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1922_04_26 THE LAW OF KARMA

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Беседата на български


Note 5p




Year 1, Lecture 9 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class)

Given by the Master Beinsa Douno

April 26, 1922 – Wednesday

19.00h, Sofia




Secret Prayer


Next time please write on the following topic: “The Place of Beauty in Nature”.


I am going to speak now about the law of karma. If you want to learn more, you can read about it in all the books written in foreign languages  –  German, French, English, Italian. I will treat this topic from the viewpoint of Divine science.


Karmic law originates from the very moment a human being starts its journey away from God. The action or manifestation of this law begins with the polarization of the human being, i.e. with the emergence of two poles in the world. Polarization means a division of human consciousness into positive and negative, ascending and descending, or at the highest level: awareness of Love and awareness of Wisdom. These are the two poles in a human being.


You would ask, “What is the reason for the division of human consciousness?” It happened because the wish to appropriate and master things was introduced into each individual, into each human self. These two poles, which developed separately from one another, went in two different directions and forgot that they were sides of one whole. Therefore, once they were divided, they felt the inner impulse to possess one another in a mechanical way. And wherever mechanical possession of things exists, violence is born. In contrast, Nature only requires voluntary sacrifice from human beings. Nature says, “Humans are brothers and they should sacrifice themselves for one another voluntarily, out of Love.”


I will give you now a definition of the word “sacrifice” from a spiritual point of view. Sacrifice means a “law of proper growth and development”. Why? Because only entities that grow, blossom and give fruit are able to make sacrifices.


Let us return to the question of karma. How did this law appear? When the first consciousness in the world limited the second one, conditions for karma were created. I will clarify this idea with the following example: suppose that Nature has placed two people, equally rich and intelligent, in a position to trade with each other. They need one another, yet each of them wants to take possession of the wealth of the other one. At last one of them succeeds and the other one is left without means. What should he do? He should become a servant to the person who managed to take everything. So one of them will be a master and the other one – a servant. In that sense, the masters in the world represent the first consciousness that gained supremacy over the second consciousness. Servants represent the category of those people, whose consciousness was subdued by the first consciousness. However servants have still preserved their wish to become masters and to rule over others. So when a master has many servants, soon they begin to unite and organize themselves in an attempt to overthrow him. One day they will catch him and beat him up really well. After that they will become masters and he will become a servant. Thus the two sides of human consciousness exchange their places and their roles.


When I am speaking about the karmic law now, do not think that you will comprehend it at once in its fullness. I am asking you, how can evil appear among the disciples of a spiritual school? It will emerge if one of them decides that he wants to become a master, to dispose оf everyone else's knowledge. Evil will also emerge if one of them decides to impose one’s own will on others: i.e. if he has an idea which he insists that everyone should accept. Or someone may have a certain habitual behaviour or certain powers, which he may want to impose on others at any cost. However disciples should be aware of the existence of a law which regulates the actions and manifestatoions of all living creatures. Nature has placed each force within certain limits or frames of development. Once a certain force reaches its possible level of expansion, it will start working in the opposite direction. As long as people don't know your inner private intentions, they are inclined to listen to you and obey you. Once they understand what your hidden intentions are, they start opposing you. This counteraction is a result of the law of self-preservation, of maintaining one’s freedom.


Therefore, the law of karma can be balanced out only when humans are ready to make sacrifices for others, to become their servants and to acknowledge the rights of every living creature. You should give others the rights you want for yourselves; you should send others the blessings you wish for yourselves. Everyone has the right to develop one’s mind and heart, to work towards the strengthening of their will, irrespective of whether they are educated or not, rich or poor, servants or masters. One person's riches are everyone's riches; one person's rights are everyone's rights. The difference is only in the way of using and applying these riches and rights in everyone’s Life.


Disciples may be subject to a certain danger, a so-called vampirism, i.e. ability to suck one’s vital energies out. Only those who understand the laws of the occult are able to do it, but it is absolutely forbidden. In the School you have joined, parasitism is absolutely prohibited. Sponging one’s vital energies is nothing other than parasitism. Those who dare to do it will bear the consequences of their disobedience. Disciples should be highly conscious in order not to misuse the inner powers they have acquired.


Many spiritual schools maintain the belief in their disciples that the power of human beings is hidden in their thought. It is temporarily true, but in reality the power of a human being is neither in its thought nor in its feelings, nor in its will. These are just human expressions but they are not yet the source that brings power. It is the same as to think that each expression of love is real love, manifest in its completeness. Sometimes Love is expressed in form, at other times – in content or in meaning, but these separate expressions of love do not yet represent Love in its fullness. I will give you some examples so you can get a clear idea of Love which has been manifest in form, content and meaning. For example, when a worker who is passing by a river sees a drowning person, he goes into the water, grabs this person by the hand and pulls him out of the water onto the bank. Then he says to him: “Come, go home now!” This is an example of a physical manifestation of love – love which has been manifested in form.


A second example: a person who has not touched food for several days is walking down the street. A stranger meets this person and reads on his face that he is very hungry. The stranger stops and invites the hungry person to his home for a refreshment. He gives him enough food and after satisfying his hunger, says: “Now you may go home.” It is a manifestation of the content of Love.


A third example: you meet a young and studious person who wants to study and acquire knowledge. You are a teacher of several subjects, so you offer him lessons. You teach him for one or two years and when you see that he has acquired some knowledge, you say to him: “Now you are able to continue your studies alone. Keep making efforts and you will succeed.” It is a manifestation of the meaning of Love.


I am asking you, do you think that if you help a drowning person or feed a hungry one or give knowledge to an uneducated one, you will manifest Life completely? No, Life and Love can be expressed in its entirety only if you live in the Causal world, where all live for one and one lives for all. In that world the well being of each person is common well being, and  common well being is the well being of each and everyone. Based on this law, the joys and the grief of every creature, irrespective of how small it may be, should be sacred to you. It could be a fly, for example, but you should treat it in the way you treat a human being. That is the only way to bring joy to God. But only God is capable of directing His attention to small things. Humans pay much more attention to things of greater scale.


Now since you have come to this School to study, you need to exclude lying from your life completely – not the slightest trace shall remain of it. It is the only thing that is not forgiven to the disciples of this School. All other mistakes may be excused, but lying – never! If a lie enters your mind, protect yourself from it as if it was fire! Falsehood is a principle that will lead you to the contradictions of Life, which you can hardly free yourselves from. When someone falls into a difficult or helpless situation, he immediately resorts to lying and says: “It is impossible to live without lying!” No, it is impossible to live without Truth, but you can certainly live without lies.


Therefore, write the following sentences, which are valuable rules in life:


It is impossible to live without Love, but one can live without hatred.

It is impossible to live without Wisdom, but one can live without foolishness.

It is impossible to live without Truth, but one can live without lies.


If you say the opposite – that it is impossible not to tell lies, it turns out that falsehood generates Truth, which it is not true. If you say that it is impossible to live without foolishness, it appears as if foolishness generates Wisdom, which is not true either.


When we speak about the law of karma, we have different types of relationships in mind. For example, relationships between servants and masters, students and teachers, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers - all these are karmic relationships. Mothers and fathers represent one of the moderating circumstances of the karmic law. According to this law, all beings are placed in close or distant relationships to one another so that they can pay their debts. Contemporary people should understand this law, so that they are able do away with their karmic debts properly. Otherwise, if they do not understand this law and its requirements, they will create new karmic relationships between themselves that will need to be settled in the future. For example, if a master treats his servants badly, he will become a servant in some future life and his present servants will be his masters. He will have to serve them for a long time until he pays his debt off. So if you ask yourself why you should serve someone, the reason is hidden in your past when you tried to subdue someone's will and make him your servant. This, however, is absolutely forbidden! To subdue someone’s consciousness means to subdue the Divine element in someone to yourself, thus trying to make it your servant. However this is the single impossible thing in the world - subjugation of the Divine to human will.


The liquidation of karmic debts needs inner work towards the transformation of one’s thoughts and feelings. Theosophists speak about high and low manas, high and low mind, spiritual and material nature, or the two poles in each human being. Your work on yourself expresses itself mainly in the following: moving from one pole to the other, mostly from the lower pole to the ascending one. And it is true that if you want to appropriate something in an emotional way, by way of your feelings, you will create negative karma for yourself, and you will clear this negative karma when you set people free. If you demand from a friend of yours to love you and to show you his love, he will put a halter on your head, goad you from behind and ask you if you agree to be loved in this way. This is the way karma between two people is created. The law of karma is an awful thing! A karmic relationship may start with a single bitter word which was said to someone in some unfavourable circumstances. This word could be pronounced in a fictitious way, kindly, with a smile, but if it is bitter it will produce its negative effect. Irrespective of how a word is said, if it is bitter, it will bring thousands of negative consequences. Therefore, be cautious about each feeling and thought of yours. Before you let them out, filter them carefully to avoid impurities coming out at the same time. How will you do it? By using suitable filters. From a spiritual point of view, the human heart, mind and will are like filters which purify human feelings, thoughts and actions. Each thought, feeling and action should pass through the human mind, heart and will, in order to be filtered. Only after this filtration has occurred should they be planted in the garden of the soul.


One doesn't need to be clairvoyant at all in order to see how karma between two people has been created. Without any use of clairvoyance you can understand how and when a karmic relationship has emerged. Even the slightest violations of the law of Love lead to the polarization of the human brain: it happens when more energy is gathered in one of the hemispheres of the brain compared to the other, as a result of which a person gets angry and starts offending his friends. If more energy is gathered in the left hemisphere of the brain, a person becomes very kind and polite, but not as a natural expression of kindness. It can be noticed in such cases that the muscles on the right side of one’s face begin to contract and shrink, and then you see certain disharmonious tics on the face of that person, caused by his disharmonious thoughts, feelings and actions. If these unconscious facial motions continue for a longer time, it may happen that the mouth becomes warped, because the muscles on one side of the face shrink, while on the other side they expand. The law of karma will leave its mark on one’s face, eyes or some other part of the body within a short period of time. For example, if a person often tells lies, some of his muscles shrink and the ray coming from his eyes starts pointing down towards the centre of the Earth. If such person looked himself in a mirror and saw this ray pointing towards the Earth, he wouldn't like his own appearance.


Now, when you write about Beauty, you should know that Beauty originates from the inner harmony inside a human being. One needs to be absolutely pure in order to attain and maintain this beauty within oneself!


Now, write down one more of the rules of life which is the following:


Introduce Truth into your souls,

Light into your minds,

Purity into your hearts.


So, write this rule down and every time you go to bed ask yourself whether Truth is in your soul, Light – in your mind and Purity – in your heart. How will you know this? If Truth is in your soul, it will set you free. If Truth is in your soul, you will do things with vigour, thus giving freedom to yourself and those around you. If Light is in your mind, it will bring you knowledge. Light is the conductor of knowledge. If Purity is in your heart, you will be strong in every way. Sometimes when you notice mistakes and negative feelings in your fellow men, you are ready to judge them. No, according to the law of karma you should correct whatever mistake you have found in your fellow man yourself. Try to correct even the smallest mistake that you observe in your friend.


You would ask, “How can we correct the mistakes of others?” I will give you an example that will show you how. A young person from the town of Varna went to an Evangelical bookstore owner to buy some books. When the bookstore owner saw him, he said, “A few weeks ago a friend of yours borrowed some money from me. I did him a favour, but he has not come to return his loan yet. This is what your friends are like!” – “How much is his loan?” – “Such and such an amount.” – “Here you are, take this money and consider the account settled. I am one with my friend.” With this act the young person proved that he and his friend were honest people. This is what I call noble character.


Therefore, if you hear negative talk about your friends, pay for them and say: “I am one with my friends!” How would someone behave who doesn't have such morals? Upon hearing bad words about his friend, he would say: “Yes, it is true that my friend has this weakness, he is somehow neglectful, but I will talk to him and tell him to pay.” There is no need to talk. The School you have joined does not allow talking in such cases. Disciples are required to pay for their friends and to settle their debts. And when you meet your friends later on, do not mention anything to them. If you apply this method, you will come to experience its positive effect.


The above mentioned method is for those who are ready to pay for their good friends, but not for those who have the possibility to pay, yet they leave their friends to settle their debts on their own. This is violence and misuse of people’s conscience and it will result in negative karma. One day such people will lose their good friends and will have to pay for themselves. If you have good friends and you rely on them to settle your debts, you are on the wrong path. One day Providence will place you in the same position – you will need to pay double with the interest. Those who think that they can outwit the law of karma are mistaken. The Bulgarian proverb, “The old fox walks straight into the trap”, fits such people perfectly. You should not play with your karma. It is the creditor. It does not allow any delay, even for half a day. It does not accept any excuses – you will pay the precise amount of your debt, together with the interest. It does not remit even the interest. The law of karma is strict. It will grant you your freedom only after you have settled everything.


You should know that all good thoughts and wishes that humans generate get polarized in one direction or another. When you understand the law of polarization you will be able to see that everything in Life is polarized. You say, for example, that there are new teachings and old ones. Let the old teachings function in the roots of the tree and the new teachings - in the branches. The old teachings will serve to fertilize the tree which will grow and bear fruit, and the new tree – the New teachings - will develop from there. According to the New teachings, the law of karma will not be a cause for fear in humans. Why? Because you will know that karma likes brave people. Be brave enough to receive your karma well – as a dear guest who is paying a visit to you. If you try to escape from it, it will reach you with the stick and beat you up. Karma possesses some nobleness of character - it will beat you up, spit on you, but in the end will pass you by without doing you any harm. Karma possesses the character of a bear. When it wants to attack someone, it goes around him, strokes its hair, pretending that it does not see him. Its hair becomes soft while this person’s hair stands on end. If karma does not want to attack someone, it walks around him, bristles, stands up on its back legs, spits on him and goes away. In this case the person gets away with his skin intact, but he has experienced a real fright. Karma is like a bristled bear for brave people: it will walk to them, stand up on its back legs and spit on them, but then it will go away with the words: “All right, I will let this one pass.” You should thank karma that it has not touched your skin. The fact that it has spat on you and given you a fright is nothing, the main thing is that you you were left to live. When you know this, you will solve the problems of your life accordingly. If you come to a big disaster, say to yourself, “My beloved karma has bristled up, it is spitting on me, but it can't do more than that.”


You would ask, “What shall we do and how shall we live so as to avoid the creation of karmic relationships between people?” I will give you an example and you will draw your own conclusions. Visualize two parallel railways with trains going in two opposite directions – East and West. Suppose that a hundred trains go East and they are located along one of the rail tracks at an equal distance from each other. If the trains maintain the same speed, there is no danger of clashing. If their speed differs, however, clashes will be inevitable. Therefore, according to the law of karma, it is not important if trains go East or West, but their speed is of vital importance. Trains need to move with the same speed. Consequently, when two people move in the same direction with a different speed, they will surely face a collision. If the speed of a train is a hundred kilometres per hour and the speed of another train is eighty kilometres per hour, no danger of collision exists, but if the speed of the first train is eighty kilometres per hour and that of the second train is a hundred kilometres per hour, there is a probability of collision, especially at night. In order to avoid the collision, the second train should reduce its speed to become at least equal to the speed of the first train and by all means it should keep some distance from the first train.


Now, for as long as you live among people, you should be neither too smart nor too foolish. Why? Both foolishness and smartness are karmic laws. If you are too smart, you will go very fast and you will collide whit those who are slow. If you are too foolish, you will go very slowly and clash with those who are fast. You will have the same results in both cases. How should you behave then? You should be as intelligent or foolish as those around you. You would ask, “When and how should we manifest our intelligence?” You should save your power to be used in better times. For example, if a slow train goes before you, you should reduce your speed. If your way is clear, i.e. if there is no other train before you, you can release your full speed.


In two weeks from now, make a summary of everything that was said until now. Next time write on the topic: “Application of Karma in Life”. Today I outlined some ideas about karma which can help you prepare your essays and I am going to talk about this later on again. When your essays are ready, everyone can read his essay out to the class and the rest of you will discuss it. Any critical remarks should comply with the rules of the New teachings. Criticizing means saying only things which are true and which you are absolutely sure about. Criticizing implies presenting things as they are in Nature.


You should spend no more than an hour daily for your work on the lectures and for writing your essays. As far as the essays are concerned, ten minutes are sufficient. When you write your essays on karma, consider the following thoughts: 'If you are in front, move faster! If you are at the back, move slower!' This topic comes as a response to some ideas from the new philosophy. However these ideas solve the problems only partially. Why? The situation will be different  if there is a second train behind you as well as a third one. In this case you will take into consideration the following rules: if someone moves in front of you, give way and let him go as fast as he wants! If you are behind, go slower! These are four significant positions in Life that should always be observed. Therefore, I am saying that when disciples want to go faster, the Master cannot give them the right to go with a higher speed. While you are disciples in this School, go slowly! After you have finished this School, activate all your powers and go as fast as you can. If there is someone ahead of you, do not hurry but reduce your speed. Whoever is at the back should go slower.


These are symbols which you need to turn into actual deeds. What does fast speed correspond to? It corresponds to Virtue. Therefore be fast, stay in front when you do Good, and keep it slow, i.e. stay at the back when you do evil. This is a translation of phenomena that can be observed in Life and in Nature. In other words, the phenomena of the physical world should be translated into the language of the Spiritual world and the other way round – the phenomena of the Spiritual world should be translated into the language of the physical world. Only then will things become clear. Therefore high speed represents Good and low speed – evil. If you get angry often, you should know that you will move to the rear and will advance slowly.


In the future, if any issues of importance arise between you, you can write them down and we can spend some of our time discussing them.


Secret Prayer

Edited by Viktoriya

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