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Collective Prayer

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Sometimes you see that your prayer is not helping you. You pray, but there is no response. In such a case, you are like the person who wants to lift a load, but cannot - it is beyond his strength. Then he calls upon someone to help, and together they succeed in lifting the load. Sometimes one needs the help of one, two, three, or more people. So when, we too do not succeed in our prayer, we should ask the help of two, three or more brothers and sisters - according to the need - until we succeed.


If we pray for peace with humility, our prayer will be heard. When many people pray together for one and the same thing, their prayer will be received.


Pray for one another. There is a Law: when someone prays diligently, all people with whom he is in harmony - pray with him. Prayer is a Divine Work. When my heart involves my spirit, then my soul will involve all those people who are in harmony with me.


From now on, we should be connected through our minds and hearts with all people on earth, because Salvation lies within our collective prayers.


Collective prayer has great power!


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