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The Name of God is sacred. As soon as one utters it, complete silence should reign in one's heart and soul; one should feel filled with veneration and sacred elation.

Aside from the Name and Will of God, everything else in the world is transitory.

Keep the Name of God in your soul, and be in constant remembrance of the good things which you have been given. The Divine is watching over you in wealth and poverty, in sickness and in health, in happiness and misery. The person who does not accomplish His Will will suffer because they are transgressing the fundamental laws of life. But the person who obeys God is like an ardent fire which consumes misunderstandings, misfortunes and illnesses; only such a person has a profound experience of inner peace and calm.

Thought awakens as soon as the Name of God is uttered; laughter and merriment are then out of place.

The name of God is sacred. Blessed is the name of the angels. Strive to have sacred thoughts and feelings towards the Divine.


God is the Principle of the Whole. God is Love. He is the eternal Medium in the heart of which everything lives and moves. Love permeates and embraces all beings, from the least to the greatest.


The existence of Love proves the existence of God.

Do not look for God outside yourself, for the God which you seek does not exist. God manifests in us as light in our spirit, Sweet warmth in our heart, And strength in our will.

Look within for the living God, and be thankful.


Ask that God may live in you, that He may manifest through you. Only God can transform human beings. Everyone is seeking the meaning of life. The meaning of life lies in communion with God.

The Great Beings, Geniuses and Masters of Humanity are those in whom God lives.


God is the goal of life; it is He we are seeking.

God is the beloved of the human soul.


We know God with the spirit.
We love Him with the soul.
We seek Him with the mind.
We feel Him with the heart.


When you love God, all beings love you.
When God loves you, you love all beings.
We all live in God.
The essential thing is to give God the chance to live within us.
This happens when we accept His Love.


I pray with all my heart that God may enlighten you and bless you more and more abundantly, so that you may be filled with that Divine Spirit, with His vast and inexhaustible Love.

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