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Morning Prayers

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Morning Prayers

On rising: "I thank Thee, Lord, for giving me life and health.

Fill my heart with Love,

And strengthen my will,

So that I may accomplish Thy Will.

May everything I do be done in Thy Name

And for Thy Glory".



"Lord, I ask Thee to fill me with the energies of Life.

May they penetrate every cell of my body

By bringing it strength and health,

May they strengthen my spirit in accomplishing

The task assigned to me on earth".



"I thank Thee, Lord, for sending me to the earth to learn.

I thank Thee for sending me to manifest the good within me.

I thank Thee for sending me to manifest the strength which

Thou gavest me and to help my fellow beings".



"Lord God, my soul quivers with joy before the light of the new day which illuminates my path.

I thank Thee for having woken me at this early hour when Thou art glorified by the wise man, the birds and the flowers.

I thank Thee for making me a gift of another day, and for calling me to pursue my work with a glad heart.

I thank Thee for giving me the chance to accomplish Thy Good Will, to manifest it with love and wisdom by putting it at the disposal of my brothers and sisters.

I beseech Thee to give me the joy of sensing the presence of the Divine Spirit, of listening to Thy instructions like a devoted child, and of not straying from the path of Thy laws.

Grant me and grant all men and women the strength, the vigilance and the love necessary for our elevation and for the coming of Thy Kingdom on earth.

May the Light of the eternal Sun of Thy Love illuminate my soul and those of all my brothers and sisters on the face of the earth!

May Thy Love, Thy Wisdom, Thy Truth, Thy Justice and Thy Virtues begin to reign in the hearts of mankind!

May all my brothers and sisters become One with Christ and the luminous angels, ONE with THEE and the Great Brotherhood of Light!




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