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How to Pray

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He who prays from his heart will certainly receive an answer. It is said in the Scriptures: He who loves God will receive; even before asking it will be given to him. If you do not have Love for God, no matter how much you pray, you will not receive an answer.


Prayer has meaning only when it comes from the depths of the soul. It does not tolerate any rules or restrictions.


When one prays, he needs to express himself clearly and precisely, with few words. Long prayers do not bring God's Grace. He does not speak at length.


To pray means to empty yourself of all negative thoughts and feelings that so purified you may go before God.


It is said in the Scriptures: When you pray, hide yourself within your secret chamber. The secret chamber - this is man's spiritual body. Only in this way, can one find God, the Angels, and the true Church.


Prayer does not reside in the lighting of candles and oil lamps or performing token acts of submision, but in the involvement in the life of your brethren. If you meet a hungry person, give him food. If you meet a poor person in rags, give him clothes. There is no better prayer than this.


If someone's thoughts and feelings are not pure, he is not able to pray.


First, you shall pray for that of greatest necessity - that which you cannot do without at this moment. He who follows the Law of Order will receive an answer to his prayers. If you put forth all your desires to be realized at once, you will attain nothing.


Prayer is a Science, and you need to study it for a long time.


And so, prayer is the most important work in life. Regarding the way in which to pray, this is a personal matter that each needs to learn for himself.


If you want to teach someone how to pray to God, bring him to a fruit garden, stop at a tree with hanging fruit and say, "Lift up your arms to receive beautiful, ripe fruit." When he lifts up his arms, tell him, "This is how one should pray."


The best way to pray is to stand upright and look, not upwards, but straight ahead. During prayer, the hands should be open, not closed.


It is said in the Scriptures that the Spirit will teach us everything. This means that when the Divine Spirit - the Spirit of Love - enters within us, it will teach us how to pray.


Pray with words which have only one meaning. Such words are powerful. During prayer, be guided from within. In addition to the traditional prayers, speak to God in your own words as well.


Prayer is the most powerful act in a person's life. It brings human thought, human feelings, and human will into one. Such prayer is powerful - through it, miracles come to pass. The human soul is nourished by prayer and devotional singing.


Each time that you complete a prayer, say the following formula on completion, "God, let all this be for Your Glory and for the good of my soul." I will give you a rule: after each prayer, you should remain silent for some time that you may receive whatever Blessing God shall bestow upon you.


When you pray, you should be focused, disregarding everything around you. Your thoughts should rise so high that nothing but prayer can occupy you.


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