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Prayer for Purity

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Prayer for Purity

"In the fulfilment of the Will of God lies the Power of the human soul.

May we have:
A heart as pure as a crystal.
A mind as luminous as the sun
A soul as vast as the universe
A spirit as powerful as God and one with God.

May the Divine Spirit come and purify this space with His Great Light.

May the Spirit of God sustain us through all these days with His eternal Love.

Protect us, Lord, with Thy White Light,

Encompass us with Thy diamond wall,

And the Divine Spirit, beloved of our souls,

Will do all that is needful for us.

Oh kindly luminous beings, guardians of this place,

Be hospitable towards us,
And may the Divine Blessing be always upon you.

May the peace of God and the pure joy of God Live in our hearts for ever".

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