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Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

1922_03_15 Qualities and Manifestations of the Will

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Беседата на български


Note 3


Qualities and Manifestations of the Will


Year 1, Lecture 4 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class)

Given by the Master Beinsa Douno

On March 15, 1922, Wednesday

19.00h, Sofia






Silent Prayer


Essays were read on the topic: "The Place of the Will".


For next time, write a summary of this topic. On my part I will speak scientifically about what the will represents from a phrenological point of view. In your essays you dealt with the question about the will from a psychological point of view.


For next time, I would like three people among you to write something about the origin of the color white. Examine this question from a naturalistic point of view, as it appears in nature. I will suggest to you an idea of what the color white represents. Imagine that on a white canvas you make a hole. What do you see from a distance? From a distance, the hole looks like a black spot. This means that everything which is not illuminated appears black, dark. And vice versa - if on a black canvas one made a hole and illuminated it, it would look like a white, bright spot. What can a white surface be compared to? Тhе оld scholastics compared the human brain to white paper that you can write on.


Now we will examine the qualities and manifestations of the will. The will manifests itself in three worlds: the mental world, the world of the heart (i.e. the world of feelings and desires, or the astral world) and the physical world. The term 'will' implies a process of limitation. Imagine that you are a wealthy, prodigal man and you spend a lot - 50,000 or 60,000 or 100,000 leva. You run out of money so you turn to friends here and there asking for money, but they all refuse to lend you any, so finally you decide to reduce your expenses. You will turn inward and try to find the source and the means inside yourself - you will start having less food and drink, dressing more modestly, etc. You can achieve this only by applying your will. Therefore with the help of your will you can get smaller and larger, i.e., contract and expand. The first process that the will starts with is restriction. Without restriction, the will cannot manifest. Above all, the will represents strictly defined movement in consciousness, i.e. inclination in consciousness.


Therefore, as long as things are not restricted, no inclining or movement could happen. As soon as things are restricted in a narrow space, movement itself will follow. Yet from a purely phrenological point of view, not all people have an equally well-developed will. Therefore, one needs to be familiar with the qualities of the will in order to know which will is strong and which one is weak. Besides, one has to know which will is cultivated, i.e. educated, elaborate, and which one is simple, i.e. natural.


Now, as students of an occult school, you have to be acquainted with the indications of the will. As with everything else, the will also has its indications in the body. For example, can you expect any philosophical thinking from a man whose forehead is only two centimeters wide? A man's forehead needs to be at least four centimeters wide in order for him to be able to think. Knowing this, many of your illusions in life will disappear. If you live with illusions, with misconceptions, and yet occupy yourselves with the occult sciences, you will run into a lot of jeopardy. Why? If someone thinks of himself as a man of genius, the occult will make him understand that he is not and he will become discouraged. The disciple has to know that genius is in him in the state of an embryo, like the germ inside the seed, and that time has to pass until it germinates, develops, and manifests itself. Consequently, there are men of genius who are in the process of growing, and there are also those who are already fully grown. And so, if you say about a man that he demonstrates genius, this means that he has completed his growth and is manifesting already. In simple, uneducated people, genius is in an embryo state. A long time needs to pass before the genius in them manifests.


In general, every one hundred years, a man of genius is born in the world.


Every one thousand years a saint is born.


Every two thousand years a great master is born.


Every year a talented man is born.


Every day a common man is born.


Every hour a foolish man is born.


Therefore, he who hurries, who wishes to attain things with the speed of the hours, falls in the category of the foolish people. He who counts the hours when he studies about God, is foolish. He who counts the days, falls in the category of the common people. Therefore common people are born under common conditions. In general, people need to work in order to develop their will. For this purpose they have to have certain methods, certain rules. According to human understanding, only he who has a strong will is physically strong and can cope with the difficulties of life. When you meet such a person, he immediately draws his sword. Thus he tries to show that he is a man with a strong will who copes easily with life's difficulties. When the writer takes the pen in his hand, he manifest his will. This indicates that he can work. Unlocking his cash register, the shopkeeper displays his will. Money represents a stimulus in people's lives. Reaching for bread in his sack, the poor man also displays his will. When opening the book and starting to read, the learned man manifests his will. Upon entering the laboratory, the chemist manifests his will. Therefore there are many different incentives in life that make will manifest itself. That is why when looking at his head, one should be filled with faith, not discouragement, knowing that he has something he can rely on. One should feel brave and resolute like the soldier who, upon touching his sword, relies on its sturdiness, knowing that he can work with it.


First of all, you ought to have faith in yourselves, in your mind, knowing that you can work with it. Secondly, you have to have faith in your heart as an emblem of your feelings, believing that it can withstand all difficulties and suffering. Finally, you have to have faith in your stomach, knowing that it can process the food which it has been given, and send the necessary nutrients to the whole organism. You have to have faith also in your hands and your feet, knowing that you will be able to work with them and go wherever you desire. The head, heart, stomach, hands and feet represent a talisman in a person's life that he can rely on. The head can solve all problems. For this reason, one has to protect one's brain so that it does not become demagnetized. In times of great disturbances, the brain can lose its power. The reasons for such a shock to the brain can be of emotional, intellectual, or physical nature.


We have such an example with a certain Russian violinist who, upon hearing a famous violinist play, instead of becoming inspired, became discouraged. This means that high mountain peaks need to stand at a distance away from big cities and not cast shadows on them. In other words big authorities, great men should keep away from common people in order not to cast their shadow upon them, not to impede their progress. A person can rely on a man with authority to become inspired; the latter should awaken the former's mind without limiting him at the same time. If in the presence of a learned man you cannot think freely, this learned man cannot be an authority for you. Only God can be the true authority for people. In spite of that, He has hidden Himself so that He cannot be found - from time immemorial people keep searching for Him and still cannot find Him.


If you were asked now where in the body the will was located, what would you answer? Just like you know that the brain is in the head and is the place of thought, the lungs and the heart - the place of feelings, in the same way you should know where in the body the will is located. The more a person feels, the more he expands. It has been noticed that when a person is sad, he sighs deeply. Therefore a person's sensitivity is hidden in the lungs. That is why in order for sorrow to be balanced out, one has to breathe deeply. Reactions and obstacles happen in the stomach. A person's will is expressed in his hands, feet, tongue, eyes, ears. Generally, the senses are places of the will. The will acts and manifests through them. In a painter the will expresses itself through the brush. In a public speaker the will expresses itself first through thought and then through the tongue. Therefore the will can enter any part of a human and guide him from there. In that sense the will is the external, i.e. manifested, objective aspect of Creation.


And so every external body part is related to services or functions which are executed internally. For example the forehead is the expression of thought, the nose - of the feelings, the chin - of the will. The same distribution of functions is marked also on the fingers of the human hand: the first phalange of the thumb is the expression of the will, the second one - of the human mind, and the third one - of the feelings. It has been noticed that when the will starts to weaken, one folds his hand in a fist, i.e. he hides his thumb with the other fingers. When someone starts to lose weight, he clenches his fist, i.e. hides the thumb between the other fingers. When one goes insane, he holds the fingers of his hand open. A person who keeps his thumb always on top, over his fist, is someone with a strong will. The human fist is like a hammer that you can work with. That is why you should consciously avoid hiding your thumb between you other fingers. Once you start hiding your thumb, you become demagnetized. Therefore, keep your thumb always over the fist, over the other fingers. Only then do the centers in the head connected to the thumb awaken. The thumb is the most important finger in the human hand. It stands out everywhere. Without the thumb, the other fingers have no meaning either. In the presence of the thumb all other fingers gain meaning. You need to work on the shape of your thumb. When the shape of the thumb is beautiful, you will be able to influence your will in a positive way. When you study the pathological actions of the human will, you will notice that the first phalange of the thumb in criminals is small and rounded. Such people may not be criminals today, but carry the traces of their crimes from previous lives. When one's will develops properly, the first phalange of the thumb grows; when the mind develops well, the second phalange grows. In this respect, a person's thumb is a barometer by which one can judge the development of his will. You would ask: Is it possible for a person's thumb to grow in the space of a single lifetime? Of course it is possible. If in the space of a lifetime someone's thumb grows by half a millimeter, that person has made great progress. If you work consciously, within a few years only you can notice that your nose or your thumb has become prolonged. If the first phalange of the thumb is very long, such a person is self-willed. The second phalange should normally be longer than the first one. This indicates that the mind has dominance over the will. Also the third phalange, the area of feelings, needs to be broad. The will represents the physical aspect of a  human being. If the will predominates, such a person is considered stubborn, self-willed. Once he decides upon something, right or wrong, he does not give up, by all means he will do it. Pride is a prevailing characteristic of such a person. He thinks that he cannot make mistakes. Whatever he says is right. It is usually the intelligent and educated people who are flexible, while the ordinary, uneducated ones are self-willed. One can try and train one's will in small things. For example, say to yourself that you want to get up exactly at four o'clock in the morning and see if you will succeed. If you say that you will get up at four in the morning, temptation will come immediately and you will say to yourself: "Who gets up so early in such cold weather? It is very cold outside and I may catch a cold." No, once you say that you will get up at four o'clock in the morning, you will get up, get dressed quickly and walk around the room. If you do that there will be no danger of catching a cold.


Many students of the occult do not succeed because they cannot concentrate. While a disciple is concentrating, his thought must pass unobstructed from one state to another. A person who cannot concentrate falls asleep and his consciousness descends into a lower field. In this descent the pictures which one could see get interrupted. This kind of falling asleep happens due to beings who try to induce a state of sleep in people, in order to prevent them from seeing more. Knowing this, people should consciously try not to fall asleep. As soon as they start to concentrate, most people fall asleep because they have many enemies who deliberately hinder them, causing their consciousness to descend to a lower level than the one it was at. As these beings start suggesting certain thoughts to people, the latter start falling asleep and fall in their adversaries' hands.


Therefore, no falling asleep is allowed to those who wish to concentrate. They have to be silent and calm, and not think about the outcome. Nature Loves perseverance, consistency, and not capriciousness. Do not think that you can subordinate Nature to yourselves. This is impossible. If people harmonize with Nature and approach her with sincerity and consistency, she gives them exactly what they need. Be like the student who persists before his teacher, who studies and is always prepared to do any sacrifice. When the student perseveres, the teacher is also ready to give. Nature acts in the same way. Once it sees that people are prepared to sacrifice everything, she too is well disposed to give. If people are self-willed, she also deprives them of whatever they want from her. Therefore, if a person receives 99 refusals to the fulfillment of a good wish and still continues persisting, only then can he be said to possess a strong will. And finally, after the hundredth attempt, he will prevail.


Now, in this life, you have a number of karmic obstacles which you have to overcome. Some of you have greater obstacles, others - smaller ones, but with the help of your willpower you will be able to overcome them more or less easily. When they arrive at certain situations, some people get discouraged and give up working. They justify themselves with the fact that they are still young and need to live it up. One day when they are old, they will think about this matter. If they still do not succeed, they will postpone everything for another lifetime. No, start working now without any postponement. If you put things off for the future, you will run into the same law. Start working consciously, with self-restraint and not self-torment. Free yourselves of all that hinders you in life. Work for the attainment of that which you are lacking.


And so, when you work on your will, you will first learn how to manage your physical selves, the body; then you will learn how to control your feelings, and finally - your thoughts. You have to direct your will purposefully in that direction. Only in this way will you manage to recreate your body and bring the necessary elements to it to make it stronger and more conscious;  only in this way will you increase the endurance of you feelings and the power of your thoughts.


All of you who choose to enroll in this class should set aside two positive hours for work out of the twenty-four-hour period of the day. It could be one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. During these two hours, send yourselves one positive wish for the reinforcement of your will. For the time being, it will be sufficient to set aside two hours one day of the week only; it could be any day you like. And then, when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed, turn to your inner selves silently and calmly, making sure you are in a harmonious state of mind, and make a positive wish for yourself. After that, send a positive thought to everyone in the class. Your success in this work will depend on the good disposition of your heart and mind. Nothing can be achieved without the right mindset. So let's do a small experiment - keep sending positive thoughts to everyone in your class during these two hours. You will start with small experiments and gradually proceed to bigger ones. If a student cannot write the first letter of the alphabet and later on the second, third etc. so that he can combine them in syllables and words, he will never learn how to write a whole sentence.


You will do the same with your classmates. Imagine everyone personally, place their image on the screen of your inner mind and get in touch with them through your positive thought. Rest your thought on each person for some time in the same way that you water your plants each morning and evening. When you water your garden, you take a watering can and walk from plant to plant in a successive fashion. In esoteric science, however, one is not allowed to water plants with a hose. It is easier to water flowers with a hose but the results are not good. Walking from plant to plant with a watering can is slow, you lose more time, but the results are excellent. Therefore you should use 10 seconds for each student, half a minute at most. Should you use a whole minute for each student, you will get tired. The experiment should be done in good spirits with no fatigue. Whatever positive wish you send to yourselves you should also send to the others. This will polarize your will. Once you have trained yourself sufficiently in concentration, you can do this experiment for longer periods of time as well - you could spend two, three, up to five minutes on each person - according to your ability. It is important to avoid any impatience, any desire to finish with the experiment sooner; in that case spend no more than ten seconds on each person.


Now, which day of the week would you like to choose for the exercise? (-Thursday). This means that tomorrow morning between five and six o'clock, and in the evening between eleven and twelve o'clock you will do the exercise. Do not go to bed before you have finished the exercise. You need to be alert in order to perform it well. For now, promise that you will do the exercise this week only. After that, you will promise to continue with it for the next four weeks and later - for a whole year. It is good to begin on a small scale and gradually increase it. Some people promise to continue doing something for a lifetime but end up doing none of it. Q:(What thought should we send?) Whatever you wish for yourselves. When you become still and peaceful during concentration, the thought will come by itself. Whatever thought comes to your mind, write it down. The thought will be short and clear. You may not manage to express the thought very well, but it doesn't matter. The right intention is what matters. When a child has the desire to draw, his desire is proper but it hasn't found the right expression yet. One day it will. When you project your thought, say the following sentence: "Without fear in boundless Love." This sentence will serve you as a method of self-protection.


Silent prayer.











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Редакция на форматиране и на по-сериозни граматични и стилистични неточности.

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