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Life has its dawn, its sunrise and its zenith.
The dawn of life is love;
The sunrise of life is wisdom;
The zenith of life is Truth.
This is eternal life which, ceaselessly renewed,
Springs forth from God - from Love.


People often ask about the goal of life. The answer is simple: we live in order to form just, pure and balanced thoughts, to refine our feelings, to purify our heart, to strengthen our will and learn how best to use it.

We come to earth to acquire what we lack. But very few realise what they really need: knowledge and the correct application of the laws of pure and luminous thought, of noble feelings, and of just and selfless actions. Everything else follows from this.

The mission of each person is to send thoughts of love to those nearest to them and to all the peoples of the earth. You cannot grasp the outer effect of your thoughts, but you will notice a gradual change within; every day you will acquire new strength and more light; you will know more peace and joy. In this way you will verify the powerful action of the law of Love.


What is essential in life?
A pure and warm heart,
A clear and inspired mind.
Then you will be working for the glory of God
On earth and in heaven.

To do the will of God
Is to do good to all beings without exception.

God gives us the impulse to do good;
But it is up to us to make the effort and do the work.

If you consecrate your life to love, you will realise that you have the strength to put up with your difficulties.

If you consecrate your life to wisdom, you will realise that you have the knowledge and light necessary to see things clearly.

If you consecrate your life to truth, you will realise that you are free.


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