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Fingers and nails

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Fingers and nails


Man has gone through all the planets. This finger, the middle, has been formed when man has been on Saturn. The first finger has been formed when man has been on Jupiter. The third finger has been formed when man has been on the Sun. The fourth, the puppy has been formed when man has been on Mercury.


Where is Venus area in palmistry? When he has passed through Venus the material side of man has been formed.


The little finger has remained undeveloped because it works a lot, and its other brothers are great aristocrats. Their father has not put them to work a lot. The biggest, the middle finger has been the highest aristocrat, it has been idling more, but it has worked less. Because of the too much work the little finger has not grown, it has pleased all his brethren, but it has developed great practicality. You can not be practical in life, if you do not profit from the tips of the little finger. It is merkurian. The pointer is under the influence of Jupiter. The energies that flow from it represent the sublime and noble courage in man. At the same time the pointer is associated with the personal feelings in man. The middle finger in man is related to the conscience, to equity. Ring finger is associated with faith, with hope, with the goodness in man. The little finger is connected to the objective mind, with practicality in man. So each finger of the human hand has an impact on his upbringing.


As lifts forefinger up, man shows his personality, his dignity. He says: "I am a man, I have pride, I have dignity. I am a person who thinks. "When he lifts his second finger up, man wants to say that he has a sense of justice, he makes difference between good and evil. When he lifts the nameless (the ring) finger with this act man shows that he has a sense of beauty and majesty of life, he has good taste, he can dress well. The little finger shows that man has relations with the people; he knows how to deal with them. If man has not his little finger, he would not know how to deal with either himself or with his neighbour. Each man who does not treat well his mind, his heart and his body, his little finger starts to deform. If man does not learn well, does not think correctly, does not know how to dress and to appreciates the beautiful and the good in the world, his nameless finger starts to deform. If man does not act fairly, his middle finger deforms. And finally, if man does not appreciate his worth, what God has given him, his pointer (index finger) deforms. And those, who do not love God, their thumb deforms. So, the thumb is connected to feeling Love for God, the pointer - with dignity, the middle finger - with fairness, the nameless – with science, music, art; the little finger – with correct treatment.


Indeed, this finger, the pointer, is where personal feelings are involved. The second finger, it is Saturn finger; it shows that man has to be absolutely fair. The thumb, it means God's Love. It is small. What is the thumb? The thumb is the Divine Love that puts the things in the world in order. Without the thumb nothing happens. In ancient times when they wanted to punish someone, they have been cutting the thumbs. If they cut off the thumbs of your hands and feet, you will be useless. So, I say: do not cut off the thumbs of your right and left hand! Good is on the thumb. You, if you can not implement good, you will cut off the thumb. If you can not think, you will cut off the thumb. If you can not feel, you will cut off your thumb.


This little finger, why is it small? It is small from a lot of work. It has not had the time to grow. It is a small finger. It is the closest to the heart. This finger has appeared the last. The thumb has been the first. From the most distant planet in the solar system has come the thumb. After it the pointer (index) or the first finger has come. Then the second, the third and finally the small have appeared. Now these are figurative works. All this should become a scientific system.


The big finger (thumb) is an alpha and the small is omega. The big finger is the beginning and the small – the end. With the small and big fingers you measure the things, you say: "One span". When the big finger is offended something, then the small says: "You can start measuring from me first." Usually, it is correct to start measuring with the big finger first, then the small. Which way is better? In the old days they have been measuring from the thumb to the small, but in recent times they are measuring from the small to the thumb. The big is the beginning and the small is the end of things. Therefore, the big finger represents a reasonable start that should guide things.


The small finger is a little dodger; it shows the weakness of human nature. If you let it guide, it will ever tell you stories, it will lie to you. And the big is a master, it builds. The strength of a man is equal to the big finger. If you cut the big finger of man, he does not cost anything. The big finger represents the Divine principle in man and the little finger – the human principle. The other fingers sit between these two.


Sometimes they vote for the little finger, sometimes – for the big.


Sometimes man feels strongly excited, angry, wants to fight with this one, with that one. What should you do to relax? Take your left hand and stroke it so ten times, beginning from one end to the other of the fingers, on top of the hand. Then opened the hand inside and again begin to stroke it, from the fingers and gradually descend down. Do so ten times. Then you see what you will feel. You say: "Why should I stroke the hand?" If you do not do this exercise, you will hit someone on the head, you will cause him any harm, and then they will judge you, they will lock you up in a prison for ten years. And so, by doing the exercise, you will escape the prison. If a man likes to pat his wife, here's what she has to do, before her husband has come from work. Let her stroked for ten times her right hand on top and say: "How nice you are!" The right hand represents masculine in man. When her husband comes, he will be well disposed and will not beat his wife. This can be made and by pupils, and by the students who wish to predispose some teacher or professor who has a large petulance. When I go to an exam before this professor in advance I will stroke my right hand for a few times and say: "How good is my professor!" So I can take the exam easily.


The thumb says: "You have come to the Earth to serve God." "Your service should be noble"- the first finger. "You must be fair" – the middle finger. "And in all the joys and sorrows you should always be joyful" – the ring finger. "And you should do very well accounts" – the little finger.


"People with long fingers are of the details. When the first finger is shorter than the third, that man is an idealist. But how short it should be, what should be the ratio? When the first finger is as long as the third is, this man is not an idealist; he wants wear as a great man. What is the ratio for the third finger? What is the ratio of the fingers? If the first finger has a length of 9.5 centimetres and the third finger should be 10 cm. If the first finger is 10 cm, and the second - 10 cm, that person is not idealist. And to cause idealism, he must think. These are now outward signs. (...) The third finger in this case is connected with the Sun, with solar energy, while the Sun is the richest of them all. Therefore, solar energy is overcoming. The one who has energy, he has the greatest wealth; he is an idealist. These people, in whom solar energy is overcoming, live the longest. When the first finger is very long, this guy is very unstable, suspicious, ambitious, unforgiving and so poisons, gets angry. As you say one little word, even when diplomats, you have to start from a distance. Diplomats keep from saying a word, not to be understood wrongly. Diplomatic language is refined. He will speak diplomatically without the bluntly.


I, in my research, at one place I have seen a young girl, whose pointer has been 1.5 inches longer than the middle finger and has been sticking up. And when I have seen her, I have said, there is such a character that the Earth will be destroyed, it will do again what she knows! Then it has come to my mind about that Bulgarian woman: there has been a stubborn woman. The word "woman" I understand one another manifestation of human nature. It is an anecdote. A man and a woman go to the field. The man tells his wife: "To gather the mowed hay." She says: "It is not mowed! It is shear "" Mowed is "" No! Shear is "He has got out of patience and has taken her and has thrown her into the river. She has sunk down and her hand has risen, and again with her right hand she has made assign that the hay is sheared. He went looking for her in the river upstream, against the current.


Another man has asked him, "What are you doing?" He has said, "I threw the woman into the river, but she does not go down but up the river against the current." Those people who have short fingers, summarizing is highly developed in them. What distinguishes man who has a strong summarizing thinking? Those who like facts have long fingers. A man with short fingers will go around and will see the general works, and a man with long fingers will go around and will examine the details inside. In whom summarizing thought is developed, he considers overall, and the man with the long fingers likes details. Some of you say: "Tell me something that I will suddenly understand." Such a man has a summarizing thought. Some people want for a day to learn everything in music. There has been here a professor in music, I will not tell her name; she has had short fingers. Now she is so strenuous that she does not want hear any playing. If they play, she runs, she runs away from music. There is nothing to interest her deep inside.


True brotherhood is above. Where is the station of the brotherhood? Station of the Universal White Brotherhood is between thumb and forefinger. From this station you will perceive what I am talking of brotherhood. I like watching a preacher talking about God, if the gap between his thumb and his forefinger is open, he sends and receives.


The fingers are transmitters, you have five transmitters. And the angles between the fingers are four stations through which you perceive. What does man perceive from the first station? Between the ring and the little finger what do you perceive? These are your commercial works. The following station is art, poetry. The second station is all the science in the world. The third station is the public affairs, foresight, human relations. The fourth station perceives the Divine works. What should be the relations between Love, Wisdom and Truth? Therefore, when I am watching someone in the hand, I immediately see which station he perceives. Some people go with outspread little finger. Playing, he says: "How much money will I get?" Why does he keep his little finger opened? It is because he wants money. I am revealing a secret that I should not talk to you about. These are secrets that should not be disclosed. In the space between the index and the middle finger he cares what is written about him. Giving a concert, he does not care how much money he will get, but he is interested in what the newspapers write. If nothing good is written, he keeps the gap closed, and if there is something good written, he goes and holds opened this gap. Someone holds opened the gap between the forefinger and the thumb. At every moment of our life with our movements we disclose a secret in the world. For us things are hidden, but for the invisible world they are not. I'm talking about a science, about those advanced beings that see and track our every movement and movement in said speech utterances - they already know. As you walk, you're bent down, walking with your head down, they already have an opinion. Your head is tilted to one side and the other side, or you are holding your hands together, they have their opinion.


Some time ago a man with a fairly high education has come, and has said: "I got sick of my son. I lost the balance of my mind. He does not want to learn, he is working nothing, he likes to talk and touch, he is lying. "He asks me what to do. I say: "Put him on a craft." He says: "He does not want any craft, he works nothing; he is just touching and rubbing all day." I have said: "Take him out of your mind." "I can not – he says - he still sits in my mind." I see the fingers of his hand, I look – there is no will. He has no will. This man is put on high institutional service, he commands the others. He can command people, but himself he can not command. I see that the first phalanx of the thumb is not well developed, it is not properly developed. As per the law of heredity his will has enough energy at the ears. The disobedience of the son is due to his father. The son has the qualities of his father. And he is fighting with himself. Today how hard it is to fight with yourself! You have made a mistake, whom will you punish? You do not know what to do. If you beat him, it will hurt you. Let's say you talk bad about him, on yourself you will make a mischief. If you say to stumble over him in life, you yourself will be stumbled.


If you lack nobility, stroke your forefinger to connect with the energies that flow through it, the energies of Jupiter. If you lack justice, contact the energies of the Saturn finger. If you are sick, stroke and connect with the energies of the nameless finger. It is enough to immerse it in clean water, the water to take the energies that flow out of it. If you drink this water you will change your state. This applies to all the fingers. All hide forces in them. These are special kind of drugs that hide in people.


Application is necessary. You sit sometimes and you are suffering for the sole reason that you have not the right attitude towards the middle finger. Middle finger means justice. If you do not like your middle finger, you're not a just man, nothing else. This is what I know. You sometimes do not respect people's dignity and you do not have self respect – you have no attitude towards your pointer. This is the finger of dignity. This finger dominates in all beings that are reasonable and spiritual.


You have to understand. It is not your slave; you should draw strength out of it. You say: "This finger of mine is crooked." It is inert, you will catch it; you should touch it, something will come to you in the head. I've seen: Bulgarian, when asked to recall something, he puts his finger on his forehead, he says: "I got it!" You will honor the first finger, it will give you dignity. You will honor middle finger, to be fair. You will honor the ring finger, to have beauty. You will honor the little finger - it is the secretary of the gods. If you do not like it, your physical work will be outstanding. Whatever you take, you do not give back; where you have to give, you do not give; you will get from here, you will get from there – it is not going.


In that world when you go, they will say: "Hey you show your right hand,", if a man. They will say: "Take him back to the Earth." If a woman goes she will show her left hand. And to her they will say: "Back off!" Now the hands are formed. Then only if you show your hand, they will see what you have achieved.


When man becomes a little rough, it is better for him to rub his thumbs to influence the feelings, to become milder, softer.


By examining the hand of a man, from the shape, from its construction, as well as from the length of his fingers, it can be judged about the lives of his ancestors. For instance, some people have to make longer their pointers, others - the third finger, the fourth – the nameless etc. However, this requires great efforts.


It is noted for example, that the hands of the thieves are long and of murderers - short. Do not make general conclusions that who has long arms, he is a thief, or who has short arms - a murderer. I simply clarify the law. If a sign that someone is a thief, exists not only on the hands, but also on the head, and on his face, only then we can say with certainty that he is a thief. The reason for the prolongation of the hands of the thief is due to the fact that he has for a long time been projecting his thought to his hands; therefore this part has received more incoming blood.


If the thief without knowing the laws could unknowingly prolong his hands, why a genial man with his knowledge and effort of not prolong one of his fingers? If you want to make one of your fingers longer, measure in advance the length of each its phalanx and after some effort and work on yourself, measure how much it has prolonged. If, in a short time you can make your finger longer with 1 or 2 mm, you are a talented man. However, if after 10 years of continuous work you are not able to make your finger longer even with half a millimeter, you are a man without faith, without feelings and without thought. In this case, do not delude into yourself. Suppose that you are a man who has taken umbrage. Taking umbrage comes from Jupiter; dignity in you has taken umbrage. This umbrage how can you change it? With what should you change it, how could you balance it? You have taken umbrage because inside you is gathered more energy than you need. This energy you should spend it somewhere. If you do not spend it, it will cause an explosion. Sometimes you will spend it, sometimes it will pass naturally. Now, make an experiment to see what the results will be. When you have taken umbrage, touch both your middle fingers and say: "What should I do now?" Wait for an answer. Say to you: "What should I do now?" Then, if there is no answer, touch your middle fingers and say: "What would be your opinion, what should I do?" If there is no answer, touch your little fingers and say: "What is your opinion?"See what an answer they will give you. When you put your middle fingers, be fair - you will see whether in your life you have offended someone. You will seek the insult, if someone has offended you, to resolve the issue, you will look at your whole life, and if you have not offended anyone, then you have the right to get angry. See if you have never offended anyone and only if you have not offended anyone, you have the right to get angry. Then you will squeeze your fist and settle the matter.


Future religion is not only to believe in Christ. Something positive is needed. The Scripture has to be read. This body, which you have been born in, this image, those eyes, those eyebrows, you should read everything. You will touch your hair; you will see what it is. After you place your hand, if you feel good, it is good. If you put your hand on your chest, you should feel pleasantness. If you put one hand on the other hand, to feel well and if you put the other hand on the first one, you should also feel well. If a healthy man puts his hand on the knee, he should feel pleasantness.


If you want a diagnosis, the healthy man wherever he puts his hand on the body, he feels well. When he puts his hand on this side, which is sick, he feels dissonance. It has been scientifically proven that the rays coming out of the patient's body are broken. The rays that come from healthy areas are not broken. Out of a healthy man you will see light coming out, white light. Out of patient the rays that come out are like thorn broken.


All disorders that happen, you will find them in the nails. These nails are like a textbook, all the disorders are written on them. On the nails you can know whether someone is brave, or is cowardly; whether is frugal, or is generous; if he is cowardly, if he is angry, whether there will be diseases of the heart, will there be diseases of the lungs, will there be any eye diseases. It is all written. So painful conditions are recorded, fingerprints remain. And the health state is indicated. Nails are a book which man can read. If he knows how, by looking on the nails, he can read. Are sometimes generated happy spots on the nails? They say: "Great luck" These spots are a sign of a great tension, a tension of the nervous system, a little upset. You should be put at some calm for these stains to be removed. As you work for one hundred and sixty days, these spots will be removed because the nails grow. One hundred and sixty days are necessary to the nails to discard one spot.


White spots on the nails indicate abnormality in the nervous system. White spots on the nails are similar to the spots on the Sun. The more stains there are on the Sun, the more energy; the more abundance exists in nature. The same happens with a man, who has white spots on nails. He is extremely active, releases more energy from himself, resulting in exceeding exhaustion. To get rid of these spots, man has to focus his mind on a certain thought. In 2-3 months he can remove the spots from his nails.


The white spots on the nails talk about great tension in the nervous system, which leads to illness. As soon as you notice a white spot on your nails, immediately take measures: bring to your mind a great, sublime idea that relaxes the nervous system. These spots appear in major mental disturbances. There is nothing to worry about the appearance of the white spots. These are warning signs that lead man to take action against the painful condition, which is to come.


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