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1920_06_13 Right and Left Path

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Right and Left Path

Public Lecture[1] by Beinsa Duno – Petar Danov

June 13 (May 31O.S.), 1920[2], 10:30 – 12:00, Sunday,

Sliven, “Zora” Community Center Hall

The Sliven Brotherhood Choir sang Pesen na zorata” (Song of the Dawn)[3].


The theme I am going to address now is of great importance. I use the figures “left path” and “right path” as values because there are no other ways of development but these two.

Descent is on the left path and climb is on the right path. The right path is the way, the direction of ascension.

Everything in the world is created by Spirit. However, humankind is at the beginning of its development.

To be able to perceive the ideas flowing into the world [from the higher realms][4], we need to get rid of all side-thoughts [and trifles].

Creating the world God put Power, Wisdom, Glory and Repose in one cauldron.

In this way, violence derived from Power and knowledge from Wisdom. All that came from Glory began to strive in different directions. Repose remained at the bottom of the boiler and God kept it for Himself. Therefore, no rest exists in the world. To take a rest, one should return to God.

The Master gave an example with two Russian bankers who had a bet of 3 million rubles one of them to spend 14 years in solitary confinement. The banker who after the bet stayed isolated in a room read many books and finally began reading the Bible. After finishing it, he said to himself, "I have found the meaning of life. It is in freedom and free development”. There was only one day left to concluding the 14-year period, but he ran out of the window. He had written a note about leaving the room 24 hours earlier and renouncing to receive the reward of 3 million rubles because he became aware that happiness was not in [the mere possession of] money. Meanwhile, the other banker who did not want to lose 3 million rubles decided to kill the confined one, so that to save his millions. He entered the room at night but found only the note that was left.

For 8 thousand years, there have been continuous struggles in the world even among the smallest beings [of creation]. Modern people say that life is a struggle. Life is manifested in struggles presenting a needed impetus [for existence].

Descent into the heart was conducted by the left path. But it was possessed by some evil forces who did not observe the common sense. Great Teachers came to Earth to set the right course of life. Jesus Christ was one of them. Modern Christians have not ceased to follow the Teaching of Christ.

People believe in coming from God and returning to God. Where do we come from, why do we come [to Earth] and where do we go – that is an important quest for everyone.

The Earth is a school where we study the existing laws. There are four states of consciousness in the world: subconsciousness, consciousness, self-consciousness and higher consciousness.

There are certain laws of Nature which can remove any obstacles from our lives.

Even one magical word can release the suffering of an entire nation. Nature in its wholeness is a living entity.

The spiritual world is a world where the intelligent beings rule over all laws of creation and they are masters of death. Death is just a transition from one stage of being into another, from one simpler form of existence into another: more complex and elevated one. There is nothing so perfect as the human brain. It is where all thoughts, feelings and desires develop.

Those who do not progress on the left and right path of life are condemned to suffer. Heroes are born on the right path. To become a hero, one should first descend on the left path and then ascend on the right path. The more heroes who are ready to sacrifice themselves and serve their nation, the greater bounties that nation may enjoy.

No one can restrict our thoughts, but we cannot avoid the effects of them, either.

The Master gave an example with the destiny of Titanic steamer, which had sunk due to the improvidence of the constructing engineers on the power needed for combating the sea obstacles.

Even little children can give ideas.

The left path is related to the development of our heart - all noble feelings originate from the heart.

Moses told the Jews when going to the Promised Land, not to bother the people living there. But the Jews did not obey that God’s command delivered to them through Moses, so they came to grief.

Women represent the left path, men - the right path. Women are the bearers of potential energy, men – of kinetic energy. Women should study the law of the left path, men – that of the right path. The two paths, by hindering themselves, result in the willpower - the children. They are an impetus for all lofty motives in life.

Fathers and mothers have hope for their children. That is why Christ said: “Let the little children come to me”.[5]

By the figure "little children" Christ meant the Divine Way requiring some special qualities:

The first of them is discernment: to recognize good from evil, to tell which motives [of action] are right and which are wrong. Self-control and positive thinking are needed for attaining that measure of discernment. We should always think in a positive way and keep positive thoughts.

Another necessary quality is endurance: to be durable and constant. Those who are not stable enough will become losers. On the other side, resilient people are victorious in life. Such nation is England.

Faith is another needed quality related to the human mind. In this respect, doubt is like a worm for the human mind. Faith also implies the experience from testing whether someone is ready to sacrifice themselves for us.

The Master told as an example the story of the two friends who met a bear in the forest. They went for a walk in the woods. One of them boasted to the other that he was ready to do anything in the name of their friendship, even to give his life. At that time a bear appeared before them. The braggart who had just praised about his readiness for self-sacrifice quickly ran and climbed a tree. The second one laid on the ground. The bear came to him, moved around, smelled him, bowed to his ear and went away. His friend came down from the tree and asked him what the bear had told him. He answered, "Other time, do not go on a trip with a friend like that".

The right and left paths represent the two necessary/major principles, the two conditions of life. Nowadays the Bulgarians are at a crossroad, so indeed what they need is endurance and faith. Natural laws are relentless. The sufferings of the Bulgarian people have not been completed yet, but that should not disturb you. Mother, for example, carries the fruit of her womb for nine months making any sacrifices for her infant because she believes in it to be a bearer of Love, that is followed by Wisdom. So, Wisdom comes after Love. Love cannot go without Wisdom and Wisdom - without Love. Children, in fact, are the bearers of Truth.

The same laws that govern Nature and all living beings are also related to people.

From now on people are expected to join the blossoming of Nature.

There is a new element in our Solar system now - that is Spirit.

All inner life is depicted in one’s features. For example, the nose is a symbol of willpower, intelligence and wisdom. That is evidenced by its shape, lines and size. People need to work with Love on the left path, with Wisdom - on the right path, and with Truth or willpower - on the straight path.

Considering the conditions of life, every individual is a condition for the development of their nation, and the nation, in its turn, is a condition for the individuals it consists of.

Thought itself comes as a reflection of the Great principles of life. Everyone should comprehend the laws of creation and only then can we together create a life of prosperity and abundance. We are just servants of the Living nature. She is generously rewarding, but also inexorably demanding to us.

Love is a Great power that cannot be resisted. Everything is subject to its power. Evil cannot stay where Love goes but only where Love has not come. In the same way, a doctor does not go where Light is present but where Light is absent.  

Eating a lot, we think that we will be fine, but what if there is strychnine[6] in the food?

The Master told a story of an eagle in the region of Deliorman[7] who ate from a poisoned sheep placed on purpose there to kill the wolves. Once the eagle had felt the poison, he rolled over on the ground, returned the poisonous meat and flew away to his nest.

There are thoughts, feelings and actions that can poison us. The toxic food [we have taken] should be vomited in the same way as the food, eaten by the eagle in the story above.

We cannot encourage ourselves with cowardice, but only with heroism.

Diseases are from the food we take. We do not understand the conditions of life that Nature has defined for us. The same law is applicable to the mind, heart, and soul.

Yogis have their rules for life. For example, they drink water slowly, in small sips, to strengthen the cardiovascular system, and expose themselves to the sunshine to strengthen the nervous system.

For our development, faith is a requisite. Faith is helpful for every person and for all professions. Everyone should have an inner confidence that what they say is true. Do not keep in your mind a thought that is not verified; do not receive in your soul anything that is not tested. It is easy to mess, but hard to be cleansed.

The Master gave an example with an old story. Once upon a time, there were two neighboring kingdoms of the Esperzits and of the Menzitis. They were in constant struggles because of the poor relationships between their kings. The king of the Menzitis was warned by wise men that his son’s life would be endangered at the age of 21. As a precaution, the king put him away from the palace and sent him to live with a shepherd in the kingdom of the Esperzits. The prince, in his 21st year, was once grazing the sheep at a mountainous place, when he saw a young lady riding a horse in the distance accompanied by two guards. She stopped to pick up some flowers enjoying the beauty around. Obviously, she was a nature lover. At that time, he noticed that the lady got bitten by a snake on her left side. He immediately resolved to help her, so he threw over and began sucking out the venom from the snakebite. The guards noticed him and thinking that he had attacked the princess, shot a bow with a poisonous arrow at him hitting his right shoulder

Seeing that, the princess on her turn, began sucking out the venom from his wound. In this way, they saved each other and became aware that they could not live without each other. So, they married and lived happily ever after.

Those are the two ways: Love and Wisdom, the left and right side, the left and right path.

Women need to treat and heal the infection that has corroded everything in the society. Some do fight. Be heroes because the Kingdom of Heaven is not given to cowards. Heroes are honored by monuments for their good thoughts, feelings and deeds.

What about the situation in the past and that in the future? Where have we been before and where are we going to be? That can be determined. All great men have defined the situation of their nations foreseeing everything [in the future] like clairvoyants. One nation needs preachers, priests, teachers, politicians, etc., but they all must be pure in deeds, thoughts and desires.

What is the application of the Pythagorean Theorem[8] in life? The sum of the squares of mind and heart gives the square of human willpower. - a2 + b2 = c2 - the sum of the squares of the two catheters gives the square of the hypotenuse. Therefore, mind and heart should go together. Willpower can do and achieve anything. Its function can be defined briefly as follows: willpower can control mind and heart.

Everything in nature is closely interrelated. It is possible to say about animals as well as about people what they are worth.

For example, hagglers and cattle-dealers can define very precisely an animal’s price by viewing, touching, feeling, inspecting their teeth and other outer features.

The Left path is the Way of Love; the Right path is the Way of Wisdom. Uniting them, we will receive the third path - the Way of Willpower.

The Left path is designated by the line at the back of the human head; the Right path - by the line in front of the forehead.

To conclude my talk, I will give you an example that I have already used.

A young Bulgarian agreed to work as an apprentice to an old potter to learn the pottery craft. He has been serving his apprenticeship for three years. Then he left his master to work on his own and become independent. However, when he began his own business, all his pots were cracked. He returned to his master and asked him for the reason of his failure. He began to work again with him, and then he noticed that the master, when taking the pots out of the furnace, blew into them saying “Hu”, and thus they did not crack. All art and power for non-cracked pots comes from that “Hu”.

The pots symbolize our body. The troubles and sufferings that everyone encounters to be tempered and get stronger are symbolized by the furnace. Because without difficulties and pain, there is no ascension, there is no gain. The pots get cracked because we do not blow into them, in other words, we are not in harmony with the Divine Spirit. Mother blows into her hand or the hand of her child and that blow gives strength.

 If a pregnant woman says confidently to the fruit in her womb, "You, daughter, will become a mother who is smart, diligent, modest" or "You, son, will become a father who is smart, good-hearted, honest, and just", it will be fulfilled.

And now I can tell you that my lecture will receive a recognition in five years.

Do not despair. Be brave. The student should not get discouraged by the teacher's corrections on the weak calculation. Saying “I can correct myself” the student will do it.

The Master gave an example with the American preacher Moody. He was a shoemaker and said to himself, "I will become a good preacher." He had been working on himself, gradually succeeding in achieving his goal, despite the mockery of his employees. Finally, he managed to become a very good preacher.

Now, if [at least]14 of you have received my thought, I think it is worth it.


Songs that were performed by the Sliven Brotherhood Choir:

Bratstvo, edinstvo” (Brotherhood, Unity)[9] -  the anthem of the Brotherhood, and

Napred da hodim[10] (Let’s Go Forward).


Translated by Evgeni Vasilev

   Edited by Maria Braikova and Beverly Cotton


[1]  The lecture is taken from stenographic notes which are probably not full and the examples are retold.

[2] O.S. and N.S. dates – Old style (Julian Calendar) and New Style (Gregorian Calendar), which was introduced officially at different dates in the different countries. In Bulgaria, it was introduced on March 31, 1916 and April 1 (O.S.) became April 14, 1916 (N.S.). 

[3] Pesenta na Zorata (in Bulgarian)

[4] […] Editor’s addition for clarity and preciseness of the text

 [5] But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”, Matthew 19:14, NKJV

[6] Strychnine (C21H22N2O2) is a highly toxic, colorless, bitter, crystalline alkaloid used as a pesticide, particularly for killing small vertebrates.

[7] Deliorman (Turkish) or Ludogorie (Bulgarian) is a region in northeastern Bulgaria stretching over the plateau of the same name. Part of the Danubian Plain, the region is hilly in the east but merges with the plains of Dobruja and the Danube to the north.

[8] Pythagorean Theorem is a fundamental relation among the three sides of a right triangle. It states that the square of the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.

[9] “Bratstvo, edinstvo” (in Bulgarian)

[10] “Napred da hodim” (in Bulgarian)


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