for the reconciling of the interests of the parts. Therefore, anyone who has dealt with the parts, must, first of all, understand the law of the whole, since every part has a definite place within the whole, and it is a part as long as it keeps its own place. In case it loses its place, it is not a part anymore. The same thing happens in life. Thus, as long as man has a definite place in the whole, that is in God, he lives. As soon as he loses this place, he dies. In this case, death is nothing else, but the part, which has lost its place in the whole. I do not use the word "death" in the sense of a physical death of the body, but rather as a state in which man's mind is perverted and he stops to think; his heart is perverted and he stops to feel; the sense of life is lost and all things begin to seem vague and meaningless. Losing the sense of life is the most terrible death for man! "How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity!" "In the side of God" - this means that brothers and sisters should live in harmony in the side of the Whole. Many people say that they live in harmony. But speaking alone does not solve the problem. We can not live in harmony as long as everyone thinks only of himself. In case we think only of ourselves, contradictions will always exist among us. Then the strong ones will be right in one respect, while the weak, collectively united, will be right in an other respect. This law exists not only in society, but also in our organism. What takes place in society, takes place also in our thoughts, feelings and actions. Many diseases are due to the specific understanding cells have. When the cells in the human organism become individualized and each one says of itself that it can work as it thinks is best, the result is anarchy in the human organism. Then doctors come, inject the body, recommend different kinds of treatments and advice. But the whole process is actually concentrated in the following: all cells must understand that they are living beings, that the happiness of each one of them depends on the general condition of the organism. That's why the cells, which live in the human organism, must be in harmony with themselves. If each one lives for itself, the. entire organism, the whole will never be happy. If each cell wants to live separately, like a small microbe, it will have an insignificant, senseless existence, whereas, if it lives in the human organism it will taste of the greatness which exists in the general harmony of the human soul. And now those of you who are not yet disciples, who live with the ideas of the old life, the new life or the righteous life are familiar with the law of the parts. They do not live yet in the law of the whole. I am not talking, however, about the life and aspiration of their souls, but about their human ideas. Who are the righteous in the world? Someone says: "I am an honest and noble man. So far I have never done anything bad to anyone -1 am a righteous man." No matter how righteous this man may be, he is not a disciple yet. He does not understand the meaning of life from the standpoint of the disciple, from the standpoint of the whole. The righteous man is still living for himself. He wants to force people to recognize and appreciate his state, that's why he says: "Don't you know that I am a righteous man and all of you must treat me with respect?" The man of the old life requires respect. The man of the new life also requires respect. So does the righteous man. The only man who does not require respect is the disciple. When one stops to require respect, he becomes a disciple. Only the disciple studies, all others amuse themselves - they lead a physical life. No doubt, the righteous man stands higher than the man of the new life, but he is not a disciple yet. The man of the new life stands higher than the man of the old life, but he is not righteous yet. The life of the disciple, however, is the ideal of the human soul. This life includes the understanding of all the four kinds of life. These four kinds of life represent four different directions. All the comparisons, which I am giving you now, serve as a clarification of the main thought in the Psalm. It is composed of three verses. The first verse is the following: "How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity!" This verse is the foundation of what makes life significant. This law does not concern only our social life, but it works in our spiritual and physical life as well. When all parts of a wheel are united and work together in harmony, this wheel achieves its objective. But when each part individualizes itself, the work of the wheel is hampered. People say for such a wheel, that it is falling apart. As soon as the spokes of the wheel get loose, a sort of music, or rather a noisy screeching, can be heard from it. Then the driver says: "There is something wrong with my carriage! It needs repairing!" Just the same way sometimes something goes wrong with us and we need to go to God for repairing. You must know that because of this dense matter in which you live, the spokes of your life often become loose and weakened, so you must pray, you must go to God to have them repaired. For the repair of our spokes we must go to God at least three times a day. He Himself will not set them right, He will send a specialist, but we must pray. What do the spokes represent? We have a specific idea about them. The spokes of our life can be set property only by a prayer. Prayer is the tuning of the heart. To pray is to nourish your heart. Man needs to breath and to be purified. How can this purifying be achieved? By prayer. As long as man prays he breathes. I am talking about the conscious life of man, about conscious praying, about that constant inner aspiration of the soul to be united with God. I am not talking about that prayer, which is merely a repetition of words written by other people. Prayer is a constant aspiration of the soul to work together with God. Then our interests become the same as God's. If we do not want to break our contact with God, whatever we undertake to accomplish during the day, we must do it with the unique thought that it must be done for God. If you wash your face, wash it for God. Whether you write or read, or do any other work, do it for God. If you act this way, you will feel a constant impetus within yourself. This can be noticed in everyone's life. Some singer, for instance, sings well, but lacks inspiration, nothing in life interests him. As soon as he falls in love with some beautiful girl, he is inspired and encouraged. When he appears on the stage he is not interested whether 10 000 people are listening to him or not. He has one image in his mind and he sings for that image. All people say: "He sings so well!" And actually, he has success. But try to deprive him of this image and see how he loses his inspiration and since no help comes to him, he does not want to sing any more. I call this image "an inner center", which attracts the thought and in which all parts become united. This image is not some external idea, but a consciousness within us which can regulate our life. This image is an expression of the inner state of our feelings. It expresses the idea which activates us. That's why you must keep this image within yourselves! A more advanced person may serve as such an image for you, but you can find it also in the face of God. No matter where you find this image, keep it sacredly, for it brings you life. Some people ask: "How is life transmitted?" The Divine life is not transmitted directly through thoughts or ideas. "Then, how is it transmitted?" First of all the Divine life, the Divine ideas are transmitted through a contact, through an inner, spiritual touch. This touch creates the Divine flame and the Divine life begins to flow within people. Just like in the physical world there must be something combustable to keep the fire burning, in the Divine life there must be a continual influx of Divine energies. Thus, energy is needed in order that life may be manifested. Where will you take this energy from? No matter where you take it from, the results will be the same -the fire will keep burning. If you need oil, you will buy it at the grocery store. If you need electric energy, you will take it, for example, from the company "Orion", and you will have to pay for it. If you do not pay regularly, they will cut you off and you will remain in the dark. Some people say: "Everything is given freely, as a gift from God". It is true that everything is given freely by God, but under certain conditions. We understand these words literally. I ask you: Why are not all people equally endowed? Because people are not equally deserving. Let us talk about what the situation is, and not about what it is not. The idea that God gives everything as a gift, is an Old Testament idea and now I am interpreting it in the light of the New Testament in order to clarify it. Now I shall read a part of Chapter 16 of the Gospel of Luke. I shall begin with the 10th verse. These are examples of the Divine Spirit. Do not think that we have come together here only to enjoy our time. Our time is filled with the Divine Spirit and if you do not learn Him now, this time will not come again. If you now take the advantage to sow this time with new ideas, one day it will come back to you and bring you the ripe blessed fruit of your work. If, however, you do not fill this time as you are told, there will come a day when it will bring you the greatest misfortune in the world. This is an Old Testament law, which we have no time to deal with now. As disciples you will study it by yourselves. One of the problems of the disciple is to study all laws. Listen how Luke begins the 10th verse: "He that is faithful in the very little, is faithful also in the much." This is a New Testament thought. I will compare this thought with the one quoted before: "How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity!" Which is the fundamental thing in life that will help brothers live in unity? Now think, do not say anything yet. I want you to listen to me, not to affirm things outwardly. Some of you speak, but they only move their lips without thinking. You will not move your lips, nor laugh, because God is now among you and He is speaking! As soon as the time comes when you can move your lips, I will give you a sign. When the time for laughing comes, I will also give you a sign. Moving the lips is in its place, laughter and speaking are in their place, but everything must come in its proper time. When we speak and that is not in time, when we laugh and that is not in time we live in disorder and we can not go to God. You ask: "Am I not free to speak?" Yes, you are free to speak, but when the whole is speaking, the parts must keep quiet and listen, because God is speaking at that moment. When the parts speak, actualy we speak and everyone must take his turn when his time comes. One by one each of us will speak and then the whole will say the conclusive words. Sometimes we speak for hours, do not give chance to others to speak, are in a hurry to say what we think and thus we do not give the whole a chance to make a conclusion. Therefore, after each one of us has recited the lesson, which has been given to him, he must leave it to God to make His conclusion. And now God is giving an answer: "When one is faithful in the little, he is faithful also in the much, and only then can brothers live in harmony." Christ says: "He that is faithful in the very little also is not faithful in the much." God says: "If a man is not faithful in little and in much, brothers can not live in unity." And if you were unfaithful in the false wealth who will entrust you the true wealth? I ask you: "If you are unfaithful in the wealth of the world, in the material things which are temporary, who can entrust you the spiritual wealth?" And if you were unfaithful in what belongs to someone else, who will give you what is yours? Which wealth does Christ consider as someone else's? The wealth of God. So, if you prove yourselves unfaithful in the good given to you by God and misuse it, who will give you what is yours? No one in the world except God can give you what is yours. God is the only one in the world to give you your own good. Therefore, if you have misused the good of God, you can not expect to receive your own good. But the good of God and our own good are hidden within God. He keeps both His own and our own good. Then if we misuse His good, who will give us what is our own? I will give you an example to make this law clear. Suppose you are an ordinary worker going to work in the vineyard of some rich person. He says to you: "I will pay you as much as you wish, but I want you to dig my vineyard without leaving a single blade of grass behind you." This means that you must break up the soil very well, to make it fine and smooth. If you dig the vineyard as well as your master wants you to, you will be paid well, as he has promised you, but if he sees that you have dug the vineyard carelessly, that you have only scratched the surface with your spade, I ask you: Will this master give you the good which belongs to you? He will not. "No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. You can not serve God and Mammon." One can not serve himself and God at one and the same time. This is unthinkable! If you are to serve God, serve Him. If you serve yourself, know it is yourself you serve. You can not reconcile these two states in your life. People say: "Must we not live for ourselves? We will live for God and then God will live for us." Such is the great law of Creation. When the apostle Paul passed into the New Testament life, he learned this law and said: "Now this is not me who lives, this is Christ. I died and Christ lives in me." I ask you: How is it possible for a dead man to speak? Paul says, that he does not live anymore, yet he speaks. By the word "death" Paul does not mean loss of consciousness. By saying: "God, I will live only for You, he wants to say that at a given moment, man denies himself and begins to live for God". Is it wrong for people to live for God? To live for God means to experience one of the most beautiful states your soul can experience. To live for God is still a partial life for people, but to live in God and for God is a complete life, life of the whole, in which he experiences and lives the life of all creatures. "And the Pharisees, who were covetous, heard all these things and they laughed at him." Such is the world, and such are the people with no ideas. "Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another woman, committeth adultery; and whosoever marrieth her that is away by her husband, committeth adultery." What is the meaning of this verse? It means that everyone who puts away the Divine Love, puts away God and commits adultery. The woman is a symbol of Love. Therefore, everyone who puts away God and starts to live with this or that woman, with this or that man, commits adultery. Such a person is already lost. This spiritual commitment of adultery is the most terrible crime! When we leave Love, this great Principle of life, death comes. This is the real commitment of adultery. When we read this verse, we do not understand literally the relations between man and woman or the relations between all living creatures; we understand our relations with God. Christ says: "He who puts away his wife commits adultery." Christ has explained this thought to His disciples, He has spoken to them about the deep meaning hidden in it. All people suffer today from the lack of correct understanding of things. They consider and accept everything literally. This is a New Testament thought and whoever reads it, becomes very serious and says: "We must keep our wives as the apples of our eyes. If we love our wives, we love God." But I say, that if you love your wife, you can not love God, while, if you love God, you love your wife, children and all creatures. You will love as God loves. Then Love will be possible and accessible for you and you will not say that you can not bear this situation or that person, etc. As a man, it is true that many things are impossible for you, but the impossible for man is possible for God. Man’s love is partial, while the love of God is complete and whole. By "whole" I mean an integrity, a unity of all kinds of consciousness. If you love people, after receiving love, their consciousness will join your consciousness and unity of consciousness will be achieved. "Everyone who putteth away his wife commits adultery." In a broad sense this means: everyone who rejects Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Truth commits adultery. From this point of view, I will consider present-day individual and social life. If Divine Love reigns at a home, good and wise children will be born there. In this respect, science has a single opinion. The home where the parents have led a chaste life, is the home where the best, the most talented children and the geniuses are born. Christ is such an example. He was born of a virgin, who was the most chaste woman at the time. The Jewish nation could not have given birth to a better and purer woman than Mary, the Lord's mother. She was the only woman to give birth to Christ. The same law is valid for our thoughts. Only the purest soul can give birth to right, beautiful and poetic thoughts. The same law is valid for our action and deeds. Only the purest spirit can give birth to beautiful, noble deeds in the world. Chastity may be considered as the foundation in the life of people. Suppose that the husband and the wife beat each other and call this "life". No, this can not be called life. Such struggles and conflicts also take place within you; you are divided in yourselves and as a result, there is darkness in you. At some homes the husband beats the wife, in others - the wife beats the husband. Sometimes the husband is bad and he says: "My mind is very bad", while, at times, the wife is bad and says: "My heart is very bad." How will you correct your mind and heart? Put chastity in your mind; put also chastity in your heart and both of them will be corrected. These are maxims which you can work with. You may ask, how shall we work with these maxims? These are specific methods and rules. If you can not find the right method for work, i.e. if you do not know how to open closed bottles, come to me and we will tell you how to open them. In order to open up a corked bottle, you must take a cork-screw, screw it in the cork and pull the cork up, thus you will open the bottle. If you enter in a house whose window-shades are down, how will you let the light in? Is it necessary to invite the light to enter into the house? No, it is not. You will open the windows, lift the shades, leave the windows wide-open and the light will enter in by itself, without any invitation. Therefore, I am talking about chastity as a rational power, as a rational being. Chastity bears power in itself. Thus, when you make way for chastity in yourselves, this being will enter into your mind and heart and will teach you how to think and feel. Chastity understands the laws of thought, so that when it enters into one's brain, it will repair all the centers, which are in use, and thought will immediately begin to flow smoothly. Then thought acquires different forms of expression and becomes powerful and effective in its manifestation. Every Divine thought is right. It can never be expressed out of time, because it can not be accepted and applied. Every thought which can not be accepted, can not live. You will ask: "Does chastity really exist in the world?" Yes, chastity exists, but it is Divine, it is not in the mechanic world. In the New Testament this chastity is called "the descent of the Spirit", "appearance of the Spirit", "visitation of the Spirit", etc. Christ says: "The Spirit of Truth will come upon you and He will teach you unto all things." What will He teach you? To think right. He will give you knowledge about life, for life does not consist in thinking and feeling only. Today life is a great science and requires a deep knowledge of oneself. If I ask you which is your basic trait, what is that distinguishes you from other people, what will you answer me? You will say that your thought distinguishes you from the others. Who does not think? Then you will say that your way of reasoning is specific. But who does not reason? You will say that you are a good man. But the other men are also good. Then you may say that you love people. But all people love, too. -1 am an honest man, I never lie, you may say. Well, other men are honest as you are. I want you to tell me of a particular trait most characteristic only of you. How will you define it? If you go to some musician, he will tell you that the first tone of the first octave has 32 vibrations in a second. That's the lowest tone, which the human ear has accepted by now. Only a contra-basist can take this tone. When you listen to this tone, it sounds like a thunder, which is shaking the earth. It is a powerful, mighty tone, which can make this hall shake. As you see, this tone has particular quality which distinguishes it from the other tones. When we come to the eighth octave, the first tone there has 40 000 vibrations. It is so high, that the human ear can hardly perceive it. There are very few violinists who can take this tone clearly and well. And it is not the violinist's, or the violin’s fault, it is the strings that can not produce this tone well. This is why all good violinists look for strings made of pure materials, because they are more resonant and produce higher tones of better quality. I apply this law to our nervous system, which is constantly undergoing certain changes and reconstructions. It must become capable of enduring the strain of the high as well as the strain of the low tones. Suffering and inner struggles are the best tonic for the nervous system and they render it capable of standing under great pressure without being injured by it. Through suffering, the matter of our nervous system becomes refined, more sensitive and receptive. If you observe under a magnifying glass the nervous system of a person who has an Old Testament view of life, the nervous system of a person with New Testament views, and the nervous system of a righteous person, or of a disciple, you will find them very different in construction. If you observe the eyes of these four categories of people, you will also find a difference in their construction. These are facts which present day scientists have not studied or discovered yet. They represent certain blanks in contemporary science and numerous experiments are necessary to fill in these blanks. This is a large field still to be explored. We can come to know the past, present and future life of a person by his eyes. Everything that has to happen with a person is written in his eyes and we can read his life in them. If anyone is suffering from tuberculosis, or from any other disease, there are symptoms in his eyes, which reveal it. All painful conditions are reflected in the eyes. Certain intersection of the circles occurs, infringing upon the regular currents in the eyes. He who can read in the eyes, can understad, just by a glance, that one will die of tuberculosis, for example, after one year. It happens that a man who reads in the eyes visits a sick man, whose case has been pronounced as incurable by all doctors, and says: "After ten days this man will be up on his feet." How is this possible? Don't all doctors affirm the opposite? Yes, they do, but the eyes of this man say that he will live. His spirit has determined that. Some people ask: "Shall I become good?" Look at your eyes, or find someone who can read in your eyes, he will tell you what you can become. Then find an experienced phrenologist and ask him what your abilities and talents are. He has certain instruments, which he will use to measure your head: its length, breadth, etc. Then he will not only say what your abilities are, but he will also define exactly what your mother, father and ancestors have been like. Some people say that there are such fortune-tellers in Bulgaria as well. Our fortune-tellers, however, say anything that happens to come into their mind. They are not as accurate as the phrenologists and can not be even compared to them. Phrenology is based upon certain experiments and observations of life and living nature. I told you in one of my lectures, that every form is the expression of a Divine thought. In this sense, the eyes are living Divine forms, which are records of the organization of the whole Universe, of the solar system and finally - of life. Human eyes are the last of all created forms. They are of highest origin. Therefore, who ever can read in the eyes can be called a truly educated person. All outstanding clairvoyants, all adepts and teachers of mankind, read and study the eyes. One of the famous Bulgarian clairvoyants used to say: "I read the life of people in their eyes. First I pray and then when I look into someone's eyes, I can see everything. In case I can't penetrate into one’s life through the eyes, I can't tell him anything, for I can't read anything. It is true that everything is written in one's eyes." Christ says: "If thine eye be clear, thy whole body shall be full of light; but if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness." What is the eye, the same is the body. If there are signs of impurity in your eyes, your body can not be pure. The eyes come first. We see the eyes on our face, but they are an expression, a reflection of the inner eye. The Scriptures speak of the inner eye. The two eyes on the human face are two sisters, joined in the brain by a common center. When we come to the human brain, a wide field for study opens up. Everything written in the cells of the brain, represents a field for contemporary science. Perhaps ages will pass before people can start making a thorough study of the human brain. Present-day scientists sometimes open the skull and observe the human brain. They watch it pulsate, expand and contract. Contemporary surgery has discovered the following facts: after a small piece of the skull-bone is broken, a hole of 1-2 square centimeters is opened. In case the person under observation is emotionally excited, it has been noticed that the brain matter expands and protrudes out of the skull; as soon as he is calmed, the brain matter contracts and regains its normal position within the skull. The same thing has been noticed in cases of mental excitement. If someone's thought is excited, the brain expands up to 1-2-3 even 5 centimeters, but as soon as it becomes calm, it contracts and regains its normal position. As you see, it is not easy to control the brain. In order that it may function regularly and thus regulate the pressure exercised on it, right thought is necessary. This is the reason why nature, knowing the present development of man - that he is no more than a child yet, has placed the brain in a hard skull. Nature knows that children can not be careful with anything. If your thought runs always in the same direction and is monotonous, it can burst your skull. For this reason, many people suffer from mental diseases and nervous disorders. Therefore, knowing this great law, you must transform your mental energy and send it into all parts of the brain. You should absolutely avoid monotony in your thinking! A man who thinks sanely can never become insane. People say of someone that he has lost his mind from too much thinking. This is not true, for man can never become insane from much thinking. The human mind can not become ill by itself, but when the heart becomes ill, it exercises a bad influence upon man's thought. Usually the back part of the brain becomes ill; the front part hardly ever does. There is a certain type of thoughts, which awaken and elevate the human consciousness. They are the right thoughts, which constitute the healthy state of man. If you want to be healthy - think right! The beautiful thought implies a harmonious combination of thoughts. The wrong thought implies a division and disharmony in the feelings. If you want things, which you do not need, if you have some personal gain in view, you can easily become victim to the wrong manifestations of life. That's why you must admit into your mind only things that are necessary for your life at a given moment. Take, for example, the idea that you want to be beautiful. Beauty is not a bad thing, but it is important what motives evoke this desire in you. The Turks have a proverb about beauty. They say: "It is a privilege for a man to behold the beautiful in life and nature; it makes his life meaningful." Beauty is a great impulse in life. The sense of beauty is developed even in the animals. They are also conscious of their beauty. There is an inner sense of beauty in all living creatures. Where does beauty come from and how is it created? It comes from the human thought. Only the human thought is capable of selecting the right kind of nourishment, which can make a person beautiful. If one cannot select the right food, a certain muscular stock is created. What is beauty? Plasticity of the muscular tissues, well combined and harmonized. I am not talking about beauty of face through which the face looks like a mask. Beautiful is that face in which every change of thought, feeling and action experienced by the person, can be noticed. In spite of the continual changes of the expression, there are, however, characteristic features in such a face, that remain always the same. Such a face is an expression of a noble, elevated soul. Beautiful is that person in whose face you can read. The beautiful face manifests everything that's hidden in the soul. Today people are afraid of having their faces read. Some people say: "I will hide my face, I do not want to be recognized!" Why? Is there anything bad in the fact that someone may read in your face a page of the great book of life? What is better than to have people read in your face the good life your grandparents have had? Let people read the beautiful things of life! I call ugly faces those on which people, like careless children, have drawn crosses, or scribbled down unreadable signs, scratched and erased them, then written over them and scratched again that beautiful letter, which God has written in their face in the past. You may try to read these faces, but you cannot understand anything. An ugly face is that face on which one writes and erases what he has written. Beautiful is the face on which God writes, while one keeps pure and clean what has been written. "How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity!" With whom? With God. With whom must we live in love without allowing our heart to be tempted? With God. The strength of one’s character lies in the fact that one should not be tempted by anything. If the whole world were offered to him, if all the wealth were offered to him, he should say: "No, for nothing in my life will I sacrifice Him Whom I love!" To renounce yourself, to bear your cross of suffering, and at the same time to bear in your soul the great idea that you are doing all this for God without wavering even in the least, this is nobility and heroism, wherein lies the beauty of a person. If you live like this, you will never be poor, you will never feel the lack of food, or of anything else. If I love God, I will have the food I need - some raven will fly to me and bring me a piece of Love. If I love God, He will send me a small piece of food from His table. If I love God, I do not need to be fed by people, who will say: "Do you know that we feed you?" As long as we expect people to feed us, we do not believe in God. As long as we expect people to feed us, we do not love God. When we stop to expect food from people, we begin to love God. I say: If you have these maxims, which I am giving you, as a foundation in your life, you will not be poor. Freedom exists only for those who love God. They are the ideal people. How many and where are these ideal people who love God? When you meet such a person, he opens up his soul to you and says: "Come, I will acquaint you with the One I love! Come and see how good He is! I do not say that I must acquaint you with myself, neither with my remarkable mind, nor with my noble heart, but with The One Whom I love. Not in me, but in God is hidden the great, remarkable mind, the noble and sublime heart." Many of you want to lead someone to God. In what way can you lead anyone to God? In what way can we lead anyone to the One we love? When a girl begins to love a young man, does she take anyone to him? No, she does not. Why? For the sole reason, that people have no confidence in one another. When a young man begins to love a girl, does he take anyone to her? No, he does not, for the same reason - he does not trust people; he is afraid that someone might steal her from him. He does not trust even the one he loves. Why? He says: "This girl may stop loving me, that's why it is in my interest to keep her in ignorance; she should not know much, or go around much - she should only love me, otherwise, I might lose her." Today men have confidence only in their parents, that's why a man who loves a maid, takes her first to his mother and father to receive their benediction. After that, he presents her to his brother and sister and there he stops. The Turks do the same thing. Their confidence goes only as far as their brothers and sisters. It does not stretch any further. For the Turks this law has been changed, but in the past, it was very strict. I take the man and the maiden as forms, which exist in the world. I take them as the purest forms through which I want to explain the spiritual as well as the Divine life. Just the same way, the sinner can not be led to God, except when his consciousness starts to awaken. Then we can say to him: Come that we may lead you to the One we love! Only there can you find the meaning of your life. Now I ask you: From what sources will you draw the laws and maxima for the future science? The disciple must draw the knowledge, maxima and laws for the new science from a different source. After he has passed through all the schools of the world as preparatory schools, he will draw knowledge from an entirely new source. Christ says: "When the Spirit of the Truth comes, He will teach you all things." He also says about Himself: "As Father has taught me, and as He is teaching me now, so I teach you." Christ was learning things every day. He possessed great humility! Often, you are not getting along well in your work. Why? Because you lack humility. This is one of the most difficult thoughts to explain. When I say that "You do not have humility", I exclude myself and thus, I offend you. If I say "we", I include myself in this number and in this way, I offend myself. If I say to someone personally: You have no humility, the offence is still greater. Then I will say: Everyone who does not follow the Will of God, is not humble. Why? Because the part has become individualized. It considers itself as a center around which all things must revolve, and it is not pleased that it can not do what it wants. It says: "I can use the good, which God has given me, for myself." That's not right, for God tests us by the good which He gives us. If we do not use this good for God, we will lose it. Some people will say that they had not known this. If you do not know these things, you can not be a disciple. But if the disciple knew everything, he would be a Master. I do not wish to define what is it to be a Master. Even if I explain it to you, you will not understand me, so I will say to you just this: there is a greater way than the way of the disciple this is the way of the Master. Now I am talking to you about the way of the disciple. It is the ideal way. If today I start talking to you about the way of the Master, what will you understand? However, if you understand the way of the disciple, you can come in the distant future to a new phase in life, where you will understand the way of the Master. If you do not pass the way of the disciple, it will be absolutely imposible for you to follow the way of the Master. People of the old life prepare the way for of the new life; the latter prepare the way for the righteous who, in turn, prepare the way for the disciple. It is the disciple who prepares the way for the Master. This is the true conception of life. But humility is necessary! When one attains humility, all inner struggles disappear and his soul calms down. As long as one has not attained humility, he seeks the respect and esteem of people. Christ says: "Do not seek the praise of men, but seek the praise of God." Let God have a good opinion about you and He will teach you all things. I shall refer again to a thought I have stated previously: What is your specific characteristic feature which distinguishes you from other people? This is one of the problems of the disciple. Your whole evolution lies in this: to come to know your particular characreristic feature as a disciple. If you do not know this special traits of yourself, some day you might lose your way as a disciple, as well as your identity. You know the anecdote about the man who had gone one day to the city bath. After taking off his clothes, he had entered in among men, but suddenly, he had felt lost, and had not been able to recognize himself. Seeing himself in that position, he had become very frightened. The second time he had gone to that bath, he had tied a red string on his leg, in order to distinguish himself from the others, and not feel lost again. To get lost is ferrible! And in fact, one can fall into such a state. As soon as one gets lost, confusion overwhelms him and he loses control. If a man can get lost in a forest, imagine how much easier it is to get lost in the wide world! Therefore, the problem of each person is to come to know himself. Christ says: "And this is life eternal to know Thee, the Only True God." To know God means to know ourselves, to know the Primary Principle, which has sent us into the world; to know the Unique One Who loves us and Who gives Light, Peace and Joy to our souls! I might explain to you what Love, Light, Peace and Joy mean in a broad sense, but I will do this some other time. It is a great science! Love is a great world without limits. You would be enchanted, if you could experience Love in its development, starting in the physical world and continuing on into the spiritual, until you come to the Divine world. You would be enchanted also, if you would study Light in all the forms which it creates. You would be enchanted by Peace, which elevates the human soul, and by Joy, which brings happiness and contentment into life. These are phases through which the disciple must pass; they are fields for study and investigation, which must occupy the attention of the disciple throughout all his way, until he comes to the limit of his way of life and begins to study the way of his Master. Then he will be closer to the deep understanding of life and of that great Love, which operates in the world; he will draw closer to the causes and possibilities, which have created this world; to the causes and possibilities, which unite people; and finally, to the causes and possibilities which force the great Masters to come into the world to work. Then you will understand what it means to love each other and to love God. You do not understand these things, yet. An inner fear disturbs your understanding today. You say that one may love, but there must be limits to this love. It is true that there are limits to love, as there is a limit to eating. The stomach has limits, that's why love has limits. Love has limits, because the heart has limits. One must keep sacredly the limits of Love. In the state you are at present, you have no right to touch the one you love. This is a law! If you do not keep what you love, you do not love it. This is the first rule you have to keep in Love. Actually, we do not let dust fall on the one we love. This characterizes Love physically. If you let all the dust fall on the one you love, and you speak of Love, this is not Love at all. This is the truth about Love and if you do not observe this rule in Love, you are saying empty words, words which are paper money, threatened to lose its value at any moment. Therefore, God judges us for this Love. He has put us to a test in this world. Do not think that your love is too small, or that you have no love at all, but I say that your love is of such a small scale compared to the great Divine Love, that when you come in contact with the greater demands of life, it will not withstand. The Divine Love I am talking about, is great and powerful. You can not oppose a man, who has in himself this great Love. He is so supple, so plastic, that no matter where you put him, he will find the smallest hole through which he can come out. If troubles come, he deals easily with them. He only says: "This question will be settled". If a difficult thought comes to him, he says: "This thought will be clarified." Now I am telling those of the old life to enter the new life; those of the new life to become righteous; and I am calling the righteous to become disciples. I am consistent and am not speaking of myself, but such is the law of God. Some day I will separate you into groups, and will hold separate meeting with all these four categories of people. Telling you this, I have in mind the degrees of the human consciousness, I am not speaking about the consciousness of your soul. These are four currents of life, which flow within you and which can not remain in you forever. I will explain this law to you, so that you will not be tempted. I do not want to humiliate the dignity of your soul. Suppose your mother and father have been sick and have transferred their impure blood to you. How will you feel? You cannot be a healthy person, until this blood is purified and enriched. It is the blood of a person of the old life and it must be transformed. You must form new blood in your body and pass into the new life. As long as you are a person of the old life, you are a merchant, who borrows money. I say to the merchant: You must get rid of your debts! The old life is the life of a person who borrows money and operates with the capital of others. What does the person of the new life look like? Like a person who operates with his own capital. Who is the righteous one? He is the one who has deposited his capital in banks and lends money. Who is the disciple? The one who does not deal with everything mentioned; he does not pay debts nor operate with his own capital; neither does he lend money to others. I do not say which category you belong to, but I am simply assigning the place of the first three categories of people, while I do not assign any place to the disciples. Why? Because the real life begins with the disciple. Now I am giving you a problem to think for yourselves what you can compare the disciple to. Show me a form, which can define the occupation of the disciple. If you succeed in going this, I shall be happy. Therefore, if I ask you what the occupation of the disciple is, you will say: "There was a time when he worked with the capital of others and when he was paying up debts; there was a time when he worked with his own capital; there was a time when he lent money and when he worked with apprentices who robbed him. After that he got married but his wife often beat him. Then he turned to his children and asked them: "Tell me, my little ones, what am I supposed to do now?" I say to this old man, that he must become a disciple. And he says: "Give me a Primer that I may read and study." Of course, this is figuratively speaking. The meaning of life lies in studying. The present life requires of all of you to be disciples. This is the greatest and the most glorious thing you can do. You will bear within yourself what you possess, and noone will even suspect that you are disciples. The world will put you to numerous tests and temptations: You will be forced to do this or that you will be asked, for money because you are rich. If people ask you to lend them money and you do it, you are not a disciple. The disciple has no business with money, he never lends money. Someone comes to me and asks me: "Do you have any debts?" No, I do not. "Do you lend money?" No, I do not. "What is your occupation then?" I am a disciple. I take out my Primer and show it to him: here is my occupation. What can you do with this Primer? How silly you are! And what would you say, if you see a man 100 years old, greatly experienced in life, carrying a Primer in his hand like a little boy and reading it? Can't you become a shepherd, instead of reading this Primer? No, my Primer is of much more important to me. I have started on the way of the disciple. And as a disciple, he begins to study Love, Light, Peace and Joy. These are the four subjects, which the disciple begins to study at the beginning of his way. He must know what Love is - as a subject, and know how to apply it. He must know what Light is and how to apply it. He must know what Peace is, as an inner condition of the soul. He must know what Love is, as the fruit of all the good which exists in the world. He must know how to make use of it for the benefit of his heart, as well as how to be useful to his mother and father. By saying that the disciple must serve his mother and father, I mean, serve them in the way God wants him to, which implies the fulfilment of God’s will. Now did you understand everything clearly? -1 want to be clear and well understood, not to use any words with an indefinite meaning. In spite of this, many things remain unexplained and indefinite, but you must be happy about it. Even if I talk to you for 20, 30 days, or a whole year you will still know as much as you do now I mean, you will know more, but the problems which you will face will be more complicated and difficult. In this respect, you will be, apparently, on the same level of intelligence. Some disciple says: "If I can finish grade one, I do not need more." But after he has finished grade one, he says the same about grade two and three. Thus, he passes from one grade into another until, at last, he says: "Let me graduate from university too, and there will be nothing left to think about." But after he has graduated from university he says: "I know little, almost nothing." But the sure sign of progress lies in the fact, that you are conscious of your lack of knowledge. If you follow this way, it is a way full of blessings for you. Love, Light, Peace and Joy are fruits of the Divine Spirit. The disciple begins to feed himself with this fruit. Love is the first fruit of the Spirit. The disciple tastes the first sweet fruit, which ripens on the tree of Life. He must taste this fruit! Why? Because this fruit bears the eternal life. When you have this great idea within you, when you have Love, all contradictions, which exist in the world will disappear. Many people come to me and want me to cure them. I say to them that there are four ways of curing: the way of the old life, the way of the new life, the way of the righteous and the way of the disciple. That's why whenever a person comes to me to be cured, I shall ask him which way of curing shall I apply, to which category of people he belongs. If he is a disciple, I shall apply the method for the disciple; if he is righteous, I shall apply the method for the righteous; if he is of the new life, I shall cure him by the method of the new life, and if he is of the old life, I shall apply the method of the old life. The person of the old life can not be cured by the method of the new life, neither can the person of the new life be cured by the method of the righteous, nor the righteous - by the method of the disciple. There is a strict law in nature, which determines the application of these methods. With regard to science, there are four ways of learning, or four kinds of science as well: science for people of the old life; science for people of the new life; science for the righteous and science for the disciples. The science for the old life is not a science for the new life; the science for the new life is not a science for the righteous, and the science of the righteous is not a science for the disciple. There is a special science for the disciple. You should know this fact! If a person of the old life wants to pass into the new life, he must change the ways and methods of his life; he must change his old conception of life into a conception of the new life. He can not retain the same terms and the same old ideas, which he had before. The person of the old life says about someone: "This man must be hanged, killed or heavily fined. There is a law for all crimes!" The person of the new life says: "Forgive this man, reduce his punishment, set him at liberty!" The righteous one says: "Put this man in the right conditions, so that he may raise himself and start to work! Lend him money to go to school, so that he may study!" Which method does a father apply? If he is a man of the old life, he sends his son to plough in the field. If he is of the new life, he sends him to graze the sheep. If he is righteous, he leaves him at home to cook. If he is a disciple, he sends him to school to study. If you plough, you are of the old life; if you graze sheep, you are of the new life; if you cook, you are righteous; if you study, you are a disciple. These four categories of life are clearly determined. If you observe people at their homes, you will find the man of the old life saying: "We are tired of ploughing the ground!" How can they feel differently? Ploughing the ground twenty or thirty years, is not an easy job. Several of our young brothers -idealists, ploughed the ground at the "Izgrev" for several months, and one of them said to me: "Master, I have become rough, my life is gone!" I did not say anything to him, but thought to myself; how can it be otherwise? Digging and ploughing the ground is the old life. By the act of digging we want to encourage the people of the old life, so that they will not feel desperate. Sometimes we visit the people of the new life, who graze the sheep. We notice someone lying under a pear-tree, while his sheep are all scattered around him. Sometimes we also cook meals and encourage the righteous. The hands of the ploughman are rude and coarse. The shepherd is a free man; he lets the sheep graze, while he lies down beneath the pear-tree and when a pear falls on the ground, he eats it. All day long he is out in the fresh air, and returns at home in the evening. He is in good health, his hands are soft and smooth, there are no corns on them. Looking at the righteous man, on the other hand, you find him carrying a meal, or bread in his hands. His hands are also soft and smooth. He has more means for living. Lastly, you will see the disciple to return at home happy and smiling, saying: "Look what the Master told us today!" This is the way which all of you must pass. I am not telling you stories, this is the reality. I have passed through this way, you will also pass through it. This way is created by the living nature. Nature has created the way of the people of the old life, the new life, the righteous life, and the disciple. The way of the disciple is the new life, which is now coming into the world. Due to the lack of a more appropriate term, I call this way "new life", or "life of the disciple", in the best sense of the word. You must keep in mind these divisions in life. When you pass from the old into the new life, you must take with you all that was valuable in the old life into the new life. When you pass from the new life into the righteous life, you must take with you all that was valuable in the new life into the righteous life. And lastly, all that was valuable in the life of the righteous must be taken into the life of the disciple. This is the only way for achieving inner unity with people. Unity means that people must live for God. How do people live today? When some brother visits a town or a village he is immediately asked: "When did you come?" Yesterday. "And when will you go away?" He does not know what to answer, for he wants to stay longer like a brother who wants to be with you. After several weeks, someone asks him: "Do you have money to go back?" Saying this people want to focus his attention on the fact, that he has stayed too long. They have become bored by his presence, but he does not think of going away. The people involved in this case are of the old life, but calling themselves disciples. In order to create the beautiful life of the disciple, you must eliminate the first three kinds of life and begin to live only with the ideals of the disciple. This is the only way each one of you can bear his own good. In the old days, every student carried his own bread in his sack. All the students used to go together outdoors, where they would sit around a large table. The teacher would arrange them and everyone would take out his bread and start eating. Those who had no bread, asked others for a piece. In the evening, everybody would return home with an empty sack. On the next day, they would go to school again with their bags full of bread. As you see we are doing the same thing. That's how a disciple must start. When he goes to school, he must carry a bag full of bread; at night, when he returns home, his bag must be empty. On the next day, his mother and father will put again bread in his bag, and in the evening, he will again return with his bag empty. This shows that he studies. Thus, in the physical life, the disciple must go to school with a full bag, but with an empty mind. On his return from school, the physical life must be empty, but the mind or the spiritual, the Divine life must be full. This must become a natural, normal state for each disciple. When one thing in you begins to fill another must be emptied. One can not become rich both materially and spiritually at the same time. This is impossible! I do not say that you must be poor, but as disciples, you must empty the bag of your goods, and study the laws of the new life, or in other words study the life of the Great Love. Love brings all the methods and ways which can organize and introduce order into the world and which can make your life happy. Those are Divine words, words of the Divine Spirit, who teaches men bringing new science to the world. Now, begin to study yourselves and study your eye. Have you ever seen a beautiful eye? How beautiful is the human eye! But if you observe it without the eyebrow and eyelid, you can not know what it expresses, whether it has a happy expression or not. The eye does not change. The only thing in the visible world, which does not change, is the eye. It never lies. As soon as one sins, it becomes dark. As soon as he becomes righteous, his eye becomes clear. One can read everything in the eye. The human eye are dispassionate! When one does not want to admit that he has done something wrong, his eyelids drop. When the child wants to hide something from his mother, it looks downwards. The mother says: "Come, open your eyes, look at me!" There is noone in the world, who, when lying, is not conscious of that fact. While thinking, feeling or speaking, one realizes whether he is speaking the Truth or not. He struggles with his mind, which says to him: "You do not speak the Truth, you did not put this word in the right place, correct yourself!" I consider the human mind a rational being which does not lie but only makes corrections. The Divine mind, never lies, it always speaks the Truth. We rely on this mind. When we speak of knowledge, I mean exactly this mind, out of which proceed Divine thoughts. When this mind comes to live in you, it will teach you all things. It is the Spirit. People say of someone: "This man has a depraved mind." No, there are no depraved, perverted minds in the world! Sometimes the heart may be stained, or perverted, but the mind always brings light. Since light is necessary, a science in which the heart will not take part is also necessary. As soon as the heart gets mixed into anything, things get perverted. When a student wants to be first in his class and have high marks, he is under the command of his feelings, not of his thought. When a person wants to be righteous, to be well known, he is also under the command of the feelings. The pure, Divine thought, eliminates all irrelevant, all secondary thoughts. It employs the feelings as forces which can take further the development and growth of the mind. Some day, when we become beautiful, pure springs, people will find us, appreciate us and start to talk about us. The disciple however must understand, first of all, that the most important thing for him is to study. I say that the disciple must put himself to an inner self-analysis. Those of you who are ready for that may begin but absolute sincerity is required. Someone says: "I shall work as much as I can, with as much strength as God has given me." This is not a language fit for the disciple. The disciple says: "I can do everything that the Master gives me to do." The Master can not give you a problem which you cannot solve. God can not require of you impossible things. If God puts us to certain tests, they are of such nature as to give good results and teach us a good lesson. Therefore, every test corresponds to my strenght. Such a test is given to me as a problem in life, as a mental act whose accomplishment will make me stronger. Suppose you pass through a forest and you carry in your hands a bag of gold. You sit under a tree and fall asleep. When you wake up, you do not find your money, someone has stolen it. Why did you lose your money? The One who directs your destiny, knows that robbers will pass this way, and when they see your money, will take it and kill you. If the robbers pass by you and do not find anything valuable, they will go their way, without even touching you. Then you go back, look here and there for your money, and filally find it. You ask yourself: "Why did I lose my money?" - To gain your life. You must know that every obstacle in the life of the disciple is a specific act aimed to save him from some greater evil. Therefore, one would thank God for everything that comes into his life. It is not easy to be grateful and to learn to be reconciled with all obstacles and troubles in life! You will have to work hard before you learn to be thankful for your troubles. So, I say: The disciple can overcome all obstacles! We all have habits, theories and problems, that we must overcome and solve. If you decide to study comprehensively the human hand, the human eye, astronomy and astrology, you must overcome all obstacles in your life. Only the disciple can work with these sciences. They are not available to those who are not disciples. They can study the Old Testament, the New Testament, astrology, or the astrology of the righteous, but they have no access to the astrology of the disciple. If you want to penetrate the thought, which God has deposited in the stars; if you want to understand the Great, which they conceal, you can be a disciple. Great humility and great consideration are characteristic of the disciple. He makes way to the ant. He always takes the last place and never thinks about himself, but is always ready for a complete self-denial. People of the old life like to be the first in everything. One can always find them occupying the first seats. People of the new life take the second seats; the righteous - the third seats, while the disciples always take the last seats. The disciple walks here and there and asks: "Is there a seat for me, by any chance?" He enters a train and takes the last seat there. This is the distinguishing trait of the disciple. If you cannot take the last seat, you can not be a disciple. Christ knows this law and expressed it with the following statement: "When anyone invites you, take the last seat, so that when the master of the house comes, he will not ask you to leave your seat, meant for some honorable guest." Then you will lose the respect of people. As a disciple, you will take the last seat. Let all other people take the first seats, as a disciple you will take the last seat. The disciple must say. "While people are arguing about this and that, I will give ear to the Divine life within me, I will listen to what God tells me and I will study." Now, the disciple must not be irritated. However, it is not a crime that sometimes he is irritated.The disciple must not get angry. But it is not a crime if he is angry. The disciple must not doubt. That he doubts is no crime. Doubt is essential for the old life. The disciple, however, must work on himself. Next year, when you come here, I want to see that, a small change has taken place in all of you. This cannot be achieved at once, but gradually. This is the law of evolution. Christ says: "If it is a matter of restraining, it is better for a man not to marry." Let all be done in freedom. If someone can pass forward, let him do it, those who can not, let them work and wait for their turn. I say: One of the greatest problems lies in front of the disciple. I will gather those of you who want to be disciples and talk to you in a new unusual and specific language. Then there will not be any people of the old life, the new life, or the righteous life among you. You will be only disciples with whom I can talk and be understood. Now, since there are both educated and ignorant among you, the latter will say: "We can not understand what the Master wanted to say, He did not clarify His statements." Others will say: "The Master offended us a little. He should not have spoken like this." Actually, even when one wants to do the greatest good, still there is a chance for some small mistake to be made. If you have several students who like you, and others who do not like you, I can make them change their opinion about you. How? Suppose I give you a basket full of apples, both big and small, and tell you to give them to your students. Give the small apples to the students who have liked you, who have brought you flowers and see what they will do. They will stop to bring you flowers and will say: "Once we had a good opinion about you, but now we have changed it." Then give the big apples to those students, who did not like you, and see how they will react. They will begin to like you, to bring you flowers and to say: "We did not know that our teacher was so good." But if you give to all the students just nice and big apples, they will look at each other, will see that all the apples are equally beautiful and big and will all be satisfied. I say: In the world there is a particular order of things, and even when you have the most sincere desire to satisfy all people, you cannot do it. The basket, which is given you, is full of big and small apples. You will give the smallest apples to the people of the old life; you will give the bigger apples to the people of the new life; you will give the even bigger ones to the righteous, while to the disciples who are just a few, you will give the biggest apples. You cannot act differently, you cannot give small fruit to the disciple. If you think this example is not enough to fully clarity my thought, I will give you another one. Imagine that someone gives me a bag full of different textbooks in grammar, in arithmetics, in different sciences and in philosophy. What must I do with these books? I have to distribute them among people. How? Must I give the books in philosophy and science to the child, who is just entering school in the first grade? No, I must give the Primer to that child. By the small fruit, the small apple, I mean this Primer. To whom shall I give the books in philosophy and science? To the student who can already read, understand and apply the knowledge. This is what we mean by the symbol of the big fruit, the big apple. I shall distribute these books according to the degree of development of every student. This is the only way we can act, the only rational method to apply - it is an inevitable method. When I apply this method, some people get angry with me. From their point of view they are right to be angry. I say: If you are invited to a feast and they give you the last seat, you will be angry, but if you are invited to work in a vineyard and they give you the last place, you will be grateful. If you are given the first place in the vineyard and the first seat at the table, or if you are given the last place in the vineyard and the last seat at the table, you will have two different results. All this happens of necessity, imposed by life itself. In any case, someone must be first in the vineyard. Who will be first in the vineyard? He who can work, he who has strong arms and a strong backbone. At the table, someone must also be first. Who will be the first one at the table? - He who has the best-developed taste. These are inevitable things. However, we cannot reconcile the contradictions in life. The fact that someone has more than someone else does not give definition to life. Christ says: "Life does not lie in its external benefits." The external benefits are relative things. The cause for possessing much or little, lies somewhere else. You will want to have different possessions, but your main desire will be to become a disciple and to study, because only the disciple has a future in the Kingdom of God. When the Kingdom of God comes to earth, the disciple will have the first place of honour. This life has its own character and expression, that's why we must prepare ourselves for it. A great future lies ahead of us and every one will take his definite place: the people of the old life will be ploughmen; the people of the new life will be shepherds; the righteous will be cooks, while the disciples will be given the most honourable occupations. Why? These places are assigned to them. Will the first three categories of people be pleased with their occupations? No, they will constantly grumble and complain. When the prophet of the past said: "All men will acquire a new life, they will be taught by God and will live in such a way as He requires." He has expressed the idea of discipleship in a different way. This is true. A new life, a new work different from your work before, lies ahead of you. You say: "What will be our work?" You must all work on yourselves. This new work has its definite time, its powers and its assistants. If you observe this great law, to read and study the sacred book of life, to study the life of the great men who have written it, it will give you valuable directions. The new science is designing great methods and new ways of life for the future. Only a man of an enlightened mind who has resolved to serve God can see the future. A great future lies in front of you! There have not been better times for the disciples a the present times; but if they do not take the advantage of these conditions, worse times than these have never existed. Christ says: "The day is coming and now is the time when those who hear my voice will come out of their graves and will resurrect." Who will hear this voice? Only the disciples. Only they will be renewed, only they will rise and be resurrected. The new life, the resurrection is only for them. The resurrection is not for those of the old life, of the new life, or for those of the righteous life. It is only for the disciples, for the men of the future, for the men of the new culture. They are the workers in the Kingdom of God; they are the men of the new race, which will not be very numerous but all the people belonging to it will be men of a powerful mind, heart, will, soul and spirit. These men will restore the Kingdom of God on earth and will say: "It is possible for all of us to live in Love; it is possible for all of us to live in Light; it is possible for all of us to live in Peace; it is possible for all of us to live in the Joy, which God has given us!"
  13. From The Way of the Disciple, AlphaDar THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD "The Spirit of the Lord Jehovah is over me; because Jehovah hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek." Long, long ago, even before the Christian era, we found an outstanding prophet of Israel saying: "The Spirit of the Lord Jehovah is over me; because Jehovah hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek." What has the prophet meant by saying: "The Spirit of the Lord is over me." For a contemporary man, a man of ordinary consciousness and conception of things, the words "The Spirit of the Lord" sound strange. Why? Because "the spirit" as a whole is something invisible. Even when anything is said about the Lord, or about the place He inhabits, it sounds strange to many people today. We say: God lives outside of time and space. When we speak of time and space, we imply the idea of the beginning of this realistic, physical life. Therefore, under "time and space", we must understand everything visible, limited and changing. However, behind time and space, there exists one another reality. How can we define that reality? It is a reality which limits us. No matter how small your knowledge of this question might be, each one of you has at least one experience of this kind. For instance, you decide to do some hard work. What do you do after the decision has been taken? - You do not sleep all night, sometimes even for several consequtive nights you think over your plan. Just as you have settled your mind on one thing, another thought comes and spoils your plan. Then you start making other plans, but still you are not contented and you haven't settled on anything. All nights long you struggle with yourself, rejecting one project after the other, until at last, you decide on one and say: "I decided to do this work in such a way." I ask you: Why is there such a battle within you? I will use an example, in order to clarify my idea. Suppose you are a cashier in a bank. One day you find yourself in need of money. You turn to a friend and ask him to lend you some, but he refuses to help you, saying he has no money. Then you go to another friend, but the result is the same. What should you do? To take money from the bank without a right to do that would be a dishonest act and your conscience does not allow you to do it since you are a respectable and honest man. You struggle with yourself, you think it over and at last you begin to consider seriously whether the bank would not lend you some money. You turn to it and say: "You are so good and silent, could you lend me some money? I hope you will not refuse me." It takes you a long time to decide to take money or not to take. You struggle with yourself day and night. I ask you: Why do you struggle with yourself to take or not to take money? Why don’t you take at once as much as you need from the case-box? If you decide to take money, on what grounds would you act like this? You must have a clear idea about the inner motives which underlie the acts of people today. It is not enough to know only the motives of the acts of people, but also those of the entire organic kingdom, for the great law which regulates the entire organic kingdom is one and the same. This law, this reality in life is rational, but people do not have the same perception of it. For example, the consciousness of plants is not as keen as that of animals; the consciousness of animals is not as keen as that of man. And finally, the consciousness of all people has not attained the same degree of evolution. The consciousness of a farmer or of a merchant is not as keen as that of an educated man, of a philosopher who deals with abstract questions. However, the consciousness of the philosopher is not keen enough yet. One may be a philosopher, a scientist, a poet or a writer, but in order to consider his consciousness keen, it must be a synthesis of the consciousness of all poets, scientists, philosophers, merchants, farmers, etc. There is an inner law, a rational Consciousness, which governs the consciousness of all human beings. This very Consciousness regulates and defines the position of each one of us in life. You think that the different occupations which exist in this world are arbitrary, but that's not correct. All occupations, which exist from ages, are determined by this great law. The merchant, for instance, bears a certain idea in nature. The writer, the poet, or the scientist bear also certain ideas in nature. Thus, the work of every man is predetermined. Every man is in cooperation with nature. No matter what position he has in life, how mean it may be, it has its definite place. If one does his work as he should, he is considered as a respectable and noble man. In ancient times, a Greek citizen by the name Socrates, who became later well-known as a great philosopher, had been sweeping the streets of Athens and this was one of the lowest jobs at that time. First he learned how to sweep the streets, and then he studied philosophy. He is known to have often been saying: "If I am capable of raising off the dust from the streets, I can be a master in raising off the dust from people's minds. If I can make the streets of Athens clean, I will be able to make the minds of the Athenians clean also." Socrates had been a man of original mind. From your point of view, he should be considered as an eccentric man. For instance, thinking whether he should marry or not, he had not regarded it as an institution of happiness and ease, as men of today regard it. He had said: "I will marry the worst woman and if I can stand her conduct, I will understand that I have a positive philosophy in life and become a genius man." And actually, his patience and calmness serve as a model for all times. One day he invited one of his friends to his home, and acquainted him with his wife, saying: "My wife is a fine woman, there is no other like her in Athens. She is noble, educated, industrious and whatever she decides to do, she does it without hesitation." But what happened? Just at that moment, his wife took a basin of water and poured it over the head of the philosopher. He turned calmly toward his friend and said: "My wife knows that I have not had a bath for a long time and need one, so she is fulfiling her duty exactly on time, not taking into consideration the fact that I have a visitor." When someone wants to give an example of a woman who is really bad and uncontrollable, he most often gives the example with Socrates' wife. I ask you who is by nature better than she is? But we may assume that Socrates owed his philosophy to his wife Xanthippe. She loved Socrates and he loved her and what people have considered as the evil in her character, has been her active will and mind. Socrates' mind had not been so alert and active as his wife's mind. He had a well-shaped forehead, but his nose was not nice. As a child, he had been self-willed and had led a bad, vicious life. Once when a physiognomist was describing all of Socrates’ bad characters and shortcomings, he received the following answer from the philosopher: "Your science is correct, I was such as you describe me in the early years of my life, but today, thanks to my kind wife Xanthippe, I have corrected all my faults and freed myself from all evil tendencies." This is the story of Socrates, as it has been handed down to us. But who can speak in the way Socrates did? Only that man whose consciousness is keen. And in fact, Socrates had possessed a sound consciousness during the latter years of his life. Recently here is a writer, who resembles in some way Socrates - this is Tolstoi. What is the resemblance? In the shape of their heads, their foreheads and noses. Their eyebrows are also similar. Both of them have possessed an objective mind and have not occupied themselves with abstract questions. Their main field of mental activity has been the realism of life. I shall refer again to the verse: "The Spirit of the Lord is over me." How can the Spirit of the Lord penetrate us? One of the questions modern science is dealing with, is the question of how the thought of a person may penetrate the thought of another person. From this point of view, thought is considered as something material, possessing a form of its own. The formation and harmonization of all these forms is based on certain laws. Therefore, each man that knows the laws which govern the order of your thoughts, can influence you. How? By his thought. You can not save yourself from the influence of his thought. The influence of thought is not dangerous. Because of this law, all people, both good and bad, exert influence on one another. For instance, the sun, the planets, the water and the bread, our parents, brothers, sisters, friends, etc. influence us. Common sense, however, requires that we find the proper place of every influence, in order to obtain healthy beneficial results in our souls. Through the power of influence, we can make people think that God reigns this world. All religions maintain this idea. Contemporary science also affirms the same idea, by saying that there exits only one law in life, which directs and governs all things. There are some scopes of science and certain questions which are still to be investigated. For instance, there are new methods by which people can be healed without medicines. These new methods are already being applied in larger cities like Paris, London, Berlin, Chicago, New York and others. What is characteristic of these new methods? Notice, that we are not speaking about any sort of miracle-performers, but about ordinary scientists, who work in accordance with the laws of nature. These methods prove the powerful influence of human thought. Man’s thought is a great factor in his life. It produces miraculous results. But these men who heal the sick by the new methods, are extreme materialists, yet some of them are objective. They cure a sick patient in the following way: a man, for instance, suffering from paralysis is seated in a chair and the one who is to cure him, places his hands above the head of the patient and moves them slowly downward to the feet, then he shakes his hands and moves them a second time from the head down to the feet of the patient. Then again he shakes his hands. These movements of the hands are repeated several times, following a certain rhythm. After 10 -15 times, the patient falls in a pleasant, magnetic nap, as a child falls asleep in the arms of its mother. Put a child in the arms of a nervous servant and see how it will cry to exhaustion. Thus, when anyone asks me why a certain man is crying, I say: He is crying, because he finds himself in an inharmonious environment. Place him in a harmonious environment, among good friends and he will smile immediately and stop shedding tears. You ask: "What is the cure of tears?" A harmonious environment. "What is the cure of poverty?" A harmonious environment. All educated people prove this same fact to be true. Today doctors prescribe all sorts of medicines to the sick people, instruct them to feel comfortable, to take mineral or other baths, etc. The new methods of curing the sick exclude all these means and say: create a harmonious environment for the sick and his spirit will be calmed. When you go to a sick man, do not allow a single negative or inharmonious thought to cross your mind, because the sick person is extremely sensitive. There are certain instruments by which the expansion of his wraith can be proved. This expansion makes the person irritable, which is the begining of neurasthenia. In all people suffering from neurasthenia, the wraith has expanded and occupies more space compared to a normal condition. As a result of this great expansion, nature imposes a tax on them, as any national government imposes a tax on those who own land within its territory. Someone buys a large piece of land and the government asks him to pay his tax, saying: "If you do not want to pay such a great tax, you must possess a smaller piece of land." One has to pay a tax, whether he possesses a large, or a small piece of land. All people pay taxes for water, for their houses, for the right to walk on the streets - for almost everything. But when we come to the question of nature, do you think that we can live in harmony with it without taxes? No! But here we come to the great law of reasonable change: a change in feelings and thoughts. What we do not see in the world is God Who thinks. Therefore, a right change must take place between the thought of God and our thought. The thought of God can be expressed in various forms. The sun, for instance, is one of the forms of God’s thought. The moon and the stars are also forms of God’s thought. Man is a form of God’s thought. Planets, animals, water, air, fire - all these are forms of God’s thought. Therefore, when you start a fire, if you understand the law which it is subjected to, you can enter immediately in communion with God’s thought. And in case you start a fire in a place where it must not be started, you will cause yourself some sort of suffering. It is very important for the disciples to understand and to apply the laws of life correctly. If you go to a forest, you have the right to start a fire there only in case you need to warm yourself, or to warm water to drink, but you have no right to play with fire. When you go to some pure spring, you have the right to drink from it, or to sprinkle your head with water in case you have a headache, or wash your hands and feet, if they are not clean, but you are not allowed to play with the water. Children like to throw stones in some mountain springs. What happens after that? Great misfortunes befall them. The water does not like to be disturbed by stones. If you wish to put a stone in it, you must wash it well and drop it in carefully. You must know that water hides within itself rational powers. Some people think that there is no rationality in water. How can this be possible? Does not water heal all diseases in the world? Make an experiment to see what influence it has on the organism of some irritated, indisposed people. How can its influence be tested? By drinking hot water or washing our body with it. Today, all religious people as well as all others, have lost the right, rational thought which exists in living nature. When you have this right thought, you know that all things in nature are alive, therefore you must have great respect for everything. If you have this wisdom, whenever you pass by a plant, you will look at it and then raise your eyes up in respect for the life which manifests itself in this plant. It is a small form, which is an image of God’s thought. If you see a spring making an effort to find its way out, and you start criticizing it for not having come out at a very nice place, it will become sad and say: "It's just me who knows what efforts I have made in the years, so that I could come out in this place!" That spring will have a better place in the future. The springs like all living beings, change their places - they also undergo a certain evolution. Plants, animals, springs, rivers, lakes - everything evolves and is constantly undergoing an inner transformation. The Divine thought manifests itself everywhere. It changes and regulates all things. So, when we speak about living nature, we mean the manifestation of Divine thought; the manifestation of that great law through which God works in the world. Suppose many different diseases attack you: headache, stomach-ache, weakness in the chest, rheumatism, inflammation of the aciatique nerve, diabetis, etc. What are all these diseases due to? They are the result of an inner disharmony in life. The diseases show the ways of our digression from the Great Divine life or from the right thought. Today many doctors and medical students, who investigate the different kinds of diseases, write whole volumes about the way people should heal themselves, and say: "Any sick man can be cured from any disease by removing its cause." How can thi$ be achieved? By removing that defect or human infirmity, which has originally evoked that disease. These people maintain that there is a psychic cause at the bottom of all organic diseases. Therefore, one must look for the psychic cause of any defect or inability of a person to manifest his natural talent. For instance, the memory of many people is very weak or its normal functions are badly impaired. Such people forget easily everything. I have observed how such people behave in different cases. Someone puts his pen behind his ear, and forgetting that he has put it there, starts looking for it, turning the whole house upside-down. Another man puts his hat on his head and then, not find it in its usual place, starts asking his wife and children where it is. His wife says: "My friend, can you not see that your hat is on your head?" He wonders when he has put it on. Some men reach a state of utter self-forgetfulness. What is this distraction due to? The cause lies in the fact that heat is developed much faster and on a larger scale than light in such a person. This increased production of heat causes an anomaly in the feelings. That's why many diseases cause a high temperature in the body, due to excessive burning. Doctors apply certain methods to lower the high temperature caused by the excessive burning. In fever, the burning is on the surface of the body and the temperature rises several degrees higher. That is, in the organism, the burning process is more intense than it normally is. When certain cells in an organism do not function in harmony with the rest, they produce more heat than necessary, which acts destructively on the organism. The nervous state you experience sometimes, is due to this excessive heat. People who are engaged in healing other people, recommend water as good means for curing diseases, because water absorbs the excessive heat and reestablishes the normal balance within the organism. This balance is due to the hidden organic force within our body. We must never exhaust indiscriminately the heat of our organism, because nature uses it for different important, rational purposes. The prophet says: "The Spirit of the Lord is over me and He has anointed me." The word "anointed" signifies that you are called for a certain service, which you can fulfil. Only the strong, the good and the wise people can be anointed. Know that the thought of God manifests itself in every new movement, in every new beginning in the world. For instance, ever since the year 1914, even before that time, everywhere in the world there have been certain phenomena, certain events whose meaning the scientists and the educated men can not correctly interpret. These phenomena are becoming more frequent nowadays. Their purpose is to awaken contemporary humanity, to stimulate and activate man’s thought. Why is their awakening necessary? Because the time for inner, spiritual work has come. When do people sleep? At night. At daytime, after the sun rises, they should be up on their feet, ready for work. When favourable conditions for spiritual work come, everyone must be ready. "The Spirit if the Lord is over me." How should we interpret these words? They mean that God’s thought is over me, that it is for us. We have reached the phase of life where we can study the thought of God and come in contact with it. Every person who can manipulate with the thought of God and enter into contact with it, can be a master of his own life and a master of the conditions he lives in. I shall give you an example to show you how the thought of God can affect a person. One of our sisters was paralyzed almost for an year. Her hand became often very stiff and this stiffness spread over her whole body so that she felt all paralyzed. I told her that she must restore harmony within herself, but up to the time when such a harmony could be achieved, she would pass through several crises. How could she attain harmony? By coming into contact with God’s thought. Everyone healing himself by a Divine way, can not become healed at once, as if by magic, but gradually, passing through a certain number of crises. What did that sister do? She went up to Vitosha mountain and there she applied all the rational methods given to her. As a result of these methods, a terrible crisis ensued: she had such a sharp stomach ache, that she thought her last hour had arrived. But soon after that good purification, her pain disappeared completely and she was healed. For certain diseases, it is advisable to massage the body until it sweats. What is sweat? - It is caused by a rational force, which indicates that all the pores of the body must be opened. One has seven million pores on his body, that is seven million become poets and writers, but they do not know yet the beauties of nature and can not benefit by them. Those who live in the plains and in the valleys are more intelligent, more developed, because they have more chances for work. At present, the Divine thought functions more in the material world. God is working more in the plains and valleys than in the high places. You may say: "If it is so, let us lead sinful lives." This is an easy thing to do, and people know this art, but they must remember that everyone who misuses the credit of a bank, takes upon himself many debts and is punished at the end. Any bank, no matter how much credit it may give you, keeps a record of everything and one day it will require what it has given. Either you or your children, will have to pay. Nature acts in the same way. You can not deceive or cheat it. It has account books in which it keeps records of everything people take from it. And when someone goes to it for a new credit, immediately it opens its book to see how many times that person has taken money from it and how much he owes. The degree of development you have reached can be judged by the way you study and understand the physical and spiritual worlds, and by the way you understand the thought of God. What causes your inner struggles? Struggles always arise from a disaccordance between your thought and the thought of God. If you struggle, it means that you are not in accordance with God. When you want to do something bad, the Divine thought says: "Listen, do not do what you are planning to do. If you do it, you will suffer and bear the responsibility." You all have such experiences. How many of you have acted fully in accordance with this inner voice and resp wisely? Someone says: "I struggled all night until I decided on a certain question." Such an example is Jacob, who fought all night with God. This struggle is presented as a physical process, but in fact, it represents a living, inner process. After that process, Jacob was transformed, because new ideas entered into his mind. At last he said: "God, from now on, I will serve Thee well and will not act unrighteously in this world." Therefore, we struggle and fight, in order to attain better thoughts and create in our minds the right thought. Some people ask: "Why must we study?" In order to come to know God. "Why must we be good?" In order to come to know God. "Why must we love and seek the Truth?" In order to know God. The most essential and most real thing, which we must aspire toward during our present life, is to know the forms of God's thought. God can help everyone who knows the forms of his thought. The prophet says: "The Spirit of the Lord is over me." I would interpret this verse like this: "The forms of God’s thought are in me. I know the laws of the objective thought of God." Therefore, when one comes into a real contact with the thought of God, he will feel this contact. I have often given to those of you who are ill, certain instructions. To those who feel physically weak, I have said: Go to some old, but healthy oak tree, and stand with your back on it. Rest in this position 5-10-15 minutes, half an hour at the most, and say to the tree: "Since you are full of the thoughts and forms of God, be so good and give me some of your energy." The oak tree will unburden you of some of your inharmonious energies, you will feel calm, with restored strength and will return home with a light and happy heart. This shows that the oak tree has given you something Divine. In case you are very nervous or irritated, pour a pail of fresh, pure water over yourself. This act will relieve your head from many unnecessary elements and a Divine thought will enter into your mind. There is an infinite number of life forms in nature which the philosophers consider as a fine, living matter penetrating our organism. This matter enfolds the cells as a protective force, which scientists call immunity. When each cell is immune through the Divine Thought or when the human organism is immune through the Divine Thought, one is entirely under its protection against any unexpected evil events, troubles and misfortunes. The day you break this immunity, the Divine Thought begins to withdraw from you. This means that you have broken your harmony with it. Then misfortunes begin to come into your life. Someone says: "My life is unhappy." I say to him: A harmonious environment is what you need. Make friends with people who not only speak about God, but who also live in God! Seek the company of people, who not only speak about love, but who manifest Love! Seek the company of people, who not only speak about truth, but for whom the Truth is a constant standard measure in life! You say that there are not such people in the world. Do not say this! You will meet such people not only in Sofia, but all over the world. Not all of these people are educated. Some of them are simple or peasants. A peasant who ploughs his field all day, without even suspecting that he has the Divine within himself, may be of these people. You may have to travel 10-15-20 miles, in order to find such a person, but go and find him. Go and speak for a while with him and you will see what inner harmony you will begin to feel and how something pleasant and new will start to flow into your soul. There are such people in every country. Bulgarians call them fortune-tellers. When some Bulgarian finds himself in a difficult situation, or when his affairs, in general, are not going as they should, he goes to such a fortune-teller and says: "A great misfortune has befallen me!" Please throw the beans, or mould the wax and tell me what is the reason for all my suffering! The fortune-teller melts and moulds the wax or throws cards and says: "The reason for your sufferings is the following. Several years ago, your father has stolen ten oxen from one of your neighbours and now you have to buy them and give them back to him. In case you do this, you will be cured. That's what my wax says." That man goes to market, buys the oxen, gives them back to his neighbour and actually his illness disappears. If you decide to heal yourself this way, you must give back all you have stolen. Whether you know this fact or not, is a different question, but everything stolen must be returned. The theft might have been done by your grandfather, but since you are his heir, you are held responsible to render back the stolen thing. When a great moral is being given to the world, it has no reference only to the present, but also to the past and future life. You must rectify and put in order the work of your grandfather, and of all the four generations before you. You must eradicate all falsities, which have been active during the lives of the preceeding four generations, until, at last, you come to your present self. After you have done all that, you can establish a contact with God and harmony with yourself. Then all your affairs will start to follow their natural course. If you want to strengthen your faith, apply this idea in your life. When we speak of the Divine Teaching, we mean a thorough transformation of the entire life. And for this reason we must learn to think right, feel right and act right. We should not renounce life, but rather make use of it in its completeness as past, present and future. We shall not throw away the unclean water, but shall rather filter it and separate the unclean elements in it, then boil it, in order to purify it from all microbes. The prophet says: "The Spirit of the Lord is over me." The Thought of God is over us. Today we are in a new time. Everyone must have the great Thought of God in his soul. This means that faith must become active in all people, not outwardly, but inwardly. We must realize that each person is a projection of God's Thought. That's why everyone must be in harmony with his neighbour. The Scriptures say that we must love our neighbour as ourselves, by which we must understand: to love this great Thought in others as in yourself. It is the Thought of God. Today noone can develop talents or gifts, until he has settled the affairs of all the four generations preceeding him. You are the last of the fourth generation. Yours is the problem of correcting the mistakes of your grandparents. You may ask: "How can we know that this is actually what you say?" Open the book of life and there vou will find all this written down. "The Spirit of the Lord is over me and He has anointed me." What for? To preach good tidings to the meek, to liberate the people, to restore order and equity in life. I wish this sound thought to rest with all of you, present day society. Today the world has peculiar ideas and conceptions of life, and as a result is suffering from many diseases and failures. At present there are many organic and psychic diseases, which the doctors find impossible to cure. All misfortunes, which exist in life, are actually a result of the inner disharmony in people today. The reason why people can not live together well, is that they have no contact with God - their thought is not connected with God's thought. As part of this contact is made, the Divine thought begins to flow into you and you start to write. You are sick - the cause is lack of contact with God’s thought. Make this contact and your health will be restored. Do not feel disturbed by anything, but begin to experiment, at first on the smallest scale, with the most common cases in life. Now I shall give you a new prescription, which is very simple. When you are irritated, angry or doubt something, take a vessel full of good, clean water and start pouring it over the upper part of your left arm. Then take a towel and wipe it lightly, but leave the arm moist. After one minute, do the same with the right arm. Now observe what change has taken place in your psychic condition. If it is not better after a minute has passed, pour water again over your left arm, wipe it lightly and let it rest like this for 2 minutes. After these 2 minutes have past, pour water over your right arm, wipe it lightly leaving it moist, and keep it like this for about 2 minutes. If your condition is still unchanged, wet your left arm, wipe it and let it rest for 3 minutes. Do the same with the right arm. Leave it also for 3 minutes and watch your condition. If it is still unchanged, continue the experiment in the same way, increasing the time of the interval, until it comes up to 10 minutes. After you have poured water over your arms within the 10 minute interval, your condition will change and what oppresses you will disappear, will melt like ice in a hot day. What is better now, to wet first one and then the other arm or to have a massage? The first experiment is preferable. Even if you are travelling, you can apply this method. You may say: "But we shall waste our time in doing this." No, the time in doing this experiment is not wasted. The time is given for healing. It is given to you for the manifestation of God’s Thought. Do not consider this method as a magic formula. It is only a practical method by which you can change your bad disposition at any time. There are a number of different psychic indispositions and bad states, which you can not change in this way, but you can transform them by applying water to different parts of the body. For instance, you can wet your neck, or the part of your head behind your ears or your legs from the knees down, etc. Washing different parts of the body produces different psychic changes in the brain. I am telling you that as disciples, you can use water for healing. If you believe in the power and influence of water, you can be cured by it, but you can also apply the power of your thought. If one does not believe in the power of water, he can not be cured by it. You can use water not only in the actual, physical sense of the word, since it can have the same effect on you, if you apply it in your thought. Suppose you want to take a mental bath for your backbone. Imagine a fountain, or a spring of pure water at a distance of one mile from you. Take a jug and in your thoughts go to that spring. Fill the jug with water and return home. Take off your clothes, leaving only your shirt on, and again in your thoughts pour the spring water over your back. Then lightly dry your wet back with a towel, put on your clothes and see if after 10-15 minutes you will not feel such a powerful effect, as if you have actually taken this bath. Someone may call this delusion. But this is no delusion. There is a conscious inner bond among things. Only the thought of God is real and wherever this thought exists, there you will have good results. When a sick person believes that he will be healed, he connects his thought with God's thought and actually becomes well. But when he does not believe that he will be healed, he makes no contact with God’s thought and can not be healed. The same thing applies to knowledge. When a person, whether old or young, believes that he can learn, he can, in case he does not believe, he does not learn. This thing is true of life - you realize only what you believe in and what you want strongly. You must believe from the bottom of your heart and soul! Light is the result of God's thought. Therefore, if we have light in ourselves, it is because we are in accordance with the Primary Thought, the thought of God, which functions everywhere in nature. And when you approach nature, you can not play with it, but every act you undertake to accomplish, you must begin with a sense of sacred awe. Washing, for example, is a sacred act. How do you wash yourselves in the morning? You must not wash in a hurry, as you generally do, but you must observe certain rules. You should pour some warm water in a clean basin and then lightly splash your face with it. Then dry your face with a very soft towel, leaving it a little moist. You rub your face roughly, which is not good to do. You should wash your face in a new way. Never splash water on it in a hurry and never use force when you rub it with your hands, or with a towel, but rather do all this lightly, as if you are caressing it and feel a pleasure of doing that. The human face is very delicate and sensitive. People use linen or hemptowels, but I would leave those to the sinners to use. For an honest and good man, I would recommend a soft, fine towel. We should not wipe our faces with rough towels, if we would have the Divine thought function correctly in us. Why? Because the face is the mirror of our soul. We can discern man’s link with God in the face. After washing your face and looking at yourself in a mirror, you must be pleased with it. If you are not pleased, wash it a second time 10 minutes later. Wash it ten times in succession, until you are satisfied with the result. Those of you who have more time, can make the following experiment. When you get up some morning in a bad temper, wash your face, your neck and ears one, two, or 10 times at the most and you will see that your bad temper will disappear. If your temper has not changed after this, I will tell you the reasons. Try this method on yourself first, then pass it on to others, but do not tell it to others, until you have tested it several times with satisfactory results. As disciples, you must reestablish your inner link with God. This link will liberate you from all delusions, misfortunes, diseases, sufferings, impurities, etc. There are many people whose feet, mouth and bodies have a bad odor. All these odors must be eliminated. First of all, you must clean up your body. If your feet have a bad odor, try to clean them with your thought. The stomach of many people contains indigested particles of food, which cause a bad odor in their mouth. However, a man can throw all impurities out of his body through the power of his thought. You will ask how this thing can be done. Man is a living, conscious organism and he can give orders to his cells to throw the impurities out of the body. But in order to transform your organism you must show great constancy. One must be a master of his body, in order to discover the power of thought. Being a master of your body does not imply that you must torture it, but rather live with it as with a good friend. So that one day when it leaves us, it may say: "I thank God for giving me such a perfect master with whom I could live so many years. I would like to live with him a second time!" What does our body say today? It says: "God, I thank You for having liberated me from this master." Actually, we mistreat our bodies. The Scriptures, however, say that we are the temple of God. Our body is the temple of God and we want this mortal body to put on immortality. When will this be achieved? When we learn the great laws of God's thought. They will lead us to immortality. All these laws can be applied when one enters the Divine teaching. That's why everyone must learn. Some of you may learn from the more advanced disciples. You must be humble and ask about things you do not know. Some of you think they know everything and can attain all at once. It is not easy to have great achievements in a very short time, as if by magic. Have you ever washed your face ten times in succession, in order to change your temper from poor to good? Have you observed the simplest rule of washing your hands after every work you do? If you observe this rule, it will be a blessing for you. Keep your hands very clean. In such a case, your thought will be transformed. Our purpose is to reestablish our contact with God through external nature by means of which He has made His thought accessible for us. For instance, all mountains and valleys represent God's thought. Light and heat are His thought. If we are in unison with these forms, with these energies, we can study the thought of God. God teaches us like this. Therefore, since we have been working with this living, rational force in the world, it will teach us how to act and live. Do you know how many gramms of water you must drink at one time? Do you know how much water you must drink in one day? Do you know which is the best water and where you can find it? - You do not know. That's why those of you who want to drink the best water, should look for the best springs in the town or village where you live and go there to fill two jugs of water every day. Try different waters and drink the best and the purest! Many of you look for the easy way and say: "This well is near, we will draw water from it." No, this water is calcareous do not drink it. Far away there is a nice spring, go there to take water! Do not waste your time! You may have to spend a whole year, before a Divine thought may enter your mind, but it is worth the time, for it is a great acquisition for you. As soon as you contact a Divine thought, you feel as if a rich guest has paid you a visit and immediately you feel independent. The penetration of the smallest Divine thought into our lives makes us inwardly independent and develops in us an inner self-assurance, which bears a small light, a small peace and a small joy. The growth of this Divine thought in us gradually increases our love, light, peace and joy. In this way man grows. The way people act today is still the old surgical way. They see only the wrong side of life. The disciple, however, has no right to criticize. Only the sages have this right. You may ask: "Don’t I have to criticize?" If you are a great sage, nature gives you a green light, but if you are a disciple, who is just beginning to study, you must not engage yourself in criticism! You may read what some critics say on different life problems, but you must not express your opinion, until nature gives you permission. Till then, you will study the great law of waiting. How long? Till the time assigned for you. The prophet says: "The Spirit of the Lord is over me." When the Spirit comes, it will say to you: "Rise and tell what you have learned and acquired." What must you say? His Word. Only then you can be brave and resolute, not doubting or'wavering. Many of you have come to the point of the inner rebirth, but you must be careful for your life. When people aspire toward a good, virtuous life, they have in view the thought of God. A sinful life breaks your inner contact with God and obstructs the manifestation of His thought. Criticism, doubt, suspicion, all infirmities and defects, cause men to stumble. As long as they exist, in any form, you can not have union with God, or be free. Freedom is an inner process, it is a contact with God's thought. Only the person whose thought is connected with the thought of God is free. This is the most essential thing for every one. This contact brings light into your life. I ask you: "Why do you feel so well in this hall? Because there is abundant light here. If you were in a hall whose windows look to the north, you would feel differently than you do now. Hold a meeting in our hall here and then in a hall whose windows face north and see how you will feel. Watch for the results in the course of a year. That's why we must open our hearts, minds and souls for God's thought. Many of you have more windows facing north than east and south. Now as I speak to you like this, you say: "Then we must say farewell to our lives. It is not a question of saying farewell to life, but rather of entering into contact with life. Does a child who has been confined nine months in the womb of his mother and one day comes out into broad day-light, say farewell to life? Does it die? Yes, something dies in it, but what is it? Only that thin covering, by means of which it has been nourished in the womb of its mother. I ask you: Is not the second, free life better for the child? Our life till now has been the life of child in the womb of its mother. The life of the flesh is a life in the womb of the mother. While this life, which we are now speaking about and which you must enter today, implies an union with the thought of God, a liberation, or a new birth. In this life your mother will still be by your side, but she will care for you from the outside. In the same way, nature will exercise an influence on you from outside. That means that the Divine thought engulfs you today from all sides, but a day will come when it will act specifically upon you. Some of you often say that God does not hear them. This is not true. This contradictory state you find yourselves in, sometimes shows that your conditions of life have changed. At one time your mother has cared for you from within, now she is giving you food and good conditions from the outside and you must feel alone. To think means to feel alone. To feel means to feel alone. These are the conditions, the food, which God gives us. The more correctly you think, the better your mind is nourished. The more correctly you feel, the better your heart is nourished. What I am saying to you now is not for me. It is good for your body, mind and heart to understand the Truth. You want to be strong, to have bright thoughts and a good heart, to have someone who will love you. I ask you: Who can love you more than God? That's why, if you want someone else to love you, you must ask God about it and then His thought will cause a mental connection between you and those forms, which correspond to your development. When two friends love each other, a natural harmony between their thoughts and feelings must exist. Love can not exist or be manifested without harmony. These things are elementary. The science you are studying now is elementary too, but if you apply it, it will represent a hard rock in your life, which being stepped on, will keep you from wavering. As soon as doubts beset you, you say: "Is this way the right one? Aren't we mislead? Let us go back to the old path!" I say: Your grandfathers act like this. They always look back to the earlier stages of life and say: "Eh, once when I was young." They always think of their lost youth. They are right. Youth is the Divine in us. The Divine is in us, while we are young. I consider young people whose heart is free. He is always ready to serve to someone. As soon as his heart becomes tightened, he says: "My idealism can not settle my affairs. I must marry, so that when I become old, there will be someone to take care of me." As soon as he begins to think like this, his idealism disappears. When one is afraid of life this means he is already an old man. The young person is not a coward. He possesses power and energy, and says: "I thank God for giving me this mind, this heart and these hands. As long as I have all this, I am a capable person and I can earn my living by myself." Thus, it is necessary for all of you to attain the Divine. It will bring youth, purity and strength into you. I do not say violence, but strength and power, by means of which you will manifest all that's good and noble in you and apply it according to all the rules of the New Teaching. Thus, you will all bear God's Thought. Then the brothers more advanced than you, will be glad that you are worthy disciples, at the dawn of your career. When they see how you work, they will say: "These are capable disciples and since something good will come out of them, we will help them in their work. They will be as glad for you as teachers are when their students show good progress." You are disciples and in order to advance, you must pray. Praying as a science. I ask you: When you go to your teacher how will you recite your lesson? If he calls you to the blackboard and gives you a problem in mathematics, how will you act? Will you kneel and throw up your arms? No, you will begin to solve the problem and to speak about it and your Teacher will be listening to you. That's, you will solve, write and pray. When you finish your prayer, your problem must be solved. Prayer in this case, is a great respect and veneration, great love, which we must have for that Primary Principle, which has given us our lives. Now I wish all of you to say as that Jewish prophet: "The Spirit of the Lord is over me and He has anointed me to preach glad tidings." A day will come when all of you, in one or another way, will preach glad tidings, so you must be prepared by the experiences in your life, in order that all you say to the world may be true. When you speak the great Truth, you must have absolute self-assurance. And if someone asks you, if you know God, say: "Yes, throughout my whole life, I have experiences of Him and His thought is over me." So, I repeat: Use the method of washing your hands. If someone does not feel disinclined to do it, let him come to me, I will wash his hands ten times. You will see what will happen then. In the course of all the years, I have made different experiments, which I will reveal to the world. One day they will be known, but now I have another problem in mind. Today people must heal themselves to the extent that health plays the role of a connecting link with the Divine Love in their lives. To the extent that the disciple wants to study the Divine Love, I am ready to serve him and wash his feet ten times. I have rendered services to many people. Someone complains of headache, I take a pitcher of pure water and pour it over his head 3-4 times, and his headache disappears. What happens? I apply God’s thought and say: God, You who live in this water, cure the head of this man, so that he may know that You can work through water as well. This man is healed and says: "I am thankful, for I have already a contact with God's thought." The water, however, knows me and says: -"I will cure the head of this man, but for your sake, and if he comes to know God, and then misuses his knowledge, you will be held responsible. I have contact with God, that's why my experiments give good results. Both the one who cures and the one who is being cured, must be pure-hearted. The one who cures must not bargain with the patient and demand money for the healing. Neither has the one who is being healed, any right to bargain. In bargaining there is nothing Divine. If the world misuses its gifts and talents, it is a different question, but the disciple who studies the way of Truth, must be just, he must be an example of Divine Love. His problem is to realize God’s thought and then leave it to speak for itself, you are to sow the seed and do not think of the results. Let all your friends realize that God is in you." People often give way to the "sour elements" in themselves, which are marked by a certain lack of respect. For instance, as I am talking now, some are in a hurry to go home and say: "Why does not the Master finish His talk?" I read this thought in them. Others say: "Would the Master say something more?" All of them have the right to think so, but I ask myself why I must talk to you. I should have come to you and finished my talk in a few sentences only. I should have said: You must understand living nature. Connect yourselves with the forms of God’s thought in nature. Pour pure water on your heads 3 times a day; wash your hands 10 times a day and wash often your feet. Then I should have put on my hat and gone my way. What would have happened then? -1 would have been travelling fast, while you would have been running after me, saying: "Master, wait for a while! What did you say? How many times should we pour water on our heads? How many times should we wash our hands and feet?" Another one will say: "The Master said so many things, that I am confused and I don't know how many times to wash my face, hands and feet." Now I say to you: You will not run after me and try to catch up with me in the streets, asking me this and that, for I have already spoken a lot and am late, while you, the disciples, must tell one another what you have heard. Also see that when you reach me on the street, you speak about other things and not about what has already been said. Everything said so far has a relation with the practical side of life, but it has a theoretical side as well. Now I want ten persons to apply the method of washing their hands according to the rule I gave you. If we can not find ten people, let there be one-two among you, who in time of indisposition would apply this method and come to tell me the results. We shall begin with two persons and gradually increase the number up to ten persons. Let the rest of you wait for a while. Tomorrow, after the sun rises, begin with the experiment and see what the results will be. If the results are good, come and tell me, and if there are no results, come and tell me too. In both cases, I will explain to you the causes for your success or failure. Maybe there is something wrong with your installation. This experiment is not an easy one. You may wash your hands 20 times and still obtain no results. The first thing to remember, is to do all with faith. Faith is a faculty, which strengthens the human organism and gives it stability. The faith you apply in curing yourselves will exercise a beneficial influence on your whole organism and you will come in harmony with living nature. Just the same way any effort from you has a beneficial effect on your organism. When you wash your hands, face and feet, try to be alone and try not to pay attention to anyone around you. There are not only individual, but collective experiments as well that can be made in special cases. If one cures a sick person, he will obtain one kind of results than if a group of people cures him. For if a group of say, 10, 100 or 1000 persons should concentrate their thoughts on him, these thoughts would have greater power than the power of the thought of a single person. Thought is a power which can cure. There are a number of other experiments in which you will see the inner connection which exists among all things in nature. Nature represents a chain of forms so closely bound, that they help each other. In order to understand this chain of forms, you need wisdom and a sound thought. The Spirit of the Lord and God's thought must come over you. The time for that has come. How can we know it? Man alone will go to the Divine Spring with his own vessels to take of this pure water. Now I wish all of you, present at this meeting, to achieve a right contact with God and to strengthen your bond with Him. In other words, to strengthen the bonds between God's thought and your soul.
  14. From The Way of the Disciple, AlphaDar THE WAY OF THE DISCIPLE Now I shall read to you a part of the 49th chapter of Isaiah from the 15th verse to the end. This is the teaching of the Old Testament people. Their ideas of old time are expressed here. I shall also read to you the 15th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew and shall make a parallel between these two chapters. Again I shall start with the 15th verse. This assembly is the first one of its kind. The first day begins with the day of Love. We separate people into four categories: of the Old Testament, of the New Testament, righteous people of new times, and disciples. You could find what were your thoughts and views on life in the past in the Old Testament. What are your views on life as men of the New Testament you can find in the New Testament itself. But if you look in the Bible for a description of the way of a disciple, you will not find it. Therefore, the way of a disciple is the New which God gives us today. Someone says: "This is the way I speak, this is the way I think." No, noone in the world can speak; noone in the world can think. It is only God who manifests Himself in the world, while all people bear the August Divine Wisdom. It flows through them. And every man who monopolizes the Divine and calls it his own is not a real man. One of the greatest spirits of the first universe had once seen himself in the Divine mirror and upon seeing his beauty, which had been greater than the beauty of any other spirit, had exclaimed: "This is me!" But the moment he had said: "This is me", his beauty had begun to fade and darken. Why? - That beauty had not been his own. We call this spirit "Day spirit". Some people ask: "What is sin?" - Sin is the perversion of the external, physical life, i.e. of the great Divine life. When we speak of sin, we do not imply the spiritual life, but the material life of people. In all material worlds sin follows people in the way the shadow follows the wheel. This is inevitable. When there is sun, there is shadow, there is also sin. When there is no sun, there is no shadow and no sin. However, in the physical world there is an illusion that the sun rises and sets. In fact, the sun never sets, therefore the shadow always appears behind the wheel. Today there are certain contradictions in the consciousness of all people. For instance, sometimes you think that you are on the right way and you have found God. Then you are happy, contented and you think you know everything. In this case you are right. You are righteous to the extent one is capable of being righteous. You are saintly to the extent one can be saintly. You have gained knowledge to the extent one is capable of gaining it. In all these cases there are certain limits. When we speak of knowledge, we do not mean the whole knowledge of God, nor the whole knowledge of the angels, but we mean the knowledge which is in the human mind. When we speak of goodness, we also speak of the goodness which is in the human heart. When we speak of power, we mean the power which is in the human spirit. Thus, in the first place, you must have a clear idea of the Old Testament man; you must have a clear idea of the New Testament man; you must have a clear idea of the righteous man - the man of the new epoch, and lastly, you must have a clear idea of the disciple. These categories are phases which the disciple must know. Consequently, when we speak about riches and material possessions in the world, we have in mind the efforts made by a certain type of people. These are the Old Testament people. They are right in their efforts, that's why God allows them to have possessions. While they are in the old life, they have the right to have fields, oxen, different kinds of cattle, ploughs to plow with, spades to dig the earth with; to be born and reborn, to kill one another - they can do everything. This is an environment of the physical world. The potter, who makes pottery for sale, produces large numbers - some are good, some are bad. Some of them will get cracked, but others will come out whole and he will sort them according to their quality. This depends upon his knowledge and abilities as a potter. He will send all his pots to the market, but according to his idea, he will separate the good ones from the bad ones and put aside the good ones to serve a better purpose than the bad ones. There is a market for all the pottery in the world. If the pots had consciousness, those of the lower quality would have said: "Why did this potter behave like this? Why did he give the other pots such a good shape, while we look so ugly? Why did he give them honour and glory in the world, but left us in such disgrace?" I ask you: Is the potter responsible for all this? This is the external, physical side of life; this is only a temporary conception of things. This example shows not only the state of the potter, it expresses the living nature which operates within us. Today people face this important problem in living nature which they must solve. With regard to this I ask you: Does your stomach have the respectable place which the lungs have? Do the large and the small intestines occupy that respectable place which the brain occupies? Do the feet have the respectable place of the eyes? How can you explain all these contradictions in life? However, all organs of your body, regardless of the place they occupy, constitute living cells, living souls which have one common soul. And if one day favourable conditions for their development are created, they will become as beautiful and wise as you are, and they will possess as much knowledge as you possess. They will be able to take the same respectable position in society, as you now take. But today these cells have been diminished and placed in such unenviable places, in order to learn humility. They are contented with this insignificant service. You ask: "What is sin?" I will tell you. Sin begins with great things, while good begins with small and insignificant things. When the great things become smaller, they produce sin which is destructive. And vice versa: when the small, insignificant things expand and grow, they produce the good. The difference between good and evil lies in the following fact: when the good grows, its cells multiply, unite themselves into one whole and form an organism. But when these cells, after their multiplication, begin again to disintegrate, an individualization begins to take place among them, and thus evil is born. Consequently, it is enough for two, three, four, five, six or ten persons, who had previously been in consent to begin to get individualized, in order to wish to become prominent in some way or another and to begin to insist upon their own. These people are already at the threshold of evil, at the threshold of sin. They become dissociated and finally they do not have a common purpose. Sin is a digression from God. When people digress from God, they have different purposes - different aspirations. There is a great variety of ideals in sin, a great variety of forms. In the life of the righteous there is an apparent uniformity of purpose, which they pursue. They are all aiming at one and the same thing - to be righteous. The sinner never says that he wants to be sinful, but says: "I want to see life, to experience everything in the world and that's why I have come to the earth. My father has great wealth, I must use it. When I grow old, after having tasted everything in life, after having acquired knowledge and wisdom, I shall consider the question how to serve God with these acqusitions. Then I shall be more experienced and shall know how to serve God". This is the way a wise man speaks of sin. So, I say to you: As disciples, you must have a clear idea of the way of the disciple. Considering what must be the way of the disciple, we criticize absolutely noone, we do not undertake any actions. From this point of view, we do not moralize anyone by saying who is right and who is wrong. We have absolutely nothing to do with the mistakes of people. Mistakes do not exist for us. We are concerned only with the regular life - the life of Love. I say: God is a God of Love, of Light, of Peace and of Joy. Therefore, these are also qualities of the disciple. If you should ask me what your ideal must be in the present conditions of life, I will say that your ideal must be: Love, Light, Peace and Joy for the souls. This is not an ideal for eternity, but an ideal which can be achieved even today. You can not say that you love Truth and Wisdom and that you want to achieve them. Another epoch will come for Truth and Wisdom. They are not for today, for the present times. Now at the start, you need Love, but not without Light. You need Light, but not without Peace. You need Peace, but not without Joy. Thus, you need Love with Light, Light with Peace, Peace with Joy. All these are united into one entity. What is Love worth without Light? Did not all Old Testament people have Love without Light? What did they gain? What is Light worth without Peace? Did not all New Testament people have Light without Peace? What did they gain? That's why you must understand correctly the inner process of life. After you acquire knowledge, that knowledge must give you Light. Is it like this in fact? You have much knowledge, but you are not satisfied with your life, you do not have Peace within yourselves. Religious people do not only lack Peace, but they have no Joy within themselves. That's why when some religious and educated men share their experience, their views and conclusions are ordinary. When a disciple shares his experiences, he can speak of an experience of Love, in which there is Light. The disciple can tell of an experience of Light, in which there is Peace. The disciple can tell of an experience of Peace, which brings Joy to his soul. All disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood have lived among Old and New Testament people. Today they live also among the righteous. I call righteous those who have courts of justice with an established order and ceremony. Everyone seeks justice in life, everyone wants to achieve it, but has no methods to apply it. Today people are still asking: "How must the world be made better?" By the word "world", I mean the present life in all of its manifestations: individual, social and that of humanity as a whole. How can all these kinds of life be revised? Through Love, Light, Peace and Joy. In the present life, Love is not given, Light is not given, Peace is not given and Joy is not given. I am speaking of the new life which is coming now. It will come through the new Love which is already entering the world. This is the way of the disciple. You must know how to receive this Love. You must know how to welcome the new Light, which is coming into the world. You must know what place in your soul you must give to the new Peace. You must know what a rich banquet you must give to the Joy which is coming now into the world. A banquet can be given only when Joy is found. I shall read the 15th verse of the 15th chapter of the Gospel of John: "No longer do I call you servants; for the servant knoweth what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I heard from my Father I have made known unto you". Those of you who are listening to me, must understand me well and think right. None of you must be discouraged, or tempted. The Old Testament people are discouraged, the New Testament people are tempted, the righteous become sad, but the disciple meets gladly all the contradictions in his life. He knows that every contradiction is a great problem in his life and he must solve it. These contradictions are not only facts, as some people call them, they are the result of the four kinds of life flowing in our organism. The old life flows in your tendons, in your large intestines. You can not get rid of it. Consequently, it bears a number of contradictions within itself, which you can not escape from. The new life flows in your lungs, spreads through your sympathetic nervous system, in your solar plexus. The life of the righteous occupies the lower part of the brain, while the life which implies the way of the disciple, flows in the highest parts of the brain. It occupies the best place. That's why this life represents the ideal in people. How can a disciple be recognized? You will recognize him by the following qualities: he bears within himself a soft light which does not cause any pain or hurt your eyes. He speaks with such a soft tone of voice, that he never disturbs your ears. He can feed you with such food, which will never spoil your stomach or taste. You must understand these things not by form, but by inner meaning. When you have joy which throws all contradictions out of you, you have barely experienced a small part of the life of the disciple. This joy shows you what you must be like as a disciple. During the different epochs, many people have been striving to reconcile all these trends of life and to expel the contradictions which have appeared as natural results of these different lives. However, the results of these different kinds of life themselves are unreconcilable. You can not reconcile the result of the action of a man who is burning down a house, with the result of the action of another man who builds a house. You can not reconcile the result of the action of one who burns a sacred book, with that of another who writes a sacred book. You can not reconcile the result of the action of one who kills a man, with the result of the action of a woman who gives birth to a child and brings it up. How can you reconcile these two kinds of results? Someone, after killing his neighbour, starts speaking about Karma, about God's rights, about the creation of the world, etc. These are all fictions. Has that man been an adviser to God to be sure that everything is just as he says? If this is a general law, it must be the same for everyone. Why does not the righteous man speak the same way? He says, for instance, that it is the will of God that this house should be built, this sacred book written and this man educated and well brought up. I ask you: Which is better, to build a house or to create a man? And which is worse, to burn down a house or to kill a man? These are elementary problems which I will not solve. You have passed through these phases of life. You have in yourselves the old life, you have in yourselves the new life, the life of the righteous and now you are at the door of the way of the disciple. These are four "indefinite" problems, which you must solve. I am just touching the old life, but I must explain it further. If I have the time, I will explain what kind of life it is. I say, if I have the time, because one can speak only if he has enough time. All of you live in time and space, but many of you want to act in a way incompatible with the laws of living nature. You say: "How is it that he can not do everything he wants to, or speak at any time one wants to?" For instance you want me to give a talk on the old life, but suppose that while I am speaking, such an earthquake takes place that all the stones in the hall we are in and the walls begin to fall, the sun outside darkens and because of the powerful shaking of the earth, you find yourselves at half an hour distance from the hall. I ask you: How many of you will remain in the hall to listen to my talk? When the sun rises again, I will find myself all alone in the hall. This may happen. Therefore, in order to discuss this philosophy, it is necessary that there should be calmness in nature, that no earthquakes should be raging. In the second place, you want me to explain to you the New Testament life. Well, I start speaking, but suppose that at the same time someone brings a paper in which you read that the credit bank "Girdap" has gone into bankrupcy. However, you have deposited your capital in this very bank. You are horrified of the awful situation and from that moment on, whatever I may say to you will be ineffective, since the thought of the failed bank will occupy the place for my thoughts in your mind. How will you understand the new life in such a case? These are facts in life which distract your attention every day. When someone is speaking to us, we must be so sincere, our minds and hearts so open and free for receiving the words, that nothing from outside can distract our attention. We occupy ourselves with things which resemble the earthquakes in nature. We keep ourselves busy with the bank "Girdap", and with a number of other material questions and say: must we not live, must we not have means to live? Of course, we must live, undoubtedly we must employ the conditions of life advantageously. Every person who has come to life on the earth, must have the necessary conditions for that; he must have food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear, and a house where to live and rest. Some people say that God has foreseen everything. Yes, He has foreseen everything, but you must go yourself to the fountain to take water. No angel will come down from heaven to bring you water. One of the great prophets of Israel, mighty in knowledge and power, once having remained in seclusion, felt the need of food, but angels did not come down from heaven to bring him food - ravens were sent to serve him. They took bread to him in their bills. That great prophet understood God's law and was satisfied with it and thanked God. I ask you: "How much food can a raven carry in its bill?" Do not think that it has taken a large piece of bread to him. Not at all, it took a very small piece of bread to him, as much as the bill could carry. But the prophet was pleased with that small bite of bread. Now I shall make a comparison. Suppose you were in the state of the prophet Elijah, who spent his days in seclusion far away in the mountain. The ravens there took bread to him. You know in what a difficult situation Israel was at that time! There were years of famine. For three years it had not rained -the land was parched dry. Almost everything had burned and withered. The wheat barns of Israel were empty, there was very little bread. Only the rich had some wheat, while the poor fed on roots. Suppose that you find yourself in such a desperate situation as that of Elijah! What will you feel, if a raven should come to you bringing you a small piece of bread in the mouth? - Divine Joy. Then I ask you: What is Divine Joy? It is the small bite of bread which the raven brings to you in its bill. But you, like the Old Testament people, take this bite of bread and say: "It would have been better without it, it will only stimulate unpleasantly my stomach! I do not need such a small bite. I need, at least, 30-40 such bites!" You are not satisfied, you protest. I say: Wait a moment, do not hurry! The raven will come again on the next day and will bring you another bite. After starving like this for ten days, you stop being a man of the old life, you become a man of the new life. When you receive this small bite, you say: "This bread is not enough for me, but I will try to satisfy my hunger with it." You take the bite and eat it, but you remain hungry. On the next day, the raven brings you another bite. While you are discontented, you are an Old Testament person, but after you understand the great Law of God, to be pleased with the small bites, which the raven brings to you, you pass into the category of the New Testament and become a person of the new life. You stop feeling embittered, begin to reason and to justify the raven by saying: "Truly, how much food can this small raven carry in its bill? As much as it can eat. I see its wings are small and young. I am grateful for even this much". Now you are no more embittered, no more full of doubts and from a New Testament person, you start preparing yourself to enter into the life of the righteous. And as such, you begin to grieve that there is no more food, saying: "Can there not be found more such ravens, at least ten, so that they might bring me more food?" If once this question comes forward, it can easily be settled. In the present world there are many righteous people, who say: "We must have more food!" The beggar who sets out to beg round the world says: "I wish there were more righteous people round the world, so that one could give me a few cents, another a penny and altogether, they will come up to a nice sum of money, moreover in gold!" I present to you the three kinds of life pictures. What must be the life of the disciple? He does not wait for the ravens to bring him bread. The disciple has already a real experience, he has a conscious contact with the invisible world, because he has passed through the three phases of life: the old life, the new life and the life of the righteous. Now he is taking the way of the "disciple" in which way he must have quite different conceptions and views on life. Jesus Christ says: "You who have passed through these ways of life, must deny life". Which life ? The life of the Old Testament. What other life must you deny? The new life. And at last, you must deny the life of the righteous. While you are in the old life, you become embittered. In the new life, you doubt. In the life of the righteous, you grieve. These are not sinful, but natural states, which all people pass through. These are cultures, which have existed in the past. Due to the lack of other terms, we use the words old life, new Ufe, life of the righteous and life of the disciple. If we read the pages of the Old Testament, we will see that great things are expressed there, but the great things have not remained in the Old Testament. They have passed into the New Testament. There are people even in our own culture, who say that a sinful man can be righteous. No, a sinner can never be righteous. However, he has the chance to correct his sins and to become righteous. Today when people wish to support their idea that the sinful man can be righteous, give the following example. They say: "See this man who was in debts' from ear to ear, he managed to arrange his life, to put his affairs in a good state and now he wears a frotk tail coat, fashionable trousers, patent-leather shoes, a top hat, colourful tie, has a gold watch on a solid chain, and cane in hand walks like a gentleman, like a noble man, taking his hat off at every acquaintance he meets. Wherever he passes, every one says: "Look a noble man, a real gentleman!" But I say: I wish those people who praise him so much never hear what others say about him! The hatter passes by him and says: "This top hat is mine!" The tailor passes by him and says: "These clothes are mine, they are not paid yet!" The shoemaker passes by and says: "These patent-leather shoes are mine!" The goldsmith passes by and says: "This watch is mine!" And after all, we call that man a noble gentleman! He has robbed the world, dressed himself well in someone alse's clothes and passes as a man of noble birth! No, that man is a sinner! I call sinful people "those who decorate themselves with the virtues of the righteous". They put on their clothes and pass for righteous. The Bulgarian man, after having understood the philosophy, says: "What belongs to other people can be taken from you even on Easter!" How can it be otherwise! There will come a time when all stolen things will be taken away from you. There is a law about this! There will come policemen, who will take hold of the well-dressed gentleman, will deliver him to the jury, will take off his clothes, his top-hat, his patent-leather shoes, the golden watch on the chain - all these things will go to their own places. Therefore, I want you to understand me well. If you are embittered, or enraged, you must know that's the old life which flows in your veins. But do not think that you personify the old life. Do not take your personality, your individuality and personal views on life for deep inner aspirations of your soul! When we speak of the new life, we mean certain currents which flow within you. The life of the righteous is considered in the same way. These are general, collective trends of the human consciousness. Those are the views of all people in the past. Christ says: " Temptations will inevitably come, but woe unto him through whom they come!" What does the word "woe" imply to? It means that this man will inevitably suffer. The Old Testament says: "Many are the trials and sufferings of the righteous, but God will save him from all of them". For the disciple, Christ says: "If you have Love, i.e. if you have entered this new epoch as disciples and love me, you will keep my commandment and will have Peace and Joy in your souls". The disciples will bear Joy in their life as a solution to their problems. I do not speak of a joy which changes, but of the Joy of the disciple, which nothing in the world can overshadow, which nothing in the world can cause to fail. It is the highest peak in the material world. No cloud can ever reach it. The Divine sun always illumines it. There are no storms on this peak. Love reigns there, Light and Peace reign there, Joy itself reigns there. This is how we understand the Joy of the disciple. Love is the eldest sister, the eldest daughter of God, born in eternity. Light is the eldest brother, also born in eternity. Peace is the most beautiful home which Joy can inhabit. In the future if you want to build your body - your home, Peace must come to help you. This is the law. And then Joy will come to live in this body. Joy is the youngest, the most favourite sister, whom all like to caress. Where Love is, there is also Joy. Where Love is, there is Light, there is Peace and Peace brings Joy. Peace prepares the home for Joy. If you have no Peace, Joy can never come to the Earth. It will not come, unless you have prepared a home for it. Love, Light and Peace have ceded the highest peak on earth to Joy. Later on, if we have more time, we shall consider the question: How the disciple must heal himself and also, what are the laws by which he can build a new body for himself. For this purpose he must study the laws of Peace. This fact is true for the ordinary life as well. For instance, what kind of children will be born by a mother whose mind is not disturbed nor perplexed by any storms and contradictions in life and whose spirit is calm and quiet? Such a mother will give birth to healthy children. All mothers who have peace in their souls bear healthy children. However, a mother, who worries during the whole time of her pregnancy - be it for bad conditions of life, be it for the unfavourable changes in life, such a mother bears sick and feeble children. We apply this law upon ourselves. Every man who enters the way of the disciple will bear and create new thoughts and new feelings, not only once a year, but almost every hour, almost every minute. In what state will you find yourself then? How did the fish solve this question? In the past, they had an advanced culture, but what did they do? They threw out into the water all their thoughts and feelings in the form of small eggs. They threw out over 200-300 thousand eggs at one time and left them alone. Similarly, at times we write our thoughts in books and leave them alone to make their way into life, just as the fish leave their eggs, but this is not a correct solution of the great law of God. I do not wish to have your attention for a long time and to develop in a philosophic way the new idea of the old life, the new life, or the righteous life, because this will make you feel tired. Who will remain here to listen to me? No one. But if I start talking about the life of the disciple, you will say to me: "Speak, Master, I am ready to listen!" Now I consider the question psychologically. What you will look for in your life, is happiness. You seek also wealth and knowledge in the world. Your aspiration in this case is right. It is said in the Scripture: "Ask, knock, seek!" The fault does not lie in the fact that you seek happiness, wealth and knowledge, but in the ways you choose to achive these are wrong. There are diversions from the right way in your methods. Consequently, the disciple must have only one idea about each thing and not two ideas. In case he has two ideas about one and the same thing he will be in contradiction with himself. I will use an example from the Holy Scripture. When the Universal White School was established, it had only two disciples. Later came two others - Adam and Eve, created after the image and likeness of the first two. They were the second initials of the School, whom God directed into Paradise and to whom He gave the first problem to solve. He called them to Himself and said to them: "You will take care of all the trees in Paradise, you will eat the fruit of the tree, called "tree of life", and all other fruit as well but here is a tree which you must not touch and you must not taste its fruit. The day that you taste its fruit, your mind, your heart and your soul will be poisoned, because it keeps all the poisons of life". I speak to you in a modern way, because this is said in different words in the Scriptures. And God said: "The day you eat of the fruit of this tree, you will die". Bear in mind that those were not simple people, but at least candidates for disciples. One day the mate of one of the disciples was walking through the garden of Paradise, studying the different trees. He was looking at them, taking notes and making pictures of them. All of a sudden, he approached the tree of "recognizing the god and the evil", and began to study it. He counted its leaves, calculated the number of fruit, their shape, colour, etc. At that moment a man of comely countenance approached the same tree, he had a black beard, black mustaches hanging down, and was dressed in a long black frock coat like those of the ancient men; a black cloak over his clothes spread open, a black necklace with a black cross was handing on his neck; a golden crown on decked around with black diamonds was on his head. He quietly asked the disciple: "May I know what are you busy with, what are you studying?" "Our Master gave us a problem which I am solving." - "What do you know about this tree?" -"Our Master told us that the day we taste of the fruit of this tree, we shall die." - "No, your Master has a different understanding about this. He tells you all that, in order to test your minds. You have not understood Him well. By His words, one may con-elude that the day you taste of the fruit of this tree, you will become like your Master and even something more than Him." - "Is that so?" - "Yes, see these symbols which I wear - they show that I know this thing, for I have graduated from this School which you are just entering. I am already an adept of the School. The necklace which I wear, is given to me as a proof of completed education. At one time, I was examined just as you are today by this tree, but I was not as simple as you are and I solved this problem." - "Is that so?" Since you have solved it correctly, everything becomes easier. And the disciple stepped backwards at once! This adept continued on: "I know your Master. He sent me to come to you and enlighten you on this question". And they believed. In what? That if a man eats the fruit of this tree, he would not only be free from death, but would also become like his Master and even greater than Him. And actually, both disciples ate the fruit of the forbidden tree and sinned. I say: These candidates for disciples had two ideas about the tree of recognizing the good and the evil. The first idea was that the day they eat, they will die. The second idea was that the day they eat, they will not only be free from death, but will also become like their Master, and even like God. Which thought proved to be true? The first one. The first thought, the first ray in the world is the Divine ray. The second ray is a reflection, but the reflection has an opposite direction, it does not lead to the purpose. Each time you have two ideas about one thing, you are not in the reality, but in the reflection. And if you guide yourself by the reflection of things, you will not achieve any results. You will come back to the same place where you have started from. Therefore, sinful people will also return to God one day, but through the place where they have left Him. Do you know the place which people have originally come out of? It is the narrowest place one can pass through. Thus, those of you who want to be disciples, must have only one conception of things. You can have only one Master in the world! I am talking about the disciple. Everyone may speak to you and you will listen to the end without opposing him. What should the disciple, in the garden of Paradise, have done when he listened to the speech of the adept by the tree of knowing good and evil? I would say the following things to that adept: "Your Honour, you are one of the first disciples of this School, but I do not wish to be the first one. I want to wear a white apparel, not a black like yours. If you, after having studied for so many years this tree, have acquired this black appearance, I will put off this science for another time. I thank you for your complaisance and readiness to instruct me, but I am not ready for this yet. This School recommends to the weak disciples to avoid to study this question. It is a very complicated question and I shall put it off for the future when I shall become stronger. When we meet a second time, we shall speak about this subject. Now, good-bye!" I shall prove all this to him scientifically, without offending him in the least. Christ says: "I don't call you servants anymore, but friends". Many times you have heard the word "slave". Slavery is the lowest state one can reach in this world. To be a slave is to obey everything people require from you without opposing them. There is no other way than to obey. I am not speaking about the states of life, but about that conscious slavery which one may become a subject of. There is slavery in the mental world - you are not free to think as you want to. There is slavery in the spiritual world - you are not free to feel as you wish to. As long as others impose a credo on you, as long as others impose a teaching on you, you can not be free. Why did God give freedom to the two disciples in Paradise? Could He not place two angels by the tree of recognizing good and evil, who would not allow the two disciples to eat the fruit of that tree? - He could, yet He did not place any guards by the tree, but left it unguarded, free. What would have been the solution of the problem, if those angels had stood with fiery swords by that tree and had not allowed anyone to come near it and touch it? - We would have remained righteous to this very minute. Freedom obtained by a negative way is preferable to any kind of limitation. There are limitations everywhere. There are limitations, for instance, in the old life. There are limitations in the new life. There are also limitations in the life of the righteous. There are no limitations, however, in the life of the disciple. Every act of the disciple is conscious. There are three situations in the world in which you can act. The first one is the following: you are an intelligent creature which the invisible world has sent to the earth and has given you a physical body without asking you whether you want it or not. This is the situation the Old Testament man is in. The second situations when you are sent to the earth, you are given a body and have only one freedom - to choose where you want to go. Thin is the situation the New Testament man is in. The third situation is: you are sent to the earth by the invisible world in the most favourable conditions to study and you are given a comparatively greater freedom. This is the situation the righteous man is in. In the Old Testament life you will expiate your sins and will suffer. In the New Testament life you work for your perfection. In the life of the righteous you will help others, but when you come to the earth as a disciple you will learn the first rule by which love can be applied in your life. When I come to love I have reached the state when I define myself, my actions, my attitude to the people and to the perfect beings. If someone comes to you your attitude to him is definite, you know how to act. You may speak to him very calmly and yet your attitude will be unnatural. You may speak to him in a brutal way and your attitude will still be unnatural. I ask: Which is the most correct way to speak to a person? You will speak to him, as you would to yourself. You will be as lenient to others as to yourself. I say: Those of you who want to take the path of disci-pleship must have a high ideal. You must study inner restriction. Those who live in the Old Testament life say: "We are sick of this life, we no longer want to live." Someone else says: "I don’t want to live any longer, I want to die." I tell him: This is right, but is there anyone who will take care of your funeral? Since you want to die you must find someone to bury you. The You say: "This is the first Love." You all speak about your first Love, but none of you has retained it. Some of you have tasted the first love for a second; others have tasted it for five seconds; still others - for ten seconds, but only a few have tasted it for 60 seconds. Manifested Love is of a great magnitude. It is great to taste it only for 60 seconds. But since physical life is of a grand scale, I do not know of what value would be such a small bite brought to one by a raven. Elijah did not know at that time the law of reduction, but when he fell under the limiting conditions of life, he learned it. When the raven brought him small bites of bread, he was no more a great man, but took the place of a small butterfly and thus the food was enough and even there were left-overs. He said: "God, the food You send me is abundant"! Thus Eliajh became small and was contented with the food, which was enough to feed only a raven. This law is true for God as well. Sometimes God comes to us in a reduced size, in order to raise us. The blessing of God is not found in great, but in the small things. The small grain of wheat, for example, contains all the possibilities for a great life. You also contain all the possibilities for a great life. Where are they hidden? In your mind, heart, soul and spirit. But this requires time. In order to be disciples, first at all you must enter the School, but you need time to understand Love, Light, Peace and Joy in a planet, and God has given you as much time as you may want. Time is boundless - it has neither beginning, nor end. And with regard to time, God sometimes says: "Wait for a while!" You die prematurely and you weep, so then God says to you: "Wait for a while, there is time, I will call you again. Then I will give you as much time at your disposal, as you may want". You say: "Lord, I want to live 60 years, to continue my work!" He asks you: "Don’t you want more years? I give you 20 years more". None of you has lived up to 120 years. In what state would you find yourself, if you were 120 years old and looking around you see that you are alone on earth, dear to noone? All our friends are gone away, the new generation does not know you, does not respect you. Everybody looks at you and says: "Why does not this old man leave the earth? What else has he to do on earth? His mind can not comprehend the new times." You will say: "This old man, at least, will have some experiences." W'hat experiences? I will give you an example with the old man Stoyan Penjursky, who was 100 years old. One day he called children around himself and began his story like this: "Oh, children, children, do you know what things your grandpa has learned in Life? Do you know how much his head has been knocked about? Once upon a time, when I was 20,1 went to Austria to earn my living and became a gardener. One day I got a letter from home saying that they have engaged me to a girl. I took what money I had and left for home at once, happy and delighted. While passing the Balcan mountain, Turkish robbers caught me, took my money and I arrived at home poor and wounded. There went my fiancee! I could not get married. Do you know children what it means to someone who has worked 10 years, as I did in Austria, to lose all his money in a day? I went back to Austria, took two partners to work together in a garden and after having worked together for 10 years, my partners robbed me. And again I returned to Bulgaria with my rags on, without being able to get married. Thus, I became a man of 45 and thought to myself: once robbers robbed me, a second time - my partners. What shall I do now? At last, for good or for bad, I decided to marry a rich maiden - I sold my freedom. What came out of this marriage? - This woman beat me twice a day. Do you see, children, what your grandpa has suffered by this woman? Not only that, but I became a father of a son and a daughter, who were like their mother. When they grew up, my son caught me by the feet and my daughter by the hair, while my wife gave me a good thrashing with a piece of wood. God keep you from such an experience!" This is the experience of grandpa Stoyan Penjursky. I ask you: What philosophy is there in the fact that robbers had robbed him, partners had robbed him, and his wife, son, and daughter had beaten him? All of you have such experiences. Who has not been beaten? But wherein lies the solution of this problem? Grandpa Stoyan turns to the children and asks them: "Children, although you are young and I am so old, can't you tell me what must I do now? I do not know why I had to pass through such suffering. Alone I did not make any money; with my partners - the same story; in my marriage - plenty of trashing, nothing more! Tell me, children, do I pay for my own debts, or is it that my mother and father have sinned and they hold me responsible for that now? Why is all this?" We do not know, grandpa. "Keep your eyes open, children, so that you would not have to pass through all that I have passed through!" This was the conclusion of grandfather Stoyan Penjursky. I beg you, if there is anyone among you called Stoyan, do not feel offended that I have taken your name, for whatever name I take, there will be someone bearing it. I am speaking of grandpa Stoyan Penjursky. This example illustrates the three kinds of life one must give a solution to, here on earth. The robbers represent the old life; the partners - the new life; the daughter who beats her father indicates the way which the righteous must pass through. Tell me, is there a righteous man, who has not been beaten like grandfather Stoyan Penjursky? Which painter has not been beaten by all rules? If you ask me why is everything like this, I can not answer you, but I say it is a fact. This is the problem which all of you must solve. I shall not stop to solve the problems of the old and the new life, since I consider you wise and capable enough to solve them by yourselves. I am giving you directions, as to what must be the way of the disciple. The way of the disciple must be the way of Love,Light, Peace and Joy. Can you state on this path, not in the future, but right now, at this very moment? Love does not depend upon your knowledge. Knowledge is a secondary issue. Love dos not depend on your power, or on your beauty. Knowledge, power and beauty are only conditions which your soul can take advantage of, in order to solve the problems of life. Love can, with very few exceptions, solve all difficult problems. In the present state in which you find yourselves, Love is capable of helping you in 75% of your difficulties. All difficult situations are problems, which the disciple must not try to escape. In case he grumbles and complains why God has given him such problems, he can not be a disciple. On the contrary, he must say: "Lord, I thank You for giving me such a difficult problem." When God, or your Master confronts you with some difficult problem, they have a high opinion about you. The evil will come when your Master does not examine you, or give you any problems. If you live the old life, you will be embittered. If you live the new life, you will be tempted. If you are righteous, you will feel offended. All these are different conditions, which you might experience. If you are confronted by a great trial what will you do? If the old life has a predominating influence on you, you will be embittered and say: "Am I the greatest sinner that God is sending me such trials? My hair turned white from sufferings!" If the new life has a predominating influence on you, you will be tempted and will say: "Why do these sufferings come to me? So, I pray three times a day and read the Bible, but when I am called upon to recite my lesson, after studying all day my teacher gives me a grade of three, while that disciple over there who studies less than me, receives the highest grade - six. There must be some reason, probably the teacher is not favourably disposed toward me." If you determine the character of your teacher by the grades which he gives you, you have only partly understood the old and the new life. So, I repeat: The problems which you have to solve in your life are difficult. Why? Because you find yourselves in a difficult situation, but you must know that God is a God of Love, of Light, of Peace and of Joy. God rules and owns heaven. Life belongs to Him. The eternal happiness and peace for the soul are found in Him. What does the weather show us this morning? Today I speak about the disciple and I see how clear the sky is, how beautiful God has made it! This clear, bright and beautiful sky is for the disciple, who is the beloved one of God. God gives the best to the disciple, who wants to study. The disciple says: "God, all that You have planned for me is good. I am happy that I can solve the problems which You have given me. This beautiful day is not for those of the old life. This beautiful day is not for those of the new life. This beautiful day is not for the righteous. This beautiful day is for the disciple who wants to study - for the beloved one of God. Therefore, only the disciple can say: "This day is beautiful!" He will not say this aloud, but he will feel in his soul, that this is the benevolence of God. This day shows that if you walk in the way of the disciple as I reveal it to you, your inner sky will be clear and your heart will be pure as the sky is today. Similarly, your mind and your soul will be like the cloudless, clear and bright sky. Now I wish to be understood correctly. I am careful when I talk, not to call forth in you some illusions, that you may expect more than can be given to you. For instance, I have often made the following experiment: I give to someone a pear, but he is not contented, he wants a bigger pear. I give him a bigger pear, but still he is not contented, he wants one for his daughter. I give him a pear for her too, but still he is not contented, he wants one for his friend and so on, until he has about ten pears in his hands. Whether he will give them to those for whom they are meant is questionable. However, I see him seated under the shade of a tree eating them one after another. At this moment he represents also his daughter and his friend! This is his understanding. The evil does not lie in the fact that this man wants more, but in the wrong distribution of the good received. He has not understood the essence of things. However, the disciple who enters life must understand its essence, in order to realize its beauty. Some people say: "The ideas of the New Teaching which is preached to us, are not for those times, they can not be realized today." On the contrary, this is their time, but you must know how to apply them. You can not bore a hole through a rock with a wooden rod, but if you take a diamond augur, you can easily make the hole. In Africa there are special machines which can help men bore holes in the earth nearly 800 meters deep, in order to draw water out. Such machines may go down 2000 meters deep. Down there the water is of better quality. Still very little is known about the earth. There are certain layers which present day geologists have not discovered yet. It is an aspiration of the disciple not only to descend 2000 meters down in the earth by means of instruments, but also to raise up into space columns nearly 500-1000 meters high. Do you know what energy will start to flow down these columns? We might create a perpetuum-mo-bile by it. Do you know what an ocean of energy lies hidden in the atmosphere? Similarly, your brain hides an enormous amount of energy which requires time and space in order to be manifested and realized. The only reason why you can not realize what God has given you, is that you are occupied by ideas which are of secondary importance. These are the ideas of the old life. You will leave aside the old life; you will also leave aside the new life. Some people want to be righteous: You will leave aside the life of the righteous. You must try to attain one thing: the life of the disciple. This is new' in the world. You will not liquidate the old life, but you will keep it aside not to get mixed with the new life. The first three kinds of life flow in the roots of humanity, but we can not isolate them at once. Their isolation must be gradually accomplished, as we achieve the real knowledge of life. Can we isolate these kinds of life before we have achieved the life of the disciple? No, we can not. The question is not to isolate them, neither to utilize them, but to raise ourselves above them. Thus, you will know: if you become embittered, that's the old life; if you are tempted - that's the new life; if you are grieved and offended - that's the life of the righteous. You suffer, because you want to find someone in life to love you, you want to have Love in this world. Who else can love you, exept your Master? Only He who instructs you can love you. If you love an animal and raise it to your state, what philosophy can it bring into your life? Tomorrow this animal may die and you will grieve for it. Therefore, what you love must be immortal. It must not die, or lose its beauty and intelligence, its kindness and goodness. I am not talking about external goodness, but about the goodness of the soul. Sometimes I watch someone who is speaking in the wrong way, but I see something beautiful, good and noble in the soul, by which he influences other people. Such men are good, generous and do not pay attention to the odds and ends in life. I say: The desire of people to be loved is right. But if it is a question of modern love, which lasts overnight, what can we gain by it? Only disappointments and sufferings. We have tasted this kind of love many times. Some people ask: "Can a man stay thirsty?" It is true that we can not live without love, as we can not live without water, bread, heat or light. Light and heat in life are currents which move with a great speed. In this case, if you block light and heat, they will cause you the greatest sufferings. Today people block the way of these currents, that's why they suffer. Therefore, you have no right to stop what flows. Why? Because all currents must follow their natural way freely, as they spring from life. There are certain light-rays, which once emanated by you, travel through space and in ten years, after making a circle, return to you. But for you, as a man, in order to accomplish a similar circle and return to the same place where you have started from, are required at least ten million years. That's why do not embarass, do not weep! Light which travels in space will come again to you after 10 years and will say to you: "Good day!" The energies of light and heat move with a great speed, that's why you must not stop their way, but let them flow freely! Love travels with such great speed that the human mind can not imagine. If you attempt to block the way of the Love which God is sending you, you will experience the greatest misfortune in your life. Let Love flow into you! What God is planning for you is something great. He has provided great things for each person. Your Master will find you a friend with whom you could study. This friend of yours will be one of the wise disciples and not as that adept who came to the tree of recognizing good and evil and caused the greatest suffering to the two disciples in Paradise. At this time, disciples are needed who must return to the tree of knowing life. Life flows from Love. Therefore, everyone who wants to find this life, must not walk in the way of the old life, of the new life, or of the righteous life, but they must take the way of the disciple. Christ turns toward His disciples and says to them: "I dont call you servants anymore, for you have passed this state, but I call you friends, for all that I have heard of my Father, I have made it known to you". What has He heard? He has heard of that powerful, great knowledge in the world, which they will experience themselves. Christ acquainted His disciples with the forces of nature, that's why on a given occasion, they asked Him: "Teacher, as you taught us, shall we let fire descend from heaven as Elijah did, in order to frighten these men?" Jesus Christ answered them: "The time for this fire has not come yet. You will make fire descend from heaven for the hearts of men, but not outside of them. You will let fire enter their hearts. If you make this fire descend outside, you will lose your way as disciples. I have not come to kill and to destroy, but to give life, and a more abundant life". This means: I am not of the old life, neither am I of the new life, nor of the life of the righteous, but I am a Teacher. "Whom do you teach? - The disciples. That's why in the Bible says: "Without me you can do nothing". A model is what the world needs! Now, as disciples you should know that the disciple is free to listen to anyone, whether he speaks correctly or not, but when it comes to the application of something, he must say: "My brother, I must begin first with Love, then with Light, then with Peace and at last with Joy." This is the inner bond of the disciple with God. I can listen, without becoming tired, to anyone who can talk to me of Love, Light, Peace and Joy all day, even all my life. Some of you who are listening to me will say: "Our Master wants us to leave the world!" No, I am not of those who want you to leave the world, neither of those who want you to leave school. I want you to solve all difficult problems in the program of the disciple. I want you to give a solution to all troubles in life. Everyone who would overcome the greatest troubles in life, will have my respect. I met a righteous man who passed for a disciple and he told me: "Master, today I was beaten by some friends. I have lots of blood so I gave them some of it. They greeted me in a particular way, but I thank God, for there were certain faults in me which the beating shook out of me". After that he smiled and went on his way. Then, one of the sisters was telling me one of her experiences out of which she had successfully come out. "I was walking", said she, "in the pine forest of "Izgrev", and in front of me at a distance of 4-5 feet was walking another sister, who was in a hurry. All of a sudden, she took hold of a branch to clear her way and let it go, just as I was very close behind her. The loosened branch hit me terribly in the white of the eye and blood came out of it". I said to her: "Be thankful that you got out of it like this, the branch might have hit you in the dark of the eye which would have been very dangerous. Go and wash your eye with pure water! You should have walked at least 20 feet behind her and not a as close as you have been." If this sister had been of the old life what would have she done? She would have given a good shaking to the sister before her and said to her: "Why do you walk so carelessly, could you not keep hold of the branch until I could take hold of it?" But she said: "I am to blame, I should have walked farther behind her". Thus, all people have the weakness to walk close to each other. When you pass through a forest, you must walk at least 20 feet away from each other. Many people have been blinded by such carelessness of passengers in the woods. People like to live close to each other but this proximity hides no virtue in itself. When travellers pass through a forest, they must walk at a distance of at least 10 meters one from another. I repeat again: This beautiful day which we have today is for the disciples. It shows what kind of a way is the way of the disciple. As you see this way is wonderful and great. Christ says: "Go, sell all you have, distribute it to the poor and come to follow me". And I say to you: "Go, free yourselves from your old life which you are still in. Distribute to others your new life. And lastly, distribute your righteous life which is in you and after all that, go to your Master. He will welcome you." But if you go to your Master with a wide-open cloak, and necklace on your neck, with a puffed feeling of your dignity, He will know how to welcome you. He will smile at you and say: "You will come later on, at present there is no place for you in this school. When you come next year, you will appear at the competitive examination, and then we will see what the requirements will be". Thus, year after year, you will be put off until you are old and you say:" I am sorry that I could not enter the school! But one must enter the School. The best thing in life is to enter as a disciple in this School." You ask: "When, next year?" No, this very day. Do not wait even till this afternoon. If you do not enter it now you lose time. Now, at this very minute, while I am still talking. Once I stop talking, everything is finished. Once I have finished my talk, you may knock as much as you want to, you may break all doors - all of them will be already closed. Now you may enter in, but without your baggage. Remember the verse where Christ says: "It is easier for a man to pass through a needle’s eye than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God." The first thing by means of which we can succeed, is the inner process of liberation which is taking place within us. All of us must become free! How? By mutual obedience and help. This individualization which distinguishes present-day culture, leads to a wrong direction in life. Today there are many people, who, under the burden of ignorance, destroy their life. When the soul experiences some great offence it is a hard time. At this moment such a person must be helped, be it by a kind word, or a kind regard. Sometimes, you find yourself in a financial crisis, without a cent in your pocket. At such a time, it does not matter who it may be, but some rich man must come to help you. Another one, sunk from ear to ear in debts, comes to me and says: "Speak to me, speak to me more, encourage me! Put yourself in my place and see what am I passing through!" Looking at him, I see that he has a large bill of 20 000 leva to pay within a certain period of time. Of what help could be my words to him, if I start telling him not to fear, not to worry, God is great and He has many angels at His disposal, who will come to help him. See how they helped a certain man in America, etc. However, I cut my speech short, take my check book, sign a check for 20 000 leva and giving it to him, I send him to a certain bank from which he can draw out this money. He takes the check and goes away. Thus, the problem is solved. Something must be given to the world. When God speaks, He always gives. So, only in the way of the disciple can we give a correct solution to this life. In the three other kinds of life the methods and ways are different. People must keep themselves from falling into the delusion that one can enter the Kingdom of God by lighting candles, doing good deeds, bribing men, etc. Noone can enter the Kingdom of God by lighting candles, by doing good deeds, or by bribing people. Someone has taught you something and you say: "I can pay him back for it." How? By giving him money. No, this Teacher does not accept anything. He does not work for money. The lessons of this Teacher are very costly! I ask you: How much have we paid, in order to come to this world? If you set yourself on solving a mathematical problem, to figure out what is the cost of the conditions in which we live, you will see that for everyone, life energy for milliards of leva is being spent. This energy can not be so easily found. If you should, for example, lose your vitality, or the light of your mind, you will see that you can not supply it very easily. This energy is not found on the earth. Many people today suffer from neurasthenia. Why? They have lost much of this living energy, of their vitality, and consequently a certain blasting in the nervous system took place. Then the vital magnetism and the vital electricity flow out of man and he feels an inner weakness, an inner lack of life. Such a man loses interest in life. All this, however, does not represent any philosophy of life. Man must study in the school of life up to his deepest old age. Even at the age of 120 years, he must still study. Man must study to the last hour, to the last second of his life. As soon as he becomes liberated from his body, he becomes young again. Man’s soul is always young. He puts on another body which lives in eternal youth. When the body becomes old, sorrow comes to man. Why? Because he has separated the life of the body from the life of the soul. In each body that becomes older, flows the old life which leaves its deep furrows on it. The new life leaves deep lines on man’s body as well. So does the righteous life. As a whole, these three kinds of life destroy the man's body and his mission in this world remains unfulfiled. That's why upon entering the other world, we face and experience a great contradiction. Jesus Christ says: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." "I am the Way". One is the Way and this Way has three branches. "I am the Truth". In order to have the Truth in himself, one must have Peace in his soul, but only he who has Wisdom on his side, can possess Peace in himself. "I am the Life". One is Life and this life flows out of Love. So, I say: Some disciples who enter school now are only auditors, that's why they must take lessons from the experience of the other, more advanced disciples. There must be a way of fair competition among you. Now all disciples want to come close to their Master. This is not possible. Sometimes you will instruct each other. You will ask the more advanced to help you with your lessons. There must be mutual respect among all disciples. The young disciple must have respectful relations with the older one. If the young, new disciples do not respect the older ones, that is those who have studied more and know more, will find themselves some day in the same situation -"with what measure you mete, it will be meted unto you", says the Scripture. You say: "We know all this." You know it, that's true, but you have not yet acquired the essential knowledge about life. For instance, you are an honest man, but the bank does not give you any money on credit. You are an educated man, at that, having finished your studies in three different fields of science, but conditions in Bulgaria are such today, that it has many officials and clerks at its disposal and you can not find place for yourself. You have a high opinion about yourself, but people do not share it. You can write well, you are a poet, but after you have written something, people do not appreciate it and pay you so little for it, that you regret the time and efforts spent in writing it. You have artistic talents. You paint a picture, but people do not appreciate it. As you see, there is something essential in life which people are ignorant of, and consequently, they do not get along as well in their work, as they should. Some days ago a painter came to me and offered to sell me two of his pictures. As a rule, I do not give money for pictures, and even more, I did not need those pictures. But in order to encourage him, I took the pictures and gave him some money for them. After that, he made a painting of the spring down by the river. I paid him for that work, too. What was the result of that? He did not spend the money in the right place. I did not say anything to him, but thought to myself: the way this man has taken will lead him finally to a loss. Why? One should not sell his works of art. An artist who sells his pictures can be compared to a mother who sells her children. Every picture is a child of the artist. He must send this child away to find and bring him money. How? By making an exhibition of his pictures, each one of which will be saying: "Anyone who wants to see me, must pay something for me without taking me away". So, I say: According to the new understanding of life, you must give an impulse to the more talented among you, and be interested in their fine works. I have listened to the same old stories again and again, which has taught me to be patient, but have you gained anything by these old stories? Many years ago an Evangelical student came to preach the Gospel to me. He began to quote verses from the begining of the Bible to the end. He continued like this for three whole hours. At last I asked him: Have you already finished? - Yes, I have. - Well then, as I am quite satisfied with all this, I will ask you to go out for a walk with me and to think over those beautiful verses. He answered: "Yes, you must be satisfied for noone has quoted them so well as I did. Do you know how much time I have spent learning them by heart? I have consecrated to these quotations for 20 years!" Yes, these quotations are fine, I answered. Now I say to you: As disciples you must learn to be patient. If anyone wants to preach to you, listen to him to the end, but try to learn something from everything that happens to you. I told you that this Union is the first of its kind. In what respect? The first day of this Union begins with the day of Love. That's why you must apply Love on this very day. If you start with Love, everything will proceed smoothly. Then, the Light will visit you. How can you know what Love is doing within you? When you get up in the morning, if you do not feel poisoned, it shows that Love is already working in you. However, one day is not enough to verify this fact, you must wait for 2, 3, 10,100,500,1000,10 000,100 000 days to pass and if during all that time you have not felt any poisoning, any indisposition or confusion taking place within you, it means you have attained the new Love. But let us not speak of time on such a large scale taking 10 000 or 1000, 500 days as a test. It would be good, if at least for 100 days of your life without interruption, your sun should not set, or your heart lose its Love. The New Love comes from God, from the angels, from all your brothers, who live on the earth and up in heaven, and from all the disciples of life. When you go to bed at night and give yourself over to meditations, you will feel this Love coming from everywhere: from outside and inside, from above and from below. It will send someone to give you a telephone call and will ask you: "How are you?" Every night it will send you greetings by someone and will say to you: "Today I sent you a basket of grapes, a basket of pears, a box of honey, a pair of new shoes, a new hat, new clothes." You sit and listen to all this list of things sent to you. Besides, the mail brings you each day such a number of letters from these creatures of Love, that you do not know what to do with them, so you answer: "Please, brothers, stop mailing packages and letters until I get all the ones sent before from the post-office." This is the way Love acts, for it is characterized by an inner abundance. And now, I wish that the best fruit which exist on earth - grapes, pears, apples, plums, dates, oranges, should be delivered to you. Translate all this into its spiritual meaning. Thank God for the goods, the benefits given to you by Him. Thank God for the good words, which He has spoken to you. It is only God to Whom you must offer your thanks. If you do not thank Him, no matter what you say to me, or to any other person, you will not gain anything. God is the Primary Source of all good. You will thank Him alone and turn your mind and heart to Him. You will thank God for the beautiful weather, for all life, for its good conditions; you will thank Him for sending you to earth in this very nature; you will thank Him for being a member of humanity, that you are connected with the angels and that, at times, He Himself talks to you. Some of you can sing well, some can paint, others can write well and you admit that you have a small talent! You will thank God for this talent and know that even the smallest talent can be developed and become great some day. I compare the small talents to small crevices through which light can enter. The more you enlarge this crevice, the more light can enter. To enlarge the crevice or not, depends on you alone. So, I say to you: You will proclaim and preach Love in your life. How? I will give you an example. Once upon a time two goats and a monkey lived in a farm on cooperative terms. Each night the goats returned from pasture, their hair was stuck with thorns. The monkey, upon seeing them in such a state, would go and take all the thorns out of their hair. After finishing, the monkey, not having anything more to do, would start jumping on their back, pulling their ears, pulling their hair by which it wanted to say: "Bring some more thorns!" The goats would cry and jump, but could not get rid of the monkey. What conclusion can you draw from this example? As soon as troubles come into your life, you must know that the monkey has finished its work and you must go to the forest. Before I come to an end, I will give you one more example. This incident has taken place in recent times. Count Berozi had a good friend, an Italian named Nunzio. All of a sudden Nunzio fell in love with a rich girl, who had another candidate. The latter, upon hearing about Nunzio’s love, began to detest him to such an extent, that he finally decided to poison him, in order to get rid of him and marry the girl he loved. How to do this? He wanted to do everything secretly. However, Count Berozi, who loved his friend, became aware of the thought of his friend’s enemy. One day, Nunzio’s rival went to his home and offered him a glass of sweet wine in which he had poured one of the most modern poisons, which acted slowly but surely. Death came six months after drinking this poison. At that moment, Count Berozi happened to be at the house of his friend. When he saw Nunzio raise the glass of wine to his lips, Berozi took his gun and aimed right at the glass. He broke the glass into many pieces. Nunzio and his friend were frightened, but Count Berozi calmly said: "Excuse me, I wanted to see if I am a good shooter and whether I could break the glass without harming anyone." Nunzio had not even suspected that in that way his friend saved him from death, neither had his rival understood that this act had been premeditated, to save the life of Nunzio. Both men had praised Count Berozi for his skill to shoot so well. I say: When you see a glass of poison being offered to anyone, raise your gun and aim at that glass! Which is that gun? Your right thought. Aim at the glass of poison and break it to pieces! The only destructive act, the disciple has a right to, is that of breaking the glass of poison. This is a method practiced from ancient times. The glass symbolizes the human pleasures, which enslave man. You all know what these pleasures are. 1 use the word "pleasures" in the broad sense of the word. They are a sort of slavery for which men have had to pay in the course of thousands of years. That's why the glass, which enslaves men, must be shot to pieces. I ask you to reject the glass which poisons your life! Help your soul, help your mind, help your heart! You can help yourself and one of the ways to do this is by praying. We regard prayer as a conversation with the invisible world, a conversation with God. To pray is to learn to talk. One must talk. We suffer today, because we have not learned the heavenly, Divine language. It is not enough for one just to pray - prayer must be a form of expression in which one’s entire spirit, soul, mind and heart take part. What a man wants of God must have a single inner meaning. When you pray, say: "Lord, Thy will be done! I will accept all that comes from Thy hand gladly, and will fulfil Thy without breaking Thy law." The disciple must say in the same way to his Teacher: "Master, I will solve all problems, which You have given me in this life. I will bring them to You for approval and whatever correction You make, I will gladly accept it." This must be the new way. If you take this way, you will notice, even today, that a great change will begin to take place within you. You will become conscious of a new light which will be poured upon you. You will feel such a peace and joy in your soul, as you have never experienced in your life. Only this way will your life become significant. Now, let youth not tempt you. In the first place, be interested in Love, not in youth. In the second place, be interested in Light, not in youth. After that, be interested in Peace until you come at last to Joy. And now I greet you in the name of Love. What does this greeting mean? Whom do we greet? Do we greet the person we love? It is the stranger we greet, while the one we love, we smile at inwardly and offer him the best we have. We must open up our soul for him, as heaven opens up for us. We must smile at him inwardly and say: "Welcome, it is a long time I have been waiting for you. I am so happy that you have come to pay me a visit!" Now all of you will open up your souls for your Master. Those who can, let them do it today, this very minute, before my talk is finished. Let this be an accomplished act. Then there will be an inner harmony among you. I want you to harmonize your minds, to think the same way about Love. You can apply Love in different ways, the way you think is best, you are free in that. In the application of Love no guards, no angels stand beside you with their fiery swords. You are free to manifest Love the way you like it. Noone has the right to judge you. If you act in this way, you receive a blessing. We look at the motives which provoke the manifestation of Love. I say: We will all open up our hearts for the new day. It is a day of Love, it is a day of the eternal life. I believe that you have all come as candidates for the new life. It you occupy yourselves with the old life, your coming on earth is meaningless. If you have come on earth hungry, bare-footed, poor, in torn, dirty clothes and we send you back in this same state, your coming on earth is meaningless. I want you to return well-dressed, well-fed, but not over-fed; well satisfied with pure, good water; to have listened to the best sermon which has pointed to you the way to the great purpose of life; to have written out a program which goes by and work out in the future, so that all the troubles in your life would not be able to cause you to digress even a hair's breadth from the right way you are now taking. I know that many of you are poor, many of you are sick and ignorant, many of you have shortcomings, many of you are not educated, I know everything. You say: "Does not our Master know all this?" I know it, and because I know it, I am showing you the way which will reveal to you the greatest riches; I am showing you the place where you can find them. You say: "Master, come with us, give us of this granary!" We do not distribute grain by the bushel. We do not weigh the wheat. Everyone must be absolutely free to go and take as much of this wealth as he needs. Everyone must be sincere and know that this Teaching can be applied to life and give good results. God reigns in heaven! God reigns on earth! Every intelligence, every knowledge, every goodness and every power, be it of man or of society, be it of the nation, or of the entire humanity, is due to Him, Who has created the world. This world has an external expression also. We are members of this world and we must fulfil the will of God whatever it may be. This is the Great Law of the eternal life. This is the Great Law for the disciples, who want to realize the good as it is written in the Divine book, not printed yet on earth. I wish all of you to start with Divine Love and liberate your minds and hearts. May the Divine Spirit and the Divine Love be with you, so that you may be happy and joyful throughout this whole day!
  15. The_value_of_things.pdf The Value of Things Everything a man has or knows contains something valuable. In spite of this, man often does not value that which he knows and possesses. This is the reason why he is always striving to acquire more and newer things; if he has a small amount of knowledge, he wants to acquire great, new knowledge and become educated; if he is good, he wants to become better, or a saint. However, that man does not have any idea what it means to be either educated or a saint. The external forms of the educated man and the saint are imposing, but the inner contents must correspond to this external form. Perhaps the hen may have the desire to lay an egg as large as that of the ostrich, but for this purpose it must change and become bigger. What has the ostrich contributed to life with its large eggs? Therefore, in the process of learning the value of things, the things which contribute something to your life or to the benefit of your soul at a given moment are of importance. The good of the human soul is determined by its inner life. The inner life, for its part, is characterized by an inner oneness, or inner unity. A unity of things exists only where the will of God is performed. He who fulfills the will of God is connected with the Whole, with the One. The misfortune of contemporary man lies in the fact that he is deprived of inner unity. He seeks his happiness outside of the Primary Principle, outside of himself. Unfortunately, one can not find any happiness in this way. Everything outside of man, outside of the Primary Principle, is a reflection of things. That which is within man is the substance and essence of things. Men chase the reflections because they are visible. The essence, the reality, remains unseen. You look at yourself in the mirror and say that you see yourself. What you see in the mirror is not you, but your reflection. You see only your external image in the mirror; you see whether or not you have wrinkles, whether or not your cheeks are red, etc. This, however, is not the man. You do not see in the mirror your lofty thoughts and noble feelings which represent the real man. What does the human face, as well as the human body, represent? The human body represents a house in which man spends his whole life. From morning till night he arranges and strokes his house, in order to make it convenient for living. The host of the house must be wise and painstaking and sustain the cleanliness and hygiene of his house. If the host is not a wise man, he will derive no benefit from even the best house. A wise man will make good use of his house. The human house must be cleaned every day, it must be washed and set in order. This is one of the closest problems of every man. Many neglect this closest and most important problem and become interested in general questions, for instance, what the world will be like in a thousand years. This question should not interest you, for it concerns the One Who has created the world. Engineers are building a school. You see the foundation of the school, but you are not satisfied with only that, you want to know what will become of the school after ten years. Those who build the school have a plan and know what will become of it, when it will be finished, etc. If you are very interested in it, they can show you the plan, but you will not understand anything. The plan of the school is the shadow of what will be built in the future. When the process of construction is ended, you will see what has become of the school. Other people want to know where they will be when they go to the other world, in the Kingdom of Cod or on the earth. This is not their business either. The work which man must perform every single way is more important than all the other questions. Man must focus his attention on that which is valuable in life and try to realize it. Imagine that you are loaded with baggage heavier than you can carry. Your strength will not allow you to carry this baggage to its destination. Immediately your mind is divided and you do not know what to do. This feeling of doubt in the human mind speaks of a certain weakness in man. What must you do in this given case? You look at your load and find that everything is valuable, but you do not know what to leave out, wishing to take the whole load. You turn this way and that, looking for someone to help you, but you can not find anyone. How will you solve this problem? Unload your baggage, open it, and take with you only that which you cannot do without, the most valuable and the most essential. Leave the rest aside. Then, when you are free, carry that also. Therefore, when you think, feel and act, always choose the most valuable and essential, i.e., that which is your direct concern, which has a direct, bearing upon you and is nearest to being realized. You are, for instance, the son of a rich, kind, and versatile father. You sit at home and think: does my father love me or not? Will he leave me an inheritance after his death, and if so, how large will it be? Will not my brothers and sisters get a larger share? All these questions which occupy your mind should not concern you in the least. This is your father's problem. For you, however, this is a great burden which you are trying to carry. There is no need for this burden at present. Perhaps after many years you will have to bear a part of it. Take from this burden the most valuable part - the opportunities of the day - and be disinterested in the rest of it. Your task is only to study. Since you do not fulfill your duty, the teacher finds that you do not study as you should; you are distracted, you keep company with bad boys, you lie a little, and in this way you waste your time. A Bulgarian village priest, a good and noble man, complained of his son. He said: "I sent my seventeen year old son to school, but I noticed that the boy did not study and occupied himself with other things. In order to escape my observation, he wanted to sleep outside in the garden, saying that the outside air was purer and cooler and it was suffocating in his room. I did all I could to make the boy study. But my son fooled me this time. He went out evenings to different late parties and did not study. In order to conceal his absence, he put the wooden wash-tub in his bed, covered it with the quilt and made the bed look as if a man were lying in it. I went one evening to see what my son was doing and touching the bed, I thought my son was sleeping, while in reality the tub was in his place and he was having a good time with the girls." Every man has such a tub by which he conceals reality. It is a manner of behavior. For instance, someone is discontented and in a bad mood because he can not solve certain problems. When he is alone in his room, he is in a natural state, but as soon as people come, he takes the "tub" with himself, smiles, talks and presents himself such as he is not in reality. This is an unnatural state into which men can fall in their ordinary life. But spiritual people fall into the same state. Why? Because they enter the spiritual life unprepared; consequently, they come across many contradictions. They think and feel one thing, but on the outside they shout another. This is the way actors perform also. When you go to the theatre or to the opera, what will you see? Dabbed faces, laughter, weeping and talking, but all this is artificial. You look, listen, fall into certain moods and begin to weep with the actor who is weeping. If it is a question of weeping, visit some poor widow, or some woman beaten by her husband. The widow is weeping because her children are hungry. The insulted woman weeps with her whole heart because her husband has beaten and insulted her. The actor weeps without being beaten. He weeps in order to be paid. But the public sees the play or the opera and is dissatisfied, finding fault with the actors. By this example I do not reject the theatre and the opera. They are places of entertainment. But while looking at a play, one must rebuild things until they acquire their original form. This is what scientists do. Some scientist in natural history finds the scattered bones of some antediluvian animal and begins to study and examine it. He must carefully collect all bones, put them in their places and describe the original shape of the animal by that reconstructed image; its construction, size, way of life, etc. He must restore the original form of a certain animal by means of the scattered, dry bones. As I speak about actors, many will wonder if I have someone in mind. I do not have anyone in mind, but I point out the fact that you do not know yourselves yet. What distinguishes the man who knows himself? He who knows himself is a master of the conditions of life. He can not be hindered by anything. As long as the outside world can hinder you, you do not know yourselves. As long as you expect others to do your work, you can not have any relations with the invisible world. For instance, one of you wants to go on an excursion. Something within you tells you not to go today, because the weather will turn bad. You do not want to listen, saying that the weather is fine and that you do not want to miss this chance. The weather is nice when you start, but you do not know whether or not it will change. The sudden changes of the weather show that you are living in your irrational world. Why? Because you do not know yourself or the rationality which surrounds you. Man cannot be happy if he lives only for himself in a world void of rationality. Is it possible for man not to think about himself? One must think of oneself and of others also. The mother and father think of themselves but they also think of their children. The master thinks of his servant as well as of himself. The employer thinks of his employees as well as of himself. These are personal bonds which naturally exist. Every man must attain the consciousness of Christ and say: "The Will of the Father Who has sent me is not to lose anything He has given me and to raise it up on the last day." Which is the last day? The last day may be today. The last day implies the last date for paying your bill. If you do not pay your bill on this day, you lose. This is the last day for pleading your case. If you do not take advantage of your last chance, you lose. If the last day has passed for you, what will you do? You will begin to worry. I do not say that your last day has passed, but you must be on guard so as not to miss it without paying your debts. Christ said: "Not to lose anything but to raise it up on the last day." Be glad if this day has not come for you yet and you have not lost it. But be careful not to lose it. This day contains all the valuable things which you must expect. Imagine that a friend of yours has promised to give you a large sum of money. For this purpose, he has assigned you the time and the place where you must meet him to receive the sum. However, you do not go at the assigned time and when you go, you see that your friend is not there. Who is to blame for this loss? You will say that your friend should have waited a while longer, or given the money to someone else to bring to you. That is not the question, however. Many possibilities may be found for you to receive your money, but your friend has confidence only in you and wants to meet you personally at the assigned time and place. Therefore, whatever you do, expect the last day as the most important and valuable, because it contains the possibility of your resurrection. If you miss this day, you must wait at least a thousand years until another last day comes. The value of things does not lie in their exterior. The externally beautiful things are not the wisest and the richest. Someone may have a fine, solid house and clothe himself in the best and newest clothes, but it does not imply that this man has advanced much. The bird of paradise has a beautiful dress, but it is not the wisest of the birds. It often suffers because men pluck off its feathers for decorative purposes. Thus, there is nothing better for man than for him to know how to relate to everything in life and value it. When you meet a man, keep in mind the valuable things which he possesses in himself. By valuing things, I do not mean the external, mechanical relation toward something good in man, but rather the evaluation of that trait or quality of a given object or person which has a relation to you. A book is not valuable because of its fine cover, but for the content which can enlighten man. To have a right relation toward the book is to know how to keep it. Man must appreciate and know what attitude to have not only toward men and objects outside of himself; he must also know his own mind and heart and know how to treat them. If you do not know how to treat your mind and heart, if you can not keep them clean and value them, you can not attain anything. If the members of a society are not satisfied with one another and say that they cannot live together, there is nothing for them to do except for each one to go to a place where he thinks he can live well. If the hare finds himself in a society of wolves and foxes, what will become of it? The fox is cunning and avaricious. He will tear off the hare's skin and prepare for himself a rich banquet of its flesh. However, that will not be sufficient for him. He will ask the hare whether she has small ones, relatives and acquaintances. If the hare says she has small ones, relatives and acquaintances, the fox will become acquainted with them for the purpose of making use of their flesh. These are no relations, however. Therefore, when someone wants to become acquainted with us, we must be aware and observe his attitude toward us. If he reacts toward us as the wolf, fox, bear or snake, we understand the purpose of his acquaintance. As we study the animals and birds, we see their relations and behavior among themselves, as well as with creatures distant to their kind, and draw a conclusion about that which lies concealed in them. If the spider does not behave well and does not value things, this in itself is excusable. However, it is not excusable for a man, who is given a fine mind and heart, not to have correct behavior and appreciate what is implanted in the soul of his neighbor. This is why everyone must try to work out for himself a good approach and feeling of appreciation of small things. As he develops this feeling in himself, he simultaneously develops his inner attitudes. He who has not proper external and internal behavior enters into contradiction with the will of God. How is it possible for man not to know how to respond correctly to all that the Great One has created? Not to value these things is to enter into conflict with the Great Law which works in the world as well as in yourselves. Every discontentment, every indisposition in man is due to his breaking of the law of right relation and evaluation of the little things. The correct attitude in life is a great thing! It is insufficient for man to have only a correct external relation to things; he must do the same within himself, i.e., love all living beings and treat them as he would treat himself. To love someone is to give him the smallest love. Plan needs very little. Give a little attention to him and he will be satisfied. In order to show that you appreciate a person, treat him just as you would yourself. If a stranger visits your home, give him plenty of water to wash his feet, hands and face; then give him food and offer him a place to rest. By doing these things for him, you show that you value him. That man will be thankful and will wish to meet you again. Yesterday we made an excursion to the Kalina's peaks. Some of our friends wished to visit all the peaks. According to me, this wish speaks of human vanity. It is of no use to go from one peak to another. If one has climbed one high peak, then he can study the others from that height. Therefore, he will have more time to read that which the Spirit of God has written on the mountains. Some ask why these groups of peaks are given a woman's name. There is an old legend about them. They are called Kalina's peaks, because sometime in the past, there lived a maiden by the name of Kalina, who was very industrious and ~-» neat, and who always spun and wove wool. As there was no market for her wool, she spread it in these places where it so happened that these peaks were formed. The two lakes called Kara-Ghiol are the two eyes of Kalina, which in reality are not black, but light - almost blue. In the dark they look black, but in the sun they are white and almost bluish. The rocks that surround these lakes give them a darker hue. Kalina's peaks are an open book in which one can read all that the Divine Spirit has written. He, who can not read this hook, looks to the right and to the left, throws a stone toward the peaks and another stone in the lake and goes away, finding the place disorderly. Thus, when you go to the summits, respect their purity. This is the simplest expression by which you can show that you value that which wise nature has created. In this way you will make contact with the advanced beings in the invisible world who will help you. Otherwise, they will have nothing to do with you. The teacher tells the student to study and to work upon himself. If the student studies, the teacher will help him. If he does not want to study, the teacher does not want anything to do with him any more. The Divine speaks several times to man. If he does not listen, all leave him. First the Divine speaks to his heart, the second time to his mind, the third time to his will, and if he does not obey, it starts to talk to him in another way. As long as man is spoken to with love, he must correct himself and take advantage of his good conditions. Man wants people to act well with him and to value him. Since he wants that for himself, he must do the same with others. As I observe your relations, I see that you act very well toward one friend whom you have chosen as a special friend, but this is not sufficient. All that you see around you has been created by God. Therefore, act respectfully towards everything He has created. Value everything that He values. Many people think that no matter how they live, they benefit from the Divine Love. This is a misleading thought. Love cannot be benevolent toward you, if you do not value her creations and have a right attitude toward them. You will say that you are not perfect yet. That is no answer. Even today you can acquire the right attitude toward all things that surround you, and value them. Hie have come to the mountain due to the benevolence of God and we benefit from the air, the water and the light for the good that is in us. Then you must give way to the good that is in you, revealing it outwardly. If it were not for the great benevolence of God, we would not be able to stay for even one day in the mountains. If you correct your attitude and behavior toward all men and things, and value them, sin and evil will disappear from your midst. But for that reason, conscious work, work with love, is required of all of you. Christ said: "And I shall raise it on the last day." And now I say to you also: The last day for your resurrection has come. If you do not rise today, you will rise after a thousand years. Fear not. The last day Christ spoke about is a long day and not an ordinary 24 hour day. This day begins today and continues for at least fifty years. During that time, work upon yourselves to acquire right behavior and a feeling of value for all that is given you. Value your mind, heart and will. Act kindly to your neighbors, to all plants and animals, and to all nature. Value everything that surrounds you. If you acquire these two things, you will be a man of the new life, a man of love. Even if you were the son of a king, you would have to have these qualities. When you enter school, everyone will turn his eyes toward you to see your behavior as a royal son. The higher you stand, the more is required of you. Teachers and students -everybody will expect of you good behavior and the ability to value things. The external position is not the determinant of their value. Although the royal son occupies a high position in life, he may meet students who study better than he does. He may also meet students with a better disposition and a finer sense of value. Therefore, if you want to be strong, beautiful and satisfied with life, act well with all things and value everything the Primary Principle has created. If you do not have these qualities, you will have neither strength, beauty, nor satisfaction in life. In such a case you will be in the same position as a flutist Stoyan found himself once. He always boasted of his flute, saying that it was a better substitute than any gun in case of trouble. He said: "When I aim it at an enemy, the latter will bounce at some distance from me." But one day a bear met him in the forest. Stoyan raised his flute and aimed at the bear, pretending to pull the trigger, but the bear did not withdraw. Finding himself in a tight place, Stoyan climbed a tree and saved himself. He saw that the flute did not always help. The flute represents the external aspect of things. You have money on which you rely, but when money does not help, you will climb the tree. The tree signifies the rational principle in life. What would have happened if the flute of Stoyan had struck the bear? Stoyan would have remained alive, but the bear would have been killed. By climbing the tree, both of them remained alive. Stoyan must climb a tree and from there, as a preacher, he must instruct the bear. Is there anything wrong with that? You must act in the same way. You speak to someone and try to instruct him, but he does not understand you and does not heed you. That shows that your flute has missed its mark. Climb a tree then and tell him a few words from there. He will look at you and say: "This is a wise man." When I pass by him a second time, we shall speak again. The bear has a good trait which men do not value or know. If you render her a service, or some favor, she will remember it for a long time. The bear never forgets the good you have done her. She is concentrated in herself and never distracted. The bear also remembers the evil someone does to her, but that is rather an exception in her life. I say to you also: "Remember the good someone has done to you." "And I shall raise it up on the last day." Everyone who has developed in himself a good attitude, good behavior and a feeling of valuing things/ will rise on the last day. The way of the upright is the way of light. Walk in the path of light. August 21, 5 A.M.
  16. Probational_Suffaring.pdf Probational Sufferings Jeremiah 9 John 13 In the two chapters I read, Jeremiah 9 and John 18, you saw two men who have experienced great disappointments. Jeremiah was a great patriot and a man of the Old Testament. He wept for his people at the same time that he passed on to them the Word of God. He predicted what would happen to his people and what his nation would go through. That which the prophet said in his time is related to and refers to the present epoch also. Jesus was the second person who experienced great disappointments. John spoke about him: He came into the world and gave the truth to mankind, but not only did they not accept Him, they also exposed Him to the blows of the Roman soldiers. They told Him that they had no need of such a man. So we see that everything Jeremiah predicted to the Israelite nation came to pass; everything Christ preached to the Jews was fulfilled. He said to them: Henceforth, ye will not see me until you say: Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord! And we see that for two thousand years the Jews have been bearing the consequences of their mistake. You will probably say that the Jews were great sinners since they did not recognize Christ and thus crucified Him. But which man is not crucifying Christ even to this day? The young and the old, the educated and the ignorant are crucifying Christ even to this day. People often act like Peter; they draw out the sword to defend the truth. Truth cannot be defended by a sword. Peter, moreover, did not attack with his sword one of the leading men, but struck a soldier and cut off his ear. What sort of a war is this in which men cut off their ears, heads, hands, feet, etc.? Christ said to Peter: "Put up again the sword in its place: for all that take the sword shall perish by the sword." Actually, war cannot be carried on with one or even many swords. Maiming people is not war. Moreover, when Peter put up his sword, he denied Christ thrice. Today, all people know how to fight with arms, but they can not fight with love. All men can fight with the ancient sword - the tongue - but no one can fight with the new sword -love. You prick everyone with your tongue, right and left, cutting off one man's ear, another man's nose, hand, foot, etc. If you are told to hold your tongue, you draw up your sword and run away. You wonder what you will do when you stop thrusting your sword and pricking other people with your tongue. This is what the good, not the evil people are wondering about. As far as evil men are concerned, we can say nothing about them now. Good people are very wayward. There are no people more willful than they. Even upright men are wayward. What does "willfullness" mean to you? What sort of a man is the wayward man? You meet a man clad in a pure white silk suit. Out of carelessness you spot his suit with ink. When he notices the spot, he throws a glance at you and immediately his heart throbs. He is discontented because his suit is spotted. He may appear calm on the outside, pretending that he is not disturbed, but his heart has already throbbed. The throb of the heart speaks of human waywardness. What should that man have done in this given case? Upon looking at his spotted suit, he should have thought of the numerous times he has spotted the garment of the upright man, or of the saint. Since that fact applies to him, based on the same law, his suit should also be spotted. Why, then, should he worry? He worries because he is afraid of what other people will think of him, whether they will label him as an unclean and careless person. Such is the character of waywardness. Therefore, guard yourselves against the evil and criminal men, but also guard yourselves against wayward men whose hearts are ready to throb in discontent for a mere spot on their clothes. As I speak in this way, many people will feel concerned and offended. But I neither condemn anyone nor have anyone in mind; I am speaking in principle. When Christ addressed the crowd: "Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites," He did not have any particular persons in mind. He was speaking in principle. We are not interested in the mistakes of people. It is of no benefit to us to bring out the mistakes of people. We do not gain anything by their mistakes. Pointing out people's mistakes is like performing a surgical operation on them. In such an operation the surgeon can not avoid staining his hands. If you are a surgeon, at least you will receive four or five thousand leva for an operation and they will thank you for helping the sick person. If you as a saint make an operation on some sinner, not only will you receive neither money nor thanks from people, but also you will be insulted for not knowing how to operate. These are, according to me, the wayward saints in the world. The present day saints whom men serve are the wayward people in the world. There are two kinds of saints: one type is wayward, the other is not. The formers have a high opinion of themselves and want to be considered by other people as pure and saintly men. They constantly talk about their troubles and sufferings. The second kind of saints are those of love. They are plainly clad and pass for ordinary people; no one suspects what wealth they possess. They help everyone they meet on their way. These saints may be mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, servants, masters, teachers or students. You can meet these saints everywhere. They are ideal workers in the Divine field. They are a worthy example to follow; they work incessantly without speaking about what they are doing. Contemporary men experience great disappointments since they consider themselves to be unfortunate in not having attained what they have desired. Study the history of great men and see which of them attained what he expected. , While still alive he was persecuted, insulted and ignored, but after his death a monument was placed on his grave with the inscription: "Here rests such and such a great man!" When people find his works, they begin to publish them and earn money by his name. While Botev was on earth he was persecuted, and finally, in his youth, he was killed. After his death, people began to write hooks about his service to Bulgaria, and to this day his memory is honored. How can Botev's heroism help Bulgaria? Or, of what benefit were the prophecies of Jeremiah to the Israelites? They were of no benefit. The prophet addressed the Jewish nation with the words: "The way you walk is not the right way, and no good is awaiting you. If you want to save yourselves from the evil which is following you, you must forsake your sinful paths and lead a good life." Christ also said to the Jews: You must leave your father and mother, deny yourselves and then come and follow me. This means: You must leave your old life and start living a new, Divine way. In order to reach this state, you must change your old conceptions and humanity must radically alter its entire philosophical thought. Christ said that the man must leave his wife; the wife must leave her husband; the son must leave his mother; the daughter must leave her father; the servant must leave his master; the rich man must give up his riches; the judge must leave his service and the professor his lectern. What greater contradiction could possibly exist than that - to leave everything, deny yourself and then follow Christ? Suppose that some people would take these truths literally. What would they do then? Everyone would put a wooden cross on his back and start out for some place. He himself would not know where he was going. Many heroes of war wear one or more crosses as symbols of heroism. Many Christians wear crosses on their necks. Of what benefit are these crosses to people today? People pick up their crosses and look like workmen who carry crosses on their backs, but they do not know in what direction to head. Christ said: "Take up your cross and follow me." However, by these words he meant something entirely different. By the word "cross" Christ meant bearing life's burdens with patience, for the cross is the symbol of patience. He who consciously bears his cross locks calmly and patiently on all things which take place in the world. Should you cry that an eggshell is broken and that a chicken has come out of it? Should you cry that a precious stone has sacrificed itself for man? Why should you cry for a daughter who is saving her father? Why should you cry for the son who is saving his mother? Why should you cry for the servant who is sacrificing himself for his master? Why should you cry for the professor who is sacrificing himself for his science? All that men cry about is transitory. Nothing of the present order and life will remain. The present life is a preface to the new life which is coming. Life today is similar to that of the egg. Men will not remain forever in baskets. One day they will be taken out of the baskets and placed under the hen. After a while they will be hatched, and out of them will come little chickens which will enter the new conditions of life. If the hen, does not hatch them, the prince of this world will come, he will break them and fry them in his pan with a little bit of butter. Life is serious and beautiful. Do not take a superficial attitude toward it. All men before you have passed through trials; you also will pass through them. There is no man on earth who has not, or shall not, suffer. Everyone will pass through specific trials at the appointed time. Men are afraid of leaving the earth, because they do not know what will become of them. What will become of a cow which leaves its environment and enters that of human beings? Will it lose anything? Yes, it will lose its horns and its hoofs, but in place of that, it will receive something better and more valuable. What will a man lose if he leaves his environment and enters that of the angels? He will lose his bad tongue, but he will gain something valuable and good. Christ said of such a tongue: "Put up your sword!" You can do nothing with such a tongue. You will embitter rather than correct men with such a tongue. Christ also had a sword, but He did not draw it against the Roman soldiers, as Peter did. He asked them: Whom are you seeking? If you seek me, here I am! I shall give you what you want, but leave the others alone. When I speak about Christ, his best quality - patience -stands out in my mind. Men speak about the great sufferings of Christ, but I do not dwell upon these sufferings for long. For me his sufferings have a secondary importance. Of prime importance, however, is the patience with which he bore all the revilings, insults, and mockeries which an entire regiment of Roman soldiers hurled at him. In the face of all that, Christ stood calm and undisturbed, as if nothing were happening. His eyes did not shed one tear. Those who saw that marveled at his great patience, self-control and love. This is what it means to be a rock which can not be shaken. When Christ was entering Jerusalem, he shed some tears, but when he was tortured by the Roman soldiers he did not shed one tear) he remained calm and quiet. However, these soldiers consequently became the best workers for Christ's Teaching. Now let us leave aside the question of the sufferings of Christ. The important thing is to know what patience represents. If, during the greatest trials and sufferings, one cannot show full self-control and cool-headedness, and bear everything with patience, one has no character. Christ carried his cross himself up to a certain place and then he was nailed to it. He had the strength to turn to his mother and tell her that there was someone who would care for her. Then he turned to one of his disciples and asked him to take care of his mother, as he himself would have done. What greater man could you find than the one nailed to the cross two thousand years ago, who looked calmly at all that was done to him? During the whole time he kept quiet, but when he had to do good, he asked the men to release his hands to perform the good and then to nail them again. Finally, Christ turned to God with the words: "Lord, why hast Thou forsaken me?" He was in a great conflict. He was sent by God to preach to people the great science of life, but they did not accept him. Not only did they reject him, they exposed him to the greatest insults and revilings, after which they crucified him. Finally, Christ understood that only Love has the power to set the world right. When he understood that, he sighed and commended his spirit into the hands of his father. If Christ was reviled, persecuted and crucified, do you think that the present Christians will pass through another way? They think that they will live well, because Christ came to save people and sacrificed himself for them. Men can live well only under the condition that they fulfill the will of God. Christ also said: "I did not come to do my own will, but the will of Him that sent me." We say that love will correct the world and set it right. However, the law of Moses will precede the coming of love. Men will pass first through such great trials, they will suffer and experience such tortures as they have-never even thought about. There will be no suffering which they will not experience, after which God's blessing will come upon then through the law of love. First, the plowman will plow the ground. All useless grasses and weeds will be uprooted, the wild trees will be grafted and the whole old culture reformed. When all that has passed, the sower will come to sow the new seed upon the plowed, cultivated ground. He will level the soil over the seed and wait for the seed to sprout up, to blossom forth and give abundant fruit. People today are afraid when they hear that the old will be destroyed. The old must be destroyed! If it is not destroyed, the new cannot come. The wheat cannot grow unless you pluck out the weeds in the field. The weeds must be plucked out; otherwise they will choke the wheat. As soon as the weeds are plucked out, the new wheat will sprout up and give some thirty, others sixty, and still others one hundred. Apply the same law to yourselves. Yoke three pairs of oxen in your plow in order to plow your uncultivated land. As soon as your land is plowed and the weeds are plucked out, sow the new seed. Patience is required for this work. You all expect the world to be set right, but you do not know whence this rectification will come. The world will be rectified by silence. You will keep silent and bear everything patiently as Christ did on the cross. They will beat and insult you, but you will bear it patiently. After you have passed your test successfully, love will come and prove to you that it is the only means by which the world can be corrected. Therefore, he who wants to attain love must pass through the greatest trials and sufferings. If he can not endure the great sufferings, he can not experience love either. No one can taste love until he has tasted suffering. Suffering precedes love. When a son says he loves his father, he is deceiving himself. The son loves the father truly only after the father has gone to the other world. Some woman says she loves her husband. That woman will know how much she has loved her husband only after he has gone to the other world. Then she will remember his goodness, point out his good qualities and think of him. The same can be said about the man. While his wife is living, he does not appreciate her, nor does he want to know anything about her. But as soon as she enters the other world, he begins to value her and to be aware of his great loss. As long as people are in a family or society, they do not love one another. As soon as one of them leaves, they begin to love him. When Christ was on earth, men did not love him; they wanted to become free of him. As soon as he left the earth, they began to love him and to follow his path. When I speak about the man and the woman, I consider them as principles and not as external forms. If you regard them as external forms, you will be misled. Many say that men must not marry. This question stands differently. If one says that he must not marry, then he must not be born either; but man must be born to taste of suffering. Birth is a limitation of the human soul. After dying, one tastes joy. Every soul is an angel who leaves heaven and conies to be incarnated on the earth, in order to live a limited human life. Within these limitations men pass through sufferings. Since they pass through sufferings, they will pass through love also. Only then will the soul return to heaven to taste the full joy. You cannot taste love if you have not tasted suffering. As men experience great suffering, they fall into a conflict and ask why the world is made this way. Can we not live without suffering? I never ask myself this question, because I know that suffering precedes love. Behind every suffering love stands as a rear guard. However, the contrary can not be said. We cannot by any means say that suffering stands behind love. There is love behind suffering, but there is no suffering behind love. When you first experience love and then suffering, that is not love. He who experiences love first and suffering afterward is not on the right path. He has made some mistake in his judgment of things; as a result he has mistaken suffering for love. When a man experiences first suffering and then love as a result, he is on the right path. He who has not experienced any suffering can not find love. He who has passed through suffering will find love - the greatest wealth in the world. It pays to pass through suffering, in order to find the greatest wealth in the world. The power of man is hidden in this wealth. When man acquires love, he becomes so powerful and mighty that he is in a condition to resist all storms, all trials and all hindrances. If such a man takes out his sword, he does not put it up as Peter did. When Peter drew his sword, Christ said to him: "Put your sword back in its place." Peter had not yet passed through suffering and had not attained love, yet he hurried to draw his sword against his enemy. Only he who has attained love can draw his sword. When such a man draws his sword, all his enemies flee. Today Christ has drawn his biggest sword and is waving it right and left, striking everyone who does not obey him. Do not think that Christ is weak and soft. He stops everyone he meets and asks him: Will you walk in the way of God? - I will not. - If you will not walk in it, you will see what will become of you. He hits him with his sword and continues on. He meets a second man and asks him: Will you walk in the way of God? - I will. - Take out your sword and follow me. You also should take out your swords and strike everyone you meet. However, do not strike men with your tongue, but rather with your love. When you hit someone with your new sword - the sword of love -see that you make him fall down without maiming him. The Important thing is to disarm your enemy, not to maim him. This is the way to fight with the sword of love. This is what it means to pass from death into life. What do people do today? When they want revenge, they maim and kill one another, commit suicide, etc. We recognize only one kind of suicide - with the sword of love. When one commits suicide with that sword, he falls on the earth and passes from death into life. When love hits man, he falls on the ground as does the grain of wheat in the field, and enters a new life. Christ said to Peter: "Put your sword back in its place! The cup that the Father gave me, shall I not drink it?" It was because of this cup that Christ found love. Therefore, all men must find this cup, in order to enter into the law of love. As soon as they find love, each one will conquer his own world. When everyone has conquered his own world, the external world will also be conquered, i.e., set As you listen to me speak about suffering as a precursor of love, some say: This is an old philosophy and we have tested it. - No, you do not know this philosophy yet. Why? Because you have tasted suffering only to a certain extent, but none of you has tasted love yet. You do not know what love is. When you pass through suffering you will hear the first word of love. As soon as you hear the voice of love, you will rise, revive and resurrect. Thus you must all pass through suffering so that you may enter into joy, or the life of love. You say: Is there not some side-road? Is there no condescension for us? Since Christ has suffered for the redemption of humanity, is it not possible for us to avoid suffering? Can the law not be made leas strict for us? No. No condescension, no softening of the law is possible. All men without exception will experience suffering. We are glad that the cup of suffering is already given to contemporary humanity. They must drink it, for in back of it is love. If they do not drink the cup, love will not come. When the torrent of suffering ends, love will come and open up the gates of the new life. How you will understand the new life is up to you. When the Spirit of Truth comes, he will instruct you in all things. You ask in which direction to pray - east or west. Men can pray in every direction. If someone comes to beat you and twist your head toward the east, in which direction will you pray? You will pray toward the east. If he turns your head west, south or north, you will pray in the direction in which your head is turned. You will pray in the direction of the suffering. Be grateful that the suffering has come. It is the first sign that the hand of benediction works on man to correct him. Suffering is a great blessing for him who understands the laws. Suffering lasts a short time in comparison to what love brings. It is said that the apostle Paul was raised to the seventh heaven and after seeing it, he said: "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard that which God has prepared for them who love Him." This means: Eye has not seen, nor ear heard that which is prepared for those who have passed through suffering and are entering love. Many people complain about suffering and become discouraged and faint in spirit. Why? Because they have expected something else. The disciples of Christ expected that Christ would become king and that they would acquire a high social position, but it did not turn out as they had expected. When they realized that suffering comes before the blessing, many of then departed. Today the world is in need of strong men. Two thousand years ago the disciples of Christ were scattered, but it would be a shameful thing if they also ran away today. It is dangerous to run away now. He who runs away will be shot in the back. He who walks ahead will be shot in the chest. If you are wounded in the cheat, you are a hero. If you are wounded in the back, you are a coward. Where was Christ wounded, in the back or in the chest? He was wounded in the chest» because he was going forward. Christ was a hero. The Roman soldiers pierced his side with a spear and blood flowed out. Many Christians today are wounded in the back and they still wear a badge of heroism. He who is wounded in the back is not a hero. The true hero must be wounded with a spear in the front part of his body, in the middle part below the ribs. I do not wish to meet heroes wounded in the back. They are not heroes. Praise is due to him who is wounded in the chest. If I see you wounded in the back, I shall say to you: There is no sorrow back of love, but there is no love either. Therefore, if you want to be heroes, you must be wounded in the chest, not in the back. Your hearts and not your bodies must be wounded. He who exposes his body to suffering but guards his heart, does not understand life. He who exposes his heart to suffering, but guards his body, has understood life and the Divine way. This is heroism - to expose your heart, but to guard your body. Thus the hearts of all people must be wounded. Why? Because sin is in the hearts. If someone does not come to pierce the hearts of men, the evil cannot be released. The evil will escape through the wound in the heart and man will be free of it. Ministers, scientists, writers - all say that evil is hidden in the human heart. Today man is fighting to liberate his heart from the evil, which has planted itself there. But he must pass through great trials and sufferings in order to liberate it. Suffering is a way of liberation. Every man, inevitably, must pass the boundary of sufferings in order to enter the world of love and understand the Great life. Since you know this, do not be afraid of suffering. Suffering is the hand of the Supreme One, Which is directing man. This idea is expressed in the verse: "Seek me in the day of sorrow." To seek God in your grief does not mean that you are a weak man. Strong or weak, man must suffer. He who suffers is a real man; he who does not suffer is not a man. The distinguishing quality of man is suffering. Only man is capable of suffering. The animal feels torment, but man suffers. The opposite pole of suffering is joy. When someone suffers, another man is happy; when someone is happy, another man suffers. The suffering of one is the joy of another and the joy of one is the suffering of another. How long will men suffer? Until they come to the real joy which proceeds from love. No matter how you may imagine or expect joy, you must know that in order to attain it, you must first pass through suffering. There is no other way. Suffering is the way to joy. Christ was the first to take the path of suffering. Many good people have taken and are taking the same path. You will say that this path is bad and uncomfortable. No, this way is difficult only at the beginning. The farther you go, the more beautiful and light it becomes. "Put away your sword! The cup that the Father hath given me, shall I not drink it?" In other words: Put the fear of suffering aside! Do not let this fear cause you to stumble, since through suffering you will find the true way of life and realize what it is to serve the Great Love which sets all things right in the world. This concerns the whole of humanity as well as the separate individual. Great and powerful is the man of love both on heaven and on earth. Christ performed miracles with the love of God. When he found himself in the midst of his greatest sufferings, Christ said: "Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit." This shows that in the most fearful moment of his life, he did not lose faith in love. After that, God raised him up. Christ attained love, which he expressed in the verse: "All power is given to me both in heaven and on earth." Me attained that power after he drank the bitter cup. Any man can say: "All power is given to me." When can he say this? Only after he has drunk the bitter cup which the Father has given him. When you are given such power, what can you be afraid of? In order not to fear, you must pass through great troubles and trials. Only then will salvation come. Then the resurrection of the human soul will come as well. Now let each one of you ask himself what he has been in the time of Christ, a disciple or a mere observer? It has been said only of the disciple that he has taken out his sword. What were the others doing at that time? All the disciples of Christ, however, were told to go and preach the great teaching of love in the world. Love will show men the new path, which all good people have taken and are taking, in order to enter the kingdom of God. Then the words: "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added unto you," acquire a new meaning. I shall give you the following three sentences: The only way which leads to life is Love. The only way which leads to knowledge is Wisdom. The only way which leads to freedom is Truth. You will attain love on the path of life. You will attain wisdom on the path of knowledge. On the path of freedom you will attain truth. These are the three paths on which you must walk, in order to attain love, wisdom and truth. Now I say to you: "Take out your swords! Whatever sword or knife you have, take it out and be armed." How many swords did Christ's disciples take with them? They took two swords, but used only one. Let everyone take his sword and start fighting. With whom? Of course, not with himself, but with his enemy. Everyone has enemies whom he must fight against. Be heroes, do not show yourselves to be weaklings! Many people want others to fight for them, to receive the badge of heroism at last. No, everyone will fight alone. Apply whatever you have heard and understood today with regard to your strength and possibilities. The words: "I shall be with you to the end of the world" must not remain vague for you. Have faith in the August One, in His Love. Know that it is not you who are fighting, but rather God Who lives in you. August 18, 5 A.M.
  17. Incompatible_things.pdf Incompatible Things Beauty without eyes, wisdom without ears, intelligence without a nose, love without a mouth, power without hands and goodness without feet are incompatible things. Leave at rest in your home all your thoughts, desires and acts which contain incompatible things, and set out on the broad way to work without them. The meaning of life lies in compatible things. Life without length, feeling without breadth, thought without depth and height are unattainable things. Do not seek the unattainable! If you seek it you will become simple and ignorant. God created beauty. He created human wisdom, human intelligence, human love, human power and human goodness, in order that men should know His kindness. The human leads to God. Guard the truly valuable which always gives meaning to life. Do not dig up slime which is deposited on its way. Do not try to extinguish that which cannot be extinguished. Do not try to illuminate that which cannot be illuminated. Do not waste your time counting the particles of dust which the wind stirs up every day. Do not try to gather all the raindrops in a single place. Do not give as a gift that which can not be given as such. Do not eat that which cannot be eaten. Do not think about that which cannot be thought about. When you see water, go to it and wash your feet. When you feel the air, receive it in your mouth. When you recognize wisdom, open your ears. When you come to love, speak up! - This is the way that leads to all attainments. Now I shall ask you a question: Why and for what reason does a man cry? If you can not answer this question, I shall give you an answer: Man cries because he has not eaten; man cries because he has overeaten; man cries because his food is not tasty. This is the philosophy of crying. Generally, man cries for the things he has not attained. Which things are not attained? When a man cannot obtain an apple, he cries. When he has eaten the apple and feels that it has become bitter in his stomach, no cries again. He is not content that the apple has not thanked hint for the service he has rendered it. When food is not well cooked, man is indignant when it enters him, because it does not speak pleasantly to him. Which man would be grateful if he were cooked? Who would rejoice if he were eaten? Which man would be happy if he were put in prison? Therefore, when food remains in the stomach longer than it should, it begins to get indignant at being closed up. Whenever you lock up food in your stomach for a long time, it causes you pain. Man cries when he does not have anything to eat. He also cries when there is no one to comfort him. When bread comes to you, what must you say to it? You must thank it and be glad that it has visited you. You meet a beautiful maiden whose beauty interests a whole society. Everybody speaks about her and admires her, and she walks with dignity, with her head up. But another, more beautiful maiden enters the same society. The admiring glances of all are directed toward her. In the heart of the first maiden there is bitterness, since she considers the newcomer a competitor. What should the first maiden do? How should she act toward the second one? She should enjoy the other's beauty as everyone else does, and stop thinking about her own beauty. As long as you are unique with your beauty among men, enjoy it, but as soon as another, more beautiful person comes, enjoy his beauty also. When two beautiful persons meet, they will distribute their work between themselves in the right way; one will be the canvas, while the other will be the image on the canvas. But the canvas is of no value without an image. That which I told you now is a small lunch for the hungry man. Such a lunch can only allure him, as children are allured by candies. The joy of many people is actually due to the candy they receive. When there is no candy, they cry and grieve. The greater their grief, the bigger the piece of candy they are deprived of. Which is the biggest piece of candy in man's life? The biggest piece of candy for the young maiden is the young lad; for the mother, the child; for the educated, the book; for the strong, the knife; for the workman, the hammer; for the artist, the brush; for the loafer, the phonograph. In spite of all this, contemporary man is disappointed by the dynamic and transitory in life and seeks something lasting and constant upon which he can always rely. Man is young, he grows old and he dies. Youth is a dynamic value in life, and as a result, man cannot rely upon it. The young man grows and develops until one day he notices that he is beginning to grow old. But age is also a transitory value, since the old man dies. Neither youth nor age is a constant value in life. Both come and go, leaving no trace behind them. Why does the young man grow old? And why does the old man die? The young man grows old and the young man dies because they live on candy. Stop living on candy if you do not wish to grow old and die. The young man is loved, the old man is respected. The young man is loved for his love, the old man is respected for his wisdom. When the young man loses his love, he grows old. When the old man loses his wisdom, he dies. In other words, when someone loses his love, the youth in him has grown old; when he loses his respect, the age in him has died, When people stop loving the young man, he has become old; when they stop respecting to old man, he has died. In order not to grow old, the young man must eat the living bread prepared by an old man; in order not to die, the old man must eat the living bread prepared by a young man. Thus he who does not want to become old and die must go by these two formulae in his life. In order for one to be eternally young, it is not sufficient that he merely eat the living bread; he must also know how to chew it. Therefore, if you do not know how to chew the Word which you hear, you will swallow it without benefiting from it. In the same way, mammals swallow their food without chewing it. This quality distinguishes them from man. Man chews his food, but he must know how to chew it. Every thought that man receives must be chewed well, i.e., understood and applied. Application is a process of digestion. In digestion every particle of food is directed to its assigned place. I take the images of the young maiden and the young lad as symbols. The young maiden symbolizes youth, while the young lad symbolizes old age. When they meet they neither understand nor know each other; consequently, the young maiden loses her youth and becomes old, while the young lad loses his old age and dies. Both of them lose. They say that the young must meet, but a young man can not meet a young woman. This is incompatible, When the young woman meets the young man for the first time, she has met old age; when the young man meets the young woman, he has met youth. If the young woman thinks that she has found youth in the young man, she is deceiving herself. Therefore, when you meet a young man, ask him what kind of man he is; when you meet an old man, ask him the same question. Then ask yourself also whether you are young or old. It is necessary to ask yourself this question, because it is incompatible for two young people to meet. It is also incompatible for two old men to meet. A young man and an old man can meet -this is compatible. In the ordinary life, however, young may meet with young and old may meet with old, but in the Divine world this is incompatible. In the ordinary life, every man can be a painter - one simply buys a canvas, paint and brushes, and starts painting. This is not art, however, it is just dabbing. These are incompatible things. When the observant eye of the artist looks at the canvas with the dabbings on it, he finds that that is not the way to paint. In nature everything is placed exactly in its proper place. The colors nature applies to its pictures are the most appropriate ones in hue; they are neither darker nor lighter than they ought to be. The colors which nature uses do not change. They differ in hue, but the basic color remains. For instance, there is a blue color in nature which never changes; rather it produces certain nuances of the same color. The same thing is true of the precious stones. The precious stone retains its color, but it only reflects the light; consequently, there appear to be different hues and colors of that light. In scientific terms we say that the precious stones reflect and refract the rays of light. What I said to you today is food; it is material which you must understand, assimilate and apply; i.e., perceive, cultivate within yourselves, and direct each particle to its proper place. August 16, 1935 - Rila
  18. The_new_birth.pdf The New Birth "Unless a man is born again he can not see the Kingdom of God." I shall focus upon the words "born again." To be born again is to be born of the Spirit. To be born of the Spirit is a new state for the human consciousness. The grain of wheat can remain for years in the barn and retain its original form, but in such a state it will never understand what the world represents. Therefore, the grain of wheat must leave the bam and be sown in the ground, in order to come in touch with light, heat, air and water. In this way it will manifest its inner life - it will begin to grow and develop. Growth is a process common to all beings. For man, however, growth implies the development of his consciousness. As you study the vegetable kingdom, you will see that the plants do not come into life through birth, as the beings of the animal kingdom do, but they sprout, grow and develop, going through external and internal processes, through great trials and difficulties. Man also goes through such processes before his birth. Birth is preceded by a number of inner processes. Those who do not understand the wise laws of nature and the creation of the Primary Principle, become discouraged, because they cannot find happiness in life. They look for happiness where it does not exist. Can the grain of wheat find its happiness in the barn? No matter how many years it may rest in the barn, it will remain closed up and shut off from the world. In the barn it is under favorable external conditions, but these conditions are of no real benefit to it. The grain of wheat must leave the conditions of the barn, in order to gain anything. Those who do not understand life regret, when they encounter sufferings in life, that they have left their calm state. The grain of wheat in the barn must choose between two conditions: either to enter the ground and go through a number of inner processes of suffering and joy, or to go through the mill and sacrifice itself there. If it does not choose one of these two conditions, it will remain in the barn where in the end mice will attack it. When contemporary people are faced with these two states they fall into a contradiction and they do not know what to do. If they remain in the barn for a long time, they will have a calm life, but how long can they remain under these conditions? They can not remain in that state for a hundred years. Then what? A day will come when they will be taken out of the barn by force. But what if then it is too late and they cannot adapt themselves to the new conditions of life? In such a case, it is better for them to leave the barn and be sown in the field, regardless of what will become of them. It is worse for them to go through the mill. Remember that the barn was made for the wheat, not the wheat for the barn. The earth is a condition in which man can taste the blessings of God, in which he can grow and develop. The earth was created for the rational man who understands the laws of life and can apply them. Externally, the earth seems disorderly and unorganized. He who understands the Laws can discern the wisdom which directs not only the earth but ail the other worlds as well. The sufferings of people proceed from a misunderstanding of the supreme order which exists in the life of the whole. When a child first starts school, he meets great hardships until he begins to understand what he is taught. At least sixteen years are required until the child grows up, becomes a youth and graduates from the university. What discipline that youth must endure! How many teachers he has had and how many times he has spotted his hands with ink and cleaned them! How many books he has bought, how many deprivations, troubles and sufferings he has experienced until he has acquired knowledge! It is an easy thing, after all this, to say that this or that man is an educated man. People today expect to receive some kind of blessing on the earth. Whatever blessings they may receive are of no use, for they are all temporary. Why? Because people of today lack the element with which they could preserve everything they acquire. This element will be provided when man receives a spiritual birth. Man must be born again in order to be free from the bad conditions of the present life. The conditions in which he lives today can only bring death. Whatever wealth he may acquire today, he will lose by all means. He shall be robbed by thieves as rich people are robbed today. Since men do not understand these laws, they console themselves with the thought that when they go to the other world, they will be in heaven under positive and favorable conditions. The entrance into heaven under rich conditions is connected to the law of the new birth. Christ said: "Unless a man is born again, he can not enter the Kingdom of God." Only a man born of the Spirit is a master of the circumstances of life. The man born of the Spirit is not influenced by the economic conditions of life. The sick, not the healthy man, needs the help of others. The healthy man needs no outside help. Whatever he needs he can acquire for himself. The healthy man can be compared to the man born of the Spirit. Thus life as a Great School points out two ways to man: the path of suffering and the path of the mill. He who chooses the first way will be sown like a grain of wheat in the field where he will pass through a number of trials and sufferings; he who chooses the second way will remain for years in the barn, after which he will be taken to the mill. It is better for one to be sown in the field than to pass through the mill. In the field, one shall have a chance to grow, to blossom and to bear fruit. The majority of people today pass through the mill; consequently they die and disappear without leaving any trace behind them. However, both of these paths have a positive side. Through suffering man prepares himself for a life which is higher than the one he is leading today. The wheat which suffers is also instructed by its suffering; those who eat it benefit from its lessons, as well as from the blessings it contains. The people who die today learn something from life and death; the next generation benefits from their experiences, as great acquisitions in life. The important thing is what happens and what man is able to do today. It will not come from the outside. Only the conditions of life exist outside, while life's possibilities are deposited inside man himself. The grain of wheat contains in itself the possibilities for growth, while light, heat, air and water are conditions under which the grain of wheat can manifest its possibilities. Christ said: "If the grain of wheat is sown in the field, it bears fruit a hundred fold." People today are afraid of suffering, but whatever they do, they will inevitably go through it. Small or great sufferings follow every man. Such is the way of man. One thing is important: which path will man choose; the path of being sown or that of being ground up. He who prefers the sufferings in the field will grow and bear fruit. He who prefers the sufferings of being ground will pass through the mill without leaving any fruit after passing away. We are trying to save the wheat from going through the mill. It is not written anywhere that the wheat must be ground. Since it is ground, it must be done according to human laws and orders. You must understand both the human and the Divine laws, in order to understand the inner processes of life. "Unless a man is born again." Of what must a man be born again? The new birth means a birth of the Spirit. He who is born of the Spirit is a noble man and has a sublime consciousness. The world for him is not dead, neither is man a wolf to man, as the proverb says, "Homo homini lupus." It is important for man to understand the idea given by Christ that man is a brother to man. Only brotherhood is possible for the man born of the Spirit. Brotherhood is an expression of the love of the newborn. Only the newborn realizes what that means. When he sees a man, he sees a brother in his face. Therefore, every teaching which makes brotherhood the foundation of human life, is immortal. Such a teaching can be applied as an art of living. Every art is useful insofar as it can be applied. Why do you need to know a foreign language, if you cannot use it to acquire knowledge? Of what use is light, if it cannot reveal the world to you? Man without sight and light remains blind and ignorant. The world is a closed book to the ignorant man. New feelings and abilities are aroused in the man born of the Spirit, such as he himself has not even suspected. He sees things both at a distance and close up. He sees what is taking place in this city as well as in the other city. These things are impossible for the man of an ordinary birth. The man born of God cannot fall into a trap of robbers. He is free from all bad conditions. Why? Because he foresees everything. When he passes through a forest, he knows beforehand where robbers are hiding, and he avoids them. The man born of God has an illuminated mind with which he sees things clearly. Many men aspire to the spiritual life, but they must know that the spiritual life requires of man an understanding of his inner possibilities. When he understands and knows what his inner possibilities are, he can benefit from the blessings of life. What possibilities does a fish have? A fish has only one possibility - to swim in the water. It cannot speak, write or listen to lectures. If it wants to acquire possibilities other than the one it has, it must come out of the water and leave its unfavorable conditions. What can become of the fish? It cannot become a man, but it has the possibility of becoming at least a bird. But even as a bird, it cannot have great possibilities. The only form which offers great possibilities for attainments is the human form. By the word "man" we mean a being born of God. To be born of God is not a simple process. In order to come to the new birth, man must pass through many processes. A man asks whether there is a world other than the one on earth. Such a man knows only one world, and he does not even know this world as well as he should. He does not know that in the world in which he lives a number of complex processes are taking place* The fish also asks whether there is another world besides its own. There is another world besides that of the fish; it is the world of the birds, of all flying creatures. If the bird asks whether there is another world besides its own, we shall say to it that there is such a world - it is that of the mammals. If man asks whether there is a world higher than the human world, we shall answer him that there is a higher world - that of the angels. The beings of the angelic world have broader and better conceptions than those of the human beings. There are no prisons, scaffolds, or graveyards in the angelic world; suffering, misfortune and disputes do not exist there. There is a great abundance of things to eat and drink. All have opportunities to study and develop. Everyone lives as long as he wishes. Is this true? For me, who sees things, this is true. I do not need faith, nor do I need convincing. I believe in that which I see. A blind man stands beside me and asks: Do you believe in the light? There is no need of my believing in the light, for I see it. The blind man needs faith, but for the man who sees, faith becomes knowledge. "Unless a man is born again, he can not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven." The new birth implies the opening up of a new world which man must enter. If you do not enter this world, you will remain in the bad conditions, in the life of suffering. Even if you were rich, you would lose the good conditions. As soon as you enter the new world - the world of God - you will be surrounded by a new light, which will broaden your horizon. Don't nations do the same thing? As soon as a new nation is formed, a new order is introduced which protects it from external enemies and gives its citizens a chance for a good, calm life. Which nation, which kingdom has the best order? The Kingdom of God. Who can enter this kingdom? It is said in the Scriptures: "The man born of God can enter the Kingdom of God." When the man born of God enters that Kingdom, he shall say: It pays to live in this Great Kingdom! The world in which men live today is similar to a barn. There are two ways which can lead man out of this bam: they must either be sown in the field, or go to the mill and pass through it. Someone says: Let the mill grind me! This mill, which grinds people up, is dangerous. It will be good if one day the mills stop grinding. Are there mills in the other world? There are neither mills nor millers there. In the other world the grain of wheat is as large as a pear and grows on trees. It is enough for you to take one single grain, in order to satisfy your hunger. When you go to a tree on which the wheat grows, you will hear its voice: Help yourself, eat as much as you wish. Can the wheat speak? This is a figure of speech. Christ said: "Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you have no life in you." This means, if you do not eat the Word, you have no life in you. There is a world which needs the Word in the same way as men today needs food. The rough food gradually begins to be supplemented by spiritual food. Man eats three times a day and deposits in his stomach such elements as are necessary for the sustenance of his physical body. Man receives nourishment through his lungs and brain also. Through the lungs and the brain he receives an energy finer than physical energy. The day will come when people will be nourished only through their lungs and brain. Scientists have found out that man takes twenty breaths a minute. These, are twenty dinners. The newborn will not be a slave of the present conditions, living in continual worry about the morrow. Contemporary man does not sleep calmly; he does not enjoy the blessings of life given to him by God, because of his great worries. Man spends a great deal of his life troubled and worried. Christ gave a new, positive philosophy of life which can set man free from all present difficulties and worries, but this philosophy was not understood in His time, nor is it understood by present day Christians. And after all that, men call themselves Christians! He who only bears the name of Christ is not a Christian. A Christian in the full sense of the word can be called the Son of God; i.e., the man born of the Spirit. Therefore, in the religion of the future, all men will be born of God; they will form a large family whose members will be brothers. Each one will be ready to sacrifice himself for his brother and no man will be in need. No one will deceive others. I ask you: Can this not be realized this very day? What prevents men from loving one another and living like brothers? Who gathers people together? Who has gathered us here today? God. God's Love unites people. This is a great truth which is tested every day. Therefore, you can test this truth this very hour. The man born of God has tested this truth and lives according to it. He who enters the new conditions of life does not need a proof about the other world. Proving the existence of the other world is the same as proving the existence of love. There is no use in proving -the existence of love to people, Where love is, life is. Where love is absent, life vanishes. The coming of love means the resurrection of the soul. He who attains love, resurrects; he who loses love dies. The present phase of life is one of loveless-ness. Can a man resurrect in loveless-ness? Lovelessness kills life. I am not speaking about the death of the external shell. Lovelessness causes a much more terrible death. If man loses only his shell, he will clothe himself in a new form. However, man tries to create for himself a form which will not be affected by bad conditions or by change. This new form will bear in itself immortality. This idea was expressed by Christ in the verse: "That which is born of the flesh is flesh; that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit." The man born of the Spirit will live differently from the man born of the flesh. The former will pass through life, the latter through the mill. The first one will hear fruit, while the second one will remain fruitless. The latter will form a brotherhood, which after four generations will disappear - all ties among sisters and brothers will be abolished. In two hundred years at the most, all brotherhood, all relationships among people united by fleshly ties, will disappear. The former one, i.e., the man born of God will form a lasting brotherhood. The ties among men born of God will last at least 25,000 years. This persistence, this durability of the ties will give the Intelligent Forces acting upon the human soul a chance to complete their work. Realize that all rational things contribute to the development of the human soul: stars, suns, planets - all of nature works for man. All that surrounds man both outside and inside, works for his education. The sun rises for the children of God, for those born of God. Those who are already born have already tested this truth; those, however, for whom conditions are now being prepared, will test this later. Christ said to Nicodemus, one of the educated man of His time: "Unless a man is born again, he can not enter the Kingdom of God." Nicodemus did not understand this truth and asked Christ: How is it possible for an old man to enter his mother's womb a second time and be born again? Christ answered him: "That which is born of the flesh is flesh; that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit." How are these processes, these two ways of birth distinguished? Man is like a grain of wheat. A kind hand will come to take the grain from the barn and sow it in the field. It will say to it: You will pass through small sufferings, but you will blossom, bear fruit and ripen. The grain of wheat will test this and rejoice. Another kind hand will go to the barn to take the grain of wheat out and say: Now I shall take you to the mill to pass through it and turn into flour. You will pass through small sufferings but your price will rise. Which state is to be preferred: To pass through the field and bear fruit, or to go through the mill and have your price rise? The first state is to be preferred - to pass through sufferings but to bear fruit. This state represents the Divine order of things. The second state - passing through the mill - represents the human order of things. By the word "mill" in this case, I have in mind the things man himself has created, which are not well understood. By the word "field," I mean all that the Primary Principle has created. Therefore, I wish every one of you to pass through the sufferings of the field, in order to acquire that knowledge which will bring him to the new birth, to the birth of the Spirit. To be born of the Spirit implies becoming a member of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is a condition for the realization of love among people. "That which is born of the flesh is flesh; that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit." To be born of the Spirit is to be born of the Supreme, Rational Principle of life. August 14, 5 A.M. John 3: 2-12.
  19. The_divine_edge.pdf The Divine Edge Contemporary men, particularly the religious, speak about external and internal purity. They expect God to cleanse them, but everyone must cleanse himself. You have stained yourselves, so you must cleanse yourselves. In order to become clean, everyone must work. Even if you are rich you must work. The benevolent guidance of God will give you the last place, in order to teach you to work. It will not deposit money in the bank in your name in order to insure you. The Divine laws do not allow any insurance. As one works, he produces, step by step. Present day Christians speak about repentance, about the purification from gin and about serving God. These are elementary things. Everyone you meet will tell you that he does not want to sin. This is also elementary work. This is a Primer and it is not necessary for you to begin again with the Primer once you have finished it. Rather you should go forward. One thing is important for you: to be liberated from your own will. What does it mean to be liberated from your human will? Imagine that you are walking along the ridge of a mountain which is steep on both sides. When you slip, you slide down the slope to the foot of the mountain. The slipping on the slope represents movement along the current of the human will. If you walk along the ridge of the mountain - on its top, you move according to the Divine will. Liberation from the human will means learning to keep your balance. As long as you go down, you are in the human order of things and fulfill your own will. As soon as you begin to creep upwards and to walk along the ridge of the mountain without slipping to the left or right, you are in the Divine order of things and you fulfill the Divine will. Therefore, the movement of man along the current of his will implies a descent. Why does man descend? Because there is no stability in these currents. However, one must distinguish between conscious descending and slipping. You will say that it is a crime or a sin to slip or waver this way and that. And when you see someone sin, you are ready to condemn him. When you see the mistakes of others, consider yourself as the one committing them. Learn to see yourself in the face of every person. When you accomplish this, you will see your own mistakes in the mistakes of others and your own virtues in the virtues of others. Therefore, reflect upon the mistakes of others, because they are also your own mistakes. Rejoice over the virtues of others, because they are also your own virtues. As soon as someone makes a mistake, say: This is my mistake. As soon as someone does a good deed, say: This is my good deed. An engineer made a bridge which soon collapsed. Why? Because it was badly constructed. As a man was passing across the bridge, it collapsed and the man broke his leg. Then he said: Who constructed this bridge so poorly that I had to fall and break my leg? You who are asking must know that the mistake is yours. What do contemporary people do? When they see someone making a mistake, they spy on him and try to catch him without stopping to reason slightly, and they fail to see that the mistakes of the others are their own mistakes. As long as you notice the mistakes of others, you must know that you make the same mistakes. As long as you see the virtues of others, you must know that you possess the same virtues. He who sees the mistakes of others, but does not see his own mistakes, is not one of the advanced souls and is going the wrong way. These are elementary things from which you must be liberated. You must be prudent! What does the prudent man do? When he sees an educated man who is carrying instruments for experimentation, but who does not have a place to put them, the prudent man immediately bends, offers his back and says to the educated man: Please, put your instruments on my back. The educated man thanks him for the service, makes use of this back and finishes his work. This is the way the prudent man, who in this case may be a peasant, acts. The educated man becomes interested in the peasant and enters into a conversation with him. A friendship between the two is started. The foolish man, however, will stand aside and look like an aristocrat at the educated man who needs a table for his instruments. It does not even enter his mind to offer his back in service to the educated man. So do the good at the right time in the right place. I meet a shepherd in the woods who is carrying a sheep on his back. You will say that this shepherd is a virtuous man. How do you know that he is virtuous? Does the wolf not carry the sheep on his back? When he steals a sheep from the fold, the wolf puts it on his back and runs away. Is the wolf virtuous? The shepherd is virtuous and merciful only if when he finds a lamb in the forest, he takes it to its mother. But if he takes it from the fold and carries it to the market to sell it so that people may kill it, he is not a virtuous man. In this case, neither the shepherd nor the wolf is virtuous. Therefore, when the strong serves the weak unselfishly, he does good. The difference between the service of the virtuous shepherd and that of the wolf can be seen in the following example. A master has two servants. He calls the first one and sends a certain sum of money with him to a merchant. The servant takes the money directly to the merchant. Then the master gives another sum of money to the second servant to take to one of your friends. The servant takes the money and deposits it in the bank under his name. The first servant is the virtuous shepherd. The second servant is the wolf. God says to the shepherd: take the lamb to its mother. However, whatever the wolf is carrying, he deposits it in the bank under his own name. He who deposits in the bank under his name that, which God has entrusted to him, commits a crime. A man met Christ and asked him: Do you believe in Christ? How do you think Christ answered him? I suppose he did not answer the question directly, but He must have said: I know one thing - the work of Christ on earth was very difficult. Blood came out of his pores! You will ask whether the great suffer. The sufferings of great men are much greater than those of ordinary people. You cannot conceive of their difficulties. Do not think that they are welcomed on earth with wreaths. The greater the man, the greater his sufferings and disappointments. In order to understand the difference between the sufferings of a great and an ordinary person, picture yourself two pregnant women. Both bear their burden nine months, but on the day of birth, one gives birth to a living child, whereas the other gives birth to a dead child. The first one rejoices that a man is born into the world, but new trials, sufferings and cares lie ahead of her. Such is the condition of the great man. He is exposed to constant care and work, but all of that is crowned by his final success. The second woman, who bears the dead child, grieves and weeps, but forgets everything after a while. She forgets her grief, but she has no joy either. The prudent bears live children while the foolish bears dead children. If you give birth to a live child, you are a saint; if you bear a dead one, you are an ordinary man. The verse in the Scripture: "By their fruit ye shall know them," refers to the external side of life. This means: by his fruit you will know whether a man is good or evil. "A woman in travail is sorrowful" - this verse refers to the inner side of life. Birth is a deep inner process by which the saint is distinguished from the ordinary man. Many people compare great men and try to decide who is greater, greatest, etc. This is a personal question. They speak about salvation - who is saved and who is not saved. This is also a personal question. Leave the personal questions aside. Others speak about serving God and fulfilling His will. This is a question you must not speak about. When people hear that you want to serve God, they will require services of you and ask you to do them good. If you refuse them, they will immediately reprove you. Render men services and do them good without telling them whom you are serving. In this lies the fulfillment of God's will. A Turkish saint who had many followers once lived in Persia. One day he decided to test their loyalty and said to them: I have an order from Allah to kill you all. Those of you, who are ready to sacrifice themselves, in order to fulfill the will of Allah, must enter the room assigned for that purpose. A thousand men appeared, but only two men resolved to enter the room. The two persons were a young man and a young woman who loved each other. The young man looked at the young woman and said: I must sacrifice myself. After him she also entered. At that moment the saint killed a ram and let its blood flow out of the room. When his followers saw the blood they were all frightened and ran away. They did not pass the test. Then the saint blessed the young couple and said: Go into the world among the people and preach my teaching. Now I say to you: You must study! Life is a great school, a great university. When you enter it, you must study. The students in the ordinary schools use all kinds of cunning moans: cheating, writing formulae on their hands, etc. No cheating whatsoever is allowed in the university of life. When you enter it, you will study independently and consciously and you will finally pass the examinations. No copying of the lessons, no cheating is allowed. Everyone must study alone. If you fail, you will repeat for years in succession until you graduate successfully. The Teachers of the Great School are generous with regard to time. You can study for thousands of years until you learn things so well that you can never forget them. The weak side of contemporary Christianity lies in the fact that the disciples, the followers of Christ, study and pass from one class to another without examinations. There are Christians who have graduated with examinations, but there are others who have graduated without examinations. He who has graduated without examinations will set off for the other world hungry and without bread. He who has graduated with examinations will receive bread. Interpret the word "examinations" in the Christian sense of the word and then begin to speak. It is easy to speak theoretically: Live for God, sacrifice yourself for Him, love each other, be brothers and live together, etc. These are general expressions which are not yet applied. Living together does not mean physical proximity. Two persons may have something in common and yet live far apart from each other. Since they have something common to both, they will meet as with airplanes - with their thoughts, and part again. Now certain people are barely a hundred meters apart from one another and yet they say that they are very far apart. They do not know that in order to live well, they must live apart, for in this way they will not see each other's mistakes. People have no idea what "near" and "far" mean. Assume that all people on the earth are in seven concentric spheres placed one within another. The innermost sphere is the smallest. Imagine that one of the people in the innermost sphere finds a small opening and enters the adjacent larger sphere among the other people. He will see the difference between the two spheres, and he will feel far away from those he had been with in the first sphere. Thus he will pass from one sphere to another until he comes to the outermost one, where he will feel very distant from his original company, but at the same time be entirely free from all bonds. Therefore, try to move from the center to the circumference at a greater distance from one another. As soon as you feel that you are physically close to people, raise your thought in such a way that you will not feel as though you were living on the earth, nor be disturbed by anything. People around you may sing, play and jump, but you will be calm and quiet, as if you were not among them. You will not be disturbed by the fact that a drum is beating somewhere or that sheep are bleating in the fold. Intelligence is required of all men. All people want to be intelligent, but special conditions are necessary for intelligence. For instance, children born today are more intelligent and wiser than those of the past. The children of future generations will be still wiser than those of today. When the foolish people die, better conditions are prepared for them in the future. When they are born again, they will be wiser. The wise man thinks, feels and acts correctly. A father and his son traveled with a donkey from a village to a near-by town. The father rode the donkey while the con walked. A peasant met them on the way and said: Sir, get off the donkey. Your son must ride the donkey, and you must walk. The father dismounted the donkey and the son mounted it. Further on another man met them and said: Both of you must mount the donkey. Why should the father walk? So both mounted the donkey. A third man met them and said: Why have you both mounted the donkey? Come down, both of you! Instead of riding it put it on your back and walk that way. The father obeyed the third man also. He wished to learn something from the advice of people, but the question is, which of them is the right one? What does the example show? It shows that many contemporary people think superficially about that which the Primary Principle has created. For instance, as you look around you, you see great disorder: stones, rocks, everything is out of order. As long as this disorder exists, you cannot read or understand what nature has written. The book before you is in complete disorder: leaves, covers, headlines - all is scattered. Since you have come to the mountain, you must reestablish the original order of things, that is, put everything in its place and then try to read. Great beauty lies concealed in this scattered book, but man must understand this beauty in order to profit from it. As you work upon yourself, as you penetrate the phenomena of nature, do not think that you will be able to solve all questions at once. Why? Because those feelings and abilities which enable you to investigate all things are not yet fully developed in you. A man has about a hundred feelings and abilities which require many years to develop. It is not an easy thing for a man to become the master of one of his feelings or abilities. For instance, many years are required for a man to learn how and where to manifest his pity or to learn to observe and to see the connection between the causes and the effects of things. If a man cannot deal with his vanity, he can cause himself a number of troubles. One lives simultaneously with many of one's feelings; that is why one must know how to manipulate them. Christ said: "Do not seek the glory of men, but of God." Since you know this, you must work on your self-discipline as disciples of this School. If the disciple does not work consciously and with love upon himself, he may face the danger of leaving the School prematurely. Someone may leave the School in the first class, another in the second class, etc. The disciple must work on purity, justice, his relations and his behavior, and he must develop in himself love of God. These are difficult problems for the disciple as well as for the teacher. The methods are easily passed on theoretically, but they are difficult to apply. It is difficult to educate a man. He is like the earth. In order to receive light over its whole surface, the earth must rotate on its axis. Consequently, if a man wants to develop all his feelings and abilities, he must always be awake, in order to avoid losing the good conditions of his life. For instance, in order to become compassionate, a man must be surrounded by people who need him. You cannot help people who do not need your help. When a disciple enters the Divine School, he must be healthy. A sick man cannot enter the School, because his attention will be directed particularly toward his illness. Illnesses and mistakes cause the disciple to stumble; they hinder his progress. When the Master points out a mistake to his disciples, he does not have one particular man, but rather everybody in mind. The mistake of one person is the mistake of all humanity, of the Whole world. You say of someone that he is proud. Pride is a common trait of men as well as of animals and plants. The bad side of pride is that it dries men up. Extreme pride creates, dryness in men. When it is well used, it makes them self-dependent. Honesty is related to the feeling of self-respect. Honesty is not a moral feeling. Man must be just toward all living beings. When one is developing one feeling or another, he is tested to see how far he has advanced. This means: at the end of every class, the disciple must pass his final tests. The examinations determine the position of each disciple. If the disciple does not pass the test at the end of each class, he will fall into the delusion of thinking that he knows much and has the right to correct other people. He will think that others are the cause of the evil and misfortune in the world. Everyone must realize that he is the cause both for the evil and for the good in the world. Someone goes to a friend and begins to preach to him and tell him what to do. Since your friend sees his own mistakes and tries to correct them, you need not preach to him. Since you have come to the mountain, study the lines of the different layers to see their beauty. Certain lines are of the past, others are of the present; still others are being drawn now; they are the lines of the future. This shows that the mountains are in the process of development. They are not completed. Something new is being built in them today, and something new will be built in them in the future. Things in nature are significant. Something great is being built today which will be seen in the future. Every summit of every mountain reflects the light in a particular way. The light reflected in this way has a beneficial effect upon all men and all living beings. This influence has a good effect upon the thoughts and feelings of men. For the ordinary man, all things in nature are in disorder, while for the intelligent man, everything is in its place. Why? Because he coordinates and harmonizes all things. "And the earth was waste and void." Up to this day the earth is in the process of organization. As long as man develops, the earth will develop also. When man passes into a higher phase of development, the earth will also evolve. The forms on the earth will become more beautiful and perfect. The process of development through which the earth is passing today is slow and even. In the past, the development of the earth has been rapid, accompanied by great catastrophies. When you walk in the mountains, walk slowly and calmly without hurrying. Stop to rest a while - about thirty seconds -every hundred meters. During the time of rest you acquire energy. The higher you go, the slower you should walk. In this way you will adapt yourself to the forces of nature and you will make the; right use of them. Otherwise, they will oppose you. If the forces of nature are opposed to you, you will spend your energy without benefiting from them. Every particle of the mountain is connected to the Primary Principle which works in nature. Therefore, when you climb the mountain tops, think of the service, which they provide in nature, in order to make contact with the rationality in it. Every mountain, every summit and every lake has a great predestination. Remember: whenever you go - by the lakes, in the mountains or on the summits - work consciously, study and apply what you know. As long as work is pleasant, it is Divine. As soon as it becomes unpleasant and you feel sour, it is human. Work with pleasure and rejoice at the; work of God! August 12, 8 A.m.
  20. The_dual_nature_of_man.pdf Note 1 The Dual Nature of Man Jeremiah 8; John 17:10-22 In this chapter of Jeremiah, things are described according to the prophet's inner conception. The prophet describes things as he sees them from the distance which best enables him to perceive them. He sees what people do, but he cannot find an escape from the condition they are in. In relation to people, the prophet is in the position of a creditor to whom men owe something. He knows only that they must pay him; he is not interested in the way they will pay him. When a debtor does not pay his debt, right relations cannot be restored between him and his creditor. As long as the debtor has not paid his debt, the creditor cannot preach anything to him. Whatever he might preach, the debtor would not listen. Once certain robbers seized an American missionary who began to preach to them. He wanted to acquaint them all with the New Testament. After listening for some time to his sermons, the chief of the robbers said: You speak very well, but we need money. This work can not be done only with beautiful words. We need money! Now you must not live with illusions like this missionary that the people among whom you live will come easily to a mutual understanding and a brotherly love. It is an easy thing to say that things will be set right, that the Kingdom of God will come on earth, and that men will become brothers, but it is difficult to attain all this. Today, while you art still on earth, this is unattainable. This did not happen in the time of Christ, and it will not take place during your lifetime. You want to attain these things today. You cannot aspire for the Kingdom of God on earth either in the present or in the future life. Why? - Because you are not yet ready for the new life -for the immortal life. As long as man loves only in his flesh, he cannot attain immortality. God created man and made him of two substances; of matter (i.e., of flesh) and of spirit. It is said in the Scriptures: "And God made man of earth and inspired him with breath and he became a living soul." The earth will always remain the earth. It cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. That which is of the earth will remain on the earth and will not enter the Kingdom of God. "Flesh and blood will not enter the Kingdom of God." Since you do not know this, you strive for the earth and work only for your physical body. As soon as you become a little weaker, and see that your face has become somewhat pale, your eyes sunken, your heart feebler, you become frightened. There is no cause for fear, since all these are material things. Should you be afraid because one of your windows is broken? Must you be disturbed that someone has said an offensive word to you? These are all material things which man must not stop long to deal with. That does men of today represent? From morning till evening they deal exclusively with material things; who is better clothed, who has a better home, who has a higher social position, etc. When you look at a man, on the outside he looks pious and humble, but on the inside he is restless and disturbed; as a result, he is inwardly divided. Ordinarily, man tries to show himself outwardly such as he is not in reality. No matter what he does, however, if he gives precedence to the flesh, to the animal in himself, he will remain an animal. An animal thinks solely of satisfying its needs and does not prepare itself at all for the Kingdom of God. It wants bread and as soon as its hunger is satiated, it thinks of nothing else. The second nature of man is his spiritual one, i.e., the Divine principle. The Divine in man aspires for the great, the sublime in life. When we say that the spirit never falters, we refer to the Divine and spiritual principle in man. The Divine never fails. All impulses, all aspirations in man are due to the Divine in him. All men are confronted by a problem - to liquidate the material mess of their lives. They are not sent to earth to live in this mess, but rather to utilize it to create better conditions for their lives. They can plaster their houses with this mess, to cleanse them and make them convenient for living. The question is not why man should be mixed up in this mess, but rather how he should put it to work. This will be a test by which you will see what your faith is and how patient you are. The faith of some men is like that of the hare. The hare can depend neither on his faith nor on his strength. The only thing he can depend on is his long legs. As soon as he sees danger, he must run - nothing more. The running of the hare is connected with his thought. When he runs he can also think. When must think right. Correct thinking involves comparison and consistency of the facts. Someone came to the mountain and one of the brothers, out of great zeal, forbade him to smoke tobacco. He complained that they forbade him to smoke. I said: He who forbade you to smoke does not know himself what he must do. See here that they have started small fires in several places and filled the whole place with smoke, but they tell you not to smoke. Their fires make more smoke than your cigarette. Just as they have a right to make these fires, so you have a right to smoke. What evil is there in lighting a cigarette? The man carries the fire in his mouth, while yours is outside. You will say that it is not permissible to smoke tobacco. Smoking tobacco is forbidden, but burning live juniper branches is also forbidden. The question here is not one of justifying the smoking of tobacco, nor is it one of forbidding the making of fires. We are not against fires, but we maintain the idea that fires must be without smoke. How is this possible? If this is not possible today, it will be possible in the future. It is possible when we utilize electric energy. Only electricity can make fires without smoke. Thus when you want to forbid someone to smoke, present him with an idea, which transcends the ordinary. Tell him that he can smoke tobacco which does not create any smoke and which does not contain any narcotic substance. When you speak this way to that man, a new thought will be awakened in him and he will start to think. Freedom must be given to every man, in order that he may reveal himself according to his level of consciousness. Do not exercise any violence upon the consciousness of man. Everyone must act voluntarily. In reality, everyone strives for freedom. When can a man be free? In order for a man to be free at night when he goes to bed, his bed must be twice as large as he is, so that he may turn freely from one side to the other. If his bed is only as broad as his body, he can not be free by any means. If a man is given as much food as a bee is given, can he be free? - No. Man needs as much food as at least 50,000 bees. Only under such conditions can he be free. Since men eat more than bees, they can also do more work. Therefore, the freedom of man depends upon the conditions under which he exists. These conditions may be external or internal. Religious people speak about freedom, love and the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth, but their conception of these questions is physical and material. According to them, the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth is similar to a man leaving his poor cottage and entering a new, large, rich house. What is the difference between the new and the old house? The new house has more rooms, a better arrangement of furniture, larger windows, etc. Must you preach to men that when the Kingdom of God comes on earth, they will have bigger and better houses than the old cottage? If it is a question of a new house, he can have one even today. It is not necessary for the Kingdom of God to come to earth in order for a man to have a new house. Must you preach to someone that in his next incarnation he will have a nice, large house? He can have such a house in his present incarnation; it is not necessary for him to die and be born again for him to obtain a new house. He will be the same in the new house as he has been in the old cottage. It is important that when a man enters the new house, he should change and be inwardly reborn. Then the new house becomes significant. Only then does the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth have meaning. The cat also lives with its master, eats the same bread which the master eats, but it always remains a cat and keeps all of its old habits. When it catches a mouse, it eats it skin and all. While the master is in the room, it does not dare touch anything; it pretends to be well bred. When the master leaves the room, it immediately finds the cheese and takes a bite. As soon as it sees the master entering the room, it leaves, as if it had not touched anything. In the process of development, man must study and observe his states and keep himself from them. Not only ordinary beings, but also evolved beings fall into states which are harmful. One of these states is that of dejected-ness or melancholy. This state is due to the material nature of man. As soon as one falls into such a state, he feels feeble. Whatever he starts to do he cannot carry out to the end. He lifts up a load, but puts it down immediately, finding it too heavy for him. He falls into the state of a child. However, that which is heavy for the child is not heavy for the grown up man. Therefore, sadness, melancholy and low-spiritedness are ordinary states, essential to the material but not to the spiritual nature of man. As long as man is only matter-oriented, he either grieves or rejoices. He is exposed to constant changes. His joy is of the same kind as his grief. In the life of the spirit, however, these sudden changes from grief into joy and vice-versa are excluded. The spiritual life excludes the rash changes. When Christ said that his soul was troubled unto death that was related to the material or human affairs. He prayed and sought a way to leave one state and enter into another. Christ learned many things on the earth. He knew many laws theoretically, but He learned their application on the earth. To experience, to overcome, to reconstruct things is to obtain real knowledge. Christ said: "As the Father hath taught me, so I do." He applied the knowledge which He received from His Father, but He learned many things from other people also. When He came to earth, people began to teach Him; that is why He said: How long shall I tolerate you? Many came to Him to ask: Can a man leave his wife? We caught this woman in adultery. According to the law of Moses, we must stone her. What will you say? Christ had to answer many questions. By touching upon these questions, I do not want in the least to cause you new contradictions. I do not want to call forth your own contradictions either, because the bottom of the river through which your life is flowing is already muddy. He who enters your river will stir up that mud and muddle your water, whether he wants to or not. Whatever house you enter today you will stir up that mud. Imagine a handsome young man visiting a noble family where two beautiful ladies live. If the young man cannot behave well, he will disturb the whole family; i.e., he will stir up the mud at the bottom of their life. If a young, beautiful girl enters a home where several young men live she will upset the life of the family and confuse the minds of the young men by her improper behavior. You will say that the young man and woman have fallen in love. The cat falls in love also. As soon as it sees the cheese, it falls in love and runs away with it. Both the cat and the man can fall in love and disturb a home, upset its water and stir up the mud at the bottom of its life. Everyone can disturb another person without having the least intention of doing so. Why? - Because there are sediments at the bottom of every human life which are easily stirred up. When the bottom of this life is stirred up, man says: Why did this have to happen? Could it not have been avoided in some way? In order to prevent this, one must dispense with the mud of one's desires. To cope wisely with the forces and currents of your desires means to organize them. It is not evil that you have entered a home and looked at the beautiful girls. This can not cause a stirring up of the mud. The mud is stirred up by the fact that after looking at the beautiful girl, you have desired her for yourself and thought that you would be happy with her. Not only will you be unhappy; both of you will find yourselves in a perplexing state, wondering what to do in order to get out of that condition. The girl will say: - You took me away from my mother who loved me. You promised me many things which you did not fulfill. You made me unhappy and spoiled my life. The young man will say the same thing to the girl: While I was with my mother, I was her pet. You promised me your love, but did not give it to me. Now I am unhappy, lonely and suffering in life. By bringing out these examples of life, I want you to be prudent and to understand me correctly. When a house is being built, the builders choose solid beams. If one of the beams proves unstable, it breaks down under the weight placed upon it. Who is to blame in this case; the beam or the builder of the house? Many human desires are weak and unstable like the willow beams. If you place such a desire in the construction of your house, it will bend over soon and not hold out. Who is to blame in that case; the desire, or you who places such a desire as a foundation of your life? What must you do then? Or, what is required of you? Prudence is required of every person. You enter a restaurant and see in your purse that you have money for only one dinner. Prudence forces you to eat only as much as your money allows. But you may think that the restaurant-keeper is a good man and will allow you to eat on credit as much as you want. No. You must rely on that which you have and not on the goodness of the restaurant-keeper. Whether or not he is a good man is a different question. The order of the restaurant-keeper if quite a different matter. He has put up a sign: Today with money, tomorrow on credit. Someone has 50 leva in his pocket. He enters a restaurant and says: Today I shall order myself a rich dinner. I shall eat like an aristocrat. I do not care that tomorrow I shall not have a piece of bread. God has provided for the morrow. Yes, God has provided, but He has set off the morrow as a day of fasting. Then you will begin to grumble why God has ordered things in such a way. God has ordered things well, but why have you not divided your money in a way to suffice for several days? You should have gone to a cheap restaurant where a dinner costs ten leva. Then you could have eaten for five days with the fifty leva. Things are strictly determined in the Divine world. There is a definite time, place and means for each thing. Things do not happen mechanically. In the spiritual world when one person eats, it is as if all were eating. There is no envy. Into whatever home of the spiritual world you might enter, you would not find any left-overs. That which is bought in the morning is all used up by the evening. If anything is left over, they try to distribute it immediately. The next day, everything is bought anew. On the earth, however, it is not this way. Here everybody is trying to insure himself for the next day. There is no insurance necessary in the Divine world. The earthly order differs radically from the Divine order. In order to act according to the laws of the Divine world, all people must be ready to understand the laws of that world and live according to them. For instance, imagine that you have a kilo of olives. A friend of yours, some poor man, visits your home. You want to help him, and, guided by the Divine laws, you give him a whole kilo of olives without thinking of the morrow. He takes the olives and does not think of what remains for you. He tries to leave as soon as possible so that you will not call him back to take part of the olives. Both he who gives and he who receives must act according to the laws of the Divine world. It is not necessary to give the whole kilo of olives to one person. You should give a little to everybody. By this example I am only turning your attention to a knowledge of the will of God. The will of God is that you may understand the order of the Divine world and live according to it. When you live in this way, you will see that you are not far from the Kingdom of God. You expect Christ to come a second time on earth and then to enter the Kingdom of God. Christ can come to earth today and you can enter this very day the Kingdom of God. This is as possible today as it will be after thousands of years. Some people expect everything of Christ, of God, as from their Father, that He will help them. However, when the Father comes to them, he will see that some are still sleeping. Looking at them, He will say: Let these children sleep a little longer. Many people sleep twelve hours a day. If each hour is equal to a hundred years, it means that they sleep all of 1200 years. During this time their Father is waiting for them to awake from this long sleep. Christ said: "I am no longer in the world; I am coming to Thee." That means that Christ was leaving the world and going to His Father. By this He meant that He was leaving the human conception and order of things and going to the Divine world where a different order exists. "Father, keep in my name those whom Thou hast given me, that they may be one as we are one." When we all become one, the present and the future life will represent a great, incessant life. In reality, there is no difference between the present and the future life. The life of the small child and that of the adult is one and the same. The child has certain conceptions of life, while the adult has quite different ones. When I speak about the dual human nature, many think that they can easily liberate themselves from their first nature - the nature of the flesh. Whatever may be said or written in the Sacred books, it is impossible for man to liberate himself from the nature of the flesh. The conflict between the spirit and the flesh has always existed and it will continue to exist. The life of the spirit and the life of the flesh, no matter how opposed they may be to each other, are both necessary for human development. There can be no development or progress without the life of the flesh. Leave aside the flesh, do not be disturbed by it, but try to overcome it and put it under the control of the spirit, so that it may serve you. Educate the flesh in all directions. When you eat, eat with an idea in your mind and never overeat. Always remain slightly hungry. It is not a question of tormenting yourself with hunger, but you should at least remain a little bit hungry. If the bread is dry, put it on the steam to soften it; if it is wet, put it on the fire to bake it; If it is a little dusty or spotted, wash it warm water. If you have nothing else but bread, imagine that you have olives or pears on the table before you and that from time to time you take an olive or a pear. You will call this an illusion. No, this is not an illusion at all. The bread contains all the necessary nourishing elements. You will find in it all that you wish. If you go to a restaurant, you will find a great variety of food, but this variety is related only to the form, not to the substance of the food. The bread contains everything that the different cooked foods contain, only in a different state than in the cooked food. People today use white bread, brown bread, rolls, muffins, cookies and cakes of all kinds, but all of them are made only from dough. For the present time, bread is the best food. Today bread has a "right of citizenship" everywhere. Man can live on bread alone. In spite of this, when one has only bread, he is not contented. Many people eat hens, lambs, etc. They can eat everything they wish, but the important thing is whether or not the hens and lambs agree to being killed. Everything you do must be done consciously. As I say these things many of you are anxious to share these ideas with your friends and neighbors. You do not even suspect what troubles you expose yourself to in doing this. By openly exposing your power, knowledge and wealth before people, you arouse in them the desire to have the same blessings. It is a natural thing for man to desire to be rich, powerful and educated. Everyone can have these blessings, but there is a certain order in which these things are acquired. In order to be rich, powerful or educated, man must possess certain inner possibilities for acquiring this wealth. There must be certain correspondence between him and each one of these blessings. Wealth and knowledge represent burdens which require strength to bear. Only the man who has a strong backbone can carry that burden on his back. He who has not a strong backbone must carry a burden according to his strength. Every idea has a definite weight. In order to avoid feeling its weight for a long time, you must leave it free and not keep it enclosed. The ideas are seeds which must be sown in order to grow up and bear fruit. Why should you nourish ideas which you cannot plant? Or, why should you plant them in a soil which is not conducive to their growth and development? Rationality requires you to plant your ideas in good, favorable soil for growth. The good man represents a fertile field, a plowed soil upon which you can sow the Divine ideas. Do not sow sacred, Divine ideas under unfavorable conditions. If you meet stony, unfertile soil, sow thorns on it. Sow all the thorns you have in such soil. The thorns must also grow. Contemporary Christians preach things that they do not apply. This means that they are sowing good seeds in bad soil under unfavorable conditions. This is not to be condemned. Can you condemn a man for eating? When a man eats, he soils his hands and then seeks a way to clean them. In this state man will inevitably encounter one contradiction or another. The great contradictions in life are due to the fact that people do not understand the will of God. Not knowing what the will of God is, they want to impose their own will and change the order of things in life. They want to submit the Divine to the human order in life. This is impossible! God gives everything voluntarily. He satisfies our needs, but He does not permit us to submit the Divine to the human. We must receive within us the Divine - there is no other way out. Rejoice at the Divine life which permeates you! The problem of every man is this: to see the Divine in himself and to understand it. The day will come when all people will give way to the Divine Principle in themselves and accept the Divine order. When they come to this state, they will attain the inner peace for which they are striving. After all this, will it be necessary to preach to people? What would you say about love to the man who loves? To tell someone that men must love one another is to make him give. There are two moments in love, giving and receiving. When two people love each other, one gives and the other receives. He who loves, gives; he who is loved, receives. There is love both in the giving and in the receiving. If you visit a sick man, you will express your love by taking something from him. What will you take from the sick man? You will take, at least for a short time, his pain, and he will be relieved. If you are a strong man, you will take his pain and put it to work. After that, you will take the whip and start the carriage. In this particular case, the illness plays the part of the horse. Everyone who sees this horse approves of him and finds him good for work. Every man, however, cannot put an illness to work. According to present day medicine, every illness lies in the blood of men. According to our views, however, every illness harnessed in a carriage as a horse, can be passed on to every man. It is sufficient for you to stand behind the horse and receive a kick, and you will experience pain. The illness, therefore, can be compared to a healthy, beautiful and energetic horse, full of life, who cannot control his energy. Contemporary people are afraid not only of illnesses, but of sufferings and obstacles as well. What are some of the sufferings and obstacles due to? They are due to the strong desires which men possess, but have no material means or strength to realize. When it is not possible for you to realize your desires, give them to someone else as a gift, so that he might realize them. Substantial means are required to support a strong desire in yourself. Strong desires cost a great deal. A beautiful thought or some great idea may enter your mind, but you may not be able to realize it all by yourself. Since you cannot realize it alone, tell it to someone else so that he may realize it instead of you. You keep it inside yourself, awaiting favorable conditions for its realization, and when you do not succeed you suffer and torture yourself. It is needless to suffer. Tell it to someone and be happy that he shall realize it. Thus, when you cannot realize the ideas that come into your mind, do as a shepherd does. A shepherd has a hundred sheep. Each year the sheep increase in number. After ten years he has a thousand sheep; then they become two, three thousand, etc. He chooses the best sheep and sells them. You should do the same. What prevents you from taking your desires to the market to sell, thus turning them into money? Many of your desires are destined to be sold in order for you to support your life. Many sheep are destined to become victims of their masters. To be victims means to be sold and consumed. If men do not eat them, they will be eaten by wolves or microbes. Which is better? When a man dies he is also consumed. Who consumes him? - The earth; that is why they say that the earth swallows him. When man is put in the grave, beings of a more inferior order consume him. Which is better for man: to die young or old? To be eaten up young or old? Christ said: "If you do not eat my flesh and drink my blood, you have no life in you." If Christ had to be eaten up, can you escape such a fate? Everyone will be consumed. It is net important whether or not a man will be eaten up. It is important, however, for those who eat you to become one with you in order to receive your life. "He who does not eat my flesh and drink my blood, has no life in himself," said Christ. This verse is not only mystical. It contains a realistic side which you will understand in the future. Now I shall not consider this aspect of the verse, so that you will not become confused. By "flesh and blood" Christ meant that inner, spiritual power which man emanates and which nourishes other people. No matter what explanation may be given now to this or that verse of the Bible, if you have the conceptions of people of the world, they will be misunderstood. Why? Because worldly people are in contradiction with the Divine order of things. They are right for themselves, but they are not right in relation to the Absolute. No matter how they look upon life, sufferings will come to them. No man can escape sufferings. They are a blessing for the soul, because they are a condition for the awakening of the human consciousness. While the consciousness of man is being awakened, the Divine has superiority over the human. In this respect, sufferings are of great benefit to separate individuals as well as to all of humanity. Man strives for knowledge and better conditions of life. This is natural. Knowledge brings light. It makes it possible for man to serve God consciously. Many think that first they must put their affairs in order and then serve God. No. Serve God every minute, every hour, under whatever circumstances in life you may be. If you wait to put your life in order and then serve God, you will lose the favorable conditions which you now have. I am suggesting this thought to you so that you might always remember that you are like the fine cords of a spider's web. If these cords do not become united, they will not withstand the outside storms and winds, the external forces. Thousands of cords, combined into a whole, form something solid and durable. If you live each one for himself, if you do not become united, your strength will be like that of the web and you will only accomplish as much work as a spider. However, if you become united, you will accomplish the necessary work for God. God's work is being done by many people, not only by a single person. Many people are predestined to accomplish God's work and they will come! When workers come to this earth from the invisible world they seek appropriate conditions and fertile soil. The appropriate conditions are the people who are ready for work. The more people who are ready, the more workers there will be for God's work on earth, and the more will come from the invisible world. When heavenly citizens come to earth, they will put the lives of the earthly citizens in order. Man builds his house and if it proves good, the rational powers come to organize it inside. Construction is required of all. Both the heavenly-ones and the earthly ones will build. Try to become a good worker so that you may be found worthy of the great blessing. What will you do someday when God takes everything He has given you? If you have a wife, she will be taken; if you have a son, he will be taken; if you have a daughter, she will be taken. Finally, He will take your body also. In this state, you will be frightened and confused, not knowing what to do. Now I shall draw a comparison between your state and that of a small child who grows a little bit every day until he comes to the age when physical growth stops. Suppose a father has a small child for whom he is happy. He clothes him, bathes him and is glad about the fact that the child grows and develops well from day to day. At first the clothes of the child fit him well, but when he comes to the fifth year, they all become short and tight, so that the father buys him larger ones. He says to the mother: Undress the child so that we may bathe him well and put new clothes on him. What has the child lost? Nothing. Not only has he lost nothing, he has gained something. He has put on new, larger clothes. After another five years, the child passes through a new process of clothing until a day comes when growth stops and this process also stops. Whatever the clothing and unclothing of the child represents, the same thing is represented by a man's leaving his body and going into the other world. When the physical growth of the man ceases, when the son becomes 21 years of age, the father still brings him new clothes, but this time not every five, but every ten years. The son begins to wonder why his father has become so stingy. He finds that his father was more generous before. No, the father is not stingy, but he does not want his son to spend his means lavishly and thoughtlessly. In certain excavations somewhere in the Alps, remnants were found of gigantic men who lived thousands of years ago on the earth. They were about four meters tall. What would be the condition of a father today, if he had a son or a daughter four meters tall? Knowing the economic conditions of men on earth, God stopped their growth at a reasonable limit. In this way He saved them from an evil. What should be the material condition of a man four meters tall? The economic conditions of life today are suited to a man one and a half to two meters tall at the most. If contemporary men were taller than two meters, they would be exposed to great trials and needs with regard to both food and clothing. Consequently, in order not to draw wrong conclusions about life, you must reject your old philosophy. Your concepts about earth and heaven are wrong. You imagine that the heavenly life will be similar to that on earth. But the strange thing is that you do not have a correct conception of earthly life yet. If you went to heaven and saw the order which exists there, you would laugh at your own conceptions of it. You imagine things which you can find only on the earth, not in heaven. Whatever ideals you may conceive of, you will find them all on the earth. You imagine paradise as something particular. If you would describe to me the most beautiful paradise, I would show you the same one on earth. Your paradise is not the paradise of heaven. Paradise, i.e., the Divine life, is distinguished by unusual beauty and majesty. You cannot imagine that beauty! There is nothing superfluous in the Divine world. Everything is in its place. Whoever would go to heaven would get lost among the beings there, because they all resemble one another. You would not recognize your friend among the beings there. They are all like one man. There is one possibility for you to recognize your friend - if you love him. In this respect the life of heaven is extremely uniform. Exterior uniformity and inner variety exist there. All are alike there in looks, smiles, movement and clothing. Their clothes are of white linen and they wear golden belts and wreaths on their heads. He who goes to heaven cannot become angry or jealous. Why? Because there he will find everything he desires. There is no ownership of property in heaven. Here, a man says: This is my wife. He recognizes her by her eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, voice, etc. Men here differ externally, but inwardly they are alike. Whatever life on earth may be, it is a great school, a practical lesson for men. This life is necessary and in its place. The earthly life is a preface to the Divine life. Now I am speaking to you about heaven, but it will still be incomprehensible to you. Why? Because the contradictions on earth prevent you from seeing things clearly. No matter how you may reconcile them, they will remain. How long? Until you enter the Divine world. As soon as you enter this world, you will understand the relationship that exists between the earthly and the heavenly life. At the present time you do not understand many things, and you will not understand them because you have not tasted them. You know them theoretically, but you must understand them inwardly. To understand them inwardly implies their passing through your consciousness. After speaking so much to you, I see that there is danger of overloading your carriage. Your carriage is heavily loaded, at any rate, but it must not be overloaded. While waiting for the time when you can enter the Kingdom of God, you have loaded yourself with superfluous thoughts and desires which hinder your path. Unload yourself a little in order to reach your destination more easily. If you are too loaded, you will notice that from year to year you lose your power, your memory and your thought, and you become sour and discontented. This is due to your lack of understanding of life. In your life you must realize the law of regeneration - the eternal regeneration - so that when some day you go to the other world, you may be young. If you set off for the other world, set off young, not old. They do not want old people there. Even if you are old, if you think of going to the other world, be regenerated, become young and then go there. If you are old when you go there, they will send you back. They do not admit old people. The old will remain on the earth. When people begin to grow old, they become afraid of death and of going to the other world. No. The old are not admitted in heaven. The earth cannot do without them. When some heavenly citizen comes to earth, he seeks the old to make them young and leaves the young aside. This is what is meant by the words: Christ did not come to earth for the righteous, but for the sinners. He came to help the weak, the poor and the suffering, not the strong and the happy. The weak and the poor are those who are retarded in the way of development, and who are perplexed and discouraged, finding no sense in life. These people need encouragement and light. It says in the Scriptures: 111 shall send my Spirit who will instruct you." When will this Spirit come? The Spirit will come when man makes contact with Him. This contact will open up man's inner understanding. You say that the Spirit will teach you, but at the same time you seek different occult sciences, expecting to receive true knowledge from them. The occult science does not show man the path, nor does it give him the methods of correct living. It is a path toward the Divine life, but it is not a science of life. To practice occultism is to explore the conditions under which life may appear. As you prepare yourselves for these conditions, the Divine Spirit will descend upon you and guide you toward the supreme, conscious life. The word "occultism" means something concealed or secret. Everything which is concealed is not necessarily occult. For instance, suppose someone falls on the earth and breaks his leg or hits himself badly. In order to end his pain, he begins to massage lightly either his spine or some other part of his body. If someone massages your spinal column every day, all the pains that you have will be cured. This shows that certain places in the organism contain concealed vital energy which cures the sick parts. When the activity of this energy is stimulated, it becomes immediately manifested and has a healing effect. This energy is hidden, but it is not occult. People become ill for the sole reason that they break contact with the Divine world; consequently they are deprived of the energies of that world. Since they do not know the cause of their illness, they seek external help, but help does not come from the outside. In order for a man to be healthy, he must have a deep conception of things; he must be calm and fear nothing. You have come to the mountain, and you must be ready for everything until you become acclimated. Many of your former illnesses will appear, but you must not be disturbed. In the organism different reactions take place, which are in their right place under these conditions. Since you have come to the mountain, try to leave here all that is useless, old and feeble, and try to receive from it all that is healthy, pure and regenerating. You can perform the following experiment today: try to spend this day calmly and quietly and keep yourselves from anger and disputing. Spend this day in such a way as not to spill the milk - to use your language. In this way each one will test himself to see how far he has advanced in self-control and self-education. Everyone must be temperate and patient and give no cause for control from the outside. Someone comes to me, takes a chair and begins to speak. Since he feels pleasure in staying with me, he begins to report the same song over again. This is not musical speaking, but rather humming or singing the same refrain. For my part, I must have the patience to listen to him carefully. I often experiment with myself. I sing a song two, three or more times until it has a good effect upon my condition. Every word, pronounced musically has a harmonious effect upon the feelings and different conditions of man. If the song has a good effect on me, it will have the same effect on others also. In this respect, everyone can use himself as a testing stone for his speech. Try all things upon yourself first and when you are certain of their good influence, apply them to other people. So spend this day without any discontentment, without any wrinkling of the forehead. Forget all illnesses, all troubles and sufferings. When some illness visits you, ask it what service you can render it and tell it you are ready to do everything for it. Illnesses are outside of you. Your foot aches, fell it the pain will pass and forget it. You have not slept all night - never mind that. Tomorrow you will sleep well. It is the body, not the man, which has not slept. Your head aches. This is a physical pain and not the pain of a man himself. When an acrobat walks a rope he is calm but you suffer and fear that he may fall. The same thing can be said about your illnesses and sufferings. Your body is ill, but you suffer for it. You see an aviator flying in the sky and you on the earth begin to fear for him. Usually, the aviators are bold and self-reliant men, but they are also vain. Now do you agree to perform this experiment for a whole day? If a whole day is too long, then let it last till twelve o'clock noon - only half a day. A whole day is a very long time for you to refrain from anger and disputing. It is not an easy thing to spend a whole day in harmony; in behavior, in looks, in words, thoughts, feelings and deeds. It is not a question of frightening you, but everyone must live as they live in heaven. In order to endure this test till noon, pronounce the words: "I and the Father are one." God is working for us and we must work for Him! "Let us be perfect even as our Father is perfect." August 11, 5 A.M.
  21. Young_adult_and_old.pdf Young, Adult and Old I shall read you the fifteenth chapter of John. This chapter has no direct relationship to you. In it Christ explained to his disciples the cause of the great contradictions which they encountered. The disciples of Christ expected to be received by the world with wreaths, as many people are received; however, that was not the case with them. That is why Christ has said: "If the world hated you, know that it hated me before it hated you." On what basis did the world hate the disciples of Christ? Christ continued: "If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but since ye are not of the world, I have chosen you out of the world. Therefore, the world hateth you. " "Remember, the servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my word, they will keep yours also. He who hateth me hateth my Father also." Thus, the world has not known Christ, neither has it known God. Many people wonder why they cannot love. They cannot love because they do not know love. He who does not love is of those who persecute Christ. He persecutes whatever God sends him; he i3 of the world. If you hate, if you despise, you are of the world. If you love, you are not of the world. Man moves between two states or moments of life; he either hates or loves. Everyone has experienced this and has wondered why it is so. Christ has explained the reason for these contradictions in human life. As you see, in any given situation, everything in life can manifest itself in one way or another. You see a flower which has just opened its petals. You approach it and feel its fragrance. You smell it, and you are glad because of the fragrance, but your joy is the joy of the flower itself. After a few days you return to that flower and you feel that it smells bad. Why? Because it has already started to wither and decay. You grieve because the flower itself is grieving. If you had not gone to the flower, you would not have felt its grief, but then neither would you have felt its joy. The following year, when the flower again comes to life and blooms, you visit it again and feel its joy. As soon as you leave the flower, it begins to wither, decay and grieve. Therefore, when you visit the flowers they live, bloom and rejoice; as soon as you leave them they begin to wither, decay and grieve. Interpret this thought and see how it may be applied in life. You are striving for the beautiful in life which God has created, just as you are attracted by the flowers. You see the beautiful, feel happy about it and are grateful for its fragrance. But soon after you have spent some time with the great and beautiful in life, you seek another thing and, wishing to change your state, you leave the beautiful. As soon as the beautiful becomes aware of that, it begins to lose its fragrance. As a result, sorrow and suffering appear in life. For whose sake is wheat sown in the earth? For whom does the wheat suffer? For whose sake is it necessary to have it ground at the mill? For whom is the flour kneaded and the bread baked in the oven? You will say that the grain of wheat endures all these sufferings for itself. No, the grain of wheat suffers in the earth, in the mill and in the oven for others, in order that they might extract from it all the useful elements which it contains, until finally they imprison it. Eating is a prison for the wheat. After you take all that it contains, you discard it as something useless. While it is imprisoned within you, the wheat weeps and grieves, but you rejoice, jump and sing because you use all that it contains. After you rob it to the best of your ability and discard it, you begin to weep and grieve. Consequently, you must understand that when you rejoice and grieve, it is not you who rejoices and grieves; rather it is the wheat, which you have received within yourself. In this sense, your grief will be real only when you put yourself in the place of the wheat. As long as you are not in its place, you are actors who play another role; you mount the stage and demonstrate to the audience the suffering of the wheat. However, it is one thing to demonstrate the suffering of others and quite another thing to suffer yourself. There is nothing real in demonstrating the suffering of other people. Only that which occurs at the moment is real. Therefore, you will understand what suffering really is only when you take the place of the wheat and they begin to grind, knead, bake and eat you. Then you will weep and grieve, while the others will rejoice. The grieving man is the wheat which is baked in the oven; he who rejoices is the man who eats the baked bread. Why does the wheat grieve? - Because it is baked and put in prison. When do people rejoice? - When they eat of the wheat which has passed through a number of trials and sufferings. However, the joy of people is not yet Divine. What is Divine Joy? When God created the world, He decked it with countless stars, suns and planets. Then the sun asked God: what will be my work? God answered: Your work consists of this: when you rise in the morning you will give people work. - But what will men do after I set? - Then you will give them rest. From this you will draw the following conclusion: Man cannot work before; the sun has risen and he cannot rest before the sun has set. Every new beginning, every new state is work into which man is entering. Every conclusion, every completed state brings rest. When man completes his work well, he can rest. People often speak about young, adult and old,people. I shall present these three states to you in a few words. The young springs forth, the adult flows, the old flows into. The young is born, the adult grows, the old dies. The young sings, the adult works, the old collects money. The young soils, the adult cleans, the old gives lessons. The young blossoms and bears fruit, the adult ripens, the old sells fruit. The young sing to his mother, the adult consoles her, the old writes inscriptions for her and makes her famous. Those are; thoughts which express the present state of people. These thoughts are similar to the laws which are used in legislature. When someone makes a mistake or commits a crime, The law immediately catches him. Then that man is punished or acquitted according to some statute of the law. I shall give one more definition of young, adult and old. The young is love; the adult, truth; the old, wisdom. Be like them! Love gives, truth distributes, wisdom encloses. Since modern men do not understand these states, they are faced with numerous contradictions in their lives, and they complain that they make no progress in their work. Many a persons work does not go smoothly, but neither is his speech fluent. Why? - Because the region in which they move is mountainous. When a man is climbing a mountain, he goes this way and that, seeking a smooth, easy path. He meets on his way many obstacles which hinder his progress. Therefore, when the speech of a man is not smooth and fluent, it shows that many thoughts appear simultaneously in his mind and clash with one another. Every thought wants the first place, and as a result, the man's speech does not flow smoothly. One must accept only the most essential and important of all these clashing thoughts and give it precedence. Man should always choose and accept just one of the numerous thoughts and ideas which fill his mind. The fewer ideas he has, the more fluent his speech; the greater the number of ideas, the more obstructed and uneven the speech. Every thought and idea has a certain weight which affects the human brain. The greater the weight of an idea, the more it troubles men. It is not easy for one to bear a great burden. However, do not think that everyone who can not speak well necessarily has many ideas and thoughts. Often a person does not speak smoothly even when he has but few thoughts in his mind. Every thought must be musical and poetic; i.e., containing music and poetry. For this purpose, three factors must be harmonized in the thought; love should be young; truth, adult; and wisdom, old. If these three factors are not in harmony among themselves, the thought cannot move smoothly; it is deprived of music and poetry. When a man's thoughts do not move smoothly his life does not go well either. There is a close relation between the thought and the life of a man. When love, wisdom and truth do not abide in man, his thought does not move smoothly. Love is eternally young, it never grows old; truth is always adult, it never changes; wisdom is ever old. The ideas most people have about the young, the adult and the old differ radically from ours. According to us, both the young and the adult come out of the old. Since wisdom is old, both love and truth arise from it. That is why by "wisdom" we understand the manifestations of love and truth. In this sense, wisdom is ever old and static. However, you can not repeat and pronounce one word many times in one and the same way. For instance, can you pronounce the word "love" one hundred times in succession with the same intonation or with the same inspiration? You can not. If you must tell a hundred persons that you love them, when you come to the last ones you will be bored, discontented with the repetition of this word. You will tell the first person with the greatest enthusiasm that you love him, while you will tell the same to the last one with great boredom and indifference. When people are bored in love, that shows that they have reached the limit of their love, that they have come to the last man whom they must tell of their love. When people speak sweetly in love, that shows that they are with the first man to whom they must confess their love. The first word, the first bite is the sweetest. Thus, in order to think right, man must have, light. When the sun rises, he sees clearly the landscape around him and he can speak about it as well as draw it. Until the sun has risen, even if you are an educated man, you can neither see nor speak of anything. Whatever the sun is for the physical world, such is the Divine Light for the consciousness of man. As soon as this light penetrates the human consciousness, things become clear and one sees everything. If man does not have this light in his consciousness, he is in complete darkness. He says: I do not see or understand anything. - How do you not see? How do you not understand? - If you were in my place, you would also neither see nor understand. If I were in your place, I would see and understand as you do. He who has the Divine Light in his consciousness shines by himself. He who has not this light carries a small -candle which either shines or is put out, and in this manner he lights his way. Because this light is not constant, man meets with many contradictions in his life. As long as he is faced with contradictions, he will always draw wrong conclusions about things. Life can be neither explained nor changed as long as such conceptions exist. People need new conceptions which will bring happiness into their lives. Otherwise life for them will always remain misunderstood, and void of light, happiness and joy. Such is the life of the sick, the dead and the bankrupt merchant. The sick man does not dance. The dead man does not speak with anyone. The bankrupt merchant does not give anyone alms. What then does the life of contemporary people represent? The life of contemporary people is a delightful amusement for the evolved beings. That which seems like unorganized matter to men is a practical lesson for the evolved beings. They give, form to that which is not understood and offer it to people in 3 beautifully organized system. If the advanced intelligent beings do not understand it, men can not understand it by any means. In this respect, man represents a living written book which everyone can read. It is only the man himself who can not read his own book. Why can you not read your own book? - Because that which is written is on your back. Everyone who passes by you stands behind you and begins to read and to wonder who has written those valuable things. The back of man represents the garment of his past. You can read the message on this garment only when you take it off. This can be done under the condition that some sage wants to buy that garment. Then he unbuttons the garment and takes it off your back. However, the sage will discuss the price of your garment beforehand. The garment of your past is precious! As soon as you sell it, you will put on a new, clean garment. Since man has not known what precious things his old garment contains, he has considered himself unhappy and lived a discontented life, always being angry with this or that person. With whom can a man be angry? A man can be angry only with a man who loves him. He cannot be angry with one who does not love him. Therefore, a man can love only that person with whom he has been angry. He cannot by any means love someone with whom he has never been angry. August 9, 5 A.M.
  22. The_royal_path_of_the_soul.pdf The Royal Path of the Soul Observe the following four things in your life: Protect the freedom of your soul, the strength of your spirit, the luminous thoughts of your mind, and the noble feelings of your heart! Regard your good deeds as precious stones, which you have obtained during your life! They are the reward of your life. Enjoy much more the path of light you walk upon, than the lost path of darkness which you have abandoned! Remember: the royal path of the soul is the noble thought of the spirit. Enjoy more the small, which grows and increases than the large, which diminishes and wastes away. When the Sun rises, Light is enthroned. When the Sun sets, darkness is established. Observe the wise order of the Divine Soul, in which strength precedes freedom; freedom precedes the luminous thought; the luminous thought precedes the noble feelings; the noble feelings precede the good deeds. In this way you can attain the happiness you seek. Remember and do not forget: You are not sent to the Earth to pick the abandoned bones of your forefathers. Every conscious soul has a definite place in the world. Be grateful for that, which is given you! Weave your well-being as the spider weaves its web. August 12, 8 A.m. ---------------- John 10:12-22
  23. Rejoice.pdf Rejoice! Rejoice! Be glad about that which is fulfilled! Do not regret that which is not fulfilled! Everything that is fulfilled is due to God. Everything that is not fulfilled is because of man. If something is not fulfilled, do not grieve; if something is fulfilled, be glad. Be glad about the one head which you have. Do not regret that you do not have two heads; i.e., do not be sad about the two heads which you do not have. Do not climb a high mountain with a heavy pack! He who climbs a high mountain with a heavy load cannot go far. This is enough for now. If you are given more, you will be overburdened and will not be able to climb high. Now let us descend and be glad about that which is happening, and let us not regret that which does not happen. August 6, 5 A.m. John 8.
  24. From Methods for Self-improvement THE HUMAN IDEAL The earthly life has three important subjects to consider. As we live on Earth, the first and foremost is to understand the human beings, if we want to understand their lifestyle. The second important subject, which we need to understand, are the angels. Translated in a common language they represent the human mind and thoughts. When we say “angel,” we usually have in mind a luminous being. However, we will translate “angel” as a “luminous thought.” God is the third subject that is most important, but typically misunderstood by humankind. This word translated in understandable language represents the Love that brings life and eternity to the human soul. For this reason it is written in the Scriptures, “God is Love.”1 Therefore, the ideal of the human being is to understand oneself and the angels, in other words, the luminous, pure thoughts; and lastly, to understand God - or Love. If one has understanding of these three subjects, that one will be able to create a positive philosophy of life. People of today suffer from misunderstanding and ignorance how to put things together. If one cannot arrange things as they were created by Nature and God, that one will come into a big inner conflict. It is like you set a fire inside your house, but somewhere on the floor and not in its proper place - the fireplace. What will happen then? The entire house will catch fire and will burn - you will burn with it too. In this respect, human feelings are like fire. If people know how and where to direct what they feel, it will bring them the greatest blessings in life. And vice versa, if they do not know this, it will cause them the greatest sufferings and sorrows. Right thinking is needed to guide human feelings in the right direction. That is why, thoughts and feelings are of the greatest and paramount importance for the human being. As for the angels, there is nothing more sublime than purity - pure feelings and pure thoughts. In the Divine World there is nothing greater than Love. Therefore, thoughts and feelings are most important in the human world, Purity - in the Angelic World, and Love - in the Divine World. I say, no matter how important these things are, modern people have not understood them yet, moreover they are still requiring proofs about the existence of God. If this issue is to be proven, it loses its sense. Each attempt to prove God’s existence represents a mechanical process. Does it make sense proving to me that I am alive? I know already that. Does it make sense proving to me that I can think? I know already that as well. Proving to me that I have life and thought is quite useless. I live, I think, I feel, so any external proof is needless. The thought should be studied as a substantial condition. If a chemist wants to perform a chemical reaction resulting in a certain compound, he should know the properties of the elements and the laws that govern them. If he takes into consideration all this, the reaction and the combination of the elements will go correctly. Otherwise, the chemist may cause a big explosion and create a calamity. In this respect Life represents a chemical compound consisting of many elements. If a person knows how to combine the elements of his life, how to combine the thoughts and feelings, that person will be able to produce properly a chemical compound, in other words, to create a meaningful harmonious life. And vice versa, if a person combines inwardly a desire with a thought that are both unnatural, in other words, from the combination of a human with an animal desire, an explosive compound is formed, which might cause an explosion. In this respect, one has not come yet to the rank of a true human being. The true human being is to be revealed from now on. People of today cannot fully control themselves and still have many animal-based manifestations. All crimes today, from the smallest to the biggest ones, are committed under the effect of these bestial elements in the lower human nature. Now, by “man” or “human being” I refer to the total of all virtues. Whoever lacks some of these virtues has a bigger or smaller predominance of the lower nature within oneself. When I speak about the lower or animal nature in the human being, I have in mind features from any of the animals: tigers, bears, wolves, foxes, the various herbivores, insects, and so on. What is their life like? Life of mutual destruction - they eat and swallow each other. However, there is one exception among birds - the pigeons. Most of the pigeon species are pure vegetarians and feed only on grains. Meanwhile, the nightingale that is an excellent singer is carnivorous and eats tens to hundreds of insects daily. The nightingale is content of its situation especially when it can catch more insects. Yet, the little flies it feeds on do not think so. People of today boast of their religion, science, and art. I ask: what is this religion that cannot teach them to love one another? What is this science, which cannot offer them a way of living a meaningful life? What good is this type of science which cannot formulate the laws of human thought nor explain the reasons for the existence of good and evil? What are these social sciences and social order which cannot guide people in their life program fulfillment? The life of people has become meaningless, because neither religion nor science were able to give the rules needed for the human development. In reality, the Earth is covered by monuments mostly of dead people. Great Beings like Christ have visited the Earth. For two thousand years Christ has been present among people and He is still with them. You ask, “What is the purpose of suffering?” There is a great purpose in suffering. Sufferers are heroes and become true human beings, while non-sufferers remain ordinary people and nothing great is expected from them. Great people go through big trials. Christ endured great sufferings, thus He left the world a sublime sacred idea that will never perish. His idea did not pass away, neither did Christ. He was subjected to a great trial: to be crucified and placed in a tomb, but on the third day He resurrected. The existence of Christianity so far is due to the fact that Christ is still living among people and will live forever. If however, some disharmony comes up among Christians, the reason is that many of those who consider themselves Christians do not really believe that Christ has risen from the dead. They are assumed to be believers, but in reality they are not. So, they are in the situation of those who are regarded as humans without being true human beings, so far. Indeed, you often meet people calling each other with the names of some animals. For instance, one person says to another, “You are a wolf, fox, bear, tiger, and so on.” When people want to express that someone is foolish, they say, “He is just a sheep”. Many think that the sheep is a foolish animal, but this is not so. When I studied the structure and shape of its head, I found it out to be one of the intelligent mammals based on the measurements and scientific data. Those who study the physiognomy of animals will find out that in regard of intelligence the elephant comes right after the human being, followed by the sheep. One may ask however, where the true human being is in reality. Today all people want to be healthy, happy, fulfilling all their desires, and so on. All this can be achieved. How? By acquiring a healthy body, kind heart, bright mind, and all virtues. Without these attributes people are exposed to suffering. In this respect, sufferings are exceptions in life. Why? It is because they should be understood and applied well. That is why suffering increases the faith of wise people, while for the foolish ones, they are the greatest misfortune that can befall on them in life. In the modern belief system one is born to die. What is the meaning of death? It is meaningful only if one transitions after death to a better life than the earthly one. The death of a righteous person has its meaning. However, the death of a wrongdoer is quite senseless. In the same way, there is sense for a flower or fruit tree to blossom, but what is the meaning of a bomb to burst open and explode? It is useful to start a fire in the fireplace and cook a meal with it, but to start it in the middle of the house and set all on fire - such a fire is senseless. Building temples for worshippers and schools for children makes sense, but is there any sense in making bombs and grenades with which people kill each other? And after all this you say that God should set the world right! As soon as God created humans and inscribed the Laws in their hearts to live by them, He had already set the world right. Even if people live thousands of years more, they will still divide themselves into learned and uneducated, rich and poor, religious and non-believers. In reality, if they examine themselves carefully, they will see that all of them are alike. Both the religious people and non-believers serve for money. It is not bad that their service is for money. But striving for money, people focus on being well-dressed and living luxuriously, and forget their true purpose on Earth. When people want to have nice clothes, they should strive to be dressed beautifully from within as well. Everyone can put on a beautiful luminous inner garment. Luminous thoughts and noble feelings are one’s inner garments and no matter where this one goes, people say, “Behold a true human being!” Such a person brings the Divine blessing to any home he visits: he heals the ill, comforts the sorrowful, and nourishes the hungry. Now, what is the most important at sunrise? The Sun itself, in other words, its light. What is the most important in respect to the Sun? The sunlight and warmth that inspire luminous thoughts and noble feelings in the human being. However, this same warmth and light awake inferior feelings, instincts, and wishes in the wolf. Behind the solar light and warmth there stands a Great Mighty Hand that is invisible to people. You ask, “Where is this Hand?” It can be seen as much as you can see the true human being. What you see externally and call “human being” is only an expression of certain thoughts, feelings, and actions. The human being is not that which dies. The negative thoughts, feelings, and deeds are what passes away in the human being. Sometimes they die, sometimes they are uprooted like a tree. I say: as you are now in the process of creating your life, it is important for you to live with luminous thoughts and feelings, with noble and rightful actions. If you do not follow all this, you will cause your misfortune yourselves. Creating the human life can be compared to the construction of a ship. How is a ship built? For its good performance all technical rules and laws of modern science must be put into action. Only in this way can the ship withstand all storms and gales that can occur in the sea. If all these technological rules and laws are not observed, the ship with all passengers will be exposed to great dangers. In the same way, people of today are in the world as in a stormy sea - and if their ship is not well built, they will be exposed to great dangers. If their ship - the body - and their thoughts and feelings are not solid and stable, they could meet with great disasters. That is why the reasons for a shipwreck should be searched not only in the ship performance, but also in its designers and constructors. In the future when people reach a higher level of development, they will act according to all rules and methods of the New teaching in order to create well-organized bodies for themselves that are capable of receiving the Sublime Divine thoughts and feelings. As it is necessary to follow certain rules and laws for the human body creation, the same should be done during the election of ministers and Parliament members of a country. These are to be the most intelligent, selfless, and virtuous people of the nation. Only then we could speak about a great country. However, the present situation of the countries is a token for misinterpretation of life. Many think that they have come to Earth to spend somehow their lives and then to depart. That is a wolf-like way of thinking. The wolf tries to come close to a livestock enclosure in order to steal a sheep and eat it, and that is all the wolf aims. If someone has the same thinking, what is the difference between such a person and a wolf? Moreover, after eating a sheep, the wolf could be chased and shot. At the same time, when someone kills from ten to twenty people in the battlefield, he is immediately rewarded and pronounced a hero. So, afterward this person boasts with his killing without batting an eyelid. Killing and destroying is a crime, not a science. Creating and building - that is a science. I say, modern people should think and live rightly - as God requires of them. Rightly means living as brothers and sisters. Besides, it is not necessary for all people to have the same external features and same beliefs. Consider, for instance, the little child and the mature person. They differ in appearance, but have something in common as human beings. The young will eventually get old and the old could also rejuvenate. The alchemists have done many experiments in this direction. An old person can be placed in a special chemical device - retort and after passing through certain processes he would emerge entirely rejuvenated. One could become young not only by alchemy, but also by his thought. Many European scientists support the theory that a human being can rejuvenate and revive his life by his thought. The sublime thought creates a pleasant atmosphere which attracts what is pleasant and beautiful in the Living nature and makes one capable of receiving it. Without sublime thought, one does not know how to interact with the Sentient nature and encounters many problems and misfortunes as a result. Due to this some people have a bad behavior - it is a sign that they are bad only by their will and actions, but not in their essence. You often meet people who will not do even what is for their own good because of their inner disposition, and the so-called malevolent will. The task of modern culture is to study the manifestations of human thoughts and determine the notion of “a human being.” The human being is a combination of virtues, not of crimes. When some negativity is rising up from within, it is a sign that the person comes across certain negative traits inherited from many generations. Therefore, even today one should make many efforts to remove the inherited negative features and some animal-like manifestations until coming to the state of a true human being. And so, when one comes to reveal the conscious, mindful principle, that one will be strong and free of all negative and inferior manifestations from within. If a righteous person lives in a mountain, for instance, the weather will be as he wishes: if he wants snow - it will snow; if he wants rain or sunshine - the weather will respond accordingly. However, when a wrongdoer lives in the mountain, the weather will not follow his wishes, but will be as Nature dictates - so, the wrongdoer needs to comply with the weather and not vise versa. Many people when hiking in the mountains are afraid of rain because they think that they might catch a cold. You should know that the July rain in the mountains is a great blessing - such a “bath” is equal to a hundred regular baths. Each drop of rain in July is imbued with beneficial electromagnetic forces. Now, remember the following thought: human being is the greatest masterpiece of creation on Earth. Rejoice that you bear the name “human being”! Strive to live up to this name! One needs to be good; one needs to think, feel, and act rightly! And then say to yourself, everyone of you, “My life must not bring harm to others. If I want happiness for myself, I want happiness for others too. My thought should be like God’s thought!” Now, I wish to all of you: be wise, goodhearted, and happy. May your desires come true! And may you become new people from now on! Lecture by the Master Beinsa Douno, held on July 12, 1931. ----------------------------------------------------------- 1. See also 1 John 4:16, “And we have known and believed the Love that God has for us. God is Love, and he who abides in Love abides in God, and God in him.”
  25. The Laws of the Parts and the Whole. In the scriptures it has been said that truth will set you free. At the present time all people want to be free but they do not know how to obtain their freedom. They say that they are free to think how and what they wish. They are on the wrong path. Kan is not free to think the way he wants, neither is he free to do what he wants. Man must think right. If he does what he wants and whatever occurs to him he will then be punished in the least desirable way. Someone thinks that he is free to cut the forests, but at the end he pays a high price for his wrong idea about freedom, Man has the right to use the dry trees but not the living ones. You may say that living on earth gives man the right to log the woods, to catch fish, to grind the wheat, to make wine, in order to provide for his living. Man has the right to do everything in order to provide for his living, but look at the life of the miller, the fisherman or the winemaker and see which one of them has finished his life well. - Is not man free to choose an occupation which he likes? - Man is free to work as he wants, but at the end he will bear the consequences of his choice. Who is truly free? A free man is he who does not become soiled when soiled. No matter how much soil is thrown on him he never looses his equilibrium. When he does not lose his balance the soil is cleansed by itself. A free man is he whom no fire can burn. If he is not free the smallest fire will burn him. Modern men are influenced by their passions, vices, misconceptions, wrong thoughts and still consider themselves to be free. No, I speak of a fire. As long as he does not pass through this fire and does not get purified man can not be free. The little child in its swaddling clothes is not free. As soon as it is able to step on its feet it becomes free, it can move where it wants. When he becomes old, again, man loses his freedom. Be wants to move by himself but he cannot: he tries to get up but cannot keep balance and falls to one side or the other. It is not horrifying when the feet of man can not hold him, and make him fall on one side or the other. It is horrifying when roan loses his mental freedom and starts to fall on one side or the other. There is nothing as dangerous for man as to lose the freedom of his thought and to succumb to a foreign thought. Often you hear someone say that he has a headache, or pain in his stomach or kidneys. This is not his own condition. He has perceived the pains of some people that are complaining of these pains. In general man perceives the good and the evil equally, because they are equally strong. They are cosmic powers which work in the whole of creation. Many people mix up the concept of the evil with sin. These are two different powers. Sometimes sin succeeds in bribing the evil in order to manifest its power. But the good can never be bribed. There is no power in the world which could bribe the good. Modern man complains of sufferings and hardships which make them unhappy. Why are they unhappy? Because they have misplaced things. They have put man higher than God and have placed in him their love. How is it possible to love more him who has given nothing to you than Him who has provided you with everything? Love your father and mother, brothers and sisters, your friends, all people, but above all these place your love for God. Whatever sacrifices people may have made for you, no one has made that which God has made. In the scriptures, it is said: "God Loved the world so much that He sacrificed his only beloved Son, so no one may parish who believed in Him." He who loves more the world will taste the effects of this love. If you love God less than you love people, your sons, too, will love you less. If one loves his wife more than he loves God will taste the effects of this love in not too long a time. No one can love his neighbor more than God. - Why? - Because this love will bring disappointments. To come to love God this is an assignment that is given to the whole of humanity. If people suffer today this is the result of their disobedience. The source of disobedience is due to the lack of love in the human heart. People are discontented with each other because of lack of love. Everyone expects a sacrifice from the others but does not get it. Only love sacrifices. Man makes sacrifices because of fear and this is not true sacrifice. The sacrifice must be rational. If it is not rational it cannot give good results. Love, too, must be rational. If it is not rational as a result instead of bringing the good it causes evil. What did Jacob achieve with his love for Joseph? He caused jealousy among his other sons and for this reason they sold Joseph. As disciples you must be aware not to make the same mistake which Jacob made by showing your weakness for Joseph. Everyone has a Joseph in himself whom be loves more than his other sons. Jacob loved Joseph more than his other sons and for this reason he did not send him to work. When the sons were going to work Joseph stayed with his father. For this privilege his brothers sold him to the rich merchants who were on their way to Egypt. There he had to stay m prison. Then he was tempted by a woman. Joseph passed through difficult trials which he passed well. The world through which a man passes is nothing but a beautiful and lusty woman. Everyone who sees her falls in love with her and wants to indulge with her. Everyone is free to indulge in the world but will taste the effects of this life. It is said about man that he has come to love worldly glory more than diving Satan glory enslaves man and divine — frees him. Many people say that they are free, that they can do what they want. They do not speak the truth. - Why? - Because freedom is accessible to all living beings. Since this is so with what right are you depriving the grass, the flowers, the plants, and the animals of their freedom? You may say that man as an advanced being has the privilege to exploit the plants and animals. If the stone is responsible while falling on somebody for hurting him, how much greater is man's responsibility for the unhappiness he causes to the creatures beneath him. It is not enough for the stone to excuse himself for the harm which he has caused but he must be alert and wait in his place until the man has passed on his way. Love is able to solve all the problems. Therefore, if you want to be free practice love. When one subordinates himself because of love he is always free. If you do something do it with Love. Only this way you will be free. The freedom of man depends upon his right thought, and the right thought - upon love. He who loves thinks correctly. How is a loving man tried? Through trials and sufferings. Love is tried through life. In this respect life is a great school. Peter, one of Christ's disciples was saying to his master: If all should deny you, I will never do so. Not too long a time went by and he was put on trial. For no reason he denied Christ three times. In this way Christ’s words, "Before the cock crows you will nave disowned me three times." What do we see in Christ's character? Great endurance and patience. He passed three kinds of trials: in the mental, spiritual, and physical worlds. It is not easy for man to be the object to the scourching of a regiment of soldiers. A whole they mocked with Christ until finally they put him through crucifixion - the last suffering. After that Christ rose. Christ had a strong character and because of that he could endure all the trials. Where is the Roman Empire today? "Where is Christ today? Nothing has remained of the Roman Empire but of Christ remained something that will live forever. The cross upon which Christ was crucified became more prominent than the whole Roman Empire, Today all people wear a cross on their chest as a symbol of courage and fearlessness. With this they want to point out that they are following the example of Christ. The Romans considered the cross shameful but today it has become a symbol of courage and nobility. Modern religious people aim for Christ. They want to follow his path. In order to follow Christ you must pass through his trials. Many trials have been prepared for modern mankind and it must pass them. If it endures, its conditions will improve. Today all people pass through their negative karma. In the future they will pass through positive, through favorable conditions of life, called dekarma. Present life is a life of the evil and of trials; the future is a life of the good and of love. The world is full of goods that are provided by God. In order to be able to profit from these goods man must have open eyes. This year (1940) you have favorable conditions to profit from the Great Divine blessings. In order not to loose these conditions you must try to avoid using the service of someone else’s horses. Every man has his own horse on which he can depend. Therefore, if you climb or descend the mountain depend on yourselves. The horse represents man's mind. Depend upon your own and not upon someone else's mind. When listening to his own mind man comes to the conclusion that that which he himself can do is better than that which others can do for him. Let's return to the question of freedom. When is a, man free? - When he serves God, this means when he serves the whole. As long as a man works in the name of God, all are content. As soon as he does something for one part, immediately there starts competition between the parts. Where there exists competition love is not present. Where love is absent obstructions appear. -What shall we do to free ourselves? - Give way to God's love in yourselves. When God's love embraces the human soul his love passes into a higher degree: from human it becomes divine love. God's love makes a man strong. It gives him the ability to cope with his old habits and to correct all his mistakes. Without this love he will be like a smoker or an alcoholic who wants to rid himself of his weakness but cannot. He who can cope with his weaknesses is a strong man; he who cannot cope with his faults is a weak man. As we divide people into strong ones and weaklings the same way we distinguish in man two natures: divine - strong, and human – weak. The divine nature of man has wings, does not need a horse or a car. The human nature is weak and for this reason seeks for some means of transportation, it seeks external help. Therefore, depend upon the divine nature in yourselves and not upon the human which seeks external assistance. Divine Providence exists for all souls. As long as there are living people in the world in whatever difficulty you may find yourselves there will be a man who will help you. Is there a need for fear of life? Every man is ready to give assistance to the divine. Not only man but the animals, too, are ready to give assistance to the divine. One time during the past years of war I needed to pass through town late at night. No one was permitted to move in town without an identification card. All alone I left the house of the general where I was visiting. I wanted to go come alone. Yet I do not know where from a big dog came out and started to follow me. When I was approaching some guard on the street I greeted him and the dog started circling around the guard. The guards answered politely my greeting and thought that I am official inspector. This way I passed all the posts where there were guards without being asked even one time for my identification. The dog followed me all the way home where I fed him well and let him go. He never appeared again. This way the dog rendered me a service and there was no need for someone to escort me. When you realize that, do not hesitate to render a service to the divine. Do not think that you are feeble or poor and not able to do something for the Great in the world. In respect to the Great the poor and the feeble can equally render service. What is the difference between the rich and the poor? The rich is a ripe fruit and the poor - a seed that has just been put in the soil. When the seed germinates and starts to grow it already is able to do some service. Even while in the ground it still, does some work. You may say that when you set your affairs in good order than you will serve God. Start working this moment independently from the state of your affairs. This is not of importance. You must not waste time. Plant the seed and do not worry. From that seed will grow a big tree that will bare a lot of fruit. - We lack the proper conditions for work. - Conditions for work always exist. Important is the desire in you to work. There are always favorable conditions for the receiving of divine love but it is up to you to place yourselves in a state of receiving. As soon as you tune yourselves you will receive love such as it comes from God. All depends upon the consciousness of man. Everyone receives love according to the degree of his consciousness. Now let the basic idea, remain with you: love the Whole and live for it. As long as you love the Whole you will love its parts also. A Talk of the Master Beinsa Douno on the peak of Mussala, Rila, July 24, 1940. From the volume “The Divine and the Human World” The Laws of the Parts and the Whole