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Беседата на български


Note 5p




Year 1, Lecture 10 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class)

Given by the Master Beinsa Douno

On 3 May, 1992

Wednesday, Sofia




Secret Prayer


There was a presentation of the disciple's essays on Beauty.


I am asking you, what is Beauty? Can Beauty be seen or felt? How will you draw a beautiful face? When you look at some people, you like them when they strike a certain pose. For example, they are beautiful when they stand still in silence, but when they laugh, they become ugly. For others, it is just the opposite – they are beautiful when they laugh, and ugly when they are silent. How will you explain this: imagine a round, ball-shaped face with small eyes situated close to the nose. Is this face beautiful? It is not. Is a face beautiful, if the eyes are placed at a big distance from the nose? It is not beautiful either. What will you say then about a big, round face with big or small ears? Again, you will say that it is not beautiful. What should the size of the ears be? Your likes and dislikes show that you have a certain inner measure or a scale for estimating things. Therefore, what is important in each case is not what different authors have said about Beauty, but what your inner understanding is. Different authors' views will only serve as an explanation and a supplementation to your view.


People long for Beauty, they perceive Beauty, but if you ask them what Beauty is, what its outer features are, they will not tell you anything in particular. A beautiful face is one that will maintain its basic features in all conditions of Life. Whether sad or unhappy, serious or joyful, the basic features will always remain the same. If one’s eyes are small and close to the nose, this is an indication of low impressionability. Small eyes are a sign of parsimony. Large eyes are a sign of wastefulness. In other words, people with small eyes are poor and people with large eyes are rich and capable of squandering their wealth.


As a general rule, a beautiful face is a face in which all parts are placed proportionally to each other. For example, the forehead, the nose and the chin should each take up a third of the whole face. In addition, the facial form should not be completely round but somewhat pear-shaped and pointed. When you see a very round face, it is due to a certain quantity of fat accumulated around the chin. A face loses its beauty as a result of this excess fat. Everyone today longs for Beauty, but outer beauty has caused great evil in the world. Beauty should exist on the inside, not on the outside. Inner beauty expresses itself in a flexible lively face. A beautiful face also indicates inner depth, great sensitivity and a nobleness of the soul. In a beautiful face curved lines should prevail over straight ones. Straight lines show that electricity prevails in a certain person; curved lines are an indication of magnetism. Some people have beautiful foreheads, but their ears and chins are not beautiful. In order to determine which forehead, nose, mouth, chin, beard and ears are correct in size and beautiful in form, one needs to apply Nature' measure which uses strict mathematical and geometric rules.


Those who try to lead beautiful inner lives will also acquire Beauty on their faces. For example nobleness, purity and tenderness give softness and clearness to one’s eyes. If personal feelings are predominant in someone, it will give serenity to his eyes, but this serenity will lack softness. The look in their eyes will be coarse and rigid. In general, the eyes play an important role in one’s life. That is why if a negative thought enters your mind, if a bitter or rough feeling enters your heart, do your best as disciples to get rid of it. Take the hammer in your hand, cut and chisel them like a mastered sculptor, process them until they are fully softened. You need great self-control for this. Not only students, but teachers too need self-control. Contemporary teachers in music are cross when their students sing out of tune. If teachers could keep their self-control and presence of spirit, they would easily correct their students. Under the influence of such serenity, even the worst student would be able to improve their voice and start singing beautifully. If a teacher gets angry, the tones that the students produce get shortened and they start singing out of tune.


When I am speaking about Beauty now, I have in mind the human soul which is beautiful by itself. The beauty of the soul always needs to take some form or another and the more beautiful a certain form is, the closer it is to Truth. For example, your essays on Beauty were beautiful but only when it comes to external expression. However they weren't as good internally, i.e. in content and meaning because they didn't contain Truth in them. The first thing which is required of disciples is to make place for Truth in their lives. Every single thing which contains the Truth as it is, without any additions, exaggerations or understatements, is beautiful.


I will give you a few rules for writing your essays. Calm down completely before you start writing. When your work is ready, read it out loud to see how it sounds to you. In addition, observe the effect it has on your mind and your sympathetic nervous system. It is well done if it affects both of these systems in a harmonious way. Read your essay two or three times to make sure that it sounds good. If it sounds good to you, it will sound good to others too. And the other way round – if it does not sound good to you, it will not satisfy others either. Disciples need to present works which sound good and which are pleasant to listen to. Each text that is pleasant and sounds good to you will be good for us to listen to as well.


You should also learn to write concisely, but clearly and conceptually. When we have time, I will give you an example with an idea which has been expressed in three different ways, so that you may see which form is the best one. It will also be the most beautiful one. Therefore, each idea could be expressed in three different ways. It is good for you to read beautiful descriptions, so that your sense of the beautiful and the delicate can develop. The Bible story of Joseph is beautiful and it would be good for everyone to read it.


Now, I will give you an example with an idea which has been expressed in three different ways. This is the idea of Life. I say, Light brings Life, Love brings Life, Truth brings Life. In this case, what kind of Life does Light bring? What kind of Life does Love bring? What kind of Life does Truth bring? Can Truth bring Life directly? Certainly, there is some difference between Life which has been brought by Light, Love and Truth respectively. Therefore the object of Truth is Freedom, the object of Light is Knowledge and the object of Love is Life. When we say that Light brings Life, we consider Light to be a prerequisite for humans to be able study. They need to have Love as well in order to be able to study. Therefore Light brings Life to Knowledge, in order to give Freedom to humans. Truth brings Life in the same way.


So when you write your essays in the future, you should read them out loud several times and correct them if there is something you dislike. When you read your work out loud and it sounds good to you, you will see that it will be appreciated in class too. Write slowly, patiently, without haste. Spiritual science demands geometrical accuracy from disciples. The sheets of paper you will use can be small or big according to your preference, but regular in form. They can be triangular, rectangular or anything else, but by all means regular in form. Your handwriting should be neat and beautiful. It is not enough to speak about Beauty only, but to act in beautiful ways as well. Many of you will start writing beautifully and legibly, but at the end their handwriting will become nervous and unreadable. This shows that they are not in agreement with themselves and that they have some weaknesses. Fight against your shortcomings until you overcome.


I am saying, remember all the writing rules I gave you and apply them. You should know that each thought, feeling and action of yours, good or bad, are imprinted in your consciousness and have their influence on it. Thus what is ugly and negative will help you realize what is beautiful, noble and positive in Life.


Secret Prayer

Edited by Viktoriya

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