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Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

1919_08_19 The Universal Love

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from The Blossoming of the Human Soul




The subject of my lecture is the Universal Love. I use this notion in a slightly broader meaning than it is usually understood. You may ask what we have in common with the Universal Love. My answer is that the Universal Love is the essence of Life. Love is what creates the conditions for Life to manifest. It is the primary incentive on Earth, that is to say, the ideal toward which we all strive. Yet Life, to be able to express itself fully, implies freedom of action. It evolves in four directions: social, political, cultural, and spiritual. These are different areas of the same reality. By “Love” I do not mean the common one that is extinguishable as a piece of charcoal thrown into the water. This is not the genuine Love. The genuine Love is a live coal that is aware of the meaning of the earthly existence. That is why the old sages and alchemists strived to study the properties of this living charcoal in fullness and came to comprehend its essence.


Those who are not familiar with its properties say that Love burns people. True, there are things that can burn. There are also others that do not burn, in the same way as metals can be oxidized or not; in other words, when the later burn they are not consumed, that is why they are called “noble metals.” You may ask another question, “Why should we care about some high ideal when our living conditions are so bad?” But I will also ask you: Can you really prove you live in bad conditions? It is only a presumption. There are equally bad and good things in life, falls and risings, losses and gains, but they are finally balanced. What we call adverse living conditions is but our subjective attitude, human speculation, or theorizing. It is said that the humankind of today is seriously unhealthy. What I say is that illness is an anachronism. It is something temporary which depends on the person itself because one has the equal chance to be healthy or ill. Diseases are nothing else but direction signs as development begins only when there is a counter-action to one’s will. This can always be verified in life. All great people have suffered and suffering has been a stimulus for their spiritual growth. On the other hand, those who have had no hindrances and have lived comfortably have not marked any growth either.


Today people want to be rich; but they should make a choice because there are two kinds of wealth: one that can make them sink to the bottom of the ocean and another one that can uplift them. If you travel on a transatlantic liner like the Titanic for example, with a backpack with forty kilograms of gold in it and if next to you is someone with no weight on his back, who has the chance to be saved in case of a shipwreck: you with the gold or the person who has no baggage? The answer is explicit itself.


I take the word “gold” in a broader sense than it is normally understood. To me gold is an emblem of Knowledge or understanding of the Laws by which you can work in the world, mastering the natural forces and directing them to be useful both for you and others. This Knowledge does not oxidize and burn, so it is preserved and can be used for good.


I am going to tell you an esoteric story. In a kingdom long ago, all citizens lived happily in fraternal love and their happiness was due to the fact that their king was not married yet. But at some time they started to wonder, “Why does our king stay single? Let’s find him a beautiful bride and have a wedding so in the future our kingdom will have an heir; otherwise it would be doomed.” So they chose the most beautiful maiden and the young king married her. She gave birth to two daughters: one, so beautiful that she attracted everyone with her beauty and the other, so ugly that everyone avoided her. Yet, the beautiful daughter brought a great misfortune to the kingdom because whomever she looks at would have problems with the eyes, whomever she touches would become lame, whomever she meets on her strolls would never reach home healthy as before. All citizens were affected by her negative energy. On the other hand, when the ugly daughter was on her stroll, she healed whoever she looked at and expelled the diseases from whomever she touched with her hand.


You may say it is only a story, but you are not right. That is not just a story, but the reality itself or life as it is. For example, you have a son who is virtuous and honest. But in the presence of a beautiful girl, he changes: his mind darkens and his heart defiles, as beauty in its purely physical aspect stimulates only the external manifestation of human life. You have the desire to be beautiful, wealthy, strong, and so on. But I ask: Is there anyone who in spite of being beautiful, rich, and powerful has not experienced death?


Someone may object, “But with your ideas people will die of hunger.” Are you not going to die because of your ideas too? I would be happy to see someone who is not dying in one way or another. Unfortunately people not only die, but they also perish. Someone else wishes to become good as to avoid suffering. No. The better you become, the more you are going to suffer. “What is then the solution to the problem?” It is only in the fact that the good person knows why to live, suffer, and die; while the bad one does not know. Here is the difference


Do not think that death is natural and in the order of Nature itself. There was a time when the human being was immortal. We, too, could not die. But do you know in what sense I say this? In the sense that we could not do wrong, unhealthy things. A person who errs always dies. We die because our ancestors have erred. And we constantly err too because we suffer the effects of our past transgressions, which is called karma in the East or that is the Law of Cause and Effect. This Law refers not only to the individual, but also to the society and the humankind as a whole. I am telling you a Great Truth, which you can verify by yourselves. I do not have in mind theory but experience. The Teaching, which I preach, is based upon the living practice.


People of today ask each other, “Are you a believer or not?” All people believe in whatsoever, I have not seen a single person who does not believe at all, but their faith is different. In that kingdom where people suffered from the beautiful princess, a great sage came and said to them, “I am bringing you a cure for all your ailments. It is an apple seed which will grow into a ten meter tree and will bear big fruits, half a kilogram each. Those who eat from these fruits will not be affected by the princess’s glance because this is the Tree of Life.” The people did not plant the seed and did not wait for the fruit. Instead they passed the seed from one to the other saying, “Did you hear that if you plant this seed, a big tree would grow with sweet fruits half a kilogram each having healing properties?” Everyone spoke about the seed and did believe in the curative powers of its fruits. But not being planted, finally the seed got lost; then the people began to speak that what was said about it was untrue and stupid. “Is it possible that such a big tree could exist and bear such fruit? It was a lie.” And so, they stopped believing.


When someone is telling me today he does not believe, I say: Friend, you have lost the Seed. You can be a scientist, a very serious person, but if you do not have the Seed of Love within yourself, you are going to pass through thousands of tribulations.


I will not stop right now to explain religion to you. You will resolve this for yourselves because now I am speaking about Love. I ask: Do we have this Seed? Who of the great scientists from the past or from this century has brought the Seed? Someone will answer that Christ has brought it. Where is it then? Let us see it. Jesus Christ suffered and was resurrected. But let us see the fruit of this suffering and resurrection. The Seed has been lost.


I will continue with the story. This same sage came for the second time to that kingdom and said, “Because you lost the seed the first time I came, now I will not give it to you to pass it from hand to hand. But when I find the most honored citizen, I will tell him: Friend, you have a beautiful garden. I will plant the seed there, but you need to water it and watch over it; after five or ten years you will have fruits curative for everybody.”


You all need to plant this Seed and benefit from its fruiting. The first fruit of this Seed is Love, which shall reign among all people, regardless of their creed or nationality. They shall then rise above any attachment as home, society, or nation. Love shall embrace the entire humankind as we are all members of it. It represents a common body and when the body is well, it benefits the nation, society and home of each individual, and vice versa.


I do not mean to criticize your views. This is not my intention. I am speaking in principle. Therefore, I do not want to interfere with shortcomings, whether social, political, cultural, or spiritual. This is not my assignment and it will not solve the problem either. When I enter the home of hungry people, I will not preach about God to them, saying that if they have faith and trust Him, He will provide food for them, and then leave them with that thought but hungry. No, I adhere to this principle: I always carry on my back a bag full of bread for those who are hungry and arguing so that I can tell them: Set the table, let’s sit down and eat. Then peace and tranquility will return to such homes.


Today people have a wrong understanding of life. They say, “Let’s improve the society, the world.” All this is great, but how will you educate the society, your sons and daughters, the politicians, teachers, priests, and preachers? I would suggest you all to go and study the life of bees - they will teach you how you should educate others. When they want to have a queen, they prepare some special food for her; the food for the workers and drones is different. The bees have managed to organize their life much better than do people, who only philosophize. This is not a reproach, but an indication that we should study the surrounding Nature much more thoroughly. All Laws and models for prosperity can be found in Nature.


With the Universal Love, we will attain an uplift of our consciousness. Feeling the vibrations and being able to hear the voices of all suffering people and to help them - it is both self-help and support for our nation and for the entire humankind simultaneously. Whoever has this feeling awakened and activated, being free of all material attachments, that one is able to project oneself everywhere in space and help everyone. You may ask, “How is it possible to help someone without touching that person?” I will answer this question with another one: Does the Sun, which is 93 million miles away from us, touch us with its fingers? No. Even from such a great distance, when it looks down, everything in nature begins to vibrate, grow, and bear fruit. Some may say, “Let’s raise our hand for a blessing.” Alright. But by raising your hand, you should also give what the Sun gives us every day. The Sun sends forth energy and strength to both the healthy and the ill. Some may wonder why we should concern ourselves with the Sun. I do not say to be concerned, but to make use of it. If someone does not feel well, he may take a sunbath; if he has lost his energy, he may bask in the sun’s rays; if he is disappointed in his ideal, if he has no idea how to work, he may stand in the sunshine to get warmed. Someone may object, “God will help us.” When you mention God, I want to ask you: What is God for you? God acts from within. When we experience God and He speaks to us, we come to love all human beings equally and we are ready to sacrifice for them. Christ said, “There is no greater love than this that man lay down his life for the sake of his friends.”[1] He was implying that when we love our neighbor, we should not consider him to be a sinner and try to save him, but rather treat him as a brother, a friend, creating for him the conditions necessary for living and growing. Do not think that you are going to delineate a new path of life. No. The path of life is already drawn for everyone and it has been strictly mathematically determined. It is determined for everyone what they will become, how they will live, and how their life will unfold. This is according to the Law of the continuous Causes and Effects.


In the Divine Law of Love disharmony cannot exist. When we begin to understand Love as such a power, it will come to abide in us. Then we will become strong enough to correct all social shortcomings - not mechanically but through Love. The love of society directed to some person will transform the mind and give a new course to this person’s life. Therefore, when we say that God is Almighty, we mean the totality of the whole creation - all beings whose thoughts are affecting us as a creative power. What bad we have is not Divine: it is human. We have ourselves created the present unfavorable existence and its structure. If you ask me why God has created the world in this way, my answer is: I know that the world was created in a different way, but from what I see now, I can conclude that it has been ruined by people.


All of you here who are listening to me have different beliefs of life. Not only you have your own concepts, but also mammals, birds, ants, plants - they all live according to their understanding. However, this is not the meaning of life yet; life is much richer and broader. The abilities and powers, which are hidden in the human soul, can be awakened under special conditions. Each of you can make a small experiment. What kind of an experiment? First, affirm that all conditions to become true humans are given to you. If you cannot use these conditions, it does not mean that these possibilities are not available; it means only that you have not found and applied the appropriate methods. Modern scientists and philosophers have tried for thousands of years to find the methods for the revival of the humankind.


We have never had a religion providing immortality for the humankind. I say that the true Orthodox religion has not been presented yet in the world. When I say that, someone may ask me to which religion I belong. I answer: I do not confess any of the today’s religions, which are as a whole void of content and hollow. I will tell you which one I belong to defining it in a very short way: religion is the connection between Wisdom and Love.


There is no better definition of religion than this. Those who have found the connection between Love, acting in their souls and Wisdom, acting in their minds are believers indeed being aware of the Divine Law and immortality itself. This faith makes us be God-like. How can a human being be like God? Overcoming death because God is immortal. Christ said, “Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in Heaven is perfect.”[2] The human being cannot become immortal if not perfect. Someone will ask, “Why did the saints die?” It is because they burdened themselves with the others’ wrongdoings. When we free ourselves of our wrongdoings, we are not going to die, but will attain the state of living in Love and Wisdom, which is the essence of this Teaching. A person who does not have Love and Wisdom cannot be truly religious and immortal. Understand me correctly: according to this definition, “overcoming death” means to be master of all conditions in life: to be equally joyful whenever you suffer or rejoice; to be impassive whenever you lose or gain. Whom do we venerate these days? Is it not the heroes who have suffered and died? Whom do we build monuments and lay wreaths to? Do we do this for the thieves and robbers, the wealthy millionaires, or the philosophers who possessed much knowledge? No. We pay honor and tribute to those who have suffered and sacrificed themselves for humankind.


People of today often like to outsmart one another with sophisms about the existence of God and to ask, “Is there a God?” I do not resolve this question philosophically, but simply say that God exists in the same way as the Sun shines. Imagine that you stay awake at night and sleep in daytime when the Sun shines, waking up always at sunset, so if you study the world at night, after twenty years, you will say that there is no Sun. I tell you: Change your way of living. Go to sleep at night and stay awake in daytime when the Sun is shining - then you will see the Sun. The same happens to the wealthy people who have sunk under the weight of their riches. I do not judge them, but point to the reason of their misfortune. They are at the very bottom of the ocean so the sunrays cannot reach them. When can they be saved? By leaving their gold at the bottom of the ocean and going up. Is there any life on the surface? Yes, and much more beautiful life. These setbacks could be your wishes to acquire wealth, to take a high position, or to conquer the world. Free yourselves of such thoughts. Tell me who of the political leaders has improved life in Bulgaria? Who has improved England? Where is Ancient Greece or Rome in their glory? I do not argue that one should not have goals in life, but I say that we move in the wrong direction. We have a distorted understanding of life and it is time to put an end to all these false beliefs.


Two Greek sculptors wanted to show their mastery. The first one sculpted a bunch of grapes so real that even the birds were tricked. The other sculpted a beautiful goddess, tucking such a delicate veil around her that the first sculptor asked him, “Take off the veil so that I can see her better.” This story shows that the one who sculpted the goddess was more skillful. But I ask: Did these artists not die as well? They did. You may understand each law very well; you may be a philosopher, a statesman, and so on. The art of these two sculptors is only the shadow of things. It is not the essence of Life. The essence of Life lies in our attaining harmony with it. We have not yet attained this harmony. I do not agree with the people of today saying that they have a true life. In fact, they do not really live, but mainly suffer and torment themselves.


In my opinion, there are three ways of manifestations: toil, labor, and work. Our existence so far is one of toil, yet true Life begins with work. Work is related to the state of conscious living and understanding how to become master of yourself - of your mind and heart so that no one could affect you. It means that you have the Great Love, which is not only inspiring, but also acting as a constant stimulus for you in the same way as heat and light act upon the plant kingdom.


I compare modern people (if you will excuse me for this comparison) to a mentally deranged scientist. He was placed in the big hall of a mental institution with fifty other patients. He engaged himself to bring straws, of which he made small piles that he moved all day long from one side of the hall to the other. Next day, he did the same again. People resemble this man and ask themselves why they are unhappy. It is because they are gathering straws. What is needed is the benevolent wind that will blow away all these straws and together with them, all misfortunes.


We should treat our neighbors like the saint who was on his way to talk with God. When he passed by a rich man, the latter said to him, “Tell God that I have had enough of this wealth. May He take it away, so that I might be living like all other people.”


“Very well,” replied the saint, “I will tell God.”


He continued on his way and there he met a poor man who said to him, “Please tell God that I am tired of this life. I have had enough of walking around naked and barefoot. May He give me some clothing and change my living conditions.”


“I will advise God about your plea,” said the saint.


Arriving to God, the saint told Him about these two men. God said, “Tell the rich man to express his discontent complaining against Me and I will take all his wealth away. As to the poor man, tell him to express satisfaction with his life and then I will give him everything he wishes.”


On his return, the saint told the rich man what God had ordered for him. But he replied, “How can I do that?”


“In this case, your wealth will remain with you.”


He passed by the poor man and told him what God had ordered for him. But he answered, “How can I be content with these bad conditions?”


The wise man told him, “You will continue then to go naked and naked will you be buried.”


You say that those who have passed away are already with God, but you still go to the cemeteries to offer prayers and pour wine for their souls. Can they be with God and in the cemetery at the same time? That one who is above should tell those who are below, “You only think that you will be dead. If you become thankful, you will resurrect.” Do not take what I am saying as a reproach or intent to rebuke anyone for their beliefs. I only point out those false attitudes toward Life, which have been introduced to us pushing us in the wrong direction and causing us to be in disharmony with Life itself. We want to live, but at the same time we prepare ourselves for death. The one who is observing the Law of Universal Love and Cosmic Consciousness will no longer pass through death. That one will be able to survive even if you pound nails into his hands and feet; put him on the cross or in the grave - yet, he will be able to stay alive. Those who have not learned the Great Law of Love - never will their stones be rolled off their graves.


People of today constantly say, “We are sinners.” I do not wish to hear this anymore! What I know is that people are good by nature, deep in their core, but they become bad because of misconceptions and misused willpower. They seek happiness and think they will find it on the path they follow. But they will not find it there, the same way as their fathers and forefathers who have searched happiness on the same path have not found it either. Christ said, “He who hears the Voice of the Son of Man will live.”[3] What does it imply “the Son of Man”? It implies the Son of Wisdom and Love. He who has connected Wisdom with Love will resurrect. You, too, when you hear this Voice, will resurrect. This is what Christ was teaching. If you plant the Seed, which I have mentioned to you, not just passing it from hand to hand, but planting it in your hearts, the resurrection and the desired Life will come. Life will then enter in its natural Divine Course.


I can advise all mothers who are listening to me how to have the sons and daughters they wish. To those young women and men who are listening to me, I can tell you more about the meaning of life. You will marry - marriage is a sacred institution. However, there are three kinds of marriage. The first is called a contracted union. The second is a master-servant type of relationship; this is to say, man is a master and woman is a servant, or vice versa. The third is a union in which man and woman live in love and wisdom; or, in other words, they live for each other. The wife will never say a bitter word to her husband; moreover, she will never look at him with anger even in situations when he makes the biggest mistakes. This wife will always be loving to her spouse. Only such a marriage will produce good children, sages, and saints who will serve the whole of humankind.


If a woman who has conceived is inspired by some great ideas about humankind, she will pass good qualities on to her child. She is like God to her child, so she is capable of creating out of this dust whatever she desires. Yet, as soon as the baby emerges from her womb, this begins the child’s independence in thoughts and feelings. If, during the nine-month period of pregnancy, she has instilled the qualities of Love and Wisdom into the child, he will have a good attitude toward her for the rest of his life and will be ready to sacrifice himself for her. When a son asks his mother why he was born, I naturally conclude that during the pregnancy she or the father had prevailing negative thinking. Sons and daughters usually bear the thoughts of their parents. Modern science has also come to this conclusion. Certainly, in such general talk, I cannot go into depth or into more detail concerning that issue so as to explain the principle of it. We need schools to educate young people in these Great Laws in order to become good mothers and fathers and, at the same time, builders of the future society. There is a book written by a Bulgarian author: “Builders of Contemporary Bulgaria.” I think, this title is very good. Moreover, to know how to build represents a great and sacred deed.


You probably doubt what I am saying. If you do, you make a mistake. Cast any doubts aside of your souls - because my doubts in you are also doubts in myself and your doubts in me are in fact doubts in yourselves. I have no doubt in you; I have all faith that, in the future, you will become very good people. Now some of you are still in the early stage and some others are not yet in the fields. But after thousands of years when I meet you again, you will be very different from your present state. You may say, “Are you sure we can meet again after so many years?” Of course, we are going to meet again and we will have a much better understanding than at present. Now you look at these things critically and tell yourselves, “This man who has come here to speak to us is hiding something. He may want to cheat us. This is a dangerous matter. We must be watchful.” You are right. If I were in your place, I would think the same.


While traveling from Sofia to Tarnovo,[4] I sat next to a man on the train. I saw that he was touching his valet from time to time looking suspiciously at me and the other passengers around. He probably asked himself if we were perhaps the kind of people who liked to take and not to give; if he would reach into our pockets, or we - into his. I am not one of those who reach into people’s pockets. I can let you put your hands into my pocket and take whatever you can. Only when we begin to think like this, will the world improve.


Abundance should exist in the world: abundance in minds, abundance in hearts. And we need to open our hearts widely for one another. I do not regard modern society as you do. Anyhow, it is going to die - no one can prevent this with the present way of thinking. In fact, it could be done, but how? By changing the conditions. I will give you an example. The Spanish influenza rage killed six million people worldwide and I was asked how people could heal themselves. I told them that I am not a medical doctor, but according to the Laws with which I am familiar, people should drink boiled hot water and eat warm potatoes; and after about seven or ten days, the crisis will pass. Now some people may ask, “Do you think that we are so naive as to eat hot potatoes and drink boiled water?” It is not that you are naive, but I am telling you a method of healing. Make an experiment. May all those who have tried this cure share the results. As to doctors, what did they do? They gave shots, but most of the ill departed for the World beyond. Within only seventeen days, seventeen hundred people died in Sofia. The people’s explanation was, “Oh, there has been a crisis, a complication, and so on.” I say: Those people should have drunk hot water and should have eaten boiled potatoes. Drinking hot boiled water is also a kind of a shot, but from within, not external. The thing is to know where the shot should be given. Now, if you ask how Bulgaria could be healed, I say to you: Drink hot water and eat warm potatoes. When I say “boiled water,” you should know where to take the water from. Take water from where the donkey would drink because it knows how to choose good water. If you use hot water, it will bring you all necessary elements and in this way, ninety percent of the contemporary issues that make people sick will disappear. So, boiled hot water and warm potatoes - this is a sign of Life in Love and Wisdom.


And so, Universal Love will put us in touch with Life itself so that we can understand the meaning of every single thing: every flower, every tree, wellspring, mountain, home, and human being. It will reveal to us the great secret of Life so that we might understand our relationships with one another. When Universal Love comes into us, it will empower us: vanquishing heroes.


You will make not only one experiment, but ninety-nine at least. And at the 100th time, you will succeed; there is no exception of it. Therefore, you need to be persistent. All this is true with life as well. If someone is ill or goes through some misfortune, it is mathematically determined how long it will continue. This is due to the fact that all diseases are caused by well known living organisms or microbes which existence does not comply with the living functions of the ill person. Disease will exist as long as we allow these microbes to live and deposit their byproducts in us. If someone asks me about murder in the world, I will say: Murder will exist as long as murderers exist. What about theft? Theft will exist as long as thieves exist. People are not born as thieves, but they become such because of their distorted attitude to Life. Murderers are children of the old culture. The harmful ideas, when instilled in someone, could devastate this person. Modern science proves that hypnosis exists and can cause someone to commit a crime. You know that many experiments are made with young people and it was found out that when they are placed in unfavorable conditions, their moral values cannot pass the “test.” However, Universal Love creates those favorable conditions in which all toxins in the society are being eliminated.


Every discomfort, every bad thought, feeling and action are due to the vibrations of certain kinds of matter existing in us and being manifested in our life. Therefore, one should accumulate pure ethereal matter and organize one’s forces in order to manifest good desires and thoughts, and be good. Matter that is not organized is like soil for the germination of malefactors.


The words “Those who listen to the Voice of the Son of Man will resurrect,” imply that those who understand the Law of Wisdom and Love will not be subjected to unfavorable conditions. If you live in a dark basement without sunshine, the conditions in this environment will naturally expose you to diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis, depression, and so on. Go out into the Sun because the favorable conditions are above the ground level.


Free yourselves of excess dampness and you will create new conditions in your life. What is “dampness” in the human being? The excess of desires creates dampness. On the other hand, the excess of extreme thoughts creates dryness. It means that both dampness and dryness in their extremes give bad results in life.


Now, supporting points for the human development can be found in the Universal Love that elevates the human consciousness. I will give you an example. You have hands, which you raise quite often and you also bend your fingers. Why are some fingers bigger, others - smaller? And why is the thumb standing apart? When the hand is to act, all fingers come together and the thumb comes on top to help them. A person can then grab a plow or any other farming tool and work. In a society created in the same way as the hand is, some people are merchants. The little fingers represent merchants or the practical people. The well-shaped ring fingers represent people of culture and science; the middle fingers - people of justice and politics; the index fingers - people of religion and personal life. The thumb represents the Divine World or what is the consciousness in the human being. All these fingers need to unite and act together. As far as the society and its political, cultural, and spiritual representatives have been divided, they cannot produce the same effect of working together as the human hands putting all fingers in action. To bring the fingers together, one must activate one’s willpower. When you apply your willpower to realize your ideas into the areas, which I have just mentioned, saying, “Come and help me” -  all will come and will do miracles together like the fingers of the human hand. Therefore, a great philosophy is imparted to the human hand. Each time you look at your fingers, think about your relationships and the connection between Love and Wisdom. The thumb represents the Divine Principle that should be applied for the benefit of all individuals and the entire humankind; the index finger corresponds to the religious and personal life; the middle finger imparts the law and politics used for the good of humankind, it understands the miseries of life and creates the laws; the ring finger imparts culture; the little finger - material goods. The thumb is always ready for self-sacrifice and says to the other fingers, “If all four of you unite, I will support you; and we can do good.”


Some speakers raise and wave hands while speaking, including myself. I also raise and wave my hand toward you. Why? By doing this, I am telling all of you to find out the connection between Love and Wisdom, recognize your rights and duties toward those close to you, find and apply the Great Principles of this Divine Science for the benefit of the society and elevation of the young people. In this way, you are going to improve your economic conditions so that there will be enough butter, vegetables, wheat, fruit - everything in abundance. This is what fingers of the hand indicate. If all people knew how to bend their fingers, they would be in quite a different situation. However, the Bulgarians know how to raise a fist menacing, “I can break your head,” and like the English and American boxers, they hit each other in the face. I will tell that one who raises his fist against me. “Behold, we could accomplish something good with you because we will come to an agreement. Come to me.” I would like to work with that one whose hand is in a fist. A baby will clench fists when it comes into the world so that to indicate, “I will grow up and conquer this world.” But when passing away, a person will open hands, as if to say, “I am dying, but I have accomplished nothing. God, forgive me!” Do you know what God’s answer is? “You did not know how to bend your fingers.” Why do you suffer? It is because you do not know how to bend your fingers.


You ask, “Why is this misfortune in our home? Why does Bulgaria suffer? Should reparation be paid?” If you hold your hand open, reparation should be paid. But if you fist it, there will not be need to pay any reparation. “But what will our situation be in the future?” If you know how to hold your hands in fists, you will be a free, great nation; but if you do not know, you will be slaves as you have been until now. You may say that you are free, but you are not. You cannot be free neither as individuals nor as a society, nation, and humankind while you do not agree among yourselves and continue to pay others back, while you do not have loving relationships being ready to make some allowances and sacrifices for one another. Today, I ask you to remember and apply this: All Bulgarians should begin to exercise and bend properly the fingers of their right hand first. When they bend their fingers, they should know the meaning of this and say concentrated on the hand, “I can do everything that is related to the fingers and I will do it.” I would like to give you this idea: All Bulgarians should begin to bend their fingers: first the fingers of the right hand - the hand of Wisdom, and then the fingers of the left hand - the hand of Love. Try this for one year. Project your thoughts and your willpower into the actions of your hands and you will see the results.


You may say, “We are not so naive.” You have done many stupid things so far. Is the person who is sitting in the pub with a glass of beer in front of him or who is smoking a cigarette doing a smart thing? Is the person who is reading newspapers containing barely one percent true information doing a smart thing? Yet what I said about the hands is ninety-nine percent true. Even when you read the newspapers and drink beer, you can still bend your fingers. But doing this, say, “I will not drink. I will not smoke. I will not be angry. I will not take revenge upon my friend.” Make a fist and say to your friend, “I will speak to you kindly.” Is this not a great philosophy? I teach you a Great Law in Life: How to bend your fingers, so that everything will work out for good. Keep this great idea within. At least try it out. Do not think it is my intent to lie to you. Make one small experiment and after one year when we meet again, you will tell me what happened. It is the easiest practice. I can give you other experiments as well, but they will cost you a lot. I do not want you only to bend your fingers, but also to think while doing so. You are desperate. You want to commit a suicide or to kill somebody. Bend your fingers and say, “No!” You are faint-hearted. Do the same. The whole secret is in your hands. To have hands is to be in a possession of the greatest blessing in the physical world. What does not come forth from the human hand! What beautiful sounds come from the violinist’s hand taking up the bow and from the virtuoso pianist playing the piano! If you know this Law, you will bend your fingers correctly and through every finger, you will send forth the respective flow of thoughts. If you impart all your power into them, it will have such an effect that you cannot imagine. We write with three fingers, but if we impart to them all of the power of our thought, then something completely different will come out of our pens. These are great secrets people knew before the Fall, which are now forgotten.


You need to bend your fingers, but also to open your hands. What does opening of the hand upward toward space indicate? It indicates receiving of energy. When you take this power, immediately close your fingers and project it to your thoughts and desires - thus you will give a powerful impulse to your life. Say, “I want to polarize my hands from the Great reservoir of Nature where Wisdom and Love are hidden; I want to receive Love and Wisdom, and also to receive Good - the connection of unity, which operates among all people on Earth.”


The meaning of the hug is the same: to give something from yourself, from your love and wisdom. When you give fraternal hugs to someone projecting your love and good thoughts, you will impart life force to that person. When a young man embraces his beloved in this way, he will give her living inspiration. Yet, those whose embrace is like an octopus and who are spiritually dead, cannot give anything, as nothing is left in them. Our hugs, how we open and close our hands has its specific meaning. They have the meaning which God has given them from the very Beginning and this meaning exists in Nature too.


Whenever I have the chance to speak on this subject again, I will continue my lecture. Now I am leaving you with this thought: You who listen to me should learn and also teach those close to you how to bend your fingers and how to embrace in Love and Wisdom. This is the only way in which people’s lives, homes, and societies can improve politically, culturally, and spiritually. You should release the past and begin that Great Life, which I mentioned and which is heralded now to come into the world. From now on those who do not live by this Great Law, will have no more conditions to stay on Earth. Nature shows to those who do not want to take this Law into consideration that they need to depart from this planet. If you do not believe now in my words, you can check it and tell me after ten years whether it was true or not. A Great Law is now imposed on humankind as a whole, a Great consciousness is now awakening in the world: and that has never happened before. It is the striving of all human souls longing for freedom. Not only few individuals, but humankind as a whole is searching for freedom: every home, every individual, every culture, and every religion. This is the Divine Impulse moving forward the entire humankind. Religious communities should not just try not to stand in the way of this movement; they should also give it the right of way or they will risk being run over. This movement will bring such blessings, which the world has not seen yet; but for those who try to stand in its way, it will bring such tribulations, which they have never seen before. The Earth will shake so much that people will come to realize something different is coming into the world, which they have not experienced so far. The Intelligent Nature, too, might come to the end of her patience.


Do not think that the world will continue in the same way it has followed so far. Say goodbye to your past. Someone says, “I earned much money and will set aside two thousand leva[5] for my funeral.” I am sorry that you are setting aside money for your burial. Someone else is saying, “I am leaving money in my will to the society for charitable purposes.” I am sorry that you are leaving money in a testament without having done something good while still alive. Whatever you intend to do, do it while you are still alive. After your death, what you leave behind is no longer yours and you have no rights to it. When you pass away, those who remain after you will use your money and property as they wish. This is the kind of nonsensical thinking with which you live and die and furthermore, you ask yourselves: why are all these misfortunes? Leave a trace of Love and Wisdom in the minds and hearts of your beloved ones because only Love and Wisdom have a genuine value. Things of great value are hidden in your minds and hearts. Do you know how much they are worth? Billions. Do you know how many millions of years it took for their development? Do you know how many millions of Sublime Intelligent Beings worked on the development of the human mind? You do not understand the wealth hidden in the brain that continues to live even after death, when the body starts decomposing. This is my point of view. I see people who live in a different way. You may ask, “How is it possible for someone to live after death?” Let’s say, for example, that you live like divers and you ask yourselves: Is it possible to live in different conditions? However, when you emerge on the water’s surface and take your diving suits off, you get to live like other people. At present we live like divers, but when we emerge on the surface we will begin to live in a different way. There exist thousands of ways in which to live.


The one who puts up barriers to Life has not understood the basic Laws of the human soul and spirit. If the human being is born and dies only once, if it has come for the first time now, it would have been pitiful being. The human being who you see in front of you has existed for millions of years. For millions of years God has worked upon his soul and spirit. The soul is God’s daughter; the spirit is God’s son. Therefore, we shall deeply honor and venerate them.


This is the new Divine Teaching proclaimed to the world, which will bring new life to the modern society.


Lecture given by the Master Beinsa Douno on August 19, 1919 in the town of Veliko Tarnovo at the gathering of the disciples of the Brotherhood of Light.



1. See John 15:13.

2. See Matthew 5:48.

3. See also John 5:25, “Most assuredly, I say to you, the hour is coming and now is, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God; and those who hear will live.”

4. Veliko Tarnovo was the capital of Bulgaria before Sofia

5. Lev, leva, BGN: Bulgarian currency.

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