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Breathe deeply and calmly, with love and gratitude towards the Creator.

Calm, balanced and deep breathing brings peace to the mind and clarity to one's thoughts. Breathing depends on thought and thought on breathing.

Conscious participation in breathing is the golden rule; this means participating through thinking, feeling, willing - receiving light, love and life.

Two simple exercises which can be performed six times each in the early morning before breakfast. Mentally, one thinks of Life on the inbreath, Strength while holding one's breath, and Health on the outbreath:

Slowly raise one's arms at the side, breathing in, until the fingers meet over the head; hold one's breath for as long as comfortable; slowly release and bring one's arms down to one's side. The exercise forms an arc.

Slowly raise one's arms straight up over one's head above the shoulders; hold one's breath; slowly release and lower one's arms outwards as in the previous exercise.

The immediate result of these exercises is a feeling of calm and contentment, making one realise that all one's gestures should be as harmonious as these simple movements.

One further variant: raise one's arms in an arc so that the fingers meet over the head, and think or say: "May the peace of God live in my heart". Lower the hands over the head, touching the crown and then passing round the head and down the side of the body, thinking or saying: "And may His pure joy and sacred elation shine within me". Repeat three times. You will feel the quivering sweetness of Divine Peace.

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