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Prayer for the Deceased

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Lord, rest the soul of brother/sister (name)
Whom You have taken beyond according to Your Will.
Place him/her in luminous places in Your Domicile.
Grant him/her Your spiritual Virtues.
Let him/her rise, awaken, and see Your Glory and Greatness.
Let his/her soul rejoice for Your Kindness and Love.
Let eternal Peace and eternal Light reign within his/her soul.





Lord, grant light and peace to our beloved brother/sister (name).
Make straight his/her path by leading him/her to You.
Shed light on his/her path, send to him/her souls which will guide,
Instruct, and assist him/her on the path that leads him/her to You.


Lord, accept (name) in Your Bosom.
Enfold him/her with Your boundless Love
And lead him/her in the Light of Your Wisdom.
Lord, bless (name) and let him/her advance from love to Love,
From light to Light, from bliss to Bliss,
And from freedom to Freedom.
Lord, bless (name).
Grant peace to his/her soul and eternal Light to his/her path.



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