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  1. From Dawning of a New Epoch, Beinsa Duno Greetings to All for the New Year 1914 “While you have the Light, believe in the Light, that you may become sons of Light.”[1] John 12:36 Divine Light is for the soul what the light of the Sun is for the body. Nourishment, growth, and the development of the physical body are unthinkable without the light of the Sun. In the same way it is impossible for the soul to grow, develop, and give fruit without Divine Light. As the Sun is the source of visible light, so God is the source of inner Light for the soul. In the same way the sunshine is an emanation of the Sun, though not the Sun itself, the inner Light is an emanation of God, but not God Himself. The solar light reminds us of the Sun, while the inner Light leads us to God. On a cloudy day it is difficult to immediately locate the Sun when the sky is overcast. But we can still do this by using our knowledge and experience: based on the hour of the day and time of the year we can judge approximately the actual position of the Sun. After that, if we focus our attention in that direction, we will perhaps see a brighter light and thus, we begin to perceive the Sun in the sky, even through the darkness. In the same way, when we have the Divine Light within ourselves sent by God, with similar efforts, using our experience and knowledge, we could and should search for God. When a child is born, the parents provide all the necessary conditions for the child’s future growth and physical development. Similarly, inner Light, which is necessary for the development and growth of souls, is given to human beings at birth. Good conditions are necessary for us to fulfill our desire to go to Heaven. Such conditions enhance the spiritual cleansing and advancement of the soul. Heaven is a place for souls that are spiritually mature, purified, and adorned in “wedding gowns.” To be “sons of Light” means to be given good conditions in life and to use them, and to make good use of the Light given for our spiritual progress. The work with the Light is a process of purifying the soul and bringing it to fruition. The light of the Sun provides the necessary conditions for plants to feed on earthly saps and transform them into nourishment in the leaves of the plant. This in turn, enables the plants to grow and bear fruit. Our soul, too, is like a plant that needs to bear fruit. Through the heart it puts forth roots into the physical world: these roots are our desires. Thoughts and desires are the saps that make the soul grow, giving it the opportunity of bearing good fruits. We can become good through our thoughts and desires. However, our thoughts and feelings become valuable only when they come together and are manifested in unity. If they come to realization, we say that our soul did bear fruit by using the soil or conditions it was given. In the same way as solar Light is vital for transforming the saps into building elements important for the plant’s growth and fruit-bearing, Divine Light ensures the transformation of our thoughts and desires into good deeds, fruits of the soul. To be Sons of Light means to make use of the Light, to utilize the God-given conditions of living and to bear spiritual fruit through the Light. As sons of Light we all have individual relations to the Source of Light: God. At different times God gives us different conditions for development. And each soul understands its close relationship with God differently, according to the conditions for developing and improving in which God, as our Guide, places us at any given moment. We need to be saved in order to enter the Heavenly Kingdom. Salvation itself is not enough, unless we can make use of it. Salvation means that God saves us from unfavorable conditions in which we cannot progress, and places us in different conditions where our soul, mind, and heart can evolve further. When we free someone from prison, we take them out of the conditions that were hindering and paralyzing their development and place them in more favorable conditions. However, those who are saved need to use the new conditions and continue to improve themselves and gain knowledge and experience. Otherwise, in spite of their favorable conditions, they would not develop; they would not progress even with the salvation they have been given. In this respect, we, who have been saved by Jesus Christ are relieved of unfavorable conditions obstructing our progress, and are placed in new conditions of Divine Light and Grace, which we should use for our development and improvement. Liberation leads to freedom. A person who is liberated from prison is delivered into freedom. We, too, who are saved by Jesus Christ, are freed through Christ-consciousness. True life is hidden in every one of us—in our soul that is connected with the Source of Life, since the Creator Himself has breathed this living soul into us. It is this hidden life, this Divine Spark in us that is constantly indignant, sighing, dissatisfied, and yearning for something different and higher. This hidden life is the impetus behind any progress; it is the driving force moving us forward in our evolution. When the Divine spark finds itself in conditions that obstruct its manifestation and natural growth, it is not free. And vice versa: freedom is that moment when the powerful hidden, spiritual life is taken out of the limiting situation and is placed in conditions that are favorable for its development and manifestation. Hence, freedom comes as a result of salvation. Those who are not saved are not free. And vice versa: if someone has inner freedom and experiences his soul connected with the Creator and the Soul of all people in the world without feeling any hindrance to that oneness, this person is saved. Wrongdoing is an obstacle to salvation as those caught up in sin are not free. Therefore, the Apostle Paul tells the Romans that when we are saved, we have been set free from sin.[2] There are certain signs that indicate whether we are free or not. These signs are our sufferings, which signal that our life needs to enter into new conditions of existence. When we enter into a period of favorable conditions, sufferings are not felt. For example, Angels are free; they have favorable conditions for the manifestation of their inner life. Saints are not slaves of the conditions they find themselves in; they have not complained or experienced sufferings, because their spiritual life has been more thoroughly manifested and raised into the higher conditions of the Divine atmosphere, where they are free. Therefore, if we suffer, we need to attune our inner life to higher vibrations. If we raise and intensify our inner life, if we connect with the mighty Elevated Light Beings, we will be free, and we will not suffer any more. This means that we will be sons of Light, as we have made good use of the conditions we have been given. Those who are sons of Light profit from both the light and the dark side of life. In other words, they are able to utilize for their uplifting both happiness and sorrow, assistance as well as obstacles. A teacher offers his students not only a smooth easy path with good conditions, but also with some obstacles to overcome. Favorable circumstances help in achieving knowledge, but limiting conditions and obstacles bring experience. Those who are free are not without obstacles in their path, but they easily overcome them and move forward, while those who are not free are hindered by the obstacles. Therefore, God, as a perfect Teacher, gives His children challenges that they need to overcome. Only then will they become free and strong. Often we complain about our sufferings, and have negative thoughts and desires. This is not helpful, as sufferings provide the conditions for the soul to grow and mature, or, more precisely, for its fruits to ripen. Our Heavenly Father has given us such challenges for us to overcome and conquer, to turn them into our servants instead of our masters, and in this way to become worthy, mighty in Good and rich in Spirit. It cannot be otherwise because “from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”[3] And this violence is a struggle, “for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places.”[4] Hence, when we “wrestle against the rulers of darkness of this age” we are sons of Light and we will receive help from Heaven. Therefore, we should seek only this help and be prepared to “put on the whole armor of God”[5]: the belt of Truth, the armor of Justice, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the Spirit, Divine Words, and to pray with all our heart and soul at all times. And so, if we want to be sons of Light, we need to use all the situations of life—good or bad, favorable or otherwise—in which we find ourselves at any given moment and, by using them for our growth, we will free ourselves from those that are unfavorable, in other words, we will become free. In this way, through our experience and with the knowledge we gain, we will find God, the Source of Light. Thus, the sons of Light become joyful, do not despair in their souls, attain a Divine balance within themselves and introduce it into the world. In human relationships and activities there are two kinds of law. The first category includes laws of a mechanical nature that have two aspects: addition and subtraction. The second category includes Laws of a Divine nature whose two aspects are multiplication and division. Wrongdoing is always followed by activities of the first category. For example, Adam and Eve came together; they added themselves through the fruit and also through the serpent. Thus, they displayed disobedience and pride, so God chased them out of Heaven. Another example is women gathering together to bring bad on themselves by gossiping and criticizing people. In so doing, they display the shortcomings not only of others, but also of themselves. The rich man in the Scriptures made a granary and gathered his grain without making use of it in a Divine way. For this reason, God took his soul that same night. Diamonds are expensive and lustrous—a sign of having achieved the crown of worldly living. Yet, although they can accumulate and refract the sun's rays, they are totally unable to amplify them. The grain of wheat is modest and inexpensive, but when sown in the ground, it multiplies. Such is the spiritual person. The good and faithful servant multiplies the talents of his master[6], thus fulfilling the Divine Law. The seed sown in good ground multiplies 30, 60, or 100-fold.[7] When God created the first human beings, He commanded them to “be fruitful and multiply.”[8] You should multiply any talents and gifts you have. The wife should see in her husband only his good qualities, which she should try to multiply. As a result, the husband will begin to confide in her his feelings, his thankfulness, and to share with her his endeavors. Thus, he will give back what he has received from his wife, and he will love, appreciate, and support her. The husband should behave in the same way. If one sees shortcomings in the other, it is better not to display them to others, but to try to transform them into good traits and when they become such, to multiply them. It is said in the Scripture that the Kingdom of Heaven is like leaven and a mustard seed[9], which means, that when the elements of this Kingdom enter the human soul and spirit, they will multiply. In this way God will share His Kingdom with them. From this point of view, when it is said that we should be sons of Light, this implies expansion and multiplication; it implies making appropriate use of all conditions in which we find ourselves for the good of ourselves and of our neighbors. As the reproduction of plants and animals is possible only through physical light, so the multiplication of human deeds according to Divine Law is possible only through Divine Light. The sons of Light are required to be like grains of wheat multiplying, not glowing on the outside like diamonds, which do not grow and remain fruitless. Fruitlessness is death; the fruitless fig tree was condemned and removed.[10] Each branch of the grapevine that does not bear fruit and does not multiply, is removed, but the fruit-bearing trees are pruned to give more fruit.[11] Therefore, let us sow seeds of Love and Joy so that Peace will start growing in our minds. Let us sow the seeds of long-suffering and kindness so that the fruit of compassion will start growing in our hearts. Let us sow the seeds of faith and gentleness so that the fruit of self-mastery will grow in our lives. In this way, the fullness of life will be manifested, our hearts will become ennobled, our minds will become brighter, our love will blossom, and true happiness will be achieved. This is the ascending path of God for the individual, society, and humankind. Only in this way, from the Bulgarian crown of thorns will the great blessing of all Balkan and Slavonic nations be braided. Only in this way will the oneness of all nations be achieved. Message from the Master Beinsa Duno delivered during his stay in Veliko Tarnovo (from November 4, 1913 until the first days of January 1914). _________________________________________________________________ [1] All quotes from the Holy Bible, which are used in this book, are taken from the New King James Version (NKJV). [2] Romans: 6 [3] Matthew 11:12 [4] Ephesians 6:12 [5] Ephesians 6:11 [6] Matthew 25:14–30 [7] Mark 4:20 [8] Genesis 1:28 [9] Matthew 13:31–33 [10] Mark 11:14 [11] John 15:2
  2. From Dawning of a New Epoch, Beinsa Duno The Spring Equinox Celebration “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; for He is risen...” Matthew 28:5–6[1] Many people have no idea of the importance of this date: the Day of the spring equinox in 1914, but it will remain memorable in the history of the Earth because it marks the transition between two cosmic cycles, the ending of the old epoch and the beginning of a new one. You may ask, “What is so special about this?” It is similar to when a famous composer and musicians present a great new concert, but the majority of people are away at work or elsewhere. Some people in the audience will simply express their admiration, while for those who are knowledgeable music lovers this would be remarkable event and a day to remember. In Jesus’ parable of the wedding feast, when those invited to the wedding of the king’s son were not willing to come, the king told his servants, “Go into the highways, and as many as you find, invite to the wedding.”[2] (We are those invited.). Then when the invited guests were not dressed for the occasion, the Master of the wedding ceremony provided them with wedding garments. The most important experience for the soul is the awakening of one’s consciousness, which can be compared to ascension in consciousness. As one recognizes an apple or pear by tasting it, the same is true when one awakens or ascends in consciousness. Everything that we think and feel is not the true unchangeable life because our mundane life is constantly changing. We have three instruments of perception that could be unreliable and mislead us: taste, heart, and mind. Taste can mislead us into overeating, and then we get stomach problems as a result. With our heart we love our fellowmen and occasionally some of them could cause us heartache. Our mind misleads us into various desires and thus causes us problems and suffering. However, the stomach, soul, and spirit are our genuine, unchangeable guides. If taste does not mislead the stomach, it will receive as much food as it needs. The soul shows us our true friends and warns us when we have listened to our heart and chosen unfaithful friends as the following tale illustrates. Two friends were walking through a forest when a bear appeared. The first one immediately climbed a tree. The other, as he did not have time to do the same, lay flat on his stomach on the ground without moving. The bear came close, sniffed him, and thinking him dead, continued on her way. The first man, after coming down from the tree, asked his companion: “What did the bear whisper in your ear?” “She told me in future not to travel with a ‘friend’ who would abandon me when danger comes along.” Such a “friend” is chosen by our heart without consulting our soul. People also harm themselves because they become absorbed in satisfying their mind without consulting their Spirit. Taste acts as an agent of the stomach; mind is an agent of the spirit, and heart of the soul. We need to come to know Christ with our stomach, soul, and spirit. People usually perceive with their physical senses, while Christ uses His spiritual senses. Every physical sense should be in harmony with our inner spiritual senses. Christ would like to restore in us three things: the stomach, which creates the true living juices necessary for our existence; the soul, which is the “queen” of our body and represents a world in miniature; and the spirit, which creates in us positive thoughts. The closer we come to God, the more we feel empowered, but if we distance ourselves, the reverse happens. There are two requirements for coming closer to God: equal acceptance of losses and gains, and equal acceptance of joys and sorrows. We need to walk with faith without discontent because we do not know what we will gain after a loss and what joy will come after a sorrow. One day a daughter may attempt to teach her mother or a son his father, but how can such people teach others, when they have not first learned themselves. Christ showed us in His life on Earth that we need to accept with joy and gratitude whatever happens to us in life, as all is for good. When people say that they cannot bear their present situation, they are deceiving themselves because, if they ask for help, they will be able to do so. We should neither lie nor allow ourselves to be deceived, and then God will give us Divine Light. Today is an auspicious Spiritual day. Light Beings from Above are present at this Celebration and the Heavenly Friends are greeting you. If someone does not believe this, the day will soon come when each and everyone will be able to verify and be convinced of the truth of my words. Whoever has an ailing soul is always afraid and sees danger in everything. Christ came to Earth to save us from wrongdoing. People on Earth are always discontented and when they speak about this in Heaven, they describe us as “the complaining people on Earth.” God always wants to transform our discontent into contentment and joy. Once a rich man dreamed that another wealthy person had decided to give away his riches in order to be free and dedicate himself to God. He loaded all his possessions on camels and started on his journey from village to village. The poor people came to him, some with cups, others with pots, taking parts of the wealth offered and then leaving. The first rich man told himself, “Let me get some as well, so that I can add it to my property and increase it.” But when he asked, he was told that he would receive only by getting down on his stomach and having a chest placed over him that would be loaded until he would say, “Enough.” So, they started to load the chest, and loaded it, and loaded it, but the man remained silent. Finally when he said, “Enough”, he tried to get up, but could not because of all the weight. Our life consists, not in the possessions we have, but in our communion with God. Our present situation contains in itself the nucleus of the future. The Divine in us is microscopical at first, but it multiplies as the grain of wheat when sown multiplies many times in just a few years. One Divine thought sown in us will bring the highest happiness in time. Christ shall come, but how will He find us? Spring and summer will come, but how will they find the farmer? If the farmer has sown the fields in time, he will make use of the gifts of springtime; he will harvest in the summer, and will fill his barns. However, if he has failed to sow, springtime passes by, summer comes and goes, but because he has lost the precious moment of sowing, they will leave him empty-handed. A new Cosmic cycle starts today in the Divine World, so we need to ask ourselves how our names will be written in the New Book of Life? When we suffer, we will receive Heavenly support. I feel sorry for those who will not have anyone to help them. Until yesterday, we were told to go and preach to the people to repent, but, from now on, believers shall save themselves by faith and God will support them. However, saving oneself is the most difficult of all. If you find yourself in the midst of an ocean after a shipwreck, is it possible to save yourself by your own efforts alone? Even now Christ is our Savior with His Ship rescuing us one by one, and after He saves us, He will teach us about Justice and Love. Yet, in order to learn this, we need to uplift our spirit, upgrade our mind, and resurrect our body. Only then can we become masters of life. Until this happens, we cannot be citizens of Heaven. Every day we abuse our body with our desires and sufferings. Our physical vessel is the scaffolding within which our true body is built—a Light body that will enable us to become visible or invisible as we choose. We can see Christ appear before us when we have pure thoughts and desires. According to Christ, both men and women are part of the Divine Plan; and when one of them falls, the other one is dragged down too; and when one of them rises, the other one is uplifted as well. Christ is a Teacher Who shows us our errors in life in the same way as a school teacher marks the mistakes of the students in their exam papers after the exam, and grades them. All of you need to make efforts so that when Christ comes, He could find fewer mistakes in your notebooks and give you a higher grade. Just as the periods and commas in the students’ notebooks are very important, so they are important in your life too. Here and there the Lord stops us at our “commas” in life, but much more at our “periods,” as He wants us to reflect on what we have written so far, stopping to rest before continuing. And when we have finished the story of our life, we should find some meaning in what has been inscribed and written. A great person is one who loves and serves, not one who is being served. A servant’s position is the most menial in our world, but God considers it the most honorable. The Lord will implement the New Teaching on Service. You need to become like seeds. You should not be afraid! You should not fear the devil, but chase it away from you. If you think about evil, you create it and empower it. Women and men are not bad in essence, but the devil makes them such. Therefore, every morning a wife should see that her husband has become a little better than yesterday and the same is required by the husband to see some improvement in his wife. In this way and by singing, both of them will expel all negativity. A stone is not placed on the road for us to stumble on it, but to teach us to be attentive. We are the cause of our sufferings. Those who are balanced and keep their temper may be considered to have noble characters. Judge not one another, as any judgment is a kind of charge, and so we would be called to give evidence: and how unpleasant it would be to testify against someone in a Divine court—like accusing our brother or our sister and wanting them to be punished. Let us raise our consciousness and keep in mind the image of today’s Divine Celebration in Heaven. Light Beings and Angels will descend to teach us acceptance and how to become content with what we have; and Christ will be with them too. With His blessings transformation may bring about a repair of our contemporary situation. However, if the situation is irreparable, a more dramatic transformation may occur, bringing down everything (like buildings with decayed foundations), and then Christ will begin His Holy Work anew. We should not be afraid of what is to come! Christ is always above us and among us. We need to keep Christ in our souls; we need to open our hearts so that He can enter and bless us! Lecture of Beinsa Duno held on 9th (22nd) of March 1914 (as written down by Ivan Garvalov). ________________________________________________ [1] See also Matthew 28:1–20, Mark 16:12–20, Luke 24:19–53, and John 21:1–25. [2] See also Matthew 22.
  3. THE FATHER LOVES ME John 10:17 "For this reason my Father loves me." To have the love of God, this is the real greatness in the world. Man cannot have any achievement unless he knows the Great in the world and until the Great knows him. In his life man may meet with two dangers: to go to a fountain that flows feebly, drop by drop, with a large vessel; to go with a small vessel to a great spring which drives mills and fulleries. In the first case he will wait a whole day until his vessel is full. In the second instance his vessel will soon be filled and he will have to go many times to the spring, losing his time to obtain water for his needs. Those are two incompatibilities, two unnatural conditions which people meet often in their lives and with which they do not know how to cope. What is the cause for these disparities? -The lack of understanding of life. This in turn is due to the delusions of people. They are at a crossroad and do not know which way to go. Man is easily mislead. If a person is given a precious stone and a grain of wheat he will prefer the jewel. Why? - Because if he sells the jewel, with the money he receives he may buy thousands of bushels of wheat. But in the real, in the spiritual, in the perfect world wheat is not bought and sold in bushels. There it is not kept in barns. It may be found hanging from trees as you see here on earth apples, pears, lemons, oranges hanging on their trees. There the wheat grains have different sizes. These are comparisons with which I want to make clear my idea without expecting you to believe as I do. I do not want you to believe as I do, because my faith is leased on great experiences, on countless experiments. Whether you believe in this or not, is your own affair. When I bring out the truth before people, I speak only of that which I know and of that which I have experienced. As for you, each person will make conclusions based on his own knowledge. Knowledge depends upon the experiences which man makes. Knowledge without experience does not exist. Unless he has experienced bitterness, man does not know what it really is. Unless he has experienced sweetness, man does not know what it is. Man does not know what God is, what love is, and what freedom is until he has experienced them. What is freedom? In the physical sense of the word freedom means the condition of the human organism when all of its organs are free of any limitations or obstructions. If you look at the feet of the free man you will see that they move lightly, swiftly without any inner obstacle. Freedom in respect to the heart, as we understand it, means that every feeling which comes from the human heart flows quietly, calmly, without storms and shocks. As soon as something appears which constricts either man's feelings or thoughts, then he is no more free. In freedom everything is in its place. When things or manifestations change, they are out of the world of freedom. You see a woman who laughs and cries alternately. Why? - She is an actress who plays on the stage. When she comes down from the stage she says that she has cried much. She has cried while she has been on stage. When she goes down from the stage the crying stops. Children cry most of all. Why? - They want to attain something. If they see that they cannot easily realize some wish, they immediately begin to cry. With their tears they oil the rope to slide easier. When someone greases a silk rope with fine oil, he has something in the back of his mind. During the Turkish yoke, when someone was hung on the scaffold, soap was rubbed on the rope so that it would fit better the neck of the man who was to be hung. The thicker and less greased rope could not fit well the neck of the victim. You will say that this is knowledge. If your knowledge extends only to the degree that you know how to hang a man easily and surely - then this is no knowledge. In such cases it is better if the rope is not greased, that is, it is better if you do not have such a knowledge and do not hang people. If weeping puts man in the condition of an actor, it is not in its right place. But if weeping ennobles man's feelings - then it is in its proper place. Somebody weeps because he has eaten nothing, or because he has lost his money; another weeps because his wife has left him; a mother weeps because her daughter has run away with someone; some other man weeps because he has broken his leg. I ask: Which of these weepings is in its right place? Or in which of these cases is the misfortune the greatest? The greatest misfortune has happened to the man who has broken his leg. He feels the greatest pain. His pain is real and everybody feels it. In regard to the one who has lost his money or the man whose wife has left him, their pain is not so real, and is not so tangible to those around them. And so, real sufferings are those which man feels every moment. If someone's money has been taken by someone else, this is not a real suffering because it is not connected with the man himself. Maybe a merchant imagines that he is robbed. You will say that if the man is crying, that he cannot do so if he only imagines that he has been robbed. Is it so bad if a man cries? As he cries so he can laugh. How? - I meet the merchant and tell him: Do you know that tonight the man who robbed you will visit you and bring you two bags of money instead of one? He is a rich man and wanted to try you only, that is why he took your bag of money. The next day I meet the merchant who is smiling, contented and he tells me that he has received two bags of money. - As you see everything that happened was for the good. If you were not robbed, you would not have two bags of money today. - It was better that I was robbed says the merchant. When is it better for a man to be robbed: when he is sinking into the sea or when he is on the land? If someone carries a bag of gold on his back and is sinking into the sea, it is preferable that he is robbed while he is still in the water. He will lose the gold but save his life. When a man is sinking into the sea, it is well if there is somebody to free him from the bag of gold. When he comes out of the water onto the land then it is better if the bag of gold hangs on his back. Such is the philosophy of life. Man must study the philosophy of the new life. For this purpose he must accept the new ideas and apply them. Modern people live with the old ideas of the past. They must study them but must not stop upon them or repeat them. People stop on events which have happened thousands of years ago and repeat them. For example, eight thousand years ago a man was put in paradise, but did not stand the conditions there, did not keep the promise which he had given to God, as a result of which he was driven out of paradise. When he came down into the world, he ate and drank and made large debts. From that time on all people repeat the same story: they break their promises, lose the good conditions in life, and as a consequence pay debts to this day. Somebody comes to you and says: Pay your debts! - Which debt? - The one that Adam and Eve left. You ask: what must we do to free ourselves of this debt? - Renounce the way which Adam and Eve have trod and start on the new way. Otherwise as long as you walk in their way you will have to pay for a long time to come. I shall give you an example now about a Bulgarian squire but I do not want you to feel offended. This squire lived in a village between Varna and Shumen. He had given a Turk eight bushels of wheat. But the Turk, after paying the squire for eight years still owed him eighty more bushels. What are you going to say to that? What interest must have asked this squire from the Turk, so that eight bushels of wheat in eight years could grow to eighty bushels? To pay eight whole years and after that still to owe eighty bushels! No one ought to act in such a manner, neither a Bulgarian, nor a Frenchman, nor an Englishman, German, Chinese or Japanese. No man must act like this. This is not humanity. You will say that this is the negative side of a man. Yes, it is man's negative side but it is not one of his qualities. It is atavism, a remnant of the past of man. The grandfather or great-grandfather of some man has been a great drunkard and now his nephew receives as a heritage that negative trait and becomes a drunkard also. When parents see that, they excuse themselves and say: "Our son has inherited this vice from his grandfather. There is nothing to be done." - Yes, there is something to be done. Man may get rid of his bad inheritance. When he works consciously upon himself he will easily free himself from that bad heritage. Contemporary people must work upon themselves to become free from all bad traits inherited ages ago. Someone will say that he studies anatomy, biology and a number of other sciences. Whatever he studies, man still is engaged with the past. The anatomy of the human organism is nothing more than the structure and functions of his organs in the past. Biology is also a science which studies the functions of the human organism from its past life. If you look at the skull of a man today you will learn about his past life: how he has lived, what has been his occupation, etc. As you study the craniums of the different nations and of the different races, you may compare them and note the difference between one and others. The cranium of the negroe, the Chinese and the european differ from each other. On the white man's cranium is seen that he has better resources than those of the black man. Someone may say that both are men. Yes, the black and the white persons are men but there is a great difference between man and man. At first the word "man" meant a thinking being who has noble feelings. This same man has been the cause of all the misfortunes in the world. If you trace back the history of human development you will see that man has been the cause of all evils and misery. This is a fact which everyone may prove by personal experience. Now you ought not to take things literally, but ought to reason. Mathematicians deal with numbers. They make sections, surfaces, figure them out and put them to work. All that they solve with numbers. Chemists study the elements and form different combinations as they put them in certain reactions; on the other hand they discover new elements and study their properties. As a base of all their work they use the elements. Therefore, as mathematicians deal with numbers and chemists with elements, so you must put into action your right thought in order to solve the problems of your life. Whatever people tell you and however it is told, apply your right thought as a measure for things. In everything search for the scientific side in order to profit by it. When God created the earth an exhibition of all that had been done was arranged in heaven. To this exhibition came representatives from all the worlds and from all kingdoms which existed at that time. Among the angels who were present at the exhibition was the fallen angel - Lucifer. He sat important in all his grandeur and looked over all that God had created. He then saw a small tiny being like a mustard seed. And it came out that this creature was the man. God saw that Lucifer did not pay any attention to the small being and did not stop to see him well, so he asked the fallen angel: "Did you see the man?" - "I saw a small tiny creature but did not stop to look at him." "Do you believe that something may come out of him?" "I do not believe it. Nothing can come out of a mustard seed. That is what man looks like to me." "Something great is going to come out of that being." - I do not believe it - answered Lucifer. But for his unbelief Lucifer had to leave heaven and go down to wander upon the face of the earth. When asked why he left heaven Lucifer answered: Once there was an exhibition in heaven. Among all created by God was also man - a small tiny being, like a grain of mustard. God asked me: "Do you believe that something may come out of that being?" I said that nothing is going to come out of it. God tried to persuade me but I did not believe his words. For my unbelief I was driven out of heaven. That small creature did me a great harm. When I got down to the earth I wandered lonely from place to place and one day I saw a great being who worked and created. I wondered who was the being whom I did not know. And then I understood that it was man - the small mustard seed which thousands of years ago did not inspire any trust in me. Really, out of the tiny grain of mustard came out an eminent and celebrated man whom God put in paradise to live and develop. From that moment Lucifer took for his purpose to drive man out of paradise and deprive him of his happiness. He said to himself: - Once man happened to be the cause for which I was driven out of heaven and now I shall be the cause for which he will be driven out of paradise. But there is a difference between the harm which man did to Lucifer and that which Lucifer did to man. Man, perfectly unconscious and without any designs became the cause for which Lucifer was driven out of heaven. Lucifer's unbelief was the real cause for his misfortune. But Lucifer quite consciously set to work to rob man's happiness. When he entered paradise, Lucifer wanted to introduce his unbelief among the first men. He succeeded. When he saw Eve in paradise he began to tell her about his experience: "Once, for my unbelief, I lost my happiness. I did not believe that something may come out of a tiny seed. From this experience I learned the law not to say that nothing great can come out of small things. That is why I say to you now: Eat from the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and believe that out of it everything may come out. When you taste of this fruit you will become gods, and acquire great knowledge and experience." Now I tell you: "Believe that out of that tree nothing is going to come out. Upon that tree was written in an ancient language the following: Do not eat of the fruits of a tree of which you do not know the flowers, nor the odor of its blossoms, nor the light under which its fruits have ripened, nor their taste either. Eve knew this inscription, had read it many times but did not believe that it really was true. Indeed she had not been there at the time when the tree bloomed in order to see what kinds of blossoms it had and what their odor was. She had not been there at the time when the fruit ripened to see under what light it ripens. But she ought to have believed the inscription. When the serpent offered Eve the fruit of the forbidden tree, she tasted it but was not satisfied very much. Why? - The fruit was still green. Eve knew that one of the rules of paradise said: never eat green fruits. Inspite of that, she tasted the fruit, offered it to Adam, and in this way clothed herself in a green dress. All of you must know that the fruit of evil is green. At first it is bitter, then becomes sour and after a long, long time becomes sweet. Therefore, if you would like to try the evil, wait until it is ripe and its fruit is sweet. And if you taste it then, at least you will not die. Now these are old things. Whatever you think and talk about and how you feel: all these are old things upon which you must not stop. The only new thing in the world is God's love which comes now. It represents a fruit, which everyone may try and be satisfied. The man who tastes this fruit, experiences in himself new forces, a new impulse of life. The love of God is that force which gives the conditions for growth to the human heart, to the human mind, to the human soul and to the human spirit. This is the real in life. Therefore, if you want to know what reality is, I say: The present, the youth is the reality in life. It rejuvenates man. The past makes man old, while the present rejuvenates him. Now I do not talk about things in which you have to believe unconditionally, or absolutely. Try them and then believe. Believe in your personal experience. You all have the experience that while you believe and live with the past, you grow old and die. Take, for example, the faith of the contemporary religious people. They believe that Christ came to the earth, preached to people, suffered, was crucified, died and after three days resurrected. In spite of their faith in Christ these people suffer, agonize and die, just as those who do not believe in God and Christ. What kind of a teaching is this, which cannot raise people to a higher level than that upon which the common people are? Either the teaching of Christ is not right or the people do not understand it and cannot apply it. Christ did not come to the earth to show people that they must suffer. He came to the earth to make people believe in love and in life and to restore their tie with God. Suffering is only a method for redemption, while Christ's teaching is a teaching of love. Love is the method for restoring the correct original relations among the souls. Today, there is everything in the world, but one thing is missing and this is love. Somebody says: "I have everything." - You have everything but you lack just one thing. "What do I lack?" - You do not have love. "But I suffer." - If you are suffering this indicates that you have no love. Love cannot be obtained through suffering. The easiest thing to attain in life is love. When you attain love, things will happen magically to you. There is not a harder, more fearful thing for man than to do something without love. This applies not only to people, but also to the gods. If God is almighty that is due to the fact that He does everything with love. It is said: "God is love." Contemporary people do not believe in love. Why? Because their thoughts, feelings, actions as well as their lives are interwoven. They have interwoven the Divine with the human and in consequence they do not distinguish one from the other. This way they take the negative human manifestation for Divine. For example: a man injures his neighbor and the latter asks: "Why did God cause that evil to me? Why did He let this man do me such a harm?" I ask then: "Why did you let this man harm you? This man is a mosquito by nature, he cannot do anything else except to bite. A mosquito comes to you, alights on your nose and bites you. Who is to blame for that? As soon as you see the mosquito tip it with a finger and it will fly away. You should not dispute with the mosquito or try to educate it not to bite." The mistake of the mosquito lies in the fact that it has not asked for your permission to bite you or not. It ought to come near you and say: "Sir, I am hungry. Will you allow me to suck a little blood from your hand?" If you give it permission, only then has it the right to alight on your hand, stick in its trunk and suck some blood. Then it may suck and you shall keep quiet. But it is a crime without permission as a robber, to alight on your hand and suck your blood. You also have to know this law: Never do anything without the permission of other people. Even if you do something good, always ask for permission. For example you have thought to do something good to somebody. Go to that man and tell him: "I have decided to do something beneficial to you. Do you agree?" If that man consents then do that good to him; if he does not give his consent, renounce that good. Even though it rarely may happen, it is possible to offend a person with the good that you do to him. But you always offend man with the evil which you do to him. Therefore whenever you intend to do something either good or bad, ask the person to whom it is directed. For example, somebody has thought of robbing his brother. He must go to the man and say: "I have decided to rob your safe. What are you going to say? " "I do not permit you. Go away quickly!" But if your brother allows you to rob him he will give you the key to his safe and say: "Here, brother, take the key. Unlock it yourself, take as much money as you want, and return the key to me." One thing is important for him who robs: he must know the art of how to open and shut the safe and how much money to take. When you listen to these things, you may say that there is no logic in them. Which things are logical? Logical things are those which happen by mutual agreement; logical things are those which do not create any contradiction between the one who takes, and the one who gives. When in the relations between two persons one of them is dissatisfied with the other, this shows that there is no logic in their thought and in their relations there is no justice. If the number of persons who are interrelated increases and all are satisfied with one another, this shows that their thought is logical and the tie between their souls is correct and harmonious. Remember the following: never say that what you think is absolutely right. No man can be a measure for others. Everyone may be an absolute measure for himself, but not for other people. The mind of man and his thought may be a measure for himself alone but not for others. If anyone wishes to impose his thought upon others, then what will happen to their own thought? What will happen to their own minds? If you wish to impose your thought upon a certain person, you must ask him: "Do you allow my mind and thought to be a measure for your mind and thought?" The man will answer: "If you let my mind be a measure for your mind, then I shall accept your proposition." The same question may be asked in regard to your heart, but you will receive the same answer. Somebody may say: "Believe my words!" No man may believe your words if you do not believe his. The only One who absolutely believes in man is God. If all people say about someone that of him nothing will come out, only God will believe that out of that man something will come. He not only believes, but positively knows that out of that man something will come. If God believes that nothing is going to come out of that man, this means that He accepts the evil in Himself. When God believes that people will become good, it shows that the evil is outside Him. In God evil does not exist. Therefore, when man accepts that some things cannot be corrected or cannot happen, this shows that he has let the evil into himself. When man knows this, then he must look at things positively. Whatever thought or feeling passes through him or whatever act he does, he must know that they are good. However bad they may seem, at the ultimate end they will become good, i.e. they will work for good. This is an important psychological law which has its application in human life. If you do not think so, you cannot study, cannot develop correctly. What do we see in life? -Just the opposite. In whatever church you enter today, everywhere you will hear that man is sinful, that he will enter hell for eternal tortures and sufferings, etc. I can understand if you say that a man has made mistakes, but to claim that he is incorrigible, this is a wrong conclusion. That man has sinned and continues to sin, to do crimes, for this we have series of facts, data and evidences. But what data do you have that man is incorrigible? To correct and acknowledge his mistakes is a privilege given only to man. This privilege distinguishes him from all other animals. On the way of his coming down to earth man has deviated from the right direction of his movement and as a result he has made many mistakes and crimes. If this is not so how would you explain the origin of all carnivorous animals? How were the fish as well as some birds which are also carnivorous created? All animals generally represent phases through which man has passed in the process of his development. When man begins to ascend upwards he will acknowledge his mistakes and begin to correct them. Now I shall not stop upon the question of evil and explain physiologically its origin. However I may explain it, you will not understand it correctly and will draw out wrong conclusions. For you the important thing to know is what man, in reality, represents. How evil has originated ought not to interest you. Man is composed of three essences: spirit - superior wisdom — the highest principle in man; soul - the second principle, and mind - the third principle. In regard to the human heart and the human will, these are derivatives, that is of secondary magnitude. Man then is composed of three principles: spirit - first principle; soul - second principle and mind. Scientifically explained: the spirit represents a convex mirror which disperses light. The soul represents a concave mirror which receives light. The mind cultivates light. First the spirit comes into the world and sends light everywhere. Then the soul comes to receive that light, while the mind as a collective indivisible principle in man begins to cultivate the accepted light. In all people the mind is one and the same, indivisible but in different stages of development. When I say that the mind of man is indivisible you will meet with a certain contradiction and say: "How is it possible for my mind to be common with the minds of all people?" There lies the delusion — when man thinks that his mind or his spirit is something perfectly different and separate from the common spirit and from the common mind of the cosmos. Christ says: "All that the Father gives me will come to me; and him who comes to me I will not cast out. For I have come down from heaven, not to do my own will, but the will of him who sent me." (St. John 6:37-38) Many think that they have their own understanding, their own will which they must do. - No, as you have come to earth first you will do the will of your mother and your father. This is translated in human language and it cannot be otherwise. Whose will is the wolf's offspring going to do? It will do the will of its father and mother. Nothing else may come out of the young wolf, except a common or at the most, a talented wolf. In order to change its nature, this wolf must undergo a number of modifications and would have to change radically. The same may be said about man, too. In order to free himself from the will of his parents and to be ready to do God's will man must renounce his old ideas. The human concepts are old, rotten ropes with which man cannot climb high. The last strain is able to break them. One who depends upon his old ropes will inevitably fall to the ground together with them. In order not to fall, replace the old ropes with new and strong ones to be able to rely on them. The rope represents the faith and hope which man grasps and which supports him in the contradictions of the mental or physical worlds. There is no other rope more sound in the world of thought than the rope of faith. And there is no stronger rope in the physical world than the rope of hope. While man is mentally healthy, he has faith. While he is physically healthy, he has hope. And the opposite: while he has faith, man is mentally healthy. While he has hope, he is physically healthy. As soon as he loses his faith and hope man weakens both mentally and physically. The faith and hope of man are not lost but they weaken. We call this weakening in ordinary life the loss of faith and hope. As you study the chemical elements from the standpoint of their inner, spiritual influence upon human development you will come to the conclusion that only two elements exist in chemistry: gold and silver. The silver cures all human faults while the gold brings life into the human organism. In that respect gold and silver represent the two poles of life. All other elements such as iron, mercury, copper, lead, have taught man something good, but at the same time have taught him bad things also. As pupils, you ought to study the properties of all elements, but not as the present chemists study them. Contemporary chemists study only the material side of the elements and their combinations. They do not occupy themselves with their organic and psychical qualities. When we talk about gold from the occult standpoint we understand its organic and psychical properties in addition to the physical qualities. Therefore, in order to benefit from the forces of gold, man must know the methods through which to transform the physical gold into organic and the organic gold into mental. Only in this condition will man understand gold as a carrier of life. In the astrological respect gold is connected with the sun, while silver is connected with the moon. Every element is connected with a certain planet. Let us leave this question aside because no matter how much explained, it still remains unfinished. How can you prove that gold brings life? In order to prove this statement a series of experiments have to be made. Make the following experiment: go to someone who is sick and has a high temperature - about 41 C and put on his head a gold coin. Not long after this his temperature will go down with one or two tenths of a degree. After a little put on his head another gold coin. His temperature will go down with a few tenths of a degree again. As you increase the number of gold coins the temperature will go down so much the quicker. When you put on the head of the sick man seven or eight gold coins, his temperature will become normal. This is a fact tried and verified, it is not only theory. Other experiments may be made with gold too. For example in the blood of a very sick man may be inserted a thousandth part of a milligram organic gold and you will see that the condition of the sick man will improve. What greater proof than this do you want? Great is the influence of the organic and mental gold upon man. This is a grand science but it is not given for free. This science, that art, may be given only to the man who has enough strength to uphold the following three things: to be faithful to his spirits to be faithful to his soul and to be faithful to his mind. If a man cannot promise that he will fulfill these three things nothing can be entrusted to him. I may entrust this art only to him who is ready to fulfill these three conditions because in such case he and I are one: his spirit is my spirit; his soul is my soul; his mind is my mind. And the opposite is true: my spirit is his spirit; my soul is his soul, and my mind is his mind. And then whatever he does for himself, he does the same for me; and whatever I do for myself I do for him, too. If he loses his faith he will influence me. While when I believe I shall influence him, too. "Therefore the Father loveth me." Contemporary people seek love and freedom but in a mechanical way. They think that if they acquire riches and knowledge simultaneously, with that they will become free. If it is so, then the rich and the learned have to be free and independent. Is it so in reality? If it were true for holiness, then all priests and all preachers have to be saints. It is true that the free man has to be rich, learned and sainty, but those are inner and not external qualities. Who is really learned, really rich and holy? When I speak about learned and rich people and about saints I include myself among them. So when people's strength, faith, knowledge and holiness have to be tried simultaneously with their qualities, my qualities are also going to be tried in order that it may be seen who of us is of pure gold and who - counterfeit. How do you recognize a wise man? When in the home of a wise man enters a robber holding a knife, the wise man must say to him: "What do you want, brother, from me?" - I want money. Since you are a rich man you ought to give a part of your wealth to other people. "Yes, I had forgotten that I was a rich man. Here, take the key, open the safe and do with my money as you please." The robber becomes thoughtful, he opens the safe and takes a small part of the money. After that he gives the key back to the wise man and parts friendly with him. This is a truly wise man. For such a man the knife in the hand of the robber is not made of steel but of paper. You will say: Where shall we be if all act like that? I ask then: At present, when people do not act like that, what have they achieved? That which people do is good also, but it is not the good toward which all people aspire. The important thing is for every man to act freely. His every act must be dictated from an inner freedom, that is, from the freedom of his soul. If with his ideas and understanding about the world man enters the spiritual world - he will pass for abnormal. What do we understand by the word "abnormal"? Abnormal things are these which depart from the standard measure. In mathematics there are abnormal quantities which are called irrational, i.e. quantities which cannot be measured with the standard measures. For example you take a number or a fraction and begin to divide it. You divide it in one way and another and yet it remains indivisible. This does not mean that it is absolutely indivisible, but only that it cannot be divided by a certain system of calculation. It can be divided by a different system. So when a fraction or a number is indivisible it constitutes an element from another world, from another system. All numbers which are indivisible in the physical world are related to another world. Their indivisibility in the physical world represents a closed up opening toward that other world. Wise people walk in a path, which leads to a normal life; ordinary people walk in a path, which leads to an abnormal life. These are questions upon which we have to think. Whether you believe in them, whether they are pleasant to you, is quite another matter. You are in a theater and look how the chief actor plays his role. He has employed all his efforts to carry out his role well. He is not interested how the role reacts on you. The idea which he is bringing out is important for the actor. When the musician plays, the important thing for him is how he will convey the idea which is put in the musical play. When an orator speaks he takes care to bring out his ideas the best he can. The same may be said about the listener. He is interested more in the idea which the musician, the artist and the speaker brings out and not so much as to how this idea is being carried out. Therefore the reality of each thing is the idea which is implanted in it. When you find reality you may stop to be preoccupied with secondary things. What is the reality for every man? - The Love of God. There is nothing greater for man than to know that there is One who loves him. Christ says: "For this reason my Father loves me, because I lay down my life, that I may take it again." The strength of man lies in the thought that there is someone who loves him. Who is that someone? Either God must love man, or his neighbor must love him, or he must love himself. If he does not have at least one of these three things, man despairs and life loses its meaning for him. The reason for man's discouragement, for his despair is due to the loss of these three things. There is no cause for man's discouragement. Since he has come to earth, his coming is bound by the love of someone: either God loves him, or his neighbor loves him or he alone loves himself. The one who loves you comes down to the same level, to the same condition where you are. Man cannot but be loved. What does man represent? A man is one who understands the position of his spirit, his soul and his mind. Man is one who believes in his spirit, in his soul and in his mind. The spirit is his God, the soul — his neighbor, and the mind — man himself. Under "neighbor" in a wide sense of the word we understand nature which represents that great vastness in which we live and move. Who was neighbor to the man whom robbers had caught and beaten? - The Samaritan. To whomsoever you do good, he is your neighbor. To the one whom you have done good, he will thank you and appreciate your goodness. One who does good for the sake of the good itself, he is in unity with all souls. One who helps, who does good, is always in harmony with the Divine laws. In such a case both the one who helps and the one who is helped are contented. With that, the circle of good for the given moment is complete. Therefore, when you know that, do not refuse to help, to do good. Do not refuse to work for the Great in this world; do not refuse to work for your neighbor; do not refuse to work for yourself. In other words - work for the development of your mind, for acquiring knowledge; work for your soul, which is the place of love; work for your spirit, which is the place of wisdom. When you understand things in this way, you will understand the meaning of the present life, you will understand the properties of the air which you inhale and exhale. When you acquire the knowledge of your spirit — of wisdom, the knowledge of your soul — of love and the light of your mind, you will obtain everything which is needed for your development. The Christian nations may acquire this today. If all nations and communities, statesmen and rulers, bishops and priests, mothers and fathers, teachers and students, masters and servants would believe in this, the world would soon be set right without any difficulties and conflicts. But because people do not believe in that, the world moves in a peculiar way. People have come to the point that they split a hair into two pieces. What do we see in the contemporary world? - Everywhere you meet with discontent. A rich man builds for himself a grand, beautiful house but is not satisfied, he wants to build a larger one. A poor man builds a small hut, but he is not satisfied either — he dreams for a bigger one too. Men's desires are good and natural but their ideas are wrong. What will a great house add to a certain man if with it he awakens negative feelings in those around him? With their enmities, with their negative feelings they will kill him prematurely. If someone builds a marble palace, those that pass by will say: "From where did this man acquire so much money to be able to build such a palace?" Undoubtedly he has stolen it from somewhere. It is impossible in an honest way to erect such a home. The question is not whether people will believe in the honesty of the person, but that generally marble palaces are not hygienic. In future the houses will be made out of glass. The ultraviolet rays of the sun will pass through them and so the houses will be hygienic. With the help of curtains people will regulate the light and will let in more or less light according to their wish. This will not happen today or tomorrow but some day when humanity reaches a higher stage of development. You say: "When will the time come for people to live in glass homes?" According to me the time has come already. It is enough for man to climb the mountain in order to find himself at once in such a home. As soon as he sees that someone is coming, he will hide his house. This house may be hid in the shell of a hazel-nut. When the man passes he will again take out his house, will stretch it, enter it and from time to time show his head outside. I will not explain what kind of hazel-nut this is. If I stop to explain I shall lose much time. You may say that these are abstract things. They are as abstract today, as were long ago the ideas of the trains which circle the earth, the airplanes with which people fly in the air, the metals which are cultivated and find their application in life. Mind is needed for man that he may be able to discover and find the metals, the precious stones, the glass and apply them in life. That which I say to you now is abstract and impossible. But some day it will be possible and will come to realization. The day will certainly come when people will live in homes made of glass. I shall tell you now briefly a story from "A Thousand and one Nights". This story is about a king who had three sons: Husein, Hasan and Mehmed, The three brothers were madly in love with their beautiful cousin. In order to decide correctly which one of his sons was to ask for his beautiful niece, the father said one day to them: "Go into the world, the three of you and find an object the likeness of which does not exist. The One of you who finds such an object will marry your beautiful cousin." First started Husein — the oldest son. He reached a far away kingdom and at once began to search in the markets for some peculiar, rare in quality object the likeness of which is not found in the whole wide world. As he went around the markets at last he saw a man who was selling a small rug very simple and ordinary in appearance. "How much do you want for that rug?" - "Only 15,000 dollars." "It is too costly. It looks so ordinary. It costs not more than a few dollars." - "If you continue to bargain I shall ask 20,000 dollars for it." - "What in particular does it possess?" -"Listen, with that rug you may obtain a great deal. It is enough for you to sit on it and wherever you wish to go you will find yourself there immediately." -"If it is so then let us make an experiment." Both of them sat on the rug and started travelling. When he saw that the rug really possessed peculiar qualities Husein immediately bought it. After Husein, Hassan started on his journey. He too went far from his father's kingdom to search for a peculiar object unseen and unheard of till that time in the whole world. When he went about the markets he met a man who held a tube in his hand. He immediately asked: "Do you sell that tube?" -"I do", was the answer. "How much does it cost?" "15,000 dollars." - "You want too much. It costs not more than a few hundred. Why do you want such a great sum for it?" -"It is not an ordinary tube." -"In what does its peculiarity consist?" - "If you look through that tube you will see what is being done all over the world. You are able to see with it both near and far." -"Here, take 15,000 dollars." Hassan looked through the tube with the intention to see what his father was doing and saw all that interested him. He bought the tube, and, content with the fact that he had bought a peculiar object, started on his journey toward his father1s kingdom. At last came Mehmed1s turn to start travelling abroad in foreign lands to search for some peculiar object. When he had gone around all markets he met a man who carried an apple in his hand. "Where do you carry this apple?" asked Mehmed. "I am selling it." "How much do you ask for it." "Original price — 15,000 dollars." "Why is it so dear? Is it possible that only one apple can be worth 15,000 dollars?" "It is a peculiar apple. With it all diseases may be cured." "If it is so, here take 15,000 dollars. I want to possess this apple." First Husein started on his way home. Hassan started second and third was Mehmed. When the three brothers met, each began to speak about the peculiar object that he had been able to acquire in his wandering. When they had shown each other their treasures the three decided to go to their cousin in order to show her what gains they brought from abroad. The cousin lived far away. In order to reach her they had to travel a whole month. But just before they started the second brother said: "Wait, let me look through the tube and see what our cousin is doing." When he looked he saw that the cousin was very sick, at death's door. They decided to arrive as soon as possible in order to help her. Husein said: "Do not worry, we all shall sit on the rug and immediately shall be with her." Mehmed added: "And I shall cure her with my apple." The three brothers sat on the rug and at once found themselves at the bed of their cousin. Mehmed offered her the apple and she was well again. Then the three brothers began to dispute who of them had the greatest right to marry the beautiful cousin. Hassan who carried the tube said: "The cousin is mine because if I did not have that tube we would not have seen that she was sick and would not have hurried to help her." Husein said: "The cousin is mine because if we did not have the rug we would have to travel a whole month during that time she might have died." Mehmed added: "What would have happened if I had not carried the apple which cured her? I have the greatest right over her." No matter how long they disputed who had the greatest right to marry the beautiful cousin the question remained unsolved. Therefore, this question is left for you to solve. I ask: "To whom does the beautiful cousin belong?" - The beautiful maiden as well as everything beautiful in the world belongs simultaneously to the spirit, to the soul, and to the mind. They are so interwoven that there cannot be one without the other. That which is good for the spirit is good for the soul and the mind, also. The spirit, the soul and the mind represent a trinity among themselves. When you know this do not make a difference between the spirit, the soul and the mind. Many people want to know what love is. According to me we cannot talk about love. It may only be tried. What will you say about fire? If you go near a burning stove you may experience a pleasant or unpleasant sensation — depending on the distance at which you stay. But if you put your finger into the fire it will infallibly burn. The least that may happen is, to scald it. And so, do not complain, do not say that love burns. You know already when love burns. Love burns people but the sun burns them too. Often young maidens complain that they were burned and tanned by the sun. If they knew the truth they ought to be glad for that. Why? Because the sun draws out that black substance which is in man, takes it out and brings him health. In this way the sun makes people black on the outside but white inside. Therefore every maiden who is tanned by the sun may be easily cured by it. If she does not get tanned it shows that the sun is not able to cure her, there is something sickly in her which does not yield to a treatment. From here we may draw the conclusion: if life can stain a man this shows that there is something good in him; if life is not able to blacken somebody, then there is something peculiar in him. Which soil gives the best wheat? - The black humus soil. The white soil — lime, white clay, are good for plastering, for bleaching. And so, it is not important for man to understand what love is but he must live in love, and express God's love outwardly in its fullness. The strength of man lies in the love which he may try and apply in his mind, in his soul and in his spirit. In his mind he will apply love as knowledge; in his soul — as feeling, and in his spirit — as power. With this threefold manifested love man will be able to free himself from all his difficulties in life. All people have to make experiments in this respect. It is not enough to ask each other only: "Do you believe in God or not?" Everything in which man believes must be tried. Only in this way may faith become strong. The disciples of Christ turned to him with the words: "Master, give us faith." Christ answered: "Faith is strengthened by trials." When things are tried then they become true. Faith must be tried. With every failure man's faith weakens but at the same time it spurs him on to new experiments. When man makes a successful experiment his faith is strengthened. In order not to weaken his faith man must think and reason what kind of experiments he ought to undertake. Do not make experiments in which your faith may be weakened absolutely. Do not make experiments in which your faith may become bankrupt. I shall give you an example to clarify my last thought. A Russian, whose name was Arsimenko, liked to read the Holy Gospels and contemplate upon them. From time to time he preached before a certain audience. It happened that one day he preached to some people about faith and gave the example from the Gospel about the wonderful cure of the blind man. It is said there that Christ spat on the ground, made some mud and putting it over the eyes of the blind man the latter at once recovered his sight. Arsimenko was so much inspired by that example that he was filled with faith in himself and said: "When I finish ray sermon I shall go out and say to the blind man who usually sits before this building: "In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I command you to see!" As soon as he finished his sermon he took the Gospel in one hand and set out to the blind man. When he was near him he lost courage and said: "But if he is not cured?" He withdrew his decision as a result of which the question stays open till today. Arsimenko did not want to make the experiment because he felt that his faith would undergo failure. Contemporary people make the same experiment. They take the Gospel in one hand and start for the assigned place. When they are near it they say: "What if it does not happen?" -Make the experiment and do not be afraid! If it is successful — good; if it doesn't come out successfully, again good. What does it matter if you have made an unsuccessful experiment? Who's scientist's first experiment was successful? How many unsuccessful experiments the scientists have made! Not only the first, the second but even their hundredth experiment have been unsuccessful, yet they still have continued to persist and work untiringly. The idea of flying in the air has undergone so many changes! At first the flying machine had pinions, then wings until today we see it in the form of the present airplanes and zeppelins. How many changes has undergone and will continue to undergo the human belief about the existence of another world and about the existence of God! It is not easy for man to reach absolute truth about all the important questions of life and death. Many people think that another life outside the physical one does not exist. This statement is relative. Man distinguishes himself from other animals by his self-consciousness which envelops a very limited world. Out of his self-consciousness, out of his world exist many other consciousnesses and worlds. Through his self-consciousness man has reached the greatest intensity of joys and sorrows but he has not found yet the way of his salvation nor the way of his strength. Until man lives in his self-consciousness he will be born and die, will grieve and rejoice. You hear that today someone is born; the next day you hear that somebody else has died and gone to the world beyond. Whether he really has gone there or not must be examined. When a man enters the superconsciousness, his consciousness expands, his sufferings leave him and he begins to live in the realm of love. When people enter in the region of superconsciousness, they are bound amongst themselves with love. For the present even the most sacred relations between people such as exist in some families, in some organizations and communities, are not bound by the ties of love. There, too, exists the sacred egoism. Really, where is the love of the sons toward their fathers, and of the daughters toward their mothers? Where is the love of the parents toward their children? If you enter a religious society even there you will not find people with deep, firm convictions. Love must join people. Those that love each other have the same belief. And those who have the same belief, they love each other. When love is not a natural tie between people they are apt to limit themselves mutually. A real natural limitation is that which man imposes upon himself. It is a limitation by freedom and by love. Each limitation of man which comes from without is violence. When people limit you then you are not free. We do not speak about that love, that faith, and that freedom which you have tried; we speak about the love, the faith, and the freedom which you have not tried. "For this reason my Father loves me, because I lay down my life, that I may take it again." Daring and resolute was Christ. This is what is required of us, too. God is satisfied with us when He sees that we are daring and determined. If a man is daring and if he is determined, if he has a positive knowledge about life, even if he is put in prison he will still find a small opening and will escape through it. If they hang him with a rope, the rope will break and he will again be free. If he is bound in chains, they will melt and he will step out of them. If people plan to shoot him he will become small as an atom and the bullet will miss him. We must have such knowledge, you will say. - Yes, you must have it. This knowledge is the knowledge of the new teaching: the knowledge of the spirit, the knowledge of the soul, the knowledge of the mind. This knowledge is given only to the Sons of God. No one may be called a Son of God until he has conquered death. One who conquers and subjects death to himself can be free and he can be called a Son of God. The first obstacle in the life of man is death; the second obstacle is sin, and the third — delusion. No matter whether a man says that he believes in God — if he dies, his faith is not real. How is it possible for God, Who holds immortality and Who lives in you to make you mortal? - I believe in Christ. - Why do you die then? These are delusions, contradictions which you must solve. When you solve them you will free yourself from them. Today all people talk about love. Somebody tells his friend, "I love you very much. My heart burns for you." - I am glad that your heart is burning. I ask: "What will happen to the fire of your heart if only one drop of water falls on it? - It will extinguish. What kind of love is that which from the first drop of water can extinguish? Nothing is capable of extinguishing hearts which burn with real love. Do not believe in the love which blows out from one drop of water. Believe only in that love which no water can ever extinguish and which never changes. The more water you pour over such a love, the more it burns. Where love reigns there is no death, no poverty, no ignorance. Where love reigns there is life, knowledge and freedom, there exists eternal joy and happiness. Now to all of you I give a greeting from your Father. In order to understand who He is, call your fathers and mothers on earth and ask them to tell you the truth, whether they are your fathers and mothers. If they cannot answer this question they are not your true fathers and mothers. One is your Father, One is your mother, One is your teacher. Hold to this Teacher, who wishes your good and works for you as he works for himself. I do not mean that teacher who knows only how to throw ropes around your necks, to harness you and make you work for whole days on his field. The world is full of such teachers, of such mothers and fathers. Have one Teacher who is able to bring light to your minds. Have one Mother and one Father who will bring love to your hearts and into your minds—wisdom and knowledge. Only this Teacher, only this Mother and this Father will be able to free you from all hardships, from all difficulties and contradictions. I wish you this year to free yourself from troubles, sickness and sufferings, not a hundred percent but at least fifty percent. I wish you to get rich not a hundred percent but fifty percent. I wish you to bring to realization all your longings little by little; not at once and even then not a hundred percent but only fifty percent. I wish you to obtain not one hundred percent of all toward which your soul aspires but only fifty percent. "For this reason my Father loves me." March 22, 1936, Izgrev – Sofia Translator unknown (probably Livca Slavianska ?) The Father Loves Me
  4. A call to my people Bulgarian sons of the slavic family[2] Listen to the words of Heaven: Brothers and sisters from the Slavic house, family of suffering, tribe of discord, soul and heart of Life and Salvation of the present, bearers and defenders of peace, Sons of the Kingdom of God, listen to the Word: Heaven has assigned you a sacred office in the coming Kingdom of Peace, which is coming and approaching in its power, to mark a great event in the life of this world, and if you prove to be faithful from now on to this noble and sacred calling awaiting you, then believe that the God of Hosts Himself will enwreathe you in the glory and the greatness of His life and will inscribe your names in the Supreme Books of the higher worlds that minister to the Supreme Holy Work of the great redemption. A glorious future is awaiting you, coming not to wipe out or destroy life but to resurrect it in its perfect fullness. All chosen people and nations, constituting the flower of the new generations of humanity are called to partake in this life. Your time is approaching, your trial is coming to an end, the hour of your calling has come and the moment of your life has arrived to wake up and to enter into this gentle life which is coming to this long-suffering land. I come from above at the supreme command of God, your Heavenly Father, Who has entrusted me with the great mission of warning you against the bad ways and to announce you the Truth of Life which descends from the heavenly dwellings of the eternal Light, in order to enlighten each mind, revive each heart, to uplift and renew all spirits – the chosen children of Truth preordained to form the seed of the New Humanity of which the Slavic family, the stock of Judah,[3] will become the hearth. The leader of this salvation, the anointed of Zion, the Lord’s King, the brother of those who suffer, will arrive in all His power and spiritual fullness and will change the appearance of this world. You will soon be elevated in the order of the redeemed higher worlds, which gradually yet steadily rise one after the other into a new region of the upper supreme worlds, into the Heaven of the Divine Instructions, into which also your world will step forward to take its place among the others as assigned to it by the Supreme Father. Your stepping into these new infinite boundaries of the New Kingdom of the everlasting worlds will be marked by being given the sign from the Supreme Lord, Ruler and King over everything. He with all the angelic hierarchies will meet you, will receive you with joy and cheer as fellow citizens of the Everlasting Kingdom of endless power and glory. Do not grieve God by your conduct; do not doubt His Truth, which He brings to you from the Heavenly Dwellings as a sign of His faithfulness and His love for you. Become enlightened, pull yourselves together, become conscious of the truth of life. He Who has given birth to you keeps watch over you. You know His Name. Doubt not or hesitate, but put aside your faintheartedness; come to the eternal light of life to know the eternal ways of God, Who has raised you from the ashes of nothingness to the glory and greatness of immortality. Do not err, but make a place for Him Who gives you life. In Him the families, generations and nations do not disappear, but they are restored and regenerated through this same Eternal Spirit, Who puts everything in this great Divine World in order. Renewal is a great blessing for you, which contributes to your becoming worthy of entering the path of light, which is endowed with peace and love at every step. This blessing is the powerful and eternal generator of life, which uplifts all the fallen in spirit. It is the path to salvation which unfortunate mankind takes, summoned from Heaven to perform one more heroic deed, with which everything that is destined will be completed. The path on which I come to lead you, so that you enter the Kingdom of God, serve Him, is eternal. It is a path filled with all the sweetness of life. All the heavenly hierarchies and dwellers, before the origin of that very eternity without beginning or end, have passed along this path. Between you and this path of the Heavenly Dwellers exists a great distance which no mighty power can fathom, yet there is an invisible bond connecting everything in one indivisible brotherhood. This bond is the love of the Eternal and Invisible God, the Source of Life. It is this infinite love of Him Who loves you and cares for you that called upon me from on high in order to come and help you in these hard times that lie ahead for the last time in this world. Before you lies a great danger which is getting ready to destroy all holy things which have been planted by the hand of your Heavenly Father. This is why I came to this world to guide you in person through this most dangerous moment of your lives. Be brave, strong and steadfast, faithful to your calling, and braced for battle. Each of you, make the necessary self-sacrifices for the truth to triumph. Now is the right time to show that you are the chosen kindred, a Royal Seed, a nation whose ruler is the God of Hosts. I come to support the Slavic family to whom is given to prevail over all its enemies and foes standing on its way to the noble knowledge for which it is striving and in its way to its destiny as ordained by Supreme Providence. The time is drawing near and is by the gates of this world. Truth will triumph and will reign in all its beauty, which will illumine the face of this world with heavenly radiance. This is the day of Truth that has given birth to you for His glory. Listen to His voice. He is coming from above, raise your eyes to see that which is awaiting you, open your ears to hear the sweet songs, the pleasant hymns, the great anthems, the songs of praise sung by the angels who are preparing themselves for this glorious day. Listen: faithfulness is the first step for entering the new life, the first condition of passage through the narrow gates of admission; it is the first fruit of Love which you shall place before the Hearth of the Father’s altar. There is no time left to involve yourselves with irrelevant discussions of the past which are of no use to you, unless past errors teach you a lesson to correct the present ones. Your rebirth requires pure virtues which are lacking. It is now superficial and not fundamental; it is of a transient and inessential nature, not able to bring the expected good fruits. This nation is yearning to be led and ruled by holy and godly principles, which are necessary to succeed. These principles were established long ago by God, Who takes care for the improvement of all His nations, and these principles are implanted in your souls. In the revival of the nations, the mind and the heart must be in harmony, love and virtue must be together, power and reason must jointly lead and steer the way of their good endeavours. Without these conditions everything is irretrievably lost for the nations. This is why you need to stop and consider the situation in which you find yourselves, in order to avoid the total destruction which is hanging already over all your heads. I arrive in this depraved world at this important moment to exert the necessary influence, to lead you away from this pernicious path into which the nations on earth rushed to pursue recklessly. Remember, if you repudiate my good advice and oppose my Divine Directions which I gave you because you are dear to My heart, then I will employ also other measures which are much worse and I am bound to apply in response to your disobedience to the holy Divine Commandments. You are under my protection and it is my duty to guide and educate you in the Word of Truth. I am your protector and a supreme leader among the Heavenly Dwellers. When I took upon myself to take you under my guardianship, I could foresee all the difficulties which time would present to me until I lead you to safety. I knew how many obstacles and how many failures in this great battle you and I would have to face, yet my spirit will not depart from my intention. My love for you dictates this sacred duty to me, so I stepped forward to take you under my supreme protection. In this distant past your spirit did not possess any beauty to attract me and make me love you. You looked disgusting and those who looked at you were repulsed by the rudeness of your heart. I did not reject you because of your flaws, nor did I disdain you because of the crudeness of the external garments in which your soul was wrapped, but I came to love you completely with all my kind spirit, which undertook to probe you and to find any Divine virtue, any kind feature of your soul, which my spirit could cultivate and make fertile, so that it might bring plenty of good fruits and that a pure, holy and sublime behaviour might be formed in you, so that you could deserve the honour to join the family of the first nations which the God of Hosts has chosen to fulfill His everlasting holy will. The day has already come to determine the main destiny of this corrupt world, in which Heaven is going to make a radical and great change, and that very soon in the approaching New Age, to mark new pages on the face of the earth. It is my desire to prepare you for this, because you are far behind due to your present crimes as well as past national sins; for them you were required to go through countless sufferings and sacrifices, until you wash away and clean the disgusting vileness with which you annoyed God. This made Him turn His face away from you and leave you in the ordeal which took centuries,[4] so that you might recognize and repent for your sins, that tear the sacred bonds of His Love. Yet, God is not angry forever. His mercy is from generation to generation and His kindness is always with those who love Him and His blessing does not withdraw. He guides you with a strong hand through all the dark ages and His eye watches you, especially when you were passing through the dangerous paths of this world. As your Supreme Protector, I had to exert great efforts and make sacrifices in order to correct your past behaviour, to educate you and adorn you with the beauty of the eternal assigned to you. For this purpose I deigned to call forth from afar, from the farthest realms of Heaven, the two brothers,[5] luminaries of the Slavic family, and to hand to them the Word of Truth and the Word of Life, so that they could bring them to you and teach you the path, so you could climb along it towards the Eternal Light in which I dwell, i.e. the Light of Life which I sent you to live in forever. “The world did not accept this Light but refused it and exposed Jesus, My Anointed of the Covenant, to violation and death because the deeds of these people were evil. But the transgressors of My Testament have paid for their lawlessness, and now all has come to an end. Righteousness is everlasting, My Father is unchangeable and His deeds can not be changed; you are My nation.”[6] The Lord searched for a dwelling for Himself and His choice fell upon the Slavic family which Heaven has come to love because of its Divine virtue. For this reason I sent My two servants to bring you good tidings, to abandon the darkness of gloomy pagan gods. And there was great joy in the worlds of the Light when God placed the seal of His great name upon you and put His Spirit into your hearts as an eternal covenant. And I appeared to your royal Ruler at that time,[7] and let him know the Will of Heaven to receive My Messengers of the New Testament; and he listened to my voice and was honoured in my presence to become the founder of your spiritual renewal. I can assure you that since him there has not been a more modest and pure-hearted ruler born to the family of Slavs. He fulfilled the given promise with unshakable faith, like Abraham who did not spare his son, but presented him as a living sacrifice to God; in this way acted your pious ruler and father of the Slavic family, who gave the eyes of his firstborn son as an auspicious sacrifice, a chosen gift to God, as a sign of his unshakable faithfulness to Him;[8] this very day your calling was initiated by the God of Hosts, Who ordained in His imeasurable wisdom to glorify, together with you, the whole Slavic family in which God Almighty abides and which He has destined to take the first place in His Kingdom which is now coming into power in this long-suffering world. Understand the unchangeable truth that the elevation of the Slavic family is an elevation necessary for all, which God Himself is performing for His chosen one, the Leader of Salvation, Who will appear soon among you in his full Glory and Power to restore the eternal Kingdom of Peace, God’s Kingdom on earth. “And he who challenges your pre-eminence from now on, says the Lord Himself, challenges Mine, for I have the power to give Mine to whomever I wish, and if I give out of My good will, who would oppose Me and ask Me what I am doing? He who has the courage to do so, let him come and try his strength and he will see. I am one, My Word never changes, I am faithful and true in all My ways. My Word is irrefutable.”[9] The Lord is to you a Leader, He is to you a Bridegroom Who sends forth His gifts, Who is delighted as a newly-married man with the love which you have accepted faithfully from Him, Who is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. This is why I come from the eternal dwellings to awaken you to a good and holy life and to protect you not to trespass anew against the supreme will of Heaven, so that it may reject you as it did in the past, when you annoyed God with your unlawful acts and He let you fall into the hands of your enemies, who came from far away to punish you for your crimes and to fulfill the Supreme Judge’s will against you. Yet, at that time during your fall I supported you with My Love, because you had not been completely rejected from the sight of Him who had chosen you. And thus during this longlasting bondage I steadily guided you along the path of patience and humility and taught you to correct your life, to become conscious of your sins, to repent and turn to God the Lord with your whole hearts, with Whom you are united in the marital ties of pure and immaculate life. In all your sufferings and trials I supported you with My hand and gave you spiritual power and strength, so that you would not completely decline spiritually and become lost in the mire of life and in despair. And with all the power which I possess I began to create in you a pure and immaculate soul with Divine conduct. And at the end of your trial of many centuries, when Heaven under a Supreme judgment of Divine Providence decided to deliver you from the heavy slavery,[10] I was the first to appear, to intercede for your liberation, supposing that you would take advantage of this given blessing and correct your past behaviour; yet, you misused the gifts of your freedom. Anyway, I began the process of your liberation by putting into action all my mighty powers to work everywhere for the accomplishment and realisation of the great idea which I shall bring about in the shortest time. This is waiting for My supreme order, but your discord, your new sinful life are interfering with the sacred idea which I keep in my heart for your good and for the good of the whole mankind. There is a limit to everything and you must know that. During these last years of your newly begun life I have guided you safely until the present moment and have made greatest efforts to protect you from many dangerous evils. Give praise to God that I am not one of those who can be defeated. “The time has come when you will feel My Power and you will know that I am God, Who cannot be deceived, but you are a self-willed nation who does not see where its own good is hiding.”[11] The weak side of your soul is the general lack of unity and discord which hinders the sacred cause of the Slavic family, yet I am faithful to the work of Him, Who has sent Me. For Him there are no obstacles, no difficulties, His will is eternal and unbending and all He has said shall come to pass, but not in your days, if you turn back as did the Israelite nation in the desert, and like them you shall leave your bones because of your faintheartedness and general disbelief. Yet, the new generation which the God of Hosts Himself shall raise, shall bring to completion His intentions as ordained to be carried out. You may speed up or hinder the development of your cause, if you become involved in the licentious life of the corrupt nations, and this makes Me be more watchful over you, so that you may not turn back again and fall into the trap of evil, which fall shall cost you your lives. This has forced Me to come among you from above and to intercede for you again and to wipe out and remove the infernal hatred towards your brotherly nation which has sacrificed innumerable human lives for you. This is holy Russia for which God has ordained a great future, to fulfill His will for your glory and for the glory of His Kingdom. You will receive a gift from Russia as Melchizedek received from Abraham whom he blessed.[12] She owes her present power and glory to you; such are the Divine orders: one sows and another reaps, but in the end all will partake in the blessings of God. The infernal venom is being put aside today, the events are taking another course, the powers of hell are yielding the leading role on the battlefield; those who disturb the Peace of God will be punished everywhere and His justice shall be re-established on earth. The kingdom which I will restore is not a kingdom of hatred, but of love; raise your eyes to see that the world is ripe for harvest. Soon I shall prove the truth of my Divine words. One more great deed and all hearts shall tremble and the speculations of the world shall cease once and forever. As a sign of its benevolence, Heaven has given you a sacred pledge of great mercy and love which is kept between you, and from the day when the answer is given, your redemption shall begin; and I am warning you to protect what I am building, not to destroy it, because it is sacred and if you try to commit a sacrilege, I shall send three evils upon you: hunger, plague and devastation, and I shall have no mercy on you and I shall judge you so that you shall forever remember that God has spoken to you. Mind My words. In the Pledge, which I have entrusted to you, your future rests; it is the legacy of your house, it is the hope and life of your family. Listen to me, Slavic house, be witness that I have spoken to you. Now I am addressing you, my servants, leaders and teachers and to you scribes, Pharisees and hypocrites, and I command you to not corrupt My people which I have entrusted to you. Turn away from your evil paths, it is time for you to consider, guide my people on the path of the truth and do not mislead them, help the defenseless in their sorrows and do not injure the poor. Put away lawlessness, renounce injustice, leave depravity behind, for God can no longer look upon these evil deeds which are being committed everywhere before His eyes. He is out of patience, I have been called to bring an end to the mass of evil. Heed this while there is still time left, for the moment is coming when it shall be too late to seek me; think about this, the lack of faith which has taken over you wilfully, won’t bring you any good. This is my second coming since you have become my people, in order to see with my own eyes how you are and how you live and My spirit is moved when I see the dismal picture. You are to be pitied, you for whom I have sacrificed all that I acquired: life, glory, and honour; you have misused My goodness and love. In front of My eyes a great number of your unhappy brothers and sisters are standing whom you yourselves have violated and plundered. Go to them and confess your trespasses and make peace with your neighbours. On the day when I am coming to reveal myself to you in My full glory, I wish it to be a day of joy and not of sorrow, a day dedicated to My Lord. I am Elohil, The Angel of the Lord’s Covenant. Communicated on 8 October 1898, Varna, Bulgaria ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Translated by Harrie Salman. Translations made by Marianna Radoulova and anonymous translators have been consulted. Redaction of the translation by Cora Manzano (Hawaii). 3 A reference to the book of Isaiah, chapter 48:1, where the house of Jacob, sprung from the stock of his son Judah, is addressed. 4 The years under Byzantine rule (1018-1186) and Turkish rule (1396-1878). The Bulgarians were under Turkish bondage as a punishment for the persecution of the Bogomils, as Peter Deunov later explained. 5 The two brothers St. Cyril (827/28-869) and St. Methodius (815/20-885), who devised the Slavonic alphabet, the so-called Glagolitic alphabet. During their missionary work in Moravia (863) they began to translate the Bible into the language of the Slavs (now called Old Bulgarian or Church Slavonic). 6 In these sentences not the angel Elohil, but God the Father and Christ are speaking. Quotation-marks placed by the translator. 7 The Bulgarian king Boris I (ruled 852-889, died in 907), who adopted the Christian religion in 865-866 and later introduced the Slavonic alphabet. He welcomed the disciples of the two brothers, St. Cyril and St. Methodius, in 886 and founded schools where they could teach and translate Biblical texts into Old Bulgarian. 8 King Boris I abdicated the throne in 889 and became a monk. When his son and successor Vladimir attempted to restore the pagan religion of the past, Boris emerged from his monastery to save Christianity and defeated him in 893. Vladimir was blinded and replaced by his brother Simeon. 9 In these sentences the Lord is speaking. Quotationmarks placed by the translator. 10 After the Bulgarian uprising of April 1876, Russia declared war on the Ottoman Empire in 1877 and liberated the Bulgarian territories. A much smaller Bulgarian state was established at the Conference of Berlin in 1878. 11 God is speaking here. Quotation-marks placed by the translator. 12 It is not clear what kind of gift is referred to here.
  5. Note 1 Unique Things XIX lecture from the youth class 10th November, 1944, Friday, 5:00 h. a.m., Sunrise – Sofia The Lord’s Prayer. He read the resume of the last lecture. Read five pages from the lecture “Right relations” from the book „Path to Life” (A brother read the five pages) Imagine that a man makes a garden near a mountain peak, where there us plenty of water. Another one makes a garden in the desert where there is no water. Will both gardeners be happy? Who of them will be favoured? The one in the mountain where there is water. Or who is in the desert? Imagine that the gardener in the desert says: God has placed him there. Is it God that has [placed him there, or he has placed himself alone? Sometimes bad things in the world are dressed better, and the good things are dressed worse. As a result of this people make mistakes. To make a crime – you will be paid a big salary. To kill a man, you will receive quite a lot of money in the particular case. Sometimes the state values the heads at a high price. Now, imagine that you buy a pig; imagine that you give one thousand levs. Now the pigs are more expensive. In the past they cost one thousand levs. Imagine that this pig is yours. How many years can the pig live with you? You wonder why you need this pig. You have a thought, which is in deed a pig that only roots about, prods you and makes you uneasy. You are busy with this, you go from neighbour to neighbour to see what this pig is doing. It can be a wish. This wish roots about everywhere. Your neighbours will start complaining about it. You go in a house next door, the pig has rummaged everywhere around. Why do you give it freedom? Wherever you go, you take the pig with you. Leave it there to root about. You say, “Let the people clatter, leave the pig root about.” For example, sometimes someone of you may wish to see how rich somebody is. You may wish to see his case, to open it for you to see the money, the gold. He is a rather good man – he opens the case and shows it to you with the arranged money inside. Having seen the case what else would come to your mind? A number of temptations will come. First, you will tell him “How lucky you are! How much money you have had in this case.” First of all, this money is not blessed. It all has criminal names. He has earned it by selling animals, by selling fruits, by selling hides. He has betrayed somebody for a certain sum of money. Now you think he is lucky. The money that has been earned by sacrificing a life should not be considered lucky. In the contemporary life the money that people have are smirched. Therefore, in order to clean that money, the Providence has hidden it in the case. It has put there paper money. Paper money is cleaner. Now you are solving the question, saying, “I want to have money. The first thing is to have money. When you have money, everything is possible. When you have no money, nothing is possible.” You cannot do without money, because if money was not useful the nature would not create it. Nature created money and put it as a value in life. A man does not like working, you will overload him a little with some money. Just stick a golden coin on the blind eyes, he will work. If he is a musician, he will play. If he is a singer, he will sing. If it is for something else, put money and he will immediately do it. When you show the gold, in this respect the gold does a good job. The gold is a stimulus. Sometimes I say that it is possible without money. There is a way of payment that is more precious than gold. A sweet word is worth more than an English pound in coins. What do you think, if a king gives a golden coin or says a good word, which is worth more in this case – the coin that he has given, or the word he has said? The king’s word is worth more. Let’s say that the king has said a young man to study in all universities free, to study in all universities for nothing. How many words are these? – Five words. If he gives you five golden coins, or five golden words, which is better. Note a singer, who has a rather good voice, an excellent voice; he makes friends and starts drinking cognac, absinth, then anisette. You see his voice has spoiled. He says, “I have caught a cold” But when a man drinks Rakia, he often catches a cold. The Rakia chills the man, it takes more energy. I ask this singer why he drinks Rakia, what has made him drink Rakia. I will explain to you an analogy. Always when a man has eaten many sweet things, he has the desire to eat something sore. The sweet breeds in him a mood for sore. The final taste of sweetness breeds a desire for something sore. And the final sore taste breeds desire for sweetness. If on earth you have been gentle for a long time and you give way to this person, or another, finally a desire appears in you to beat somebody, a desire to show that you are not so gentle, that giving way is not the only way. Why is it so? I don’t know. You can find a philosopher to solve it. Nobody has solved the question up to now. Always you are a victim of such desires. Sometimes you want to be very good. You are doing very well, but you slip. Sometimes you are doing badly, very badly and you come to the utmost limit and you want to be good. Therefore, in both cases it can be changed. The good one must take care not to slip. What should the bad one beware of? The bad person is like a rich man who has spent all his wealth for drinks and now he has two levs, saying “There is nothing left than to buy a Gospel. I have no more money left, I will buy a Gospel to see what is written inside; I have not read it.” He buys the Gospel with the two levs. When he started reading it, he saw that there was a reason to read it. From that moment on another desire arose in him: he was sorry that he had spent all his money. But it was very good that he had spent everything and he had only these two levs and the good desire to go in the right way came to him. It is not bad sometimes a man to spend all his money, to have only two levs, to buy the Gospel and to go in the right way. Now you cannot explain why it is so. Take for example the strong man, who has strength, he has beaten that man or another. One day he has his ankle wrenched or his arm sprained and he sits down on the road. Then a different thought comes to his mind. He starts begging someone to do him a favour and set his leg. So I say, “When a man losses the relations of the right way of living in his life, a desire is born in him to have conscience. When a man has his ankle wrenched, he becomes good; when a man sprains his arm, he becomes good. When a man sprains his mind, he becomes good. There are sprained minds. There are rich people that sprain their minds when they become rich; they acquire dignity that a man should live well. They do not pay attention to the people. When they lose their money and get down to people, they start again their old life. Much of the contemporary knowledge that we have will cost nothing to us. What we study at university is like a piece of clothe that we are wearing now. When it becomes old, it is worn out, they will take it out, but it is worth nothing. We will try to make a new piece of clothing. If now you are a revered biologist and you come to earth after one hundred years, what biology you will teach the people. Even the children will know what you have taught. Or if you have been an astronomic, in one hundred years people will laugh at your present astronomy. We say, “We must be erudite.” There is one doctrine in nature. There was an ignorant saint, who didn’t know many things; an ignorant saint who did not know much, he knew only two things, to squeeze the stone. All other saints squabbled. He said that he did not know this philosophy but he knew two things. He took a stone and when he squeezed it, fire went out from above, and water ran from below. He said, “This is what I can do”. You can always make fire and you can always make water when you squeeze it. I say, “It’s better when a man squeezes the stone, fire and water to come out of it.” So that is what I say. Application is necessary. The stone is the man to be able to squeeze his nature and take out water. If he squeezes his nature, to take out fire. I will give you an example. A poor man, a rich man who has become poor, was passing by and a poor child begged at him. He said, “You should have come when I was rich. Now I have become poor and I have not a coin in my pocket. But as I look at you, you will become a clever boy, you will become an erudite, you will have luck in life, you will become a great man.” Is that so? He said this to the boy and took his name. Some years after this little boy met the poor rich man and said, “For the words that you told me then I will chase away your poverty. You had no money to give me, but you gave me an impulse. What you had said, it happened so. I will pay back to you for these nice words.” Sometimes you say, “I have no money”. You think that a man can pay back with money. If people would pay back only with words, what they have said to happen. Every word that is said in the right time, comes true [happens]. You say some where, “I will never make good.” And you will not make good. Whatever you say, it happens. If you say somewhere “I will make good” and it happens. Whatever you say, it comes true. You say that your will would increase, it comes true. You say that it will not increase, it happens again. Whatever you say, it comes true. Be careful about the words that you say, what they are meant for. There are words that make good. There are words that make evil. Do you know how many words are necessary to mend [correct] a good word? Have you ever tried? How many words do you need to mend a bad word? For example, imagine that you tell somebody “You are a toady.” How many words do you need to mend the word “toady”? It is not a very bad word. A toady, coated with cow’s butter. A toady, covered with butter, peering everywhere to see what is there to eat, to drink. By a toad we understand a rather clever man. You say “Toady Gana”. It is psychologically softer. The toady is in a descending line. If you call somebody a toady, this is a big insult. Toady Gana is famous Gana. How does toady Gana differ? How does famous Gana differ? Once in Varna I listened to two Gagaouz women (Turkish-speaking Christians of the Varna district), who were quarreling. They were neighbours, they quarreled and one of them held a speech for two hours. She showed out all stories as a lawyer. I said “Bravo!” She must have become a minister, to hold speeches, a famous voice. She spoke for two hours; the other woman only listened and could not open her mouth. She was holding her proposition. It is not bad for a man to hold a proposition. What is up? A prosecutor’s charge? When the prosecutor stands up, he will hold a prosecutor’s charge. And the woman, as a prosecutor, exposes all gathered facts. The other woman stays silent. After the first woman finished with her speech, she asked: “Can you say anything against this?” The second lady remained silent. She could not speak eloquently. She knew that if she opened her mouth, another two hours of speeches would follow. I have met only one Gagaouz woman to speak in that way; I have not seen a Bulgarian woman to speak like that. Come here to read again five pages from the same volume form the lecture “Reasonable changes” (The brother read five pages.) You have the numbers 1, 2 and you have 12. Why do you call this number happy? It is happy because it contains the number 1. One shows the border of numbers. The number 12 is a field. The number two shows the plane. The plane is fertile; whatever you sow, it grows out. In a particular case a man can be either a border or a plane. It cannot be a plane and someone to sow over it. In what respect can the plane be useful for you? The man on the plane has more fields. The man on the number one has only borders. Rich people are number two. The number two is a great brawler. There is no better number and there is no worse number than the number two. Always quarrels arise between two people. When two people are quarreling, who is making peace between them? Number three – it is a peace maker. Everywhere the number three makes peace. No one else can reconcile you than the number three. Take your hands and legs. There are two triangles in the legs. When the number three is up, it makes the legs walk. If you omit the number three, then you omit walking at once. Sometimes a man is in two minds. Sometimes a man has an excellent thought. He has the number three. When the thought is split, it loses its power. You all know that when your mind is split and you start choosing between two things, what do you do? You become weak, you start hesitating. Well, you are given two pitchers to go for water. Imagine now that you are a man who has graduated university; you have graduated two faculties, but you have no luck. Wherever you go, nobody wants you. There is a man who gives you two pitchers and tells you to go and fill them with water. What would you do if you are in that situation? You would say, “Am I in such a bad situation?” you have graduated two faculties and now you have to fill two pitchers. It is namely because you have graduated two facilities you have not drunk water, absinthe; you have drunk cognac; now you are sent with the pitchers for water to drink from the Divine spring, to make good. This is the explanation. You will go to fill up the two pitchers with the Divine wine, to drink from the others there. I say, many of you suffer because you do not have two pitchers. You have no water. A man has two pitchers: one is the head, the other – the heart. They must be full. The head must be full and the heart must be full with something. A man can use his pitchers for himself. If there is time, he can use the others, too. So, I say: in the contemporary world you all think that you are poor people, you have not much gifted. You are not gifted because your pitchers are empty. Go and fill your pitchers, and everything will have a run of luck. Now there are no arguments, there is no way to prove it. The strong man always proves, the weak man always accepts. What would the weak say? He cannot deny. The strong proves. How does he prove? The strong always proves in the world. He says, “You will do this, there is no other way to live.” The weak would accept this. Now is it bad? It is not bad. When you are weak, it is manifested in the same way. When the strong becomes weak, he accepts things, too. He says, “What’s the point in?” If the strong becomes weak, he accepts the things; if the weak becomes strong, he imposes the things. Which is better now: to impose or to accept. Both are necessary, but they cannot do without one another. In a certain case if you are not weak to accept an idea and in a certain case if you are not strong to impose an idea, you cannot understand life. The first thing: God has made people weak to accept ideas. Then He has made them strong to apply [use] the ideas. You will perceive an idea in you and you will apply it in you. This big discrepancy exists in the world. You say, “Why are we weak?” To take in an idea in you. Why do you become strong? To use [apply] it. Weakness is needed to perceive ideas, and strength is needed to apply the ideas. The weak man is pliable, he bends. He is a valley, he is a field. The strong man is e mountain peak up. Now you should not think that what exists in nature is needless. Do not solve the discrepancies that exist in nature; do not consider them needless. Everything that is allowed is in its place. We, who do not understand, think that things are useless. Everything that nature has allowed, it is in place. Nature has never allowed things that are useless. Everything, no matter how bad it is, is in place. You should consider everything that happens to you in life for something good. Be happy. Remember one thing: things never repeat [happen] twice. You are afraid of repeating. In nature there is no repetition. Everything can happen to you just once. You can eat something sweet once. If you eat it for a second time, it will be in a different way. All sweet dishes do not have the same value. You should not be afraid of what you are afraid. You are afraid that sufferings can repeat. Things never repeat. Valuable are those things that happen once in life. What has happened in life once is valuable. What you consider a repetition, it is of the other people. If a person has your experience, it is not a repetition of things. Sometimes you are deluded. You are afraid that you might become poor. You cannot become poor twice; you can get poor only once. You cannot be young twice and you cannot be old twice. You can be young only once and you can be old only once. Only once you can be erudite. Only once you can be good. This is a law. Now you are afraid that poverty will come. You will be poor once. Even if you want, poverty will not come for a second time. Wealth can come just once. It will not come again, even if you want. Now you do not agree with these things. You can try them. I explain this to you and it is indifferent if you agree. For me it is important whether the existing things exist in nature or not. If it exists in nature, I do not start and argument. There are things that are not in nature. They are not real. I am talking about real things that are in nature. Imagine that you have graduated two faculties and you become a servant somewhere. Won’t the people be satisfied with you? Let’s assume that contemporarily you can play, paint, you have knowledge of curing, of the doctor’s profession. When you become an ordinary servant, you start playing. Your masters wonder, saying “I have a servant, who can play, cure, paint. If the world was full of such servants, would it be so bad?” Now the world is full of servants, who are ignorant, they cannot play, they cannot paint, they cannot cure. For the future candidates for servants will be musicians, artists; candidates for servants will be doctors – three categories. The contemporary, who are not musicians are candidates for masters. Those who have no knowledge about life, they are candidates too. They will be those to serve to. They will be the material that you will use. They will say, “God did well by sending these good servants to us. Otherwise we would be lost.” They will elevate. There will be great love between the future servants and the future masters. Now you will chose what you would like to be, masters or servants. Because if you are an ignoramus, you will be a master, you will need a clever servant. If you are very skillful, you will be a servant, you need an ignorant master, you do not need a clever master. Take a modern fiddle that is silent. When a fiddler takes it, something nice comes out; if some ignoramus takes it, he cannot play anything. I say, “The good fiddle is understood only by the master; only the master understands life. For the future you must understand life. All people are created like instruments. You must use these Divine instruments. Now it is waste of time to think in the old way. Things do not repeat. Now for the new times that are coming for you, it will not be repeated, it will come just once. You have to know it will not happen twice, just once. Now I cannot encourage you; what is lost is already gone. Once profit and once loss. It is a law that comes periodically. It can come after some time, but in the particular case, in the particular system that the world has now, things will happen once. Therefore people must be ready, and accept well every thing that happens. Since goods and poverty will come just once, we should accept them in the Divine way. Wealth will come once, learning and ignorance will come once. The word ‘ignorance’ is not such a bad word. The ignorant man is weak; he has no load on his back. The erudite is loaded with a big rucksack. The rich man has a big rucksack; the poor man has no rucksack. Some people are discontented, saying “It’s better if there is a rucksack. Without a rucksack it is difficult.” The rucksack serves for a balance. The weights in life are put. Not to be afraid of poverty. It will not come for a second time. If you are poor, it will not come for a second time, even if you want. If you are rich, wealth will not come for a second time. Even if you want it, it runs away. When will you go to study at university, when you become 120 years old? Who has ever become younger? They say that people get younger. People who are not in one and the same system get younger. I at least have never met who had become younger. I have not met somebody, who has grown old twice. I have also not met a person, who has become younger twice. I have heard that there were such people, but I have not seen people who have become younger. In my mind I understand the young, who bears only seeds. God has given him different seeds. When he comes, he looks through the seeds. The old one is a gardener, who has sown the seeds; they have come out, they will grow and there will be fruit. The young bears the seeds, he cannot eat. He cannot eat apple fruits, because he does not have any. The old man has become rich, he has the chance to eat. But it happens so that the old man has his teeth fallen off; he has fruits but he cannot eat them. The young bears apple seeds, the old man calls the young man to him and says, “You give me the seeds, and I will give you the fruits; they will be tasty for you. When I get younger, you will give me the fruits.” The old man must bring the seeds, and come to the condition of the young to eat from the fruits. This is a law that people do not understand and find out that big discrepancies exist in life. You should apply little, not many things, but you should apply [use] them. If a man applied one word every day, do you know how much he would do? Many of you say that you have no work. Find some work to do. If I were in your place, I would plant 360 fruit trees for a year. If I have no work, I would plant trees. Now you can find and sow. Somebody says, “This place is not mine.” The Earth is a garden for you. Namely on earth you all have the conditions to sow whatever you want, a seed per day. If I make somebody sing a song, who is the best singer to sing it? To sing without trembling of his voice. To sing like the song “Kind flower, red flower”. You can sing in this way just once, a second time it is not possible. It cannot happen in another lecture. Now some of you would say, “We will sing internally”. Good, it is not bad. Others would say, “We are not ready”. It is good, too; it is not bad. You have not prepared, you have no time, you cannot prepare a second time. I want from you a song that even almost all children can sing. Which is the easiest song? In English it is “Yankee, do, do”, in Bulgarian is there an easier song than “Kind flower, red flower”? It is a modern song. There is the song “Walk, walk”. Who is walking? The morning dew. Have you seen the morning dew walking? I have not seen it till now, although there is a song about it. I am interested to see it. It hides a lot, it is very musical. May be it walks while I sleep. When I wake up, it has already brought its water. So, you would not sing for free. (A sister stood up and sang “Walk, walk”) It is not so difficult. Now, this sister sang the song soprano; who will sing it tenor? (A brother sang it). Good. (Another brother sang it.) You must be calm. You all have a lot of energy. (The Master sings quietly and calmly) Now let’s all of us sing “Walk, walk”. (We all sang the song.) You must have a stimulus for singing. A man must take into consideration an advantage when singing. There is a big obstacle in singing, there is a big obstacle in playing. There is a competition everywhere in nature. Sometimes you must gather to sing with love. The stimulating reason must be love. Love must be a stimulus. When you feel like singing, sing; do not sing when there are no conditions. If you have the least stimulus, sing; sing quietly. In this way your voices will develop very well. You must keep the rhythm of the songs. (The Master played the song “Walk, walk” with the fiddle), I will play, you listen. (The Master played “Grieves, sorrows”) The grieved walks fast. He has lost his money, he is walking fast. If he sings slowly, his loss is not big. (The Master plays “Shines, shines”, “It’s time to go”, and we sing.) Gods Love brings the profound full life. (Three times.)
  6. Note 1 The Kind Look XI Lecture, held on 22nd October, 1944, Sunday, 10:00 a.m., Sunrise – Sofia The Secret prayer. „The Spirit of God“. I will talk about the motives that the people deal with. The people, the man always deals with something. The statesman is interested in what will happen with the state. The soldier at the battlefield is interested what the outcome of the war will be. The tradesman is interested of his profits, how they will come. During the housing shortage period you were interested in the apartments, what rooms would they have. Things have changed. There are many people who are looking for the new in the world, but in old ways. If you make the old man dance like a young person, he will dance in the old way. If you make the young man to dance an old song, he will dance as a young person. The old man dances in the old away, his legs do not hold him, therefore he dances like an old man. The young man dances as young. Now here you have a book of the past. In the Gospel it is written what Christ has told the people. But He has not stopped talking to them. He has been talking for two thousand years, he is talking now and he will be talking in the future. Some people acknowledge only the Old Testament, some people acknowledge the New Testament and say, “there is no new any more”. The sun does not rise once, it rises many times, it rises constantly. The trees do not bloom once, they bloom many times. The rivers do not run once, they run constantly. We must have a clear notion about life. It is important. You have to solve the life inside you. When you solve the internal life, you will understand the external life. „The young springs, the adult runs, the old flows into“. The young is born, the adult grows, the old one dies. Die, this word has two meanings. To die means to go to another world, he climbs higher, he does not deal with ordinary matters. He says, “these are child’s things”. He watches from above. A dead man is one who is watching from above. I do not understand a dead man, buried in the earth, this is not dead. „The young sings, the adult works, the old gathers money.” The young blooms and knits, the adult grows ripe, the old one sells fruits. The young sings to his mother, the adult consoles her, the old one puts up inscriptions and makes her famous.“ „The young is Love, the adult is Truth, the old one is Wisdom “. „Love gives, Truth distributes, Wisdom encloses “. These are sentences. Do you know how much time does it take the man to understand them? Do you know how much time does it take the man to paint a face and to put the most essential features? There are many artists, but few of them draw well. It is not that they don’t want to, but they cannot. It is not an easy thing to draw. If you draw the things in the morning, they look in one way, at noon they look in another way and in the evening they look entirely different. An artist who wants to draw something must choose the time. Now someone is interested if there is another life. How strange. Is there another life? There is no other life. There is one life. The life that you have, that’s it. We know this life. The other life we do not know. Once a person asked me the a question saying, “Tomorrow you will die." I say, This is a philosophical question”. I have never died, I do not know what it is. I know what living is, but what death is I don’t know. It is useless to deal with this now; when I die I will know it. Death can exist somewhere, people die, this is another question. The most important is that we live. The contemporary philosophy has cut the head of the man and has put it separately. It has cut the lungs and has put them separately. It has cut the stomach and has put it separately, too. Everything id dispersed. What is a head without a body, without lungs, without a stomach? What are the lungs without a head, without a stomach or what is the stomach without lungs, without a head? When you get confused, what is the reason for your confusion? Many people get confused of love. The only thing that does not confuse, this is Love; and people get confused mostly of Love. Why? Because this is not love. Always the fiddler is confused not of the piece, not of the music, but of the nonperformance of the piece. His heart is trembling not of love, but of fear that he could not express what had been written. Everybody talk about love. Love needs performance. People must do it now in the world. When the people learn to perform what love is talking, we will have another world. It will be the same, but there will be good music. Now the whole nature is a collection of thousands and millions forms and systems, with which it has tried. One whole book has been written. When I watch nature, it shows what it had done in the past, what it does now and what it will do in the future. Our life depends on that understanding of its tries. If we want to make new tries, it is lost business. Nobody can bring in the man some gift when he is born. The man that is born brings [has] everything in him. What he was born with, that must be developed. Someone says what new can the man gain [acquire}. Nothing new. If you want to acquire much, there is one way: You must learn to love your fellow-mates. The new is in the love. We have learnt to love ourselves, this is the little world. The whole contradiction in love comes from the fact that we love ourselves more than necessary and we suffer. We want to give certain beauty in life. The people wear nice clothes. The clothes bring nothing to the man. They are just a protection for him. Then we have to know when what to wear. When should we put on cotton clothes, when silk and when woolen clothes? The silk clothes are for the rich, the woolen – for the poor, and the cotton clothes are for those who rest after having worked. After a man has worked he is has made himself sweat, he has got warmed up and he has to cool down. The cotton clothes cool down. When a man has spent his money, this is cotton. When he gets rich, this is wool because the wool keeps warmth. All people who are rich have more warmth, they believe in what they have gained. All rich people like wearing woolen clothes. They consider the sheep to be very silly, but they like to put on the sheep’s wool. Because it is namely the sheep that give them the power to gather money. The sheep had known how to get rich, they are very rich. Do you know how long had it taken for them to learn how to spin? How much does a fleece cost? There are fleeces that weigh two kilograms. It costs three thousand levs. In the old time it cost less. You would say it is very expensive. Not the wool is expensive, but the money has devaluated. In the old times a pair of shoes cost 20 levs, but golden. Do you know how much do 20 golden levs cost now? 12 thousand. How has this changed now? They say it has changed. We eat in the same way as the people have eaten thousand years ago. The difference is in the kitchen utensils, in the spoons, in the tablecloths, in cooking. The meal goes to the same place. The food we eat now is less non-hygienic than the meal before. Now I am talking about these things because I relate them to the human concepts. They say, I have certain concepts in the world. In my opinion a man has concepts when he bears a right thought. A man has concepts when he bears a right feeling; a man has concepts when he bears a right thought. You cannot separate these three processes. You cannot separate your thoughts from the feelings, neither your feelings from your thoughts, neither your deeds from the thoughts and feelings. Hence the life of the man depends as an urge, as a principle on his thoughts, his feelings and his deeds. On the way you act depends your future life. Your present life will determine your future life. Now people often say, “Let God endow us.” No, we have to pray not God to endow us, but to develop the conditions He has given us. A new order is coming. One and the same thing is repeated for two thousand years. That Christ died, that he was crucified, it is repeated that he had died. Two thousand years are enough that he has died. An American priest once prayed for Joan and proved how the whale had eaten Joan, for a whole hour. Someone says, “Joan had a hard time until he went inside.” He had to convince them for a whole hour until they believed him. It is not easy to get into. What will you prove? The whale had swallowed him up and that is it. It cannot swallow him. If the whale cannot swallow him, that means that the throat is not big. If he had not swallowed him up, it is not like the cachalot. The throat is narrow. The throat of the cachalot is big, so a man can easily get in. You don’t need a big proof. If you want to prove that when the whale swallowed Joan, he could not get in and two hours were necessary, you have to make the throat wider, to make a new door. So I say that there is an experimental school in front of us. All plants, stones, the sunrise, the stars, then there are thousands of things that have remained form the generations, we have to study them. Read the Gospel what Christ has said. They have asked Him there, it is a speech, but this is not given. They preach that when we go to the other world shall we enter in heaven. What is heaven? Heaven is a place without any dirt, a place full of fragrances, with the nicest plants, the most diverse plants and flowers, with the best springs that exist in the Divine world; with the best music that has existed and with the best schools, with the best homes, the best meals; heaven is characterized that there are no toilets. Tell me, how many years do we need to get rid of our toilets. Some people say, “Very educated people”. Culture without dirt. Culture with dirt, experiments are made. It is not bad. An animal or a child sit down, they leave waste. The man has become more educated but he leaves his waste [refuse]. You would say, “This is the physical side.” Do you know how many impure thoughts, impure desires and deeds do we leave here in the space, they cannot be seen? Often you pass through a street and suddenly your mood changes. You have a pleasant feeling and at one, you feel sad. Some sad person has passed before you. You go somewhere and you become merry, some merry person has passed. The contemporary world shows in the way we think. In fact we still do not know what the Divine is. The people have to start thinking. Not only psychologists, not only to say that the man has a soul; this belief is good. If you believe in the sun and you stay in a cellar, what is your belief worth? It is a belief when you try the reality. What you believe in, to try that it is so and to gain knowledge. You cannot go out of your cellar without love. Love is the Divine urge [impulse] of the human mind, the Divine impulse of the human soul, the Divine impulse of the human spirit. If you do not give attention to that impulse, it is the least impulse. Love is not something grandiose. Sometimes you pass by a person who has looked with a love look and the whole day runs on wheels; another time someone has looked at you with a bad look, and your day is not a success. Do you know when a child is born, if the mother looks at him/her it with her knitted brows, his whole life will be like that? If the mother looks at him/her kindly, he/she will have luck. If the mother looks at him/her badly, his life will not go smoothly. If you look at somebody in the wrong way, you create the evil in the world. I often meet frowning people, discontented, discussing the Divine justice. You have thirty billion subjects in you and you want Justice. Do you treat your subjects as you should do, have you given them freedom. Have you given freedom to ten million cells in the stomach, making them work as oxen 12 hours. You have not given freedom to your lungs, to the thoughts that you have. You cannot breathe in the right way. You do not give food as you have to. You read books, you do not give food to your thoughts, what a person you will become? This is what out predecessors have done and the whole history is marked with wars from victories to victories, from monuments to monuments, great business, great countries. The people have disappeared. What does life stand in, then? You are deluded. The people are not in the other world, but in this one. The kings have become workers, the princes have become workers, the kings have become ordinary. The king has put off his clothes because he is ashamed, what will he praise with, with his deeds? He was sent not to judge the people but to be an educator. Prisons must have an educating role. In Bulgaria if you want me to give them an idea what the prisons should be. In the future if they sentence someone to 5 years in prison, to send this prisoner, a young man, to a Bulgarian villager to serve him without pay. The farmer will feed him, the prisoner will learn something from him. He will study farming for five years. Now in prison they will give him food, he will not read, he will do nothing, just wait for these five years to pass and to go out, not to do anything. Let them give him five hours a day for physical labour, five hours with the farmer to learn something else, to read books, to play some music, to teach him play the piano, play the mandolin, then Bulgarian rebec or a bagpipe. Who will guard him at the villager? They will try. You are sentenced, we forgive you, you will work five years for free, without money. If you like, make another mistake and you will have five years more. If you like it, five more years. Now he will be sentenced to life imprisonment or they will hang him, they will prove that he has committed a crime. In God’s books no one is hung, no one is mortified. The spirits that have committed sins are sent by God to hell to learn, to burn without burning out. God says, „does not deign in the death of the sinner“. We kill these people and suffer for that. You debate in your mind and tell that you want to put away one bad thought of yours, to make it disappear, you do not think in the right way. If you know that one thought of yours will become a noble thought after some time. Do not condemn a noble feeling to death, do not tell it to go away, it will become one noble feeling and will improve. A bad deed of yours will become better, it will turn into a noble deed. I do not want to prove to you these things. Not that it is a bad thing to prove, but there is no time. Who brings goodness to the world: the beautiful or the ugly? The ugly one. In the contemporary condition he does no mischief at least. The beautiful do a lot of mischief. The rich man will dress well, he will present himself as someone he is not, he will read someone else’s books, he will show himself as a very erudite man. He will take little pieces of music from different places, he will compile something and say, “This is a composition”. He has read Yessiah, he has read from here and there, he became devout; he would stretch out his face and say that he had become a saint. You cannot become a saint by reading books. The saint must work, he must learn. Now you say what I would tell you. You all are past prisoners, who are sent to earth for rectification. You have been prisoners in the past, now you are sent to rectify your life for five years. If you like it, there will be five more years. Now you like that prison. I like you in this respect. 30, 40, 50 years are little for you. In 120 years you will be called back to see what you have done. To tell you where your mistake is, why you have been sentenced. You have been sent to prison for a little mistake that you had not looked at somebody in a loving manner. A friend of ours dreamt one night that he was sentenced to death. He said, “I am convicted, but tell me why you convict me.” They say, “We shall tell you. We sentence you for that white book.” Moreover they sentenced him not to death by hanging, but to bury him alive. He said, “Isn’t there any humanity?” when they started burying him, he broke into perspiration and woke up. He said, “God, thanks that it was a dream, it’s an awful thing. If we, the contemporary people, do not come to love suffering, to help people, what are we then? You lift a person, you lift yourself, you lift the whole mankind. You divert a person from his way, you hinder a man, you hinder the whole mankind. Now you want morality. In the world there are two moralities. The man can never do the woman harm and the woman can never do the man harm. These are my statements and I will tell you why. A woman does harm to another woman and a man does harm to another man. If you are married, a man comes and hangs around [courts] your wife; he starts talking about her husband and draws away her attention. Well, if he is in the position of the husband what will he do? She will see that he is like him, too. When the woman goes to another place, what will she do? I listen her saying, “She is a slovenly woman, she is this and that”. When a woman enters a home she must tell good words for the woman and the man must tell good words for the man. When there is one man and one woman, the world comes right. When there are two women and two men, then the world spoils. Therefore love is united. You cannot love two people. You love One. When we talk about love, we understand the one in the world. How is a meal distinguished? By the nutritiousness that it contains. May be there is butter and it can be spoilt. May be it can contain Bulgarian red pepper and it can be spoilt, mouldy. It may contain little flour and it can be spoilt. Which is the well-cooked meal? Or you can eat a nice apple that the nature has cooked. The simple life, the pure thought. Do not eat thoughts cooked by the people. We worry what Christ will tell us. When you go to the other world Christ will give you to play a music piece or Christ will take you and you will come here on earth to an ill person and will tell you, “Could you play this piece of music” and when you play it He will tell you, “You will stay still longer on the earth.” The man has not been cured. Except that the man has not been cured, but he became even more ill. A man gave the following piece of advice to a woman, “Do not leave your husband, he has money. The one with whom you have fallen in love is a poor man. Hold this one; he has money, lie to him. Keep [hold] also the young one, now this is morality. Now we must be clear, but clear inside us. In the eyes of the whole world, in the eyes of the advanced creatures that read your thoughts, your desires. There is nothing hidden in the world. Do not delude yourselves. For us the ordinary people here there can be something hidden, but even the advanced people on earth, when look at you, say, “I don’t like it.” If we do not have a recommendation on our face, in our eyes, a recommendation on our ears, on our nose, on our mouth, on our hands, if we do not carry a recommendation with our legs, with what we say, what we write? Now when the new order of things came all those who were with the old got younger, put on red colour, the unbelievers became believers. Before they considered the communism to be conservatism, but when the communist influence came, they changed. They considered communism ugly, it wore a mask. When God gave it freedom, it put off its mask and they saw that it was a pretty maid. What has the contemporary age offered more as sacrifice? The contemporary Christians have not given as much sacrifices as communists have. You would say this was silly. No, no. Every person who can sacrifice is on a right way, even if he is in a delusion. Communists say, “We do not want a God that is in heaven, we want a God that is inside us. We have not seen that one. We preach the one that lives in us. These people are right. There is no sun, it has set down. The sun has risen, there is a God. They say for someone that he is a godless person. The sun has set down. Tomorrow the sun will rise, he will become a believer. Do not understand the religiousness in the wrong way. You take in life without love. To love, this is a sunrise. The zenith in your life, it must be your wisdom. The truth must be where the sun sets down, the final bound. If you go to the North Pole the sun does not set down, it spins for six months and then goes down. If you cannot be a man in the world, what are you? I do not mean you to love. In the world you must love only one person. Then this love will be a radio for you. All the people will announce themselves with your radio. Everyone who has a radio connects with London, Moscow, New York. You perceive the thoughts of the other people by your radio. So, I say, “Why don’t we now clean our radio, to accept these nice thoughts that come to the world. Here we are on a small island on the earth. We think that we are the most important in the solar system. If we study astrologically Mercury, it is a child’s planet, where people learn to walk, walking is a synonym with trade, giving-taking. It is Mercury. Then comes Venus. When the child goes to his/her mother, she nourishes him/her, hugs him/her, this is Venus. When he is on Earth, he goes to the water fountain to bring water, he serves himself – this is the Earth. Mars takes out the cattle to pasture them, this is Mars. Jupiter brings them back home, they are being milked. He is a religious person. Everyone who knows how to milk, he is a religious person. Every person, who knows how to milk you, he is religious. It is a wealth to get milked. You know how bad it is to remain unmilked. A king called a wiseman and asked him what was the best thing. He answered, “To go after yourself, this is the best thing.” How can this be? The king sent the wiseman to prison and convinced oneself that to go after oneself is the best thing. To get milked. You say that you have been robbed. Be grateful that you have been robbed. Why not be happy when we are given and when we are robbed? Let’s be happy when the sun rises and when the sun sets down. When the sun sets down we will go to rest and the cupidity in us disappears. The conditions on earth that we are situated in are like that, that it goes to shine on the others. What is suffering? It is the sunset of our sun in us. Joy is the sunrise. When suffering comes the sun goes to shine on those who have difficulties. This is what the words mean: And your sorrow will turn into joy. Christ says, “You will see me and your sorrow will turn into joy”. Let’s be happy when we suffer. Now it is not easy to say to be happy. The following joke is told. A man who has not learnt to count well, and a man who does not know to count well. A man went to a grocery and said, “Give me a kilogram of sugar”. How much is it – twenty five levs. The grocer said, “25 levs for the sugar and 50 levs how much is it – 75 levs, and I give you 25 more, they are already one hundred”, and he put it in the pocket. The man was an honest person, he did not think that he was cheated. He looked at the money and saw 25 levs and counted: 25 levs for the sugar and 25 levs more – 50 levs, where are the others? Where are the other 50 levs? Who is to be praised – the grocer? You would say the other man was stupid. The grocer lost the trust of the other man. This grocer ruined himself for his whole life. I was told another story about a man from the town of Burgas. He was hot-tempered and wanted to change. A poor man would come to ask something from him. He said, “What do you want?” The poor man said, “Effendi, give me something as a present.” “Go away!” the poor man would go out. Then he would take ten levs and go to find him on the street, where there was nobody and would tell him, “Take the “kera”, (which means it’s your gain). Find someone who speaks Turkish to translate for you the word “kera”. It is a very good word. He will translate it. “Ker”, i.e. “care” in English means “concern”, “stallion” means what you can ride. To ride a handsome horse, this is the ‘kera”. The new in the world. Now you say, “Fatherland Front”. There is only one fatherland front in the world. The whole nature is a fatherland front. We are this fatherland front. It exists and I am happy that it has come to Bulgaria. All Bulgarians who occupied the whole land, all of them to serve the fatherland front. Only with love you can serve this fatherland front. The man has four systems: cerebral or thinking, the other one is respiratory which serves for purifying the blood, the gastric system for receiving food and the motive system which includes the arms, legs and all muscles. Now the Bulgarians are smart enough, they have only four parties: the party of the head, the party of the lungs, the party of the stomach and the party of the arms and legs. I praise them, they are as one whole thing, they are not separate parties, but serve as one party. To serve the fatherland front with the head, with the lungs, with the stomach, with the arms and legs. To dignify [improve] it, they say, the party that is not right. The head is right, the lungs are right, too, the stomach is also right, the arms and legs are right. All people are on the right side; only like children they make mistakes. There are no sinners; there are people who make mistakes. We say, ‘This person is a big sinner.” We have given them such names. There are no big sinners in the world. What shall we do, where are these big sinners? A man cannot commit a crime if he is not allowed to. In the world God asks you three times. He says, “Have you considered this thing well, I will allow you to do it.” Because everything that we want to do, He will allow us but he will asks, “What you have decided to do, have you considered it well; after that there will be no repentance, but this mistake must be corrected.” Someone would apologize, saying, “Excuse me, that I have not put a comma.” There is nothing to excuse you for, come here and put it. Somebody missed to write the final letter “ъ”; there is nothing to excuse you for, come here and write it down. I do not want to correct human mistakes. You should not correct human mistakes, too. You mistake is repeated. When you see that someone has written something say, “What have you written, it is a mistake.” How do you want him to write it? In the Bulgarian language there are the letters „е“ and „ъ“ and „ь“. „E“ is a vowel that shows extension and raising. Things are expanded and raised. With double “e” there is an extension, but there is a straight line, a criterion with which you measure, it has value. Double “e” is written with one line. You cannot write double ‘e’ if you cannot bear suffering. Only a man who has learnt to bear suffering can write double ‘e’. Those who have not learnt to bear suffering, they can only write that line. You cannot pronounce “a” well. People are strange. Since philosophers know that the Jewish people will pass through great hardships, the Jews have only consonants, there are no vowels, the vowels are implied. We, the Bulgarians, have called the vowels. If you are not a hero to bear a great suffering, you could not write “a”. When the woman gets pregnant, she learns how to write “a”. When the man puts a haversack on his back, he learns how to write “a”. When you lift a heavy burden, you should enjoy it. If you know how to carry it, it becomes lighter. You can lift a ton very easily, with one finger, if you know how. You should tear apart the thousand fibers with which an object strives to the ground, you wold disunite these fibers, you would make them parallel, not to aim at one and the same place, like many springs that gather at one place; you will tear them apart. Then they become lighter. You load yourselves. When you blame a person more that you should, half of the punishment will be put on your back. Do not tell things that are not true, because in that way you will stumble yourself. You will stumble yourself in your thought, too. In each age at the fatherland front an excellent and clean thought is required, 28. An excellent feeling without any hesitation and an excellent deed. Three things you can count on. Your thought to be connected with love, your feelings to be connected with wisdom and your deeds to be connected with the truth. Then we connect truth with the material world; wisdom is connected with spiritual world, with the lungs, and the thought itself is connected with the human thought, it is love. Now we, the contemporary people study love form the point of view of the mind. What is love? We say, “She did not look at me well.” The pretty maid over there knows that she has not looked well. When you look at her well she says, “You looked at me in a good manner.” She finds that you have made an assessment, this angle has been formed very well, you are a master, and erudite man. Let’s learn to talk. You say, “Excuse me, I have a sore throat”. Everybody must have a clear, soft voice without any twisting. To be more clear. When a Bulgarian comes what would you play to Him? You’d better play a Bulgarian allegro according to all rules instead of playing something by Beethoven. It is for the society, not for that man. The music of Beethoven combines many musical themes. In a Bulgarian allegro there is one theme. His blood moves up. Play songs that are delight the human mind, play songs that delight the human heart and play songs that give good deeds. When you get up in the morning, you are melancholic, sing a song. Do not say, “The forest has started crying”, but say “The forest filled with joy when it saw Stoyan Penchev. We are saints and angels and the forest filled with joy. When you see a tree, smile, do not say, “This tree is an ignoramus.” Look how nice it blooms, its pretty leaves, look at it lovingly. Its heart would begin to quiver; it would say it in another way, „A man is passing by.” When a beetle passes, be glad. A beetle is struggling, greet it, look at it, it does s very good job. You would say, “Why God has made this beetle?” The beetle is a Brahmin. You have to know what a greatness it is. It has been sent in order to learn what the beetle is. When this Brahmin goes back he would tell God what he had learned. You visit a flower and say, “It is a flower.” There is wealth gathered in this flower. You cannot see, the flower sends its wealth far and calls these midgets to take the sweet saps and to take them home. How clever it is, waiting impatiently. When a midget comes, the flower is happy that a little angel has come to take from its wealth. You grieve, and on the radio it calls these midgets to come, God’s little beetles to come. Delight your sorrow. Where God is, there is no suffering. Where there is no God – there is suffering. When we estrange love in ourselves suffering will come. You say, “No one loves me”, you feel sad. You say, “He loves me” and you get merry. The only thing that does not change in the world is God’s Love. The only thing that does not change is Wisdom, the only thing that does not change is Truth. Put one base. There is One, who loves you. Be glad with this. When He loves you, everybody will love you. If He does not love you, you will disappear from the world. If He does not love you, you will disappear from the world and nothing of you will be left. When you live do not delude to say, “They don’t love me.” You live. All brothers that live on the earth – there are brothers who travel invisibly – they are material, they are not spirits, but they do so that they form no shadows. He passes and says, “Your thing will be settled”, you become merry. Where does this thought come from? This brother passes, looks at you, you do not see him, you see him as a sunray. In every sunray you will see an angel with a beautiful face. He says, “This will be set right, don’t worry.” If you do so, all your things will be set right very well. Then you will come back, God will be satisfied with you and you will correct the little mistake, you will know how to give a loving look. It is very important. When you look at the man do not say what you think. I say, “If you want to make a progress, be satisfied with what you are conscious of. The whole world is good for the entire humanity, and it is for you, too. I don’t know if you realize it, but it is so. Then Christ said, “I do not call you slaves, because the slave does not know what the master does, but I have called you friends.” „I can love“. „Only God’s Love brings the abundant full life “. /3 times/ Most of you have old concepts about the things. You are of different age. I say, “The young of you, what have you learned? The adults, what have you learned and the old, what have you learned? If in the world we cannot look and give a kind look, then what can we do? When you get up in the morning, cast a glance [have a look]. If you cannot do this, what will you do? When we wake up in the morning we have to know that the world is open for us, there is something to learn. There is nothing better than studies. Foster the best thoughts, feelings and deeds to whomever. Do not be taken up with the daily press, with this and that. The destiny in the world is the people to get right. People are judged to find the path of love. Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) came back from the village of Marchaevo to Sofia on 19th October 1944, Thursday, where he continued to teach his Lectures. This information is provided by Boyan Boev from „Letters to friends“, 7th February 1951.
  7. Note 3 Adding and Deducting Lighting and Extinguishing the Candle „And if the son of peace be there, your peace shall rest upon it: if not, it shall turn to you again." Luke 10:6 A Secret Prayer Faithful, true, pure and kind you should always be! It is interesting why Christ tells his disciples never to greet when walking along the road. Nowadays it is considered good manners to greet somebody, but Christ says not to greet people when walking along the road. The line is clear by itself: Christ says that He sends them as sheep among wolves. I ask, when a sheep meets a wolf, how will the sheep greet the wolf? The word greeting implies that only two intelligent persons who love each other can greet each other. Only intelligent people can greet one another. People who do not have any intelligence cannot greet each other, cannot talk to each other. Often too much talking does not achieve the goal it was intended for. There is no point dwelling on evidence that such is life; you yourselves know this. Those who talk a lot, accomplish little. Now, what is the objective of your meetings? Is it to talk to one another? You say, ‘Let’s gather together![1]’ Well, there is nothing unusual in this! Which people do not gather together? People gather together in pubs, people gather together in the streets, people gather together in cinemas, people gather together in churches – people gather together everywhere, so you were saying, ‘Let’s gather together!’ Well, when was it that you did not gather together? I find this gathering together of yours rather usual. It would be more unusual not to gather together, and for one of you to go to one place in the forest, while another one goes to another place in the forest, a third one – to some place one kilometer away from the other two, so that no one knows who is where. Of course you should not understand it in the direct sense, but I am just giving a hint, because we often try to find the meaning of life where it is not. If the gathering together is done consciously, under the influence of the Divine Love, then such a meeting makes sense, but when the gathering together is the result of thoroughly different considerations, then the results are thoroughly different too. Now, let’s come to the substantial issue: what are the features of the gathering together? You have all been first year school children, and I even believe that you have graduated elementary school. In such a case, what are the features of a gathering, what makes it different? There is an increase in gathering together; this is what makes it different. Hence, when things gathering together they increase. The opposite process is to be found in deduction: when we deduct, things decrease. So, the real point of your gathering together is to increase. Well, now that you gather together, do you increase? Only gathering together is not enough, but does each one of you, on leaving the gathering, feel that one has become bigger than what one used to be? At every meeting one’s body should increase organically at least by one 1/10000th of the millimetre. When one goes to a gathering, particularly to praying meetings as is ours, one must have increased at least a little according to the law of gathering together . Now let’s assume that one of you goes to a first class dining place, having the best of chefs, who has prepared ten of the very best pastries, which you like a lot: one with cabbage, another with onion, a third one with carrots, a fourth one with spinach, a fifth one with cheese etc. If you eat from all those pastries, what would you gain? If I enter the same dining place and if I take a sweet pastry made with milk and dashed with sugar, and you eat from the ten pastries, who has gained more? You who have eaten from these ten pastries will decrease, because these pastries are very expensive. You were of a bigger weight before getting into the dining place, because you had more money in your pocket, but when you left, you already weigh less, you have decreased. Subsequently the first rule on entering a dining place is to act in accordance with the law on gathering: you gather pieces of the pastries together. But when you leave the dining place, you act in accordance with the law on deducting, and as a result a neutralisation takes place, i.e. the acquisition is neutralised. Do you now get wind of where I am driving you at? You are all smart people; well, I will give you a task to see how you will solve it: you have one unit; can you divide it into more than 10 parts? No, a unit can only be divided into ten parts. It cannot be divided into more than ten parts, without repeating numbers. For instance, if you divide into twelve or thirteen parts, you will have the sum of the numbers 1 and 2 or 1 and 3 and so on. So, the same figures up to nine are repeated again, but are not something new. Subsequently an apple can be divided only into ten parts; it cannot be divided into more than ten parts. This is the law; this is how things are in the Divine world: a unit can only be divided into ten parts. As soon as we come to the human world, the unit there can be divided into many parts. Now, we are moving to the important issue. In general all people strive to attain Divine Love, don’t they? What are the features of Divine Love? You have been searching for Divine Love for so many years, but are you aware of at least one of the features of Divine Love? Can someone among you read a paragraph from chapter thirteen of the First Epistle to the Corinthians? As soon as Love appears on the physical level, you all know already that it deals with material stuff. A child says to his or her mother, ‘Mummy, if you love me, give me some bread!’; that is all there is to it. A student says to a teacher, ‘If you love me, give me knowledge!’; this is a slightly higher condition of Love. So, as long as we associate material stuff with Love, Divine Love cannot be manifested, because there will always be competition. If you have one benefactor who supports you, but supports ten other persons at the same time, and one of them is sponsored more lavishly, discontent will arouse within you, although this person supports you as well. There is discontent also in studying: those who progress in their studies are discontent. Hence, real Love begins when one comes to the borderline where discontent disappears. I see that a mother loves her child, but the child dies. She weeps; she suffers and tells herself, ‘I cannot do without this child; why did God take my child away from me?’ God gives her another child, she also loves the child very much and she says again that she cannot do without this child; but before long the child grows up and a rupture appears between the mother and the child. I ask what happened that this love faded. Where has it disappeared? It is actually our understanding that the mother cannot do without the child. Mothers hold their children in their arms; they raise their children and they think that they cannot live without their children. Children also think that they cannot live without their mothers but due to one reason or another, this mother had to give her child to the servant or to another woman to raise the child, and we see that in ten years or so the child of this woman actually started resembling the [foster] mother[A1] . So, the idea that she cannot live without the child, is right only in respect of God. Let me explain to you what is implied in the thought that she cannot live without this child: imagine that you have a small lamp and you say, ‘I cannot live without the lamp.’ What is it exactly that you cannot live without – the lamp itself, the bulb of the lamp or is it something else that you cannot live without? You cannot live without Light. The light of the lamp is actually the substantial issue that you cannot live without, while the bulb is merely a conductor of this Love. As long as Divine Love flows through this child, I cannot live without the child, but as soon as it stops flowing through the child, it no longer makes sense. Hence this form is meaningful only because it contains Light. Light, however, is not the utmost limit of Divine Love. Behind this light, which we see in the form of rays, there is another more substantial thing. It is not Light that can satisfy us. We open the book of Life, this Light falls on the book and we read; so, this Light is necessary for you to read the book of Life. But the meaning is not in reading itself; this reading shows us the Path to God. So the Lamp is needed for the manifestation of Light; Light is needed for the manifestation of the book and for us to read; the book shows Life, discloses its hidden meaning, and Life shows us the Path to God. Once we accomplish all this, we are glad and we start with Light towards this Path. The important thing that you should know is that all those things that exist are aids, instructions to the Great and Divine in the world. The love existing among people, the relations existing among them, these are all things that direct us to God. If one knows how to watch, one will find something nice anyway in every other person, in every being, no matter how small they may be. If one is able to grasp this nice feature one will add something to one’s life. Now, I see that you all have started doing it backwards: you meet on the physical level, but on the spiritual level you have started deducting and keep finding only negative features in one another. What are you deducting? You say that sister so and so has a negative feature. Do you know what happens when you say so? One ray of this lamp goes out. Then you say about some woman, ‘Do you know what disability this sister has?’; and a second ray of the lamp goes out. You say about a third person, ‘She has brought only discord since she joined the meeting!’ and see a third ray goes out. ‘Well, this one, the fourth one, ever since she joined us, we have been inflicted by all the misfortunes!’; and again a fourth and a fifth ray of the lamp goes out. You talk in the same negative way about the fifth, about the sixth, about the seventh, about the eighth etc. sister and before you realise the rays of light in the lamp go out one after another, until in the end the whole lamp is out. You deduct, and deduct and darkness falls after all this. This is a psychological law, which causes the Light in our mind, in our consciousness, to go out. You deduct and you deduct until in the end you find yourself in complete darkness. Everything has gone out in your mind and finally you say, ‘God, why did you make the world like this?’ God says, ‘Those who extinguish the Light in their mind, as you do, will remain to live in darkness and obscurity.’ What do you have to do? You will start the reverse process and you will say, ‘That sister over there has started improving, she has become an excellent piano player let her come and play for us.’; she comes, sits at the piano and starts playing. And she plays well! The lamp is lit immediately. Then you say about some other sister, ’Do you know that sister so and so is a writer, she writes very well, let’s invite her to read something to us!’’ she comes, reads a poem of hers, everybody is pleased, everybody is glad and the Lamp increases its light. ‘Well, that sister over there is an artist, let her bring in her paintings for us to see!’; she brings in her paintings, everybody looks at them, everybody is glad. The Lamp increases her Light even more. It is said about another sister, ‘This sister has attended training in sewing and works well, let’s ask her to deliver a training course for us!’ The Lamp increases its Light even more. It is said about some other sister, ‘Do you know what delicious pastries this sister makes, come on, let’s ask her to make a pastry for us!’; she makes a pastry, everybody is glad, pleased, and the Lamp keeps increasing its light even more. The more you emphasise the positive features of one another, the stronger the light in the Lamp will be, until finally it is lit to its fullest capacity. And since you aim at the positive side of Life, this is the only way to cultivate your character. This is the Divine in man. Otherwise, looking only for the negative features in one’s character, you are becoming banal. Today I was explaining a great law in Life: there are two types of men in the world and two types of women: women of the first type are heroes, while of the other one – cowards; men of the one type are heroes, while of the other one – cowards. God tells both of them, ‘There will be suffering!’ You are asked from the Invisible world whether you want to suffer like heroes or like cowards. We, contemporary people, want to avoid suffering. No one can avoid suffering. I say that suffering in the present century is a condition for one’s development. Both cowards and heroes suffer, but I am asking you whether you want to suffer like heroes or like cowards? Which is better for you? Like heroes! If I tell you that you have to suffer like heroes, you say that this is not suitable for you. If you say that you have to suffer like cowards, this is absolutely not suitable for you. The Scripture reads, ‘Cowards shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.’ What does this line mean? This means that Love cannot permeate the soul of a coward. Fear is a negative feature. Cowards represent a stony soil, where nothing can grow; therefore a coward cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. I would translate this line in another way, ‘Springs cannot flow in deserts, fruit cannot be born, death reins everywhere there.’ This is to say that the desert cannot be inherited by people. In order for the desert to be inherited by people, there must be springs flowing, while Life can spring only from Love. Rivers, springs, and trees – all these are an emblem of a Power which is derived from Love. Each one of you should stop and think things over well; to have a positive thought in respect of the Divine Providence and to know where exactly one can find this Divine Providence. Each good thought which is imprinted into your mind, is a good echo of the Divine thought. When a good thought visits you, when you experience a good urge, when a good friend visits you, when you read a good book, when the sky is clear or when a beautiful star catches your attention, do not miss these. All this is a speech coming from Heaven. If this star has caught your attention, you will stop and see what it wants to let you know. Now, I will present a picture to you, for you to see how Heaven speaks: imagine that you are in a dark stormy night, you cannot find your way around, you have lost the path, you do not know where you are; a wind blows for a while and you see the Polar Star. What does it show you? It shows the direction, it shows where East is, where West is, where North and South are. This star wants to show you that you have taken the westerly direction, and you have to return and take the easterly direction; this is the direction of your path. As soon as it has communicated this to you, shortly afterwards the sky gets clouded over again and the star is not to be seen. Has this star communicated anything to you? Yes, it determines your path… Further on along the path you see that a candle is lit in a lodge somewhere far away in the distance. You have to understand the voice of this lit candle… I will present another picture to you: imagine that you are travelling on a dark stormy night, there is a violent blizzard and you lose your way. At one moment you see that a small candle not far away from you is lit. What does this candle want to communicate to you? It wants to communicate to you, ‘Come and be my guest! This is the only way that you can be saved from death! Our Lord [Master] is very good; therefore we opened the window.’ So sometimes it will be dark, stormy and unpleasant in your life and you will tell yourselves, ‘I do not want to live! Let’s hope that a disease of some kind will send me to the other world.’ But exactly at this time a Light will appear from somewhere, which will tell you, ‘Come to our home!’ So, God speaks to the soul through this Light and He says, ‘Have no fear, there is a shelter for you!’ This is what this Light in the dark gloomy night communicates. This Light is an expression of Love. And we love God, through this Light He sends His Love to the worlds. And everybody who understands the language of this Light will see that Divine Love lies behind each of its rays. This is what it means to understand the true meaning of Light. Or put in a mystic language, you will feel a sacred tribulation within your soul and if you have been desperate, you will immediately feel an internal gentleness, you will cheer up, you will feel elevated and you will start doing your work. So, now I am telling all of you: when you gather together, do not start putting the rays of Light out. You have already mastered the art of finding fault with other people even little children can do this. Even animals too, when they gather together, they look at each other and they tell themselves, ‘You are no good, we know you, we can’t trust you!’ A bird meets you, it looks at you and it says, ‘I know you.’ It has no faith in you either; it also puts a ray of Light out. I am just praying in the forest and all of a sudden a hare passes by me; when I stump my foot, the hare sets off in among the trees, hides there and says, ‘I do not believe in your prayer.’ The hare puts out a ray of the lamp’s Light. I am writing poetry of some sort and a bird passes by me and all of a sudden it flies far away; and it says, ‘I do not believe in you, I have tested poets like you.’ And it wipes out another ray of Light. Birds too are faithless; they too apply this negative thought in respect of you. I have tested birds: some bird flies, comes towards me and I tell the bird, ‘Come here to my hand!’ It enquires, ‘What guarantee can you give me that you won’t hurt me? I’d better sing in the tree, rather than perch on your hand.’ It does not trust me; it does not perch on my hand. So far I have known only one bird that has perched on my hand, a bird which trusted me. All of the others have flown away, they do not trust me. But if one manifests the Love of God, birds will trust such a person too. In 1917 when I was in Varna there was a closet in my hotel, where I kept coal. Two blackbirds came in once – a female and a male. I took them upstairs into my room, as the winter was freezing cold, there were many blizzards and it was very cold in the closet. I said to myself, ‘I will pay as much as it takes for the birds.’ I took a bucket of grain in the morning, lit the brazier and sat there to warm myself. The male blackbird got scared, flew away and sat by the window, but the female came to the brazier, climbed on my legs and afterwards it went to the window. In a short while it came to the brazier again, climbed on my shoulder and then went again to the window. Finally it came to me and sat on my hand. I am asking you how you could interpret this; why did it climb on my leg, then my shoulder and finally my hand. The male blackbird told her, ‘You, woman, see this man, I have tried men, and I know what they are like!’ She is looking at me with her sad eyes and I am looking at her, then she flew away from my shoulder, she went to the window and said to me, ‘Mister, you are very kind, you made a fire, you gave us water, you gave us grains, but would you now open the window so that we can fly outside to carry on with our work.’ I talk to her in a birdie language, ‘The weather outside is foul, stormy; when it gets warmer I myself will open the windows for you to fly away.’ She went to the male blackbird, spoke to him and then they became quiet. They went to bed very calm in the evening… This is the only bird which trusted me completely. This is to say that they have consciousness. The male blackbird does not trust people and you resemble the male blackbird now. God does Good to you, but you say, ‘God does Good to us, but there is no knowing?...’ How many of you are like the female blackbird? I say that this is a praiseworthy example; every person has to have such faith in God and has to know that even in the darkest and stormiest night, one may find oneself in the closet, from where God will pick him or her into His room. God will have providence for you too. One shall not conquer the Kingdom of God by looking outside. The outside world shall not alter for our sake. When we talk about the Divine world, we mean an internal change, this internal softening of the human heart. I consider a stormy dark night something very beautiful and I will tell you why: a night like this can be a blessing for me. Imagine that I am a person who has been travelling aimlessly here and there all my life, I haven’t done anything good and by going round in this dark stormy night I lose my way in the forest and all of a sudden I see a small window opening and a small candle lighting. I take the direction of this small light and I enter the lodge of a good, noble person who opens the book of Life and directs me to God. Wasn’t this night a great blessing for me? This night saved me. Sometimes the good day can bring ruin to a person. Imagine that I go to this person who will show me the path to God, by passing by a pub I see friends of mine sitting in front of it at the tables, drinking and having fun. It is a fine, beautiful day, the Sun is shining brightly. Looking at them I ask myself, ‘Who is going to go to this person right now? Isn’t it better to stop by and to have some fun?’ I stop by and I miss my Good, this beautiful day succeeded in tempting me. Do not think that the external environment is something real! No, it is not something reliable and do not think that your good is hidden in it. Do not think that your health always hides your happiness. Tolstoy himself said that a good idea dawned upon him after each illness and after each recovery; he came out of these having acquired something Divine. Sometimes it seems that one is neither here nor in Heaven, but afterwards a person moves to a new phase. So that true health lies in the fact that one should be in agreement with God, in agreement with righteous and good people on the surface of the earth or with those people who live up there in Heaven. Now, you all have to aspire to be a paragon of pure Life. I see that now you have certain peculiar habits which I explain in an absolutely different way: all of you have descended to an area of the enchanted world. Almost all people from religious societies go through this area. It is known about this area that no Light from the outside is given to it, and every one lights one’s path with as much Light as one has; each one lights one’s own path, but the area itself is dark. In this dark area you will meet many beings, lagging behind in their evolution for thousands of years and they will fly at you like predators, they will avail of your Light, they will attack you with their criticism, they will tell you, ‘You are a good person, you are a bad person’, the whole world is considered bad by them. At last when you lose your faith, they will attack you fiercely and they tell you, ‘You are not a saint either, there is no worse sinner than you in the world, don’t you think you have taken the right Path! Once we also started along this Path like you, but nothing came out of it. Stay with us, we shall show you what we do!’ If you believe them, you will remain a resident of this enchanted area to be their servant. Right now there is no need for you to listen to other people’s advice. Those who pass through this area will close their ears not to hear them. When you get out of this area you will take the wadding out of your ears and you will hear the best of stories. One has to be deaf when passing through this area. The world may improve, but we need methods. God has all the ways and methods to improve the world. He will transform it. In order to be able to help yourselves, in order to be able to help your neighbours, you have to learn God’s methods. You often read the Gospel and you cannot understand it. Why? Because the Spiritual cannot not be conveyed by books. For instance, let’s take a picture of a lamp, but does it represent Light? No, it is only a small representation of Light. Can Light stream out of it? No Light can stream out of it. So, the first condition when the Divine comes into a human being is that at least a small change should take place in one’s mind and one should be pleased with everything that God gives to him or her; to do the smallest jobs and to try to realise each good thought or each good desire, no matter how small it might be. Because the thousand, the million drops form the springs, the many rivers on their part form the sea. The power of man lies in these small impulses, in these small goods that one can do. You understood everything I told you, didn’t you? (The Master draws a minaret.) You know that the imam speaks the same no matter to which step of the minaret he has climbed. Likewise you too, no matter how high you will climb, you speak the same. A sister says, ‘You do not understand what it means when the Spirit talks.’ And the other one says the same. No, this is like the imam speaking from the minaret. If a sister talks like this, I will tell her, ‘Yes, sister, you speak very well, but let us now go and visit a sick person, to say a prayer. Since you know better, you will lead it while I will only say amen to it all, and let’s hope that you will be able to help. You have been serving God for a long time, you do what you think fit, and I will bring water and will say amen to it.’ But you say, ‘No, sister, I do not deal in such affairs. The karma of this sick person has not as yet flown out; there is nothing to help him about.’ The issue about karma has another aspect: you try to be of help and do not think about other people’s karma. I take another perspective to the issue: the evil that is manifested in God is not evil; it is only a trial, because there must be something in one’s life, which can test one’s power [strength]. The evil in a person is the positive side of one’s life. If one is intelligent one will know how to cope with those strong movements in one’s life. If one thought or one feeling is strong within a person or if one’s speech is strong, one will utilise all of these to one’s benefit. It’s not bad for one to be angry. One will take one’s anger and will tell it, ‘Listen, it has been many years since I gave birth to you! I fed you; you ate and drank; now it’s time for me to make you work and for you to listen to me!’ You will show it the stick and you will ask it, ‘Will you listen to me? You will first learn to stay put, then you will wait, you will be good and only when I tell you to capture somebody, you will do so! Until I tell you what to do, you will listen to my commands!’ It will respond, ‘I will, Your Excellency!’ It will only sit and ask, ‘Is it time to capture him or her?’ It sits, sharpens the knife for a day or two, or three, it waits, but I take it with the axe to the forest everyday and I tell it, ‘Get down to work!’ When we return I ask it, ‘Are you pleased?’ – ‘Yes, I am.’ Make your anger chop wood, make it whitewash; this is its business, it will do it perfectly well. Now, let’s go back to the main point; you all need to do internal work in Life, but whatever you have to start, keep it silent, do not say a word to anybody. There is one rule in Esoteric science: you should not let anybody know what you do, only the fruit should be shown externally. This is how musicians, artists, poets, and anybody else should work. If people listen to the practicing of music, they will be bored. Therefore, a musician should play and practice alone. When should he play before people? When he completes his studies or when he completes his picture or when he completes his poetry. So now, you all have to keep silent, but not to be silent about everything. No, you shall be silent about the substantial issues! If you understand it literally, you will fall silent and a sister will ask you something and you will keep silent. Again you will be asked to say something, and again you keep silent. No, this is the letter of the law. I mean the substantial, only it should be kept silent! A woman says, ‘But the Master told us to be silent!’ No, this is an understanding by the letter; you shall be silent about the substantial. I may tell you to speak on another occasion and this sister who understands me literally will start talking making no break at that. Others tell her, ‘It’s time to shut up!’, but she carries on for five, ten, fifteen, twenty minutes, even for half an hour, she can’t help talking. – ‘But it is the Spirit talking within me!’ If Spirit talks within you, you will say something intelligent and will fall silent. Later on you will talk again and will fall silent again. If I take part in twenty meetings, what do I have to do? I will talk for five minutes here and I will go to the other meeting; I will talk for a while there and I will move on to the third meeting; I will talk for a while there too. So that, when the Spirit tells me to speak, this means that I will be silent at one place and I will talk at another. And you understand that when you start talking at one place you have to keep talking throughout the whole time. You shall talk a little. Somebody may ask me, ‘Do you believe in God and how do you believe?’ I will reply to such a person, ‘Come visit me tomorrow at my place!’ He will come, I will treat him to good dishes, I will take him around my garden, I will chat with him. – ‘Well, but tell me something about God!’ I will respond to him, ‘Come visit me at my place tomorrow again!’ This is the resolution of the issue and there is no point telling him how I believe in God. When he asks me I will tell him, ‘Come visit me at my place tomorrow!’, nothing more than this. What are candles? What is the Light of a candle? What are books? What is the content of a book? What are men; what is the soul; what is the thought of man? – This is the Life of man. What is Spirit? – This is one’s Power. What is God? – He is everything. These are philosophical answers to these questions. Now, when you go out and when you are asked what I was talking about, what would you say? Some will say that they understood nothing, but others will say that I was talking about very great things. I am asking you why you need Light? To read the book of Life. This book is the very human being and by reading the book one will understand oneself. Now, I will leave you to think on your own, not to get confused, and let each one of you apply what each one of you has understood; do not demand a lot. Even the smallest application will be all right. Make this lamp light! Power is contained in the small. Let each of you find a method within oneself, to apply the smallest, to do one very small good. You have heard a lot about your mind, your heart, your will, but I want you to draw a small application from this lecture. I will explain the word application. Imagine that you have separate parts out of which a bridge should be formed. Apart from the support pillars needed for the bridge, what else is required? A joining thread on the top is required. Consequently, one person cannot impose oneself upon another. If you think that you can impose yourself, this is a wrong understanding. Only joining threads can there be between two persons. You have to do your best not to break these threads, but to form as many such threads as possible. The more such threads there are, the better, the more beautiful Life becomes or put in other words – the more elevated spirits love you and send their thoughts to you, the more meaningful, more beautiful your life will be. And the less you are thought about, the more ordinary your life will be. When mountains are being broken up, people resort not to gold but to iron; when people sail rivers and seas, people resort not to stones but to wood. Consequently, a spear can be transformed into a writing quill in the hand of an intelligent person, so that one can write something nice with it. And those who are smarter will transform the spear into a language and will sing with it. So that, those who do not understand will have spears; those who understand better will have writing quills to write with; and those who understand even better will have a gentle, fine language to articulate the best of God’s Words. So now, I want your spear to soften and to transform from iron into a writing quill; the writing quill should transform into a gentle fine language for you to articulate the most beautiful, the best in the world. But you do not have only to articulate it; you have to apply it as well. Master’s lecture, Delivered on 18 December 1925 at 16:00h [1] In Bulgarian there is one word ‘sabiram’ that has a very general meaning of congregating = collecting into a group: a) for people congregating; B) for putting things together and c) for the mathematical operation of adding. As the Master uses one and the same word throughout the text for all three meanings in Bulgarian, for consistency sake it is translated into English with one and the same word = gather together, meaning in this lecture both congregating and adding. [A1]Check this part of the sentence again as it is confusing and not clear
  8. Note 2p THE GOOD SEED The Good Prayer I shall read Chapter 13, line twenty-four, from Mathew, ‘Another parable put He forth before them, saying, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is likened unto a man who sowed good seed in his field.’ Learn Psalm 93 for next week. Something new must enter your life. I consider all your viewpoints out-dated, old clothes. You need new clothes for Easter, these are worn out here and there, there are holes, the colours faded, at places the holes are big, patches are needed. One has to study from the cradle to the grave. One has to dedicate one’s entire life to studying. One should not think that in a year, two or three years, one will learn everything and one will go visiting places ever after, sleeping in soft beds and eating delicious meals. These things are possible but one has to pay through the nose. If you take the entire human history, you will see that those who lived quite an opulent life - the kings – paid dearly. Even Solomon, who was one of the wisest kings of Israel, had to pay through the nose. The Scripture does not say anything about this, but there is one internal aspect, which he himself called ‘vanity of vanities’ and ‘all is vanity’. A great wise man who lived to see great disappointments, wanted to say that what one lived with is nonsense. You would sacrifice anything for this nonsense. If you were invited to become a queen you would accept on the spot. When one becomes king, one does not go to church. If one tries to go to church an entire envoy will escort him. Earlier on one used to go on foot, now – by car. Do you know what I believe the behaviour of such people, riding in cars, resembles? Children who cannot walk also ride in baby-carriages[1] and are attended by servants. In the spiritual aspect, all those who ride in automobiles and carriages are children; horses and coachmen drive them, while they think they are big shots. These are children. They have to step down and walk. Children, when they grow up, get out of the baby-carriage and walk on foot. And you sometimes regret that you do not have a carriage. It’s nice to have a carriage while one is a child, but when one grows up it’s nice to walk on foot. Because if an adult person does not practice walking his legs will atrophy. As soon as one’s leg atrophies, one cannot be virtuous. Legs correspond to virtues; arms – to Justice; eyes – to the Truth, ears – to Wisdom; the mouth – to Love. Carriages are for children, adults should walk on foot. And you will pray that your arms, your legs – every part of your body are healthy. You will know a person by one’s house. You will know that the host is tidy by his house. In a spiritual respect there is a bond between the physical and the spiritual life. There are no separate spiritual and secular lives; these are only separated in our understanding. We call spiritual the life of higher aspirations, while secular we call the life of lower aspirations. Christ says, ‘the Good seed’. In parallel with the seed something opposite might grow, which should not worry you. For instance, a bad thought may get its way into you alongside some good thought. This happens when your consciousness is not awake. Some bad thought enters and when you delve into your consciousness, you will see that an image has come from somewhere. One should always keep one’s consciousness awake. For example you are in town, you wash your garment and hang it on the washing line, but it gets dirty from the soot in the air. But an intelligent person will hang it where it won’t get dirty. Good things should be kept tucked away at such places where there is no soot. People often say that God will do this and that for us. God attends to His business very well, but our business is lagging behind. We have to get down to work and each one should have a task. Each should ask oneself what one has to do. Often we stop in the world and say, ‘The world is not what we would like it be.’ This statement should not be an obstacle to us. That the world is bad is just a subjective understanding, and another person can have exactly the opposite opinion. The world is good when we are good; the world is bad, when we are bad. It is often the case when you are feverish that your taste is a bit off – whatever you are given, as soon as you taste it you say that it is bitter and tasteless. Actually the dish is not tasteless and when you overcome your fever, it becomes tasty. Sometimes even water seems to taste bitter. You have to move to a new condition. You have to understand Life as science, as art. Life is an art by itself. Each one of you has to study one, two, three, four, five kinds of art. A person has about forty abilities and each one of them can develop art. Hence, a person has room for forty kinds of art. A person has as many feelings within, which can facilitate the development of certain virtues. And now religious people are in the habit of saying a prayer or two; twice a day they address God and regard themselves as very religious. Someone is said to pray three times a day. Wonderful, but he eats three times a day, sleeps eight hours a day. What has one attained from sleeping when asleep; what has one attained from the food by eating three times a day or when praying three times a day; what has one attained? One is supposed to attain something from each prayer. I shall tell you something that you have to remember: if you go to a clean spring of water, you will fill a vessel and will bring it back; if you go to a certain location where there are diamonds and emeralds, which one of you would not indulge in taking a stone. People often go to God, but come back from this fine area without bringing back anything. What is the worth then of such a walk? When a person is going around like this for ten-twenty years, one finally starts getting older, starts doubting. It goes without saying, when a person is getting poorer one starts asking oneself whether one has ever been rich. Also when a person grows older, one thinks that there was a time one was young, but that now he is old and even he himself does not believe that he has been young – he has changed without taking any notice of it, as if he has always been old. This is why such a person has to rejuvenate his outlook all the time. One meal or three meals a day won’t do it; three times a day is rather insufficient. Nowadays it is compulsory not to eat a lot, as it takes a lot of resources. Some people eat once every twenty-four hours, others – twice, three times, four times. But from a spiritual point of view one must nourish one’s mind. There are ordinary situations in this respect which only amuse people. Of course this depends on one’s feelings. There are cases when an idea, a feeling imposes itself upon a man without one really having any intention of doing so. An idle thought [feeling] may keep his mind busy for many years and not allow space for anything inspiring and noble within him. For example, somebody would like to become rich and he keeps thinking about this from morning till night. He keeps making money, for days and for weeks on end, believing that he would have enough wealth to live on, but suddenly the Invisible world takes it away. Not that one’s desire to be rich is bad; one has to be rich, but one has to be looking for one’s wealth in the right direction. One has to have the wealth that nobody else can take away from him. If a man is rich and used one’s wealth to develop one’s virtues, to serve the people close to him – this is good; but if the wealth is an obstacle to his good, it transforms into a trap. For example, if you talk in a room, your speech cannot be heard outside; if you pray in a golden house, your prayer will reach the golden ceiling and will not go to God. If your thought is not warm, and if your heart is not warm, this prayer has no effect. Consciousness should be very awake in every prayer and what you are praying for should be a necessity for you. The Scripture reads, ‘Let it be all that you want![2]’ What you want in your prayers should be the most substantial, most significant, and everything else will come on its own accord. The most important should come first. If Life comes, it brings all of its blessing with itself; if the Holy Spirit comes, then Freedom comes on its own accord; if Light comes, knowledge will be acquired. Where there is Love, there is Light too. The ‘good seed’ is understood to mean what a human being is endowed with. For example, a man is old and is expecting to die, to go to the other world. Why should the other world need old people? The other world does not need old people, nor does it need ignorant, sinful, feeble or poor people. There are no hospitals there. The Scripture says that nothing impure will enter the other world. As long as you enter the other world pure, you will not be subjected to the changes that are going on here on the earth – there will be no evil, there will be no poverty, there will be no diseases. You want a certain life, but you expect it to be automatically given to you, you do not want to work for it. For instance, what part of your day and night do you dedicate to visiting God? You use your time exclusively for yourselves. Few were those that I met who used their time for God. Everyone prays to God for one’s children, for one’s husband, for a hat, for clothes. At other time one prays to become good, but to work for God few have I seen! First you have to acquire that condition when no needs of yours will be a concern for you. If a person serves God with understanding, all of his needs will be gratified. But if one wants to satisfy one’s own needs first and then to give away from the abundance one has, this is also possible. A discontent is born in the former case, however: no matter how pure and holy one tries to be, one sees that one still needs something and is constantly discontented. One waits to become pure and holy first and only then to do something, but sometimes one leaves this world while waiting. One thinks and thinks and says, ‘This is not going to happen now.’ And one departs with this thought. But this may happen because one should not rely on the good one does, but has to allow the good within to work. The good is common for all the people; it is nobody’s private property. The Good is the Divine that works within everybody. Some are better as they allow more room for the Divine to work in them; others are not so good, as they allow less room for the Divine to work within them. If I put it figuratively, some of you have houses with more windows, others with fewer windows. This issue depends to a certain extent on your viewpoints. You want to live among perfect people above all. This would be ideal, but what can be done now that there are no such perfect people?! Now that you live among people who are not perfect, what should you do? People are resourceful. Sometimes the good people have to be as resourceful as the drunkards. A drunkard drank but his hand started trembling. When he took the glass his hand trembled and he couldn’t drink wine. He was aggrieved that he could no longer drink and was constantly trying to figure out a way to sip wine from the glass. One day he made a gadget: he took a piece of wood and a rope, he ran it through his neck and started pulling, he drank wine and everything ended. Thus God finally tied both his hands and he stopped drinking… A strong man should place a glass of wine in front of himself and should say, ‘I am the master of the glass; I am the one giving orders! I now order you to stay outside and to stay put!’ He places the glass on the table and goes out to take a walk; then he comes back and says the same. Let’s assume that you are displeased with a sister and when you see her, your heart trembles, you are annoyed; what should you do? Commission a picture of hers to be drawn, buy it and keep it in your room. You will tell the picture, ‘You shall not annoy me, I am your master!’ You will see that your heart will start beating differently. The first days when you see the portrait, you will be uneasy, you won’t even be able to pray, but persevere in this, keep her picture until you succeed. In time you will notice that the portrait of this sister has started changing. If you keep looking at this sister for two or three months you will see that alongside the change in the portrait the sister herself will change. When she meets you she will look at you in a more benign way. You live in a world, in a school and all of these issues that you face are assignments that you have to resolve properly. Some day the teacher in this subject will call you and will ask you how you will resolve this problem. This is the way to look upon your life. You ask why God has assigned this to you. You know why? Even the pupils at school know why they are taught geometry, geography, mathematics etc. These are subjects to study. For example, some of you have fears; this is not a subject. Fears are bad, but it’s even worse without fears. If a person had no sense of fear, on coming into Sofia, the carriages will run him over while otherwise he takes care of himself, walks on the pavement and thus safeguards his life. The sense of prudence must be added to this fear. When God sees that we can use the gifts He granted to us, and that we develop them, He is pleased. The teacher is pleased when the pupil studies. When the pupil plays an instrument properly, draws or paints properly, when the pupil recites something nice, the teacher is pleased. When you enter Heaven, the Invisible world, when you go to the King’s Gates, you will be asked to recite a poem. Which poem will you recite? You do not know even a single poem as yet, but you are wondering which one to choose. There you will be asked first to sing a song. Which song will you sing? If you sing the song properly the door will open on its own accord; if you do not sing it properly, the door will remain closed. If you recite the poem properly the door will open on its own accord; if you do not recite it properly, the door will remain closed. Someone will ask whether this is to be understood literally or allegorically. Understand it as you like, but this will happen. The Scripture reads, ‘The cowards shall not inherit the Kingdom of God’. Because when the cowards leave for the Invisible world, they will be tested with the worst fictitious trials. They will get frightened and they shall not enter; even if they want to make them enter, they won’t be able to. A Bulgarian teacher was riding in a carriage, but she was afraid of buffalos. She saw buffalos about half a kilometer ahead, she jumped out of the carriage and took to her heels. Which is safer – to stay in the carriage or to be running? If a buffalo is chasing you, running will not be of help, and it would be much safer in the carriage. And lastly this buffalo does not think of her; the buffalo can only raise its head to see who is passing by. We all have a buffalo. There is nobody among you having no such buffalo, that when the buffalo comes your heart starts beating. One fears one thing, somebody else fears another; but each one of us fears something. There comes a disease, your legs swell and you say, ‘What if it affects my heart!?’ One is brave while one is healthy, but one’s strength can be seen when one is sick. One has to fall sick to find out how strong one is. This is a test. Diseases, indispositions and hardships that afflict us are conditions only on the physical level. Every one of you has had such indispositions without being aware of the underlying reason. You sometimes feel sad, it seems that the whole world has become bad; some other time you are discontented, you do not want to meet anybody, you want to escape in the forest. As soon as all this passes over, your condition changes. This indisposition is not the person himself or herself; it is a strange tenant. You are often harnessed like a horse and you pull the carriage all day long. The one who harnessed you lets you free in the evening but the whole day you have been working for the master. There is another aspect to it: it is often the case that out of ignorance we inflict misfortunes upon us. A little calf enters the yard of a farmer, finds a pot of barley and eats it up, his head being stuck in the pot at the end. The calf raises its head but cannot see, and the people have no explanation as to how the pot happened to be on its head. This calf did not know the consequences, but sometime a man can stick one’s head into such a pot. The farmer comes and wonders how to free the calf. They start pulling the pot, but they fail to pull it off. They suggest slaying the calf. Some say that the calf is not theirs and others say that the pot is nice. Finally they decide to break the pot… Indeed, sometimes a man has to place one’s head into a pot to get things straightened. Good pots can make flower pots, but they should not be on one’s head. Or put in other words, one should never allow a thought to wrap one’s mind in such a way that it becomes like a pot. Never get attached to any object to an extent that it blinds you. This calf thought that it will solve all the problems by putting its head into the pot. These thoughts that I am telling you show what a man must be aware of. One has to know which the substantial issues in the world are. There are substantial issues that will come on their own accord, and there are issues that are not substantial. They are a burden to the person. There are differences among women. One woman is stronger; another one is more intelligent, another one is apprehensive. All this has its reasons. The strong woman is strong because she practiced; the apprehensive one has become apprehensive because she practiced apprehensiveness; a person becomes what one practices. Through practice a person can equally acquire a negative and a positive feeling. Only that one has to persevere along the Path. Sometimes things do not happen overnight. For example, somebody says, ‘I will pray to God.’ When you pray to God, He will send you to a person who has been along your Path so that he or she can teach you. Sooner or later you will meet the person who can teach you. Don’t be looking for happiness, never want to be happy, because it is impossible to be happy. Look at Heaven and see that everything there is nice: God is there, happiness is there. Happiness is where God is. As soon as you find where God is, there you will find happiness. There is no fine day without the Sun. As soon as the Sun sets, the fine day is over. When you leave for somewhere in a dark night, you will be happy as long as you have a burning candle, but when the candle goes away[A1] , you will be unhappy. And true happiness, derived from the presence of God, never goes away. You should not be looking for ways to be good; you should be looking for the good, because a man cannot be good. Somebody, whom you love, comes; you give him a clean towel; somebody else comes, whom you do not love, you speak slightingly to him. Where is your good? If you are treated like this, you will take offence right away, but according to our existing understanding, we consider ourselves to be very good, like the one who cannot sing, but considers himself a good singer. I was told that somebody was a very good violinist; I let him play the violin and found out that he was an ordinary performer. I have an explanation why people think he plays well: they like the songs he plays; while I consider the songs he played to me ordinary. Subsequently he is a good violinist according to some and according to others – he is not. A violinist, playing well to the dead, who plays the same pieces to the alive, will be beaten. A violinist, playing well to the alive, who plays the same pieces to the dead, will also be beaten. Why is it that very sad songs are played to the dead? If these souls go to God, why should gloomy songs be sung to them? The songs played to them are fit for escorting somebody to the scaffold. There is no logic in all of this and subsequently such songs are out of place. Such a song isn’t for Heaven, which means that such a person does not go to God, but to the place of suffering. If you leave for the other world, what song should be played to you?... You need an absolutely new vision: when a person is born you will sing a song halfway, and when the person dies you will sing the end of the song. You will sing the same song – half of it at birth, and the other half on leaving for the other world. You shall not sing different songs. If the song consists of four stanzas, you will sing the first two stanzas at birth, and the other two stanzas – on leaving. If a child is born to you, you would like to sing the first half of a nice song that brings in happiness; when leaving for the other world you will sing the other half of the song. I will now tell you half of the truth and when you are leaving for the other world I will tell you the other half of the truth. It is impossible to say everything now. There are things that if disclosed to you now, you will say, ‘Time does not allow this, time does not allow that…’ But when you are dying and when are being born time allows it. So, I was saying, that when the good seed grows the fruit is gathered in the Divine granary. This is going into the other world. Do not understand it in the bad sense, I do not mean the physical world. When a man changes fundamentally, he will pass from one life into another. If you ask the one leaving one’s body, he is ready to sacrifice everything. So far he has been a miser, but when dying he says, ‘I give this much to this person and that much to that person!’ He gives away everything, only that it is too late. One has to give away but not when dying, but while still living. And his heirs will quarrel over what one leaves as legacy after one’s death, they will call him, and he will talk to them not to quarrel. Thus they will create an entire misfortune for him. You want to find the right Path now. No, find it when you are leaving for the other world. Then you have to have a guide-book to Heaven, so that you know where the Path is and how you can start along it. Along this Path you will walk in Life. I am not saying that you are not convinced. One has to know things well so that one can be of help to the others. Because sometimes a person places oneself to a test before clarifying the truth in advance. However, one should not have any uncertainties as to the final truth one believes in. There are two issues that a person should not hesitate about: first of all one should never have any doubts as to the Truth; and secondly, one should never have any doubts as to the power of one’s knowledge. I am not talking about Love, because the slightest doubt in Love always leads to death. Doubting the Divine Wisdom leads to great suffering; and doubting love leads to death. Those who doubt Love die; death is the consequence of uncertainties in Love. And suffering is the result of any hesitation in the Truth or in the Divine Wisdom. Then suffering comes to show you that there is one who knows. After suffering for a long time, you will go to God and he will tell you that you are suffering because you have doubts. I am now asking which one of you does not have doubts. Not that this is a sin, not that you do it intentionally, but I am telling you that there is an internal law. There is one law in the world, similar to the one that sows the wheat and puts it in the sieve. When wheat grains become flour, it remains at the bottom, and the other stuff is on top. Not that a housewife minds, but she places aside what is on top, and elsewhere what is at the bottom. Every person will come to this sieve. You will first find yourself sown in the Divine field; you will follow the path of the wheat grain. You have to find a way to grow, to endure the winter, the wind, the cold, until you understand the Divine ways. Not that God has anything against you, but this is to your advantage, this is the only way for you to develop. Otherwise you will keep staying in the barn. When God wants to grant us freedom, He passes us from one condition into another. The external suffering comes as a process of the consciousness. Suffering shows that we are along the right Path. As long as you suffer you can be sure that you are on the right Path. But as soon as you no longer suffer on the earth, then you may start having doubts. Now, you have to study this profound science of self-education. You have to educate yourselves. One has to work upon oneself in order for one to become strong. A man has to work for one’s Freedom, but he also has to acquire knowledge. And in order to acquire knowledge, a man has to have a broad mind, has to study. I would like all of you to be very diligent, to study and to make small experiments all the time. You are in an Occult School. I see a striving in you to serve God. I can create as much as work as you like. I can give you the following experiment: to walk ten to twenty kilometres along a road and to give water to any passers-by; you will be walking and giving water till noon. You will say that this does not become you. You want an experiment, don’t you? Who will be put to test? Will you or the passers-by be put to test, if you are assigned such an experiment? You can do it! Do you think it will be an experience? This is a teaching. Now, I am not sending you to sell something, but to be on the road for about four to five hours and offer water from the pot. It is a science to know which one is thirsty. You shall not treat everybody to water; you will stand and try to guess which one is thirsty and you will offer a glass of water to a thirsty passer-by. Then you will sit by the road, you will count and take notice how many thirsty people there are. This will be your profit. You will take a new pot and you will see how many glasses of water it can hold. You shall not measure it in advance; you will count the glasses while giving water. You shall not waste a single drop. You shall take a notebook and if somebody says something you will note it down. After coming back you will count how many glasses of water you gave away and what the people said. This will be your salary. When you finish with this I will ask you what you learnt and how many sentences have you written down. You will have four stanzas of poetry. If I can assign this task to you some day, you will have an experience that rarely happens. But a person has to be inspired by the law of Divine Love in order to do this. Similarly God sometimes puts man in a strange situation. When Christ came to the earth, He was put in a strange situation: he was sent to serve the people who were much lower than Him. Therefore you should not be fed up with life. You will take as example the great souls who lived a humble life on the earth. You have to know that humility is the line along which Divine Blessing runs. A man who is not humble cannot receive the Divine Blessing. If you are proud, you are a high peak and the Divine Blessing cannot run toward it. You have to be humble, meek, kind-hearted, good for the Divine Blessing to come to you. Why do you have to be good? So that the Divine Blessing can reach you. This is the good seed that is sown. Other people have sown weed, but good is only what God put in man. The rule is: only what God put in us is good, and what all other people have put afterwards in us is weed. Nothing put in us afterwards by anybody shall bear fruit, but the Divine will bear fruit. ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ Lecture delivered by the Master On 21 April 1932 Sofia, Izgreva [1] There is one word in Bulgarian, translating as ‘car’, that is used for ‘automobile’ and ‘pram’ [2] To Editor: this is certainly a quotation – sorry, I can’t quote precisely. [A1][blows out]
  9. Note 2p NATURAL RULES[1] I shall give you some necessary rules, and you should note that these are natural rules and exist on their own in Nature. When I say ‘Nature’ I mean the intelligent Life. There can be no intelligent Life without rules outside nature. Outside these rules is the foolish life, while the intelligent Life is within the framework of these rules. Make the following experiment: when you go to a mountainous area, trouble[A1] a mountain spring, keep troubling[A2] it for ten to fifteen minutes and see what will happen. The spring will start cleaning itself from the centre, to get rid of all the muddy stuff and it will finally start running clear. If you have a watch please note how long it will take the spring to become clear again. Whatever the spring does, you should do it, too. An excursionist comes to your mountain and troubles[A3] you in a similar way; but another being from the external world will come and do to you what you can do to the spring – it will stir you within to clean you as if you were a spring. You ask what you should do. Do what the spring does. You will start doing what the spring does. This is the first rule. You use the expression a ‘free thought’. Under ‘free thought’ I understand a thought functioning according to the laws of Truth. You cannot have free thoughts if you are not in the sphere of Truth. You speak about free desires and free deeds. Bear in mind that your desires can be free only if you are in the sphere of Truth. Your deeds are likewise free, if you are in the sphere of Truth. Then you say a ‘love desire, a love thought’. Your understanding of a ‘love thought’ should be the same as your understanding about the free thought. In order for you to have a love thought, you should be in the sphere of Truth. Then your love thought will follow not your personal desire, but the laws of Love. If you have a loving light thought, your condition is supposed to immediately change. The law of Love rules the love thoughts, the love desires and the love deeds. You will tone yourselves according to it. Afterwards you will come to the area of the Divine Wisdom; then the thoughts will be light, the desires will be light and the deeds will be light. You often go to God and tell Him of all your misfortunes, insults: or say, you have lost something or your child died or you are cast out of society, or have a temptation. You come to complain and speak to Him as if He does not know. And what a special attention you pay[A4] ! God tells you, ‘Tell me the story once again.’ You will have to start telling anew. If God got your point, you will feel light as a feather, if He did not, you will keep the burden on your shoulders, because you failed to recite your lesson. If you performed your lesson well before God, you will feel as light as a feather right away. But you have to do this according to the first method or according to the law of free thought. You have to be aware what method you apply. When you go to God, you will start either with the law of Love or with the law of Wisdom, or with the law of Truth. If you do not speak according to the law of Love, you will speak according to the law of Wisdom or of Truth; you shall not mix these. First you will speak according to the law of Truth and Freedom; if we assume in a human way, that God did not understand you, you will speak according to the law of Love and finally when you speak according to the law of Wisdom, God will instantly understand you and you will feel light as a feather. So, I say that you have to have to learn to cope with your grievances and suffering. Grief can be a servant to you; can be your son or daughter from the past. You have lived many times on the earth; you have many sons and daughters. They find you, grab you and say, ‘I am having difficulties, I am broke, you will help me!" You are having difficulties, you don’t have anything, but they keep asking from you, ‘You will give us!’ And you start – you ask here and you ask there. As soon as you fix one of your sons, there comes another one; as soon as you fix your second son, there comes the third one, the fourth one, the fifth one, the tenth one – everybody want you to give them something. You say, ‘These desires are very bad!’ It’s not them that are bad, but when such a son of yours comes, he wants you to satisfy him, to send him to study abroad at a university. You first teach him to bend one’s knee, to bow. People used to pray standing on their feet years ago. You will now kneel and tell your desires, ‘You will do as I do!’ By praying you will make your desires pray with you too. This son of yours is an allegory. What do you have to do with this thought of yours, with this desire of yours? This thought has to be implemented. You cannot drive away a thought, because it will enter somebody else, it will travel the world and it will implement what it wants. If you are the first one through whom this thought passes, you are along the right path. If you are the last one, you cannot get rid of it. If you are in the middle you can get rid of it; if you are the first one, you can get rid of it, but if you are the last one – there is no getting rid of it. Be grateful that it is not always that you are the last one, and you are in the middle or in the beginning, because if you are in the end, you will have to implement it. You will apply the three laws in the end. A thought comes to you and you say, ‘A very bad thought!’ If a thought to steal comes to you, you will steal something, you will rob a safe; you will pinch a bag. This has been proven. If you do not know what to do with this thought, a banker’s safe will suffer and you will suffer together with it. You say, ‘This is impossible to happen to me!’ If this can happen to somebody else, it can happen to you too. A very pious person passes along the house of a rich banker in America and sees a bag of money forgotten at the window sill. The pious poor person takes the bag, hides it under his coat, goes home and says, ‘The Lord gave me this money. This banker has a lot; it’s no harm to him that I took the bag.’ Afterwards he prepares to pray but as soon as he attempts praying the bag pops up between him and the Lord. His prayer goes to the bag and bounces back. The poor one keeps holding the bag, does not want to return it and tells himself, ‘The Lord is testing me whether I am pleased with the bag or not. I am pleased, my Lord, but allow me to spend the money!’ He prays on the second day too, but the prayer again goes to the bag and bounces back; the same happens on the third and on the fourth day. On the tenth day he feels that he starts losing his enthusiasm and joy and decides to return it. He goes to the banker and says, ‘I was passing along your house, I saw this bag on the window sill and I picked it. Here it is, I am giving it back to you, because I lost my faith in God. As soon as I try praying, the bag pops up between me and God. Forgive me! I do not want to have a bag like yours. If you are prepared to give it to me, I shall see what the Lord will say.’ The banker answers, ‘Come tomorrow!’ He went on the following day and the banker gave him two bags. The poor one tells himself, ‘The Lord puts me through a great test!’ He takes the two bags, but when he starts praying, something within tells him, ‘You won’t spend even a fiver on yourself!’ He goes out and starts giving the money away to the poor. He prays in advance for everything that he has to give away, so that he can be told where exactly to give it. When he gave away the two bags for a year, he went to the banker and said, ‘Brother, you will release me! You won’t give another two bags to me; you will find somebody else, because I have to pray for each coin and to ask where I should give it.’ Events, that have once happened, cannot happen in the same way to you. In Nature things cannot happen twice in the same way. We often talk about abstinence. This is what I understand the word abstinence to mean: when a person applies the Law on Freedom, the Law on Love and the Law on Wisdom, a person must refrain from those thoughts and desires that can infringe upon one’s freedom. Put in other words, you should never take in food that is difficult to digest. The food in the stomach has to be good. I say, ‘You should implement each one of your thoughts that serves to raise you! The same is valid about food: you should eat food that maintains your health; while food that damages your health you should not take in! Each desire that expands your soul brings Freedom or Love into it, you should implement without asking anyone for permission! Each desire that limits your Freedom, that limits Love, you should leave aside! These are internal rules. There are certain things that you do not know how to implement in a particular case. There is no rule valid about every desire, nor are there any rules about the thoughts. There are general rules, but there are no specific rules as to how to behave in each particular case. An intelligent person stands out in a particular case. If intelligent people act properly, they will progress. At times one may act exactly the way one should not. Whichever way one acts, this does not mean that one commits a sin. If a man eats certain food and then vomits, does he commit a sin or not? There is no sin whatsoever. But if you are given the same food for a second time, you won’t want to take it in or you will be indisposed after eating it. You may eat less than necessary or you may eat more than necessary. No, in respect to eating you shall take in as much as you should! Moreover, the food has to be of good quality. The same law is valid in respect of [A5] the desires: you should select your wishes; you should know whether all these desires reaching your soul are desires for you. In a particular case a desire may be sent to you only for you to forward it elsewhere. This is similar to the case when a letter is addressed to you, it is posted to you, but you hand it in to another person without reading it. In the Spiritual world a letter may pass though ten-fifteen persons. One of your letters may have passed through ten people and each of the recipients might have contributed something. If these people are advanced and good, your letter will arrive studded with gems. If they are not very elevated, they may open it, read it and close it again, in order to get to know what’s written in it. There are such predicaments along the Path you are walking along, just like the predicaments disciples encounter while learning their lessons. For instance, take the issue about praying, contemplation or meditation; For example, eastern people determine a certain time for this purpose and when it approaches, they will leave their work. Even if he is a clerk, he will leave his job; this is the eastern understanding. And you may be a clerk and meditate nonetheless: take the pen, write slowly, then stop for a while, as if you are thinking and meditate for a minute or two; then write a little again. Because the old master on the earth is not entitled to all of your time. You say that you are an official. Tell me, if somebody is an official, how long does one have to work? Eight hours. Which one is the internal law that makes people committed? Let’s say that you make a transcript of a court ruling; is there any law regulating for how long you have to have made the copy? Each one of you who is a clerk must train the other bank officers to meditate. In this way they will be in a special mood, while now they work in the old way. An evangelist was telling me the following, ‘Before I learned the Gospel I used to beat the oxen with a prod for no particular reason and I used to say, ‘You have to work!’ But when I read the Gospel I left the prod behind, I no longer stab or beat the oxen. I give them a little bread; I pat them on the horns and on the muffle. When I converted a change took place, even the oxen were wondering what the reason was. This was the power of the Gospel!...’ When the Truth starts taking effect, a change must take place and one should throw away the prod. The oxen will keep going without a prod, ploughing shall not be intervened[A6] . Many thoughts and many desires accumulate in life. For example, a lecture is being discussed two or three times, information amasses and things become commonplace, the way love letters become commonplace. The first love letters are written in a tremulous hand; you already omit something in the second one, you are not so zealous, ardent, or enthusiastic. Only one love letter can one write in the world, there is something missing in the other love letters. Out of all the letters that I have read the first one has always been written best of all, while there have been mistakes in the other letters. When I find a mistake in any letter I know that it wasn’t the first one. There is one mistake in the second letter, there are two mistakes in the third letter, then four, five and in the end, when everything is a mistake, I understand that this is the last letter. Why does one lose one’s interest? One loses one’s interest in Love as well: in the beginning you will consider somebody an angel. The Turks have a saying ‘prince of princes’ about a person who is still free. Afterwards he desires to develop higher, gets engaged and then such a person is referred to as ‘close to the people’. Later on he decides to get married, and the Turks refer to this by the phrase ‘together with the people’. When he cannot live together with his wife and decides to get divorced, he is referred to as a laughing stock to people. In the beginning he is the prince of princes, then he comes close to the people, afterwards he is together with the people and finally is a laughingstock. Therefore in the beginning a sacred idea shows that we think. One should not get to the last condition. The experiments of the human Spirit to provide a clear idea what should the attitude of man to Life be are actually put in Life[A7] . In the end after applying all the methods you will become perfect like the angels, you won’t get married nor will you deliver children. You will be perfectly free; you will have one Life preconditioned by the entire intelligence. Marriage is a Divine school which you should attend and graduate with honours. Some want to break free. You cannot break free unless you are given sixes[2] in all the subjects and in the graduation exams. When the woman and the man graduate, they will say, ‘We finished school.’ When you elevate to a higher level of development, you will gain strength and you will go and teach the other people. Now, those students that do not know how to study will find fault with the surrounding environment. One may find fault with one’s father that one’s father was not rich, did not have resources or that he himself is not healthy enough. One may find many reasons, but the reason rests with the person himself / herself. Lagging behind is due to another reason. There is one law in the Spiritual world: Everyone must be tested whether one can become the greatest saint. You will be subjected to a test, you will come out last; you will be with the people. If you fail the exam, you will have to sit for it again. The one sent to redo the exam has not passed the exams for saints. He is only the holy second lieutenant and from there will one climb the step upwards. In this respect when suffering is sent to you, do not consider it unhappiness, but a privilege. When you go to God, you shall not complain. Be grateful for the suffering bestowed upon you; be grateful that you have the opportunity to learn! Suffering is an absolute mystery, it is alive. The suffering you are experiencing is related with the development of thousand beings[A8] . You have to understand the internal meaning of suffering and to remain cheerful. As soon as suffering comes, you should become cheerful, smile, sing a little! When suffering comes, don’t you ever ask for how long it will stay! You refresh [A9] under a great grievance. You should be able to refresh for five minutes, five minutes is time enough! Keep a sacred rule within yourself: do not go to God to complain, to worry, to condemn yourself. When you go to God, when He sees you from a distance, you will feel relieved. God is very well aware of your suffering. You want to be cheerful, you cannot, and you ask, ‘Why should I be cheerful; how can I be cheerful?’ To be cheerful in grief does not mean to laugh externally, but to be cheerful within. This is the first rule. Such were the saints: for instance, a knife is stabbed in a saint, but the saint remains calm; the knife is driven even deeper, he is bleeding, but he does not move. It has happened that the person stabbing the knife into the saint cannot bear it anymore, drops down and starts begging forgiveness. How many people like this are there in Bulgaria now? If there is one, he will be an example to follow! It’s not easy to become an example, an ideal, it’s a great art. Knives come, they keep stabbing you, you jump and at times you say, ‘I went to the bottom of hell!’ A being that is taught by God cannot go to the bottom of hell. This is an impression. Impressions are terrible! When a certain condition is suggested by an impression, you may experience what is going on in somebody else’s soul. This is the worst condition. Somebody else’s thought waylays you all around and may talk to you, ‘Nothing will come out of you!’ You should say like a deep spring, ‘In the name of God, let all these imposed limits go where they belong!’ You all suffer the law of impressions: you say that a sister, what’s-her-name, shall not last long. You are not speaking well. The least you can say about her is, ‘May God comes to her aid and let it be what will be; this is God’s business!’ And you say that she is in trouble. Do not say so, because tomorrow somebody else will say the same about you. God has placed this sister or brother to a test, it is meant for their good. You may think about the brother whatever you like, but he may become a saint. A person was telling me that he started drinking at the age of thirty. He returned one evening and someone asked him: - Why are you drunk? - This is none of your business. But the other one started beating and hitting him. Later on the person continued his confession. ‘This friend gave me such a sound thrashing, that I developed repulsion to drinking. As soon as I think of going to a place for a drink, a thought comes up into my mind, ‘No drinking whatsoever!’ This person put fear into me, so much fear that I am grateful to him for beating me. He did save me. I prayed many times to God to help me give up drinking, to rescue me in any way. But I thought that a preacher would come and tell me, ‘Brother, stop drinking!...’ There isn’t anybody among you who has not been thrashed. You are also sometimes given the thrashing by the book. If as a result of such thrashing (whichever way it might have been done) you acquire an internal freedom, the suffering was worth it. Now, there is such a rule: never use the negative, apply the positive! If you don’t know what some work is about, say, ‘This work is for the better!’ What do you gain when you say that nothing will come out of some effort and that nothing will come out of you? Say, ‘Nothing will come out of me the person I am now, but God is stronger that everything in the world!’ You shall start applying these rules! Start with the freedom of your thoughts, so that they can start purifying gradually so that you can acquire this internal freedom. There should be no ambition in you that it is obligatory for you to raise in this life. You should not covet this, but you have to be the masters of yourselves. Good persons should not be afraid of anything. I would like you not to fear anything! You are afraid of the devil, you are afraid of evil people. I will tell you what a young woman can do, what one, who loves, can do: a person is about to do mischief, he meets a young woman, she takes him by the hand, speaks to him, and afterwards the desire not to do any mischief is born within him. You will ask what the young woman did, whether she enchanted him. You have to be brave during any ordeal you experience in your life. God put you through suffering in order to gain experience, in order to know. You will experiment with a certain person, with animals. And sometimes you may experiment with yourself and you may lay hands on yourself. This is self-training. Go to a brother, look at him, take him by the nose and he will be thankful to you. If this person was not in a position to listen to the lecture, even if he were rich, what use is it? If a person is rich and cannot use his wealth, what use is it to him? I call a rich person a person who can make railways, factories, who can plough, who can employ all of his wealth. This is wealth. Now you want to make an experiment, don’t you? For example, you are often absent-minded, you are inclined to forget; you do not remember where you placed things. There are a number of methods to improve your memory. Do you know what absent-mindedness is due to? Everyone may become absent-minded when any uncertainty, about what one can do, gains the upper hand in him or her. When one is overconfident, one becomes tense and when one feels unconfident, one is absent-minded. When I see that some people are arrogant, I know the laws; when others are absent-minded I again know the laws. Many would say, ‘The Spirit talked to me, but I do not remember.’ They demand from other people to remember while they themselves do not remember. The reason lies in their sub-consciousness and actually all should admit that they are not interested. When the Spirit starts talking, you will hear it first of all within yourself. It is impossible for the Spirit to talk to others before talking to me. The Truth must come directly into my soul; if it comes from other souls, it is not a Divine manifestation. Consequently you must know whether or not what you talk about is correct; whether it is good or not. I feel bound to familiarize you exactly with the way the Spirit talks. When God sends a prophet, He tells him, ‘You will go and you will say this and that!’ There is an example in the Bible: David was a great prophet, but he wanted to live like a man. When he sinned God asked Nathan to tell him: - You know who you were – a little shepherd, but God took you and made you King to guide people. Is this the way you guide them? God told Nathan what parable to deliver to him: - There was a rich man and a poor man. The poor one had one lamb and the rich one – a thousand. Visitors came to the rich man but he did not take from his lambs; instead, he took the only lamb of the poor man and feasted his guests with it, Nathan said. - Sentenced to death! said David. Nathan told him: - You did this. Thus spoke God, You did it secretly, but I will make it come out in the open, so that in thousands of years people would know when reading.’ Then David wrote Psalm 51. So that when God starts talking, He will talk clearly. Divine things are accurately determined. You should not be absent-minded, you should have a memory to remember things; if you do not remember, you will learn to remember; if you cannot think, you will learn to think; if you are not a believer, you will learn to believe; if you do not know how to talk, you will learn to talk since every word has its own effect. Do an exercise for a week. This lecture is for the sisters, but let the brother do it as well. When you get up in the morning, place one of your fingers on the centre of memory. You may place one, two or three of your fingers there, you may place all of your fingers on the spot of human memory in the middle of the forehead. If you are absent-minded you will then concentrate your mind for your memory to return so that you can remember instances dating several reincarnations back. You will keep your finger on this spot for five to ten minutes, you shall not think. You may sit down on your knee or a-la-Turkish style[3], you may sit on a chair too, but you have to be calm, nobody should disturb you. Within a week you will accomplish at least one infinitesimal improvement – to remember a word more than previously. I notice that many of you are dissatisfied with life. The older one grows, the more satisfied with life one should be, not ever more dissatisfied. You are pleased that you met another man, he dies tomorrow and you are left without him and you weep. You have met a mirror image that talks to you from within, ‘Is this so or not?’ These are human contemplations that everyone has experienced. The conviction that you have started working in another reincarnation is not faith but a superstition. You start working in every reincarnation, but who started when? Two reincarnations ago Simeon[4] was walking the path along which he is now, but he got stuck at an early age. Therefore he comes early now so that he can continue along this path; he starts working from where he broke off. One starts continuing from the age at which one left this world. One might have left this world at the age of fifty-six years; when that person becomes fifty-six of age, then will he start working. Until then one lives without a single worry in the world, eats and drinks, but once this person reaches the particular age, he says, ‘I got completely stuck up, it can’t go on like this!’ Everywhere you link one of your lives with another; you start from where you have finished your previous life. The beings from the Invisible world always use all the conditions, but sometimes they only hint at these. The Invisible world never forces people, but it provides these conditions, if you have the good will. Similarly they tell Simeon, ‘Come on!’, and he replies, ‘Gladly, hopefully I can improve now! Thanks for telling me!’ Simeon takes the violin and starts. When I saw him in Tarnovo, I even told myself, ‘Who could have made him come here?’ I now take Simeon as an example about the links between the separate lives. As you have entered this Path, make use of all the favourable conditions! You should never be disconcerted with a muddy spring. Perhaps somebody muddled it, or something else happened, but in five, ten, fifteen minutes the spring will be clean. A favourable atmosphere must be created, this is the new aspect. Only in this way the gifts that are hidden in the human soul can develop. Each one has to receive and develop one gift. One should not only pray, one should also prepare to work in a certain area. In this world each one is destined to do something that no one else can do. There is a lot to tell you, but I will do this later on. First of all you should improve your memory! Remember that your thoughts have to be free, your desires have to be free, and your deeds have to be free! Moreover, your thoughts have to be loving thoughts; all the desires have to be loving wishes and your deeds have to be loving deeds! And then the thoughts have to be light, your desires have to be light and your deeds have to be light! This is Divine! Do not think a lot as to how you will do it or what somebody else would say; do it; fear not! Somebody comes to you and wants something from you; you should give him the coin you grabbed when you slipped your hand into your pocket; do not slip your hand again to grab a smaller coin. The man says, ‘Slip your hand into your pocket!’; you slip your hand into your pocket, you grab a big coin, you leave it, and then you grab a smaller one. Whatever you grab, you should give, do not look at it! When you do not look at it, you will grab the devil by the tail. I shall give you an example about John of Kronstadt[5]: a poor widow goes to him and asks him for help. He said to her, ‘I will pray and it will be what the Lord says. Come after a week.’ During this time a distinguished earl died, one of whose heirs was John of Kronstadt. His relative left him eight thousand roubles in an envelope. When the woman came again, John of Kronstadt told her: - This is what the Lord granted. He called the earl who left this. When the woman opened the envelop, she got scared and said, - Brother, you are mistaken; I do not need that much money! - But this is what the Lord sent through me; take it, use it! When the time to implement God’s Will comes, we have to implement it properly. When the time to work according to the laws of Freedom comes, whatever we might meet, we have to implement God’s Will. Not to think along human lines, not to allow the vainglorious thought and desire to be blessed by the Lord. When the water fountain comes up, it does not think that it has to come up, because there is an internal pressure. It does not invest any efforts because the water that comes creates pressure. First, you start along the Path you abandoned. You are not bad, but you have to know where you abandoned the good, you have to find the internal bond. You have to immediately find the place where you left the good; you have to make a bond and to start working. And you should not ask instead what you were in the past. Somebody comes and asks what he was in the past. And I tell him, ‘You interrupted this work and that work, get down and do it!’ Somebody became forty-five years of age and wanted to continue his studies at the university. A reincarnation back he had to leave the university, because he could not graduate by the age of forty-five. Now he comes at an old age and says, ‘I will graduate the university!’ There are grandmothers who sit for their graduation exams at the age of sixty. A desire that they could not implement at the age of twenty-two is coming to life now: they could not finish their secondary education because of love affairs – they had a love affair with this one, and with that one, and they could not finish school. They tricked this lad, they duped that lad, but they did not think of completing their studies. In another case a young lassie obtains a certificate for secondary education, but she leaves for the other world; then she comes back in her third reincarnation as a young woman of envious social standing… These aspects will become clear to you. Read books and novels of similar contents. The novels for you have been written and are kept at various libraries. You have to possess the printed version of the whole novel where you are the main character. Which one of you doesn’t have a novel? There is no person among you who doesn’t have a novel; you all have novels. Some day when you complete your development, you will go to libraries to read your novel from the beginning to the end and to study your life. You will read how you existed in one of your incarnations, in another, in the third, the fourth, the fifth, the tenth incarnation and after reading your entire life, you will then start reading the lives of the others, of your friends. But this will happen in the future. Now, I want you all to become like little children. You have become very much adults. Christ says, ‘If you do not become like little children, you won’t enter the Kingdom of God.’ You have to be like children internally, at your heart – you should believe even if you were lied to ten times. When I was carrying out my research around Bulgaria, I came across a very interesting case: two children were left in baby-carriages – the one was three years old, and the other one – four or five years old. As they were sitting in their baby-carriages, the older one grabbed the younger one by the hair and shook him. The second child started crying, while the one was looking at him very seriously like a professor. Then I saw the younger child grab the older one by the hair and shook him in turn. Now, the older child started crying. Then again the first child grabbed the second one. Thus these children grabbed each other several times and finally they became wiser, they smiled, hugged each other and started kissing each other. This is a performance. I ask what its meaning is. Somebody comes, grabs you by the hair, shakes you; the Divine Will in the world is that when somebody grabs you and shakes you, you are supposed to learn something. The first thing you have to learn is that God loves you. The second thing you have to learn is that you love thy neighbours. The third thing you have to learn is that thy neighbours love you. The first one is that God loves you, and then you love. When the time for you to love comes, you start feeling that people love you. Sometimes someone comes to you and you feel that you do not love him; then another one comes, whose presence is pleasurable to you… The first thing you have to know is that God loves you, that you love thy neighbours and that thy neighbours love you. This is a program! If you are successful at implementing it, you will resolve your problem. Now, sing ‘In the beginning was the Word’. Master’s lecture Delivered on 7 April 1932 (Annunciation) Sofia, Izgreva [1] The lecture was attended by brothers as well (editor’s notes) [2] Six is ‘excellent’, the top mark [3] A-la-Turkish style – this is a sitting position with knees bent and feet crossed under opposite thighs. [4] Simeon – brother Simeon Simeonov is meant here, amateur violinist who conducted the Brotherly choir at Izgreva for many years (notes of the editor of the Bulgarian edition) [5] John of Kronstadt – a Russian Orthodox priest, (1829-1908); known for his proverbial mercy and captivating eloquence (notes of the editor) [A1][agitate or disturb] [A2][agitating} [A3][disturbs] [A4][And what special attention you pay to this} [A5][concerning] [A6]Usage – maybe [interrupted] [A7][The experiments of the human Spirit are actually put in Life to provide a clear idea of what the attitude of man to Life should be.] [A8][a thousand beings] or [thousands of beings] [A9][You should/must refresh]
  10. Note 2p Faith as Law The good prayer ‘The Divine Spirit’ Read John: 1; 1-10. Do you know what an object teaching is? I call an object teaching everything that studies what God created. While now you do not study what God created. This is not an object teaching. For instance the black board is not an object teaching. I call objects the living objects while this blackboard is an object inasmuch as an intelligent human being can write on it, so that it serves as a mirror for him. Figure 1 What is this on the first drawing? – A window… You are like little children and this is good. Until one becomes a little child, one cannot enter God’s Kingdom, i.e. one cannot study. What is the purpose of a window? The larger the window, the nicer and lighter the house becomes. Such a house is fully hygienic and one does not fall ill in it. The narrower this window gets, the less light penetrates, and the objects in the room become darker and vaguer. In the end it gets dark and you start bumping into one another. Can one study in a dark room? Does the window stand for letting light come in? Its second function is to let air in. A house having a window, always has a door too; a house having a door, always has a window, too. The door should always be kept closed, while not only light but air as well should come through the window. And when it is stuffy inside, you open the door to let more air in. A human being is a house – the best house that has ever been built. There is no better house on Earth than the human being. One has two windows and one entrance door, two ventilators, two head-phones to communicate with the external world, there is one inspector verifying things and one tongue checking whether what has come in is good or not. When it is not, this inspector does not allow it inside. There are also two servants in this house – these are the hands. When somebody from the outside comes in, the hands say, ‘Welcome.’ So, a human being has five senses. The five senses are alive. You have to know whether your senses are normal, whether your smell and eye-sight function normally. There is eyesight in the world that can see a human being not only from the outside. A human being cannot be known from the outside only. You have to know a human being both internally and externally. One can put on a very beautiful mask and all the traits of an excellent and kind human being may be inscribed upon it. How will you know if a person is good or bad; how will you know if a person has a mask or not? You will tell the person who came to visit you wearing a mask, ‘There is a rule at home requiring that everybody visiting us should take a bath!’ This mask will melt in the water. One cannot take a bath in a mask. One will start sweating, and all the people who sweat, wear masks. There is some space between the mask and the body. Hence, if somebody comes, how will you know it? You will tell him that he has to wash, to take his mask off. He will say, ‘I’m all in sweat, I’m so hot inside, I tend to sweat.’ When does a person sweat? When one is sick. After sweating, one’s health improves and the person says, ‘Excuse me, I put on a mask when I was outside, I will take it off now.’ He will take his mask off and you will see him. This is an object teaching. You will ask, how can one be in a mask? When you pretend to be what you are not, what are you wearing then? If you present yourself for what you are not, then you are not free, you have a mask. So, you have to take this mask off! People wearing masks are distinguished by two traits: they are either infinitely soft and good, or utterly rude. One who is infinitely soft wears a mask. You cannot count on him only, because he gives in: the Turks have a saying, ‘One makes peace with seven ends’. Wherever such a person enters, he plays all the roles. Because his mask is big, when walking he tires easily and he says, ‘I’m at the end of my tether.’ His mask is heavy; this is why he is soft. While the mask of the one who is rude is rather light, therefore one is strong. You have to dispose of this softness and rudeness that result from your masks. I am not talking about you now. The animal and floral kingdoms are presented in this way in everybody. This is a rule and rarely will you meet a person whom you will like on seeing. Figure 2 What can you see in the second drawing? – A cup. But it is such a big cup, which looks like a plate, is this possible? In a house, you have to be a plate or a cup, which one is more important? One has to be a cup in a certain aspect, while one has to be a plate in another aspect. It resembles also a watering pot. A cup is a symbol. Do not get embarrassed, I do not want to upset your concepts, but I want to show you that symbols can transform. Thus the symbol (see Figure 3) can transform itself into the symbol (see Figure 4). It forms the letter ‘a’. So, if you draw a line across the root of the symbol (see Figure 3) or if you connect the two letters ‘г’ and ‘с’ at a place, the letter ‘a’ is formed. When these two letters cross, you have learnt the first letter. What do you have to do in order to learn the second letter? Figure 3 Figure 4. The second letter ‘б’ means that you have to place a base, a foundation; there must be a place for you to find support. The first letter shows that you have a seed, and the second one that you have sown the seed and it has grown in the ground. We deviated from the topic of the object teaching. So, the cup became a plate, it became a watering pot too. If we take the handle off the cup, it becomes a pot. What can the pot become? These are functions, offices that the pot can take; these are, certainly, high offices. What is the function of the cup? The function of the cup is to scoop up and to hold. You can hold it, you can fill your plate with it and you can pour out. So, a cup can have several functions: to scoop and retain hot water. With plates there is a certain progress; plates are meant for human beings only. And the watering pot’s function is to spread water to plants. Man made the cup; man takes it and fills it with water. Man always imitates God. Then, where are the plates in Nature? Now, let’s go back to the idea about the house. For a house to be hygienic, its windows have to be large, its door has to be reliable and not to squeak; there must be sufficient light, sufficient air in the room. Well, where is the cup of man? This is his hand. God gave him a cup and if a man drinks only from his hand, he will never fall ill. A man going to a fountain should not place his mouth, but his hand, below the spout. If people do not use their Divine cup, if they place their mouths at the spout, a worm or a leech may enter them and they may suffer for years because of this. If a man uses one’s hand, he will first see whether the water in one’s cupped hand is clean and only then will he drink. The one doing things like this is a master. You must have the best window panes and the best doors. In conclusion, the eyes of man are one’s windows through which one understands things. A man who makes his own house learns from it. You open and close the windows all year long – so, you have learnt how to. The windows are made to teach man and to serve man, and the window panes have to be clean. If the window panes are not clean inside or outside, very little light will come in. Do you invite light or does it come in uninvited? It comes to visit you without any invitation. The air that comes in through the window also comes in uninvited. What can you then realistically learn from this object? Why does light come in uninvited? In case people can do you some harm, you will close the window. When a good man comes over, you have to open all the windows, and when an evil man comes in, you have to close all the windows. I now talk about your conditions: each condition that holds back your abilities, feelings and actions through which you can manifest it, is not good. For example, you say, ‘I do not need much learning, much feeling!’ One does not suffer because of too much learning, from too many feelings or from too much good or from too much Love. I haven’t seen a person suffering from too much Love. From lovelessness I have seen people suffering; the whole world suffers from lovelessness, not from too much Love. And if at times there is suffering in the name of Love, this is something fictitious that is only labeled ‘Love’. What should you understand under Love? Love is the greatest power in the world that delivers to man what a man’s soul needs. Love is when you are given what you need in Life. Only Life delivered through Love can be called Life. This is Life, while the external manifestations and caresses are not Love. These are frills, these are red, blue and green embellishments, but this is not Love. Moreover when these embellishments are not present, Love does not change. Somebody may do something for you without loving you, while somebody else may speak to you in endearing terms, without doing anything for you. In the second case these are only labels. What is a lie then? Lies indicate that Love is absent. A man must imitate God. And a man has one stove. It is the heart where certain energy develops. Only that this stove, in order to produce better flames, needs a blower. These are the lungs. They function constantly, and the stove burns, gives out warmth and the blood spreads all over the body. The heart has valves. If a person enters your home, brings in love and closes all the valves, what will happen? There is smoke in a house with clogged pipes and the stove cannot burn. As there is smoke, the valves of the heart are closed. First you will open the valves for ventilation! On becoming friends with somebody, you should watch out for him/her not to close the valves of your heart. Because only two persons live in the world – the one called Man, and the other one called Woman. There is nobody else apart from them. The thousands of women are a reflection of the One Woman. Sometimes they cooperate and form the big Woman. On the other hand this big woman has the capacity to radiate out of herself similar ones and thus the women in the world become many. Isn’t it a funny situation when you want to be the master of your Mother? As early as her birth the daughter starts ordering her mother, saying, ‘Our Mother is so well educated, but she is not modern, she belongs to the old type of women.’ I will explain to you why you came to the earth as women. When you initially took over this service, what declaration did you make, were you made women against your will? A woman is distinguished on the earth by one characteristic feature; faith must be a law to her. If we believe only in what happened, this is not faith. Faith is to believe in everything that can happen, because what did not happen to you, happened to somebody else. Someone is rich, while someone else is not, but the One who made the first person rich, will make you so too. You are not educated, but you believe that you can become educated. Everybody can become educated. A woman has to believe that everything can happen. Someone will say that this is gullibility. You will believe in everything! Precisely the one who does not believe in everything is gullible. He believes what cannot be believed in. For instance, you women, think that you have faith, don’t you? Many of you set up homes and believe that they will live happily with their spouses all their life long. Then you say, ‘It did not turn out the way we believed it would.’ You are not in a complete world on the earth, but in a world which is in progress, which is currently developing. You have entered a give-and-take relationship with your spouse; this person has capital somewhere, but it takes ten-fifteen years for him to gather this capital. Although he might be very rich, he does not have money at his disposal and you start doubting and you say, ‘I thought he was rich, but he isn’t.’ If the slightest obstacles can shake your faith, what will you believe in, then? I want to tell you where women’s suffering comes from. The beginning of all the suffering of women is their present weak faith. For instance, a young maid is told by her father and mother, ‘You cannot live with this lad’, but she replies, ‘I cannot live without him, if I do not marry him, I will die!’ This is what she believes in. Having married him, after two years she says, ‘Life with him is like death!’ Why, she married him having faith and being completely aware [of his character], didn’t she? No, she was misguided by his mask - his pointed moustaches, his gloves, his patent leather shoes, his courteous bows. He tells her, ‘You are very cruel to me, I cannot be without you!’ When a woman is told that she is like a goddess, she opens up like a snail. When he tells her, ‘You are an angel, you are a goddess’, she opens up, but afterwards, after they get married, he tells her, ‘I thought you were an angel, but certain instances in your life show that you do not act like the angels do; I notice that some words of your vocabulary are not from the world of angels and started doubting a little bit whether you can speak the language of the angels.’ Figure 5. Figure 6. This is an object teaching. I show you the relations that are generated. When two persons unite in any relationship, they form two poles A and B (Fig. 5). A straight line is formed between two friends. As long as the minds of these two beings function properly, as long as they think properly, this ellipsis is very regular, it moves, it improves. As soon as some disharmony enters between these beings, this ellipsis loses its form (Fig. 6), until so much smoke is generated that they decide to make a chimney in order to get rid of these misfortunes. You say that a house cannot be without a chimney. As soon as a chimney gets into a house, the angelic life cannot go on and you already have an ordinary human life. You see that the inhabitants of this house are sick and how can they not be sick as there is smoke? The house of the quarrelsome people cannot be without smoke, while the house of the amiable people needs windows and doors, not chimneys. Factories also have chimneys. Now, you feel a desire growing within you and you say, ‘What does the Master want to say?’ I do not want to say anything, I am simply talking about windows and doors, I want to know whether there is smoke in your house or not. You will say, ‘Our eyes are sore from a lot of smoke.’ What God created we have to place above everything else. One should not disturb one’s feelings, one’s thoughts, one’s actions and one’s physical body. For example you say, ‘I should not have trusted him so much!’ Nobody has suffered so far because of faith; one can suffer because of trust, because of believing, but not because of faith. Faith can be put in a man, believing in what God gave him. Believe that he has a soul and your faith should not be shaken! This person may talk evil or good, may be good or bad, but this should not guide your faith. Because if you are trustworthy, if you find some person unpleasant from your point of view and if this were actually correct, in such a case God would have eliminated him from the world. But since God has not eliminated him, this means you are not right. Somebody who is bad for one person is good for another. You have some knowledge by which you show your ignorance and instead of believing, you say, ‘This person is bad.’ This is not faith, this is knowledge. What do you base your knowledge on, why is he bad? The first requirement to you as women is to have an absolute faith. Even when you are aware that you are being lied to, you have to be like the spring of water: not to get bewildered by whoever comes to drink, even if he is a rogue; even if a wolf, a bear, a serpent or a spider comes, you should say, ‘It’s all right’; even if your water goes to some thorn or to some impurity, you should say, ‘It’s all right’. You should not get bewildered that what goes out of you is soiled. If the water had the same line of reasoning like yours, if it gave up helping people, what would happen to the people then? Then all of you will be dead. You have one aspiration – you all want to become happy. However, happiness rests on an internal spiritual law. It is impossible for the entire society to be happy, do not entertain illusions. Each one, when one has faith, can be happy. This is a specific law that is a function of one’s faith. If one has an absolute faith in God, one thinks that everything that happens in the world is meant for the better. Such a person says, ‘If God, who sent me in the world, had allowed certain suffering, these are meant for the better!’ Therefore one must believe in God and one’s faith should never be shaken. You want to manage your affairs properly. How can you manage your affairs? Can you manage the affairs of the Sun, can you manage the affairs of the water, can you manage the affairs of all the people? You can hardly manage your own affairs, and you want to manage everybody’s affairs. A man from the village of Nikolaevka used to wear a warm hat even in the hottest day. He used to explain, ‘I am ashamed to take my warm hat off, because a person came to do a hair-cut for me and he made me look funny; I am waiting for my hair to grow a little before I take off my hat…’ Similarly, you too want to manage people, but then you cut them so badly that they have to wear a hat for a whole year. A sister wants to teach the other sisters and she says, ‘You should be very generous!’ You should set an example to her, as if you were a professor, how can you demonstrate in any other way to someone how to be generous? Then, generous people must possess another trait too: a generous person must be like that one who has been giving for twenty years, but still nobody knows that he has ever given something. You may be generous, but everybody knows about it. Well, this is good, it’s not a sin, it’s not a crime, but I ask, how will you teach the lesson of generosity? All of you should remember the following: you cannot teach any teaching, any virtue to anybody, if this virtue is not within you. This is a law. You cannot ever light a fire, though you might have a box of matches, if the latter is wet. So, if you have one virtue, you can hand it over and I would do a piece of good in the following way: a beggar comes; I shall not give him money, but I will put him to test, and I will ask ten of my friends to give me one lev[1] each, I will also contribute one lev and I will afterwards buy with this money some flour and salt. I will return and sieve the flour, I will knead it, I will make a fire and I will bake some bread. At the same time I will watch the beggar. Then I will tell him, ‘Chop some wood to get it done faster!’ I will then buy some beans and will cook them. In this way I will teach him patience and I will see whether he is poor. If he feels uneasy, he is not poor. If he stays and takes part, he learns with me and rejoices with me that I knead bread and cook beans for him. He too is involved and feels happy. He is poor, but if he suffers, he is not a poor man and then I know why God made him poor. Consequently, when a poor man comes, collect ten leva, buy flour and knead some bread, make him wait. A man begging here and there is a trader; let him wait for three hours to have the bread baked, to have the beans cook and you will see if he will come to your place again. In this way you have an advertisement, because he will tell everybody in town that you wasted three hours of his time. Thus you will try at the same time both yourself and the poor person, and the work will be pleasing for God. Imagine that you live in the old times, when women used to take food to the saints: a woman would knead bread herself, and would take the pot and the warm bread to the saint. The saint is sitting and says, ‘God bless you!’ This beggar is a saint; all the saints are beggars in the woods. A woman would bake some bread and take it to them, because they are very busy, they pray. And the invisible world puts into a soul the thought to take something to them. A beggar does not have to be a stupid man. If the beggar is a saint, receive him at your home, and if a blockhead comes, give him the hoe to dig in the vineyard. I consider it humiliating to give somebody one lev. I haven’t worked for this lev, and by giving it to him, I am doing him no good. This is no good, this is no favour whatsoever. I give him one lev and he looks at it and says, ‘How little you spared from your heart, I’d rather you told me you did not have money.’ No, I prefer kneading some bread for him. You want a method according to which to work for God. You want to work in the old way. You all know the old ways. The new Teaching is incompatible with the old habits. If, to a person coming to your home, you cannot do a good that you would do for your son or daughter whom you love, such a good is not accepted by God. And if the mother does not serve her children out of love, she is no mother and her good is no good before God. What a mother does must be agreeable before God. God lives in every human being, doesn’t He, as you argue and as you try to believe? You say that God lives in everyone and if a man, in whom God lives, comes to me and if I want to get rid of him, then do I believe in this One God who lives everywhere? So, I do not believe in the God who lives everywhere, but then I pray to Him, ‘God, show me Your Will?’ Another person, who is poor, comes to you and you give him one lev; how can you pray to God then? If we change our views radically, we shall give an impulse then, a new understanding of the world. If we pity the poor people, as we do now, we cannot help them. If we pity our children, as we do now, we shall not achieve what we want. Because the home is a divine unit. Your son having departed for the other world, must be tied to your home and must help it. He has to write letters to his mother and father. When the father departs, he also has to write letters to his folks. As soon as you stop writing, you have no home. If it is a home, be it here on the earth, or in the other world, it is all the same – home is home. Home is based on Love. So I was saying: I want you to form one big family. You are all sisters in a bigger family. You all come from one Father and one Mother, but you still do not know one another as sisters. So, you come from one father and your family started two thousand generations ago. If you allot ninety-five years to a generation, then a bond among you started forming at least fifty thousand years ago. You still do not know that you come from one family. You say that you are sisters, but you are not prepared to sacrifice something for one another. You are very good, but you haven’t come to the science to sacrifice for each other. You say, ‘Why should I sacrifice myself for this sister?’ If she is a Divine sister, you have to sacrifice yourself. I shall deliver an interpretation on the difference between a young man and a young woman [in Bulgarian „момъкъ” и „мома”]. The word „мома” has four letters, and the word „момъкъ” – six letters. Four plus six equals ten. A woman would always come back to her right senses at the end, while a young man would have a thought. A young woman, after finishing her work, learns; while a young man would add two more letters. Why should he add two more letters to the work? A young woman is supposed to make only two sacrifices: first she would have to leave her native home in the material world and the second one is to die. A young man too would have to leave his native home; therefore he makes a boat „К” in which they can settle in Heaven. The letter „К” is a boat, and the letter „Ъ” is the steering wheel (Fig. 7). I will give a clarification now: I mean the human mind and the human heart when talking about the young man and the young woman. Such is the relationship between the human soul and the human spirit. And when talking about a man and a woman, this is the lowest level of comparison. The human heart is a young woman. When your Love is true, your heart functions properly; when your Love is not true, your heart pounds fast at times and slowly at other times. Women must inevitably have faith; if you have no faith, you are not a woman. If you are a woman, you have the highest rank that God can give you in the world. This is what being a woman is about. Figure 7 .You do not want to Be a woman. Then what do you want to be? — A man. You become a man, but you do not want to be a man either. What do you have to become then? — A human being. A human being you have to become! This is the third option. Becoming a human being means to harmonise these poles in one. Both poles have to be identical – both the man and the woman. All the disgrace for the last eight thousand years that man has been through is placed upon the shoulders of the woman. All this has to be cleaned, until we discover the woman as a precious stone. A lot of awful stuff has been written about women; all the authors have written all things bad about them, but this is fiction. According to them the woman is the worst and in spite of all this nothing in the world happens without her. The world cannot develop without women. What should be done? Someone will say, ‘There is no person more sinful than the woman.’ If this were true, the woman should not exist in the world, but she does exist. God assigned her a task – to correct the world, and you have to correct yourselves too. In order to correct yourselves, you have to have one basic law: you should not regret the fact that you are women. God, who has been so thoughtful, made you women; this is the greatest happiness for you. If a person did not have a heart and if a person did not have a soul, what would a person have looked like? Then there would have been no event in the world. A person without a heart or without a soul would be a cruel person. Hence God gave you a task to develop your heart and to serve the soul. In this life you elevate and prepare not on the earth. You want to please your husband, to raise and please your daughter and your son. You won’t be able to please your husband, your daughter and your son. In order to please him, this man will ask a lot from you, while millions you do not have. Your husband will become poor tomorrow, he will start drinking, will take up indecent ways; what will you do? You will say, ‘I will divorce him!’ Then where has your faith gone; why did you get married now that you are going to get divorced? Divorces do not resolve any issues. Years ago a Bulgarian who was studying occult sciences came to visit me, displeased with his wife, and he said, ‘My wife is impossible to live with, I am already considering leaving her.’ I said to him, ‘You may leave her, but are you considering taking another one?’ – ‘Yes.’ – I replied to him, ‘Then, you cannot find a woman better than her. If you leave her you will be in the worst misfortune, but if you carry on, you will raise in your next incarnation.’ Similarly the woman, enduring all the troubles of her present husband, will be granted a high position by God in her next life. If you do something, that God does not want, you place an obstacle in your evolution. There is a sort of fear from the decision about what you have to do. You are afraid of your husband; your husband is not apprehensive, but you are. You have to say, ‘Fear is a blessed feeling given by God!’ Human conscience is created upon human fear, human justice. If there was no fear, you would not have been just; justice takes its roots from fear. What are you most afraid of? You are robbed and you are afraid. You will say, ‘It’s all right, it’s all right!’ You will be generous and when you give away the fear will stop. Fear is not a misfortune, but when you think that you will die, that you can be killed, you beguile yourself and then you live without faith. Fear tells you, ‘Go get God’s Will implemented![A1] ’ And there is a danger if you do not implement God’s Will, you will have to go through a lot of trouble. This is the fear that you have to heed; you will tell yourself, ‘I will implement God’s Will!’ As soon as you implement God’s Will, you will feel no fear. You get scared from a bear in the woods and start running away; God is trying[A2] you whether you are trained in running and says, ‘My child is good at running.’ A man running away from a bear, will never make a scandal, while the one not running away from a bear, may make a scandal. The one not running away represents another danger. Define what an old man is. If you call a sister old because she cannot walk and she needs somebody to accompany her, this is not right. She is an invalid or she is disabled. If she cannot think, she is stupid; if she cannot hear, she is deaf; if she cannot see, she is blind. Why do you call her old then? If a sister cannot walk, if her ears are where they should be; if her eyes are where they should be, why do you call her old? I want to free you now from the understanding that she is old. I should have found you when you were young dancing horo[2]! But out of decorum I did not come, not to spoil your horo. It felt nice when you danced at the horo, didn’t it? There was stamping, leaping, you were clad in nice clothes! All of this was fine, excellent it was, while now you have to leave the horo. When at the horo you were told, ‘You cannot dance; we do not want you here!’ You have come to me now to learn how to dance at the horo. The wheel of horo is Life. One leaps and raises one’s feet, which means doing good. This is not only the good thought. You start with your right foot – you do one good; then with the left foot – you do another good. Then you move your hands. Each movement in you should be a pure thought. Why do you have to walk? In order to be shown how to do good. Why did God give you feet? To do good. You will say, ‘Blessed be my feet, God gave me feet for me to do good! Blessed be my hands, God gave me hands for me to do good! God loves the intelligent people, he has been waiting for them for so long. He has been watching you while you were dancing and leaping. He has been watching you and has been waiting for you while you were saying, ‘I found a spouse.’ – ‘Very well!’ – ‘We have a child!’ God says again, ‘Very well!’ – ‘We are hungry.’ He says, ‘Very well!’ – ‘We are thirsty.’ He says, ‘Very well!’ God never says that it is bad. Both hunger and thirst and everything happening in the world, is good all the same. These are the conditions that create the future Culture to which man is aspiring. All these thoughts and feelings that torment man, will be transformed for your personal good. Your entire future life, your strengths, your future depends on what you experience. Rejoice that you experience this suffering! Trees and animals do not have your experiences, but they whither and die fast. How many trees would have liked to be in your place, but they are not allowed to. If you are not pleased with Life, God will make you happy by giving you a form. If you feel that there is no happiness, he will place you in another form, but if you want to develop, he will make you a human being. You will have to have faith in God! It need not be proved. If you believe in what you do not know, others know it. Wider windows you have to have. Purify your heart. You have to have more faith, to help each other as sisters. The sister is within. You cannot love a sister externally, if you do not love her internally. Each sister you have to find internally, in order to get to know her externally. If sisterhood is not born in the relations between the souls, you will die without learning anything, and the inscription on your tomb stone will be, ‘A sister lived and departed for the other world, but she is not prepared even there. This sister will inevitably have to return to the earth.’ Thus you will redo your first school year until you learn to pronounce the letter and when you learn it, you will be strong. Live, but allow absolutely no mistakes! Whatever the mistake is about, you will return to the earth, there are no exceptions for anybody. You say, ‘But I do not know.’ No, everybody has to be perfect! It is said, ‘Be perfect, the way Your Father is perfect.’ You have to have a powerful belief. For instance, one of the sisters among you is suffering, she cannot live, she does not get along with her husband; let all of you get together, send good thoughts to her and to her spouse. Tell her spouse, in your mind, ‘You are very good; we love you very much!’ When you keep sending these thoughts for five minutes everyday, you will see that the man will start thinking that she too is an angel. And you say, ‘She actually is just like this!’ You will send good thoughts to one another; to one sister, to two, to three, to four, to as many sisters as you want will you send such thoughts! It is experience you want, don’t you! First you pray for a home where there is no agreement, send good thoughts to it. Pray for God to send blessing to this home. Did you learn the lines by heart? A line reads, ‘If you have Love for me, heed my commandments.’ The first commandment is to have absolute faith! As long as you have faith, the difficult issues will be resolved. When you lift up the stone, the dead will come back to life. A person with whom you cannot get along with is dead. The dead will rise, which means that Love will come, the meaning of Life will come. The modern people live among the dead. The Scripture reads, ‘Without faith God cannot be pleased.’ You cannot serve God without faith. Serving is serving, only when offered in an absolutely complete faith. It is said, ‘God will take us over.’ Well, if God is taking you, He is with you. If you start alone, you won’t be a success. This is about the four lines. The fifth line is about the Spirit. The Spirit is the Divine Light, the Powerful one. The spirit is the one that maintains the lives of all the living creatures, and not only that one that speaks to man. ‘The Spirit is the thing that gives life: the flesh is no use; the words I am saying to you are Spirit and Life.’ We shall apply the lines that I gave you. A number of small experiments shall have to be done in order for you to have faith. Someone will say, ‘We cannot make the poor people rich.’ It is not necessary to make the world rich. There is a lot of richness in the world. This is God’s richness, but richness is not evenly distributed. If everybody becomes rich, they will have a bad life. Under the current understanding not everybody can be rich. And those who are rich do not live according to God. Poverty is of more help, it has excellent features. There is a blessed poverty and blessed richness. There is unreasonable richness and unreasonable poverty. When the rich and the poor are pleased, then there is a blessed richness and blessed poverty, and when they grumble neither richness nor poverty is blessed. Nobody can be rich, if he has not been poor; and nobody can be poor, if he has not been rich. You will say, ‘How come?’ Never can a being love a man, who has not been a woman. Never can a being love a woman, who has not been a man. Because a woman cannot love a woman. If this is so let all the women gather then to live one human life on the earth! So, the law is: in order for a woman to be loved, she must be loved by a man; but never can a being love a woman, who has not been a man; hence, a being that is supposed to love a woman, must have been a man; and every being that is supposed to love a man must have been a woman. You want to be loved. Who should love you? A man. What does man stand for? The reasonable, the Spirit. Only the Spirit can love a woman, only the Soul can love a man. Then, what you expect must be the Spirit. Do not expect your happiness to come where it won’t come from. The present life is just a phase where you are given all the conditions only to elevate a step above. For each one of you, no matter under what circumstances you are placed, this is just one phase. Do not be sorry, do not say, ‘Why am I not like that sister?’ No, this sister has to be pleased and grateful for the situation she is placed in. Each one of you is given the conditions necessary for the elevation of one’s soul. And if any man can coax you, you are not a woman. One woman can love only one man. One woman cannot love two men; there is no such law in Nature. Neither can a man love two women. These are illusions and all sinful situations are born from them. Or put in other words, there exists only one Spirit in the world, who gives all the goods. A man is the image of the Divine Spirit. If the man who is coming carries the Divine Principle in order to help you, this is the man you have to love. If a man comes who wants to distance you from the purpose of Life, he is an enemy of yours. If you want to have one ideal, this is it, towards it you have to strive! Whatever the mistakes of the man you have may be, you will insist on this ideal, until he rectifies all his mistakes. A man has a number of mistakes made not under his will. These infirmities have come from somewhere both in men and in women. The Divine Spirit must come to liberate you from these infirmities. These are the habits, the practices. When one liberates oneself from all of these impurities and when one finds oneself in a world of Love, then one will say, ‘Blind was I, but now I can see.’ You want to know what the New Teaching rests upon. The way you have lived so far – you should put aside. So far you have not lived, you have been suffering so far. I call Life a condition under which the Kingdom of Love, Wisdom, Truth, where Life is manifested in its completeness, where Light is manifested in its completeness and, where Freedom is manifested in its completeness. You have a friend, a companion; you should have no doubts whatsoever in her! Whenever you look at her, you should always trust her; when you see her, your heart should tremble and you should be glad that you have a friend! This should be your ideal! You say, ‘We do not live according to God now’; this is nonsense. Not that we have to live according to God, but God has to live within us. So far we keep living without God within us. Nobody lives outside God, but God has to live inside us, in order for us to acquire this understanding. Similarly the idea about the man should not be an external idea, but an internal one. The man has to be inside you, to carry him in your soul and wherever he might be, you should be glad for him. A woman, suspecting her husband in any crime, is not a woman. She must not suspect him of any crime, if she wants to be a woman. If you have some bitter stuff in a glass made of precious stones, worth millions, do you have to smash it against the ground in order to free it from the bitter stuff? Pour out the bitter stuff, wash the glass once, twice; it’s the fault of the glass, you will place something nice in it. Consider a man to be a precious glass; if something bitter is placed in it, pour out the bitter stuff, but do not smash your husband. No, the man is not the bitter contents, but the precious glass. He is the soul. And when this glass comes to life, it will say, ‘Thank you so much that you saved me from this poison that was going to kill me!’ „Our Lord" Master’s Lecture, Delivered on 31 March 1932, 16 h, Sofia, Izgreva [1] Lev – the Bulgarian national currency [2] Horo – is a national folk dance usually in public, the central square place, people dancing in a line hand in hand with one another [A1][Go and implement God’s will.] [A2][testing]
  11. Note 3 It Constrains Us „For the love of Christ constraineth us” Corinthians: 5; 14 The good prayer Chapter Five of the second Epistle to the Corinthians was read. Love constrains the bare-footed to put on shoes, the hungry to eat, the naked to put on clothes, the ignorant to acquire knowledge, the rich to open their hearts and give. Love constrains us to everything. You will do any good you want to do only if Love constrains you. This word is strong. The most capable Christians have completed their studies long ago and have been conferred diplomas in Heaven and have taken assignments to serve at various offices. The mediocre ones were left here. You are some of those mediocre ones; you are not lagging behind; you are not from the very capable either; because if you had been from the very capable ones, you would have completed your studies. While some of you repeat the same class for two or three years and say that they do not remember. Well, when they have to give - they do not remember, but when they have to take - they remember. You will say now, “Why do I repeat the class?” If I tell you why you dropped, we shall waste time. You know why sometimes your sons and daughters repeat a class at school, don’t you? The same reasons are valid for you too. Some want to have an easy life. Who has stayed to study for four-five hours in the evening? Such people say, “I’ll study in my old age”, but such people are sorry for not studying when they become old. This is one of the reasons, but there are also external reasons: some people will talk you out of it, “Why do you have to walk along this Path?” You do not have to repeat a class at least now. What’s gone is gone; it’s all the same whether you do or don’t know the reasons. But what one can do under the present circumstances – this is what is important. The main point is to complete your studies, to prepare yourself to work, not to talk only. I want to take you to an actual, a real thought. For example, you do not know how to make experiments. Read the Bible! When Christ was talking – people then were like you – they did not understand what He wanted to tell them. So one day the disciples told Him, “Why do you talk to them like this?” Christ answered, “They are not granted.” Because His listeners were not from the capable ones, but were ignorant, lagging behind. Jews in the time of Christ were backward, while the most capable, the prophets were His disciples. John says that out of all the Jewish people one hundred and forty-four thousand were capable. However, there is no Bulgarian prophet to say how many Bulgarians are capable. I do not want to write about this, if a Bulgarian John comes, he may write and prophesy. A disciple can be incapable for a period of time and may later on become capable; it is possible for a student to be very capable for some time and to become incapable afterwards. It is possible for somebody not to be beautiful until a certain age and then to become beautiful. In “The Miserables” Cosette was not beautiful in the beginning and then she became beautiful. And when she became beautiful, what did she acquire alongside this? Who is the main hero in this novel? A voice from the audience: Jean Valjean. Cosette was a huge trial for Jean Valjean, so that it could be seen how he would act. He was put to a test, he made a sacrifice and he elevated. Every human being has one’s Cosette, she will become beautiful and she will leave this person. So such a person must sacrifice something from oneself. In this book Hugo wanted to put forward the idea that there is no elevating in the world without sacrifice. You cannot elevate yourself without sacrificing. If you do not work, you can’t become rich. If one does not put clothes on, one cannot be dressed; if one does not put shoes on, one cannot walk in shoes. In the quoted line Paul says, “The Love of Christ constrains us”. There were cases when you felt Love, which one of you has not felt Love? Whenever people felt that Love constrained them, they have acted foolishly. When a child does something out of Love, the mother tells the child that the child is silly. The child has to put up with reproaches and derision everywhere. But if the child is persistent in the constraint of this Love, the child will in the end be elevated. At first Love will start with the less important issues. It will be laughed at in the beginning. Love that is not laughed at is no Love. When Love comes, one forgets the laughter of people, they laugh while one is thinking of completely different things. People may say whatever they feel like, but one does not pay any attention either to their laughter or to their reproach. One has an idea and keeps smiling. But when Love is lost, one becomes very clever, starts clenching one’s lips, narrowing one’s eyes, anointing one’s face, putting on clothes, putting on this or that. One realizes oneself that all of this does not add up to anything. You eat in order to anoint yourself internally, to put on weight, to grow muscles. You eat and drink but there is no Love, there is nothing to constrain you. In the end you become fat and start suffering. When Love comes, eating is different: people of Love do not store fat, but they store muscles, they have a body of muscles. These people of Love are very enduring. A person within whom Love acts can endure any suffering. A person who has Love can endure fasts as well. I have seen a person suffering and laughing at the illness, saying to it, ‘Now that there is nothing for you to do, you are dealing with me!’ If it were somebody else, he or she would have shouted, while he was laughing and saying, ‘The disease will pass away, at a wrong door is the disease knocking.’ And indeed, the disease passes away. Or put in other words, there is suffering caused by beings lower than the human beings. Any suffering that embitters one is coming from a lower being. Well, there is also suffering caused by Higher Beings. For example, your teacher can assign to you a problem or work difficult to do. You will get tired of doing the work, but anyway you will acquire something. Do mothers not work; do teachers not work; do artists or architects not work? All of them work. Sculptors carve with their chisel, they have their ideas; they will carve statues to educate people. Then there will be the moral reward that one has contributed an idea, so that people can see the good that was invested in it. Or [imagine] a writer who had been writing a book for years, so that people can read and benefit. I mean good writers. You have come to school to study, not to listen to me talking about salvation; you know this. Salvation is the easiest of jobs. When Love constraints you, this is the easiest job, when it does not constrain you – then it is the most difficult of jobs. When Love acts within you, even the King will visit you. When Love acts all doors are open to you – wherever you may knock, you will be received. There is a Magic Power in Love. It resembles the hungry one, when a hungry person sees somebody carrying bread, the hungry one says, ‘Do come in!’ Because such a person, no matter where he enters, will anyway give something. One has to have something in one’s mind. Sometimes the human heart is empty. Why should people love if there is nothing planted in this soul? The soul is the person himself. Somebody asks if a human being has a soul or not. The soul is the one that feels, that is conscious. If you have no soul you cannot live. Therefore, any being that has a soul, lives, has life. These souls, however, differ: there are smaller, bigger, more advanced, less advanced souls. Out of all the souls the human souls are most advanced, while animal souls are not advanced. If you leave an animal at home, you know what it can do. No matter how you train it you can’t expect it to make much progress. But you have to thank animals that they have plowed and worked for us so far. If it were not for the horses to transport the required goods, if it were not for the plants too, who sacrifice for us, to help us, to deliver fruit to us! If it were not for the wheat! These are all souls – plant souls. All these souls came to our aid; they came to help human beings. Somebody asks what we have to do. I tell such a person: do what wheat does; do what pears do; do what trees do; do what oxen do; do what horses do; do what good people do! If the issue is not comprehended in this way, it can’t be understood properly. Some have a superficial understanding of Christianity, of the New Teaching. A student wants to be given a high grade. High grades should correspond to knowledge. In certain subjects where students recite what they have learned, they may memorise it by heart, but such learning is no help in life. For instance, when one digs the vineyard, does one recite poetry? There one has to raise and place the hoe; one has to be able to dig. When one has to build a house, one needs to have certain understanding of this art. Some other time one is required to have understanding of weaving. What I am telling you is supposed to be an incentive for you, because your advanced brothers from the Invisible world who have completed their course of development assess you according to the efforts you make. When a Light brother comes in, he watches your efforts and is interested in inasmuch as you make efforts. If you are willing, he will teach you, if you are slumbering and awaiting things to happen on their own accord, he will come and pass away. Since you have awoken in life, you will start encountering obstacles from now on. Because it is alive people who suffer, not dead ones. Stones suffer less, plants suffer more, and animals suffer still more, while human beings, as their consciousness is most advanced, suffer most of all. And with the believers, with those who have Love, suffering is still greater. A suffering person is a living person. Some suffer, but they feel pity for suffering. This is no suffering. Suffering cannot produce pity. The one who feels pity for a suffering person, is healthy; such a person does not suffer, such a person wants to save the suffering person, wants to eliminate the conditions that cause suffering. While somebody wants to eliminate these conditions with you or with others, there is something that darkens your mind. You sometimes worry; for instance, a thought gets into somebody that he/she will die and he/she cannot get rid of it. He comes home and thinks that the house will fall apart over him; he gets into his car and thinks that it will capsize; he does not dare cross the river, not to get drowned. The poor person, he is in a very awful situation, looking around and thinks that life has no meaning. Why is this person afraid that he will die? There is something that scares him a great deal, but he cannot explain it to himself. There is an internal fear within him that causes him suffering. This soul must be liberated. What is the fear in this case generated by? Somebody has mounted on horseback and keeps spurring the horse on. This horse is afraid. Whom from? From the person mounted on his back. Somebody has got into your mind and keeps spurring you; you ride at full speed, you gallop, you traverse around, you seek somebody to let you free. Finally a good person appears and says, ‘Get down from this horse!’ Sin is a condition riding the human soul. It is taken around as a horse all day long. Where does salvation reside? To be saved from the one who is on top of you. How can this be done? He [the one on top] will be taken off your back and they will say, ‘Off you go to the forest, stay there and graze!’ And if you are offered a bag of barley, do not take it, you need no corn. Graze only the grass in the forest, drink water there. Whatever heavenly words they may tell you, do not pay any attention. Haven’t you received very polite letters which you carry with you for years like a horse-rider? You still keep the hope that what will happen, will happen in years, and the one riding on your back does not do you any good, he takes care of his one interest, he is a thief. Having ridden the horse for several years, he will sell it and will go away. You will be changing masters and in the end nothing will remain of you. When talking about Love we understand one being freed from the miseries of Life. As long as there is somebody to love, you are already in the kingdom of salvation. This is the day of salvation. As soon as Love is talked about, it has come to free the human being. This is an entire science. A person not only has to free oneself, but has also to correct the mischief one generates within oneself. There is mischief in the human mind, in the human heart; all of this should be changed. For example, a doubt starts growing in you. What is this doubt due to? To the horse-rider. Then hatred starts growing. It is also due to the horse-rider. Then bitterness, vindictiveness starts growing. All the bad qualities have come from the one who tortured you. The one who had ridden you, who has imparted all his bad qualities into you. When an evil spirit enters a human being, it will mar the human being, it will make all sorts of bad injections like a doctor, and the human being will have to clean oneself for years to come. For example, somebody tells you that death is the end of everything for human beings and you immediately believe it. Do you know what this looks like? Imagine that you live in the evening, and there comes a philosopher, turns on the switch and says, ‘We form this light, I make light.’ This is true only for twelve hours. After twelve hours you may stay waiting for the light from the philosopher, but when it comes close to the Sunrise, he says, ‘Come on, go to bed, and tonight I will again talk to you about this teaching.’ You sleep during the whole day and in the evening he talks to you again. No, you have to make another experiment: there is light that does not come out as a result of turning on the switch, and this light does not shine for one only human being, it shines upon the entire earth; wait for six hours and see that great light looms in the East, the Sun rises. And if somebody comes to you again in the evening to tell you that he makes the light, will you believe him? The earth resembles this philosophical love, the love of electric switches: somebody comes and turns on the switch. This love may appear when a lamp or a candle is lit. But the moment the gas in the lamp burns out, the moment the candle burns down, love finishes. Wires may get torn with electricity and the light goes out. This is ordinary life about which people say, ‘When a person dies, everything is over.’ A human being on entering the other world will enter into an area much more beautiful than the earth. But one has to be prepared for it. It is sometimes not useful to think about the other world, because we will forget this world and won’t finish our work here. Human beings have to develop new organs. Somebody says, ‘My elder brother and my mother left for the other world.’ But if you do not have organs you won’t be able to communicate with them. It is just like you shouting loudly at a deaf person so that the deaf person can hear you. When you yell, he will try to read your lips, but chances are that he may or may not understand you. So I say that some of you have developed organs for those people close to you who have left for the other world and you can communicate with them. You have not made experiments. You will make an experiment to transfer thoughts: sisters who love each other should sit at two opposite sides and at 12 o’clock one of them should send a thought and the other one should receive it. On the following morning she should say what she received or should write the thought down and place it into an envelop. Such experiments have been made. If you develop your apparatus in this way, then people close to you who have left for the other world will be able to tell you something. For example, some of them see that there is a great trial ahead of you and they will tell you take care of yourself. For example, a thief will come to your place; they will tell you to take care, not to receive him. Or to be aware of something else: for example your child is naughty; the child can set the house on fire. The beings from the other world will tell you favourable conditions: that whoever will help you, that there is no reason for you to lose heart, that things will shortly come back to normal. If any you, the sisters, has such a gift, then she will be the communications stations. This will happen practically – a link between the visible and the Invisible worlds. Some people live for themselves, for the sake of their stomachs. The head, the stomach, the lungs etc., have to live for the whole body. I have seen educated people not only in Bulgaria but also abroad who do not understand this. A child has to have a gift; if the child has no gift, the issue is solved.[A1] So now, some of you try your best to transmit thoughts to each other. You now communicate telepathically, but you understand each other in a distorted way. Someone says, ‘Sister what’s-her-name does not love me.’ This is no telepathy. Or you say, ‘Sister what’s-her-name loves me.’ This is no telepathy. You make your conclusion from a movement of this sister or from her narrowing her eyes or pursing her lips, or from a word she mentioned. This is no telepathy; this is distorted understanding. Telepathy is when you know that a sister whom you have not met loves you and you love her. This sister writes letters to you without seeing you. She has not seen even your portrait. Now, good relations have to be formed, but you are afraid of forming love relations between the souls. You are afraid of Love. You have only one small love, the macaroni love. I call the earthly love a macaroni love. It is nice, goes without saying, it’s quite nice this love: when you boil the macaroni, you grate some cheese and pour butter lavishly on top, very delicious the dish is! I now make a comparison. Can you compare the macaroni to nice apples, pears, grapes or with any tropical fruit, or with nice boiled wheat? Love: you have to understand what it is. Love is what makes human beings, what introduces Life, Light, Joy, knowledge, wealth – all of this. You have to first pass through the love of the world, until you finally arrive at that Divine Love, at the unattainable Love. One has to first start with the small love, until one reaches the great Love. How much water does the small insect have to drink? The bigger the fly, the more and more water it drinks, until we reach the human beings. Only the human beings know how to drink water. The animals, the mammals often die out of drinking too much water. This is not the way to drink water. Sometimes birds, hens drink water more appropriately: they take a gulp, raise their heads upwards and drink again. I find the way hens drink water best of all. I have also noticed how some people do not know how to eat. A swine, after digging its snout into the trough, does not rise any more; this the worst of eating habits. When swallowing a bite, you will thank God; then you take a second bite, you will chew it and you will be thankful etc. And now, when you eat, your ears flap. This friction creates diseases. Eating is supposed to be an educational method. As God is hidden in the wheat, when you express your gratitude, God will open to you and will grant you His blessing. God is in bread. You pray constantly for Christ to come and reveal Himself to you to see, but when he comes in the bread, you try to get rid of Him as soon as possible and you throw the remains. People renounce Christ from where he will come; while people seek Christ where He is not. Christ will never come to the place where people seek Him. It is said, ‘I am the living bread and the one who eats from it will have life within oneself’. You will keep this thought in your mind for one, two, three days, for a month and then this thought will grow in you, this bread will grow up within you. You say, ‘What is Love? Not to find somebody who will love me and whom I will love!’ What does loving mean, what does it mean to love somebody and to be loved? When the Lord comes to love you, this will be the death of you. A bear when it meets you and when it starts loving you, it will eat you up. God will never punish a bear for eating you. If a bear eats up only one person and nobody else, this eating is OK. If it wants to eat a person per day, then it’s another matter. These are comparisons. When you examine the words of Christ and of the prophets, they have to be impressed into you. And the whole world will acquire different dimensions for you. Whatever object you may touch, you will be receptive, sensitive to things. If a sensitive child who loves his/her mother, touches an object that has been touched by her, this child will know that his/her mother has touched it. If we love God, He has to come to us, and if God loves us, we have to go to Him. If God has forsaken you, He is waiting for you to love Him, so that He can come to you. When a certain disease comes to you, then God wants to call you to the other world. But you say that you are not ready yet. He wants to love you, but the sick person says, ‘Tell God that I’m not ready yet, tell Him to postpone this job.’ I say: it can be postponed, God says, ‘It’s either you love me or I love you.’ There is no middle ground, there isn’t much freedom here. I now have an understanding and I will tell you how I look upon things: when a scoundrel robs me, I am glad that God granted him the freedom to rob me, but I do not approve of the deed of the scoundrel. The freedom of the scoundrel is from god, but his deed is not from god. Because a better master will come tomorrow and he will rob the scoundrel. How good God is! I see that God has granted you freedom, and I sometimes see that you are not willing to study. Now, let’s leave the homes and let’s start studying! Christ will never come by force, if you do not love Him. The maiden, when she sits down thinking, she attracts the young lad in a telepathic way. She puts something into her mind and she starts imagining him and she says, ‘Come here, I grew older, people are already laughing at me, I want to get married!’ Finally a thought dawns upon the young lad that he must go and find her and he says, ‘I found your address with the greatest difficulty.’ This law is valid for the Spiritual world as well: if you do not think about God for a long time, you won’t accomplish anything. In the Orthodox Church people cross themselves. What does crossing mean? You start first with the life that is on the head. When you place your three fingers on the head, this means that you have to think; you will place your hand on the head and you will think. Then you will place your hand on the heart and you will think; you will make experiments. In the end you will place your hand on both your shoulders and you will say, ‘I will go to work!’ This is what crossing is. For example, some suffering comes; suffering is crossing. You have to think about why you are suffering. Place suffering in your mind, think about it – why and what for it has come. Then place it on your heart, then – on your shoulders. Think, keep thinking and Light will come into you and the suffering will disappear! When you have had it for three days in your head, three days in your heart and three days on your shoulders, will become friends. You will say, ‘I have been a nagger so far, but not any longer.’ While the suffering will say, ‘What is it that you want? I have some money for rainy days.’ ‘The Love of Christ compels us.’ Now is the time when all of you have to be bearers [A2] of the Divine, the Divine within you should be gushing! I go to a water fountain; I stop there; I have a rest at a water spring; I sit down and talk with the water. It tells me a story – how it visited the grass blades; what it did there; how it entered a garden, how it went to see somebody who was sick and how it helped him, how it quenched somebody’s thirst, how it gave consolation to somebody – a whole story. You say, ‘Water is just murmuring.’ It does not murmur; it talks. If only we could work like it! The saints went to the springs. Water can never be marred; Life can never be marred. The heart may only suffer a little, when certain things disturb you. The soul suffers sometime, but it never becomes ordinary, because it is not from the material world. It is temporarily bonded with the body; some day it will leave the body and get free. It can always get free. No prisons, no shackles can be in its way; when the right time comes it leaves, it is free. Human beings are also free, suffice it they love the Good. Once Love comes, you will break free from the prison. Certainly the one who knows will leave one’s body. In the early times of Christianity those, who helped in the church, prayed and an angel came. The elevated spirits have power; they rule the laws; there is no barrier for them. You have not prayed long enough to make an angel come. One hundred and twenty people prayed and the angel came and told Peter, ‘Go and preach, tell them that wherever there is Love, shackles go off!’ You have to unite into one in the new direction. We shall show you the Path! Do not think that a lot can be accomplished in a short time. This Path is difficult. But I would recommend an experiment to you: every sister should take a notebook and should first start with John’s Gospel. If a doubt comes to your mind all of sudden, select a line. Take out the ten most important lines from John’s Gospel. To make sure that you have found the most important lines that you need, try to heal yourself when a disease comes to you. You have ten lines; you will read them, you will want to turn the disease to God. It is a living being. You will read the first line, the second one, the third one etc. – you will read these lines for three days on end. If they influence you, they are for you, if they do not – they are not for you. Then select other ten lines, then again, until the disease goes away. When you select ten lines for a third time, as soon as you say the line, the disease will be there. I shall tell you what happened once: fifteen years ago a brother from Vidin[1], who was very much into spiritism, took me to a séance of his. His séances were said to be very successful, so he took me to enjoy them. I went there. In one house there were as many people as there are here. They lined in the form of a big chain. There were people of different view points – believers and non-believers. They laugh. One of the masters laughs saying, ‘Non-sense.’ A sister was obsessed by a spirit, while they were laughing. She hit with her hand and fainted. She was obsessed by a spirit, a Bulgarian one. They want to send him to school, but wouldn’t go out. It is already 12 o’clock at midnight, but he did not come out. My friend came to me and told me, ‘What shall we do? What a pity for the mistress!’ I say, ‘Let’s have a second séance now. Everybody line up, kneel down and read the Lord’s Prayer! You will read the Lord’s Prayer the way you have never read it before!’ All were interested and elevated. The brother was holding the mistress by the hand and when we were saying the words ‘Because Thine is the Kingdom and the power, and the Glory for ever and ever. Amen!’ She awoke and came round. The brother was convinced that this is no hypnosis, but there is an external power. Thus the spirit was sent to study at last. Those who do not understand the laws will say, ‘Why do we need such séances, one can go crazy!’ but in fact the whole world has gone crazy nowadays. These murders, these thefts that take place, are caused by such ‘advanced’ beings that obsess people and spend their lives doing nonsense. People should now learn the right Path, the Divine Path, they have to arrive at the true Path that gives meaning to Life. ‘Love compels us.’ When one suffering comes, we have to transform it. Everything assists for the better those people who love God. Sometimes both hatred and doubt are living beings; you are full of tenants, you are rented. I myself do not object to tenants, but let them be good tenants who pay for their expenses. But they come and destroy the house. One has to be in good shape! The opposite is also true. The Scripture reads, ‘I shall send my Spirit – the Spirit of the Truth’. These light Spirits, on coming, will impart something to the human being and it will become a man of arts, it will start working, helping. When the Divine Spirit comes to a human being, the human being gets out of the stagnation and gets down to work. Apply John’s lines not only to diseases, but to other contradictions as well that you might have. For example, you experience a certain indisposition of spirit; try to find a line, another line, still a third line, and place at a special place with the line that removes the indisposition and brings Light into you, so that you can see the power of God. Christ says, ‘I am the path, the Truth and the Life’. The Path is the material life with all of its goods, the Truth is the knowledge, and the Life – this is the heart, all that which you desire. Only when you come to know God all the material goods will come. When you come to know the Truth, it will bring Light into you. God not only created man, but He breathed a living soul into man. This is the living Christ. The heart will renovate; then you will understand what the Truth is. When Life on the Earth starts becoming clear to you, a desire to help people will be born within you. Then you are in the Path of the Truth. When you have Love to everything, then you are in Life. This is a whole science that you have to start studying from now on. Sometimes you feel indisposed. After an hour or two it disappears. This must be within you like an art; if you take the violin you should be able to play. When a person can play well, inspiration is sure to come. The Scripture reads, ‘The Spirit that I will send to you, who will instruct you to any Truth’. Love must compel us to everything. Next time bring your notebooks where you wrote the selected ten lines. Well, I will point them out to you: Chapter 14; pp. 15,16: „If ye love Me, keep My commandments. And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you for ever." Chapter 11; p. 42: „And I knew that Thou hearest Me always, but because of the people who stand by I said it, that they may believe that Thou hast sent Me." Chapter 12; p. 26: „If any man serve Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there shall also My servant be. If any man serve Me, him will My Father honor." Chapter 8; p.29: „29And He that sent Me is with Me. The Father hath not left Me alone, for I do always those things that please Him." Chapter 6; p.63: „63It is the Spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing. The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life." Chapter З; p.33: „He that hath received His testimony hath set his seal to this: that God is true." Chapter З; p.З: „Jesus answered and said unto him, "Verily, verily I say unto thee, unless a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God." Chapter 20; p.22: „And when He had said this, He breathed on them and said unto them, "Receive ye the Holy Ghost." Chapter 21; p. 5: „5Then Jesus said unto them, "Children, have ye any meat?" And they answered Him, "No." Chapter 15; p.26: „But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of Truth who proceedeth from the Father, He shall testify of Me." Test the power of these lines when you feel indisposed. Learn them for next time. If any of you cannot learn them all, let her learn at least some of them. Learn them for two weeks. We shall recite them in the evening after 10 o’clock and in the morning when we have the best of dispositions. The Lord’s Prayer Master’s lecture, Delivered on 24 March 1932, Sofia, Izgreva [1] Vidin - the most North-western town in Bulgaria along the Danube River. [A1][if the child has no gift, the issue is {not} solved.] [A2][when all of you should be bearers] or [for all of you to be bearers]
  12. Note 6 May Christ Descend to Explain to You Life has two sides: one side is the actor’s life and the other side is the worker’s life. The actor works at night while the worker works during the day. The first one uses the night and the second one, the day. Therefore, the result will not be the same because life develops under different conditions. At night, the actor doesn’t have the light, and the worker, who works during the day, has conditions for a righteous life. And so, I divide you into two kinds: actors and workers. Here, in the Esoteric School of the Brotherhood of Light, we need no actors. The Brotherhood of Light excludes the life of the actor but accepts workers. I regard those of you who are married as workers on God’s field, but some of you want to play the part of the actor. You do not yet know what Divine Righteousness means. In this Esoteric School the laws for the workers are just as strict as the laws for the actors. Now, I ask you, have you fulfilled your duties as workers? I want of you, the married ones, to take a look at your work, your fields, your gardens, your springs, your cattle, your sheep; to take a look at your houses to see if they are painted, to check your homes and see if they are cleaned out. What is the condition of these co-workers of yours? You need to know this because you are workers. Many of you, the married ones, want to have more privileges but fewer duties. You want to postpone the payment of your debts but in the Divine book there are no postponements of debt payments. This can only happen by Grace. One needs to be patient and wait for some greater Being to help, but don’t think that you will be granted help just like that. You pass as married and, consequently, you want to preach to the young ones. You think that when you leave these fields, the young ones will come onto them after you. What will they find? I speak both in literal and figurative terms. These are some reflections that you need to think over. The Brotherhood of Light suggested that it is my duty to tell you these things tonight. And they, the Brothers of Light, will hold you liable for your fields, for your sheep, for your houses and so on, and so forth. You, who are doubtful (and there are such among you), will know for sure within a year if we are from the Brotherhood of Light or not. Christ is at the head of the Brotherhood of Light. And when he decided upon this injunction, he asked the head and the head gave its consent. God is this head. Thus, all aspects of this matter have been covered. Therefore, you, the married ones, are required to willingly fulfil God’s Law. I do not need to tell you what to do; you will do your work according to your own understanding and as you wish, as your souls wish. When someone’s soul makes a wish, it creates an imprint in this person’s consciousness for the future fulfilment of this wish. This consciousness comprises three great forces: the mind, the heart and the will. Our going into the other world always means a transformation in our consciousness from one form into another. This is the expanding of one’s consciousness. You will understand things differently on different levels. Therefore, Christ descends into the souls only when the consciousness of people expands. For example, when I speak to the married ones, you say, “When the Master said such and such words; he must have had me in mind.” If you say that, it means that you have not understood my words. I am trying to explain the external side of things; I, being a worker, am trying to clean up as a worker because only then will Christ descend. I want your consciousness to expand so that Christ can descend upon you and clarify the things that no human mind or thought can explain. I ask you, married ones, when it comes to your consciousness, what role models are you for the young ones, for your children? Are you doing your part in expanding the young ones’ consciousness so that Christ can come to live in them and to explain to them what Life is and how they should live? You say, “God can do anything.” This is not a philosophy; this means nothing. A father’s blood only runs strong when it enters the veins of the son and flows according the same laws. If it does not flow, the results will be different. Now, many of you are a part of the Brotherhood and come to these lectures only so that your problems can be fixed. You come here as if you were coming to a theatre; you come here expecting a treat after which you leave and say, ”You are not what you are.” You have not understood yet what we are. Thousands of years shall pass before you understand what we are. We are those who expand every man’s consciousness so that Christ can descend and explain the Truth of Life. And this Truth has to be such as to allow for the coming of the Divine Consciousness so that the Law of God’s Love can be manifested throughout the Universe. What could be better than this! With this Truth we can do our work. However, you say, “Lord, have mercy!” How can God have mercy on you if you have not expanded and elevated your consciousness so that Christ can come down and explain to you what you are doing wrong? The mistakes and the temptations are inevitable and if Christ does not come down into your consciousness, these mistakes will create a life of disharmony and all of you suffer from this disharmony. Is there anyone who is not suffering? I always use the following example to explain the methods of the Brotherhood of Darkness and the methods of the Brotherhood of Light. The Brotherhood of Darkness has dark adepts who come down to earth and say, “I’m a shoemaker. I have a special mould for shoes. If you buy my shoes you will remember me forever.” This reminds me of something that happened to me once when I was in Yambol. I was visiting a shoemaker who told me that he loved listening to my lectures. He wanted to make me a pair of shoes so that I would remember him. Indeed, I remember him to this day. If you put your feet in the shoe moulds of the Brotherhood of Darkness, they will make you special shoes that you will never forget. First, they will maim all of your virtues. If you put your foot in that mould, your virtues will inevitably get crippled and you will suffer a lot unless the Brotherhood of Light comes to help you pull your foot out of the mould. Do not offer your feet to the dark brothers to put them in their shoe mould. I am not explaining everything to you now but I will dedicate a special lecture to explain to you everything about this mould. Furthermore, you, the married men and women, do not live the way you should. This is not acceptable to the Brotherhood of Light. Now, if the married ones want to live the way the world lives they can do this out there, in the world, but once they have committed to the Brotherhood of Light, then they will see that there are excellent rules here. You do not yet know how to live. But you can learn these rules. Men and women, all should live according to the Law of Love! Every work done according to the Law of Love is sacred, and without Love it is a crime. If you ask me what is right, I will tell you, right is what is done by Love. I call Love that feeling, which is above all other feelings. When this feeling enters you, you will never frown. Love should be perceived as Man, but not one that is vested in flesh. This is how Love should be perceived. Men should perceive it that way too. I say this to you, the women whom Christ has wed; and to those who Christ has not wed, I have nothing to say. What I mean when I say, married by Christ, is that your consciousness should expand so that Christ can come in and explain everything to you. If this doesn’t happen, you will have such a rigid understanding of things that you will make me wonder from where you get your ideas. Paul once said, “Compete in paying respect to each other!” How? In order to compete in this, you will need to experience a change in your consciousness. You will need someone to learn from. If our mother doesn’t teach us, then how are we going to know? This law is true: one consciousness gets expanded by another consciousness. If your consciousness does not get in contact with another consciousness, it cannot expand; if a mind does not commune with the Divine Mind, it cannot expand. I have noticed a great disharmony in our Brotherhood. I can put up with these things, but you can be sure that this disharmony is not pleasant to me. Now, you may cry, but I don’t want your tears. What I want is for Christ to come into your consciousness and expand it. What I want is for Christ to manifest himself through you. My wish is for Christ to live in you. The happiest day for me will be the day when I see that Christ lives in your consciousness. You can be certain that this will be the happiest day of my life! You might ask, “How will this happen?” There are two ways: some fish are caught during the day, and other fish, at night. Is there any difference? Christ has defined this law: you shall love while it is day! A night is coming when no one will be able to work. Therefore, in order to expand your consciousness, you will need to work, not act but work, during the day. I have decided that in our Esoteric School you should work through experiments. We will begin with the smallest ones and they will gradually follow one after another. But in order for you to progress through the experiments, you need an expansion of your consciousness; you need to experience a change from within. Only then will these rays of spiritual consciousness come to you and create favourable conditions for the seeds that have been planted in you for thousands of years so that you can achieve good results. Have you achieved good results with your present thoughts? You are unhappy because you are missing the most essential thing: your consciousness has not yet expanded and Christ has not yet entered your mind to explain everything to you. He is making efforts to get to you but because you are not ready, all you can get out of his efforts is temporary moods where you feel elevated but then you are down. When you, in turn, make efforts, they will be futile unless you let Christ into your consciousness and unless you let the Divine Love into your consciousness. It will not be easy to achieve the expected results. Don’t think that the transformation of one life into another is easy. So much artistry and knowledge is needed in order to transform a plant into the form of an animal! If you only knew that, you would have pondered upon it seriously, but right now, you reckon that this transformation happens easily. No, it does not happen easily. The Spirit of God that is working within you will accomplish everything; my talking to you alone won’t do it. Christ needs to come in and then the Resurrection will come - the Resurrection that implies a New Life in new forms. “You will rise from the graves.” But not if you are the same way as you are now; if you eat and drink the way you do now. Don’t think that these things will continue the same way as they are now. No, there won’t be even a trace left of what is now, of this present form! Certain principles may remain, reminding one of, reminiscent of the old, but we will be completely transformed. Someone may say, “The present conditions of life are in my way.” No, they cannot be in your way! I talk about those disciples who are dedicated. But you are not yet completely dedicated disciples. There are several categories of disciples: listenerproselyte-disciples, believer-disciples and disciple-disciples. The first kind of disciple has certain duties and rights; the second one, too, has certain duties and rights, but the third one is above all the rest. What the disciple does, the listener proselyte doesn’t have to do and vice versa. And everyone should look at Life according to his level. If he is a listenerproselyte, he has certain duties and certain rights and you cannot ask him why he does what he does. And if the listener proselyte asks the believer, “Why are you doing this?” the latter will respond, “When you get to where I’m at, you will know why I live and work this way.” God does not have to inform us why He does this or that. He will say, “When you pass through these seven fires, so that I can purify you, you will know.” He will give you absolutely no other explanation. Job, too, asked the Lord but He said nothing. But after Job passed through the fire seven times, then God called and said, “Come, talk to me now.” And Job said, “I have heard of You from others and I have committed many sins, but because I saw You now, I will not speak nonsense.” One of you may be in Job’s situation to ask, “Lord, how much longer will I have to suffer and for how much longer will I be in debt?” God says nothing. Do not think that your deliverance will come from your friends, nor from your enemies. If you think that, you are wrong. Your deliverance is in the following: you need to expand your consciousness and let Christ in so that he can explain to you the fact. If this happens, you will be delivered; if this does not happen, this fact will haunt you all the time, like some demon causing you mischief. Now, some people come to me and ask me why this and that happens. Today someone came to me and asked me, “Do you know what these disciples of yours are doing? Why don’t you correct them?” I told him, “I cannot tell them anything because we all live according to the Law of Freedom.” “Well”, he said, “How about discipline? Is there no such thing?” “No, there isn’t.” “But you can enforce some discipline”, he said. Afterwards, he invited me to visit him at home. Then I told him, “I will not come to your home.” “Why?” he asked. “If you want me to come to your home”, I told him, ”You need to expand your consciousness and let Christ in, i.e. let the Love in. You are just like my disciples; you, people, are the same: you want to lure me into your trap. Neither you nor they are disciples of Christ. Here is what I say, we have one great law - we want to live and understand Life in a different way and we want to make it right. You may say, “Do you know what our Master is doing?” But you are not responsible for me. Other times you say, “Is it fitting for him to wear yellow shoes and a white hat? And then, white coats are for children, he needs a black one.” But what is it all to you? You care about insignificant things when what should really matter to you is what is in my mind, my heart and my will. You can wear whatever clothes and shoes you want to but what matters to me is your mind, your heart, your will and, most of all, your soul and the presence of Christ in your soul. I know that you need to work on these things until your life acquires a true meaning. Only then will we understand each other properly! Sometimes it is a blessing to be a teacher, and other times, it is a blessing to be a student. A day will come when you will understand the relationship between the Master and the disciple. God will explain this relationship to you. And my wish is for you to be one of those blessed disciples. Some of you are seeking deliverance, you want for the Divine Sun to open up so that you can enter. The deliverance will not happen that way. Your deliverance will come when you open your consciousness to let Christ in. Then you will be truly delivered. Then all external circumstances, which are binding you now - poverty and everything else - all of this will become harmonized and you will see Life in a new light. Now, there is another thought in your mind; you think, “If we don’t finish this work today, we can do it some other day.” No, you must work now! Let’s say, for example, that you are an owner and I am a worker. You hire me to cultivate hoe your vineyard but, instead, I spend the day counting the posts dead vines and in the evening I tell you how many of them there are in the vineyard. On the second day, I go out in the vineyard again, but, instead of cultivatinghoeing, I count how many canes there are and I calculate how much fruit they will yield. On the third day I count how many leaves of grass there are and so on. In the end, I tell you, the owner, that I have finished the job. You think that the vineyard has been cultivated hoed and you pay me, but when you go out to the vineyard and take a look at it, what will you think? I’m sorry to tell you this, but this is how you are working on God’s field right now: instead of cultivating hoeing the vineyard, you are counting the posts dead vines and the vine stickscanes. I do not mind your counting the posts dead vines and the sticks canes and the leaves of grass, as long as you cultivate hoe around the vines, as well. Acting is one way to work, the second way requires that you cultivate hoe the vineyard first and, once that is done, you can count the postsdead vines, the sticks canes and the leaves of grass. What you do now is you come to me and say, “Our vines won’t grow.” Yes, they won’t grow because you, my disciples, won’t dighoe. So, here is my solution to the problem, you have the statistics, you have counted the postsdead vines, the sticks canes and the leaves of grass. Then I will get the hoe, and will cultivate hoe the vineyard. If you have cultivatedhoed, then I will do the counting. There are Masters out there who only count the posts dead vines and the vine stickscanes. If you cultivate hoe the vineyard, things will even themselves out. This is a method, an allegory you can use for future work. (Note to the editors, explaining all the corrections I did on this paragraph: I have thought about this paragraph a lot, because I felt like I did not have the exact English words to correctly convey the meaning. Recently I worked in a neighbour’s vineyard and that helped me find a better English rendition of the Bulgarian text.) I tell you this so that you will know how to expand your consciousness into which Christ has not yet come. Christ is working and making all the effort. You have the desire but you need patience. You will be put to the test on the operating table. When they operate on you in the White Brotherhood, they will not anaesthetize you and that is why you need to stay completely still because if you move, the knife will go in deeper. Now all of you are undergoing such operations. Those operations where you are awake are the best and the ones where you are anaesthetized are the worst. I have reverted to the former ones only rarely and only a disciple who is a true believer can go through those. If you realize that this is performed according to the Law of Love, you would be ready to go through it, otherwise you would be kicking and fighting and the knife would only go deeper, the operation would fail and such people would remain sickly in a spiritual sense. I will go no further, because I do not want to disturb your mind and make you think that you have nothing in you. What is truly essential has not arrived yet. This field is not ripe, yet you still have not filled the barn with wheat. When the barn starts to overflow, then the new direction of Life will manifest itself. With this lecture I want to assign work to all of you. And, just like with real workers, I want to create work for all married ones. I will start with the smallest experiment again. The task I will give you will be to work for me, for Christ, for Love for only five minutes. You could work miracles in only five minutes. I don’t want one hour, but only five minutes. Does anyone mind? If someone misuses these five minutes, he is not a disciple. If he cannot work for Christ for only five minutes, he is done with. No discussions and no philosophizing are needed; just get to it right away! You will forget your wife and your children and everything else in these five minutes! You will work for Christ mindfully and only after that can you philosophize and discuss and ask if this matter is done and over with. Note this: it’s only five minutes! How much is a hundred days by five minutes? You will continue this exercise for ten years. It is a microscopic exercise but in one year, this makes thirty hours and twenty-five minutes; in ten years, it is three hundred and four hours or twenty-five days and four hours. In these ten years, you, as workers, will dedicate twenty-five days to Christ according to the Law of Love. Five minutes every day! There is no other philosophy for the way this can be done. I will not explain it to anyone. I will give you two weeks from now to think about the five minutes or about the twenty-five days for Christ for these ten years. Those of you who are ready to work will come in to work. When your five minutes begin, you will forget that you are married, that you are a clerk or something else, and you will feel like a newborn in the Kingdom of God, who will do the Will of God. And then you will understand the meaning of my words from the very first day of your working for Christ. The second experiment is the following: I will appoint a day when, at a specific hour, you will work for Christ for five minutes. I will appoint it specifically and then I will send all the bears your way. You should know this. Then, if you keep walking bravely, they will make way for you and will say, “It is possible to work for Christ for five minutes.” The bears, too, understand this law. I will keep going, as well. You will wait for the most important exercise to come along: five minutes for Christ! And make sure you clean your home well! He who does not clean well… This is what I was told to say to you, do you understand that? And if you are faithful, then you will know the Truth and the Truth will know you. I will leave this question unanswered, because others are waiting outside. You, married ones, now is the time when we want to wed you! And so… If it is unfinished, you will mark it with three dots. You have two weeks to think about the five minutes. You will free your mind, your heart and your will. I want you to think freely at last! The experiment will begin soon. These experiments are minute, but when you start doing them, they will lead to bigger things. We will start off with the little things, which are for the children. And when the children are busy, God is happy. Therefore, we will create happiness for God when He sees that we work for Him mindfully and without being forced to do so. If the young ones ask you about the things that I told you today, you can tell them in two weeks. After two weeks you will tell my words to the young ones. June 2, 1922, Veliko Turnovo27 May Christ Descend to Explain to You Life has two sides: one side is the actor’s life and the other side is the worker’s life. The actor works at night while the worker works during the day. The first one uses the night and the second one, the day. Therefore, the result will not be the same because life develops under different conditions. At night, the actor doesn’t have the light, and the worker, who works during the day, has conditions for a righteous life. And so, I divide you into two kinds: actors and workers. Here, in the Esoteric School of the Brotherhood of Light, we need no actors. The Brotherhood of Light excludes the life of the actor but accepts workers. I regard those of you who are married as workers on God’s field, but some of you want to play the part of the actor. You do not yet know what Divine Righteousness means. In this Esoteric School the laws for the workers are just as strict as the laws for the actors. Now, I ask you, have you fulfilled your duties as workers? I want of you, the married ones, to take a look at your work, your fields, your gardens, your springs, your cattle, your sheep; to take a look at your houses to see if they are painted, to check your homes and see if they are cleaned out. What is the condition of these co-workers of yours? You need to know this because you are workers. Many of you, the married ones, want to have more privileges but fewer duties. You want to postpone the payment of your debts but in the Divine book there are no postponements of debt payments. This can only happen by Grace. One needs to be patient and wait for some greater Being to help, but don’t think that you will be granted help just like that. You pass as married and, consequently, you want to preach to the young ones. You think that when you leave these fields, the young ones will come onto them after you. What will they find? I speak both in literal and figurative terms. These are some reflections that you need to think over. The Brotherhood of Light suggested that it is my duty to tell you these things tonight. And they, the Brothers of Light, will hold you liable for your fields, for your sheep, for your houses and so on, and so forth. You, who are doubtful (and there are such among you), will know for sure within a year if we are from the Brotherhood of Light or not. Christ is at the head of the Brotherhood of Light. And when he decided upon this injunction, he asked the head and the head gave its consent. God is this head. Thus, all aspects of this matter have been covered. Therefore, you, the married ones, are required to willingly fulfil God’s Law. I do not need to tell you what to do; you will do your work according to your own understanding and as you wish, as your souls wish. When someone’s soul makes a wish, it creates an imprint in this person’s consciousness for the future fulfilment of this wish. This consciousness comprises three great forces: the mind, the heart and the will. Our going into the other world always means a transformation in our consciousness from one form into another. This is the expanding of one’s consciousness. You will understand things differently on different levels. Therefore, Christ descends into the souls only when the consciousness of people expands. For example, when I speak to the married ones, you say, “When the Master said such and such words; he must have had me in mind.” If you say that, it means that you have not understood my words. I am trying to explain the external side of things; I, being a worker, am trying to clean up as a worker because only then will Christ descend. I want your consciousness to expand so that Christ can descend upon you and clarify the things that no human mind or thought can explain. I ask you, married ones, when it comes to your consciousness, what role models are you for the young ones, for your children? Are you doing your part in expanding the young ones’ consciousness so that Christ can come to live in them and to explain to them what Life is and how they should live? You say, “God can do anything.” This is not a philosophy; this means nothing. A father’s blood only runs strong when it enters the veins of the son and flows according the same laws. If it does not flow, the results will be different. Now, many of you are a part of the Brotherhood and come to these lectures only so that your problems can be fixed. You come here as if you were coming to a theatre; you come here expecting a treat after which you leave and say, ”You are not what you are.” You have not understood yet what we are. Thousands of years shall pass before you understand what we are. We are those who expand every man’s consciousness so that Christ can descend and explain the Truth of Life. And this Truth has to be such as to allow for the coming of the Divine Consciousness so that the Law of God’s Love can be manifested throughout the Universe. What could be better than this! With this Truth we can do our work. However, you say, “Lord, have mercy!” How can God have mercy on you if you have not expanded and elevated your consciousness so that Christ can come down and explain to you what you are doing wrong? The mistakes and the temptations are inevitable and if Christ does not come down into your consciousness, these mistakes will create a life of disharmony and all of you suffer from this disharmony. Is there anyone who is not suffering? I always use the following example to explain the methods of the Brotherhood of Darkness and the methods of the Brotherhood of Light. The Brotherhood of Darkness has dark adepts who come down to earth and say, “I’m a shoemaker. I have a special mould for shoes. If you buy my shoes you will remember me forever.” This reminds me of something that happened to me once when I was in Yambol. I was visiting a shoemaker who told me that he loved listening to my lectures. He wanted to make me a pair of shoes so that I would remember him. Indeed, I remember him to this day. If you put your feet in the shoe moulds of the Brotherhood of Darkness, they will make you special shoes that you will never forget. First, they will maim all of your virtues. If you put your foot in that mould, your virtues will inevitably get crippled and you will suffer a lot unless the Brotherhood of Light comes to help you pull your foot out of the mould. Do not offer your feet to the dark brothers to put them in their shoe mould. I am not explaining everything to you now but I will dedicate a special lecture to explain to you everything about this mould. Furthermore, you, the married men and women, do not live the way you should. This is not acceptable to the Brotherhood of Light. Now, if the married ones want to live the way the world lives they can do this out there, in the world, but once they have committed to the Brotherhood of Light, then they will see that there are excellent rules here. You do not yet know how to live. But you can learn these rules. Men and women, all should live according to the Law of Love! Every work done according to the Law of Love is sacred, and without Love it is a crime. If you ask me what is right, I will tell you, right is what is done by Love. I call Love that feeling, which is above all other feelings. When this feeling enters you, you will never frown. Love should be perceived as Man, but not one that is vested in flesh. This is how Love should be perceived. Men should perceive it that way too. I say this to you, the women whom Christ has wed; and to those who Christ has not wed, I have nothing to say. What I mean when I say, married by Christ, is that your consciousness should expand so that Christ can come in and explain everything to you. If this doesn’t happen, you will have such a rigid understanding of things that you will make me wonder from where you get your ideas. Paul once said, “Compete in paying respect to each other!” How? In order to compete in this, you will need to experience a change in your consciousness. You will need someone to learn from. If our mother doesn’t teach us, then how are we going to know? This law is true: one consciousness gets expanded by another consciousness. If your consciousness does not get in contact with another consciousness, it cannot expand; if a mind does not commune with the Divine Mind, it cannot expand. I have noticed a great disharmony in our Brotherhood. I can put up with these things, but you can be sure that this disharmony is not pleasant to me. Now, you may cry, but I don’t want your tears. What I want is for Christ to come into your consciousness and expand it. What I want is for Christ to manifest himself through you. My wish is for Christ to live in you. The happiest day for me will be the day when I see that Christ lives in your consciousness. You can be certain that this will be the happiest day of my life! You might ask, “How will this happen?” There are two ways: some fish are caught during the day, and other fish, at night. Is there any difference? Christ has defined this law: you shall love while it is day! A night is coming when no one will be able to work. Therefore, in order to expand your consciousness, you will need to work, not act but work, during the day. I have decided that in our Esoteric School you should work through experiments. We will begin with the smallest ones and they will gradually follow one after another. But in order for you to progress through the experiments, you need an expansion of your consciousness; you need to experience a change from within. Only then will these rays of spiritual consciousness come to you and create favourable conditions for the seeds that have been planted in you for thousands of years so that you can achieve good results. Have you achieved good results with your present thoughts? You are unhappy because you are missing the most essential thing: your consciousness has not yet expanded and Christ has not yet entered your mind to explain everything to you. He is making efforts to get to you but because you are not ready, all you can get out of his efforts is temporary moods where you feel elevated but then you are down. When you, in turn, make efforts, they will be futile unless you let Christ into your consciousness and unless you let the Divine Love into your consciousness. It will not be easy to achieve the expected results. Don’t think that the transformation of one life into another is easy. So much artistry and knowledge is needed in order to transform a plant into the form of an animal! If you only knew that, you would have pondered upon it seriously, but right now, you reckon that this transformation happens easily. No, it does not happen easily. The Spirit of God that is working within you will accomplish everything; my talking to you alone won’t do it. Christ needs to come in and then the Resurrection will come - the Resurrection that implies a New Life in new forms. “You will rise from the graves.” But not if you are the same way as you are now; if you eat and drink the way you do now. Don’t think that these things will continue the same way as they are now. No, there won’t be even a trace left of what is now, of this present form! Certain principles may remain, reminding one of, reminiscent of the old, but we will be completely transformed. Someone may say, “The present conditions of life are in my way.” No, they cannot be in your way! I talk about those disciples who are dedicated. But you are not yet completely dedicated disciples. There are several categories of disciples: listenerproselyte-disciples, believer-disciples and disciple-disciples. The first kind of disciple has certain duties and rights; the second one, too, has certain duties and rights, but the third one is above all the rest. What the disciple does, the listener proselyte doesn’t have to do and vice versa. And everyone should look at Life according to his level. If he is a listenerproselyte, he has certain duties and certain rights and you cannot ask him why he does what he does. And if the listener proselyte asks the believer, “Why are you doing this?” the latter will respond, “When you get to where I’m at, you will know why I live and work this way.” God does not have to inform us why He does this or that. He will say, “When you pass through these seven fires, so that I can purify you, you will know.” He will give you absolutely no other explanation. Job, too, asked the Lord but He said nothing. But after Job passed through the fire seven times, then God called and said, “Come, talk to me now.” And Job said, “I have heard of You from others and I have committed many sins, but because I saw You now, I will not speak nonsense.” One of you may be in Job’s situation to ask, “Lord, how much longer will I have to suffer and for how much longer will I be in debt?” God says nothing. Do not think that your deliverance will come from your friends, nor from your enemies. If you think that, you are wrong. Your deliverance is in the following: you need to expand your consciousness and let Christ in so that he can explain to you the fact. If this happens, you will be delivered; if this does not happen, this fact will haunt you all the time, like some demon causing you mischief. Now, some people come to me and ask me why this and that happens. Today someone came to me and asked me, “Do you know what these disciples of yours are doing? Why don’t you correct them?” I told him, “I cannot tell them anything because we all live according to the Law of Freedom.” “Well”, he said, “How about discipline? Is there no such thing?” “No, there isn’t.” “But you can enforce some discipline”, he said. Afterwards, he invited me to visit him at home. Then I told him, “I will not come to your home.” “Why?” he asked. “If you want me to come to your home”, I told him, ”You need to expand your consciousness and let Christ in, i.e. let the Love in. You are just like my disciples; you, people, are the same: you want to lure me into your trap. Neither you nor they are disciples of Christ. Here is what I say, we have one great law - we want to live and understand Life in a different way and we want to make it right. You may say, “Do you know what our Master is doing?” But you are not responsible for me. Other times you say, “Is it fitting for him to wear yellow shoes and a white hat? And then, white coats are for children, he needs a black one.” But what is it all to you? You care about insignificant things when what should really matter to you is what is in my mind, my heart and my will. You can wear whatever clothes and shoes you want to but what matters to me is your mind, your heart, your will and, most of all, your soul and the presence of Christ in your soul. I know that you need to work on these things until your life acquires a true meaning. Only then will we understand each other properly! Sometimes it is a blessing to be a teacher, and other times, it is a blessing to be a student. A day will come when you will understand the relationship between the Master and the disciple. God will explain this relationship to you. And my wish is for you to be one of those blessed disciples. Some of you are seeking deliverance, you want for the Divine Sun to open up so that you can enter. The deliverance will not happen that way. Your deliverance will come when you open your consciousness to let Christ in. Then you will be truly delivered. Then all external circumstances, which are binding you now - poverty and everything else - all of this will become harmonized and you will see Life in a new light. Now, there is another thought in your mind; you think, “If we don’t finish this work today, we can do it some other day.” No, you must work now! Let’s say, for example, that you are an owner and I am a worker. You hire me to cultivate hoe your vineyard but, instead, I spend the day counting the posts dead vines and in the evening I tell you how many of them there are in the vineyard. On the second day, I go out in the vineyard again, but, instead of cultivatinghoeing, I count how many canes there are and I calculate how much fruit they will yield. On the third day I count how many leaves of grass there are and so on. In the end, I tell you, the owner, that I have finished the job. You think that the vineyard has been cultivated hoed and you pay me, but when you go out to the vineyard and take a look at it, what will you think? I’m sorry to tell you this, but this is how you are working on God’s field right now: instead of cultivating hoeing the vineyard, you are counting the posts dead vines and the vine stickscanes. I do not mind your counting the posts dead vines and the sticks canes and the leaves of grass, as long as you cultivate hoe around the vines, as well. Acting is one way to work, the second way requires that you cultivate hoe the vineyard first and, once that is done, you can count the postsdead vines, the sticks canes and the leaves of grass. What you do now is you come to me and say, “Our vines won’t grow.” Yes, they won’t grow because you, my disciples, won’t dighoe. So, here is my solution to the problem, you have the statistics, you have counted the postsdead vines, the sticks canes and the leaves of grass. Then I will get the hoe, and will cultivate hoe the vineyard. If you have cultivatedhoed, then I will do the counting. There are Masters out there who only count the posts dead vines and the vine stickscanes. If you cultivate hoe the vineyard, things will even themselves out. This is a method, an allegory you can use for future work. (Note to the editors, explaining all the corrections I did on this paragraph: I have thought about this paragraph a lot, because I felt like I did not have the exact English words to correctly convey the meaning. Recently I worked in a neighbour’s vineyard and that helped me find a better English rendition of the Bulgarian text.) I tell you this so that you will know how to expand your consciousness into which Christ has not yet come. Christ is working and making all the effort. You have the desire but you need patience. You will be put to the test on the operating table. When they operate on you in the White Brotherhood, they will not anaesthetize you and that is why you need to stay completely still because if you move, the knife will go in deeper. Now all of you are undergoing such operations. Those operations where you are awake are the best and the ones where you are anaesthetized are the worst. I have reverted to the former ones only rarely and only a disciple who is a true believer can go through those. If you realize that this is performed according to the Law of Love, you would be ready to go through it, otherwise you would be kicking and fighting and the knife would only go deeper, the operation would fail and such people would remain sickly in a spiritual sense. I will go no further, because I do not want to disturb your mind and make you think that you have nothing in you. What is truly essential has not arrived yet. This field is not ripe, yet you still have not filled the barn with wheat. When the barn starts to overflow, then the new direction of Life will manifest itself. With this lecture I want to assign work to all of you. And, just like with real workers, I want to create work for all married ones. I will start with the smallest experiment again. The task I will give you will be to work for me, for Christ, for Love for only five minutes. You could work miracles in only five minutes. I don’t want one hour, but only five minutes. Does anyone mind? If someone misuses these five minutes, he is not a disciple. If he cannot work for Christ for only five minutes, he is done with. No discussions and no philosophizing are needed; just get to it right away! You will forget your wife and your children and everything else in these five minutes! You will work for Christ mindfully and only after that can you philosophize and discuss and ask if this matter is done and over with. Note this: it’s only five minutes! How much is a hundred days by five minutes? You will continue this exercise for ten years. It is a microscopic exercise but in one year, this makes thirty hours and twenty-five minutes; in ten years, it is three hundred and four hours or twenty-five days and four hours. In these ten years, you, as workers, will dedicate twenty-five days to Christ according to the Law of Love. Five minutes every day! There is no other philosophy for the way this can be done. I will not explain it to anyone. I will give you two weeks from now to think about the five minutes or about the twenty-five days for Christ for these ten years. Those of you who are ready to work will come in to work. When your five minutes begin, you will forget that you are married, that you are a clerk or something else, and you will feel like a newborn in the Kingdom of God, who will do the Will of God. And then you will understand the meaning of my words from the very first day of your working for Christ. The second experiment is the following: I will appoint a day when, at a specific hour, you will work for Christ for five minutes. I will appoint it specifically and then I will send all the bears your way. You should know this. Then, if you keep walking bravely, they will make way for you and will say, “It is possible to work for Christ for five minutes.” The bears, too, understand this law. I will keep going, as well. You will wait for the most important exercise to come along: five minutes for Christ! And make sure you clean your home well! He who does not clean well… This is what I was told to say to you, do you understand that? And if you are faithful, then you will know the Truth and the Truth will know you. I will leave this question unanswered, because others are waiting outside. You, married ones, now is the time when we want to wed you! And so… If it is unfinished, you will mark it with three dots. You have two weeks to think about the five minutes. You will free your mind, your heart and your will. I want you to think freely at last! The experiment will begin soon. These experiments are minute, but when you start doing them, they will lead to bigger things. We will start off with the little things, which are for the children. And when the children are busy, God is happy. Therefore, we will create happiness for God when He sees that we work for Him mindfully and without being forced to do so. If the young ones ask you about the things that I told you today, you can tell them in two weeks. After two weeks you will tell my words to the young ones. June 2, 1922, Veliko Turnovo27
  13. Note 3 The Testimony of Spirit ‘But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me’ John: 15; 26. A Secret Prayer ‘Bless God, my soul’ I will read chapter fifteen of John. I will talk to you about the vine. This vine has three contents. There are vines that have not gone bad. Have you been to a vineyard, have you seen it with leafless vines? You have seen it coming into leaves at other times and finally you have seen it maturing and heavy with ripe fruit. Not all vines have grapes. I will read to you about the vine, which has grapes. Sing the first line from Love; sing it quietly. I shall talk to you on line twenty-six of the chapter we read, ‘But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me.’ Spirit – this is the most elevated, the purest, the most sacred. And in this sanctity Spirit brings the conditions of the intelligent human Life. I use the word intelligent, but I could use another word too. In the widest sense, when a human being has the intelligent Life within oneself, such a human being lives as a musician and as a poet. Such a human being is always in high spirits, there is Peace in his or her soul, the world does not worry him or her; nothing disturbs such people. Such people are not petty, they do not dwell on the small things in life, but only on that Great one that God created. Now, let's assume that somebody brings a hedgehog into your garden; when you reach out to catch him, he will prick you. What do you think; did God create the spines of this hedgehog? No, this is the art of the hedgehock itself. You may enquire why God placed spines on this hedgehog. The hedgehog created them himself, such is its culture. He needs spines; such is his understanding of life. Subsequently you should not be asking yourselves about his spines, but if you want to study the hedgehog, you should dwell on his basic features: what hedgehogs feed on, how they make their dens, how they raise their young ones, what are his relations with the ones close to him etc. Hedgehogs make good teachers for snakes: when a hedgehog meets a snake, he grips the snake by the tail first, covers his head, the snake coils round him and he swallows the snake little by little until the head is left and finally he swallows the head as well. And when the snake asks him, ‘Why did you treat me in such an inhumane way?’ The hedgehog answers back, ‘Well, how do you catch frogs? Frogs keep crying out and you keep swallowing them. It is from you that I learnt this craft and now this is my first attempt as I want to see how things are.’ I am asking now, when the snake is swallowing the frog, do you think God taught the snake? This is again an art of snakes. When you come to Life, you will first separate all those visible features existing in human life – what was created by the people themselves, in order to arrive at the purely Divine substance. Now, the Divine substance is Spirit. And Christ says, ‘I will send this Spirit to you.’ Now people live without the Spirit. And you ask why people do not live in brotherly relations. How can they live in brotherly relations? Hedgehogs live the life of hedgehogs; snakes live the life of snakes and so on. And all animals live according to their understanding. There is no Spirit in them and each one has one’s own understanding. When it comes to people, we ask why somebody acted the way he or she did. A person lives according to one’s understanding. Why doesn't he or she live in any other way? The Spirit must come for a person to live in any other way. If the Spirit does not come, the person will live according to one’s own understanding. If you want to change on principle, to start living another Life, the Spirit must come to you. And when He comes, you won’t be asking yourselves whether this Spirit is within you and whether it is Divine. There is only One Spirit – the Great Spirit bringing Light, bringing Wisdom, Truth, bringing everything in himself. He has been delivering all the goods for ages, from times immemorial and there is no second to Him. This Spirit carries everything within himself and He is the discharger of all goods. And when He comes, people start becoming intelligent, geniuses and when somebody comes to visit, they receive this person gladly, treat this person lavishly, they do everything with Love. But when the Spirit departs, they say, ‘Today, I am not in high spirits; do not enter my home! Come some other day!’ Why? It is the Spirit that delivers all the riches, and He is not present now. Quite natural: when I am sick I will say that I am not receiving visitors on that day. Why? Because I am sick. Apart from not being able to receive visitors, I also need somebody who could do me a favour. Having spoken about the vine, Christ told his students, ‘You will take the Spirit in the first place!’ The Spirit comes only to those twigs that have grapes. Now I do not want you dwelling on the issue whether you have grapes or not. You may put this question to yourselves, but you cannot resolve it on your own. This question can be resolved only by the Spirit. And when talking, Christ, too, pays attention to the fruit. God prunes these vines because of the fruit that is inside the soul. It is our fruit that is important to God, not the external form; not the vine itself, but what comes out of it. Now, when a mother delivers a child, what does she expect from the child? She expects something intelligent, because it is from the mouth of the child that this fruit comes. If she gives birth to a deaf, dumb, and blind child who cannot speak and has the worst of habits, what does the mother tell herself then? She tells herself, ‘I wish you were not born, I did not need such a child! God gave this child to me to punish me! And she gives birth to a good child with grapes, she turns to Heavens and says, ‘How grateful I am to God for giving me such a good child!’ This is fruit! Now, you who have started, have to know that the fruit is inside. The fruit of your soul is inside. ‘And when Spirit comes’, says Christ, ‘He will teach you’. This is the first thing. Then He says, ‘But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me’. He shall testify whether you do or don’t have grapes, whether your vineyard is developing properly or not. So that all the effort in the Life of a soul, in the Life of a human being on the Earth, has to be directed to a certain fruit. Outside of this fruit one can never be glad. What is it that makes you feel glad? You yourselves are glad if you have a virtue. The virtue living within you was invested there by the Spirit, but it makes you feel glad. And Christ, representing God’s Love and Wisdom, says, ‘The Spirit that I will send to you, he shall testify for me’. But elsewhere he says, ‘He shall teach you, he shall remind you.’ What shall the Spirit remind you of? The Spirit shall remind you of all the fruit that you have to have in your soul? Because when the grapes-pickers come, what do they do? They stop at those vines, which have grapes, but they pass by the vines with no grapes. And when the Spirit comes he will inevitably stop at a soul that has the grapes. There are three types of vines: vines that have not yet developed, but have the promise, others that have developed and have a great deal of leaves – this is the second type; and the third one – vines that have set fruit that is ripening and everybody who takes a look says, ‘This vine is close to giving fruit.’ Everybody is expecting it to bear fruit, to try the grapes. And I can tell you the reasons which make you have friends – in order to try their delicious fruit. This is the reason. Why do you want to have a friend? The major reasons are that every human being wants to try the fruit of the Spirit. Now, so that these vines can develop properly, so that the Spirit can function properly within you, the vines need soil. In other words, three things are necessary in Life: first, soil; secondly, seeds, thirdly, the one who will sow the seeds. If we have the soil but do not have the seeds, nothing will come out; if we have the vine, but not soil, again nothing will come out; but if we have soil and seeds, but do not have a vine-grower who will cultivate the seeds, this is also impossible. So, these three elements: soil, seeds, and a vine-grower to cultivate it are required. Only then can a vine bear fruit. I shall now make a comparison: the soil – this is you, according to Christ’s words. The vine – this is the Word that is invested in you, while the vine-grower is the Spirit that cultivates, the Divine Spirit. Each elevated thought, each elevated desire which are developing within you, which blossom and give joy to your soul are supported by this Divine Spirit. Now in order for this Divine spirit to come and live in you particular conditions are needed. I shall make a comparison: if you make a house and expect a friend or a tenant to come and inhabit it, he will first examine your house, then he will choose only those rooms that are most hygienic, that have large and nice eastern or southern windows and only then will he say, ‘Your rooms are excellent, I will move in.’ Similarly the Divine Spirit too, when moving into human beings, the Divine Spirit examines whether you have real rooms. The law is the same too. In the whole of chapter fifteen, Christ determines the conditions needed for the Spirit to come. Love is one of the conditions. Now you will say, ‘This Love! He speaks only of Love!’ I now talk about Love in its third degree. I am not talking about Love as an underdeveloped vineyard, as a vineyard having leaves only, but I am talking solely about Love as a grape bearing vineyard. You can have the love of the undeveloped twigs, but the most important Love – the Love of the third degree – is the one with leaves that are fine and grapes that are ripe. This vine and its excellent fruit show its internal quality. Therefore, Christ says, ‘By their fruit you shall know them.’ So now God also wants to know you all, He wants to try your fruit. You are hiding but He works towards making you give something, making you manifest yourselves. You are not willing to manifest yourselves and you say, ‘The right time has not yet come!’ No, no, the time to show the nature of human beings has come. But you may tell yourselves, ‘What if I give the fruit and it is not as it has to be?’ Everything must come to the surface; the sooner the better, because you will know what you are like. While now you have an exaggerated or belittled idea of yourselves. Which is the best sort of grapes in Bulgaria? The Turks call it muscat, and there is also a sort of grapes in the colour of amber which they chaush. Now the Spirit needs to be received. Without this Divine Spirit, without these goods your Life will not manifest itself as it should. And when I talk about Love, that you have to free yourselves, I mean Love flowing from the Divine Spirit, but not the ordinary love flowing from people. There is Love flowing from people only, it is like scorched straw and lasts for a day and a half. It is so intensive that those having it say, ‘Without you I cannot live.’ But after a day and half they understand this love and say, ‘I do not want it; it’s not worth it.’ I see contemporary people weeping for their lost love. Christians also have this love; they flare up and say, ‘For God I am ready to do anything!’ But when it comes to sacrificing they say, ‘It’s nonsensical for one to be so idealistic and so ardent, one has to be a little cooler.’ The Scripture reads, ‘As you have lost your first Love.’ And this is the first Love that binds all beings. It warms them like a fire place that needs to be kept alive and never to run out of chopped wood. Do you know how it is kept alive? A friend comes who has lost a little bit behind of your confidence[M1] [1], but she tells you, ‘How beautiful you are, how much I love you, I want to embrace and kiss you!’ You get agitated and you relax. But when she leaves, some time afterwards you tell yourself, ‘I am fooling myself; does she love me or does she hate me?’ On the third day your friend comes again and says ‘my dear’, on the following day again ‘my dear’, until something disappears from your house and you close the door and say, ‘I do not want this dear any longer!’ While the Love I talk about, the Spirit that is coming, He always brings. He won’t tell you a sweet word, but he will bring you a nice book or he will bring you an apple or a pear and will tell you, ‘Eat a little bit to find out how kind the Lord is, so that you can try and see how kind I am!’ While now what is Love? The father comes and says, ‘Do you know what I am bringing to you? A nice doll.’ But dolls can neither be eaten, nor drunk, and after four or five days the daughter breaks the doll. We are being beguiled with such dolls: a story about this, a story about that, the Kingdom of God is promised to us, but you keep asking whether it is so. But when the Spirit comes you will have one live positive experience, you will experience and understand the meaning of Life everywhere and in everything. This is the Spirit. When he comes he will testify, and you will be brave, decisive, you will cope with all people. Because it won’t be you talking; it will be the spirit in you talking. How will he talk? Your soul will be permeated with this Divine Love and when these words come out of your mouth, they will open doors for you everywhere. Thus, those who want to beat you will beat you less. And afterwards they will also turn to the Lord and will start glorifying Him. So, dangerous people we are! Nobody will be left unpunished. They will also come to be servants of the Lord, just the way you are. You need to get started and prepare your hearts for the Spirit. And now only spirits you have, I can see them: you have many spirits, but I call these spirits ‘soullets’. They are soullets and spiritlets who circle around you. And when this Great Spirit comes all those soullets and spiritlets will serve only This One. While now you often listen to bad things, sometimes these little soullets tell you that you are stupid, that you have stepped aside; they tell you, ‘Mind your life, you have to live a nice life, you are young, you have ruined your life.’ But this ruining is not the teaching of the Spirit; the Divine spirit never ruins one’s life. Only these small spiritlets ruin one’s life. When the Divine spirit comes, He brings in Light, brings in Peace, plants knowledge, and brings health, happiness and bliss. This is what the Great Spirit brings when He comes! And Christ says, ‘I will send this Spirit to you.’ When? ‘If my words live in you and you live in Me, and if you have the Love of my Father, then I will send the Spirit. If you have my Love, the Love that I love you, when I show it to you, you too show it to the others.’ To whom? Christ does not say to love everybody gratuitously. Can you love a stone? Let’s define ourselves properly: you may love only one intelligent being – the one that has intelligence and brings conscious Life. This one you can love, but the other things you cannot love. Only two conscious souls can come to love each other. You cannot come to love a stone or a bear. I take these images in the first degree… Consequently it is in Love that I understand the intelligent. If it exists, Love also exists. Christ says, ‘You should love the way I came to love you!’[2] He has come to love the Intelligent. Now, you shall not ask whether this Spirit will come to you or not. If you believe in Christ, then He will come into you. And Christ says, ‘I will send the Spirit to you if you believe.’ In what faith? People have two ideas about Christ: some think that Christ has now come out of God, while others think that He has been before all the centuries of Light, and consequently everything in the world has happened through Him and all people have come out of Him. Hence, He is the most well known Path for people. The first, who you know in the world, after having come out, is Him. It is Him who has sent you to this world and it is Him who saves you. Subsequently, Christ is the First and therefore He says, ‘I am the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.’ You say, ‘How can we know Christ?’ You do know Him. Do not dwell on this question, you know Him! If you do not know Him, you have to give, but if you know Him, you have to take. You do not know the person, who has to take from you, do you? However you know well the person from whom you have to take. You know him because he has to give to you. Why do you know your husband? He has to give to you. Why does a husband know his wife? Because she has to give to him. Subsequently, it is in this sense that we have knowing and love. When I say ‘I came to love somebody’, I mean that I have to take from him. And if Christ has come to love you, He has to take from you. Therefore, He knows us. He, without denying this, says, ‘I invested capital, and I shall not allow you to eat it up; I know you and I hold you!’ You argue that you do not know Him, but He says, ‘You do not know me, but I know you.’ And as He knows you, He will send the Spirit to you. Since people have lost themselves along the Path, He will send the Spirit to testify for Him. You have to implement His law when you know Him. You have to get the meaning and resolve all issues which concern your minds as married women. You are above all interested in family issues. The top question for a married woman is the question about the family: what husband she will have, what children, and after them there come the other questions, the secondary understandings and opinions. A woman is a Queen; the man is the one from whom she has to take, while the children – are those that will be servants. Women have big pretensions, they love children, but they want their husband to be Prime Ministers and the children to be top ranking subjects. She says, ‘My Kingdom’. This is what I have found; this is the great truth. Men realise this and the last eight thousand years they have been fighting to overthrow the rule of women. A husband beats his wife, but she says, ‘Even if you beat me, I am a Queen!’ Although children do not know her, she says, ‘You have to know that you are my subjects, you will recognise this!’ But I am saying again, that these children are the striving of the human soul. A woman is right that she has to be a queen. I like the statement that she is a queen, but I do not like the fact that she does not recognise her husband for a king or the children as princes. If she recognises this, a row will spring from a political point of view. While the Scripture resolves this issue in the following way and reads, ‘You will be kings and daughters of the Living God.’ The Scripture does not recognise women, it does not read, ‘You will be Queens!’ Because the first woman became a queen, it is now the man who is being placed as King, because his authority was undermined. Not the authority of the contemporary men, but the one of the Divine man. I would ask contemporary women: have you met your husband somewhere, what his features are, what distinguishes him. You say that this is not the most important question. And this is why the world is asking how to resolve the major question. Women would rarely know because they consider men as something of secondary importance, they only recognise their children. Once they deliver children, they place their husbands at the end of the line and this shocks them most of all and they are beside themselves with anger. Now, do you know why I talk like this? You will think that I want to attack you. This is a contradiction within a woman resulting from another influence, because of which she is the most miserable being. Why? Because she argues that she is a Queen without anybody else recognising her as such. She admits it but the others deny it. A husband says, ‘You are a servant, nothing more, you will cook!’ A mother tells her children, ‘You are my subjects!’ But they object, ‘Subjects? You must be kidding! It’s not the way you see it!’ Hence there is an internal discord. Not only outside, but inside as well, in the very soul there is a discord. I go further and I say that you are split-minded internally, there is big fight going on inside you. Sometimes you are pleased with yourselves; sometimes you are not. Why are you pleased, what are the reasons? There is a big internal dissent and this is one of the reasons why a woman is the most miserable being on the Earth. This is why nine tenths of her life is tears only: she hides in her room, she cries, and cries, and cries, and then she will wipe her face and will get out; on the following day – the same, on the third day she cries again and says, ‘What was I hoping for, and what turned out!’ Why? The Spirit has not yet arrived, the Spirit has not arrived, it is the Spirit that has not arrived! But when this Spirit comes, He will recover everything. And Paul says, ‘I engaged you to a man’. To whom? To Christ. Hence until you recognise this Man, who is the head of humankind and whose head is God, you will have tears anyway. Only at such recognition shall Christ send the Spirit, and this Spirit shall testify for Him. This is the major issue: Christ must come among you; this Man must come inside you! But this fight, existing now too, must be liquidated once and for all when the Spirit comes and you know Him. Who is the head of your life? The Spirit is the head of Life. And when He comes you will break free from the present discords. Then the new knowledge will come, the new understanding of Nature; you will get in touch with the new laws, which are now being established. And Christ says in this chapter, ‘Everything you beg for in my name, will be given to you.’ You are restless at times. Why? As long as there is the signature of Christ, everything will happen; but nothing happens without His signature. So, the Spirit is the one who brings all these sufferings. Suffering shows that you are not reconciled completely. As long as you suffer, you have not known your Husband. Do not understand the knowing of a husband the way you know him. I use the word knowing in the following sense: when you go out in the forest on a pleasant May day, when the Sun shines on you when you hear the beautiful song the birds are singing, this is knowing. It causes a great Joy to you, you are exhilarated. Conversely there is also a restricting knowing: as soon as you know your debtor, you restrict him or her; as soon as you find your ox and know him, you harness him, you take the stick and start driving it. Now, why has Christ departed up there to Heaven? He knows that there is harness for him. In this sinful state that we are in we would crucify Him everyday. This is why He has risen so high and waits. He has sent His spirit until people come round. Your mind and heart must be prepared, to come round to the understanding to fulfil Christ’s Will. This is an internal, deep understanding. Therefore, you are all required above all to unite. When Christ comes all women must become One Woman. You shall not be many women, but One Woman. Now each one of you will say, ‘What will happen to us?’ Women do not know themselves yet. Therefore, the first rule is that women should know themselves. Tell me what makes one woman different from another. If I compare two women, they all have the same longing: the one wants to marry and the other one wants to marry too; the one wants the dishes to be cooked all right, to be dressed all right, the other one wants the same. All their strivings are the same, there is nothing different, nothing special; life is the same in all the houses. Now, why shouldn't women join hands! In this way they can elevate their spirit. All women, if they join together can elevate it much easier. But now each one of you says, ‘I shall be first!’ This weakness of yours resembles that story which I have referred to at other times as well: a German prince went to a visit to Denmark or the Netherlands. He was supposed to be greeted at a theatre and for this purpose they chose twelve out of the most beautiful women in town. And one had to be chosen out of these twelve women to give him a bouquet of flowers. They decided to put it to vote and twelve tickets with twelve different names were found in the box – each one voted for herself. And now each one of you votes for herself in Christ’s box and there is nobody to give the bouquet. When the box is open there are as many names in there as there are women. Every human being is first, but while performing God’s Will only the Lord is first. He is the beginning of things, and we cannot be first. The one who creates things, He is the First. When this Spirit comes, He will bring this deep understanding in your souls, what it takes is selflessness. You sometimes say, ‘I have served this husband so much!’ But you have not served the Husband [Man] yet. Paul says, ‘I engaged you to a man.’ I would be glad if you had served, because you would not get older then, your hair would not alter. When this Man [Husband] comes, you should not fly into a fury. Therefore, we allowed a man in today to listen, lest women make a plot of some sort. So, when the Spirit comes, if you admit this authority to Christ, all the other issues, insults, and doubts shall be cardinally resolved. This is the major issue, which will resolve the other issues. This must be a question of a love for nature, which must be resolved according to the strength of God’s Love and Wisdom. So, this Love has to be so strong within you, that it could sweep everything around like a strong current, not to leave a thing around that can counteract you. When your husband who is on the Earth scolds you, you will say, ‘We are waiting for Christ!’ This husband of yours prepares the path for the Other one. Then I tell you that there is only One Man, and I will tell men that there is only One Woman in the world. When I talk to the men, you will commission a delegate. Thus I elevate their authority, do you understand? And I will then tell them that there is only One Woman and all men should join together because there is only One Woman. And when this Spirit comes, He will bring what you need. I have spoken many times and I do not want my lecture to be left without any results. Have you asked yourselves what women you are now? Can you give me a description? I had assigned a topic to you ‘What women you are; what makes you different’, and how would you describe yourselves? Now, in the world, in order to describe somebody, you have to either love or hate this person very much and usually you show all of the negative features of this person. Now, you hate these men on the Earth, this I know. Subsequently, the wife says to her husband, ‘Do not believe him, whatever he tells you do not believe it!’ You are right, because how many women have men sold in the history of human culture; how many legs they have broken! Now, if I tell you ‘I engaged you to one man’, how would you describe Him? That you live with your present husbands is due to this Man, who is above. Everyday He sends them to you every day and tells them, ‘Although they are such people, give them [let them have]? translator’s notes [there is an implied meaning in the Bulg sentence – my guess is that God told the husbands that although the wives were such people, the husbands should give the wives love [M2] !’ He does not quite see your sins completely and He says, ‘Let them live well, let them be happy on the Earth!’ But are you happy? No, you are not. Not only are you not happy, but your husbands are unhappy and they constantly write books about it. Now what takes place outside in society, the same goes on inside the family, the same goes on in the soul too! In your soul you sometimes lose this hope, this authority, this consciousness, you lose every love and then you despair and say, ‘Let it go!’ You lose any idea of that elevated substance, granted to the soul, you give up God and you live in the world only to eat and drink. And now, if you, as women, still look for many men, there will be tears, tears, tears. But if you look for the One Man, when He comes to the world you will say to all the present men, ‘Off you go!’ When the woman fell down, the man remained up there in Heaven, and when the man fell down, the woman remained up there. So that, now the true men and the true women are up there, while those who left Heaven and came looking for their happiness here on the Earth are the heroes of the day. Now, the Spirit of Truth has to come, this salvation will happen through Him. I do not in the least want to make fly at your husbands when go back home. There is nothing to fly at him for. You will be looking to find the like of him; you will be looking for Him until you find Him. Have you read Song of the Songs? Many have read it and they say, ‘This is a wide life!’ You will understand the profound, internal meaning not in the human way, but in the Divine way. And why don’t I disclose secrets to you? Where is your husband? When you come to me I will tell you, ‘Let your husband come with you too!’ But you come only with women, without men? How can a woman be without a man? And the Scripture reads, ‘A woman cannot do [M3] without a man, and a man cannot do [M4] without a woman.’[3] Both are in Christ. A woman, when she comes, wants to have Love with her husband[4]. There must be you, your husband, and one more – a third one. Love can exist only among three persons. Do you know this? Your husband and you will come to me and then we can have love. This is how the Scripture sees the meaning of things. But we do know the love between two. So, do not beguile yourself looking for love between two, you should be looking for it between three. This is what Christ says, ‘When you are together with Me and the father comes, then I will manifest.’ When I talk to you about Love, it takes three persons to love each other. I have not seen two women loving each other. If you can find two women here in Bulgaria who love each other, I would like to see them and to have a picture of them. Not that this is impossible on the Earth, but a woman has to have her own husband and one other - a third one, who will come. Then God will manifest and what you are looking for will come. Only then will the Spirit and Christ come. It takes three persons for Christ to come. I want you to free yourselves from your illusions: you want to be students, but you are looking for happiness where it is not. If you are looking for happiness – I am telling you where it is – with your husband. But he will place a harness on your head, he will set you in the cart, he will drive you with the stick and he will tell you, ‘Go to the field to plough!’ Your husband is also harnessed. I mean the phoney man on the earth, and I do not want to mention the name of the other Man. These men on the Earth are merely his representatives, his servants. And they do as he orders them to do on the Earth. Now do you know who He is? You know Him now! A maid comes and says, ‘I found him!’ ‘Yes’, I say, ‘you haven’t found him yet. When you find the one about whom Paul says, “I engaged you to a man”, then that day will be the greatest in your life. This will be resurrection for women and therefore, Christ says, ‘Those who agree with this day, with this understanding, neither get married nor look for a man.’ When delivering a lecture before the men I will tell them that there is only One Woman. Do not beguile yourselves – there is One Man, you have to understand this! You will look for him! You will feel as one soul and thus you will be able to resolve the question of your suffering. The point is to find Christ. Not the historical Christ, not this Christ whom people believe in, but that Christ who says, ‘I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega’. The one who sent you here; who sent his blessing; who has supported you in all of your comings and wanderings in this world and has guided you along the path of Truth. He has always been good, has never frowned, is always delicate and He says, ‘There will come the time of this great outcome.’ Now, the Divine Spirit is coming for women, to wake them up, so that they start looking for this One Man. And now, since there are many men, there are scandals too: a woman says, ‘Why have you taken him?’, while another one objects, ‘What about you? What have you done to him?’ They argue about men all the time. I say, you do not have any men as of yet. Nobody can take away from you your Man, the true Man. He is up there in Heaven. He will be your beloved. He is not called a Man, but a ‘beloved to the soul’. And women are referred to not as the one who sinned, but as ‘my beloved’. So, you will be looking for the beloved to the soul! And when you find Him, your soul will be pleased, it will be happy. And the Scripture reads, ‘And in those days I will obliterate all of your sins.’[5] When you find your Man, all of your sins will be obliterated, not a single trace will be left of them. The most significant issue is to find the beloved of your soul, for whom your soul is longing. You shed so many tears for Him and you say, ‘What have we remained for? Isn’t there salvation?’ The Scripture says about the day when this beloved will come, ‘I will wipe your tears’, ‘I will remove your shackles’. There will be no tears then, there will be no shackles; your hearts will be healed and there will be no wounds; enlightenment will be there, there will be no darkness; your soul will be elevated and a woman will be a Queen then. So, you will plant this idea in yourselves and you will ardently pray to acquire the Spirit above all and this enlightenment. And you will tie the black man and you will tell him, ‘Concubines we cannot be any longer!’ Each and every woman has to say, ‘A concubine I cannot be any longer!’ Do you understand? If you say, deep down your heart, that you cannot be concubines any longer, you resolve the issue and then the Spirit will bring Love. The true Man will come and then you will start a new epoch. And then the New Woman will appear. And I would like you to form at least the finger of this New Woman. Your law is great. You have only to overcome the external oppression, this tribulation and to know what the meaning is. Consequently, if you do find your beloved, anything else ruining your life will disappear. Thus the issue is solved at its basis and we can then talk about education and about Love. If I talk to you about love, about kisses, my words will be understood in an absolutely distorted sense. So far such kisses you have not had. This Man has to kiss you, the one who is pure and in whom you have your beginning. And the point that your present husband has kissed you, this does not qualify for a kiss. We shall be waiting for it, there is still a long time until this kiss comes. And when one receives this kiss, such a person does not stay on the Earth, such a person leaves for one’s Fatherland and leaves this home. Such a person leaves these things that now hinder you and by form such a person is free. Consequently, the soul is something internal. One cannot corrupt oneself externally, because one’s essence is inside. [M5] Sin is not something external internal. Sin is something internal, inside the soul.[M6] So, when this Spirit of the Truth comes, He will testify for Me, and you will testify.’ And I would like all of you to testify. Can you testify? (A voice from the audience): We can. We can!… Do not confuse your soul with your body, because you now have one body, afterwards you will have another body, but there is something more substantial that distinguishes you. This is the soul, not the body. And when you meet, you have to first feel like souls. The power of Love does not lie in counteraction. If you can endure one counteraction, you have Love. This Love is of the Spirit, this is the Love of your soul. Between God and your soul – this is where Love should start, but not from outside. You mention Love so many times, you kiss, but you still talk about yourselves; you treat yourselves, but your affairs do not resolve. This Love has to start between God and your soul internally. And Paul says, ‘First, the visible’. This is the visible! Some may interpret this expression in the following way: first, this life. I say: the visible – this is God, while the invisible – these are the people. Visible is what God is to me. We shall start with this understanding. Life is within. During Paul’s day these words were right. When descending from above, the visible was down, but now we are staring on the road behind and we look upwards. First the Love for God should appear and then we shall manifest externally. If I have no Love for God, this Love cannot be manifested to you. God, my soul, and the one close to me [my neighbour] – these are three persons and there is Love only there! They constitute the Holy Trinity, God in three persons. They are the manifestation of the Divine Love. The Spirit is the first outflow of God. God, the Spirit, and Love constitute a trinity, and we together with them form a quaternion - the Virtue on the Earth. Now, the first rule is to start with Love. Women should look for their beloved! You will say, ‘What shall we do with our present husbands?’ The Scripture reads, ‘After you die, you are free of them.’ A woman is tied to a man while he is alive, as soon as he dies, she is free. So, if she returns into the world, he has no right to remarry her. This is not a teaching of mine, Paul says so. According to the moral law, if somebody owes money but dies and then returns again to the world, he has to pay. Such is the moral law! You will tell your present husbands, ‘We shall go to find our Husband, and you go find your Wife!’ You will also say, ‘We, the two of us, have not prospered, therefore, you go to your Wife, and I will go to my Husband!’ This resolves the issue in a cardinal way. What does a husband have to do? He must go to his Wife. Thus you will bring about the outcome and you will resolve this profound issue. When the Spirit comes we have to implement the will of this God who sent us to the earth because to Him we shall return. There is no other way! No matter how long we stay on the Earth, some day we shall have to return to the place where we came from. And Christ says, ‘But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me’. He will testify for this great Truth bringing Love which brings freedom to women. Women have to be freed first of all! You have to free yourselves and when you find Christ your issue is resolved and you are free. Now, some of you are already close. You aspire to this while you are bringing into effect this profound understanding. When you understand you will be saved forever. This is salvation; this is purification – to be content. To be like what the soul of a woman was originally – content and pure! And it will get purified! When the Spirit comes into her, she will start testifying for the one that is within and without Now, the Spirit that already works; let it enlighten you, let it urge your soul, your heart, your mind to the resolution of the most significant issue. The other issues you may resolve, but this issue is basic in the Supreme Divine Teaching, a cardinal issue it is. It is this issue that you have to resolve and then you will resolve all the issues one after another. Let’s have a secret prayer. We shall read ‘Our father’ in a low voice. We shall read the good prayer in a very low voice. Stick to the rule not to allow discouragement now. Now you are closer to the Kingdom of God than you were in the past. You will reflect on this issue. It does not have to be an obstacle to you, but an issue on which the resolution of all other issues depends. Every woman has to resolve this issue without any hesitation; she has to know this! Once you resolve this issue in your soul, when the Spirit comes, the issue is resolved on its own accord. You can work only in this way. You yourselves may resolve the issue, it is not one of the most difficult issues, but it is the easiest issue. But you constantly put it off for later, while it is this issue that you have to resolve first. ‘But this Spirit of Truth, He will testify for me’; and elsewhere it is said, ‘He will teach you everything and will remind you of everything what I have said.’ Next time I shall talk further on. Next time, after a month I will tell women what they have to do when they find this Man [Husband]. The Spirit that is coming will open your minds and will tell you what you have to do then. Women have to take part in all actions in the world. Women impede the world. The fate of the world and the keys to the total salvation depend on you! And now, since you have not resolved the most significant issue, you mislead your sons and daughters. You will call your daughter and you will speak to her about the great Truth inside Life. She has to know the Truth, why should you delude her? There is no happiness; you will be skinned like an ox. Say, ‘May the Will of God be performed!’ The Will of God is performed only according to the law of Love. Hence, you have to understand me in a very wide sense, not in a narrow sense. You will understand [gain understanding] about your elevation in a cardinal way, fundamentally! Not only you, but all the women in the whole world keep resolving this issue. Those who used to raise this issue would have resolved it, but the world war broke out and they discontinued for a while. They brought up the issue about women’s emancipation. It takes no emancipation, but a cardinal understanding of the issue. The war broke out, men and women intertwined, and now they cannot resolve the issue fundamentally. But the issue has to be resolved. You live in a very important epoch, or as secular people say ‘in an epoch of historical significance’. Now or never! This is the edge of the issue. If you do not resolve this issue now, you will never resolve it. You have to have an open heart, and not to say, ‘We are not good.’ The Lord will obliterate your sins; He will throw them behind His back and won’t look at them. But the way you are now, you cannot even pray. You now pray to perform God’s Will, but tomorrow you seek one of those, somebody else’s man and you say, ‘Who will feed me?’ Enough, eight thousand years of slavery should be enough! Since it is eight thousand years old, the strap is about to break. It is time for a human being to break once and for all with the strap of evil. It is a great evil from which a human being has to break free and from which one has to part. And then one will turn one’s mind to God and will understand that there is no change, no betrayal in him or her. It is the same human being. It is not a man. It is the Great Spirit and there is no change in Him. He is called the one coming from the benevolent womb, He is merciful, full of Love for those who repent, who perform His Will. This issue you will resolve now! You shall not entertain illusions and shall not say, ‘I am not like the other women.’ I have one request to you: do not entertain any illusions that you are not like the other women. Try to be like this Woman. I haven’t spoken about the One Woman yet, I haven’t told you what the One Woman is like. Come on, I congratulate you with the Spirit! You have to attack now and you have to charge and enter. Everybody with the Spirit, with the Word of God! You will resolve the important issue not with your needles pointed ahead, but with the Word of God. Master’s lecture Delivered on 10 November 1921 15:00h in Sofia [1] [whom you no longer trust so much] or [in whom your confidence is a little shaken] [2] To Editor: if this sentence in ‘’ is a quotation from the Bible, I will need the reference = chapter, line… [3] To Editor: this is most probably a quotation – unfortunately I see no reference as to book, chapter, line. [4] To Editor: in many instances the original text reads ‘woman’ or ‘man’ – but it is evident from the context that the 2 words refer to married people – I translated as ‘husband’ and rarely as ‘wife’ in places where I felt it inappropriate to refer to a woman as somebody’s woman. However, if the convention is ‘man’ and ‘woman’ even though referring to married people – please feel free to substitute at your discretion. In Bulgarian the colloquial style has ‘my man’=‘my husband’ & ‘my woman’=‘my wife’ which I am afraid is not exactly the case elsewhere. [5] To Editor: perhaps a quotation – no reference though [M1]Unclear. What is meant by behind your confidence? {who has lost her confidence} or {who you have lost confidence in} [M2]Give them what? [M3]{be} [M4]{be} [M5]Maybe this sentence should be checked again. Perhaps the word externally is meant to be internally. [M6]This sentence contradicts the previous one, in addition, sin cannot be internal and inside the soul. {Sin is not something internal, and it is not inside the soul.} or {Sin is external, not inside the soul.}
  14. Note 5 [translator’s notes are placed in square brackets] The Great Mother The written assignments on the bone system, on the heart and its function, and on the digestive system were read. We were sent to the Earth not for leisure, but for work. However, even the Earth can put up with its guests for no longer than three days. All contemporary misfortunes result from the fact that we want to be guests to the Earth. And since I talk to you from a purely esoteric point of view, if you ask me what the misfortunes in the world are due to, I shall tell you that they stem from your desire to be just visiting guests here on Earth. The Earth is a place for more [most] [M1] serious work to be done. Each creature, regardless of how small it may be, has its mathematically strictly determined place and work that it has to do. Even today, more superior creatures live on the toil of the more inferior ones. I intentionally asked you to describe the digestive system, as way of explanation, because you, esoteric students, do not even suspect what is going on within you at any single moment. Every one of you should investigate one’s organism thoroughly. The only real thing that you have in this world is your organism. Until you investigate your organism, you will be ignorant and won’t be able to understand Nature. Our Great Mother – Nature, restricts her children under all the rules she has. Bear in mind that she is ruthlessly blunt. No esoteric students should beguile themselves that this would pass them by unnoticed. When this Divine Mother gets hold of you, she will take you through all the rules of education without blinking an eye. I talk to you about education, because this is where you should start from: Nature has the correct way to educate. What seems to people callous in the world, what we, contemporary people, notice as certain disharmony in the world, is in fact a most harmonious action. I still do not dare tell you that Nature should be studied from its rear side. You should start studying your life from its rear side too. For example, the goodness of someone depends on the badness contained in the roots of one’s life. Hence, we can mathematically determine that one’s goodness would be as big as is the badness in the roots of one’s life. I exclude your moral concepts and here I do not mean bad actions. The word badness stands for that matter in your life that acts against your life. I told you that you have to investigate Life from its rear side. Now many of you feel a desire to show themselves better than they actually are, or worse than they actually are. This is a misleading situation and Nature does not tolerate such falsities. Nature has two methods that it applies: you should strictly determine things from a mathematical point of view, absolutely accurately, or otherwise you should not measure things at all. In order to measure precisely the powers active in us, we have to develop the senses we have in our organism, so that they can start working, i.e. to develop the sensitivity of our soul. Let’s take for example the concept of coldness; it denotes a physiological process, the physiological reasons for being cold. How can you translate coldness; what does it stand for? It stands for hatred. So, hatred is similar to coldness. Can you make an analogy between coldness and hatred: what is the effect of coldness upon the organism? Shrinking. Indeed, all bodies shrink to a certain extent in the cold. Hatred gives rise to the same action – it also makes one shrink. Warmth is the opposite of coldness. Warmth translates as love. What does warmth give rise to? Expansion. What does love give rise to? Also expansion. Hence, esoteric people, who understand the laws, can influence hatred through warmth, and love – through coldness. The white magi in the White Esoteric School use warmth against hatred, while the black magi use the cold to counteract love. The White magi use warmth to strengthen love, while the black magi use the cold to strengthen hatred. If you ask me why the winter is cold, I will answer that these two lodges – the Black and the White - act in Nature. And according to this law, those of you who observed what the weather was like when the Central Powers and the Allies were at war[1] might have noticed the following: when the Central Powers were winning the weather was always cold, and when the Allies was winning, the weather was warm. And then, from a purely esoteric point of view, we made the conclusion that the White Esoteric School sided with the Allies, and the Black one sided with the Central Powers. Whether they were aware of this or not is another issue. When peace was to be signed the Black Lodge changed its tactics and started influencing the Allies, while the White Lodge started influencing the Central Powers, i.e. they swapped roles. I shall not dwell upon this; I wanted just to note this fact in progress. The situation you - supporting an idea - are in any given moment, might be sustained either by the White Lodge or by the Black Lodge. So, if you want to train yourselves, you should first determine where the ideas that preoccupy you are being commanded from. Someone may say, “I believe in this and in this.” This, however, does not solve the issue though. Stupid people also believe. But when a stupid person is given something, say one hundred leva, the stupid person is ready to immediately take it and says, "I will give you back one hundred and fifty”, although the stupid person may as well lose everything shortly afterwards. It is not profit that is at stake. Mind you that all of our acts and ideas on earth bear an impact on our future. Perhaps a thought at present may influence your future life in a thousand of years. Therefore, bear in mind that what you do now, you do it for your own sake. A thousand years may pass, but you cannot evade taking the right direction. Now, these false teachings of the Black brotherhood come to distort the lines of the Holy Scripture. And when they want to entrap you in a certain sin, or to distort something, they immediately quote a line that suits their purpose. The Black brothers, when willing to make somebody sin, can be very polite and kind, they will offer chickens, apple pies, until they manage to harness the person. But as soon as they harness a person, they start goading this person, start making him/her work for them and neither apple pies, nor chickens do they offer any longer. This is the beginning of the so-called black doom. The Bulgarians say, “I ended up with what I was given in the beginning.” However, esoteric students cannot and should not be thinking like this. Opinions on life have to be strictly determined; they should not rest on those silly interpretations and beliefs, inherited from the past. Esoteric students should verify things fundamentally for themselves, and the shadows of things, the secondary and tertiary things will come on their own accord. Everyone should understand the law properly, to be sure whether one observes the law or not, whether one believes in God or not. I do not understand the word God in the sense you understand it. I see the esoteric law in the sense of faith in the living law of Nature. However, [i mean] not [M2] the law as effect[M3] , because you are familiar with any effect, since impact is the result of and is generated by a living and intelligent centre. Consequently, when we say that something affects us, this is due to the thought vested in this influence. When I take somebody by the hand and influence this person to start walking, this is the result of the thought vested in me. Hence, you have to be absolutely determined in your thoughts whether you have faith or not. What is your definition of faith? As soon as true faith comes, doubts will also come, and alongside this contradictions in life will appear. Where there are contradictions, Life must have begun. This feature indicates that the true life of esoteric students has begun. If there are no contradictions, you are very far from the Truth. This is a law on the Earth. Such contradictions should not grow into obstacles before those who want to learn. When I said in my previous lecture that those of you who are not ready to follow the Teaching should not set foot in the Esoteric School, I meant not to set foot in the School of this Mother of yours, because it will throw you out according to all the rules of art. You may enter it, but you will need all the humility of your soul and you will need to speak tenderly and kindly. Any rude intonation of your mind or soul will attract all the counteracting forces and you will stumble along your Path. The Old Testament reads, “The Lord scorns the scorners: but He gives grace unto the lowly.” The Lord is understood to mean the Mother, the Living Nature. How can the Mother express her opposition? Living Nature opposes its disrespectful children by taking them by her three fingers, then Nature lifts them up, then she throws them away and says, “Do you know me, do you know what I can do to you, are you going to lose your temper again? I can turn a human being into the smallest infinitesimal animal!” You may say, “No, it is not possible for a man to go back in the evolutionary development and to become an animal.” It’s not true; one may regress in one’s development and at that according to all the rules of this great law of the Mother. Christians say, “A man born once is a man forever.” Yes, correct, but if one trespasses upon the rules of the Mother, she will send him back and then he will start on a long journey changing forms and millions of years will have to pass, until he is purified. Before he comes out at the end of this Path he will have filled ten tubs of tears, he will keep his memories of them, so that when a passer by incidentally asks him, “You are not going to sin any longer, are you?” he could answer, “Have you filled ten tubs of tears?” When Christ says that He will send somebody to eternal suffering, I clarify that He will send all the clergy, scientists, philosophers, as well as their servants to suffer, to fill tubs of tears. They will pass through a great fire. This fire is not what it is described to be; it is a quiet fire, it has its pleasures, it is a fire that purifies and makes people humble. I warn you to watch out for the three fingers of your Mother – Nature, she is dangerous! When people cross with three fingers in the Orthodox Church, this is also a warning to be aware of the three fingers of the Mother, not to be grabbed by her three fingers. Crossing has a particular meaning in esoteric sense: remember the three fingers of your Mother in your mind, in your heart and in your will! But religious people say that in crossing, one of the fingers stood for the Father, the other one – for the Son, and the third one – for the Holy Spirit. It could as well be so, but you have to know that these are the three fingers of your Mother, the three intelligent Powers working within her. And she is remarkable, remarkable indeed your Mother Nature is. Those of you, who tend to cause a stir, should keep it in their mind that I can complain to your Mother, without having to unmask you, and I can tell her to grab you by her three fingers. And then regardless whether it happens to be a man or a woman, a boy or a girl – they will get it. She will feel you and will say, “Did I send you there to study or to philosophise, to serve or to give orders?” Christ, as a disciple of the Great Esoteric School, also understood this law. The Scripture has it that when he found himself in a human body, he became humble. For the grace of this Divine Mother, Christ was ready to endure any suffering. The Father is known as Mother in Esotericism. He is the Love, but not the way you understand this Mother – Love. Don’t even think of comparing this Divine Mother with the love you know! There is no image comparable to this concept. I call her Divine Mother, not in the sense that she delivered God. The Esoteric School perceives the Divine Mother as the essence in everything living in the world. Let’s go back, because these are abstract things that may stir fear and anxiety in your minds. My point is not to make you fear, because fear is just one feeling, while so far human beings have been found to have forty abilities. Fear is only one fortieth of the present life, so that your attention to fear should be one to forty. If all your life turns into fear only, you do not understand Life. Fear is supposed to be only a warning to human beings, reminding them whether they have properly understood what they studied and whether they acted accordingly. Thus, fear is necessary to show you that you have your responsibilities. After fear, conscience comes and tells you, “You did it according to all the rules of the Divine Law.” The first thing that all of you are required to do is to accept the following motto as a rule “If you do not become like little children, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.” I shall translate this for you: if you do not place yourselves in the shoes of little children, you cannot enter any Esoteric School, any branch of this Great, Intelligent Esoteric School. The second rule is that students of the Esoteric School should learn to keep silent – to keep silent in order to be able to think. Their thoughts should be strictly determined, their thoughts should not be roaming, they should not contain similar opposite thoughts or doubts. Some say, “I think”, but what is it that you think about? If you look at the faces of the people around you, you will see that these people are not thinking, but wasting their time. The present philosophising and thinking is just a waste of time, but the skulls and bones of people reveal how righteous their thought is. The first thing that you are facing is to restore your righteous thoughts. You may ask, “How can we know which thought is righteous?” This cannot be proven. This is a law, implanted in human beings from the very beginning – their ability to think righteously. So, since the soul always thinks righteously, I am not going to prove this, anybody can try it. It will be sufficient if one goes back to that point where one deviated from the right path. What will be the first result that you will notice from this righteous thought of yours? As soon as you manage to experience righteous thoughts, any gloomy thoughts will leave you, a Light will appear in your mind and you will start feeling reconciled with everybody. The curtain will begin, little by little, to open, you will start understanding the correlation existing between causes and consequences, and you will understand why things keep happening in this way and not in that way. The Scripture reads, “The Earth should be silent, for the Lord to speak.” Silence is the first rule in every school: when pupils come to school and when the teacher comes in after them, all pupils are silent so that the teacher can speak. This is why, when this Divine Mother starts speaking, everybody should fall silent. Sometimes she makes us to be silent against our wishes. She sends a big misfortune to us, thus telling us, “Keep silent!” Then you say, “I do not feel like talking,” and you become immersed in thought. You keep thinking and thinking and in the end you say, “Life is meaningless.” In this silence you must have heard the voice of your Mother, coming from the depth of your soul. This voice is calm and it will speak to you in such quiet and tender tones, as no other voice has spoken to you. But when will this voice start talking to you? When one has been through the worst pains and miseries and after having filled ten tubs of tears. Here on earth the contact of this voice is called love, kindness etc. This voice provokes instant magical changes in human beings. You might have been the person most slighted and hurt on earth, you might have been close to your death-bed, but as soon as this voice starts talking to you, you immediately feel safe. You are looking for the secret, for the Truth of Life somewhere outside you and you tell me, “Teach us how to find it!” Learn to understand yourselves and to find this secret within you. Sometimes unwittingly you place your hand on the forehead of a weeping child. I now ask you why you place your hand there. How many philosophers and scientists in Bulgaria know the reason for this? I will tell you, “When you place your right hand upon the upper part of the forehead, you arouse one of the noblest feelings." Many centres are located in this part of the head, but you influence compassion above all – the Divine Love. And if the person placing his/her palm on your forehead is compassionate, you will immediately feel a certain pleasantness spreading all over you. The mother, by placing her palm upon her child’s forehead, tells the child’s spirit, “Mother Nature that entrusted you to me, loves you and her Love never changes.” And the mother, who places her palm upon the child’s forehead, is a step-mother to the child, entrusted to raise the child. So, when you are upset, place your palm or let somebody else place their palm upon your forehead, concentrate your thoughts in this place, call your Great Mother, and everything will pass on its own accord. This is a beautiful gesture. You should know the meaning of each and every gesture – these are the new education methods. Each movement in Nature is strictly determined and from this point of view, all people can be either good or bad. If your child is crying and if you take the upper side of the child’s hand, if you bring it close to your mouth and blow against it, the pain will pass away. But if in similar cases you curl your lower lip and thrust it forward, you have already tarnished your mind. Any gesture of your hand or mouth that is incorrect brings dishonour to your mind. And these gestures have their impact. Therefore, any movement of the hand, of the eyes has to be strictly determined, has to follow all the Divine rules. Contemporary highly educated people are like children who start writing for the first time and this explains why, when they take the writing pen, they start scribbling on the paper. Children scribble and scribble on the paper and tell their mother, “Mother, look what I have written!” This scribbling, however, contains no Divine thought; it has no content at all. This scribbling refers also to the present newspapers. Similarly, at spiritual séances, a medium starts scribbling first upon paper, and afterwards some letters come out. The minds and hearts of many contemporary Christians resemble this childish scribbling – they scribble, but nothing comes out. So, you should first start scribbling, then you will start drawing circles and finally you will start writing letters. Learn to stop and take a look at your actions, so that you yourselves can be pleased with whatever movement you do with your hands, head, eyes or mouth. Watch your movements, but do not be afraid! Often some poets shake their heads while talking. I interpret this movement in the following way: “Oh, I hope these rotten pears would fall!” You think about them, “There is something substantial in these ideas of theirs; they are poets, they will surely write something.” They will write nothing. So, be careful to ensure that your movements are harmonic. You may in time feel a desire to correct somebody. Nobody is allowed to correct anybody in the Esoteric School. This is an insult. Both the one correcting, and the one being corrected, both of them commit a crime. Do you believe that the movement of the wheel in the factory, which has once started rolling and keeps rolling, is not strictly determined? Do you think that the master of that gentleman, who has lost his temper, has not predetermined this reaction? Do you think that you have to block the drainpipe through which all waste goes out? No, you should not, because by doing so you will bring about the greatest misfortune to people. The person who flares up, is just a channel, so, let all impurities flow out of him, do not interrupt him. This flaring brother of yours is on duty today, he is throwing up so many things, so you should rather tell him, “Brother, you did a wonderful job today, you are throwing up impurities and thus you are helping so many people.” If you do not have such understanding for things around, you will be on duty tomorrow. So, intelligent students should understand properly the causes and the consequences of each action and should remember the following: Life is determined very intelligently, there are no exceptions to it, no accidents, and everything, even the smallest details, have been provided for. This is not a restriction of the human will, because at your stage of development, you have no will whatsoever yet. I am telling you the truth. I believe that only a person, who can forgive after being insulted, has Will. People, who can forget that they were deprived of all of their wealth, have Will. People, who in spite of having a lot of work to do, help fallen people, have Will. While ordering one person or another around, does not count as will. Will starts in sin. If you look upon this issue in this way, you will immediately feel enlightenment. Do an experiment, so that Mother Nature can start talking to you. If you stick to your conceptions, the conceptions you have today, your Mother shall not start talking to you in a thousand of years, but will only grab you by her three fingers. When I say that your Mother will grab you by her three fingers, I do not mean your individual life; I mean it on principle, as per the laws. There are exceptions to these laws, they are not absolutely mechanical. So, when I say that your Mother will hold you by her three fingers, this will be so as long as you oppose her. The moment you change, she will also change her attitude to you. No philosophy, no logic is not in a position to alter Nature. However, the moment you feel repentance within, that the path you follow is not the right path, your Mother will change her pre-disposition to you. No sooner has she become pre-disposed to you, and you will experience certain pleasantness, a certain relief. You will struggle until the moment you feel this pre-disposition, and everybody coming your way will be [considered] bad[2].[M4] Now, Nature does not regret having such obstinate children, on the contrary, she rejoices for them, because they do such a wonderful job. She places these children in their proper place. When they get tired, they say, “Mother, we learnt this art.” The Mother replies, “All right then I will take you to another area.” As I see you are tired of life and you say that life is meaningless. What have you learnt so far, does not satisfy you any longer, and the beliefs you have are not positive either. How many of you, if tortured for their beliefs, are ready to make a self-sacrifice, to die for them? You may say, “We have to think a little, and then we can answer whether we are ready to sacrifice.” Now, let me go back to the talk about the beautiful movements. I will give you two examples: the day is clear, the sun is shining, you can see a high rock facing south, and there is a crystal clear spring under its eastern side, which gives rise to a small river flowing eastwards also. I will now draw the same picture, but situated oppositely: a high rock facing north, a crystal clear spring to the west of it. If you visit two locations similar to the ones described, two different ideas will rise in your mind. Watch the people living on such northern slopes where rivers flow westwards, and the people living on southern slopes where rivers flow eastwards. Compare the people in these two areas, take it as an assignment. Some of you may solve this task in a week; others may need a month, still others – a year. Therefore, in education, we have to make the best of Nature, because there is a fundamental, great idea underpinning the various forms it has created – to alter the mood of our mind, heart, and will. I shall elaborate a little bit on this, so that you can start paying attention to the clouds, you can start relating with them. Do not think that clouds are dead, you should always consider them living: sometimes there are whole mountains of clouds in the sky facing north or south; watch these living clouds in space, reflect why some of them face north, while other face south. Contemporary people today are exhausted, small-minded, because they do not go out to watch the sky. They turn their faces only to the ground, to what they themselves have created, and this is petty. If people went out to watch the sky, the clouds, and the stars, their mood would change, and we, contemporary white people, would be nobler than we are now. Since we do not want to voluntarily give up the old habits, the White Lodge has decided to make real people of us, to free us from these buildings, so that we can watch Nature. In previous times people made idols, bowed to idols, but today we ridicule them. However, contemporary people make houses, have property, and take their joy out of it, because this is how they earn their living. Is it not idol-worshipping as well? Don’t you ever rely on the thought that your house, field or vineyard will earn your living! Do not vest your hopes in them. If you think along these lines, you can be sure that you have taken the wrong direction. I talk to you as students of the Esoteric School. Throw out of your mind these houses of yours; you will have to look upon them as a simple exercise for you. In America there are houses of twenty-thirty floors. I say what we have now is not houses, these are the most dreadful prisons ever seen in the world; these are cemeteries. There are dwellings where the sun has not set a single ray for years. This is no culture; don’t you admire these big buildings. I’d rather live in the simplest Bulgarian hut out of town, than in a twenty-storey building, costing a couple of millions, albeit having the latest amenities. There is an analogy for you: a writer describes the houses of a town, the streets, the layout of the town, and when you read this you think, “Why I am not moved by all of this?” Because there is nothing new. Let this writer set the plot in the open, in Nature, let the author describe the movements in Nature, and then you will find out whether it moves you. This author describes how two people fell in love – the one was on the stage and the other one – in one of the theatre boxes. Is there anything more misrepresented than this? Being esoteric students you should not waste your time on similar novels, you should be selective in your reading. If some of you start writing, mind you do not imitate these authors. See what the psalm writer writes in the songs! A song reads, “Let the rivers murmur, let forests and tall cedars bend low.” In psalms all people are compared to trees, to mountain peaks, to rivers, to springs, while the world is compared to the sea etc. All this makes sense. The psalm writer, from an esoteric point view, implanted these true Divine ideas that govern the world. The interpreters, when analysing these forms, misrepresented them and now contemporary people cannot think properly. There is one task ahead of you – to go back at least eight thousand years, to come to the Gates of Paradise, so that I can show you that you have taken the wrong direction. There were two paths opening before people on coming out of Paradise, and they had to choose one of them. The entire humanity took the wrong one and said, “This is what is destined for us!” No, there was another Path destined, and it was the so-called straight, narrow Path. Narrow Path should be understood to mean that Great Path of the Living Nature and this is the Path you have to take. You cannot return along the path you took on coming out, but I will take you back along the other path, along the narrow Path. When you reach this initial point, I shall show you the Path which you have to take in the new course of development in your evolution. Do a short mental exercise; this is what you should ask, “Where was I a hundred years ago?” Take a break, then try to figure out where you were a thousand years ago, two thousand years ago, three thousand years ago, four thousand, five thousand, six thousand, seven thousand years ago, and where you were eight thousand years ago. Take such a small notional transition and allow yourselves a break at each point. You will not resolve anything of particular notice, but by returning in your mind along the path that you have travelled so far, you will follow this law and when you come to the point where you were eight thousand years ago, please take notes of your condition, of what you experience, and also put down the thought that comes to mind, and afterwards come back to your present condition. If no thought comes to your mind or if you do not experience any condition, you should not worry, try to return once again. I shall gradually show to you the mathematical correlations that will be of help in your work. These are the smallest exercises that I assign to you. You are wondering how you can go back eight thousand years, how you can do this. Take little children as an example: when they stand up for the first time on their feet, do they have any idea how to take steps? No, children follow their instinct: they stand up, fall down, they stand up again and fall down again and so on. Similarly your mind is a four-legged animal too. Mental people are four-legged, they try to stand up, they fall down, and again they try to stand up and in the end they say, “We cannot think.” No, we shall fall down, shall stand up, shall bow, until finally we shall stand firmly on our two feet and shall start thinking. So, remember, that your mind is not human, it is four-legged, and this is not an insult. If our mind was human, our Life would have been organised differently and we would not have been in the situation we are now. Anybody can check [and verify] [M5] that our mind is not enlightened. Can you find two people at home who are in the same mind, who live in Love? Very rarely is it so, and only when they are in the mood for this. This is not due to a lack of desire to live, but it is due to something distorted in us. As soon as we reach our original situation, we shall immediately be set free. Then we shall find ourselves in the situation of a person who is being healed with water or sun rays – such a person keeps sweating until all impurities are thrown out, and afterwards such a person feels like a new born baby. Therefore, first we have to get rid of the impurities that have accumulated within us for thousands of years, so that only pure blood remains, i.e. the pure Divine thought and the pure Divine heart. Then we shall experience the same as a person, who before falling ill with typhus used to weigh a hundred and twenty kilogrammes and then he lost weight and became like a dried mackerel. The same will happen to you. You will throw out everything that is useless and you will feel stupid. Until you yourselves feel stupid, nothing will come out. After having thoroughly emptied yourselves, New Divine Life will come from elsewhere and it will fill up your bottle. To succeed in this small experiment does not take much courage, but only faith and diligence. You may recite to me that line, about whether this is in agreement with God’s Will. Any good action is in agreement with God’s Will. Any good thought, any good deed, regardless how small it may be, is in agreement with God’s Will. Keep in mind that every good deed yields results and can be accomplished, but it takes a long time to do it. Therefore, the smallest desire, the smallest urge will in time produce good results. Every good thought and desire is a result of the urge of your Divine Mother, who wants to advance your present level. There is a small disharmony between us now. I will check whether it is me or you who are the cause of this disharmony. You will do your homework, and I will do mine, and having solved the problems we shall meet at certain points of contact. Have faith and do not hesitate! You will make this a rule of yours: you are demanded to have faith in yourselves, in your intelligent souls, just as much as it can be free to think and understand everything that God did. Inasmuch as your soul is awakened inasmuch you will benefit from the Divine goods in the world. So, faith should be the first among all rules! Master’s lecture, Delivered on 26 February 1920 [1] Coalitions among different countries, that were at war during the time of the World War 1 (1914-1918); The Central Powers (The Triple Axis) included Germany, Austro-Hungary and Italy, while the Antante included Great Britain, France and Rusia (notes of the editor) [2] To Michaeli – the original text translates ‘will be bad’ – of course, there is a great difference between ‘be bad’ and ‘be considered bad’. However, reading the text I somehow got the feeling that [considered] is implied – since in speech as different from writing many words may be omitted as meaning is through non-verbal means. I placed [considered] for you to see and comment upon – I understand that it is next to impossible to recover the non-verbally conveyed meaning – as none of the non-verbal means were taken down in short hand. It makes a worse sense without [considered]. I do realise it’s a personal judgement which is not allowed, but two minds make a better product. [M1]{The Earth is a place for the most serious work to be done.} or {The Earth is a place for more serious work to be done.} [M2]{I do not mean…} [M3]Unclear. This word needs more definition in order for this sentence to be understood. [M4]There is a big difference between {will be bad} and {considered bad}. The first one is a statement saying that everybody coming your way is bad. And the second implies that you will think that everyone coming your way is bad. [M5]delete
  15. Note 1 The Young Brother A talk of the Master, given on the first of January, 1939, 10 am. Contemporary humanity is living in a most important epoch. This epoch is important, because of its consequences. It is as important as the state of a dead man buried in the earth. His relatives and friends weep over his grave and he hears their weeping, but is unable to tell them anything. Terrible is the state of that man! He thinks that everything he has possessed: - Knowledge, glory, wealth, is all buried along with him. The most important thing for him, in that moment, is that someone should come from outside and say: - Open this grave! - If he hears these words, it means that the hour for his salvation is at hand. People bury their dead quite deeply, at least, one meter deep. The grain of wheat, however, is planted at a depth of about one, or two centimeters. If it were planted one meter deep, it would never sprout. Now, I want to explain the value of things, without proposing any new hypotheses, or theories, or saying which is right and which is wrong. The idea of right and wrong is a human idea. In human affairs there exist rights, but in Divine - values. So that when we speak of the value of things, we understand Divine things. When you come to the rights and wrongs of man, you stop at that point. No one wants to deprive man of his rights or wrongs. Sometimes the wrong is necessary. For instance, the wheel that is turning is not made up of straight lines only but also of curved ones. Only under this condition can it turn. In the Divine world, the crooked things make the wheel turn. There, they are placed on the outside, while the right, straight ones are on the inside. The two, put together, form a dynamo. However, in the human world, it is not so. As men do not understand the laws of life, some are afraid of the law of lovelessness, while others - of the law of love. Why? Because lovelessness takes, while love gives. If the poor man should find himself with an abundance of goods in life, he would rejoice. Deprived of that abundance, he would grieve. Exactly the opposite is true of the Divine world. When a creature there, is deprived of the abundance it has been accustomed to, it rejoices. This same thing we see in the life of the fruit trees. A man, with a basket in hand, approaches a fruit tree covered with fruit, and starts picking them one by one. While picking the fruit, he tells the tree a story, of how he is taking its children, in order to send them to the earthly schools and universities to study. In reality, the fruit go to school. In order to be registered as regular students, they should take entrance examinations in several subjects. They enter in by the door of the first school - the mouth, where thirty-two professors welcome them. There, they are asked different questions, until the committee pronounces the examination successfully passed. As soon as the result of the examination proves good, another door opens for them and they enter into a higher university, where ten million learned men are expecting them. They are accepted triumphantly, with hurrahs and ovations. This university is man's stomach. They, say that the fruit, i.e. the children of the fruit trees, do not go to school, but to death. What does death represent? It represents the stomach of life. Therefore, he who wants to enter into life, must first pass through the stomach of life - death. There shall meet him thirty-two professors clothed in white. They shall make him sit in a desk, as a student, and he shall take his examination according to all the requirements for the students. If he does not want to take it then, he may put it off, but only temporarily. It does not matter when he shall take it, he has to pass through this door sometime. There is no other way to heaven. Some think that they can enter heaven by some other way, by avoiding death. So far, history has recorded only two cases of a special ascent to heaven - those of Enoch and the prophet Elijah, who ascended into heaven in a fiery chariot. However, Elijah came down to earth again, end that time he passed through the same door through which all ordinary men pass. Every man can be accepted as an auditor in some school, but if he wants to be a regular student, he must, by all means, pass through an examination. Going into the other world without an examination, in a fiery chariot, has been only an exception. But now, considering the value of things, we find that three things make life valuable and comprehensive: love, wisdom and truth. In other words: without life, without knowledge and light, without freedom, without movement, without achievements life always remains incomprehensible. Life has no significance without love. Love is that great principle which stimulates the spirit, and puts it in a position to manifest its possibilities. Life is hidden in love - as the fruit in the seed. In order that the life of the seed should be manifested, light and heat, coming from the outside, must act upon it. Men renounce exactly this seed. It represents the human soul, the essence of things. It has rested for millions of years in the Divine granary until the time of its manifestation has come. If it does not enter into life, into the conditions of love, wisdom and truth, it can never get ripe. When we speak of love, wisdom and truth, we consider them in their dynamic, not in their static manifestations. If love comes into a static state, it turns into lovelessness. Lovelessness always takes away, while love always gives. Knowledge brings light into the human mind, while ignorance - darkness. Light liberates man, while darkness limits him. The misfortunes of this world have darkness for a source. In man, light, knowledge and love are posited. One thing is required of him - to open the windows of his mind and of his heart, in order that love, knowledge and light might enter in through them. Man must put his mind into acting in order to solve all the difficult problems of his life. The mind can only solve the problems, but it can not get things accomplished. It is the spirit that applies and accomplishes things. The Spirit is the great employee in man. When you come to the application of things, turn to your Spirit. Man can solve a problem which his mind and understand what love is, for instance, but this would be merely knowledge. Love should be applied. One can touch and lick the crust of the bread without even taking a bite of it, but he will have an idea only of its outside, as he would not have tasted its inside, or applied it. Consequently, if a man works only with his mind, he gets knowledge, but as soon as the Spirit begins to apply this knowledge in his life, he attains love, light and freedom. Men, today, need to learn how to apply their knowledge. They have the truth within themselves, but it must be applied. Anything which can not be applied is dead. Even the smallest piece of bread which one has eaten must be applied, must bear fruit. If the piece of bread does not turn into a good feeling, the feeling into a bright thought, the thought into a fruit of a fine quality, eating has no sense. These processes are interlinked. There is a hidden meaning in eating, which we do not know yet. In man himself, there is a hidden something, which he does not know. That hidden thing in man manifests itself only when he suffers. Men today do not understand what suffering is. Suffering is a process of growth. It is a sign of the fact that man is already out of the unfavorable conditions. Until man begins to suffer, he is in bondage. As soon as he begins to suffer, he sees the light inside and outside of himself. Then he wants to pull his roots out of the ground. Every plant suffers, because it wants to pull its head out of the soil. The roots are the head of the plant. The same thing applies to man. The head, i.e. the thought of man, is buried in dense matter. When a mother and a father complain that their children do not love them, it is a proof that their heads are buried in dense matter. When a nation complains that its citizens do not observe its laws, it shows that the nation's head is buried in the earth. Kan must liberate his head from the dense matter. By what means? There are many ways by which man can obtain his freedom. The first way of obtaining freedom is love. But before he understands and applies love, he should experience lovelessness. In order to understand love, one should have a broad conception of life, not a one - sided one. Breadth is required in man's views. Do you think that the stats of the child, while it rests curled up nine months in the mother's womb, is good? The mother says, "You should stand still inside of me, and should not utter one single word. If you dare speak a word, I shall throw you out instantly." If the child makes up its mind to say a word, i.e. to start crying, its mother, instantly, throws it out. This thrusting of the child out of the womb is called -birth. If the child starts to speak during the seventh month, it gets born just the same. But if it should begin to speak before the seventh month, it can not get born. Today, all men are in a hurry to get born, and in consequence, they are unhappy. They say: We should get born! It is good for one to get borne, but in his proper time. Birth is a great thing, but he who hurries with his birth, and gets born before the ninth month, can not live. He who would get born during the ninth month of 1939, all shall be well with him. But if he should get born before, or after this time, he shall die. If you get born this year, the future is yours. You have not had as good a year as this, in all your life. If you do not get born this year, you shall have to wait for the year 1999, when the same conditions shall be repeated. Now, I do not want to prove the truth of my words, for proving things is a sort of exercise, and exercises take much time. A violinist who wishes to give an one-hour concert, practices several years beforehand. By playing for one hour before the public, he proves that he has played much, and practiced for a long time. Everything played well, proves that the musician has practiced. If it is not played well, it shows that the musician has not practiced. While living, man daily makes exercises. In this sense, life is music. There does not exist greater music than life. To live means to practice - to study the laws of the great virtues in the world. And now, love is the basic tone of life - the tone "do". Wisdom is the dominant tone - "sol". The truth is the tone "si", which makes for expansion in all things. Thus, we have the three basic tones of life: do, sol, si. As soon as you come to the tone "si", you find yourself in an ascending state - that is -you pass into a higher octave of life. When you enter a higher octave, the order of things begins to change. In the tone "do" of the first octave there is a certain pressure, which we can compare to that of an egg at the time of hatching. The egg has been for a certain time under the hen, but it should rest there until it gets hatched. As soon as you enter the tone "do" of the higher octave, instead of pressure, movement shall take place. One should know what he can do when he enters the tone "do" while he is in acting. Thus, when a man faces certain difficulties, we say that he is in the tone "do" of the first octave. He is in the basic tone of material life. The physical life settles all difficulties. Once the problem is solved, man enters into the spiritual world. The spiritual world is in a dynamic, not in a static state. While man is living in the physical world, he is always complaining of lack of clothes, shoes, money, houses etc. Crying is in its place in the physical world, but out of place in the spiritual and mental worlds. When the professor comes, you begin to study the other tones - re, mi, fa, sols la, si, and you come to high "do", that is, you enter into the spiritual world where weeping is not allowed. When you come to high "do" in the higher octave, crying turns into music. There things are solved. When man reaches the spiritual world, he receives a free ticket, boards a ship and starts a journey. Wherever he passes, he observes things and takes notes. When he enters the spiritual world, he wants to have pleasant feelings. This is possible only if he stops taking interest in material things. Can a man, moving from one country to another, take his house, lands and furniture with him? He shall sell all he has and exchange all his possessions for money, which he shall take over, for instance, from a Bulgarian bank into that of the foreign Country. If he is going to America, he shall transfer all his values there. Thus, the spiritual life is nothing but a special way, which shows man the way he can transfer his values from the earthly into the heavenly banks. He, who has a way of transferring his values into the spiritual world, is a prudent man. Such a man is welcomed in the spiritual world. The same thing happens on the earth. If a foreigner wants to enter the United States of America, he shall be questioned whether he has something in his pocket, or not. In order to live veil in the States, one should have, at least, five-hundred, up to one thousand dollars, in one's pocket. Many think that God is love, kindness, and shall meet them well, both on earth and in heaven, regardless of whether they have anything valuable in themselves, or not. This is impossible. If a father should send his son abroad to study, and should send him one-hundred dollars each month, but the son does not study and spends that money for sating and drinking only - do you think that father would be pleased with his son? He shall be dissatisfied and grieved. Someone might say that after much wondering about the world, the Prodigal son returned to his father, who welcomed him with joy. In his honor, the father killed a calf and gave a feast. The Prodigal son returned to his father, after he had finished his studies in the earthly university. He ate and drank with friends, young men and women, and squandered all that he had. When he became the last pauper on earth, without a cent in his pocket, he got himself hired as a swine-keeper. He learned, at least, one job - that of keeping swine. As he watched them, he observed what they did. With their snout, they turned up the soil and planted the seeds of the trees, so that the trees grew up, on account of the swine. You might call this "Swine-business", and actually, it is not a clean job to bury the head of a plant in the ground, but it is better for the plant that its head should be buried, than not. When the Prodigal Son returned to his father, he said: Father, I could not graduate from the university you wanted me to, but I finished the earthly university. Now I understand that I have not attained a position worthy of that of a son. The son should have studied much, but since I could not study much, I have come to you, not as your son, but as a servant. My diploma is worthy of one of the meanest jobs that you give your servants. Let the big jobs be taken by others". When the father heard the words of his son, he saw that the son had come to a deep and sound understanding of life, for which reason he embraced and kissed him, gave him a ring and ordered his servants to kill the most fatted calf for him. The son had returned from abroad with open eyes - ready to study by his father. Up to that time, he had never seen his father, neither known him, such as he then saw him. He had known only a stern, severe and scowling face of a person, who only gave orders to his sons and servants. When he got tired of that stern face, one day he said: - Father, I want to go into the world to study. Give me my share of the inheritance, for I want to obtain knowledge away from you. However, now he saw such a love in his father, as he had never, even imagined before. The father embraced and kissed him, and gave orders, that a great feast be given in honor of his return. Meanwhile, the elder son was returning from the field, and when he heard, at a distance, the joyful noise and saw the gay crowd, he asked what it was all about, and why a feast was being given. The father answered: "Your brother returned from abroad, where he finished the earthly university. I am giving this feast because of his graduation." When the older son heard these words, he was displeased and said: "I have worked for so many years for you, but you have never, yet, given such a feast for me. But he, who has hardly learned anything, you receive with such a great celebration. You have not given mo, yet, a calf to kill and to entertain my friends, but for the one who squandered everything, you have killed the best calf. Then, 1 also, can go into the world to eat and drink, as he did." Thus spoke the older son to his father, and the father answered: "Son, all that I have is at your disposal. Now your brother shall take your place - he shall work, but you shall go into the world to study." This is the psychological interpretation of the state of the two sons and the father. The story of the Prodigal son has been, and is still being repeated in the world, for which reason men are dissatisfied one with another, and get dissatisfaction with God, their Great Father, because He has given some men much, at the expense of others; because some possess houses, money, good children - while others are deprived of these goods. Some do not pray, do not wait upon God, and in spite of that, they have His blessing, while others lead a good life of prayer, but are poor and still. Men get stuck on these contradictions and can not solve them. Why? They have not come to the value of things. In what does the value of things lie? In love. The father tells the older son: "Son, all I have is at your disposal, I do not withhold anything from you. You must study more, until you attain that humility, which your brother attained. You are not humble, yet. There are many-: virtuous people in the world, but they do not have humility. Some one comes to rue and tells me that he loves me. - Very well. If you love, you are doing a good work, I appreciate your love. - But I want you, also, to love me. - Are you ready to appreciate my love? When a goldsmith comes to me, I display my precious stones before him, because he recognizes the precious stones and can give each one its right value. But if someone, who does not recognize precious stones, should come to mo, I would not show him my precious things. An American family had fallen into such a bad material state, that all its members had become despaired. One day, a tourist passing by their home, stopped there to rest a while. Upon noticing the pale, sad faces of the children, he asked if they had a violin, so he would play for them. The father answered him that none of his family could play, but that they had an old violin, handed down from their grandfather. Since no one needed it, they had thrown it up in the attic, somewhere. They gave the tourist their violin, and when he tuned it and cleaned it up a bit, he exclaimed, in a great surprise, that is was a true Stradivarius violin. Ho played upon it, very pleased with its tone, and after that offered them a price that he might buy it, in case they would not need it in the house. He praised it highly and offered a good price for it. The father agreed to all and sold it. The money, he received for it, put the family in a better material condition. Today all people possess a Stradivarius violin, which they have thrown up in the attic, as useless. One day, however, a noted virtuoso shall enter your home, and shall ask you for your violin, that he might play on it. He shall become the cause for your bringing down the violin from the attic. After playing on it, he shall tell you that your violin is very good. Then you shall understand that in your violin, the conditions upon which your life depends are hidden. What more can you want than this, that a virtuoso, or a learned man, should come into your home, who would teach you to appreciate the mind which God has given you and to use it right? What is there more valuable for man than this, that he should know how to use his heart and how to converse with his soul? There is nothing greater for man, than to hear the voice of his soul and to converse with her. Many maintain that the soul is something abstract, invisible, whose voice can not be heard. According to me, the invisible things are real, but the visible are only shadows of the reality. Behind the visible things stand the invisible, the real ones. Consequently, the reality creates the visible things. Reality, by itself, can not be incarnated in any form, and after it has created innumerable visible forms, it still remains unmanifested. No matter how many visible forms it might create, reality can not be manifested in all its fulness. It shall remain forever uninanifested; there shall always be a part of it unmanifest. This fact can only make you happy, because future possibilities open up before you. Even the human heart is not yet fully manifested. Today man is able to survive, at the most, up to a temperature of 41 degrees centigrade. This limit passed, the heart can not stand the heat and man dies. The normal temperature of the heart is 37°C. The nervous system of man today is so constituted, that it can stand only a certain degree of strain. His limit passed, man gets nervous disorders. Every man wants to have more love, but he can not bear the high temperature of love. So also, man can not bear the high temperature of knowledge. Many of the new theories are unapproachable for the minds of most people and in consequence many who have attempted to perceive them, have received nervous disorders. The theory of Einstein, for instance, has caused a great mental and nervous strain for many a learned men. When a great strain is imposed upon the nervous system, it weakens as the metals which melt under a high temperature. Many are striving toward a spiritual life, which they want to know, but they come against great obstacles. Men speak of spiritual love, ignorant of the great power which that love contains. They are not able to stand the strain of physical love, how much less would they be able to stand that of spiritual love! Once a protestant minister had prayed to God for a long time, that He might give him a chance to taste the blessedness of spiritual love. Afterward he had told of his experience to others. One night, during prayer, he had felt something very pleasant and tender creeping into him, and gradually taking hold of his whole body. This feeling had become so intense, that he had fallen face down upon the floor and had begun to roll about and to pray that this mighty feeling might come to an end. The strain it produced in him had been too much for him to bear. Great is the strain which the Spirit creates in man. Few are those who can bear it. Thus, the number 9 in 1939 signifies a result of Divine processes. This number requires perfection of man. All forms in the physical world, all his feelings and thoughts must be perfect. This number signifies completed processes, in consequence of which, man can not go any further than that number. The number 3 shows the way by which man can attain the result of the number 9. In order to attain the result of the three, man should work with the three great powers: life, knowledge and freedom. If he works with these powers, man shall get results in the physical world, by all means. Every person wants to be good-looking, to have nice eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, but in order to reach this state, he should understand the fundamental laws of life. Life is not something vague. It is a great reality, a great good, which is given to us. While studying life, the Hindus have revealed two important processes taking places - that of disintegration and the process of construction. According to these processes, they have divided their gods into two categories: those who work with the disintegrating processes and those who work with the constructive ones. Men of today do not strive only toward the attainment of external, but also toward that of internal beauty. Internal beauty implies perfection. Worldly people strive toward external, while the religious and spiritually - minded people - toward internal beauty. In order to be internally beautiful, one should have liquidated with all one's weaknesses and mistakes. One can become perfect in a moment. If man would apply the law of love, wisdom and truth, in a moment he can be released from faults and become perfect. While working in his laboratory, Edison often spotted his clothes by some mistake in the experiments he had committed at times. In order to clean his clothes, he used to step on a disk, and let electric power pass through them. In a few minutes, his clothes had become absolutely clean. Therefore, if you want to get clean and free of your mistakes, step upon the disk of love, and let its power flow into you. Only Love is capable of purifying man in a moment, and of bringing him to the state of a new-born child. The adult and the aged say that their mother conceived them in sin. However, the child can never say that its mother has born it sinful, or impure. Man was created pure and sinless, so that being created perfect, he gets born as such. In order to keep his purity and perfection, man should apply in his life Divine Love. Thus shall manifest all that is beautiful and lofty, invested in his soul. Whatever people might say about you, it should not cause you to stumble. People speak outside and inside of you, but you should discriminate their speech from that of your soul. For instance, you decide to do some good, but something within you tells you not to do it, since its time has not yet come. Bo the good without paying attention to that voice. That is the voice of your neighbor. There is no definite time set for doing good. You can always do good. When the father in a home gives alms to poor children, his wife and children all go to him and begin to advise him not to do that. They all think that he does not do the right thing. Why? Because their own interests are impinged. When he does good outside of his hone, the family are afraid that little shall be left for them and so they shall be deprived of certain things. This is exactly why Christ said: "When you do good, lot not your left hand know what your right hand doeth". Only God should know of the good you have decided to do - no other. When you love someone and when you want to be free, only God should know of it. Many speak about freedom and seek after it, but in spite of all, they are not free. When people discuss, certain questions, they find that they are free to express their opinion. To be able to express your opinion freely, does not, yet, imply the idea of freedom. You are as free as a man who walks into a restaurant without any money. He is free to enter the restaurant and to order one or two dishes of the menu, and also to eat the food. But as soon as he starts to leave, he finds out that he is not free to do that. The restaurant keeper comes to him at once and tells him to pay. Only the man who carries bread in his own bag and eats any time he gets hungry, can be called free. That man is free, because he eats of his own bread. If he eats another man's bread, and can not pay for it, he is not free. Which is our own, and which is another's? Only the Divine is ours. That which is human is another's. The Divine liberates us, while the human limits us. Therefore, everything which limits the love, the knowledge and the freedom of man, is another's. So that if you accept the Divine, if you give way to the Divine within you, you shall always be free. Then your love shall manifest itself as the sun manifests its heat and light. The sun is far away, but its love is great. Whoever it meets on its way, it embraces and kisses him with its beams. There is no creature on earth which has not been embraced and kissed by the sun. It discovers even the creatures which hide themselves in the darkness. The love of the sun penetrates all things. There is nothing hidden, or covered for the sun. Everyone who deprives himself of the heat and light of the sun, that is - of its love, is doomed to death. The light and the heat are the manifestation of the Divine Love. That is why it is said in the scriptures: "We live and move in God". That means: We live and move in the light and the heat. Therein is cur place. Out of the light flows knowledge. If there were no light, there would be no knowledge. Now, as I observe the faces of men, I find that some of them resemble that of the Prodigal son, who has returned to his father, repentant and humble. For that was, really, why his father embraced and kissed him, and gave a feast in his honor. The faces of others, resemble the face of the older brother, who returning from the field and seeing the celebration in his father's home, gathered his eyebrows when he understood that all this was done in honor of his younger brother who had come from abroad. He was displeased with the act of his father, and pronounced him - unjust. Why did not the face of this son light up, when he heard that his younger brother had returned safe and sound from the foreign land? Why, like his father, had he not run toward him, embraced and kissed him? This year requires that all men correct their opinions, which they have about their Father, Do not keep in your mind the thoughts of the older son, who does not appreciate life, who gets despaired in his work and says that he is tired of life. Be ready, like the Prodigal son, to repent and to realize, that by eating and drinking, by leading a superficial life, you have gone astray from the right way - from the great law of love. What had that son learned from women? Nothing, and he even lost his freedom. Why? Woman is a foreign creature to man. The sister, however, is the Divine, whom man should be in relation with. If you seek after a woman, seek after her as a sister. The woman is a servant, who has come to the earth to do some work. Should you prevent her from doing her work? What good shall your love letters do to her? She works to earn her living. By your love letters you shall not take to her bread, water, or knowledge. The same thing can be said about the man. The Man is also a servant, come to earth to get something accomplished, and to earn his living. Must you stop him on his way? The woman must regard the man as a brother, and man must regard the woman as a sister, in order that they might work together and finish the work assigned to them. Contemporary humanity has not come to the idea of brotherhood and sisterhood yet, but we find people calling each other angels. The man calls the woman an angel, and tells her, that he can not live without her. The woman also calls the man an angel, up to the time when she is married to him. Both the man and the woman are angels, but angels without wings. As soon as they marry, their wings fall off. There is a way by which wings can grow up on a man in the course of one year9 even in nine months. Which is this way? When man begins to apply love, knowledge and freedom in his life. Knowledge and freedom are the two hands of man. When he looks upon his right hand, he should know that it is the truth in him, which makes him free. When he looks upon his left hand, he should realize, that he has certain knowledge at his disposal. Today's education requires that one should not be a master of his heart and mind, but that he should rather know how to treat them. Do not say that your heart is bad, but treat it well. Do not say, like David, that your mother conceived you in sin. My mother conceived me in love, and I shall live in love. No matter how bad the life of your past is, one day it shall turn into a precious stone. There shall not remain even one thing in the world which God shall not reconcile man with, but long years are required for that. Man must pass through great experiences and sufferings until he comes to the understanding that everything which God has created is great. Man must understand that he is not deprived of anything. Strive, during this year, toward the attainment of Divine things, for only they do not produce contradictions. Every Divine idea brings light to the human mind and to the human consciousness. If the idea comes from the earth, it carries darkness for the human mind. Every voice, coming from the center of the sun, from the Divine, brings light to the human mind. You shall be tried by the light and the darkness in which you move. That is why it says in the Scriptures: "Try the Spirits!" When the voice comes from the darkness, try it, when it comes from the light, accept and apply it! Some say that man must oppose the devil, the evil in the world. No, do not oppose the evil, neither fight it, but only take your mirror out, and make it see itself in it. As soon as the evil sees itself, it runs away. Therefore, as soon as temptation comes to you, take your mirror out at once, and watch what will happen. This is a wonder-making mirror. If the temptation should see itself in your mirror, all problems would be solved. The mirror is the light of life. We see ourselves in this light. Where the light is, there the mirror is. Be free to manifest your love this year as you have never manifested it before. This means: manifest your love in the light of life. Manifest your thoughts and acts in the light of life. Rejoice over everything which you shall get done under these conditions, without ever regretting over anything done. Whatever you do, know that there is One, Who is always watching you. He is the One, Who loves you, and Who lives in your mind and in your heart. Ha speaks silently in your ear, showing you a way by which you can correct your life. If you listen to Him, your life shall become right, there shall not be weeping. This year you must not weep. He, who is not through with weeping, has the right to weep, but he, who is through with weeping, should sing. I wish that this year, you should all be rejuvenated. Love rejuvenates man. It supplies the necessary substances for rejuvenation. Knowledge applies these substances, while the truth reveals them. Love is the cosmetics of life. Knowledge shall apply that which is beautiful, while truth shall reveal that which" is accomplished, so that whoever should look upon it, should say: Behold the man? In other words: clothe yourselves in the beautiful robe of love, in the beautiful life of wisdom, and in the rightly cut mould pattern of truth. Only the truth can carve the fine lines around the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth of man. Thus, since 1939 is an epochal year, I wish that you should wisely take advantage of all the opportunities it brings. If you should not take advantage of them now, the same conditions shall come in 1999. You have worked hundreds of years, in order to prepare yourselves for this year. If you work conscientiously upon yourselves during this year, you shall attain greater achievements than any you have ever attained since the time of Adam. When this time has elapsed, you shall be convinced in the truth of my words. The good, which this year brings, is a result of the Divine Word, of the Great in the world. We must all work for the reestablishment of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, within our minds, hearts and souls. If you apply all this to life, you shall be happy and content. Ho complaints are allowed during this year. I wish that this year, you should all be inflamed by the holy fire of Love. I wish that you should, at least, plant all your desires in your soul, if you could not immediately see them realized, I wish that you should plant your good thoughts, feelings and acts, and by watering them carefully, you should see that you have achieved their realization. And then, after this year has passed, you should be satisfied with yourselves, that you have attained something. For those who shall fulfill the requirements of ‘39’ this year shall continue during the next. For those, who would not fulfill the great laws, there shall come 1940, which ends with a zero - an egg. That means, that during the next year, man should hatch again the egg, until it is hatched. In order to see the realization of his desires, man should wait for the good opportunities of life, which shall come again in 1999. Those, who listen to and obey that which, is spoken to them, shall be always in the conditions of 1939. The best calf shall be killed for them, and a feast shall be given in their honor. All who are present at the Divine table, should be thankful for that, which is given to them. Keep in your mind the thought: The Way of the Divine Love is paved with all the possibilities and opportunities for achievement.
  16. Note 1 The Great Brother The talk of the Master on December 31st, 12 M.N. 1938 You have all gathered together, this evening, to welcome the new year 1939. The number 39 is made up of 3 and 9, which are resultant numbers. The number 8 in 1938, represents the old mother, who easily solves all problems: whoever is to be born - gets born; whoever is to die - dies; whoever is to get rich, or poor, gets that. This mother acts quickly, without much hesitation. However, the new year, which is ahead, is condescending towards all. It hides within itself something great and beautiful. The numbers 3 and 9 contain the three great virtues: love, wisdom and truth, also - life, knowledge and freedom. The number 9, moreover, represents the human head, i.e. man manifested, through whom God's power in the world finds expression. The number 9 is the final result of every life. No one can go further than number 9. The new year deprives man of all possibilities of continuing in his old habits and faulty ways, whoever should attempt during this year to make the mistakes he has been accustomed to, shall go bankrupt. The new year contains all the possibilities for a good life. He, who desires to live well - to apply all his good intentions, good thoughts and feelings, shall find all the favorable conditions to fulfill his desire, during this year. But he, who thinks that he can stick to his old life - a life full of evil thoughts and desires, shall melt like ice, and shall evaporate like water. This new year is for the good people. It contains favorable conditions for planting all the good seeds that you possess in the field. The human soul is the field. It is the world in which man lives. When we compare the soul to a field, we have in mind only its external clothing. It is written: "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, as a sacrifice, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish." Which world did God so love? The world which is in the human soul. Therefore, God loved the enlightened soul, which is made manifest through life. It also says that God loved the truth in man. Where is the truth? Again - in the human soul. Truth can not live outside of the soul. He who seeks the truth, must first of all find the soul - realize that he has a soul in which he lives. The soul speaks to man through everything that surrounds him. The sun - when it shines; the wind which blows; the flowing rivers, and the blooming flowers - this is the language of the soul - the great mother of man. She cares for him in many different ways. At her command the sun shines forth, the wind begins to blow, the waters start flowing and the fruits ripen. The soul is the manifestation if God in man. When man does not obey his soul, she withdraws herself, and he melts like the ice under the rays of the sun. The soul can melt a person by her fire, as we melt the wax. Out of the melted wax, she moulds new forms to suit her taste. This year many new forms shall be moulded - many good people shall be born. As you know this, be ready to be melted and moulded anew. This shall happen with many, but not with all. There is nothing fearful in the melting and moulding of new forms. It does not imply death. There is something fearful in the world, but it is not in death. It occurs when man comes into contradiction with himself. There is a contradiction in the world which arises from eating. It is said in Genesis that God created the world in six days, but on the seventh day He rested. He pronounced Himself pleased with the work done during the six days. But He did not express Himself about the second day. That day had something to do with eating. That is why this year's purpose is to educate man in eating. It advises man not to overeat. It tells him to eat only those foods which he likes; to clothe himself in clothes which he likes; to read the books he likes; to go in company with people he likes. Man can correct himself in eating, only when he makes a connection between, his mouth and his ears. In other words, man can correct his life through his own speech. He must learn to hear that which he speaks. If he would listen to his own words and would evaluate them, there is a chance for his correction. If he would not do that, he shall remain such as he is, and his normal development shall stop. So, speak this year only that which you hear as coming out of yourself. First hear it, then, after having passed it thru your ears, pass it onto the world. In case you have not approved that which you have heard, keep it within yourself. This new year shall be one of the good and fruitful years. Be awake, in order to fill up your stores, so that you shall have something when the other years come. Now you are in Egypt, at the time when Joseph prophesied of the seven fruitful years, and the seven hungry ones following. For the good people, this one shall be a fruitful year. They must gather in food for the hungry years which are to follow. Do not take my words literally, as I am not speaking of physical fruitfulness only. When one speaks about hunger, poverty or death, men begin to get afraid. Death is fearful, but man must know why he dies. It is good for one to die at times, but die to what? Die to drunkenness, poverty, falsity and ignorance. It is good for man to come to life again - to resurrect, but for what? For knowledge, for light and freedom, for life and love. Life has no sense without love. It has no space, without light and knowledge. Life has no chance to expand without freedom. To die is to renunciate all the evil in the world, and all your weaknesses. To resurrect is to come into the life of the good and the great in the world, and then to begin to live for that good and that greatness. In applying the law of the good to life, man must consecrate a great part of his life to love, wisdom and truth. Love shall endow him with life, wisdom - with knowledge and light, and truth - with freedom. Thus shall man learn to love God and men, and to understand that love. What do we mean when we say - to love God? To love God is to see Him everywhere. If man looks for Him outside of himself, he can never see Him. How can he find God outside of himself, when he lives in Him? How can one see his face? In order to see it, one must have a mirror. All people are mirrors for each other, in whom they can see themselves. Therefore, when you love someone, you see yourself in him as in a mirror. Also, the one you love sees himself in you. When you look at yourself in a mirror you feel happy. Why? Because you see the Divine in the mirror. The image you see there is pure, unspotted, because no one has touched it, or embraced it. You can conceive of the Divine, as of an image, which one can only see, not touch, embrace, or kiss. If you make the least attempt to touch it, it momentarily disappears. Now, if men ask you why you must love, you should answer: "Because I would see the Divine everywhere." If man does not see God, he has no life in himself, for life has no sense without love. This year you must make way for the outflow of the love in yourselves, in order to be able to receive the stream of the great life coming to you. Many are afraid of love and call it "a devouring fire". Do not be afraid, for the fire of love burns without devouring things. When you consecrate your life to love, you will realize that you have enough strength to bear your burdens. When you consecrate your life to wisdom, you will find out that you possess knowledge and light to see things clearly. When you consecrate your life to truth, you will realize that you have freedom. Strength gives man the possibility to overcome all hardships in life. Knowledge lights one's way, while freedom gives man the possibility to express himself, to manifest his life. Some one might say that he is free to express his opinion about any question in discussion. This is not freedom. Only the man who can tell a dead person to rise out of his grave and start life anew, speaks out of freedom. If he tells the dead man to rise and come out, but the latter still lies in his grave, then that man has not had freedom to speak. Now, I desire that all of you here should get out of your graves. It is not a question of bodily resurrection. No, not that! Your souls must be resurrected. When the soul resurrects, it begins to manifest its life. Great and beautiful is the human soul! When the soul comes into life, it rolls away the great tomb stone, that has kept it in the darkness thousands of years, and awakes from its deep sleep. Awake from this sleep, and sleep no longer! If you should fall asleep, great misfortunes shall befall you. Do riot fall asleep in places where thieves and robbers pass! In other words: do not admit in your mind, even one negative thought; in your heart - even one negative feeling, which on the one hand robs people, and on the other, accuses the peaceful passersby of robbery and crime. If you want to keep your divine consciousness awake, never admit one wrong thought about the Divine in the world. Do not ask why some men are born good, while others are evil. Essentially all men were created good. The cause for evil lies within man himself. God's hand has no share in men's misfortunes and sufferings. Kan has been created good, but if he does not, voluntarily, manifest himself as such, no one shall force him into manifesting his essentially good nature. It is his own right to do that, or not. If he does not do it, he carries the responsibility of not having manifested himself as he has been created. Therefore, the new year wants all of you to manifest yourselves as you were first made, that is to say - to give way to the good that lies within you. Everyone must give an expression of the love in his heart, fearlessly. We live in an age when love must receive its right value. It is not enough to say that you love. Until man learns to evaluate love, he can not be said to love in the true sense of the word. For it is impossible to love a person before you have realized the great value of his soul. To value the human soul is to recognize in it the Divine image. As soon as we recognize that image, we shall become aware of His love. There is nothing nobler or greater for man than love. Once having caught the divine fire, man's fire need not be started again. See how the sun, once having caught fire, has been burning for millions of years continually, and its fire needs no starting. The same thing applies to man. His fire has been started by the Divine match of love at the very beginning of his life, and he is still burning to this very day. No one has the power to extinguish that fire. The heat which man possesses is capable of melting all the tomb stones that have been piling up on him for ages. The only things of which man must not be afraid are - love, knowledge, and freedom. He must be afraid of lovelessness, ignorance, bondage and limitations. Finally, the number 39 in the new year 1939, represents the two brothers. The three - is the brother that lives in the Divine world, and the nine - the great brother who lives on the earth, and directs all humanity. This brother is coming now into the world, to help all those who suffer. Get ready to welcome him and to come to know him. Next year, he shall go away, but his father shall come. Rejoice over him, while he is still on earth, among you, and welcome him. You must meet him several times, during the course of this year. Be interested in his love, in his knowledge, and in his freedom. After you have achieved this, you will understand the significance of the verse: "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Now, I greet you, all, with your great brother, and wish that you should welcome him with love in your hearts. Then pay him a visit and he shall visit you, also. To meet your great brother, is to unite into One the physical, spiritual and Divine worlds.
  17. Note 5 IF YOU LOVE ME “If you have love for me, keep my commandments.” John 14:15 The teaching of Christ is for this world, not for the next world, as most people assert. Between the Invisible world and the visible world, there is such a relation as there is between the roots and branches of plants. When we walk into the paths of Christ, then the saints and the Luminous beings rejoice that we are in connection with them and they feed us. A tree feeds from its roots and from its branches – from below and from above. If we keep the commandments of Christ, He will give us everything we ask in His name; if we are not given what we want, it is because we have done wrong. The Earth is not a place for sufferings, it is a school; we cannot uplift ourselves without the Earth. We have brought tears to the Earth’s eyes more than once, and when it gets angry because of us, it shows us its attitude by its convulsions – its fur bristles up from our bad actions. When we listen attentively to His commandments, He will manifest to us in bright thoughts and wishes. Divine Love is needed, which manifests in Grace[1]. What is Grace? For instance, in the Thames River there are small ships, up to twenty or thirty thousand, which go fishing, and all of London earns its living. At low tide these ships are left in the dry, in the slime; the tide rises – this is Grace, then they are raised and start sailing in the sea, they go fishing. There is high tide in Grace. We have to seek these moments of Divine Spirit when the tide is high; if we lose this moment, we will lose Grace and will have to wait “twelve hours”, and this is twelve weeks, twelve months, twelve years, twelve centuries, etc. First of all, wWe have to apply Divine Love at the core. It works in the heart, which is the most important organ. The heart measures out the pulse, and when the Divine heart pulsates, we revive, we heap upamass tide. In the day when we do not manage to keep the Divine commandments, disharmony appears within us, and we are no longer Christians – we will search for Christianity in ourselves, but we will not be Christians. We often ask ourselves whether we have lost the goods[2], or we have gained more in this world. We may make mistakes, but Christ will judge us if we do not correct them – we must not repeat mistakes any more, but we have to correct them. We ought to learn from our mistakes, that is, we have to free ourselves from our[O1] bad thoughts; and this means not to talk with the devil, otherwise he will gradually settle his entire self inside us and will say: “If you do not feel comfortable, go outside, I feel fine here.” Such is the example with the camel and the water-miller, in whose water-mill it asked and received permission to warm only its head, its muffle, but bit by bit, it settled its entire self in and told the miller to go outside if there is no room for him in its presence – the camel felt comfortable. People go out of themselves every day, because they have given room to the devil inside themselves. First we have to purify our heart, and in the second place we have to purify our mind. When we do not muddle the spring, it will cleanse our hearts[O2] by itself. “I will give you a spring of life-giving water.” That is why we have to set a good thought against every evil thought, and we will cleanse ourselves in the course of time. Love lies in preserving Christ’s commandments – therefore we have to study them, and gradually at that. The Master will show us the method, the succession of this study. Love is not only a feeling, but a mindful[3] act. It implies sacrifice – it is a rucksack that is carried all over the world. Everyone must carry this rucksack, even though it may be heavy, for we will be elevated by it and will learn Christ’s commandments. When we experience sufferings, then the Lord tries our Love, and if we stand the sufferings without a murmur, it shows that we have the Divine Love. For instance, a rich person in Paris decided to test his relatives, to see if they would support him, by pretending to be a very poor fellow, and made those who took care of him, to be his inheritorsthe heirs of his fortune[O3] , while he deprived the others, even though they were angry at him – such was their reward. Christ says that if you love Him, you will keep His commandments, and they are in relation to our brothers, sisters, teachers, societies, etc. – and we have to keep these correlations towards everyone. We ought to avoid the exchange of firing inside life, which we have in all Christian sects. They preach Christianity but do not observe it. A Christian will show his own strength in the struggle with the devil who is a very big coward – once the Christian shows him the net, and the devil runs away; he is the father of the lie and that is why he runs away from the Truth, from the Light. Once in a town, public baths were made; a dispute was carried on among the citizens eight years along[O4] , whether the boards should be planed or not planed, and the baths stayed unfinished, because they did not come to agreement. Both sides gave their motives for comforts and discomforts, for practicality or lack of practicality of smooth or not smooth boards, and vice versa. They brought the dispute to a great architect for a solution, and he arranged for them to alternate the boards, so that both sides would be satisfied. In this way we must proceed also with those Christians who are dogmatic and support the outer side. Every morning we should read a chapter from the Gospel, seek for some commandment and apply it during the day in our life. And then Christ will come in us and will make a dwelling inside us, and thus we will understand the deep Divine matters. Life is eternal, and Christ will reveal a lot of great things to us, but gradually – now we are not ready for these great secrets. There is an example with a person who wanted the Lord to reveal to him at least one of His secrets, and the Lord sent an Angel who took him up, leaving his body while taking his Spirit together with the human heart; after seeing a series of majesties, this person began to pray to be taken down because he could not endure it as they carried him through the high places in Heaven. When keeping the commandments, we will prepare this path for us and we will not wish to get back down. First of all, health in the mind and health in the heart are required. We have to make attempts every morning. If we have fear, this is spiritual cold[4], that is why we should breathe deeply, and through this we will get connected with the Angels, with the Heavenly Forces. People easily turn sour every day, but this is not a rule in life. People ought to turn from sour to sweet, just as the fruit turns from blossom first into green fruit, and then it ripens and becomes sweet. The Lord says: “Everything will turn into good”. The bigger we are, the bigger difficulties we will have – so it is with children, men[5], saints, etc. Christ says: “How much longer will I have patience for you?” We seek Him, we find Him, and when He comes in us, we crucify Him. He will resurrect and leave, but when will He come again? In ten, hundred, thousand and so years. Christianity is not hard, it is easy. Those who died for Christ’s sake, have died with Joy, but their names are written above. It is better for us to die tortured as Christians, than as bandits. For the bandits, Moses will come, Elijah will come, Prophet John will come, and they will whip the faults out of them all. Therefore Christ says: “My burden is easy”. The Lord, who speaks to us, will lead and rule over us. The greater sufferings are, the closer Christ is to us; if we have no sufferings, then the Lord is away from us, and this is wrong. That is why everyone has to fulfill Christ’s teaching at one’s own place – as a chief, teacher, professor, etc. This is Christ’s commandment; the Lord will help us in its accomplishment, and will raise us, from small persons making us great people. John of Kronstadt[6], since he devoted and dedicated his life to the Lord, he has become John of Kronstadt, and before that he used to be dull-headed. To dedicate your life does not mean to take off and go to the woods, but to fulfill His commandments in our life – to enlighten our minds, our hearts to become warmer, our souls to revive, our Spirit to come to life and to be exhilarated. 24 January 1915, Bourgas[7]
  18. Note 2 p Examine How Are Growing The Lilies In The Field Examine how are growing the lilies in the field: they neither work hard, nor spin. St. Matthew’s Gospel 6: 28 Christ was great not only in the large things: creating of people, worlds, but in the small things as well. He says: “Go and learn from the lilies…” What will you learn? Firstly –patience. Secondly - silence. They do not worry about their garment although they are poor. They have only two bodies. They do not have a body of wishes and a mental body. In the new life, Divine life, it is required: first to have calmness when we have nothing, and not when we have and when we are not in need. In the evening, when you go to bed, take off your jewellery; the soldier leaves his rifle, his rucksack and he is free. Go and examine the lilies, they are white. A person could not be calm, if he/she is not white and pure. The person has sediments left from his past that do not enable a quiet and calm life. All people do worry: preachers, office workers, statesmen, etc. That trouble, you have, it is movement; it is the initial impulse of the movement. We should understand the law of movement. That law means that God works in all of you; do not worry. A donkey rides over the lily but it grows again, and it becomes better and gives better flowers. Let us save ourselves through the art. The lily has understood that art. Many of the Christians look alike to the hermit who has been living for 20 years on the mountain top and thought himself to be pure and holy; he decided to go down in the town to meet his brother. His brother was a shoemaker. The hermit took a ball of snow and dismounted at his brother in order to show him that he is as pure as the snow. There, one maid visited his brother to have measurements taken for shoes. The brother has taken the measurement keeping calm. The hermit looked at the semi-raised hem of her dress, he saw maid’s leg and his snow ball started to melt. His brother told him: “Brother, your ball of snow is melting.” Twenty years of holy life melted because of a woman’s leg; a man’s twenty years of holy life melted because of a woman’s leg; a holy life of twenty years melted because of 10 oka[1] of gold. The holy man says to himself: “Why I was so silly during the twenty years and did not marry and have children instead,” and other examples. That parallel is not an episodic case in life. We are an audience; people are melting every day (he gave the example with Ibsen’s Irene, who escaped because of a marble statue). The life is not only kisses. And Judas had kissed Christ. How many hearts were broken by kisses! And the cat smiles to the mouse. “Go to the lilies,” says Christ. The lilies snow does not melt. Christ’s colour does not melt. The Jews were elected as a nation with 36,000 promises by God, but their snow has melted by that woman’s leg. They have slaughtered cattle, sheep, and made statues in God’s name, but their snow has melted. You want to act in the spiritual life and I am saying to you: Learn from the lilies. There are three positions in the world: physical field, atmosphere and world. The physical field is the base – this is the influence and action of the acting and working forces; the world is the relation between the living and rational creatures. God fell in love with the world; this means that he came down to teach people what the relations between them should be. The maiden brings a lily and tells the swain: “How clean it is, and white!” But when the priest says his last prayer of blessing, after three months the white snow starts to melt. I want that lily to grow up in your hearts. They are growing up well in the field, but in few hearts, in few children, in few nations, in few churches, and in few speakers have I found that lily. I have come now, I am walking on the Earth and I am with you in order to see where and what lilies there are and how are they growing up. The women are guilty – they are the reason and the God was expelled from the Paradise. [A1] I am not accusing you, but I am telling you one truth. There are no men and women but only human beings in God’s Kingdom. If men and women came in there, they would spoil it. I do not want to offend you, I am saying it this way, because you are human beings and because your snow should not melt. If I was a rich man having millions, I would have more people around me. My position is as follows: A dervish has entered a bath-house. He had had a bath but he has no money to pay. But the bath attendant wanted the charge. The dervish prayed: “God, give me either a penny to pay my charge, or demolish this bath-house!” There, something quaked. The bath attendant came out to see what happened and the dervish had been set free. He had seen one imam praying. He told him that he had prayed for a penny. And people always pray to God for money, but it is not His; He has not created it. It is in the soil. Knowing the law, we shall dig it out as gold and we shall make coin money. And, again for the lilies…Christ sends the people to see the lilies. Their calyx is open upwards i.e. it looks at God; to the Life-giving Spirit and if your hearts are open to God, they will be pure as the lilies. Let us grow up as the lilies; we should not mix the Heavenly world with the mundane one. Whatever goods we want for ourselves, we should give and wish for all people. It is a law that we should lay a stone every day, in order to grow up and develop. The first thing that Christ says to us is to stop, and to stop means to peer at ourselves. There are wishes in people to visit different countries…But no, stop like the lily, appeal to God, and peer at yourself. And then your snow will not melt. For 8,000 years, people’s snow continually melts. People come and tell me: “A man named so-and-so pestered me.” And what is this? “My snow ball has melted.” Under the word “woman’s leg” I want you to comprehend an emblem in the broad sense. The snow of the saint was carried outside, and the snow of his brother, the shoemaker, was inside him, in his heart. Be the same. Have always satisfaction. Now, these pains, which are in the world, they are managed. The soldier’s bullet is guided by a smart power, intelligent. You defeat, you are in the shoemaker’s place; you are defeated, it means that your snow has started to melt. External things always might be taken away from us. The lily receives all from the sun, wind, and moisture. Let us stop as the shoemaker, as the lily and God will work upon us. Forget the illusions of your life. Take the essence, like when you are going to travel, you do not take your entire house with you, but only the necessary things. Take with you the required amount and when robbers seize you, give them the money. Do not be like that commercial lawyer who never had money with him, but when robbers caught him on his way to…, he had nothing to give them and they beat him; he has already promised to bring money with him. Why are you not a learned man; why are you not a distinguished person, rich, why are you not a successful one and so on; it is because your snow melts. The snow is an emblem of water; it should not be lost. Our Heavenly wish should never change its direction of movement. Every life grows in a certain direction. The plant grows in a circle, the animals in the type of a cylinder, the humans – in the type of a spiral, stepwise upwards to God. A glance and a kiss are one and the same thing for me. You have become irritated – it indicates that your centers of the spiral of your growth are not properly arranged. That lily is one great Spirit-Cherub, who always stays in front of God’s face and who could never be bribed. I am not going to make a conclusion. I would like you to be in the position of the saint, when he has come down from the mountain, and the position of the shoemaker, and to be in the place of Moses at the blackberry bush. Go to that splendid white lily growing now in Bulgaria everywhere and you will know that you will become good persons and you will serve your nation. Amen. Sunday, 10 – 12 o’clock. (Notes taken in a conversation with the Master Beinsa Douno) Do not ever let in your Soul, in your holy of holies, one impure man. Do not try to put him right – let him sort himself out in the external courtyard, and not in your inner courtyard. Somebody is speaking to you, you do not want to listen to him; stand up, go home, but you should not interrupt him – he is a spring that is running. Let this spring flow out and talk, after that; go home if you do not want to listen to him. Christ is the sold brother in Egypt. After that He was sold again to the pagans, but He has come back again. Now they are going to Him, and will bow to Him. Human beings should pray constantly to be in touch with God. Fate should be submitted to His hands with Faith. Sometimes He will bring you within a hairbreadth of death but He will not leave you. The father is good, but when he has children, he leaves them “to have enough of life”, and this is his first mistake. What was good for the father, this should be done for the children too. They are sly and they understand the weakness easily. People start often with Christ and end with Moses. The law is: start with Moses and end with Christ. Have always one God – one center but not many centres[A2] . When your God gets angry, it is bad, but if someone else gets angry – do not worry. As long as you have not accepted God to be your teacher, no one teaches you; but when God Christ starts to teach you, immediately other teachers will appear to teach you about this and that and to show you other ways. They are false, do not listen to them, but only listen to Jesus Christ in secret without making this known to other teachers who have appeared. The sufferings should not be the reason for discouragement, on the contrary – for encouragement. All writers have written their best works when they have suffered most. The Thessalonian campaign4 is the Grecian horse – the Greeks put it in Thessalonica and Bulgarians first pull it. The end that comes is good. You would like to know more about the new age – here it is. [1] Oka= old unit of weight equal to 1225 g [A1] [A2]In a text, use only one variant in spelling a word, not center and centre.
  19. Note 4 EIGHT THOUSAND YEARS 8 000 х 365 days = 2 920 000 days 8 000 х 12 months = 96 000 months 96 000 х 4 weeks = 384 000 weeks 384 000 х 7 days = 2 688 000 days 2 688 000 х 24 hours = 64 512 000 hours 64 512 000 х 60 minutes = 3 870 720 000 minutes 3 870 720 000 х 60 seconds = 232 243 200 000 seconds The longest period of time from the creation of the World is the first period – when man descended from Heaven to Earth, which he did after the mammals. The plants had descended first. The first time period lasted 75 000 years. Adam is how we name the white man, the spiritual man, and the spiritual Adam came on after Christ. All earlier races knew about the White Race and expected it as a Messiah is expected. The earliest race in the physical world is the White one; all others are older in the Spiritual world but younger in the physical world. The White Race shall be succeeded by the Sixth Race – the luminous race, the race of God’s Children. Both Nature and climate will change to accommodate this Race. Presently, there is a dark zone circling the Earth built up from the bad thoughts and desires of people. God immersed man in the Astral world./God overthrew man in the Astral world (Genesis, Chapter 6). Jacob – thief, liar. And God said to him, ”You will no longer be called Jacob.” (Thy name shall not be called Jacob any more. (Genesis, 35:10)) The physical body has been formed during a million years and is now complete. Now the Astral body is being formed. Calculation: 8000 x 12 x 4 x 7 x 52 x 365 x 24 x 60 x 60 gives the number of years from the creation of the Earth. How long each period of time lasted can be seen from the Earth’s layers as each layer was formed. If you descend into hell, you will feel thousands of times heavier. Only heroes descend into hell – that’s what the Greek mythology tells us too. There are valuable things in hell too – there is a population that lives there with the belief that they own the place. Whoever goes there has to take their shape. Hell is like garbage that has been piling up for over twenty years and is now decaying and rotting; the one who can estimate it shall make use of it but the one who can’t shall say it’s useless junk. The deepest hell is in the centre of the Earth. A hundred kilometres from it there is a solid zone inhabited by another population; a hundred kilometres further on there is another zone, etc. One hundred kilometres in diameter above our Earth there is a light solid zone through which solar and stellar lights pass; the population in this zone is the Astral world. Another 100 – kilometre zone spreads around it, and so on. There are seven external zones around th)e Earth, i.e. seven heavens, and another seven zones inside the Earth; in the centre of the Earth is fire – the hell. The deceased who have left can stay in the Astral world, but live in the physical world and appear at séances, talking about their worldly affairs – where their money is, or documents, or about quarrels, etc. This is so because the level of their conscience and spiritual understanding is low. We, who sojourn in the spiritual field and form our Astral bodies, shall enter the Astral world with awakened consciousness. The one who urges peoples’ hearts to do good is named God. And God through His Son Jesus Christ constantly teaches each person many good and perfect things. And thou who hearken to Him shall be blessed./Those who follow Him shall be blessed. January 25, 1915, Extraordinary lectures Burgas (7 February 1915 – Burgas - Old Style)
  20. Note 1 Facts, Laws and Reasons 24th year XV lecture from the general class, 1st November, 1944, Wednesday, 5:00 h. a.m., Sofia, Izgreva The Good Prayer. „Life is Beautiful“. The bright way. Love reigns, but people do not reign. Now what menu do you prefer? When sometimes you go to a restaurant, you choose a menu. Everybody chooses something to eat. What do you choose to eat? What have you learnt? What is the most important that you have learnt? You say love. The word love is not understood. The old people think that people who deal with love are feather-brained. The old people consider the young people feather-brained since they deal with love. They are right. Wouldn’t you prefer the good winnowed wheat? Which is better, the wheat with the straw or the winnowed wheat? Well, one thing is necessary. In order a man to understand something, he must be in a certain state. You cannot hold a lecture to an ill person. You can talk to him, but he would say, “Leave it”. He has a problem in his chest, his stomach or his head. He fills some pain. Whatever you talk to him, he will constantly talk about his illness. He says, “Tell me some cure now”. Now you all suffer from three main illnesses: some suffer from headache, others suffer from pains in the chest, and third suffer from stomachache. Headache and a law of education. The light that does not penetrate the brain makes headache. The air that does not infiltrate into the lungs makes pain in the chest, a weakness. When there is not enough food in the stomach, there is a stomachache. I say, sometimes you stay, you feel indisposed and you don’t know which the reason is. Sometimes some people are merry. I consider a man merry when he is merry as the day. The clerks are merry when they are given their money at the end of the month. The young maids are merry when they are dressed in nice clothes. If they are not dressed in nice clothes, they cannot be merry. It's an art. It’s said, man must have peace. A whole deputation went to Russia to look for peace, didn’t they? How many days did they wait before the peace was signed? Peace will come after it is signed. After being signed, the peace will start flowing in little streams. Well, has your deputation gone for peace? You have to send one, you cannot do without deputation. First, the eyes send deputation to the sun to send a bit more special light. Then the sun sends it and signs a contract. It sends light. Some people think that the light is from them. It comes when ordered. There is light for which if you do not send deputation, it does not come. If life developed in the way we think it should be, we would have been saints by now. You are not saints yet, and even if millions of years pass, sainthood will not come. Not only saints on earth. A saint from the earth must go to the sun to make a walk. If you cannot go to the sun to make a walk, you are not a saint. Here, the saints are easily made. You light a candle for an hour or two and someone becomes a saint. The candle burns out, and it is over. Now I read on your faces: you know how many bombs have frightened us in Sofia. I see that you have many bombs hanging in you, you have put them like icons. If you were saints, the bombs would have come, make a bow, settle down, bow and remain intact. Now, it is not only the bomb that yells. For example, you have been here for many years, there were many disorders, there were quarrels in the assembly. All the quarrels that happened in the assembly caused the bombing of Sofia. A thought that is projected has a loudspeaker. I do not realize that a man can form a very dynamic thought. A man can cause real misfortune to the mankind. A woman in heaven created broad misfortune and a man created broad misfortune, they both created a misfortune and they cannot get free of it yet. What is the desire for an apple, a fruit? To have a bite? These first people, who made the mistake, did not apologize. They provided arguments. When God caught Adam, the latter said: “I had great faith in you. I believed the creature that you gave me, I believed her that whatever she said to me was true. You should have warned me.” God has told them not to eat from the forbidden tree. Adam has forgotten that. It is interesting that when he ate, it came to his mind to hide in heaven. It was for the first time; where did the idea of hiding come from? Adam hid himself, God called him; he kept silent and said nothing. Towards evening He found him. God had been looking for him during the whole day. He found him in the evening. He could see him. Adam said “I heard your voice but I was afraid because I was naked.” Who has told you that you were naked, have you eaten from the forbidden fruit? It happened so that it was Eve’s fault. God went to Eve. She immediately provided arguments in a lawyer’s manner and said, “It was the snake that told me to.” These animals were put there so we could learn. Who has ever thought that they could bring some untrue matters? God listened to them. She blamed the snake. But God did not go to the snake. There was nothing to be told to the snake. Today the circumstances are the same. We always apologize as Adam and Eve. God does not accept this apology any more. Adam’s apology was valid for him. We cannot apologize in the same way. The exam is set in a different way. I have watched old people who while passing somewhere, pick up a fruit and carry it. When they see that someone coming, they put the fruit in the pocket and take hands out, as if having not taken anything. They do not hide like Adam. They put it in the pocket, make a bow when passing by, and then take the fruit out and start eating it. We spend almost three fourths of our life in anxiety. If there is statistics about how many minutes we are happy in a day, three fourths are spent in anxiety. Sometimes there comes something good, there is always some reason. Then we enjoy it, when we go to the other world it will be settled. But there is the other delusion. The student, who has not finished the nursery group, he cannot go to the first year of primary school. He says, “I cannot study in the nursery school, but when I enter the first year in school, I will start to learn. If it does not work in the nursery, it will not work in the primary and secondary school, neither will work in the university. Now there is something else. Sometimes you say, “There is inspiration.” He has inspired air. But what do you think, is one breathing enough to do the work? How many times a day you have to get inspired? Ten breathings are necessary every minute. A man has ten breathings every minute. 60 minutes multiplied by 10 makes 600. 600 inspirations for one hour. This makes six thousand for ten hours. There is another hindrance. We, the contemporary people, are very interested what is written in the newspapers about the other people mistakes. Wherever you go, whichever country you go, these are the daily news. This is wrong. Sometimes it is written in the newspapers about a car incident that happened somewhere, how many have been killed; now they write about the war, how many have been taken prisoners, how many have been killed. Well, if we know how many people have been killed, what is the use of it? It is the dead people that suffer. When you go to see them, you have to help them. Sometimes the Bulgarians go to the graveyard and pour water on the grave of the dead. Where is that custom from, can you tell me? Why do you pour water? I want to know why people pour water on the grave. Sometimes they pour water, sometimes they pour wine. When flowers bloom, they emit fragrance, they give an announcement. The little flies, feeling that fragrance, find the flowers. So, the fragrance is just a way through which the flies can find the plant, where there is food for them. The law is the same with the air. The air has its fragrance. The man, depending on the stage of his development, must develop his sense of smell, to feel which air is for him. He says “From the sky”. The quantity of air in the sky is defined for you. You have to take what is defined. Few of you know which air is for you. When some day you guess right, you feel joyful. When you cannot perceive it, you immediately feel down. Grieve always shows that there is something that we have not understood. Sometimes there is OVE. Why is the letter “L” taken out? Sometimes they take out the “O”. Now when you take out the “small “er”*(* in Old Bulgarian language the nouns were written with a letter “small “er” at the end, which was not pronounced; this letter has dropped from usage) there is no big difference. Some of you cannot write some of the letters. Somebody cannot write the letter “L” in the right way. Some of you cannot write “M” according to the rules. Do not think that the alphabet is random. You can write what M means. Or just to write M. In the first case, “I” is on the first place, “you” on the second. In the second case “you” is on the first place and “I” – on the second. They say, “What’s in it that it is on the first place?” If you put the “I” first, it is skinflint. A man who has dignity shows himself as generous. You will see rich people, who have dignity, all over Europe, when a man takes out the money, he is generous. He does this only to boost for himself, that he is well-to-do. If the man is poor and does not have a stiver, when he takes out his purse, he does not talk loudly. The poor man gives the rich man the right to give orders. Sometimes when the rich man gets poor the poor man gives orders. Sometime you call a worker to work, he wants one thousand levs per day. He says, “If you wish”. The salary of a minister is one thousand, or one thousand and two hundred levs per day. Before he used to work for twenty levs, now he wants a thousand. The bombs have ruined the house, how will you repair it? Now I make an analogy: The people who cannot correct their character, the workers take very expensive for their work, therefore the character remains uncorrected. Those who correct their characters, then the workers work for twenty levs per day, low-priced. It is easily corrected. When we say that it is difficult to correct the human character, the job is very expensive. Now each of you who is sitting here - if I make you stand up from your chair without money, you will get offended. But, let’s say, if a man comes and he has golden napoleons in his pockets and if he shows you one golden napoleon, saying: Stand up for me to sit on your place and I will give you one. You will immediately stand up and you will find another place. If he shows you an ordinary banknote of twenty levs or if he does not show you anything, you say, “Nobody has the right to make me stand up of my seat.” So, if he has golden coins, he has the right to make you stand up. If he does not have golden coins, he has no right. It’s right, there must be a reason to do some job. To do a job, there must be a reason, there must be a law, there must be a fact. In this case what will you compare the fact with? Where will you place the fact, where will you place the law and where will you place the reason. The reason is up in the head, the law is in the lungs, the fact is in the stomach inside. Because in the contemporary circumstances in which we live, the fact must come first. By the word ‘fact’ you should always understand that the fact is truth, the law is the wisdom and the inciting reason is love. So, always the fact provokes truth, the truth provokes wisdom and wisdom provokes love. If you sow a seed, love and wisdom come from somewhere to make it grow. You can never do a job if the truth is not on your side, or said in other words, if you do not have a fact. The fact is the money in this case or the power that you have. Your legs, your hands, these are a fact. The fact in our life are our hands, the external side. So now we determine, we say it is a reason, it is a law. We have to connect our thoughts to the inciting reason. Our feelings are connected with the Divine Wisdom, and our deeds are connected with the truth. If the man’s deeds are not connected with the truth, if there is no contact between the deeds and the truth, there cannot be a result. If the feelings are not connected with wisdom, there cannot be a result, too. The law cannot come into action. And if there is no connection between the thoughts and the very reasons, the thought remains not manifested in nature. Now when I am talking to you, you will remember some things and you will forget some. Always when a man talks conscientiously, there is a reason, there is a law, there is a fact. The thought is rendered in the right way, because without a reason, without a law, without a fact the human thought cannot be conveyed. Because law is the way, the thought is conveyed. The truth is the end limit that you have to reach. Christ says, “I am the path, the truth and life” The same law. The path, the truth and the life. Life in this case is love. The path is the wisdom that we have to follow. Truth is the zenith. This is the highest point /and/ in life, to find the way. We will pass through the circle to go into life. Seemingly it shows that it is high. It shows that at noon the sun is higher. It is ostensible. The sun is as high in the morning, as it is high at noon, but this is in relation to the earth, in relation to the material world on earth, it is shown in that way. Now the high things have inciting reasons. From a high place you are powerful; you can drop a stone and it moves; if you take up water and pour it down, it moves also, it flows downwards. So, all things in this circle get easily. There is the other circle below – things work hard. A job that you have left to do some other time, when you had the good conditions in the past, but you did not used them, in the next life you are in the opposite position, wondering why things don’t work. Because God does not always give the favourable circumstances. The second time there will be more hardships. Now we stop and say: “The world lives in that way, and we live in that way, too.” It is so. You are right that the world lives that way. If I go by train, I will obey all conditions, which all people obey. Two hundred or three hundred people have got on the train, I will go not where I want, but where the train wants to lead us. In the particular case I choose a train, if it goes in direction which I want to go; I will get on the train and I will leave myself at its disposal. It will lead me, I cannot give orders to it. You cannot take it like a carter, but you will obey the law. When we say: People live in that way, it shows that all people travel that way. If you do not want, then you will walk. Do you know sometimes your success depends on many little things? Sometimes you pass by two branches that have intertwined in the storm. You do not want to make them a favour, you do not want to untwist them. If you do not do a favour to these branches, you may lose the whole day or maybe even a whole year []. If you have not seen them, the responsibility is little. But if you saw them, the responsibility is big and then you will not have luck. You will lose something: you may tear your clothes, your house may get ruined, your ox may die, you can be thrown out of school. Extremes. What does it cost you to take to separate these two branches. They say about somebody, “He is a wrong-headed person, he won’t listen to reason.” How do you tell him your word? Every person has peculiar language. You will speak his language. You will not pronounce the words, as you want, you will pronounce them, as he wants. If a soldier goes to the regimental commander, how will he turn to him? “Please, Mr Colonel”. If he says just ‘colonel’ without Mr, what will happen to the soldier? Say “Colonel”. He will say “Please, Mr Colonel”. He will pronounce it musically. All people suffer from lack of musicality. There should have been a microphone we are shown how to speak. When somebody talks to us in a rude way, we understand it; when we talk rudely, we don’t realize it. There is the mistake. Now you maintain the idea that when Christ comes, he will put the world to rights. This idea has been placed. How will Christ come? Didn’t Christ come two thousand years ago? Did he put the world to rights? No. Because they didn’t listen to Him. There are mothers who give birth to their children and do not bring them up. Their maternal feeling is weakly developed. When she gives birth to the child she would give it to other people to bring him/her up. She is just walking around saying, “I am not used to bringing children up.” She should not marry. When she gets used to it, when her maternal feeling is developed, just then she should have a child. Children without a mother remain uneducated. Now you will provide arguments. Someone says, “It is possible to have the egg hatched without a hen.” It is possible, but anyway the eggs hatched without a hen, what hens will they be? If the people make so and hatch some eggs, there will be strange hens. The hen can hatch the egg that it has laid; it will have the character of its mother. You have to take almost the same characteristics that the hen takes. The hen is very erudite, it has great love. It constantly turns the egg so that it can be hatched. Now the application: let’s take a thought. If you bear a thought and leave it for the others to bring it up, don’t you play the role of the mother who had given birth to a child and has given him/her to other people for bringing up. You bear a thought and say “Let other people bring it up.” You say, “I don’t have time”. If you do not have time, do not give birth to it. I say: this is not a law, but those of you, who want to be healthy, who want to be happy, you have to learn. Happiness and health will never come at random. The ill father cannot give health to his son. The ill mother cannot give health to her daughter. The healthy father gives health to his son and the healthy mother gives health to her daughter. These are laws. So, I say: if your mind in the particular case is not healthy, how it will bear a good thought? If it is not harmonious, if it is not arranged, how you will create a thought? If the heart is not calm, you worry; you cannot bear a good feeling. If the will is not educated, the deeds cannot be born. So, I say that the first thing in life that you have to observe as a rule - some people observe it well – is when you travel, you should be the first to give way. Give way even to an ant. There comes someone, you go around. Give way to everybody if you want to have luck. Now everybody goes in the straight way, saving their time. The Englishmen say: Time is money. They walk in straight line. So to earn more time, to have more money. Then the Englishmen say: Straight to the goal. For example the heads of some of you have turned grey. Let’s suppose that I tell you how to make your hair black. First you have to try to make one hair black, as I have made the hairs of the eyebrows black. I have made attempts to dye them. It doesn’t take much effort to dye my whole hair, but I don’t want. Dye just one hair. You say that you have will. If you cannot dye one hair, what will do you have? It is art. You have to learn the art of painting, to dye one hair. In the future you can dye the clothes, to make them black. Now you send your clothes for cleaning. In the future just for a few minutes when you start the electricity of your head, the clothes will be immediately clean. There will be no stains. Everything will be clean. I am talking about things that will come after thousands of years. You can dye a hair. Look for it to the left, to the right, you take it and you separate it from the others to dye it. Cover it with black ink, always look at it in the mirror. Send a thought, say “you will get black”. If the hair becomes black, you have learnt the language. If you can convey your thought to the hair to become black, this is a great achievement. 360 days, 360 hairs. Ten years by 360 makes three thousand hairs. This is a great achievement. For 120 years you will hardly dye your head. Let’s leave this aside and come to the real. The thought is powerful, the feelings are powerful and the deeds are powerful when we understand the principles, when we understand the laws that work in nature and the facts that work. Then you can achieve this like a fiddler. It will not come at once. This is an external matter. First the man must clean his thought. The thought must be leaned. The feelings of the man must be cleaned and the deeds must be cleaned. You have to start with this in order to clean your thought. How will you clean it? Just when you decide to clean your thought, but in the particular case you call only homogeneous [similar] thoughts. You think about a hoarse, about a donkey, about a little bug, you mix all this inside, you cannot clean your thought. If you think only about a horse, your thought will never be clean. If you think only about little bugs, you cannot clean your thought. If you think about a frog, you cannot clean your thought. If you think about fish, your thought cannot be cleaned, too. How must be the cleaning of a thought started? You have to clean the eye in the thought. The eye must be cleaned. A man whose eye is not clean cannot be clean. A man, whose ear is not developed to listen well - his heart cannot be clean. If you do not understand the sound, the heart cannot be clean. If when you take the food and you cannot distinguish those fine vibrations of that food, that when it goes in the stomach it won’t make it suffer, you cannot understand the truth. Some people talk about truth. The truth is to start to get cleaned through the mouth. You can start cleaning through the ear. But you cannot find the truth through the ear. Truth is real. Eating is the most real thing. When a man eats, he is satisfied. How will you sit down? You will look unhappy with the food, you will tremble, how will you look at it, you will spoil the whole eating. When you eat you must have a sacred thrill that something good will go in, which is sent by God, you will forget everything around. You will look at everybody lovingly. Not somebody to pass by and take your food. Nobody can take you the food that you love. They can take the food that you do not like. The children that are not loved by their mothers are given for adoption, but the children they love, they are not given. Our thoughts that we don’t love, we send them. I say one essential rule. I see you gather here every evening to pray. You gather in a way that is not right. This is not the way to make a prayer. Why do you gather? To pray? If the thought in your prayers is not clean, what is this prayer? Then, monotony is not at least useful. You constantly read one and the same prayers. You repeat one and the same thing again and again. This is a crime. Good things are not repeated. Love is not repeated. In love everything happens once. It can happen again, but it will never be in the same way. Then you lie to yourselves. You can love only once, the second time you cannot love in the same way, you will love in a different way. The first way is gone; if you think that in years you will love, it is gone. I know these things. Once when you love, it must be properly. You love, because it happens once. When you love, it happens only once. I love it. Today in the particular case what you think for the second time, it will not repeat. Therefore we should not be /not/serious, but to put all our love in what we do. Now sometimes some people say that a person has got ill. I say, I am glad that this person has got ill. Another person has recovered his health. I am glad that he is better. Do you think that when a man gets ill, this is bad? After getting ill, the man becomes softer, kinder, there is more light. Diseases are a preparation, not to get constantly ill. I understand to get ill just once. You cannot be ill twice in the same way. When the fever gets you, you tremble once, you cannot tremble again even if you want. They say, it is all fever. There is a difference in being feverish. If you read, the fever continues for a certain time. The second time it does not have the same duration, it is different. With some fever your teeth are chattering. There is another fiery fever that catches you in its fire. Which is better – the trembling or the fiery fever? The fever is an auto-da-fe of much filth. First physiologically taken we should come to purify the blood. You cannot purify your blood if you do not have a pure thought, pure feelings and pure deeds. If you do not learn the law of pure thoughts so that when breathing to apply the way for purifying the blood. If you purify your blood you will get rid of thousands diseases that are due to impure blood. Thousands of diseases are due to impure food. Sometimes you take a fruit and are too lazy to go and wash it well. It is not bad, it is not a sin, but you form a habit, you bring filth into your stomach, which settles down. Ten or fifteen years in this way the impure food created impure blood. The impure blood creates thousands of diseases, indispositions, you look darkly, you are a pessimist, you are indolent. When a man is indolent, again it is due to his blood. A man with pure blood is always lively. If you lose your liveliness, your blood is impure. The pure thought, the pure feelings and the pure deeds are dynamic; they give lively spirits, they give youth. So I say, therefore the Divine schools are formed, to teach people how to live and to use life. You live for 30-40 years, to live, as it should be, to use all goods. Sometimes you live for 40-50 years and you cannot use Divine goods properly. Then you come and think that you will die, that you will go to the other world. A man to die once, so that not to want to die again. When dying, first your desire to eat is cut off; you are not willing to eat any more. Then your desire to breathe will be cut off, you will start breathing less air. You take less food, there is a reduction. Today something is cut, tomorrow something else is cut and one day you find yourself in restriction. God has created man to eat and to eat with love. He must think and must think with love, feel with love and act with love. This sacred fire must be the reason that stimulates the man. It is not an easy thing for a man to learn. Now all this that we are talking about will not come at once. What I am talking about needs at least ten years two hours per day, two hours is little, three hours are necessary to fix your consciousness. The Hindu people have methods, some of which are antiquated; he would fix somewhere under his nose, but he will choose it immediately. When the man who is used to think well goes through his thought, he stops on the object that he loves. Therefore, the object you love always fixes your look. The other one fixes the place. Fixing does not at the least show love of the free choice. You watch somebody. You look at a man immediately to find what is good in him, immediately to find good in his eyes, to find good in his mouth, to find good in his ears, to find good in his hair or to find good in his hands. In every person there is something to look at. Now some people sit and think about Saint Nicolas. What is Saint Nicolas? Where from do you know about him? Saint Nicolas has passed ten times past somebody and this man has fixed his thought on this Saint. Or somebody has fixed the thought on Christ two thousand years ago. If you decide to think about Christ two thousand years ago, this is a hopeless case. What was Christ like before, we do not know. Now, what is Christ like? You are somewhere in a big misfortune and someone helps you; you are surprised, it is Christ Who helps you. I have not met a person like him; he looked at me and helped me. They say, it can happen. When Christ is gone, then do you know what he is like? As long as he is with you, you say “It might be him, but it might not be him.” When Christ was with the Jews there was hesitation. Two thousand years later the Jews cannot be convinced that it is Him. They say, “This is not the one that we expect”. Now you are very clever. Imagine that I have three balls, one of them is full of gold, a little ball full of golden coins, the other one is full of silver coins and the third one is full of copper coins. Do they weigh equal? The one, who is a bit more educated will see that the gold weighs more. He says, “I choose the heavier because I am strong and can lift heavy things.” Another one will come and choose the silver ball from the two. When the third man comes, he has no choice. The one who takes the gold has a choice; he chooses among the three balls. The one who chooses the silver also has a choice among the two balls. Who chooses the copper has no choice. Now we all think in the following way; what is left is for me. Do not eat what is left. A man who wants to make a character in himself must drink from the first batch of wine. What is the word in Bulgarian for grape juice? Is there any other word? You take grapes, take from the best. You look for cheap grapes. Take less, take half a kilo, or quarter a kilo, but take good one. You would take cheaper. When a man works on himself it is the little things that are blessed, not the big ones. Now, for the next time every one of you write a word, not a sentence. Write a word that you understand and love. We will make a try. You will see what we will do. Let’s see how many people of you will write the word. Some will come and will not write anything. Let’s see how many will write out of love. Some will postpone it, they cannot find a word. Those who find the word, write it on a square piece of paper, put your name below, write the first name, for example Stoyan, not the nick name. If you write it well, you will have luck throughout the whole year. If you do not write, you will not be much of a success. Now you should not write out of fear. If you postpone it for a second time, or for the third time you say, “This is not for me”. This is what can happen. If you do not write the word, during the year your pants will be worn out ten times, some of you will have their dresses worn out, your shoes will be worn out, your hats will be worn out. I have been to the mountain; as I warmed my hands at the fire the fire got to love me; I saw a spark had lit and burnt my sleeve. When I saw it I thanked that love was very little. If this love were greater, the burnt area would be bigger. In other words, if you are hesitating, you’d not try at all. Do not commit yourself to saying, “This is not for me.” Do not start anything. If you start it at the beginning, do it. If you do not want to commit, you do not finish it. Often you begin the Divine things and you do not finish them. Write a word that you love. When you find the word, write it. Then you will take them back and put them in the paper-case. I will give them back to you. I will read them and will give them back. You will carry the piece of paper in your pockets throughout the whole year. You can leave it as a heritage. The little things that we have around us are the means through which God’s blessings come. The blessings come through our eyes, through our ears, through our hands, through our mouth, through our legs. God’s blessing comes through your readiness always to do a favour. In the angel’s world an order is never given. Everybody perceives and is quick-witted, understands God’s thought and applies it. One day we can feel and understand God’s thoughts and apply them. It is God’s blessing. When it is necessary to convince somebody, the job is not so productive. May be the second time I can show you. There are people who write calligraphy; there are people who write in a refined style. There are few people who write calligraphically. There are people who can write better than the printed letters. These things are necessary because we have a kind of discord, a kind of disorder. If we do not take measures, many of you suffer from the bombs: things are repeated. You remember this, you remember that. Sometimes these reflections are more dangerous. I have given the following example. One evening a drunken man passed over a precipice in the darkness. In the morning when he went to see where he had passed drunken without falling down, his hair got grey. When passing drunken his hair did not get grey, but when he went on the next morning and saw the precipice, his hair got white. The impressions that we repeat later have an awful influence. We have to get rid of them. Do not go to see, even if they give you money, do not go to see. There is no use in asking what I have been in the past like. Leave the past. It is important what you are now. I would show the past to some people, to see their past not as their past, but as not their past. They do not have to know. When they see their life, they should not recognize it. Let them say, “This man has lived well.” Nature never reveals to us. It does not reveal both the good and the bad things as ours. If we know that we are the reason, we can be very sad. If we know that that is us, we can be very happy. The great sorrow and the great joy are incompatible on earth. Today you feel great joy and great sorrow, tomorrow you feel great joy and great sorrow, plus and minus get neutralized [nullified]. Everything is eaten up and drunk up, there is nothing left for later. God’s Love conveys full abundant life. (Three times.) Source
  21. Note 3 The Call of the New X Gathering lecture, held on 24th September, 1944 in the village of Marchaevo, at home of brother Temelko, 5:00 a.m. Prayers according to the programme. The contemporary world has become poor. The poorest that has ever existed on the earth, this is the contemporary world. The world needs justice. Our world is a world of injustice. Now we need justice. It is the external side of life to fulfil God’s will. The internal content can be expressed with the following verse „Always be faithful and true. In that God deigns“. There are two sides of life: some people are beautiful, others are ugly. We become beautiful on our own, and we become ugly on our own. Every time when we fulfil the least order that we are given or the least impulse that comes in our mind, heart or soul, we draw the lines of beauty. The man becomes more beautiful, healthier when he fulfils God’s will. When he does not fulfil God’s will in the least, the man gets ugly. Therefore, ugliness is a sign of non-fulfilment of God’s will during the whole life. We need to become beautiful. As we are now, we cannot talk about beauty. When I look at the animals, I see how far behind they are. You say that the animals are very good. They are not good, not in the least. The biggest egotists in the world are the animals. Throw a little corn to the hens and you will see how noble they are. Give food to the animals and you will see that there is personal egotism in them. Each animal thinks only about itself. Now I do not want you to ask why it is so. Why is that so? – Because we have made it like that. In the world you see ugliness, not that God makes you see in that way. God makes you see what you are. You are what you see. The good person sees good things. The bad person sees the bad things. The ill person is occupied with his illness, the healthy person – with his health. The clever person is occupied with his mind, the stupid person – with his stupidity. So, I say, the only ethics in the world that you have to start with is to start with justice. You have to be just. For example, how is a mother-bird distinguished? – By its justice. That it fulfils God’s will. The whole day she goes to look for food, brings it to her little birds and puts it into their mouths. When she brings them up and the birds can already fly, she does not put food into their mouths anymore and says, “This is not my business.” The bird no longer puts food into the mouths of birds that can already fly. As you are still like children, this is why you are not just; the adult man is just. If you make a child go to work, he will not go, he will not obey. The mistake is in the mother. When the little child learns to fly, he must fly off. When his mother tells him to go to work, he has to fly off. We all have to fly off. Now you try to fly off. We still do not know how to fly. A man who is unjust is still in the nest. A man that is not just and true, he is still in the nest. When he learns these virtues, he leaves the nest. I leave the question if you believe in Christ, if you believe in God. I ask the question: Are you in the nest? Then you will keep your place; you will wait for your mother. When she gives you food, you will draw back to give place for the others. This is where justice operates. Since you have some little brothers and sisters, you will make place for them. You will teach the lesson. The first lessons are taught by the mother and the father, how you have to start in the future. When you start like them, you will live. This is an extensive question. Justice has a very, very big application. If a man is a musician, what the musical justice lies in? He must know to sing every tone. He has to sing it right, not false. A lot of people can sing. But I, when talking about music, I understand something else. You have to sing the basic tone of a song, for example the tone „C“. What does „C“ mean? You have to sing it right and the relations between the other tones depend on that. Always when I sing the tone “C” in my mind lives the idea that I have to sow one seed. To sing „C“ means to sow a seed in the ground and to put one inch of earth over it and then you will sing. When you sing “C”, this “C” shows that you must have done the sowing. You cannot sing if you have not sowed. After you sow it, you can sing the tone right. If you sing without having sowed something, the tone is false. The second tone that you have to sing is “D”. What does it mean? This seed has to grow out when you sing. If you sing the second tone “D” and nothing has grown out, it is false, you have not watered it. You have sowed it in dry ground, you have not watered it, the sun has not risen, it cannot grow. When the “D” starts growing – it is sung right. It has grown up, but it has to find the way. It is said, “I am the Path, the Truth and the Life”. When a plant grows up, it has to find its way. The way of the plant is always to the sun. The path of life, this is the tone “E”. You cannot find your path, if you cannot sing the tone “E” right. And then the whole tree is formed. This is the tone „F“. The whole tree has developed. You have to sing these four tones right to form the plant in the right way. There are three more tones left, which show the internal state of the plant. A thought, a feeling can never bloom in you if you cannot sing the tone “G”. Music is a law. You cannot sing the tone “G” right if there is no love in your soul. You will dress in the best clothes, in the best thoughts, in the best feelings. There is no ugliness at all! The lips will not be thin, tightened, the hands will not be clenched in fists, you will not be bent, you will not shut your eyes, the eyes must be open, not like the eyes of an owl. Now in life you make efforts and sometimes you find out that things do not go well. Whichever fiddler you choose, when you go to him, he will first teach you how to tune your fiddle. There is a relation between the four strings. They have certain laws. First is the basic tone “G”, then comes “D’, then “A” and “E”. You will tune them and there are certain rules, and you will play. This is the external side. You want to think. What is the basic tone of your thought? Or you want to make love. What is the basic tone of your feeling? Or you want to act right. What is the basic tone of your deed? You have to learn these things from now on. First when you eat your tongue must not be injured, it has to be sound. There must be no blisters on the tongue. The tongue should not suffer from rheumatism. You sit to have food and you say, “This is not good, that is not good”. You eat a dish and you say, “This is not a dish”. When you sit to have food, you will have one dish only, in the morning one dish, at lunch one dish and in the evening one dish, three dishes for the day. At lunch you will not eat what you have for breakfast or for dinner. There must be a variety. There must be unity in every dish. The tongue must be just. Which is the just tongue? A tongue that does not suffer. When a debtor comes to you, when he has the money to pay, he does not suffer. The one, who has no money to pay, will start shrugging his shoulders, walk to and fro. I have seen sometimes when a teacher takes a student out to examine him. When the student does not know the lesson, he starts writhing about. The one, who knows his lesson, he is self-dependent, his thought is clear. I meet a lot of students, who say, “I don’t know how to live”. When someone tells me he does not know how to live, I would take him to the pear and say, “Ask this pear how it has lived. It will give you a lesson.” Then imagine that I take you to the pear in wintertime. It will be very difficult for you to learn your lesson. It is cold and the pear does not teach lessons. This professor is extremely indisposed in wintertime. You have to wait a day, two days, three days or a month until it comes to his mind to teach you the lesson. What will happen with you: since I understand the law, I will take you to the pear when it is close to getting ripe. One or two days we will go to the pear, it will show you how you must live. You go to the pear, a nice ripe fruit has fallen down. I say, “Eat it”. What is the fruit like? – It is very nice, sweet. – You must be like the fruit, too. – This is the first lesson. You will be sweet as the pear. I say, “When we live well, this is the sweet life.” When we do not live well, this is the bitter life. What is bitterness? Sometimes the pear-tree gives bitter fruits. It has learnt from the people. Since the pear-trees have learnt from the angels, their fruits are sweet. All sweet fruits have learnt the lessons from the angels only. You can never be sweet, if you cannot think about the angels. When the beauty of life approaches you, you have to be happy. Someone says, “Love the beautiful people.” This is the Divine good. Beauty in this sense brings health. When you get ill, you are not beautiful. When you get angry, you are not beautiful. Not getting angry, but also even if you are irritated by the least thing, you are not beautiful. The children often get angry that the dish is not full with food as that of the older brother. The little child wants to have his dish as full as that of his brother. Then if you fill the dish of the child as the dish of the brother, he has to eat everything like his brother and then to be ready to go to work like him. The one, who works a lot, eats a lot: who works little eats little. When the one who works little eats a lot, he commits a sin. I have given the example about Adelina Pate, who goes to New York and wants to withdraw 25 000 dollars from the post office. She goes to take the money, she has no letter of recommendation, and she has no identification card, they say to her, “We cannot give you the money.” No one knows her. Then she stands up and starts singing. The cashier says, “This is Adelina Pate. Give her the money.” You will start the first song of love. When you go to the post office and they do not want to give you the money, you will sing a song of love. If they give you the money, you have sung well. If they do not give you the money, you will look for somebody outside to recommend you. As long as the people recommend us, we do not sing well. When the singing itself recommends us, we have sung well. Now in the new age everybody will recommend their selves alone. What with? With their singing. Many of you know when the singing is right; when the singing is false, you have no flair. In music, when you feel that the tone is false, this is irritation, it is not musical understanding. When a man knows how to sing well, he will never let the others sing false. If ten people among you go somewhere, if you are clever, if you cannot sing well, do not sing. Listen to those who sing well. You have to learn. The one who sings well is a teacher, you will learn from him, whoever he is. In Bulgaria there are a lot of nightingales, they are the good singers who can teach the best lessons. In the morning they sing, they have nice trills. If in the morning the people listened to the nightingales singing, their lives would be better. When the nightingales sing, the Bulgarians sleep. They pay very little attention to the nightingales. They say, “The nightingales have nothing to do and sing.” The nightingale sings when he does the most serious work; the rest of the time he does not sing. When he has the best work, he is singing. In May when the nightingales sing they do the best work. Therefore, when the man does his best work, he must sing. I understand singing in the widest sense. A man who has a clear thought, he does not make mistakes. The man, who has a clear sinless feeling, he has a sinless thought. When the deed of a man is right, then he sings. A man, who thinks, he sings. A man, who feels well, he sings. A man, who acts well, he sings. If you are not satisfied with yourselves, this means that you do not sing. If you are given the best meal and after having eaten it you are not satisfied with the meal, the reason is in your stomach, or in your tongue, or in your body. If you are healthy and you are given good food, you will be merry and happy. There is a funny joke from the time of the Turkish yoke. Some married Turkish women visited a Bulgarian mistress. Then the Bulgarians were under Turkish yoke. The mistress is like the contemporary mayoresses, it is not such a noble title. She had old wine and gave them to drink. When the Turkish women drank from the wine, they became merry and started dancing. When they went back home they told the bey that the mistress had given them to drink a liquid that makes people dance. The bey said, “Master, give me to taste that, which makes people dance. They gave the bey to drink old wine and after the bey got drunk, he said to the master, “I feel like shouting.” – Shout. “Master, I feel like dancing”. - Dance. He has tried the old wine. This that makes us speak well, that makes us dance well, this is the good wine. These are the good thought, the good feelings and the good deeds in life. What is the thing that interests us? For example, you are interested what the news is. The contemporary world gets such a thrashing, that it has not learnt. There is thrashing all over the world. These teachers beat the people for not having learnt well. Someone has his leg broken, other has his head broken. Millions of people fight those who have not known how to sing, how to act. What is this due to? To those people, who rejected God’s Love and placed their law. They created the contemporary war. These are human laws, this is human personal egotism. We think that the world is created only for us, to be good for us. The world is a school, where the man has the right to use the things that are in the world, but he does not have the right to have them as his property. The sun cannot be property, to have a document for it. You cannot have a document for the stars. For the rivers, that flow, you cannot have a document that they are yours. For the seas, for the oceans you cannot have a document. They are common things that must be used. You are on the ocean, you cruise, what will be your condition? One day the ocean starts running high. I say, “The Ocean is running high”. If it does not, it will get crazy or it will die. In order not to die, the ocean rages. If you are in the ship, you would say, “Big waves!” The ocean danced like a Turkish bey. After he got drunk on sweet wine, he started dancing. When the sun warms him up, he calms down. He says, “He has got crazy”. In Bulgarian “crazy” means that he has not found his way. A Bulgarian man went through the bushes and his clothes got ragged. If he had found a path, his clothes would be whole. We complain that life is bad. Sometimes we go among the bushes. Some years ago in the region of Varna two beggars from Bitolia went to a Bulgarian to beg. He was a hot-tempered man and when he saw them, he said, “Why don’t you go to work in the field, instead of walking around together.” – One of them had a rebeck, and the other one was blind. The Bulgarian said, “Why are you leading this blind man around? Let me give you a lesson.” He lifted his stick and saw that the blind man left the rebeck-player and ran away. The Bulgarian man went to the pub and said, “I made a blind man see again for the first time.” The hot-tempered Bulgarian, this is the suffering in the world that will make you see again. Someone has put wax on his eyes. When sufferings come, they will take off the wax from his eyes. You say, “I cannot do this, I cannot do that.” We can do anything on earth. By anything I understand that, for which the man is created. A fiddler plays all the difficult exercises, all the difficult songs. The aim of every fiddler is to play the most difficult, the best pieces. So, I say, “You want to be beautiful.” Your hands, your legs cannot become beautiful, if you do not understand the law of hope. Or the law of the hope is to do the least kindness. The hope deals with the least things. If you do not deal with the little kindness, your legs cannot be beautiful, your hands cannot be beautiful and your face cannot be beautiful. You say, “He is an optimist”. In all optimistic people, hope is strongly developed; those who are not optimists, hope is weakly developed in them. To nourish the hope in yourself, you have to do the least good things in life, to which no one pays attention. I will give you an example. To show you how I understand the word hope. A rich millionaire in New York placed an announcement that he needs a cashier in the bank. Ten, twenty people came having letters of recommendation. The director of the bank said to everyone, “I will take you into consideration. A young and tidy man came in while he was entering he lifted a sheet of paper from the floor and put it aside. The others, who brought their letters of recommendation, had not seen the paper and did not lift it. The young man says, “I do not have any letters of recommendation.” – “You, said the director, have the best recommendation. In the world, if you lift a paper from the ground it is a better recommendation than to have the best letter of recommendation from somebody.” I say, “What is better than to serve?” Is there anything more beautiful than to serve God? Not to be afraid of God. To serve God is the most beautiful thing that a man can do. I will give you the following example. What punishment is it if you are given a ticket to listen to some virtuoso, or some famous singer, who sings? Will you be afraid? You will be glad. When you go to God to serve, you will learn the best things that exist in the world. We cannot go to God if we do not think well, if we do not feel well, if we do not act well. The only thing, with which we can go to Him, is the beautiful thought that we have, the beautiful feeling, and the beautiful deed. Or, in other words: If you do not think with love, if you do not feel with love, if you do not act with love, you cannot go to God. You can go to everybody, but to God you cannot go. Therefore, love is a language of God. Every language has its alphabet. It must be learnt. Many years are needed to learn the alphabet of love. It has its own letters, it has its own reading book, it has its own grammar book, its own literature, its own poetry, music. Now some people ask when the war will end. You want it to finish, some people want it to continue. Why do you want it to end? What is bad about the war? From the point of view of the Divine world the war is a music choir in which the people cannot sing, but fight. Everybody hits the other on the head and says, “This is not the right way to sing, this is not the right way.” They fight. Everybody hits the other. No one can sing. The contemporary people are fighting in a choir. When the bandmaster comes, he will tell them to stop fighting and will give them the first lesson how they should sing. Do you think that he cannot make them keep silent? If the ground starts dancing and the people start bouncing 3-4 meters high in the air, how will they fight? Who will fight, tell me. If those who fight start bouncing in the air, wouldn’t they stop fighting? Let’s not come to this situation. God has all means to stop the war. Is there someone among you, who has not voted for the war? Is there a woman, who has not voted for the war? Is there a man, who has not voted for the war? Is there a child, who has not voted for the war? Is there a dog that has not voted for the war? Is there a tree that has not voted for the war? The dust, everybody has voted for the war. The war is nice, but for people to fight against each other, this is not a war. You say: the good fights. There is good fighting. To free the prisoners, to give freedom to those who have been tied up thousands of years. The things that are in disorder, these are imprisoned people. A man who has waited thousands of years for a nice word. You say, “Let’s go and preach”. How is it right to preach Christ in a new way? What would you preach to an ill person? You say, “God will cure you”. When you go to the ill person what will you say, “God sent me to cure you”. You will say, “Brother, get up, come to work”. You will take him home; first you will offer him food. Then you will harness the horse to the cart, you will both get in and you will go to the field to work. This is a sermon. You will tell him, “I prayed for you. You will recover your health”. If it is only your own praying, the man will never get well. Another preacher comes, he says, “I will cure you”. They cure for many years as the example we have in the Script. A man has been under treatment for 38 years. Christ came to him and said, “Get up, take your plank-bed.” I have been lying in bed for a long time. – “Take the plank-bed and get up! Go to work, do not remain in bed.” He will leave with the bed. He will always carry some luggage. Life cannot be without luggage, can it? So, I say, the recommendation of the singer is his larynx. The recommendation of the fiddler is in his fiddle. The recommendation of the pianist is in his piano. The recommendation of the orator is in his language. The language of the good man is beautiful, he has knowledge how to speak. We must not do unnecessary things. We must know that the way we talk, the way the people talk, the way the people think, the way they feel and act, in that way the world will be organized. The way we think, in that way the plants grow. We can make a test. If you plant a tree, you love it, you water it, you think well about it, this tree will grow best. If your life is not harmonious, if your feelings are not harmonious, if your deeds are not harmonious, you will cripple that tree. Not only this, but there are Bulgarians who know, they say that a wolf would not attack the herd of a goose shepherd. A Bulgarian told me the following: I have been shepherding sheep for 30 years and no sheep have been eaten by a wolf. The wolves do not go to the good shepherd. If the shepherd is bad, the wolves and the bears take away sheep. Sometimes you get tempted. There are wolves that often come to your herd. The mistake is in you. You are ill - the reason is in you. You are a poor man - the reason is in you. You are stupid - the reason is in you, not in your father and mother. These are secondary reasons. This is the law: God made people in His own image. He showed them how to live. Then we distorted God’s law, we stopped living after the law of love and as a result we have the not understood life. In the world in general, people live well. Those, who do not live well, are now being punished. This war is for them. The first lessons are given to the citizens of Sofia. They did not believe that a man could deny himself for Christ’s teaching. How to leave his wealth? When this bombing came, didn’t they follow Christ’s teaching they all left their wealth? Everyone ran wherever he could. Christ’s teaching was applied. But this is a law of violence. With violence everybody fulfilled God’s will. There is no harmony there. The first thing is that you all need attitude. I find that people do not have attitude. If a man meets a child on his way, he would not want to go around the child. The clever man goes round the children. When you walk, do not go in a straight line, go round and make way to everybody, both young and old. Do not wait for people to give way to you. We all suffer because we want others to give way to us. There we collide. Everybody must go round, to leave all the others to walk in their way; we will walk in a new way. The clever people take a new way, along which no one has walked yet. Then you will not collide. You say people are bad mannered, they do not know how to talk. Nobody makes you listen when someone is talking. Or now you get called up. When you are called up, become invisible. They come to your home, you are invisible. They take you to war, become invisible. Since you are visible, you are noble, everybody gets you and says, “Go to fight”. And you listen and fight. You say, “I follow God’s path”. Can you walk along God’s path if God is not with you? It is impossible. Can you walk along the path of the sun if the sun has not risen? Can you walk on the earth if it is not organized? You say, “There must be a path”. What path do the birds have? What path does the light have? It comes from a distance of 150 million kilometres from the sun to the earth. Who gives it a path? It makes its path alone, it goes along its path alone. I say, if you accept love, you will enter into God’s world. If you go into a disorganized world with the love, this world will immediately change. God has not come to the earth yet, he is not there. He has not risen. We are still in darkness here. Christ came to the earth, He was a little star. He was caught and crucified. When God comes to earth, He is the sun that rises. Then which plants will fight against the sun? When the sun comes, it brings moisture; everything that is hidden in the ground will develop and grow up, give fruit. When the sun sets, everything will retreat. I say, you must be ready: the sun of life is rising. Every one of us must use it. Sometimes you can cite what the Master has said. I want you all to sing well. You must sing the basic song. There is no softness in your language. You will put in it the basic tone. Which is the tone of softness? – „G“. I have spoken only about the four basic tones. When the sun starts shining on you, you will already fill as a cup. You have hardly reached the tone „F“. The Bulgarian sings “F” very well. He sings “F” for a plate, “F” - for fields, “F” - for a lot of wheat, “F” – for shoes. Of all tones the Bulgarian sings “F” best. He sings “F” right when he cries, too. I say, now a new age is coming. I don’t want you to wait for Doomsday to come. Now there is doom. I don’t know a greater doom. It is Doomsday. War in the water, war on the earth, war in the air, everywhere war, suffocating gases. One thing remains: for the entire earth to catch on fire and for everything to burn. Let’s not wait for the Doomsday of burning. What will happen with us then? The ore will burn in the fire and the gold will come out. We should not wait to provoke God as in the Old Testament. When God’s rage comes everybody will run from Sofia. You will go everywhere, in pillboxes, in bomb-shelters. When the bombs stop falling, you will go out. When God comes in the world, everything will turn into good. Now I see that God has started to talk to people. If God did not exist then the heads of thousands of our partisans who came down from the mountains would be cut off. He is with them and told them: It won’t happen! The new teaching will bring order. You all are partisans. You will come down from the forest and your heads will not be cut off. You will say: It can be forgiven. When you come down you will not look for your enemies, you will forgive. The first thing: Forgive all people for the mistakes they make. Don’t take in account the mistakes of other people. This is not an easy thing. The law is: Always we faithful and true. This is the sense of life. Always be just, this is the external side of life. Now we have to sanctify the name of God with truth and justice. We have to call God to put order in the world. There is order in the world. Only justice can make the world a place for the people to live in; it is not possible without faithfulness and justice. The truth brings freedom. Every person, who is not free, he does not know truth. Every person, who is not faithful, his thought is not right. You all want to be loved by other people. The pear tree is loved because of its pears. The cook is loved because of his good meals. The poet is loved because of his good poetry. The singer for good singing, the strong person – for his strength and that he can work. We want to be loved. Why do people have to love us? If they love you, it is bad, if they don’t love you, again it is bad. How should it be? Sometimes you say that someone goes too far with love. There is no such a thing as too much love. When you go to the water fountain and you fill up your pitcher, move away. Do not stay with your full pitcher at the water fountain. Fill up your pitcher and move aside. Now you wait for the second Doomsday, Christ to come with the angels. Christ has already come all over Europe and the angels are moving everywhere. There is a verse that says, „When the Son comes, will he find faith?“ Will he find people’s hearts ready to accept love? Now they talk about war, how many people are killed and who will win. This is the external coming of Christ, the rage of God, which is pouring for the sake of justice that exists. If love does not come, how this war will stop, how people will realize that what they are doing is the greatest crime. There is no law to judge a nation when it is fighting. That a hundred, two hundred thousand, one million people have been killed. How many millions of people are killed in Russia? How many millions of people are killed in Germany, in England, everywhere? We wait for God to put the world in order. If God puts the world in order and we are not in order, what shall we do? If Christ comes now, how will he find us? If Christ comes, as people believe, we will get a taste of the stick, heads will be cut. If the Christ of love comes, Who says, “Do not judge, so that you are not judged. You should love your enemies”, are we ready? Now we have to make room for God to reveal in us. If a housewife knows how to build up the fire, how to cook the meal, it is a shame to think how we must love. I watch someone come here and pick a pear. When you come with love, you will look at it, you will thank God, you will learn that this pear tree has given nice pears, it lives with love. You will say, “God, can you give me one of these nice pears, so that I can learn like it”. Then you will pick a pear and give thanks again. You will not fill your pockets with pears. This is the new way. I meet a person, I want to see what pears he has, what his look is. Light must glow in his eyes, soft light. When you meet a good man, he takes your suffering, you feel relieved, you feel joy in your soul, and there is nothing to trouble you. You expect someone to come from outside to help you. It is good and he will come. But after someone helps us, we must also go and help. While a man is ill it is right for others to help him, but when he recovers, he must go and help, too. What I like most about singing is that when someone is singing, nobody asks if he is a king, if he is rich or poor, but it is important if he sings well. There are three things that matter for us. We need people, who think well, who feel well, who act well in the full sense of the word. Or people, who have beautiful thoughts, beautiful feelings and beautiful deeds, or people who have no weakness. When you look at the people nowadays the nose is not in its place, the eyes are not in their place, the eyebrows are not in their place, the arms are not in their place. It is difficult to meet a beautiful person. You say: The future generation. The future generation comes from the present generation. You will become singers when you sing well. If you listen to the crows cawing, what singers will you be. Everybody says that the world is bad. No, the human world, which the people have created, has weaknesses. God’s world is the one that lives in the air that we breathe, in the light that we perceive, in the water that we drink. Let’s thank God for the light that penetrates the human mind. Let’s thank God for the feelings that penetrate the heart. Let’s thank God for every deed, so that our life will be filled with gratitude for the great love that pours onto us every day. We have read from Chapter 13 of the First epistle to the people from Corinth. When you study love, take the last place. The mistake is that when the people come to study love, they take the first place. You can never understand love if you do not take the last place. Two things in the world are important: the great big in the world and the great little in the world. God is in these two things. The great big comes down, it grows smaller. It cannot be big. In the great little the striving is upwards, it goes up. The great little strives at the great big and the great big strives at the great little. Now we live in the great little, but we strive toward God, and God strives toward us. God strives toward us to lift us. And how must the great little live? You all strive; you have such a striving toward God, you all want to be big, to rule the world. These are God’s deeds. For example a minister issues an order: This and that must be done. The minister issues an order to the teachers to do this and that. He cannot fulfil it, thousands and thousands of teachers must fulfil it. If these teachers are stupid what will happen? Thousands and thousands of teachers in the primary schools, secondary schools, and high schools have to know how to implement this order. Now God sends his thought, we have to know how to deliver it. If everybody only cites the order of a minister, this and that must be done, they are only citing. To me it looks like the following: You have to know, to write the notes. You are given a song, you rewrite it, and other people rewrite it. This is an order of the minister. It is rewritten. This song must be sung. Every teacher in place sings the song, the given order. We are talking about love. Whoever loves will sing the song; he will show the people where love is. There is a little hypocrisy in love. There is a little gluttony in love. Hypocrisy and gluttony are two extremes. A young maid closes her eyes; she does not want to reveal that she thinks a lot about others. She wants to show that she looks at nobody. And it is not like that. She looks at many lads, but tries to show that she looks only at him. It is not so, it is not true. A person in this case must have one thought. The maid must say, “I am for the most handsome lad. He is my sweetheart.” She says, “He can be ugly”. Then there is no ideal. Love cannot manifest without an excellent thought. Love cannot manifest without an excellent feeling. Love cannot manifest without an excellent deed. Love cannot manifest without a healthy body. Love cannot manifest without a tender hand. For love, we must have excellent legs. When you go somewhere, there must not be any creak in the legs. When you go, you say, “My knee hurts.” When you go to serve God, there must be singing: your legs must sing, your toes must sing, your knees must sing. Your heart must sing, your lungs must sing. Music must be heard everywhere. A song for the performance of God’s Love must be heard from one end of the world to the other. Now you say, “I have a headache”. This is one unorganized world. I say, “The new that comes in the world, it is in the voice.” The new that comes in the world, it is in the thought. The new that comes in the world, it is in the heart. The new that comes in the world, it is in our soul. Now everybody must listen to his mind, must listen to his heart, must listen to his soul and must listen to his spirit. This is the call, this is the language of God, who turns to us now. (The motto.) On 19th October (Thursday) 1944 Master Douno leaves the village of Marchaevo and comes back to Sofia, Izgreva. (After Boyan Boev „Letters to the friends“, 7th February 1951) Source
  22. Note 1 Life Realities XVII lecture of the Master held on 5th November, Sunday, at 10:00 h. a.m., 1944, Sofia, Izgreva The new age that is coming now has no need to prove itself and to convince people about its existence. The sun does not need philosophers to prove that it exists. How big it is, what does it do, there is no need to prove this. Philosophers are necessary when the sun sets down. Prophets are necessary when the sun sets down. Mothers and fathers are necessary when the sun sets down. When the sun rises everybody must be at work. A new credo is needed. What is reality? Over the real is the hyper-real, and according to the philosophers over the real is the unreal. The unreal - this is the hyper-real. When you read the Bible you see that God has created the world out of nothing, i.e. out of the hyper-real. Now we have to study the language of humanity. Since we study many languages, we speak in many dialects, there are contradictions and misunderstanding. How will you prove that a body is burning? The warmth that the body emits speaks rather convincingly. Can you convince a man that the cold stone is warm? Can you convince the man that the burning body is cold? You can try to convince him, but you will not succeed. According to the old methods, people are aiming to prove that God exists. This proving must be left aside. – Where is God? – Where Love is. – Where is God? – Where Wisdom is. – Where is God? – Where the Truth is. – Where is God? – Where there is life. – Where is God? – Where there is knowledge – Where is God? – Where there is freedom. – Where is God? – Where there is movement. – Where is God? – Where there is learning. – Where is God? – Where there is work. It is not necessary to prove the good things, and we are trying to prove there is God. Everybody considers proving the existence of God to the people a privilege. The sun does not need any proofs. It shines. Even the smallest creatures feel its presence. The whole nature is a high school for the human soul and the human spirit. It is a school not only for the people, but also for all creatures that live in the nature. Now you want to know what will happen to you when you get old and when you die. Everybody wants to know if there is another world. Where will a man go after his death? Who believes says that he will go to the other world. When the ice melts where does it go? Does it go to heaven? When the ice melts it goes down from the mountain to the valley. Not only does not it climb higher than itself, but it goes lower. The delusions of people are due to the density of the unorganized matter. The human unorganized thoughts of the past are reflected upon them. That means, the good and the evil are inherited, therefore it is said that whatever a man has inherited, this is what he manifests. It is said about someone “Let’s pray to God to enlighten him.” What a man shows, this is put in him – it cannot be easily removed. There are two categories of people; one of the categories stands behind the concept that there is God, and the other category – behind the concept that there is no God. Those who support the idea that God exists live as those who support the idea that God does not exist. Those who say that God exists eat and drink as those who reject His existence. Those who support the existing of God breathe as those who do not acknowledge Him. These two categories of people stand at two poles. One of the categories stands at the light side of the world that is lit by the sun; the second category stands at the dark side of the earth, which is not lit by the sun. Since the earth goes around itself, those who have been unbelievers become believers; those who have been believers become unbelievers. When you are dressed in nice clothes, you become a noble man, an erudite; when the nice clothes are taken off from you, you are considered an ordinary, uncultured man. If you have nice shoes, you are considered a man of culture, if your shoes are plain, worn out, you are considered an uncultured man. Let’s thank the Nature that is has given us five open doors through which we get in contact with it. Let\s thank for what we perceive with our eyes; for what we perceive without ears; for what we perceive through our sense of smell – with our nose; for what we perceive with our mouth; for what we perceive with our hands and legs. – What is real? – Real is that what I walk with; real is that what I touch with; real is that what I eat with; real is what I perceive with my sense of smell; real is what I hear; real is what I see. But there is another reality, higher than this. Real is what I feel inside me; real is what I think about; real is what I can do in every particular case. There are two realities: The one is a relative reality – of the ill people. The other is an absolute reality – of the healthy people. If you go to an ill person, he will talk to you scientifically about his leg that his knee cannot fold. The healthy person does not put himself in the place of the ill person. The healthy person, who has never been ill, cannot put himself in the shoes of the ill man; he does not know what pain is. The ill man says, “If you could have my experience!” – Thanks, I don’t want to have your experience. A Bulgarian from the Varna region, from the village of Nikolaevka, told me how he had travelled one day in his cart, drawn by two horses. Some time, he saw a boy walking after the cart and begging to get on, to put his bags in the cart, because they were heavy. He stopped the cart and told the boy, “Take the reins, I will get off for a while and we will go then in a while”. When the boy caught the whip, he hit the horses and the man had to run after him two kilometres until he managed to catch him. You will take a child in your cart, get off for a while and then you will have a peculiar experience. There is no need to tell about that kind of experience – you imagine what it is. When in winter time you are taken your quilt or your clothes, what will be your experience? You will feel cold and you will understand that you have lost much. If it is summer time, you will not feel great loss. The contemporary people should not lose the reality that the state of their health gives them, that makes them sound. A call this reality – reality of the virtues of humanity. Today the powerful word is not “God’, but humanity. Humanity is required from everybody. If in your humanity you do not love your fellow-mate, if you do not love your father, if you do not love your daughter, if you do not love your son, if you do not love your friend, if you do not love your servant, if you do not love all animals that serve you, what is the greatness of man in? If you take a minister down from the reality in which he is, where does he go? Has he gone to the other world? Now in Bulgaria all ministers that have ruled for four years are under trial. They have made a mistake, for which now they are being judged. Will they send them to the other world? Now they are discussing when they condemn them, how will they execute them – by hanging or by shooting. All people are scared. And let the ministers say, “Bothers, we have made a mistake, forgive us. We will correct our mistake in the future, not only in words, but by our deeds.” I give a piece of advice: Instead of sentencing them to death, they should send them to a village to serve for five years to a good villager. The minister should get up early, put the horses to the cart and go to the field to plough. Moreover, he should work not only for the host, but also for the whole village. And the minister is required to be a model servant. This idea cannot be applied now, but in the future. When a professor makes a mistake, he should become a servant; when a teacher makes a mistake, he should become a servant; when a student makes a mistake, he should become a servant; when a religious person makes a mistake, he should become a servant. Everybody should offer his services voluntarily and say, “I did not fulfil God’s law, I want to serve for no money; I will serve you for a whole year only for bread, I will be a model of a good servant.” Now you ask the question how is it possible to serve for no money. It is not bad to serve for money, but it is not bad to serve for no money, too. When it is about serving for no money, you are discontented. Say, what impels the mother and the father to serve their children? What is the base of the institution of married life? There love manifests and they serve for no money. What does the marriage lie on? There the man and the woman serve to each other without money. One sacrifices, and the other sacrifices. The entire dispute, all the difficulties come from the fact that the woman does not work according to her promise and the man does not work according to his promise. It is not easy to serve with love. I am talking about the family as a great thing, as a noble institution. For it great knowledge is needed. The man must be a virtuoso to live well in his family. You see how difficult compositions some fiddlers play. You listen to the ninth symphony of Beethoven or the sixth symphony of Tchaikovsky and you see that ordinary fiddlers cannot perform them. Great musicians are needed. To play something by Beethoven or Tchaikovsky all musicians must be good. All members of an orchestra must have knowledge. I say, the whole humanity is composed of choir singers and instrumentalists, sent on earth to sing and play. If you speak, you are a singer; if you write, you are a singer; if you walk, you are a singer; if you work, you are a singer. When you work with love, you are a singer and a musician. I watch if a man makes some sound or noise when he is walking. If he makes a sound, I say, “This man is a musician”. If he makes noise, I say, “This man is a beginner; he has hardly entered the school, he cannot walk yet. He cannot take the tones in the right way. A man who works, who can sew, who can write is a musician. The experienced poet and writer has something musical in him. The one, who is not musical writes and erases until finally he tears the paper off and says, “There is no way out!” The Genesis provides three possibilities for the man: To move in the real, to move in the unreal and to move in the hyper-real. When you come to love, you will not ask what it is, but you will say, “I have the right to love” I will do my duty, my task without any law. How will I love, this is my business. What paper I will write on, what envelopes I will use, this is my business. Nobody has the right to intervene in my business. Who can read will open the envelope and read in the way he can. Every person has the right to be part pf reality and hyper-reality – to be wise. Who is a wise man? – The one who does not make mistakes. – What is love? – Power that does not admit hate. In love everything is beautiful. Every man has the right to be part of hyper-reality, to love the truth. – What is the truth? – A place where there is absolutely no lie. The truth is a place where there is eternal harmony, the eternal goods of life. We call this bliss. A man can express himself in truth as he wants to. This is the eternal life, this is immortality. Who loves the truth, he is immortal. Now we dwell on what Christ said two thousand years ago. What Christ said two thousand years ago was for the people who lived then, it is not for us. Why didn’t they believe in that reality? Christ must come today to talk to the people again. What will he talk? If he comes today, Christ will not cure only one ill person, but he will cure all ill people; he will feed all hungry people; all stupid people will become clever; he will bring together [reconcile] all people who quarrel. If Christ comes today, he will open all prisons, he will give freedom to everybody; he will teach all the people how to work. – How will he teach them? – As the sun teaches all plants and little bugs to work. When the sun rises, every plant already knows what to do; when the sun rises, every little bug knows what to do. You say, “Let Christ come, to see Him, to fix the world.” Imagine that Christ has come but you are blind and you do not see Him; you are deaf and you do not hear Him; your smell is attenuated, you perceive nothing from the external world; your tongue is ill, you cannot teat; your legs are weak, you cannot walk; your hands are ill, you cannot work. In this situation what will be your benefit that Christ has come? Christ has come, but you cannot learn. What do you gain if you do not love anybody and nobody loves you? All abnormalities in the world are due to the fact that love is not manifested. If love shows [manifests] itself, all things will be put in place. The airplane moves thanks to the electricity that drives the engines. If electricity is cut, the airplane stops. The locomotive moves thanks to the coal. If there is no coal, the locomotive stops moving. The people die, too, i.e. they stop moving due to their silly deeds. They have created such laws by which they torment each other. And after all this, they talk about culture. What of a culture it is? The earth still does not offer a world of harmony. It is just coming out of the disharmonious world and enters into the harmonious one. The future mankind that is coming now is a candidate for the new sky and for the new earth, for the new freedom, for the new order of things. The first article of the new constitution says: You will love the people with no money. The second article of the new constitution says: You will teach people for no money. The third article of the new constitution says: You will work for the people for no money. Is this possible? – It is possible. How much do you pay the little river that waters your garden? If the little river can do you a favour for no money, why a man cannot do the same thing? A man can also do s favour for no money, but he needs knowledge how to do it. If the river is muddy and hardly runs, even if it wants to do you a favour, it cannot. The man needs knowledge. Now I don’t want you to lose heart with your life. A man gets discouraged when his shoes get worn out; a man gets discouraged when his clothes are worn out, when he cannot use them for work; a man loses heart when he gets old, when his hair turns white. He says, “My hair has turned white, I have grown old.” – This is the greatest good that God has given you. The white hair shows that you have to be absolutely unselfish. You must understand what God tells you by your white hair. If you do not understand, you say, “My hair has turned white, I have grown old.” God tells you, “Now with your white hair you will go to the people to serve them for no money, to work selflessly, to show them what love is. And you say, “My job is over.” And you expect to go to the other world, to be helped by the angels. You are blessed if this happens in the way you have expected and thought. You are unhappy if it happened in the way you haven’t thought. Often the people – young and old, temporarily lose their conscience like the Russian king who has fallen in lethargy. The power of his heart has stopped and he was like dead. The doctor concluded that his heart does not work, it can start again but you have to know how to help yourselves. At that time the eyes of the man are closed and he feels everything, he hears everything that the other people around him say. The king was engaged. The father comes with his daughter, the king’s fiancée. The father said to his daughter, “You must cry, to show that you have loved him” – There is no use to pretend, I have loved him because of necessity, as a king, but now I cannot pretend that I love him. What was the situation of the king listening to the conversation between the father and the daughter? So even if you are a king, the people may not love you. You say, “To be beautiful!” – Even if you are beautiful, the people may not love you. Do the people love the beautiful hen? They catch it for the throat, put the knife over it and try its meat. Do the people love the beautiful pig? They love it when they take it into their stomach. This is another reality yet. Reality has several degrees: reality, unreality and hyper-reality. Reality is in touch with hyper-reality, hyper-reality is in touch with love. Hyper-reality is in touch with life. The movement is a result of life. So, through the movement we have access to life. Also we have access to life through learning and through work. The real life is in the movement, and in learning, and in work. People do not make a difference between things that give access to life. Access is when we have the conditions to show [manifest] life. As a rule, the people should know what the task of the whole humanity is. They also have to know what the task of the tree is. The task of the tree is to preserve all its leaves, not to let a single leaf to fall from it. Sometimes a leaf can fall, but only if it is in favour of something. What will happen to the tree if all leaves fall down? – Life stops, i.e. the access to reality is cut. A tree whose leaves fall down cannot give fruit. Until the leaves are on the tree, it can have blossoms and set fruit. When the leaves are fallen down, it cannot have blossoms, neither can it set fruit. Do you think that a man who is ill can serve God? Do you think that the discouraged man can serve God? You can get discouraged, but if you take certain experience out of it. If every time you get discouraged your conceptions are wrong, you have to stop and make them right. People get ill for the only reason that nature stops them in life to come in full consciousness to learn what they should do. Somebody is ill for a certain time and says, “The doctors have cured me.” He has given some thousand levs, he has some injections made, but when he makes the same mistakes, three-four months later he gets ill again. The injections are in place, but there have never been made so many injections to the people as now. Do you think that the people now are much cleverer than the people in the past? They are cleverer with respect to the fact that when they fill a notebook with writing, they say, “There is no room to write, the notebook is already full” When you say this, you feel free. I say, our notebooks of suffering are almost overfilled. A lot of suffering! There is no need of them anymore. Some people say that they will suffer in the other world, too – there is hell there. The great theologians and preachers say that as long as it is necessary for the water on earth to evaporate drop by drop, so many years will the man suffer in hell. This is a wrong philosophy. Hell is a school to correct people. God has created hell for the stubborn and self-willed spirits, when they spend some time there, their stubborn heads to grow wiser. When they get up, God takes them out with his pincers and says, “Let’s get to work now!” Who does not understand why he has been sent to hell says, “God, thank you that you have sent me here in the warm air.” God answers him, “According to me you are not in hell not to be in a warm place, but to learn. Did you learn how to correct your life?” Hell is a place for correcting your life, and the present life is a place to work, for the good of the people. This is the new conception. They say that God has made hell. Who has He talked to? Whom has He told this? God has never talked to anybody till now. You will say that the Spirit has talked to somebody. What has he told him? If the Spirit tells somebody to love people, I understand it; if he tells him to enlighten people, I understand it; but if he tells him to give freedom to the people, I understand this, too. The Spirit tells him to delude people, to hate them, and this is not human. This is an empty bag that needs to be filled up with new, fresh bread. A man came to me and began telling me about his situation: he was married, his wife was ill, he had three children. He was talking and wriggling his face in suffering. I listened to him and smiled. Then I told him, “Listen, my friend, why don’t you tell the truth? You are not married, you have no wife and no children. This is fantasy. Tell me the truth and I will give you more than when you lie to me. This is according to the old method. Tell me the truth in a new way. Say, “I am not married, I have no children, but I am hungry”. If you are alone, I will invite you in my home, I will give you a nice lunch. If you are alone, I will accept you better than if you have a wife and children. People lie, telling that they have wives and children to look weighty. What will I give that person? If I give him 100 levs, what will he do with them? – Nothing special. You cannot do anything with 100 levs. Give up the inherited possessions of your fathers and grandfathers. Give up the lie, even the white lie. Give up the old wealth of the past ages. Another wealth is needed now. I like one characteristic of the Bulgarian. When a gipsy comes to him in the field to beg, he makes him work. If he has come at nine o’clock, he will work till noon and then he will give him food. When the gipsy has food, he does not work anymore. But the Bulgarian does not pay him until he does not finish the work. The Bulgarian says, “First we will work, then we will eat.” – I am hungry. – I am hungry, too, I know that. The rule is: first we will work, and then we will eat. In the future it will be in the same way. If the man and the woman work, they eat. If they do not work, they will not eat. This is a law: We have to work in order to open a way for the good in life. Food is a great good. For the one who works, eating is in place. When you eat you must have one excellent thought, one excellent feeling and one excellent deed. If all the people have lived in that way, they would be young and beautiful like the angels. And now as you see, many people have white hair. Do you know why the hair of some people is black? Those with the black hair have their ground still barren, the wheat has not grown out yet, when it grows out, it will be green. Those with the white hair – the wheat is ripe, harvest is coming. When the wheat is reaped, the hair will turn black again. Thus there is a change, once white hair, then black hair. Some people are born with white hair. The white hair not always means old age. Often the hair turns white from suffering. This is a premature whitening of the hair. I advise you to take care of yourselves, so that your hair does not turn white prematurely. I do not support white hair. Your hairs should not fall off in advance. When the hair of a man gets white, this is normal anyway, but to have his hair falling off, this is not in the natural order of things. This shows that the head is ploughed up and unplanted. In this case you must be a hero. I would like your field to be planted so that you carry all the goods on your head. A great thing is coming for everybody. We have to realize that. The face of the present man, the head of the present man, the hands and the legs of the present man, as well as all parts, must be transformed. You can meet few people who are set up in the right way – they don’t possess the needed beauty. The face of the present man must exhale something good, life and light must come out of his head, as it comes out from the sun. What is the sun light due to? – To the creatures that live on the sun – to the sun residents. The most reasonable creatures live in the solar system. They distribute the sun energy all over the whole solar system, they decide how much and when to send. They know how many people live on the earth, they know their names. They know the Bulgarians, they know their budget. They know England, France, Russia – all countries. They know how many seas and oceans are there on the earth, how many bugs and plants there are – they know everything. I do not want to convince you about that – there is no need of convincing. In my opinion what exists – it exists and there is no need to be proved. If there is a reasonable form of life, it exists. If there is a sun, it exists; if there is no sun, it does not exist. Since there is a reasonable form of life, the sun shines. If there is no reasonable life, the sun will disappear. If there is no reasonable life, the earth will become dark, too. If the earth has not become dark till now, is because there is reason, there is a reasonable life. You say: The new influences. That is not the question. You know that something inside you, inside the very person, talks. Sometimes you are not satisfied with yourselves. – Why are you not satisfied? – Your Love is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves – your Wisdom is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves – your Truth is not in place. You are dissatisfied with yourselves – your life is not in place; You are dissatisfied with yourselves – your knowledge is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves – your freedom is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves – your movement is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves – your learning is not in place; you are dissatisfied with yourselves - your work is not in place. Do you think that it will be reasonable on my part if I take the scythe and mow the green grass? When the farmer sees this will he praise me? He will tell me, “Brother, why do you do such a stupid thing?” If I cause damage to the ripe wheat, will he praise me? But I should not touch the unripe wheat, too. Many of the contemporary people are confused, they don’t know when what to do. Everything can be done, but when the right time comes. Some people say to me, “Foretell something!” I would foretell many things, but it is not the right time now. Some years ago I foretold that there would be a war in 1914 and namely in that war Germany will lose. Then I warned the Bulgarians to hurry and make peace, but they did not listen to me. They chased me, they interned me. I used to say, “You can intern me, you can do whatever you want, but you will lose the war.” I have also foretold that the present war will happen. I have said that many towns, capitals will be stricken – Berlin, London, even Sofia. When I was telling these things, nobody wanted to listen to me. I did not think out these things, but I say that the people have brought the things to a crisis that cannot be avoided. I see a carter driving his cart very fast – about to break it. I see a train that is traveling with greater speed than it should – soon it can derail somewhere. This is very natural. You do not need great philosophy to predict this. When I see a car driving slowly, I know that no accident would happen. I predict to somebody that he will become poor. – Why? Because he spends more money than he should. I can predict to somebody that he will become an erudite. Why? – I see that the person studies, that he is diligent. There is something that is known for the man, without him realizing how it would happen. I also know that some things change, and some things do not change. Some things that are predicted happen; sometimes the facts change the prophecy. Do not think that the prophecy always comes true. Sometimes it comes true, sometimes it is late, and sometimes it does not come true. The one who can see far has strong eyesight. The one who does not see, his eyesight is weak – he does not know many things. All the knowledge is in eyesight. I see things well. God has given me this eyesight. Some people say about somebody else, “He is a prophet”. Who of you is not a prophet? In some respect you are prophets. I would like all people to be prophets, to see well and to see the good things. To see well, this is the prophecy. I am sorry when the people are not prophets. Then they are blind. Now I will foretell you something. Once I have told you something, now I will foretell you something else. I say, an age is coming about which the people have never thought. The world, the people will be so good, that you will not want to separate from earth. When this time comes, you will see by yourselves. – In how many years? – I will tell you in ten years. Now be safe and sound, but when you live to see these thousand years you will understand me as humans. Such good is coming in thousand years, what I am telling you will come true – you will check it. Consider the first day – the day of your spirit – a day in which the light has manifested. Consider the second day – the day of your soul, a day in which love has manifested. Consider the third day – the day of your mind – a day in which the knowledge has manifested. Consider the fourth day – the day of your heart – a day in which the conscious life has manifested. Consider the fifth day – the day of your will – a day of your strength that has come to help you. Consider the sixth day – a day of the Eternal Word that has lighted you up and made you a master of your destiny. Consider the seventh day – the day of God, the Eternal origin of everything – a day of nature from which we have to learn everything – a day of your rest when you serve all virtues. Remember that you were born to be wise [reasonable]. Do not give way to the unreason [madness]. Who will enter into the new age, i.e. in the future life? – Those who serve to Love; those who serve to Wisdom; those who serve to the Truth. Those who serve to life; those who serve to knowledge; those who serve to the freedom. Those who serve to the movement; those who serve to learning; those who serve to work – the future is for them. It is said [written] to be so. Note: This lecture is taken from the printed volume „The Testament of Love“ volume 2, pages 141–164, since it is missing in the State Archive. Source
  23. Note 1 Hidden Treasure 1924 year, XVI lecture from the youth class, 3rd November, 1944, Friday, 5:00 H a.m., Sofia, Izgreva The Lord’s Prayer. „Life is beautiful“. Who of you reads best? Who reads most distinctly to read lecture „The achievable and unachievable“ from „Path in life“. (A brother read the lecture.) Have you solved this task – the achievable and the unachievable? If you multiply something by one, what will you achieve? You must understand what is meant by the word achievable and unachievable. One of the words is negative – unachievable, or limited and unlimited, boundary and boundless. The achievable is boundary, the unachievable is boundless. If by the word “achievable” you understand that it is real, it is limited, it’s little. You have a limited loaf of bread, you eat it, and it is finished. In a day, the job with the bread is done. Should you have thousands loaves of bread, for how many days will you have them? How many years will thousand levs take you? So when the achievable things finish they cause suffering. When money is over it causes suffering. When you have money and it does not finish, you are glad. The river that runs away and turns into vapour causes suffering. The one that does not evaporate and does not dry out, you can always count on it. This is the inner sense. The achievable is limited; it is achievable for a certain moment. You solve just one task. There is not only one task in the world. There is countless number of tasks. The sense of life is in all the tasks. For example, let’s take the contemporary man. If we consider the contemporary man on earth only physically, it is one third of reality; if we consider him from spiritual point of view, it is two-thirds of reality; if we consider him from mental point of view, it is three thirds of reality. Three thirds is already a whole one. Everything that is whole one has processes. The whole things show and grow. When you divide a seed it does not grow out. When you sow it whole, it grows up. The whole things grow and evolve. What grows, grows always. For example, an apple tree – the tree could be old, and it withers up. Since it has withered, there is a number of sown little seeds. The life of a tree constantly passes from one form into another. This is not for the ordinary life. This teaching about reality is not for the ordinary life. You plough in the field and you would say, “This is not teaching, I do not need it to plough.” You will plough to get in. Where do you have to get in? From the real into the unreal. When you finish the field you say, “I have finished ploughing.” But you have not done the sowing. You have finished this process on earth. Now you remain in the spiritual world to plough. When you finish ploughing there, you will go into the mental world to plough there. After the ploughing, there will be sowing. The contemporary people think that the real is something, you do it and it is real. It is relatively real. What constantly changes, it is relatively real. Or let’s make a new interpretation. Some people replace the integer with a fraction. If you want the whole thing to appear, to replace a whole number with a fraction, it is impossible. If you cut one leg and you keep it, what will be the use of this leg? You keep this leg as a saint. If there was only one saint in the world, but there are thousands of saints. Does this saint have only one leg? Let’s say, how many hairs has the Providence put on the man’s head. Some have 150 thousand, some – 200 thousand, some – 250 thousand, others have 300 thousand, but they are few. Do you know what role does each hair play in the physical world? These are antennas. The hairs that are down at the ears are antennas for destruction. When you receive you settle down belligerently to fight. These cells give a flight of imagination. Someone says, “He is a clever man.” All powers reflect on him. Or these hairs that are on the centre of love to God, they are antennas. There are antennas everywhere; the head is full of antennas. When your antennas fall off, what happens? You cannot receive the impressions from the outer world. You say, “I cannot think anymore.” Not that you cannot think, but there are no antennas, you cannot receive impressions from outside. First, why do the hairs fall off? Because of discontent. You say, “God, why have you made them, I am sick and tired of combing this hair. The lice hide in the hair, can I have no hair, the lice have eaten me up.” Today you are discontent, tomorrow you are discontent, your hair falls off, there are no connections. You must have a very good comb. What is the comb? It is a science. The hairs must be parallel; the antennas must not be intertwined. When the hairs are intertwined, the things do not go right. Sometimes when you comb you are angry that you have dawn a hair; you take it and throw it on the ground. Do you know how much is an antenna on the head of a man? Ten million English pounds. 250 thousand hairs at ten millions each, and you sit and say, “I am a very poor man.” We are people who walk on the surface of the earth, we have all wealth stored and we say, “We are very poor people, we will starve to death.” There must be new understanding. When you get discouraged, put your hands on the hair. Sometimes people take their heads. Someone, without knowing, puts his hands on his head, holds his head with both hands. He says, “Wealth is in the head.” Take the sun, in what way does the sun dye? If you diffract the light, there are the colours; remove the prism and there is no colour. Take the birds, how have they learned to colour their feathers? Wearing the clothes, they constantly dye them. We first dye the clothes and just then put them on. These animals wear their clothes and wearing them, they dye them very beautifully. The law is as follows: when there is a thought in your mind, leave it to explain itself alone, do not want to turn it out, to study it. The thought must speak to you. Until you do not listen to it speaking to you, it will remain for you not understood. It is you that consider thoughts unreal things, you say, “A fantasy”. First, there are many saints, who have become saints from sinners. How did they become saints? They were sinners, they were in the world of sin. Then they said that the sin was not real. You live like a soldier, to fight. You fight this one, you fight that one. One day you become convinced that fighting does not work well. You start believing. What do you believe in? You start rejecting the war. Has the war finished? If you take a sheet of paper and you write down some poems, if you print these poems and give them to the people; or sometimes you, like some grocer, make a bag and put inside ten lumps of sugar and give the paper somebody. What is the value of this paper with the ten lumps of sugar? I have often found sheets of paper on the ground, the sugar eaten up and the paper thrown down. Many times I have met booklet with poems, staying in the pockets, being carried for years. One would take it out, read it, then put it again in the pocket. There is no sugar, there is nothing. The paper with the sugar, when sugar is eaten up, the paper is worth nothing; the other paper has no sugar, but it is valuable. The sweetness comes from the unreal world. By the word ‘unreal’ we understand the unlimited world, a world of all opportunities not yet manifested. Let’s say, you think if it is possible that one day the people become perfect. Is it possible that one day the people will not be at war? It is possible. The war will be changed with something better. The war is a very simple thing. I have watched the children; when they cannot open an object, they take it and hit it on the ground. They cannot open a bottle; they break it and it spills on the ground. We, the contemporary people very often break. You get angry and you break friendly relations. You say, “He has insulted me.” What is the insult in? If you believe that the lake that is 40 kilometres wide and the same size long, and someone has come and taken a cup of water from this lake, do you have to get angry? Your contemporary anger resembles these people with the rich lakes. And even asking how without my permission he has taken a cup of water from the lake. He must ask. When this water goes in the lake does it ask you whether to go in? You say, “He should have asked me.” The water has not in the least have asked you. It has gone in without having asked you. You say that the man should have asked you when he took the water. The water had gone in without asking you, and he dipped up a cup of the water that had not asked you. If you take a cup of water put in a bottle, then you should ask. The water that has not asked you and has gone in the lake and the man has taken some, he has no right to ask. It is not your business. You all suffer from pains. You take water from somewhere, and you are asked who had let you do it. Why haven’t you asked me? If we had to ask everywhere, what would happen? There is someplace where is no need to ask. When a man starts to the other world does he ask his relatives? When they start to the other world, do they ask? They don’t ask anybody. A student has left the university. When you finish school, you leave it. If he has left the school before graduating, then asking is needed. Why did you leave it? Because he cannot study. A student who stops studying, is he a student? At the moment you stop studying, you are not a student anymore. When you start studying, you are a student. So that, you are not students at all times. I will tell you a joke. A 90-year old man in Europe has studied at university for 70 years; at 90 he graduated university and went to the other world. Why had he studied for 70 years? This shows great perseverance. For 70 years he has shown great perseverance. The young people mocked at this old man, saying, “When will you finish?” He answered, “There is time.” Now I am asking, this old man who has studied for 70 years when for graduating University it takes four years, how many batches of graduates will be there? About 18 batches of graduates. This old man realized his mistake that when he studied on earth he has left the school many times, and now he says, “I will finish it.” How many years has he studied? For 70 years he has done his duty and said to himself, “I have to end this up.” These seventy years were missed. When he graduated, he was received to the invisible world. When he goes, he can come back from the invisible world. If he were not 70, he would not be taken. Now we have to do something on the earth. Acquiring a virtue is not an easy job. You talk about justice. What is justice? You perceive by intuition, you do not have to learn justice, you are born with it, you understand justice. Justice is what you understand. No one can teach you. What is taught is not justice. It can be something else, it can be honesty. Every person has his own understanding of justice. It is manifested internally. You have it as a given feature in you. Love falls under the same law. It is not something that can be learnt. You will learn the manifestations of love, but you will not learn the nature of love. It manifests by itself. If you want to explain it in a scientific way, your mind will be immediately darkened. When you study unreal things your mind is darkened. You ask what love is. It is mental derangement. You can never know what love is. Nobody knows what love is as a whole. As manifestation, yes, they know what it is. – What makes the bird feed its children with no money; what makes the mother work without money, what makes them do all the things and to feel pleasure in doing them, this is love. This is the rule: First the possible, then the impossible. First the achievable, then the unachievable. First the real, then the unreal. Not the unreal first, then the real. First must be the achievable, then the unachievable. This is how you have to think. The unreachable world and the unreal world are a very broad area in which the human mind works. The real is the known, the known world that becomes a measure for the unknown. I will read to you page 201 from „Path to Life“. /He read it/ Who does more work, the one who goes out or the one who goes in? The seed that falls in the ground does a great job. The seed that grows out does more work. So you cannot go out from where you have not gone in. Hence, another conclusion: you cannot go in where they do not love you. You cannot go out from where they do not want you. When some people do not want you, why they don’t want you? They give you the freedom to go out from the house. When they don’t want you in prison, you will go out. When they want you, you will be limited. They tell you to leave. What is bad about it that you have to leave? You have to leave, you have to go in the house. In winter there is snow, you can stay outside and you will freeze to death. So, in the bad conditions, get inside, in good conditions, go outside. In bad conditions you will go in prison, in good conditions you will go out of prison. These are interpretations. Someone says, “I suffer much” Suffering is in place. In the contemporary world first you worry about a nice book; you have no money to buy it. Then you have to learn what is in the book. Then you have to tell what it is inside. If you cannot remember what you have read, the other people will consider you ignorant, that you do not know how to read. Sometimes animals are considered to be stupid. The bear feeds well in autumn, so that when she hibernates in winter to eat from the reserves. She stores food in order to spend several months in hibernation. Sometimes you become emaciated like the bear. You have spent the time in hibernation and you have eaten all reserves. In spring you will go out to have some food, to get fat again. The hibernation period will come again. It can come many times. I say that sufferings will stop only in this way. When will the sufferings of the student be over? The teacher in music chides his student, he scolds him; when the student learns to play, the teacher does not scold him anymore. When we learn to sing well in life, sufferings will stop. Now we complain, but we do not play. What are sufferings? Not understanding the harmony of life. We, the contemporary people have the habit to put the gramophone record, to wind the gramophone up and it starts playing. The record is playing for itself. You must play like the record. Where will you put the gramophone needle on the man? The record has learnt from the man. This needle is put perpendicularly, when it hits down, it talks. The needle of a man, when he talks is put horizontally. The human tongue is a needle. When this needle moves, it forms all the words. The man speaks by a needle. You have to know how to wind up. The man is a record to wind it up. The language must be educated. Very often the records that talk do not have good needles and they rub off. The tongue also must be educated. Education is nothing else, but refining the tongue so that it can communicate very well, and transmit the tones of nature, musically. How many melodies do you have in the repertoire of your speech; with how many records do you operate? Some of you have two, three records; they talk with them in a very ordinary way. Some have 4-5 thousand records. When you put one record, do not use it again. To have three-four thousand records is wealth. For example, the earth can do just one favour; for one year it can go round the sun. If the sun did not move we would be discontented. The sun will make a tour, the earth will make a tour around the sun. The sun makes a tour for two hundred millions of years. To make one tour the sun needs two hundred millions of years; the earth needs one year. You cannot enter the tour of the sun if you have not been in the tour of the earth before. Every year when the earth goes around the sun, you are in an area, there is diversity. You never pass twice through one and the same place. In the whole space there is diversity and it is full of opportunities. There is wealth. When the earth goes, when the sun goes, the man draws from the wealth of nature. The conclusion is: In suffering you will achieve something. In all contradiction in your life, whatever they are, there is wealth. If you look at them, you will make use of them. Sing a song (“I can achieve“.) Only the bright path of Wisdom leads to Truth. In the Truth Life is hidden. Source
  24. Note 1 The Easiest Thing Year 1924, XVIII lecture from the general class, 8th November, 1944, Wednesday, 5:00 a.m., Sofia, Izgreva The Good Prayer. „Strength and health are wealth“. The first words that the man has said first are not long words; they are very short ones. They were made of voice and one sound. There is transitional knowledge; there is another knowledge that is constantly growing. There is knowledge that is like the snow, that melts; it increases in winter and decreases in summer. There is knowledge that is growing. It is like the fruit trees. There are many theories now. You also have theories; they are good. Theories are pictures, shadows. They are a movie. You should not talk to the ill person about nice clothes, nice shoes. It is essential. They say, “Clothes do not cost money. Even if you dress the ill man, he is still ill. If you put on him nice shoes, he is still ill. Until we reach the state to have health that is constant. Now health is transitory. For instance, you have a stomach-ache and you don’t know what the reason is. Sometimes you have a headache, you don’t know the reason. Sometimes you have pains in the back. The head and the stomach give directives to the illnesses. When the head suffers, the reasons are physical. When the stomach suffers, the reasons are spiritual. The stomach suffers when it is not pious, when it does not make God’s Will. And there are cases when the earthly things are not judged well. For example, you are a grocer and you take aside one lev for you, you have the brains to do it. You do not follow God’s Will; you think about material things. You get dressed but you want to be liked be the other people. A man must dress well to encourage the others for the good. A man must dress well not only to please the other people. A man to dress well, this is goodness. It is like the fruit tree, which must give fruits. Every tree is known by its fruits. A man is known by his clothes. What the clothes are, such is the man. It is not an easy thing to know how to dress. How will you dress? If you have attire and you have it stolen, what will you put on? You have some nice pairs of shoes and you have them stolen, what will you put on your feet? So I say: You all need a stimulus. Now people do not have one essential stimulus. There are stimuli but they are not essential. You have to know what to start first with. When you get up in the morning, what is most important? You will step with your feet on the ground. You want to read a book. You will take it with your hands. What is essential? It is when it comes to your mind to read a book, to know how to use your hands and legs, as a fiddler, who plays well. Everybody can play, everybody can sing. There is no person, who cannot play. If you love one person, when he sings to you, you like his singing, because love mends singing. If you do not love him, even if he sings and plays well, you find fault with him again. When you love him, everything is good. Often people say that there is egoism. If you would have a real love to yourselves, life would be right. If the man has the stimulus of love in him, he would not commit a crime. All crimes are due to external reasons. Let the man start now with the love to himself, to the Divine that is hidden in the man. If you start now, there will be an immediate change in all of you. Now you struggle with yourselves, with some of your hopes, you are constantly finding some faults. You expect when you go to the other world to correct yourselves among the angels, to become angels. Among the angels you cannot become angels. You have to learn. You have to know the word learning, how to get the learning, how to use it. Then, what direction to give to that knowledge of learning. I say: We shall start with the least obstacles. Not to leave now what you have. Somebody says, “We should renounce ourselves. This renouncement and denial is an internal process. It is a Divine process. Let’s say that you go to the market. You take money; you have copper coins and golden coins. In the choice it is important what money you will take. If you go to buy some material with copper coins, you have one disposition. If you go to buy with golden coins, you will have different disposition. Now you buy with paper money. There is no stability with the paper money. This shows that people have quite faith. It is not bad to believe in paper books. But in the Divine world things are real only when hyper-reality is on their side. The knowledge should not be like a paper book, it should not be like a coin that gets rusted and bears poison. And this is necessary. Many of you have had very nice voices. Because of lack of knowledge you have maimed the voice. You say, “Next time when we come to earth.” Next time when you come is a question. People are far from perfect in their religious understanding. For example, you say, “I serve God.” Every day you serve God, but you are not afraid of Him. Whatever you do 20 times in a day, you are not afraid, neither you have love. You have one God, you have made him like that. God is yours. He is the same as you are. Now what am I, if I love myself, then I will have that real image. “God made the man in his personification.” So, we have to exalt God’s image not in a mechanical way. It is a very easy thing. If you go to America, you can play all songs to some American, they also have their own songs, like the Bulgarians. They have a song called “Yankee do do”; when you start playing it, the American is absolutely delighted. This song is nothing special, it is an ordinary song. The American says, “Could you play “Yankee do do” for me?” The Bulgarian says, “Could you play for me the song “The forest has started crying” or “Stoyan was talking to his mom.” For Bulgarians this is a classical song; everybody knows it. Someone says, “Start singing a horo song. You stand up; you do not sing the horo songs. You don’t know how to dance them; it is not easy to dance a horo song. A have watched few dancers who could dance well. They dance in a classical way, musically, it is a real art. There is certain flexibility of the body. Not only to tramp with the whole foot and raise dust. Then, there are many things, we shake hands, we glance, we talk, but like an allegory, we make it willy-nilly, just to have it done. Well, it is not our fault. We wear certain clothes that have been imposed on us. Sometimes you go to buy a piece of clothing; the clothier will convince you that some colour is good. You have something in mind, but you have been convinced; later you are sorry that you have bought this cloth. It is the same as religion is concerned. Some things inside you are tuned in a certain way, but you feel that there is something wrong with what you believe in. You talk about love; you feel that there is something wrong in love. A man who has been leavened with love is very prudent, very careful. Some years ago we were traveling toward an eastern country and we were passing by a village. I said, “There is one good man in this village.” Since the whole sky is cloudy, there is one whole circle of clear blue sky above the village. This colour is because of the soul and the spirit of that man in the village. The good weather depends on the rational people. The fruits that are born on the earth depend on the rational people. All the good is due to the good people, who work. You say, “If we live well, what is it as we live? There will be fruits, rivers will flow, the ice will melt, the sun will shine well. If all the people would have thought in that way, if they would live in that way, this war would not happen. Now this war happened. Those who allowed it will correct it. To avoid wars in the future, the people must change their lives. To change the life, God has decided to change the sky and the earth. He has decided to put the old earth aside and to create new sky and new earth. A new earth, where there will be no sins and no vices; there will be no place for wars. With the earth and the sky that we have the war is unavoidable. Whatever you say, the war will come. Now, say a number from this book so to read /The King’s Way of the Soul/, there are about 344 pages. Choose a number, no matter what. One of you to give the number, the luckiest one; someone, who is the best among you. /He read the following on page 214: „As long as you live in the world of contradictions you have to know that you are under the law of suggestion. No one mortal, even no one immortal is free from this law”. – So it can be suggested. Because there is a difference between suggestion and inspiration. /The Master read the whole 115 page and continued on page 116 up to … “I say both to the men and women to take out their capital from the human banks and to put it in the Divine bank.” Now we live in an age where the banks go bankrupt. In the past war in America 12 thousand banks went bankrupt. (He continued reading.) “If they do not live well, the reason is that God is not among them. They believe each other, but they do not believe God and as a result they get disappointed. The contemporary humanity lives in lack of faith. If it comes to the official faith, everybody has such, but the head of the people has turned grey of official faiths.” Wherever you look now, there are millions of wounded people; some have a leg or an arm torn off, some has his eye taken out, there are different wounds. Why? You would say, “This is in duty, may be it is necessary for the fatherland.” So, I say, as we make this war due to suggestion because of people, if in the same way we would do what God wants, then what a big difference there would exist. Someone will ask how to love somebody. I will give you an example. If you want to try love, start with the bees. Take water to them. Find a nice flower, put it in water and place it where there are bees. This is love. The bees will perch on the flower and will drink water. They would not know; they would thank that the Providence, God’s Providence has been providential. This water is your love that manifests. And I say: All good things that we try, come to our mind, to our heart due to creatures that apply the law of love. Some day you are merry. You remember that state during your whole life. It is due to some creature that shows what real love is in. There are such states when God withdraws from the world and then darkness falls, the people do not recognize each other. You pray, you feel, God is not there. Someone says, “I am indisposed.” You are indisposed, there is some obstacle. Now, in the time of bombings how did you pray? If now you pray like that, the others will consider you insane. You shouted in your prayers to cry down the din from the shells and bombs that were falling down; you competed in shouting. You said, “Get away; do not burst around us’. Leave these people pray. I say, they pray very well. Now it seems to you funny. You say, “Aren’t we educated”. I wonder for one thing. We cannot do the easiest thing in the world. There is nothing easier than love. It is the easiest thing. The flies know how to do it; the plants know how to do it. We, the people cannot do it. Love first manifests God, than itself. Finally it manifests the others. Or first you should manifest God’s love. It should manifest itself in you as it is. If you take a prism and drive the ray through it, is it you who create the light. You diffract the light, but you do not make the colours. You have the prism, you diffract the light, and you make an image of a scene. Somebody says I cannot do this. You cannot do it by yourself, but when you put the prism, the light gets diffracted. You put the other prism, the light gets together. It depends on us to put the prism. The prism in this case is our mind, through which God’s Love must pass, so that we can see it. Do you paint the wall with the prism? You can project the light on the wall; the red colour does not become an image. So, love does not become an image in us. As far as it exists, there are images [scenes]; when it withdraws, all images disappear. Love does not leave its image anywhere. You cannot tell love “Leave this for us.” It does not leave the images that it uses. It can show you all its images, but it will never leave an image. You want to separate something from love. Love is something inseparable. So, you have to be an artist, to remember that image and make a drawing, if you are a poet or if you are a tailor and you sew a piece of clothing with a feeling of love, the person who wears this cloth will consider it a relic. When he puts it on, he will be joyous. If somebody sews a piece of cloth for you with love, you say, “I like this cloth.” You like it because it is spun with love, it is woven with love and it is sewn with love. When you put it on with love, you enjoy the cloth. Some of you have such love clothes. Now I am not talking to you about the most difficult things, but about the easy things, which even the flowers know. You are yet to learn them. For example, when you pick a flower, it does not feel not in the least as the man. Since it is done with love, it says “Next year I will bloom, I will not take anything.” The flower is never angry. Since flowers are the exhibition of angels, in this case do not damage the exhibition of the angels. Therefore, do not pick flowers. When their exhibition is over, then you can pick them. When you pass by, pay your respects; rational creatures have put the exhibition; and you pass by, and pick up. There is no education in us. You say that behind that flower there is a rational creature. The odour that you feel is not its. This odour is of that creature. The flowers are connection between people and angels. The plants are connection between angels and people. The mammals that plough for us, the sheep, the white oxen, the black buffalos, they are connection between archangels and people. The ox ploughs for you because of the archangels. He says, when he looks at them, “I have come for them, out of love.” So, I say “If we see the archangels behind the big oxen, what would be our situation?” After you have poked the ox or the buffalo, if this archangel comes up and you see him? If he says, “If now I apply the same rule, to poke you”, what it would be then! I have often drawn a conclusion. The ox ruminates, but he has goad marks on his back. He says, “It’s nothing. This is the understanding of people.” He looks and says, “They will learn. When they are put in our place, they will learn.” When you begin suffering, you will learn. But when you begin to rejoice, you will learn again. We learn in suffering and we learn in joy, as well. We learn in love, too. Love is the best teaching. Wisdom is there, it is teaching. The old clothes will be used again; the dry trees will be needed for the fire. Since love starts with minor things, you all aim not to lose you dignity. If the people know that you are going to bring water to a bee, they will say, “He is out of his mind. The bee has winglets, why should I go and bring water to the bees; people are hungry and thirsty, I do not go to the people, but to the bees. A man, who does not go to the bees, does not go to the people, either. There is the law: The big things are made of the little things. The big trees are made of the little seeds. We think that after thousand years these big trees are great. The big rocks are made of little specks. The whole earth, where we live, is made of the little specks. Some of you, when you get up in the morning and you look at the sun, have you said to the sun, “From now on I want to be like you. As you are at work from the moment of rising, I want to follow your way. I want to become friends with you.” The sky is not always clear. There are clouds. The rays penetrate through the clouds. Some want us always to be happy and merry. Sometimes the light that comes out of our sun, out of our soul will darken. This should not disturb you. What makes the darkness is not close to the soul, it is far. The clouds that dim the sun are not near the sun, they are on the earth. The Bulgarians have a song called, “Dear flower, nice flower”. This song cannot be corrected by any Bulgarian. If you decide to correct it, it will turn into something different. You talk something different about the dear and nice flower. Make another poem, a better one. Leave this dear and nice flower, as it has grown out. (He turned to brother Simeonov) Can you play this song? – (Yes, I can.) The brother played “Dear flower, nice flower”. It is a spiritual song. Our brother played it, who can sing it so freely? If his voice would tremble, if he would be afraid, he should stay back. Let the good one stand up and sing, as to the little children. It is evident that since the hall is not heated, the audience is not disposed, and you cannot sing. Now I will play for you, when I am most indisposed to play. Now, I will not play something classical. (The Master played something Bulgarian.) This Bulgarian has freed himself of all his old things, saying “I quit everything. When I sing, I will sing.” Let me play for you the song “Dear flower, nice flower” /The Master played the song, then he played a merry Bulgarian motive/. Because of the nice word, let me play for you when I am indisposed. The word ‘indisposed’ is a collective word. When the young man gets married and has children, he becomes very indisposed. (While speaking he wrapped his fiddle and put it in the case.) When I take care for the fiddle, it plays. If I do not take care for it, it does not play. I choose page 91. (The Master read from the end of page 90, starting from “There are two types of saints: one of them are crotchety, the others are not crotchety…” – he read page 91 and continued on page 92 up to “In order to come to this situation, the old way of understanding must be changed, the whole philosophic thought of the mankind should be changed”.) So, I say: One of the easiest things is to come. What does it cost you, when you pass by just to smile a little? How much energy will you spend? Or what does it cost you to greet your friend, to say a good word to him. Your friend will be delighted during the whole day. It is not that you should grin. The reason is that you have nobody to love. There must be someone to love. The difficulty is in that. It is not that the man does not know to eat. Stoyan has no baked bread; why don’t to cook for him? He says, “I cannot eat.” You cannot eat, there is nothing cooked. It must be cooked now. You have to cook it. There is nothing cooked and you want somebody to smile at you. You first must give such an example. You want that smile; you want good hand-shaking. Give an example of that hand-shaking. But you have forgotten this. You know how to smile. There is no one of you who does not know. But since you value the smile highly, therefore you do not show it. You show the other ordinary expressions of the face. Since this is expensive, you keep it in reserve. Start with the best that you have. When a flower grows up, it blooms. The nicest thing is the blossom. The blossom is the most beautiful form. Then it knits and then the fruit gets ripe. I say, “The smile – this is the blossom of the human soul.” After that smile the best fruit will be born. If you do not smile, you are not in blossom and there can be no fruit. I am talking about all achievements of man. There are thousands of achievements that he must reach. Now we are talking about Love. We come here, it is not here either. We bear certain love. When you look at me you might never think that I can play such a Bulgarian song. I am interested in music. I have made it smooth, it is a valuable thing. Somebody has put his soul in this song. Somebody has changed it, but there is something of genius in it. It is us who create everything. There are things, created by God; there are great things, created by people. We should fulfil these Divine things and those that are created by people. Then after we explore this, we will create something, too. Those who come after us will study our things. Now three young sisters can sort how many words are repeated, how many of them are diverse, and how many of them are the same. We will see which of this you are most interested in. It is very important, it is an urge, it is power. Who of them will you nominate? The young people should learn to work. Come one, Teofana, Vesela Nestorova and Siyka Dinova. They will write on a good piece of paper. Then you will be good to give them back to those, who have written them. Let’s see how many words they have written and how many times some of them are repeated. Here we have the most powerful words that you have written. „The Lord’s Prayer“. Source
  25. Note 1 The Weak and the Strong XIV lecture, held on 29th October, 1944, Sunday 10:00 a.m., Sunset - Sofia The Lord’s prayer. „It was the Speech at the beginning“. I will read Chapter 15 from Joan’s Gospel. It is a small part of a big lecture of Christ. It is not even a summary. When you read this chapter, you have to read it often in order to connect it to the whole lecture. This is just one window and we have to move to different windows in order to see the whole lecture. The man on earth does not have only one-two eyes. (The Master read the specified chapter). „The Spirit of God”. The shortest sentence that contains the sense of life and that we can translate into Bulgaria is the following: There are only two people in the world, they are the strong and the weak, the extremely strong and the extremely weak. You can ask how they come to terms [reach an agreement]. There is a law to which both of them serve. If the extremely big does not fulfil God’s law, he starts growing smaller and if the extremely small fulfils God’s law, he becomes bigger. If one of them when not observing God’s law gets smaller, the other one observing God’s law gets bigger. This is according to the law – there is a constitution. When you start getting smaller you have to know that your things are not according to God’s law. When the big starts becoming smaller, he has violated God’s law. When the small starts getting bigger, he has fulfilled God’s law. In this lecture Christ says, I am the vine”. The man is a creature made of two living trees. The roots of one of the threes are in the brain and the branches grow downwards into the body. The other tree has its roots in the sympathetic system and its branches grow upward. Where they meet there are two types of fruits. One of the trees represents the extremely big, the other tree represents the extremely small. It is the heart. It is the very little man. This little man that fulfils God’s law, he gets bigger. The big man that does not observe God’s law becomes smaller. Because it is not in the size. It is a measure. Because everybody can become big and everybody can become small. If you regret that you are small, it is to blame yourself, you have not fulfilled God’s law. If you are happy that you are growing, you are getting bigger, you fulfil God’s law. These are the two laws here, on earth. The little never gets ill. Only the big people get ill and they suffer. They suffer for the only reason that they do not observe God’s law. It is not that they do not want to, but sometimes they become deities. The contemporary people say, “What is new?” everybody is interested what the next order will be. What will be the order? Till now people have been in an unhealthy condition, abnormal. First they must be cured form the invisible world to recover their health. From now on there will be doctors of the healthy people. Now when people say that an aristocrat has three servants, he is sick. They have bent over his bed, not to die. Now you want someone to serve you. You are a sick person. In the world only when a man serves out of love, it is a healthy state. Whatever other serving there is, whatever other belief there is, whatever other science there is, they are abnormal states of the human spirit. They say, “He is an erudite”. I want to know if he is normal, if he is healthy, is it out of the law of love. Now I am talking about the love that gives life, in which life is born. You must have this in mind – what life comes from, it is love. This is the shortest definition of love. We say that love creates it. Life comes out of love because the Scripture says that love is the fruit of spirit. Someone of you may regret that you are not educated. In some respects I am happy that some people are ordinary and not educated, because sometimes it is better for a man to be ignorant, not to have time to do evil. In order the man to love, he must be educated. To have knowledge, he must be educated. To be free, he must be educated. Sometimes knowledge limits the man. Now, for example, sometimes somebody says, “I feel like that.” Feeling is not the same measure. You feel that you have will, but this hardly shows that you have will. You may feel that you are rich, but this hardly shows your wealth. After you lose your wealth don’t you feel that you have lost it? After you lose your knowledge, don’t you feel it? Someone says, “I am suffering”. He is a measure. Faith is independent of the human feelings. It is a conscious feeling. In the worst circumstances the man has stronger faith than when he has the best conditions. The ill person can have stronger faith than the healthy one. The healthy person may have a strong disposition inside, but this is another question. The ill person believes that he will get better, that the illness he has will pass away. Christ says that the people are sticks. He says that He represents the vine and we are the sticks on this vine. Therefore everybody must be well engrafted. He must take care of his graft. Because people on earth suffer, because illusions suffer. More than 20 years ago in Bulgaria the vines were overrun with phylloxera. And all the people had to engraft the local vine. The local vine was better than the one that was brought from America. They have brought the phylloxera with it. I say, “What does the phylloxera show?” why did the vineyards suffer from the phylloxera? The contemporary war, the contemporary hard-headedness of mankind, it is the phylloxera of the minds, of the souls of the people, of the hearts of the people. I make an analogy. In France the vines were exterminated, in Bulgaria too, everywhere where the phylloxera crept in, the war also crept in. There is a correlation between the man and the vine. When the vine is ill, people are ill, too. When the vines grow, people grow, too. I say, do not think that if a forest in a village has dried up, it is good for the villagers or for the people. When the trees of a nation get dry, it is not good for these people. There is some relation with them. When your leg begins to hurt, what does it show? First your leg begins to hurt, it shows that you have lost the base with respect to that basic life. You your leg may hurt somewhere, your eye may hurt, your arm may hurt, this shows that the base of life has been violated. What do we have to do? When a tradesman goes bankrupt what should be done? His friends who love him need to give him credit. Who goes bankrupt must be credited. The credit is the world is the love. Anyway, there must be someone to credit them, no matter if he is known or unknown. You have four or five friends, and they are the people who know you. May be you live on earth for the love of your unknown friends in the wide world. Now some of you, who place themselves on the materialistic ground, say, “Here is life”. I agree that life is here, but every materialist must develop his eyesight to cover the entire earth, to see everywhere. To see America, Africa, Asia, Australia. To see how all the people live. This is life. He sees a small part and says, “This is life”. You see ten or twenty trees, is this the world? You see some ten bugs, is this the world? You see some ten cows, sheep, is this the world? What does world mean? The world is what we see. There are a lot of arguments if there is another world or not. You are in the other world, you are in this world, too. If you do not live well, it is only this world left, the not understood one. But if you live well there is also the other world. There are two worlds and when they come together, they form one world. One world cannot make two worlds. Two worlds can make one world. One world cannot be made of two worlds. You will say, “God is one”. I would like the contemporary philosophers to understand the only God in a different way. All creatures live in God. Everything lives in this one. Before you were born you had been in Him, as the wheat seed is in the barn of the farmer. He takes it out, plants it in the ground. The seed would say, “Now I have come”. Did the seed appear now? It has been in the barn of the farmer and he planted ii in the ground. We must not support who is on the right side. That grows is on the right side. The small one that grows bigger is on the right side. The ignorant, who educated himself, is on the right side. The erudite, who in his old years is stranded, who forgets, he is on the wrong side. The strong, who gets ill, is on the wrong side. The rich, who gets poor is on the wrong side. You are strange when some of you says, “I don’t want to give my wealth”. You do not understand what wealth is. For example, you have 20 thousand kilos of brass, it is a pretty big wealth to have 20 thousands kilos. You say, “Why do I have it, I do not need it”. You change it for gold. How many kilos will be the gold? Twenty thousand kilos, a whole caravan must carry it. When you change this wealth with gold, you can carry it yourself. People do not understand. Deny yourself of your stupidity. Deny yourself of your ignorance, deny yourself of your greediness. Deny yourself of your illness. Deny yourself of your cupidity. You eat more than you need. In the past very bad educators have educated us and now we are badly educated. Only the musician, who can play and sing well, can teach the tone. Some people say that if he cannot sing, he can teach. Thanks for such a person who cannot play and sing to teach us. We are in this situation because of such professors. Someone says, “The pedagogue can teach without knowing.” No, no. The Turks say, “Even if you see it, do not believe”. Now I don’t want you to fight only with your mistakes. Do not fight with the evil, do not fight with the ignorance, do not fight with the darkness. Why should you fight, where will you catch darkness? Where will you catch ignorance? Strike a match, make light. In this case this little light helps you in the darkness. Do not fight with hunger. Feed the hunger with little bread. Tell him a nice sweet word. You say, “Can it be without bread?” if we could live without bread, life would be ten times worse than now. I would say, God help those who does not eat. God help those who does not eat on earth, too. He dies. God help those who do not learn and accept God’s Speech. He dies, too. The man must feed himself with God’s Speech. God help those who do not feed the heart. Now we talk about two people who fall in love. They have fallen in love. Let them have enough. Now these two people cook each other. They both have starved. The order that God has created in the world, this is an order. What wakes up in your soul, it is from God. What is woken up by Him, it is real. Shadows are real but only in reality. Things are real only with love. Things are real only with God’s Wisdom. Things are real only with the Truth. The reality of truth is in the fact that it brings freedom. Wisdom is real because it brings knowledge. Love is real because it brings life. Only through life we know love. Through knowledge we know wisdom and through freedom we know the truth. A man who does not know the freedom cannot know the truth. Truth is more than freedom. Wisdom is more than knowledge. Love is more than life. We must be grateful for what manifests. Now many people sit and say, “When we go to the other world, we will see it.” Your desire to go to the other world is good, but you can see the other world here, too. If you want, you will go in. When you go in the fear in your heart is at the border of the Divine world. When the personal feelings of offence, dignity appear, you are at the border of the Divine world. When cupidity appears you are at the border of the Divine world. When you make a step at this border, you will go into the Divine world; you will see that your fear must be outside, love must be inside. Since you have chased love outside and the fear is inside, you look for the Divine world. Tell the fear, “You must be a good servant, and love must be the master.” There comes a new order in the world. What is the new order? Now you have a revolution, you have a new government. The Turks say, “Alkiust.” I will not translate it for you before I tell it to you. Till now you have learnt the good at school. The secondary school is over, the high school is over, the university is over. Now it is time for the graduation exam for a diploma. The evil does nothing. Now God sees that there is a deserving son, who has done everything. He says, “I will make you a master. I will make this wretch a servant.” The good says, “I have served you for so many years, I obeyed God’s law, now you have to obey. You will serve the same law. When you graduate high school and university we both will take hands and rule the world. Now the evil will come to serve the world. The good has served for so many years. It will not chase away the evil but it will also serve. Put aside the whip that you have to beat the evil, because evil should not be beaten. I will tell you a joke as an example. There was a famous man, named Stoyan, in the Varna region. A Turkish man passed by and told him, “Stoyan, you are not worth anything, you have not any strength”. Stoyan answered, “You do not tell the truth, I will show you how much I am worth”. The Bulgarian took the Turk for the leg, lifted him up, put him down, lifted him up again, turned him with his head down, lifted him again. “Am I worth nothing?” He said, “Effendi, I’d been very strong, I was deluded. Wherever I go I will tell that there is the Divine in Stoyan. When he takes a man for the leg, he lifts him up with his head up and with his head down, he turns him on all sides”. If you do not have the strength of Stoyan, keep silent, do not bear the character of the Turk – you cannot do it in the good way in this world. Hello! Now Stoyan comes into the world. Those, who has worked is the good, he will take you, he will spin you round. The good comes to rule the world. Who does not believe in it, it will take him for the leg and will show him that the good is hidden in the Divine power that will fix the world. Now you should not worry how the world will be fixed. You are strange, you worry about mere trifles. When you peel the bark of a tree, nobody goes to heal it. The tree recovers its bark on its own. Sometimes even if the tree is cut, it grows up from beneath, it gets recovered. There are star-fish, which recover their tentacle, if it is torn off. In the Divine world there are no defects, since life easily corrects defects. Here in our world, where there is no love, there is one hesitation. We will think. You say, “His speech was not logical.” I ask you in order to convey [communicate] a language, with which word do you have to start? Where does nature start in the language? Nature starts with the conjunctions, it starts with ‘and’. When a man loses his memory, he forgets the nouns, since they are recent works, then pronouns are lost, verbs and conjunctions remain, they do not get lost. When the man starts recovering his speech, he remembers the verbs. This is said by scientists, they have made observations. Finally the nouns are recovered. He cannot say ‘a man’, nut says, “That, which can walk”. He cannot say ‘a horse’, but says, “That, which can run”. If I have written a primer, I would start with the conjunctions “and”, “but”, “at”. Then I would continue with the verbs, and just then the adjectives, pronouns. The most powerful word in the language is the verb. Adjectives, nouns and pronouns are formed form the verb. Those who have created the language were rational beings, which had been on earth. Whatever people say, those who have created the language were clever people. They made a translation of the wide world to be understandable [clear] for the contemporary people in the circumstances they live. Where should a woman start from? Where should a man start from? The man must put the good as a base? Where should a woman start from? The woman must start from obedience. The ear is a female organ, it does not talk, it only perceives. Adam made this ear talk prematurely. This is the entire mistake. It was in place, did not talk, listened and transmitted well. He wanted the ear to talk to him. There is the imprudence of man; he wants to have a wife, to have children. What will he do when he has children? To have children, who to look like him, to be rational beings, I mean to be honest and just. A man who has a son to kill people, who has a daughter to lie and kill, is it a daughter? For a future: Blessed are those who do not kill. Now they write: Blessed are those who kill. Bulgarians say; “It cannot be if we do not fight”. The Bulgarian was a great hero, to show heroism in declaring political war to England and the United States. These people do not stick at nothing [do not wait], they came with airplanes, with bombs; the Bulgarians hid like rabbits. They wrote in the newspapers that the spirit was strong. The spirit was strong to go in the basement to hide. What happened? Sofia was hardly hit, we came to our senses [we learned a lesson]. Be careful for the bombs not to come onto your heart and onto your soul. What will happen then? We must not contradict to God’s law in the world. Now I like it that the church is separated from the state and they do not read the prayers they used to read. A prayer without love is not a prayer. It is a crime. Faith without love is not faith. Hope without love is not hope. Follow the law, the only law: where everything is done with love, the man is blessed. So I say, now I am talking to you about the Fatherland front. What do they say above? As far as the Fatherland front has fulfilled the Fatherland front above, God will bless. Think to pass with that. He says, become a partner with the devil just to pass the bridge. Do not become any partner. He has got bankrupt. He will become a servant, he has no money. I will give you that example. There is one of the old occultists. He presented the devil in the contemporary time, he got discouraged that the students whom he has taught do not listen to him. Whatever he says, they do not listen to him. Everybody took care of their own interest. He says, “I gave my knowledge, but they all took my strength and left me alone, nobody respects me.” He went to a place in the mountain, thought deeply what decision to make. At the same time two snakes climbed in the mountain and stuck into his chest, he had pains inside and did not feel them. He saw Christ in the distance and started nodding his head, saying, “You come late, two thousand years ago I could give you these kingdoms on earth, now they do not listen to me, too.” Christ said to him, “I do not want you to give me these kingdoms. I come to give you a friendly piece of advice. You are very clever, the world does not respect you. Turn to serving God, not to love him, but to serve him. You have a future, because you will serve. When they say that he is sent to the eternal fire, I see that he sends him to be God’s servant. He should do what he is told to, to serve the children, the bugs, the plants, to serve everybody everywhere, not to kill anybody. You know what a torture it is for a supercilious spirit that has ruled the world to serve. No I do not want to talk to you, to convince you. If you are of those who do not understand, your destiny is written, you will be servants. If you have served without love till now, you will be servants. This is done. If you bring love, you will be placed to be masters. Do not lie to yourselves. As far as the people carry you on their backs, you are not a strong man. Everybody can take your joy. You are pleased. Some years ago I went on a trip to the Vitosha mountain. A father had his six-year old girl with him. The girl walked with her father, but since she had not done this before, her legs got tired. The girl did not feel very well. Her father took her on his shoulder, carried her. She felt better and started talking. The father carried her for a kilometre, but he got tired and put her on the ground. The father became merry, the child did not feel well. I say, “the mistake is that the father carried his child; since he had taken her with him, he would carry her and put her down.” He would not carry her to the top. I did not tell him anything, I watched him carrying her, then putting her on the ground to walk. The other people murmured why he had taken the child with him, to carry her on his back, but to give her a spanking. There is no use to give her a spanking. The mistake was in us that we walked fast, the child is not a tripper. We had to slow twice our pace and the things would settle. This brother took the child up. She was up on his shoulders, then down, again up and then down; he was merry, then she was merry, now he was merry, now she was merry – they climbed up the mountain. I say, “If you carry the old life, you will put it down sometimes, you will miss it.” You want to forget the old life. As far as he is not a master, but you can carry it, you will stand it for a while. Something will come out from the old life. The old will get younger, the young will get older. You say, “Let’s get rid of that evil”. There must be understanding. It only must be applied. Love must be put to reconcile the bad with the good. For the sake of love the bad and the good begin to serve us. Jesus says, “I am the vine - you are the sticks”. So, as a stick from this vine, it depends on the vine. If you live with love, the saps of that vine will flow into you. If you do not live as you should, then this stick is cut off. So, I say, “In our present life we have created unnecessary difficulties to us.” Sometimes you want to get married. I find it very good, there is nothing better than marriage when it is done with love. But there is no bigger hell than marriage when there is no love. The maid wants to get married; she wants a handsome and rich man, who talks nice. She has not leaned to serve yet. She must understand his soul, to be ready to answer, to know his mind, to know his heart, to know his soul, his spirit, to know how to act. She says, “How gentle was he before, and now you have become rude.” The lad says, “How kind she was before, what letters you used to write, how rude she is now.” I have given many people the following piece of advice. A woman, who wants to leave her husband, comes. I say, “If you leave him you will be taken to the other world. If you endure to serve him, God will bless you and will keep you to the end.” You will listen to one of the two things. As the good has served for so many years, now the bad will serve, too. I do not talk about imaginary things. Here great creatures have come down and have suffered. Why does Christ suffer, what does he suffer from? Couldn’t he cripple all his enemies, to make their arms and legs dry? If we want, everybody who has insulted us to disappear. You bump into a tree, let it get dry; you bump in a stone, you curse it to get ruined. You wet yourself in water, you say something bad, to get dried. What will happen? The greatness of the world is in two things on earth: that who can endure with love, not without love, to have knowledge and to be free. Never marry a man who does not love you. Make a rule for the lad. Yesterday a little child of four or five came in the field and said, “I want to be a student”. He kissed my hand. I looked at him, he wants to be a student. He looked at me and said, “Don’t you like me? May I become a student?” I did not answer him anything. What he says, it will happen. When he says this, the thought that he bears will happen when he becomes adult. You can be great if you have love. Without love it cannot be. It is the easiest way in the world. If you do not have love, find a man who has love. When you have no fire, you go to the neighbour, who has a stove. If you have no love to warm your heart, visit someone; if someone else does not have any, he should visit you. So I say, “In love you must know, it is not given. Love has two sources. It comes from the sympathetic system, above it transmits as a radio. Or it is transmitted from the brain. This love from above and from below must meet. Where they cross, there life is formed. Now I will tell you that always when the streams of the sympathetic systems of a man and a woman do not cross in one focus, they remain childless. When the currents cross, they have children. The better the focus, the better the children. The worse the focus, the worse the children. A whole school is necessary. You think that it is easy to write a love letter. I can write one, too. I can write very nice letters. How nice things I write about religion. But religion is a law of love, of serving God, serving of the fellow-man, of little bugs, of trees. It not only does not give, but there are plants and trees, which it has to favour. Sometimes you walk, you bump into a stone. You should not kick it. A good attitude is necessary. All bodies that exist are alive and we must have a reasonable attitude. We consider close our brothers and sisters, the Bulgarians; we consider the other people strangers. This is in place, but the Fatherland front above and the Fatherland front of the sixth race takes the whole mankind. The law of the sixth race is Love. So, I say, “Do you know what the advantages of the sixth race will be?” if you understand, when a young woman wants to be beautiful, she does not know that beauty brings great misfortune. The ugliness of the physical world brings greater goods than beauty. Everyone wants to have possession of the beauty, to take it. Everybody rejects ugliness. The beautiful person is not free. Take a minister, how many people will come. Take a doctor, 20, 30, 40, 50 ill people may come. All doctors run as scalded. He just measures the pulse, looked at the eye and says, “Go home.” There are creatures that must be cured. I am telling you, “The spiritual science or the law of love must teach us how the relations between us are formed.” You pass by and see a person with his defects. These defects that he bears are not his. A Bulgarian, who was in Boston, told me this story: “I saw a European king walking in the main streets. The Americans passed by and nobody paid attention to him. I wondered, they were cold people, how did they pass just like that? He was a man two meters high. When he passed I saw his whole back was written with announcements. In the front he was a king, at the back there were announcements and the Americans looked only at his back; they did not look at his face, but they looked at his back. I turned and watched his back.” We, the contemporary people watch the backs of our kings for the announcements they carry. The man is his face. All these past kings and tsars, they all carried announcements of their backs. Whoever passed by to turn and watch their backs. God has not created us to be tsars and kings and ministers. This is an honourable service. You will serve, you will get dismissed. An artist plays the role of a king or a judge on the scene. When he goes out of the theatre, he is a man again. The great good that God has put into the man, the great good that the man has put into his soul that was given to him, the mind that He gave the man, these are the greatest goods, which God has put into him. He must be distinguished. The heart must have fruits, the soul must have fruits, the soul must have fruits. In our garden of spirit we must have fruits. Angels come down to see whether there are fruits in the garden of our mind, of our heart, of our soul. Now we are waiting to go to the other world. There you will undergo great disappointment. You will look like the American, a millionaire, who moved to the other world. He went to Saint Peter and said, “I want to go to God. I have made a lot of good things. I have built churches, schools, roads, railways, factories, houses for widows.” Peter said, “Did the newspapers write about this?” – “They wrote, the people to know about this.” St. Peter said, “You are paid. Look if you have done anything, about which the newspapers had not written”. The American started remembering and it came to his mind that once, when he went to his office a widow asked him and he gave her a dollar. He said, “Once I gave a dollar and I did not consider it important, it was not written in the newspapers.” St. Peter said, “For this we can go to God”. They told God about this. God said, “Give him two dollars and let him go back to earth. With one dollar it is not enough.” With churches and schools, too; they are nice things for the people. What we create inside us, what remains as a quality of our mind, what remains as a quality of our heart, what remains as a quality of our soul, these are things that a man needs for the future. If now you were of the sixth race and I tell one of you to stand up and sing, he would sing and all of you would be pleased. Now how many people can stand and all of you be pleased? Somebody can play, but you know how difficult it is to satisfy the contemporary people. When a man is playing, he must be a virtuoso in order the people to be pleased. There is one school, all of you can learn. The love that does not make the man sing is not love. The first thing, when the child loves his mother, he sings. When the young maid falls in love, she sings. When she gets disappointed, she stops singing. Love brings singing. Now you will tell me, “Do not talk about these things, we are already married, we have children. What would you talk about love, it is a shame to get married for a second time. I take marrying as a service. I may have served a master. I go to another master to serve. Where we serve with love, this is the place. When I find that master I am pleased and he is pleased with me. The other one are tries. You are constantly complaining that you are blackmailed, you are not appreciated, you cannot rest, you cannot take a breath, you are tired. Some time ago there was a man called Tseko, who went to the other world to have some rest. Whoever came, he made Tseko do him favours. Tseko, do this, and he did, nobody repaid him. There comes a difficult job. Let Tseko come. Tseko did it, they said, “Thank you.” Tseko looked again. This one did not pay him, the other one did not pay him, I watch him writing poems. First they laughed at him that he was stupid. Someone has to pay him, he wrote a poem. Tseko became a poet. This one did not pay him, Tseko wrote poetry, another one did not pay him, he wrote poetry. Finally before he went to the other world, that poetry remained. He fell in love with a young woman who had married and was childless; he was tempted. It was written in the love letter that “in order not to make a sin with you, I will go to the other world”. I say, “Tseko escaped into the other world in order not to commit a sin.” I praise Tseko. It is a fact, the letter is a good poetry. What do some people recommend us? Dignity. What is dignity in the world? I preach to you, but it depends what I think. The purity of my though is important. I watch you, what does the beauty of a look lie in? If I give something in the look or not. This is not the question. When I look at the people I see what great things God has put into the most ignorant people. I say, “What future do these people have?” When I look, I say, “You have good future.” So, I am telling you, too, “You have good future.” The old have good future, the young have good future, the hot-tempered have good future, the cowardly have good future. (An airplane passed by and made big noise) It is one, and if they were twenty? Enjoy the goods that God has put everywhere. Enjoy the stones, the precious stones, the plain stones, enjoy everything because these things grow. Enjoy the little bugs, enjoy everything that surrounds you. Finally enjoy those who insult you. A fiddler is playing the fiddle. The fiddle is intelligent, it is not dead. The fiddle stands the rubbing out of love. Some fiddlers play gently, other play rudely. The fiddle produces the best tones. So, I say, “When a great creature comes to play, a pleasant feeling is formed – while he is playing with his hand, you are out of spirit, but when a year or two pass, you will get used to it and you will start feeling the music.” The Scripts says, “everything that happens to those who love God, everything will turn for the good.” Be pleased with your bad husband. Be pleased with your bad son. Be pleased with your bad daughter. Be pleased with your bad servant. This is the negative side. Be pleased twice with your good husband. Be pleased twice with your good wife. Be pleased with your good son, to your good daughter, to your good servant. These things are very difficult. Without love you cannot serve. How is it possible for a man to live without air? Then it is impossible to serve God without love. If there is no air a man cannot stand a minute, he suffocates. One of the most important functions is breathing. I don’t want you to be very good; you will be unhappy. Anyway, there must be some seasoning. Only sweet is too much. Sometimes the bread is humid and gets mouldy; the rusk endures, it is a bit hard, but it endures. I tell you, “Look for the love with the only thought to become healthy. Your health depends on understanding and serving to love. Your spiritual life depends on understanding of love. Your mental life depends on understanding of love. Your heart life depends on the realization of love. Material goods depend on love. You hurry in the things. Do not want the goods of the other people Moses, who has written this law, says, “Do not want the property of your fellow-mate. What God has given to you, it is your right. If someone is rich, be pleased that he is rich. If someone has a house, be pleased. If you do not have a house, be pleased. For some of you first you have to know how to make a house. For the future I would wish the houses to be made of glass at all sides. The whole house to be of glass. A house of glass would be very hygienic. To those of you who now don’t have houses I wish in the future to have glass houses and arranged in the best way. With how many rooms? At least five rooms. One for your beloved husband, one for your beloved wife, one for your son, one for your daughter and one for your beloved servant. Why do you get discouraged? I see various projects. You stay and say, “It is not worth living for a man.” It is not worth living with this understanding of life. If it is not worth, change it. If one place is not pleasant to you, change the place, go to another place. If at one place they do not love you, go to another place. Jesus says, “Go to another place.” When you go around the whole earth, you will find a place that God has given you. God has not sent you here. You have come here due to a certain karma law. You are still not for Bulgaria. Somebody is an Englishman, but he is still not an Englishman. He has karmatically dressed up. If you go to England you will see people, who are not for Englishmen. If you go to Germany, you will see people, who are not for Germany. There is a mixture of races. A woman of a lower race has thicker blood. Take a white man and a black woman. If the woman is black and the man is white and the woman is stronger, in the first generation a black child is born, in the second and third generation black children are born and just in the fourth generation a white child will be born. If the man is stronger, then the born child is white. He says, “How did that happen?” Now I don’t want a discouragement to stay in you. Be pleased with the life that you have lived till now. From now on God has sent you and there are others that must be in the future. Now you have to wait on earth until you fill up with knowledge, with freedom, with love. When you have this support of the Divine world, you will go to work. Some of you will be artists, some of you will be musicians or pianists, or fiddlers, or guitarists, or harpists, or you will play some other instrument. Some of you will be singers, some will be altos, some sopranos, some tenors, some bassists. Not such bassists, not such altos. Not that the nowadays bassists and altos are bad. The bas is the base of singing. The soprano is at a higher level. The bass gives fruits. I say, the tenor shows how up the bass can go. The alt shows how low the soprano can go. How far can these goods go down? The alto for us is an element that remains undeveloped. There must be very good altos. In the soprano the tone must be clear, attractive. In the bass it must be capacious, warm. The bass has long waves, the soprano has short waves. All those who want to rule the world must be bassists. Those who must bring the nice world from the Divine world must be sopranos. Those who must show the way, in which to apply it must be tenors and must be altos. Now I suggest you to choose whether to be bassists or sopranos, or tenors or altos. In the future you would sing and serve God in the right way. Or serve Love in the right way. „I can love“. God’s Love brings the abundant and full life. (Three times.) Source