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Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

1919_08_24 Cosmic Love

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from The Blossoming of the Human Soul




When you hear the words “Cosmic Love,”1 they may sound strange to you at first and you may ask yourselves how it is possible for Love to be cosmic. And yet, it is possible. I am using the word “Love” in a very broad sense. I use the word “Love” for the energy coming from the Center of the Universe and flowing toward its periphery. And I say “Cosmic Love” for the energy moving in the opposite direction: from the periphery of the Universe to the Center of Origin. So I call the process of creation and generation -  “Love”, while the constructive process going from the bottom upward I designate as “Cosmic Love.” Whenever we speak of the cultural, social, political, and spiritual life - the reference is to Cosmic Love revealed in its great work; in other words, Cosmic Love represents a conscious process carried out individually in the Universe.


I will ask you to set your views aside for a moment, whatever they might be, and reason with me without criticizing. If you desire to benefit from this, you need to perceive things precisely as the camera photographs the landscape exactly as it appears and then you may criticize. If you place yourselves beforehand on a critical ground, you will perceive things incorrectly and as a result your critique will be unreasonable.


I speak about Cosmic Love because it is an essential element for each one of you. Whoever desires to be healthy and fortunate needs to understand the intrinsic power of Cosmic Love. Many speak of Love and Cosmic Love, but they confuse them. Love is creating, while the Cosmic Love is manifesting. In some cases, however, Love can destroy as well. The cat eats the mouse out of love because this is how it understands and demonstrates the process of love. Moreover, you know that the cat eats the mouse without removing its fur and skin; it does not discard the impurities, but swallows it whole. It seems strange that cats though being a model of excellent neatness do not know how to eat. Many people have the same habits as cats: for example, they do not know how to eat. When people accept thoughts in their mind swallowing them with all their impurities like fur, skin, intestines, stomach, and so on - this shows a lack of culture in nourishment. Such people have the cat’s voracity and love. When we slaughter and eat animals, with this we also express our love for them. If animals ask us why we kill and eat them, we would need to answer that we are doing it out of our great love toward them and because we wish to have them inside us rather than look at them only from the outside. Love says, “I acknowledge no other existence than mine own and any being that is outside me needs to enter into me.” This is how Love has been understood by our elders; and this is how the new generation understands it as well. We believe that we will encounter a contradiction, if we understand it differently.


In the social, political, and spiritual life of today, all people suffer from overabundance of love - every person has had more love than their fill is. Simply said, this is how things stand: if a woman has a lot of wool and leaves it unwoven, the wool will begin to smell. Yet in my opinion it is her love that has begun to smell. She needs to discover the process of Cosmic Love and begin to wash, comb, spin, and weave the wool. Like this woman, you might have a lot of wool; individually, you might be wealthy merchants, philosophers, scholars, ministers. All this is good. However, if you do not spin and weave with your knowledge, I tell you that you are ministers of wool, merchants, philosophers, scholars of wool. You have only wool that is not spun. The wool needs to be spun. It will be spun when that great process of Cosmic Love begins and the Cosmic Power is being awakened in us. According to the modern philosophers this will happen when the Higher Consciousness is awakened within us; when we understand that we need to work for the common good of the entire humankind and all living beings, visible and invisible.


You might say that my idea is somewhat unusual. Indeed, it is unusual, but not all unusual things are untrue, just as not all things that are common and familiar to us are always true. To clarify my idea, I will make use of an image. In the past, in the Golden age of the human culture, in the so-called “First Race of gods” - there lived a great sage. One of his disciples came to him and said, “It is my desire to learn from you one of the greatest secrets of Life: how to take whatever form I wish so that to become enormous. I want to be as big as the Sun, filling all space around and thus to become visible to all.” The sage told the disciple, “Let it be according to your wish.” The disciple was very pleased and told himself, “Finally, I learned the great secret of being visible to all and now I will be the happiest of beings.” However, he forgot to ask his teacher how to diminish when he would like to become small again. Indeed, he became very large and all could see him, but he was incapable of communication. He was standing so high that he could not see the people neither could speak to them. For this reason, he went everywhere by himself and felt very lonely. All could see that he was unusually large and so, many scientists, philosophers, physicists, and astronomers began to study him, searching for the reason that Nature had made him like this. Thousands of theories and legends were created regarding his origin. The great sage, his Teacher, merely said, “The reason for his size is nothing else, but his wish to become large so as to be noticed by everyone; and I fulfilled his desire.”


Another disciple came to this sage and said, “Master, I ask you to teach me the secret of diminishing myself to such an extent that no one in the world will be able to see me.” The sage fulfilled his desire as well and the disciple became first very small and then invisible. And yet, he, like the first disciple, forgot to ask how to return to his original form, so after he became invisible and descended to the greatest depths of creation, as he had desired, he was not able to return any more, when he wanted to.


These two disciples represent the two polarities in creation: the great worlds and the small worlds. The microbes which afflict people, for example, conceal themselves everywhere, becoming invisible to all.


After a while, a third disciple came to the sage and said, “Master, it is my wish to learn from you the properties of light and heat so that I might simultaneously be visible like light and invisible like heat: visible like light to be able to illuminate the great worlds and invisible like heat to be able to warm up even the smallest of the beings on Earth.” The Teacher answered him, “Let it be according to your wish.”


Therefore, there are three processes in the world today running simultaneously. According to the first process, some people want to become wealthy, to be scholars, philosophers, statesmen, generals, nation builders. We call such people “great” because they have learned the art of expansion. They know the secret of expanding themselves so that to attract all people and societies to themselves, but have not learned the greatest secret - the art of organizing people and societies into conscious units. The magnet attracts iron filings, but it does not know how to organize them. To organize does not yet mean to educate: to educate does not yet mean to teach the Law of Cosmic Love.


Therefore, when we speak of the Light, we imply that process in which the human mind expands and attains inner selfawareness. When we speak of heat or warmth, we consider the process of concentration through evaporation or the process of inner transformation. Light is a process that comes from the center and goes to the periphery; while Heat is a process that comes from the periphery and goes to the center. I call the “arterial blood” - Light and the “venous blood” -  Heat. Therefore, when Cosmic Love passes through the human heart, it acts like the venous blood, absorbing and casting off all impurities. For this reason, we say that Cosmic Love heals. Light and Warmth - or in other terms, the arterial and venous blood - are constantly being exchanged within the human body; and the human body was created through these two processes. These two flows, these two processes can be found everywhere, including the mind, heart, and soul of every human being. Therefore, in order to research Life, we need to study it not as we see it today, but as Nature have initially created it.


People of today may argue whether the soul exists or not; that is a matter of understanding. A person has consciousness and soul, thoughts and mind, feelings and heart as well. Can you see a melting object without associating it with heat? Can you see an illuminated object without associating it with light?


Our delusions come as a result of the shadows cast upon us and that is why, we need to shed more light and warmth upon ourselves so that we can make our progress visible.


To clarify this great idea, I will tell you an esoteric story. If I were to speak to you philosophically, the subject would not be interesting to you.


I want to make the Truth accessible to your minds and for this reason, I am going to use the language available to us. In that kingdom, I have mentioned before, there was a king who had two daughters and one of them was very beautiful. One day, she went to a great Teacher of Wisdom and said, “Master, may I ask you to make me so beautiful as to enchant everyone passing by and so tender-hearted that whoever sees me not to want to part from me. Also, I wish for my sister to be deprived of these qualities and nobody to love her so that she would stay at home all the time not to hinder with me.” The sage answered her, “Let it be.” The princess mounted a horse, looked proudly around and said, “I am the king’s daughter!” People, horses, oxen, flies - all that she encountered in her way - was gathering around her. The many horses surrounding her started to kick each other striving to be closer to her and raising much dust in the air. The oxen were butting horns and also fighting to be closer to her. The bees started to sting each other, as did the wasps for the same reason. A terrible fight and noise arose and the animals, one after the other, started to fall dead on the ground. Observing all this, the king’s daughter realized how wrongly she had perceived Life in the Universe. Clutching her head, she went to her sister and said, “Help me, sister because I have committed a great offence!”


I ask you: If a king’s daughter like the one above appears inciting much kicking and fighting among you, if all people begin to pull each other’s hair and fight because of her - has the king’s daughter brought the meaning of life to you? No. If you are of two minds and cannot find any meaning in life,  you need to discover what caused you to be unjust to your soul. The king’s beautiful daughter is our body, for which we are ready to sacrifice everything in life. Philosophers, writers, politicians, clergymen, they all live only for their bodies. Often the most important thing for us in life is to indulge the body focusing mainly on what we eat and drink, how we prepare the meal and from what - meat or vegetables; whether to bake our food or boil it, and so on. We gather for banquets and say, “That is what life is about!” I say: That is what the stomach is about! You say, “Let’s put the social life in order.” Yes, but let’s put the social stomach in order: in fact that is what you imply. When your stomach is upset, the whole social and political life is upset as well. Ask any doctor if a person whose stomach is upset could philosophize and dabble in politics.


Years ago, when I was returning from the village of Knyazhevo[2], I saw a banker on the streetcar and heard him complain to his friend that he had not been permitted to eat anything, only to drink milk for some time. His friend asked him, “Why so? Are you not your own master?” “Yes, but my stomach is upset.” “Well, if so, you need to bear the consequences.” Hearing of the banker’s stomach distress, his friend was ready to acquiesce to any other philosophy of life. It is the stomach that gives direction to the feelings and actions of many people.


Cosmic Love represents a Great Law that allocates the actions of all forces in our consciousness so harmoniously as to supply everything created with the appropriate food it requires. Love provides appropriate thoughts for the mind; appropriate aspirations for the heart; and appropriate actions for the will. Yet, only mothers can teach Cosmic Love. When a mother forms her infant’s body, she supplies the child with Cosmic Love through her self-sacrifice. Only the one who sacrifices oneself will live because this person experiences the rejuvenating joy.


Many wealthy Bulgarians of the past are no longer remembered, but Botev[3], Rakovski[4], and others who have sacrificed their lives continue to live in the national memory because they have learned the Law of Cosmic Love. Someone may object, “Yes, but Botev was not a believer.” It is not so important if someone is a believer like us. What really matters is whether that one has realized and applied the Law of Sacrifice for the others. That is what is really essential and enhancing for our further development. When I am told that some people are not believers and have eccentric views, I ask whether their views are uplifting for them and the society or not. If the answer is positive, it does not matter that they appear to be nonbelievers in the eyes of the public. I ask: If the candle I carry is lit, while the other person’s candle is not lit, then who is the true believer? True believers are those who carry lit candles. When you see someone carrying an unlit candle, tell him to light the candle; then he will become a true believer. I tell all priests, ministers, citizens, socialists, communists: Light your candles so that you may become true believers. Light your candle, every one of you, from the biggest to the smallest one, until there will be no unlit candles because the Light is needed in the world. When the Light begins to shine, Warmth will also pervade the human heart; and with this, all hatred, along with our desire to become great or small, will disappear.


In respect with the cosmic consciousness we settle issues not from the perspective of one single nation, but as per the Great Law, which gives us striving and makes our life meaningful.


All those who take care of children, both parents and teachers, need to apply the new methods for children’s upbringing and education so as to be of assistance to their charges. Mothers and fathers send their children to school not only to acquire knowledge, but also to learn how to put this knowledge into practice. To begin with, teachers should teach children: how to eat and what foods, presenting their properties and qualities, pointing out the healthy ones, and so on. After that, they should teach them how to breathe - to take in the pure air. By “air,” I mean all thoughts, whatever they might be, as long as they provide inspiration and give a noble impulse for the human soul. It does not mean that I want to make you true believers. You are free to think and act as you wish. I only want to give you new methods in Life so that you can avoid contradictions at certain times.


I compare the situation in which the society finds itself today to that of a caterpillar feeding on leaves. Yet, the time has come for the transformation of this caterpillar into a butterfly. How will it feed then? It will no longer feed on leaves; instead, it will learn the craft of wing making, so it will create wings for itself, will begin to fly and extract nectar from the flowers. According to the Law of Evolution, the society of today is passing from one state into another. Do not think that you will be able to live in the old ways. No, God has already deprived you of leaves - as it is written in the Divine Law! God will no longer permit you to feed on leaves, when “the time of butterflies” has come. Now is the time for you to fly and gather nectar. And you should already use your proboscis! In other words, people need to learn to manifest Love. This Teaching is bringing the New Culture that will create the New Human Being. The people of today have not even a notion about it. The people who will come will be great in every aspect: Virtue, Justice, Love, Wisdom, and Truth. You are going to open your homes to them and will become fearless in their presence; there will be no need for police or army to protect you. They will not impose their views upon you because the present contradictions will no longer exist. It will be a New Culture then. Some of you will be honored to take up this Elevated Culture; while others, if they continue to maintain their old mindset, will remain in the state of caterpillars. I do not want to reproach you with this; but I am introducing this Great Law, which Nature applies mercilessly and she is being absolutely just in her actions. Placing a person in a certain phase of development, she wants to see some results. She will not wait for him; rather, he is going to wait for her.


When I speak to you in this way, do not think that I do not want to make you adepts of this Teaching. Believe, rather, that I want to warn you of a big catastrophe that is coming to you: if you delude yourselves and remain in the state of caterpillars for another ten years, there will be no more leaves left for you to eat. So I advise you to transform yourselves into butterflies ten days earlier than usual and to begin a new way of eating. If you allow disease to advance too far and the blood in your body to become poisoned, what will the doctor tell you? “It is too late; you should have called me sooner.”


Many politicians divert the Bulgarian nation engaging it with things that are not imperious today. You need to understand that every nation has a predetermined mission and if it is not accomplished properly, the nation will be lost; nothing could save it. Each individual has a predetermined mission as well. You may object, “Let us take back Macedonia, Thrace, Dobrudzha![5] We do not need anything else.” It is not so. We need people who will govern this nation as it should be governed! When I speak to you in this way, I do not mean that all of you should rush to join some political party. I view Life from a broader perspective. To me, the human social life represents one big tree. Does the tree have only one leaf or one blossom? No, it has thousands of branches, leaves, and blossoms, big and small ones; as well as thousands of fruits. If I had the time, I would speak to you in detail as to what each political party represents. Each party with its views and platform corresponds to a branch, leaf, and fruit of a big tree. How long can a leaf of this tree live without a branch? Fall comes and it withers; or the wind comes and it is blown away. Indeed, the fallen leaves are still living, but now they live under the power of the wind: when it blows upon them, they move.


I ask you now how you want to live: high in the tree or down on the ground? It has been said about someone: that person truly lives. He lives, but down on the ground and subjected to the power of the wind. When people say that they are ill-disposed, this indicates that they have fallen down from the Tree of Life. Man has fallen to be renewed so that his essence would be drawn off by the roots of the tree and he would reincarnate once again as a new, young leaf. This is the meaning of reincarnation, but it is embarrassing and disputable for many people. Christ said, “If you are not born again, you will not see the Kingdom of God.” It means: If you are not re-born, you will not integrate into the New Culture neither will you become members of the Great New Humankind, which will bring all conditions for growth in life. The Kingdom of God abides in this New Culture. There will be no dead people - no funerals, graves, or monuments in this Kingdom - everyone without exception will be joyful there. The great persons like Paisiy[6], Botev, and others will be representatives of this New Culture. They will bring the new ideas and will be bearers of the New Teaching.


People say, “Botev is not here, yet his spirit is.” Where is his spirit? How should one understand the meaning of “spirit”? The fundamental law of Lavoisier[7] is well known: Nothing in Nature is lost; therefore, everything that has ever been manifested continues to be. Some people are aware of such transformations while others are not. Yet, is it indicative that if I cannot see a thing, it does not exist? Many theologians and philosophers have contemplated on this one issue: the existence of God. For me, God exists as the Cosmic Love that I see everywhere and understand very well. It applies not only to me; every person who serves God sees Him and converses with Him every day. God lives in you. Not a single person can exist without God living in him. You should not speak ill of me, nor should I speak ill of you because God - against Whom not a bad word can be uttered - dwells both in me and you, in all of us. The fact that you have come to listen to me indicates that God has come with you too.


What I speak to you is not new; you have had this knowledge stored in you for centuries. Someone may say, “Mr. Deunov preaches a new teaching.” It is only new for the time in which it is revealed. For instance, when I travel by train from Sofia to Tarnovo, things quickly fly by in front of my eyes. Some of them become past; others are present; and others are yet in the future. Do these things not exist simultaneously? Therefore, the past, present, and future exist simultaneously and represent one reality in the world. Those who have passed away, those who are living now, and those who will come in the future represent one reality too. I will leave this issue to you; you will have 350 thousand years to resolve it and I believe that you will succeed. After such a long period, I will come again to see how you have resolved it. We are not going to treat this issue today because it appears that it is not for now, but many thousands of years are required for its settling.


The fact that people are currently deprived of bread, wood, salt, sugar, hygienic homes, and so on - these are the issues of today. Some speculate: those who are guilty should be hanged; women who create discord and other problems should be punished; we should declare war on our enemies in order to avenge ourselves. The purpose of all this is to satisfy the society and bring some people to their senses. Indeed, have women not been punished yet? Have the massacres, gallows, and wars not already existed?


“Let us change the judges.” Will the new judges be any better? There is something wrong here. If I were to become drunk and as a result perceive the things around as being strange, this is because of my own world of a drunkard and not because everything in the world follows my lead. We resemble a Bulgarian named Ivan who went to pay a visit and was offered a drink. He drank as much as he could, but at a certain point, they began to push him to drink to the health of the mother, then to the health of the eldest son and of the eldest daughter. Thus, Ivan drank to the health of everyone in the household and became so drunk that he barely made it to the village fountain to water his horse. After the horse stopped drinking the water, Ivan insisted, “Drink to my health!” But the horse drew back and stepped aside. Ivan then said to the horse, “You have a better understanding of life than I. You were not compelled to drink more and more to the health of anyone.” We behave like Ivan as well: we gather somewhere and drink to the health of a certain party, to the health of some feminine organization, to the health of women, and so on. We make one concession after another, until we resemble the drunken Ivan, after which we say that we did not understand anything.


People of today need to understand their duties toward the society, so that they might serve it as they should. When someone is asked, “Are you a Bulgarian?” he will answer, “Yes, because I speak the same language as all Bulgarians and profess one and the same faith as them.” This is not what distinguishes the Bulgarian as such. In my opinion, he should be honest and just, intelligent and good. If he possesses these four qualities, he is a Bulgarian. If he does not possess them, he is not a Bulgarian. Someone may say, “He is a priest.” I ask: Is he honest? Is he just? Is he intelligent? Is he good? If he possesses these qualities, he is a priest. Someone might be a lawyer, mother, father, teacher, or anything else; regardless, he needs to satisfy these four attributes, which are absolute essentials in social life. I would like that all Bulgarians possess these attributes and if they do, I will congratulate them. All should be dressed in Light, both inside and outside, and should be pure in flesh and spirit - just as Nature adorns the flowers with a wealth of colors and purity. As I said before: We need to be honest and just, intelligent and good in the full sense of these words - namely, in soul, mind, spirit, and willpower. We should possess a strong impulse to help one another as well.


You can always have the Cosmic Love within yourselves. You are unhappy; your child has died, or you have lost your wealth. Why are you unhappy? It is because the Cosmic Love is not at work within you. One has lost some of one's senses; another has become discouraged. Why? It is because they have lost the Cosmic Love. When this Cosmic Love comes into us, we become powerful enough to accomplish everything. Those, whose Love is active, get never discouraged - they say that all failures and misfortunes are merely shadows of Life. Do not be afraid of these shadows! I compare misfortunes to the following: imagine a big tree with thousands of leaves that live together peacefully and quietly. A storm comes up and they begin to push one another and quarrel among themselves, asking, “Why are you so rough and pushy?” Then the storm passes and again they live together, quietly and peacefully. In this case, the cause for their argument is external. If this tree has understood the Great Law of Cosmic Love and in doing so, has avoided this quarreling, it would gradually be transformed into animal; the animal, if it would have understood Cosmic Love, will be transformed into human being; and the human being - into Angel. And when the human being attains this more sublime form, this person will be able to master the forces of Nature and overcome all trials and misfortunes. You may learn this Law from your little children. What do they do when they want something from their mother? They hug and kiss her tenderly, calling her, “Mom.” What is the meaning of this? Embracing their mother, children impart to her Cosmic Love with their left hand and Cosmic Wisdom-with their right hand. In this way, they impart their power to her so that she is really ready to do everything for them. That is why children are so lovable. The adults say, “If I kiss you, will I not catch some disease?” Children do not philosophize: If they need to kiss someone, they just do it and that is that. If my kiss can heal a person, I will readily kiss that person. If not, I will not do it. Every kiss should bear a blessing within itself.


Visiting someone, you should not go with empty hands, but bring a present. When you go to visit a poor woman, for example, do not fill your wallet with money; but fill a bag with bread and fruits. The charitable organizations should do the same. At present, they collect money from here and there and use it to do good works. No, my friends, it is not good to give someone bread that is not baked by you. In the New Culture one cannot live by another one’s baking. The charitable organizations bring money around to the poor and after that, want to be paid for their labor. No, nothing should be paid them. When I serve, I should serve in Cosmic Love. When you come to my home, I shall receive you well: I shall feast you; I shall wash your hands and feet; I shall provide you with all resources needed for living; and I shall do any favor for you as I would for a friend. This is what is required by the New Culture. But today, when someone goes on a journey, he could stay somewhere as a guest for one day, but afterward, he should take a room in a hotel. Khan eri, baba eri,[8] say the Turks. The innkeepers are good people; they hold a higher position than common people. At first they are polite. However, when you leave, they immediately grab hold of you and say, “You must pay.”


Are you aware of the situation in which we, the people of today, find ourselves? I will illustrate this for you with another example. A dervish went to a public bath, washed himself well, but upon leaving the bath, he discovered that he had not even a coin or two in his pocket to pay with. He then addressed the bath owner and told him, “Thank you,” on the way out. “Wait! What about paying?” asked the bath owner. “I have no money.” “Why did you come then?” The dervish was in a quandary what to do, so he directed his thoughts to God and said, “Lord, either give me money or bring this bath down.” In this moment, a great noise was heard. The bath came down and the bath owner came running to see what was happening. The dervish left unperturbed. Walking along, he saw an imam praying and said to him, “I know what you are praying for - money.”


Modern society has always suffered from its too high want of money. In Bulgaria today, many treasury notes are issued, but where is the value? Value is what is needed. In contrast, what Nature provides does have value. If wheat, fruit, and potatoes exist, culture will exist; without them, there is no culture. Culture is determined by the Cosmic Love that is transmitted to us from Above. Do not think that the other planets and the Sun do not participate in our life. It is the Sun that is most interested in us and every year it sends a credit to Bulgaria worth of billions. If you go to the Sun, you will see that the solar citizens have many billions worth of energy for the sake of the Bulgarian culture, Cosmic Love, religious convictions, and spiritual advancement on the path of Truth.


We focus our telescopes on the Sun and say, “The Sun is fire.” I contest this because fire is a weak force. A force does exist on the Sun, but it is not fire. It is something more powerful and it is beyond words to explain it. The Sun is not a body of fire, but a body of immense energy. I will not discuss the intrinsic aspect of this energy or explain how it has been developed, and so on. I wonder if you would believe me, if I were to tell you anything about the Sun as it is so far away from us. You do not believe in me or in my candor; you, yourselves, question if I have any hidden objectives or not - so how will you believe me when I am speaking about the Sun? The Sun is well-disposed to us - and this can be seen from its energies sent to the Earth and its bounties prepared for us daily - because without these forces coming from the Sun, life would be impossible. The solar forces are living and conscious. If we begin to think about the Sun in this way, we will be able to draw these forces into ourselves and they will generate a conscious regular process of growth within us.


And so, Cosmic Love says, “Work with your heart and plant good wishes in it because each good wish will bear good fruit.” Plant good thoughts in your mind because each good thought will grow into a fruit tree. Do good actions using your willpower because each good action is a future fruit tree as well. Cosmic Love also says, “Never have doubts of yourself because every doubt is like leprosy.” Cosmic Love concludes, “Be courageous and decisive in life and in the struggles that befall you. Do not consider struggle to be a misfortune. Instead, consider it to be a process of work, which enables you to understand the inner meaning of Life. Discover the Laws that build the body as well as the stomach, lungs, and brain - so that you might be able to organize them properly.”


We need to have the appropriate conditions for the manifestation of Cosmic Love within us. We do have these conditions in Life; they have been given to us. But if we do not make use of them, we cannot avoid the bad consequences. Suffering indicates that we are losing our life-force. We will continue to suffer until the lost balance has been restored.


I will give you an example, which demonstrates that our beliefs and disbeliefs produce the opposite results. Once upon a time, there lived a great painter in Rome. He had the idea to paint the ideal image of Christ. He went through the town so as to find someone who would give an expression of his idea. He found a young man - 22–23 years old, and began to paint him. The work turned out to be quite successful. After some time the painter decided to paint Judas Iscariot as well. Again, he walked through the town in search of a suitable model. Finally, he found one and offered to paint him as Judas. The young man was astonished and turning to the painter, he said, “Sir, there is something very strange in your undertaking. Some years ago, you asked me to pose as a model of Christ and now you want me to serve as a model of Judas.” In the several past years, the young man had lived such a sinful life and his appearance distorted to such an extent that the painter was unable to recognize him. Yes, one can simultaneously be a Christ and a Judas, both in relation to himself and in relation to his fellowmen. We are creating our own character, so we need to be masters of our life, not expecting salvation from outside. Salvation is in us; it is nothing else but overcoming all the difficulties, which discourage us and hinder our progress.


Mothers are those who recruit members for the different social strata and circles. As I have already said: While a mother is pregnant and the child is still in her womb, she can shape the kind of person she would like. Society depends on her for creating both its good and bad members. If a mother has conceived, but does not infuse her baby with Cosmic Love, she will not be able to form her child as she desires. If during her pregnancy, she attends frivolous balls and mindless concerts, spending her time seeking mainly entertainment, she will cause the creation of other individuals like Judas; and then she, herself, will wonder why her child did not turn out well. The mother is the cause. She has not created conditions for the building of something good. If children are gifted and with noble character, it is because their mothers have understood the Cosmic Law and at the appropriate time have given their children the possibility of using it. Character and strength are passed down to the child by the father; while the intellect is inherited from the mother. Honesty is passed down by the father; righteousness, by the mother. Only the father can make his son or daughter honest. Only the mother can make her son or daughter righteous. Sometimes, one will find children who are honest and intelligent, but they are not righteous and good. In such cases, I say that one of the parents has erred. If a child has all these four qualities, it indicates that both parents have worked in accordance with Cosmic Love and have imparted these qualities to their offspring.


Cosmic Love is an excellent worker; whatever kind of wool you give it, Love will spin it. Showing us the spun wool, Love says, “This is what you gave me and this is what I created.” To clarify this concept, I will make a comparison with the following story. A young man by the name of Stoyan was a servant of a rich merchant. He worked honestly and gave all his earnings to the poor. Seeing this, his master constantly reminded him to make some savings for himself too because the old age is coming and he has no one to take care of him. Stoyan kept silent at these remarks or just said, “The Lord is good.” One day, his master fell into a deep sleep and had a very vivid dream. He was strolling through a beautiful countryside and there, amid the luxuriant landscape, he noticed a wonderful villa. He asked those present whose that villa was. “It belongs to your servant,” was the answer. “But he is only a poor man, where did he earn enough money to buy such a beautiful villa?” “He is poor indeed, but everything he earns on Earth, he is sending here; and with it, he has built this beautiful villa.” Walking further along, the master came to a more arid, desert-like place and noticed a small, meager cabin. He asked again, “Whose cabin is this?” “This is yours because you have never done anything for those in need,” was the answer. This story is true also in the sense that whatever a mother gives to her children in this world - and to the extent she gives it - that much she will receive back; and with it, she will build for herself either a beautiful villa or a small cabin in the World beyond. If she is generous in her Cosmic Love for her children, she will have a palace. By “palace,” I am implying the human character. If we introduce this New Law into the contemporary life, many of the big problems will disappear.


I will conclude this lecture with one more example in order to emphasize what we truly need. In the time of the Ottoman rule, there lived a young Bulgarian who was an apprentice to a master potter. He studied pottery for many years and when he thought that he could work on his own, he told the master that he wanted to leave him. The master agreed and so he left. The young Bulgarian set to work. He formed pots, dried them in the Sun and set them finally in the kiln. But when removed from the kiln, the pots always cracked. He continued to work in this way for a while, but soon became discouraged as all his pots cracked. So he returned to the master and complained, “I do not know what is wrong with my work; my pots crack whenever I take them out of the kiln.” The master told him, “I am going to tell you the secret, if you work for me for three more years.” The young man agreed. He observed closely what the master was doing and noticed that whenever he removed a pot from the kiln, he would blow Hu! into each one of them. The apprentice then said to himself, “So, I needed to work an extra three whole years for this Hu!”


You are all placed in the fire and if a master removes you from there, you will not be harmed; but if a novice does it, your pot will crack. The pot - this is you. The fire represents the difficulties in the world. The Master - this is your spirit. Stoyan in this case represents your soul that is learning how to create. Therefore, if you do not teach your soul how “to blow” and clench its fist, nothing will become of you. “To clench your fist” means to give your willpower the opportunity of acting in accordance with all precepts of the Law. Let each one of you stand in front of the kiln and say to the master, “Please, blow!” The blowing represents Cosmic Love. If Cosmic Love is implanted within you, your spirit will transform your body. You will become then worthy members of the New Culture and Humankind.


I would like to greet all of you as members of this New Culture. I wish you to serve it with joy, to be bearers and workers of Cosmic Love. Only in this way will a nation be able to fulfill its mission well. Only in this way can Bulgaria raise as a nation and state. Be sure that if you receive Cosmic Love, everything will be resolved to your benefit. Nothing bad will happen to Bulgaria: the changes will come to pass without catastrophes or cataclysms. The New is coming, so there will be energy effusion from the unclean vessel into a clean one. As representatives of the New Culture, we are going to live without hatred, without malice. May Love and Cosmic Love be the two lodestars guiding our life on Earth.


Lecture given by the Master at the gathering in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria on August 24, 1919.



1. There are two words in Bulgarian for love: lyubov and obich. Lyubov is translated into English as “Universal Love” or “Love” and obich is translated as “Cosmic Love” designating the human manifestation of Love as universal energy.

2. Knyazhevo: A former village in the outskirts of the Mount Vitosha, now a district of Sofia.

3. Hristo Botev (1847–1876): Bulgarian poet and revolutionary.

4. Georgi Sava Rakovski (1821–1867): Bulgarian publicist and a leader of the National Liberation Movement in opposition to the Ottoman rule.

5. Thrace and Dobrudzha are geographic districts on the Balkan Peninsula.

6. Paisiy Hilendarski (1772–1773): A monk who wrote the first history of the Bulgarian nation and became a leader of the Bulgarian National Revival.

7. Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (1773–1794) is a French chemist.

8. Khan eri, baba eri - this is a Turkish proverb meaning: The innkeeper ’s land is like a native land.

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