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Beinsa Douno. Woman - the Source of Love and Life. The book

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The insights about the woman and the mother included in this
book are excerpts from lectures and talks given by the Master Beinsa
Douno during 1914–1944. Most of the content has been published in
Bulgarian in The New Eve, Bialo Bratstvo, Sofi a, 1994, with additional
excerpts compiled by Tsanka Ekimova. First published in English in
2001 by Bialo Bratstvo, Sofi a, Bulgaria.

Compilation and translation by Ernestina Staleva
and Antoaneta Krushevska

Lotus design by Steve Eagle
Front cover: Motherhood by Boris Georgiev

Special thanks to the many contributors for their help and support.


Copyright © 2010 by Bialo Bratstvo Publishers

Printed in Sofi a, Bulgaria
All rights reserved.

ISBN 978-954-744-139-2

For more information about Beinsa Douno and
available materials: visit the following Web sites:

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