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If we make 49 holes for 49 centers, a man has 49 abilities and feelings, if for each center we make a hole in the bone about 1 cm, 49 holes if we make, we will see that the brain pops like horns out of these holes. If a man becomes religious, out of the hole that is above this center a horn will appear. If you become merciful, a horn will still come out of the respective center. If you become a philosopher, a horn will come out again. If you fall in love, again a horn will come out at the back. Quite large horns come out. The size of the horns will depend on the strength of the center. As the horn of love is greater, and the Love is greater; as the horn of Love is smaller and the Love is less. We will see horns popping up from everywhere. Some horn can be 1 cm, 2, 3, 4, 5 cm. We will learn to calculate. Now the brain is put inside the skull, there is tension and sometimes you say that your head will burst. How would it not burst – there is tension.


I enter the school and I say: "I will make an experiment, I am doing certain research, to check out what I know; if it is true or not, what is true of a hundred." I say: "Choose for me 10 most capable students, 10 medium and 10 of the weakest students. Nothing else you will tell me and I will determine their character. I will determine very materially their future, what will become of them. "How is it possible?" How it is possible you should not ask me, it's a theory. I want to know from you whether what I say is true, and where from I know it, you should not ask. I say about a student:" This student, in mathematics, out of 10 tasks, 3 leaves unresolved. Is that so? ".-" That's right "-" This, I say, from 10 tasks resolves 4, the others he can not resolve. Is that so? "-" That's right "-" This one out of 6 tasks, resolves only one. Is that so? "-" That's right".


Do not ask me how I know. This is science. It is put in the head. I see it. His head indicates that in the past he has been sloppy. About this student I am telling that his mother is healthy, his father is rich, wealthy, he is born in very good conditions, not knowing what poverty is. On his face is written this. That nice body is gifted; it is written on his face that this will happen. Where from I know it, do not ask me. Where from I know this, it is not important, but I want to know if it is true or not and how much of a hundred is true.


I say: this is true in relation to man as well. When man does not think, he says: "Me, I'm not interested in religious matters." Maybe we do not care about the forms of religious life, but religious life as a force exists. Therefore, we should be interested in spiritual life, as it concerns us, because it has a big impact. You can say that you are not interested in secular life either. You should be interested in it, since you are under the influence of this life. You will be interested in the secular and the spiritual life, any life you should be interested in, since it has some influence on you. You can not get rid of the influence of life. You can not get rid of the influence of light, whether you understand it or not, it does not mean anything, but you can not get rid of its influence. You have to understand the laws by which light acts and laws, by which the darkness acts in order to take measures on the use of light. The same is valid for music as well. If you study the foreheads of all musical geniuses you will find out where the music is - in front of man. You'll see how different geniuses in music are. Or, if you study geniuses in philosophy you will see where on their foreheads lies their philosophy. They say that over the forehead there are some places that define genius philosophers. Philosophy is a force in the world that works. Music is also a force. The music belongs to capacities. Music is not an emotion. Only the smart man can sing. Stupid can not sing, he just twitters.


For instance take the center of human justice: a man is not just, not conscientious. Sense of conscience is a feeling, it is not ability. Some people may not be conscious, like to lie, to steal, conscience is poorly developed in them. Some people are conscientious, fair. Then, some people are religious. Being religious is not ability, it is a feeling. In some people this feeling is developed, but others do not have it. Some people have feelings of faith. And faith is feeling. He believes. But in some people faith is not well developed, they do not believe. As we come to human capabilities, they are underdeveloped.


How many people came to me and have complained! I like looking at them and I see where it comes from. At first his ability of time is not developed; then the ability of intuition to take time into account is not developed. I see that the center of causality - to reason from cause to effect, is underdeveloped. Then, observation skills, and they are poorly developed. He has become a merchant, he has taken goods that people do not consume; he has made a mull of his work. He says they have robbed him. What will they rob? He has put 10 men servants in his shop, and he keeps his hands back. He does not understand that these servants love to pilfer. Today, anything taken 5 – to master and 5 - in their pockets; tomorrow 5 - to master and 5 - in their pockets and the work does not go. At first, when a servant comes, you should see his head if it is developed. Someone says: "But what he tells us, I am an honest man!" "Let me see the head!" People have become neurotics for the sole reason that the energy that's emerging is not put in place. This energy can be sent to the upper brain centers of the head - to the front, to rear or to top. Those people who are angry, their head is wider than it should be. Personal feelings are more developed than they should be.


Man has to develop his forehead width. If the forehead goes like at Chinese, if intelligent life goes like this, you have not resolved the issue. If the triangle face narrows below, you are going to resolve the issue. But if the face rounds below, then the problem is not at all resolved. This permission should be turned up. Above, at the top of the forehead, there is space for expansion, but below it should be narrowed. Then, as soon as the jaws of man down are narrowed, the face becomes pear- shaped, he begins to think. I say: first of all everything depends on you. Today you do not want to think, tomorrow you do not want to think and finally you lose the conditions. You will build.


Thousands of years are required, order of generations should think until this is created.


The man has a center called "greediness." It will finance you, it will control you. It is located on the side of the face, at the temples. As you become poor, it says: "Money" or "House" or "Fields" "This bank can not work, capital is needed" Then phrenologists, who study people, find a way to determine how much capital is needed, measure and say: as wider the forehead at the temples is, more capital there is; the narrower the forehead is, the less is the capital there. Capital in hens is weak. Give a hen a whole bushel of wheat it will dig it, it will push it aside.


If you give it to a squirrel, once it has eaten, the rest that remains it will hide for later. Ants and they do the same. Bees and they store. If a bee finds somewhere a little honey, it will call a platoon, a whole regiment, an entire division of bees, they will come, they will attack and an hour or two is enough, and the entire division will come with its officers to settle in the steep. As they attack, all the honey will be stolen, only the honey-comb will be left. I ask: if the bees take the honey, is there evil? If left, it will fail. They, when they take it, it is fresh. When man takes honey out, honey crystallizes. With the bees it sits in the normal state. They maintain a certain temperature and it does not go sugary.


The lesson we need to get from the bees is as follows: in ourselves we should maintain that warmth at which our abilities, our feelings, our forces do not change their internal composition.


The center of the memory is in the middle of the human forehead. People who have a highly developed memory are usually good historians. Historians have a curved front forehead. This can easily be verified. You will notice that historians usually remember well the events and the dates. How have they developed their center? They have well fed with blood their center; they have preserved its power and have not let it run out as if through a channel. If you do not feed your brain properly, you can not become a scholar.


We, the modern people, have learned to ruin. First of all, we have no idea how long it has taken to the invisible world to create the human body. Only the body to create how long it has taken; and what about in this body to put the human soul; to adapt it; to form a human heart; to create the brain, human rationality. Even the most learned people have no clear idea of how much time it has taken. They think that a man thinks with his whole brain. They say: "He is a smart man." Philosopher is phylosopher, because he has two centers at the front of his forehead, which are convex and there is the philosophy. He looks for the causes of things. Who does not have these centers, he is not dealing with philosophy. Someone is religious, but at the top of his head, there is another center, a feeling that makes man pious. Who has not this sense developed, says: "This is nonsense." A man loves beautiful – he has a line on the forehead aside. Who has it, loves beauty; man, who does not have it, he does not like beauty. Someone is having a good memory - in the middle of the forehead there is a center. He says: "Is it possible to do without memory?" No, it is not.


Knowledge is here – on the forehead. Religion is at the top of the head.


People, society sits back. And the family is there. All crimes; all the sacrifices; all the butchers; military are all at the ears aside.


The center of intuition is in the center and over the forehead and the center of clairvoyance is aside and over the forehead. The center of the Spirit is between the eyebrows.


You, as you sit here, you all do not have the same state. You do not you think similarly. Some of you are thinking about living. Where is his mind then? (Master pointed to the bottom of the forehead.) Someone sits and says: "In this job I have to be a little harder." What part of the head is a doer? Here, behind the head. (It is on the crown). Someone thinks of his dignity. And his mind is at the back. Someone could think to do any good. His mind is a doer at front, on top. And someone is cautious. His mind is aside.


Creativity is at the temples.


When excess energy is accumulated in the front part of the brain, man begins to think. When excess energy is accumulated at the crown, on top of the head, man prays to God. When excess energy is accumulated in his ears, man begins to fight and quarrel with people. When excess energy is accumulated at the back of his head, man begins to think about the formation of a family, about having children. These are the new, scientific data available to the new science.


Take a man who is a woman-chaser.


You should touch behind his ears, his woman-chasing will be just there, behind the hairs. He might be a bishop, whatever he is, whether male or female, there is no distinction. You will know, just touch behind the ears. This center is at the back.


The ability of an engineer to build lies in his temples, as well as in front of the head. The artist who understands art hides his abilities aside of the head, in this part of the brain, yet he has a creative mind. The man, who likes to adorn himself; to dress well, be unto the people, hides partly his feature at the back of the brain, and partially a side.


Impatience of man is in those cheekbones. All your impatience and your whimsicality are in the cheekbones. Sometimes you are so stuck in something and the reason is in the cheekbones. Brakes are those cheekbones. You have whimsicality. You do not want to learn. This is due to the cheekbones of the face. You say: "Life has no sense." Again the reason is the same. It is just because the lower part of the face is connected to the lower feelings of the animals. The lower part of the forehead is related to the animal kingdom. They deal with basic work. They do not require a great philosophy. Someone says: "I just want to see it." You want to see how big an object is. An apple you want to see how big it is. Why do you care how big the apple is? You want to see its size, so you want to know whether you will get enough to eat. You are interested in bread to see whether you will get enough. Any garment you are interested in is to see whether it will serve you. These things are down here on the forehead In the top are put all the abiltiies of man, the actual abilities. At the bottom, above the eyebrows are fastened seven abiltiies: form, value, weight, color, order of magnitude, calculation. And below is the tongue. Seven abilities, to speak is mental ability. Underneath the eyes is put the tongue. When the eyes are curved, speech is well developed. Speech is behind the optic nerve. It is a whole physiological process. Those, who deal with anatomy, know where the center of the eyes is.


In the middle of the forehead there are four abilities: tone, time, location and memory - this is the spiritual world. In the Divine world there is fun. Cheerfulness is an ability that belongs to the Divine world. Being cheerful is not an ability of the physical world. If you want to be jolly, it is impossible on the Earth. You can have order, you can be dressed in flowers, but being in spirit, it is a quality of mind. After that causality comes, the philosophy that everything has its reason, and finally there is an insight to hack into the future that God has created, it is the Divine world. Gathered them on one side, these are fourteen abilities.


People have faith; clairvoyance; seeing that world depend on a particular center that in the heads up. These people differ. To the other people they have not yet done the windows. Some people do not have windows. For some people we can say that they have only now ordered the windows – masters to come to do the windows, to allow sunlight to enter. Some people have a very bright house, and some - quite dark. Some people think that it is a gift. All the people have the talent, but not all deal with feelings of faith. Sometimes they believe that faith is a transient feeling, that it is an illusion man to believe. It depends on his mind. Man, who has faith; he has a great educated mind to be able to make a difference in the things that he sees.


If the crown of the man's perky up, this person is extremely short-tempered, he lives only for himself. If gradually this part of the head, which is before the crown, begins to rise, then we have a development. If the point (before this part of the head where the center is above) is convex in this man charity is developed. You can watch all the people who are charitable. Everyone has compassion inside him, but he must develop it.


The same goes for religious. Those people, who are not religious, their head up in the middle has a saddle. When the place starts to rise and convex, then the man is becoming religious. Everything in man should be developed. Above, in the middle of the head, is the center of Love for God. This is the specific Love, the First Love, which gives impetus to man. We should get closer to God.


What is Love? As I have already told you this morning, it has only one centre. Wisdom has three centres. I am not going to stop to explain why it has three centres. They talk about trinity of God (triad) with three centres.


Love has 3 poles, connected with 3 different centers: the love for God, which is in the center at top of the head; charity which center is located in the middle of the head, and finally, self- love, whose centre is located in the cerebellum. Last love is very rough due to the energies that develop in man. Today people live specifically with this love, which makes them think only about themself.


The most important love is the love for God. This center is of the utmost importance in man. And if Bulgarians have suffered ever so much, this is due to the fact that in them this gland, this center of love for God is underdeveloped. In the Slavs, however, this center of Love for God is the most developed. That is why they are given so much land. It is because of their love for God. There is no other nation to which God has given so much land as the Slavs. While Slavs love God, everything will be. Once they lose their love for God, they will lose everything. What does make the people strong? The power of man is due to this gland in him, to his Love for God.


Many people today want to serve God, but before that expect evidence for the existence of God. What proof can be given except the ability to connect to that center, which is located on top of the head! This is the center that proves to man that there is a Love in the world – the Love for God. Go home, close to your room and unlock this center to see what is written on it. Once you have read it, close the door of this center quickly. It is difficult indeed to carry one single thought from one place to another in its essence.


True Love, it is in the middle of the head, on the top of head. What the Hindus call "milfoil", with 1000 leaves. When it awakes in the man, it is the powerful ruler of the world. The whole nature is at its services, at its disposal. If in you milfoil is developed, if you are in great need and send a thought that you are in need, those who love you, even at the end of the world, they will come to help you.


Milfoil is related to the physical sun and the Sun is what we get Revival energy in our whole nature. The Spirit of God gives energy to the Sun; it submits the energy to the brain, in the larynx, in the heart, in the soul. Milfoil derives some colors from Sirius and Orion.


Milfoil is a celestial beauty with all the planets and all the colors, contains thousands of centers only in the brain, and these centers distribute thousands of colors that give an incredible shine, the most beautiful glow. The Sun is an expression of milfoil, which is managed by the Spirit of God.


I will ask you to clean your station that is covered with dust. The holiest place is in where God comes, in a secret room, happiness is there and all the goods of the people on the Earth. If you want to live a perfect life on the Earth, the room must be necessarily cleaned. If you want a house, good kids, if you want to have virtues, you should clean your room. Your life can not be improved if your room, inside your brain, is not clean, if the windows are not always opened. It is a room in which the human eye can not penetrate.


Truth in intelligent life is so necessary as light is necessary for the physical world, and therefore its rays are needed. Truth has two types of rays: black and white rays. And if you're not prepared, you could be infected with the negative side of the truth. Now the fact that I bring you is a little bit dark for your mind.


How so? What are the reasons? Occult science answers the question what are the reasons for the separation of the White Brotherhood from the black fraternity. Initially they have been one brotherhood, walking in one direction, but when coming to a place from where the separation has occurred, the first group has gone to the left, the other – to the right. Why? Some perceive the black light of truth, the others - the white light. And the sunlight has black and white rays. There are the so-called white sun and black sun. From the white and the black sun come simultaneously two currents that merge. When I say "black rays" I mean that the vibrations of these black beams are rougher. All the evil and all these bad events and negative qualities are due to these vibrations that come from the black rays. What is the reason for the manifestation of these rays? If you can not control your mind, at any moment of irritation, of infidelity or in any other capacity that can irritate and weaken your mind, you are already conductor for the black light. Therefore, when we study the Bible, there it is always recommended to be positive. In occultism you can not say, "God willing, I will believe." If you believe you are to the right, if you do not believe you are to the left, because unbelief in one aspect is faith in another aspect.


Now, all these energies that are coming, these two currents are passing through the human brain. And therefore you will be constantly learning the methods, through which areas you are passing. For instance, when a religious thought comes to you, it will not appear in front of the head, it will appear on the top of the head, perpendicularly. When a scientific thought comes, it will not appear horizontally in the head, but it will go at an angle, in a circle. If you take the rays that come out of your eyes and put them in a plane, all these forces that are falling below on a slope from above, they are acting in a straight line, and all other forces that come on another slope act negatively, they are the energies of the black rays. If wrath comes, it will appear in the area around your ears. If you are very angry, something will start to clamp around the ears, you will have a sore spot. If pride has increased beyond measure, you will feel at the back of your head, in your mind a painful tension.It is superfluous.


Nature does not like disharmony. All these forces, passing through the brain, have their purpose. But these centers of the brain can become positive or negative. When a center becomes positive, it accepts the white rays of light, the positive side of the truth and then you raise; cheer for God and your mind wakes up. When the religious sentiment is negative, you will have an internal drive without having to give an account why you should serve God. You say: "You have to serve God." Why? How? You do not know. So, then the religious fanaticism manifests and you will adhere to the forms and rites.


Hair and skin Hairs that nature has given to man are nothing but antennas through which he can communicate not only with the remote corners of the Earth, but with the other planets as well. So, through his hairs man can perceive the vibrations of the Sun, of the Moon, of Mars, of Venus, of Jupiter, and to enter into communication with them. All hairs do not perceived the same vibrations as human eyes do not perceive the same light. One of the eyes perceives better than the other. Fingers also have a different perceptive ability. The entire human body is a collection of multiple antennas. In this aspect, it is a unit, out of which go many antennas - receivers of countless thoughts, feelings and desires.


Each hair on the human head on both hemispheres from right and left, have opposite qualities. Radio of the hairs on the left hemisphere of the brain brings softness in man. They come from the world of Love. The hairs of the right hemisphere of the brain stem from the world of Wisdom. And they both, and Love and Wisdom meet at one place and work together throughout the entire life of man.


The head has 250,000 hairs. They are a hair style, an ornament, ribbons are fastened. Two hundred and fifty thousand ribbons fastened to the head, what for are they? They are an ornament, but also these ornaments have relations to the outside world. Some of these hairs are in the center of faith; they perceive the waves of faith. There are hairs that are in the center of conscience, there are hairs that accept waves of what is just, what is right, that bring life. There are hairs that are in the centret of charity. These hairs take the waves as food and make a great job. Sometimes, as human head becomes bare, there is nothing for the people to eat. Having a lot of hair, they still do not know, they do not have any particular direction.


Once the hairs are put in a parallel position, then magnetism and electricity are already starting to act, to function properly. Thus they can be influenced. Hairs should fall on the one and on the other side.


Just by touching his hair, you can already know what a man is. Sometimes hair juts out, sometime settles, when it is jut, there is a lot of electricity, there is power, and when the hair is very sedate, man is mild. With softness only not, as well as with force only nothing happens.


We are connected with the hairs to the invisible world. Notice, those people who have nice hair, they are always well disposed. Those people who have good complexion, they are always in good disposal. Those who have nice painted eyebrows are well disposed.


Once the eyebrows are confused, and the feelings are confused. Once the hair starts to get perplexed, and the mind becomes confused.


Hairs on the human head represent antennae through which man receives knowledge from the higher worlds. When brushing the hair, man sets each antenna in place. If the hairs on your head are not well combed, perception is distorted. Once the adoption of waves from one station has been violated, it indicates that the installation is not good. Therefore, if you want to live well, be careful about your hair. Well comb the hairs on your head and keep them in order to allow the Divine energy penetrate into your brain.


Heads that have dense hair are preferable to the heads that have rare hair. It depends on your will. If you are worried about anything and your hairs will rarify. If you put some faith, your hair will thicken slightly.


There are reasons for the head to become bare. Many have denuded head, the forehead has gone back, but I see that you are not of the brightest. Many people shave their heads and I see that they are not too smart. In animals the forehead is overgrown, but their ideas are very simple. They have some experience, animals understand some things. But their philosophy, the abducted thought does not provoke any interest in them. These ideals that people have are not of interest to them. They have long hairs. Sheep has long hairs. Human hairs sometimes come to the toes. They have long antennae. If you understand, there are musical hairs. You do not know how exactly to stretch the antennas. All the hairs on your head are not made of the same matter. These are statements now. The finest observations suggest that hairs are different. In thickness, if you measure it, somewhere hairs are thicker, somewhere they are thinner; all are not the same. Now, do not leave the thought. You say: "Why are these hairs such?" You have already your hairs, they are not your work; they are the product of thousands of generations that have left you this radio. You have now at your disposal the radio of the old people. Your head is a radio device. People still do not have heads. A radio that damages, is it radio? When the heat in man is bigger, the hairs on his head grow. When the heat starts to be reduced, the hairs fall out. Many people's heads are nude; they have no heat to uproot the hair. Finally they say: the head is bare. Now you will say that there are other reasons. However, hair loss is due to the lack of heat. This heat is associated with magnetism. Once a man loses his magnetism his hair begins to fall. If there is a lot of magnetism and a lot of heat, then the hair will grow. If the heat is more than necessary, it will be wrinkled. These people with curly hair have a lot of heat, from great heat the hair dries, stiffens and curls up. Would you like to live with a man with curly hair? They are the most stubborn people. They are not bad people, but the external conditions; the heat makes them testy. This heat makes them testy.


Hairs are antennas that come from God's thought, from the space, from all worlds, and try not to denude your heads. If the hairs are very thick, the radio is not good. Those people who have thick hair, their radio is not working properly. To function properly, the hairs should become soft and delicate like silk. Then man is receptive, enters into the situation of the others. Take the man who has curly hairs on his head, these people are very capricious. Fathers, who have such children, see how capricious they are. If you have such a child, it is hard to educate, and you should know how to do it.


Man with thick hair on the head can be an ordinary person, can become a janitor, can become plowman, may become a blacksmith, but scientists can not become. For the scholar is required thin hair like silk. Each hair has a special job in nature. Hair falls and remains the root of human hair.


Scarcity of hairs is due to an inner restlessness. Or I say: when the human body has no moisture the hairs scarce; same role as plants are playing on the soil of the earth.


A man to cut his hair and to leave it here and there, it is not very remarkable, because each piece that is cut off from the human body is connected with it. If on your hair steps a bad man, you will immediately become ill. You will go to hairdresser to cut off your hair, if he is a bad man, you should get out of his house and you should not go to a man like that. Who cuts your hair must be holy.


Each hair contains energy in itself - electricity or magnetism. Some ask me why I wear long hair. The reason is simple: health. Long hair holds more electricity and magnetism. As cutting the hair, man is deprived of this energy. I do not approve cutting of the hair. It is good the length of the hair to reach at least the lower part of the ear. I it is above this part, you will try the bad consequences of the short hair.


With long hair man always has a good frame of mind. If a woman has long hair when looking at her long hair, she feels nice. After you cut your hair, you become more active, but you get a little testy as well. And besides, hair is a whole transformer. Each thread is full of electricity. All of the hair, the hairs - they are conductors of electricity, which is within the brain. Excess electricity must go through the hairs and surrender to the atmosphere outside. Hairs are a transformer: transmitting and receiving electricity. Transformer is for the energy that is transmitted outside. When this electricity does not go properly, then it cripples the nervous system and man becomes neurotic.


And then for the man who is neurotic, I can give one rule, you can use it: who is neurotic and very nervous to yeast his hair three times a day. It is because water is a good conductor of electricity. He has collected more energy than he should. Not that neurasthenia suddenly will disappear from him. But neurasthenia is due to restrained human feelings. And these feelings become a dynamical force, which manifests in mind and goes out – through the hair this occurs. With water we can help. We can use water as a tool.


If a man has gathered a lot of magnetism in him, it is best to cut his hair; it's even healthier for him. Short hair gives more electricity in the body. For instance, when the soldiers go to war, they cut off their hair to show more courage. Indeed, then the soldiers fight better, they are more militant, more intrepid. However, if nature has covered the man's head with hair, it knows why it does this. Rational beings who have participated in the creation of man, on every hair of his head and face have posted a rule known law.


Future hair of his mustache and beard and the hair of his head will be replaced with new, thin as the thinnest and finest silk.


Mustaches in man are nothing else but their radio. These hairs are radial wires from different worlds. They come from Venus, from Jupiter, from Saturn, from Mercury - from different worlds. They come from the Earth, from the Moon, from the Sun. When such a message comes to the man, he transforms completely. Anglo-Saxon race, to get rid of these unattainable ideas that come from the various worlds, has begun to shave. They say: "These works are unreachable. No need to have communications with Venus, Mercury and all the other worlds. " A day will come when we will need less hair. In animals the whole body is covered with hair, this shows that they have gone through an era that is so unfavorable – these are the clothes that have covered them. Hairs that have fallen off our face show that we have gone out of this northern area of life where nothing has grown and in the future even the man's head will start becoming bare. The whole body of man becomes bare and if it is left smoother, less hair to have, the better will be. Susceptibility will be greater.


Negative good grows in beardlessness, no beard, so women develop negative side of virtues. Soft virtues, gentle virtues develop in women, but petulant virtues develop in men, in their beards.


As it is said in the book of the prophet Jeremiah for Moab that the men have clipped beards and bald heads, it is about today's era. Right now they have clipped heads and many people are bald? Also, as it is said elsewhere, that God poured out His Spirit upon those, who have cut their beards, refers to the present epoch. Today's materialstic era will be replaced by another spiritual era in which God will manifest.


Man should not roughen his skin, because the physical life of the people is more due to the better structure of their skin. Once the skin roughens, man is exposed to great suffering.


When all the skin becomes rough, he is exposed to great danger; he is almost deprived of his life. People, who have soft skin, are very receptive. They live longer than people with rough skin. Skin is a regulator of life. Skinned man can not live. This is also true for plants. While the skin of a plant is healthy, it is living; as we maim his skin, it dies.


Consequently, all perturbations, all sorrows, sufferings, all the negative feelings in human - anger, hatred, envy – are roughening human skin, and then he can not perceive the external world conditions of life, or as the Hindus call it, prana, or alchemists - life elixir, or vital energy, according to modern science.


Therefore, first of all keep your skin in good state. Sometimes you are using some cream to keep your skin soft. No, this is an external way, the skin can be kept smooth and clean with the use of specific foods that you must find and learn. These foods keep your skin soft and clean, but they also affect the overall appearance of man.


Wisdom is calling you now. How would you imagine it? Solomon presents it as a living thing, which in the beginning has been involved in the creation of the entire universe. In this grand master plan that has been drawn, it has taken part, it has taken part in the creation of man and his future, it has lended to him and then it has invested all its capital in him. And today, those who have taken its capita do not listen to it; they have begun to act individually. Those so-called specific abstract truths, how do they relate to our lives today? Take, for instance, the human body, grab man. Only the surface of his skin is two square meters, and it has 120 billion cells. While on the Earth there are only two billion people, man has 120 billion cells. If you stretch the blood vessels they will occupy an area of 2,000 km. If you stretch the nervous system, it will take approximately 80,000 km of space. There are 2 million sweat glands, which, if put forth, will occupy an area of about 10,000 km.


What a sophisticated handset is just your skin! To bring your skin from the universe where it has come from, you need 120 billion lev. That is what you need only to bring these cells from various regions of the universe. I ask: if you had to pay, which of you is able to pay 120 billion lev, to populate just the cells of his skin! Man lives through his skin. The entire activity takes place through the skin. Flay the skin of man, it's over. Everything depends on the wealth of the skin. When man is healthy, from the standpoint of nature, when his thoughts are pure, when his feelings are pure when his actions are pure, his skin is invariable. All perceptions of the outside world - reception and transmission are unchanged. Life is in harmony with being, or we call it a happy life, because the strong fire can not be extinguished by anything.


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