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Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

1922_07_05 Positive And Negative Forces

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Беседата на български



Positive And Negative Forces


Year 1, Lecture 19 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class)

given by the Master Beinsa Douno

on July 5, 1922, Wednesday

Cham-Koria *




Secret Prayer


The disciples' essays on the topic: “The most distinct feature of Light" were read.


Next please write on the topic: “The Purpose of the Human Heart.”


When you write about Light, unconsciously you think about darkness, too - it comes to your minds as the contrast of Light. Actually, if there was no darkness, could we talk about the growth of bodies in the physical world? Light and darkness in the physical world are the two states through which the soul ежпрессеs itself. The soul begins to know itself in the darkness by limiting itself. Darkness is a process of limitation and Light is a process of knowing God, or knowing Love. Love cannot be known without Light.


So the most powerful feature of Light is knowledge of God, knowledge of Love. Introduce this idea into the summary that you will make of the essays about Light. Light represents a process related to the Mental world. When the Mental world is revealed before the human eyes, forms are simultaneously revealed, together with their content and meaning. In this way humans come to the Primal Cause – Love. Whoever wants to grow and develop in the right way should psychologically connect Light with the process of knowing Love. Therefore, all states that cause disharmony in the human soul pertain to the sphere of darkness аnd darkness places limits on human beings. All states that produce harmony in one’s soul belong to the sphere of Light.


When you enter the sphere of metaphysics, the issue of Light and darkness is treated in a different way there; the statements that metaphysics makes will create great contradictions within you. Metaphysicians, as well as extreme occultists, maintain the idea that Absolute light is Absolute darkness. And when God said "Let there be Light!" He created the first limitation. This means that when Absolute darkness limits itself, it produces Light which cannot be overtaken by the darkness. I am asking, what is the first limitation of human beings? Sacrifice is the first limitation. Therefore, when an individual decides to sacrifice something he produces Light within himself. This is why sacrifices are needed. When you sacrifice something, the first day of Light comes to your soul. God said: “Let there be Light!” and there came Light. When Light comes to someone and he can differentiate between Light and darkness, it is a sign that he has made a sacrifice in the right way. If neither light nor darkness emerge in someone, he has not made the sacrifice at all or he has not made it properly. When Christ said about Himself, "I am the Light of the world" - this Light, this Daylight was produced as a result of His self-sacrifice. So, if one wants to produce Light, one needs to sacrifice himself. Thus, Light is related to the act of sacrifice.


In the present evolution, Light has four different directions in the physical world, which are determined by four types of waves that have different frequencies. Those waves that have greater density form the back part of the human brain. The weight of the brain in animals - in other words, the greatest density of their brain - is behind the ears, and as a consequence they are compelled to walk on four legs. The weight in plants is down in their roots, so they are forced to keep their heads under the ground in order to maintain balance. The weight of the human brain is in front of the ears, therefore humans have to stand on two legs. That is the only way for them to maintain their balance. Thus, presently the three directions or courses of Light have created three different currents in the brains of living beings. These in their turn have produced three different positions necessary for maintaining balance: plants are upside down, animals stand on four legs, and human beings stand erect on their two legs. Now the fourth direction of Light is coming in order to form the current of forces required for the formation of the Spiritual body of human beings. This body is related to the Higher or supersensible world. Therefore, when Light acts upon human beings in four different directions – from behind, from ahead, inward and upward - a cross is formed.


Now, you can draw this cross in order to find out in which of the four directions Light is strongest. The power of Light is evaluated on the basis of the length of the four lines forming the cross. If the west side of the horizontal line is longer or more developed, this is an indication that the animal essence in human beings predominates over the other forces; if the lower vertical line of the cross is longer, this is an indication that the vegetative forces in human beings are more dominant; if the east side of the horizontal line is longer, this shows that the ability to feel are more developed. Finally, if the upper part of the cross is the longest, this shows that the Divine prevails in that person. If you project a vertical plane down through the center of a person, parallel to his face, he will be divided into two parts. The back part represents the left path of his development, while the front part of the plane parallel to his face represents the right path of his development. If you project another plane through the person – from west to east – you will get another division in which the right part of the brain represents the narrow path and the left part of the brain the broad path. In principle, the left path indicates the aspirations of the human soul and the right path - the deeds of the individual. And indeed, only an active individual will follow the right path, while the one who has aspirations but has not yet begun to act will follow the left or the broad path. These are the two paths that contemporary people follow.


When we speak of the influence and predominance of the vegetative or animal forces, or of the aspirations of a human being, we mean the first manifestations of human consciousness and subconsciousness. Under “animal influence” we understand the first manifestations of human consciousness. Under “vegetative influence” we understand the first manifestations of human subconsciousness. When more energy accumulates in the human brain or in the entire organism than what is necessary, a number of disharmonious conditions are created. For example, when the temples are well developed, their development corresponds to that of the lips. Therefore, there is a certain relationship between the temples and the lips. The stronger the temples, the thicker the lips. Thicker lips have been noticed primarily in people whose noses are close to their mouths. The nose is an organ of olfaction, so each smelling of a good dish makes blood flow into the lips through the nose, as a result of which the mouth becomes thicker.


In general, all parts and centres of the brain exert an influence on specific organs of the human being, thus leaving certain imprints on them. For example, when the brain centre of Hope is well developed, this influences two specific facial muscles. In this case the edges of the mouth are curved upwards and not downwards. Therefore, the brain centres exert their influence in two ways – they create either straight or curved lines. Sometimes they also create concave angles. In general, lines go in two directions: up and down. When someone is sad, the angles of his mouth go down, and this means that the currents within him are either vegetative or animal. If these angles are pointed up, one is happy – then the human and the Divine states prevail in him.


This is why as disciples of the occult you should do several experiments; you should research and study the various states that you go through, both positive and negative. When you are in low spirits, try to make this mood leave your consciousness. Observe it objectively, as something that has nothing to do with you. Subject this mood to criticism in order to understand its causes and consequences. If you haven't made a few attempts in this direction, you will think that each mood is your own, that it is related to your consciousness, that there is no way you can take it out of you. So you think you should bear its torment. No, you can separate it from your consciousness in the same way that you can take the devil’s nail out of you. Never mind that it will cause you some pain – take it out of your foot!


When someone is fearful, or is ambitious but has weak hope, this person is a pessimist. Fear creates images of obstacles and difficulties in his consciousness that he cannot overcome. Together with his fear comes the feeling that he cannot succeed and that he will remain behind the others. At the same time his weak hope discourages him, so he falls into despair and pessimism. Pessimism in its turn generates a number of negative traits in him, such as slyness, wile, envy and hatred. You may ask why fear has appeared in the world. In the animal world it is in the right place, and is one of the great laws that has reached perfection there. When an animal is fearful, it shows that right is not on its side and that it needs to rely on its legs. Weak animals in the animal world are told, "You're not under the protection of the law and the law cannot save you, so you should develop your legs – may they be long, so that you can rely on them." Fear in animals is equal to conscience in humans. So fear in humans is substituted with conscience. When fear is experienced, all negative traits from the past are awakened, which causes unhappiness. For this reason, when fear comes to you, you should replace it immediately with conscience. When you transform fear into conscience, sense and reasoning will immediately return to you. Then it will be possible to talk about what is right.


Therefore everyone should work consciously upon themselves and distinguish between their mental states in order to study them. If grief comes to you and you don't want to live, isolate it from your consciousness and observe it objectively: why has it come to you, how long will it last, etc. When you isolate it from yourself, you will see that it is not yours. This indisposition is of external origin. People are easily obsessed by external thoughts, they easily receive these external feelings, and because they don't know the laws, they suffer and torment themselves. Through suggestion and hypnosis some people can accept the thoughts of a hypnotist, and they can fulfill them later as their own. Having fulfilled the ideas suggested by the hypnotist, only then can they understand that they have acted under external influence. Many murders and acts of suicide in the world can be explained by hypnotism. It may also happen that a person who was in an occult school in the past received a certain thought from his master through suggestion - a good or a bad one - and he puts it into realization in the present. In such case, he himself wonders how he could have changed so much. You meet a good and honest man, you know him well and rely on him, but all of a sudden he changes. He begins to rob and blackmail people. You wonder what has happened to this person that has caused him to change so much. Then you meet him two or three years later, and he lives honestly and righteously – he has changed his behaviour again, he has returned to his original self. What are these abrupt changes that have happened to him?


As disciples of the Great School, you should all work to correct these inner states that you have, in other words, free yourselves from them. So you have enormous corrective work to do. The School aims to give you the knowledge that will enable you to correct the errors of your past in a reasonable way. When you come into a hypnotic state from your past, you will go back and correct it with a reverse method. You will do the opposite motions of those you were hypnotized to do. The hypnotists of the Dark lodge usually make their passes starting from above and going downwards. Today many people wash their faces and bodies in the same way – starting from above and going downwards, and closing their eyes as if to say, "It's not good to have your eyes open." Yes, when you enter the material world it is good to close your eyes, but when you come to the School to study, it is better to have your eyes open. As disciples you should do motions that are the opposite to the passes of the Dark lodge. When you wash your hair, do upward motions, not the opposite.


All the movements that you do have deep meanings and they exert an influence on you. Observe your movements and their influence on you, as well as the effects they produce within you. Some of them make you happy, others are unpleasant. Observe your movements and study them, but don't go to the other extreme – being doubtful about whether to do a movement or not.


When you want to tune your mind, do an upward mental motion – following the evolutionary way. First think of plants, then of animals, then think of humans, and finally – of God and of the Beings from the Divine world. Thus you will feel spiritually uplifted and in an ascending mood. If you perform the motion in the opposite direction, starting from the Divine world and gradually going down to the human, animal and plant worlds, you will fall under the law of involution and you will experience a spiritual descent or a lowering. In applying the first exercise, you will be able to release many negative feelings. If you study botany, zoology and anthropology, if you read Divine books, you can do this exercise more successfully. People go down into the lower worlds and then come up again on a daily basis. Each experience of grief is a sign that one has linked with the plants. Thus people help the plants and the plants help them. When people are not feeling well, when they are angry or have other negative feelings, they link with the animals and help them in this way. When someone arrives at a state that is mindful and pleasant, they have entered the human world. And finally humans come to the High and the noble, i.e. they enter the Divine world where absolute harmony abides.


These are the four worlds or the four states that human beings need to study. When someone is not feeling well, when he is confused or impatient, he can imagine that he is in a forest of pine and oak trees. In a short time his mood will change and he will acquire the mental state of the plants. If someone falls into laziness, he should think about the animals that are usually quick and mobile. Their need for food causes them to move all day long so that they can satisfy their hunger. When you think about animals, you make a connection with them and they stimulate you with their energy. Having satisfied their hunger, animals also become lazy, but once they are hungry again, they go out looking for food. After you have acquired the patience of plants and the mobility of animals, you will move on to the human state in order to develop reasoning and thinking. After that you will go to the Divine world, where all your thoughts will be openly displayed. The Elevated Beings of this world will make note of all the thoughts that you present. Wise people make such a presentation every day, ordinary people once a week, and foolish people once a year. When we say that someone will be subjected to critique, this refers to his presentation of thoughts in the Divine world, where Intelligent Beings will evaluate them and where he himself will monitor and observe everything, thus seeing the errors in all that he has ever created. Until people arrive at this position, they should consistently discipline their minds. You haven't yet gone through such discipline, so you are not prepared for the Divine world. If you go into this world too early for you, you will fall asleep, you will be disordered, unable to endure its high vibrations. However, those who have organized their minds will come back fresh and elevated from having visited the Divine world, bringing new Light and Knowledge with them.


Absolute silence and complete harmony, undisturbed by any noise or worry, is required for your passage into the other world. Such an attempt to enter into the Divine world demands a clear surrounding aura, absolute harmony and silence. This atmosphere should be maintained for one or two hours at least, which is impossible to do in cities. This attempt is impossible even here, in Cham-Koria, where we are now. It will be possible only at some high and isolated mountain location. If such an experiment was made in Sofia, for example, a special room, surrounded by a solid, pure and harmonious aura, would be necessary. No one else should enter this room, no one should even suspect its existence. However this is impossible under the present conditions, as there are no people who are ready for that. Whoever is not ready for this experiment will not want to go into this room. Disciples, however, will strive to enter this room the way bees strive towards aromatic flowers. Disciples needs to work at creating a harmonious aura in their rooms, so that their efforts will be successful.


Work hard upon yourself so that you can overcome all hardships. In this way you will develop your will as a tool for overcoming everything. What kind of will should you develop? Neither iron nor granite, but a diamond will. A will that is of iron or granite could easily capitulate, but a diamond will can overcome all obstacles. You will need broad views and great selflessness to clear away the delusions on your path. You can do this only with the Light of your consciousness. It is a special type of Light. If it doesn't enter your consciousness, you will stay at your present level of understanding, which cannot help you get the results you expect.


When I am saying that a special type of Light needs to enter your consciousness, you shouldn't worry. This Light will come of itself, you only need to climb a high mountain peak and wait there. You know that the Sun first illuminates the mountain peaks, then the valleys, don't you? In the same way this Light will illuminate first the peaks of your consciousness, then its valleys. You are required to make efforts to climb the high Divine peak, where Light comes at the earliest time. Later it goes to the valleys and to the plains.


Therefore, when you ask yourself what the advantages of the Esoteric school are, you should know that it shows its disciples the Right path for climbing the high Divine peaks which are the first to be illuminated by the Divine rays of the rising Sun.






* (The old name of the Rila mountain resort Borovets)



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