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The eye has not yet been studied. There is no more perfect body than the human eye. What secret lies in the eye, modern opticians and scientists have not found. The little light which is adopted by the eyes is so transformed that illuminates the entire body. This light, when it goes out, illuminates the whole world.


As the human eye has been created, so is created the solar system.


Human eye has been finally created. It has the highest origin. And all the more prominent clairvoyants, all adepts and teachers of humanity read and learn on the eye.


All painful conditions are reflected in the eyes of the people. There are intersections of the circles from which the right flows break into the eyes.


The eye is a living Divine form in which it is written how are arranged the whole cosmos, the whole solar system, and finally how life is developed.


Astrologers have come to the conclusion that between the solar system and the human eye there is a certain analogy. In the human eye sometimes appear spots as in the sun. The eye of man can be divided into 12 circuits that represent the 12 zodiac moving. As sunspots are the cause of accidents and sufferings on the Earth and the spots in the eyes of people are responsible for a number of diseases. In the eye appear spots, obscurities to predict a disease that can occur in 10 or 20 years. On the eyes the state of the mind, heart and will can be judged.


As you look in the eyes and if you understand, you can see what will happen during the day. In the eye appear different spots of various circles by which you can determine exactly what can happen to a person not only during the day, but for a longer period of time. In the eye are marked and ages, in which will happen some events. In these circles are given certain rules and a man if he knows how to read them, he can save himself from something bad that is about to happen. If these circles are dirty and can not read them, there is no escape.


You can not understand the world if you do not understand yourself. For instance, if I would set out to study the universe, at first I would set out to study the human eye. As the human eye is designed, so the solar system is created. This is true for me, and for you if it is true, it is another matter. You might think that your eye has been created differently. No. Your eye has been created as the solar system has been created. Wonderfully is created the human eye! If you want to know what the state of the Sun is, you will know it by the condition of your eye. And what is the condition of the eye such is the state of the Sun.


The Sun has two great lights. Who are they? Both eyes of man are the two lights of the Sun. One eye represents the Moon, and the other eye represents the Sun. The two eyes of man are not the same in intensity. One of the eyes is ever more powerful, it better sees. Many times you think you see the same with both eyes. No, one eye sees farther, and the other closer, but both are balanced and it seems that they see the same. If God has not created the Sun and the Moon, man would still have been blind. First God has created the Sun, has made an attempt and then the man has had only one eye. Then He has created the Moon.


Therefore human eyes like the Sun and the Moon, because they are their images. This is so, said in mystical language. There are some who adore the Sun. My question is: should man worship one eye? You should be glad that you have eyes to see what the nature, what God has created.


Once man has been feeding with light only, but today this way of feeding is forgotten. Only the eyes have kept this way of eating.


You will accept light to clean your thoughts. Very strong light damages the eyes and the nervous system.


In the acceptance and return of light, there are two processes: one process is external perception of light from the outside and its decomposition in the brain, and the other process is internal, inside out, it is what we see externally. Then the light comes from the inside out. Now, I will not dwell on vision. Vision is a complex process. When light enters through the eyes in the human brain and creates a thought, simultaneously is thinking and the whole of nature. How scientists think, how do you think - it's your job but I prefer my theory to the theory of the learned men. I prefer my theory because it gives me much light. When I see that light, I know that both me and all the planets the Sun, the Moon and the other, and all beings in the whole world see the light in the same law. The laws on perception of light are the same.


When light enters into the brain of a fly and it sees in the same manner as I do. But its understanding of light is quite different from mine.


When it comes to the perception of certain images and impressions from the outside world takes place a hidden internal process in us; then we have an idea of the image. For example, you see a man and you say: "I see such and such a man," and you begin to describe it. How does this vision happen? The light that comes from the man falls in your eyes, where it is refracted and then reflected. In this way, light is transformed several times in your eyes and you get some impression of this man, this image and you can describe it in great detail. So, if in the eye does not happen this internal process with the light in a mechanical way, you would not be able to receive any impressions from the outside world. If you enter into an intimate relationship with internal vibration of light that comes out of a person, you connect with him and create true, lasting friendship for eternity.


The change in color of the eyes is dependent on the change of the mental state. In fact, this change is due to the attenuation of the vibrations of the human brain. This attenuation of vibration affects the brightness of the eyes as a result of which they change color. Eye color serves as a diagnosis to determine the mental state of the person and the state of his brain. The eyes are the mirror of the inner life of man.


People, whose thoughts and desires are lofty, the beam coming out of their eyes is above the plane and upward. In the bad people that beam is in the plane and in downward direction, towards the ground. Watch this beam and do not let be fooled by the beliefs of the man. Whatever his beliefs are, as the beam of his eye is above the plane, he is good; if the beam is down and below the plane, he is bad and you can not rely on him.


Eyes should look upwards, looking downward to the ground, the work will go hard.


If the eyes are sunk, the physiognomist says that you have in front of you a deep lake; if they are bulging, you have a mountain peak covered with snow and ice. If you slip on those eyes, you will go deep into the valley.


People, whose eyes are convex, easily learn languages. At the same time they have the gift to speak eloquently well. And those who are not able to learn languages have concave eyes. Concave eyes are due to great concern. Cheerful people usually have convex eyes. Speaking of convex and concave eyes, I mean some measure. There are convex eyes that are pleasant and beautiful. There are convex eyes that are unpleasant. The same applies for the concave eyes. Generally concave eyes take less, give more, and convex eyes – just the opposite: take more, give less. People with convex eyes are generous, quick-tempered, but with a good heart.


Wide-open eyes of a man show that he was born at night, due to which many perceived impressions. That is why this person's mind is distracted. He is busy with many things, with too many thoughts. However, all these thoughts, all these ideas can not be realized.


Why the eyes of a man are great and of another - small? People who are born during the day, at noon, for example, have small eyes, people who are born at night, at midnight, have big eyes like an owl.


What is lunch? Lunch is that limit, to which the Sun can rise; it is zenith, where all things are collected. Whoever wants to know the Divine World, should have small eyes, he must have been born at noon. Who wants to understand the world, should have great eyes, he must have been born at night. The world requires torches to illuminate the darkness. When a person has a desire to have a lot of things, it shows that he has been born at midnight.


The upper eyelid gives positive energy to the eye and the lower – negative - a draft is formed. The lower eyelid and upper form a current and keep the eyes in healthy state. If the upper eyelid ceases to love and if the lower eyelid stops loving, the eye gets ill.


Not only with the center of vision is possible to see, but with the gland of vision as well, if it is awake.


Many have asked what the way to strengthen the human eyes is. I say: there is one way, which is very simple. Choose dark and stormy nights and then go out to stare. By staring eyes will be strengthened. You can hit here and there – this does not mean anything. Always keep your hand in front, not to hit bad. Your eyes are weakened because some blood swells in them. Staring this way, your eyes will be strengthened. When you go out at night, stare at the sky to distinguish stars from the sixth and seventh magnitude. By staying in the room again, turn off the light and try to stare into the dark room to find this or that subject. These are simple experiments that I do myself. Furthermore, to strengthen the eyes, the nervous system, mainly, get to heights of approximately 1500-2000 meters. As such heights spend about 25 days, your eyes will strengthen and your nervous system will improve.

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