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Let us thank the Lord for all the good things He has given us until now.
May the support and blessing of God be with you throughout the year.
Let us thank the Lord for all the beautiful thoughts which penetrate our minds, for every noble feeling which germinates in our heart, for each good act we were able to perform. Let us be grateful for everything; herein lies the profound meaning of life.
May the Lord begin to speak within the thinking of all those who are listening to me today; may you all be transmitters of divine Love; may you become strong and spread the divine Teaching throughout the world.
Bless everyone you meet, everyone who is at work and carrying out the will of God.
May God bless all those for whom you accomplish His will in the course of this year.



May you be among those beings on whom divine light is shed.
May you be among those beings who deserve to receive divine kindness and warmth.
May everyone you meet see the light and knowledge emanating from your mind!
May they all sense the divine goodness and warmth coming from your heart!
May your reward be the awareness of being a generous source which spreads divine light and kindness to all living beings!
May you continue on this path throughout the year!


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