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Very few people in the English-speaking world have heard of the Bulgarian Spiritual Leader Beinsa Douno (1864-1944). Having studied his teaching closely for more than four years, it is my special joy and privilege to compile this booklet containing some of his most precious prayers and meditations. The reader will find that the words speak for themselves. The aim of the present selection is to transcribe material which can be used by readers who have neither the time nor the opportunity to read lengthy books, but who nevertheless need genuine spiritual nourishment.


Beinsa Douno taught and healed in Bulgaria for more than forty years from the turn of the century until his passing into the other world at the end of 1944. He had some 40,000 followers in the country before the war, some 500 of whom attended the summer camp of 1939. His disciples still spend some time in the mountains each summer, as has been their wont since the early 1920s. There they dance the sublime movements of the paneurythmy, a series of meditational movements set to music and words composed by the Master himself. Forthcoming material will describe this in more detail. Some 150 volumes were published in Bulgarian, a quantity still insufficient to contain over 7,000 lectures. About a dozen volumes have been published in French, not all of which are still available; also in French, there exists a quarterly review, Le Grain de Ble, lovingly edited for 32 years by Anna Bertoli, who died in July 1989. There is, alas, nothing at present in print in English. Hence this first effort to present some of the gems of the love and wisdom of Beinsa Douno.


"The One who speaks down the centuries is always the Same. At all times it is God who reveals Himself [the use of the masculine gender throughout this selection is for convenience only] to humanity. The forms through which he manifests are different, but He is One". In a sense, therefore, there is only one Divine Teaching with many manifestations and messengers. "Every Divine Teaching", claims Beinsa Douno, "is based on the Love of God, on union with God. To love God is to conceive of Him in all living creatures;. without this Love, life is devoid of meaning". In describing his own mission more specifically, he says:


"I am a messenger from the Divine World, sent to proclaim Love and to bring its strength and power into Life. Every Divine Teacher is invulnerable. Divine Knowledge is eternal, indivisible: it was so in the past, it is so in the present, it will be so in the future. As a result, the person who has taught it, who teaches it, who will teach it, does not count. It is always the Spirit of God that counts, at all times and in all ages, and no worldly power can overcome it".


Beinsa Douno's work was and is a contribution towards the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth. Comprehensive in its scope and application, it represents an elaboration of the Christian Teaching of Love, and includes lectures on all aspects of life and health. It is the Christ Teaching which can be applied on earth and which is the basis of the renewal of our decadent culture; it provides methods to enable people to apply the Divine Teaching, the Teaching of Christ:


"God is Love, Wisdom and Truth. Christ is the manifestation of God. He is the Son of God"


Christ is Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, Divine Truth, which must be lived and applied by all men and women.


We preach the Christ of Love, which supports and fills all hearts;


We preach the Christ of Wisdom, which illuminates every mind;


We preach the Christ of Truth, which liberates and elevates the world.


Love excludes hatred, violence, murder.


Wisdom excludes ignorance, error, darkness.


Truth excludes lies, slavery, sin.


There is nothing greater than these three principles; there is no straighter or surer path. In these three principles lies the salvation of the world".


We live in a time of spiritual famine in the West. Many have turned to the East, little realising that a rich tradition awaits them here. It is a tradition which has its source in the Orphic mysteries of Thrace (modern- day Bulgaria), and which flows through Pythagoras and Plato into esoteric Christianity, through the Essenes and Christian Gnostics, through the Bogomils and Cathars - both of which movements called themselves the "friends of God". It has re-emerged in our time in the teaching of Beinsa Douno, and can become a powerful force for the reconstruction of our inner temple, for the conscious awareness of our inner link with God, our Divine Source, and for the elaboration of a universal culture of Love.


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