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Today I am going to speak about the New Humankind. I will present this subject to you in a new perspective. The New in the world is symbolized by the rising Sun and the old - by the setting Sun. That is a Law in Nature. It is not only me to assert this Law, but every mother and father does. When a young woman and man marry, the first child they will have is the rising Sun, the hope for their future. If we think that the new brings some mischief, disorganizes the society and entire humankind, it is a wrong understanding of those Great Principles that govern the Living Nature. But if we have such concepts, why then do we want those children who bring trouble to their parents? How many days and nights has the mother spent without any rest and sleep for this newly born that does not know yet to speak, for this new concept to be raised! This new concept is at first undetermined, but the mother has the ability to comprehend, listen, and understand the messages of this new being, of this little baby.


Similarly, there are individuals in any community and nation with receptive souls, whose consciousness is developed and whose hearts are elevated to a higher level. They are able to grasp this new concept and to become its “children” and bearers. Contemporaries usually do not accept the bearers of the new ideas, so they say, “These people are anarchists, communists, heretics, sectarians!” But all these labels are only words without any meaning. If we reason in this way, I ask then: What is the difference between these three persons: a communist following his views in life, someone who is living according to his old views, and a third one who is applying the new views? The difference is that the bearer of the new ideas feels uplifted and vigorous in life thanks to the vitality of growth. The other one, who lives with the old ideas, feels worn, exhausted, his strength is failing, he is afraid of the future and he is concerned with the old age. Therefore, he is striving to become rich and begins insuring himself through banks and insurance policies. I say: These are the old people, this is what brings death and this is the graveyard of humankind. But graveyards do not bear new ideas to humankind; they create only suffering and misfortune in the world! Kings and priests, musicians and poets - all lay buried in the graveyards for their wrongdoings. If you ask me why people die, I will reply: It is because of their old ideas.


How then can all humanity resurrect? I say: Rejuvenate, become bearers of the new Divine Teaching, which symbol is brotherhood. What does brotherhood imply? Those who call themselves your brothers and sisters must be ready to sacrifice everything for you - their life, wealth, and honor. When a great nation comprehends this concept of true brotherhood, it must be ready to sacrifice everything for these new ideas. If there is no sacrifice, there is no brotherhood, no equality. Those who preach about God and spread the great idea of His Being without sacrificing their wealth, honor, and life for Him, have not grasped the Great Teaching of Life. This is brotherhood and equality; and this is what Christ has preached.


Let us go back and apply Christ’s Teaching because it will bring salvation of the world. What did Christ teach, what did He preach? He taught the great idea of the New Humankind! What will be the distinguishing features of the representatives of the New Humankind? The Jewish prophets, being farsighted, stated two thousand years ago, that God would create new hearts of flesh, but the Divine Spirit would dwell in them and all would come to know God. Therefore, nobody will doubt the existence of God. Everyone will be under their own fig tree without any fear. Peace and love will reign among all; the weapons of war will be turned into tools and ploughs and people will no longer make war.


Christ has established two principles related to the New and the old humankind in the following correlation: the person of knowledge who understands the meaning of Life built his house on a rock, in other words, on the firm principles of Living Nature. And the person of ignorance, who does not understand the meaning of Life, built his house on sand, so the winds and floods carried it away. Storms and floods affect those people who live without any principles. They usually provoke all the unrest in society. They bring down the house built on a sandy foundation.


Therefore, these two cultures, the old and the new one, are founded on two main principles. The contemporary old humankind is still serving its egoism and that is why brotherhood cannot exist. The New Humankind will serve selflessly. Egoism is predestined to become the servant of humankind.


The new ideas do not cover only the personal and social good of humankind, but of all sentient beings. By “sentient” I mean the living beings altogether, as no being exists without any sentience. If someone talks to you, but you are deaf, you cannot hear the spoken and wonder why you do not understand this person. The problem is not with the speaker, but with the listener whose ear cannot receive and comprehend what is said. The blind cannot perceive the world in full either. It is not that the world is dark, but the visual senses of this person are underdeveloped. Therefore, the present society needs to develop these feelings following the Great Law of Evolution.


Nature of today is not what it was a million years ago. There are great turns occurring every one hundred million years in Nature. If I ask you about the age of our Solar system, you will tell me, one hundred million years according to some contemporary scientists; two hundred million - according to others; five hundred million - according to third, and so on. The esoteric science states that ever since the creation of our Solar system, two hundred and fifty billion years have already passed. These statements can neither be proved nor disproved. They are only assertions that can be proved only in certain conditions, if we accept the explicit axioms and fundamental principles. But in general, in order for a truth to be understood, some information is needed. There are only a few proven truths in the world. Try, for instance, to prove an idea, which is dear to you: does the human being have a soul or not? I can tell you that half of the contemporary intellectuals deny this idea; the other half support it, but cannot prove or disprove it. If we ask someone about the soul and how it looks like, the answer usually is, “There is a soul, but I do not know how it looks like.” We can prove the existence only of those things that have form, content, and meaning; as to the things that have no such parameters, we can neither prove nor disprove them.


I am presenting an idea, which is familiar to your souls because what I speak about is inherited in you. You have certain ideals, aspirations, yearnings, but they are being expressed in various ways. And every one of you has an aspiration that is unique. The young man, for instance, is looking out for his beloved. The old man will say, “This is nonsense. Once upon a time I also busied myself with such things, but now I do not need any beloved.” But it is not so for the young man. Night after night he does not sleep, gets up early, walks here and there, looking out for his girl with the dark eyes. His mother and father wonder what is happening to their son. The son says, “The new idea will bring new life to me - that is what I am looking for.” Who is right, the young or the old? I say: the young.


Once upon a time a fox passed by an apple tree and saw high on one of its branches a piece of good cheese hanging. The fox looked at the cheese, but continued on its way saying, “That is worth nothing.” Why? It is because the cheese was high up in the tree and the fox could not reach it. But if it had been down, within reach, the fox would have said that there was no better cheese than this.


New Humankind is mentioned several times in the New Testament, in the Revelation. The Evangelist John, two thousand years ago, saw the pregnant woman as a bearer of the great idea about the New Humankind and he also fixed the number of the chosen ones, who will be bearers of this idea, at 144 thousand. If you add these numbers one to another, the total is 9: 1+4+4=9. The number 9 signifies results from the evolution of those who have all positive and noble qualities attained.


Some would say that these 144 thousand individuals are in Heaven. No, they are living now here, on Earth; they have come back to Earth and incarnated among the learned people. Some of them are writers; others - poets and scientists, but they all are guiding the humankind on the path to the new ideal, on the path to the Divine. They stand against the darkness and fetters, which impede humankind. And this unrest, this great change that is coming, is due to them. They will turn this world upside down. Do not take this for a bad omen. In Bulgaria, when a person drinks a lot of water and chokes, he is turned with the head upside down so that he could vomit the swallowed water. The contemporary knowledgeable people, too, have swallowed a lot of unclean water and they need to be turned upside down so that this water might flow out. When everything unclean has flown out, they will be turned once more, this time with their heads upward and only then the New Life will begin. Some of you may say, “We do not care for this New Humankind, when we witness the present suffering.” We need to understand, however, that suffering is necessary for the development of character. We have only now, in this age, begun to suffer and we have become more sensitive. It is true that modern people suffer more, but this is a noble suffering, which will put the society in order. Does every pregnant woman not pass through some suffering and some painful experience? She suffers until the baby in her womb is formed, but when the child is born, she is released from suffering. Therefore, the suffering shows that we are pregnant with a Great Divine Idea and like that mother we are ready to endure all suffering. But when the child is born, the sorrow will disappear and will be replaced by joy.


Often we ourselves cause our suffering. I will illustrate this with an anecdote from the Bulgarian life. A villager liked eggs very much and looked for every occasion to get some as a meal. However, he did not succeed every time because his wife was very stingy. She was big, well built and when her husband dared without her knowledge to enjoy one or two eggs, she gave him a thrashing. One day she fell unconscious and died. The man told himself, “Thanks God, finally I can eat eggs and there is no one to stop me anymore.” He took seven eggs and buried them in the hot ash under the fire. At that moment several women, his neighbors, came to share his sorrow for the loss. When all of a sudden he heard steps, he got startled. Forgetting that his wife was dead and fearing not to be beaten, he slipped the eggs quickly into his bosom. The women told him, “Your home is under such a plight, like under fire [colloquial expression in Bulgaria].” He replied, “Yes, there is a big fire in my home, but the one that burns in my chest, in my bosom is even bigger.”


People nowadays say, “We go through so much suffering.” I say again: The baked hot eggs in your bosom are the cause for this suffering. Remove the eggs from your bosom and your suffering will stop. The term for this in modern science is obsession. Do you know what a fixed idea is? I will give you an example of someone who suffered from an obsession. A gentleman made a circle by touching his thumb and index finger of his left hand and then moved the index finger of his right hand into it, trying to catch it. So, he tried unsuccessfully for two-three years. Finally, he went to a doctor who immediately figured out how to help him. The doctor stuck his own index finger into the left hand of the patient; the later grabbed it immediately rejoicing that he finally succeeded in his attempts. By this, the man was healed and free from the fixed idea that had been bothering him for so long. Similarly, people of today who have some fixed idea want to catch their finger, but cannot succeed. However, this finger is created for another kind of work and not to try to catch it. If you want, you can catch hold of it in another way and not as this man.


New Epoch is beginning on Earth at present and today’s esoteric science says that a New Wave is coming from the Sun. If I use new words, you may not understand them and my lecture will become obscure. This advancing Wave that is coming now affects the human brain - that is why some people become eccentric under this influence. Eccentric are those people who are either too silent, or very talkative, but their speech is incoherent. These are extremes that exist among people, but there are also norms of the proper development. Some say that speech should always be logical. In my opinion, there are three types of logic in the world. The first I name purely materialistic logic; the second - logic of the conscious life; and the third - Divine Logic. The Divine Logic does not allow any lie at all. Therefore, to operate within the last two kinds of logic, you should have a noble and sublime soul - in other words, you should be ready to sacrifice yourself for your fellowmen and live not only for yourself. Another thing that should be done is to prove where the Truth is. The verification of Truth requires time and practice. All modern scientists who propose various theories and investigations in medicine, industry, physics, chemistry, or in any other field of life need time in order to apply their theories. A theory could be very correct in its mathematical calculations, but if it does not give results when it is applied, it is not acceptable. For instance, an Englishman has studied one subject for 25 years and he was working on the make-up of a flying machine. For this purpose, he had made a profound study and when he was sure of his calculations, he gave an announcement in the newspapers. However, he missed something: he did not put all this in practice. When the experiments with the flying machine began, it did not work, though the data and calculations presented by him, were observed: the wheels were moving, but the machine could not fly up. The inventor was booed and this ended his work. But new investigators after him began to study Live Nature and bird’s anatomy: bird’s wings and tails. People mastered the ways of flying and based on that practice, they were able to build the working flying machine. How great was the joy of humankind when the mechanism of flying was discovered! But all these flying machines: balloons, airplanes, and zeppelins were not used for the benefit of humankind. You saw how they had been used in the last wars and how dangerous these machines could be.


People ask me to reveal a big secret to them. I say: One of the greatest secrets is to learn how to heal oneself by flying up. This is how, if you are neurotic, you can heal yourself. If a wife is not well, let her try to fly for half an hour and she will come back healthy. If later on, her husband falls ill, she would also place him in a balloon to fly for a while so that he might return healthy. Such healing is easy because in the higher strata the air is much more pure than below. Here, where we live, the air is full of carbon dioxide. And if we are neurotic nowadays, this is due to the high concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, which we breathe and which acts as a poison in our body. Do you know what you will feel when you enter a big modern city? If you had a developed sixth sense or psychic sense like some people, when you look at a city, you will be nauseated by the air pollution and stench and will not want to live there anymore. Our modern settlements and houses are a reflection of the contemporary humankind with its unrefined sense of smell. And as a result, life there becomes more and more unbearable. But the New Divine Ideas that are coming will bring the New Life into the world. The existing death, misfortune, suffering, insanity are the result of completely other mental causes and not of those they are usually ascribed to.


The present day life in its forms as well as the contemporary social system should change. And the people bearing the new ideas are right to insist on this change. This change occurs gradually in Nature, but it will happen in your life as well, either gradually or instantaneously. On this occasion Turks say, “Allahan zoru da var.” This is translated that if someone’s head is thick and does not take any advice, when God tells him what to do one or two times, then the Law of Karma is applied.


Therefore, brotherhood is the fundamental idea of the New Teaching. Brotherhood needs to be applied in households. Mothers and fathers should understand this fundamental Law of Brotherhood in order to create new conditions for upbringing and educating their children.


For instance, if a young man is unruly, doing mischief, how is he treated according to the old ways? He is punished and imprisoned. In prison, he loses his health and after that the state must take care of him. This youth could have become an excellent citizen. He had an outburst of energy, which must be cleverly put into action. You say about him, “Yes, but he is a sinner, a criminal.” The society had created such conditions, which he could not handle.


And so, instead of studying the Living God and Nature as to act accordingly, we are opposing one another, thinking that there are many laws in the world. Living Nature has only one Law applied to all - both rich and poor. The poor person says, “This wealthy person has everything he desires to eat and to drink, lives in the lap of luxury and I have nothing.” But you do not know that the suffering for this wealthy person is only on hold for 45 years. Does Nature not take equally the fat of the poor and rich? What does Nature want to say by this? She tells people, “You have not yet learned the Law of Brotherhood.”


If you read the first chapters of the Genesis, you will see that God says to Adam and Eve, “You will eat of all fruits but one. The day you eat of this forbidden fruit, you will die.”[1] The forbidden fruit is a symbol of today’s egotism. For example, someone who wants to exploit others and live on their toil; someone who takes the bread of the poor widows and orphans to satisfy one’s own needs; someone who wants to be at war with so many nations - such person is eating from the forbidden fruit. Therefore, you should all be persistent in that Great Teaching. Has Christ ever taught people to wage war, fight each other, or pray God to help one of the fighting sides? A thousand, two thousand years ago, this had some meaning, but now it has outlived its time. Where is the true faith, which is being paraded; where is the genuine Christianity? I speak to those who name themselves true Christians; they should act according to the Christ’s Law. And those who are not Christians should act according to their beliefs and laws. Someone says, “I am not a Christian.” What then are the laws and beliefs according to which you live? “I am a free thinker.” Then act according to your free thought. We should give the right of freedom to every person because there is something good, something noble within each human soul. Give everyone an opportunity and they will be able to advance; yet, under unfavorable conditions, people often fall down.


I have used this example before and I will give it again. A famous Italian painter wanted to paint the image of Christ and so he walked around the town looking attentively at all faces, hoping to find the suitable one. And he found a youth of about 20 and painted Christ after his image. The work was a success. After some time the same painter decided to paint Judas and began looking for a suitable model. He found a young man and asked him to pose for the picture. The young man said, “Sir, that is strange, some years ago I posed for you for the image of Christ and now you want me to pose for Judas!” In just few years, the sinful life he had lead changed his face so much that he looked like Judas.


If a young woman follows the wrong path in life and ends in a brothel, do you think that her face will not have an imprint from this life? Such a destitute woman told me one day that while she had money her husband lived with her, but after he drank up all her money, he left her to her fate and she turned to a wrong path. She said, “I want to join the church, but they do not accept me there.” This woman has the longing for a pure life, so when her conditions change, she will raise herself up. And of those “free” women who wish to serve their sensuality, people say, “Such women are needed in the world.” I say: No, we should take our sisters out of the brothels, not rape them, but guide them on the right path and show them how to live.


The bearers of the new idea, the altruistic feeling, and the Divine Teaching are coming now and they are the ones who will defend all fallen and unjustly treated people. These people are not like anybody; they have signs on their faces, in their eyes, on their hands. You will recognize them. Here are their signs: if a doctor is the bearer of the New Teaching, when he comes to your home, he will bring all the medicine you need and will take no money from you, but will say, “I serve for free.” If he is a priest, when you ask him to baptize your child or perform a burial service, he will not accept any money, but will only say, “I serve the New Teaching.” If he is a trader, as a representative of the New Teaching, he will trade honestly; if he is a teacher, he will teach for free. You will object, “If we all work without payment, the world will fall apart.” Yes, the present world will be transformed and new beliefs will spring forth. Some will ask, “How is it possible to work for nothing, how shall we live without money?” I ask how many thousands are being paid to parents to rear and educate their four or five children? Is there a law by which mothers and fathers are obliged to get up five-six times at night to watch over their little children? There is no such law and constitution, yet in spite of this, the work of parenting goes on more smoothly and naturally than any other work subjected to the state law. Therefore, mothers and fathers represent the first Law we must observe. I say: You are on the right path, if you live in the same way as parents and children live in a household; as brothers and sisters live together.


With respect to the New Humankind, no great disaster is to be expected. It is true, there will be a great collision in the world, but it will affect those buildings that have no solid foundations and those rotten trees that have no healthy roots. A great paradigm is coming, which will overthrow them all; it is a Law or a ventilation that is going to clean up everything rotten - only the healthy ones will remain in the world.


When suffering is coming your way, do not ask about the reason. I say: The Sun causes all misfortunes on Earth; it is the reason for our suffering, but also for our happiness. It creates the floods, epidemics, and all diseases in the world; it causes the earthquakes too; in other words, it is the reason for everything that happens in all of Nature. The Sun says, “If you are wise, you are going to use my energy properly and I will shower you with all blessings; if you are not wise, I will inflict the greatest suffering on you.” The Sun can change its energy, but it will still shine and the Earth will still rotate. I am telling you this: There is a statement in the advanced esoteric science about the exception; or the irregularity that appears for example, in the movement of a wheel, once in every one hundred million revolutions. Our planet Earth is also such a wheel and after going one hundred million times around the Sun, its rotation will change - this will manifest either disastrously, in a descending line, or beneficially, in an ascending line. Such exceptions or reversals have already happened to the Earth and a new one is forthcoming. Our Earth has almost reached this number of rotations and is approaching the exception. I am not going to fix the date when this cosmic event will take place. You may not believe me now, but when this day comes, you will have the proof then.


We can apply this Cosmic Law also to the Sun. After it makes one hundred million revolutions, an exception will occur to it. Modern scientists say that our Sun makes one revolution in twenty million years. Can you suppose what will happen to the world when the Sun comes to make an exception? If this exception falls into the descending line, the entire Solar system will be extinguished, the Sun will darken and all life will cease. But if the exception falls into an ascending line, the solar energy will be increased tenfold and then people on Earth must watch out!


So, at present there is an approximate coincidence: both the Sun and the planet Earth have almost made their one hundred million revolutions and the exceptions are impending for them. I can prove scientifically this statement with facts and data but not to this society. The formulae and facts used by the esoteric science can be proved to you, but it will take time. I do not intend to instill fear, but I say that exceptions exist and all should be prepared to meet them at their assigned places. Christ says, “Blessed are those servants whom the master, when he comes, will find watching.”[2] If you think that life will flow on peacefully and quietly in eating and drinking, you are wrong.


Modern scientists state that the humankind has not lived on Earth for more than eight thousand years, but the esoteric science has a different view about it. It claims that the humankind has lived much longer than this. The skulls left over from old times prove than man lived even earlier than eight thousand years ago. But the facts that he has really lived much longer than that cannot be revealed to the public. Even if such facts are made public, the connection between them is so subtle that it seems that there is almost no connection. When in one of my lectures I said that the development of the human will could be defined by the thumb, some said it was illogical. But truly, the thumb is the result of the action of the human will. In the olden times as punishment of the thickheaded and prevention of their crimes, they cut off their two thumbs. Then I ask why some people have longer thumbs than others; and why some people have better formed thumbs than others. All this has some meaning, it points to the development of the will and reason in the human being. If you look at a person’s thumb, you will see how the development of this soul goes. If it is good, the thumb is well shaped and there is no crookedness. If there is crookedness, it shows some deformation in the character. If your nose, eyes, or lips are crooked, it means something too. The doctor says, “This is not normal, you got a stroke.” But I say: There is a discord in the connection between the parts of body and energetic centers, between the thoughts and feelings acting in the human organism.


It makes no sense, if I develop this New Science only in theory without any practical application. I speak about realities, which are fixed quantities, as something defined and not abstract, in the same way as mathematicians deal with formulae, chemists - with molecules and atoms, physicists - with forces.


We say nowadays that the human being has a soul. Is the soul a fixed unit; where does it dwell: in the brain, in the heart, in the lungs, or in the stomach, where can it be found at all? Modern science can say nothing about the soul.


Now let me go back to my train of thought. The New Humankind needs to begin first with the human anatomy. Therefore, I would like that you all become interested in anatomy. When you begin to build a house, first of all you set up the woodwork of the building, then you prepare the scaffolding of the house, and after that you build up. Anatomy represents the scaffolding. Some say, “We need no anatomy!” No, you cannot go without it. Children, mothers, and fathers need to study anatomy. When you sew a garment, you also begin with anatomy. The patterns are anatomical signs and according to these you cut the garment. Therefore, people of today really study life anatomically: because they always cut. What is cutting? In the life of the New Humankind you will study not only anatomy, but physiology as well. How do you study physiology when you are building your house? You place windows and chimneys so that more air flows through. What is the subject of physiology? The study of the functions of the various organs, the heart and blood circulation. Physiology is needed in every home in order to obtain more favorable conditions in life. You, who are now building your houses, do you have big windows? I recommend to you: make bigger doors on your houses and open larger chimneys. I like big chimneys and do not approve the stoves that are in use now. You say, “My grandfather and grandmother were very healthy in the past.” Yes, but your grandfather had big chimneys in his house, so the ventilation was good; whereas you have moved backward, you live with much carbon dioxide in the air and of course, you cannot be healthy. Good ventilation is necessary. And what do the Bulgarians do? Because they are afraid of catching cold, they clog up their windows with paper to avoid air drafting. It is better to catch a cold than to breathe air full of carbon dioxide.


The representatives of the New Humankind are already here; they will increase in number so that to spread the new ideas all over the world. You, all of you, may become members of this New Humankind. Who does not like fraternity and equality? Is there a father who does not wish his son to become educated, not remaining ignorant? The New Humankind requires of every person to be honest, in other words, to subdue egoism; to be just, wise, and good. And to show these four qualities not only superficially, but to be so honest, in the absolute sense, that never to sacrifice someone else’s interests for his own, and always to direct his own interests to the good of his fellowmen. You might say, “If we apply this, we will be overtaken by suffering and misfortune.” I ask: Is there happiness coming from the application of the present-day ideas? Were thirty million people not killed in the war, are the prisons not full? And on this very day people die because they serve the old culture, which teaches that one must be a wolf to others. But Christ says, “All you are brethren.”[3] Did I create this Teaching? I say: If you are not willing to observe Christ’s Teaching, observe that of Moses’; if you are not willing to obey him, then respect the laws of your country. Anyway, act as an honest and just person, do not break your word. But if you act once according to Moses and the next time according to Christ - you will mix up the laws. Some ask me, “Do you always speak the Truth?” Yes, I think over every word I say. If I speak honestly, justly, I speak for my own good; I do not wish to disgrace my honor; I wish neither to disgrace my brothers, nor the name of God. But I hope when I meet you some day to be sure that I have always been honest and just in my soul and mind so that you would follow this Path too. Only in this way, through this Teaching, can mothers and fathers become better; any other teaching brings suffering, suffering, suffering.


Brotherhood is practiced over and over. There are certain forms and Laws in the esoteric science. The Laws of the Brotherhood of Light, of those one hundred and forty-four thousand luminous souls, have not changed with even one millionth part for these one hundred million of years. That is why I say that the Laws of Nature are wise and unchanging. Every thought can give a result even thousands of years later. If you plant a bad thought, it could cause your death. If I look at your life with its everyday incidents, I can consider it from the standpoint of the Hindus, of the esoteric science, and from the Christian point of view too. And in all these points of view, the Truth will remain the same. For instance, you meet someone and this person kills you. In this case, we, the modern Christians, say, “It was God’s Will.” I say: God has never said, neither written for anyone to be killed. It is always done by a person and God has only allowed it. The Hindu Law of Karma explains it in this way: You killed someone in a former life and therefore, in this life that same person kills you. You can accept either one or another explanation. You may comment, “This is a heretical teaching, is rebirth possible?” It can be either possible or impossible. Both concepts are equally true.


The belief in this is not so important. The soul has the power to create all its forms. It is up to the soul to come and live on Earth as many times as it desires. If the soul desires to incarnate on the Earth, God will sanctify its wish. The soul wishing to be reborn is reborn. Therefore, in this respect, both Hindu and Christians are right. By “soul” I mean that Conscious Divine Entity that can come here as many times as it wishes. There is also another Law in the world explaining the things in a different way so that they would become clear and a common moral could be established. For instance, someone commits a crime robbing someone else and says, “In the darkness nobody saw that I had stolen something.” Yes, but after the theft he was looking around in fear. Why? His conscience bothered and tormented him. What is conscience? These one hundred and forty-four thousand people, members of the Brotherhood of Light, say, “Sir, we saw the crime you committed and according to our Law, which never changes, we sentence you and you will suffer the consequences of your deeds.” Then, this gentleman in order to relieve his conscience goes into seclusion, fasts 10 or 15 days and after that, he goes to a priest to have something read from the Scriptures in order to calm down. The priest needs to act according to the New Teaching and to say, “Brother, you must confess before God.” Therefore, wanting to redeem your crime by a 10–15 day fast is not sufficient before God.”


I will tell you how to confess before God. For instance, you have put your neighbor’s house on fire. You can correct your wrongdoing by going to the victim: to apologize, buy him a new house and furniture, and pay his debts. If you do not behave in this way, there is no forgiveness. God says, “If you have dishonored a girl, then in your next incarnation you will marry her or she will be reborn as your child so that you will be obliged to bring her up and to pay for your wrongdoings.” Yet, the young men of today tell themselves, “What will happen, if I have dishonored a girl?”


In America a young man, the son of a rich merchant, dishonored a girl and abandoned her; then she became a prostitute and died afterward. The man finished theology and became a famous preacher. He was thought to be a good righteous man. He married and had a son who at the age of 16 became a great scoundrel. People were surprised that such an immoral son came from such a righteous father. I say: This son is the result of his dishonorable act. The father went out in the evenings looking for his son in order to bring him home; but only after 10 years he succeeded to set him right. In this way the preacher paid his debt. This son was in fact his beloved whom he dishonored in the past. God told the father, “Here is your beloved, pay your dept toward her.” The son would say, “Now I acknowledge that you have noble character and you know how to love because your previous love was not as it was supposed to be.” Therefore, we need to appreciate motherly love as it gives everything.


I recommend young women and men to keep the promise they give to each other, being ready to die for this promise and say, “I love you, I am ready to sacrifice my honor, my life, and all my wealth for you, but I will never renounce you.” This is what I call a person with noble character! And what is happening nowadays? They get married today, their love is gone tomorrow, so they want a divorce and come to the church officials for a solution.4 I say: Priests do not have the right to do either divorce or marriage ceremonies. If a young man comes to me for marriage, I do not have the right to do the ceremony without asking him whether he is ready to sacrifice his possessions, honor, and life for his beloved. I will ask the young woman as well, if she is ready to give up her possessions and her life for this young man. If both of them say that they are ready, only then I can perform the marriage ceremony. Otherwise, I am not going to marry them and have no right to do so. This is how it is supposed to be in order for this society and nation to be set in order.


And so, Christ’s Consciousness should permeate the world. This is what the Brotherhood of Light brings and what Christ preaches. And those Luminous Brothers are coming down now. They are going to use these two exceptions in the rotation of the Sun and of the Earth. And a new miracle will happen as it is written in the Scripture: There will be a New Heaven and Earth, and a New Humankind. I say: We should put an end to the old humankind and in the future we must live according to the Laws of the New Humankind. This is what the brotherhood requires.


I do not preach of some dead god, but of the Living God. If you ask me, “Where is God?” I am going to answer: He is not in the sky that you see. Some say, “Prove to us where God is.” God needs no proof. The ant with its lower consciousness has no organs of sense with which to find out that people exist. When you take up an ant between your two fingers or when it climbs on your head, it says to itself, “I am climbing such a high mountain.” It looks at life from this height and going back to its fellow ants it says to them, “Today I climbed a very high mountain.” Thus God takes us between His two fingers, but we ask, “Is there God?” Yes, these two fingers are God’s and He tells us, “You cannot climb on My head.”


If you do not see the Living God in your brothers, you cannot understand this Teaching. If I do not see God in you, my teaching is a lie. If I do not love you and I am not ready to sacrifice myself for you, I am preaching a false teaching. And you should sacrifice yourselves too. Brotherhood is required in this world. You need to accept this Teaching. It is being preached by all good people, by all mothers and fathers, by all brothers and sisters. This world needs self-sacrifice. Enough of lies! Someone asks, “How much will I get if I serve?” No payment should be expected anymore.


Worldly people say about some individuals, “These are the devout Christians.” How do you recognize their devotion? “They attend church regularly.” No, no, we are the church -  those living bodies are temples. If we cannot live a pure, honest life, what will happen to our temples? See what happened to Russia? Russia did not listen to the voice of Tolstoy that was the Voice coming from the Living God. And as a result, the formal religion brought the appearance of Bolshevism. The Bolshevism is God’s Whip in the Hand of Christ. Today He is asking us, “Is this all you have created in so many years?” It is Christ who is at work in Russia and not an evil force. When a surgeon takes his scalpel to do an operation he knows how to remove only the diseased flesh and strengthen the healthy part. If the surgeon has no practice, he will not know how to perform the surgery, even when he is considered to be the best expert in this field. The Bulgarians, too, should be thankful to the Bolsheviks, but this is not a point of my lecture.


What have the Americans done? They have been sending missionaries here for many years to preach the Christ’s Teaching; and at the same time during the war they sold to the Bulgarians ten million kilograms of flour for two gold coins per kilogram? Do you know how much is one gold coin? Ten leva. It means that the cost of one kilogram of flour was twenty leva. Do you think that the American merchants acted according to Christ’s Teaching? They missed the opportunity to give a good example. According to Christ and the Luminous Brothers this is not a true Christianity.


If the Bulgarians continue on the path they follow, it is not good for them. The contemporary culture cannot help them either. Everything should change in the world. No nation should harm another nation, no society should harm another society and no person should harm another person. All should live according to the Great Law of Love. If you accept this Teaching, everything will change and you will be blessed as a nation. And this Great Law will be applied in the world. If you do not accept it, others will.


I will give you an example. In old times, in the so-called Golden Age, there were two kingdoms: of the Espertites and of the Menezites. The king of the Espertites had a son and according to the customs of that time he called the sages to predict his son’s future. One of those great sages made his calculations and said to the king, “At about the age of 20 your son will pass through a big crisis. For this reason you must send him to be a shepherd in another kingdom - there he will learn the Great Laws of Living Nature.” The father followed the instructions of the sage and said to his son, “My son, henceforth you must earn your living with your own hands,” and sent him off to be a shepherd in the kingdom of the Menezites. There the youth lived for 10 years and studied the Laws of Nature. In the 11th year of his sojourn in this kingdom, the daughter of the king of the Menezites came to this place riding a white horse. She was accompanied by her servants, but tempted by the beauty of nature and the pretty wild flowers, she dismounted the horse and strode away alone. A cobra came out from among the stones and bit her right hand. Seeing this and knowing the Laws of Nature, the shepherd - the prince, ranto her, put his mouth to her hand and sucked out the poison. Meanwhile her servants, watching from afar thought that this shepherd was offending the king’s daughter, so they bent their bows, one of them shot a poisonous arrow and injured his left hand. When the king’s daughter saw this, she came quickly to him, tore the sleeve of his shirt, put her mouth to the wound and sucked out the poison. I ask who was saved by whom? The young man saved her from the snake’s poison, but in turn, she saved him from the poison of the arrow. He said to her, “You suffered from the snake’s poison; I suffered from the human poison.”


Now, people suffer from the poison of the snake. Do you know what the snake represents? It is their extreme egoism. Women and men need to save each other from this poison. Woman should suck out the poison of man’s egoism, while man should suck out the poison of the woman’s distorted heart. Only in this way, women and men can join hands, coming to know that they can live together and understand each other. And all contemporary Christian believers should reach toward each other. When I came to the town of Tarnovo, how did you receive me? My friends, I came to suck out your poison. If you are going to suck out mine, that is another issue and will be revealed in time. If you do it, I will tell you, “You are my brothers.” It is a manifestation of the Law of Love that is acting in the world. Everyone who sucks out the poison of his brother will receive a loving embrace and that one who does not, will be sent away.


Young people, the future is yours! Men and women, live according to the Law of Love! Do not follow the path of those who have become old by wrongdoings. Renounce the many sweethearts you have. One sweetheart is enough: one girl but wonderful and one young man but excellent. These are enough; you do not need two men or two women. Then, may you have inner freedom; do not bind yourselves into slavery. Think in this way and apply this Law everywhere: in the social, political, and religious life - to follow Christ’s Teaching. Only in this way the Bulgarian nation can advance - by observing this moral Law.


When I visit Tarnovo, I am observing the people. I meet priests, judges, teachers, policemen, servants and tell myself: Brothers and sisters, you do not follow the right path in the way you are living now - this is not the Teaching of Christ, this is not brotherhood. I meet many priests, preachers, teachers, policemen, and other people of noble character, but I also meet among them some who are not so decent. This is not a reproach; I am just stating a fact. And I say that we need to uplift ourselves to this level, to this pure morale, which is shown to us by the Brotherhood of Light. Do not tell lies! Mothers and fathers should not lie. Whatever the mother, father, priest, judge say, they should fulfill it, standing by their word. If I fulfill my promises, I could be called a true human being, but if I do not, then I do not have any compassion, any brotherly feelings toward others. The future science will side with those people who fulfill their promises.


I see in the young generation a striving toward new ideas. I am watching the communists closely; I do not judge them, as I see that they perform good deeds without advertising themselves as Christians. And there are Christians who speak about Christ, but at the same time think only of making provisions for themselves. And so, the communists are unbelievers without money and the Christians are believers with money. I desire to meet a person who knows that there is God in the world, who is ashamed to lie to anyone, who knows that he will be judged if he insults others and will be truthful if asking for forgiveness. But now, when we commit a crime, we say, “I have a right to do this or that.” Yes, we all have the right to commit crimes and to lie, we all have also the right to do good and speak the truth. We all have freedom, yet we should know that everyone is going to suffer the consequences of their choices and actions. If you steal, you will be robbed; if you ruin someone, you will be ruined; if you dishonor, you will be dishonored. Whatever you do, the same will come back to you. “We reap as we sow,” says Christ. The Law is true and valid.


Now, I am going to make a prediction, it is not a guess. What is the weather today? It is nice, clear and warm, the sun shining. The clear weather shows that all will progress well in the future; there will be great Warmth and soon an impulse toward Good will appear among the Bulgarians. The human mind will be transformed; people will become more compassionate and will begin to think right. The calm weather shows that the Bulgarians will awaken in their consciousness; they will not make attempts for new wars and will not repeat the mistakes from 1912 and 1915.[5] This time the Bulgarians will not use weapons, but will remain neutral saying, “By now we have served the Central Forces and the Alliance[6], but from now on we want to experience the New Life in God and to arrange our ways according to God’s Will.” Only in this way the consciousness will awake in the Bulgarians and they will advance as a nation. Then, they will address the communists and the socialists and will say, “Brothers, we love you, in your aspirations we see good ideas that we need; there is nothing to divide, everything on Earth belongs to us, let’s work together.” Some people might object, “Well, but they do not believe in God, they do not love people.” How come? They have God too - as long as they love, they have God. If someone who believes in God meets me, robs me and maims my leg, what is the worth of his faith to me and others? If someone who does not believe in God meets me and does something good for me, he will be more useful than the first person who remains only with his theory. I will turn my back to the one who believes in God, but robs me; and I will kiss on both cheeks the one who does not believe, but does not rob me because he is not disgracing God’s name, but fulfills His Will. This is the New Teaching that the new generation needs to apply.


The unhealthy conditions in society should be removed. This is how all priests need to preach; this is how all Bulgarians need to preach. My blessing will be upon them, if they preach this way. But if they do not believe and do not preach the New Teaching, they will put a blemish on themselves. May priests say, “In the name of Christ we are going to serve God and we will serve without payment.” Some will object that they have wives, children. Are your wives not able to live like you, without expectations? Is the priest’s wife not able to live like you? Yes, she can. She should be the first to give an example of selflessness, but in fact she is the first looking how to insure herself. What need has a bishop and a priest of money, why do they need to insure themselves? Christ was not insured. How much was Christ paid for His talks? I speak to you in the name of Christ. You serve in the name of Christ, do you not? You should consider this as a serious matter.


The two exceptions are coming. I want you to understand me correctly. I do not have the smallest intent to offend anyone of you. Your desires, your profound convictions, whatever they may be, are sacred to me. But your negative actions, they are something else; I cannot accept them. I cannot tolerate the negative manifestations in the world; I cannot watch calmly when someone is insulting another person. I can remain silent, but a great sorrow rises within my soul and I tell myself, “Those people are Christians; what is this delusion that is paralyzing them, so that they burst into rage?” But I believe a great Warmth is coming that will melt away the ice. Vapors will rise from the mountains and clear, pure streams will flow down. Then luxuriant vegetation will grow, the seeds planted thousands of years ago will sprout, bloom, and give fruit; all nations will join hands with each other. This New Culture that no one has expected or seen will come into the world and all will become citizens of it and representatives of the New Humankind.


I would like all of you to be guests at the dinner table of this New Humankind. You are all invited, but please, do not decline the invitation because the same happened two thousand years ago when Christ invited many people to a feast, but most of them refused to come. They refused under various pretexts: some had to plough their fields, others had just bought five pairs of oxen and had to try them, still others were going to be married. What they were all really saying was, “We denounce your New Culture!”


Christ is coming again and asks people once more to embrace this New Teaching. Now we can consider all those good people who have pastured herds for five centuries as Divine and use them to construct this Great Divine Building: the Temple of the New Humankind. Life is not built of one stone only and when we have already built it, then Wisdom and Love will come to Earth. Only then will there be music, poetry, art; only then will there be order and well-being. Only then will there be understanding among all human beings. Only then we can give a sacred kiss to one another and feel the joy that Angels feel.


Lecture by the Master Beinsa Douno, given on August 19, 1920, in Tarnovo.



1. See also Genesis 3:2–3.

2. See Luke 12:37.

3. See also Matthew 23:8, “But you, do not be called ‘Rabbi;’ for one is your Master and all you are brethren.”

4. At that time church priests performed both marriages and divorces.

5. The Balkan Wars (1912–1913).

6. The Central Forces and the Alliance: coalitions among nations participating in the First World War (1914–1918).

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