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Eating is related to the sympathetic nervous system, to the human feelings. Eating in general is not part of the physical world, but of a higher world. The simple movements are part of the physical world. Eating, however, is belongs to a higher culture. In order to know how to eat, one has to be of a higher culture.


Where eating is not proper, no success, no culture can exist. Eating is the basis of the physical field. The main reason for all misfortunes that now exist or will exist in the future, are due to eating. Of course, eating is related to a number of other processes. If eating is not right, the process of breathing, which is a very important process, will also be incorrect. If breathing, as an important process, is not right, thought also develops incorrectly. Eating is also related to the process of Love. You often talk about Love, but you must know that whoever can’t eat right, he can’t love either. Everybody who doesn’t eat properly, has their sympathetic nervous disordered, and – as a result – they are nervous, choleric, angry. Therefore, neurasthenia is nothing but a result of improper eating. Whoever wants to cure his nervousness, must first learn how to eat properly and use proper food.


We say: “Man must live“. In order for man to be able to live on the Earth, he must have an excellent stomach, excellent chest, lungs and an excellently working brain. These are three doors, through which the Divine benediction can enter. A benediction will enter the stomach through the mouth. Another benediction will enter the chest through the lungs, and through the nervous system, through the eyes the Divine benedictions will enter from the outside.


Three factors take part in one’s nutrition. The first factor is the stomach. It supplies the materials – food for the entire body. The second factor is the lungs, which receive air from the mouth and uses it to purify, i.e. oxidize blood. The third factor is the brain, which sends energy to the entire body.


First, you must ask yourselves the question, what is your attitude towards food, towards stomach, what is your attitude towards light, towards your brain. Your happiness, your health depends on that. And not only yours, but also that of your children and wives, of your homes and the thousands future generations. Ann all that has to be learned. What is reasonable in the world, is hidden in the light, the noble feelings one has are hidden in the air, and the good deeds of men are hidden in the good food. Whoever does not know how to eat, can’t work well, can’t behave well. One who does not know how to behave, can’t have noble feelings, and who does not know how to deal with light, he can’t think.


The healthy condition of man depends on the interdependence between the head, lungs and stomach.


Thought creates the head of a man, feelings – the heart and lungs, and his deeds – the stomach and bones. Therefore, if one’s will declines, the stomach, bones and muscles will also become week. If his feelings decline, the heart and lungs will become week. And if his thought declines, his brain will become week.


Digestion affects blood circulation, circulation affects the respiratory system, the respiratory system affects the nervous system, and it affects the brain – the headquarters of thought. If all processes are performed correctly that will make thought correct as well.


A normal person always eats reasonably, without letting himself feel heaviness in his stomach. A normal person always breaths deeply and rhythmically, without choking. A normal person does not know what headache is, never gets disturbed and thinks clearly.


If your brain is not well educated and your feelings are rude, you will spoil what you get from eating and breathing. You may have a wonderful thought and a marvellous feeling, but if you don’t eat right, and you don’t breathe right, you will nevertheless spoil your health. Than you should out breathing, thinking and feeling into the food. One’s health depends on those, as well as the right thinking and progress. When you breathe, you only raise your shoulders and breathe quickly, and this is a tensioning of sorts, and Nature does not like tensioning. You should take your breath slowly, rhythmically, easily. Eating also must incorporate plasticity and music. Some people eat so well, that you feel good watching them do so.


When you sit down to eat, imagine that you are sitting for an exam in eating, that you are being observed from the invisible world – they are watching how you sit, how you start eating, how you chew.


Eating makes sense if one is good. If the person is not good, whatever food he uses, he does not have any pleasant sense. He is in the position of the sick person. Whatever he eats, always tastes bitter. In order to be satisfied with his food, one has to be healthy. What’s the pleasure of one whose stomach is disordered, while eating. Whatever he puts in his stomach, he will throw it out. One’s stomach must be healthy in order to share his desire to eat. This means a proper connection between the head, chest and stomach of a person.


You sit and think wonder what to do. First, you don’t know why you are here. You feel that you live, that you are related in a way, that the sun rises and sets, that you are on the Earth. But you don’t have a particular idea why are you here. You believe in something, but there’s nothing clear in your mind. Your mind holds just a simple idea. You feel that there must be a change in your life, you feel boredom. And you think that the boredom results from the fact that you haven’t eaten yet today. So you say: “If I eat, this boredom will go away“. And you take bread and put it on the table, and think that you’ve solved the problem. But once you’ve eaten that bread, a contrary reaction starts immediately. Instead of becoming active and energetic, you feel ill-disposed and say: “Leave me alone so I can rest!“ Here’s what I ask: if this process takes place for the first time, you will find yourself at your wit’s end. You’ll rest for half an hour on an hour, or even 7 hours at nigh, and feel refreshed, but you’ll feel that the problem has not been solved. The emptiness you felt, will still be there.


When you eat, you have this idea in your head: “I am a child, and must grow up “. When you eat, you are now a child. When you breath, then you are an adult. When you start thinking – you are already rational. You eat and don’t know why you do it, you breathe and don’t know why, you think and you still don’t know why. Eating is the outer side of life, breathing is the inner side of life, and thinking is the whole of life. So life has an external and internal side. Only by knowing these two sides, you’ll know what the entirety is. The entirety of life is in its perfection.


To it with a good disposition, this means that you are young. In order to enjoy eating, you must be young. There are three persons in the world, who eat with a good disposition: the first one is the young, who has studied and carries love in himself; the second one is the elder person, who has strength; the third is the old one, having acquired sound reason. All the others, who do not fall in either of these categories, can’t eat well.


I consider stomach a symbol of the physical world, lungs – a symbol of the spiritual life, and brain –a symbol of the mental life of a person.


The banker is the stomach, the genius – the lungs, and the saint – the head.


I believe one’s head cannot ache. The headache is a reflection of what is going on in the stomach. If there is disorder in the stomach — the banker, this is reflected in a headache. There can be no pains in the lungs. They can’t be sick. The aches and pains in the lungs are also a reflection of what happens in the stomach. Everything, taking place in the stomach and the intestines bellow the belly-button. This is the lower world, this is hell. You search for hell! The small and large intestines are in hell, all the lower spirits. You will bring order into your hell, you will also bring order into your banker, and not violence. You will teach him that he has to eat moderately, that he must not be very gluttonous. He is a materialist, he says: “I may die hungry if I don’t work “. And the banker does not work anything, arms work. Arms and hands belong to the genius, and legs and feet – to the saint, and the banker does nothing. He is given the arms and legs and he has to work with whatever is given to him. The banker says: “I worked for this wheat“. The banker thinks that everything that happens in man, is done through him and he says: “Nothing can happen without me “.


Stomach system’s job in the physical world is to digest food, and in the spiritual – to deconstruct passions and lower desires of man through digestion. To smash them to small pieces and to send them up to the fireplace. In the physical world heart and lungs purify blood, and in the spiritual world these are the bellows and fireplace, through which all the desires of men must pass in order to separate the clean from the unclean The brain system sends its orders to the various organs for the work they have to do. In the spiritual world the brain sets the job and place of all thoughts in a person. Don’t mix pure thoughts with impure. Thought is related to desires, desires to actions, and actions with consequences.


If he eats well, one is healthy, has more resources for work. Whoever eats well, has sound and strong thoughts. The week, sick person can’t eat well, and therefore he can’t think well. Mind has to be nourished in all three worlds simultaneously: in the divine, spiritual and physical worlds. Eating is not a mechanical process, as many may think.


To eat properly means to simultaneously think, feel and perceive the materials, necessary for building something new. The physical person is a servant, the spiritual person – the partner, who has invested his capitals, and the mental person – the one who manages the works.


At first you must think of your head, of your heart and then of your stomach. If you think first of your stomach, then of your heart and head, you are on the wrong path.


If your stomach system does not develop properly, as it should, your stomach will start growing, harmful substances will accumulate in your blood, abnormalities will take place. If your respiratory system gains advantage, a very bristle temper may develop in you. (...) If the nervous system is overdeveloped, people develop neurasthenia.


When nature created man, it defined what each part would be – it constructed man mathematically and geometrically. Each part must correspond to a certain magnitude and dimensions.


The very long neck is good in some respects, and bad in other. It is the same with the very short neck. Short necks are always related to the stomach system, long necks are always related to the respiratory system, with the mental activities. If your neck gets thick, then your stomach is gaining an advantage. Stomach is not neutral. When a person chooses the side of the stomach, a discord will come upon him. One must never take the side of his stomach or his lungs. But he must maintain the existing balance, to maintain harmony, which exists between lungs and stomach. Lungs must obey the brain, but stomach must obey the lungs. Any other organ in the human body must obey the stomach.


Arms and legs must obey the stomach. It is the chieftain who supports them, if it stops sending food to them, legs lose their strength, arms and hands become week, feet become week.


The centre of the earth corresponds to our stomach — this is where our sympathetic nervous system is – our stomach brain. And while all your energy is focused on tour stomach, you have a positive energy in a descending order and therefore you will have to constrain yourselves. If everything is focused in your stomach, you will have no science.


As much energy comes down to the stomach, the same energy must go up to the brain.


There are three factors, which have created man: the first factor is the thought of the spirit, the second factor are the feelings of the soul and the third factor are the actions of the human mind. We say: when you serve the stomach, don’t think that your mind has little participation. When you’ve done eating you won’t be able to think – it is that simple. You must take a certain amount of food and that food must help the purification of lungs, through the juices. From the lungs it will get to the human mind, form shapes and then these shapes are to be realized. The health condition of a person, depends on his head.


If stomach has advantage over the other organs, one manifests human love.


When one seeks only the taste of things – this is the mental nature; if you are satisfied with food, the joy you feel when eating, is related to an area of the feelings. Three processes happen at the same time in one’s mouth: one process is related to human mind, the other – to his feelings, and the third – to his energy, to the world of energy. Can you calculate what part of the mental energy is spent in eating? The better developed, the stronger taste is, the more mental power is spent, the bigger part pleasure takes, the bigger the part of feelings is, and if chewing takes a bigger part, it is the physical side of things.


In nature every work is important. The stomach, which deals with the lower works, first tastes the goods of life. A lot of time has to pass, before the brain gets to tasting some of these goods. Many ask: “Why many undeserving people manage to try first the goods of life, and do it in such a great abundance?“ They are in the stomach of nature. “Why don’t we get to try these goods?“ Don’t try to get down to their level. Don’t be tempted by someone else’s wellbeing. They work in the stomach. While processing the food, they send it to the lungs, and from there – to the head. Your food is finer, you should wait for them to prepare it.


This triangle shows the possibilities in three rational beings, living in dependence from one another. The first is a rational being, the second is a rational being and the 3rd is a rational being. Then we say: what can the first be compared to? The first can be compared to an acid, the 1st is where the energy comes from. The second is the one which perceives. It is an alkali. The 3rd is the result, it’s the salt or the law of balance. Words “balance“ and “salt“ are synonyms. Salt keeps the balance – things don’t rot. When it comes to numbers, we should understand the law, based on which these are manifested.


Some people are nervous due to the number 3, because it is week in them. The choleric person looses his balance. Let’s say a metal oxidizes. Gold oxidizes the least, and iron oxidizes more. I say: in the old times and until now, there is science, where metals are getting precious to achieve an inner balance. Then man must study himself. We have a human nature. We have the stomach 1, lungs 2, and head 3. So one’s health depends on the effect of the stomach, on the effect of the lungs and the effect of the head. In the next moment, the energies change: 3 becomes active, it becomes 4, 3 connected with 1, becomes acid; 2 connected with 3, produces the base. All of them, joined together, become salt. Then stomach, when in contact with the brain, transforms into an active number, obtains an active energy. And digestion, if the brain does not produce an urge, cannot take place properly. In order for the stomach to become active a connection with the number 3 has to be established. And then the basis will get to the sympathetic nervous system. The dynamic numbers play a role in modern psychology. One, however, has to understand this concept. If he does not understand the law, he will find himself in the position, in which he is now.


The stomach and the mind, i.e. the brain, love each other a lot. Actually, the mind always seeks stomach’s opinion. If the stomach was left with the heart, to depend on it for food, it would find itself in the utmost misfortune. But because the mind always chooses good food, it sends some of it to the stomach as well. And this is good for the heart as well.


The stomach must learn the laws of the mind, it must be in harmony with the mind. There should be diplomatic relations. It should be very kind and polite towards the mind, if not – it will find itself in a difficult position. Therefore the organization starts with the stomach. This is the physical world. When we speak of all the material worlds in the universe, we mean the human stomach. You say “What is the status of the material world?“ It is the same as that of your stomach. “What is the status of the spiritual world?“ It is the same as that of your lungs.


The reason for the headache can be found in the small and large intestines. If they are not functioning properly, one suffers from headache. In order to deal with the headache, one must first put his feet in hot water, and then cleanse his intestines. As soon as he alleviates his intestines and stomach, the headache will disappear.


Your head hurts, because your stomach is disordered, and the stomach is disordered, because your head is in disorder.


The vertigo is rooted in the stomach. The pain in the head is a reflection of what happens in the stomach. Everything happens in the stomach, below the navel — this is the lower world, this is hell. You must put your small intestines in order and harmony.


Let’s take modern people – sometimes they complain that their memory has weakened. You start to forget ... This is an accumulation of the so-called “lactic acid”. Many times, when lactic acid accumulates in the brain, the brain becomes indolent, it can’t work, there’s not enough electricity. Then the lactic acid descends down to the solar plexus the solar plexus. This is when the magnetic field of a person is disturbed, - you start being indisposed, feeling bad. No medicines can help. There are two things that will help a nervous disease clean food, well-chewed food. When you eat, you must think of nothing else. You must be grateful for being able to eat In order to recover your memory, you must relieve your mind of all the accumulated lactic acid. How do you do that? By cleansing the brain, by cleansing all the blood in the entire body. This is achieved by changing the food, with pure thoughts, pure feelings and deeds.


The headache occurs always when heart is indisposed. When the mind is indisposed, the stomach suffers. The head is indisposed, but the stomach suffers. The heart is indisposed, but the head suffers.


What would you do about the headache, how would you do that exercise? The reason about the pain in your head is somewhere in your stomach. There the capillaries of the blood-vessels fail to perform properly, and – as a result – the sympathetic nervous system of the stomach, fails to function properly. And the sympathetic nervous system delivers more strength, more moisture to the digestion. The most important functions in the body are performed by the sympathetic nervous system.


The stomach-ache shows that the energy in the stomach must be transformed from positive to negative. The headache shows that the energy in the head, which is positive, must be transformed into negative, compared to all the other energies. Your mind must be occupied by higher activities.


There are three processes and one has to master them all. The process of eating is a physical process, the process of sensing and the process of speaking. If the process of eating is not correct in you, your speaking will also be incorrect. If the process of eating is correct, speaking will also be correct. Because there is a parallel between the stomach and the brain, they are alike. The same way the stomach is demanding, the brain is also demanding. They are the opposite poles in life. Because the stomach is connected to the stomach brain, which deals with all the bodily functions, they all join in it.


When the stomach brain and the stomach are not functioning properly, man suffers from headache. When the brain isn’t working well, your stomach aches. In order to heal the headache, you must first correct the disturbed relations of the front part of the brain and its rear part. If the front part is not working properly, you suffer from headache. And the stomach is disturbed, due to the rear part of the brain. If that part of the brain gets wormer than the front part, if the temperature of that part increases by one tenth of the degree, a sickness will come upon you. If one gets sick with grief over a beloved one, and because the centre of love is in the back, love increases the temperature. Why one gets sick? One thinks of his or her beloved one, wants to have her or him constantly by one’s side. Nature will never let you to appropriate anything it has given to you.


It gives you something to use, but not to appropriate – it always counteracts in such event. If you want to take possession of what has been given to you, you will only cause yourself some kind of a sickness. You have the right to love, but you have no right to appropriate. You have the right to eat, but you don’t have the right to overeat. You have the right to cry, but you don’t have the right to squall, to yell, to snap When you are anxious, raise your hands in the air and then put them down. Then you say to your stomach: “Listen, buddy, let the brain stay up and you – down; send it some material, to make it work“. In general – where there is headache, the stomach suffers as well, and vice versa.


This shows that the law is always true — there is a strong connection between the stomach and the head.


When the pores are open, the stomach acts well, correctly. The pores are channel, through which nature’s energy flows into the body. The healthy and normal digestive system ensures a normal, and thus – properly working respiratory system.


If there is no harmony between you sympathetic nervous system and your brain, if the stomach system produces more heat than necessary, you will find yourself in a conflict. If the brain system produces more cold, if the brain system is overdeveloped, people become dry. The skin gets dry, it has no moisture.


You must change the condition immediately. What are you supposed to do? You should drink more water – a litre, litre and a half, or even two litres. You must drink not more than two and a half litres of water in a day. Water is a good conductor of electricity and magnetism. You say: “I can’t do without water“. Water is necessary not only to cleanse the body, but to ensure the functioning of the sympathetic nervous system.


When a person loses water, he dries out. When there is too much water he becomes obese. You can’t think if you don’t have an excellent nervous system, which transfers the mental vibrations. If your sympathetic nervous system is not well developed, so that you have enough water, things will be fruitless — the heart cannot function. In order for your mind to function, the brain system must be developed. In order for the heart to function, for you to have noble feelings, your sympathetic nervous system has to be developed. For you not to be irritable, not to get angry, your liver and gall-bladder must work properly. Some people are choleric, real spitfire – this means their liver is disordered. The digestion of some people is not working properly – this means their sympathetic nervous system is not fine.


The external side of the spiritual life is the warmth that is produced, the light, the so-called thoughts and feelings of a person. This is the connection. Feelings are connected with one’s stomach, thoughts are connected with one’s blood circulation.


At times you feel a heaviness in your stomach, but you don’t know the reason for that. If you are aware of the functions of the sympathetic nervous system, you will know that this heaviness, this indisposition in the stomach area, is related to your feelings, to the sympathetic nervous system. You have eaten food, the vibrations of which do not correspond to those of your sympathetic nervous system, and this results in a disharmony. When this ailing condition somehow passes, you start feeling mentally indisposed. So the pain has moved to your head, to your temples, where you feel a great pressure. That is why one has to be careful about what he eats, to know what kind of food his body needs.


Warmth comes through taking food. Warmth carries life. The continuation of life depends on the warmth, on the warm heart.


IN order for the nutrition to be proper, heart’s pulse must be in harmony with the pulse of nature. The improper pulse is most often the result of improper digestion.


During digestion it is not enough to produce nutritional juices, these have to be properly oxidized, in order to give the blood its red color. Pure blood contains all the vital elements, as well as kinetic and potential energy, which are the reasons for the formation of thought. Within the blood circulation there is a back flow of blood, which can and return to the spiritual body of a man. Blood-flow is not only a physical, but also a spiritual process. By physical process we mean only this, which is visible and can be put to test. There are things, which can’t be seen with an unarmed eye, and cannot be put to test.


Through food a man consumes the external materials for building not only his body, but also his soul.


At first you must relieve the stomach, relieve the stomach system. Often you overload the stomach, you don’t give it any freedom, you don’t let it rest. You must relieve the stomach, to give it only as much work, as it is comfortable with. These cells, which form the stomach, are an entire nation, like the Bulgarians.


Give them their freedom so that they can do their job. The work they do should be pleasant to them, don’t make them slaves. As soon as stomach’s cells become slaves, you stop being a free person. After that you must release your lungs. Sometimes you make them very indolent. Lungs’ indolence produces various conditions. A person, once he becomes indolent, becomes very demanding, he always wants a soft chair, wants to lie down comfortably, to have a soft bed, comfortable shoes, to have an exquisite house, not to have anything in his way and be served by everybody.


Sensitiveness depends to a great degree on stomach’s condition. You can’t have normal feelings, if your stomach doesn’t function well. By “potbelly“ I mean something unreasonable, disordered eating, gluttony. If you don’t eat reasonably, you won’t have reasonable feelings either.


When one is too much worried, the worries produce disturbance first in his stomach system.


When a person does not think and feel right, his digestion does not work properly, venous blood, carrying all the diseases, is formed. Another situation: when a person does not think and feel right, he does not breathe well. When a person does not think and feel right, his nervous system, his brain system and sympathetic nervous system do not function properly and then neurasthenia. So your thought is only proper when your thoughts and feelings are right and only when they improve your digestion. Your thoughts and feelings are only right, when they improve your respiratory system. Your thoughts and feelings are only right, when they improve your brain system and sympathetic nervous system. If there is a conflict in these three areas, your thoughts and feelings are not right.


The tongue can be bribed, to be lied to, but the stomach — never! It says: “Hey Mister, this thing has to go out. I can’t process it. If you put that a second time, I will throw it out again. You must know that I don’t do such things.“ There are three things in life, which one has to listen to, and which he must believe: he must listen to his stomach, what kind of food it wants. Not to ask his taste, but to listen to his stomach. The second thing, which one must listen to, are the lungs.


He must ask them – what kind of air do they want. And finally, he must ask his brain, what kind of food he should take.


We are a conglomerate, a common organism, formed by millions, billions of small souls, living together, at one place. Each of you is a whole country.


Modern people must learn to speak with their heads, with their stomach, until they know all the cells.


Some ask: “Why do some people have weak lungs?“ Because they don’t breathe. “Why some people’s stomach is weak?“ Because they don’t practice their mouths. A man who does not know how to speak, will always have a weak stomach. And if a man does not know how to look, his brain would be weak. There are three things: you must look, so that your brain is healthy, you must breathe so that your chest is healthy, and you must speak, so that your stomach is healthy. These are basic things.


Develop your hearing so that you catch good sounds. Develop your vision, so that you see the best of beauties! Develop your smell so that you get the best fragrance! Develop your taste, so that what you eat, what you do, you should thank god for his infinite love for you.


God wants us to live long and happy lives, and we have put ourselves in slavery through the diseases. In order to get well, you must take not of the following: believe that light has an absolute power to heal all diseases, believe that air has an absolute power to heal all diseases, believe that water has an absolute power to heal all diseases, believe that food has an absolute power to heal all diseases, because of God’s presence in them.


“Lord, enlighten the head that You have given to me, so that I can learn to work!“ After that put your hands on your lungs for 10 minutes and pray for them. Then put your hands on your belly. The word “belly” does not mean stomach, but those digestive organs, which we refer to as stomach. Pray for 10 minutes for you to know how to eat. To know how food is digested, to be thankful about that food, because the basis of life is put in the stomach. If you have a good basis, put in the stomach, your entire life will be good. If you have building materials in your lungs, your entire life will be good. You must have a roof, a house well done. After that the spirit and soul can enter that house and everything would be calm.

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