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From  The Way of the Disciple, AlphaDar






Only perfect Love can draw us closer to God


The theme of my talk today will be one of the most difficult. Practically, it will be almost beyond your minds. As you listen to this talk, you will be in the position of a man passing through a tunnel. You will see the tunnel and pass through it, but you will not perceive its external appearance. However, the tunnel must be passed! Which is more important: to pass through the tunnel, or to see its appearance? People say: "I did not understand this talk. Which is more important, to understand the talk, or to talk about it? If you want to understand the talk, i.e. if you want to have a clear idea about the tunnel, you must not pass through it; if you pass through the tunnel, then you can only speak about the talk without having understood it."


Sometimes the uniform, monotonous situations in life create states of over-satiating. Once a person becomes oversatiated, he does not find pleasure in anything. There is oversatiating in the physical, the emotional and the mental life. Or in other words, there is over-satiating in the material, spiritual and Divine worlds. The greatest misfortune for a person, is oversatiation. The world is full of over-satiated persons. Over-satiating is also the cause for all diseases. I will not explain to you scientifically what sort of a state this is, as you know it just as you know what light is; there is no need of further explanation. Simple people know as much about light as the educated ones. Sometimes educated people know much about light, but can not see, while simple people do not know much about it, but can see. An educated person says: T know many things about light." A simple person listens to him and says: "Tell me then what can be found in the mountain Vitosha?" "I can tell you." And the educated person begins to describe Vitosha, what it is made of, what its form is like, etc. I do not want you to tell me what light is, but what it reveals. Therefore, in this aspect, the simple person can be superior to the educated person, but in another aspect, the educated person can be superior to the simple person. If, however, the educated person can see better, then, in a material, as well as in a scientific sence, he is superior to the simple person. I want to save you from over-satiation and hasty conclusions. Someone says: "The things the Master is telling us are familiar to me, I have heard them and I know many things already." I say to you: Do not be hasty! Listening to someone speaking about light, about its origin, is one thing, while achieving a real contact with it, so that it reveals the world to you, is quite a different thing.


The title of my talk today is: "The Awakening of the Consciousness of the Disciple." In the process of the awakening of the consciousness of the disciple, he will fall and rise many times! The falling will not be from a great height, as from a great rock, for example, but from the height from which two fighters fall in a match. That's not a fall from a great height. What will the disciple fight with? With certain difficulties in the world. In this respect, the difficulties represent the heights from which he may fall.


The Scriptures say: "The Kingdom of God can be taken by force.” Therefore, many of you, who have taken on the way of the new life, have an idea of how one can take the Kingdom of God by force. And then you find yourselves in the state of the group of peasants, who have once tried to capture Constantinople with their shepherd’s crooks. They have wanted to take the Kingdom of God by force. But in order that one may enter into the Kingdom of God, the force depends upon the knowledge and wisdom of man and not upon his love. Some day, one may enter the Kingdom of God by grace. Grace comes from Love, but to enter the Kingdom of God and to be given a respectable place there, does not depend upon the love, but on the wisdom one has.


You may understand what I have said as you wish, I will not give you further explanations. You may have thousands of contradictions, this is not my business. Contradictions do exist. For instance, how can you reconcile good with evil? You can not. Reconciliation between them is absolutely impossible.


However, you can bring to terms good and evil within yourself, for they have some common points. To reconcile good and evil, means to engage yourself with the solution of an enormous problem - a problem even gods can not solve. How will you answer the question why people are bad? Since you ask this question, you must also ask why people are good!


I will ask you: What will the disciple do after his consciousness is awakened? He will work. How? You will turn to the Bible, open on the first chapter of Genesis and begin with that. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was vast and void; and darkness was upon tha face of the deep: and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said: Let there be light! And there was light. And God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day!" This is the work of the disciple on the first day when he enters into the new life. The Scriptures say: "Nothing will remain of the old heaven and of the old earth." This means that everything will vanish from the world of the disciple - from his mind and consciousness, and he will remain as in a desert. Neither sun nor moon, nor even a star will remain from his heaven, he will be as if suspended all alone in the air. There will remain neither man, nor animal, nor plant from his earth, nor will he hear any voice coming to him. He will remain absolutely alone, like a lonely traveller in a desert. When he speaks, he will not even recognize himself and he will find himself in a terrible contradiction in life. This contradiction is called death. All that once has cheered you, all that you have known in life, everything in which you have believed and upon which you have relied, everything by means of which you have solved the great problems of your life, disappears and you find yourself all alone, perplexed, not knowing what to do. I ask you: What will you do when you find yourself in such a state? You will not hear even the voice of God, for He also will hide from you! It is exactly about this hour that the Scripture says: "You will knock and it will not be opened unto you." Then you will find yourself in the same situation as Christ on the cross and like Him, you will cry out from the depth of your soul: "Elli, Elli, Lama sabahtani!"


Sometimes, you grieve when you feel abandoned by everyone. This is no abandonment, however, it is only a dramatization. You have not experienced yet what real abandonment means. But every man must be abandoned! When I speak about this kind of abandonment, I understand the awakening of the consciousness of the disciple. Only in this way will the disciple realize the reality of life. Some of you must listen to me without taking any active part in all I say, as if it does not concern you at all. Such men can be compared to those people, who hang around the theatre, where a nice performance is being given and strain their ears to hear something through the windows, wishing to catch some musical tone from the orchestra, or some words from the actors. Those people have no money to go in, they have no ticket for the theatre. Others have barely had enough money to buy a ticket for the gallery. They also strain their ears to hear what is going on, inside. After them come people of the third category, who occupy the second seats. They are calm, for they see and hear better what is going on, on the stage. Last come those who occupy the first seats. They are the disciples, who see and hear all that's being done on the stage. They are calm and quiet. All others are more or less discontented that they do not see and hear everything. Is it not the same in the world? Therefore, it depends upon your money what place you will occupy, whether you will be outside, in the third, the second, or the first seats. Such is the law. Why it is like this, do not ask me, neither will I explain that to you. It would be the same thing, as to ask me why God gave the elephant a trunk. I do not know whether God gave the elephant a trunk, or not, but it has a trunk. If you ask why God gave horns to the ox, I do not know, but the ox has horns. If you ask why God gave the horse hooves, I do not know that either, but the horse has hooves. Many explanations may be given to this question, but they will remain only explanations. For one to know why the horse has hooves is one thing, while to know what these hooves actually are, is another thing.


Therefore, when someone tries to explain why the ox has horns, or why the horse has hooves, or the elephant - a trunk, by his physical consiciousness he is like the man who says that the pen is created for the king to sign death-sentences for the criminals. This is one of the explanations but is this actually everything that the pen was created for? It is the same, as if a righteous person, or a saint, or some preacher opens the Scriptures to read the verse which says that the sinners will be doomed to eternal suffering and when he sees me to say: "Since you are one of the sinners on the earth, your verdict is signed, you are doomed to eternal suffering." Is suffering created for everyone? I say: Suffering is not for all, and the pen is also not made only for signing death-sentences.


Another person complains that someone has insulted him with bitter words. I ask you: Who has been so righteous and pure that he has never said a bitter-word to someone else? If you do not want to say bitter words, you must be absolutely pure. This is why God says: "Leave all judgement to me!" It means: leave it to me to make you clean, because if you clean yourselves, you will be always unclean; if you judge, you will be always judged. Judgement does not clean people, it gives them methods and shows them the ways by which they may correct their mistakes and improve their lives. This is real judgement!


To teach someone is not "to fill" his head with knowledge. This is not the purpose of teaching. Every teacher, at any level of development, or in any world, must give to his disciple ways, methods and elements for work. Healing is not liberating people from their diseases, but giving them methods and ways to prevent the diseases. Otherwise, no matter how advanced a science may be, it can be perverted.


So, I say: That terrible, great moment - the moment of absolute isolation will come on the first day, in the consciousness of the disciple, when there will be no light about him and he will send an appeal from the depth of his soul to the unseen, unknown God of eternity, to the Creator of the world. He will call Him with all his soul, with all his spirit, with all his mind and with all his heart and say: "God, I want to taste Thee! Thou art One - the Creator of the world and there is no other besides Thee!" If the disciple can call God in such completeness, somewhere in the distance, there will appear for a second a small, microscopic light and will cause such a great joy within him, that in a moment, he will forget all his sorrows and sufferings. From afar he will hear the voice of God, the voice of his Master: "If you want to know Me, if you want to taste Me, prepare yourself for work now! The first day of your life is at hand. Your earth was desolate and darkness floated upon it." God, Who penetrates all things, He is the unknown God! He is the terrible God, Who creates the forms, Who floats upon the desolate earth, which is beeing reconstructed now. And God said: "Let there be light!" And there was light. The disciple will say: "May the light, which I see far away, illuminate me within!" And if he is of the chosen disciples, when he says: "Let there be light", there will be light within him.


"And God saw the light that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day and the darkness He called Night. And there was evening and there was morning - the first day!"


Therefore, the day will start with the good, the night -with the evil. This mixed life of light and darkness will be divided: on the one side will appear the light, which bears the good in itself, on the other side will appear the darkness, which bears the evil in itself. In the same way, the disciple will create the first day within him - light. By the word "light", I mean the great aspiration of the soul of the disciple to study. So the disciple must begin with light. He must understand the laws and when he says "Let there be light", light should appear! How do you explain this law to your child? Your child is in a dark room, you give him a box full of matches and you tell him: "My son, take this box and say: "Let there be light!" The child takes the box, lights a candle with a match and the whole room becomes iluminated. This is "opening", this is life, it is the first day of the disciple. This is the living match, which has a great power - the power of the magic wand. By spreading the light of life, you will produce heat and the first day will come. Light bears heat within itself.


"And God said: "Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide waters from waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was like this. And God called the firmament Heaven. And there was evening and there was morning, the second day." "And He divided waters from waters", means that God divided the Divine life from the human life. The firmament serves as a boundary line between the Divine and the eartly, the human life. The disciple will form this boundary line within himself and will call what is above the firmament - heaven, and what is below the firmament - earth. And in the hour of sorrow, he will drink of the water which is above. Sometimes, you want to drink from the water of the earth, from the earthly life. If you drink of this water, you will never be able to satiate your thirst. What is born of the flesh, is flesh - it will die; what is born of the Spirit, is spirit, it will live forever. You have two lives: one is the life of the flesh, i.e. the earthly life, which gives birth to an inner discontentment, hate, competition, disputes - there is no calmness in this life. The other life is the heavenly, the Divine life, in which there is Love, Light, Peace and Joy.


After you divide these two kinds of life, the water of the earth will come, which will serve your physical needs. At present, you deal only with the water which is of the earth. Notice that all saints who had been recoursed to the Divine world, when healing someone, always used the water above the firmament. In a scientific language, this means that they have healed only when they have been able to attract the solar prana, or to cause the Divine life to act on the sick person, which immediately has a beneficial effect. Sometimes, your life becomes meaningless, you have no stimulus to urge you to go on. How will you make your life more significant? This is one of the great secrets. It is enough for you to obtain only one ten-thousandth part of a milligram of the water of the Divine life and to insert it in your body and it will immediately produce such a positive reaction in you, that you will be completely transformed. If you knew how to insert in your organism only one drop of this water, as by an injection, it would have caused a whole revolution in you. If, before that, you had been an old man of 120 years, after 24 hours only you would have changed so much, that noone would have recognized you. You would have become a young man of 21. Your eyes, your hair, the wrinkles on your face, your voice - everything would have changed. Instead you would be looking at a young man with a soft, pleasant voice standing before you. You will ask him: "Where did the old man go?" - "He went away." - "Where did he go?" - "I do not know." - "Will he come back?" - "He will not come back. He left me as heir of all his wealth, and it is up to me to settle all his affairs." - "May God bless him!"


Thus, after the disciple has a definite plan for his life, he will begin to organize it by creating in himself the water, so that the earth upon which he must work should appear. He must form his own earth, his own seas and oceans - he must be a creator. God will watch all his creative work. The disciple should create and when God sees that it is good, He will say His word. I ask you: How many thousands of years do you need to make a sea like the Black Sea, or an ocean like the Pacific, or the Atlantic ocean? In your life there will also be such seas and oceans. How many thousands of years are necessary, for the creation of a continent like Europe, Asia, Africa, America, or Australia? The disciple must create similar continents in his life. Do you see now what great work awaits the disciple? How do you understand the life of the disciple? To stay four years in the grades, three years in the progymnasium, five years in the gymnasium, four years in the university and to say after that: "I have finished all my work." No! You are facing another problem: to create the firmament - the boundary-line between the Divine and the earthly life, and to separate these two lives. You want God to create. God, Who is perfect, has no need to create for Himself. All that He creates is for us.


"And God called the firmament - Earth, and the collected waters He called Seas." That means, the collected life which forms earth and water is the new life, the new conditions which you must cultivate. All great seas show conditions under which the disciple must develop his activity, because water bears life. The dry land, the earth, on the other hand, shows the new conditions under which life can be manifested. See how in this life everyone is crying for a piece of good land. Everyone cries for water also. It is necessary for life. And noone can do without a piece of land. Someone says: "I do not need fields!" No! You do not understand the meaning of "fields". You do not understand the significance of "fields" or what a piece of land means. There are physical, spiritual and Divine fields. After we have finished our work, our study in the physical field, we will pass into the spiritual field. After you have finished your work and study in the spiritual field, you will pass into the Divine field. And finally, after you finish your work and study in the Divine field, you will enter the Great life to study great and glorious things. Today, you know only how to plough the earth, but this is no science, yet.


And God said: "Let the earth put forth grass, herbs yielding seed, and fruit-trees bearing fruit after their kind, wherein is the seed thereof, upon the earth: and it was so. And God saw that it was good. And there was evening, and there was morning - a third day." As you see, the first forms of life begin with the vegetable kingdom, with the grasses and trees. Thus, we find in the beginning a calm, still life and not a turbulent, wild life. The separation of the light from darkness is a very difficult act, which we pass over hurriedly. Perhaps, some of you have already separated the light from the darkness, but they are very few. How many years, for example, will you need to make a match? How will you be able to make this match out of the earth, i.e. to create it alone, to separate the light from the darkness? Today everyone can buy a box of matches for 2 leva, but think of the enormous activity during the past 8 000 years, until this match was created in the form it has today! It is still easier, today, to turn on the electric button and to have light immediately.


In the future, there will be a still easier and perfect way for obtaining light. You will say: "Let there be light!" - and there will be light. There will be no need of matches then, neither of lamps, nor of electric light. Now these things seem to you like stories from the "Arabian Nights". Some people say: "Let us have our matches and we do not care about other kinds of light." Yes, as long as you live the earthly life, this is the light you need. You ask: "What is this magic you are telling us about?" - You have the right to ask. Come with me! I will take you into a room and ask you: Do you see anything? - "I do not see anything." I will give, at once, an order for an electric installation to be made and I will say: "Let there be light!" And the light will appear. You see infront of you a most modern installation, such as you can not even imagine. You see beautiful lamps and lamp-buttons, which are turned on or off without even being touched. When I give an order to have the light turned off, all buttons turn and the light disappears, leaving the room in its original state. This is our mental installation which we do not need continuosly. In the spiritual world, it is not allowed to build up installations. When you say something in the spiritual world, it happens immediately. You say something, it happens and you continue on your way. Installations can be built up only in the physical world.


When we say that we can be satisfied with very little, we say this with regard to the Divine and spiritual life. In the physical life it is better to have more, but in the spiritual life the more you have, the worse you feel. Someone asks: "How can I obtain heaven, how can I enter into the spiritual world?" I say: In order to enter into the spiritual life, you must begin to shine - a state which is achieved by giving away everything. Sometimes some superior spirit wishes to come to earth, but he does not know how. There are educated spirits who have created whole solar systems, but who do not know how to descend to earth. Then they go to some spirit which has been at sometime on the earth and ask him: "How did you go down?" He says to them: "You must obtain everything." A contradiction arises in that spirit then. He says: T have not worked till now, but from now on, I will start to work, in order to obtain everything. I will create for myself a solar system and will descend to earth." He comes to earth, but becomes so entangled that he can not disentangle himself in thousands of years. He forgets everything and does not know what to do, in order to free himself. He wants to go back again into the spiritual world, but he does not know how. Then God says to him: "You must deny yourself ." He does not know how to deny himself. Then God sends him an angel to show him how to deny and disentangle himself.


I meet someone who tells me that he wants to go to heaven, but that he also wants to take his father with him, because he loves him. I say to him: In this way neither you nor your father can enter into heaven. Noone can lead another man to God. Everyone must go to heaven alone. The same law was applied to Christ when He was going to heaven. Did Christ take His disciples along? No, He did not. He said to them: "I am going to my Father and will prepare a place for you, but in the meantime, you will work on the earth." Each one of you must have a strong desire for work. He that goes to heaven denies himself of all things earthly, while he that descends to earth, denies himself of all things heavenly. Who is an earthly person? The one that has denied himself of all things heavenly. Who is a heavenly person? The one that denied himself of all things earthly. What place is heaven? It is a place inhabited by people who have denied themselves of the earthly life. What place is the earth? It is a place inhabited by people who have denied themselves of the heavenly life.


"And God said: Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven to divide the day from the night: and let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years: and let them be for lights in the firmament of heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so. And God made the two great lights: the greater light to rule the day, and the smaller light to rule the night, he made the stars also ... And God saw that is was good. And there was evening and there was morning, the fourth day." On this day God created the installation of the earthy life to illuminate it, namely: the sun, the moon and the stars. Everyone must illuminate his earth and his heaven. Your sun, your moon and your stars must rise! In this way, you will have means and measures by which you will understand things. And in this sense, everyone can say: "God created the sun, the moon and the stars for me, so that I may mark the days, the years and the times in my life. My life is a book on which, with the help of these luminaries, I will describe what this life that God has created is like. The time of my life is a definite act in which there will be a sign whether I have created my small universe as God wants it. The fourth day is the terrible day, the terrible number. On this day the human mind and the human heart have appeared. Some of the forms which God created on that day have been attracted by the mind, and others - by the heart.


"And God said: Let the waters swarm with swarms of living creatures and let birds fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven ... And God saw that it was good. And God blessed them saying: Be fruitful and multiply and fill the waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the earth. And there was evening and there was morning - the fifth day." All creatures in the water are the servants, the helpers of the disciple on his way. At the same time, they profit from all the benefits of this world.


"And God said: Let us make man in our image, after our likeness ... And God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him: male and female created He them. And God blessed them: And God said unto them: be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the heavens, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth ... And there was evening and there was morning - the sixth day."


When we talk about the disciple we mean a life of creation and not a life of grace which is given to him. After the disciple has passed the first three kinds of life, he was given the chance to apply his power on a small scale, in order to see in what aspect the new life differs from the old life. The new life is a life of purification, followed by the true creativeness. Today, everyone says that the poets create, the artists create - everyone wants to create, but only the disciple can achieve this. That's why you will say to yourself. "I want the consciousness of the disciple to awaken in me, so that I may begin to live the new life." If you want this, begin with the first day. Everyone who becomes a disciple, must create within himself six days, i.e. six periods, until he awakes his consciousness. When you start to work, you must have models and know what the new life requires of you and how this life must come. As soon as the new life comes, all that you see now, will stop to interest you. This life must be in accordance with the Divine Love, with the Divine Light, with the Divine Peace and with the Divine Joy. When I speak about the disciples, I see great work ahead of them and they must prepare themselves for it.


Someone says: "I shall leave my field." No, you must not leave your field. Another one says: "I shall leave my plough and my spade." I ask you: Have you prepared for yourself a spiritual plough and a spiritual spade? - "But I want to become a poet." - "Have you prepared for yourself a spiritual pen?" - "I want to become a minister." - "Do you know the spiritual language, in which you must talk to people?" From this standpoint, you must understand the words which Christ said to His disciples: "If you do not deny yourself, leave your mother and father and if you do not take up your cross and follow me, you can not be called my disciples." What do you think, if Christ had not denied Himself of His life, of His mother and father, of everything in the world and had not taken up His cross, could He have been a model for us today? "Take the cross on your back and follow me", says Christ. Carrying the cross on one's back is the most terrible thing. It means to carry the good and the evil on your back. Follow whom? - Christ, i.e. Love. When you listen to Christ, you will be such a hero, that you will carry on your back the evil and the good and will be able to bear them. The evil and the good are in a continuous fight, because they can not solve the great problem of life. If you are waiting for the fight to come to an end, you must know that it has no end. You will say to them: "Since your fight will continue for a long time, I will take you and carry you on my back." Down below, people are also fighting, making a great noise. You will say to yourself: "I will not wait for you either, to become quiet and calm."


Y ou can not go to Christ, if you do not take up your cross. Because the evil also loves God. It represents rational creatures just like the good, but the difference is, that the creatures of the good walk in the right way, while those of the evil have diverged from the right way. Both the good and the evil love God. When the evil spirits go to God, they fall on their knees, kiss and embrace His feet, pray to Him and He raises his hand, blesses them and sends them into the world to work. Now I am presenting you all this in a human language. When these spirits come to earth with the blessing of God, they begin to live their usual life: they start eating hens, ducks, lambs, kill some people, hang or judge others, etc. They say: "We went to God, kissed His feet, He gave us His blessing and told us to go into the world and do what we want to do. We have already seen God." - "How did you see him? What did he look like?" - "He had a black face, was sitting on a black chair and had a black crutch in His hand." These spirits have a special sort of vision, as if looking through smoked glasses. The good and the evil spirits have a diametrically opposite conception of God. As you listen to the description of God given by the evil spirits, what idea of God and of Creation can you get?


Often, you pass in a short period of time through a state of bitterness or desperation. You say: "I do not believe in God anymore and I will live the way all people do." What does this mean? You will live as all those people who eat, drink, steal, lie, in general - as all the bad people. What sort of an understanding is this? Another one says: "I repent and will live as all good people live." What does this imply? You will live like all the good, righteous people, who love God; you will live in harmony and in accordance with God, with people and will help them; you will live in faith and hope. When you go to the good people, you will see happy, smiling faces, ready for any service - they can give the bite out of their mouth to you. When you go to the evil people, you will see gloomy, discontented faces, showing no readiness for any service.


I ask you: If a sheep has travelled a long way and stops at the dwelling of a wolf to rest, how would the wolf welcome it? He will embrace and kiss it, then he will put it in a nice bed and will give it water to drink and to wash etc. What will this sheep say? "I do not want to separate from you, I want to live forever here with you." Do you think the wolf loves that sheep?


The Scripture says: "Behold, I knock on your door and he that openeth to him will I go." What need has Christ, Who is perfect, Who is the model of Love, to knock on our door, to wait until it opens and to come and have a supper with us? Isn't this a contradiction? What need have the rich people, who have millions of leva at their disposal, to start visiting the poor people from house to house, to knock on their doors, to give them bread, money and other things? Have you ever asked yourself this question? You can have many explanations, but the essence of this question remains still unsolved. On which door does Christ knock? (On the door of the heart). Where is this door?


(In people). In which place exactly? (In their consciousness). What is man, actually? (We do not know).




You have studied geometry, haven't you? Tell me then, what is a square? (A figure bound by four equal sides, which are two by two parallel to each other). On the basis of what concurrence of forces, or laws, are these four sides equal? To repeat: the square is formed by four lines, which are two by two parallel to each other. Here you have two parallel ways: A,B, and A2B2 (Fig. 1). The way A1B1 marks the man, or the father, while the way A2B2 - the woman, or the mother. The way BA marks the brother and the way CD - the sister. The brother and the sister move in diametrically opposite directions from those of the father and the mother. The interests of the son are not interests of the father and the interests of the daughter are not the interests of the mother. They have only common points. The son has common points with the father in the angle B, and with the mother - in the angle A. The daughter also has two common points with her mother in the point D and with the father in the point C. I ask you: Where are the touching points of the brother and the sister? They have no common points. Then can the sister influence the brother? She can not. Can the brother influence the sister? He can not. They have no common points. The relations which exist in a family, represent a sort of geometry, which can be applied in life. How can the brother and the sister influence each other? Through their mother and father. Notice that when the brother does not treat his sister well, she turns to her mother and says: "Mother, tell my brother not to tease me!" In the same way she turns to her father. If the sister does not treat well her brother, he turns to his father and says: "Father, tell my sister not to treat me like this!" He can tell the same thing to his mother. I ask you: A1Band A,B2, i.e. the father and the mother - do they have common points? They have not. Consequently, here we see the law of contradiction: the man can not speak to the woman and the woman can not speak to the man. That's why, it is impossible to form a family in the world only by a woman and a man, since they have no common points. The law of the square shows that, in order that an indirect connection may be created between the man and the woman, there must be two other lines, which by crossing them, will create common points between them. Which are these two lines? The children. They unite the mother and the father. Therefore, it will sound reasonable if we say that a home without children is built without foundations. This is the philosophy of life.




So, what is the square? A figure, which shows how family life must be constructed. For this reason, you must study this great law. Therefore, the father and the mother together will arrange the life of their son and daughter, while the son and the daughter together will arrange the life of their mother and father. This is the law. The Scriptures say: "I shall recompense you even unto the fourth generation." That means, the son and the daughter redeem the sins of their mother and father. This is a law, it is geometry, it is a science in which reality. The square represents life in the fourth dimension. That is, it has passed through four phases: phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Fig. 2). According to modern mathematics if an imaginary number, i.e. a number which does not exist, is multiplied four times by itself, or is passed through four different phases, the result is one - a real number with which we can work. What does this mean? We shall apply it with regard to the square. The square remains unintelligible for us, as long as it exists somewhere in the invisible world. However, if we multiply it four times by itself, the result is the real number one - a real home. Based on the same law, when a man multiplies himself four times by himself, the real man is formed. To be multiplied four times by yourself is to pass through the causal world, the mental world, the astral world and at last - through the physical world. So when we read "increase and multiply yourself', we should understand this law of multiplication. If a man knows how to multiply himself by himself, he would realize his reality.


We are now coming to those alchemic laws, to that higher mathematics, which we must understand. The angles of the square are related to people, because every angle is a center of certain forces, which act in the direction of the diagonals. How will you reconcile these forces? They are reconciled in the center of the square, i. e. in the point where the two diagonals cross each other (Fig. 3). The center represents the whole. Therefore, these forces are parts of the whole, which group themselves in the common center. All the forces of the square move towards this center. We call this an aspiration toward God. Since all forces gravitate towards God, contradictions do not exist in the world. They exist only as a creational act.




Someone says: "I want to be a good man." I say: In order to be a good man, you must, first of all, find your sister with whom you have no common points, then you must find your mother and father. When you find them, you will form





with them a triangle, as for example the triangle ABC (Fig. 4). What is a triangle? A law of reconciliation. Here again, you have three common points, which form the Divine combination. In order that there may be a harmonious union between two persons, there must exist, first of all, at least three common points between them. And now, the combination of the triangle with the square forms the pentagon. It represents the home, the house in which five persons must live under the same roof. In this way the home ABCDE is formed (Fig. 5). As you see, things in nature are not arbitrary. We live in the Divine reality of things, but we must understand its laws. Every living line, every living thought, every living feeling, every living act which we manifest, is not arbitrary, but has its definite cause. Therefore, in order to understand the cause of things, you must study all manifestations, all phenomena in life and in nature. When a thought is born in you, you must examine it and see if this thought is yours, or if it is just a visitor: whether it is your sister, brother, mother, father, etc. You must understand the origin of every thought which comes into your mind.




Thus, the square is a measure for determining all forces which act in you. You must create a Divine home in yourselves, which will represent your new body necessary for the new life. There is a natural body, but there is also a spiritual body. Someone may say that these things are too deep for him to understand. Whether you acknowledge them or not, whether you want them or not, at the end you will be caught by them. In this respect, you resemble the ostrich, which in times of danger hides its head under its wings and thinks that this is the way to escape from the eye of the enemy. But that does not help, for the hunter sees its whole body. Just the same way the ground squirrel, which wants to escape from people, hides in a hole and thinks that noone can pull it out of the hole. But he deceives himself, for man is wiser than he thinks. He takes 2-3 buckets of water, pours it in the hole and the ground squirrel runs out no matter whether it wants to or not. The same thing happens with the man who says that some things are too deep for him and are not for him yet. Someone wiser than him will come and force him to come out of his hole.


Some people say: "Let us just have money! The meaning of life is in it." But money is an invention of the human mind and does not give a solution to the problems of life. If it is a question of wealth and power, it is a different matter. Wealth and power are qualities of the human mind and of the human heart. The dynamo, which gives the direction of the mind and the heart and which utilizes wealth and power, is the human will. If you have a heart and a mind, but have no will to apply wealth and power, what can you achieve? If a small, foolish child starts setting a fire and does not know how, what will happen? - It will burst the boiler. The boiler is the human heart. It must not burst. Someone says: "I have a rich heart." Yes, but you must be wise and know how to manipulate with this boiler so as not to make it burst. The wise man must not overload his machine or increase the fire more than the boiler can stand. All of you must have strong, healthy bodies.


Many people ask: "What is the New Teaching?" - The New Teaching represents a harmonious combination of a triangle and a square. This is a scientific explanation of the New Teaching, which has occupied the minds of occult students for thousands of years and is still occupying them. The square, the triangle, represent qualities, forces which exist in nature: in the minerals, in the plants, in the animals and in humans - in their thoughts and feelings. If you do not understand their laws, you will find yourself in a labyrinth. Notice that, sometimes you begin some work which goes on well at the beginning and just when you begin to feel happy, you find that everything has turned into dust and vanishes like smoke. You start wondering how can this happen, why? Such is the action of the forces of nature. You must understand them and do everything in accordance with them. Imagine, you pass through a thick forest without paying attention to the trees, when suddenly a branch hits you in the eyes. You close your eyes immediately and stop, not able to go any further. Your eyes hurt and you can not open them. This is why the Psalmist says: "Lord, when I pass through strange, unknown places, lead me by the hand." Yes, there are unknown places, there are large marshes and chasms on the way of the disciple, which he can not pass without a leader. Someone says: "I can do without a Teacher." You can do without a Teacher, if you are going to the village just outside of Sofia, but if you are going to the peak Mont-Blan, you need a good Teacher, because you can never reach that place alone. There are teachers who can not lead their disciples to that height. When they come to a place they say: "There is no need of climbing higher, this is enough." We do not need much knowledge and study.


Now, as disciples, you must have a strong desire to go forward and advance. You will have difficulties in your life, but do not be discouraged. You will face contradictions, but do not lose your faith; you will face hatred, but do not hate; you will carry both the evil and the good on your back without participating in their conversation. You will carry them on your back, while they will be disputing. From time to time, you will turn to see how they dispute, but you will keep quiet and after raising and shrugging your shoulders, you will continue on your way. When you get tired, you will put them on the ground, so that you may rest for a while. They will continue their dispute, but you should not take part in it. This will be an entertainment for you. After you have had a rest, you will take them on your back again and continue on your way.


This is a solution of the contradictions, which you meet in your life! Have you ever carried your cross like this? You take the cross on your back, carry it a little and after that you put it down, continually asking how to get rid of it. Do you know what you look like with your cross on? When children catch a bug they tie it with a string about ten meters long. Then they hold one end of the string and let the bug fly. As soon as the bug feels free, it flies off, but when it comes to the height of ten meters, the string pulls it down to earth again. After that, it flies off and falls to earth over and over again, never realizing that it is tied to a string. Just like this bug you are tied to your cross and you have a rope ten meters long. You try to fly, rise to a height of ten meters and then you fall, saying: "How strange it is! At first, I started off well and reached some place, then suddenly something happened and I fell down! An outside cause came and pulled me down, so I fell." No! You can not liberate yourselves from your cross.


I ask you: Who will liberate you from your cross? This is the great problem which you must solve as disciples. To raise the cross on your back, to solve the contradiction hidden in it and then to say: "I will not fulfil my will, but Thine!" - this is the most terrible, but at the same time the greatest and most sublime problem which you must solve. Christ says: "Father, I will not fulfil my will, but Thine, I commit my spirit into Thy hands. Thou wilt lead me on!" This implies a return to God; it implies knowledge and application of the laws. This process is now going on in everyone of you, but you do not believe in it. Whether you believe or not, whether you are a wordly or a spiritual person is not important - you will not be saved from the contradictions of life. You say: "I will start in this way." Whether you start or not, you are already entering into life. You read in the newspapers about those two Italians who had been convicted in America. As you see, they are not American citizens, but since they have violated the laws, they are held responsible. Nature acts in a similar way. As soon as you violate one of its laws, it knows that and holds you responsible. You say: "I did not know these laws." You should have known them. They are written in nature itself and you should have understood its language. Today the whole world is protesting about these two Italian people, they want them liberated from the claws of the American laws, but that's impossible - their life hangs by a thread. And the most terrible thing about them is the fact that they have to live for a long time with the thought of what will become of them. This makes them feel more awful than if they were immediately hanged.


When we speak about Love, we mean that unique power which can accompany you throughout your difficult way and lead you out of it safely. It is the only comforter of man in the heavy and difficult hours of his life. This is what "being carried in someone's arms" means. Only Love can carry you in its arms.


And now, I want you to be active and at work. The disciple has lots of work, there is much for him to do. What does a good son do? He goes to work every day. One day he goes to some garden, another day - to some vineyard where he digs and cleans up things, and after he has gathered enough money, he takes it to his folks at home. Similarly, all that you gain on the earth, you must take up above. How will you go there? Do you think that if you go as a sinner, with empty hands, you will be welcomed with laurel-wreaths? There is only one similar case - the case of the prodigal son. Is it good for all of you to be in the position of the prodigal son? He repented and said to his father: "I am not worthy to be called your son, make me the least of your servants!" When that servant works for his master, will he not bring anything to him?


So, I say to you: Since you are returning to God, you must work either as servants, or as sons. Which state do you want to be in?


So, the life of the disciple is a great life. As you accept the benefits of this life, you will say: "It is worth living!”


The Psalmist says: "When I see the face of God, I shall rejoice." The disciple must say: "When I see the face of my Master, I will understand the meaning of that knowledge, which I have obtained from Him and when I begin to manipulate with all my forces, I will be contented with my life." Then the disciple will go around to knock upon the doors of the neighbours and to help them.


Christ knocks on the doors to show people how they can solve the difficulties in their life. Does Jesus Christ knock on all doors? No. He knocks only on the doors of the disciples, and also on the doors of those people whose consciousness is awakened and who have prayed for a long time. Christ will knock, the disciple will open the door and He will give him the first lesson.


"Behold, I knock on your door", says Christ. This verse is for the disciples, for the awakened souls.


Note. Today read the 10th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew to see how you will understand it in the light which you had this morning.

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