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From  The Way of the Disciple, AlphaDar





"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!"


Only the Love of God brings fullness of life!


I will read several passages from the Bible as examples of human thought. I will take Psalm 133. Everyone who reads this Psalm and accepts it literally, fails to understand it, and this will bring troubles. For example, the second verse of this Psalm says: "Like the precious chrism on the head, that ran down Aaron’s beard." Each of you has a beard, but the word beard does not mean only a bunch of hair, as some people think. Hair naturally grows on the chin, but the hairs do not constitute the beard, they are only its manifestation. The lower jaw which is the lever of man’s will, constitutes actually the beard. Thus, the beard is the lever which serves man's will. Then you can understand that the point of this verse is of the chrism, which runs down the lever of man's will. If you understand that the chrism runs down the hairs of one’s beard, you can be sure that there is not any blessing in this simple act.


"How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity!" Who will be pleased, that brothers live in harmony, ourselves or God? Of course, God. How pleasing is it that people live in harmony in the sight of God! You say that you live in harmony. No, today you can not live in harmony, neither do people live in harmony. Why? Because people have different interests. Therefore, you can never reconcile those different interests. For thousands of years people have tried to reconcile their interests, but this has proved to be impossible. No such law exists. Why? The interests of the separate parts can not be reconciled with themselves. They can be reconciled only within the "whole". The "whole" itself represents the great law for the reconciling of the interests of the parts. Therefore, anyone who has dealt with the parts, must, first of all, understand the law of the whole, since every part has a definite place within the whole, and it is a part as long as it keeps its own place. In case it loses its place, it is not a part anymore. The same thing happens in life.


Thus, as long as man has a definite place in the whole, that is in God, he lives. As soon as he loses this place, he dies. In this case, death is nothing else, but the part, which has lost its place in the whole. I do not use the word "death" in the sense of a physical death of the body, but rather as a state in which man's mind is perverted and he stops to think; his heart is perverted and he stops to feel; the sense of life is lost and all things begin to seem vague and meaningless. Losing the sense of life is the most terrible death for man!


"How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity!" "In the side of God" - this means that brothers and sisters should live in harmony in the side of the Whole. Many people say that they live in harmony. But speaking alone does not solve the problem. We can not live in harmony as long as everyone thinks only of himself. In case we think only of ourselves, contradictions will always exist among us. Then the strong ones will be right in one respect, while the weak, collectively united, will be right in an other respect. This law exists not only in society, but also in our organism. What takes place in society, takes place also in our thoughts, feelings and actions. Many diseases are due to the specific understanding cells have. When the cells in the human organism become individualized and each one says of itself that it can work as it thinks is best, the result is anarchy in the human organism. Then doctors come, inject the body, recommend different kinds of treatments and advice. But the whole process is actually concentrated in the following: all cells must understand that they are living beings, that the happiness of each one of them depends on the general condition of the organism. That's why the cells, which live in the human organism, must be in harmony with themselves. If each one lives for itself, the. entire organism, the whole will never be happy. If each cell wants to live separately, like a small microbe, it will have an insignificant, senseless existence, whereas, if it lives in the human organism it will taste of the greatness which exists in the general harmony of the human soul.


And now those of you who are not yet disciples, who live with the ideas of the old life, the new life or the righteous life are familiar with the law of the parts. They do not live yet in the law of the whole. I am not talking, however, about the life and aspiration of their souls, but about their human ideas. Who are the righteous in the world? Someone says: "I am an honest and noble man. So far I have never done anything bad to anyone -1 am a righteous man." No matter how righteous this man may be, he is not a disciple yet. He does not understand the meaning of life from the standpoint of the disciple, from the standpoint of the whole. The righteous man is still living for himself. He wants to force people to recognize and appreciate his state, that's why he says: "Don't you know that I am a righteous man and all of you must treat me with respect?" The man of the old life requires respect. The man of the new life also requires respect. So does the righteous man. The only man who does not require respect is the disciple. When one stops to require respect, he becomes a disciple. Only the disciple studies, all others amuse themselves - they lead a physical life. No doubt, the righteous man stands higher than the man of the new life, but he is not a disciple yet. The man of the new life stands higher than the man of the old life, but he is not righteous yet. The life of the disciple, however, is the ideal of the human soul. This life includes the understanding of all the four kinds of life. These four kinds of life represent four different directions.


All the comparisons, which I am giving you now, serve as a clarification of the main thought in the Psalm. It is composed of three verses. The first verse is the following: "How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity!" This verse is the foundation of what makes life significant. This law does not concern only our social life, but it works in our spiritual and physical life as well. When all parts of a wheel are united and work together in harmony, this wheel achieves its objective. But when each part individualizes itself, the work of the wheel is hampered. People say for such a wheel, that it is falling apart. As soon as the spokes of the wheel get loose, a sort of music, or rather a noisy screeching, can be heard from it. Then the driver says: "There is something wrong with my carriage! It needs repairing!" Just the same way sometimes something goes wrong with us and we need to go to God for repairing. You must know that because of this dense matter in which you live, the spokes of your life often become loose and weakened, so you must pray, you must go to God to have them repaired. For the repair of our spokes we must go to God at least three times a day. He Himself will not set them right, He will send a specialist, but we must pray. What do the spokes represent? We have a specific idea about them. The spokes of our life can be set property only by a prayer. Prayer is the tuning of the heart. To pray is to nourish your heart. Man needs to breath and to be purified. How can this purifying be achieved? By prayer. As long as man prays he breathes.


I am talking about the conscious life of man, about conscious praying, about that constant inner aspiration of the soul to be united with God. I am not talking about that prayer, which is merely a repetition of words written by other people. Prayer is a constant aspiration of the soul to work together with God. Then our interests become the same as God's. If we do not want to break our contact with God, whatever we undertake to accomplish during the day, we must do it with the unique thought that it must be done for God. If you wash your face, wash it for God. Whether you write or read, or do any other work, do it for God. If you act this way, you will feel a constant impetus within yourself. This can be noticed in everyone's life. Some singer, for instance, sings well, but lacks inspiration, nothing in life interests him. As soon as he falls in love with some beautiful girl, he is inspired and encouraged. When he appears on the stage he is not interested whether 10 000 people are listening to him or not. He has one image in his mind and he sings for that image. All people say: "He sings so well!" And actually, he has success. But try to deprive him of this image and see how he loses his inspiration and since no help comes to him, he does not want to sing any more. I call this image "an inner center", which attracts the thought and in which all parts become united. This image is not some external idea, but a consciousness within us which can regulate our life. This image is an expression of the inner state of our feelings. It expresses the idea which activates us. That's why you must keep this image within yourselves! A more advanced person may serve as such an image for you, but you can find it also in the face of God. No matter where you find this image, keep it sacredly, for it brings you life.


Some people ask: "How is life transmitted?" The Divine life is not transmitted directly through thoughts or ideas. "Then, how is it transmitted?" First of all the Divine life, the Divine ideas are transmitted through a contact, through an inner, spiritual touch. This touch creates the Divine flame and the Divine life begins to flow within people. Just like in the physical world there must be something combustable to keep the fire burning, in the Divine life there must be a continual influx of Divine energies. Thus, energy is needed in order that life may be manifested. Where will you take this energy from? No matter where you take it from, the results will be the same -the fire will keep burning. If you need oil, you will buy it at the grocery store. If you need electric energy, you will take it, for example, from the company "Orion", and you will have to pay for it. If you do not pay regularly, they will cut you off and you will remain in the dark. Some people say: "Everything is given freely, as a gift from God". It is true that everything is given freely by God, but under certain conditions. We understand these words literally. I ask you: Why are not all people equally endowed? Because people are not equally deserving. Let us talk about what the situation is, and not about what it is not. The idea that God gives everything as a gift, is an Old Testament idea and now I am interpreting it in the light of the New Testament in order to clarify it.


Now I shall read a part of Chapter 16 of the Gospel of Luke. I shall begin with the 10th verse. These are examples of the Divine Spirit. Do not think that we have come together here only to enjoy our time. Our time is filled with the Divine Spirit and if you do not learn Him now, this time will not come again. If you now take the advantage to sow this time with new ideas, one day it will come back to you and bring you the ripe blessed fruit of your work. If, however, you do not fill this time as you are told, there will come a day when it will bring you the greatest misfortune in the world. This is an Old Testament law, which we have no time to deal with now. As disciples you will study it by yourselves. One of the problems of the disciple is to study all laws.


Listen how Luke begins the 10th verse: "He that is faithful in the very little, is faithful also in the much." This is a New Testament thought. I will compare this thought with the one quoted before: "How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity!" Which is the fundamental thing in life that will help brothers live in unity? Now think, do not say anything yet. I want you to listen to me, not to affirm things outwardly. Some of you speak, but they only move their lips without thinking. You will not move your lips, nor laugh, because God is now among you and He is speaking! As soon as the time comes when you can move your lips, I will give you a sign. When the time for laughing comes, I will also give you a sign. Moving the lips is in its place, laughter and speaking are in their place, but everything must come in its proper time. When we speak and that is not in time, when we laugh and that is not in time we live in disorder and we can not go to God. You ask: "Am I not free to speak?" Yes, you are free to speak, but when the whole is speaking, the parts must keep quiet and listen, because God is speaking at that moment. When the parts speak, actualy we speak and everyone must take his turn when his time comes. One by one each of us will speak and then the whole will say the conclusive words. Sometimes we speak for hours, do not give chance to others to speak, are in a hurry to say what we think and thus we do not give the whole a chance to make a conclusion. Therefore, after each one of us has recited the lesson, which has been given to him, he must leave it to God to make His conclusion. And now God is giving an answer: "When one is faithful in the little, he is faithful also in the much, and only then can brothers live in harmony." Christ says: "He that is faithful in the very little also is not faithful in the much." God says: "If a man is not faithful in little and in much, brothers can not live in unity."


And if you were unfaithful in the false wealth who will entrust you the true wealth? I ask you: "If you are unfaithful in the wealth of the world, in the material things which are temporary, who can entrust you the spiritual wealth?"


And if you were unfaithful in what belongs to someone else, who will give you what is yours? Which wealth does Christ consider as someone else's? The wealth of God. So, if you prove yourselves unfaithful in the good given to you by God and misuse it, who will give you what is yours? No one in the world except God can give you what is yours.


God is the only one in the world to give you your own good. Therefore, if you have misused the good of God, you can not expect to receive your own good. But the good of God and our own good are hidden within God. He keeps both His own and our own good. Then if we misuse His good, who will give us what is our own?


I will give you an example to make this law clear. Suppose you are an ordinary worker going to work in the vineyard of some rich person. He says to you: "I will pay you as much as you wish, but I want you to dig my vineyard without leaving a single blade of grass behind you." This means that you must break up the soil very well, to make it fine and smooth. If you dig the vineyard as well as your master wants you to, you will be paid well, as he has promised you, but if he sees that you have dug the vineyard carelessly, that you have only scratched the surface with your spade, I ask you: Will this master give you the good which belongs to you? He will not.


"No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. You can not serve God and Mammon." One can not serve himself and God at one and the same time. This is unthinkable! If you are to serve God, serve Him. If you serve yourself, know it is yourself you serve. You can not reconcile these two states in your life. People say: "Must we not live for ourselves? We will live for God and then God will live for us." Such is the great law of Creation. When the apostle Paul passed into the New Testament life, he learned this law and said: "Now this is not me who lives, this is Christ. I died and Christ lives in me." I ask you: How is it possible for a dead man to speak? Paul says, that he does not live anymore, yet he speaks. By the word "death" Paul does not mean loss of consciousness. By saying: "God, I will live only for You, he wants to say that at a given moment, man denies himself and begins to live for God". Is it wrong for people to live for God? To live for God means to experience one of the most beautiful states your soul can experience. To live for God is still a partial life for people, but to live in God and for God is a complete life, life of the whole, in which he experiences and lives the life of all creatures.


"And the Pharisees, who were covetous, heard all these things and they laughed at him." Such is the world, and such are the people with no ideas.


"Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another woman, committeth adultery; and whosoever marrieth her that is away by her husband, committeth adultery." What is the meaning of this verse? It means that everyone who puts away the Divine Love, puts away God and commits adultery. The woman is a symbol of Love. Therefore, everyone who puts away God and starts to live with this or that woman, with this or that man, commits adultery. Such a person is already lost. This spiritual commitment of adultery is the most terrible crime! When we leave Love, this great Principle of life, death comes. This is the real commitment of adultery. When we read this verse, we do not understand literally the relations between man and woman or the relations between all living creatures; we understand our relations with God.


Christ says: "He who puts away his wife commits adultery." Christ has explained this thought to His disciples, He has spoken to them about the deep meaning hidden in it. All people suffer today from the lack of correct understanding of things. They consider and accept everything literally. This is a New Testament thought and whoever reads it, becomes very serious and says: "We must keep our wives as the apples of our eyes. If we love our wives, we love God." But I say, that if you love your wife, you can not love God, while, if you love God, you love your wife, children and all creatures. You will love as God loves. Then Love will be possible and accessible for you and you will not say that you can not bear this situation or that person, etc. As a man, it is true that many things are impossible for you, but the impossible for man is possible for God. Man’s love is partial, while the love of God is complete and whole. By "whole" I mean an integrity, a unity of all kinds of consciousness. If you love people, after receiving love, their consciousness will join your consciousness and unity of consciousness will be achieved. "Everyone who putteth away his wife commits adultery." In a broad sense this means: everyone who rejects Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Truth commits adultery.


From this point of view, I will consider present-day individual and social life. If Divine Love reigns at a home, good and wise children will be born there. In this respect, science has a single opinion. The home where the parents have led a chaste life, is the home where the best, the most talented children and the geniuses are born. Christ is such an example. He was born of a virgin, who was the most chaste woman at the time. The Jewish nation could not have given birth to a better and purer woman than Mary, the Lord's mother. She was the only woman to give birth to Christ. The same law is valid for our thoughts. Only the purest soul can give birth to right, beautiful and poetic thoughts. The same law is valid for our action and deeds. Only the purest spirit can give birth to beautiful, noble deeds in the world. Chastity may be considered as the foundation in the life of people.


Suppose that the husband and the wife beat each other and call this "life". No, this can not be called life. Such struggles and conflicts also take place within you; you are divided in yourselves and as a result, there is darkness in you. At some homes the husband beats the wife, in others - the wife beats the husband. Sometimes the husband is bad and he says: "My mind is very bad", while, at times, the wife is bad and says: "My heart is very bad." How will you correct your mind and heart? Put chastity in your mind; put also chastity in your heart and both of them will be corrected. These are maxims which you can work with. You may ask, how shall we work with these maxims? These are specific methods and rules. If you can not find the right method for work, i.e. if you do not know how to open closed bottles, come to me and we will tell you how to open them. In order to open up a corked bottle, you must take a cork-screw, screw it in the cork and pull the cork up, thus you will open the bottle. If you enter in a house whose window-shades are down, how will you let the light in? Is it necessary to invite the light to enter into the house? No, it is not. You will open the windows, lift the shades, leave the windows wide-open and the light will enter in by itself, without any invitation. Therefore, I am talking about chastity as a rational power, as a rational being. Chastity bears power in itself. Thus, when you make way for chastity in yourselves, this being will enter into your mind and heart and will teach you how to think and feel. Chastity understands the laws of thought, so that when it enters into one's brain, it will repair all the centers, which are in use, and thought will immediately begin to flow smoothly. Then thought acquires different forms of expression and becomes powerful and effective in its manifestation. Every Divine thought is right. It can never be expressed out of time, because it can not be accepted and applied. Every thought which can not be accepted, can not live.


You will ask: "Does chastity really exist in the world?" Yes, chastity exists, but it is Divine, it is not in the mechanic world. In the New Testament this chastity is called "the descent of the Spirit", "appearance of the Spirit", "visitation of the Spirit", etc. Christ says: "The Spirit of Truth will come upon you and He will teach you unto all things." What will He teach you? To think right. He will give you knowledge about life, for life does not consist in thinking and feeling only. Today life is a great science and requires a deep knowledge of oneself. If I ask you which is your basic trait, what is that distinguishes you from other people, what will you answer me? You will say that your thought distinguishes you from the others. Who does not think? Then you will say that your way of reasoning is specific. But who does not reason? You will say that you are a good man. But the other men are also good. Then you may say that you love people. But all people love, too. -1 am an honest man, I never lie, you may say. Well, other men are honest as you are. I want you to tell me of a particular trait most characteristic only of you. How will you define it? If you go to some musician, he will tell you that the first tone of the first octave has 32 vibrations in a second. That's the lowest tone, which the human ear has accepted by now. Only a contra-basist can take this tone. When you listen to this tone, it sounds like a thunder, which is shaking the earth. It is a powerful, mighty tone, which can make this hall shake. As you see, this tone has particular quality which distinguishes it from the other tones. When we come to the eighth octave, the first tone there has 40 000 vibrations. It is so high, that the human ear can hardly perceive it. There are very few violinists who can take this tone clearly and well. And it is not the violinist's, or the violin’s fault, it is the strings that can not produce this tone well. This is why all good violinists look for strings made of pure materials, because they are more resonant and produce higher tones of better quality.


I apply this law to our nervous system, which is constantly undergoing certain changes and reconstructions. It must become capable of enduring the strain of the high as well as the strain of the low tones. Suffering and inner struggles are the best tonic for the nervous system and they render it capable of standing under great pressure without being injured by it. Through suffering, the matter of our nervous system becomes refined, more sensitive and receptive. If you observe under a magnifying glass the nervous system of a person who has an Old Testament view of life, the nervous system of a person with New Testament views, and the nervous system of a righteous person, or of a disciple, you will find them very different in construction. If you observe the eyes of these four categories of people, you will also find a difference in their construction. These are facts which present day scientists have not studied or discovered yet. They represent certain blanks in contemporary science and numerous experiments are necessary to fill in these blanks. This is a large field still to be explored. We can come to know the past, present and future life of a person by his eyes. Everything that has to happen with a person is written in his eyes and we can read his life in them. If anyone is suffering from tuberculosis, or from any other disease, there are symptoms in his eyes, which reveal it. All painful conditions are reflected in the eyes. Certain intersection of the circles occurs, infringing upon the regular currents in the eyes. He who can read in the eyes, can understad, just by a glance, that one will die of tuberculosis, for example, after one year. It happens that a man who reads in the eyes visits a sick man, whose case has been pronounced as incurable by all doctors, and says: "After ten days this man will be up on his feet." How is this possible? Don't all doctors affirm the opposite? Yes, they do, but the eyes of this man say that he will live. His spirit has determined that. Some people ask: "Shall I become good?" Look at your eyes, or find someone who can read in your eyes, he will tell you what you can become. Then find an experienced phrenologist and ask him what your abilities and talents are. He has certain instruments, which he will use to measure your head: its length, breadth, etc. Then he will not only say what your abilities are, but he will also define exactly what your mother, father and ancestors have been like. Some people say that there are such fortune-tellers in Bulgaria as well. Our fortune-tellers, however, say anything that happens to come into their mind. They are not as accurate as the phrenologists and can not be even compared to them. Phrenology is based upon certain experiments and observations of life and living nature.


I told you in one of my lectures, that every form is the expression of a Divine thought. In this sense, the eyes are living Divine forms, which are records of the organization of the whole Universe, of the solar system and finally - of life. Human eyes are the last of all created forms. They are of highest origin. Therefore, who ever can read in the eyes can be called a truly educated person. All outstanding clairvoyants, all adepts and teachers of mankind, read and study the eyes. One of the famous Bulgarian clairvoyants used to say: "I read the life of people in their eyes. First I pray and then when I look into someone's eyes, I can see everything. In case I can't penetrate into one’s life through the eyes, I can't tell him anything, for I can't read anything. It is true that everything is written in one's eyes." Christ says: "If thine eye be clear, thy whole body shall be full of light; but if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness." What is the eye, the same is the body. If there are signs of impurity in your eyes, your body can not be pure. The eyes come first. We see the eyes on our face, but they are an expression, a reflection of the inner eye. The Scriptures speak of the inner eye. The two eyes on the human face are two sisters, joined in the brain by a common center. When we come to the human brain, a wide field for study opens up. Everything written in the cells of the brain, represents a field for contemporary science. Perhaps ages will pass before people can start making a thorough study of the human brain. Present-day scientists sometimes open the skull and observe the human brain. They watch it pulsate, expand and contract. Contemporary surgery has discovered the following facts: after a small piece of the skull-bone is broken, a hole of 1-2 square centimeters is opened. In case the person under observation is emotionally excited, it has been noticed that the brain matter expands and protrudes out of the skull; as soon as he is calmed, the brain matter contracts and regains its normal position within the skull. The same thing has been noticed in cases of mental excitement. If someone's thought is excited, the brain expands up to 1-2-3 even 5 centimeters, but as soon as it becomes calm, it contracts and regains its normal position. As you see, it is not easy to control the brain. In order that it may function regularly and thus regulate the pressure exercised on it, right thought is necessary. This is the reason why nature, knowing the present development of man - that he is no more than a child yet, has placed the brain in a hard skull. Nature knows that children can not be careful with anything. If your thought runs always in the same direction and is monotonous, it can burst your skull. For this reason, many people suffer from mental diseases and nervous disorders. Therefore, knowing this great law, you must transform your mental energy and send it into all parts of the brain. You should absolutely avoid monotony in your thinking! A man who thinks sanely can never become insane. People say of someone that he has lost his mind from too much thinking. This is not true, for man can never become insane from much thinking. The human mind can not become ill by itself, but when the heart becomes ill, it exercises a bad influence upon man's thought. Usually the back part of the brain becomes ill; the front part hardly ever does. There is a certain type of thoughts, which awaken and elevate the human consciousness. They are the right thoughts, which constitute the healthy state of man. If you want to be healthy - think right! The beautiful thought implies a harmonious combination of thoughts. The wrong thought implies a division and disharmony in the feelings. If you want things, which you do not need, if you have some personal gain in view, you can easily become victim to the wrong manifestations of life. That's why you must admit into your mind only things that are necessary for your life at a given moment. Take, for example, the idea that you want to be beautiful. Beauty is not a bad thing, but it is important what motives evoke this desire in you. The Turks have a proverb about beauty. They say: "It is a privilege for a man to behold the beautiful in life and nature; it makes his life meaningful." Beauty is a great impulse in life. The sense of beauty is developed even in the animals. They are also conscious of their beauty. There is an inner sense of beauty in all living creatures.


Where does beauty come from and how is it created? It comes from the human thought. Only the human thought is capable of selecting the right kind of nourishment, which can make a person beautiful. If one cannot select the right food, a certain muscular stock is created. What is beauty? Plasticity of the muscular tissues, well combined and harmonized. I am not talking about beauty of face through which the face looks like a mask. Beautiful is that face in which every change of thought, feeling and action experienced by the person, can be noticed. In spite of the continual changes of the expression, there are, however, characteristic features in such a face, that remain always the same. Such a face is an expression of a noble, elevated soul. Beautiful is that person in whose face you can read. The beautiful face manifests everything that's hidden in the soul. Today people are afraid of having their faces read. Some people say: "I will hide my face, I do not want to be recognized!" Why? Is there anything bad in the fact that someone may read in your face a page of the great book of life? What is better than to have people read in your face the good life your grandparents have had? Let people read the beautiful things of life! I call ugly faces those on which people, like careless children, have drawn crosses, or scribbled down unreadable signs, scratched and erased them, then written over them and scratched again that beautiful letter, which God has written in their face in the past. You may try to read these faces, but you cannot understand anything. An ugly face is that face on which one writes and erases what he has written. Beautiful is the face on which God writes, while one keeps pure and clean what has been written.


"How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity!" With whom? With God. With whom must we live in love without allowing our heart to be tempted? With God. The strength of one’s character lies in the fact that one should not be tempted by anything. If the whole world were offered to him, if all the wealth were offered to him, he should say: "No, for nothing in my life will I sacrifice Him Whom I love!" To renounce yourself, to bear your cross of suffering, and at the same time to bear in your soul the great idea that you are doing all this for God without wavering even in the least, this is nobility and heroism, wherein lies the beauty of a person. If you live like this, you will never be poor, you will never feel the lack of food, or of anything else. If I love God, I will have the food I need - some raven will fly to me and bring me a piece of Love. If I love God, He will send me a small piece of food from His table. If I love God, I do not need to be fed by people, who will say: "Do you know that we feed you?" As long as we expect people to feed us, we do not believe in God. As long as we expect people to feed us, we do not love God. When we stop to expect food from people, we begin to love God.


I say: If you have these maxims, which I am giving you, as a foundation in your life, you will not be poor. Freedom exists only for those who love God. They are the ideal people.


How many and where are these ideal people who love God? When you meet such a person, he opens up his soul to you and says: "Come, I will acquaint you with the One I love! Come and see how good He is! I do not say that I must acquaint you with myself, neither with my remarkable mind, nor with my noble heart, but with The One Whom I love. Not in me, but in God is hidden the great, remarkable mind, the noble and sublime heart."


Many of you want to lead someone to God. In what way can you lead anyone to God? In what way can we lead anyone to the One we love? When a girl begins to love a young man, does she take anyone to him? No, she does not. Why? For the sole reason, that people have no confidence in one another. When a young man begins to love a girl, does he take anyone to her? No, he does not, for the same reason - he does not trust people; he is afraid that someone might steal her from him. He does not trust even the one he loves. Why? He says: "This girl may stop loving me, that's why it is in my interest to keep her in ignorance; she should not know much, or go around much - she should only love me, otherwise, I might lose her." Today men have confidence only in their parents, that's why a man who loves a maid, takes her first to his mother and father to receive their benediction. After that, he presents her to his brother and sister and there he stops. The Turks do the same thing. Their confidence goes only as far as their brothers and sisters. It does not stretch any further. For the Turks this law has been changed, but in the past, it was very strict. I take the man and the maiden as forms, which exist in the world. I take them as the purest forms through which I want to explain the spiritual as well as the Divine life. Just the same way, the sinner can not be led to God, except when his consciousness starts to awaken. Then we can say to him: Come that we may lead you to the One we love! Only there can you find the meaning of your life.


Now I ask you: From what sources will you draw the laws and maxima for the future science? The disciple must draw the knowledge, maxima and laws for the new science from a different source. After he has passed through all the schools of the world as preparatory schools, he will draw knowledge from an entirely new source. Christ says: "When the Spirit of the Truth comes, He will teach you all things." He also says about Himself: "As Father has taught me, and as He is teaching me now, so I teach you." Christ was learning things every day. He possessed great humility! Often, you are not getting along well in your work. Why? Because you lack humility. This is one of the most difficult thoughts to explain. When I say that "You do not have humility", I exclude myself and thus, I offend you. If I say "we", I include myself in this number and in this way, I offend myself. If I say to someone personally: You have no humility, the offence is still greater. Then I will say: Everyone who does not follow the Will of God, is not humble. Why? Because the part has become individualized. It considers itself as a center around which all things must revolve, and it is not pleased that it can not do what it wants. It says: "I can use the good, which God has given me, for myself." That's not right, for God tests us by the good which He gives us. If we do not use this good for God, we will lose it. Some people will say that they had not known this. If you do not know these things, you can not be a disciple. But if the disciple knew everything, he would be a Master.


I do not wish to define what is it to be a Master. Even if I explain it to you, you will not understand me, so I will say to you just this: there is a greater way than the way of the disciple this is the way of the Master. Now I am talking to you about the way of the disciple. It is the ideal way. If today I start talking to you about the way of the Master, what will you understand? However, if you understand the way of the disciple, you can come in the distant future to a new phase in life, where you will understand the way of the Master. If you do not pass the way of the disciple, it will be absolutely imposible for you to follow the way of the Master. People of the old life prepare the way for of the new life; the latter prepare the way for the righteous who, in turn, prepare the way for the disciple. It is the disciple who prepares the way for the Master. This is the true conception of life. But humility is necessary! When one attains humility, all inner struggles disappear and his soul calms down. As long as one has not attained humility, he seeks the respect and esteem of people. Christ says: "Do not seek the praise of men, but seek the praise of God." Let God have a good opinion about you and He will teach you all things.


I shall refer again to a thought I have stated previously: What is your specific characteristic feature which distinguishes you from other people? This is one of the problems of the disciple. Your whole evolution lies in this: to come to know your particular characreristic feature as a disciple. If you do not know this special traits of yourself, some day you might lose your way as a disciple, as well as your identity. You know the anecdote about the man who had gone one day to the city bath. After taking off his clothes, he had entered in among men, but suddenly, he had felt lost, and had not been able to recognize himself. Seeing himself in that position, he had become very frightened. The second time he had gone to that bath, he had tied a red string on his leg, in order to distinguish himself from the others, and not feel lost again. To get lost is ferrible! And in fact, one can fall into such a state. As soon as one gets lost, confusion overwhelms him and he loses control. If a man can get lost in a forest, imagine how much easier it is to get lost in the wide world! Therefore, the problem of each person is to come to know himself. Christ says: "And this is life eternal to know Thee, the Only True God." To know God means to know ourselves, to know the Primary Principle, which has sent us into the world; to know the Unique One Who loves us and Who gives Light, Peace and Joy to our souls!


I might explain to you what Love, Light, Peace and Joy mean in a broad sense, but I will do this some other time. It is a great science! Love is a great world without limits. You would be enchanted, if you could experience Love in its development, starting in the physical world and continuing on into the spiritual, until you come to the Divine world. You would be enchanted also, if you would study Light in all the forms which it creates. You would be enchanted by Peace, which elevates the human soul, and by Joy, which brings happiness and contentment into life. These are phases through which the disciple must pass; they are fields for study and investigation, which must occupy the attention of the disciple throughout all his way, until he comes to the limit of his way of life and begins to study the way of his Master. Then he will be closer to the deep understanding of life and of that great Love, which operates in the world; he will draw closer to the causes and possibilities, which have created this world; to the causes and possibilities, which unite people; and finally, to the causes and possibilities which force the great Masters to come into the world to work. Then you will understand what it means to love each other and to love God. You do not understand these things, yet. An inner fear disturbs your understanding today. You say that one may love, but there must be limits to this love. It is true that there are limits to love, as there is a limit to eating. The stomach has limits, that's why love has limits. Love has limits, because the heart has limits. One must keep sacredly the limits of Love.


In the state you are at present, you have no right to touch the one you love. This is a law! If you do not keep what you love, you do not love it. This is the first rule you have to keep in Love. Actually, we do not let dust fall on the one we love. This characterizes Love physically. If you let all the dust fall on the one you love, and you speak of Love, this is not Love at all. This is the truth about Love and if you do not observe this rule in Love, you are saying empty words, words which are paper money, threatened to lose its value at any moment. Therefore, God judges us for this Love. He has put us to a test in this world. Do not think that your love is too small, or that you have no love at all, but I say that your love is of such a small scale compared to the great Divine Love, that when you come in contact with the greater demands of life, it will not withstand. The Divine Love I am talking about, is great and powerful. You can not oppose a man, who has in himself this great Love. He is so supple, so plastic, that no matter where you put him, he will find the smallest hole through which he can come out. If troubles come, he deals easily with them. He only says: "This question will be settled". If a difficult thought comes to him, he says: "This thought will be clarified."


Now I am telling those of the old life to enter the new life; those of the new life to become righteous; and I am calling the righteous to become disciples. I am consistent and am not speaking of myself, but such is the law of God. Some day I will separate you into groups, and will hold separate meeting with all these four categories of people. Telling you this, I have in mind the degrees of the human consciousness, I am not speaking about the consciousness of your soul. These are four currents of life, which flow within you and which can not remain in you forever.


I will explain this law to you, so that you will not be tempted. I do not want to humiliate the dignity of your soul. Suppose your mother and father have been sick and have transferred their impure blood to you. How will you feel? You cannot be a healthy person, until this blood is purified and enriched. It is the blood of a person of the old life and it must be transformed. You must form new blood in your body and pass into the new life. As long as you are a person of the old life, you are a merchant, who borrows money. I say to the merchant: You must get rid of your debts! The old life is the life of a person who borrows money and operates with the capital of others. What does the person of the new life look like? Like a person who operates with his own capital. Who is the righteous one? He is the one who has deposited his capital in banks and lends money. Who is the disciple? The one who does not deal with everything mentioned; he does not pay debts nor operate with his own capital; neither does he lend money to others. I do not say which category you belong to, but I am simply assigning the place of the first three categories of people, while I do not assign any place to the disciples. Why? Because the real life begins with the disciple. Now I am giving you a problem to think for yourselves what you can compare the disciple to. Show me a form, which can define the occupation of the disciple. If you succeed in going this, I shall be happy.


Therefore, if I ask you what the occupation of the disciple is, you will say: "There was a time when he worked with the capital of others and when he was paying up debts; there was a time when he worked with his own capital; there was a time when he lent money and when he worked with apprentices who robbed him. After that he got married but his wife often beat him. Then he turned to his children and asked them: "Tell me, my little ones, what am I supposed to do now?" I say to this old man, that he must become a disciple. And he says: "Give me a Primer that I may read and study." Of course, this is figuratively speaking. The meaning of life lies in studying. The present life requires of all of you to be disciples. This is the greatest and the most glorious thing you can do. You will bear within yourself what you possess, and noone will even suspect that you are disciples. The world will put you to numerous tests and temptations: You will be forced to do this or that you will be asked, for money because you are rich. If people ask you to lend them money and you do it, you are not a disciple. The disciple has no business with money, he never lends money. Someone comes to me and asks me: "Do you have any debts?" No, I do not. "Do you lend money?" No, I do not. "What is your occupation then?" I am a disciple. I take out my Primer and show it to him: here is my occupation. What can you do with this Primer? How silly you are! And what would you say, if you see a man 100 years old, greatly experienced in life, carrying a Primer in his hand like a little boy and reading it? Can't you become a shepherd, instead of reading this Primer? No, my Primer is of much more important to me. I have started on the way of the disciple. And as a disciple, he begins to study Love, Light, Peace and Joy. These are the four subjects, which the disciple begins to study at the beginning of his way. He must know what Love is - as a subject, and know how to apply it. He must know what Light is and how to apply it. He must know what Peace is, as an inner condition of the soul. He must know what Love is, as the fruit of all the good which exists in the world. He must know how to make use of it for the benefit of his heart, as well as how to be useful to his mother and father. By saying that the disciple must serve his mother and father, I mean, serve them in the way God wants him to, which implies the fulfilment of God’s will.


Now did you understand everything clearly? -1 want to be clear and well understood, not to use any words with an indefinite meaning. In spite of this, many things remain unexplained and indefinite, but you must be happy about it. Even if I talk to you for 20, 30 days, or a whole year you will still know as much as you do now I mean, you will know more, but the problems which you will face will be more complicated and difficult. In this respect, you will be, apparently, on the same level of intelligence. Some disciple says: "If I can finish grade one, I do not need more." But after he has finished grade one, he says the same about grade two and three. Thus, he passes from one grade into another until, at last, he says: "Let me graduate from university too, and there will be nothing left to think about." But after he has graduated from university he says: "I know little, almost nothing." But the sure sign of progress lies in the fact, that you are conscious of your lack of knowledge. If you follow this way, it is a way full of blessings for you. Love, Light, Peace and Joy are fruits of the Divine Spirit. The disciple begins to feed himself with this fruit. Love is the first fruit of the Spirit. The disciple tastes the first sweet fruit, which ripens on the tree of Life. He must taste this fruit! Why? Because this fruit bears the eternal life.


When you have this great idea within you, when you have Love, all contradictions, which exist in the world will disappear. Many people come to me and want me to cure them. I say to them that there are four ways of curing: the way of the old life, the way of the new life, the way of the righteous and the way of the disciple. That's why whenever a person comes to me to be cured, I shall ask him which way of curing shall I apply, to which category of people he belongs. If he is a disciple, I shall apply the method for the disciple; if he is righteous, I shall apply the method for the righteous; if he is of the new life, I shall cure him by the method of the new life, and if he is of the old life, I shall apply the method of the old life. The person of the old life can not be cured by the method of the new life, neither can the person of the new life be cured by the method of the righteous, nor the righteous - by the method of the disciple. There is a strict law in nature, which determines the application of these methods.


With regard to science, there are four ways of learning, or four kinds of science as well: science for people of the old life; science for people of the new life; science for the righteous and science for the disciples. The science for the old life is not a science for the new life; the science for the new life is not a science for the righteous, and the science of the righteous is not a science for the disciple. There is a special science for the disciple. You should know this fact! If a person of the old life wants to pass into the new life, he must change the ways and methods of his life; he must change his old conception of life into a conception of the new life. He can not retain the same terms and the same old ideas, which he had before. The person of the old life says about someone: "This man must be hanged, killed or heavily fined. There is a law for all crimes!" The person of the new life says: "Forgive this man, reduce his punishment, set him at liberty!" The righteous one says: "Put this man in the right conditions, so that he may raise himself and start to work! Lend him money to go to school, so that he may study!" Which method does a father apply? If he is a man of the old life, he sends his son to plough in the field. If he is of the new life, he sends him to graze the sheep. If he is righteous, he leaves him at home to cook. If he is a disciple, he sends him to school to study. If you plough, you are of the old life; if you graze sheep, you are of the new life; if you cook, you are righteous; if you study, you are a disciple. These four categories of life are clearly determined.


If you observe people at their homes, you will find the man of the old life saying: "We are tired of ploughing the ground!" How can they feel differently? Ploughing the ground twenty or thirty years, is not an easy job. Several of our young brothers -idealists, ploughed the ground at the "Izgrev" for several months, and one of them said to me: "Master, I have become rough, my life is gone!" I did not say anything to him, but thought to myself; how can it be otherwise? Digging and ploughing the ground is the old life. By the act of digging we want to encourage the people of the old life, so that they will not feel desperate. Sometimes we visit the people of the new life, who graze the sheep. We notice someone lying under a pear-tree, while his sheep are all scattered around him. Sometimes we also cook meals and encourage the righteous. The hands of the ploughman are rude and coarse. The shepherd is a free man; he lets the sheep graze, while he lies down beneath the pear-tree and when a pear falls on the ground, he eats it. All day long he is out in the fresh air, and returns at home in the evening. He is in good health, his hands are soft and smooth, there are no corns on them. Looking at the righteous man, on the other hand, you find him carrying a meal, or bread in his hands. His hands are also soft and smooth. He has more means for living. Lastly, you will see the disciple to return at home happy and smiling, saying: "Look what the Master told us today!"


This is the way which all of you must pass. I am not telling you stories, this is the reality. I have passed through this way, you will also pass through it. This way is created by the living nature. Nature has created the way of the people of the old life, the new life, the righteous life, and the disciple. The way of the disciple is the new life, which is now coming into the world. Due to the lack of a more appropriate term, I call this way "new life", or "life of the disciple", in the best sense of the word. You must keep in mind these divisions in life. When you pass from the old into the new life, you must take with you all that was valuable in the old life into the new life. When you pass from the new life into the righteous life, you must take with you all that was valuable in the new life into the righteous life.


And lastly, all that was valuable in the life of the righteous must be taken into the life of the disciple. This is the only way for achieving inner unity with people. Unity means that people must live for God.


How do people live today? When some brother visits a town or a village he is immediately asked: "When did you come?" Yesterday. "And when will you go away?" He does not know what to answer, for he wants to stay longer like a brother who wants to be with you. After several weeks, someone asks him: "Do you have money to go back?" Saying this people want to focus his attention on the fact, that he has stayed too long. They have become bored by his presence, but he does not think of going away. The people involved in this case are of the old life, but calling themselves disciples.


In order to create the beautiful life of the disciple, you must eliminate the first three kinds of life and begin to live only with the ideals of the disciple. This is the only way each one of you can bear his own good. In the old days, every student carried his own bread in his sack. All the students used to go together outdoors, where they would sit around a large table. The teacher would arrange them and everyone would take out his bread and start eating. Those who had no bread, asked others for a piece. In the evening, everybody would return home with an empty sack. On the next day, they would go to school again with their bags full of bread. As you see we are doing the same thing. That's how a disciple must start. When he goes to school, he must carry a bag full of bread; at night, when he returns home, his bag must be empty. On the next day, his mother and father will put again bread in his bag, and in the evening, he will again return with his bag empty. This shows that he studies. Thus, in the physical life, the disciple must go to school with a full bag, but with an empty mind. On his return from school, the physical life must be empty, but the mind or the spiritual, the Divine life must be full. This must become a natural, normal state for each disciple. When one thing in you begins to fill another must be emptied. One can not become rich both materially and spiritually at the same time. This is impossible! I do not say that you must be poor, but as disciples, you must empty the bag of your goods, and study the laws of the new life, or in other words study the life of the Great Love. Love brings all the methods and ways which can organize and introduce order into the world and which can make your life happy.


Those are Divine words, words of the Divine Spirit, who teaches men bringing new science to the world. Now, begin to study yourselves and study your eye. Have you ever seen a beautiful eye? How beautiful is the human eye! But if you observe it without the eyebrow and eyelid, you can not know what it expresses, whether it has a happy expression or not. The eye does not change. The only thing in the visible world, which does not change, is the eye. It never lies. As soon as one sins, it becomes dark. As soon as he becomes righteous, his eye becomes clear. One can read everything in the eye. The human eye are dispassionate! When one does not want to admit that he has done something wrong, his eyelids drop. When the child wants to hide something from his mother, it looks downwards. The mother says: "Come, open your eyes, look at me!" There is noone in the world, who, when lying, is not conscious of that fact. While thinking, feeling or speaking, one realizes whether he is speaking the Truth or not. He struggles with his mind, which says to him: "You do not speak the Truth, you did not put this word in the right place, correct yourself!"


I consider the human mind a rational being which does not lie but only makes corrections. The Divine mind, never lies, it always speaks the Truth. We rely on this mind. When we speak of knowledge, I mean exactly this mind, out of which proceed Divine thoughts. When this mind comes to live in you, it will teach you all things. It is the Spirit. People say of someone: "This man has a depraved mind." No, there are no depraved, perverted minds in the world! Sometimes the heart may be stained, or perverted, but the mind always brings light. Since light is necessary, a science in which the heart will not take part is also necessary. As soon as the heart gets mixed into anything, things get perverted. When a student wants to be first in his class and have high marks, he is under the command of his feelings, not of his thought. When a person wants to be righteous, to be well known, he is also under the command of the feelings. The pure, Divine thought, eliminates all irrelevant, all secondary thoughts. It employs the feelings as forces which can take further the development and growth of the mind. Some day, when we become beautiful, pure springs, people will find us, appreciate us and start to talk about us. The disciple however must understand, first of all, that the most important thing for him is to study.


I say that the disciple must put himself to an inner self-analysis. Those of you who are ready for that may begin but absolute sincerity is required. Someone says: "I shall work as much as I can, with as much strength as God has given me." This is not a language fit for the disciple. The disciple says: "I can do everything that the Master gives me to do." The Master can not give you a problem which you cannot solve. God can not require of you impossible things. If God puts us to certain tests, they are of such nature as to give good results and teach us a good lesson. Therefore, every test corresponds to my strenght. Such a test is given to me as a problem in life, as a mental act whose accomplishment will make me stronger. Suppose you pass through a forest and you carry in your hands a bag of gold. You sit under a tree and fall asleep. When you wake up, you do not find your money, someone has stolen it. Why did you lose your money? The One who directs your destiny, knows that robbers will pass this way, and when they see your money, will take it and kill you. If the robbers pass by you and do not find anything valuable, they will go their way, without even touching you. Then you go back, look here and there for your money, and filally find it. You ask yourself: "Why did I lose my money?" - To gain your life. You must know that every obstacle in the life of the disciple is a specific act aimed to save him from some greater evil. Therefore, one would thank God for everything that comes into his life. It is not easy to be grateful and to learn to be reconciled with all obstacles and troubles in life! You will have to work hard before you learn to be thankful for your troubles.


So, I say: The disciple can overcome all obstacles! We all have habits, theories and problems, that we must overcome and solve. If you decide to study comprehensively the human hand, the human eye, astronomy and astrology, you must overcome all obstacles in your life. Only the disciple can work with these sciences. They are not available to those who are not disciples. They can study the Old Testament, the New Testament, astrology, or the astrology of the righteous, but they have no access to the astrology of the disciple. If you want to penetrate the thought, which God has deposited in the stars; if you want to understand the Great, which they conceal, you can be a disciple. Great humility and great consideration are characteristic of the disciple. He makes way to the ant. He always takes the last place and never thinks about himself, but is always ready for a complete self-denial. People of the old life like to be the first in everything. One can always find them occupying the first seats. People of the new life take the second seats; the righteous - the third seats, while the disciples always take the last seats. The disciple walks here and there and asks: "Is there a seat for me, by any chance?" He enters a train and takes the last seat there. This is the distinguishing trait of the disciple. If you cannot take the last seat, you can not be a disciple. Christ knows this law and expressed it with the following statement: "When anyone invites you, take the last seat, so that when the master of the house comes, he will not ask you to leave your seat, meant for some honorable guest." Then you will lose the respect of people. As a disciple, you will take the last seat. Let all other people take the first seats, as a disciple you will take the last seat. The disciple must say. "While people are arguing about this and that, I will give ear to the Divine life within me, I will listen to what God tells me and I will study."


Now, the disciple must not be irritated. However, it is not a crime that sometimes he is irritated.The disciple must not get angry. But it is not a crime if he is angry. The disciple must not doubt. That he doubts is no crime. Doubt is essential for the old life. The disciple, however, must work on himself. Next year, when you come here, I want to see that, a small change has taken place in all of you. This cannot be achieved at once, but gradually. This is the law of evolution. Christ says: "If it is a matter of restraining, it is better for a man not to marry." Let all be done in freedom. If someone can pass forward, let him do it, those who can not, let them work and wait for their turn. I say: One of the greatest problems lies in front of the disciple. I will gather those of you who want to be disciples and talk to you in a new unusual and specific language. Then there will not be any people of the old life, the new life, or the righteous life among you. You will be only disciples with whom I can talk and be understood.


Now, since there are both educated and ignorant among you, the latter will say: "We can not understand what the Master wanted to say, He did not clarify His statements." Others will say: "The Master offended us a little. He should not have spoken like this." Actually, even when one wants to do the greatest good, still there is a chance for some small mistake to be made. If you have several students who like you, and others who do not like you, I can make them change their opinion about you. How? Suppose I give you a basket full of apples, both big and small, and tell you to give them to your students. Give the small apples to the students who have liked you, who have brought you flowers and see what they will do. They will stop to bring you flowers and will say: "Once we had a good opinion about you, but now we have changed it." Then give the big apples to those students, who did not like you, and see how they will react. They will begin to like you, to bring you flowers and to say: "We did not know that our teacher was so good." But if you give to all the students just nice and big apples, they will look at each other, will see that all the apples are equally beautiful and big and will all be satisfied.


I say: In the world there is a particular order of things, and even when you have the most sincere desire to satisfy all people, you cannot do it. The basket, which is given you, is full of big and small apples. You will give the smallest apples to the people of the old life; you will give the bigger apples to the people of the new life; you will give the even bigger ones to the righteous, while to the disciples who are just a few, you will give the biggest apples. You cannot act differently, you cannot give small fruit to the disciple. If you think this example is not enough to fully clarity my thought, I will give you another one. Imagine that someone gives me a bag full of different textbooks in grammar, in arithmetics, in different sciences and in philosophy. What must I do with these books? I have to distribute them among people. How? Must I give the books in philosophy and science to the child, who is just entering school in the first grade? No, I must give the Primer to that child. By the small fruit, the small apple, I mean this Primer. To whom shall I give the books in philosophy and science? To the student who can already read, understand and apply the knowledge. This is what we mean by the symbol of the big fruit, the big apple. I shall distribute these books according to the degree of development of every student. This is the only way we can act, the only rational method to apply - it is an inevitable method.


When I apply this method, some people get angry with me. From their point of view they are right to be angry. I say: If you are invited to a feast and they give you the last seat, you will be angry, but if you are invited to work in a vineyard and they give you the last place, you will be grateful. If you are given the first place in the vineyard and the first seat at the table, or if you are given the last place in the vineyard and the last seat at the table, you will have two different results. All this happens of necessity, imposed by life itself. In any case, someone must be first in the vineyard. Who will be first in the vineyard? He who can work, he who has strong arms and a strong backbone. At the table, someone must also be first. Who will be the first one at the table? - He who has the best-developed taste. These are inevitable things. However, we cannot reconcile the contradictions in life. The fact that someone has more than someone else does not give definition to life.


Christ says: "Life does not lie in its external benefits." The external benefits are relative things. The cause for possessing much or little, lies somewhere else. You will want to have different possessions, but your main desire will be to become a disciple and to study, because only the disciple has a future in the Kingdom of God. When the Kingdom of God comes to earth, the disciple will have the first place of honour. This life has its own character and expression, that's why we must prepare ourselves for it. A great future lies ahead of us and every one will take his definite place: the people of the old life will be ploughmen; the people of the new life will be shepherds; the righteous will be cooks, while the disciples will be given the most honourable occupations. Why? These places are assigned to them. Will the first three categories of people be pleased with their occupations? No, they will constantly grumble and complain.


When the prophet of the past said: "All men will acquire a new life, they will be taught by God and will live in such a way as He requires." He has expressed the idea of discipleship in a different way. This is true. A new life, a new work different from your work before, lies ahead of you. You say: "What will be our work?" You must all work on yourselves. This new work has its definite time, its powers and its assistants. If you observe this great law, to read and study the sacred book of life, to study the life of the great men who have written it, it will give you valuable directions. The new science is designing great methods and new ways of life for the future. Only a man of an enlightened mind who has resolved to serve God can see the future. A great future lies in front of you! There have not been better times for the disciples a the present times; but if they do not take the advantage of these conditions, worse times than these have never existed.


Christ says: "The day is coming and now is the time when those who hear my voice will come out of their graves and will resurrect." Who will hear this voice? Only the disciples. Only they will be renewed, only they will rise and be resurrected. The new life, the resurrection is only for them. The resurrection is not for those of the old life, of the new life, or for those of the righteous life. It is only for the disciples, for the men of the future, for the men of the new culture. They are the workers in the Kingdom of God; they are the men of the new race, which will not be very numerous but all the people belonging to it will be men of a powerful mind, heart, will, soul and spirit. These men will restore the Kingdom of God on earth and will say: "It is possible for all of us to live in Love; it is possible for all of us to live in Light; it is possible for all of us to live in Peace; it is possible for all of us to live in the Joy, which God has given us!"

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