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Prayer of the Fruits of the Spirit

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Lord of Love, God of Love –

We call upon You for Your Mercy.
We accept with joy in our hearts the suffering which You have sent us.
We accept the difficulties which You are giving to us
For the strengthening of our spirits.
We shall do Your good Will without hesitation, without wavering.
Send us Your Spirit to instill our hearts, our minds,

And our souls with the Fruit of Your Love,
The Blessing of Joy and Peace,
Which is the foundation of Your Patience and
Grant us the gifts of faith, humility, and temperance.
Bless us as You have always blessed us.

Let Your Name be precious to our souls.

Within our souls, establish Your Kingdom.

Nourish our souls with Your Word
That all Your Virtues may be fortified within us.

Let Your luminous Spirit of Love, Faith,
And Hope abide within us now and forever in union with You.
We praise and glorify You,
The One Lord and God of the Great Sacrifice.



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