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1931_11_01 Born Again

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Born Again (anew)


"Except a man be born again he can not see the Kingdom of God."

John 3:3


"Born again." I will compare these words to a precious stone, which is on the finger of a person. This person may be a young maiden, a young man, or he may be a king, a prince, or an ordinary man. He who looks upon the stone, admires it and wonders if there is some relation between it and the man who is wearing it. It is a scientific question as to whether there is a relation between the precious stone and people. That which can be taken off and put upon the fingers of men can have only a temporary re1atlon to them. There are thoughts similar to these rings with precious stones. Man deposits such a thought in his mind and all men see it. However, after a short tine, that thought disappears. Such thoughts can be constantly put in and taken out of the mind, as rings are put on and takes off the fingers of man. One can understand the transitory in life by these thoughts that which has a temporary relation to them. This does not show that these thoughts are lost, but that they only change their places, as a ring can pass from one hand to another. A ring can be worn by thousands of hands, but that does not mean that it is lost. When such a ring gets attached to a person, it remains upon his finger for a longer time. Wherever this ring passes, it bears upon itself the imprint of the people who have worn it. The same thing is true of our thoughts. Every thought bears the imprint of the character of the man through whose mind it has passed. It bears as many imprints as the number of heads it has passed through. Not only the character of man, but his whole life, convictions, virtues etc. are imprinted on the thoughts. Therefore, all thoughts and desires which enter and go out of a man, return to the invisible world. By means of these thoughts can be determined the character and the life of people as well as the life of a whole epoch. And now as you are listening to this talk, in the invisible world the beings are already determining how you listen, what you have understood and what can become of you.


Someone may say that these things do not interest him, but I say: only the foolish man is not interested in anything; the prudent man is interested in everything. If the ignorant man is not interested in wisdom, then wisdom will not be interested in his ignorance; if the ignorant is interested in wisdom, then wisdom will be interested in his ignorance. If the evil man is interested in virtue, virtue will be interested in his evil. These are relations existing in life. In this sense, God is interested not only in the upright, but in the sinful people also. In which sinful men is God interested. — In those who are interested in the Divine Love. Someone goes to God and begins to tell Him that he is of noble birth, that his father and mother have been eminent and noble etc. but God is not interested in these things. He is interested in your father, forefather or mother in so far as they have been interested in Him. And actually, the value of man depends upon the extent he has been interested in the Primary Principle and is in connection with it. If you are not interested in the Primary Principle, it does not care at all about your father and forefathers.


When contemporary people read or listen to some philosophy, they say without much thinking: this is a foolish philosophy. Why? I say: two quantities, each one of which is equal to a third quantity, are equal among themselves. This is a mathematical maxim which can be applied to life. For instance, when two bad people, love equally a good man, they are in a certain relation among themselves. When it is said about a man that he is bad, he is relatively bad: for certain people, he is bad, in certain respect, while for others, he is good, in another respect. The bad man emanates an odor. He is like a merchant who displays all his goods. Whatever goods he has, he exposes them in front of his shop. Who can be called bed? A bad man is he who wants to earn much money quickly; a bad man is he who wants to live fast; a bad man is he who wants to become rich, learned, and strong at once, so that, he can command people. Thus, the evil in man lies in his unnatural desires, on account of which he is always in a restless state like the waters of an ocean. The bad man says: — I can not live in any other way. I am what you see me and can not change. The bad man always hurries, for be does not stop to think much.


Now, the bad man is not the subject of my talk, but I am only explaining certain positions in life. For instance, many people consider as bad, the man who has stolen something or lied to someone. Suppose that a man who has made up his mind to kill someone and has an excellent revolver in his pocket, visits a bad man. The bad man searches his pockets and discovers the revolver saying: this revolver is for me and not for you. Is he a bad man? No, he is a noble man, because he does a noble act. That visitor has decided to commit a crime, but seeing the revolver is not in his pocket, he becomes angry, but finally he is reconciled and gives up the idea of the crime. A rich man decided to go to a poor man with the idea of bribing him to do a crime. The pockets of the rich man are full of money, but on the way a thief robs his money and continues on his way. The rich man becomes enraged, at first, wants to catch the thief and report him to the police, but after considering the purpose of his money, he decides to leave the thief alone. Is the thief, in this case, a bad man? I say: It is not right to steal, but if someone robs the purse or the revolver of a man who is on the way to commit a crime, that robbery is in its place. It is temporary, for the rich man will regain his money and revolver on the next day after he has realized his mistake. Thus, as long as life is in the present phrase of its development, there will be both temporary and constant relations among people. If man wishes to interpret the mystery of his life, he must turn his attention to the new philosophy of life. At present, man has fixed his attention upon the daily matters of life and does not pay attention to the new which is coming. The daily questions of life are also important, but their solution must take the last place.


"Born again", You say: this house must be made anew. Therefore, the new does not bear any patchwork. The new excludes the old. Someone says: old science, old religion, old truth etc. But I say: a science which grows old is not true, it is an ordinary science; a truth which grows old is not an absolute, but a temporary truth; love which grows old is not a great love, but another one of the ordinary people; virtue which grows old is not durable, but timely, transitory virtue; thoughts, feelings and acts which grow old belong to the common order of things. The true science, the absolute truth, the great love, the right thought, the noble feelings, the sublime acts never grows old. If the word 'old' is employed in the ordinary sense of the word, it means a wrong direction in life. We could say, for instance, 'an old truth', which means — a truth which does not change; it is an absolute truth, equally important for all times and epochs. We are not interested in the sun which has already set, but in the sun which will rise now.


And after all this, people will come to convince me that the sun which has set will rise for me. I am not interested in that kind of sun. How can people behind my back interest me? I can be interested only in those people who are before my face. On the same basis, only that food which is before my mouth and not behind my back, can interest me. Why? — Because, in order to take the food which is behind my back, I must turn around at an angle of l80 degree, which would change the whole coarse of my evolution. That food, placed behind my back, represent some bait or trap in my life. I am moving toward the East, but someone places that food behind my back — on the west. If I should turn around to receive that food, I shall lose the direction of my movement. You ask: how will you lose the direction of your movement? Imagine that I walk in a dark, stormy night and have fixed my gaze eastward. Someone has put food behind me, which I must take. I think that if I turn around to take the food, I shall lose the direction in which I am moving. What must I do then? Either walk forward without turning around, or turn to take the food and then wait several hours until the sun rises and I see my right direction. In such, a case, I prefer the food to wait than to lose ay way.


I ask you: what application has this philosophy to your life? — None at all. In order to apply this philosophy to life, it must become real. I shall give you an explanation to this philosophy, in order that it may become perceptible and acceptable to your minds. Imagine that a man is falling in a well. Does that man need many promises that they will come to take him out of the well, when no one comes? What does the man need in that case? A heavy rope and a man with strong muscles who can pull him out of the well. The whole philosophy in that case is induced in the heavy rope and the man with the strong muscles. He who can drop you in a well and pull you out of there, is a wise and good man. He who can drop you in the well but can not take you out, is a foolish and wicked man. These are maxima which one must meditate upon. People say about a man that he is bad. — Upon what basis do you call him bad? — Because he drops people in the well and can not take them out. Therefore, when the present world is called bad, we understand that people drop one another in the well and no one can take any body out of it.


Now you often hear people say; men do not need knowledge. What do they need then? — Ignorance. What is ignorance? — Dropping down into the well. Others say: freedom must not be given to men! They need laws and limitations.


What is a law? What is limitation? — dropping down in the well. — Men do not need wealth, but poverty! What is poverty? — Dropping down in the well. Can people be fooled by such a false philosophy? When some say that God has created both the poor and the rich, they fool themselves. It must be explained scientifically why there are poor and rich people. In Bulgarian the words 'rich' and 'poor' begin with the same letter 'b' In the Hebrew language, however, the world has been created with this letter. Therefore, wealth and poverty are two elements which participate in the construction of the world.


I say: try to give a concrete definition of a rich man. Can a camel, carrying on its back ten million leva in banknotes, be called rich? Can a camel, carrying a big load of scientific books on its back, be called learned? And finally, can a camel carrying on its back pictures of saints, be called religious? It is strange that contemporary people who have large libraries of scientific books, are considered educated. They are as educated as they are Christians only because they wear Christ's cross on their breasts. Contemporary people wear the cross on their breasts as the camels carry gold on their backs. Many who hear this truth are offended and say: — Are we camels? I ask you: is not a Christian who kills his brother like a camel? In this case he is worse than a camel. And after all that, you will see that Christian with a golden cross on his chest giving his blessing to the arms! Wherein is the humanity of contemporary Christians? Up till now, in the whole history of the development of the animals, I have not met a case where a wolf devours another wolf, or a sheep to devour another sheep. There have been cases when, an ox has pierced the stomach of an other ox with its horns, but to devour another ox — never! However, in the history of the human development, there are numberless cases when a man kills another man. How will you explain this fact? Christ says: "The time comes and now is when everyone who kills you will think he is doing God service." And now when people kill the criminals and bad men, they think that they render service to God. Everywhere you will hear that it is in the right order of things to kill the criminals. I ask you: how can you recognize a criminal? Can a man who has done something not pleasing to the nation, be called criminal or a bad man? If such a man is killed, who will be worse: the man who kills, or the one who is being killed? What benefit has humanity had by this philosophic—religious conception during the past thousands of years? It has not only brought no benefit, but also alll the misfortunes in the world are due to this wrong conception in life, namely, that the bad people must be killed.


"Except a man be horn again." It is time for man to be born again. How? By taking off his old creed, as the snake takes off its skin. The wolf also changes its fur, but it does not change its character. I discuss these questions for those people who want to walk in the new way, to serve the Truth and who want to become citizens of the Kingdom of God. The first condition for the attainment of these ideals is for a man to be born again. You all know the verse in the New Testament where Christ has said: "It is easier for a camel to pass through a needle's eye, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God." Those who do not understand the Eastern language, think that the needle's eye Christ spoke about, is the needle's eye of the needl's people use today. The needle's eye Christ spoke about, represented small entrances before the city gates, which were so narrow, that when loaded camels had to pass through them, they had to be unloaded beforehand, leave their loads outside, the camels had to kneel and thus pass through the narrow entrances. The camels had to pass through the needle's eye because often robbers met them on the way and killed them for their load which they carried on their back.


Thus, in order to enter the Kingdom of God, man must take off his load and be free. This means that man should become free of his old ideas, doubts, suspicions and crimes; or become free of all temporary things and remain only with the essential which has been originally deposited within his spirit, soul, heart, mind and body. After he has left all his baggage outside, man can pass through the needle's eye and feel free. When man becomes free of his unnecessary luggage, which he carries on his back, he can judge whether his attitude and sets in regard to the Primary Principle and his neighbor, are right or not. Until he comes to that state, he will always judge wrongly his own acts and the acts of his neighbor. You meet a friend of yours and say: my friend did not act with me as he should. I ask you: since you complain of your friend, have you always acted right with your friends? — Yes, but he dropped me in the well. — He has acted badly, but do you know that ten years ago, yon acted in the same way with another man? As soon as you realize this, you will say: that which I did ten years ago to a friend of mine, was done to me today, so that I should realize that neither my act, nor the act of my friend is right. Only in this way can you understand that it is not good to drop people down the well. I say: many people today have a philosophy like that of the fox. This must not offend you, because such is in general the philosophy of the world.


One summer day, a large goat walked away from the herd and said: I want to be free from my master, at least, for a short while. He walked with his head up in the air, free from all limitations. As he was walking, he passed by a deep large hole in the ground where he saw a fox meditating and nodding her head to the one and to the other side. The goat asked her: — What are you doing in this hole? — I came to make scientific explorations. — Is it nice down there? — It is very nice, cool end pleasant for work. - May I come down also? — Of course, you may! The hole is broad, there is room for you also. Without much thinking, the goat jumped into the hole, but immediately the fox stepped on his back and jumping out of the hole said 'goodbye' to him thus, leaving him to continue her scientific experimentations. This is called 'cunning'. Such is the philosophy of the world which the intelligent people apply in their life. They say about someone: That is an intelligent man! Why? — Because through cunning he has led someone down the hole. And afterward, in order to come out of the hole, one must pray that someone may come to take him out. This is what the goat did. Up to that time, he had never prayed, but after staying several days in the hole, he began to pray that someone might take him out. He said: I did not do well when I left my shepherd. That fox deceived me to make me jump down the hole. However, after a few days, hunters chased and caught the fox and tore her skin off. If she had remained in the hole, her skin would have remained on her body.


Now let us return to the verse: "Except a man be born again." There are unattainable things in life toward which the human spirit is aspiring. One of the ancient kings had only one daughter who was extremely beautiful, as a result of which she had many suitors. However, the father offered a single condition to all of them which was the following: I shall give my daughter only to that young man who can bring me a coach made of the stuff of light. This coach must move with the speed of light. The King wanted to visit all the worlds outside the earth with that coach and meet the sons of light. The last candidate of the daughter came, finally, a young, educated man, but the king said to him also: — You are intelligent and young and I approve of you, but I shall give you my daughter only if you can bring me the coach of light. — I shall go and think, about it — answered the young man. Since that time six thousand years nave passed, but the young man is still thinking and has not yet thought out where to find a coach of light for the king. And still the king's daughter is not married. I say: six thousand years will pass several more times, but the question will remain unsolved. This is an insoluble question. All contemporary people search the coach of light, in order to marry the king's daughter, but that candidate who can bring such a coach has not appeared yet.


Christ says: "Except a man be born again." He puts the question directly. Man must be born again! He must acquire new ideas, if he wants to enter the Kingdom of God. In this sense, man must know that he can not be saved by that which enters into him; only that which goes out of man can save him; the water which enters the fountain cannot save man, but the water which comes out of the fountain saves him; the light which enters into man does not save him, but the light which goes out of him has the power to save him. In general, all that goes out of man can save him.


Since the light which goes out of man can save him, I ask you: what is darkness and what is light? I shall give you a new definition about light and darkness. All bodies which emit light are called shining, luminous. All bodies, on the other hand, which receive light, i.e. absorb light, are called dark. Therefore, darkness proceeds forth, in all cases, when the light is absorbed by certain bodies. On the contrary: in all cases when certain bodies emit light, there is light. When it is said about certain people that they are dark personalities, it shows that they absorb light, i.e. they only take in without giving anything out. Those people who incessantly emit light, i.e. give of themselves, are light personalities. This law is psychologically true. Notice that when a person nourishes a desire within himself to do good to others, something live and luminous is emitted by his face, which makes him pleasant and beautiful. The moment he says to himself that there is no sense in working for others, but that he must live only for himself, his face darkens, his eyes take on a particular appearance, his mouth looks crooked, his gait and movements change — in a word, he changes radically and attains to a state entirely different from the original one.


Thus, darkness and light differ radically: they are two poles, two contrary states. If you observe how a man moves in the dark and how he moves in the light, you will see the great difference. The scientists of today make experiments in this field, but have not revealed yet; the final results of their observations. When they attain positive results, the will apply them in the education of people. When men know the laws of the manifestations of light and darkness, they will keep in view the conditions under which man must be born again.


"Except a man be born again." The process of being born again has its definite time. Good and evil, happiness and unhappiness, take place at definite times and definite numbers. A man once went to a known cabalist who told him about the meaning of the numbers in life. The cabalist asked him which number he liked and considered lucky for himself. The man said that he liked the number 153. Then the cabalist bold him to come to him after a period of 15e days, saying to him that if he could turn; this number into time and apace, days, hours, minutes and seconds, into a direction of movement, he would be lucky man. If he did not understand that number, he would lose his time in vain. In order to be lucky, man must understand the science of numbers. There exists a science of numbers upon which the whole cosmos is constructed. The whole world is based upon the science of numbers. All manifestations that can be noticed in light and darkness are due to the relation among the numbers; all groupings, all combinations and divisions among the nations are due to the relations of the numbers. And finally, the formation of the brain, the lungs and the stomach of man, are the result of different combinations and relations among the numbers.


Therefore, the possibility of different groupings of numbers, creates harmonious and inharmonious combinations. The harmonious combinations create the harmony in the world, while the inharmonious — create the dissonance. Harmony is the result of the emission of light, while dissonance is the result of the absorbing of light. The dissonances are as necessary in music as harmony is. However, if the dissonances predominate, that is not music. In the present-day harmony there exist two dissonances. Certain contemporary musicians desire to introduce something new in music, namely, to increase the dissonances. However, such an innovation would not be real music, but rather a musical jargon. If the dissonances are increased, there will be a descent in music. In the future, there must remain in music only one dissonance, even two are too many.


Now these are side questions. However, in order to understand what the dissonances represent in life, as well as in the human organism, they must be interpreted. The dissonance must exist, because the human brain is also created in the way music has been created. There is melody and harmony in the human thought also, but there is, at the same time, a union between the melody and the harmony. The melody softens the tone, while the harmony gives it expansion. Therefore, if a man wants to expand, he must employ harmony; if he wants to attain plasticity, he must deposit within himself the melody. The Eastern nations gave greater attention to the melody in music, as a result or which they developed to a high degree their emotions and formed around themselves large marshes. The hard soil in them turned into marshes and ponds. The animals also deal with the melody. For instance, the present-day animals remained in this stage of development on account of the melody. The creation of man, however, started with the harmony. The difference between man and the animals consists in this that the melody predominates in the music of the animals, while the harmony — in that of man. Whenever an animal gets in a tight place, it begins to sing melodiously: it knows the melodic scales; as soon as it is free, it immediately shows its teeth. In order that the animal may understand man, first of all, it must learn and apply in its life the law of harmony.


I say: if you want to be happy and live right, you must unite within yourselves the harmony and the melody, i.e. you must form a connection between the heart and the mind. The melody is the life of the heart, the heart always sings melodiously. The misfortunes of the world are due to the heart, which thinking about its melody, denies the harmony. As a result of this fact, the heart of people today has turned into a mess. The evil in people today lies in the fact that they have a human mind and animal heart to which is due the fall of man. It says in the Scripture: ''I shall take their stony hearts and shall give them a new heart." By the words 'stony hearts' is meant — animal hearts. By 'animal heart', I understand the 'holy egoism', of people. When a man wants others to love, honor and respect him; when he wants to be considered as divinity, but he gives nothing of himself, that defines him as a man who serves the 'holy egoism'. In case he gives two or three thousand leva, he wants all the papers to write about him. If such a man is a writer, anything he writes he carries it in his pocket and reads it to his friends, wishing everybody to know what he has created.


Now there are among yon many poets, musicians, politicians and when I speak about the poets, musicians end politicians, many are offended. I do not want to offend anybody. I do not have in view the human affairs, or in your own language, I am a wholesale merchant and do not deal with small groceries. The power of man does not lie in that which he says, but in that which he does. And God said: "Let there be light!" — and there was light. Some man wants to be respected by the people. It is an easy thing to be respected. How? When you enter a house and whatever you say, you do it. You enter a house where people have neither a candle, nor fire, and you say: — Let there be light! — and there is light. You enter another home where people are hungry, naked and bare-footed, and you say: let the bread comes! And the Bread comes. — Let the clothes and shoes come! And the clothes and shoes come. Don't you think they will welcome you with honor and respect in that home? They will welcome you as an angel of mercy and kiss you at that.


I say: I am preaching that which can be done. That which has been preached till now, that we must love one another, is an old teaching. The popular saying: God. is good, I shall become healthy, is an old philosophy with which you should hare liquidated a long time ago. If anyone says:  God is good, I shell answer him: — I do not understand what you are saying. Two Englishmen meet. The one says 'good-day' to the other. However, the other man has a stomach-ache, that is why he answers: why do you say good-day to me? If this day was really 'good', my stomach would not be aching. The first man takes a piece of sugar from his pocket and gives it to the sick man. As soon as he has eaten the sugar, his stomach-ache is gone. — Now I understand that this day is good. The Englishman said 'good-day' and proved that the day is good. Thus, if anyone says 'God is good', he must prove the truth of his words. Whatever you say, prove that it is just as you say it. You say: it is not given to us to be like God. — It is not given to you to be like God, but you have the right to say 'God is good'. I call the first state a false state, the second — a state of truth.


Now let us return to the question of light and darkness, of light and dark bodies. We said that all bodies which absorb light, are dark. All bodies, on the other hand, which omit light, are light. Therefore, when the process of absorbing the light takes place, we have a state of coldness as a result. Cold is a process of absorbing light, while heat is a process of emitting light. The intelligent man knows the laws which regulate the relations between the absorbing and the emission of light. These two processes take place simultaneously in man. If man does not understand the law of absorbing and does not know how to regulate it, he will experience a certain discontentment. This discontentment will be called forth by the residue of certain thoughts and desires which he cannot realize. He who does not know the cause of his discontentment, tries to find it outside of himself. Actually, the cause is external, but the process of discontentment is internal. Man's discontentment shows that he has taken in more light than necessary, and not being able to assimilate and utilize that light, it causes him great sufferings and misfortunes. When a man receives into himself more love than he can assimilate, it causes him sufferings and misfortunes. All people today are unhappy. Why? — Because of too much love. Someone says: — I am an unhappy man. — You have received too much love. — What shall I do then? — Stop to absorb love. When a man limits love within himself and does not give it a chance to be manifested, he experiences many sufferings and misfortunes. Give generously of yourselves, until love, according to this law of opulence, begins to return to you. This wise giving of love will bring about the salvation you are expecting. Give and fear nothing!


Many people say: — God does not think about us. — Since thousands of years, God has not stopped thinking about people, but they want to force Him to think like then! No man can make God think like him. The greatness of God lies in the fact that in spite of His great, enormous matters, He gives time to the small ones also. I call small matters those, which concern the individual consciousness of man. If God did not have that quality of caring for the small things, all people would have vanished till now.


Now I shall explain by the use of an example, what an individual and what — a collective or Divine consciousness is. The individual consciousness represents the limited state a man is in. The collective consciousness is the freedom and expanse in which a man can move. Imagine that you are in a telegraph station connected by numberless wires with the whole outside world. Your happiness depends entirely upon your communication with the outside world. While you are in that station, you have the possibility to receive the thoughts of the good and wise people of England, Germany, France, Russia — in general, of the whole intelligent world. This is what a collective consciousness means — to live in connection with the whole. However, if the connection with the outside world or the consciousness of the whole, is broken, you remain alone - a small, petty man, isolated from all outside thoughts. You begin to worry that your connection with the intelligent people is broken. Such is the state of a man who lives solely within his individual consciousness.


Thus, as long as man is in connection with all the good and intelligent people, with all the angels and saints, he is satisfied and happy that he can receive their thoughts. As soon as his apparatuses of communication begin to break, man gradually fells into a state of darkness. The moment his last apparatus breaks, he says: — It is dark within me! I say: the last wire of communication with, the rational world is broken in the consciousness of that man. What must he do? — A correction must be made in his station. What is that correction? — He must correct his relations with God — assume a right attitude toward the Primary Principle. As soon as he corrects his relations with the Primary Principle, those of the external, physical world will be changed toward him. There exist certain relations between the microcosmos, i.e. the human world and the macrocosmos, i.e. the Divine world, which show that God thinks about people, but they must also think about Him. As long as these relations are right, people live in light. The moment these relations are broken, men fall into a state of darkness. The darkness, on the other hand, produces a dissonance in life. This is the right philosophy. In spite of all that, many people ask the question why God has created the world in this way, why He has admitted sufferings and misfortunes. I say: The world was created very well, but you, your grandfather and grandmother, burned the sacred books which showed the right way in life.


In ancient times, a poor man once visited a king and complained to him about the poverty he was in. The king gave him a fine golden ring with a large diamond. The poor man put the ring on, his finger and went away. Whoever he met on his way, he told him about the ring the king gave him. Every man stopped and examined his ring; while he told its story. Years in succession he told the story of his ring, until he forgot his poverty. Another poor man went to that king and the king gave him a golden pen. The poor man took the pen and .went away. Up to that time, he had not known how to write, but after receiving that fine pen, he learned how to write well. Thus, he became a famous man. Whenever he met any of his acquaintances, he said to them: — I became a man when I received this pen. A third poor man went to the king and received a star. The poor man placed the star on his chest and went away. In the daytime that star gave his joy and happiness, while in the night it lighted his way. That man constantly told people about his star and the way he had received it. A fourth poor man also went to that king. The king gave him a fine book for reading. However, the poor man could not read. He learned to read out of love for his book and became a learned man. Whoever he met, he showed him his book and told him how he had received it, saying: — I was blind, but since I learned to read and understand this book. I received my sight.


I say: all of you who are gathered here, are of those who have gone to the king. Some of you have received a golden ring, others — a golden pen, a third part of you have received a star, while a fourth group — the book which contains all the secrets of life. And now, he who has the golden ring on his hand will speak about himself that he is a talented man with talents and abilities. He who has the golden pen will tell that he is a famous writer. He who wears the star on his chest, will tell that he is a hero, a strong man. He who has the book in his hands will tell that he is a learned man and will desire people to respect and honor him. It is not enough only to carry that book in your hands. You must understand its deep sense, because all the secrets of life are concealed in it; in it you will find the meaning of the ring, the pen, the star and of the book itself, that book is nothing other than a commentary of the entire life.


Now you must not stop at the contradictions this ring causes; you must not stop either at the contradictions which the pen, the star and the book cause. When a young maiden is marrying, she is given a ring. She speaks during her whole life about her ring. When she has a child and becomes a mother, she visits all her friends to show her ring, i.e. her child. The child grows, becomes a youth, graduates from a university and brings his diploma home. The diploma represents the golden pen of the king. That young man becomes a scientist, graduates from the university in four different fields of knowledge. The mother speaks about the knowledge of her son. Finally, he becomes a prime-minister and takes all the power in his hands. That is the man who is wearing the star on his chest. He constructs roads, canalizes rivers, illuminates whole cities. Everybody praises him and says: — Since that minister came into power, the cities are all lighted. Yes, the cities were lighted, but because of that light people were lost. If one has light, but seeks with that light to kill every man who is suspected in something which is not according to the interest of his country, that light is not in its place. True light is that light which gives life and brings peace and happiness to people. When someone is persecuted in a dark night, he considers the darkness his savior, He prays to God that the night might be prolonged so that people would not see him. The moment the first ray of light appears, his heart quivers, he is terrified at the thought that they may see him and catch him.


Today all people are speaking about science and knowledge and say that knowledge brings light to humanity, which knowledge? There is a knowledge, a science which really brings light; however, there is a science which brings darkness and limitation to people. In reality, there exists a science, a knowledge, but it is important how and where men use this knowledge. For instance, Lambroso threw light upon the signs by which criminals can be detected. However, today this light is not utilized in the right way. The question is not in recognizing and punishing or killing a criminal. This science is necessary for people, in order that they might recognize their good and bad traits and educate themselves. Now when you examine the head, the face and hands of a person, you say: this man is a defected type, he is a criminal. Since you know these signs, you must know also the signs of the normal people. You will find this standard in living nature.


"Except a man be born again, he can not enter the Kingdom of God." In order that a man may be born again, he must undergo a radical transformation. When I speak about, the new which must come, I do not have in view the present order of things. The present order is an exposition of thousands of years. The violence and crimes in the present world have their origin in the thousands of years, but today, they are only manifested. Violence is a result of the past, of a lack of understanding life correctly. As a result of that past, present-day people also have wrong conceptions of life. And all men seek a way to heal themselves of these wrong conceptions. However, the methods they use for their correction do not give good results. The questions can not be solved by these methods. For instance, how can peace be brought about in the world? Who can bring this peace? Today, no law, whatever, can put an end to war and bring peace into the world. If all the men of learning become united and begin to work with the sciences for an annihilation of the war and for peace, they also will not succeed.


I say: There is one unique power in the world which can annihilate war and bring about peace. Which is the power? — The woman. If all the women unite and say: — From today on we shall not give birth to criminals! — They will put an end to the war. And if every mother would say to her son: if you kill your brother, I disown you, you are not more my son! — war will come to its end. Therefore, the salvation of humanity lies in the conscious refusal of women to bear criminals, as well as in the disowning of sons who kill their brothers. In order that this may be attained, not only two or three women must realize their problem, but all the women, as a whole, must be raised higher and begin to work for the salvation of the world.


Today, I address the women! You, on your part, will preach to the rest of the women, because from now on, the women will be held responsible for not fulfilling their problem. If a young man loves a maiden, but soon become cool toward her and begin to love another, the letter must say to him you must return to your first love. I am not better than her. Since you lost your love for that girl, you will also lose your love for me, tomorrow. However, how do the present-day maidens act? When a young man comes to them and confesses his love toward someone, she does not take into consideration the fact that he has loved another girl the day before and today he has lost his love for her, and she accepts his love; the young man will leave this last girl on the morrow, then do the same with a second and a third one. He plays with the feelings of the young maidens and they only reproach him without undertaking any resolute, conscious action. You are the mothers, he is the son, the mothers are guilty and responsible for the acts of their sons. That is the reason why for thousands of years, the women have been beaten until they have come to the state of slaves. They have unbearable sufferings. The law applied on them is implacable. Why? Because they possess the power to solve the question of the salvation of humanity, but do not want to use that power. The women must direct their power toward the whole world and say: - Down with the war! Down with all false conceptions! Down with all pagan teachings!


Now as soon as a girl becomes of age for marriage, she says: Would that God would give me a good husband! God gave you a good, husband — Adam. Eve, who came out of Adam, was originally a fine maiden. a virgin. However, after the fall of man, all the women who where born of her, perverted the world. Eve bore a son - a criminal — Cain. Adam was not the father of Cain, out of Abel. Cain came from another father. It says in the Scripture: "You are the children of the devil." It may be supposed that the devil was the father of Cain. It is impossible for a sheep to bear a wolf. If a sheep bears a wolf, the cause is ridden deeply in life. Abel was the victim of Cain, of the evil in the world. Is it possible for two brothers of the same mother and the same father, to kill each other? Therefore, it is supposed that those brothers came from two fathers: the one — a bearer of darkness, the other — a bearer of light. Today, half of humanity are Cains, and half — Abels. If people live according to the old law which allows criminals to be born, they always will kill each other. The new woman, the new Eve must close the way of Cain, that he may not be born anymore. Cains have no right to be born! The world has no need, of criminals. Let Abels and Siths come, for the world is in need of good people. If you admit Cains in the world, you will have to go and deal with them. They will speak about peace, about this and that reform, while at the same time they will turn the world upside down.


"Except a man be born, again, he can not enter the Kingdom of God." A woman who bear, good and sane children, bears anew. Only the free mother can give birth to good and sane children. The same thing can be noticed in the plants. Every tree which grows at liberty, under good and favorable conditions, bears good and delicious fruit. To give birth to the good, implies the emission, the giving out of light; to give birth to the evil, implies the absorbing of light. Therefore, to be born again means a going out of yourself. All virtues are manifested on the outside when one is born again, but they are not absorbed into oneself. All crimes are manifested in absorbing the light. Nothing can be expected of a man who absorbs light.


Many say that Christ came to earth to save he world. I ask you: how will contemporary people be saved? — By believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. No! a mere belief in Christ is not sufficient for a man to be saved. As Christ came out of God and came to the earth to save humanity, in the same way we must come out of God and work upon ourselves and our neighbors. Someone says: if I once go to heaven, I shall never think of returning to the earth. This shows that that man runs away from sufferings. The invisible world has a particular opinion of a man who is afraid of suffering. He is far from the truth. He who is not afraid of suffering will attain to the true knowledge and become intangible like light. The man of light has at his disposal the wealth and power of the whole world. Christ says: "I have power to lay down my life and to take it up again." Someone says that after praying to God, his prayer was accepted and answered. That does not mean anything yet. His prayer was answered only once and he tells everybody about it. Today his prayer is accepted, but tomorrow it will not be accepted. Such a man can not be free. A free man indeed, is he who can turn into light. He will enter and go out of all places he wishes and will be free under all conditions of life. The free man moves incessantly in light; he traverses all the worlds without any obstacle, he who can not turn into light is a slave of the conditions of life.


When I say that a man can turn into light, I have in view the receiving of the new which bears life, light and freedom. Someone says: I want to walk in the new path. — If you wish, you may enter in this path. I give him a lighted candle and say: take this candle and be careful not to extinguish it. — But if it burns out? Since you ask such a question, you are of the old teaching. The mind of that man can be seen by the question he asks. — As soon as this candle burns out, you will burn out with it. After the first candle has burned out, you will come to me for a second one. — Where will you buy the second candle? — You are not a man from the new teaching. Until I come a second time, many years will pass. You are a man of the old teachings. — Are you speaking the truth, or you are only mocking me? I say: if you are aprudent man, I am not mocking you, but if you are foolish — I am mocking you. You yourself will determine what you are and how I am speaking to you. You ere puzzled about my mind, but I wonder at you why you do not want to accept a teaching which brings you happiness.


Contemporary men doubt whether the truth is spoken to them or not; they also doubt in their love toward each other. I say: every man knows whether one speaks the truth to him or not, whether he is loved or not. The first impression shows this. In that there is hardly any exception. He who speaks the truth to you, he who loves you, the first moment causes in you a sacred thrill. If you do not feel that sacred thrill, no matter how much a man may try to convience you that he loves you, he is not speaking the truth. No matter how much you may force yourself to believe that he loves you, you will not gain anything. He who loves you, gives you a lighted candle. Thus, you will determine the love of that man not by the words he speaks to you, but by the light of the candle which he gives you. The candle speaks louder than all other things. Someone says: — I love you deeply. — Then give me 20,000 leva! — I have not any. — Therefore, you do not love me. If you want 25,000 leva from the man who loves you, he gives you 50,000 leva; if you want 50,000 leva, he gives you 100,000 leva; if you want 100,000 1eva, he gives you 200,000 leva. The more one gives, the more he is a men of love, if you visit the home of such a man, he does not doubt in you and leaves his whole house at your disposal. You say: that is an ideal man! When other people act that way, you call them ideal, but when it comes to you to act that way, you apply another standard. A man went to a restaurant where he ate and drank and said: everything goes very well. When the tine for paying came, he had no money and said: now everything goes very badly.


Today all men complain of the consequences of life. What are the consequences of life? — A misunderstanding of life itself. People do not understand you and you do not understand them. For instance, which of you has understood his brother, sister or friend? Which man today is ready to sacrifice himself for the others as for himself? The apostle Paul says: "There is hardly a man who will sacrifice himself for his friend; however, when we were enemies of God, He sacrificed Himself for us."


"Born again". If you are not born again, if you do not change your conceptions and outlook, but retain your old ideas of life, you will not attain anything. The old life you are leading, will not contribute anything to your progress. The present life of people can be compared, to baked bread which men buy at the bakery-shop and eat up. Then they wait for the other bread to be baked so that they may buy again. They will stay hungry while waiting for the bread to be baked. The future life is like a grain of wheat which you sow in the earth. Once sown, it produces more of itself. If you keep the law, in 12 years that grain of wheat will produce so much grain that the whole earth would be able to be nourished by it. If you create conditions for its development, there will be enough wheat for you and for your neighbors. On the same basis, if you want to be insured, give way to the great Truth! Everyone contains in himself the nucleus of the great Truth, but he must give that nucleus conditions for development. Present-day people expect someone to put a loaf of bread in their sack. As soon as they have a loaf of bread in their sack, they think they are insured. They are insured for a single day, but on the next day they are hungry again.


I say: there is hunger in the physical world, there is hunger in the spiritual world also. You meet a man who loves you. He regards you with kindness and you are glad. As soon as he goes away, you are sad and begin to seek that man. Thus, you are hungry again. If you want to find the one who loves you, go to a forest. When you are sad, go to a pine, beech, or oak tree wood and press your back against a tree, in order to see what result you will have. The trees are your beloved. What will you say to that? You will say that the trees are not intelligent beings. Apparently they are trees, but in them are concealed wise beings with whom you can come in contact. When the saints have fasted in their desire to attain something, they have passed 20-30 years in the forests among the trees. There they lived in prayer and fasting undisturbed by anyone. Whenever the trees say a saint among they, they said: how good this man is! Both the trees and the saint were happy. After certain attainments, the saints went among the people. He who wants to live well must live among the people in the world who are nothing other than trees in the forests. When a man lives among the people in the world, he can become a saint sooner than if he lived among those who love him. A man who loves his wife always watches where she goes, with whom she speaks, to whom she write letters, etc.


An American once told me an experience of his. He was a good and capable man. At one time, said he, I fell in love with a married woman. I felt sympathy for her and she responded with the same. We retained our good, friendly relations and from time to time we corresponded. One day she wrote two letters: one to her husband, who had gone on a journey, and one to me. However, in her hurry, she had made the mistake of placing my letter in the envelope addressed to her husband, and his letter — in the envelope addressed to me. I received the letter and say that it was written for her husband. I wondered whether she had decided to leave her husband and did not know what to make of it. After several days, however, I received another letter from her in which she explained the mistake she had made. She excused herself and asked me to return the letter. She said: I shall easily come to an understanding with you, you will return my letter, but I do not know how I shall come to terms with my husband. After receiving the letter of his wife to her friend, her husband will say: My wife then has another beloved like me. That letter will cause a bitter feeling in his heart and a wrong thought in his mind, which will constantly disturb him.


I ask you: what is wrong, if someone loves two persons? There is something wrong. When? When a man absorbs the light of the person he lovers and retains it for himself, he commits a crime. However, if he gives of his own light to the one he loves, he does good. Therefore, the following law exists in love: if you receive the love of someone and retain it for yourself, you commit a crime; if you receive the love of someone and give of it to others, you do good. Otherwise, if you only receive light and do not give anything, while to another person you only give without receiving anything, you commit a crime. God Himself is against such love. However, if you take and give to all people at the same time, that is a right manifestation of love. God gives in that way also. He is a father and a mother to all, at the same time. Man must have a right philosophy and understand what is good and what is evil, what is a crime and what is not. Crimes are committed when the relations between the absorbing and emitting of light are not regular. It is said: "Freely ye receive, freely give!" In other words: As you take from God, give in the same way. You take life, light, freedom, knowledge, peace, joy. This is what you must give to others. There is an inner impulse in man — to give. He must not stop that impulse. If he gives freely, he will receive freely. The moment you decide to live in this new way, you will have the help of all the good and advanced beings on the earth. These advanced beings form whole societies and live among people, but you do not know the place they inhabit. These beings dispose of great knowledge. They are only waiting for the moment when someone decides to live according to God and they immediately come to his aid. They watch over him and help him.


Many will say: we are already old and what you say does not concern us. It has not happened to us till now, there is no chance for it to happen from now on. The Turks say about the same case: since it has not happened in our fifties, it cannot happen in our nineties. I say: it cannot come to pass for an ignorant and foolish man, but it is possible for the man of genius, for the saint. As soon as man decides to live according to God, if he has been a poet, a musician or an artist, he will be immediately inspired and everything in him will begin to flow like a pure, crystal spring.


"Born again", says Christ. In order to come to this great law, you must all assume a new attitude toward the Primary Principle, The August which brings your happiness. Only in this way can you comprehend the Divine love. God wants all people, without any exception, to be happy. He wants all men and women, mothers, fathers and children, servants and masters, rulers and subjects, to be happy. He wants this not only for the people, but for the animals and plant as well. This is what God wishes everywhere for all beings. You say: can this be? — Yes, it can. This is a problem for the future — the future can realize it. For this purpose, the Divine, the super-consciousness must be awakened. This will not be accomplished in a mechanic way, but by hard, conscious work. The schools, the mothers, the fathers, the minds and hearts of people will help toward the realization of this problem.


Thus, contemporary people know many things, but there are still many things they do not know. For instance, they know where our sun rises and sets, however, they do not know where the sun of life which never sets, rises. They know how the plants which bloom and fade grow, but they do not know where the plants which never wither come from. They know where the springs which flow and dry up, proceed from, but they do not know where the springs which flow eternally, come from; they know there is good in the world, but they do not know where the good comes from. These things can not come from the people. The great thought can not be born in the head of man. It comes from the August Consciousness whose origin is in eternity. Man can only reflect the Divine thoughts, but he cannot give them birth. And the better he reflects them, the more is he a bearer of the Divine. So long as man receives and gives the Divine, all men seek him. As soon as he comes to a state only to receive and not to give anything, he breaks his bond with the Divine and all men abandon him.


How I wish all of you to have a chariot made of the substance of light. I wish all of you to have a golden ring with a precious stone on your hand. I wish all of you to have a golden pen, a star and a book which contains the solved riddles of life. All these things are necessary. If one has these things, he will not beg money from the king, or complain of poverty. Contemporary people realize that they have a mind and a heart, but they deny the soul and the spirit. This means that they acknowledge the ring and the pen, but disacknowledge the star and the book. They say: we do not need a star. Every man must realize that in the first place he has a mind; in the second place he has a heart; in the third place he has a will; in the fourth place he has a soul and in the fifth place he has a spirit, essential and necessary for him. Man must apply in his life all these forces in the service of the great and the beautiful. When men come to this state, they will live in mutual understanding, peace and harmony.


Thus, you must all study the great book of life. This book will give you the true knowledge of life. It will give you the keys by which you will know who speaks and who does not speak the Truth. If you are given knowledge to recognize who loves you and who does not love you, in the light you have today, you will come to contrary results. You will not find the one who loves you, but will rather come against the one who is false to you. If you are given knowledge by which to detect the honest people, you will find the dishonest men. If you are given knowledge by which to discover the wise people, you will come to the imprudent and foolish ones. Finally, of what use shall this knowledge be to you, if in your desire to find the positive qualities of others and yourself, you come across the negative?


I say: every man must strive to acquire the positive knowledge. When he obtains this knowledge, he will realize the forces which operate outside and inside of him. Every given moment man is strong in the very little. The power of man does not consist in his greatness of size — to shine like a sun so that every man might see him. The power of man lies in this that he become so small that nobody could see him. Then he will go in and out of that great world without being seen by anybody. Therefore, the first thing is that man should deal with the smallest thing necessary for him. He must enter the depth of his being and come to a knowledge of his spirit, soul, mind, heart and will. The heart, the mind, the soul and the spirit are outside of man. While his will in the sole power which penetrates the depths of life and investigates it. The will, this small entity, represents man manifested in the physical world. God pays attention to this small thing in man. Man is not yet a spirit or a soul. The only thing which represents man on the physical plane is the will with which the mind, heart, soul and spirit cooperate. So long as man, i.e., the will in him, has contact with the mind, the heart, the soul and the spirit, he has light in himself. The moment this bond is broken, these aiding factors in life withdraw themselves and man remains alone like a dried up bone without any organs; without hands, feet, eyes and ears. He sits on a branch like a bird, swaying to and fro and thinking of his past happiness.


Now, I do not wish to leave in you any pessimistic thoughts, but I say that sin, lovelessness became the cause for man to make the biggest mistake to forget the Source of his life and to separate himself from it. After that came all the misfortunes in the world. As a result of that, humanity today is moving in a contrary direction: today all men are on a crossroad and do not know which way to go. At the present moment, all stand in one place, but they must start in some direction. Every one feels old, discontented, his hair white, his legs weakened, and he only nods his head and speaks about his past. When a man comes to this state, he begins to dream of the other world and wishes to depart sooner for it. I ask you: where can he go with the kind, of mind he has? Contemporary people cannot go even to the other world with the sort of mind and heart some of them have.


"Except a man be born again, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God." The other world is the Kingdom of God. Therefore, to be born again is to be in the other world, "he other world is a world of freedom, of thought, of feelings, of light, of knowledge, of immortality. The other world is a world of abundance. It can be everywhere. Who can deceive us about the other world? The other world can be also on the earth.


"Born again". Except you be born again, you will be slaves of the world. Do not be slaves of men. Be Sons of God! A Son of God implies a man who wants to go out to help humanity. To be a Son of God does not mean that men should glorify you and regard you as something extraordinary, but you must help people that they might acquire freedom also.


Thus, the women must observe one rule, they must be as free as God has originally created them. When God created the first woman, Eve, He put Adam to sleep, that he might not disturb him, in his work. Adam slept for a long time until God created the first woman who was so beautiful that when Adam saw her, he cried: "This is a bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh!" By that, he committed the first mistake. Adam did not say that that woman is spirit of his sprit, or a soul of his soul, a mind of his mind and a heart of his heart. Adam said that Eve is a bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. After that the black adept saw Eve and injected her mind with evil. When he looked at her and spoke to her. Eve obeyed him, ate of the fruit of the forbidden tree after which she said: I found a wiser man than Adam. I say: if a woman sees a man, i.e., her Adam, she must not ask the question whether she is a bone of the bone and flesh of the flesh of that Adam. The man also, on his part, must not ask himself whether that is the woman who has gone out of him. If they think that way, both will make a mistake. When a man meets a woman, he must say: you are the one who have sprung from my mind, my heart, my soul and my spirit. When a woman or a virgin meets a man, she must say: this is he who came out of God. If both say this, they will be born gain and will enter the Kingdom of God. This is the new culture, this is the Kingdom of God! If the men and women don’t think this way, another culture, except the contemporary culture, can have no place on earth. And then no matter how you combine people, they will be unhappy. If they think in the new way, there will always be cooperation and mutual understanding between men and woman. This is the way people must be educated! This is the way they must think!


"Born again". This means that the man must return to the state God create him originally. In the face of woman, he must see the new Eve, the deva, i.e. the sublime, the beautiful, the powerful principle of life, or the Primary Cause which has created everything. Unless man understands the woman, i.e., his heart, he can not understand himself, he can not understand his mind either. Unless he comas to that state, he will be in contradiction with Creation. Why? — Because woman is the last act of God. Therefore, one can judge of the causes and effects by the last act, or the result of things.


"Born again." is means that the woman must return to that state in which God originally placed her. She must see the new Adam, as God at one time created him, in the face of man. He must be a mirror in which she should see the image of the Divine beginning. Unless the woman come to understand the man, i.e. her mind, she can not understand her heart.


Thus, if the heart does not sustain the mind and if the mind does not direct the heart, they can not have normal relations among themselves. Finally, if the will does not aid the heart and mind in the lealization of their aspirations, man would not have any attainments and his life would become meaningless. The mind represents the goal in the life of man; the heart represents the conditions, the means for attaining the goal, while the will is the lealization of the goal, the acquirements of the mind and heart.


The mind, as it was originally created, represents a high mountain summit covered with ice and snow, but always illumined by the rays of the beneficent sun of life, which rises and never sets. These rays melt the snow and the ice of that peak, forming numberless brooks arid springs for watering the life below it.


The heart in its original life, represents a boundless, beautiful valley, abundantly watered by the pure water of the mountain peak, in which grow fragrant flowers and delicious fruit. The heart, this valley of life is no other than the paradise on earth. Today, all men seek this lost paradise. Therefore, the heart is the lost paradise. By the word, heart some understand woman, others — mother, while still others — the virgin. These three conceptions represent degrees in the development of the heart. The lowest state of the heart is represented by the woman, while the highest — by the virgin. The virgin is the goal, the mother represents the conditions, the means for attaining the goal, while the woman is the attainment.


I say: if the woman does not understand the man, if the sister does not understand the brother and if the heart does not understand the mind, there can be no attainments whatever. And inversely: if the man does not understand the woman, if the brother does not understand the sister, and if the mind does not understand the heart, there can be no mutual relations among them whatever. If they understand each other, they will lend one another a helping hand and begin to work successfully for the elevation of humanity, for the elevation of the woman and of the men, for the elevation of the heart and mind. Only in this way will the image of the ideal Adam be renewed in the new Adam. The image of the ideal Eve will be elevated and placed upon that pedestal where God had placed her; she will resurrect in the new Eve. And then the new epoch will greet the two God-chosen ones along with their children.


''Except a man be born again." Therefore, if birth is an important process which requires new, favorable conditions, conception and pregnancy are not less important processes. During the time of pregnancy, the woman must be placed in the most favorable conditions: she must be nourished regularly in a good disposition of the spirit and never eat before sunrise or after sunset. She must breathe deeply, think and feel rightly. Since in that state the woman is very sensitive and perceptive, with a big imagination, her family and she herself must try to create the highest sort of occupations, amusements and means for artistic satisfactions. Her morning alike must be at sunrise so that she should observe the beautiful pictures of the rising sun; then she should walk in gardens where beautiful and fragrant, flower grow and fruit trees bear fine fruit. Wherever life grows and develops there is its meaning. Purity — physical as well as spiritual, is a necessary condition for the pregnant woman. Where can she find a greater purity than in nature? For this purpose she must visit pure springs and rivers whose waters serve as a mirror of her life. The calm, pleasant nights with the sky strewn with numberless twinkling stars, are also of great benefit to the woman who is a future mother.


I say: the mother must raise her child while it is still in her womb, not after it is born. In former state, the child is very receptive while after it is born, it needs only the conditions for the development of that which it has received. That is why the mental life of the pregnant woman must also not be neglected. The best artistic literature must be her mental food. The life of the saints, of the great people, must serve as an impulse of her thought. Beautiful and sublime poetry, fine music and songs must at times break the silence of her life. Calmness and quietness are necessary for the woman — mother, as well as for nature, who during that time performs a great creative act — the creation of man. If you want the fruit of a tree to be good, create the conditions for it and leave it to God.


Born anew, March 3, 1924



Born Again

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