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Come to Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free

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Come to Know the Truth and

the Truth Shall Make You Free


And you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.”

John 8:32


         Freedom is what every living being in Creation strives for. By the word “freedom” we are to understand the full range of all those actions, thoughts, and wishes that are hidden within us and the removal of all conditions that may limit them. Freedom is a quality of the Spirit. To be deprived of freedom implies a fall or regression from the ideal of Creation. Freedom becomes limited when favorable conditions are lost. Losing some part of the physical body, for example a limb, leads to partial limitation of one's freedom; while losing one's mind or ability to think would be a more complete limitation, as also losing one's vision or hearing, or any of one's senses.


Truth is a prerequisite for restoring Freedom of Spirit. Freedom has three components: first, freedom of the body; second, freedom of the will-power; and third, freedom of the heart to express feelings and thoughts. Christ said, “Truth shall make you free,” meaning that Truth will show us the way to Freedom. However, not every thought, desire, or act of the will makes us free. Any word, as a combination of thoughts, can be like a ticking bomb that can explode. In other words, one negative word or thought could deprive us of Freedom because an insulting word will produce its destructive effect. We should always possess a measure for testing and assessing our thoughts and desires. This measure, this touchstone is Christ. He should always be before us and in our mind. When we are always with Christ, our thoughts, desires, and impulses for action come mainly from within our being; and this is a positive sign. However, not all of them are of one and the same quality, and we need to know which one of them to select. Thoughts and desires are like the stones in a quarry. They serve to build the future human body, the Spiritual Light body. They may come from different directions and we need to be able to select the necessary stones for the building. To build our house we need not only stones, but also steel, wood, and other materials. There are spirits that sell us all these materials at higher or lower prices. When they sell them to us more expensively than their real value, they deceive us.


Christ wants to make us free. Yet, we are bound by thousands of obligations: first, to our parents, then to our siblings; later, when we get married, to our spouse and children; then we have obligations to society and much more. The art is to know how to deal with any one of them, as Freedom not only implies rights, but also obligations. Society cannot exist if people have only rights or only obligations, as both of these go together.


Rights get limited according to the requirements of our needs. For example, if we desire more than we need, the opposite reaction will take place and our rights will become limited. Wherever there is more honey, more bees will come to consume it. Wherever there is more wealth, all malevolent spirits will come to profit by it. Wealth is necessary for freedom, yet it could bring not only blessings, but also negative attributes, such as laziness, pride, and so on. In Christ's Teaching the value of the human soul is determined by its inner qualities: being connected with God, or in other words, being armored with Truth, which implies being clothed in Love. We recognize the Sun by its light and warmth; in the same way we recognize God by Truth and Love. When Truth comes into our minds, we think; when Love becomes part of us, we begin to act. Truth is the inner essence of the soul. If we have Truth, we will always experience a forward impulse, and there will be no old age, but an everlasting youthfulness, so we will feel energetic at all times and at all ages. Obstacles are a blessing for us: they are conditions for our uplifting, for we need to make efforts to overcome them and thus attain the blessings.


All our organs and body parts are serving, but at the same time limiting us.  We should know their role so that they can function properly. Now the creation of the Spiritual Light body is our responsibility. Up till now in our evolution, most of the time it leaves us and we get separated from it. We should enter into relationship with all the entities that compose our body, that live in it and support our life. This means, as Christ says, to be united with Heaven, and this is our obligation. Christ Himself became one with all the entities. He sacrificed Himself not only on the cross, but the existence of everything we are living on now, comes from Christ, and for this reason, we love Him. He has left a treasure for us to use, not to become attached to. He has given it for us to benefit from, not to take and divide. Christ sacrificed Himself for this treasure, and if we do not use it properly, He will take it back. He has given it to us so that we may develop spiritually and prepare ourselves for the Angelic Life, in other words, after this earthly life to be able to make the transition to a higher life in the World of the Angels.


Christ wants us to use the touchstone that is our Divine soul; and when we find it, we will become free. Christ taught people in this world how to find their forgotten soul or hidden treasure. Many of our souls are pawned and we need to get them back. When we came down from Heaven to Earth as human beings, we put our souls in a pawnshop and so now we need to buy them back. All civilizations that lived before us cultivated the Earth's surface and have piled soil on it; so we need to work with our souls with the same soil. Therefore, it is important to have favorable conditions, in other words, to have the touchstone that means transformation, repentance, and more. This is how the process of rebirth happens. 


We need to be free so that we may find the touchstone and, in order to be free, we should be thankful for everything that happens to us: both good and bad. This is the meaning of Christ's dwelling within us. Then all situations in life will be equally acceptable to us. We will not be given a higher position if we have not fulfilled the lesser job well. God also sends Angels to serve and help with the redemption of troubled souls. We need to always begin with the smaller things and then move toward the bigger ones, instead of saying that, when we are free, we are no longer obliged to work. God has created the Earth and one day when it fulfills its mission, its particles will expand and it will disappear.


Each of our acts is a collective effort because we are connected with many spiritual beings. Each of our thoughts is an obligation, a promissory note that is held by the Spirit that guides and supervises us. Therefore, we should not look for big things in life because by desiring them, we might get them as our right, but the Spirit will tell us later, “Now, you need to pay for them.” If we do not have a way to pay for our debts, suffering, poverty, illness, or other limitations could come upon us.


Every person in a state of anger is being robbed because when the physical body is abandoned, the spirits rob it. Therefore, we need to stay balanced and protect our “home,” our body, as this is our Freedom. If we inhabit other people’s homes, we are not free because we can be evicted at any time.


The most important thing now is to be discerning only our beneficial desires and thoughts so that only they may be fulfilled. Only then may we say that God has assigned them for us.


Sunday lecture held on April 13 (26), 1914, Sofia. 




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