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Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

1922_05_10 The Law Of Energies

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Беседата на български



The Law Of Energies


Year 1, Lecture 11 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class)

Given by the Master Beinsa Douno

May 10, 1922, Wednesday

19.00h, Sofia




Secret Prayer


The disciple's essays were read on the topic: “Applications of karma in Life”


Your essays deal with the theoretical side of the question of karma.


Physical life and the physical body of the human being are often talked about. What does the physical body represent? It represents a conductor, a great installation for the forces of Nature. Two types of natural forces pass through this installation: positive and negative electricity as well as positive and negative magnetism. At present, your bodies are not physically tuned. Some are positive, others are negative; some have more positive electricity in them, others have more negative electricity. If two individuals with a positive electric charge come together, they will surely repel one another. If they begin a conversation, directly after their parting they will feel aversion and dissatisfaction. If neither can transform the other's positive electricity into negative one, it is better for them to part consciously, at least for a while, and look for a friend with the opposite electric charge. Otherwise, they will develop a hostile attitude towards each other and will act out of their hostility. Rude behavior will result as a consequence. Irrespective of whether the person is male or female, they will display rudeness because electricity moves in short waves and so does rudeness. If two negatively charged individuals come together, they will also repel one another. A certain discontent, doubt or fear will become apparent; they will be afraid of each other. Therefore, when two positively charged people meet, they will become active and will fight or duel one another, and when two people of negative electric charge meet, they will not fight for reasons of safety, but hypocrisy and deceit will enter into their relationship. One of them will find an indirect way to deceive the other one and tie him up so as to get a revenge.


So if you want to duel with someone, you should know that both of you have a positive electric charge. If you feel fear, doubt or hypocrisy when you meet someone, you should know that both of you have a negative electric charge. If you meet someone whose electricity is the opposite of yours, you will love one another. The relationship of two people with the same electric charge in their organisms is the same as the relationship one has to one's own self, when both hemispheres of the brain are charged with the same or the opposite type of electricity. In order for a person to have a harmonious state of mind, each hemisphere of his brain needs to be charged with the opposite type of electricity. In the same way when two people meet who have heterogeneous or homogeneous electric charges, harmonic or disharmonic relationships emerge. For example, if the electricity in the right hemisphere is positive in both individuals, they will be rude to each other; if they both have an accumulation of negative electricity in the left hemisphere, they will be suspicious of one another.


Many are worried about what to do with their negative electricity if they cannot put it to work. I will give an example from real life, so that you can see how to apply the law of assimilation to your excess energy. Suppose that one of the women in class, who is stronger in character, attracts two other women. However she likes one of them more than the other, and has a close friendship with her. She often talks to her, while the third woman remains to the side. These two friends who love one another assimilate each other's electric charges but the third woman, who is not loved as much, has surplus energy which has accumulated either in the right or the left side of her body. If the energy remains in the right side of her body, the woman will become rude; if it remains in the left side, she will be dissatisfied and suspicious, both towards herself and towards her kin. What should she do to come out of this situation? She should find another friend who will love her. That is the only way for her surplus energy to be assimilated.


Now that you are aware of this law, you should be very careful not to misuse it. Whoever misuses this law will be strictly punished, as he has never been punished before in his life. Once you know this law, you are expected to use it only for good. Everyone should remind themselves not to misuse this law under any circumstances. What does it mean to misuse this law? One misuses this law if he consciously directs his positive electricity towards another person. Thus he will increase the amount of positive electricity in the other person, he will increase his rudeness and lead him to aggression and rancour. When an individual's right side is positively charged he should find a friend whose right side has the opposite electricity, so that the two opposite types of electricity can be neutralized. How can this neutralization occur? One of them can put his left hand on the right side of his friend’s head, and the friend can put his right hand on the left side of the other person's head. Thus, little by little, they will begin to feel better. Neutralization can also be achieved by simply holding hands. The aim is to transform the energies in both individuals. You can do this experiment in order to see the above law in action. It is best to do it when you are not feeling well. You should also do the experiment always in pairs – two female friends or sisters and two male friends or two brothers together. When I say that you should hold hands, sisters with sisters and brothers with brothers, I have in mind the different principles operating in Nature: Love with Love and Wisdom with Wisdom. Looking at the way you are sitting next to each other in class, I find that you have not taken this law into consideration. Students at school should take seats in an order that will promote perfect harmony between them.


Because you are disciples of a spiritual school, you need to know the law of energy transformation and apply it properly. If you meet someone who violates your inner peace with his opposing energies, stay away from him. If you cannot distance yourself from him physically, do it mentally. How can this be done? Imagine that a certain distance exists between you. Therefore, when you take a seat or when you meet others to talk and communicate, always observe the law of liking. If two people like each other, there will be full harmony between them; whenever one of them thinks, the other one will think as well. However if they are not fond of each other, whenever one of them thinks, the other one will feel. Such disagreement of forces will create a number of disharmonious situations between them. Two people should think, feel and act simultaneously in order to maintain harmony with each other. Moreover, if one of them thinks, feels or acts positively, the energies of the other one should be negative. So do this experiment for the purpose of regulating the forces in your body. If you achieve positive results, I will give you other experiments to do.


What indicates the presence of surplus electricity in the left side or in the right side of the brain? – When a person has a tendency to quarrel with everyone he meets on his path, it shows a surplus of electricity in the right side of his brain. When a person is in bad spirits, when he is pessimistic or unhappy, it shows a surplus of electricity in the left side of his brain. This refers to the energies of the physical body. The same can also be said about the energies existing in the Astral and the Spiritual worlds. You should make efforts to control these energies, and then monitor the results. However, you should not expect success with the first attempt. You may undergo a hundred trials, yet barely achieve one microscopic result. These experiments aim at the development of your awareness and of your will.


When I say that electricity has accumulated in the right or in the left hemisphere of the brain, I mean the brain's general state. Otherwise electricity could accumulate in specific centres of the brain, but again either in the left or in the right hemisphere.When you are not feeling well, you should realize that you have surplus electricity and you need to put it to work. How are you going to do this? You will find a friend from the class or from anywhere else who is of about the same level of personal development and do the experiment with her. When you do the experiment together you will gain double. On the one hand you will get rid of your excess electricity, and on the other hand you will help your friend move onto the right path, the path that you are following. However, if you conduct this experiment with a person who is moving in a direction opposite to yours, you will link yourself with this person and will experience a contradiction.



Now, as disciples you will need to do this experiment frequently. Since you do not yet abide by the laws properly, you will accumulate surplus electricity in your brains which you must manage in a reasonable way. This excess of energy is a form of surplus baggage from the past. Similarly, rich people leave a surplus when they cook a lot of food but eat only part of it. If a meal remains uneaten, after some time it begins to spoil and the servants are forced to throw it away. The same process takes place in the entire human organism because of surplus electricity accumulating in the brain. Here and there in the organism processes of souring and decay develop, leading always to destruction. However, whenever you feel an accumulation of electricity in one hemisphere of your brain or the other, you can help yourself. For example, if the accumulation of electricity is in the right hemisphere, you can stroke the right part of your head with your left hand - not with your right hand, because then you will increase the accumulated electricity. And the other way round, if the surplus energy is in the left side of your head, you can stroke it with your right hand. After you do this you will become calm and your mood will improve. In the summertime, when the Sun shines strongly over your head, you can stroke your hair with both hands. With the help of your hands you will remove excess electricity from your brain and thereby avoid a sun stroke. Apply this procedure even when the slightest agitation occurs and you will be able to observe positive results.


There are many schools in the world that use these rules and methods for magnetizing and tuning, but due to improper application of the laws of Intelligent Nature, they cause great harm to their disciples. Disciples should not allow themselves to be hypnotized. Those who want to give you money should not demand a promissory note from you. If they want to do you a favour they should give you the money on trust. If they want a promissory note, accept no money from them. It is better to stay hungry than to sign anything like that. The Spiritual school recommends the following to its disciples: if someone gives you a loan without a draft or a bill, then accept this money, use it and pay it off on time.


Now, I would like you to be sincere to yourself, be honest to your soul. For a period of two weeks, right after you get up each morning, ask yourself: “Am I sincere to my soul? Am I ready to do what my soul whispers to me, what my soul prompts me to do all day long? And if I fail in something, am I ready - without justifying myself, without asking my soul for an excuse - to tell the Truth as it is in reality?” Therefore, when you make a mistake, do not diminish or exaggerate it, but state it before your soul as it is, as Nature has also stated it. Honesty to the soul is a prerequisite for the development and awakening of your awareness, so that you can perceive things correctly, without things getting exaggerated or diminished. What I understand by the word “soul” is the Divine source in the human being, its highest manifestation in the physical world.


As I am giving you a number of experiments, I am bringing your attention to honesty so that there will be no misuse. Why should you not misuse the experiments? Because all experiments in the School should be done consciously and free willingly. For example, when you put your hand on someone’s head, you should be aware whether you are giving or receiving something from him. If you receive, you should know if you can use what you receive. If you give, you should know whether the receiver has benefited from it. If what you give does not benefit the other and what you receive does not benefit yourself, both processes of taking and receiving are useless. In order for giving and receiving to be made conscious and to be used well, one needs to be thankful. The energy that flows through the person who gives and the person who receives is Divine. Full accounts of it is kept, it cannot and should not be spent in vain.  Nature has at Her disposal precise instruments for measuring and reading how much energy is used and who it is used for. Moreover, Nature monitors the amount of energy going out of one’s brain, out of one’s hands, etc. Nature represents a great installation of energies and She renders a precise account of all that is spent. She monitors the results also which are obtained after the expenditure of this energy. This is of special importance because these results give this energy the opportunity to echo in universal existence. Therefore, it is enough for you to put your hand on somebody's head and they will already know the exact result of your activity and will hold you responsible for it. I am not saying this to frighten you, but to warn you that an account is kept of any work that you do, so you should be careful. You should work consciously, оn principal and not out of fear. The impulse of your soul should be in tune and harmony with God, with the Great in the world. This is what conscious work means.


Some issues may be have remained unclear to you now, but you should know that through the experiments you will achieve clarity. If the explanations of the experiments are too long, this can also be a burden for you. What is obscure for you today will become bright and clear tomorrow, when the Sun rises.


Without fear in the Boundless Love!


So, when an issue is unclear to you, ask for an explanation. If you do not ask, you may delude yourself, because you will be visited simultaneously by the disciples of both Brotherhoods: of Light and of darkness. Whatever may happen to you, whoever may visit you, do not be afraid, do not be afraid of the darkness. It has its own laws and you will study them in a reverse way, by going from Light to darkness and from darkness to Light.


Secret Prayer








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