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Reflections and Affirmations

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The lamb is the emblem of gentleness
The grain of wheat that of patience
And the Virgin that of purity.
These are also the qualities of faith: gentleness, patience and purity.
With them one triumphs over all the obstacles of the world.


From insensitivity to Love From death to life
From evil towards good
From incredulity to faith.

Herein lies the strength of life.




Only the luminous path of Wisdom leads to Truth.


The Divine Spirit asks of us three things: that we feed ourselves appropriately; that we live correctly; that we think clearly and intelligently.

Feeding oneself appropriately is to experience gratitude and love, benefiting from the Divine Word which sustains and orders all things. Living correctly is obeying the Divine Will. Thinking justly is seeing and understanding God's creation.


God wishes your soul to be free,
Your spirit to be strong,
Your mind to be illumined with Divine Light
And your heart to be filled with kindness.

Maintain the freedom of your soul,
The strength of your spirit,
The light of your mind,
And the kindness of your heart.


The faith in which I live instils divine harmony into the impulses of my heart.

May we all have an ideal which prevents us from going astray; may we always seek to serve the Divine, and better to express Love in its innumerable forms.

May we be studious, working with a pure heart and a luminous mind. May love be the basis of all our works.

May there be sweetness in our words
Truth in our look
Justice in our decisions
Kindness in our actions.


May we be as pure as light
As transparent as water
As abundant as love
As luminous as truth
As harmonious as wisdom
As firm and unshakeable as justice
As stable as virtue.

May my thoughts be as luminous as the sun;
May my feelings be as pure as the water from mountain springs!


God reigns in heaven
God reigns on earth
May His Name be glorified.

If we know how to recognise all the beauty which surrounds us, our souls will overflow with love for the greatness of the limitless and eternal Divine Presence.

God created the earth for us to be good
He created water for us to be pure
Air for us to think correctly
And light for us to walk on the right path.


God has planted all the seeds in my soul; I wish to do His will. May his divine plan for me be realised. I wish to strive to become as He would wish me to be.

I ask, Lord, with the strength of Thy love, that the virtues implanted in my soul from the beginning should grow. I will gather all my strength towards the accomplishment of Thy will.

Lord, Thou who art all Mercy, Holiness and Kindness, reveal Thyself so that I may accomplish Thy will.

Lord, may there grow within me the divine seeds implanted in my soul since the creation of the Universe.

The perfecting of Love will be the aim of my life. Perfect love removes all fear from the soul, and brings peace and joy to the spirit.

Lord, may Thy Spirit of Love, Thy Spirit of Wisdom and Thy Spirit of Truth dwell in our hearts.

Lord, I thank Thee for giving me a good mind in which Thou hast implanted Thy Wisdom, a good heart in which Thou hast implanted Thy Love. With this Love and Wisdom I wish to accomplish Thy Will.

Lord, may Thy Peace and Joy dwell always within us. May they enlighten us so that we may serve Thee with our whole heart, our whole thought, our whole soul, our whole strength.

For Thy sake, Lord, who liveth in my soul from all eternity, I wish to learn and serve Thee.


The person whose thinking is pure and clear harbours no doubts, and is afraid of nothing; fear results from the detachment of human consciousness from that of God.


When we meet someone and greet them, send them the light which emanates from your soul.
May this light illuminate their soul.
Contemplate in this light the beauty of their soul.

Feel respect for the Sacred living within them.
Then send them your love.


The supreme expression of humility is the profound desire to accomplish the will of God, to glorify His Name, to live for Him and to serve Him.

Humility is essential in order to create a link with God, to follow the path of the disciple of life, to advance towards perfection.

Masters, geniuses and saints are fully aware that they can do nothing without the constant help of the Higher

World, which is attracted by humility.


Peace is one of the highest qualities of Love, and Joy its spring which wells up within us.

So long as we do not feel ourselves flooded with gratitude towards God, so long as we do not commit everything to Him, so long as we do not pray without ceasing, we cannot find peace and freedom.

Purity gives the spiritual aspirant firmness of character; it frees from enslavement by weaknesses and vices, it gives protection against evil influences.

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