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“Do you love me?“

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“Do you love me?“


Non-eating is a crime. But is there such a law in the world? The sheep that grazes in the field, is right. The wolf, when he eats the sheep is wrong, he is considered guilty. The sheep, eating grass, is not considered guilty. And the wolf, after he eats a sheep is considered guilty. What are the motives for declaring the wolf guilty? The wolf is guilty of eating sheep’s food. Because, while it collected food — sheep can be considered ruminant animals – so after it collects food, to process it, the wolf stole that from it. This is his fault. He has violated sheep’s rights. I.e. in nature no creature is allowed to take away another creature’s food. If it takes another creature’s food, it has already violated the law. That wolf forms a static situation.


The wolf – these are the hardships in the world. In fact the wolf can’t eat the sheep, because there is a law in nature, stating that what is eaten, actually breeds more. If wolves had stopped eating sheep, sheep would have decreased in numbers. So, until there are hardships and suffering in the world, the knowledge in the world will increase.


Happiness, in the full sense of this word, is preconditioned by the good disposition of all rational beings. In order to be happy, you have to be rational. You must live among rational creatures, so that their collective disposition you can feel as happiness. This means that you have to be connected to the rationality, with Divine Love. When people are unable to find happiness, this means that they want to keep happiness only to themselves. There is no such happiness in the world. Such happiness is bought by the Bulgarian with money. He buys a pig and feeds it all the winter and throughout the summer – three-four times a day he brings it food, gives it water, scratches its back. The pig makes a sound of pleasure, thus wanting to say: “See how happy I am! I finally found a master, who takes care of me.“ Everything is fine. But then Christmas comes, there is squeaking, grilling. Now the Bulgarian wants to know if the swine was happy. He eats the swine in order to be happy.


When you eat a pig it becomes your tenant. If you eat a chicken – it again becomes your tenant.


If you eat pork, pig’s cells will be engrafted in you. If you eat only meat food, the accumulation of these cells will bring upon you the character of the animals you have eaten. Pig’s cells are unnatural, they require a lot of energy, so that a man can keep them working – they are both very lazy and very destructive.


Why is pork unhygienic? When you eat pork, pig’s cells will become a part of you. Pig’s nature will become a part of you. Pig’s cells are very lazy – it takes more energy to make them work, than they can produce for you.


You often fail to notice that the shapes, existing in nature express conditions. You want to have a large body. Nature made attempts. Let’s say that you have the shape of man and the shape of a bee. A man says that he eats too little. The food of how many bees, can a man, who eats a little devour in one sitting? With one of your lunches, 30 thousand bees can live for a week. You think that our life, which we have. Is very economic! You are not at economic for the nature.


You eat three times a day – so much, and still you think that you eat very little. We eat so much, because we have very little income. Of all the food that you take – very little is assimilated in your body. Good food is that, which can organize the powers of a human body. Each cell must be organized, living, to take active participation in the functioning of the human organs, if it does not take such participation, it is a dead, harmful cell.


Where does the word “swine“ come from? I speak of the swine, as a symbol of the creature, which values life. It loves life so much that when it feels it is about to be butchered, it starts squeaking so loud that people gather around it. It has a strong desire to live.


The grass, fruits, which you eat, they rejoice, while the animal, when being butchered to be eaten, is not content and this discontent will get into you.


The cells, which come in us from the animal kingdom, they spend more and produce less, and the plant cells, which get into us, spend less and produce more. Apart from that, the animal cells, which we take in use, are too disobedient.


A meal, which pleases someone, is unpleasant to another. Why is that? How can you explain this? It’s a matter of taste. However there are other, more significant reasons. The pleasant food is that, which brings you what you want. Unpleasant is that food, which takes more and gives less. When such food takes from you and gets outside, you feel poorer.


Why is pork unhygienic? Pig’s cells have a great individuality. When they enter the body, you must put another 20 cells in to protect a single cell. They get out in the first convenient moment. Such a person will consume the food for 100 men, and do the work of 5 men. Why is he like that – don’t judge him for his outside. All those, who eat pork – they all pay. And here’s what I say: we don’t need great individuals, we need cells, which are in harmony with us. That food, in nature – when a living creature takes it in, it must remain in harmony with its life.


When the cells of the meat food enter the body, it must use ten times more energy to keep them in, i.e. to place them in their relevant places and put them to work. And how much can these cells work? Does a man need such workers, who bring one thing, but take away another? Pork is delicious, but it brings one thing and takes away ten things. You will only eat food, which brings ten things, and takes away one. This is the fruit food. This unnatural state, in which we find ourselves, along with the entire cultural world, is due to the meat food.


The power we receive from eating fruits and vegetables, is much more lasting than the power, we get from meet. More power is used to assimilate meat food, and then what is the use? Because the vibrations of the mammals are lower than those of man, he trips, when he eats them and can’t develop.


The meat food is full of vibrations of the animal passions, and in this respect the plant food is pure. Man must eat pure food, so that his cells obey him. If a person eats pork for too long, he will obtain a pig’s character, and if he eats chicken – he will obtain chicken’s character.


Bulgarians eat more bread, to become softer. Some other peoples eat a lot of meat — at breakfast, at lunch and at dinner — and acquire a rough activeness in a lower area. A lot of time will pass until a people learn not to use meat food.


If you eat pork, you will have the concepts of a swine: you will dig the ground and think that you have dug yourself the pears, falling from the tree.


In one respect the swine is right — by digging the earth it digs out the Jerusalem artichoke. And if something falls from above – it believes it comes from below. It searches for everything below.


It is not bad to eat a chicken or a hen. But that chicken will get into you and start digging. The one eating too many chickens cannot keep to the truth. Those who eat too many hens – there are such old grannies, they are gossipers – going around spreading news. Such a granny comes to your house, saying: “Hear something new: our priest went on pilgrimage. Don’t tell anybody!“ Then she goes to another place and says: “Our priest went on pilgrimage. Don’t tell anybody!“ And so before night the entire village knows that the priest is on pilgrimage.


If you eat rabbit, you won’t become a proper man. If you want to become a man, don’t ever eat rabbit.


After the wolf takes sheep’s life, and its capability of developing, where does it go? It is eaten by the wolf. Now is that sheep still existing? If you make a mixture of iron and pure gold in equal proportions – for example – half a kilo of iron and hold, do you think that the golden particles will become iron? As much as you may mix that the iron cannot eat the gold. Where is the gold? Do you think a wolf can eat a sheep? It just deceives itself – the sheep remains a sheep. These are philosophical questions. You say: “We know that the wolf ate the sheep“. The wolf only destroys the shape, deprives the sheep of its shape, but it cannot transform the sheep life and make it its own – a wolf’s life. After eating the sheep, the wolf becomes meek and calm as a sheep. It says to itself: “Why did I eat the sheep?“ But then, when he gets hungry — the sheep has already released itself from him, it has gone, he once again starts circling the flock. And because, it started loving the firs one, it continues to look for it. It says: “I was restless, used to have a bad disposition, and when I ate the sheep, I calmed down. I will find another sheep to achieve that again.“ Wolf’s crime is not in his eating the sheep, but in destroying something, he has not created. Therefore in the world we are not allowed to destroy what we have not created. We can only change what we have created. Or to say that differently: we are not allowed to destroy something created by God.


Sometimes we say: “Let’s be honest!“ A pig is given water and food 4-5 times a day 45, they prepare it for Christmas and when that day comes, on the date of Christ’s birth, all the pigs start crying. Then Bulgarians stab the pigs in their hearts, or cut their throats. A sometimes see a brother, a bit drunk, then Christmas comes – you look at him – he fell ill.


And sometimes such brother may get stabbed killed – someone attacked and stabbed him, and that brother is gone. And you say: “He was healthy “. Wasn’t he taken out of the pigsty? Where did they put? We now deceive ourselves, saying that he went to the Lord. You are right. Pigs, when they are out of their pigsties, where do they go? The pig, while in the pigsty, was in a muddy house. When it goes out of the mud, it goes to the people, and is now respected and honoured, so it sits at the table of the humans. The pig goes to live in humans.


Everything that happens in life is good. Because we consider things from a relative position – it is not good for me, but it’s good for the whole. It is not good to eat a hen – yes – it is not good for it, but it’s good for you. The hen is now put to a place, where it can no longer commit crimes – that hen is in a better place – instead of suffering in the world, it will come and live in you. The hen has lost nothing – it only wins — it now sits as a true son or a son-in-law.


From God’s perspective, it is not sinful to eat a hen. If a river flows into another river – is there a crime? If the smaller river flows into the bigger one, if then rivers merge and form a big river, what crime can there be? If a man has eaten ten hens, the lives of those hens just flowed into his own life – what crime can this be? The living person thinks much better than a hen, which just goes around and digs. What is better: to think well or to dig well? The worst of all is that when you eat the hen, instead of it thinking like you, you start digging like the hen. All the evil is in that, after eating the hen, people don’t think better, but dig better – this is the bad thing. As soon as the hen starts digging inside of you, you are now in a lower life. Therefore, if the hen in you starts digging, you have become bad. If the hen in you starts thinking, you have become good. I praise the hen, when it suffers. And I pity the man, when he rejoices. If you are happy, for eating the hen, so that you can dig, I pity you. If you suffer that you must teach the hen to think like you, if you suffer in this way, I am happy for you. And I say: you are a clever man.


The wolf may eat a sheep, if he wants to become meeker, but he will surely become meek, because now the wolf is much meeker than he used to be. And people, who eat sheep and hens, will tell you that they eat sheep, because they want to be pretty, they you hens, for they want to have wings, like angels. And you have the right to eat them.


I can say nothing bad of this frog – it has to eat flies. And why does it eat flies? I will tell you that. Because the fly, being a flying creature, lives in a higher position, and the frog, which also strives at flying in the air, it wants to assume the vibrations of the fly, to develop them and to fly. Why does the wolf eat sheep? It must eat sheep to become meek, because when we eat good things, we become good.


Some birds love fish. They go above the sea and start telling the fishes: “Come out of the water, and see that there is another world around you!“ If they obey and come out of the water, the birds immediately snatch and eat them. “What is that, didn’t you say you loved us?“ “Yes, I loved you, nut I ate you so that you know me.“ Now, let me explain why do birds eat fish. In order to understand that, I must first explain why people like eating hens. After a man preaches to a hen to believe in something, he finally butchers it. The hen speaks from inside of them men: “It is still too early for me, to study this doctrine, you should have waited a little.“ Is it precisely like that, it is not known, but the explanation is about correct. If, after the fish enters the man, and loses its conscience of a fish, and believes what you have preached, it shall have the consciousness to sacrifice itself, but if, after it enters the man, it only thinks of water, then it has not elevated yet. It says: “It is very nice here, but I’d rather be back in the water“.


God is a consciousness, where all the other consciousnesses live. And he tries to adjust all these consciousnesses in Himself. God wants to tell us: “When you need food, turn to Me, I will satisfy you, do not turn to each other for food “. If, however, you need food, instead of turning to God for that and addressing Him, you go for food to the henhouse. The hen cackles, cackles, but you wouldn’t listen, just saying: “It was written there, that the hen was created for men“. If God lives in a hen, you have the right to eat it. But there are hens, in which God does not live. Therefore you can’t eat such hens. God lives in some animals, and in others – does not. Currently the Lord lives more in fruits. The outside of the fruit is just a garment, you can eat that. Te fruit says: “When you eat me, plant my seed somewhere, so that the complete balance can be restored “.


According to God’s law, the hungry can eat everywhere. But there are some limitations: he can’t pick an apple from the garden, if there is no water nearby so that he can wash it. He can’t eat it, without turning his eyes to thank the Lord for sending down light to make that apple. So that it is known that he ate it. Always, when you have not prayed and have eaten a fruit, you have committed a crime. It is a crime to eat without permission.


You must understand the living laws. The entire wealth – the coal, mines – all that belongs to a certain society. Why do all these sufferings come upon men? These are interests that we pay. You catch a hen, and butcher it. You say: “The Lord has made the world this way“. And then you suffer. You speculate wrongly. This hen belongs to a society. You must ask the Lord if you can butcher it. You have a sheep and you shear it. It belongs to another world, and you must ask are you entitled to take something from it. And not to act, the way you are not allowed to.


“Do not kill!“ Do not butcher hens, don’t eat them. According to the new testament, when you take an apple, you shall come to love it and say to it: “Would you like to visit come to me?“ If it wouldn’t – don’t take it and don’t eat it. If you understand the law. If you hear the words: “I will sacrifice myself for you“, let it come, that apple shall loose nothing. When it enters you, you will plant it in your garden. You will plant each seed of that apple in your Garden of Eden and it will be a golden tree in your thought. If all the apples you have eaten, become golden trees in you, this eating shall be proper. This must be the idea of the new.


If you come to slaughter an animal – do it with Love. It must feel content that you will butcher it, it should lay down its own head alone - then you may butcher it.


Some rely on the words of Christ: “If you don’t eat My flesh and don’t drink My blood, you have no life“. You take that literally. You can eat a hen. You will ask it: “Do you love me, are you ready to sacrifice yourself for me?“ If it is ready, if it loves you, you can eat it. If you take it out of the hennery, without asking it, this is a human deed.


When you have nothing to eat and you want to butcher a hen, you must first ask it: “What do you want – do you want us both to die, or do you want me to live, and you to die, so that you come and live in me?“ Now I’m presenting to you an idea, in which I want you to believe, but first you must try it. When you try it, then you will remember my words. What you have not tried is not true. The things that have been tried, on the other hand, are facts. The hen or lamb, which you have eaten, one day they will become your sons or daughters — nothing more. You say that you have eaten a hen. I am glad that you have eaten it, for one day the hen will become your daughter, and the lamb – your son. In this way they come out of the position, in which they are today and will transcend to a higher condition. This is the meaning of the words that Christ said: “If you don’t eat My flesh and don’t drink My blood, you have no life in you“. Because when a man eats a lamb, then lamb’s soul merges with the soul of that man and in the future that lamb will have better opportunities for its ascend.


There is no wolf, which – having eaten 10 million sheep – has remained a wolf. When it eats the last of the 10 million sheep, then his evolution starts, he starts experiencing the background of the sheep. And here’s what I say: if you are a wolf and eat 10 million sheep, then you will become a sheep. Then the reverse process will start — the experiencing of sheep’s history. Don’t understand that literally, take it in its broad sense, only as clarification. When told like this, it is only a clarification.


Life has several phrases. When the seed falls on the ground, it is the first phrase, the first step; this is where the great suffering starts. That seed will undergo a crisis. After that the second process starts — the sprouting. This is just the path, through which life manifests itself. After the initial growing – it will flower. The flowering is the third phase. The fourth phase is the fertilization. There is another phase. And finally comes the ripening of the fruit – this is the sixth phase. The fruit must be tried by someone. And spiritually, when someone dies on the Earth, this is similar to the fruit, as long as the fruit has not fallen off. When somebody dies on Earth, he will be met by God, as we meet the ripe fruits, collected in a basket, we take them with the same love. This is the comparison. The one, living on the earth, will say: “What’s the use of eating a fruit?“ Fruit’s life transcends to a higher sphere. Something remains of the fruit. It is precisely man, who gives. Man is the best condition for the fruit tree to grow. After you’ve eaten a fruit, that fruit grows in you. If you have eaten it out of Love, it is not lost, it grows.


Eating is a law of familiarization. You can’t get familiar with a fruit, if you don’t eat it. Therefore, when you eat the fruit, you will find out if it loves you or not. If it causes you stomach-ache, that fruit does not love you; if it brings you joy in the stomach, then this fruit loves you, you will get to know him. If it loves you, it will open place, it will enter the brain, you will walk it around that great world. The fruit will start learning within you.


This process is a conversation. Eating is nothing but a conversation with that apple. “Shall I take you to the reception room!“ You converse with it. Then you will speak with the apple in the lungs, and at last you will climb up in the sanctuary, in the church, and there you will converse with the apple. After you take the apple up to the brain, what will you do? You will create a new shape for the apple, you will pay its ticket to get back where it came from. You, like a poet, will write an entire poem for the apple. You will say: “Goodbye and farewell!“ And the apple is gone. And the apple is content, because it is happy to ascend, and you are content as well.


Here’s what I say: You must form in yourselves a right thought. A right thought produces three processes: the mechanic, organic and mental processes. When you go through these three processes, you will create something in yourselves. A good thought is always created, when these three processes or the three worlds are connected like the wheel that moves. All the misfortunes in life result from our suspension of the processes. As soon as we suspend the processes, life becomes monotonous and then nothing is achieved.


`Each apple, you start eating, is a kiss. You not only kiss it, but eat it. When sometimes you kiss, you say: “I feel like eating you!“ Everybody, who kisses you now, even your beloved ones, when they kiss you on Earth, they say: “Once I ate you like an apple, and now I have a law inside – it is not allowed to eat people, I will just kiss you “. Each kiss is a reflection of a complete devouring.


When you kiss a man, you must understand the meaning: once upon a time, handsome guys like you used to be eaten, roasted. Now he is not roasted, but kissed. The kiss shows that a man has progressed from that condition of the past. The kiss has come in a new form. Or to say that more clearly: if a person has changed his life and his deeds, then God has already infused some reason in him. Because until that reason, that Divine portion, gets inside you, it is very hard for you to even reconcile with life itself.


There was a time when people didn’t even know what Love is. The wolf, when it gets to love a sheep – it eats it. The child, when it gets to love an apple – eats it. The spider, when it gets to love a fly – eats it. The first rule of Love: when somebody gets to love you, he eats you. The strong always eats the week.


He eats the week alone, and the week collectively eat the strong.


All good things are eaten, and all bad things – are not to be eaten. You eat a hen, because you love it, nothing more. Because eating meat is love. What of you eating your beloved one? And all people can’t live together, for they love each other. As soon as they start loving each other, people can no longer live together for they love each other. When people get to love each other, they can no longer live well. Because everybody in his love, wants to eat the other. When Christ came on Earth, he knew that and said: “If you don’t eat My flesh and don’t drink My blood, you have no life in you“. He did not say: “Whoever eats my head, he shall not see another bright day“, but he said: “Whoever does not eat me, he shall not have eternal life. And I pity him, who does not eat me!“ This is what I can say about human consciousness.


We, the people of the physical world, are the stomach of Existence, of Cosmos. Danger, sin is in us. Why do all people only think of eating and drinking. They understand life very shallowly. All scholars, whatever they are, think first of eating. When the writer writes, he thinks mostly of writing something good, so that it is sold better. A preacher thinks and preaches well, in order to be liked, so that more people come to hear his preaching. If you observe people, you will see that everybody has in himself a concealed covetousness. They speak of god, but something else hides behind that idea of God. We don’t want it, don’t realize it, but there is such a thing. You want to talk nicely, you want to draw well, you want to play well – you want to be liked in everything. You want to be liked in playing as well. Everything is made so that there is nothing spiritual in them. Money or some sort of interest is the reason for everything done here. And even the reason for every perfect deed is something human. Why? Because we enter the stomach of Existence.


Now, the way people believe, all that has a mercenary goal. It is not selfless. If I eat a hen out of love, it is love not of the hen, but of myself. I come first and the hen comes next. And in real Love, things are not like that. This is how you can cope sometimes. I go to the hen, and it tells me: “Don’t eat me! I will soon lay an egg, eat the egg, instead of me.“ And then I give in and eat the egg, instead of the hen. You go to a fruit tree, and when you stretch out to cut the tree, it says: “Don’t cut me down, I will give you a lot of fruit during this year – you can eat that “. Leave that tree alone, don’t cut it! I encounter a hen and tell it: “I love you very much“. And that I, for I love it, will eat it. It says: “I don’t want you to love me this way“. Now you think that it is God’s will that I eat the hen. I don’t know, it is said: may animals be conquered! But I don’t know if you may eat the hen. Only one person has ever said that he has to be eaten, but it was Christ. And he is the most judicious. He says: “If you don’t eat my flesh, and you don’t drink my blood …“. Which hen has ever said: “If you don’t eat me, you have no life in yourselves“? At first animals searched for food through touch, it is the simplest method. But they found it to be very impractical so they replaced it. After that they started finding their food through tasting, smelling, listening, and finally they came to looking. The most practical method is looking. Therefore, when you want to look, you mean something close to your heart, or close to your mind. Take the primary profound reason, underlying in consciousness.


The first question is: to love, or to be loved. And they you can decide when the desire “to love“ has occurred in consciousness. And when the desire “to be loved” has occurred in the consciousness. Just make a simple experiment, it goes, as follows: take a good cherry. Do the experiment, when you are not hungry. At first you want to hold it, you love it, but the hungrier you get, the more its beauty disappears in your consciousness, to be replaced by the desire to it that cherry. Note the main changes, occurring in your consciousness. There are a lot of cherries – do this experiment. Take one or five good cherries, but you must be full – let them stay. See how the desire to eat them will slowly come upon you. So you have reached in your consciousness the desire to be loved. So you will say to the cherry: “Until now I loved you, and now you will love me“. The one who loves, will be devoured. The smaller eat the bigger. It is always like that in the world. It is not the big that is strong, but the small.


The question is how should we love. Christ has answered that question in a different way. Until then, everybody who loved, ate those who were loved by them. This was what the old love was. And Christ, when he came on Earth, in the new Love, he said: O love the others, not to eat them, but I, loving them, want them to eat Me. So the opposite thing happens. Therefore, if you love the others and want to eat them – this is the old love, where all the crimes happen. The new Love is in this: when you love somebody, he should eat you. And all the goodness comes from that eating. And everything is built upon that. If you are not eaten, you are not in the new Love, and when you are eaten, goodness is born then. When people eat you, then you will built goodness. After people eat Christ, he shall enter them and teach them how to love. If you eat them, they will teach you whatever they know. If you eat a hen, it will teach you to dig, if you eat a pig, it will also teach you to dig. The pig with its muzzle, has surrendered to digging the earth. So all of you deal with digging everywhere. Because the swine digs with its nose – its muzzle, and the muzzle is an expression of the human intelligence, of the human thought.


Now we have nothing to fight against that. You loose heart, but you also have the role of the flour in the bag. You say: “What will become of me – I am flour “. A master will come, then he will take this flour, put it in the hutch, he will warm-up some water, put the flour in the water, then knead these parts and make a bread, then he will bake the best loaf there is. From the flour that you are now, the Lord will make the best bread. He won’t even ask you whether you want it or not.


You say: “I am free“. Freedom is something relative. One day the Lord will come, he will untie the bag, bring some water and knead the flour, then put it in the oven. Then those, who know how to eat will come, and you will have the experience of the apple, of the plum and the pear. Those creatures, which will eat you, will be angels, they will chew you a bit in angels’ mouths. You’ll be blessed if all of you can become such a bread for eating! My respect and honour to all those of you, who will become such fresh breads. Have faith in the One, with whose providence now we live, Him, who made the Sun shine, in order to help you, Him, who made the stars and the entire nature. His providence is good upon us.

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