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from The Blossoming of the Human Soul




As students of the Great School of Life you are going to explore the music existing in Nature. When you make your way to the music of Nature, you will learn those natural, creative scales through which the world is formed. The conditions of all living beings change according to these scales, in other words, musically. With the changes of a scale, the conditions change as well. Knowing this, through music you can transform your thoughts and feelings and uplift yourselves. Often people lose the basic tone of their life and as a result, an inner dissonance appears in their state. If you are nervous, indisposed or irritated, begin to sing - silently or aloud - until you transform your state of mind. Music and singing help with the development of one’s talents. All great people and geniuses, who have endured grave sufferings and trials, were musical people. They had high and well-developed foreheads.


Unless you begin to have idealistic thinking and bear the inner image of the ideal human being, you cannot achieve anything. Do not search for the ideal human being outside of yourselves. The ideal image is innate in all people, but needs to be revealed. If the ideal image is not within you, how do you know then what is good or bad, what is moral or immoral?


What are the distinctive features of the ideal human being? Try to describe them not as they are presented by the poets and artists, but as you personally perceive them. If your opinion about the qualities of the ideal candle is needed, you can give it right away. However, regarding the ideal human being - it is not easy to say. A good candle burns uninterruptedly without smoke. It melts not so quickly and gives out a bright, clear, and clean light without dripping. Which of the above qualities are also qualities of the ideal person? The ideal person shines like a candle. The ability to shine lies in the ability to pay attention to everything without dwelling on the defects.


People’s shortcomings cast a shadow on their consciousness and dim it. In Nature, shortcomings do not exist; they are just in the human mind. If you could cast them out of your mind, you would become pure and bright. Therefore, if you desire to come closer to the image of the model person, do not keep people’s shortcomings in your mind and consciousness. The less you dwell on people’s shortcomings, the closer you will be to the image of the ideal human being. The more you pay attention to people’s weaknesses, the further you will go away from the image of the ideal person. The more you burden your consciousness, the more you depart from the Path of the ideal human being.


Imagine that you have two wires through which an electric current flows. The upper wire is made of metal that is a good conductor of electricity and lights up when heated. The second wire is less conductive - it heats up less and does not light up, but retains the dull dark color it had before. From this we conclude that brightness of the wire depends on its ability to easily conduct the electric current. The lower wire, which is weakly electro-conductive, remains dull dark.


The same is true about good and bad people. The good person is a good conduit of the energies coming from the Sublime worlds and has light and brightness. The bad person, on the other hand, is a poor conduit of the energies from the Sublime worlds. So, this person is without light and brightness. Therefore, if someone admits to be bad, it indicates that he is not a good conduit of the energies coming from space. How can one manifest the Good from within? Replacing the wire through which the energies flow, the bad conductor could be transformed into a good one. It means to change your state from bad to good. You can try to change your state until you find such a wire that will be in harmony with a given scale of Nature. It means to find a wire that will be a good conductor of Nature. The wire that is shining white represents the Divine Origin of human being, whereas the dull dark wire relates to the human inferior nature, which needs to be developed until its coarse manifestations and states are refined.


People of today ask themselves why sufferings come. Very simple: sufferings represent the fire by which one is tested. How long will one be tested? Until one becomes enlightened and luminous. Why do you need to suffer? To become good conduits. The poorer conduit someone is, the greater is Nature’s desire to make him better. As soon as Nature directs a flow toward someone, this person begins to shine. Suffering is caused mainly in two ways: when you refuse to yield the way for the Nature’s Powers to manifest themselves; and when Nature does not give you what you want. She puts it close, but when you open your mouth to take it, she immediately pulls it away. Nature’s intent is not to make people suffer, but make them happy. But they cannot be happy unless they are conduits of Nature’s energies.


What is happiness? From a scientific point of view, only raising of consciousness to a higher level will allow people to overcome the old traditions and concepts of Life. Traditions are not related only to humans, but animals have them too. For example, wolves traditionally suffocate sheep. Sheep traditionally eat grass. From a scientific point of view, grazing is nothing other than mowing of grass. Sheep mow the grass and collect it in one place. One day, when sheep evolve to humans, how will they manifest their old habits? People do not eat grass, but from time to time someone bends, picks a few blades, and continues on the way - this is a remnant from the tradition of sheep. We sometimes pick flowers and smell them - it is another remnant from the desire of birds to clean their beaks in the flowers. They pick flowers to clean their beaks.


People can understand the background of their actions and traditions by self-observation and analysis. A person can have desires through which traditions are manifested. It sometimes takes years for someone to overcome some of these desires. Some sufferings are natural; others are not. Especially at present, some of the natural traditions have become unnatural and useless. It will take a long time before a wolf could give up its desire to suffocate sheep. Therefore, remember: You can be happy only when you are good conduits at all times of your life. If there are occasions in life when you do not act as good conduits, your happiness will disappear.


To preserve happiness, you should know how to train your body, your thoughts and feelings. This is the aim of the new education. What new methods do psychology and ethics offer for human education? One of the methods of the new ethics of education is the application of Purity in a broad sense as cleanliness of the human body, clarity of the human mind, and purity of the human heart. One should maintain cleanliness of body by means of regular washings and baths, perspiration, changing of clothes, combing of hair, and so on.


After achieving good physical hygiene a person begins to think about purity of emotions and thoughts. Pure feelings exclude any kind of self-interest and selfishness. Nobility of the human feelings implies the presence of organic gold in the blood. Gold supports the condition of health in the organism. Less gold in one’s blood supposes more pre-conditions for suffering and diseases. Gold is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Therefore, the organic gold in human blood conducts the energies of Nature. Knowing the power and value of gold, people strive for it; they want to be rich. Everyone wants to have a gold object as an adornment. If one cannot afford to wear gold jewelry, it would be good for him to carry a gold coin in his pocket. The human love for gold is a natural aspiration imbedded as an inner impulse for nobleness. There is not a person in the world not to love gold.


And so, gold is an element needed in the human education. However, it does not mean that one needs to spend one’s whole life acquiring gold. When someone has acquired the necessary quantity of gold, that person begins to search for other elements. The human body needs different elements, not only gold. If only one element is acquired, the person will come to uniformity that is detrimental. In general, you should avoid the monotony in life. Coming to the monotony, even the rich person will give up his wealth. When someone overeats, even the best food will generate a morbid condition. As a consequence, the stomach refuses to accept this food. One needs to take various foods. In the future, in self-education, the elements which the body needs and their quantitative ratio will be taken into account. One should know these things not to take anything more than necessary. When it comes to gold, you should know that everyone should have a few grams of gold as an inviolable reserve within oneself and externally as well. Those who want to be morally pure should have a certain amount of silver within themselves; silver purifies. Without silver, one cannot be pure. Gold is a bearer of the vital energy of Nature, whereas silver purifies any impurities in the organism. Iron strengthens the human body. In case of anemia, doctors prescribe iron pills or drops. However, if someone takes more iron than necessary, they will become coarse.


Every element serves its purpose for the human organism only if it is used in the appropriate quantity. If it is more than prescribed, it will cause harm. When there is a surplus of certain elements in the human body, microbes and parasites appear to consume this surplus. As microbes and parasites consume the excesses in the physical body, in a similar way, some thoughts and feelings as parasites attack the human mind and heart and provoke certain withering. It implies that some thoughts and feelings bring about emaciation, while others cause obesity to people.


Therefore, in order to be healthy and develop normally, one should attain inner balance among the powers acting in the body as well as between thoughts and feelings. Music is a method for maintaining balance. Those who are familiar with the Laws of Nature’s music can stop the destructive activity of the parasites in their body and improve their health condition. As soon as you begin to sing, the parasites stop creating harm.


Orpheus - this wonderful singer, was able to tame even the most ferocious beasts. He was a shepherd; and as there were wolves, bears, and tigers where he grazed his flock, he constantly played his flute and sang in order to tame them. Because he was preaching the Teaching of Peace and Love, he refused to kill animals. Instead, he was constantly singing and playing music in daytime. The animals began to play after his singing and forgot to attack and harm his sheep. If Orpheus managed to tame the wild beasts with his songs, could you not also overcome the difficulties and unfavorable conditions in your life through music and songs?


You may comment that it is easy to speak about these things, but difficult to apply them. It is easy to play music, but one should do it in such way as to tame the beasts within. You say that you cannot play and sing without making any effort, thus building a barrier within yourselves. Everyone can sing. If a frog, that is not a singer begins to sing when a snake is biting its leg, you can be much better singers and musicians, can you not? If someone is sentenced to death and he should sing a song or perform a good deed in order to be pardoned, would he not learn to sing a song and do something good? Only at the thought that he would be pardoned, he will become a singer, he will do good deeds. Nature imposes great punishments upon humans, but very little is required to avoid them.


Many think that for their salvation they need to do big things or become prominent singers and musicians. This is true for the human world. But in the Divine World, it is not so much that is required from you. It is sufficient to come across one of Nature’s Scales and begin to sing. True singing implies thought. When one thinks rightly, this one can sing well. Therefore, when you wake up in the morning, begin to sing - silently or aloud, but without any hesitation or doubt whatsoever. Never say that you cannot sing. Through singing, you enter into the foundation of Life. Life, in and of itself, is music and harmony. You are sent off from Heaven with music and song; therefore, music is not foreign to the soul. The human being is immersed in music by nature and that is why one can sing and play music. So one needs to step back, return to one’s initial state of music and song, of harmony and melody and from there, move forward.


Knowing this, cherish the sacred thought that Life is music and song. Within Life, all is good and harmonious.


God’s Love brings the full and abundant Life.


Lecture of the Master Beinsa Douno to the Youth Esoteric Class held on March 7, 1930, Sofia, Izgrev.

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