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You should first of all love the Whole;
By loving the Whole you will love the parts.
When you attain cosmic love, you love all beings
Because the unity of life is real to you.


The Divine Teaching consists of Love. How can one explain modern life, full of crimes, murders, disagreements and misunderstandings? By a lack of love! This kind of life is of no interest. Only Divine Love is capable of ordering the world and inaugurating a new culture.

All sufferings, illnesses and infirmities, whether bodily or social, which torment humanity stem from violation of the law of love. Mankind must recognise this error once and for all.

Love without violence can and must enter the world. Violence is the law of hell. Heaven is guided by the laws of

Love, Wisdom and Truth. Love is the only force which can limit evil.

The only force which has the power to vanquish evil is Divine Love. God is Love. The Principle of Love harmonises all things.


I have come to announce to human beings that God has resolved to create a new world, a new heaven, a new earth, and to transform humanity. And this will come to pass. God has decided to transform the whole world. What I am saying comes from God, and everyone will hear my words.

The time for fraternity has arrived, the time to become transmitters of Divine Love.

It is only God who loves, FOR GOD IS LOVE. Man cannot love by himself, he can only transmit love. To wish for someone's love is to wish to be loved by God. God is the only being who loves us. He can express His Love through good transmitters.

Fraternity is the expression of love towards God. Every teaching which bases human life on fraternity is immortal. Fraternity is the essential precondition of the coming of love among men. In the future religion, all people will feel that they originate in God and will represent a huge family. Each will be prepared to sacrifice themselves for the other.

Love recognises no separate religions. It is Love which gives birth to religions.

In the divine world there are no religions. There, only Love exists. Love is the very atmosphere of the divine world. Everything there actually breathes love.

But since Love cannot fully manifest on earth, there arose a need for religions. If, however, you wish to accomplish the will of God, you must substitute Love for religion.


Love represents for us what water is for fish and air for birds:

Therein we truly live and have our being.

Everything lives and moves and has its being in Love; What we call Providence is nothing other than the vigilant eye of Love.


The greatness of Love can only be experienced by those who maintain an inner link with the Source which created it - with God, who alone satisfies the human need to be loved and supported.


Pink is the colour of Love
Azure is the colour of sublime Love
White Light is the colour of Divine Love.


Love your neighbours for the Divine they carry within them. In this way you will contribute towards their transformation, improvement and elevation.


LOVE eliminates lies and brings Truth excludes death and brings life removes illnesses and brings health makes shadows disappear so that Light may shine.


Purely human love leads to suffering
Suffering gives experience
Experience engenders knowledge.
Knowledge brings wisdom.
Wisdom leads to Truth.

Human love changes and varies.
Spiritual love varies without changing.
Divine Love neither changes nor varies.
It simply grows.


Love is manifest through the tenderest feeling, the gentlest look and the sweetest words.


When human beings genuinely love each other, they each see the most beautiful qualities and the finest virtues in the other.

Love reveals only the beautiful and the good in human beings, for it is God who is revealing Himself through them.

The acquisition of love is a sublime task, for the eyes of love allow us to see things in a new way, as they really are; which is simply beauty, greatness, elevation, eternity.

Being preoccupied with the faults of one's neighbour is a real form of contamination which weakens the whole organism and leads to the loss of the good and the beautiful.

The disciple must see good everywhere and in each person. If he perceives only faults and vices, his consciousness will be stricken with a kind of leprosy.

When we see the good in someone, this good is strengthened and made manifest. If you perceive the Divine in each being you will awaken their love and higher nature.

Love judges not, is not limited;
It does no harm to anyone.
Its flame is sacred; it burns all that is impure,
Melts all that is pure, and turns it into gold.

Love is a magical power; it encourages us to reform ourselves, to become attentive, to act sensitively and intelligently, not only towards our fellow beings, but also with plants, flowers and animals.

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