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The fall of man

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The fall of man


Had people lived at the pole, I can’t say what kind of culture they would have. It is very difficult to be vegetarian there, all beings at the pole are carnivorous. Man does not live under the most favourable conditions. Is it is said in the Bible – he was created on the equator, where there is an abundance of fruit, and he can be a vegetarian.


It was a time, when the Earth resembled a paradise, the vegetation was so abundant, there were thousands and millions of fruits and people lived only on fruit, but then an ice age started, which was due to certain physical reasons. Then these fruitfulness of the Earth decreased and, as a result, people started eating meat, and killing not only animals, but started slaughtering and eating each other.


It was a time, when the sons cooked their fathers and mothers. They didn’t bury them. Before the father dies – one would cook and eat him. And eat one’s mother. Joseph Flavius tells about the siege of Jerusalem, when mothers grilled and ate their children. All types of things happened! If a person, after eating meat, is healthy – let him eat. If one, after eating vegetarian food, gets sick let him eat meat. Let him pay for the future. If one, after eating vegetarian food is healthy – let him eat. For thousands of years people ate not only animals, but other people too. Back in the old days, when they fought and killed each other, people used to consume their enemies. They ate everybody they killed. We have managed to release ourselves from a great evil – eating human flesh. It is so differentiated that it brings in a great infection.


The apple, mentioned in the Bible, is the unnatural food, which man started eating. And the fall of man started with flesh- eating. Even the fall of angels is also due to flesh-eating, and flesh-eating is the result of the personal egoism of man, who overlooks the interests of animals. A man, who is flesh-eating, may commit any other crime.


I understand if you say man did some mistakes, but to claim that man is incorrigible – this is a false conclusion. There a numerous facts and evidences that man sinned and continues to sin, to commit crimes. But what data do you have that man is incorrigible? To correct and understand his mistakes – this is a privilege given only to man. This privilege distinguishes him from all other animals. On the path of his descend on Earth, man has deviated from the correct direction of his movement, and – as a result – he did many mistakes and committed many crimes. If it is not so, how can you explain the origin of flesh- eating animals? How were fish and some carnivorous birds created? All animals, in general, are phases, through which man has passed within the process of his development. When he starts to ascend, man will acknowledge his mistakes and start to correct them.


Which was the driving cause for some angels to leave heaven – the place of eternal bliss and purity, the place of joy and merriment – and come to the Earth among the sinful sons of man? Who made them leave heaven and lose their purity? They have descended from that glory and come to the Earth among people in the form of beasts, to do mischief. At a time in the distant past, the flesh-eating animals were angels, which are now here among us as animals, doing mischief to the people. At first they were peaceable like sheep, but when they descended on Earth in the form of tigers, wolves, lions, they started attacking and eating the herbivorous animals.


Flesh-eating was initiated by the fallen spirits; it came to the world when the connection with Love was interrupted.


Not to eat meat means that we don’t pleasure ourselves. To pleasure ourselves means to commit a sin, i.e. to eat food, for which our bodies are not ready. Should we eat such food, it becomes a poison. The meat food is poison. Meat symbolizes the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil“.


The Lord created animals for very different reasons – not to be eaten by man, making them serve the man, but not to be slaughtered by him. Wheat, corn, maze, rye, grains and fruits were meant by God as food. After the fall of man people became flesh-eating.


By knowing good and evil man assumed the idea of flesh-eating, and after that – of murder. When eating meat you can’t help but kill.


Nature only records two things: good and evil. They go along together. The herbivorous animals record good, carnivorous – record evil. And it is the same with people.


I believe evil is flesh-eating, and good is fruit-feeding, and not vegetarianism. Meat, in the astral worlds, is a symbol of evil, and when they want to show you that your deeds are evil, they will give you meat as food. When you dream that you are given meat, this means that you are on an unnatural path. When I speak of man, I mean the spiritual man, because two beings live in the body together. I speak of the rational being. Two beings live together now, and their lives do not converge and therefore between these two beings and the Divine Man there is a fight, because their lives are incompatible.


The flesh is flesh-eating, and the spirit – fruit-feeding. Everybody, in whom the flesh is strong, is flesh-eating. Everybody, in whom the spirit has taken advantage, are fruit-feeding. Flesh- eating is due to the strong human flesh, and that is why they go together. (…) This is in the law of flesh.


The culture in the world goes in two ways: there is a culture of good and there is a culture of evil. There are people, who study culture of good, and others, who study the culture of evil. How do they differ? Take a wolf for example – he studies the culture of evil years and years – he knows how to catch a sheep, how to kill it. A fox knows how to catch a chicken, how to kill it. That wolf has practiced a long time. When did he first think of catching and eating a sheep? What was the cause for that? Some say that flesh-eating animals learned to eat meat during the ice age, because the plantation was scarce.


These are just speculations. Why the white blood-cells in the human body, devour a germ, as soon as it enters the body? These white blood cells are like sentries. They catch the enemies, entering the human blood, and eat them. You may say this is a instinct. Instincts are rational urges in nature. What makes a wolf eat sheep, or what makes sheep eat grass? There is something in nature, which makes them do that. Therefore nature has two drives. Haven’t many of you eaten grilled chickens – even if it was 2530 years ago, when you were kids? You sat with your mothers, while she killed the chicken, and waited for her to cook its liver. What urged you to eat that? How did it occur to you that liver is to be eaten? It would never occur to an angel, to eat chicken’s liver, when it is killed.


If everything was created to be eaten, then why don’t you kill a wolf, or a spider, or a bear and eat it? Why do you make a difference? Moses, in a code, forbade his people to eat pork, because pig’s hoof is cloven. Rabbits must not be eaten either – they also have something cloven.


What brought sin into the world? The deviation, fragmentation, difference in shapes, the presence of sexes, the difference in people’s desires, the difference in people’s thoughts and feelings. All the collisions of these forces brought sin into the world – nothing more. Because, when some ask, how did sin enter the world, here’s what I say: plant a garden and you will see how sin entered the world. Those children, who are considered very upright, as soon as they pass by a garden, planted with fine fruit, will always be tempted. Right, and what is better now: to have orchards and sustain some thefts, or not to have orchards and not to suffer any thefts? Life to exist, along with death, or life not to exist, there being no death either? Animals have been stealing for a long time. It is an animal condition. Before people started stealing, wolves had been stealing and eaten sheep for a long time, spires had been stealing and eating flies for a long time. In theft there is already an atavist work of the animal kingdom.


All the flesh-eating animals are thieves. Theft was formed by the flesh-eating animals – the foxes, wolves, bears, snakes, spiders. All the flesh-eating animals are the fathers of theft. You steal they are your fathers, from whom you learned theft. All the good things we’ve learned from the herbivorous animals. The herbivorous animals are virtuous. For me there are two things, which are impossible: a sheep can’t eat a wolf, and a wolf can’t graze down a field. There are two possible things: a wolf can eat a sheep and a sheep can graze down a field. If the field is grazed down, it’s sheep’s fault. If sheep is eaten, it’s wolf’s fault. Who ate it? The wolf. Who grazed down the field? The sheep. The sheep is more practical, it bites off the grass and lets it grow again. Here’s what I say: bring those who are guilty.


Sheep’s case will be referred to the court of peace, while wolf’s case is a criminal one.


Moses put down a law that man must not lie, for lie is not an invention of man. Then he says: “Do not kill!“ It is once again an animal condition — murder was created by the carnivorous animals. You say one is a hero – he killed – this is an animal condition.


In eating we have a process of destruction. You take an apple and you destroy it. Here’s what I say: what harmony can be created in a world, where things are constantly destroyed? The fish, when it came upon this issue, in order not to destroy when eating, it swallows food whole. It swallows food whole through its mouth, but when the food enters fish’s stomach, it is chewed by it.


Most fish in the sea are carnivorous. All of them eat each other. Very few fish, and most of them – of higher level, are vegetarian. Fishes devour each other. The larger fish devours the smaller one, an even bigger fish devours the first one, yet another bigger fish devours all three. When you catch a big fish and open its belly, you will see that it has devoured another fish, which, on its part, has devoured an even smaller fish. The largest fish has devoured all three.


How can you solve this issue, tell me that! The small fish, which has devoured an even smaller one, thinks it has established well its life. And then another fish comes and eats it. This second fish now thinks that its life goes well, but then the largest fish comes and eats them both, thinking that it’s life is great. And finally man comes with his net, catches the largest fish, takes it out of the water, opens up its belly, takes the two smaller fishes and keeps the largest. The small fishes are not good to him, so he throws them out and keeps the largest, believing that it does him good.


The herbivorous animals have their molars developed. In those, who eat meat, the front and canine teeth are very well developed. Now you have both types. You will look at the teeth — they show what different people eat.


How come eagle’s beak is curved? It is to help it tear away meat, when hitting. Then his feet assumed a shape, conforming to its jaw – the claws on its feet are with the same shape.


In the predators, who want to grab — their upper beak is bent inwards, so that they can catch and hold their prey. Those birds, which only live on grains, don’t have curved beaks – see the pigeon for example. Predators are great pessimists. Those who live on grains, like the pigeon, have not pessimism in them at all. And those of you, who are pessimists – you are predators. Whatever you say to such a person, he looks at everything with disbelief.


The pigeon – from the beginning of ages – is the only bird, who hasn’t been tempted by meat. Despite all difficulties through which the pigeon has gone, he has had the nobleness to remain vegetarian. He has never said: “The living conditions are difficult and I must eat some meat“. On the contrary – he says: “Whatever the living conditions are, I will overcome them. Because God is ration, I will be rational too, I will eat grains and nothing else!“ How does the sheep and how does the wolf eat? You haven’t observed that.


Sometime, when you have time enough, look at how wolves and sheep eat. Look at how do vegetarians eat, and how do flesh-eating persons eat. And what will you see, what is the difference in eating? How does the flesh-eating person hold his fork and knife? The same way the vegetarian holds them. But there is a significant difference. Flesh-eating people are more dexterous in eating. There is a certain dexterity in them. All those who live on meat, are a little impatient. They are a little choleric. This habit has even remained in vegetarians. And if a vegetarian is irritable, this means that he has just started eating vegetarian food. Whoever was born vegetarian, is a little calmer, does not hurry.


Flesh-eating animals are greedy, they gulp down their food, the herbivorous collect food and then, when they sit down – they regurgitate their food and start chewing it, as when you make sops or tarhana.


The herbivorous biter off their food, then swallow it, and ruminate — they have double stomachs.


Why do animals ruminate? Rumination is a method of nature. In order for a being to be able to transform from one state to another, it must ruminate. And, when we say that we must transform from one state to another, this is, because we are in a constant pressure, thought has accumulated and it is to be assimilated, by separating the useful from the useless, and then you get a processed material.


Flesh-eating animals are very perspicacious, cunning, they have a strategy. Their moral is based on their pleasure, this is so with the wolf, the bear, the lion – all these carnivorous animals. If there is no pleasure, it’s not moral. The vegetarian food, on the other hand, will strengthen even more the nervous system, create a sturdier nervous system. A resistant, more enduring body is formed. All herbivorous animals are more enduring.


In all flesh-eating animals, the sense of self-preservation is well developed. Among the herbivorous animals – this feeling is not developed so well. That is why they don’t get so angry. For example, if an ox gets angry, it can gauge you, but first it would press you down to the ground with his horns. If a lion, tiger or a wolf attacks you, it would tear off whatever he gets. A herbivorous animal would never do that.


There are a number of reasons for people to be meat-eating or vegetarian. Meat-eating and vegetarianism do not solve the social issues in the world. These are only the preparatory phases for many or few virtues. The herbivorous animals have a softer mature than the flesh-eating. If a bull or another herbivorous animal catches you, it can kick you or gouge you with its horns, but never tear you apart. If a flesh-eating animal catches you, however, it can tear you to pieces. This is their nature. The herbivorous animals are soft, and the flesh-eating – fierce.


The herbivorous animals are negative by nature, and the carnivorous – positive.


There is not a single meek carnivorous animal, all of them are like wasps. Wasps are carnivorous. If you observe the movement of a bee and the movement of a wasp – you will notice that they differ greatly. In the movement of the bee there is nobleness, and in the flight of the wasp there is something pirate. While it is flying, it is irritable. If you disturb it, it will sting you right away.


Wolf’s head is wider, and sheep’s – longer and narrower. The heads of all peaceful creatures, of most mammals of softer nature, are narrow? When the peaceful creatures think more, they are more active, more agile. A flesh-eating animal loves running. The herbivorous animals run to save their lives, and, otherwise, the movement is always within them. Others at first run, then their running slows down and they stop.


Those with wide heads, have a hidden energy and that hidden energy in the carnivorous animals, is the reason for their many quarrels over food. There are no quarrels over food among herbivorous animals. The quarrels among herbivorous animals are over love: two rams fight, because of love affairs – they bang their heads. Here’s what I say now: why do they fight, what is the reason for their fighting over food? So if fight over food, you are also among the flesh-eating animals.


Humans are fruit-eaters, according to their body structure. Meat is stronger, but more harmful food. It contains more poisons and makes a man rude and cruel.


People get sick, degenerate and die, because they are meat-eaters.


According to the food, they use, people are divided into vegetarians and meat- eaters. There are vegetarians from birth, but there are also vegetarians, who have been using plant food for 1020 years. When we talk about vegetarians and compare them to the meat-eaters, we mean the first category. The heads of the vegetarians, compared to those of the meat-eaters are longer and narrower, while that of the meat-eaters is wider and shorter. The heads of the meat-eaters in general, are wider around the ears. This shows that the destructive powers are well developed in them. Food affects both the physical and the spiritual and mental lives of people.


Man thinks that by eating meat, he will be healthier. This is not so. Meat-eating animals are more energetic, but the herbivorous are stronger. Is a tiger stronger than an elephant? What work can an ox do, and what – a wolf? You may say that meat is better, stronger. If it is about strength, there are no stronger than the herbivorous animals. Is there a stronger animal than the elephant? He can fight everybody.


What would a man acquire, by eating meat? He will become stronger. But eating plant food he will become cleaner. Meat-eating animals are stronger, crueller, more predatory. If you are a wolf, you eat meat. If you are a sheep, you eat grass. The desires of the wolf are desires of the Black Lodge, and the desires of the sheep are desires of the White Lodge.


Plant food gives patience.


Whoever has a strong will, he is meek and humble. You may say that you don’t want to be meek as a sheep. A sheep is not meek. It has a softness, and not meekness in it. The sheep has made enormous efforts, before it became a sheep. Once it was a wolf and then it became a sheep. Whoever wants to acquire softness, love, should eat mutton. As soon as he obtains these qualities, he no longer needs such meat.


The vegetarian food enhances the nervous system. A strong, more robust body is formed.


Vegetarianism means meekness.


The loveless people are meat-eaters. The choleric people are always sick. Is there a patient sick person? Everything seems wrong and dark to him, and he claims that his conditions are poor. Such a person better becomes a vegetarian, because plant food gives patience.


Meat food is nervous and fruit-food is a conductor of magnetism.


A person, who eats vegetarian food, becomes braver. The centre of conscience is above the centre of fear. Once a man develops his conscience, it takes the extra energy from fear and transforms it into justice.


The new life, which is now being brought in, must have a very different basis. I am not talking against the current life. You will live through this current life, as it is. When it comes to the old life – whoever eats meat – let him eat meat, whoever eats grass – let him eat grass, whoever drinks wine, let him drink wine. Whoever drinks water – let him drink water. Whoever eats fruits – let him eat fruits. Whatever one has learned – let him do that and nothing more. Don’t teach people new things. Why should you try teaching sheep to eat meat and wolves to graze grass? Don’t try to settle these issues. If you are angry, you should know that such ill feelings are due to the meat-eating animals in us. If you are quiet and calm, this condition is due to the herbivorous animals in us. These are two different conditions. When you think, people in you have the word. When you are good, don’t think that this goodness is your own achievement — goodness is available to all mankind. Goodness is a great gift, the Lord has given the entire mankind. Therefore, one you are good, you benefit from that great gift. Whatever one does – this is for his future. Let me tell you what heaven is.


You have already created your heaven. You think of going to the other world, and be welcomed there. But at least 200 chickens will appear before you, demanding their lives. 300 calves will appear, to demand parts of their legs, ribs, lungs that you have eaten. Ducks will also come, then snails, mussels… After that the trees that you have cut down, the leaves, flowers you have picked – everything will demand their lives and yell at you. What will you do? The Lord will send you to satisfy them. You must return the lives to all the flowers, trees, chickens etc. After this is done and your debt is repaid, the Lord will summon you and ask: “How do you want to live?“ You will learn your lesson and then, when you go to God, you will say: “I have learned my lesson – the next time you send me to the Earth, I will live, as You live “.


When you eat meat, you must sign contracts with these animals, for one day you will be sent the bill for all the meat you have eaten. You will definitely pay! You’ll be told that there is a proper book-keeping in nature and you’ll be asked why have you eaten meat? You must prove that scientifically.


Everybody will be judged. Who, among you, has not eaten 100 chickens? Who has not eaten 100 lambs? Who has not eaten 100 fishes? You would say: “Christ also roasted these“. I understand things in a different way. Don’t cook the fish that you don’t love. Cook those fishes that you love. When you eat a cooked fish, which you don’t love, you would inflict on it the greatest evil, which you can’t even imagine.


What would, however, happen to the one who has eaten 100 chickens? He will be put among those 100, right when they are being killed, and he will feel their condition. This will happen one hundred times, and this is a horrible thing. And finally, people will become vegetarians, because they will refuse to eat meat in an internal manner.


When I speak about people’s feeding habits, I don’t judge them, but I say that as many chickens or turkeys one has eaten throughout his life, that many chickens and turkeys he shall serve. As many lambs he has eaten – that many lambs he will serve. This is the law of nature. The disturbed balance has to be restored. Therefore, you will be free to eat whatever food you want, but you will know that all that will be paid through being in service.


The chicken that you eat will loose nothing, it will only win, but you will loose. In this respect, the hermitic philosophy maintains the following view: All the chickens you have eaten, all the lambs and fishes, you have eaten, when these chickens, lambs, fishes become people, you may be in the position of an angel, and the Lord will send you to help and serve them on the Earth. He will say to you: “They used to sustain your life, and now it is your turn to serve them “. They will wonder why does that angel help and love them. The angel will say: “I am obliged to you“. You will go along the law of obligations.


You must know that one day you will give all the mammals, all the birds, which you have eaten, all the necessary conditions to return to the Earth. You will be the reason for them to return to the Earth and progress. Not just that, but the Lord will send you to serve them. God sends an angel to a sinful person, to serve him. He is tied down. You will serve your ox, which now ploughs for you. You will pat it and won’t goad it. These things are still not understood by the man. When the Providence comes to put you in harness, then things will be clear. Think of that time! So, you’ll come back to help all creatures, to which you are indebted.


Meat-eating animals have high esteem of themselves; they believe that mentally they are positioned higher than the herbivorous. He herbivorous animals, are of higher culture, in terms of their hearts, than the meat-eating. Therefore there are two cultures among animals: the culture of the mind and the culture of the heart. The herbivorous animals represent the culture of the heart and that is why they are better – they have a clean, noble heart. Meat-eating animals are cleverer, but they are not better in their hearts. And now you, as rational people, can connect both principles – those of the lion and the sheep, and say: “We will be clever as the lion and good as the sheep. We will tear down evil, like the lion and save the grass, like the sheep, and give room for the goodness in us to grow.“

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