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Note 4





8 000 х 365 days = 2 920 000 days

8 000 х 12 months = 96 000 months

96 000 х 4 weeks = 384 000 weeks

384 000 х 7 days = 2 688 000 days

2 688 000 х 24 hours = 64 512 000 hours

64 512 000 х 60 minutes = 3 870 720 000 minutes

3 870 720 000 х 60 seconds = 232 243 200 000 seconds


The longest period of time from the creation of the World is the first period – when man descended from Heaven to Earth, which he did after the mammals. The plants had descended first. The first time period lasted 75 000 years.


Adam is how we name the white man, the spiritual man, and the spiritual Adam came on after Christ. All earlier races knew about the White Race and expected it as a Messiah is expected. The earliest race in the physical world is the White one; all others are older in the Spiritual world but younger in the physical world. The White Race shall be succeeded by the Sixth Race – the luminous race, the race of God’s Children. Both Nature and climate will change to accommodate this Race. Presently, there is a dark zone circling the Earth built up from the bad thoughts and desires of people.


God immersed man in the Astral world./God overthrew man in the Astral world (Genesis, Chapter 6).


Jacob – thief, liar. And God said to him, ”You will no longer be called Jacob.” (Thy name shall not be called Jacob any more. (Genesis, 35:10))


The physical body has been formed during a million years and is now complete. Now the Astral body is being formed.

Calculation: 8000 x 12 x 4 x 7 x 52 x 365 x 24 x 60 x 60 gives the number of years from the creation of the Earth. How long each period of time lasted can be seen from the Earth’s layers as each layer was formed.


If you descend into hell, you will feel thousands of times heavier. Only heroes descend into hell – that’s what the Greek mythology tells us too. There are valuable things in hell too – there is a population that lives there with the belief that they own the place. Whoever goes there has to take their shape. Hell is like garbage that has been piling up for over twenty years and is now decaying and rotting; the one who can estimate it shall make use of it but the one who can’t shall say it’s useless junk.


The deepest hell is in the centre of the Earth. A hundred kilometres from it there is a solid zone inhabited by another population; a hundred kilometres further on there is another zone, etc. One hundred kilometres in diameter above our Earth there is a light solid zone through which solar and stellar lights pass; the population in this zone is the Astral world. Another 100 – kilometre zone spreads around it, and so on. There are seven external zones around th)e Earth, i.e. seven heavens, and another seven zones inside the Earth; in the centre of the Earth is fire – the hell.


The deceased who have left can stay in the Astral world, but live in the physical world and appear at séances, talking about their worldly affairs – where their money is, or documents, or about quarrels, etc. This is so because the level of their conscience and spiritual understanding is low. We, who sojourn in the spiritual field and form our Astral bodies, shall enter the Astral world with awakened consciousness.


The one who urges peoples’ hearts to do good is named God. And God through His Son Jesus Christ constantly teaches each person many good and perfect things.


And thou who hearken to Him shall be blessed./Those who follow Him shall be blessed.


January 25, 1915, Extraordinary lectures Burgas


(7 February 1915 – Burgas - Old Style)

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