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Nose and ears

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Nose and ears


Those who study the human face say that the nose is a symbol or emblem of the human intelligence and somewhat it is merged in the law of its length and width. They say: the longer the nose is, the more intelligent man is; the wider the nose bottom is, the better the heart is. This is in general. How long could human nose be? It can be two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight centimeters. Could it be more? Ten inches long nose you will hardly find. Generally for the nose that is not right. The nose of the elephant is one meter long, it's his trunk. It is so tedious down. And the elephant passes for the most intelligent creature between mammals. Next to man there are no more intelligent beings than the elephants.


I say: if you study the nose, it is long, but it is a projection. You can not learn a nose in arithmetic projection. Arithmetic deals with dead values. But the nose can be seen from the algebraically point of view or an organic algebraically view. This nose, reaching to a certain place, it then bends, then it goes down to come up under the belly, and then come down to the man's legs. To explain, it's a number of projections. At first, you have the first projection of the nose. I'm looking at what's caused the nose to sag down. There are certain reasons. Then what has made it detach, and still twist under the human beard. Then, when it comes below the navel and splits up, it comes to the feet, to the big toe. The nose is long to the big toe. But for now this works only for a small part, the other has designed the nose. There is all the intelligence of man.


For future will manifest the width of the nose. The nose is large in width. The width of the nose splits in the shoulder, then narrows, when it reaches the feet, it is larger this width, which the present nose has. Someone comes to me and tells me that he is very smart, or that he is a man of very broad heart. A man who has such a width, he may not be so smart or very broad hearted. Someone who has a narrow nose, his feelings are so limited, his love is so small that it can last up to half a day to love.


It is said of the man that he has originally been in the static state, he has not been alive, but then God breathed the breath through his nose and he has become a living soul. Nose in man presents the new era that begins with the creation of man in heaven. The nose is a story of heavenly life and all history of mankind that has passed from the time of its establishment until now. It is enough to study the human nose to know all the drama that has been written at the time of the creation of the world until now. On the nose has been written the most beautiful drama you have ever read. For me, the human nose presents the most beautiful novel; there is no more beautiful novel than this. So it is for me, but whether for you it is so, that is another matter.


The nose should be parallel with the spine. A proper face should be parallel to the spine. As the nose has a deviation, an angle, the nose is not correct. This indicates that the animals have taken the upper hand. Intelligent life requires the face to be parallel to the spine.


If your nose is 2 centimeters, so the Moon has influenced you. It has remained in the development of the Moon. Man says:"You do not need too much mind." The long nose is extremely ambitious, wants to be a big rich man. If your nose is 3 centimetrs, it is Jovian nose, there is dignity there. All noses, not wanting to offend them, are 3 centimeters. Whoever wants to have a lot of wealth, he is 4 centimeters. With trade who wants to deal with, he has 5 cm. Who wants to deal with love affairs, he has 6 centimeters. Who has 7 centimeters is unfortunate. The longest noses are unlucky. Man with 7 cm nose is Saturnian type anywhere sees distress. He says: "What to do?" The one with the 6 centimeters, he seeks love affairs. But love works to me are like the one who has learned to drink a lot of wine. In a pub he goes to try the wine, in another pub he enters. The one with 6 cm all day long is just trying, he is a specialist in wine, where what wine there is, all the wines - 15-year, 10-year, 5-year – he is a specialist, then he is a specialist in eating meals, which are the best. With 6 cm in love affairs they want a nice meal. People in love are more subtle in the eating. Will take a little bit, will try it, will say: "This fruit is not ripe" - his stomach is very sensitive. What for to you is a nose that will spoil your stomach? Suppose that you have a 2 cm nose – it is of the Moon. You have 3 cm – it is of Jupiter. You have 4, 5, 6 cm, it is unnatural. This nose with 2 cm - imagination is highly developed. This man will not tell you as it is, but he will exaggerate. And even if he is a learned man, a little work he has done, but he will exaggerate. That man, with the 3 centimeters nose, loves expensively to sell. What costs him five lev, he wants to sell it for one hundred and fifty. The one with the 4 cm nose, when going on a visit somewhere, at least ten carts will draw loaded with the luggage. Those, who want to have a hundred, two hundred million, they are with the 4 cm noses. The one with the 5 cm nose, when he goes for a walk, will have an escort of a dozen people to accompany him. A crew of a hundred people what dust they bring, what is the comfort there? All these contradictions are due to your noses.


The left nostril accepts more negative or magnetic current, which is connected with the solar plexus and the right nostril – the positive or mostly electric current, which is connected to the brain. The first current is related to the heart and the second – to the mind.


The more intense the light is, the longer its lines are. Hence jump to the conclusion that the human nose is prolonged because of the light that enters his mind. Ear is extended because of the heat, large ears indicate well developed senses.


How to express the nose? You can draw a Greek nose. Greek nose is straight, with no hump. Roman nose has a large hump that means energy and militancy.


Greek nose is a nose of art, of aesthetics, of feelings I call it, but it is not sensual, because sensual nose has a completely different shape. In sensual noses are developed sides, these two points. One has two commas side of the nose; in the Jewish language they are called "iodine". According to Jewish learning everything in the world has been created only by "iodine". These side curves of the nose showing some movements that are associated with the center and it in its turn is connected to another - more distant center, like a radio. The tip of the nose is a radio that is designed for specific perceptions, while the sides of the nose have completely different perceptions. With the top of the nose you can be perceived Love. By it you will only perceive the direction of motion, as a dog detects. But to understand the nature of the creature you observe, you must have other perceptions that are within range of the base of the nose - between the eyebrows.


If man lives in very poor conditions, these conditions reflect primarily on his character. Reflections of the human nose do not work properly, sunlight does not fall properly; the nose does not shine as it should. There is one shining correctly.


Not only light that we receive from the outside, but that light which the brain perceives inside, is important but also is important how it falls. This light is being processed, the inner light that you are holding. This light, which you manipulate inside you use it. This inner light is processed by the human mind. Human rationality, human justice and human kindness affect the nose. A lot of philosophy is not needed. You look at man and you can not see where the good is reflected. On the nose is his fairness. You see and his reasonableness and you already have a clear picture of the man himself. You understand how it has worked.


If the nose is long, it shows that man is objective, his eyes are open; he sees everything. If the nose is very wide, then he is very sensitive, loves eating, he is pleasure-loving, he is hard-working, but he likes others to work, and he commands. If it the nose is too long, he is demanding, but whatever you do, he will adjust it.


Earlobe is the place of life – it is where the precious element of man and the life capital allocated to him is. Is this part is missing, life is shortening. People, in whom this part of the ear is very short, they will have a short life. Such people will be increasingly dissatisfied, poisonous. When this part is long, well- shaped, fleshy, such a person is very well disposed, he is magnetic - this is a dreamy good. When you touch this earlobe, you should mentally say: "to be extended."


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