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  1. Note 7 The Three Lives First Lecture of the Master Beinsa Douno to the General Occult Course, given on February 24, 1922, Sofia Tonight there will be a Quaker meeting. Everyone will be silent until the spirit moves you. I have called you this evening to ask you how we should use our spare time; not the time which is already occupied with engagements, but the time which is free of them. Wasted time spoils life. A good cheese maker making cheese should see to it that there will be bubbles in it empty space in it in order to be considered a good master. One should consider one's method of work - how one should work. Which is the best method for old people? According to modern thinking, people would say that old people should take it easy. Therein lies the greatest evil. They say "He is young, let him play". And who is going to work? Old people should rest, young people should play, and those between thirty and thirty-three should do all the work. In this way the thirty-three year old will be working, the young ones dancing and the old ones resting. You must get together and work out a programme for meetings let us say every Sunday afternoon and vote on it in a democratic way. The first thing that I notice among you is a sore lack of harmony, which is due above all to your Sacred Egotism. As I see things, there are three ways of life. The first of them I call materialistic. Such people want to own sheep, cattle, poultry, houses, and fields, and when everything starts singing for them they would say: "Life is worth living". However, after caring for them all for twenty years they would say: "I have too much to worry about, I am tired, I should change my way of life." They would start gradually selling off their property, because they want to live a little for themselves. Thus comes the second phase of Sacred Egotism. Their wives and families, who are not aware of their motives, would worry and say, "What is our father up to? What will happen to us when he has sold it all?" Sacred Egotism also exists in religion and spiritual life. People say, "Let us think of ourselves first. With the money we have made we could have an easy life, the way we understand it." The third way of life, real life, is what I call Divine. It means shaking off Sacred Egotism and starting to live in perfect Love of God where the human heart and the human mind can develop in a perfect way. What happens when we meet each other is that our interests do not coincide-you would think one way, and I another way. Whoever lives according to the first way of life would think about who owns what, measuring himself against others. In the second case we measure up as well. However, when we start serving God, there is no measuring up. There is only one way to live. Now, according to this rule, some say, "Whenever God wills". You have noticed how in the morning, when the mother would come and tell her child, "Get up dear, the sun has risen", he would answer, "Let me sleep some more". And we consider this to be a philosophy. No. This is not a philosophy at all. Thence follows the question: Has God already told us, "Get up." He has. Some would say: When the spirit moves me. Can you say for sure that the spirit has not moved you yet? It has been coming and going. Coming and going many a time. It may come again, it may knock, and it may leave again. This is a question for the old, and not for the young. The young still have time at their disposal. In our epoch, we are seeking solutions to the difficulties and hardships of life. We must reconcile all contradictions. We must finish whatever we have not yet finished. There are two views on this matter. The animals come together to help each other. The wolves too gather in wintertime, but only in special cases, when they intend to attack cattle or sheep. The question now is: can we, whatever the conditions, whatever the difficulties, overcome and surmount them? From a purely Christian viewpoint, one may say, "It is possible". Theoretically, yes, but practically the matter stands differently. Now I will tell you what brought this to my mind: One of our most enthusiastic friends has a very high opinion of me, thinking I can do everything. This is not true. He was attacked by neurasthenia. He called doctors and they advised him to stay in bed for forty-five days. Nothing would come out of such beliefs. This is an illusion. If your faith in God cannot help you, if, in the final analysis, your knowledge can not help you, what use is it to you? Hence a desire to work should be born within us, and above all to work according to Natural Laws, to be in harmony with God. I have nothing against a doctor who works according to these Laws. He is welcome! If a vein bursts and a doctor comes and sews it together, this is all right. But if you have eaten radishes without chewing them well, and a doctor comes and gives you an injection, I ask you-had such a doctor recognized your ailment. I would say that you need a laxative and nothing else! The pieces of radishes must leave your body and stop bothering you any more. Many of you have swallowed such bites which have not been well chewed and believe this to be the new teaching. No, this is not the new teaching, neither is it the divine teaching. If you knew the divine teaching, you would be saints by now. The heart of a young man in love is generous, he is inspired. Both of them are inspired, they do not differ at all. They accept things in the same way because they are in harmony. The present teaching is a teaching of Sacred Egotism. I want you to be free of self-delusion. If you are to obtain results, you must know where the new teaching begins. It brings a certain broadening, a transformation of the way of thinking; a change sets in just as a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. The stagnation you feel is not simply your own fault; there are other reasons as well. There are backward souls throughout this world, millions of backward souls who have remained outside the evolution of humanity. They are unable to utilize the natural forces; they are beggars but very sly and cunning beggars, who take advantage of peoples' weakness. There are all kinds of them. When they come they exploit your weaknesses. For example, if you are vain and you want to become prominent, say prime minister of Bulgaria, they would start by suggesting that you are extremely capable, and that you could become one, and introduce strict legislation for the citizens. But once they push you down that path you would entangle yourself in endless trouble. Then they would tell you that you have had enough, that you are tired, and you should let others take over, while you would just stand back and contemplate the fruits of your labours. But when the others take over, they would pursue you and throw you in jail. What would be the use? What would you gain? - nothing. In religion too one can notice the same weaknesses. They will tell you: "In occult sciences there are such and such forces that will help you achieve whatever you say, and then you will be able to walk proudly. All this is nothing but an invention of these spirits. If you look deeper into it, you will find that this is an illusion and there is nothing divine in it. I want you to learn and distinguish. I will not speak like an oracle. Looking at the colour of your faces I see that you are under the influence of these spirits. Sometimes you come to a realization and you say, "I am confused", and you say, "God, don't you see". No, it is you who should see. Nowadays we live in a epoch when we should guard ourselves against foreign influences. And all misunderstanding that exists among you is due to them. I am not passing judgment on anyone. There has not been a single rational dispute among you so how could you consider things rationally. You should say: "Go and tell your brother he has taken the wrong path. And you should go and tell him: While these spirits advise differently. They say, "Look at him, he is a hypocrite". If he is indeed a hypocrite, his hypocrisy would manifest itself, but there must be some rule, there should be facts, there would be signs! If he is evil, then there would be additional signs. And I would like you to start sifting, sifting inside yourselves, according to this law of alchemy. When astronomers want to observe the sky they choose still nights when the air does not stir at all. It is then that they see best. When we want to observe the weather should be right for it. If such spirits disturb your thinking your observations will be wrong. We should put our minds at peace and being at peace put our minds in contact with the divine mind within which we exist. At present we do not live within the divine mind. There should be a proper method of work among us. You should get together - two, three, or four of you, get in harmony and be able to help each other. What is the use if we walk the divine path and do not help each other? Some of you should study the laws of attunement. The older people need to be attuned. You should all the time tune yourself up. I do not mean you are out of tune. Often, when I visit a family, the mother would say to her child, "Come on, play 'Little flower, pretty flower' for us". And I see that the "little flower" plays well. Then I go to another family and again, "Come dear, play 'Little flower, pretty flower for the gentleman'." Well, I say, enough of this. A constant repetition of one and the same thing is not knowledge but a waste of time. We say, "God is good". "God is good". Hut you must learn a new tune. After "Little flower, pretty flower" comes, "The wind blows, the mountain moans". So "Little flower..." is for the heart and "The wind blows..." for the mind. And now what is the third song children should play? I am making these remarks because I can see that some of you think this is not yet the right path. You do not yet know what true spiritual life is. Nor have you experienced what Divine life means. The third step we should take is to enter into the Divine Life. Forsake your Sacred Egotism, and then half of the work will be done. Reading the New Testament you will see that Christ began with small rules and came to perfection. As the Scriptures say, "Be you therefore perfect even as your Father who is in heaven". There are proselytes, believers, and disciples. proselytes are materialistically inclined and believe in great wealth; religious people are believers, they believe in Sacred Egotism, while the disciples are in the Divine Teaching. It was them that Christ meant when he said: "Go and give away all your property, leave your father and mother". Disciples should know the law of giving. St. Paul says, "Even if I give away all my property and have no love, I am nothing". In other words one may sacrifice oneself and it may still be Sacred Egotism. In the same way, it is Sacred Egotism when we consider ourselves to be the center of the Universe. You may never express this thought but it is there, hidden in you. He who has entered into the Divine life stands so high that no one can touch him. A writer has said, "A person who abuses God is like a mosquito spitting on Mont Blanc, what trace will there be of him?" When we enter the Divine world and someone speaks out against us, it will be like the spitting mosquito, one could well fail to notice it. Spit will not remain in the Divine World for there are heavy rains in it and they will wash it right away. At present, we have reached the point when, according to occult science, we can apply the divine rules in our real lives. Our future lives depend on this application. It is our present which will determine our future state. Whatever you do you do it for your own sake. And you should know how to do it. You should live within the Divine life, you should know what are the outstanding features of Divine Life are. This you need for your own sake. Whenever disharmony occurs within small communities, they can easily be settled. But they can be settled only according to the Divine Rules. In religious life, Sacred Egotism helps as much as it harms; in materialistic life it gives five and takes a hundred; in Divine Life everything works out for the best. And there is nothing better than to be in harmony with God, to feel God in yourselves, and to be in harmony with all supreme beings. When you meet a man, the divine in him responds to the divine in you and you can feel it. There is nothing better than that. Now, I want to make an analysis. I want to sift your thoughts well and leave only the essential in them. Only one thought may remain, hut you must be sure that this thought is divine and that you can always rely on it. This is possible for all of you. Everyone can try. You don't need to be a great philosopher. You don't even need to make a great effort, but you need to know how to do it. You need to know how to apply the Divine Rules, just as you need to know the rules in music and in art. There exist rules everywhere, and those who know and apply them invariably obtain good results - but not in materialistic terms. You should not start by trying to improve your material lives. You should start by improving the state of your minds; secondly, you should improve the state of your hearts, and finally you will be able to improve your material lives. Now you are doing the opposite and this is the reason why you get poor results. Some of you are working in this direction but are still in doubt. The balancing of your mind and faith which you attain become subjective. You should know that you have had a positive experience, that whatever you believe in has been substantiated. You should keep alive your experience. There exist two kinds of experience: the first is to be compared to the picking of a flower - later on you lose it, the second is like a flower that grows in your garden and remains living - this is what Hindus call lotus. When I speak about Divine experience, I mean the idea of a flower which is always there, growing in the Divine garden. Now those of you who have reached a certain height must proceed a step higher. You must rise above confusion altogether. We must approach God and not expect God to approach us. "Come closer to Me, He says, so that I may come closer". You think that if you make one step higher something like a cataclysm may occur. No, this state of mind is the most pleasant one can hope for. You will be like a woman in labour. She weeps and screams, but once she delivers her child, she forgets all the sufferings right away. You may have to weep, too, but once you have delivered you will reach a state so great you could have never imagined it. Such weeping will be unusual. Courage is needed for it. It is not an easy task and yet it is not difficult either. Only in this way we may become strong. Often enough they ask me: "Why is it that we work hard and get poor results?" It is because you have remained in the realm of Sacred Egotism. In this realm one hears questions like, "What is your faith?" In the Divine realm there is no such question. There is brotherhood, sisterhood - nothing else. If someone addresses the other with: "Sir", "Most Honoured", "Your Highness", "Your Divinity" etc., he is in the realm of sacred egotism. In the Divine realm there are only brothers and sisters. There you will feel that all people are close to your heart. In your present state you may not like some people, you may simply not be able to stand them. Well. Now I will ask you this: Those of you who are in the realm of Sacred Egotism, are you ready to put it aside? If I ask you how many of you are proselytes, how many are believers, and how many are disciples, what would the answer be? Very few of you are ready for the Divine Life. And do you think that this is something you can vote on by raising hands? This would not be achieved by raising your hands. It would be quite easy to raise hands. If I ask you to vote on this I shall lead you into great trouble, such as you have never seen before and it would be good for you if you manage to extricate yourself. I will give you an example I have given to young people. One of your fingers aches, the joints, too, and also the back, and you get nervous. Then a boil appears, and you say, "This is rather too much. If only the previous aches, it would have been all right!" I would say to you, "Prick the boil". We have reached the stage of sacred egotism, and God will make a big boil grow so that our Sacred Egotism can be expelled through it. We will step into the divine realm and will no longer he nervous. Now if you have to get sick, I would rather you had one real disease than many petty ones. Now I want you to organize, to start thinking of your method of work. At present some of you may think, "When the time comes; when God speaks; the conditions are not favourable at present; we have not enough knowledge; wait until I have studied the occult sciences..." You may have studied the occult sciences, you may know the Bible by heart and be able to quote every verse in it and still remain in the realm of Sacred Egotism. There exists at present a spirit of criticism among the Brotherhood, and you see the negative aspects rather than the positive ones. And often some of you complain to my that there used to he a time when we liked each other better, and now there is a certain coolness setting in among us. I will give you our brother Peter as an example. An old man once said, "What a husky fellow I am!" And in order to go over a ditch he ran up to it, jumped, and fell into it. Then he said, "Well, when I was young I was much stronger". However when he climbed out of it he acknowledged, "It was the same when I was young." Young or old, it is the same. Man does not change, he only grows. The impulses which he had in his youth remain. If he used to be noble of character, he will remain such. Can the wheat seed change? We are now trying to say that a religious young person has turned from wheat into barley, as he grew older. One of the brothers asked how does the spiritual birth occur. The boil should make you deliver. I will give you the following example: A maid goes to a stinking garbage heap and starts digging in it, because her mistress has lost a diamond. Here in this garbage there is something valuable. A precious stone will always be precious. Whoever knows that will find it, clean it up, but whoever does not know will not look for it. New birth is not a principle, it concerns only the external. The soul develops only what has been planted in it to begin with. Nothing new is added to it. Dynamite too needs a detonator to blow up. The spirit has emerged from God, what is new are the conditions providing the spirit with an opportunity to develop. The soul of the child is not part of' its mother ê soul; she would only supply the materials. We should come in contact with Divine Mind. There are many ways shown in the Scriptures and in occult sciences to restore this link, to bring about this awakening. Now we must all come together and serve God. Some people say; let us abandon our own work to go and serve God, but they must realize that everything in the world, including their own lives, is His. Everything we possess is His. We should know that what we have now is Divine and we will begin to make the best of it in accordance with Divine Law. This is the new way of thinking. They say, "This is my teaching". These ideas are Divine; they have existed in God and no matter who has expressed them we say: this is Divine and we apply it. It does not matter at all who expresses them. Those of you who are ready to leave your cocoons should come out and make room for others to come, because people will come and proceed in a sequence. If we are examined - to explain our teaching: What is your faith? What is your way of life? What teaching do you hold? You are to answer briefly and clearly. For one of our next meetings I would like you to consider the practical methods of work. And let's say there will be a meeting when we will forget ourselves and become one with the Divine Mind. All of us. Can you imagine what harmony will prevail! Now, we sit at a meeting, someone speaks and several times we look at our watches. Then, at prayer again, we look at our watches. Do you believe this to be the right prayer? The Quakers hold their meetings in complete silence. There are not too many of them, about twenty thousand. England owes its greatness to these twenty thousand Quakers. We too must work. Now the question is whether we can consciously enter the Divine. People who grieve for something, grieve for their lost lives. Many of them see that spiritual life has not given them what they expected. Their spirits are low because their sons did not become what they expected them to be. The Divine will bring meaning to our lives for we shall aspire to it. Many of you have already experienced it to some extent. You should not have the illusion that you may enter the new life as long as you have not taken leave of your karma, as long as you have not fulfilled Moses' law. Physical life is a great illusion. We do not settle anything with it. It will be wrong if we think that we are doing something - we are not doing anything at all. There will be people who will say then let's stop working. No, no, this is an illusion too. The essence of life is to love each other. One would like to live in a society where people are razumni*. Even going to heaven, we will look for the razumnost* there. When we speak of God we have in mind what is elevated, what is razumno* (razumni (a.), razumnost (n.), razumno (a.) From Bulgarian word RAZUM (n.) - intellect enlightened by Divine Wisdom). The meaning of life is not in all those external needs and aspirations. Life takes on a meaning when you love and are loved. This is the right and the permanent thing. All other things are only temporary illusions. This love will cross from this world into the other. You sense it whenever someone uses you. The ideal state on earth is to love each other selflessly. Without this love, physical life loses its meaning. Human love without divine love loses its meaning too. A thing will have value for us because of the friend who has given it to us. A ring from your friend is valuable to you because you love him. The day you stop loving your friend is the day when you will stop appreciating the ring which he has given to you. You love someone and for this reason you read the books he writes. What a transformation takes place! What I have in mind when I say illusions is that we should not make food the center of life. Of course you will have food, but food is only a means. Because there will be a time when we will be able to eat without having to work. No one will work, everyone will rest. We say that without work life on earth is impossible. But work will be pleasant then. At present the physical needs compel us to work. As long as people live to work and to eat they follow a false teaching. It is not really necessary to work. This is an illusion, like the drunkard saying that he must drink. Because of such illusions the earth is covered with graveyards and bones, with misery and weakness. We have created the sense of necessity, because we have disobeyed the law which God spoke to Adam: "Here is the garden, fully arranged, but do not touch that tree over there". Nonetheless, he ate of the fruit of this tree and was thrown out of the garden. Well then, what will happen if we begin again to obey law of God? We will live again in heaven. The human spirit will be able to go back to its primary state. It was outside the garden of Eden that men started fighting. If we did not worry about so many things, if we all accepted love and applied it in our lives, the world would become good. But not with gain in our minds. You do not believe that this will succeed. We shall work again, but there will be no blackmail. I will come and help you with the work on your field, but not for pay. As things are arranged at present one is paid to work. But we will be born again, we will leave our cocoons. You may see a contradiction here, and will say: "It is all right to believe, but nothing will be achieved by believing alone." Faith implies intelligence, one should be clever as well. A clever man will find the way, but those who have no faith have no intelligence either and will go on pushing the plough. The new culture needs many clever people. However, with the present beliefs and ideas which you have, this law cannot be applied. We follow this method which is the natural one. There is a link between you all. In the first place, we must accept the Divine and then we will be able to achieve everything. As long as we have not accepted the Divine, all problems will remain unsolved. I will call those of you who are ready (in a special way), and you will see how many will reply. Those who answer will be answered by God too. Only in this way can a new impulse be created. You have reached a dead end. I notice that you speak only of the past and not of the future. I call old people those who speak only about their past experiences. I don't like to hear: - "I was more religious once." I say: "You talk like an old man. Leave the past alone; work for the present and for the future". Our God will never grow old. God speaks now, and will also speak in the future. The past is only a memory. People would come and ask, "Is there any hope for me." If you believe, there is; if you don't, there is not. There is yet another illusion. You think that you know each other, but you don't. To know someone means to love him, but not in an ordinary way. You must be ready to sacrifice everything for him. Life continuously brings new knowledge. Each day brings new knowledge. Every day and every year reveal something new. In this way we come to know God. When I speak to you about Love, I have in mind this gradual ascending state. You will not come to know love at once. This is impossible. When we speak about accepting the Divine, we may think this means giving up life. That is a misunderstanding. We will go on living in the world and we will do the will of God. We will improve this world, not materialistically, but inwardly, by improving our minds. Once we do that the world will be changed as well. Try to improve your personal relationships by introducing law and order. When you have no love you live according to the law. People today have laws but live outside them, while we will have no law and will live according to the law. Now write down what obstacles there are to our work, so that we may overcome them reasonably. You may say that you will abide by these rules. Let two, or three, or twenty of you come together and discuss how to live according to these rules. You may say that you have been disciples for so many years already and you must have learned something? It is not enough to go out of Egypt, or to accept the laws of Sinai, for we must finally reach the land of Canaan - the Divine - and put law and order into our lives, living according to the will of God. I would like to see you give an example of a life lived according to the Divine teaching. Each of you can be an example but he must have an absolute desire to be so. I will give you such an example which will be like a tree with a ripe fruit of whom it may be said, "Here is one of the Divine teaching". Everyone can become such an example but he must have an absolute desire for it, a firm decision to fulfill the Divine. As long as you have not made this decision, everything will be against it, and when you decide you will say, "Now I forsake everything else. You may come with me if you want, if not - Good-bye!" Friends will say, "We will go with you. But there should be no doubt, no hesitation. Make your decision! Then we will begin, not with the great things, not with many things, but with a small experiment, with the smallest in the Divine world, by simply thinking. You must keep on thinking - this is the important idea I give you. Each day you must ask yourself: Can I serve God? On Friday, we might come together, we might keep silent, or we might discuss an important problem, because application is necessary. The good examples will come out on stage. We will have two meetings: young people will meet from 6 to 8, and adults from 8 to 9.30. Young people will meet first. The young are those who fight in battle and the old will take care of the rear. If the rearguard not well organized it is difficult for those in the front lines to withstand attack. Let the people of Sofia provide an example. You should work out a procedure. Before presenting their own theories, the philosophers argue against other philosophers. I use as examples the processes which occur in nature. First I sow. In the second year leaves appear. Five or six years go by, and there is still no bloom. Only after a few more years can one expect a tree to put out blossoms. It is the same with people. Some of you may even now have blossoms, not artificially, but naturally. If eight years have passed by already, you will bloom. This is possible because the conditions already exist. If, however, you are only starting to grow, you will have to wait at least two or three years. One day the blossoms will come. At present your development is not perfect, because all astral inhabitants destroy what you have built. If, at some time, your find yourself in a pleasant, state of mind, try to keep up this state of mind. Unfortunately, in only one or two hours you lose all you have gained and become poor again. It may take you a week to regain what you have lost. It would be advisable to write down your special experiences for these lectures. Someone may come and describe what he has experienced and we shall discuss it. If he has not lost his good state of mind, it will be still with him. The main thing is that it may help create a more loving atmosphere. Your love has become pretty shallow it must be collected and aquire an inclination. In one of my lectures I will speak about the methods of love; what love is, how love may be applied; what results love can give. The way love is now described, it is only a feeling related to life, a certain good disposition. When we come to true love, it is a great experience. If the right atmosphere prevails, I will be able to speak to you about the methods of love but at present there is disharmony, and under such conditions I will never permit myself to speak about love; because love is something sacred to me. I may speak about other things and when others come after me they may speak about love. When an atmosphere for this is created, then small methods of Divine Love may be given to you. When you speak to someone about an experience of yours which is very sacred to you and you feel that it has been wounded, you will not speak of it again. Christ said that sacred work should not be given. The present love I leave the way it is. I will speak about love from an absolutely different viewpoint. And this will be only by way of explanation. Apply this love, if you wish. This love is a Divine Mind which creates all the different moods. With our thoughts we hinder the Divine which is in us, we destroy it. We must stop destroying, and start building. If your friend tells you about an experience of his and it occurs to you to tell him that what he says amounts to nothing, be careful. This is the way to harm yourself and your friend. If you remain patient to the end, you may suffer a short while, but then the kernel of joy will come to your heart. You must have a particular aim. What for? You should have an object in life? Why do not you make God your object? If He does not exist in you as an object you can achieve nothing. If you have God as a conscious including everything, you can achieve everything. If not, you will always be a loser. Let us say you are being hanged. You can concentrate and direct your mind with great intensity towards God and, the rope will break a hundred times and they will be unable to hang you. You may intensify the vibrations of your cells in such a way that the strongest steel will turn into dust. You do not need to be a giant to be able to do it. We wait for God to speak his will so that it will happen. No, we are the ones to speak our will so that things will happen. God says: "You too may speak and cause things to happen the way you want". But for this, we must first know how to want. When a child asks for something with love, his father would be moved and would give everything, but when a child demands of his father, he begrudges anything he may give. If we go to God with love, everything will come to fulfillment Now young as well as old people must have hearts to learn what Divine love is. It is said: "For God so loved that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life". And you may learn to love God in a way which will prepare you to give everything to be able to come to know Him. When you do as this verse says then Divine power will come to you. It all depends on us. God has made and given the sacrifice; if we accept this sacrifice we will say this: I have also come to love God so much that I will sacrifice everything I have so that 1 may come to know God. This is a motto for you to contemplate. When I began to talk to you, I got a cold. I interpret this to myself in the following way: I want to speak to these people, but they have a cold. I know how to cure a cold. When a man sneezes, this means that your mind is sick and you must cure your mind. All the impurity must go out from you; there should be no place for germs. Now I have the cold and you are well. I am told that if I don't manage to teach you the right way, I will have to keep this cold. I have come in touch with your vibrations and, since they are lower, I became sick. If I discontinued my connection with you I would take care of my cold in five minutes. But it is on our side; we can already enter the eternal; we can come to know God. The following question may come up: "Don't we know God?" Christ prayed to God in Gethsemane to take from him his cup of suffering, but at the end He said; "Now I know that everything is given to me from You. This He said only towards the end. When we have experienced everything we will come to this, too. We must come to realize that everything comes from God. Do you agree now to meet on Friday? Or will we go on meeting on Thursday? I want to say to the young people not to repeat the mistakes of the old, to be different. If they make the same mistakes they will not be different from them, but they must be special. Because I still have my cold, I don't want to decide upon this question. In general, we should not speak that much. Large cannons are rarely used. Great deeds are rarely striking. At these meetings you must learn to attune yourselves, to be able to vibrate. This is the good side. Sometimes the external world exhausts you and you need several hours of rest.
  2. From The Truth A Letter Wednesday 5.30 am (the weather is cloudy, foggy and cold) 6.30 am (The Master did not come, he had sent a letter) 15 minutes contemplation. To be written [on the blackboard]: Three things are needed by the spiritual-students: Prudence, Strength, Goodness. Prudence implies the right way of Life; Strength implies Freedom - the Truth of Life; Goodness implies the achievement of Life - Love. Prudence brings Light which neither fades, nor darkens! Strength brings that which overcomes, it does not weaken; Goodness brings that which achieves; Prudence leads, guides; Strength protects; Goodness elevates. Prudence brings all the possibilities of the Divine world. Strength brings all the possibilities of the Spiritual world. Goodness brings all the possibilities of the human world. Blessed is he who by them is led, protected and sustained. He is there, in the Radiant Path, in the Radiant Truth, in the Radiant Life. There peace, joy and gladness abide. My regards to the good students. 10 January 1934 Izgrev, Sofia
  3. from The Blossoming of the Human Soul ABSOLUTE PURITY The word “purity”[1] is taken in its wide meaning: as internal and external purity. External purity can be seen and understood by everyone as cleanliness. When we speak about a clean house, we mean that it is lime washed on the outside and inside, the floors in all rooms are swept and tidy, and everything is well-dusted. When we speak about a clean garment, it is shining if white and stainless if black. When we speak about pure butter, it should be fresh, clear, and odorless. It implies that purity is maintained when no extraneous elements have been added or mixed. Therefore, certain elements in Nature can cause impurity. What is impurity? It is the opposite of purity. As long as a person is alive and healthy, he has purity. When an element of impurity penetrates Life, death immediately takes one step forward. The more impurities, the more death has seized Life. Death and impurity have a directly proportional connection. Hence, impurity correlates to death. When this is known, purification of one’s thoughts is the first rule in life. Purifying thoughts regularly, one attains a crystal clear concept of God. God is not a form outside of us; God is the Prime Source of all Life. What better gift do we have than Life? Every impulse, every joy we feel is due to our awareness and inner sense of being alive and evolving. When you get up in the morning, refreshed and revitalized, you look at the rising Sun and rejoice that you have a little idea what to do during the day. This comes as a result of the first offshoots of the Tree of Life. Someone complains, “Life is tough: since early morning we need to think about living, what we are going to eat, how much we earn, and so on.” I say that the concern about food is characteristic of material life on the physical plane. The bodily need for food is not essential to one’s spiritual life. To be spiritual does not suggest eating a lot or eating tasty food. The seasonings added to a meal are extraneous elements. If all Intelligent Beings gather in one place, what would be the food served to them? A highly varied food. Why? It is because every kind will take what is needed for their own development. However, there is something common in the nourishment of all beings and organisms on the planet Earth. For example, all living beings, without exception, need water. Initially, they received their food from the air, after that - from the water, and lastly - from the solid matter. This is how it happened to the human beings as well. At one time, the light was their only nourishment. But they have already lost this way of livelihood. So at present, only the human eyes have retained this art of light nourishing. If they do not receive light for a long period of time, they will suffer atrophy. Consequently, attaining a clear notion of God is the paramount aim in life. One should understand that all beings, from the smallest to the biggest ones, are equal to God and He cares equally for them. There is no one like God Who is the Source of Life - so elevated and good-natured, so loving and compassionate. Life of the entire Universe lies in Him. Not a single being is equal to Him. Thinking of God, even the most sinful and the most ignorant person could feel a stirring somewhere deep within. If the Source of this inner stirring is not understood, one will pass through life without ever grasping the essence of the Great Origin. He will say, “Something stirs in me as if I have encountered a bear.” Yes, it is exciting to encounter a bear, but because the stirring is strong, one is frightened out of his senses. Even the greatest hero is often scared by the glance of a beautiful girl. He would say, “I saw a beautiful girl and my heart quivered.” Why did his heart quiver? For the sole reason that this hero cannot bear the blessing that is contained in this glance. Every blessing conceals a certain danger within itself. For whom? For the one who is not ready for it. People fear everything for which they are not prepared. Many people ask about the essence of fear. Fear shows the boundary, the place where man has separated himself from God. However, if one keeps the right pure thoughts, he could turn fear into a conscious force. When one thinks right, this one becomes fearless. Therefore, unless you have a clear idea of God, you cannot evolve or attain true knowledge. If you cannot accept this specific idea, you will soon lose everything that you have already attained. For example, by a certain point you can advance to become an educated person, learn art, gain wealth, acquire strength, and so on. But when you get older, you will gradually begin to lose your acquisitions. Today you will lose your knowledge, tomorrow - your art, the third day - your wealth and the fourth day - your strength. Eventually, you will find yourself in the position of a person who has lost all his sublime thoughts and inspiration for work and so you will say, “I have only one thought left.” What is this thought? “Once, I was a rich man and now I am an utter pauper.” What could be expected from a person with such a thought? Now someone may say, “If one loses everything, one should not think, feel, or act.” I say that if one’s thoughts and feelings are not true, they will create worries, anxieties, and premature aging as a result. We speak about the intelligent thoughts and pure, noble feelings, which connect the individual to God and give inspiration and free rein to one’s activities. For example, our thoughts are worrisome when we are anxious about our way of living - will we have good health, enough resources, and so on. When the king’s son enrolls in school, I ask if he should think of the financial aspects like: who will support and serve him, how much money he will receive, and so on. He should not dwell on these questions. Once sent to school, he is expected only to study; his father will take care of the rest. If the son is lazy and does not study, he is going to bear the consequences of his laziness in the form of grave misfortunes that will befall on him. I say: You are the King’s son and you have been sent to the Earth for your studies. Give thanks to God for everything you have: light, air, water, and bread. What else do you need? You must study! One day, upon your return from this long journey on Earth, your Father will ask you, “What did you learn up to this point?” Your acquaintances will ask you the same, once they find out about your journey to the Seven Lakes of the Rila Mountains.[2] You will tell them that you have climbed the peaks of Damga[3] and Haramiyata[4] and you have seen the Seven Rila Lakes. However, this is not all that you could have seen and learned. All these peaks and lakes are symbols. It is important to understand what you read in the Book of Nature. How many pages did you learn and what did you grasp from them? What difference does it make to climb a high peak? Why do you do it: to observe from afar those who pass by and what they carry? Is this the meaning of climbing high peaks? You will say that brigands went up to the peak Haramiyata to await the passage of rich travelers, whom they robbed. Outdoor excursions have their profound meaning and, particularly, high peaks hiking! So, when you talk about robbing rich people, you need to know who they are in the symbolic aspect. Rich people represent the rich ideas in the world. Good is like a rich man, whom we need to rob. Evil is like a poor person, whose passage we should not obstruct. What should we take from the poor? The Scriptures say, “Do not resist evil!”[5] Why? It is because the evil is like a poor man whose bills you should pay for. This sentence from the Scriptures represents an important economic formula. Therefore, you should better give him an undisturbed passage. Otherwise, if you obstruct his passage, the poor man will begin begging money, clothes, and shoes of you. So, in this case you will give him everything he asks for. The evil is really like a beggar who relies on the mercy of others. A student who enters the Divine School should let go of begging. I say: if you want to understand God, you need to be pure. It is said in the Scriptures, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”[6] Suffering, hardship, and misfortune will come inevitably. You are in the sea, where big storms rise up. These storms may affect the ship as well. They will rock it to one side, then to the other, but harmony and peace should reign inside the ship. If the ship is flooded and the waves enter even through the smallest of its cracks, it will be destroyed and wrecked. The negative, impure thoughts, from which you should guard yourselves, enter in the same way. When you travel in nature, do you not make a mess? How many servants need to go after you to clean up your mess? Some people consider themselves pure and saintly, but they leave their dirt behind; they eat here and there, leaving garbage all over. While you are carrying your impurity within yourselves, you are neither saintly nor pure yet. If you observe the cleanliness in the physical world, you are also pure in the mental and spiritual world. Some people may brag to me that he is a believer guided by high ideals, but in fact he does not observe even the elementary hygiene in the physical world. No, purity is required from everyone and in all aspects: physical, mental, and spiritual. You say, “Everything is up to us.” Yes, it is up to you to observe the Absolute Purity in every aspect of your life. Life itself, however, depends on God. If you want to be healthy and happy, each of your feelings, thoughts, and actions must be permeated by the idea of Purity. Only in this way you will receive God’s Blessings. Currently, you spoil whatever God has sent you, but in this way, you will be facing sure death. It is time for you to renounce your petty pride. What if someone has said bad things about you or has defamed you? Do not occupy yourselves with negative things; do not allow them into your mind! Even if all people disrespect you, you should work to prove that you are a person of dignity and self-respect. Work incessantly for ten years to develop inner strength and willpower as to prove others that you are a true human being. If you go to a village and lift with your hands a big stone weighing one ton, you will impress the villagers. Seeing your strength, they will say to themselves, “We should better not mess with this person and tease him - he is very strong!” However, you go to a village and cannot actually bring up even the smallest pebble, moreover, you ask the villagers for some elementary favors and on the top of this you want them to respect you. And afterward, you will boast that you can converse with God. The one who is in communion with God is strong enough and is able to move mountains from one place to another. If you cannot move mountains, do not delude yourself - everyone else might have talked to you but not God. When God spoke to Moses, the latter raised his staff, struck the rock and from there, water gushed out. God spoke to Moses and manna descended from Heaven. God spoke to Moses and he had shepherded the Jewish people for 40 long years through the desert. Instead, those who boast cannot earn their living, but still claim that God converses with them. I ask: How will you recognize when God speaks to you? Are you going to learn that from books? No. Every person has a unique inner experience as a means to recognize God’s Voice within. There are many ways to understand Nature, but only one way - to enter the world of Truth. Truth is the purest of the worlds, in which Love manifests itself. Truth is the purest form of Love. What is Love? It is the purest essence of this form. Truth is the highest manifestation of Love! The absolute Freedom is achieved through Truth. The brightest Light is attained through Love. In esoteric sense, Love is substituted by Justice. If you are looking for warmth and heat, seek out Justice. Whenever Justice comes into the world, it raises the temperature. Justice represents the strongest warmth of Love and Love is the essence of Life. When it is a question of Life, you should know that there is nothing higher than Life. Therefore, Love, Wisdom, Truth, and Justice are realms or worlds, through which Life manifests itself. At present, what is meant by the word “Life” is the human consciousness driven by the permanent aspiration for achievement. When we say that we live, we imply that we constantly strive for something, which we desire to achieve. When children are born, their consciousness is instantly awakened and they begin to have desires and wants related to the objective world. When we consider the world of feelings, there we are also searching for a certain object. When we come to the mental world, we are willing to study; however, we are searching for an object there as well. Life also exists in the spiritual and Divine worlds, which implies that it manifests itself in all realms and worlds but in different forms. One thing is important: whatever form Life may take, it cannot function without Absolute Purity. I ask: How could you sustain Purity? By serving God. Whenever speaking about serving, I imply that one can serve only God, only Love. We say, “God is Love.” Therefore, it is only Love that one can serve. In respect to Life, we say, “We will become even servants only if we could attain Life.” Therefore, three things are important in your life: to serve God, to respect yourself, and to love your neighbor. To love your neighbor means to unload the unnecessary burden that is on your back. To respect yourself means to understand the meaning of Life. Only the good, intelligent, wise person has self-respect. A person perceives these traits first in oneself and then in others. If you see goodness, intelligence, and wisdom in yourself, then you are going to see these qualities in others as well. It means that what you see in you is reflected in those around you. You respect people because of the consciousness you have yourself. You love people for the beautiful, sublime, and noble that you see within yourself. If you see all these traits in others, then you already love them. Why does father love his son? It is because of his own self-respect. It is then transformed into love for his son. What is Love? To see yourself in others. What is respect? To realize your dignity as a human being. What does it mean to serve God? To realize that everything comes from God and that there is no one equal to Him. If you say to yourself that everything is possible for God, you will be prepared for everything. You can serve God only conceptually. The word “serving” implies that everything you do in the name of God is possible. Then someone will ask you, “Can you shoulder the Earth?” “I am shouldering it now.” “Then what about the Solar system?” “I have been shouldering it for a long time.” “Well, what about the Universe?” “I am a master of the Universe.” Now, every person with petty ideas will say, “What a statement! How can people dare to claim that they shoulder the Earth and Solar system or that they are masters of the Universe? Is this possible?” To say that you are a master of the Universe means that you have traveled across it from end to end. The wise person can see the entire Universe represented between one’s head and feet. Therefore, when one says to be a master of the entire Universe, it suggests that he knows his body from head to toe. Thus, he holds the Universe in oneself. The time it takes him to stretch his arms from head to toe, is the time needed for passing the Universe from one end to the other. It is sufficient that he only moves his hand to instantly pass the Universe from one end to the other. It is sufficient that he only moves his hand to instantly cross the Universe from the one end to the other. Things are distant only when they are separated from the common organism. When they are together in the organism, they are close. The word “closeness” implies an organization of all intelligent beings in oneness. Disorganization implies an act of separation. When you claim that someone has offended or harmed you, then either the offender is outside the common organism, while you are in, or both of you are outside. There cannot be disharmony among you, when you are both parts of one common body. Could there be any imbalance between the fingers of your hand, for example? It does not matter that some fingers are on the left and others - on the right hand, as they could help each other. I say: Many people of today have reached a certain area in life, where they have stopped. They need to take a step forward, so as to enter the new that is now coming into the world. If you walk in the old path, the same is awaiting you: you will die; there will be a funeral service and speeches over your grave that you graduated from three universities and served greatly your country. Yes, this person served the humankind but not God. We know that he did not serve God because he died. It is written in the Scriptures, “This is an eternal Life for me to come to know You as the One and only God.” I add to this quote: This is an Eternal life - to come to know and serve God. However, there is a certain danger that people in their service might go to extremes like getting bored and abandoning their work. It is true that many reasons might bring them to such situation. Yet, if they have proper understanding of Life, nothing can steer them away from their path; nothing can disturb their balance. I will give you an example from the country life (because it is closer to the Living Nature) and will explain why sometimes people run off the rails of their life. A youthful, very hard-working farmer used to get up early in the morning, before sunrise, yoke his oxen and go to the field to plough. His ox-cart was always in order and his oxen were groomed and brushed with care. He himself, cheerful and smiling, was quietly singing to himself; he was aspiring to Life. All day long, until late in the evening, he worked and did not get tired; he was content with his life. He returned home still cheerful and smiling. He unyoked his oxen, fed them, put his ox-cart away, and awaited the following day to come with delight so that he could continue his work anew. Thus the days slipped unnoticed, until one day when he met a beautiful girl and was captivated by her. He did not feel like working anymore. He departed late in the morning and returned early in the evening. He neglected his ox-cart and oxen. The song was no longer on his lips and the smile - on his face. He roamed in a daze and said, “I suffered enough; I do not feel like working anymore. How did it happen that this slaving lot fell upon me? Up to now, I have been working my whole life. From now on, I want to entertain myself.” He dressed well, put on a hat and a new belt, placed a flower on his coat and off he went around the village, walking along random streets, until he came to the garden of that beautiful girl. Just like a soldier, he patrolled it from one end to the other. Then he stopped for a moment in front of it. He wanted to see the mischievous girl hiding somewhere among the trees. His patience was over. He wanted to enter, but the garden was locked up and the girl was not there. She was sitting inside, smiling, and observing what the young man was doing. What was this mischievous girl like? What does she look like? The young man was interested; he wanted to know everything. It was because of her that he had left his field and oxen. The girl was sitting inside with a flower[7] in her hair and smirking. At that moment, the youth was struck by the idea to take the girl’s flower away. Why did he want to do this? He wanted to rob her, saying, “I worked so hard. I have been ploughing the field by now, but nothing happened through work.” And thus, he began courting the girl. Today, he took a flower from her. Next day, he took another flower. When he took ten flowers from her, he took her as well. That was the magical approach used by the youth. He knows that the girl puts something of herself in the flower she adorns with. That day, he took something from her with her flower. Next day, he took something else, until finally the girl came to ask for her flowers back, but remained with him. Such relationships exist in all manifestations of life. They are symbols to be translated into the human language. The young man will marry the beautiful girl, but how long can they be happy with their current views on Life? For a year or two, but afterward their happiness will disappear. Why? It is because neither the young man nor the girl have the eternal Life in them. As long as the wife has something Divine in herself, her husband can love her. And as long as the husband has something Divine in himself, his wife can love him. Once they lose the Divine in themselves, their love for one another disappears. In other words, as long as one is pure, this one can be loved. If an element of impurity enters someone, love toward this person gradually recedes, until it vanishes entirely. Therefore, the lack of love comes as a natural consequence of the impurity in Life. When people do not love you, you should know that you yourself are the reason for this. Who does not like to bathe in a clean wellspring? However, if you are a puddle or a swamp, who would bathe in you? Everyone wants to wash his face, hands, and feet in a clean wellspring, but no one wants to do it in a swamp. Now, once you grasp the meaning of Purity in its broadest sense, the best you can do is to place it as a foundation of your physical life. Why? It is because health depends on one’s inner and outer purity. Purity of ideas is what is required from the human beings! In this respect, when we say that one should not look into the shortcomings of others, criticizing them, we imply that one should not contaminate the Purity of life and expose oneself to death. To occupy yourself with the shortcomings of people is a contagion that will destroy your body. What will you gain from this? Nothing and moreover you will lose all that is good in yourself. Hence, why should you occupy yourself with the wrongdoings of others? A Turkish proverb states, “Leave the drunkard; do not support him. Let him fall down and learn!” It is easier for the Bulgarian to get drunk than for the Turk. The Turk, in general, is more sober. When he gets drunk, he walks, falls down, gets up, and tells himself, “Come on. Go on, Hassan! Why did you drink so much that your legs are not obeying you now?” He falls down again. “Walk, Hassan! Why do you drink so much?” This is how he talks to himself on his way home. When he enters his home, he begins to apologize to his wife that he got so drunk because according to the Laws of Mohamed, one is not allowed to get drunk. The Bulgarian, however, when he gets drunk, will demonstrate first his art of fighting. Sometimes his wife is strong enough and when she sees that her drunken husband spoils for a fight, she pushes him to fall on the ground. He gets up and starts again. After she pushes him three or four times onto the ground, he asks her, “What do you mean by this?” She replies, “You have drunk too much.” He then says, “Well, it is good for everyone to enjoy life in one way or another.” The Bulgarian accepts wine as a gift of God and thinks that one should drink as much as he pleases. The Turk believes that he has done wrong when he gets drunk. So, early in the morning, he goes to confess to the Imam[8]. I say: Inebriety is impurity. Gluttony is impurity. Gossiping is impurity. Envy and a number of other vices represent impurity. Therefore, entirely from a hygienic point of view, impurity has to be thrown out if we want to be free. If we want to become knowledgeable, in the broad sense of the word, we need to be pure. Scientists filtrate and separate things in their scientific experiments until they purify them completely. When we talk about Purity, it applies to those who are assiduous in their work for self-improvement. It applies to those who have a strong aspiration for Purity. The rest will not understand my words and will comment, “This subject is really tough.” Those who follow the right path need to take one small step forward in order to enter the Realm of Purity. Only then conceptual issues can be discussed with them. One cannot talk to those who live in impurity about conceptual issues because of the risk for them to lose their Purity. There are Realms, where the Absolute Purity reigns: they could not be mentioned nor a human foot could enter there. If this happens, it will contaminate and disturb it all. Neither disarray nor dislocation whatsoever is absolutely allowed there. You do not have the right to move even a single pebble there. If you go to one of the Sacred Wellsprings of the Eternal Life, you should dip a cup into the water and drink it down to the very last drop. Not a single drop of water is allowed to be spilled there. What do you usually do, when you go to the wellsprings in the physical world? You pour a full cup of water, but you drink two or three gulps from it, throwing the rest out. In the Divine World, this is absolutely inappropriate. When contemporary people are told about the sacred, pure things, they laugh. They do not realize their great importance. People of today become serious only in the face of the most difficult and complicated situations in their life. Only then they begin to think of God and the World beyond, only then they acknowledge the existence of something that is beyond their comprehension. For example, when the rope is hung around someone’s neck and the priest comes to read a prayer, he becomes very serious and looks around for some help. If, at that moment, they set him free, he would feel really grateful for the life granted to him. And he would eventually understand the true meaning of Life. The negative thoughts represent the rope with which people are hung. The enemies, the foes of people, are those who are the cause for the rope to be placed around your necks. They offer you bad advice today and more of it - tomorrow, until finally you are hanged. Be careful not to hang on the rope the way it happened to a saint who was cheated by the devil. This saint lived in the desert, where he spent his time in fast, prayer, and deep contemplation. The devil decided to tempt him by making him a king. He tried one trick, then another, until he finally succeeded in achieving his aim. The saint really became a king; however, the circumstances soon enough brought him to the gallows. The devil told him, “Trust me. I will set you free.” When they placed the rope around the neck of the saint, the devil appeared again and told him, “Look out into the distance and you will behold a vision.” The saint looked in the direction, which the devil pointed. ”Do you see anything?” “I see a donkey.” “What else do you see?” ”I see another donkey.” “Anything else?” “I see a third donkey.” “What are they carrying on their backs?” “They are loaded with sandals.” “Well, these are the sandals I tore until I managed to place the rope around your neck.” That one who follows the devil’s advice will come to a bad end: they will put the rope on his neck and afterward - take him down from the gallows. Certain deceitful relationships are observed in life. These are relationships of impurity. To avoid them, one needs to be exact and fulfill whatever promises and good intentions one has declared. In the Divine Life, where Absolute Purity reigns, there is no forgetfulness. Everything there happens precisely on time. Precision is a quality of pure Life. Not living in Purity, you obscure the horizon of your sky as clouds obscure the Sun. That is why you hear some people saying, “I am somewhat sad.” Yes, it is because your sky is cloudy. If you want it to clear up, you should serve God, respect yourself and love your neighbor. The formulas you need to apply to yourself are: serve your spirit that guides you; respect your soul that preserves all valuable things in it; love your body and all those beings that serve you due to the Sublime idea living in you. If you treat yourself accordingly, you will have a clear idea of God and everything will be possible for you. If you do not serve God, all around you will be dead. If you come to know God having a distinct idea of Him, you will be able to move all boulders in Nature, as they will become as light as feathers. In fact, they are heavy and frightening only for those who do not serve God. It is sufficient for them to see that such boulders are moving, for their hair to bristle up with horror. But to the true assistants of God, everything in the world is living and evolving. They can make an experiment to assure themselves that all in Nature is alive and living. We see many objects in a passive state and the sole reason for this is to give us the opportunity to live so that we can be the manifestation of Life today. One day in the future, when people finish their evolution on Earth, all beings that are currently motionless, will abandon this state to manifest life. Many want to know today what will happen with the boulders. This is an easy question to answer. But it is more important what will happen to you. When you attain the Eternal Life, you are going to visit the Earth again and will see all those changes that have occurred on it. If the human consciousness is constantly awake, people will be aware of all changes that are taking place on Earth. Currently because of this interrupted consciousness, people expect from the scientists to explain everything, including the past geological changes on Earth. That is good, but it is time for the human consciousness to awake and for the human thought to become more active. Hence, we recommend Absolute Purity to all contemporary people. For many, this idea is still unacceptable. It depends on the situation in which they find themselves today. Purity is followed by holiness. These are synonyms. Holiness is followed by service. If one is pure and holy, one cannot do anything else but serve. Finally, after serving comes Love. If one does not know how to serve, one cannot love either. If one does not know how to love, one cannot learn either. And if one does not know how to learn, one can never attain freedom. These possibilities are closely interrelated. Whoever begins with Purity has already taken a step forward. This is the natural, normal path in Life. Someone says that he has already aged, but has not lived enough. What is the essence of Life? Suppose that someone lives 100 thousand days on Earth. What will be his needs meanwhile? If he eats 3 times a day, he will need 300 thousand meals. If he drinks water 5 times a day, 250 grams per glass, it means that he will need 125 thousand kilograms of water. And if he tears a suit each day, he will need 100 thousand suits in total. Some scientists claim that the cells of the human body are completely renewed every seven years. Others say that this process occurs every three months. Therefore, according to some scientists, a person changes one’s clothes every seven years, according to other scientists - every three months; and according to me - every single day. A new suit lasts from sunrise to sunset. As you see, someone who has lived 100 thousand days on Earth has done many expenses. How could he justify this expenditure, if he does not serve God, if he does not respect oneself, and love his neighbors? I say to those who are awake: Keep the idea of Purity in your thoughts. May Purity stay as a norm in the minds of all people and be used as a measure in all situations of Life. Purity is a magic wand for every conscious person. When you wake up in the morning, get up with the idea of Purity. May this idea become as beloved for all people as beloved and desired is the beautiful girl as an idea in the youth’s mind. We see how a young man awaits his beloved girl, seeks her, being ready to go to the end of the world for her. May the idea of Purity be like the beloved girl that everyone seeks even at the end of the world. May Absolute Purity be the beloved of everyone! Once you find Purity, stop at a distance before this holy image solely to observe and contemplate it. Once you attain Purity, you will connect to the Sublime World and the Prime Cause of being. Only in the Sublime World, there is constancy and steadfastness. The constant and steadfast things are important to you. What could be better than knowing that there is One Omniscient Being in the world Who loves you at all times, - whenever you are asleep or awake, sick or healthy, learned or ignorant, wealthy or poor? There is nothing better than to realize that the attitude of this Being toward you is never changing. If you serve God, everyone will love you. Someone says, “I want to serve God, so I do not want to get married.” I say: If you try to resolve this issue without God, you will become an unhappy person. On the other hand, if you marry without the approval of God, you will be twice as unhappy. If you do not marry, but you are connected to God, then you will be happy. If you marry with God’s consent and you are both connected to God with your spouse, you will be twice as happy. This idea, expressed in another way, implies that every assignment, every conceived idea of Divine Origin, is pure, sacred, and sublime. Only in Purity can a person be content. What is the purpose of bringing people together? Why do two souls decide to live together? Thus they become two poles through which the Divine Life can manifest Itself. When someone refuses to marry, it suggests that the sphere he moves through is not pure. When a traveler passes by many wellsprings without drinking from them, it shows that they are not pure. And vice versa, if he takes water from them, it is a sign that they are pure. I ask: Will you marry, when you ascend to Heaven? No. Therefore, marriage is a side issue. When we speak about marriage, the first idea to be considered is that one should marry Purity. That is the true marriage. Whoever has not married Purity is a widower. In this sense, when people do not wish to marry Purity, they self-sentence themselves to death. The spiritual sense of marriage is marrying Purity. Whoever marries physically on Earth, will die; whoever stays single, will live. In the Spiritual World the process is reversed - whoever marries Purity will never die. Therefore, the union with Purity is a condition for the continuation of Life. People of today should free their consciousness from all impure images. They need to create pure ideas, pure images of young women and men, of marriage and celibacy, of Love and Eternal Life, of children, and so on. Everyone will be submitted to a thorough inner purification, similar to the traditional full house cleaning done before Easter. Assign beautiful explanations to all happenings and events in Life. When I am told that someone is crying, I do not dwell upon it. I say that it is raining outside so the rain waters the garden of that person and the flowers are happy. When they tell me of someone being happy, I understand that his flowers are blooming with wonderful fragrances lit by the Sun. If I hear that someone beats his wife, I understand that in this home they are threshing wheat to be then stored in the barn. Try to substitute the negative images with pure, vivid ones so that you may preserve the Purity of your consciousness. Now, talking about the Absolute Purity there, it is quite possible that you would pay attention only to one of its facets, only to the external cleanliness. If a young but lazy lad who does not want to do any kind of work strives only for external cleanness, he will ask his father every day for money to buy new clothes, shoes, fragrances, different combs and brushes solely to appeal to the girls. Thus, he will destroy both himself and his father, but he will not be able to achieve his goal. The girls will see him dressed up and clean every day, but they will not like something else about him. They will not see the true human being in him. We cannot go without clothes, but clothes do not make the person. Good clothes attain value only when a wise person wears them. Knowledge and strength adorning the impure person is the same as a bell adorning the swine. I say: Purity is the first condition for attaining the Divine Life. The human souls are longing, praying, and searching for Purity. The Scriptures are full of verses about Purity and Sanctity. Many opportunities arise before pure people. If someone cannot get rid of impurity, the opportunities will remain sealed for this person. Spiritual growth, light, knowledge, strength, and freedom - it all depends on Purity in the physical, and Sanctity - in the Spiritual World. The more Light the spirits have, the more power they have. In the Divine World, everything is determined by Love. When you descend, you will work on the following ideas: service, respect, and affection. Through ascension, you are going to attain Purity, Sanctity, and Love. Today, all of you attended the Feast of Purity, but be careful now not a single crumb of It is to fall on the ground. Gather all bread and give it to those you encounter. Someone says, “May people embrace our ideas and beliefs.” I ask you: What are your ideas? Be pure! What is your creed? Purity! You all should be distinguished by your vigorous aspiration for Purity. Let’s dedicate this day to Purity. You will ask, “Is everything hidden in Purity?” It is the first step on the staircase to the Eternal Life. When you ascend to the second step, you will read again “Purity.” The latter is a broad, inexhaustible world. The Bulgarian word chistota (purity) is not a strong word, but we use it for the lack of a stronger one. That is what every good village lad does when he wants to get married: he searches for the best bride, the most beautiful one, but when he cannot find the wife he fancies, then he takes the best one who lives in the village. They ask him, “Why did you marry this girl? Was there not a better one, a prettier one?” He replies, “This one was the best of all available. As I did not find the one I fancied, I married this girl instead and I am content with her.” Thus, also by necessity, we use this simple, humble Bulgarian word chistota (purity) to express one beautiful, magnificent world. The word chistota (purity) is not very beautiful here on Earth; it is not a strong word. Purity is not a princess. Her father is not rich, but he is a respectable man; her mother is not rich either, but she is a hard-working woman. Therefore, Purity was legally born by good parents. Circumstances need to be favorable for realizing the idea of Purity. At present, Purity is at the stage of a small seed, which should be planted in the soil so that to grow. Let several people take from this seed and form groups of two, three, five, or ten in order to work upon the idea of Purity. Only in this way, the world can be transformed. Many hold the idea that God can do everything, that the Angels assist Him and so on. Since God can do everything, you assume that you do not need to work. This is a false idea - stay away from it! God has His plan of action. He will come to Earth, but will He find people who are ready to work? Everyone should work for self-development and perfection. Do you know what the situation will be for someone who expects a good, happy life, but does not work? I will give you an example to understand this situation. Imagine a young woman, waiting for many years for her beloved to come and create a happy life for her. However, once he arrives, she is bedridden by sickness for the next three years. What can her beloved do? Either depart or wait for her to recover. What would her situation be if her leg was broken while her beloved offered her an automobile ride into town? Her legs need to be healthy so that she can go with him. Every person who lacks virtues is in the position of the girl with the broken legs. The legs of all should be healthy! This will be achieved only when people change their old views and beliefs. Now, when a new idea is revealed to people, they panic. In this respect, they resemble the little children of old times, whose teachers entered the school with canes. Whenever the children saw the teachers bringing in the canes, they knew that a punishment would follow. When one teacher entered the classroom, he saw that the children had raised dust because they were unruly and had messed up the classroom, but in fact he did not know the true culprit. So he began in due order. He hit one on the hand and the other on the head. So, he punished everyone and went out. However, modern teachers do not enter the classroom with canes. Contemporary education does not resemble the old one. There are new methods and ways to educate children nowadays. When I am revealing some new idea, you have fear, due to the old habit of yours. You suppose that I carry a cane in my hand. No, I am without a cane, without a stick. The cane method is not recommendable because it is not economical. When a teacher enters the classroom with a cane, a great deal of his energy goes into it. Teachers should not give their lectures with a cane. Today, the cane is substituted by a pen or pencil. It is like a magic wand that every student should hold in hand during the teacher’s lecture. Therefore, with this magical wand, you are going to write down the idea of Absolute Purity in your consciousness. If someone is interested in what happened at the Fifth Lake, you could answer, “No ear has ever heard and no eye has ever seen what we were told. It was about hygiene, but from the point of view of the Absolute Purity.” Lecture of the Master Beinsa Douno held to the General Esoteric Class at the Fifth Lake of the Rila Mountains, Bulgaria, on August 21, 1929. ------------------------------------------------------ 1. The Bulgarian word chistota is used to signify both the inner purity (as a state of being free from any extraneous elements that could change its essence) and the external purity or cleanliness. 2. Referring to the Seven Lakes region of the Rila Mountains where the Master lectured during the summer months. 3. Damga is the old name of Vazov Summit, 2,669 m, the Seven Rila Lakes Region. 4. Haramiyata is the old name of Haiduta Summit, 2,465 m, the Seven Rila Lakes Region. 5. See also Matthew 5:38–45. 6. See Matthew 5:8. 7. It was a Bulgarian village custom for girls to carry fresh flowers - one or more - behind the ear or in their hair. By taking their flowers the young men court them. 8. The male prayer leader in a mosque.
  4. from The Blossoming of the Human Soul THE KEY OF LIFE I will read the 20th Chapter from the Book of Revelation. I am not going to give you any interpretations. Let everyone interpret it according to their own understanding. There is a fundamental Law stating that food is utilized by every living being according to the degree of its development. Pay attention to the fourth verse of Chapter 20, “And I saw thrones and they sat on them and judgment was committed to them. Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.” All want to rule on Earth today. As you know, people have different ideas about Nature and the place of the Kingdom described in this verse. Where is it located: down on Earth, up in Heaven, or somewhere else in space? People in our society often resemble the little children who are eagerly awaiting what their parents will bring them in the evening. In the same way, theatre and cultural fans anticipate what actors will present on the stage when they go to a performance. After sowing, the farmer relies on the fruit that the field is going to yield. Having his vineyard planted, the vine grower is anticipating to see what grapes the vineyard will produce. All people are waiting for something. When expectations are fulfilled, people rejoice. If the performance is good, they will say, “The roles were presented well; it was great!” When the harvest is rich, they say, “This field produced well.” When the vineyard bears fruit, they say, “The grapes are fine.” When the father brings something at home, children are joyful and say, “Our father is good.” However, this is only one side of life representing the human understanding about the world of today. The reverse side is that sometimes the father would bring nothing at home, the field and vineyard would bear nothing, the performance could turn out to be not as good as expected, and so on. Then people experience total disappointment. The first situation when abundance comes from all sides corresponds to people’s expectations and in this case all are content. Even thieves are satisfied when they succeed in stealing and sad when they fail. In the same way, the righteous people are happy for their achievements and unhappy for their failures. I ask about the difference between their joy and sorrow. They both have their desires fulfilled or not fulfilled. You have to distinguish whether you feel like the righteous or like the thief, the wrongdoer. These are two different situations, upon which you need to ponder. Someone may say, “I am happy.” Then ask yourselves whether your feeling is like the joy of the righteous person or that of the wrongdoer. If you are sad, again ask yourself whether you feel as the righteous person or as the wrongdoer. In my opinion it is better to be realistic and have no illusions as for example, those Bulgarian peasants from Sofia district who, some time ago, went to conquer Istanbul only with their big shepherd’s staffs. The residents of Istanbul captured them, took their staffs and tossed them on a pile. Then they dispersed the peasants, chasing them back to Sofia. I ask: Is it possible to seize a town like Istanbul with shepherd’s staffs only? No, it is not. If your beliefs and convictions, prayers and tears are like the shepherd’s staffs, those who are stronger than you will easily take and toss them on a pile and you will accomplish nothing at the end. If you want to conquer, you must be well armed! With what? If worldly people arm themselves with the best and most powerful weapons in order to achieve their goals, I ask, then, what shall be the arms of spiritual people? I am going to give you an example to see what is reliable in your life. A rabbit stands before you armed with two guns and tells you, “I am with you, so fear nothing! Not a hair on your head shall be touched. Have faith in me! You can rely on me!” A bear comes after the rabbit - it also carries two guns, standing in front and speaking to you, “I am with you so nobody can touch you; rely on me!” I ask you: Who are you going to trust: the rabbit or the bear? You will certainly answer: the bear. It is true that if you rely on the rabbit, nevertheless if there is some danger or not, as soon as it hears the first gunshot, it will run away. The rabbit will be first to react and you will be last. Should you rely on the bear, however, what will happen in case of danger? Let’s say the bear sees a bigger bear in front: it will not flee. This time you will be first and the bear - last. I ask: What will you achieve in each case, if you actually rely on the rabbit and if you rely on the bear? If you think that they can really protect you in life, you are deceiving yourself. The rabbit and bear are symbols of certain external manifestations in the human life. We can interpret them. To rely on the rabbit means to rely on the pleasures of life. As the rabbit flees from the least danger so the person of pleasure is discouraged even by the smallest suffering or trial. The easiest way is when someone desires to indulge in entertainment and have everything in life to his taste. But the legs of pleasure are long like those of the rabbit and it runs fast and far as the rabbit does. The bear, on the other hand, symbolizes the rough life, which I relate to the hard earthly labor. However, neither the life of pleasure nor the life of labor are going to save the world. Those who have only pleasures damage their stomach; those who work too hard damage their hands. Is there any use to ruin your stomach or hands? This is the external side of the issue. Think about the deeper, intrinsic side of it too. Today we all need to get true awareness and understanding of our God-given gift of Life. What should we strive for? Eating and drinking is not what we live for. Neither knowledge and wealth, nor home, family and children is the purpose of our life. What, then, is the intrinsic purpose of Life? Presently, if you desire to solve one of the greatest tasks in your life, first you should know the meaning of Life in its totality. Some people ask, “Is it possible to live without eating and drinking?” It is pointless to discuss that. Eating and drinking are only conditions for preserving life. These conditions are external, so we do not need to talk about them. Everything that is external is not helpful to us. Ponder upon this idea until it becomes clear to you. Imagine someone who has one thousand kilograms of wheat in his barn. He keeps it locked and does not use it to make bread. He is fasting. Staying hungry, he says, “This wheat is stored in the barn for hard times; I am not going to eat it.” Another man has only one kilogram of wheat, but he takes it from the barn, grinds it at the mill, makes bread out of it, bakes it and eats it with the words, “I thank God for what He has given me to eat.” I ask who holds the power: that one who has one kilogram of wheat and makes use of it or the other one who possesses a thousand kilograms of wheat, but keeps it locked in the garner and does not eat it? Whoever uses their kilogram of wheat for nourishment - they hold the power. Someone says, “I want to become learned and holy.” It is the same nonsense as with the person who has one thousand kilograms of wheat in the barn, but fasts. One’s power comes from one’s achievements at every given moment; but it is also found in one’s awareness. God manifests Himself though everyone’s consciousness. Outside of the human being and consciousness, God does not exist. Even if God existed outside of our consciousness, we do not know Him. We do not know what this God would be like. We know God only by His manifestations in our consciousness. You often say, “God can do everything.” It is true that God is all-mighty and can do everything, but it depends on the potentials that you have. Imagine that you are in front of a well and hold a bucket, tied to a thin rope. You are not so strong and cannot draw more than 10 liters of water. On the other hand, I am stronger and with my rope I can draw not only 10, but 100 liters of water. I am observing how you act: you draw only 10 liters of water as you drop your buckets with the thin rope. As the rope is intelligent, it is not satisfied with the small quantity of water and says, “I can draw 100 liters of water, cannot I?” I say: Try! You then take a bigger bucket that can hold 100 liters of water, tie it to your thin rope, and plunge it into the well. You pull the bucket up, but the rope tears and the bucket remains in the well. You wonder at this and say, “Could God not draw 100 liters of water with this rope?” God cannot draw 100, but only 10 liters of water with this thin rope. If you think it is possible, it shows that your conscious perception is wrong. When you say that God is Almighty, it implies God in His Totality, not in His parts. In every single part, in every individual person, God is powerful to the extent to which one can receive, process, and reveal the Divine. Therefore, intelligent people invest time to accomplish what is beyond their actual capacities. They will drop the bucket into the well 10 times in succession in order to draw 100 liters of water. However, if they want to accomplish all this work at once, shortening the duration, they need to find another solution. Otherwise, the rope will break. Often people make mistakes in their lives because they rush. They want to save time. Someone asks, “Why did God not give me wealth? Why did God not make me rich?” Your rope is thin. God Himself is capable of drawing millions and billions liters of water from the well. As to you, you can draw not more than 10 liters because the rope of your consciousness is not strong enough and if you try to draw more, it will break. Now the second process comes: you ask whether this problem could be solved in a different way. There is an alternative. What I give you is a philosophy that can be applied right now, in the present state of your consciousness and being. The solution for the conscious one is to take 10 thin ropes, to wind them in a thicker rope and tie a big bucket to it, dropping it into the well and drawing 100 liters of water. The result will be the same as if you drop the thin rope 10 times into the well, yet the gain will be different. When you do your work yourself, your joy will be greater than if you have resorted to somebody’s help. All ropes that participate in drawing the water are intelligent; therefore, each one will ask for its part, for its share of the accomplished job. After drawing out the water, you may want to keep everything for yourself, but the ropes will begin to quarrel among themselves for their part of the gain. One rope will say, “If it was not for me, you would have accomplished nothing.” The second will say, “If it was not for me, you would have accomplished nothing.” The other ropes will say the same. Yes, all have participated in drawing 100 liters of water, but none of them is able to do it by itself. It means that the 10 ropes together, as well as each rope itself, will receive the same gain; yet, in the first case, the gain will be divided by 10. Each rope will get 10 liters of water. Now you say, “Let’s work in the field or bring water together.” If you work, each one of you alone for the same time, you will have an equal gain as your share of the common work. I ask: Is it worth to share work in this case? Yes, it is. The true worth lies in the encouragement you give to one another. You all will work hard, but will be enthusiastic and happy and will come back home singing. This will be the small added value to the gain. If you work alone, you will spend the whole day in silence. For this reason, when people are conscientious, they could work together in small groups. When unscrupulous people work, each one should work alone in order to avoid conflicts. Someone says, “I want to work alone.” I understand that people around this person are bad and he is not good either. When all people want to work by and for themselves, it is an indication that there is something negative among them. They lack some accord and their thoughts are not right. People often say these and those do not live well, do not live in God’s way. I ask: Which is the criterion for good and bad in the world, for defining what is done in God’s way and what is not. I say that none can do anything in God’s way. Why? Man does not do his work on his own. When you do something, you would better say, “Lord, accomplish my work as You see it.” Why? Every work that God performs is excellent. After that say, “Lord, now in turn I am going to accomplish my work in You. After I complete my life mission, You, my Lord, will evaluate it.” When I am performing my work, I do not evaluate it myself. I let God say how it is done. When it comes to God’s Works, I have only one opinion, not two. I appreciate them all, saying, “God’s Works are always good!” All philosophers and scholars in the world may gather and try to dissuade me, but they will not succeed. I know for sure that all God’s Deeds are good. No matter how you examine them, I say that God’s works are perfect. The Divine in the core of the human being can really appraise God’s Works. God in turn, evaluate human deeds. If you want to know what I can accomplish, ask God, not me or any other person. Therefore, do not dwell on what people think of you. Trust God’s thought about you. The Law says: If God in you approves your works, you are blessed. Many people of today have certain philosophy or system of beliefs. In order to please the world, they say, “We will go into the world to show who we are.” I ask: For so many years has the world said anything new about good people? Only God has the right to evaluate human actions and only a highly intelligent person can speak of God’s works. Why? It is because when doing some work for God, the person has no private interests; while in human works, the personality is involved. When it is said that we will be put on trial, it implies that we will be evaluated for our deeds, life, for everything we have done for God. Only God is the One to assess. I do not worry what I say about God’s Works. In the same way, I do not worry what God will say about my works. I have only one opinion about God’s Works. It implies that God will treat me in the same way as I treat Him. If you have any doubt about this, you will say, “God may treat us differently.” Yes, but if God treats you differently, it would indicate that you have had ambiguity about Him. The Law is the same. I say: First of all, you should fully perceive that the fundamental Truth of God is active in your soul. Greatness of the soul, greatness of the genius, talented, gifted, or righteous person is in the awareness that all is due to God, all that evolves within us at any given moment is a manifestation of God in action. Christ says, “My Father works.” Where? Within me, in my soul and consciousness, in my heart and mind. God works in different places. As a result of this work, all people strive to do something wonderful. Many ask what to do now. There is a Great Law stating that if you do not love God, you cannot do even the smallest good. Therefore, it is paramount for you to love God. If you do, God will reveal Himself to you and your love will merge with His. Now I am going to give you the following rule: Work with the positive laws of Wisdom and the positive methods of Love! You have applied the negative laws of Wisdom and the negative methods of Love by now, that is why you have negative results in your work. There are no laws in God’s Love; it is a Law in itself. No law ever existing can limit Love. Should you live according to whatsoever law of Love, you are going to fall into many mistakes and delusions. In Love there are methods, the best methods at that. Therefore, the life of Wisdom is represented by Laws, while the life of Love - by methods. Now you will begin asking endless questions: What are these Laws of Wisdom and what are the methods of Love? They are inscribed in our souls. Look for them there and you will find them. If you ask such questions, I assume that you have one kilogram of wheat in your barn and have started to eat from it, but you want to gain one thousand kilograms. If your aim is one thousand kilograms, you are of the fasting people. Some say that they have fasted a lot. I ask: Has God benefited anyhow from your fasting? He has only losses. If you eat too much, God loses again. When you eat moderately, you do God’s Work. If you eat and give thanks for the food, God is pleased with you. If you overeat, you suffer and God within you too. You say, “My throat is dry!” God is saying to you, “I have given you a lot of water; drink the purest water so that your throat does not get dry!” I will give you a Law with two methods of application: negative and positive. Imagine that a person who is an alcoholic from an early age stands in front of you. You want to direct him in the right path and advise him not to drink wine. He replies to you: “I cannot do without drinking wine. I have inherited this weakness from my parents. It is not easy to give it up!” And so, he continues to drink. In this case you applied the negative method. After that you apply the positive method saying to this person, “Drink of the purest nectarous water that exists in the world!” The salvation of the alcoholic lies in this method. Do not tell him not to drink wine, but tell him to drink of the purest nectarous water. Should he drink of it, he will never think of wine again. You often say, “We should not hate!” This is another example of the negative method. It is the same as saying to the alcoholic not to drink. What can be achieved with this method? Nothing. In other words, it gives negative results. Apply the positive method in your life. Instead of saying you should not hate, fill your soul with the highest Love, which the most elevated and noble souls have applied on Earth. You say, “We should believe!” No, apply faith! Apply the sublime noble faith, which saints, righteous, and good people have and which can move forests and mountains. Have this mighty faith and say to the mountain, “Move!” If it is the Mount Vitosha, go there and see the results. First it may seem to you that it has not moved at all, but when you arrive there, you will see that it has slightly moved. Have you performed such an experiment to test the power of your faith and thought? In reality, the human being is the biggest mountain that needs to move. If I move, the Mount Vitosha will also move. If not, it is a sign that I am a dead person. The living, wise person of strong faith always moves on. In this case, the Mount Vitosha - it is me! If you understand me literally, you will have one kind of outcome. If you understand me in essence, you will have a completely different result. If you have a strong faith and powerful thought, you will prove this Law and see that the Mount Vitosha has moved. If it has not, that is for the sole reason that your faith is weak. If the mountain has not moved, the rope that you have let down into the well is weak. This does not imply that God is weak; but, rather, that your rope is weak. Therefore, you should find a strong rope: not to break, when let down in the well and able to make the Mount Vitosha move. If you have such faith, you will be able not only to make the mountain move, but also the Sun rise in the west, not in the east as normal. If the Sun would rise in the west, the order in the world would not be disturbed. On the contrary, the world would be much better and more harmonious. What is the philosophical interpretation of the fact that the modern day Sun rises in the east and sets in the west? If east represents everything positive in the world and west - everything negative, then what is the contribution of the Sun rising from the good and setting to the bad so far? Would it not be better if the Sun rises in the west and sets in the east? In this way it would lead the world from bad to good. Where is that one who can make the Sun rise from the west? When I speak to you like that, if you take it literally, you would ask, “Does all this apply to the physical world?” The physical manifestations are a reflection of the manifestations existing in the Spiritual World. When Christ says that strong faith can move mountains, it concerns the essence of faith. The Mount Vitosha exists in the Spiritual World too. If its place or the place of any other object could be changed in the Spiritual World, its shadow in the physical world will also move. As soon as an object moves, its shadow moves too. However, if we wish to move the shadow of an object, this is a difficult task because the shadow moves by a different Law. Only the Sun is capable of moving the shadow of objects. Yet, if I fully comprehend the Law, I will be able to lift my hand and move the shadow wherever I want. Once you lift the Mount Vitosha, you can move its shadow then wherever you desire. And so, application is required of you as well as deep inner thought. If you have such thought, in one day or minute you will be able to complete your development. You say, “After we complete our development, what are we going to do?” You will come back to Earth to serve others. If you have 40 days at your disposition to harvest all your fields, you will accomplish this in one day and the remaining 39 days you will use to help your fellowmen. One day you will work for Ivan; the second day, for Dragan; the third day, for Stoyan, and so on. You will go to Ivan and tell him, “Ivan, have you not finished harvesting yet?” “I have not.” “Come on, I am going to help you.” Within one day you will finish his work and will go to Dragan. “Dragan, have you already finished your work?” “I have not.” “Come on, let’s finish it together.” The two of you will get down to work and in one day will finish everything. The third day you will go to Stoyan and will help him as well. In these 39 days you will finish the work of all your neighbors. They will reach perfection and, in the same way, will go to help still others. Work is required of all: in this world and in the World beyond. Some people think that, when they pass to the World beyond, they will be greeted by the Angels with garlands and songs and sitting with them, they will play music on harps. No, work awaits you there too! Many say that they have completed their development and the Almighty God has spoken to them directly. They have completed their development, but cannot draw even 10 liters of water from the well. The Almighty God has spoken to them, yet no one wants to give them some bread. How is this possible? Do not be deceived. It is a delusion. It is like in the case of a drunkard who, under the influence of the alcohol taken, says, “Do you know who I am?” Boom! And he breaks a window. One should attain the Truth that will set him free in order to overcome the delusional state. You have not yet learned what Freedom is! The Scriptures say, “Do not be slaves to people!”[1] Do not be slaves to beliefs that delude you. Praise the Lord and be free! That one who wants to be free should give freedom to people. Often people fix on the negative manifestations of Life. It is true that Life has negative sides, coming as a result of the karmic Law - the Law of Cause and Effect. Karma implies destiny, but people must free themselves of destiny. God says, “I will erase your sins. I will erase your past life, your crimes. Not a trace will remain of all that! And then I will instill the new within you.” Freedom is the first thing you need in order to manifest Life in its positive side. You say, “What should be done with the world?” You should know that the world does not exist outside of you. God who lives in me is the Creator of the world and for this reason I do not need to search for the world outside of myself. Only God, who has created the world, knows the true ways and methods how to put it right. Therefore, I do not need to worry about the world and its redemption. The redemption of people and of the entire world is not my task. Only the Almighty God can put things in order and save the world. People ask, “What will be the result of our lives?” If you have lived with the negative methods of Life, you are going to have negative results. If you have suffered all your life without any understanding of this suffering, so will be the results of your life. Someone who has fasted for 10 days says, “I tormented myself with this fast, but have understood nothing.” Yes, if you have fasted and have only tormented yourself, without learning anything, this fast does not serve its God-intended purpose. Fasting is not bad. It is needed, but when it is used in a conscious way, so that to give good results. The meaning of Life is not in fasting. However, it is necessary as a conscious discipline. Christ, too, fasted for 40 days. He went to the desert where he spent 40 days in fasting and praying. Completing this experience, he attained a great enlightenment. When he returned to His disciples they asked him, “What should we do now?” Christ answered them, “One cannot live by bread alone, but by every Word that comes from God.”[2] It implies the existence of another way of eating. Fasting shows that one can be nourished otherwise - by the Word of God as well. The New Life lies in this way of nourishment. I will make a comparison between the old and the new way of nourishment. Take, for example, a rich man, a gastronome who loves to have abundant food at his meals. He sits down to dine and immediately his table is piled with roasted chicken, duck, geese, all sorts of fruit, and all other dishes and drinks. There is nothing that he has not tasted. He says, “This is the way one should live!” This is the old way of eating. However, one day the stomach of this man gets upset, he gradually loses weight and sends for a doctor to examine him. The doctor says, “From now on all geese, duck, chicken, lamb, pork, apples, and pears are banned. You can eat only rice soup: two teaspoons every two hours. This is the only way that you can be cured.” When his wife comes to his room, he asks, “Dear, what time is it? Is it time for my rice soup?” The man is punctual; he does not want to miss the time; he wants to save himself. He knows that his salvation lies in this rice soup. When friends and relatives come to visit him, they ask, “How is your health?” “I feel better, thank you. The doctor told me that if I continue to eat in the old way, I will die.” This is the new way of eating. I am referring to the rice soup as a symbol of the new way of eating. It represents pure, high-quality food. Today people fast and limit eating only when they are ill. One says, “The doctor ordered me to eat two teaspoons of rice soup every two hours.” It is neither a conscious way of fasting, nor a new way of eating. This person eats like that by necessity. Do not take it literally. Only the healthy, intelligent, and high-principled person can eat in a new way. If you eat in the new way, it will introduce peace and strength into your souls. What can you accomplish in this world if you lack peace and strength? Many say, “Let God be at our side!” By saying this, they exclude God from themselves. God is in us, not outside us. Someone says, “I have a very difficult problem to resolve.” The Scripture says that God constantly works within us.[3] Since God works constantly within us, our consciousness needs to be vigilant in order to observe how God in us thinks, feels, and solves our problems. If you get into a difficult situation, stay calm - begin to contemplate and observe how God in you will solve it. Not even five minutes will pass and you will see how the problem is going to be solved. After that you say, “My problem is really solved. I have only one opinion of God and now it is confirmed once again. All God’s Works are perfect.” You may say, “This is theoretical but not practical.” No, the same is true in practice. I will give you an example from the real life in order to demonstrate to you that theory and practice are the same for the one who listens to his inner guidance and fulfills what God is telling him from within. Two brothers quarreled with each other over the inheritance left by their father. The older brother took a bigger part; the younger brother took the smaller part. For 15 years they had been quarrelling among themselves. They hated each other and each one spoke badly about the other. One day the older brother awakes for the Divine speaking to him, “What you did to your brother is not good. Go, make peace, reconcile with him and give him everything. You will work and make a living with what you earn by your labor.” The older brother obeyed this inner Voice and went to the home of his brother. At the same time, the Divine began speaking to the younger brother as well and so he said to himself, “I am already tired of this quarrel! I have been embroiled with my brother for so many years and what is my gain from this? I will go to reconcile and tell my brother that I leave all legacy from our father to him. What I can earn by myself is enough for me.” As spoken, so was done. The younger brother also headed toward his brother to make peace and reconcile. As he was on his way, the brothers met on the way to each other. The older brother said to the younger, “Brother, I come to make peace with you. Everything that I took from my father, I give it to you. I am going to live on what I earn with my labor.” “Is that so? I, too, decided to do likewise,” said the younger brother. “Then let the two of us work together!” The two brothers got together, made peace, and began to work together. I say: This is the way you can solve all problems and inner misunderstandings. I ask: Should we divide the Divine in us? Should we argue over it? No, let us sanctify the name of God who lives in us. Let us place God high in us, in our consciousness in order to act there. Many are interested to learn more about the New, the Divine Teaching. The Divine Teaching is in this: allowing God to act in our consciousness and God allowing us to act in Him. What is the foundation of the New Teaching? God works in me and I work in God. How are you going to understand this? Only after you try it. You cannot determine the New Teaching without trying it. Someone says, “I have made an attempt.” How many attempts? Only one. In the Divine Teaching the attempts are unceasing and without interruption. The Divine manifests Itself unceasingly. And so, I am going to define the difference between the Divine and human. The Divine manifests Itself and remains for eternity. The human manifests itself and remains only for a day. All that is unceasing and eternal in us is Divine. All that is short-lived is human. Happiness and joy that soon disappear are human. Happiness and Joy that never disappear are Divine. The goodness that manifests itself and disappears is human; the goodness that manifests itself and does not disappear is Divine. Love that appears fast and burns up is human. Love that does not fail in any circumstances, but constantly increases and lasts forever is Divine. Knowledge that cannot solve your problems in life is human. And knowledge that is helpful in all difficult situations in life is Divine. The Divine lives eternally; there is no interruption in It. It is the Great Presence that works in our souls. Only through the Divine can all your ideals and aspirations be attained. I say to those who are willing to follow the Divine Path: Put your packs on your backs and go forward. Do not turn back to look at what is happening behind you! Do not occupy yourselves with the old. God who lives in us will create the New world - the New Heaven and Earth. It is said in the Scripture, “Earth and Heaven fled from His Face.”[4] Which Earth and Heaven is it spoken about? The old Earth and Heaven, in other words, the old beliefs and concepts. The New Heaven and Earth, the new beliefs and concepts are being created now. When the old scene falls down, the new one comes up. When the old sun sets, the day is not over. The New Sun rises! The sun of today will set, it will die; but the New Sun will come tomorrow. God creates a New Sun every day. Can you imagine this? Every belief that goes down does not represent the true faith, as it dies and is buried. People of today say, “What have we come to! In the old days, in our youth, we loved each other. We got along, but nothing of this love has remained by today.” I will give you an example with a grandfather named Stoyan from the village of Golyama Mogila (Big Hill). He liked to brag about his great heroism when he was young. Now when he was 90 years old, he took his staff, walked to a big ditch and said to himself, “Way back, when I was young I easily jumped over the biggest ditches! Let me try and see if I can jump over this ditch.” He started running and oops! He found himself in the ditch! Caught in this situation, he said to himself, “How strange; in my youth it was not like this, not at all! With the age one becomes a laughing stock to people.” When he got out of the ditch, he looked around to see if someone could hear him and said to himself, “As it was in the youth, so it is in the old age.” It is true: a strong person cannot become weak. And vice versa, weak people cannot become strong because they are weak by nature. If the human is strong in someone, they are weak. If the Divine is strong in someone, they are strong too. We can draw the following conclusion from this: If your love is human, it is weak; if it is Divine, it is strong and constant. Divine Love is the same when one is young and when one is old. Human love is hot in the youth and cold in the old age. It is just the opposite with Divine Love: it is weak at the beginning and strong at the end. Only the love of mother remains unchanged at all times: from the embryo stage of her child in the womb until its old age. There was once a 90year-old priest who addressed his 60-year-old son with “my little boy” while patting him on his back. He did not see him as an old man with a white beard and mustache but as a little boy. The same relationships exist in Divine Love that calls its children gently with the words, “My child; my little kid!” If people are deceived by the outer appearance of things, life becomes meaningless. Everyone who grows old in the Life of Love walks in the human path. Everyone who weakens in Knowledge walks in the human path. Everyone who makes mistakes in his life walks in the human path. There are two paths in life: human and Divine. Someone excuses himself saying, “Sorry that I am a bit abrupt, rude, I have my weaknesses.” He must not excuse himself, but simply say the truth, “I am following the human path.” Nobleness is expressed in one’s constant improvement. When people of noble character make mistakes, they say, “This is human” and put these aside. When they do good deeds, they say, “This is Divine” and put these aside too. The most prominent philosophers and learned people also make mistakes. There is not a faultless human being in the world. A famous writer wrote a remarkable novel. He wanted it to be flawlessly printed. The whole book was really published without mistakes except one, which was made in the title of the novel among the block letters. So what? If there is one mistake, you are going to correct it. Human mistakes are allowed and are inevitable. If you want to find perfection in the human, you are on the wrong path. Perfection exists only in the Divine. The human represents a method to apply the Divine. If you do not understand things in this way, you are on the wrong path and you will achieve nothing in the end. All great and righteous people, whether religious or worldly, believed in God’s Path. In my opinion there are two categories of people: those who walk in the God’s Path and those who walk in the human path. The first have their inner life regardless of being religious or worldly people. The second follow the human path and their focus is outside, regardless of their belonging to any religious society or to the world. The results of the human path are one; those of the Divine Path are quite different. These two paths need to come together. When the weak, the human, comes under the control of the Divine, it will strengthen and improve. Only God in us has the Power to liberate us from our weaknesses and only we are able to use God’s Power for good. Everyone wants to use God’s Power and can do it, provided that that person has only one opinion of God: whatever is done by God within is good. All is over for that one who says that what is done by God is not good. Whatever happens to you, say, “This is for good!” Some people of today ask themselves why things happen in one and not in another way. I say: Everything happens by the Great Laws of Intelligent Nature. Others ask, “What is the right way of praying? Where should we gather for praying and settling some issues?” I say: Behold where the birds gather. They make their meetings and gatherings in the air. Many birds gather, exchange important thoughts, and then disperse. Can you not, like birds, make your meetings in the air? The Samaritan woman asked Jesus the same question two thousand years ago. She said to Him, “Sir, I perceive that You are a prophet. Our fathers worshipped on this mountain, yet you Jews say that in Jerusalem is the place where we must worship.” Jesus said to her, “Woman, believe Me, the hour is coming when you will neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem, worship the Father. But the hour is coming and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and Truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and Truth.”[5] The true service to God is not in the external form; it is not on the physical plane. In respect to serving God, we should be perfect! Those who worship God need to worship Him in Spirit and Truth! Moreover, if you want to be happy on Earth, you should not search for happiness in the sand, as some gold-seekers who constantly mix and wash the sand away in bottles full of pure water. No happiness can be found in this way. Whoever is willing to serve God should know that God lives and acts in all people. If you think like that, your relationships with others will be genuine. Many people say, “Everything takes time. Everything evolves.” Yes, I agree with you. Time and evolution are necessities, but for whom? For the weak person. Evolution exists for the weak, not for the strong one. The strong evolve by helping the weak, uplifting them on the path. These are the great, enlightened people in the world. If someone has a thin rope and can draw only ten liters of water with it, but he needs one thousand liters to draw from the well, what must he do? He is weak himself; so, it will take him time to use the thin rope and drop the bucket in the well one hundred times, so that to draw one thousand liters of water. However, if the same person has had a stronger rope, he could draw one thousand liters of water at a time. This example indicates that evolution is for the weak, not for the strong people. For people of might and power things happen instantaneously. I believe that you have already understood this concept. To those who have not, I say: Go to the well once, twice, three times, one hundred times! When you come from there, I will ask you what you have learned. If you have learned something, you will no longer go back to the well. You have already acquired some experience and now you have certain knowledge. If you have not attained the necessary experience and life knowledge, you will continue to go back to the well. The following Law exists in Nature: Water will appear by itself on the Earth’s surface as wellsprings in order to serve the enlightened individuals - therefore, they will not need to draw it mechanically, by pumps. I say this again: Water goes to the enlightened people by itself; they do not need to make efforts to reach it. Our relationship to water is like our relationship to God. When we love God, He will abide in us; when we do not love Him, He remains outside of us. We will then search for Him left and right, up and down, but will not find Him. Then, like the psalmist, we will say, “I bathe my pillow in tears, but You are not here, Lord.”[6] What is the reason that we cannot find the Lord? God is in you; do not search for Him outside of you. Everyone understands things as they are innerly displaced. I say: The proper way to understand things in life is to know how God has created them. Observe yourselves and you will see that, as your consciousness expands every day, things reveal newer and richer expressions every day. The bounties of the world and the world itself, everything in it is hidden in the human soul and spirit. Now, do not think that anyone can extinguish the small, microscopic light shining in your soul and spirit. That is the imperishable Divine Fire in the human being. It never burns out in spite of the conditions and circumstances in one’s life. The human fire, on the other hand, is like a fire made by linen and hemp. In some villages maidens make such a fire for their work-bee gatherings - the flames rise high, but after 10–15 minutes they die out. Remember that everything that is like the burning hemp and linen bursts into flame fast, rises high, and burns out quickly. The human does not last for a long time. Therefore, you should not place your faith in the human. If you desire to be strong, rely on the Divine within you! Place your faith in it. The moment you lose it, you are weak. The moment you gain it, you are strong. Should you interrupt your connection with God’s Consciousness, you will enter the human and therefore, will fall under the Law of Evolution. Should you connect with the Divine, you enter into the World of God’s Manifestations. The human world is a world of reincarnation and entanglement into matter, while the Divine World is a world of spiritual presence. I know two worlds. If you are strong, you join the manifestations of the Divine World and the Law of Spiritual Presence. If you are weak, however, you enter the Law of Incarnation - descending into the material world. Someone says, “I believe in evolution. Only through evolution will our ideals come true.” I agree; nevertheless, evolution is for weak people. As for strong people, the Divine needs to prevail over the human. Do not mix up these two worlds. Rather, begin to purify your consciousness of all minor things so that you can discern at any given moment in which world you are now. I ask: Which is the most important concept you have ever heard of? To me, the most important concept for every person is that one, which is best understood and applied in life. It is like the quantity of one kilogram of wheat from which one can prepare bread to eat. All other, which is not understood and applied, is like one thousand kilograms of wheat staying in the barn. The same law is valid in mathematics and some other branches of science. If you can work with the numbers from 1 to 10, you will also understand all other rules and manipulations in mathematics. Whoever does not understand the digits cannot manipulate the rest as well. All religious people speak about serving God. There are two ways: serving with beliefs and serving with devotion and faith - without any doubt and hesitation. In such service, when suffering and trials come, the person smiles a little and says, “It is God’s Will; everything is for good.” When Poverty comes, you ask, “Who has sent you to me?” “God.” Then you say, “I will tell you why you are such. You are Poverty because you do not obey God.” Right after you have dealt with Poverty, Ignorance comes. You ask, “Who has sent you to me?” “God.” “You are Ignorance because you do not listen to God and do not want to learn.” After Ignorance Illness comes. You ask, “Who has sent you to me?” “God.” “You are Illness because you do not love health and do not care about it. If you want people to love you, bring them health instead of diseases. Go away now, I have no free time to deal with you.” Finally, Transgression comes. You ask, “Who has sent you to me?” “God.” “Go and serve God, fulfill His Will and soon you will have wings.” “But I am a wrongdoer.” “Go ahead and err no more. Do what you have never done before!” “But I have an addiction, I drink much alcohol.” “It does not matter. You may drink, but drink from the nicest nectarous water.” That is how people of true faith deal with all negative situations in their life. It is the right way of action and all can acquire freedom by it. All who seek freedom should apply this method. Many think that their life is empty and meaningless. No, your life, as small as it is in comparison to the entire Life, holds some meaning, though not the essence of the Whole. As an ant’s life does not affect the entire life of Creation, neither does a separate person’s life. Only the Divine within the human being can arrange Life in all its phases. There is nothing more wonderful and beautiful than living in God! Only then can one perceive God’s Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice, Virtue, Mercy, Kindness, Restraint, and others. Everyone who meets such a person will greet him with a smile. All Beings who live with God and in God are smiling. In one of the deserts there was a crystal pure lake reflecting everything. Every evening, at the peak of heat, all animals: bears, tigers, lions, rabbits, and snakes gathered there to drink water, yet none of them did any harm to others. Why? Because every animal bent down to drink water and after quenching their thirst, they all went peacefully to their homes. The big thirst had fully absorbed their attention and they had not even given a thought of fighting with others. Tigers, wolves, bears, rabbits, and snakes - they all drank water together. I say: In the same way there is a place where all people can come to a mutual understanding. Which is that place? The pure crystal lake. Go to this lake, all of you! It is the Lake of Divine Love, where the human souls need to go as to a drinking pool. You may ask, “How will we find this lake?” Go to the animals. They will tell you how they find the pristine wellsprings in the mountains. The soul that is thirsty will find this wellspring on its own. However, a soul that is not thirsty cannot find it. Now I am not going to draw any conclusions. Remember: When God begins to act through you and your consciousness, it is the beginning of things and this beginning is good. When God works, the beginning is good as well as the end. As the beginning, so is the end - the fruit of the work. God says, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.” When one works in the human way, human is the beginning and God is the end; however, when one works in the Divine way, God is the beginning and human is the end. That is why the Scriptures say, “And the Lord will be your rear guard!”[7] In the Divine it is vice versa - we will be the rear guard, while God will be the beginning. If you can understand and apply these ideas, you will have the best results. If not, you will remain in the old life. I say: Begin to work and do not think about the old life. Do not ask about your past. Live in the present turned to the future, where the New Life lies. If you are wise and observe the Laws of Great Nature, you are able to change your own destiny. When the Divine is prevailing in you, your life will improve. The sage is able to beautify everything, while the fool can ruin even the loveliest things. Everything is up to us. If God lives in us, we will be strong and can do everything. Do not speak to people that God lives in you. You would better demonstrate your power by example. If God lives in you, you will be able to solve even the most complicated problem. You are asked for example, about the square root of a given number and you give the answer immediately. The Divine resolves things instantly. What are the features distinguishing the student of the New Teaching? Heart as pure as crystal, mind as bright as the Sun, soul as noble and vast as the entire Universe and spirit as powerful as God and one with God! When you have some difficulty related to your heart, bring out its principle and say, “As a student I must have a crystal pure heart, without any filth left in it.” When the difficulty is mental, say, “My mind should be as bright as the Sun, without any darkness.” When difficulty comes in respect to your soul, say, “My soul should be as noble and vast as the entire Universe, without any kind of small-mindedness.” Lastly, when you have difficulty related to your spirit, say, “My spirit should be as powerful as God and one with God!” Every time, when you find yourself in a difficult situation, take the principle corresponding to the case and say it several times throughout the day. Evil comes to you and tells you, “You can transgress a little bit.” Answer, “No, I should keep my heart as pure as crystal!” You read this principle and put the text in your pocket. Evil comes to you to test your mind, “This work can be done in another way.” “No, I will preserve my mind as bright as the Sun.” “Could it be less bright - like an electrical lamp?” “No, it cannot!” After that, evil tries to tempt your soul. But you will reply, “My soul should be as vast as the Universe.” Finally evil is going to probe your spirit. But you will tell it, “My spirit should be as powerful as God and one with God.” After all these attempts, evil will wonder what to do and will say, “These are learned people; I cannot tempt them with anything.” I want you to be absolutely free: in your views and beliefs, in your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Imagine that you lived in the time of Christ and some people from His circle were trying to persuade you that He is the true Christ and the expected Messiah. Yet, others were trying to persuade you the opposite. Thus a conflict arises in your soul. You search for Christ, but you are confused. I advise you to trust your inner creed, your deepest conviction. Do not search for Christ here and there; He is in you, within your soul. Only the free person can find God and be one with Him. When we meet, we should have only a high opinion of one another. Why? It is because God lives in every one of us. If you think in this way, you will say, “This brother is excellent because God works in him.” This Teacher is excellent because God reveals through him.” If we are bearers of the Divine, our hearts get purified, our minds - enlightened, our souls - expanded, and our spirits - strengthened. Only God in you can do this. You say, “Our life is hard and difficult.” Stop suffering! “It is difficult to love one another.” Why do you struggle to love? When God comes to live in you, He will show you how to love. He will teach you the methods of Love and the Laws of Wisdom. You will come to love through Him then and your Love will become sacred. It will be a blessing both for the one you love and the one who loves you. And so, I address you all: young and old, spiritual workers and those who are not, and I invite you all to begin your service. Some say, “We have not learned everything yet.” Yes, Knowledge cannot be poured into your heads with a funnel. Virtue cannot be poured either. Allow the Divine to act in you and when manifesting, behave as the two brothers. Sacrifice your personal welfare for the Divine in you. If you do not do it, there will be a conflict arising in you. Many ask, “Should we be learned?” Of course, you should. We are not satisfied with common knowledge, with ordinary love, wisdom, truth, virtue, and justice. If it is about knowledge, we strive for God’s Knowledge. If it is about love, wisdom, truth, justice, and virtue, we strive to attain God’s Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice, and Virtue. The trivial things do not exist in our dictionary. The Divine, Great, Sublime, Real is our ideal - all that, which creates shadows, but is not a shadow Itself. You say, “I am ignorant.” Do not speak about ignorance. “I am sinful.” Do not speak about sin. “I am weak.” Do not speak about weakness. Apostle Paul said, “We, who are strong, need to carry the weak.” I say that God, Who is strong, will carry our weaknesses. Every one who has God living within him can carry the weak. I say to the weak: God can live in you and then you will become strong. God can live in all of you and make you strong. Therefore, give God unlimited freedom to act in you. Do not give Him instructions how to do it. Do not ask God for clothes, shoes, or hats. Instead, begin with the essential: with Life. Clothes, shoes, and hats will come by themselves. Once the Divine Life flows into you, you will have everything. It is a beautiful life bringing freedom to our souls. When you get up joyful in the morning, know that God’s Face is smiling in you. There is no greater blessing than that - to see God’s Face joyous and pleased. Many of you are buried in the tomb groaning and shouting underneath. I say: Raise the stone from your grave and come out! When they placed Christ in the grave, they put a gravestone on Him and there was a big rock over that. Could He remove the rock of His grave by Himself? He had received eighty thousand hits from the Roman soldiers and had wounds from the four big nails hammered in His hands and feet, so He was too weak and could not remove the rock from his gravestone by Himself. An Angel came from Heaven, removed the rock from the grave and Christ rose from the dead. Today you are weak too, as Christ was at the Cross. You are all crucified. You have nails in your hands and feet. But there is one essential difference between you and Christ. Christ died and resurrected, while you are nailed to the cross, but have not yet died. I will give you an example to clarify what I have in mind. A preacher in America sermonized about generosity. He was telling people that, for salvation, one should sacrifice oneself for God: in other words, one should sacrifice the human for the Divine. One of the listeners, a very rich man, attending the sermon, said, “No, one can be saved without sacrifices, without great generosity. How did the villain who was crucified next to Christ save himself? What sacrifice did he make?” The preacher answered him, “The villain on the cross was dying, while you are still alive.” The same is true for each one of you. You are crucified, but have not yet died. When you die, it will be a different matter. All the difficulty is while you are on the cross. You are crucified and you cry out. You make noise. Christ too, while He was still alive on the cross cried out, “God, why have you left Me to be mocked and profaned by people?”[8] God told Him, “This Work is finished.” Christ replied, “If so, let Your Will be done! Father, into Your Hands I commit My Spirit.”[9] After Christ passed on, they took His body down from the cross, laid it in the grave, put a gravestone and a rock on it and left it there, where it stayed for three days. On the third day an Angel came down from Heaven, removed the rock from the gravestone, lifted the gravestone from the grave and Christ resurrected. You, too, will cry from the cross, “My God, my God, why have you left me to be mocked and profaned by the world?” God will say, “It is all finished.” Nicodemus will come then and will ask for permission to take your body down from the cross. He will wrap you in a shroud; will place you in a grave, closing it with a gravestone and a rock over it. After that the priests will seal your grave so that your disciples could not come to take your body. Three days later an Angel from Heaven will come to remove the rock and roll off the gravestone: then you will resurrect. I say: It is easy when you are taken down from the cross. The trial is before that, when you are still alive on the cross. Finally, you need to die! By “death” we imply transformation of your consciousness. When Christ died on the cross, His consciousness was transformed. He received enlightenment about the Great Order in the world and the New Life that is coming into being. When you awake, the old life will give way to the New one and you will be taken down from the Mystical Cross of suffering. After that an Angel will descend from Heaven to roll away the gravestone from your grave and so, through resurrection, you will enter the New Life and enjoy its freedom. Only then God will come to live in you and you will begin your true service on Earth. After resurrection, Christ spent full 40 days among his disciples, invisible to the world, but continuing to preach to them. It is written in the New Testament, “Then He opened their mind to understand the Scriptures.”[10] Only the resurrected one attains the Real, eternal, essential life - Life of immortality. Now, I believe you have understood everything I spoke to you. These are words of liberation. Those who have understood my words, create among yourselves a Divine home of harmony and unity - unity of thoughts, feelings, actions, and aspirations in all possible aspects. We stand for the Great life manifesting itself in all directions: physical, spiritual, and Divine of the United Divine Being. Be bearers of this unity! It is the essence of the Divine Teaching, which you should apply every day in your life. If you do it, you will need no other philosophy or teaching. After you have applied and tested it, you may tell other people how you have found this Path. And so, work hard throughout the year and apply the Divine Teaching. I call this year Divine - a year of purification. Last year was a year of Love. A mother, after delivery, begins to clean the baby because it cannot do it alone, being weak and helpless. In the future, this one may become a genius, saint, or a great scientist, but in the infant age the mother does the cleaning two or three times a day until the child grows up. Adults need cleaning too, until the Divine becomes strong in them. Cleaning is as natural and needed for adults as for little children. When the Divine in you gains in strength and prevails over the human, you will become capable of living a sublime ideal Life. Until then, you must purify yourself constantly. All people have weaknesses. The human weaknesses are conditions for the manifestation of the soul. When the soul finds itself in these limiting conditions, it begins to ramble here and there like a bee that dashes and hits against the closed window of a palace until it gets free. The soul does not see that there is an obstacle ahead. The obstacles in the world are necessary for our progress. When the Divine comes into us, it will liberate our souls from all obstacles and limitations. I say: You all need an absolute, positive faith! This Teaching may look difficult to you. You say, “We can understand and apply the Divine Teaching, but our faith is weak.” That is not true! Your faith is not weak. You ask, “Shall we abandon the world in order to serve God?” No, you will live in the world. Everyone will complete their duties wherever they are. “How to do it, which methods to use?” The methods of the Divine Teaching. You all know the results from using the old methods of the past. People of the past lived in the forests. They served in monasteries and worshipped God in churches, but still their assignments were not completed. What is needed now is serving by inner freedom. May each of you listen to the inner voice deep inside oneself in order to find out the true methods for spiritual work. Thus one can be free. Only when the Divine awakes in a person, It can make this person free. I will give you an example with one of the American criminals, who was arrested for a number of robberies and crimes. He was bound with ropes and put on a cot, so people were sure that he could not escape. One night the jailer who was responsible for him entered his cell with a candle and, in his haste to leave, he left the candle behind. Seeing himself alone in the cell, the criminal looked at the candle and exclaimed, “This is a way for my escape!” He lifted his feet toward the flame, burned the rope and freed his legs. After that he burned the rope on his hands too and without the ropes, free from his limiting conditions, he opened the window and ran away. If your hands and feet are bound by the evil in the world, but God has left a candle in your room, will you ask what to do? Burn the rope! “But is it allowed?” It goes without saying! Was evil allowed to bind you? Everyone, by his own will, can place the rope on the candle flame to burn it and become free. “Should I go out through the window or through the door?” Through the window is better. If it is closed, go out through the chimney! Get out from where you can. You do not need other philosophy. Everyone must win freedom of the soul by oneself. It is an entire process. Attaining freedom, one is going to change, advance, and become a great moral bearer of Life. Evil will never again be in power to bind his hands and feet with ropes. Only thus the New Life will come into the world and you will realize all desires of your soul and spirit. Only thus we are going to please God and God will please us. Only thus we could rejoice in God and God will rejoice in us. When will that be? When God comes to live in us. I ask you: Are you going to give space to God within yourselves? It does not mean that I do not trust you. I believe that you will do this because I am telling you the Great Truth. I am sharing my own experience with you. I have attained my freedom in this way. Remember: I have only one opinion of God. All that God is doing in me is good. And God, too, has only one opinion of me. Everything that I am doing for God is good and righteous. Christ said, “My Father lives in Me and I live in Him.”[11] I confirm that this is the way of attaining inner spiritual freedom. This is the way for all blessings in the world to come true. There is no other way. If not today, then tomorrow, or some other day. It is the only way to be free. Whoever you ask, if they know the Truth, they will tell you the same thing. If they do not know the Truth, they will fool you with this or that, with different words. Christ said, “I and My Father are one. My Father lives in Me and I live in My Father. God works in Me and I work in Him.”[12] I want you to be free because only then will you be able to manifest yourselves and develop your talents and gifts. Only then will Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice, and Virtue, which you manifest, be in their right places. If you apply this Teaching, you will be lively and joyful, deep as the sea and vast as the sky. You need profoundness now! If you live in this way, whatever suffering may come to you, the thought that God is with you and you are with God, will stand out in your mind. If you think in this way, God will take you down from the cross on which you are crucified. Now you may wonder, “What should we do, should we not pray?” I ask whether one needs to pray for one’s freedom. Get to work! Burn the ropes on your feet and hands by using the candle! You ask whether you should sing. When do people sing? When they have completed their work. When do the harvesters sing? When they go or come back from the harvest, but not while they are working. When you were coming to work you sang. Now you are working so you are not going to sing. When you complete your work, you will sing again. One does not always sing. If I ask you to go to the Mount Vitosha to do some task on a hot summer day, would you be able to sing? While you are climbing you may sing within your soul only, but after you have climbed the mountain and have completed the assigned task, you can sing freely. There is time for everything. There is time for singing too. This day is for work - it is the first day of your conscious awareness, the first day for Divine work. You have not worked so far. Today’s work will define your future for all eternity. Remember, your future is created today. It is one of the most beautiful days in your life of the entire eternity. Christ said, “My Father works and I work as well.” Now I wish you all to be at work because you are in the Day of work. Do not say that you will work in the evening. No, this day has no evening. It is an eternal day, in which the Sun never sets and there is no evening. It is a day of eternal dawn and sunrise, in which things have a beginning, but not an end. It is the most beautiful day of Joy and Happiness. The Scripture reads, “When I see Your Face, my soul will rejoice.”[13] This verse relates to the reality of this beautiful working day. Only when working for God, one can see His Face and rejoice. Now you speak, “It would be great if all brothers and sistersfrom the country were here!” I am telling you that theyare all here. How is it possible? All brothers and sisters in thephysical world, who are included in lists of the Brotherhoodof Light, have two representatives of theirs: one in the DivineWorld and one in the Angelic World. So, if one thousandpeople have come here, in reality they represent three thousandpowerful heroes - one thousand in the physical world,one thousand in the Angelic World, and one thousand in theDivine World. The strength comes not from you, who are inthe physical world, but it is rather in these three thousandsouls, gathered together. They are also working; it is not onlypeople in the physical world who work. Can you imagine whatthese helpers from above can accomplish? They will completethe work of God. God acts through them. And so, no songs, prayers, and hand kissing today! All getto work! From above they observe who is ready to serve andwho has already begun to work. I greet you all with the Great Day of work. May you becomeheroes and co-workers of God. This Great Day has alreadycome. Begin with the Divine Work because it will determineyour life in the future. Lecture of the Master Beinsa Douno to the General EsotericClass, held on August 22, 1928, Sofia, Izgrev. ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. See also 1Corinthians 7:23, “You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men.” 2. See also Luke 4:4. 3. See also 1Thessalonians 2:13. 4. 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  5. The Human Spirit Now I will ask you the following: why must man learn? Many people say that science guides man in Life. Is this true? If you board a car, could you say that the car is guiding you? As much as the car guides man, that much does science guide him. In reality, what is science? There exist two opinions about this. The first opinion is that it is not possible to live without science; the other opinion is that it is possible to live without science. That is to say, it is possible with a car and it is possible without a car. Science is a product of the human spirit, and the human spirit is above all sciences. The human spirit has been creating for thousands of years, and continues to create the sciences. Some of them have disappeared; others still exist. Contemporary science will vanish some day; only that which is most valuable will remain. Everything else which has served for the entertainment of children will be forgotten, will disappear. Do you think that an angel can be interested in contemporary mathematics or bookkeeping? Do you think that an angel will get involved in contemporary laws according to which contemporary society and nations are ruled? Do you think that in the future contemporary chemistry and physics will remain in the same stage of development as they are now? When I speak this way, some people may think that I am rejecting science, or that I do not recognize men of science. I deny neither science nor scientists; but I say that all men of science have gained their knowledge from a source which is much higher, and everyone has reached for this knowledge according to the degree of his development. In this respect, I do not recognize scientists who receive their knowledge from the earth. Kant was a man of science, and yet whence did he gain his knowledge? Whence did the prophets receive their knowledge? Therefore if someone thinks that he has much knowledge, it indicates that before that he has been ignorant. Even before finishing college, a man knew something. After he finishes college he still has some knowledge. It is important that man should dot delude himself that after having finished his college education he knows everything. As much as one learns, he still remains ignorant in respect to that which is being reveiled to him. The learned man knows that the earth rotates around its own axis, yet how this rotation comes about he cannot prove. The learned man knows that the earth has deviated 23° from its axis, yet how this deviation came about he cannot prove. Therefore he must be like the painter; when the painter finishes a picture, only he knows whether is picture is true, whether he has represented nature well, etc. The learned man must be his own first critic. Everything which he knows, he must be able to prove, to explain. This is true knowledge. When a musician plays, he must be able to express things the way they truly are. If he plays Beethoven he must perform it as would Beethoven. Everyone must be true to himself. If one performs Beethoven's music, one must give it an expression that he himself would recognize. Many people want all other people to resemble them. There could be nothing worse for people than to be all alike. Nature loves diversity. As long as each person represents a special example, he is valuable. As soon as there exist two of the same example, the price becomes devaluated. You think that there are many learned men en earth. No, there is only one learned man in the world — the cosmic man. All other learned men are his secretaries, who go here and there, collect data — what this or that scientist has said — and publicize it. For example, can the source of life and man's creation be explained by a knowledge of contemporary science? Does science understand that element which creates immortality? Contemporary science explains things only from the viewpoint of physical laws. Outside these laws it can prove nothing. I ask: besides physical laws, do other laws also exist? Besides the physical laws there exist others which the learned men have not discovered yet. That which they call a law is the manifestation of the real law. In the absolute law, there are no exceptions. A law for which there are exceptions is not a true law. In the laws of living nature there are no exceptions at all. Therefore if you call something a law, there must not be any exceptions in it. If there is one exception, it is not a law but a rule. It is said that logic is the examination of the laws of correct thought. If in man's thought there are exceptions, what kind of laws are these? What could one say about peoples1 negative thoughts, upon which is based a life full of sufferings and disappointments? What can one say about contemporary peoples’ love? Upon what laws Is It based? I don't wish to destroy your ideals, but I want to lead you away from life's illusions. For example, someone who is standing in front of a wall says, "Behind this wall nothing exists." No, behind this wall are hidden many things which he cannot see. If you cannot see something that does not mean that it does not exist. Therefore the stage which modern science has reached is only an introduction to true science. This does not deprive the scientists of their authority. Rather, contemporary scientists have a value and it is the greater the closer they come to truth. Each theory is valuable as far as it contains truth. Also, music and the arts must contain truth. Everything upon which we are working must contain truth. Each thought, each feeling, each deed must contain truth. Truth is the essence towards which you must aim. If you place truth at the base of your life, all disagreement among you will disappear. Peoples' relations lack common points. Why? Because everyone lives in a specific center of his mind and does not leave this center. One person lives in the center of his personal feelings, someone else in the center of his religious feelings, a third in the center of his social feelings. Does every one of you know which center of his mind he lives in? Do you know which station of your mind is working? You are listening to an interesting lecture, or a speech, and you are thinking at the sane time about something else; other feelings awaken in you. You think, "I hope this lecture will end soon, so that I can go to a concert." Or, "I hope that soon I will be free, as a very important business awaits me." This indicates that the human spirit has diverse interests. How does the human spirit profit from music, religion, or science? Who is teaching whom? Is the spirit taught by music, or is music developed by the spirit? Does the violin teach the violinist, or does the violinist develop his violin? The violinist teaches his violin to play well, not the opposite. Therefore in the same way, the human spirit teaches man everything. Someone performs a deed, and says afterwards, "I acted thus according to ray nature. I could not act any other way," Someone else says, "I must go to bed early. Only this way can I rest." I ask. Is this true? True rest does not need much sleep. If one wishes to rest he must free his mind of all needless thoughts, his heart of all needless, depressing feelings and desires. These drain the energy of man without giving him anything. If the painter wants to rest he must temporarily free his mind from the thought of painting. If the student wants to rest he must free himself from the thought of books. Until he regains the needed energy from nature, the mind of man must be absolutely free of all external tools. As soon as he has attained the needed energy he may take again his accessories and start his work anew. When you know this rule, you must be careful towards yourselves as well as towards others. You should never try to impose your opinion upon your friends in a way that burdens them; neither should you permit yourself to be burdened by others. Avoid satiating yourself. One can become satiated with music, with science, with religion. There is nothing more dangerous to man than satiating. One can become satiated even of life, and then one begins to think of suicide. In order to avoid becoming satiated by life, do not desire to try out everything, do not want to know everything. Someone says, "I know everything." Those people who knew everything are today imprisoned in the earth. The learned went down in the earth, and the ignorant remained on the surface to learn. The learned created the worlds. Is this true? This is theory, which needs to be proven. Even if it were proven, still everyone would ask, "Who was present at the creation of the worlds to know how this came about?" I say, "Truth needs no proof or demonstration." A man is sad, depressed, desperate. How will you prove that? If you could instantly change his state, this would be true science. One thing is Important for man: his heart, his mind, his will, his soul, and his spirit must be absolutely free; they must be able any moment to reveal, manifest themselves. Right thought can be manifested only where there is freedom. Without freedom it does not manifest itself. When the mind, the heart and the will of a man can manifest themselves freely, the man has valuable achievements. These achievements are stored in the soul. The soul is the treasury of the human spirit. It keeps in itself everything which the human spirit has achieved from time immemorial to the present. In this sense one can say that nothing in life is lost. The wealth which the human spirit has acquired is hidden in his soul and one day, when it is needed, it will be given as a gift to him who has acquired it. One day this knowledge, this wealth, will be available to all souls. The day will come when even the ignorant without having worked will have access to the science of the past. Doesn’t this happen today? One takes a record, places it on the record player, turns a knob, and listens to the speech of some learned man. This man does not live any more on earth; he has passed away, but he still teaches, develops, and explains his theories. Can you call the record learned in this case? As learned as the record is also the computer which solves automatically the most difficult problems. Can you call the man learned who has calculated how many people have been born and have died since the creation of the world? He is learned, but what good is his learning for humanity? After him will come another scientist who will explain the reason for the death of these people, and will prove that living conditions must be improved so that there will be a smaller mortality rate. All this is good but it is only theory. Who of these learned men will have the greatest authority? If these learned men came to you and, on the basis of calculations, could prove what sufferings you will go through in your life, by what circumstances these sufferings will come upon you, and how you could avoid them, then you would begin to contemplate on that. At the end you would say that it is only theory. Yet, as soon as you begin to suffer you begin seriously to think. In such cases, the true authority for you is life itself. You say, Einstein, Darwin, and Kant are learned men because they have brought something new to the world. Einstein is somewhere in Germany, Darwin in England, Kant in Germany; yet every man has within himself Einstein, Darwin, and Kant. All people live in you. The whole of humanity is included in one man and each man is in the whole of humanity. When you speak about the seed of an apple, you imply the germs of all apples. One apple seed contains in itself the variety of all apples. To be able to understand this, one must study life as something whole. For this purpose man must be imbued with an overmastering inner love for knowledge, for truth. The spirit stimulates the human soul to acquire knowledge. You have heard the expression, "my soul is longing." The spirit inspires the mind to be flexible, to become enlightened, and the heart to become ennobled. Why does man need to have knowledge? Why does he need to master sciences? Science develops the talents and capabilities. It cultivates and forms the head of a man. When you look at the front, at the skull of a man, you can see in what fields of science he has worked the most. If the spirit of a man cannot find favorable conditions to manifest itself, the head of such a man gradually becomes deformed, and his nose becomes crooked. When you observe people you can see that each one has some defect; someone's eyes are crooked, someone else's nose is crooked, the nostrils are flattened, someone's eyebrows are deformed, or his face is asymmetrical. It is good to observe yourselves from time to time to see what defect you have on your face or head and to work for its correction. If a man could not see himself in a mirror he would think that he was perfect, that he is the best man. A good man, in the full sense of the word, is he who has no defect in respect to his physical, mental, and emotional condition. Physically he must be healthy but not fat. Stoutness does not imply good health. The waistline of a man should be twice the thickness of his neck; his neck should be twice the thickness of his wrist. If the measurement of the waist and neck are bigger than this, then there is some abnormality. When I speak about positive science I am comparing it with music. Mathematics, physics, and chemistry are musical expressions. Mechanics is occupied with the movement of bodies, with powers. This is to say that it is occupied with living bodies. Only living bodies move. Movement is not a mechanical process. Only intelligent bodies move, only intelligent bodies can be dark and light, only intelligent bodies can be soft or hard, fluid or gaseous. The energies, the powers are attributes of the human spirit. When the human spirit wants to make for himself a shadow, to free himself of the vibrations of the light, he thickens the matter around himself. He is capable of thickening and thinning matter. In this respect the earth is an image, of hardened, thick matter, and the sun of thin matter. The sun is a shining body and the earth is dark. Perhaps after millions of years the earth will also shine like the sun. Once the earth was a shining body, but it has lost its light. A Bulgarian proverb says: Where there was once water flowing it will flow again. Man too passes through stages of darkness and light. Sometimes he shines like the sun, and sometimes he is dark like the earth. These are states through which man passes in order to learn. Thus man will rise to heaven; he will descend also to hell. When he descends to hell he says, "Hell is something terrible." I say, hell is terrible when can does not know how to leave it. Otherwise, if he manages by himself to leave hell, there is nothing-terrible about it. If can found himself among the citizens of the sun and did not understand their language or their order, was not prepared for their culture, and besides could not find his way back to earth, he would be unhappy there also. Many people think that if they could enter heaven they would be accepted with music and songs, and that a feast would be prepared for them. Yes, if they are ready for heaven, and if their consciousness is awakened, this would happen. If their consciousness is not awakened, both in heaven or in hell, everywhere it is terrible. Christ says, "Great is the Joy in heaven when a sinner repents for his sins, when he turns to God and lives according to the laws of love, wisdom and truth." And thus, if you want to take advantage of the knowledge which you have acquired, you must apply it. Whatever knowledge you acquire, whatever book you read, apply at least the smallest part of it. If you have read a book without applying anything from it, it would have been better not to read it. The same applies when you read the Bible. Read a little from it and apply it. You may ask, "How could we know which book to read?" I will give you the following rule: take the book you want to read, place it on your front, direct your thought to the world of reason and ask the divine in yourselves whether you should read the book or not. After that, remain for one or two minutes quietly and you will hear a still, small voice from inside to answer you. Listen to this voice. It will never mislead you. One must know what one should read. Some reading may be useful for one person and not for another. It is reasonable to read a book when it gives nourishment for the mind, for the heart, the will, the soul, and the spirit of man. When a man reads in this way and when he listens to his inner voice, he will develop his Intuition, through which he will be able to recognize the saps which flow throughout life and from there he will keep for himself only the wholesome and avoid the poisonous saps. You must protect yourselves against the poisonous spas of the books. You read a philosophic book or a novel and the whole night you cannot sleep. You say, "This book completely mixed up my mind!" Therefore, one must always be watchful. When one reads something or speaks with someone, one must always analyze oneself. The materialistically-minded people say that everything in the world is only matter. Therefore another world besides the material one does not exist, and God too does not exist. Both of these assertions present only the external aspect of life. When you speak about the material world as the only world, then for you God will be material. Everything which is outside you is material, and everything which is in you is spiritual. Therefore, the external is a reflection of the internal. When one speaks about his soul and yet lives exclusively in time and space, this will indicate that he lacks something. For this reason, man is not a complete master of his situation. Thousands of years must pass before the human soul will remain with the body forever. This is true incarnation. When man becomes master of his life, he becomes a saint. At present man is in the position of a plant. He has not yet made deep roots into his environment, and for this reason he lacks the conditions for a long life. Even in this situation people say that they have free will, that they will do this and that. It is true that contemporary men are so strong, so clever, that when they reach sixty years of age they lose this power and knowledge and say, "At one time we were talented, capable; we had knowledge; yet with old age we have lost everything. I ask how is this possible?" Thus, when man gets old his thought disappears. If he starts to think, his film is not in focus, and for this reason nothing appears on the screen. I say, if someone wants to preserve his knowledge even in old age, his wealth, the abilities which he acquired while he was young, he must have lived an absolutely pure inner life. Without purity, the human spirit cannot manifest its power and a man cannot keep the wealth which he has gained in youth. Many times man will study the same things, forget then, and will study them again, until they become his second nature. True knowledge is that which never disappears from the consciousness of man. According to the theory of reincarnation, you have cone to earth many times and in one of your reincarnations you may have been a distinguished adept in India, you may have had many followers, you may have taught people about great knowledge, and yet today you recall nothing. Why? At some point you have changed direction, leaving the right path, and as a result you have lost everything. Now you must start working anew to regain your lost knowledge. Some people say that Ledbeeter, the leader of the theosophists, in his far past was the prophet Amos. Ledbeeter himself wonders how he lost his past knowledge. At present he is deprived of the prophecies of Amos, who was a plain coward: he knew little, but what he knew he knew well and applied it. He prophesied many things; yet Ledbeeter has preserved from his past only his disposition for spiritual life. Therefore if a man does not want to regress, but wants to preserve his knowledge, he must live an absolutely pure life. Only by living this way can man keep his knowledge, give freedom to his spirit, and work according to the laws of living nature. Modern men think that they have much knowledge. They should not forget that they are mediators of God's knowledge. As long as they keep in touch with God they can be carriers of God's thoughts. If they break their connection with Elm, their knowledge will be discontinued. And besides, the knowledge which they have received they must process in themselves and give a part of it to others. There is no state more beautiful for a man than to be well disposed, to have the receptivity of a child and to profit from everything which he hears. Besides this, he must be free to speak about his viewpoint assuming that all people know at least as much as he does. Now I will write the number 111 which is made out of three units, three straight lines. (The Master combines straight lines drawing a human profile.) When you observe this profile you see that it is made of seven straight lines: 1111111. We have the number 1.111.111. Does this profile cost one million? Imagine that these units are power lines out of which you may create a whole image and give the world a push ahead. Yet to be able to place these lines in their respective place one needs knowledge. In these lines is hidden a whole science. When one speaks about the number one, two, three and the other numbers, one must know where they are to be found on the human face and body. For example the number one is placed on the nose; three, on the eyebrows; five, on the fingers. The number three is also placed on the mouth, observed in profile (2). The mouth is a hook which connects us with the earth by a rope, which constantly moves in and out, bringing food (3). The anchor represents the eyes connected with the nose and the mouth as a ring. The mouth rescues us in the difficult situations of life. If the ring breaks, the anchor by itself can do no service. The rope represents man's faith that he will always have good food to support his body. Food represents the living powers which enter the mouth and then again go out from there. The mouth performs several functions: first, through it enters food which is chewed by the teeth, and then through it passes the air on its way to the lungs. And finally the mouth speaks, and gives its opinion on everything it has tasted. I ask: what is the theme of this lecture? (Someone answered, the human spirit as author of everything on earth.) If the human spirit is the author of everything which can be seen on earth is it then correct to worship that which he has created? It is written In the Scripture, "You must not worship any idol on earth or on heaven." When I say that the human spirit has created everything I have in mind the spirit in its original power and purity. Man must strive for this state of the spirit, to restore its power and purity and thus gradually free himself of the illusions of his past. Since the human spirit through the time of its life has created good and evil he can use them, he can master the one as well as the other. You may ask, "What of the will of God?" I say: the spirit of man always expresses the will of God. He does that which he has learned from God. He is the rational beginning (element) in the life of man. Therefore to do the will of God is a manifestation of the wise, the rational in us. To oppose the will of God is to give expression of our will. When man opposes the will of God he reveals himself negatively. In this respect those people which are considered to have strong will are exposed to greater sufferings than those which have not their own will but fulfill the will of God. Such people are considered as without will. In my opinion, these people are the smart ones. Someone can say, "This man is a fool, I will beat him." I ask, is there a teacher who has punished his pupils and has had their respect? Is there a father who has pulled the ears of his children and they have respected him? In spite of this, there exists the opinion that the stick originated in heaven. About what stick are people talking? There were no sticks in heaven. Why? Because all sticks In heaven were living and could not be cut. Therefore, if one speaks about the stick in heaven it represents God's righteousness. That is, righteousness has come from heaven to rule people. He who knows the relation between the facts and the phenomena in the world has access to this stick. It is a magic stick. I say: strive to master your inner life. Speak little, think much. Worry little, work hard, when thought is accompanied with worry it' becomes crippled. As the rings in a chain follow one another, thus must thought pass smoothly, incessantly. Each anxiety interferes with the smoothness of thought and Interrupts. If you take out only one ring from a chain, gradually the chain falls apart. Therefore when you take only one ring from your thought, it looses its flow and changes into a mechanical action, thinking according to a pattern. Right thought is always accompanied by joy, and man feels that he is master of the situation. When people think hard they hold their head, shake it, walk around; yet this is not right thought. A poet sits to write but somehow it does not come to him. He holds his head, he scratches it, gets up, sits down again and finally gives up, saying: "I will never become, a poet!" As soon as he says this, the divine in him awakens and whispers to him, "Sit down and write! You will become a poet now that you have accepted the thought that it is not you that can do something." The poet becomes inspired and begins to write. Thus, the spirit dictates what the poet should write and then says to him, "Now you may sign instead of me." The same thing happens with men of science. A scientist wants to write about a certain matter, but cannot. He rises, walks around, sits down again until finally he says, "Of me will never become a scientist!" As soon as he says that, the spirit supports him and says, "Sit down and write? Write what I dictate to you, and you will see that of you will become a learned man. Now you can sign your name." For this case the English have the following saying: the faults and mistakes of people are a favorable condition for God to manifest. In other words: where man stops, God starts. God never lets a soul be lost. When man comes to complete discouragement and desperation, he says to him, "Begin to work! I will be with you, and will help you. You will succeed; you will achieve your desire." Therefore every man must remember that in himself ha has a spirit, the author of everything which he considers impossible. The spirit of man is valuable for the reason that it connects him to God. It is the author of everything on earth, and for this reason people must listen to their spirit. When they listen to their spirit they listen also to God, because the spirit executes the will of god. Keep in your mind a high opinion of your spirit as a great author, as an authority, as an interpreter and executor of the will of God. 7th lecture of the Master, held on November 3, 1926, Sofia. The Human Spirit
  6. Faces of Reality Meditation I will read a few verses from the thirty-second chapter of Isaiah, from the seventh verse to the end. In this chapter, we read what a poet spoke to the peoples of Israel. There is something in this chapter that all of you know and believe in. In this respect you know well human nature. Many people ask why difficulties come in life. If there were only the difficulties, they could be easily overcome, but the earth is a place of great contradictions. There is nothing that man has thought that has not or will not come true. What can you expect of a world in which everything can happen? In this world, good things also happen, but you do not mention them — you take them for granted. As soon as you come into touch with evil, you ask why it exists. Why does evil exist? I do not have time to give the answer. I ask, why does the rich man clip his beard? Why does the old woman go with crutches? Why do children go on stilts? Why does the hair of people become white? You may say that it is natural for the hair of the aged person to turn white. In reality, this is not true. Old age is not the reason for the hair turning white. If you ask old age why it has made the hair of man white, it will not be able to give an answer. Old age has a goal other than that of turning the black color to white. As much as youth is not responsible for the dark color of its hair, old age is not responsible for the white color. The happiness of man does not lie in his dark, brown, or blond hair, and his unhappiness is not because of his white hair. Which color is better — the white or the black? If you say the black, it will mean that there is nothing more precious than coal. Coal is good for burning, and from it are derived many useful products. If this is so, place the coal in the oven, and the white on your body. If the white hair is bad luck, why do you put on a white shirt? The white hair is fashionable. Why be afraid of it? When a wise and learned man is to be presented on the stage, he usually has white hair and a white beard, but the white color is not always the sign of wisdom. As disciples of a great school, you must study the language of Nature, which is used by all learned men, adepts, and saints. This language makes everything meaningful. The greatest sages see in it the manifestation of God's wisdom. God's wisdom is great, but it is not for common men. In order to achieve it, they must pay a high price. I draw the triangle ACB. For the common person, this is an ordinary picture. For the educated, this is a figure for which it is said that the sum of the inner angles is equal to two right angles. I say that the triangle is the half of a quadrangle. In life, this quadrangle may be a smooth water surface. If we place the triangle over this surface, it will be reflected in the water. The triangle is in a thinner environment — the air — and its reflection will be in a denser environment — the water. The upper triangle represents the favorable conditions; the lower represents the unfavorable. Daily life includes both conditions. What is the carrier of -the one sort of conditions and what carries the other? Light brings favorable conditions and darkness brings unfavorable conditions. In general, the first conditions bring health to man, and the second, disease. The favorable conditions are related to the wise and prudent man, and the unfavorable conditions are related to the person unable to reason. The favorable conditions bring you to the good and to love, and the unfavorable conditions to the evil and hatred. The favorable conditions strengthen man, the unfavorable weaken him. What does the quadrangle represent? A place of conflict, a place of all possibilities and impossibilities. In the quadrangle everything is possible and impossible. When I divide the quadrangle into two triangles, the upper represents one part of life — paradise — and the lower, the other part of life — hell. Why heaven and hell exist at the same time cannot be explained. It is as if one would ask why men and women exist. Is it possible to have only men or only women? If this were possible, God would have created a different world. No world exists in which there are only men or only women. To think differently is only to imagine. In the present time nothing is possible without men or without women. Do not occupy your mind with questions which do not exist. You are solving your problems — this is perfectly all right. I say, Do not try to solve problems which are related to the vanity of life. This I say first to myself. When I have free time, I sing a song with the following message! Do not attempt to solve the vanity of life. Do not avoid the sweet sorrows that are part of human life. In them there is hidden love. Aim for eternity, wherein exists the great glory of God. When I speculate about these words, I ask myself, Do you think that you can answer the question of why some people are rich and others, poor? Why do I have a headache? Do not busy yourself with this question. Take care of your health and do not reason about the cause of a disease. When you cure yourself, you will learn about the causes of your illness. Why are my clothes in rags? What will I eat tomorrow? Do not think about this, either. Do not occupy yourself with thoughts about tomorrow. According to some philosophers, man must search for the reason for everything, every phenomenon and manifestation of life. This is correct, but you can not find the reason before you have studied the phenomenon. In the county of Varna, in the village of Chatme, something happened from which the mayor first learned his lesson. This happened in the time of the Turks. At that time, when the taxes were collected from the people, he who could not pay his taxes was punished by being beaten and put in jail. One poor Bulgarian, a good man, could not pay his taxes, and asked the mayor to postpone his payment, hoping that in some way he would be able to pay his taxes later. The mayor, who was a stern man, would not agree to postpone the payment, and gave the order for the man's arrest and punishment. Not too long after this, the Turkish supervisor went to the mayor to inspect the mayor's affairs, and since he found some irregularities, he gave the order to beat the mayor and put him into jail, in order to have him learn to keep his records in good order. Now the mayor learned what it meant to feel the stick on one's back. He said to himself, "Beating is a bad thing." Therefore, as long as other people are suffering, we say that suffering is reasonable in its place. As soon as sufferings come upon us, we say that this is cruel, and we start looking for the cause that brings them about. I say, as long as you do not include yourself in the suffering, you cannot include yourself in joy. This is a law. If you are able to exclude yourself from suffering, you will exclude yourself also from joy. However you may philosophize about the way in which you go, your philosophizing can bring no solution. You say, "That person is happy — he has managed to bring all his affairs to a good solution." Show me one person who has arranged all of his affairs for at least a thousand years. There is not a man on earth who has settled his affairs for even five years. Therefore it is said that man cannot be sure about his tomorrow. What may be gained from all the contradictions of life? What may be gained from a transitory, false thought? This should not discourage you, but rather encourage you to work more. I want to show you the laws on which contemporary life is based. Examine sorrow and joy as two faces of reality. Realize that your sorrow is the basis for the joy of your neighbor. "Why must I suffer?" That your neighbor may be joyous. If you do not suffer, your neighbor cannot have joy. If your neighbor does not suffer, you cannot have joy. "Why am I joyous?" Because your neighbor is suffering. "I do not want to suffer." Then you will not be joyous. Where there is death, there is also life, and where there is life, there is also death. "What shall we do, then?" Make life meaningful as well as death. "I am sick of life." What you may be sick of is death and not life. Man is passing away every day, and therefore he is sick of it. Real life can never be a burden because it has no weight at all. Life is not of material nature. Therefore sufferings are a burden, and death is a burden, but life — never. What is our conception of death? Death is that which stinks. It is only with this that man is fed up and tired. When he is dead he begins to stink. This way, he understands that he has been living in a prison. On earth man is a prisoner. Why must he die? So that people may recognize him. Everyone says, "We now understand what a man he has been." It is true — man becomes known after he passes away. He becomes generous, he gives away everything — even his body. He gives something to his relatives, to the Church, to the poor. When he is alive, he gives nothing. As soon as he starts to pass away, he becomes generous and gives away everything that was in his possession. The best man is the dead man. If I am asked why a man must die, I answer, "Man dies in order to manifest the good that is put in him." People live and yet they do not understand life. You say: I must live! To make it possible for you to live others must be sacrificed for you» the chicken must die, the sheep must die, the apple, the wheat all must die. The most difficult task is to support life — conditions and resources are necessary. Since you don't know that, you want only to live and to have goods, even temporarily. You cannot imagine that the temporary goods create unhappiness. You are wealthy, sit at a table with rich food. The food looks well prepared but after you have eaten with great appetite you feel pressure in your stomach. - Why? - The butter and the flour were not fresh. The baker has put old butter and old flour in your pie. Happiness is not in the pie. Don't think that every pie is made of fresh butter and flour. The baker found it convenient to make the pie of old flour and put in it bad butter. Don’t stop at every bank to ask for a loan. Don't stop at every shop window to choose clothes for yourself. Every garment is not for you. Every pie is not for you. Not all the money is for you. Not every book is for you. Not everything that you come across on your way is for you. You need many things but many things you don't need. The useless things mix up your mind and your heart. You fill up your life with a thousand things but not with that which is essential. What is essential? That which does not decay, which nothing can spoil. If you are sad sing one of your favorite songs, a cheerful one to take away your sorrow. Someone comes to visit me and starts complaining that he feels a sadness in his heart. "I am glad that you suffer. It means that you have a heart." The best thing on earth is the sorrow. Wherever God is there is also sorrow. If sorrow is far away, God is also far away. All goods on earth come through sorrow. If it were possible without sorrow first, then Christ would have saved humanity without having to suffer. Could not the angels have descended from Heaven and chained all those who punished Christ? Did He have to be crucified? You ask why God does not correct the world. Could the world be made better at once? First of all, I do not believe that the world is bad. How can you prove that the world is not good? The only one who is not reformed is man. As soon as he becomes better, the whole world will become better. It would be enough for man to sincerely desire for the Kingdom of God to come on earth. His whole inner world would be corrected. Therefore, if you say that the world is bad, you speak about a world which is the reflection of your inner world. You see yourself in the other people and say that they are bad. "Am I that bad?" You are not that bad, but you also are not as good as you think you are. "Do you know how much I love people?" I know that you love, but I know also that you hate. On earth you could not know what love is if you did not know hatred. Naturally, you have a daughter, and you love her, and sacrifice for her, and then along comes a young man all at once and looks at her. You are not content with that — you hate him. There is nothing bad about the fact that he looks at her. He has seen something that he likes, and naturally he will look at it. It is important to know how he looks. He looks, and reads what is written in her book. Or he looks at what fruits are in her garden. When he sees a nice fruit, he wants to pick it. You may pick it, but only with permission. To pray is to ask for permission. You may pick a fruit, but you will have to take the consequences for your deed. After that you will complain to God that you are suffering. Many people want to become great and eminent. He is great who bears suffering with understanding. If you try to escape from suffering you cannot be great. Since you live on earth, conflicts are unavoidable. What are the causes which bring on difficulties? The causes are many; some are visible and others invisible. "Why do I suffer?" Not only you suffer — thousands of beings suffer with you. To overcome a sorrow, you must uplift your mind to a higher level than usual. After a short time your sorrow will wane. You meet a rich person and begin a conversation with him, but you notice that he is restless — he looks to one side or the other, afraid of being robbed. How can such a man be calm? When he stops thinking about his money and about robbers. "What will happen if I am robbed?" You will suffer; if no one robs you, you will be glad. It is easy to give advice, but it is difficult to overcome suffering. Be glad for your suffering. If you are glad for your suffering no one can take away your joy. If you are not content with your sorrow everyone can take away your joy. After that you will wonder why you have lost your joy. When I speak to you this way, I do not wish to interfere with your family affairs. They are of no interest to me. I am concerned about that which is wrong in your life. Something is wrong with you, and it has to be cured. Two friends come together, but there is no real friendship between them. Two scientists come together, but not for the sake of science. This I do not consider relationship, but business, rather, which can fall apart any minute. Today I am speaking to you and you are listening, but this is something temporary, passing by. You may come, also, without my speaking. My speech may give you something, and it may give you nothing. This is a banquet, but you can live without it. The important thing is that if I do not speak to you, someone else will come and speak to you. If he gives up, a third or fourth person will come to replace him. Therefore, I am the minimum evil. Man cannot be free. There will always be someone to come and speak to him. Whether or not you wish it, he will speak to you. I may sit alone in my room, but from somewhere there comes a fly who wants something from me. It says also, "Give!" I may go out to the woods, and here too, thousands of preachers will find me. The fly says to me, "Do you know who I am and what I am doing? I am biting every stupid man because he does not understand me. When he understands me, I will stop biting him." You say, "This is a fly — it is useless." What have you brought today? You sit down to eat and you see that you have consumed everything that was served on the table. Are you not a bigger fly than the one that you chase in your room? The fly is not as intelligent as a man is, but what has man achieved with his great intelligence? Contemporary men are discontent with life, and think that when they go to heaven they will be well-accepted there. This is a wrong idea. Did one of the deceased ever tell you how he was accepted in the other world? Tell me at least one of your memories about the other world. You live on earth and imagine how you will pass into the other world. If you pass into the other world unprepared, you will cause there the same antagonism which exists here. You say, "How contented the beings in the other world are. How hard life is on earth!" The moment you think this way, you will have to leave the other world. You may be in Heaven or in hell, but nowhere is it permitted to compare one life with the other. You will be driven out of hell as well as heaven. How should you live? Wherever you live you must apply the great philosophy of life. Now you are at the beginning of this philosophy. "We do not understand this philosophy." You do not understand it because if you did, you would have to pay a very high price. An American millionaire heard that there was to be a concert in New York — some famous virtuoso was to play. He took the train to New York, but arrived late. When he came to the concert hall, the concert was over. Because he had a great desire to hear this virtuoso, he found out where he was staying, and went to ask him to play something for him. The virtuoso answered from his room that he was too tired, and that he was already resting. "I will pay you a thousand dollars." "I am too tired — I cannot play." "I will pay two thousand dollars." The virtuoso opened the window and played some small piece. The millionaire was very satisfied. He then said, "Lend me your violin. I want to play now for you." What is music? The sorrows of life. The greater the sorrow, the higher price you must pay. For an ordinary concert you pay little, but for sorrow you pay much. Why? Because you learn valuable lessons from sorrow. When you suffer, you speak and complain, and people listen to you. You say, "We wish to be rich, to be able to spend much money." Are you prepared, as a rich person, to receive many people and to listen for hours to their complaints? This is what it means to be a rich person. "Why has God created such a world?" The world is well-created — it goes its way. But how we should go is important. The fly buzzes — this is her pastime. To me it is important that I do not buzz like a fly. The ox gores — this is his affair, but I should not gore like an ox. The horse kicks — it is created this way. But I am not a horse and I am not supposed to kick. The judge tries suits because he is a judge, but I do not have the right to judge. "What should I do then?" For you there is designated another work. "Who makes the servant suffer?" His master. "Who makes the master suffer?" His servant. Therefore, the reason for our penitence lies in ourselves. When you complain, this shows that you do not realize the meaning of life which God has created and in this way you cause misery to yourselves. Because of their ignorance, the first men brought suffering upon themselves. The same is true for us. The smallest impurity in your thoughts can ruin the harmony of your life. The smallest impurity in your feelings and wishes can permeate the purity of your life. "Why does a person sometimes steal?" He is hungry and no one sympathizes with him. You are rich, and you pass by a poor person and say, "God will help you." Why do you not help him in his misery? Why is all your wealth given to you? Stop on your way and help the poor. If you do not help him, you contribute to his crime. Therefore, do not ask why life brings sufferings, but look back into yourselves to see if you have fulfilled your obligations. You suffer — it is not you who suffers, but somebody else within you. If the young man suffers, somebody else within him suffers, and if the old man suffers, again somebody else suffers. "I am tired of life." You do not speak the truth. Have you lived one day without suffering? What would happen to the young man or the young girl if they did not cry and suffer? What would happen to the mother and the father if they did not take care of their children and would not suffer? Be glad that in the world there exist mothers and fathers, young men and young women, servants and masters who suffer. Be glad that people die and are born. Be glad that people transgress and undo their transgressions. Be glad that good and evil exist. Make the best of life without feeling that it is a burden. Life gives many lessons for which must be paid a high price. In conclusion to all that I say, do not try to solve the mystery of life — it is unsolvable. As long as the sun shines it will cast shadows and the triangle will be reflected. When the sun stops shining, the shadows also disappear. If good goes away, evil will go away also. Where will man go then? You wish to teach God how to create the world. God has thought for a whole eternity before creating the world and you wish to change it with one gesture. Present your project to God to see what kind of world you would create. He who wishes to correct God and His manifestations will find himself in the position of Jonah, who stayed in the entrails of the whale for three days. True philosophy of life expects that man will be satisfied with all of that which God gives him at the moment. Consider that everything given by God is good. Do not think that your destiny is only to suffer, but neither think that it is only to be joyous. You are not born only for hatred, but neither are you born only for love. The moment changes, and with it, conditions also change. Do not say that you have not had one happy day in your life. You do not speak the truth. Light and darkness alternate continually. You say, "The war should not exist." You cannot stop the war — it has its destiny. You cannot stop the storm. You cannot stop the earth from turning around its axis and around the sun, which creates day and night and the four seasons of the year. You cannot stop the sunrise and sunset. "What can I do, then?" You can take certain position and make use of the goods of life. Someone says that since he has started to follow the new way, his hair has turned white from suffering. A crow decided to move her little baby crows into a new nest. The baby crows were very happy about moving into a clean place. Their mother asked them, "Are you going to take with you your rear ends, also?" "Yes, certainly!" "Well, the new nest will soon be as messy as the old one." Today, everyone is asking himself why he is on earth. The purpose of man is to change the matter of evil from thick, as it is now, to thin. In this way, he will improve his life and free himself from the conflicts in his mind that the world is not created well. The world is neither bad nor good. The people are giving their opinions about it — each according to his own understanding. When you read the Bible, you can see that one prophet writes about an event in one way, and another prophet in a different way. Christ said, "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees!" Why did He say that? Because they kept the goods only for themselves. The day will come when the woe of the poor will be upon their heads. "Blessed be the poor." One day this blessing will pour over the heads of the rich. The wheel of life is turning constantly. Everyone must find for himself such a philosophy that will bring him closer to truth. "Why does evil exist?" For manure. The rich soil does not need to be fertilized, but the poor soil needs it. Therefore, the evil is necessary only for some people, but not for all. Today evil is necessary, but the day will come when evil, hatred, and envy will not be needed. Someone says a cross word to you, and you immediately protest that your dignity is hurt. What did they say to you? That you are ignorant, that you are a bad person? Badness sometimes brings some good. Why are you bad? Because you have taken away someone's burden? If you had not taken it, he would have collapsed under it. Someone has eaten your chicken, and you say that he is bad. What is bad about this? You and he are the same. From a human viewpoint it is evil, but from the divine viewpoint there is nothing bad about it. From the viewpoint of the sheep, the wolf is not good, but from the viewpoint of the wolf, his conduct is correct. You ask yourself, "Should I be a sheep or a wolf?" It is preferable to be a sheep. The herbivorous animal is necessary for man because it brings fire and warmth. The wolf brings the suffering in life. Become a sheep, to bring warmth and fire into life, for he who eats you will turn into fire. There is much truth in life that must be explored. Study the New Testament as a reference book, so that you may know what to take from the different authors. The New Testament is not only a written book. Every living man who brings good tidings is a new testament. If you bring good tidings, you are a holy scripture that people should read. Because I know that, I am not afraid of anybody. It may happen that some child bites — this is all right. I will give him one or two apples. It has learned to bite, and now it has a skill. If it had not bitten me, I would not have given it the apple. Some day it will reject this skill. Look upon the world as though through a kaleidoscope in which you can see many colorful pictures. Now I will tell you to be natural, without over- or under-estimating yourself. It is good to be courageous, but not more courageous than necessary, and yet not more timid than necessary. You present yourself as more learned than necessary and more ignorant than necessary. The bad thing about you is that you are richer and also poorer than you should be. It is good to be rich and poor, but not more than necessary. One thing is expected of all — to follow the new teaching. It does not judge, but it shows how rich and how poor one should be. It will give everyone what he needs. "I need money." It is not bad to have money, but one should know how to use it. Money, as well as knowledge, is a means, but you must make use of both of them wisely. "I do not want to be rich." Wealth does not only signify money. Be rich in virtue, in knowledge, in power and in life. He is truly rich who can load and unload himself. As long as you can not at the same time be both rich and poor—as long as you can not both load and unload yourself—you do not understand life. You have become rich thanks to the efforts of the poor. One day, God will say, "Poor and rich, come all to Me to eat and drink together." "When will God summon us?" It may be tomorrow! Be prepared to meet God. Thank God for everything that He has given to you — for your mind, for your heart, for your will. Thank God that you meet both good and evil people. Thank God that you meet both poor and rich, learned and ignorant people. Thank God for everything. Gratitude is a word of the language of the old sages that has not been understood until present times. One of the words of this language is gratitude. In this way I interpret this word into our own language, but it still remains not understood. A lecture of the Master on February 3, 1932, at Sofia - Izgrev Sunrise, at the settlement of the White Brotherhood near Sofia Faces of Reality
  7. The Laws of the Parts and the Whole. In the scriptures it has been said that truth will set you free. At the present time all people want to be free but they do not know how to obtain their freedom. They say that they are free to think how and what they wish. They are on the wrong path. Kan is not free to think the way he wants, neither is he free to do what he wants. Man must think right. If he does what he wants and whatever occurs to him he will then be punished in the least desirable way. Someone thinks that he is free to cut the forests, but at the end he pays a high price for his wrong idea about freedom, Man has the right to use the dry trees but not the living ones. You may say that living on earth gives man the right to log the woods, to catch fish, to grind the wheat, to make wine, in order to provide for his living. Man has the right to do everything in order to provide for his living, but look at the life of the miller, the fisherman or the winemaker and see which one of them has finished his life well. - Is not man free to choose an occupation which he likes? - Man is free to work as he wants, but at the end he will bear the consequences of his choice. Who is truly free? A free man is he who does not become soiled when soiled. No matter how much soil is thrown on him he never looses his equilibrium. When he does not lose his balance the soil is cleansed by itself. A free man is he whom no fire can burn. If he is not free the smallest fire will burn him. Modern men are influenced by their passions, vices, misconceptions, wrong thoughts and still consider themselves to be free. No, I speak of a fire. As long as he does not pass through this fire and does not get purified man can not be free. The little child in its swaddling clothes is not free. As soon as it is able to step on its feet it becomes free, it can move where it wants. When he becomes old, again, man loses his freedom. Be wants to move by himself but he cannot: he tries to get up but cannot keep balance and falls to one side or the other. It is not horrifying when the feet of man can not hold him, and make him fall on one side or the other. It is horrifying when roan loses his mental freedom and starts to fall on one side or the other. There is nothing as dangerous for man as to lose the freedom of his thought and to succumb to a foreign thought. Often you hear someone say that he has a headache, or pain in his stomach or kidneys. This is not his own condition. He has perceived the pains of some people that are complaining of these pains. In general man perceives the good and the evil equally, because they are equally strong. They are cosmic powers which work in the whole of creation. Many people mix up the concept of the evil with sin. These are two different powers. Sometimes sin succeeds in bribing the evil in order to manifest its power. But the good can never be bribed. There is no power in the world which could bribe the good. Modern man complains of sufferings and hardships which make them unhappy. Why are they unhappy? Because they have misplaced things. They have put man higher than God and have placed in him their love. How is it possible to love more him who has given nothing to you than Him who has provided you with everything? Love your father and mother, brothers and sisters, your friends, all people, but above all these place your love for God. Whatever sacrifices people may have made for you, no one has made that which God has made. In the scriptures, it is said: "God Loved the world so much that He sacrificed his only beloved Son, so no one may parish who believed in Him." He who loves more the world will taste the effects of this love. If you love God less than you love people, your sons, too, will love you less. If one loves his wife more than he loves God will taste the effects of this love in not too long a time. No one can love his neighbor more than God. - Why? - Because this love will bring disappointments. To come to love God this is an assignment that is given to the whole of humanity. If people suffer today this is the result of their disobedience. The source of disobedience is due to the lack of love in the human heart. People are discontented with each other because of lack of love. Everyone expects a sacrifice from the others but does not get it. Only love sacrifices. Man makes sacrifices because of fear and this is not true sacrifice. The sacrifice must be rational. If it is not rational it cannot give good results. Love, too, must be rational. If it is not rational as a result instead of bringing the good it causes evil. What did Jacob achieve with his love for Joseph? He caused jealousy among his other sons and for this reason they sold Joseph. As disciples you must be aware not to make the same mistake which Jacob made by showing your weakness for Joseph. Everyone has a Joseph in himself whom be loves more than his other sons. Jacob loved Joseph more than his other sons and for this reason he did not send him to work. When the sons were going to work Joseph stayed with his father. For this privilege his brothers sold him to the rich merchants who were on their way to Egypt. There he had to stay m prison. Then he was tempted by a woman. Joseph passed through difficult trials which he passed well. The world through which a man passes is nothing but a beautiful and lusty woman. Everyone who sees her falls in love with her and wants to indulge with her. Everyone is free to indulge in the world but will taste the effects of this life. It is said about man that he has come to love worldly glory more than diving Satan glory enslaves man and divine — frees him. Many people say that they are free, that they can do what they want. They do not speak the truth. - Why? - Because freedom is accessible to all living beings. Since this is so with what right are you depriving the grass, the flowers, the plants, and the animals of their freedom? You may say that man as an advanced being has the privilege to exploit the plants and animals. If the stone is responsible while falling on somebody for hurting him, how much greater is man's responsibility for the unhappiness he causes to the creatures beneath him. It is not enough for the stone to excuse himself for the harm which he has caused but he must be alert and wait in his place until the man has passed on his way. Love is able to solve all the problems. Therefore, if you want to be free practice love. When one subordinates himself because of love he is always free. If you do something do it with Love. Only this way you will be free. The freedom of man depends upon his right thought, and the right thought - upon love. He who loves thinks correctly. How is a loving man tried? Through trials and sufferings. Love is tried through life. In this respect life is a great school. Peter, one of Christ's disciples was saying to his master: If all should deny you, I will never do so. Not too long a time went by and he was put on trial. For no reason he denied Christ three times. In this way Christ’s words, "Before the cock crows you will nave disowned me three times." What do we see in Christ's character? Great endurance and patience. He passed three kinds of trials: in the mental, spiritual, and physical worlds. It is not easy for man to be the object to the scourching of a regiment of soldiers. A whole they mocked with Christ until finally they put him through crucifixion - the last suffering. After that Christ rose. Christ had a strong character and because of that he could endure all the trials. Where is the Roman Empire today? "Where is Christ today? Nothing has remained of the Roman Empire but of Christ remained something that will live forever. The cross upon which Christ was crucified became more prominent than the whole Roman Empire, Today all people wear a cross on their chest as a symbol of courage and fearlessness. With this they want to point out that they are following the example of Christ. The Romans considered the cross shameful but today it has become a symbol of courage and nobility. Modern religious people aim for Christ. They want to follow his path. In order to follow Christ you must pass through his trials. Many trials have been prepared for modern mankind and it must pass them. If it endures, its conditions will improve. Today all people pass through their negative karma. In the future they will pass through positive, through favorable conditions of life, called dekarma. Present life is a life of the evil and of trials; the future is a life of the good and of love. The world is full of goods that are provided by God. In order to be able to profit from these goods man must have open eyes. This year (1940) you have favorable conditions to profit from the Great Divine blessings. In order not to loose these conditions you must try to avoid using the service of someone else’s horses. Every man has his own horse on which he can depend. Therefore, if you climb or descend the mountain depend on yourselves. The horse represents man's mind. Depend upon your own and not upon someone else's mind. When listening to his own mind man comes to the conclusion that that which he himself can do is better than that which others can do for him. Let's return to the question of freedom. When is a, man free? - When he serves God, this means when he serves the whole. As long as a man works in the name of God, all are content. As soon as he does something for one part, immediately there starts competition between the parts. Where there exists competition love is not present. Where love is absent obstructions appear. -What shall we do to free ourselves? - Give way to God's love in yourselves. When God's love embraces the human soul his love passes into a higher degree: from human it becomes divine love. God's love makes a man strong. It gives him the ability to cope with his old habits and to correct all his mistakes. Without this love he will be like a smoker or an alcoholic who wants to rid himself of his weakness but cannot. He who can cope with his weaknesses is a strong man; he who cannot cope with his faults is a weak man. As we divide people into strong ones and weaklings the same way we distinguish in man two natures: divine - strong, and human – weak. The divine nature of man has wings, does not need a horse or a car. The human nature is weak and for this reason seeks for some means of transportation, it seeks external help. Therefore, depend upon the divine nature in yourselves and not upon the human which seeks external assistance. Divine Providence exists for all souls. As long as there are living people in the world in whatever difficulty you may find yourselves there will be a man who will help you. Is there a need for fear of life? Every man is ready to give assistance to the divine. Not only man but the animals, too, are ready to give assistance to the divine. One time during the past years of war I needed to pass through town late at night. No one was permitted to move in town without an identification card. All alone I left the house of the general where I was visiting. I wanted to go come alone. Yet I do not know where from a big dog came out and started to follow me. When I was approaching some guard on the street I greeted him and the dog started circling around the guard. The guards answered politely my greeting and thought that I am official inspector. This way I passed all the posts where there were guards without being asked even one time for my identification. The dog followed me all the way home where I fed him well and let him go. He never appeared again. This way the dog rendered me a service and there was no need for someone to escort me. When you realize that, do not hesitate to render a service to the divine. Do not think that you are feeble or poor and not able to do something for the Great in the world. In respect to the Great the poor and the feeble can equally render service. What is the difference between the rich and the poor? The rich is a ripe fruit and the poor - a seed that has just been put in the soil. When the seed germinates and starts to grow it already is able to do some service. Even while in the ground it still, does some work. You may say that when you set your affairs in good order than you will serve God. Start working this moment independently from the state of your affairs. This is not of importance. You must not waste time. Plant the seed and do not worry. From that seed will grow a big tree that will bare a lot of fruit. - We lack the proper conditions for work. - Conditions for work always exist. Important is the desire in you to work. There are always favorable conditions for the receiving of divine love but it is up to you to place yourselves in a state of receiving. As soon as you tune yourselves you will receive love such as it comes from God. All depends upon the consciousness of man. Everyone receives love according to the degree of his consciousness. Now let the basic idea, remain with you: love the Whole and live for it. As long as you love the Whole you will love its parts also. A Talk of the Master Beinsa Douno on the peak of Mussala, Rila, July 24, 1940. From the volume “The Divine and the Human World” The Laws of the Parts and the Whole
  8. Note 2p GUIDANCE 33rd Lecture of the General Class of the Occult (July 8, 1923) We will now do a short exercise: to begin, your arms are stretched forward parallel to the ground, palms down. The right hand is placed over the left and slowly slides up the arm to the left shoulder, then in front of the face and above the head to complete a circle and then again forward coming back parallel with the left. After that, the left hand is placed over the right and the same movement is repeated with the left hand. After that, the arms slowly move to the side, then rise and then down again. Now, the left arm is stretched out to the front and the right hand is placed on the left shoulder then glides from the shoulder over the arm to the fingers and in the end, comes down to the side of the body. The same is repeated with the left hand. Several of the students writing were red(? read) of the assigned theme "The purpose of the brothers and sisters" Sing the song "The Spirit of God". 2nd exercise: The right arm is brought forward. The thumb touches the little finger and releases, after that the thumb and the ring finger touch and then release, after that the thumb and the middle finger touch and release and lastly the thumb and the forefinger touch and then release. The palm opens wide. The thumb, the little finger and the index join, then the ring finger joins, only the middle finger remains straight, after that it too joins. After that, the index loosens, after that the middle, the ring and the little finger loosen. The arm then returns to your side ? The same exercise is repeated with the left hand. When you do these exercises, your mind must concentrate on the fingers. At first, this exercise will look childish but in this case, when you concentrate your mind you will realize that it has good results. Every single finger is connected with certain currents. For example, if you want to cultivate in yourself dijents and kindness. If you wish to work on your mind join the thumb with the index very slowly, while the other fingers remain flexed. Concentrate your mind on this group of fingers (the thumb and index when are touching affect). Or if you wish to develop your conscious awareness, unite the thumb with the middle finger and you will receive the energy which will work on your consciousness. If you want to develop the arts, or love of nature unite the thumb with the ring finger. Lastly if you wish to be tactful? unite the thumb with the little finger, because sometimes you are short tempered. Do this exercise in the morning and at noon and observe how it works. These are elementary exercises. Remember the following: if you go and share these things with others, you loose the key. Do you know why? That person will try the exercise and think of what are you doing. Thinking like this about you, the connection will be lost. When you share this exercise with someone else he says that this is childish and he does not wish to occupy himself with stupid things. You will come home with a broken heart. You should not act this way. First you will prove these things yourself. You will do the exercise once or twice and when you see that it works then you can share it with others. You can use these exercises also in your childregoing(?). You will say to your child: "Come dear, lets try an exercise." Sometimes the mother has a hard time calming down her child. Let her try this exercise and the child will calm down. Sometimes there is a fight in the family. Do these exercises with the fingers, it is like playing an instrument and the conflict will be resolved. It is an excellent exercise. Sometimes if you are despondent, do this exercise and you will see that within five or ten minutes you will be in excellent disposition of Spirit, otherwise you will sit and contemplate why the world was created this way and who knows what other questions will disturb you. This way you will move a little with your fingers and that which you need you will receive. There may be sometimes some exceptions but you must be sure that your mind is present while you do the exercise, and to believe with certainty and not only a superficial faith. You must try a law to see if there will be a result or not. Persistence is necessary and nature has created the hands for some purpose. Now exercise 3 Hands in front fingers laced together and palms facing out thumbs together. The little fingers separate, after that the ring finger, then the middle fingers and at the end the index fingers, only the thumbs remain touching. The hands turn together like a bouquet with the fingers touching. After that the right hand glides along the left, passes in front of the face above the head, passed down to the right side, comes down, reaches forward the thumbs touch, after that the index, after that the middle fingers, the ring fingers, and the little fingers. This way the hands pass over the head, then in front over the head and in this position the following formula is pronounced: "In the unity of God's Love (the hands come down to the heart, fingers still joined) and Wisdom (hands go up to the same position over the head), Truth (down) accomplishes her (it's) purpose (hands up). In the name of God's Wisdom (hands down) and God's Love (up), Truth (down) achieves her sacred purpose (up)" and after that slowly the hands glide down. The remaining themes were read. The resume on the theme: "The difference between good and righteousness" was read. The theme for next week will be "The Relationship between the air and the water". The mind of the student of the Occult must learn to differentiate, to know how to distinguish things. I would like you to know in any given moment without self-criticism, in what category the state in which you find yourselves belongs and to see what the results are. For example, at one time during the day you experience melancholy. This should not worry you, it is normal. Or, sometimes you may be in a state of cheerfulness. This should not make you glad, because you do not know which is better, which of the two states will produce a better result! A pleasant state my be good but the possibility in both cases is equal to 50%. The students of the Occult must constantly be aware of his states. You still tend to wonder about your states. Sometimes you find yourself in a position as if you are absent, you feel as if you are emptied, your mind does not work, not only this, but you come to a state as if you loose your consciousness, as if another power has the upper hand over you. Even if you should loose your consciousness do not be disturbed because it is evening, when you fall asleep you loose consciousness. yet the student of the Occult must always have awakened consciousness. You do not know at present how to fall asleep in this lies all the evil - you fall asleep unconsciously, but when you become disciples you will fall asleep and will awake up consciously. therefore you will have an excellent experience in respect to your states. A good deal of exercises are needed to achieve such an awakened consciousness. For example let some of you try to fall asleep consciously - to know that they are falling asleep. I will give you a small explanation of what will happen to you when you are falling asleep. Let's say you sit, your consciousness calm and tranquil. Suddenly inside your brain you feel a murmur as if something takes hold of you and you cannot return and you are feeling an inner fear. In such cases some people feel a certain torture and start screaming. Remain calm and peaceful, because you become frightened a moment of darkening comes about, you loose consciousness and in this darkness you will find yourselves in a dark zone. You must guard the thought and? yourselves, to recognize yourself so that you may emerge safely from this dark zone. Not too long after that you will enter the spiritual world, you will know the difference, you will know when you sleep, when you dream, when you walk, you will differentiate things. Then, upon returning from the Spiritual world you will be able in the same way to awaken. However when this murmur comes the dense magnetic states interfere whereby one looses his consciousness, does not recognize himself, for him everything is confused, all circumstances, situations, which he sees all this represent phantasmagoria but as soon as he enters his consciousness, he will see that there exist an inner connection between all things. In order to overcome a great deal of effort is required, because some of you while concentrating fall asleep. Falling asleep is nature's method. There is nothing easier than falling asleep but man can learn nothing from easy things. Sometimes even while asleep ones consciousness awakens. This happens when one is to be made aware and protected of some future event. Those who guide you will awaken your consciousness by giving you a vivid dream. Be aware and remember this dream. Sometimes one remembers a dream that has deeply engraved itself in one's mind and this is forewarned of a misfortune. Understanding this represents one part of the science of the occult, one of the difficult questions is how one can regulate one's energies. These energies come from the centre of the earth pass through the spinal cord and in the form of a strong flow rushes into the central brain system. The modern world has lost its control over these currents. There is also another flow which comes from the Sun. It moves in the opposite direction from the brain to the sympathetic nervous system or to the stomach. Thus today we find ourselves between two waves which splash us constantly. We are like an eggshell thrown into the water and pulled about by the waves. First to one side and then on the other. When we have the benevolence that God has shown us we do not know how to benefit from it and when suffering comes again we do not know how to use it and thus we meander. These sufferings are needed because when you enter the spiritual world, when you are free of the body you will need to know how to control your spiritual body. This you need to learn still now. You can do small experiments. I have made such observation of your present state. For example you meet a person to whom you take a disliking to because his magnetic and electric flows are dense, you don't wish to lift your eyes and meet his since to look at some one always creates a connection. The evil is not in your objection to look at him but because fear and repulsion arise within you. These are harmful to man. Therefore imagine that God is between you and this man who you do not want to see. Or imagine that your instructor, or your Master, or someone of great kindness is between you and him. Try to become reconciled with this state. In order to erase your karma you must reconcile with everyone. As long as they are alive, it is easier to become reconciled with them. Once they pass on the conditions change and as a result it is more difficult to erase karma. You must try to resolve all your relationships, very quickly if possible. If you cannot do that why do we need this school. When you enter the other world it should only be for the resting of your soul. He who has not worked in this world when he passes on he will have to stay in a dreamlike state or he will have to wait for his karma to ripen in purgatory. It is not necessary to wait for years in purgatory, to be tormented. Here in this school within half a year you can pass through purgatory and beyond, it will take four or five years. Why wait four or five years until you pass through purgatory here on earth you can complete this course in 6 months. Someone says what is the achievement of a student of the Occult school? The benefit is in saving three and a half years. Do you know what these three and a half years are equal to? They compare to many years. The best thing of all in the school of the Occult which follow the methods of the White Brotherhood is that they prepare their students to be ready for the new conditions under which life can manifest. This is the purpose of the school. Knowledge can be achieved when the conditions are favourable. It is not attained on the physical plain. Knowledge is a mixture of all worlds. Man must understand the properties and qualities of matter on the physical plain, in addition he must also understands the properties, the qualities of the astral matter, of the matter with which the mind operates and lastly of the matter with which the soul operates - all this is Knowledge. These are laws which are so interconnected that there is much for man to learn. There exist many things to learn for the student and for those who are children for them there is plenty to learn in the physical world. Those who are more advanced will occupy themselves with the other worlds, the more ratified matters. If I wished to improve your intelligence, I would choose Wednesday for meetings at the school. If I wished to convey noble qualities to you, I would choose Thursdays. If I wished to increase Love in the school, I would choose Friday. If I wished to develop the sober mind of the students I would choose Saturday, if I wished to develop their imagination I would choose Monday. If I wished their marcial character to develop, I would choose Tuesdays. If I wished them to individualize - the Sunday. Each method has its application. Some students ask me why we are holding the meetings on Sunday evening. There is a purpose for that it is not arbitrary. We have changed them from Thursday to Sunday evening. One thing is missing in the school: a good disposition of the feelings must be created. In you, the students, is lacking good disposition of feelings. In order to attain this disposition you must dedicate a whole year of hard work to improve your feelings to act harmoniously. This is true art. But now because you don't have this art, the energy which you gain from outings you loose. You waste with one stroke the wealth which you possess and after that you suffer. You must have a good disposition of feelings. You must train yourself in that. I will give you an exercise for disposition of feelings. Exercise: In the morning when you rise kneel on your left leg, knee on the floor, while the? of the right foot is up. Place the elbow of your right arm on top of the right knee, while the index and the middle fingers support the head from the side. The left arm is at ease at your side. This is an excellent position for contemplation. Guide your mind up forward the eternal, towards God and at the same time think of a place where harmony is reigning. True life can be found there. This exercise you can do at noon and in the evening but at last once in the morning before prayer. It will bring disposition of the feeling and you will be in a good mood during the entire day. You can do this exercise for four weeks in a row for 5 min. at a time. This is an excellent position for contemplation. Now remember that every pose has its meaning within nature. This is true science. Each position of the muscles, tae eyebrows, every pose in general in the given moment comes about in alphabetical, geometrical order. Therefore when we come to the position to control ourselves, right away we will? our muscles geometrically. This is an assignment. There exist people who cannot control their eyes, their ears, eyebrows, mouth. For the disciple everything has to make sense. Many movements in man are due to great torment. Someone who has suffered much becomes nervous, someone else who has been reprimanded a lot certain spasms occur in him. When children have been regard? well or when a person is in a religious mood, or has a good disposition of the soul, the muscle of the face become plastic. As soon as he is placed in abnormal conditions it is expected of him to control himself with the power of his will. For example, in the case of an offence or fear a man winces and runs. No, when your heart flinches immediately you must control yourself. It is good to run too, because if a man does not run some misfortune can come on him and so when he runs he goes to safety. Yet, the mind must always be aware because one may be surprised. When a man winces, when he jumps and runs this is a means of safety. Take for an example a soldier. If he is alert he must keep his presence of mind and will not be harmed. It is good to have such presence of mind. There are students from India who have been sent to Europe purposely to take part in the fight so as to learn how to? fear with their mind. Often some adepts create war purposely in order to give real lessons to their students. They purposely create a war between two nations to put their students to the test. What do you think. You fight and the? disciples learn, the bullets fly around them but they sit calmly and learn. This cannot be considered sacred egoism, this is heroism. You must now take advantage of the conditions. People bring about wars, they are responsible for them but in this case you will pass the exams. Take for example a nurse. She goes into the battlefield to pick up a wounded soldier and bring him to safety. This is a trial for her. Consciously or not. Soon there may be war within ten years at the latest or even sooner. Some of you will be sent to be tried in the battlefield. We will make use of every situation. We do not make wars but as disciples you must be tried. Some people ask if it is possible without wars? - There exists only one way. When the people accept Love in their hearts wars will be done away with. There will be one more war and after that the people will come to their senses. Thus war is being enforced. The conditions for it exist for someone to ignite it. The great law which rules the world does not concern us. There are other Rational Beings which guide the destiny of humanity. We will make use of the conditions. Whatever the results will be, the responsibility falls upon others. We are observers of that which happens and make the best use of the conditions in which God has placed us.
  9. Note 4p THE LIVE POWERS IN NATURE Twenty - first lection from the Teacher, delivered at the common occult class on 20th of July, 1922, Thursday, Chamcoria (The forest school) Do you have a theme for next week? (- No) The best method for educating the will is for will to be your theme. What method will you present? The live powers in Nature. We will separate them into four categories: unconscious, subconscious, conscious, and self-conscious. Unconscious is in the minerals, subconscious – in the plants, conscious – in the animals, and self-conscious – in man. The unconscious powers in Nature act through the precious stones – in all of you one desire arises, one love to bring these stones, to use their powers, to know the important reasons why and for what. When we talk about the unconscious powers, we understand that their relations are distant, i.e. they do have some direct connections with human life, – one mineral stays far away from Life. Sometimes you use it to wear on your hand as a precious stone, i.e. we may say that it, like an accident, is inside Life. Now, of course, the Live Nature wants to act upon man’s consciousness – for these stones to act upon man with its powers. And we may say that these powers, these unconscious powers bring bigger reserves of energy, they spend (consume, use up) less??(unclear). [M1] In the mountain places, in these crags is enormous energy for the future development of the Earth. These crags have to break into little pieces through rubbing, to become radiating and then to come to the second phase – to enter into the plant life. These unconscious powers have a connection with our skeletal system. And often[M2] , it may be in the future that the precious stones will be used in some relation as an educational instrument to the human mind. We see, in the Revelation it was said that one town was made from precious stones, from many precious stones. This is to act upon the human imagination, because these crystals serve, more correctly, the refraction of Light and its bringing it into the human mind. That is why it is good for some of you to study precious stones. Precious stones, of course, have influence in the Spiritual world they are connected with it. The crystallizing of these precious stones in different forms shows that upon them works one sensible principle. For example, if one famous writer has some diamond, when he looks at it, it will put his thoughts in one way; if he has one precious stone with greenish colour – emerald or with bluish – sapphire – and it, at some stage, will exercise influence upon his thought. Now, of course the occult view of the precious stones is not like contemporary science. Occult science maintains that the precious stones are fruits – they grow and develop in a way as the fruits on Earth. And we may say that they are the highest presentation of the Mental field on the Earth, or they are creatures which live in the Mental field and show its activity on Earth through the precious stones. And those who can read will find in them a lot of knowledge. There is a lot of knowledge put in there, in these precious stones there are many things written, but whoever wants to and is interested, has to control the Akashic Records, they have to develop centres of clairvoyance, to understand the combination of these stones. Therefore, the practical putting into practice of these powers is their influence upon the skeletal system. If you have some ailment in the skeletal system, learn about the precious stones, transport them through your mind, transport the different kinds of Light through your mind – they will exercise the most curative influence on your organism, especially to your bones. This is practising and in the population: they put these pebbles on children’s heads so as not to catch the evil eye or not to lose themselves they will put some pebbles in his hat. The precious stones always attract these unconscious powers, they control it. Under the world unconscious powers, I understand these powers, which have no moral, because in the world there are some occult powers in which there is no moral. They are life powers too and when you get under their influence, they may do everything with you. For example if some of you pour out a little sulphuric acid on your body, it will not ask you if is it correct to break down, to attack – it will show its reaction. The subconscious powers are connected with the plant life, with the plants. And there begins the present life of man – with the subconscious life begins its sense – the body, the contemporary physical body has formed by it. Therefore, now in the world the plants exercise the biggest influence upon us. What is the practical application of the plants? – You always have to love the woods, this is the first thing. After you love the woods they are in connection with these subconscious powers, and they are necessary for your physical body. All the plants are one store in Nature where a man can draw from. It is not necessary for a man to be only among the trees but he has to learn to love them – this is one of the instruments in education. Love to the trees – this is one connection with them, to let them help us. When we enter in the conscious powers now, we go to the animals. We have to be more careful there. From the animals we have been taught many good things, but also many bad things – from the ox we have been taught industry, from the wolf we have been taught ferocity, from sheep we have been taught meekness and humbleness, from the bear we have been taught the irreconcilability in Life. The bear is very irreconcilable in Life – all tamers of animals declare that if the bear is insulted once, it doesn’t forget, it will always seek revenge, it is irreconcilable, it remembers for a long time, in the bear astral feelings are strongly developed. Now, the love of plants, for example, an occult disciple has to show [M3] when he starts to cultivate some fruits – the pear tree, the apple, the cherry, the plum, or some others. In general, they exercise a strong influence that is why in your yard you have to have fruits. Afterwards, it is nice when you are in Chamkoria among the pine-trees; they exercise an excellent influence upon the spiritual strivings of man. Go out often, speak with the pine-trees to give you this striving. When it grows uphill (upwards)??(unclear), the pine-tree is sharp, disinterested. Take some other tree – beech-tree or sycamore: when they are among pine-trees, they grow up the same, they adapt themselves, but when they exit, they immediately want to possess it. The pine-tree always takes the least space – there is no egoism in it. And afterwards, other characteristic in pine-trees: when its top is broken once, it does not grow any more – in that way the pine-tree shows us all the spiritual strivings in man. These are the spiritual feelings – if they [M4] spoil everything else plants[M5] in a man stops. That is why the occult disciples have to give priority to his spiritual feelings, to grow up – then everything in them can grow. It’s nice to go in these places, to look at the pine-trees, to examine them, to accept a little energy and good-will from them, which serve you through the year, to give you impulse, because in our present life we demagnetize ourselves. Every day anxieties, anxieties until the man demagnetizes himself, can’t think and has no good-will. Now, many of you have lived here for so long but haven’t made any attempts to speak with the pine-trees. But the sick may go to some pine-tree, to rest on it with his back, to think about it. The pine-trees exercise an excellent influence, the animals – too. Whatever animal a man likes, he is in position to perceive its qualities – it influences him because the conscious powers, when they pass through the animals, introduce good and bad qualities too. For example, from the cat, you can learn cleanliness, but simultaneously you can learn this greed – it has no patience to clean its victim, it is very unclean, from gluttony, it eats its victim with the coat. So from the cat you can learn clearness and to be quick but you can have the opposite qualities too – to eat unclean. There are spiritual people who don’t need much clearness[M6] , they say, “Let’s fill our stomachs, no matter what the food is.” The cat says the same. No, take for an example the donkey, from it you can learn one very good feature – how to choose water. You can’t let the donkey drink unclean water – it knows what water to choose, but when it comes to food, it eats unclean too. Now, all the animals like the dog, the cat, the fox, the bear, the wolf, etc. always exercise influence on people. And from the Astral world these forms are used often – when you sleep, throughout the time you sleep they present them to you. For example, you want to know what some man is like, want to trade with him – you dream of a wolf; it means that the man, who wants trade with you, has the character of the wolf. Or if you dream of an ox, or a horse, this shows the character of the man and you will judge from this – from the Invisible world people are always likened with famous symbols. One symbol of an animal is not bad, it means some Divine idea in a positive, or a negative form. Now when you think about the wolf, you may take it in a negative sense – to be as irreconcilable to the evil as the wolf is irreconcilable to the sheep, i.e. as it has cruel disgust to the sheep, as you are disgusted with evil??(unclear – Now?). In that way you can understand the power of the wolf in this relation and in a negative sense you can use its power. If you don’t know this law, immediately the power of the wolf will introduce in you cruelty and rudeness. All the animals and birds exercise some influence, strong enough influence, but you don’t have to reach the extreme. They influence collectively. For example a whole tribe of cats exercise influence. So, if you want to know what powers act you will see which animal or bird you think about and you will diagnose what powers function in you. And in the occult science there are some systems: let’s say that you have some of the conscious powers, i.e. these from the animal species; then you will transport other forms as the forms of any sheep, ox, or horse, to oppose the bad influence of the first forms – you will put the forms of animals with positive features, to oppose those with negative features. The powers of the animals can be separated into two camps: positive and negative, or destroying and building. That is why in the future when they teach about animals, it will be very interesting when a teacher, who teaches his pupils zoology, will explain to them what powers and influence it exercises upon people. He will have to know all this, so when he talks about the wolf he has to talk about the sheep, and when he talks about the bear, to see what the opposite of its nature is – in that way in the minds of the children, it will remain as two opposite forms. And now the teacher teaches only about the wolf and as a result can’t have this occult education. In future, that will change, then it will have contrasts; in teaching about plants, there will also be contrasts like these. When we come to the self-conscious powers, we understand a man in all his manifestations. With the self-conscious and the hyperconscious the human kingdom begins. When you meet a man, you have to distinguish what predominates in him – the physical, the astral, or the mental, does the mind in him exceed the heart or the will. If you have ten friends in whom the physique predominates, they are in position to maim you; you may almost pervert yourselves. Therefore, if you have one friend in whom the physical predominates, it will certainly put him in counterbalance with the mental – he will have one mental principle with which to oppose the physical. And that is why in the grouping of friends you have to put them in order like this: one, in who the body predominates, in the others – the heart, and in third – the mind, afterwards again – the body, the heart, the mind. If you have friends like these then the work goes harmoniously – because monotony is not good, for all to be only mental is not good. I do not want all of you to transform only to mental types because if you become a mental type you could become thin and get old, only the nerve system will remain and you will remain quite dry. If the physical predominates in you, you will to transform to bones and extensors. If the feelings predominate in you, you will begin to be compared to casks, because when the feelings predominate in somebody??(unclear – Now?), they develop in themselves an appetite which may be conveyed in eating and drinking – this is clearly an astral desire. But the physical life expresses itself with activity – this is the life of man and all the people who have a physical nature, they are in constant movement. The man, in whom the heart predominates in its low manifestations, subordinates to desires for eating and drinking, his entire life will be occupied with what to eat and what to drink – from the one end of life to the other only for eating will there be a question. That is why our manifestations have to change. If you do two hours of physical work, it immediately has to make work for the heart, afterwards for the mind – this is a rule, in that way it has to be educational. For now, almost unconscious, this energy balances itself but doesn't give good results – famous people become only mental types, we have different types for the heart or for the will but there are also balanced types. A man has to balance the energy in himself consciously: the physical – in astral, the astral – in mental and afterwards back. Laziness is one sign for work of the physical powers. Gluttony is one sign for superiority of the cordial powers – he may not eat but his mind is occupied only with thoughts about eating, in his mind are only the thoughts of eating and drinking, sweetmeats, syrups, and others, and that man whatever he does, nothing comes of it. Now when we come to the occult science it will join the eating. The eating has a form – in it there is a science too. Through eating, they educate people: if you feed a man for one week only with kasha, the second week – with apples, the third with plums, and the fourth – with cherries and if you know how to rob[M7] them from the trees, you will act upon in one rational way [M8] on his[M9] nature. Now vegetarian food is in use but there are no occult results. I will show you, first here in Chamkoria, a way to be acquainted with the crags – to look at them, to examine them; with how many crags there are to be acquainted with! After that, I shall show you to teach the pine-trees[M10] , to occupy[M11] and to examine the blueberry. Do you know what the blueberry represents for those who have weak stomachs? When they use them, in this way their stomach will be corrected. Mostly, afterwards, do your best to find which is the most beautiful place in Chamkoria – it will produce handsome combinations, it will concerns[M12] your mind in a way that you will deduce from the resort one blessing. Only in this way will you have it, if you will go only to a resort, and whatever you acquire, you will spend and after three-four months will be poured again[M13] . Can our walks be used in a way to enter Nature gradually? Many works have to be forgotten, many formalities have to be forgotten – when you come to a health resort(?? - health) like this, you have to forget about people for a while. Now you will create one diversion in your mind: you will learn about the pine-trees alone, its nature, its extent – you have to visit forty – fifty pine-trees in a day, to look at them, to examine, to make one acquaintance with them, to consider them as friends with whom you have met as living people. And when they enter in your mind, they will give you one new temper and when you come back into the city, you will be renewed. Do not be afraid that you may be estranged from Life. Afterwards, in Chamkoria, you may be interested in what animals live here – squirrels, roes, wild goats. It’s good to have the desire to see one wild goat and to give it mobility in your mind. If you meet a bear, this is good too – the bear is not so bad, it is good, the bear walks friendly but it’s frightful when you meet it. It is necessary for the pupils of the Occult school, because life is such that we lose the most important powers, which may come along with it, thus losing our balance. For example, if we talk about the spiritual constantly, there is danger of our life becoming monotonous. There is one law in Life that if the nicest things are repeated many times, they become spoiled. Many evangelic songs have been spoiled only because of this – somebody dies, they sing this song and it is spoiled. Do not sing songs to dead people – bury them without songs and when two – three weeks pass, sing that song far away from the grave. But how many times do you sing that song at the grave, afterwards, when you sing, it will be remembered in connection with the grave again, this must not happen. When somebody among us leaves, let some of the friends accompany him to the grave and nothing more. I don’t allow any one of my songs to be sung at the grave of some friends and whoever sings one song at the grave of some dead man, he is out of the School. No, with us, there will not be a song – we will bring him to the grave without a word, will wish him a good way, but will sing only after one month. We will not think about the grave, there is no reason to sing at the graveyard. In this way, you will not use even one of our songs for dead men – other songs you may use but to sing, “Dawn beautiful is dawns”…No dawn is dawns.[M14] (When somebody is ill, do not sing to the sick?) When somebody is ill – prayer, prayer, (by the original text) but the sick has to sing by him[M15] . If he sings a song and you are with him; if the sick does not sing, you don’t sing either. We will be distinguished from the others: here we don’t make a memorial service for dead people; we will do it for living people, but for dead men we will not – we will mention living people every day. And most of all, firstly, when some dying man calls us and starts to give instructions with what clothes to dress him in when he dies, we will call people from the world: “Come on bury him, he goes to God.” He gives instructions about which grave to put him in but he will not go anywhere, he will stay here, on Earth. And I say, You will bury the body but will know that the soul is not the body, the soul is free. And that man who leaves, has to know that he is alive, he will not stay in the grave – maybe he will stay there for forty days, his body will hang around for a while and afterwards will be set free, but may leave after a few days. But when somebody leaves, make one secret prayer, all can wish him a good way but not to sing any songs. The dead is something official – that life is dead, there is no reason to sing, he wants peace and calm. Whoever leaves, the first thing is that he wants peace and calm. Let God give him Light of the mind and Peace to the soul because when he looks at his life he may use the mistakes of the past. This you will keep from occult viewing[M16] ??(unclear – OK?), there is no reason to sing to the dead people. If some of our friends want to sing to him, then we will call some preacher – evangelist and will tell him, “You know how to sing to dead men, be so good to bury him and to sing to him and we will pay you.” If somebody wants to sing to him then the Orthodox or the evangelicals will bury him because they sing to dead people. But if he wants to be with us, we will make only one secret prayer – for God to give him Light to understand the deep sense of Heaven. When we send him on his way we will not sing, but those who meet him there, they will sing better to him. Let the angels sing to him, but there is no reason for us to send him on his way with songs, we don’t know what his work is. It doesn’t come, it doesn’t go to send with songs from this world, it’s better there to meet you with songs[M17] . And so, if some of you are ready to leave for that world, know that after they want to sing songs for you, we will tell them to choose an evangelic preacher or Orthodox priest who will want to sing to them. But as occult disciples you will leave without songs from this world, but upwards you will be met with songs, there they will sing to you. Last night I did you a little notice[M18] , didn’t I? The Occult disciple must have something mystical in his character – if this mysticism is lost, life becomes too empty and senseless. If we all become occult disciples we have to be blind to the mistakes. I perceive that after I make you notice[M19] , all the notices[M20] that I make are very expensive for me. Why do I make you notices[M21] ? I can let others make you notices[M22] because you don’t always have mystical tempers in your soul. And as disciples of one Occult school you will keep one rule if you want to finish your relations correctly: everyone will find one good feature in the other and will keep you in his mind – and then he will love you; and if he finds in you one good feature, you will love him too. Now you, when you meet, you look for the worst features and keep them in your mind. And then you start to pray, and go into the Occult school. But because you have selected the worst feature, after you have finished the prayer, you as if [M23] you think good about Ivan, Dragan, Petko, but it’s notable his bad feature that immediately spoils your temper acquired from the thought of the good feature. You, the occult disciples, to keep your character you have to know one rule for a law: to find in yourself one good feature. Every one of you has one good feature – find these good features among yourselves and keep it in your mind. Only in that way you will be able to help yourselves – and God will help you, and the Angels will help you, and the saints will help you. I shall adduce one example. I said to one sister, to one of the disciples, “Tell that sister this and this.” This sister said it to her and she answered, “Why doesn’t the teacher say it to me directly, but says it to the other?” What I said, she doesn’t want to do, but is occupied with small-minded works – no matter through who it was said, it has to be done. I say to her, “Don’t stay in this place!” Don’t ask why, don’t stay and don’t think because where I live is a very good place to live - for you my place is very dangerous, the person who lives with me has to be a hero. – “But shall not the Teacher keep us safe?” I am on the battlefield and the person who comes there must have the bravery to sustain these shells. I want to put you on the home front – at the back, far away. With all that, keep away from one delusion: it is not physical intimacy, which brings people together – the bringing together is in their souls. When their souls vibrate equally and when God’s Love penetrates us equally, these souls can understand it themselves. For example, I see how some of the disciples spoil the good temper in the others when they quarrel. Does the Sun mourn to us? It shines but sometimes a cloud will come and will distort its light. For example I came among you, I spoke from some objective; exactly[M24] you have a good temper along come two men, who start to quarrel, making clouds. And at the end, these two who quarrel stay – all the disciples leave and talk, “Petko, Dragan, and Stoyan said it correctly.” What education could there be?(or,could there be?)[M25] So the first thing: the disciples of the Occult school have to be obedient, absolutely obedient – if something is said, to do it. But he will say, “The spirit said to him.” Which spirit? The Divine Spirit is a Spirit of humbleness, Wisdom, Pravda, Truth; it is a Spirit that always takes the last place, it doesn’t order – wherever it goes, it will be last, it is ready to do a good turn to the poor. And this man in whom the Spirit works, will sit last at the table; if he sits first, God’s Spirit is not there, this is the way I know it. So when we come to the occult powers you will keep[M26] if you want to renew yourself. You will see that self-consciousness to execute the Will of God correctly. Afterwards, you have to verify how your influence acts upon those around. When I do notices to somebody [M27] every one of my notices[M28] not only has to dress the wound but I want to see if my dressing brought an advantage. If I make dressings for ten men and make the situation worse, it’s better for the wounds to stay undressed – if you can’t do Good, let somebody else do it. So I want these rules that I give you now to be executed constantly. I shall give you other rules. You will not suddenly become saints, because for a saint not one life, but many lives are necessary – it is perfection, it is not a law for salvation. Man has to start to vibrate in a way that in any given moment he will guess alone how to do the Will of God. Under the title holy man I understand a man with experience, consciousness, who knows how to help, but not only to take the name of holy man. A man like this is full with Knowledge, with all the virtues, and he always does the Will of God. Now we prepare to be strong, to help the great act. I say, the sixth race is coming. When the sixth race comes, you must have Knowledge and this Knowledge you will have now. So now the first thing: you will find one good feature in yourself – only for yourself, you will find one good feature, which God puts in you. To say that we are very bad, this is extreme, and to say that we are very good, this is extreme too. If we say that we are bad it means that we are not executed[M29] . God in us is good and that we will understand well and will thank God for what we are. You make one mistake but after that the consciousness in you cries, it pray, it repents; you say, “I thank God that I have that good feature – the consciousness; if I did not have that feature what would be my situation?” So when I make one mistake, I have one good feature that I understand and soon I correct my mistake. Afterwards, some man meets some poor person and his heart immediately feels pity – and with this one can guess that there is something good in him. When I say, to find our good feature this is a way we may have space of [M30] the Spirit. We have to subordinate to the Divine Spirit. And when you use these powers in Nature and when you come to the man, if you want to create friendly relations in the future, you will search inside friends and enemies for one good feature in which to put in your mind. It is quite a hard art, but an excellent art. Now you will be occult pupils – you will learn everything, you will be brave and decisive. When there are notices[M31] for you, you will not anger; when exposed, you will stand with patience; when you meet with whatever disaster, you will see only the good side in everything. Blessed is the man for whom you make notices[M32] – does God leave him? And the Scripture says: “Those who God does not expose and does not punish, they walk on a wrong way.” Don’t think that is something pleasant that can make a notice [M33] to one man. If you expose one man, do you win something? – Nothing – when you come back to your home will have anxiety within you, nothing more. Somebody says to expose. To expose whoever I always think that is the same as to make an operation – when you come back you always will have stench and for a long time you have to wash your hands to lose the smell. In the future when you enter into the School you will not see your mistakes. In the high classes it is absolute forbidden to think about the mistakes of people – people do not exist for you and the mistakes do not exist either, you will work upon yourself. One Hindu teacher says how one disciple goes to him and he shows him three methods. Three men moved in the forest; The Teacher said him, “You will go and will deliver to the three of them one slap in the face.” The disciple when he gave the first one a slap in the face, that man gave him two slaps in the face; he goes to the second, and gives him one slap in the face, that man raised his arm but put it down again, didn’t hit him; when he slapped the third one in the face he doesn’t even pay any attention, and continues thinking. The Teacher asked him: “What did you do?” – “I gave the first one a slap in the face, he gave me two.” That is the man, who lives by the law an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth – the Mosaic Law. The second one, who raised his arm and quickly put it down, lives in the Salvation, he saves – it comes to his mind to execute the law but says, “It haven’t to”, [M34] it comes to his mind not to execute the law. But that man, who didn’t pay attention to the slap in the face, he lives in the Love. So now, some live by Mosaic Law, others – in the salvation and the third – in the Love. Who lives by the law will hit you twice; who lives in the salvation will raise his arm and will say, “Let it go away from me,” but the third one, who lives in Love, will feel nothing. Now the occult disciple has to live by the law of Love – somebody will come to hit you but you will feel nothing, you will not even know what hit you. What a consciousness you must have! Secret prayer [M1]They consume less of what? Example – {…they consume less energy.} [M2]Is this needed for the sentence as it doesn't connect to the sentence. [M3]Usage – unclear. What does he have to show? [M4]It is not clear who "they" are. [M5]Shouldn't this read {growth}. If it is not growth, then revise the sentence as "plants" does not make sense. [M6]Shouldn't this be {cleanliness}. [M7]Usage - rob means to steal. Perhaps the word should be {pick}. [M8] [M8]{…act in a rational way…} [M9]It is not clear who {his} refers to. [M10]Unclear. I understand this to mean - {…show you how to teach the pine-trees…} Maybe it should be – {…show you how to learn from the pine-trees…} [M11]Unclear – usage. {…to occupy yourselves in examining the blueberry.} [M12]Usage. {occupy] [M13]Unclear. {will be renewed.} or {will be filled up again.} [M14]{"Beautiful dawn is dawning"…No, dawn is dawn.} [M15]{…but the sick person has to sing by himself or herself.} [M16]Unclear. [M17] [M17]Unclear. What doesn't come and go? Example – {It isn't fitting to send dead people on their way with songs from this world, it's better that they will be met there with songs.} [M18]Unclear. Usage. The word "notice" is not used correctly in this sentence or in the ones below. {…made a little observation for you…} [M19]Unclear. Usage.Notice what? Example – {…make you notice something…} or {…make you notice your mistakes…} or {brought your attention to a certain issue} [M20]Usage – {observations} [M21]Unclear. Usage. Example - {…notice certain things.} or {…observe certain things.} or {bring your attention to certain issues.} [M22]Same – {notice things} or {observe things} [M23]A word missing here – {you act as if…} [M24]Usage. Example – {exactly when} [M25]{What education could there be in this?} [M26]Keep what? Example – {keep the rules} [M27]Unclear. Usage. {When I bring a persons attention to a certain issue…} [M28]Usage. {observations} [M29]Unclear. [M30]Unclear. {space in} [M31]Unclear. Usage. {When certain things are brought to your attention…} or {When there are certain observations made about you…} or {When there are certain issues for you to deal with} [M32]Usage. {observations} [M33]Unclear. Usage. {make an observation} [M34]Unclear. Example – {"It doesn't have to come to this."} or {"I don't have to do this."}
  10. Note 4 THE THREE MAIN LAWS: LOVE, WISDOM, AND TRUTH Nineteenth Lecture delivered by Master Beinsa Douno to the General Esoteric Class on July 7, 1922, Friday, 8:15 - 9 p.m., Sofia Silent Prayer We just heard the disciples’ essays on the topic of the wheat grain. The second time I will appoint an essay topic only to some of you. You will need to write clearly; there is no need to write too much, but to write clearly on the topic of Why God Created Man. If I were to give you another topic, for example: What is the Distinctive Characteristic of the Disciple, what would you answer? My answer would be: the desire to learn. Now, the Esoteric School is not a place for playing or for musings; rather, it is a place for learning. You have come to the Esoteric School with certain preconceptions - you think that you know things. Outside of the Esoteric School you know a lot, but inside the Esoteric School you know nothing. I want to state the following now: you may have graduated from University, you may know a lot on the subject of philosophy but if you go to a technician in some workshop, you will find yourself in trouble; he will make you feel like a child, so you will have to pay attention. If you go to a laboratory, you will find out that you know nothing about chemistry. You may be a philosopher, thinking that you know a lot about chemistry, but no, you should admit to yourselves the fact that you don’t know much about that. When you enter the workshop, too, you should admit that you know nothing. You need to do the same when you are in the Esoteric School. Now you enter the Esoteric School thinking that God will enlighten you and will teach you everything. God does not teach those who do not want to learn. When you are here, in the Esoteric School, you need to pull yourself together and work, do you understand? Some of you have entered the Esoteric School with the intention to acquire everything with only little work; I will clean out the Esoteric School of disciples who do not learn. I do not need those who do not learn. There is a lot to do outside of the Esoteric School, but if you are here, in the School, do not waste your time, for it’s a shame; you will fall into the temptation of imagining that you are learning and what will come next is hypocrisy, because you will be fooling yourselves. Please, be fair to yourselves and correct yourselves. Then only ten people may be left but they will learn; if they stay but have not corrected themselves, then I do not want them either. Those who think that they know everything may leave; I do not need them. Those who only know how to criticize may also leave, please; it is pointless for me to deal with them. Only those shall remain in the Esoteric School for whom it is said in the Scriptures: “If you don’t become as the little children, you will not enter the Kingdom of God.” The Kingdom of God is a science, a great science. The Church may be willing to tolerate anything, but the Kingdom of God will not tolerate ignorance, crime, gossip, or evil. The Kingdom of God tolerates only eternal harmony - this is the Kingdom of God on Earth, on the real Earth. I’m speaking to you openly here, and you need to know that. Many of you are on the wrong path and if you keep following it the sole of your foot will become deformed. There are some who enter the path of Wisdom and then do not follow its laws - I do not mean to be rude to those, but, rather, to be honest with them. There are three Laws. The first Law is: The Truth in the Kingdom of God tolerates absolutely no deception in any form or shape, not a shred of deception, absolutely none, do you understand this? You might say, “It is in our nature.” No, there is no nature in this; lying is not in one’s nature; lying is something that was subsequently grafted into man. And if a philosopher or a theosophist or a teacher tries to convince you that it is in human nature to sin, then that teacher himself knows nothing, for it is not in human nature to sin. When I use the word “man”, I refer to that living Divine soul that originated from God; it is not in its nature to sin. If it does sin, then there are other reasons for that; you should be aware of this. And if one of you sins, he should not blame his nature for it; no, he should look for the reason outside of his nature. If I trip somewhere and fall onto my face, I won’t say, “It is in my nature to fall”; what I will do instead is look for the reason for my fall outside of myself, not in me. The second Law is: God wants from all of us to learn and learn constantly, at that. As long as we learn, we can live - Life is in the sublime Divine consciousness and nothing else; Life is in the process of Knowledge, because the Divine Wisdom gives Knowledge; Truth gives Freedom; Love gives Life; Life gives Joy; Knowledge gives Power and Freedom gives expanse - this is how these things work. Then you have Truth and Freedom; you have vast expanse, the expanse of the whole Universe. If you have Wisdom, you have Knowledge; if you have Knowledge, you will have Power; Power stems from Knowledge, but Knowledge does not stem from Power. If you have Love, you have Life; if you have Life, then you also have Joy. Now, I have said many times that we need to learn to bear the sorrows in Life. But one of Life’s characteristics is Joy - he who lives, should rejoice and only he who learns can rejoice. And only he who is free can learn; he who is not free cannot learn. I tell you all of this because there are old preconceptions, morals of the past. There are spirits from the Astral world who have entered some of you and are whispering in your ear, “You don’t need knowledge.” No, we do not want to have anything to do with these beings from the Astral level, with these ignorant spirits; we know more than they do, we don’t need their advice; they may keep what they know to themselves. They say, “We don’t need knowledge.” Well then, what do we need? To eat, to drink, to get dressed, to fight, to get married, to leave each other, to butcher animals, to write articles for the papers, to criticize each other, to create religions… - is this what we need? We need neither their rules, nor their advice, for all these influences are coming from the Astral level; they are not manifestations of the Divine Wisdom. The Divine Wisdom reveals that one true path where people can live mindfully and grow up to be something other than foot-tall pygmies: to be like a God in their mind and grandeur. And then there will be one Sun, not a small one that cannot sprout a single grain of wheat, but a Sun that is big enough to improve the wheat in the whole world. Therefore, all of you are required to be servants of the Absolute Truth; there must not be even a trace of a lie in you, do you understand! I’m saying that what you should do is not preach Truth outside but when you face your consciousness, God, your soul, you should realize the fact that there must be absolutely no change, absolutely no lie in your soul. My soul’s sky should be clear, with no clouds in it. Now I’m referring not to the outside world, but to the inner one; I’m talking about reaching a certain state of mind and only at this state can we think right. The second thing is that all of you should maintain a thirst for learning. What I see now is that some of you sit there and say, “I’m 45 years old.” Forty-five years is nothing; why do you think you are old? Do you know what the age limit is that defines one as old? One turns 60 years and says, “I’m an old man.” What codex states that at this age one can claim, “I’m old”. You say, “I’m old.” - The criterion that defines one as old, is wrong. God is referred to as the Ancient One, no one knows His years, but when we turn 60 we assume a label that says that we are old, now this is a shame. There is no standard for old people it is a shame to think that there is. What you should say instead is, “I have been around for 60 years, but I’m not old at all, nor have I become wiser at all - the Earth rotated 60 times, but I was sleeping the whole time.” Now you say, “I’m old”. Very well, if you say that you are old, tell me what you know then? Because the meaning of “old” in Sanskrit is “one who has Knowledge”. If you are that old, tell me what the Earth was like when God created it? Tell me about when God created the Earth. You might say, “Well, I don’t know about this.” Well then, you are not one of the old ones, why do you claim so? Now, here’s someone with his hair and beard all white, but so what if your beard is white, does that make you old; where did that assumption come from? When trees are all covered with snow in winter, does that make them old? Those with white heads say, “My hair is white, I’m old.” No, don’t link these things to your age. The first thing you need to do is tell yourselves that you are disciples; if you are 60 it means that it is your perfect time to be a disciple, to learn. Why? I will tell you why: the young woman walking outside will not tempt you, no woman will give you any trouble, and no children will make a ruckus. Exactly because your mind is where it should be and your heart and willpower are where they should be - that’s the perfect time when you can learn, i.e. you will be a disciple who is able to understand every single subject. And now you sit here and I often hear both the young and the old of you say, “We’ve grown old.” I would like to know how many of you are old so that I can ask them about how God created the world: that is how I will test you to see if you are old or not. First, as soon as you enter the Esoteric School, you will put one main thought in your mind - you need to forget about the world. What I see happening now is that you enter and say, “Let’s see what the Master will tell us tonight.” Here is what I’m telling you tonight: you must throw your old idea out the window, because it is worth nothing. All of you are young; even if you are 60 years of age, you are still young. The fact that the Earth has turned 60 times has nothing to do with you; when it turns, it does not affect your growth at all. Let’s say someone puts you into a magnetic dream at the time when you are born and while you are in that state the Earth turns 60 times; when you wake up, you will not be old. What ages on Earth, is not the years, the turning of the Earth is something accidental. We say, “At 12 o’clock there was a murder”, that murder is an accidental measure. These are all accidental measures in the world, because the Absolute measure is the expansion of the soul, not the turning of the Earth: that is something impermanent. I want you all to have the desire to learn, do you understand; I want you to learn, not only to feel. You want to be in pleasant spirits, right? However, there are better things than spirits and those better things are brought about by what one can create through the Law of Wisdom. Without the Law of Wisdom, you cannot serve God. You cannot make use of Love, either. You need to know that true Love in the world can be manifested only when the great Law of Wisdom is at work, only when Knowledge comes. In order for you to love someone, you need to know his distinctive characteristic. You say, “This person has dark eyes.” All right, I see this differently and I’ll make the following analogy to explain how I see it: when the farmer says dark soil, he implies something else; what he means to say is that this dark soil is rich and provides more of the elements that are favourable for the growth of the wheat grain. That is why he says, “This dark soil is excellent; it produces excellent wheat!” And when we see someone with dark eyes, why do we like that person; why do we like people with dark eyes? Because such people are more consistent in their feelings - if a person like that falls in love with you, he is ready to give everything for you, you can rely on him. A person with dark eyes will not deceive you - he is true to his character no matter if he loves you or if he hates you. That is why we say that dark eyes have energy. A person with dark eyes may hate or may be rude, but such a person has one characteristic feature - he is always honest; he will tell you directly if he hates you or if he loves you, he plays no games. Such people are not agitated, but are true to their character. Therefore, only Wisdom will show us the qualities that are inside us, the properties and qualities that are hidden in our consciousness. This is the goal of the Esoteric School. If, in the Esoteric School, we do not learn what causes all the misfortunes in our lives, and if, in the Esoteric School, we cannot improve our future life, then why do we even need this School? I can talk to you about Heaven, about how the Angels and the saints live there, about their houses and so on. I can describe to you many things and you will say, “This is very interesting!” It is very interesting, indeed, but it is not the smart thing to do. Why is it not smart? Imagine that you are ill in bed, you are feeling sick and I come to visit you and start describing to you my travels in America; I start telling you how the Americans live, but your stomach hurts. You will not get better by my stories about America! In that case you will tell me, “Before you tell me the first thing about America, tell me about a cure for my stick stomach!” Similarly, is it not smarter for me to describe to you the ways in which you can improve your life first and then tell you about the Superior Life? Here is the first thing about the Esoteric School: its goal is to help you get rid of all your flaws that have remained in you from all kinds of cultures from times immemorial and you still carry them in you. Some of you say, “I don’t need to know much, I can get by even with little knowledge.” No, you need a lot of Knowledge in order to save yourselves. You need Knowledge to understand Love, to understand Wisdom, to understand Truth. You need to apply things in the present real Life. Do not think that you understand Love. If you really understood Love, you would have been immortal; if you really understood the Divine Wisdom, you would have had eternal harmony, i.e. you would have had Knowledge, you would have been strong, you would have been able to understand Truth in its entirety, and you would have had eternal Freedom - the great expanse of Life. You would not have been in the dark then, we would not have been limited in this room talking about these things; instead, we would have been travelling incredibly fast. Do you know how fast we would have been travelling - at least fifty thousand kilometres per second. What would we have done then? We would have gone up to Vitosha, blow once and be past the Moon in a second and be on the Sun in five minutes. We would stop at the first station where they would greet us; we would visit for three-four days and, because they are polite, they would show us around; we would see their schools, their meetings, we would take notes and afterwards we would head for the next station, Alfa Centauri*. Now you say, “What a wonderful voyage!” It is wonderful, of course but it also contains some ideas. The advanced students of the Esoteric School go on voyages like this. You may not be able to make such a voyage in your present condition, but you need to get ready for it in some future existence. You should think on Earth, you should descend to the physical level and make voyages like this from that level. Once you are on the Astral level, you will make other voyages there; when you enter the Mental level you will find that it is organized differently, because the structures in these worlds are based on different foundations. So here is the first thing: a true thirst for Knowledge should be born in you; I want from all of you to think. I am happy with your thought but it should be an original thought, it should be such that when it enters your mind, it will beget humility. You all have met young women like that one who behaves like an aristocrat before she gets married; she does not like placing her hands just anywhere, but has a specific way of holding her hands, because she doesn’t know where to put them. However, once she gets married and has her first child, she can find where to put her hands - she lifts their child, then puts it down or holds it. The first idea that comes to one’s mind is the greatest; then one’s hand, the willpower, has something to do. Someone says, “What should we do?” Give birth to a great Divine idea in yourself and then your hands and everything will find what to do - this is why we have the Esoteric School. Now when you come here you say, “Aren’t we going to learn some prayer?” Do you know what is the true prayer, how you should pray - Lord, enlighten our mind, give us Light because the ignorance is so great that we do not understand You at all and we have sunk in sins up to our ears. We pray to you, give us Knowledge and Wisdom to do your Will. Here is a prayer: Give us Knowledge! Give us Knowledge so that we can serve You with all our heart and be happy and so that You can be filled with Joy that we are learning. What you say now, instead, is, “Lord, forgive our trespasses.” Well, your trespasses and your sins are a result of your ignorance, of your lack of Wisdom. Therefore, the disciples and all of us should pray in the Esoteric School; we need Wisdom and Knowledge. Some of you who are more advanced and well-read know that there are books about these levels. I don’t have the time now to talk about the levels. Make sure you look into these things; those of you who know more on the subject, should tell you in a private conversation. We have no time to go over things that are written in books; our time is valuable; you can read it and mull over it and I will talk about things that you cannot find in books. Now if someone tries to say something, you interrupt, “Wait, let’s ask the Master, he will tell us.” It is written in the book and you don’t need to ask if it is right; just read it, and if you like it, then accept it; if you do not like it, use your head to make up your mind. And when it comes to me to talk about these things, I will touch on them briefly and will talk about them only inasmuch as they are connected to our subject. Because my goal is to make you learn how to think by showing you how I think and then we will be able to study things. But until you learn how to think, I will use this hoe, I will dig and you will dig; I will dig and you will dig and so on until we learn how to think. And what will happen then? We will play and sing and when the wheat is ripe, we will put it in the barn and will have brotherly discussions about the eternal Laws and the future Fraternity. We have decided that we will not allow for anyone to lie to us anymore. Woe to those disciples who enter the Esoteric School intending to mock God’s Name! They will see what a Divine School means. The one who enters the Divine School needs to know that the great Divine Righteousness is behind this School. This is a Divine School - you are absolutely free but you are absolutely responsible for your deeds, as well. I need to show you and I will repeat again: the only unforgivable crime in the Esoteric School is lying! You should know this - lying is unpardonable. Do not think that you have common morals, pretend morals, such understanding… In the future we will have such high morals! I am not talking about how I treat you on the outside; I am not talking about those morals but about the inner morals in every given moment. If all I think about is how to use you, this is not morals. My relation to God - this is morals. There must not exist, even a shadow in my mind, soul, heart, or will of the thought of using you in any way. Absolute purity, absolute selflessness! Do you know what selflessness is? This is what is understood, these are the morals of the Esoteric School. And if all of you enter the Esoteric School, you need to have these morals in your soul so when you face yourselves in a given moment, you will know that you are pure. You can trespass thousands of times on the outside, but what is important is the motive, the inner motivation that causes you to do something. You may say, “But this is a school!” Yes, but this is one of the best rules. When you apply this rule as disciples, your things will improve in every aspect: mentally, spiritually and materially. Your things will improve in every aspect with no exception; if not now, in the future; if not for you, for your children. This is so and so does Jesus say, “There is no one who has left mother and father who shall not receive many times more in the present time and in the age to come – eternal life.” Therefore, you should have no fear. Then there is this irritability in you that I will start testing. Someone says, “I’m in a bad mood.” We know the reason and the source of all bad moods. If you fall asleep at night and a vampire puts his mouth on you and sucks your blood, what do you think you will feel when you wake up in the morning? You will feel a great weakness. Why? - Because this vampire has sucked out your blood. You have good intentions but some vampire comes along and sucks out your blood. Therefore, when you go to bed, you should close your door so the vampire does not come, do you understand? Someone may say, “It was my Karma that he should suck out my blood.” This is no philosophy; if you hadn’t opened the windows, it would not have been your Karma. If someone trips, they say, “It is Karma”; but if you hadn’t fallen, would it have been Karma? Someone is nervous, restless and says, “My father and mother were of a nervous disposition, and I have inherited it from them.” But if there were no father and mother what would you have said? We explain Karma a little bit differently. Do not blame your mistakes and foolishness on Karma. No, what you should say is, “I wasn’t careful in my step and I fell.” That’s all. Then there is another thing: in our Esoteric School we need to create a favourable atmosphere for learning. The first thing is to create this pure, holy, pious atmosphere so that you feel an impulse for knowledge as soon as you enter the building where these subjects are taught; this is necessary for all of you. You will create this atmosphere yourself. I have nothing against you, you are all good and I do not question your goodness. Now when I talk, you may say, “Master probably can see something bad in us.” No, I look at the matter objectively: if you are a musician and play badly, I will say, “There is no harmony.” I’m saying that not to judge your moral character but to say that the performance is not good and you don’t understand music; this has nothing to do with your moral character. You may say, “I have not developed this centre in me, but I will develop it in a day or a couple of days, or a month, a year, or longer.” When you say this, the sense for music in you will become activated. When I say that these senses are not developed in you, I mean that the Divine Curiosity is not awake in many of you. Now, I want to appoint a task to the three most capable disciples of you who know a lot on different subjects; I want one of them to write a summary on the Physical world, another one to write a summary on the Astral world and define it, and the third one to write on the subject of the Mental world. And I want this description to be ready in three weeks starting from today. Are there three volunteers here? They will write an essay and then read aloud what they wrote in front of all other disciples so that first, we can obtain a clear idea about the physical world; then a clear idea about the Astral world and then a clear idea about the world of Wisdom, the Mental level. (Now, you choose these three people.) This is how it is, then: Ruschev will write about the physical world, Ilia Stojchev will write about the Astral world and Veliko Grablashev will write about the Mental world. We will keep the rest of the capable disciples for more difficult subjects; if they are sorry that they haven’t been chosen this time, we will choose them next time. When does the third week from now fall? - On July 27th. Those of our friends who are writing this time, should write the main things. You may use books on the subject and take notes. So, I want all disciples to be always young, never old. When you enter the Esoteric School, we make no difference between how and when you have entered; here you are disciples and nothing else. In the Esoteric School you are all only disciples; outside of the School there are many professions, but when you enter the School you will be only disciples. When you are outside the Esoteric School, then you can have various professions. You need to observe one main rule: when you enter here, you will discard any other profession. If you are a professor, you will say, “I’m a student now, a disciple.” Here is how you should discipline your will and your mind: if, for one hour, you can release a burden, or forget about a difficulty and think about yourself as a disciple, now, that’s willpower. When you leave after that and go outside, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Someone may ask: “How can I train my willpower?” You should spend one hour during the week thinking about yourself as a disciple: this is another experiment for you to see how well you are able to focus your mind. You might think that you cannot do that - all is allowed. We will follow the same rule as in a battlefield: those who are fighting do not stop; they keep going even when people are falling down around them; there is a medical unit which will come afterwards to take care of the wounded. Now, if one of the disciples falls down, the rest need to keep going and let the medical unit take care of the one who fell. You are not to stop and inquire, ”What happened to him?” No, onward you go, there are no sick people here. We will not stop for the sick ones; everyone must be healthy. We welcome the healthy ones and we offer our cooperation to the sick ones. Therefore, we will not discuss sick people in the Esoteric School. One’s flaws and inabilities are but sicknesses of the Astral world. When someone does not learn, it is a sickness; if someone else gets offended easily, it is also a sickness; there is an astral medicine that studies the symptoms of the sickness. The disciples in an Esoteric School first need to study Love and the subject of Life - how it originated and what its purpose is for the earth forces and the way they connect to produce these elements. The first thing that a disciple should study when he enters the Esoteric School is Life’s joys and bounties. After that he will go on to study Wisdom, then he will continue with Truth and in this way he will finally get prepared for his higher purpose in the world. Silent Prayer * Alfa Centauri is the star closest to our Sun. It is 4.3 light years away from the Sun.
  11. Note 7 The Sublime in the Human Being Wednesday, 5.30 a.m. (The sky is clear. The weather is calm, warm and pleasant. There was a beautiful sunrise) "The Good Prayer" I am going to read you from the Bible, 1 Corinthians 6:6: "But brother goes to law against brother, and that before unbelievers" /The Holy Bible, ABS/ Science is a necessity in life. All people stumble over what they know. A child stumbles over what it knows, because what it knows has to be changed as it is appropriate for this age only. Each age has its knowledge, its potentialities. I shall give you a simple example: You are invited to have lunch. You are most of all interested in the meal – not whether it will satisfy you, but whether the meal will be tasty or not! You are interested in the outer appearance of the meal, in its taste, in its fat in order to receive an external satisfaction. It is an external understanding of the feast. Even when you know something, again you are interested in its external side. You say: "He is a good man; but that man is better." May one be better? If he is good, he is good. How shall you understand the word 'good' and the words 'better' and 'best'? A good man has little of the Good in himself. The better one has more. What is the difference between the good, the better and the best man? It is analogous to the comparison: This man is beautiful, that one is more beautiful, but the third one is the most beautiful. A garment may be qualified as good, better or best. What is the difference between them? Everyone here would like to wear the best garment. But once you have the best garment, how will you benefit of it? It will by all means add something to your mind. These are now only comparisons, leading us to more essential issues. Let us assume that you are coming into class to learn something. What will you acquire after leaving the class? What will you acquire today, for example? You by all means will acquire something – never mind if you mind or not. You by all means will be filled with something. No one can stay empty. Empty things do not exist. You say that a bottle is empty. It is empty of water, but there is air inside. What is the difference between the air and the water? The water is heavier and the air is lighter. The bottle is empty in respect to the water, but full in respect to the air. Even if you empty the bottle of the air there will be again something in the bottle, some other substance. What is the most essential thing for you today? What is that essential thing which is able to transform your state? Some of you are indisposed, but later on their mood is improved. Someone is gloomy. Why? The Sun is shining so lovely! Why are you gloomy? You were told something unpleasant, someone has uttered a thought. But this thought is neither a stone, nor an iron or something sharp to stab you or to hurt your head. Even so you are indisposed. Or you saw something in the distance and you got scared. I am asking: "What are the reasons, what is this, which is modifying your disposal? We are claiming: "The Spirit of God is acting in me". All that is true. It is right: the Spirit has been always acting; but nevertheless, when a small thought comes to us, we forget about God and our disposal is modified. When the darkness comes, you say to yourself: "Who knows if the way I am going along is right?" And you start doubting and hesitating. Sometimes we would like to show that we have knowledge just as somebody likes to show his strength, by carrying a certain weight. We have to abandon the delusions. Let us assume that somebody is carrying a sack full of sacred books on his back. You say: "I am carrying so many books, what have you seen!" Someone else may carry only one book under his arm, but he has already opened it, read it and learned something from it. The first one is just carrying the holy books, but he is not reading them. Which case is better then? What is tormenting you now? What can you rely on? There is always something you can rely on. There is one process, which is mechanical and one process, which is organic in man. Slaughter a lamb, take his hide and make a Bulgarian bagpipe of it. How will this bagpipe differ from the lamb? The lamb had walked and breathed; but the pipe would tell you: "Put something in me, inflate me a little, so that I may show the people, that I can play." The bagpipe would always mumble, but the lamb would say: "Give me freedom, I shall graze grass and breathe." Which state is better: to be a lamb or to be a bagpipe? Someone is saying: "I cannot think in my way, but in the way the Spirit teaches me!" It means that he is a bagpipe. Which state is better? A bagpipe is useful only to play at weddings, feasts, but when it comes to work – to write, to plough, it can do nothing. The bagpipe – it is like a human world. Man has taken the hide of a lamb and he has made a bagpipe. He has put also a drone. Sometimes we play like a bagpipe- we have some morality, some understanding. But it is a human understanding. It is a mechanical process – coming to a specific point, you say about it: "I do not know it!" You shall hold the other process – the Divine one. It does not already resemble a bagpipe. So, first of all you have to study these two powers acting in the world and changing the state of man. The collective consciousness of all beings is mighty enough to change your consciousness. And the consciousness of God, the Spirit of God is also ruling. In the same way as your consciousness affects all beings, their collective consciousness acts upon you. And if you do not realize that law, problems will appear for you. The collective consciousness of all beings may change your consciousness and your way, pushing you in an unwanted direction. When you are seeking your way in a period of suffering, the higher beings and God stop you and start asking you: "Where are you going?" You say: "To grow up and to become a great and a rich man." When you grow up, becoming rich, does it matter? What is the difference, if a creature was a little donkey and becomes a big donkey? The master will load the little donkey less, but he will load the big donkey more heavily. If you have knowledge, knowing also why you need it, what is your position? You have morality, you have love, but you say: "Let me receive the great love, the great inspiration. I have a little inspiration now. When the great inspiration comes to me, then I shall start working." I am asking you: Is it practical to wait for the great inspiration? What is the difference between that one who loves you very much and that one who loves you a little bit. If you cannot appreciate the Love of God, what have you realized then? The Love of God is the greatest Love. You all are expecting some great inspiration, some great Love, etc. But some of you have started to lose what they have. You, the dearly loved children of God, have been bent with the great Love of God. And all people get older with Love. Love actually makes people older. It brings anxiety and troubles. Who of you had happy days being fallen in love? Giving birth to a child, you will have troubles – you will care his eyes not to get hurt, his stomach not to ache, his school activities to be successful and so on. What philosophy exists in that? Then you will become a religious man. You will start worrying: "What is the attitude of God towards me? Am I a good man or not? What, if I cannot go to heaven? What, if I meet a devil? What, if I meet a woman? What, if I meet somebody to grasp my neck?" Is there something improper, if a woman meets you? You say: "Women are bad." You meet a man – you say: "Men are bad." You meet a merchant – you say: "Merchants are bad." You say of somebody: "Stay away from him, he is a devil." There is a misunderstanding in the world. What is in fact evil? Somebody will say: "I do not understand evil now, but I shall understand it in the future." You will not understand it in the future either. In the future you will understand that you have not understood many things. Nothing could be understood following this very way. You will get an understanding for some time, but then the opposite process will start. From the morning at sunrise till noon – that is the apogee of your understanding. And then at sunset, you will understand as much as you do at sunrise. It has come in as much as it has flown out. At sunrise something of the Love of God has entered in you, but at sunset it has gone out of you again. You cannot hold Love. The whole error in you is that you want to hold Love. You cannot do this. You cannot hold Light either. Love could not be held. It is the point, where people are breaking their heads. You want to hold Love. You want to tempt it somehow. You cannot tempt Love with anything. It is said in the Scriptures that the only thing you can attract the attention of Love with – it is the Truth. It is said of God that He has loved the Truth, which is in man. The Truth presents the human soul, or what has come out of God. God has loved in us that Divine part, in which we are unchangeable. God considers the other things, which we gathered around – our clothes, our houses and knowledge – as entertainment, as our toys. They are not important to Him. He leaves these toys onto our account; but He is interested just in our soul. The only precious thing in man is his soul. And if you do not pay attention to your soul, then what will you pay attention to? If you do not know your soul, how will you know the souls of others? If you cannot love your soul, then how can you love the others? What can you love in the others? Their souls. Everything else you love in man – you love his clothes. If you consider the modern world, the whole contemporary system – it is violence from one end to the other. There is silent violence everywhere. Can you tell me something else? The violence is not only among people. Somebody is saying to me: "How beautiful Nature is, how beautiful the green grass is, how great the world of God is!" I have observed the grass too. I watched with a magnifying glass, with a magnifier, two little creatures gripping at their necks. The one was gnawing the other and vice versa. Sufferings exist there as well. These two creatures tortured each other; they were quarrelling to divide something. One of them was at the one hole, the other – at the other. The distance between them was small, that was the reason of their quarrel. We say: "How great God has made the world!" We also say: "How great God has made man himself!" Where is the grandeur of the human face, for example? I see: the human face has darkened being with pale lips and dull eyes. Where is the grandeur of man? It is revealed only in that moment, when you come to an ordeal, but you do not hesitate – for something constant has remained in you through all the hardships. That is man himself, but not what you think. When you come to a big hardship and you do not tremble – that is precious in man. All the blossoms that bloom and all the fruits that grow are valuable, but the long-staying fruit is the most valuable. There may be thousands of fruits but only a few of them are remaining. They are of the greatest significance. Every one of you is saying that something evil exists in man. Well, I agree with you, I am on the same opinion. Since we are bad, what shall we do? What shall we understand by 'a bad person'? Define for me now what you understand under these words. Define explicitly to avoid the need of a second definition. Whoever does not behave in the way we expect, is a bad person. I am going my way. A man there hits me, so I say that he is a bad person. If he has swerved right or left, I would consider him a good man. You also can be bad for him as well as he can be bad for you. Who is good? Everyone who thinks like us and who acts according to our desire is a good man. At least, that is the practical wisdom of the world. That is the present morality. People speak about one kind of morality, but behave according to another. In the contemporary legislation you are asked: "Why didn't you observe the law?" You may believe in God, you may love Him, but the judge is telling you: "Your love to God does not matter. You did not keep the law here." So the judge convicts you. Even though you love God, the judge sentences you to one-week imprisonment. Because you did not behave the way the judge wants you to, you are convicted. A policeman will abuse you if you do not behave the way he wants you to, if you do not think the way he thinks. If a son does not behave the way his father expects and wants him to, he will be reproached right away. But this knowledge cannot help you too. What is helpful then? I shall take an anecdote for example. Once upon a time there was a ruler, a rich man. He was a man of variety. Everyone wrote to him and he received requests all the time. "My most dear Sir, there is nobody like you, you are the most good-hearted, the most beneficent of all. You are the only one who can help me, kindly grant me a little sum." They always wrote to him like that. Reading such letters, the rich man did not give anything to anybody and finally he wrote an announcement – always, when people wanted to get something from him, they should write letters to him not in the standard way, but in a way to please him. "If I like some letter, I shall do something, but I am not going to answer dull letters." The people wondered how to write to him, everybody wrote and wrote, but nobody received an answer. But one man wrote to him like this: "Sir, I do not know how to write you. But I have two boils that appeared on my body. I need money – I need two bandages. Don't you have some little cloth – please, send me two little cloths with your servant to put them on my boils." The rich man immediately took two banknotes, put them in an envelope, sent them to the man and wrote: "Dear brother, I am sending you two cloths. If you can use them, it will be good. If necessary I can send you some more cloths." That man wrote a second letter: " My things do not go well. Besides these two boils, one bigger boil came on my other leg. So I need a bigger cloth." The rich man put a bigger banknote and sent it to him. That man wrote to him again: "I do not know what to do, I wonder that scabies break out now in a big area. I need a much bigger cloth." And so after the rich man had sent those cloths, at last the man wrote: "Thank you very much, but because I am dressed now only in cloths, I do not know how to take them off, as I think of going to the baths. Won't you give me a towel?" The rich man wrote to him: "I am glad that you need a towel, but after you get out of the bath, you will come to me with the towel." All that needs a translation. It is symbolical. Things have to be translated. We are living an artificial life with imaginatively big sorrows. You say: "I am very grieved!" But it is not true: you have not a big grief, but a small one. We have not yet learned to tell the Truth. I made some psychological findings; usually the cause of the biggest sorrows is very small. But as it gets polarized, it seems to be very big, when in fact it is very small. Throw it out of your soul. And the cure is very simple. If a big suffering comes to you, say: "God has made the world, He will take care of me, then I shall take care too." The essential thing is not in observing things. The only thing that can help you, the needed power will be given to you. Light and everything else will act in unity for you. I say, we shall use the small God granted gift every day. If you expect full barns, knowledge and power as the angels live, you will waste your whole life in vain. Somebody wants to become a great man, he thinks about the future, what a saint he will be, how famous he will be, and whether he could become a teacher, etc. First use life as it is revealed in you, use even the smallest possibilities in life and sustain your sacred thoughts. Every one of you has at least one sacred thought, which to sustain. When you injure your leg, you say: "When my leg gets better, I will believe in God." How many times did your leg ache and then got better, but you did not believe. The same will be happen this time too. And how will you prove that your leg is aching? You have not examined the origin of the pain. Some illness you have might be not yours. Its cause might be very remote; it might be found in America, for example. Probably someone in America is ill and you by sympathy are connected with him. And since he is painful, you are painful too. We are placed in the following position: a man lived in a village near the city of Varna who liked to pull out teeth and was very skilled in this. Once a bey /*title of a vassal in the former Ottoman Empire/ came to that village with his wife, who had a bad tooth. The bey visited that Bulgarian to pull out the tooth of his wife. The bey waited downstairs, his wife went upstairs. The man took the pliers and the woman started to cry upstairs. The bey who loved her very much was also crying downstairs. Though the bey did not have his tooth pulled, he cried together with his wife. The same is with you now. Somebody is having his tooth pulled, but you are crying and groaning. There are sorrows out of sympathy. Something pricks you in the breasts, but it is not real. It is just the feeling of a thought coming by reflection. So first of all, we shall abandon the delusions of life. A thought may come to you: "If I break my leg, that and that will happen to me." Thousands of similar thoughts may come to you in one day. All that may happen, if you assume it, but if you do not assume it, it will not happen. I say, stop assuming things. All of you imagine such things and all of you sit pondering over how the New Teaching will advance in the world; whether the way you are going is right or not; when, in how many years the kingdom of God will be established – here on Earth. You are like children. The Kingdom of God cannot come to Earth in the present conditions. But it is not far away and we benefit from it. One day we shall go there. Some of you – by a carriage and others – on foot. But if somebody mentions the world beyond, you start bothering. You say: "A sister passed away, a brother passed away." Where did the passed away brothers and sisters from the Brotherhood go, where are they? They are here, amongst you, sitting around. What will you say? They are sitting and laughing and saying: "We are here again!" Once they had their own houses and now they are coming like tenants. They had sold everything and everyone rented now a small room; he is coming for the lectures and then going back. Let us suppose that you think about somebody. He has passed away. You can often notice that when a brother from the other world has come, if he enters in the body of another brother, the last starts to resemble him a little bit. His ears bent, his eyes change. When the passed away brother leaves him, the face of that brother acquires its former appearance. So, first of all, you shall distinguish between your states, to know whether it is really you or not. Every day you should give an account to yourself when you are alone and when you are not. Do not consider it as something bad. If a small window is a token only of little light, much more light will pass through a bigger window. Where is the transgression then? The law is: the knowledge that comes from God, the Divine light, to become a fortune of our souls. It is better, if the light is greater. But we are afraid that if too much light comes in, we shall lose our ground. You should have as much light as needed in the given case. The same law applies to Love too. Sometimes you want more love than you need. Love also can be unbearable in some cases. You should have as much love as to make you joyful. For in every given moment Love will come and leave in front of you more and more of the visible world. It is not necessary for you to see all the blossomed flowers. You may see just one flower and you will fill with joy, then you will see another one and so on. You will see one river, then a second one, a third one and so on. Gradually, going from one subject to another, you will experience the manifestations of the world. You think of a brother or a sister and you expect to meet some saint. In fact you go among saints here. The saints, first of all, do not have time to invite you to pay a visit to them. How will you benefit, if you see a saint? How do the saints look in your vision, how do you imagine them? Are they painted as in the church? The saints are always merry and well disposed. They have not troubles. When a saint meets you, you say to yourself: "Now I am stuck!" But he says: "You are not stuck at all. You go the very right way." You say to him: "The devil took hold of me." The saint will tell you: "The devil had entangled himself alone." The following law exists in the world: The devil tries to push you in all the snares he is making, but he wants to stay out of them. As you eat the morsel in the snare, you will be sentenced, you will be imprisoned, but he will escape. If you have trust in God, being prone to some temptation, God will catch both you and the devil in the snare – and then you will get released from evil and you will get free from the devil. Once the devil was caught, all your affairs will go better. If your affairs do not go well, it means, that the devil has not been caught in your snare. You say: "I am a bad man." The devil has not been caught in the snare together with you. You say: "I am out of luck." The devil has not been caught in the snare. As soon as he will be caught, you will be lucky. Then you should have a childlike faith: God is the one who reigns. Whatever may happen in the world, turn your mind towards God. If you have some pain, pause and say to yourself: "That is for good. I do not know it, but it is for good." Somebody will say: "But how is it for good! You do not know it, but it is for good." Even if it is not for good, you say: "It is for good." While the devil is cheating you, cheat him too. He wants to push you in the snare. Take his arm, let him in the snare and say: "We are both here." I do not know how to say it, but we love the devil very much. After he has fallen into the snare, out of love we open the door with the words: "Come on, you may go, I shall stay here for you." We are very generous. The devil says: "Thank you very much." And he goes away. The rule is: when a devil has been caught in the trap, do not let him go! Tell him: "I love you very much. Since I caught you we will have a much more pleasant conversation here in the trap." The people are always caught. Do not open the trap and do not let the devil out! I see now your devils laughing, but I have a devil who is always crying. Yours are laughing, mine is crying. My devil often says to me: "Look at those devils, they are always joyful and I am all the time crying." I reply: "They are joyful, but you will cry." Let your devil cry a little. If your devil is happy, you will cry. And when he starts crying, you will rejoice. It would be much better to change your roles: he to cry, you to rejoice. Now I wish you that your devils cry and you rejoice! The Lord's Prayer 30th lecture from the Common Occult Class, April 18th, 1934, Sofia, Izgrev Translated by Martina Yovcheva, Bulgaria Source
  12. from The Blossoming of the Human Soul THE VOICE OF GOD The human path is defined by the existing inner philosophy of Life. In order to attain this philosophy, you need to make conscious efforts; to work on yourself. If you are questioned on the reason and purpose of your coming to Earth, you will say that God knows the answer; He has created you so He knows your predestination. This is a general assertion; that is how one speaks without thinking. Yet, all should know why they have come to Earth, what their special purpose is. If this question is directed to an ox, bird, or fish, each one of these beings would answer according to the degree of its development. The ox will say that its specific work is to go from one place to another and defend itself with its horns, if attacked; the bird will reply that the purpose of its life is to fly; the fish - to swim. What will a person answer to this question? If you have thought about it, you can give yourself a satisfactory answer. All who have the answer about their life mission on Earth can be called happy - they have attained inner peace and tranquility. Therefore, those who perceive the meaning of Life have reached a high level of awareness and understanding, due to which they can evolve properly, walking on their path with confidence and open eyes. Such people resolve any difficulties and contradictions they may encounter with ease and they are interested in everything in Life. The person who is ill will also open his eyes, but only for the medicines and food, which are substantial for his recovery. After he takes them, he will close his eyes and begin to moan again. Why is he moaning? It is because he is passing through a difficult part of his life. So, the ill man moans because of the perilous path ahead. At the sight of what he needs to endure, he closes his eyes not to look at it. The ill person is faint-hearted. When one is healthy, this one walks with open eyes. Why? The path ahead is beautiful and easy. As long as people have not run into difficulties, they are not frightened. But encountering challenges, they close their eyes and begin moaning. The wise person, however, who understands the meaning of Life, goes with open eyes regardless of all difficulties. Humans have come to Earth for learning lessons. Students of Life should aspire for positive knowledge that will bring a profound inner peace to them. For this reason we say that your first task is coming to know yourself and work upon yourself, and after that - coming to know the others and work with them. To take the improvement of the world upon yourself is not in your power and abilities. Can you provide food for all people? Can you say what is happening to the dead and where they go? Can you keep account of the lives of all who are born? Why is one born, why does one die? Life brings the same things as death. Both life and death bring the human being certain blessings and adversities simultaneously. Death is happiness to someone and unhappiness - to another one. Happiness and unhappiness are relative things. It is up to you to make your life happy or unhappy. Living consciously and observing God’s laws prolongs one’s life. Disobeying God’s Laws shortens one’s life and brings suffering. While living, it is good to perceive Life as a great blessing. God’s Will must be observed in order to make the best of this blessing. Religious people claim that they do God’s Will. What is the meaning of the words “fulfillment of God’s Will”? Only those who are healthy, strong, and wise are able to fulfill God’s Will. Their prayer is always accepted as they are in connection with God. What would you say about someone who is bragging about having a millionaire friend and at the same time goes with an empty purse? It is impossible to lack shoes on your feet, to be hungry and in rags when you have a rich friend. It is impossible to be fulfilling God’s Will and at the same time to be ill or live in poverty. In spite of whether you fulfill God’s Will, God has not deprived you of the good things in life. He provides an abundance of water, air, light, and food for all people, but many of them are ill or suffer of hunger and deprivation. Who is to be blamed for that? When one’s jug is cracked, what is poured in it will run out, but who is to be blamed for that? The jug. Who cracked the jug? Either the potter or its user. Whatever the case is, it will not help the person whose jug is cracked. What is important is to replace it. He has the right to replace the broken jug with a new one. And so, when you hear someone complaining of not doing well, you should know that his jug is cracked. Whatever he pours in it is running out. Ultimately, he becomes a permanent loser. Sometimes the losses are big, sometimes they are small. If you pour water in a cracked jug and it runs out, the loss is not so big because there is plenty of water in nature: you pour it from one side, it flows down from the other side. However, when it comes to rose attar, for example, the smallest loss of it affects badly not only the individual, but the whole household. The human body is nothing else but a pot given to the person to act through it and do some work. This pot needs to be solid enough to preserve the precious attar for a longer time. The precious attar that is poured into the human body represents Life itself. When the pot cracks, the attar runs out and the process of aging begins. When Life is running out of someone, he becomes indisposed and begins to complain that his legs do not hold him, that he feels often dizzy, his chest is hurting, he cannot think sensibly, his eyesight is failing, and so on. This indicates premature aging, which is a sign that this person has broken the good relationships with the Intelligent Nature. What should be done in this case? One needs to restore the proper relationship with the Intelligent Nature and as a result to begin rejuvenating. Everyone, righteous or sinful, may disrupt the relationship with the Intelligent Nature, but can re-establish it too. The righteous person may disrupt the connection with the Spiritual World by some wrong doings. Yet, with good deeds this connection can be re-established. It is quite natural. If the wrongdoer lives in an area with clean air, he will be healthy. If the righteous one lives where the air is polluted, he will get ill. However, each of these situations could be temporary or permanent. The righteous person who lives wisely would not probably stay for long in an unclean atmosphere. On the other hand, the wrongdoer could not always make use of the pure air. Also, if the righteous man worries constantly, he will lose his health and if the wrongdoer does not worry, but keeps his inner peace, he will always be healthy. God gave mind to the human being to be able to think, not to worry. “But why is the world created in this way?” It is none of your business. “Which is the appropriate creed?” These are issue, which cannot be solved only in theory - they need a practical application. To answer the question about the true creed, one needs to experience the results of a given creed as applied in Life. The Scripture says, “You will know them by their fruits.”[1] The same is true about any creed. If you are healthy and strong, your creed is good. If you are sick, ignorant, and weak, your creed is not appropriate. Even if you can explain the reason for your weakness and ignorance, it will not help you much. Whatever explanations and excuses you may give, the weakness and ignorance are not overcome. A person should be aware of the connection existing between God and the human soul at any moment of being and guard oneself against interrupting it. Without this connection you cannot create a concept neither of God nor of yourself. You can see people, you can see yourself too, but without having an idea about the humankind as a whole. You know that a person has eyes to see; ears to hear, nose to smell; mouth to speak, but this is not enough. You should know the purpose of each organ in the human body. You say that you have hands and feet; but you must know both their external and internal functions. The purpose of hands is not only in the work they do. The purpose of feet is not only in walking. All organs of the human body have their external and internal purpose. Christ put clay on the eyes of the blind man and he began to see. The learned of that time gathered around Christ to question Him on how it happened that the blind man could see. They wanted to know if he was blind by birth and if so, what was the reason for this: had he or his parents sinned? Well then, according to the philosophy of that time, it was impossible to be blind by birth without any reason. Christ answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him.[2] The people of those days lacked understanding of what Christ spoke to them, but people of today do not understand it either. Some people do, but most do not understand Christ’s Teaching. After asking Christ about many things, people wanted also to know why he opened the eyes of the blind man. It makes sense to ask why someone’s eyes are gouged, but to ask Christ why He has opened the eyes of the blind man is out of place. Blindness is a limitation that needs to be eliminated. Christ met a blind man and opened his eyes. Could there be more natural act than this? At that time there were many blind people living in Israel, but Christ did not help them, He opened only the eyes of that particular blind man. Why? It is because He had a special attitude toward him. In fact, that person became His disciple after his sight was restored. Christ came to Earth to help those who externally or internally were blind, but at the same time, they were ready to fulfill God’s Will. Those who are not ready and willing to do God’s Will are going to listen and look without hearing and seeing anything. It means that it is not destined for everyone to have their eyes or ears opened so that to see and perceive God’s Word. Now apply the story about the blind man to your spiritual life and see if there is such blindness in you too. When will one’s spiritual sight awake? When there is a deep desire coming from the heart for recovery of the spiritual sight in order to be used for serving God and fulfilling God’s Will. The man born blind, whom Christ helped to see again, was cherishing the inner desire to fulfill God’s Will. Guided by this desire, he was waiting for someone to come and help him. Someone may say that according to the Hindu philosophy that man had paid his karma and that is why he was able to see again. Yet, we say that the karma itself left him. What is the meaning of this statement? When will the karma leave someone? When it is clear there is nothing more to be taken. Looking at that person, the karma says, “There is no more to be drawn from that one.” Does the wolf not act in the same way? When meeting a sick sheep, the wolf will push its belly and will leave it with the words, “I do not eat sick sheep.” However, when meeting a healthy sheep, the wolf will quickly get the better of it. The sick sheep will remain free as the wolf will not attack it, while the healthy sheep will be exposed to its teeth. It is a figurative explanation of the karma, in order to understand that Law. The fundamental interpretation of a topic is like a circle and all other relevant issues are arranged around it in concentric circles. Such circles are formed and exist around a person as well as in Nature. Where in Nature do we find them? When we look at the cross section of a tree’s trunk, we see that it consists of several concentric circles. We can define the age of the tree by counting them. Why are these circles formed there, why not squares or any other geometrical forms? It is because the circumference as a curved line meets less resistance than the straight line. It indicates that while growing, the plant searches the path of the least resistance. It is one of the Nature’s ways. She always searches the way of the least resistance so as to avoid the needless consuming of her energies. And so, by proceeding on the path of the least resistance, a person observes one of the moral rules in Nature. People of today often speak about morality, judging or approving deeds of their fellowmen. However, if they want to examine their own actions, they will see that only a few of them correspond to the moral rules. Morality exists also for one’s manner of speaking. If its rules are not observed, the speech is rough, unexpressive, and unpleasant. Only the person, who is soft, can speak according to the rules of morality. People say that someone speaks sweetly. If there is no softness in the character, whatever one may say, it will sound alike. Whether you wish all the best or tell someone that you despise them - it will sound identically. Therefore, one needs to be gentle. Gentleness will give expression and modulation of the voice so that the content of the words may become notable. An example for this is the Prophet Elijah’s prayer when he wants to prove to the pagans that only one God exists in the Universe Who can hear and answer people’s prayers. Every word in this prayer contains gentleness, power, and proper intonation. When God answered his prayer, fire came down from Heaven and lit up the sacrifice, which he had placed on his sacrificial altar. The pagans were praying to their gods as well but to no avail. They were shouting, boasting, and injuring themselves, but their gods remained deaf to their prayers. It is said about Elijah’s prayer that it came from the depth of his soul. That is why one should pray with all his soul. When does a prayer come from the soul? When someone is on the stake waiting to be burned. In such moment he has eliminated everything around, he does not see and hear anything. His being is fully engaged with the thought of God. There is not any barrier between God and his soul. He has a direct connection with God’s Consciousness. When you come before God in prayer, you should be like a child willing to confess or admit all its mistakes without justification. Why did a person err? That is not important, but recognition is what is required. In respect to justification and acquittal, it is none of your business, it is God’s Work. God knows that humans cannot always understand things with such clarity so that not to make any mistakes. Facing their wrongdoings, some people excuse themselves pleading that the human being is weak and it is not possible for a person to avoid mistakes. This does not resolve the situation. When you do harmful actions, you must rectify the effects from them. If not, you will come to an inner state of sinfulness, whereby you will lose your dignity and strength. You will realize that you have lost what brings you strength and impulse to grow and evolve. In this situation, in spite of people’s opinion about you, what really matters is your inner state. Once you correct your mistakes, you will reconnect to God and begin to feel strong and courageous again. Calmly you could look into people’s eyes and will not be disturbed by their opinion. People of today need new concepts, which would create new attitudes and a new creed for them. Today all say that they believe in God. What kind of faith is this that makes no sacrifices? Someone says that he is ready to jump from a rock in order to prove his faith in God. Easy to say, but not everything one speaks can be fulfilled. Mindful and not foolhardy faith is required. When Satan tempted Christ, he asked Him to jump from the temple to see whether the Angels would really hold him so that He might not fracture His leg on a stone as it is said in the Scriptures. Christ did not give in to the temptation and answered, “Go away and do not tempt God!”[3] If it was a question to try God, let the one who tempts others jump first. One should be wise. To jump from a rock for God - this is an inner process. In some case, someone may fall from a rock and remain unharmed. It can be achieved by changing the body weight. It is based on some physical laws, which are still unknown. Therefore, each action needs to be mindful. If one wants to gain some kind of experience, then a jump from a rock will make sense. But if this jump will cost one’s life, that is tempting of God. Such a jump is irrational and makes absolutely no sense. And so, true Faith and Love imply work. If you believe in a person, you will work for that person. If you love a person, you will work for that person. Love is a Law of Service. Because God loves us, He is constantly serving us. He has created the world so that we may learn and evolve. Under the same Law we, too, shall work for Him and do what He desires. This means to fulfill God’s Will out of love for Him. It is a Law: If you love someone, you should do what will please that person. If you hold the image of the beloved in your mind and heart in Purity, this person will be pleased with you. If you do not love a person, you are not ready to do anything for that person. People enjoy life, health, and powers thanks to the Love and Care of God and the Advanced Beings for them. If God should stop thinking of humans, they will disappear from the face of Earth. Your life is sustained by the love of your mother and father, your brothers and sisters, as well as your friends. Because they love you, they want you to live - thus they support your life. Therefore, Love sustains Life. If there is Love, there is Life too. If there is lack of Love, there is no Life either. As long as your family and friends want you to live, you will live. As soon as they want for you to die, you will lose your life. It is one of the intrinsic Laws of Creation. Knowing this, always maintain your connection with God. If you break your connection with God, your life will also be broken. And when Life is interrupted, adversities come one after the other. Therefore, if you suffer, do not search for the cause of your suffering outside yourself. Know that you have broken your sacred relationship with the Prime Cause. What should you do then? You should restore your connection with the Prime Cause. As soon as you do it, your life will flow normally again. You have studied mathematics at school and know the law of ratio, so you have observed that when one quantity is changed, the total ratio changes too. If this law is valid and observed in the physical world, how much more it is observed in the mental world, where matter is more refined and requires greater organization. When you are given a straight and a curved line, you should know if there is something in common between them and if so, you should know the ratio. Straight and curved lines have an application in Life. When you meet a magician, you will see that he has his magic wand, in other words, he uses the straight line. When you meet a soldier, you will see that he, too, carries magic in his saber, in other words, he uses the curved line. The devil also carries a wand - his arrow, and shoots at whomever he meets. Today all people fight with straight or curved lines, which they use as weapons. Whether they fight for the right or wrong cause, for good or bad, they fight unceasingly. All people fight with firearms. There is no person on Earth without a firearm. The human tongue is also a weapon that can be used for bad or good. If people want to insult you, they immediately use their firearm - their tongue for this. What can one gain from injuring others with the magic wand of the tongue? The Scripture says, “A person will account before God for every empty word.”[4] When will this happen? On Judgment Day, in other words, on the day when the destiny of humankind will be reviewed. Everyone is responsible for their words, for every single word because we live in a harmonious world of complete and systematic order. When you find yourselves in God’s Court, you will answer why you have created words like firearms, with which you disrupt the harmony of the Divine World. God’s World is harmonious itself, only that humans bring discord into it due to their ignorance and lack of understanding. However, they think that the world as a whole is disharmonious. The human world is disharmonious, that is true, but the Divine World is not. As these worlds are intervening, it seems like the world in general is disharmonious. No, disharmony is partial and belongs to the human world. To remove it, humans need to pass through suffering and karma-determined destiny, in order to see their mistakes. Writers are responsible for their poorly written books through which they have implanted temptation and impurities in life. Artists will be kept responsible for those of their works, which introduce something depraved in the people’s minds and hearts. Some artists for example, paint Love either in its human image, or in the image of Cupid - the god of love, with an arrow in his hand. No artist has been able to capture and present Love up to now. Whatever form they try to give it, it is far from the ideal of Love. What kind of love is that, which is using an arrow? It represents the love of someone who could stab you with the knife at any time. If he is not pleased with something, he will immediately draw out the knife. When I point out at the unsatisfactory work of poets, writers, scientists, philosophers, artists, and musicians, I compare it to the future work that will come as a result of the meaningful inner life of humankind. Every thought and feeling coming from the depth of human soul, is reflected on one’s face and whole body. Human thoughts and feelings give self-created lines and define one’s bright or gloomy perspectives for the future. With their positive thoughts, people can improve the condition of their bodily organs. For example, continuous worries and monotonous thoughts and feelings kept in one’s mind and heart will soon weaken the physical sight. People who have wept a lot, who have passed through immense worries and anxiety, have weak eyesight. A child has passed away and the mother is mourning all her life. What will she change with her crying? Will she help herself? As much as she cries, she achieves nothing. Weeping does not solve the problem. Someone has lost one’s love and begins to weep. Love cannot be gained through crying. If you wish to attain Love, turn to That One in Whom Love lives. God is Love. Therefore, if you search for Love in God, you will find it. As spiritual students, you need to know that the relationships of people are defined by their relationship to the Primordial Cause of all things. People cannot have good relationships with one another, if they do not have the right relationship with God. Rising from sleep you need to turn to the Great Consciousness of Life, uniting with It and perceiving at least one of Its thoughts and feelings. When this union is achieved, your work during the day will be good and you will be joyful, ready to serve all your friends and acquaintances. There is nothing greater than to have God speak to you through His thoughts and feelings giving you an impulse for work. That is to say, to find your true purpose in life. For those who have meaningful life, all doors are open. Whenever they knock at a door, it will open and people will say, “Welcome.” People of today need a new philosophy and concept of Life. They need a creed able to unite them with God. If they cannot make this connection, their creed is not useful. They move on the wrong path, the path of delusions. In order to resume your contact with the Primordial Source, think about the One Who has given you Life every time when you wake-up. You will search and think of Him until you perceive at least one of His Thoughts. How will this happen? Read quotes from the Bible, take examples from the life of saints and good, great people. After that, you can begin your work. If you have not nourished your mind and heart, do not begin to do any work. Should you begin your work without God, do not expect any success. It is an advice to those who desire to begin conscious work for self-growth. Those who are busy, dedicating themselves to home, children, and personal affairs, they are free. In my view, every work should be preceded by your thought and feeling for God. People of today do not succeed in life as they begin their work without a thought of the Great in the world. They come to life, marry. and die without God. If you intend to create something or to get married, ask Him who has created you. He knows what is necessary for every one and gives what is needed. You say that a young woman needs to look out for a rich, learned, healthy young man, as for love among them, it will come by itself. However, I will advise the young woman not to go into marriage until she has found the young man she loves and who is in love with her. How will you know who loves you? Those who love are ready to give everything they have. Therefore, if both the young woman and man are prepared to sacrifice everything they possess for one another, they love one another. Should one of them try to conceal whatsoever, they defile their love. Love does not tolerate any kind of deception, falsehood, doubt, mistrust. Love is pure, sacred, and immaculate. The relationships among people who love each other are and should be like the relationships between humans and God. By loving us, God constantly thinks how to help us and satisfy our needs. When you know this, you should be ready to sacrifice everything for God. Seeing this, God will begin to speak to you and will tell you just one Word, but this Word will help you rise in your path and will add meaning to your life. If you cannot make this sacrifice, you will be doomed to death - not physical but spiritual death. Spiritual death implies a loss of Love. When people lose their love, they begin to search it anew. You hear someone saying to have lost the first love, but found another one. The second love is the beginning of strife and misunderstanding. The first Love is pure and selfless and it opens a world of bliss. One’s transgression begins with the first Love loss. You hope to find it again, but you are deceived. You are like a ship rocked by the ocean waves. A long time will pass until you come to maturity and Love again. Once you have regained the first Love, it is impossible to lose it any more. Now the aim is not to make you discouraged, but to give you a clear concept of things: to see them as they are. Why deceive yourself that the stone on your ring is precious? Why should you deceive yourself that your love is genuine, pure, and sacred? Listening to someone talking about the Great Love, many say it does not interest them, as they desire to withdraw from society and become monks. The question here is not about monkhood, in other words, about living in solitude. We are not interested in this kind of service because it is deprived of any science and progress. In contrast to these people there are others who say that they are ready to put themselves into God’s Hands. This is also not right, it is like distorted speech. Why should they lay themselves in God’s Hands? They are not criminals. Man is expected to serve - to serve God with all his soul, mind, heart, and willpower. Therefore, one may surrender oneself into the hands of the Angel who is in charge of collecting souls. After passing this process one surrenders completely to God. The young girl gives herself up into the hands of the young lad. When? When he is stronger than her. Christ too, gave His soul into God’s Hands because God is strong. Christ said, “Father, into Your Hands I commit My spirit.”[5] In other words, Christ turned to God with the following words, “Lord, because I have karmic bond with the sins of humankind, I have taken up to bear them. To a certain place I carried them on my back, but then I understood that there was no need to carry them to the end. Here, now I turn over My spirit laden with the sins of humankind.” After this difficult trial Christ’s resurrection came. Christ’s resurrection marked a new epoch for the world - the karma eradication. Christ himself could not resolve this problem, but He conceded it to God. In the name of God, Christ wanted to make the Jews trust God, but He failed. He said to God, “I did what I could, You will finish the rest.” Therefore, the work of humans is to sow the seeds in the garden and leave the rest to God. You should know that it is God Who makes the things grow, He uplifts and purifies everything. One day, when you accomplish your work on Earth, like Christ, you will say as well, “Lord, into Your Hands I lay my spirit.” One should have a diamond steady faith to lay oneself into the Hands of God. But before coming to this faith, trust in one’s fellowmen is required. Today people have lost their mutual trust in themselves. Whomever you meet, you see lines of conflicts on their faces. On the surface, people may present themselves as believers, but in fact they live in inner contradictions, which have thoroughly shaken their faith. This is not a pure life. Purity implies identical inner and outer life. Why should you doubt? Why should you waver? By itself, Life is pure and sublime. Hold on to this Life, not to the human version. The human life is continuously changing like people themselves, while the Divine Life is stable and harmonious. Use the present conditions to make your way in this lifetime so that you can put your own matters in order. If you do not do it today, you will never be able to do it. You say, “But we will pray to attain Divine Life.” Prayer implies work. If you do not work, no prayer can help you. If spiritual students do not act, but only pray, the Teacher will not be able to promote them to higher classes. The Teacher has an equal attitude to all and as a consequence, he demands from all students to learn and apply what is studied. As spiritual students you need to work consciously and attain something new every single day. The knowledge you have today is not sufficient neither the achievements you have obtained. Who of you can, by compressing a stone in a hand, make a fire come out from above the stone, and water - from below? What is the meaning of this? The stone represents the unyielding human thought, while fire and water represent the conditions for life. Therefore, if you cannot hold your unyielding thought tightly in your hand, producing water and fire, in other words, providing the conditions for life, you have achieved nothing then. In this case, you cannot pride yourself with faith or knowledge. I do not want to discourage you. But if a physician must spend 10 - 15 years in studies in order to become a good doctor, qualified and acknowledged by people, do you think that a student of esoteric science needs to work less? To be a spiritual student, you should evolve your mind, heart, and willpower so as to become a master of life in all conditions. If you fall among an agitated mob, you should be able to calm them only with one wave of your hand. If you get in a storm, again, you could stop it with your wave. If you experience a headache, in the same way, you could remove it with one wave. This is what the true students of the spiritual school can do. What they say - it happens. But if they utter for example, one hundred prayers and only one of them is received, this is an indication that God is not listening to him yet. They have not become saints so far and are not prepared enough to serve others. Saints work for the entire humankind and their work is blessed. People of today need cleansing. They must purify their thoughts, feelings, and wishes and free themselves of all layers of the past. They must purify their consciousness so that it becomes luminous. It implies pure life. When one’s consciousness is purified, one’s life becomes pure as well. Do not dwell on peoples’ outer manifestations, thinking that they are not pure. Purity and impurity are inner processes. If you do not think in this way about things, you will fall into false piety; you will look only at the external devotion. No, one needs to be devoted both externally and internally. Do not pay attention only to the external, but look at the deeds accomplished for God. All that is done for God is pure and sacred. Whether one is a poet, preacher, or scientist is not so important. If poets do not glorify and live for the Great in life, they are not true poets. Poets, scientists, preachers teach and glorify the Great, but they also live for It. In this sense, everyone can be a poet. If you cannot use your tongue as a pen and write according to all rules of poetry, you are not a poet. If you cannot use your mind as a pen and write according to all rules of poetry, you are not a poet. True poets use not only their tongues but also their hearts and minds. They pour out and give generously from the abundance of their hearts and minds. True poets share the experiences of their hearts, minds, and souls; and for this reason people appreciate their poetry. It is my wish for you to meet Christ so that He may open your eyes. When you begin to see, He will ask you, “Do you know Me?” If you recognize Him, you are ready to work and to apply this Teaching. It means that in the process of consciousness awakening, there are two important moments: you open your eyes, in other words, you begin to see and perceive and then you get to apply the Great Laws of Life. Some have come to the first phase of opening their consciousness eyes, while others are applying the Law of Service. Service implies acts motivated by Love. Those who apply the Law of Love are strong. It is said in the Scripture about such people that the righteous will rule the world.[6] Religious people affirm that God will set the world in order. God created the world perfect and if there is any disharmony whatsoever, it is due to the distorted human life. Humans have corrupted the world and they must set it right. Even now God is working and creating new worlds, but they require enlightened people who will not to destroy the new that is under construction. By saying that humans have ruined the world, I mean the human world. No one can destroy God’s entire creation. It is impossible. However, you can cause harm to your fellowman by your negative thinking: if you say to him that he is ignorant and does not understand anything, that he is on the wrong way, and so on. Every person is susceptible to the negative influence of others and can become distracted from the right Path. If someone calls you godless, be not disturbed; rather ask about their achievements through their faith. If your “godlessness” provides you with food, clothing, and living quarters, you are on the right path. And if with your “faith” you stay hungry, barefooted, and in rags, it shows that your “faith” is not genuine. True faith is nourishing, it will make the believer strong, healthy, and rich. True God helps people to go out of their misconceptions and place them on the right Path. True God removes people from wrongdoings and crimes, providing them with conditions that will uplift them. Whoever degrades humans and pulls them down from their present position has nothing to do with God at all. True God creates beneficial conditions for one’s spiritual, intellectual, and emotional health. He purifies all poisons that deprive humans of inner peace and make them discontented. I would like you to hear God’s Voice as you wake-up in the morning, the same way as Adam heard It in the Garden of Eden. God turned to Adam, “Adam, Adam, where are you?” “I am here, Lord, but I cannot come out.”[7] Why was Adam not able to appear in front of God’s Face? It is because he was naked. I also tell you: when you hear the soft Voice of God, give a prompt reply and say, “Here I am, Lord!” Be courageous enough to stay before His Face. There is nothing greater for the human soul than the moment when you hear the still gentle call of God. Along with His Voice, a Light will appear in your soul and you will be already prepared to work and serve God. Without God’s Voice, it is very easy for the human being to fall into darkness. Strive for pure life so that you may unite with God and hear His Voice. Become like good soil, to be able to receive His Word. If you are like stone, the Word will pass by you without a trace. It is easy to irrigate good soil, but the stone diverts the water away from it. To be like a stone not receiving the water into yourself, represents a life full of contradictions. To let go of the contradictions, you should be good swimmers. Entering the stormy sea of Life, you should hold heads above the water not to get drown. People of today fear life and worry what will happen to them. If students ask such questions, it is an indication of their fears. What will happen when their teacher passes away? This kind of fear is inappropriate. The conscientious teacher is like an experienced captain of a ship. He will never stop the ship in the middle of the sea. Once on his way, he will safely lead his passengers to the designated harbor. If the teacher departs, his students will be in the same situation as before, when they were with him. The good and conscientious teacher brings Light into his students’ minds and because of this, they will continue to study without his physical relation to them. If this is true about an ordinary teacher, how better it would apply to an Enlightened Teacher who is a presentation of God’s relationship to human beings. A Teacher transfers some part of his Light to those around him, in the same way as the candle gives some part of its light to everyone who wants to make use of it. The Teacher is a manifestation of the Divine Light. The more one absorbs this Light, the more this one is connected with the Teacher, not by form but in content and meaning. The Word comes from the Teacher, but It belongs to God. Christ says, “Believe in God and believe in Me!”[8] This is to say that it is sufficient to believe in God and in Christ. If you believe in this and that person, in saints and good people, your faith will be limited. Believe in the One and you will see Him in all. The One in Whom you need to believe is God. Believing in God, you are going to believe in all people as God is revealing Himself through them. People ask themselves about the person they hear of: Who is that man, where does he come from, who has sent him, and so on. Some people ask me, “Who are you?” I say: I will tell you, if you are ill; I will tell you, if you are students. Therefore, if I am a physician and I can heal you, my knowledge will be tested. If you are a spiritual student and I can teach you, my work is not in vain. Whom is the Sun created for? It is created for those who can make use of its light and heat. This Sun is created by God. If you cannot benefit from its light and heat, it is not created for you. Remember: There is one Master in the world. If you want to enjoy His Blessing, keep His Name sacred in your mind, heart, and soul. It is the ideal of the human soul. One God exists in the world Whom you should ever trust. Do not doubt His Love for you. People doubt Love because they expect more than it can give them in a certain case. God’s Love is the only measure with which we are to measure things and distinguish between good and bad. If you apply this Love in your life, whatever you wish will come true. When you have this knowledge, beware of your wishes because every wish, good or bad, comes true. Now, knowing the essentials in Life, try to preserve your connection with God. If interrupted, make your best to restore it. This is the way in which the New is coming into the world. The old has already been stepping back to be replaced by the New. The Turks have a saying, “When the downpour passes, the mud remains.” At the beginning the mud is wet, but gradually it dries out. The important point is what you can make out of the dried mud. Hearing that the old life is flowing out, many people are scared that something horrible will befall them. There is no reason for fears. The old knowledge will give up its place to the New one. The old life will be replaced: what is terrible in that? Christ says, “He who wants to be my disciple let him lift up his cross and follow me. He who wants to be my disciple let him renounce his mother, his father, even himself.”[9] Renouncement means releasing your soul from all contradictions and obstacles that you meet in life. Renouncement implies inner freedom for the soul. Some people say they have renounced themselves, but at the same time they die. Those who have renounced the old life do not die but ascend. When the time of departure comes, they invite their friends to a feast and receive them. They bring their letters to the relatives beyond and after taking leave with all, they head to the “heights” - far away from the world where they have lived in. And so, you are all required to maintain a conscious connection with God, to be able to enter the New Life and hear the still Voice of God saying, “Adam, come out! Leave the old life and enter the New where Love, Light, Knowledge, Freedom, and Infinite Space reign.” Lecture of the Master to the General Esoteric Class delivered on August 27, 1930, Sofia, Izgrev. -------------------------------------------------------------- 1. See Matthew 7:16. 2. See John 9:3. 3. See also Matthew 4:5 - 7. 4. See also Ecclesiastes 5:2, “Do not be rash with your mouth and let not your heart utter anything hastily before God. For God is in Heaven and you on Earth; therefore let your words be few.” 5. See footnote 9 on page 282. 6. See also Psalm 37:29. 7. See also Genesis 3:9 - 10. 8. See also John 14:1, “Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me.” 9. See also Mark 8:34, “When He had called the people to Himself, with His disciples also, He said to them, ‘Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me. ”
  13. Note 4 The Centre of Life Two main elements determine the direction of human’s life: thoughts and desires. Therefore, in order to understand the direction in which one’s life is moving; we should know our thoughts and desires. If we do not know our thoughts and desires, we will never understand the direction that our life is taking. Imagine that you have two points outside of a circle, points 1 and 2. In order to be connected these two points would need to pass through a third point situated in the circle – for example through point A; its centre. For an idea to be fulfilled, to make it a fact in one’s life, there should necessarily be a desire behind this idea. If there is no desire behind the idea, the idea is like an empty bottle. And why would one need an empty bottle? No matter how beautiful the form of the bottle is, if it is empty, a person does not care about it. To us, what is inside the bottle is more important than its form. The same goes for a house. A house is important as long as there is life in it. No matter how beautiful the building is, if it is empty, it is of no particular worth. What type of house would that be, how would the people live in it – depends on how intelligent they are. If the owner of the house decides to build it with small windows facing the north, after some time he, his wife, and his children would feel physical discomfort and serious diseases might appear. What is the reason for this? It is the small amount of light that enters the house. There should be big and wide windows facing the east and the south. Now, when you look at the drawing1, you might ask yourself, why the numbers 3, 6, and 9 are missing. Those numbers are results. The numbers 1 and 2 are creative; there is a relation between them. The number 3 is a result, achieved by combining 1 and 2. The number 6 is achieved by adding 2 and 4; 9 - by adding 4 and 5. The numbers 2 and 4, 4 and 5 are creative ones too. Writing down the ratio - 1:2 - shows that you have a ratio of a thought to a given desire. This ratio could be written in reverse order – 2:1. In the first case the thought is stronger than the desire, therefore the action, which is the number 3, the result of 1+2, depends on the characteristics of the thought. In the second case we have the ratio 2:1, the ratio of a strong desire to a thought. In this case the desire has supremacy over the thought and the result 3 has the characteristics of the desire. With the help of ratios between the real numbers it can be explained why in a family there are sometimes more girls and other times more boys among the children. When the mother is the stronger one, more girls are born, and if the father is the stronger of the two - there are more boys among the children. Contemporary people strive to change the direction of their life; they want to bring in certain improvements. People are not able to change the direction of their life, if they do not understand the laws of their own thoughts and desires. A person cannot transform a thought into a lofty desire or a desire into a glorious thought, if there is no centre or holy idea after which this person aspires. Faith in God is a centre, which transforms human’s thoughts and desires. So, people should believe in God in order to change the direction of their life, to put it on the right path, corresponding to ambition to bring in a better life. If one does not aim to be the centre this person would never be able to live a good life. If one does not have good thoughts and desires, this person cannot be happy. Good thoughts and desires do not exist somewhere out of the human like something abstract, something unattainable. They are inside the human and they bring joy, first for the individual, and then for the people surrounding that person. The first aim of humans is to coordinate the direction of their own thoughts, desires, and acts. By determining their direction the people would be able to determine the direction of their own life. Only by achieving those things, a person can work on the question of human’s soul. Before going into the abstract questions, people should take care of their own relatives. What is a human being? It is that one who understands the direction of the one’s own thoughts, desires and acts. A human being is someone who understands the direction of one’s own life. They say that a human being is a One. Why is a person like a One? A person is a creature full of feelings. That a person is full of feelings does not imply that this person is full of Love. Feelings do not stand for Love. Love is a powerful force, which combines all together in one. Love is outside human’s thoughts, desires, and acts. It moves in a direction different from human life. It would be possible for the people to understand Love only if they have understood the direction of their personal thoughts, desires, and acts, and understood the direction of their own life. Being separate, people are the result of the direction of their own life, thoughts and desires, which are like the ratio 1:2. When someone feels discomfort of the soul, it means that this person is only left with the ratio 1:2 or 2:1, but without a centre through which one could pass in order to transform the thoughts and desires. What does the centre look like? In a wide concept, the centre is the point in which, a person finds the realization of the thoughts and desires they have. For example the person A has a thought and a desire – 1 and 2, for instance to buy new cloths. The person has the desire and thinks about its realization, but the one’s pocket is empty. The person is looking for the centre. In this case the banker is the centre, who will give the one the chance to realize the one’s own dream. Therefore, if there is a centre at which a person aims, this person can find anything there. So, as number 1 you felt the desire to buy new cloths. Then you go through the centre which helps you realize your wish, and then you continue to the point number 2, where the fulfilled idea takes place. The same can be said about the points 4 and 5. At point 4 the idea, the desire takes place, which should go through a centre and to take the way to point 5 where the desire is already a fact. The same goes for points 7 and 8. By moving from 1 to 8, the person’s path forms a circle, in which this person’s thoughts and desires alternate from each other. If people’s thoughts and desires are not fulfilled, they become fruitless. By living, people should seek the realization of their own thoughts and desires. If a person does not aim at their realisation, if one does not have any accomplishments, then one’s thoughts and desires seem like fallen but unpollinated flowers. In order to have accomplishments, the person’s thought, ideas, and desires should be worthy, so that they give the person the impulse to work out their realization. Who can be the centre of a human’s desires and thoughts? – Jesus Christ. If the thoughts and the desires of a person do not travel the path through Christ as an internal centre of the human life, they would never end up being realized. You should strive to Christ as a centre, to which you guide your thoughts, so that they transform into glorious desires. In the next moment you will direct your desires to the same centre – Christ and that way you would be able to transform your life. So no matter what a person does, one should go through the centre of Christ’s Life. This is the only way by which the person’s thoughts, desires, and acts would take the right path. Moving around point A, a person creates a circle, which expands constantly. Going through the centre of Christ’s Life a person starts feeling Jesus’ own thoughts and desires, starts looking into peoples’ sufferings and difficulties. Though a person does not have the power, there is a desire in one to save the World. These are the thoughts and desires of Christ. This task is easy for Christ, but for the human it is impossible. As spiritual students you should find out which of the thoughts and desires that you have are yours and which are not. Your thoughts and desires are those, which you can use at any given moment. Do you think that basket full of bread that you are carrying on your back is yours? Only one kilogram of this bread is yours, the rest does not belong to you. On your way you will meet a lot of poor, hungry people, who will take the bread from you and will leave you with an empty basket. What is not yours cannot secure you. What makes you happy today, and is gone tomorrow, can you call that joy? Joy that comes and goes is not yours. Therefore Christ’s life can be the centre for only those, in whom this Life is revealed. If Christ has not been revealed to a person, the Life of Christ cannot be the centre of this person’s life as well. The people today have an attitude to Christ, since He has once appeared on Earth. If He had not appeared among the people at all, they would not have an attitude to Him. Can you pray to a being who you do not know, and a being who does not know you? The child calls out to its mother and she turns her back to her child, because the two know each other. A lot of people turn to Christ, pray to Him, ask Him for things, but without first knowing Him. Their prayers stay unanswered. Why is that? - Neither they know Him, nor does He know them. Others do not pray, however they work hard on their land, plough, and sow, and the land produces abundant food. They work and they labour. Their work is their prayer. They know God through the corn, God made, and by working on it, they connect with Him. So they know Christ, and He knows them. If two friends want to keep their relationship intact, regardless of the direction of their thoughts, they should in any case meet in the centre A - in the reality of Life. When people talk about Christ, a lot of them think of Him as a great philosopher, like the ones who lived in the past. There is an enormous difference between Christ and the philosophers. Christ has given Himself the task to save humanity, whereas the philosophers just wanted to help people live easier. When saving the people Christ takes them away from their world and shows them an entirely different one - His world. When the philosophers want to help the hungry people, they bring them bread, but they leave those people living in their old houses. The bread the philosophers have left would suffice the people only for one day, on the next day they would find themselves in the same old condition – they would be hungry and unhappy. Christ brings the people to the reality of Life, to the essence of life, to the place where the water springs. Christ brings people to the source where the people could drink by themselves, whenever they want, and the amount they want. He secures people for their whole life. If one chooses to live only with the help that people offer him, he would receive a glass of water, but tomorrow the person would be thirsty again. Use the philosophy of Christ to meet the great achievements. You can have achievements without this philosophy too, but those would be the achievements of the sick, the unenlightened, and the weak. In those accomplishments one has always fulfilled others ideas and desires, which never lead to a good end. Someone decides to build houses. The person builds two - three houses and gives them for rental and then goes once a month to collect the money. One made those houses under someone else’s influence, not according to one’s own desire, and then regrets it realizing how much trouble those houses bring the owner. The critics are the same; they go from person to person and criticize, they collect rent. One house is enough for a person. This house is the body in which the person lives. If the one can become the master of this body, then the person has accomplished the idea of Life. So, if the people want to master themselves, they should accept the new ideas and apply them. By accepting the new ideas people should refuse the old ones. The new ideas and the old ideas cannot live together. If they meet somewhere there is always a collision. As long as you inhabit the old houses you would never enter the new one. Leave the old, unhygienic houses and enter the new ones, which are bright, spacious and hygienic. In order to be able to do this one should apply. Without practice there is no accomplishment. A person is not satisfied, because there is no practice. Unhappiness also shows that you missed the centre. “I cannot pray.” – You do not have a centre. – “I cannot think.” – You do not have a centre. – “I don’t feel good” – You do not have a centre. – “What should I do?” – Draw a circle, and then draw the three lines. Start thinking about them, and about the centre until the idea becomes real. – “Why don’t I receive an answer to my prayer?” – Because you are not ready to sacrifice yourself for Christ. When the person sacrifices everything for Christ the prayer will be accepted. When a person renounces oneself and sacrifices everything for God, then everything that has been lost comes back. That is what happened to the righteous Iov. He suffered, lost all his wealth, sons and daughters, but when he renounced himself and lived his life for Christ, he received everything back, but this time prettier and more plentiful. An American preacher, a good and devout person, preached Christ’s teaching for 20 years among the heathens on Ceylon Island. One day, giving himself an account of the work he had done, he fell into a great contradiction. He thought: “I worked for a period of twenty years, but I didn’t achieve anything, I couldn’t turn any of the heathens to Christ.” He searched for the reason of the lack of success both in himself and outside of himself. Unsatisfied with his work, one day he burnt his diploma, and gathered all the heathens. He told them: “I preached to you for a long time, but there is something that I didn’t do, I didn’t apply Christ’s teaching appropriately. Well, He said that if someone has two skirts, he must give one of them to the person next to him, who has nothing. So now I invite you to take whatever you wish from my house. I leave everything to you.” The heathens went into his house immediately and everyone took the things they needed – a chair, a table, and cloths. When the preacher came back he found his house empty. However, he felt great relief that he fulfilled something from the teaching he preached. In that moment two of the pagans turned to Christ and became true followers of Christ’s. The rest of the pagans started thinking about what they had done, and one by one they started returning everything that they had taken from the preacher’s house. They realized that what they had done was not right. They came to love their preacher and began attending his sermons regularly doing everything that the man preached about. What does this show? – That a person must test himself. Some might say: “Ok, if everything one loses will come back. But what if it doesn’t come back?” – Whether it comes back or not, the acquisition comes from the fact that two of the pagans turned to God. Their souls are worth a lot more than any material goods. Therefore when a person comes to a contradiction, he should first pass the centre and then look for the reason of the contradiction. When a person takes the road of the advanced creatures, the aware creatures, only then would this person receive the true knowledge of the world. In other words, things become clear, when God’s commencement is awake in the person. This means: what is impossible for a human is possible for God. The impossible things on the periphery become possible in the centre. Now, when you are here on Earth, you must adjust your thoughts, desires and actions. All that could be accomplish in one moment, but only when the person lives in the centre. And once achieving that, if the person does not settle down and put all this wealth, knowledge, thoughts, feelings, and capabilities in some great work, then it is in vain that this person lives in good conditions. If someone’s cattle-shed is full of horses which one feeds, but does not put to work, then they are worthless. When someone feeds horses, then one should use them. If a person cannot use them, then it would be better to leave those horses free in the forest. It is worthless, if a person has horses and talks about their breed, shows them to other people, but does not use them. To give a meaning to life, a person must have a centre. Without a centre he would fall down, and then get up, without understanding anything. All the talented, genial people, all the saintly people have a centre in their life, and as a consequence they create science, music, poetry, art and help humankind. Their life is meaningful from outside and inside. Today all the people are situated in front of this centre and they are afraid to pass it. Why? – The centre is hot. If people pass through it, they would melt. What is bad about melting? If you are ice, you would melt down and become water. When you were ice you were inert, you had thought only about yourself, and as water you would water everything that comes into your way – flowers, trees, animals and people. Everyone greets you and wishes you a good journey to the sea. Which is better for a person – to stay at one place or to move constantly? The rational life is the movement to the great centre. If the movement of the conscience stops, a person turns into ice and says that there is no meaning in life. If life becomes meaningless to a person, then the salvation is in the centre. There the person would be able to test if one’s thoughts and desires were stable, what is their direction and so on. A lot of people talk about their past. The past is already outlived. The present must be fulfilled. If it were not fulfilled, it would become meaningless exactly like the lake which dries up or vaporises when there is no new water to refill it. If there is no flow of new water into the lake, the lake would by all means vaporize. Therefore, as long as a person lives with the old understandings and talks about Christ’s sufferings, about His life, without applying His Teaching, soon the person would vaporize, would become like an old lake. In order not to come to this condition, a person should everyday realize one beautiful idea and one elevated wish. This is worth more than the whole philosophy around the world. As students you should work on yourself, trying not to be narrow-minded. As a good method to work, you should aim at the centre of Christ’s life, to relate to Him. Once related with Him, you would regulate your thoughts and wishes, you would achieve self-control. All this would bring the meaning into your life. Every night you should think about the great idea of your life, and every day you should work for the fulfilment of this idea. October 23, 1929, Sofia 1 - There was no drawing supplied Source
  14. from The Blossoming of the Human Soul MINDFUL HEART Every activity and undertaking in the world should be set not on shaky but on a solid foundation. By “solid,” I mean unchangeable, indicating that in any conditions it remains the same. Such a foundation is the true one. Now, let us assume that while you are living on Earth, your foundation is solid. It implies that you can rely on your personality. Yet, what foundation will you use for your life after death? Therefore, the Earth is not a stable foundation on which you can stand. What then will the real foundation be? We call the mindful, intelligent, and wise human heart a real foundation. I consider the mindful heart not of the contemporary person, but of the Divine human being. Apostle Paul said that in physical form one cannot understand spiritual subjects because they could only be perceived in spirit. You need to set your life on a new course based upon your mindful heart. The Divine Spirit acts in it; so what you undertake based on your mindful heart is always right. Those who act in compliance with it never err because all errors are instantly resolved. The errors in the world originate from the human objective mind, which is the means of reasoning today. When a good thought comes into your mind, you begin to reason which way to apply it and in doing so, you are losing the opportunity. Often we say that if you go into the water, you may drown. Either you should be capable of swimming or you should learn to swim. I ask: In which school do little ducklings learn the art of swimming? In fact, it knows how to swim from its incubation. It had learned that art thousands of years ago. All this indicates the Divine connection existing in the human mind. What acts consciously and without exception is the Divine Spirit. And when we listen to this inner Voice (which I call “the mindful heart”), our thinking differs from the ordinary one. A simple experiment can be conducted. If you think with your head, you will think for a long time. You will do research on a certain subject for one-two-three-five-ten or more years until you come to some conclusion. Let’s say you think about the weather on Monday. Your mind begins to reason and says, “It will be beautiful.” Well, you need to verify this. After that, you will ask yourself if the weather will be totally or partially clear, if it will be rainy or just cloudy, and so on. You will put this question to stay clearly in your mind. Through such experiments you will notice that the responses you get through your mind scarcely prove true: one time in a hundred. It is a mental assumption that the weather will be nice. But if you ask your mindful heart the same question, it will state the weather on Monday with absolute accuracy. When the mindful heart is involved, there is no reasoning, no erring. As soon as you begin to reason, the Divine has already been lost. If you think with your mindful heart, you will experience a pleasant sensation in your solar plexus and then every one of you can say, “The weather will be such and such.” Ask yourself, for example, about your life this year: whether it will be good or bad. If your answer comes from your mind, it will give you either the most favorable projects or, sometimes - the most dismal ones. However, if you ask your mindful heart, it will give you a definitive answer. Not only this, but it will also indicate the difficulties you are going to pass through and at the same time, will provide you with guidance to safely overcome them. Good aspirations are also included in the concept of the mindful heart. Everyone has good aspirations. In some people they are manifested at a younger age; in others - later on. For example, there is an impulse coming to you: a good idea to do a favor for someone. Walking along the street, you see a poor widow. You put your hand in the pocket, but immediately start to rationalize and tell yourself, “I have money, but I need it today. Well, I will do a good thing another day.” By thinking in this way, you have already made the first omission. After some time you should pay a tenfold fine for not realizing your good impulse coming from the Divine. Therefore, we should follow the Divine Voice within us at all times. As soon as the Divine impulse begins to speak to us, it becomes a kind of a test in our life. God is testing us and we absolutely need to obey Him. As soon as you perceive the Divine, bring it to realization. It is not necessary to give all your wealth for the good you are willing to do; it is only a small service that is required from you. For example, a child fell in the street and had a leg fracture. Would it be a big bother to take him to your home and help him? You will lose only half an hour. But you say, “I have a very important work to do.” All misfortunes in our life come from not listening to the good impulses and aspirations arising in our hearts. We fixate on various philosophical arguments and speculations saying that we must put our lives in order. Our first delusion lies in the desire to arrange our lives by ourselves and in our belief that we are capable of doing it. According to the mindful heart, our life has already been arranged. All conditions under which we should live, all people whom we should meet and who will affect us has been predetermined. And as it was set so it will be. In this way, the entire Heaven works upon us. In reality, it is God Who acts in this world through us. Therefore, every good deed is a manifestation of God in us. So, whenever we resist a Divine Thought, we are creating our misfortune in the world. It is not required from you to carry the whole weight of the world through the good aspirations that you have. I have told you on other occasions that every good thought is connected with thousands of other good thoughts. Now, when you fail to realize a good thought, do you not admit that God has foreseen this? God has foreseen everything, but you are losing an opportunity. With each failure to realize a good intent, you descend and sink down; and thus your life becomes more difficult. Whenever you refuse to manifest a good thought, you debase yourself. The conditions will become harsher and harsher until finally, your willpower will be paralyzed. You will become a plaything of destiny, that is to say, of the external conditions. The sole cause for the appearance of these unfavorable conditions is that we have not listened to the mindful heart. How do we know that the mindful heart is acting in us? If it is so, there is always an expansion taking place in our souls. Doing even the smallest good, you will feel pleased as if you had taken on the entire world and have won. You all should not speak of the good you do. As soon as you declare it outwardly, you will stumble. When you do good things, you have already God’s approval and feel joyful. So, you should not commend yourself with this, God will commend you. Let’s say that someone was drowning and you saved him. After pulling him out of the water, do not linger for him to reward you. Leave it and let him search for you. If you write to the newspaper that you have saved someone from death, that you have done such and such good, half of it will be lost. The students of the Divine Teaching have a moral power hidden in their absolute faith in God. We might not know where Heaven is, where God lives, how far He is away from us, but we need to experience God. An English clergyman once said, “I do not know where Heaven is, but when I begin to pray to God in the privacy of my soul, I feel the presence of the Divine Spirit.” It is an indication that God hears him immediately. That is the important thing: to be heard at the moment when we direct our spirit to God. It is said by the Prophet, “Truly, God does not live in Heaven but within the hearts of humble people.” Who are humble people? I say: people of the mindful heart. If you all follow your mindful hearts, all disputes arising among you at times will disappear. For example, some of you have bad habits; sometimes you are losing patience. All this is due to the rationalizing of your mind that you have been insulted. In what does a person’s dignity lie? A person’s dignity lies in the fulfillment of the Will of God, in the application of the smallest virtues. You might have won one of the greatest battles. You might have uplifted an entire nation. Yet, if one day your heart tells you that you should tie the shoelace of an old man, but you do not obey it, every other accomplishment of yours will fall away. To tie an old man’s shoe is more valuable than to win a battle. Now I am going to tell you about two hermits: they have been living in the desert for twenty years constantly praying to God. One day, the first hermit noticed that his companion passing through a certain place, jumped and started to run. He wondered what his friend could have seen to frighten him enough and make him flee. He went over to this place and saw a big pot, full of gold. He thought to himself, “How naive one can be to run away from gold.” He took the gold out from the pot and went to Alexandria where he built a large inn. He began to help the poor and when he spent all the gold keeping nothing for himself, he returned to the desert. He prayed to God to let him know if He was pleased with him. An Angel appeared before him and told him that all his good works as a whole were not as valuable as the act of his brother. Therefore, if we take and assess what is accomplished by our present objective mind from childhood to passing away, it is all not as precious as one small act of our mindful heart. It is mentioned in the Scriptures that David contemplated with his heart[1]. It means that he contemplated with his mindful heart. That is what is now required of you all being in the second stage of your life: good behavior is a prerequisite. In other words, you should know how to behave respectfully to one another. For example, when you want to admonish someone, you can do it, but in a loving way, the same way as you would act toward yourself. When you admonish yourself, how do you do it? Do you judge yourself severely? You consider the circumstances, do you not? Why do we not behave well with others as we behave with ourselves? Therefore, we should make the truth known in a loving way. When we correct our brother for his mistake, it is good to make him realize that we are doing this out of Love and not because we want to mock at him. The principal thing that people lack today is noble, virtuous character. For example, in this School, you sometimes argue about the seats. Some ask me, “Do we not have the right to listen to you from the front places?” I ask: Whose character is nobler: of that one who is in the front or in the back? If you are a person of sweet tongue and fulfilling God’s Will, you may sit in the first seat. If you are someone using the rudest words, sit in the last place! Even if you are called to sit up in front, say, “Brother, I am not a person for the first seat. I will sit in the back now and will gradually move up to the first seats.” You say, “Let’s sit up in front!” I will be glad to see you in front, but you should know that I “read” these first rows. They should be the rows of Divine Love so that everyone you meet after sitting in them could feel that sweetness coming from you - that kindness and the power to help one another. You might say, “Yes, but these are inherited traits.” It is a lie: the concept of “inherited traits” is your fabrication. When God created you He implanted in you virtues and qualities like kindness, good intent, and noble heart. Therefore, in every case, we have as many opportunities to be good as to be bad. I have explained on other occasions what evil is. Evil always stems from our refusal to be good. Evil is the unaccomplished good. Let's assume that two students start to argue and insult one another; this is quite natural. How will they settle this dispute? If one of them tells himself, “Wait, I will act according to my mindful heart,” the other one will tell himself, “I, too, will act according to my mindful heart.” If both of them do this, the dispute will be settled immediately. What do you have in this world to contest? After all, what of that which you possess is to be contested? Is Divine Love not the best thing to possess? Only God can give power to our mind, heart, and will. He has limited Himself to be able to abide in us. There is One God in the world Who has limited Himself for our sake. That is a sign of God’s Sublime Glory. If you do not recognize the Sacrifice, which God has made to enter human heart, you will create inner conditions for death. Death ensues from there. We die and resurrect every day. If you decide this evening to be true to the Great Law of the Divine Manifestation, do you have any idea of the change that will take place in you? If you observe this Divine Law, whoever you meet in your way - it might be even the most wicked people - when you stop and look at them, God will smile at you through their eyes. You will say, “I recognize Him!” God is hidden deeply within the wicked people. They are such because they do not live well. When roads in the country get worse, shall we lay the blame with the roads or the people? The people who failed to repair the roads. Therefore, because of our disobedience to this Great Intrinsic Law, we have come to the state, in which the entire world is suffering under the conditions of the contemporary life. That is why, a mild and tolerant disposition is needed. Someone once said that death shines from the faces of the local cadets. I do not know whether death can shine or not, what I know though is that our faces shall breathe Life not death. Now, speaking about the mindful heart, you should know that for its development suffering should touch you deep inside; you should be shaken to the depth of your soul. What is needed exceeds those emotions, which touch you only superficially, like the waves that scarcely reach ten meters below the sea surface: radical revitalization is required of you. We should have Abraham’s character. Abraham had not any heirs. According to the Hebrew law’s line of succession, his inheritance would be left to one of his servants or one of his sons by his female slaves. And yet, God told him that He would give him an heir. Who was Abraham’s heir? Isaac, who was born thanks of his father and mother ’s devotion. God said to Abraham, “You shall offer your son as a sacrifice.” If you were in Abraham’s position, would you say, “Let God’s Will be done”? He took his son, put some wood on his back and went straight to the place where he had been told to offer his son as a sacrifice. He was being tested to the very last moment. When he raised the knife, God said to him, “Do not lay your hand on the boy, neither shall you harm him, for now I know that you are a man who reveres God. I know that you are a man of obedience; and for this reason, you shall not offer your son as a sacrifice.”[2] This quality of Abraham is worthy of praise! With this, he showed that he was ready to sacrifice even the most precious that he had. For this reason, Abraham is called “a friend of God.” I call him “father of the faithful” because he was a man of absolute faith, a man who has no doubt. Of course, you should apply this Teaching according to the situation in which you find yourselves in life. You will experience God and He is going to test you. He will test you as He did with Abraham. He will test you as He tested the apostles and prophets. You all shall pass through Fire - not just once, but seven times. When I say this, you get frightened. It is a necessity, but it is also the greatest blessing for each one of you to pass sevenfold through the Divine Fire. It is the sacred Fire of Love that will purify your minds and hearts so that you may come to know God’s Goodness and how to apply it in your lives. Never act in haste. No matter what you do, do not hurry up. One of you is a merchant. Your accounts are in disarray, you lack money. You go home, hold your head and are discouraged. Do not get in despair! When you go home, sit down and turn your mind to God - to your mindful heart - and listen to the advice that will come: what to do in this situation. Certainly, you will receive some answer. If you are a mother and have a daughter who is very disobedient, do not scold her, do not ask her to do this or that. Instead, turn to your mindful heart and ask it what to do. After one, two, three, or four days the best answer will come to you how to behave with her. You are a teacher, servant, or student - no matter what your position is, do not act in haste. I will give you an example illustrating that those who have faith always save themselves. About 250–300 officers were sentenced to death by the Bolsheviks. One of the officers was called forward and they asked him, “Do you believe in God?” “I do not.” They shot and killed him. The second, the third, the fourth - they asked each one, “Do you believe in God?” and the answer was negative. Finally they asked one, “How about you, do you believe in God?” “Yes, I believe!” and he made the sign of the cross. “At last, here is one believer. Go, you deserve to live.” They let him go free. Why? It is because God whispered to the executioners, “Let this one go free. He is My man!” This man had faith in his mindful heart; and he listened to his inner voice. I can give you many other examples regarding the counsel of the mindful heart, but the benefit of these examples is in their application. I know how difficult it can be for a person to apply a certain precept! When someone becomes angry, doubt and hesitation immediately follow. You can doubt anything in the world but never God! Be ready to sacrifice yourself for this Great Love - for God Who has chosen to limit Himself in order to come and dwell within us. Be prepared, in any instance, to sacrifice everything for Him! In this, Christ has distinguished himself. “For I have come down from Heaven, not to do My own will, but the Will of Him Who sent me,”[3]said Christ. When they told Him that He must bear the cross of suffering, He said, “I will do everything that my Father has told me to do.”[4] Christ possessed both knowledge and power. He said, “Could I not ask for one or two legions of Angels to come and deliver me? I could, but I will not do it. I prefer disgrace, suffering, torture, as all of this is to be for the sake of my brethren.”[5] This is Divine Will! How is Divine Love revealed? In obedience. A time will come when there will be no suffering. Christ will never be crucified again in this world. Why? It is because such tree on which to crucify Christ does not exist. This Christ Who is living nowadays in the hearts of millions cannot be crucified - there is not such a big tree for this. Christ is already very powerful and His might will increase even more. We, too, can have such power. This is why Christ said, “And whatever you ask in My name, it will be done.”[6] In which name? In the name of God’s Love, in the name of your mindful heart. If you have a mindful heart, Christ can come and dwell in it. I can advise you, but cannot impose rules on you. I want one thing from you: to compete in showing respect to one another. This is a principal thing. You have enough philosophy; you could even be professors. You could hold lectures. You could preach to people on morality. You could even interpret the Scriptures, but what is required of you is the application, which is the most difficult thing. Whoever can apply the inner knowledge will pass into the second phase. One can already speak to that person who is listening to his mindful heart. You can rely on your good aspirations. You should know that you all have them. I can prove this to you. If I insult you, you will show me how I should have behaved. You will tell me, “You should have been kinder.” If you can speak to me on morality, it means that you understand the good aspirations. Why can you not behave accordingly? We all know how we should behave. Why are we unable to apply the knowledge which we have? We can apply it! All of you, without exception, can apply it. We have good aspirations and mindful hearts, in which God has limited Himself to dwell. If two thousand years after Christ we say that we cannot live a pure Christian life - that is a pity! I have been listening to you before the lecture. One brother said, “Brothers, let us pray!” I want only one of you to pray, not all. One of you can accomplish the whole job. How many engineers are needed to drive a train? One. If all become engineers, there will be a quarrel. One engineer per train is enough. He will get into the locomotive and all others will sit in the passenger compartments; then the work will advance. The good heart will begin to advance; this piston rod will operate according to the Great Divine Law and the rest will sit in the passenger compartments, quietly and calmly. You may ask, “Can we be sure there is no chance for mistakes?” The history of thousands of years tells us that all those who have been guided by their mindful hearts have acted wisely. Never have they caused an accident. For this reason, the psalmist said, “I have been young and now I am old; but I have not yet seen the righteous person to beg for himself. I have not seen anyone of mindful heart to beg for oneself or be subjected to profanity!” If the righteous have been subjected to profanity at times - this has occurred for the simple reason that they wanted to help their brethren. And so, we will now appeal to your good aspirations, to your mindful hearts. After that, we will appeal to Christ, to this living Christ whom I call the Son of Love, the world’s sole Teacher. We know His name - Christ. And yet, He has a Sacred Name that we do not dare to mention. When I turn to Him, I say, “Lord, in Your Name by which You are known in Heaven above, may Your Will be done!” Compete in showing respect! For the Bulgarian, this is essential. Among all Slavic nations, the Bulgarians are the coarsest. You need to accept this. Accept this. There is no shame about it: there is nothing wrong in being coarse, but polishing is needed. In order to become more polished, you need to compete in Divine Love. This Love will polish you. Then, like the oyster, you will produce a pearl out of your coarseness. First, you need to begin with good conduct. I am constantly hearing some of you saying, “The Master is kinder to some of us and tougher to others.” You are considering things according to the physical manifestation. We cannot show favoritism. Love manifests itself equally to all people. It is so, but not all people manifest God’s Love equally. Therefore, your souls differ: some of them are more prepared than others and because of this, God manifests Himself more intensely through them. However, you should know that you all have the same opportunity. God treats Angels in the same way as humans, plants, even the smallest stones - there is no difference. I do not speak of the external, physical world but of the living stones and plants; because in Heaven, both stones and plants can speak and are alive. Hence, you all need to manifest your good aspirations! I would like to see that the coarseness and complaining among you have disappeared because God’s Love is violated by such behavior of yours. All people complain, saying, “We need Love.” Well, Love is within us; you only need to manifest it! If your faucet is turned off, whose fault is it that the water cannot flow through it? Is it the fault of water or yours? Open the faucet and your mindful heart will immediately allow this Wellspring to flow forth. The principal focus for the young, as well as for the old among you, is to compete in showing respect. Spiritual students who do not show respect for one another will not show respect for their Master too. Spiritual students who cannot live in harmony with one another do not respect their Master. God says that He is not pleased with those who do not listen to Him. All hearts should be ready to fulfill God’s Will. All should do God’s Will through Love so that His Kingdom may come. Then we all will rejoice. We can apply this even tonight. No, this night will be a day. We can transform even the night into a day. I want you now to remember this: Each one of you should resolve in a specific way the issue of relationships and good behavior, regardless of how the others treat you. This is the main issue; and yet, you begin with the opposite. No, each one of you should resolve on your own how to treat others well with the awareness of whether God is pleased with your attitude or not. I do not say that God is displeased because it would be a judgment. You can rectify all your faults. This evening, God will take up all of your wrongdoings and put them behind Him. This will be done in an instant. Then a new state will arise: rebirth of the human being. A new uplift will occur with the human spirit. The newly born will be free of torments, being joyful and happy. This can come to pass even tonight; you can resolve this issue even now. Those who are ready - may they not be late. However, those who are not ready shall wait for their time to come. Those who are ready can resolve this issue instantaneously. God of Love is not God of the dead, but God of the living. Lecture by the Master Beinsa Douno for the General Esoteric (Occult) Class, held on April 2, 1924, Sofia. -------------------------------------- 1. See also Psalm 53. 2. See also Genesis 22:1–19. 3. See John 6:38. 4. See also Matthew 26:42. 5. See also footnote 3 on page 15. 6. See also John 14:13.
  15. from The Blossoming of the Human Soul THE HIGH IDEAL Nature loves only those who have high ideals. She calls them her beloved children and knows them by name. Those who have no ideals are not listed in her Book. They are discarded and put into her cellar for the distant future. And so, whenever you feel abandoned by God and Living Nature, as if no one is paying attention to you, you should know it is your fault: you lack a high ideal. It is a Law. Everyone can organize their lives getting free of the adversities and sufferings and coming out of the long forgotten cellar of Nature. Setting a high ideal, even the most forsaken person, who is at the bottom of Nature’s cellar, will begin to crawl up like a snail and before long will come up to the surface enjoying the Sun shining upon him. Then Nature will say about him, “Behold one of my children who has risen from the dead.” What is death and what is resurrection? Death is related to the children forgotten in the cellar of Nature, in other words, to those who lack high ideals. Resurrection is related to the children who are coming out of the material world’s deep cellars, in other words, to those who have high ideals. However, to be able to come out of the cellar you should possess strong willpower and unparalleled faith. You may often hear someone saying, “I can eat any food available, I am not choosy at all; I can dress in any clothes, I am not particular about the color or the quality of the fabric.” Such a person wants to present himself as humble, as one who accepts the conditions of life. It is not right. Whoever eats all kinds of food indiscriminately is without an ideal or with a very low one. This is how the omnivorous animal eats, but the human being is not an animal. When you eat, you need to choose your food carefully. Nature has created a variety of food, but you should choose the purest and the best one, which will have a beneficial effect on your body. Then you are a person of a high ideal! Nature knows her children, she knows who of them have high ideals and who lack them. She is testing them all the time. Nature wants to discover what is hidden in the recesses of the human soul, in the depths of the human mind and heart. Nature wants to find out more about the human aspirations and impulses, so she lets you in her garden full of fruit trees, which are bearing various fruits of different properties. Then she observes which fruit you would reach for. If you choose to take from the best fruit, Nature will make a note in her Book, “Behold one of my wise children who has a high ideal and will become a true human being.” But, if Nature sees that the person is too lazy to climb a tree but picks fruits from the lower branches, she will form a different opinion. She will make a note in her Book, “You will not turn out to be a true human being! You do not have a high ideal.” “What shall I do then?” “You should climb up the tree and pick fruits from there.” “But it is too high, I may fall down.” You need to climb the tree even though you may fall down jeopardizing your life. Then Nature will make a note in her Book, “This child is courageous and will become a true human being.” Some people look up at the tops and stretch arms to them, but get frightened. So, they look down at the lower branches and search the ground for fallen fruits bending over to pick them up. For people like this one Nature will write down, “These are my children forgotten in the cellar who will not become true human beings.” Remember that Nature focuses on the intrinsic aspiration of the human being. She only registers the facts, observes them, and puts in her records whatever she sees. Therefore, if Nature has recorded the best about you, you are the reason for that. And if she has chronicled anything not recommended by her, again you are the reason for this. She simply records the facts as they are without exaggerating or diminishing them; and based on them, Nature draws her conclusions. The effects that influence your life are a consequence of the choices you have made. There was a young Egyptian woman named Eltamar, daughter of a poor villager, who was distinguished from her friends by the high ideal she had within her soul. She was wise and intelligent, chaste and modest. When she went to school, her teacher asked her, “Eltamar, will you remain a virgin or marry to somebody?” She replied, “I have only one ideal in my life and I am going to live accordingly. If I am to marry, it will be only to the king’s son. Whoever comes to ask me, I will refuse, if he is not the king’s son. This is my choice: I will marry to the king’s son or will remain a virgin.” You may say that this choice is foolish. No, this young woman is not foolish, but has a high ideal. What is the application of the great ideal to life? If you have faith, if you follow some teaching, if you apply particular norms, if you hold a certain image in your consciousness, all this corresponds to the high ideal. Your spirit will be powerful as the son of Truth. Who is the son of Truth? He is the king’s son, the ideal of each soul. Therefore, when you go out early in the morning to see the sunrise, be there on time, before the Sun has risen over the horizon. Meet the first ray of the rising Sun. It is the most important one - the king’s son or the son of Truth, who has all power and might of the Sun hidden in him. If you do not receive the first ray, you have missed the sunrise. Receive the first ray and then return home at peace. The first ray carries the riches of all the rays. The first ray is the first fruit of the rising Sun or of the Great Tree of Life. The other rays are its last fruits. The Living Nature says about those people who think that they can greet the Sun at any moment or can observe it at any hour during the day, “You will not become true human beings.” If you climb up a mountain and get thirsty, do not drink water indiscriminately. Stop where you are, look around and find the purest wellspring. Bend, take a handful of the crystal clear mountain water and drink it. If you do it in this way, you are a reliable person of a high ideal. If you say that you can drink from here and there, from anywhere, Nature will make a note that you cannot be relied on, you lack strength of character and have a low ideal. Students of spiritual knowledge are distinguished by their high ideals. When you go to a mountain wellspring, no matter what difficulties you have, you should bend and drink from the center where the purest water is. When you have climbed high in the mountain, do not rush to go down, but choose the most beautiful place and sit there for a rest. Look around and preserve the imprint of that beautiful scenery deep within your soul. And going down to the valley, bring the memory of that vivid picture - of the living peak, which you have climbed. High mountain peaks and pure, crystal clear wellsprings are full of life-force and will leave everlasting unforgettable traces in your consciousness. Apply the high ideal everywhere in your life! If you look for a book to read, find the books of the most renowned writers, of the most eloquent preachers. If you want to visit an art gallery, go to the exhibitions of the most prominent artists. You may ask, “Should we not see ordinary paintings as well?” You see such paintings every day in your life. It is enough to observe people watching how they eat, what food they use, at what time they have their meals so that you can see some ordinary pictures before your eyes. However, if you choose to see the paintings based on the high ideal, one is enough. It will be the work of the greatest artist, the artist of a high ideal. When you want to choose a friend, you should follow the same Law and find the wisest, most knowledgeable person who has the purest heart - the best friend ever. When one chooses a wife or husband, that person should be guided by the high ideal too. Those who deviate from the high ideal, cause themselves the adversities and sufferings in their life. Now we are speaking about those ideas and principles in life, which should be applied daily. Someone may point out that if your ideal is not a good one, it will not lead you to a good end. If your present ideal is not right, then set it right. The next moment in life is yours so you can choose another ideal. Thus, you will finally come to the ideal of your soul that is eternal and guides the human being onto the right path - the Path of Love. If you have missed the first ray of the Sun today, you can see it tomorrow. And if you miss it again the next day, the day will be lost for you. But if you meet the first ray of the Sun today, you can meet it the following days as well. Only in this way can your entire life improve. The most enlightened thought, the most sublime feeling, the most beautiful action contain the first ray of the Sun that imbues the human soul. How can the human life be set right? Find out your biggest and smallest errors and hold them to your attention until you free yourself from them. Even if you need to hold them for years, do not yield to them. Finally, your errors will say, “This is a person with a strong character who deserves to live. We surrender before you becoming your servants: you will go ahead and we are going to follow you.” Some spiritual students, who do not pass their exams and suffer a setback in life, easily fall into despair. They leave the battlefield denying their high ideal and saying, “Nothing decent will come out of us.” Those are people who do not preserve their high ideal. What is the purpose of the human existence on Earth? Attending a feast? The human being has been summoned to the experimental school of Earth for character testing, mind and heart studies, and coming to know oneself. Whenever you sit at the table to feast, Nature watches you with wide open eyes, observing how you hold the fork and the spoon, how you eat, what napkins you use. From all these details, she draws conclusions as to what kind of a person you will become. If you are invited to the second seating of the feast and you eat from an already used plate, do you think that you are a person following a high ideal? What do the holders of a high ideal do? They have clean plates, clean spoons and forks in their bags; and if the dirty plates are not replaced with clean ones, they say, “May we use our own plates, our own spoons and forks?” This is how students of spiritual science should behave. If you want to feast someone according to the high ideal, you should do it in this way: order ten loaves of bread made of fresh, high quality flour without any admixtures, that is prepared by the best, cleanest, and neatest baker. Then cover the table with a clean white tablecloth and place a clean plate and a piece of that warm bread in front of each guest. Place also a cluster of grapes, an apple, and a pear. The grapes should be picked from the best vineyard situated in a sunny, nice place. The apples and pears should be from trees that have grown up according to the high ideal. The guests will take their seats at the table quietly and well-disposed and will help themselves. Then they will all give thanks and will take a walk to the surrounding area, where they can drink water from a pure wellspring. This is the new way to give a feast. You encounter wealthy people who are very fastidious to their food, but they do not apply the high ideal to their mental and moral behavior. They allow both lies and thefts as normal things in their life. They begin well, guided by a certain ideal in the physical world, but finish badly because in the spiritual aspect they lack any ideal. Nature writes down about such a person, “You will not become a true human being.” Some people say that they can love anyone and everyone, but they are not telling the truth. I have not yet met a person who can love anyone and everyone. It is possible in words, but it doesn’t happen in reality. Love is being tested in Life. Saying “Love” you should feel its inner content and meaning. Those who experience true Love, will be able to transform their life in a second. Whom shall you love? God. First you shall love God, then your neighbor and last but not least - yourself. This is the Great Truth in Life. Whoever does not begin life with loving God, will not evolve into a true human being. If you want a confirmation of the Truth in my words, go through the history of humankind to find out at least one great person on Earth who has denied Love for God. All great people: the geniuses, saints, and enlightened Teachers of humankind did have Love for God. Some may object, “If we focus on Love for God, we will neglect people and our relationships with them.” No, we will not forget about people, but will introduce the high ideal into their lives. If all people have aspired for the first ray of the Sun and the Great Love for God, the world of today would develop properly and the contemporary people would enjoy good health, power, and abundance. Many say that they have big hearts embracing everyone and anyone, even the entire humankind. These are only words that do not correspond to the Truth. To love someone means to know that person. To love all people means to know them. But you know your neighbor only if you can correct his errors. Therefore, if you love all people, it means that you are able to correct the errors of everyone. Is that true? You say that you love the entire humankind and at the same time you cannot tolerate your wife who is a member of it. You have a son and a daughter, but you are not on good terms with them. It is impossible to know and love someone without being in good terms with that person. So, your statement that you love all people is not true. How can you come to know someone? By your love for God. It will lead you to know your neighbor and yourself too. This knowledge will make you happy and ready to fulfill the Will of God. It does not matter what people of today have been told about Love, they usually confuse Love with personal feelings and emotions, saying, “My heart burns with love, so I know love.” What burns and burns to ashes is not Love. These are the rays of the dark light that bring death and decay; they defile and distort the human soul. Do you think that human love can deceive the Great Creator of the Universe? Do you think that the manifestations of the Living Intelligent Nature can be mistaken for the human actions? God recognizes what is His, or in other words, what is Divine anywhere. God of the Eternal Blessing loves the good and truthful within human being. It is said in the Scriptures, “You have come to love the Truth in man.”[1] The Truth is the sublime, the purest, and the most beautiful in the human being. Someone wants to know whether the Spiritual World is interested in our everyday life. The ordinary things in life may interest people but not the Sublime Intelligent Beings. If you are the chief servant of a rich master and ten servants are at your disposal to obey you, should your master look after you? He knows that the other servants will consider and satisfy your needs. One of them will clean your clothes, another one - your shoes, still another one will tide your room, and so on. The master does not pay attention to your shoes, but he is interested in the servant who has polished them. If the servant has applied the high ideal and polished the shoes of his fellowman according to all the rules of his craft, he will attract the attention of his master. The master will say, “This servant has an ideal, I can rely on him.” How will you apply the high ideal in your life? If a wife wants to make a shirt for her husband and she is satisfied with the first available material she can place her hands on and makes it in a ship-shod way, then she does not possess a high ideal. If she wants to make a shirt for her husband, she needs to wander around all the shops until she finds the fabric that fulfills the requirements of the high ideal. Then she needs to sew the shirt according to all rules of this profession. This is a woman holding a high ideal. The husband should do the same. If he wants to buy a dress material for his wife, he should not buy the first one he comes across just to give something to her, but he should make an effort to find the best fabric and bring it to the best dressmaker to sew it. If the wife and the husband act according to the principles of the high ideal, Nature will write down about both of them, “Behold people of good character, who have high ideals and make the best choice!” You have a friend and want to give him a book for a present. You will go around all bookshops in order to choose the most valuable and instructive book so that your friend may read it, advance through it, and remember it for the rest of his life. Then your friendship is based on the high ideal. You want to write down a few thoughts as a keepsake for your friend. What will you do? If you copy whatever comes in hand, you are not holding a high ideal. You copy, for example some quotation by Petko Slaveykov[2] about money, “Money, money, you are an almighty queen” and you feel satisfied. But money is not an ideal and cannot be a driving force for humankind. You should write some thought that has been tested and experienced by you, extracting it from the bottom of your soul. And when your friend reads it, he will appreciate it and be grateful to you. And Nature will write down, “You will become a true human being.” A person says that he loves someone. Why people love others? Is it for their beautiful eyes and eyebrows? Is it for their beautiful mouths and noses? It is misunderstanding of Love. Love is not excited by some external features. To love others for their external features means that you do not have a high ideal. To love your friend means to see a good character ’s trait distinguishing that friend from all other people. This trait is unchanging - you can always rely on it. A good character ’s trait is neither in the beautiful eyes nor in the beautiful mouth or nose. It is in the highest place, at the peaks of this person’s life. When you find the good trait of your friend, you will embrace it and hold it within yourself as a sacred gift. And Nature will write down again, “You will grow up as a great human being.” You have a teacher whom you admire, so you say, “My teacher is well read in many sciences: physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy. My teacher is really a learned person.” Knowledge is not determining for the person. It does not make one learned. Something else defines the teacher. A lot of knowledge that is not processed is a burden which only a few can carry. The external knowledge is only an adornment of the hat; the hat is the essential, not its ribbon. A teacher tells a female student, “You could buy the most beautiful hat for yourself but without any adornments on it.” She goes with her friend to buy a hat. She chooses the best hat, but the hatter tells her that without a ribbon the hat is not impressive. “My teacher told me to buy a hat without adornments.” “Your teacher does not know anything about hats. If you add a ribbon the hat will look better.” Her friend insists to add one more ribbon. The girl gives up and puts two ribbons on her hat saying, “Now my teacher will be satisfied with my hat.” No, the hat has lost its value. Why? It is because it conforms to extraneous ideals. Imagine that you are a writer and receive a beautiful pen with a golden nib from your friend. Another friend visits you, sees the pen, and adds a big precious stone on it. Still another one comes and puts one more precious stone on it. You want to write with your pen, but it is difficult: the precious stones make your pen heavy and gradually your thought becomes also heavy; it does not flow as fluently and easily as before. What are the adornments in Life? Such are the temporal and transitional ideas of the contemporary humankind, of the spiritual students and believers of today. They do not comprehend the power of the Divine that penetrates the human soul like a spark, inflaming the eternal fire within it. Some people say, “I wish someone would hang a diamond around my neck even though this will not correspond to the high ideal.” It is not good. It makes sense to have a diamond hung around your neck, only if it is the biggest, most beautiful, and purest one. This is how your ideal should be. If someone wants to hang around your neck a small, barely noticeable diamond, do not accept it. Whatever you wear outside and within should correspond to the high ideal; otherwise do not even consider it. Strive for the greatest, for the most beautiful, for the best and purest in the world. This is the Truth to be placed within your souls, hearts, and minds. To talk about the high ideal to people means to follow the flow of the Great River of Life. Where is this River running? Tonight I have been speaking to you about the high ideal expressed through the greatest, the most beautiful, the purest, and the best in the world. It is the first ray emanating from the Divine Source. If you receive this first ray, you will become spiritual students and true human beings. You will be among those who perceive the Truth as a high ideal of their soul. If you were late and did not receive the first ray, you would fall into the situation of the children forgotten in the cellar of Nature. This cellar is for the ordinary, not for the special, or in other words, for the Divine children. The Great World has been created especially for them. Everyone talks about what exists within them. The holder of a high ideal speaks about it as the loving person speaks about Love; the truth-lover speaks about Truth; and the sage speaks about Wisdom. So, the person of love speaks about Love and the coward speaks about fear. Comparing them, who gains? The one who speaks about Love. The sage speaks about issues of importance, while the knownothing - about petty things. The wise one builds and the fool destroys; the wise one writes creatively and the fool copies. Who of them wins? The wise one, while the fool loses. A son of a rich man says that he has learned how to sign the money orders sent by his father. The life of many people consists only in signing. They have just signed to take something from this or that person. And when Nature looks at such a person who only takes and gives nothing in return, she writes down, “This child will not become a true human being. It has learned only to sign, but it cannot write anything else alone.” What is required from people of today? You should follow the Path of the Enlightened Beings, Brothers of the Light, and Assistants of the Universal Brotherhood. They all carry a high ideal within their souls. They think, feel, and act according to the requirements of that high ideal. And when one of these Beings decides to come down to Earth, all advised It to go among the best people, in other words among those who strive for a high ideal. Who will the Master pay a visit to? He will go to those students whose souls yearn for their Teacher. Visiting them, he will say, “Here are some of my students who live by the high ideal.” But passing by the house of a student who has not created a bond with him, the Master will say, “Here lives one of my forgotten students.” He will pass by and continue on his way without leaving anything for that student. The high ideal can be expressed in a few words: it is that, which is most beautiful, righteous, and truthful - all that is of best quality. Place the high ideal within your soul and see how your life will improve. Application is needed. If you say that your heart is empty, know that you lack Love. “What should I do to attain Love?” Rise early every morning and go out to see the sunrise. If you receive the first ray of the Sun, you have already opened your heart for Love. The first ray means the first thought and feeling that pass through your mind and heart. Write down the first thought and feeling that have come to you when you wake up in the morning. Nature is very strict in this respect. Nature listens attentively to the first thought crossing child’s mind at wake-up; as well as to the first feeling moving the child’s heart. And if you, a child of Life, think first of God from the moment you rise from sleep, think of His Love that fills your soul and awakens gratitude within you for all blessings, Nature will write about you, “This child is going to be a great human being!” Lecture of the General Esoteric Class (General occult class), held by the Master Beinsa Douno on September 11, 1923, Sofia. -------------------------------------------------------------- 1. See also 1John 3:18–20, “My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in Truth. And by this we know that we are of the Truth and shall assure our hearts before Him. For if our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart and knows all things.” 2. Petko Slaveykov (1827–1875): Bulgarian poet and supporter of the National movement for liberation from the Ottoman Empire.
  16. Note 1 The Occult Music 4 th lecture of the General Class, 2 year. Oct. 22, 1922. I will give you a brief explanation about the occult music. The occult music differs from the common music with the following two characteristics. In the occult music are first given the basic features. It is something like sketching: an artist will draw first the nose, the brows, the eyes, the mouth, the ears — the basic lines and then will gradually develop the picture. We are proceeding in the same way so that you may learn how gradually the music develops, beca use there is nothing that grows up at once in nature. Tonight we will develop another part of the song "living power, springing, flowing"; a new addition, because the song is not yet finished. In the occult music it is not acceptable to have words or tunes with two meanings. In it every word must have only one meaning. If you sing a word with some vibrations you may have a good idea, but when you express it in your subconsciousness the idea will enter which these sounds contain. Now you will learn without criticizing because I do now only the sketching of the basic lines. The words may sound to you somewhat funny but there is nothing comical in them. I am choosing old words. For example for tonight I am choosing the following musical sonorous words: Venir, Benir, Bikhar Benoum II beyout, il bezoot Om beyout II bezoot Om beyoot Zoon mezoon, zoon mezoon benom too meto The mystic meaning of these words is approximately the following: Thou, the Great one, who blesses everyone and everything, be blessed! Lord, bless the great, bless youth, the beginning of life. Bless the young, sprouting divine life. Bless the divine that is conceived in the soul — the Breath of God that we have received in the beginning. These words being in an occult language cannot be translated word by word. For example I will take the following words in the Bulgarian language: The sun is rising, it sends forth light that brings joy to life. These are words with an occult meaning. Now if you want common poetry here we have an example. I gave these words to a friend of ours to interpret them in the spoken language, (The song was read as it was interpreted by our friend Grandpa Blago.) This is ordinary poetry. I explained right away to our friend what mistakes he has made. These are not grammatical mistakes but rather from the occult point of view: the Bulgarian word "obronvam" has two meanings: one meaning is ""shed" (leaves, tears), and the second is "injure" (the prestige of someone). He has used it in the following metaphore: "We shall shed a kind word." The second word with two meanings cannot be well explained and interpreted. Each word must have one and only one meaning. This way I would want you to uproot all old habits. When the words start to vibrate in you all the dust that you have accumulated over the centuries, all your habits will jump away as does the dust when you beat the drum. Now we don't know how to free ourselves. The occult music is one method for freeing. Everywhere, even in the most distant past music was being used, but the religious people have misused it. From the point of view of the occult we want to apply music scientifically in all its fullness. Basically it is very simple outside but for the world — very complicated. Besides, when you perform this music you must have the disposition of a child. You step forward to sing a song and say "I am an old person". What does "old" man mean? If saying that you are an old man you mean that you are feable, weak, let us be frank and accept this truth. Yet if by this word you mean that you have become wise — let it be so, but there should not exist two meanings about it. If by the word "young" you understand foolish, a child that takes advantage to have certain shortcomings, then in this sense neither old nor young are in their proper place. We must always avoid all negative words. When you come to the school of the occult do not permit your mind to keep words with two meanings, if possible keep all words with negative meaning on the outside; you must not cast them away, we may have some use for them, but we will not permit them to enter our parlor or our living room. We will tell them "you do not possess the required value". Further, in the music of the occult one must apply feeling. This music does not permit any wavering in the voice, as some do. Does this come from the depth of the soul, if this trembling indicates noble feelings then you may tremble, but if it means nothing, why should you tremble then? This is a lie, falsehood. This way you create a certain diversion that may cause a catastrophy as a result. Nature does not tolerate deviations. Do not believe that if nature sometimes closes its eyes that it does not observe everything and that you may cheat nature. When it catches you and takes you into its laboratory, you come out from its other end completely purified, but you will have to pass through at least 10 retorts. This is a general law, it is unchangeable, there are no exceptions for anyone. When I speak about nature I have in mind the manifestations of nature. To me nature is the manifestation of God in life. Because God had begun to manifest He will never agree with our childish concepts and change the order of things. Those things that now exist have been tested over and over again. He has examined everything not only once but thousand times. The world that He has created is the best possible world that God has chosen from the experience of the past centuries. He has created this world as one of the best worlds. This does not say that better worlds will not exist, but for the present conditions this is one of the most beautiful ones. At the present conditions of the whole of creation, of the boundless creation, this world is one of the best, i.e. when I say that it is one of the best I understand that in it are existing all conditions and possibilities for a proper development. There exists no power that could cause us to run off the rails. No one exists who could force us to do wrong. We err because of our own will. I speak to you as disciples, I want you to be strong, to stay away from temptations° He who can be tempted has a weak character, his will has the quality of iron, of granite. Why do people get tempted? For example there is a beautiful woman. God has created this woman so that people can enjoy seeing her. One man wants to possess her; another, too, wants to appropriate her. I ask, why should not people enjoy looking at her? God has created this monument so that everyone who passes by can be glad. The Turks say "It is good for one to observe beauty." This statue is exhibited so that people may look at it and improve their own taste. Someone wants to possess this statue and steals it. If the statue is big, he would not be able to take it, but if it is small and made of gold, he simply takes it. I ask, is the statue or he who has stolen it to be blamed? If one catches him, he will say, "some devil has stolen it". Where is the devil? The devil is in us, The desire to possess the statue, to sell it, to gain a pleasure, all this comes from the devil. We speak only about facts, but behind these facts exist instigating reasons. They may be conscious, or subconscious, they may be simple like a weapon. Several people may come together with the intention to steal but one person is the stimulator, the real factor, and the others express it. By studying the occult music you will sing: This is a method for rejuvenation. We need to bring music into our thoughts and emotions, this harmony that will make us feel deep in ourselves something singing, as if we can hear this harmony. This is a condition that will soothe our hearths and our minds, and will give a new direction to our thoughts. You may say: "God will send His Spirit and He will accomplish this or that". Well, are you sure that when the Spirit starts doing it, you will not start to complain, asking God if He could not do this in a different way? He have strange conceptions of things and sometimes we even would want to advise God how He should have created the world. The people who have created music were very intelligent. Music itself is a deep sphere of Creation. These people have understood the divine laws and have expressed this creativity through music. These laws cannot be changed. When the vibrations of the tunes are decreased we have one kind of music, when they are intensified, we have a different kind of music. Music is expressed according to the feelings. Religious people have adopted music for the expression of their religious feelings. Those who want to express their worldly feelings have applied music for worldly purposes. Everyone has used music for his own purpose. Yet the purpose of music is to educate and ennoble man. I would not want someone to come to the class here and to say: "What are these people doing here! They do not pray but some are playing instruments, others are singing. Are these people disciples of the school of the occult?" You will keep away such people that come with the intention to criticize. Now write down the words of the new occult exercise: Izgriava sluntseto The sun rises Prashta svetlina It brings light Nosi radost za zhivota tia. And the light brings joy for life. We will make an experiment: one person will sing alone the exercise and after that the other will sing: Sila zhiva, izvorna, techoushta (living power, welling, flowing). The exercise is still not finished. Do not be hasty! I am teaching you how to build occult songs„ (The Master sang alone Izgriava sluntseto … and we all sang after that Sila zhiva, izvorna techoushta.) After we master these exercises we will give a concert and will make an experiment by introducing here and there these exercises, so that we may be able to see what the results of the occult music will be. Now, write down these words: Venir Benir, Bikhar Benum, il biout, il bisout. Write also the word "sy-mou-tou-sy" which will be an exercise. Now we will sing first sy-mou-tou-sy with the following tones: sol, si, re, sol, since the exercise "Venir-Benir" is more complicated, when we sing sy-mou-tou-sy first normally and then gradually with lowering and raising our voices the first exercise will become easier for us. After that we will sing "The sun is rising". You are singing like students in school, aren't you? After we will sing it one more time I want to see if you have memorized it. (We sang the whole song.) Let those of you who cannot sing listen until this song penetrates into their consciousness. As the words are arranged there is a certain meaning which is absolute. What brings light? Light brings living power like a welling spring. Each word is in its place; whatever you may think, it is a power, the power of light. Sing now silently "The sun is rising." (We all sang.) In the words "Zoun-mezoun" is to be found the secret meaning. In these words is the inner meaning of all things. "The sun rises, it brings light", these things are far away from us. In the words: "living power, welling, flowing" we can experience the power from within, but the light we can try to experience only through our eyes. Therefore the first part of the song is the preparation; a man must be prepared and this takes a long period of time. For this reason this exercise is not yet completed. I am interpreting the music of the occult into modern language, We are moving in a reverse way. Before the words "Living power, welling, flowing" we must place other words, as does an artist, so that the whole exercise may be completed. The first part is the preparation, the second part is the part of action, it expresses that which does the building. "Zoun-mezoun" is then the meaning — the result of that which has been built. When I was explaining to you these words tonight the weather was beautiful but now it has become slightly humid. The humid weather is not good for the music of the occult, it makes the vibrations slightly unfavourable. Now you can sing these four syllables: sy-mou-tou-sy and exercise with them. Have you remembered them? The tones are: sol, si, re, sol. If you sing these tones with their common sounds: sol, si, re, sol they lack occult significance. With the sounds "sy-mou-tou-sy" the meaning is different. Let's sing three times "sy-mou-tou-sy" and the fourth time we will keep singing the last vowel longer. Music is expressed through the same organs as speech, the same membrane in the throat which serves for speech serves also for singing. Therefore singing and speech are brother and sister because they come from the same center. For this reason this membrane must be used constantly for singing. The first thing that happens to a man who comes in touch with the Black Lodge is the harshening of the voice. When the voice becomes harsh the membrane becomes altered, the character of a man changes also because these vibrations are very sensitive. Place in your mind the thought that you are mobilized and say to yourself: "I am mobilized by divine music and I cannot sing but according to all the regulations of divine music." Implant this thought in your mind because this is most valuable. Do not permit anyone to get hold of your throat. When you sing you must be very free. Do not pay attention to what people may say. You may stop and sing even in the center of town. People may think that something is wrong with you but you say to yourself: "I do not care what people say because I sing according to the divine way. If people are courageous to sit in taverns and drink beer, I will be courageous to sing in a divine way. Why should I be the fool and you the right one." This is an important decision. Some among you may think that a certain decency must be observed. I agree that in the world there are certain rules but we have left the frame of common decency. We do things which are very decent. Go to a place where there are many people, where you have friends and start singing. Maybe now you have in your mind certain second thoughts but after ten years you will go out into reality and sing. When you decide to do something the sacrifice which you make must be worth it, it must bring respective fruit. This is an exercise for you to become courageous. You are afraid but this fear must disappear. I would recommend to you to go into the woods to loosen up and sing as loud as you can. Give expression to your emotions. Now when we sing somewhere you think what will this man say, what will the other man say. We can sing also very silently. I am for the inner spiritual freedom. Every one of you must have spiritual freedom. When you sing do not raise your voice, rather listen to yourselves to be sure that you take the correct tones. I have a second violin which I have been lending to different violinists but they said that they cannot play it. I will bring it with me next time to class. I must put into it a certain element of softness. When I put this vital power into the second violin this violin will not play well, because I will take this vital power from this violin and put it in the other violin. In the violin as well as in everything we can put this vital power and it will become alive. We can put into a violin our double and it will penetrate all the pores, at will penetrate into the whole violin. This way the violin has a special voice with fine vibrations. Great violinists and pianists do this. Singers that sing well bring into their larynx, into their soul this special softness. If you could put into your voice this element of vitality you will have a perfect voice and everyone will like to listen to you. But our soul must enter into our larynx. The soul must go everywhere. If the soul enters into the larynx we will sing well, if it enters in our head we will think well. You must know how to tell your soul where to go and it will listen to you. Say: "I want you in my throat." — Good, as you wish, what is your next desire? — Go into my mind I wish to think well. Yet you say "Please, if you wish go into my mind." No, this is not right. You must say definite words, for example say: "Go into my throat to sing for me a beautiful song as you know how to do this." It will sing such a song and you will have a recollection from the past. The soul sings. And now, when the poor soul wants to sing you interfere, saying: "I know that you have the desire to sing but my son is sick and you may disturb him." No, if the soul starts to sing your son will be cured. But you say to your soul: "Please do not sing because my husband is not well disposed." Do not interfere with your rational soul in its manifestations! Every desire, every impulse must be sacred as are sacred the thoughts and desires of God. There is no exception. Because the strivings of the divine soul in us are sacred, and every impulse, whatever it may be, is sacred, too. In the soul everything is noble. You cannot have any doubts. All the soul's impulses are noble, sacred, pure, holy. To every sacred impulse in the world there is one exactly opposite, a reverse impulse. A man has two souls. A noble desire appears in a man and immediately comes the so called evil soul. It will make you walk in the opposite way. This has been proven by experience. I believe that of those who are here every one has made this experience. Therefore, in the school of the occult observation of the laws is required. You must keep the divine laws. When you come to them you will say: "This is a law!" After you have made an experiment and have attained the result you may contemplate, you may ponder over this result. When you have made something you may explore to find what it is made of. But as long as it is not accomplished do not touch it. You can take your watch apart and see how it is made, but as long as your watch is not ready yet you are not supposed to touch it. And so, music is one of the great resources in the world. With it you can attune yourselves. We will use music as a weapon, artillery, machine-gun fire. We will not use music for enjoyment only but as a protection. What does the psalmist say? "Praise the Lord with guitars and with cymbals." I would add to it: with violins, with trumpets, with zithers and all the instruments that are now available „When the Bulgarians see a violin they think that only the devil can play it. For them the bagpipe is more honored and the bagpipe-player has a higher esteem than the violinist. I do not know why, but this is true. There is also this saying that the violinist cannot take care of a home. To me this is right, because the violinist who does not look after a house is a violinist! He is devoted to his violin. If he would put his mind into the home he would not look for the violin. Being absorbed in the violin he says: "Let someone else look after the house, I will make people happy. Those that are sad I will make joyous, those that are sick I will cure." For this reason, we, too, need music. These are short remarks about music. Let's now read some of what you have written on the crying of little children. (Some of the papers were read.) Not all of you have written your paper. Nor did you write a resume on the works of the class. Write only on the core of the theme — on the crying — only the basic aspects, but all of you must write, even maybe only two words, but they should be written. Someone may say: "I cannot write." Write two words even if they are nonsense, but write. If you say that you cannot write you remain in a negative position. Some of you come to the class without having written their themes. This is not right. Here in this school such disobedience is not accepted. The crying is the first exercise in music. This is enough. But it must be true crying, because I have observed some children that do not know how to cry. A child that cries truly makes the first exercising in music. A child that only whimpers and does not know how to cry wants to say: "How should I begin this song?" when it brings out a tone it is not musical. True crying is the first musical exercise! In this respect the tears help. Some children scream, get red but do not shed tears, their eyes bulge out, they try and cannot come to true crying. If the mother is not there this attempt for crying can come to a true crying and after a while they fall asleep. In fact there exist songs and exercises like for example this with the syllables "sy-mou-tou-sy" if they are sung in a monotonous way one can fall asleep. Variety is necessary. One must sing with small interruptions (the master sings stacatto) and then legato. As soon as the vibrations become monotonous one can fall asleep. All states must interchange. The tone "si" is a soft tone. When God sent Moses to Pharaoh what did he say to Pharaoh? —"Sy", "symou". When you say "mou" this tone is very strong at the end. In it there are two movements. The "U" in the occult science has a double movement, one movement is downward and the other — upward. What is the difference between "mo" and "mu"? Have you noticed when you sing the sound "mou" which organ of the throat participates, and which one for the sound "mo"? (The Master sings the exercise "sy-mou-tou-sy" separately but very silently.) You must sing with zeal (ardor). Make observations upon your own condition. For example if you are mentally ill-disposed, make an analysis. Take your watch and start to repeat this exercise and see after how many minutes this condition will change. Sometimes your mood must change and sometimes not. Yet when this energy comes to a point close to bursting and collects in one part of your body we must then stop this explosion, we must give a way of this energy to be used for the accomplishment of some work. Modern men suffer from accumulation of energy. Sometimes this energy gathers in your mouth, sometimes on the tip of your nose, sometimes in your ears. If you only touch such a man's nose immediately this energy will manifest. You could touch such a man everywhere else but not his nose. Others accumulate energy on the upper or lower side of their hand. When this energy collects it may cause explosion, a morbid state. Often certain diseases are caused due to such accumulation of this energy. It is rough and it causes these depositions. The depositions are due to the electrical currents. When the vibrations are coarser this semi-organic matter collects around the joints and when the weather changes the muscles contract, as a result we have at that point occurring some pressure, some friction. These semi-organic matters being solid when they pass through the tissues create friction, gradually inflammation, a chemical reaction occurs and as a result we have swelling. I would proceed to explain to you these processes but I feel that your minds are too critical. For example if I give you a password: "Could you give us another formula?" No, you need will power in order to fulfill an experiment. A friend of mine, a healthy, young man told me the following: "I was given the assignment to write on a certain problem but suddenly I had acute pains in my appendicitis. I had such pains! I started looking for a doctor but from within I listened to something telling me: 'Say to your appendicitis that you are mobilized, that you serve God and that the pain must leave you, that the time was not proper for it to manifest, since it is my time now for that.' Half an hour later the pain disappeared." Who was the cause of that? If he did not speak to the pain in such a resolute way he would have been sick at least for three weeks, with all the complications, the visits of doctors, etc You must say to the disease when it comes: "Listen, friend, I am mobilized! This is it! I live in a divine world where all "beings live in harmony what do you want from me? Go out!" The sickness is a being. Modern doctors are funny. When a swelling occurs they immediately cut it. Now, these things which I am explaining to you should not be taken into the outside world because to those people things must be explained in their own language and according to their concepts. We cannot speak to modern men of science about rational worlds, or rational powers because superficially they act mechanically, automatically. If you should tell these people that you understand these powers you will not be considered an intelligent person. They say: "This is not true." These people cannot believe us. When you go deep into understanding man you will see that two currents flow mostly through the feet in and out. Sometimes the toes are open, or rather in the ethereal double which is connected with the physical body there are certain openings. Some beings can enter through the feet and move in one way. There are currents that enter through the nose. For example a being enters in you to investigate your body and after that cannot go out. When it examines your body it finds a nice place, it likes it there and builds for itself a little home and says: "I will not leave this place, it is nice and I will make for myself a little home." It starts to break up your substances and as a good mason it knows what to use for building its home. You must say to it: "Listen, friend, you cannot build here. Have you asked for permission? Have you mobilized yourself? You must stop with the building! In the name of the great divine law which governs the world you have come as a guest and must leave „ If you do not obey I will find ways to dispose with you according to all the rules which I know." And it goes. Yet we are afraid when something like that happens. How? We call the doctor and when he examines the sick he shakes his head indicating that the condition of the patient is very serious. Modern men are hypnotized. How? The sick man sits and looks at the doctor. The last one checks the pulse. Again he shakes his head and says: "The pulse is irregular."—The poor man wonders what could this indicate. "There is a heart failure," — Failure? He is all scared and his heart begins to beat even faster. The doctor gives a prescription and immediately someone rushes to the pharmacy. This is funny, heart failure! There is no such thing. I can make everyone of you to have such a heart failure. There certainly exists the danger for heart failure. In occult medicine the true symptoms exist which indicate if the heart has a certain organic damage or not. He who studies the occult medicine will find this out. The symptoms appear by themselves on the nails. For example when one becomes sick from tuberculosis there are certain signs which appear on the nails, also. Correct diagnosis of the character of a disease can be made also within one hundred and ninety days. Now comes the doctor and checks the tongue, it is white which indicates that the stomach does not function well. He checks the eyes, they are yellow. This indicates that the liver has a malfunction. The tongue, the eyes — not normal. The third method for checking is counting the pulse — irregular. It indicates also some irregularity in the function of the heart. Well, what is wrong with the heart? The nerve which regulates the heartbeat is defective. There is a break there and sometimes this break slows down and another time it loosens a little and the heart starts to beat fast and one can become afraid. You must say to your heart in this case: "Listen, friend, it is a law that the heart of a man must make seventy-two beats in the minute and you must be obedient." You will repair the break and will not permit any more beats because in the present conditions of life in which we live seventy-two beats are enough. When you meet a man who loves you, you will say to him "Friend you can loosen your brake and make your heart beat seventy-four times a minute." When a person comes to your house whom you love you will say to yourself "Let my heart beat seventy-five times in a minute, even more." You will inform it that when the heart beats more often accumulation of energy will occur at certain places. At present the human heart does not pulsate regularly. You have not made experiments to observe how the heart pulsates and how many changes there are in the way it pulsates. This is a whole science! If you made some research in this you could notice yourselves the changes but when you do not understand this science there is a chance that you may get afraid. When you make your observations you will find how many kinds of currents there exist, how the pulsation of the whole cosmos occurs, how the flows of energy occur in nature. The heart indicates the pulsating of the whole universe. And, according to our heart we may define what kind of flows occur at a certain point on earth. This is a whole science. For this kind of study one must be very sensitive. At the end of the fingers exist certain swellings in the form of tentacles. These must be developed considerably to become very sensitive so that they may notice these flows. When the sensitiveness of the nervous system becomes excessively developed little swellings, very fine organic swellings are formed. With such refined sensitivity one can feel with the slightest touch these currents. Let's now return to music. You must begin to sing in order to be able to tune yourselves. After that we will proceed to the second exercise which is "Venir-Benir." At this point I must warn you to keep separate the songs of the occult. You must not mix the occult exercises with ordinary music. These exercises are to be sung at special occasions. There is certain time when these exercises will be sung so that you may have respective results. You cannot sing them all the time. You must be very serious about the singing of the occult music. With the ordinary singing it does not matter when you sing but when you sing occult music your consciousness must be awakened, there must not exist any splits in the consciousness. If we sing this way we can achieve in one year very good results. You must protect these exercises. Now I am presenting to you the following theory and we will apply it experimentally in the most elementary things. Sing the song "The sun rises, it brings light," Singing with the necessary concentration as I indicated above our sun will come to rise. When I say that our sun will come to rise I do not imply the external sun but there exists another sun that brings inner light. We do not sing to the physical sun. When our inner sun rises it brings us its light that brings joy to our life. Then comes the living power, that wells up and flows. These are symbols. They indicate that you enter the world of reality. If it was a question to criticize, there is not a stricter critic than I am. I have noticed that when I speak some criticize my way of expression. If we would "begin to criticize precisely I would come with such a criticism about the Bulgarian language that maybe only 250 will remain. Only two hundred and fifty words will remain and these will be the roots of the language with which something rational may be expressed. Now we can use a number of words and will achieve no results at all. Many preachers and clergymen speak but where are the results? They cannot have any results. For this reason when a translation is made of the Scripture a man must understand very well the language of the occult to understand the words in their deep meaning. My intention is to interpret exactly according to the original. In the Scripture some ideas have been translated to such an extent literally that if the prophet or Christ would appear they would wonder about the inventiveness of the mind of these interpreters, how it was possible for them to distort the thoughts and say that which none of these men have ever dreamed nor have these things come to their minds. And modern men say: "This is the most accurate translation according to the original." The interpreter has translated it wrong and then comes someone else after him, reads the Scriptures and says: "Thus has been written in the Scriptures." — Have you been able to verify the translation with the original? — "No, but the Spirit has told me." The Spirit has spoken to him yet he continues to cite the same wrong translation. This is not right! Even I have been thinking sometimes what other word to use instead of love. The only powerful word in the Bulgarian language is "blagost" which is sweetness, the natural sweetness of honey or fruit. When something is sweet it cannot be bitter. Yet what is love? This word has no roots, it has no symbol. What means love we do not know, where it derives from, we do not know. The Bulgarian word equal to love "obich" has also no root. We do not know wherefrom it originates. The word "blagost", something sweet, is a very strong word. When we find such words about which we have experience, in us are generated such thoughts and ideas which function rationally. For example in music there are certain tones (the Master sings "the sun rises", "izgriava sluntseto") which are very harmonious, after that follow such tones in the song which are not that harmonious but this is because of the nature of the language. The other tones come because of the words. Each word must express an image. "The sun rises" —this is a festive, ideal moment. In the occult exercises there is always an image. All European languages, whichever you may take, lack important elements for the interpretation of the occult exercises. At present there are some musicians in France who make experiments to interpret the ordinary music into occult. They begin to compose occult songs, but the last ones are arranged in a very special way. After some time we will have occult music which will bring something completely new. Now you must be ready! Such musicians exist and in them the occult music will be born. You must study theory of music. Silent prayer. Source
  17. Note 6f Transformation Of Energies Twenty-third lecture by the Master, held before the General esoteric class on 4 August 1922, Thursday, Sofia Secret1 prayer I will now talk for a while about transformation of energies. You should partly get acquainted with this great law of transformation. Let us say that you have a certain pleasant or unpleasant state of the Spirit, the soul or the body. State of the Spirit implies that you are thinking of something, that some thought occupies you; state of the soul implies some feeling in the heart. So you have some state either in your mind, in your heart or in your will. Well, precisely this state ensues from the tension of some force. For example, you are walking, and a tiny thorn pricks into your heel – for each step, you will feel unpleasantness. So a certain force has attacked this thorn, it influences your foot and you get restless. Whoever does not know the reason for your state – that this tiny thorn has got into your heel – would say: “This person just wants this and acts this way – twisting”, but this twisting comes from this thorn. As a rule, Bulgarians have with them such big needles and when they prick themselves with some thorn, they start picking with this needle until the thorn comes out; once it gets out, they put their mouths on this place to suck up some blood, and then they put a little salt on top of it. Well, now this thorn may get somewhere into your feelings, because thorns grow everywhere just like uninvited guests. And if it so happens that you walk along an unbeaten road where these thorns grow, then possibly not only one, but ten, twenty or thirty of them might puncture the sole of your foot. Now, these thorns are still more dangerous when a feeling rouses in you, let us say, a feeling of disgust or hatred. You may be a philosopher, you may be a religious person, but when this feeling comes, you will change; you will forget your religiousness and will show yourself just like you were originally. Twenty years ago I watched how two missionaries in North Bulgaria flew at each other’s throats and almost killed each other, but half an hour later they prayed, and after the prayer – this-and-that, they kissed and forgave each other. Now I ask what happened between them. The cause is one word – this word in a certain moment might be misunderstood, it may incite a series of other feelings and cause another kind of a state. You have to know the laws, to turn these forces into a positive direction, to replace them with something else. Now, let us say that we talk about hatred. You might ask: “Couldn’t we go without hatred?” – You cannot – the stronger hatred is, the stronger Love is, too. But when will Love be stronger? – As soon as this hatred is removed. Love will be so much stronger, as much as hatred has been stronger. Hence, hatred is a shadow of Love, and by this shadow we will be able to judge in what direction this Reality is located, because if you do not love, you will hate. However, there is a third state that is worse than hatred, because the one who hates you, is active; the one who hates you, takes from you – this person will either hit you, or lame you, or set your house on fire; if this person is a journalist, he will write in the newspapers to compromise you and will clamp you so that you can feel his hatred. This is a restrictive condition. The one, who cares for you or loves you, will do you Good, will recommend you at the proper place; if you are poor, this person will lend you money, make you a house – this is a process opposite to the first one. Now I will not dwell on psychology, where these two states have derived from, because the state of hatred has its origin, too. Initially this state was natural, but now this state of hatred is unnatural. Therefore, in present life, we should place hatred as a rear of Love, every time it is possible. And the esoteric law reads as follows: “Do not oppose hatred, because if you oppose it, you give it more power – if you oppose it, you acknowledge it a reality, and if you oppose this reality, you acknowledge it as a power. If you do not acknowledge it, then you should think only of Love, speak only of Love and leave hatred as it is – to act alone by itself. And Christ says it rightly: “Do not oppose evil”. Why? – In order not to give it strength – once you oppose it, you allow it to draw strength from you. If your mind is occupied with someone who hates you, and you want to oppose this person, you allow him to draw some strength from you. And we can say that hatred is theft done in a lawful way, blackmail, drawing of human energy. And the one, who hates you, will always exhaust you, hit you, break your head or leg. If it is in physical aspect, this person will hit and lame you so that you cannot oppose him; thus, he would like to take your energy both in an intellectual and spiritual aspect. Therefore, Christ says: “Do not oppose evil and think of Good within yourself”. So there is the difficult part, because evil – these are intelligent beings from the Brotherhood of Darkness2, and they say: “Oppose evil, because only in this way you will show your character” – for them, doing evil is life, while doing Good is death. As in the Lodge of Light evil is excluded and everyone is being punished for it, in the same way in the Lodge of Darkness, Good is excluded and everyone is being punished when doing Good. Also these moods you sometimes experience come through suggestion. For example, someone would come to persuade you, saying “You give him a lesson, prove to him that you are a good person, that you are not a simpleton; otherwise your prestige will be lowered – clench your fist and show yourself so that everyone trembles around you.” At the same time, another thought from the Brotherhood of Light comes to you, saying: “No, act after your Love, don’t pay attention to this, consider it not addressed to you.” And these two thoughts begin talking to you – the one school and the other one start talking to you. You sit and sit, and then say: “We shall take the road”. You are in the Brotherhood of Light and yet you work with the Dark ones, so you are to the left. Because every moment you are either to the left or to the right: you get angry – you are to the left, you love – you are to the right. This path is like this – each moment we will alter, now to the left, now to the right, until we come to the position to distinguish these states and immediately grasp the moment in which they want to tempt us. When you come to the position to grasp this moment, you have to let your intuition manifest and not oppose it – and once you do not oppose it, you will be victorious. Every time when one is able to withstand a certain temptation, a certain seduction, this person always gets stronger; but if one is unable to withstand a certain temptation or seduction, one falls and weakens – this is a law. When temptations come, you cannot avoid them. Temptations will come, tests will come, the question lies not in this; the bitter and sweet feelings will come – this is a law, there is no other path in the present conditions, and everyone should know how to receive them. This law is the same also in the Mental world: some thoughts are formed by the Brotherhood of Light, while others are formed by the Brotherhood of Darkness, and every single thought has its own utmost limits. Then I will define the following law for you: those who walk in the left path, they prolong the time in the beginning and shorten it in the end; while those disciples who walk in the Brotherhood of Light, shorten time in the beginning but prolong it in the end. I will now explain this law to you: for example, a worldly person has some time to think and discuss, it takes him one, two or three days, he thinks a lot about how, for instance, to cover a road of several kilometres – he would send a whole expedition to check the road, to investigate it, and would say: “This road cannot be travelled along.” While the person who lives in accordance with God, who walks in the Divine path, who has intuition, beholds this road all at once, and says: “God speaks so – it is possible to travel”. But once we come to the methods of the Brotherhood of Light, when we see the results in the end, we protract time. Now, the one who would lend you money, first protracts time for one, two or three months – the time will pass and when the term for collecting the money comes, he shortens the time, he will restrict you and you will pay, it cannot be helped. In the Brotherhood of Light, this process is reverse – we think in the beginning and then act, but when the fixed date comes for paying back, and someone wants to pay us back, we say: “We do not want this money, you can keep it for yourself” – this person extends time. And so, you will watch the process which takes place inside you. If, still in the beginning of your life, you want the fruit to come quickly, if you want the time to come soon for you to achieve something, if you want the results to come fast, then you walk into the left path – if you want to master something rapidly, then you walk in the left path. If, after having worked for a long time, you let the fruit come at last, and you are not in a hurry, then you walk on the right track, in the right way3. The one who has worked for one’s nation in the worldly manner, and who has walked in the left path, wants a monument to be built for him, and wants to be written about in the papers, and if they do not do so, he considers these people to be ungrateful. While a person who has walked in the right4 path, when the time comes for an anniversary, says: “There is no need to do this for me, let this be done after my death” – this person protracts time. If you wish for rapid results still in this life, you are to the left. If you hurry in the beginning, you are in accordance with God; if you protract in the beginning, you go according to the world. If you shorten the time in the end, you go according to the world; if you extend it in the end, you go according to God – this is a law inside you. And when you worry about the results of your life, about what you have done, you are to the left. You have done something and you worry – you are to the left. For instance, you worry: “What will happen to us, what if they don’t baptize our children, what if they don’t wed us?” – you already are to the left. So you have not come to this world to be wed and buried, these are side-matters. In which code of the New Testament is it written that one has to be wed and baptized? When God created the first man, was it written somewhere, that he would be wed, did God wed him? God created man in His image and according to His likeness; He said: “Be fruitful, subdue the Earth, live in accordance with God” - this is what the Lord has said. And later, when people came and began to live worldly, they used to say: “We must be wed, we must be baptized, the Lord has said so.” I am asking, who wedded the first man, who wedded the first humans? He who wedded the first humans, He will wed us, too. If this is a question of baptism, there are two kinds of baptism: with water and with Spirit. If it comes to baptism, we will prefer to be baptized by the one who baptizes with Spirit. The priest might dip me in his cauldron twenty times and I will still remain the same person. No, the Lord will baptize you, and if He baptizes me once, it is enough for me. Now, who will wed you? – God. And who will bury you? – If it is a question of burying, the Lord will bury you, because He will also bring you to life at least. If we worry, this shows that we bother about public opinion – then you are to the left. We could have in mind this public opinion, if it consisted of saints, of noble people, of people with the most sublime character, mind, heart and will – then we would accept their opinion. As for those who bother you – these are people who take bribes every day, at each step. What would these people say? Here is what a distinguished person of theirs used to tell me: “Though being bad people, we know that when a noble5 society appears, then bad people will crowd together and fly out at this society to justify their own sins.” And when they speak of you, we know that these are their sins, but we are not such stupid people. So when transforming energies, everyone should occupy oneself to see how much time it takes one to transform some energy. Now, you can make experiments – let two friends say to each other: “Tell me some offensive word, so that I can see how long it will take me to get over this offence”; pull out your watch and see at what time he offended you and how long it will take you to transform this offence. For instance, at 6 o’clock in the morning he offended you, and you will see how long it takes you to transform this feeling – whether you will be able to transform it in two minutes, in half an hour, in one, two or three hours. If you cannot calm down this feeling in a month, it means that your character is weak; if you can transform this feeling in one or two hours, if you can transform this offensive word, so that it becomes an ordinary word for you; and not only stand it but that this becomes a musical word for you – it means that you have a strong character. Now I am explaining to you the transforming of energies in the following way: let us say that you enter a restaurant; no matter if you are an esoteric disciple or a Christian, but you have no money, and the restaurant-keeper asks you: “Do you have any money?” – “I don’t” – “But you have a nice hat, I will give you a meal for that hat” – so you put down your hat. I am asking whom you should thank – your hat or the restaurant-keeper? – You should thank the hat. You enter the restaurant for the second time, you already have no hat, but your shoes are nice, you have no money, and the restaurant-keeper says: “I can give you a lunch for your shoes” – you take off your shoes and remain barefoot. Whom you have to thank? – Your shoes, not the restaurant-keeper. And if this restaurant-keeper tells you: “You should thank me that I fed you” – yes, but due to the hat; “Thank me that I fed you for the second time” – yes, but due to the shoes; i.e. the words of the restaurant-keeper are true to some extent. Maybe this restaurant-keeper just wants to test you, and the opposite might happen – he might just want to test you, to see what you will think about him, he might take your hat and give it back to you again, he might take your shoes and send them back to you again, i.e. he wants to conceal his virtue. So you will thank your hat, and he will give it back to you. When you thank your hat and he gives it back to you, he plays backgammon – he has won; but in the game, if he does not give your hat and shoes back, that settles the question – no gratitude. Now, our educators in church want us to thank them. All right, but if they have taken our hats, our shoes and coats, and do not give them back, but have given in exchange three meals to each one of us, then what shall we thank them for? I say: thank your nice hat, shoes and coat, that you could have three meals for them, but there is nothing to thank these educators for. All right, now I interpret: if a priest baptizes you, what will you gain? If you become a noble5 person after this priest baptizes you, it is good, but if, after being baptized by him, you become a scoundrel, the lowest good-for-nothing, then how much is his baptism worth? It is better if he did not baptize you. Hence, in each moment we should know how to transform these energies that accumulate every day in the form of feelings, thoughts and acts inside our body. We cannot require someone to be patient, we should not force patience upon this person from outside – he has to realize this from inside, this patience should be born within his consciousness. Patience cannot be present at every moment – sometimes patience is compatible while sometimes it is not compatible. In what cases must we have patience? If I am weak and someone is being hanged before me, I will have patience – this is God’s Will; but if I am a strong person and some people of a weak character are hanging someone before me, I will not put up with it, I will not keep my patience, I will stand up, bind them and try to dissuade them and I will not say that such is God’s Will. Hence, when are we recommended patience? – When I am weak, I will have patience, for the weak one has to be patient; when I am strong, I will not put up with it – once you are strong, you must help right away. Now this might suggest to you the thought that God is called long-patient, but do you know what God’s consideration for His long-patience ensues from? – The Lord knows that if He gets angry, the world will end, hence He is long-patient because of the consequences that might result from His anger. If He gets angry at one person, the world will be gone, because, if He gets angry, he will be angry in a way people have never seen. This is the reason why God is so long-patient. He knows that the people of weak character, the sinful people would not compel Him to betray the laws He has set up, to put Himself out of His own peace and follow their minds, and walk in their paths – He will walk in His own path. Therefore, in this respect, patience has its own place. And we should be like God – if someone criticizes us, we will walk in our path and will not stop to reason about criticism; if we stop to reason, we give strength to criticism. We will walk on the path that we are convinced of and that we have tested. Now, in Chamkoria6, in one of my talks I told my listeners that we, men, women and children at the age of 15 to 70, climbed up Musala7. – “It is a lie” – they say, - “It is not possible, you want to mislead us, a 70-year-old person cannot climb up Musala!” One of the attending persons sitting there says: “I am a witness of this, it is true.” – “But please tell us is that really true?” – People consider these things fiction. If people consider fiction the things you are doing now before their eyes, then how are you going to convince them of things they have never seen? In your reflections8 as disciples of an Esoteric school, you should always stop and consider matters. For instance, is it worth transforming the energy, do you have enough energy to spend and so on. Because in a certain case, we might have much more important work to do than deal with idle matters. And everyone has noticed that when a temptation comes, a thought always imposes itself in the following manner: you must decide something and you think that if you act in a certain way, then the affair will be settled, will be made easier; but if you act like this, not only will the things not be settled, but they get mixed up even more. In some cases it is necessary to drop this thought and absolutely ignore it, transform your energy and go on your right path, walk in the path of your own development. Sometime a person feels nervous and cannot bear9 something and says: “I can’t bear it”. Why do you suggest to yourself that you cannot bear it? This is a suggestion from outside. Imagine that four people catch you, bind you and ask you: “Can’t you bear it?” and hit you fifty strokes; then would you not bear it? – You will bear it and go beyond it. If four persons with these sticks compel you to bear it, then why could you not say, according to the same law: “I can restrain myself!” – You can, why not, only we, when suggesting these negative thoughts to ourselves, say: “I can’t.” You will suggest to yourselves: “I can, I can endure”; you would not say: “I can endure sufferings”, but you will bring Love into your soul and say: “With Love, I can bear everything!” Some stupid thought comes to you; do not deny this stupid thought, but tell yourself: “With Wisdom, I can do everything!” A lie comes; do not deny the lie, but say to yourself: “With Truth, I can do everything!” And then you draw out forces. So, when it comes to the moment to apply the esoteric law, you will always use positive words and phrases. If you use even one negative word of any nature, it will always bring bad consequences with itself. If you say: “I will get sick, I will die, our things are not getting better”, then bad effects are coming. No, all these thoughts are not for the esoteric disciple. Even the disciples of the Brotherhood of Darkness are much bolder in their statements – they come and use the positive methods of the Brotherhood of Light. A disciple of the Brotherhood of Darkness never says “no”, such a disciple says: “I will do good”, but when he gets the power, he uses it for evil. Therefore many of the Brotherhood of Light disguise themselves and go into the Brotherhood of Darkness to study their methods, while many of the Brotherhood of Darkness enter the Brotherhood of Light to study their methods – both schools have to be explored. For example, an evil person says: “I will win, I will become strong”, and a good person says: “I will become rich”, but both of them, after getting the strength, generally spend this strength – the one will do violence, and the other one will do beneficence, but both of them make statements. Now, each one of you, as a disciple of this Great school, should be positive in Good. You will not say: “I will take revenge on him”, but you will say: “I shall requite him by Love, I shall requite him by Wisdom, I shall requite him by Truth, Righteousness, Virtue, Mercy10 – that is how I shall be quits with him!” And only in this way these energies, these forces can be transformed from one state to another, because all energies are connected with Intelligent11 beings. We have to study the language of all Intelligent beings – and when you know their language, they will listen to you; but when you do not know their language, they do not help. Now we all study the language of things. Do you know what this Divine language is like? There are two things by which you can recognize it: when you have learned some of the Divine words and you have prayed, you will feel certain warmth down, in the pit of the stomach, your soul will expand and you will feel that you will soon get an answer, you receive encouragement. Then an hour, two or three hours have not even passed, and you get your answer just as you felt it. While sometimes you pray but feel some rigidity, some bitterness12, as if your prayer stands a span above your head, and no reply arrives – you speak to God in an unknown language and He does not answer you. When we speak according to His will, He answers us. Now, in the Esoteric school, the law of transformation of energies is related to the necessity of things. Every time when you start trying the law, you will begin with necessity in Life. You are hungry, you need only bread; you will take in your mind this first thought – to remove your hunger, to calm down your organism; you will not put in your mind any other thought, but you will only focus your thought to obtain bread, i.e. food, lunch, to feed yourself, this should be your thought. Once you obtain the first thing, you ought to calm down, for instance you may plan to sleep somewhere; then you will concentrate your mind upon sleeping. And then, according to the degree of necessity, all your needs will line up. If you observe this law in this way, then your prayer can be answered to, but if you put all these desires all together and if you want everything at once, all these things will be delayed and all your plans will not be achieved, because you have not observed this law of sequence. You will pray for the first thing necessary, for the thing that you cannot do without, then – for the second one, the third one, the fourth one and so on. This is how Divine law works – with mathematical precision, but if you change things and put the minor things in first place, the law changes by itself. Now, only by this law of transformation of energies, a judicious13 harmony can be created. For example, it would not be wise on my part to put on my worst clothes with a repulsive smell, enter your home and say: “Now, stand me, love me” – it is not allowed to treat any mistress like this, unless if it is to test her. I am not allowed, on my part, to tempt anyone, I have no right to do this, unless it is to test this person. Hence, on my part, I have to be so correct, so as not to give occasion to any of my classmates to lose his or her balance, neither to serve as a means of temptation, because neither will I gain something from this, nor does my classmate. Let us say that one of you, a brother, is off his balance, angry, and you gather and begin to say things about him which are not necessary – about his negative side; this passes through the whole class and then you all talk around that we have no other disciple like him – you have all failed your test, you are all to the left. Once this brother, this disciple, has made a mistake, you should all gather, make a prayer, send a grateful thought towards him, draw something from his mistake and say: “Thank God, that the Lord gave us a very good lecture and we thank this brother very much that he became a model and gave us a test.” Send him nice thoughts, he will be encouraged – then you are to the right, this is transformation of energies and that is how you should act. And so, for the future, as disciples of the School, you have to apply this law, it is a Force for you – only in this way can you develop properly. If you begin to put it into practice, you will notice a certain growing, enlightening of your mind, softening of your heart, strengthening of your will. Here is an example: I say that I have patience; you come into my room, I have some work to do, I want to write or correct something, I draw out my watch, but say nothing to you, because according to the esoteric law, it is not allowed to say: “I have some work to do, come some other time.” This is not allowed – according to the esoteric law when a disciple comes, he should guess by himself that it is time for him to leave. So I draw out my watch, look at it and the more this wish grows in me, that he should leave, the more the willingness to stay grows in him. Make an experiment: sometime you wish that someone leaves, while a wish, two times stronger, grows in this person to stay longer – he feels as if someone draws him, the process is reverse. Some other time you want a friend of yours to stay longer, because you love your friend, but less than five or ten minutes will have passed when your friend will say: “Good-bye, I will come again to your place some other time ”, he or she will leave – this is suggested to your friend by the brothers of Darkness. But if I set to myself the thought: “Wouldn’t he or she leave?”, all of a sudden my friend would find something else to tell me. No, you will draw out your watch and will see how long you will stay quiet and calm as Diogenes, without disturbing your balance – you will stay quiet and calm as if nothing happened, even though a whole day might have passed. If your friend stays a whole day and you do not lose your equilibrium, you have won. And your friend will say to himself or herself after leaving: “I should not have stayed so long, I overdid it a little” – your friend feels that he or she has given more. If your friend has stayed more, provoked you and thrown you off your balance, then after leaving, he or she would say: “I would like to go to him the same way one more time.” These are purely psychological processes which take place in you. Most of you have this kind of experience – this is a great law which you should understand and observe; this law regulates things. So, to create a character through transformation of these energies is not an easy job. Have in mind that the great Divine Spirit who has been working over you for thousands of years14, has changed your character only a little, you have done only a little job. Even when someone among you enters God, his character changes with such difficulty. There are moments when this person must absolutely change and enter the New Life, but before he or she comes to this New Life, this change happens very slowly. Once this person enters the New Life, things are radically changed already. So now you will think over transformation of energies – you will think, you will have the willingness to see to what extent you are strong. And you will all take care to transform your energies, to turn them into positive ones. Once you transform them, you win. Now, the rest of your time you may use for questions that interest you. (Brother Stoychev announced a few messages towards all of us regarding our forthcoming departure to the Gathering of the Universal Brotherhood of Light in the town of Veliko Turnovo.) This year we will apply the law, and those who come to Turnovo, will act and after that think. All will act – you will have experiments and you will think over the results of these experiments. As for those who want to reason, to think, let them not come – the ones who would like to reason, let them go into the world, this is a place for reasoning. We set to experiments – we have philosophized for twenty years, now it is time for small experiments. Some of you who want to be the first, to rank first, here is the experiment I will give them: let them go to Musala at evening time, and go through the Rila desert, through the Maritza river, the Toundjanska valley and return. After we return from the gathering, I will give this experiment to those who want to make it. The heroes will come alone and then leave by two at a time. If you cannot traverse on top of Musala, then what can you do? In ancient times, one could do as much in the world as the kind of a peak one could traverse – all adepts, all Masters of the past have gone through high places. Some of you want tests – such will be the test: getting to Musala at evening time by moonlight. There also may be another test: traversing Musala in a dark, stormy night with snow up to the knees. If you endure it, we will say that you are a first-class hero on the physical level. But if you cannot go through Musala even at daytime, there are no privileges with us, and we will say: “Brother, it is not a big thing, but you couldn’t do it”. So we will judge people by their merits and whoever endures it, we will give this person the first place. Why? – Because he or she deserves it. We will give you the first place and we will give you the last place. Now, this will be the first experiment for everyone (all of you are young), for all disciples. This is a very hard test – to go through this desert of Rila: your hair will bristle up, and some of you may be sick for several full weeks. When we went to Musala recently, a friend of mine walked back on his own, passed through the desert of Rila, and here is the experience he had: he remained alone with his wife, while two other persons walked way ahead; this brother confessed to me like this: “When you were gone, I used to see living people springing out of each bush, my hair bristled up”. And indeed, when you enter this valley of the Rila desert, it is desolate there; no birds singing, but you only hear the rustling of the leaves and branches of the trees. And only if you pass it in the dark at evening time! And if you climb up the southern slope! First of all you have to pass this way at daytime so that you have no illusion that it is easy; then you will pass it by moonlight, and finally – in a dark, stormy night. Only three tries, otherwise you will be lost, your life will be in danger there. Once you make this attempt, there are certain energies in these places, which you will make use of. This is one of the best paths, this is an occult valley – only spirits of silence15 are implanted there and they have expelled all birds. When you enter there, you feel that all these energies go only inwards, and you become more and more serious – something grand! When you pass Musala and enter the valley of the Toundja River, immediately your heart opens up and becomes merry, joyful. When passing on one side, you are serious, while when passing on the other side, you are merry; these two conditions are excellent. Nature in this desert of Rila is grand, majestic! One should spend there a day, two or three days, in order to see what a fine place it is for reflection. Disciples should begin with these experiments, because in Bulgaria you have comfort with these high places, with these mountains – in Egypt and elsewhere, they used to create these things artificially, while here Nature has given them to us without our efforts. Therefore, this year we will start with these methods, we will all be active. When you come now to the gathering, you will all work – no privileges. You, too, citizens of Sofia; there must be twenty or thirty extra people for every job – all of you should work willingly, no one saying: “I cannot do this job”. We will begin with the example of the eldest, the strongest ones, and then the youngest will work in the same way. One is the law that you will obey, one is the opinion. We will try the law and see what the consequences are. This position will give us Freedom, a certain faith so that we try God’s will and apply it without any correction. In cannot be otherwise – we will try this without any change. If a certain route is set for you, then you will accomplish it without variation. When we walked to Musala, I told them: “When we come to the places with snow, no one will walk this way, we will take the path slightly to the side”. However, four people deviated from this rule, rolled down, and two of them were saved by a miracle, they contused. A disciple walks along with me and says: “Let me go this way” – he wants to walk along the snowy path. You shall travel along the same path that I travel on. When the Lord tells you to cross the snow, you will cross the snow, but now you will go around and walk through the crags – every time you will walk along the path traced by God. We are thankful that these two persons were rescued so safely: they were a man and a woman who rolled about a hundred meters downwards – it was because of their disobedience, because they wanted to cross the snow. Now, obedience is required of you all, inner obedience. Some would say: “This spirit talks to me like this”. This Spirit is supposed to talk equally to each one of us. A spirit who says one thing to me, and to you – another thing, is not this genuine Spirit. This Spirit should speak to us one and the same thing – this injunction is one and the same for me and for you, and for all of us. His will has to be the Divine Will, which we ought to implement without any doubt. And then the results will be excellent. My experience is: where God’s Will is done, there are always good results, without any exception; where we stray from God’s Will even in the very least, there the bad consequences will come immediately. I will give you an example which a sister told me: she made her experiment to Vitosha16, but on her way back to Dragalevtsi17, she feels like drinking some water, approaches the fountain and wants to drink only two or three sips, to wet her throat, but something from inside tells her quite definitely: “Do not drink, walk on your way.” She comprehends this voice but thinks: “Just two or three sips.” She stops by the fountain – she has nothing to drink with, beholds a young girl filling her pitchers, asks her to drink from her pitchers and the village girl lets her do it, she raises the pitcher to her mouth, but does not manage to drink even one sip when she drops the pitcher from her hand and breaks it. Now she stands before the broken pitcher, still with a dried throat, but she thinks of this no more, but instead thinks of how to pay for the pitcher – she has no penny on her, and the village girl insists on being paid. This sister offers her hat to the girl. – “I don’t need your hat; I want money, fifteen leva18!” – “I don’t have it.” – “Find some; go back from where you came!” – “Listen,” – the sister says – “I am a teacher, I will not lie to you, I will go back to Sofia and will return here on purpose, to bring you fifteen leva” – she takes her address and name, and so the problem is resolved. Now, I have faith in you. I got a nice impression that there is good will in all of you. When I was looking at these a hundred and four people, climbing up towards Musala, standing before the snow, they asked me: “Master, shall we go this way?” I look – a dangerous road, snow; I say: “You may do it”. When these a hundred and four people rushed, they reached Musala in a little over than an hour. I say: with these disciples, high peaks can be conquered – this is a good feature in them, it can be used for good. And all of them came back safely, except for those two, the contused ones – it was an incident. There is good will in all who listen to me – experience shows this, but I want for all of you to make good use of your energies. Those of you who will remain in Sofia, whose things will not be possible to be settled, I want them to observe the days of the gathering – to get together in groups of ten up to fifteen persons, to be in touch, to make contact on the astral plane, so that there is a connection between us and them. I believe that this year many things will be straightened up. The Invisible world works a lot and we have to be ready. It is someone else who works now for our sake, and we will correct things that are worked out and will take care not to ruin God’s path, God’s plan, not to distort God’s Word. Let us implement everything word for word19, let us fulfil all orders – let us be model disciples of the Brotherhood of Light. Because not many years will pass, and there will come brotherhoods from other places, which will wish to unite with you, to see how you live – you have to be ready. Now, a very good future lies ahead of you, there is no reason for you to lose heart. They really put packsaddles on in Turnovo, but everyone puts his own packsaddle on. When you come, we ask: “Brother, this packsaddle is for you, this bridle is for you, can you put it on and take it off yourself on your own? If you can, take it, because we don’t have resources, we don’t have enough.” This is in the figurative sense. Once I say it, I will do it – I will be faithful to myself. The one, who is faithful to oneself, will be faithful to God as well. And there is no better thing than this – to be in the good graces of God, of the Angels, of the saints, to have the favour of God, what can be better than to be in harmony and concord with this Great law! They will not give us something that we cannot perform, they will not demand impossible things from us – they will give us things that are possible in conformity with our mind, heart and will – things which will ease and enlighten us. So we need not lose heart. Secret1 prayer 1 Here “secret” should rather be comprehended as “silent and confidential”, i.e. prayer which is only between God and the praying person. 2 The phrases “Brotherhood of Light” and “Brotherhood of Darkness” in this lecture are translated following the meaning. If we had to translate the original phrases literally, they would sound as “White Brotherhood” and “Black Brotherhood”, where “white” and “black” in the Word of the Master are always used only in their principal meaning, concerning the ideas of White (Light) and Black (Darkness) as basic opposite and complementary principles in the whole Creation (as, for example, it is in “Yin and Yang” in Chinese philosophy). To avoid any misunderstandings, the translator has preferred the words “Light” and “Darkness”. 3 “the right track” – “right” here is used in the meaning of “correct” “the right way” – “right” here is used as the opposite of “left” In the Bulgarian original they are two different words. 4 “right” here is the opposite of “left” 5 “noble” here is used in the meaning of “high-minded”, “magnanimous” 6 “Chamkoria” (from Turkish) – the old name of the resort in the Rila mountain in Bulgaria which is now named “Borovets”, in both languages it means “pine woods”, “pine-wooden” 7 Musala - the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula. This peak is in the Rila mountain in Bulgaria and is 2,925 meters high, which is equal to 9,596 ft 8 “reflections” here is in the meaning of “reasoning” 9 “bear it” in this context is used in the sense of “have patience” 10 “mercy” here is used in the sense of “clemency” 11 “intelligent” here refers not so much to the intellect, but implies that these beings have very high level of consciousness and understanding. It should be rather comprehended as “wise”. But since “wise” is connected with “Wisdom”, which has a certain definition in the Word of Master Beinsa Douno, the translator would not like to mix the meaning of both words. 12 “bitterness” here has the meaning of “lack of mercy”, “fierceness” 13 In the original, the word for “judicious” here is the same used above for “Intelligent beings” – only here it refers to an object, not a being. 14 “has been working over” here implies that the Spirit is still working over 15 “silence” here implies the idea of “being silent”, “saying nothing” 16 Vitosha is a mountain to the South of Sofia. It is situated between Sofia and the Rila mountain 17 Dragalevtsi is now a district in South Sofia, but at the time when this lecture was held, it was a village in the surroundings of Sofia, at the foot of the Vitosha mountain 18 “Leva”, plural of “lev” – Bulgarian currency 19 “word for word” – in the original here is used a Russian phrase meaning “exactly”, “literally” Source
  18. Note 4 Development Of The Consciousness Lecture twenty-two read by the Master to the General Occult Class on the 27th of July, Thursday, Chamkoria A secret prayer First the essays of the disciples on “The Most Proper Way for the Will-power Cultivation” were read. After that brother Rouschev read an essay devoted to the material world. I will talk for a while on the development of consciousness. In this case I take the word consciousness in its broad sense. In the Bulgarian language the word consciousness consists of a conjunction meaning “with” and a noun meaning “knowledge” – this means “to walk with Knowledge, is to be aware of something.” This meaning is primarily spiritual. It means to be simultaneously aware of two different states within yourself, within your mind, i.e. to be aware of the right and the wrong deeds, to know the difference between these two deeds, to know the difference between the right and the wrong feelings. Well, when I talk to you about the consciousness some of you resemble those who like music. Those who listen to the music and who say: “The music is a wonderful thing”, but you cannot tell which is the better part of this music, you can’t tell the difference between the tones. If some of the tones are omitted, you are not able to grasp this, you are able to comprehend the general stream only, while an expert musician can discern exactly where the mistake is – he discerns it by the help of his experience. You, the occult disciples - if you cannot grasp certain tones, if you are not able to make out such differences within your consciousness as these expert musicians do, then you cannot be disciples. All right, now I shall consider this question from an occult point of view: if I write a clef on the staff and under the first line I write a zero without a tail, I’ll have a whole note. Let us assume that right besides this note I put a quarter note, then a quaver note, then again a whole note, then a half note, etc. will this quarter of a note boast that it is beside the whole note? Sometimes I notice that you the occult disciples begin to think this way – how much the small note is nearer the big note. But you shouldn’t do this – you’d better mind that the tone you emit blends with the first note and that you make these notes harmonise and mind what expression you can achieve within the common harmony of all the notes. You still continue to ask yourself in what direction you are as regards the whole note, and how far you are from this note. Sometimes you notice that you are at a distance of one division, of two divisions, of three divisions from it and you say to yourself: “We drifted a great distance away.” This is not the musical way of examining this matter. That note, which is able to give an expression, might be very far from the main note, from the first note – it can be at several sheets’ distance from the first note and yet give the best expression. And mind that military music, the music played when you are about to fight, always gives the highest possible expression from its very beginning and startles the audience. While the minor music begins quietly, quietly, then gradually gets louder and louder and finally becomes high-pitched – after that it again lowers and flattens. With major music this is not so. Now if you want to grow properly as disciples, you should understand Life in its interrelations – as God has settled it. It might be said that during the day you are like notes, but when you go to bed and when you wake up, your musical scale is not the same. For instance, tomorrow the relations between me - as your Master - and you - as my disciples - will not be the same as they are today; you think that they will be the same, but no, they will be quite different. There is another inner force that settles the things of Life and its place does not depend on the very note itself, but it depends on the respective musician. And you do not have the right to say “Why was I put at a lower position or why was I put at a higher position?” – Wherever you are you should play your role. If you are above or below, if you are a whole note or a half note, or a quaver, or a semiquaver note, or the thirty-second, or the sixty-fourth note, played by a drum, or play another instrument, you should merge your beats into one. No one should be able to discern your beats as they are of no importance at all. Because within this consciousness, which I am talking to you about, exists another consciousness – the Divine consciousness, to which your own consciousness should become a repercussion. You are not the reason for the world’s existence the world has not been created just because of you. God has created this world as a pastime, and human beings are toys for his entertainment. Consequently you are the toys for God’s entertainment. When you say: “In our self-perfection…” What is this self-perfection about? – It is about the attainment of God. In what way can you know God? – In His Love. All right, did you succeed in attaining Him in His Love? – “Well, in His Wisdom, rather.” – Did you succeed in attaining Him in His Wisdom? – “Well, rather in His justice.” – Did you succeed in attaining Him in His justice? – You didn’t, that is, you only did it partially. When His justice is being applied to you, you say, “It is of no use”. When His love is being applied to you, you say, “It is of no use”. When the Wisdom is being manifested in its high forms, you say, “This is too tangled, it is not for us”. When the Truth comes in its Light, you say, “It is not for our eyes”. So I am asking you: if the consciousness of each one of the disciples is at this level then what knowledge can you possibly have? Consequently, all of you should strive to harmonise your consciousness, i.e. to reflect correctly within your consciousness all the Divine thoughts, all the Divine feelings, and all the Divine acts. For the human being this is a kind of salvation, or I call it human consciousness brightening. The human consciousness can reflect anything – the human consciousness is like clear water that can reflect anything. And in this reflection we can see how the world has been created. So, I keep a close watch on you, I keep a sharp eye on you: you are engaged with things that you have experienced many times. For instance, now you are worried about what will you eat, what will you cook. But the wolf also worries about this – whether he will be able to find something to eat today or not. The bird also thinks of its food. If we begin to worry about such things like the birds that do not posses our mind(UNCLEAR), what will happen then? In fact, your food has been provided for because God has provided your food and if you realise this, you will be able to find your food. If you start to understand His language you will be able to find your food at the right time. Let’s say that someone from Sofia has sent you a parcel, and has written to you about this parcel in a letter, but you haven’t received the letter yet – that is why you know that the parcel has come, but you are not able to take it. (?) Well, in the occult science everyone should strive to learn the Divine language of things. Do you know what it is like to speak the Divine language? Let’s say that I teach some disciple the Divine language and that this language seems very strange to him. I teach him the first letter of this Divine language. This language has its own alphabet and you are being taught this alphabet every single day. So our prayers, beliefs, and love – all these are the means, by which this divine language can be interpreted to us and they are the means, by which we can attain its power. If you ask me why Love is necessary I will tell you that it is needed so that we can learn the Divine language. If you ask me why Wisdom is necessary, I will tell you that it is needed so that we can learn the Divine language. Why is the Truth necessary – so that we can learn the Divine language. As soon as you learn this speech, your present life will be given meaning. For instance, often the following question comes up within you, the following desire – to be loved, to be in love with. Do you know what it is like to love and to be loved? When you love somebody, you evaluate Love as follows: you make this person a garment, you make this person a present, you build this person a house, or you buy this person a horse, you give this person money and if this person is a son of yours you give him something more. In this way you express your Love externally, but this is not Love at all. Well, imagine that you are my servant, you are honest and I let you use my house and my horse for some ten or twenty years. Meanwhile I go somewhere and when I return I take all my things back – do you think that I would have done this out of Love towards you? I would have done this out of Love towards myself only. At present you, the mothers, underline that you have an ideal love and that you love your children unselfishly. Well, I don’t doubt that your Love is unselfish, but why do you love your children in the first place? You love them because you will get older and this son of yours will become a famous man, so there will be someone to take care of you. You have a daughter and you love her, why? So that she grows older, and she marries a rich scientist, who helps you. Can you say that this is not true? In no way can you convince me of the contrary. Within all your thoughts there lies an agenda of self-interest, an absolute selfishness. You come to me. Why? – In this I also see some selfishness – you come to me so that you can obtain something. When I tell you that I, in my turn, also want something from you, you say, “Help me win the lottery, and I’ll give half of the profit to the Brotherhood; help me win one hundred thousand levs, and I’ll give half of it to the Brotherhood.” After you win! This is what my disciples say, “After I win…” But this is not occultism, this is not discipleship – clear these ideas out of your heads. From you I want some absolutely unselfish toll for God – do you understand what absolutely unselfish means? In future all of you should serve absolutely unselfishly, without any expectations to get something in return. You are constantly trying to alight on the first place and say, “Now I am on the right, or - now I am on the left.” This is what the Disciples of Christ wanted. Some of them wanted to sit on the right hand side, and others wanted to sit on the left-hand side; two thousand years later the people still want the same. You cannot enter the Kingdom of God in this manner. You want to enter the Kingdom of God easily – this is not an occultism. In your consciousness there should emerge a higher idea. If I, as a Master, had the objective to use you, this wouldn’t be any Mastership – this would be just business. If I didn’t tell you the exact Truth, it’s because I have had a reason not to. I did tell the Truth to one disciple, and as a result he cried for two days; if I tell the truth to some other disciples, they might cry for three days – this truth will contain bitter things. The one who enters the Kingdom of God will be given greatest bitterness – they will put you in the strongest acids, and if you liquidate into them, it would mean, that you are not fit for the Kingdom of God. Now you have to prepare your consciousness. To prepare for what? To prepare for the truths that the Divine world will submit you to – and this divine world will indeed submit you to these truths. You are funny; you want to enter the Kingdom of God as guests. No guests are required in the Kingdom of God though. What does the girl, who is going to get married, think? Does she expect to have three of four housemaids to serve her after she enters her new home, while she is constantly sitting on a chair and getting dressed, is this what she thinks? When she is at the village, her husband’s father will want her to buckle down to the task of kneading bread, so that they can check if she is good at kneading bread, if she is a good cook, if she is good at washing, and after that, she will have to go to work in the field. Meanwhile we, the spiritual people, are often thinking that when we go to the Heavens, we will get guitars and that everybody there will play and sing to us. There will be playing there indeed, but in between the playing there will be many great things which will be done in this great world. And if you, with your present comprehension, are planning to enter this world, you will find yourself in great controversy. Imagine that you are in Heaven and that you have been provided with the best food, with the best music, with the best amusement, and that suddenly someone there comes with an order and tells you, “You have to get up now and go to Earth to visit a great sinner.” As soon as you get sulky, you will fail. But you will not get sulky then, no, you will get up and you will go to this great sinner. If someone makes you do such a thing, you certainly will get sulky though. For instance, if you have sat on my right side and someone makes you stand up for some reason, you would have said: “Once I had the opportunity to sit here and now they make me stand up” – all of you think in this way. I don’t mean to say that this is bad, - in fact this is good, but in the Divine world they say, that God is omnipresent. God is testing you – you don’t know where exactly He will manifest, and in what way He will manifest - you don’t know this, because it is not that important in what way God manifests Himself - the important thing is how all this will end? Imagine that I invite you to visit me at my place and I roast for you a nice hen, but then suddenly I say: “Now let’s go for a walk for three or four hours and after we return we’ll see whether we will eat the hen”, what would you say in response to this? Suppose that you are hungry, that you haven’t eaten for three days and that after I invite you for a roast chicken, I suggest that you go for a two or three hours’ walk; you would certainly say: “Is this the right time for a walk now?” You will severely criticize my deed, and you will say: “But Master!” But what would you say if it proves to be that this hen had been ill, and I tell you: “We will put the lunch off till later – we’d better go for a walk, than eat”? This means that I have asked you to go for a walk, and I have taken you far away, because I have considered, that if we had stayed at my place, that roasted hen could have smelt tasty and would have tempted you. Consequently we can conclude that all the temptations are nothing else but a diversion of our attention from the dangers which have been created in the world. In itself, each temptation is bad, but since it happens this means, that something greater, something worse would have happened – so this evil has happened in order that something even bigger doesn't happen. That is why a Bulgarian proverb says: “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”. Consequently all the temptations aim at freeing us from the great evil, which is hanging like the sword of Damocles over our heads. As disciples of this School you should have in your consciousness a clear idea about the changes which are going on in the Divine world. What the people do is not important; the important thing is how the work is settled. The Divine Spirit, who makes these changes, gives to all the people whatever he chooses – you better try to understand the Divine Spirit, instead of trying to understand these minor spirits. Explore the Spirit who enlightens, who gives away the things, who is a source of the Divine Love, who is the bearer of the Divine Wisdom, who is the bearer of the Divine Truth, Justice, and Virtue. This great Spirit – it is He that you should have listened to, and if you had listened to Him, there wouldn’t have been any arguments at all – all these arguments, which are happening now, would have been settled quite easily. The other day I spoke to the first class about the transformation of the energies. Imagine that some friend of yours comes and insults you in a deadly manner – you make such an experiment, for one month you watch closely for how many minutes, days, or weeks you will be able to transform an insult. The goal is that not only should there remain no trace from this insult, but also when you hear it again, you should feel good. Watch carefully how long it takes for you to transform this insult into a pleasant feeling – this again depends on the power of your consciousness. If you cannot convert it within a month, it means that you are far from it. Then a month, two, three months, a year, two and more years pass and according to the law of karma after a great while, everything passes, God erases this recollection and you say: “It is over.” Yes, but such a person is not a disciple at all, and he hasn’t learned any lesson. You might consider that you have learned your lesson well only in the case where after someone insults you, you manage to erase this insult within an hour – and not only to erase it, but also to conceive a liking for the insulting word. If you master this science, it would mean that you are a disciple who has an understanding for the laws. Can you do this? Yes. When Christ says: “Love your enemies” this means that you should be able to convert the insult that someone has given you because when he, as your enemy, insulted you, he freed you from a greater evil. All of you should strive to clear your consciousness. Now I’ll tell you the same in a religious language: you should pray to God, you should call the Holy Spirit, so that you can apply the Divine Spirit. If with the help of your Love you can’t transform an insult, then you are not a disciple and your Love is weak and it is not Divine Love. All elements should melt within your Divine Love. Some of you might sigh. But the real disciple should not sigh “Oh, oh!” No, you should work. He might moan today, he might moan tomorrow, but finally he will say: “I understand everything now, I’ll not moan anymore, the task is solved”. I do not get angry that you moan sometimes, but when I hear you moan, I am watching to see if you still continue to work. When I hear you moan, and I see that you don’t work, then I say this matter won’t be settled by moaning. If you don’t adopt this method, which I am giving you tonight, you will waste your time, that is, you might graduate the school later. I am saying this, because some of my disciples repeat this class for fifteen years now - they say: “Master, tell us something more!”, but when I give them a more complex task, they say: “This is beyond our powers.” Then how do you want to go up a form? I don’t mean to say that I personally want this, but I am saying that everything in this School is fixed and necessary. It is not a privilege to love – it is a necessity; to be wise is not a privilege – it is a necessity; to love the truth is not a privilege – it is a necessity; to be merciful is not a privilege – it is a necessity. You should not say: “I can’t.” – No, you should just obey - this is a necessity. If you don’t obey this necessity, then death is in store for you. Why do you have to love? – Because if you don’t love, then there is no Life – if you love, there is Life, and if you do not love – there is no Life. If you don’t adopt this piece of wisdom, then the conditions of this Life will not manifest themselves. So when we talk about Love, when we talk about Wisdom, when we talk about Justice, when we talk about Truth, we comprehend the necessity of the Divine life. You should not ask why, but you should say: “I have to love, I have to be wise, I have to be just, I have to love the truth – this is a necessity, this is Divine, this is imposed on us, there are no exemptions” – that’s the way you should think. Some of you ask: “Why should we love?” – It is necessary that you should love. – “But why should we love a bad person?" – It is necessary. – “But he is so and so.” – It is necessary, don’t you see – such is the will of God. Do you understand what the will of God means? If you do not submit to His will then it will sweep away everything; if you submit to it – it stops. God will not submit to childish self-will and He will not give you answers to your questions what for and why – not at all. You must know: it is necessary. – “Why should I love?” – It is necessary; “Why should I be wise?” – It is necessary. That’s the way you should think and these things should be implemented within your consciousness once and for all. And they should be present not only within you - you should preach them to the others as well. So when they ask you what you study? You should answer: “I study that it is necessary to love!” – What else do you study? – “I study that it is necessary to have Wisdom!” – What else? - “I study that you should not make foolish things!” – What else do you study? – “I study that it is necessary to learn the Truth!” This is our doctrine: so it is necessary – you should not say: “I might, but only when I’m in the mood.” No, you should just love and that’s all. You should not do it depending on your mood – you should do it on order. You should submit – if you refuse, then everything will be over. So the reason for all the suffering in the world is just that the Invisible world wants to make the people reasonable, and wants to convince them that these sufferings are necessary. From the occult point of view, this is the reasonable side of the matter. From the Divine point of view, as long as these things are necessary, then they are to be realized most easily. For instance, it is necessary that you should eat. Is it difficult for you to eat? – No, it is easy. It is necessary that you should drink water. Is it difficult for you to drink water? – No, it is the easiest thing, one sip after another and you will drink it, just lift the glass and start. These are the easiest things. Now these disputes, which you carry on, stem from the fact that other beings exist in the world, and they obscure the human consciousness. Often the human consciousness gets obscure and the person cannot tell the difference between one thought and another, or between one feeling and another – he says: “That’s the way I think”, while the other person says: “Well, my opinion is so and so – let’s come to an agreement!” There is no place for discussions – there won’t be any contradictions as regards Love - it is necessary that you should just love. You might say: “But how, how can I love?” I’ll give you an example: when the little ducklings hatch, does their mother give them lessons on how to swim? As soon as they hatch, they know how to swim; does their mother teach them how to peck? They know how to peck as soon as they hatch. So I am telling you also: as soon as you come out of your egg you will know how to peck, and you will know how to swim. If you tell me that you don’t know I will tell you that you are kidding me, that’s how things stand. I am talking to you about the Truth, which is implanted into your soul, so that you may know it. As the chicken is able to peck and as the duckling is able to swim as soon as they hatch, the same holds true for you – you also know. The mother-duck says: “Cluck, cluck” – if we interpret her language this would mean: “Do as it was written within you.” As the duckling comes near the water, its mother croaks: “Croak-croak”, which means: Swim as it was written within this Divine book.” You might ask me: “How shall we love?” I’ll say: “Croak-croak” – you should love like it was written in the Divine book. There is no place for arguments – you can open the book and read. If you stop me, and you reason philosophically, you won’t be able to even enter the water at all. So have in mind that the fundamental Divine thoughts and ideas are invested and written into this Divine book and that everyone can read from it as long as they want to read and as long as they want to listen. Watch closely the chickens and the ducklings – when they hear the voice of their mother “cluck-cluck”, all the chickens gather and submit to her, i.e. when their mother calls them they all go to her. Well then, mind, that when God calls you and you do not listen, you will lose. If your mother, who is supposed to call you, says, “cluck-cluck” and yet you are not there, don’t you lose? If she says to you “cluck-cluck” and you go one or two minutes later – then you will find that everything has already been eaten. You say, “There is time enough in the future.” There isn’t time enough though – everything is fixed. This chicken cannot retreat to a great distance from its mother – it can move away to a distance of about one, two, ten, fifteen paces, but it cannot move away to a distance of let’s say one hundred paces or more. If it moves away to a larger distance, it will lose its mother. Likewise we, in our consciousness, cannot move away from God. You might say, “I shall move away from God” – all right, but if you retreat to a great distance you will not hear when your mother says, “cluck-cluck”. In our consciousness, we have to remain at such a distance from the world, that as soon as we fall under these Divine circumstances, we can detect what is the Spirit saying, and what our mother is saying - to be able to immediately grasp what was said and follow it - to realise her will. You don’t have to think about the consequences though, because within the realms of the necessity everything is for the Good. We finished at 8:50 a.m. A secret prayer Source
  19. Note 10 Simple and Complex Movements The twentieth lecture of the Master, delivered at the General Esoteric Class on 13 July 1922, Thursday, Chamkoria1 Papers were read on ‘Why God Created Man’. I shall speak about the simple and complex movements in Nature. Primary movements you will substitute for simple movements, and the last movements, the faintest movements you will substitute for complex movements. One explanation: complex movements imply a great deal of opposition, while simple movements imply little opposition. Now in all of you, in your mind there are two movements: there are simple movements, there are also complex movements. For example, in order for you to come here, to Chamkoria, what movement was there in you - simple or complex one, in which category would you place it? – “Complex.” Simple primary movements are only movements to God – movements, which are pure, where the consciousness is not split. Primary movements are crystal clear, while with complex movements, human consciousness is always split. You go to a resort, but you have several motivating reasons – it is not one reason, you have many reasons. I will then ask you, when one gets married, is marriage a simple or a complex movement? Complex, because it seems that the woman can say that she loves the man or the man can say that he loves the woman. This is one of the reasons; secondly, they want to have children, thirdly, the man wants somebody to cook for him. There are a number of motives; hence marriage is a complex movement. And you have to be aware that in all complex movements in the world there are obstacles, which you should be prepared to expect. And consequently as students of the Esoteric School I give you this distinctive difference in terms of methodology, so that you can psychically recognize the forces that are active in you at any moment – whether these are of the primary or of the secondary, the latter type, so that you can know in which category each movement falls. Once you know the difference, it is easy to find your way around. You are now confused between these two – there is a complex movement in progress - you expect the results of the simple movement, there is a simple movement in progress - you expect the results of the complex movement. While each movement has its own definite results. Now it is ridiculous that some people, when they want to become religious, they expect to become rich. One who wants to become religious in the full sense of the word, particularly such a person will lose all one’s wealth, because wealth itself is a complex movement. If you have Knowledge, this is a complex movement. Therefore you have to be aware of the categories in which the movements, taking place in your mind, fall – they fall either to the one or to the other category. This is a practical means to orient oneself – just to know which one is prevalent at the moment. These movements do not belong to you. If you are in a crowd, can you walk in a straight line through the crowd of people? – You will be faced with a very complex movement and when you get out you will say, “Thank God, we are safely out of it, we overcame the obstacles.” Often in life you unwillingly pass by a celebration and therefore you have to fight; what method will you apply – a complex movement, you will make thousands of by-passes in every possible direction and you will then think. These are what I call, human movements, while simple movements are short. What kind of movement is friendship, true friendship? – “Simple.” – All these motives, which take the least expense, are Divine, while those which consume huge energy, pertain to complex movements. Let’s define movement – what does it spring from? – It springs from Life – Life is the primary cause of movement. Each movement in the world shows that the consciousness of any being wants to gain access to certain food – certain forces necessary for this being, are laid for it. Thus Life generates the first movement, and the energies, stored in Life, have ensued from the World of Thought. So we are faced with one movement, representing the purely physical world; there is Life, representing the World of Spirit, the Mental World (The World of Thought). This world is expressed in the thought dominating Life, hence thought is expressed in Life – it is Life in progress, while any movement is an implementation of these three together. This is why we can determine: if your thought is simple it will generate a simple life with primary, pure, simple movements; if your thought is complex, your Life will inevitably be complex and the movements will correspond to it. Let’s say that a being, living in the Mental World, conceives the idea to become great, to create a Solar system – a complex movement is conceived within it. If this Being wants to acquire a primary, conscious movement, to try Divine Love in its pure forms, we shall then have simple movement in the consciousness. Often, you extend yourselves, wanting to reconcile simple and complex movements – these are irreconcilable. A simple movement cannot be combined with a complex one – these are incompatible. A saint and a sinner cannot live in the same place – they can live, but not in the same place; sick people and doctors may be at the same place, but it would be the doctor attending to the sick, while the sick are cured; so shall the saint stay with the sinner, until the one cures the other; the child under the same law will live with the mother until the child takes what it needs and having taken it, the child no longer looks for the mother. Now you say that God created Man in order to manifest Himself. Manifest in what; manifest to whom? I would like to correct you a little bit now: to manifest to Himself. If God wants to manifest Himself in the world then there must be another Deity. This is how it turns out to be, and this is dualism. I want to manifest myself to whom? – Not to myself, what is there to manifest to myself – I want to manifest myself to another entity and the other beings if they want to manifest themselves, they also need someone else to manifest himself or herself to. While God can manifest Himself to… whom? This is a question, one of the difficult questions. And I shall give you the following answer: God created Man in order for Man to be created. Now I will put the following question to you: when can something be created? – As man cannot be created, and I do not mean the creation of Man by God. To create implies constructiveness; there are esoteric students who cannot comprehend this. To build, to construct – there is always the implication of material life. When a place is being constructed why is it constructed; for whom is it being constructed; could it be for its own sake? Something could be constructed for Man to manifest oneself. If we say that it could be created in order for Man to manifest oneself, is this idea right? People construct a bridge for example, in order to communicate – there is an obstacle, so a bridge is constructed, the bridge is a means of communication. Similarly Man is a bridge serving as a communication link between worlds – nothing more than that. You will have an even more righteous idea because you as a whole, you still do not know the meaning of the physical world, i.e. the physical world is not only little known, but some say that it is an illusion. These are only words whose profound meaning is yet to be grasped. As to the Divine world with these Beings inhabiting it, as well as the beings who live in the physical world – what are their direct relations in this aspect? Now, under this situation we shall dwell on the following two issues: we say about the Spirit, who is pure, “Spirit is in constant struggle with matter”. And again there is the philosophical question: what needs, can the Spirit have, being pure, being in such a serene state, why should the Spirit need to incarnate itself in matter and why does it have to incarnate? Some will argue that it had to descend in matter to acquire certain experiences – if so, then this Spirit is not complete. And then there comes the question: if matter is something unreasonable by itself, how is it possible for something unreasonable to confine Reason? If matter is to confine Spirit, then there must be certain Reason in this matter and, at that, such a Reason, which is equal to the Reason of Spirit. If matter can capture Spirit, then such matter has its own intelligence – at least this is what comes out, if Spirit is confined by matter. We shall not resolve the issue now, and shall leave it like this – unresolved, as everyone has left it. And you know why? We shall climb up on top of mount Moussala2, shall enjoy the panorama, shall climb down and shall be thinking of Moussala only – about its natural history, we shall study it, while it shall be immovable. I am asking you to investigate a huge mountain peak – what is its natural history. This is a long story, but so that you could be thinking along more appropriate lines, I shall once again give you a hint and shall ask you why a person should be woken up from a sleep. If you are a servant why should your master wake you up? – To work. Why should you sleep? – To have a rest. When this servant is woken up, is the master creating the servant? Similarly, Man in the current circumstances has just awoken from a sleep, nothing more than this – you have been sleeping until now. People call such waking up creation. After having worked, who manifests oneself – you or your master? Both you and your master manifest yourselves – you manifest yourself in the work done, while your master can manifest himself in the plans he granted to you. We shall substitute this question and rather than asking why God created man, I shall ask you why Man came to Earth, or why Man was sent here to Earth – this is a more appropriate question. Man has come from somewhere, but why has man come? This is an easier question to answer than trying to answer why God created man. Look, the issue why God created man has no practical aspect under the current circumstances here, where you are. In order to know why man came to the Earth, why God created man – you should read the archives of Nature – there must be someone who loves you, to open this book for you, to go over the annals – there it is put on record why and to what purpose. I raised the question why God created man, so that you could find your own attitude to God and be assured that without God, if you are not related with Him, you can have no growth, no Life, no mental activity, because Reason springs from Reason, Life springs from Life, and activity springs from activity. Because God is right in everything and because man belongs to complex movements, this complex movement has to find its impetus in the primary aspect. We need to be connected to God not by form, nor by content, as these are yet external aspects. Not by meaning, but on principle, internally, in the very essence of things – to be linked with God by necessity of the very Existence itself, because only in this way can His thought give an impulse to our Life and His movements can give an impulse to the movements of our life. And then everything is possible. Such must be your innermost goal, your innermost desire, so that there is no chance for you to stumble. On entering this School, you may intend to conquer certain natural elements – but you may have no conquering whatsoever. I do not call it a conquest if I tend a pear tree for ten years and when it bears fruit, someone else comes and picks the pears – I do not consider this a conquest. I have worked and someone else eats the fruit – there is no sense. We can work only to obtain knowledge, but when we want to take advantage of it, we have not explored this. Now you often say, “It’s in the Scripture, it is said that we should love each other”. To love each other – the implication, according to me is to make a bridge. Do you think that if we make a bridge, everything in the world will become better? If the two parties are enemies, then it is better not to have a bridge, because they will then start quarrelling; if they are friends, then let there be a bridge. If people are ready to serve God, let there be a bridge, if they have not learned how to serve God, let them be without any bridge – this is better. So you should not mix things in esoteric science. I often keep observing you – this is how you are arguing, “You may want anything in the name of God – wolves, bears, tigers.” You may say, “I now live according to God’s law, to Christ’s law.” And the wolf also says, “God is Love”, but the wolf is alone, the wolf attacks the sheep and says, “Because I love God, and I love His children, because of this you have to fall victim for me” Well, can you reconcile this? The wolf is allowed to eat the sheep; if a man eats a sheep, it’s tolerable - neither here nor there - but if a sheep eats a wolf, the sheep will undergo the greatest suffering; and when a man is eaten by a bear, the man will experience the same. We are not sent to Earth to organize a menagerie – sheep will be kept separate, wolves will be kept separate, so will bears, all will be kept separated. There will be a fence separating them, a wire – to speak brotherly to each other but with strictly determined borders. And not like this: I see someone has the brains of a bear, someone else has the brains of a sheep, and both of them say, “Let’s break this fence, let’s unite our brains.” But what can a sheep and a wolf do together? Imagine someone with a bear’s heart, someone else with a sheep’s heart, how can you unite them? Some act like bears, others like sheep – how can you reconcile them? They cannot be reconciled. You will say, “Esoteric science can do everything.” Esoteric science can do everything, but you cannot do what esoteric science can. God can, I know that God can do everything, but we cannot. We should not be trying to do what God does – we cannot. Hence we should do only what we can, what is within the scope of our knowledge. Now I want you to do things, which you can, not things, which you cannot. We are getting mixed up together, therefore I shall tell the person: “Listen, do not demolish your wall; by saying what I said, I did not mean to make you demolish it - you keep the fence, and you shall find a new place for the new stuff where you will not place old stuff.” For example, you often want to reconcile the idea of Divine Love with your present love – these are irreconcilable. My Love, the Love I have is incompatible with your love, do you understand what I mean? If I transfer these ideas, do you know what will happen? I will tell you: there are many cases described in the book of Caprices of Electricity, where electricity appears in big round shining balls – such a ball suddenly falls upon a person, all the clothes are burnt, but the person is intact. The Love that I speak of is such a ball – if it falls upon you, you will find yourself naked; and after you find yourself naked, you will be doubtful and you will say, “This is no Love.” This is exactly where Love is. You want a new understanding of Love – bearing a new signature, while containing the old concepts. There is no sacrifice in the purely Divine Love. Sacrifice is just a result of the complex movements of Love in the physical World – this is a temporary period of transition. When people say that a person must make a sacrifice, this does not concern Divine Love – there is no sacrifice whatsoever in true Divine Love. Hence in order to understand Divine Love, you have to inevitably descend to the physical world, to learn the law of sacrifice. This is precisely why people descended to the Earth - to learn the law of sacrifice too. People will learn what Divine Love is when they experience the law of sacrifice – this is a law of the Divine energies proper transformation. Someone says, “I want to know what you think about me”; I say, “You may know, but I have to eat you up.” And therefore Christ says, “If you do not eat of My flesh and if you do not drink of My blood, you will have no eternal Life.” So, if you want to understand me, I shall have to eat you, so when you enter me, I will understand you and having understood you, I shall know how to help you. This is to say that you will sacrifice yourself in order for God to enter you, you will make this sacrifice. If you want to understand someone, then either you are eaten or you eat someone else – this is a symbol. If you want to understand someone, that someone has to eat you; if you want someone to understand you, you have to eat that someone. To this you will say, “This is scary!” But look, doesn’t the present life consist of eating and drinking only? If you take eating away, what else is left in life? Perhaps, having eaten a good pear, a bright idea will come to mind and you may write a poem – this pear is also a flower and therefore Christ said, “I am the water of Life and I am the bread of Life.” You have to make a difference between the simple and complex movements and to understand for what purpose Man has descended on Earth. You have to learn the law of sacrifice – this is one of the significant issues, which you have to investigate. But what sacrifice – sacrifice the way one understands it? You have to ask yourselves the question what you are supposed to sacrifice. The little concessions you make do not count for sacrifice – the law of sacrifice is a law, which reconciles all contradictions in the world. Let’s say you are in a very sad and difficult situation; apply the law of sacrifice and you can immediately remove this sadness of yours. Let’s say you have to receive twenty thousand leva, you do not have this money in your pocket – what will you do? Open your books and make a decision to sacrifice this money for your tranquillity’s sake – you will immediately feel your soul relieved and Peace will come to you. Now don’t you move to the other extreme! Sometimes you regret that you are not a highly educated person, and you say, “If had a good education, I would have become a Minister, a doctor” – you torment yourself. Tell yourself, “Even if I am not a Minister, I can still live like Man” – and you will feel relieved. Sometimes you go to the other extreme and some say, “We need no knowledge.” This is not the question – in this particular case we are suffering due to the lack of such goods, which stem from knowledge. Say, “We can do without the good of knowledge.” Such knowledge does not imply that you have to become a minister, doctor or priest – the absolute, pure knowledge is a simple movement. You for example often say, “We have to increase in number in the new movement” – our strength does not lie in our numerousness. – “We have to build a home” – strength lies not in building a home; “We must possess knowledge” – strength does not reside in such knowledge. What we bring to the world is a kind of a need, which Life cannot do without; what we bring is a necessity, just like water and bread are needed for Life. These people, anyway, shall come, but when they come we shall not say, “Hang on, this is unbearable, it’s expensive, you have to pay for your bread, and then you have to pay for your water, you have to pay because I am the first one who has brought it.” No, once this thought enters your mind, the issue is over. You have to act absolutely selflessly – bread you will give in order to be used, water you will give too, and whomever you give to, you will tell this person so, “You also have to give under the same law, in the same way.” Give everything – this bread and this water you have to give, but only to those to whom they are meant to be given. Now some of you think that once they enter the New Teaching they will become better. How do you know you will become better? A person’s goodness always depends on the sacrifice – the better one understands and applies the law of sacrifice, the better one will become. Time is nothing but a manifestation of sacrifice. I am now hinting at this idea so that you will not be at odds with yourself. For example sometimes when I am talking some people say, “The Master should not have said so.” I can place a stone on the eastern wall, on the western, to the north or south, but I can also place it on top – but where should I place this stone? Let’s say its place is determined, where shall I place it? – Where it is determined to be – according to the measure of the place, this is where I should place it. Well, in this life you have entered, you are determined, measured. Sometimes I place you somewhere and you say, “I do not belong here, I am not fit for a prince”, and I see – this is the place determined for you; which is to say you are spoiling it. There you will stay, where you belong, nothing more than this. Afterwards you summon someone (this is how false masters appear); and you say, “I do not belong here, can you not relocate me?” Everybody gets drawn to this place and says, “What work can this stone do?” - They start building something new and distort the whole edifice. And then the committee comes over and says, “It’s not built well” – then they take the stones down and say, “This and that society has disintegrated, this and that religion has fallen to pieces.” I am warning you: there is a weakness within you – you want to fall back into old building practices. You will deny the old ways; you cannot go ahead without sacrifice. You must be clear with this issue in yourselves, so that each of your deeds, each of your thoughts, has to be absolutely clear, selfless. You must be certain about it for your own sake; do not declare this publicly. You have to preserve and develop this feeling, and never say to people that you are good. Now you say, “Let’s live like brothers!” Sheep live with sheep; wolves live with wolves, bears with bears, hares with hares, flies with flies, while the way you are carrying on is no good. But one of the Hebrew prophets says that lambs and lions shall live together. Remember this line, but when will they live? – When God comes, so that there will be ample space, won’t there? We shall leave this line; it belongs to another category. Do not reconcile your good thoughts with your bad thoughts; do not place them in the same place. Someone says, “I have one bad thought.” If your thought is bad, place it where it belongs; if you have one Divine thought, place it right where it belongs; if you have a desire – either good or bad - put it onto its proper place – everything has to be placed where it belongs. Many of you (I see you) when you find a wolf with nice teeth, you bring him here and you say, “Master, we found a good man – he is very clever and educated person, and what a disposition he has, what language, what words, let’s take him with us.” I can see him - he is an old wolf, but I say nothing to the man. You say, “Let’s give him a good reception; let’s open the door to the sheep, so that he can visit them.” And I tell you, visit them he will! There are not only male wolves, there are female wolves as well; there are not only bears, but there are also she-bears – these are all symbols. All of Nature around is symbol-ridden – all of these bears and wolves are a whole branch of science, which we have to study and understand. It is easiest of all to learn about ourselves while studying the animal, mineral and plant kingdoms. Bear in mind that trying to understand this story one may find it difficult to understand the changes that are under way. Sometimes you get up from sleep, you pray, but say, “God does not listen to me”; how can you explain this situation? When you know the reasons, the attitude within you should be as pure as possible. Many of you are caught in a complex movement, you have to resolve one of the most difficult tasks and to this end you need resourcefulness, tact, skills, knowledge, will and stamina in the world. And those of you who have a better understanding, shall perhaps understand tonight what I did not say, and shall say tomorrow, “Did not the Master say so?” You will find yourself in the position of that priest, who preached like this, “Let those who have two shirts, give one to the poor”; his beloved comes back home, the preacher had two shirts and she had given one of them away following Christ’s law. In the evening the priest asked her, “Where is one of my shirts?” – “I gave it away.” – “How come you gave it away without asking me?”- “You said so in church, didn’t you?” – “I said this to the others; I did not mean it for us”. Well, the priest’s wife had given the shirt away; where did she go wrong, do you think she acted right, why didn't she give one of her shirts away, but one of her husband’s? She is not right, because she did not give away one of hers, but one of the priest’s – the priest should give the shirt away himself. She says, “I followed Christ’s law”, the priest is discontent that she had given his shirt away without asking for his permission. Well it is often the case that you give away my shirts – I do not mind, but you should give away your shirts also, nothing more than this. Some interpret it like this, “You were given for free, for free you should give!” When you take a Divine idea or whatsoever, the rule is that you keep this idea to yourself. You have the right to give the fruit to the others, but the idea you should keep to yourself – to all you should give of the fruit it bears, but it should stay with you. You, however, take this idea and say; “We were given for free, for free we shall give”. This is not right, Christ also says, “Each sprig coming from Me shall bear fruit.” These Divine ideas should pass through us and should bear fruit – and of the fruit you will give away. You all have to be rich of the fruit of the Divine thoughts. Secret prayer So, the main points are: simple and complex movements, the law of self-sacrifice, the law of sacrifice; the Divine idea has to stay within you in order to be sown in you and bear fruit, and of this fruit we have to give away – these are the main ideas in the lecture. You get together sometimes - for this purpose I shall assign a certain task to the students so that you can seriously start working to resolve it. Discuss the three aspects – to the physical world, to the Spiritual World and to the Divine World. Each idea should be discussed in three aspects. Direct your thought to be clarified, in order not to be held back. If you were ready I would give you a task now, but you are not. I would give you a complex task to perform. Do you know what it means when a person is not ready? This is what I imply: imagine it is winter-time and I send you to an excursion, but you have no shoes; can I send you barefoot? Imagine I send you to a place in the mountains with glaciers, while you do not have the required equipment – you need to prepare. You will say, “Everything can be done with God”; God can do everything, but we cannot. So now you will think it over. I want you to gather energy at least from Chamkoria, more Light for your mind, to strengthen your heart. Perhaps I would assign this task to you under more favourable conditions, but everyone should be ready, because I will give to you a more complex task – as is required. Now that I say so, you may wonder what this task might be. You will get to know, certain things are kept back. Now when you start, first you will act, and then you will think – do not be scared. For example I tell you: “In an hour’s walk from here, at about 10 kilometres there is a place, you will walk on one of the sides, you will stop there and shall not move.” You won’t ask me why – go there and you will get to know why. You will walk ten kilometres from here; you will find a sack with weight of 10 kilograms, you will not untie it, you will take it and will bring it back to me. I will then tell you, “You will take this sack and you will open it, there is a measure of wheat, you will put oxen to the yoke and you will sow it.” You won’t ask why – next year you will get to know whether the task was right. Let me explain the idea: you will go a ten kilometre distance from here, there are ten kilograms of wheat in a sack there; you won’t untie the sack, because you will waste time, you will not be curious and I will not tell you anything, so as not to waste time; you will harness oxen – next year, when the wheat grows, you will reap it and you will then reason. This is what the esoteric student should be like. Well you may now ask, “I must know what there is in the sack.” – You may know – I can tell you this, “You will go to a place ten kilometres away, there is one sack of wheat there, you will bring it here, will harness oxen and will go to the fields etc.” – I can tell you all this but do you know what the results will be? You will not get there on time; you will be late. We are already late; we have missed the most favourable circumstances, because I was explaining all this to you, an hour had passed. This one hour wasted the best circumstances under which this seed can live. Therefore in the Divine world there is no waste at all – no sooner said than done! You will then acquire punctuality; all of you have to learn this punctuality. And you will try my thought whether it is right or wrong. The day before yesterday, at Moussala peak I tested your hesitation: we reached a place where we stopped – not possible to go ahead, as it was dangerous; if you had decided to go across the ice, then everybody would have fallen into the lake. You now say, “There are a lot of obstacles along this road (as the road was covered in frozen snow), what shall we do?” We could have cut a road through, we should have taken hoes with us, but it would have taken us a whole day until we cut a road through – this, however, we did not foresee. You thought there were no obstacles on the way to Moussala. There is no way back – then you say, “Upwards!” – You manifested courage. – “No one shall pass through the snow!” Then you started crawling up the hill, not even thinking of stones falling on you. You have to be very careful, as there are many obstacles in our development. While I was climbing a big stone passed me by – four fingers thick – such a stone can break bones. So while climbing up the hill, you have to be careful not to touch a single stone, you should not aim only at climbing up. What is the law concerning this? – Do not be in a hurry, I do not demand of you to hurry. If you reach a certain place, sit down – try it, place your foot on this place and find out whether it is strong. By touching the stone with your foot you will receive certain energies, will concentrate within yourself. This is a task: to climb up to the top and to try the whole road, to get to know what dangers there are – such should be the tasks, this is the only way to carry you up there. In a certain respect all of you were very brave, not cowards. Courage is a good feature – indication that you can do the job. But it takes someone else behind your backs – I should have been the last one in the line and had I remained last everybody would have climbed up. Then, you did not follow my instructions – I said, “Absolutely no one should pass through the snow”, while some of you did and this might have cost them their lives. Had I told you, “Go through the snow”, it’s my responsibility. Some other time I shall take you to Moussala and shall tell you, “Up you go through the snow” – then it is my responsibility; then everybody has to carry a hoe – will dig a step and will pass. But if I say, “You may not pass though the snow”, then you may not. Someone says, “We may.” No, now is not the right time – we shall walk along the path that is predetermined; this is a rule. In Esoteric science a task that is not accomplished properly has risks – this is absolutely so. While the results are always correct, i.e. everything will be going well; will be supportive. I want you to see what laws operate during these excursions, to see that this Divine mind; these elevated Beings take part in all of our deeds and acts. And these two, the brother and the sister, who slipped down, were saved along a direct line, not along a curved line. Had they not stopped slipping, they would have fallen into the lake. We shall now walk in a living faith – I am not preaching to you an ordinary faith. This faith is extraordinary and our deeds shall also be extraordinary. And so shall Love – everything within us will be extraordinary, this we have to be sure of. Translation: Maia Mitcheva 1 Chamkoria literally translates Pine-Woods; At present, the name of this famous resort in the Rila mountains is Borovets. 2 Moussala: 2925 m altitude, summit on the Balkans in the Rila Mountains Source
  20. Note 3 The Bear Trap The eighteenth lecture of the Teacher, held to the Common occult class on 29th June 1922, Thursday, Sofia Secret Prayer The works on the topic were read “The profit of mountain tops”. The rest will be read in the other Thursdays' meetings. Next Thursday do you have a topic? – No. For the next time, write something about the history of the wheat grain. When did it appear on Earth? Write only about the wheat grain – when did it appear and under which conditions, does it exist in a wild state or not. You have to think little if it exists in a wild state. (– It does not.) Why does not? You will write conceptually, will not spread to talk about minor matters, only with notions – all, that you say will be told conceptually, figuratively, but later on the details. Learn to speak loftily. The occult pupil must speak: “I am hungry”, but not: “I am too hungry, very hungry.” – “I am hungry, thirsty, feel like walking”, but that: “I feel very much like walking, I will feel very well...” – this is for the people, who have time, who spend plenty of time. Later, when a theme is given to you, from an occult point of view, you will describe the most distinct feature. For example which is the distinct feature of bread, which is the distinct feature of water, which is the distinct feature of light, which is the distinct feature of Love, which is the distinct feature of Wisdom? You can say many things, but the distinct feature is only that, which shows first of all, which projects – it is distinct. The distinct feature is the first, which appears first. If I ask which was the distinct feature of the world? – When God says: “To be the Earth and Sky.” What does God say? – It created Light, that means the visible world – the distinct feature of the visible world, this is Light. Therefore which is the distinct feature of Light? – it reveals the world; which is the distinct feature of darkness? – it hides the world. This is distinct, and light does this, does that, these are minor matters – the distinct must stand out. Later, what does Love, which is the distinct feature of Love? You say something, anything, many things. Which is the distinct feature? You can say many things, but do not hurry to evince, because I will say one thing and you will consider yourselves insulted, think. Which is the distinct feature of the Spirit? Now, may we say that God, who contains everything inside, can be a victim? Can the eternal and the endless become a victim, for whom he shall sacrifice? Because, as you say sacrifice, you have to understand which the distinct feature of the victim is? This is a philosophical question. We say, that God has sacrificed, but which is the distinct feature of sacrifice? The distinct feature of the Eternal is, that He does not want to scrunch the most miserable – God wants to give this Life even to the most miserable, the one He has. And God stops even in front of the smallest bug to make a way to pass by – this is a sacrifice for Him. He stops the whole movement, in order for a bug to pass by, is that not а sacrifice? This is an effort. Therefore, some time God stops his Car for us and if he did not stop his car, what would we leave? – We would fail, but He often stops the whole movement. And often the conflicts, the misfortunes in the world result from what God has stopped His wagon, so that a bug can pass and you feel concussion. I say: God stopped His wagon – this is the sublimity of God. And tomorrow because if you it stops, the law is the same – tomorrow is ahead of you and He will stop His wagon for you to pass, this is a great thing. These are cogitations of your brain, so you have to think. Now, what is the distinct feature of Love? You will say: “The distinct feature of Love is sacrifice.” But how you will understand the sacrifice, when you alone did not sacrifice? Only one can understand who has sacrificed; if you did not sacrifice, you do not understand sacrifice. Now, as we say sacrifice, we can understand the preparation for such a good lunch: fried chicken, so freshly butchered and fried on grill, reddened; after a good soup made of her legs; after that pasty, made of milk and eggs, with cheese; then, put in a bottle half a kilo of six-year-old wine. And if you, after you starved and waited for that chicken, then a friend of yours comes, who has starved for three days, you give up your meal, this is a sacrifice. And this will bring you delight, that you sacrifice the chicken and the pasty, and all – to be satisfied, as you see, that he is eating. This is what I call to a certain extent, according to your understanding – this, which is appointed to you to give it to somebody else. A necessity is the sound thought, i.e. the perfect thought. Now, these must be the cogitations of the occult pupil of the Live Nature, the simplest cogitations are the following. And if you, the contemporary, let’s say, teachers and pupils, go into a contemporary exemplary school, are not all things presumed as possible: the program, subjects, how many hours you will be studying, how many teachers there will be, which teachers which subjects will be teaching and every teacher will explain his subject – all is presumed. The pupil, as he enters, must learn, it does not look proper on behalf of him to criticize all those textbooks and to say: “This textbook is worthless, that is worthless.” And in one evangelic school the teacher teaches Bulgarian, a pupil stands up and says: “Mr., The Bulgarian language has so many grammars – of Iconomov is written so, of Ivan Stoyanov is written so, of Todor, of Petko the grammar...” The teacher says: “Listen, what Iconomov writes about the grammar I do not know, I want you to write about the grammar, which I teach in class, and as you go out of class, you can take whatever you want.” As we are in the school of Nature, you have to use its language, nothing more. One day, as we outgrow it, so that we can leave the school, then we can think, what we want. In this Live Nature all is forecast. Let’s say, I give you a certain object for mountaintops; which is the distinct feature of a mountaintop? When you sharpen a plume, why do you sharpen it? – in order to write better; why do you sharpen your pencil? – in order to write; why do you sharpen your knife? – in order to cut better. Which is the distinct feature of a knife? The mountaintop or valley, these are two conditions inside Nature – and in the valleys, and in the tops gather two contrary energies. The mountains form the spine of the Earth, they the backbone, therefore our Earth has come to the position of the backbone, that’s why mountains exist. Once upon a time it was a soft body, without mountains, i.e. it was a time, when it was without mountains, and it becomes spinal. And then the rivers compose its blood – arterial and venous blood, which runs and comes in through the spine and so on. Now you may say insignificantly, that the mountains have gathered a huge energy that the spirits have come together – all these things are true. Through the backbone are there a lot of nerves, which pass, many knots, which is true; many cells become bent in the hollow of the head, millions of cells are gathered, but this hollow is made for whom? – for music is made. Now, of course, those, who have created the mountains, had one aim in the history of the Earth, if we say geological to describe it, the mountains are not created because the temporary geologists try – on all tops there is something distinct, but they are not created so. Now, the first thought will be established. It is not our question to discuss all secrets of Nature, but each task, which is appointed in the great school of Nature, we must riddle half of the tasks, which are given to us, we must riddle. When you get up in the morning, the first question is not what you shall eat or what you shall drink. Therefore says Jesus: “Who thinks so?” – Only the pupils. And the pupils, who know the Nature and who know God, will not think about eating. The good son and the good daughter, when they get up every morning, they will go to their mother, they will kiss her and the mother will kiss them – this is the purpose – they go to school, because they are pupils, and they will kiss them. After that the father and mother will order them to go to school, but they will eat before the lesson. And now you, when you get up in the morning, right away you decide one important question – what you will do during the day. You do not go to your father; you do not go to your mother, you do not know Nature and, what’s more, you want to be pupils. You must know Nature. If you have a certain opinion, when you get up, to whom you must go? And when you get up in the morning, when you turn to God, you must know whether He is up – you do not know where He is. You have to find Him in You! If you do not find Him in the people, if you do not find Him in Nature, you doubt; don’t you know what comes from this doubt? Imagine you and I are in two near posts, we are connected by telephones, telegraphs and other means for communication, but imagine, that the messages of the telegraphs and telephones are broken off and we shall be isolated – and then we exist without announcing. If you send to your brain one criminal thought (let’s say, some evening we go to bed, a criminal thought has come, but you did not perceive it), as you get up in the morning, you will be disposed, all messages with Nature, with God will be broken off. Maybe you are indisposed, and somebody with his bad influences has corrupted you – it will be strange, if one great spring is muddled by some other small spring. If you are a very shallow spring and somebody can influence you by his thoughts, to change the pace of your life, to make you restless, you are shallow. But it is true, that inside your life you have allowed one thought, which in a certain moment has stopped all the messages. When they come from the Invisible world to help (because even the Nature has its own servants), an hour or two will go by, maybe one-two days, until they put the message for order – and you will have one pleasant disposition of the soul. So in everybody that exam must be determined– every time to know which is the cause of your state. You are in a certain state – you have to know that state, which you are in, in what category it falls: in the physical, or the spiritual or to the Godly state. I will give you now one categorization between the physical, spiritual and the Godly state. Now, if you are questioned which states are simply physical? – The physical states are the exact states, they are restricted states – meaning the restricted states which we have, are the physical. They are also transient – every time every physical state changes quickly, the physical states change very fast. Let’s say, you have one disposal, thinking that, you are very patient person; take one small needle and stick it in the gentlest place – it will produce one little pain and right away you will change, and will change your state. At that moment, if you have control over yourself, this needle must not produce anything, not to change your state. So these states are connected to the subjects on Earth, which constantly change. Let’s say, you have one brooch or one you have one precious stone; you get attached to it, but one day an other gets attached to your stone, steals it – your states changes. You’ve got a book, which you love, a great poet has written it, this is a precious book; somebody comes, steals it – stored in your brain – it cannot be taken away, you are stronger, but comes somebody, hits a strike there and bothers your calmness, but you cannot open the sheets. Therefore we have to reach that state, in which, as we see, that somebody will cast a strike on our head, to be able by our thought to stop that hit, instantly to paralyze his action. Somebody will say: “If it is the Will of God will we be able to stop somebody?” You may ask: “Is it fateful that somebody hits you on the head.” If you are stupid, yes, one can hit you, the stupid one is hit every day. The clever, when he is hit, becomes clever, and the stupid, when he is hit, becomes stupid. You will say: “A law of fate that somebody hits you in the head.” No, it is not a law of fate – this strike can come consciously or unconsciously. In Khazunlak region somewhere somebody made a trap for bears, but in the morning he goes and sees – there his donkey is trapped. Imagine now, that you are a traveller, passing and touching this trap and you become trapped; if you were not so curious and you were not interested in that bear trap, would you be trapped in? – No. Therefore in the Occult school every time they warn their pupils, that the Astral world is only full of traps, bear traps, looking like nice flowers, like nice juices, like nice things. And the Teacher says: “Down this somewhat road you should not go, somewhat trap, somewhat book, somewhat flower, you should not touch, anything more!” But we, the contemporary people, say, that everything we must travel over, we must try everything. If that pupil decides to examine all bear traps, he will say, that uselessly will test them, no value will obtain. Now these bear traps will also be form between you. I will say one day, now there is not, but I am preparing one talk for the bear traps, which are formed between us and you are fooling with every day. As you are fooling with them, come and ask me why that trap is laid – you, as pupils, did not walk your way, you will not ask me why, these are for bears. And twenty years I have to talk only about bear traps – why did somebody do this act, why did he do this fault. So good, I retail – I will tell you the cause why this fault happened, what use will you make of that? You tell me, that Dragan Stoyanov, a husband of somebody, bought her a silk dress, but a cow passed near her, she ran away and tore her dress in the wire. And you ask me: “To tear her dress, what portent does it have for her, is it good or bad, whether astrologically on time has this dress been made, whether the day has been chosen well or badly, or the quilt is in that trader, from whom is the cloth bought, which is the purpose?” It’s nice, imagine, that I explain, what will you use? The only thing is that this Turk was not careful, she has travelled with a gentleman, in rapture, the cow shoved her in the wire and tore her dress – this is an explanation. Now, the second explanation is that this female Turk was afraid of buffalos and therefore buffalos happened to get out, cows on the opposite and she starts to run, and as she jumps over the wire, tears her dress. The third situation: this female Turk carried her bag with money, but somebody needed money, chases her, she runs and tears her dress. These are a number of reasons; which of these reasons is the essential – which tore her dress? Now, you shall think. I do not want you now to think, that I give this for a comparison with your dress, no, the principle for explaining is not important. There are many things, which I do not have to explain to you. For you, the occult pupils, it is important to study the art to build excellently; to pull down, it is not an art. For example, if in twenty years’ time you have come to ask me in this way: “Teacher, I have decided to do a good deed, give me one best method - and I will do it”, and if you had been thinking so: “Teacher, I have decided to reconcile with all those who am in conflict with, give me the best method, I will do it without my eye to wink”, “Teacher, I have decided to sacrifice all my property for the poor, give me rules, I have decided that”, if in twenty years’ time you have asked me these things!... And now they will come to me, saying so: “Mr. Teacher, just imagine that sister there the previous day do you know what she did? – “She did not let me say a word during the meeting, not only that, but the other day, when she met me, she did not greet me, does this beseem a good Christian?” Now, do you think, that is an explanation – I have to sit as a lawyer and explain why she did not greet you. No, she did it on purpose, because she was in such rapture. – “How is that, she must not be in rapture!” We can say: she can be in rapture– “No, no, when she meets me, she must not be in rapture, in any other case she can be in rapture, but not me...” And well, I ask now: who has never been in rapture, once a man will be in rapture – these are bear traps, do you understand, these are bear traps! And I will once in the School make an attempt – I will make a bear trap, so that you can see how funny it is, how people are deluded. Decide now to make one of the best deeds – by all means at least ten bears will show up in your brain. You decide to do one good deed; you will first scrub, and say: “Let’s feed myself with pasty, and after that”, the second time will say: “I have some work, this or that”, and then say: “For today it is not possible, but tomorrow I will do it.” When you, as pupils, enter the Occult school, right away in your mind will spring a number of contradictory actions and you must understand these laws, in order to get rid of them, they will not change. And maybe the occult pupil is exposed some time a big temptation, to big contradictions is exposed – why and for what he will not explain, he is exposed – I only present the facts. But this exposing, if he does not use, is good. And therefore that day I told you, that when we are somewhere in the occult way, we will act and then think – the occult pupils must act, then think; out, in the world, they will think, then act – one of the two. Whatever good is it and to be a good thought and to come in your brain and then show up as very distinct feature, do it, without hesitating. If one morning, after you get up, in your brain comes a strong, good thought and shows up as a good feature, make it, do not stop in front of any philosophies, do not eat, do not drink, do it – if it is shown up, do it. And after you did it, do not go around shouting out in the neighbourhood. Make an attempt – they will think later, and when results come, then you will find out, after time you will know how to give it in. You have noticed in the morning, when you get up, what thought you have first? Do now a kind of investigation: as you wake up your first sleep, notice what thought is in your mind – whatever thought it is, write it down in your book. This – for a week, for seven days what thoughts you have. As you wake up from your first sleep, write it down – you will be strict; the first thought may be pleasant, maybe also unpleasant – you will note the fact, as it is. Because, as you wake up, you may be thinking of a fried chicken, even though you are vegetarian, or you can think, that you have twenty thousand leva, and in your mind can be such a thought: “So long time I walk on this Godly road, I gained nothing, as I walk on the wide road” – I will note the thought correctly. For seven days, if only good thoughts come up, it is pleasant, a pleasant occurrence is also the field, through which you go is excellent. Now, you expect, saying: “God will enlighten us”, (will he/ won’t he!!!)? But if God looks from the left side, you will use a method; if you look on the right, he will use another method. As he sees you on the left, he will put you on the right, he will put you in front and then he will talk. If you do not come from the left to the right and then in front, never will God talk to you. And I will give to the mothers one rule (I will not explain the occult law): but in the first place take the child, put it on the left, then on the right, embrace it; then take it in front and then kiss him – the kiss is already Godly – as you kiss him, you will begin to talk. Now, you will ask your philosophy again: “Isn’t it possible that I place myself on the left and on the right?” Make an effort, because these are microscopic efforts. Why as a result of this effort – from the left or the right – we will produce another effort. Now begin with the children: you have a daughter, 5-10 years of age; place her on the left, on the right and as decide to put it on the left, the child might say: “Why mother?” and to listen; if it does not listen, do not disturb it. The fathers to do the same with his boy – of course those, who have children. And those who do not (to them might be left behind wish), will find some poor orphan, a little orphan, who you will love – you might find it somewhere, will go in some poor house and you will place it on the left, on the right. For a week make this effort – go into a poor family, which you like, and there make your attempt, this will certainly come. Now you will see an other objection: “What will the people say about me?” If you think what will the people say about you, do not go. The experience, which I give to you, go, do it and nothing else – do it, even though the world can turn upside down! These children, with which you will make the attempt, will thank you – they did not have a sweet kiss, nobody loved them and they will wonder how, where from did such a good man kiss that orphan. If you are being philosophical, you are free, I give you full Freedom – let only those do it, who can by the law of Love and Wisdom do it; who can’t, should not be seduced, because they are going in unnecessary trouble. How do you think, when God sends a great Angel to a sinful soul to comfort it, what must he do? And the angels have an occult school, to help such sinners. Do you know what is the situation? Some saint is sent to deal with some wrongful sinner; if that was you, you hairs would stand upright, and say: “How can be that in that place that I am defiled!” and without any hesitation – said-done. Don’t you know what is the law – as it this Spirit touches you, right away the sins will be taken, burned in that Godly fire. And if you believe, this fire will surrender. Now you, the occult pupils, are not expected to become saints. We will pray, will make efforts, to see how much you can carry out the law. For example generosity is preached; it must be helped, but you do not know how generous you are. Let’s say, that you are one official or trader, and you have an income of one hundred thousand leva per year; you get up, want to show how generous you are, say: “I give ten thousand leva”, but when you go to the safe, stop a while: “Is that not too much?” you will say: “Five thousand leva”, then you will say: “No, these people do not need even five thousand leva, let it be two thousand and five hundred, but they do not need even it – so, a hundred leva” – and so you go down from ten to one hundred leva. Then do you think, that you will be an occult pupil? – No, in the Brotherhood, they know that you are but nothing – you are a tree for work. It is not right, once you said to you “ten thousand leva”, to go down to ten pieces, do not go back on your word – said, done. Do not hurry, but once said, you should hold on to your word till the end – this is a distinct feature. And can every pupil act like this? It is not in the quantity, but this, which we promise, must always do – this is submission. Why this thought has come from somewhere, it has come from God – you have promised and after that you are hesitating if it is from God. Try it – as you try, as you know it whether it is from God, or not. Secret Prayer Source
  21. Note 5 The Influence of the Music Lection seventeen from the Teacher delivered at the common Occult class on the 22nd of June 1922, Thursday A secret prayer The works for music have been written. Now, if they ask you which world touches music or which world descends from music, what are you going to answer? – From the Mental world, i.e. only an intelligent man may sing. Therefore, music and human intelligence go together. Because the right thought, is music. Now I shall give you one little musical attempt. Of course those of you who don’t know how to sing have to make an effort. Firstly learn the scale, the seven tones and from them – learn the natural tone which the scale starts from. You may take the natural tone of the organ or the piano. Some pianos starts from higher or lower with a half tone. Learn the tones of the scale without rising or lowering, naturally, everybody here learns C, D, E…C, B – forward and backward. When you have a good frame of mind, sing the tones. Afterwards, after your frame of mind changes, sing them again and notice what the difference is. For example, if you are angry, sing C, D…C, B and backwards and see what resistances you will meet. Observe psychically, make a difference in the singing: sometimes you have an inharmonious temper – see in which tones what disharmony comes; sometimes you may have some inner fear – sing the scale again forwards and backwards, note the tones you don’t sing properly. You will make psychical observations. Make these attempts and psychically you will differentiate how far you are far from perfect. For example, some musicians, I have heard, take higher D, cannot sing it correctly. Why? – Because they are extraordinarily active. At some point they don’t sing B correctly, somewhere they don’t sing C correctly. To sing means that you must always make the tones correctly. After you change it in whatever relation, you are not a musician any more, you do not keep the rules. Therefore, a musician is only this, the one who in all conditions keeps the natural relations – I see the sensible natural relations that exist between the tones. For example now, when you quarrel, and the quarrel is music, somewhere the emphasis in some tone is higher. In speech there is rising and lowering, isn’t there? If we translate anger into a musical language then when somebody gets cross, he sings forte; when somebody wants to gloss himself, he sings very softly, sings pianissimo. But you will see that in all of you the tones are weakly included. In the past, you didn’t learn music and now you have to make a very big effort. And your failure in life is due to a lack of music. The criminality in people is due to the fact that there is no music. For example, people – killers do not have any music. Therefore, the music is one stimulus – after you start to sing, the blood starts to flow into the front part of the head, the brain attracts the blood to the front part, and so it develops correctly. And the first thing in the Black lodge is that it always says, “You are old, you do not need singing, God may do and without your singing, you are indisposed today, do not sing!” And you start to become coarse, to become coarse till you lose this feeling, and the blood goes down in the lower centre of the brain and everything in you begins to pine. Afterwards in some people there is a shame – they love music but don’t sing since the others will laugh at them. There is no shame in this because there are no singers. I have heard only one singer sing nicely, to control her voice so much – one Turkish woman, I listened to her twenty years before. I have heard two or three singers who sing nicely – where the soul takes part, not only to quaver the voice, but also to make an effort. Music is one natural art. When you sit, you start to think how you will sing. No, you have to sing without thinking; if you start to think how you will sing, you will not sing. When a man starts to think how to pay his debts, he does not have money in his box, and when the case is full, he doesn’t think, but pays; and whoever comes along says, “How much do I have to pay you, here you are.” Why? – His box is full. All of us are people that think a lot – we think about religion a lot, about the virtues we think a lot. Why do we think? – Because the boxes are empty. Now the disciples of the Occult School do not know music. After the box is empty, you will think but you will know that without music you can’t be disciples of the School that you have to know. One condition: without music, you can’t be disciples of the School, so good disciples. And the first exam we will give is on music and there you may degenerate. The first exam in the School is music – they will give you one part to sing, one very easy song will be given to you to sing. So, you understand already, music and thought go hand in hand. And after that we can use the music as an educational resource. Watch different people and see what kind of songs they like. When somebody is indisposed, sing him the song which he likes and he will have a good frame of mind. Every man has a favourite song. The religious people in the Orthodox Church and in the Evangelical Church also have a favourite song. Now first, the observation, which you have to make, is in controlling the scale. Do this exercise for two weeks one by one – every day, morning and the evening before you lie down. In the morning sing the scale three times – make observations, not just singing. You want to study occult sciences, have great ideas to grasp the powers of Nature but if you can’t grasp the difference, the soft vibrations between two music tones, how will you grasp those great powers with higher tones? And now I don’t want to encourage you but when you study the occult music and you start singing, all the grit will start to group in one place and create stones – there are occult songs with which only when you sing to a stone, for ten minutes from above it will start to split; there is an occult music which if you sing you can stop the stream of a river; there is occult music that if you sing near by some dried up spring, the water will flow. And if sometime you dry up and begin to look like dried up springs, it is because you don’t sing. You say, “God does not love me” – your spring dries up. Start to sing and your spring will start running immediately. You will say, “Now I am sad, when I get into a good frame of mind then I will sing.” There is no reason to sing then, you will sing now! Afterwards, if a boil breaks out in some of you, I shall give you one musical attempt to cure it: if somebody has a boil sing the scale three times in the morning, in the evening – again three times and if you sing correctly, this boil will pass. And why can't some illnesses be under treatment? You lose the music. A man who is afraid and who can’t sing dies. You have an inflammation, forty degrees temperature, sing some (some, any, 1) song and the temperature will fall immediately by (few, 3-4 degrees lower) several degrees. But the doctors will say, “He is ill, to keep silent, no singing, only to feel his breath.” You have a bad frame of mind, an unpleasant state – sing! Sing to this state one song, sing a second one, third, till you sing the proper song. The practical educational influence of music – it does interest us. We don’t have an interest in things that stand in our way, but what can produce the music in us, it interests us. Now, in connection with the music, I shall define two ways of Life. The ascending, the correct way of Life is a way that contains in itself all the ascending powers: there is form, content, and sense in it - it is called the correct way. The descending way is a way that contains all the descending forms, content, and sense of the descending life; it is called the Left way. So, with Way you will understand all the possibilities which Life demands in a given moment – it is called Way. Now, music is one of the resources of the Correct way, of the ascending way, one of the great resources of the ascending correct way in Life. Therefore, every single life has to start with music. Now when you sing you will not do it as pupils C, D, E, F, G…- it is not singing. You will stop yourself and when you say C, will forget that you are in the World – when you say C you will think that you start Life, and start to live. And when you say D you will think that this Life in which you live will start to form it, will start to collect materials for it. When you come to E you will understand that you distribute this material. F helps to understand for what the received inside combination could be used in Life. G, it is a construction – starting of the construction, A is plaster, and B is finishing of windows and doors. Then you will finish – you will do not only mechanical windows but will know that one window is one opening, a place that the Light may come from. The door is a place from which a man may come – a way for movement of the soul. When we talk about windows and doors we see that the window is a place where the Light may penetrate, and the door is a place through which the soul may come in. These are only a few occult signs in music; I shall speak about this another time. Now sing C. You take Ci-i, is there music in this Ci-i-i? The soul still doesn’t take part in this singing. In these vibrations, not only do you have to take part, but you also have to control your respiratory system, because here you have one more of the important centres – the larynx. Through the brain you will develop the larynx. The correct speech in the world depends on music – if music is correctly developed, then speech will develop correctly. Therefore, you will concentrate all your energy in the lungs – between the sympathetic nervous system and the larynx; between these two centres, the wheel of the brain begins to turn. Of course, there is that shame in you – if I invite somebody to get up and sing now, all of you will start to laugh. For example, you will not watch how he sings but will giggle, and laugh because he doesn’t sing the tones correctly. And with that you kill his desire to sing. Well, let’s all now take the first tone C. (Everybody sing: C, C, C). Let’s now come to D. C, D, D – louder! (Everybody sing). You don’t do it correctly, this D is not clear, something let you be far from perfect, this shows that the energies are not distributed correctly. But C is clear, it is good. (Everybody sang the whole scale.) Sometimes I shall occupy you – we will take some occult exercise on music. Then we will make one difference: we will sing one usual song normally, and afterwards we will sing the same song with the rules of the occult music to see what effect it can produce. Now the rest of the things you will read the next time. Do you have another theme? (- No) “The use of the mountain tops” – what use does climbing up bring? Afterwards what other use do they have? – They retain the snow attract the dampness and the wind. Now, you notice all these objects, do not think that they are given arbitrarily. All the themes you will write in one special notebook and will think them over. For the music in fact you will think from now further. As many themes as you have written, you will stop over them and will look at them again because in the future we will start to combine – for example, I shall want to combine the relations which exist between music and the mountain tops. Of course, these are complex exercises, we will pass onto them later. After one year, we will come to the complex exercises. You will be careful to put one strong base now, because if you don’t put this strong base you can’t build upon it. Because in the Occult school we have aimed first to develop the centres of Faith, Hope, Love, to develop the musical feelings, to develop the imagination, to develop the mathematical abilities, the judicious abilities, the creative mind, to develop amicability, to regulate human ambition, human pride, afterwards to put to work the executive possibilities of the man in work, to develop speech, to put it in a correct way, afterwards to create the correct forms for Life. These are tasks which have to be worked upon. And after these centres are developed, then we will connect them. Every single centre is connected with some trend and then it can manipulate. So it is imminent to do exercises, exercises. Let’s say that you have one hard task: you are a pupil or a student and you failed the exam, and you haven’t the resources to learn in the next year – your benefactor doesn’t support you any more. Three thoughts may pass through your mind: to kill yourself, to interrupt your life. What should this student do? – He will sing, he will start to sing the scale from below upward and from above downward, he will say, “Life is one ascending scale.” Start from lower C and go to the other, to upper C. – “They have failed me.” – you will go down in the scale, i.e. the failing will think as a coming back on the way back. When they fail somebody, they will say, “Sing the scale backward C, B, A...” Who doesn’t understand music will say, “I have failed.” But whoever understands the music will say, “I sing the scale on the way back.” – And then he will rise again to upper C. And when he acquires the tones, he safely passes the exam. But when they fail him too, he will sing the scale correctly backward – it is the same thing. For example, now you cannot convince yourself that if they fail you on the exam it is better than to pass. Many times miserable pupils don’t learn throughout the year, but it happens that he is examined on the easiest object, he has five and passes, but it is so much better to fail him, and let him repeat learning the material thoroughly – then for the next class he will be ready. Now in the Occult school you can’t pass just like that. The material is connected in a way that you can’t pass by skipping material. The disciple has to learn everything and to do it nicely. No matter what kind of tricks you will use, there is no way you can pass, it is one necessity. So, all the things you have to learn well. And the sufferings in life are nothing but failing - constantly failing us. Sometimes you think that you are virtuous but suffering fails you on the Virtue. You say, “I was good until yesterday.” But you still haven’t learn the art of being good – it is an art to know how to be good. In occultism, we understand “good man” as one who knows how to use some Divine powers correctly in the forms that are predetermined to them. This means a good man: to every Divine power to give the respective form, which is definite for it. Because if in different states, in different tempers, and in different ages, you know what the form is that corresponds to this power and you may give in to it with no mistake, then you will be a good man. It’s like that. Therefore, you will learn with which power, in which case which form corresponds. Because in the Occult meaning, only in this way will you obtain Light. Now you discourage yourselves, every day you become good and bad and hard work is imminent to you – mainly to those of you who want to learn. Afterwards, you will keep another rule: the great occult science always put itself in a way that a man has to start to work with the weaker powers in the world, they are the most productive. You will start with the most weak power that you have. And even in the practical relation you see the same: when a man starts with big steps immediately after he leaves his home, he can’t finish any kind of job – as he goes further he reduces, reduces, and in the middle of the way he tires and stops; but if some man goes out and if he suspects and if he starts very slowly, very slowly and gradually increases, this man will finish the work. And now in religious relation the science consists of the same: the one who goes out in the street and says, “I shall do this and that,” he will do nothing. No stop yourself and say, “This that the teacher gave me, I shall learn it; for the other way I don’t know, but today this little step, I’ll do it.” He doesn’t think about the future. Somebody, when he comes into the school, does think about how he will end the second, the third class etc., what diploma he will take, how they will meet him with flowers, adornments – all this fills his mind, but this pupil is going to do nothing. Now some of you, as occult disciples think in this way, “Now when we finish here, we will do this and we will do that.” No, whatever you are going to do, don’t think about it as only coming to an end, don’t waste your powers. When you have free time, you may dream on different objects but in the School – no other objects for sure. Out of the Schools there is dreaming. The Occult brothers, when they want to dream, from the Invisible world, they go down to hell to see all the dreams – because hell is full of great dreams. If somebody wants to see the greatest dreams, the greatest plans, he has to go down to hell – what dreams, plans, and projects there are there! The most learned philosophers write to the priests, to prophets, to teachers, to mothers, to fathers – all the plans are collected there. And when some man wants to become very great, God sends him down to see the great plans. And because of that in the Occult school firstly they learn the little works and after that step up to learn the great works. There you will start with the little powers that you have in you, with the smallest impulses – do not start with the strongest impulse of the soul. Some preach to begin with the strongest energy but in the occultism we start with the smallest, with the weakest inner convictions. If you can give life to the smallest inner conviction, you will have power to do great works. With money if you may do something, it’s good – but if your father leaves you a hundred thousand leva; but if your father leaves one penny and if with this penny you do something, you are a man, but if you do something with one stotinka… Mind is required, it’s required heart, and required will! Because of that with the weaker powers you have, you will start with them. And the world starts with the weaker things. A secret prayer Source
  22. Note 2 Thoughts and Deeds Sixteenth Talk of the Teacher given before the General occult class on 15th June 1922, Sofia Next time you’ll write about the influence of music in Life. Because the class is general you are not equally prepared to grasp the subject in the same manner, you have a different understanding. Those, who are not so familiar as the other students, consider themselves equal to that who know and thus is born a little disharmony. Those, who have not grown, have to learn. This is not the place for amusement, no, you will think. Here you have to devote yourself to learning, here a serious thought is required. When we say a serious thought, there should be no fear, do not fear. At least fifty minutes a day the student must stop for a while and think. You have to think about different matters: sometimes you are in pain – think about why you are suffering, you have a troubled life – think why you have encountered such trouble, which are the reasons and how can you objectively find a solution to them and not to say: “ I’m unhappy, such is the society. God has made me in such a way!” This is not a philosophy, this is a solution to the problem. This is a bird’s philosophy, they solve their matters in that way – when the bird is chased by a falcon, it stops by a tree and says: “Here is the salvation.” Or when a big mouse sees a man, hides itself in the hole. I’ll give you an example: in the working field of a Turkish man many mice bred and they said to him: “Hello, Hassan, your field is ravaged by rats!” – “Is that so?” – he went there, put cartridges in the gun, aimed at them as to settle the thing but the moment he raised his gun, all the mice rose at their back feet before him – some thousand rats. – “Well, this means you count me as your master.”- The Turkish man said. “I’ll spare you.” (The Turkish word “harizvam”- “to spare someone’s life”), he lowered his gun and they went backwards. Hassan knew the reason for this, that they consider him their master, however these mice want to know what the man’s intentions are. But Hassan thinks: “I admit my mistake so accept my apology.” Now, when you join the Occult school, you expect to act more humanely, to prepare yourself for an occult student. Yes, you do, but reasoning is needed, the occult students need quick wit. You don’t have to misinterpret some facts, each fact should have its own weight to our life, neither bigger nor smaller – Nature has given it its value. If you don’t learn to reason in that way, are you aware that sometimes you give yourself more weight than you deserve, and sometimes you give yourself less weight than you are worthy of – both are excesses. So my point is that a certain disharmony is bred, which harms the ears of wheat, hampers the thought of the Teacher. Because the students can also trip up their Teacher, at least they can turn him away from the mainstream. And when the stream is driven away, their gardens will be left unwatered, nothing more, nothing less. Now I want to introduce you the most basic things in Nature and show you their inner sense, the foundation. On this elementary basis the further knowledge you will receive will be laid. This is because there many occultists that have lifted themselves high up, there are adepts, who have climbed to the Third vaunt of heaven and they have fallen down head over heels. Those who have passed in the occult, they will be let in but they will be returned back from above, they will be given a good lesson – on the sacred road of Holy school one can not pass without knowledge. One should know- he needs knowledge so he can work. When I say should know, this means that you can always check your knowledge, to prove it, as one student understands his or her knowledge – they give him a task and he starts solving it, he knows the rules, he can work. Now, don’t mix the occult truths with religious. Religion is also one method for educating people but it is an inner method. Church is one seedbed, and the Occult school, this is a school for more developed souls. Some of them have elevated minds, their consciousness has woken so that they can understand the basic laws, which work in their organism, which operate in the society and manage the human evolution. Now, you have to bear something else in mind: you can’t set up yourself a home, to be happy unless you grasp the occult laws, you can’t love your friends until you have understood these laws. And that’s why people will marry and divorce, will become friends and stop being friends, will reconcile themselves and again quarrel, and nations will make wars until they understand those occult laws, which Nature has laid in the foundation of contemporary society. But people have to subject themselves to this society – if they don’t follow these laws, Nature allows all the extremes, which now exist: illnesses are born, which wash way health and knowledge, which people have. Often some small illnesses weaken memory, darken mind, sometimes earthquakes, a hurricane, storm. The reason for the earthquake is us, people – people’s thoughts can be the cause of an earthquakes. Yes, they can and Bulgarian people are not far from this conclusion: when in some Bulgarian village there are crimes committed draught and hail will destroy the crop. (The Bulgarian word for wasted crop is “gradobitina”, a word, received by blending of “grad”, which is the Bulgarian word for hail, and “bitina” a noun, which comes from the verb “biya”-, meaning “beat”, “heat”). Gradually, step by step, after these transgressions have stopped, rain comes again, and the “gradobitina” ceases. Now in Nature we are all connected and we are so sensitive to this connection that we can make a great good or a great evil. That’s why God has limited us, God has not given us great power. Sometimes you wish to have power – in the preset conditions, had god given you power, you would have hanged all human beings in the world and when enraged you would have chopped off the head of someone without really meaning it and then regret it. Now, occult science requires moral stability, not common morality. Absolute good will is required from the student: he or she should never misuse what he has been given. Because when you misuse it, those, who execute control, there are Beings that control, God will not hesitate to send them to execute their control and they will punish you – because there are laws in Cosmos, which are applied everywhere, everything is being monitored. They will punish you and then God will pardon you. Mistakes are forgiven but mistakes are not excused, mistakes in the class must be corrected. Now we won’t elaborate on what and why. Our wish is that the mistakes, which we witness in the class are to be corrected and the reasons why and what for, do not apply to us. We are interested that mistakes be corrected and if they are, then we can guess why. Some expect to obtain more knowledge. At the stage you are now, it is useless to give you lectures, had the best lectures been given to you, you can’t learn because here inner quickness of mind is sought of those subtle psychic forces that are at work. For instance, contemporary occults speak of will, that one should have will. A person can have will, for instance he and she can clench his or her fist, knit his or her brows – this is manifestation of one’s will too. However the one, whose will is strengthened, can seem quiet and calm but he can send a thought so powerful in its intensity and yet so quiet that it can produce a small illness but when this thought reaches its uttermost bounds, it will make such an upheaval, which the world has not yet seen. That now evil people sometimes send stronger and more powerful in their intensity thoughts and good people say: ”God will arrange all this.” We have to say: “The world goes according to God’s order and we should not disrupt it, my life has been arranged by God a long time ago and it will stay so lest I violate its order; God arranged my life long time ago.” Brain is subordinated to mind, stomach - to digestion, the lungs – exhaling system, heart is subordinated to circulation. It is well enough if I don't disturb my heart, brain, stomach, foot; all these little cells where Life functions. They know their work quite well. But one day, you drink too much, disturb your cells – and God gives you a lesson. -”Our life has been planned” - this thought must gradually be shaped in our mind. And first thing is: we don't have to misshape Life. When I say: ”World has been designed”, what is the meaning of all this? Let's imagine that you have a son, five years old, you have opened him an account of one hundred thousand leva, this child has been provided for, isn't that so? But this money is not at his or her disposal, his father has written that it has to be given to him or her when they come of age at 21 years, till then this child has to be taught how to manage this capital. When I say you are provided for, I don't mean that you have the right to do whatever you want, to have the capital at your disposal, no, the capital has been invested and you have to learn that when this capital comes in your possession to make results, you should know how much of it to invest, otherwise you will waste the money and you won't realise the meaning of Life and why you have come here. Now, for instance, did you know what was your program as students today? Today you had one important program. When you woke up today how many of you uttered a prayer to his Father to tell him: ”Father, I thank you for the conscience you gave me, I thank you for the opportunity you created for me to go to school, for the friends, for society and the social circle, for all these endeavours!” How many of you said this? Some of you first have washed yourselves, have said quickly the Lord's Prayer then had a bite, and went to work. But the work is profound – if I am a poet this is a profound work, if I am a philosopher, it is a profound work. They say: “ He is an excellent philosopher”, well when we philosophize, what are we to prove? - “I will give evidence for causes of the world's creation.” And do you know how we prove it to the scientists so often? By making ourselves a laughing stock. There is such an example that it is taken from Bulgarian life, I don't know how much of it is true but take it as an anecdote - the son of a family from a poor, desolate village where the houses are in fact huts without tiles and the holes are filled with faeces (Bulgarian word is “izverzhenie” - obscure form of the regularly used word “izptazhnenie”), by the will of circumstances goes to Europe and graduated in nature science. He then comes back to his village, sees a big “izverzhenie”, stuck on the wall and started proving his father by the work of what natural law the “izverzhenie” has gone up there, relates him philosophy. His father tells him: “Son, I've just seen your mother putting it there, for the forces I know nothing of.” So, my question is, if it wasn't for your mother, by the work of what force would the faeces go to the ceiling? Often we want to prove that the things in the world take place without any reasonable force, in some mechanical way. This is not the case. Now you are in the occult and say: “Why is there evil existing and why is there good?” I will put aside this question for further discussion. Why faeces are to be found? - “Izverzhenie”, this is one evil, all illnesses in the world are given birth in the faeces on the account of faeces being rotting substances. What is this “izverzhenie?” -”Izverzhenie” is one indication for existence of Life. Because some of these beings haven't studied the laws of nutrition, their faeces contain more poisonous substances. Take for instance these beings, fist the dog, which is canine and is therefore of the character to bite, take then the ox, compare their faces and by their content you will know the character of the animals. Bear by its faces shows that it is not that bad, take the goat, she is also not that bad, the sheep too. Then in the same way the sins of people are not the same – there are sins which are like the faces of the dog, sins as the faeces of the ox, as these of the sheep and so on but by a grade. And someone is asking why is there sin, how should we abolish sin? - Cease to eat and each sin will be abolished, all evil will disappear from the world. But then you say: “Can we live without eating?” - Then I will answer you – if it can't be without eating, it can either can't be without sin – this is philosophy. You, since you want to eat, will feed your hen, and eat it. This hen is a kind of brother – you will take her eggs and argue why. Because you want to live. Well then, do we, from the occult point of view, think that meat food is the only healthiest food? For science will find proof in the future but occultism has another statement on that matter. These substances which the meat of these breastfeeding contain, of hens and turkey, these essences can be found in Nature in ten or hundred times pure form. And if we were more reasonable creatures, we would have extracted these substances not from the meat of the animals but from its original source and would have been healthy but now we have need to send animals to gather this energy for us. And do you know how they gather it? It is restricted, because we are restricted too. I take this restriction not as one moment but restriction for one long-lasting culture which has began first too slowly (in the text is used the Russian word “medlenno”, familiar to Bulgarians) went unnoticed but gradually it has increased. And our mind our is so twisted that even the intelligent European citizens would find difficult to prove that this food is not healthy. He will prove you with regard to physics and chemistry that this is the right way to eat – he or she will prove you what are the results and what is the death rate according to statistics. What do many births and deaths show in the population? - These are two anomalies. When many people are born, this is an anomaly and when many people die this is an anomaly too. Some support this: “A family must have many children.” I am not against this but how many children must one family have i.e. how many Nature demands? How many does there have to be? - This is a disputable question. Taking into account the present conditions if we reason the question has to be asked in another way – What was in fact the preliminary plan when Nature created man? And another thing: how many boys and how many girls should be there? Now I see that in some families predominate boys only but with feminine character and in another family only girls but with masculine character. Do you consider this to be the natural state of things? When man dresses himself by a feminine model and the woman by a masculine, human 's life has turned upside down. Not only this situation we will find but also all men want to be teachers, masters. To be master means to be a man. And now consider this -all women want to be men. What is more - they say even this: that in each family one man is born blind. There is no man or a woman who wants to be blind, to be born blind. Then some say: “It isn't worth being a student, you should be a teacher.” I would discuss on this matter not factually, I want us to consider it as a thought -should we be manly or not? This is not important. Whenever you think righteously you are a man, when you live rightfully you are woman. When you think right, considering all laws of reasoning, from the occult point of view you are a man, a sensible man, I name you a sensible being. And when you live right, having in mind this thought, live up and sense the delight that you have refined yourself, you are woman – not woman but a virgin, you are a virgin. In the first case you are youth, not a man, in the second your are a virgin. When you become woman it depends on how you act, reasonably or not. There is some intertwining of things. Sometimes you notice that some clever people don’t lead a good life. Therefore I say: there is some discord, a disharmony between their mind and their life. And we say that these people are not clever. Don't say you think that clever is the man that can engross his people in war? - He or she is not clever. Does a writer who has written one book that has fascinated one generation and after hundred years people learn that they are on the wrong way? Do you consider an occultist clever if he or she for the sake of this science leads him or her in the wrong way? - No, one thought has to be in the soul of a student, he has to know the Truth. Now they ask, why do we need Light? I won't give you a definition but I say: Light is there to show us the way of Life, the road we have to follow. Sometimes you ask why you don't find compassion, to give you incentive to walk onward. Each wish, this is an incentive, therefore, make use it. This incentive can take many directions, you can take different detours. Light, it has its application but the aim of Life, the inward side of Light is to show us the Way. And do you know what the Way is? Nowadays, we, the contemporary people, under the term “way” understand only the distance which we can walk from one point to another: this is not way but one straight line. The Way, The Way of God, these are all possible methods and ways according to which a person can live sensibly in this world. This is the Way – all sensible methods and ways, included in the laws of God of Sensible life that we can apply to our life. And to you, the advanced students, I will present you the following: some of you have an undeveloped brain, you have to learn. We say this: a person should think and then act – this is one point of departure, don't you think in that way too? And there is something else: a person should first act and then think. To make out these two statements, to deduce them to their premises and to determine their proportions you must have a reasoning mind. How can you act before you think, how can you begin one task before thinking it over? You should say: “The rightful way is to think and then to act but to act and then to think, is stupid.” No, it is not so - if you do a job conscientiously first you have to think then to act, when you do a job by the rules of God, first you have to act, then to think. When you act, God will think for you – He thinks, you act – this is the way of God. He has given you his plan, you don't have to think that much – you will do the work that He has given to you, you want reason, He will determine. And when we want God to do instead of us, we have to have given thought about our life in advance and then God will do as we have anticipated and the way you think, so will God act. So you can try but God is very careful in this respect. If you are sincere, He will respond to you with the same. For instance you want to steal – He will create all the conditions for stealing and killing – He will give you all conditions to kill but then he will establish prisons, gallows, he will make all this. You want to help - He will create all the conditions because God will say so: “You conceived that thought, that's why I did it in such a way – you want it your way.” And when we act all comes good, God realizes. His thoughts are omniscient, His plans are clearly defined – there are no two plans in Him, there is only one plan and in this plan the only the Absolute Good in the world is inside. Now you can explain the norm one way or another but you will know that strictly defined: what you think that will be, what you do that will be. So if you do according to God that will be. But if you hold up to exact at one phenomenon of God your thought, you will experience the opposite result: Where God has determined you don't have to correct His plan. For instance He creates one form of a woman and you say: “Why should I be a woman?” When you say: “Why should I be a woman?” do you know what will become of you? - You will get the worst of man, the worst of children, you'll get the worst possible place for giving a birth and you will say “ I haven't enjoyed one sunny day in my life!” Why is that? Because you have said: “Why I have been born woman?” It doesn't depend on you whether you will be born man or a woman, this question is determined. It is not within your power to chose your parents, it is not, it is destined by the circumstances of your previous incarnations. You are not in state of chosing your father and mother but once you are born with a father and a mother, you are your own master, you can face your life alone. When you are released, when you become 21, when you become of age, you are in the state to change your life as you want. But will is needed, will to do it – it won't come to you without you giving a thought. Let's say that your father was a drunkard and you got disgusted by his drinking and you say at once without pondering: “I won't drink!” and that’s it! I met a Bulgarian young man fifteen years ago, at 21; his father was a drunkard and he since he had seen all the things his father had been doing at home, said:” I'll never take a sip of wine in my life!” He decides this and so he does not. He said: “ There is that much disgust in my soul - I hate wine that my father loves!” So this son avoids the vice of his father and after some time he will teach his father a good lesson. There is will in him. Now, you, the students from the occult school say: “God will fix the job, God is good.” We know that God is good, I am convinced one hundred and one percent that God is good, that God will set things in the right path and He has done that already but we have to learn, to learn. And in what is the foundation of this teaching? First, you can move your eyes at the normal level, right, can you move your nose in that way, do you know how to direct your chin, from an occult point of view, likewise? In occultism this is strictly defined, there is way how to hold your head, where to put your hands. Some speakers would put their hands first before them, then behind them, in their pockets, everywhere about. Where should we put our hands? You will say: ”This is irrelevant!” They are, my friends! Take electricity as an example – between these two poles, when electricity runs through them, there is contact and you will receive such a shock that you will shiver. But what if instead of poles, for some time you hold your hands together, what then? - It is not safe for you to hold your hands together always: there are times when you have to hold your hands free. And when you pray, you have to pray with hands folded, this is a not a good prayer, God will not accept this prayer. What the reason is for this, I will not elaborate on. People generally hold their hands turned upwards because in all other positions it will form a bad contact. And if you raise you hands up to the Invisible world, then you let some other contact in your left hand a reverse action will take place in the right hand: another contact should happen – two contradicting actions will occur in the Invisible world and you will experience a change. Now take for instance, when we love somebody and when we don't want to listen to somebody: when the father is angry with his son, he says to him: “Ivan!” and when he is pleased with him: ”Ivancho”; or the son says: “Father!”, not “Dad”; can a daughter or the son have another name: ”Petko” (Bulgarian for Peter), “Peter” and so on. Why does the child bow down? - This child bows down, blood flows to the rear part of his head, doubles the pressure in the brain and breeds negative energies - and because the noble energies come from the sympathetic nervous system, [sympathetic nervous system – sympathetic part of the vegetative (autonomous) nervous system in which the stomach (sun) string also called stomach brain is anatomically the biggest nervous string (editor's notes)] this person impedes these energies and says: “You are the father but I don't want to know about you.” And what will you do then? - You have to know the law. This water which flows has to be less, you have to put the flap so that lesser blood circulated in the brain of your boy Ivancho. Now, there are many called Ivancho among us, don't think I mean a concrete figure, no, I do not: Ivancho, Ivane, these I voice only to give you and explanation, don't think I have a real person in mind. Precisely this part of the blood has to be sent in another directions, to circulate it up and then down the forehead, in the upper part of the head, in different centres i.e. in places that are short of it. You have to know how to impose on ourselves. And in this relation you have to be prepared. We will come up to the science – to one science which we have to apply to its limits. So we will make small tests. In the present society, as it is here, in Bulgaria, a reaction originates: the newsreporters want to counteract, commence a reaction from one hand, the priesthood from the other hand makes hindrances with which they want to stop one movement and at least to discredit. We know all that is being done – I know why these people want this to happen- they want this because they want to deprive us of the energy won: they want this society to be devastated so that they can easily consume all and become heirs of this energy. But this will not take place: I have already said – not only will they rob us of five coins, but we will make them pay a huge fine, we will give them nothing. While I am in Bulgaria, there will be fertility, when I am gone, there will be desert here as in Palestine! And you, the students, when you leave so it will become. Such is in one law of God written: when a nation disregard all great laws of God which have been set for them, such a nation can not prosper. And you, as students from the Occult school will say: “ What should we do?” - You will be positive inside yourself. And we, when we come to stand for the God's Name, there is only one opinion for us – the Grand God's Law. And no nation will venture to transgress it. And there, when to the Slavs were sent those great ghosts, I don't speak of me (I don't include myself also), I have in mind this great law because God shows his will the Panslavism as to embody it in one work, in one mission for mankind) – this is a fact -those goods are given to him but there have to be reasonable people to make use of these conditions. They don't, Slavic peoples will be followed by others, third and fourth. Each nation as one individual does has to reasonably fulfil its mission. Now, they want to say in Bulgaria that this thing here is a sect, they want to convince you either. Why? You will become are apostates to the Bulgarian people. If you are not students in the School, you are apostates, not only to the Bulgarian people but apostates to mankind because you impede God's majestic energy which prepares the new way of the mankind. We do not speak in the dark, come and try, we say: ”Believe” but come and try, we don't want such misleadings. Well, you will be brave and resolute – we will spin the wheel and when we turn it round, all the newsreporters in Bulgaria will hit the ceiling and then we'll see what they will write in the future. I will make all these newsrepoters neurotic, sleepless, the worst illnesses will befall them, they could not eat sweets, do they know that one can not play tricks with God. They have to use their pen in favour of the Truth. I have nothing against a newspaper publishing the truth but when a news reporter writes lies, they will not be forgiven. A priest, a teacher, a mother or a father telling lies won't be forgiven. Now when you embark on, you don't have to build your life on the old foundations. We have to reform our lives. Now many people say: “What is our benefit for so many years?” Well, a person that has done work in the world, hasn't he won something? The one that has risen up each morning and worked on his field hasn't he won something? As for the one that has sent others to dig for him, it is not certain for him that he is going to win anything. Now, for so many years I have tried to give you a method to work as I do. I start from scratch too, I have also been present at excursions and other events. Though you are prone when you come to say: ”I can do without going there?” – You can't. “Can't we do it in another way?”- There is no other way. “Isn't there an easier way?”- This is the easier way: when you come out for a walk, this will do you good. Even when a person makes friends with the simplest people, this is one good – if you know how to act, you will learn many great things. Few days ago, at Vitosha came two oxen, they laid down and the one started to lick the other, to clean him, and the other exposed his flank to him so that the other can clean him well. I said to those that were there: “So excellent example is that!” One of oxen smoothed the skin of the other, the other moves afore so that he can be well cleaned. I say to those that were there: ”What an excellent example!” The ox cleaned him well, the front, the back, the sides, the other stands still, peacefully. What an excellent example is this, who from you is willing to clean his or her brother's face? You will say: “Go and wash yourself up there at the wash-basin” though it will not occur to any of you to say: “Let me give you a hand and pour the water for you.” You will say “Oh, come on, now!” This is a great moral. Think of it at one: ”Let me pour the water for you”- this is alertness, one good feature. Well, you will need experience, through these little deeds nobility is being cultivated as a feature in the human character. And sometimes I enjoy going for a walk with you. Why? - Because this walk teaches me, do you follow me, I make use of the small things, not the big, I gather material. Because there are things in Life which I will gather in a special way – as one bee must fly around thousand blossoms as to gather a little honey thus must a teacher and a student learn many things. Best things are won hard. Then I demand a little patience from you -and the result is: you are in a hurry. And then I recently made such a test that all became worried lest i go. No, I am testing your faith, God's can 't be torn apart, can you grasp this? That which comes from God can die but it will be resurrected ten times stronger than before. This is God - in Good. He can make you die but he can then resurrect you. When God comes to ruin a job of ours – he doesn't do that but He gives new energy to us to do this job. Therefore, whatever the conditions the student finds himself, he or she must know that in the God's plan there are exceptions. When Jesus was crucified, all students ran away. “It's over.” - all of them said, and all Peters, and all the rest ran away. For three days they all were in shivers and thought: “We thought that he would become a king and now He has been crucified and it is all over.” Do you know in what situation were his disciples until Jesus was resurrected – everyone thought: “What is going to happen now?” (This is not written in the history). But the Godlike are at work, inside in the soul, this man Jesus was resurrected not only in his tomb but in their hearts also and they saw Him and were filled with strength. In the occult science you will again see this new state in one living Truth which will bring this invisible Life into you. So now I' m telling you: don't fall in despair. Jesus has said to his disciples: “I must leave, it will be better for you that I go now”, then he says: ”Sadness filled your souls but I will see you again, you will rejoice in yourselves. I go only for a time but this means nothing in the course of fulfilling God's law.” When we come to fulfil the law of God, there is only one opinion in us and neither beforehand, nor late we'll do sufficient work but only on time. Now I want from you, as students of this school, not to fear. Now some of the students here are in deep thought: ”What will happen to us when our Teacher goes away?” What will happen? And I will tell you:” if you have given it a thought and acted afterwards, all this will be smashed to pieces and if you have acted and then thought all will paste together again. If you consider this to be my job, then you waste your energy uselessly but if you think this is God's deed, you will exalt yourself. But you have to determine yourself. This is the question: Godlike or not like God. If it is Godlike, go with it as I am with it. This is God's matter and I stand up for it because it is Godlike and not only I, but everyone would say: “This is God's matter and you will sacrifice your life for it – there your salvation is.” With this God's deed will make you famous and without it you will become infamous. You would say: ”But how should we know?” Come on, brother and I'll tell you, no need for big philosophy here: I have a loaf of bread: I'm asking you: what you think of this bread -is it nutritious or not nutritious? “Don't know.” “Here you are.”- I take a piece of the bread and hand it over to you, I give you a quarter of it to last you for four hours. First I ask you how you're feeling- “My feet're shaking, I don't feel well.” Then I give you another quarter from it and again four hours to go – if this bread can't restore your condition for four hours and more, it is not worth it: if it can – it is a bread indeed. Would you believe it is good? Well then, after four hours it will restore your strength. You can say: ”That I doubt”- it's alright, you'll give it a second try. Again you doubt – again well try. Ten attempts are enough, there is no need for more than ten attempts in occultism. Ninety nine attempts I have made -you doubt that, then I'll give you any bread, go: you're be the breadwinner from now on. Therefore the occult truths you will test for yourselves and when you 've tested an occult truth, it is a temple, don't doubt it – we don't prove ten times one and the same thing whether it is Godlike or not. God's things are true. Everything that starts with a deed and ends with a thought is Godlike and everything that starts with a thought and ends with an action, it is of a man. Right? - (It is right.) Well, why is it right? Because when we start with an action, God will think instead of us and when we think, God act for us. Therefore in either case our business will go well. I can see in your minds: you say to yourselves: ”We want more, we want something more.” Not that I can't give you more but to people that suffer consumption doctors give eggs and two or three kilos milk a day and what comes of that? They fatten and illness temporarily halts but their mind is only busy with the thought of staying alive- when they sat down and would say: ”I eat that much eggs and drink so and so quantity of milk per day.” And so they, day after day, speak of eggs and milk, so what is the meaning of their life then – one thought about eggs and milk. If you, as an occultist sit down and give it a thought: ”Let our strength be given as to fix the matters in Bulgaria”, nothing would become of it. If a nation is given the greatest fortune in the world, you will destine them the greatest misfortune, had you made them strong, you would have created another disaster for them.” Not that I say the nation shouldn't be strong but the powers should come from its inward capacities, fortune should come someway (eventually: same way). And this means that everyone should work hard for it, should make his living through hard work – now this is the law. Now the work is not divided and due to this we suffer. I leave this for now, this is not our fault but because we make the foundations for our new life, we won’t build in the old fashion. I have the greatest intention to give a new direction, a new way to things. With all that I'm saying I ignite in you a new energy, I wake something new, the Godlike. If you are listening to me, this energy will do you good and if you don't listen to me, this energy would produce a reverse effect. When I say if you listen let me put it straight: let me give you a rare seed of a famous breed and I tell you which month, which year, which day and the conditions when the Moon is in that phase and I will tell you the way according to which the seed should be planted. Why should you listen? -Because this seed could grow only at these special conditions. You can say: ”Is there no other way?” When I say: dig one hole, two inches deep, you say: “Can't it be an inch deep?” - I tell: that much dung, that much sand, then water. “Can't it be done in another way?”- It can but in the Godlike law for planting seeds all famous laws are laid and all the Virtues which we have to find soul in our mind grow at certain conditions. You can nurture a thought and a year later it would disappear: someone else have planted another seed and this thought live in you through all your life. This way we will come t these great laws we can understand. I want the occult capacities to be woken in you, without this one can not learn. At first your occult abilities should be awakened, the hidden qualities which have not been put into action which are still. We will wake them gradually for if we wake them suddenly, you will suffer too much. And other abilities are gradually built because if you start building another evil will be born in you and it is not occult. Because many occultists which have grown up in a night, have become proud. We want all this to follow its natural way so that you can make use of the good things God has invested in you. Now, don't mix your religious beliefs with the occult truths. You can use one occult truth in whatever form you like – it can't be restricted and the occult truth can't be binded. Occult truth may be applied only if we have Knowledge, if you don't have such, this truth will cause you the greatest suffering. I want you first, as students in the school to get to know each other. Let's say you are not affiliated with somebody: this is not evil but it shows that in both of you similar forces, similar aspirations. Find someone like yourself and you will find one third, resultant force to bring harmony in you. If the third can't make things out, look for a fourth, fifth, sixth...up to tenth but you can still find one who can bring balance among those who have lost it. Now many times the students say: “He is too nervous, impatient” but these words are empty. An impatient man, a nervous man, is only words. In fact there are no hot-tempered people, there are no impatient people i.e. in certain moments they are such – certain energy accumulates in the brain and this energy troubles us, this energy is a bomb. When it comes out, you are calm and in good disposition, you are a good man again. Each one of you when you are enraged, would do anything in their house, and when the energy is used up, are meek as lambs - where have all the bad things gone? We now say: “He is a bad man” but in this person there is sufficient energy in this person that must be reasonably used in its place. Now, let's return back to our subject. In this talk, (it may seem a little sporadic) all of you to rewrite it and after that all students should make summary of the main points and edit it for themselves. You should have your own notebook, I want you to do this and I'll see your notes then. You will write down the main points according to your own preferences: now we will see who are the most capable students. You'll have to do this during the summer, all the summer. I am not going to look at all this now but in the last days of spring and through all the summer – I give you enough time to write it well and then you'll take your extracts and put them in order according to your taste in another book. Buy two books -in the first you'll have the original and in the second – your translation. I want to see what kind of translation you will produce and what conclusions and applications of it you will make. Those of you who can – let them make it. Now you've understood -you will write in a notebook, neatly, it is not permitted in the classes that lectures should be written in handwrite, all must be in your own writing if you want to make a progress – if it is typed, there won't be any results – the important, the valuable, has to pass through your heart. And you will keep this book as sacred. And if you know expect someone else to rewrite it, to give it to you and make the extracts for you – what kind of students are you! Sit down and think every day for half an hour, for a whole hour. Now, did I give another exercise to you? (- No.) First two weeks you will use five minutes a day for improving your flaws – physical, spiritual, and intellectual. Five minutes a day for two weeks you will use for improving your weaknesses. You'll take this talk and the first talk about the married couples- these two talks you'll rewrite. Now I want to know how many of you can apply this to their lives. Start tomorrow: at midnight if you wake up from the first sleep, apply the law, the morning is the best time for applying it – the first time you can devote to it. Thus you will not take into consideration your own self, as a viewer you will let the God's goodness to pour on you, to give impulse to the Goodness ascribed to you. So that you can be as the newborn, without anything to worry about. You will leave yourself to God's goodness to pour out and after that you will come to your previous condition. At least you will win, your mind will broaden. At the least you will gain, will be a little greater self-confidence for your soul in these five minutes. At the present conditions it is necessary for the students to have this inner confidence because there is no thing more terrible than the lack of confidence. Can this be or can it be not? There is only one law in us: it can! And when Paul said: ”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, this is the same law. Paul has borrowed it form there: “If my words last in you and you last through Me, I and My Father will come to you and make a home in you” and he also says: ”Everything that you ask for in My name, it will be and I will make manifestation of myself.” First there must be the Word and this Word must have Truth for a heading so: these two principles must be at work in work. This is a little test – five minutes, it is not a big question – five minutes for one noble thinking. Then for these five minutes you will say one formula: “I want, God, the Virtues you have deposited in my soul from the beginning, to grow with the power of Your Love and Wisdom. And I will use all my strength at your vineyard for the manifestation of Your Will.” The class will continue throughout the summer. Those of you who stay (no matter whether I attend or not), will meet each Thursday. Themes will be given to you, about which you have to write and these works will be read. Remember this – we will overcome all difficulties. Sky and Earth will go by but not a scar from this will erase. Everything, that God said will be fulfilled without exception. There is no exception in the Great God's Law. Now, don't make illusions for yourselves, work and work, work because Life is in the future – this Life comes from now on. You will say: ”This is so natural, what would this Life be like? 'What is the analogy? When that caterpillar over there dies has come to its uttermost and says: ”It's over”, life can not cultivate in this form and start making its pupa, does it asks itself what would become of it? Something better would become – second life would be better than the first. Therefore our life has reached the utmost borders and now pupa would become a butterfly. This life would define the New life for itself and this New life would be ten times better than the present -at least ten times better. And it is worth to sacrifice everything for it – such conditions would be there that now couldn’t be spoken of. And now we say: ”We won't leave.” We can go to the woods but which is the Way? -The Way goes through all the troubles which we now have to overcome. I have seen when some Bulgarian blocks the way with his carts and oxen so that no on can pass, another comes then, puts his plough down – the same result: then third, forth, up to ten men and when we join all forces and the cart sets off. And we say: ”What one can't make by himself, ten, united by the same force over come.” And one car can go without oxen. So we have the need to believe absolutely in this occult law – there is no exception to it, it is a living law. All that have come before you, have been working and trying this. And you will try from this confidence, you'll see. So absolutely no discouraging thoughts will be there. There can be big trouble, to be short of many things, this and that – these things are of second importance, I count then as one profit though they are unpleasant in Life. They can give you some exams in occultism. If you are not prepared when they give you an exam, your brain can blow off your head. There are such exams there, they will try you out. I have told you that there are such mock exams there in occultism – they will try you to see who has convictions and who has not. In the old times in the occult brotherhoods there were often exams to see whether the student was brave: they give him a guide, folded up his eyes and left him somewhere alone, then they took off the fold and he saw people around him with masks on their faces and there was a mask, holding a lit knife in front of him. If he were scared, he would start running but if he stayed, this mask would come, would jab him, but the knife was made of paper. But what would you go through in this moment! “That's it, my life has gone”- you will say to yourself. And I often witness how you run from these false knives and say: “What a misfortune!” No, no you will stand up and wait for this paper knife to stick in you with all its strength. And that's why the Scriptures say: “Everything that befalls those who love God is for good.” Even in the occult school eccentric works come into being. Someone would say: “I came here to put my things into order and they are in a mess.” You don't know, if your works have messed up, how much would they have entangled otherwise. Yours philosophy is such: someone saves ten thousand leva, buys a good ox, this ox dies and he would say: “What a loss!” Well then, if you haven't saved that much money and the ox dies, what would have you done been? Thankful for having the opportunity for saving the money: this logic isn't good. Someone comes here and says:” The karma of my life is such”, you seek help, you enter here and your things go well. You have to thank for being in this place – if here is that way, imagine what is outside. You go into one house – no clothes, nothing - you shiver but if you come outside in the wind and rain, what would your situation be, here you are under a roof, high and dry. Don't suggest illusions for yourself that now you are in School, you know better, you don't. And besides don't overgeneralise the laws of the School, don't think that this School is made only for yourself - to sort your material things out. This School has a great purpose – by the way it purpose includes sorting your things out but this is a side thing, the aim of the School is quite different. And include this verse then: “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Right and everything else would be added to you.” If you understand this from an occult point of view, the question is settled for you. So as students of the School you will be hardworking because Jesus loves hardworking students: ”Those who love me keep my commandments.” You will study, you will apply it and the world will know my teaching. When you apply it reasonably, from the results the world will know what my teaching is, that you are my students indeed and that the Teaching is a Teaching of God. Now you mix things up and bear no fruit: we talk of Love – there is no fruit, we talk of Wisdom - there is no fruit either, we talk of Truth – no fruit. No fruit -all those trees bear no fruit. This doesn't mean that you don't blossom, on the contrary, you blossom and smell good but there is no fruit. I don't say that there are no bees. When pear blossoms, bees gather honey but the important is the fruit. We come from the bees to pick up honey and many occultists have gathered honey from the blossoms of the trees. Now we have to bear fruit to these trees of God. Secret Prayer Source
  23. Note 6 Occult Hygiene Lecture fifteen read by the Master to the General Occult Class on the 8 of June, Thursday, Sofia Did you have an exercise to write? (- This time we had not.) All of you are generally acquainted with the word hygiene. It is a science that teaches about the human organisms' state of health. Now with the expression occult hygiene, we are extending the word hygiene; more meaning is applied than is usually perceived in its common meaning. When we talk about a common and an occult disciple you should note that the difference between them depends on the degree of their consciousness. For instance, you can study the influence of the common hygiene on the body’s state of health, but you will reach 120 years and you will finally lose the thread of your body and so you will have to give your body up. So the common hygiene can prolong your life up to 120 years, while the occult hygiene can prolong your life for a longer period. And not only this – the occult hygiene also gives instructions concerning the healthy state of the human mind and of the human feelings. Your mind can get ill as well as your body. The human mind can get ill, the human heart can get ill and the human will can also get ill; the only thing within the human being that cannot get ill is his Spirit. That is why when illnesses get into the Spirit, then special energies emerge to correct the damage caused. The soul suffers, the mind gets mad, the feelings get derailed, the will becomes paralysed, and as a result the person becomes disabled on Earth. Now in our class I perceive that you do not follow the correct way of understanding. Let’s assume that you are an aviator, you take off, but you must hold the control stick and it depends on your balance how you will fly this apparatus and in what way you will carry out your task. Imagine that while on Earth you start looking around and divert from your main task. How do you think you can settle your task if your mind is not functioning properly? Now you have come here to study the occultism but meanwhile you are attending to side issues, to issues that are without reference to anything at all. Sometimes I call your attention to some ideas and principles but you often ask why have I said something in this way instead of another way, and you are discussing minor issues. While you are up in the air, this is not the time to discuss why I said what I said. The main thing is that while you are up in the air you should keep the apparatus by which you are flying functioning. As soon as you land on the ground you can philosophize as much as you want to. And when I’m saying: “don’t philosophize” I mean the aim that you have – to graduate from the school and after that, when you land on the ground, then you will have nothing else to do, and you can philosophize as much as you like. The occultism never explains why and for what reason – even if you go to the greatest Masters they will not answer you. When you come to me you are talking to me as cherished children, but it is not obligatory for the Master to answer all your questions – not at all. You can go to the Master and ask him something, but in response he will look at you once and he won’t tell you anything. He does not care that you might get angry; that you might graduate from the school and not believe in God – believe in God or don’t believe in Him, it doesn’t matter to him. – “But I am not following this way.” – Follow it if you like; The Master says: “I followed this way, I studied the laws and you should study them also.” - These laws cannot be changed for your sake. Therefore I am drawing your attention to this: I perceive that your minds are rather twisted, your hearts are also twisted, really twisted. You will not frighten me with this – I am telling you these things not for my sake, but for yours – your twisted mind will not divert mine – not in the least. I will follow the way and I will be what I am because such is the will of God. Now you might tell me: “But what did we do?” – What did you do? Suppose now that two thousand years later the Invisible World sends a committee to check your work – can you tell me what they would find? If they entered through the door now, what would they find in your minds and in your hearts? This committee would check the situation impartially and what would it find? Now I am talking to you as a human being: I don’t mean to say that this committee will find a lot of nice things, neither do I mean to say that they will find a lot of bad things, but I do mean to say that here and there this committee would have found that you have neglected some of your tasks. These tasks that are assigned to you at present allow no delay and you should settle them. There are tasks, which are the order of the day – your attitude towards God is the order of the day. Do you love God, which you serve, do you serve God, do you serve Christ, do you have His Love and are you ready to sacrifice your life for Him. Then in addition, does each one of you help others with thoughts, with desires, with actions? I am warning you, many of you might act destructively, but I am telling you: you will meet me on your way and we will impose a punishment on you. Here in the School there are people who want to demolish – you might break your own head instead! - “I wonder if this thing is Divine?” Do you understand that this is a deed of your God, of that one who sent you here to Earth. Up until now we were patient and understood what you were doing, but you let yourself get out of hand that when someone looks at me he says: “Well, the Master knows a lot.” But yours is not an act of discipleship. All of you will be driven to that humbleness which God requires – He will put you in my state of humbleness. So far you are not as humble as I am. Someone might say: “Well, the Master is as plain as we are.” – Like you are! I am not like you at all because there are things in my consciousness for which you cannot even suspect – you don’t even suspect what is hidden in my consciousness. I am plain, my clothes are similar to yours, I eat and sleep like you, but if Life consisted of such things… Life does not consist of this. You can't imagine what I am – my horse might be similar to yours, but after I alight from it there is a great difference between you and me. I can make myself invisible – you might look for me in Heaven for thousands of years and not recognize me. How can you pick someone out? – You can know somebody through the Law of Love only. If you have Love you will recognize me; if you don’t have Love, then you might search the whole outer space and yet I will remain nobody to you. And all of you might know each other by the help of the Law of Love. If this applies to me then how much more does it apply to you? I regret that the occult disciples in Bulgaria are rather pedantic, that they have no respect and deference for each other, and that they have love only when they are in need. And also you commit such nuisances that the disciples from the ordinary schools in the world do not perform. Those disciples have the courage to commit them openly, while the occult disciples do them secretly. You are not obedient to me but you are under the vigilant eye of God who does not miss anything. You might say: “Tonight we will be reproached again.” This is not a reproach at all – I am just reminding you of a great Truth from which you have diverted and nevertheless you think that you are following the right course. For instance, when I am talking to someone I know whether he is listening to me or not – I have a rule and it never fails me. When God is talking to us He also has a rule and He also knows if we are listening to Him or not. Now the point is this great inner Truth – do you have such training or not? Instead of blaming yourself I recommend to you, to be fully prepared to adopt the Divine Truth and to get through the Divine thoughts. First of all your mind should become stronger as to be able to get through all the positive and all the negative thoughts. Very often your mind is not able to get through certain thoughts and as a result you suffer. There are many young men who suffer after they have read some negative book – it brings a change in their minds and they suffer for months and for years before they revert to their present state. First of all you should observe such harmony in your own self – you should be satisfied with your own conduct. I give a task and some of you put it into practice and then they say: “These tasks can be executed in this way, but they can be executed in another way as well.” And they go along the road but their tasks remain unexecuted. When a Divine task is being assigned to you, you should solve it fully in its completeness. You might say: “I cannot solve this task”, but since you have started you must solve it. You say: “We’ll postpone it for another time”; but if you yourself cannot solve it you’d better not tempt the others. If you yourself can’t keep the fast don’t say: “One can manage without fasting as well” – don’t impose on others what you yourself have not tried. I don’t want these instructions I give you now to remain a voice crying in the wilderness – I want them to have a result so that these instructions can prepare you for the mission for which you have come here. You have come here by the end of the century – you have a mission, a very important mission that you should fulfil. I am asking you now – do you know for sure what your mission is? – You must know it - no matter how small it might be; the disciple should know what he came here for even if he doesn’t know it in the smallest details – he should at least know the general outlines of his task here. In the course of his work he should keep in his mind his task and while doing this he will be linked to the Heavens. So his will, his mind, his heart will toughen and he will be linked with the Brotherhood. The White Brotherhood will give you instructions and an inner frame. They will give you this good inner frame in the evenings while you sleep – they can give it to you in your sleep. The Brotherhood can assign to you these tasks also through some suffering in your Life – let’s say they have assigned to you a task but you have diverted and have become a tradesman. Then your state will be similar to the state of that American who felt a strong impulse to become a preacher, but said: “I was not born to be a priest”; then he went to Australia and became a tradesman, but twenty years later a crisis happened and his entire wealth disappeared; then he went back to fulfil his vocation. When the Invisible world assigns a certain task, you can divert from it for ten, twenty, thirty years, but the Brotherhood will bring you back to finish your job. So in view of this you better make it your aim to graduate from the school and do not postpone your studies. You begin this job now as you have begun many times – you began but you have not finished. For instance we’ll join the occult school so that we can research the reasons for these social weaknesses. You might say: “Karma.” All right, let the reason be karma, but this statement is rather general while in fact the very reason itself must be known. If you know the basic weakness then you will know how to correct it – certain weaknesses should be corrected. For instance, some disciples have sharper and brighter minds; the minds of the others are not so bright because they are occupied – they are occupied by their feelings. A person comes here as an occult disciple but the next day he needs two or three thousand leva for bread, for his children’s shoes, for clothes; I may preach wonderful things to him, but his mind is constantly preoccupied with the thought for money – his children need clothes, so he cannot be free. Our task now is to first of all eliminate all this, but we must utilize, even the shortest time we have in our occult training, as a means to improve our condition. I watch closely now, I make an experiment and I perceive that recently a certain atmosphere is growing: all of you are becoming positive and consequently a release from struggle is beginning. All of you had accumulated a great reserve of electricity – we want to harness this electricity for lighting. Your mind had become more active in a negative sense. The main point now is in what way we can correct your weaknesses. Let’s say you have some doubt – a doubt in yourself. At a certain moment you doubt in yourself so when a task is being given to you, you say: “This task I cannot solve.” If you ignore the suspicion inwardly you might say: “I doubt myself but I do not doubt God.” But in fact you doubt God as well. I have heard an Orthodox priest who said: “Not only we are sinners, sometimes God sins as well; not only do we sin, but He sins as well.” This means that as a result of his mistakes this man says: “Since I sin then probably God also makes mistakes.” We most certainly should avoid mistakes, and if possible we should avoid them. So how can we manage to cope with this doubt? Let’s suppose that many disciples are preoccupied by the following thought: “Well, I shall graduate from the occult School, but what will happen after that? I shall have knowledge indeed, so what? – And they start philosophizing and finally work out that it makes no difference. But this is not a philosophy of Life. To that disciple who solves some simple task and then says: “What will happen after I solve this task”, I respond: you first solve the more complicated task and then wonder why. You’d better not reason but solve the first task, then solve the second task also and then ask why. And while solving these tasks you will find the reason why. This answer is - all deeds in our Life must be perfect. If someone asks me why we have to talk I would answer that we should talk until our language gets perfect, until we start to pronounce these words in the way they are being pronounced in Heaven, where once they pronounce the word it is so fine that it sounds nice for everyone’s ear. Imagine that all of you disciples who are listening to me tonight had such soft voices and that your speech was as melodious as theirs – can you imagine what kind of atmosphere there would have been tonight? If your thoughts were smooth and sharp it would have been good. At times they are so sharp because at times even the thoughts come out from the mouth as bombs. And the cadence of speech and of muscles corresponds to the cadence of thought. Now we will make use of our will. Suppose that you are in a period of suspense, you are angry because someone has offended you, and so you say: “I’ll teach him a thing or two!” Instead of teaching such person by a blow isn’t it better to teach him by words? Let’s say that you want to punish him; you can do this in two ways: you can give him such a knock on the head as to smash him as you would smash a snake’s head, or you can also take him by the leg and lift him upside-down and then leave him as he was and tell him: “My friend, do you still intend to bother me and to criticise God? I could smash your head but instead I want to tell you not to play games with me – the occult disciple.” Now you the disciples should know that there are other disciples also who one day might take you by the leg, but instead of smashing you they might lift you up and tell you: “Do you intend to study or you intend to play games instead?” That’s the way I myself would precede with you. But you might make some objection to this point: “Well, why should I be obliged at all?” You are obliged indeed, you have obligations that do not date from now – they date from your distant past and you have to pay them off. You have obligations indeed – obligations which you should fulfil. Many times you have begun and left this task; you can leave your task again now. You can solve your task easily within yourself – it might be solved by itself if you have the burning desire to solve it. In the Gospel it is said: “God is who gives.” You strive to do the Will of God, so God also has a desire to help you. Here are the vices: there exists envy, there are white lies and laziness among you as well. Then also you never look approvingly at others: when someone starts to work you crowd to hinder him and you say: “You can’t work without us.” All right then, if I go to the woods and find the birds which make nests and damage one, then two, then three of their nests and then say: “What will you do now, can you hatch now?” – I am asking you – what will be my profit if I damage the nests of these birds? If I do that the number of the caterpillars in my garden will increase and they will damage my garden – these birds will stop nesting in my garden and I will have to cope with the caterpillars by myself. It is not permitted to damage the birds’ nests. When some of you decide to work, all of you should give him countenance – cooperate with him, give him positive thought. For so many years the situation here in Sofia and in the country is identical. I think that the reason for this is a great deal of jealousy. In the other churches when the people want someone to talk to them they usually invite a preacher and he talks because he is paid for this, while in our country no one pays anything. In one town the people were not pleased with their leader so they asked me if it was possible to invite someone else to guide them. Instead of answering to them directly I said: “This is no concern of mine; if you are so stupid that you don’t know how to work with this leader then let ten of you gather and alternate with each other – you might talk one after another and so ten persons might take turns; they might be able to talk better than your present leader. If these ten persons can’t get along, then gather another ten persons; among these twenty persons there must be several persons who can talk.” But I would like the way that these people, who like to talk, to have some deep experience, to have a broad knowledge of Life. And instead of displaying themselves I would like them to manifest this experience very vividly. Apostle Paul says: “Many people do not preach Christ - they are displaying their own knowledge.” That we preach Christ implies that we are preaching the great law of Love that should put in order and regulate everything in the world. And this great law should change all the laws within us. Several hours ago I had a conversation with a gentleman who was saying: “The world cannot be put in order with Love – it can be regulated only by a whip, the whip is the only way to put the world in order!” But his brother said: “You are talking like our father talked long ago; do you have any idea how much he beat us with his stick but this stick did not put order in us at all.” If you don’t follow the New teaching you will return to your father – this is the law of Moses. Now it is good that we have begun with Christ, but our mistake is that we are constantly returning to the Moses law. We either have to start with Moses and end with Christ or vice versa. Instead we begin with Christ and end with Moses – i.e., we follow a return journey. I want you to choose several persons among all the disciples who are to serve as an example – several persons, one, two, three, up to ten persons – to take them as a model, so that they become a model for the whole class with their polite way of talking and not only with their way of talking, but also with their behaviour, with their thoughts, with their feelings, i.e. in order that they give a new impulse – an impulse should be given. Because this philosophy, the way I am talking to you, is still an introduction for the experiment that lies ahead of us. For instance I gave to the other class an experiment. To all of you I can also assign an experiment: to spend one week without any money, I mean that you should not rely on any money at all – you should pretend that you have nothing but yourself and God and your own hands to rely on, so that you can get used to this. During the whole week both the male and female disciples should earn their living during the day. The idea is not to fast but to earn the money for your lunch. The task is as follows: if for example you are an office worker, then you will give your weekly salary to the poor, so that you will be out of cash and when you reach in your pockets there shouldn’t be any money left in them. You must not rely on your friends, you should not say: “I’ll borrow some money” – no, you should pretend that you are left alone in the world. Imagine that you are in a populous town like New York or London and you are out and hungry; I am asking you how will you solve your task? You are bound to think of something. If you do so for a month, then when you get your salary you should give it away and say: “Now I’ll earn my money with my own hands” – but there might be objections that we should not tempt God. No, no, it is now that we are tempting Him because as long as we have money we do not rely on God. At present the office worker relies on his salary, the woman relies on her husband, the man relies on his customers, but no one relies on God. We often talk about faith but faith is still not a living experience. Now you should spend one week without money. For instance when you need money to buy something to eat, go to some friend of yours and ask him: “Is there some work for me here?” And when you find some work you should do it and be aware that what comes out of your hands is a result of your efforts. Now you might make the following objection: “But I write in my office is that not an effort?” No, it is not, because it is something settled – there the things are already settled. When I say labour I mean that you should work for two hours in some building. You should work for two hours and then take as much as you need for a lunch and leave without providing anything for the evening; on the following day you again should look for some job, then again you should work for three hours and leave. Some people might say: “This man goes to work and then goes off his work.” But in fact this man is strengthening his will, he is not a fatalist, he says: “Today I earned what I needed, let me see if I can earn it tomorrow as well.” He allows this self-assurance and after that he will start speculating as to what the inner conditions are in which he is advancing. In occult science, the following principle exists: if you meet someone while you are hungry and say a certain word and this word reaches his ear, he will tell you: “My brother, can you come to my place for lunch?” You will not talk about lunch; you should only know how to say this word. A hungry old woman went to a village and entered the house of a wealthy man who was one of the most cruel men who turned out each person from his house; the old woman did not say that she was hungry, but since the daughter of the wealthy man was ill, the old woman entered the house and massaged her, made this and that and thus it turned out that the old woman was a healer. Immediately this wealthy man became aware that the old woman was a healer and said: “Give her something to eat.” If she had required food in the first place he would have turned her away, but she started to work in the first place – to earn her meal with her own hands. Now all of you, the disciples, must have confidence – the occult disciple needs inner self-confidence that he can cope with all the difficulties that exist in his life. We have this motto: “No Love is like God’s Love.”, don’t we? And I perceive that this greeting has become almost meaningless when it is pronounced quickly: “No Love is like God’s Love, just God’s Love is Love.” Well, it already has gone beyond the frames of the occult science. You should stop inwardly and say: “Since no Love is like God’s Love, can I do everything for this Love? And I’ll do it.” And after you say: “Only God’s Love is Love”, say: “I can do everything and I’ll do it. There is one poor brother there, I’ll visit him and I’ll do everything for him.” – “But shouldn’t we invoke God?” – We are invoking Him. At times I say to myself: I made a serious mistake that I entrusted these people with a sacred rule that they vitiated; they also vitiated the name of God and as a result I incurred a heavy karma upon myself. So as a result of the venture I made, I said to myself that if I could have had this experience before, I would never have given you this rule; frankly speaking I would have never entrusted it to you. The disciples say to each other: “No Love is like God’s Love” but as you look at them they are at one another’s throats. “Only God’s Love is Love”, but neither of them can accept the facts. “Only God’s Love is Love”, but none of them gives up and each one of them holds his own. So, tell me please what kind of Love is this? But you might tell me: “I am a man, I have dignity, and I have personal feelings.” But is there dignity greater than Love? Let’s do the will of the Father! There isn’t greater dignity than this – to serve God driven by Love. This is the greatest dignity of man – to serve Love and Wisdom. Now I lay this accusation not against some persons outside, but against myself, for I entrusted you with one sacred rule. And then I lay against you the accusation that you haven’t used it – not because you did use it. And next time I’ll be very careful regarding the rules. And sometimes when I hear you pronouncing the word Love, I feel like someone is cutting me with a knife. You quarrel. I say: there is no such Love as the Love that stains, scratches, and cuts. But anyway I won – for I learned that there is no Love as God’s Love and that only God’s Love is Love – I made that experiment. If you didn’t learn the rule, at least I learned it. I learned it and I would not forget it neither on Earth nor in Heaven! And each one who vitiates the Love of God will by all means get his payment. And if he doesn’t understand this Love, then everything in his Life will be finished. I will call some of you so that I can personally talk with you in a friendly way about Love – I will call you so that we can chat about Love. We will talk now – don’t think that I am not able to talk, you haven’t yet seen how I can talk – I can talk far better. Now, when I talk to you about Love I shall use a special kind of language. I shall talk to you in very special way, so you might say: “I thought one thing and it proved to be another.” I hope that the consciousness of each one of you expands and I hope that you do not bother about trifles; I hope that this Love reigns and awakens your mind and sends an impulse to your heart, to heal all your weaknesses; I wish that you feel healthy, cheerful, fresh, so that you can apprehend Love and put it into practice, because you are in very difficult circumstances for the time being. It is expected that the occult disciples throughout Europe will have to pass a very difficult exam. These social struggles should be corrected by Force – Force must be applied. You might say: “God will settle everything.” God within us should be a volitional force, He should be Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice – not only He, but also the great potential psychic forces within us should awaken us, so that we can work. Now between you and me there are points of contact and they are as follows: there exists a deep well; I travel all over the desert (in order to clarify the existing relationships – they are real relationships here on Earth), I find the deep well; I know how to make the rope but I have no thread; you the disciples have this thread, but you don’t know how to make the rope. All right, I’ll say: “You stretch the threads and I’ll make the rope” – the rope is yours and the workmanship is mine. We will put the rope down, we will draw water from the well and all of us will drink; then you will take your rope with you, while I think that I have made it. Then we continue to walk and we see each other properly… These are the contacting points between the disciples and the Master. Now, this concerns only me – only your attitude towards me; this is the attitude towards Christ. He had disciples that He appointed to what He Himself could not do. Christ cannot come down now – He will send some of His disciples here to this village; Christ will not come to preach even in the town of Sofia, He will not preach even in London. In order for Christ to preach there, there would have to be some chosen souls present, who should be highly elevated, who should have such a consciousness, and who should posses such harmony, that as He descends they should be prepared to accept the words which He will use in order to let the Light in. And everybody should know Him; if He has to prove that He is from God and to heal the diseased persons, this would be a rather longwinded process and Christ will not attend to such longwinded processes. Christ is free now, so now you have to create within yourself certain conditions so that He can work within you. You might say: “We know Him, don’t we?” I don’t deny that you know Him but why don’t you make better conditions for Him? How? – Love your friend, he has a garden; plant throughout this garden – this is what Love is. Plant throughout every garden until you manage to plant this garden. We should plant throughout this Christ garden from beginning to end. Have faith in yourself – trust in one another – believe not only in yourself but believe in each other as well. The greatest trammel I come across within you is the impact of the scepticism – scepticism, scepticism. I don’t mean to say that this scepticism is imposed by the outside world, but you take it and since you are more sensitive souls, you attract the negative sides of the world – you are capable of receiving them and this is dangerous. A sensitive occult disciple is like a sponge and if he is not familiar with the laws he can sap from the outside. That is why he should be positive in Love – so that he can attract the positive qualities and throw out the evil – this is a mere science. Let’s say that now you study in the Occult School; one of the disciples in the School is talking with another one and says to a young lady: “We can go to a night-club – we are occult disciples so we will be able to learn a lesson from such a visit.” Well, fine, but if they go to the nightclub and this young lady adopts these images, these contortions that are being demonstrated there, these images can gradually obsess her mind. So I am asking where will the occultism go then? I am asking you: if these images obsess you for one, two, or three days, what will you profit from them? You don’t need nightclubs; there is such a nightclub up the Vitosha Mountain, there is another nightclub in the mountain resort Chamkorya1. Let the one who wants a nightclub, go to a hospital, to a church, to some temple. But the night-clubs where women with tambourines play Turkish dances… The nightclub is for those great spirits, who can withstand the temptations there, but you should not bring the weaker persons there, you better protect such persons. Sometimes, when a certain person is rather sensitive you should influence him gradually. Well, other arguments are being given to us – that, sometimes some drunkard might be a much better Christian than a righteous man can be. A strong will is necessary for a drunkard to become more righteous that a faithful person. There is a character in this man – he can fight with and he is stronger than a righteous man who does not have such an experience. When he sees them drink, the latter, not having such experience, might say: “I can solve the matter in another way as well.” While the other one – the drunkard - might say: “I tried and I overcame this vice so I can overcome another one also!” I don’t advise the young men to go to nightclubs and performances, because distorted and false things might obsess your minds. If I undertake to criticize all these dramas and tragedies from a psychological point of view how many of them might turn out to be true? Are they trustworthy? – No, they are not. There are things that seem true, but if I submit them to my criticism they will turn out to be untrue. Take for example the drama “Danton” and tell me if this is true? Its author has gathered these facts and has combined them in such a way that they give an impulse, but if they are to evolve in time they will not have any effect at all. When they see such dramas people often cry, while outside the theatre there are thousands of dramas: poor people are passing by, but no one is crying. I am asking you why inside the theatre they cry and outside the theatre no one cries? Because the actors are trained to present a lie, while in fact it is not real. But you might say that the drama was written like this – fine, but it depends on the actors – they are the persons who make others cry. So consequently from the occult point of view each drama should be true, i.e., we might have drama, but this drama should be composed in a specific way – it has to have some psychological aim and it has to produce a certain effect. So these authors did achieve something – I don’t mean to say that they don’t have some ambition, but the contemporary novels and dramas are not written by these occult rules. So when you go there to see these performances you should have an occult disposition of your mind and you should know what to accept and what to neglect. Even while you are listening to me you should be aware as to what to accept and what to neglect. Sometimes you are discussing some minor facts for a whole hour – I am talking to you about Love and you say: “We know what Love is.” I myself have been studying Love for so many years and yet I am still at the introduction of Love. I say for myself – I have barely got the introduction of this Love and you claim that you know it. In such case I would rather listen to you instead. Love is an alchemical law – when you feel Love you will know how to convert all the elements. And when you convert the elements containing your nectar there won’t remain any wall unbroken and there won’t remain any door unopened. For instance your friend might be in prison, but then there won’t be a prison that you can’t open, there won’t be any wrong which cannot be righted, and then facing Love any death will disappear. After you pass along the way with your magic wand you will do wonders – this is what Love is. And Christ carries this magic wand now; He says: “I was given the whole power in Heaven and Earth” and this power is the wand. And after He comes He will start waving with this wand and can you imagine what will happen? Whatever house he touches will be put to rights, whoever He touches – everywhere men will start to rise from the dead. Now you will take into consideration all this but you won’t become saints. I don’t want you to become saints just because of my words, I don’t want you to become perfect either, but I do want that seventy five percent of your gossip should stop right this evening and that only twenty five percent of them remain. Seventy five percent of gossip is unnecessary, so you should erase it completely; let only twenty five percent of the gossip remain. For if you don’t put into practice these two rules then how will you succeed? I intended to assign a task to you, but I cannot assign it to you as long as you have these weaknesses – the task might get vitiated, this is a small task. Up till next Thursday I will be constantly checking, to see if you have annulled the seventy five percent of the gossip and if I find out that you have annulled them, I’ll assign the task to you. But be careful – I don’t want any criticism in the Occult School. Let whosoever knows that much, come here, and I will put him here at the desk. Let whosoever that is so learned come here – I shall get down – we are ready to put him at my desk – let him come. If someone thinks that he knows so much; let him show his knowledge. There should not be anything in the secret room – you have Light, so turn to the Invisible world and the matter will be settled for you. And the relationships between you and me should be proper. The rule is: I must have one opinion only. I would say: “He is a good disciple, but he is careless, he doesn’t tell the Truth.” Why do you say that he is lazy? – Because no matter what task I assign him he doesn’t solve it; he is a good disciple but he is constantly dissatisfied – no matter what I do for him he is never satisfied. The surrounding people might encircle him and might do him all sorts of favours but he still goes on feeling dissatisfied. It can be like this –the same holds true for the disciple and for the Master. So now the general principle should be applied – you have to annul seventy five percent of your gossip. Now let me see if you have enough willpower to put it into practice. I mentioned the nightclubs and someone might say: “I know that someone has betrayed me.” There is no need to worry that someone has betrayed you because when you go to the nightclubs I can personally see you. And I can see what you are doing in these nightclubs – both men and women visit nightclubs. After that they say: “Our Master knows everything”, but then again they ask: “Who told you about the night-clubs? It means - you are not clairvoyant but someone has told you.” I see you, I see you in a very special way. The person, who has visited a nightclub, bears the stamp of the nightclub on his face, this is a truth. I do not enter in the Astral world, but I can tell such person why he has been at the night-club – there is a stamp on his face, the whole night-club is stamped on his face. And I can tell what nightclub he has been in and at what table he has sat and from what glass he has drunk and who else has sat at this table, I can tell him everything. His eyes are not soft but have a peculiar colour, his eyes are playful, and his eyes are roving as the eyes of a cat. And after he has been at a nightclub, his face acquires a different colour – each nightclub has a specific colour, each place of amusement has a colour. In each nightclub there live such evil spirits which exercise great influence upon your souls. Your souls and your hearts are not a toy, there exists a psychic force and it can carry you away as well. Now some of you might say: “Who might the person be who went to a night-club?” You don’t have to know who he is because one day you yourself might also go there. I have heard many persons say: “What nightclub might this be, let’s go and see what the matter is with it” – everyone likes to see what is happening there at the nightclub. In such a case it would be nice to send delegates there – three or four persons might go there and see what a night-club is and then read us a lecture entitled “What a night-club is like?”, so that the matter can be settled. Good, you are right, in the last resort it is preferable to send a commission composed of the strongest persons. So, we have a difficult task to solve, it is not easy for a man to cope with his own self, with his thoughts, with his feelings. We have a difficult task from the point of view of the law of heredity, from the point of view of the law of rebirth and of our pilgrimage in the world. It is a difficult task but it is a task that we can solve. And I believe that you are among the noble disciples that are unprejudiced, which have minds hungry for knowledge, which have noble hearts, which do noble deeds, which have an iron will, and who are ready to fight. And because of what I told you, you might draw your knifes out and make “So!” and the matter will be finished. You will not talk too much that this is the way we are thinking, instead you will all of a sudden make “So!” I want to clarify my relationships with all my disciples and friends – either your attitude will be an attitude of both disciples and friends, or we can’t have proper relationships. We must know each other – this is what the Brotherhood demands. An absolute purity, an absolute Light, an absolute Truth should reign among us! When I say Purity I mean that this should be our ultimate goal; when I say Light, I mean that this should be our ultimate goal; when I say Truth, I mean that this should be our ultimate goal – an ideal for which we should strive. Whether we will attain it is a different question, but it should be an ideal equal to all of us. Then we shall have an equal opinion upon this question and both you and I will think about this matter. And I believe that we will solve our task. A secret prayer I have never seen you so quiet as you are this evening – the silence is deathlike. This is a good sign. 1 Up till 1942 Chamkorya was the name of the mountain resort Borovets (ed.note). Source
  24. Note 3 Sunrise and Sunset Fourteenth Lecture by the Master, delivered to the General Esoteric Class on Friday, June 2, 1922, 8-9:30 p.m., Sofia Keep in mind that tonight we have not gathered here to sit at a laden table; that is, I have not called you here for a feast. This is not the time for a feast, nor is it the time for me to give you advice or instructions, but rather, it is a time for learning. Therefore, I want you to listen to me with your minds, to feel with your hearts and to use your willpower to apply what you have learned. The methods of the Esoteric School are different from all those methods that present day schools use. The various views we hold of Life depend on our environment. Say you found yourself 10-15 meters below sea level and looked at the world from that viewpoint, what would your views be? And then, how would you perceive things if you were to descend another hundred meters or another two, three, four hundred meters, and then went further down to a thousand or two thousand meters? As a result, the refraction of light would be different. Now, let us imagine the reverse process: how would you view the world if you were to rise above sea level and ascended into the air to a hundred meters, then two, three, four, five hundred meters, then you went further up to a thousand or ten thousand meters? What if you were to go up not a thousand meters, but ten thousand kilometers into the air? On the other hand, if we were to stand on Earth, it would act as a balancing force. Therefore, your perception of the world from the bottom of the ocean and from the highest atmosphere would be from two opposite poles of understanding: those of sunrise and sunset. Sunrise, this is up in the air and sunset is down below, at the bottom of the ocean. However, the analogy that I’ve made is not correct in all of its points of view, because our sunset is sunrise for others, and vice-versa, our sunrise is sunset for others. Henceforth, when your Sun is rising, your sunrise is sunset for someone else; and when your Sun is setting, others have a sunrise. Therefore, sunrise and sunset are relative notions, not an Absolute reality. At the place where we are now, there is sunrise and sunset. However, if you were a clairvoyant, there would be neither sunrise, nor sunset for you, for you would be able to see the Sun on the opposite end of the Earth even in the middle of the night, and so there would be no sunrise for you. Even the Earth would not move for you if you were a clairvoyant because movement exists only for those who move, and as such cannot register this movement; but for those who are able to register it, there is no movement. Because, if I move faster than a train, will there be any movement? Take the following example as clarification: imagine a point in the Universe that moves so fast that it is in all places in the cosmos at the same time. Well, if it is at all places at the same time, is there any movement then? Yes, there is movement, but it cannot be registered. How can you register it when it takes place simultaneously at all places? We perceive movement only when there is a certain relation between speeds. But if you have an absolute speed we regard this point as a constant. Now, in this world, unstable people are those who move rather slowly. Snails, for example, are quite unstable. You cannot count on a person who moves like a snail because as soon as he touches a leaf, he, like the snail, retracts his antennas and says, “This is not my kind of thing.” You, then encourage him by saying, “Listen, there are such and such laws; there exists order in everything,” and he pulls out his antennas again. However, as soon as he encounters the next leaf, he hides inside the shell and says, “There is no law here.” And this is how it goes: in and out, in and out. Why does this snail move? From an esoteric point of view we explain it like this: this snail has encountered obstacles on its way. And when you throw this obstacle into the train engine, the wheels start turning. Therefore, when the engine driver comes to this obstacle, he uses it. If he stopped every time he came to a certain point, there would be a waste of energy. However, the engine driver collects this energy, gives it a slope and the wheel starts turning. The engine driver has learned from the snail’s obstacles and says, “If you want to use misfortune for your benefit you should put this misfortune in a curvy line.” Why does the train move? Because of the snail’s mistakes; our trains are the mistakes of the snail. Often, when people travel from one town to another, there are accidents on the way, i.e. in this case the snail did not retract his antennas on time. Thus, the engine driver miscalculated the time and so he could not hide away in time, and then when the accident happens, all travelers jump out of their shells. Now I’m speaking of your consciousness, for it can be that of a snail. Since my last lecture was philosophical and critical, you now ask, “If this is not Love and if that is not Love, what is Love, then?” When I discussed Love, I had in mind your love as you express it now. I say that what you consider love is worth nothing; this is not Love. You ask, “If this is not Love, then what is?” I will tell you what Love is. Here is an example: let’s say that you have a bottle full of water. This water has been sitting for ten days and has started to smell; there are a number of tiny microscopic bugs swimming in it. I try your water and I say, “This is not water.” “What do you mean, this is not water? We just filled it from the tap.” “It might have been great water but this water today is not healthy.” I, then, take your bottle, pour out the water and you complain, ”This is outrageous! He emptied out our bottle!” Then I say to you, “Wait, come to my water tap.” I take the bottle, wash it out a couple of times; then I boil some water and scrub it inside with sand. “You will break the bottle,” you protest, but I tell you, “Wait a bit longer.” I then rinse out the bottle, I draw from the premium water and I ask you, “Do you remember how your water tasted?” “Yes.” I pour you some water and I give it to you. “Now drink from this water,” I say. This is the only way you could understand the difference between the kind of Love I’m talking about and the other one. You need to keep these two moments in your mind simultaneously and you need to be able to tell the difference between the reality of consciousness and the other reality that can be manifested. Sunrise is a moment in consciousness and this moment is only the initial one when the Sun comes up from behind the horizon. After the Sun has emerged fully, then this is not sunrise any more. Likewise, sunset is that initial moment when the Sun touches the horizon and then sinks below it. Once again, sunrise is the other moment: the moment when the tip of the Sun first appears, and then it lasts until the sun has appeared fully. Everything in between these two moments is neither sunrise nor sunset. Therefore, in your whole life you will have two moments: every day and every minute you will have either sunrise or sunset and those will consist not of hours but only of a few moments. And if you are able to fully comprehend these moments of your consciousness you will be able to think correctly because your sunrises and sunsets are different every time. Notice that in Nature, sunrises are never the same. For example, sometimes the horizon is not so clear and at other times it is very clear; sometimes you cannot see the sunset and at other times you cannot see the sunrise - these are all mathematically related. These sunrises and sunsets show the relations that exist inside our consciousness, for sunrise and sunset exist as a reality only in our consciousness. If you are not aware of this reality - that the Sun rises and sets - it won’t do anything for you. If the Sun is rising and setting, it is only for your consciousness and once your consciousness is able to perceive the rising of the Sun, then your mind, your heart and your willpower will take part in your consciousness. Therefore, your mind will dwell on the forms and the vibrations of this light that expands; your heart will dwell on the content, and your willpower will focus on the results that may ensue from the combining of the forms with the content. This is all philosophically put. Now you cannot see the relation between these two ends. I am explaining the sunrise and the sunset in relation to consciousness. I am explaining the fact of the expansion, the content, and the effects of the Light that penetrates into our consciousness. We perceive the Light that is manifested into our consciousness in a specific way. Presently, the extent in which you can comprehend Love is determined by your inner consciousness. Now, you often speak of love the way you perceive it now: you have a pleasant feeling here, in the solar plexus, or you have a pleasant feeling in the hypothalamus on top of your head. I am speaking only of these two centers, but nevertheless, this pleasant feeling is not very real, because this condition can change in a short while. I am telling you a sweet, kind, and harmonious word but we do not seem to understand each other, for the fact is that you are hungry, right? Now I will speak your language. You have been hungry for three days and you expect something, so I will tell you this: “Now I am going to apply the notions of sunset and sunrise to eating, because in eating, too, there is sunrise and sunset.” Imagine that you are poor and you have been eating only beans all your life. You are so sick and tired of it that even at the very mention of beans, you object, “Did God create all those beans just for me alone? I am tired of beans!” If you have been hungry for three days and I tell you, “There is roasted turkey,” then the turkey will be like a sunrise for you. “What about beans,” you say. Here, beans are your sunset. “Your day came to an end very quickly,” I say. In this case, the beans, in your mind, represent the sunset. If I said to you, “There is bread and a chicken roasted with lard,” you would say, “Excellent sunrise.” Then your day would be on the rise, and you would be joyful, right? I’m asking you this, why do the chicken and the turkey produce this joyful feeling in your mind and the very thought of the poor beans makes you say, “I wish it was something else.” Why are you unhappy with the beans? So then I say the following to your mind, “If you are tired, there is a turkey for you,” but I don’t tell you that there are beans. All right then, I mash the beans with a little butter and I tell you this, “I have meatballs here that were made with good meat.” However, when you eat this meat, it gets all mushy in your mouth. You sit at the table, start eating the turkey and the meatballs and you say, “Excellent meal!” I ask you, what is real here? In the first case I tell you the truth and I say, “You will eat beans,” and the second time I name the beans differently, and I say, “These beans were cooked with meat and butter,” and then you ask, “Was the meat veal, lamb or chicken? It was excellent!” Likewise, sometimes you cook bean meatballs from your actions in life and you tell yourself, “Do you know what great meatballs we have made, with such great meat?” However, all you really have is beans. But if I told you the truth, that it was beans; then you would say, “I know what kind of beans these are.” Modern philosophical systems, too, are made only of beans; those are bean meatballs they feed you, but they were fried in butter and cooked so well that everyone who eats them says, “These are excellent meatballs, they are very good. This is a great culture, a great science!” But those who know the Truth, would smile and say, “Yes, they are such excellent meatballs…” Therefore, we must be able, in our consciousness, to distinguish between the true Reality in the world and the transient one. For example, transient reality is when someone says, “There is God, there is future life.” This statement is a transient reality, because the person who says that there is future life has a distorted consciousness; he does not know what future life is. An occultist will never say that there is future life; instead, he would say this, “There is no future life, because, from a purely esoteric standpoint, if there was future life, it would be exactly like the present one.” However, if we take the word sunrise to mean expansion of our consciousness, and division, and expansion of the Divine life in us, then we regard sunrise in a wider context: we view it as reality. Because Life is one and cannot be limited; it is we who limit Life by saying that there is future life. Life is neither past, nor present, but is Life in itself. In our consciousness Life has sunrise and sunset for three and a half minutes; it only takes three minutes for sunrise. Do you know how many minutes it takes for a person to die? It is almost as much time as it takes for a person to be born. It takes a person’s consciousness the same time to awake as it takes for the sun to rise: three and a half minutes. The child is born and forgets again. And because there is sunrise, you think that the sunrise is getting born and you are happy for as long as it lasts in your consciousness. When this child is about to die, you see how the Sun is going down. There are some people who can live until midnight even after the Sun has set. After the Sun has gone down, they say, “We are going to die.” It is a fact that the Sun of those people who say, “We are going to die,” has already gone down. Therefore, from a purely esoteric viewpoint, you can be born prematurely and you can die prematurely; you can become rich prematurely and you can become poor prematurely; you can become healthy prematurely and you can become sick prematurely. Remember this fact, for all of this will remain in your consciousness. And when I say that we can do anything, it is true; we can do anything but all we need to do is leave the conditions of the earthly life. The clairvoyant, who can see the Sun in its path, has nothing to fear. And this Sun is the manifestation of the Divine in the world and into our consciousness. We are always able to see God. One of our friends who is here - I won’t mention his name - told me about an experience he once had. He said to me, ”I used to feel a light like that at sunrise. This light used to move before me. But this light has disappeared lately, it is gone.” He felt sad. Before he felt like this light would rise all the time and every time he would leave to go somewhere, the light would stream inside him all the time. This is the beautiful in Life. From an esoteric point of view, every mistake you make will cause your sun to set prematurely, and this is a great evil for your life. Even the smallest mistake will spin the wheel of your Earth and it will start moving faster. The Sun will set prematurely and it is then that all kinds of misfortune will befall you. And when I say that you should not make mistakes, this from an esoteric point of view, means that you should not let your Sun set. Once the Sun has gone down, all work comes to an end. Therefore, your Love will come to an end, too. Now, you have experienced this, at least when you love someone and feel a certain vibration in your solar plexus, combined with this tiny warmth in your heart. However, when you lose this warmth, you start suffering. A knot starts forming in your solar plexus and you feel cold; you feel hatred starting to form and you feel that the person you love is gradually moving away from you, and that you are moving away from him, too. This is the law of sunset: your friendship has set and the two of you are in the night of Life. Then the power of your mind wanes, and no matter how you pray or what prayer you say, you feel as if there is an icy layer above you and your prayer goes up only two feet above your head and descends right back down. What should you do then? I will tell you the law for this and I won’t use the same example I have given other people before. I will take snow as an example. Snow has a white gown; it is clean. Imagine that a person is like snow, but is cold. If you take a snowball and look at it, it is beautiful and white. You hold it in your hand and look at it: it is perfect, white and clean, but it is cold. Someone says, “May I be clean like snow.” All of you want to be clean and you sing, “May we be clean like snow,” but how are you going to be in Heaven? So, the snow that the Psalmist sings about is not your snow, because when we conduct an experiment and melt the snow, it loses its whiteness. Imagine that snow has its own consciousness and says, “What did you do to me? You have depraved me, for I used to be white and now I have lost my whiteness. You have ruined me.” This is a kind of consciousness. Then someone else comes who is like water and says, ”I am fluid like water, I can adapt to all conditions.” Modern people like adaptation and water will reach a balance in whatever position you put it; it will be pals with ninety-nine kings. Take a bottle, turn it on one end or the other and you will see that whichever way you turn it, the water will reach a balance: it will maintain the same position. This is an excellent example. But if we are like water, what will our life be like? As soon as there is a crack in your bottle, the water starts dripping away and disappears. Then when you look at the bottle you will find out that it is empty. Imagine that water comes to me like a vessel, like a bottle and tells me, “Listen, I am a thinking being, easily adaptable to all conditions. I never oppose anything; I am a very good person who holds nothing against anybody.” However, I take this water, I put it in my oven and I start heating it up, saying, “Yes, you are truly very good.” I heat it up, but then I see some steam coming out; its shape is changing because of the heat. It expands, rises up and comes out as steam. Water will then say to me, “You have changed my form and now I have no stability at all.” Now it looks at its relation to air and says, “I will reach God,” but as it goes up five-six kilometers it comes across a cold current and is corrupted again: it turns into hail, becomes condensed and falls back down to Earth, muddy and corrupted. Then it sinks into Earth, and finally, through great toil and turmoil, it comes up as a cold spring. A thirsty, suffering soul finds the spring, drinks from it and says, “What a beautiful spring this is!” But once this spring was white like snow, then it was fluid, adaptable like water; then it turned into steam, rose up into the air, hardened, fell down as hail and now, after having passed through all this suffering, it carries something new in itself and it says, “Brother, do you know what oven I had to go through to reach this condition as a clean and cold spring? I lost my cleanliness, I lost my fluidity, I lost my expansion, and then I turned into droplets, fell down and became muddy.” And you reply, “Oh, brother, this is all very well, very well.” “Yes, very well it is, but have you been in my condition?” And when we speak of the Love of a being, we should keep in mind that in order for it to express what we consider Love, this being must pass through nine hundred and ninety-nine million forms. Make a note of this: only after it has passed through nine hundred and ninety-nine million forms can it express the smallest Love. And when you have this smallest experience of Love, it will be like a spring for you; it will be the most pleasant feeling you will ever feel. At first you will feel it only for two and a half or three minutes, and then it may disappear for the rest of your life. And then, like a novel written on a white piece of paper, you will reminisce and say, “There was so much joy, so much happiness, such bliss in those two and a half minutes!” Anything may happen after that: you may become a king, you may have feasts laid out before you, or people may give you money, but these two and a half or three minutes will be the crown of your whole being, and you will say, “I have never had anything like those two and a half or three minutes!” They will be the head and all your life will be included in these three minutes. And we go through all our life only so that we can have these three little minutes. Where are the three minutes? They contain a whole eternity. And do you know that it takes the effort of all infinite eternity in order for Love to be manifested in its smallest form. Love can be manifested only through the effort of all eternity, for it needs this impulse so that Reality can pass through all these forms. And do you know now if you are disciples or proselytes? This thought is so grand that you should keep thinking about it at all times. It is a grand thought, indeed, so grand that it takes a whole eternity to be able to comprehend this profound and meaningful concept. It takes a whole eternity to understand these three minutes and this eternity means that you need to have a sunrise and a sunset. If the sunrise is faultless, the sunset will be faultless, too. If the sunrise is faulty, the sunset will be faulty, too. Your understanding of things will depend on the basis on which you build when you enter the Esoteric School. For example, some come here to study, but what they really hope is to learn some secrets. No, they will not learn any secrets, for I tell no secrets. You will need a whole eternity to learn the secrets you want to learn. Therefore, no one can take away our secret in only one day or one hour. What do these people study, I ask? You will not learn anything this way. But he, who enters with a pure heart in search of God and Love, will be able to understand a lot. And so, it is my wish now for everybody to rise like the Sun. I am saying this to the young ones; I call young those who are rising and the old, ones who are setting. But now you, the young ones, may say, “You should know that we are the ones rising.” However, once the old ones were in your place and they, too, used to say, “We are the ones rising.” Some day other young ones will come in your place and will say, “We are rising.” I ask you this: if you think like this, what is your definition of Life? You will say, “We rise correctly,” and the old ones will say, “We set correctly.” You should shake hands now, as Life will not come to an end, because when the young ones come to your place, the wheel will turn and then your Sun will rise and their Sun will set. Then, if your sunset was faultless, your sunrise will be faultless and if their sunrise was faultless, their sunset will be faultless, too. These two sunrises have nothing to do with your present suffering, of course. You may say, “This is all good, but what can we do now; we are suffering?” Here, in the Esoteric School, there is no place for sick disciples. He who is sick cannot be a disciple, a believer, or a proselyte. I would like for you to give me a piece of paper so that we can make a list of all those who are sick in the School. Here we have hospitals and doctors, and we will send all of you who are sick for a course of treatment and then you can come back afterwards. We have special hospitals and special doctors for the esoteric disciples and when you go to our doctors they will prescribe for you their own system of treatment. And here, in the School, I can see your thoughts, “This teaching is good but we have difficulties in our life.” The difficulties in your life are a blessing for you. The greatest blessing for a disciple of the Esoteric School is to have difficulties and to have great difficulties, at that! Then he passes for a hero. If there are no difficulties, then he is neither a proselyte, nor a believer. The first thing is this: if you have difficulties, you are disciples; if you have no difficulties, then you are done. The math students in the university have such difficult problems and they go up to the blackboard so many times and try to solve the problems one way or another. If you look at an astronomer you will see that he watches out for the minute, for the second when the comet will pass; he observes so closely and has such difficulties, such worries. You sit here and say, “God is good; when the Spirit comes upon us, everything will happen the way God says.” This is a childish view; God has already done and made everything that he wanted to do or make: I can see this in everything that exists. The question is; do we learn everything that God has made and done? “God can do anything.” Now, as I live, I know that God has made the body that I have. You might say, “Do I understand what God has made, do I know the laws; am I open to the knowledge that He has instilled; does His Word enter my consciousness; do I rejoice in His deeds and in His thoughts that are sent down by His Spirit?” “God is great,” you say, “He has made the Sun!” Have you ever explored the Sun to find out about its Essence? Can you visit on the Sun? An esoteric disciple of a third degree - not of a first or a second, but of a third degree - can go to the Sun. You may say now, “I am the first candidate!” You are like that American who calculated that it is possible to throw a grenade on the Moon. He measured the length of the grenade, then the space and also the slope, as he wanted to find out how long it will take for the grenade to fall on the Moon. He made his exact calculations, collected some money, found two candidates and chose one of them to enter the machine and go to the Moon. Now, you, too, as soon as you hear me talk about the Sun - lo and behold! – you are candidates to go to the Sun. This is not the way to go to the Sun. If you can transform your consciousness and if you can acquire, after nine hundred and ninety-nine trials, the smallest form of Love, you will be visitors on the Sun right away. The residents of the Sun will welcome you and when you come back you will be happy and with a grin on your face and you will say, “The Sun is an excellent place!” And you will know the reason for how and why this Light streams incessantly and what this Light means; you will know the language of Light. But you should know that in order for all of this to happen, a transformation of consciousness is necessary. You need a transformation, a change inside your consciousness in order for your mind, your heart and your willpower to be a part of your soul. Therefore, the Esoteric School is not a School for consoling people, but is a School for studying the great unchangeable laws of Existence and of God’s manifestation. It is within those laws that our Life develops evenly and harmoniously. Therefore, only through the expression of such Love will we be able to be in conscious contact with that Being which permeates the cosmos, i.e. we will be able to be in conscious communion with God. And only after going through nine hundred and ninety-nine million forms, will we be able to hear the smallest voice talk to us. And, like in the book of Job that I quoted earlier, when we hear this smallest voice we will understand why we live on Earth. As soon as you understand why you live on Earth, this same Earth will stand before you right away like a living being and it will not be the old Earth, for the old Earth will have disappeared. And then, everywhere you go on Earth, you will bring a different moral: when you walk on this being, you will do so delicately and you will say, “This being is so mighty and gracious.” You will, then, make sure you do not cause this being any shock or pain and you will walk on it the same way you walk in a friend’s house. Of course, this Earth is related to our consciousness. Only when we start thinking this way, will the young and the old be able to live well. And now, because of our limited consciousness, everyone says, “I will live the way that suits me best.” I ask then, does this rule give you good results? Would Life have any meaning if all of us lived the way that suited us best? No, it would not. “So that I can live!” If you take the word “I” to mean the Divine inside you, then it is good to live according to the law of the Self, the law of consciousness. But if you take the word “I” to mean that you can use the temporary comforts of this limited life, then you have a wrong understanding of Life. Take, for example, a living example from your life: you have a son, you bring him up, educate him, send him to school and church, and this child grows up beautiful and obedient like his father and mother. The parents expect a lot from their son and they say, “Our little boy is very intelligent. He does great at school; he is diligent and earns excellent grades.” However, when he turns 17-18, he starts growing a little moustache and starts pushing his lips. Earlier, he would listen to his mother and ask her, “What can I do for you, Mother?” then he would take the water jug and go to the well for water. However, as time passes, he starts becoming absent-minded and his mother notes, “Our child has a new habit of pushing his lips every now and then.” Why does this boy touch his lips? I will not discuss the meaning of this gesture, for it is a secret that I am not allowed to divulge, but this little boy says, “I saw a young girl, I feel like wooing her.” How does he do that? By pulling one side of his moustache. Should it be the right side or the left side? He pulls it to one side, then he says, “I will pull both sides,” and then twists up his moustache. Then he thinks, “No, no, it’s better when it’s pointing down,” and then he looks at himself again. All of you here, young and old, have done this. There isn’t a single one of you who has not done this, be it consciously or unconsciously. The young ones are doing this right now. Someone wants to steal a certain young woman and he goes to her and says, “Listen, we will live together. I am very noble. Your old folks do not live well but when you live with me you will have all the comforts.” And he starts enumerating, “You will have a house, you will have this and that, we will live in the Kingdom of God like Angels.” “Really?” she asks. “Really, really,” he answers, “Don’t look at how your parents live for they are ignorant and they do not know, but see, I, on the other hand…” and he tugs on his moustache. All right then, they get married and what happens next? Nothing but the same old, fashionable lie, for they end up living just like her parents have lived. A man, who twists his moustache like that, cannot live well. Anybody who twists his moustache up cannot live well, no matter how hard he tries. I am not talking about your personal life but I am trying to explain a psychological point about consciousness. I do not know why and for what purpose, but this young man thinks about his moustache every day. Now, the young woman, too, starts raising her eyebrows and stroking them before the mirror. She tells him, “You should know, sweetheart, I am not like my mother. I am from a different culture. I will do this and that,” but she, too, does not speak the Truth. Those who stroke their eyebrows, too, cannot live well. The moustache and the eyebrows are two symbols, two metaphors. I will explain in some other way why he says, “Right or left?” This rule talks to itself like this, “I will speak the Truth to him if he touches his right eyebrow." Then, if he touches his left eyebrow, it says, “Why don’t I say a little lie to him? Some darkness won’t hurt; I can tell a little bit of Truth and a little bit of lie and that is how life goes.” For example, sometimes the young woman makes her eyebrows look thicker and sometimes she wants them thin; then she says, “Oh, this is no good and that is no good. Oh, oh!” This is no laughing matter; this is a psychological law. Sometimes you say these same things to yourself, but if you understand the law of your consciousness, you may be able to see and use things differently. In that case, a change of consciousness takes place, as well as a change in your heart, your mind, and your will, and if you have a correct grasp, you will be able to use the moment; if not, all these favourable conditions in Life will pass and you will say, “We were not successful in our work.” I am not saying that this is bad, but you should know that every tug leads to certain consequences. And the same law is at work when the young man puts it in his mind to stroke his moustache. Back in time, before the fall of man, when the original man stroked his moustache to the right or left, he also pronounced a certain formula, he pronounced certain words: particular words for when he stroked his moustache to the right and other words for the left. The young woman, too, has to pronounce certain words. And now, you do not pronounce any formulas. For example, if you are to pronounce the word Love, how are you going to pronounce it? The word Love has its key. First, you need to put in the key, then you need to prepare yourself, and only then will you pronounce the word Love; only then will it have a meaning. Another time, when you are to say the Truth, you will need to put in the key first: the key of Truth. All things have their own key and when you use it, these things will be understood in your mind. Now, I cannot cover everything because there are proselytes here. And who do we call proselytes? Once, in England, there used to live a very eloquent preacher. He was so eloquent that his entire audience, the rich and the poor, would be so captured that they would forget about everything. A thief, whose trade was not going very well, heard about this and thought to himself, “I will pretend to be a worshipper and then I will sit among these enraptured ones so I can fill up my pocket. I will have a great profit." So he goes there and sits with the rest. The preacher starts speaking, everybody is enraptured, and so is the thief. When the sermon was over, the thief thought to himself, “I missed the moment.” He left but vowed to himself, “Next time I will not become enraptured. I need to exert some willpower. I am a pickpocket and so I should not be enraptured but I should be feeling their purses, instead.” However, the second time, he became enraptured again, and so he did the third time, too, and so, finally he thought to himself, “I will not go to this devil any more, because I will lose my trade.” Likewise, when God’s Spirit starts talking eloquently like this inside you, you too, will become enraptured in the Divine Truth and so, if an evil spirit comes to you, he too will become enraptured and will say, “I should not go to his gathering because I will lose my trade.” And when he leaves, you will be free. The first thing an esoteric disciple needs is to have an eloquent preacher in himself, and when this preacher speaks, then the disciple’s mind, heart and willpower will lose themselves in this poetic expression, in this loving speech that comes out of the preacher’s mouth. And so I say to all who are in the Esoteric School: every one of you should express their nature freely, the way God has made you. And I do not want you to change; I want you to be the way you are but I want you to have an eloquent preacher in yourselves. And when your preacher speaks, you should be happy with him. I call this preacher the Spirit of great Life in all Existence. You can call him any way you like, but he is the Spirit of Life in all Existence. He can speak at any time, but in order for him to speak, a mind, a heart, and willpower are necessary. Not wilfulness, not a cruel heart, not a misunderstood mind, but a mind filled with Light is necessary, and a heart filled with Purity, and a will filled with power to put everything into practice. Now, you, the young ones, can test my words tonight by touching your moustache. Do not laugh. If you laugh that means that you have not understood this matter; you should be very serious. Think about why you want to stroke your moustache. The old ones, too, sometimes put their fingers on their moustache. Stop and think for a minute why you have grown a moustache, what was the original cause of this, why were you given a moustache. You can give yourself whatever answer you would like. And think also about why you were given eyebrows. You may not solve this problem, but some thought or some light is bound to come out of your thinking about it. Consequently, this eloquent preacher will give you a wise interpretation. Do not share it with anyone, but keep it for yourself. And so, I want all disciples who enter the Esoteric School to be rising like the Sun, because the School of Light is a sunrise for us. The Order of Light represents a sunrise, and the Order of Darkness represents a sunset. Now, I group you like this: if you are setting, you are with the Order of Darkness; if you are rising, you are with the Brotherhood of Light. The Brotherhood of Light is always rising; the morning is their time. The Brotherhood of Darkness is always setting. Therefore, we need to have an understanding of these two moments of Life. If we say, “You have risen,” then you are of the Brotherhood of Light. If we say, “You have set,” then you are with the Brotherhood of Darkness. We know that there is no sunset in the Brotherhood of Light, and if someone says that his Sun has risen, then we know that he is from the Brotherhood of Light. Now you see what enormous difference there is in the esoteric view. The Sun’s setting shows that you are on the wrong path, and you should, therefore, turn your consciousness into the direction of the sunrise. Now, in saying that the old ones are setting, I made a differentiation. When I say young, I mean the Order of Light, and when I say old, I mean the Order of Darkness. This is a symbol: the old, in getting older, represent the Order of Darkness, but they represent it in form and not in content. They resemble the Order of Darkness in their life and so they must pray. When a man gets old, he becomes decrepit and is in a sour mood. When he sees a young one play, the old one wrinkles his brow and says, “What is this fool making all this racket for?” When the old one sees the young one push his way around, he says, “Keep your hand away from me, do not do this in front of me, for only I know this art; you should not learn it,” and in saying so, the old one is moralizing the young one. No, this is not right. Instead of acting this way, the old one should say to himself, “I used to be like him once,” and now he has moved to the left. The old one should not become angry. Therefore, we should always be young; we should never judge others. And when the Scriptures say, “Do not judge,” it means the following: everyone who judges becomes old and nothing more - this is the rule. Show me one person who judges and has not become old. He, who judges, becomes angry. This is not right; this is misunderstanding things. This is sliding down. Both the anvil and the hammer that beats incessantly on the anvil wear out in the process and no one gains anything. And the beautiful in Life is this: to think only about the great goods that God has created and to endeavor to be as wise and loving as God. And let us leave He who is all-wise to put Life in order. Because when we say that we live by God, we should do this not only passively, but we should rectify our life. A brother of yours may say, “I am rich; I have an income of ten thousand leva.” Some other brother somewhere else steals one or two thousand leva and people say, “One of the Brotherhood of Light did it.” Well, he is not a Brother of Light, but a Brother of Darkness if he stole ten or twenty thousand leva. Then I say, “Here, take this money, brother. I will even give you interest on it, how much do you want?” Then we will pay honestly, for there is no lie in us. Now, how many of you are ready to pay for someone else? I do not know. Those, who are outside, pay for their brothers who are in the School. And then, there are others, who, when they hear that someone else is paying, demand, “Let him pay for me, too.” No, no, I am pointing out an internal principle. This is a state of mind. Let us all be so loving in our souls, so as not to criticize anyone, because if we criticize, that means that the Spirit is not in us. All of you have experienced this: he, who has sinned and criticized, has lost their Spirit. When you make the smallest criticism in your soul, you will lose your Spirit; the Spirit will be extinguished by all means. And now, one of you who has experienced this, even in the smallest form, should say if this is true or not. Therefore, should the Spirit start speaking in you, you should pay attention. You should aspire for the higher, you should have a correct understanding of the Divine law and you should have no negative thoughts. Then the Spirit in you will explain everything to you and you will evolve with each day and will pass from one glory to another. I demand this of all who are young. I consider all of you young. Why? Because I count you towards the Order of Light; for all, whose consciousness has awoken, are from the Order of Light. Under the present conditions, all those whose consciousness is awake, should belong to the Order of Light. The old is an emblem of the Order of Darkness. The Order of Darkness is not bad in itself, but in Life these two orders do not follow one and the same principle; they do not follow the same laws. They have their own laws according to which they progress and acquire knowledge. Those in the Order of Light, who want to show the slightest levity, have lost the best conditions of Life for thousands and thousands of years and have no good conditions today. There was a time in the evolution of humankind when it was an honor to be in the Order of Darkness. Back then, the Light ones were setting and the Dark ones were rising. Now it’s the reverse process: now it is an honor to be in the Brotherhood of Light and it is a dishonor to be in the Brotherhood of Darkness. And now you, being disciples of the Esoteric School, should consider it a great privilege and an honor to be members - proselytes, believers or disciples - of the Great Universal Brotherhood of Light, which comes to introduce the New culture in Life. And, as such, you should prepare not in the future, but you should be preparing right now, already. You can start today, or tomorrow, or the day after, for you have the conditions to work; work quietly, silently, and wisely to put the Divine Laws into practice. You will work the way Light works. (The Master collects all the notes.) Now, I have paid you, therefore I can keep these notes for myself. Are you content? If someone isn’t, I can pay him some more, i.e. I will spend more time with him individually. Some of you have not signed your names on your papers. Those of you who have not signed, should do so, otherwise your wish will not come true conscientiously. See how you wanted to outsmart me, but I outsmarted you in the end. I caught all the trickery of the disciple, and in this case, I have backed you into a corner. So, you did not trust me completely and that is why you did not sign your name. Yes, this is not an accusation, but trickery. The facts say that there is no signature, right? Now, I will let you sign and correct your mistakes. I will not give you back your papers but I will make a deal with you: I will give you your old papers when you bring me the new ones, but I need them signed with your names. The intensity of thought everyone exerts in writing the papers will indicate for me if the work has been signed or not. (The Master picked out a paper and read.) He wants good for the entire humankind, and wants nothing for himself, and so we will fulfill his wish. It is all right, this is not a great mistake, but I need a signature of some kind. I do not mean a signature literally, but I mean it in essence. In other words, when one writes something and is afraid that others might know his thoughts, then this is the fear of the physical plane. However, when one writes something in order to express oneself, then those sentences are dedicated to the willpower, i.e. he has signed and these sentences will contribute a great deal; such sentences will live on. Now I will revise your work and I will give you explanations. I will read them over and I will see in what direction your thought was going. These psychological intentions will be interesting for me. I will take my time to turn over every leaf separately; I will read them over individually. It will take me at least three months to look over your papers but your wishes will come true in due time and space. Some wishes will come true in a year, others in two, and some in three years - it all depends. Generally speaking, everything comes true. When will they come true is a question, an esoteric problem to solve. Source
  25. Note 4 On The Path Thirteenth lecture by Master Beinsa Douno held before the Universal esoteric class on May 26th 1922, Thursday, 11-12:00 Vitosha Mountain. Now, bear in mind that I do not wish to judge you; this is about the application of the principle of Love. If you can apply it, this is all right, but if you judge one another, you cannot have love. In an assembly just one cannot be blamed, rather it will be the case that either all are righteous, or all are wrong. If a penalty is given, all of you will bear it and if a blessing is given, again it will be intended for all of you. So, I ask of you to apply the Divine principle of Love - you should apply it, I should not impose it upon you as if I do so, then this will not be Love but coercion. I told you that if after the end of my talk you start looking for the one who is to blame, I shall not speak at all. Arrange these matters among yourselves in the spirit of brotherhood; apply the great principle of Love. Only because an organization is created, this principle will not be perfect. For you still cannot grasp how the principle may be applied. Do not grieve the Divine Spirit. What is being done is not against me but against God. Who will speak to you then? Can a commission be selected which will ascertain that the rules of order are adhered to? You can choose seven people; you are able to do this. You will obey, everything you do will be based on the principle of Love, do you understand? You should set this rule; if you do not, the principle cannot work and you will be subordinated to the same principles that the world, the state, and the church were founded upon, and then nothing will be successful. I will touch on a number of elements of Love in its new manifestation. It is one thing to speak of Love and quite another to experience it - this is what we are concerned with now. When a student or a musician makes a mistake, if he plays falsely, the teacher cannot forgive him. There are things in the world, which can be forgiven, but there are things that cannot. When someone takes money from you, you can forgive him, but when a great musician plays, he is not allowed to strike a false note; he will have to do no more than is necessary to correct the note. It is a necessary principle and Life does not forgive - we have to correct the note. Life is music and everyone wants to play it as they know. Take for instance a bandmaster; I say, according to the principle his life has to be reformed, as one can only be a musician if one has Love. Everyone has to live in compliance with the principle of Love. And if you do not wish to live like this, no one can impose it on you forcibly. Only with your good will can you live this way. And I know that you all want to live, you wish for your lives to be harmonious and for yourselves to be happy. You, the disciples have tested me do you understand? You acted as a teacher, and as you become teachers, I am prepared to leave the school. I am ready to accept from you each thought, your every feeling, all of this and no more. If the Divine Spirit speaks through you, and expresses certain Divine thoughts, then I will accept them, the source is still the same. Our desire is for the Love of God to be manifested among us in all its completeness - this is the only way to succeed. If we do not apply this principle, there will be no success but only constant misunderstandings. Sometimes when I join you I feel a heavy and disharmonious atmosphere, do you understand? Just as smoke renders breathing hard in a café, it feels the same when I am among you. You do not want this either; you suffer from it but do not know how to liberate yourselves. And I want to show you a method you can use to release this weight. This will not happen at once but I will show you a principle and you will work on it. Now I do not judge you; such was the old teaching. I want you to apply to yourselves the principle of the great Divine Love; thus, young and old have to respect each other, to honour and forgive each other. Now, for instance, when I leave you will start looking for the one to blame. If someone always has to be pointed at as guilty, the world will never change for the better. For finding somebody to blame shall not set things right - even if we hang or imprison him, someone else will take his place and there will always be someone guilty. All right then, are you ready to accept what I am going to tell you now? (Everyone replies: Yes, we are.) Now ask your inner selves this question - if you accept it and apply it in accordance with the principle of Love, this shall be a blessing for you. Sing the song “Bless my soul, dear God”. Look at living Nature around us - it is a Divine abode, a Divine home. And all the energies that are stored in it have different directions; each energy has its own channel through which to flow. When we need energy for our stomach, it comes through food, when we need energy for our lungs, it comes through the air we breathe, when we need energy for our eyes, it comes through light; when we need energy from the spoken word, it comes through our sense of hearing, when we need the energy of the aroma of flowers, we can receive it through our sense of smell. Now you have accepted a philosophy; you want to receive all of these various energies through your mouth. We are talking about Love but Love can be accepted through your mouth, your eyes, ears, nose – anywhere. When Love is accepted through the mouth, it will have one effect if it is accepted through the nose - another and so on. It depends on how we accept Divine Love. Now, you speak of Love; you still have not loved. I will conduct a microscopic experiment, I want to ask you what Love is, how you have felt it, if you have had one vivid experience of Divine Love. You have small experiences of Love, but how long did this Love last for? Tell me now, was there such an experience in your lives when Love took over your soul, your mind, your heart for a whole year, do you have the experience where Love overcame you for a whole month, do you have the experience when Love overwhelmed your soul for a month, do you have the experience where Love overcame you for a day? If Love swept over you at once, you would not reason at all, you would decide on the spot and your decision would not be the silliest, but the wisest one. When Divine Love operates in the world, it operates through the best methods. And you should all keep in mind that in order for Divine Love to inhabit us, the Spirit has to work on our physical and Spiritual bodies for a very long time to prepare them to accept the energy. If the intensive energy of Love were to pass through our bodies now, then it would have the effect of melting us. Therefore, Divine Love constantly adapts in accordance with the condition of our spiritual bodies and the level of development we have achieved; our Spirit works incessantly. If you hinder the Spirit, who works inside you whom will you harm? And it keeps working, conducting a sort of installation. If progress is made but you unscrew the whole installation, whom do you harm? – No one but yourselves. Say, for instance, you have a bad thought, whom do you harm? -Yourselves. You have doubts; whom do you harm? - Yourselves. You fear; whom do you harm? - Yourselves. Now fear has taken its place in the modern world. Why does doubt appear? For we know both fear and doubt. Fear is only a trait, a feature of our hearts. If you could only know how negative fear is! For instance, you fear losing your life. Someone promised to give you money, you doubt it; doubt, on the other hand, is a negative feature of the mind. So, if you can doubt that someone will pay you back, then you doubt the possibility of this happening. Thus, you transfer your doubt from men onto God. Sometimes you doubt me, I can read your thoughts: “Maybe you do not speak on behalf of God but on your own behalf”. But I always distinguish between my own thoughts and Divine thoughts. Inside me, my thoughts and God’s thoughts are strictly determined; I can then direct each of my own thoughts to the left and every Divine thought to the right, i. e. I say, ”This is Divine, and this is human”. And now were my actions inspired by Divinity or by my purely human side? They caused you to fear that you would lose something. Now, fear implies that your Love is on the outside and fear has taken Love’s place - on the inside, do you understand? And the reason why you cannot live in harmony with yourselves is because fear lives within you. If I came to your house and said, “Lend me two thousand leva,” and you have three thousand, you would say you needed it while in fact you did not. And yet you claim to be a man who believes in God and has Love. You have no Love but merely fear. If I came and asked you a favour – you would state clearly, “I am not inclined to give you anything even though I have money in my safe.” This is what an evangelist said in Varna when someone asked to borrow some money, “I have money in my safe, but I cannot lend any to you, for I do not trust you”. Why should I lend you money and then only fight over it; if you want me to give you money, as I would to a brother, then I will. Fear - this state shows that Divine Love is not working. It begins to work and then you hinder it. For example, if a sister of yours erred in some way, how many of you would gather in the evening and pray for her, saying: “God, fill the heart of our sister, let her know”? Instead of this when you see her, when you go out you would only criticize her. When you go out, do not talk about her. You do not have the courage to speak up and tell the Truth – you are not brave, you are faint-hearted, and yet you claim to be righteous. When I say brave, I do not mean you should be rude. Brave is the one who can speak the Truth – no more, no less. So, Truth in Love itself would say, “Brother, you are going one way but this method is not the right one”. (A dog barks at a cow) Now, take this Cow. The cow represents the Good inside you, and the dogs represent the lower passions – the inferior intellect, which is chasing away the cow. It is not her fault that she is here and the dogs interfere with a type of work, which is beyond them - for no one has appointed them to guard; nevertheless, to show that they are righteous, they will chase the cow away. I will tell you a truth: Life through exposing others’ mistakes will never be reformed. If we expose each other, we will never improve. Now you shall have patience. I had given you an assignment for today - to write about your biggest shortcoming, did you write? (-Yes.) Collect the papers and read them. Well, will you sell your deficiencies to me? I want to buy them, how much money do you want? No, no, I will pay (Brother Stoychev: So that you can take us for an outing for one month a year, to teach us; one month in Turnovo - for everyone, and then one month - only for those of us who are here.) It shall be done when you apply the principle of Love, it shall be done. You will experience God; we will apply the principle of Love. God’s word is law; if we abide by it, we shall see what we are capable of doing. Now, I will take these shortcomings of yours and when we enter the Spiritual School we will work without them. I will only grant you half a credit now, as I do not have much money. I have half of the sum at my disposal, I can pay it over a month and a half, but I do not have enough for three months - to be honest, I can only pay half. How do you want it - in cash or another form? I can pay one thousand leva, ten thousand leva, or thirty thousand leva. (-We do not want money.) This is what can be done. Once you fall in love with your shortcomings, you will improve. This is a separate topic and we will reach it in due course, there are methods you will use. These defects are at the same time virtues: to be selfish is not bad in itself, but to be as selfish as to harm yourself - this is bad; to have the kind of impatience that makes you run for your life when in danger is correct. But when you have taken on important work, then impatience is misplaced. When someone or something threatens you, you have to be impatient. You should be aware already how to employ some of these qualities. Now, what you wish for shall be done. What we have set out to do we can do in two days or in a month, in two months or three months - the principle remains the same, we can do it, the Scripture says, "For with God nothing shall be impossible”. And you have very rightly raised the issue of the need for you to spend one month close to Nature - you shall be patient. (Brother Stoychev: We will be here, in the woods, if the Master decides to escape we will outstrip him, otherwise if he were in the city, how would we find him? Everyone laughs and so does the Master.) Now use your intuition to choose a commission of seven people from the Brotherhood that will see to the observance of order. They shall be selected for the duration of one year, when this year ends, others shall be chosen. (-May the first be chosen by the Master, the second one - by the first, the third – by the second and so forth.) All right, I select Nacho Petrov. (The latter chooses Stoyan Rousev, he chooses Elena Ivanova, she- Cohen, he- Iliya Stoychev, Zdravka Popova and Theresa Keremidchieva.) Do they agree? (-Yes.) (Brother Tolev: Let us never again speak of the aforementioned accident, as if nothing happened at all. Brother Grablashev: If it is useful, let us speak of it.) Listen to me now, I will decide the matter: you have the right to talk about my mistakes but if you decide to speak about your own mistakes, I shall punish you. You may speak about my mistake, you may say, “Our Master made a mistake!” You may speak but say nothing but the Truth, make no exaggerations. When you speak, do so quietly and calmly, first of all address your minds to God, ask him: “God I wish to tell about this incident, may I do so?” If God allows you to speak about it, do so but if he does not - remain silent. And if something is gnawing at your mind that may be merely a worm and a worm can be of no use to you whatsoever. Now I will explain why you cannot talk about certain things when you are located at six hundred metres altitude. Imagine you are a hundred meters deep in water; will you be able to speak? - No, you will not. When you emerge a hundred metres above the water, the conditions enable you to speak - there is air. Consequently, at six hundred metres in depth, the conditions are not favourable - you will swallow water, at two thousand meters you can speak, as there is enough air. In our Spiritual School, when I inform you of an outing, it is as if we use our keys to unlock a door – you then become connected to the Invisible world. For instance, I assigned the sisters a task but you never completed correctly even one of my orders. This is exactly what happened earlier, I told you: over the period of one year, you shall all go to Vitosha but absolutely no one has to know, you can only tell me. I did not instruct you to retail it to the whole city. Consequently, you should have waited and told others about it only once the test was finished; while it was in progress, you should have remained silent. As a result, some undesired accidents occurred. So, when you are given a task, I want you to follow my instructions strictly. If we have decided on twelve o’clock - twelve is definitive! You, as you come, will judge by the results. Before you have done something you shall not draw any conclusions, the test has to be entirely carried out. Moreover, when you are being tested, you should not insist on the smallest details. One says, “We shall choose Full Moon”; no, you will choose a dark night, as only then will you see God. You should trust in God; when you look for Full Moon, this means you do not confide in him, the task is only carried out half way through. The task is that this must be done on a dark night - when it is stormy and rainy and there is thunder, then you shall go out, you shall pray and God will speak to you. Then again, you will think, “I may catch a cold.” when Divine matters are concerned, you will not catch a cold. I serve as example: I have sat by my room’s window in wintertime so many years to give talks. Had it been someone else - a professor - he would have come down with pneumonia in no more than a month. Then, how many of those who stayed outside got a cold? These are minute experiments but they are true experiments. Let someone else come and speak for an hour and a half in the cold, we will see what will become of him. You need to strengthen your faith for this principle to work. I told you: do not expect much, the results will be small, microscopic, as the present conditions do not favour big achievements. But from these small experiences we will achieve very good results in our own time. I congratulate you; you carried out this experiment with great zeal. I told you to think it over for a whole year and instead you finished it in two weeks. It can be repeated but in a new variation. Now, this test will be slightly harder but it will bring better results. The trials I give you will chase the fear away from your hearts; you will learn to trust in God. And then when you go out in a dark night, the eyes, the sight will be toned, your every nerve will be strained, your mind is present in every part of your body - this is good. When you go out in Vitosha, it will seem that many dangers await you; you might think you see a bear or a wolf, your hearts will leap. I know, for some of you, your hearts leaped twenty times. And anyone in the city, who hears that you went out to Vitosha on a dark night, will say: “He is out of his mind - to discredit a man or a woman like this.” This is why I am telling you, no one should know. If a man or woman goes, this is something you should remain silent about; once you have tried it yourselves you can speak from your own experience. We will experience more. We will create the necessary conditions for those brothers who do not have the possibility of completing the task, so long as they have Love in their hearts. I will find favourable conditions for them but they need to get in touch with Nature within themselves - according to the principle of Love. Then I may work together with them as a teacher can only work with able students. When you are alone we cannot do all the work. You need to do the work and so do I. For there will be outings, tests, which I will be the first to carry out and then I will say, “You may start now, the way is clear.” For instance, you have caused me great apprehension: during these two weeks, I could not sleep as there was such disharmony and anything could have happened. There were villains in town that had made up their minds to follow you and I had to apply/focus/ my mind to dissuade them. You think God will guard you; we have to be clever, only then will God guard us. You shall not pass a second time through Dragalevtsi, you will not take the road but shall walk out of the village; and you will enter the darkest woods - they will be the safest. So, you will achieve excellent results, these tests will give you greater decisiveness, you will become healthier, your minds will be sharper and your thoughts - more vivid. And when you come back from such a test you will think clearer. I have noticed that those who have completed the task after they return reason very well a person, who is brave, can reason very well. But now we will all decide. One thing that the Universal Brotherhood requires is for us to be completely faithful to the principles it teaches us. Faithful, faithful! These principles are absolute and cannot change. And once they set a task we have to complete it with no mistakes - once, twice, until they are satisfied; then you will see. You want tests, trials, then let us carry out this experiment: the sky is cloudy, we shall say: “May these clouds disappear at once!” the second day the skies are clear, we then say “May there be clouds!” on the third day the barometer points it will be dry, we say “Let it rain!” and it will rain. I call all these experiments microscopic and they can be completed for you to see that there are principles in the world, which we can use. In Nature, there are friends who can help us. However, this is not a matter of curiosity but a way to reinforce your faith, to demonstrate that when one loves God, one is capable of anything. Then I will not choose just any day, I will choose a day when there is great drought, when people need rain - this is when we will carry out the experiment. So, it will rain not to satisfy your curiosity but to use this Divine energy. Let us say there is drought, it is clear; we will carry out the experiment to bring about clouds, to prove to these people that we will use everything in the name of Good. A Teacher is never allowed to waste the Divine energy and neither is a disciple. This is why we will start researching all forms of Life in Nature – we will study the plant kingdom. These are features that Nature has given us. All forms save their energy. From plants, we learn how to use energy - to do a lot of work quickly. Now I will say one thing: I am truly satisfied with you. You see I am satisfied with you because you do all you can. I cannot ask for more. Sometimes you even do more than is required and this is where your mistakes come from - from excessive zeal. For instance, I instructed someone to go to the plateau; instead, he went to Black peak. This is good as well, the task is to the plateau but you insist on more. I tell you to go out of town to arrive to the destination in four hours; he did this over two and a half-hours. But you will only hurt yourself like this, take your time, do not hurry! But you are very expeditious, wishing to do it quicker. No, you will take your time. For each task you are given, you will take the necessary time – you will not shorten the time you need, you will use it to carry out your tasks successfully. You need to take account of these remarks. If you get there, in two hours and a half, this is not bad but it will result in a misfortune, you will lose more energy than you need. You may fall ill in two weeks and then you will say, “I went and so now I am unwell.” Then, when we speak of brotherhood and equality, this does not infer a depreciation of the human soul. No, we understand them as a manifestation of human individuality - if possible, the manifestation of the spiritual conscience in a superior form. Initially, you have the conscience of a child, you expect to be helped and you cry. So, the mother and the father of this child take care of it and provide it with milk. But the child then grows up, its conscience broadens and it is fully emancipated, and has become free and independent. This is why I say that our conscience has to broaden. We can achieve this and this is God’s will. When a sister has a good wish, do not obstruct her but wish her good even if she does not do well - she will do better the second time. We are faced with a big dilemma: you have one great task, but you have a past that is so interwoven that as you are gathered most of you are positively charged elements. This is why it is hard; you do not attract but repel one another. You have some energies inside you but do you know how much harm these energies have caused the world? Now we say: watermills help the world but when we eat the ground product we take in the idea of the stone’s role and we want to crush, to bring people down as the energy of this stone has been transmitted to the bread and the bread in turn has instilled it in us. This is the esoteric knowledge on the matter. Most of you are positive, so now we need to make you half positive, half negative and then our work will be successful. We will show you the principle of how to become positive or negative - we will give you the rules. Here, in the midst of Nature is where you will study this; you cannot do this in the city - only in the midst of Nature. Let us say you are feeling unwell one day; we will tell you a rule, after you work on it for four hours you will feel an expansion, a change within yourself and will be ready to make concessions. You will see the results for yourself. But this will not take place now - before we come to these trials we have to practice minor ones. As I said: you will save your time, I do not want the time you need to put into your other affairs - I only want you to dedicate your spare time, when you have nothing to do. I do not want you to say I take up much of your time - I only want your free time, one hour a day to devote to the school. This is one of the best rules. If I required ten hours of each of you, that would be something else. No, one hour. This is something any of you can do. Now let each disciple note what she wants from me - the most important things that you need, whatever each of you wants. Express it as a short suggestion. You need a Bible or a Gospel, a pen, an inkpot, or a room. You should ask for significant things, those you need - the most significant things you need. (A question is posed, “Should we remain anonymous or should we sign?”) Let them know who you are at the top but not at the bottom. Downstairs you remain anonymous, with pseudonyms. May your requests be of materialistic, spiritual or mental nature. Now, the test to Vitosha will be repeated in a different form. Those of you, who have not gone, carry out your task as a group because next week I will give a second task and we will complete this task in a week, we will carry it out in a night. I will be with you and will tell you what the task will consist of; it will not be difficult. We shall use the present weather, as it is the most favourable. Two or three weeks from now, we will still have the necessary conditions. But in a month or two there will not be favourable conditions. But now it is favourable to complete the task I will give you. Thank you for giving me a free hand so that I could speak to you. As if the disciples bind the Master and say: “Speak, Master!” how could I speak? The Good prayer Source