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“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.”       

John, 15:1


As the spring comes, all the vine-growers begin to trim their vineyards. The trimming of the vineyard is a pitiful sight! From wherever you look at the vine, you will see that it cries. But if you go to a vineyard in summer, you will see that each vine-twig is dressed in a beautiful garment and several ripe bunches of grapes hang on it. One sight is the vineyard in spring and another – by the end of summer.


As disciples, you should study things in the course of their development, from their beginning to their end, to have an idea of all the processes that are going on in Nature – not only for these fragmentary processes that you by chance have witnessed. Only in this situation can the disciple acquire those forces that are needed for his development. If he stops only at vine trimming, the disciple will not acquire anything. What is there in a trimmed vine? There is one bare vine-twig with one or two “eyes”. As the vine-growers want the vine to bear less, but bigger bunches of grapes, they leave one eye on each vine-twig; if they want to get more bunches of grapes – they leave two eyes on each twig. But there are cases when they do not leave even a single eye on the vine-twig. They do so when they want the vine-growers to get rest. This year it will not give any fruit, but the next year the yield will be bountiful. The same thing happens with a man as well. There are fruitless years in the human life, too. What are one, two, three, or more years in comparison with the whole of eternity? In relation to eternity the year is equal to one second. Light moves at 300,000 kilometres per second. How much time would it take to walk this way if each day you cover 50 kilometres? Estimate to see what the relation is between the speed of light and of man for every second. So do not worry that you have not succeeded to do what other people could. It is important that you should develop naturally, go from one process to another and use them reasonably. Continuity is required from a man – he should not rest his attention on separate processes, but to make something integral from them and express his opinion just after that. The disciple should be wise, but he has to be good and strong as well. The gifted disciple has the following characteristics: wise, good, and strong.


As he came to Earth man had an aim – to find something, to acquire some wealth. In this respect a man is like a seeker, like a treasure-hunter. I take the word “treasure-seeker” in its broad sense. Someone seeks a buried treasure; another – some old book in which great things are written; still another seeks a precious stone left from forefathers and ancestors; another tours around as some spy, looking for a suitable place to settle. Whatever man seeks, however he works, he should know that he has come to the world with a certain mission, which he should neither overestimate nor underestimate. In order for man to fulfil his mission, man has to be wise, good, and brave.


A 12-year old girl had been left an orphan – without a father or mother. Her father had been a violinist and her mother - a good singer. They could not leave any inheritance to their only child except the violin of the father and the nice voice of the mother. As she was left alone, the girl began to think what to do in order to develop her gifts, inherited from her parents. She knew that a banker lived near them, a big millionaire, and decided to visit him and to ask for some help from him. One day, she entered his office and asked him: Would you like me to play and sing for a while for you? – I will listen with pleasure. The girl began to sing and play her elementary exercises on the violin. After that, she said to the banker: Can you grant me some amount with which I can study abroad and graduate my education in violin and singing? – I can, I will do you a favour with pleasure. – As I finish my education, I will repay you the sum you have given to me. Besides, if you keep your liability, I can predict right now that after my return from abroad, you will marry a good young woman and God will bless you for the favour you did. This girl was little, but she was known by her kindness, rationality, and courage.


Many people get discouraged, because they cannot obtain their wishes. Why? Because they were left orphans, without a father and mother and there was not anyone to care for them. They are wrong in their arguments, though. The father and the mother never die. No matter how little this girl was, she knew, that her father and mother had gone to do their work, while she was left on Earth, so that she could continue their mission. A man should be brave and reasonable and he should know that he is alone in the world and that in whatever situation he might find himself, there is someone to take care of him.


A rich and wealthy man went to his cornfield to work. In his absence, one of his neighbours - a good, young woman – used to go to his house; she used to clean, wash, put the house in order, then cook and leave the house. She knew where the master kept his key and on finishing her job, she used to leave it there again. The master wondered who did this, but could not find the author of the good deed. One day, he returned from the field earlier and found the neighbour’s girl in his place. – Is it you who does this? If you like, you can stay with me. You will always be “welcome” at my place.


I say: If a man cannot find the key of his locked house, so that he can clean, wash, and sweep it – he cannot attain anything. If he can do that, he is welcome by everyone – he will get the Divine blessing and the Love of the surrounding people.


You say: is it proper for a man to open his locked house and begin cleaning and washing it? To ask such a question is to ask if it is right to do well, or not. When it comes into question for the good – do not ask. Open the house of any man and do this good. Everyone likes the good. Just this man can do good properly, the one who is wise, good, and strong. Christ says: “I am the vine, you are the vine-twigs and my Father is the gardener.” The vine symbolizes the good in the world, the vine-twigs – the reasonability, and the Father – the strength. The Strong One creates and trims the twigs. Consequently, do not be afraid of the trials; that is – of the trimming. The Strong One trims; that is – sends trials to the human. He knows when and how to trim. As He trims, he throws what is not necessary and he keeps what is necessary for the vine – with one, two, or three eyes and sometimes even without any eyes. The eyes symbolize the capabilities given to a man. The greater his capabilities are, the bigger his achievements are. In order to achieve something, man should work, try hard, and pray.


As disciples, you should learn how to pray properly. The prayer is a way to an achievement. To pray properly means to learn how to talk to God rationally. As he learns to talk rationally, man already knows how to move his tongue and his mouth. Such prayer is always being accepted. The mouth should learn to properly receive and give. The tongue is like an inspector, who examines things. Sometimes, though, he can be bribed and can make mistakes also. It is enough to give him something sweet and he allows the food to descend freely downwards. As soon as the food gets inside, it encounters a strict inspector – the stomach. It is very exacting. As soon as it becomes aware that some food has entered in there, which is not suitable for the whole organism, it says: Such things are not accepted here. Out! Sometimes there is a disagreement between the tongue and the stomach – a disagreement from which the whole organism suffers. The tongue says: Be more philanthropic. Let this food get in. The stomach says: I do not accept. What enters inside should be worthy of me.


Today, everyone talks about dignity and lack of dignity, or for worthy and unworthy people. Which one is worthy? Just the wise, good, and strong man can be considered worthy. In order to be wise, man should have Light in his mind. In order to be good, he should have warmth in his heart. As long as he has Light and warmth, he will be strong as well. The strength will do the job. Each man is given a job that he should do. He cannot do without Light, warmth, and strength. Give thanks for the job that has been given to you for today. To do it well, you have at your disposal all favourable conditions: clean air, Sun light, and strength. The day is very nice. The Sun is looking at you with delight, with which it wants to say; that man should be wise, good, and strong, that the world has been created with great Love, Wisdom, and Truth, that the world is basically good, and that the Divine Strength is supporting it. In a word, the Sun wants to say, that God is all wise, gentle, and omnipotent.


As you know this, do not get discouraged. As God has worked – so you will work as well. Man is gifted with intelligence, goodness, and strength and should manifest these characteristics as the 12-year old girl. He should believe in what God has imprinted in him. Start with small achievements and go forward to the great ones. The great achievements come in the end. As they cannot realize their wishes, the children cry. In this respect, they are like generals that constantly give orders. While the children are little, their parents fulfil their wishes right away. Ten times a night the mother wakes up to fulfil the wish of her child. The father does the same. The cry of the child is nothing but an order. The mother and the father have written at least one hundred letters in order that this child comes to Earth – they have invited this child and they have promised this child various things. As soon as the child sees that they do not keep their promises, the child starts to cry. Through this cry, the child imposes on them and demands that they keep their promises.


The cry is inherent not only to children, but to everyone in general as well. A man cries, because he cannot get what he wants. While he is on Earth, he always cries. The terrestrial life cannot satisfy the human soul. The human soul is hard to please. If someone looks at it, it expects a nice look with pleasant light; if someone gives something to it, it wants to test it from the depth of its heart that emanates warm, sweet-smelling feelings; if someone says something to it, it wants to hear a soft, pleasant talk. If it speaks with someone, it wants to be followed closely. It does not bear absent-minded people. If it talks to someone, he should look at it straight. If he looks downwards, this shows that one cannot rely on this man.


Now the rational beings are asking you what you will do today. If you look downwards, this shows that you think only about yourself and that you are not ready for any sacrifice. In the case of the young man who asks the young woman if she loves him but she looks downwards, this means, that she is not yet ready to answer him - she presents herself as modest instead. In order to answer someone if you love him, you should test him, to see if he is ready for all the possible sacrifices for you. If today, people are afraid of God, the reason for this is that they are not ready to make sacrifices for Him. They are afraid, that He might ask them if they love Him. In order to love Him, they should give Him everything they have. They think that if they serve God, they will be deprived of all the worldly goods. They are on the wrong track, though. Namely, the one who does not serve God is deprived of all the worldly goods. The one, who serves God with Love, might attain anything. The act of service brings great achievements. Who can serve God? Only the wise, good, and strong man can serve him. As he serves God, man applies the Light of his mind like the artist applies his brushes and paints. As soon as he takes a brush in his hand, the artist immediately starts to paint his picture. He draws one line after another until he draws the whole image. The good man puts in his mouth and his heart. His heart emanates good feelings that are transferred through the sweet words of his mouth. The sweet and good word is a powerful thing.


A disciple asked his master: What is good? His master kept silent and did not answer. The disciple insisted and wanted to understand what this good that exists in the world is. Finally his master said: start on a journey and you will learn what good is. The disciple began to travel round the world from town to town, until at one place they suspected him of something, put him into prison and sentenced him to death. The moment they had to put the rope on his neck, he said to himself: I saw many things, I heard my death sentence, but I did not understand what good is. It’s all over with me. At this moment he hears a quiet gentle voice: Release him! Free him from the rope! Let him go to his master. These few words helped the disciple understand what good is.


So, man can understand well only when everything ends for him, when everything under his feet is destroyed, when the world darkens before his eyes. Only then man will hear God’s voice: “Let there be light!” As soon as man hears these words, the world again restores, his destroyed dreams come back to life and he becomes young, cheerful, and strong. He hears the following words: “Get back to your master.” Who is this master? This master is the Divine Spirit. He commences with Love. No master is better than him. Until he gets to the Great Master of Love man has passed through many teachers: some of them have worked with light, others – with strength, the third group – with wealth etc. But no master has ever succeeded to lodge into the human soul what it wants. The only thing the soul desires and seeks is Love. Today, let each of you who wish to go to the Divine Spirit – The Master of Love, register at his school. This master is strict and hard to please. Whoever enrols in his school should renounce the world, his own self and his life.


What does it mean, “to renounce yourself”? To renounce yourself means to renounce everything that hinders you to go further. During the fight between David and Goliath, Saul gave him appliances with which to defeat his enemy. He gave him a helmet for his head, a spear in his hand and chain armor for his body, so that he could defend himself with them. As he put on this attire, David saw the impossibility of using it and told the king: I had better throw away all this and renounce it and fight with my own weapons. He took his sling, three little stones, and a small bag and faced Goliath. On the first throw, David hit Goliath’s forehead and knocked him out. Then he took his knife out and he cut his head.


Consequently, the one who can knock out what is hindering him is a strong man. As he renounced his own self, he could cut the evil’s head. David renounced his own self, as a result of which he could defeat evil. The forehead is the place from which Light emanates. David defeated Goliath with Light. So, the one, who fights against evil, should have Light within himself. In general, the one, who goes to the world to fight, should be armoured with Light in his mind, heat and love in his heart, and strength of his will. He has favourable opportunities to obtain his wishes. Light, heat, and strength are conditions favourable for the development and manifestation of human gifts.


Can the singer sing in a cold and dark hall? As soon as the hall is heated and illuminated, the singer feels willing to show his worth. He begins to sing with Love and inspiration. As soon as you see that you cannot show your worth, do not get discouraged, but realize, that the hall, the environment in which you are, lacks Light and heat. As soon as the Light and the heat come, your talents will manifest themselves. Until it is light and warm, one man thinks that he knows a lot. As soon as the Light and the heat disappear, another one finds out that he does not know anything. Both of them are wrong. The real knowledge is not influenced by the outside conditions. Real Love is not influenced by outer conditions. Consequently, as soon as you reach the Divine Love, Wisdom, and Strength, the doubts are out of the question. One can doubt anything but these three things. They are the foundation of human life – the foundation on which he builds.


Another thing that one should observe in his life is to appreciate the rationality in which he is absorbed. He should tell himself: I appreciate the world as it is created; I appreciate the good and love God has given to me; I appreciate the Love, Wisdom, Truth, and strength that originate from God. Everyone, with whom one communicates, bears these qualities within themselves. This is the Divine Principle that each man should appreciate. Consequently, each man should be a model for his fellow man. If someone does not love you – you should love him instead. If someone wishes you well, wish him well, too. The one, who does not wish his fellow man well, is deprived of Light. As soon as he has no Light, he does not see things and has no view of them. Can the thirsty one have bad views about the clean mountain spring? He anticipates from afar the pleasure its water might give him. He will drink this water drop by drop and satisfy his thirst. Can the hungry one have bad views about the warm wheat bread? He is aware of its value and might even before he has tasted it. [M1] As soon as he eats enough, he feels an inner appreciation towards the one, who has given it to him. Can the prisoner have bad views about the one, who has released him from the chains around his legs and wrists? Man should correct, instead of blaming himself. As he meets a wise man, he should be pleased; as he meets a good man, he should also be pleased and as he meets a strong man, he should be pleased, too. Because God manifests in the wise, the good, and the strong man as well. Where God manifests, there all the negative manifestations are excluded and there does not exist any evil at all.


Keep within your mind the following thought: never fight against evil. If you want to fight against evil, put good in the middle: you stand to the right hand side, let good stand in the middle and let evil be to the left hand side. This is what the good people do. The bad and the irrational people do exactly the opposite: they stand to the left hand side, put evil in the middle and good - to the right hand side. No, good should always be in the middle - between man and evil. Then all the energies that originate from evil will pass through good before they reach the man - good knows how to deal with them.


When we say that good can manage with the energies of evil, we have in mind the law of engrafting. The agrarians know this law and put it into practice. When they want to engraft, that is – to cultivate a tree - for instance, an apple tree - they engraft it with a high quality apple. What happens with the poor quality apple tree? The energies of this apple tree pass through the graft and one or two years later this apple begins to bear good fruit. Consequently, when the energies of evil pass through the good, they radically change. As they cannot put this law into practice, people ask themselves what they should do to avoid evil. It is simple. Should the disciple ask how to please his master? If the master teaches mathematics, the only thing the disciple should do is to study – that is enough. As he studies, as he solves his sums regularly, the disciple will have a positive view of his master. If his master teaches music, the disciple has to play, sing, and learn his exercises well. As he studies them well, his master will be pleased with him. In this respect the masters are disinterested. They might be “bribed” just by the good and hard-working disciples.


If the disciple is afraid that his master might shadow him, then he is not a good disciple. And if the master fears that his disciple might shadow him, then he also is not a good master. Neither his master can shadow the disciple, nor can his disciple shadow the master. The master is far from his disciple, as a result he cannot cast shadow upon him. Likewise, the disciple is far from his master and he cannot overshadow him. The task of the master is to teach his disciples. The task of the disciple is to study, to graduate from his school successfully, and to be of use to his fellow men.


As disciples, you are required to study well and to speak well. Every word you say is being taped. One day, as you stand before the film of your life, you will have to study it in all its details. Then you will see even the smallest mistakes that you have to correct. As you know this, think well what you say. What is easier – to tell someone that you love him, or that you do not love him? What is easier – to tell the hungry man, that he may eat, or to tell him, that he may not eat? If the hungry man can eat, then he is a healthy man. If he cannot eat – then he is ill. That is why do not forget that everything you say will be filmed. You are an actor on the stage that is constantly filmed. If, while on stage, you say you do not love someone, they will think you are ill. The ill person is not allowed to eat, though. If you say, that you love someone, then you will be considered a healthy man. The healthy man is allowed to eat, but just as much as it is necessary to recruit his strength.


Consequently, the first thing that is required from the human is to think of what he does and how he speaks. This means to have Light within his mind as a stimulus for acquisition of Love. This implies a moment of the human consciousness awakening. The Light is a preface to Love, but the strength comes before it. The Love comes last. The preparations for its arrival are being made, because Love will come last in the world. Today, people are liberated through Light and through strength, so that they can meet Love with joy when it comes, and retain it within them. Love will build the future culture and future life. In order to attain Love, people should renounce their old views. Love cannot pass through environments penetrated by old views of life and God. – What will happen with us? – This depends on the consciousness of the person. Having in mind the contemporary state of its consciousness, the ant will continue to be an ant for a long time, but it is not so for a man. In spite of all this, not all the ants are alike. Here, on the mountain there are ants that are pure vegetarians. They eat exclusively the grains of some plants. They do not eat any other food. If even the ants bear the strict vegetarian food, how much more the man should differ from all the other beings by the way of his feeding. The most natural and healthy for the human soul are the foods that originate from Love. Such are Light and heat. They are fruits of Love. Until it feeds with bright thoughts, the human soul will never get hungry. It is only under these conditions that man can struggle for Love. As soon as man aspires to Love, a light and new area for work is being opened for him.


Apostle Paul says: “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” The whole world and Nature provide opportunities and conditions for manifestation of the Divine Love, that people will ever try. Untold riches, opportunities and conditions are provided for everyone. For each man, God has foreseen countless opportunities. Then should he get discouraged? In order to develop properly, man should look upon all the people as conditions that are to stimulate him to go forward. If he does not view them as such, he himself will stumble. The one, who understands Life, will look at the Light, good, and strength as conditions, through which God manifests Himself. So, every man that has rationality, goodness, and strength, is a good not only to his fellow man, but to all the other living beings as well.


Now, as you have come here to the mountain, eat the fruits of Love, so that you may revive yourself. Some people, without being old, think that they have grown old. The most difficult thing for the man is to grow old, though. Since the world has been created, there are 24 old men who are in heaven. Now, the last old man is in a process of creation, so that they might become 25. There are many old men on Earth, though. You can meet an old man at every step here. These are actors on the stage, though – not old men. They should be announced as candidates for rejuvenation. As far as the old age and the process of growing old are concerned, this is an idea unattainable today. The only unattainable and impossible thing for a man is the ageing process. The only attainable and possible thing for a man is the rejuvenation process. Therefore, revive your thoughts, feelings and strength, so that you can resemble rational children. Bear within yourself the Divine Knowledge, Love, and Strength.


August 2, 5 a.m.


 [M1]Unclear – might even what before he tastes it?


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