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Do not think that you are free - in nature there are currents that are affecting us. You write and a current pushes your hand and you change the direction, or sometimes it changes the direction of the blinking of the eyes.


Currents are coming from 6 directions: front, back, left, right, top and bottom. So there are 6 directions, whence come the currents on the Earth. You need to know these currents. Each current has its own specific manifestations. Besides them, your sympathetic nervous system also has several currents. If you do not understand these internal currents, you would not be able to explain the conditions through which you pass. Once you are worried, you feel something sad, wrong, you do not know the reason why. The reason is due to the irregular currents that are going inside you. If you understand the laws of God, then you can immediately change one state to another.


The positive and the negative forces in nature, the ones crumble, supply material and the others construct material. It is like that in nature. And when a man is found in these two poles, because the vibrations are different, then, if in a given case he goes from one extreme to the other of these forces; and if he does not know how to go from, let us say from the positive pole to the negative vibrations, he will necessarily go through a great ordeal,; he will suffer a great affliction, until he finds the law to enter into these vibrations with their flicker. And vice versa: a man who is in the negative pole will pass into the positive side. All will pass; all will necessarily go from one extreme to the other. Do not think that if you are in the positive side, you will be always there. Do not think that a force is only at one pole. I will explain the thought. You will pass from the positive pole to the negative pole, from the process of destruction to the process of construction, and the process of construction is the process of compression and limitation. Therefore, when going from one extreme to the other, we need to know the forces acting. We say "positive" and "negative" forces in nature, but they have a value in nature. In quality they are equal; they are useful for nature itself. Sometimes the positive forces are at work in our favor, and the negative to our detriment, the negative forces are against us; otherwise negative forces operate in our favor, and the positive forces in our detriment. But it is only when we are in conflict with our vibrations.


I say we have 4 seasons; we have 4 major winds that blow. "These winds do they have sense?" They have sense, of course. When a warm and a cold wind meet, they form conditions for rain. I ask: if these currents do not meet, will there be conditions to form rain? There will be no rain. If only the cold winds blow, there will be no rain, if only the warm winds blow, the will be no rain. You ask: "Why life is only suffering?" It is just north wind.


Such contradictions there are in the light. At any moment in the light are intercepted two currents. So it is in the darkness as well. A dark stream meets a bright stream. The dark current, it is the cold wind. Where darkness meets with light, where they meet, there begins the new life. Therefore, between a great joy and a great grief arises a great Divine life. Then in these changes of states there is a philosophy. All the Christians in the first period have understood this teaching. Now everyone wants to be happy, nobody wants to be sad. And they are right. Half life is in sorrow, half in joy, but they must be united. If you isolate the sorrow of joy, you will create the worst poison. And if you isolate the joy of grief, you will create the greatest nonsense in life itself. Therefore, the joy and sorrow will join together. Since both occur on Earth, they are two opposing currents. As we come into contact with them, we will experience the One who can heal us.


Many times you have a fight, an inner turmoil, you do not know what you think, what you feel, you are confused. This shows that you have decided to go one way, but there is a struggle. Like in a tone as positive and negative forces are diluted, repulsion happens, but after that attraction comes. Until the attraction comes in you, a stir of positive and negative happens, some go in one direction, this direction in which they have already achieved their wishes. If you are a negative particle, you can never achieve your ideal in the area in which you live. You will be in in conflict with all other particles from your family, with all you will be on the knife. If you are a positive particle and you live in the positive, it will be just the same. However, once you go out of the negative to the positive, you resolve the question. And when positive comes out of its position to the negative, and it also achieves its ideal.


Now, consider that these are the poles of life. The positive energies find their solution in the negative and the negative energies find their solution in the positive. Joy finds its resolution in sorrow and grief finds its resolution in joy. You say: "Why should I suffer?" You have to suffer for the suffering to find its solution in joy. Why should you be happy? You should be happy to enable joy find its solution in sorrow. Joy, when it finds sorrow, it has found its resolution. If your joy can not find the tribulation – it is not joy, it has no life in itself. And a grief if it does not find a joy - that sorrow has no life in itself. In nature, so sits the question. You now have another interpretation. You put your life as usual. Put it on the new understanding. Suffer, then you will find joy. You should not enjoy the people mourning. Do not look for that who are in trouble, in trouble, leave them and go out looking for people who are happy where they are, whether they are plants or animals, or rivers - all this that brings joy to you, you should be interested in. When you see stones and they rejoice. And rocks and plants and rivers, everything can bring you joy. You should learn from them. But you sit and say: "From stones joy I do not want." Well, as you build yourself a house, who helps you? It is the stones that help you, you construct a building to keep you from the cold, from the bad weather; they do you a service. You say: "I do not want to take anything from them." You say: "This tree is ignorant, it is a big oaf." The fruits of that great oaf, you need them, you need, and any other resources that they will give you. This is a great philosophy of life. And the simplest things, if you understand, contain all possibilities for a happy life.


If a man is frail, if someone is sick, if he is indisposed, he at any misfortune he finds himself, he must turn to his thought to his spiritual feelings to his good deeds, and to apply them in his life. In this way, only he will release himself from the oppressive conditions of his spirit. If his thoughts and feelings are wrong, they will be the cause of his misfortune. You can check what I mean. Whatever disease you have, any discomfort that you may have, it is enough to change your thoughts, your feelings and your actions to remove the disease or the poor health. I have done this thing every day and I continue to do so. I have my trouble in my live. When a nuisance comes, if you put it a comma, what happens? What is the trouble? Trouble is due to the fact that you consider that something has come to you not on time. You enjoy what you have had on time. This is the difference. We divide them into pleasant and unpleasant things. When we come to a trouble in life, it shows that we need to learn, to work on ourself. For any trouble that happens to us, I am saying: I have a lot to learn, to work on myself, there are things that I have not learned well. So I understand the philosophy of life. In this philosophy of life there is a situation from the outside, when God helps. At the same time our advanced brothers and they help, and the teachers help and people are helping, but if man himself does not learn, no one can help him.


Often we build our houses of material that brings death. There is a statistic that shows that every house, until it becomes good for living, at least 100 people must die in it. You, for instance, make a house out of stones, but these stones seep the lives of people. Either you make a house out of bricks, many people may die. And who enters into a new house, he becomes ill. They say:"he is jinxed." No whammy! This mud contains a single life. And if you do not understand the law that mud will use your energy and you will lose weight. And then I say: you do not need those mud houses; it is preferable a house made of trees for the life of the trees is higher. And wooden houses are healthier.


Many houses are beautiful, but they are not put into place. Light does not fit you and in such a house will be ill. People today take into account the construction of a house, but first you have to take into account and to investigate whether there are any currents under the house you want to build. If there are currents in this place, do not construct it.


As I build a house, I'll call someone to investigate whether there is water under the house. If there is, I will never build a house at this place. I will pick a place where there is no water. It is because disasters happen. Ever, in the future, the people will build their houses wisely. You should not build a house where you want, but you should build wisely.


The houses should have above on the roof sloping windows. I recommend you rooms 4 x 4 meters and very high. The house must be dry and if it is over underground water streams, is not healthy, people are getting nervous.


Man must know why he is doing one thing or another, why he wears one or another garment and if he does not require it to give up its use. He should not be a slave to fashion, not to make himself mischief. Bulgarians, for instance, wear on the head sheepskin hats per custom, unaware that they deprive them of the opportunity to develop their intelligence. Who knows the laws he can extract the energy from all the things, and he can use it properly. Bearskin transmits power to man, but he must know how to use it. When man prays to God, it is not good to have in his room bearskin and to step on it because he will be dissipated and can not pray well. When he prays, it is good to step on the pine boards. Pine creates good disposal, rises up the human thought. It is noticed that the stones create a mystical mood. Therefore, if he wants to set the mystical, man has to walk more on the rocks rather than on grass. Grass acts on the imagination. It makes man a poet. Stones, which are covered with moss, mystically act on man and make him a philosopher.


You should go barefoot in summer, especially in the beginning of May, so that your feet are on the ground, to connect you with the Earth so that electricity and terrestrial magnetism can go to you. Those of you who are not accustomed to going barefoot, you should walk barefoot only 1-2 hours after the Sun rises. That's nice. I would recommend it to men and women to go barefoot at sunrise, but outside the city, in a nice place.


Occasionally walk barefoot so that the unnecessary in you to go into the ground. This is best done on a dewy sunny meadow, then the unnecessary in man goes to the ground and other energy from the Earth goes into the man - a regular exchange between man and earth happens. Also, when the Sun rises - exactly when is displaying a dash of it on the horizon, watch it for 2-3 minutes, it has very beneficial, healthy, hygienic effect on the eyes, but watch it only 2-3 minutes, not more.


It is good from time to time man to be barefoot because through the legs like antennae, he comes in contact with the ground. Between the energies of the earth and his there is correct exchange. However, there are hours and hours of the day and days of the year when this conversion is not needed. There are days and times when you can walk barefoot, but there are those days and hours when in no way allows the man to be barefoot.


It is good from time to time person to be barefoot because through the legs and antennae, it comes in contact with the ground. Between the energies of the earth and it's correct metabolism. However, there are hours of the day and hours and days of the year when this exchange is not needed. There are hours and days when man can walk barefoot, but there are such days and hours when in any way man is not allowed to be barefoot.


I commend you in July to walk 2-3 hours barefoot on the lawn from 9 to 12 a.m.


Use the nice warm days, hiking barefoot on the lawn, on the rocks, on the sand, on the water, the Earth takes from you, absorbs everything that is unclean in you, while you will take that energy that is healthy.


When you are sick something start moving. It is enough to walk 1-2 kilometers to relax.


When spring comes, get out early, in the early hours for a walk. March, April and May are rich in vital prana. Every day of those months is worth millions. What can be gained during these months through breathing and walking in any other time you can not acquire it.


In general all modern humans step on the heel at first and then on the fingers. Therefore when they go, there is a clatter, resulting in spinal cord concussion, but in the back brain is felt a current, making all the people nervous. Therefore, you should l go on the fingers and step lightly and smoothly. The slight movement of the legs depends on the human mind. Once your thought is materialistic you tread with your feet so that the earth trembles as you walk. This shows that man has more to do with the center of the Earth rather than with the center of the Sun.


To the nervous I recommend to rest on oak, to stand on an oak branch about an hour, to recline on a nice, smooth rock with southern exposure to the Sun. Rocks contain a lot of energy. Sun-warmed stones are blessed.


When you sit on a stone for meditation, sit on the stone, which is deeply buried in the ground, not the stone that is rolling.


When you sit on a stone for reflection, sit for not more than 1-2 hours. Good places for healing are smooth stones, they magnetize and angular stones do not retain magnetic strength. Especially healing stones are in September.


If man wants to take power from the solar energy, let him lie down on the beautiful stones – their counter is open from 10 to 14 o’clock. So the Sun can be as helpful to you far as you love God.


Avoid sleeping on the stones to not pay with your lives. Avoid those people where dead matter took precedence over the living. If you come in close relationship with them, you will surely pay with your life.


You should not sit on the rocks for a long time. They absorb the forces of man. So we should not live in stone buildings. The healthiest are the wood houses.


One way to recover is to go early in the morning before sunrise or around sunrise, walking in the mountains or the woods or along the river, but upstream.


You say: “What should we do?” You should love light that God sends to the world, you should appreciate the eyes. You should love the sounds, the nice words that you hear. You should heal the ears. You should breathe well; you should accept the air through your nose. When you eat you should thank God for the food He has given you. You should not scowl, that this is not good or that is not good, you should not roar.

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