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1922_03_29 Old and New Life

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Беседата на български


Note 6


Old and New Life


Year 1, Lecture 5 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class)

Given by the Master Beinsa Douno

On March 29, 1922, Wednesday

19.00h, Sofia



Secret Prayer


Now you want to know what to pray for. This question is similar to asking about the typical characteristics of believers, listeners and disciples. Faith is a characteristic of believers, listening – of listeners and studying – of disciples. Therefore, disciples will pray for their studies.


The disciples’ essays we read on the topic of 'Will' and 'The Colour White'.


Next time please write on the topic: “The Distinctive Characteristics of Good and Evil.” You should note down the most essential characteristics of Good and Evil, as you understand them.


How did you complete the exercise I gave you last week? Did you manage to get up on time, all of you? Everyone should have suggested to himself that he needs to get up on time. All the tasks and exercises given in the Spiritual school should be performed consciously and not mechanically. These tasks and exercises aim at raising the disciples’ level of consciousness; moreover, they should be completed with Love. A disciple will achieve nothing if he does not work in compliance with the Law of Love. He will only make ordinary experiences and achieve ordinary results, which can be achieved in ordinary schools. If Love is in your soul, you will be able to get up on time and you will feel a great joy within. If Love is not in your soul, you will hesitate whether to get up or not, you will think what the weather will be like, etc. Meanwhile, temptations will come and you will need much more time to overcome them. Temptations, doubts and hesitations are weeds in the Astral world. Therefore, when exercises and tasks are given in the Spiritual school, weeds are also awakened together with Life, and these weeds begin to grow and develop. In this sense, weeds are in fact very dangerous for the development of values and virtues in the disciple’s soul.


I will use the following analogy to clarify this thought. Imagine that you have planted a little flower close to the roots of a big oak. What do you think, will the flower grow well? It will not. Why? Soon it will wither, because the oak will take all the nourishing juices from the soil together with the sunlight, leaving almost nothing for the little flower.


Therefore, keep in mind the fact that the old man who lives inside you together with all your old convictions and views of science and Life represents a big tree inside you similar to the oak. And if you do not move away from the roots of this tree, you will not succeed in any task you take up. Why? The big tree will suck the juices out of your Life. Occultists called this tree “The Tree of Knowing Good and Evil.” Consequently, you should stay away from this Tree, so that you can grow freely and properly. This is what is meant by doing away with one’s karma. Karma is like a tree that has its own demands and wishes, so that it may grow and develop. The tree representing your past life must be uprooted and replaced by a new one. Whoever has tried to uproot this tree knows the meaning of the expression “taking the devil’s nail out of you”. If you try to do it, it will cause you great pain. When you see that it is painful, you will start cutting it. No, whether it is painful or not, you must get rid of this nail, you must take it out of you together with the roots. And it will be your salvation as a human being. If you begin pulling the nail out but then you leave it because of the severe pain, this will cause you even greater pain. Whoever wants to become a disciple should do away with the devil’s nail in one go.


I am saying: If you cannot uproot the old tree in your life, at least move away from it. And then plant the New life, the new ideas and thoughts far away from the old ones. Thus, without wanting it, you will have a double standard of living. In this situation you will notice that in the days when you are in high spirits and have noble feelings you are ready to manifest the Great and the Beautiful in you and to tell the Truth; and the other way round - in the days of indisposition you may not even understand how you have said and done unwanted things. And when you remain alone, you are discontent with yourself and wonder how you have succumbed to the temptations. It may happen to both young and old people – it happens to all humans due to the old life in them.


When people hear about Truth, they say: “Truth is inapplicable to Life.” This indicates that the Divine life requires advanced souls. Contemporary people cannot serve the Truth of God, because they lag behind in their development. The Lodge of darkness contributed much to this by creating a number of religious systems that delayed the development of human souls but in my view, it is easier to live for Truth than for the world; it is easier to serve God than to serve the world. Many people think that it is easier to live for the world than for God. Why do they think so? Because the world demands its right by force and imposes it by violence, while Divine Truth demands its right by Love and in a voluntary way. As you can see, violence has a much stronger power over humans. They do both good and evil by means of violence. However the method of violence is temporary; its results are fruitless, yet it has brought enormous suffering and misfortune to human beings. As you have not learned to work out of Love, out of free will, you will see that many disciples will leave the Spiritual school in a few years with the excuse that Spiritual science is not for them.


A Hindu master went to France to establish a spiritual school. In the beginning five hundred people, who were noble French people, joined the school. But when they heard the rules of the school, they left one by one. Only five disciples remained by the end of the year, one for each one hundred. Why did so many disciples leave the Hindu school? – Because it demanded from them persistence, effort and hard work. Nowadays many people are attracted by the systems of the East and by Hindu teachings. But you should know that many of the Hindu rules and methods do not comply with Living Nature. For example, if Hindu breathing techniques were applied in the West, they would bring negative results. Why? – Because these systems were created during the descent of humanity into the material world, i.e. they are in compliance with the law of involution. And because the Fifth human race began its development according to the law of evolution, i.e. on the Path of ascent, these systems need some transformation in order to be of use today.


To clarify this I will give you an example from Hindu philosophy. The Hindus say: “You cannot do without a Master”, i.e. you cannot develop spiritually without a Master. In our view, the Master is a being who thinks. Therefore, we present the same idea in the following way: you cannot do or you cannot develop without bright thoughts. So, if someone wants to study, he or she definitely needs to have bright thoughts in order to be able to аcquire knowledge аnd then the Truth will be the same for both the Master and the disciples. In that sense a talented disciple needs a good Master in the same way that a good Master needs a talented disciple. This law should be applied everywhere in Life.


The disciple needs a number of protection rules before joining a spiritual school. For example, on entering the school many disciples begin to complain that they are still young and lack their natural way of living, so one day they leave. This shows a lack of understanding. The Spiritual school aims exactly at teaching young people how to live. Therefore, the Spiritual science has the task of both correcting old people's way of life  and teaching young people how to live.


It is a law: the old should be rectified, the young should be taught. If the old religious beliefs and the old views of Life emerge in young people, they will hamper them. For this reason young people should be taught how to live properly before they come to such a situation. Many contradictions will appear in both old and young people, but they could easily overcome such contradictions if they knew their origin. The New life and Truth coming to the world will remove all these ailments and contradictions. That is why, when these contradictions emerge in you, you should not be tempted, thinking that the new life and its new ideas are not for you. If you say so, you will pass judgement on yourself. According to the laws of the Spiritual school, the disciple creates one’s fortune or misfortune alone.


I will give you a brief explanation of the relative truths in Life. Take the Sun as a point in space. We will direct a lever to it in order to show that the planets of the Solar system are located in a straight line. Imagine that this lever can go around, what will you notice during its rotation? The planets that are more remote from the Sun will go faster; if the lever turns faster, the planets which are closer to the Sun will go slower. According to this law, the faster the motion of a body, the bigger its distance from the centre, and the other way round – the slower the motion of a body, the closer it is located to the centre. But it is just the opposite in our Solar system at present. According to the evolutionary law, all bodies that are close to the centre move faster and those bodies that are remote from the centre, move slower. If you apply this law to religious and worldly people, you will see that it is true. You will notice that worldly people, who do not think of God and do not pray, are more lively, energetic and diligent than religious people. They begin their work right after they get up in the morning. While religious people on getting up in the morning start praying, reflecting, meditating and walking, but they do not start working. Worldly people think that religious people are lazy and unwilling to work. When someone becomes spiritual, actually this person does not want to work or works little. Why? – Because he used to work a lot when he was a worldly man. And today he says: “I have worked enough by now, so this time I can take respite from the toil.” That is why religious people talk about relaxation all the time . I say, humans will come to the state of relaxation one day, but they should not be in haste.


Many occultists make a similar mistake when they want to ignore science. They prefer to reject official science completely and to use only their spiritual knowledge. But by rejecting this and that they see that nothing remains in the end. If they think that they have come to the centre of their knowledge, they deceive themselves. Each centre represents a planet on another lever, which is connected to many other systems where movement happens according to completely different laws.


One thing is required of the disciples: to be aware of each of their actions in order to put them in the right place. I would like you to be like artists in this respect. There are masters of painting who can make use of any line or trace on the canvas, no matter how crooked it is – they use it as part of some complex figure or take it as a model for an object. You may also try to give some meaning to your thoughts, feelings and actions, using them in the same way that a master uses every dot and line in his work. Therefore, instead of fighting your past, it is better for you to use the experience it has brought to you as a foundation for your future.


The second experiment that you will do as part of your given task will be tonight (on Wednesday) and tomorrow evening (on Thursday). Do not go to bed before 12 o’clock at night in order to do the exercise. Set your clocks to show the correct time in order to observe the determined hour. You will start the exercise at 11.30 p.m. and it will last half an hour until 12.00 p.m. The time for the exercise will certainly not correspond exactly to physical time. There will be a slight difference. Try to guess if the time is around 12.00 p.m. or not by following your inner sense. If the time is exactly 12.00, you will feel a small inner joy. If the time does not coincide with your guess, you will feel an inner discomfort. When you start the exercise, first you have to pronounce silently the names of your classmates. Then you should send to each of them in order the following two formulas: “Without Fear and without Darkness!” and “Without Fear in Boundless Love!”


In the first experiment you sent good thoughts to each one of your classmates but with some exceptions – several disciples were not precise.


When you pray, if you feel inner joy, this means that you have turned to God. Man's turning towards God is similar to the way flowers turn to the Sun. It is enough just to think of God and He will radiate a ray to you which will penetrate into your soul. The rays which emanate from God are essential for the development of human souls in the same way that solar rays are essential for the development of flowers.


Disciples of Spiritual schools receive a very different kind of knowledge and understanding of God compared to that acquired by ordinary people. Humans always need to give God some shape or form. But I am asking you, what form can you give to Light? Light itself creates forms. How does it create forms? When Light encounters some obstacle, it creates a certain form. Therefore, if you want Light to create some form, place an obstacle in its path. If you make the media of your thoughts thinner or denser, these thoughts will be immediately refracted. It is important for disciples to understand their relationship to all of Life, their participation in the Great Divine life, their destination and their tasks as humans and as beings who have come to Earth to live. When a disciple becomes aware of all this, he or she will be able to fulfill his or her own destiny. The conditions and possibilities available in your present life give you only one path of proper development. Future conditions, life in the future will bring human beings more ways to develop properly.


Divine Love is the only proper way in which human beings can develop. It gives them the possibility to grasp the highest and the noblest in Life and to love one another in its name. People today love one another in an external way, but that is not love. Loving people means loving what is noble and Divine in them. Until you find that Divine element inside you and start loving it, you cannot love other people either. All suffering and all contradictions in the world are due to the fact that you seek Truth and Love outside of yourselves. First you will discover them inside you, afterwards in others, and finally you will find them in the external environment as well. When two beings become aware that they have a common Divine source within themselves, they already know each other, they have two, three, four or more points of contact, and they form planet systems. That is why, if you look for the Divine inside you and inside others, you will not need to dwell on the trivialities of ordinary life.


I will draw a picture now that illustrates your inner state. Imagine a magnificent feast in a big, rich palace where many guests are eating, drinking, singing and rejoicing. The main entrance of the palace is closed because all the guests who have been invited to the party have arrived. However the palace also has a back door which is only used for the closest friends of the host. The host has promised to one of his friends to converse with him. What should he do in this case? He should leave the guests in the palace to have a jolly time and go out from the back door in order to talk with his friend, undisturbed by anyone. This means the following: when the beings in you are feasting, drinking and enjoying themselves, do not pay attention to them, but rather leave them alone and go out from the back door where no one will see you, so that you may converse with your good Friend. The feast and the entertainment of your guests should not bother you. You should not worry that they may learn about your conversation with your Friend. They will not even notice that you are not with them. If you want to go out unnoticed, offer them more food and more drinks and they will forget themselves.


If you wish to get rich, this means that you want to send all your guests away, you want to be alone, so that you may freely go in and out from the back door to converse with your Friend in secret. Some disciples delude themselves in their wish to get rich at once. That is why they say to their guests: “Today I have an appointment with a friend, come next time.” When they say this, the obstructions follow one after the other. Leave your guests to feast and drink, do not turn them back. So what if they feast and drink? In this way they will keep busy and will not disturb you. Otherwise, requiring this and that of you all the time, they will not leave you in peace.


These guests represent the world in the human being. Irrespective of how connected you are with the world and what may happen to it, this should not concern you in the least. The world should not hinder you. You have a back door and you can always go out from there. The main entrance is usually closed, but the back door is always open. You may go in and out from this exit whenever you wish to.


I am asking you the following question: “What is your purpose in life?” This will be a topic for reflection until our next lecture. Since you are young people, I would also like you to get rid of your pessimism. Absolutely no pessimism shall remain in you! Be lively, bold, determined and have a serious attitude to Life! When dark, obscure thoughts and wishes attack you, say to yourself: “This state is not mine. It is due to the guests in me who are discontented, because they have nothing to eat and drink.” You will always be discontented if you live with old ideas and views, if you maintain the ideas of your grandparents. Each time an old man asks for something and does not receive it, he gets offended. He says: “What is this, I am an old person, I want something, yet my wish is not fulfilled!” In this respect young people do not need external help. They are able to plough, dig and carry water – they can do everything alone. Since they can do everything for themselves do they need to worry and be troubled by trifles? However old people who cannot do anything alone are usually cross with those who do not help them at a given moment. Therefore, if you want to avoid the state of being cross and offended, think that you can do everything alone.


When I say that you can do things alone, I have in mind the Law of Love. Everything is possible in Love. Those who live in the Law of Love can do everything and will always be young. When they lose Love by leaving Its law, they get old and need external help. Make an attempt to apply this law, in order to see that it is true without exception. Have a reflection on the arrangement of the world in the Great Law of Love. Once upon a time, the prophet Elias slaughtered four hundred prophets, believing that he could liberate Israel, but he did not succeed. He was not frightened by his deed but by a woman and so he escaped. Then he had to go to the desert to complete a forty-day fast and after that he was shown the way in which the world had been organized. He spent some time in the mountain among the rocks where a big storm began and then a fire emerged, but God was neither in the storm, nor in the fire. Finally he heard a quiet voice, i.e. the voice of Love, the voice of God. Just then the prophet understood that human beings could be perfected only by the quiet voice. The storm represents the method used by contemporary people. The storm represents the modern life of people. The fire represents the suffering experienced by human beings. However the world cannot be arranged properly by means of storm or fire. The storm can destroy rocks and uproot trees, but in no way can it organize the world. When Elias heard the quiet voice, he closed his eyes and understood the deep meaning of this voice. Now I am also directing your attention as disciples to the quiet voice – to see what it can do. Until today you wished to be strong like the storm and the wind, so that you may show others who you are and what you can do, but we want to teach you how to speak quietly and to see what you can do in a quiet way.


You should keep in mind the following: do not tell others anything until you have studied and tested it well for yourself! Do not offer anyone from the fruits of your tree until they have ripened. Until then you do not know anything for certain either. After the disciple has sowed the seed and the fruit has ripened, he should bring the fruit first to his Master and only then - wherever else he wants to. The disciples should bring their first fruits to the Master. They could bring the rest to any other place and in whatever quantity they want to. However if you hasten to bring others unripe fruits, tasted and examined by no one, you will be confronted with a number of contradictions. So, do not hurry to tell others about things you haven't experienced or tested for yourself! They will probably listen to you without making a comment, but they will secretly judge you anyway. They will say: “How strange! What kind of meaningless things people occupy themselves with!” Thus they will introduce a conflicting thought into your consciousness. You have been experiencing such situations for thousands of years, since you have started living on Earth. Is it reasonable to experience them again? The aim of this School is to give you methods and rules of transforming your old life into a new one – something that alchemists teach as well. They also taught people how to become young. For this purpose they made a series of experiments with them, applying many different methods. For example, they would close an old person hermetically and subject him to different chemical reactions. As a result of these reactions that old person would become young and regain power and energy for work. You will also be closed hermetically in order to become young but it will happen in the future, not in the present.


Go home now without fear and without darkness! What thought will you send to yourselves tonight? Make a wish deep in your heart that true knowledge would penetrate into your mind and consciousness. Perform these exercises in the best way possible because your power lies in the exercises you complete. Without exercises, all your efforts will be fruitless. Someone may ask why he should do the exercise at 12.00 o’clock at night and not at 1.00 a.m. You should not concern yourselves with this. You should get up at the stipulated time, reflect for half an hour and write down precisely the thought you have sent to your classmates. For this purpose you should have a notebook or a pocket book handy to note the progress and the results of the exercises.


Suppose that one of you is sent somewhere in Bulgaria to start an occult class. What will he do? If he does not know a lot, he will search for some methods and rules in books. He will open for example the book “Light on the Path” and start reading: “Eliminate all your wishes!” I am asking you, what will remain of you if you eliminate all your wishes? It is the wrong translation of an occult truth; occult truths cannot be translated literally. The elimination of your wishes is not a physical act of murder but actually means you turning to God. If a thought, a feeling or a wish of yours goes down to the Earth, make it go the other way – upwards. When someone wants to get his money back from a person who owes him money, if that person does not want to pay, he goes to him and starts threatening him with court or with death. This is violence! What would he win if he sued his debtor or killed him? As he is walking and thinking his thought suddenly takes a different direction and he says: “I am not going to sue or kill this person but talk to him in a friendly way.” As soon as he sends his thought upwards, he achieves his aim and get his money back.


In the same book “Light on the Path” we read the following: “Only the person whose tears have ceased to flow from his eyes will find the Truth.” I am asking, what will happen to the Earth if all springs dry up? Therefore this thought hasn't been translated properly either. That is why when you study spiritual science you should look for the hidden inner meaning of each truth. Others say: “You can only find the Truth if your tears cease to flow from your eyes and your feet get washed in blood.” People who read these sentences think that they have understood a lot but these symbols need a deep inner translation. Only such deep inner understanding can bring benefit to a person. That is why this book should be translated thoroughly; all the rules in it should be carefully filtered and carded. This book is like uncleaned wool that should be carded and picked thread by thread, so that you may separate what is clean from what is unclean, shake the dust off and then offer pure and high quality food to your mind. It contains expressions and formulas from both the Astral and the Mental worlds, but when these are brought down and put in the language of the physical world, they create a confusing mixture - something like onion stew from the point of view of modern culinary art.


People often receive information about different diets and foods in an intuitive way. For example, some mediums recommend that you should drink wheat juice but they themselves do not know what is hidden in wheat and whom to recommend it to. Only people with a disposition that resonates with the energy of wheat should drink that juice. Take anything – oats, leeks or anything else – it is good to be attuned to the energies of the respective food. That is the inner meaning of nourishment in general terms. You should know this and apply it in your life. Without knowledge you will always come to a number of disappointments and wrong interpretations.


For example disciples often encounter the following delusion: people claim that spiritual science is not appropriate for young people. This is not true. In my view exactly the opposite is true. Why? Young people have stronger personalities than the old. In this respect poor, ordinary people are stronger than rich, learned and religious people. These people are poor and ordinary just in their appearance, but inwardly they are like rich fields of well-ploughed and processed land. That is why in this age beings from the Higher realms incarnate mainly in poor, ordinary persons. This is not an absolute rule, but it is observed in most cases because in such way the Invisible world intends to elevate weak, poor and ordinary people in the world. Therefore, High beings incarnate mostly in poor and ordinary people, while lower beings incarnate mostly in rich and learned people.


Consequently, the stronger spirits dwell in young people today and they are the ones that should study spirituality. That is why they stay away from churches. They are brave, determined and break away easily from the old forms. Old people are discontented with the young, they scold them and stand in their way. However young people should be really very careful, because the Lodge of darkness has prepared many traps for them. Its aim is to catch them and keep them in slavery which is hard to escape. Many old people show that they do not understand Life properly when they say to the young: “We were young like you before, but we got old. You will also get old one day and you will also put up with the conditions of Life.” Which life do they have in mind? - A life that is full of mud, alcoholism, robberies and murders. When you encounter it, say to yourselves: “We know this way of living, we have experienced it before, it is not new for us. Now we want to study the New life, which we do not know.” Those who think in this way are young; those who don't are old. Young and old age are determined not by the number of years, but by a person's way of thinking.


I say, the most important thing for you is to help one another. The New teaching expresses itself in mutual aid. When someone is indisposed, you should support him with your good thoughts and wishes. How do modern people behave in such cases? When they see a young person who is discouraged and disheartened, they try to convince him to go and get some entertainment in order to feel better. This is a delusion. You should know that the world is not just a place for entertainment. Life does not have only one expression. Each soul carries its own happiness lodged inside it. If you live according to the Great Law of Love, when you enter the world that is not prepared for this law, you will provoke conditions for the manifestation of egoism, i.e. of the human ego in the strong individuals around you. But in other conditions, among advanced souls, Love will create a beautiful world, a world of elevated and pure relationships. Nowadays, contemporary people have little inner light in them, so they are forced to protect and lock themselves, considering that their position in the world is dangerous. Indeed all human beings today are locked up inside.


Many spiritual disciples think that they are weaker than others. It is not true. Power is not an external feature. You should be brave and determined. And always keep in mind this sentence: “The soul is all powerful, but the flesh, the animal nature in humans is weak.” The Divine in the human being is always strong, but its animal nature is exposed to temptations, weaknesses and failures. Christ said: “Work and pray not to fall into temptation!” You say: “We are young now, how will our life continue?” If you follow the Divine path, your life will evolve in a beautiful way. If you deviate from this path, you’d better go to the graveyards, hospitals, coffee bars, war fields and among the bankrupt traders to see what would happen to you. However, as long as you follow the Path of the Brotherhood of Light, you will be protected from any evil. If sometimes the White Brothers do not assist you, it is because you cannot always use rationally what they give to you.


Here is an example of this. Suppose that you have a friend who is a drunkard. From time to time you get some money from the Brothers. But when you receive it, you bring it to your friend. How will he spend it? He will go to an inn to have a drink. In this case, both you and your friend will not win anything. What will the benefit of your help be then? That is why the Brothers of Light will cut your budget and you will suffer. Why will you suffer? Your friend should not drink. The person who wants something from you in order to satisfy some of his vices is not your friend. Only the one who is ready to make a sacrifice for your elevation is your friend. The New teaching demands sacrifice not through extortion or violence, but in a voluntary way. Only sacrifice out of Love and Good will is appreciated in the Brotherhood of Light.


You ask: “When are our Brothers ready to help us and to make a sacrifice for us?” When someone has a strong aspiration in his soul to become a disciple of the Great School, then the Brothers of Light are ready to make a sacrifice for him, to help and to guide him. If you ask your helper: “Are you ready to sacrifice yourself for me?” – He will immediately drop a curtain before you and stop his aid. Therefore, everything depends on your attitude – the attitude of the Brothers of Light to you is the same as your attitude is to them. Knowing this, you should lay your relationships with them on good ground if you want to receive their aid and guidance. Whatever you build each day will be examined stone by stone and if it is solid and clean, it will be used as a building material for the Divine edifice, which you are also called into as collaborators.


Secret Prayer







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